About HopeCatherine

Psychic HopeCatherinehas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic HopeCatherinehas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about HopeCatherine's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello, I am a 13th generation wise woman from the village of Salem, Massachusetts. I have been reading for clients for over 25 years and I look forward to helping you. Please feel free to ask me about love, money, health, or anything that concerns you. I am hear to ease your mind.

Thank you for your Insight and great reading Catherine :) you picked right up on my situation around me. Gave me lots of great advice for the future. Tysm.. HUGSS!! :) 5+ STARS!" ... written by TammyDS
I have to thank you for being so wonderful to me. You have guided me through the muddiest waters to the light. God gave you an amazing gift, and I can't thank you enough for your help. You know everything about me in details, and in a very fast pace, everything that you have told me is coming true! I even changed my career because of your advice, and I feel fulfilled. And thanks for guiding me in my love life.I wish you all the happiness in this world!" ... written by DACACAU
Best reading ever. Cathrine is so right on. Perfect!" ... written by christi1
Great!!!!!" ... written by mel1261
Excellent reader and reading!! she was very good andamp;amp; even named place i am trying to move to. thank you HopeCatherine...we will be in touch again." ... written by misha58
Catherine was spot on with what she was saying she made me realise alot of things and i really appreciate that wonderful lady :) x" ... written by f999111
HC is always great. Very insightful and gives excellent advice based on the outcome you seek. " ... written by DD
as always, an amazing reading, thank ypu HC!" ... written by gemmie
I love readings with hope, so quick and to the point!!! no sugarcoating here!" ... written by jc
OMG!!!!! Thank you Hope Catherine for yet another magical and transformational reading! It was outstanding!!!! I will keep you posted and let you know how it all works out. Love you :)" ... written by gemmie
I been to her like hundred times lol. I love Hope. She is my #1 to go too. " ... written by Antoinette
omg!!!! what an outrageous reading!!! thank you so much HC for everything-you are the best...i love you " ... written by gemmie
5 stars....she knows what i am saying and thinking before i think the thought...haha....spot on" ... written by Focusing
Wonderful " ... written by Duane
brilliant! gazzzzillion stars!" ... written by naturale
100% right" ... written by jason
wow i didnt even have to explain anything she just knew it all!!! described situations perfectly" ... written by k
5 stars...Superstar....spot on each time every time !! :)" ... written by Focusing
Oh wow! Was able to read the situation so clearly and quickly! " ... written by Eva
EXCELLENT READING!!!!! thank you soo much :)" ... written by cathy
thank you for a very helpful and amazing reading! I will let you know how it all works out. love you!" ... written by gemmie
Very fast andamp; accurate. She is quick, no bullshit!Thank yu" ... written by L
great awesome!! shes excellent!! wow first reading." ... written by jamira76
wow.. crazy predictions.. ill come back if it ever happens!!" ... written by purple bear
great reading!! " ... written by happy girl88
catherine is a wonderful reader. always has been a gem." ... written by kake
My second mommyy!!!i love her" ... written by Antoinette
awesome reading" ... written by Staci
Was fantastic reading. My first reading with Hope :) Very accurate about my past relationships, insightful about my present progress and hopeful about the future! Highly recommend HopeCatherine!! " ... written by Lynda22
she is a true gem, i never had such in depth, powerful reading, omg! totally amazing!" ... written by me, just me
My best friend is back and I'm loving every minute. Try her!!!!" ... written by John
love her will see what happens" ... written by BP
5 stars...excellent and spot on with predictions as always..." ... written by Focusing
5 stars.....very good" ... written by Focusing
awesome catch up and much info for upcoming months!! no sugarcoating just as it all is. great to keep this all info in mind, its realistic but positive. thanks so much hope love your energy!" ... written by jazzychic
shes amazing!!!! so much information everything is accurate. all predictions cane true in past!" ... written by jz
good " ... written by iludia
5 stars...very good and fast...spot on as always with her predictions...Recommend her to all" ... written by Focusing
I have had many readings here and she is by far, the best reader I have ever come across. her rates are reasonable and she is always fast and accurate and has a big heart" ... written by gemmie
She is just amazing. love her readings she is so accurate." ... written by Fati
Quick and very helpful and informative reading with Hope Catherine. She is the best reader on Oranum!! Have a private reading with her-her accuracy will blow your mind. thanks again HC...love you so much! Until next time, hugs n kisses" ... written by gemmie
She gave me clarity and hope." ... written by alice
Great reading.answered most of the things without being asked.was a pleasant surprise" ... written by sikram
She seems very sure of what she said, I'll wait and see. thanks for the warning and the advice. I'll come back for sure" ... written by Pam_mie
She is the BEST....I love her" ... written by sparklejules
A wonder psychic! First time I ever spent 40 bucks on a reading cause it was worth it!" ... written by idontbelieve
Good reading:)" ... written by lavendergirl
Thank you so much for your reading. You clearly know what you are doing as you answered all my questions. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Wow,wow !!! wow, wow !!!!" ... written by jo
Very quick, friendly and warm chat! Lots of advices and words of wisdom! " ... written by zf
She is amazing, I needed to get more credits so I could talk to her and learn from her some more. Take her to private, you will love it!" ... written by sparklejules
Awesome! love her!" ... written by sparklejules
Wow, she picked up so much about my situation and helped me :) xx" ... written by shortcake2012
Really good, a lovely reader, thanks :-)" ... written by anon
Hope is excellent! lots of information, saw exactly the environment of whole complitcated situation ... she's a real gift! glad she is here ... absolutely get a reading from her ...." ... written by bonnielynn
What a wonderful reading with her, she explain so well and answer everythings so accurately. highly recommand her to everyone. 10000000 stars for her." ... written by lovelife
Honestly, she wa absolutely amazing. She was completely accurate about my situation, it was weird how well she read into it. Definetly try her, its soooo worth, thank you so much!" ... written by cammyboo
I just love her to pieces! She is a great reader." ... written by sparklejules
Sweet woman who gave quick and very thorough explanation of each card during the reading." ... written by sweetjanuary08
Lovely and i hope she is accurate about predictions" ... written by smiley2011
Cant get enough of Ms. Catherine.... I love you! thanks again for a terrific reading...." ... written by sparklejules
Detailed, cared about me understanding the message. " ... written by lilliableu
I cant say enough about Catherine..... she is amazing." ... written by sparklejules
Greatttttttttttttttt. Very accuratre...great sense of humor. Tells you what to do and how to act in situations. see her" ... written by Collier12
I cant seem to get enough of Catherine! She is a terrific reader, she makes me feel soooooo goooood with every reading!" ... written by sparklejules
A very nice lady, it was very pleasant to talk with her. I will definitely be back again." ... written by maria50t
This woman is fabulous! I didn't even have to give her names, and she was able to go on and on about the person in my life. It was so accurate, I was stunned! She was also genuinely concerned with my approach and gave me great advice for how to handle my situation. I will definitely be coming back to talk with her again. (:" ... written by Kaiine
Hope is just outstanding... She just keeps flowing with information and is VERY accurate with what she picks up on the current situation... Looooove her, oxoxoxo!" ... written by bonnielynn
This lady is absolutely wonderful, she is so caring and interested in helping you. She will tell you all that you need to know... Thank you very much! I will definitely be back!" ... written by rinagm
One word she is just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by glenokasan
I love this lady! Very insightful! Point on!" ... written by idontbelieve
Very accurate and a very happy and bubbly person. Will defiantly be back again, thank you again!" ... written by Ripeka2012
I really liked her. She was on point!" ... written by myteewog
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, you are amazing. Will be back I highly recommend, worth every penny." ... written by Lorann23
This lady is awesome, she knows her STUFF, I will return, she is that DOG GONE GOOD, thank you, ms. Catherine!" ... written by scorpionqueen
I love her for being honest and given me a lot of advise, and I wish what she said will be come true! Highly recommended!" ... written by Pam_mie
She is truly the best reader! I chat with her about everything and she even gave me a warning about a old flame that I knew in my heart was not a good decision, but I needed someone to confirm this for me. Take a moment and get a private, you will be amazed!" ... written by sparklejules
She was perfect, really good and amazing quick and accurate. I will definitely be back for more...God bless you mwah xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by manox123
Thanks Cat. what an amazing gift you have. You helped a lot and showed me that a new life is beginning for me and my family. I appreciate it! I will keep you posted my dear for sure! :) XXX" ... written by Tammy333
Very good psychic, fast and accurate, tells you everything you need to know She is very worth the money. I highly recommend her! :)" ... written by AuburnSkies
One word....... amazing. Make sure you take this lady to private, she is incredible!" ... written by nikkidee
She is dead on, blunt and to the point. She has compassion, and can see and feel exactly how you feel. She gave me the confidence to end a toxic relationship. Thank you so much, I will be back very soon!!!!" ... written by Tasia
Excellent!" ... written by Bojan99
Tells it like she sees it and always tells the truth!" ... written by focusing
Another wonderful quick reading. Amazing person gifted and knows her cards well. Thank you again!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you! LOVELY CHAT. WILL GO BACK." ... written by idontbelieve
She is the most fantastic reader! She is a keeper. She is the BEST." ... written by MerkabahMan633
None any better...very very helpful and tells you what you need to hear!" ... written by focusing
Honest, no sugar coating and a generally lovely person to speak with" ... written by MiniMarquez
Awesome reading! Many thanks to you. :)" ... written by g
Great follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
She is my angel." ... written by luckyanna
Thank you for a millionth time for being sooo amazing!" ... written by DACACAU
She is awesome lady, she say things are going slow and dont push him or it will fall in relationship, hope to see him soon. I know its going very very slow." ... written by scorpionqueen
Great great reading , just what I needed in difficult time." ... written by taurusmay5
She is great as usual!!!!" ... written by bm
Most excellent! " ... written by kundra
I really love talking to HopeCatherine! She is so positive, yet tells you the truth. A five star reader with excellent guidance. Very good insight!! It was like talking to a old friend who was extremely aware of my personal situation. I will come back and talk to her again without a doubt!!! FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!" ... written by Rene00
Great reading. Great inside, great understanding of my issues and life in general. No sugar coating, oh, no!, but an honest, realistic and down to earth assesment of situation and how to proceed with it. This is exactly what I wanted. Will be back weekly, she is well worth it." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
My laptop had a glich and it ended my last readying short. I couldnt give HopeCatherine 5 stars for iit, but I am glad that I can provide this review. It is so amazing to have her as an advisor and friend. She is really outstanding with her divination and consultaion. She sees so clearly and I really trust her. Thank you Catherine I will be back again!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
The best... Always very helpful.. Will see her many times." ... written by focusing
As usual Catherine is AMAZING. She makes me smile every time I talk to her. She is truly the best reader!!!" ... written by sparklejules
She is good, honest, direct, and beautiful spirit and wise...intelligent, great person to get a reading from..." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Excellent reading, thank you very much." ... written by Bojan99
She has been the most helpful person with helping me deal with my situation, because she reinforces the great dynamic and potential, and helps to quell my fears." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is so awesome, fast, I never had to say a word and she had it all pegged and right on. She helped me out so much, direct answers weather good or bad, and told me the best way to handle my situation...AWESOME!!! will be back most definitely...Thank You" ... written by newhorizons12
So good..She is wonderful!" ... written by focusing
You have helped me a lot, thank you very much." ... written by nurseone2012
She's a good reader... nice reading, she told me what to do and what not to do..." ... written by syl507
Fast, to the point." ... written by dd41783
Wonderful - what i needed exactly." ... written by lilliableu
Very good as always..always tells the truth and helps you with business and love too." ... written by focusing
Really good. Honest and to the point, yet caring and friendly. Recommended. x" ... written by Angelandy
Good reading thanks" ... written by Plancktime
She is so great, easy to talk to and gives sooo much information. Really hope her predictions come true. Thank you!!" ... written by cammyboo
Ty very nice and straightforward" ... written by Juheresd
Great reading." ... written by Angbld35
Was in a great reading, she was very insightful." ... written by Angbld35
As always great and to the point, :)" ... written by Juheresd
Great read really took her time with me went into great detail" ... written by janice41765
Best reading ever! I feel so much better! I will be back again! Thank you so much!" ... written by snowgleam2122
Great thank You!" ... written by imhere772
Great" ... written by anon
Great Reading, Very on point. Recommended :)" ... written by Juheresd
Catherine is just the BEST!" ... written by sparklejules
