About Leelahel

Psychic Leelahelhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Leelahelhas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Leelahel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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10 yrs on Oranum! 21 yrs reading for others. Helping you with romance & relationships, future prediction, business & finances, spiritual path, school, moving. Teaching tarot, Lenormand, playing cards, helping you learn your psychic ability. 900 coin special tarot message. 1K Yes/No answer, 3K full question, 5K daily advice or love reading video! View room rules free video!

I've had a read with leelah although my system kept booting me out it was very insightful she was right on target with my situation , thanks for everything " ... written by mzhope13
Leelah is very sweet and good with the tarot. I hope and pray that my life goes as well as this reading! Thanks and Many Blessings!" ... written by Jean0209
She was extremely warm and friendly. She answered my questions honestly and compassionately. Some things she told me, I did not want to hear, but I am glad she was honest. I will talk to her again." ... written by wee318
Great reading.Lets see how things go." ... written by brownsuga5964
Loved it right on point but i do believe what she has said cause a lot of this is happening and my feelings for the one i love is fading the drama is out of my hands .... love her recommend to everyone " ... written by jewel08
She is very good at what she does ! very fired up to here what she has to say!" ... written by tigerbliss
I think Leelahel is a mysterious girl. She is like a little witch, full of spirits and energy. She is so young but has so much confidence in what she does. Efficient and down to the groun. I like her style." ... written by Collin
She was absolutely wonderful, very kind and she got right to the point. No hesitations! I would highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetstephy31
She helped to clarify some questions that i had…she did a great job and was very clear in answering ll that i had to ask!" ... written by deelove
she was a great delight..very caring and compassionate and caring..gets to the point and doesn't waste your time or money...Blessings and angel care my dear..I would recommend her to everyone." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Bueno!!!!!" ... written by virgo08
She is amazing! Accurate and very very helpful! It is a pleasure to talk to her!" ... written by mimizi
She was right on target. will defintely hire again!" ... written by jaybird1966
Thank you for the reading. It was very good." ... written by Angel168
Very gifted...very informative! She made me feel very at ease with the situation at hand - would for sure get another reading! " ... written by Kayla39
Leelahel is great, and I love talking to her. She always is kind and very good at what she does!!! She gets many stars from me!" ... written by jaybird1966
She was great and very uplifing... she actually told me a lot... it was promising...I can't wait for all to come to pass. Thank you." ... written by answers28
she was awesome! :) loved the reading, it is just what i needed to hear. " ... written by TA
Had short credits, and leelah made the most of them!" ... written by agirl
Super - again!! :D" ... written by Justmebeingme
So amazing, I couldn't stop listening to what she had to say because it perfectly describe my life and problems, I would do it again in a heartbeat." ... written by LindyElise
VERYY gOOD .. too bad i rann out of credit :( and i wish the internet had better connection. only if i had more credit to get all my ans. my only regreats,. but she is amazing :)" ... written by Scorpionessa
Gave me exactly what i was looking for .................THE TRUTH!! EXCELLENT don't waste time or money 5*****" ... written by sharron1505
One of the best readings I have ever had at Oranum! :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
she is truthful... every thing that she says it comes true. ill keep you posted." ... written by love4u4eva23
I personally want to say Leelahel is really great everything she told me was accurate. I recommend her to anyone that needs help," ... written by josh2588
WOW ! Amazing clarity ! Loved it ! " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Leela is very good with her cards I deff enjoy her card readings she is very precise and detailed.. good entertainment as well as good answers to questions!" ... written by loverpants
One Word on this Chick...Awesome!" ... written by FJ
Excellent detailed reading!clear insight-highly recommended!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by rattail1
Leelah is very nice and informative.. i love her!" ... written by buzysignal
This is my 5 reading.. do i need to say more?? She is the Best. You want details.. she is the one. she picks up on stuff you dont even ask about ... very quick. worth every penny.. so she is quite addictive :) lol " ... written by Scorpionessa
She was great! She connected very fast and was accurate. I would recommend anyone to read with Leelahel. " ... written by Luna
Leelahel is the best of the best on this website.I have had about ten readings from various pyschics on here and she is amazing. Very accurate, tuned in, fast. Will only come back to here from now on. Thanks!" ... written by pinkyc
Super accurate and helpful!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very accurate! Loved the reading - will be back soon! Thanks so much!!!!" ... written by Angelqueen
thank you! dead on w/ things. will be back in touch. " ... written by magicsista
Thanks Leela! Great connection and incredible insight. She has a true gift and I appreciate her guidance during a difficult time. I highly recommend her. " ... written by sparkly1
A very honest and accurate reading. One of the best in Oranum. Thank you so much." ... written by ts1981
she was great spot on with the situations going on in my life confirmed all that I know in my heart...shes enlighting and will recommend 100%" ... written by niki316
Fabulous - just fabulous. Definitely recommended. Thank you" ... written by Justmebeingme
She is wonderful." ... written by allbright
She is precise, quick, easy going. Try her, you will be happy. " ... written by Victor
Great was totally accurate about my situation.and i hope her predictions come to pass!" ... written by marsylyttle
Very good!!!!! She was so real to the situation at hand and gave an accurate information. I hope my "raj" will return to me as she said. I would recommend her." ... written by Ruchipatel
Leelahel is great! She picked up on my situation very accurately. Her reading was very uplifting and has proven to be most accurate as well. I recommend her to anyone with a question in life." ... written by Audrea
Leela, is the best on this site, Ive spent sooo much money trying to find a psychic thats honest and true w/feelings and what she see's. Takes times for any and everyone, knows her stuff and good and getting better everyday. YOU miss out on a real psychic when you pass her up !!! NO LIE !!! She's fast and will do follow up's w/youand always loves to hear about the out comes as she continues to work w/you. In other words, doesnt leave the site after feeding you false info... Leela, craves for you to have to correct info and help you thru all your worries. She has done the best job at it for me. I miss her dearly when I dont get to see and say hello to her. She is the coolest !!!!" ... written by ladybugg39
I had a reading with leelahel just a few days agao and she was on point about what I asked her i'am going to come back you must go to her shes Amazeing. Thanks again andamp;lt;3" ... written by sassylove09
Thank you for the reading. It was really good!" ... written by Angel168
oh my goodness. i was having a horrible day. she helped me sooo much. She read her cards to help me figure out what I needed to do and she recommended I do what felt right" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is incredible. If you want DEEP information she is the one. Absolute talent. Didn't think it was possible for psychics to be this accurate." ... written by george
AMAZING...she was si accuate and made me feel so much more happier in my path.. SHE IS THE BEST IN ORANUM..thank you and bless you:) " ... written by suzette1234567
Good reading!!" ... written by Harvey6972
WOW. She is incredible. She is quick, extremely detailed and makes a lot of sense. She was about to tell me about 4 people in a short reading. And with so many details! Thanks so much, i will definitely be returning. Worth every penny!!" ... written by skthomas2
thank you for the great reading. I will be in contact in the future about what happens in my situation. Thank you for being so positive and accurate." ... written by luckygirl40
Wonderful reading as I highly recommend her. Thank you for your help!" ... written by greekgoddess71
This is my Second reading with her. She is quick, and give details, and i hope her prediction will come true because they give me hope towards my nearest future :) She is good with time frame and Details. worth a visit ;)" ... written by Scorpionessa
She's so good. I've always wanted a reading with her, I'm so glad i finally did today. Thank you for your help. Very generous reader. Ill come back for more ." ... written by missmel2011
Shes great. Doesn't need to ask questions. She sees it all!!!" ... written by jaybird1966
as always fabulous" ... written by loverpants
she told me things i already knew but needed to hear and she knew i was having heart problems from stress need to talk to her again" ... written by sweetnsassy65
She is amazing :) she is quick, insightful, and get's down to the truth without putting her ego into it. she gave great advice and I would recommend her!" ... written by Brianne
Thank you so much! You gave me so much Clarity! :)" ... written by Phoenyx
FAST read, lots of information. hope i got everything down! thx!" ... written by fireopal77
leela is really gifted. she connects right away and all she needs is a name! fantastic i tell ya.. u gotta get urself a reading with her to know what i am talking about" ... written by aa
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she was great" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was funny and interesting. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you, again." ... written by Angel168
leela is the best!!! I just love her beautifulll soul and how she can connect so good about the situation iam in... I will be back to talk to her soon.. love karen xoxo" ... written by kresh43181
she is wonderful. fast accurate and friendly. she is worth your time" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS !!! LUV YOU LEELA !!!" ... written by ladybugg39
Leelah is absolutely amazing. Was so impressed with her accuracy in her chat room I had to take her to private to find out more. Wonderful sharing. Thank you Leelah. Much appreciated. :)" ... written by gemm22
She is very good with the cards and tunes into your situation. Thank you so much Leelahel " ... written by enamorada
fast and accurate, hope everything she told me to come true. Great reading!" ... written by taniatania
she was perfect!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
thank you Leelahel again!!! as alaways. You are the best!!! I will keep you posted." ... written by myselfndaughter
Very Sweet and Very Accurate! Thank you Leelahel :)" ... written by mozzy123
She is so accurate and friendly...you should definitely try her...she is fast too" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She goes right to the heart of the matter and is very accurate!" ... written by FeminineWays
i will keep you posted " ... written by love4u4eva23
accuracy is on point! she picked up on my situation without telling her any details...she has talent" ... written by enterchange
This was quick and precise.Filled with great advice and yes she is an old soul... Thanks LEE !!!!!" ... written by msahadeo
she's the perfect person to talk to...sympathetic...smart...good advisor..and she is accurate..100%. even in free chat people sing her praises" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
that was very interesting. i found it to be helpful in so many ways. im looking forward to my future...now. if anyone should need advice and hope, i recommend her!! that was great. thank you sooo much! ♡" ... written by lilmaemae
very impressive very amazing" ... written by allbright
Simply the best! Thank you very much! :)" ... written by mariela3009
Long time no talk but still has good... Touched on situations which were accurate. Look forward for the updates. Thank you again" ... written by answers28
thanks so much Leelahel. Can't wait to see it all happening. Thanks for such an insight your are very nice person. Muchas gracias" ... written by sunny3107
very good and understood the situation xxxx" ... written by firef
Wow is all I can say...Lee is very good...I enjoyed the reading and will be back...thx Lee" ... written by coffin11
No complaints! She is very talented." ... written by aquarius12
She was super quick!!! And answered all my questions with clarity and honesty. " ... written by sevsev26
very very good reading. willl be good to see what happens!" ... written by lucy29
WOW! Shes' the real deal. MUST MUST TRY!" ... written by :)
Great reading looking forward to the next few months." ... written by coorsmann
excellent, she is very perceptive and has been accurate so far on everything. " ... written by allbright
this woman is a sweetheart and is quick, fast accuarate and right on, no BS right to the point wether u like the truth or not..xx will be back xx" ... written by new
So sweet decided to give her a try hoping shes rite !!! xoxxoo" ... written by Melissa
She is the sharpest in Oranum! trust her! I have been having readings with her for 3 years now. " ... written by vjrei01
Really fantastic reading! Very honest, concise, detailed and to the point. Super accurate insight of the situation/feelings and great guidance - very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
very nice reading, she is able to quickly connect, andamp; picked up on all the issues and emotions surround my question . Overall a positive reading , I just have to be patient. " ... written by crs1828
she picked up on some things..." ... written by sulie1002
My 3rd reading with Leelah. Great as always, fast and accurate, extremely detailed and makes a lot of sense." ... written by taniatania
purfect in every way " ... written by timothy757
Great reading...very gifted with the cards. Look forward to chatting with her again soon. " ... written by cupcakegirl
She is my favorite. If u want accurate predictions - go to her!" ... written by Sun
She is great! She knows her stuff :)" ... written by florwer85
She was great very knowledge able gave me good insight to my issues Surprises on the way 5 stars, yeah! cant wait for changes to come... love ur photo very nice picture " ... written by queenbee22
Great again! :))" ... written by mariela
She's amazing! Loving have private session's with her! Thank you Leelahel! Te queiro mucho" ... written by cowboicasanova
EXCELLENT! Very accurate! Great reading, I really enjoyed it. She connected very well" ... written by jessicar123
She moves quickly through your reading for you and gives an accurate reading of the cards and your situation. Picked up on things without me giving any input. Nailed the situation. Thank you!" ... written by Karen
Gracias Leelahel. So helpful. Promise I will come back and update... talk soon xx" ... written by sunny3107
Love her!Fast and accurate!" ... written by taniatania
she saw something in her cards last month that I talked to her that happened, this girl is good ! prediction occured and I love having the forwarn for when something may go a certain way your not seeing it, thanks LeeLahal your amazing at what you do!" ... written by niki316
She was amazing :)) I hope to speak with her again soon!!" ... written by GREENEYES1983
Always quick with the cards and answers. I have talked with a few times now and she is always right on." ... written by Karen
Thanks you so much! Very much appreciated. You are great!" ... written by cupcakegirl
Awesome Reading as Always :)" ... written by mozzy123
Very impressed that Leelahel does NOT waste your time and gives honest answers, even if it's not what you want to hear. I'm glad I finally got the chance to have a reading with her!" ... written by dalaimama
Thanks for the great reading and for the reassurance. :)" ... written by cupcakegirl
She was great. Lets just wait to see the predictions." ... written by brownsuga5964
You are Awesome and Amazing!!! Thanks for the update!" ... written by cupcakegirl
She is wonderful! Spot on and gave me really good advise and insight into the way things are now and what will happen in the future. Very nice and highly recommended! " ... written by NiVanya
She gives a lot of detail in a short period of time. she makes things very clear and easy for me to understand. wonderful reading, as always." ... written by lilmaemae
Leelahel answered all my questions with such detail and gave me the reassurance i needed. She gives you in-depth reading on every aspects of your questions whether is good and bad. I would give Leelahel more stars if possible. Everyone should go to a private reading with Leelahel, she's definitely worth it and you wouldn't regret it. Bless you Leelahel ♥ Thank You so much!!!" ... written by nina
Truly enjoy talking with Leelahel. She is accurate with things... " ... written by magicsista
Thank you very much!" ... written by rosha05
Thanks once again Leelah for the update....You're the best! " ... written by cupcakegirl
very nice, accurate and she is very detailed..great reading..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Thank you! Despite my internet connection issues, your message got through! I will be back with updates :) Thanks again...this just adds to my happiness!" ... written by miasha
Thank you so much for such kind words... hope all your predictions come true (got my finger crossed) God Bless Leelahel :]" ... written by randumb
Great with Tarot. Shes know them all well and connects with you situation. Thanks Leela" ... written by enamorada
OMG!!!!! on point like always" ... written by Ruchipatel
Great as always :)))" ... written by marmar
I have had a lot of contact with Leelahel; she has been a great support to me and the things i have been going through emotionally. She is very gifted! I am looking forward to the next couple of months to see the direction of where my life leads me. I have shared many personal things w/. her, i feel very comfortable in talking with her. Very thankful that her and I connected!!! " ... written by magicsista
Very nice, accurate girl, I recommend her. " ... written by vjrei01
I love her She is great A+" ... written by teko123
Wonderful reader - saw everything so clearly and gave great predictions :)!! Highly recommended!!! *****FIVE STARS*****" ... written by sacredlove71
Amazing, she brings clarity to all questions.very accuarte and fast. She has always been my favourite in oranum:) thank you WORTH THE $" ... written by suzette1234567
A++++ - she is my rock! :)" ... written by magicsista
Leela was very insiteful!!! loved her!!!! told me things i already new ......so point on!!!!! thank u and i will b visiting again :)) " ... written by michele
really sweet and honest. Recommend her for sure." ... written by daniellef12
Just love her, what more can I say.... " ... written by ladybugg39
right on target..Nice reading...great insight" ... written by dstufra1
great!! wonderful!! excellent!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
While the reading was long, it was VERY VERY VERY detailed. She answered EVERYTHING told me the good and the bad with warnings for each step so I am very very very happy I read with her. I will definitely come back, you are a true psychic indeed who tells it like it is. thank you, be back soon andamp;lt;3 " ... written by charmedangelx31
Excellent!!!!!!" ... written by michele6099
she was direct and to the point, quick and no nonsense. Very helpfull. " ... written by TwinkleToes469
Quick typer, accurate, honest and doesn't waste your time..." ... written by stargazer7
Always a dear :)...she sees things so accurately and gives a great reading with wonderful advice!" ... written by mah
straight to the point and accurate" ... written by queenmarge
You cant imagine how often i come to her. She is AMAZING. Best Tarrot reader here in oronum . She can pick up on things happening in your life .. that u are not even aware of. scary but it happened to me.:P check her out. she is SUPER FaST!!! " ... written by Scorpionessa
Exelent like always thanks honey" ... written by teko123
Oh wow!!! very accurate!!!" ... written by flower08
I agree w/ scorpionessa!! I am touch w/ Leelahel alot, we are in contact weekly for sure. She has helped me tremendously the past several months and together we have seen alot of progress with the things happening in my life. It is fun sharing this with her. She helps me, calms me when i am feeling very anxious!! Can't say enough good things about her! " ... written by magicsista
Great reading help me move on with my life and let go." ... written by coorsmann
Very open minded, very pretty and understands situations like the speed of light...." ... written by susubabyy92
She is great as always :-) " ... written by LunaBear
Sorry we got cut off or something..great reading ..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Omg amazing!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
What can I say about Leelahel that no one else hasn't said. She is great...5 stars!!!" ... written by stargazer7
Lee is a precious girl, she is good at what she does and doesn't sugar coat it.. I recommend her." ... written by Katja87
Leelahel has been most helpful about my situation, including my career. She gave me a lot of insight and some very realistic predictions! I look forward to watching them pass, and I look forward to speaking with her again! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Leelahel is so kind. You can tell she enjoys helping others which shows in her readings. She won't waste your time and she is quick. She is always willing to give you an update in free chat. Try her out! You won't be disappointed. " ... written by cupcakegirl
Great reading as always, knows what is going on without much information. I will return as I have in the past... highly recommend" ... written by leti89
Again, she is my rock!! Time will tell... " ... written by magicsista
Thanks for the update Leelahel!" ... written by cupcakegirl
Wow..you've made me so happy. I will update you" ... written by jasminepapas
She's good. what are you waiting for? go private!" ... written by Romeo_18
Quick typist answers all questions thank u" ... written by smiley2011
Highly recommended" ... written by vc1976
Just want to say how much Lee cares for her clients and how generous she is with them in free chat. Thank you for your kindness. :)" ... written by stargazer7
She is accurate, nice, fast, and one of my favorite trusted on the site." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Leelahel gives a great reading, her predictions have happened for me ! Not all but the big one is up to me to get accomplished! Pick her she will not lead you astray. Thanks Leelahel!" ... written by vwlovah10
I feel better after having my reading with Leelahel thank you please get a reading with her you will be thankful!!!" ... written by loveb1980
I got good vibe from her she gave me more info i wanted to hear.. and she's cute too :P" ... written by Talbain
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I'll keep you posted! " ... written by Angel168
Great Reading very recommended to anyone who is lost. THX LEELAH" ... written by coorsmann
Good, accurate" ... written by ppp
Thanks for the accuracy! I really do think you're right about everything. " ... written by leowoman15
Love her to pieces! She is so great :)...does such an amazing job with the readings and is super sweet." ... written by yas
She is EXCELLENT. Spot on! She picks up on a lot of what isn't said, and she is extremely intuitive. She is also sweet and honest, will definitely come back to do another reading!" ... written by littlelolita19
Great as always :)) Thank you!! :))" ... written by mariela3009
I loved this reading with this very sweet young lady! she helped me with more than what i had even asked..i will update with the timelines (:" ... written by Misspriss12
To the point. Thanks :)" ... written by d2k1000
She is good. hope all she says come true." ... written by Danyale0525
Thank you soo much! Vry lovely person and answered all my questions accurately..looked into the situation in detail and I felt she knew what she was talking about. Thank you again!" ... written by rosha05
Spot on, a great reader." ... written by alexsisdawn
Great reading ! she was tuned into my issues. Excellent !!!" ... written by tgilliam
Great reading as usual! Leela is really gifted. " ... written by stargazer7
Very, very good reading :)) Thank you!" ... written by mary
Thank you once again Leela! You are wonderful! I love your honesty. " ... written by stargazer7
Very nice" ... written by Danyale0525
She's very kind, very nice, and answered all of my silly questions. She confirmed things I had felt and knew to be true. She's definitely talented! :)" ... written by noelani
