About NatalieHope4

Psychic NatalieHope4has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic NatalieHope4has recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about NatalieHope4's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Really sweet, and cares to be helpful. Offers lots of tools to improve situation if you're in a hard place, and that was greatly appreciated. Also establishes connection in free chat before private which always makes the reading go better. " ... written by YH
Lovely girl and helpful reading, wish we had more time. " ... written by Megan
Very easy to talk to and is to the point when it is directly nee.ded, I will be using her from here forward" ... written by azsteelrgirl
Interesting reading, a lot of very accurate facts revealed." ... written by Pete
helped me see the situations from another point of view. Thank you for helping me gain more clarity and understanding Natalie. I appreciate it :)" ... written by nicole
Good!!" ... written by LD
She hit it on spot :) and she revealed the problem i was searching for :)" ... written by Sophia
She is absolutely lovely! She was spot on and gave really good advice on my current situation. I cannot thank her enough. Many blessings! " ... written by Kelly
Natalie was great...she really tuned into my situation. I appreciate her honesty and guidance and would recommend her to all:)" ... written by CarrieN
Very sweet and gifted young lady. blessings to you" ... written by judi
she reads card and does it right" ... written by emmanuel
Intuitive, connected, recommend!" ... written by BK
Such a lovely lady who has helped me feel so much better about everything. Was lovely to speak with and very welcoming. Thank you very much! :) " ... written by emma
NatalieHope really helped give me some guidance for how to release some of the old, in order to bring in the new. She was wonderful...appreciate her connection:)" ... written by Carrie
great! awesome! 5 stars!" ... written by lilly
natalie is very quick! i had like $6 and a question and she was able to give me an indepth answer to my question and i didn't feel it was rushed at all. recommend her =)" ... written by m
She was very accurate about how I was feeling, we ran out of time before I could finish but she gave me some good advice that helped to calm me." ... written by Aundrea
very sweet nice and compassionate" ... written by illeana
amazing reading" ... written by big
nice and promising:)" ... written by josephj
She was great!" ... written by Grace
great reading, right on point. I will go back to her for another reading." ... written by jewelw203
She was very nice and understanding about everything and made everything clear to me I will be coming back soon." ... written by Tayy
4/4" ... written by gregg
she looked like she is new to this and was reading the description of cards or something.. ... but i told her absolutely nothing and she managed to hit the spot right on its head! really good actually" ... written by john
She picked up on greed with a certain someone. Also, with isolation and money troubles with another. I wish I had more time to get more answers because my internet is terrible and I was unable to hear her, she was accommodating and typed. " ... written by Tiffany
Excellent reader. she zeroed in on my issue. Caring and warm personality." ... written by Ellery Sedgewick
her words are what i needed to hear! thank you :)" ... written by blessedx3
loved her reading. so nice and so easy to talk to. (:" ... written by Ashley
Great reading! Made me feel at ease and really answered my questions. Thanks for everything" ... written by Isabelle
thank wish had more time" ... written by steve
4/4 stars" ... written by gregg
She is really good" ... written by QueenTigress
Sweet, delicate and to the point. I appreciate her help and honesty. Will see her again for guidance!!" ... written by Kris
Very quick and informative. nice and positive. Accurate descriptions. Defiantly gifted and here to do great things. Thank you be blessed" ... written by BO and nicholas
A very reassuring read. I get a lot of positive reassuring feelings from her reading today. Thank you very much." ... written by Larry
Very honest and straight forward reading and there was good and bad but I know it is right." ... written by Scentsations
great thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Great card reading , very accurate and compassionate reader. Highly recommend her and she was pretty quick also. Thank You!" ... written by Lynda22
She was great! Nice and calm energy very soft spoken. She was non-judgmental and made sure all my questions were answered. She was definitely accurate and right on the money with what was going on. Gave the best advice. Definitely worth a try and I will be coming back. " ... written by KL
She was the help i needed and i couldn't of asked for anyone better." ... written by Christine
She was soo sweet and knew exactly what was going on. Thanks for the chat you have given me some enlightenment with my love." ... written by enchanted2634
What a wonderful person! She has such a lovely vibe and is very compassionate in bringing messages. Cannot recommend her enough xx" ... written by Patricia
