Psychic MARCELLOMEDIUMhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MARCELLOMEDIUMhas recently helped 54members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MARCELLOMEDIUM's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Gifted Trusted Psychic reader with over 25 years experience. I can provide for our beloved clients the following services : Clairvoyance,Healing,Psychic Reading and Spell.

Thanks for the reading. You have always been clear and supportive with any situation. And you have really helped me find some insight into a complex circumstance" ... written by Diamond
He's an amazing man, I know I'll talk to him in the future as well!:)" ... written by Milan
Lovely man. Works very quickly and understands the situation very well. Very impressed with him." ... written by Armande
He is a very friendly person and knows a lot. You will never have a negative experience with him." ... written by Azzuro
We needed more time but this is second time I paid for." ... written by vive1935
Lovely man who can really connect with his clients. I have all the confidence that he can see the situation and give me good advice for the best outcome. Always nice to chat with him." ... written by Armande
Good reading...loved to talk with him..he is full of positive energy..:)" ... written by pepita24
It's like having a friend guiding you through your problems. Great energy." ... written by vegabonded
Great reading and insight!!" ... written by MayGirl
WOOOOW!!!! He's awesome! Right on the point!!! Sometimes we have to face things we do not want to see. He showed it to me....He gave me strength and hope! Made me smile again! Thank you Marcello!!!" ... written by Andrea
Good fast answers. Limited for exact answers by using cards. I would consult him again." ... written by Earthie
Thank you Marcello! You have a good instinct and view on my situation. I wish you much health and prosperity. Thanks for lighting a candle for me. Litsa" ... written by Lia
He's just awesome! I love my readings with Marcello, he's highly recommended." ... written by vegabonded
Very quick!!! AWESOME!!" ... written by nashy23
Very-very good reading with Marcello. I appreciate his Italian friendly style. He is a great person!" ... written by Daniel79
He is a very nice gentleman. Was very accurate with my situation and the hopeful in what the future very compassionate and caring in his readings. I will come back and get another reading in the future..Blessings and angelcare always my friend." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Incredibly accurate, nice and easy to relate to" ... written by bostonitaliano5
Brilliangt thank you made tears of joy flow xxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
marcello is a doll.. xoxo great reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very very talented and the real deal. The things he said would happen - did happen as he said it would. He really does see the situation, the people involved and their feelings and thoughts. You will not go wrong trusting this man." ... written by Armande
Marcello is Absolutely amazing. Recommend him +5" ... written by Joan84
Marcello is very kind and compassionate and by the time i had my second reading wiht him, one of his predictions had already come true. He made me feel there was hope. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed!" ... written by thewritegrl
Thanks so much Marcello, I enjoyed my reading." ... written by vegabonded
Thanks for him I will wait for your time frame to happen , thanks " ... written by ema
Marcello, truly amazing. and accurate! Extremely understanding. Very sincere and would definitely recommend those who are seeking guidance, to speak with him! I feel more than grateful, to of had my reading done by him. Thank you Marcello!!! " ... written by Rcancer
helpful, and i hope he is correct" ... written by anonymous
SINCERE. Marcello is so sincere, and i feel his energy and his true caring. He picked up on the current situation ACCURATELY, and i will take his advice. Left feeling calm and connected. " ... written by fireopal77
very nice! lovely man. I will leave another comment later when what he said unfolds. :) " ... written by SAchick
Very Accurate. and Very Sweet :) Thank you Marcellomedium, God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
just a word MAGIC! Thanks" ... written by ARISA
thanks Marcello you tell me exatelly the secret that I have and Im very impressioned. Thank you very much " ... written by Alina
Very accurate!" ... written by Mai Gaston
thanks Marcello. Will do what you suggested. Nice guy!!" ... written by sunny3107
excellent reading........" ... written by amr0268
Wow! Can't find the word to tell how good he is. Less words but means a lot. " ... written by Mai Gaston
He's good!" ... written by waterbaby
Amazing reading. Im hoping everything he said comes true. He was very honest and did not sugar coat anything. It was what I needed to hear." ... written by alexsisdawn
He is honestly awesome....Great VIBE!!!! LOL ..Enjoyed my reading and I know you will love yours......." ... written by angellove11
His gift is incredible, when Marcello use the Medium energy I was very in peace with myself and in quiet with my soul. Experience to try. See you on a few days" ... written by HU
I had a very nice reading with MarcelloMedium. He was able to tap in very well and fast. Amazingly he told me things that I only knew, but was also able to tell me things that would me helpful and beneficial to me." ... written by Tanny6
Marcello was wonderful. Very accurate, kind, and positive. i would highly reccomend him." ... written by Kate
I wanna try if is very gifted and I give for Him 5 stars and I undestand if someone is gifted or not! ps. I sent later the mail reading request with my pics as you want for clean better all of negative there is in my life. Thanks a lot for all very helpful" ... written by MargaretMEDIUM
He's accurate without having me tell him anything! Such a sweetheart and a caring person. Definitely will come back!" ... written by fairmemories
WOW ! he is very accurate :) thanks very much Marcello! I'll be back. Try him he's definitely worth. " ... written by jimikuta
Marcello is great! Really quick with his typing. Lots of information and some predictions! :)" ... written by rainbows8
Fast to get the information from their reading to you." ... written by Alneverus
Very good, to the point, warm and friendly. I have to wait for the outcome, but he was very Positive. I'd recommend him highly." ... written by snowmoon
Thank you soo much !!!! " ... written by ronniecateyez
Sweet, straight to the point. Kept it positive. :)" ... written by siari
Please, do not let Marcello's Italian charm fool you. He is SINCERE and CARING and REAL. His readings are fast, and professional, and full of advice and hope. NO sugar coating, always the truth." ... written by .....
Oh my this man is great! sincere and genuine. I highly recommend him. He is spot on and very helpful!! will be back." ... written by Lorann23
He was very accurate in alot of ways . He told me things i should have known and also what i did not know . I strongly recommend for everyone to get a reading from him, you will be amazed. I know what i must do now thanks to him." ... written by amenchac
He was very good. I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Deeva122658
haha loved it very nice and puts u at ease :) ty marcell" ... written by anon
haha loved it very nice and puts u at ease :) ty marcell" ... written by anon
Ive lost count how many times he's done my reading so that should tell you all you need to know!! :)" ... written by jayr3264
Loving the charm, even when he was a plonker ;-) x Lovely reading, looking forward to the outcome muwah!" ... written by tickleme2011
Surprising but he is confident; somehow I think he is right. Thank you." ... written by lotus71
Great guy with vision of future and understanding of present, lovely person and always good to have a reading with :) Cheers Marcello !" ... written by kellygal77
Very quick and insightful readings. If you have the credits, I recommend giving him a try. He is honest and straight to the point and he won't tell you what you want to hear. He will tell you what you NEED to hear. And he is very charming as well. :) " ... written by Virgo888
My second reading with Marcello. he was as kind and accurate as he was the first time, will be back:-)" ... written by araketanara
very nice guy so sweet " ... written by mlh92107
another great reading " ... written by jayr3264
wow WOW he is such good guy and the truth and Im very happy him I will see him again next time oxoxoxo" ... written by mlh92107
Good Reading. :)" ... written by Virgo888
5 STAR BEST " ... written by mh
amazing and really helps wherever he can :)" ... written by jessjess1
seemed to connect very easy! hope to see if the new year brings his visions!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Thank you Marcello for everything. Sorry I ran out of funds. Will be back. I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones." ... written by Lorann23
It was a good reading , Very nice guy." ... written by MrsChung1
Fantastic, insightful, honest and spot on! high recommended!" ... written by makstah
What can I say about Italian man? They are so charming and intelligent. However, Marcello is quite excellent with his predictions since he ask only your name for starter. He is a genuine empath, psychic and loves sincerely helping his clients. JE SERAI DE RETOUR ET JE TE REMERCIE POUR LA VÉRITÉ! Thank you Marcello,xxxx" ... written by milona
he is so good I want to come to him always and I will be back his the best ." ... written by H
Thank you Marcello, put my mind at ease and made my day a brighter one. Thank you for your guidance..Amazing " ... written by Susan Gurling
I always appreciate the updates and insight from Marcello. He is authentic, heart-driven, and compassionate when providing guidance. Highly recommended!" ... written by E
Amazing!! put my mind at ease. And was very very straightforward. Helped a lot. :) " ... written by Sabi
I have consulted with Marcello many times and his readings are incredible. He is very sensitive in what he picks up, honest and does not sugar coat. Because we have spoken so many times he has gotten to know me well and can help me interpret what is going on in my life." ... written by bostonitaliano5
well hope this grate man" ... written by johnkidd
His energy is so light and wonderful. He is helpful with guidance and advice and he reassures on things. Wonderful!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wow - he connected immediately and picked up on everything. Saw things exactly as they are and gave very honest feedback... He is really amazing with his gifts! Highly recommend!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Awesome reading... you must experience Marcello. I will visit with him again - you should too." ... written by Moliere63
He is just amazing - picks up immediately and helps so much with everything. His work is incredible and he sees the situation so clearly. *****FIVE STARS***** - Wonderful!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you so much for the reading ! " ... written by reicaa
Ha he is so giving and genuine and goes all the way to give u the right answers and to help u understand whatever situation. He is genuine reader .....Ill be back marcello. and italian men are sexy lol" ... written by murdocca
Interesting dream! I will let you know if it happens!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Very good, will have to wait and see but very nice man" ... written by kellourex
Gong to send a pic for the email reading to get conformation" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
spot on in his dream" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Always with the light and wonderful energy - his smiles are contagious :)! Caring and gifted reader - always!" ... written by sacredlove71
I had a quick reading only but felt relaxed, he has very nice energy and I was happy with the answers he gave me. I will definitely get another reading from Marcello! Thank you for your kind words. :)" ... written by misstweety
I love this guy. he is genuine and kind. If you ever have an issue that requires kindness and understanding, Marcello will give it everything to with a great result" ... written by araketanara
super ...super...AMAZING GOD BLESS U,,," ... written by moonza
YeeHaw...he is so crazy on target it is unreal. try him out." ... written by pinkoraclelilly
He always helps to see the situation accurately and to give good guidance." ... written by sacredlove71
I was happy with the dashing Italian :-) Question answered on my career but time went to quick for my question on ever being married. He was good. Thankyou Marcello" ... written by misstweety
Such a helpful and positive reader - his energies will help you feel better and comfortable about your situation. He is wonderful!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Amazing reading as always :) - I love to read with him. His positive energy and smiles are wonderful. Excellent and gifted!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wow....his energy work/prayers provide fast results! Thanks I will keep you informed. Such a gentle soul!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
He is wonderful as always...even in the toughest of times he brings a smile. XOXO" ... written by sacredlove71
Marcello .... thank you for a nice reading and being honest and direct. I hope you continue to build on your clientelle on Oranum . ... You are already achieving a comforatable repoir with all who enter you open chat room.. I will see you again.. soon..BB " ... written by bberney
He is so positive and gives such a great energy. Helps to clarify things and keep focused in the right direction." ... written by sacredlove71
Very nice person, gives hope :)" ... written by hrast722
he is the BEST..........." ... written by moonza
5 star" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
In only a few minutes he reads things so accurately and so well. His positive energy and happiness is contagious and brings a big smile!" ... written by sacredlove71
GOOD" ... written by PPP
WOW... this man felt my energy and so did I. It was such a strong connection. I want to thank you for what you did for me, Marcello. You just don't know how much that meant to me... Thank you for clearing up my concerns and giving me the proper guidance :) I wish you many blessings and God bless! Thank you again... :) ((((Big hugs to you)))) : - *" ... written by J_Virtuous86
Fantastico !!! lettura accurata e partecipe. Consigliatissimo !!! " ... written by criola
A psychic of warmth, soul and completeness to his predictions. " ... written by G27Writer
I am always smiling when I read with him. He sees things so well and his positive energy is wonderful!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you so much for the insight to a very complicated situation, you were able to show me the right way and at the same time look into myself. 5 stars! very highly recommended!" ... written by megabee9
It has been a real help and complete non judge mental guidance. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
i AM FEEL GREAT AFTER CONSULT WITH HIM....he is a kind of kindness person so caring of what did happened to u...dont bother who u are as he sense your difficulties he will help you no matter what." ... written by coolme
offcourse its me....yea..M feel Very Great after talking with him...everything doing well...hope more great news coming...thanks Marcellomedium." ... written by coolme
Nice reading...he is a sweetheart and came up with some answers that I know to be true. " ... written by spiritualgirl1
Sorry, I didn't have more time. Will come back again. " ... written by flammsan
On track!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Fantastic!!!" ... written by scoops09
great thanks" ... written by zelda1989
He always starts my day with lovely smiles and big positive feelings! He is a wonderful reader and gives amazing energy!!" ... written by sacredlove71 were absolutely amazing! Truly appreciate your honesty! That's all I ask for!" ... written by HappyDays4u
The greatest and best energy - such pure joy and light from him - just wonderful readings and great energy! " ... written by sacredlove71
Marcel's tarot card reading was very positive and he hit the nail on the head. He was a very good reader and I felt very comfortable with him. Give him a try you won't be disappointed." ... written by SCB4001
wow!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Such a sweetie - his positive energy and smiles are contagious :)! I love to get readings with him. He is very well tuned in and he gives great advice. FIVE STARS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
So glad he is here to help with things. I end up smiling every time. Such a caring and wonderful reader who gives honest readings with kindness." ... written by sacredlove71
best!" ... written by sacredlove71
your thirst predict happen really fast and Now I wait for the second one :-) blessing thxxx" ... written by Steph
So glad he is here to help with things. I end up smiling every time. Such a caring and wonderful reader who gives honest readings with kindness." ... written by sacredlove71
Marcello Marcello Marcello!! you are an amazing person. Bless your heart and soul! thank you for being so compassionate and honest with me !!! Hugs and kisses my friend!!!! " ... written by HappyDays4u
Always wonderful :) !!" ... written by sacredlove71
As always - with a BIG HEART!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Oh, Marcello - I feel we are old friends now. You are such a lovely and wonderful reader :)! Thank you for everything!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Always a joy to read with :)" ... written by sacredlove71
Dreams are unfolding!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Such a wonderful reader :) - pure and light energy :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Excellent as always :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
So happy to have him to read with! Such a great help!" ... written by sacredlove71
Always a great one :) - such a wonderful reader and caring soul!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wonderful as always :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Perfetto as always :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
What a wonderful one :) - he is so light and full of great energy - always helps to feel better!!" ... written by sacredlove71
almost time!!!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Perfetto as always :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Smiling :) - always!!" ... written by sacredlove71
OMG he is really detailed and he know my secret things too .. 5 stars" ... written by loreen
this man is really magic! Thanks marcel I agree 5stars" ... written by HU
Marcello reads fast and gives a lot of information. he doesn't waste your time or your credits. i feel so much better." ... written by fireopal77
Very understanding and gave me very positive reading. Thank you for your prayer. love you... wish everything will come true" ... written by nk063011
Great advice as usual :) always puts a smile on my face" ... written by iPreferMimi
Not 5 stars not 10 stars not 100 stars BUT non ending STARS...................THANKS" ... written by PureDiamond
wonderful as always!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you again for putting my mind at ease. I know I am always wanting reassurance. I just need to trust your word. I do have faith. God Bless" ... written by jasminepapas
He is so sweet to inform me of what he sees,. shall wait for next week." ... written by reicaa
reading was cool- great psychic!" ... written by mar
great reading with lots of care and compassion, a true gentleman" ... written by Malcolm
Great Reading" ... written by JJ
excellent very easy to pick on things right away. really lovely reading would recommend everyone get a reading" ... written by flojam
Thank you for your help. You have put my mind at ease. God bless xo" ... written by jasminepapas
His so nice and best reader i trust him . he tells you what he see's . i be back. .:):)" ... written by Hope
TRUE PHYSIC." ... written by ppp
He is damn good, trust me,... !!!!" ... written by ppp
Awesome! Marcello you are always great, and most importantly love your honesty.....CIAO!!!" ... written by HappyDays4u
