About Jowanda6

Psychic Jowanda6has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Jowanda6has recently helped 46members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Jowanda6's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello to everyone, Jowanda6 here! I possess more than twenty years experience within the Esoteric field. I consider myself as an intuitive Light Ambassador of the New World that is ready to empower your mind to respond to divine guidance from the cosmos. I ascertain the past, present, and future events by reading people's thoughts and spirit communication.

Jowanda takes the time to really understand your situation, with her unique and special insight. She sensed and understood things about me that I have kept hidden, even from myself. There is no part of my problems that she didn't see and heal. I recommend Jowanda if you have spiritual or life issues that seem hopeless. She gave me hope." ... written by jwlipscomb
She was awesome and totally hit the point!" ... written by blackpuddlenut
interesting" ... written by moon
Jowanda is very honest and good with cards....." ... written by marionlyttle
I love her she's the TRUTH!" ... written by sexy521
blown away... it was the most accurate thing in the world. thaank you" ... written by paola
Good reading! :) Never sugar coats! :P" ... written by Rahul
Very good!" ... written by princessqueeny
Jowanda I really do appreciate you for my reading not only that you have gave me great insight about everything I can't thank you enough." ... written by Amy
she is amazing she is so good I speechless I come to her every time she is great. I suggest her to every one. thanks" ... written by H
Again, Jowanda strikes another 5 STARS! AMAZING AS ALWAYS! Go to her for your readings. Jowanda and King Balam are the BEST on Oranum. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Just had reading, she is the bomb. I know she told me everything. I didn't want to hear very very painful but the truth and I than kyou for this, now I can begin to heal myself. The only one that has had the courage to tell me how it really was but yet the truth and as painful as it was. I still thank her for the truth and now I can be able to heal and let go, thank you my sister for being real!!!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
Awesome reading, I could actually feel what she was talking about." ... written by corvettime02
I felt the most comfortable with Jowanda and I had a good reading with her. " ... written by dss1980
I believe Jowanda's reading was right on target and it agrees with my thoughts. Very good and precise. I love listening to her." ... written by Wildone70
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by rainbowspirit123
OMG Jowanda is the BOMB!!!!! She was on point on what we discussed and just like I thought she was right!!!! What she said was what I was feeling!!" ... written by surrina
good" ... written by mike
thank you so much for your insight!" ... written by md
Very down-to-earth reading that was so on point. Connected to the heart of my issue and really analyzed all people concerned with stunning accuracy. " ... written by jazzyme
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
WONDERFUL" ... written by Bridgette Evans
AMAZING!" ... written by CLara
She's awesome! Very detailed and accurate." ... written by sunny0day
SHE IS THE TRUTH!" ... written by NIXX
Great psychic and highly recommended for people wanting to know real situation. Great with tarot cards and energies: 10 stars for this psychic. Thank you jowanda6." ... written by Monisha2013
GREAT" ... written by Bridgette Evans
Love her!" ... written by Melissa konnoff
This was my first time getting a reading from Jowanda6 and it was great! She didn't ask for any info except names and topic like is it about a relationship/love and from there she was giving me information. She was very accurate, fast and very straight forward even if it wasn't good news! I am very pleased with my reading and I would recommend her. I will also return to have another reading with her and I look forward to her prediction coming true! :) Many blessings to you Jowanda and thank you very much for your honesty !!" ... written by Kayeluv1
Very god reading on point really helped me." ... written by cindy
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Thank you, good luck in all you do and those you help." ... written by truthtold
VERY GOOD." ... written by jwin
She is so real and on point, Amazing. She just left me speechless. She is a real gem, many blessings to you girl. You go girl. ORANUM should give her a big bonus with a vaction of her choice. Thanks a million. I highly recommend her." ... written by leader72
Can't wait to see what the future holds thank you. " ... written by chinkeeepink
My go to! She clarifies everything." ... written by cindy
LOVE HER!" ... written by Nicole
Jowanda s great, no doubt." ... written by brit
Valid reading!" ... written by Empress7
Great reading she showed me a lot." ... written by Nicolette124
Detailed, accurate reading." ... written by sk
Awesome!" ... written by harmonyS
AWESOME!" ... written by MISSGUIDED
Good reading 5 stars." ... written by sman
Good reading." ... written by sman
5 stars amazing. all questions and detailed answered." ... written by IrisFlower
Always on point Love her! She is the bomb" ... written by Nicolette124
Amazing and I love her very much!" ... written by IrisFlower
My favorite on here!" ... written by tiffany
Excellent" ... written by Nia
Very truthful, very honest and very much worth the time." ... written by callme_ambi
Always accurate, every time we talk!!!" ... written by missguided
Good reading!" ... written by Jean
Thank you for a great reading as usual!" ... written by Jean
always 5 star!!" ... written by Tiffany
Jowanda is my girl. She is an awesome tarot reader and she gives great advice. First time reading with her and I have no regrets. I do believe that everything she told me will come to pass. 5 stars and more.Thanks hun." ... written by Ebony
I think she's awesome. My favorite on here. Very very accurate. " ... written by Tiffany
amazing AS USUAL!!! THE BEST PSYCHIC UP HERE!!!" ... written by missguided
Amazing how her cards see it all and no one else has been able to see this!!! she is good!!!!!!!" ... written by jazzy
SHE IS THE BOMB! Worth every penny." ... written by Nicole
It was the truth! I just wish I had more time" ... written by jennifer
Pretty good!" ... written by Garrnresha
Thank you so much!" ... written by kymii
Always gives truth and clarity!!! " ... written by missguided
Great Reading!!!! Awesome connection!" ... written by Peaceonearth
She was honest." ... written by Lucidity954
She was awesome and real!!" ... written by angelic03
She is fabulous. I love how fast and accurate she is. I will def go back for a private with her." ... written by donna
Great reading!! right on point! I will do more readings with her! Thank you so much!" ... written by Tanya Renee Clark
best readings ever" ... written by cindy
Great reader!" ... written by TT
if I'm searching for an honest answer to my qustions I know that I can come and ask you. Thank you very much for the insight on my current situation. Rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Wow!!! Amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Jazzy
Very good reader. Connected with a loved one who passed and was very accurate and empathetic in her reading. Thank you, Miss Jowanda." ... written by sweetchick724
5 stars, as always :)" ... written by Tiffany
She gave me peace of mind she was good and on point" ... written by Lutrel
Jowanda is AWESOME! She is right on, funny and really cares. I will definitely be back to speak to her again." ... written by Amanda
I felt that it started off good but I just wished she would have spent a lot less time shuffling cards. If you are really into tarot this may be for you." ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you... I'm coming back lol" ... written by malika
Very straight up. Love her!" ... written by Zeigen
Love her! She is too funny! And very gifted!" ... written by kay
Love Jowanda6; she's right on and tells the truth. I came back to her because she already feels like a friend. LOVE HER! I would definitely recommend her if you want the truth. " ... written by Amanda
great!" ... written by carina
Best card reader ever, all hail king Balem, always tells the truth and to the point, best money spent." ... written by cindylee