she was fast and great ty" ... written by craig
Great insight. it all made sense. I just need some patience and persistence." ... written by l
first time getting a reading from the situation very well cant wait to see wha happens" ... written by Jane M
good reading" ... written by cheryl
NatalieHope4 brought me much clarity. She was very honest, had great advice and really helped resolve a relationship triangle that I have been struggling with. I would highly recommend. " ... written by Courtney
loved the reading. she did a great job!" ... written by Marvis Presley
good reading" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Amazing!!! She is very kind and very good. Give her a try." ... written by 2222
Very on point!! Would recommend" ... written by Regan
she tells the truth about everything and she is really awesome" ... written by parisilove26
Spot-on reading, Very gifted." ... written by Brandon
I wanted to get more clarity, about certain things she was able to gv me many details.... " ... written by queenbee22
NatalieHope was extremely helpful in confirming some details. She has a wonderful kind nature about her and I appreciate her guidance:)" ... written by Carrie
Nat was really great, she confirmed many things right and picked up accurately on several other. Overall it was a really good reading, straight to the point, no bluff or fluff lol I will be back!" ... written by A
very accurate and to the point. thank you Natalie :) so much! " ... written by sofi
great reading,,,very accurate and good advice given" ... written by sarah
Nataliehope 4 is a kind sweet women thanks for the help " ... written by marybeth1love
great reader and advisor" ... written by av
very good ty for everything" ... written by cyndilynn50
Great experience" ... written by Frank
I enjoyed her readiing ,she connected with my problems really well" ... written by ritu
Wow answered my question no sugar coating but honest truth.." ... written by kathy
Got the situation pretty accurately before I told her anything. I explained some of the situation later to validate what she had said. i think she definitely sees what is going on." ... written by angelszone
Very helpful. :) thanks you so much Natalie" ... written by Amanda
She is very very good - she can really see. Would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for your insight, guidance and honesty!!" ... written by Kosmo
Intersting reading.. helpful and truthful x" ... written by vik
She is right on! " ... written by Erin
Not what I wanted to hear but Natalie is a very compassionate reader with a lot of insight." ... written by Ida
she was amazing and very on point and accurate she helped me so much!" ... written by Tabrea
What a great reading, she is so definitely worth the moneyl" ... written by countryliving2
great reading, and energy I try to only go to her for readings." ... written by Royal Artist
outstanding read." ... written by gregg
Wonderful light filled person - thanks!" ... written by Abigail
Great reading! She fully confirmed what was in my heart and what I was feeling about love and relationship matters!" ... written by E
Interresting Reading I hope it comes to fruition" ... written by Lottygirl
Very accurate" ... written by Louise
Very clear with explanations. Straightforward. To the point and non judgemental. Validated a lot of what I had been told was going on, but needed to check." ... written by angelszone
Thanx" ... written by marion lyttle
Audio was a little delayed but I understood what she said ..quick ,,Thanks Natalie " ... written by sc
Natalie was sweet, quick and had really great insight pretty much sounded accurate to me, thank you " ... written by Sherry K
she is lovely; i sent off for an email reading too!" ... written by Melinda
Was helpful when I was trying to make a career choice." ... written by Ryan
thanks." ... written by Nard
Reading was clear and to the point. I trust her insight and accuracy." ... written by .,
She was honest. I respect that. Even though I didn't hear what I was hoping to hear. SHe is a good psychic." ... written by CuriousMarcus
Definitely put me at ease" ... written by J
My first reading with Hope and I enjoyed it. Not everything I wanted to hear but very helpful. I look forward to speaking with her again in the near future." ... written by Jbtforme
Very sweet and on point thank you!!!" ... written by Ava
She was on point. Very straight and direct. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
Natalie was great. She told me what I needed to know :)" ... written by Zach
thank you for the reading. we will see how it plays out. " ... written by vine
Natalie is totally awesome! Her predictions are coming true and her insight is so accurate. I look forward to the follow up very soon. " ... written by Tom
awesome" ... written by china
Wow!" ... written by Mya
Really cool and personable. Enjoyed the reading Thx" ... written by Trisha
Great reading!!! :)" ... written by Vanessa
very friendly and good with charms ...her energy is off the charts ........feel the power and visit her to see ureself " ... written by joey