About Nigam

Psychic Nigamhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Nigamhas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Nigam's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a spiritual mind reader with natural powers and clairvoyance abilities which helps me to connect with a person

Thank you for a great reading… Straight to the point of the situation, thanks, x!" ... written by joboluvz73
He is so wonderful and caring! He connected with my situation fast, waiting for his predictions!" ... written by bermt86
perfect precise predictions " ... written by siddharthan
Nigam is awesome! Accurate and fantastic!" ... written by marionlyttle
A very good reader he connected and was on point all the way" ... written by ikroyal
Very informative and detailed. He has an extensive amount of patience is very caring. Very accurate." ... written by madisonavy
Very good fast reader… spot on with issues thank you!" ... written by joboluvz73
Very positive, to the point, accurate. Will talk again." ... written by jassa
Great. Right on point with everything" ... written by vonjay1990
Hiss great!" ... written by onlygal22
Thanks!" ... written by druidess157
Best reading I had in a long time...honesty, true, connect...very positive!!! much blessing to you love thanks you!!! Career, success, love, GOT IT ALL!!" ... written by Stormfire28
Good reading. I liked his insight." ... written by JessicaLori
Nice reading. Great, thx." ... written by JaySora3
Thanks so much Nigam - very lovely prediction." ... written by poquette
This man is very accurate! He told me about how I am as a person and he was very spot on... I hope his predictions comes true!" ... written by Jade
Wonderful!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
He's very deep informative details, straight to the point..." ... written by bellacasa
Hope its comes true....he could understand the situation was good." ... written by shona29
He is very insightful and accurate. Kind psychic and sweet. Love him! Five stars" ... written by gaston165
Excellent reading. Very detailed. Connected very quickly to my situation. 5 stars" ... written by NICOLA112
Another great reading!!!" ... written by Jade
Intelligent and so kind psychic. Love him and five stars!" ... written by gaston165
Very happy." ... written by Jrosner
Love love love Nigam, such a great and wonderful person:)" ... written by cleal12
AMAZING, ACCURATE FAST, SPOT ON! 100 % CORRECT." ... written by starsalign21
Wonderful reading, five stars." ... written by gaston165
Best ever no words can describe how much nigam has done for me I love him hes is amazing he always has a friend in me and my services !!!" ... written by cleal12
Accurate and good reading. Helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Very nice reading. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Amazing! Thank you so much for your kindness!!" ... written by meohmy7
The best thing I did today was go to him. He give me comfort. And now I really feel to be positive. " ... written by hoping2351
Good connection." ... written by gem1974
It was short but good." ... written by Anniekins
Great!" ... written by Angelique7
Very accurate. Thank you Nigam!" ... written by gaston165
Actually I came back as this is the first time a time frame prediction has actually come true and so I know that this man has the ability to see things that I could not. He is a sweet kind man with his words and does this with no ego.....Definitely would come back and recommend him!!" ... written by intriguebyyou
Good reading awaiting positive developments" ... written by newperson
Great!" ... written by clarissa
Amazing!" ... written by clarissa
Very accurate and very fast and good reader. He has great vision." ... written by Focusing
Love you friend, best !" ... written by clarissa
Thank you sir! I will visit you again! You were very accurate and right. Can't wait for these things to actually happen..:)..will keep you posted!" ... written by noor
I do feel good about my reading. There are definite hurdles preventing progression. But I will stay steadfast and see what happens. Reading very comforting!!" ... written by yomajor
Very good, was in middle of reading, will come back again." ... written by Mui
Was willing to help me locate something. Very fast and kind. I appreciate the help. Thank you!" ... written by Bea
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
He seems to pick up well.. I was shocked at how he was feeling my pain. Understood me as a person.. 100 per cent. I give him more than average stars look forward to my future. A lovely caring man." ... written by carol
Accurate with my personality. Good reading!" ... written by Claire
thank you nigam for a great reading, i look forward to the future." ... written by marion
Picked up on my situation very quickly… Excellent reading xx" ... written by joboluvz73
I am impressed with his readings. It all looks accurate and well. Thank you, Sir. " ... written by Ji
This guy is amazingly accurate. I am still in shock. He connected very well with me and I am very satisfied with the reading. Thank you so much for being accurately honest. God bless. " ... written by Ji
Thanks for your help. " ... written by Reena
Helpful reading." ... written by Mai
Picked up on my character and personality and gave good advice" ... written by irene
Spot on." ... written by stargazer152
spot on" ... written by Robert
He picked up on everything...he s very good and accurate reading" ... written by chevygirl
I think he is great guy to talk too. Many things in detail he talks about and Nigam encourages you through his Religious views which I find amazing (Well I am Catholic, haha). Although his price per min can be a little high though it was worth it to talk to him :)" ... written by Jessica
Excellent reader ... Easily 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Thank you!!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Doesnt waste time and very accurate" ... written by Irene
He is good in giving readings." ... written by Sarah
Excellent ... easily 5 stars! Tuned in accurately and was very kind!" ... written by Ann