Loved you reading!" ... written by Jennifer
Great!" ... written by Bridgette
Wonderful!" ... written by Bridgette Evans
Cool!" ... written by Bridgette Evans
Very detailed person made me feel real good in our reading got straight to the point and did not waist time 20 stars" ... written by Adreanna
Very good" ... written by us
She is amazing! Coming back for her" ... written by klajda
So good. Wish I had more time to talk to her." ... written by Abundance
Jowanda is brilliant and incredibly accurate! She's the real deal." ... written by Tiffany
she is amazing!!! very accurate..." ... written by wendybb0880
Wow, just that" ... written by Christian
Jowanda!!! WOW, she does not play around!! She will tell you like it is. It's like she is inside your emotions and can tell what is the root casuse of things. Incredible! Wish we had more time" ... written by Mariela
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Starfish444
She honest and doesn't sugarcoat it." ... written by Mamma6
Honest and caring. Dead on accurate. I WILL be back." ... written by marjorie11171970
Best reader, accurate, accurate, accurate. " ... written by cindy
Thank you Jowanda for the truth, which I know in my heart is the reality and the harsh truth. That is what I want.. the truth. I can be at rest, as this is also what my intuition has being telling me but my fantasies are deluding me. Many thanks and appreciation." ... written by kissmeangel
Verry good!!" ... written by shemaris
very good in analyzing a situation for me thx..." ... written by sweet
Love her always on point and tells the truth" ... written by Nicole
I keep coming back hahhaa." ... written by sweet
Thanks, you helped me see the situation better and cheered me up!" ... written by crimsonclovers
She is amazing!!! Accurate every time!!! " ... written by NEW_ARTIST
Excellent!!!:)" ... written by Jess
Great!" ... written by Brav0923
It was a good and detailed reading. Confirmation for me." ... written by Dzzle82
Great details! " ... written by Inspire MI
Excellent." ... written by Kitty
She is 1 of the best!!! Great reading, hands down." ... written by dladie42
Thank you for your insight!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Thank you sooo much" ... written by michelle
LOL that reading was very insightful, but I don't care if my ex wants to contact me. He still isn't going to get what he wants. I can't stand a crybaby who needs an asswhippin." ... written by Chyree
MY GIRL! ALWAYS ON POINT. I LOVE HER!" ... written by Nicolette124
The absolute best... best... reading that I have had on Oranum. So honest... so much information! And soo very enlightening! Thank you, Jowanda! You are absolutely the very best... of them all!" ... written by Claudia
She was excellent! On point and very accurate!" ... written by Cheryl
On the money. The truth." ... written by cindy
She is fantastic." ... written by Michael O'Connor
Good!" ... written by hanaa
Great lady, fantastic help." ... written by mike O'Connor
I enjoyed it." ... written by tracey
EXCELLENT! VERY HONEST and right to the point. Definitely worth the reading. Will be back again." ... written by cathy
She is one of a kind, thank you jowanda6." ... written by Sher
What a reader!!! She is fast and no sugar coating! " ... written by Lucknumber3
I absolutely love Jowanda. She is the real deal.... The REAL in real deal. :)" ... written by Amanda
Astounding. So accurate like nothing else. Blown away!!!" ... written by claireylou
Thank you Jowanda for your reading! Very fast reading! Hope things go well. " ... written by Aria
Great" ... written by georgiapeach21
Great!" ... written by martha
Thanks a lot for your honesty. Was very helpful." ... written by ronelle
Thank you for your reading. God bless. - Rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Very good " ... written by luckystar222
Jo was very direct and hnoest answered all my questions quickly. She had such clarity and accuracy. Thank u jo. Namaste to you.." ... written by Janine
Not too impressed. Ask a question and she shuffles cards and then comes up with an answer. No further dialogue. I prefer readings that are a bit more comprehensive." ... written by grt
OMG! great connection, didn't tell her anything, she told me everything with date and all and I just sat there in amazement. I still cant believe her accuracy." ... written by TR
Extremely helpful." ... written by Sam
Not too good." ... written by Pam
She is the HONEST and finds information out straight away! Blew my mind! " ... written by Margarita
Jowanda is great! She does not sugarcoat anything and tells you the truth just as she sees it. Thank you so much for my reading and I always enjoy visiting your room. Take care and I wish you many blessings Jowanda! " ... written by Kayeluv1
Talk to her, you won't regret it!" ... written by TR
Great reading, as always. Very insightful, and helped very much to chart direction. Thank you, Jowanda! You are awesome." ... written by Claudia
Sassy and straight to the point.. Shes is fast and doesn't waste anytime I enjoy her in private and open chat.:)" ... written by shirley
She's great! She homed in on something I didn't even tell her about" ... written by doveswings
Awesome reading. WIll try her again," ... written by karma_27
Great!" ... written by Thenewclassic44i
GREAT! As usual!" ... written by nikki
VERY accurate. will come back again." ... written by Travis
Thank you jowanda6 you have gave me what I needed even if I didn't want to hear it thank you, I wll think about what you said and I may just move on." ... written by debbie
Jowanda is fabulous, great reader! " ... written by A. R.
Amazing. Honest, accurate, and to the point. Told me exactly what I needed to hear." ... written by Robyn
thank you so much, sorry for the interuptions" ... written by shakeisha
she was very accurate" ... written by Staci
Great reading!" ... written by MSA
AMAZING AS ALWAYS" ... written by missguided
she is good and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
Thank you Jowanda! You were great!" ... written by Mariela
very good reader" ... written by Staci
Excellent! " ... written by Kelly Charlton
Jowanda was awesome!!!! she definitly don't sugarcoat and she answers really fast. She should be listed as one of the top tarot readers on oranum!!! I will definitly be coming back for answers in the future." ... written by zahra
Fast and accurate!!!" ... written by elle11
Hit everything right on the mark! Very accurate on dates, andamp; times... Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Pam
Very detailed and good reading, lots of information. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Always accurate.." ... written by Travis
She gave me great insight on a relationship and was very spot on. Thank you so much Jowanda for your help. " ... written by love
LOVER HER! the only one i will go to . she tells get the truth as is" ... written by nikki
Thanks a lot. A lot of it was very accurate. I hope we will work out in the future. Sorry I ran out of time. But I needed to hear everything. Thanks again. :)" ... written by Charming08
Jowanda6 is a real tarot reader and she by far is one of the best on Oranum. "She worth every penny". She very accurate and straight to the point. Great reader and I will come back for more and oh she does time frame. "EXCELLENT"." ... written by QueenofPentacles
Great but crazy!" ... written by brebre88
She is good and fast. Some of the things I did not like to hear, but she is up front with her answers." ... written by georgiapeach37
King Balam is spot on. " ... written by Fulgur
Awesome!! % stars " ... written by teebear
Jowanda clarified my situation and was in tune with my questions and confirmed what I was feeling without wasting my time and she was honest!" ... written by Pam
RIGHT ON POINT!!! THANK YOU A LOT JOWANDA!" ... written by zahra
Some made sense and some didn't...but she is good." ... written by Brandi
Thank you very much for a great reading! I really appreciate all of your advice and you just listening to me today. I just really needed someone to listen to me with an open heart without judgement and you did that and it meant the world to me!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I even thank you for the readings that aren't so good and filled with bad news because you told me the truth! Today's reading was great though and filled with all types of good news! :) I would recommend having a reading with Jowanda6, she is great. I wish you many blessings!!!! Take care! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Thank you!" ... written by Altuna0
