About MasterRoy

Psychic MasterRoyhas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MasterRoyhas recently helped 53members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MasterRoy's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Thanks Roy, very accurate and helpful reading." ... written by ikroyalal
Gave me some great advise and insight into my situation" ... written by simon
He is very accurate and to the point. Thanks for the help dear" ... written by astha
Good" ... written by astha
Very professional. His typing is clean and fast that is a big plus, too. Excellent adviser!" ... written by PM
Thanks for reading" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks Roy!" ... written by marion
Great reader, no sugar coating! :) Recommended!!!! Thank you!" ... written by Lola
Very kind. Did pick up alot and gave alot of info. Hope predictions happen. Thanks Roy" ... written by cheeksup
Great reader!" ... written by starchild700
He's to-the-point. Blunt. Picked up on issues that were there - without me telling him. Great job!" ... written by Zeigen
Very accurate honest recommended!" ... written by irene
Wow wow wow roy is the best helps u solve the issues and supports you with options and explains things claearly thanks master roy." ... written by daddychop
roy is awesome he gives u solutions to the issues not just answers I would recommend him to anyone who wants to know the truth about anything 500 stars to you my dear friend." ... written by simon
Thank you Roy, great reading, accurate and fast." ... written by ikr oyala
Great intuitive insight and connection! He knew of the negative energies around me. I didnt even say a thing about it." ... written by amber
I just hope I can remember all the things you told me. I will do the meditation and I believe it will help me regain my real self. Thank you for your assistance and I will let you know how it works out.." ... written by Jean
Very accurate in the things said, which I knew deep down already. Would speak again." ... written by dawn
Great session thank you!" ... written by mercedes
I really got a lot from you today and I just hope I will be able to retain everything you told me. You hit the subject right on the head and I have to pull myself out of this slump that I have gotten in. I will get back to you at another time, hopefully with a better look for me, as you said. Thank you for your honest and direct statements, they rang very true to me." ... written by Jean Robertson
A very warm honest person worth every penny" ... written by irene
I was made to feel extremely confident in your reading. It gave me a feeling of release from the stress I have been feeling all day. Your words rung out loud and clear and I know I have to try hard to keep this peace, thanks to you. Yes, I liove him so very much and sometimes it hurts, but I will try real hard to do what you said. Be kind, do not question him, show myself as the glamour girl I did befor I got sick. Thanks." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
Thanks" ... written by Anushree Srivastava
MasteryRoy was compassionate and helpful during the reading. I enjoyed talking to him. Thanks again!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
He is good and makes us understand things in a very simple way." ... written by ssarah
MasterRoy has deep insight about mindset." ... written by Cmaxrun
Good reading... He doesn't use any tools... I will have to wait and see about his predictions." ... written by Nicholascage007
Quick, kind, accurate and a good advisor, thank you master" ... written by pragi
Roy is always spot on with his predictions" ... written by daddychop
he is good at reading future." ... written by ssarah
I was really pleased with the reading from MasterRoy. He was very kind, especially as I lost computer connection, which made my anxious, but I was soon put back at ease. I felt he understood the situation well and described personalities exactly. I have listened and will take the advice given. Thank you very much MasterRoy. I will definitely be speaking with you again in the near future. Love to you! x" ... written by cimba1
Wonderful reading and great personality." ... written by Diana
Very quick connection, wish I had more credits. I will try him again .." ... written by astridzinha
Roy is an incredible reader with incredible gifts, I would recommend him to anyone looking for clarity in their life." ... written by simon
Wish we had more time to talk. Thank you for your help and honesty. " ... written by HoldingOn12
Appreciate the sharing of his gift!I felt he connected well and knew my situation and the feelings of the other person he was able to clarify my thoughts!!!Thank you!!!" ... written by rattail1
Wow master roy is a truly incredible psychic i cant believe the depth he can go into my situation thanking u so much roy all your help n friendship." ... written by daddychop
Absolutely amazing. Most definitely 100 percent correct. I could chat to this man all day. I totally believe he got right into my heart. I know he understood me fully and picked up on some sensitive issues. Had I more time to spend I would of loved a lot longer. I will see Roy time time again in the future, he's a very pleasant guy. I give him 1.000 stars, highly recommend him to all out there. God bless Roy! xxx" ... written by charmane54
