About MadameRosa

Psychic MadameRosahas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MadameRosahas recently helped 51members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MadameRosa's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts." -Paramahansa Yogananda ~The "Order of the Magi, The Atlantean Oracle: Past, Present, Future. Bring birthdates of all parties. Clarity & Guidance. Love, Soul Connections, Twin Flames, Family, Friends, Travel, Moves, Career, Timelines. Prayer & Decrees. Self-Realization & Peace

Very nice!" ... written by sexynikki
Will be back to you! Great feedback." ... written by Charlie0605
Awesome!" ... written by sillysallie
Must try, this is totally different then a pysichic reading. " ... written by lorri67
I think she was very accurate. She was spot on about my current relationship. I'm looking forward to the future based on her predictions." ... written by creator27
Phenomenal! accurate, to to the point and uplifting!" ... written by lovebugshay
She is a sweetheaart. She cares for us, she is honest and I have been saying this every time I speak to her, but I just cant stop because she is a beautiful, lovely soul. She is there for you, trust me. I encourage all have a reading with her. Try her once, she has a very unique way. I love her." ... written by niks
Wow!! a lot of information and I wish it will become true :) thank u so much" ... written by Pam_mie
Great reader. Focuses on astrological impact." ... written by Lightstar
Very amazing and incredible reading. In fact she is good. All her reading were perfectly matching" ... written by laasitu1
Great her!" ... written by lorri67
She is wonderful and extremely accurate!! I am looking forward to doing another reading with her as soon as possible. I also appreciated her honesty and help that she gave me. It was a great indepth reading!!" ... written by fairchildlaw
Very accurate and clear reading. Validation of any true thoughts you may have." ... written by beagle88
Brilliant thanks " ... written by danny564
Good " ... written by jamira76
Loved it" ... written by kimmie9386
Great reading " ... written by bryanmue515
Madame Rosa answered everything that I could have wanted to know about anything. Very clear and concise. I will DEFINITELY be back again :) Thank you so much Madame Rosa!!!" ... written by lucy9271
She was very honest and she got very excited as the cards were drawn, she gave great ideas in order to pursue my problem. A great reader, and one that is very caring." ... written by sparklit11
Great reading. Definitely needed more time. Will be back." ... written by hopefull11
Quick, very good, accurate reading x" ... written by moonstone1
Must I say, she was fantastic! Very accurate. Does not waste time to kill your time. Very informative and she will guide you through so much information that is necessary for you. God bless and thanks again, Madame Rosa :) " ... written by Unique1here
Wonderful! Informative! Insightful! Not only did she pick up that I'm an author but she also knew about the changes in my financial picture!" ... written by LeslieKay
She was very quick about relaying her information to me, and she was honest to boot. She gave me positive feelings about my situation!" ... written by Kaiine
She was incredible! I cannot believe how much information I got so quickly! BANG ON ACCURATE, and positive and kind....I will be back. Soon!" ... written by winterflame
She hit some serious points right on, over all it was a great help." ... written by AndyB_666
Thanks, need more time..." ... written by mredel
Wish I could have gone on longer, needed the rest of the info this lady had to impart. Will take on board the advice I managed to get though in the time we had. Thanks." ... written by Kazytc57
Very fast and accurate....." ... written by fasina
Thank you. You were on the dot and I didn't even have to say anything. You are amazing :)" ... written by Jasminerehman
She is wonderful and gives you as much information as she can in the given time, she doesn't beat around the bush and is wonderful!" ... written by 1ie0r1ie4gain
I was picked for a demo with MadameRosa and she was great!!! She is easy to talk to and cares about people. I would highly recommend a private with her. " ... written by LunaBear
Totally amazing reading extremly very thorough reading, never had any like it before and i have been around oranum speaking to many other psychics. if u have d time stop by her and take d opportunity to have a very full gratifying reading of ur future, wont b dissapointed i was not (5*****)" ... written by saskia82
A very insightful read. " ... written by d2k1000
Thanks, will come back and let you know for sure on how it all goes and to see if it's what's said. Thanks " ... written by Darrantong74
Great Reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by petitdiane
She is absolutely incredible and tells you in a very detailed way everything about you on a personal level as well as your future. I am blown away by her amazingness! Go to her and stop wasting your time in free chat!!" ... written by lizbeth6865
Wonderful reader. Very in depth reading. Certainly placed among my favorite readers!" ... written by Chloe28
I learned alot from the time that I spent speaking with madam. Her insight has helped me become more aware of my own potential for creativity. If you give her your date of birth, she will throw a bunch of info at you, try to keep up and take notes!!!" ... written by Paul0899
MadameRosa thanku thanku thankuuuuuu,,,, endless heartssss,,,!!!! xoxoxox ur the best u gave me an insight for the whole year! the best fun reading ever!!!!! i felt u know me so well ! ;) " ... written by Makebelieve
Terrific. Honest and Accurate. 5 Star Rating" ... written by swiftcats64
Wow that was interesting! I've never had a reading that intense before..." ... written by sublime5157
Shes totally amazing!" ... written by starfalling
Right on the dot!" ... written by blessed_gift
You are great, thanks for everything=) I'll be back soon!" ... written by ale503
Best psychic EVER! PROMISE you wont be disappointed." ... written by fallingstar89
She was great! Got everything ready before the private reading and jumped right in.. Told me everything. I needed to know.. and she was quick and percise! I love her personality and she was of great help and insight! I will definitely come back it was an awesome reading! :)" ... written by MissDecemburr
WOW WOW is what I have to say!!!! Love MadameRosa." ... written by jodi11
Fantastic read" ... written by lorri67
She is waaaay cool, fast !!! very intuitive." ... written by jaykun
Awesome !!! Very good reading :)" ... written by nerdpianist
She is very friendly and warm person to talk to. She makes everyone feel at home and welcomes and talks to all who come into her room. Her readings are concise and inspiring." ... written by sadhak001
Madamerosa gave me a very insightful reading, she was on point from the get go regarding my situation and would recommend anyone to have a reading with her. She is great! MyIronButterfly." ... written by MyIronButterfly
She is quite amazing. When she read for me it was actually things I have been seeing already happening to me for this year. She was very amazing to give me a full interpretation reading for the entire year. Shes truly amazing. Even if you have 19.99 credits come check her out. You will not regret. Shes great. " ... written by HandsomeItalian
Madame Rosa was spot on.. She gave me some good information... No guessing game. She is very detailed and will not waste your time. She is great. Give her a try. She is worth it. " ... written by Scorpio1112
THE BEST ONE HERE! Personality is a winner for sure. Very insightful and best on the site I've had so far! Incredible lady!" ... written by cosmoem88
Always very insightful!" ... written by beagle88
What can I say we just connected in every way!!! Please take my word have a reading with her you will not regret it!!!!" ... written by kiki3070
I just had a demo reading from Madamerosa and she was great! I think Madamerosa is great , you should go to private chat with her. Thanks. Amanda" ... written by Amanda
I love this woman she is so good, very honest and very helpful no gibberish at all... I would recommend her... she is the best one!!!" ... written by edelaine
Excellent. Will get back to you later for sure." ... written by Greg5811
I liked her reading and wish to get other one soon." ... written by Lovestattybears
Thank you so much. I had fears and doubts even asking about my own life but I can't wait to speak with you again." ... written by jenniferlindsey
Really great! she works really fast and it is obvious she is very concerned about giving you the most she can in the time you have. Very great information and right on! LOVE her!!! great, funny personality as well." ... written by SAchickie
I had another reading with Madamerosa what can I say!!! She is so so amazing I trust in her and I can wait for her predictions to come true which I know will!!!!!" ... written by kiki3070
I just wanted to say thank you, You are such a sweetie and loved your reading... and you where so helpful still hoping that what we talked about may work to my advantage with someone, I will have to wait until around oct to see... I will for sure let you know" ... written by kball1974
