About Joanna123

Psychic Joanna123has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Joanna123has recently helped 58members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Joanna123's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a medium, born natural clairvoyant, channeler. I am able to tap into energy and receive messages & visions from your angels about ur current situations or life's questions that anyone might have. I speak directly with spirit to receive this information & details that they would like for you to know. A conscious channeler and trance channeler, sometimes spirit will speak directly through me.

Joanna is a great psychic love her!!" ... written by 1spiritguide
Shes awesome love having readings with jojo a real pleasure " ... written by Chris07291992
Five stars again, great reading, Joanna knows her stuff, she is seeing things as they were and as that are. I hope the future will come to be as she is seeing it. I have a confidence it will based on ow well she is connecting with the past and the present." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She is point on, fastest reader on site, easy going and a lot of integrity. SAVE UP AND GET A READING" ... written by Questionlove2
Loved her, soooo much help!" ... written by sm1992
Had few credits and I enjoyed the reading very much. Connected quickly and answered my questions. Thank you very much" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
You were great!!! Thanks so much! " ... written by megrock
Joanna123 was not fully what I was expecting but she was nice to talk to!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Awsome!!!" ... written by rjjimenez
She was so right on! I wanted to have another reading with here coz everything she said about me and my friends are true! Definitely will come back and have another reading with her." ... written by itsuramo
It was helpful ." ... written by maryannepav
Wow, she truly amazed me with her insights. I totally recommend her for a reading. I will definitely be back! Thanks so much Joanna! You blew me away and made me feel so much better!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Verified some things for me that I needed to hear. Connected well with my emotions." ... written by angie_bart
Awesome reading." ... written by themightyzorgon
Thank you so much jo for all your love and caring and helping believe!!!!" ... written by flyingeagle
She was very intuitive and picked up in my emotions very easily, thank you!" ... written by blueberrypigs
Another wonderful reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very sweet and understanding and straightforward, thank you!! :)" ... written by twenty1stars
It was interesting. good reading was shocked by one fact that you mentioned about me moving... I guess only time will tell =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Very honest!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Right to the point and no messing around. I will keep you posted." ... written by thierryfromfb
She is the deal!" ... written by bestlady001
Straight forward and clear...need to come back." ... written by rani4you
Thanks a lot for the update. I will let you know." ... written by terrymontrealer
Straight forward and clear...asked direct questions...hope to see this happen...will come back." ... written by rani4you
Time ran out. She really tapped into my feelings. Hope what she says comes true." ... written by d2k1000
Harsh and wonderful at the same time. Many good observations...good connection as far as I can tell...hope she is right as i would drop to my knees and thank God if it dreams would come true..." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Excellent" ... written by c
As always Jo is so good. She is a blessing indeed. I thank you so much, and send you many blessings. Love and light always. " ... written by Pam
Cool gal... positive thinker and definitely rubbed off on me!" ... written by meisupani
She is wonderful!" ... written by tiffsmom
Thanks for the head. You said I was going to talk to her soon, I spoke with her yesterday and thank you for that reading." ... written by terrymontreal
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
She seemed to have a good grasp of things pertaining to my life. I recommend you get a reading asap!" ... written by maravilloso002
Verry Accurate :)" ... written by LightBringer111
Sorry I ran out of credits, but thank you for always being there for me. Joanna is the best :)" ... written by Cara
Super reading, very pleased, great insight, detailed and to the point!" ... written by MrLight
She was very intuitive and helpful. Hope it all happens. Sounded really great and much needed in my life at this time." ... written by poppiten
Joanna is accurate ! She could feel my vibes and its correct ! Try her ! She is real! " ... written by reicaa
You were right about me meeting a man named Mike. I met him a few months ago. Bumped into him this weekend he was happy to see me. Going to be going out with him soon. Thanks for a great reading." ... written by lovelilacs
Kind and considerate" ... written by gatorgal
Wonderfulllllllll reader...she made my day you" ... written by blissfulangell
Ok" ... written by Eirma13
Great chat." ... written by snowbird40
Thank u so much for this reading ! i hope all comes all u say" ... written by Angelapebbles
An excellent follow-up session with Joanna...great psychic insight, details, and clarity...I will be back to update her in the future!" ... written by JL
It was pretty good " ... written by Angelique25
She is really good. Got disconnected due to technical issues. Unable to reconnect with her to complete the read. " ... written by d2k1000
Thank you so much. great reading " ... written by kmg41011
She was fantastic. Honest, knows whats up and just an all around amazing person." ... written by Adrienne
Very straight forward, i can see she cares and she is earnest. i liked her very much." ... written by dmbertault1
Clear, fast reading!" ... written by betsysue
she was really good to speek to and would recommend" ... written by kirkisme
Sssssso sweet! right on the dot! have to come back in a couple months to confirm reading :) thanks joanna!" ... written by tamtam753
Thank you :)" ... written by browneyedsusan
Awesome!" ... written by jamira76
Very nice reading. " ... written by kathyrh
Joanna is great! Straight forward and to the point. Excellent reading would recommend to anyone and will use her again! Thanks a million Joanna!" ... written by AkCrazy
Honest and to the point, really good reading, gave me insight and advice. " ... written by warrenkitty83
I enjoyed my reading with joanna this was my first reading with her felt comfortable telling here all see you in chat. thanks again" ... written by manolator12
Nice and straight-forward!! :) Thank you" ... written by twenty1stars
Joanna is very insightful, straight-forward, her chat room is fun to be in she is full of energy and very much everybody's friend. Thanks Joanna!" ... written by kia290542002
Graet reading" ... written by Ryan747
Awesomeee!!!!!!!" ... written by rjjimenez
i had an amazing reading with Joanna123 she great and very kind lady, I loved her energy " ... written by marybeth1love
Thanks for the update. I will keep you updated." ... written by nordterryyy
She was wonderful, spot on with everything. Told me the absolute truth. She answered every question and even gave me info about someone who was very dear to me without me mentioning him." ... written by syncerepapi
Great reading once again!!!!" ... written by rj4890
Very nice and seemed pretty good in what she does! Thank you!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Thank you Joanna, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Angelapebbles
Joanna is always great she picks up fast on what's going on,she's a friend to all and fun to hang with in free chat thanks Joanna" ... written by kia290542002
Amazing reading.....we had a great connection. " ... written by hardworkingwoman
Coming back!" ... written by linn115
OMG this reading was amazing...she tapped into my energy and said it just how it is...someone who truly understands me. And for the next few months ill definitely keep her posted...xoxo" ... written by amy111
thank youou!!!!!!!!!!! Joanna connected with someone from my was amazing...luv her" ... written by cherie
It's Joanna whats not to love? She Rocks! AWESOME LOVE HER!" ... written by surfryder
Joanna and spirit are amazing...sending so much love and gratitude thank u! x" ... written by SHIREEN
She is so accurate and really goes in-depth very quickly. Exact, to the point and honest! ADORE!!!" ... written by Questionlove2
Great as always" ... written by tonio73
Really liked her, she was very sweet but realistic and gave really good advise, fantastic reading" ... written by bbdo1234
She is remarkable! She connected with my decease mom. I t was like I was talking to my mom! I highly recommend her!!!! I wish I could give her 6 stars!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!" ... written by supermom051959
Truly amazing reading with such a gifted Psychic , thank you so much beautiful joanna xxxxx" ... written by tonio73
A lovely reader, she was so fast, so intuned with me and wowed me when she picked on some things right at the start of the reading. She is really nice, I will return and let you know what happens! Love and blessings to you Joanna, love Jade xxx" ... written by Jade50
Awesome! Thanks!" ... written by surfryder
I love Joanna123... She is really awesome to talk to!" ... written by stillhotat50
Love it so accurate" ... written by mlarosario
AWESOME THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by starwars44
Wonderful reader very accurate and spot on !" ... written by Darkdov
Wonderful reading, love your energy. you lifted my spirits! thank you" ... written by hardeep21
Great reader connects fast !!!" ... written by Darkdov
Thank you so much - You put things back in order." ... written by sunshine456
Amazing , just amazing." ... written by sunshine456
I would give her a billion stars!! She is truly gifted and a caring psychic. God Bless You Always." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Thanks my beautiful Joanna xxxxx" ... written by tonio73
Great reading and straight-forward....Will recommend her." ... written by Faye81
Wow she is amazing at picking up energies.. She is so accurate with what she picks up its spook in a nice way.... 5 stars to her.... Try her she is fantastic." ... written by murdocca
She was great. She knew stuff I didn't tell her." ... written by busymom1998
Shes the best around if you want answers shes the one to go to,thanks joanna." ... written by kia290542002
Joanna123 gave me great incite on the next few months. Can't wait to see the results. :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Thanks so much for the reading! Sorry we got cut off! I will be back soon :) Had a great reading, really confirmed a lot of things I've been feeling and gave me confidence to trust those feelings. You were such a big help, I really appreciate it! Such a sweet soul you are :) Talk to you soon!" ... written by Kallifornia
She's really good. I just wish I had more funds to talk to her and finish what we got cut off on. Overall I got my main important questions answered. I will talk with her again when I have a chance." ... written by beautifuleyes999
deep down and well spoken of the situations. I really love hearing her talk and speak her mind. Once she talks you can feel where she is coming from inside and out." ... written by angelic3aries
Love this lady. She is connected to spirit unlike any other. Great help, great advice and fun to work with." ... written by FJ
She connected very well with me and my situation...thank you" ... written by victoriansunset
Fantastic has put a great big smile on my face " ... written by MALEX3007
Love Joanna!! Very insightful. She brought clarity and hope to my situation. You won't go wrong taking her private!" ... written by hopefull11
She told me things were changing which it could have been a little more specific in some things... but it wa good reading." ... written by kjcooke1984
What a great reading Jo, you made me feel hopeful and really happy, thank you!!" ... written by Aryastark
Joanna you are great, shes fast can connect with you in seconds and know whats going on, she sees your love ones around you also thank you for being who you are a true angel from God " ... written by kia290542002
Thank you Joanna for your kind guidance." ... written by Charlie0605
Loved her! she was honest and straightforward" ... written by kitty476
Recieved a reading, and her insight was unique and easy to understand. Her personality is upbeat, and spunky. certainly enjoyed our chat together." ... written by knightrunner
Very great,hands down very good pshychic good at the details.i would reccomend everyone to get a reading from her" ... written by Chris07291992
Great advice, someone who finally read something about me on a deeper level, I only wish I had more money to spend. But she offered a great clarification, and its going to help me get through my day." ... written by msvero
Very good with details" ... written by lolypok
Very good reading guys you need to try her shes the best around, she can guide you where you need to go " ... written by kia290542002
Thank you Joanna for your wise and intuitive words." ... written by Bondibeauty
I just love her - confirmed everything. Life is good." ... written by sunshine456
I loved the reading, so relaxed.... She is great.. I will wait now to see if what she said comes true... And I know it will..." ... written by harshsden
Great reading." ... written by mariekat72
AWESOME." ... written by tinadee
Thanks so much for being so kind, patient and for answering all of my questions. You were great, once again!" ... written by missgreeneyes
AWESOME." ... written by sunshine456
Ran out of credits. But always my go to. Love love love her!" ... written by Cara
Hope her predictions will come true :-)" ... written by winterhot
Always the best to hear her speak her mind. Tell the truth always." ... written by Angelic85Aries
She was very good. Straight forward. She knew a lot. I hope her predictions come true. Thank you Joanna!!!" ... written by nytango1234
Very intuitive. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by shalan
Such a wonderful reading and accurate." ... written by Tanya
Thanks for fast prediction." ... written by tanya
Thank you, that was a great reading picked up on what was going on" ... written by nickmcgyver
Great Reading !!! Dead on the money with my impatience! Made Me laugh and exceptional reader." ... written by kiki228
Its scary how on she is.. Shes worth that money!! Pick her everytime.. Please." ... written by Korbyl
Joanna was great, a very lively spirit with alot to say, doesn't sit around and make you wait for information , it keeps flowing. I can't wait to tak to her again" ... written by bella
Insightful, very accurate, a lot of information in a short time. Love her!" ... written by gastonmai1
Jo , you are the best and everything is spot on thank you so much always good coming back to let you know , everything you say is right ." ... written by tonio73
Joanna is always consistent of what she reads on me and gives me warm feeling for healing... Thanks Joanna! " ... written by K. 602
She is great just love her. Very intuitive. Straight to the point. Joanna you are the best!!!!" ... written by nytango1234
Wow, wow. Thanks - I get it." ... written by sunshine456
Your the best that oranum has xxxxxx" ... written by tonio73
Jo Jo is the best every, love your readings thank youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by tonio73
Lovely woman, very helpful and answered alot of my questions in a short time." ... written by madisonjane
Thank you! Your the best!" ... written by lainey8787
Amazing. Knew immediately that I was psychic and have the gift of feeling. Helped me figure out the problems in my life and made me feel more optimistic about the future. Very comforting. Words couldn't describe the emotions I felt from this conversation. Thank you" ... written by Nebulum
Joanna gave me wonderful news I had never imagined..God bless her and her Gift and hope all she told me will come to pass...Beautiful person both inside and out..I connected very well with her and this was the first reading.." ... written by acealways
Smashing." ... written by tonio73
She was very sweet and gave me lots of positive news. Ill keep u updated :)" ... written by De5pina
Very good reading straight to the point was so helpful. Awesome" ... written by Lorann23
Aw Im sad I ran out of credits but I must say she is so amazing!! I really enjoyed talking to her.. It was like talking to an old friend and she is so spot on about my situation. " ... written by iPreferMimi
This lady is Gods blessing to us, she is so in tune and loves to help us see the way it is, she has fun in her room and helps people have a great time, thank you Joanna" ... written by kia290542002
Loved her " ... written by kitty476
Sweet lady! Fun talking to her." ... written by jack_of_trade
THE BEST FEEDBACK, I RECOMMEND Joanna123 to everyone!!!!" ... written by mzconfused0814
She is a good reader, picks up on things you don't tell her." ... written by baxter51865186
Joanna is warm and caring. Worth every cent and knows what you need to focus on :) " ... written by indigo_eagle
Thank you soooo much...very gifted, know things, does not fish and it is amazingly impressive with accuracy. she also has a great sense of humor...i highly reccomend her. it is hard to find people you can trust like this...don't pass go here." ... written by sea4me
Gave me guidance from my guides, very good I recommend" ... written by itryoften20
Very good!" ... written by Itwillbeok
She just gets it...Amazing!" ... written by sea4me
She is very talented and gifted! I should have bought more time. I would love to just speak with her or skype instead, so much easier than this platform..... because she is the REAL DEAL! " ... written by sea4me
OMG, hit everything dead on and was right. Joanna is amazing, I cant wait to get another reading!" ... written by lenorajane
Really good connection. Picked up on so much about the situation. Thanks so much jojo :)" ... written by sunflower9
This woman really really sees things i like that. i will come back xoxo" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
As always u are the best ,trust only you ,you dont fish for answers and are here to help us, also we have fun in your room u keep us laughing thank you very much" ... written by kia290542002
The way a woman can see from woman's perspective, she is an eye opener. Great!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Fab fab fab." ... written by anon
She's wonderful give her a try!" ... written by melman1032
Very Promising Reading! " ... written by seventhheaven
Im absolutely stunned in the way how you know precisely details of story before i even said, especially about important topics. This is incredible... " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very good reading. connected well, was confident in everything she told me. knows what she is talking about" ... written by mini1214
Joanna is a great reader. Give her a try." ... written by corona_jack
Realistic as usual, she says what needs to be said." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Excellent as always." ... written by mojasudbina1978
You give a realistic picture of the things that already are, but also on what to expect for future as well.. Like it that way" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks for advise....." ... written by sabinaa
Thanks" ... written by sabinaa
Jojo is awesome good at description really good!!" ... written by Chris07291992
Great, very very good." ... written by focusing
OMG awesome reading, thank you and wonderful advise I will use." ... written by corvettime02
Jojo rocks...Thank you so much. Connect fast and is very informative." ... written by Scorpio1112
You get right to the point, the way what person is going through to the way what one is in fear of.. Amazing." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joanna - She is my big sister and she has done some readings for me that were off the charts and she is medium and I have spoken to a few loved ones who have passed. What she told me to do, I finally did and things are coming to fruition. Wonderful person and dear friend. " ... written by eli
I like my loud mama she saw a lot in the matter of few minutes in the cards. Joanna danna danna lol did it again." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Wow, she blew me away !! She knew names and she knew my situation which is not a normal situation!! She also gave me messages from a love one that past away months ago. She has an incredible gift!! I will be back , what a blessing and what a beautiful light! Thank you " ... written by Sara
Excellent" ... written by mojasudbina1978
GREAT WOMAN!! SHES THE BEST !" ... written by helpfindkortne
Great person." ... written by chandragomes3
I liked it." ... written by amandamturner23
Very pleased with this lady, lovely guidance :P" ... written by hope2321
I love talkin to jojo!!!" ... written by Chris07291992
Shes so oooooawesome!!" ... written by Chris07291992
Great! Great Reading!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
From womans point of view the best what man can get for advice." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Realistic to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
One of the sweetest girls I know and told me stuff I didn't know. I'm amazed that she is well connected and read me like a book!!!!" ... written by flyingeagle
Jojo is completely on spot with her details, what a great friend she has been to me...such a wonderful lady, great heart...lovely person...thank God for people like Jojo....Go to her, you will not be disappointed.....she is the real deal....!" ... written by Maiden14
I think you read it right but my roommate just gave a lecture on how she is my roommate. I think your right on and she (roommate) does not agree. but I believe what you said especially about making money is true." ... written by flyingeagle
She's very cool .. thank you for answering my q's." ... written by stillhotat50
Thank you so much for the reading and we love you and your room" ... written by flyingeagle
Awesome experience!!" ... written by Ashleepg
Thank you so much" ... written by mfurney
Reality." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She's AMAZING!!!! I'm very pleased with my reading!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!" ... written by snowwhiteprincess
Thank you" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Super, talk again soon" ... written by greek07chick7
Wow wow wow" ... written by coyoteroper
As usual it was an excellent reading with a good friend feel like we've known her forever. God Bless you jojo we pray for you everynight!" ... written by flyingeagle
Very accurate, highly recommended, i'll come back again." ... written by porscha
Always Fantansic !!! " ... written by kiki228
You give me hope joanna" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Great!!!" ... written by hoping2351
She was so accurate and she is funny. I recommend her highly" ... written by theodorab
Ended on a beautiful note. She is awesome" ... written by Sunshine10601
Thank you Joanna!!.. on spot with your reading andamp; my situation.. " ... written by lagirl
I hope all is accurate as it sounds like a wonderful future is in store after all the struggle. She tuned into me very well." ... written by IsabelSpiegel
Jo is a love and more like a friend." ... written by flyingeagle
Very good. " ... written by sarahjean2009
Joanna123 was terrific. She hit it on the money!" ... written by sassy29
She is good. I like her a lot. She's very fun to work with. (: " ... written by Benny
Thanks for your info. I wish I could chat more. I have been in semi solitude and doing a lot of reflecting. I have disconnected some people. I just hope my daughter will finally understand what has been the wedge (her father) between us but until then I realize it is pointless to work on our relationship. I will take your advice and try to disconnect. I will listen to my body and see what is going on on the left side, besides the side effects of the neck injury. I have always felt I have good qualities, just tired of those who feel they know it all and try to beat me down. Thanks, I appreciate your time." ... written by cacowgirl
Thank you so much jo I love ya sweetie." ... written by flyingeagle
Love jo she is such a good spirit and she eased my mind about alot of things..." ... written by lovewithin74
Fast, accurate, understanding, and extremely helpful!" ... written by daydreamer246
She's really good and was correct about everything." ... written by alondra1991
Unreal gow you could know all that will recommend you Joanne. " ... written by pansypants
Picked up on everything. loved her energy its amazing. Knew me like a book. amazing amazing, I do not regret reading with her. I didnt have to ask her any questions, she got right into it" ... written by moosuga
Very nice and insightful reading! thank u!" ... written by AriannaChanel
Just a wonderful friend and looking forward to talking to her again." ... written by flyingeagle
The best." ... written by tonio73
She's so great and fun." ... written by theodorab
Your a part of the family now sweetie. Don't know what we would do without you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo" ... written by flyingeagle
Jojo is really awesome. She does not beat around the bush and tells you how it is. And she's fun!" ... written by stillhotat50
As usual your right on and thank you for listening to believe. love ya jo talk to you again soon! " ... written by flyingeagle
Very good at what she does." ... written by kavintee
Did really well and answered me quickly thank uu" ... written by smiley2011
Another great reading, thank you Joanna. 5 star." ... written by myeyesee
Thanks Joanna that was a great reading and very compfotable with you. 5 star" ... written by myeyesee
Great reading she pinned me and my concerns and saw things I didnt tell her, will be back" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Can't praise you enough Jojo, you are so right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by flyingeagle
Allways good!" ... written by surfryder
Hey very good reading wish I had more money." ... written by themightyzorgon
She's awesome." ... written by GTK1985
Great reading." ... written by tical3522
Thanks for keeping me in check. I know i worry alot!" ... written by greek07chick7
Firstly she is so beautiful. My reading with Joanna was very good. She was helpful. I have to wait to see if job comes on the time frame she gave me." ... written by jasmail
Joanna , has an amazing gift that comes from the heavens 10/10." ... written by tonio73
Very lovely lady thank you so much" ... written by coantrjama
JoJo is a wonderful to talk to. I could have talked longer but I'm no Donald Trump." ... written by jack_of_trade
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! Joanna is sensational and truly gifted! She was spot on with my situation...You have to take her private. You won't be disappointed!!Thanks Joanna for great reading." ... written by marionlyttle
Awesome reading." ... written by crystal643
She is hands down the best! If she is not on, She is worth the wait! Gotta Love Joanna, She knows her stuff!" ... written by surfryder
The best on Oranum , always correct!" ... written by tonio73
I love you Joe and I did see the spirits, it scares me a little, but I think I Know what your saying thank you so much." ... written by flyingeagle
Thanks love ill get the cd" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
We'll see but it sounds good i like jojo" ... written by nanateri
Gotta love some jo jo She knows the deal for real" ... written by surfryder
Very fast and accurate! I loved her relaxed reading style and her straightforwardness. " ... written by diamondsarenice
Realistic as it always is" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joanna delved into my concerns so quick and gave me the spiritual messages that I needed to hear. She's honest and will tell you how it really is, but also compassionate and kind. " ... written by thisjourney
Awesome." ... written by stacy8170
Excellent reading!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
LOVE YA JO JO LOVE AND LIGHT FOR YOU." ... written by flyingeagle
Awesome.. you saw things well... I hope you are right... two weeks... there is something in two weeks. I wish you all the touch you can handle" ... written by gardhard49
Great, thanks!" ... written by surfryder
Inlightning." ... written by surfryder
Thank you again for your honesty, Joanna. If any of the subscribers are looking to do a reading, please do so with Joanna ... You'll be amazed!" ... written by stillhotat50
Joanna rocks...She connected well." ... written by Scorpio1112
I really like joanna. she is a fine woman who is very caring and trustworthy. she has given me good advice and im going to listen to her. i hope things will come out as she says. thank you love suzanne." ... written by Bondibeauty
Sweetheart! She understands the problems of today!" ... written by jack_of_trade
Always helpful ! She and I connect!" ... written by surfryder
Seemed kinda quick! But refreshing!" ... written by surfryder
Joanna is FANTASTIC!! She is VERY ACCURATE!! Than you so much for your help with everything! " ... written by whiteaquarius73
Thank you for the insight to the future." ... written by flyingeagle
She always makes me feel good after talking to her.!!!!" ... written by stillhotat50
Jo is a great person to deal with all our problems we sometimes forget shes human and has her on things in life to deal with much love jo thanks for everything." ... written by kia290542002
Very helpful and caring... Great advice!!!! Thanks again, JoJo xoxo" ... written by eleventwenty2
Great reading... I will await the results." ... written by Sunshine10601
Great! Picked up on everything." ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Twice in one night still incredible reading. Thank you so much." ... written by flyingeagle
Jo-jo makes me want to dance." ... written by surfryder
She was amazing! Right on!" ... written by kb1015
Joanna123! Is very detailed and connects great. My 3rd call in one day! She is a definite must call. I know I will be calling back." ... written by LadyDeeVa888
The absolute best!!!! Connected so much!! Thank you! I feel much better!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Spot on every time!" ... written by themightyzorgon
Connected very well !! Very spiritual and informative !! Thank you so much!" ... written by Butterfly579
Thanks Jo we all have a lot of fun with you in the room too." ... written by flyingeagle
As always you were right on, again thank you so much for your friendship and love, as always, love ya dave and annie." ... written by flyingeagle
Made me feel very at home and was very open with me. Will always come back.. amazing woman!!!" ... written by Michael8676
Wonderful reading, really in tuned. Helpful, and on point. Her information resonates deeply with me. Glad to have met her. Really want to thank her for her wonderful help. Thanks Joanna!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I really loved my reading with Joanna, she picked up on so much that I was confused about and it took away a lot of anxiety and confusion. Will definitely be back for future reading. Truly gifted!" ... written by angelloverose
Love and light, jojo." ... written by flyingeagle
Thank you Joanna." ... written by Charlie0605
She is the best. :3" ... written by StevenAnkarlo
I really think jo is a cool cat . This reading has really opened my eyes." ... written by surfryder
Annie says thank you so much for your time and patience." ... written by flyingeagle
This lady is amazing, really. Go into private and you won't be disappointed. Thank you, Joanna!" ... written by bridgette222
Joanna is the best! Love talking with her and she is extremely accurate - a must call!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
I always feel better after speaking with Joanna, she is great!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Thought she connected very quickly. Very nice, enjoyed the reading. She was very good and very professional. Easy going. Liked her!" ... written by bacidoll
Good reading. Still very professional. " ... written by bacidoll
Thanks Joanna is wonderful and knows what she's talking about!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Thank you for all you do!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Gotta love some jo jo!" ... written by surfryder
She is good." ... written by bbdo1234
You are so much fun to read with. We love you so much! xoxoxo" ... written by flyingeagle
I really like Joanna's readings. Very professional, nice person, out for my well being." ... written by bacidoll
Love Joanne, good reading. Does not waste time. Thanks Joanne!" ... written by bacidoll
Anne says thank you and you know we both love ya sweetie." ... written by flyingeagle
It was a pleasure chatting with you as usual we love you ." ... written by flyingeagle
It was a very quick session, but she did an excellent job!! Thank you Joanna!! xo" ... written by Danika70
She is awesome!" ... written by gagirl31
She's very accurate and she would tell you things you didn't have to tell her. She knows exactly what you want, the moment you step in private chat and she can tell how you're feeling. I'd come back for another reading." ... written by fairmemories
Have a happy Thanksgiving jojo! Love and light to you and yours this season." ... written by flyingeagle
Great help!! Too fast, but very very helpful!! I highly recommend her!" ... written by light9
Highly recommended for a reading. You'll be surprised at what she can tell you." ... written by flyingeagle
You are really the best! Thank you for spending time with me!" ... written by stillhotat50
I was pleased with her advice and accuracy. I like that she kept the conversation going." ... written by RAYLENEB1983
Put a gigantic smile on my face... JOJO is the BEST!" ... written by eleventwenty2
Jojo is wonderful and the funniest psychic on here. Always has a smile on. She taps into your energy and soul's journey :) " ... written by indigo_eagle
Amazing as always!" ... written by tonio73
Great." ... written by crmyoung
Thank you so much for that :-) you were really great! " ... written by keirablanco
Well I guess will say that joanna123 is the perfect psychic to go to for anything." ... written by themightyzorgon
Very nice! Quick reading!" ... written by mmd1990
Very insightful, caring, right on!!-- I'll be back!" ... written by zoonieboomer
We love you jojo as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by flyingeagle
Hey Jo, glad to touch base with you again after awhile. What you said in the past has come true with me and V and in my head I laugh and think wow Jo said this was gonna happen. I hope what you predicted going forward also comes true. You really give me so much clarity and provided me with insight into what he thinks that other psychics have not picked up on. I'm thankful for that becuz now I know. I'll chat with ya again soon. Thanks so much!" ... written by greek07chick7
Always good." ... written by surfryder
Greaaat!! loved her so sad my time was up. I would definitely do it again." ... written by sara4102
Another reading to keep us focused thank you again jojoxoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by flyingeagle
Great to see you again Jo. Thanks for the answers!" ... written by flyingeagle
She's the real deal " ... written by adriancowan
Always good, thank you!" ... written by greek07chick7
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
She was great!" ... written by woman_abroad
She is very accurate and sincere." ... written by nalita18
Jo jo is always good, get a reading from her." ... written by otessascaptain
Honesty and accuracy with Jojo plus kindness beyond comprehension. Very connected and quick! " ... written by Mushupork
Jo jo is always good! Get a reading from her, she is awesome!" ... written by otessascaptain
Smile she will guide you" ... written by surfryder
Jo jo is very good, I had an awesome reading. Get a reading from her, she told me things I did not know about myself, wow............." ... written by otessascaptain
THANK YOU!! You are amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by Kirsty1985
Very to the point reading. Thank you Jojo" ... written by Charlie0605
It's jo jo, what can I say, she rocks!" ... written by surfryder
Thank you Jojo!" ... written by mfurney
Missed talking to you - great update. Love talking to her. She is very accurate :)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She is amazing. I love her. If you need clarity she will provide in. Best on Oranum." ... written by FrankJ
MERRY CHRISTMAS JOJO " ... written by flyingeagle
Had a great reading with jojo cant wait for the next one she new what to say for everything" ... written by TheTrippleT20
Jo is the best." ... written by kia290542002
I love jo jo and the way she reads! She is always funny!" ... written by surfryder
Always great!" ... written by spiritualgirl2
Joanna is beyond amazing.. I just have to say she is so gorgeous lol but as far as the reading, she is so honest compassionate, and non-judgemental. Her insights are spot on, she picked up on all the changes I'm going through and her advice is valuable. It's like talking to a good friend. " ... written by iPreferMimi
Joanna is right on! She always makes me feel better when I talk to her!" ... written by stillhotat50
Jo jo is always good, she is so good, she sees things that not everybody sees, very good reading." ... written by smurfgiant
Direct, to the point." ... written by brownpanther1031
Joanna is great. She knows what she is saying and is clear and to the point in all areas." ... written by barbiesline
Awesome, ty." ... written by buddy0914
It's JoJo, that's all you need to know! What's not to like?" ... written by surfryder
Joanna, I know you tell me things from your heart! Thank you always for being a strong supporter for me and I love your warm heart, I love your laugh!!! Happy new year my love jojo!!!" ... written by yk1602
Perfect as always!" ... written by wurzle
Great. Very good." ... written by AgentMagpie
Very Nice and Informative" ... written by DML41786
Thank you jojo for your information we love ya happy new year love and light to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by flyingeagle
Merry Christmas jo jo " ... written by surfryder
She is really fast with answers and knows things without asking." ... written by cg3
A lot of clarity. Knowledgeable and motivating. And she's good. she knows what she's doing. And it helps." ... written by nahushj
WOW! I didn't have to tell her anything, she knew instantly. Will be coming back to let you know how everything goes." ... written by rosiep
Jojo you have been a great help and a great friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by swosatka
Accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazingly so!! " ... written by ri6888
I love me some jo jo time ! She is so cooooool It just Amazes me how fast and How she just knows what she knows! AWESOME!!! Thanks jo love ya" ... written by surfryder
AMAZING!!! Definitely will be back, she is so right on everything!!" ... written by leebee4
I had a beautiful reading, told me like it is, to do some cleansing, do some work on my own about myself, that love is coming by April, may and that I will have to choose, well I already know my choice. She was right on, will recommend her completely 100%. Will come to see her again as things start to come together for me. Thank you Joanne for such a wonderful reading." ... written by lisapatrick
I felt Joanna's energy through my computer screen and HAD to get a reading. I'm telling you, this woman is the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!" ... written by CatherineLoree
Very helpful, thank you!" ... written by surfryder
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
Very honest! Insightful! Totally resonates. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear :)" ... written by frankiecostello
Thank you so much for all of your help!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Always love talking to JoJo... She puts my mind at ease! xoxo" ... written by eleventwenty2
Very good and intuitive!" ... written by florwer85
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
Jojo is always good she doesnt play games she is real and she tells it like it is, awesome readings....." ... written by smurfgiant
Very very good advice. i really liked her and will be back." ... written by rose423
Great thanks so much!" ... written by surfryder
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Jo jo is always good!" ... written by surfryder
Really sweet :) Honest and gives good details! Recommended highly :)" ... written by ash2244
Best ever!" ... written by gagirl31
The first time I met jojo, I already liked her, she is one of a kind and very sincere. Thank you for the wonderful reading. I miss you!" ... written by AutumnFairy
Always feel great after a conversation with Joanna! She is wonderful! :)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
I love talking with Joanna, she is so very helpful!!!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Joanna, you are the best Oranum have to offer!" ... written by tonio73
Very good reading!" ... written by jessica
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
Things are coming together" ... written by surfryder
Whemmm, such a load off my mind, she is such a wonderful person and knows all!!!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She picks up on some stuff!" ... written by AgentMagpie
Awesome" ... written by gagirl31
Time up.. thanks again x" ... written by wurzle
Awesome, loved her reading. She is definitely helping me!" ... written by gagirl31
She is great, everyone needs to talk to her and she will share what she sees good or bad, thanks Joanna hope to talk to you again soon." ... written by bella
Time up. Thanks :) " ... written by wurzle
She is great!!!! Love talking with her. She knows what she's talking about!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She tells you the truth." ... written by nahushj
Jo is the best!" ... written by kia290542002
I promise you she is worth ever dollar you spend.. I have never had someone dead on without you having to say a thing. She helped me get in touch with my dead father that I was never able to meet and she brought so much love to me just know he was right here with me and to know that he wanted me to know that he loves me. I'm still in tears." ... written by RebeccaL28
Perfect" ... written by wurzle
I never get enough!! It's amazing how sweet and accurate it is." ... written by sara4102
Always awesome to talk to!! And is very accurate." ... written by Chris07291992
She is so good and funny, makes me laugh." ... written by surfryder
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Another great conversation with Joanna. She is so very helpful!!! If you haven't spoken with her, you are missing out!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
THANK YOU JO." ... written by PINKIEBABY
She was good! So awesome, instant connection!!! Do not hesitate to reach her :)" ... written by epa0404
Talked to 30 pschics here and she is Amazing really. " ... written by jaatin
She is awesome and will give it to you straight. Love her would highly recommend to anyone." ... written by gagirl31
Thank you so much! Always feel better after speaking with Joanna!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
LOL I'm so funny but jojo is funnier." ... written by surfryder
Jo jo is always always good she is right on with everything , she is so awesome, she is amazing." ... written by otessascaptain
Joanna is simply put...the best psychic on this site." ... written by infiniteping
Honest and accurate reading! Thanks." ... written by janesi
Awesome awesome awesome! as usual." ... written by mini1214
She is wonderful. Absolutely reassuring and warm. I enjoyed speaking to her and will see her again." ... written by tara_mcm
I must of lost my mind but Im sure things will happen like jo jo says no doubt Thanks jo jo " ... written by surfryder
Thank you so much. Joanna is the absolute best!! Calming, accurate and a wonderful person!!!!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Jo jo is on her game she is always right on, and always the time to get a reading from her......" ... written by otessascaptain
I arrived insecure and afraid of the future and in a few minutes, my perspective cleared and my soul uplifted. JoJo read my inner heart murmurings that I was afraid to trust...but no longer. She is wonderful!" ... written by lilliableu
Really awesome to talk to jojo!" ... written by Chris07291992
Jo Thank you I am so lucky for you and all the help and guidance and love you share " ... written by surfryder
Joanna is the absolute best on oranum. Very honest, straight forward and most importantly very helpful. If you haven't spoken with her, you are missing out!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Thank you Jojo, sending you love and pure light thoughts. You're so good. See you in Sedona?" ... written by flyingeagle
She picked up on situations right away- would deff use again (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
JoJOo is amazing! Put my mind at ease.... love love love xoxoxoxo" ... written by eleventwenty2
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Very good helped me a lot." ... written by Kendra787
Very awesome to talk to !! " ... written by Chris07291992
Thanks for the reading. Straight and to the point. Definitely try her out." ... written by TravlFunLove
Thank you, I'm gonna keep trying!!! Joanna is great:) All the time!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Thanks again so much!! Honest, Truthful, Caring, Understanding, and above all elseVERY ACCURATE!!! I know everytime I need help she's the one to go to!!" ... written by whiteaquarius73
This was my second time having a private reading and i love her honesty. Joanna is nice yet straight foward and very helpful. No compliants. " ... written by aquarius12
Thanks, Jo... x" ... written by wurzle
She's great! A real psychic! I didn't even have to tell her anything and she sees straight through me." ... written by yvettepandora
Amazing... I've done three readings I know I will be back for more!" ... written by samanthamarie90
Okay who can top Joanna on ability to see your situation. Who can help guide you more effectively than Joana? No one. She is GREAT" ... written by FrankJ
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
My buddy jojo!" ... written by mfurney
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
AWESOME! She knew everything without me telling her! I'm not just saying this - she is incredibly gifted. Thank you so much and I will be in touch. -Jacki" ... written by jacki22
She's always great at explaining things in detail and is always fun to talk to!!" ... written by Chris07291992
Joanna is always on point. I NEVER have private readings with any other. She is the absolute best and she truly does care about your situation!! Honest, caring and just plain amazing!! " ... written by whiteaquarius73
Fantastic, perceptive, truthful. She knew so much that had to be from the spirit truth. Thank you for your help. Exactly what I needed." ... written by jwlipscomb
The absolute best there is! Thanks Joanna:)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Wonderful as always. What she advises is good - good for my soul and practically as well for my relationship." ... written by lilliableu
I love her!!! Amazing reading :)" ... written by rainbows8
I just love her..she is honest and right on the money..I would recommend her to anyone looking for a honest reading." ... written by gagirl31
Great reading albeit short (my fault) but very positive lady and very funny! " ... written by Elle
She is fantastic." ... written by Chris07291992
I love Joanna's energy, she is so wonderful! Always so very helpful!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Great!" ... written by souxie
Very spot on! She knew things that no one else knew! Very nice indeed and worth every moment I spent! I'll definitely be coming back to see Joanna soon! " ... written by curiousgal87
Joanna123 is one of the first people who has interested me on this site as far as her ability is concerned. She's very talented at what she does and best of all, no judgements so it's very relaxed! As soon as I figure out what the problem is as far as my technical hiccup, I'll be sure to come back here and get a proper reading this time from her! " ... written by curiousgal87
She was dead on and said things no one would know ever! I recommend her anytime, and I will use her for here on out." ... written by Amy
Thank you so much! Your reading was really informative! Your answers were spot on, at times felt like you read my mind ever before I tried saying anything at all! you are a natural!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
One of the most amazing and in depths readings I've had. very precise and on the money. " ... written by krismic2
I love Joanna! She's funny and makes me feel so much better in a reading! She's the real deal!!" ... written by rainbows8
Thanks so much. I got alot of information. " ... written by abbyC8123
She is amazing! She described my situation! Called me out and suggested solutions for my problem." ... written by jadedcandi
Absolutely wonderful!!!! so glad I got to speak with her!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
I think Joanna is one of the best spiritual guides that I have worked with. She truly is amazing and I continue to speak to her for guidance in my love relationship. She gives the insight that you are looking for and very helpful in difficult situations. Thank you so much Joanna!" ... written by nickshades
I've been with JoJo for more than 6 month and she's been always accurate and dead right on. Above all, she always gives me great advice for how to deal with the situations, also encourage me to trust myself, not to be afraid of anything, and inspires me to be living a joyful life. Thanks a million, Joanna! You are an amazing person! " ... written by yk
5 star reading from a 5 star psychic joanna123. Thank you so intuitive and helpful and sweet. " ... written by myeyesee
Wow! Money well spent.. this was a very complete, enjoyable, and detailed reading. Joanna is a joy to talk to. She has a wonderful warm energy about her, and she picked up on my situation immediately and the personalities involved. She is definitely one of my go-to people on here." ... written by iPreferMimi
She's awesome!" ... written by Chris07291992
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic! Love her!" ... written by myeyesee
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic! Thank you Joanna123!" ... written by myeyesee
Ty jojo, right on!" ... written by mfurney
As always Jo is AMAZINGLY accurate and VERY caring!!! She's so loving and always wants what's best for you. Thanks so much, Jo!!" ... written by whiteaquarius73
Just the Best that Oranum has always correct and spot on , " ... written by tonio73
Great reading straight to the point. Really like her assertive style!" ... written by epa0404
Spot on with everything, I miss my mother dearly. I needed this connection with her and it was provided 100 percent with the reading with Joanna. Thank you, " ... written by samanthaguregian
Joanna is so awesome! I love her honesty!" ... written by stillhotat50
I love me some jo jo time, she is way out of my budget, but she is so worth it." ... written by surfryder
Helped a lot." ... written by ashlyn
Thanks so much, always very helpful!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Love ya jojo as usual you are right on and look forward to a long friendship GOD BLESS YOU!!! LOVE ALWAYS" ... written by flyingeagle
Interesting reading!" ... written by queenadore22
She is wonderful. Gotta listen to her, she knows what she's talking about!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Awesome on point! My go to psychic!" ... written by jadedcandi
Amazing reading! Thank you for the informative reading. It comforts me that being my honest self and going with my gut it's heading me in the direction I want to go." ... written by queenadore22
Hott Dig it, ty Dowg cant wait!!!! jo jo is a sweetie!" ... written by surfryder
Shes my awesome, go to psychic." ... written by pixiecandi
Amazing an so honest thank you xxoxoxoxo." ... written by SamanthaJones740
AMAZING as always! Love you JOJO xoxoxo" ... written by 1122
Always outstanding...Amazingly accurate and she has become a good friend." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
You're right on in your thinking cause I may be forced to make a decision. The house will be empty without Annie, love ya Jojo your always right on. Dave." ... written by flyingeagle
Great!" ... written by odette
She is a very good channeler." ... written by myojin
I felt you really did connect. I saw you feel my pain and you were sad for me it was sincere. We really didnt get to the bottom of much . I may need a lot more time . I wish I could spend the day with you . I really would benefit. You are as wise as you are beautiful. Thank you so much I do love you also." ... written by Robin Harnett
Uplifting and motivating... Tuned right into the situation accurately. Thank you." ... written by angelloverose
You we're on target with reading. I LOVE you FOR who you are Joanna and YES, I was heaven sent to finish Gods plan xou just happen to be part of my journey! I know that you have ?s for me to know how things are going 4 me. 15 mins and we got cut off? Your mind has been wondering about will I get in touch with you again, yes! Thanks for waking me up! Your pray will be answered and you know how come. GOD accurately choose you to help mankind! Great Love Always! Sincerely, Jeannette " ... written by JeannetteRoss7
JoAnna is the absolute best. I love her energy and she gets me on the right track!!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Spot on. Great counselor. Very wise. Excellent advice." ... written by Arie
She is so totally amazing! So glad she is always there to help me out." ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Joanna makes me feel so much better. Love her energy!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Thank you Jo anna correct as always , " ... written by tonio73
Thank you jojo you are right on as usual I'll get on it now and circumvent allot of pain and heartache. Love you jojo XOXOXOXOXOX" ... written by flyingeagle
Gave me a lot to think abt...brutally honest. Thanks Jo." ... written by heartnsoul
She's worth every penny :)" ... written by jadedcandi
Awesome as usual :)." ... written by Pixiecandi
Always adelight." ... written by Chris07291992
She always answers my questions accurately!" ... written by jadedcandi
Jojo is fantastic!" ... written by jack_of_trade
Always a pick me up Thats why I trust in jo jo" ... written by surfryder
Thank you for all of your help..." ... written by contiestate2
I saw all that she said past as true and the current was true and I believe her future prediction was true considering she knew things that were a part of that link. Business, love and what I had been going through." ... written by katharazz
Thank you jo jo you are the best! Out of my budget but the best!" ... written by surfryder
What a wonderful spiritual person. My go to :) Love her :)" ... written by Pixiecandi
Joanna helped me a lot, She is very exact with what she says." ... written by Leigha
Thank you great spirit." ... written by aimee78
Thanks Jo.. Love you so much! " ... written by whiteaquarius73
My goodness. I have had readings live before but was very skeptical. Very on!!" ... written by Mary
We love you jojo and wish you all the love and light you send usand everyone on here and more sweetie." ... written by flyingeagle
Thanks Joanna, needed that. Wonderful as always:)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She's amazing to talk to!" ... written by Chris07291992
Very direct and in-tuned. Thank you!" ... written by nunothat
Jo is Amazing how she knows the 411 on you it totally blows my mind." ... written by surfryder
It all looks great and sounds awesome! I just need my blessings." ... written by Surfryder
Love Joanna! Always exactly right and definitely honest when you need it! :)" ... written by Jacki
jojo is always sweet, kind, and always a joy to talk to" ... written by Chris
Brilliant. Will be back when I get more credits." ... written by emijayne
Jo is great as always! Thanks! " ... written by kia
Very interesting reading. Thank you!" ... written by AceOfCupss
Good reading!" ... written by surfryder
Thank you needed that!! Always right on time!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
awesome, I love talking to her!!" ... written by chris
Her last prediction came true, had to come back for more. Thank you." ... written by preepo
Thank you! It was very uplifting!! I hope things happen fast!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
100% on point. if you want straight to the point answers, go to Joanna!" ... written by Taylor
Wow, that was an amazing reading. She picked up on my energy and knew immediately what was going on." ... written by Flower
Just wanted an update! Thanks jo jo!" ... written by Surfryder
Always a pleasure to talk to!!" ... written by chris
Just as acurate as you are, we love you as there is no one on this site caring and loving as you are and your Italian outlook. GOD LOVES YOU and so do I." ... written by david laverne bowen jr.