Very good reading, picked up on a lot of things that others have not.." ... written by jordynrillee
Very good reading on point. Thank you Roy!" ... written by Globe
Got to know more thing about myself today. Feeling very much positive now. " ... written by ssarah
Roy was very insightful and helpful! " ... written by time1isofessence
He was great!! Connected right away and was spot on, gave amazing clarity and direction :)" ... written by Krissy
Very good reading. " ... written by Myriame
Thank you MasterRoy, you were very candid and connected to my situation. I appreciate your help. peace and light, Meg." ... written by meg
Very good read." ... written by a
Good." ... written by e
Great reader... Very informative and precise... Answered my questions and gave insight to my situation. Would recommend to anyone for great details... Thanks! " ... written by missy
Good reading. I feel like he made things very clear about my situation. Fast responses and gentle." ... written by msrae89
Great reading with precise info and insight into my situation - very helpful!" ... written by Seeker1200
Amazing guy, I'm impressed. " ... written by renaji
Gave good advice thank you. Describe the persons very well. " ... written by deiasallouti
Was feeling much negativity besides me today but after talking with him i was very much positive and also it changed the angle of thinking and looking at the things from a different perspective." ... written by sarah
MasterRoy knew what to say to me at the wright time; did a good reading and said things, I did not know, what was happening to me; And end it in a positive note;And , surely was honest, and did not sugar-coat; Thank- you Mr, masterRoy; Will be back;" ... written by luz santiago
Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I appreciate your insight." ... written by jerald
Wonderful reading, Spot on with my current issues and helped me know exactly what i need to do to fix them. Lot's of very good advice and a very positive person. I highly reccomend you take a private reading! =) Thank you again MasterRoy you are a very helpful person!" ... written by Shawn
MasterRoy helped me feel better about my current situation. It was a very calming reading. I recommend MasterRoy. Thank you MasterRoy! " ... written by Lucky
He is good in clarifications of readings" ... written by sarah
Thank you for the reading, fast-typing and he make a comfortable ambiance." ... written by Myriame
He was straightforward, connected, seen my situation and gave me upfront advice :) Hoping to see positive changes I need to make, will definitely be back soon." ... written by lai
Very good with reading the personalities involved and gives helpful advice. Accurate too so very much recommended." ... written by nz
Thank you again for the reading and the updates." ... written by Myriame
Great person, great answers !!! And veryyy accurate " ... written by nayyerjames4102
He was good and accurate, I loved it! No sugarcoating, just real heavy advice and guidance... Thank you :)" ... written by tj
Thank you so much...I understand what you are telling me and you picked up on the situation very quickly and accurately...I will follow your advise." ... written by BellsBells
Honest and reliable! Very accurate with details and positive support. Always has very good advice to give. 100% recommend to anyone who is seeking help! or even has questions!" ... written by Great reading!
Very much and very quickly on target. Gave me a full description about myself and helped me understanding myself, which is what I needed very much right now. " ... written by PonnValli
He is good in giving reading... Just truth and exact truth." ... written by Sarah
Perfect reading" ... written by dev
Thanks again for the reading and updates." ... written by Myriame
Perfect reader, very clear in all subjects" ... written by Dave
Positive but truthful!" ... written by Derrick Lawson
Master roy is spot on." ... written by Robert
It was my first time getting a tarot card reading and I think he did great. I most likely come back to get more done in the future. " ... written by Izzybella
Wonderful reading! Always excellent 100% right on for everything! Very amazed with the quality and happiness that i receive from talking to him. I keep coming because, he always does his best and is very honest. Always telling the truth. Please check him out! Have a great talk!" ... written by Shawn
I think Roy was very good! I trust him and appreciate his way of reading! I recommend him to everybody!! He is a nice and accurate reader. :-)" ... written by Gustava22
A good reading, I wish there was no typing so it was a bit faster, but nevertheless helpful!" ... written by jazzychic7
He is good in giving readings in a clear and positive way." ... written by Sarah
Clear reading hope it helps. I need to focus on me." ... written by Lisa M
I really like his approach to readings. He not only sees the issue" ... written by nancy
Amazing reading, I need urgent help and MasterRoy gives me clear advice. I love his reading and I hope to be here next time. God bless." ... written by Ayshaue