She really connects into situations with great detail and accuracy, and honestly tells the bad as well as the good. This makes the good info so meaningful and valuable. Will continue to come back!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Well just have to see." ... written by dd41783
I am really amazed at how she confirmed what other great psychics on here have seen. Believe me, these are intense details. I really appreciate Hope so much!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Accurate, honest, caring with a twist of humor. Helpful and very connected. Thanks!" ... written by Starlight12
Quick with the reading, very open and to the point. Will come back again for sure." ... written by luxxicon
All I can say thank you!!" ... written by elizabeth2009
AMAZING!" ... written by leorising
She was spot on!! One of the best on here. Really picked up on my situation well and gave me the reassurance I needed." ... written by iPreferMimi
She's honest and straightforward!" ... written by itsuramo
She is so real and positive. great energy and she really cares" ... written by rasaka
I won a demo with HopeCatherine. A week later, I had to talk with her again. Everything was so accurate. She has great energy and is so sweet. Thank you. " ... written by leorising
Lots of help...thanks" ... written by suz1031
Hope is just the best there is. Such a great connection and right on every time." ... written by coyoteroper
Nice reading, helpful. " ... written by Tauser
Very good at getting the job done quickly!" ... written by rasaka
Hope is so adept with her readings and helpful and caring with her advice!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good. :)" ... written by thefrancislee
Great as usual." ... written by freebecca
She is awesome ... she is right on point with everything and no sugar coating. I know what I have to do she is the first person to tell me in detail what I need to do to get what I want and that me and my Hubby have a strong relationship and I can't wait to see what Happens .. Love U Hope !! " ... written by Nessa31
Everyone should know how much I love Hope by now and why. I am here again and that says a lot. If you haven't seen her you should." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent and very good as always...She gives great guidance and direction for you!!" ... written by focusing
She is truly on point with factual information" ... written by campk10
Always great, really appreciate her!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Honest, on point and I truly could not ask for a better reading. Thanks so much, Catherine." ... written by angelic3aries
This Lady is so gifted and a true person...everybody...you must give her a try...you will see how great she is." ... written by freebecca
Incredible reading. Very comforting and it was just what I needed. Thank you so much. I would recommend HopeCatherine to anyone who is confused and in need of answers." ... written by madame1
Wow, Catherine is terrific! I can't get enough time with her." ... written by sparklejules
She is very accurate and fast. I love readings with her. " ... written by queese80
She is one of best who adviced me. Amazing and very clear and it came ture what she told me before. thank you again" ... written by JOLYNN
Great :)" ... written by prismedwhole
She is the best and thats why i always go to her" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I believe that she did a very good reading!!! I really enjoyed it!" ... written by ToniD64
LOVE HER! awesome reading with great advice. Will be back!" ... written by mhharview
Really great reading - lots of very helpful advice." ... written by Kazzi819
She is one of the few people that I will go to for really helpful insight moving forward" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Just love Catherine she is totally amazing and caring! she not only a great card reader but she gives great advice and totally wants you to be happy and achieve your goals!" ... written by marion
She is just sooo amazing godd and bad news comes but in such a positve way " ... written by coyoteroper
Good Reading, lots of ideas!" ... written by rosariopatric
This lady is soo full of energy and really explains herself well.. I look forward to predictions " ... written by BRANDY00uk
Always 5 stars for her great in every way " ... written by MerkabahMan633
I sure have missed Ms Catherine. she is the most caring person I have met. she is a terrific reader with lots of passion and she cares about you and tells you to watch out or protect yourself! " ... written by sparklejules
Shes awesome!!! Straight forward!!! Love her. Tells the truth!!! The best" ... written by nytango1234
Amazing reader! Very clear with her insights and advice and seems to be spot on." ... written by iPreferMimi
She was really good!!!! I really felt that everything she said was true and she picked up on my situation correctly. I had been wanting to talk with her for a long time. Glad I took the step. " ... written by queese80
Too good! Really honest, fantastic. 5/5" ... written by tawneyjones
Great reading. Was able to tap into the relationship with my ex She is very honest and tells you what she sees. wil be back!" ... written by Wondering
She is very good and tells you like it is, good or bad, thank you." ... written by Bon91324
AMAZING!!!!! LOVE HER!" ... written by *********
Oh my goodness!!! She is very accurate... I'm speechless." ... written by edelaine
Tells it like it is and always has been 100% right on all she has told me..call her if you really want answers" ... written by focusing
She was awesome and spot on! She talks like a friend to you and gives you advise. Looks after your welfare and happiness. I love her readings and would come for more. " ... written by IzzieMe
Love her, love her. She is truly awesome and amazing and hit everything one point. Love her" ... written by angelic3aries
AMAZING!!! Very direct, deep and was able to clarify a lot. Very accurate..." ... written by Ryan747
Wow wow wow............You won me over totally awesome. xo" ... written by mad_69
Thank you lovely reading stop on and correct." ... written by tonio73
Love love love her for her wonderful work and am so thankful, her readings are so detailed and accurate omg I am so grateful." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for a VERY INSIGHTFUL reading!!" ... written by Summer84
Talk about the best! the best! the best! uh.... yeah!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
My first reading with Hopecatherine and she was amazing. Some great ideas to get the relationship moving but also provided a view that things were going to work out fine. I was so relieved after her reading. She was great." ... written by j217c44
I can not say enough great things about HopeCatherine. We just connected. She always answers my questions directly without any fairy tales. She is sweet and direct and I always leave the reading with a smile on my face!" ... written by leorising
WONDERFUL WOMAN!!!! Great insight !!!!" ... written by jaykun
She made me feel so positive and very honest." ... written by JOLYNN
Loved this reading!! Looking forward to this, especially Japan!! Thanks, you are a genuine reader, hope you guys are fine :) Please book a reading with her! You wont regret it." ... written by hope2321
Wonderful reading, very in depth...loved it, was so helpful to me." ... written by gemmie
She is explanatory, spiritually in tune to your energies, gets right to the point with no time wasted, and tells it like it is, she guided me and advised me when I was deeply distraught and worried about my husband! Im am more at peace mentally and emotionally thanks to her guidance! She know her stuff, she is one that I will definitely go back to, She is on my favorite list and is simply andamp;quot;amazingandamp;quot;!! " ... written by belledujour07
Wonderful as always. Puts a fresh and insightful spin to my situation and inspires me too" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Every aspect of my life she was DEAD ON!!!! She a wonderful person and explains everything to make sure you understand. 5 stars! if I could give her more I would!" ... written by Babykia0183
She is great!" ... written by ysabeau
Very honest. Helpful and absolutely interested in her clients' well-being. Can't ask for more than that!" ... written by essay2u
All I can say is wowwww. She picked up on everything quickly, and put everything i'm worried about into perspective. Picked up on all parties involved, including my feelings. Amazing.... thank you sooo much!!!" ... written by Aphradize
Great as always... Gives super guidance.." ... written by focusing
HopeCatherine is the most amazing person. We totally connected and she was upfront and honest with me. She knew what I was going to ask before I asked it. " ... written by leorising
Hope has given me so much Hope." ... written by christi1
She gave the most detailed reading and great advice. Really made me think about my situation in a new light. Thanks!" ... written by florwer85
How does she know so much? I don't know. But she does. She is amazing! Sweet and funny and full of insight. I would recommend her to any woman. We discussed career and love issues. She is an inspiration. " ... written by leorising
She is awesome!" ... written by ysabeau
Bad connection but she helped me out as best as she could thank you." ... written by janayr7
Hope is the best new friend I've made this month." ... written by leorising
Reassured me, felt like I was talking to my best friend...thank you Catherine....your simply superb!" ... written by belledujour07
You are awesome. Thank you!" ... written by renee08
Very good reading, very nice lady thank you." ... written by Klaudyna27
She is amazing. You will not be disappointed you spent the money on her. " ... written by leorising
HopeCatherine is a caring soul. I turn to her for all my important decisions in life." ... written by leorising
Luv Luv Luv Her!" ... written by leorising
HopeCatherine always puts me back on the right road. I am so grateful to have found her here on Oranum." ... written by leorising
Great email readinfg, thanks. Details, subtelties of the situation and descriptions of people. Great psychic. I had a very good private with Cathrine in the past and one more email reading as well. Five stars, she is simply great. Will be back and highly recomend her!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She is very caring." ... written by ysabeau
She is goooood so good wich I have more time with her 5 Big Stars *****" ... written by Loverboy
Quick and helpful with all my mom playdates. Thank you for the insight." ... written by leorising
Amazing! She makes me laugh. Can connect with everyone. Cheers me up all the time. Gives great advice. Thank you" ... written by leorising
It was worth what I was asking for and I really needed this reading. She is always my last resort to talk to whatever I have on mind and she actually helped resolved it," ... written by angelic3wings
Very good reader and honest" ... written by lynns44
Great reading, very helpful, great guidance, highly recommend this lady :) Lovely energy and very warm character!" ... written by WiseOwl2
My private readings with HopeCatherine were dead on with accuracy for things I currently could validate and very intuned to what I knew was already coming up. HopeCatherine is very honest but sensitive and I find her to be very intuitive and insightful. She gave me the reassurance and guidance I was needing regarding the issues of concern. Her gifts are truly genuine." ... written by redwritergirl
This was a good reading and is what I was hoping to hear. Slow and steady and no rushing and it will work out! :) " ... written by jeh014
LOVE HER READINGS!!!!!" ... written by queese80
Wonderful insight. Great helper and friend. As always, love you. " ... written by leorising
Wonderful woman excellent reading. Could not fault her one bit very accurate knew things I never said!!! Will definitely be back." ... written by harmoniclove
HopeCatherine is my long lost big sister. She might be younger than me, but she is my big sister. Always looking out for me. Always there to reassure me. You will not be disappointed on a reading with her. " ... written by leorising
Brilliant thank you so much Hope Catherine, your an angel you were spot on with my situation and I didnt even have to say anything, Lets keep fingers and toes crossed it will all come to fruition :) THANKYOU. " ... written by libby27
Awesome !" ... written by love522
Thank you so much for the reading... I will come back and update!!! :)" ... written by elledaly24
A good reader well focused and guided by the tarot!" ... written by Lightstar
Wonderful advice. She sees the whole picture and the different outcomes based on the actions you could chose. She is amazing!" ... written by leorising
Wonderful as usual. So helpful. " ... written by leorising
Thank you so much. I will take care of me and look forward to us again." ... written by katie46
UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by angelmaycry72
Lovely and caring!!" ... written by MickeyL77
HopeCatherine is my new BFF. She knows everything and is so helpful!" ... written by leorising
Hope is one of the best on the site!!!!! Picks up on everything accurately and she is fast. I love her style!!!!!" ... written by queese80
Thank you! We will be in touch! :)" ... written by Angela
Catherine did a great reading she was right on about everthing.. It really shocked me. I am so glad I got a reading from her... Thank you so much catherine." ... written by candycorn103091
Thanks so much for such a detailed reading so fast and so easy to know what to do :) wonderful." ... written by HollyB123
Very good clear reading" ... written by Fee1974
I will take your advice! thanks so much!" ... written by jen1210
Great reading. She was open, honest and was able to read the situation very well. Thanks." ... written by delighted2
Amazing, profound insight, constructive advice. Very positive outlook. Caring girl, encouraging, sincere a real sweetheart!" ... written by oiseau67
Amazing as always." ... written by leorising
I needed that very much and it helped out a lot. Thanks, Kathy" ... written by angelic2hearts
She was great and sh is very fast and to the point. Love this reading and I knew today was the day to get my great reading. Thanks hope." ... written by roxieraynor
She gave me a very detailed reading. Thanks a lot." ... written by cindrella
Very fast and good advicer, Great as always..." ... written by JOLYNN
I love HopeCathrine! She is so kind and sweet, plus, she is honest and direct:) Thank you much for all your advices HopeCathrine, will do and see what happens;)" ... written by LoveElly
Very detailed positive reading less than 24 hrs after I got the job with good salary! Amazing! Thank you so much xx." ... written by oiseau67
Once again, such a lovely lady. To the point and so insightful. Completely trust what she says. Dont go elsewhere!!" ... written by Trixiescott1968
Fantastic, very acurate and very good...Hope has all the answers for you!!!" ... written by focusing
She's an effective communicator. She's doesn't sugarcoat and speaks the truth.; what we NEED to hear and not what we would like to hear." ... written by Pingster
She was fantastic!!! Best reader I've had here!!!" ... written by LeoTheLion99