Great as always!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Amazing as always. Come on true love!!!! Come get me!!!" ... written by AceOfCupss
She knew me! I didnt even have to explain myself, thanks so much!" ... written by samantha tleiji
I am ready to get on with it! Thanks Jo!" ... written by Surfryder
She is precise and to the point! Recommend her to all!!!" ... written by powderextreme
Thank you for the truth. " ... written by wendy
I love this girl!" ... written by misty
It's Jo Jo what is there to say ? She is on top of her game ! Thanks Jo!" ... written by Surfryder
She's nice to talk to. I just need to type faster, have questions in mind - she understood my essence very well. I have a difficult time looking in people's eyes and major lack of confidence. She was aware of that and offered advice. I recommend her. I like her style" ... written by Willowsalem
She is an awesome psychic! My go to :)!" ... written by pixiecandi
Always tells me what I need - she is great!!! No sugar coating, she the absolute truth! Thanks Joanna!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
I love talkin to Jojo she is da greatest!!" ... written by chris
I love me some jo jo Smooches" ... written by Surfryder
OMG ... I just love reading with Joanna! Her energy is high and she motivates me!!! She's also been so right on." ... written by Stillhot
Thank you so much for all you do and all your advice! Joanna is the absolute best!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Just needed to share a confirmation that she told happened with her. She is wonderful and I feel so great after speaking with her. Luv ya Joanna:)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
Outstanding...always so open, accurate. She has become a good friend." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
So good...always the best.Thank You!" ... written by samantha
Always the best." ... written by coyoteroper
She is always accurate. She is just great and connects so well..." ... written by christopher roth
Always amazing to talk to!" ... written by chris
My 1st go to psychic. :) She's awesome, love her." ... written by pixiecandi
Jo is very sincere and enriched my situation in a positive manner and has bought clarity to a situation that is forcing me to grow and move in a direction iI have prayed for." ... written by bflow1
I enjoy talking to her she has helped me a lot." ... written by chris
Thank you Joanna, needed that, straight talk, no bs:)" ... written by Ladydeeva888
I think she is pretty great because she is pretty spot on with everything she said." ... written by IvanRueben
As always I'm so lucky to have you as a friend and reader. " ... written by david laverne bowen
I just love her she is the real deal. She is honest and correct. I would recommend her to anyone wanting the truth." ... written by Gagirl31
She is so awesome! Love her! Try her and be amazed :)!" ... written by pixiecandi
Such a gem... I will always keep coming back xoxoxo" ... written by 1122
The best I've spoken to yet. I'm amazed!" ... written by Yoca_2010
You have never been wrong with your predictions. Thank you so much. " ... written by jennifer
I love talking to Jojo she is very wise and has helped me through some bad times in my life. I recommend her!" ... written by chris
She is wonderful! I'm so glad I entered private! Her ability to connect is incredible! and I'm so ready for the next chapter of my life! :) Thank you so very much!" ... written by Ashley
Amazing reading!!! She didn't use any tools and picks up on exactly what my situation was without me saying a word. She gave me some great advice and told me a lot about myself and what positive changes to make! I'm very excited for the future and cant wait for her predictions to come true!" ... written by Lauren
Thanks Jo you are great" ... written by wendy
She put my mind at ease about my current relationship and hope to see what comes in the next few months true!" ... written by Crystal
I'm so over life!" ... written by surfryder
I love talking to Jojo! She the best!" ... written by chris
THE most amazing woman!" ... written by Mystic Audion
Don't know what I would do without her! Thank you so much!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
yeah hopefully he will get his act together soon " ... written by mystical
I absolutely love her. She tells it like it is and is very appreciative of her." ... written by misty
Good." ... written by leblanc
Always wonderful..." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thank for the reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Gentle and caring" ... written by Mystic Audion
She is super positive I loved her and her reassurance." ... written by Alicia
Thanx again for such a wonderful reading! It's been a pleasure." ... written by Sabina
Great reading. She is very insightful, realistic and encouraging. I will come back to her again in the future." ... written by Penny
She's awesome and I love talking with her. Right on point!" ... written by chris
She's awesome, I love having readings with her!!" ... written by Chris
She the best!! I always enjoy my readings with jojo." ... written by Chris
Thank you so much for the information about my son!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She is the best and very helpful. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the truth. She is the real deal." ... written by Gagirl 31
Sweet and insightful as always, I trust her very much!" ... written by veronica
Once again great reading! She went into my situation and went into the peopple I was talking about. Very good! The best on here" ... written by samantha
She's quick on the situation" ... written by c
Jo, you make me laugh!" ... written by Surfryder
THE GREATEST!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by 1122
I love this girl xoxo fantastic!!!" ... written by kristinam88
She is a good channeler." ... written by erika
She is right on the truth that needs to be told!!! Wonderful in spirit" ... written by Deja
Thanks so much. Joanna is the absolute best there is!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
She's awsome, love her. She tells it how it is." ... written by samantha
Was skeptical with Jo at first but what she predicted last week, came through this week. Very rare that any predictions come through, from my experience on this site. Then this time, I go to her with a complex question in mind and before I opened my mouth - she instructed me exactly what to do, no way she could have known. So glad to find Jo andamp; definitely RECOMMEND her. Pls try her out before wasting money elsewhere...all the best!" ... written by belladonna8
She was spot on with her reading. She told me things about myself that no one could have known if they did not possess her gifts. I pray that her predictions come to pass. Will definitely use her again." ... written by Alicia
Perfect reading. She picked up exactly what was going on. Worth your time and money. Can't wait to update her." ... written by Debra
Excellent; the real deal." ... written by lotus71
She's great I love talking to her, always so nice!!" ... written by Chris
AWW.. SHES A M A Z I N G .. connected directly .. and understood EVERYTHINGGG .. completely recommend her." ... written by kikitaa
She was awesome!" ... written by heather
She is very gifted and I love her. She told me some dates and things that will happen so I will wait and see." ... written by TonetteShilo
Omg I love her! She is great, good guidance. Sweet, can help and make you have more clarity. Click her now!" ... written by purplecloud
She's so lovely n sweet nice reading thanks Joanna (bulldog)" ... written by simon
Jo is so great, I love talking to her, and she's so quick.. she picks up on everything.. EXCELLENT READER.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!..ALSO VERY ACCURATE" ... written by sarah...
Joanna is quick and accurate." ... written by Diamonds
As always, I enjoy my readings with this amazing woman!!" ... written by Chris
Love you jo!! Thanks so much for everything!!" ... written by WhiteAquarius73
Very straightforward and blunt...but in a good way. Told me what I needed to hear." ... written by jenn
Thank you. xo" ... written by eire411
thanks jojo u r a legend mmwwaahh" ... written by simon
I always feel like Joanna is right on. I would go to her again!!" ... written by Tiffany
Joanna is the best!!! Love her energy. She is always very helpful and a must talk to. Glad I finally had funds to be able to talk!!!" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
I love jojo shes very bright and considerate !!" ... written by Chris
Plenty of thanks." ... written by c
Just loved receiving a reading from Jojo. Gave me a lot of hope to continue on. Gave me great news and was also able to tell me straight what was lacking. I know I will get the truth from her because whether its good or bad she tells it like it is." ... written by Godsangels
Shes awesome i love getting readings from her!!" ... written by Chris
Great reader! " ... written by April
Great reading - fast and to the point with the cards! " ... written by Samantha
She is incredible! Thanks jojo xxoo" ... written by daddychop
It is amazing how Spirit came through with exactly the advice I need at this point in my life. Thank you! xoxo" ... written by prinsol
She helped me connect with my daughter who passed 12/12. Thank you so much for the peace you gave me. It's greatly appreciated." ... written by Janine
She's awesome, I love speaking with this woman, she is very sweet and very honest" ... written by Chris
She is very accurate and very dependable. Always on the spot." ... written by erika
I LOVE JOJO!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by 1122
Thank you, always on point! Love speaking with Joanna!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Jojo is too awesome, I ask my self why.... She's amazingly accurate and tells no lies, no sugar coating, her abilities are so natural yet supernatural. " ... written by the yin
OMG !!! She was totally worth it !!! She gave me so much clarity into my situation. I can always count on jojo for the truth. Thanks JOJO for your help. You know I will be back : ) Cant get enough of your wisdom :)" ... written by godsangels
Great." ... written by Jim
LOVE!!! ♥" ... written by 1122
simply amazing" ... written by Pinky85rx
AWESOME" ... written by Pinky
Joanna is the her and she knows!" ... written by heather
Very into the point. Good reading!" ... written by atl
Great as always. " ... written by mystical
She is very gifted, I know, because I am, too!" ... written by mark
Hey Joanna ! Thanks for great and very quick reading! Glad to see that everything I have planned is manifesting it's way as I wanted it to happen. :) I understand I need a kick in the butt but hopefully you'll have some mercy on me next time, haha. See you soon! " ... written by Richard
Joanna is one of the most consistent psychics on this site. She is fast, to the point, and connects well with the deepest vision of what my life needs." ... written by jessica
She is straight forward and to the point!! I highly recommend her." ... written by umabalan
Excellent! Right on andamp; very funny too!" ... written by MaryAnn
Got my answer.... Thanks" ... written by mette44
Gosh, I haven't talked to JJ in a while and I really miss her!! She is true and honest. Please have a reading with her, you won't regret it!!" ... written by stillhotat50
Always the best thanks" ... written by samantha tleiji
Very informative about the situation and give great advice on what to do. Thank you. I will keep you posted." ... written by Kitkat02
GREAT READING! WORTH IT!" ... written by cat2910
I like her! Worth the money!" ... written by hadassah
Very good and informative. Highly recommend. Thanks JoJo." ... written by Jim
She picked up on a lot of things without me telling her." ... written by sundae68
She's amazing i love her readings!" ... written by Chris
Awesome, Joanna is the best. :) " ... written by littleblueboy
Awesome." ... written by cameron
THANK YOU A LOT! You are blunt but i really need to hear that. And yes you were right on so many levels. Glad that you didn't see anything negative in my circumstances. I will talk to you soon and update you on my progress. thanks again." ... written by Stephanie
Thank you Joanna:)" ... written by LadyDeeVa888
AMAZING reading! Joanna connected with me extremely well! Everything she told me was on point. I am still amazed. Her connection was fast and the answers she gave me to my questions were fast as well. She also gives so many details, which I love. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to all the predictions coming true!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Amazing." ... written by soulmate
Once again she is my favorite, she keeps it real to the fullest!!!" ... written by Deja
Oh my! Thank you so so so much for the reading! Not sure what happened to the connection but cannot wait to finish with you. You tuned right into whats happening, so perfectly and have provided me with clarity. Cant wait to finish!" ... written by Bethany
THANK YOU! You are awesome. Saw so wonderfully into the situation and provided some great advice! " ... written by Bethany
She helps me out alot and I really thank her for verthings she's done." ... written by Chris
She's awesome I love her readings" ... written by Chris
She's always helpful and very caring " ... written by Chris
Joanna you so sweet andamp; you make me laugh." ... written by Surfryder
:)" ... written by Zee125
Great, accurate and the best reading." ... written by veezee
Always an excellent and accurate reader." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Awesome one hundred pct on the button!!!" ... written by davyboii
Joanna, is amazing. I just love her. I am going to stick with her every time I come on. Thanks you so much. I will let you know what happens. : ) " ... written by Rhonda
She's awesome, I love talking with her." ... written by Chris
Dead on! Totally in tune with where I'm at in life! Thank you for the confirmation! " ... written by Diana
Hey joanna, you're the best love you! Great person and psychic. 5 star reading.. thank you." ... written by halihma
Love her readings!!! She is awsome." ... written by amoura88
Just wanting things to happen now! Sick and tired of the wait!!!! Thanks for the update, I know you don't understand why I'm so set on you know who, I just am." ... written by Surfryder
Jojo is the best Jojo I know!" ... written by Zee125
We need to add more stars up here for little Jojo! Why only five when she should have 10?" ... written by Zee125
Jojo is very specific and detailed, love talking with her." ... written by chris
I love her, she is fantastic and amazing, she really hits the mark, 5 stars!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
To the point. PERIOD." ... written by jb
She was awesome!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She is awesome i love talking with her very good reading." ... written by chris
Love her!" ... written by Shira
Great fast and accurate strong reading." ... written by veezee
Shes awesome I love getting readings from her, very detailed and very honest." ... written by Chris
Great reading." ... written by theresa
Gots to love you some Joanna." ... written by Surfryder
Super quick and accurate." ... written by TM
I love her she is awesome, straight forward, honest and accurate. She also gives the best advice." ... written by gagirl31
Thank you so much for the update! I really really appreciate all of your advice and insight!" ... written by Bethany
I love talking to her she's very detailed and gives great advice!" ... written by Chris
Joanna is a very good psychic who cares deeply about your feelings. She cared about mine and how I may feel after what she seen during our private reading. She is very honest and open to tell what she feels is truthful. " ... written by melissa
love her" ... written by mary
She's always very helpful and gives friendly advice." ... written by chris
Wow! Joanna is so amazing and real! :) Thank you." ... written by soulmatelove
WOW!!! On target!!! Knew exactly what I am going through!!! Great advice!! She was very accurate on me and my romance problem. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you so much! What an awesome gift and a lovely person. She is talented and worth her weight in gold. She is beyond what she is asking for in credits! Be amazed :)!" ... written by PixieCandi
Great reading with JOJo I always know im going to get the truth with JOJO. I would recommend her to anyone she gives it to you straight even if its not what you want to hear and i truly appreciate that!" ... written by godsangels
Love her!!!" ... written by amoura88
She's great love her!!!! Wonderful update!! Thank you!" ... written by amouira88
She is the truth :)!" ... written by Pixie
I love her she is right on target and is helping me in many ways. " ... written by gagirl31
Very insightful. recommend" ... written by KS
Simply Amazing.. Has helped me immensely... Literally everything she said came true in my case... If not at the specific time but it definitely did... I would go insane if it weren't for her.. Thank you a million...!!!!" ... written by Moonriver
Awesome! she is very detailed about her reading. too bad I didn't have enough credits. but she is worth it.." ... written by crystalrbleu
Thanks for the update!!! Lovely reading again!!!" ... written by amoura88
Five stars!" ... written by lebanese
She's awesome i love talking to her she gives good advice" ... written by Chris
Thank you! xoxo" ... written by 1122
She was a great reader she helped me so much I will be back for a reading ASAP I recommend her. :) " ... written by Lita
Thank you so much life changer! She is amazing!" ... written by pixiecandi
On top of the situation without any information, very impressive and just Love her. Straight forward and honest!" ... written by Jim
Fantastic." ... written by Robin harnett
Over it." ... written by Surfryder
Done." ... written by Surfryder
She is the bomb I wish she lived in Edmonton I would love to spend a day with her." ... written by Robin harnett
Joanna is real down to earth and straight to the point kind of person. Very good advice and insight to what I need to know. Thank you Joanna for encouraging me to keep my chin up and believe in myself. :)" ... written by melissa
I just love her she always make me feel better even when the she tell me what I don't want to hear. She is the best psychic and person that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. " ... written by gagirl31
She connected with someone from the other side for me. "My subject's" message was positive, direct and really confirmed what I already felt (and knew!). Bravo! " ... written by Zeigen
jo jo is always good with her readings and beyond anything I have heard from others, get a reading from her..." ... written by otessascaptain
I love JOJO, she is very sweet physic here. Love her to death, major, got to use her services, it is well worth it." ... written by stephen
wish I had more time!" ... written by full of dreams
Always so real!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Amazing!!!! I needed to hear everything Joanna said. She was spot on with everything that is going on in my life. Thank you so much! " ... written by April
Jo is simply the best." ... written by leigha salyers
Great reading with Jojo. ALways know I'm getting the real truth. She is very wise And I love listening to her advice." ... written by godsangels
Joanna was so insightful and supportive. It is so good to reach out and seek guidance during difficult times and find someone like her to help. I am so thankful for the time I spent with this lovely and gifted soul. She was able to quickly identify the issues and offer very good advice. I am blessed to have had a private conversation with her. She has a wonderful energy about her. Many thanks." ... written by princessltla
Write on point, great person " ... written by veesvibe
Joanna is really good!" ... written by James F Kirkland
Love u Jo! ♥" ... written by Tracy D
She's good!" ... written by Mamoon
She was great!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!" ... written by mz
I'm riding the big Kahn A " ... written by Surfryder
She's awesome, I love speaking with her!" ... written by Chris
Thanks" ... written by wurzle
I love Jo and all she does for me but I am going to be a broke boy at her rates! But she so damn good! " ... written by Surfryder
Jojooooooooooo! :)))))))))" ... written by Zee125
Love her update readings!! Her energy rubs off to you! She is he best to go to." ... written by amoura88
Thank you for a beautiful reading." ... written by Sarah
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Pinky
Jojo you make me laugh... love you! xoxoxo" ... written by 1122
thanks for the straight shooting Jojo, I needed it." ... written by simon
Kind, sweet. A real gifted women!" ... written by Brenda
Jojo is always good, she is always really good with readings." ... written by otessascaptain
I love JOJO she the best on here she has a wonderful heart for people she seems good in people and love them to death. I love her as well." ... written by stephen seckels
Always a delight. Crazy accurate... worth the bucks!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
i love her, she is the best and tells it how it is. 10 stars if there was such a thing!" ... written by amoura88
Thanks so much, always great talking with Joanna. Very helpful and on point!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Love her energy, great reader :) " ... written by B
Always accurate, puts me at ease, shows the right way... I am having regular readings with her, keeps me sane... ;). love you Jojo." ... written by SB
Jo jo is always awesome get a reading from her." ... written by otessascaptain
I absolutely love Jojo! She has a real sense of purpose in guiding your questions/confusion/purpose with the care and love that is appreciated. I can honestly say she is my favorite because of the truthfulness behind her approach and not sugar coating the reality. Through many convos that I have shared with Jojo and the loving support of her teachings I am happy to say I have gained a new friend. " ... written by Nick
Ok, I just have to say she is INCREDIBLE!!! She read all of the energy going on and the situation immediately. She felt and described all of my emotions exactly as I was feeling them as I chatted with her!!! Blew my mind! Every single morsel of info she gave was exactly what I needed to know. I'm still in awe.... and I will be back :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
Didn't have to tell her anything. She saw it through my energy and gave me information and insight. Thank you for your gift Joanna" ... written by Finding Peace
absolutely phenomenal! no time wasted at all. jumped right in and she is a positive sweetheart. love her energy. thank you for our wonderful reading Joanna." ... written by lovebugshay
I love me some jo jo andamp; really hope andamp; pray all she says come to pass! Amen" ... written by surfryder
Thanks so much. Great as always. I'm looking forward to all the great stuff in store for me. :)" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Love getting updates from her! xoxox" ... written by amoura88
JOJO, will make you think about passion and love when you enter her room here is a poem by SIMON ARMITAGE 1963- Titled:" ... written by volume1
Awesome and great as always. Knew the situation and me better than I know myself. Truly appreciate her and what she has to tell me. Thank you JoJo, Love You!" ... written by Jim
Great reading." ... written by Sarah
very good jo jo thank you. x " ... written by eire411
Thanks." ... written by TravlFunLove
Greattttt!!!!!!!" ... written by S
This was the most incredible reading I have ever had. Joanna is so in tune with energies and feelings and her gifts are so powerful. The spiritual guidance and information she gave me hit me hard and really put things into perspective for me. She is an amazing woman!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Jo is the most honest, in touch real person on here and I love her. Anyone that really wants to know a great spirit needs to take a private with her. She will guide you like no one else she is the real deal! Much love and light Jo. Please come to Alberta Canada and visit. You can stay with me and I will show you our beautiful province its so spiritual you will love it." ... written by Robin
Great reading as usual! Thanks JoJo!" ... written by boru
I absolutely love speaking with Joanna. What she told me about someone at work many months ago has happened. She is wonderful!!! She also confirmed something I was feeling about another situation." ... written by Ladydeeva888
Thank you for your honesty." ... written by mz
Thank you so much great reader, excellent." ... written by Karma
Excellent! Very clear answers to my questions. I will return!" ... written by Rene067
She is my go to awesome and accurate!" ... written by pixiecandi
Good reading" ... written by Sarah
She's amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
Love you JOJO! Thank you. You have amazing energy. Spot on as always. " ... written by Los Angeles
She is f*cking awesome, gives it to u so straight, just what I need in my f*cked up situation!" ... written by daddychop
She's the best. Love her." ... written by Pixie
Thanks, jo!" ... written by wendy
Joanna is wonderful. Something she told me from our last reading occurred. Love her spirit. He knows what she's talking about!" ... written by ladydeeva888
Love her. She is my fav regular reader and she is a wonderful sounding board. Exceedingly accurate!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Fast connection, she was great. Opened my eyes as she said something that other psychics never told me before. Thank you for such a wonderful reading Joanna :) " ... written by woodencloud
Thanks jo" ... written by surfryder
It's good for me to have sessions with Jojo because she touches me deeply. She touches my heart and I appreciate her time with me." ... written by lovebugshay
jo jo is always right on always never wrong " ... written by smurfgiant
Unbelievable... I don't have words to describe it... what a connection... I'm still in shock because she told me everything that I needed to know...when I say everything I mean everything... I'm still amazed and in shock... I'll be back for an update... Honestly, she is the best..." ... written by rai
<" ... written by Sarah
Amazing, strait to the point, honest, felt a real connection to her. Beautiful and comforting." ... written by almedina
Thank you so much Jojochop. You always help my broken heart so much. Love ya! xxoo" ... written by daddychop
Very connected with spirits... very empathic." ... written by twistedkittie42
Such a bright light! Crazy accurate but allows me to focus on co creating my life rather than hard, fast Outcomes. Love her!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thanks jo" ... written by wendy
Such a wonderful help... I needed to hear what she had to say, she gave me hope." ... written by Susan King
Wow!!! Great Read!!! I pray all will happen for me. What a good feeling. Very direct, quick and to the point. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Jo keeps it straight 100.. She connects so fast and so well it's really refreshing to have someone tell you the honest truth to help you grow as a person. I am very grateful for her telling me what I needed to hear and have struggled with on deciding because it is best for me in the long run.. Thank you!!!" ... written by angel
Jojo is incredible! Honestly would recommend everyone to her! I can't believe how much she knows. She's to the point and so amazing!!! " ... written by Thisjourney
Oh my god. I love this woman so much. She is AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by Lisa
I love this lady i just love her I never have the money but I make the sacrifice for her. She really is that good." ... written by me
COMPLETELY ACCURATE!!!!! Amazing psychic abilities. So happy I came to her. She's beautiful in every way! Thank you so much Joanna!" ... written by Lisa
Nice reading! Thank you!" ... written by Surfryder
Totally connected, great insights. Very loving. Five stars." ... written by iris
jo jo is always spot on in every way and also malti-dimensionally to very very good reader" ... written by smurfgiant
Wow, wow! Thank you Joanna! " ... written by cheetahbaby
AMAZZZZZZZZZZING!! 5 freaking stars. This lady is incredible. There are some psychics on this site that are not at all the real deal. She is. I'm absolutely blown away. Blown away. I think I am tearing up a little bit. Thanks. Joanna. I will be back. " ... written by SKY
Thank you so much, I'll be patient and stay positive. She saw what was going on with my situation. Thanks so much." ... written by fullmoon76
Joanna is fantastic!! She connects so quickly, thoroughly and compassionately. Incredibly accurate and able to read every emotion, thought and circumstance. Simply amazing." ... written by Seeker1200
Joanna is so great, she can connect with whatever it is that you are asking about. It doesn't take her long and she is very accurate. I would recommend her very highly!" ... written by thisjourney
Great talking with Joanna. Love her energy and the information she provides. Very accurate!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
I love her She was spot on with my situation and very accurate! Looking forward to her predictions as I feel they are true and are coming in time frames she has given. She has helped me immensely" ... written by Danielle
I feel positive and energized talking to her. She said a lot of truth about me at present without me having to say anything, and that makes me feel that she is also equally accurate about my future. Overall, I loved her reading." ... written by Tina
Love you jo thanks for everything." ... written by kia
LOVE YOU JOJO!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by Tracy D
jo jo is aways good with her readings and always accurate even in the spiritual side of things, always spot on." ... written by smurfgiant
Shes awesome, just plain awesome. I love her too death. :) " ... written by Miss.K
Oh my God! She really is good. She picked up immediately. Wow!" ... written by Lucidity954
Thank you for the reading hun!" ... written by Sarah
Joanna is amazing, as always. She always brings up the most important messages from my spirit guides and knows exactly what to say. I am always so blown away by her abilities! She is gentle but tells you what you need to hear. " ... written by Thisjourney
Love her updates!!! Jojo is the best and always has positive energy to give! Thanks!" ... written by amoura88
Love her... Connected in truth!" ... written by Danielle
OMG Just absolutely love her!! I just love her direct approach. She really is in tuned with me and my situation and able to sense how I feel." ... written by godsangels
Love her!! She is very good. Can't wait until I come back. " ... written by Lee
Thank you so much again! You tap into everything so wonderfully and really help me see things more clearly. Will check back in soon for more guidance and clarity! :) Take care!" ... written by Bethany
Thank youuuuu! xoxo" ... written by 1122
Great follow up! Spot on as usual. Will be back." ... written by boru
She is the best!!! Love speaking with Joanna. Great energy! :)" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Great reading as always!" ... written by boru
Blown away by her accurate reading.....she feels your energy and picks up so many details..........her advise is great and helps you understand yourself in the context." ... written by Haildy
She is awesome and accurate in everything. Highly recommend" ... written by Danielle
Off the charts stellar. She is the real deal with such compassion, humor and wisdom. Very powerful intuition. Huge thank you! 10 stars!" ... written by questionlove2
I just love her she is the most accurate psychic I have encountered. She always makes me feel better after talking to her because she is so honest." ... written by gagirl31
Amazing! Spot on and straight to the point. Highly recommended!" ... written by Anna
Very accurate! :) wonderful first reading" ... written by Dolly1234
Jojo is so awesome she is always spot on in every way." ... written by smurfgiant
Jojo is great as always.. :) Love her. " ... written by miss.K
VERY AMAZING." ... written by ERICA
thank you jojoo!" ... written by Chris
Helped calm my fear, gave me hope when I needed it." ... written by pinkpather30
I love jojo. She da bomb!" ... written by Chris
Always on point." ... written by kia
Thank you sweetheart." ... written by Sarah
I love jojo, she is so awesome !!" ... written by Chris
Thanks for your reading, I'll stay positive." ... written by fullmoon76
Didn't have to say anything - she immediately picked up on me and the energy with me and my loved one. She's awesome! And does video so response is immediate instead of waiting for her to type." ... written by ohyikes
Wow!!! Great Read in a short time. She is simply marvelous! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Great Reading !! Very reassuring .I always come see Jojo for the real truth. I definitely would recommend her she keeps it 100 %" ... written by godsangels
Thanks for the update. Joanna is always great to talk to and very uplifting." ... written by Ladydeeva888
Jojo is always so good with every reading she does, she is well worth the money." ... written by smurfgiant
Jojo is incredible! She knows exactly what to say and is a true teacher. I appreciate her dearly!" ... written by thisjourney
Really great, I love Jojo! Her energy da bomb!" ... written by Chris
Very accurate reading very connected" ... written by twistedkittie42
Thank you for your insightful reaidng!) I really needed it. God bless!)" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Awesome!" ... written by Danielle
Beautiful reading enlightening. " ... written by queen
What I needed to hear.... thank you so much! :').... and I know I need to work on myself." ... written by Christal
Wow!!! Great read as always. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
I love Jojo! Thank you so much !" ... written by fullmoon76
Jojo is incredible, honestly, I would recommend her to everyone! " ... written by thisjourney
It's between me andamp; JO JO! She's da Bomb!" ... written by Surfryder
She rocks!" ... written by Danielle
My second of the day, because I was feeling distraught, was with Joanna or JoJo. She does not use cards. But she seemed to really tap into me andamp; what is going on. Even though I know it is a rocky future, with many changes happening there is light and it calmed me completely. Which I needed to refocus my energies So I am very grateful.. " ... written by livlaura
Another good update!" ... written by amoura88
LOVE It, great reading!" ... written by sarah
Awesome reading!" ... written by sarah
She is Amazing and has always been right about me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Sm
She's awesome. I love jojo!" ... written by Chris07291992
Wow!! Great reading!! Loved her energy, and connected soo fast!!" ... written by Krissy
As always, so fantastic and full of light and hope!" ... written by coyoteroper
Love you Jojo, you are the best!!" ... written by daddychop
AMAZING!" ... written by thisjourney
Excellent!" ... written by thisjourney
Thanks again!" ... written by gforce
Thanks." ... written by gforce
Thank you Jo i really wanna thank you for this. You open my eyes " ... written by fallingstrs
LOVE YOU." ... written by Pinky
Thanks!" ... written by gforce
Wow! Great read!! I am happy with my answers, and will proceed to the next step. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Jojo always has the most amazing advice, she can read me like a book without me telling her anything! It's amazing!" ... written by thisjourney
Thanks, good clarification!" ... written by gforce
Lovely reading. FOCUS I will focus." ... written by sarah
She is a awesome person and very accurate. " ... written by gagirl31
Jo is the best, her heart is true and full of love, she is accurate and insightful, she is all that is good in people. I would love to have her in my life daily. I wish her the type of life she try's to help us all have. She is truly one of Gods blessings to this time on earth. Do yourself a favor and bless yourself with a private reading with her. She is my role model and spiritual guide. Lots of love and light JO JO, you are a living godess." ... written by Robin
Great to get an update for Joanna, she is wonderful. :)" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Jojo is always good with her readings every time, and she is well worth the money." ... written by smurfgiant
LoVE HER SOOOO MUCH!" ... written by Pinky
Jo is always good and weell worth the time and the money" ... written by smurfgiant
Really liked her ... excellent reader and accurate!" ... written by Ann
Fantastic!!!!!! Very tuned in" ... written by Sue
She is good, really really good!" ... written by poppedtart
Jo Jo is always good with her readings always, there is never a bad reading from Jo Jo, as she is very good, well worth the time........" ... written by smurfgiant
She is always right... predictions, ect... she has the gift... just speechless... Thanks Joana!" ... written by ray
She is amazing!! The best!!!!" ... written by wendybb0880
A lot of what she saw just through the reading was right on." ... written by Joanna
Great reading as always! Very helpful." ... written by boru
She is awesome and a great reader my must see." ... written by pixiecandi
Great as always! Very insightful." ... written by boru
Great as usual, love her as usual! " ... written by SM
Thanks for the forecast and kind words." ... written by gforce
Thanks!" ... written by fallingstrs
Wow!! Great read, JoJo. You know how to be direct, and so kind. 5 stars. Thank you." ... written by Martank
She is absolutely wonderful words cannot express this womens gifts and her energy. She is funny and brings laughter to your heart. She is honest and compassionate and always right on target. A must for a reading." ... written by Pammy826
Jojo is wonderful!!!!" ... written by april
Wonderful reading, really knows her stuff" ... written by A
Amazing reading thank you for finding my wallet!" ... written by Sarah
Wow! She makes you feel good. Very honest. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Great as always Jojo!" ... written by boru
She's a trip OMG." ... written by vago
Great reading! Jojo is always very helpful with her predictions." ... written by boru
Jojo always knows!" ... written by thisjourney
She is awesome" ... written by Pammy826
Thanks for the quick opinion." ... written by gforce
Hit right on before I could give her the name she wanted." ... written by luvu
Thanks for the frankness!" ... written by gforce
She definitely gave me a lot to think about. Time will tell if the signs happen not. " ... written by PrincessChi
Thanks, Joanna, love talking with her! She is wonderful!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Excellent very in tune to my situation and confirmation was right on time. Thank you!" ... written by Ms G
Jojo is always amazing." ... written by thisjourney
She's amazing! Love coming into her room." ... written by Chris07291992
Jojo knows! She's incredible. " ... written by thisjourney
She is absolutely amazing!" ... written by Pinky
Great psychic. One of the best on this site if not the best. A bit expensive, but totally worth every penny." ... written by orbt
Thank you for the reading, blessings." ... written by fullmoon76
Wow!! JoJo does a great job. Direct and very caring. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Luv you jojo! :)" ... written by tracy
Wow!! She makes sense of things that helps ease your anxiety. Great read. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you again for your reading! God bless, Rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
I love her she is the best psychic on here and I would recommend her to anyone her predictions are real." ... written by gagirl31
Amazing. She saw very clearly right into my situation and gave me some very valuable advice. Highly satisfied and very grateful." ... written by DsDeb04
I love her, she is awesome." ... written by gagirl31
Very nice, honest and kind, tells things as she sees them does not sugercoat, very awesome reading." ... written by cf
Thanks jo jo, I am so scared about what the doctor is going to say!! ;/" ... written by Surfryder
Wow!!! Great read, I feel better! JoJo you're great. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Jojo is amazing as always. The best." ... written by dan
JoJo is the best on oranum! If you want someone honest and truthful go to JoJo." ... written by heartwings
Thanks for the quick assurance" ... written by gforce
She knows what aspect of question i want to ask and knows what kind of person I am, she made me open my eyes and as she talks it like she was healing my soul :)" ... written by angel18wings
Thank you joanna for telling me what i needed to know. You always know exactly what the root to my problems are without me having to say anything. That's what i like about you. down to the point. You're very helpful." ... written by melissa
Great advice and amazing way of tapping into the issue!" ... written by agablue
Wow!!! She knows how to calm you down, and get to the root of the problem. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Very insightful. I enjoyed talking to her and feel she gave me good advice. Thanks!" ... written by rose423
Great reading with Jojo. I wish I had more time of course. She truly picked up on my current situation by sensing my energy. Will come..." ... written by godsangels
Great advice." ... written by Paul
Love her she is awesome always makes me feel better." ... written by gagirl 31
I love jojo such a sweetheart" ... written by Chris
Thank you hun, you're wonderful!" ... written by Sarah
Wow!!! Great read! Great information, and direction. She is very caring, and gives good advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow wow wow, so accurate and spot on!!! I just love her! Thank you Jojo! :)" ... written by marie5290
Very quick xx and loving energy " ... written by mahi
Lot of information to take holy. Should have written it down..." ... written by huorAncalime
By far the most amazing reading I have received on Oranum ever. Joanna is the real deal." ... written by Pete
I love this lady with all mu heart she is the real thing please use her abilities she is a gift to this world ." ... written by robin
Wow!!! Great Read! She listens to you well, and gives great insight! She brings on the calming effect. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow! Great read as always. Good insight. She is always helpful. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Jojo is wonderful as always connected to me immediately :) I love her to pieces. " ... written by Miss.K
She is very accurate and connects quickly. good reader." ... written by Dreamermidnight
Even before I can even speak she knew what I wanted to ask... She surprises me every single time we get a reading. I love JOJO, she is honest and veryyyyyyyy accurate to nth power." ... written by wendy
Very insightful! Gave me great advice and hope for the future. " ... written by musha1
Jojo was right her prediction came true. :)))" ... written by Zee125
Wow!!! Direct and to the point. Great Read! 5 stars" ... written by Martank
Jo is my angel, she is so good! Please use her and you will see what I mean!" ... written by robin
Love you girl!" ... written by sarah
Wow!!! JoJo, you are on target. direct and with great advice! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I am stunned - Joanna is truly gifted. Without saying a word, and using no tools, she picked up immediately on my situations ...without even mentioning the topics. She made some lovely predictions, which make sense given my specific situation. I look forward to them unfolding. Thank you and God Bless you dear Joanna. Love xx" ... written by Globe
Wow again, thank you Joanna, I got chills. 110% trust I this woman. She is never wrong about anything!" ... written by Pete
Love this hun, you're amazing at what you do. Make me feel at ease I'll be more positive. Thank you again sweet girl!" ... written by sarah
love love her updates" ... written by amoura88
I was struggling with a decision and Jojo helped me to restore more calmness and I was able to make my decision today and I believe i made the right one thanks to her." ... written by godsangels
Joanna is the best. So glad I found her. She is the best life coach I've ever run into!" ... written by Pte
Jojo thanks, I will stop worrying!" ... written by gforce
Another great follow up with Joanna!" ... written by Pete
Great to get a 2014 update from Joanna. :)" ... written by Ladydeeva888
Thank you xoxo" ... written by 1122
Jo is truly an angel. She helped me so much tonight and was spot on with everything going on with me. I needed to hear everything she had to say, she affirmed a lot of things that I had been sensing but didn't trust myself. Thanks again Jo, you are such a blessing." ... written by April
thanks jojo. Luv you for everything and then some !" ... written by Tracy
Joanna is fantastic!! She always gets me to see what is really going on and she goes so much deeper into the reality of the situation. I'm always amazed at how much clarity I get from her readings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Wow!!! Great read!! New Information. 5 stars. She knows how to get news. Always a pleasure." ... written by Martank
Great!" ... written by Bridgette
Joanna Bo Banana, Really whats to say ? Enjoy she's Awesome! Thanks jo jo" ... written by Surfryder
very interesting " ... written by do be do
I simply love her and the way she feels everything and knows everything.. Omg, that is just amazing.... In the last reading we had she said HE was gonna call me on Wednesday...and he did and he wanted to see me..i was just astonished!!! That is just one tiny part of what she does for you...she gives you good and sound advice....helps you put yourself first which is the most important thing.. Unbelievable....Just perfect in what she is doing...helping.... Don't go anyway Jo Jo, people need you here. :)))....." ... written by Sanja
Wow!! She knows how to make you calm down. Very direct as well. She's great! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Jo not only has wisdom but she is sooo compassionate and supportive . Please do yourself a favor and consult her once she is the best person on here and the best person I know period . All my love and light Jo " ... written by robin
very sweet and a comfort. thanks." ... written by ll
Love Joanna's updates... especially when she calls me out haha. She's the best!" ... written by Pete
really great, awesome...insightful read. will be back for sure -- thanks so very much!!" ... written by emily
Awesome" ... written by Tiff