He has given me some enlightenment towards my life! i feel at eased ! Thanks masterRoy wish you all the best :)" ... written by Mard
Not sure if I liked what he had to say. But time will tell." ... written by Robert
He helps one to find oneself and give the pieces of advice to become peaceful with oneself and get a better life. Fast connection and fast writing. A good guide." ... written by ponnvalli
Thanks for all the positive reading(salma)" ... written by ANGELA
MASTERROY was amazing he gave a lot of accurate readings and explained things to me in such a calmly manner. I feel so much more relieved now and the negativity in my head has cleared too. He is a really good Psychic reader. " ... written by Priya
Great reading, very positive chap:-)" ... written by A
Roy was very nice, he gave me a lot of insight into my situation and gave me a time frame too! Thank you Roy!!!" ... written by M
He is really good and fast I recommend him to everyone" ... written by mousie1
Thank you Roy. I appreciate your insight and guidance." ... written by jerald
ABLE TO CONNECT WITH VIVID explanations and offered clarity. Much appreciated!! Truly helped me see error of some of my ways that are creating the negative results! THANK YOU" ... written by janee120
Excellent. I gave very little information about my situation and he read things perfectly." ... written by AceOfCupss
A Really Great Reading! I am glad I found MasterRoy... I feel I have a clear direction. Well worth every penny! " ... written by Larry
I give Roy 1.000 plus on this occasion.. I'm now crying due to how he picked up on my life as a whole. I believe everything he's said to be accurate about my feeling inside... Maybe this will clear the way for me to become stronger person.. I have taken great note of it all.... Thank you Roy" ... written by CHARMANE53
Very good patient and honest, accurate!" ... written by lauren
Awesome reading! Very helpful and on point with my situation. I will start following your advice immediately." ... written by bc
Amazing reading! Gives a lot of details and knows exactly how you feel. Provides great clarity on any situation. Highly recommended! " ... written by Regina
Amazing reading, I got a lot of info about others and myself which hopefully well help me in reaching my goals :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
Very good reader picked up on a lot of stuff I am plz with the reading :) will come back " ... written by Amri
Very calm, very caring, and connects well. I will wait to see how things go by following his advice." ... written by Keera
Positive" ... written by SmileyT
Wow! An awesome reading! MasterRoy revealed things about me that I had not told him prior to the reading and was on point. Told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I got the answers I was looking for and I am now looking forward to the results. My 1st reading with him, but it won't be my last." ... written by Fatimah
First session ended during our conversation, I had to come back because of his useful feedback and insight, he was totally right about me and the situation I didn't have to say much." ... written by nutty00bunny
Nice reading... Good advice!" ... written by GD
Thank you for your reading. I appreciate the positive guidance in move matters" ... written by meg
Outstanding reading, and I felt where you were sending me with the clearing of my mind. You are an extraordinary person and I am proud to have been apart of your session. I will let know what happens with the process. Thanks millions. I will do this thing tonight, since the sun is going down now." ... written by Jean
Seemed to be on point and know feelings and thoughts. He was fast and concise!" ... written by koel
Your readings always touch my very soul and I sense they are right on que. Thanks again for a great reading and I will be back to see you. I will keep you abreast of my progress." ... written by Jean
Good read!" ... written by a
Connected well, seen what I felt but could not express out loud. Great advice, great wisdom! Will be back for update." ... written by Tiffany
Thank you again for the update. You are really good to understand my situation and give good advices." ... written by Myriame
Thank you for your insightful reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
This reader is absolutely brilliant, he gets it spot on, and types very quickly and offers a good price. I will definitely come again." ... written by sticky toffee
Thank you my friend for your help and guidance. I appreciate your connection to my situation. Thanks again." ... written by meg
Great, very detailed." ... written by datchendra
Thank you MasterRoy for giving me the prodding to do what my higher self has been asking." ... written by Lindsay
Thanks Roy for helping me to decide. It was nice talking to you." ... written by shubh
Great reading I hope it will come true!" ... written by sylvia 33
Nice session very informative tyvm " ... written by nancy
Very informative reading!" ... written by Krissy
very loving and a great at what he does thank you, helps." ... written by gusessendon
He was spot on and very honest and straightforward as well as positive and encouraging. I will contact him again. Thank you!" ... written by Kristi Lynn