Thanks!!!" ... written by Barbara
very excellent with readings....and fast answers!!!" ... written by zahra
Very informative told me the truth even when it was hard to hear." ... written by pinkpather30
Very on point thanks a bunch!" ... written by karen
She is very accurate and provide a lot of details. More than I could have hope for. :)" ... written by John
confirmed my feelings and thoughts,i do recommend her" ... written by unknown
Informative, helped me see the real outcome and what I should be doing." ... written by pinkpather30
Very good reading, straight forward." ... written by Mike0825
I think she's pretty good and accurate but I would prefer more dialogue and less card shuffling. But she's definitely fast. " ... written by DeeDee
been riding with jowanda since spring 2013 and till this day this lady helped me grow and cope with my whole situation...what a blessing. She is the best on Oranum next to John. THANK YOU!" ... written by nikki
She was really good, gave me loads of insight and direction." ... written by cnsa8094
GOOD!" ... written by Brandi
Very insightful and helpful. Excellent service ;o)" ... written by cnsa8094
Not the first time I have received negative readings about my man. It is very hard to hear but I do believe that Jowanda6 told me the truth. Her readings are very to the point and very detailed and I highly recommend her! I know she was trying desperately to help me realize I was wasting my life holding out hope to have a life with my man. I got it!! Just have to let him go, now! That will be the difficult part." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thanks Jowanda. " ... written by tilthe
She's straight forward and honest...can't ask for more in any psychic." ... written by lehua
Love her!" ... written by nikki
excellent!" ... written by nikki
She is good!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Mona
She's amazing !! That's all I've to say!! ;)" ... written by Gypsi Soul :)
she is top. Thank you. " ... written by lamees
She was very fast and good." ... written by giggles
Great reading, not what I wanted to hear and shocked, but I will see if its true I suppose thank you for honesty." ... written by Carly
Great! Loely lady :) answered all questions !" ... written by Aytan Mehdiyeva
:)" ... written by bb
Love her!! Amazing straight to the point, no sugar coating, very detailed, will be back for sure!!!" ... written by bb
omg…..thank u soooooo much!!!! always on point with everything!!" ... written by malika
straight forward highly reccommend" ... written by hope
She keeps it real...whether you want it or not" ... written by hope
Very good! been riding with her since last year. Accurate to the point where it scary. Wonderful!" ... written by nikki
Best reading in a long time. Some changes I need to make in my life." ... written by rietta
Very insightful! Excellent psychic :) Very fast and blunt :) I will be back soon. All I can say is WOW!!! " ... written by Tiffany
Thank you so much :) I'm so happy with this lovely spiritual reading... its reaffirmed the offerings I need to make to my goddess, such an important message! Thank you so much :) Many blessings to you!!" ... written by M
Thank u so much…idk what happened to the connection but what i got was extremely informative!!" ... written by maika
thank u so much again, helped with soooooo much…thank u thank u, u are the best." ... written by Malika
Honest psychic." ... written by Keve
Another excellent reading. It is getting to the point where Jownada is the only psychic I will use on this site." ... written by Kelly Charlton
i cant believe how dead on she is! highly recommended" ... written by jen1210
i come to her on the regular. About 2 times weekly. She is amazing" ... written by nikki
Straight to the point and will not waste your time. Jowanda will answer all your questions honestly as she sees it, she is upfront and honest with a caring heart. I really like this lady and will continue to seek guidance from her. " ... written by LarimarGem
very good reader" ... written by raquel
dead on accurate!" ... written by jen1210
The bomb! every time!" ... written by Nick
brilliant thank u " ... written by madmomo
Brilliant. Thank you. Just hope your prediction comes true xxx" ... written by madmomo
wonderful as always!" ... written by jowanda is great
Don't know what I would do without her.....she keeps real and her spirit guides are always on point" ... written by Nick
She is nice and fast and seems accurate. Recommended highly" ... written by LadyGrace
I've had two readings with Jowanda6 back to back. She was extremely accurate, very insightful, helpful, gave the best advice and didn't sugarcoat or lie about anything. What I loved about her the most is that she got right into the core and details of what exactly was happening, answered my questions in a very straightforward manner, but very accurately, explained with many details as to why or why not things will happen and to what extent they would or wouldn't. She is someone i will always return to for advice and help. Thanks so much Jowanda you and your spirit guide were truly wonderful." ... written by Noor
Awesome! On point!" ... written by Cole
very nice reading accurate and straight to the point." ... written by sabel
she is really nice tarot card reader. very fast andamp; accurate." ... written by aqua
the best on oranum!" ... written by nik
tells the truth no sugarcoating. fast and strong reader. " ... written by pree
best reader on ORANUM" ... written by ray mama
always get my clarity from this lady!!" ... written by nik
right on, clear and Deep insights. go all the way into the core of the question you have. thanks! :(" ... written by emotions
best! she is amazing! very clear and personal! tells you exactly whats going on. doesn't sugar coat it. " ... written by jessi
Fantastic reading!" ... written by Johan Smith
up front reading, no sugar coating." ... written by raquel
Good read, very interesting and intriguing !" ... written by Roxanna
All I can say is "I AM SPEECHLESS". OMG Jowanda was impeccably accurate on every question I asked her. She confirmed everything I felt and believed on the inside. I will definitely be using her again." ... written by Dee
love her! truthful and honest, she explained everything so well too. I will come back" ... written by jessi
her cards were spot on..she tells the truth even if it is hard to accept:(" ... written by aqua
always a pleasure" ... written by nikki
Very good reading." ... written by Ahz
Thank you so much you have been so honest and helpful. Everything that you said was very much accurate. Some of these things I already knew which help me to know you were very insightful. I will definitely come back for your guidance." ... written by leesteph
If you don't believe anyone else please believe me when I say that this women is real and her guides tell the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! I am in tears right now! Please Please get the truth. I did it may have broke my heart but at least now I know!" ... written by mommies cookie
very good" ... written by CYNTHIA
wonderful. i come to her to vent and she tells me the truth like no other. she never judges and gives you your own choice to follow but still tell you what you do in the long run. Thanks Jowanda. She is the best." ... written by nikki
Great Reading, highly appreciated." ... written by Leslie
she was too good. very fast andamp; accurate reader. her cards are spot on!!!" ... written by aqua
You have helped me immensely, I won't think you have any idea… I'm saying thank you, thank you thank you!!! so much….everything that i felt or thought of you picked up on and clarified it for me….you are truly amazing." ... written by malika
she is my guidance counselor! the best card reader i ever met." ... written by nikki
Great " ... written by RICHARD
Good job ! trust this lady" ... written by doveswings
OMG she was so accuate, our time ran out as I would have wanted to know more...." ... written by surrina
great as always" ... written by nick
my advisor...great as usual" ... written by nikki
EXCELLENT read! I will be speaking to her again!" ... written by Andrea
thk u it was a good reading" ... written by shnaz abdul
excellent read again" ... written by Andrea
Good." ... written by ooo
thanks for everything" ... written by D.