Joanna is hands down the best. Always accurate always on point and damn quick! Thanks Jojo and we will see what happens with the new gal." ... written by Pete
Wow!!! Great Read!! She knows how to calm you down. Great energy. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
Love her so much. Very helpful" ... written by Chris
Great!" ... written by sarah
It was awesome." ... written by sarahh
Love you!!!!" ... written by sarah
Thank you for your love, patience, humor, and honesty. I value your feedback and character. I really have the most respect for you because you know what to tell me. Help me and really get a hold of your client's attention when needed. Much appreciated," ... written by Sarah
Good reading!" ... written by ray mama
Wow!!! Great Read!! Joanna, is great! Always willing to guide you through your problems. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Jojo thanks" ... written by gforce
Thanks Joanna, Wow, My first tiny private and the first of many. Without explaining you got my situation and how i should respond to it. Bless you" ... written by Ted
Great reading, love her down to earth attitude. I see good energy with her as well. Ty so much I look forward to another reading. Love and light" ... written by Pld
I love her" ... written by Tiff
very good" ... written by Stacy
Very right on" ... written by stacy
thank you bless you Hun!" ... written by sarah
Very helpful. Seems like time fly by. " ... written by Ticarus
Jojo is amazing and I can't say enough about how wonderful of a talent she is. I'm so happy I have found her!" ... written by Pete
I simply love her and she is the best. Man, how she connects and tells you how it is completely unbelievable and unreal sometimes.. I wish I could spend more time with her..she is one of the kind..." ... written by Sanja
Joanna psychic is a great psychic and beautiful person. 5 star person thank you joaana" ... written by barbara
I love Jo, she is so positive and helpful in every way......." ... written by sbakng
Joanna is great!!! That is all I can say :)" ... written by KC
Awesome." ... written by Tiff
Awesome" ... written by Tiff
She's excellent." ... written by Tiff
Love, love, love this woman! Very accurate and quick to the punch. Did not waste one second. Dug in and dug in fast. Enlightened me with the things that I was asking about and beyond. Thank you so so so much Joanna =)" ... written by Jennifer
She was excellent" ... written by tiff
As always, a great reading." ... written by Itwillbeok
Wow!! Great read! Important information. A pleasure, and knows how to help you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Jo is the best on here by a mile and after a couple of sessions its like she is part of you ! Truly a gift from god !" ... written by robin
Thank you." ... written by tanum
Joanna is amazing. One of the best life coaches I could ever ask for. I keep telling her this girl is my godsend, but Joanna is definitely a Godsend. Great gift and clear visions." ... written by Pete
Amazing, 5040303030 stars, you really get me you know. Can't ask for a better psychic!" ... written by Sarah
Accurate and to the point as always! Thank you!" ... written by always
Wow!! Nice Reading!! She is always very encouraging. A pleasure. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
Thanks, jojo." ... written by gsx
Thank you and to the point and direct as I wanted." ... written by dan
Thank you!!!!!JOOOO" ... written by sarah
Joanna is the best, can't stop raving about her readings. Can't wait for the middle of next week." ... written by Pete
She started to passing on messages from spirits and they were sooo spot on and pin pointed. It was amazing to see that she kept flowing with the information! She is definitely the one of the most spiritually gifted psychic around. Incredible talent!" ... written by P
million stars as always :-) thanks" ... written by fullmoon76
Jo thanks again that was very helpful." ... written by robin
Beautiful reading thank you darling!" ... written by Sarah
she's great.. excellent reading.. " ... written by sarah...
Good." ... written by sarsarah
She is awesome! :) Will go back to her see again." ... written by pixie
Thanks again!" ... written by gsx
Thank you, it's hard." ... written by gsx
awesome" ... written by mark
awesome " ... written by mfurney
Great reading as always!" ... written by boru
I love this woman. " ... written by robin
Wow!! Great Read! She is so good, and on point. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks, slightly interrupted but good session!" ... written by gsx
I love jojo so great!" ... written by Chris
love jojo" ... written by Chris
Great! Thx!" ... written by Lisa
Another good update :)." ... written by amoura88
First time reading with her and she was extremely accurate. She understood the situation and to keep in track asked for clarity. She is very genuine and we connected well =) Would highly recommend her!" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Jo is always great..everything that she says always comes to past.. and she's very honest.. Always." ... written by sarah...
Excellent as usual." ... written by ladydeeva888
wow very great reading with jojo:) ty soo much" ... written by marie5290
I would be lost without her guidance . I cant recommend her enough she is the closet thing to a living angel on this planet please take advantage of her when she is on you will never regret it " ... written by robin
Thank you I needed this advice" ... written by Sarah
Thank you" ... written by AZ
Love her she is awesome" ... written by gagirl31
One of the best readings I've ever had! I love her personality and honest insight and answers. She knew exactly what was happening in my life and knew to next steps to take. 5 stars! :) " ... written by Sophia
Wow, Joanna has such great energy and it kept the reading fun and informative. She has this positivity about her that when she told me things I was confident in what she was saying. This was an outstanding reading with great insight and intuitive information and she didn't ask anything of me to get started. She just dove right in and answered everything I needed answered. I will keep in touch and let you know how things turn out. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Wow! Great Read!! Very Deep in her readings. a pleasure always. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
She is realistic and funny. .Love her Thank you Joanna.. Good reading.." ... written by sunshinec
As always, Joanne is a calming voice in my life. She sees the truth and always gives good guidance." ... written by itwillbeok
What would I do without Jo Jo... she is incredible...she is so real and honest and warm-hearted.. I love her and i am really glad i met her... she makes my worries go away in a sec...i trust her a lot, she has always been precise and correct about everything...such a great person, adviser, friend... Thank you!" ... written by SM
Very nice lady!! She's really sweet!" ... written by BROWNIE
Thank you hun." ... written by Sarah
great" ... written by S
She was very good. Picked up on things immediately. I look forward to the next couple of months. =) Highly recommed her. " ... written by Diane
Joanna is a very accurate and beautiful reader! She is very professional and always tells you with full honesty what is going on with care. She is very detailed and excellent with picking up emotions and vibes. I would definitely read with her again =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
She was spot on. I enjoyed the reading. Wish I could have talked to her longer!" ... written by Jessica
Thanks for the quick advice" ... written by gsx
WOWOWOWOWOw!! Joanna, Omg, I didn't even ask and she already knew my question. We haven't had privates before, so it was very impressive...She is the real deal. Please take her if u need mind clarity. Joanna, once again thank you!!" ... written by angelgirl
As if she could read my mind. Very truthful and pleasant. Very easy to converse/text with." ... written by Deborah Paris
Very very good!" ... written by Stacy R
Jojo always has great advice! She's a fast and genuine reader. " ... written by thisjourney
Wow!! Great read!!! Great details! She's awesome! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I love her readings. She is so clear." ... written by NoNAme
Joanna123 is the real deal. period. she connects fast, to the point, like it or not. she tells you what you need to know not what you want to here shes the best, what else is there to say, if you want the truth shes the one. great reading i will be back for sure no question. thank you and god bless you :))" ... written by pauly61
Wonderful person and advisor. Great psychic and beautiful human being. thank you " ... written by barbara
Jo I love you man you are the best." ... written by robin
Thank you insightful :)" ... written by SARAH
5 stars as always. goes right to the point. Thanks jojo" ... written by fullmoon76
I love her, she is so direct and right on. Very gifted, direct and to the point. Loved it!!! Ty sister. I will heed your advice as well. Blessings." ... written by Pam
Thank you Hun!!" ... written by sarah
awesome unique reading thank u" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
wow she is brilliant. wish I could afford more time with her. This is crazy. She knew names xx" ... written by SA
Jo Jo is great and I have much respect for her" ... written by Wing556
she has just walked me through a mine field and I still have 2 legs she is simply the most sincere and truthful lady I know thank you Jo all my love all my light " ... written by robin
She is always wonderful accurate. " ... written by spiritualgirl2
I love Joanna! She is gifted, knows everything. Well worth money spent. I am always coming back! thank you....great!!" ... written by SM
another fantastic session" ... written by robin
This psychic tells me like it is. She blunt honest and she cares about her clients. That's why I love her!" ... written by SArah
I like talking to her because she is so straight to the point. Thanks so much for the insight! " ... written by Lisa
She seems very connected. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
seemed amazing" ... written by Sparkle Pony
very very good" ... written by Stacy R
Thanks, I will heed your advice." ... written by gsx
Wow!!! I am happy. Great Read! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
WOW never have I had anyone be so on point... It was a blessing to have experienced a reading from Joanna123. I will listen to her advice and trust in all that she spoke. Truly guidance." ... written by tat
Oh my thank you Hun great reading!" ... written by Sarah
Such a motivator! She nailed it right on the head. . . and even told me about my grandma and nailed it! thank you" ... written by Blonde
great reading" ... written by apple
awesome person. awesome reader. have read with her a few times" ... written by ps
she always goes to the point no need to ask a question. Love you jojo. Thank you very much" ... written by fullmoon76
jo is direct and accurate hets to the point and really helps " ... written by Robin
love her" ... written by Mary
Wow!!!! Great read!! Very enjoyable. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
thanks, nothing to worry about" ... written by gsx
thanks girl" ... written by wendy
great reading!" ... written by apple
she is awesome" ... written by Danielle
wonderful" ... written by Stacy R
Thank you for the advice" ... written by Krista Elliott
Thank you." ... written by sarah
Brilliant. Absolutely adore this woman. Spot on and wise beyond words" ... written by freespiritwave2
loved her " ... written by tony
thanks, i will give a quick reply" ... written by gsx
she gave me a lot of information about who my spirit guys are. Joanna has definitely given me hope, and assurance that i am protected as well as loved." ... written by Leigha
Wow!!! Great read!!! Very pleasant. Good information to use. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
luv u jo :) ♥" ... written by Tracy
Very nice lady. I would recommend a reading for anyone. Thanks for a woderful reading." ... written by angloThai
My 1st read with her was awesome.. :)" ... written by NcMtn Angel (Rebecca)
she is so good its not normal please use Jo if you want to refocus on a better life she infects you with postiveness and love . its all very sincere " ... written by robin
great reading" ... written by apple
Bam. She was right on. Made me feel as though I am making the right decisions before I even told her what was going on. Validated my life. " ... written by Summer
Awesome reading. I was feeling a little distraught about my relationship and Joanne was able to tap into it quickly and reassure me that things are on the right track. She provided me lots of insight, details, and a timeline of things to occur. Truly fantastic, so honest and confident in her readings!" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks Joanna. Confirmed what I felt." ... written by Ladydeeva888
Awesome reading.. really connected to my life force and my past loved ones.. gave some wonderful messages! ty so much Joanna!! " ... written by Lynda22
she is the best " ... written by angie
still the best thank you jo you are my treasure " ... written by robin
Wow!!! Great Read!!! She tells it like it is. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
great reading" ... written by robn
Joanna was straight to the point and great!" ... written by luckystar5
Picked up my whole life without even telling her my real name. SO awesome real psychic must recommend." ... written by xLostinEchox
She's top top top reader here. She is amazing. Connects with spirit -- and she just tells you what's going on CLEARLY. Great stuff." ... written by Ahz
Really, she has the inside scoop on what is going on and why. If you want truthful and accurate answers to your situation and questions, see Joanne, she will not disappoint. Fantastic as usual. I'll be back when I can spend more time!" ... written by Jennifer
you make me laugh hahahaha thanks jo " ... written by wendy
jojo confirmed what i was thinking about in all areas she is the best....xoxo " ... written by frizz
Good reading, picked up a lot of things. Great advice and will def follow it and will contact again. thanks " ... written by Bella
thank you joanna for giving me good advice and providing me with clarity. and giving me guidance of what to follow by and what not to do. i needed to hear that" ... written by melissa
Reading was perfect. Thanks again." ... written by Reggie
She was amazing!!" ... written by Cheryl
Awesome as always." ... written by xLostinEchox
Very enjoyable - she seems bang on!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you" ... written by Sarah
Wow!!! Great read! 5 stars. Joanna does a fantastic job!!" ... written by Martank
Wow!! Just great! Fantastic information from this reading. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
thank you so much for connecting me with my mom...everything you said was true...thank u " ... written by yaneira
I will check with them next week also look for new openings also talk with the professors lets see what i get. Thanks again Joanna i will keep you posted :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
Adore her!" ... written by Blonde
Helping me get through like always." ... written by xLostinEchox
Joanna is wonderful, so intuitive and insightful. She has the answers and really good details into things. I love to read with her because she is super confident in what she tells me and her accuracy is astounding. One of the few truly gifted and talented advisors here. Make no mistake, she will tell you the truth in a kind way and she has the answers you are looking for. She will not disappoint. I am looking forward to things getting better and better and will be back to tell you all the things you told me are coming true! Love ya." ... written by Jennifer
Eye opener! " ... written by SM
Omg wow this reading was intense!!!!" ... written by sarah
Ripping up the waves! " ... written by Surfryder
Thanks for helping me through the tough times." ... written by xLostinEchox
Jo jo gave me an update thanks!" ... written by Surfryder
Wow!! Great read!! Amazing information. Sometimes it is unbelievable. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
absolutely amazing and very blessed in her gifts!!! thank you for the looking up for me!!! connections with you always put me at ease. thank you to the beyond" ... written by misty
Awesome!" ... written by xLostinEchox
YOu are amazing....thank you! I know its been awhile, but i know you right! xoxo" ... written by heather
Wow! Great read! Amazing information. Always sweet. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Joanna is wonderful and insightful, with great compassion and gives great advice.. Highly recommend her to help with anything! " ... written by Lynda22
excellent reading... thank you so every much" ... written by erini
Wow!! More amazing information I wasn't ready to hear. But it is all good. Very Direct. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I ran out of time but could have talked with Joanna for hours. she is truly gifted and as real and amazing as can be. " ... written by bridget
Thank you" ... written by SARAh
Wow!!! Great read!!! So direct with care for you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you for another insightful reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thanks for helping me like always!" ... written by xLostinEchox
Excellent as always." ... written by boru
Great reading as always! Thanks Jojo." ... written by boru
I luv Joanna. She is so good and point on. I give her five stars all the time. " ... written by Lisa
thanks jo " ... written by me again
joanna gave me alot of comfort when i needed it. she helped me see the good in my decisions and that im going on the right path to make myself happy. thank you joanna for the reading :)" ... written by melissa
Wow! Great read. She really cares about your situation. She is always refreshing. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great reading! Gave me chills. Yes, her past readings have been accurate so far. " ... written by jennisregistered
Thank you Hun you cheer me up." ... written by Sarah
Very sweet and genuine. I have chills from our private reading." ... written by Amy
Always a wonderful reading with Joanna. She is insightful, detailed, and truthful. Just love her. Thank you my dear!" ... written by Jennifer
LOVE Joanna. She's just so great - clear, connected, quick. She's the real deal." ... written by Ahz
Wow!! Great read!! She knows how to talk to you when you need help. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I love jojo." ... written by Chris
Amaazingg!! she makes me feel better everytime I talk to her. She has this calming effect on people" ... written by Sara
Right on!" ... written by Dina
joanna was very helpful to this situation that my loved one is currently facing and seeking joanna for advice and insight to what is going on helped me a lot to know how to help her :) thanks joanna" ... written by melissa
Thank you" ... written by Sarah
Outstanding. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
she tuned in very quickly unbelievable im shocked very accurate too" ... written by Teetee
Thanks. " ... written by Thanks
She was dead on. Thanks. Lisa " ... written by Lisa
Wow!!! Great read!!! Joanna is so good. Right on target. You can not go wrong with her! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Amazing !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Great Read!!! She knows how to guide you, and gives great advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great follow up, validated a lot of what I'm going through now. " ... written by Pete
Nail on the head." ... written by bridgette
Wow! Great read! She knows how to help you, and guide you. I recommend her for any issues. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She has innate way of describing the future....and when she does you will understand " ... written by FP
Jo is awesome! I will definitely be back Jo!" ... written by April
Wow!!! Sometimes you get surprises from her. This was amazing!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Love her she is awesome and real." ... written by gagirl31
Thanks jo.. epic this time" ... written by tracy d
Great Read!!! I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE FOR MOM!! Thank you Joanna. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Awesome job" ... written by Mike0825
OMG, she is one of the best Phychics everrrr!!! LOL Joanna makes u feel super comfortable, and she will tell u what you need to know, or what the spirits want u to know. No sugar coating. 100/100!! " ... written by super_angel
joanna really made me feel good about myself and i really believe she has a true gift!! shes down to earth, straight forward, honest and shows compassion during free chat and especially during private readings. thank you joanna :) your a blessing" ... written by melissa
Always fantastic, intuitive, informative, and truthful. Joanna gives things to look for and prepares me for things that may be coming up. She is accurate, kind, and combination of attributes an advisor can have, she is the real deal and will give you the answers you seek. Thanks you, much love!" ... written by Jennifer
connected immediately.. wonderful advice..." ... written by jc
Wow!! Another great reading. I recommend her for any problems you may have. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! I am so full of emotion. Great read!! She's fantastic!!! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Jo Jo is fast and accurate!!" ... written by SS
Thank you" ... written by sarah
Great reading, thanks for your advice and love from your spirit. :)" ... written by Sarah
Wow, great read. More information. You can't go wrong with Joanna. She is one of the best!!!. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you Jojo, as always, right to the point :-) love you" ... written by fullmoon76
Simply fantastic! I don't know what else to say, Joanna is my rock. Love you Lady!" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks joanna will keep u posted." ... written by xLostinEchox
OMG JOANNA, you were dead on with your prediction about being careful backing up while driving. God, help me. Thank you again for letting me know about further predictions. I know they will come true because you are real and demonstrate your gift of claravoiyant and visions. Thank you and bless you. My number one psychic on Oranum. Chose her today!" ... written by Sarah
Jojo is great as always always right on top of things. :) I love her to pieces. take her away to a private I highly recommend her. :) " ... written by Miss.K
I love you so much the first time i have ever been able to connect with the best medium psychic on oranum" ... written by jody
Real deal medium. Picked up on a friend who passed with details on his initial and how he passed and some messages. I really love this lady. She is so kind." ... written by sylvestri
great reading loved it " ... written by renata
thanks you. very helpful" ... written by Krista
Wow!!! Great read!!! So very helpful!! Fantastic!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
lovely lady ... conected right away. will definetly come back " ... written by gioconda
Expensive but straight to the point and bang on. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading" ... written by Sarah
omg, she was so awesome..tottallllyy nailed this person" ... written by katy
Wow!!! Great read!!! She knows how to guide you. I recommend her highly. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!! Great read!!! She knows how to help you. Guides you to your right path. You won't regret her readings. So on target. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
holy moly! joanna is amazing!!! I just got the most amazing reading you could think of...will definitely come back again! thank you so muchhh" ... written by 5-29
what an amazing woman" ... written by kels
love her readings " ... written by renata
Thank you great reading, helpful in finding the one that might be possibly a sole mate" ... written by Sarah
Wow!!! Great read!!! So helpful. She is able to guide you. She puts so much care in her readings. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you Jo for your kind words, when ever I'm losing hope you give me reason to fight for my soul." ... written by Tat
Great reading. Omg she even pulled out a name of someone that I had never mentioned. Very impressive. Thanks again :)" ... written by godsangels
Great reading" ... written by SArah
Jo is an Angel! Thank you so much!" ... written by April
Wow!!! Great read!! Very interesting information. She guides you on your path. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
This is my 3rd reading with Joanna. She always tells me how it is no matter if it's good or bad, which I appreciate! She connects very quickly and is very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
I came back for a follow up reading to hear more accurate descriptions of what will happen in my future. Thanks so much for your encouragement! She also picked up on my deceased grandfather and relayed messages from him." ... written by cherryblossom10
Joanna is amazing....she has connected with me so deeply that I feel her energy. I know that her guidance will help me become a stronger person." ... written by twinkee344
Hey thank you" ... written by sarah
Wow!!! That was some read!!! So Nice. Great advice, and with total care from her. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
thanks jojo as always a million stars" ... written by fullmoon76
Wow! Great read as always. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
OMG OMG AMAZING!!! out of this world" ... written by Kyla
On point as always! Super accurate." ... written by cherryblossom10
Wow! Great read!! Thanks for putting me at ease. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Jojo never ceases to amaze me!" ... written by Pete
Direct and honest" ... written by Venus
Thank you so much. You are wonderful." ... written by Lisa Smith
Joanna is simply the best.. thanks so much for your compassion and clarivoyance.. really needed your conformation.. Highly recommend Joanna.. blessings!!!" ... written by Lynda22
Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
saw her again and just as good! She picked up my energy sooo well" ... written by Kyla
Wow!!! Great read!!! Joanna knows how to guide you. She is great on details. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
she uses no tools and reads the situation like a book" ... written by rach
Thank you! tells it like it is no matter what. Picked up on everything!!" ... written by Blonde
jo always knows the truth! even with little info. she dont need that ,she picks up what you feel and whats going on before you even have to say anything. shes strong gifted and very true to her words" ... written by melissa
She's great. tuned into me right away with no info." ... written by wren1414
Wow!! Great read!! Lots of information. She guides you very well. I recommend her strongly. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
truly a gifted individual!!! You need not look further if you want the truth!! Thank you so much JoJo for entering my life during this phase." ... written by jc
Very sweet and kind person. Amazed at what she picked up on." ... written by Amy
Amazing, confirmed an inner message in my head the last few days. Thought i was having delusional thoughts. " ... written by Paul
awesome" ... written by davyboii
wish i wouldn't have ran out of time!!! she had a lot to tell me and not enough time, but what she did tell me was totally right and she knew the situation completely" ... written by caln8r
always good readings " ... written by renata
She is amazing " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Amazing " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Wow!! Great read!! Highly recommend her. You won't be sorry. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great Read!!! Wow!! Very detailed. Honest. Recommend her highly. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
WELL SHE TELLS YOU THE TRUTH:)" ... written by just me
WOW! Joanna is great! Fast and really really pinned down the last few year of my life (pure hell)..." ... written by donna
thanks jojo, love you" ... written by fullmoon76
Wow amazing! awesome reading thank you so very much!!!" ... written by Katie
Thank you love" ... written by Sarah
Great reading, havent had one for a is worth it...thank you" ... written by S
Wow!! Great read!!! I highly recommend her in the strongest way. She is able to guide you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!!Great read!! Detailed, helpful, on target. full of information. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Excellent connection, thank you you're wonderful" ... written by Beloved1
thank you" ... written by Sarah
I always go back to her for the updates!! She is excellent!! People she is the real deal!! She will tell you what the spirits need to tell ya, not what you want to hear, but what is there for you in your pathway... That has been my experience with JoJo, and her readings have changed my life!! I can truly say that she is one of the best psychic mediums in Oranum! Thank You!! :)" ... written by Super_angel
Thank you great reading lesson learned" ... written by Sarah
Wow! Great read. Plenty of information to use. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
WOWWOWOWOW! she is amazing!!! Love JOJO and her predictions! Thanks!!" ... written by supergirl
Was very good! i got to hear from someone i really needed to hear from!" ... written by Angel Denner
I love her she is honest and accurate." ... written by Kayla
love her updates!!! " ... written by amoura88
Wow! Great Read. She gives great details, and up front about issues. She knows how to guide you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I love her!! my first time but I am really in love with her sweet energy.. very real!! Go Joanna!!" ... written by naz
I enjoyed our reading very intuitive and is very personable. I enjoy my dialogues with her and she has a lot to say and gets right to the point. Everyone should give her a try. You will not regret having a session with this fine lady! :)" ... written by Sarah
Jo has been my go to person for a year. I absolutely can trust what she says. She is highly accurate and has become a trusted advisor. Love her!" ... written by spiritualgirl2
She is so fabulous and so accurate. Well worth every penny!!" ... written by Joanna
wow that was a beautiful reading" ... written by vell
Thanks Joanna , awesome lady how can u not love her :)million stars u the best!!!" ... written by Rob
Jojo you always are inspring me you have beautiful energy around you always. I enjoy having you as my psychic and found the reading tonight to be terrific. I feel such clarity after having a reading with you dear. Thank you :) Will see you again soon!" ... written by Sarah
5 stars, always rigth on. love you xxx" ... written by fullmoon76
thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
she is my buddy for a reason thanks jojo for the honesty and the push to do better with my life" ... written by mfurney
love u " ... written by m
I always have good experience with jojo ... and it always seem to come true which i feel good inside knowing. love you jojo thanks again" ... written by stephen seckels
AWESOME " ... written by ROB
Joanna is really, really outstanding in delivering her reading. She doesn't need tool, name, dob, nothing.. she just dived right in and saw things. I really enjoyed my session with her. " ... written by :)
Wow! Great read!!! She's one of the best! Very detailed. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you for everything" ... written by beluved1
Holy cow, she was amazing." ... written by
she was awesome" ... written by :)
oh ms jojo is great" ... written by vell
Awesome reading as always! " ... written by JD
I love this women with all my heart. She sincere and honest and truthful I recommend using her in any situation. She does this because she is passionate about helping people not for money and I am sure she would do this for free before stopping her readings " ... written by robin
was very insightful and to the point.Very quick and detailed.I highly recommend her she was on the money." ... written by Mettlwire
She is amazing." ... written by Sparkle Pony
yes i will do what you said Jo :) thank you U worth million stars just the best!!" ... written by pd
She is awesome. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
thank you so much jojo. Five million stars as always" ... written by fullmoon76
Great as always! Thanks!" ... written by boru
Joanna is seriously the most funniest personable loving woman who gives great advice and clarity to her clients. Become a regular client today! You will be satisfied that you stopped by. :)" ... written by Sarah
It was short - my fault, but very good" ... written by Joanna
great reading " ... written by renata
Ok, Joanna never ceases to amaze me, she made a prediction about me meeting someone, I did, she said spirit is sating the letter B, her name starts with a B. Dead on target as usual! Cha-Ching! Another jojo prediction comes true!" ... written by Pete
Thank you Jo." ... written by pd
Love Joanna, she is a real sweetheart with such an innate way of just knowing what is going on and what will come up. She will give you details and astound you with knowing things. Another fantastic reading, thank you! Hugs" ... written by Jennifer
very good with her connection and making others feel better. " ... written by m
Awesome!!! love her to pieces straight forward honest yet so loving and compassionate. A truely gifted women and enjoy talking with her always." ... written by Pammy826
i love Joanna :) she is truly gifted! you want clarity an guidance come seek that through her" ... written by melissa
another great reading so accurate " ... written by renata
She is an amazing medium and psychic. I love hearing my sister talk through Joanna. It is stunningly beautiful." ... written by ahz
Wow! Great read! Very detailed, and great advice. She's one of the best. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Joanna is amazing. So accurate... Wow." ... written by lovesthesun
Wow! Great read again with more important information you can use. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow! Great read! Always positive and up front with issues. Highly recommended. 5 million stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!! Always a great read. She points out important areas you are concerned about. Fantastic advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
just great readings all the time " ... written by renata
As, usual she is right on tune, with me and my situations." ... written by CHEROKEE
Great reading" ... written by Stephen
She is an excellent reader" ... written by erika
Great reading" ... written by Stephen
I loved talking to her! She is very accurate!! Thank you so much Joanna!!!" ... written by Lulu
Joanna is beyond my expectation!! " ... written by lightstreet
Shes always awesome " ... written by Sparkle Pony
That was amazing and with all the readings we have done I have never experienced the level of vision we shared just now. It was nothing short of a miracle. I watched her transform and channel like I have never seen before with her . She has always been on the mark but this was very spiritual and intense . Thanks . I love this lady " ... written by Robin Harnett
Wow!! Great read! Very interesting information. So cool. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
another update! Thank you you are always great!!" ... written by amoura88
WOW ABSOLUTELY AMAZING READING!!!i am really happy even though i was told a few thing that weren't so good, it was the truth and thats all that matters i'm really happy with how joanna gives such an accurate reading thank you xxx" ... written by lisa
ON THE MONEY!!!! See this lady she is the real deal :) " ... written by divinedaughter
She was wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
great update! " ... written by luckystar5
I'm really impressed. She confirmed what my intuition knew... not exactly what I wanted to hear but the truth... She is sweet and amazing, I was very impressed. And the spiritual connection we had was incredible. Thank you Joanna." ... written by Nathalie
o i love herrrr, so upliftingggg...makes me feeel soo much better...and you know what, she is so right with everything she said...cant believe it..amazing woman! Just amazing" ... written by S
Jo is so wonderful...Thank you for guiding me . will keep u posted..xx" ... written by motherbear
I am stunned. I dont know what to say. She is awesome. She started telling me about my life and was so true. She is truly gifted. Shes super amazing." ... written by meee
What a beautiful lass - such a beautiful and positive energy and light. I'm SO emotional from the reading - inspired, encouraged and uplifted. Have no words to express the full depth of my gratitude x" ... written by sunflowersun
amazing.. simply amazing :)" ... written by anna
She is pure Love please use her for your questions you will never be disappointed " ... written by Robin Harnett
Great update, things previously said are coming to fruition and good outlook on the future. Joanna is really good, she is detailed, honest, no fairy tales with her! Another great reading. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
SHES IS awesome!!!! ....... OMG OMG!! love her, thank you so much Jo oxox" ... written by MYSELF
Always super great !!!" ... written by Ahz
Only person that really could tell me the truth. Thank you for your honesty. Truly gifted" ... written by judi
Whoa... this was one of the most deep, real and truthful readings I've ever had. I'm still wiping the tears away. She really brought the true issue in my situation to light in the most wise, loving, no-nonsense and unexpected way. At the same time tho it spiritually kicked my ass which I needed :) She gives the most empowering guidance. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Amazing as always" ... written by 1122
Goodnight and thank you for a great evening. I will listen" ... written by judi
waw what a great reading " ... written by renata
Jojo you are a good spirit monkey!" ... written by zee
same as always. except she has accented to a new level and her understanding is so much deeper and to the point " ... written by Robin Harnett
Thank you for your honesty" ... written by sunshine
Inspirational and has great guidance in her advice. She really sense a lot of what your situation is and will be upfront and honest in her approach. It definitely is worth seeing her in private because I feel after it that I am motivated and on the right path of moving forward in my life. :)" ... written by Sarah
Thank you so much . your are always spot on. My daughter really needed that thank you again, truly blessed" ... written by judi
Always great " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Joanna is an amazing reader! I am so looking forward to what she told me and some great advice too!!! i will follow it. got a lot of work to do! thanks so much. will be back for sure" ... written by Linda
awesome" ... written by gp
very to the point and gave me clarity in what field i should go into" ... written by Sarah
Excellent " ... written by smc325
Just amazing as always! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Excellent and on the money" ... written by smc325
wonderful lady" ... written by :)
thank you always so accurrate" ... written by dan
Coll and great as always." ... written by boru
Jo-Jo always rocks!" ... written by Cheryl
Excellent reading. Joanna is a great guide for your life and spirit." ... written by krista Elliott
thanks for the update!!! love her" ... written by amoura88
I hope her predictions will come true ..." ... written by Nidal
Great guidance and understanding! 5 stars!" ... written by sarah
Great as always. :) love her too death. " ... written by Miss_k
Love jojo always will. shes my number one on here other then my fiancé lol " ... written by sweetmissk
always awesome" ... written by Cheryl
Wow! Lovely reading. She knows how to guide you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
thank you so much jojo. always right to the point xxx" ... written by fullmoon76
she is veryyy good and in tune!! She is the real deal!" ... written by ray
Great advice and help thank you!" ... written by Sarah
Great read! She gives you clarity. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is so sweet and compassionate with honest, straight forward communication. Love her" ... written by Pammy826
yes it did make sense. everything you told me during our reading made sense to me. and i'm very grateful for our readings! " ... written by melissa
Wow. Great read. Wonderful information to use. She brings clarity to your situation. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow! Great read. She gives you great details, and connects very well. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
wonderful. thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Excellent. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Fast accurate!!" ... written by Johnny
joanna always makes me feel more at ease. I don't know how to express my gratitude for having her help me during our readings. she is an amazing person with a big heart. thank u joanna" ... written by melissa
Great advice and guidance" ... written by Sarah
Helpful guidance and healing! I really enjoy talking with you Joanna, you help me in so many ways and refocus myself on good things in my life and try to use your advice to help get me through each day." ... written by Sarah
Excellent reading and as always I get the truth and no candy coatings. Joanna will lead you to what you need to do. She is very honest and straightforward" ... written by Krista Elliott
great" ... written by ss
thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank you for the healing process and prayers it is definitely keeping my spirits up. Thank you!" ... written by SArah
Always a pleasure" ... written by Cheryl
Wonderful!! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
She connects so quickly. I just need to do like she says and relax! " ... written by AB
I loe Joanna!! She is the best!! I feel such a connection with her when read. Please read with her and you'll see what I mean." ... written by Still Hot
Wow! Great read. Always great details. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
A wonder guide and gives me inspiration and ways to accomplish my goals. A beautiful person and consultant." ... written by Krista Elliott
great reader, fast connection. " ... written by m
GREAT! LOVE HER!" ... written by ME
What a great energy and she is so right on!" ... written by NANA
Thanks for the guidance." ... written by xLostinEchox
First time I read with Joanna. She is fantastic. " ... written by John
The best reading by far that i have gotten i have felt so much better with Joanna. I am relieved that everything is getting better." ... written by Bri
Awesome! :)" ... written by edel95
I love her so much. I hope she is right. " ... written by Lisa
Very sweet wonderful truthful person, very glad I had a reading by her...Ty so much 4 helping me at this horrible point in my life!!! xoxox's your an AMAZING PERSON inside andamp; out! God Bless You! " ... written by JENNiFER
Jojo is great! " ... written by zee
It was quick because I ran out of credits but it was on point. " ... written by Redd
thank you so much" ... written by relationship
She told me exactly what I needed to hear. " ... written by Emily
thank you as you are accurate and amazing as always" ... written by dan
amazing, thank u joanna" ... written by -
AMAZIIIIIING!!! Joanna you feel soooo familiar :-D. Thank you so much for the guidance, you were so spot on that I can't stop laughing haha....WOW! I didn't have to say a word and you saw all that I was going through so thank you!" ... written by Smily
DEAD ON. worth it" ... written by katy
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Another amazingly good session with Joanna. She knows so much, so in-depth, so detailed… she could summarized how my life has been precisely… a talented individual with caring soul… I am blessed to know her. " ... written by Stephanie
Aweesome reading" ... written by Bellezalatina
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
good reading. and very accurate with advice. will be coming back soon." ... written by kansan
Thanks for the guidance Joanna :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
She is awesome. I just lover her and she is totally right and real." ... written by nicegirl33
awesome " ... written by yourmatt
AMAZING!!" ... written by VSmily
Great spiritual advisor, II would recommend her to all that need guidance and clarity. Joanna has great gifts and will guide you well alone the right path for personal growth." ... written by Krista Eliott
Thank you. That was very helpful." ... written by J and J
Thanks!" ... written by ralfs
Always a pleasure when Jo reads for me. Very insightful and instructive." ... written by krista Elliott
This lady has made perfect sense to me. I am glad we had a talk. I know exactly what to do now." ... written by bonniebuice
Great reader. Understands and knows a lot. favorite reader overall. :)" ... written by katie
thank you for your guidance! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
This Is where you need to come! This is not your typical reading, this is the real deal! clarity! honesty! True insight of what you need to get your life on the right path to get the things you truly desire! A MUST!!!! " ... written by MG32704
good advice - was worth every penny!!!" ... written by edel95
She is always awesome. The best!!" ... written by Cheryl
thank you for the talk :-) always an inspiration." ... written by fullmoon
Jo is such an incredibly gifted woman! No tools, no BS, just tremendously deep insight and the absolute truth. Extremely empathic, intuitive and connected to Spirit - always pin points the true issues with such honesty and compassion. I can say from personal experience that a private with her will reach into the depths of you and change your life. Very Highly Recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank you for the reading! thank you for the insight, God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Joanna is an excellent guide and interpreter of the spirits. She helps me understand what the spirits are guiding me to and that is priceless." ... written by Krista Elliott
very loving and the best i head" ... written by ola
Love her reading!!! I have to make changes to get what I want and will do them!!! Thank you so much!!! Highly recommend her." ... written by Bellezalatina
Thanks Joanna for the spiritual guidance." ... written by xLostinEchox
YOU ARE THE BEST! thank you for everything" ... written by marina