Hi ross i tought u were brilliant with my reading i have reccomended you to all my friends and family who are now very intersted in join oranum , out of all the psychics i seen and talked to that night you were my favourite thank you so much ment alot :) Kind Regards: Edel " ... written by smellodello
Thank you so much MadameRosa for all your patience, time, and expertise:) I greatly appreciate it, you answered alot of questions that were on my mind. I took in everything you told me and now i feel much better about my dilemma. Im so sorry my pc was acting up, I will make sure i fix it so next time we can have a more focused in depth conversation. I will definately come back to talk with you more about my relationship and any other issues I may have. " ... written by latina86
Another great reading! She gave so much insight and is really making me think about why I feel this way and if it's best for me. Love her!" ... written by LiisaKatriina
If i could give 100 stars I would!!!! Her readings are awesome and right on. She has an amazing attitude and life experiences that make her so COOL! I am so excited for the rest of my year :)" ... written by mhharview
This woman is beautiful inside and out, her spirit radiates and she is genuinely committed to helping you find peace and exactly what you are searching for. I found her by accident but I am so happy that I did because it was meant to be! Get a private reading from her, you will not regret it! Great experience!" ... written by ShelleyND
Amazing!" ... written by ale503
Loved it and her, went into my coming year and whats going to happen for me. She's so helpful and you can tell she cares. " ... written by LiisaKatriina
She was good!" ... written by courtneybdraper
You said everything about my relationship and it was crazy you opened my eyes a little more..." ... written by Vince893
A very good psychic I give here 5 stars" ... written by crevilla98
Thank you." ... written by Greg5811
She sees a great improvement in my future :) I trust her for my love to grow with all my commitments " ... written by bryanmue515
Very very good reading! She gave so many details and gave me a lot of hope." ... written by LiisaKatriina
Thank you for the awesome read :) Very enjoyable and great energy, and advice! " ... written by AquariSun
Amazing reader............. you MUST have a reading with Rosa" ... written by fasina
Madame rose always amazes me with her positive energy. i have spent a lot of money on her and will continue to do so because of how great she is. i truly believe she is my to go to psychic when things are rough in my life. god bless you MadameRosa and wish you continued success in your future. you are one of the best on Oranum!! everyone go to her!!!! you money will be well spent by this amazing person! xoxooxox" ... written by lizbeth6865
Very helpful, looks at the time and works with it giving you accurate readings and value for money." ... written by Angelandy
I want to humbly express my gratitude for finding madamrosa on this website, she is in the process of really helping me, after a break up and on a larger level...a huge life change. she can read with her method and intuition... I cant wait to live her predictions. She already read my past situation, thats how you know its real.. Try her you wont be dissapointed." ... written by lauren1986
Madame Rosa is VERY intuitive and quite accurate. She is a loving and caring being and listens intently!" ... written by firefly53533
AWESOME! i love how spiritual she is. very accurate and i will definitely be back for more readings" ... written by antonia2
Definately a 5 rating star in my books! Rosa provides accurate insight and provides a timeline to work with. Rosa genuinely cares about her craft, her abilities and the people she reads for. Her connection runs deep. Will be visiting her again for sure! Thank you so much Rosa. You are a blessing to this community and for the greater good." ... written by pudleypaws
Amazing.... it almost felt like she was my mom giving me a lesson on love. It was real touching and she gave me a better understanding on alot. Wow is all I can say." ... written by 21naybay
When I talk to her it's like talking to a friend :) She picks up on the situation quickly and tries not to waste time, and the only thing lacking is time. Thanks Rosa... I'll be back in the future when I need more insight. " ... written by Shanese09
I think that this was a good reading and I hope that i can get more readings trought this year..." ... written by Adrianam
Amazing!!!! thank u! will come back by the end of july!!!" ... written by teisin00
GREAT READING!!!" ... written by kiki228
I came here not fully knowing what to expect and after talking to a couple other members I had my doubts. After speaking to her I was so glad to have met such a warm and caring individual that legitimately seems to care about the people gives readings to and connects with. I will definitely be back. :)" ... written by Moonstruck1865
Great reading! Makes me want to come back for me. She mentioned things that confirmed what HAD been happening and gave me insight to what may happen in the near future. She also gave advice on how to grow as a person. I can't wait to have a 1-on-1 with her again. Definitely recommend MadameRosa! " ... written by xoxosasha
Thank you so much madamerosa! amazing reading!! highly recommended! she was so on point and gave me so much clarity! =)" ... written by annabedda86
Great reading! Definitely recommend." ... written by MayGirl
Very interesting reading. She is full of information and very knowledgeable in what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Erica89
The best reading. Thank you xxxxxx" ... written by tatianasmile
This was a greeat reading thank you " ... written by alissandragreen1
Another wonderful reading! Madamerosa is the reason I come back again and again for readings. She has helped me to channel the positive energy I need to generate the love I want, the success I desire, and the life I deserve. If you are looking for a real, insightful reading, than look no further! Take this wonderful woman into a private and she will open your eyes to what is influencing your life and how to be a better person for yourself and others." ... written by ShelleyND
Amazing reading,gave me huge amount of information. Wish I could have talked longer but will definitely come back again." ... written by warrenkitty83
Madame Rosa did a wonderful and accurate mini reading in her demo - phatgirl916" ... written by phatgirl916
I believe that it was very close to what I have, am, and will be experiencing. I highly recommend Madame Rosa" ... written by WyattDusk
Fascinating reading with your cards. Thank you MadameRosa! " ... written by KundraPhoenix
Madame rosa has given me what I need to complete my journey that has been set by the universe and my beloved, Keith. She has given me the warmth of the blue light! I can now move onto my next step to marry my fiance" ... written by rooster051
MadameRosa provided a powerful message and she wanted me to keep her posted re: my relationship. Thanks so much. " ... written by opti777
Great!" ... written by angelina052289
Wonderful!" ... written by Aryastark
Very informative reader, right to the point, so much information given...enjoyed every minute!" ... written by yippy2012
I love her. she is so nice and i was blessed to be helped by this wonderful person. it is an honor to be helped by her. thank you for your spirit and your great energy. i am glad u are on oranum because i met u here. xoxoxooooxxo " ... written by lizbeth6865
Great reading...she had a lot to tell me,which was very accurate without me even telling her. Very loving lady. Will be back!" ... written by Sweetrouble2011
Thank you, very good, I will come back for a proper reading and not a free 15min reading from the game." ... written by altuna0
Very awesome lady- honest and to the point!" ... written by Firedragonfly86
I thought she was very good and amzing :)!" ... written by ChloeBarney
Thanks so much Rosa, I'm looking forward to my 26th year, it seems like a lot of good things will happen, especially the successful love relationship :) I wonder who it will be? Your awesome and I respect you so much! Thank you for all the advice and info you have given me. I'll come back for more soon:)" ... written by latina86
She gave me a demo reading, I was awed in shock by how accurate she was. Not only is she such a fantastic" ... written by TheTatuist
Sincere, thorough, understandable.....I'm glad I spoke with her and will gladly speak to her again!" ... written by wickedfemme
I had a great reading withMadamerosa she is a 5 star for sure. She is kind and generous. She doen't hesitate I like the way she gives her readings. It is very unique the way she does her readings. She is very accurate. I connected with her and I enjoy her chat rooms. She speaks on very interesting subjects like the law of attraction which she is very knowledgable about. She is also a good teacher. Madamerosa is highly recommended." ... written by bella123456
In a short time did explain a lot. Really good, I am satisfied. Thanks" ... written by jawaria
She was great down to earth with her readings" ... written by CandyKahne
Was super, thanks!" ... written by benjaminiallen
STELLAR!!!!!! MUST GET A READING! She is honest, quick and a delight to speak with." ... written by Questionlove2
Thank you, you were great! Valuable advice." ... written by Rudi33
Very accurate and factual. No sugar coating - and she gives it to you as it is....I am going back to her later tonight" ... written by kausalyaramani