Haha another private chat again with Nigam. It was worth it again. I know I had to persuade him by lowering his rate to 1.99 as it is expensive for my liking, hehe (That rate won't last for a while so may as well you all should go and talk to him asap while its still on, hehe :P ) Well he gives great honest advice and hope! 5 stars out of 5 again. " ... written by Jessica
WOW amazingggg, he answered in clear details all my questions and more!! Speechless... God bless you, I will keep in touch, ty!" ... written by PB1923
He was good and humble." ... written by bubblygirl
Excellent, picked up straight away" ... written by gipsygirl
He was very honest and could see my situation, good reading!" ... written by ashley
Awesome reader...very kind and accurate when tuning in." ... written by Ann
Wow...That's what I have to say. Special gifted man. ***5 Stars ***" ... written by izzy98027
Great abilities!" ... written by izzy98027
Very Good reader... picks up on situations easily!" ... written by Ann
Very good job. Thank you very much. Gave me some hope for the next few months." ... written by Edward
Very in tuned to situation, was able to feel situation very clearly." ... written by pinkpather30
Short but accurate session." ... written by Belle
Five stars. He was awesome! :)" ... written by Zara
Awesome...look forward to things to come. Very quick and honest." ... written by Lisa
Excellent reader! Very kind to talk to!" ... written by Ann
He knew things no one knows amazing!" ... written by ashley
Five stars and more." ... written by zara
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by sarah
Thank you for the reading. Hope the things turn put well for me." ... written by Sara
Good reader ... insightful to situation. I recommend him!" ... written by ann
Good wait and see what happens." ... written by gipsygirl
Great reader ... Accurate and kind ... Connects well!" ... written by ann
Very good. Honest and to the point" ... written by Lisa
He is the best." ... written by Nova
Good!" ... written by m
Very good read" ... written by jana
Felt nice connection, very precise and accurate reading of current situation. Anticipate Prediction to come true" ... written by Bhanu
Good read!" ... written by jana
Very good. Seemed to know a lot about the situation thank you." ... written by t
Very quick thanks a lot." ... written by mia
He is very good, accurate. I would highly recommend him." ... written by Cherish
He is very good. Sees situations and gives you peace of mind, hope, and told me things to do. I would recommend him! Very good. =)" ... written by cherish
Excellent reading!" ... written by jana
He gave detailed information. recommended." ... written by mmm
Was excellent! He was very clear and concise!" ... written by Bina
Very kind presentation of information, an excellent reader, " ... written by R
always an excellent reading, very detailed " ... written by L
Nigam was very kind and open. instantly asked me how he could help. realized after this session that.. oranum is more than just advice its talking to people who genuinely want to help. good people. good energies. I always feel good after a nice session in oranum. He helped me with my current problems, we talked about other things and it was very pleasant. oranum is my guidance and then my own intuitions come in and keep me strong. Thank you Nigam for such a nice session. God bless." ... written by sora
Nigam is WONDERFUL, this was my first reading with him and he IMMEDIATELY CONNECTED with me n knew my situation, he advised me on what to do, and really cared n prayed for me, and he knew and advised me about my future, he is caring and great and I know I will be coming to him daily." ... written by calizbestjatti
sorry but i did not get the reading i was expecting seemed very off and i dont know what else to say" ... written by Jennifer
Nigam is a very helpful psychic. He gives detailed insight and information about people and situations. Thank you so much for your support." ... written by mw
i love love loveeeee NIgam Bhai, he is greattttttttt, he is soooooooooo caring and thoughtful, and is helping me sooo soooooooooooooo much, and accurate, and connects with me and my situation sooooooo welll!!!!!!! will deffinately be back again tomorrow!!!!!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
Interesting. Will see what happens." ... written by gipsygirl
nigam is great!" ... written by cali
I sadly had little credits but he was very helpful and he is a kind person, will come back for sure" ... written by Jay
He was a very calm and positive reader." ... written by n g
Nigam bhai is great, he does soooooooooo much to help me, he is sooo caring, and treats me as his own!" ... written by cali
Extremely helpful psychic!" ... written by m
Very good, he seems honest and to the point, I liked the reading ! 5 stars " ... written by Louise
i love nigam bhai, he helps me soooooooo much, and my family, he is awsomeeee" ... written by caliz
an absolutely amazing reading, a very kind, positive, " ... written by L
Nigam bhai is soo sweet and caring, really cares n connects with me n my situation, he gave me fantastic advice and what is coming in the near future!!!!!!! n i can not wait for it to happen!!!!!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
Had a good reading, just have to be strong and wait." ... written by caliz
Nigam is great, he connects well, and is very very helpful! He makes sure to answer your questions!" ... written by calizbestjatti
Really good " ... written by Thomas Marshall
good reading, as usual, very informative " ... written by cali
He is amazing !" ... written by Jennifer
He is excellent. Gives lots of details. Recommended." ... written by mmwza
I liked him and I'm excited to see if it comes true." ... written by vision
My first reading with Nigam and he's amazing. I will definitely be back for more updates. He surely healed my anxieties. Try him sometime. monies well spent." ... written by Delor63
Excellent!" ... written by mmwza
hope all will come true I await to see what happens Nigam is very Kind in his readings thankyou" ... written by t
Yes you are good nigam love your style to. 5 stars reading." ... written by loverboy
Good!" ... written by w
He is very smart." ... written by Good Man