Thanks again" ... written by Raalfs
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
simply mind blowing! her connection to Spirit is powerful. She has depth, humor, compassion, and honesty." ... written by freespiritwave2
Always a pleasure. Thank you very much." ... written by Lisa Smith
awesome" ... written by Tami Labonte
Great reading very accurate and a great help!" ... written by aleda
always perfect as usual" ... written by dan
Jo is always on point with her readings! " ... written by luckystar5
Wonderful! Amazing connection! God bless Joanna's kind heart and soul! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with her. Honest and kind and not afraid to tell you the truth! On point with everything!!!! Knew it all! Blew my mind! xoxoxoxo Love! " ... written by MG32704
i love her updates she tells it like it is love it" ... written by amoura88
Always Amazing , thank you for the great confirmations.!!!" ... written by Judi
thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Awesome reading!!! I felt like she knew me very well! I loved her reading. I hope everything comes to pass." ... written by Bellezalatina
Excellent" ... written by smc325
she is good very good" ... written by erika
Always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
amazing! " ... written by edel95
Just a wonderful healing session with Joanna and it was very healing. Thank you Jojo." ... written by Krista Elliott
jojo, is always so great!!! she has alot of powerful gifts...its like she just gets me..she connects with me very well and tells me like it is which i love!! i will always keep the faith with her by my side!!!much love" ... written by misty
great" ... written by d
Wow!! Great read!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Jo JO is a total rockstar. By far, the best on here" ... written by Cheryl
wow thank you i was amazed by our conversation today. I can not thank you were amazing!" ... written by FC
Thank you so much!!! You are so sweet and know everything about me" ... written by m
Excellent reading!" ... written by Krista Elliott
Great reading as always and very insightful! Thanks Jojo!" ... written by boru
Absolutely loved my reading with Joanna! Shes great!" ... written by Samantha
Great reading. As always Joanna gives great guidance." ... written by Krista Elliott
Thank you for your reading, God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
She's amazing. Such a sweet spirit. Always makes me feel so much better." ... written by AB
5 stars :)))" ... written by edel95
Wow!! Great Read!! I highly recommend her. Very detailed in her readings. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Amazing!!" ... written by Jennifer
Joanna - Wow! She is an amazing reader, fantastic sense of humor, and a beautiful kind spirit. " ... written by Eli
great " ... written by ken
She is awesome!!!! " ... written by Bellezalatina
Love this girl! I have been reading with Joanna for about 3 years and she is right on and honest!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by JZ
Joanna is lovely and beautiful and she is great at clairvoyance and prayer! Go for a reading. I will go back to her." ... written by shang wen
Very accurate about whats going on inside me right now!!! Thank you, helped me realize some things about myself. You were entirely right!" ... written by Marissa
I swear Joanna and I have a connection from the past. She is in an incredible reader. Incredibly funny and soothing to my heart. " ... written by eli
Jojo as always is wonderful. Love her too death. " ... written by Kim
she is wonderful" ... written by d
Thank you jojo such a very caring soul" ... written by Chris
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Great reading. Thanks Jojo!" ... written by boru
She's the best!" ... written by AB
Connected quickly. Seemed pretty on point. Will wait and see. " ... written by Jan
Wow, this was an AMAZING reading. I have been feeling really great lately about my relationship and Joanna confirmed it all for me. She said that spirit is working through me to create this confidence and joy. My grandfather also came through during the reading and Joanna told me she saw heavy equipment and a railroad. My grandfather worked on the railroad his entire life. This reading brought further clarity into my current situation and was really spectacular. It nearly brought me to tears to hear about how my grandfather is watching over me and praying for my happiness. Thank you Joanna!!! I'm in awe." ... written by Jenn
thans for the update!!!! i will wait and see what happens" ... written by amoura88
Thank you mojo for the wonderful reading! You always know what to say and help guide me on my path." ... written by Sarah
sweet and kind friend, and i know her prayers work for all of us. God bless you" ... written by angelofgod
joanna -" ... written by Eli
Wonderful! thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
great reading. really hep me" ... written by mtbudiman
thanks you are amazing" ... written by fullmoon
She knew names...omg" ... written by Tracy
pick up on the situation quick" ... written by vmack
Joanna - is accurate and shoots a straight arrow. I love her" ... written by Eli
Joanna- " ... written by eli
This women Is a Dream ! unbelievable, and very different from any of the fakes here she is the real deal I love her .the advice is fantastic Please use jo if you need direction " ... written by robin
I thank you so much your so wonderful, honest , amazing I had an incredible reading with u! I will now only go to you for my reading." ... written by Jade
very helpful thx jojo your the best" ... written by Jody
has a great connection with spirit....gave prediction... and i look forward to seeing how it transpires." ... written by A
thank you for all of the advice and support. :)) will contact again for more " ... written by edel95
I love her, she is the best on here...the real deal" ... written by Tracy
Jo is the best in the world!! I wuv her!!" ... written by Cheryl
Wow! Great Read! Always special with her! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I had the most intense and accurate reading with Joanna that I was almost in tears. " ... written by eli
She is a gem. She is like a big sister looking over me. Thank you for you bringing over my father. " ... written by eli
thank you, always right to the point. :-)" ... written by fullmoon
AMAZING!!!!! very connected ... very nice lady! Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by brownie
Great advisor and predictionist!!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
joanna is my go to person always" ... written by eli
Love jojo very guided and giving" ... written by Chris
She is always wonderful and scary accurate." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Amazing reading" ... written by Sarah
Thank you and your reading was accurate" ... written by Jose
Jo JO is a total rockstar. Always is so accurate. A godsend." ... written by Cheryl
A million stars as always :-) thank you so much" ... written by fullmoon
Thanks again" ... written by Ralfs
thank you jojo, always very helpful xxx" ... written by fullmoon
Confirmed in seconds what i needed to know and i got my answers." ... written by z
Thank you " ... written by Sasha
She connected so fast and everything she said was straight on!! ill be waiting for her predictions!" ... written by BP
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
Always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
She seems to really know what she's talking about! I was pleased!" ... written by gabriela
Thanks" ... written by Lisa Smith
She is my hero. the best reader" ... written by eli
Excellent reading and she gives hope and encouragement besides whats to come. Her energy is so warm and you leave feeling more at peace." ... written by Jane Bond
She is l great all the time and accurate." ... written by Danny
My big sister in every way! Fantastic reader. " ... written by eli
She is my big sister and she reads so well. hug and kiss her for love" ... written by eli
Thank you for your reading! God bless, Sabina" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
J - she is the best. My loved ones have chosen to come through her so they agree with about her greatness. " ... written by eli
she was wonderful" ... written by Chris
Kind, thoughtful and truthful" ... written by Helpme67
Great stuff...always quick to tune into my energy and what is going on and of course what will be coming up. Joanna is a sweetheart and I always enjoy our readings! Thanks" ... written by Jenn
she is one of the best on here! she's very fast and connects fast as well! ill be waiting on her predictions!!" ... written by BP
you're the best. Thanks jojo xxx" ... written by fullmoon
She's awesome!!! Take her into private you won't regret it." ... written by BP
awesome reading what i needed to know and will do thank you so much love right on the dot. tuned in so quickly" ... written by mag
Wonderful! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
She is right on as usual, love her and I thank you for being a good sisiter....Happy and Merry Xmas to you." ... written by Pamela
Awesome, awesome lady! Love talking to her. She's straightforward yet compassionate. Her readings have been accurate for me. She is my go to person when I'm in doubt!!" ... written by Stillhot
Wow!! Great read! Always fascinating. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is a rock star. She knows me well and is incredibly accurate." ... written by Phoenixrising51
amazing reading...i appreciate you very much...thank you for guidance and clarity" ... written by me
AMAZINGLY accurate! You will not be disappointed, I would recommend at any time xx" ... written by Smily
I want to just take Joanna home with me, she is great, she channels in and you cant believe how accurate she is, I can't wait to call her back to let her know all that has happened. God Bless her and her work." ... written by ap
Wow, Joanna confirmed some more things that I have been wondering about. She also gave me something to think about and look forward to. She always answers my questions, gives me great advice and guidance, and predictions that happen. I will be back to tell you YES!! Thank you." ... written by Jenn
Always great to have a reading with Joanna, she cuts to the chase and very accurate. Highly recommended, thanks so much and many blessings for 2015~ " ... written by Lynda22
she's awesome! really connects to spirit and remembered things that we had talked about!" ... written by BP
She is an amazing reader, love talking to her... knows where we left of...i just wish i had more and more time to talk to her" ... written by S
i like her. she is very nice and good advice" ... written by Matt
Always a pleasure. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
She's damm good like on point with everything! " ... written by t
That was a very nice and accurate reading" ... written by femi
Lovely person. She has been my main "go to" reader and frankly friend for a long time. Crazy accurate...honest but hopeful. My bigger challenges, I go to her. My smaller challenges, I go to her.:-)" ... written by Phoenixrising51
my big sister who reads accrately and loves me" ... written by eli
Joanna is a wonderful guided angel who passes along the messages and information that I need to hear and already know in my heart. Thanks for another wonderful connection today, hun. I will be back to tell you that you were right...again!! Love you." ... written by JL
for the previous reading was great! 5 stars " ... written by edel95
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
What a lovely person. Thanks for your kind words." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Great reading love it " ... written by sarah
Jo is my kindred spirit and sister and her readings on the mark. " ... written by Eli
very fast. ill be waiting on her predictions" ... written by BP
Jo is forever my hero and savior." ... written by cheryl
Confirmed everything I was feeling. xo" ... written by 1122
very clear spiritually." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Accurate reader, great support system...awesome!" ... written by Phoenixrising51
super super crystalclear" ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Wow she is amazing, well worth it! " ... written by Sarah
She gives it to you straight.Thanks Jojo." ... written by Sky
Thanks for your honest opinion, I will do my best to change." ... written by gsx
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
JO JO is always a rock star" ... written by Cheryl
Thanks for the quick advice" ... written by gforce
she always rocks. So accurate." ... written by Phoenixrising51
She is the best and the real deal. I'm done looking. She will now be my go to for everything. Guys, seriously! If you want genuinity, warm and truth. You got it right here. Thank you for everything Joanna! I'm so glad we got connected today. You don't even know how much that means to me. Thank you and god bless." ... written by Whitediamond 2004
Love reading with Joanna, she's just got this great energy and she sees things that come true! She is honest, fun, accurate, consistent...the works. You get it all with this lovely lady. Take her for a private reading!" ... written by J.
Wow!!! Great read!!! Great answers to all questions! A pleasure to talk to always. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Joanna is extremely accurate and spiritually connected. You don't need to say a thing and she will immediately begin to read your specific situation so well with absolutely no info from you. No sugar-coating and definitely no fairy tales. I love how she connects deeply and knows exactly what is going on in my life and always has the most amazing insight and guidance. Very compassionate, wise and grounded. No matter what your question is your highest good is her priority." ... written by SoulDesire1
I just love her. She is by far the best reader." ... written by Cheryl
Great as always!" ... written by paula
so awesome. my go to reader for years." ... written by Phoenixrising51
thank you so much i cannot wait to see what will be next for me. i will update you and you are so quick on your knowings with my situation. you have given me all the confirmations of what i should have been doing years ago! i will come back and update you" ... written by m
love jojo my favorite" ... written by Chris
Oh so good, every time, all the time! Joanna just connects and has the answers you need. Love her!" ... written by J.
Great as always!!" ... written by Paula
Thank you jojo for your reading and your suggestions. I will keep you posted xxx" ... written by fullmoon
She is by far the best reader here or anywhere else." ... written by Cheryl
Joanna saw right through me and told me what I needed to hear. Truly insightful and wise in her words. Thank you Joanna, I have lots to set up straight." ... written by Alicia
GREAT. Confirmed what I was thinking!" ... written by Ashley
Wow!!! Just a great reading with information you can use. Great advice!! She's great! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
What a jewel she is! Accurate reader, but most importantly a great guide." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Thank you!" ... written by Virgo
joanna calmed me down a bit.. needed to release a lot going on within me.. thanks joanna. been a really long time, but your still the same. love ya. wish i had more time." ... written by mini
Great read!!!! She knows how to calm you down. She has great advice to share. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
LUV U" ... written by TRACY
Wow!!! Great read!! She knows how to share information that can help you. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Joanna was amazing how she connected so fast and told me what was going on with my situation and I didn't even have to say anything. Fantastic read. Thank You Joanna." ... written by mc
HEy thank you soo much hun YOu made my day! Best psychic on here thank you1" ... written by Sarah
Wow!!! Great read!!! She told me something that no one knows about. She is great at advising you on your journey. Knowledgeable on many topics. Always a pleasure to speak to. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! Great read!! The information was fantastic!! She answers your questions, and gives great advice!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
as always shes right on :D i love her " ... written by Kim
I love her!!!! she understands me soo much, I just wish I had more time with her, her reading are just spot on. Thank you so much" ... written by Nicole/ prendez123
Simply the best!" ... written by 1122
I feel a light speed connection to Joanna ! " ... written by Sarah
She is crazy accurate. Like over years, she has told me things...and my response is...yeah yeah...and then right down to the smallest detail she is on target. When she speaks, I listen." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Wow!!! Great read!!! Information was fabulous!! Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
good" ... written by apple
Another great read!!! Always a pleasure! She knows how to guide you well. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is awesome :) She needs no information and said things as I was actually typing it. Will definitely be back!!! " ... written by lina
Joanna just pretty and a great reader :))" ... written by edel95
great reading :))" ... written by edel95
Thanks for the update" ... written by gsx
Wow!!! Great read!!! New information, and confirmation for me. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is so spot on with everything!! omg she sees so much its crazy! I am very shock with how much she knew. I'm so looking forward to her predictions and coming back soon xoxo" ... written by san
I have never cried in a reader be 4 an man she hit it with me wow so spot on freaking amazing 1 billion stars joann u are my fav lov you girl xxoo " ... written by celebrity
Wow!!! Great read!!! Interesting information. She gives you ideas to improve your situation. Always a pleasure! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
OMG!!! This woman is amazing!!! If I could double the amount of stars I would!!! I will be back Joanna!" ... written by Stephanie
She is a fantastic medium and reader. She is sincere and loving" ... written by eli
Great reading love~! Miss you and thank you for guiding me throught this tough situation. " ... written by SArah
Always amazing" ... written by Phoenixrising51
Wow!!! This was a fantastic reading!!! New information about myself. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! Great read as always!! The details are fantastic!! 5 stars of course!!" ... written by Martank
Jojo is right on as always :) i love this women " ... written by kim
Always a pleasure. She can zero in on everything and has helped me grow spiritually. Helps guide me in the right direction. Love this woman. If it weren't for her I wouldn't be where I'm at." ... written by Paula
I love her :))))" ... written by tiff
very very good" ... written by tim
wonderful as always love her too death. :) always come to here for everything. Shes my #1 :) " ... written by Kim
i really appreciate her guidance" ... written by hadassah
Always a huge help!" ... written by paula
what can I say, you're amazing :-) as always" ... written by fullmoon
Joanna, you have a beautiful gift. Thank you for allaying my fears and for bringing what my heart already know to my eyes... I can't thank you enough" ... written by Sheena
Needed answers and of course Joanna provided them. She is really great, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, and accurate! I'll stay calm lol." ... written by LJ
Jojo is right on as always : ) " ... written by Kim
Joanna is such a great reader!!!! she really is so right with so many things!!! and i love the fact that she encourages people to think positively and let go of the negativity just focusing in love on whatever your situation is. Love her and thank you!" ... written by Sandra
She was very good and accurate. Picked up stuff right away!" ... written by Me
She is my sister from another life. " ... written by eli
Grand reading, I always enjoy your readings! You are special and unique in your readings. You come from direct truth and guidance from spirit above I have been noticing a lot of angelic energy in my life and feel more confident coming out of my readings. Thank you again! " ... written by Sarah
Absolutely love Joanna, she always makes me feel better with the things she says!" ... written by Samantha
Right on as always love this women too pieces shes wonderful always accurate :) " ... written by Miss.K
Wow!!! Great read!!! Wonderful information!! She guides you well. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
love this lady i swear i do" ... written by hadassah
I wish I had more time because she was just so awesome! if you have not tried her please do. She was so dead on, needed no tools, and taps into your energy and is right on. " ... written by Kinisha
She is an incredible medium and an even better friend. I consider her my big sister" ... written by eli
Joanna is an amazing reader and I enjoy her so much. I trust her 100%" ... written by eli
She is so on it. a long term and trusted advisor." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Love this woman. Very genuine, sincere, and honest." ... written by paula
Wow!!! Great Read, Jo!!! Thank you!!! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Love you soo much JOJO! Always a pleasure. Wish you were on free chat more though. Miss you!" ... written by Sarah
she is always on the money" ... written by eli
joanna is great. wish i had more time.. she is awesome. spirit shows her everyting" ... written by r
Great reading , I am always excited to see you wish you would come to public more. I like just chatting to you in general. I can't wait for the new stuff for summer." ... written by sarah
Thanks for the heads up, I'll remember." ... written by gsx
She is just a beautiful soul. Love her." ... written by John
I love her!" ... written by Stephanie
Shes always there for me when I need her. Shes one of my best friends. Willl always come to her when I'm in need of help and guideance and answers. Shes never once been wrong for me " ... written by Miss.k
Wow!! Great Read!! Interesting information. She really knows how to guide you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
joanna opened my mind and spirit on somethings that needed to hear. " ... written by lavelle
God I just love her. Thanks Joanna for giving me some inner peace today. I've really been struggling." ... written by stephanie
She is a great medium and reader. I go to her information, support, and advice" ... written by eli
Pretty amazing...accurate and a good friend." ... written by Phoenixrising51
She is my big sister who by her readings guides me to a better view of life." ... written by eli
I cant express how fond and how much I rely on her for readings and support. She is amazing. " ... written by Eli
Thank you, short as it may, it was worth it. Amazing that you talked about a child and how we talked about it earlier. Thanks a lot." ... written by Joseph
she is very good. she has a gift excellent reader/medium. i'd talk to her everyday. she gave me advise I needed to hear. thank you!" ... written by maryann
She is my big suster ! She is an amazing reader with a heart of gold. " ... written by eli
amazing and she has this wonderful way of delivering happy news!" ... written by maryann
A big sister from another life! Accurate reader and the best I have ever worked with. She is a solid strong woman with this amazing gift and sense of humor!" ... written by eli
Had a good chat with joanna , she is too good and makes me really feel what she says would come true." ... written by S
what can i say I love this lady shes the best. only one i come to now. :) love yah jojo. " ... written by Miss.K
Wow!!! Great read in a short amount of time! She knows how to guide you. 5 stars is not enough!!" ... written by Martank
Thank you Joanna! Like always, you have given me information i need to know and them made me feel so much better! God bless!" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Wow!!! Another great reading!! Lots of information!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! Great read!!! Information is fantastic!!! She is very helpful!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Cuts deep but the wounds were already there ;)" ... written by Neu
so fast and honest.....great.." ... written by mette
thanks so much Jojo. I needed to hear a lot of what you said to me from my sister. You are so spot on!! Everything you said is true. I was sitting here crying. Love u to pieces!" ... written by Stephanie
Always a joy. Knows what's going on right away and how to just calm me down. So far many things have come true and can't wait for the rest. She is one of the best on here. Many times things have come true. Spot o I just need to be patient. " ... written by Paula
Wow!!! Great read, and more information, and confirmation. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Can't believe how she picked up on everything going on around me." ... written by miami0203
I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE Joanna! She is absolutely one of the BEST person I have come across in my life. She tells you how it is and she can pick up on everything. I go to her when I am unsure about a decision I have made, advice, or guidance. She never lets me down! " ... written by Kinisha
Fantastic reading. you get what you pay for and this lady is the real deal." ... written by Tim Giddins
Great woman and amazing advisor." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Thank you my dear friend for your help. I seek help from her when I really don't understand something. She is fantastic and gets to the bottom of the issue. You don't have to ask anything she knows. Perfect reader. God bless. " ... written by rain
Wow!!! Great read!!! Always very helpful information!!! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
omg! i love her! her descriptions about the situation were spot on!! hoping her predictions will come into play this year! thank you Joanna for the reading!" ... written by 88
Thanks for the quick encouragement, I will get out" ... written by gsx
Wow, she is the best intuitive I have talked to thus far. She was 100% right and I am very very thankful. It was exactly what I needed to hear. " ... written by Nicole
One of the people I trust, straightforward and honest. Thank you for saying it straight to me. I do appreciate everything especially now that I am sailing through rough times." ... written by Joseph
I absolutely love her! I try to save up so I can come back and get updates and advice. I trust her and her accuracy and she is always so kind, sweet, and non-judgmental of me or my situation. I am going to take her advice and will be back again. " ... written by KL
Thanks for the insight!" ... written by Sarah
Joanna is amazing. She is accurate reader and medium. She is a big sister to me!" ... written by eli
Wow!! Great read!! Great information. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks Joanna I am glad I went to see you. Spot on and I will fill you in on the changes. Great Reading!! Peace, love and light." ... written by Karen
Amazing as always!" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you Jo. EXCEPTIONAL as always. " ... written by RobinLea14
Joanna is the most accurate reading she so much fun to work with." ... written by eli
Always great with Joanna! My life has definitely improved so much since I've allowed her to help guide me. So far things she has said are coming into play and it's so nice to see. The warnings are also so helpful because it helps me to improve. Love this woman! " ... written by Paula
Wow!!! Great read as always!!! She is so helpful in guiding you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! Great read!!! She stays focus on giving you information that helps you. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Great reading and very helpful as always. Jojo is one of a kind. :)" ... written by boru
My time ran out unfortunately, I will most definately be back to hear the rest.. Thank you so much, it was spot on. " ... written by kalypso82
She is super accurate. You can trust her." ... written by Phoenixrising51
the best..." ... written by Nathalie
thanks for your input. Always amazing. xx" ... written by fullmoon
Joanna, you're just amazing. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance, I just can't say enough good things abut you, really." ... written by RobinLea14
She saw me almost a year ago, and everything she said happened. She predicted my relationship with my ex husband to desolve in 6 months, and it happend exactly like that. Now I came back again, and I gotta say I wish I knew her in person... You won't go wrong with her, she is amazing... beautiful, and her energy is incredible." ... written by Nathalie
Joanna - I hold close to my heart because she is so honest, wise, and so giving. I love her!" ... written by eli
Thank you as always Jo" ... written by Robin
Love your readings 5 stars. She has great advice and tells your what you need to know not what you wanna hear. So you want a psychic whos truthful and straight up for you get a reading with this psychic!!" ... written by SArah
An amazing beautiful soul" ... written by Adrienne
Fast, accurate and knows her customers well. I've never had the things I asked a psychic about actually happen till I talked with her. It may take a while to happen but so far Jojo is almost always 99% accurate! Get the real answers to what you want to know and have your fears put to rest with information you can count on from Joanna!" ... written by tobin
Love joanna shes great!" ... written by Chris
After some time, i am coming back and i am glad to hear it all...she is so amazing, remembers everything we have been talking about for months and months now...she knows the person she talks to...ah, so happy now :)..Joanna is simply wonderful!!!" ... written by s
Joanna has helped me maneuver some fairly difficult years and while she has been honest and accurate, she has been able to provide some difficult information without scaring me or making me feel like things are hopeless. I have come to value our relationship and I depend upon her as an advisor and friend." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Good Stuff !" ... written by van Young
Superb Empath session. Many confirmations and blessings." ... written by van Young
Thank you jojo ! I'm always happier when I speak with you ! and you are always right to the point." ... written by fullmoon
she is the person I always turn to for the truth" ... written by eli
thanks jojo ...u always make me feel better about my situations" ... written by lavelle
thank you, will get out more" ... written by gsx
thanks for the guidance" ... written by gsx
Thanks for the quick word of advice." ... written by gsx
Wow!!! Great Read!!! Amazing details!! She knows how to put you at ease. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Mrs. Joanna123 is great!! I have never had such a profound experience! Everything Mrs. Joanna123 said was right on! After her reading, I will not use anyone else! She reminds me of the long island medium, Theresa Caputo, and even talks like her too!! :) " ... written by Skyla
I love jojo she is the best..." ... written by tobin
I've had several readings with Jo and they have all been beyond amazing. She really hits the hard truth that I need to hear in such a compassionate way. I was hearing but not listening for so long, but during this intense tough love reading I finally got it! It took several virtual ass kickings, but I got it :) I know what I need to do. She is fantastic - very highly recommended! Love ya Jo!" ... written by SoulDesire1
I believe very much that you are a sprit guide of mine. You help me interact and send messages to my grandmother. I am happy to call you my psychic mother and love you very much. This psychic prays for me and helps me through any issues I might have. I always enjoy speaking with her and she deserves your attention. She will tell you the truth and not shy away from things you may not want to hear. It's okay. It will in the end better you and me to know the honest truth and not get something that won't work out. I am happy to say I have been with this psychic for over a year and would very much recommend her to anyone looking for advice in relationships or seeking love ones who are no longer with us in this world. It is helpful and with her wisdom you cannot go wrong. Love you Joanna. 200000 stars!" ... written by Sarah
While in private chat with jojo the person that she predicted would call me actually called me while jojo and I were in the private! It was mind blowing... this has happened multiple times." ... written by tobin
awsome spot on" ... written by davyboii
Thank you for your reading. I sure am a bit anxious about quite a bit of things in my inner world, cause i know very little about the reality outside of what my mind perceives as good or bad. I really do hope that things will change soon as you said. I am very looking forward understanding myself and the rest of this world better. I am looking forward to grow out of the current state of perception. Thank you for sharing the insight. God bless" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Jojo gets situation specific details in all the readings I do with her. She never gives vague details. She always tells me whats going to happen EXACTLY in detail. She is spot on with her info. A lot of her visions have come to pass. She helps take the anxiety and edge out of my situation. " ... written by tobin
Thank you for the very straight to the point facts and the reassurances that everything will be fine, just sit and watch. :)" ... written by Joseph
thanks" ... written by gsxforce
Wow!!! Fantastic!! Loved my reading. She is very detailed and amazing!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
As always she's correct in her predictions. I was so worried about what will happen when my soon to be ex husband and i sat down with out lawyers. She said I will be surprised at how things would turn out. To not worry. That I will probably get a check or money soon to help me move out. Well that was in discussion and will happen. she's helped me tremendously in learning how to connect spiritually with a certain special person in my life and it's absolutely beautiful how we connect. Basically spirit guides have been very accurate in telling her what events will be happening and an approximate time frame. Always a joy to talk to her because she's hardly ever wrong. For me she is one of the best on here because she's very genuine, sincere, and accurate." ... written by Paula
She definitely knew what she was talking about... love the reading.. " ... written by JO
She is fantastic! There is really no other way to describe her. Thank You! I will keep you posted" ... written by xl_havokk_lx
worth every minute...cleared my soul and heart...told me more than I expected to hear..." ... written by cherie
Wow!!! Great reading, and insight!!! 5 stars" ... written by Martank
always accurate and to the point" ... written by dan
I felt your concern for me, thank you for feeling my pain. That was very comforting while helping me out see the truth. I will surely be back." ... written by Joseph
Thanks Jo, that was a great reading Spot on and thorough. I will certainly fill you in on the changes. Hugs and peace, love and light." ... written by Karen
Great reading as always. Very reassuring with what's coming up for me regarding surgery and the outcome." ... written by boru
very very good. will be back" ... written by abundance
jojo has compassion and caring for all people she encounters. I am so greatful she is here and does what she does. She always handles everything with divine love and compassion for others. There aren't enough stars to rate that here. It's truly priceless and I am greatful and thankful to know her here no matter what the outcome of a reading will be. She's one of a kind." ... written by tobin
What an interesting person, really knows her stuff. Can't wait to learn more. Thank you for all of your insight and knowledge" ... written by Michael
Made me understand everything a bit more clear. " ... written by Michael
She is always amazingly accurate with with her readings with me. She hits her time frames accurately and consistently. She can tell you things spot on without you having to ask her. She is compassionate and caring and always has the answers to all of my problems. She can get you the true answers you need accurately." ... written by asneakyzeezee
Sometimes we have funny sessions. She is hilarious " ... written by tobin
What can I say. Things are coming into play that she said would happen. At first couldn't figure out Florida trip. Well she said that it would be something out of the blue and it was literally out of the blue. Not with me but with someone else. Also the when she has guided me in my spiritual awakening and protection it has helped tremendously. So far all she has said so far has come to play. My problem is being patient. Her visions are always correct." ... written by paula
Scary to be able to really see the other side of things but this woman is absolutely spot on. Never have I ever done something like this, and I am glad that I did." ... written by Marie
Wow!! Great read!! Thank you Jojo." ... written by Martank
absolutely gifted and beautiful soul!!! thank you for helping me connect to my beloved!" ... written by miami0203
I was wanting to have readings with you to confirm my intuition and you just confirmed whatever is lingering in my head and heart. Thank you for the clarification." ... written by Joseph
Thank you for the answers. Surely, it went on too quickly." ... written by Joseph
Joanna is incredibly insightful. She quickly got to the core of my situation, which I'm having a lot of pain working through. I am in a long-distance relationship with a man who doesn't express his feelings, and the distance between us can create a lot of problems and when I don't even really know how he feels about me it can make me extremely anxious about whether or not I should carry on with the relationship or break up with him now to save me further pain later on down the line. I am deeply in love with him and actually feel physical pain across my heart when things go wrong between us (like they did today) - and yet those few times that we do manage to connect and spend real time together are always so amazing. Joanna gave me a lot of insight into his side and how he's seeing things, and its given me the strength to not give up and just hang in there a bit longer. She gave me the confirmation I needed, that he does have strong feelings for me. I really needed to know that." ... written by Wendy
Wow!!! Great read as always!!! Full of information. She is very detailed!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks jo for the advice, be free!" ... written by gforce
wish i couldve had more time. but what she said was right.... thank you!" ... written by ceci
She is so touching and I cannot believe that she can feel my parents and daughter. It is a miracle and she has allowed me to see things I never thought I could see. This young lady has an amazing gift of spirituality." ... written by Marie
She continues to amaze me. Tonight was pretty deep and I must say, although I am crying about the current situation, I believe that it will resolve and sooner than later. " ... written by Lisa
was great to catch up. " ... written by edel95
great read as usual" ... written by paula
She is absolutely amazing. You know some people you connect with can be so supportive, and Joanna is by far one of the most understanding, loving and supportive people on this site." ... written by Lisa
oh my word thank you so much. So spot on and your visions are completely accurate" ... written by prettygirlny
Absolutely brilliant..calmed me down..very authentic and accurate" ... written by t
Great Read again!!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great Read!!! Love you JoJo!!" ... written by Martank
thank you so much for the reading. it's good to know that the first guy will contact me in a bit. i was kind of giving up hope. will look forward to seeing how things will unfold" ... written by leodrgon2014
Got into a great reading really like her and her honestly about things. " ... written by Steven
I came to Joanna today because I really needed to hear what her spirits have to say. She is such an amazing and warm person but also an amzing psychic. She has been very accurate about me. I love her no nonsene attitude." ... written by eva
Love when she connects with my dad. I do see her often because I have alot on my plate and she has helped me thru every situation I'm going thru. Not all bad just very challenging and her guidance actually has helped tremendously. For each situation that I'm in which is quite a few many of her visions and predictions have come to play and many are good. Love her and very blessed to have her in my life. " ... written by paula
She hit a time frame for a call I've been waiting for. She said to be patient and it she was on the mark again. Her predictions come to pass and she is very accurate in her readings" ... written by Zee
Very blessed to have meet her. Old soul with true connection and purpose to help others and find meaning. Spontaneous and will provide you with insights which will put you in alignment with your ultimate path. Thank YOU!" ... written by Bobbin
Beautifully brought my mother back to me" ... written by Misti
Joanna always warms my heart with her reading. Picks up quick on what we both feeling. " ... written by cherie
always accurate and on point thank you" ... written by dan
ACCURATE ACCURATE ACCURATE Her predictions come to pass each time. I have used her a number of times , She was able to connect to my daughter who passed away a few months ago. There is NO WAY she would know the details that she did. I am a true Believer. She has been able to connect to spirit andamp; give me information that happens usually with in a few days to a few weeks. I am Blown Away by her Gift!! Not Many have her gift of Insight. Accurate Accurate Accurate I give her Thanks for the Guidance andamp; the Messages From Spirit , I only Use her..." ... written by True Wisdom
This woman is teaching me so much! I really needed to hear the things that were said today and it's going to seriously help me in more ways than I could have ever hoped for. Like I've said in a previous testimonial I have many different scenarios going on and her guidance has been helping me thru them. A bit costly for me but very worth it because in the end things will turn out the way they are meant to. She's helping guide me to my purpose. She is blessed with a gift that God has given her and she doesn't abuse it. Always wanting to help and give guidance. " ... written by paula
Accurate and compassionate. She cares about your situation and circumstances. You will feel the trust and the caring nature of Joanna in every reading. She makes sure the truth never hurts when it comes through. Her messages from spirit are truly a gift. You will be stunned by her accuracy and ability to pick up your exact situation. Don't just read reviews....try it for yourself and see. The answers you have been seeking are here and waiting for you." ... written by tobin a great reading...I am so touched..very very authentic XX" ... written by t
She is one very accurate lady. She connects fast to your loved ones that are on the other side. She has told me details that are accurate to a "T". She doesn't guess... this lady knows. She is scary accurate andamp; her details from the past to today has me really re-thinking my life. My mistakes. Also a woman who I love andamp; I have a deep spiritual connection with but because of "ME" andamp; my actions , we did not connect the way I wanted to. I believe that God puts people in our life to wake us up. We cross paths because it makes us realize who we are andamp; what we are missing.We can just "be" or we can connect to an amazing person who can help us see this world differently, someone who has similar energy, similar qualities. Creative abilities to help you soar andamp; reach the highest peak in your life. Have you ever met someone andamp; as you stood next to them holding their hand , lightning strikes you andamp; you realize you didn't need anything more. You were andamp; are completely Home in their presence . I have andamp; some of my ego lead me in another direction. Completely away from my real love. I listened to others andamp; not my own soul. Joanna your an angel here to help , not in one way but in many different ways. Your sincere andamp; you have a pure heart. Your Honest, Loving andamp; you have a caring soul... thank you. Speaking to my father who is on the other side is a gift. Tears were streaming down my face as we spoke . I appreciate his confirmations andamp; the gift of being able to communicate with him. Thank you..." ... written by True Wisdom
Joanna is like my big sister. She calms me with her words of wisdom. She is precious" ... written by eli
Have to echo previous comments, her capacity to connect and transmit helpful and clear messages is quite remarkable. Wish I had more time, but alas... Thank you Joanna!!!" ... written by Adrienne
Joanna is my lost sister. She is such a wonderful and amazing individual and reader. I go to her when I have the $$" ... written by Eli
Joanna has been right on events in my life time and time again. Whether it is about my relationship, family, health, or career...consistently right, consistently predicting things and they do happen. Sometimes things don't make sense at the time, but they happen and I think "Wow, Joanna told me that". Take this honest, kind, and compassionate woman for a private reading and let you impress you with her genuine gift! Love you Jo!!" ... written by Jenn
Joanna...i cant thank u enough....i am soooooo glad i found her.....she is going to be my to go person for life advice from now on...she is truly gifted....she connects with you soooo deeply and her accuracy is just beyond belief...highly recommend her!!!" ... written by nam
Joanna is great !" ... written by Sarah
she's been spot on in the past, will be waiting for her predictions!" ... written by BP
By far, one of the best on the site. She is a professional advisor who speaks the truth with accuracy. One thing I appreicate about her is she will give you a guidance card if needed. Good person, Great advisor." ... written by Kathy
always a great reading :))))" ... written by edel95
She is always great. What can I say? When you are the best, you are the best." ... written by Cheryl
very honest and caring" ... written by Milly
great reading she looked like she really tried to help and she was honest! :D thank you xxx" ... written by ..