Love her!!!! " ... written by Ruchipatel
Very nice, accurate, spontaneous, very very nice reader. I recommend her. " ... written by Tauser
thanks leelah for the great reading!!! I hope all turns out well with me and todd!! I will keep you posted on the future and always come back to you for advice and more reading!! You are always so accurate and so nice to talk too!! Thank you so much for your help and your awesome gift!!! take care and I will talk to you soon.....Love,Karen" ... written by kresh43181
Awesome, as always! Thank you! " ... written by ra
Good." ... written by Danyale0525
I have been coming to her for a few months now and her readings are always consistent and haven't been wrong as of yet. Highly recommend" ... written by leti8989
Excellent Reader! Right on point!" ... written by Javier
Lee is a very sensitive person, very talent on her job. She always go to the point and she definitely will help in answer your question. " ... written by teko123
Great as usual.,..always on point and accuarte ...the best in oranum" ... written by suzette1234567
I like this girl she is genuine and been right for me before imma stick to her predictions. " ... written by Katja87
OMG Very Good. Very on point." ... written by Bellannjane
Wonderful and quick. She has a talent with her cards and stated current situation before I said anything. Gave me future quidance too! Thanks." ... written by karen
Thank you Leelahel very much! :))" ... written by angie
Wonderful reading! Thank you for the information. I'll be back later on for an update soon." ... written by Angel168
She is excellent, very caring and very worth your time an money. I will watch out for things she said and I will definitely be back as well as keeping her posted!" ... written by Enlightenedflame
She was great! I recommend her to anyone! " ... written by BellaLupin
Great reading! Very perceptive and honest. She gave great advice and insight to some tough questions." ... written by LolaCaligo
Very accurate!!!" ... written by Harvey6972
Thank you for the update. " ... written by Angel168
Love her she is honest like a friend talking to me" ... written by chelamarie
Amazing, she gave me a lot of info and help! " ... written by Muzik92
I think she was very informative and positive on what I asked about, I was reassured about what I was doubting. I did feel better about everything after the private reading. now I know that I have what I need and I will succeed at it. she's great!" ... written by Muzik92
Leelahel, you told me all the right things I wanted to hear. I am in love with my gf and this will work out with your guidance :) " ... written by bryanmue515
Thank u leelahel i will give u posted and see what hapends" ... written by isaale
Always clear and to the point!!!! Love her!!! Thank you again leela xoxo" ... written by michele6099
Great insight, God Bless, I will be positive! Have a Great Day, Thx You!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thanks so much Leela. I always love chatting with you...You are so gifted. :)" ... written by stargazer7
Very good girl, try her reading, is very nice and accurate. " ... written by R
Very nice and fast... Thank you!" ... written by dreamer65
Lee is the best. I respect her honesty." ... written by coffin11
I love Leelah..I've been to her multiple times and she is never wrong..I fully trust her words, as she is the kindest person I've met here! I would recommend her to anyone. She aways gives me hope and keeps me smiling (:" ... written by Misspriss12
Very good and kind as always.. I like her readings :)" ... written by Talbain
Thanks again!!! Sending you a big hug!" ... written by magicsista
Great as always :D" ... written by Justmebeingme
This person is not only very bright and sensitive but also very in tune with her cards and human knowledge. Truly honest and insightful. Don't hesitate to have a reading with her. Gracias, Lee." ... written by _Alexis
Wonderful reader! Very intuitive and doesn't need to be asked too many questions to get the answer. Very insightful and accurate!" ... written by Chloe28
Accurate, fast, answers all questions completely and does not waste your time" ... written by antoinette89
She was so so accurate...Not that I heard all positive...In fact too sad to hear the truth...but she is accurate to the point...Please try her...and connects in seconds...if that makes sense...yes in seconds...Thanks Leelahel!" ... written by niharika_1985
I love her, 5 stars!!!!" ... written by niharika_1985
I strongly recommend her, and thanks to her for the honest answers." ... written by john
Very accurate reading." ... written by edelaine
She is good!!! dont miss her" ... written by sapphiremoon
She confirmed 3 other readings and gave me a path to follow..." ... written by dionisios71
Very to the point :) " ... written by bryanmue515
Gracias!!! thank you dear. " ... written by Tauser
Simply the best! :)" ... written by angie
She's amazing I come to her over and over again to be reassured with my plans and life. and she gives me the best advice when theres no one else who can. 100% positive! :)" ... written by Muzik92
It was a great reading I hope all will come to pass!!" ... written by leebee4
Thank you for the insight on my situation look forward to predictions and will keep u posted :)" ... written by HappyDays4u
She was very nice and straight to the point with good advices!!!" ... written by laasitu1
Nice reading." ... written by David
She's amazing what can I say, got great answers and insight!!!!" ... written by Muzik92
Great I hope I get thru to this person soon thx u" ... written by queenbee22
She never seems to fail me, gives me all the info I need!!. She's definitely the person to go to for any situation you can't seem to find a way out of or into." ... written by Muzik92
She's very intuitive. Very good at what she does. Would definitely read with her again!!" ... written by jmatthews19
Great" ... written by jamira76
I come to her often when a problem arises. Shes Great!!" ... written by Muzik92
I've been coming to her for numerous times... quick, sweet, sound advice... consistent reading and accurate predictions so far.. highly recommend :)" ... written by leti8989
Leelahel has a very sweet and honest spirit. She connected with me and was tuned in exactly of the details concerning my situation. I look forward to things unfolding." ... written by tblove1
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Angel168
Beautiful sweet spirit! Accurate and phenomenal reader!" ... written by Chloe28
Excellent quick concise reading. She did not waste time. Got right to the point and was very honest." ... written by needclarity788
Clear and conceived." ... written by Eirma13
Ty:)" ... written by Juheresd
Thank you so much, hopefully me and him can back together very soon and I will keep you updated. Thank you again :)" ... written by mari1206
Right on about everything" ... written by skf271
Despite the bad internet connection, this readings was like I expected good!" ... written by maravilloso002
Amazing once again! I was feeling discouraged about a situation and she reassured me things were going to get better :)" ... written by Muzik92
First time I've ever paid for a psychic, and she was truly wonderful. mostly things I already had gotten a sense of myself, but DESPERATELY needed validation for and she tuned into that perfectly without me telling her too much. Thank you, I'm sure I'll be back! Namaste!" ... written by mirror_rorrim
Detailed, and patient." ... written by dd41783
She is always amazing. " ... written by allbright
She perceived everything about my situation and gave me excellent advice. I was not strong enough in my own practices to understand, but I felt at peace with my future after her reading. I will seek her out again in the future." ... written by persephonestears
Once again she helped me through this last bit of confusion, and I'm definitely re-assured :)." ... written by Muzik92
Great :))" ... written by mari
Wonderful and accurate. Great reading!!" ... written by Chloe28
She is spot on and fab!" ... written by BarbaA
Love her always." ... written by ladybugg39
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Ruchipatel
Bang on about the reading? and glad to see that she is my age and not some older person :) " ... written by diamond76
It was a very honest, balanced reading which I liked. She did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. She also was very thoughtful and insightful about my situation and her reading of it seemed entirely accurate to me. Time will tell if some of her predictions come true but it definitely left me feeling lighter of heart and I will consult her again as my situation evolves. " ... written by praitt
Leela, haha thank you. I'm gonna try what you told me! :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Thank you for the update. talk to you later!" ... written by Angel168
She is really good" ... written by bbdo1234
I liked the reading, it was honest and clear. " ... written by brenana548
Thank you dear! :)" ... written by mari
She's very good. I'll come back to her again. She tells you the truth..Good and bad. " ... written by empress30
Love her!! She is amazing." ... written by Ruchipatel
Thank you so much. I'm really hoping things pan out. I have to stay strong though and not do all the work. I hope these predictions work out! So helpful!" ... written by Lpap116
very good reader can't wait to see where things lead :)" ... written by Vman9484
So Good! Had a great chat and things were very clear!" ... written by mhharview
Lee is great... very accurate and honest. She helped me a lot and spending time with her is fun and calm! Thank you very much dear" ... written by Autumn_fairy76
She is so great!!! this is my 2nd time and wow!!! no exact words to describe it!!!" ... written by autumnfairy1976
Thank you for the update. I will keep you posted on everything. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thank you so much for the insight, Leela. It's a horrible situation, and I know you're trying to look at the bright side of it. I will heed your advice and move on. No one should have to be treated this way." ... written by Lpap116
Interesting update Leelahel! Can't wait to see what happens next month; will keep you posted!! thanks " ... written by magicsista
Leelahel was honest with me and she provided the attention that I deserved while she was answering my question." ... written by MrRandyDetroit
i love her smile...she is a very sweet person " ... written by rajat_25
Thank you again Lee. I'm so glad you had good news for me. I'm very happy with my reading. I'll come and update you soon. Thanks a lot ." ... written by empress30
Lee is just lovely! Smart reader and gives you good details. She is a real tarot expert (with 53 decks!!). " ... written by viv
Thank you lee!!!" ... written by deelove
Excellent reader. Fast and accurate. I recommend her." ... written by cherryblossom
Thank you so much; i am happy you and I are connected; i am happy to share my journey with you and to see where it leads me!" ... written by magicsista
Again, just love her" ... written by ladybugg39
Just love her.... " ... written by ladybugg39
She was so amazing and right on everything. I really recommend her she is kind and nice. Thank you." ... written by darkgirl1
Leelahel is such a beautiful person, a woman I feel I really am connected to. Her cards usually see through situations and ppls thoughts and feelings and she is very friendly and warm. I recommend her to you all! :) Thanks my friend for being here on oranum :)" ... written by emotions
Thank you! Your reading was awesome! Very intuitive. It is great! I appreciate all the help! :)" ... written by cb1111
Loved her, she described how I am and how I need to stand up for myself without saying anything to her." ... written by lachiquilis1
She is amazing she helped me to be more calm and understanding about what I am going through with my boyfriend :) thank you so much I truely appreciate this" ... written by lostlove22411
Very clear answers on what I asked about. She was able to relay her message to me and help me slow down and understand what to watch for. " ... written by rkahnee4
Nice reading, thank you. " ... written by Rei
Thanks for the reading leelahel! Very quick and straightforward. Pleasant energy. " ... written by xtine930
Wow, wow wow, she did not waste any time. Gave me a lot of information. Leela deserves more than 5 stars, she is wonderful. Do not hesitate to call her, she is very accurate. Thank you so much." ... written by ginseng
I really love every reading with her. great connection every time. a wonderful person with the heart at the right place and a beautiful gift to share." ... written by emotions
Really lovely helpful reading" ... written by Kazzi819
Great reading!!" ... written by Texasb2b
Great Reading!" ... written by Harvey6972
Awesome, and spot on as always. I have had a few readings and they all have been predicted very well. Would defo recommend..." ... written by ladybird05
Very quick - very nice good reader " ... written by Lyne37
Great reading, connected to what I was asking about and reminded me to keep an open mind in the coming months. " ... written by rkahnee4
You are an amazing reader, thank you so much..Love always!!!!" ... written by msahadeo
Great! fast typer, super intuitive and gets to the point immediately. Love!" ... written by fitchchic5
Just awesome loved every minute." ... written by RudeGal2012
Thanks hermosa. She was really helpful and down to earth. The best in the world (todo el mundo)." ... written by maravilloso002
All I can say is she is honest, caring, and can feel energies very well. Thats the important thing, is the honesty. The fact that she was right about all she said is anouther topic...but beleave me if your reading this...hit that private reading button. You shall not regret it. Trust me.More then that I can not say...besides amazing. Stay positive and keep away the negative." ... written by ArchMage
Absolutely wonderful." ... written by deliliah15
She is a professional one, honest and precise. I appreciate it." ... written by john
Nice reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Thanks so much for an insightful reading!! Take care." ... written by Chuffsta388
Was a good reading " ... written by joeymas343
Incredible reading and advise is awesome, thank you." ... written by corvettime02
Thank you Leelahel." ... written by olivia07
She is wonderful. Doesn't waste time... Do a private with her. I will do another! Thanks a bunch!" ... written by jeh014
Love her!" ... written by Ruchipatel
She is good!" ... written by thundergirl
Awesome!! Brought tears to my eyes.. Very accurate!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Spiritual007
She was very helpful.. Had a great vibe. She shows that she cares about your situation! Really enjoyed having a private reading." ... written by Mayraespo
My reading was very informative very good job." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Her reading was very detailed with the queries I presented to her. There's no run around with this delightful brunette who's easy on the eyes. :-)" ... written by spiritual_seeker
Leelahel is a brilliant reader, had great reading with her and she is friendly and caring!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks for advising patience. " ... written by rkahnee4
You are a wonderful spirit. Thanks for the advice! Love and Light ~Vik" ... written by anicca22
Thank you so much... I needed you today and you were there for me... Thank you so much... " ... written by Tooie1969
Don't let the pretty face to confuse you. She is sensitive enough to get the response you have been looking for. " ... written by hriosangel12
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Fantastic, positive reading like always. Gives me hope and good advice, also spot on. Will be back x" ... written by Layla
She was great!" ... written by darkgirl1
She is really good!" ... written by thundergirl
She was great. Wish I had more time wit her." ... written by taylorred3172
She was very helpful." ... written by darkgirl1
Great as always !!!!!!" ... written by LunaBear
She gave me answers to questions that I've had for some time now. Very accurate with the people close around me." ... written by Icleus
She made me feel calm and better." ... written by MackAiden
Such a pleasant energy!!! Will come back and keep updated!" ... written by Girlie152
Very lovely person, answered all the questions I had. Thank you!" ... written by xcharlotte00x
She's very good, clear and fast. Recommend to try her out! Very talented reader and connects straight away!" ... written by ikroyal
Leelah is in incredible reader. So much insight and so acurate. Thank you for the advise and I will certainly take it....again" ... written by corvettime02
The reading of my Grandmother who has passed over was so accurate. Everything I have been thinking, feeling and wondering was cleared up for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH LEELAHEL!!! :) " ... written by Shaz119
Awesome demo reading. She was accurate!! I really liked it!!" ... written by jamira76
Honestly, she is excellent and she gets 5 stars! She was spot on what I was dealing with right now and I have been fighting myself on what to do and it has worried me to the point that it blocks me from having a better, happier life but I know what I have to do and I thank her so much. She was the push I needed to go forward, I will be in touch... " ... written by Nessa31
Spot on analysis. Very focused, kind, but tells you what the cards and what she intuits. 100 % correct about a very close friend's mother's health condition. Very helpful. Young but extremely spiritual, a very positive, friendly, uplifting spirit." ... written by babygirl1951
Another amazing reading from Lee, wow she has the gift. Thank you for the advise and I will always follow it." ... written by corvettime02
Very informative! Kind and I definitly think she is ACCURATE!" ... written by kyandra
So sweet, and calmed my nerves about my situation. Will be seeing her again." ... written by setare11
She gave me excellent advice. It was difficult but the right thing to do - which is why it was so good. Also very nice, pleasant, and sweet." ... written by dle55555
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Love her! I have been her client over a year and will continue to come back to her." ... written by Ruchipatel
Very good reader thanks!" ... written by shadows
Incredible. She was quick, clear, and very kind. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Wow, I was drawn to her and after the first reading I had to come back for more. Thank you and I will be coming back :)" ... written by jaws0998
Another amazing read! Leelahel is bringing clarity to my life again. I once knew which paths to take in my life but have strayed and my path has darkened. Thank you soo much Leelahel for bringing clarity back! :D" ... written by jaws0998
I love her readings every time! she is a wonderful person with 100 % accuracy, an amazing gift. very soft and honest. you can trust her. Thanks!" ... written by emotions
Good reading!" ... written by sweetsx
So wonderful and sincere. She clearly knew about my situation with just a name. So many details and facts. Wonderful reader!!" ... written by marciamia
Sometimes you can just tell when a psychic connects with you and THAT is the case with Leelahel. She simply is not one of those 'psychics' that says things that you don't recognize. She speaks and immediately you know she is reading your situation. She does not give "generic life advice" that could be applied to anyone when looking at it logically. She gives REAL ADVICE that can be applied to YOUR SITUATION, because she really sees it. God Bless Lee and keep doing your fine work! :)" ... written by ChiliP
Very good at her cards! Great info. Thank you!" ... written by frankiecostello
Excellent reading, it was right on the money... And at some point I will be back for a full reading. Thanks Leela!" ... written by Durand1981
Great reading!" ... written by taniatania
Leelahel was very different than any of the other psychics I read with. She had a very sweet, caring nature about her. She was blunt and honest, but with a smile. She saw amazing things for me. I pray that I will come back and report they happened! God Bless you Leelahel - it was a very positive reading!" ... written by ChiliP
Leelahel is VERY REALISTIC...Thank you!!!" ... written by Summer84
Very nice and quick! Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
Had a demo with her and it was just amazing. No information from me. Will read from her again!!" ... written by marciamia
Another honest reading with Lee - positive and spot-on." ... written by ChiliP
She gave a nice reading." ... written by baxter51865186
Thank you for your guidance in these changing times. Best wishes!!" ... written by jaws0998
I like her, I never doubt her for some reason." ... written by rbc863
Sweet, accurate, professional, honest, I highly recommend her for private reading, Dont miss this opportunity" ... written by mehlittlejohn
Very good." ... written by Greg5811
It was great." ... written by crispers
Thanks. Good info! Thanks a bunch!" ... written by jeh014
Thanks for everything!" ... written by heccitor
Just love her !!!" ... written by ladybugg39
She was right on and hit things on the mark. I would most defiantly have a reading from her again. Thank you." ... written by Islandboy574
Amazing reading! Accurate! She knows! And very quick! " ... written by vjrei01
Excellent!" ... written by lichgestalt85
Incredible accurate astonashing so kind just wonderful" ... written by atomic96
Awesome reading as always, thank you so much!" ... written by corvettime02
I can't get enough of Leelah, she has so much energy and so intuitive. " ... written by corvettime02
Thankyou so much Leelahel!! youre the best!!!" ... written by monica1023
Very good and I understand everything!" ... written by holyblue007
Good!" ... written by CaseyN
Very Good." ... written by CaseyN
She is great, omg, thank you, needed to hear that, thank you." ... written by amyvino49
Wow!!!! First of all really fast typist!!! but most importantly is how fast she picks up on the situation being discussed!!! I'm impressed!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very good!!!" ... written by monica1023
Absolutely amazing. Both her, her abilities, and her cards spoke clearly. She was helpful, detailed and I couldnt have asked for more. I truly, truly truly enjoyed this reading and am so happy I was brought here. She read for me and another person close to me with only our name as information and spoke so accurately about the situation. Like I said, *AMAZING*!" ... written by daydreamer246
Good reading, Looking foward to predictions coming true. Just have to be patient. " ... written by GRACEHOPE13
Very honest...thank you." ... written by sukkar7911
Sweet, compassionate but very good. She can help you!" ... written by FrankJ
Another amazingly acurate and in depth reading by Leelahel. This lady never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much again!" ... written by corvettime02
Thanks so much girl you were so helpful :)" ... written by cookieeye21
Good stuff, very intuitive. Very fast to tune into your questions." ... written by king_seti
Leelahel is my angel, my friend! I am blessed to have a friend like her in my life. " ... written by magicsista
Great reading, accurate... Sweet Girl." ... written by Zeigen
Brilliant and accurate reading... Could not have been any better. Thank you Leelahel. x" ... written by harry_888
Thank you for the update. I think you picked up very well. " ... written by Kitty1002
Just another amazing reading." ... written by corvettime02
Thanks for the quick connection, and getting right to what I asked about. I will remain positive and keep focused on correcting the problems." ... written by rkahnee4
Great reading." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great reading right on the money." ... written by coorsmann
Awesome!!! " ... written by kyandra
So good and so accurate!" ... written by chunsie54
I dig this clairvoyant darling." ... written by spiritual_seeker
She's awesome!!! She's a very trusted adviser to me!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very clear and precise, and she connected with me very well." ... written by pegassus76
Incredible! Miss Leelahel was greatly accurate with all the details and very clear with transmitting the information. I know who I'm coming back to see for more guidance! :)" ... written by Signsofficial
I enjoy the truth and uplifting attitude when its needed. Thank you! " ... written by beautywarrior22
She was quick and straight to the point. I enjoyed it so much. She had very accurate answers." ... written by cjay23
Surprisingly accurate. Wish I had more time with you because everything you were saying made so much sense!" ... written by marciamia
Connected fast, accurate, very kind :)" ... written by jjbunny0
Thanks for the insight and advice." ... written by rkahnee4
Always a pleasure. She will tackle your toughest questions. " ... written by king_seti
Great, and very accurate!" ... written by jjbunny0
Spooky accurate! Good job." ... written by king_seti
Love Love Love the woman!!!! I trust her and the advice she gives!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