Genuine, very helpful I felt instantly connected to her." ... written by antzzcrab
She's awesome so real and positive free good spirit that loves helping others. I recommend her to everyone. She tells you the truth about your relationships and lets you know whats really going on in your life brings light to every situation and is just so sweet and caring loves her job and life you won't be disappointed." ... written by arestina280
An interesting read and she spotted a lot of things in my life. Thank you for the book. Will read it. " ... written by Babygirl05
Great! I loved every second. Wish I had more credits!!" ... written by Vermillion5
Always very good! " ... written by altuna0
The Best!!! She's GREAT!!!!!! " ... written by mark2991
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Appreciate her SO MUCH!! " ... written by Summer84
Great person and good reading." ... written by jawaria
Wonderful reading, very accurate, very warm and kind person and fast! :)" ... written by coyqueen3
I thought she was fantastic!" ... written by wrinkles20
Thank you so much Rosa, just an excellent reader, and a wonderful person. I would definitely do this again with her!" ... written by kathleenkats
Scary accurate" ... written by misty243
LOVE Madame Rosa's Charts!! SO ACCURATE it's scary!!! :-)" ... written by Summer84
She's pretty awesome! " ... written by loveofmine
Thank you so much! Much appreciated...! Highly recommended to all!!!" ... written by SeaGreen8
Very detailed... she will not sugar coat the truth. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
Very accurate very informative, I liked her a lot. I'll be back. " ... written by deltaj
I love MadameRosa she is right to the point and doesn't waste your time or your money and will keep you updated." ... written by katana34
Awesome and right on target with everything. I will take away each thing that she said and apply it to my relationship. You are wonderful and really put much of my unrest to ease. Thank you!" ... written by 72sweetpea
Great reading! Will come again!" ... written by Tugglit
I wish I had more time to talk with madamerosa and she has always given me great information. I will share my wedding pictures too" ... written by rooster051
Thanks for clear reading, understanding and wonderful advice. It is very helpful." ... written by Tan
She has lots of information! It's amazing! " ... written by sillygirl1198
MadameRosa is one of best on Oranum ...Enjoy her Pure Energy." ... written by volume1
She was very good. She hit on alot of what is going on in my life right now. Will return to speak to her again. Thank you Madame Rosa!!" ... written by debbie6565
Very good reading, thank you very much!" ... written by neesh29
I think she is spot on she told me my life story it was awesome, i love her energy and sprit, spectacularly amazing reading!!!!!" ... written by alvitarockstar
Madame Rosa was accurate, honest, and very compassionate. she was on the nose with her reading with me. I highly recommend her! love love her!" ... written by cooboz
Great reading! Very fast talker!" ... written by ShelbyNicole
Madamerosa is certainly a 5 star psychic. I have had 2 readings and have found her to be so accurate. She is also generous and kind. She is so willing to answer all of my questions. She also gives great lessons on law of attraction in her chat room. She is also just a wonderful person as well as a 5 star psychic. I appreciate her help and guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone. She is great." ... written by bella123456
Thank you you she is the best. You will need to try her she is very honest . God love you! xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
This was an awesome reading!! She gave me lots of info in just a few minutes and offered some advice on how to be happy and positive...Fell so much better after talking to her!! thank you so much!! :) will come back in the future." ... written by kellycalifornia
She's nice and precise." ... written by trinigentleman2
Awesome reading, I wish I would've had more time. The interpretation of the deck of cards is awesome. I recommend to everyone." ... written by bella
Rosa! Always a pleasure! So much info! Thank you! Fabulous read!" ... written by yippy2012
I loved it" ... written by azizeh92
Love her readings she is so right on and loving you won't be disappointied :) will always come back to her forsure.... She's awesome and real very good..." ... written by arestina280
I love her, she is so sweet and very informative :)!" ... written by cosmoem88
She was very great and I loved that she helped you until you were sure of what she was saying. I will definitely come back to chat with MadameRosa she is a lovely and accurate person." ... written by samanthahaze2
Great reading, Great person, Thank you so much!" ... written by kathleenkats
Love love love her!!!! Have a reading with her you wont regret it!!!!!" ... written by kiki3070
I am sorry about time but you still did great reading. You are very good that is sure Thank you " ... written by epil
AMAZING!! Thank you so much :))" ... written by treacy24
Accurate, great listener, very informative." ... written by kelseyxshae
Madame Rosa has a beautiful glow, her readings are spot on and very informative. She has a wonderful positive energy and makes you feel so welcome. I will continue to come back, she is one of the best, very genuine. " ... written by luckylovebug
Very influential, right on point." ... written by kortega317
So Cool and veyr straight forward! Looks out for you and gives you the honest truth." ... written by mhharview
Thank you very much rosa you were corret in the information that you gave me. And you are excellent at what you do.:) thank you I would recommend anyone to have a reading with you." ... written by geministar
MadamRosa is a wonderful woman with a lot of knowledge. Thank you I appreciate your knowledge and insight into my situation. " ... written by sisboyd1
Thank you, thank you, thank you, the best reading on Oranum . She deserve more than 5 stars and her predictions come true. God bless you and lots of love!" ... written by tatianasmile
Wow there were so many unique things in my life she picked up on moreso my character that nobldy ever figured about me, but through this it gives me assurance of the direction I want to take with the relevant issue in my life right now. I am at so much more peace and realization and even the things she said about the guy in my life are so true. I feel so good now :)" ... written by parastar
Loved the reading even though my internet sucked a bit it was very accurate and awesome! she did awesome!" ... written by raquelb
Helped me feel a lot better about a situation between me and another. Gave me clarity" ... written by Alexwhi020
Thank you, you gave a good reading." ... written by APPLE74
She gave me a great reading, five stars. " ... written by juicy1255
Very helpful." ... written by winterhot
Awesome!!!!! Right on with all points. Very informative." ... written by TT1225
Loved the reading and you would too. Test her out. :)" ... written by altuna0
Thank you so much, everything you said was exactly what is between me and Johnny. Wow!!! Amazing. " ... written by Fiona35
Very Good!" ... written by Itsmagic01
The reading was right... everything was a perfect match with what's going on in my life... I recommend Madame Rosa for sure!!!" ... written by drsmith79
She is great, she was right on! " ... written by woodsjessica
I felt she was quite knowlegeble in her craft of tarot. " ... written by JenJen9214
Great reading!..right on with the info...=p" ... written by hazel1980
She is so awesome love her." ... written by darkvemonrose
Rosa is caring, insightful and doesn't beat around the bush. Very indepth and invested in her clients. She was remarkably accurate about her readings." ... written by QuinineKiss
Thank you for the clarity It helps honey..." ... written by GeminiLord
Ty very much for the insight. it was very helpful! I have added you to my favorites and think that you were of greight help. lol" ... written by unluckylove777
I am very impressed and thank you very much for helping me :) xx" ... written by sianmarie1989
Insightful, warm, funny and honest. Madame Rosa will listen to you and ensure that you get the most accurate yet quick reading for your money! She is wonderful and I highly recommend consulting with her about money, career, love and anything you need honest, straight forward answers to! She's amazing" ... written by Fidelity2Truth
One word...fantastic!" ... written by am3thyst
She is fantastic, the only one I trust on here because her prediction is happening right When she said it" ... written by winterflame
She was right on the mark." ... written by sassy29
I liked her reading, she said to me things that are true" ... written by noona23
Quick and amazing interpretation - lots of information, very accurate. " ... written by jp
Very lovely lady :) Seems to be amazing xx" ... written by rhianclowes
Awesome reading!" ... written by huskergurl10
Madam Rosa is a very gifted psychic, she picked up on me and the situation that I am dealing with. She is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Madam Rosa has a caring, positive energy that is reflected in the reading that she gave. Highly recommended psychic. " ... written by DrThomas72
AWESOME!!!" ... written by am3thyst
Very lovely reading, amazing, accurate and amazing information. Very helpful. Thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