positive personality and lovely advices from spirit! thank you dear!! blessings :))))" ... written by ..
Always fun with this woman! So many things just make sense and I honestly can't wait for the things to begin happening. They already are as she has said and more to come. How did I get so lucky!" ... written by paula
Joanna puts things into perspective very quickly. She is accurate in her readings. She has a great sense of humor. " ... written by eli
she picked up on everything going on in my life, and the people in it. gave me some good ideas to try to implement in my life to improve things. very good!" ... written by bella
Another of her predictions came true...very specific, detailed information. Amazed by her! Scary accurate. Besides her predictions coming true , she connects to the other side with messages from your love ones! She is the one I go to for my weekly updates . As a business owner her guidance has been dead on! Thank you again, I will be back! Accurate and compassionate you must try her!! She is a blessing" ... written by John
Thank you for the clarity as I get adjusted to the situation. I know that everything has a reason as you always say. I will always come to you. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Joseph
she's really sweet and she picks up on my situation in a heartbeat! joanna is very genuine!" ... written by BP
beautiful update..more prediation im excited to see happen." ... written by cherie
Joanna is amazing, she's been spot on for me for quite some time now. Her predictions happen, even when they don't make sense at the time. She is able to pick up on everything I ask about and then some. Love her and you will too. Take her private!" ... written by Jennifer
How she connects with my dad is priceless and I"m anxious to see her predictions come to light as they always seem to. She's always been right. Spirit never lies to her. She's very gifted and knows how to direct me to what is best and it always works out.I'll have challenging moments but because of her I know how to handle them. God has blessed her with a special gift and she doesn't abuse it." ... written by Paula
Thanks nerd...." ... written by tobin
fantastic! I am so glad i was lucky to find her! My grandmother and dad came through. and P too : ) I will contact her again def. I ran out of time :(" ... written by Suzy1127
Joanna is such an incredibly beautiful person. She is so insightul in her readings" ... written by eli
J is my big sister. She has insights in her readings that others dont have. " ... written by eli
Another prediction came true today from Joanna. She hit the nail on the head when others I went to on another site told me opposite things. She was once again right about my situation and the exact events to the exact date! She is the best with time frames." ... written by tobin
peaceful update i keep coming back because i know her predications always come true...thank you" ... written by cherie
My NJ girl. thank you so much. Excellent reading." ... written by prettygirlny
excellent " ... written by fitnessjunkie
She picks up on my needs right away! Helps clarify consistently what I'm stubborn about. Things are coming into play as she has indicated." ... written by paula picks up on so much it is amazing." ... written by cherie
can't wait for joannas predictions to come true!" ... written by BP
Great reading. Very insightful and helpful as always." ... written by boru
She was great! Honest, insightful andamp; down to earth." ... written by Ned
I love HER to death !!!! she always on point I couldn't ask for any one better im completely Faithfull to her lol .. " ... written by Prendez123
With Joanna's guidance, I have learned to stay calm and be an empowered individual talking control of my part in the situation" ... written by eli
What an awesome reading today! She is so awesome because i am learning so much!! Bless her heart for being so open honest and not afraid to tell the truth as it is. Bless you for guiding me to my purpose." ... written by Paula
She's so accurate. It's unreal. No cues or anything, she just reads it all. " ... written by d
Joanna is this amazing person who has the best in heart and in helping people understanding whatever predicament they are in. I love her. " ... written by eli
Joanna through her readings and with her wisdom, has taught me a lot on how to view life. She is great" ... written by eli
Thanks, ran out of time but will remember" ... written by gsx
Joanna couldnt haven known the things she confirmed without me telling her....but let me say this much she knew the smallest detail about my past relationship where my mouth dropped....i couldnt believe how accurate she was to the point she even knew where i met my mouth just dropped when she told me....i cant thank her enough for the help...she has predicted something for me...cant wait till it comes to pass...def will return soon...i highly recommend her!!! she is FANTASSSSTIC!!!!" ... written by nami
Omg dead on and accurate .... still confirming our other reading just amazing details ...THE REAL DEAL!!" ... written by skeptic
A beautiful women both inside and out. Thank you Joanna for your guidance." ... written by SK
good one! :))" ... written by edel95
very, very good reading, she picked up on many things." ... written by Sticky
Thank you so much Joanna for the lovely chat!" ... written by Sarah
i should of bought more credits " ... written by paul
luv my reading with Joanna, great updates and picks up quick on situations...really quick." ... written by cherie
wow she is amazing and spot on. i will def be back" ... written by katie
I love Joanna. She is the best. I wish she had super human powers though and could make all my troubles go away, but she can't. I have to constantly go within and heal myself." ... written by Cheryl
Awesome connection/Very Compassionate/Best reading I had in a long time and had readings from others on here..As soon as I clicked private Joanna connected right away and didn't waste no time.. She gives great advice to help guide in the right direction and highly recommended 5+++++++++ " ... written by L B
Thank you so much for everything honestly, I feel a little it more complete" ... written by Nicole (prendez123)
She understands me and my situation very well. Forgiveness was what I needed to do and I did. Things are working out as planned." ... written by RK
Thank you for the confirmation. I will give you updates soon." ... written by Joseph
Wow absolutely wonderful.. she connected very well Thank you so much. She saw a lot of things that i didnt know. " ... written by sangeeta
always good to talk to Joanna." ... written by paul
accurate as always, thanks for the reading" ... written by fullmoon76
AMAZING, sensational you rock!!!" ... written by K
Thank you soo much Mojo for this reading. Really inspirational and inviting. Anyone that needs a reading, I definitely recommend her. She gives great insight to your present past and future. She's a great medium and connects with your energy and isn't afraid to tell you the good the bad and the ugly. I love her inside out! You will too! 10000 stars! Best reader ever!" ... written by Sarah
She is one of a kind. Not much can be said that is not super duper about Joanna. Easy-going, beautiful, straightforward, deep, funny. Thanks, Joanna! You are wonderful!" ... written by Lily
She was very exact and intuned to what I've been feeling and going thru emotionally. Helped sort a few things out and she connects with my dad who usually has a message for me which is fabulous! His messages help tremendously. So far the couple she talked about has come to play and they're still here. There's so much more to come and I'm excited! She is truly blessed with a gift and she doesn't abuse it. Totally honest and helpful with guidance." ... written by paula
Jo is great... concise and she doesn't waste credits. She is one of my trusted readers... her prediction last time came to pass" ... written by toyomi
Amazing!!!" ... written by S
many thanks for your help dear...i needed to hear " ... written by t
YES! Answers, insight, details, and accuracy. Joanna has been very truthful and accurate during our readings for over a year now. She will tell me things that can be verified given time. Sometimes they don't even make sense and then I remember back and she told me the event previously. She's truly gifted and is the real deal. " ... written by Jennifer
healing session..." ... written by cherie
Joanna was so direct quick and to the point to all my questions.. I luv the fact she connected also with a luvd one who had passed.. Thank you ever so much Joanna hun.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
:-)" ... written by pink
nice and honest" ... written by mette
had great reading with got to wait 3 to 4 days...then week and half and final prediction month to two months....she asked me many questions without knowing situation why did you this why that...she picked on situation and i felt good about her seeing things without knowing them " ... written by serbboy3
Joanna is very gifted. She sensed my situation without any dob or names. Very intuitive. Impressive. Will seek her advice again. Thank you so much!" ... written by mary
OH Sweetness that is Joanna! She is truly awesome, her predictions happen. She sees things no one else sees and they don't make sense at first and then days, weeks, months later something happens and it takes me back to her reading for validation. Awesome session as usual. Things are going to get interesting!!!" ... written by LOVE
A follow up reading with Joanna... she's good. " ... written by lighstreet
Great great all around. Always very helpful to me." ... written by paula
update...she is so funny...another prediction of Joanne came true...what a blessing.." ... written by cherie
As always, there's the confirmation of what took place even before I said this to you. You have great abilities to connect to my energy and to his energy. Thanks for all the help. I will keep you updated." ... written by Joseph
I had to give her confirmations. It's so awesome when they come true even if it's not good." ... written by paula
Very Accurate! " ... written by Deanna
Jo Jo is my savior" ... written by Cheryl
very sweet, great reading. I'm glad I found her tonight. she put my mind at ease and assured me I am doing the right things and that they will head in the direction I need them to. I will definitely follow up again!! thanks for a wonderful reading!" ... written by deb
Really felt her knowing my deep inner feelings, as well as what i want in my future. Thank you" ... written by Jamaal
Thank you so much for your reading. It was very insightful and so true. Appreciate all your honesty!" ... written by Andreea
thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Wow!!! Great read as always!!! Always informative! lol." ... written by Martank
Jo Jo is an angel and has really helped me through tough times." ... written by Cheryl
Very clear and on to the point. Nice and easy to talk with. Feel confirmed and comfortable after the reading." ... written by ponn
Sweet, straight forward answers!" ... written by loverulesme
Awesome finished our session and she's wanderful so honest, thank you, you helped me out so much and opened my eyes to knew things...." ... written by newhorizons12
Great!!" ... written by P
So good" ... written by P
loved the reading. This woman has taught me a lot and continues to teach me. Her past predictions are now coming to fruition. what can I say. God has definitely blessed her." ... written by paula
Love this lady! I could talk to her all day. Once again, she provides the utmost of details, answers all of my questions without me asking most of the time, and her visions are accurate and truthful, they just happen (usually when I least expect it). Take this lady private for the answers you are seeking, great reading, advice, and laughs! She's the real deal people!!! " ... written by LOVE
amazing as always" ... written by Kyla
i wish i had more credits!!!! she picked on the situation good!!!! like she knew... no wonder you’re" ... written by jo
awesome!" ... written by jimmyjaimie
Beautiful reading. I love how Joanna laughs - from deep within - while she speaks. She had a beautiful message and I'll try to be open to the shifts she spoke of." ... written by lil
thank you so much jojo" ... written by fullmoon76
very helpful and informative. Dead on with things and her help has made me get to where i'm at now." ... written by p
Shes great. Thank you again . " ... written by k
I am blown away! My first reading with her and she was spot on! She didn`t even ask me what my name was and she got every detail right. She is so lovely and funny, I will definitely be back!" ... written by e
Thank you, and you made me realize what you told me before, "everything will unfold right before my eyes, sort of watching the movie." I will come back to you soon for updates." ... written by Joseph
Really good! I mean omg good....she says it and it happens. We got cut off but I'll try to continue with her soon!" ... written by LOVE
She was very accurate, has a very sweet spirit" ... written by Mila87
Joanna was very good. This was my first reading with her and she seemed to connect to the situation quickly,giving good insight. I will definitely contact her again in a couple of weeks :)" ... written by peach
thank you for your blessings always, you are very gifted. Take care. love you. " ... written by minnie
So connected, amazing" ... written by P
excellent reading...confirmation that was needed. Thanks jo." ... written by Jenn
Joanna is an amazing medium/channeler. She has told me about my father, my grandmother, and cousin and she is right every time. I love her and wish I could speak to her more often!" ... written by Eli
she is awesome!!!!" ... written by mary harris
The very best on Oranum. A great guidance and very encouraging. Highly recommend." ... written by Amy
She is wonderful and very accurate. Thank you very much." ... written by sangeeta
thanks jojo what i needed to soothe my energy" ... written by lavelle
thank you for the quick connection and all the positive information. i look forward to meeting this new person. " ... written by leodragon2014
Great Read!! Great information!!. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks for keeping it real! Ran out of credits but I will definitely contact again." ... written by Allison
She great really love her!" ... written by Chris
joanna is the one i always find whenever i feel lost. she's been the guiding light for me for many years and been always right and caring in the directions. i do care for joanna as well so much. thanks for the wisdom, caring and friendship, joanna. love ya. xoxo. " ... written by yk
Joanna is deeply connected, very in tune with me. Her messages are spot on" ... written by lil
she is awesome and enjoyable. She is also accurate." ... written by pixie
Dead on! Accurate andamp; her detailed information is amazing! Joanna your the Best andamp; I have recommended you to my mother andamp; sister who was Blown away by your accuracy! I will make sure to get weekly updates. I wish I knew you sooner, your guidance has made me see and I believe if it wasn't for you, I would still be struggling. Thank you for being Honest andamp; truthful with me. You are a gift from god andamp; I and my family really appreciate you! Next time I will have them here to say hello...Oh and its a plus that u are beautiful on the inside besides your beauty on the outside!! Whoever "HE" is , He is one lucky MAN! Your light andamp; your laughter brings joy andamp; love to my family besides others you have touched! thank you for being you, without ego andamp; very humbled may you always be blessed for helping others, your selfless andamp; yet such a powerful soul... ....L andamp; L John Michael" ... written by John Michael
Great reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lady
Got cut off in the middle of a reading, not cool. Joanna is great!" ... written by ..
Thank you for your reading! God bless! " ... written by Raibowspirit123
She is just great great and great.would recommend her 1000000% to anybody.she deserves billion stars.what an awesome and accurate reader,just love her.thank you Joanna." ... written by :)
one word for miss jojo " ... written by miss.k
she’s confirmed what others have said... :) which makes me happy and at ease" ... written by Jo
Joanna seemed to be a bit more in tune with me, than most.....and there aren't very many out there that are....." ... written by stormweed
She's very good. She is very gifted. Thank you for the good news and some truth. " ... written by MaryAnn
She is the most honest sincere and caring person i have talked to on here. What she said was exactly what I needed to hear to move forward with a happy life. Thank you so much. " ... written by sweetlili
ahhh she’s great!" ... written by joanna
wonderful reading as always. very helpful and puts my mind at ease. " ... written by deb
She was so great, Reading was amazing. She read me like a book, it's crazy noone has EVER done that. I enjoyed the reading and will be back to speak with her again. Amazing reading, the BEST I have ever had. Thanks so much Joanna :)" ... written by enchanted
AWESOME~ " ... written by primeexample
She's awesome! Outgoing, honest, straightforward. Thank you! Gave me peace of mind!" ... written by Natalie
OMG so amazing! Channeled immediately! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyllis
WOW!!!! Coming back... WOW!!! " ... written by J
LOVE her. she is always on the money. Jo im taking heed to everything you said. thank you" ... written by Abundance
Wonderful, Outstanding, I am just without words to describe Joanna. When she was speaking with me I felt like I was right there next to her. I loved the reading the first time that I went back to speak to her a little bit more. Thanks a Billion Joanna!! You have a true gift of helping others. :) Blessings to you" ... written by enchanted2634
Great advice for someone I love. She's always right. Blessed to have met her and I believe we are friends. The connection is beautiful." ... written by paula
love her! great readings, gets right to the point " ... written by deb
oh jojo , is awesome she makes u feel very comfortable. she has been absolutely" ... written by lavelle
more valuable information that will be helpful." ... written by paula
I loved her reading!!!! So helpful and insightful!" ... written by Larry
Love you Jojo! Thanx for everything!" ... written by Natalie
thank you, fast and good" ... written by mel
Can't believe i waited all this time to get a reading from you. You are amazing, Joanna. I cannot thank you enough. I will be back soon to update you." ... written by familyhelper
i think shes great !" ... written by Chris
very easy to connect with, good reading :) thank you" ... written by Skye
she's amazing" ... written by Cristina
she was amazing in just a few minutes she knew so much. " ... written by Sonya
Amazing. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
I love her. She is so on target with everything. I didn't even have to tell her much for her to connect with my situation." ... written by kmathis
She was very nice, informative and positive. " ... written by Marcia
Great as always,thank you Joanna:)" ... written by e
Great as and accurate." ... written by e
Very Good! She could tell my energy and what i was going through right away. I would say I am at ease, but the situation won't allow me to be, which has nothing to do with her. She just told me the truth." ... written by Marissa
great as always " ... written by edel95
Thanks, Joanna. Love connecting with you. You remind me of my Aunt who was very spiritual and an astrologer. Thanks so much." ... written by FAMILYHELPER
Phenomenal!" ... written by familyhelper
honest and brutal but very eye opening to my situation. thank you and i agree with you. " ... written by Michelle
She was simply true. She is real. Enjoy what she guides you back to :)" ... written by true2mysoul
Always great to connect with Jo Jo. The spiritual connection is always amazing and beautiful." ... written by paula
Awesome! Great energy and great advice. I high recommend a reading. You will be back." ... written by amy
Joanna is very insightful, straight forward and to the point. Very sweet and funny. I really liked her. Thanks for a good reading Joanna." ... written by Vilma
Dead on reading .... mind blowing information. I wanted to confirm the reading from a week back...I contacted my mother andamp; she was stunned that u have that kind of gift!!! Its came true what u said in a matter of 2 weeks u freak me out but in a good way!" ... written by john
Yes, yes, and yes....good stuff as usual. Spot on and always right. She's my girl! Joanna, thank you so much for the great, fun read!" ... written by Jennifer
SHE WAS COOL" ... written by HUGO
Thanks so much. You're a great thorough reader that connects quickly." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you for your reading! God bless, rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
as always great reading " ... written by edel95
Accurate andamp; amazing in details . Past predictions came true in a matter of weeks , she is amazing and the real deal . Her visions are spot on .... I sent a few of my family members to her and they are blown away by her mediumship and by her light , they pick up Love off of her andamp; that's amazing....Joanna ur a gods gift to us...thank u again I will be back later tonight ~" ... written by john
Fantastic reader. She felt my energy and know what im going through. I wish I had more minutes. It was fast and to the point." ... written by Enchanted3
she was soooooooooooooooooo good beautiful everything wonderful and funnnnnnn shes great xx" ... written by caz
Very fast and on to the point. I got clear my mind. Thank you for a very helpfull reading, unfortunately i got out of credits." ... written by ponn
She's the best ever" ... written by kmathis
thank you so much, you boost me up every time :-)" ... written by fullmoon76
OMG, OMG, OMG.. Namaste. Many Blessings." ... written by
Joanna is absolutely on point. " ... written by JO
The best connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by enchanted3
Joanna is great she says things will work out this is my time and tom will come around give him a few days he has other things going on . my father keeps coming up in my readings as to help me heal he knows it my time to shine.. you are worth a million jojo and I will continue to come back thankyou so much xoxoxo" ... written by great
thanks jojo short and sweet" ... written by lavelle
I loved Joanna. She looked right into the situation and read my energies.. what I was feeling at the moment. She definitely is gifted and I would recommend anyone that needs help to go to her. I will be a repeat customer for sure in the future!" ... written by Zachariah
OMG.. on point with everything.. thank you sooooo very much.. really meant a lot to hear what i am doing is right.. " ... written by Stephanie
No tools , quick andamp; very detailed. I had a reading with Joanna last year andamp; I just came across the paper that I took notes with. I AM BLOWN AWAY. Her Predictions and I mean ALL of them came true!!!" ... written by Max
Oh it's hot in here...and it'll just get hotter. An unbelievable session with Joanna...she's accurate, sees things that don't make sense until it starts happening, and no fairy tales here. Take this lady for a private session to get the answers that you seek. It's easy to do, press the yellow bar and enjoy! " ... written by FIRE and RAIN
she was awesome and I thank her for all she does ." ... written by g8tday
Wonderful!!!! I love her! wow all i can say is wow" ... written by Madison
Really good!!! ;)" ... written by Madison
Amazing!! she tunes right in!! Always accurate!! Love her" ... written by k
she was right on the money and she nailed it for me. will continue to come back here . she says he is smitten by me and he loves me and no more opening up let it it go with the flow. she says he will call and he will want to see me again" ... written by gr8tday
joanna is fast, accurate and on the mark. Her time line and the events she predicted came true with 100% accuracy. The events were very import amt to me and she handeled them with lots of care. Thanks again for everything! " ... written by monkzee
she calmed my nerves a bit . taking her advice and keeping mum from now on." ... written by gr8tday
Thank you for your reading once again! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
she was very helpfull,,,tried her first time and im very impressed" ... written by mariam
Always the light - always the voice of reason and support. Just amazing and supportive. Don't miss a reading with Jo" ... written by CoyoteRoper
Hi! Thank you! I can't charge anymore on my cc. We got cut off, but wanted to say thanks. " ... written by Sahar
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Fantastic!! Wow! very accurate!" ... written by Yogaangel
amazing reader.... " ... written by Ang
wow" ... written by Ang
Love her!! Always awesome!!" ... written by Mel
thank you Jo... time ran out .. and didnt say thank you and happy thankgiving!!!! " ... written by 1563
Jo thank u sovery much for helpng me today, it was a spur of the moment concern, and i needed your input, thank u so much for the great read..u are awesome..andamp; time well spent! love and light to u JO JO" ... written by -
she comforted me when I really needed thanks Joanna . " ... written by gr8tday
Was able to pick up without any information from me. Completely amazing. She reassured me and gave me the information to help me understand the situation. She knew information that she could not have possibly known. This lady is the real deal, she couldn't have made it up or guessed the situations or things I had been contemplating. Quite astounding." ... written by sweetcurls
amazing :)" ... written by des
Touches and fills my heart and soul with so many great things to many to express in writing. Joanna is a great reader and connects with you more than just a psychic. Her connection is almost of that of a true friend that you can always come to when you have worries or concerns with anything." ... written by virgoe82
she is always wonderful and truthful.. always lifts of my spirits to a degree of excitement and happiness.. so thankful for her assistance." ... written by alicia
I just love my readings with Joanna so much. She is so in tune with Spirit and everything she is guided, resonates with me completely. I'm so grateful I found her here on oranum. It was great to connect with you as always. Much love" ... written by true2mysoul
amazing just like our last reading :) flowed with information and connected with a family member." ... written by s
She is awesome!!! Love her to death!!!" ... written by Mel
I was stunned by the quick reading by Joanna123! She was professional and nonjudgemental! Waiting to see if her predications come to pass andamp; will try to post an update!" ... written by MarieAkba
she tells me just hang in there and all will be well. he is going thru a lot . I trust on her every word and she has been so on target for me. he is connected to me thru past lives and he will eventuallyt see that. thanks jo I love ya !!!" ... written by gr8tday
You're great. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
what can I say but awesome!!! so many things to look forward too. I love chatting with Joanna and her guides and waiting for their prediations to come true. never let me down." ... written by cherie
Thanks so much. You make me feel so much better. Thank you so much. It all makes sense." ... written by familyhelper
LOVE HER" ... written by
She is great to connect with. She is so in tune with your soul when she connects. Love her! Thank-you" ... written by true2mysoul
She is Awesome!!! I keep coming back to her. She is so up front with everything. She is just wonderful!" ... written by mary harris
love jojo" ... written by Chris
she gets me and makes me feel so much better. she lets me know things will be ok and to hang in there and it will all work in my favor . she says we will see each other this week and he loves me and he thinks about me. tks your a blessing" ... written by julie
I love how consistent she is. She taps in to your problem with no prior info. The best I've seen." ... written by kmathis
good on very near future like upto 2-3 weeks. Thank you very much on reading. will keep you posted on updates. good luck!" ... written by m
Extremely quick to tune in and very accurate on details that were not mentioned to her. Truly impressed and thankful" ... written by Holly
joanne is wonderful she says we will see each other this week . she says she sees him connecting with me this week. just be paitent don't rush him and everything will be fine. he misses me as much as I miss him" ... written by gr8tday
she is so amazing - spot on spot on - everything she said has come to pass " ... written by coyote
Joann was really sweet connected well! Love her energy" ... written by Nicole
Always a pleasure. She makes me laugh but always truthful. A confirmation about the trouble I would have with a very particular employee has happened. Not happy about it but it happened. She's very blessed and I'm happy I found her." ... written by paula
Yes, yes, and yes. Always delivers details, sticks with past predictions, and see new things developing with each visit. Joanna has got it! Take her for a private reading and watch how things unfold as she says." ... written by Jennifer
I hope your prediction will come true. Thank you!" ... written by Johanna
Helpful and uplifting as always, another good read. Give her a try :)" ... written by Cheryl
totally awesome to speak to her again, first reader i ever read with on oranum...she speaks directly with spirit and gives great details...i always said you can't hide from jojo she will fine you out LOL thanks jo." ... written by greek
Super sweet, I feel better after talking to her. Thank you Joanna :)" ... written by Cara
amazing as always - always makes you better " ... written by coyote
Great reading again. She is so accurate always. Would recommend her 100%." ... written by e
Thanks jojo for the confirmations, blessings" ... written by gsx
straight forward and comforting" ... written by kmathis
she is so awesome I love her updates and how she eases my mind on things. she tells me oct he will become closer and he will start to open up more and things will work out for us . he is inlove with me as I am inlove with him. she says just hang in there .thankyou so much jo for all your time you spend with me and your a Godsend to me!!!!!!" ... written by gr8tday
Joanna has a way of telling you what is.. and has predicted some information that has come to life. " ... written by JO
great reading with joanna as usual... tough times in my life.. but shes able to help me through.. thanks joanna as always" ... written by m
Oooh oooh...lots of things coming up and it's all exciting. Joanna is really great, she quickly picks up on things, describes things accurately, and gives predictions of what's to come and they actually happen too! " ... written by Jennifer
good reader, i had tech issue" ... written by doug
She was right again!!! Thank you!" ... written by MD
Wonderful as always! Very in tune to the situation and picks up energies like it's nobody's business :)" ... written by MD
super amazing!" ... written by k
Joanna is super sweet and on point always. Thank you for another great reading. " ... written by enchanted2634
Jo, you're the best! I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being such a good friend. I will be back. Again, seriously, this twin flame stuff is so so crazy! Hugs!!!" ... written by angelynnie21
thankyou jo run out of credits will be back next week to carry on our conversation thankyou xxxx" ... written by t
always amazing!!" ... written by coolgirl65
Accurate andamp; spot on. Had to come back to confirm that her prediction happened. She has an amazing insight andamp; very advanced compared to others. She will tell you details. Specifics. She is spot on in what she predicts. I will return. Thank you" ... written by MM
thank you sooo much I needed that conformation " ... written by Cinnamon White
shes my go to gal. she says everything is going to work out stop doubting stop putting negative vibes into it. shes says I will hear from him soon." ... written by gr8tday
Always a pleasure to speak with Joanna, She connects very well and I actually have not spoken to her in a while and she remembered me, that I like. Thanks so so much, maybe next time we have more time to chat. " ... written by enchanted2634
Amazing she hit dates on the penny!! Did not say one thing , She got names and gave me accurate info on my deceased love ones, Never met a Medium with more than one gift. She demonstrated them during my reading....I came back to confirm how the events she told me would happen , happened exactly how she said!!! I am pretty speechless on how spot on accurate she is, I will back!! Thanks Joanna for the great read!!!" ... written by John
Blown away with her accurate details!!!!! She predicts it andamp; bingo it happens within a few weeks , sometimes a few months but man she is on the money !!!! I had NEVER experience someone as accurate as her. My youngest son could of been in a terrible accident. Her information came through andamp; if it wasn't for her andamp; her information my son could have been killed....I am forever grateful ( Saying this as I tear up) of her abilities. She is simply MIND BLOWING!!! She speaks to spirit and the accurate information she receives from the other side is ....Simply SCARY ....Joanna your gifts are appreciated. She was able to prevent a car accident , Thank you!!! I am speechless.... What an angel you are!!! God blessed you with an incredible gift...." ... written by AMAZED
very quick connection and truthful guidance. Saw the situation clearly." ... written by angelszone
she is amazing!! i love her! picked up on everything without knowing details at all. " ... written by Katie
I love her" ... written by Charles
She's wonderful" ... written by Charles
absolutely love her to pieces" ... written by hadassah
she is right on target I just love her and she makes me feel better when I cant handle things on my own. she says two weeks to wait" ... written by gr8tday
very genuine, supportive and caring. Would recommend. Especially if you are facing difficult times and need clarity." ... written by angelszone
she's amazingg" ... written by Cristina
Joanna is so insightful and talking to her" ... written by Charles
I am surprised on how your predictions come to past each and every time!!! You are amazing andamp; thank u for being honest andamp; sincere when expressing my situation!! Thank you for guiding me andamp; for being so spot on !!!!! My father came through andamp; she hit it right out of the park, there is no way that she would know those things , Joanna I saw a white glow right next to you as you channeled -spirit , I have never seen this before , simply amazing !!!" ... written by Dead On
I just love her - she just knows and it is uplift and powerful - such a positive compasionate woman - and so spot on " ... written by coyote
this is my first reading with her. wow. joanna i am so surprised. i read your testimonials and of course they say positive things. now that i've had my reading, i can support that even more. you truly have a gift and thank you for your insight. i hope everything works out and i will keep you posted. " ... written by luxxicon
told me to see how things go with the person in my heart. and the person that will be stable for me there is a mutual connection, but is shy. told me to have fun, and don't let "waiting" for someone stop me from having fun. i will have that relationship i want at end of year/early next year. very informative." ... written by sindyy
I wish I had more time to talk to Joanna. She gave me a great reading in the past, and was giving me good info this time. " ... written by peach
just love her" ... written by hadassah
always wonderful and very honest" ... written by gr8tday
ALways the best " ... written by coyote
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Katie
she says to get in a salt bath and cleanse myself and things will be back to normal in no time . my energy is depleted and things are on track. so love JOanna " ... written by gr8tday
Very helpful and insightful!!!" ... written by Nona
she is wonderful just love her so much !!!!" ... written by julie
truly amazing, i added more credits so i can have a second private reading. she is on point and is absolutely incredible. THE BEST ON THIS SITE HANDS DOWN" ... written by Brianna
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Brianna
had a second reading with her, about the guy, connection is coming. and will be ok. trip in two months, think more positive. this will def. be a better month. " ... written by sunny
So intuned with her gift. Needs little to no info to connect to the situation" ... written by kmathis
I haven't had a pvt with Joanna in months and anytime I see her she picks back up like we just had a pvt the day before... shes unbelievable. highly gifted and a sweet person with a genuinely caring spirit. she has ALWAYS seen the same for me. years could pass by and she will see the same exact outcome. shes truly a great person and she has been on my journey with me (along with a few others) for about 2 years now. Love this woman. Thank you Joanna for always staying positive with my situation. you are the best! may God bless you. and I will be back. thanks so much. " ... written by m
Amazing as always. Highly recommended. " ... written by e
will be waiting for her predictions!" ... written by BP
Amazing, truly amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
Thanx Jo for the reading!! Will look into that info! " ... written by Natalie
soothing and accurate " ... written by real love
told me to be happy, and to be cautious. and everything will work out." ... written by cindy
Joanna is awesome! She always has this connection that lets me know just what I need to at the right moment. Thanks Joanna!" ... written by Zach
Always the best - so uplifting - so calming and compassionate - always spot on - can't help but feel better after you talk with Jo " ... written by coyote
thank you for the reading. she was very encouraging and spot on my issues helped me clarify with many things that I can do. " ... written by mimi
joanna is amazing! she was extremely accurate and knew exactly what was going on with me. i can't wait for her prediction to happen :) she has such a beautiful heart, i'm so thankful i was able to have my first reading with her. thank you joanna!" ... written by honey
many many blessings and peace with her readings. brings clarity and is always precise " ... written by virgoe82
Going really well, then my internet dropped. BOO!!!" ... written by ...