So great :) You are wonderful person, thank you for all the help you have provided me with. My hearts goes to you." ... written by mszkut29
Another great reading with you. Thank you for not giving up on me and telling me that I can do it. I love you. Take care." ... written by AutumnFairy
I love this lady!" ... written by nautax
5 stars!" ... written by king_seti
Great reader! Quick, accurate, practical. Everything a great reader should be! thanks Leelah!" ... written by TaylorB12
Thank you so much for the advice. I feel a lot better just after talking you." ... written by Kirsten0781
Great read as always." ... written by king_seti
Amazing! Very quick spot on she helped a lot!!" ... written by moll89
Her talent is wonderful. She was very accurate on a situation I seriously doubted. Surprisingly she was exactly right. " ... written by beauknerr
I don't know how she does it but always sees right into my situation and gives me such valuable advice!!!! Highly recommended!! " ... written by vigglesworth216
Leelahel was quick and to the point with what I asked her..I am very satisfied with how she gave the necessary insight to the answers that I was looking for..Thanks Leelah" ... written by Boris212
Fantastic as always. She's been so consistent and I can't wait to see things start happening." ... written by marciamia
Thanks Lee, you were great!! xx" ... written by Mysticmarzo
YAE!" ... written by king_seti
Very good reading." ... written by Greg5811
Very very important stuff........" ... written by king_seti
Leelahel is wonderful! She had very direct answers and was swift. Thank you! :3" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Such a good advisor! She is great!" ... written by jaybird1966
Very quick reading and to the point!!" ... written by shopgirl
I love getting readings from leela :0. What more can I say? She help me very much. One of the best on here GET A READ!!!!!!!!!!NOWWWWW!!! lmao " ... written by king_seti
Thank you very much for the reading." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Always accurate... On point and spot on. She knows what she is talking about!! Lovely woman. Truly." ... written by steffleblanc
Very on point. Always knows true feelings. Thanks Lee!" ... written by marciamia
Cool! Wow you do see a lot of stuff! Too bad i didn't see I was about to run out of time" ... written by phoenixrisen
Definitely pointed me in the right direction. Was kind enough to cram everything into a nice affordable session for me as well! Will definitely be coming back for another reading. " ... written by pomegrntsunrz
I adore this young lady. She is sooo very good. Amazing actually " ... written by FrankJ
The best reading I have received on here! Extremely accurate! Thank you! :-) Xx " ... written by Helgaz1
Had my first reading with Leelahel yesterday. I was amazed how fast and accurate she was. A sweet person that was so on point it was fantastic." ... written by j217c44
As usual, absolutely amazing!!" ... written by corvettime02
Always a pleasure chatting with you. I look forward to more in the future. She's great." ... written by jeh014
Definitely on point with my situation. she knows exactly how the other person in question is, which is scary!! also, she's very honest and tells it like it is. you have to appreciate that." ... written by marciamia
Very good and quick...very positive and good. Thank You very much. Cheers! :)" ... written by fit2day
Yet another accurate reading from Miss Leelahel. She gets straight to the point and delivers with entire honesty. " ... written by Signsofficial
Great reading, and great advice. I will keep in touch." ... written by Rick
So on point. 100% accurate in feelings as well. Always my go-to girl. You won't be disappointed..." ... written by marciamia
Spot on like always....thank you! x" ... written by ladybird05
Great reading!" ... written by vjrei01
5 stars psychic and a 5 star reading. Thank you!" ... written by myeyesee
Well...one of my favorites on Oranum. Serious if u don't get a read from her your missing out :) " ... written by king_seti
Leelahel was so helpful. She helped me find direction with what's going on with a lover and a new career path. Thank you Leelahel. :)" ... written by Icleus
Leela :) Always makes things make snese. Yaeee!!!" ... written by king_seti
Great reading, accurate, fast, smooth, recommended 100%" ... written by vjrei01
Nice reading, recommended 100%" ... written by vjrei01
Love how there's two different people and she can pick up exactly what's going on with each. Love that about her which makes me know that she's accurate!!" ... written by marciamia
Very good reading" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Wonderful! Authentic and caring. To the point and accurate!" ... written by Funinmck
Thanks for read. Hope things turn out good. " ... written by d2k1000
One day she might say no more questions, but not today. Yes!!!! Thanks Leela!! " ... written by king_seti
She's strait up awesome!!! Very intuitive!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I will officially say Leelahel is my favorite on Oranum. So very accurate, calm and kind. She speaks the positive and negative truth but with the negative she gives strong advice. I truly feel a burden lifted....thank you Leelahel!!:)" ... written by niecym
andamp;quot;My Left Hand Is Empty , For I have Crushed An Universe:andamp;quot; :) Thanks Leela!!!!!" ... written by king_seti
Great reading, I totally recommend!!!" ... written by teko123
Very honest, no sugarcoating" ... written by thanya
Wonderful as always. Feel as though she really connects well!!" ... written by marciamia
Straight to the point and very clear vision" ... written by 69wondering
Very good!!!" ... written by philipos08
She was very nice and positive...good reading for sure! will come back ..thanks leelahel! 5 stars" ... written by ceejox
Love Love Love her!!!!! Incredibly intuitive!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
YAEEE!!!" ... written by king_seti
What a fantastic reader the things she can detect with so few questions is amazing truly talented, and real gorgeous too, if you ever find yourself single perhaps we can have some tea or a sandwhich or something email me well stay in touch, luv ya babe." ... written by phoenixrisen
Nice reading =) She is sweet, accurate and worry free. " ... written by vjrei01
Always a pleasure, tells you what she sees without sugar coating, consistent as usual, I have been a repeat client and will continue to be. highly recommend" ... written by leti98
Wonderful! Beautiful inside and out." ... written by Funinmck
Great as always! x" ... written by layla
Always helps me sort things out. Yae!!!!" ... written by king_seti
Great reading, quick and to the point! Thanks so much! " ... written by krat13
Very good person, her readings come from a very nice heart!" ... written by philipos08
A good connection, thank you!" ... written by erika
Great reading again Thanks Lee!!! I totally recommend her." ... written by Teko123
Thank u for your kindness in making your self available to help people on their life's path journey. I feel better!" ... written by King_Seti
I can't say enough good things about Leelahel!!! She's just awesome and great at what she does!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great reading, fast, accurate, recommended. She won't judge you. Easy going." ... written by vjrei01
I cannot express fully how fantastic Leelahel is. She really blew me away. I felt an immediate good connection from her happy, kind, clean vibes from the moment I entered her room." ... written by Palomina
2nd reading and I think you are awesome. Your accuracy and comfort is what will keep me coming back through good and bad times. Thanks again. :)" ... written by NiecyM
It's always great with her!!!! I'm never disappointed. She sees everything clearly!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellent, answered all my questions on point." ... written by vc1976
always the epicness!!!!" ... written by king_seti
Nice, kind, seems genuine, hope what she says comes true." ... written by bp
Thanks Leelahel! " ... written by angiefra22
Absolute doll! Oh yeah, a pretty good psychic too!" ... written by linda
Insightful and compassionate as usual. Always positive but doesn't hold back on details. One of my favorite go-to readers! " ... written by Pomegranate
Great reading! She's awesome! I felt a great connection with her!" ... written by Nicky
Thanks for the advice," ... written by Igantio Moreno
Thank you Leela. Clarity my friends.... she brings clarity. :) " ... written by king_seti
Thanks, Leela!" ... written by king_seti
Was good, was intense, was proof of the paranormal. Money well spent." ... written by king_seti
Lee is just great. So insightful and sweet. Very fast as well. I really enjoyed the reading and look forward to the next." ... written by John
OMG Leelahel was amazing, I have spoken to other psychics here in Oranum and they're pretty good but hers was by far the best, very unique. Her accuracy is just mind blowing, I will continue to get more future updates. Please do get a reading with her, trust me you won't be disappointed. Thank you Leelahel. Blessings....." ... written by Lucy117
Thank you Leela." ... written by King_Seti
Always awesome!" ... written by king_seti
I enjoyed my reading with leelahel she was very precise with here reading." ... written by PinkBeatle10
This is a strange one, but is good!!! Good readings always :)" ... written by King_Seti
TY Leela! I learned a lot today." ... written by King_Seti
Excellent as usual. Didn't hear the news I quite was hoping for but Leelahel is very accurate in her details and have the ability to know what's going on without much detail of the situation. Ultimately I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again." ... written by NiecyM
Thank u Leela this was fun!" ... written by King_Seti
Superkalifragistlalisticexpialidoscious powerful readings :) " ... written by King_Seti
Truly insightful!!! Always helpful!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Lee is soo dead on with my guy. She knows him better than I think I do haha. But she's been right about him so far and I truly believe she's right about him in the future." ... written by marcia
Thank you Leela!" ... written by King_Seti
Her intuition is on point and so are her readings. She reads people soo well and I cannot thank her enough!!!" ... written by marcia
She was absolutely right!! Her readings have yet to change and guess what, what she saw happened!!!!" ... written by marcia
I always feel better. Leelahel readings, order yours today!! " ... written by king_seti
Dead on accurate!!!" ... written by marcia
I did it!!!!" ... written by King_Seti
Love her and trust her!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thanks for the advice and insight." ... written by Ignacio
Great reading! She's awesome! :)" ... written by Nicky
She was right about tonight and about how the other person felt! She knew the root of the issues the other person is going through. I am so thankful to have found Leelahel!" ... written by Marcia
A trusted advisor." ... written by king_seti
Shes very quick, and very detailed in her reading." ... written by chris
Very clear and good. Will see how things work out :)" ... written by William
Best of the Best!!! Always. Thanks for all your support and guidance." ... written by Teko123
Thank you so much lee!!! You really helped me when I have needed it most!!! She is amazing and everyone should have a private reading with her! JUST OUTSTANDING!! Thanks again and lots of love to u!!!" ... written by shootingstar13
She really is a caring friend in your corner!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Wonderful as always!" ... written by marcia
As always!!! She is just great! with great insight!" ... written by vigglesworth216
U know it 5 stars everytime!! " ... written by king_seti
Lovely girl." ... written by Emma Thomson
The best." ... written by paul
Extremely thoughtful, helpful, and informative! =)" ... written by Chas
Leelahel helped me so much. She gave me insight of a trouble relationship which allowed me to move on and save me from facing an emotional hardship and stress. She also gave me advice for myself to work on and recommendations on a situation between a fellow co-worker. I strongly recommend Leelahel for any spiritual issues or love advice in your life." ... written by Icleus
Always the best! Amazing! So kind, so accurate!" ... written by paul
fun times for sure :) " ... written by king_seti
the best, honest, kind, so accurate, great listener, does not push you, just tells it like it is. I don't think I have ever felt better after reading from leeiahel that most of my life " ... written by paul
What can you say about the best i think so anyway" ... written by paul
Great honest reading,,,gonna wait for the results)) thank u! )" ... written by Luna
Very insightful and helpful again:)" ... written by NiecyM
Very good reading. Recommended, fast, accurate and she does not tells you what you should be doing, she just reads and help you regarding what else to read. For me is a very helpful. " ... written by rei
Aweomse as always." ... written by king_seti
:) :) :) :) :) " ... written by King_Seti
Great reading!" ... written by christine
Thank you lovely! Muacks!" ... written by Ian
Very lovely and honest lady x" ... written by Mshelli
I am humbled :) " ... written by King_Seti
This girl is good." ... written by Emma Thomson
Was great :)" ... written by Amani
Always on point. How could she know about a previous relationship?? But she did! I will always come to Lee from now on. The only one who I've made this type of connection with. Thank you!!" ... written by marcia
Truly impressive, genuine, fast, accurate. She is in tune with your situation and able to elaborate on it. I highly recommend her for a private. " ... written by BirdofParadise
Leelahel is great! She knew what I was going through, and helped guide me to get over this hump. She knows and is very in-tune. I would have another reading! :)" ... written by Angela
WOW! That was a really great reading :)" ... written by Catharsis08
Thanks ": )" ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!!
I love her." ... written by Emma Thomson
What do you get from a reading with Leelahel? In a word.... "Clarity!!!" Her advice and skills are second to none. I know it sounds like a commercial but darn it!!! It's all true!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
excellent reader" ... written by curacao
Always the best, so honest, so accurate" ... written by paul.golden69
always kind honest accurate and so nice, great listener. Perfect " ... written by paul.golden69
I hope I see the results in a few months!" ... written by moon28
Thanks for the insight and feedback." ... written by Ignacio Moreno
ahw is finominal!!!!!!!!!!! ABOLUTELY A MUST READ WITH HER...... XOXOX" ... written by GM
Great reader." ... written by RosieRN
Saying "She's good" is an incredibly gross understatement!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Wonderful." ... written by The Black Shiop
I'm dealing with something heavy right now. I love her advice!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Don't bother with anyone else... love love love this woman!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellente!!!!! Always gives her very best effort and I appreciate the guidance." ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!!!
She is a good friend.... With great advice!!! Especially about romance!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Good reading, answered all my questions." ... written by misscaro88
She's wonderful! :)" ... written by Nicky
Quick and effective reading!" ... written by dladie42
Muy buenos consejos y muy acertada en todo! La recomiendo 100%" ... written by anderson
This woman always does a good job for me." ... written by rbc863
Thank you x" ... written by layla
Thank you for your help. : )" ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!!
Good." ... written by Dalilali
Very brief, accurate, and yes.. As we like to say.. GWAPA" ... written by skyblue7
Leelahel is so nice honest so kind just great to chat to very accurate readings too amazing 10 stars!" ... written by paul.golden69
Just so nice so kind very accurate 10/10." ... written by paul.golden
She definitely gave me the whole new perspective of looking at things. Thanks for opening my eyes! Bless you :) " ... written by steph
Thanks for readings! :)" ... written by ipippo
AMAZING!!! AS Always!!!! Just go to her because it is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Moll89
Wonderful as always!!" ... written by marciamia
Thanks for the accurate and insightful reading! She is so awesome you must get a reading with her!" ... written by ikroyal
Its funny but She always phrases things almost exactly how i would put it myself! Always a great reading with her!" ... written by Vigglesworth216
Lee is fantastic. Just love reading with her." ... written by John
Fantastic reading! Very quick!" ... written by Nicky
Been getting reading from her for years and still think she is 5 stars in my book!!" ... written by steve
Great." ... written by sk
Thanks!." ... written by ipippo
Fast, accurate and comforting." ... written by AB
10 STARS" ... written by paul.golden69
Always the best always 10 STARS " ... written by paul.golden69
She was very fast and thorough. Thank you for the advice!" ... written by Shirlz
Great!" ... written by TT
She was very good. Thank you! Get a reading...she's worth it. " ... written by Lisa
Amazing! " ... written by linda
She was outstanding. Answered all of my questions!" ... written by cjay
We're working on something together.... I trust her. She's awesome!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She was pretty good. I'd have another reading." ... written by psychic addict
I have a very nice chat with her. She's very nice and honest and takes time to listen to you. She tells you everything you need to know and want to know. I really recommend her to try her reading." ... written by skyblue7
She's great! Always on point!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Leelahel was great! very positive...thank you and will keep you updated!!" ... written by Heather Dowdy
Very accurate and tapped into the situation wonderfully! " ... written by Mae
Love love love love her! Don't be fool by her looks, she is way more mature than she is and she is awesome! Thank you. Blessings" ... written by Acissej
Wow.. this girl is amazing when it comes to relationship readings.. She blew me away with how detailed she got, she picked up on everything I asked her and was honest and told me what I needed to do to get back on the right path. She is absolutely amazing.. fantastic!.. I think I found one of my favourite readers on oranum tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by Andrew
She's my most trusted adviser!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Wow what a sincere person." ... written by Nicole
I really like Leelahel...greats answers and confirmed some suspicions." ... written by Amanda
WOW, she is so really top notch. ITs true she is mature and wise beyond her years. Its almost unblievable how she was so right about everything. Like the living I Ching, or a true Guru. I am actually very very amazed. I am kind of stunned and speechless!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
incredible" ... written by paul.golden69
incredible, amazing, fabulous, fantastic " ... written by paul.golden69
Thank you. You confirmed exactly what I thought was going on :) " ... written by Marcia
Great accurate reading, recommended. " ... written by rei
Fantastic reading and super sweet person! Spot on with all of the details, feelings, and circumstances. She is excellent and I will be back!" ... written by SoulDesire1
my first reading with leelahel and i was very pleased with it. she's super nice and chill. i would recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity and no horsing around." ... written by luxxicon
Good and truth reading ." ... written by Mahdi
Awesome." ... written by Lisa
Very good indeed." ... written by Lawrence
I love this girl, she is on point and like talking to an old friend. Plus she stays in touch and sends you a free card every couple of weeks to keep things on track. I say she is def worth a shot." ... written by Marcy
This woman is a very important guide in my life right now. Her advice and her sight allow me the perspective I need to make informed decisions. There is no one better on this sight regardless of price. She has a pure passion for her craft and for helping people that is evident in her professionalism and manner. " ... written by vigglesworth216
If you are still reading reviews to find out if you should order a reading, you should just go and order a reading ;) " ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!
I really really like her readings." ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!!
Leelahel is very compassionate and kind. Whatever you ask her she answers you honestly and precisely. She gets right to the point and doesn't waste your time. I will always come back to her." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Tnx!" ... written by ipippo
Always incredible readings. Always the best. Always perfect, so kind, honest and accurate." ... written by paul.golden69
Great reading details good and quick !!!" ... written by Emilio
Just incredible ability!" ... written by paul.golden
Leelahel is just perfect." ... written by paul.golden69
very very good reader, very sincere, warm-harted and realistic. a very nice person. I recommend her entierly." ... written by philipos 08
Thanks for the feedback and compassionate ear." ... written by Natalie
Great reading as always. Highly recommended." ... written by coorsmann
Very accurate, I honestly don't know how she was getting that information,...oh fack...i just remembered...im on a psychic site!...ohhhhhhhh this one is special! i honestly adore her shesss ughhha awesome, I really recommend her." ... written by hermes
Thank you!! " ... written by TBS
Excellent" ... written by teko123
She is always so quick and accurate with her reading in reference to my situation. She provides good insight and advice, I will continue to return as I always do. highly recommend" ... written by Leti
Thanks once again for the amazing reading. Always so intune, doesn't waste your time and tells you like it is." ... written by LIght
I've said it before... she is not only my most trusted adviser but a good friend!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She is pretty amazing, I haven't had such an in depth reading like this before. Very very insightful." ... written by ikroyalalr
Amazing as usual..thanks for the update" ... written by ligth
Great job! She nailed to past and caught onto current situation, interested on how the future unfolds." ... written by CHRISTY
She is very straight forward and will not waste your time. She is definitely here to share her information and nothing else. She is on par with a LOT of things. Simply, amazing." ... written by rmg010
Good reading. To the point. " ... written by Jessica
Always incredible always amazing the best just wonderful." ... written by paul.golden69
Wow very interesting gave me a better understanding wow very good I will be back." ... written by Danielle
Good reading, she is nice, fast, accurate. The best. " ... written by Rei
Great! Super fast and very well familiar with her cards, and interprets them very well. She sees things clearly and has a natural ease about her. Thank you, Leelahel! " ... written by blanky
leelah is amazing and wonderful! thank you so much! she is right on and very knowledgeable! thank you thankyou!" ... written by heather
Thanks!" ... written by ipippo
My new best friend." ... written by Nicole
amazing, incredible, astonishing!" ... written by paul.golden69
honestly the best clairvoyant here, so good, so honest, so kind." ... written by paul.golden69
great stuff as usual!!!! Thanks again Lee!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Awesome reader, I have been read by her like 20 times. " ... written by Rei
She was so sweet... She gave me insight to my situation and what I should do next. Overall very good!" ... written by Alexis
Leela is great. So peaceful. Much appreciated. xoxo" ... written by heather
LOVED HER! I feel totally encouraged... :)" ... written by katie
Totally excellent, she is a great reader! Always in tune and her advice hits the mark. She believed my lost love would come back and it happened!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome as always!!" ... written by marciamia
Good read and great advice :)" ... written by Mel
Always helps!" ... written by rbc863
Interesting reading!" ... written by Marcos
Thanks for the guidance and clarity much appreciated." ... written by ikroyalakr
Very sweet and quick with her answers. Thanks!" ... written by Kay
Another reading of deep insight and clarity. I really appreciate it! " ... written by TBS
Leelahel was amazing very quick with her answers and spot on as well. Thank you for your lovely reading:) " ... written by Beccaboo72
I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Linda
Great I loved her!!! Would recommend for first time." ... written by merida
Cool." ... written by kye2210
Very good." ... written by tin
Thank you so much for the energy you put into helping people!" ... written by TheBlackShip!!!