Truthful as always - thanks!!!!" ... written by g.w.
very very precise, and helpful. Thank you for all the insight. " ... written by mt
She is right on the money." ... written by doveswings
Thank you for my reading :) you're great" ... written by beautifulmind
she is the real thing!. so much info in one session! thank you!" ... written by hat
I come to her every time andamp; her cards are just spot on:) she saved me soo many times..gr8 psychic" ... written by aqua
pure divine energy" ... written by mt
Great reading!!!!" ... written by W
great problem solver, my best !!!" ... written by mt
I always go to Jowanda for advice. I find her to be honest and accurate. She has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to tell it like it is." ... written by Kelly
terrific reader !! very personable andamp; accurate!!! i didn't want to stop listening to what she had to say , i wanted to hear more!!! fantastic!!!!" ... written by tammyj1974
Another great reading!" ... written by Kelly
she was absolutely awesome!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
great as usual!" ... written by jo
Great reading exact right on point insightful great energy. It was just all around wonderful. No delay wow. This was a different reading for me no I think so, maybe. WOW! Thank you." ... written by sunshyn
I have been working with Jowanda for several months now. She always gives accurate readings and excellent advice. She is truly talented." ... written by Kelly
She was very fast and helped me a lot. I look forward to more meetings with her. Peace and blessings to you miss Jowanda." ... written by onyxxstarr803
Another excellent reading. Jowanda is my go-to advisor. Try her!" ... written by Kelly
Regular costumer of Jowanda she works the best for me " ... written by Nidal
the best! the only one i trust on oranum!!" ... written by nick
Shes really good :)" ... written by Adiz
she is very good. Very accruate. Telling the truth. Heartbroken but it is the facts. Thank you for the reading. " ... written by PIGLETME
Great! Really deep in details!!!" ... written by P
Nice read .." ... written by sunshinec
Jowanda is the most perceptive and helpful reader I have ever seen. She is truly in touch with the spirit. I appreciate her honesty, her wisdom, and her encouragement. She saw into my situation -- all of it -- and told me exactly what to do. I wish I could have her as an advisor every time I have a life crisis. I will be back to speak with Jowanda again. THANK YOU!" ... written by jwlipscomb
Thank you for your insight! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
That was such a good reading..." ... written by lman64
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Kelly
THE BEST PSYCHIC ON THIS SITE!" ... written by Angela
Thank you for all, it was great. Not enough credits to finish! But nice expert, thank you!" ... written by Aurélie
very helpful reading..thank you so much" ... written by lehua
She is a 5 STARS!!! Wow! Amazing and Gifted woman. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
she is on point!" ... written by doveswings
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
the best ever" ... written by cindy
Truthful. Straight. Powerful. Thank you Jowanda." ... written by Ombasa
Jowanda you are a marvel! Thank you." ... written by Ombasa
thanks for advice" ... written by cheryl
Great fast reading." ... written by veezee
SEARCH NO MORE! She is the Best. She is a diamond Star on Oranum. She doesn't need to ask you your Date of Birth to start the reading. She is Fabulous and a one of a kind STAR!!! Her readings are Quick, Honest and Amazing! If you want to the truth come to her. You will not regret it. Strongly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
She was very accurate. Never had a reading as unique as this one but I can say that I love her style! Thank you ma'am. Some of the stuff was so unbelievable I chuckled but in no disrespect to her. Just in a bit of a shock about her accuracy. What a great mentor~" ... written by TrueImage
she is awesome and very down to earth!!" ... written by sophia
Excellent reader -- definitely can be trusted as she works in your best interest." ... written by lotus71
very gifted person. and very accurate too. Honest and no sugar coating. Fast connected and also very helping. Thank you very much" ... written by pigletme123
She is a 5 STARS! OMG! Always amazing! Only the truth no sugar coating. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
she is a true reader" ... written by dovewings
She was so wonderful and completely accurate! Fantastic." ... written by nadia
no nonsense, very thorough and so fast!" ... written by aph
She is the BEST on Oranum. Excellent reader. Strongly Recommended !!" ... written by Oolong
interesting read. very accurate and to the point." ... written by jand777
Thank you are a star!" ... written by Carina
Thanks for the advice. :)" ... written by manushi
This girl know what she is talking about i been to so many card readers and got all lies . If you want to know what's really going on come to her pls" ... written by fl
Omg! She is 98% accurate. Fabulous and powerful reading. Her predictions on timeframe is spot on and right on the money. If you need fast and honest reading come to her." ... written by Oolong
Very informative, thank you" ... written by B
wow she is amazing" ... written by mike
She's awesome " ... written by Ally117
Watched Jowanda6 in a demo and it went well so I took her to private. She picked up well with the cards and king balam. I would recommend her for a private" ... written by HadToSee
she is wonderful and right on the money" ... written by doveswings
she is very very correct!" ... written by lunar20
she is fantastic, and very genuine and accurate. thanks Jo" ... written by m
Omg!!! She is absolute the Best on Oranum and no one can compare with her psychic abilities and genuine soul predictions. She was Excellent! Superb reading! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
thank you she was awesome always on point" ... written by cuteface1972
very accurate about the man who hurt me" ... written by m
excellent reader. My favorite when I am in trouble." ... written by m
Fabulous" ... written by mysticalsoul
I love jowanda!!! she is always on target and accurate and tells me how it is..... straight and to the point!!" ... written by lisa
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
she is always on the money" ... written by doveswings
amazing!" ... written by Nadia
If I have specific questions, about a particular situation I always go to her for details. Her cards are fantastic, we get intricate details. I am a spiritualist, proud to say I seek her help for many complicated matters. God bless you my dear Jo. " ... written by mn
my good friend and advisor. I always trust her." ... written by m
Jowanda - wow!!!!" ... written by Abigail
Once again jowanda never disappoints me." ... written by ashley
Wonderful reader, very accurate with insight" ... written by mnt1441
This will be my 4th time reading with Jowanda, she keeps it 100% real. Thank you so much for telling me the truth and not sugar coating nothing. Every time I talk with her she gives me good advice and instructions to follow. She knows her stuff. " ... written by Andrea BDe
can i tell you she is amazing ! she tells you how it is straight up no b.s honestly the best reading i got on oranum so far and I've been a member for a while !! i love her ! and i deff will be coming back for more ! she is amazing 1,000 starzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!" ... written by molina
very accurate straight to the point" ... written by H
i am amazed at jowandas reading, first and wont be my last either.. thank u" ... written by amazed
thank you wish I would of had more money to hear the rest...will come back another day" ... written by shari
I have said it before." ... written by Abigail
Thank you, I did had a very painful relationship break up two weeks ago. Right on the spot." ... written by Zack
Brutally honest! Great!" ... written by I
yes indeed !!! brutally honest ;) she is the best !!!! " ... written by rouben
She is so real and so serious. She also knows abotu the situation and when it started happening. Very professional pyschic" ... written by mike
she is very very good trust her" ... written by doveswings
no bs " ... written by mali
Thank you for your insight! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowsprit123
she is very fast. she looks into all details... she tells the truth" ... written by loveboo
Fantastic reading . I really recommend her " ... written by Jyoshna Mishra
She seems pretty accurate....very straight forward" ... written by April
Thank you for your help, especially for my second topic of questions, it was surprisingly more accurate than I expected. " ... written by Mia
Very in-depth reading, carried out several spreads asking various questions. Was given a warning too. Received some predictions, we shall wait and see..." ... written by Stickytoffee
she is great and very sweeet " ... written by Elizabeth
OMG! She is TOP on Oranum. She has a genuine soul when it comes to her psychic abilities predictions because she will tell you only the truth. She is AMAZING!!! Her accuracy will give you goose bumps!!! Come to her for your readings. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
she kept it real i will just see how things unfold. " ... written by angelic03
She is amazing. I got several readings for a situation and took notes. As time passed the situation unfolded and Jowanda was the only one who got the situation completely right. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
OMG!!!! She is number 1 psychic on Oranum. Wow! Her predictions are tremendous! She is incredible. Her psychic abilities are right on the money. She doesn't waste your time. She will tell you exactly what she sees so no lies. She is very is intuitive, positive, and AMAZING!!! Come to her for your readings and you can experience it too. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
extremely accurate reader. " ... written by angel
i always come to her when i have to find solutions to problems. Perfect readings. " ... written by angelofgod21
she is a very good reader" ... written by doveswings1
she tuned into an ex very accurately and was good at checking all kinds of details about the situation." ... written by wren1414
she is the most honest reader i meet! thank you!" ... written by pinkflowergirl
honest and tough but means well. be ready to handle the truth as she sees it :)" ... written by ...
