Psychic INTHECARDShas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic INTHECARDShas recently helped 34members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about INTHECARDS's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Thank you for taking a moment to look over my profile. For over 50 years I have had the privilege of providing detailed accurate consults on complex concerns. The insights shared during a consult allow my clients to make life changing choices based on the truth of the situations at hand. Allow me to wish you Wisdom and light for the path ahead,

He enlightened me into things that couldn't be explained by anyone else on this site so far. Thank you. I'll be back!!!" ... written by Aphradize
What a wonderful man, so very helpful, many thanks and am keeping fingers and toes crossed. xx" ... written by BarbaA
I love the reading he gave, he is a warm, nice person, I love the energy he gave!" ... written by sexynikki
He is really awesome, the best card reader on Oranum. Gave me so much insight and was very accurate, thank you!!!" ... written by cammyboo
Great guy described things for me and has made me see things as they are,, i understand what he is saying thanku so much for your help :)" ... written by f999111
Brilliant reading truth was told. Thank you" ... written by GG71
Plz go to him:) 5 starssss!" ... written by Knepper620
Very helpful, and honest... Didn't sugarcoat anything, but was caring and gave great observational insight into my situation. I can only hope that he was right, but we will learn soon enough!" ... written by knightrunner
Wow what a great guy!" ... written by marsylyttle
Total sweetheart. Thanks Bill : )" ... written by lavenderlilly13
OMG..This guy is wonderful..thank you so much... " ... written by dreamer65
Inthecards was on point had a good reading thanks again for the advice." ... written by marybeth1love
Another great reading by Bill. He is on point and tells it as it is....I highly recommend him. 5 star" ... written by Mojana
I give bill a 5 star because he help me alot andamp;amp; i'm greatful for him" ... written by sexynikki
Words can't describe how great this man really is, I have had countless reading's and this one just blows most of them out of the water. He goes into such depth without you even having to tell him anything he is so blessed and talented. God bless, I shall be back for more readings soon!" ... written by PoojaSisodia
I don't give 5 stars in first readings. I start giving out 5 stars once I see predictions coming to pass. This was my first reading with Inthecards and it was great! It was packed full of sooo much information. He doesn't go beyond a 3 month time frame and in my situation is very limiting but the overall outcome of his predictions have been stated by many since last year. He answered every question I asked him without hesitation. He didn't sugarcoat his answers and he didn't change his predictions no matter how many scenarios I asked about! I look forward to his predictions coming true and I look forward to an update from Inthecards! He also follows up with you in free chat and clarifies things he stated in private without disclosing your personal business! Love it! I would recommend him! " ... written by kayeluv1
Very nice man, he told me the honest truth, you can go to him for everything :)))" ... written by Dphsgo93
He is really great, always right on point and soo helpful, thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
Very detailed ... good reading" ... written by mosh2012
Great knowledge of Tarot. Good reading and very nice man!" ... written by betsysue
Very nice and understanding man. Pegged what my boyfriend is going through very well, I think." ... written by Jules213
Great reading, Bill is great to talk and i hope that all he predicts happens in the coming months. will come back for update your readings ! xoxox Nadouce " ... written by nadouce
Great..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
He is really nice and guide me through all my problem... Thanks u" ... written by azeemabbas
Love this guyy!" ... written by Knepper620
Thank you so much are the best! =)" ... written by Antranae1
Very honest with his reading. Told me things I expected, and some I didn't expect! Will look forward to reading with him again to see how things progress. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I love bill so much. I will always give him 5stars because he have help me a lot." ... written by sexynikki
He was him" ... written by nicey40
Very nice" ... written by tblackstock
Bill will always get 5stares from me" ... written by sexynikki
Very insightful connected with the situation quickly " ... written by illwoodz21780moo
Excellent, I love Billy. He is great at explaining things and he also was a pleasure to talk to. I feel much better now and hopeful for the future." ... written by JessicaLoves
Bill has given me great insights for the near future." ... written by rooster051
Fantastic!!!!! Love bill!!! He is awesome! " ... written by shell456
Great honest reading !!!!!! Quick and accurate." ... written by tgilliam
Wonderful reading! Hope everything happens!" ... written by warriorprincess8
I give him 5stars like always, I love the way Bill helps me, he is real, I love him for that, I'm glad I have someone I can trust..." ... written by sexynikki
Fantastic" ... written by BeeYourself7786
He gave it to me straight, he says stay away from M, cuz he is just going crazy , unstable, and a loose canon, cant be trusted as well, and secret comes out, that is so interesting.. and he is waiting for this other person to get the visa.. bottom line , he is waiting.. but he will have to make a choice later on. thanks so much, you are a good soul. carry on.." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Very good thanks x" ... written by joboluvz73
Bill is a wonderful person helps you a lot to understand why things are happening he is just wonderful," ... written by delilah10
Right on the money, hit every mark" ... written by 12aqua
Splendid!" ... written by BeeYourself7786
Great reading! Great guy! Fun and truthful!" ... written by betsysue
Wow. Gave me a lot of insight and will be seeing me again soon. Enjoyed the reading and well recommended. " ... written by psychicllinden
Wow! He is so clear with all the explanation. He is right and on point with all the things I ask. " ... written by essence_11
He was funny and poke straight forward." ... written by kia2002
Bill was great and let my spirit feel at peace. The plan has been laid out for me. I know now what path I will be travelling." ... written by rooster051
Bill is great!!! he gave me confirmation in my situation and i just look forward to what the universe have in store for me... " ... written by msdowatiwant
Great, reading fun, honest, clear to understand, a lot of bonding with him, it was awesome...very highly recommended. I will definitely come back to him within weeks...gotta love him..." ... written by janette1234
Bill was great, understanding and laid it all out for me. i feel like ive made a friend :) great caring man! very trustworthy. genuine and kind! thank you bill." ... written by Phoenixfire24
Really calm and takes the time to expelling the situation, passed the yes no maybe answer, and actually looks all around the situation. Thanks!" ... written by allerena
Really insightful. He'll sit and explain everything to you, all lies aside. " ... written by bkcapricorn
Detailed reading and he picked up on something that there is no way he could have known and he had not asked me a question about this incident. So pretty amazing!" ... written by cocococo4
Very very good reading, very informative and was just what I expected to hear. Bill just gave me confirmation of what I already knew. Thanks, Bill :))))" ... written by cassie52
He is amazing. I love his readings and very straight forward. Try him he is a must..." ... written by psychicllinden
He was able to let me know the underlying reasons for my situation. " ... written by kia2002
Another great read from Bill... Excellent. Five stars" ... written by Mojana
Bill was WONDERFUL!!!!! He is very straightforward and compassionate at the same time!! I will def be back to speak with him in 30 days! Thanks again, Bill!" ... written by jenniebella83
Bill did exactly what he said he'd do. Give a full reading in the allotted time. I went away armed with enough information to have an idea of where my relationship is going. I'll be back! " ... written by alibob
Great read!" ... written by alizaroncrimson
He is the greatest. Try him out..." ... written by psychicllinden
5star love his energy wonderful words...on point real, I love him for that thanks bill!" ... written by sexynikki
Amazingly good! Bill is so good when it comes to the cards and explaining them! I Enjoyed my reading and its so authentic!!! Try him, you will not waste your time or MONEY!!" ... written by msnikki20
Great guy, such good energy. Really knows his stuff!" ... written by betsysue
Always a pleasure!!! Thanks, Bill!" ... written by jenniebella83
Thank God, this reading was very accurate, I never told him my situation, and it all came out. He was positive and did not judge me. He is open minded and smart. Thank you. I will be back." ... written by swhope999
The reading was wonderful. Everything was right on target." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Always a please...Bill gives me hope and doesn't sugar coat anything!!!" ... written by jenniebella83
Thank you so much for all your clarity bill! It was a pleasure! I will definitely be back for another follow up!" ... written by nena_2012
HONEST AND JUST GREAT!" ... written by itryoften20
Very insightful. I really enjoyed the reading. Will be back. " ... written by diva78
This was awesome. I will be back.. " ... written by Sunshine10601
Very thorough and great reading. Very honest. But he gave me hope. I'm excited and ill update in a few weeks. Thanks" ... written by empress30
He will always get a 5 with me..." ... written by sexynikki
Just a pleasure to have a reading from. Explained things very well and was very detailed. Will be reading with him more and more often..." ... written by jmatthews19
Wonderful as always!" ... written by shell456
Boosted my confidence and saw great things for my future " ... written by bryanmue515
Very accurate and brilliant :) " ... written by kirsty23
He was honest and I will return. Thank you very much" ... written by julznycles
A really lax reader. He'll tell you what you need to know if you give him the time to. " ... written by bkcapricorn
Always very informative I would tell my friends about him." ... written by 12aqua
Wonderful reader. Very detailed and remembers past readings. A pleasure to have a reading with!!" ... written by jmatthews19
Always a positive!" ... written by betsysue
He is just so full of good." ... written by coyoteroper
Woow is all i can say 10+ thank u so much x" ... written by sweetypie37
I like him, he knew what he was doing." ... written by Bowyer123
Give him a 5 always he like a friend that new me wow i love his reading " ... written by sexynikki
Thanks for the update bill! always a pleasure" ... written by bella
Excellent reading. Definitely the best that I have had on here. I highly recommend this reader." ... written by bopper76
Great in-depth reading, he tells you what he sees good or bad, will be back." ... written by Bon91324
He is so insightful, don't pass up the chance" ... written by coyoteroper