This is the first time I have worked with MasterRoy. He showed me a new direction. The connection reminded me that everything is their it is a matter of working on myself and not other." ... written by Elaine Faber
He is awesome great straight to the point gave me a lot of advice." ... written by marybeth1love
Thanks roy for the good insight and inspiration for self improvement. I believe I will get there! " ... written by leogirl
He is very quick in connection and to the point. Whenever you are worried just talk to him. You can feel relaxed and positive after the reading." ... written by ponnvalli
Great reader! On point and accurate." ... written by Ann
If you're looking for a quick fast accurate reading look no further. Follow up reading was spot on. You can't go wrong with a reading from MasterRoy. Thanks again." ... written by Roy
ROY is kind, picks up on the vibes straight away. He knows where you need to fix in yourself. He will tell you the truth. He had timeframes. Thankyou for being so caring! God Bless. :) " ... written by mhl
MasterRoy, you are indeed a great master at giving a dynamic reading. Your guidance is paramount and I will definitely continue to follow your recommendations. Thank you for a very positive reading and I will be returning to let you know how things are going." ... written by Jean
Great reading. Gave me good insight about what I need to do to change my heart and learn more positivity. Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
MasterRoy is amazing! One of the best on ORANUM! You have to see him. He knew things no one knows about me. 5 STARS, I'm blown away " ... written by Roy
MasterRoy is definitely the real deal, top notch! I am very amazed at what he told me. I will go back again and highly recommend. In fact I am going back now if he is still here - got interrupted with a phone call." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Dear MasterRoy, " ... written by noga1981
Roy is amazing he explains things so you understand and helps you find the solutions thanks roy" ... written by simon aka daddychop
So he called me into reading to let me know I will be seeing changes in life and I need to work on my outlook. Thanks for the guidance, it is always helpful." ... written by Keera
Very insightful and inspiring. He is honest and tells you what you need to know to move forward. Happy he helps me!" ... written by Sarah
Interesting reading. Good advice and also Masterroy picked up on stuff I didn't mention. Thank you!" ... written by carrianne
MasterRoy told me want I need to know. He was honest with his reading. Very happy, will use him again to read for me." ... written by maryanne
very clear and concise and fast." ... written by koel
Great reading..." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
Thank you so much for the positive picked up quickly and really understood the situation ...blessings" ... written by va
He really gets in tune with your emotions its great thank you!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
It was nice talking to you I know you understand my issue and thanks again for the support ... Will be talking to you again." ... written by one=drop
Really great connection. Very accurate as to the things going on in my life. Helped me to understand how to fix a few things. Awesome reader. " ... written by Christina
Very nice reading. Positive and extremely helpful. I will be back again. " ... written by Mishelle
Good. Thanks. A little difficult to understand sometimes, but overall nice and friendly." ... written by Kim
Great Reading....." ... written by Jean
Thank you for the updates." ... written by Myriame
It is easy to talk to him, and get a clear picture of what I have to do to feel good and relaxed. I was reassured what I deeply felt in myself and hoped for. Now I can wait with courage and feel save about the future. A very good advisor and guide." ... written by ponnvalli
Very kind, puts you intouch with your essence and guides u to becoming a better version of ourself.... empowering" ... written by haildy
let see how it goes" ... written by mmm
Very helpful and very on point. great session." ... written by melissa
Very good thanks" ... written by gusessendon
Connected before private, gave clear answers - NO TOOLS. CANT ASK FOR MORE!! THANK YOU!!" ... written by Pelican
Clear and concise" ... written by koel
He is very centered and sees the root of a problem" ... written by Elaine Faber
First reading with this Physic. And I must say I'm quite impressed from what I heard :) Will be back for sure . Thank you. " ... written by Marcin
He is concise, perhaps a little clearer on explanations... as writing it. " ... written by koel
First reading with him. Very straightforward and told me what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. Very much appreciated it. Thank you!" ... written by *
A pleasant conversation. Helped to bring some aspects to light I had mulling inside my head. A pleasure to speak with and have a discussion with." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you, you are a good reader of the situation." ... written by Myriame
Thanks MasterRoy I apologize for left chat I'm glad I got a chance to talk with you. It was very special that I can get most of answer and bless you!" ... written by damita