My trusted guide through a very tough period in my life!!! I value her advice wholeheartedly!!! " ... written by vigglesworth216
I believe that what i was told was a great beginning, The message was just enough so that I can begin my Journey " ... written by Jon Garcia
She's very sweet, and insighful. " ... written by Morgan
Peace and Blessings :)" ... written by TBS
very good reading, very beautiful as well!!" ... written by jana kadri
Very good. Fast and gets to the point." ... written by Dai Nguyen
Nice reading, she knows and she is sweet. The good thing is that she could give you advice if you want, but is not the kind of reader that will tell you what to do when you just do not care about someone telling you. Some readers tells you what you should be doing like if they were your parents. Leelahel will do the reading and that is it, and she has a very nice way to explain to you. " ... written by Rei
Nice reading especially for those of us what want in-depth intelligent emotional descriptions!! She doesn't just gloss over your anxiety with a quick brush stroke, there is real tangible description of your confusion and the emotions and thoughts of others. Amazing reader!!!" ... written by ikroyala
Very good. She is very professional and clear in her reading. She does not waste any time and it's actually the first psychic who ended the reading when we were done. She didn't wait for me to do it. LOL I really like her and recommend her highly." ... written by sharon
She was wonderful" ... written by travis
She was really accurate ... totally tuned into people and situation! " ... written by Ann
Just amazing, the best, the greatest, amazing ability, so kind, so accurate, astonashing!" ... written by paul.golden69
Thank you for the great reading. I look forward to things unfolding in my life as you predicted! :)" ... written by msqueen
Thank you as always, miss you very much." ... written by Marisa
She has been my guide through an interesting journey that is nearing one of its main goals!!!!! I'm very excited and thankful for her help!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She is great!" ... written by Markesha
Thanks! ;)" ... written by Coca Cola
She is very good, professional, accurate, understanding and kind! Strongly recommend her." ... written by john
Great reading... " ... written by Rei
This was my first time reading with Leelahel. I was very impressed with her ability and her connection. She gave me the next step of guidance that I need to work on my situation. I will keep her posted on the outcome." ... written by ladykathy
Thanks!" ... written by d2k1000
So much ability, so much care, so amazing!" ... written by paul.golden 69
Very sweet person. Told me some predictions based on which decision I would make, so I guess it's up to me to decide. Thanks xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great reading. " ... written by rei
FRive star review - great reading" ... written by xxxxxxxxxx
Very insightful, loved the music. Helped me see things clearer. Was very quick with answers and will surely visit again." ... written by dtunstill
Leelahel was really great with the reading. She cleared some things for me. Thank you" ... written by novMoon
Thanks! :)" ... written by ipipppo
I thought that she didn't use tools. Still a good, quality reading! Thank you, Leelahel. :) " ... written by Zeigen
Just special person with amazing ability and incredible mind kind honest and accurate, astonishing." ... written by paul.golden69
Always amazing reading always so kind, always so nice and honest the best person you'll ever meet, the best smile the best clairvoyant here, 10 out of 10, so professional and incredible." ... written by paul.golden69
Leelahel was kind and gave me clarity on the many questions, signs, and dreams I've been having. Thank you!" ... written by Judie
She was fantastic!" ... written by glciii
Good adviser!" ... written by luv
She listened very patiently . I hope what she predicts happens." ... written by mediyoga
Thanks! ;)" ... written by ipippo
Thanks for the reading wonderful and clarity!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Another amazing reading by Leal, this lady is so intuitive and full of great advise. I do look forward to the follow up reading. " ... written by Tommy
Very accurate, quick connection. Gave me two months to make the guy mine or else he will move on, let's hope that part doesn't happen." ... written by Mshelli
Very nice reading, she is the one. " ... written by Rei
Thanks! ;)" ... written by ipippo
She just save me from doing a huge mistake! I love her guidance. and She advice me about a new romantic panther that she just arrived to my life. I recommend lee a 100%. Thanks again.. " ... written by Marcos
She's a really nice person and good reading too..." ... written by nat
Super excellent!! Immediately picked up from where we left off months ago as if it was yesterday. She accurately read the situation and gave a detailed week to week outline of what is to come in the next 8 weeks. Very fast typist, great connection, and practical, realistic guidance. Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Soo fast! And good!! Even if the info wasn't exactly what i wanted to hear. She was a fast typist, and thorough with details, explaining, and timeline. Thank you!!" ... written by G
Lee is so sweet and fast. Just love her" ... written by John
Thanks so much you're awesome happy holidays :-)" ... written by ikroyalakr
Great reading, accurate. " ... written by Rei
Love her. Awesome, in depth, deep reading. " ... written by jq
Very good psychic she is align with other psychic a very good card reader will come back for more :)" ... written by angel18wings
Lee was great as always. So sweet, so on-target!" ... written by John
She is awesome, accurate and friendly." ... written by Patricia
She was great!" ... written by Olivia
Super nice as always, accurate. You get a reading with her and is going to be the best. And then, she is funny, elegant and she won't judge the situation. Very easy going. " ... written by vjrei01
It has been such a long time since our first reading and she was absolutely amazing again. Quick to connect, honest, kind and loving. Very informative and no sugar coating. WIll come back again and again. " ... written by Funinmck
Wonderful, she is very fast and knowledgeable. Even when I wasn't completely sure the right answers to ask she knew what I really wanted to know she is great." ... written by pinkpather30
Sooo nice, 5 stars. " ... written by Jim
Very great, fast accurate good and genius reader, very kind, helpful lady, responds very fast and correct.." ... written by PraveenP
Love Lee. So accurate, so fast, so sweet" ... written by John
Always amazing incredible readings, always so accurate, always the best! 10 stars! **********" ... written by paul.golden69
She's helping me towards a precious goal right now and I'm almost there with her help!!!! Thanks Leelahel!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Ok, she answered my questions, but now have to see if it's true. Thanks" ... written by jacqueline
Very good! Right on point, I will come back for more. (:" ... written by mel
She's very very good and very accurate. It's hard to join her for private cause I kept getting disconnected... LOL but it worked on the third try so it's definitely worth it!... she's very sweet and I hope her predictions come true :) " ... written by Mimi
Thank you so much Leelahel, I can trust now for more clarity, I can feel your warmth." ... written by David Garcia
Sweetest person ever! And very very accurate! :)" ... written by mimi
GREAT! :)))" ... written by mimi
She is GREAT!!! You should definately go to her! :)" ... written by Moll95
Awesome! :) Happy New Year! xoxoxox" ... written by Mimi
Amazing." ... written by gpaulgolden69
She's awesome!! :D" ... written by Lilith
Thanks again for the clarity and precise detail, really appreciate your in depth explanations. Awesome!" ... written by ikroyalakrk
She is great I would love to get another reading from her one day in time.... get a reading she is really great!!" ... written by ebony
No sugarcoating. Very straightforward answers to your burning questions." ... written by nancy
I enjoy your honesty and clear connections about people I have doubts about. Thank you muchas gracias senorita." ... written by David Garcia
Good advice. Recommended!" ... written by tr
Thanks so much again for the reading you are so talented and I am grateful for your guidance." ... written by ikroyalakrkr
Great reading!" ... written by Thenewclassic44i
Very quick connection. Answers quickly. My PC kept freezing and I was thrown out a few times, but she manged to give a good reading anyway. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Excellent reading!" ... written by angelszone
Amazing!! Accurate, and I will come back to her again!" ... written by gala
great as always :) very honest thats why i keep coming bak to her!" ... written by mimi
Very good and fast, and right on with details. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
leelahel is the nicest person you will ever meet so accurate so honest just amazing readings everytimenot enough stars in sky to give maybe just a million stars great ability just honest magical times here thank you lee x " ... written by paul.golden69
Great person, I too have a gift and I can see she has one as well, give her a shot worth it! " ... written by manny
Very good and accurate. Have it a go!" ... written by Raphael
It was great." ... written by m m
Very fast and accurate reading......10 stars" ... written by SSS
She is always totally on point!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you sweety you solidified my intuition on some people I was wondering about" ... written by David Garcia
She is very good. Doesn't waste time, but doesn't skimp on answers. Is good at answering direct questions and giving timelines. Definitely recommend her!!" ... written by G
Great read. Thank you, we will see what happens, I did feel a connection with what she was saying." ... written by fullofdreams2
good reading where I was explained where I must focus on. it was great to know. :))" ... written by edel95
Very accurate! :)" ... written by mike
Quick and insightful. Wow! Very detailed!" ... written by Amanda
Very friendly and insightful." ... written by Calico Jack
Extremely talented!!!! I trust her completely!!! " ... written by vigglesworth216
A very good reading again. She is very insightful and provides clarity." ... written by FP
Excellent! Concise and detailed info with time frames and outcomes. Previous reading is currently unfolding! Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
i just love her energy! Always a pleasure! highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
the best as always :) and very fast!" ... written by mimi
Love her:) Amazing as always! She never disappoints me. Highly recommended! " ... written by mimi
Good, thank you!" ... written by edel95
Thank you Leelahel for such a wonderful reading! Very fast, accurate. I look forward to the future and what's is to come. You have been a tremendous help. " ... written by Marie
Thanks a lot! :)" ... written by ipippo
It's kinda crazy the insight she has. It's really impressive!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great! :)" ... written by ipippo
Thank you! You were very encouraging!" ... written by SV
She was really good :) She connected right away and is a very, very fast typist." ... written by Anony1
thankyou so much! leelahel! you are very good" ... written by Monica
Wow she is so good!! Right on point with my situation. " ... written by Jasmine
Seemed good but the screen froze mid reading." ... written by jenn
Very good." ... written by jcdaguila
she is a psychic that I trust most, and she is very professional andI like her reading and her opinions! " ... written by john
Very quick connection and update. Consistent with previous reading." ... written by angelszone
She is nice and helpful." ... written by glciii
She is very good and I really liked the daily breakdown of what to expect. She is patient and incredibly accurate. Thanks!!" ... written by g
The best reading ever!" ... written by teko123
Thanks! ;)" ... written by ipippo
Fast and good... thanks" ... written by W
Always always very accurate with her cards. The best :) " ... written by M
Very helpful, I will follow her advice and come back." ... written by Eric Starr
She was great !! I hope all she said comes to be." ... written by catzupe
Probably one of the best readings I've had in a long time. She's very to the point and no muck around. Will definitely keep her in my favorites and turn to her for advice in the future. Thank you Leelahel, love and light to you xox" ... written by Wikky Barrett
good reading" ... written by vjrei
Accurate and on point as usual." ... written by ikroyalakrkr
friendly, kind, confident" ... written by mac
Great!" ... written by ipippo
she's always spot on! Very great reading! She made my night :))) Love her. " ... written by Mimi
Leelahel is by far my favorite psychic on Oranum !!! she told me exactly what I needed to hear to repair my current situation. beautiful, warm hearted, strait forward and to the point. she will open your eyes to your personal truths. I love this girl, !!!5 STARS!!!. highly recommended." ... written by Chris
Loveee her :)) She's always fast and very accurate! " ... written by Mimi
On point and wonderful as always. :)" ... written by MD
Excelente, me agrada mucho conversar con ella, muy precisa, muy consisa, y ademas bonita." ... written by jcdaguila
You are so nice, I enjoy the inputs." ... written by phoenixrisen
She told me what I need to know." ... written by vera
Highly recommended." ... written by ola
Good! :) " ... written by Senem
It was great!! Very accurate so glad I tried a reading with her :) " ... written by Senem
Lovely reading! Always always accurate and very detailed! " ... written by mimi
A pleasure to speak with. :)" ... written by Alneverus
Very straightforward, detailed and honest!" ... written by Risingphoenix00
Accurate reading, knowledge of the situation, guidance totally recommended. A+++. :)" ... written by Teko123
Always a true and honest reading with Leelahel and consult with her often. She ROCKS!!!" ... written by wikisweet
Always a pleasure!! I am return client for a reason! because she that good!" ... written by Leticia
keep coming bak to her cause shes always so accurate :)) " ... written by Mimi
excellent" ... written by louie
Thanks for your opinion." ... written by d2k1000
She is on point with the other person in question. She knows exactly what's going on. Amazing. Love her!!" ... written by MD
Amazing, She gave great readings and I would love to consult her again." ... written by Jyotsna
Really good, I love the way she reads, fast clear friendly, like her energy. " ... written by maria
Best reading in all Oranum A+" ... written by teko123
Great reading! Will definitely be back in the future. She couldn't have worded things more precisely in such a short amount of time. Thanks!" ... written by Steve
Leelahel is the best! she is right on in Everything she says. Had many Readings with her through the years and she was right every time, even though sometimes it hurt. With time i understood. This time she can see the beauty in what i feel and see. she has such a gift :) " ... written by emotions
Always good!" ... written by Mimi
veryyy good :) shes always the best!" ... written by Mimi
It's a great reading." ... written by luckystars
leelahel is my great friend and Comfort and she´s Always right in what she sees. thanks again for Another insightful Reading!! hugs" ... written by emotions
Leelahel is wonderful. She was right on with my questions and knew everything that was going on. She was straight to the point and was so uplifting and helpful!!" ... written by Heather
Excellent reader, very fast and accurate!!!" ... written by FP
Another helpful and practical reading. Quick and to the point. Thanks!" ... written by Steve
nice reading!! " ... written by luckystars
She is really fantastic. I really love her readings. She is so in tune!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Always a pleasure, I always seem to come back!!" ... written by leti89
Excellent read!! Very fast and to the point. Gave me precise info I needed to know. Recommended!! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Very accurate and nice!" ... written by Chelsey
Mind-blowing. Everything she said rang with truth, and when I was confused and had a question, she was completely understanding and willing to help with a helpful answer. " ... written by Albert
Good solid responses that cleared questions that were hanging over my head. " ... written by RaniGold
Great reading" ... written by vjrei01
I enjoyed her reading. She is calm and I feel honest. Thank you and I will be back again." ... written by ali23m
Leelah is very positive.. she is spot on with her card...she describe my situation very very well... you must take her to private, she is great!" ... written by n
Thank u so much! :) " ... written by jt
Thank you! You are always right on!! " ... written by heather
Very perceptive, picked up on some details which were relevant to my situation." ... written by Maria Pritchard
very interest reading. " ... written by erini
she's knowledgeable. Thank you for your insight." ... written by ali23m
thebest " ... written by uknowwhoitis
AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!!" ... written by wickedfemme
always the best here just so kind honest and caring just amazing reading thank you x" ... written by paul.golden69
superb she tells it like it is " ... written by maria
Great reading, accurate as always. " ... written by vjrei01
Leelahel was very insightful. Thanks!" ... written by VL
accurate....fast and no sugar coating.....!~~ you will see her for follow ups" ... written by FP
she is absolutely amazing!! always on spot. accurate. " ... written by saycheese9411
awesome, spot on" ... written by davyboii
5 Million Stars !!!!!!! :() " ... written by TBS
She was spot on! :) im glad i got my reading done from her - would recommend her to everyone! :)" ... written by Adiz
lee is so kind honest and caring " ... written by paul.golden69
very straight forward and always gives me clarity" ... written by cjay
Thank you Leelahel for giving me insight and hope on some serious issues I am facing. :) " ... written by TBS
great reading! Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by slinky222
She's fast, doesnt waste time. very professional, i love it! this is what we all seek as clients, she fulfils expectations and tells you as things are, not what you want to hear. " ... written by dally
Thanks for the reading. I like the good energy!" ... written by MiMani
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Answered my questions beautifully .... She was right on and new my situation so well. Thank you for your insight. " ... written by Lola
she definitely got a number of things, for the rest we shall see" ... written by sward
good" ... written by pl
she is very accurate" ... written by flamingsoul
This was an amazing spirit reading and love reading. Lee was unbelievable. But so warm, and innocent. No wonder the spirits flock to her." ... written by john
Really nice, fast and genuine =) Great reader." ... written by Krys
thank you so much for the fast reading!" ... written by md
Great readings with Leelahel" ... written by Deeplomacy 99
Amazing reading!!! no other words need to be said" ... written by Fp
Hey there, one word.. awesome !! Keep doing this accurate, great work. You defenitely got into my situation ;-)" ... written by COCOLO1989
very straight forward and quick! extremely welcome and sweet! thank you so much!!! will come back and recommend others! =)" ... written by catherine
You want a psychic who is like a fly on the wall...you found her...its Leelahel!!" ... written by Phenomenal
lovely energy thank you much!" ... written by santosha
very accurate, great reading" ... written by I
great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you. You are wonderful." ... written by d2k1000
she is quick with her reading and super nice! she gets to the point and no sugar coating! thank you Leelahel! you are amazing!" ... written by catherine
She's awesome. Very quick and concise and insightful! definitely will see her again." ... written by Kimberly
She is very good." ... written by FP
her prediction did unfold, she told me something a few months ago, although she reminded me that there is a freewill, her prediction did unfold. thanks leelah" ... written by n
she was very quick, and she did help me understand the situation better!" ... written by AA
accurate and on point" ... written by Chelsey
great insight and advice, quick and no sugar coating. thanks again!" ... written by bijutsu
she is quick with her readings and accurate! thank you in general and thank you for helping me! =)" ... written by catherine
Great read! " ... written by Olivia
I recommend her" ... written by lazaro
My first reading with her and I am at a loss for words. She is so good and knew exactly what was going on in detail. I will def be back for updates" ... written by AA
thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Time ran out. good reading, will wait for predictions to unfold. Not disappointed." ... written by lasttimess
Lee is so sweet and very very good. Don't let her age fool you, she is great" ... written by John
:)" ... written by :)
Very spot on with feeling out situations and evaluation relations between people. Very positive." ... written by Xiomara
Liked her very much - seemed very positive and sure of herself and didn't stretch out the reading to get more $. " ... written by ann
She was right on everything. . and I mean everything!! I got goosebumps! " ... written by Blonde
I had a wonderful connection with Leelahel. A gentle but clear reading was a balm for my worries. Leelahel is a lot younger than myself, but she is gifted and wise beyond her years - and I would consult Leelahel again. Thank you." ... written by Alphaway
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Leticia
Good reading." ... written by vjrei01
I like leelahel, I feel like shes trustworthy and honest. She doesnt give me far fetch stories or try to lure me in. She provides the information she can and lets me go when she say what she has to. I always keep coming back to her because I trust her guidance. I'm in a mess right now and I know only time and patience can get me out. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
first time and very spot on. thank u very much leela, told me everything i was needing guidance with." ... written by k
Once again, a fantastic reading. She is very accurate and consistent. Thank you so much Leelahel. :) " ... written by lynnrmc
Lee is just great. So sweet and so good. Give her a try. You will love her" ... written by John
Great reading A++" ... written by teko123
Very quick connection. Tells you as she sees it and straight forward and caring." ... written by angelszone
Wow what a reading I really will come bak for sure." ... written by rick
Shes really fast and sweet. Gave me good readings lests see how it goes " ... written by Sony
Shes always honest and delivers quickly :) Explains things with time and makes heaps of sense :)" ... written by Adiz
Very direct, honest and concise!" ... written by Joey Navarro
Words cant say how great of a reader she is :) I will def be coming back for updates " ... written by aa
Very solid and quick advice and she described the person of interest very accurately! Thank you Leelahel, you are very beautiful and I look forward to a reading with you in the future. " ... written by lynnrmc
It was a clear, forward-thinking, and encouraging reading. She sees past any blocks to help you see the positive future direction for you so you can take improved action. With sometimes much mental noise or clutter in our lives, sometimes even after some success we still cannot see the even clearer paths to improvement by ourselves." ... written by PaoloX7
Thanks for the honest feedback. It helped me reflect " ... written by Jim
very good reading as always. " ... written by allbright
Great connection. Answered questions quickly and doesn't want to waste your time. Definitely give her a try! She relates and gives you good advices" ... written by Van Anh
she is good and quick. stays focused on ur questions." ... written by wren1414
Really spot on once again and her readings are always consistent. Very comfortable to speak to...I highly recommend Leelahel! " ... written by lynnrmc
Very detailed and gave great direction. I felt very connected. Strong seer. Thanks and I will be back." ... written by Lotus
she was fast and very helpful. I do appreciate the honesty" ... written by Rose
Amazing!!! Very accurate and connects quickly. I appreciate her honesty - she does not waste your credits. Highly recommend her." ... written by Thuy
amazing!!" ... written by shab
she is so good at what she does as usual, always so consistent. I feel so much better and clearer after a session with her. Thank u!!" ... written by lynnrmc
Precise and quick" ... written by Neu
She's amazing! " ... written by Sheeva
Nice reading." ... written by vjrei01
just love her, never go wrong and have read with her for a loong time, Leelahel is AWSOME" ... written by ladybugg39
really nice!" ... written by CLARA
doesn't waste your credits, gets straight to the point." ... written by kaydence
Recommended A++++" ... written by teko123
thx leela nice reading" ... written by sam
she was good. I liked our reading very straight to the point." ... written by sunshine
very good reading, understanding and right to the point" ... written by Leany17
excellent reader good and professional " ... written by maria
I feel she did great with my reading and helped a lot on some questions on her " ... written by vilma
Very good!!!" ... written by mimi
thank you very much for the reading, looking forward to unfold the situation!" ... written by Alicja
awesome, great clarification. shes wonderful" ... written by Cjay23
always good :) " ... written by Mimi
Leelahel is the only one I visit on this site, she's real, raw and doesn't sugar coat anything. Nothing but the truth and I recommend her to everyone that needs a good reading and guidance. Thank you beautiful lady you have helped me in more ways than you'll ever know xox" ... written by wikisweet1
Very helpful!" ... written by 123456
Very fast, precise and accurate. Excellent!" ... written by SoulDesire1
wow, wow, wow" ... written by nena
Wonderful read and totally on the spot, I feel more connected with her then I've felt with others she hit the spot, I felt what she said was true. Sometimes in readings you question what a reader says because it doesn't feel right but with Leelahel I felt none of that like she was reading me like a book. No false statements it felt true like it belonged." ... written by pinkpather30
Has always told me straight the truth, and gave guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
thanks leela" ... written by k
was confused she pointed the issue now i must work on it. she was on point about my feelings and told me about changing th outcome into somethng positive very much needed" ... written by luckylibra
she is pretty today. i've got double satisfaction. both hearing her reading is helful and looking at her face makes me peaceful. TRY HER!! i'm a man. i'm not promise if women can also get this sensation or not. lol..." ... written by her great admirer
great" ... written by sb
she is always good and fast, I have read with her for as long as she has been here, I love her !!!" ... written by ladybugg
Quick and insightful!" ... written by l
Thank you! " ... written by Blonde
Great reading!!! Hopefully everything will come to pass! When it does I will provide her with an update!" ... written by Bellezalatina
thank u so much for a great reading once again!!! will be back for more! " ... written by lynnrmc
Very detailed and patient. I enjoyed her reading." ... written by Risingphoenix00
I trust her." ... written by Cao
My fav. Easy to connect with and insightful. " ... written by Jessica
great reading. please check her out" ... written by Tyler
She's really direct and open I like it. " ... written by jenn
The real deal. Great reading! Thanks so much" ... written by V
She seems to get a good grasp of the situation. Her timeframe is pretty much on point in comparison with what she said last time so we'll see how this goes. I left her private reading feeling hopeful :) " ... written by l
Best reading Ever recommended. A++++" ... written by teko123
Perfect reading that truly helped me gain insight on a situation thats been driving me crazy for weeks! I'll definitely seek her advice again in the future. Thanks Leelahel! " ... written by LuvSeeker
No talking. Just typing but types very fast. straight to the point. " ... written by K
Always a pleasure and she is always so insightful. Thanks" ... written by Lotus
Thank you!" ... written by G
good and to the point" ... written by luis
So insightful. I got some good help here. Thank you " ... written by Emma
Very quick, honest, precise and pretty accurate on certain things. Here's to hoping she's right!! Very happy so far. " ... written by reddfoxxx11