Thanks for the advice, will contact you and let you know what happens, I will try to be patient." ... written by gipsygirl
WoW" ... written by Vaneya
I wish I could give Nigam more than 5 stars. Sweet.. kind accurate.. 100 stars. :)" ... written by zara
Excellent." ... written by ace
Very good thank you." ... written by linda
Gave good info! Thank you." ... written by Susie
Was good, told me what I want to hear." ... written by d
wow, i am feeling sooooooo good, with the update i received, wow, just wow!!!! i got GREAT news!!!!, I'm soo sooooooo happy and can not wait to update Nigam with how all goes!" ... written by caliz
He was exactly what i needed to hear." ... written by emmanuel
Great reading" ... written by dan
He was amazing." ... written by emmanuel
Just ok" ... written by Kashif
He was pretty on! I like what he had to say!" ... written by Angela
Nigam is good" ... written by loverboy
I positive what he say will come true." ... written by janesella
Thank you Nigam for your advice." ... written by fany
Nigam u r good 5 stars reading " ... written by loverboy
good" ... written by deepthi
He gave such an accurate reading... He was on point with what was going on... He was truly amazing." ... written by zara
What a reading? Awesome as usual. Try him some time. Your money will be well spent." ... written by Delor63
This guy was amazing!!!!!! I didn't had to tell him nothing... SOOOOO ACCURATE " ... written by Angello Germain
A detailed reading." ... written by ...
Awesome, will see him again. " ... written by Marian
He is good at what he does and straightforward. " ... written by starrymar
He is so sweet and so on!" ... written by Ang
Nigam was very accurate and was to the point in answering the query. He was very quick and could relate what was happening around me without my notice.. He opened my eyes today.. If any one would want to go for a reading please go for Fahim and you'll feel satisfied and would find the right path to move forward in life.. I would rate him 5.. Very understandable and I look forward for more readings.. Thank you very much!!" ... written by Deepika
He picked me out for a demo - I had to go private with him - he is sooo accurate with the things he tells you without any information. I will definitely come back to him for updates andamp; I will highly recommend him to others! Thank you so very much! Blessings dear!" ... written by Pam
Awesome!!!! Try him some time." ... written by Delor63
was very insightful " ... written by Bina
HE was good. Picked up on a few key details. Let's just hope his prediction comes true." ... written by LB
great reading" ... written by happyone
Very true... Nice reading, fast and accurate. " ... written by littleone3
Wow. Will see. " ... written by AngloThai
awesome!! " ... written by micd123
He was right on with my situation. Knew all the answers before I asked a question. Very quick and detailed. Great reading. " ... written by Ladybugs
Great job." ... written by starrymar
Yes, he is really good. God bless his heart, he truly knew what I was dealing with and I can tell he really cares. What a truly gifted man! " ... written by comfort
very nice and comforting. " ... written by micd123
excellent person to talk." ... written by micd123
great" ... written by bb
Nigam is hilarious but awesome..." ... written by Delor63
funny fella" ... written by gst
What a read? Nigam is awesome. Don't hesitate to read with him. He's goooood." ... written by delor62
I had a reading with Nigam but felt he did not quite connect with me. He also chose not to use his microphone." ... written by Rick
Nigam is an awesome reader. A very intuitive man and he's on point every time. Try him and you'll see what I mean. Monies well spent." ... written by delor63
Good!" ... written by Roshni
Interesting reading. Check him sometime." ... written by delor63
Good insight and can read well into thoughts." ... written by Eileen
thanks, will see the outcome, but picks up very quickly what is going on" ... written by gipsygirl
very nice and honest" ... written by micd123
Thank you so much so kind and full of so much spirit 5 star awesome reading." ... written by Edna
He has an amazing gift !" ... written by Jennifer
He gives lots of details. Remembers previous readings. He is very kind. Highly recommended. 5 stars" ... written by mw
Awesome man. He's funny too. I enjoy his readings and I'm hopeful as he points to the positive aspects of things in my life." ... written by Delore63
Good. Hope whatever he said becomes true" ... written by Iks
very good insight" ... written by Adiz
Good." ... written by Roshi Prasad
Wow! He blew me away with his reading and especially his predictions. I cannot wait for them to come true! Thank you Nigam!" ... written by lilycicco
What an awesome person. Relates well to your situation and never sugar coats anything." ... written by Delor63
I enjoy talking to Nigam with his very accurate intuition and predictions!! A+++++" ... written by Michelle
waiting to see" ... written by gipsygirl
Clear information, fast, and to the point. Thank You Nigam." ... written by Mary
excellent reading. English was great. Pace was terrific and info was a mixture of good and bad just what I needed. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
ok" ... written by k
Always an awesome reading. Take some time to check him for a read. " ... written by Delor63
very nice and very kind person. Very detail reading. God Bless him." ... written by micd123
good reading I will see what unfolds he is accurate and that's what counts " ... written by barbie888
very fast and to the point." ... written by ak
good" ... written by m
great reading! everything on spot. highly recommend nigam for a reading with clarity." ... written by saycheese9411
time will tell he was accurate on things I will see what unfolds ill be back for more if it happens overall good reading" ... written by barbiedoll0305
Nigam is very gifted!! He was very insightful!!" ... written by Winlaw95
What reading I got from Nigam was good and his intuition was spot on." ... written by sanity53
spot on with my energy and how i feel. also he mentioned things i never told him about ." ... written by saycheese9411