Great reading!!! So much information and knowledge about a bit of everything in my life. MadameRosa really helped me see a new perspective on someone and my direction! Thank you so much! I will be returning for more readings!" ... written by BellaDecadance
You are very amazing and talented. Thank you so much!!Blessed be to you." ... written by marienichole
She was very helpful. Thank you MadameRosa!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Decently hit home will be back soon thank you" ... written by rockshowgal
I reaally enjoyed her she made me havea out postive out look and i have bright future ahead of me :)" ... written by princedanny
She told me what I needed to know =)" ... written by XxFusexX
I came in skeptical, but MadameRosa impressed me in her free chat, so much so that I went for a reading. She really nailed me and my present situation, so I was even more impressed. I will be back. " ... written by eldava
Very good reading - thank you!" ... written by debbie233
She seemed to ring true to the circumstances, very close on a few things." ... written by wolfe685
Madame is very insightful, easy to talk to, and correct !! " ... written by mauibaby
Madame was wonderful et très très beau! If you will what you wish then she will support your doing so. A wonderful mirror. I am staying strong, upright and empowered. Much Love to you Madame!" ... written by oliviaolivia
So far so good... Very positive fibe with her.. :)" ... written by Mayraespo
MadameRosa is amazing. She knew everything about me and it helped me figure out alot in my head. Thank you so much madamerose!" ... written by MelodyGrace01
Excellent gave lots of information and was extremely insightful and helpful in the situations I needed information on at time." ... written by ljsbmwz3x3
Very helpful reading!" ... written by Retsy44
Sounded pretty good to me " ... written by rightious
SHES JUST AWESOME! GO TO HER!" ... written by lizbeth6865
She is dead on with everything she said thank you madam rosa she is fast and dose not waist your time." ... written by nac021
MadameRosa was right on target." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Good" ... written by shadeykev
She did a wonderful job of hitting everything I wanted her to touch on. I will be using her again!" ... written by rachita85
Just true.. I am in a dream." ... written by nawaaar
From the short time I was with madamerosa she read everything well and what was going on in my situation. " ... written by sheabow
I think your good, yes very good" ... written by tribesman
Thank you for being so sweet even with the computer issues... Thank you for the spiritual lift.... You were wonderful!" ... written by Jettset
Thanks for the help will keep posted." ... written by animelove666
She is very accurate." ... written by theodorab
AWSOME...." ... written by chrissie1971
Very good right on point...n very happy ty u ever so kindly " ... written by chrissie1971
Awesome." ... written by gem1974
Great reading. Appreciated how she really used the time effectively and got to the point. This was my first online psychic but it was better than some of the in person readings I have received from psychics in NYC. " ... written by nynick327
So much info! Really interesting, spot on. I like the playing cards." ... written by sometimes4321
She was great, she gave me great advice. She was quick and gave me as much info she got from me in the reading. She wastes no time. She told me I'm worth something with lots of potential and I really needed someone to to tell me that .Thank you MadameRosa you are so kind with lots of love in you." ... written by barbiegorl123
She was very right on with a lot of things happening in my life. " ... written by jvolley18
Thank you so much for the reading; very accurate." ... written by 99joanas
Would kindly like to give her a 5Star Rating, for being thorough and Accurate in her reading and would like to continue another reading her a a future date. I was pleased with my reading. " ... written by Tardis_Heart
She was awesome!!!! very quick and was awesome!! no words can express!!! Thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Good." ... written by Mikele3388
Very spot on and caring." ... written by D
Although I barely had any credit(1min) she took her time to give me a quick reading.. i felt like she new what she was talking about and i am most likely going to choose her as my reader from now on!!! CHECK HER OUT!!" ... written by sher232323
I think they lay out of her views and determination to answer you questions was awesome. I will be back." ... written by howrealisit
Madamerosa is amazing.... When ran out of credits ,I just had to buy more. She made me want to know more, because she was so dead on with everything and now she is the 1. I will be back to whenever I need advise and info!!!!" ... written by AnjelBaby22
Awesome reading! :) Right on spot." ... written by donnamisc
Madamerosa has always been there to help me understand the journey I am on and how to deal with the conflicts on the journey." ... written by rooster051
Thank you very much! very true and on point every time!" ... written by purplelily_25
Absolutely amazing and right on the money!!!! Highly recommend madamerosa to anyone! Truth and accuracy.... Thank you dear!!!" ... written by AnjelBaby22
Wonderful!" ... written by merighasari11
I liked her reading, she was honest and thanks for the advice." ... written by bluepari
Very Honest. Felt the reading to be true." ... written by aquestion76
I love her directness... Wish I had more time with her!!!! She's great and devoted." ... written by drcpebbles1
Thank you for your wisdom!! Very good!!" ... written by lovematterstome
Thank you... Very sweet... Too much for one conversation! But you picked on much. Thank you!" ... written by Gina266637
A lot of information... Needed more time, but very informative... Worth the time." ... written by Uvrs53
Madame Rosa is sensational, she is totally mind blowing with her gift!!! Highly recommend you, try her..." ... written by marionlyttle
Had to go back to get more information and was glad I did! MadameRosa was right on target with everything! She said and she provided me with great insight and promise. A very positive reading!" ... written by nancee2448
MadameRosa told me so much about myself! I was very impressed with her reading." ... written by nancee2448
She was great! Very efficient and to the point. Very clear and insightful." ... written by bbrunner21
Thank u for the insightful reading...very interesting." ... written by cupcakegirl
I really enjoyed my reading with her, I thought she was amazing and was spot on with so many issues I am currently dealing with right now!" ... written by aimmbark
She knows what she is talking about! Thank you!" ... written by becca
Great guidance." ... written by bratpack
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! God bless you and lots of love xxxx" ... written by tatianasmile
Great.Excellent .Very interactive . I recommend MadameRosa." ... written by sudeepinfo
She is absolutely amazing. She was spot on with everything! So spot on in fact that at time I got chills. Don't doubt what she says for a second! She is the real deal. I am definitely going back to her for another reading. Just incredible. " ... written by winterspectrum
From the beginning of our conversation until the end she had a very accurate description of the people around me. She knew so much about me and my love before I even said anything about him. She is very honest, kind, and straight forward. She tells you what she sees and not what you want to hear. And i appreciate how she's straight to the point and does not waste time, and even when our private chat ended, she still invited me back to the chat room for more tips and advice. Thank you so much Madame Rosa, you are wonderful and I will definitely be back." ... written by erka81
Relevant, honest, to the point. I needed to hear all of that." ... written by celestial111
Love love love madame rosa!!! She's highly accurate!! Will keep coming back!! :))" ... written by MermaidKisses
MadameRosa was very easy to speak with, and she picked up on what was going on with my love life, my health, my career immediately. She told me things about the Tarot, and past lives, which really blew me away, because I just knew it was the truth. She's a wonderful psychic, and a lovely person." ... written by Navanrose62
She's wonderful, understanding and kind and has a great Personality. TWO BIG THUMBS UP AND an A++ to add!" ... written by HealerTom100
She is so amazing best reading ever. She is on target the bull's eye of them all. Sincere, honest, trustworthy 5 stars rating." ... written by dominquez1
I found MadameRosa to be very honest in her reading, the link kept fading in and out and I don't know why that happened but I am feeling a lot more positive about my future. Sometimes when your world turns upside down for no reason, it is hard to get back up - after this reading I know I can do that now - negative stuff has to burn itself out... Thanks for your help in renewing my faith in me. Will certainly get back to you in a couple of months for an update:)" ... written by gaplink
Excellent! love this lady" ... written by MonikaJasmin
Good reading thank you." ... written by irahow777