thanks leela for your help ;)" ... written by k
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
Great reading very accurate, always recommended. A+++" ... written by Teko123
i adore her" ... written by secret
hey leelahel i like ur style yo! .. and attention to other member. you will admiring her too. her speciality is reading other peoples mind and their intention with us. try her. trust me. secretly" ... written by secret
She is the bomb!!" ... written by Findingpeace
Than you so much! She was spot on with what has been going on!!! xo" ... written by heather
It was a great reading again! I can definitely trust Leelahel and will continue to seek her advice in the future." ... written by Brian
She is such a sweetheart! Thank you for helping me through this crisis!!!" ... written by Blonde
thank you :) " ... written by lynnrmc
Great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Leelah gets ***17 trillion stars! *** she is my favorite person to talk to on here. such a wonderful person to be read by. very accurate and honest. " ... written by oozaru
just the best !!! " ... written by ladybugg39
i do follow her direction" ... written by adit
Simply the best on here. Listens, looks into the situation and gets to the point. Does not BS. Give her a try youll know exactly what I'm talking about. " ... written by Val
always incredible reading incredible person " ... written by paul.golden69
Thank you so much for the update. Good advice this time as well. Looking forward to tell you the news when it happens. Take care. " ... written by Jeanetteg
an excellent expert." ... written by zimerili1
Excellent reading. I think she used cards and intuition and gave me the answers to my questions. She seems honest and up front. I'd try her again :D" ... written by Jacqueline
she is very nice she gave me right path thanku so much" ... written by Shivani Vaghela
Love her. She is so sweet honest and helpful. Two Thumbs up all the way " ... written by AA
Leela is an amazing reading and very insightful...thank you for the informative follow up!" ... written by Finding Peace
as honest as a reading could get!" ... written by si
I fully trust her. she is sweet and compassionate in her work and hasnt been wrong when it comes to me. Two thumbs up- 5 stars all the way!" ... written by AA
I hate the chat ended because she was telling me things I needed to hear" ... written by neisie
I really truly enjoyed my reading with Leelahel. She was quick, saw all I needed to ask about, and has a lovely energy about her. " ... written by L
THank you so much :) gave me a good advice :) " ... written by Walter
great reading ... answered all of my questions and doubts and allowed me to see my errors ... thanks ... highly recommended ... will definitely look into coming back with an update ..." ... written by angelove1983
Always so detailed and honest. Great reading as usual. Thanks!" ... written by Lotus
Leelahel is extraordinary, she is the only one in this site that has been able to see the things as they are. Her advise has been the most logical and accurate. I have even asked questions that i in some way alredy knew the answer to verify accuraccy, and she hit the nail perfectly with her response. So yes, she is one of the few accurrate and logical people in this site, she truly has a gift with the cards." ... written by Merc
Great reading I like her energy a lot and she was very fast" ... written by Rach
Wonderful as always, She gives great advise and clarity to the situation I'm dealing with." ... written by pinkpather30
A+++ great reading, very accurate" ... written by teko123
it was a nice reading. " ... written by intrigued8
Thank you for your advice." ... written by d2k1000
Good reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Leelahel is amazing! " ... written by Onya
She was good, did not waste my time at all and was quick to the point. Thank you" ... written by delight17
very quick on response and reading! thank you for clarity! " ... written by girl
Awesome reading!!! I was laughing through my reading!!! More than 5 stars! She is great.....amazing reader!" ... written by Bellezalatina
shes direct. thankyou" ... written by dfg
predictions for tonight came as said :)" ... written by sehneo
Thanx girl. Great advice" ... written by Blonde
Great reading! To the point, just how I like it. :)" ... written by Sam
Very sweet and kind lady. Definitely will talk to again when needed." ... written by Cinnadoll
always great! thank you for always being so direct and insightful :) " ... written by db
thank u so much for the update! past predictions have come true. i look forward to updating you again the next time! " ... written by lynnrmc
had an annual reading done today and without prompting, Leelahel's reading was really on point with what i have planned already, so i'm very happy with that! she's amazing, no bs, and right to the point! also, she gave me a much needed wake up call re: my current love interest...things i know, but needed to hear from someone else..." ... written by w
THANK YOU!! amazing!!" ... written by Blonde
Always is very accurate with her readings!!!" ... written by SS
i had an annual review with her and looked back on it, she was very accurate on every single month!" ... written by FLO
I really, really appreciated that she could work with my limited credit and give a GREAT answer. She was very, very thorough with the time we had so I feel very satisfied. :)" ... written by Kelsey
She connects so quickly and gets right to the root of your question! I feel as though she is truly being honest about my situation and not just telling me what I would like to hear. I'd give her 10 stars if I could!" ... written by Lisa
the best!" ... written by benny alvarez
Wonderful reader, trust her judgement have came to her for a few months now." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you girl!" ... written by blonde
Leelahel has been a psychic I can depend on for accuracy and honesty. She is amazing with her readings and worth seeing and coming back too!!" ... written by Scentsations
Very quick and precise. She got straight to the point and typed very quickly. Would definitely chat with her again!" ... written by Lisa
Girl you already know how much i appreciate you! Everything you say i believe! " ... written by Blonde
Went back to ask another quick question and she was still as sweet and wonderful! Definitely talk to her!" ... written by Lisa
Always wonderful to catch up with Leelahel. Great reading :) thank you" ... written by v
she is precise, fast, accurate, clarity she gives...." ... written by ohso
Shockingly FAST!! it was great with her she gave some good advice she's Honest TRY A TAROT READING WITH HER am left happy and that all that matters RIGHT!... THANKS!!" ... written by Brids fly
Thanx girl. You really help me out a lot" ... written by Blonde
Thank u for a wonderful reading once again! " ... written by lynnrmc
Love her readings!!! She is the best. She is really really honest!!!! I can give you 1 million stars." ... written by Bellezalatina
amazing! She gave great insight and advice!!!" ... written by sarah
Loved her reading!!!! I will come back to her and provide her with an update" ... written by Bellezalatina
Happy Birthday! All the BEST!" ... written by ipippo
leelahel is sweet and kind she was good thanks " ... written by marybeth1love
I think she was pretty good and straight to the point. I think she's good at what she does." ... written by Dejuir
Very on point and clear, wasting no time, and delivering clarity real quickly." ... written by Aureus
Fast... provides hope, will see if her predictons will pan out! Very nice lady :-)" ... written by BB
very honest :)" ... written by sehneo
Wonderful reader gave me alot of insight." ... written by pinkpather30
She is like a friend. I love chatting with her ;-)" ... written by V
Wonderful reader gave me alot of advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Best reading ever like always totally recommended. A+++" ... written by Teko123
Leelahel is super fast and right to the point. I always appreciate her insight!" ... written by Lisa
Amazing reader for your present and future!!" ... written by FP
You want answers go to Leelahel!!!" ... written by FP
I have known this young beautiful spirit for over a year. Her readings haven't been always wanted I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. I trust her readings and what she tells me her cards read I adore her and am so thankful that oranum has her here!!!" ... written by Finding Peace
she's awesome...she gave me the advice i needed and she was very accurately without any explanation!" ... written by Shereice
She was very responsive to my questions and gave me answers. " ... written by Yvonne
Wow Leelahel was fantastic and to the point. Can't wait to see what happens. Definitely will use her again." ... written by mv
shes so fast. direct. does not waste time. her predictions in the past have come true. " ... written by jen
Thank you, I appreciate your guidance and I'll hope things work out even sooner." ... written by ali23m
i feel like she's most accurate andamp; very straightforward. definitely does not sugarcoat or make it sound all fluffy. :)" ... written by sehneo
Follow up reading....Leela is very thorough in her readings and helps provide answers. 5 stars" ... written by FP
Lee is my favorite reader here. She;s honest and forthcoming. Love her !!!!" ... written by msahadeo
very good insight, gifted she is " ... written by Alicja
Thank you! Such short time and you worked with me, thanks." ... written by ali23m
Great reading" ... written by Janice
shes very sharp and on point. and fast doesnt waste time. thanks lee" ... written by jen
very good " ... written by mimi
Awesome reading.....like always" ... written by FP
thank you :)" ... written by hilly
Quick and fast prompt reader. Indepth details just from short questions." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Great Psychic" ... written by Lisa
love this woman!! shes a valuable adviser to me. and i trust her totally!!!" ... written by viggles
Leelahel is wonderful to chat with and reads into situations so fast and accurately! If you haven't chatted with her yet, you really should if you want a straight forward honest answer." ... written by Lisa
she is really nice : ) " ... written by lynntee
Very good. I am impressed. Will use again." ... written by lllll
always love the readings with her! :) " ... written by Mimi
Really sharp... fast... I felt like she really knew my situation... great reading" ... written by JK
If you want an accurate reading.....Leelahel can bring it. I come back to her all the time for follow-ups and she is always bang on. She won't waste your time and she loves delving deep into the situation to help you understand!! " ... written by FP
good." ... written by Lani
she's nice and fast." ... written by Lani
I was desperate and very sad. I have a main reader, but how did I know this chick was accurate? She said out of her own mouth "his ex is a little fire cracker"....why is this significant to me? In an interview on television, back in May he said "my girlfriend, she's a little fire cracker".....my eyes got huge!!! I cannot believe she picked that up and on the fact that she's holding on to him, and she's in a relationship with 2 or 3 other people, but she still wants his money. I was very sad that a prediction didn't happen but you know what? Just because it doesn't happen on that day doesn't mean it's not going to happen at all. She said "yes he remembers your name but it slips his mind from time to time but it's there". She also saw that my/our friend has his best interests in mind and didn't do much justice in telling him about me. Getting this guy is not easy (he's in a pro sport) but my name is there. I'm still amazed at the detail she picked up on. Thanks chick I will be back for an update!!!...This is going to be one hell of a ride ***rubs head***" ... written by idol
Wow! She's really good with her cards and picks up well. Very positive energy and seems genuinely concerned with helping you get answers. I will wait it out and see what happens. I have a really good feeling about what she has predicted!" ... written by l
she's been accurate so far in each reading. :)" ... written by sehneo
Awesome followup with Leelahel as always.....she is so accurate and thorough in her readings. A true Gem!!" ... written by Findingpeace
Great reading gave a lot of clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
amazing as always." ... written by n
Excellent, professional, and clearly passionate about helping others." ... written by Joe
This is my 2nd reading with Leelahel. I like her quiet way of getting to the point. No small talk. " ... written by Alphaway
amazing! :) " ... written by MIMI
Thank you :)" ... written by Lisa Jane
Great read, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good quick reading. Friendly, truthful and insightful." ... written by Marcus
1 million stars. that is it." ... written by tiffany
Wonderful reader, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
quick :) thank u" ... written by lina
She is a lovely person :) and she really knows everything! " ... written by Marian
awesome awesome first time read!" ... written by rosy
amazing!!" ... written by natasha
I am always blown away by how quickly she can read in to a situation and gets right to the point. She is a super fast typer and I always enjoy my chats with her! " ... written by Lisa
Thanks so much. You are wonderful, kind and insightful." ... written by familyhelper
She told me something things that I knew, but others I wasn't so sure on. She didn't say this but we all should never let our eyes fool us. What I saw this past Sunday made me cry for 2 days and she cleared everything up for me. She said those pics are for publicity and for show. What I am about to do in the next few days are both a gift and a curse. My shine will be bigger than his and he will show some intimidation. She's so nice and its funny because she kept reminding me "you don't have to tell me the whole story....trust me". And she's right. She doesn't ask questions she just "spills the tea". I'm so used to having to tell these readers so much I guess I just forgot that she knows it all =) Leelahel girl thank you. This was my second reading with her and she remembered EVERYTHING from the last reading. It's like she just picks up where we left off. She's a rare jem and there aren't too many here. Thanks girl! Happy New Year to you too I will be back to update you! " ... written by idol
Amazingly accurate...could describe situations and people to a T!! WOW i told her very little!! she was amazing!!will definitelyread with her again!! WOW WOW WOW" ... written by k
Wonderful reader, gave me a lot of insight have had a lot of questions she always told me the truth and gave me clarity. straight truth." ... written by pinkpather30
amazing.." ... written by k
She is an amazing tarot reader here on oranum! :) One of the best!" ... written by Mimi
thank you and will update you. you were dead on! " ... written by mag
Pretty good, connected fast. Quick typer. I love her quiet sense of duty and she gets straight to the point answering each question specifically. " ... written by Dejuir
Leelahel was wonderful; she was compassionate, yet she didn't sugarcoat anything, which is exactly what I needed to hear. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for caring advice! :D" ... written by Chris
What a great reading! She was very specific and I feel my money was well spent. Thank you dear! :)" ... written by Anna
Super accurate reading, recommended. And she is sweet. " ... written by vjrei01
My new favourite! So accurate its amazing! Thanks Leelahel. Will definitely be back to update you on how things go :) Love and light" ... written by GratefulOne14
Thnaks a lot girl , u are always right about everything .." ... written by Nv
very good" ... written by flowers
Leelahel is so good with romance readings. She can really give you insight about any romantic situation and can tell you how the other person feels and thinks about you. So accurate! ❤" ... written by PixieLove
Great connection! I'm impressed with your gift. Thank you" ... written by familyhelper
Great reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reading as always. :)" ... written by J.Q.
Excellent. Really got a sense that she knew things without me telling her. Friendly as well!" ... written by Haley
I wish I could have had a copy of the advice she gave so I could refer to it later, and maybe get back to her on some questions I might have had." ... written by robastro
She was very patient, and seemed to know what she was talking about. Overall very good reading." ... written by Haley
she's my go-to on oranum. one of the BEST." ... written by t
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
shes very direct. her descriptions are highly accurate." ... written by jen
Honest, very clear and convincing. I would go to her again." ... written by lady71
Great reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
ansewered my questions fast... good advice... thanks a lot!" ... written by jazzy
She was great! And gave some really great advice." ... written by Rashe
Thanks dear!" ... written by nv
came back for more advice... really like the constructive read... it helps a lot to see what is coming!" ... written by jazzychic7
Leehalel is one of the best here !!!! She's honest and lovely .." ... written by Marisa
thank you:D " ... written by Travis
Thank you so much, not what I wanted to hear but perhaps probably what I needed to hear.." ... written by Prodifyta
She left before I had a chance to tell her how amazing she was! Haha! Great reading.. completely set me at ease. Thank you!" ... written by Marissa
leelahel is the best! very straight forward and answers questions quickly! definitely one of my favorite advisers on this site. 5 stars, always! xo" ... written by nmt
excellentt this girl always knows whats goes onnn" ... written by maria
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
So sweet and informative. Will go back." ... written by stormy676
Leelahel is straight up no chaser...she doesn't drag on and on like a broken cd skipping all over the place. If you want accuracy and straight talk Leelahel is the one." ... written by Bronxie
Wonderful reader, very informative " ... written by pinkpather30
I wish I had more time to chat with her because I was seeing her shuffle the cards and could tell she needed to tell me more. UGH I wish I had the funds to continue my reading! But thanks at least I got some insight and will keep the faith as she suggested. " ... written by BitterSweet76
Leelahel, is absolutely amazing...she just does it with no hesitation, no playing around and having to make some connection...she is straight to the point...I truly liked her style." ... written by Leelahel
Shes an amazing reader and she tuned into my situation very quickly. I feel a lot a better after having this reading, and I will take her advice and go forward and I can't wait for everything to unfold." ... written by Lisa
Wonderful! I was very scared and frustrated about a certain situation. Leelahel saw the situation, and advised me how to handle it... she even described the person involved perfectly, so I knew it was real. Thank you very much. :)" ... written by nina
This is the first extensive life reading I got from Leelahel...all I can say is she is good I mean like cookie dough ice-cream good. Trust her advice..." ... written by Bronxie
leelahel is great. she is very personable and helpful. " ... written by abro42@comcast.net
Great reader have came to her many times, always gives clear advise." ... written by pinkpather
always a pleasure! I am a repeat customer because she has been spot on with my issues! highly recommend!" ... written by Leti
Thanks for being honest and straightforward with me! nice reader!" ... written by dg
Amazing" ... written by amrita
she got right to it with no hesitation and got some information that I needed to hear" ... written by daniel
In March 2015 her second reading for me, Leelah was able to affirm many things on my mind including some known timeframes even though I had not shared those with her. She helped me to understand how to focus better and on what I have been missing in my efforts to focus. In my first reading in July 2014, everything she shared either was a prediction that had come true by March 2015 or was an insight that had been realised or in progress by March 2015." ... written by PaoloX7
excellent.." ... written by ron
very fast to connect and to give you answers." ... written by Summer
such an amazing reader! answers all of my questions with such depth and insight. i'd probably go crazy without her guidance!" ... written by nmt
Fast, honest won't waste your money and will tell it like it is....doesn't give false hope" ... written by FindngPeace
excellent" ... written by ron
i keep coming back because she never fails to deliver an excellent reading! Leelahel is the best! " ... written by here
the last bit froze, but otherwise all else was well..." ... written by ron
Leelahel provides clear answers like no other! I have so much love for this woman! xo" ... written by nmt
wonderfully intuned with me and my situation. I am very pleased with my first time with lee. Definitely will be back..Many blessings." ... written by beauty
She's very very quick, and spot on. She is the fastest typist and the information just flows. Great reading, and sweet young lady." ... written by L
Quick and straight to the point! Doesn't waste time. She tunes into the situation very well. Hoping her predictions come true :)" ... written by l
She is very accurate, honest and will not waste your time or money. " ... written by Scentsations
Thank you for the reading! " ... written by lynnrmc
she'S good!" ... written by f
As always the best reading ever. Thank you very much Lee for keep providing the best reading experience. All the best to you!!!" ... written by Teko123
She answered my question." ... written by jaqueline
Wonderful reading. Leelahel is straight to the point and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She is clear and honest!" ... written by Rebecca Hernandez
She does not play around, waste your time or hers...she reads-gives the advice and lets you digest it on your own terms. She is a natural. Great readings as always." ... written by Leelahel
Lee is amazing...and I don't mean good. She can interpret like no ones business. She will give a little smirk when she finds something interesting and when she tells you, that smirk will reveal so much more. This talented young woman, with the jazzy voice, will have you spellbound. Her truth is voluminous." ... written by Bronxie
Great reading." ... written by Janice
very good I highly recommend brought tears to my eyes" ... written by vivian
She gave me a very good reading and was spot on. Thank you." ... written by Harold DeCamp
very kind and a good reader" ... written by Eli
Just amazing person. great proessional" ... written by Abraham
She was so incredibly accurate...spooky accurate" ... written by eli
love her readings" ... written by Bria Earnest
thank you, Leelahel for sharing your knowledge and insight with me! i'm forever grateful!" ... written by me
thanks so much leela for your help ♥♥" ... written by k
She's an excellent reader. Very quick, tuned in, and a lovely demeanor." ... written by L
I've had many readings with her and they always come true!" ... written by FLO
Readings with Leelahel have always been very in-depth and genuine. she can accurately describe your current situation and influences around , and is very skilled into picking up feelings about the people involved." ... written by N
Amazing reader! She was really quick and spot on!" ... written by K
Excellent reading" ... written by Matt
Lee is truly amazing. so spot on. If you haven't tried her do it. She will not disappoint you." ... written by John
She's amazing really quick and on the spot ! :)" ... written by Adiz
Thanks!" ... written by ipippo
So efficient and excellent!!!" ... written by K
An awesome reading. The best." ... written by Janice
Very fast and natural reader! " ... written by K
Really great reading. Can't wait for things to take place. Just so awesome." ... written by Janice
great 10 stars" ... written by edna
Thanks ." ... written by Doppler
She is always tuned in. " ... written by Scorpionessa
Of Course as always she is wonderful!!! :D" ... written by Travis
she's the best! fast, direct and always delivers!!" ... written by w
Lee is just outstanding. Love her insight. " ... written by John
thanks :) felt you picked up on my situation" ... written by c
Good reading. =)" ... written by vjrei01
Very helpful and such a nice and gracious person! Will defiantly recommend her to anyone looking for a good reading!" ... written by Amanda
Very accurate read on my situation. Kind and wise as well." ... written by jaxisabella
As always so amazing :) makes me feel so good" ... written by Travis
always on point! " ... written by *
Absolutely lovely reading, accurate and very detailed, I would definitely suggest a reading with her!!!! " ... written by S
I trust this psychic so very much. She is always so spot on and accurate. Love her and highly recommend her!" ... written by Kyle
Answered questions professionally. Was very helpful. Thnak you very much =)" ... written by Mary
I love Leelahel, she is one of the most thorough experts on Oranum.... When I want deep clarity and not some little line...I go to her and I'm never dissapointed. Never!" ... written by Bronxie
Thanks" ... written by a
leela is like my little angel guiding me every way to be happy thank you i just love her 100 stars thank you " ... written by edna
She's a truly amazing reader...she deals with all of 'repetitive' at times questions; trust me this is no easy feat." ... written by Bronxie
amazing reading i cant wait to see everything unfold thank you very much :)" ... written by xelizabethx
Awesome" ... written by Anne
a great reading" ... written by Doppler
Tnx! ;)" ... written by ipippo
there's a reason i come to her 1-2 times a month for advice...because she's incredible and gives excellent insight!" ... written by *
Shes amazing as always... I love how she does her readings...so honest...so pure. :)" ... written by Travis
Very good, her predictions always come true!" ... written by Flowers
Amazing and detailed reader! Always accurate!" ... written by Kyle
Lee is so amazing :) She brought tears to my eyes and made me understand so much....im grateful to have her as an ally. Thank you so much" ... written by travis
Very nice reading, she is super, I always ask her. Beautiful talented lady. " ... written by vjrei01
she is lovely - she got it - and spoke my mind literally. You gotta have a reading with her." ... written by aby
Great in-depth reading. Right on point with things. She's awesome and easy to talk with " ... written by Janice
shes amazing as always" ... written by travis
Good reading, fun. " ... written by vjrei01
fantastic" ... written by stas
Leelahel is an amazing reader. She knows where I am and never forgets the name of the players in my theatrical production of life. Her generosity, is truly a gift...if you want facts (with a smile)...She's the girl to handle it!" ... written by Bronxie
good psychic didn't waste time in telling me what i wanted to know . " ... written by Vilma Hernandez
Very 100% spot on and tunes in 100% to the whole situation." ... written by SpiritualLight
Very 100% spot on and tunes in 100% to the whole situation." ... written by SpiritualLight
Very nice reading, accurate, Leelahel is super nice and she just tell you things without judgement. Recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
I don't know what else to say..she is incredible. Leela, knows my story until she can write it herself. Her insight is truly amazing. One of my favorites!" ... written by Bronxie
Good reading." ... written by ny
I had a reading with Leelahel back in February and what she saw for me came to pass. This update reading was good and I look forward to coming back for another update. Thanks Leelahel! :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
what can I say...she is amazingly amazing. Great reader, great listener, and truly a gifted gift that I am grateful to know." ... written by Bronxie
Lee is just so amazing. So accurate and kind. Love reading with her." ... written by John
Lee is getting better each time she reads...I swear! Amazing insight and her intuitive gifts are more than amazing Leelahahel is awesomeness to the 5 dimension :)" ... written by Bronxie
The prettiest smile here !!! She has grown so much as a reader..thorough , quick, honest but gentle.. feels like a conversation." ... written by msahadeo
Awesome every time!! thank you again" ... written by FLO
100% spot on." ... written by SpiritualLight
reading so accurate and some has already begun to happen" ... written by SpiritualLight
Alright I just went back to confirm a few things with Leelahel, and of course she zones right in...yeah I should be getting an A+ on this paper. She gave me the tips to make this be a win." ... written by Bronxie
Shes amazing :) very accurate" ... written by Travis