thank u so much for your help..." ... written by malika
Thank you for your reading! God bless you in may ways. Rainbow." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Jowanda is honest, straight to the point, helpful and right on target. I highly recommend having a reading with her and you're looking to know the truth." ... written by Virgo
Gave me clarity in all aspect of my life." ... written by FullMoon
Extremely helpful" ... written by FullMoon
she is a very good reader" ... written by doveswing
she see m spot on but the audi was so bad i could not hear clearly what sge wAS saying si i lost half of it and then time rame out" ... written by /valerie
yes she is five star" ... written by doveswings
it was good " ... written by frankie
Jowanda was really honest, fast, nice, and i really enjoyed our reading! she only needed my name and was on point on things she picked up. I ran out of credits but I will be coming back for more!! Thanks girl :)" ... written by Adiee
wow, she blew me away with her accuracy and skills." ... written by dahlia
AWESOME!!! RIGHT ON POINT !!!" ... written by Fablousfifty1
she is amazing as always ! love her she tells you straight facts " ... written by molina631
accurate" ... written by lu lu
she is the real deal treat her right friends" ... written by doveswings
listen to this woman .She is a good person and she knows what she's talking about. TRUTH!" ... written by doveswing
She is amazing!!!!! She knew so many things. I am at a loss for words. I will use her again. Do not miss her gifts!!!!" ... written by iiiiii
It was a great reading" ... written by Katie
Just had another reading with Jowanda.. I gotta say... TALENT. Straight forward and honest no sugar coating EXACTLY what I needed. " ... written by Clara
AMAZING READER!!! No rubbish and wasting time, Jowanda says it how she sees it...THE TRUTH! I would recommend her at anytime. Thank you for your guidance, blessings x" ... written by Smily
Oh my God Jowanda!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE SKILLS" ... written by Clara
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS! She is Superb with her honesty and truthful answers to your predictions. Excellent, Excellent and Excellent!!!" ... written by Oolong
J is very very deep and true." ... written by doveswings
I sincerely appreciate Jowanda's honesty...She is very quick and very detailed in her readings. Sometimes hearing the truth isn't what you want to hear, but needed in order to gain clarity. " ... written by Carrie
I am blown away. She is extremely talented. More than 5 stars. You is a hidden treasure on this sight. WILL USE AGAIN!!!" ... written by ppppp
I want thank Ms. J for helping me with making my decision regarding my EX boyfriend.... Thank you from the top and the bottom of my heart!" ... written by ButterFlower
Thank you so much Jowanda for my reading. I felt that you and the cards connected to my situation very well. " ... written by Anastasha
she is awsome" ... written by doves
she da the truth!!!!!!!" ... written by Chanel
very awesome" ... written by gchild001
she is very real" ... written by doveswings
very very clear and accurate." ... written by gchild001
I broke up with someone and every other person on here told me what I wanted to here...he will come back etc. he will leave her and be back in your arms etc. Jowanda told me the exact opposite and I hated her for it. But he never came back and then all the things that Jowanda had said come true. Its tough answers...sometimes you want to pay someone to tell you it will all be OK, he will come back to get through the tough times until the pain only come to Jowanda if you want the truth. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
She is the best! The absolute real deal. I thank her for her honesty and just for being so real! I needed to hear all that was told to me.. the good and the bad! Although things may not be perfect, at least I can have a clear head about what's going on. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! " ... written by tinka83
Seriously powerful. Do not underestimate Jowanda." ... written by me
Thank you for the very informative reading .," ... written by princess1218
Great and talented reader. Will use again." ... written by jjj
Thank you for an insightful reading! " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Awesome, Thank Jowanda" ... written by Marvin
on point accurate reading" ... written by pree
AMAZING! REAL! She has been on point with everything! Great connection, honest.. brutally honest, no sugar coating. Fast! Can not wait to follow up! She is just absolutely incredible and kind. God bless you! " ... written by Ang3l33 - Big Ang!