I would like to say that a prediction that MadameRosa in her reading with me came true and I am very pleased with her. I would like to say that she should be recognized for such wonderful and accurate work." ... written by ambiarte732
Very enlightening and she opened my eyes to many things :3 " ... written by StevenAnkarlo
Thank you so kindly, MadameRosa! A wonderful reading, insightful, thoughtful, makes you think and fun :) Bless you!" ... written by merighasari11
She was right on point about our personalities and what each one is going through- very detailed and great reading!" ... written by epa0404
Thanks for the readings she is awsome and really tells me everything and gives me hope..." ... written by fallbegun4u
Thank you, thank you, thank you the best reader, all her predictions come true in the past. God bless you, lots of love xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
As always great!" ... written by epa0404
Thank you, you were very insightful!" ... written by nunothat
Amazing, would not waste my money." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
She is the best..." ... written by rajat_2510
Great spirit lifter." ... written by adodobri1
She was very correct about my relationship!" ... written by lknight930
Amazing! Definitely worth it!! Gets straight to the point!" ... written by sarahg55
MadameRosa did a triple reading for me and all great information. Really great cards. Thanks MadameRosa." ... written by molassescrinkles
I am grateful for her reading She is very intuitive and a woman of wisdom." ... written by Lunita1985
Fast and good." ... written by Sherroll08
really good and earnest. She worked hard." ... written by Suzan4444
Thank you. It was very good reading." ... written by hopeofblue
Interesting." ... written by duff
I like MadameRosa. She works very differently to the other psychics on here and I would recommend her for a different approach. She looks into life cycles, lessons and compatability. If you are lost and confused about which direction to take, Rosa could help you. No phoney fortune telling. I would say she is genuine. In short, if your lost and need to understand your current path and lessons, pick Rosa. Thanks Rosa. Interesting reading x" ... written by librabeauty
Spot on, cleared up a lot of things for me... Highly helpful!" ... written by jacqueline1966
Wonderful lady...Thanks for the great reading:) " ... written by MissyS
She is excellent, as always, I gathered from seeing her in Free Chat. Going in for more info in a few minutes." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She sees the overall picture, very helpful!!!! I am at peace." ... written by In_Search33
Thank you very much. Hope things will get better!" ... written by altuna0
She was great and she so far gave me a good review :) Thanks." ... written by gabby1991
Great reading! " ... written by pamelapansy
Wow, she is a very very sweet person... Beautiful inside out... And I loved her style of reading... I would come back and let her know how things go... Thanks a lot and stay beautiful always :)))))" ... written by nk
I just want to say my reading was right on and very helpful. I just want to say thank you very much. You made me feel better about my future. " ... written by schici
Please please please take her into prvt. She is worth it. She has such an interesting way of reading and is also very accurate. Creepily accurate. Theere were several times during the reading where my jaw just dropped because I was so shocked. She doesnt play games, waste time, or lie. If you're looking for clarity, go to Madame Rosa! She's very skilled and you wont regret it :)" ... written by daydreamer246
Thank you. Money worth spending. Very thorough. Gave some peace." ... written by hopeofblue
She knows what shes talking and answer almost all my questions." ... written by 88ireyes
Wonderful in depth readings." ... written by tracysestin
Thank you so much, it all made a lot of sense!" ... written by reddakini
Madame Rosa is reliable! She predicts your life's destiny with importance. I came to MadameRosa in a paranoid state revolving a relationship. MadameRosa gave me information and comforted me in believing and I was able to confront what was bothering me and feel free again. She is easy to talk to, comfortable to get personal with. You can trust asking her your most deepest concerns, for she will take the time to guide you in the right direction and will be make a point of being accurate. She is a Psychic at its most rawest form." ... written by Magentaslost111
I enjoyed the reading I had with MadameRosa. I will happily come back to her with updates." ... written by JenJen9214
I believe what she is saying... Gave me a light in the horizon to focus on when I needed it." ... written by Merlin160
REALLY happy with my readings with Madame Rosa. She has a great command with the information that she receives through her reading abilities. And she is very honest and sincere. Glad to have come into her room today!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Was great help:)" ... written by Cell14
Awesome pawesome:) go go go!" ... written by timokoh
Great reading! Spot on" ... written by princessyonni
She knows her stuff and she is great :) I will be back :) I highly recommend her :)" ... written by Maria805
She is just perfect." ... written by nalita18
Great and fast!" ... written by royalangel55
Awesome as usual:)" ... written by timokoh
Gave me a lot of good insight and good informations." ... written by margrethdah
Helped me further believe in my love life and made it clear to take it easy and not dive in like I usually do." ... written by lolabug
5 stars xoxoxoxox" ... written by gem1974
Absolutely wicked----knows what she is doing. Logical, clever, accurate. Definitely recommend her. Will be back. " ... written by slinkyminky3
SHE IS AWESOME AND FAST!" ... written by royalangel55
She was amazing and right on the money!!! Super star!" ... written by jeter28
Thank you so much, will keep you updated :)" ... written by kindredspirit
Very kind and very spot on. Thank you so much for your time. I will be back!!!" ... written by Jen
I keep coming back to her because her readings are AMAZING!! I LOVE her charts!! Those can reveal SO MUCH about you and the person you are inquiring about!! They are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Ms Rosa tells you the way she sees it, and she won't lie.. THANK YOU! YOU ARE GREAT!!! TONS AND TONS OF STARS!!!" ... written by Summer84
Great reading. Insightful information. Thank you!" ... written by lpb2121
Was very great! Thank you!" ... written by wooly24
I would recommend her. She pulled cards and used my birthday as well. Very informative and to the point about everything in my life. Not just one specific thing or area. I really enjoyed this reading. I will come back again. " ... written by answers16
MadameRosa was very accurate with my situation. I was surprised! I highly recommend her." ... written by alisha2013
That reading was so meaningful!! And it gave me so much insight!! It was also about a wake up call! Just what I needed!! Thank you! Looking forward to the next reading!" ... written by gateforest01
Fantastic, very personable, great information, right on target!" ... written by Member625811
Was very compassionate and knew details about my situation. " ... written by atxgirl75
So good, she is amazing, a true psychic." ... written by eguess
Love her readings!!" ... written by altuna0
Reading was very accurate, she got straight to the point and told me the facts no sugar coating!" ... written by KKat21
She is amazing! Had an awesome reading and she was kind enough to lower her price for our chat. I will be returning! Thank you! " ... written by blubear00
Best psychic; highly recommended. Speechless!" ... written by eguess
Very good insight realy" ... written by akenatonacindere
MadameRosa was amazing! She was very spot on and she talked away I did not give her much information. She talked as like she knew me very well. Amazing! Worth every cent!" ... written by Barr88
Wonderful... Such clarity!!" ... written by nashaleeb
Awesome lady." ... written by mayho1986
Thank you." ... written by linn115
Had a lovely reading with MadameRosa...Why cause she spoke my heart essence not by her words but by her knowing as my spirit heart with discernment of nurturance guidance for me that is what a reader has respect of grace of helping another soul be uplifted to know thier own heart essence of true love of heart of truth evening indifferent of our ego self by such heart essence prevails hiugs Rosa WOW!" ... written by dustyblueocean
Great great great! She is so patient and kind, and gives great insight. I've been asking her the same questions over and over but she explains everything well. I have much to look forward to in the coming months/year, and will be waiting to see what happens after my birthday. She's awesome, her methods of reading are very cool. And she continued to ease my mind in the free chat after the reading. She's great, recommend 100%." ... written by blubear00
Thank you for the honesty, I understood it all. I will be back another night. You really have a lot of information" ... written by sunshine678
Great reader, thank you!" ... written by tara6208
Thank you!" ... written by airam25
Great reading." ... written by yvettepandora
Gave a lot of information.. Give her a try!" ... written by trmills928
Gifted, extraordinary and honest, she is the epitome of enlightenment. " ... written by fhe825
Good insight" ... written by LynnMarieConn