bless you Joanna. im thankful I can come to you in my time of doubt. you bring clarity to me and hope. " ... written by melissa
It's been a while and I was not gonna ask for something specific but you still picked it up. Thank you for always honest with me." ... written by Joseph
sorry it froze, thank you so much...i'll come back on tuesday next week. " ... written by cindy
Jo was on point and quick and she was point blank about what I should do. She was very accurate with the insight and details about my questions.. Thank you Jo.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Joanna is awesome!! Again, she always connects to what I'm feeling and I know I can always go to her when I need confirmation for something. Thanks Joana!" ... written by Zachariah
three years ago Jo told me I would not recognize my life - WOW - my life is so different - so many things for the better - such a wonderful amazing life I have now - everything Jo has ever said has come to pass - when I follow he advice things have turned out - so far I have come with her guidance and wisdom - Jo is truly a blessing and a teacher in my life" ... written by coyote
Very optimistic reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Enchanted3
GREAT READING" ... written by MOLLY
Amazing woman and amazing reader! I love her. She made me feel so much better today. I will definitely keep you posted.....kisses" ... written by S
amazxing!" ... written by desirae
Excellent!!! Prediction came through faster than expected." ... written by Eva
Thank you" ... written by Eva
she says more to come and things are looking great so I will continue to look forward to whatever might come . I am forever grateful. she also says ask for more time with him he can do it. he is inlove with you." ... written by gr8tday
amazing!!!!! brings joy to my heart and soul" ... written by virgoe82
she just brings great light and energy and smiles, she is an amazing person that will be honest with you , she just has this amazing connection with the spirits" ... written by virgoe82
deeeeeeeep reading.... just deep.... wow.. thanks Joanna!! love you. will be back for update!" ... written by m
joanna is a life saver. literally... she just knows!! love her! i will be back." ... written by min
Joanna is something else and bang on as usual. accurate and confirmed old readings and things all came to fruition. " ... written by dan
Connected well. will contact again." ... written by Eva
great readings with joanna. I gain so much wisdom form her and positive energy. Thanks joanna!" ... written by m
Joanna helps me connect to myself when I feel down and out in trouble or weary. she says cleanse myself with salt bath and pink candle to manifest my desire to me. she knows what she is talking about as so many predictions have come to pass already. she did say he loves me he just has karma to work out. also I will see him thursday" ... written by julie
spirit says I will see him on tues if it does not work out it will be thurs . she says my aura is pink and purple and she says I look happy and inlove . things are coming along and shes sees me being that nurse that RN I always wanted to be . love you joanne" ... written by gr8tday
Thanks so much. Appreciate you connecting. It was a great reading." ... written by familyhelper
We had a good run without freezing. Will come back in You are amazing." ... written by familyhelper
Great reading. Thanks so much" ... written by familyhelper
Great and amazing. Always taps into my situation accurately." ... written by familyhelper
wonderful and flowing with energy and information provided no one could have known unless told! she confirmed so much it was an amazing reading" ... written by s
So accurate! I'm in awe!" ... written by coolGirl65
amazing as always." ... written by e
Always puts me back in the right frame of mind - always just understands and so loving - never miss Jo - she is one of a kind " ... written by coyote
Joanna always connects well with me and person I question. provides lots of information and timeframes. Her predictions have come to pass, will continue to follow-up with her." ... written by Eva
Joanna confirmed a lot for me and she says everything will work out fine . stop blocking what is coming forward to you. he will see you in due time and you will make it special for him. he loves you and he will come closer .thanks a bunch jo xoxoxo" ... written by gr8tday
great reading" ... written by apple
Wow!!! Great Read as always. Great confirmation on what I felt .Joanna is extraordinary!!! 5 billion stars." ... written by Martank
amazing absolutely amazing...she knows so much!!! I am floored" ... written by sandra
she was very fast reader and accurate on my current situation ;) thank you so much for the advices " ... written by tg
It was so quick and I don't have enough to add more credits but you were right about his heart... my best friend died suddenly in March from an unknown heart condition... I'm shaking now, I wish I could know more. " ... written by Georgina Casazza
straight to the point! i loved my reading! didn't beat around the bush, told me exactly what i need to do!" ... written by victoria
Joanna is the best! She's gifted, and her predictions do come true. I definitely recommend Joanna!" ... written by Zachariah
Awesome" ... written by Mel
Joanna always KNOWS.. this lady is amazing. truly blessed. been helping me for about a year and I have seen her predictions play out many times. Thanks to her angels and spirit guides, I am going in the right path and direction. Thank you for your insight and your kindness Joanna . God Bless you!" ... written by m
you are the best!!! " ... written by mel
she is awesome and she says everything will go fine and not to worry he loves you and yes he does wish things were different and does wish he was with you. and until that can happen , karmtic things have to be worked out." ... written by gr8tday
awesome!!! she is just amazing and so in tune!!! very insightful! and knows what she is talking about" ... written by sandra
my rock.... Joanna always gets it... always has the perfect advice. shes been helping me for years and she knows me well enough to know how to direct me. Her insight is amazing and I appreciate her. Thnks Joanna." ... written by m
She is spot on and her past predictions came to past. She is able to read the past present and future events with such accuracy !! She is able to tell you about who is in your life and what their intentions are. I am still blown away by her connection to spirit. You can tell she has been doing for a long time by her specific details she gives you during each reading. I had other readings on here by other readers and by far is she has been the most accurate and each prediction has come to pasted. She ask no questions .....By far the best I have experienced! " ... written by Michael
SHe is awesome!!! Love her to death. Patience is not my thing but always tells me to be patient." ... written by mel
Fantastic reading" ... written by --
she is awesome. I love her to death!!! I will be back for more!!! So much love for her... xoxoxp" ... written by mel
thank you so gave me valuable info and really helped me tremendously, I was feeling so nervous about my situation before our reading and you really helped me to calm myself down!!!" ... written by gemmie
speak to Joanna ... you will understand why " ... written by happy
jo you were right about the meeting and so right about how he is into me . you say he will call at last minute next week and maybe want to see me . he loves everything im doing he is into me and he loves me . and it will end up getting stronger and stronger and he will start to openup," ... written by gr8tday
awesome!!! hyseterical and knows so much!!! just amazing" ... written by sandra
amazing and wonderful person! always very honest and sweet " ... written by deb
I absolutely love her. She knows EXACTLY what's going on immediately. Money well spent. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by kmathis
jo confirmed my thoughts . she put me at ease and made me feel more comfortable. shesays he is thinking of me and thinks of me a lot and we will be together. thanks jo so much" ... written by gr8tday
So very sweet and helpful. Go Joanna!" ... written by Kate
She got to the point!!!" ... written by Mel
She is awesome. I hope everything comes to pass!!!" ... written by Mel
Joanna is great, and I will always recommend her. She's definitely given me great advice!" ... written by Zachariah Willis
awesome!! Joanna is amazing! very honest and positive and knows a lot!" ... written by sandra
This is actually my first review on this site - she is great. Very funny and easy to talk to! I would highly recommend giving her a try! Thank you for the wonderful talk Joanna123. We will be talking again soon!!" ... written by Traciep1
She is awesome!!" ... written by Mel
DEAD ON ACCURATE!! I did a reading last week with her and I always record them. It really didn't make sense on what she said. She talked about my work and mention a few weird things that would happen and BAM BAM BAM!!! She is dead on spot on the girl I am in Love with. She is at a distance and I have a friendship ( This girl has feelings for me) Joanna is right again...I distanced my friendship because this girl was coming up with every possible excuse to talk to me. It got to the point where all of my likes were hers and she also helped me with my work...Wrong!!! I did exactly what Joanna suggested and her prediction happened after I decided this was nothing but a very very co-dependent friendship and I know that she had feelings she hinted and hinted and I ignored trying just to be a friend!! Guess what the girl at a distance started to connect with me as soon as I was able to disconnect and explain to my friend how unhealthy our friendship was ( And believe me my friend was controlling andamp; manipulated me quiet a bit) Like I said very unhealthy FRIENDSHIP !!! Joanna your dead on dead on dead on !!! Amazing accurate!!! Thank you again for guiding me!!I will be back for your spot on readings!!!" ... written by John Michael
amazing" ... written by arrow
Thank you for the truly reflective reading. The now and the future seems to be realistic. Thanks again" ... written by Joseph
thank you J" ... written by 1234789
Thank you, thank you, thank you xx" ... written by 1122
As always Joanna was spot on - things happened EXACTLY as she said they" ... written by coyoteroper
she says he wants to be with you he is smitten by you and he will do everything he can to possibly be with you. don't think neg start thinking positive and he is trying. he dreams about me and loves everything I do for him." ... written by gr8tday
Joanna is awesome! She's really unique and gifted in a world that is full of fakes and empty promises! I definitely appreciate the work that she does and look forward to the good things that she has predicted for me." ... written by Zachariah Willis
Awesome" ... written by Mel
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by Mel
So very accurate in everything she does. Spirit confirmation is so on point. She was able to tell me my birth month, what colors I thought about for my wedding, and everything else. I was so shocked and will definitely come back and keep her posted. Love her energy and always makes me smile and feel at peace. " ... written by Kinisha
amazing...truly gifted and nothing short of amazing" ... written by sandra
thank you " ... written by 45667
Thank you for your reading. God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
I LOVE her - always make me calmer and confident. " ... written by CoyoteRoper
jo says I will see him in 10 to 14 days he is thin king of me always and he is getting spiritual coming into me . we have shared many past lives together and we will grow spiritually together. thankyou jo." ... written by gr8tday
Stunningly beautiful inside and out!! Her readings are so accurate that I referred her to my friends and family. Shocked that she told me detailed information no one would know about!! Kind of freaked me out to be honest. She uses no tools. she goes into details....accurate , amazing!!" ... written by Rick
Always great details and accurate information that happens as she sees it. An awesome psychic and friend!" ... written by Jennifer
Accurate as can be. Spot on! No tools . I have been reading with Joanna about 6 months and I come back for follow ups all the time because her predictions are EXACTLY AS SHE TELLS YOU!!" ... written by Amazed!!
always a wonderful reading!! I look forward to our conversations!!! best reader ever!" ... written by deb
she said I would be happy he would surprise me . he will make time and more time. she has been right on the money ever since she started reading for me. tks Joanna" ... written by gr8tday
Love Jo - again another prediction came to pass EXACTLY as she said it would" ... written by CoyoteRoper
Accurate and her predictions past, very detailed and she tells you things without asking her a question. She was able to see my present situation plus future . Her future events are already playing out exactly how she predicted so I will be returning for more updates !! Thank you Joanna for being the Best Medium on here!!! I will tell others about you!! Spot on accurate!!!" ... written by Michael
Joanna123 is Accurate and so pleasant to speak to! She said he was going to come see me and he is!! " ... written by YogaAngel
sooo helpful, honest and truthful" ... written by sitarasookdeo
The best!" ... written by Jimmy Jaimie
i love this lady soooo much i truly do" ... written by hadassah
she says take a salt bath . energy is being drained and im a natural born channeler.she says I should here something by tomorrow , that he loves me and will do his best to make it happen get grounded!Q!!" ... written by g8tday
Always great!!" ... written by Eva
needed to hear what was told.. " ... written by mi
love love love Joanna.......great psychic..knows her stuff...doesn't sugar coat...very in tune with the spiritual world" ... written by sandra
lovely and full of information as always. I have had a number of reading and something as already been confirmed and initiated. Will update as more unfolds :) x" ... written by s
Joanne, such a true beautiful gifted person. " ... written by Melissa
Jo JO is awesome as ever," ... written by paul
Thank you thank you Thank you off to shed some tears cause I need to - thank you - always always the best there is " ... written by Cinnamon White
JoAnn is just beyond the best 10000000 stars and so calming I can't wait for yet another prediction to come true - Don't miss a chance to read with JoAnna - Cinnamon " ... written by CoyoteRoper
she is simply amazing" ... written by d
she always brings smiles and great piece and comfort to my worries and she will always be honest about what she sees and thinks :) love her " ... written by virgoe82
always amazing always spot on " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Love her to death" ... written by Mel
simply the BEST!" ... written by sandra
great!" ... written by edel95
Thank you Jo - I always feel so much better after talking to you - you are the BEST there is " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Holy crap is she amazing, no wonder she is never available." ... written by d
Awesome" ... written by Mel
Joanna is amazing! Sorry the site was freezing when I tried to add more funds xoxoxo" ... written by Yogaangel
Joanna is So Accurate!! I love talking to her! Her predictions have come to pass. She said he was going to to come to NY to see me and stay with me and she said He was not leaving when he said and all came to pass! Amazing!! 10,000 Stars!! " ... written by Yogaangel
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Great reading!!! I hope everything comes to pass!!" ... written by Mel
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Mel
he loves me and he wants to be with me . there will be a shift and he will come closer and closer. he wants things to work out and he would be crushed if something happened. thankyou so much for your kind calming words . you could not tell me enough that he loves me and thinks of me" ... written by gr8tday
I could not get enough! Had 3 reading in a row with joanna! She's simply the best!" ... written by coolGirl65
Joanna you are dead on!! Joanna forewarned me about a female friend wanting more than just a friend type of relationship and to use caution. That she has a habit of co-dependency and that she can create more of a mess in my life! She is right! I felt bad but I knew I had to draw a stronger line at work. Joanna predicted certain events that would happen between her and I !! She was RIGHT! Dead on right! I take Joanna's advice very serious. She saved me from a lot of grief and chaos besides all of this drama my friend created. Joanna thank you for guiding me through the tests in my life. I finally understand and I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. Thank you and the spirits of giving me such direction. Your so accurate , I am blessed to speak with you each week!! Thank you my angel!!" ... written by Michael
Spot on accurate !!! I came back to tell her how amazing she is with her predictions!! She even got the names correctly!! This is the 4th prediction that came to past and I am just stunned on how she picks up on things without me saying a word!! No tools. I have seen this glow around her with a blueish spark above her head as she is connecting to spirit . I have never seen and felt such an angelic presence as we speak!! Mind blowing 1!!" ... written by John Michael
I really liked her - this was my first reading by her but I hope she's right about love life ;). " ... written by Heather
amazing !!!!!!!" ... written by virgoe82
LOVE LOVE LOVE Jo - blows my mind everytime" ... written by Cinnamon White
Very, very good reading. Joanna has no problem picking up on issues, no need for prompts here." ... written by Sticky
You are truly amazing. I am sick to my stomach over where my life is going. I appreciate the insight. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
Wow!!! Great read as always!!! Always positive. She is very insightful. 5 billion stars." ... written by Martank
Lovely lady :) picked up on things without me saying. Spirt really came through, i'm so grateful for the messages. thank you" ... written by Muhsybean
Thank you, always helpful and honest." ... written by Eva
Joanna is best! She sees the absolute truth in everything and I am glad to call her my friend. " ... written by Zachariah Willis
She is an amazingly wonderful reader. She picks up on so much each time that I have a reading with her. She tells me like it is and gives me helpful information to continue on my journey. I look for her on here. I believe in her abilities and I think that she is truly blessed. She gave me the messages that my soul needed to hear. Don't pass her by. It would be a grave mistake to choose another reader when she is so on point and in tune. She is worth it!" ... written by Sweetcurls
Always AMAZING " ... written by Cinnamon White
Love her! i've had a few readings this week and only she was the one to hit the nail on the head before i even typed anything. I 100% recommend her (which i have never written on a review before about any of the other readers) she is honestly the real deal! x" ... written by naygirl911
shes telling me to let go of anxiety he will call in next few days he is watching his ps and qs things will come together and he does love me. she says I will see him within the next two weeks" ... written by gr8tday
Amazing will be back for more!" ... written by Nina
LOVE her - always has a smile and a calmness - and picks up your stuff RIGHT away - " ... written by Cinnamon
I was so down today but she picked me up and gave me hope, she is a beautiful soul, God Bless you Joanna, love and light to you and may the New year bless you with all that you deserve and more" ... written by d
awesome....very connected, spiritual and insightful" ... written by sandra
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by p
no one better - do not miss a reading with Jo" ... written by CoyoteRoper
Monk I needed that more than you know....." ... written by monk
always makes me feel free and at peace " ... written by virgoe82
great reader...." ... written by oles
Short time but what she said was pretty accurate and spot on, I did not have to say much and I love when people are that good at what they do! def coming back " ... written by Sherry
great as always and dived right into the matter after weeks of not catching up. Connection is amazing x" ... written by s
I've had a lot of readings with Joanna, and everytime she is right about what she says. She does not tell me what i want to hear, but what i need to. Im sure im not the only one here who keeps coming back to her because she was right. " ... written by Lma345
Didn't have to say a word this girl is the real deal. Very specific and detailed on what she saw. I read with others on here and she is by far the most accurate andamp; spot on !! Just amazed , she is fast and besides telling me what she saw , she also connected to a love one who past away and gave me details that was very specific so I know it was them!! WOW !!! Spot on I give her over there 5 stars rating she is simply amazing..I will be back.Thank you and god bless" ... written by Michael
She is always logical and her readings are forthcoming. She is always good to talk to " ... written by Eli
Thanks Joanna. I'm trying. I'm truly trying. You are so gifted and amazing. Thanks for your insight. Love you. XOXO" ... written by familyhelper
Really interesting reading, accurate made a lot of sense, thank you so much really recommend " ... written by Sherry
just had a little update with her, she's amazing!" ... written by coolGirl65
Two thumbs way up for this woman! She's amazing, fun, accurate, and detailed. Love reading with her" ... written by LISA
Always fantastic, fast answers, good details...great reading and wonderful lady!" ... written by LISA
Fast and with time frame x" ... written by Cindy
Ran out of creds :( will be back though." ... written by Arc
very gooooooooddd!!!!" ... written by someone
joanna is awsome, very fast, connects like no other, i dont have to say a word she answers before i say anything, so gifted, im just blown away, always a great reading 5 stars" ... written by pauly61
ALways FANTASTIC - always connected right in - no doubt - no story changing and always been spot on with predictions " ... written by Cinnamon White
she's so accurate. she picked up all the things that i was planning in my head before i start to speak ;) " ... written by papa
Thanks for the advice" ... written by Gx
amazing reading..thank you so much!!!" ... written by mv
Thankyou didnt say a word this lady knew all i will come back again thankyou much reccomended xx" ... written by T
jo is wonderful. she says im coming into my gifts and schooling. she says I will see him soon and we will be together. he loves me and my energy spirit says im gifted and a channeler stay on course my energy is infectious" ... written by gr8tday
Always on point. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Her prediction came to past within two months of my reading!!! She gave me detailed information of this unexpected change of heart and this unexpected move out of the blue that happened so quickly I am BLOWN AWAY by how accurate she is!!! She gave me information on what will be said and by who and specifics that there is "NO WAY" she would know this....I am stunned!! I am a true believer. I used other readers on here andamp; from the very first reading she used no tools and channeled the information . She is the only person I will go to. She has a gift that even a skeptic like me is a believer now!!! Accurate and spot on!!!" ... written by Randy
Thank you for your honesty, thank you for your advice andamp; for your guidance! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Joanna is nothing short of amazing. I have been talking to her for a while now, and I have been patient and she called it! she told me about someone coming along and she described him perfectly! she is dead on accurate!...shes funny, shes sincere, she is like family!! absolutely amazing!! great heart, great person.....accurate!!!" ... written by sandra
Pick up all current very fast and direct. Thanks. Will see how it will goes." ... written by William
This is unbelievable... unless there is some type of queuing system that links your name to your profile name; she told me my name before I told her what my name was. How the heck did she do that??? Anyway, she picked up on my situation and felt what was going on fast and very accurately. She is very Gifted! She gave me a time frame for my messed up situation and some good advice. She is very kind and compassionate. The nice thing was she didn't type and just talked through everything making sure I understood her vision. Do yourself a favor and spend some time and receive accurate and great guidance from Joanna! You will be glad you did! " ... written by Brian
Thankyou thankyou thankyou xxxx" ... written by T
Fast and straight to the point x" ... written by C
She is awesome. Hope everyhting pans out!!!" ... written by mel
great as always " ... written by edel95
OMG just amazing" ... written by Cinnamon White
simply amazing!!! no other words other than she lifts my spirits!!! " ... written by deb
She blew me away on how accurate she is!! Spot on accurate very gifted medium, I didnt have to say a word andamp; she knew detailed information. Shocked me in a good way. She is very specific andamp; when you show her photos she can tell you detailed info about the persons life that was mind blowing to me. I didnt know how she knew . She is the REAL DEAL!!! Accurate andamp; just amazing!!" ... written by John
awesome!!! she is seriously the best one on this website!" ... written by sandra
Very quick, accurate description of me related to the situation, kind too x" ... written by Cindy
Truly gifted and amazing. Thank you for your insight." ... written by familyhelper
Everything that she has told me has come to pass! I really didn't think things were going to change, but WOW, they essentially went from bad to good over night and rapidly keep improving. I am so happy! Thank You Very Much!!!!" ... written by Brian
Only one on this site that is spot on and ALL of her predictions and her timelines come true!! Accurate andamp; I am seeing her results happen, very pleased Thanks again!!! I will be back!! Amazing andamp; detailed" ... written by Tom
Yep, Joanna's got it going on! She just knows stuff and she's right about everything she picks up in my situation. Her predictions happen. Get a reading with her, let her tell what is coming up, and then sit back and watch it all unfold. Excellent. Love her." ... written by Jen
Spot on, totally spot on. She has amazing gifts. Get a reading from her you will not regret it. Love to you Joanna." ... written by Des
She is the Real Deal and I had to come back to tell her how accurate she is . She is spot on with her timing and spot on with her predictions!! Accurate andamp; just beautiful inside andamp; out!! I have tried others on here but her predictions started within a week. Thank you!! I will be back~" ... written by MM
joanne says do what I need to do and I will see him and things will start to look better.he loves me ansd thinks of me all the time" ... written by gr8tday
coud not get through this with out Jo " ... written by Cinnamon White
Very nice chat. She picked up on my situation and let me know exactly what she was seeing. Conflict. Nice. Very good advice and caring to my situation. Thank you for the reassurance and help. I really appreciate You!" ... written by Brian
what an amazing woman her predictions happen , she sees all, this woman has been a true blessing to me Love her" ... written by debbie
an amazing young lady with such a positive out look.. I will take all of your insight to heart and work towards a positive and glowing outcome. Thank you Joanna, i will return soon" ... written by Shawna
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Yet another amazing reading with Joanna! She sees and understands everything you are going through. When you talk to her you are relaxed and calm no matter what is happening. Recommend her 100000% " ... written by Puff
I had to goooo, that's why i did not buy anymore Credit.. Ill be back , and i love youuu! BEST Psychic on Earth .. Take care" ... written by LMA345
great as always." ... written by e
Thank you so much. I need your comfort, understanding, support and most definitely your gift of intuition and wisdom. You are amazing to me, Joanna, and I am blessed that you open yourself up to helping me get through this very tough time in my life. I don't recall ever feeling this deepened with pain and sorrow. It is a life lesson that I will forever remember, but hopefully can move past. I pray every day for peace and release and the ability to forgive. I am a forgiving person, but this one is a challenge. Many hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Predictions came true. Not just one prediction either. I didn't expect everything she said to happen. She nailed it!! Accurate , spot on and very detailed. I read her feed backs before I took her to private and they were not kidding when they said she is the real deal!! I will be back again!! Very sincere , very humble. very gifted!! Thank you" ... written by Jeff
JOANNA is my GIRL! She's always right on target and she sees things, then they happen. She's great, absolutely great. If you are looking for answers, look no further...this lady is the one you need to speak to. She's got it going on!! Love you Jo!" ... written by Jen
Thanks Joanna. Wouldn't go through another time. You're amazing." ... written by familyhelper
great as always!" ... written by edel95
She was amazing! She connected with me right away without giving much info. " ... written by Walejr
Thanks That Helps........ Appreciate your insights!" ... written by Brian
Thank You so much for the insight and support! Helping me keep focused is very appreciated. Words cannot express my gratitude! Keep sending those positive energies and vibes my way. One day I'll tell Carolina all about it! " ... written by Brian
Thank you so much Joanna from the bottom of my heart, I will definitely look it up. You are an amazing lady. xo" ... written by Norine
Hey thank you for the reading. You answered my question. I definitely understand what your saying. I froze but I still heard everything. Thank you for the clarity." ... written by Arc
Joanna says I am opening up spiritually and beginning to grow. she says he does love me and he will shift within the next couple weeks. things will be ok and I will get what I want .I will hear from him within 2days" ... written by gr8tday
Thankyou once again lovely lady and thankyou spirit for being there again for me. As you have been many many times before. Love n light to you xxxxxxx" ... written by T
uplifting to the max, confident, worth the money, in tune. if you want a real connection, save up enough to really get a solid reading from joanna. you will NOT regret it." ... written by joy
JoJO could see the people around me so accurately. You always give me hope for the future with love and blessings to you. Thank you for standing next to me and holding my hand and giving me some peace" ... written by debbie
joanna is more than just a psychic ( an amazing one).. she really makes you feel comfortable and gives you advice with no judgments x." ... written by sara
thanks joanna so much! im glad i got to read with you finally! you literally picked up on my energy and you knew what was going on for sure amazing and ill update you sooner than later if im not too busy with work like you say ha =0) much love xo" ... written by meg
awesome as always " ... written by edel95
Thank you so much for the help today and the guidance. Your advice is much appreciated. Warm and caring; thank you beyond words!" ... written by Brian
always great to talk to joanna.. she just gets it. I love this lady.. god bless you and I am glad I ca always come to you. thank you!" ... written by n
Jo is amazing - she just connects - spot on - no tools just gets it - tells it like it is - so compassionate and calming - no matter what Jo will get you straight. Always honest - never giving false hopes or BS - just love JoJo - and take her advice when she tells you not to do something listen - she will not steer you wrong " ... written by CoyoteRoper
She was absolutely wonderful! Told me everything going on without even giving her a name. She just kept spitting out details. Loved loved loved her. And my deceased grandmother came through. It was amazing! Thank you so much, Joanna!" ... written by Marcia
I really do not know what I'd do without you.. You are the only reason i Wake up in the morning theese days!" ... written by LMA345
Shes amazing!! first time reading and i was hooked-very direct loving honest and told u what she sees...just simply brilliant and happy i tried her!! will be back!!" ... written by k
Aloha Jo! Thanks for being a lifesaver with my "hawaiian" situation. Youre the best!!!" ... written by lynn
excellent positive vibes as always" ... written by rebecca
I had to come back to tell her that her prediction came true. I told her that it was "Impossible" for it to happen the way she predicted. Sure enough , I am eating my words. I have been to others but they didn't see it like she did. Her details were spot on!! She also connected to my decease mother andamp; she blew me away with telling me stuff that only my mother andamp; I knew!! She is the REAL DEAL!! Thank you , I will be back" ... written by Josh
On point with everything!! omg so amazingly accurate!! I told her nothing and she told me things she couldnt know!! wow! Im amazed by her and will take her advice!! Love her!! WOW" ... written by k
thanks for the quick update" ... written by G
Wow she said things the min I entered the prvt!! That was amazing...all I kept saying yes, yes, yes. This beautiful lady is fantastic she knew a lot without any info! Predicted a lot of things, and now gotta wait and see. Thank you" ... written by s
i do not know how to thank her for every thing that she does and how much of the guidance she is to me. she is a wonderful person more so has a wonderful heart " ... written by virgoe82
She was great!!!" ... written by Mich
very good! got initials and picked up on the people around me and also deceased family. we will see on predictions but a good reading! recommend!" ... written by me
Joanna is by far the best on oranum. shes direct. straight forward. honest. reassuring and doesn't beat around the bush. she doesn't say what you want to hear she tells you exactly what you need to know whats going on behind the scenes. shes able to tap into peoples energy very fast. very impressive. she is truly gifted. never disappointed :)" ... written by melissa
Love love love her!!! She just someone knows things and it's amazing!" ... written by Marcia
12 -Another prediction of hers just happened. She is truly a gift from heaven!! She is very specific. No tools needed. Accurate accurate accurate thank you again I will be back!! " ... written by Scott Michael
Spot on accurate!! How would she know I had a friend that I was intimate with that ended up co-dependent , manipulative, a bit clingy and very controlling!! She even gave me her name. I made so many bad choices when this girl was around. Took some bad advice.WOW. Joanna knew every detail!!Shocking on how accurate she is without me saying a word. She channeled spirit andamp; spirit gave me so much accurate info that it left me stunned, I will return , she is amazing!" ... written by ML
Joanna is amazing!! She picks up on the energies very quickly and is so accurate!!! Love this woman!" ... written by MD
awesome my private with jojo was to confirm some recent developments with an opportunity and i was nervous given the past, but she said not to worry and this is opening up other amazing things!! (future opps)" ... written by mm
Very understanding and gives clear guidance for when you are confused! Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
simply the best" ... written by sandra
Thankyou once again Joanna xxxx love and light to you xx" ... written by T
simply the other words for her....predictions are very accurate, and on point....truthful, intuitive, and funny!" ... written by sandra
Wow, Accurate andamp; spot on without saying a word. Very detailed. She has this knowing that is amazing. She is also stunningly beautiful on the outside and so loving and caring on the inside xoxoxo WOW LOVE MICHAEL" ... written by Michael
love this woman she tells me exactly how it is whether I like it or not, no false hopes." ... written by d
just love her to bits" ... written by pauly61
Thank You Very Much For Everything! Things are as She said they would be and now I look forward to the conclusion and The Beginning of GREATNESS and PASSION!" ... written by Brian
VERY COOL" ... written by someone
Really her alot." ... written by someone
she says go get checked out. my system is off a bit in the chest area and arm. continue with the diet and get healthy . everything else looks good . she says I will hear from him soon and see him next week. thanks jo will follow up with health by the end of the month." ... written by gr8tday
Spot on accurate , predictions comes past within her time frame , I will return , she is the best when it comes to work issues andamp; love questions Thank you" ... written by MM
She seemed to be honest, I am wondering to see what will happen. " ... written by Ixchel
great reading as always. love Joanna!!! she is truly blessed and the real deal. love you! " ... written by mm
she says everything will work out fine just hang in there he thinks of u often and he adores u !!! u should here something soon!!! thanks jo for your honesty !!!" ... written by gr8tday
Thanks for being so amazing! You truly are a 10+ star for me. Will update you soon." ... written by familyhelper
Wow what a reading !! She is accurate andamp; very specific in what she sees !! She knew things that only I would know!! She is the real deal and with that I will return" ... written by Grace
she is always fabulous...quick and to the point gives lots of details and she connects accurately to the people involved." ... written by greek
No names needed, no birth dates, no cards or tools. She was AWESOME!!! I will be back soon. " ... written by iamhappy psychic on this site" ... written by sandra
wow wow I was so surprised by what I was told by Joanna and spirit. impressed and will come again" ... written by ms
she is amazing and can see everything.cares like a friend about people. beautiful person inside and out.highly highly recommended." ... written by puffy
Stunned, she is spot on and very detailed. She is accurate andamp; her predictions comes to past. I have never used a medium before. She is the REAL DEAL!!! She is not general either as some of them can be. I have used others on here andamp; she is the only one on here that her predictions happens.!! I will be back , Thank you!!" ... written by Troy
had a wonderful talk with jo, she assured me to take care of myself and to really work on me . I love her to bits . she is so loving and she cares so much about her clients. she is the real deal and she makes you feel like you are talking to friend a real friend. she says he will work it out to see me next week and everything will be ok." ... written by GR8TDAY
Joanna is the real deal, third reading with Joanna andamp; I had to come back to tell her that her predictions had happened the way she told me !!! Spot on accurate reader , I was a skeptic now I am not, I will return. She uses no tools and she has this crazy gift to tell you in depth what a person is feeling , thinking andamp; what will happen in the future !! I am glad I connected to her I will be back. " ... written by SURPRISED
I'm speechless. She is very accurate" ... written by RAM
Thank you. " ... written by ponn
My time was up , buut thanks helped a LOT! You are really the best. Have no ide what i would do without you!" ... written by LMA345
right on the money of course .. he will try to see me but it might be next week . he does love me and he will try everything to make it happen.he will never leave me he will always call." ... written by gr8tday
Thanks for the advice " ... written by gsx
I love Joanna She has a great energy. Always on point. she has done 3 readings for me and never disappoints. " ... written by Cindy
Thank You Very Much Uplifting!" ... written by Brian
shes amazing! everything that you're looking for is right here with Joanna. " ... written by melissa
Amazing Joanna. You are my favorite. You see things that always are so accurate. Thanks. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
Thank you!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you again! " ... written by Raibowspirit123
I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass, just so that she can tell me I told you so. lol. Love her spirit and personality. I can talk to her for hours. Accurate. Specific in her details" ... written by d
She's always on point" ... written by kmathis
Joanna is always on the money with what is going on, she sees it all like it or not, shes the best" ... written by pauly
Very nice reading, very informative and helpful, thank you Joanna" ... written by Brianne
Wow so quick. I am shocked. She connects quick and was accurate right on the dot. Really liked her!!! Cant wait to get another reading." ... written by pan
Awesome!" ... written by Destiny
Great!" ... written by Destiny
Thankx for sharing your insights! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
She told me in a very detailed way how my mother passed and messages from her. There is no way she would known all of these details. I still have tears in my eyes. No one has ever moved me the way joann has. I am still in shock. In a very positive way!! Blessing to a woman who has truly a gift. Accurate in a stunning way" ... written by John
Thank you for your reading! once more!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
thank you Joa... you give me hope... if you feel something pls email it to me... " ... written by gml
2nd reading with her - turned out that the 1st one was all true, predictions came true. Thanks!" ... written by E
Dead on!! Her predictions happens!! Freaky accurate!! I will be back! " ... written by Tom
Great reading! A lot of insight into the present and future. I will wait and see what comes to pass. Very interesting for sure. I see al the parallels and how it makes sense." ... written by familyhelper
amazing reading...always amazing" ... written by sandra
words cannot express !! i'm speechless !! pure gift .. true medium , and her connection is bananas !!! *********** a million stars" ... written by tamjones
LOVE HER" ... written by
Joanna is awesome! She's very intuitive and definitely gifted... I definitely recommend her! Thanks Joanna :)" ... written by Zachariah
thank u once again for that lovely connection and such beautiful energy and guidance " ... written by virgoe82
OMG, hadn't spoken with Joanna in a while. I love speaking with her. She is totally awesome!!!! Wish I had more money to add but thanks so much for the information!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
the most genuine psychic here.. really, I love joanna! she knows how to calm me down, how i feel, what i need to do,... everything. she just knows! Truly a gift on this earth, I don't know where I would be sometimes had I not taken her to pvt.. Thank you Joanna for your (effortless) work but your hard work as well, because I know you care so much! thanks a million!" ... written by mm