She is so good !! I keep saying this again and again but i have nothing else to say ! awesome !!! 5 stars and above !!! " ... written by sim sim
Jowanda is so so so good ! You have to try her once and its a guarantee that you will not go anywhere else ! " ... written by sim
Jowanda6 was very insightful and gave me a lot of hope for the future. She knew the questions that I wanted to know the answer to even when I did not. I look forward to engaging with her in the future." ... written by ttmc75
Miss Jowanda is awesome!!! Love her and king balam" ... written by Liz
She's very accurate i recommend her" ... written by Tina
Another awesome reading!" ... written by Kelly
we lost connection from our first reading. I went back and again she got straight to the point. I needed that dose of reality." ... written by loki
She is very honest. Doesnt sugar coat but I have found the things she have said in the past were actually correct when others told me what I wanted to hear. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat" ... written by tymora
Great reading very good insight " ... written by havefaith33
She is VERY honest and to the point. I would come back to her for another reading" ... written by stPatty317
great" ... written by l
best reader " ... written by cindy lee
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by kissastar23
Wonderful, does a fantastic job!" ... written by Brittyb
Very good. Thanks so much." ... written by ooo
my dear friend when i need detailed insight i come to her. She gives me real life advice, and i listen to her. She helped me identify why something happened to me, pointed to my heart and helped me find out what i need to do to be better. Jo, I appreciate you always. Hugs, and god bless you with everything you ask him for. " ... written by raindrop
OMG!!! She is the BEST and EXCELLENT psychic here. Honesty is her number one key. Always amazing and never let you down with her predictions. Highly Recommended!!!!" ... written by Oolong
Jowanda is straight and honest - I didn't hear good news for me, but maybe its what I needed to hear, so don't come to hear if you don't want the truth. I believe she is very clear and good at reading the tarot cards." ... written by nightstar
Great!!!! Amazed!!!! She is truly gifted!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by jkjkjk
She was straight to the point just as everyone says she is. Quick and accurate. Thanks again." ... written by loki
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS! The BEST on Oranum. EXCELLENT! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
the best" ... written by m
She is legit, and fast" ... written by Samiah
Great!!!! Very impressed!!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by cccc
very good" ... written by joyce
Always honest. Always correct. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
always fast and acccurate tells truth all the time" ... written by lisa
Jowanda is fantastic.. very quick and her readings are extremely accurate and very concise.. she can look deeply into any situation or person and see what the issues are. Highly recommend her for any issue! thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
Very straightforward and honest. " ... written by K
Thank you for your reading again!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thank you again for your reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Good reading. Will use again. Impressed." ... written by ''''''
Accurate reader. " ... written by Angel
I think this lady was lovely, she confirmed things I have already known it was like she was in my mind! I wish I had more credits!" ... written by Eva
Great reading and very insightful " ... written by Raphael
Excellent reader. Wonderful lady.Truly blessed in her work" ... written by M
Wonderful jo. I come to her when i have to do spiritual work. She is one person who can show me what happens with my spiritual actions, and the consequences. Thank you and god bless. " ... written by raindrop15
she was very accurate." ... written by Terod
she was on point! made my day! thank you so much!" ... written by Chelcie
very helpful" ... written by Negeste
This woman is amazingly accurate. I've had so many readings with her, even recommended a friend who found her absolutely fantastic. Extremely honest and to the point. Great guidance, I'm very happy with her ." ... written by ND
Jowanda6 is awesome. Shes been very helpful tome in helping me make up my mind about things. I enjoy her readings and can attest that she is well worth it." ... written by Natasha
Spectacular" ... written by Donna
i liked her alot...she is right on....." ... written by Donna
OMG!!! Again, she has rated a 5 STARS!!!! EXCELLENT with her predictions. EXCELLENT with her honesty and EXCELLENT with Tarot readings too!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
thanks so much for being honest with me all the time…appreciate it" ... written by malika
" ... written by Carol
Very accurate reader. Good advice and clarification." ... written by Olivia
Great reader and accurate answers!" ... written by Lise
very accurate " ... written by nd
she is very straight on so its good if you know how to handle that. she is truthful i Think but i dont know the answers." ... written by ---
Great, great reading. So detailed, that it's just awesome." ... written by Janice
Jowanda was great and very very informative" ... written by liz
OMG!!!! She is the BEST on Oranum with 5 STARS. Her cards and brilliant abilities speaks out from the reading every single time. Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
interesting read" ... written by davyboii
Jowanda was extremely accurate and honest - doesn't sugar coat!" ... written by VirginVirgo
I feel very connected with her and her cards has verified how I feel and what I think is right I would say she knows what she is doing and does it quite good a really good psychic." ... written by Eva
Amazing..Im speechless." ... written by Kay
I love Jowanda. She gives some tough love but she is always right. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
I went to Jowanda a couple of years ago... and she helped me with the truth. I know it in my heart. So i went to her again, and again she was very accurate... even to the point of things that happened with the timeline, so she knows her stuff. Thank yo again for the insight !!!" ... written by Kissme
VERY VERY GOOD " ... written by TR
Jowanda6 is the truth. She gave me a serious reality check. She is very accurate and mindblowingly truthful." ... written by Kay
thank you for that in depth reading!" ... written by md
Jowanda has pulled through for me again! I asked for another reading about a guys whose background i thought was questionable and she was right on the money regarding her tarot spread about him and the energy. Her truth is harsh, but that's what we need to finally move on and move forward to better! Appreciate her totally honest, she is accurate and real and helps you." ... written by kissme
jowanda is very, very good! i highly recommend her! she is very insightful and really spiritual! she sees it and can assess the situation" ... written by sometimes4321
excellent reader" ... written by raindrop15
Jowanda is fast and to the point!! She is super accurate...thank you for a lovely reading. " ... written by FlickeringFlame
shes very accurate and helpful I fel so close to her" ... written by faey
Wow gave me good advice...thank you so much" ... written by Kisha
gave me a new level of thinking... i supposed just have to accept the truth" ... written by Karla
Jowanda is always wonderful and very spot on with her cards and her guide King Balam. Thank you both so much xxx I look forward to it all unfolding!" ... written by liza
100 STAR READER!!!! AMAZING!!!! Need I say more..." ... written by Kayeluv1
VERY INSIGHTFUL.... went into great detail and it all made sense. A very good reading. Thank u xxxxx" ... written by Sam
excellent, I had a reading last year and everything came true, as much as at the time last year I didn't want to believe jowanda and what she was saying, it all has happened in the 12months since, so came for another reading, she is very detailed and cheap also , worth a reading guys xxxx" ... written by lisa
Thank you Jowanda for your good advice " ... written by Kisha
OMG so quick and accurate -her energy is so forceful. Thank you sister Jo." ... written by maria
time went out but she was on pint" ... written by -
she is awesome and so is her guide. Fantastic reader. love you jo. " ... written by moonshine
Lots of insight" ... written by Tricey
always connects well and gives honest advice " ... written by lisa
very forth coming and to the point will let you know the questions that you need to know and does not bs" ... written by richard
she is very on point and works hard to answer all your questions." ... written by wren1414
Thank you so much for the reading, your guide is so honest. Everything you said is true." ... written by SMGirl
great reading n on point with info. nobody better" ... written by rocajordan
OMG!!! WOW! She is a 5 stars! Jowanda psychic abilities never fails. She is an EXCELLENT guidance! An amazing person too. Go to her for your readings. She never lets you down. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Amazing reading.if your ready for the raw truth Jowands6 is your girl." ... written by DLo
she is very to the point and knowledgeable. she is also very insightful" ... written by babydee
Another excellent reading." ... written by Kelly