Thanks Marcello- your intuition is so strong and works every time! Looking forward to a nice week ahead. Take care friend!" ... written by Charlie
Always a wonderful one!" ... written by sacredlove71
Always helpful and positive to keep things in a good way!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very nice man.....can't wait for it all to happen...tuned in very well. D" ... written by dstufra1
I'm encouraged by the reading. I'll post back how it goes." ... written by afcsher
I love him!!!! I didn't know he could be so on point!!! He picked things up that he couldn't have known at all heart stuff totally amazing!!!" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Always a pleasure to read with him :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
I had an email reading from Marcello last week and he responded within 2 hours. I was quite impressed by his abilities and his comments as he was able to see and foresee my current situation, and give me sound advices. He is a powerful psychic/medium who loves his job dearly and cares about his client." ... written by Milona
He was a joy to talk to :) Totally turned my day around.. gave me the advice I needed to hear and made my decision easier for me. Thank you." ... written by iPreferMimi
Quick to answer questions given." ... written by Alneverus
So fun!" ... written by AleahRyder
He is a very good reader and can connect fast! Thanks very much Marcello! I'll be back again :) " ... written by jimikuta
I love Marcello! Have a reading and see for yourself. He's wonderful!" ... written by krismic2
OMG ~ What a gentle soul... Made me smile... We hit it off great... We had a lot in common, so he was able to understand me and pick up on my energy... Great Great reading, thank you." ... written by Tooie1969
Wonderful as always!" ... written by sacredlove71
He is a genuine one - trust him!" ... written by sacredlove71
OMG he is REALLLLLY good. He picked things up and used destiny cards to guide my future. BE forewarned though he does say the truth whether you like it or not. Will be back! thank you love!" ... written by charmedangelx31 is your update on the situation with Ari and I.....We are dating again!!! You said we would so many times and I found it hard to believe but it's happening. Your predictions are coming true. I can't wait for more of your predictions to happen. I'm so happy Marcello. Thanks to you, you helped me keep that little bit of faith and hope even though I thought it would be impossible. But you said I believe in your love story and stuck to your word. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I'm sending lots of hugs and kisses to you xoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you very much, sorry I couldn't stay for longer ran out of credits. I will come back soon to update you and find out the answer to the last question I asked. " ... written by wishingsmi
Wonderful as always :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Such a sweetie - accurate predictions and great advice!" ... written by sacredlove71
Always enjoy my readings with Marcello his advice and readings are always positive and constructive.Wonderful reader..." ... written by murdocca
Amazing man! picks up so well and helps me a lot. Will talk to him soon and keep him updated andamp;lt;3 thank you Marcello!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Thank you for helping me when i need it the most" ... written by jasminepapas
Always a great reading!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very nice ! he is great ! i hope what he says is going to be true. but he got strong connection with me." ... written by Ar
The Best Reading Ever! I Love This Man! Extremely Helpful. 100% Honest andamp;amp; Accurate. Great Insights, Very Inspiring. Great Advice. 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
He is very sincere in helping me! And his dream about me has turn into realty! " ... written by reicaa
He is so caring it comes from his heart. Determined to help you and will. I Truly Believe in him that's why I keep going back. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Just amazing and wonderful energy! My face starts to hurt from smiling so much :) - he is such a caring and lovely reader!! MWAH!" ... written by sacredlove71
Great reader and advisor....explains things in a clear fashion...." ... written by dstufra1
He was awesome." ... written by kdeitz
amazing " ... written by f
My favorite psychic ever! " ... written by Phiore
A joy to talk to as usual! He brings me clarity and faith to move forward with my situation so hopefully all will go as planned :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
He make me feel so positive and very to the point. Good reader, caring and so accurate, Marcello is very gifted man. wonderful, beautiful soul. thank you !!!!" ... written by JOLYNN
He has the warmest heart. I adore him. He's Very Intuitive and Knowledgeable. Amazing! " ... written by swiftcats64
Marcello was such a pleasure.. very nice and straight forward but gentle..." ... written by micheller2
My love! I forgot to update you with what you said about his number, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I must thank you for your help thus far. I will wait for your other predictions to come to light. Thank you dearest, ciao xox" ... written by charmedangelx31
Dear Marcello, i wish you come into chat so we can discuss our updates! there is a lot to talk about! xox" ... written by charmedangelx31
Thank you so much for the guidance and making the situation feel all ok. highly recommended for a reading to give you peace of mind." ... written by megabee9
I feel better again after 2days cant ctcd him...I totally heal mysufferby him...Great of u...May God bless people like u." ... written by coolme
When I dont connect with him, I feel I am lost already coz need story to tell about his reading...." ... written by coolme
Like usual...for me he his Very Great person, caring andamp; honest." ... written by coolme
This man have a real biggest power can help people and give perfect advise in Love and Business too. I believe in his predict because always happen. 5 stars" ... written by Antonio
Marcello, thank you again, another positive email reading, i believe in you as well as my instinct." ... written by JOLYNN
Lovely person with lovely words ... " ... written by redpillbluepill
Marcello is wonderful. Picked up on something I had completely forgotten about. Very accurate in describing people and situation. He is very warm and caring. Will let everyone know how things go, but I am confident in the outcome he predicted." ... written by debbie
Always a wonderful reader with great energy and positive feelings :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks Marcello, your spell has the effect I need!" ... written by spellpower
He is awesome!!!!" ... written by mhharview
Very fast and detailed. Does not sugar coat and if he doesn't see something, he will tell you, he won't make it up. Very good reading." ... written by anon
The best......." ... written by PureDiamond
Thank you so much for your total honesty Marcello! God bless you hun :)" ... written by mdemos
Marcello is a sweetheart. Very caring and heart felt reading. Shares what he sees in most positive way and with much love. Bello bello bello!!!" ... written by christina
Great reading thank you!" ... written by mancrm
Very positive reading. :)" ... written by Miss
Great Reading!!!!! Quick and to the point!!!! Genuin!!! Recommend highly!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Cool, calm and collected. On Point about what he knew and very pure aura about himself! I would definitely recommend a reading with him, he is super good." ... written by MVGlove
He is truly amazing, feels connection.. God Bless you Marcell, you are so Great!" ... written by anniekazmi88
He helped me with what i was feeling and made me feel at ease that all will be ok if I use patience. True connection." ... written by iniki86
You were GREAT!! Thank you and God Bless." ... written by nikkigt06
Excellent" ... written by outlook2013
I liked him. I read his reviews and thought I would give him a try. He is calm and caring. He is fast and did not ask a lot of questions. His reading was accurate. We just have to wait for the predictions :)" ... written by benzy73
Sweet and caring. It's always a blessing to have a reading with Marcello. God bless!" ... written by mini1214
interesting and caring chat always a pleasure." ... written by david
I really do like coming to this psychic for a reading very good and insightful " ... written by starlight22
Firstly predictions came true yay ... secondly his very calm , friendly ,and most importanly honest and ACCURATE. Everyone give him and try and you will not regret it i promise :)" ... written by Misspash
Wonderful reading with timelines, laughter and predictions! :) He's a lot of fun and a sweet person at heart. Loving energy." ... written by lovebugshay
As usual he saw everything with no guidance from me. So clear and accurate. Such a kind hearted guy. Get a reading! He's lovely." ... written by lydialyon
Marceloo has been very consisten, very fast and detailed and give me very good guidance" ... written by Morten
Astonishing !!!! Marcello is to the point and extremely accurate in his readings !!! Blown away !!! He is the real deal people !!! One reading and you are hooked ! Its a guarantee !!! all his predictions are turning true ! " ... written by autumn
He is absolutely adorable. I couldn't get over the sweet energy despite my mind was in a weird place. He set me at ease with my relationship question and even gave me a time frame. He made me feel assured and at ease and that for which I'm thankful for. I would have given him a positive review even if the incite wasn't in my favor because he's that good. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Most lovely reader on Oranum! I love him!" ... written by Abra1970
Very amazing and accurate. Very kind and caring person. Thank you for the long session reading. It was great. worth 10stars++++" ... written by pigletme123
I feel great for 2nd session....appreciate for all his kindness andamp; i feel save to have u on helping me..." ... written by coolme
He is very helpfull andamp; very confident of what we want...I will ONLY approached him ONLY him...GREAT GUY..thank you so much." ... written by COOLME
Wow.... simply amazing. Connected very quickly and extremely strong andamp; gifted reader! Will update you once predictions happen." ... written by Tanya
Warm and sweet personality. He connects very well and gives good advice. It feels like he's known me for years :)" ... written by Carmen
fantasica!" ... written by nick
He's just spot on, he's a lovely man, and very accurate!! I'll definitely be back to see if these predictions happen. Thank you! much love sent your way xx" ... written by Drummergirl
Always good to catch up xxxR" ... written by rutinha133
MarcelloMedium What a Hunk first of all. Secondly he is very gifted. I asked a general question and he saw a details about my current situation. He gave me a few predictions which I will be back to confirm with him. Thank you so so so much!" ... written by
Marcellomedium is a master! Love him!" ... written by gaston165
Cant get enough of his guidance :) " ... written by Misspash
Love readings with marcello....lots of love to you! x" ... written by jasminepapas
Thanks! Said I shall meet someone in four months that I have not met before, and that he will be a family oriented type of guy." ... written by fuzzy60four
Macellomedium was very sweet. He read into my situation and put me at comfort of how i was feeling; he dug right in and was able to make me feel comfortable with his reading; his energy was so positive, it instantly made me feel better... :-) Wonderful reading..." ... written by Heather
Very accurate, fast...i recommend :)" ... written by Dom_Dom_Dom
Marcello is very quick, accurate and a lovely reader with a good heart. I can recommend to anyone. He is worth it." ... written by kristina
Funny guy. Very kind." ... written by jbox1348
Another great reading... very trusting..." ... written by Heather
Very good ... even saw the smallest details. great read." ... written by crystal
Excellent as always and very caring man. god bless!" ... written by mini1214
Very nice reading :)" ... written by sunny0day
Thank u for ur lovely reading. i look forward to ur predictions. " ... written by linn115
Always an amazing reading with marcello! and he's always right about his predictions. Oh and he's sooo gorgeous!" ... written by jasminepapas
A rather nice reading. Takes time to explain exactly what he sees and very positive when speaking about it. Will prove an interesting invididual to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wonderful - always!" ... written by sacredlove71
He was outstanding. He picked up so quickly on my situation and he also was spot on with my situation. Thank you so much. I will read with him again. He also is a very fast reader." ... written by jeter28
Amazing!!!! Need not say more!" ... written by kristina
Well worth the time. Is perfectly willing to discuss what he sees in the cards and explain it. Rather fast in typing and shows you what he pulls from the deck." ... written by Alneverus
He is very fast and accurate. He told me lot of things just with my name which was amazing and he has predicted lot of things for me in future. I will wait for them to manifest and I am pretty sure it will. Overall it was a good reading." ... written by bubblygirl
I remember the first time I joined this site, Marcell was the first reader I ever connected to. Just as that day, he is connected straight away. I think him for his abilities and look forward to his predictions coming to pass." ... written by tickleme2011
Amazing, sweet, accurate. Get a reading!! I love Marcello!!!!" ... written by lydialyon
He is very nice, very kind and emphatic, I felt well, he typed fast also that is important, maybe I will come back... He has a very nice personality also thanks" ... written by akenatonacindere
Breath of fresh air, honest, sincere and very quick typist....... Simply Gold Dust ........" ... written by Kindred01
The best psychic on Oranum! # 1 !!! Try him u will be amazed! He is very relaxing and has calm energy." ... written by peace
He is really Pure and with honesty he see what happen in your Life with his cards! Reallly Gifted and also a great teacher for the Anchestral Traval, I have finally the possiblities to try my out body experience during my dream with success! Thanks very much Marcello!" ... written by PURELOVE
Again, he gives comfort. He is always right, so I have hope again!" ... written by anon
Never see before sameone that give accurate info and frame time like Marcello! His thirst predict come true! Thanks 5 stars" ... written by life
I really love his readings... Genuine... Will be back... God Bless." ... written by Vandana
I came back today because Marcello's prediction earlier in the week already came to pass. Please, try Marcello. He is true, real, and with a heart of good intentions. His predictions have always happened for me, even when I feel the greatest gloom. He is so connected with my situation, he can pick it up so quickly any time I come back. Thank you again." ... written by anon
Very lovely man. Calming and caring. :)" ... written by chickie
Always helpful to look at situations and provide you with what he sees and feels. Always a pleasure to talk with." ... written by Alneverus
Assuring as usual! I hope I have good news next week." ... written by sunny0day
This amazing man has the kindest soul. Spot on readings always! The real deal for sure!" ... written by krismic2
Marcello your the best thanks for giving me wisdom and peace of mind can't wait to talk to you again." ... written by rosemb70
Thank you so much for everything. I needed to talk to someone less connected to my personal situation so I could get the truth and he gave me all I needed to know so I can move on and be happy." ... written by nikkigt06
What can I say about this amazing man that I haven't already said. Truthful, insightful, calm, positive and an absolute delight to speak with. Love! xx " ... written by krismic2
Awesome is all that I can say! He is a heartfelt man, compassionate. I needed and wanted a man's point of view on my situation, and Marcello was right on the money. I will wait as he says. You won't regret using Marcello. " ... written by ruth
Incredibly stunning without dazzle with special effects, can do its job." ... written by Carati Patrizia
WOWEE - he was so helpful and kind - and HONEST! He saw everything accurately and I am hopeful that his predictions come to pass. What a lovely man - blessings to you!!" ... written by alwayslovetrg
Good and consistent. When tied together all his readings maintain a good theme across the board about the entire situation. He's quite talented and has no issue explaining exactly what he sees in terms of the reading. Excellent reader." ... written by Alneverus
The best in the world!" ... written by Deborah
He is very psychic and very sweet! Very good reading!" ... written by psymeow
He is great, very honest and his predictions were absolutely true I was amazed. thank you, MARCELLOMEDIUM, I will be back." ... written by Ira
What a great man with great insight! He is super compassionate, respectful and caring. Understood my situation better than I do and gave me great tips on overcoming it. I was nervous on opening up to him but felt great chemistry and very positive and soothing vibe from Marcello! I would definitely trust him with my life and will come back to him for more advise!" ... written by Samantha
Thanks! This is the first time coming to you and you read my cards very well..." ... written by sun
Amazing, ACCURATE, uplifting, tells the 100% truth. Get this reading! " ... written by lydialyon
Always a pleasure my friend!..... Love love love you! " ... written by kristina
He is great, verified everything and gave me a gleaming smile on my face!" ... written by Shan
I didn't tell him hardly anything, but he picked up on certain aspects of the situation only I could know... he seemed very to the point and sure of himself. In the end I was consoled with the information I had recieved." ... written by Davide
He's specific is clear recommended for all." ... written by Lumusia
Amazing reader, the best. Try him." ... written by sun
WOW Amazing reading...can you come back..I am not done :)" ... written by Sunny
Nice and quick reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Marcello is such a sincere and authentic person. I genuinely feel connected to him and wish him nothing but the best. He does not sugar coat things but will find the perfect words and lighten up your earth with his tender smile and give you back hope in life and yourself. It sounds crazy to say after 2 consultations but I think I have found a friend here and what greater friend there can be than a God fearing man. God forever bless you and your loved ones Marcello xoxo" ... written by Samantha
He is super amazing " ... written by anniekazmi88
Really, marcello is the best. Not only an accurate psychic, but also caring. Does never wish to waste your money or credits. I have been trusting him with my tender situation and he is always so helpful. Thank you Marcello. I look forward to my email reading." ... written by fireopal
Thank you Marcello, for giving me insight into my doubts and for a clear reading. I will await the time that you foretold with hope... ^^" ... written by Nightfall85
Thank you Marcello. You have been right in the past and i do hope your new predictions happen." ... written by jp
Amazing, knew my whole situation!! Amazing!! Thank you!!! Can't wait to see what happens!!! " ... written by j
Marcello is a REAL psychic. Every prediction he has made for me has happened. He does not sugar coat, and will give you all he sees (the good and the bad), so when he gives me predictions of good news, I know I can believe (even if it does not seem possible). Marcello has helped me thru so much. He is truly gifted, and he uses his gift with only good, loving, positive intentions. Please, look no further...PUT YOUR TRUST IN MARCELLO. You will not be sorry. You will be in safe, loving, and truly gifted psychic hands. Marcello, I cannot thank you enough! My family is the most important thing in my life, and you have helped us heal through hard times, and helped me see the path to the light ahead. Love and Light. " ... written by f.o.