TERRIFIC as usual....I just love Catherine" ... written by sparklejules
Feels like a friend and great for womanly advice :)" ... written by prismedwhole
She is so good -so kind, understanding and compassionate! she is like a friend who gives the best advice and motivation. i will definitely go back! thank you so much. God bless your heart!" ... written by ondoutsidelookin
So helpful and caring. I love her so much. I really hate waiting in line to get a minute of her time. But she is so insightful and gives great advice. Thank you again. " ... written by leorising
Good!" ... written by MyLove_
Catherine is really great, really clear and kind and 100% accurate!" ... written by HollyB123
Very fast and to the point and hit home on all asked. I will be back for another reading soon. Please give her a try and you will not be wrong." ... written by roxieraynor
Wow, I really needed guidance, and I think you have saved my relationship, thank you so much. " ... written by HollyB123
Awesome very detailed in depth reading, on point with alot of my problems at hand.... will be coming back for another reading soon, thank you!!!" ... written by dnyce75
Love Love Love her! " ... written by leorising
Wonderful as always." ... written by leorising
Wonderful as usual. " ... written by leorising
I like her very much! :)" ... written by Angie
Amazing reading. To the point and fast. Hope all she has said comes to be and to pass." ... written by savemefrommyself
Always helpful...I won't hesitate to contact her again..Many thanks" ... written by Pingster
HopeCatherine is great!" ... written by freedom1209
:)" ... written by ysabeau
I really love my reading with Kathy today. Thanks for that. I needed that" ... written by angelic2hearts
I want to adopt HopeCatherine as my sister. I would do anything for her. She is a true spirit guide. Her readings are fresh and honest and helpful." ... written by leorising
Fantastic as always.. Gives me the answers to important questions... she will help you too." ... written by focusing
She is awesome. This was my second reading and she's awesome and funny and love her advice and readings - Coupon book to help make things spicy! :) " ... written by jeh014
I feel a connection with HopeCatherine and have had several private readings with her. She is direct, honest, and offers detail and clarity. She hones right in on concerns and provides the guidance needed. I will continue to seek her advice in the future. After a reading with her I always feel at peace, which to me is a gift." ... written by redwritergirl
Just simply funny and amazing!" ... written by angelic2hearts
She is amazing. Thank you !!!" ... written by Joy007
Hit the nail right on the head!" ... written by leorising
The most amazing person ever! She is so insightful, funny, helpful and caring. Thank you HopeCatherine! Love and light to you always. " ... written by leorising
Thank you!" ... written by Angie
All is well..." ... written by Pingster
FANTASTIC." ... written by belledujour07
Very Intuitive reading. She gives all options and people's opinions, so you can make an informed decision. Thank you. " ... written by leorising
VERY SUPPORTIVE HONEST!" ... written by Angelbaby007
Fantastic....what else can I say...She is one of the best." ... written by focusing
I just luv talking to her! .... makes things easier... gives excellnet advise!.... wonderful person!... tells u the truth always!!!!!" ... written by eli2009
Wonderful as always. HopeCatherine is a blessing from above. I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by leorising
She is so nice and honest. All i can say is RESPECT!!" ... written by hashmi84
Right on! Great advice! Great Energy!" ... written by leorising
I am so amazed by my dear friend Hope Catherine... she really just reels off those cards and can flow with helpful and accurate information. World Class! no.... Universal Class!!!! Blessings Catherine!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazing as always. She sees all. " ... written by leorising
Amazing again, very quick, flows with the answers before knowing all the questions." ... written by Trixiescott1968
I luv talking to her ..trsut her a lot!.. wonderfull person and luv her advice" ... written by eli2009
Very sound advice." ... written by Pingster
Catherine is really accurate and kind I recommend anyone to have a reading with her :)" ... written by HollyB123
HopeCatherine was absolutely amazing. We connected right away and we had a really really productive reading. Thank you so much for giving me some things to look forward to as well as some things to look out for! Can't wait to touch back with you." ... written by Sablerose
Very helpful. She has a great gift. " ... written by leorising
Thank you again!! :)" ... written by mariela
Love this lady very good and to the point" ... written by roxieraynor
She is my best friend!!!! Amazing reading again and right on target." ... written by sparklejules
She is absolutely in tune with you and only you and your situation! Not only does she read for you but tells you what to do in helping you to best solve your dilemma!Teacher, trouble shooter, intuitive and genuine friend...I love her! " ... written by belledujour07
Most amazing person I have ever spoken with. It was absolutely scary how SPOT ON she was! She wasn't vague. She was to the point, direct, told me what was happening and what to expect. Let me know some of my choices. GREAT EXPERIENCE. Makes me want to add more credits when I was feeling hesitant before." ... written by NerualElbow
Upfront and honest." ... written by Sapphire0206
Absolutely love her." ... written by stacy8170
Very accurate reading." ... written by edelaine
She is my secret weapon!" ... written by leorising
The most insightful woman I have ever met! You will not be disappointed." ... written by leorising
Thank you Ms Catherine... For the advices, it's very much you're reading both of our hearts... So thorough, so fast, so accurate. Will let you know what's up soon. Thank you! :)" ... written by kohiprinsu
She is SOMETHING!!! Love her. Fabulous." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Excellent.. One of the tops in the world I think.." ... written by focusing
Thanks for the reading!!!! It was awesome!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Great reading, spot on." ... written by sycsid82
She is so fast. Can jump from one question to another very quickly. Answered all my questions. " ... written by leorising
She suggested I take notes and I did, so I am interested to see how things turn out now.. Really like her.. Will update." ... written by sparkly1
Luv your advice!!! Thanks a lot!" ... written by eli2009
She is so accurate in her reading. I recommend her." ... written by theodorab
One word AWESOME!!!" ... written by Angelwingss7
Terrific as usual......and she did a quick reading for me as I had a meeting with only a few minutes to spare......" ... written by sparklejules
Very helpful. brought much clarity to specific situations. will call again!!" ... written by gaylaramey
Excellent! very good reading. My situation is complicated but she saw right through it. Great advice as well." ... written by Retsy44
She was great, quick, and full of information. Thanks for everything!" ... written by scadoodle
She was amazing very on point with my reading I will be chatting with her again real soon!!!!!!" ... written by juicylove718
The best! You will not be disappointed." ... written by leorising
AWESOME!" ... written by love522
I like her very much! So positive, so nice!!! :) Thank you!" ... written by mariela
Accurate, very good." ... written by focusing
Thank you so much.... it is so what I needed" ... written by amymallison
She really saw the problem straight off, she was spot on with the problem." ... written by spookie37
Great advice and support" ... written by Belle1
She gave me an awesome reading. I felt REALLY good upon conclusion. We had a great connection! She was very spot on and optimistic. " ... written by beautifulb
SUPERB!" ... written by belledujour07
Thank you for hope!" ... written by Angie
Wow! What a wild ride Hope took me on. She's got so much intuition and information. I am blown away. Time frames, advice, enthusiasm. She is the whole package. You will really be satisfied with her reading. She is a caring and generous person. YAY!" ... written by Uvrs53
Thanks for a great reading!!! alwasy awesome to interact with you" ... written by gerritmarx
Thanks for all" ... written by despina36
Great!" ... written by ysabeau
Give HopeCatherine a try. You will not be disappointed. She is so helpful and quick." ... written by leorising
Awesome accurate and great" ... written by stacy8170
Iii had miss you lady!! You always make me feel so better and confident !! You are great!! thank uuuu" ... written by eli2009
Awesome" ... written by stacy8170
Sound advice" ... written by Pingster
She was right on, very intuitive and very nice also" ... written by myangel1234
Awesome reading! I can't wait to see what comes to fruition!" ... written by jro0820
Wow Catherine is Amazing!!! I felt so comfortable with her the second we started!!!... And Soo Right About Everything its Truelly Incredible... Much Love to You " ... written by Rudi33
Had another excellent reading from HopeCatherine. She is very quick, gets right to the point and has always been so accurate. I always feel more secure and at peace after getting her guidance and advice. I'll always come back!" ... written by redwritergirl
She's really good. Made things obvious to me that I didn't really want to admit. Thank you and I'll come back when things straighten out and calm down." ... written by elvishendrix
She is amazing and straight to the point...She calmed me down a lot" ... written by babydes22
Excellent" ... written by Greg5811
So was wonderful, everything she told me was so true and she is so right. I am still crying lol. I will try my hardest, I know it will be hard but I have too if not I will really be lost. Thank you so much Hope. I will keep u in my prayers and I will be back again very soon. I cant say enough about u, u r o right. TYTYTY" ... written by SweetDreams629
Seemed to hit the nail, will keep you posted! Thank you!" ... written by positivity08
She's great." ... written by ysabeau
The most amazing psychic ever!" ... written by leorising
Very honest! Love her. You will not waste your credits on her." ... written by itsuramo
Thanks a bunch! Very fun, honest, and fast :) " ... written by AquariSun
The best person I have ever met. So sincere and honest. Great reader of you and your loved ones. " ... written by leorising
Always helpful." ... written by Pingster
Very intuitive, great advice, straight to the point...Nothing sugar-coated...Thank you! " ... written by LdyCandy
Fantastic and beautiful reading. Great spiritual energy." ... written by Elizabeth10Anne
Hope Catherine was accurate and quick!! Excellent and answered my questions in detail. I will be back. Wonderful!!!" ... written by msdivaprim
Hope always quiets my heart. She seems to just know the situation and reads beautifully and doesn't waste your time. My update was excellent in tone and in expertise. Thanks...... I am grateful for the insight and advice...." ... written by Uvrs53
Hope Catherine is so helpful. You will not be disappointed. She can see all sides and all possible outcomes based on your choices. She will def. guide you in the right direction. " ... written by leorising
She is wonderful. She helped me a lot and understands." ... written by youngstar19
Hope was great and spot on! No words actually, the reading was just mind-blowing. Hugs to you and much love." ... written by AndreaDEA
Consistent insights!" ... written by Pingster
She is always so insightful and always a great reading. Love her! " ... written by jeh014
Great reading you cleared my mind! Thank you so much." ... written by carola1346
Thank you. Awesome." ... written by Angelwingss7
Very kind and very helpful. " ... written by RuinofDarkness
I enjoyed my reading with her and read my situation very well." ... written by baxter51865186
Thanks." ... written by stacy8170
I love your reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eli2009
Again, consistent reading all the way." ... written by Pingster
She was great!" ... written by pinkcherry1373jk
Wonderful. Such a nice support system. Fast reader. " ... written by leorising
Very honest, tells you the truth. Does not sugar-coat anything. Makes you feel and see the truth about things. Is very caring and wants to help you. Take the time and talk with HopeCatherine. :)" ... written by Aerie4
She was very helpful and very friendly." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Ok I LOVE THIS WOMAN. FAST TRUTHFUL AND AND HAPPY. 5 STARS." ... written by higherthanlife
I love her honesty!!!! wow maybe the best read i have had my entire life... Thank you soooo much for the help... I'm feeling so empowered knowing what I know! I will come back soon!!! xoxo" ... written by tabatta68
Catherine is great, really easy to talk to and quick, accurate and honest :)" ... written by HollyB123
Amazing reading and very spot on and accurate. She really gets a ton of information in, in an amazing timeframe. Highly reccommend anyone to get a reading from her." ... written by jonnypc123
Very honest, connected very well, hope it all happens." ... written by cb1987
She is just wonderful!" ... written by ysabeau
Very insightful." ... written by loveoutdoors
Excellent reader!" ... written by heartnsoul
Absolutely wonderful. Spot on and very positive, empathetic and reassuring. " ... written by katehrine1965
My favorite reader!!!!!! She is so insightful and helpful. She can see all sides of a situation. " ... written by leorising
I have tried few readers on Oranum, but Catherine is genuine like no other! Lovely, smart, funny, reads her cards in such a comprehensive, complete, unique, great way that I didn't have to tell her much about my situation, she just knew it all. Gave me so much hope. :-) Really enjoyed the session, will come back. Love to you Catherine. xxx :-) :-) :-)" ... written by malinda2011
Another awesome reading. Always has me come back for more!!" ... written by belledujour07
Still very consistent. Through and through." ... written by Pingster
Very happy with my latest reading, although not all the information was what I wanted to hear. Why, you ask? Because I have 100% trust and confidence in Hope's honesty and integrity and what comes through her readings. She is a true Master of the Tarot. And so when she says positive things, that are consistent with the cards and past readings and ring true for me, then I am glad. And I am better able to accept tougher info too. Thanks so much Hope!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Catherine is so fast, she really helps with really quick, accurate answers :)" ... written by HollyB123
HopeCatherine is always good talking to you !! Thank you!" ... written by eli2009
Very good very accurate. Can't wait to see if it all comes true. Spot on with my current situation." ... written by Toneberg
Great update...Hope makes the best use of your time and gives you great insight. I love her use of the cards and the runes." ... written by Uvrs53
Amazing, same prediction!" ... written by Pingster
Excellent." ... written by Greg5811
