About LoveDove477

Psychic LoveDove477has 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveDove477has recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveDove477's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

NO TOOLS NEEDED, I am an expert in Love, Family and Career. My gifts are Automatic Writing, Natural Intuitive, and Energy work/healing. When I was a young girl I always knew I was special with a unique connection to the spirit world. Being Intuitive I can see the world and all it's people for what they and it's beautiful. Our lives are about living to explore and achieving our given paths.

LoveDove477 gave me a wonderful andamp; comprehensive reading! Please give her a try. I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
She was a Good spiritual Advisor! She was very quick on connecting into my situation and she gave me a positive and uplifting reading also Encouragement. I would Suggest LoveDove477 for reading on love and career. she helped ! Thank you, Bright Blessings!" ... written by Tara
Always so sweet, so accurate and so quick. " ... written by Brittany
she is good :)" ... written by dod
Awesome reading. She's very helpful." ... written by Dennis
Excellent " ... written by gregg
She was very insightful and I she gave me good advice about my situation. " ... written by Matt
Excellent spot on with spirits" ... written by Gold
good" ... written by ritesh
She was wonderful!" ... written by Jennifer
Very caring and kind. Very truthful and accurate. Loved her!" ... written by Lisa Slay
i loveeeeee lovedove. OMG. spott on and accurateereee (plus she's very compassionate) " ... written by vanessa
Pleasure to talk to her! Very genuine and warm in the readings. Tells it like it is and looks out for your best interest." ... written by V
First time reading with Dove. She and Spirit are Wonderful!!! Learned alot. Thank you dear and will be back :)" ... written by lynn
Awesome as always!!! :)" ... written by V
Thank you" ... written by marion
Longest reading I've had because her price is so low, haha which makes it great because, the connection and energy level is on point, she's friendly and has good advice. She's new, try her out, real deal." ... written by Julie
LoveDove is great and picks up on things with her spirit very well and accurate. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
honest and accurate . " ... written by sam
great reading! She is nice to talk to and she is accurate. " ... written by s scurlock
Total Enlightenment..Like chating with my syster....I will recommend her..I will keep you posted..." ... written by Marcos
she seemed to be sincere and quite accurate. I would recommend her." ... written by rainbow
terrific....she is super fun to talk to and gave me warnings etc." ... written by sparkle
First read with this awesome lady and I love it. I will definitely come back again" ... written by Gina
Great and positive reading, felt a great connection with her! " ... written by Alan
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
This is my second read in 20 mins lol...Yes. I like this lady" ... written by Gina
I don't know what happened- it froze but was a great reading." ... written by S
I wish you were my neighbor be there all the time" ... written by Gina
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
she was very quick and got right down to the heart of the matter. no tools just spirit guides" ... written by RiverWide
3rd reading in a row. I like her energy :-) and her advices" ... written by Gina
I love it...very cheerful and to the point too" ... written by Gina
Excellent, strong reader. Felt the energy and connection. I'm very appreciative of the answers and insight for my somewhat complicated situation. She's really open minded and accepting and that is a great quality in these readings. Highly recommended!" ... written by .
Lovedove was Great I love her energy to boot . and she is pleasant to talk to with compassion ..Thanks for the advice will use it and Thanks again connection was great.xoxoxo" ... written by sc
First reading with her. she was awesome :) " ... written by shamster
Love this lady :-)...happy birthday too" ... written by Gina
Such good uplifting energy" ... written by Onslow
WOW! She definitely got to the heart of the people concerned. Read the situation perfectly. Great read! Thank you!!!" ... written by Trickynic
Words cannot describe how much I like this lady :-)...great reading and advice." ... written by Gina
hugs and muwah for the great and on point reading :-)" ... written by Gina
Love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" ... written by Gina
Always such a delight to talk to her :)" ... written by V
very good to connect." ... written by cd
she could be my bestfriend, she's awesome (:" ... written by juliewepp
i love love dove! she is so kind and genuine. She is a must go-to!" ... written by vanessa
thank you so much for all your help, you have a wonderful soul! was great chatting with you and everything said was so accurate and i appreciate it alot. god bless x" ... written by Dayna