I love her!!!!!!!! Awesome reader and detailed readings on future!!!! Spend your money wisely and go to her!" ... written by lizbeth6865
She was great, very knowledgeable. " ... written by MysticEster
Great... Knew the situation well :)" ... written by Jennifer786
Very in tune with the situation .. not great news but the truth is always better than a fairy tail.. I will consult with her again. " ... written by lyricslair
She is amazing! Spot on and knew everything about me and my relationship." ... written by vanessailgms11
MadameRosa gave me a thorough look into my coming year and did so very quickly and professionally. I hope her predictions come true! " ... written by confused31
Spot on. Keeps it real. I enjoyed it!" ... written by hungerfordt2012
She was on point, changed my life." ... written by marremah2014
Wonderful!!!" ... written by classmate12
AWESOME!!! Just amazing... picked up on everything going on my life and was very accurate. We shall see how things turn out, but it felt like what she was saying was right...she's very honest, loving and compassionate and knows a heck of a lot! Loved her style!!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you for giving me some new information. I think you did a good job in the short amout of time I had." ... written by nybor772
She was amazing, she said things that I didn't tell her but she picked up on them anyway!" ... written by rogers
This was a transforming experience. She is knowledgeable and just the right combination of down to earth insight and high level psychic vibrations. So glad I chose her." ... written by seemiles
OMG so much on the head of the nail... thank you for clafication... was worth every dollar." ... written by Pammy31
She was very detailed! We will have to see if some of the things she told me come to pass." ... written by lou_kendy
Excellent, I will definitely get another reading when I can!" ... written by Carla1968
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Jennifer786
She was so awesome! Thank you for the help." ... written by aquaderer2005
What a fun reading! so accurate and loving." ... written by andreabaker1223
Great reading and a very nice person too." ... written by ghufran92
MadameRosa is very knowledgeable and caring. Her reading with me was very detailed, specific, and in depth. I would definitely come back for another reading!" ... written by Love_Dove
Considerate of the time, accurate and wanted to help me understand, I recommend her for all!" ... written by quantae7
I had a great reading with MadameRosa! I was given insight into some options I had not considered. I will be back for another reading. " ... written by Trish48
She was great, Spoke in a down to earth method. I appreciate the information she gave me. " ... written by 3427n8qbb
Really great reading that provide me with a good positive outlook this year." ... written by paloosa
Most awesome person in here! Loved her and loved her honest insightful and thorough readings and her useful advices." ... written by ghufran92
Wonderful :)" ... written by artisticfreakk
Rosa, thank you very much for your reading and support. I hope that everything will be fine." ... written by mariela3009
Quite satisfied" ... written by amangoyal12
I liked the reading very much, she was pretty accurate for the most part. I cannot say what she said wasn't true." ... written by Chicoca587
I feel so much better now, knowing the truth. Thanks a lot" ... written by cookieeye21
Great look at my relationship and some themes that she hit the nail right on the head about. Looking forward to the things to watch out for next year." ... written by ellewilla
Best ever!" ... written by andreabaker1223
She was SO insightful! Everything was right on the money and I just feel so much more confident in what I am doing with my life. It feels really good to know I'm on the right path but she also didnt just tell me what I wanted to hear. She was honest, genuine, FAST, and I just really appreciate her for sharing her gift. Thank you MadameRosa!" ... written by dessidoll
Amazing woman. Beautiful and kind hearted. Came back to her AGAIN!" ... written by artisticfreakk
MadameRosa has an amazing insight on all my goings on... present and future. Thank you so much." ... written by Pammy31
She was right on the money." ... written by rah196350
Rosa is one of the best on here! Very very insightful reading. She hit the mark several times! Wonderful woman, too. " ... written by reena2323
Thank You... Looking forward to this year. " ... written by reena2323
Very good. Thank you so much" ... written by DDDaniela
She was awesome." ... written by junior92
She's like a sister to me not just a psychic!" ... written by ghufran92
Really good " ... written by mrcomplex
MadameRosa is so dead on with everything!! I would recommend her to EVERYONE!! She is so kind and caring and gives you the advice you truly need!! Thank you so much!!! I will be back for more readings with her!! :)" ... written by DeAnnaMarie318
Awesome! Fast paced, 5 stars. Highly recommended! I like her." ... written by flots
Just right to the point, my first time with her and will have to wait for the results" ... written by taurusmay5
Just wow. What an absolutely awesome reading. Thank you so much for all the insight and help!!! I will remember it all. You're fantastic." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Thank you very much for the reading you jus gave me, it was so accurate and I already knew deep down so thanks again." ... written by Baddness
Pretty good. Her charts said a lot. I have more questions." ... written by Jazzylady155
Rosa got to the essence of what this next year is all about for me. All the developing areas, the changes, the strengths I will gain from the challenges. Also gave me really good advice about manifesting. I found her reading really helpful and directive, as well as warning me about certain vulnerability I may have going through this time. Hey, also I'm very romantic in my relationships too... My husband will be pleased. Thanks ever so much Rosa... Brilliant." ... written by violetsprite
Wow, MadameRosa is so thorough! She puts so much effort into her readings. And she's so accurate! Awesome! I'll be back really soon! Thanks again." ... written by Floss71
Rosa was amazing. She seems to have the gift. Will be coming back!" ... written by rratte25
Madame Rosa has a true gift. She sensed my questions before I even asked. I would rate her 10 stars. I have a secret buried deep within and she picked right up on it. She knew who the love of my life is and she knew the truth about my suitors. She offered me wisdom and spiritual guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in spiritual warfare or dilemmas. I will use her gifts and talents more often." ... written by angelita1212
She is amazing i love her." ... written by millyloves22
Super Amazing. I wish I could talk to her all day - loved her. She is incredibly good at what she does. I was smiling the whole time as she hit the nail on the head time after time. Thank you so much.... I feel great and positive even with all the drama to come knowing I can handle it and it will all be for the right reasons. Tons of info. ;) I will be back . More than 5 stars. Excellent." ... written by Nicole212
Been very kind and helpful, gave me clarity on my frustrated confusion...thank you ! Like a mother!" ... written by Natasha786
Lots to say and gave great descriptions. Will try again in the future. Thanks! :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Really good ! Very accurate and makes you laugh if you are sad !!" ... written by ash2244
Spot on what was going on in my life and the dynamics of each situation giving clarity and great advice going forward into what is expected to transpire." ... written by scramble7553
Very good Detailed Reading. MadameRosa covered several areas.. Hit things rigth on.. very good" ... written by soul2love
Awesome and fast reading. Thank you for all the insight and help to clear my mind. 5 stars :)" ... written by Knight7882
I think you are a smart intellegent woman. You have put a smile on my face and something to look out for in a positive way. I will deffinatly be using you in private again." ... written by mamicheena1990
Another great reading from MadameRosa!! Thank you so much! You provide the best guidance!! I would give 10 stars if I could!! " ... written by DeAnna
Absolutely amazing, she was spot on. Gave great advice. Will use her again" ... written by mlgriff330
Great reading! Gives you a lot of guidance! " ... written by lizd131
Great reading and very helpful Thank you very much. Will always come back!" ... written by ghufran92
ROSA was amazing!! She was so detailed and she confirmed my own feelings. She picked up on the fact that I had great intuitions. It was such a wonderful reading. She gave me so much information. Thanks." ... written by skylightening
Great session! Very concise, easy to communicate. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking clarity in their life, good or bad, she tells it like it is." ... written by cmrear1986
She is my favorite... And she knows that...The only one with this amazing exceptional style of reading..I recommend to anyone and everyone....Take care... Lots of love..." ... written by Niha
She's unbelievable! She saw right through me, I'm speechless! She's very insightful and positive... Her technique is quick and interesting, she honestly answered the questions I had logically, and it made so much sense to me, she was straight to the point!!! I adoreeeee her and will come back and update her for sure!!!!!!!!!" ... written by swaimz