Accurate andamp; spot on!! Her predictions happen. Plural (Michael IS in love with Joanne ) this just came to the surface in a matter of weeks!! You called it andamp; yes he is deeply in love with her there is no denying this. My ex-wife just announced her engagement ( that is a shocker)!!Plus a business deal I thought had fallen apart, well guess what !!! She called it!!! Nailed each one without me saying a word!!! WOW!! Your amazing!! Spot on andamp; giving me the chills on how accurate you are!!Thank you " ... written by Richard
joanne told me some great news . also he is coming around , also that not to be acting emotional around him and just be myself no talking . she says he will come around in the next few months just to hang on and be ok; I am taking her advice this time about our meeting and not saying a word . just enjoy the time thanks jo see u soon " ... written by gr8tday
Holy business, Joanna is good! Really good, she has the answers you are looking for. She's awesome." ... written by Jenn
Love Jo! She's never been wrong for me. And always tells it like it is!!" ... written by MD
Amazing connection with Joanna. I enjoy speaking with her, she is true and genuine always. Love her " ... written by enchanted2634
Wow, I was pretty blown away with this info, defo be back." ... written by Autumne
Thank you so much for your awesome guidance and help in my time of need. " ... written by Brian
AMAZING" ... written by familyhelper
honest and accurate as always." ... written by e
Thank you very much! I will do as we talked! The time goes so fast. Keep Positive! The changes are coming!" ... written by Brian
thanks" ... written by g
Love you, you're amazing. All spot on every time." ... written by familyhelper
Dead on, I cant express how accurate Joanna is!! She is very detailed andamp; has this crazy knowing about people, about your situation. She can see through anything!! Her predictions happens, and she is the best one on here!! Thank you Joanna for being Love andamp; having compassion andamp; sincerity for others and thank you Oranum!! I will be back!!" ... written by MM
thank you joanna. it was great updating you on the situation. Amazing as always x" ... written by s
Accurate andamp; spot on !! Predictions will happen exactly as she tells you!! I am amazed !! Thank you I will return~" ... written by MM
Thank you for your reading! God bless! Rainbow!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you so much for everything.. Everything you say is the only reason i smile at these days! She is soo real and kind. xo xo " ... written by Lma345
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Love her! Love her!! Wonderful. Thank you again. " ... written by Dawn
I come to her with the same situation. She's very reassuring and tells me everything is going to be okay, to wait and see. You are such a good friend jo, thank you :)" ... written by lynn
Jo!!! I love you!!! " ... written by lynn
OH JOANNA, you are spot on girl! So spot on it gives me chills. Shifting things around love! It will all be okay, I know it!" ... written by NA
I love Joanna, she's my friend and advisor and I always enjoy having a reading with her. She is one of my go to psychics." ... written by LOVE
love her to bits she is wonderful!!! she says he will tell me he loves me something I have been waiting to hear from him and boy I am going to be listening .... looking forward to seeoing him and making things come together. Joanna I thankyou for overseeing me on this journey !!! much love" ... written by gr8tday
Wow, she is accurate!! Amazing reading andamp; very specific. Not just a general reading!! Blew my mind! I will be back.." ... written by Tim
Always excellent. I have to see this one play out and verify if Joanna is right this time. She's a great psychic and I will always come back to her for insight and advice." ... written by LOVE
Thanks again Jo, I glad I came to you." ... written by Karen Wren
she says everything will be fine he ois into me things went great today!!! jo is the bomb want clear and precise answers she is your gal!!!! thanks so much more than you knmow" ... written by gr8tday
She is amazing!! Her predictions happens exactly like she says. No sugar coating it!! She is honest andamp; truthful. Her connection to spirit is dead on!! Just love her!! She is beautiful inside andamp; out!! I will be back, Thank you again~" ... written by Michael
Loved the reading, was so intense and accurate without me having to say anything! super great connection! Thank you!! def coming back " ... written by Sherry
She put my mind at ease! I was scared about my situation and Jo gave me support and clarity. She was also very accurate! Always accurate!" ... written by coolgirl65
I LOVE YOU! " ... written by LMa345
such wonderful energy and always speaks the truth " ... written by virgoe82
Thank you, Joanna! My mommy numbr 2 !!!!!!!!!" ... written by LMA
Thank you for the update and your message the other day! I really appreciate your help and guidance!" ... written by Brian
Joanna--so grateful for your honest and helpful reading! You re a generous and loving reader, dear one. Pearl" ... written by pearl
Wow she was really really great!! Enjoyed her spirit and speaking with her. Just loved her. I will be speaking to her again. Thank you Joanna for making me feel better. Your wonderful! " ... written by Dawn
She is always accurate and never judges. Thank you. Will follow-up again." ... written by Eva
jo says get some rest and things are shifting and everything will work out. things are in a change mode . no worries just handle the energy and do a cleanse . she says I should see hoim next week" ... written by gr8tday
great as always.thank you jo." ... written by e
So accurate that it's almost scary! Thank you so much Joanna! I will let you know and see what happens :)" ... written by cara
very confident, very nice, very quick." ... written by softwater
My therapist and friend, Jo, thank you so much again. I will definitely try my hardest to just kick back and relax and that he will call in a few days. HUGS!!!" ... written by lynn
She is the only one on here that is spot on accurate. Her predictions are on point, it is scary!! She has this gift of insight that leaves you in awe. What an amazing woman!!She is an incredible reader, medium.I will be back!! I just love her!" ... written by Michael
she assured me everything was going fine both my daughters pregnancy. she says tom misses me and will call soon. she seems to think we will see each other next week . he loves me and misses me and she feels he will call me by Tuesday!!! thanks so much for all your help in my situation. look forward to hearing from him." ... written by gr8tday
Spot on, holy." ... written by Julie
Thank you" ... written by Eva
the best....enough said....honest, to the point, and in tune" ... written by sandra
No tools , she started talking right away not wasting any time and it was the most accurate andamp; amazing reading I have had on here. She didn't ask me any questions either. She Hit this out of the park!! She is spot on!! Scary accurate! I will be back!! Thank you again!" ... written by John
I didn't expect that her predictions would happen within a matter of days!! She is spot on!! Accurate and very specific. Blew me away!! I have tried many readers on here and she is by far the best one!! Thanks, I will return..." ... written by Jeff disconnected...brb But always a great reading!!!!" ... written by Larry
she says he will pop up and he will call he misses me and I am that little piece of heaven in his life. she says stay strong everything will work out. she says if no call by Thursday call him and ask him is everything ok. thanks jo!!!" ... written by gr8tday
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you again!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thanks for tuning in for me. You're so amazing with your readings, which is why I keep coming back for updates! Thanks!" ... written by familyhelper
Wow, she is incredible!! Accurate. Spot on. I came back because her prediction had happened!! She is very specific. She expresses details in the most uplifting way. She is kind and compassionate. She is such a sincere soul. I will be back for more guidance. Thank you again!!" ... written by Richard
The best psychic , end of story! " ... written by LMA
Joanna delivers time and time again. This time it was great news and I know she's right as she has been in the past. Thanks for the insight and I'll let you know how the trip goes. Love ya!" ... written by Jenn
She is the real deal. Connected to my father who past away. She was fast andamp; to the point. The information she gave me was astonishing accurate!! I was left in shock in a good way. A friend told me about her andamp; I was skeptical. I am not anymore. As I spoke to her, I watched this white mist float around her. I have never seen that before. A white glow, a mist. It was shocking yet such a peaceful , loving feeling. Thank you for making me a believer!!" ... written by Ron
thank you once again!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
great advise. " ... written by edel95
she says just relax and he will call everything will work out .thankyou very much for the insite" ... written by gr8tday
SO fast and precise! She connected with me rigth away and refered to things only I could know. THANKS." ... written by Susanne
She was spot on with her reading andamp; her predictions!!! Best one on here!! Accurate without using any tools.. Thank you again" ... written by M. Templar
Accurate. Specific in her details . She has this insight that is so accurate that I get chills just by thinking of it. I will be back. Thanks again!! " ... written by MM
sorry couldn't answer as it froze," ... written by paul
Love Joanna, she's like my second mom LOL. She gives me the answers I need and the details I crave. Every reading with her is fun and informative. Love you Joanna, see you soon." ... written by Jenn
This reading has been the best by far. Will def come back for some knowledge." ... written by Bri
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
SHE IS AMAZING" ... written by maryann
Thank you, i will follow the advice." ... written by Santhini
She's amazing! I won't go to anyone on here but her now because she is so accurate it's crazy! Love her!" ... written by Cara
Love her Love her!!! " ... written by dawn
She is the real deal !! Her predictions happen. She connects to spirit . she has this astonishing gift! She tells you what she sees with such a loving and a sincere heart. I am so grateful." ... written by Robert
Yeah very good healing session I had" ... written by Nikolay
Joanne confirmed a meeting for me said we see each other. well we did just like she said also went back to her for a follow up about our conversation and me and mr T visit how it went . everything is just so wonderful I am overjoyed he loves me so much and patience is a virtue something I am learning. thankyou so much sweetheart you are a gem of a medium and psychic love ya so much xoxoxo" ... written by gr8tday
Her predictions came to pass. Within her time frame. Not many can do that. Impressed. Because of how accurate she is , I will return on a regular basis" ... written by David
thank you for a great reading...only wish I had had more time to talk!" ... written by gemmie
Thank you. great as usual." ... written by Eva
wow connected so fast and was so accurate. will definitely come back for another reading" ... written by apple
She has such a gift!! Wow, she is accurate andamp; her predictions happens!! Amazing woman!!" ... written by Richard
had my follow up from earlier Joanna is great and I am glad to know her . my nana came thru telling me she loves me .. she says I will be happy later on in life and I will have the life I want to build on with mr T . as she went into his energy he was thinking of me. she says my girls will be draining but I will be a great grandma. also that I have a very special gift to help people cross over to the other side . I have dreamed of being a nurse now making it a reality. thanks so much jo" ... written by GR8TDAY
She is accurate. No tools. I did not have to say a word. She connected to spirit quickly andamp; blew me away!!! She knew specifics. There is not a guessing game or questions. She went into my situation andamp; her details is on point!! The "real deal" she is!! I will be back" ... written by Henry
She is soooo accurate I came back just to tell her that her prediction happened in the exact way she said, which I will add was shocking to me!!" ... written by John
This girl is amazing!! Had many readings andamp; she is the best by far!!! Accurate!!" ... written by Stephanie
She is the best, absolutely wonderful. She gets it. She understands. I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass, just so that she can tell me I told you so. lol. Love her spirit and personality. I can talk to her for hours. " ... written by Dawn
Thanks for the advice" ... written by gsx
Thank you for your reading! i " ... written by Raibowspirit123
Tank you!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
She is fast to connect and accurate!! Omg, truly has a gift I will return!" ... written by Kim
Wow, she is just amazing. Very specific. She is so connected to spirit , it sent chills down my spine! Spot on accurate and she blew me away !!" ... written by Grace
Accurate as can be!! Accurate andamp; very caring, I def coming back to her . She connected to my mother that just passed away andamp; hit everything on the head!!!! Can't express how thankful I am..." ... written by M
Thank you so much jojo xxx" ... written by fullmoon76
This gal is right on the money!!! You should talk with her...super great :)" ... written by Larry
I loved my reading! I will definitely come back!! thank you so much " ... written by Francine
Love her! Her visions are so accurate and her empathy is crazy spot on!!!" ... written by M
Had to try her andamp; I must say she is fantastic!! Accurate andamp; connected to my love ones that passed away. Very detailed about what she see's. She is spot on!!! So accurate its scary in a good way!!! Thanks again and I will return" ... written by sandra
The real deal is all I can say . Crazy accurate!!" ... written by Randy
the absolute one like her" ... written by sandra
Joanna. always makes me feel like im connecting with a higher source to help get the answers I need. and I feel calm after her readings" ... written by melissa
My mommy number 2 " ... written by LMA345
Thank You I Will Let You Know When All This Goes About. Im Excited But Patience Should Be My Main Key" ... written by AnaKLove
Thank you Joanna. Sorry, I had ran out of credits. " ... written by Nini
I love Jo so much !! she has guided me in the right direction for awhile now. I trust in her whole heartly and she always gives it to me straight!!! it is never a sugarcoat to it just like it is. please give her a try you wont be sorry for the info you receive as she is that good!!!! with my situation she has assured me my dream will come true I will have the man I want and when I do this whole forum will know it!!! my trust is 100 percent bang on with jojo!!!" ... written by gr8tday
She is the definition of honesty!" ... written by LMA
Jo!!! I missed you!!! Glad we talked. Thank you to you and Spirit for the visions and updates. I really appreciate this. Hugs to you and Spirit :)" ... written by lynn
My Mama Angel Jo!!! Muwah Muwah Muwah!!!" ... written by lynn
OMG this woman... She sees things so accurately! I always come to her! She's amazing!!" ... written by CoolGirl65
She is the most positive person and so correct about everything. Do yourself a favor and consult her you wont regret it! Thank you for ALL!" ... written by Brian
She is accurate andamp; just amazing!! Predictions happens as she says!!" ... written by M
always brings me so much joy and peace and so glad to have met her and have her be a part of the journey of my life for the time that she is meant to be in it " ... written by virgoe82
Very fast! No tools. Accurate. Very detailed andamp; specific. A very caring andamp; compassionate reader! Her information was not general. She is not guessing. I did not have to say a word. She immediately"'has this knowing". The freaky thing was me seeing these white orbs behind her flying around her. Stunned andamp; pleasantly surprised. She is very very gifted. Thank you Joanna , I will be back!!" ... written by Tom
thank you for a great reading!" ... written by gemmie
jo says get some rest everything will be ok. I will see him next week and ground yourself to spirit u have a gift... jo your the best" ... written by gr8tday
been reading with Joanna for over 2 years now. she has helped me through s much and always tells me the truth. She has felt me happy, sad, angry, and every other emotion there is! Joanna always stays true to her vision and helps me stay positive. thanks so much Joanna! love you!!" ... written by mm
Always a joy! We ran into a lot of technical difficulties but she was spot on about everything as usual! Highly recommend her" ... written by Cara
Joanna Thank You So Much I Would Keep My Good Vibes andamp; Hopefully Everything Will Turn Out That Way With Good Things In Life :) " ... written by AnaKLove
WOW! Amazing. So amazing!!" ... written by Darlene
She has such a gift!! She is accurate! Spot on. In business andamp; in love. Thank you again! I will return " ... written by Larry
Jo, thank you for the encouragement!!! :)" ... written by lynn
simply put...she is the best" ... written by sandra
JO!!! Seriously!!! You!!! Are!!! Amazing!!!" ... written by lynn
thanks" ... written by gsx
well truly amazing!!! she pricted my grand will be here Friday my daughter is in the hospital with water broke they say she will deliver tomorrow. I just love her accuracy love her spirit she makes me laugh .. love jo jo" ... written by gr8tday
Thanks Joanna, That was all I had. Thanks again! Will take your advice." ... written by Sahar
Hi Joanna! That was all I had for real this time but thank you so much. Always spot on! :-)" ... written by Sahar
Great Read as usual! But that was all I had. Looking forward to another reading!" ... written by Sahar
Thanks" ... written by gsx
She is the real deal!! She connected with my decease father andamp; told me things that only I would know. She is spot on!! She confirmed things and she is amazing!!" ... written by John
jo is so awesome !!!! ty and I hope things change fast... " ... written by gr8tday
Accurate, fast andamp; spot on. Connected to spirit andamp; blew me away with correct names andamp; situations that can not be tricked. She is too specific andamp; detailed. Just amazing. The read deal is an under statement . She is gifted beyond any words that can express........" ... written by Tom
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
amazing as always,accurate and friendly." ... written by e
great reading! :)))" ... written by edel95
Wow.... Amazing and very straight to the point." ... written by elzada
Beautiful soul, speaks from the heart. Very honest and I sooo appreciate that. Thank you Joanna for holding space and delivering messages that I needed to hear. xo" ... written by IndieSage
Joanna is just amazing ,love talking to her. she is always on point.would recommend her highly." ... written by e
OMG Joanna is amazing, she zoomed right in connected to some crossed over and delivered some pretty on info... NO WORDS for her gift just speechless, truly gifted, and so loving, what an earth angel! ... love u Jo Jo, ty for everything. ox" ... written by me
Always perfect. Thank you" ... written by Eva
This is a true blessing. She has such a gift. So rare. I connected to my father that had past away last year. There were things that were said that "I would only know". Thank you for connecting to my dad. Gifted beyond . Accurate as can be!!! " ... written by grace
Thank you so much for everything! Everything you said came to pass and I have never been happier! Our relationship is stronger than ever! Thank You for Everything!" ... written by Brian
Wow! The real deal. Accurate. Fast. She connected to spirit and told me things that were not general. " ... written by Troy
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Amazing energy and great reading!" ... written by venessa
wow so blown away...Jo is sooooooooo ultimate awesome and she picked up so accurately my relatiosnship, about me about all!!!" ... written by rosy
thank you jo for the support and guidance with my soul connection " ... written by happy girl88
So so good, what she told me months ago is happening now. I had to get an update and while it won't be easy things will work themselves out for the good. Joanna is wonderful, she sees to the heart of the matter and gives plenty of details and things to look forward to. " ... written by Jennifer
thank you for another wonderful reading joanna. i love your updates because you give me so much love and hope that anything is possible. i will continue to be guided by you and the angels. thank you! thank you! thank you!" ... written by happy girl88
she told me to stay strong and hold on he is stressed and a lot of things in play. remain strong over the next week or so he will connect . her has not abandoned you and everything will work out. she says 3 days for contact. ty jo I will hold on." ... written by gr8tday
I love this woman!!!! She uses no tools and speaks directly to spirit and get this....she's absolutely accurate! By all means please use her. She is on my Favorites list for sure!" ... written by Denise
Good to talk to you againe, i have missed you!!!" ... written by Lma
She's the best!!!" ... written by Jenn
told me just to hang in there he loves me , he is just mentally shutdown right now. things should pick up again around the end of may or june. she says stop worrying he aint going nowhere." ... written by gr8tday
Jo is always amazing!! She's spot on with everything!" ... written by coolgirl65
great" ... written by s
thank you so much, great advices and insight. I needed the guidance, thought I had more time sorry " ... written by d
As always, shes the best, right on track. Picked up with detailed on all my questions." ... written by James
She is the real deal !! Accurate , her prediction happened. She has such a gift!! Speechless!!" ... written by MM
She is accurate andamp; very detailed. I came back because what she told me happened exactly as she said it would. Amazed. Very gifted. No tools. Fast. She even picked up on my health issues. She is talented, she has a way of saying things. " ... written by Richard
Jo is the BEST! Her guidance is just out of this world. She told me to relax and that is what i've been doing. " ... written by lynn
always a blessing talking to Joanna. I have grown so much under her guidance and spiritual insight. She has helped me through my spiritual journey and I am blessed to have her in my life. Thank you!!" ... written by min
lol I wish we had more time because there is so much we need to talk about, but thanks for your time maybe next time we can talk " ... written by harl
yeah she is the real deal and i love her vivaciousness!!! Just wished I could talk to her too. Would have been great. 10 stars!" ... written by beautifulwisdom
thank you jo for the update reading!! i will keep you posted! x" ... written by happy girl88
amazing, caught up and it's helped me understand everything x" ... written by s
Joanna provided OMG answers that were given by spirit with such quick and no sugar coating" ... written by wonderful messages
Jo, we got cut off. Thank you again. Your guidance means alot to me. " ... written by angelynnie21
Love You Jo!!!" ... written by lynnie21
joanna has been going through the motions with me lol and helps me see things for what they really are. Thank you x" ... written by s
she is lovelly I lissen to my bestie to go see her and she is right she is good" ... written by star
lovely! accurate! very insightful" ... written by srk
Thank you for your reading! It is good to know someone understands. I hope your relationship with your family gets better too! God bless, Sabina!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
she is amazing...i would def return back!" ... written by nami001
One million stars and then some...she's excellent. You want answers, talk to her. She's on point and what she says will happen." ... written by ...
such a loving person to talk to and always wise and spot on. ty x" ... written by beautifulwisdom
Thanks again Jo. You are nifty and swell :)" ... written by lynn
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Always correct. Thank you :)" ... written by Eva
She was great. Im glad I finally got to try her. thanks xoxo" ... written by D
You have such a glow andamp; light about you! Your accuracy is mind blowing to me!!! You pick up on the details that sometimes doesn't make sense during my readings but makes sense later on! Amazing. I thank you for your guidance andamp; being a star in the dark of night. " ... written by Richard
Very good, ran out of credits. Thank you Jo" ... written by Nini
joanne gave me reassurance in knowing everything is going well and everything is ok . she is so awesome and I am proud to call her my friend tks jo!!" ... written by gr8tday
The streaming became a bit laggy in the final minute, but thanks for the feedback. Pray for me." ... written by gsx
Thanks" ... written by gsx
Joanna was my saving grace today. I cannot speak to her accuracy yet, but I will let you know as time goes by. She did know some key things about my situation that shocked me. So, I'm gonna trust in what she told me and pray it comes true. She said she would keep in touch with me and that is so sweet and just what I need right now. Whatever you have to do to talk with Joanna you must do it. She has an amazing light about her. Thank you Joanna, I will write to you when anything we talked about happens. Beth (Jenbeth)" ... written by beth
hi jo, thank you so much for the update.. i hope to hear some contact anytime soon, hope this month!! will keep you posted if anything happens after the 22nd/23rd. i am really looking forward to all your predictions coming true for us. love you lots x" ... written by patient_girl
So so so good. It's like a bowl of ice cream, you just want more and more with Joanna. She has the answers, details, and predictions. Better than that, her predictions happen." ... written by Jennifer
She's wonderful! What she told me when I first had a reading with her is now unfolding!! Slowly, but it's happening!!!! Will keep you updated. Thanks, Jo!!!" ... written by M
She is simply amazing in every way.highly recommended." ... written by e
She is soooo accurate!! Her predictions come to pass . I will be back, thank u again!!" ... written by Debra
Jo is amazing!! She always puts my mind at ease and she's so accurate! She's amazing! A++++++ Love her!!" ... written by coolgirl65
Her predictions happens , quickly. She is able to see through your situation with amazing insight!! She has a beautiful gift! I came back to tell her how right she is!! She is such a blessing!! Spot on!" ... written by ML
Thanks Jo for helping me, lots! You are the BOMB!!!" ... written by lynn
Thank you for your guidance, i really appreciate the honesty! God bless, Sabina" ... written by Raibowspirit123
stay in the energy contact next 24 to 48 hours everything is going well between us hes inlove with me and it will all work out" ... written by GR8TDAY
Her predictions are coming true, cant wait for the rest to unfold, Thanks JOJO !!!" ... written by d
thank you so much! for everything.... you really made a diff in how i view things xxx" ... written by Raya
She is the real deal. Very detailed. Specific. Accurate. I came back to tell her that her predictions happened! I am very impressed. She has such a light about her! I will be back" ... written by Michael
I LOVE YOU!! was soooo good to talk to you againe.. i always run to my mom and my mom numbr 2 ( JOANNA) when i need someone to talk to... She is the best!!!" ... written by LMA
I really trust this lad and will continue to come back for regular visits. thanks" ... written by Roy
Joanna the Magnificent has done it again. I can't stress it enough how accurate and detailed she is, everytime! She's always right on the money and having a reading with her is just fun! Love you Joanna!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you jo for listening to me. i really needed someone to talk to you and you were wonderful help. much appreciated. thank you so much. you are truly an angel." ... written by patient_girl
Wow, accurate andamp; so on point that it made my skin crawl. She has an amazing gift and she sees right through people and their mask, Her ability is keen on top of all others!! Very special gifts. She is fast andamp; has such a light glow around her .You can feel her passions andamp; you can feel her LoVE ( She is filled with bliss (A great peace!)!) SUCH a wonderful loving connection!! Thank you!! Special " ... written by David
Jo, you put my mind at ease. I cannot thank you enough. I will enjoy" ... written by lynn
Thank you so very much Jo for talking to me" ... written by lynn
love Joanna! always the best! god bless you! " ... written by mini
Accurate andamp; told me things that no one would know or could just guess at!! She is amazing!! Freaky accurate!!" ... written by john
Spot on amazing!!! She is the real deal and I will be back!!" ... written by Jen
She is the real deal! Very specific, detailed. Spot on amazed!!!!" ... written by Robert
thank you so much for the reading." ... written by fullmoon76
Joanna always makes me feel better and think positive,not to mention her accuracy .i am grateful to have found her" ... written by lily
she knows so much! Love her! I hope everything she told me comes to pass which I know will because she has been spot on in that past with me :)" ... written by cara
i love her and every time i talk to her she makes me feel at peace i enjoy talking to her lol i wish i had alot of money because i would talk to her everyday " ... written by harl
great readings as usual love joanna the real deal " ... written by renata
Always so good to see you and speak with you. I swear I could talk to you for hours. Thank you so much for your insight! Super spot on as always :)" ... written by Andrea
she was wonderful and awesome. I do hope what she predicted. " ... written by smr
I am sooooooooooooo very grateful to you and spirit. I am so glad I have you both in my life. Mahalo to you and spirit." ... written by lynn
She was awesome!!" ... written by Jwest
Great" ... written by batman
Fab havent had a reading for a while but glad i did jo connected steaight away thankyou for helping me jo xxx" ... written by T
thanks jo for the update reading.. ill let you know what happens next week M T W.. i am looking forward to the change. thanks :)" ... written by patient_girl
love you , love you will do another read soon ok... I will stick to he loves me and things will get better. you said we r having no issues . he is stressed with home life too." ... written by gr8tday
Wow I was so happy to meet this lady she was so good working with her guides I was in shock that she was so accurate. I know that there are some readers on here to make money and make you keep coming back so they make more. This lady is the most honest I have had the pleasure to take private. So I have nothing to gain here but my honesty and if you need a good reading then take this lady private and I promise you wont be disappointed." ... written by roy
You and spirit are both awesome. " ... written by lynn
She is the BEST!!!!!" ... written by Jwest
She is like my second mother. She makes me feel so much better and comforted. Thanks Joanna!" ... written by Cara
The most honest and caring woman on earth !!" ... written by LMA
hi jo.. thank you for the update.. i will try to take time out for myself over the next few weeks.. i hope doors will open for me. will keep you posted okay.. " ... written by patient_girl
I haven't spoken to her in ages but I love that she has a very friendly vibe like I feel very comfortable opening up to her. And she has this great positive energy about her. She picked up on events that happened to me in March this year, and I was floored. She also picked up on some things going on right now in my life and gave me some insights on another person's feelings. I look forward to what's to come and I will be back to update :)" ... written by Mimi
amazing like always !!!!!!" ... written by virgoe82
The real deal! She nailed everything. She goes into details and has these gifts that goes beyond this world!! What an amazing medium!! Her predictions happens , that is why I come back. She gets a million stars , I will be back" ... written by John
love joanna! kisses! " ... written by min
Jojo gave me a quick detailed update from the last reading.. She is so incredibly fantastic, uplifting and encouraging.. I am blessed to know her and have her help me on my life's pathway.. Much luv and many thanks to you dear Jojo.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Wow wow wow wow wow!!!" ... written by lynn
I don't know what happened to the time. My computer was acting up but thank you." ... written by Nini
She was amazing! Such a sweetheart!" ... written by Kerry
FABULOUS! FABULOUS! FABULOUS!" ... written by lornalulu
Love Jo and her accuracy!! She has been right ALL ALONG!!! Everything is starting to unfold just as she said!!!" ... written by M
amazing as always." ... written by e
Take her to private. She is super quick and is the only one I trust on here anymore. She is the real deal. Her predictions happen and she is always accurate." ... written by Cara
Awesome" ... written by Jwest
he is going thru a lot at home . you will see him next week as planned he does love you and he is thinking about you nothing but love love. he has some things to go thru but will eventually open up to you and I am channeling spirit. tks jo always amazing " ... written by gr8tday
Thank you so much. Your always so blunt. Its been a while since I've talked to you. But you were able to pick up right where we left off. I will take your advice. Thank you for your time." ... written by Arc
Jo, you are so spot on!!! Soooo good!!!" ... written by lynn
Thank you so much! Joanna really connected to me and I enjoyed every moment of it. I will be back and keep you updated :)" ... written by mandaa
so so so amazing" ... written by shireen
This beautiful lady here and Spirit has helped me lots. Muwah muwah muwah!!!" ... written by lynn
Very accurate" ... written by Nini
i love jo. she really connects with my life . she said I will hear the things I need to hear by july. she also said to take care of A.she said I have twinflame energy with T and we will be together and live happily ever after , we just have to get thru the issues right now." ... written by gr8tday
So accurate!!! Wow.. will be back! " ... written by c
WOW! She spoke the detail and within 24 hour OMG it happened that quick!!!! WOW WOW I am in shocked dj--but trsf" ... written by Michael J
been awhile but never enough time...wonderful as always" ... written by cherie
JO!!! How do I count the ways. You are always so spot on!!! I love talking to you. I can talk to you forever. Thank you thank you again and for that confirmation, omg, I am shocked!" ... written by lynn
she is amazing.... !!!" ... written by shireen
Awesome as usual." ... written by batman
Wow , she blew me away !! Accurate, very connected to spirit . Her predictions happen exactly how she tells you!!" ... written by John
Joanna is amazing expert.Always friendly helpful and kind in any situation. To check her abilities and how great she is you need to take her private. I recommend her highly to everyone. " ... written by e
Great as always.Highly recommended. Jo is amazing person to talk to." ... written by e
She is the real deal! Fast andamp; accurate. She is amazing. Knew very specific things. " ... written by Troy
so wonderful and kind hearted, right to the point and so accurate with how i was feeling! " ... written by emoonlight
She was fantastic I look forward to the next couple of weeks to see how things unfold." ... written by Ray
Yes, Joanna is the best! She's always been able to quickly tune into my energy and provide clarity, details, and predictions. Her predictions happen too! If you've never read with her, do it and I promise she'll amaze you and you'll leave the reading with answers you need." ... written by Jennifer
amazing reading, I look forward to updating with how the timeline references go. " ... written by gigglzz
Love joanna shes great !" ... written by Chris
Joanna is really wonderful and caring. Second reading with her and she really picks up on things and I feel her insights are truly accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
So sweet and so accurate! Love her! " ... written by CW
Who know all this would happen like it has dear God hold me still and take this away. You are always spot on and I can't thank you enough." ... written by Andi
she has always been excellent and she continues to be excellent says I will be going thru a rough time right now and things will get better." ... written by gr8tday
She is amazing, wow!! She nailed it. Dead on . Accurate and her predictions happens. She is a beautiful , caring, loving medium. The real deal!! I will be back . " ... written by MC
The real deal. Very fast andamp; specific. Told me names andamp; info that was spot on. Came back after her prediction happened. Very gifted. Thank you again I will be back!!" ... written by Rick
Thank you for being there for me always." ... written by Lma
my second private with her within 24hours! She's awesome. Whenever I'm unsure or uneasy about something, I go to her. She's the best and the real deal! " ... written by Cara
I have been have readings with Joanna almost 2 times a week since November 2015.. Only because she is so real and honest " ... written by LMA
wow-im looking forward to predictions unfolding" ... written by k
Awesome psychic-perfectly in tuned-very specific..didnt say a word!! Im coming back soon..getting ready first!!" ... written by a
Awesome as always!!!!" ... written by V
Very Accurate" ... written by Nini
she says he loves me everything is going to be fine . he is missing me just like I am missing him. he is just waitng on things to become in place. thanks for always being a good advisor and she said its gonna happen so fast it will make my head spin" ... written by gr8tday
always amazing" ... written by sandra
Ran out of credits, but she's the best! She always makes you feel better even if the situation is not always ideal. I hope this particular person pops up again like she said. I recommend taking her private!" ... written by Cara
WOW she was spot on!! This is my time!! Cant wait to see her predictions unfold...she confirmed what another incredible psychic told me...cant wait!!" ... written by k
She is awesome! Read me completely! " ... written by Victoria
she is amazing, knew names and coming back!!!!" ... written by me
Just outstanding....she picked up on sooo much (details..random things, etc.). Please visit her!" ... written by Larry
She's the best! Always accurate, always a pleasure. I wish I had more time" ... written by Cara
I came back to tell her that she is spot on!! Her predictions not only happened, it happened during the time period she told me. She knew names , she knew details. I have been to many mediums. She is the only one I trust. She does not sugar coat your life. She is not guessing. She has this knowing! She has a gift! Thank you , I will be back" ... written by Dave
Jo is simply amazing!!! She's like a friend! I love when she reads for me, she's so on point. I always come back to her" ... written by CoolGirl65
amazing xx" ... written by shireen
Great reading and nice person. Genuine and sincere, clear and accurate read of current situation without asking any questions, direct and practical advice - 5 stars -" ... written by Newday
she is so helpful,she just knows what is going on and how to help! thank you Joanna...lots of love from one Italian to another! xoxox" ... written by just love her
Accurate. She connected fast andamp; I did not have to say a word. I came back after her prediction happened. To let her know how spot on she is . Very detailed. Thank you!!" ... written by David
Always accurate" ... written by Nini
Amazing..ended too short! there was a bit of a long pause i wasnt thrilled about but she did tap well into my energy.." ... written by k
ALways nice to hear from you, still with strong connection despite long months of no communication. Thank you so much." ... written by Joseph
She saw the real issues that was going on and what i was already thinking" ... written by k
Jo, we aren't done. I will be back. So amazing! So incredible!" ... written by lynn
Joooooo and Sprit!!! Seriously, I missed you both so very much. Muwah muwah muwah. Thank you so very much for all these insights and help. I cannot say enough =)" ... written by lynn
great reading as always :)" ... written by s
Was refer to her. When I read she was the real deal, well they were not kidding. She blew me away with specifics. She knew things very detailed information she knew names.I will be back!! nThanks" ... written by Joyce
The real deal. She is able to predict and see right through your situation. This is the fourth time I came back because each prediction has happened!! God bless you , I will be back!" ... written by Jack
Very good" ... written by Lisa Slay
love, love, love, this woman, need i say more" ... written by paul
joanna is on the money with everything, picks up on all of it with out a word from me, amazing" ... written by paul
5th time coming -always pred happened, many thanks!" ... written by E
excited for future ...this women makes me soo positive and takes all my worries away :) thankyou to u and spirit Joanna..xx" ... written by shireen
hey jo.. thanks for the update.. looking forward to the next few weeks.. will keep you posted.. thanks :)" ... written by happy girl88
She's really great! Answered all my questions and was accurate in what I'm going through and feeling currently. She gave me some predictions and advice to handle the upcoming things. Awesome reading!" ... written by chloe
Explained soulmates, twinflames, and eternal flames. Will definitely read Jo. Thank you again for the clarity. " ... written by lynn
amazing as always." ... written by e
Great" ... written by jwest12
JoAnn is an amazing reader. I've been working with her for over 2 years. Something she predicted 2 years ago, came to pass. Everything she predicts eventually comes to pass. Don't get caught up on timelines. Too many variables including free will that affect them." ... written by Cheryl
Always 100% accurate" ... written by Eva
thank u Joanna and spirit x" ... written by s
Accurate!! I had to come back and tell her that what she told me , happened exactly as she said!! Amazed!!!!! She is quick and doesn't use any tools!! Thank you!!!!!!!" ... written by Terri
was an excellent update" ... written by rm
i love jojo she always gives that inspirational energy " ... written by lavelle
very good reading she needed no information what so ever" ... written by bev
she is just SO good!. She connects very fast and is very correct. Love her!" ... written by Susanne Møller Nielsen
Thanks Joanna! Always a pleasure :)" ... written by Cara
WOW-she was on point! She even saw names! phenomonal!! Im definitely going to come back again soon!!" ... written by k
I am always soooooo happy when I talk to JoJo and Spirit. They are just so spot on with everything I'm going through, all the changes. Thank you for being there for me, my beautiful friends. " ... written by lynn