Well done..I liked the reading!" ... written by kumudu_sm11
Excellent." ... written by Greg5811
Catherine is a great reader, really fast and accurate. :)" ... written by HollyB123
Good stuff!!" ... written by Pingster
Wonderful. " ... written by leorising
Wonderful Positive reader!!! Excellent reading!! I will be back!! :))" ... written by MermaidKisses
She has become my best friend and now making weekly reads with her is a necessity... Not only does she see with her razor sharp intuition, she gives solutions to your situation, very smart lady! I love you Catherine!!!" ... written by belledujour07
Fantastic - needed help and she helped me fast to clarify! Great, thank you. " ... written by lovnlight
Very good reading. Thank you!" ... written by lovematterstome
She's a star! :)" ... written by Pingster
Very good reading. Makes you feel comfortable. Said the right things." ... written by ginlin
Love her readings!" ... written by lorinalala
:)" ... written by Pingster
Quick and answers to all questions." ... written by 04apple
Thank you so much!" ... written by pamelapansy
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! GET A READING FROM HER!!" ... written by Questionlove2
Oh, I loved the information she gave me. It helps my heart out tremendously. I love her! :) You have put my heart at peace. Thank you, thank you! :) " ... written by Blissfullymine
Calming." ... written by Pingster
It's not everyday that you see a scientist and a spiritualist in one person!! :) " ... written by keeetz
I love her!!! Will be back next week :-)" ... written by tabatta68
Hopecartherine its amazing she gave me good advice i will definally follow it she made me feel better thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
Thank you so much for a wonderful reading! She was spot on about my situation and is very insightful as usual. She is very warm and compassionate, and it's like talking to a good friend." ... written by iPreferMimi
Great reading!" ... written by stacy8170
Seems to get the same outcome...She's accurate...;)" ... written by Pingster
I love HopeCatherine. She is quick with her readings. Doesn't sugar coat and a sweetheart. I highly recommend her!" ... written by lilmama86
Her messages are honest and on target...Uplifting.:-) Love her." ... written by spiritualgirl2
She was great accurate and caring!" ... written by wrinkles20
Thank you very much. Made me feel proud of the choices I have made." ... written by myluvlyaly1
Wonderful and delightful as always....Fast and spot on! Love her!" ... written by gemmie
Outrageous reading and lady...Loved every minute!" ... written by gemmie
Absolutely amazing and insightful! she is my permanent advisor, counselor and friend! Thank you Catherine... I love you!" ... written by belledujour07
I've said this so many times by now. Hope is one of my favorites. Always great and helpful information. Always on the mark with insights, and predictions. I will definitely keep coming back for more updates." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Helpful as always!" ... written by loveoutdoors
She is very professional and kind, super straight with the truth and always makes sure I know what to do, thank you so much :)" ... written by HollyB123
What can I say helpful and insightful as always!" ... written by loveoutdoors
Thank You. " ... written by leorising
My reading is getting more intense...:)" ... written by Pingster
Wonderful as usual! Love this woman!!!!" ... written by gemmie
Hope has done so much for me. Caring and always sincere. A week without Hope is like a week without hope. Just love her." ... written by j217c44
Hmmm... Consistent...." ... written by Pingster
Thx Hope! And hope is what you have given me!" ... written by Groggy59
She is a really amazing gifted reader!" ... written by HollyB123
She's always spot on, very positive and reassuring." ... written by katehrine1965
She's perfect - excellent reading - i really needed it too - i highly recommend her - very positive, specific and fast." ... written by dmbertault1
She was very quick and to the point... Thank you so much!" ... written by resee057
Very uplifting!" ... written by Member625811
I think she hit it all right on the head... And I plan on having fun, lol." ... written by peggyscott40
Good update, hope. Thanks...." ... written by Uvrs53
So fast!!!! Brilliant, thank you again :)" ... written by HollyB123
Great reading! HopeCatherine is a straight shooter and gives a lot of information in a short time. We connected right away and I felt that I was "led" to this reading." ... written by austine92
She answered my questions and was very helpful!" ... written by sandrachilcott72
Fantastic reading..." ... written by Pingster
Love this woman, she is the bee's knees... She tells it like it is... And she's sweet... Great combo... Right on the money!" ... written by LeoTheLion99
Very smart and good ideas!" ... written by ysabeau
Great person, fast, and accurate!" ... written by blackty100
Felt connected. Thank you, HopeCatherine!" ... written by rose620
Wonderful, insightful, loving woman. I highly recommend her." ... written by austine92
Amazing!! I'm hoping all will come to light and I will be back to update :)" ... written by leebee4
Love her!!! We're becoming good friends on here!" ... written by LeoTheLion99
Wonderful and wise, open and easy to talk to. She's won me!! Thank you Hope X" ... written by sim079
Great Reading!" ... written by Dain
Thank you so much, it was great talking to you! xx" ... written by joejoexx
Super great! She is blunt, but I like that. She is to the point. She hit it on the spot." ... written by Jass7869
HopeCatherine is my soul sister. She is honest and caring and she will provide you with all the possible outcomes. " ... written by leorising
Once again, amazing! She has the answers and the sense of humor to keep you going. " ... written by leorising
Very good insight to my questions....Fantastic!" ... written by Pingster
Amazing. I love her. Thanks you so much for a wonderful reading. Confirmed so much for me and completely accurate on the people involved. I will so be back. More than 5 stars! x" ... written by Nicole212
Quick and to the point, no sugar coating. Let's see how the future turns out now..." ... written by confused31
I love her!" ... written by LeoTheLion99
Thank you so much Hope, I can't explain to you how much ease my mind is is right now because of your reading." ... written by Levi
I have never spoken to a person that consistent, radiant, logical, funny, realistic and a psychic reader at the same time! HopeCatherine is just amazing, please try her! Gave me a lot of support and ideas and Hope - which goes without saying :-) She wows me!" ... written by malinda2011
Within 2 seconds she knew why and what happens with my husband and me! I never said a word to her as to what happen! She is the BEST!" ... written by TammyCa
Great!!!!! I highly recommend!!! On the spot with everything!!" ... written by bmurillo
Love her..She is awesome. To the point and great." ... written by Jass7869
Good stuff!" ... written by Pingster
If Hope Catherine ever leaves Oranum I will cry for days on end!!!!!" ... written by leorising
I love you!!!! Thanks!" ... written by leah331
Love you! Awesome!" ... written by PalmsBay12
Great advice!" ... written by Pingster
Good reader. Positive." ... written by LeoTheLion99
One word, Excellent!" ... written by Angelwingss7
She is one of the very best guides you could hope to meet :)" ... written by HollyB123
I feel at ease knowing what I know and seeking confirmation!" ... written by Pingster
She's amazing! Made me feel a lot better. Definitely recommend taking her private! " ... written by rachelise93
She's the bee's knees." ... written by LeoTheLion99
It was a helpful reading that I needed to hear and understand and it worked. " ... written by angelic2hearts
Great psychic, she picked up on things that nobody would know about. 5 stars!!! Will definitely use her again!" ... written by aaron843
Always great!!! " ... written by bmurillo
Hello. Wanted to let you know that we did communicate during thanksgiving week. You were right! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Wow. If you need advice on how to handle your challenging situation. This lady is it. She is so freaking good." ... written by FrankJ
Very helpful over a really difficult situation!" ... written by HollyB123
Hope is amazing. I love this woman. She is freaky good with her readings and excellent advice!" ... written by FrankJ
Amazing as usual!!!! I just love Hope." ... written by sparklejules
As always -- STRAIGHT SHOOTER!" ... written by epa0404
Lovely conversation!" ... written by Pingster
Hope was very very good and she got the same exact vision that I did. So glad you could confirm what I was feeling. Thank you!" ... written by indigorayne
Professional, accurate and loving love you, Cathy!" ... written by taurusmay5
Great, insightful, wise, uplifting reading once again! HopeCatherine is super sharp, quick and gets right to the heart of the matter. Credits will never be wasted. She is AWESOME!" ... written by babyjanehudson
You got to love her, she is so caring. Fast andamp; detailed readings. Awesome! ;) xxxx" ... written by alwaysgem
Love her." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Love this woman! Best reading ever." ... written by gemmie
She's amazing! Thank you Hope!!!!! I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by blumuse
Excellent." ... written by Greg5811
I absolutely love this woman to life! Amazing reading as usual!" ... written by gemmie
Shes really wonderful. Great reading." ... written by katehrine1965
HopeCatherine is so caring and honest and helpful. She would not steer you wrong. " ... written by leorising
Hope Catherine is an amazing seer and empath. Her guidance and positive energy really keep me on track through a difficult situation I am currently experiencing. She is helping me turn things around with her honest and straightforward approach." ... written by peter9225
She is very good! :)" ... written by HollyB123
I love her... She's brilliant." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Excellent!" ... written by Greg5811
Awesome." ... written by Angelwingss7
She's great!!!" ... written by LeoTheLion99
Wonderful reading as always! " ... written by Member625811
Fantastic as always... love this woman!" ... written by gemmie
Thanks you really helped xx" ... written by shortcakes2012
Excellent." ... written by Greg5811
Phenomenal reading...Hope is always so positive, uplifting and inspiring, just LOVE her!" ... written by gemmie
A very good reading and very good information and a very good and helpful woman." ... written by George
Very informative reading. Taking her advice and will report back. Thank you so much Hope. " ... written by LaSheaLove72
Best reading yet, thank you." ... written by lovex2
Kind and honest person, first time with her and I like her alot." ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful reading as always...hope is my favorite reader on this site! love this woman, she is so right on!" ... written by gemmie
The big sister I never had." ... written by leorising
Excellent." ... written by Greg5811
She's phenomenal! Her readings are very easy to understand and on point. Just like her name, she gave me hope and I left my private reading with some of her positive energy resonating within me. Thank you so much for this great experience. I will definitely come back for another reading in the near future! :)" ... written by alizag1tana1201
HopeCatherine - you are awesome! Thank you for a great reading. Fab energy!!! " ... written by OrangeCate
OMG Amazing. She works like an excellent counselor and knows your situation exactly. She will help" ... written by FrankJ
Thank you Hope for a fantastic reading as usual! I love you, you are wonderful!" ... written by gemmie
My best new friend!" ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful, sympathetic, fast reader. " ... written by leorising
Hope Catherine is really helping navigate a tough situation. She has incredible insight and always offers workable solutions." ... written by peter9225
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
Very cool, like my friend I've known for years... Absolutely beautiful!" ... written by bacardibabe
Best advice! Very accurate and truthful :))" ... written by svtg
She's great. Good reader, tells it like it is, sweet." ... written by LeoTheLion99
What a great reading, Kathy. Thank you!" ... written by angelic2hearts
Thanks for your insights..it has been helpful." ... written by Pingster
The best around.. Love her, always spot on." ... written by katehrine1965
One of my faves to go to!" ... written by luxxicon
She's great." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Amazing reader. Shows all sides of the argument and how people are thinking and feeling. You will not be disappointed with Hope Catherine. " ... written by leorising
She is great, very fast, precise, good advise, strongly recommended!" ... written by tvelletri
Sooooo sweet!! Haven't felt this good in a long time!!" ... written by anksy2001
Amazing, a true deal deal here." ... written by luckyanna
Excellent... Superstar... Extremely Accurate... World Class Psychic!" ... written by focusing
I love and adore this gal. She is scary good. Her ability and her advice gave me peace and a plan." ... written by FrankJ
She really is wonderful. Can't wait to see how it works out." ... written by spankyd30
I was given great advice. I did just what she told me to do and I was victorious... :)" ... written by ladybugshooter
Always insightful and most helpful... Thank you!" ... written by blumuse
Great like always!!! On the ball of things!!! Love her!!" ... written by bmurillo
A great help in time of need!" ... written by FrankJ
She is wonderful and I really enjoyed her reading... She is a straight shooter and she will tell you like it is." ... written by dabountychic119
She's absolutely amazing, spot on. :) " ... written by rachelise93
Catherine is a really gifted psychic, a brilliant guide. Will get to the root of an issue immediatly and is very fast." ... written by HollyB123
Catherine is fantastic :)" ... written by HollyB123
Great like always!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 plus stars!!" ... written by bmurillo
HopeCatherine is well versed in all personality traits as well as psychic. She will help you with your relationships." ... written by leorising
Great as usual........." ... written by Member625811
WOW.. just WOW. Spot on. and amazing advice" ... written by FrankJ
Wow.incredibel" ... written by yasamananisi
She's absolutely wonderful. Love her. Always spot on!" ... written by katehrine1965
This lady is great!! she didn't waste my time ate all, she was very fast, very clear and insightful and gave me lots of advice on my situation..i think she's a wondeful person and definetely worth trying her!! thank you so much for your help!!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Great reader." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Good reader. " ... written by LeoTheLion99
Love her energy and she is spot on. :)" ... written by jeter28
Excellent... World Class Psychic!" ... written by focusing
I always love her!!" ... written by anksy2001
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!" ... written by 003dncr