Leelahel is a great (and patient) reader. She is very accurate and gives an overall picture as well as answering detailed questions. And what she says rings true inside. I highly recommend her! Thank you Leela :)" ... written by jacks
Very 100% spot on and tunes in 100% to the whole situation." ... written by SpiritualLight
Very good. Calming and positive. " ... written by Lavvy1
Great quick reading. Didn't waste a lot of time. Got right to the point. Awesome is the only ones I can use." ... written by Janice
Great reading." ... written by Janice
I don't know what more I can say than...amazingly amazing. Thorough all the time...even my child loves her readings." ... written by Bronxie
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Quick, accurate...always consistent, she does her magic and it always works :)" ... written by Bronxie
Very 100% spot on and tunes in 100% to the whole situation." ... written by SpiritualLight
excellentttttt. she is one of my favorites" ... written by maria
Truth. Accurate. Honest. Poignant....and Gifted to the ninth level. She is one of the best of the best!" ... written by Bronxie
Leelahel is the best. She gets right on things and doesn't sugar-coat it. It is so easy to talk to her. She warm and kind. Definitely love her. " ... written by Janice
I so wish she was a little jeanie..I would be getting readings every day :)" ... written by Bronxie
Shes wonderful :) True friend and teacher" ... written by travis
Wonderful person with lots of insight - i trust her answers and believe in her totally !! Do give her a try !!" ... written by S
she pick up on my situation clearly very good reader will come back" ... written by rosie64
5 STARS" ... written by a
She is my go to girl. If we could hang she would be the BFF who would know all my secrets...she is just that, she zones in and just let's you know what is in your face, but you refuse to see. Precise all the time - and her insight is always amazing." ... written by Bronxie
Thank you for the wonderful reading, verifying what is in my heart at this time." ... written by Joseph
Great reading!!" ... written by Angel
another incredible reading! " ... written by w
I love Leelahel! She is a great reader- always on point and honest and fast. I highly recommend her. " ... written by jackie
Very fast connection and quick answers. Straightforward and to the point." ... written by angelszone
Shes on point as always....She reads right into me from the start. Shes so on point and her predictions come true always." ... written by travis
Great reading. Right on point. Just awesome as usual. " ... written by Janice
So detailed and so sweet!" ... written by Elizabeth
wonderful reader informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She gave me guidance and helped me by letting me know what the best approach to my situation would be. I felt great and very satisfied after the reading, she's so awesome to talk to and understand! :) " ... written by Julie
Leelahel, is truly amazing...her insight is past profound. I can't not reiterate...this young woman is truly gifted and talented...it is quite amazing!" ... written by BRONXIE
Great!" ... written by ipippo
Leela is like totally organic. 100% real, no artificial nonsense or preservatives...100% intuitive genius :)" ... written by Bronxie
Lee is the best of the best. 100% accurate...I have never experienced her off- she is selfless at all times and for this she will always be my top" ... written by Bronxie
WOW! im not even sure words can describe to you how accurate and on point she is. it truly blew me away! the only way you will be able to see is to go and see it for your self she is truly amazing and i will come back to her from here on out " ... written by Libra26
came back for my monthly update!" ... written by w
I just love Leelahel! She is truly gifted... a natural! Everything she's ever told me has happened. And just gives absolutely great advice in general. Amazing human!" ... written by Rebecca Hernandez
Extremely helpful and uplifting! Hit nail right on head! Made me relax and told me what to do! She is always good and nurturing!" ... written by DaphneBlue
good, and i feel like her readings were so accurate. I've met the two people she described and didn't even tell her anything about them. great work1!" ... written by BN
Thanks a ton! " ... written by N
I just love Leelahel! She reads situations and people accurately and never wastes time or lets you waste time during readings. She is ethical and also a lovely person. Very smart! " ... written by bella
the things that were said were very accurate and helped me to understand that maybe the thing i WANT is not the thing i NEED" ... written by Sara
to the point.. like her energy" ... written by stas
Thankss for ur help" ... written by tom
Amazinggggg :D" ... written by Travis
Leelahel is amazing! She has been an invaluable aid and guide in my relationship. I am forever grateful for her insight. More than one time, she cleared my doubts and helped me to see the true picture. if you want clarity, you need to talk to her. " ... written by Jose
Good reading." ... written by Janice
Leelahel is amazing! I have gotten so much clarity from her readings and they have been soooo accurate. " ... written by D
she is soo sweet thank you " ... written by sangeeta
:) sooooo sweet!!! so wonderful!! oh and soo accurate of course! doesnt miss a beat! LOVE HER!" ... written by Travis
very quick connection and straight to the point, no time wasting or dilly dally. Would recommend for those seeking clear answers." ... written by angelszone
always a very good reading, balanced and clear. thank you!" ... written by bella
Very nice reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Very good reading, thank you" ... written by Lori
Sorry , i could not get a chance to say Good bye and Thanks so much for the wonderful readings and guidance you have been always giving me for almost 3 + years . God bless hun xo" ... written by N
3 readings with her..she gives me hope all the time...really good person...tries to explain everything in full detail...thank you for the readings lee:) will be back in future for more." ... written by mandeep
is always incredibly helpful! thank you, Leelahel!" ... written by here
Outstanding. Incredible. Amazing beyond Amazing. Yeah this is one of Oranum's best...trust my word. If I say it, it's real" ... written by Bronxie
damn, she reads me like an open book..." ... written by w
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
great reading as always." ... written by n
Amazing amazing person and psychic and reader and so much more!!!! You will never be disappointed... She has been right for me on multiple occasions! Trust me; she's your girl!" ... written by Kyle
I love Lee. It's been so long since I've talked to her and my goodness was she right on target with this one. Thank you thank you thank you!!" ... written by Marcia
First Reading with this psychic..she has a nice gentle spirit!" ... written by terri
we connected well. We have to see about the time frame, but it felt right" ... written by gutswoman49
Okay so enough of the 3 word feedbacks Ive been giving to Lee. To be quite honest and sincere here. I really value Lee as a person, a friend, a psychic, a teacher and I guess a light....The last part sounds cheesy and it totally came from her/spirit but ULTIMATELY regardless....all those things are true. Lee has always been there for me.....the good and the bad...always guiding me in the right direction. It almost feels like your learning how to walk all over again...you dont know where to begin until you put one foot in front of the other. I have had many readings with her...I cant think of one single predicition that didnt come true. NOT ONE....even the bad....but in the end the bad was neccesary for me to grow...to get the ball moving down the mountain...it hurts like hell but its required. Anyways..... I have said it so many times and truly want to thank you Lee for all that you do...You may just be a psychic to some people here on this site but I will never forget all the things you have done for me. I am not really sure how to close this feedback message because it went from a message to something really personal but I want everyone to see how much She has impacted me...I have listed more then 5 ways how shes been there for me... I just hope some of you feel the same. Anyways! feeling sappy! " ... written by Travis
Lovely lady,very accurate,would highly recommend" ... written by Leelahel
Leehal is amazing accurate reader I highly recommend her she was brilliant and so sweet thank you! I rr" ... written by Q
always a 5 star reading from Leelahel! she really knows what she's talking about! " ... written by w
she was very precise and straight to the point and gave great advice as to what I need to do and work on." ... written by Tina
Thanks Leelahel. You are a very genuine person and psychic and everything you have read for me in the past 3-4 years has always been right. Thanks for being there in all my good n bad times. take care.bless u :)" ... written by N
Leeahel is so sweet and accurate to me she is brilliant psychic and so true on what she told me she is lovely girl thank u oranum I love u and I love leeahel" ... written by M
Awesome. I felt she saw me and the situation well. She pays attention and listend to spirit guidance. five stars, great reader" ... written by Ernie Trimbel
excellent" ... written by gregg
a good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
always a 5 star reading! very quick, in depth responses!" ... written by me
Great reading. Accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Lee, Lee, Leee lordddd u are a life savoir let me tell you! haha u have eased my mind through this entire thing and i have no doubt what so ever that i shall return to u a time or two again through this cause it gets hard and stressful. But my darling you have helped me so much and i just want you to know how grateful i am for you and all your help, from the bottom of my heart, thank you beautiful! ♥♥" ... written by Libra26
Super!" ... written by vjrei01
was very good, will be back for another for sure!" ... written by KRiley
Completely worth it!! Fast, Nice and totally amazing!! " ... written by Shauna
Thank you Lelahell. OMG the point of connection to every issue was spot on and her focus was directed in sync with the reading. definitely a go to reader !!!" ... written by Thomas
and again....wonderful :)" ... written by lee
Thanks!! wonderful as always :D" ... written by lee
Always the best!!" ... written by N
She was superb ...thanks " ... written by sabina0202
she was really very good. She saw the situation and she was very accurate and on point" ... written by geri
Thank you, accurate reading. " ... written by vjrei01
very good reader. I am going ot think of what was said. Thank you very much. " ... written by Rp
Lee is so outstanding. Love her" ... written by John
great" ... written by michelle
Amazing! Spot on!! Picked up so fast, it was truly amazing! Thank you!" ... written by p
One of the best! Thank you Lee!" ... written by Marcia
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She puts me at ease. Great reader, and I can go to bed more relax now lol! Thank You!!" ... written by MaiLee24
concreta!!!!!no te hace perder tiempo!!!! myu simpatica!!!!!" ... written by natalia
The sweetest reader on the site. I love her so much. and she is very very accurate , predictions DO happen. xo " ... written by N
fast and to the point, good reason." ... written by Amber
Excellent. Have read with her a bunch of times adn shes always great and get the facts straight. knows things. Thank you" ... written by heather
Very sweet and to the point with answering questions" ... written by Hien
She was understanding. :)" ... written by Nina
Great reading" ... written by P
good very straightforward" ... written by terri
Excellent. She gave me a hope that I longed for so much. Thank you so much" ... written by Tamara100
Thank you" ... written by Matt
OOps!!! sorry , dint get a chance to say Bye .. lol , love ya always , I love how u always have so much to tell me , and how u can always pick up whats going on without me saying a WORD. True Psychic , and a wonderful person .loves ya xoxoxox" ... written by N
detailed plausible reading as usual" ... written by Doppler
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She is a pretty angel, lovely girl. Very accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Love her! Very good and accurate, detailed which is most important. She's great!!! :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
very helpful! " ... written by justine
what a great reading. I had so many questions in short time and we got to them all. highly recommend " ... written by tyler
Cleared up things for me, I feel a lot better." ... written by Rosie
I hope what she says happens. She was very good and did put my mind at ease. Thanks Lee!" ... written by shelle97
So quick with her responses. Really enjoy communicating with her. Always so sweet. Thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Nena
She's always straightforward andamp; answers your questions. Thanks Leelahel" ... written by sehneo
Leelahel was very connected with me and hit some very good point s in my situation. Will definitely come back " ... written by shelle97
Seriously, love her sass. Definitely needed the reading. She's giving me some relief tonight. Told me what I wouldn't doubt is the truth and I appreciate it. Will be back." ... written by Nena
Very quick connection and clear advice. Have had several readings with Leelahel and she is pretty accurate and straight to the point wit what needs to be done." ... written by angelszone
She was cool- very honest .. I'll be " ... written by Olivia
Straight to the point!! Love having a reading with her. Cant wait for the predicition to come true. Thank you" ... written by theodora
Leel is awesome! She's straight to the point, honest, and very sweet! Thank You Leel!" ... written by Natalie
You're awesome! Very sweet, Thank you so much!" ... written by Aelianna
what can i say about leelahel...amazing wonderful gifted talented ...she cares about us she is happy when we are happy...she can feel our pain and our happiness..she has always given me hope and kept my faith alive...she is awesome she is one of the best here...thank you lee for everything so far." ... written by mandeep s gill
She's really good with her cards!!!" ... written by l
Another good reading thanks a bunch lee, i will keep u posted ♥♥" ... written by Libra26
Shes amazing as always :)" ... written by Travis
Great reading" ... written by vjrei01
awesome love her !!! totally accurate!!!!! " ... written by Jennifer Pearl
Quick!!!!! Calmed my nerves down for the moment. Will be back to chat some more with her. :)" ... written by Nena
I asked her question and she replied on my favor let's see if she is correct or not i will update here :-)" ... written by Steven
Totally on spot, accurate and direct. I am coming to Oranum for her readings now." ... written by bunebaba
straight forward and quick" ... written by mara
Leelahell is always an incredible reader, she is one of the best...when she's on -she always gets a standing ovation from me." ... written by Bronxie
all her predictions come true!" ... written by jen
Thank you Lee! Sorry for not saying goodbye. I really appreciate you being here and I feel I can/should trust you. You seem to be really knowing and confident about what you do and don't try to rip me off. Thank you. I know I need patience. I will keep you updated and I am sure I will see you in your free chat! Thank you! xoxo" ... written by Tinkerbel
She is very accurate !" ... written by tangled
Fantastic!! Provided direct answers to direct questions. Appreciate her candid feedback. Will touch back when drawn to seek further direction." ... written by Grandeur
well I am too anxious so the reader is great, but I am too anxious" ... written by ana
Thanks Girl!! U always calm me down...and ur advise always works!" ... written by N
Leelahel is a master reader...she is a true master of the art of Tarot. I promise you she leads in the depth of the readings. Only those who are generational-gifted can do what she does. She is truly an amazing gift !" ... written by Leelahel
Very good reading!! Thank you!!" ... written by jh
Thanks" ... written by jrinker
Niiiice :) thank you for giving me clarity on my jobs and love life. Yes i will focus first on the situation i am in with the car and job. Gotta keep moving forward, will do. Thank you very much. I always love to come to your chat room because that such good vibe so great, i like to see people smile makes me see they feel comfortable and happy :) " ... written by walter
She has been very accurate in the way things have played out with my situation. I really like her and feel that she's extremely interested in what she does... will keep coming back" ... written by J
Leelahel was the first reader ever i went to on this site , 3.5 years back , and ever since i have always been coming back to her , coz she really is that good. She is always accurate about the situation , and knows details , (very personal details) without being prompted at all ,and her predictions have happened for me several times. Take her to private , she is worth every penny ...Love you xo" ... written by N
Lee is very calm and composed she always guides me towards the path that is good for me" ... written by ilovetravel
very very good and so true would definatly reccomend:) !! " ... written by becky
she was very helpful in her reading, gave me some insight " ... written by joseph jozwiak
very positive and sweet...connected right away" ... written by sun
She's super sweet and on point. I like how shes honest and gives some advice. thanks girl" ... written by Tealzy
The reading was straight forward. Thanks for the guidance. I appreciate it." ... written by -
really like her" ... written by emilie
thank you so much for clarity and to be aware :)" ... written by Walter
Very sweet and full of insights :)" ... written by Travis
Leel is awesome! Very sweet and quick, honest responses. Thanx Leel!" ... written by Natalie
Great!" ... written by Jane
Lets see..what happens .She was gud" ... written by Nag
Great!" ... written by ipippo
Leelahel is an incredibly good reader, I'm sorry I will not chat with her, she's gotten quiet...because when she does a reading this young lady is more powerful than I think she even knows." ... written by Bronxie
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
lee has always been very accurate. " ... written by jen
Accurate, fast and honest. I come to Oranum for her readings only." ... written by bunebaba
Thank you Leelahel! I could tell that you love doing this as you take time to understand also give me insight about my problems! I will see you soon hopefully! :)" ... written by Ariana
Love Leelahel! " ... written by Rebecca
Thank you Leelahel. " ... written by B
Accurate!" ... written by Wolf
Strong YES!" ... written by ipippo
Very cute reader. " ... written by vjrei01
Thanks for the reading, sorry i didn't have more time but it was great for the time being :)" ... written by soulguy_4
thanks, leela. ur great ! :) will come back" ... written by jtth
Leelahel is always on point, to the point, accurate. She just does not read cards...she merges with them and Leelahel and the cards become one. Get a reading from her you will know what I am saying right after she does a reading for you." ... written by Leelahel
she is so nice and sweet, gets right to the point and helps put things in prespective " ... written by daniel
OOps! did not get the chance to say bye! But Hey! thanks a lot , you have been so accurate and have guided me immensely thourghout this journey of 3+ years, can't ask for more ...LOts of love and blessings xo" ... written by N
Amazing as always!! I love this girl!! She is quick and to the point, she doesn't waste your time or credits by trying to keep you longer! " ... written by Shauna
shes very accurate in her readings. " ... written by jen
awesome as alway little sister 5 star" ... written by edna
She's amazing! Really quick, very warm and connected :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
Ok, Leelahel is always straight to the point, no chaser. As i stated before she is an amazing reader...very different in her approach - practical, inspirational, and always on point." ... written by Bronxie
consistent with the last few readings I've had with her. pleasure to talk with andamp; quick!" ... written by sehneo
Funny and Attrcative , and super duper accurate , i love her ....xoxoxox" ... written by N
very good, i always come back" ... written by Flo
Ok I must admit...I miss her voice, she just flows and its quite amazing to see her speak through the cards. However, I understand when you are truly gifted, a lot of communication can seriously mess up those who are gifted, like Leelahel. Anyway, she does it as usual, tells the truth even if it hurts...and basically guides your next steps. Great reading as always" ... written by Bronxie
shes very accurate. " ... written by jen
Thank you. Always great." ... written by Matt
She understands my situation well, and her insights were spot on." ... written by BN
Thank You! for the reading today and your support and guidance all these 3.5 years .I Love you :)" ... written by N
Very quick and accurate!! Thanks!!" ... written by Angela
Alright I just needed a quick reading for a pressing matter. Yes Retrograde is not treating me so well...but Leelahel straightened this mess out with the quickness. So now Im back to normal and most of all Im feeling a whole lot better." ... written by Bronxie
Reading was accurate as ever. I have things to deal with for sure. As do we all I guess. Take to grab my hammer and start working. Thanks for giving me the right tool to start somewhere Lee :) " ... written by Xekseita
I miss you sensei.. Thank you for the reading" ... written by Cara
Love , lov , love her xo" ... written by NIks
on point! She's very quick and super sweet! Hoping to see what happens :)" ... written by Cara
Awesome! Really helpful! Thank you!" ... written by Megan
Amazing! Channeled in and was very detailed. I have been getting readings from her for awhile, I believe in her, I would highly recommend her!! Thank you, you are truly a wonderful reader, and friend xo" ... written by phyllis
She is very good, she takes her time and answers questions and makes sure that you do understand them. She is very good and well worth you coming to get the answers you want and need" ... written by Rick
Leelahel is super. I happened to be in one of her demos and thought what she showed there was so impressive that i decided to get a reading with her. Since then i am coming to her regularly for updates. She is keeping my mind at ease. She is not telling you what you want to hear and she is very professional and skilled in what she does. You can tell she loves what she is doing. I can just recommend her. I trust her and will be back! " ... written by T
Leelahel is OUTSTANDING!!! she cares enough to make sure that you do fully understand the answers to your questions and to make sure that you do get the right questions that you really want to know. She is SUPER!! 100 Stars!! Thank you so much" ... written by Rick
thank you so much, once again. it's always nice to get a reading from you and your amazing advice. " ... written by medzie
She was very good, very detailed and explained her answers well. Professional and picked up on a many things" ... written by Robin
She was really very Good! Very Detailed and Very Helpful, Accurate and spot on with the whole situation!" ... written by Geri
shes very accurate. everything comes true. " ... written by jenny
so quick to connect. precise answers and advice. really impressive. very genuine and honest, too." ... written by leodragon2014
lot of clarity on my situation. thank you so much. so quick to connect. " ... written by leodragon2014
Thank you for being staight to the point. Your advise always help. I recommend her highly" ... written by theodora
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you so much. really appreciate the additional advice. hope things turn out well on this end. thanks again!" ... written by leodragon2014
I love this beautiful woman! Thanks for everything" ... written by Niks
Leela was calm and competent. She really set me at ease " ... written by DD
She's good I will see what takes place." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
shes been extremely accurate. " ... written by jen
very informative. Shes really good :)" ... written by s
Very clear and caring" ... written by pinkflowers
She was quick to connect , and answered all of my questions. I will have to wait to see on the predictions." ... written by L
thank you! we'll see if this all pans out... :)" ... written by luxxicon
she is very accurate. always on point. " ... written by jen
awesome with the cards, I never was in a prvt reading with a reader typing before, but I was amazed at how Leelahel was so quick .. and she was good.. I watched her in demo before and I loved her work.........thanks so much, quick and precise... I will update u... and many BLESSINGS!" ... written by
Lee is the reader of the cards. Hands down. There are readers on here but Leelahel becomes one, her voice is not that of learned lessons, but she speaks literally for and through the cards. Phenomenal reader...she is truly a gift to me and the craft." ... written by Bronxie
Amazing reader. She is always 100% accurate and all of her predictions have come true for me for months and months now. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Kyle
Connected quite well. she confirmed what others are saying about spring and my love life turning around. " ... written by BFM
Very nice reading, she will just tell you stuff. fast and accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
shes very accurate " ... written by jen
Thanks Girl :)" ... written by NK
Good reading, attentive, and provided me with wonderful insight." ... written by Hector
She is very good. Highly recommend her she gives thorough explanations and very helpful" ... written by Robin
Thank you Leelahel for your insight, and guidance!!! " ... written by LostGirl
leelah is the most gifted person I chatted here! She is cool calm and great at what she does... 5star for her as it is the max I can do here.... which means she is remarkably awesome with what she does!" ... written by Jake
muy amable y paciente gracias " ... written by luz3211
Talking with Leelahel is like talking to a really good friend. She is kind and honest. Everything she has told me thus far has come to pass. I will continue to come back to her for clarity in my life." ... written by Rebecca
I really like leelahel so kind and deifnitly accurate!" ... written by Ava
She is great. And very intuitve" ... written by Ava
she is accurate" ... written by myst
Another great reading. I highly recommend Leelahel!" ... written by Vijay
Very Connected ...very Accurately Connected" ... written by Geri
Beautiful as you are, your readings seem very clear and to the point. Thank you :)" ... written by Sumikshya
Very nice reading and accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
I think she's great! We have read a few times now and over time she picks up quickly on the situation and is able to help. :)" ... written by Robin
Thanks so much the reading. I will keep you posted Leelahel" ... written by Angela
Thank you so much leelahel. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Angela
great reading. appreciated the clarity and quick answers. " ... written by leodragon2014
very very accurate. " ... written by jen
Very truthful in a kind and understanding way. Quick with answers and sees things as they are. A straight shooter. Doesn't fiffle....faffle about." ... written by angelszone
Leelahel was straight forward and added a different perspective to my problem. We will see if her insight is right but for now I am happy with the advice she did give me." ... written by Anita
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Loved it!!! Took her time but was worth it -- picked up information that was spot on to the situation and persons involved. Ended with really good advice as well to move forward with. Thank you so much!" ... written by Kelsey
Quick reading, answered all my questions well. Thank you " ... written by Sherry K
Thank you leelahel it is always a pleasure" ... written by
truly one of the best " ... written by mandeep
Great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
she is the best" ... written by julie
Good reading, she was in tune, felt like she knew me." ... written by Ann
she is absolutely amazing reader! I will definitely be back to her!" ... written by findingyourself
She is a tarot card flipping genius! I love her style and the way she reads the cards...definate seer in this game called life!" ... written by Bronxie
What a great reading. Thank you so much. You are quite to the point and show quite a bit of accuracy. Appreciate your gentleness and honesty." ... written by familyhelper
THanks!" ... written by Ava
Sorry love , didnt get a chance to say Bye , Thanks for everything , i never regret any minute spent on reading with you these almost 4 years ! Love ya , ur amazing , bless you :)" ... written by N