Marcell is my best psychic.. I always trust him what he accurate tell about my future!!!" ... written by anniekazmi
Marcello is always spot on with my situation. He is very encouraging but doesn't sugar coat his readings. He will only tell you the truth. I will come back for updates. " ... written by Moonchild59
Good straight to the point good psychic and very please recommend him." ... written by star
Thank you!" ... written by unknownjourney1
He was spot on with everything. I am yet to find out about the predictions. He is value for your money! He is quick and really honest. He is purely amazing. He is a lovely man. One of the best here in Oranum." ... written by MyraGM
Thank you so much dear I keep you posted." ... written by Lenard
Marcello is very accurate. His readings were spot on. He knew what my issues were. He gave me hope and clarity. I can't wait for his predictions to happen. I know they will. Thank you very much, Marcello! " ... written by Moonchild59
Was reassuring of a situation improving in a matter of days. Kept it simple which made the messages come through clearly." ... written by Enkori
The best of the best. Very accurate and detailed... highly recommended thank you:)" ... written by PB1923
another reading, great choice" ... written by Lumusia
:-)" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
He is a very good reader and spot on about the situation. I love to read with him...thank you....." ... written by cdsmith
Marcello is very accurate and confident with his readings. He can feel my pain ahead of what I want to say. I am positive that his predictions will happen. I have to learn how to be patient and remain positive like he said. Thank you very much, Marcello! " ... written by Moonchild59
Marcello is very nice and was an intersting reading. Thank you." ... written by GD
Great reader! " ... written by luckystar222
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
He was helpful - " ... written by Jennifer
Felt better. Thank you." ... written by Laura
Was awesome " ... written by dan
good guy. positive reader" ... written by charlie
such a nice guy and positive, I love the time spent in private u should give it a try ! god bless u and see u soon" ... written by Bela
He is an awesome reader!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! Though his accent is a little strong for me to understand but this person is very patient and reading it well. Accurate on all the situations!!" ... written by Vanessa
Very wonderful person, very helpful!" ... written by Viviann
Thank you thank you, that is what I really need it to hear that was long time since I have this feel he is so good really understand you from the very begening he have a special place in my heart thank you for every thing it´s not the last time I get a reanding from him thank you marcello grazias" ... written by Marion Kielskov
Good reader!!" ... written by kilo
Excellent,fast and accurate." ... written by Patricia
Very good reading, honest and fast no sugar coating. xxxx .. Will be back for sure!" ... written by gerrijj
Finally finish the reading, he was so nice, kind and very honest. He is also very fast (not wasting your credit) and gave me advice on what to do with what i'm dealing with! I will 100% come back to him! Other readers here were NOT good at all and even made me feel bad! Thank you so much and I hope to talk to you very soon! Let's see what happens after your advice.. Again, many thanks and hugs!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by litteone3
Very encouraging reading, will know by the end of June if the prediction comes through." ... written by Pete
Very fast reader and typer, but credits ran out so quickly, I liked what he predicted, I only hope its all true. Nice man, thanks " ... written by Jade50
MarcelloMedium is one of the best on oranum his gifts are amazing,and can see very clearly who is coming in for you. The acutely is top marks would recommend him. " ... written by star
Love it he is amazing " ... written by star
Really assuring and he's really really confident in giving me his predictions. I am so excited to see how things will unfold. Thank you Marcello! " ... written by casualcolor
He's very fast!! This was my first reading so I have to wait if his predictions come to light. " ... written by casualcolor
He's wonderful. Very accurate, kind, and always positive!" ... written by b
He is super positive and pleasant! I wish everything would really come true. Everything is possible for those who believe. He make me believe... :) Thank you!" ... written by mira
always good...." ... written by fjwoifh
great energy. Thank you, Marcello" ... written by Simba
wow, he was great. Now I wait 2 weeks to see if what he told me will happen, happens..." ... written by sunshine
Good reading...excellent." ... written by coolme
Was satisfied reading with him....he make me happy andamp; confident. Thank you MarcelloMedium" ... written by coolme
Magic! This man is so uplifting and helpful in spiritual guidance! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
A pleasure" ... written by Alneverus
He's so confident doing his reading andamp; make us happy even at 1st u feel down he will make things better for you. Try him wont regret at all. Thanks Marcello" ... written by COOLME
he is my defender...saving mylife. thanks Marcello" ... written by coolme
just had another update. always on point. always right. ill be back again like always!" ... written by jdm
My read today with Marcello was to get confirmation on the progress of some legal matters. He was not rushed in his replies and he gave them to me with great clarity and understanding. Marcello's insight was on the ball. Thanks" ... written by diamondlady53
This is the first time I had a reading with Marcell. He is fast in our reading and made some predictions. If they come true, I will for sure come back to update him. An overall pleasant experience. " ... written by polkie
Thank you so much for the hope and insight." ... written by ikroyalaq
Wow. He was amazing and so accurate. Also, charming. " ... written by Cecelia
good!" ... written by mystery
He is far more than amazing !!!!!!!! Thank you Marcello for your honesty and kindness !!!!!!! I will send u an email !!!!!!!!" ... written by sexypisces
Wow he was Amazing! Thank you !" ... written by sexypisces
What a great read, he picked up really quickly my concerns!!!!" ... written by Sidney
nice guy, enjoyed my reading. given me allot of information and details." ... written by Royal Brit
Marcello is a sweetheart, not bad to look at either = ) But seriously, he doesn't waste time, is accurate, and will give you the truth. He is fast, doesn't sugarcoat, and I believe he is the real deal and genuine. Thank you Hun!" ... written by Jennifer
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! so cute and straight on the point! God bless him!!!" ... written by Liliana
Amazing, kind, warm, straight on! I would go back any time!" ... written by Liliana
Very quick and honest reading from Marcellomedium, it will be exciting if his prediction will come true.. Highly recommend worth every cents... Will come back again for updated reading ... thank you xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha
He's a wonderful reader. Very in tune. Was able to see into my situation right away. All that and he has great eyebrows!" ... written by b
you are sweet, lease tell my husband Fernando, mom and dad i love them. you are very caring thank you. Fernando is my everything 25 years together. i love him" ... written by teresa
Marcello is one of a kind - sees with the heart apart from the psychic abilities. The boy is full of charm and so warm. I love talking to him. If you need a kind heart, talk to him." ... written by Liliana
Marcello is fantastic. Such a genuine, honest, and kind reader. Thank you!" ... written by b
Wonderful heart, wonderful reader!!!" ... written by Liliana
he was very very nice nd sweet. he is wonderful" ... written by deekay
I connect so well with this man and he will really get to the problem of what is going on. I'm so grateful for all his guidance and rituals they so help me thanks so much bless you. " ... written by star
WOW!!! Marcello really read my situation accurately!!! I was amazed. He asked all the right questions and all I had to do was typing "yes yes yes" only!!! I am really happy that I read with him today. " ... written by Pleased Customer
Brilliant first reading with an amazing guy, answered all my questions and did not sugar coat anything. Told me like it was and not just what I wanted to hear. Filled me with great confidence that what he sees for me will happen. Amazing x" ... written by Mshelli
Marcellomedium has been there for me when i needed Clarity... His prediction has been spot on the money %100 accurate and on the time frame as well. Thank you be back again xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Very insightful. I loved the reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by Victoria
Lovely guy, great fast reading and insight, very helpful and direct. " ... written by bijutsu
Good reading, I hope his predictions come to light!" ... written by ashley
i adore him ...just adore him" ... written by dd
hey is so nice, I really think hes genuine and honest...and his predictions are so sweet I would love for them to come true. he seems honest, and would tell me if he saw other things. so I do trust him. " ... written by synergy
this guy is super fast and sooo kind....very accurate with my situation picked up on things that happened...try him u wont be dissapointed" ... written by spirit
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
excellent and so sweet as always" ... written by deepakrish
One of the most gifted people on this site... Straight forward and also upfront with any situations. My predictions have come true .. 100% Accurate. xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Always good on the update.. Thank you ... He EXCELLENT... xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
I love him and his readings!!! His room is always filled with warmth, sincerity and friendliness. Marcello always brings consistent readings too. " ... written by Steph
WOW! he blew me away! i din say too much he said it all for me..he never have to sugar much truth and honesty! love my reading! will be back to update! " ... written by Rosy
He is awesome! I highly recommend him and I will definitely return for future readings." ... written by April
Very good Marcello medium. I am seriously depressed over this baby issue. I will do what you said about the glass and call you back on friday. I cannot beleive it will happen so soon although I am very happy about it. I am having treatment for Breast cancer and am not supposed to get pregnant." ... written by Sarbjit
I love Marcello he my first psychic long time never forget as his clients . He always keep me happy what my future hold for me. His accurate was so true " ... written by annie
Awesome!! spot on !!! he will tells you. be ready to hear!! thank you marcel!" ... written by hermesstarr
Does not want to waste my time and credits, which is good. " ... written by Sarah
Always happy to get my regular updates from Marcello.... Thank you xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
First time reading with Marcello and he was absolutely fabulous. Quickly answered my question with good details, truth, and insight. Great predictions coming up and he didn't spin me a fairy tale, was very confident and informative. Wonderful reading, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
He is lovely, lovable, loving and so very attentive." ... written by Liliana
was very good reading as usual" ... written by dax
Great reading as always… to the point!" ... written by shootingstars
Always good to talk to Marcello, Understanding and very good with what he sees within the reading 100% xxxR " ... written by Rutinha133
very on point...and direct...doesn't sugar coat anything and yet is one of the nicest readers I have ever met...thank you so much for guidance and will def be back again love and light to you!!! thank you again!" ... written by missvika
He's great!!!! And he is oh so sweet. Thats always a plus! Thank you Marcello for being so positive and sharing your amazing gift with us mortals xxx" ... written by Miss. B
Great reading, right on point, will come back again" ... written by veezee
able to pick up alot.. understand my situation (its very complicated) was 100% accurate, very very reassuring and i can see he is a very honest reader, i really enjoyed the time i spent with him. he connected with me from free chat immediately he knew what i was thinking and answered it before i even finish my sentences. Marcello bello u know how much i would hope those prediction come true, i will let you know..xx" ... written by marcel
INCREDIBLE! He knew what was going on with me before I even told him. He told me predictions and I'm so excited to see them come true. I will come back for updates. Highly recommended!" ... written by Sarah
He was very intuitive and really looked into the situation and also gave time frames. Thank you so much for the amazing reading." ... written by megabee9
Always good to catch up with Marcello very amusing readings... but easy going and honest person xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
He's good. I liked our reading. It seemed pretty accurate with other psychics so it must be correct then. :)" ... written by sunshine
He was very good." ... written by Tiffany
this is a good reading and we will see what happens but sounds like it may be will visit him again " ... written by jean jones
I m happy will him now andamp; after, he protected after he reads andamp; tell honestly of ALL...I feel safe. Thank you Marc...will update again... " ... written by coolme
Marcel read his cards for me today with accuracy, and intense. Best of all he did not sugar coat any of his responses. The concentration Marcello put into reading was very intense and he made sure to get all feedback from the cards as possible. He was very quick in his responses and I thank him for that." ... written by sanity53
Thanks Marcello. You are always fun!" ... written by lia_11
He is very positive and seemed to pick up on what I was feeling. I really appreciate his help, give him a try!" ... written by cammyboo
Great reading!! Super accurate, very kind and quick to read! Amazing!" ... written by lydialyon
i am very safe with him...I feel better with him so helpful, who ever want some advise...I strongly recommend him ONLY HIM. for sure NO REGRET. " ... written by coolme
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Really helped clear up much confusion! Very clear in his predictions and didn't change or waiver from anything. Very happy and will be back." ... written by Tanya
I feel confident with him...coz it really works what he recommend, but must believe each Iam happy now andamp; will wait until mytask done which satisfied me 100% already only need to complete other task. Cheers...LOVE u Marcellomedium." ... written by coolme
always a great reading i feel so much better after!! thank u Marcello! " ... written by lynnrmc
Marcello is very kind and very good at explaining the tarot, I always enjoy my readings with him. Thank you! " ... written by lynnrmc
I was so happy now..again..for the 5th sadness everyday was slowly go away till today I am very satisfied with him." ... written by coolme
Great first time!! Wonderful news and right on about him. I will believe in you and keep moving as I am. Many thank you!!!" ... written by LL
Wonderful read and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
As others have said - he will help you feel better in just a matter of moments. His energy and help is priceless!! A million stars for Marcello :)... MWAH!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you Marcello for a wonderful reading once again :) Have a blessed day. " ... written by lynnrmc
He has been very helpful and very insightful." ... written by megabee9
OMG He is amazing connected very fast and was spot on with the questions I asked him.... I recommend him to anyone who wants a true and accurate reading. I will definitely be back again............." ... written by Rosa
Really really lovely man! Very nice energy and smile, his prediction of timeframe was accurate to my knowledge and I will be back for more next time! Thank you! " ... written by Lynn
hes very sweet and he does not sugar coat anything. thank you marcello your very kind :) pretty spot on with this read." ... written by Butterfly
incredibly accurate!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
2days I missed reading with him like I m lost...haha but today I bcom great Again,after reading with him. Thanks MarcelloMedium you are absolutely Great guy..." ... written by coolme
M happy...every day with him...heal my sadness andamp; do whatever u want him to do...he is really333 GREAT GUY. I am satisfied with him." ... written by coolme
Very nice man quick too." ... written by angela
Satisfied again n again never let u down at all....I m so so HAPPY andamp; FEEL STRONG to be myself." ... written by coolme
I am so satisfied everyday n today so happy reading with him. Cant wait tomorrow session..." ... written by coolme
Marcello is great! his energy is great and he's a fast typist. Was able to give me good and clear insight into my situation and a timeline that seemed reasonable. recommend" ... written by m
wish he was quick and not so expensive" ... written by luv
fantastic reader just fantastic, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
an amazing reader! knows the situation exactly and has great insight. " ... written by Tobyal
after I missed 1 day...I feel I am back thanks Marcellomedium... You are GREAT" ... written by coolme
He very very concern about me. Very caring andamp; he really really can feel ur suffer andamp; hurts that why he help to cure it in deep." ... written by COOLME
I am happy now what happen are GREAT guy andamp; really caring Marcellomedium...I thank to you for what happened." ... written by coolme
I am feeling better n better....thanks Marcellomedium." ... written by coolme
I am happy everyday with him. Very Great Guy...fully recommended him." ... written by COOLME
I always have a big smile on my face from reading with him - his positive energy is amazing and helpful!" ... written by sacredlove71
miss reading him again." ... written by coolme
I had a good reading. Everything spot on!" ... written by Jerome
he is my go to for everything!!" ... written by jdm
So kind of him knew what inside us andamp; very helpful. Again andamp; Again I feel Great Energy andamp; happy." ... written by coolme
Marcellomedium is awesome on so many levels! His predicitons and readings are spot on! His humor and kindness are one of a kind. Always a pleasure to speak to him and get my updates. :)" ... written by jdm0707
He was awesome! Told me right off the bat that even if it is not what i want to hear he would be honest and tell me. A total sweetie I feel confident that his predictions will happen!!!!Grazie Marcello!" ... written by kiki3070
he helping me no matter what....He STill Great Thanks are the BEST." ... written by coolme
Sweet man. Connected quickly. Great reading. I'm looking forward to seeing if what he says comes true :)" ... written by L
he was very accurate and gave me predictions for the future. Very excited to wait it out and take his advice like he said. " ... written by sarah
His reading always have improvement...very happy everyday..feel confident always. thanks Marcellomedium you still The Greatest." ... written by coolme
Thank you so much. Very wonderful to hear we will be together soon. I just want him with me badly. I will stay positive and in love and watch for it all to play out by Sept. xoxo" ... written by LL
He still GREAT guy...thank you for the reading again." ... written by coolme
Words cannot express how awesome this man is. He immediately connected to the situation and knew things right off. He is not only hansome young man but a truely gifted angel. I will be back and he is my favorite. He made me feel so wonderful about my entire situation. Today is a wonderful day!" ... written by Pammy826
wow... marcellomedium is AWESOME!!!! " ... written by jdm0707
Thank you very much! Love u. This is the third time. Very insghtful and accurate. Very calm energy and explain clearly. Thanks again" ... written by pigletme123a
i love having my readings with marcellomedium! he is beyond great!" ... written by jdm
thank you for your insight and kind words. Really appreciate it " ... written by judi
wooow,,, Marcello,,, he is really good,,, and he is really nice,, cool wonderful,, God Bless you Marcello,,, always" ... written by hanna
he is nice ,,,, and im happy can talk with him,," ... written by hanna
He's really good and nice person,,,," ... written by yosepha leonissa Hanna
Great... doing 2 job in 1, very amazing Great guy...thank you MarcelloMedium." ... written by COOLME
Predictions came to pass." ... written by Mai
Second reading with Marcellomedium. He is very gifted. He is 100% accurate and spot on. Will be back in Nov. to see his predictions. But i strongly agreed and beleive his predictions are truth. Thank you again. Appreiciate." ... written by pigletme123
i keep coming back for more and more and more. he will never let me down and always helps me. ill be back again for my updates." ... written by jdm
Always a pleasure to get a reading from him %100 accurate... xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
I feel better again...thanks MarcelloMedium...will cont.again" ... written by coolme
He is back....what a life. He is Great helper as well andamp; care so much of your life...try him you wont regret." ... written by COOLME
He is very careful when do his reading....Very Great" ... written by coolme
He is wonderful, compassionate and does not sugar coat. He is quick and to the point seeing and knowing so much. I would give hin 10 stars if I could." ... written by Pammy826
He is so gentle and positive. Good reader too." ... written by erika
i like him, he is very reassuring, and he sees some stuff which i did not say, but knew. " ... written by min
marcello is great i have seen him a few times n love his insight and accuracy" ... written by spirit
He is excellent reader andamp; very confident with his work as well. So great." ... written by COOL
Done again for today...I am so feel free of sadness...I am very happy again...cont again tom..." ... written by coolme
He was fantastic, really caring genuine guy and very accurate.. knew exactly how i was feeling and what was going on.. thank you Marcello I will be back x" ... written by k2
Marcello is wonderful and honest with what cards tell him....Loved my reading with him and will be back!!" ... written by marion
Always good to catch up with Marcelloe.. xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Marcello always amazes me in the readings he gives me , I will always becoming back to him . He knew things that i never told him and he has these visions that will amaze you .Marcello is the one to come too." ... written by antonio menchaca jr
We'll see. Hes kept himself cut off from me for so long he moved to Oregon two years ago. I sent him a birthday gift and his uncle said he loved what I got for him . but he never responds when I mail him cards etc... I never really know really if hes actually got what I've sent I'm blocked at all avenues of contact. Except his address. I'd love to drive up there and just surprise him but I'm afraid of how he might react.... We are twin flame s we had a powerfully and amazingly intense relationship and suddenly without warning it was as if he hated me and I never have been told or know why. It was like somebody flicked a light switch. There was a short period where we were able to rekindle a little but then again suddenly cutoff again.... I don't understand how someone (knowing who we are to one another)can tell you how much they love and trust you and then do this. I've been told be patient he'll come around but its been going on 5 years now and its hard to let him go. there are periods of time when I know he's thinking about me and then others where I just think he hates me.....I really really miss him, I'm trying to move on but My love for him is unconditionally placed how can you not love the mirror of your soul ? - E.J" ... written by Eugene
Amazing, he has given me timeline and have been direct with the prediction and was very sweet with his delivery. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Marcello dear, you made me happy! Grazie mille!" ... written by Charlie
I really love this man, he is so powerfully positive." ... written by happy
Great start andamp; convince what is better for us...I like him." ... written by coolme
great reading " ... written by veezee
Wow, Marcello is so on the ball and accurate with his readings. He uses his cards as an accessory to his intuition and his responses are very quick, clear, precise and detailed. It was a pleasure to have Marcello do my reading today !" ... written by sanity53
He is Great...try him u wont regret." ... written by Coolme
Marcello has helped me a lot!" ... written by Mai
Very Nice guy! Seems to be very honest and true :) He calmed me Down.... :)" ... written by Marianne
I am filled with a warm sensation! Thank you again Marcello for helping me so much!" ... written by Charlie