You wow me!!" ... written by Bernadette724
Good" ... written by dd41783
He does a great reading, tells you what he sees, not what you want to hear. Will be back!" ... written by Bon91324
Awesome awesome." ... written by Agapelove7
Very detailed personal reading, great communication, very honest, knows his cards very well. Thank you." ... written by butterfly1000
Always great reading with Bill. He is up front and honest and does not judge or try to influence decisions." ... written by betsysue
He provided wonderful insight. Real honest in everything he said. I enjoyed his chat and his time. Great high energy! " ... written by tbrooke2012
Good reading. Very helpful on the topic :)" ... written by leobrie
Excellent reading." ... written by bopper76
Very honest if u do not take critisim well he is not for u... if u want the truth I reccomend him!... Great reading." ... written by LilLadyBug
Always good to talk with him. He always tells the truth!" ... written by betsysue
Once Again, Gave me some good insight! Will be back to see if predictions came true." ... written by itryoften20
Ohh Bill, I always enjoy talking to him! His energy is fantastic! Honestly you can be in like a complete crap mood and just his presence can lift you up. I've had two readings with Bill already and haven't been disappointed, he is very detailed in his readings which I like and if you need any clarification he's more than willing to help clear up anything you don't understand fully. I would recommend Bill to anyone :) " ... written by cicilyw
He did an amazing job, and thoroughly explains everything." ... written by tryagain102484
The first part of his prediction came true, which was something I didn't want to hear or accept, but now I'm ready for the second part to come true!!!!" ... written by itryoften20
Always good readings!" ... written by betsysue
Great help." ... written by naz186
BIll Is the man to use. He is candid and very knowledgeable on personal information that was not provided. He pinpointed my exacts. Thank you soooo much!" ... written by 4Shar1
Bill is great always a delight" ... written by betsysue
I just love Bill. His personality is honest and sincere. He's very headstrong. If you don't mind real talk, then Bill is your man. No Nonsense! but very caring for ones emotional status. He will not throw you to the wolves.. He has a lot of Love to give and it's a blessing to encounter with him. " ... written by Sunshine10601
I enjoyed the reading, very insightful. He confirmed things that I suspected and gave my pointers on how to handle the situation. It'll be hard but patience is da key,, thanks." ... written by Phasion1
Clear and comprehensive. Would reccomend :)" ... written by beth172
He is soooo great, def give him a try, very detailed and on point!" ... written by cammyboo
Very good reading and insigtful.. Nice guy." ... written by baxter51865186
Great reading" ... written by maynardtony
Friendly guy, awesome, lets see...Bill I will be back to let you know how it pans out … Awesome connection thank you x" ... written by Isislily
I do believe in him." ... written by cupcake1117
The best yet!!!!!" ... written by vatoga
Was very pleasent to talk to and easy to let everything on table." ... written by chapara5480
Bill was right on bput my life and what has been going on. I am hopeful, Clear answers no sugar coating" ... written by slkyslky
Very thorough in explanations, and has a positive outlook. " ... written by Starliteny
Bill is awesome! Needed a few more things clarified! He is so truthful and a great person to rely on for truthful answers! Thanks a lot, Bill! I can always count on you!" ... written by Benny
Bill, you're truly an amazing man! I love you to pieces! You're always cracking me up and making me die laughing!!! You always have such a positive attitude and it is amazing! I'll never forget you because you're so funny and so truthful! I met you last week and you and I became like best friends! I see love within your soul and heart... We had an amazing consult and it impressed me... You clairified everything I knew... THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ME AND OTHER MEMBERS!!! " ... written by Benny
The reading was wonderful like always. i love how bill does not sugarcoat anything." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Thank You so much for spending the time w me and letting me know what is coming my way. I really appreciate the insights and the direction I was given into making my relationship better. I will surely come back. Completely worth it." ... written by bananawaffles
Wonderful like always. i love getting readings with bill" ... written by jerzeyfinest08
He is the best, truthful and fun!" ... written by betsysue
Great." ... written by jassy2717
Wonderful. I love getting reading from bill. Such a sweetheart and down to earth guy." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Wonderful" ... written by jerzeyfinest08
He is just the greatest - so honest and positive " ... written by coyoteroper
Wonderful like always" ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Bill give me a phenomenal reading! He was completely honest and didn't sugar coat the future of my situation. If you've been dumped and still love the person, you absolutely NEED to speak with Bill in private! :)" ... written by daniii43
Very funny, I enjoyed my reading very much. Does not judge or sugar coat, which is important in my situation. Looking forward to his predictions. " ... written by dalilahflores
Great reading, I highly recommend him!!! " ... written by lmdolfde
Straight talking positive advice. Tells it like it is. No pressure to have private chat and he doesn't judge." ... written by oiseau67
Very good readings, would recommend." ... written by baxter51865186
Absolutle awesome!!!!" ... written by jmillerrn
It was a great reading even though it was cut a bit short. He was very honest and to the point. I would recommend him." ... written by BellaDecadance
Great insight and always fun to talk with bill." ... written by betsysue
He is just plain awesome!!!!!" ... written by jmillerrn
He is so cool. I love my reading and I can't wait to have another reading with him. On point reader." ... written by angelic3wings
So much advice! It was great!!" ... written by anonymous
He's on target. Always tells it like it is and no sugarcoating done. He's awesome :)" ... written by rufriderlu
Gave me a lot of info that I was looking for." ... written by bekahb01
Another wonderful reading! Thank you, Bill!" ... written by daniii43
OMG ! THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION IS AMAZING !! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Great reading" ... written by betsysue
Great was straight to the point :) " ... written by tamaradawn
Excellent reading!! Thank you!!!" ... written by buffymonet17
Bill provided a very detaied card reading." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very insightful and a lot of details. Gave me a lot to think about! What great energy!" ... written by newaries2012
Lovely guy - thoughtful,honest and detailed. Thank you x" ... written by Bella100
Bill was super duper awesome he answered my question so throughly i will always come to him when it comes to my relationship issues never go anywhere. It was so worth it!!!!! Thanks a bunch bill." ... written by Agapelove7
Feel soo much better thanks again bill :)" ... written by mikki153
Very good." ... written by StacyR
On key with everything,very intune with wat uu feel and evrything elsee. Love him!" ... written by luckky
He was awesome! I told him about my relationship and he was quick to tell me to move on personally but the cards said otherwise n he was honest...very fair! his reading is unbiased" ... written by Godislove1985
This man... what can I say.... Im in dreary rainy England, in turmoil, and I happen to come across this guy. " ... written by MiniMoo
Good understanding of my situation and good follow-up.great advice explains everything clearly, Fantastic reading!" ... written by oiseau67
Hilarious, accurate, and detailed! He has such good energy! " ... written by daydreamer246
Very helpful" ... written by Breytac
Great reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
He was wonderful. I always feel so good after a reading with him." ... written by PMitchell
Best person ever, hes so good. Its scary." ... written by JaxLuzYou
Awesome." ... written by TheSadHermit
Wonderful reading... Sorry I didn't have more time!! " ... written by kalibrneyes
Always a good reading." ... written by betsysue
Amazing reading, told me absolutely everything i need to know. thank you soo much bill love you x" ... written by mikki153
Very nice person to talk to and vereerrryyy good reading." ... written by Dphsgo93
Great as always." ... written by bb
Very informative, I wish I had more time... " ... written by Loverspray
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by tammie1974
Very nice and on point, will be back!" ... written by chocoprincess
Another wonderful reading! Thank you, Bill!" ... written by daniii43
Thanks so much for your guidance. You revealed the train wreck before it actually took place. Unfortunately, I did not get away unscathed, but it was good to have a heads up. " ... written by GordonsOnlyGirl
He was amazing! he really understood everything and he described things that are happening that really does sound like my life!!!" ... written by oroselivia
Right to the point and very helpful. I recommend him." ... written by theodorab
You are the best Bill " ... written by bums2222
Thanks Bill!" ... written by Antranae1
What can I say? He's simply the best reader and so helpful!" ... written by bums2222
Love him he is a great guy love the reading." ... written by aundreya25
He is real good" ... written by lmadonna1
He was very much on point as to what was going on with my relationship. Very patient and explain everything in perfect detail. 5 star reader. I will return again. Thank you very much. " ... written by patricia47
You gave me so much hope for what my gut is telling me...thank you so much...even though I am confused about the reasons, your reading helped me to understand... Thank you." ... written by winterfmd35
VERY GOOD!" ... written by Ruchipatel
Outstanding expert he is so patient in explaining everything that he sees in my readings..Not everyone has will do that for you. I am so grateful to speak with you Bill.. You are indeed a gifted one. Thank you." ... written by home888
Such a nice (and funny) person to talk to, good deep look at the situation. Thank you." ... written by karolinkush
Good reading." ... written by shaz77
Great! Very informative!" ... written by Hzleyes
So much fun and accurate!" ... written by theodorab
Love Bill, he is so good at what he does, no candy coat, tells you what the cards say, but good advise as well." ... written by Bon91324
He's brillant best laugh I've had in ages thanks so much u made my day!" ... written by bums2222
Always a good experience when having a reading with Bill. So truthful and straight with the cards!" ... written by betsysue
Inthecards is very real and honest. had a great reading." ... written by blessed59
Always spot on and consistent! " ... written by delighted2
Hes very accurate and I would use him again." ... written by theodorab
Very detailed and honest." ... written by theodorab
Wow, very very personable and completely accurate.... he makes you understand what hes reading and its all right there in the cardss" ... written by me_myself_i