I have to keep topping up on credits with MasterRoy and I do it with pleasure. He is real, genuine and has a real concern for your well being. He can tell you what you need to focus on, who NOT to focus on, and how to stay on track. I don't use Oranum a lot - I only came here by chance because I needed deep answers to my situation. I find myself just typing 'yes', 'ok', 'agreed'. MasterRoy does all the talking and touches on subjects that are going through your mind without you having to do anything. He will not only tell you what's on your mind, or help break down your current situation, but will give you a bird's eye view of your entire life path. This is not religion, God, praying or anything like this. I'm a practical man, who does not believe in these things. I just needed some deep insight. MasterRoy is really intuitive and knows how to get you back on your feet. I wish you well MasterRoy and hope you prosper from helping other people out." ... written by Aaron
Wonderful reader! Crystal clear and to the point. One of my favs." ... written by 69wondering
Good!" ... written by hahyde
He is good in giving readings on stressed situations in a very calming way." ... written by Sarah
The best reader I've ever come across. He read deep into me and saw more than just the situation - he saw my whole life path and told me to focus myself so that everything will be in order." ... written by Aaron
Accurate reader, always helping me at difficult times." ... written by Sarah
Absolutely CORRECT! Very FRIENDLY AND was comfortable sharing my issues with him. " ... written by jes2550
Thank you a lot for the private reading. Your answers are always fast and accurate and I really appreciate that." ... written by Myriame
He was very insight about what I was feeling in my heart and mind about what I was going through at this time. I felt a bit of relief from what was being explained to me and what I need to do for myself. I look forward to coming back to MasterRoy if I feel a bit disturbed in the near future. Thank you for helping me." ... written by Ambrose
Amazing!" ... written by Maria
gave me some good insight and reassured me. " ... written by nivanya
Very calm and peaceful reader. I truly enjoyed communicating with him and hope his predictions will take place. Will definitely take his advice and be back!" ... written by Mare
Great reader, answered all of my questions quick and accurately... 5*****" ... written by SHINITA
Very good and very helpful." ... written by AB
Thank you Roy... I appreciate you insight and guidance..." ... written by jerald
Thank you again for helping me on my situation. I will go back to you if i have anything else to say." ... written by Ambrose
MasterRoy even follows ups with you and makes sure that you stay on track. I take his advise very seriously because he can detect and see things which may not be so obvious to you. He has pure intentions and only wants the best for you. Comes highly recommended! - 5 stars from me!" ... written by Aaron
Accurate" ... written by Duy
I love Roy, always so natural and accurate." ... written by lauren
Love talking with Master...very insightful and has great advice!" ... written by mare2013
His predictions came true... which I didn't want... so came back again... to take guidance of what to do next... thanks." ... written by Anushree
Roy it was amazing reading, you have helped me so much to feel better and see the truth. It was 5 star reading, I will come back. Blessings, Alla" ... written by Alla
Fast accurate ... 5 stars plus.. connects quickly makes you feel at ease. highly reccomended." ... written by char
Thanks for the valuable input Roy. Will see you again" ... written by nz
Thanks for the reading." ... written by sarah
Very compassionate!" ... written by Shelly
Thanks Roy, very good reading!" ... written by simon
I didn't say almost anything and Master Roy picked up my situation completely and gave a lot of advice. Very good and accurate reading!!! Thank you very much :-)" ... written by sara
Good reader with proper insights!" ... written by sarah
Thanks for the reading." ... written by sara
My first encounter with MasterRoy and it was really great. He was able to answer my questions and reassure me that good things are coming to my way. Not only that, he described the situation that I am in to the T!" ... written by loveintheair
AWESOME! Connected quickly and picked up on accurate details of my situation of concern and he offered such great insight and guidance. Felt very connected, truly gifted!!! Will be back for followup." ... written by Diana
He's really good. Cleared my mind." ... written by ashley sky
What a lovely reading. He is a very kind soul and intuitive and does go into depth about the issues and he is honest which I appreciated. I will call again!" ... written by Tia
Thank you, I feel better" ... written by lisa
Very clear and concise reading... He is very quick to pick up in the situation." ... written by koel
Thank you very much for your advice :-) I will be back!!" ... written by sara
GREAT READING!" ... written by DarniaC
professional, caring, friendly, fast, accurate! Worth try his advice! Highly recommended!" ... written by emmanuel