wooow,,, h is excellent, awesome,, and he is really kind,," ... written by hanna
Quick to connect, felt accurate and I was pleased with his intuitive understanding of my situation, past, present and future. I would have a read with him again. Thank u x " ... written by Kerry
Very interesting" ... written by Nikolay
Was Excellent reading always...Very confident...Thanks MarcelloMedium" ... written by coolme
He is a life survivor really...u shud try him u wont regret at all." ... written by coolme
Marcello used his cards and intuition to excel today. Without using any information directly from me he was able to collect all the things I needed to know about and give a prediction. I look forward to the result of that prediction. Marcello has instilled a sense of calmness and trust in me and I look forward to future readings. Thanks, Marcello!" ... written by sanity53
Very Nice person very hepful" ... written by Viviann
I was very lucky to get a read with Marcello tonight as I was his last client. Marcello is a fast worker with his cards and he passes on his replies with clarity and insight. He is a warm caring person and a pleasure to be with." ... written by aerindease
thank you, Marcello for clearing up my doubts! he has such a kind energy...connected fast, and was very firm with his channeling. i don't doubt his gifts at all! i will be back too to do a follow up reading. 5 stars, highly recommend!" ... written by w
he helping so well,he will taking care off all you badness. try him" ... written by coolme
... Ok ..." ... written by Tokinha13
He is awesome as usual love and hugs Marcello." ... written by Pammy826
Amazing! " ... written by Dbee
He said he was 100 percent sure this situation is going to happen. I hope it does...." ... written by sunshine
Marcello is very good,, he really really kind and care and he is generous,, humble but he is best,, im lucky to meet him here,," ... written by hanna
amazing reading~ thanks a lot !" ... written by dg
Marcello is a warm, caring, intelligent expert with excellent intuition. He used these skills tonight to show me the direction I need to take to restore balance in my life. He has other lessons to show me over time and I look forward to getting my life back on track." ... written by aerindease
He has a Great Energy for your reading....try him wont regret." ... written by survivor
he was just amazing.such a sweet person to talk to and so very accurate!!will wait for the predictions to happen." ... written by n g
amazingly accurate..a must try" ... written by agablue
Marcello is so compassionate and gifted, I could talk to him all night. He is so gifted and knows so much. He is a must for a reading and you will always come back." ... written by Pammy826
A wonderful man!!Highly recommended!" ... written by Charlie
He seemed to pick up accurately. I look forward to his predictions. I definitely recommend him." ... written by BM331
hi thank you for the reading its my first time getting a reading from you . i will come back and up date you ." ... written by meg471rs
Here again and will be back, but this time a little bit later! Thank you once again!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is an expert of few words but very deep insight. When I asked a question he thought about it and then gave a response that totally surprised me because I had not thought of that angle. Marcello also gave me some things to thinks about before our next meet. " ... written by sanity53
he continues to amaze me every time! " ... written by jdm
I enjoyed this reading very much. Excellent reader ! Worth 5 stars. Best greetings X" ... written by Laura
I talked with Marcello tonight and was pleased to feel very comfortable with him. He showed compassion for me even though I did not ask for it. He also showed a sense of humour at the appropriate time. My question was answered with clarity and showed Marcello's insight to be true. Thanks Marcello!" ... written by 5MERMAID3
Marcello was in the middle of a read when the system failed. The time we did have was very productive and Marcello's intuition was right on. Thanks" ... written by aerindease
Marcello had clarity and reassurance for my issue. His connection was very fast. Marcello has amazing positive energies and is very friendly. He does the reading without wasting a minute and is straight to the point. Thanks" ... written by diamondlady53
Very important guidance once again. Thank you Marcello dear!" ... written by Charlie
Today Marcello calmly listened, thought and gave me a response fitting my situation. He knew this situation and confirmed facts I already knew. The read was interrupted by comm. problems on my side." ... written by sanity53
I felt the reading I felt the energy. it was real. Im greatful to have some insight. I will come back later " ... written by Michael
very gifted and insightful. Honest and fast. spot on and accurate. Very calm and positive energy. like his reading a lot. He is wonderful. will be back for sure. Thanks again Marcellomedium" ... written by gugu58
I came back to complete an interview with Marcello who has a professional yet caring nature. Marcello gave me new perspective about myself and advised how to put myself in a better position to get what I want. His intuition was spot on. " ... written by diamondlady
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
I with Marcello tonight on life choices and how they affect us all. His insight and understanding was remarkable as were his rapid responses. They were to the point and Marcello gave them in a calm clear manner." ... written by diamondlady *****
Marcel is really quick and does not sugar coat things. He will tell you things directly as is. He is great!" ... written by MyraGM
Reading of the day! Wonderful as always!" ... written by Charlie
U really need him for reading...." ... written by survivor
He was very2 great reader try himwnt regret" ... written by COOLME
Thank you Marcello for insight and encouragement when I really needed it. It is strange how even very positive things can be sources of stress. I suppose change is never comfortable. But you have been an able guide and friend. Your guidance and insight are priceless. " ... written by diamondlady53
I will return to update you on the situation thanks again dear Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
Always satisfied....never let you down." ... written by COOLME
I m happy always with his reading....satisfied never been better again n agin...tryhim" ... written by COOLME
The perfect reader will help you go fwd in life and see beyond shallow and insignificant or even great obstacles.Thank you!" ... written by Charlie
Very convincing....hahaha always make me satisfied with his reading." ... written by coolme
Thank you Marcello for picking me up this sad moment with your reading and insight. I really needed this!" ... written by Charlie
wooow,,, that's really lovely" ... written by hanna
I feel better with his reading" ... written by COOLME
Great reader! Such a gentle and good man! Thank you Marcello dearest!" ... written by Charlie
Time goes by to quickly. I love talking to him. His is honest, compassionate and gifted." ... written by Pammy826
awesome as always great advice, insight and predictions come true" ... written by agablue
Wonderful and important insights! Thank you Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful insight, calming energy and no sugarcoating" ... written by agablue
Yes u feel better withhim...." ... written by COOLME
just wonderful ...clear answer ..and good predictions that do come true." ... written by agablue
Thank you for your help and reminding me to pray! " ... written by Charlie
He is really accurate..." ... written by coolme
Marcello was in top form tonight and his insight was spot on. He gave me a very detailed reading and healing while at the same time shedding light on some things even I was not aware of." ... written by diamondlady53
Marcello's connections today were very obvious and the rapid responses he gave to my questions helped me understand my situation in a better light. Marcello showed good presence, was calm clear and understanding." ... written by diamondlady53
wooow,,, he is so goooood,,, awesome " ... written by hanna
Was able to feel u...try him." ... written by coolme
spot on! accurate!! and always give good encouragement. awesome reading as always!! " ... written by hermestarr
Wonderful reading as always, helping me through this rough patch, in waiting for the sun to come out of the clouds. Thank you again!" ... written by Charlie
Very optomistic,compassionate and honest. Gives a lot of information in a short period of time." ... written by Pammy826
awesome, helping to make the right decisions and with great insight." ... written by agablue
I spoke with Marcello tonight to finish off a previous conversation on my life choices and the pathway I was taking. He is a very popular expert and is sometimes hard to get in to see for a reading. If you do get in he s very clear in his reading." ... written by diamondlady53
Not talking to him for a day like you dont have hope but once he is on....everythg is miracle things happened...." ... written by coolme
Thank you wonderful Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
He is wonderful as usual just not enough time. " ... written by Pammy826
Marcello proved himself a gentleman tonight showing his insights with a caring, friendly and knowledgeable manner, He accurately pinpointed my situation and gave me loads of practical advice. If you need clarity, look no further than Marcello because in him you have found the right person." ... written by diamondlady53
Im glad I met him,," ... written by Hanna
he still great among the rest..." ... written by coolme
He's very kind and draws information from his cards very quickly and see right into my situation. I'm grateful for his help" ... written by Viggles
We are all in charge of our life, but sometimes help is needed to find our destiny. Thank you Marcello for all your wonderful guidance! Lots of love." ... written by Charlie
Marcello is fast, concise and does not flower his responses. He gives them just as they are. Marcello's insight is very knowledgeable and he advised me on issues he could not possibly know. He is a very gifted, pleasing personality. Check him out!" ... written by diamondlady
Very positive about reading, similar to what some other experts have said, so I'm hopeful...also a very sweet and kind energy, thank you :)" ... written by lovehouston
Interesting reading, let's see what happen. Thank you!" ... written by Strawberry
A charming, straightforward fellow. Full of insight and compassion. Full of surprising revelations. The feeling after talking to him is undescribable! Have to talk to him! Thanks, Marcello!" ... written by Liliana
Marcello always makes me feel sooo... much better. He is honest and straight forward. I recommend him highly for a reading." ... written by Pammy826
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
very considerate" ... written by AJ
He was on point with our consultation" ... written by Merc
he made me smile! " ... written by frankiekr
amazingly accurate!! fast and to the point. important insight to make the right decisions." ... written by agablue
I always appreciate sound advice and honest practices. Tonight Marcello had loads of positive energy around him and I came away from the read a more confident person." ... written by aerindease
awesome reading!!!" ... written by hermestarr
Great reading and insight! Thank you Marcello" ... written by Charlie
really caring....wont let u down." ... written by coolme
An incredible reader he is so kind and positive. I feel blessed to have had a reading with this thoughtful psychic! he really wants to help you out and can tap into the situation immediately. He knew the circumstances exactly and was so genuine. Definitely recommend him to anyone! " ... written by Toby
pretty good reading" ... written by Elizabeth
He will not let u down..." ... written by COOLME
thank you, clarified alot in love aspects." ... written by nextelledlifee
Happy to have read with satisfied.." ... written by coolme
Thank you Marcello for confirming my thoughts and feelings. Happy!" ... written by Charlie
I can feel how amazing he is...try him wont regret." ... written by coolme
Im satisfied with his reading alwayz." ... written by coolme
lovely as always, super insightful ,great advice....the best!!" ... written by agablue
Feel Better reading with him...never regret at all." ... written by coolme
Reading with him always satisfied me try him." ... written by coolme
When u need a favor...he is the correct person, try him u wont regret at all." ... written by COOLME
He is really amazing...can do whatever you want, he will advise n fulfill ur needs. " ... written by coolme
Thanks kindly for the reading it was very fast but great" ... written by jody
Was Great Reading with him always dont let u feel down...Iam feel great after that." ... written by coolme
Looking forward to good news, a change in fate. I feel a good sense of calm and peace, highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
It will help with whatever u need wont let u down at all." ... written by survivor
Thank you so much for the reading it was so in tune and very considerate with the time, you did it so quickly and told me confirmation straight away. amazing! 5 stars." ... written by megabee9
Marcello is a great reader!" ... written by Charlie
I felt peaceful and reassured while I was in his chat room. As I was chatting, he was advising and detailing the path my life was about to take. He could see no problems with my immediate future and assured me I would be a success. Thanks Marcello xx" ... written by aerindease
Great talking to you Marcello! Always so accurate and positive!" ... written by Charlie
he is excellent. always picks up things very quickly and without me telling him anything. i go back to him regularly for clarity and am always very happy with the results as he tells you the truth. thank you" ... written by Mary
His prediction came true! i got my dream job and he was so quick to give me the reading and was very considerate of my credits. He was so in tune and very direct to give answers. AMAZING! AMAZING!" ... written by megabee9
Excellent reading wont regret at all...." ... written by coolme
he was incredible!!! 10000 Stars" ... written by sarah
I LOVE THIS MAN" ... written by
Thank you dear Marcello! What a wonderful person you are!" ... written by Charlie
I love this man!!! A very goood friend of mines, thank you my dear love oxoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Great reader cant wait to see how thing turn out the next few days :) " ... written by mary
He is wonderful! I recommend him with open heart and arms!" ... written by Liliana
He not only gave me a clear reading, but also offered advice on how to handle a very personal situation I am currently going through. " ... written by louise
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
I always know i can trust marcello his gifts are amazing and he can help you no matter what situation you are in. Please give him a try you wont regret it. " ... written by s
One of the most genuine people and readers, honest and accurate. He's a really good person inside and out. He's there when you need him. You can ask him anything and he won't judge you. " ... written by JENNY
Great reader!!!!! He seems very talented!!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by jjjj
Wonderful reader able to give great support in life!" ... written by CHarlie
Such a pleasure to talk to ! Seems to connect, thank you !" ... written by M
Thanks again Marcello for a wonderful reading!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is great! His is very much in tune and i trust him fully! Highly recommended!" ... written by Charlie
Continues reading so excellent andamp; makes me so impress of him." ... written by coolme
Misses him in a week so much possibly reading that makes u satisfied with him...removing negativity...sadness from someone envy to u can transfer back that bad vibes to them. How happy I am to read again with him andamp; will be continuously again reading with him. Thank you so much MarcelloMedium to make me happy andamp; satisfied with your advise. " ... written by coolme
Marcello what a gift you are! I will return to tell you all about it!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful as always, great insight, and advice. calming energy" ... written by agablue
Great of reading with him. When ever I needed him he always available andamp; understand of my problem, He solved it whatever that I want to do." ... written by coolme
FIVE stars every time! Thank you so very very much! " ... written by Charlie
Covered myself from being harm frm bad people better to be done by him. He can understand ur feelings..even more sporting." ... written by coolme
Marcello was absolutely right! He sensed exactly that i would get a quick response as do I did. Excellent and great!" ... written by Charlie
My guide through rough waters. Great to have you thanks again!" ... written by Charlie
interesting, shall look forward to 2015 :)" ... written by snow
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you so very much Marcello,," ... written by yosepha
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Wonderful Marcello who was right all along! Thank you so very much!" ... written by Charlie
always a pleasure to get an update from marcello. never doubt him." ... written by jdm
sincere and trustworthy" ... written by jj
marcello medium is the right one for anything! and i mean anything! " ... written by jdm
He is satisfying me. Never regret" ... written by coolme
Marcello dear thank you for an inspiring reading! I will be back!" ... written by Charlie
Appreciate of his kindness helping to solve our problem. Very2 accurate andamp; amazing." ... written by coolme
Thank you Marcello! Great reading again!" ... written by Charlie
I feel real connection to this guy he knows what he is talking about , you just have to give him a try " ... written by star
MERRY CHRISTMAS MARCELLO!! thank you for all your help and for your gift to me and everyone you touch. See you in 4 days my love. xoxox" ... written by l
Thank you Marcell I havne't done this and I am looking forward to success and you say. So excited you are wonderul. " ... written by l
Thank you so very much Marcello,, you are so nice,,,, its really wonderful reading,,, fast and helpful as always,,, awesome " ... written by Yosepha
We have many interest in common and so you can see my life very clearly. Thanks again Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
Always a pleasure to talk with Marcello :)" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is the best!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Marcello... so much. You really nice... and wonderful reading... as always..." ... written by yosepha
Thank you Marcello for being so understanding and encouraging. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
nice reading" ... written by yosepha
Thank you so much Marcello,,,," ... written by yosepha
he is sport on and he is the best. " ... written by sai
He is very good. on point and absolutely does not waste time. Go see him, You'll be happy you did." ... written by ss
I AM SO HAPPY!!!!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello was very in tune to my situation and clarified everything. Thank You very much. Great reading." ... written by mc
wonderful, guaged situation and read it well. clarified correct strategy to reach goal. thank you" ... written by DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Thank you so much Marcello.." ... written by yosepha
Thank you Marcello for your friendship. " ... written by Charlie
Happy Marcello- happy! and lovely to talk to you. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks MArcello for picking me up from my disappointment. You are great!" ... written by Charlie
So glad that I came for reading today. I am lost for words at what he came away with and all I did was say the names. But the information he came away with was spot on which really blew me away. He has such a kind and sincere nature. He has given me predictions which I will have to wait and see what happens but feeling positive. He has certainly made me feel a lot better about the future and whats to come. Will come back for sure. :) " ... written by Lyn
has helped immensely with my current dilemma." ... written by w
Marcello is wonderful and gives excellent readings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again Marcello! You are the best!" ... written by Charlie
I absolutely would recommend Marcello to anyone! He is so genuine and thoughtful of your concerns. He is considerate of your credits and does not waste your time. He has your best interest at heart. He tunes in and connects to what is going on and gives you nothing but accuracy. Definitely one of the best on this site! " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
very loving and caring and insightful, thankyou dear!!! love and light to you!" ... written by c
Thank you so much Marcello,,," ... written by yosepha
Thank you Marcello! You are wonderful" ... written by Charlie
I'm glad I got to talk with you! The connection was quick and you knew right off the bat what was going on. You are very sincere and uplifting. Can't wait for your predictions to pass! Will drop by again" ... written by J
My dearest guide. Thank you for an important reading!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello was as usual his positive and gave my future reading." ... written by diamondlady53
great" ... written by donny
Top notch. Appreciated the insights." ... written by Jean
Aww I really cant put into words just how much these readings mean to me and help me. I have only had few but I feel like he already knows me. Its like I am speaking with a long lost friend or something. He feels what I am going through but he just lifts my spirits making me feel positive which just now I wont lie is not easy. But I have left reading feeling upbeat and happy certainly not how I was feeling earlier. Gracias :) " ... written by Lyn
Marcello is my king! I am his queen and we adore each other simply coz he's real and so genuine. He says what his heart feels and what his eyes see and what his mind thinks and will tell you your future without any lies or false hopes and promises. He will tell you everything like it or not and you will see how true his predictions are as they unfold. He is also so sincere in his love and loves me so faithfully and wholeheartedly. Bless you Marcello! Love forever" ... written by Dolefuldoll
Marcello! Nothing to say but wonderful. Been reading with him for a while now and he has been accurate and a friend. Many Many Stars" ... written by debbiec0613
Marcello is really wonderful. Excellent reader. Fast and detailed. Worth every penny. Thank you!" ... written by b
lovely! amazing " ... written by anna
hes good fast reader i will come back for sure" ... written by imbeingme
I am so glad that I came for a reading tonight again I am lost for words at what he came away with. He told me something which never even crossed my mind but glad he did as I will be aware of it now. Such a lovely person to speak to. You can feel in his words as he types how nice he is. This is my second reading of many more to come :) " ... written by Lyn
This is my second reading and he has made me feel better about the whole situation. He is one that I can trust to tell me the truth on here and not sugar coat anything. He is mindful of how you feel and also mindful of your time and minuets. I look forward to seeing his predictions come to pass and giving updates. Definitely give him a try. " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
Much much better now. Thanks Marcello for caring!" ... written by Charlie
wondeerful as always, brings clarity to the situation and great advice" ... written by agablue
Thank you so much Marcello." ... written by yosepha
Just try him you totally wont regret he will fulfill what u wish for, everything...everything that you want to be happened. He do it for you...Thanks Marcellomedium " ... written by COOLME
Great guy. So caring and truly blessed. Thank you for a great reading!" ... written by J
e' forte marcello :) ti ringrazio per tutto il potere che ho bisogno. " ... written by lauren
Had a very good reading. He is very spot on, clear in his answer and goive very good advice. I will definitely come back!" ... written by Morten
I am so glad that we did an update and that it looks brighter and better my future with my bf. Love you and your energy!! " ... written by Sidney
thank you for your support, guidance, and insight. I appreciate you." ... written by jerald
Marcello is an absolutely amazing and lovely soul. He clarified so much for me. I believe in everything he has told me and seen for me. Really looking forward to his predictions coming to pass. Thank you Marcello. You have found a new regular client and friend. Highly recommended. Love and light xoxoxo" ... written by GratefulOne14
Marcello you are the best guide and give me such amazing support! Thank you!" ... written by Charlie
Tonight's reading with Marcello was full of insight and a prediction that I don't particularly want to happen. Marcello sensed this and gave me some suggestions and ways to remove the negativity. I look forward to seeing the positive come through. Thanks" ... written by diamond53