Awesome Brotha thanks for the help and Advice!!! You were straight on to my situation, Enjoyed talking to you!!! will keep in touch. " ... written by Rudi33
The reading was very helpful. I needed that very much and it helped. " ... written by angelic2hearts
Another brilllant reading! Really great guy, makes you really relaxed and spot on with his reading. Thanks bill." ... written by bums2222
He was insighltful and knew well what i felt i needed some advice to feel ok inside again and he let me feel reassured that i was making choices and how to make them well in the future too" ... written by SILLYSALLY
Gosh I love him.... He is straight and tell you his true honesty. Great reader." ... written by moosuga
Like talking to a friend. He was such a great reader, with such great advice, so knowledgeable and smart. Thank you so much Bill, I will be back!" ... written by Mollie
Bill was kind, helpful and insightful...." ... written by aquarius49
Good details, clarity, accurate about present and past, good advice for future." ... written by NH12
Pretty awesome! keeps me laughing :) try him out!!" ... written by lovebugshay
So easy to talk to, great advise, easy going, insightful, knows what hes talking about, great reader, i could go on and on, thank you bill!" ... written by mollie
Always tells you the truth, no candy coating. Good read as always." ... written by bb
He was absolutely amazing! thank you!!" ... written by aundreya25
HELPED ALOT" ... written by temprest09
Bill is lovely, kind and so helpful....definitely get a reading! " ... written by aquarius49
Very good detail reading!!!" ... written by Sherroll08
Always a pleasure having a reading by Bill. He is very good at what he does." ... written by BB
More predictions came true again! He's great, thanks Bill you know ill keep you updated, we're on a mission!" ... written by mollie
Love him to read my cards. He is so passionate reading , you can't help but be totally taken with every word. " ... written by Tremendousbliss
Loved my reading!!! Thank you so much for everything. Bill you are the best and you will hear from me again. I will keep you posted on my mission. :0) I will be back to get a reading from you. " ... written by Happy74
Very good tarot reading. He was spot on with the situation! Highly recommended." ... written by amnarashid
Bill is kind, very helpful and insightful..." ... written by aquarius49
Great and honest reading. Thank you so much." ... written by delighted2
Amazing reading!!! Thank you so much for the guidance!" ... written by dladie42
Bill is the best I have met yet. He is honest and does not lie. I have utilized his services many times and he has NOT been wrong yet. I suggest you speak with him to find out what may be waiting for you. He is truly gifted. Thank you Bill for you direction and honesty even when I didn't want to hear how right you could be. " ... written by vatoga77
As always, Bill is awesome and funny too. I love bill. He has been my favorite for a long time." ... written by Sunshine10601
Awesome first reading! Can't wait to see if his predictions are correct!" ... written by lifetime1974
Grea Session!" ... written by darlinhun
Wow, this was a very detailed reading he is great. thank you!" ... written by kman123
Thanks bill! You are freaking detailed! =)) Thanks again! Awesome!" ... written by kingpi
Wonderful !!!!!! What else can I say?" ... written by Tremendousbliss
Very good reading." ... written by bopper76
I will be back!!! lol amazing!!" ... written by angie8604
Amazing!!!! Nothing else but amazing!!!!!" ... written by angie8604
Great reading! He never lets me down! Thanks." ... written by aundreya25
Great reading loved it." ... written by aundreya25
Bill was great told me what he really saw not what I wanted to hear. I appreciate the honesty the guidance. Very kind, thank you!" ... written by deborahhhr
Thanks for the update Bill! =)" ... written by kingpi
Bill is lovely, kind, helpful and insightful. " ... written by aquarius49
Amazing!!! Everything is how he said!!" ... written by angie8604
Excellent reading. Tuned into my situation perfectly and gave good advice and guidance. Very detailed response. Def 5 stars!" ... written by NICOLA112
You are right on point. You gave me very good info and I know you know brooklyn. What you were talking about with my situation. Thank you for everything. I felt like this was what was happin', but need some insight on what was really going on in my life. I am truly happy with my reading. "very good". I will definitely come back." ... written by patricia47
Thanks for the update." ... written by shaz77
Always good with this reader, so clear and wise!" ... written by betsysue
Bill is great AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! He's one of my favorites.. " ... written by Sunshine10601
I so love his readings with me. He is so real and understands what I babble about. Lol. Awsome reader and I will continue to return." ... written by mummycrtr
On point!" ... written by Sunshine10601
Bill is honest, kind and insightful... Definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Another great reading! Thank you Bill." ... written by lifetime1974
Very good. Helped me a lot. Very positive." ... written by jamira76
Very interesting! I truly enjoyed my consult, you made it fun. I will be returning! Thank you much." ... written by SumMo14
Very good!" ... written by Sherroll08
Great tarot reader, very skilled and wonderful delivery." ... written by sunangel69
He made me feel really comfortable and was straight forward and honest and right on about so much. Will definitely be adding him to my favs. " ... written by Juderox
I feel so inspired by my reading. I'm looking forward to moving ahead. I was very satisfied and I highly recommend!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Bill is very kind and helpful, and thorough...definitely get a private reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Love him!!!" ... written by blueyegurl
He was marvelous as usual!" ... written by dladie42
Thank you." ... written by Lovely
He was very, very detailed and honest; he will give you his best advice. I had a fantastic reading with you, thanks so much! I will return." ... written by RuinofDarkness
This man is really! Good! Hands down lol, made me laugh, lift up my spirits a lot!" ... written by luckycharms312
He is aweeeesoommmmeee!! and totally consistent!" ... written by delighted2
Always to the point and accurate!" ... written by theodorab
Always the best!" ... written by Antranae1
It was great just got cut short, thank you!" ... written by aundreya25
Great reading! :-)" ... written by angie8604
THERE ARE NO WORDS I CAN USE TO EXPLAIN THE READING I JUST RECEIVED!! Sorry, I know caps are ANNOYING, I was one of those people, hell, I AM one of those people who kust skip over caps when I see them in a comment, but I never felt so AMAZED by ones work. He gave me as much as he could for the short time we talked before I went broke. lol. HE IS AMAZING . I WISH i went to him first, I found him bny accident and never left, he is now my ONLY FAVORITE. He let me hear the things I NEEDED to hear, so much I'm sweating nervously, (or maybe i just got super hot) But its crazy THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! I will be coming back. He made me feel like home. Like, I was asking an uncle for advice, if you want a sugar coating, this is not the guy for you. He WILL tell you straight up , and thats EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I ran out of time when he was almost done but I will be coming back so I can finish the rest of my meeting. He made me feel comfortable in the free chat then when i was ready I went to private and I felt like I've known him for a while I wasnt nervous or anything . well at first, but then I got used to it,. he made me laugh, smile, and I was just AMAZED by his skills. THANK YOU ONCE MORE FOR THE READING :D " ... written by BlackTea808
It really takes time to understand. Nice one!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
I think this was one of the best that I had today. Thanks, Inthecards for clarifying my situation and making it clearer." ... written by angelic2hearts
Fast reader!" ... written by Sherroll08
Very detailed. Excellent reading." ... written by angelszone
I love talking to Bill. He is so easy to talk to and really understands. " ... written by Juderox
Good read!" ... written by Sherroll08
Bill is kind, insightful and helpful..." ... written by aquarius49
Thanks for the reading it was very great and the most you said was right. So sorry for leaving Bill. I will be back very soon to get update." ... written by ginlin
Bill is truly awesome. He's been spot on! Totally consistent and definitely accurate. Definitely worth it." ... written by delighted2
Very good advice!" ... written by vasanta
He read emotions correctly.... and gave valid suggestion" ... written by shona29
Oh my what a fantastic reading. I'm blown away. I will surely be back he is so accurate, unbelievable." ... written by Lorann23
He was great and I really enjoyed talking to him." ... written by mabel1952
Thanks you so much, very honest and straight to the point. I will be back." ... written by carmela01
Good, thank u!" ... written by Princesskelly198
Super!" ... written by gstephen
Awesome! Always consistent, and fantastic accuracy." ... written by delighted2
Thanks You so much. was very helpful and clear. will be coming back." ... written by carmela01
Very very comfortable and relaxed reading. Details, accuracy. " ... written by susanna12345
Great detailed reading, left me feeling reassured and comforted that I can move forward :) Thanks Bill I will be back x" ... written by Strawberryblues
Bill's amazing! :)" ... written by yangel1
Awesome reading, very accurate and helpful!" ... written by ikroyal
Good reader. Very detailed. Will come back again!" ... written by jackie2728
He is always so great, gives a lot of details and makes you feel better. Please give him a try, and you won't be disappointed, thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
Interesting reader. Honest, informative, very witty. " ... written by LeoTheLion99
He did really great! Very engaging, detailed, and in depth. I would definitely have another reading with him as well as, suggest him to others. " ... written by QueenEmpress
Amazing, best reading i have had in a long time!! i read card for people but have a hard time with my own he hit so many thing with such precision. I feel 100% more confirmed that what im doing and feeling is all worth it!!!" ... written by dolphin401
Great reading. We will finish up in a couple of days! :)" ... written by daniii43
He is the truth!!" ... written by Seeking_Truth
Accurate readings." ... written by KALEOOOO
Love talking to Bill, he is so insightful and gives the best advice. It's like talking to an old friend. " ... written by Juderrox
Good reading... " ... written by jackie2728
Lots of fun!!!" ... written by Sherroll08
Amazingly accurate " ... written by mkjay28
Awesome!" ... written by delighted2
Always amazing!!!!" ... written by Agapelove7
The best in here... Very suave and professional." ... written by gstephen
I love bill he is so accurate, he cares about you he is always there to help and guide you." ... written by Agapelove7
I just love him.... He is so honest and tells you the truth." ... written by Bon91324