Very interesting!!! :)" ... written by lilmissmystery
Thank you Madame Rosa. I do have a health problem I am on top of. I will get the diagnosis from all the tests next week. As you said it will require some life style changes. You are right about everything you said about my present and the only reason I have been involved with him so long is because I have faith in us. I know deep down we are soul mates just as I knew my late husband was also. You are the greatest. People need to know that you are the genuine article. I have been to a lot of scam artists claiming psychic ability but your powers are genuine. You were 100% right. I thank you and consider you a blessing in my life. I will be back again and again." ... written by AntlersPrincess
She is very good, and she was spot on, wow awesome reading...... Get a reading from her........" ... written by otessascaptain
Good reading, telling you both card.. fast and accurate." ... written by ginlin
Great reading!!!!!!" ... written by bmurillo
Brill reading thanks.xx" ... written by maz100
Thanks for a lovely chat.. Thanks I'll get his dob." ... written by LittleCC
A great help!!Dead on!! I recommend!!" ... written by ksw0009
She made me laugh sooooooooo much!!! She's amaziing! One of my most enjoyable readings. She really clarified the "square" that I am in, she's very sweet and wise too!" ... written by swaimz
She was awesome! Fast and very accurate - I will be back." ... written by Taurus357
She was just amazing! She was so spot on and I didn't say much other than my birthday and her birthday. I'm differently coming back to her. THANKS SO MUCH! " ... written by 7yL3rDvrd3n
Great reading like every time!" ... written by ghufran92
AWESOME!" ... written by PIoneers19
Great thank you!" ... written by kirstyndai
Very very interesting her..will def come back again..." ... written by elledaly24
Amazing insight... thank you! So accurate!" ... written by vayunu
Thank you so much Rosa for your insight and positivity! I love reading with you. I will come back and update you once your predictions come true as they have before!!" ... written by coyqueen3
Nice reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Great reading, hope her predictions come true." ... written by gia1117
Great reading, in a very short time, got lots of information. :) Thank you!" ... written by Fairytales82
I like your reading, I need more of it." ... written by friendly22
Accurate accurate accurate!!! Ahe's super fun and wise too!!! Looking forward to see how things unfold." ... written by swaimz
Great ability :) " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Once again a great reading!! Thank you again!!! You're great and God bless you!!!" ... written by coyqueen3
Rosa is a great reader and was diffidently accurate." ... written by carandkenzee
Very fast reading and great she told me alot about the connection with my husband that I did not know and I do alot of readings she was great will be back for more readings." ... written by sandrachilcott72
Very detailed reading. She is able to tell if your current relationship with a person is karmic or not and she gives great advice. Very encouraging and helps you move forward :) Thank you very much!" ... written by alizag1tana1201
One cool cat, yep yep!" ... written by altuna0
Nice, patience, accurate, I like her a lot." ... written by Majoma
Thank you for very accurate and on point reading. Many blessing to you. " ... written by sdv2013
Rosa was very compassionate and gave a hopeful yet tempered reading. I was very happy with the experience. Love you." ... written by MaryB11
She is so Fantabulously awesome and love her to pieces!!! Give this sister a chance! She is for real!!!" ... written by angelnellie3
She was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let her read you she know what she is talking about!!!!!!!" ... written by Diamond2310
Thank you, the reading was absolutely wonderful and insightful! Blessings with much love." ... written by sdv2013
Absolutely informative reading!!! Loved it " ... written by starreshipsnstar
Very good, I would recommend Madame Rosa to anyone who needs answers." ... written by marigoldrose
Very insightful, I recommend strongly!" ... written by ItsMeTonyG
You are amazing if all this happens. really you are .i do love him very much and i have a feeling he could be the one, but at the same time we are young. your reading of how we are with each other " ... written by rr51194
Great advice and reading and spiritual guidance, 10 stars!" ... written by stuart81
I decided to take a chance on MadameRosa to ask about my Twin Flame - she really understands the dynamic andamp; it was TRULY amazing... So incredibly accurate... I resonated with practically everything she said. Provided awesome insight andamp; guidance!! Thank you so so much, I'll for sure be back ;) :)" ... written by rolinsand
Great reading." ... written by elle11
Good Reading" ... written by azara37222
Beautiful lady and energy. Powerful words would love to see this happen" ... written by Andrew ( McSh0rt)
She is amazing. Right on target. Love her energy and her insights. " ... written by chloe61
Sincere and honest,. thanks for the reading " ... written by jimikuta
She was great with great insight! Highly recomended." ... written by sk8203
Good astrology reading!" ... written by steffleblanc
Very good very honest!" ... written by gusessendon
I really enjoy chats with rosa, she is very honest and gives alot of information in a short period of time and really goes into detail. Shes really easy to talk to and is understanding and none judgmental." ... written by sarah
Amazing reading and a lot of information within short period of time....made me see the situation totally from a new and positive point of view. " ... written by hab
MadameRosa is brilliant! I have 4 pages of notes from our reading and I know I didn't get it all down, but she got SO MANY things just exactly right! She is very quick and confident, kind and decisive with everything she tells you, a definite for anyone to call for insight about themselves, others, relationships...I am tickled with the reading and will definitely be calling back again in May when all we talked about should happen! She is a sweetheart to talk with as well! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Lolabe11a
She's a lovely person. Good reading." ... written by Jade
She was great she got right to the heart of what I needed to understand and was right about it all I give her 5 stars thank you." ... written by ghostspirit111
She was wonderful and so accurate. I got to know a lot about the situation. Truly I would recommend. " ... written by seun808
One word: wow! She is beyond amazing. She is extremely accurate and she ensures that you understand the past, present and future. Madame Rose gives you time frames to look forward too. She is one in a million." ... written by marvak12
She was amazing, even though I had short time to talk to her, she definitely knows what she is talking about and she can really read you. I hope her predictions come true. Thank you so much madame Rosa. in love and light" ... written by fehu11
Skillfull." ... written by vsegurado
Awesome lady... felt she can read your mind. Right on spot. Amazing. Will come back." ... written by rani4you
Love Madam Rosa, always on point. Great Information. Easy to talk to, Even about delicate matters. " ... written by kathleenkats
ALWAYS a pleasure...." ... written by PIoneers19
Kind and informative!" ... written by mpm9177
Really good, she gave me lots and lots of feedbacks and was able to tell me about the situation and that there are things to look forward to in the future." ... written by sarah
Reading was so good I had to add more time! Everything was spot on and now just waiting for the dates to come but now have a better understanding of the situation that will help the situation improve.Thank you very much!!! God bless!" ... written by Marialuis
The psychic was honest and clear in her thoughts. I will certainly look forward to speaking to her soon." ... written by Harriet7421
Amazing....try her she is the best so far" ... written by sunnydeep
She is amazing! Best Oranum by far. She knew me like a book. She gets straight to the point and offers you a lot of detail on your readings. So worth it!" ... written by Justine587
I really iiked the reading, thank you very much! It was very informative." ... written by rainbowspirit123
Great insights as always and I feel much better now. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
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MadameRosa was really spot on. Very fast and well connected. Will recommend without hesitation." ... written by Flower girl
I got a reading with Madame Rosa about 9 months ago when my fiancee at the time started acting distant. I refused to believe anything was wrong, however, she told me that we would be breaking up and both in new relationships." ... written by Debbie
Reading with her was great she seemed on the ball. Also gave useful material recommendations for more info on some struggles of mine. She does seem pretty compassionate and understanding. There was something about her that I really enjoyed in the reading :)" ... written by NordicKron88
Lovely lady, fast!" ... written by mimi