Smart woman and smart reading, love her." ... written by taurusmay5
My read with her was, again, amazing as usual! Not only describing your current situation but giving constructive advice and solutions for a more positive outcome for your peace of mind and her genuine concern to achieve your happiness! " ... written by belledujour07
Very accurate. Highly recommended. " ... written by rosiep
I cant get enough of her, she's the best!" ... written by InnerGlow
Holy. Crap. This lady is ACCURATE! I will be a customer for life now! No bull-crap and straight to the point, thank you so much love! " ... written by BellaLupin
Just had a reading for 2013 and she is super talented, I love you Kathy, you are my guru!" ... written by taurusmay5
She great, very fast, great advice, very insightful xxxx" ... written by tvelletri
You just got to love her, she's amazing in person and in reading! In my opinion you can't find no better or more genuine reading here!" ... written by InnerGlow
I loved this reading." ... written by confusedchica
Great reading!" ... written by lilliableu
Excellent! really nailed my situation. Thank you so much!" ... written by starshine34
She is always so good...really on point and accurate." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Wonderful, excellent, i am so excited that Hope was one of a few great psychics on here that made an improbably prediction 6 months in the making. Took 6 months for this to happen. As always love how she uses the cards. WOW. Thanks so much!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent advice always! What an amazing seer!" ... written by peter9225
GOD BLESS!" ... written by Cran1Berry23
So real, and uplifting. I now know which road to take. Thank you so much! See you in a few days!" ... written by cassandrajoann27
Hope always stuns me, with her insight. An amazing women she really is ..." ... written by alwaysgem
Awesome reader!!!! I have been getting readings from her since day one and she has been great!!!! I really love her!" ... written by queese80
She takes readings to another level....I adore her and her depth and kindness. Beautiful soul." ... written by Questionlove2
The best on Oranum, l love her!" ... written by luckyanna
She is amazing. I love her. you will too." ... written by FrankJ
As usual, my first point to turn to when in a dilema. Always has the answers I need." ... written by Trixiescott1968
The best on keen" ... written by luckyanna
She's a great psychic. I love her. So accurate and gives so much positive energy! " ... written by SweetMimi
HopeCatherine is awesome! I loved my reading! I would definitly recommend her to everyone! :)" ... written by diamondlov007
Great to talk to. ALways honest wants the best for you. Absolutely talk to Hope Catherine :)" ... written by Aerie4
Hope always takes my anxiety away, she is a great person andamp; also readings are awesome too. She made me emotional today. She explained one or two things of the person in question andamp; that person does. And she set me off, so spot on. Can't have a better psychic then her." ... written by alwaysgem
The BEST 1,000 stars , always calms my fears." ... written by luckyanna
Great reading. Sooooo Accurate. Amazing. I am speechless. Try her. thank you, i will come back. " ... written by peace808
So funny how she picked up on the most random details! She is wise and very knowledgeable. She gave me a little more courage than I had to take the next step in my life." ... written by MjOcho
Gives a lot of advice very dedicated and great energy." ... written by bella911912
Catherine is fantastic!!" ... written by HollyB123
She is awesome!! Time just flew by talking to her.. She gave me the best advice and picked up on my situation and the personalities involved perfectly." ... written by iPreferMimi
Great, detailed reading!" ... written by md1990
Great like always!!! love her!!" ... written by bmurillo
Amazing!" ... written by Greg5811
Amazing, the one to go to!" ... written by luckyanna
You are awesome thank you...so detailed and accurate!" ... written by vayunu
It was a good reading, she sort of tell you things you do not want to go over. Just explain to her and she will focus into the information but she will give you accuracy for sure. Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
HopeCatherine gave me lots of insight into my situation with little input. The advice she gave me is good and will be very useful. I will be back to follow-up with her later. Thanks." ... written by CristinaLynn1
Thanks for sharing your time with me!...i will come back with updates!!" ... written by elledaly24
Great!" ... written by Majoma
Fantastic!" ... written by Majoma
Very no-nonsense, honest psychic. I highly recommend! :)" ... written by kia3025
OMG!! AWESOME!!!!" ... written by FrankJ
Always very good." ... written by martarlyd
Wonderful and insightful reading as always... Love you hope... Thank you so much for all your help and wisdom!" ... written by gemmie
Asolutely love her. She's amazing, and always spot on" ... written by katehrine1965
Right on the money in regard to my reading." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Excellent, very accurate." ... written by DACACAU
Fantastic reading as always!" ... written by gemmie
I was very happy with the e-mailreading she sent me." ... written by emotions
Really nice and friendly will defo go back again :)" ... written by cookieeye21
Very, very informative. Excellent information." ... written by Greg5811
Really helpful!" ... written by millyloves22
Thank you! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Thank you so much take care too!" ... written by Greg5811
Excellent!" ... written by Greg5811
Wonderful reading as always... So full of information and wisdom! I love you Hope! :)" ... written by gemmie
Excellent... As always, accurate!" ... written by focusing
Catherine is my go to person in time of need. Wish l could give her a million stars." ... written by luckyanna
What can l say the best l wanna tell u all go to her she is worth every penny." ... written by luckyanna
Super.... Very accurate and very good... She is wonderful" ... written by focusing
Darling you're awesome and I love your style! I love learning from you and your gentle care. " ... written by mdemos
Pretty dead on. Very good advice. Awaiting to see whether predictions will come true. Thanks." ... written by jean
Thank you Hope! You are awesome!!!! She is amazing accurate reader. She has helped me a lot. " ... written by renee08
Very very helpful I'm almost speechless it's completely dead on." ... written by LostOneX13
Catherine is awesome :)" ... written by HollyB123
Very good reading thanks Catherine you put my mind at ease and clear my doubts..." ... written by livlyfe121358
Very good thanks catherine." ... written by alane0251
Awesome!" ... written by taurusmay5
She is really one of the best readers and advisors on ORANUM. She is extremely accurate and insightful." ... written by resee057
Always like her reading, very precise!" ... written by Majoma
Great again!" ... written by babyjanehudson
Awesome reading. Very accurate. She has helped me so much. Thank You! You are the best." ... written by renee08
Wonderful quick and precise reading! Great advice as well. Thanks again!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
She is genuine, accurate and right on the point " ... written by taurusmay5
Fantastic reader :)" ... written by HollyB123
Thank you Catherine, you have no idea how much I needed that. x" ... written by tickleme2011
Terrific! Thanks for all the advise! Very accurate!" ... written by DACACAU
My coach to success! You rock Cathrine!" ... written by taurusmay5
The best again and again and again!" ... written by luckyanna
Fantastic, Funny, and Accurate! Loved Her!" ... written by kyandra
She is amazing, accurate and honest. I do a quick reading with her almost everyday. She is AWESOME!!!!" ... written by renee08
Catherine is an amazing guide! :) Fantastic reader!" ... written by HollyB123
Really lovely to chat to. Gave me loads to think about. Probably not all that I wanted to hear, but definitely what I needed to hear." ... written by jen
Great insight, right on target." ... written by Member625811
Very Insightful! Thank you Hope!!!! XOXO" ... written by Dee213
Thank you Hope! You are AWESOME! I always look forward to chatting with her everyday. She is sooo amazing. Accurate reading and she has helped me a lot." ... written by renee08
Great reading, top lady, 5 stars all the way!" ... written by sweetsx
Amazing as always...thank you Hope...love u!" ... written by gemmie
Very insightful, very straight forward and I felt a great connection with her, definitely recommend her, the best have ever come across!" ... written by tinkerbell99
Fantastic and insightful as always... Right on the money... So accurate and loving as well... Thank you! Hope, love you :)" ... written by gemmie
Impressive. Very caring and great personality. Great reading and totally truthful." ... written by telcotek
Fantastic and insightful as always...love u hope!" ... written by gemmie
GREAT." ... written by sparklejules
Very helpful." ... written by mick1284
Excellent....Super reader." ... written by focusing
Awesome reading. She makes me feel a lot better all the time. I have private reading with her almost everyday. Thank you!" ... written by renee08
She was great on describing the situation to a T. Witty and very tuned in!" ... written by semjase67
Great reading!" ... written by taurusmay5
I love my readings with Hope. Gives so much clarity and optimism. I wish she lived next door - a lovely person and talented psychic. Love and light. xx" ... written by Nicole212
Lol love this women! Shes crazy but in a good way.5 stars all the way. Real to the core." ... written by sweetsx
Awesome!!" ... written by hungerfordt2012
She is the best." ... written by sparklejules
I have never met a reader who is a s fast, specific and warm in her readings. Hope doesn't sugar coat, she tells you what you need to hear. I always will come back for more readings because I love her and feel now that she is not only a reader but a true friend as well." ... written by gemmie
Awesome reading. I do reading with her almost everyday. She is accurate and really connects with your energy. Thank you! " ... written by renee08
She is fantastic. Just speechless. The best from oranum. " ... written by peace808
She is AWESOME!!!! She is really good :D You should get a reading from her if you need help = D" ... written by manda1127
She is the best!" ... written by luckyanna
Hope is so terrific.... I asked her for a quick read and that is exactly what she did! she was really fast but detailed. I will be back as always.... Love yea" ... written by sparklejules
Great person, easy to talk to, and very very kind!" ... written by JTMcD87
Thanks a lot, love talking to you." ... written by cookieeye21
Thank you! You are awesome. You always make me feel a lot better after each reading. Gives me positive energy and strength. " ... written by renee08
Outstanding psychic :) Really superb x" ... written by HollyB123
She was very helpful." ... written by nmsenter
She is great.... = D She always knows what to say from her guides." ... written by manda1127
Awesome reading! She's very quick!" ... written by yvettepandora
My salvation, she saved me again." ... written by luckyanna
Omg... i am soo speechless right now... she said it all.. i didnt even tell her the story." ... written by hiyam89128912
Awesome. " ... written by leorising
Great reading as always! Love you hope... Thank you for ALL your help!" ... written by gemmie
She is absolutely amazing... It's like she observes what's in your head, she sees your future, easy to talk to, and she is REAL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!" ... written by antoinettemel21
I love this lady. She's amazing. Quick, clear, spot on, and always with heart." ... written by katehrine1965
Great accurate reading..." ... written by veezee
Thank you! You are awesome!!!! Always feel lifted after each reading. Thank you for all your help. Very accurate. " ... written by renee08
Really good right on the money." ... written by meme2727
Great advice and very accurate. With a sweet personality!" ... written by Donnichick
You have to love Catherine. No - you will meet a brunette man on Tuesday etc, she is real fact, reads your situation like no other, so tuned in, try her out, got a time frame, will keep you up to date xox" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
HopeCatherine was easy to speak with, warm, and earnest in her reading. Thank you for the insight. :)" ... written by StarrySkies64
Thank you! You are awesome!!!! I always look forward to have a reading. Always lifts me up and have positive energy. Thank you for everything. Love ya!! " ... written by renee08
I love her so kind and considerate every time I talk to her" ... written by cookieeye21
Excellent as usual!" ... written by luckyanna
I really enjoyed the session, the reading was very accurate!" ... written by Adz
HopeCatherine was great thank you!!!" ... written by liddyb78
Very positive and helpful. Her energy and advice is awesome!" ... written by madame1
Good, good!" ... written by twiggyjam
Don't know what to say, she is the best." ... written by luckyanna
Good session!" ... written by wtbh2011
Felt well connected despite my computer acting up... She was upbeat and caring... Gave me some time frames and sound advice. Thank you!!" ... written by dreamrider077
I love her she is so upbeat and real. She has given me some solid insight that I can trust ." ... written by resee057
Thank you for your honesty, your skill and compassion... especially for the warm support. I am grateful!" ... written by bluebird08
Read cards about me very well, describe him well." ... written by tspeonie
Accurate on reading. Good advice and confirming on my thoughts and actions. hugs!" ... written by gel
Catherine is an amazing reader." ... written by Holly100
Great advice and reading. Thanks Hope." ... written by Uvrs53
Thanks a bunch! Will keep you posted." ... written by nytphantm
Enjoyed HopeCatherine's reading. She gave me great insight into my future and validated some thoughts i already had. Thank u!!!" ... written by kealia35
Great as usual." ... written by bmurillo
Very helpful and caring :)" ... written by Missymiss2000
She is my angel." ... written by luckyanna
My angel again." ... written by luckyanna
Quick and fast reader. Very caring. " ... written by leorising
My dear friend, great reading and support " ... written by taurusmay5
She was funny and so very accurate!" ... written by ncstaterock
I always feel better after talking to her." ... written by luckyanna
Very sweet and caring." ... written by manda1127
Catherine is so down to earth and funny I love talking with her. I always feel better after our conversations." ... written by Resee057
Thank you! As always, awesome and accurate!!! Always lift me up. Thank you for everything. " ... written by renee08
I totally love her. Great reader. Fast, accurate, and positive. Extremely supportive!" ... written by katehrine1965
Nice..." ... written by cmiller771
Very sweet, picked up on my situation right away with no information needed... She was able to tune in and make me feel good about my current situation! 5 stars!" ... written by heathermarie0301