Thank you Roy for your readings! Roy is very accurate in what he sees, and always calms me down when we talk :-)" ... written by sara
Thank you so much for reading for me! You are such a kind hearted person and is shows through your readings. I can sense it in you too. If anyone is reading this and needs clarity, I highly recommend MasterRoy! He deserves more than five stars!" ... written by aknative
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by climaticflower
Thank you so much for all your updates, I am more confident for the next weeks. You are so easy-speaking. Thnak you!!" ... written by Myriame
Roy is an absolute must. Most genuine, kind, loving soul. Excellent advice given as always. I can never give him enough stars. He's encouraging. So.calm. Has real feelings for your welfare. Thank you once again Roy..." ... written by Charmane11
Very good reading thanks, heaps roy very honest/" ... written by gusessendon
Another great reading by MasterRoy. Amazing !!!!! I will continue to come back." ... written by Izzybella
He was so much to the point, excellent reading." ... written by humility
great and very quick... Will leave another comment when things come to pass" ... written by koel
Great buy, great advice and knows what he's on about. He'll look deep into the situation and you'll find out exactly where the problem lies. Highly recommended." ... written by Aaron
He is hleping me a great deal. Thanks." ... written by anushree
I could discuss things with Roy for hours on end. He will cover all the aspects and issues that need resolving and make you realize that there are things within yourself that need looking at before you move on to the next stage of your life. A true Master! Thank you Roy!" ... written by Aaron
Master Roy is really great, very sweet, and I will be back to see his smiling face :)" ... written by crystalgirl2014
AMAZING, so on point, so nice, and feels like I've known him forever. Highly recommend. :)" ... written by crystalgirl2014
Right on the point and reassured the things. Helped med to stay positive and courageous to tackle the difficult situation. Made me feel relaxed. " ... written by ponnvalli
HE WAS A GREAT READER VERY FAST =) WAS VERY HAPPY" ... written by luckycharms312
Thoughtful and perceptive and deep thinker." ... written by Elaine Faber
I had a very good reading from MasterRoy, he understood my problem in my life at this moment and was able to give me sound advice on how to move forward with me life in the future. Thanks again and I will return for more insight in the near future." ... written by chaz63
Thank you for the updates!" ... written by Myriame
I tried (many) psychics and this is seriously a very very good honest decent man/psychic!! This is sooo spot on, it relaxes you because you get the TRUTH and this is very important, great insights, once you met him I don't believe you will keep on looking for other psychic, can't be better than him I believe." ... written by peter
Highly recommend Master Roy. I came back to let him know how right he was and couldn't help talking to him again. He's so nice, and so on point, and has a great way about him. :) " ... written by crystalgirl2014
Love his reading " ... written by gigaman1978
Very good, very honest, incredible reading. Thanks heaps Roy!" ... written by gusessendon
Thank you Roy for all your advice and your reading :-) Really appreciate it :-)" ... written by sara
Roy has been helping me coming out of a very big problem. Thanks to him! and I really believe him that he will guide me through this." ... written by Anushree
I can't express enough how masterRoy made me feel. His words were so uplifting, he knew exactly how I was feeling, with out any questions on my end. Its amazing when someone can feel your energy and explain how to make a situations better. . thank you so much for such a great reading. " ... written by veesvibe
Roy has been one person who has really connected well with my situation.... He's helping me so much.... I have faith that he will get me out of this situation. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by anushree
Good Job" ... written by eliza
Awesome! Crazy good!" ... written by unknown
Nice precise reading. I really liked how he got to know my needs before going into the reading. Thank you" ... written by Deanna
Great reading. He picked up on how my significant other was feeling and was able to ease my mind. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Lashae
Omggggg, but this is seriously omggg, and I went to a lot psychics, trust me, if you want the truth, I swear, this is the man, this is spot on for sure, damn, not sugar coating, not at all!!!!! An amazing psychic!!!!" ... written by peter
Very insightful, thanks!" ... written by Petrina Simpson
Master Roy is so calm and reassuring, thank you for your time and patience, I appreciate it!" ... written by Shelly
I was very surprised on the insight that was given me. Not only could he sense my current stress, anxieties, and weaknesses, he could also sense my strengths. He was also able to give me great insight on the person with whom I am interested in relationship, and was really spot on with the type of person she is and what she needs. THANKs!" ... written by Pual
Good reading, positive, caring and what he say makes sense. I feel he has good insight lot he says true." ... written by janesella