Good reading. We will see if prediction comes true." ... written by lisa
Nigam is a very reassuring psychic who is gifted with excellent insights and relates these with a calm, gentle manner. He is very straight forward and does not give false hope. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Very fast, accurate and reassuring. Good ideas to put into play. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Gave great advice. Very positive. " ... written by Eileen
Great!!!" ... written by diginity
WOW what can I say. Nigam gave me a new perspective about myself and how to put myself in a better position to get what I want. He also gave me guidance to find the right pathway. Amazing read1 Thanks" ... written by sanity53
very nice man, lets see if his predictions come to pass!! I would love it..." ... written by ne
Very insightful an accurate " ... written by sanam
Nigam worked magic tonight with his rapid responses and this gave me time for more questions. His psychic abilities are excellent and well tuned. Thanks Nigam " ... written by sanity53
Nigam was as usual precise, accurate and non-judgemental. His replies were not always what I wanted to hear but rather, they were what I needed to hear. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
good stuff!! he's good with the connectivity" ... written by saycheese9411
He reads through connection... hes good" ... written by Danielle Harris
Nigam was very accurate and to the point. His English is great and he makes it easy to follow his direction and advice. I will visit again." ... written by sanity53
This guy is amazing." ... written by swaggg
very nice and gifted, feel so relaxed after talking to him" ... written by micd123
I had a few tech problems this morning but the issue Nigam started to address was pertinent to my situation. He is very quick typist and has caring manner." ... written by sanity53
AWESOME" ... written by NOVA
Fantastic!!!!!!!!" ... written by michelle
Nigham's insight today was precise and accurate. He was cheerful and easy to understand. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
very good,ty for listen me,and guide me." ... written by virginia
Picked up on things very easily and gave me the information that i needed. Good reading. " ... written by Eileen
thank you for the read.. only time will tell. much love" ... written by blue moon
Fantastic as always" ... written by Chelle
Nigam was amazing. He is so insightful and sincere. I love the way he is so genuine and understanding about difficult situations. He is a wonderful and blessed human being and I feel very secure knowing I have him to help me make important life decisions in all aspects of my life. A truly gifted man." ... written by ashi89
Wow Nigam tonight did not waste any time. He gave me clarity and recognised blockages in my life. He gave me life choices to make a decision about my lifestyle stresses. His healing was a blessing. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
My chat with Nigam started out well until my keyboard decided to throw a fit and not work properly. Nigam seems to read my mind and as I am chatting he is coming up with responses. He is quiet but you can tell his mind is working very well. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Nigam has positive energy and I came away from this reading feeling more positive about myself and my life." ... written by sanity53
Nigam is on the ball and accurate. I'm sure he does mind reading because what he says is always very close to my thoughts. I appreciate the caring and empathy that Nigam shows me during a reading. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Nigam has a professional yet caring nature and accurately pin points the situation. He is fast, concise and tells it just as it is. He does not waste your time or money.Thanks" ... written by sanity53
I am thankful to have had this reading. Gave me some clarity to my confusing life." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
very good and honest." ... written by Roshni Prasad
I joined Nigam in his demo and moved to private chat. His video was frozen and he did not move on my side of the screen. Disappointing so I cancelled the read. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Nigam had good presence today and his intuition was spot on. His focus was steady and to the point. I was able to resolve an issue that had been worrying me for some time Thanks" ... written by sanity53
my daughter spoke with nigam tonight and thought he was rather quick to answer and rather thorough with the details" ... written by sanity53
Very thorough reading and awesome as usual. I enjoy our updates. Very on point. You will not regret spending your money." ... written by Delor63
excellent. he predicted about one month ago in detail what is happening now in my life.1000 stars" ... written by bak
Nigam is the total package! Brillant, Gifted, True Psychic that told me all without me having to ask anything. He unraveled spiritual cords, revealed the past, present and future. " ... written by ladydove
Thank you for helping me understand my dream! Very positive signs. Thank you for helping me with my other situations as well! I will return." ... written by Kat
has helped me in my situation will return-" ... written by lynn
He was accurate, caring and understanding." ... written by leonie
Very sweet man, told me some good information all i have to do now is wait and see what happens, i was very impressed, very profession and kind natured man thank you very much x" ... written by Sarah Jayne Haine
a truely gifted man and he defiinately helps a person " ... written by dunca
a very caring man and he had alot of advice for me thank you nigam" ... written by Duncan
I have seen the progress start to unfold that Nigam predicted. I am so happy. He also saw many things about me that know one would know other than a psychic. I am excited and happy like I never was before! My happiness is not fading daily like it used to. Im not off and on. Very special psychic!" ... written by Kat
Nice update and very fast reader." ... written by micd123
good person, genuinely nice human being. " ... written by mt