Wonderful reading. Very uplifting and positive. Thanks very much! :-)" ... written by han
Tonight my visit with Marcello was a success. There were no technical problems. Marcello showed me that there is a future for me, one without too many ccomplications. Thanks" ... written by diamond
This was a follow-up reading and once again it was amazing. Marcello is one of the best psychics on Oranum. Will definitely be back for another reading. Try him :) " ... written by GratefulOne
tonight marcello showed me how to channel positive energy and to remove negative. He also read that life would improve for me if i adapted to the changes. " ... written by diamond
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you so much Marcello! It was a great and amazing reading, deep insight and very helpful. I appreciate the interaction that happens between us. After the reading I walked away feeling like a different person." ... written by Diamond
Marcello always delivers the truth! number 1 for me always!" ... written by jdm0707
pickedup quick" ... written by luvu
Lovely talking to you Marcello my friend!" ... written by Charlie
nice reading gave me hope. " ... written by luvu
Was nice to come for update. He always makes me feel better about everything. " ... written by Lyn
Very delightful talking to you Marcello! " ... written by Charlie
a great connection and a space of confirmation. I was blessed deeply." ... written by beauty
gentle and calm energy.. which is very important condition for good reading. very satisfied" ... written by jjxx
thank you talk in about a week withif you see any thing different please let me know" ... written by luvuchaluka
I hope what he does and say work. I need has much hope I cn get." ... written by luvuchaluka
A great start to the week with a reading with Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
he is great!! always love to talk with him!! he is honest and tells u the truth!! :D" ... written by Petra
I was in a very negative frame of mind when I met with Marcello tonight. After some sorting through with the issue at hand I felt the flow of positive energy come through. I need to work on some thiings to keep the positive energy flowing. Caring and intense expert. Thanks" ... written by diamond
Positive and wonderful as always!" ... written by Charlie
He is very fast to connect and pick up the energies in an amazing way. I am really blown away." ... written by Morten
Marcello is so kind and generous. His readings are accurate and he gives me strong predictions. He is sincere and patient and very understanding. Gave me lots of hope and encouragement and belief in the path that I am on. He's really really great!" ... written by P
thank you I hope all comes thru for me." ... written by luvuchaluka
this is incredible he is so good wow.. " ... written by loverboy
Thank you so much Marcello,, Its an amazing reading,,, deep,, clear and fast,, love talking with you,, you are nice and caring God Bless you" ... written by yosepha
Thank you so much, Marcello. You've given me renewed hope and feeling that I'm in the right place doing the right thing and that the light in the tunnel is finally lit so that I can pass through and find the happiness I've been seeking. God bless! " ... written by familyhelper
Tonight Marcello introduced me to his angel cards and while they are not something I would use on a daily basis they are certainly very interesting. I could feel the powerful energy coming from the cards and Marcello's instructions were very easy to follow." ... written by diamond
Always perfectly in tune with feelings and thoughts. Thanks again Marcello!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Marcello for seeing me through hard times to this more light but busy period. Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
I have been going to Marcello for some time now..He is always spot on in his predictions/forsights I look forward to visiting him and doing a read especially when I need calming. Marcello gives clarity and is quick to answer as well as great connection. ...I thank him for always being there for me and sharing his gift of forsight. God bless " ... written by diamond
Thank you Marcello! You are wonderful!" ... written by Charlie
Had a very good reading. i am truly amazed by his details and the way he was spot on. He has given me hope in a hopeless situation and all his predictions seems to come true as predictied. Only wait for the major break through" ... written by Morten
he is a genuine reader and a fast typer he sees all and is very charming to talk to . I gave me a timeframe so I will see what happens in march . truly a nice psychic. 10 starsz" ... written by julie
He's an amazing person, very kind and generous..and certainly a wonderful psychic....He always knows what he's talking about and understands the depth of the situation, he will always give you the most honest advice and clarity. i highly recommend him to anyone who needs answers or guidance or even healing." ... written by blue eyes
i heard what i wanted didnt have to prompt" ... written by Rae1237
Marcello is lovely. He is warm and compassionate. I really appreciate his readings, they help to reassure me and keep me going. Truly meaningful." ... written by PM
Great connection, Thanks~~~" ... written by happy
Marcello is beyond amazing. And he is very caring at heart and helps get down to the bottom of the situation. Tonight he has really helped me because i was very worried but now i am calm." ... written by Sunshine
Very strong intuition, feelings and assumptions all of which are true. Hoping to see what happens next great reading. I will come back for more." ... written by diamond
He was so spot on and have never sugar coated. He really read the situation as if he was there when it happened. He has been a great guidance. spot on as always. thank you. very highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
WOOOW ... sooo accurate, very detailed as well. The real deal, truly gifted expert highly recommended!" ... written by d
He is so awesome!!!!! told me thst I would see him for sure and his intentions are good and to hold on so I hold on and see !!!! ty you marcello" ... written by gr8tday
He is amazing. I just love him. Try him, you will not be disappointed" ... written by Morten
Marcello you are the greatest. Thanks a million!" ... written by Charlie
When you come out of a reading with Marcello, you will feel confident, relaxed, relief and full of joy. You will no longer feel the stress as being overwhelming. " ... written by diamond
fantastic reader. " ... written by Sanjeeta
A caring and compassionate reader. Very quick and accurate as well. Marcello gave me clarity and peace from what was bothering me." ... written by Mary
thnak you marcello :) very quick and in tune!!!" ... written by easy
A+++ with such accuracy and insight.. it was a pleasure speaking with him. very on point and in tune with my situation. Recommend!!" ... written by alicia
He is just amazing. Very quick to tune in and give great advice. He is simply amazing" ... written by Morten
great update" ... written by han
Thanks Marcello for your wonderful reading. Hope for the best!" ... written by charlie
Very happy now! Thanks Marcello you are great!" ... written by Charlie
I love this man so much. And Marcello, you do have the nicest face in the world. thank you for listening. " ... written by dddDDDDDDDDDDD
thank you for the reading will have to come back for a other reading love and light xoxoxxo...." ... written by meg471rs
He was polite, interested in what I was saying and let me believe in my future. The techniques he gave me will help in times of great stress when I need to calm down and relax." ... written by Melanie
i appreciate it" ... written by Natasha
was short reading today. we had only just started discussing my issue and time ran out. Maybe next time we will finish." ... written by elizabeth
thank you for the updates still unsure of things but I know what I want" ... written by luvu
It was a VERY POSITIVE reading! Everything he'd mentioned in the reading was really accurate, insightful andamp; very detailed. I'm really impressed by his insights. Thank you so much! " ... written by Jerace
As usual a fantastic reading. ……Marcello is very quick with his cards and connects easily. He gives me very precise info and also directions. all signs are there for a true prediction. Marcello has the ability to keep me energised and calm. Love the man!" ... written by Denise
Thanks Marcello my hero!!" ... written by Charlie
Love Marcelo. Always makes me feel at ease through any circumstance." ... written by serenity
Thanks Marcello- yes my job situation is going to change and life energy is shifting with it. I feel good now and wish you a Happy Easter!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is awesome. Consistent in his readings and things start to unfold as predicted. He has very good insight and is straight forward. A great help for me" ... written by Morten
marcellow is one of the few people here who actually really try to help. and he is very gifted. makes a genuine effort to help. very pleased to read from him. everything he said ws accurate. and im very sure it will go the way he said it. i highly appreciate his work. do take a reading. u feel not feel misled at all." ... written by a
Although we experienced some connection problems tonight, Marcello was helpful in shedding light on a recent confusing situation. " ... written by Regina
Great accurate reader with a big heart. I felt like I knew him for years and this was my first reading. I highly recommend him. Wonderful person" ... written by Eli
Marcello, thanks for your insight and encouragement about my situation.You have predicted it will improve and i look forward to that.Thank you for sharing your energies" ... written by denise
Such a lovely person. His predictions came to pass and within the expected time frame. At first I wasn't too sure until I reread my notes and sure enough the things he said actually happened. Thank you so much for your great insight! Will touch base again" ... written by J
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by b
He's really sweet...some timelines to look forward to, so we will see what happens. I am looking forward to coming back and update you. Thank you again for the reading. " ... written by mainstreem20
Go 2 gifted man. Thank you." ... written by
i hope he is right very good psychic" ... written by leigh osborne
Fantastic...very fast and accurate. Give me great advice. He is amazing" ... written by Morten
Wow Wow Wow....Im shocked he described my image exactly what I look!!.. I didn't tell him anything but he know exactly what is the process of my job. Im speechless. He is so......good. A person who will get reading from him will be so lucky. Also the price that he have is so amazing. His gift and talent is way too good." ... written by Sarah
Wow what can i say about Marcello he is such a calming soul with great insight into my situation. Thank You so much Marcello for putting me at ease and can't wait for your predictions to come to pass. Ciao for now." ... written by mc
My Italian reader is accurate and so kind and fun to talk to!" ... written by marcello
Marcello is great! He is really fun and uplifting. His readings are clear and concise and positive. Very helpful and makes me feel really happy about the future." ... written by MarcelloFan
I enjoy my readings with Marcello…. He is very good at tuning in to what it is I need to know and how I go about getting it. He is intuitive and clear about my life situations and doesn't ask questions. He is a very helpful guide in my life journey. " ... written by Pauline
thanks Marcel, fast connections and answers," ... written by H
Positive reading. Gave me some interesting answers which I hope can come true soon! I will be back for another reading :)" ... written by Belle
He is very good. Accurate, fast and detailed" ... written by Morten
great reader" ... written by julie
Mr. Marcello is a wonder and accurate reader. It is a joy to speak with him " ... written by eli
Very good indeed" ... written by Vivienne
He has been accurate on so many things and he is very sweet. " ... written by eli
great reading" ... written by sugar
Marcello is a gentle, compassionate, understanding, truthful reader, and an insightful medium. I would recommend a reading for those delicate or sensitive matters regarding relationships and loved ones. It really helped me to communicate through Marcello, so I could obtain clarity and confirm my intuitions. He also shares the same cultural background, which made it easier to understand my situation. Blessings and Gratitude. " ... written by Martkos
He was great!! I think I made a new friend!! :))" ... written by FRMPL
Marcello is great as usual. I came back for a follow up on my situation and he sensed positivity in it. That's what I hoped to hear and will be waiting for that something positive to come true. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Belle
thank you so much" ... written by nk
Marcello is very accurate with his readings and is very sweet. " ... written by eli
Thank you Marcello for understanding me and seeing clearly what the right choice is for me. I hope for the best come April. " ... written by Charlie
What a great relief! Thanks for giving me the heads up!" ... written by Charlie
thanks for up dates" ... written by luvuchaluka
Looking so much forward to the coming weeks! Excited about the new opportunities Marcello predicted weeks ago would occur, and so they did!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is a wonderful reader. He is very compassionate and understanding and very sensitive. His readings always give me confidence and courage. He is very sweet and always answers all of my questions quickly and directly. Absolutely great!" ... written by M
very nice" ... written by Warrior of Light!" ... written by FRMPL
LOVE talking to Marcello. He is such a sweet caring guy and is wondering at putting my mind at ease. Than you for your insight!" ... written by J
He is amazing. Thank you Marcello" ... written by Morten
Although my reading with Marcello was very quick I was pleased to see he was very insightful, quick and straight to the point. Will definitely come back again" ... written by Justin
You are a true diamond Marcello. I sometimes get so emotional and you are there to help me. Thanks again my friend." ... written by Charlie
Marcello is a great reader. He is there when you need him and he is quick to connect. He gives advice as well as answers all questions for clarity......thanks so much " ... written by Denise
Wow Marcello was right on point. He is so calming and friendly. He keeps you updated on your situation and has such positive energy. Thank You so much Marcelo. He definitely is a must get a reading from him!!!" ... written by mc
. I truly thank Marcello… and his guides for helping me I really appreciate it. Marcello also told me things about my situation and i am now relieved and don't have to be so stressed." ... written by Diana
Tonight I had a reading with Marcello. He is re-assuring; his connections are accurate and consistent. " ... written by Mary Louise
Thank you so much Marcello," ... written by yosepha
Marcello is the best. I always feel better after speaking to him. He gave me some good insight. Hopefully we will see if the predictions come to pass:) " ... written by spacewoman
He is always such a wonderful reader. Very insightful and honest! His readings are always truthful and kind. Such a sweet man! Highly recommend " ... written by Nadia
i was very worried about my first visit to a psychic. I met Marcello and he reassured me that everything was going to be ok. That made feel so much better. He is very pleasant and has great insight." ... written by Ben
I have been with Marcello for a while. He has been such a huge help for me in my life. He gives good advice and can really help you to achieve your goals. He also very accurate with his readings. " ... written by Sanity
Marcello, I enjoyed your reading, and hope to be back soon. Thank you for your clarity of insight. " ... written by Marion
When I went to this my first reading with Marcello I felt unsure about myself and what I was doing. He was good at explaining the meanings of the cards and helped me calm down when I was feeling insecure. It was surprisingly, a good thorough reading and I will come back for more." ... written by Tim
Marcello is great. He amaze me every time!" ... written by Morten
I have had readings with Marcello and each time they are different...he gives very precise accurate information dealing with every aspect of my life...He has helped me gain confidence in my abilities by removing very negative energy that surrounded me and reassuring me every step of the way. " ... written by Terry
Absolutely terrific! I love talking with Marcello. . puts everything into perspective and helps me keep positive and encouraged. …. is so kind, compassionate and genuinely warm. ……helps me and keeps me focused on the important things. " ... written by Christine
Marcello is a sweet and insightful medium. I highly recommend him! I can't wait to see what the beginning of this month brings Marcello :)" ... written by mystique810
insightful and amazing reading, accurate and fast. Honest, sweet and warm man. more than 5 stars. Thank you very much. xoxoxo! btw, so lucky to catch him happy hours rate. I am so please." ... written by g
the best reading, marcel made me feel he knew me before we even started . very happy" ... written by davena
waiting for outcome but Marcello is awesome!" ... written by cheire
What a wonderful soul ! His presence is enough to soothe your nerves! Thank you so much ! And I look forward to having more sessions with you :) " ... written by autumn
A great read once again! I keep coming back. I always feel better after speaking to Marcello about my situation. I am glad he is there to help me through this difficult time. " ... written by Janene
A reading with Marcello is always a pleasure, and always insightful. I will keep coming back." ... written by Serenity
Thanks for sharing your insight. I appreciate you." ... written by Jerald
Finally success! Love your help and support Marcello. You gave me the strength to believe this would happen! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
He's always good!!" ... written by Sarah
always great! " ... written by frmpl
Wonderful. Looked into my situation and grasped what was happening straight away, typed really fast and reassured me about things to come. I would definitely do another reading with him and will wait for the predictions to happen." ... written by Alexandra
Marcello is very sincere, honest and accurate. You won't regret having a read from him. If you don't understand he will explain til you do. Very quick and to the point." ... written by Candace
Wow, what a phenomenal psychic and person! Connected to me and my situation instantly and definitely knew exactly what he was talking about! He really cares about you as an individual and is very genuine! I highly highly recommend him! Seriously! " ... written by Kyle
He is Great! as always! makes me laugh as well! always brings a smile on your face!" ... written by FRMPL
I have been with Marcello for a while. He has been such a huge help for me in my life. He gives good advice and can really help you to achieve your goals. He also very accurate with his readings. " ... written by Peter
I made a great friend! :)" ... written by FRPML
Back for another update reading. Awesome as usual :)" ... written by Belle
Thanks dear Marcello for clearing once again the situation. I so look forward to the developments in the coming week. Hugs and kisses!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello, You have always been clear and supportive with any situation. And you have really helped me find some insight into a complex circumstance. The reading was very uplifting and encouraging, it gave me hope. Thank you " ... written by Rhianna
As usual a good reading by Marcello. He connects fast, gives me very precise info and also directions. I am very happy and pleased with his directions to me, keeping me positive and calm." ... written by suzanne
Ever since I talked to arcello the first time I have felt many stresses lifted and much growing inside me. Through his methods and from the moment I met him I have felt relaxed knowing that for whatever reason and whatever his methods he is always there." ... written by Deidre
Thanks again Marcello. I will be interesting to see if i will move to the new flat. It maybe a venture worth pursuing. I am very excited! Talk soon again." ... written by Charlie
Good reading, enjoy it, looking forward to his prediction come to pass. have a nice weekend" ... written by ALR
Marcello has a gift and he knows how to use it. I love him and continue to go back to him." ... written by eli
thank you so much Marcello" ... written by yosepha
I love Marcello very good psychic , he cleared up a lot I always go to him for readings because I trust in his guidance thanks so much " ... written by Star
Marcello knew this day would come! I am so happy and things are going now according to Marcello's predictions! Happy!" ... written by Charlie
Very reassuring reading" ... written by AK
Nice guy. Good readings, straight to the point. Thanks Marcello." ... written by Elias
thank you you made my day and hope my life" ... written by leigh osborne
Thanks Marcello for a great reading, once again! I am so happy to see your predictions come to pass!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello has been very helpful, great insight, fast to understand the situation and very good advice" ... written by Morten
Marcello - is an old so and with that comes the gift of doing very accurate readings. His time lines are always on the mark. I go to him whenever I can. He is my Mr. Tomato!" ... written by eli
I love this guy he is so great I will have only for my readings from now on..xoxoxoxo" ... written by amanda
Wonderful guidance and reading. Really what i needed at this point. I am really at an important juncture in my life." ... written by Charlie
He seemed such a nice and sweet person. I felt peace as soon as he talked to me. I'll let you know about results :)" ... written by Yen
Marcello is great. Quick, precise and have very good and detailed insight. I keep coming back to him" ... written by Morten
Insightful, informative andamp; accurate information given by Marcello. He has most definitely hit the nail on the head for so many questions that I've asked. He was also so patient with me. " ... written by Fred
Marcello is truly an amazing and gifted psychic. He was super fast and accurate. Tonight he sensed things about me before I even asked the question. Marcello was very discreet and I left the reading with a sense of direction and feeling very calm. " ... written by Penny
Amazing reading and reader! Very supportive and tells you exactly how it is. " ... written by Kyle
hes awesome. very cute!" ... written by melissa
Wish I had more time with him, he was very direct and sweet. Definitely recommend." ... written by Haley
awww he was so sweet! Connected very fast and gave me a time line that I am looking forward to. He was accurate as far as I know in my situation. He is very honest! xo" ... written by tiffany
Wonderful, such a kind and generous man, I just love readings with Marcello. I really trust his visions." ... written by P
what kind I say...awesome, friendly, positive, compassion, and wonderful smile. I came back to update and I got much more...the allotted time hasn't been 2 weeks but things have progressed fast in a few day..." ... written by cherie
accurate and sport on . so positive and no sugar coating . with love and passion . def great . " ... written by sai
Thanks Marcello for your advise. I think i am now on the right track and you predicted my job interviews perfectly! " ... written by Charlie
Had some readings now with Marchello. He is very consistent, precise, extreme insight to details and very fast. Always gives me energy and optimism to move forward in a difficult situation" ... written by Morten
Thank you Marecllo, I am glad I met you and now come to you. Are very kind. I will come to you on a regular basis!" ... written by Princess
Marcello is awesome!" ... written by Morten
Thank you!" ... written by Princess
Marcello, thank you so much for your guidance and insight. What you obtained through the reading(s) connected and made sense. Patience and courage is what I needed to focus on and will focus on. Plus, the long awaited answer to my relationship has settled me...though I will have to wait to see those changes because I personally can't see what they will look like. Moving on and forward with renewed strength and positivity is all I really wanted. So, THANK YOU♥♥♥" ... written by Ladi Emmanuel
I love this psychic. He is so genuine and I am looking forward to his prediction coming to pass. I feel a connection to him like no other psychic that I have gotten a reading from. He fast accurate and to the point. Give him a try, I know he will not disappoint." ... written by janote
fabulous! he confirmed many things for me and i really liked the reading! he is very intuitive and good with cards and gave me a good advice." ... written by t.i.