Great and insightful!!" ... written by Angela
This was one of the most comprehensive and insightful people ive listened to in a very long time. I felt connected, i felt the hoensty and she helped me the best of her efforts. I dont want to exaggerate so much, but she is really a true helper of the spirit. do not hesitate to listen to her, you will undertand when you do :) " ... written by Kelechi
good read caring, funny and on point highly recommended" ... written by aaron
Great" ... written by Nag
AMAZING!! shes the real BS just straight forward help and may not be what you want to hear but she's telling you the truth but gives you help to deal with it....I will be coming back again and again" ... written by penelope
i always enjoy our readings and they are accurate." ... written by Eva
excellent " ... written by oood
straight to the point. " ... written by mariasheart
best honest reader on oranum " ... written by cndy
She is very accurate, though it's not what I want to hear it was the TRUTH!" ... written by iesha
Thank you so much.... you are the best thank u so much for your help!!!!" ... written by Malika
I just consulted with JoWanda again. She is always helpful, genuinely funny, and very insightful. Read with her. You won't be disappointed." ... written by Kelly
Never ceases to BLOW my mind.. been her client for 8 months and never leaving " ... written by Clara
Ms Jowanda is sweet, kind, and straightforward. She reads like you've been texting her!" ... written by Sierra
Love jowanda she is fantastic. And the king!" ... written by Liza
Very Helpful" ... written by FullMoon
Amazing as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Clara
quick answers with tarot and insight. thank you" ... written by norcal
PERFECT ON MY WORK SITUATION" ... written by Cadesia Richardson
Jo0wana tells it as it is. She knows what's up. Very positive reading five stars!" ... written by mryann
Jowanda's prediction and reading two years ago happened exactly like she told me. I didn't want to hear it at the time but it turned out for the better. I will listen to her advise because she is 100% accurate. She genuinely means well. Thank you so much, Jowanda! I, again,didn't want to hear the truth but I know that your reading and advise is for my best interest. AND it will turn out for the better again. " ... written by Moonchild59
She was right on the money with everything" ... written by Katie
AMAZING as always!! Keeps me coming backkkk a llllllll the time!! So spot on with everything its insaneeeeeee" ... written by Clara
very good reader extremely accurate " ... written by jowanda
Always very accurate. There is a man who has been troubling me for 2 years and she helps me dissect the situation very very carefully. I appreciate you my dear. Excellent guidance from Jo and King Balam. " ... written by mint
OMG! She is always a 5 STARS! She is the BEST on Oranum. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
thank you again for your help. I appreciate your help. " ... written by memento
Great reading, gave me hope that things are looking up." ... written by Windfall54
shes always so on point and gives me such detailed information! Thanks again! " ... written by md
Amazing as always! ON POINT!!!" ... written by Clara Adams
SHE IS AWSOME " ... written by JO
She is simply awesome! Shes very clean and to the point. Also makes the reading fun fun fun!!!" ... written by Natasha
thank you again for your help. I will take care of myself as I promised. Hugs." ... written by mirian
Simply a treasure. I love how she doesn't sugar coat." ... written by FullMoon
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS! Superb and Fabulous person on Oranum. Very Highly Recommended!!!!" ... written by Oolong
good very good" ... written by cc
She brought me a bit of clarity to my muddy thoughts." ... written by cherit
AMAZING! on Point as always!!! MY OH MY! She is Awesome!!!! Can't wait to follow up!!! " ... written by Ang3l33
i needed more tim but soon good questions answered i feel free thank you " ... written by Mztrippy
Great" ... written by ME
Thanks so muchhh for the quick read!! " ... written by Clara
Amazing as always! I pop in for just one questions and end up asking 20!! always on point!" ... written by Clara
truth " ... written by SHe is good
straight answers BS ....gets to the root of your issues....big help! Thank you thank you" ... written by penelope
OMG! She is a 5 Stars! She Rocks!!! Her psychic skills are Fabulous!!! Go to her for your readings. She will not lie to you to make you happy. She only speaks the truth. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
great !!!" ... written by nana
Love Jowanda6! amazing reading, very informative love the energy andamp; attitude felt I could tell her anything, Thank you!! too bad my credits finished " ... written by Sherry K
Jowanda is straight to the point. No sugarcoating! You know what you nto know. 5 Stars!!!" ... written by Alicia
Wow...some real down to earth truth..absolutely no frills!! I can really appreciate the insight and now have confirmation on certain relationship issues Thumbs Up!!" ... written by cordie167
She's the best at what she does?...Fast and to the point and honest " ... written by Whitney
Once again thanks for everything!" ... written by Clara
Very honest and answered all my questions" ... written by SS
Accurate 100% tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Thank you for a very accurate and honest reading!!" ... written by gab
OMG!!! She is always a 5 STARS! She and her spirit guide, King Balam is #1 on ORANUM. A very gifted woman. Go to her for your readings and explore her talent. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
bes" ... written by cndy
She is is wonderful" ... written by Connie Sieman
good , very frank and honest ..." ... written by manushi
Simply amazing!!! just ask her spirit guides. she answer's all questions with great accuracy." ... written by Raine
OMG! She is a 5 STARS! She is the BEST on Oranum. Her psychic abilities are 95% accurate. A genuine soul. Jowanda and King Balam is a gem. Go to her for the right answers. They are a BLESSING!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
she was very good and accurate...." ... written by peacegal
she picked up on my situation very fast, and gave me a really in-depth reading. I have gone to a lot of psychics, and have to say she is by far the best one i have gone to !! :) Definitely recommended. Thank you Jowanda !! " ... written by lola
A eye opening reading." ... written by Ava
love it" ... written by beatrice
Always an amazing reading!! to the point and right to the heart of the matter!!!! I appreciate her honest and practical approach to her BS at all!! " ... written by penelope
she is nice" ... written by fidaa
Straight up forward and wonderful. To the point. Concise! Wonderful!!!!" ... written by given
loved her very excellent" ... written by cletrel
Jowanda is very accurate. I've already had a few readings with her and she has been right. She will tell it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it but she says the truth. Thank you and I will return for updates!" ... written by Florwer85
Cannot be compared she is the best" ... written by SK
wonderful reading, she is always on point, fast as usual, thanks" ... written by eva
Been with her for a couple years now...She is will tell you the truth. No sugar coating...she is the best on Oranum....Thank you for your insight! Can't wait to follow up soon." ... written by nikki
she is amazing" ... written by f
Amazing update!!!" ... written by Raine
great" ... written by sometimes4321
very honest and full of information." ... written by s
Amazing as always!!!! I will never ever stop recommending her or King Balam!!" ... written by Clara
She is great! thank you for the reading" ... written by Brianne
She is great with tarot!! reads them very fast and accurately" ... written by Brianne
she is always accurate" ... written by b
jowanda is an accurate detail psychic, I think she is really gifted. if u want a real psychic, shes the one !!" ... written by myst
she is amazing as always .. i always come to her and she's on point with everything i love her deff worth my money :)" ... written by molina631
I consider jowanda and king balaam good friends. they're scary-accurate. tried and true for a couple years. works every time. " ... written by rose
Amazing talent! As always incredible with everything!" ... written by Clara
GREAT READING. THANK YOU JOWANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by OPAL Knowley
The most authentic! VERY ACCURATE. I have been her client for about 3 years now and she is the only person I will ever talk to for now on. Predictions have come true and she picks up on situations without saying anything." ... written by Nikki
Awesome reading. No frills just real talk." ... written by Theresa
Number 1 on the site by farrrrrrr" ... written by Clara
She gave me a great and an accurate reading" ... written by Michelle
AMAZING!!!!!! AGHHHHHHH!! I CANTTT she's too good!!!" ... written by Clara
in depth reading, confirmed things as always quick reading thanks a lot again." ... written by eva
jowanda is honest about what she sees whether its what u want to hear or not however, her reading style is not my personal preference. i asked a question that could have been answered with a simple yes or no...after 15 min i had been given lots of info as to andamp;quot;whyandamp;quot; the situation is the way it is...i feel my money could have been spent better elsewhere but someone who is looking for reasoning behind a situation jowanda would be a great choice." ... written by bluetig