I felt what Nigam was saying, i knew he was feeling it right and felt lifted by his readings, i will definitely recommend using Nigam again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
past prediction was true. Thank you." ... written by R
Positive vibes!" ... written by Ombasa
He is one of the best psychic here. very fast and very detailed reading. His prediction did come true. He is also vergood in giving advice and suggestions. Very truthful. Thank you" ... written by micd123
Nigam as usual wasted no time and got on with the reading. He was polite, caring and has a good sense of humour. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
He is one of the best psychic here. very fast and very detailed reading. His prediction did come true. He is also vergood in giving advice and suggestions. Very truthful. Thank you" ... written by micd123
very help full " ... written by samjhana
i appreciate the time" ... written by mwisteria
Good reading! " ... written by SSK
First reading with Nigam, he was very honest, and very spiritual. Gave me some suggestions on how to improve my life and gain all the blessings that god has in store for me. I was very anxious and sad when I got this reading but was smiling after this reading. Blessings, love and light" ... written by jewelw203
very quick and detailed!" ... written by Julius
Nigam has a professional yet caring nature and his intuit is terrific. He concentrated, was straight to the point and did not waste any time. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
nice man, very caring. I recommend talking to him, we will see what happens with his predictions. Thoughtful man.....serioulsly " ... written by ne
thank you for the reading, kind hearted, will see the result!!" ... written by opensky
He was able to tell me a few things the reading was okay...but maybe this was not for me" ... written by Kisses
more in depth.. asked about dreams, hand lines face reading etc. would go back." ... written by jab13303
Good and detailed readings....Thank you!!!" ... written by MOIZ
He gives lot of detailed information. I really appreciate his readings....thank you!!!" ... written by MOIZ
Fantastic as always!" ... written by cello
very nice man, very straightforward..honest...and willing to help you. He sees things you may not even consider.. I do trust him. " ... written by ne
Nigam gave a very fast, concise reading today with no flowering, Just as it is and was always in tune with the big picture and my daughter's seriousness illness. He gave me hope and something to look forward in the future. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
Nigam was surrounded by positive energies tonight. His reading was clear and reassuring. He is a caring and wonderful man who uses his intuition for the benefit of others. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
In this session, Nigam did a healing with me that I am sure will ease my situation. I look forward to the result. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
It's always hard talking about emotional issues but this evening Nigam showed me the way to work around them. His healing was a blessing in disguise and I will return. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
very nice man! I keep leaving feedback so this better work! I highly recommend talking with him. He is in tune, and a good reader. " ... written by synergy
he is very kind and gives lots of details . thank you" ... written by b
Nigam is awesome." ... written by mmm
HE WAS GOOD." ... written by ...
Nigam's intuition was very strong today and he helped me sort through some choices I had made. He also did a healing on me to speed my recovery. The reading today was of great benefit to me. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Nigam gave me a few choices today to help in my current state. I said I would think about getting a healing. His patient caring attitude helped a great deal. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
Great.. on the dot" ... written by Rashni
I was unhappy with what Nigam had to say last time but I did ask for the truth. I have now had a healing and I am sure he has the power to make it work. Nigam's calm, caring attitude made the session all the more acceptable to me. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
I didn't have much time with Nigam tonight due o technical problems. What time we had was very informative and gave me things to think about. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
good" ... written by jana
Fantastic!!!!!!!!" ... written by sheelly
He is honest and easy to talk to" ... written by Londonny
Nice reading!" ... written by aurelia
First reading with Nigam. It was interesting. He offered some suggestions which I am happy to try. He also predicted a change coming within next 45 days. Will return to report if those predictions happen." ... written by SB
Nigam is incredible in what he does. His intuition seems to come from nowhere and takes him over completely. He listens and then rapidly types answers for you, sometimes before I had even asked the questions. Brilliant. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Amazing readings! Fun! And very on key!!!! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some clarity! :-)! " ... written by Ginger
wow, very quick and accurate. Information came out of him in rapid fire. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Tonight Nigam showed his true strengths with his intuition. He picked up from a read we had a few weeks ago and expanded on it. It was a challenge for me to accept parts of the read but it is do-able." ... written by sanity53
Great reading, I knew the answers and he confirmed all of it.He is for real." ... written by Judy
Nigam is very gifted and accurate." ... written by Janelle
Nigam accurately pin points the situation His fast, concise, no flowering and gives it just as it is. Tonight his intuition gave me guidance to find the right pathway. If you need clarity, look no further you have found the right person." ... written by sanity53
He was amazing ,we did some prayer work and he is helping me in my struggle i am hoping to o reading again" ... written by christopher
Today Nigam managed to help me sort through some decisions I need to make. He was very intuitive and gave me responses quickly. " ... written by sanity53
Wonderful.. very in tune." ... written by just me
lovely connection and much details." ... written by beautywithinone
Tonight Nigam's intuition was spot on. He managed to get me to look at the positives in my life and I picked up on his positive energies. He did not waste time and his caring nature was evident in his responses. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
Nigam is on fire. He tunes in extremely well and the decision is yours to make. Try him sometime so that you can get the most honest and exciting reading there is." ... written by Delor63
good connection, he gave me lots of hope , wish I could go on, but no money" ... written by babs
Good reader. Thanks for the advice and insight. I look forward to things happening for me. " ... written by familyhelper
Great reader. Thanks so much!" ... written by familyhelper
Thank you gave me a clear reading and understood what i need to do now thank you so much" ... written by April
very fast vey accurate and picked up on things other psychics have told me 5 star all the way" ... written by tracey
Nigam was right on the ball tonight and he was very insightful. He has a caring manner and managed to convey to me ways in which to progress through my situation without too much stress." ... written by diamondlady53
Highly recommended. Very helpful" ... written by Yb4real
Caring, insightful and provided me with some good advice." ... written by pinklight
I was impressed with his reading. He's very detailed and to the point. Great job Nigam! I look forward to another reading with you." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks Nigam very nice gentle men . It was a pleasure to talk with you. Highly recommend him to people who need the truth present in professional tone. " ... written by Blessed2015
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
Fantastic reading." ... written by michelle
Nigam was discreet and caring with his reading today. He took his time with the answers to my questions and gave me hope that things will change." ... written by aerindease
Well today Nigam was very clear while using his expert intuition. He gave me the directions to a life of happiness where I could use my natural skills of communication to the best possible way. He made reference to matters of which he could not have previous knowledge. " ... written by diamondlady53
a very good expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I hope what he says comes all true, he has been guiding me and there has been progress. Taking one day at a time. Slow and sturdy wins the race" ... written by Zina
Another great reading with lots of advice. Thank you for the reading. I hope things turn for the better for me" ... written by Zina
excellent" ... written by shnaz abdul
I came back for an update and he never fails to impress me" ... written by tyler
Nigam is very bright, tuned in andamp; works fast. You will not be disappointed! Blessings" ... written by Margaret
Wow!!! I was amazed at how good he connected and how much he told me... unbelievable!!!" ... written by Ash
Very nice reader. Give both oversight and specific details." ... written by Krista Elliott
" ... written by Tyler
thank you so very much, look forward to a new dawn Blessings xx" ... written by gipsygirl
he had so much information I had to come back again " ... written by Tyler
his updates are so clear. this man is full of knowledge" ... written by Tyler
He read my mind again this man is incredible!" ... written by Tyler
Nigam provides so much clarity for me. He is awesome" ... written by tyler
very good demo sir you are so right, about me n what u see" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Nigam knew right away there was something wrong and filled me in with the details. Spot on and great advice! Thanks!!" ... written by roxanne
Great update !! !! " ... written by QUEENBEE22
I have not had a read with Nigam for some time, yet when I returned today for an update it was a pleasure to find his skills were as impressive as always. Nigam's insight gave me life choices I had not thought about and his warm, caring nature gave me reassurance for the future. Thanks, Nigam" ... written by sanity53
Thank you for a encouraging reading! Very good!" ... written by Charlie
Nigam has been extraordinarily helpful, straight to the point, very clear, andamp; deeply consistent!! Most Joyous Blessings!" ... written by Sam
Thank-you my friend for the reading and for everything you do to help me. You are an amazing man and wish you all the best life has to offer...Many blessings your way!!!" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Another great reading, most helpful in my questions." ... written by lynn
first reading with Nigam, was very helpful i shall return" ... written by lynn
great reading very informative, thank you." ... written by lynn
Amazing and very accurate most recommended and most kind man i defiantly will come back again!!! Thank you Nigam!! " ... written by lulutheangel
truly a great experience with Nigam" ... written by lynn
Good told me what I needed to know." ... written by Andrew Campbell
another great session- answered my questions" ... written by lynn
very helpful once again ty" ... written by lynn
thank you again for your guudance" ... written by lynn
enjoyed my session and most interesting" ... written by lynn
amazing reading into my life situation" ... written by lynn
great read." ... written by ivp
WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by SARAH
Very good - the guy has freaky abilities to read you. I'll stay in touch with him for sure." ... written by AW
Always very wonderful andamp; supportive andamp; full of information!!!! Thank You So Much Nigam!!! God's Finest Blessings!" ... written by Sam
Thank you Nigam, fantastic detailed reading." ... written by Shell
lovely connection every time...blessings always." ... written by beautywithinone
my day has felt brighter... thank you" ... written by lynn
I have spoken to Nigam a few times now, and he is amazing :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Thank-you for the reading Nigam. I wish i had more credits :( Next time my friend." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
so far so good, credits ran out" ... written by sparklesdazzler
Hes very honest, fast and kind person! hes very direct with his answers." ... written by sharmishtha
Nigam put a smile back on my face, have to wait for predictions to pass to be really happy though" ... written by sparklesdazzler
Always thoughtful and kind, looking for all that will help and support in your growth. Blessings Nigam!!!" ... written by Sam
Very accurate reading! Thanks!" ... written by Charlie
another amazing session. thank you" ... written by lynn
very informative of my situation and with guidance" ... written by lynn
Interesting reading. Accurate and on point with many things. Thank u" ... written by 982
most amazing session again" ... written by lynn
very helpful in my situation" ... written by lynn
enjoyable session and most informative" ... written by lynn
thank you" ... written by linda
most helpful in my situation" ... written by lynn
thank you for guidance" ... written by lynn
thank you for informative reading" ... written by lynn
He is goood" ... written by loverboy
NIGAM is incredible. I have had many readings here on Oranum but I must just say that this man is incredible. so gentle and sensitive, and he is able to say everything that needs to be said without all the sugar coach or wasting you credit without getting something that you can use. Nigam is ohhh he says the things that must be said. neither more nor less. I can highly recommend him, you will never feel cheated. Nigam was born for this job to help others this can be felt, this is his passion and he master this to the fullest. Nigam is The REAL DEAL so to speak .... * * * * * 5 Stars all the way .." ... written by loveboy
very accurate, i appreciate a lot, thank you. " ... written by meena11
Thanks! Cleared negative energy and told me good information I did not know :)." ... written by Mary
good session ty" ... written by lynn
Five stars, very powerful reading and energy! He was able to pickup on the situation and give me all the details and advice for me to go in the right direction. Very quick connection and responses." ... written by rochelle
My sister told be about this site and Nigam and I had to check him out. I was so amazed at the detail nigam provided me. A+ so glad I had a reading." ... written by Marie McIlmurray
he is sport on and he is good . " ... written by kumar
He is very informative and forthcoming with information about you and your concerns." ... written by H1212
Thank your the reading, it was helpful." ... written by Jason
Fast and knowing. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
very gifted and accurate. instantly picked up on my personality and situations. wonderful gentleman and psychic" ... written by love4butterflys
Still in a state of shock at the accuracy of reading that I had to come back and inquire more details. Thank you Nigam for your gift and sharing it with me. Everyone should try him." ... written by Lisa Edwards
I had to come right back he was so great answering my question that I thought of another one! I can't wait to see if his predictions come true." ... written by Lisa Edwards
Fantastic" ... written by Lisa
Amazing!! Right on! I would recommend!" ... written by Angela
great help" ... written by lynn
Nigam is no less than amazing. wow " ... written by loverboy
He is so great" ... written by Angela
Very accurate and fast!" ... written by L Edwards
it was a good reading, Nigam has helped and guided me in past months- he has told truthful words-" ... written by lynn
Very accurate and caring. Will see again." ... written by Lisa M
Great reading will use again." ... written by lisa e
very helpful and accurate as always. appreciate a lot." ... written by meena11
very accurate !!!" ... written by meena11
He is so great. Fast, sweet, accurate" ... written by Ang
such a wonderful intuitive and positive man" ... written by Tracey
Nigam knew exactly what was happening with me. Was able to guide me to feel better. I will return for more insight." ... written by Lisa
Great Reader best on this site!" ... written by Ms McIlmurray
Needed help with relationship and Nigam was right on target and knew the situation without me saying anything. Impressed." ... written by Lisa M
Nigam was so insightful that I had to come back to hear more details. Connects quickly to any situation." ... written by Lisa M
Highly recommend. Very kind and helpful." ... written by Randy
Best advisor on Oranum. Very informative and helpful. Will use again." ... written by RAF
Fast connection and typist. Another great reading by Nigam. I will use him again for sure!" ... written by RAF
Exceeded my expectations. A+++++" ... written by Randy
I can't wait to see if these predictions come true. Very positive reading and so kind and caring. " ... written by R. Flagg
Very kind person" ... written by angelszone
WOW!! Nigam is an amazing intuitive reader!! He picked up on strange things that were true about certain physical features that no one else would know about, past, and present situations that validated the rest of the reading regarding my future. I highly recommend him!!" ... written by Angelicness11
Yet another great reading! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa M
another great session- he has helped me " ... written by lynn
VERY KGOOD" ... written by nany 14
I had a mini reading with Nigam." ... written by Erikaafs
Very fast and accurate." ... written by L Mcilmurray
Great price and value will see again." ... written by Lisa M
Great reader! Will use again! " ... written by R Flagg
Great Ready fast and connects! " ... written by Randy F
My wife was cheating and I knew it and Nigam told me it was true. Thank you for your insight!" ... written by Randy Flagg
Best reading needed assistance on relationship and Nigam was very helpful! Thank you! A+" ... written by Randy
Nigam is great! Will use again! " ... written by Lisa E
Nigam has been helping me through a very difficult break up. I am so thankful for his insights and kind and caring ways. I have used him often and will continue to use him. Best reader!" ... written by Lisa E
very good reading " ... written by Daniela P.