OMG!!!! I super love Catherine :) I was kind a depress before talking to her but after all she told men wow I'm smiling again. She mentioned things that I didn't tell her. SPOT ON! Please give her a try she's worth money. I'll be back Cath :D" ... written by jimikuta
Tells the truth ! An amazing lady !! xx" ... written by shortcakes2012
Great psychic, psychologist and coach." ... written by taurusmay5
Great. As always." ... written by katehrine1965
Love talking to her definitely worth it. Very honest and sweet." ... written by norma
I did the webcam for the first time and it was SUPER cool and fast. Its fun to be able to see each other and not having to type. Love yea " ... written by sparklejules
Hope will help you get over your problems. There is no sugar coating and she is not here to tell you want you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She will help you get what you need!" ... written by confused31
The best again." ... written by luckyanna
amazingly gifted! " ... written by Belledujour
I LOVE LOVE her! Always so accurate every time we talk. AMAZING WOMAN! " ... written by AntoineMEL2
Truthful and insightful. Its good to hear the truth from someone impartial. Great reading." ... written by krismic2
Really funny lady, nice, straight to the point!" ... written by mi
She was quick, funny and very down to details with her reading. I will come back for sure for update!" ... written by dladie42
She's the best!" ... written by sparklejules
Great reading she knows everything lol you can't hide anything from her! " ... written by sandrachilcott72
You're amazing...you are correct...the reading was very on point. Thank you a lot." ... written by sexyniki1986
This is my second time with Catherine and again I feel so good talking to her! :) I will be back. :)" ... written by jimikuta
Very honest but not harsh. A good read." ... written by Telcotek
Again as always I enjoyed talking to you :) I'll be back again and thanks so much for all the advice." ... written by jimikuta
Amazing reading again --- so positive, so clear, and I trust what she reads... And she gives great insight... I'm looking forward to more continued readings...." ... written by heathermarie0301
LOVE Catherine Hope." ... written by sparklejules
Amazing as always - thanks love for the boost of girl power! xx" ... written by Nicole212
Thank you so much!!! Awesome reading. " ... written by renee08
Love her very very much , accurate reading!" ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful. wonderful. wonderful" ... written by katie46
Had a reading long time ago and it came true :-)" ... written by winterhot
Hi cat, thanks alot for your reading the other day!! my line got cut and couldn't leave any feedback!! you were great!! definitely recommend!! x" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Wonderful as always... Excellent reader... Super lady always helps... Very positive." ... written by focusing
SHE HELPED ME ALOT " ... written by erica
She is awesome on point and really helped me and she was totally right." ... written by starlight699
Accurate and clarifying as always! " ... written by DACACAU
awesome, I love her and her honesty!" ... written by cooboz
My angel!" ... written by luckyanna
You are awesome!!! Always lift me up. Very true and accurate. Always look forward for a daily reading. " ... written by renee08
She's is amazing. Always spot on. She has been a tremendous support to me. I adore her." ... written by katehrine1965
She is the best!" ... written by luckyanna
Can't thank Cathy enough for her compassion and support, in all possible ways she could think of, you rock Cathy, I love your blessed heart." ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you very much, was very detailed and to the point, recommended very much!" ... written by majantha
Thank you so much, great reading..." ... written by sandy1113
Excellent!!! Love Catherine, she brightens up my day!!" ... written by bmurillo
Pleasant reading. Straightforward!" ... written by Jeantan83
Excellent...wonerful lady and wonderful reader...always has the answers." ... written by focusing
You are Awesome and I am so happy!" ... written by stacey46
Direct and practical advice, thank you." ... written by JP
She's my #1 psychic on here!" ... written by antoinettemel21
Great as usual, give her a try!" ... written by bmurillo
Awwwwesome reading! Great advice and great insight. Can't wait to see it all play out. Thanks again!^^" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Awesome reading! Thank you. " ... written by renee08
I really enjoyed HopeCatherine's reading. She was funny and offered great insight with her card reading. I will keep you posted on results and time lines. " ... written by curiosity24
She was great :-) Thank you!!!" ... written by weissinha
Great Coach, friend and reader, always available with her best!" ... written by taurusmay5
Awesome reading....thank u so much for everything. Very accurate. " ... written by renee08
She is amazing and I love my readings with her she is awesomeeeeee.. " ... written by starlight699
Excellant as usual" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you again! Awesome reading as always. Very accurate. Thank you for everything. Love u! " ... written by renee08
So detailed.. This was by far the best reading." ... written by Aaggee1
She's great very sweet and great with guidance thank you sooo much you really gave me some re assurance " ... written by mmor1407
Awesome!!!!! thank u!" ... written by renee08
Love You! you are amazing. I can wait for some fun times with you know who.... I will keep you updated! " ... written by sparklejules
A great coach in every life situation she is the person who can give you the anwsers! 5 stars" ... written by taurusmay5
Fun to communicate with and very intuitive." ... written by pinkorang4
I really enjoy my readings with HC she's quick, accurate, and just tells it like it is. I really appreciate the fact that she doesn't sugar coat things, she talks to you like she's talking to a friend. " ... written by curiosity24
I had just done a reading and decided because I am so close to the situation that I wanted confirmation. I received an excellent reading from Hope Catherine. She has a lot of very positive energy, very quickly connected and was accurate. She told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear. I'm prepared and ready for what is coming! " ... written by wannaknow2013
Catherine is superb! I love her reading style, clear, and has a flow. Accurate and answers questions. AMAZING!" ... written by XY
Thank you. You are AWESOME!!!!" ... written by renee08
My angel again" ... written by luckyanna
She's amazingly forthright and clear, never felt once she was sugar coating, she explains the situation with confidence that you will handle the truth and manage the outcome. Her advice is professional not just reliant on some unfounded hope. Awesome!" ... written by ik royal
She is always so accurate..." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
great, loved her" ... written by palma1024
Love this woman... doesn't sugar coat and is straight up honest...gives great advice and insight...thank you Catherine!!" ... written by dreamrider077
Excellent reading! Without giving any info she got it all right! I will definitely remember her advice and follow it! I am so glad I found this site today. I'll be back for more later!" ... written by GraffitiBoi
Very on in my past and current; I trust her advice. Very down to earth. Thank you!" ... written by RawRock
Just love, you helped me soo much. " ... written by Michele
Good reading as always." ... written by Curiosity24
HopeCatherine is always full of good advice. Enjoy her readings.. She helps me to see if i am making good decisions and what will come of my choices. Thanks!! Great personality too...she cracks me up." ... written by kealia35
Amazing again!" ... written by luckyanna
She was right spot on. She tells the things with honesty and as the way it is. Thank you for the help! " ... written by fairytale72
The right hunter for the solution! this woman is one of a kind , eternity of stars." ... written by taurusmay5
Love, love her." ... written by k
My dear, dear, dear friend and coach! Love her!" ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks so much for the chat again :)" ... written by Joanne
I love her she is really fun and insightful." ... written by resee057
I just love you to pieces!!!!!!!" ... written by SparkleJules
I love my readings with HC. She's quick, detailed, and to the point. She doesn't sugar coat anything so be prepared to hear what she sees!!! " ... written by Curiosity24
Amazing as always..." ... written by luckyanna
Awesome reading... such clarity. Always feel lifted after each reading. Look forward to have readings with her everyday. Thank you!!!" ... written by Renee
My Angel amazing! l love this woman." ... written by luckyanna
Hope Catherine is magnificient. She is a natural. I love having readings with her. Blessings and Thank You!" ... written by Angelwingss7
She is so nice and honest, she is really into her readings and is very straight to the point." ... written by ask me
I really love Catherine! She is so accurate and down to earth!" ... written by resee057
Great advice!" ... written by mirabilis
Did miss you... glad you are back." ... written by SparkleJules
I was very impressed with HopeCatherine. She actually told me about my friend before I had a chance to say anything about him, his character, or his situation. She is a very insightful individual and I look forward to speaking with her again in the future. If I could use one word to describe HopeCatherine, it would be AWESOME!! Thank you so much!! " ... written by TxRN2013
Awesome as always! So positive always right! Thanks so much as always!" ... written by aerie4
She was really good. She gave me insight on the situation." ... written by messenger87
It is always a pleasant reading... thanks for your help." ... written by sue
great as usual. Love her" ... written by bm
Always Excellent!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Another great read... great advice... always makes me feel positive!!! Ty and love you!!!" ... written by dreamrider077
Graet reading, great spirit and caring lady. Be blessed Cathy." ... written by taurusmay5
She's so friendly and love her energy. It's my second time with her... Absolutely positive and true! " ... written by Anne
Love her. She is a great advisor." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
My guardian angel!" ... written by luckyanna
I always enjoy my readings with HC even though the news was bad she delivered it as gently and quickly as possible and provided quick answers to solutions. " ... written by curiosity24
the best. period." ... written by luckyanna
Lovely reading! Lots of great insight. :) " ... written by Kundra
Great reader." ... written by misty
Superb!" ... written by luckyanna
Answered all my answers with complete detail. Feeling confident about what's in store. Thank you for your honesty with good and bad situations. I'm happy to know that I'm on the right path to making the right decisions. Thank you:)" ... written by NiecyM
Thanks Hope! You always calm my mind with your readings and give me hope for my future. And you are funny and uplifting! So thank you, thank you." ... written by kealia35
She's amazing!! So accurate. Love her. Definitely will be back. Knew everything before I said anything." ... written by nita
She always hits everything square on the head!! She's 2 for 2 with me. Hope Catherine is AWESOME!!" ... written by TxRN2013
I had a reading with the wonderful HopeCatherine. My rating is 5 stars and eternity of love and respect for her generosity and support." ... written by taurusmay5
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Thanks." ... written by c
Thanks for the quickness and insight." ... written by g
Great reading!" ... written by carla
My angel is back." ... written by luckyanna
AMAZING!" ... written by dd
She is really able to provide great insight and guidance. So many things she saw before still make sense today. She gave me good advice and a realistic prediction about where those actions could lead.... She is really great!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Ahhh! Computer froze! But very straight forward and helpful. Thanks." ... written by J
Wonderful, funny and to the point! Thank you..." ... written by dulceragazza
HC is an amazing reader. Quick and to the point. Doesn't waste time or money. " ... written by Curiosity24
She is great!" ... written by momalley
Good reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
MY ANGEL." ... written by luckyanna
My angel!" ... written by luckyanna
HopeCatherine and her guides have infused me with inspiration and grounded me with facts and knowledge. I'm very grateful! :) Thank you!" ... written by Kundra
Thanx for the assurance!" ... written by c
Great follow up reading. " ... written by curiosity24
HopeCatherine is one of my absolute favorite readers on this site. She's real, down to earth, funny and just gives it to you straight. " ... written by Curiosity24
Awesome!!" ... written by Kayce
my angel" ... written by luckyanna
Great reader, I was never disappointed with her advice. Love the down to earth and real talk! " ... written by malinda
My guardian angel." ... written by luckyanna
Excellent reading and motivational speaker. Awesome." ... written by Neu
I wish I could have her whispering wisdom in my ear 24/7. Thank you so much for your advice and very accurate depiction of the situation." ... written by evaclara
HopeCatherine is amazing..." ... written by Curiosity24
I love her!" ... written by Antoinette
She was wonderful and she calmed my fears. I will definitely see her again." ... written by Denise
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
HC is awesome reader. Very accurate and detailed. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Curiosity24
She is phenomenal." ... written by Mary
Thanks a lot much appreciated" ... written by Joanne Cronin
Fantastic and fast.... wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by GM
I am a returning customer, and will continue to return, this lady is amazing!! x" ... written by Mshelli
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
HopeCatherine is an incredible reader. She provides quick connection and lots of details. She's very intuitive. " ... written by curiosity24
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
The very best...excellent...very accurate as always." ... written by focusing
HopeCatherine is an awesome reader. I can't say enough. " ... written by Curiosity24
Incredibly amazing! My best friend." ... written by Taurusmay5
Predictions happened so came back for a follow up xx" ... written by Lisa1775
My angel again." ... written by luckyanna
HopeCatherine is an exceptional reader. She's quick to connect, provides lots of details, and is patient. " ... written by Curiosity24
I love her. She's honest and has a very positive energy " ... written by Asia
Amazing!!! She is very quick and accurate! Saved me from a very bad decision, and gave me comfort that I am where I am supposed to be :)" ... written by prinsol
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