She's the best. All of her predictions came true and she is always on spot. Her readings are always so much detail. SHE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM. IF you want a real reading please go to her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Nikki
very good reading honest" ... written by hopeful57soon
Awesome as always :)" ... written by Clara
Highly recommended! " ... written by John
the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on point with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didn't miss a beat !!!!" ... written by andiee592
good advice" ... written by Maritza
Shes the best as usual....can never go wrong with her. All of her predictions came true. It always amazes me.... Will follow up soon!" ... written by Nik
always there to answer questions..she is so accurate" ... written by nik
SHE IS THE BOMB.COM AS USUAL!" ... written by na
Very good reader, VERY accurate and straight forward. I have no doubts about what she's said. If you want to know a hidden truth, I recommend this reader." ... written by .,
WOW!!! I mean WOW!!! The real deal!! Jowanda and her spirit guide saw everything as it is and got right the 1st time hands down. She saw people around me and I knew who they were because SHE described them without any prompting from me. Her insight was crystal clear which made it easy to trust that her predictions were REAL also! I have no more questions about what will happen because she answered them and I have PEACE OF MIND knowing that what she said is true. I have WASTED so much money looking for answers with so so psychics on this site who have not been able to see MY situation for what it is. I never felt settled in what they were telling me but when you hear truth it resonates with you. Never wasting another dime on anyone else! I have found my go to! Many many thanks to you and your Spirit Guide King Bates!!" ... written by Clairity
Spot on reading. Verified what I was thinking and feeling in my heart. " ... written by Shanilly
thank you so much for all your insight!!!" ... written by md
MOST ACCURATE READING IVE EVER HAD!!!! THANK you soo much Jowanda!! very greatful :)" ... written by cathy
THE MOST ACCURATE READING EVER!!! she tells the truth, knows the details, and pulls the cards fast so you dont waste your time. she tells you whats REALLY going on, she doesnt play with your emotions, instead she empowers you with the truth! i was so amazed at her accuracy, im still shocked right now as i write thiis testimonial. Jowanda, I believe in you, you are incredible, thank you so so so so much!" ... written by cathy
she is amazing very good to point see has extremely good vision. thank you for great reading." ... written by hope
Insane detail as always... a lot more information that I was expecting. highly recommended! " ... written by John
Love reading with Jowanda she is amazing, everything she says makes sense and is spot on; thank you!! 3rd time I come for an update!! " ... written by Sherry
Thank you for your insight! " ... written by md
She is amazing . so true full tell you as it is and so blant tells you detail and gives you all the information she really is fantistic. thank you for you. i enjoy her. so much even the hard things she said. to me. thank you.:)" ... written by H
Jowanda is phenomenal with the truth, she tells it like it is, and everything she has ever told me is accurate, accurate, accurate! Her and her guide are just precise. I wish I had money to just spend all day asking her about my life, she's that good." ... written by .
Wow!! I am mind blown such an interesting reading!! I am def coming back so accurate " ... written by Sherry
shes amazing she was on point with my reading. truly amazing" ... written by cat
Very detailed reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by faith
she always gives me so much information! thank you! " ... written by md
so far everything that she has said has come true" ... written by N/A
What an eye opener, but its what I absolutely needed to know. Thank you Jowanda for pulling through and helping me see the light through the hazy fog of whispered sweet nothings. Always there to tell me what i needed to know. Always go to her if you need the truth." ... written by Angel
THE BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM! She will only tell you the truth not what you want to hear. If your in for the truth about the situation and surrounding people involved please go to her." ... written by nikki
best most accurate" ... written by CINDy
she is good at looking into my situation stuffs that i am thinking as well as her thoughts was right. about situation. " ... written by lynn tee
Jowanda is amazing with her reads. She confirmed a lot of things I have been feeling and for sure I will have to come back and see her soon. Thanks Jowanda and your spirit guide for an excellent work :-)" ... written by Scrol123
A wonderful session once again! Love her spirit and her sense of humor!!" ... written by n/a
She is a 5 STARS! She has a truly special soul. Her intuition and insights are amazing! When tune into the card decks, Jowanda and King Balam are the best guidance on Oranum. They only speaks from the truth. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
I am speech less what can i say she said it all so coreect she is amazing i will be back for sure i. she is the best. thank you." ... written by Hope
fab!!" ... written by lou
THANK YOU!!" ... written by nikki
we did update she is so good she told me all I asked and she is so great she see;s a lot and gives me good information. thanks" ... written by Hope
Accuracy on point 5 stars!" ... written by L
GREAT Reading...thanks! Offered clarity, so I can move forward wiser. yay. I'll be back." ... written by earthsjourney
she is amzing she is to point and she is so great and correct she tells it as it is and she is the best reader i suggest her to others. thank you dear.:) i be back again" ... written by hope
OMG! She is always a 5 STARS!!! She is awesome, gifted, guidance, and the BEST psychic on Oranum! She and King Balam solves all complicated puzzles. Take her to reading because she is worth it. VERY Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
i believe shes good:)" ... written by joseph
she is so good I am speech less she is the best of best. thank you for great greding" ... written by HOPE
Jowanda is one of the most accurate readers on this website , do not waste your time and money elsewhere .." ... written by L
very good" ... written by mike
Great reading!!" ... written by Ven
Amazing reading....Jowanda is straight to the point and honest...I have come to her several times and shes always spot on!!" ... written by penelope
she is great I suggest her to every one. she has great vision." ... written by H
Very upfront and honest. I appreciate her and her spirit guide's honesty with my current situation." ... written by Davette
Good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Ok." ... written by simple
she is great and has great vision I come back to her she is the best. " ... written by h
Very good straight to the point. will definitely recommend and be back" ... written by flojam
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and precise reading. Truthful, not just what I would like to hear. Highly recommend her!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Excellent right on the money with everything. precise and to the point" ... written by flojam
Excellent. Very straight forward. " ... written by Paula Johnson
thank you! she gives so much info in her readings..its unreal. " ... written by md
awesome reaing" ... written by angel mike
she always tell you the truth. been with her for 3 years....balam has never been wrong!" ... written by love her
I can get mad at her all I wont sometimes, but her predictions are always true and accurate. Which is why I come back, she gives me the tuff love I need, like girl get your life together and wake up. Shes nice, but she wont sugar coat it she keeps it 100%, even when you arent. Love you Jowanda!!" ... written by Andrea (ada747)
Thank you!!" ... written by D
still the best reader on here" ... written by nikki
Always on point" ... written by Andrea
love her always here to assist you with what you need and always tell the truth. He predictions have came true." ... written by nikki
wow!!! really spot on no sugar coating tells you how it is! " ... written by j
she is always so good she is extrmely good see's good has very good vison. i be back for sure. she is the best. thanks." ... written by H
Jownada tells it like it is, to the point, direct andamp; fast, I didn’t feel complete until I spoke to her about a new guy, no matter how painful it is she will give you the truth! The BEST!!! " ... written by Elizza11
She said sept/October for moving out " ... written by tiff
best reader on oranum" ... written by cindy
Loved my reading, Jowanda is amazing and she keeps it 100 !!!!!!! Thank u so much for your accuracy, i will return !!!!!!!!!!" ... written by 122673
Good reading, but i had to go." ... written by gemmie
Thank you so much" ... written by Maritza
She was very helpful in me finding out the trun dealings of what is going on in my life. She was very very honest and I will be speakign with her again" ... written by Fa
loved what i got..she was right .thank you so much wish i had more credit lol" ... written by veronica