helpful! she was able to give me good advice and see who was a good match for me. " ... written by hellokittyhas7
I always come to Leelahel for guidance, knowing she will have an accurate read on the situation, with really helpful advice. She is incredibly professional yet warm and friendly, and very intelligent. " ... written by E
felt like it was easy to connect with her. loved the reading!" ... written by coolGirl65
I absolutely love her!" ... written by Ava
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
My SAVIOUR for 4 years , love u beautiful!" ... written by N
She's amazing :) always spot on and accurate xoxox" ... written by Adis
she is awesome!!!" ... written by Mel
I haven't had a reading by Leelahel in so long...but it was so worth it. She as usual just goes in, and gives you the answers with such depth and clarity I'm like wow! Yeah I'm a fan...and I think you will be too." ... written by Broxie
good insight thank you " ... written by edel95
Awesoe reading" ... written by Mel
Always a pleasure talking to her. She always gave me great clarity into my problems, i highly reccomend " ... written by findingyourslf
Supportive as always. Thanks again for another amazing reading." ... written by Vijay
shes awesome" ... written by cdsircy
She is a beautiful spirited reader. Very detailed and caring that you get what you need from the reading. She has predicted things that have come forth and is a gifted reader" ... written by Robin
She was quick to connect and gets to the heart of the matter! :)" ... written by S
she is a sweet heart. accurate readrer" ... written by myst
She was sweet and direct, I liked her style. She gives clear answers to help your situation. Thank you LeeLahel! Many blessings to you. " ... written by LA Woman
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Mel
She gave the answers that I needed. It's like some homework that I need to take care of before anything can manifest in my life. You will not be disappointed with the results you get from her." ... written by twinspice
she has always been awesome, and straight to the point" ... written by cjay
Thanks Girly , talk to u soon!" ... written by NIki
Leelahel is amazing! I had a private reading with her. She told me what the other person told me he planned to do. She didn't ask question. I did. She read the situation accurately and what the problem was. Thank you,Lee!" ... written by Moonchiild59
Leelahel is incredible, gifted, and such a pleasure to read with. Just love her, she's always great and on track." ... written by Robin
Awesome reading!!" ... written by Mel
She is brilliant. I mean it. Straight to the point as well. Feels the situation very well. Thank you. I am impressed" ... written by Karolina
Love her! Her anergy is always very light and pleasant. Her readings have proven to be on point in the past so I always come back. She reads me and the situation, along with the other party involved very well. She has given me some long term predictions and sees that there is hope for my situation. We will see what happens. Thanks so much! " ... written by L
quickly answered my questions and was spot on, thanks" ... written by leo girl
Nice reading!" ... written by Aurelia
very quick very accurate very to the point :)" ... written by cs
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
So accurate. It's going to be a very rough year for me. Don't know how much I can endure honestly. Thanks so much for the reading" ... written by familyhelper
pretty accurate. would do a reading again." ... written by kat
She is to the point. no wasting time and very informative. " ... written by Moongirl17
wonderful" ... written by maria
Lovely reading. Really helped me out much! Thank you. Many blessings to you." ... written by Spirit
Leela, is amazingly accurate" ... written by RB
So sorry I missed her last piece of advice! Beautiful reading! She picked up on EVERYTHING! She is very pleasant! Not a waste of money at all! She is truly psychic and not only that, she gives solutions! Don't tell me my life sucks! Tell me how to fix it! SHE TELLS YOU HOW TO FIX IT! I loved her! five stars!" ... written by ____
very sweet! thank you!" ... written by karen
It was short and sweet some real valuable information :) i should be coming back to her again" ... written by Marcus
Very fast, accurate and kind x" ... written by Cindy
great thank you so much love it 5star" ... written by sasha
Thanks sweetheart! for the Longgg update , will get back to u with updates :) and thanks for all the wonderful accurate predictions " ... written by Niki
Such a nice talented young lady :)" ... written by Clara
Amazingly gifted Thank you" ... written by familyhelper
thanks xoxox" ... written by Niki
Thanks so much. Merry Christmas!" ... written by familyhelper
she was great! friendly" ... written by scott
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She's the best! Very quick with quick connection and spot on ! :) xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
You are so gifted Lee. You are so spot on with your answers and how you tap in. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks. Love your readings. You are so genuine, honest, and caring, and it all makes sense in the context of my life." ... written by familyhelper
She is the best i always enjoy talking to her " ... written by melissa
I just love her. She's great! She is on top of the situation and helps me sort out things i need to figure out in life. She gives much detailed and very helpful always. " ... written by Robin
omg her readings are so fast and true! i will for sure come back for a reading, thank you so much. " ... written by Khadracandy
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
she was very good at what she's doing" ... written by joeyfriends2
Good insight.. I'll wait and see and tell you what happens next time ;-)" ... written by Matt
Thanks and Happy New year!" ... written by Niks
I don't know what I would do without Leelahel's guidance! She's like an Angel who has the right answers all the time! She does not impose, but guides with a wisdom beyond her age. Obviously an old soul in there, but an amazing one, a true friend and human being ))) Thanks Leelah!" ... written by Jose
Leelah is simply amazing! And now more beautiful than ever! Her readings are really helpful to me. And I really recommend her as a reader and as a guide. " ... written by Jose
she is very accurate! " ... written by donna
Very good reading." ... written by vjrei01
VERY GOOD, THANK YOU AGAIN!" ... written by flo
shes very very accurate" ... written by m
she has been very accurate" ... written by jenny
Super accurate and always on spot. I admire her readings." ... written by bunebaba
Thank you as always! you are always so kind and very honest and good! you are very good in what you do! thank you again!" ... written by sweetangle3
thank you so much leela for your clarification and insights! ♥" ... written by k
lee is always great" ... written by John
very very accurate" ... written by jen
very quick to answer and straight forward! She does not go in circles trying to answer your questions just right to it. thanks so much!" ... written by leo girl
she is a great advice giver" ... written by melissa
5 STAR" ... written by Kunal
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Excellence really does not need a review. " ... written by Bronxie
im very pleased with the reading, she was very fast, and on target, so fast i had no questions left and she was the one who left, i think that shows allot of concern for her clients credits, really apreciated the gesture. Thank you for the great reading :)" ... written by c
answers your questions straight to the point without taking extra time :)" ... written by sehneo
You have been much help and I thank you for all the questions you answered." ... written by ali23m
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Really good reading, helped me to relax. " ... written by Karis
very fast and insightful" ... written by gayla
She was completely on point. Its like she knew my situation. And I appreciated the honesty. I will definitely be back " ... written by Ixchel
thanks!!" ... written by N
she is very accurate about everything. " ... written by jen
She is always straight o the point and tells the truth. Her reading is great and she is a very calm person. " ... written by P
She's really cool and sweet and gave me a great reading. I felt the connection and I am very hopeful for the predictions!!" ... written by Leia Organa
She is awesome, she is on point every time, she is the best, always professional. many things come to pass. She is very detailed in her readings and find her a good friend. She Rocks ! Love Ya Sweetie.. xo" ... written by Robin
shes quite accurate, " ... written by jen
thanks..:)" ... written by sam
She was very clear on what my questions were and i thought she was able to see what i wanted to hear. I will def be in contact with leelahel again. " ... written by Bri
An incredibly gifted psychic and empath, Ms. Leelahel's acuity and accuracy are undoubtedly guided by Divine Origin and she never misses the mark. She is very spiritually gifted, commands wisdom well beyond her years and such clarity of inner sight, her guidance to see all things as they really are is priceless. Along with that, she has such a beautiful and gentle demeanor to those who will really listen, she is very careful and kind when sharing her insights and very helpful in navigating one through life's challenges." ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Great reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
her readings are terrifyingly accurate! She's always way ahead of everything. Very good advisor, she just knows. She will NOT dissapoint. " ... written by Melana
Connected to me immediately and gave me great news!! I only hope she's 100% right! LOL! " ... written by Terri Maguire
very accurate. " ... written by jenny
Ms. Leelahel's insight and guidance always speak the truth and are incredibly accurate, bringing one to realize their true self and full potential. A great seeress in the truest sense. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating Ms. Leelahel is the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
She seems to be so on point! I barely had to say anything. Im very impressed." ... written by Ixchel
I am pleased with the reading. She understands my situation very well and gives meaningful advice. " ... written by RAM
Quick and accurate reading! Best one I've had so far. This girl is truly gifted !!" ... written by Regvita
As always, a pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent reading" ... written by BN
love it " ... written by stephanie
Love you Sweets!! you have been right from day 1 ! thanks so much for eveything..xo" ... written by Niki
great session as always ! " ... written by aida
She is lovely and so gifted!!! I am so grateful to have her connect with me today. She sees spot on! I cannot say enough positive things. She made me feel so comfortable and gave me such clear advice. Thank you!!! :)" ... written by Kelly
She is so great to talk to. Hope to talk again soon" ... written by Suhin
shes very very accurate about what she says. " ... written by jen
Thank you! Right now, I can say what you said to me make sense. I will definitely come back and write another review when I am able to check the accuracy." ... written by Minh
thanks so much leela for your insights!" ... written by k
Thanks sweets , reliable and accurate as always ! xo" ... written by Niki
Leelahel has been an invaluable aid to me in my relationship. She has given me the right advice and thanks to her the relationship has survived the bad moments and soared most of the time. She's an angel and a godmother of this relationship:))) I do highly recommend her. You won't regret it. " ... written by Jose
great like always xx" ... written by g
great, focused, on point, helpful and to the point, great overall reading, thank u leelahel" ... written by cheese
Lee, is a sweetheart and a gifted, intuitive, very talented psychic. She is one of the best on Oranum by far. Just love her to pieces.. xo" ... written by Robin
She seems to always be on point. and very honest! I love that about her! :)" ... written by Ixchel
Ms. Leelahel is such an especially wonderful and gifted seeress, most precious gem of the galaxy! A guiding star to bring us to return to our true selves and our highest potential. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is truly the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Simply the more intuitive psychic I've ever come across. The insights she comes up with are remarkably accurate and insightful every time. I have come to know over the years that I can always rely on her for good advice. " ... written by Love
She is so sweet! And very honest and helpful! I love it! :)" ... written by Ixchel
Such a beautifully gifted and talented lady, Ms. Leelahel's insights and intuition are truly a miracle. She is always very professional and attentive, listens closely to you, an expert at seeing the truth in all matters and a blessed guiding star for those who are respectful and receptive to her divine guidance." ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Leelahel is awesome,very very accurate, a true gem. She is very professional and answers all your questions and gives a very thorough reading. Just love her. xo" ... written by Robin
Thank you very much" ... written by Bearthoven
She is amazing!!!!! I love the way she specifies everything and how she put my mind at ease!" ... written by Ixchel
A very insightful and accurate and honest reading delivered with a calm sincere manner." ... written by David
Super nice reading, she is awesome. Been having readings with her since 2012! " ... written by vjrei01
Amazing as always!!!! :)" ... written by Ixchel
Leelahel is one of those angels that are put in our way to help us through the rough patches. I don't know what I would have done without her insights and advice! She is understanding, wise and knowledgeable. She is amazing! Thank you Leelah for being on this world and for making our life easier to understand and to live. " ... written by Jose
very awesome i would recommend everyone to her!!" ... written by Stephanie
Ms. Leelahel's spiritual guidance is a miracle, crossing even dimensional boundaries. So honest and professional, always a guiding star and sees the truth with divine clarity. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is truly the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Thank you!" ... written by bearthoven
Always a pleasure, provides me with the insight i need! highly recommend!" ... written by leti98
as always is good! thanks so very much!" ... written by liked her
See is one of the top psychics on this site! She is awesome, very on point and just love her to pieces.. xo" ... written by Robin
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you" ... written by
Hände Hoch!" ... written by ipippo
Nice reading....honest, and forthcoming. " ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you so much for this reading! you answered all my questions and were so specific. This has really helped me to figure out what we need to do to make things better." ... written by Krissy
Lee has always been a great reader. Have had several readings and she has always been very informative.." ... written by pinkpather30
she is my saviour , love you girly , cant thank you enough for your support for so many years , take cre of urself , dont work too hard my dear.. xo" ... written by Niki
Great reading..." ... written by vjrei01
Very knowledgeable and wise, an expert in many aspects of Tarot, Ms. Leelahel is so incredibly gifted, she may use Tarot as assistants, but her capabilities as seeress come from within and are truly of Divine Origin. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Very straightforward and quick to let you know what she sees. Definitely worth the time to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks Babe!" ... written by Niki
I appreciate the honesty and clarity of Leela's readings and her calm and contented energy." ... written by Dave
Very sympathetic and selfless, Ms. Leelahel has such a great spirit and a great heart and is always there to help others in need of spiritual guidance. Along with her very gifted psychic talents as seeress, we are all truly blessed with her here. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
A very sensitive empath and psychic, Ms. Leelahel is an expert at Tarot and sees the truth in all matters. Her spiritual guidance, especially when it comes to connections between people, is really unmatched and as such she is an excellent interpersonal counselor, a real professional. The world is so much of a better place with her here. To those who would spend time with her, please show her the respect she most assuredly deserves. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
A great seeress with a wonderful heart and spirit, Ms. Leelahel's spiritual guidance is truly stellar. Such a wonderful person in many ways, we are all really blessed that she is here. Very Highly Recommended: 10 star rating. Ms. Leelahel is truly the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
great reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading lots of information" ... written by leo girl
Thank you!!! Nice reading" ... written by Daisy
she is totally amazing" ... written by zen
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
She was great! right on and realyl picked up a lot about my persoanl situation1!! " ... written by heather
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
5 stars!! " ... written by L
very goog reading thank you" ... written by tammy
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
she is very accurate with everything.. " ... written by jayt
shes very accurate with everything. " ... written by ni
She was spot on like always! Im so glad I got a private with her :)" ... written by Ixchel
Dang! sorry could not say bye , but thanks town girlie , thanks for being my support for , like what , minimum 4.5 years :) xoxox" ... written by Niki
good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
A pleasure to speak with. Very helpful and insightful in regards to problems." ... written by Alneverus
An especially gifted, sensitive and talented lady, Ms. Leelahel's readings are truly miraculous. A great seeress, she discerns the truth in all matters and brings us back to return to our true selves, our return to innocence. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Thanks babe , i was having a moment , thanks for the clarity. :) really appreciate." ... written by N
She was very good and informative." ... written by Michelle
Lee you are the best, She is detailed and have great insight" ... written by Robin
she is always a good person to talk with about anything " ... written by melissa
An incredibly gifted psychic and empath, Ms. Leelahel is an unwavering Guiding Star with wisdom of Divine Origin. A most precious Gem of the Galaxy, Light of All Lights, her spiritual guidance will change your life for the best. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Superb! And had so many thing she said come true int he last few weeks. Shes very accurate and professional! " ... written by heather
the best on this site!" ... written by *
she is fast accurate" ... written by julie
I forgot how amazing this woman is as a master psychic! There are not many words to say outstandingly amazing...but she is!" ... written by Bronxie
Very down to earth and honest would highly recommend" ... written by Michelle
what a wonderful reader. she was highly perceptive, very accurate and detailed, and a highly developed spirituality and maturity. really enjoyed my reading, was informative and extremely helpful " ... written by starrose
A pleasure to speak with... and hilarious! " ... written by Alneverus
shes really acccurate with everythinng. " ... written by jenny
Amazing. Thanks so much. Five stars for sure!!" ... written by familyhelper
very good ty" ... written by jana
Just love her! She is awesome and so gifted. Trust her very much and she has guided me through many difficult things and is always on point " ... written by Robin
Spot on! Take her to private" ... written by Cara
A very intelligent and special lady, Ms. Leelahel has laser focus seeress abilities and a sacred inner light that shines like the Moon to see through all darkness. An expert at Tarot and very professional, her spiritual guidance is really priceless and unmatched. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Thanks beautiful , its always a pleasure to read with you, worth every penny :)" ... written by Niki
shes very very accurate. " ... written by yana
Thank you again for another great reading. It's been almost 4 months and I even changed my name on here and your reading is still the same. If that's not talent, I don't know what is! " ... written by l
Good reading, worth it. " ... written by vjrei01
She's so fast with her cards and so in depth. I look forward to her predictions coming true." ... written by L
Thanks love! " ... written by N
She always seems to be on point. And very honest! " ... written by Ixchel
Thank you os mcuh for answering everything so clearly . Love your energy :) i will come back :) " ... written by L
thanks alot dear " ... written by new
Will keep you posted on what happens thanks alot dear .. " ... written by new
thanks honey! love ya" ... written by N
A truly great seeress, Ms. Leelahel's sacred psychic talents are so incredibly accurate, they always speak the truth and bring one towards higher resonance. What an incredibly amazing lady! Ms. Leelahel is really a most precious Gem of the Galaxy! Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Bless Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
I love you Babe! I am gonna always listen to your advise coz it always leads me to where i want to be!! happy easter , belated .. hugs xoxo" ... written by Niki
Ms. Leelahel is such an incredibly gifted and talented person, really the greatest pleasure to spend time with her. Along with her innate artistic abilities, intelligence and sensitivity, her psychic abilities and spiritual guidance are sacred gifts of Divine Origin. We are all truly blessed that she is with us. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Awesome connection! Leelahel knew what was going on straight away and answered all my questions. Thank you :)" ... written by sakura
Very accurate, quick and straight to the point" ... written by StarrVision
Ms. Leelahel's psychic abilities are truly a miracle, cross dimensional boundaries and are of Divine Origin. She may enlist Tarot as her assistants, but her sacred inner light is the most precious gift she so generously shares with us all. Her spiritual acuity and sensitivity are as a Beacon of Celestial Light in the darkness and will change your life for the best. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
awesome reading. " ... written by vjrei01
back for for to. leelahel has a warming energy and I enjoyed her reading will be back. " ... written by cherie
oranum really need to get connection issue straight...this is and was a great reading" ... written by cherie
Second reading. She is one of my favorites. " ... written by RAM
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
You are the best! Your gifts are magnificent Leelahel! Every reading is super helpful and very on point.. xo" ... written by Robin
A truly stellar seeress, Ms. Leelahel's psychic gifts are amazingly accurate and honest. She is so wonderfully kind hearted, very generous of spirit and talented in many ways, a very rare and priceless Gem of the Galaxy, we are all very lucky and blessed that we can connect with her here. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
An amazingly wonderful lady, Ms. Leelahel is consistently sharp, accurate, very sensitive to spirit, professional and attentive. Her abilities as seeress are miraculous, truly stellar, with a soulful generosity that brings us all to higher consciousness. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Thanks alot for your help " ... written by new
A very quick and precise reading from Leela, always delivered with a kind and warm energy." ... written by Dave
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
fast and to the point! love it!" ... written by na
Thank you" ... written by N
A pleasure to speak with. Useful to check on things and ask for advice." ... written by Alneverus
Ms. Leelahel is such an especially gifted psychic and empath and is so very selfless in sharing her sacred inner light with us all. Her abilities as seeress are very accurate and shine as a Guiding Star to navigate one through life's challenges and chart a course towards what's best. A Beacon of Celestial Light that shines like the Silvery Moon through all darkness, Ms. Leelahel is truly the best and brightest!!! Top Rating: 10 stars. Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Always a pleasure to read with Leelahel , she is Oranum's gem xo girlie thnks a lot!!" ... written by Niki
she was very helpful answering my questions, and gave me some great predictions I hope to see happen soon :) " ... written by tiny tiny
Was straight-forward, answered my questions promptly and was accurate about things regarding my situation. Would recommend." ... written by Angela
Amazing. She's always spot on on everything. Been seeing her for over a year now. Shes just a great person and an amazing reader. 10/10" ... written by Kyle
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
A Shining Light of Understanding that heals our spirits at a very profound level, Ms. Leelahel shows us the mirror of our souls and dispels the negativity that holds us back from higher resonance. Always very professional and attentive, with her sacred inner light, she guides us to our best dreams come true and teaches us to make it a very beautiful journey getting there. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Great reading, I'd recommend her to anyone! :)" ... written by TA
Lee you are the best! She is very gifted and has magnificant gifts. xo" ... written by Robin
Very good reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
relatively quick answers that she was able to explain with fluidity and i felt resonated well with my situation" ... written by shanecole
Lee is an engaging, fun, and lively psychic...her spiritual maturity is off the charts and her willingness 2 truly help is unparalleled....i trust her like i trust no one else on Oranum")" ... written by Christopher
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thanks a lot darling! It is always a pleasure to read with you xxo" ... written by N
she is great!! always right on!!" ... written by heather
A pleasure to speak to." ... written by Alneverus
Ms. Leelahel is truly a stellar seeress, very talented artist and a wonderfully kindhearted soul who's priceless insights and guidance are miraculous and are obviously of Divine Origin. Always very professional and attentive, she is a Blessed Guiding Star and Most Precious Gem of the Galaxy for us all to realize our best dreams come true. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Lee is a Godsend on another dimension!" ... written by Christopher
great fast typer. answers quick.. great reading" ... written by m
Highly recommend. she was truly amazing. I had so much to talk about and she knew exactly what was going on " ... written by tyler
I have been coming to Leelahel for more than 4.5 years , she is THAT GOOD!! she is the kindest and one of the most accurate psychics on Oranum or anywhere." ... written by Niki
Leelahel tells you everythign that you need to know. 100% honest i recomend her to anyone" ... written by VIctor Gonzalez Coriano
I asked for a spirit reading and it turned out to be amazing. The spirits brought me the messages I needed through Leelahel. I would definitely go to Leelahel again for a reading. She is not only competent but also has a very positive and soothing demeanor that makes her very easy to talk to. " ... written by shasha
A great seeress with a wonderful celestial heart and spirit, Ms. Leelahel's spiritual guidance is truly stellar. Such a wonderful person in so many ways, we are all really blessed that she is here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Ms. Leelahel is such an incredibly gifted psychic and empath, her insight and guidance always speak the truth and her accuracy is like a laser beam, bringing one to realize their true self and full potential. A great seeress in the truest sense. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
to the point, and absolutely no time wasted in private :)" ... written by Rob
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Quick, short, sweet, to the point. She gives it to you real, even when you don't want it and her predictions are actually accurate. Thank you!" ... written by l
Very insightful reading" ... written by Lisa Anani
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
great reading! very talented and quick!" ... written by joeyfriends2