He is very understanding and gives helpful insights into my situation. It helps me a lot to clear my mind and know what to do with the current situation. Feel very satisfied with the reading :)" ... written by Ngoc
Roy is great, hes really helping me through my rough phase. I believe him and m sure whatever hes saying will come to pass.Thanks" ... written by anushree
Very good." ... written by gusessendon
Thank you Master Roy for your great help and for calming me down in these trouble times :-)" ... written by sara
;)" ... written by Chrisflower
Thank you very much for the reading." ... written by mettlwire
Thank you again Master Roy for your great readings!!!" ... written by sara
Thank you for the encouragement during this rough time. I know with your help and gentle guidance I'll be finally able to make it right!" ... written by Shelly
Good insight!" ... written by anushree
Thank you" ... written by Virgo
very good advice very helpful" ... written by Dreams395
Thank you again Master Roy for your insight :-)" ... written by sara
AWESOME READING! THANKS, HEAPS ROY, AWESOME!!!" ... written by gusessendon
Good as always." ... written by anushree
Awesome....very insightful and accurate! What a gift!" ... written by Melissa
He is a god send and has helped me so much and I will continue to use him as my gifts develop I give him 10 stars he is honest and cares and gives you the truth and that's a fact. I will only use him if you don't use Master Roy you are crazy. Love this man he is truly Blessed by god." ... written by Elaine Nelson
Thank you for the updates my friend. " ... written by Myriame
He is very good and I totally believe he really hit the nail on the head. I would totally recommend him." ... written by Elaine Kay Nelson
Master Roy is the man. Period. I'm a regular of his and always look to him for guidance and to access difficult situations. He will look deep into the situation and empathizes with other people who are connected to you to give you a better perspective. If you are feeling a little down or a little lost Roy is the guy to see. Comes highly recommended!" ... written by Aaron
Insightful!" ... written by christina
Always there for you with good insight and helpful advices to handle the situation in a positive way and feel save and relaxed. " ... written by ponnvalli
Master Roy is the best psychic I have ever consulted he is honest and he tells the truth and he is truly one of the most accurate psychics I have ever consulted he is helping me in so many ways god has truly blessed him. I give him 10 stars not 5 but 10!" ... written by Master Roy is the best psychic I have ever c
Master Roy was such a gentle person full of honesty He gave me a peace of mind to answers I needed to hear and I thank him for that. Please give him a chance to find out and help you figure out what is going on in your life as well Thank you you were right in what you told me how I was feeling and the other individual. Thank you " ... written by Edna
Thank you so much." ... written by kind
He was awesome and right on point! I highly recommend. " ... written by Danielle
Always helpful and straight forward. Thanks for being there and helping me." ... written by anushree
Good reading!" ... written by pjgovind
Very good thank you heaps." ... written by gusessendon
Master Roy was Apt at answering Questions concise on his answers. For some questions which were more of bureaucratic delay, I have to wait and watch on timing on responses/prediction I got. At times I felt time is being dragged." ... written by Bhanu
I was very pleased with his reading!!! Very outstanding :)" ... written by brunette2013
Good reading!" ... written by Danielle
Honest. Accurate. Calm. Good advise." ... written by neke
He's called Master Roy for a reason. You get the full picture, no second guesses and a re alignment of your life path. He also knows if what you're currently doing is right without even saying anything. A true Master is MasterRoy." ... written by Aaron
A great reading. Thanks" ... written by Justin
Good information!" ... written by Julius
Very very good!" ... written by Miszy
Very good reading...he is very accurate " ... written by Miszy
Made me at ease and helped me to find the way back to stay positive, and removing the negative energy. Thanks a lot. God bless you!" ... written by ponnvali
great reading was very impressed " ... written by fex
very good reading, hope his predictions come true!! " ... written by astrid
awsome reading" ... written by gusessendon
very good to talk too he tries to get you to understand" ... written by Scillybear
he was straight to the point and gave great advice help me understand what i really needed to do. thank you" ... written by Scillybear
few times consulted him, he is fast, on the spot, no sugar coating!" ... written by emmanuel
very good" ... written by xxxx
he heat the nail right on the head even though I wanted direct and precise answers from him but all the same I take it in good faith thanks once again" ... written by bill
Very very good...I trust his words...he is accurate, he knew stuff others have not picked up on! 5 sars" ... written by Miszy
Amazing service." ... written by Nikolay