Very positive and great energy. Hope really helped me see things through and viewed the whole situation in a bigger picture. Besides being a great psychic that she is (very accurate in describing my situation), she really seemed GENUINE and willing to help you and show her true care for you... honestly I don't see many psychics here having this quality of hers!! She is FUNNY and that really made the reading more relaxing... it was really like talking to your oldest friend. I hope her premonition for me comes true and will definitely come back to you! thanks HopeCatherine. " ... written by steph
The best!!!!!" ... written by KBohrer
Catherine is fantastic as usual. Thank You." ... written by Angelwingss7
Excellant - my angel" ... written by luckyanna
My angel" ... written by luckyanna
My angel" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you for advises and reading." ... written by tanya
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
My angel" ... written by luckyanna
Excellent... World class psychic and lady.... Very very accurate too!" ... written by focusing
HopeCatherine was extremely friendly, fast, and seemed to know exactly what my situation was without me saying anything. I would definitely use her over and over again. Looking forward to seeing her predictions come true! " ... written by atrodden26
Always great to talk to! Thank you, HopeCatherine! Great reader!" ... written by aerie4
HopeCatherine is an amazing reader. She's quick, accurate, funny and tries to paint a whole picture of what's happening. " ... written by curiosity24
My angel" ... written by luckyanna
Very good, spot on 100%." ... written by jason andcat
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
Kind, helpful, compassionate and an incredible reader! She picked up on the situation dead on and knows what she is talking about." ... written by Rachel
Amazing as always. Thank you so much. x" ... written by Mshelli
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
MY Angel." ... written by luckyanna
Its really nice talking 2 you Cath! You always make me feel better :)) Previous prediction came true, give her a try. " ... written by Gisselle
Terrific!" ... written by sparklejules
Thank you so much! She was spot on for sure! Love and light to you. :))" ... written by Andrea
My angel." ... written by luckyanna
Excellent... One of the best psychics in the world... Very very fast reader" ... written by Focusing
Keep my fingers cross and wait to see now, you're 100% right about both of us " ... written by jason andcat
I really appreciate her frankness practical advice and clarity." ... written by ikroyal
ACCURATE!!" ... written by Antoinette
Wow what can I say. She nailed it incredible. She was saying the exact words I was in the process of typing. She read my life like a book and I left feeling empowered. I am crystal clear on what I am dealing with now. Its like the light has been turned on - I cannot thank you enough. I will be back for updates. Hope, you are my fav. Love and light. xxx" ... written by patient libra
Great update - thanks Hope Catherine ♥ ♥ xx" ... written by Lisa1775
TY Hope .. that was some great advice .. will give it a shot .. u r very energetic and fun .. i appreciate all your help .. ill let u know what happens .. wish me luck!" ... written by GB
She is wonderful! Accurate and efficient with a kind demeanor. I will be back. She is the best!" ... written by Amy
The best!!!!" ... written by debby
Love love love her. Love the readings :)" ... written by leebee4
Excellent as always :)" ... written by G
Spot on. Really great energy and enthusiasm. Tuned into me and gave me insights into my situation with great clarity. It has helped me a lot. I have a direction now." ... written by karmafixer
Great reading, fantastic sense of humor, good advice, so recommend her!!" ... written by malinda2011
Absolutely lovely and spot on!!!" ... written by malinda2011
Thanks for the reading, awesome connection." ... written by ikroyalal
Love Hope Catherine! Thank you so much again for my update :)♥♥" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you so much Hope. You have given me hope. " ... written by Denise
Wow, just wow. I'm just blown away, she told me things that I already knew, information that only I knew. I'm just in shock right now, total shock. This wonderful woman has read my entire situation, I repeat, my ENTIRE situation to a T. Described people in my life including physical and quirky characteristics. I'm sorry, I'm just still in shock and blown away that my mind is numb and I don't know what else to say. What I will say it that she is real, beyond real, and I am extremely grateful that I found her. The good, the bad, and the downright hilarious, she will give you the truth." ... written by A.
Shes wonderful. " ... written by Kate
You are the best reader ever! I have missed you, glad you are back." ... written by sparklejules
Well this women is the best and I know in my heart it's true." ... written by jasonandcat
Always the best here in oranum! We all miss you so much cath! Take care :)" ... written by shad
We had a great great reading. Hope is amaze-balls! Gave me everything i needed. I'm so excited. Can't wait to come back to bring an update!" ... written by ez and empowered
She is so awesome. Ty hope I really enjoyed my reading and cant wait to have another one with you hun. You are fantastic and will be recommending you to everyone I know. " ... written by Krystal
Once again, just an amazing, amazing woman. Down to Earth, gets right down to the matter at hand and describes everything in so much detail. She doesn't droll on about nothing, always sticks to the subject at hand, and is just so on key. I didn't even have to mention anything to remind her of our previous reading, she immediately remembered. And you were right about that hygiene thing Catherine, because he's told me that he does that lol. Not going to anymore psychics, I have found my number one in Catherine." ... written by A.
wow wow wow very impressive how she gets really fast the connection ! cant wait to see all that happens!!:)" ... written by marie5290
Super wonderful lady and reader! Highly recommend." ... written by pleasure
Once again, thank you so much for my update. Predictions have and are happening so I came back for an update. I would like to say Hope Catherine's testimonials speak volumes. Thank you for your kindness, thank you for being the person that you are: kind and thoughtful, sensitive and considerate, a generous and thoughtful lady. You are unselfish, always putting others before yourself, making us feel special and important :) Thank you and I wish you and Chris lots of love ♥ ♥ xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
I always comes to hope and she is always right on the money. I came back today for an update and bam right on the money. I'll be back in 2 weeks for another update. Try her, you won't be upset." ... written by leebee4
I am so glad she was here today....helped me a lot... Love you." ... written by sparklejules
Thank you so much Hope" ... written by Denise
HopeCatherine is a lovely person to talk to. Wow she literally blew me away with the things she told me. She was on target with a lot of things she had mention to me. Can't wait to foresee her predictions , I will follow her advice as well. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Right in what you said :) Thank you again lol" ... written by Jason and cat
my absolute favorite person on here. Its a treat to see her on. Her readings are awesome. I will be back :)" ... written by leelee32384
She is so sweet and so much fun! Above all that her reading and her solutions are so accurate!" ... written by Sunshine
Fabulous! Love you!!!!" ... written by sparklejules
Nice to see you back!!! Always excellent! :)" ... written by shad
Thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Hope Catherine is always a good reader and help to confirm and give clarity on things in my life. Nice lady too...give her a try!!" ... written by kealia35
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
So glad to speak to her after so long, just love her! Brilliant she see's so much unbelievable." ... written by gem
If I could give Hope 10 stars I would. I love her readings! She is so quick with answers and confirming things that I'm already thinking. So glad I caught her today. Thanks Hope!!" ... written by Kundra
It was good to see you and hear from you again. As always, realistic advice." ... written by Mirabilis
Thank you hope." ... written by teddy
Welcome back HC fab reading xx" ... written by Lisa
Thank you catherine! Will remember all the notes!-lilli" ... written by lilli
Straight to the point! Fast and clear! I'll sure come back. Thanks a ton Catherine!" ... written by Yagi74
Thank you Catherine. You have given me hope." ... written by Denise
Lovely lady, backed up her previous readings, I am a returning customer, and after this reading, I will continue to return x" ... written by Mshelli
100 stars. Great reader." ... written by J
Hope is really amazing. Looks further than just one month, so that you can see things getting better. Now maybe I can sleep tonight." ... written by K
Love H-C always a great reading and predictions happen. xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Definitely 5 stars as always! Great to see her again after a while. She was totally on top of every point in our reading. She is really connected to Spirit with her cards, omg, WOW" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Always a pleasure and a treat to find her online! " ... written by leelee32384
Wow, so accurate, like usual - always a pleasure to take a reading from her!" ... written by marie5290
Amazing" ... written by luckyanna
My angel is back" ... written by luckyanna
Another amazingly helpful reading by Hope :)" ... written by Kundra
Good energy. Like how direct she was and knew my question before I asked it. Looking forward to a fun 2014." ... written by Tri
Great reading. Very nice. Accurate. Quick. Thanks so much for your advice. will return" ... written by honfleur
THANK YOU HOPE" ... written by Denise
As usual I can talk to Hope Catherine all day. I'm just glad we were able to update on my life again! XOXO" ... written by Antoinette
Terrific...sure have missed you :) Love you." ... written by sparklejules
On point as usual - thanks H-C xx" ... written by Lisa1775
very good" ... written by luckyanna
SHE WAS AMMAZING...she told me everything no sugar coat and also gave me good advice..thank you" ... written by Empress1432
Thanks Hope - brilliant as always 5 stars xx" ... written by Patient
my angel" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you H-C. Always consistent and accurate when I need reassurance. Predictions come true, I got the job that H-C predicted :) xx" ... written by Lisa1775
5 big stars! I just love Hope's readings… That's exactly what I always leave the reading with 'hope' :)" ... written by kundra
Love her always and forever :)" ... written by Antoinette
Great! HC is so helpful, has great energy and is really quick and to the point! She is wonderful! I highly recommend." ... written by Amy
I have hope again thank you so very much" ... written by stacy
Amazingly accurate and very direct! I was at peace after my reading with her looking forward for my next reading" ... written by dmw300
very good" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you hun!!! Always a pleasure xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Wow, great with info and has given me hope for a very bright future!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Green Tea
Great reading. Remembers all details from previous reading. Unbelievably accurrate. Thanks for the great advice. Will check back very soon. Much love!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by honfleur
5 stars. SHE IS AMAZING! QUICK funny and will help you!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pixelgirl
Thank you doll! xx :)" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you so much for all of your help/ guidance!! You were lovely, so open and so kind! Very sincere and just pleasant to speak with! Wow, super thankful for all of your help :) " ... written by E
Thank you darling xx" ... written by Lisa1775
hey catherine thank you so much for the reading i definitely miss having a private session by you! i'm so glad to have had it! i hope everything works out with this guy and it's good :)" ... written by luxxicon
Love my H-C readings. Lovely lady makes me feel so much better! xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Great deading! A+++++++" ... written by giathagoddess
Thank you darling, always a pleasure xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Amazing!" ... written by luckyanna
Amazing!!!" ... written by luckyanna
Excellent reading. Unbelievable that she knew this guy lived in another country. So sharp. Knew he had an addiction. Wow! Will definitely be back. Extraordinary. I feel so much better. She gives great advice. Thanks!!!! Much love!!!!!" ... written by elsa
Thank you darling! xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you for another reading. Even if I didn't like what" ... written by Antoinette
Shes wonderful." ... written by JP
shes wonderful as usual" ... written by Antoinette
Great reading Reassuring. Caring. Gives great advice. Very intuitive. thanks much." ... written by honfleur
Great reading. Advice. Thanks. Will be back. Reassuring. Quick. Accurate. " ... written by honfleur
Thanks Hope for the reading! It helped me to see in the future a bit and calm myself....thanks...always enjoy talking with you too." ... written by sweetpea333
I'm one of her regular client and I'm so happy she is back again. Many thanks Cath for the wonderful reading and for your guidance. God bless you and Chris! :) tc " ... written by shad
I just wanted to say that was very refreshing and on point. She rocks! Thank you so much, with everything going on, you calmed my soul." ... written by Sunshinemom
thanks so much Catherine. You've calmed me down. Love talking to you. I feel better now." ... written by honfleur
Thank you darling!!!! xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Nice reading. I can't count how much times I had one with her. " ... written by Antoinette
I left Hope's private chat room with a smile :)" ... written by kundra
As usual pefect and all knowing. Cant get better." ... written by Trixiescott1968
Super Star !! Very fast and very very accurate. One of the best psychics in the world !!" ... written by Focusing
Thank you H-C. Amazing as always xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Very good, picked up on everything easily and provided good guidance and insight on things. Thank you very much" ... written by Jennifer
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
nice reading in a limited time..catherine you are the sweetest person i have ever met..." ... written by aquavenus
really good helpful and gave me lots of advice thank u" ... written by mizzimoo
Wow ,Wow, Hope Catherine is fantastic. Don't even give it a second thought about getting a reading from her. Well worth the money plus 10 times more." ... written by countryliving1
OMG, I have missed you soooo much. pray that the judge gives me the entire house! I love you :)" ... written by sparklejules