Marcello, you are amazing!! Great reading! Will be back!!" ... written by Princess
Marcello is great. He and another psychic are always great friends!" ... written by frmpl
Wow....I love you and thank you for lowering your rate...truly a gentleman" ... written by Princess
woooow," ... written by yosepha
He is SIMPLY THE BEST !! His reading are honest and always spot on ! He always tells the truth and his words are enough to instill faith in you! TRY HIM ONCE AND I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WON'T CONSULT ANYONE ELSE ! " ... written by autumn
Thank you Marcello! I love your readings!!" ... written by Princess
VERY good reading, and he is very positive and gave me something to look forward to. So I enjoyed what he had to say. I will look out to what he said, and I'll let him know." ... written by BN
Its always a big pleasure and amazing to get reading from Marcello...!" ... written by Morten
Honest and sincere " ... written by John
Marcello is really great. Very precise, fast and to the point. Always give very good advice and direction" ... written by Morten
I have full faith in him and I am so thankful and grateful to have found him. Thank you for reviving the lost faith in me and looking forward to more readings with you :) " ... written by autumn
Marcello Is extremely amazing knowing my accucated what my future hold for me " ... written by annie
Marchello is amazing" ... written by Morten
He is amazing!" ... written by Morten
Marcello is fantastic! I had my second reading with him and again he comes straight to the point! the last prediction came to pass - exactly as he said! He gives me confidence and takes all my fears away! A sincere reader!! " ... written by Sonia
Marcello is fantastic, very fast and accurate. Very detailed insight!" ... written by Morten
Such a lovely soul ! It is such a comfort to have him as your guide! I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Thank you so much ! " ... written by autumn
he provided a very strong and detailed reading with a specific time frame. No sugar coating and very professional. He made me feel better after his reading. Recommend him!" ... written by sue
Marcello is really good. Crisp, to the point and really good insight" ... written by Morten
Marcello is always the kindest deliverer of news. A sweet soul, a big heart, and a great reader. Thank you for your help Marcello!" ... written by serenity
Marcello gives insightful, detailed, informative, mind-blowing andamp; accurate information. He has most definitely hit the nail on the head for so many questions that I've asked. He was also so patient with me. I'm really impressed with his accuracy. No sugar-coating at all. " ... written by Monica
HIS PREDICTION CAME TRUE !!!! The month and the week in which the contact will happen has come true !!! Thanks a ton Marcello!!! You are simply the best!!! He is the real deal people and try him and you won't be disappointed at all !!!! Much love to you Marcello. I am sooo happpyyy !!!! " ... written by autumn
Marcello is just great. Amazing insight" ... written by Moren
marcell is kind and rembers everything really put me at ease" ... written by leigh osborne
Marcello is fast and precise. Reads me with his heart. Is really good." ... written by Morten
Waited to have a reading with the psychic for a long time, and this was my first reading. I felt his power I can't say much until his prediction come true but I felt he knows what he was talking about. " ... written by kiera 123
Have had readings with Marcello many times, he has always been very detailed with very good insight. He is really amazing" ... written by Morten
wounderfull wounderfull the best psychic on here he is my new god" ... written by leigh osborne
He is wonderful sweet and nice. I am hoping to see what will happen in the next month. Thank you " ... written by sangeeta
I always love him. He's really good and connected to my situation. he's really true psychic. I can't wait his prediction to happen. His first prediction with me it unfold and I hope the rest will too. love him so much he ease my worries and his assure also that it will happen" ... written by S
Thanks Marcello, great reading as always....its so hard to catch u but your beautiful smile and insite are worth the wait!!" ... written by Princess
the best reading ever he is the best" ... written by leigh osborne
Once again a good reading and care. " ... written by Ginnie
I was very thankful for this reading. I have been under a certain amount of stress this week and to be honest, I’ve tried a few other psychics on this site. You showed me your skills of clarity and intuition and I easily understood your directions. Thank you." ... written by saturn
Marcello is excellent he reads with honesty and love. He told me he never gives false hope. excellent medium!!!We'll see if his predictions come true" ... written by maryann
true friend" ... written by fmm
Marcello is so accurate especially times and events. I love him and go to him when I have chance. Thank you Mr. Tomato!" ... written by Eli
Really really nice guy." ... written by mi
he is the Best" ... written by julie
i love speaking to marcello! he always makes things better!" ... written by jdm0707
Thankyou didn't have many credits but Marcello was accurate on the situation with feelings " ... written by m
as always the best reader on this site. picks up on things so fast. clear answers. just the best" ... written by davena
Thank you so much My dear friend Marcello" ... written by yosepha
Marcello is fantastic. He has very good and detailed insight, is very quick and to the point. Give me great advice." ... written by Morten
Such a soothing presence in my life! Thank you so much for the support and care. Marcello gave me hope when I lost all of it and his predictions have come true for me! He never gives false hopes and is always honest in readings! Highly and majorly recommended !!!" ... written by autumn
he is the best, no doubt" ... written by veezee
Awesome, thanks!" ... written by kellourex
Marcello is truly an amazing and gifted psychic. He's super fast, and accurate. He picked up on things about me before I even asked the question, and I can't wait to see his prediction come through. I will definitely be back as a regular." ... written by Sidney
Oh he was so generous and so kind and so fantastically kind. Please pick up a reading from him. It's so worth it!" ... written by Sierra
Marcello is really good, fast and no sugarcoating" ... written by Morten
Marcello is always a blessing to receive a reading from. Positive, helpful heart that he shares with everyone." ... written by Serenity
Marcello is an amazing reader. I love talking to him because has proven himself to be so accurate. " ... written by Eli
Marcello - Simply an amazing person with a true way to read people and situations. He also makes me laugh my ass off. I truly love the guy and when I have credit, I have to talk to him." ... written by Eli
just the best" ... written by leigh osborne
the best i really trust him " ... written by leigh osborne
Marcello is an accurate reader and I Rely on him. He also is an amazing person. " ... written by Eli
As always clear and precise, by far the best and most helpful reader on this site. doesn't keep typing to use up you credit so you can come back and ask more questions " ... written by davena
very reassuring, thank you so much marcello you could really tell what was happening in my life and helped put my mind at ease." ... written by emy
love this guy best on here" ... written by leigh osborne
Thanks for the clarity. It feels good knowing the information you told me." ... written by Elias
Marcello is really great. Very consistent and spot on every time. Truly amazing" ... written by Morten
He is a very good man and reassuring and has a very cute personality and accent. I talk to him whenever I feel down because I have been going through a very rough patch in my life. I have to wait and see if what he said comes true in the next few months. If it comes true atall, I will definately come back to him and he will be my psychic friend for life:) and I will also write another review and let you all know. I already had atleast 5-6 readings with him and now I just have to wait and see. I have always been skeptical about these psychics and this was my first time ever !! Though I feel very hopeful after talking to him but I will be convinced only when what he said comes true. Thank you Marcello" ... written by ninsaj
he is just the best" ... written by leigh osborne
I will stick to Marcello and his predictions... I felt so much better and at peace after talking to him. I have faith in him :) Much love to you Marcello !!! " ... written by autumn
the most amazing read today thank you so much " ... written by leigh osborne
Marcello is really great. Very deep insight and always very helpful" ... written by Morten
Thank you Marcello! You are the best!" ... written by Jerald
wow that blew my mind, everything so far has been spot on. Now much more to look forward too. your readings are so accurate. very fast and such a nice person. thank you " ... written by davena
I get good insight from Marcello every time. I appreciate his readings." ... written by serenity
pick this man he is a god" ... written by leigh osborne
Marcello always right tells true very honest " ... written by annie
thanks again marcello, i am truelly amazed by your gift really hope things work out like you said x" ... written by emy
He is accurate in his readings especially his timelines and he just an amazing person who I call a dear friend. I go to him often." ... written by eli
Gosh! What would i do if Marcello wasn't here !!! He is God send and I am so thankful to have him as my guide! You are simply the best I have known ! I thank my stars that I met you! You have brought light and happiness into my life... my best wishes with you always :) " ... written by autumn
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Elias
He is an exceptional reader. He is patient and kind. All that he told me came to pass. He also makes my laugh until my belly hurts!" ... written by eli
Always a pleasure to talk to. Very uplifting and such a sweet soul. Thank you!!" ... written by J
he is the best" ... written by usa
really wounderfull" ... written by leigh osborne
Great talking to you again Marcello. You know me so well!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is amazing reader with great accuracy and he such a good person - dear friend. I love him a lot. " ... written by eli
Such a soothing presence and always and always consistent and accurate in his readings.. He does not sugar coat anything and tells as the situation stands.. His predictions have always been true for me and I am looking forward to the new predictions :) " ... written by autumn
Just got an update from Marcello. He messaged me that he had a message for me. He was so right about what is happening. He is the best!!!! Love you Marcello and thank you " ... written by jayne
Marcello is direct and straight to the point. He also is very fast. I speak to him often to confirm how I feel and see things. He is lovely!" ... written by eli
Truly an Angel ! He is the only person who puts my fears and worries at ease and is ever so patient with me and my list of problems! I am extremely eager to see his latest predictions come true for me ! In the past all his predictions have turned true for me! Marcello you are simply the best ! :) " ... written by autumn
he is the best" ... written by julie
Came today for an update and he was so sweet and showed me the things clearly. He is a must to go here on oranum!!" ... written by Sonia
Had my first reading with Marcellomedium, very quick to channel in. Gave me the info to keep the faith and hope that things will work out in time. Thanks Marcello" ... written by Susan
Such a relief to have Marcello as my guide ! he picks up the energy and removes all the negativity! Thank you so much once again Marcello !!! " ... written by autumn
You are so nice! Thanks a lot for your guidance and advice :)" ... written by Yen
MArcello - Is a very sensitive reader and very accurate. He is a dear dear person. " ... written by eli
I really enjoy Marcello's readings. Fun, helpful, to the point, supportive." ... written by serenity
Very unique way of looking over the truth, but still good I shall wait to see what comes to past. " ... written by nbarnes2
so brilliant he is the right chouice" ... written by leigh osborne
he was patient and direct gave me a lot of information answers that i needed. " ... written by marlene
Mr. Marcello is a good soul who does very accurate readings. He has his gift since he was 9! I love him" ... written by eli
He is my true mentor and guide ! The only psychic on this website who genuinely cares for you and helps you out ! Thanks a million Marcello for all the positivity and goodness :) " ... written by autumn
Marcello has these dreams or visions and he will discuss them and they are very accurate representations of my situation and where I am at in life. He always makes me laugh!" ... written by eli
thank you so much marcello, god bless, i will wait for things to unfold" ... written by NK
Marcello is, as usual, kind and professional, with fantastic insight. He makes me feel as if there is purpose in all this." ... written by Sierra
THE BEST! THE BEST! SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!" ... written by autumn
Good reading and he connect pretty fast." ... written by Jewell
Talk soon my dear Marcello! Your visions are right! I trust them completely." ... written by Charlie
Love you Marcello" ... written by eli
Marcello - Always there to do a solid reading and be there for me whenever I need it. " ... written by eli
Marcello - puts everything in perspective. He reads with such effort and timing. Then he makes me laugh and I am full of positive energy all day!" ... written by eli
Thank you Marcello for sharing your insight. I appreciate you." ... written by Jerald
He is very kind and caring. I hope his timelines come through as predicted." ... written by cheryl
always very good " ... written by leigh osborne
Absolutely! Gratzi! Ciao Bello!" ... written by eli
I wish I could give him more than five stars... He deserves all the stars of the skies ! You are such a good soul Marcello... My best wishes and prayers with you always. " ... written by autumn
When I am down or not thinking in the right way, he corrects me and puts things in perspective." ... written by eli
Such a calm and soothing presence:) He is simply the best psychic here and highly recommended! " ... written by autumn
Had many readings with Marcello. He is very fast to connect, have great insight and give me very good advice and comfort. Thank you Marcello!" ... written by Morten
Read the person I asked about very accurately, thank you for the honest insight!" ... written by JC
have had readings with Marcello for some time and he always give me straight answers, is really detailed and spot on. He is really good." ... written by Morten
the best he is amazing" ... written by leigh osborne
He is a ray of hope in a world of darkness.. I have no idea what I would do if Marcello was not there! Thank you so much for everything and highly grateful to you :) You are my guiding angel! " ... written by autumn
He is always positive and optimistic and he is a gifted reader" ... written by eli
Sexy man. Still waiting on his visions but great face to look at. ;)" ... written by Marcus
Thank you for the update" ... written by jewell1111
gd..." ... written by FRMPL
I start losing hope and go to Marcello and he is a magician! I talk to him and things start getting better and better. I am so thankful to have met you Marcello! Much love to you and my best wishes always with you :) " ... written by autumn
He is superb!!! i haven't met or known anyone who is so accurate and so good! Mind blowing psychic! The only one you must visit and if you haven't then you have no idea what you are missing !!!! Highly highly and highly recommended! " ... written by autumn
Thank you so much Marcello," ... written by yosepha
Marcello has helped me a lot, I feel better every time talking to him. All his readings are fast, relaxing and insightful. His clarity is welcoming. I forward to seeing how his predictions come out." ... written by Diamond
worth every penny he has lifted me up when i get so low thank you marcell" ... written by leigh osborne
I am so so so grateful to you Marcello... You are my life savior and have always shown me the true path... I get distracted by what rumors people spread and then you show me the honest path... I am grateful to God for sending you to help people like me get back on their feet. You are my guiding angel, truly :) " ... written by autumn
Glad I came for an update not having a very good day but he has made me feel better about things and I just have to hope that everything will be ok just like he said they will. He has been right before so I trust him :) " ... written by Lyn
Just amazing. He knew details before I told him. He picked up on the situation and knew what advice to give me. He was so positive and encouraging. I feel like I made a new friend :)" ... written by Serenity
Always to happy to talk with you Marcello. Things are very much looking up!" ... written by Charlie
amazing really amazing" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you Marcello for your insights and interpretations! I look forward to the future! " ... written by Alicia
He healed my negative energy. I feel so much better!" ... written by Peter
As usual, reassuring, and honest. I feel hopeful. Thank you, Marcello." ... written by Sierra
always sport on and accurate . thanks you " ... written by sai
Beautiful soul and as always solid in his readings! I am waiting with fingers crossed for this new prediction to come true! His previous predictions have always come true for me and this one is THE ONE i am waiting for !!! " ... written by silver days
he is a lovely soul... and he gives the right info.. soothes the soul while telling u what u need to hear. great energy about him. " ... written by aby
Full of hope and full of happiness! Marcello please continue to send me your prayers and good wishes ! Keeping my fingers crossed !! Much love to you :) " ... written by silver days
always a great chat with Marcello!" ... written by jdm
Thank you Marcello. I am sure you are right! This is the way forward as decisions must be made. " ... written by Charlie
connected very fast and accurate. Great gifts! " ... written by Tifany
I feel strong connection to him, he really helps you to see things clearly and he is a great medium. I have always came to him for readings because he has a strong connection about him to the divine and he really puts all his heart into it. Take care and best to you Marcello" ... written by Star
Marcello is an excellent reader with accuracy and optimism. I go to him when I can because he is so good to me! " ... written by eli
Marcello is really great, very detailed insight, fast to connect and very caring. Give me great advice." ... written by Morten
I go off track and Marcello puts me back again on track! Thank you for your help and support once again! Love and light always in your way ! " ... written by silver
Its people like Marcello who restore your faith in humanity and kindness. He will walk with you through your ups and downs in life and will not let go off you till you reach your destination. Thank you so much for showing me light when I was surrounded by darkness. I am indebted to you for the rest of my life :) " ... written by autumn
wonderful" ... written by anne
he is the best" ... written by leigh osborne
Great reader!!!" ... written by K
Thank you for the positive reading on my situation." ... written by E
fast typer and picked on my situations very quickly, thanks marcellomedium" ... written by bb22
the best always" ... written by julie
really impressive " ... written by bb22
thank you so much MARCELLOMEDIUM" ... written by bb22
im a regular. he is great at what he does!" ... written by jdm
marcello is very sweet and to the point liked his reading will return" ... written by aida
Marcello is a magnificent person with head for reading things very accurately. He is a thoughtful advisor who always makes me feel better and makes me laugh. I wish he lived in the US instead of Italy! I love him!" ... written by eli
so grateful for his insight....Im looking forward to his predictions coming true...thank you thank you" ... written by penny
OMG his energy is infectious. I feel so good after talking to him. Very good soul. Hope his predictions come to pass. " ... written by k
marcell is a god" ... written by leigh osborne
He is the best" ... written by julie
Dear Marcello- love you to bits! Should really come and visit you. Thanks again for your support!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you for the gift. You made me so happy. I appreciate your reading and hope that it will come true. Thank you again." ... written by Elias
fast typer who is able to help with your problems, worth a private" ... written by thank you
Money worth spend, great energy and accurate reading." ... written by Matt
honest and connect very fast . also dont waste credit . " ... written by sam
he contacted me so very helpful and uplifting " ... written by leigh osborne
Thanks for the reading again. Appreciative. " ... written by Elias
Thank you for your positivity and your strong opinions and reading on my situation. It is helping me." ... written by Elias
You are so right Marcello- you always are! Thank you also for confirming me something important. " ... written by Charlie
Lovely personality, great energy, helpful advice. thanks x" ... written by Matt
SO GOOD. he knew everything and nailed it and i just asked for a general. i never feed a psychic info beacuse they should be able to pick it up on their own, and that he did!!! he is so accurate and his energy is so unnerving. great reading, authentic!" ... written by b
Amazing!!!!! he connected right away and knew all that was going on !! He was very insightful and made me feel calm and I felt he was right on target with my situation....i will be coming back to him again!!!" ... written by penelope
Marcello is right on que and I hope to see the great and positive reading we just had. Its been a long time coming and I can't wait to see it all happen and unfold. Thank you for this evening and I look forward to speaking with you again. Very amazing!!" ... written by Guches
not having much credit for my reading, Marcello was quick with answers, very clear and to the point. He is the very best and most understanding reader on this site. Awesome!!!!!" ... written by davena
accurate and honest. " ... written by sai
Great reading and he is so genuine and calming....i keep coming back!! " ... written by penelope
always a great reading!!! he makes me feel so much better" ... written by penelope
heven sent him to help us" ... written by leigh osborne
his predictions passed and his readings are always very thorough and straightforward! besides Marcello is such a nice soul and its always nice to speak with him! a great friend with insight xoxo" ... written by fishygirl11
amazing" ... written by georgianna miller
Thank you Marcello dear friend for your strong support!" ... written by Charlie
Absolutely terrific! I love talking with Marcello.He puts everything into perspective and helps me keep positive and encouraged. Marcello is kind, compassionate and genuinely warm. He helps me and keeps me focused on the important things. " ... written by Ann
What a lovely gentleman Marcello is, he is spot on and straight to the point. What a real great readying I had and wish to have more of.Thanks" ... written by Lee
Thank you so much Marcello" ... written by yosepha
a wonderful psychic trust and have so much faith in him " ... written by leigh osborne
hes a god" ... written by leigh osborne
He is always accurate. He is insight too!" ... written by eli
Great as always to talk with you Marcello! Thanks very much!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is lovely, so kind and helpful. I trust in his insights. He always tells me what's what. Love him!" ... written by P