The best on here!" ... written by anon
best reader I have ever had, and I am a long time oranum customer" ... written by yool
She's a sweetheart. And she is a great reader." ... written by A
Amazing! picked right up on my energy and didn't even need her cards. Will be back for sure!" ... written by T
LoveDove always takes her time and is very accurate. Every reading has been spot on." ... written by paul
Bless you and thank you! " ... written by
Awesome demo!!!! So sweet, so accurate and so on point!" ... written by Patience29
First time reading and WOW she was spot on! quick connection with good energies thank u so much xoxo" ... written by Adis
She is an awesome person full of love and beautiful energy. She gave me great guidance in my life path and purpose as well as a conflicting relationship question. She is full of positivity and you should get a reading from her." ... written by Laura
A wonderful reader! THoughtful and helpful advice and insights. SHe is an excellent communicator--information comes fast and clear. I will return to her again." ... written by Pearl
Been seeing love dove expert and she truly is a credit to your site soo caring and incredibly kind, she truly touched my emotions with her kindness " ... written by Kindheart5
She seemed like she picked up well on me. I loved her energy. Just got to keep applying for jobs. Interesting how to see how things will go with this guy. " ... written by Trista
Amazing" ... written by Elaine
She s great, quick and spot on! i really recommand her" ... written by ingrid
lovedove is amazinggggg" ... written by vanessa
she is a good reader that does not need any information. i recommend her." ... written by rainbow
Ended due to internet issues, I Love Dove Always! she always gets me back to a calm place " ... written by Amanda
she was really quick and accurate and very genuine. can't wait for the predictions to pan out. Thank you" ... written by nowk
Always reassuring and accurate :) " ... written by Amanda
Always get the best service from this hot mama :-)" ... written by Gina
Very short!! but was amazing!! :) " ... written by L
She's awesome!" ... written by Angela
Lovely reading was so fun to speak to :) was accurate as well thank u " ... written by cher
lovedove is fantastic! She is very soothing and kind, and she will always be one of my favorites!" ... written by vanessa
LoveDove was short and to the point and accurate on the situation." ... written by S
Wow, she is amazing and adorable too :) Tnx..." ... written by BA
she is such a amazing reader . a true friend and adviser every reading is truly from the heart , Dove you are Amazing " ... written by kindheart
Always a great read and very personable and straight to the point :-). Love love love this lady!" ... written by Gina
We laughed and she gave me great advice. Thank you again ! " ... written by Richard
She is the greatest reader I have ever gotten a reading from in my over 2 years of being on this site. A true angel." ... written by Joseph
Great reading!" ... written by Angel
Love her energy, very nonjudgmental andamp; down to earth." ... written by Kayla
brilliant" ... written by intrigue
very great! pretty quick! Even though a little more on the $$ so worth it! Very nice and great energy as well!!" ... written by Angela
awesome!" ... written by Ashley
is honest with her answers" ... written by smiley2011
great reader" ... written by oles
Love is a absolutely amazing reader. The best I have ever gotten. She is a sweetheart and an angel!!!" ... written by Joseph
Love love love love this lady! " ... written by Gina
good reading" ... written by dl
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
loverly women " ... written by kindheart
One of my absolute favorites - so sweet, to the point and great accuracy!" ... written by Brittany
lovedove is the best. I'm always down for a private reading with her!" ... written by vanessa
awesome " ... written by kindheart
Love her. She's always amazing!" ... written by Ven
she is great--wonderful energy." ... written by wren1414
awesome reader" ... written by kindheart
Love her energy!" ... written by wren1414
Thank you so much! " ... written by Alex
she's very nice and accurate :)" ... written by hazan
Always a pleasure having a reading with her :-)" ... written by Gina
i get a reading with her almost every week. She's fantastic!" ... written by vanessa
thanks for the private chat" ... written by Edward
she's there when i need her!" ... written by vanessa
I always enjoy speaking with her, she seems so genuine and never comes out of left field with things." ... written by kayla
such a sweet person and a great reader " ... written by kindheart
Such a great reading!!!!! Spot on :)" ... written by V
Very quick...very lovely...remembers all details :-)" ... written by Gina
so sweet, and really explains everything. take her to private. she's worth it. " ... written by singlegal
she was good, amazing connects very well" ... written by sk