Yet again a good reading!" ... written by betsysue
Good :)" ... written by w00mph
Like talking to a trusted friend. Always makes me feel better" ... written by darlinhun
Supportive and helpful as always.....Thanks Bill" ... written by telcotek
Very good reading as always!" ... written by cassie52
Great advise, accurate!" ... written by jjbunny0
I am so so grateful for Bill, he rocks!!!" ... written by Agapelove7
Spot on as usual." ... written by Breytac
Good reading!" ... written by jackie2728
Very good." ... written by iluvall
Bill is awesome and totally honest, he is a genuine, caring guy. You want the truth, then Bill is your guy!! I will be back for updates. Thank you Bill!" ... written by marion
Well he was on point ,a good reading, was very descriptive with the cards and I understood where he was coming from. Will return for updates." ... written by sunshinec
Good read. Factual based. I can confirm everything he told me. I have no doubts in his ability." ... written by ljeffer
Bill is the best! he can pick up on the energy of the situation and help sort it out. Nothing but the truth from him at every reading" ... written by betsysue
Thanks Bill for your update! " ... written by kingpi
Bill was an excellent reader and made sure he had a proper connection with you before he started the full reading. He was really nice in the free chat about making sure his free chat friends knew he was going into a session and inviting them back to be in his room. Our session lasted a while but I think mostly cause I was enjoying his conversation with me and his advice as a person with experience in particular aspects of my situation. I really enjoyed it and would recommend him again. Thank you Bill" ... written by MistressArya
So he's the real deal. been talking to him for 7years. I had and issue for about a year that I consulted him about, he kept telling me "he's coming back trust me", after almost a year and a lot of patience VOILA!! he reappears =) will keep you updated Bill *****5 stars" ... written by Antranae1
Yet again Bill leads me down the right path!" ... written by telcotek
Excellent work Bill. Right on again!" ... written by telcotek
Bill is a good friend who is always honest and sincere Love talking to him" ... written by darlinhun
Thank you...your help means the world to me. I know what to expect but i know more now how to get past it and turn things to be better for me." ... written by kalibrneyes
Bill is always in the know and remembers me. Very helpful." ... written by telcotek
He did good. I just didnt have a lot of time." ... written by Cjoslinhayes31
It's a great reading! Thanks!" ... written by rainbows8
Good reading... lovely man." ... written by Jade199
Awesome, so glad I had this reading. I am looking forward to the next time. I wish the time didn't run out, cause I could have spent a lot more time talking to Bill." ... written by hewla11
Wow! All I can say is Wow! I was a little anxious about what he was going to say at first but got a big surprise in the end. Bill keeps it real and honest and I would recommend him 1000000% every time! Thanks Bill! =) I'll definitely be back!!!" ... written by Krisluv91
Excellent. You have to see it to believe it. This man keeps it 100 and does not hold anything back" ... written by vonjay1990
I love my readings with him. He is so in tune with me and my situation and helps me understand the man I love as well. I will return for many many more readings!" ... written by mummycrtr
Very kind and considerate. I wish he had better news for me." ... written by katie46
He knew a lot! :) Thanks!" ... written by imapeach3
Bill, hit 100% on about everything that was going on in my relationship. Even told me more than I thought he would know. Very honest and I felt comfortable with him. Wish I had more time to talk to him. " ... written by EmiCRy74
LOVE HIM!!!!!!!" ... written by jennydemarrey
Excellent!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Honest and kind. Thank you." ... written by katie46
Accurate, perfect." ... written by nalita18
Thanks Bill... Appreciate your work! Thanks!" ... written by kingpi
Sad but true... I hope it all works out like he says!" ... written by telcotek
Very perfect and accurate. Spot on and a good friend." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Excellent read... To the point of just what happened in my life. I can't wait to see if what he said will happen in the future." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Compassionate accurate and definitely helpful!" ... written by Tinkz219
He's great!" ... written by mercuryo
Thank you for such a detailed reading and explaining everything so well and giving me the encouragement for this relationship. Great reading with you." ... written by amethyst13
Good reading Bill thanks!" ... written by sisboyd1
He is very good..He is guiding me in the right direction..Im go glad I found Bill on this site..." ... written by preciouslove1
This man is so accurate that he gave me the same reading 3 times in a row... At 3 different times!" ... written by gstephen
He is straight up and honest . My first private here I enjoyed him ." ... written by sierra1988
He was entertaining but more importantly HONEST!! He gave me an accurate description of my boyfriend and ex-bf personality. I'm confident everything he told me will come to pass." ... written by Nina_Lovely
Always fun and good!" ... written by Sherroll08
Given the clarity I've been seeking all week in just a few minutes time." ... written by Brandy330
Thank You!" ... written by sunangel69
He is awesome" ... written by sparkfactor77
WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Cool reading!" ... written by Neurath
Lovely man, very relaxing to talk to and he is very intuitive!" ... written by ReshmiMM
He is very accurate on details, and has been a great help, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
A very exceptional person. " ... written by maroon70
Bill is awesome!!!" ... written by Agapelove7
Marvelous!! Great Read! Honest and understanding!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very good, would recommend him. Detailed reading!" ... written by cowgirlcb
Great reading. Pretty much hit every nail right on the head. I will be back." ... written by ImJustMe80
Bill was wonderful!!!! His reading was very insightful! I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
He takes his time. He is thorough. He does his best to share with you the whole picture." ... written by Happy1212
Bill is awesome. Everything he said made perfect sense." ... written by lonelygal
Awesome and funny at the same time!! " ... written by SumMo14
Excellent reading I must say!" ... written by droopi
I have never had a reading more accurate and more real than Bill's reading! He definitely doesn't sugarcoat, and he is fully accurate, precise, and on point... if you're looking for a fairytale, try someone else... Bill is REAL!!! Thank you Bill!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
Good :-)" ... written by economics123
Much better consult thanks for everything, I love you Bill!" ... written by aundreya25
I really enjoyed this reading. Bill was very patient and understanding. I look forward to another reading." ... written by Mechele706
I love the readings that i receive from him he makes me at ease and always lets me know good or bad what he does see so i am ready.... lol. love ya! " ... written by mummycrtr
Bill is wonderful. He advised me on two different love interests. He is very easy to understand and talk to. He breaks his reading down in a way for a person unfamiliar to tarot, to easily comprehend. He created a timeline for the person I am most interested in so that we can keep track of our progress. I thought that was awesome!!! I didn't feel like "just another customer" with Bill. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking advice and clarity on a confusing relationship. I will definitely be keeping Bill as my adviser and be back in the near future. I look forward to keeping him updated on progress with my guy friend, and get his expertise in return!! Thanks Bill!!" ... written by CancerMoon1234
Very accurate now waiting to see if it happens.. Bill always kind and goes the extra mile...!!! RECOMMEND!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Great!!!" ... written by Bquestions
The funniest reading I think I've ever had! But on another note one of the most accurate, he truly is a master tarot reader and picks up on the true situation!" ... written by damian
Always good talking to bill. he is clear and helpful!" ... written by betsysue
Very easy to talk to...Great advice." ... written by brownsugababi
AWESOME! Knew exactly what was going on in my situation. Mixed no words, very honest as usual. " ... written by Triciawondrs74
Thanks Bill for ur reading!" ... written by kingpi
Bill was great and highly recommended." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Love the reading ." ... written by dellamalee
He was wonderful, thanks Bill for your help." ... written by aundreya25
Very good!" ... written by Joa
As always sees it like it happened" ... written by Telcotek
Always on point!" ... written by Agapelove7
Love Bill... He is always right on and his readings are so correct!!!!" ... written by Bon91324
he was great and loved his explanation." ... written by tildyluv
Bill is GREAT! His warmth comes right through. Accurate and caring. Can't wait to talk to him again soon!" ... written by abbygurl
Very good reader!!!" ... written by Sherroll08
Bill is lovely." ... written by ReshmiMM
AWESOMENESS!!!!!" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Bill hit the nail on the head again. Regarding all things. Predicted some things for the future.. I know will happen. He is very honest... !" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Absolutely love Bill!" ... written by Sara
Loved it!" ... written by Bridgette1987
Great reading, bluntly honest but accurate and caring." ... written by edysica
Very interesting he's got a great style sees lots of things" ... written by lawnmaintenance
Accurate! Straight to the point. Funny and down to earth. He's the man!" ... written by nikkiha123
Always an accurate reading!" ... written by Nina_Lovely
I love he is on point with everything.." ... written by preciouslove1
Love Bill!..." ... written by Bon91324
INTHECARDS is very insightful, and professional. I admire him!" ... written by gaston165
INTHECARDS is accurate and honest." ... written by gaston165
He was great! straight up to the point. All about relationships. I'm adding him to my favorites.." ... written by souxie
Amaaaazing reading with great insight! Thanks again!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great!! hes good. Very accurate. Feels a lot." ... written by jamira76
Meticulous reading. Excellent details and great energy. Thank you, Bill! " ... written by LeslieKay
He gave me a tarot reading last year and it was so accurate. I love my consulations with him because he is so honest and knows exactly what he's talking about. Love him! Thanks again!" ... written by Trista
Bill was great, his honesty was truly commendable. I will chat again soon. Thanks Again!!" ... written by Shelly
Bill's readings are so spot on and so much detailed, I have had a few readings with him and they are always correct and true. Love him!" ... written by Bon91324