very good reading!! positive!!!" ... written by Mike
He is very very good and insightful, very talented and sees everything clearly" ... written by miszy
Very positive " ... written by Srallen
He's a great reader!" ... written by lauren
He was really good and right on!" ... written by Frank
Very nice man. I was hoping for more reason as to why JH had lied to me. But Roy, doesn't really think he did. He thinks JH is confused. That he truly wants to be with me. Thank you for your time! " ... written by Renee
Thanks have been really helpful. :)" ... written by Anushree
Highly recommended!" ... written by emmanuel
He is great... He is very accurate!" ... written by miszy
very clear and spiritual guy thanx i be back soon!!!" ... written by lodrimint
very good reading! thank u!" ... written by Alicja
very good reading thank you" ... written by gusessendon
Very calm, has clear perspective on what is occuring, guides very well, and can see even how your thoughts impact your life." ... written by eklade
nice reading. highly recommended. " ... written by milky
hey roy thanks" ... written by laur
amazing, his work will never fail nor will his amazing insights" ... written by christopher
he's really good. gave me good insight which was accurate and good advice" ... written by m
Thank you again dear do help me a lot :-)" ... written by sara
good reading" ... written by gusessendon
He is simply amazing.. has told me sooo much details on touchy toppics.. it is true some of it was hard to take it but his words are no lie.. he dose not want to fool anyone he is 100 and wont sugar coat anything! he tells u soo many things that you could never imagine i trust him.. and this wont be the last time we speak he is incredible!" ... written by Christopher
Time restricted out chat so it had only just began so unable to give proper feedback but he seemed nice" ... written by Cheryl
Simply amazing " ... written by gigaman1978
very good reading, thanks for the advise roy i wil try hardey now thanks heaps roy for your help" ... written by gusessendon
He is always amazing, tells u so much detail and knows exactly what you have to do to tackle your current situation with no sugar coating just real words of wisdom and insights!" ... written by christopher
It took a while for us to get to the heart of the matter but that is because I think my head is in a crazy space. He gave me remedies and was kind. By the end he nailed it and gave me the truth, which is painful, but can be turned around. Thank you for being so honest and helpful. I will continue to be a work in progress and progress peacefully, patiently and more calmly after this reading." ... written by marya
great reader. very accurate." ... written by rony
Good readings...thank you" ... written by Moiz
He was very insightful, gentle and to the point..I will talk to him again very soul touching" ... written by Savay
thank you very much, its very true, just the thing it happenging , and very good to follow you advice" ... written by jackso
sweet kind psychic, gave deep insight and clarity, lots to think abt, great reading" ... written by an
you were pretty spot on with advice. but i needed you to answer my questions which you ignored and gave more advice. its OK though you are pretty good." ... written by MMarmalade
he has always helped me thanks roy" ... written by ana
Excellent accuracy and very kind. Thank you. " ... written by Sue
GREAT DETAIL! ACCURATE!" ... written by goodlife
Thanks for the reading..I'll have to come back in July and let you know that you prediction DID happen :) Positive thinking!!" ... written by Shelly
great reading, seems spot on. Hope to see changes soon." ... written by soccerbb
I really enjoy talking to him . He is a very positive person. " ... written by cassie15921
Very great experience. Truthful and accurate. I recommend him if you want a reading that is worth your money. Also, he is a very caring person." ... written by cassie15921
Very caring and helpful. Great insight and honest feedback. Thanks you. " ... written by Sue P
surprisingly, very very good ! Told me things that I didn't even ask but what I NEEDED to hear - amazing ! Really good value for money as well. Made me feel so much better about my situation. Great psychic ! I will come back for more" ... written by Rybka Gold
Always awesome and helpful...thanks roy" ... written by ana
His connection was really great and the reading was excellent. I'd recommend him but i'd prefer he spoke in the reading so I would get more information faster. Relying on typing isn't really the best thing unless the reader types extremely fast. His typing wasn't fast which made the rating 4-star but he was 5-star as a reader" ... written by Safiya
Master Roy wow ok you seeing things clear as day, it was good to get ur views on my issues 5 stars great" ... written by queenbee22
Very kind, helpful and empowering. Thank you" ... written by Sue
he is very good" ... written by ana
really shed light on things on going in my life with great details how things will turn out for me thx u looking for ward for better days !" ... written by queenbee22
great reading. knew i was stressing but again, who isn't stressing b4 coming on oranum. isnt this why we come here? " ... written by jazzy