Very positive reading, connected really fast, and gave me hope, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
thanks marcello!" ... written by Sierra
Thanks for the quick and good reading. I hope it's true." ... written by E
I have consulted with Marcello for a while now. Maybe three or more years. He is always accurate with his readings and his predictions. He is very positive and welcoming to consult with. He doesn't sugar coat. I will keep coming back for updates. More than 100 stars! Thank you so much, Marcello!" ... written by Moonchild59
as always fantastic. so clear and informative. thank you Marcello" ... written by davena
the best" ... written by leigh osborne
Marcell is always my favor expert " ... written by annie
Marcello I love coming to you for advice and to see how I can make things better for myself. You have a good nature and project great wisdom. " ... written by Roseanne
Marcello is accurate " ... written by Moonchild59
there is always hope" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you Marcello for always being there for me. You are a blessing!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is always accurate with his readings and predictions. He predicted that a good thing will happen this week. And it did. He is so pleasant and easy to talk to. Always welcoming. Thank you so much, Marcello! I will update you after Saturday. I can't wait for your next prediction to come to pass." ... written by Moonchild59
always so helpful and puts my mind at ease!!! i will keep checking back xx" ... written by penelope
just brilliant " ... written by leigh osborne
Always great to chat to him!!" ... written by fmm
so glad he is here" ... written by leigh osborne
he is to good I hope everything he says happen" ... written by lori
he is the best " ... written by julie
Thank you Marcello," ... written by yosepha
Always feel so much better when I have spoken with him. He is so caring and encouraging. A true friend. It can be a while since we have spoken but he speaks like it was just yesterday. " ... written by Lyn
Thank you for the reading Marcello. I love you." ... written by E
Thanks for the update!" ... written by Starliteny
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by E
Always a soothing presence and a lovely soul. Will wait for the prediction to come to pass and yes i have full faith in him :) " ... written by autumn
Marcello Is a Sweet Man , First reading with him , I like his Energy, very positive reader, and I like my reading ,,Thank you so much for the news .I rest easy now , will keep you updated ..Thanks MarcelloMediun xoxoxo" ... written by SC
fantasic reading as always xoxoxo" ... written by davena
always so comforting and helpful with his readings!! I keep coming back!!! hes a wonderful soul!" ... written by penelope
Such a nice guy! " ... written by Lyn
he is a wounder" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you so much my dear friend Marcello." ... written by Yosepha
Such a lovely soul and does not waste time at all. He is honest in his readings, to the point and an angel! Thank you so much Marcello! I have complete faith in you :) " ... written by autumn
he is one of the best" ... written by julie
the best reading , always picks up on my worries before I say.then has the answer waiting as I type the question. Marcello you are a true friend and amazing reader. :)" ... written by davena
Slow connection with computers but readings are always five stars!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Marcello for brigthening up my day. I feel better now and think that you are very right in your readings. " ... written by Charlie
I love Marcello He is the best " ... written by annie
Thank you so much Marcello for your insight into the situation and for all your help!! " ... written by LostGirl
Marcello is such an Angelo and very soulful person. He also has a big heart and loves what he does. Thank you Marcello for helping me with my life and it's journey you have made it more happier than I could have thought. Love and light to you and your family.xx" ... written by Lee
He is always consistent in his readings and I can't wait to see his prediction come true! Happy Happy Birthday to You Marcello! Love and light always in your path and my best wishes always with you :) " ... written by autumn
GRAZIE! SEI BRAVISSIMO!" ... written by summa
Brilliant. Am blessed to have Marcello as a psychic guide in my life. 100% accurate on predictions, does not waste your time and is very specific. It is a pleasure to know him. Thanks" ... written by Mary
Marcello is really good - I like him very much. Good energy, good predictions. Fabulous intuition. " ... written by Dorothy
Thank you so much I feel the positive energy I do look forward to the predictions and look forward to working with you in the future Im so happy with his readings. Thank you Marcelo XOXO Ciao" ... written by echoubi
thank you for your reading. I look forward to the future. Very good energy :) Happy Birthday and blessing to you" ... written by echoubi
Thanks Marcello for a good chat once again. Big issues on my mind about honesty and integrity. " ... written by Charlie
Whenever I have doubts I go to Marcello and he is a magician ! Every time without fail he brings back that confidence and faith in me and I love him for it :) " ... written by autumn
right to the point and helpful and honest thank you" ... written by echoubi
just letting Marcello know how right the thing he told me were and even the timing wow. you are such a cool reader " ... written by davena
Dont regret reading with him always satisfied, what ever you want him to do he will fulfill it andamp; make you happy always" ... written by syeem
he is great!! I consult him all the time!" ... written by fhsofn
Thank you so much for the reassurance. It gives me a lot of hope to hear you clearly sort out the facts . I appreciate your absolute confidence about the outcome of my situation. I am waiting for the predicitions to happen. Thank you" ... written by Cavewoman
He is all ways there for me." ... written by leigh osborne
Thanks Marcello again for a great and comforting reading!" ... written by Charlie
Marcello is a diamond!! very precise and always approachable!! :))" ... written by frmm
Thank you for what you have done look forward to the work!" ... written by echoubi
Thank you for the reading. It was positive and I'm still waiting for outcome and prediction to happen. I will stay patient." ... written by E
Very kind, very helpful, very fast. I will come back to update, and would definitely read with him again. You don't need to use a lot of credits either, he gets right to the point. " ... written by Tracey
He is honest, this is my second reading from him and he is very consistent. Thank you very much. I am happy with this reading" ... written by sangeeta
Always so lovely to talk to. Quick connection and so encouraging. Thanks again!" ... written by J
very good indeed" ... written by leigh osborne
I love him. He's so positive and fast and detailed. And he has awesome eyebrows! Excellent reader!" ... written by b
Marcello is such a beautiful person inside and out. Very calming and respectful is any way possible. I will always come back to visit Marcello and confide in him with all of my worries. Thank you Marcello you are an Angelo. God bless" ... written by Lee
like always the best reader on this site, not wanting to hold you in chat to get more money . just clear information. thank you :)" ... written by davena
it was a positive reading. lets see what will happen" ... written by nina
great as always" ... written by davena
thank you again Marcello. always here to help x" ... written by davena
you have been so helpful to me . I cant thank you enough for everything :)" ... written by davena
Such an opernhearted guy who does wonderful readings that are accurate. He puts a smile on my face all the time" ... written by Eli
Such a dear person who gives accurate readings!" ... written by Eli
what an amzing man, what an amazing soul what an amazing reaing,i am speechless, this man is the BOOM, bless you for all u had to say " ... written by hannah
This guy is great! Very nice and friendly. He always has a smile and I can't wait to get back with what he has said will happen." ... written by Y
Nice reading" ... written by Golden
Nice insight" ... written by Golden
hes the best" ... written by leigh osborne
Very welcoming and nice psychic!!! Looking forward to his predictions" ... written by Golden
Accurate reader, biggest heart, and always supportive. " ... written by eli
such an adorable man and supportive yet fun. added him to my prayer list in thanks for his insight and advice. its nice to find a male you can ask anything and not feel self-conscious. a real treasure XOXO" ... written by beth
Such an open person who does wonderful readings" ... written by Eli
he is spot on!!!!" ... written by hhhhhhh
we just got started and lost all sound and then the we got fully disconnected." ... written by mary anne
lovely person and so gentle and flowing with information :)" ... written by s
thanks for your guidance today and wishes hope everything works out well tomorrow and in the near future " ... written by dimauro
My first reading with Marcello and I was very pleased with what he confirmed for me. I hope to speak to him again and find out what he thinks I should do. I will definitely be back! and I highly recommend him!!" ... written by Jbtforme
he is sweet and consistent as usual " ... written by sangeeta
THANK YOU Marcello, always a friendly warm person." ... written by Susan Gurling
love him!! " ... written by hfowhf
Thank you for lifting my spirits." ... written by Lyn
Thank you as this confirms what I have been told. Thanks" ... written by T
thanks for your guidance today" ... written by AGE
thank you sooooooooooooooooooo very much" ... written by heather
I came back to Marcello and our technical problem was fixed. I was really pleased to hear his news for me and that my problem would be solved before december and also that it would be good news. Thanks Marcello" ... written by mary anne
I will wait for his predictions to come true, but I can say He was super nice :)" ... written by Sid
What a great reading full of passion and information, if thinking of a reading do yourself a favor and log in to Marcellos page." ... written by Dave
what a wonderful person...honest, sweet and very knowledagble....great!" ... written by sandra
When I lost all hope, Marcello picked me up and brought back that lost hope. This man is an ANGEL sent from above! He is super super brilliant! Thank you so so much Marcello :) will keep u updated ! " ... written by autumnleaves
what a nice genuine and such a sweetheart of a person!!....very optimistic, on point, and truthful...definitely worth the time and truly incredible" ... written by sandra
Hes such a lovely human being. He msged me but you can tell it was not a generic msg like the other psychics send and told me pretty much what others have said. It was good news indeed and cant wait to tell him when December comes!" ... written by s
What a lovely man! Fast and friendly. He confirmed information that I had been told by others, and was very clear and certain with his predictions. " ... written by Violette
He is fab very smily and on point does not waste time " ... written by r
awesome!! what an amazing reading he is so fun and special!! very in tune and sweet" ... written by sandra
he is my good friend..." ... written by ejfboqwef
positive " ... written by manorma
Its been a very good reading and funny conversation too with a lot of positivity in the air. Grazie Marcello, see u soon :)" ... written by Phiore
marcello is my best friend at the moment! :)))" ... written by dfgbklsdkg
He is fantaistic reccomended and very friendly " ... written by Rubz
as always the best reader here. so kind helpful and knowing thank you Marcello you are my rock, you make me stronger " ... written by davena
I always leave his readings feeling positive about the road ahead." ... written by serenity
Excellent reading. Really well done in every way! Marcello is so cute and full of life too :)" ... written by Maria
He's awesome. I love his positivity. xoxoxoxo" ... written by b
good and re-assuring as always!! :)) marcello is my best friend at the moment!! hahahahaha" ... written by hnfveknv
His insight is based on logical thoughtful things. He soothes my anxiety and me put life in perspective i a lovely way." ... written by Eli
thank you for the love you sent me in this sad time. you are so supportive thank you Marcello " ... written by davena
Very nice, and very detailed. gave me some nice advice as well" ... written by S
My Italian Fig is always accurate with a giant smile of optimism. He is amazing!" ... written by Eli
keeping up to date with Marcello :). He does not keep you long to take all your credit but tells you what you need to know until he msgs you with anything new." ... written by s
he is the best " ... written by julie
always good!" ... written by sddhgo
amazing reader." ... written by Cristina
What a great reading thank you Marcello you were spot on and so accurate, very intuitive. I feel at peace and happy now. Will be back with updates. Blessings" ... written by Lorna
This man is such a wonderful person. His mind and heart is wide open to be able to best help his clients. He is very accurate as well. I love him and consider him a dear friend!" ... written by Eli
He's fantastic! Such a great reader. So positive, kind, and accurate." ... written by b
you rock " ... written by davena
Very friendly and I had to come back about something that came to pass. Beginning of December and it happened on the 1st :). Thanks marcello " ... written by s
Good reading and very empathetic in his approach. " ... written by B
good reading, hope it comes to pass soon. hes a great guy" ... written by David
always there bro!!! ;))" ... written by vhoshv
I love Marcello!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is he handsome but he is very accurate with his readings. I have consulted with him for a few years now. He is the real deal! He is fast and will not waste time. His predictions happen. 100% spot on! He is charming, warm and very caring. He does not judge. I go back for updates and let him know when his predictions come to pass. Thank you, Marcello! I will talk to you soon!" ... written by Moonchild59
predictions are always spot on and right really knows what his taking about" ... written by sam
great andamp; very helpfull " ... written by tararazkar1
Wow, first time reading with Marcello and he seems to be right on the money. I really liked his energy and I can't wait for everything he said to happen. Thank you Marcello. " ... written by bernicej10
Marcello is a very good reader. He's into positivity instead of making you afraid. Motivation at its best and with a warm heart. Sending you blessings!!!" ... written by Moon Pearl
Marcello is the kindest soul and he does readings very thoroughly, with all his energy, and he is accurate especially on time, which is a rare gift. He has always been there for me. " ... written by Eli
he is currently my best friend... ;) " ... written by ifhaoisch
he was spot on. he was quik. he picked up right away !!" ... written by latinlady
SUPER SUPER SUPER !!!! WAOWWWWWW! This man is awesome !!! thank you so so so much Marcello! Grateful to you for eternity !" ... written by autumnleaves
Fabulous and honest - and very quick - such lovely energy - " ... written by Cinnamon White
Always fun chatting with Marcello, very positive and caring." ... written by Phiore
he is on point ! i really like his vibe" ... written by latinlady
amazing...what a lovely person...always smiling and very honest!" ... written by sandra
Enjoyed my first reading with him, great energy too! Waiting for predicition to happen now, thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Excellent reading. He is a 5star reader. Highly recommend him." ... written by S
best reader on this site, I cant say it enough!!!!!!" ... written by davena
ROCK SOLID PREDICTIONS! Thanks super lot Marcello :) " ... written by autumn
Excellent update! I always enjoy readings with Marcello because he helps to guide me and encourage me!" ... written by E
Great first read with Marcello, and confirmed many things with me straight up without no input from me. Pleasure to have met him, thanks bro :) " ... written by M
Marcello is an insightful thoughtful person who does accurate readings. He is always there to listen and give his best advice. I love him!" ... written by Eli
Thanks again for a lovely reading!!! Your energy radiates so much positivity and heart warmth. Wishing you all the best, good luck and lots of blessings!" ... written by Moon Pearl
I love this guy, predictions happen, he is amazing!!" ... written by Mshelli
Hey Marcello, thanks for the wonderful reading and your lovely words. You're an inspiration to Oranum and keep up doing your great spiritual work! BLESSINGS!!!" ... written by Moon Pearl
Always there for me and always right in the end. " ... written by Eli
I could write about this man all day long! His readings are very accurate. His heart is open to showing anyone what it is that he sees happening. He has wise words to share with that beautiful smile of his. He's always there. " ... written by Eli
My third reading, he is very calm, high energy, good listner and to the point ... if one really believes in energy then its here ... even while readings one can feel it... thanks you so much . glad to be here............." ... written by manorama
Marcello is very insightful and very good with timelines. I am not a card reader fan, but he uses them to enhance his natural gifts. He is also a very good person who wants to help people. " ... written by Eli
Your palm reading was very good and showed some very interesting points. Keep up the awesome spiritual work you do!! Blessings to you!!!" ... written by Moon Pearl
Thank you marcell for your reassuring words. I will try and remain positive. If only my laptop responded quicker i might be able to truly express my questions properly. alas. " ... written by lavdrops
Marcel is always best and honest " ... written by annie
Marcello seems confident, lets see. im keeping fingers crossed.good reader !!" ... written by spirit
Marcello is this beautiful man who is just as beautiful on the inside. He is excetionally good with timelines. He is accurate in all sorts of ways" ... written by Eli
Good reading! Will come back as he is gentle, understanding, non-judgmental, and compassionate!" ... written by E
honest and accurate " ... written by sai
great fun with Marcello, he's a great bloke, well worth the visit" ... written by David
Excellent reading!" ... written by E
He is such a great and compassionate reader. He put my soul at ease. His smile and his warmth are genuine and it makes me feel like I an truly trust him. He is very helpful. I do believe that he is the real deal. Fantastic reading!" ... written by sweetiepiegirl
I hope and I pray that his predictions are true. I need desperately for them to be true." ... written by Jbtforme
Excellent and absolutely wonderful reading!!" ... written by E
He's very good hope everything goes through and I will recommend it to everybody !!!!" ... written by lorenzo
It's always a pleasure to talk with you. Sending you blessings and wishing you lots of luck!!!" ... written by Moon Pearl
He is very accurate. I think about all our readings together and he can read the situation and when and how things will occur. " ... written by Eli
wonderful person, incredibly a great reading and is very accurate" ... written by sandra
Marcello - I would kidnap him and bring him to the US. He is very accurate and very kind. Speak to him often! " ... written by Eli
great reading Marcello is a stack of fun" ... written by David
Great reading! I really enjoy talking with Marcello." ... written by E
great reading; accurate direct and very lovely and caring reader !" ... written by g
Excellent reading and really enjoy my time with Marcello!" ... written by E
I love having a channelling reading with Marcello every time i have come to see him he really puts my mind at rest. I do believe him and he is very honest such loving soul keep doing what your doing all my love " ... written by Starlight
Marcello is always caring, fast and clear on what I need to know. he is the best reader on this site. never keeps talking to use up credit. the best smile when he sees what the cards have to say. Marcello I am so grateful for your help. you are my rock." ... written by davena
Kind and accurate! Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
Excellent reading! Reading with Marcello always confirms what I am already sensing and what next steps to take. I appreciate our readings together and will come back for future insight!" ... written by E
Thank you Marcello!" ... written by Marco
Excellent and is always encouraging! Highly recommend." ... written by E
so amazing!!! what a genuine guy and a great reader...accurate and on point" ... written by sandra
forever my friend... :))" ... written by gdgg
such a lovely warm hearted person....very honest and straight forward, and spiritual...knows his stuff!! he knew I was sick before I even said it" ... written by sandra
....interesting vibe!! ;))" ... written by dvnskcvn
very good reading" ... written by Vidtony
HIS PREDICTION CAME TRUE!! He is truly amazing! I had given up all hope but Marcello kept me positive and helped me out of such dark times... Marcello You are simply the Best! And it is from knowing you since a year and the faith that you had that has finally made it come true... Thank you so much once again :) " ... written by autumn
First time reading with him and am very impressed! Knew the situation well and gave prediction for a breakthrough - will post when it happens :)" ... written by RussianBlue1
Let me tell you - He has a lovely aura and way of seing things." ... written by AJ
great fun chat w Marcello, always a good laugh and information" ... written by David
Superb and Superb! Excellent reader and such a good friend :) Looking forward to talking to you soon!" ... written by autumn
THE MAN IS AN ANGEL !!! A GIFT FROM GOD SENT TO HELP US !!! thank you so much Marcello ! Deepest regards for you. " ... written by autumn
He is incredibly amazing healer. All stars for him. Definitely recommend him." ... written by Neha
It is always a great experience talking to Marcello. He is accurate and so supportive" ... written by Eli
great as always" ... written by dee
Marcello is an accurate reader and has a huge heart. " ... written by Eli
as always so reassuring and caring, you are my rock Marcello x" ... written by davena
thanks for a great update" ... written by sam
thanks marcello! great reading. really sweet man and was pretty quick with the cards. thanks again, will let you know how it goes! god bless!" ... written by tara
Marcello is so lovely and sweet, he is great, always spot on and so very inspiring - he is super!" ... written by Girl
great reading" ... written by j
A person with a big heart , he has beautiful cheerful vibes that surround him Iam always happy to talk. " ... written by Manorama
His nice and very good reader and careing i will come back to him for sure . he give me good information. thank you." ... written by H
Excellent update from Marcello, what I sense/felt, he confirmed with this update. Looking forward to the coming months. Thanks again mate." ... written by m
He's great!!! Love his readings. Always fun, always accurate" ... written by b
Great update with insight about future! I really enjoy speaking with Marcello because he is non-judgmental, understanding, and allows you to discover your own path. He is great, awesome, and highly recommend!" ... written by E
His very helpfull i did up date his careing and good reader i will be working with him to solve my problem i think he be good for me. with good information thank you." ... written by H
good chat with marcello, always fun and informative" ... written by David
amazing " ... written by f
I loved him, it was like talking to an old friend... i hope his predictions come true soon :)" ... written by edysica
what a sweet guy, very sincere, and a great reading...." ... written by sandra
thanks for a great update" ... written by pep