Hi Bill... Thanks for the wonderful insight... And for patiently repeating your words due to the very bad signal. Great session with you!! Too bad the signal was very bad at the last minutes and I couldn't hear anything. Anyway, it was really a pleasure talking to you :) " ... written by cobayangini
Awesome counsel!" ... written by Bquestions
In depth, and on point!" ... written by Stephaniemc22
I really enjoyed the reading, and found it very useful. He's cute as button to boot." ... written by AceOfCupss
Excellent! So on point! I love him!" ... written by SA
Always an uplifting experience and spot on." ... written by coyoteroper
Bill always has the answers!!! One of the very best!!!" ... written by T
Thought he was good, answered my question :)" ... written by Jaime
Ok! Got it Bill!" ... written by phoenixrisen
I love Bill's reading, he is direct and too the point, no sugar coating, he is the real deal" ... written by BonBon
Always such a blessing to get to talk to bill! He's always honest and straight to the point, no sugar coating! He's full of love, he's an amazing friend and advisor. Love you bill and thank you always for everything!" ... written by Seer
INTHECARDS is a cool man and he is right ON with his readings. I feel validated! " ... written by lauraa
Back on the straight andamp; narrow, keeps my eyes on the prize andamp; not distracted by nonsense leading me off course. Thanks for the clarity as always Bill, keep up the great workandamp; know you're deeply loved andamp; appreciated!" ... written by Brandy330
ONE OF THE BEST ON ORANUM!" ... written by Nixx
An interesting experience. Definitely a good point of reference to evaluate a situation." ... written by Alneverus
He is really good, I enjoyed it." ... written by lina
Very amazing reading and accurate creepily accurate SO GOOD." ... written by alexs
Wow!!! Very precise reading!!!!!!!" ... written by termo
Awesome!!" ... written by Bquestions
It was wonderful, he was spot on with everything, and was very patient and understanding in asking probing questions based on the cards for a better understanding. I will come back for another reading for sure." ... written by KARENDA
Thank you so much! Loved the play by play. It is nice to know what to prepare for and get some perspective. Thanks for sharing your time with me. See you again!" ... written by Rachel
Wow! I love his energy and he did pick up on the subject! Thank you really! You should give him a chance! You will feel the love!" ... written by naakigoshe
Another great reading, the look into the dark areas being kept secret are just what I needed to prepare for what's next to come. " ... written by Brandy330
Update, Bill knew exactly what was going on. No questions needed o be asked. Very personal and honest.." ... written by TriciaWondrs74
Bill gave me deeper insight to an ongoing problem and as always it makes complete sense. Gives me a foundation to work from!" ... written by Telcotek
Bill is a very patient, empathetic man." ... written by Reshmi
Was a real good reading." ... written by dave
I love this guy!! Speechless..." ... written by summo
To the point, thorough, approachable, and funny." ... written by dd
Inthecard's hall was great and on point." ... written by feedup
Love Bill's readings, he is so on point and tells you the good and the bad and the ways to understand. Love him!" ... written by Bon
FINALLY caught this guy online! He's amazing :) He helps me get through rough times andamp; even though this time I talked to him I was actually A LOT better than I was last time, I went into a private reading just to catch up on what was going on. He's AMAZING, I not only get great advice, but I also made a friend :) " ... written by Cinnamon
Awesome!!! Great man!! Honest, accurate, sincere. And knows what he's talking about." ... written by jamira76
Great awesome, very positive and honest always like his readings." ... written by jamira76
Absolutely wonderful, as always, exactly what I needed at right time." ... written by Brandy330
Thank you so much, very detailed reading." ... written by tremo
Always what I need to keep my head on straight, thanks Bill for keeping me sane." ... written by Brandy
Bill gave me an excellent reading... He presented the good and the bad and told me what he saw. Thanks Bill!" ... written by Carrie
That was quick but thank you a lot for your insight." ... written by sdv
Amazing." ... written by lauren
I absolutely loved my reading with him. He is so funny, accurate and knowledgeable. A must call!" ... written by Lisa
Bill is so helpful and honest, very genuine and funny! Thanks so much!! Highly recommended for anyone looking for help, advice and clarity." ... written by Lauren
Absolutely Awesome! :) I will come back again!" ... written by Crissy
Bill is outstanding! He is very direct, understand, and will give you sound advice and insight!" ... written by Bequestions
Beautiful clarity once again!!!! Very straight to the point answering questions before I could even ask them! " ... written by Brandy
The best!" ... written by Simona
Bill is right on and a great insight and guide. Much appreciated!!!" ... written by Bill
brilliant! as always. x" ... written by delighted2
Was right on and tuned in and will consult again." ... written by Cynthia
Very detailed insightful reading! He's hilarious and def knows his stuff!! I'll be back for more!! " ... written by Lauren
Second reading... very thorough... good preediction I hope what Bill predicted comes to past!! " ... written by steph
Always a good reading, very spot on and detailed with the past, present and future, very much trusted!" ... written by Karenda
Soooo amazed. Don't know what to believe. Very accurate reading." ... written by reenu70
Very precise at his readings. Gave me all the information I needed to keep an eye on what needs to happen next. No bull, straight shooter. Kept me laughing as much as possible too! " ... written by Janet
SO FUNNY! I had such a blast in this reading. He was spot on and kept me laughing the whole time. " ... written by Erica
Wow! that one just hit me from way left field but SO glad Bill pitched it right at me no ifs ands or buts not what I want to hear but least I 'll be ready to face it. He cant make this stuff up, he's as real as they come." ... written by Brandy
Wow, had the most fantastic reading. Inthecards, is awesome, honest, and does not sugar coat at all. 5 stars" ... written by 6Borntobeme9
He keeps things real.. Honest answers, no sugar coating .." ... written by Olivia Black
Got my much needed progress report andamp; charted my course to avoid stumbling blocks revealed to me. Thankfully I can avoid falling off the path andamp; look forward to finally reaching my destination." ... written by Brandy
He was great, always honest." ... written by deborah
Bill was amazing he put a smile on my face, he has a wonderful gift and gives great advice...I feel like I've met a new friend...Many Blessings to u Bill." ... written by Lucy117
Very good! Hilarious and blunt!! Love him!!!" ... written by A
Always a pleasure. Concise and accurate and great advise. Do try" ... written by Moon
Love Bill always a great reading!" ... written by jackrman19
Third reading with Bill. He's great!! Really connects to the situation and provides you with updated information." ... written by Trista
Excellent, very down to earth, and on point, well worth the time" ... written by michellem1973
Great reading...I didn't tell him about things that were going on but he knew. " ... written by sheryl
Great as usual!! I look forward to the next time." ... written by SumMo
update reading... as usual very precise and detailed. thanks Bill! " ... written by steph
Told it like it is! Love it! Very accurate!" ... written by kelly1321
He is very insightful and inspiring, accurate and helpful in preparing me for upcoming events. Once again, Bill has paved the way for keeping my sanity." ... written by Brandy
Very Honest and very worth it. Entertaining and friendly. I had a great consult with a lot of info." ... written by Mojo
Thanks for showing me the truth and where things really stand " ... written by angela
Great reading as always! Thanks for your help and guidance. Love the honesty, it always keeps me coming back." ... written by Heather
I had an awesome consult with Bill! He doesn't only provide you with answers to your questions, but he gives you the detail of your situation's past, present, and the potential future! His predictions never fails to be accurate. Thanks, Bill!" ... written by bequestions
Brilliant as always! Thank you!" ... written by delighted2
Very accurate in the reading well worth a visit. I'll keep in touch over the next few months or so" ... written by lifeneedlove
Thanx so much " ... written by termo11
He's truly an amazing guy. This is my this consult with him. You wont be disappointed, I promise ." ... written by Cinnamon Tea
Very good read as always, very in tuned with the cards and my energy. He is worth the wait !!!!!" ... written by Karenda
Bill's readings always give me better insight into a situation. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very good, fantastic." ... written by davidtjl
amazing. so accurate and will use again." ... written by sunshinesmiles72
He is such a joy and with such accuracy. Thank you. Much blessings." ... written by Acissej
Fabulous once again, always on target" ... written by Karenda
WONDERFUL and FUN.. he did a wonderful job" ... written by TT
Great reading honest about everthing no acting !!!" ... written by Emilio
I always get the truth every time...... Very good read...and Bill is not only truthful but spot on with the reality that you are in." ... written by Karenda
Good man. 5 stars! Very good! " ... written by henry
Really enjoyed my insightful reading with InTheCards. He understood my question whilst giving and in depth analysis to each and every aspect of my query. I've also learned a lot. Thank you! ∆ Five + star rating ∆ " ... written by Prototype777
Good man , thank you 5 stars." ... written by MR g
He was great and honest and had me laughing." ... written by hope
Bill knows his tarot. He likes to talk and he is very focused on helping his clients." ... written by good
So great and truthful. Always honest with his reading. I recommend him" ... written by theodorab
Thank you so much " ... written by termo11
Thank you so much Bill! The reading with you was awesome! You really explained everything to me and made me understand where things were headed to. Time and money definitely very well spent with you! Thank you so much! " ... written by dev
Thank you so much for the advise!" ... written by termo
Very wonderful detailed reading" ... written by Candy
He is just amazing, guys he is real deal, I just cant put it on to word, must try him at least once." ... written by kalana
Thank you, Bill!" ... written by delighted2
Thank you for the advises." ... written by termo
So real, very good reading!" ... written by cindy
Always straight up. Accurate. Tells it like he sees it. Highly recommend." ... written by Souxie
He's very good" ... written by sincerly7
Great detailed reading!!! Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
Thanks so much." ... written by dellamar
He's so funny! But besides from bringing lots of humor into the reading he is also extremely precise and very insightful. Very accurate and professional card reader. Thank you, Bill!" ... written by NSW
He is awesome!" ... written by Lou
Hello," ... written by Mahiwaga