OH EM Gee JOJO!!! OH EM GEE SPIRIT!!! I am screaming!!! This was sooo unexpected!!! I love you guys!!!" ... written by lynn
I love you!!!!!!" ... written by Lma
Thanx yet again for a reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Very accurate " ... written by Nini
thank u jojo " ... written by lavelle
She is spot on!! She connected to a love one that past away ! She knew things that "no one knew"! She has a gift. I am truly touched!! I will be returning" ... written by MM
u have got to get a reading with Joanna!! amazing x" ... written by s
you were so kind and sweet to me thank you so much!" ... written by L
Amazing each and every time,so caring friendly and most importantly accurate.Great expert!!!" ... written by e
Joanna says thinga are moving along everything is going great he will say that I love you its coming soon. even though he is out of town he is thinking a lot of you. he misses you ." ... written by g8tday
She is very sincere and accurate. Her predictions do come true. She tells me exactly what she is shown regarding the situation and what the high powers wants me to know. Overall, is very accurate and sincere. I had many readings with her and always enjoyed her readings. Great personality combined with accurate reading." ... written by James
Thank you , for everything! Thank you for listening to me always! " ... written by Lma
This woman is an amazing spiritual person. I cannot believe how completely spot on she is each and overtime. I really don't have to say much and she connects with me immediately. Truly blessed to have her as a mentor and guide for those crazy life moments we all experience. Thank you joanna for your guidance. Love and light to you." ... written by Destiny
She was very in tune with me from the moment she picked up on my energy. From being gifted myself, I can sense the difference between someone truly connected, and those that are not. She is the real deal and was speaking before I even had a chance to write anything. She is very insightful, positive, and a beautiful soul. Would recommend her a thousand times over! " ... written by Tarotlover13
I love how honest and accurate she is. Thats why ive been cooming to her for the last 7 months." ... written by Lma
Totally dead on amazing! knew things, the intricate details. WOW!" ... written by Wolfy
Accurate" ... written by Nini
jo says he loves being with me and he does love me . he will tell me this. so many doors opening for us. also spirit says to get my butt back to school. she says he just sits in awe of me he loves me ." ... written by gr8tday
I just love Jojo and the spirits. Thank you for always being there for me, for helping me, for your insights and clarity. You are heaven sent. They make me feel so much better. I keep coming back. " ... written by lynn
thank you so much for all your help through this are an amazing woman and back soon! love you!" ... written by meeeee
IDK about The Twins lol but That Would Be So So Scary In Labor... lol OMG But It Would Be A Blessing I Would Have To Let You Know How That Goes. Best Wishes!" ... written by AnaKLove
Joanna was instantly tuned into my energy and spirit saw a LOT! I was very impressed with all she could read, see and know. This is very much the real deal. She launched into telling me what she saw before I even asked her to. It was amazing as though she knew what my questions were going to be. She was also very good at desribing me, my changes/thoughts/feelings and concerns. All in all VERY Good. I will check back in with her soon." ... written by RebeccaHeartB
Thanks for always being there for me :) I go to her all the time and always feel so much better after talking to her. She's always right." ... written by Cara
Joanna and Spirit just takes my breath away. They are always spot on and are always there for me. Thank you, immensely. I love them!!!" ... written by lynn
A breath of fresh air,gave me some constructive advice which i ll take on board ,ll be back to update soon with the results " ... written by Lila
5 stars !! :)" ... written by s
thanks jojo are awesome " ... written by lavelle
excellent! lots of validation !" ... written by angus1972
I love talking to Jo! I can't wait for new beginnings :) She's the best!" ... written by CoolGirl65
Thank you again my dearest friends. I appreciate these tremendously. Jo and Spirit are the real deal. Give them a try, you will not regret it :)" ... written by lynn
If you are looking for honesty and truth , you have to take her to private ;)" ... written by LMA
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Excellent first-time reading...thank you very much. I gained a lot of insight and knowledge from you and would highly recommend you to others. Sorry I ran out of credits though; I will be back!" ... written by JL
thank u jojo " ... written by lavelle
No words can express how grateful i am.... amazing connection !!! totally calmed me down :) picked up on every little detail !can't wait for the positive things to happen .... :)" ... written by Annie
amazing doesn't even describe what she is capable of doing and how she makes you feel " ... written by virgoe82
joanna did it again! prediction happened! love this lady. what an angel seriously... I love you Joanna from the bottom of my heart!! you've been on this journey with me for a while. thnk you for supporting me, never judging me and always staying positive for me! " ... written by min
I couldn't stop crying speaking to Jo and Spirit. They are always there for me to tell me that everything is going to be okay and that my angels heard my prayers. Thank you so much. " ... written by angelynnie21
Joanna is so amazing,she saw distance,she saw other things that no one else would know,she is amazing,a real gift,will be back when predictions happen,thank you so much,you are wonderful xoxo" ... written by J
Accurate" ... written by Nini
Well, over a month ago I had a reading with Joanna. I will make a long story short. No one is like her. She advised me to go and see a Doctor . She was getting sharp pains in her throat area. She was not allow to discuss anything medical. Its against oranum rules but to please go and see a doctor if I was getting any of the symptoms she described. I have been on many different spiritual sites. I have spoken to many . I was having problems in that area! Exact area. I went and I visited a specialist. I was not surprised on the outcome of my visit. I will need treatment. They caught my sickness on time. I will have to say , I have an angel watching over me. Her name is Joanna . I am truly blessed and thankful for your gift. Words cannot express my gratitude. You are so caring. You are the meaning of "love". Thank you my forever friend." ... written by Tom
Always accurate! Professional and funny. She's the real deal. The only one I go to anymore" ... written by Cara
All I can say is she is wonderful. You have to do a private reading with her it is completely worth it." ... written by Destiny
very caring, I am coming back in a bit with my camera on so you can see the pics you asked for. I really hope what you say is true." ... written by bou
what can i say, JoJo and Spirit are just fantastically amazing. i always feel good after talking to her. and oh yeah, i watched a movie today via netflix and it just felt wonderful. and she's proud of me i completed my phone job interview #1. will update her with #2. she is just such an uplifting, encouraging soul. thank you for always believing in me. thank you for the prayers and healing. i do not know what i would do without JoJo and Spirit. " ... written by lynn
she is the most amazing person...I so appreciate her truthfulness, her honesty...there is no other like her...she is real she actually cares. xoxox" ... written by milena
She is brilliant, spot on with everything she says. She def knows her stuff and def no sugar coating at all. Amazing 5 stars" ... written by s
Thank you again! Rainbow" ... written by Raibowspirit123
brilliant!" ... written by L
Amazing as always." ... written by e
Wow, she had told me some things that were going to transpire and I am speechless. I really didn't think that they would happen . She is able to pick up on names andamp; she is very detailed!! Shocked andamp; blessed. She is a beautiful soul with so much light. I am amazed . I read with others andamp; you can tell when someone is guessing. She has this clarity . Plus , I was blessed to be able to connect to my grandmother who recently passed away from a rare disease. Joanna was able to pick up on these details that were very different from the norm. No one has ever impressed me as she did!!!!" ... written by sandra
she sees so much and helps me see things more clearly. Thank you for everything you do :)" ... written by cara
She is just an amazing spirit. I love her so much and really can't imagine life without her guidance." ... written by Destiny
Thank you so much again JoJo and Spirit for providing me the support, encouragement, insights, love, and friendship. I know I can be impatient, but you always remind me to relax, to go with the flow, and to believe. You are insanely awesome!!!" ... written by winnie
Not only is she accurate but she can see through any smoke screen !! Her prediction happen in the most weirdest way! Many different gifts. Empathic to an extreme level. She blew me away. Now , I have the right guidance! Thank you and many blessings to spirit!!" ... written by JJ
Oh thank you thank you thank you!!! I am forever grateful for all that you have done for me. You have helped me so much, so much. Again, thank you for everything. " ... written by lynn
I had to come back after not just one prediction happened but both predictions happened!! I am blown away by her accuracy . No questions are asked by her. She immediately was able to connect to spirit andamp; she was very specific in what she was able to "see". Very gifted . Thank you . I will return!!" ... written by ML
shes says I should see him within 10 days he loves me and feels for me .she says will become ligher and we will be together" ... written by gr8tday
Amazing. " ... written by Maria
I come to her all the time. She's great! So helpful and so accurate. I highly recommend taking her to private" ... written by Cara
very caring. very considerate. i'm so happy i went to her. very nice spirit she has." ... written by redgurl
Waiting to see if the predictions come through." ... written by redgurl
amazing as always!!!" ... written by e
Chatting with Joanna is like chatting with an old friend. She knows right away what you are going through and the details too. Her insight and guidance is very helpful. I'll be in touch again soon! Thank you " ... written by tara
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Cara
Accurate and precise. I just love her!!! I did not have to say a word. She is so gifted. I am left stunned. " ... written by K
I had to come back to tell her that she is truly amazing!! What she had told me happened! I cannot be happier! You are such a blessing and I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you Bella~" ... written by Michael
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lma
Love love love Jo!!! She's so caring and, boy, she went deep into the energies and she is absolutely on point!!! And she's been completely accurate, too!! xoxo" ... written by MD
such a sweet heart and mindful reading. Patiently heard the story and helped me understand the best course" ... written by anonymous
she is one amazing woman without any info and she just tells you everything. amazing simply amazing " ... written by Jm
Thank you for your guidance! Rainbow " ... written by Raibowspirit123
this women is amazing!!!!!! she was right all along she knew what was going to happen before it did!!!!!!! I can confirm today that Joanna is amazingly accurate she is guiding me through an extremely hard time and she is keeping me on the right track! amazing women!!!!! xxx" ... written by s
She is so awesome....Waiting on her prediction !! Hoping its all gonnna turn well" ... written by Me
Accurate" ... written by Nini
Amazing!! She is dead on!! She said way back in march that me and my guy wouldnt be together for a while---long time had passed and i thought id never hear from him again-I HEARD from him..actually-I unexpectedly ran into him out and about!! But it happened!! She said its not over for him and happened...and so many things she said have come to past..she is incredible and truly gifted!!" ... written by k
She is incredible! I did not give her one bit of information (no names, DOBs or background info) and she nailed it all start to finish. She immediately connected and gave the details of the circumstances past and present so accurately it was mind blowing! Extremely accurate, empathic and concise - No BS and very honest and direct. Such a sweetheart too with so much understanding and compassion, she truly read me like a book and all i could do was confirm every insight and cry from amazement and happiness. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Feel so blessed to have Joanna in my life." ... written by Lma
Hi Joanna! Thanks for everything. In regards to the singing, I was in my school's chorus in high school, and i sing to myself. lol. " ... written by Sahar
Wow accurate andamp; prediction came true within a week. Impress..." ... written by MJ
Well, she nailed it again and she is spot on. I am amazed. The real deal" ... written by Tonya
AWESOME!!! THANKS" ... written by SS
She is just so beautiful inside and out" ... written by Destiny
Brilliant as always, spot on with everything. Thank you so much " ... written by s
Wonderful reading. " ... written by Lene
great reading" ... written by n
Dearest Joanna: It's been a long time ...but I felt drawn to talk to you again tonight for some reason...Im thankful I did. You gave me hope and peace and made me feel loved again.." ... written by globe
Amazing!! she picked up and went right into the true nature of things!! shes phenomonal" ... written by k
Connects so fast without even asking questions. Recommend her!!!!!" ... written by Jen
I;m have a problem with my computer but yes you shocked me on the smoke smell I have when something is going to happen this I have had since a child x" ... written by rosie
She's great. Never told her a thing and it's just like she knew me and how I felt. Most definitely will come back" ... written by Emmanuelle
She sees everything OMG!!! Jo and Spirit are incredible!!!" ... written by winnie
I had a follow-up question to our reading- Jo and Spirit gave me the best guidance, just perfect. Her insight and loving support really help me make sense of the chaos and see things from a balanced, centered perspective. She is so amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
I come to her a lot. Do what she says! It works. I am telling you, she's the real deal. No BS and no wasting your time. She has never steered me wrong." ... written by Cara
Joanna is just amazing,always so accurate and friendly.Highly recommended." ... written by e
Joanna is professional, nonjudgmental, and funny! Quicker reader. We'll see what happens." ... written by MarieAkba
she is very warm and said positive things/predictions with timelines. hoping to see them come true. a very nice person." ... written by bella
Joanna is a sweetheart, and sooooo gifted. " ... written by A
fantastic as always!!! i lover !!! she connects and lets you know everything that you could possibly need to know .. great advice , no sugar coating and shes so sweet .. get a reading from her , it's life altering, beyond!!! xoxo " ... written by tamjones
Joanna, always on target!! A lot of information to give you. She is one of the best of the Best!!! " ... written by Martank
Joanna is amazing each and every time.Thank you for being there for me.Hugs." ... written by e
the best i love jo , accurate and kind " ... written by renata
WOW shes right on the money...amazing woman!! Love her!! Her predictions are happening!! She told me to go see this guy..and i did and couldnt be happier!! Love it!! Cant for a reading with her again!!" ... written by k
ur so amazing Joanna could sit and chat with u all day! but ran outta credits :( I wil look forward to the next 2 weeks xx" ... written by s25
amazing as always and has been great catching up with her " ... written by s
Thanks a lot for the reading, I will keep you update for sure. Kisses." ... written by me_thierry
no words... she is amazing xx" ... written by s
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Great !" ... written by L
She's such a sweetheart - and an amazing psychic." ... written by A
I just had to come back to confirm that each one of her predictions happened!! Feeling blessed and impressed by her detailed reading. She has an amazing gift. She is such a sweetheart. Thank you again!" ... written by ML
Just love her and spirit!!! She calms me down and puts me at ease. Just go with the flow and there are gifts and I am blessed. Muwah!!!" ... written by the wyn
She speaks with the spirits, and they know EVERYTHING!!!!! It is unbelievable. They tell you exactly what you have to do. I come back all the time. Out of the world. She is incredible." ... written by Maria
JOJO is such a lifesaver. I get emotional and she and spirit are there for me. Amazing and kind. Just love them!!!" ... written by the wyn
Amazing" ... written by Maria
My first reading with Joanna andamp; she quickly andamp; easily picked up on so much that I am going through. I definitely need to come back to her again!!!!" ... written by Marie
I come back all the time, she gives me peace and helps. She knows exactly what is going on. Super accurate. Great advice. " ... written by mari
amazing! she calmed me and helped me to watch how i react...hugs-cant wait til i can afford her again!! Shes amazing!!" ... written by k
I was a skeptic at first. It does take a little while for me to believe . This is a very accurate, spot on girl. I didn't say a word. I didn't have to say a word. Joanna just started telling me about my life in specific details. She knew my line of work. She had specific names for me and spoke in detailed about that person. She even picked up on emotions ( Past, present, future). I had told her I will be open to her information no matter what she will picked up. She wasn't guessing. Her visions are sooo accurate. She even knew that someone was in the room with me. She stated that it was because I was open for the reading. Just two words for her "Blown Away" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, maybe three "Fantastic". Such a humbling experience. " ... written by M
Quick reader! She's still the person to go to for straight talk. The only thing is I wish she would have sales every now and then. :)" ... written by MarieAkba
The real deal. She is fast andamp; is she able to confirm facts without any tools. This is my third reading with her and I keep on coming back because her predictions just happens. She is a beautiful woman and I mean this from the inside to the outside. She has this passion and you can feel her love vibration. Thank you for helping me through a tough time. I cannot express the gratitude that I found you! I will be returning. Thank you for the clarity!" ... written by John
Spot on as always. 5 star" ... written by s
thanks soon much! always come back she's amazing!!!" ... written by j
She is intuitive and on point. I really like her bcus she doesn't sugarcoat anything. She really feels you and connects with you." ... written by MI
Three words...The real deal! She has a loving soul. Man oh man , her predictions happens , as usually!! Oh man, didn't have to say a word. " ... written by Louis
always the greatest reader!" ... written by sandra
no words!!! love this women x" ... written by shireen25
great reading" ... written by n
On point . Very fast. Her predictions happens. She is my go to girl!! It like she can read my mind. Very gifted. Never disappointed" ... written by Tera
Thanks so much, an amazing reading - she connects very quickly without any word out of mine's. " ... written by p
Well worth the money" ... written by Suzanne
Great reading with Joanna again! She has such amazing insight andamp; connection! She really helped me with my concerns and I am thankful for sharing her gifts with me." ... written by Marie
everything Joanna has seen for me is coming together its unbelievable! This woman is my go to ! she has helped me so much!!! no words AGAIN lol xx" ... written by shireen
i wish I didn't run out of credits, but thanks so much! I appreciate all the honesty and insight. Always spot on. She's the only one I go to on here anymore because she's real!" ... written by cara
Truly amazing and gifted. Thanks for the great reading, as always!" ... written by familyhelper
LOVE HER!!!" ... written by aimmbark
Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. You have instilled peace inside my heart, mind and soul and I want to heal from the inside out, and you have guided me in that direction. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have connected with you today. It will turn my life around and give me a much deeper and more meaningful outlook on how my life should follow. Much love to you for your guidance, compassion and big heart, and of course your ability to connect with us on a spiritual level. With your guidance, I know I will heal. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
Her predictions were spot on, and her advice deep and life changing. Thank you Joanna xoxoxo" ... written by G
Details that are so accurate I just listened. She has this knowing and she even connected to a loved one that passed away. The real deal is an understatement. Blew me away....i will retrn. your blessed by god" ... written by MLM
Omg her prediction came true within 2 days and he said to me exactly what she told me!! WOW. Gifted beyond" ... written by Jessie
Love her, come back all the time. She connects with the souls, and reading peoples minds. She is just amazing. Advises you wisely, Accurate is not even the word, she knows it all. " ... written by Maria
always my go to !! she is amazing!!! helping me in ways I cant explain xx" ... written by shireen
thanks jojo. love you xxx" ... written by fullmoon76
Blessings are coming my way .... she says hold on things are coming . everything is coming together like she says it would. stay focused on the mission everything is gonna be allright love you jo jo" ... written by gr8tday
can honestly call this woman a friend. she is amazing at what she does.. x" ... written by shireen
love you jojo and spirit! so very gracious, kind, encouraging, and supportive. job prediction have come to pass omg!!!" ... written by winnie
This girl predictions happens. Not one thing either. My whole family read with her . One by one, her readings are accurate and they just happen. Over 5 stars more like 100 stars" ... written by Justin
hi Joanna thanks for the update and being part of this journey x" ... written by sara
so much love,guidance and the energy of peace surrounds her to guide you and help you follow your heart. I love her for she feels what you feel and will let you know and will immediately feel her energy of positivism surround you " ... written by virgoe82
Joanna is great expert.She was spot on again.I highly recommend her. " ... written by e
I love Joanna and her spirit guide ! She is such a beautiful calming soul ...a gem indeed ! she will calm you down no matter what your situation is and will stop at nothing to help you resolve all matters in hand ... no sugar coating just the plain and simple truth and the support to help you realize your full potential ! I love you Joanna ! :) x" ... written by Annie
Amazing person and friend.Highly recommended." ... written by e
She Never fails . The real deal . I just love her!! she Picks up on energy to an extreme level. She tells me whats going to happen and it does!!" ... written by M
She is a great prophet. Healer. Everything she said happens very q1uickly" ... written by Samuel
Listen I can say this. I have been to many different sites and I have spoken to many other mediums. She is the real deal. She was able to give me information that no one and I mean no one would know. Her predictions happens for me within a few days to a few weeks . She has a knowing. What can I say. Extremely intuitive. Her visions are accurate as her predictions are as well. I am very blessed to have her in my life. A true believer now. She radiates Love andamp; is a beautiful soul. Namaste" ... written by Sara
Thanks Jo! Will wait to changes in October.. thanks again!!" ... written by patient_girl
She is real deal it seems ...thanks :)" ... written by nn
ran outta creds but could chat to jo all day !" ... written by shireen
Real deal, very in tune, not a fake ...amazing" ... written by Mick
It was a wonderful reading with you Johanna.. Thanks for this positivity. " ... written by P
Omg, her predictions just happen!!! omg amazing" ... written by Maria
Thank you for the reading. I got the answers for my questions without even asking." ... written by ponn
love Joanna she is amazing x" ... written by shireen
thank you so much " ... written by g
very detailed " ... written by j
She is truly amazinggggggggg, spot on with many things, the bestttttttt" ... written by sweet
Thank you so much Joanna for picking up the connection. So honest and goes deep. " ... written by gal
fabulous" ... written by aligned
This is amazing. She is concise. Beyond any words can express how accurate this star seer is. Energy is loving and beautiful. Her predictions just happens when you lease likely to expect anything to chime in. WOW!!" ... written by John
Love her, come back all the time. She connects with the spirits, and they tell her everything that is happening. It is amazing," ... written by MI
I had a few readings with her. I was thinking , "no way her prediction will happen like that"! I was so wrong. This is the real deal. She can feel you. Its the craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life, like freaky!This is a woman with an amazing gift. I want to thank you. You have really helped me and my situation when everyone was telling me a different story. Your a beautiful light in my darkest hour. You have so much light in your eyes and in your soul. Thank you again !!!!!!!" ... written by Samuel
She and Spirit are one of a kind, a super awesome team. Her predictions happened!!! She and Spirit said "try it and that I am going through alot of changes (a span of 6 months). YES!!! Thank you for always being there =)" ... written by the wyn
ran out of credits, but she always calms me down. She's the real deal and is always right. I just know I'm a but impatient" ... written by Cara
Thank you so much for great advise and confirmation, you are amazing. Love ya" ... written by s
She is right on again, and I knew something was wrong with a situation and she confirmed it." ... written by destiny
Thank you for your reading. God bless. Sabina" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
She's sooooo sweet and she "wows" me every time with her gift." ... written by A
joanna is amazing every her and wonderful spirit.. xxx" ... written by shireen25
She is very accurate. I had to come to tell her that she was right! Everything came to light. She is sincere and caring. Thank you again , i will be back" ... written by Ty
jo said great changes are coming in the form of a promotion work all good things new . tom needs to get checked by a doctor. upper respitory infection. in two months great things will happen for me and to stay grounded and focused when things hit my family. thanks jo" ... written by gr8tday
She was great" ... written by Angel
Spot on! Prediction happened" ... written by Derek
Thank you so much for being amazing and helping out. God bless " ... written by s
Have a good night (: I'll let you know how the connection goes!" ... written by Julisa
Oh my gosh! I am so speechless right now. It is so amazing what JoJo can do. I cannot even describe it. Her gifts are amazing. She has been helping me with my roller coaster life, the tough process, the changes. SHE AND SPIRIT ARE THE BEST, HANDS DOWN! " ... written by the wyn
The BEST!!! Oh My Gosh!!!" ... written by the wyn
amazing and no other words " ... written by virgoe82
LOVE her, accurate, amazing!!" ... written by MI
she calms me down. she understands me. she clarifies things. love her and spirit" ... written by the wyn
He is out of this world. Explains so much in detail. Realyl feels the people, and sees beyond. ACCUARTE!!!! AMAZING!!" ... written by Maria
Joanna is a marvelous woman with incredible spiritual gifts and is genuinely connected to the spiritual world. I have been reading with her for almost 3 years and always come back to her. She sees deep into souls and personalities, and has predicted things to come with precise accuracy. She has supported me in hard times, and given me hope and positivity. Most of all it's her commitment to the cause of "LOVE" that makes her so unique, divinely connected, and special. Love you Joanna xoxo" ... written by globe
Wonderful lady inside and out. She and spirit picked up me being hesitant about the job without telling her anything about it. They picked up so many things and I confirmed it. Blessings to both of you. You both are Supercalafragilisticexpeialadocious!!!" ... written by the wyn
I love you so much as a reader and friend. You give me such hope and belief in myself and my strengths. You show me that having faith and belief can manifest and change things in our lives. I will continue to be positive so that I can grow into the person I'm meant to be and to be with the person I am meant to be with for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, Joanna. My heart is filled with hope and love, and I know he will be a part of that someday with me. Thank you for believing with me. " ... written by familyhelper
amazing as always thank you joanna x" ... written by hopeful
Thank you. Great " ... written by s
Once again, another truimphant reading with JoJo and Spirit. They have seen so much and told me so much info. They so know me!!! Love them!!!" ... written by the wyn
She knows stuff without any information. She has given me some timelines to look forward to. I wish I could speak to her for longer. Thanks, Joanna." ... written by nn
REALLY THE BEST!!!" ... written by the wyn
Yup she knows me very well. Love her and Spirit. Again, thank you for all the guidance. I know I can be stubborn and indecisive. You are there to help me. A million times thank you so very much! Love your answers Jo!!!" ... written by the wyn
I just knew it was time to talk to her. Always very precious guidance and insights...." ... written by eva
Hi Jo" ... written by happy girl88
Amazing as usual. Will be back again." ... written by familyhelper
She connects so well....just the best talking with her :)" ... written by Larry
Jo is always amazing. She picks up so much. I can't wait for her latest predictions to come to pass." ... written by Cheryl
Great to see and talk with Joanne again. Great as usualy." ... written by Jim
She is amazing!! LOVE her!! she hit the nail right on the head and things make sense!! love her and cant wait to read again with her!!" ... written by k
Wow, her prediction just happened! She is a beautiful soul andamp; her laughter is contagious. She told me things that no one and I mean no one knew. She blew me away " ... written by Dave
She is amazing! Accurate, sweet, loving and she hit on so many predictions. Gifted beyond words. She uses no tools. Johanna thanks for connecting with my decease mother . She is the real deal. Hands down!! I will return !" ... written by TJ
Joanna once again proves to have a major psychic gift and knows how to use it to help guide me with her highly intuitive insights into aspects of myself and my current situation, and my life path and future. I feel that she is 100% the "real deal" and highly recommend having a reading with her - you will not be disappointed! I will be back for a follow-up in the future :)" ... written by JL
Love her! Come back all the time. Extremely accruate!" ... written by MI
The Best!!! Gosh, just The Best!!! Again, thank you so much =)" ... written by lynn
Thank you for your reading! Love you and appreciate your help! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Jojo and Spirit are such awesome listeners, has given me good advice, and assures me that everything is going to be fine. Patience is the key and to have faith and that everything will fall into place. Did I also said they both help me calm down. Well they do. Love them!" ... written by the wyn
she is amazing!! readings are way too short!! will be bac and thank u!!" ... written by k
Another excellent reading...sorry ran out of credits. " ... written by JL
Joanna could talk with u all day! thank u so much xxx" ... written by shireen
She is specific and detailed and her predictions happens...." ... written by Ric
Sorry the time ran out but thank you again for the excellent reading :)" ... written by JL
Excellent follow-up session with Joanna123!" ... written by J
thank you for a fast and oh so helpful reading!" ... written by gemmie
always so great !!!!!! so many great things and feelings " ... written by virgoe82
Credits ran out but I will be back to continue in the near future! Another excellent reading with Joanna123...again, spot-on, specific, insightful and picks up on energies with clarity and accuracy! Highly recommended :)" ... written by JL
It's been a while since I've had a reading and it was great to catch up with Joanna. She's always on target and this reading was no different. Things are about to get exciting so I will definitely keep her updated. Such a kind and gifted soul. Missed you!" ... written by Jennifer
I can talk to Jojo, forever!!! She told me to relax, take a breather. She helped me calmed down. She is so super spot on about the changes. Sometimes, I cannot handle the changes, that its just too strong, but she told me to hang in there, that the changes are good, and to just watch. This is my season!!! I do not know what I would do without Jojo and Spirit. Thank you!!!" ... written by the wyn
Ran out again :( times goes by so fast, but she's worth every penny!!" ... written by Cara
Accurate and on point with many things, always a joy to talk with. Thanks JoJo" ... written by Jim
She just knows. I love her" ... written by eva
Thank you so much. I trust your guidance immensely. You are the only one that can rebalance me, and I cannot thank you enough. You have brought me out of the darkest times with your insight. Again, thank you so much. Many blessings," ... written by familyhelper
I love her!" ... written by vctoria
I ran out of credits..but joanna was so on point...i loved her...she was the only one psychic who talked what my intuition was feeling too...thank u joanna...pls come to free chat area for a bit..if thats ok.." ... written by Mansi
very straight forward " ... written by angel
Thank you again for another wonderful reading. Will be back." ... written by JL
Love her! She's great! She is the best on here! I always love talking to her :)" ... written by Cara
Joanna is just amazing.Always on point.Highly highly recommended.Hugs." ... written by e
She is specific and accurate. I had to come back to confirm her prediction. Wow! Gifted. The real deal!" ... written by Bryan
I am once again both astounded and amazed-what a phenomenal reading, thank you so much!!!" ... written by gemmie
Joanna truely sees the right things...spirit tells her everything...:) thank u i would be able to come next month only..hopefully with good news as u say..:)))" ... written by Mansi
Why are you so good to talk to lol....I'm sorry I never say Hi or bye just don't have enough funds but thank you :)" ... written by nn
She's quick and connects well I wish I could speak to her for longer. " ... written by New
Another excellent follow-up session! Thank you." ... written by .
joanna is great she sees shifts coming on the horizions and she says he will come around and a possible move. she says i am gonna boom coming into my job it will take off suprizingly well. i missed talking with her and i hope to talk again soon with her always amazing insight ... love you...." ... written by gr8tday
Thank you for an excellent reading; credits ran out, will be back soon." ... written by J
This beautiful woman is 110% has been a long hard road but she saw it all, never lied to me or sugar coated anything. Her honesty and her friendship mean the world to me. Things are happening just as she said... thank you Joanna my journey is re-starting and i take comfort in knowing you are here for you and i will talk with you very soon...xoxox" ... written by italian sister
I can talk to Jojo and Spirit forever!!!" ... written by the wyn
Fabulous!!" ... written by .
Excellent follow-up session; highly recommend Joanna123 to anyone looking for a truthful, insightful reading with much psychic clarity and intuitive guidance." ... written by JL
Another exceptional reading oh my gosh!!! " ... written by the wyn
love joanna" ... written by shireen
JoJo and Spirit have confirmed so many things. They are soooooo accurate and always tells the truth. I have learned so much from them and they are always here for me. I can always count on them. Much love you to both. Superb, spectacular, and amazing!!!" ... written by the wyn
joanna, thank you for another great reading and for all ur help!" ... written by gemmie
she's very lovely- very on target" ... written by chaitprice
excellent reading once again, credits ran out but thank you so much and I will be back for a follow-up soon" ... written by .
She is one of those amazing people. I have had a pleasure to talk to her on multiple occasions. Very honest, which I need, confirming what I already feel. Very right and on point about everything. I always have readings with her, I don't need to go anywhere else, she knows me. " ... written by sanja
thank you so much jojo xxx" ... written by fullmoon76
Thanks I couldn't help but come again..solved a lot of puzzles in my mind :)" ... written by Mansi
Excellent reading once again....credits ran out but I'll be back soon!" ... written by J
great lady.... i said nothing and she just knew what was happening and it was a very complex and layered situation. I was very surprised and right on point. HIHGLY recommend!!!" ... written by Karla
Another lovely reading with Joanna123...insightful, enlightening, highly intuitive and supportive! Highly recommend her for a reading :)" ... written by JL
truly gifted and I'm happy to have met joanna on oranum. very trusted psychic :)" ... written by melissa
Another excellent reading, thank you so much! Always a pleasure to work with you :)" ... written by J
Joanna is a true gifted soul with a great heart and compassion for others. Her predictions have come true for the most part, and she can go deep into people's personalities I ask about. Most of all she is an advocate of "love" in the true sense. All my love back to you Joanna x" ... written by globe
Funny! joyful! loved her! will come to see her anytime i have any questions :D" ... written by yellow_angel
Love her to life" ... written by Nini
Sorry the credits ran out again, will be back in the near future, thank you again! You always have excellent insights and psychic, intuitive guidance. At the end of our session we just had, I believe undoubtedly you were picking up on my friend's energy, that was interesting and yet accurate. You are the best person to not only pick up on different energies, but to interpret them accurately within a psychic context as well." ... written by .
Another excellent reading with Joanna123...thank you so much! Highly accurate psychic insight delivered with love, clarity, and detail...highly recommended." ... written by JL
Another excellent reading, thank you!" ... written by JL
Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! Love Love Love" ... written by winnie
Again, another electrifying reading. Words are not enough. Jojo and Spirit are one of a kind and are truly special. Thank you!" ... written by winnie
much love." ... written by julie
Wow-- she definitely has a gift and told me things she could not have possibly known. She knew what was most troubling me." ... written by sparkly1
Joanna is a beautiful soul and I am thankful for her guidance. It is a rough time ahead for me and I will have to find a way to navigate through it all. I will come back to update. " ... written by sparkly1
Joanna123 is an incredible psychic. She is always spot on and her connection with me is unbelievable! I recommend everybody to try her out." ... written by lipstick22
Thanks Joanna. I love connecting with you and rebalancing myself. It always helps. You are amazing. Hugs. I will keep you updated." ... written by familyhelper
I love talking to Jo and Spirit. She clarifies and helps with the confusion. She has brought me great joy and is always there. " ... written by winnie
totally recommend Jojo! Wonderful, kind, funny, and so down to earth. Her gifts are one of a kind" ... written by winnie
long time no speak wish I had more credits to speak to you ty for the reading. wish you told me when these predictions will happen. xoxo!" ... written by edel95
Excellent reading! Highly recommend Joanna123 for reading into energies, psychic guidance, clarity of insight, and more." ... written by .
Thank for another great reading!" ... written by .
Joanna thank you again for a marvelous reading! You always get me back on track and your accuracy on everything (people, insights, predictions) is always on point punctually and accurately! Its your gifts, your compassion, and love that heals and that connects you to God and others. Im really thankful to know you, and recommend others to come to you for guidance and readings. Your simple style is natural yet deep. Youre an amazing woman and human being. God bless you xoxoxo" ... written by G
Sorry to have run out of credits, but thank you again for a wonderful reading. I know I have had multiple readings with you lately, but only because I am going through a major transition in my life, as you helped me to see. Your insights are spot-on, and your psychic guidance and clarification resonate with my own energy and soul and it just "feels right" explanation needed! I will be back :)" ... written by JL
Thank you for another wonderful reading and for being there for me as I go through an energetic transition in my life; your psychic guidance is much appreciated and very helpful to me! :)" ... written by JL
Another excellent reading, thank you Joanna123! Will be back for follow-up" ... written by JL
Awesome, picked up on all gave me the best advice, thank you she is fast and no bs, thank you!" ... written by newhorizons12
Wow connected fast.. great and good. Will contact again . thanks " ... written by lovelilacs
She is good for sure and helped me as well." ... written by epi
Excellent reading. Connected very quickly to my situation. Gave excellent guidance and advice. Confident predictions will happen." ... written by NICOLA112
I just had my reading with Joanna and posted my review but as i am thinking more about our reading i must say, she even tapped into my thoughts and red it correctly...amazing!...unbelievable! really goog reader." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
I really really liked Joanna. Very good reading, very impressive quick connection to the names (not just initials) of people involved in my life, situations that took place and dynamics. Really a true deal here. i was very very impressed and will be back, Five stars no doubt" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa