About MysticLotuss

Psychic MysticLotusshas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MysticLotusshas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MysticLotuss's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

You have found the right person, my Tarot Readings are unique: Fast, Accurate, Clear, without sugar-coating and Straight Explanations. If you really want True Answers, I'm the person you need. With 16 years of experience and all the empathy and love of a True Light Tarot Reader.

5 stars...very good reader...." ... written by Focusing
Good :) I really liked the reading" ... written by Madison
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Angel
Thank you Nicole enjoyed my reading" ... written by marion
She was very accurate, detailed and professional! Beautiful soul! Would definitely recommend her! :)" ... written by Saloni
loved the session" ... written by AIda
Gosh she is fabulous and accurate and fast. I'll admit it hurt what she said but I sought the truth and she gave it to me raw. Thumbs Up....10 stars**********!" ... written by Cordie 167
great an fast , spot on with her reading!" ... written by tuppy77
All her readings are 100 percent accurate! thank you soo soo mcuh!" ... written by cathy
i have to tell that MysticLotuss is not only an amazing psychics but she is a friend that will heal you with her amazing readings.. she never dissapoint me, its been 2 years that i have her for my readings and all her card readings was true for me.. she is definately a psychics that you can turn to for clarity and answer for your doubts.. may god bless you my dear angel.. all the best and many blessings to you... xoxox" ... written by chantelleplein79
great reader, encourage a reading with her!! very honest" ... written by alicia
she was very quick we shall see if she was right or wrong i will keep you guys posted" ... written by helix
excel.reading" ... written by gregg
Very honest and straight to the point! :) Great!! Picked up quick didn't have to say anything. " ... written by Jackie
Very fast, positive and honest :)" ... written by Valter
Very informative" ... written by Erica
great and helpful" ... written by beatrice watters
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Thankyou so much. Took this lovely lady in for private advice on chakra blockage, and she was able to pick up on the specific block straight away. I now know what to do to unblock it and move forward. Thanks, you are very gifted and have a calming, gentle manner. x" ... written by coppercat
She helped give me better understanding about a previous reading she gave me and what things I need to work on to reach"my happy ending" so to speak" ... written by brian
thank you Mystic Lotuss for your reading today" ... written by gen
She is really good she gets right to the point. Thank you MysticLotuss." ... written by ladieleo2
Loved the reading and the advice andamp; Was so accurate! " ... written by Sherry K
Loved the reading mystic gave me it was so so great and accurate Thank you " ... written by Sherry K
Love Mystic :) so sweet andamp; beautiful, great reading, pretty quick, consistent and accurate and so nice to talk to!! Thank you " ... written by Sherry
very good reading we just froze up...but got a lot in a few minutes" ... written by cordie167
Wow!!! she is brilliant, friendly , unbelievably accurate, even with things I knew and asked her about for advise, truly she is gifted, I highly recommend her. She is gentle but honest with the truth. I wish you the best and many clients the great reading I had." ... written by Anon
she is accurate and it was an enjoyable reading. i recommend her. Thank you for your advices !" ... written by arthanor
shes great...really helpfull and accurate" ... written by maryam
She was dead on accurate. She got the timelines accurately and my situation . She was genuine too !!!!. take her and she is the real deal!!!!" ... written by Chris
very helpful and inciteful and loving and compassionate..wants the best for me and cares genuinely" ... written by jermaine grant
to the point" ... written by paul
great session so accurate :)" ... written by aida
Shes honest and true and caring " ... written by Kim
Kind and honest, very supportive, top notch advisor. Thank you!" ... written by Anonymous
EXCELLENT READING!!! she is soo accurate, and her cards never lie!. muchissimas gracias!!! muah! you are the best! xxx" ... written by cathy
OH MY GOD! she is sooo accurate and very quick with her cards so she does not waste time. She answers all your questions quickly and gives you good advice. Very sweet and intelligent woman who knows how to read cards beautifully. Thank you soo much, I am so grateful to have a reading with you. You are my tarot reader officially! " ... written by cathy
Straight forward and clear. Very detailed and interesting reading. Highly recommended! :)" ... written by B, O
Like it thx" ... written by joa
fantastic session made me feel at ease " ... written by PinkBeatle10
very nice, thank you" ... written by jeff
GOOD READING" ... written by RAM
good reading" ... written by rosebud