GREAT reading as usual with Bill. He is very thorough and detailed. He reads the situation as it is, not as I would like it to be. I can make informed decisions on what to do next with his insight. Thanks!!!" ... written by Carrie
Great as always!" ... written by Mojo
Awesome as always!" ... written by Shameika
Awesome!" ... written by Shameika
Honest but sensitive....that's what my heart needed today! Bill is my fav because he make me laugh and helps me with my perspective specially when I am down." ... written by Mojo223
So far so good" ... written by Sadie
phenomenal, I love Bill to the maxxxxxxxxxx!!!" ... written by Shameika
He's good and down to earth... Made me laugh." ... written by camille
Bill was so spot on. Prepared me for what was to come and that helped me more than I can imagine." ... written by delight17
IF it was true than I am blind." ... written by Daidra
Great Read. Insightful as usual." ... written by darlinhun
An awesome reading, everything is right on track. Thank you." ... written by Stang93
Oh Bill, thank you for clearing up my fears about my man and I will gladly give you 5 stars... Thanks again!" ... written by Jean
He is DA MAN" ... written by gstephen
Ive had muliptly consults with Bill! Still the greatest relationship expert on Oranum." ... written by Nina
Be back." ... written by Jean
Excellent again!" ... written by Carrie
Wonderful as always.. AAAA++++++!!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Excellent!" ... written by Carrie
Bill is my best friend. Truly." ... written by darlinhun
So happy you are back, Bill. Your positive energy and sense of humour are a breath of fresh air.Thanks for the advice and validation... many blessings . " ... written by spiderlilli
So glad you are back. So, needed to here what the cards said. You are still so spot on. Even after six months of being away. Will be back later to get update." ... written by Tricia
One of the best readers here. Highly recommend him to everyone. He is right on. I am glad he is back!!!" ... written by islandgirl
I love my readings with Bill. Even when it is not so positive he is super caring about it. He has helped me out so much. He is the only one on Oranum I would get a reading from. " ... written by Bon
Great!" ... written by tar
OK." ... written by tasra
Bill is absolutely amazing, worth it and his readings are soo consistent." ... written by delight17
As accurate as always and what best is some facts that i thought was not likely came to like to let me know how to handle situation coming in the future. I am sure we will talk soon." ... written by Mojo
A super human being who really gets to the heart of the matter. And gives clear direct advice... " ... written by Sunshine0105
Bill is wonderful. His readings are so precise and extremely helped me." ... written by delight17
Outstanding reading and I got more from it than I expected. You are really a great reader and I appreciate your time. Thanks millions!" ... written by Jean
Bill is a wonderful reader, honest, to the point and very detailed." ... written by delight17
Another great reading from Bill. No sugar coating, not the best news but he is so nice and caring. My #1 and only reader." ... written by Bon
Great!" ... written by Jean
Bill you are magnificent and right on que, thanks!" ... written by Jean
Bill is very straight forward, and I truly appreciate his abilities of being able to see the big picture and confirming what I felt. He is a great guy, and I will be back." ... written by Kim
Bill is so amazing every time I hit a crisis bill always guides me in the right direction. Blessings favor and positive energy to him." ... written by Shameika
Bill is wonderful, keeps it real all the time, very positive energy." ... written by Karenda
Very helpful!" ... written by Mikaela
Bill definitely takes an honest look. You get from him what he says and there's no bs-ing around." ... written by delight17
thanks so much xoxo" ... written by aundreya
Great as usual, he hits the nail on the head every time... very accurate with past, present, and future as long as your honest and open." ... written by Karenda
AWESOME..." ... written by brOWN eAGLE
No BS.. just says it like it is.. Only way to be.!! 5 Stars" ... written by TW74
Loved my reading" ... written by Akin
loved my reading" ... written by akin
OMG He is amazing.... I recommend a reading with him. He is so good and spot on. He is very kind and very nice.... Ill be back for more updates. Thank you " ... written by Rosa
Absolutely accurate reading, very straight forward and positive energy! Absolutely recommend!! " ... written by Felicia
Oh, my god he is FANTASTIC. First of all he tells you exactly what he sees. Second of all, he's HILARIOUS. He's very courteous of other people in his room, and giving readings and devotes his full attention to the situation. I liked that I was treated as an individual with a legitimate question and concern, and he gave me more detail than imaginable on the situation. Thank you, so much Bill! " ... written by Erica
had private with him first time, but connected so well and gave the best insight " ... written by Bhavik
Great read. Bill is like an old friend always there with good advice. I love him He's awesome!" ... written by darlinhun
looking forwar to the 2nd part of my reading later. cant wait" ... written by mizzimoo
Thank you for the update. Confirms what I feel." ... written by Stang93
Always honest, would not have it any other way. " ... written by Tricia
thanks for it all" ... written by texas girl
interesting." ... written by romi944
So thorough! Makes a lot of sense! Nice sense of humor, too. Definitely recommend." ... written by sometimes4321
Thanks Bill!" ... written by phoenixrisen
Thanks for the update. " ... written by Stang93
He always brings a smile to my ace ....and tells me what is All in the Cards. " ... written by Mariasheart
I love Bill!! Been coming to him for relationship advice ever since i started Oranum two years ago! Once again he never fails to give me the most honest and accurate advice about my situation! Thnx again Bill!" ... written by Nina Lovely
awesome, very helpful. will be back to get a reading" ... written by cre
very insightful...did give me a lot of answers" ... written by cecily
Thanks for the update. " ... written by Stang93
Thanks again bill, I have better direction now! You're the best!" ... written by swsiren
super awesome as usual. he has all the answers" ... written by laura
10 stars!'" ... written by maria
Bill is always fabulous!" ... written by maaria
Good reading, no sugar coating. But he is great at what he does. Love him." ... written by BB
very optimistic" ... written by nadia
Thank you for the reading..You're always so great to talk with. And youre straight up honest. so, thank you. " ... written by Trista
so much info ... great readings" ... written by lavelle
thank you for the reading" ... written by pigletme123
love his readings its was super informational . im glad i decided to read wit him. awesome" ... written by lavelle
♥ thank you so much bill you've helped me in a big way with you know what, was stuck with knowing what to do if I should just give up. you've brought more sense to it all. " ... written by melissa
this man is brillent .connected well on my situation " ... written by gerirish
Like always it was great speaking with in the cards and gave me insights to the future with my grand neice" ... written by rooster051
bill is great! " ... written by sometimes4321
He is always spot on and will always return to him for updates. Like talking to your best friend. He was my first reader every here on Oranum and I will always trust his cards. He shoots it straight." ... written by Triciawondrs
the light bulb comes on and noew the issue has opened up. It needs to be examine on the next session. Thanks for understanding." ... written by rooster051
I love Bill…He has been reading for me for a few years now and is always on point with his readings. Good or bad, he is the best" ... written by bon
Thanks so much for your help Bill, you're the best!" ... written by swsiren
amazing reading as always with bill...thank you so much for everything!!!!" ... written by missvika
Bill was such an amazing reader! Most importantly he concentrates on the development of things past our desires if they are to be granted. He honestly cares and keeps things honest. I will be back in a month with an update on things. " ... written by Mgrl
amazing reading...thank you so much!!!" ... written by missvika
GREAAAATTTTT !! very charming " ... written by Amy
Wonderful!!!" ... written by Jisseca
he was great!!" ... written by Katie
The reading was very accurate it amazed me on how on point it was. The advice was phenomenal and i am looking forward to an update reading in a few weeks. I would recommend him anytime." ... written by jewelw203
i reallly loved the reading" ... written by char
Great great reading....explains everything well.!" ... written by TDB
nice genuine and sincere thank you " ... written by redrose
clarified information for me in 5 minutes, very grateful " ... written by selah
Always great reading. Im glad your back" ... written by thedora
EXTRAORDINARILY ACCURATE" ... written by Angela Mateen
Can say enough about Bill... He is the truth!" ... written by Chancesgiven
WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by Chancesgiven
OMG!!! BILL is AWESOME!!! Everyone must get on his team for your ADVISOR!!! YOU will not REGRET IT!!! A very Powerful and Caring and HONEST MAN and ADVISOR!!! He will tell you the truth and help you and guide you threw it all!!! So get on board with Bill. I did and I am a changed woman already!!!" ... written by FablousFifty1
Thank you very much. That was difficult and insightful." ... written by Alicja
Bill is a great, down to earth, honest reader. He will tell it as it is, in a direct advice-like mentor way. I definitely recommend him. Give him a try." ... written by Van Anh
very good" ... written by ellen
Bill, is super with his cards. He answered my questions with expertise and very precise. He is who I count on when it comes to love issues. His spreads are right every time." ... written by Tricia
thank you so much bill ♥ " ... written by honeybeehere
super funny and insightful :) very indepth too" ... written by starrose
Bill was once again an excellent reader who takes his job very seriously and who once again provided me with great insight into my current situation. His reading was very accurate and left me a sense of peace and tranquility. Thank you Bill!" ... written by Adrienne
Awesome. I could relate to everything he said. He was on target and did not mess around. It may not be what I wanted to hear but I trust him. " ... written by Wulfwyn
Very Insightful!! pleased." ... written by Traci
thanks" ... written by daniel
honest and brilliant :)" ... written by martin
:) always in the cards ." ... written by mary
Point on and I am ready for my light. You are so right!!" ... written by Jisseca
Thanks again for a wonderful reading Bill! Your the best!" ... written by swsiren
AWESOMW !!! Bill is GREAT !!! PLEASE USE HIM !!" ... written by FABKOUSFIFTY
Thanks likes always Bill ♥ love your readings always makes things more clear and help a lot thank you so much :)" ... written by honeybeehere
Wonderful and detailed... Loved it!!" ... written by Chancesgiven
Thanks again Bill, you're the best!!" ... written by swsiren
Funny, down to earth. great reading thanks." ... written by plutogirl
the best" ... written by kalihart
he was different and explained very interesting" ... written by ppppp
Bill is the coolest! So detailed and accurate." ... written by sometimes4321
EXCELENT!!!" ... written by FABLOUSFIFTY
AWESOME!!! BILL WAS right on point !!! great!!!!" ... written by fablousfifty1
nice reading to the point honest" ... written by kenya
Love His Honesty... Going to go for it!" ... written by Jisseca
Thanks for the update." ... written by Stang93
Thank you so much! I appreciate this :)" ... written by MMarmalade
great!" ... written by sometimes4321
got a very good mind clearing reading . thank you ." ... written by princess1218
Very straight shooter and cares for his clients. Love his honesty and bluntness" ... written by p
he's a straight shooter, respect his style" ... written by cc
Cool reading" ... written by Christina
He is awesome...10 Stars" ... written by Rosa
thank you bill you were great and gave me the feedback i needed to hear thank you" ... written by aundreya
So on point, able to help keep things moving and honest. He cares and he wants to ensure that everything is understood. Amazing reader" ... written by p
Amazed. First reading and I was so attentive. It made so much perfect sense. Thank you very much. I completely recommend!!! " ... written by VK
He was awesome. I overstood a lot and got complete clarification and everything said just touched my heart. I am emotional as of now and am very, very, very, grateful that I got the opportunity and time with Mr. bill. I would refer him to a lot of people who are associates, friends, family and strangers. I appreciate every opportunity anD thank You very, very, very, much! BLESSED BE!" ... written by LaVerne
Always spot on and helpful!! His insight is amazing love working with him." ... written by p
I have learned a lot from your readings . And you are blessed with this gift. Thank you for helping me .. Will be back . ." ... written by princess1218
Thanks again for the clarity Bill, you're the best!" ... written by swsiren
he keeps it real" ... written by cc
he was pretty good" ... written by natasha
straight forward reading thanks " ... written by Walt89
awesome loved him really detailed!!" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
Love him already." ... written by gdkdianne
Precise and caring as always." ... written by p
thank you for the update.. will be back next week" ... written by princess1218
Very nice and thorough. We got cut off but he's the BOMB!!!" ... written by Renee
this man is awesome he sees reads and says things as they are, so funny and lovely " ... written by surAsya
Always comforting and positive!! thank you!!!" ... written by gst
Always a pleasure. Alway giving me the best advise by being down to earth." ... written by theodora
BILL is phenomenal, detailed, skilled, just amazing reader, provided deeply clear and meaningful answers and it was such a pleasure to talk to him. he was really helpful! MANY THANKS! 100 STARS!" ... written by jessyP
He is so real! I enjoyed my first consultation!!!" ... written by New Me
bill is the best" ... written by gst
Wonderful reading, thank you INTHECARD !" ... written by Mai
wow bill is sooo good! he gave me in depth reading explaining what each of the cards meant and an answered my question. although neither bill nor i know why im going through this, it was nice to see the endpoint from this person's life" ... written by m
HE WAS AMAZING" ... written by STEPH
Very professional reading, INTHECARD has help me a lot . Thankful to him !" ... written by Mai
nailed it. love some bill straight - forward- to the point." ... written by maria
good session...enjoyed was very detailed" ... written by lavelle
Bill has been helping me a lot, love him !" ... written by Mai
seriously, bill is my dude. i love what he says and his connections to the cards and the questions. can't ask for a better psychic" ... written by sometimes4321
Superb! Nice guy " ... written by Ashton6666
my dude!" ... written by sometimes4321
hes awesome" ... written by jamie
Great guy and full of information. Will see him again!" ... written by Lisa
He was amazing!! Very honest, truthful and really left me breathless. I have such a complex issue and he really helped me see the clarity. Words cannot express how much he has helped me..thank you so much!!!" ... written by Sparrow
look i can't recommend bill enough but i click with him. if you want real honest advice then go to him. he knows his cards. he knows people. he's non judgmental. he will give you what you need to know" ... written by sometimes4321
thank you Bill. " ... written by princess1218
dead on... i liked him very much" ... written by vvd450
He is amazing and quick and always on point. He cares about his clients and is very blunt and honest! Love working with him" ... written by p
bill's the best" ... written by sometimes4321
he was very helpful in guiding me in my situation " ... written by vvd450
The reading was pretty good." ... written by butterfly77lady
Always the best!!! " ... written by Raspberry47
Good thorough reading" ... written by Hollo999
thanks will be back!!" ... written by stacey
What an amazing spirit and reader. I can't say enough positive things - thank you so very much." ... written by lotus71
Thank you very much for the update!" ... written by Starliteny
Always spot on!! " ... written by Raspberry47
I appreciated his honesty. He was direct and to the point." ... written by Yvette
Always on point and quick. Does not hold anything back and is totally honest. Love working with him!" ... written by pp
awesome" ... written by Bhairavi
The best!! always good insight! put me at ease!! very accurate" ... written by at
Cool as ever ... :)" ... written by raspberry47
Amazing Person!! Very kind knows what he is talking about!! Also very funny,which is an added bonus. :)" ... written by Haley
Good read. Has a great sense of humor and I appreciate his honesty. It will be interesting to see how his predictions will unfold. Thank you" ... written by M
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Always honest and straight to the point" ... written by theodora
He is Really truelly GREAT !!! 10/10" ... written by amy
i loved this reading" ... written by curlypeach
very deep and intense reading, very candid." ... written by f
Amazing and very helpful. Wish I had more time but will come back very soon! thanks you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by Buffi Dudley
amazing as usually! he confirmed how I felt in my heart and eased what I was letting cloud my happiness!!!" ... written by at
GREEEAAATTTT !! lots of love" ... written by amy
Thanks again for another wonderful reading Bill!!!" ... written by swsiren
Fantastic!!! what a lovely person! and a good reader" ... written by Sonia
awesome, thanks" ... written by sin c
Love Bill...His reading are so right on and he is such a caring man. " ... written by Bon
Good reading, the truth." ... written by Teisha
thanks bill its always a pleasure " ... written by lavelle
thank you for an outstanding and very helpful reading!" ... written by gemmie
Love working with Bill, always so honest and to the point. Never wastes time and he cares immensely for his clients and their well-being. " ... written by paige
bill is so thorough. he's my go-to. i love figuring this stuff out with him. " ... written by sometimes4321
wonderful reading very detailed" ... written by Miko
Another great reading from Bill. He is so down to earth and a wonderful can not go wrong with a reading from him, I consider Bill a friend." ... written by Bon
3rd reading and it was awesome!!!!!" ... written by Sonia
VERY INSIGHTFUL" ... written by Deborah
wonderful reading insightful. confirmation" ... written by mikojin
great!" ... written by Natalie
great card reader!" ... written by pink
helps me understand the relationship I am currently in" ... written by Miko
love bill... wonderful" ... written by chance
I am usually not a big fan of the cards, but he has an amazing ability to interpret and he charts his readings so he can see change too! Great and to the point.." ... written by pink
Very good reading" ... written by Noel Scott
wow...accurate and dead on." ... written by cm
His readings gives me such a clear view of what is going on. Very accurate, no sugar coating - straight to the point -and his interpretations are just with reality. very highly to recomend" ... written by Sonia
Honest, caring andamp; guiding! Doesn't tell you what you want to hear but helps you understand the truth of the matter. I am a paying member just for this man here!" ... written by Calvin
Love his reads.. Right to the point... " ... written by Jisseca
Wow what an incredible reading im blown away. He is clear, accurate and so lovely. will be back" ... written by Lorna
thanks again bill its always a pleasure to read with u." ... written by lavelle
very insightful and gives great advice" ... written by Miko
he gives great insight, very generous with his time. I will be back for updates" ... written by Deborah
He is absolutely the Best!!!!!!" ... written by Changingwzg
Very insightful and detailed. Extremely helpful in regards to my situation." ... written by Miko
Bill is such a great and caring reader, he is so on point ALL the time." ... written by Bon
great session as always" ... written by lavelle
Good" ... written by Ash
bill's such a good adviser " ... written by sometimes4321
Always a straight shooter and on point. Quick and caring about his clients and will not advise you against what he thinks is in your best interest, love working with him" ... written by p
GREAT" ... written by Me
:0)" ... written by pink
so accurate and in depth and human" ... written by sometimes4321
He ws very good. (and funny).I enjoyed the reading" ... written by C Smith
great guy! very accurate to my situation, fast, honest! he's also cool to talk to in general. i also liked how when i entered his chat room the first thing i saw him do was him dance to music hahaha. but anyway, thanks for the reading bill! :) " ... written by ale
As always a pleasure to work with ... thank you" ... written by raspberry47
Its always fun with him... the update was helpful" ... written by Sonia
bill's really good at giving guidance and seeing the situation and being able to sense the different aspects from an outside perspective. so intuitive and so cool too. also the humor is great and much needed when you're stressed and worried " ... written by sometimes4321
awesome reading! " ... written by cuteepye1231
Great as always" ... written by Sonia
Thanks again for another very insightful reading" ... written by swsiren
I love Bill...He is so honest and straight forward good or bad. He is the best" ... written by Bon
Amazing and honest. " ... written by theodora
he is awesome as always . very good reader detailed honest" ... written by Miko
Bill is amazing . I have spoke with him in the past and he has been accurate . I was glad to catch up with him again tonight. " ... written by Michelle
He's open and honest and direct! A+++" ... written by LalitainAR
Hopefulyl he's right!!" ... written by P
bill is such a good counselor " ... written by sometimes4321
As usual spot on ... and very precise ... Love it ... :)" ... written by raspberry47
Bill is just the best on here, he is so honest and helpful, will not sure coat anything. He has helped me again and again" ... written by Bon
very honest reader detailed and to the point" ... written by miko
Amazing, very considerate and very confident. Defiently knows what his doing" ... written by faustyna
Thanks again for another lovely reading!!!" ... written by swsiren
Love him" ... written by Sonia
good as always" ... written by sometimes4321
I Love Bill. He is awesome. tells the truth even if it hurts my feelings. really good reader" ... written by miko
Love it ... as always ... thanks!!" ... written by Raspberry47
i love bill" ... written by sometimes4321
HE was great and really honest " ... written by Tabrea
Great as usual" ... written by Hunibabe
good" ... written by ,,
Always great reading and straight forward on everything" ... written by theodora
Wonderful ONCE AGAIN. Very detailed enjoy bill every single time. " ... written by given
Thank you again!!!!" ... written by Carrie
very down to earth tells the truth if you like it or not kinda guy " ... written by CancerKesh
thank you for a great and very helpful reading!" ... written by gemmie
Always honest and straight to the point. " ... written by theodora
Oh I enjoyed my reading and it was well worth it. " ... written by Kimberly
Very thorough tarot card reader, very insightful and full of insight." ... written by Tony
straight to the point no sugar coating" ... written by kmathis
thank you for a very informative reading, will let you know how it all turns out" ... written by gemmie
phenomenal!!!" ... written by gemmie
thanks bill ...great reading as always" ... written by lavelle
Great card reading, to the point, honest and real. I would highly recommend!" ... written by Laura
he was focused and spoke the truth that i am going through .....there was no sugar coating talks nor false assumptions he was straight to the point and said what ever the cards told him ..." ... written by praj
Great reading very detailed and honest wonderful and gifed)" ... written by Sunday
Always amazing. Extremely accurate. " ... written by Miko
WONDERFUL reader! " ... written by Mimi
Bill is wonderful and caring. I love his readings they are so on point. " ... written by Given
I think he is sooooooo gifted. I really appreiciate his honesty I will diffently reach out to him soon:)" ... written by Sunday
My go-to guy, so thorough and clear." ... written by sometimes4321
friendly,honest and accurate and likeable" ... written by martin
I alway luv talking to In the Cards he is alway on point" ... written by Michelle
accurate, honest and helpful" ... written by martin
Bill was very honest and blunt. He made sure to explain everything with great detail. If you want someone honest and that can give you what needs to be heard, not what you want to hear, go to Bill. He isn't afraid to tell you 100% what's going on and makes you think of what could happen or where things might go. I highly recommend Bill for a reading. " ... written by Tiffany
Super gifted help me alot thank you!!!!" ... written by Ava
bill is remarkably perceptive and such a good analyzer of the situation. he has helped me so much and i recommend him to anyone look for a real consultation" ... written by onceuponatime11
Awesome reader!!! " ... written by V
Bill is my favorite psychic hands down. he explains everything in a way that I can completely understand and relate to. I know that what he tells me is accurate and I have complete trust in his readings. Bill is awesome!" ... written by Amy
I love Bill he is such an amazing person." ... written by miko
Bill is awesome" ... written by miko
great guy. lays it out real and has a great sense of humor. will be talking with him again!" ... written by amy
really in depth reading for a short period of time! I feel comforted that i am not going crazy" ... written by selah 1234
awesome. I haven't spoke to him in about a year. Glad to see him back!" ... written by simone
realist and honest also a great sense of humor" ... written by fallon
great" ... written by Kamilah Smith
i wish i had more time with bill. Talk about amazing." ... written by Olga
Bill is fantastic. Very detailed with his reading! Thanks so much! " ... written by Richard
Thanks so much!!! Bill is like your best friend with powers, willing to listen to you and give you advice. " ... written by A
he was great " ... written by Kamilah Smith
Thanks for another awesome reading!!!" ... written by ffairy
Wow! Thank you Bill. I was scared at first but I am glad i came in and spoke with you! You kept is so real! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
bill is the real deal. no BS. gets to the heart of the matter." ... written by onceuponatime
very compassionate and helpful insight" ... written by 10 stars
Love honest and accurate people like him!! " ... written by carlinw
OMG Bill you are amazing, thank you so much for your honesty and for confirming my gut feelings, and giving me a better insight on my up comings" ... written by Marynorine
great reading" ... written by jamira76
just thank you for your help i needed that" ... written by theodora
thank you for being honest with me" ... written by theodora
He is hilarious but straight to the point , no sugar coating. He is a tough cookie ;) . I will be back sunday to talk to you or be holding a funeral service in my head for him lol " ... written by kalitay
Was really nice guy very thoro and spot on no sugar in here just the way I like it." ... written by Raymond
he was very informative,using his resources and being able to confirm my issues." ... written by sheri19
I Really Enjoyed The Reading! On Point. Will Be Back For An Update!" ... written by Michelle
love talking to this guy, its like talking to your bestfriend, NO SUGARCOATING!! he tells it like it is and allows you to relate =, quick response time " ... written by Kalitay
Awesome, very funny and straight forward" ... written by Jamie
awesome" ... written by jen
Thank you so much for the reading - you scared me for a moment that it could be negative haha. I'll see how everything turns out I guess :)" ... written by JJ
Very good" ... written by Mereidth
he is awesome ! tells the truth not just what you want to hear" ... written by changingwzg
Amazing! I'm literally speechless." ... written by George
Great Reading! As Always!" ... written by Michelle
Interesting insight, I had to leave because someone was interrupting my session grr!" ... written by Cherie
Always a joy to be around , straightforward , no sugar coating! Fast answers and little bit of comedy in there lol . see you soon" ... written by Kalitay
Amazing! Great insight, used good cards and gave me the honest truth. " ... written by Karis
I am happy with my reading, he was very accurate, thanks very much." ... written by Yaris
Bill did a tarot reading for us. He gave very helpful incite into the situation. He is friendly, caring and compassionate. You will not go wrong having a reading with Bill. It was great to get a male's perspective." ... written by marym62
i have known bill for over 2 years now and i love his energy and dedication to his clients. he remembers everything about everyone's situation and goes the extra step to help people. can't recommend him enough!!!" ... written by onceuponatime11
Bill is consistently amazing. He not only gives accurate readings but speaks in such a way that he is easily understood." ... written by Amy
does not tell you what you want to hear. he tells the truth" ... written by changing
Very kind and caring. Honest and on point with all his readings~" ... written by Zoe
always a pleasure , hes straight forward and tells yoi like it is." ... written by "kalitay
Always a great reading with Bill. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by ffairy
He's amazing" ... written by Zoe
Always a pleasure talking to bill" ... written by Kalitay
The first reading was so good that I had to come back, but it's true to form. I didn't understand things until I slept on the fact that were given to me last time, then it all made sense! THANX AGAIN, I really appreciate it!" ... written by ARIES4LYFE
This man is simply fantastic !!! Always been honest and never beats around the bush! He became a true friend after such long time. Try him - you won't regret" ... written by S.
I have been on this site for YEARS, and he is one of the BEST! if NOT THE BEST! Thank you so much! I needed clear and honest answers to questions that have been troubling me! It felt real good to get genuine advice! I'll be back!" ... written by LYFEOFANARIES
Every time I think I found my favorite reader another one pops up. I had such a wonderful time it was insightful, accurate and funny as hell! I will be back again." ... written by Clarity711
Always a pleasure speaking to Bill. If you want honest and straigh forward answers this is the man to go to. " ... written by Kali
He awesome! the only person i login to consult now. " ... written by Nisha
great awesome" ... written by jamira76
great" ... written by jamira76
Bill is WONDERFUL!! So full of love and laughter. His readings are not sugarcoated , he gets straight to the point He will not tell you what he thinks you need to hear , he will tell you the truth." ... written by Kalitay
Very great reading with him. Told me things that I had the feeling about that I was doing wrong. Great advisor" ... written by Lfrieson
great reading, honest, i ran out of credits" ... written by dl
Direct and to the point. Humorous and was right on about my situation. " ... written by Sunflower3333
Amazing -- got me to see the light" ... written by Sam
love his readings" ... written by S
BILL IS GREAT !!!! TOO SHORT" ... written by JAMIRA76
good very short" ... written by Laquinta Mason
always the BEST... Bill I love the friend I found in you!!" ... written by Karina Escobedo
Bill is amazing and very accurate!! does not sugar coat and by far my favorite in here? " ... written by Kalitay
wonderful choice,money worth it!" ... written by sheri19
awesome and great person!" ... written by sheri
I absolutely love love love my readings with him! They are so open and honest." ... written by Clarity
I think he is great and gave me such insight I will be back again" ... written by hopeful
I am coming back, so far he has been extremely accurate. " ... written by allbright
He is just fantabulous!!!! Try him!!" ... written by Sol
my third time coming,he was amazing !" ... written by sheri19
That was amazing. So accurate. " ... written by allbright
ALways a pleasure to speak with Bill. He is always honest with me." ... written by Tee
Fantastic!!! He is just fantastic !!!" ... written by Sol
He is awesome. His advice works and he's usually spot on with his readings. Fun to work with...thanks" ... written by savyangel7
he is fun and true. " ... written by kindhearted4
thank good reading" ... written by me
very consistent. very amazing. " ... written by allbright
He is Honest On point and Quick , He is a Great person to talk to and No Sugarcoating U wont b disappointed ... Highly Recommend Him ... Try Him Out .. Thanx Bill" ... written by Nessa31
Wow...Very good reading. He was spot on. I highly recommend a reading, Excellent" ... written by Mojana
Amazing patience. Great insight andamp; very honest replies to my questions. Thank you." ... written by av
Thankyou Bill, very insightful reading, lovely to chat with you." ... written by claire81vn
Practical and intuitive! Very nice, detailed reading!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
The best i talked to " ... written by latonyadanielle
Very awesome , fast, right to thre point, no bs , and helped me alot..thank u" ... written by newhorizons12
Very informative confident reader... very empathetic thankyou xx" ... written by joboluvz73