great quick chat be back again!" ... written by David
Another great update with Marcello. Needed to clarify a few things and he did just that. Still on track and waiting for things to come to pass and unfold. Thanks bro." ... written by M
Nice reading, very easy to connect with" ... written by itty
amazing update!! thxmarcello!" ... written by dmg
I appreciate Marcello's sincerity and positivity. These are helpful energies for the road ahead." ... written by Serenity
you are the Best...thank you soo much" ... written by Melissa
another great update! previous predictions came true and hope this time as well! ty marcello !" ... written by dmg
grazie" ... written by j
Wonderful update with detailed information that he could have not known! Marcello is well connected and is understanding, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Highly recommended!" ... written by E
Excellent update! I always enjoy speaking with Marcello because he is compassionate, understanding, and doesn't tell me what I want to hear but gives direction to best help me accomplish my purpose in life! Highly recommended!" ... written by E
A great reading from a man with such a caring heart. Will wait and see for predictions" ... written by J
not enough time ran outa money " ... written by sh
Time goes too fast! He was a good reader but we didn't quite finished. 5 stars for him though." ... written by Jane
Marcello is lovely - he is so kind and patient and wonderful. I have so much confidence in his readings. He is fantastic! Love him!" ... written by Me
1st time reading with Marcello, love his energy and smile, very fast connection and fast typo, no time wasted, looking forward to his prediction to come true! Definitely will come back for some more update! " ... written by Emily
Excellent, awesome, and great insight! Marcello is well connected and provides great clarity and direction on how to proceed with the matters of the heart! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
he is soo calming never have i met a man that can read like that xx" ... written by marcello
Excellent update! Marcello always provides great wisdom and insight without being judgmental. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
always fun to chat with !!! " ... written by dvadsvvsdvv
great as always" ... written by davena
lovely person, and great reading" ... written by sandra
The best reader !!!!aaaaaaaaaaa++++++++" ... written by Larry
Amazing person to channel for your problems gives all he can" ... written by Star
His prediction has come to the pass!! And I come back for some more update!! Hope it will be the same ~ Luv his energy!" ... written by Emily
Reading with Marcello is always a wonderful experience. He gets straight to the point, doesn't waste your time, and is very good with matters of the heart. He is a kind soul that offers sound advice." ... written by sweetcurls
Just checked in for an update. Sounds like everything is coming along as discussed. Waiting on his predictions to pass." ... written by J
Excellent update by Marcello! As usual, he is well connected to my relationship and provides great guidance while being non-judgmental! I highly recommend!" ... written by E
always there! haha" ... written by dvbwdnv
Always love Marcello 's energy, luv his smile~ hope this time his prediction will come to the pass...." ... written by Emily
Feeling very negative right now, but Marcello clear my doubt and I hope that his prediction will come true! Thank you. !" ... written by Emily
Great reeading andamp; geunie" ... written by love
super super man ! I have firm faith that things will get better and all thanks to Marcello :) " ... written by autumn
Had a great update with Marcello, cannot fault this guy. It's like we are sharing a drink together chatting away. It's been a pleasure getting to know him and has helped me with my situation. A true friend." ... written by M
another great update! ty!" ... written by gdm
A real genuine psychic, i feel his readings get to the point and feel resonant w th truth i am feeling and have been confirm by my experieinces." ... written by Sebastian Cabot
Marcello's great. He picked up on the situation immediately, clear vision of the hidden dynamics of myself and others, caring an humorous person i appreciate his help, clairfied things nicely for me" ... written by Larry Hagman
good so far... " ... written by rl
I love Marcello he is open mind telling the true prediction . " ... written by Annie
Good update that has confirmed the positive future of my current relationship. Marcello is always understanding and provides great insight to current situation! Highly recommend." ... written by E
amaxingandamp; positve" ... written by magic
He is so open and easy to make connection." ... written by Kathy
wonderful and helpful as always " ... written by davena
Great reading and advise" ... written by Arnoldo
What a nice man! He gave me a lot of hope. Also, it was nice to talk to a man about the issue I was having. I will definitely update him as to what happens." ... written by Katie
Marcello is awesome, for real reader and freind on the path. Has sharp insight and tells it like it is." ... written by Simon Schuster
Thank you for the update. Such a kind man with a heart of gold" ... written by J
super!" ... written by leela
good friend!!! :)" ... written by vwsfv
always truthful..." ... written by bdbsdv
great update" ... written by joe
Great update! Always enjoy speaking with Marcello because he is always understanding and well connected to the issue with practical direction on how to move forward!" ... written by E
yes you said april was the month and you are so right. spot on you hit the nail on the head. yay Marcello !!!!!!!!!" ... written by davena
I always enjoy my time with Marcello! He provides great and balanced guidance by helping you take the appropriate steps to best desire outcome. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Always a wonderful reading! He's a man with a big heart and always very friendly and sympathetic. Lovely blessings and luck to you!" ... written by Moon Pearl
Thanks for your help" ... written by Abby
Simply splendid, one of the best on oranum, he saw just what was going on and in retrospect his advices have been right on, a truly helpful reader. " ... written by Granville Crenwick
great chat with Marcello" ... written by David
Great update, things a going along as Marcello has said. Bro will keep you updated with the situation. Thanks a million." ... written by M
He is genuine! and the kindest person on this site! I love his readings! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Jbtforme
Thank you for the update. Sweetest man. Gives me so much hope and optimism to look forward to. Thanks again!" ... written by j
His amazing we did another session his very good and help full and I am sure what he tells me will be. I am looking for ward to it. :)" ... written by Hope
Marcello is such a gentleman and beautiful inside and out. I only wish the best for Marcello with lots of love and light. I enjoy my time Marcello and finding out what lies ahead of a bumpy road." ... written by Lee
His very good reader and detail .I suggest him to others," ... written by h
his very good his the best you need help come to him he will help you if he see its possible thank you for great reading." ... written by H
Thank you for the update. will keep you posted!" ... written by j
Connected quickly, thank you!" ... written by p
my friend my guide, you are always so helpful and so correct, may the joy you bring return 10 fold " ... written by davena
thanks for a great update into my situation, He is very detailed and gives good advice." ... written by joe
His great I be back." ... written by h
Really is enlightening in things he has to say and the way that he puts things.. made me feel more positive for the future.. i will keep in touch and let you know what happens.. thanks Marcello " ... written by Sharon
Marcello, is one of most caring and best psychics his very helpful if you need help for sure come to him he will try to do help you and give you very detail reading he knows what his doing . thank you for all you do. " ... written by H
interesting reading.. i hope his predictions come true!! :)" ... written by happy girl88
Excellent reading helped me a lot" ... written by Lord Mountbatten
Thank you so much Marcello, its great and its been a very long time didn't talked with you, thanks for the reading " ... written by yosepha
His great reader and nice person . I had few reading with him his best I am happy with him I be back for sure. thank you " ... written by H
he is very kind and caring and tunes in well to the situation. i will be back to talk with him." ... written by wren1414
Exceellent reader and visonary i like this guys readings right on point" ... written by Gramvoille Crenwickhampton
Thank you for your help" ... written by Abby
Truly a gifted reader , funny , quick and kind, great psychology insight i feel like he got my situation, a big help" ... written by Sebation Cabot
Have not spoken with Marcello for some time. He is still very accurate and gives me the answer I need not the one I want. Thanks." ... written by diamond
Had a few technical problems at first but after tat it was smooth sailing. Marcello is easy to chat to and does not waste your time. I recommend him to anyone who wants accuracy and empathy. Thanks," ... written by Mary
" ... written by Diamond
MarcelloMedium was excellent! Picked right up on information he had no way other than psychically to know! Very sweet andamp; kind in his presentation. I highly recommend MarcelloMedium! " ... written by W
Great update!" ... written by E
His wonderful reader and very supportive. Give you the information you need . I will be back to him always. His helpful if you need it he will help you. thanks" ... written by H
Went into an update with Marcello, very uplifting reading and positive. Bro will keep you updated with situation as it is fast approaching. Take care mate." ... written by M
Excellent update as usual because Marcello is always spot on with his insight and guidance! He is accurate and provides great detail. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
his wonderful thanks " ... written by H
we did up date his very good and very kind and he will help all he can thank you" ... written by H
thanks dear I will keep mu updated very good he knew I appled for something without telling him" ... written by ale
OH!! what a sweetheart!! He is accurate but also calming and just warms your heart with positive and lovely energy!!! What a gem!" ... written by Miszy
Super reading!!!" ... written by Barani
Marcello has the ability to provide you with an assurance that things will workout even when it appears that there are challenges. He is patient and non-judgmental with very balanced approach to taking steps in life. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Marcello is so warm and welcoming :) He is quick and gets to the point, but in a really nice way. Very reassuring. His predictions have been correct in the past, so fingers crossed!!" ... written by Monarch
Very the best . what can say I have only the best to say about him thank you." ... written by H
great reading;connects fast; predictions happen!" ... written by dmg
sweet, kind man. seems to just "know". thank you for the update." ... written by j
Marcello is just great, as usual!" ... written by Phiore
Thanks for your help" ... written by Abby
Thanks for your help" ... written by Abby
Great talking with you Marcello after a long break. I really did catch most of the progress in between. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Had a very positive reading.Looking forward for cloud free sky in my life." ... written by akku
Thanks for yur help" ... written by Abby
He is kind and best reader he would do all to help you and try to answer all you ask him he is wonder full. thank you." ... written by H
Exceelent , quick intuitive and helpful reader, alwasy a big help and insight" ... written by Lord Mountbatten
very amazing experience" ... written by Caroline
Great experience. Thanks" ... written by Sonja
excellent reader really should give him a try." ... written by Ray
his best thanks" ... written by H
His nice kind warm loveing person and care about his custome thank you for your reading." ... written by h
Great update as always with truthful insight! Highly recommend" ... written by E
I always enjoy my time with Marcello! He is always well connected and provides great guidance and clarity!" ... written by E
thanks for the update. always great to hear from you" ... written by j
Excellent update! Always spot on with situation. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
great read" ... written by nz
This guy is wonderful! His reading was great to, and what's even better is he's got an awesome accent. lol His reading was very accurate. Many readers don't pick up on the person that has broken my ex and I up. She jumped in, talked bad about me and tore my ex and I apart. He picked this up in his cards! I didn't even have to mention it. This was a really good reading. I will recommend him to others here." ... written by tln292
ahahahaha thank so much for the readinggggg ur so funny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by ale
Marcello is one of the best on Oranum because he provides a guided and balanced approach to psychic insight. He is great to counsel with because of his compassionate character and non-judgmental approach. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Excellent" ... written by AR
Marcello he is awesome.. i love his energy and he make me feel like i can do things.. without stressing about it.. i will do it and keep u posted.. thaks Marcello..." ... written by sharon
thank you so much Marcello, for the great reading you are always there for me, also thanks for support me and all," ... written by yosepha
Great update as usual. Marcello is always spot on with his predictions! I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Good reading." ... written by cake
Great reading. gave me hope. very quick. definitely will be back for more. " ... written by Kimberly
Marcello is my favorite person i trust him so much " ... written by annie
i hope i sell before july " ... written by ang
thank u so much " ... written by ang
Excellent...Highly recommended!" ... written by E
super quick, friendly, in tune and on point psychic. does not sugar coat. loved my reading. :)" ... written by mar
a wonderful and helpful person, direct and intuitive, perceptive guide and healer" ... written by Lord Abbett
Thanks for this lovely and accurate reading! Marcello is a wonderful medium with high spiritual powers. Wishing you all the best! Blessings!" ... written by Moonpearl
good reading was quick to connect" ... written by sally
great as always cant wait for the things to start happening." ... written by Roy
he is a good friend..." ... written by bdefbve
Always sweet, direct, and i came back after over a year because he has always been right in the past. " ... written by anonymous
Marcello's the real deal, gifted and perceptive reader." ... written by Guido Sarducci
always honest" ... written by vadsv
Marcello, such a beautiful being:) He is positive and the definition of empathy. His reading is so precise, accurate, quick and down to earth that you can feel better within 5 minutes. I highly recommend him for a private, if you want the truth and clarify your current situation. Merci, Marcello:))))xx" ... written by milona
Great update! Highly recommended" ... written by E
Good connection... very fast even with cards. New Opportunities July - Augs and new love in Sept... will see how will work out... Thanks!" ... written by W
Marcello is excellent and gives great insight, guidance, and direction! Highly recommended!!!!!" ... written by E
Marcello is so sweet and kind. I always love talking with him. He always picks me up when I am feeling down and shows me how to be strong in my situation. I love his readings for their compassion and honesty. He is great!" ... written by Me
Excellent as usual! Marcello is always spot on without requiring any information which is astonishing. Highly recommend!!" ... written by E
Great reading with great insight, guidance, and clarity! Highly recommended" ... written by E
Always wonderful to chat with you and have you share your insight. What an incredible journey this has been for me. Thank you." ... written by Ronna
Great update again from Marcello. Appreciate it bro, you're a true friend. Thanks once again. " ... written by M
Thanks so much! Marcello is so sweet and great energy gave me great hope and trust the prediction will come true. " ... written by A
as always Marcello has eased my fears. he is awesome" ... written by davena
I can say his so amazing and correct and such wonderful person . I am always happy to have reading with him he really see a lot and he tell you in detail so I am thank full I suggest him to others strongly. thank you:)" ... written by H
Super reading and good advices from a genuine intuitive and kind person. Always appreciate mr Marcellos perspective" ... written by francis de sales
very good and helpful" ... written by Gill
great update I hope things start moving in the direction he is seeing as its been way too long. Hopefully I can come back any day and give every one positive feed back" ... written by ray
I received a reading from Marcello at a time when i was at my worst. Not only did he give me positive vibes, he answered all my questions and gave me hope. His demeanor was gentle, kind and very honest and I appreciate that. Looking forward to his predictions. I give him 5 stars *****" ... written by jewelw203
Excellent! Marcello is well connected to your issue to provide proper guidance and direction. I really enjoy our time together because he always reassures what I am feeling intuitively!" ... written by E
Thanks you so much for reading.. you really read my mind for what is happend now and how hard it was in the past.. It is very comfortable to have a reading with you.. You are not a sugar, you are telling me from what you can see in the card. I hope things will be better and belive it, stay strong.. Very "wow" when you really read me.. No need to tell you anything much.. " ... written by ginnie
I enjoyed my reading today. Very warm and pleasant reader.I hope his prediction comes true. " ... written by pammy13
Thank you Marcello. He does not sugar coat, so you know whenhe gives good news, that it realy is good news. I used to see Marcello often in te past, and everything he said did always come true. It was good news today, so I will take his advice, and wait for the good to come :)" ... written by client
clear and fast information. thank you again marcello" ... written by dee
THANK YOU marcello. YOU ARE AMAZING. A kind man and I can see that you truly feel what I and my partner are going through. You are very sensitive like an angel who cares. Thank you for your good advice. I can sleep better I feel reassured. I feel safe with your guidance. A real angel on earth. THANK YOU!! BLESS YOU AND MANY HUGS TO YOU!!" ... written by MARYMARY
Thank you for the wonderful reading. You were really very calm and nice :)" ... written by P
MarcelloMedium is excellent in his accuracy, perceptions and his helpfulness! I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
calming and pleasant readings" ... written by littlebudy
good update" ... written by Ray
so helpful as always" ... written by dee
Very fast and good... will see how the deal will go." ... written by Will
Marcello is so warm and fast to connect with. Thank you so much" ... written by hg
wonderful!" ... written by Miszy
thank you very much. sweet man, nice reading." ... written by Lisa
Thanks Marcello for a great reading with so many details and a new hope for the future. " ... written by Charlie
He is so cool, so super!!!!! He gave me the exact situation without me telling anything!!!! He is so talented!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
He is amazing, quick and accurate. He is supportive and honest and I love his readings. He doesn't sugar coat things, but he allows you to see the truth in the appropriate way. Highly recommended" ... written by sarah
very good... always very quick with his answers!! " ... written by vadcnvn
Credit ran out but AMAZING! was so nice, fun to talk to, was really quick; was so accurate about the situation and picked up on things well; really hopeful will come back for an update. Thank You" ... written by Sher
Very very good and clear reading Marcello! I trust you are very right on this point. I will take one day at a time and relax:)" ... written by Charlie
thank you for your kind and positive words:) " ... written by angl00777
...always very helpful!" ... written by vbsdvn
he is very quick with specific answers for specific questions... recommended!" ... written by grvgfbtrb
Very quick reading...Seems sincere...I will check in with him again." ... written by Allynn2
Great" ... written by Ed
always good advice and straight answers to direct questions!" ... written by vnspdn
he is good!!! " ... written by wgdgjpwcj
Very fast and gives great advice. Always in a great mood!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Thankyou for taking a look into an important matter for me, you were very helpful in helping me to ease some of my concerns" ... written by Ray
Thanks Marcello! Always a great pleasure talking to you!" ... written by Charlie
really helpful and really good reading :)" ... written by jenny
his great. I be back" ... written by H
Very nice person still waiting tho for predictions to come forth." ... written by Ray
He is a very intuitive and wise reader. He is very understanding and listens well and helps you understand the situation very well. Very kind and friendly. will let you know...." ... written by Chiara
very good... always honest answers!" ... written by ecwpqc
Great read! " ... written by Sunflower3333
always my rock, so clear and honest" ... written by davena
his great. thanks" ... written by H
....always truthful" ... written by dfvev
He's a talented and good spirited reader. He gives great advice with fun and jokes too. He's awesome!!!!! Many of his predictions came true!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Wow....he is just wonderful....very clear and concise with predictions....quickly reads ...does not waste your time....very focused ......I look forward to another reading.... 5 stars..." ... written by Kathy
Time ran out. But will be back. thank you so much for your information. I can rely on his readings. 5 stars" ... written by gn
Super quick, straight forward and honest. One of the best. I will definitely come back for more readings. " ... written by Gina
hE'S AN AWESOME PSYCHIC WITH GREAT INSIGHT AND GIVES COOL ADVICE!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Pick up very fast... changes in December and now opportunites in Jan - March of 2017. Will see. Confirmation from past reading: My boss was kind of crazy towards me a few months ago... he told me she is good and is just how she deal with ALL ppl.... I observed after that reading... and he is right!" ... written by W
his very good and caring." ... written by h
always good!" ... written by edgvwderfcwr
he was wonderful!! lovely energy,very quick and to the point. im glad about the things he told me, read very in deep. i will keep in touch :)" ... written by aa
Really fun and comforting talking to him; will see what happens with his sensations really great vibes thank you" ... written by sher
Great update, cannot fault the guy. Thanks heaps Marcello." ... written by M
Marcello has put me in erase...hopefully what he said will become true soon" ... written by Emily
He is the sweet, kind and funny. He never lets you down!!!!! Always there to make you smile!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
he is great! I recommend him.... he is in my top 2 of all that I have used!" ... written by vdvkc
fantastic, visions stay stable :) lovely energy!!" ... written by k
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Suzi
FIVE STARS" ... written by Lumusia
good answers" ... written by Lumusia
GOOD EXCELLENT" ... written by Lumusia