Thank you my lovely - great as always xx" ... written by Lisa1775
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
very good reading. She will shuffle the cards again and again to ensure the answer. Accruate.! Very kind lady. 5 stars!" ... written by PIGLETME
Intuitive, connected, recommend!" ... written by B
Another great reading. Wish I had more time to talk to her! I always go to her to get guidance. " ... written by Antoinette
Excellent...very fast reader...a true worldwide super star !!! 5 stars !" ... written by Focusing
Thank you darling...wish I had you on speed dial haha :) xx" ... written by Lisa1775
She was quick, to the point and very honest!" ... written by burbanks
Very good reading. Accurate. Really tuned in. Wonderful person. Thanks!!" ... written by honfleur
Hope is just awesome! Such energy and quick response. Thank you!" ... written by Eli
omg she was amazing thank you so much that was spot on exactly the clarity I needed xx" ... written by miss knight
Just about the best, nurturing, consistent reader ever. I value her dearly. Thank you so much." ... written by liz
My first reading with her and she was highly recommended..she has wonderful insight and a beautiful gift! I will not take her advice lightly. Thank you Catherine!" ... written by twinkee344
I love Hope's energy and quick answers. She has been right and I believe what she has to say. Her chat room is always entertaining and fun also. " ... written by Beth
Love ya! Amazing as always.....like talking to an old friend :)xx" ... written by Lisa1775
my angel" ... written by luckyanna
Thank you xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you so much xx" ... written by Lisa1775
amazing as usual" ... written by luckyanna
OMG good! always very helpful and sweet" ... written by Ally
she knows everything! worth the wait and money. :) " ... written by angelz2
thank you very much, spot on x" ... written by L
She's simply amazing!" ... written by Joann
Thanks sooo sooo much! Your soooo soooo accurate and on point! My goodness! You were phenomenal! Thank you " ... written by nva123
Always great and spot on. Really wonderful reader and person." ... written by JPM
Thank you darling as always xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you as always xx" ... written by Lisa
catherine is a bomb psychic:)" ... written by aqua
Love talking to her. I wish I can see her in person!" ... written by Antoinette
thank you xx" ... written by Lisa
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Hope thanks for insightful reading in many areas of my life...hope it pans out like you say. ha! Always enjoy talking with you too...you have a great personality and compassion." ... written by sweetpea333
she was very very accurate....wow" ... written by elle
Love H-C this lady is so caring and always puts others before herself. She deserves a gold medal and 10000000 stars xx" ... written by lisa1775
my angel i sback" ... written by luckyanna
I had been dying to speak to Hope Catherine and she was everything I had thought she would be. Intuitive. Quick.... SO MUCH advice and so accurate... thank you so much my love! I will definitely be back!" ... written by angelone44
no need to say much she is the best" ... written by luckyanna
Truly wonderful reading. Tons of information delivered quickly. Absolutely recommend her." ... written by L
Very, very good reading. Tons of information which was really accurate! Loads of details, significant stuff that really rang true with my situation. Overall a fantastic reading with a good outcome." ... written by Jennifer
She is wonderful, she nailed it right on the head. she is extremely gifted" ... written by bm
OMG!!!! HopeCatherine is the most amazing reader on Oranum! She blew me away with her speed, accuracy and information, I keep coming back to her again and again because she is the best!!!! thank you so much HC for all your outstanding guidance. I am so happy I got to reconnect with you after so long...1000 stars!!! love and blessings xo Gen" ... written by gemmie
fabulous as always-Hope Catherine you are my angel! thank you so much for how much you give of yourself-100 stars love u" ... written by gemmie
excellent connection, brilliant, and very accurate" ... written by angelofgod15
lovely" ... written by lisa
She is brilliant...Amazingly accurate...." ... written by t
Thanks a million H-C you are a star. I have missed you, so pleased you see you back and looking fabulous! Lots of love xx" ... written by Lisa
Excellent... 5 stars...very fast and very accurate...her predictions always come to pass. Hope is a true super star !!!" ... written by Focusing
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by finalloveanswer
Thank you as always. so happy to see you back xx" ... written by Lisa
amazing reading as always! Hope Catherine, I missed you so much-glad you are back and that all is ok :) love you" ... written by gemmie
fabulous, as always!!! thanks so much Hope Catherine...love you" ... written by gemmie
thanks again Hope-you are the most fabulous woman and reader I know! love u xo Gen" ... written by gemmie
omg! what an outrageous and helpful reading! thank you so much Hope Catherine, you are amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
absolutely wonderful!!! a pleasure and my official tarot reader." ... written by kindandtruth
Thank you very much" ... written by
wow she was so awesome I hope everything she says happens" ... written by lori
really super duper good....fast and thorough...absolutely loved her" ... written by MrsGib
I like the way Hope Catherine reads, she is very accurate and detailed. Everything she said was spot on with my situation and she gave me great advice and good things to look forward to as well." ... written by Jenn
Hope is wonderful! Amazing! Always so full of energy! I asked about my friends son and she said he would be home by Christmas, and he was, 2 weeks before. Thank you Hope!" ... written by Beth
OMG this lady is the BEST so fast and accurate no one compares to her Thank You So Much!!!" ... written by Gia
Great advices and spot on. I hope this move will be the break through" ... written by mag
my angel" ... written by luckyanna
She's awesome. Super quick. Lots of information. Really loved my reading." ... written by Ahz
you were fast and wow to what has happened to people who does wrong lol made my day!" ... written by ma
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Hope was super fast and on point! Read me like a book! hahaha I enjoyed her direct and honest approach. Will be back!" ... written by Gracie
Detailed, quick, and direct. Very informative. Thank you. " ... written by Summer
she's wonderful, great energy, answered my questions knew exactly how i was feeling and everything she said was spot on. she's great! " ... written by Kat
Fantastic reading with hopeCathrine!!!" ... written by Tom Tisten
Super Star...Excellent...Always spot on with predictions" ... written by Focusing
Thank you as always " ... written by Lisa
Omg, Catherine, you totally cracked me up....lmao...I am in stitches here....THANK YOU for giving me the most fun reading ever!!!!! LMAO We nailed it, right??? You are the best, the best, the best!!!! Spot on, it is scary how spot on you are!!! Thanks for seeing it all so clearly!!! If you did not, I would think that I am crazy, but you confirmed it, so it is a huge relief to know how the things are for real! Girl, I will update you, so we can have some more fun...ha ha ha...You way up there, beyond any rating system, wow! Love you, love you, love you!!!!" ... written by jessy
EXCELLENT READING! will come back soon" ... written by loveisinlalaland
Always a pleasure getting updates. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
FAST AND ACCURATE......WOW Im blown AWAY " ... written by DD
omg the best as always, she is my best oranum friend!!!" ... written by jessy
Hope Rocks! She talks very quick and gets all your questions answered. Great energy and has been right on with her answers. Thank you Hope!" ... written by Beth
wonderful and informative reading as always...thnx so much Hope Catherine! It was great to connect with you again :)" ... written by gemmie
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Accurate and guiding. I needed this. I can't wait for our next session. I am awake!!" ... written by DaveMakeCents
Excellent Psychic. To the point, works best to give most info possible and guides as much as she can. Great experience!!!" ... written by Jane
Amazing....Excellent....HopeCatherine is one of the best psychics in the world....5 stars....Her predictions are very accurate..." ... written by Focusing
Hope is VERY tuned in! Amazing reading " ... written by DD
Very good advices, very positive and honest! Thank u!!!!" ... written by malinka88
Another great reading with Catherine. She is always very accurate and fast." ... written by AA
I love her! she is my #1 psychic. " ... written by Antoinette
thanks for another wonderful reading HC!! love you!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
FANTASTIC !!! 5 STARS......very very fast and spot on with her predictions!!" ... written by Focusing
World Class Superstar !! 5 stars !! Spot on with her predictions, very very accurate psychic and lady..." ... written by Focusing
thank you HC for another wonderful reading!!!" ... written by gemmie
Very consistent, helpful, and explains her cards and what she sees very well. Always enjoy my readings with her." ... written by AA
precious jewel, no one is like my cathy...love her!!!!" ... written by i.t.
5 stars...very good excellent psychic...recommend her to all....she is spot on with predictions" ... written by Focusing
very good reading! accurate and optimistic." ... written by giselle
what a brilliant reading!!! oh HC; it was so amazing to see you again after all this time...thank you for all you told me-you were spot on and I was so happy to see you !!!!!" ... written by gemmie
Always a great help and she knows her stuff. Very kind very helpful " ... written by AA
The best, the best, the best" ... written by John
Excellent...very very fast,,,,very very very accurate too!" ... written by Focusing
Love this woman" ... written by luckyanna
5 Stars......very very fast and very very accurate" ... written by Focusing
great reader! Hope is very tuned in " ... written by DD
thank you so much Hope Catherine for another fabulous reading...love you!!!" ... written by gemmie
Excellent....5 stars..wonderful ....superstar" ... written by Focusing
Superstar!!! 5 stars and much more... " ... written by Focusing
5 Stars....excellent psychic....very fast.....very accurate and spot on....I recommend her to everyone..." ... written by Focusing
she's brilliant!!! last reading she gave me great advice and it led me to nice outcome so far!! just updating on next move it all looks good. thanks catherine your advice is fantastic. xx" ... written by jazzychic
OMG!!! Another outrageous reading !!!!!!! thank you so much HC-you gave me hope and cheered me up when I was feeling so angry and sad...You are heaven sent-the best there is!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
excited for her predictions to come to pass! shes very fast which is awesome because i only had a few credits" ... written by BP
flowing informations without any input of personal data ,yet with great accuracy. Besides, realistic advice given." ... written by Doppler
SO happy to see you back thank you so much!!! " ... written by L
thank god she is back" ... written by luckyanna
Excellent 5 stars...very fast and very accurate,,,, wonderful lady" ... written by Focusing
another phenomenal reading! thank you again...love you" ... written by gemmie
FANTASTIC... wow. doesn't waste time and hits it on the head with everything." ... written by -
This was my first consultation with Hope, and I was absolutely blown away by her level of accuracy! She is incredible. Her answers were detailed and they all made the world of sense, to me. She was also very fast, which meant that credits weren't being wasted, and you got what you paid for. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody who is looking for an expert to take into a private reading. You will NOT be disappointed! She is fabulous. :) Definitely 5/5 stars and more! Wow. Just. Wow. :) FANTASTIC! xx" ... written by Hotpassionlove
mindblowing advice!!! she really spotted something and gave me positive kick. definitely will consult again. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
Law of attraction was at work here. I was scrolling through readers and somehow, my finger tapped on HopeCatherine mistakenly. I then decided to go with the flow and read her testimonials, which were great. So I went into private and can't say how wonderfully surprised I was! First, she was spot on about my man...then my new rescue puppy I just adopted started barking and I asked her about it (thinking she would think I was nuts) but she totally knew about dogs behaviors! She studied Animal psychology! She is amazing! Worth every penny....I will be back! Thank you HopeCatherine!" ... written by skier8001
she is super quite. Really! Almost spontaneous! Great!" ... written by carl
I have missed you so much! thank you" ... written by sparklejules
very fast will be waiting for predictions!" ... written by BP
Thank youuuuuu as always xx" ... written by Lisa
another outrageous reading with Hope Catherine...she is a lifesaver and I love her so much!!!!!" ... written by gemmie
Very good...excellent and spot on with all predictions...5 stars...I recommend her to everyone everywhere...Hope is a wonderful lady with a big big heart...:)" ... written by Focusing
another outstanding reading...thank you HC, love you" ... written by gemmie
first time i had reading with Catherine." ... written by malteser1970
wonderful :)" ... written by sparkle
Incredible reading, wonderful advice....alot to update on :)" ... written by Onslow
awesome" ... written by ss
she's awesome and so funny!! really great readings straight to the point :)" ... written by jazzychic
thank you Hope for another fabulous reading, as always right on the money!!! I love you and am so happy we got to take today...I feel so much better now :)" ... written by gemmie
5 stars...spot on" ... written by Focusing
concise, good, and accurate! on point highly recommend." ... written by sd
I highly recommend her! She is very accurate, has a great sense of humor, and connects fast. " ... written by R
I've missed Hope it was great talking to her again. She talks fast and I get a lot of information about each question. Thank you!" ... written by Beth
very good and to the point" ... written by rebecca
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Amazing reading, thank you so much for all your advice and insight, Il be back with updates. xx" ... written by cb1987
Was very good, she knew before i even Answered, will chat again!" ... written by Godsson4
brilliant, sees right through the fog and mist, wow, mind blowing!!!! beyond-rating system reader!!!!" ... written by n.11
very good reader" ... written by joseph
Was a great reading and made a lot of sense to me. " ... written by Ray
great as always, always spot on" ... written by dora
appeared to be spot on... just have to wait " ... written by real love