Very clear advice and thorough. Thanks for taking the time. Sorry to get cut off! I appreciate the work you do, and will try my best to forgive! Have an AMAZING rest of your week, and may you be truly blessed! #LOVE! :D" ... written by Lane
She is amazing! Always a wonderfully clear reading! many thanks Mystic!!" ... written by Kosmo
outstanding" ... written by gregg
she is totally spot on on the issues. very good!" ... written by chantelle
It's refreshing to hear something go news and a little clarity once in while. MysticLotuss picked up on my difficulties and I now I can move forward. Thanks so much." ... written by SpiritSeeker16
She is great! With positive energy and honest. She guided me to see the truth and find my way." ... written by Eliana
Was SOOO Clear! very reasuring! Thank you MysticLoutss, I now know I'm ok " ... written by Sion
Was very insightful!!" ... written by Suga156
ALL HER PREDICTIONS COME TRUE! her readings are amazing!! im soo blessed to have met you, thank you soo much " ... written by cathy
Excellent reading! her details are very accurate, and she tells the truth, and gives amazing advice!!! thank you soo much mysticlotus!! " ... written by cathy
She is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things - wow spot on with what i felt deep down inside. I wish her many blessings and I will definitely be back for another reading. So much gratitude!! :)" ... written by Kosmo
I enjoyed her reading and I look forward to the result" ... written by Sure
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by cathy
true and straight forward" ... written by veeru
She gives very good insight into the future and brings truth to the questions you ask" ... written by Brian Gruell
Excellent, accurate, insightful, honest with no sugar-coating but delivered with kindness. very enjoyable. The first reading I've had complete confidence in. I will be consulting MysticLotuss again!" ... written by BBCHOPZ66
Insightful. She knew right away about my job situation. It's going to be tough but she says I'll end this year better than where I am now. I hope she's right." ... written by ckeg
Gave me the best reading, really worth it! love her!" ... written by Venous
she is a very nice and caring psychic,, will come back soon" ... written by derick
Thank you soo much!!!" ... written by Genan El- Oubary
I needed more credits" ... written by Amilcar
she answered my question directly and clearly. she did not beat around the bush and was very helpful." ... written by tina
Beautiful person and lovely to talk with. Very encouraging!" ... written by brandy
She is very insightful and helpful. helped me understand what I was going thru. " ... written by Brian
Very good" ... written by Christian
She is very intuitive, smart, caring and she knows!" ... written by michelle mckenzie
great session love it" ... written by aida lozano
shes a very good reader. tells the truth" ... written by brian
very compassionate and insightful reading without giving any names or dobs ;ty Nicole !!!!" ... written by gdm
VERY Insightful, Honest Reading!. Ty Lotuss for your honestly and insight to what I can now say Iv put closer on it Hugsss :)" ... written by TammyDS
good" ... written by swarup
Very helpful, just have to wait for outcome, will be back for sure." ... written by raysa
great reading" ... written by bea
Great reader" ... written by bea
i sure hope she is right" ... written by all
thanks for the great reading!" ... written by marvadocious
she is good and accurate :)" ... written by ohood
Awesome reader .Very cool and helps providing right direction" ... written by Rajesh
any thanks for a great reading you have made me feel very positive about the road I am traveling on and the peace you have given me to help me deal with the problems I am living though with love and thanksx" ... written by rosie
thank you so much" ... written by all
BEAUTIFUL READING! Thank you sooo much! " ... written by gabby
she gives me so much peace" ... written by all
very encouraging. I feel the dark cloud lifted and left and the sky is blue.. what a nice reader Nicole, thank you , you gave me hope and strength to move forward..." ... written by irene
she was quick and to the point in only two minutes that is amazing" ... written by emily
thank you! hopefully spot on for the future but made a lot of sense!" ... written by sarah
She is highly accurate. " ... written by allbright
Fast connecter, fast reader, direct, poised, professional. She was also very kind. She also has a calm air about her, making me feel that no matter what the outcome of my situation is, I'll be just fine. " ... written by MarieAkba
She was very insightful and gave expert advice about my situation. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and she gave great support." ... written by Amy
Very quick and honest :)" ... written by kalitay
thank you so much for the help, so quickand tells the truth" ... written by katie
she is very good and accurate telling me what i needed to hear" ... written by em
Good Reading very honest" ... written by Sunday
Predictions came true, cannot be happier!!!, thank you so much for being so kind and sharing your talents with us!" ... written by Raysa
She is wonderful. She is kind, insightful, and I feel quite empathic. Thank you. I will return for sure. " ... written by Breanna