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Incredible. Spot on and kind!" ... written by katehrine1965
Very good psychic, I was able to answer every question I had." ... written by JohnStoormtroop
It was truly something special because it was all real and gave me more insight in the situation I am right now. I have more hope and motivation for the future, thank you, MadameRosa ;-)" ... written by Bookashade
Thank you dear, I really enjoyed it. Will let you know when this unfolds. :)" ... written by miminow
Helped me to understand a lot about my relationship!!!" ... written by Bridgette1987
She is great thank you so much MadameRosa I will be back!" ... written by vrinda1105
Hello!! I just want to think you for how you opened my eyes to some things that they where closed to thank you for be real and open with me telling me the truth about what you see and and caring about if it relates to me or not and not just telling me what you thin I wan to hear!!! " ... written by Diamond
Great reading!!" ... written by laurenh128
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She has a very unique approach but she is definitely accurate. " ... written by anonymous
Nice lady, very genuinely concerned." ... written by leelee32384
Rosa was quick and accurate in the details. Literally revealed to me personality, thoughts and upcoming events. Bang on in ALL the aspects actually. Awesome reading!" ... written by calliopegirl
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Very good reader, on point and very very informative. I will recommend her to everyone because MadameRosa provided with a lots of helpful information with my relationship, my business and whats ahead of me... Thank you very much. " ... written by Jojoly25
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She's absolutely wonderful, what a great lady, you really took so much worry away! Really hope him and I end up ok!" ... written by mmor1407
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MadameRosa was very insightful and helpful to me. She was extremely quick, authentic and spot on about many things. I felt a strong sense of trust for her, and what she said to be true regarding my future. Her knowledge about my current situation was very accurate. When she was unsure about some aspects she it expressed honesty. She has helped me re-affirm my intuition of which has given me a stronger sense of direction regarding my situation. Thank you Madame Rosa, Warm Regards, Rebekah from St. Augustine, Florida " ... written by rivka12
She was great! Very helpful! " ... written by LuckyStar5
Very quick and to the point, loved the reading, thanks so much!" ... written by darkvemonrose
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MadameRosa is absolutely wonderful. She is so on point and honest, I could never ask for anything more. You are so awesome, woman!!! Thank you !!!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Wow Wow! I won the free demo, and Madame Rosa really picked up on alt.So I went pvt. This woman saw what is going on and knew things that no one else did. I am very excited for the future. And very happy with Madame Rosa. She gave me a lot, I mean a lot of details in a short time. I know money is an issue with everyone now days, but Madame Rosa is super fast and flies with details, your money is not wasted. I had 29 credits and wow!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Debradee
Very great astrologer, just wow!!!" ... written by Olga
Very in tune." ... written by Christopher Scott Payne
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Great reading! Very detailed, and right on point in many aspects of my life. Thank you!" ... written by sonji
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Love ya!" ... written by Monique
Encouraging." ... written by Linda
Another Great reading!" ... written by Lindsey
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Good reading which I loved and took a load off of me." ... written by edel95
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She's good!!!" ... written by g
Helped make perspective." ... written by Karma
Things of what she said did ring true! Other predictions we will see. Time goes too fast. She is cool, I like her..." ... written by Marcella79
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Amazing, quick and to the point ... thank you for your help." ... written by j
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MadameRosa is one of the coolest person i have ever met, she is so different, so energetic and talks straight. If i have more money i will be back to her again 5 star for her." ... written by raj
YOU ARE GOOD!!!!" ... written by Shalanda Thomas
Excellent! I strongly recommend her. :) Enjoy!" ... written by Sharon
Excellent. Everything I needed to hear. Very personal and no B.S. Straight to the point and accurate. Worth every penny." ... written by Cheniah
She Is Great!" ... written by Danielle
The reading is just amazing... I believe in astrology so much and MadameRosa is the best at giving insight about your life and love life. There is so much info she can provide with your birthday. I can't wait for another reading! Thank you so much for all the information!" ... written by sandra
OUTSTANDING READING. she is great and awesome and great and awesome. :)" ... written by epa
I love Madame Rosa, her readings are eye opening and on point with everything!" ... written by sandy
Extremely Earthy as usual. Love her so much. She has a nice objective perspective on situations that helps a lot." ... written by Brian
Very fast and awesome...will keep Madame Rosa informed about" ... written by hanu
Very lovely woman, understood what I was asking her and didn't shy away. Answered my questions I needed well. Thanks :)" ... written by Lola
Madame Rosa is totally the real deal!!! So excellent! She read for me a while ago and blew me away. This time she had more to add. So timely, accurate and insightful. And there is no doubt that she is 100% true blue honest. That is why her observations mean so much. Definitely 5 stars. Definitely recommend. WOW!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome with Astrology .. She knows her stuff.. With time frames .. Love her . Very detailed and Lots of information Thanks Madame Rosa " ... written by sunshinec
Connected fast, read the charts very well, and honest." ... written by short stuff
Awesome." ... written by siege
Wonderful read from an amazing reader! Very accurate. I read with her months ago and she was V correct. TY Rosa!" ... written by reenaji
Nice reading thank you, can't wait to see what happens 5 stars " ... written by tony
great insight for my year!" ... written by sandra
AWESOME... AWESOME!" ... written by sunshinec
She is always lovely and accurate - my favorite person. She will give you the truth and not bring about false hope. I had a few experience trying to make it work with someone and she knew....months before it would not, no matter how good things seemed to be at the time. I will report back in a few months. No doubt in my mind it will be true - she has always been very consistent." ... written by epa
She is always great and on point. i love her readings always the best guidance." ... written by epa
Very informative, someone who I would see a second time." ... written by Catpearl
Thank you for the update, you helped open my mind to the possible outcomes and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
Just for fun. I enjoy talking to Rosa. Things change in the universe so u never know what the cars might say. Thanks. " ... written by Sky
Always a great reading!!!" ... written by sanj
She is working very hard in getting me all the information. Accurate in about changes now and upcoming... I didn't tell her, but things at work is changing. Will see how these changes will be like... on top for me as she predicts!" ... written by Will
Madam Rosa is a amazing she was accurate on what I truly wanted and revealed somethings that only I felt about me. " ... written by Chyree
very good - seemed to hit the nail on the head" ... written by bouncy
psoitive reading, very informative about lives and patterns, very interesting. " ... written by dingding
thank you" ... written by nicola
Thank you so much madam Rosa, it was a delightful reading and it got me calmer then i was before it.. thank you andamp; blessed be" ... written by hundredbutterflies
Great reading - so much information - definitely worth a read." ... written by lotus
She was right on and got right to the point.. Would recommend her to everyone.. Amazing!!" ... written by Moongirl
Love my readings with Madame Rose - she is always right on target and quick to the point - She gives very accurate details about the situation.. I highly recommend her " ... written by Moongirl
Great reading!" ... written by Tony
thank you" ... written by tony
Rosa is a five star reader awesome detail in her readings would recommend her very accurate. She is worth your time and Money. Thanks Rose for the awesome reading." ... written by Patricia
really good" ... written by wings
she's great" ... written by Cristina
She is very gifted and knowledgeable,clarified many of my points and advised what is best for me." ... written by Adi
Lots of detailed and fast info!" ... written by summa
She was very spot on with what she said. I ended up getting some clarity. thank you so much" ... written by sangeeta
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