I love Leelahel, She has always been there for me , always , and I am not sure what i would do without her advise! thanks so much. I owe u xo" ... written by N
Good reader. Predictions come to pass time and time again!" ... written by l
Thanks honey!! xo" ... written by Niki
just love her! she is very accurate in what she says! I have had a few readings with her and she has been very accurate about everything! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
Beautiful reading. I have been 3 years with her already. " ... written by vjrei01
That was a good one...thanks Leelahel. i will definitely read with you again." ... written by Bolley
Great reader, clear and insightful" ... written by Maia
Leelahel is the best.. Always a great reading and clear understanding of things.. xoxo" ... written by Robin
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Ms. Leelahel's spiritual guidance is a miracle, crossing even dimensional boundaries. So honest and professional, always a Guiding Star and sees the truth with divine clarity. Such a Gracious and Stellar Seeress!!! Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
great read.. ty leela" ... written by davy
good" ... written by adit
Love love love Leelahel. So accurate and always so genuine. xo" ... written by N
AWESOMEEEEEEE" ... written by ssurrii
Talented and gifted reader. I'm sorry I ran out of time during the reading. Should not be missed!" ... written by Kathy
A truly great seeress, Ms. Leelahel's sacred psychic talents are so incredibly accurate, they always speak the truth and bring one towards higher resonance. What an incredibly amazing lady! Ms. Leelahel is really a most precious Gem of the Galaxy! Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Bless Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Great as always! really hope her predictions come to pass!" ... written by Cara
She is great." ... written by Matt
I am very happy to read with this psychic. Everytime, she gets to the point and gives me detailed information about my situation. I hope everyone is enjoying her readings as much as me. Thank you once again. " ... written by wee318
My reading with her was freak-ishly good. She was so spot on so accurate... The reading and advice was very, very helpful. It gave me goosebumps! Highly recommend her! " ... written by Michelle
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She is accurate and doesn't waste your time." ... written by ali23m
A great reading..!! Finally relief and things were totally intuned with me. She's a clear-cut answering personality no roundabouts. Recommended." ... written by Mehak
Thanks Leelahel. Great reading. Glad you were able to connect so easily and see the situation. You're great! Many hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Very sympathetic and selfless, Ms. Leelahel has such a great spirit and a wonderful heart and along with her very gifted psychic talents as seeress, she is always there to help others in need of spiritual guidance. We are all truly blessed with her here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Straight to the point and very awesomE!!!!!" ... written by David
She is the best!!!! amazing!" ... written by Maluchita
seemed to be quite accurate. thanks. " ... written by gk
great reading thank you!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Was super quick to connect and accurate; really read the situation well I am impressed thank you for the clarity andamp; advice really helped a lot " ... written by sheri
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Ms. Leelahel is truly a stellar seeress, very talented artist and a wonderfully kindhearted soul who's priceless insights and guidance are miraculous and are obviously of Divine Origin. Always very professional and attentive, she is a Blessed Guiding Star and Most Precious Gem of the Galaxy for us all to realize our best dreams come true. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
My Favourtie leelahel xoxoxoxoxox " ... written by Niki
Leelahel provides a very quick and honest reading every time. If you just wish for clarity and guidance go for it. Also if you have an intuitive mind/body and pick up on energy and vibrations Leelahel has a genuinely warm and positive energy around her." ... written by David
Say no to pumas lol! She is awesome. Always reads very well into the situation and predictions have come true in the past. Just waiting to see what will happen with the most recent ones. " ... written by l
A great seeress with a wonderful celestial heart and spirit, Ms. Leelahel's spiritual guidance is truly stellar. Such a wonderful person in so many ways, we are all really blessed that she is here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Lee, I wanted to be 10,000 !!!! but I get to be 9,999... She's the best.. " ... written by Robin
She's always a pleasure to speak with. Gives lots of info and is super helpful. Hope her predictions come to pass!" ... written by Cara
Great reading, very informative. " ... written by pinkpather30
I had her for the first time and she was quick to read and made sure she didn't waste your time. I'm just waiting for my predictions to come true :-)" ... written by Rosamaria
Was pretty good!" ... written by Matt
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Ms. Leelahel's sacred psychic gifts are truly epic and of Divine Origin. Always the Brightest Guiding Star to bring us to our highest resonance and fullest potential, she sees and feels the deepest meanings of our life path and shows us real spiritual truth. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Such a wonderful sweet gal. So spot on! Love her! Twinflame ahhhhhhh! Thank you Lee. I will be back!!!" ... written by lynn
AMAZING. VERY ACCURATE READING AND VERY CONSIDERATE ABOUT YOUR TIME. She read our personalities perfectly and gave solutions. Thank you" ... written by Janica
sighs* lol Thanks Leelahel, I think I laid a fair amount on you during our session but you were great and definitely helped me narrow things down with work. :)" ... written by ali23m
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Very professional and especially attentive, Ms. Leelahel's psychic acuity and intuition are always on target to shine her sacred starlight on the darkness and reveal real spiritual truth. A great seeress and a very wonderful person, we are all truly blessed that she is here with us. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Awesome awesome awesome!!!" ... written by lynn
Lee is just great. Love her" ... written by John
great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Great reading, I like her. 3 years reading me. " ... written by vjrei01
awesome" ... written by Dorcey
I am so sorry, didnt get a chance to say Bye! Love you honey, you have been my angel for so many yearss! thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart. Leelahel , so awesome!!!!" ... written by Niki
Thank you" ... written by Bearthoven
she is very very accurate. " ... written by jen
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Understood the situation and was caring. Tried to make me reflect on my thoughts and wishes and sort out my priorities. Would recommend." ... written by angalszone
Good reading very informative and gave great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Great psychic." ... written by Jake Hobbs
She is such a great reader. Like having a conversation with a friend." ... written by msahadeo
THANK YOUUUUUUU. SHE READ ME RIGHT ON AND GAVE ME HONEST ANSWERS :). I KEPT COMING BACK. Thank you for calming down my mad anxiety" ... written by Janica
awesome reading. Straight forward, to the point and honest." ... written by Debra
Very good advice." ... written by Jake
great and fast reading!" ... written by kayfer
A very sensitive psychic and empath, Ms. Leelahel's sacred insights and spiritual guidance bring us to realize our very best dreams come true and bring out the best of who we really are to "know thyself". It is in this way that her sacred inner starlight shines on our life path as a Blessed Guiding Star to make manifest our fullest potential. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Excellent reading; will be back again." ... written by Janice
Awesome reading and accuracy everytime. 10 stars!!" ... written by Maia
She was perfect!!! " ... written by ccampp
Her prediciton forme came TRUE, big one, again!! thanks love, xo" ... written by Niki
really good reading, thank you for giving me relief from my anxiety." ... written by KrissY
She Always seems to be honest with me! Thank you! I am greatly appreciative!" ... written by Ixchel
Her predictions ALWAYS happen, if you decide to read with her, its really important that to pay attention to every little detail she gives, coz she never says stuff for the sake of it,I have had readings with her for more than 4 and half years now, and what i have observed is that besides her predcitions, which always happen for me, her advise and guidance has helped me so much to build the kind of outcome I WANT from my situaiton... love Leelahel xoxo " ... written by Niki
she is amazing. always accurate. " ... written by jeni
Thank you thank you so much, and so sorry for being such a PEST today :P " ... written by Niki
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very fast and straight to the point. Leelahel is awesome! :) thank you!" ... written by S
Ms. Leelahel is really the greatest, kindest seeress ever!!! She is always as accurate as a laser beam, a very gifted empath, an expert at tarot and has many other talents along with an intuition of Divine Origin, of which combination is truly unique and priceless. We are all truly blessed that she is here with us!!! For any who would seek her sacred knowledge, please be very mindful to show her the respect she most assuredly deserves and you will be rewarded with life affirming guidance that will change your life for the best. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Leelahel, is the best. She is an amazing reader and has the most spectatular gifts that I enjoy witnessing and reaping her knowledge from those gifts." ... written by Robin
Awesome - very fast, to the point/no BS, extremely accurate regarding both topics i had concern about without me giving any info. She gave concise details/insight and her guidance was super helpful - highly recommended! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Superb! :) " ... written by carlos
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Seemed to understand" ... written by steve
thanks so much for your honesty!" ... written by sin
Quick connection, honest and very in tune to what is going on." ... written by lornalulu
Ms. Leelahel is such an especially wonderful and gifted empath and Great Seeress, Most Precious Gem of the Galaxy! A Guiding Star to bring us to return to our true selves and our highest potential. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
thanks for update" ... written by gk
she was brilliant, insightful, on target, very amazing. Thanks Leelahel. You have eased my difficulty greatly. " ... written by allbright
Hi Lee. Thank you so very much for the clarity. I so needed to talk to you because I have been so stressed. Thank you so much again for your help =)" ... written by lynn
A very sensitive empath and psychic, Ms. Leelahel is an expert at Tarot and sees the truth in all matters. Her spiritual guidance, especially when it comes to connections between people, is really unmatched and as such she is an excellent interpersonal counselor, a real professional. The world is so much of a better place with her here. To those who would spend time with her, please show her the respect she most assuredly deserves. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
One of the best and reliable psychic on oranum :)" ... written by Rob
nice reading i got very much information she is spot on and explain well. i like this reader and 5 stars" ... written by r.n.
3 years with her and she is always accurate. Recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
i really feel connected" ... written by Angela
Good reading. Always very informative and quick to connect. " ... written by pinkpather30
Very sympathetic and selfless, Ms. Leelahel has such a great spirit and a wonderful heart and along with her very gifted psychic talents as seeress, she is always there to help others in need of spiritual guidance. We are all truly blessed with her here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Such a beautifully gifted and talented lady, Ms. Leelahel's insights and intuition are truly a miracle. She is always very professional and attentive, listens closely to you, an expert at seeing the truth in all matters and a Blessed Guiding Star for those who are respectful and receptive to her divine guidance. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Leelahel is very good, fast and precise." ... written by Stian
That was a LONGGG reading, i added credits twice, but Leelahel is really that good. She has always been right for me, and I always consult her before makng any big decisions. Love you sweets and thanks so much. May God Bless you always xo" ... written by Niki
First person I bumped into when I signed up on oranum but never gave a shot. Also the youngest to get a reading from. She's really on point and offers good advice." ... written by Jules
Lee has been a GOLD MINE as a friend...her inspirational nature and calming attitude has freed the doors for me to take more risks and BELIEVE in myself again")" ... written by Christopher
My first time having a reading with her. and she went straight to the point. no sugar coating the truth! thank you !" ... written by dg
Ms. Leelahel's sacred psychic gifts are truly epic and of Divine Origin. Always the Brightest Guiding Star to bring us to our highest resonance and fullest potential, she sees and feels the deepest meanings of our life path and shows us real spiritual truth. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
thanks honey for the quick update!" ... written by niki
She answered my questions. thanks" ... written by leo girl
thank you so much! i admire you so much xo" ... written by Niki
you r the sweetest xo" ... written by niki
What can I say?... Leelahel is the best! Everything she tells me is exactly how things play out. " ... written by Rebecca
My time ended i was so sad, but thank you! i have gone to her before and pretty truthful!" ... written by mia
awesome awesome as alwayss!!! " ... written by Niki
thank you so much! truly amazing!!! " ... written by J
Good reading ! I have a reading with her before always a pleasure!" ... written by Terri
a great reading. will come back! to the point" ... written by john black
Nothing short of amazing. I only had three questions and she answered them all, very detailed and accurate to what I somewhat knew about the situation. So this gives me so much hope. 10/10 I would recommend. Thank you again, Leelahel!" ... written by Kelsey
the reading was detailed, constructive and helpful to me, she explained everything really good and gave me sound advice and i highly recommend her! honest and uplifting. 5 stars for miss L." ... written by ornella
thank you! hope to come back with better news. " ... written by Niki
Recently rated #1 on Oranum as she has a number of times, Ms. Leelahel is stellar and is absolutely the best on Oranum. Such a very fine, gracious, selfless, talented lady and great seeress, a truly unique and most precious Gem of the Galaxy! Open your hearts and spirits to this very wondrous Gift from Heaven, we are all truly blessed for every moment that she is here, she always changes our lives for the best. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is absolutely the best on Oranum!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
great reading, great advice. very positive and clear message. :)" ... written by john black
thanks for puttin my mind at ease. I will update you, one thing I love the most about tyour readings is that you never sugar coat things for me. as much as i was loking for better news than this, I am just happy that u didnt make it up for me ever.. thnaks. xo" ... written by niki
thnk you xo" ... written by niki
Super good reading, thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
she was great at staying focused and on topic. she was very quick to zero in on my questions and had very good insights and advice. I would definitely recommend her to others :)" ... written by RiverWide
She is connected. I got a tarot reading with her. She answered my question directly. Let's wait and see if her predictions happen. As my first time with her, I give her 5 stars." ... written by style
she is best" ... written by julie
she osi amzong andamp; she did her best! i will ocm e back! you made my day. lots of lvoe" ... written by L
Love Leelahel... I wish I had more credits to keep talking and asking questions... She is the real deal!" ... written by Rebecca
Leelahel is a Very very accurate psychic. A lot of her predictions, if not all, have happened for me. Good news or Bad, you must pay attention coz everything she mentions in her reading carries mmense significance. and if you get warning for somethign bad, if you are paying attention to her advise, you can always avoid it." ... written by Niki
She was quick, and very accurate. No judging and tells it how it is. " ... written by S
Leelahel, you are the best. Always enjoy our readings and your thoughtfulness in giving a thorough reading. " ... written by Rdee
I love her. she was right on I just wish I had more time, but I will be back" ... written by ezeeepass
Very caring and passionate. Within her reading she weaves a pragmatic and fun spirit! I really enjoyed her reading! " ... written by joyjrnys
Thanks for taking the time to read for me. Your guidance and insight means a lot and has helped me so much. Take care xo" ... written by Niki
She was great. answered all my questions and gave me good advice. I would recommend her" ... written by Valine
shes very accurate " ... written by jenna
Lol always accurate and honest. No matter what! " ... written by l
Thanks for a very honest and detailed reading, always delivered with sincerity and kindness." ... written by David
She's super sweet, willing to listen, her predictions have come to pass and she is also very fast and won't waste your credits :)" ... written by l
she is very good God is good thank you very much thank you for helping souls in evolution" ... written by full
awesome reading, " ... written by Deb
Leelahel is a very good reader. She answered my questions with great detail. I will come again." ... written by StarrVision
very straight forward, even keeled, practical....i like the clarity of the messaging and delivery" ... written by skyreader
thanks so much leela ♥" ... written by k
She always seems to know what she is talking about! And she knows exactly what I need to hear and not what I want to here. I am very to take my difficulties head on." ... written by Ixchel
shes so accurate " ... written by jeny
very very down to earth!!!" ... written by habs
very perfect reader on oranum.She is the best i ever have here." ... written by chi
A very intelligent and special lady, Ms. Leelahel has laser focus seeress abilities and a sacred inner light that shines like the Moon to see through all darkness. An expert at Tarot and very professional, her spiritual guidance is really priceless and unmatched. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
SO great as always thank you!! " ... written by heather
very informative reading! super quick and accurate!" ... written by Krissy
She rocks! Leelahel is a gift. She's a fantastic reader and a sweetheart. " ... written by Rdee
Thanks for always being a great listener, and awesome advisor. love xo" ... written by Niki
A truly stellar seeress, Ms. Leelahel's psychic gifts are amazingly accurate and honest. She is so wonderfully kind hearted, very generous of spirit and talented in many ways, a very rare and priceless Gem of the Galaxy, we are all very lucky and blessed that we can connect with her here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
hey, sorry we got cut off and I didnt get a chance to say Bye. Thank you so much for all you do, and i will listen to your advise, always. bye and have a great evenign xx" ... written by Niki
Fast answers and great as usual! thank you! :)" ... written by S
Very straightfoward answers." ... written by FW
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She answers you question fast and doesn't waste time. Will see if things come to pass. :)" ... written by mmm
Just needed her briefly but as always she reads those cards, like she created them, her depth is always amazing. You will never have regrets with her." ... written by Bronxie
always a good reading, straight forward" ... written by dl
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very specific and to the point of concern in replying and it is really very perfect. Worth taking Private. Good Job and God Bless. Regards" ... written by Dr Kesavan
She is awesome and straight to the point....Good work." ... written by Barani
thank you so much dear! talk to you soon :)" ... written by Niki
thanks for everytthiggg" ... written by L
I trust her she is genuine!! i love her!! thank you leelahel" ... written by L
she is amzinggggg" ... written by L
straight to the point :)" ... written by sehneo
will always come back. thank you" ... written by l
thank you :)" ... written by L
Excellent and very very fast communication :)" ... written by Pure Love
Very sympathetic and selfless, Ms. Leelahel has such a great spirit and a wonderful heart and along with her very gifted psychic talents as seeress, she is always there to help others in need of spiritual guidance. We are all truly blessed with her here. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
She puts a lot of effort into her reading. After a bad experience with someone else on this site, I will definitely get another reading from her again." ... written by Shaye
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
quick, and honest" ... written by d
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with. Always helpful when questions over situations occur." ... written by Alneverus
It was a great reading. I really like her readings, and due to that I am coming back to her, when I feel that I need some guide how to go further. Thank you for that! :)" ... written by Agnese
amazing i am so happy to have reading with her" ... written by m.12
Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease. FIngers crossed. " ... written by Niki
She's the best and very honest which I like" ... written by Liz
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
I wish this predciiton comes to pass like all the others you have predicted for me have :)" ... written by Niki
she was on point and really great" ... written by aqidah
Love love love her. She warned me of a BREAKUP/major fight like situation with my guy . Happened :(" ... written by Niki
Very good reading" ... written by Lisa
siempre la mejor, acierta al 100%" ... written by stephany
She always hits the nail on the head. Backs up things I already feel. Great confirmation for my soul!" ... written by Mya
She is awesome! " ... written by ma
awesome" ... written by Angela
5 stars!! quick and and accurate!" ... written by Niki
Beautiful, talented, gorgeous woman and one of the BEST psychics of all time . Love her, dont know what i would do without her :) xo" ... written by Niki
Lee hit another HOMERUN with her reading...i've been lost and crazy tired with all the demands of my life...now I have a year long road map back 2 the LIGHT")" ... written by Christopher
Excellent reading, got cut off but I will be back again! Highly recommended." ... written by JL
A pleasure to speak with, as always. And if you can, get her rolling! It is awesome!" ... written by Alneverus
Great!" ... written by ipppo
shes highly accurate" ... written by jen
Anther prediction happened within the specified time frame. Always awesome!! xo" ... written by Niki
awesome reading as always" ... written by dl
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
great reading " ... written by edel95
Leelahel, one of the best to ever do it!! " ... written by carlos
shes highly accurate" ... written by jen
she is very accurate !" ... written by jen
This woman is "God Sent" she helped me get on the right track before I go the wrong way. I am amazed by her talent and skills! First time reading with her she is a blessing! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! " ... written by LuckyGirl
WOW" ... written by K
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) " ... written by carlos
shes very real and accurate" ... written by jenny
quick and accurate :) love this beauty!" ... written by Niki
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wow! Leelahel answered all of my questions and was very up front and honest. She does not sugar coat, but delivers an honest reading! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! " ... written by Gatorgal
This lady has been reading for me for many months. And all the things she has predicted have turned out to be correct so far. " ... written by Al Bright
Thanks honey xo" ... written by Niki
She is lovely! Super sweet, calm, and described my situation to a T! Perfect reading!" ... written by coolgirl65
Leelahel is quick and accurate with her intuitiveness as well as her tools. She was in-tuned with things surrounding my question and gave me things to consider and really think about. I would recommend her. :)" ... written by Nikki
A very sensitive empath and psychic, Ms. Leelahel is an expert at Tarot and sees the truth in all matters. Her spiritual guidance, especially when it comes to connections between people, is really unmatched and as such she is an excellent interpersonal counselor, a real professional. The world is so much of a better place with her here. To those who would spend time with her, please show her the respect she most assuredly deserves. Top Rating: 10 stars. Ms. Leelahel is truly the very best!!! Blessed Be The Living Oracle!!!" ... written by Cyberspace Traveller
Awesome as always. (:" ... written by lilmaemae
outstanding !!!!! get her to read for you !!!! " ... written by tamjones
2nd reading with her! Again very satisfied with the results of the reading! She's right on target, straight to the point, doesn't waste time. Def one of my favorites! Gracias por todo chula! " ... written by cowboicasanova
She is brilliant... quick and very honest :) loved the first reading.. ha made some predictions will have to wait and watch," ... written by L
Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by NEH
Wonderful reading" ... written by
honest, straight forward. great reading" ... written by deb
Thanks Leelahel for the message. I will follow your advice and really looking forward to things you have predicted for me. Thanks for the message again :)" ... written by seeker_
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
leelahel reading is always great, order the $57.99 package you get all your questions answered !!! " ... written by carlos
Great reading, Very informative." ... written by pinkpanther30
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Lee did an excellent job! Very informative information. Very thorough." ... written by Steve8134230
Thank you so much for the reading. You're very funny! Everything that you explained to me, is exactually whats going on in my life. Thank you for discribing the people around me that i need to watch for. Thank you for time. " ... written by Angel168
Thank you so much for raising showing me the red flag. I really appreciate all your help. thanks, and take care beautiful xo" ... written by Niki
thanks so much leela ♥" ... written by k
She's amaaaazingg!!! and shes so sweet :)" ... written by mimi
Really amazing tarot reader!" ... written by Jay
Very good!" ... written by ipoppo
Superfly. " ... written by Karl
thank you, lots of love xo" ... written by Niki
She is a great medium. I really enjoyed her reading. " ... written by Letitia
Super professional and very gifted ... kind energy ... and much wisdom ... :-)" ... written by TravelKirk
awesome reading, always honest" ... written by debra
She's an amazing person, very sweet, beautiful, caring, very honest with her answers. She's right to the point now messing around, doesn't waste time on anything. She's worth a private consultation. Will be back for other readings. She's Great!" ... written by cowboicasanova
I really like her alot she has answer alot of questions that needed to be answered. and she was right on." ... written by Breezy64
very positive" ... written by love4u4eva23
Leelahel was a great deal of help in my situation I like the fact that she is young andamp; have a very good sense of humor.I will make her my top pick all the time" ... written by Jermaine-w85
Good :)" ... written by Cryptids
she is soooooo cool!!! picked up on me right away and was right on the spot! very precise reading! and what is very important - it is obvious that she enjoyed the reading as well :) It is nice when you feel that a Psychic really loves what she/he does :) Strongly recommend to everybody! Do not hesitate - take her to Private! You will not regret :)" ... written by hugs2020