Was great always on top" ... written by Angela
Painful words but truthful. Thank you for the truth." ... written by Colleen
Very enlightening reading Fast and accurate. Trustworthy. " ... written by L Marie
Great insight and excellent connection. Nigam is gifted and an asset to this community. " ... written by L Edwards
He was right on quite a few things and did give me a correct reading and also advised what others advised me So i intend to follow that Suggest pls try him he is good !" ... written by jyoshna mishra
Nigam is very specific and gave me advice that I would have never heard from others. So many interesting views on my life. I feel that I will actually have to integrate many of those things in my daily life. " ... written by in_the_making
Still so very enlightening in any way..." ... written by in_the_making
Is great" ... written by Linda
Interesting reading. Thank you very much!" ... written by Colleen
Always spot on!" ... written by Angela
Very good reading. Wish I had more time...credits finished." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Nigham is such a kind soul. He is such a blessing. Very quick and to the point. Lots of help and positive feedback." ... written by Ang
So great at connecting with not only me but my guide!!! so great to have a reading with him," ... written by Ang
What a great reading!! I got out more than what I thought " ... written by Sue
Very good reading as usual :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
I like him. He is very informative. Thank you so much :)" ... written by c
Always great at what he does~!" ... written by Ang
Great at reading." ... written by Ang
Correct! I feel like you were on target. " ... written by MMarmalade
You really do have a gift, and I'm amazed how much you can see. This is a true God given gift." ... written by MMarmalade
Fast connection A+ will see again." ... written by Lisa E
Nigam helps and clarifies my situation in a fine way. Thanks!" ... written by in_the_making
To the point and fast." ... written by Ang
always brings clarity in my life great readings and understanding" ... written by April
Nigam is always so in tuned with your situation. Its been a long time since we had conversation and he's still as good as ever. Remembers your last conversation. Try him sometime. Very gifted and talented." ... written by delor63
Good reading." ... written by nclout
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Nigam is full of facts that sometimes you wonder where he gets his knowledge. He's so good and always on point." ... written by delor63
Nigam is so great with his readings. He is always on point. Very direct, doesn't beat around the bush with things. He is so kind. I would very much recommend him to everyone." ... written by Angela
Gave me clarity and understanding of the situation in full and gave me peace of mind" ... written by April
Nigam you are always quick with answers and I'm truly satisfied with our conversation today. A very gifted soul. Wishing you much prosperity and many blessings for the coming new year." ... written by delor63
gives me clarity" ... written by April
he seems nice..." ... written by jand777
He deliver the goods every time, I must confess that he knows his job .I have not been disappointed with the readings I've gotten. He is the real deal." ... written by Atman
He is very good and I'm pleased to know HIM ..." ... written by Atman
He's very nice and accurate" ... written by jand777
another great reading with Nigam Fahim, many details was given I shall return " ... written by lynn
Thanks Nigam, straightforward reading." ... written by happy
Nigam is truly gifted and a very honest person. He uses his talents wisely and his readings are always on point. Satisfaction guaranteed after our conversations." ... written by Delor63
Nigam Fahim gave insight to my situation, reading most informative" ... written by lynn
Was very detailed about a situation no one knew about. Can't wait to have another reading. A+" ... written by Lisa
Always great!" ... written by Angela
Very accurate and fast! Great insight. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
Always great at what he does" ... written by Angela
Always great!!" ... written by Angela
very good pvt with many details shed light on many issues thx you for information " ... written by queenbee22
Fast and full of accurate information. Very kind and gifted psychic. Very best on Oranum." ... written by Lisa Marie
Fahim helped with my questions about my career and advised on how to better handle a difficult boss. I am looking forward to the predications he gave me, so insightful. " ... written by Cuddles1970
I came to Fahim several months back regarding relationship issue. He was kind and caring and very insightful. He guided me through a difficult time frame and I come to see him frequently for council. A+ reader." ... written by Edwards
Fahim has helped me in my current situation, and also guidance- again I will return for updates- Thank you" ... written by lynn
always great feed back with a follow up. Very kind and very helpful" ... written by usa
AWESOME READING" ... written by lynn
Fine reading with much needed information and more than that. NIgam is always worth consulting." ... written by in_the_making
interesting things to say....want to hear more about it!" ... written by sirilee
He is very sweet." ... written by Mimiettecoco
best as always " ... written by Bitte
answered my questions, and gave clarity once again- thank you" ... written by lynn
Very good reading. Quick and accurate answers. Was great with career and love questions. Can't wait to see him again." ... written by Lisa E
Accurate in his reading. " ... written by Belindadell
He did very well, I didnt have time to get a prediction of what time he would be coming back to me..........." ... written by Trish
amazing reader, told me heaps about my situation and what is best for me to do " ... written by Ak
VERY HELPFUL WILL WATCH andamp; LOOK FOR ALL TO HAPPEN GOD BLESS !!" ... written by queenbee22
Excellent! Very pleased with conversation and results! Thanks Nigam!" ... written by svetlana
Very helpful with a challenging situation. Picked up quickly typed fast. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
So accurate I needed to come back with more questions. I am amazed at how detailed the reading was. Thank you so much!" ... written by Lisa Marie
Fahim is always so kind andamp; thoughtful - very accurate in reading personality andamp; love. Many Fine Blessings !!!!" ... written by Sam
Very accurate details and insight. Fast to connect and insight was amazing. Very thankful for Fahim and his wonderful reading." ... written by Lisa Marie
He is very insightful and I am very very satisfied with his session." ... written by Wing
Just wow. What an amazing reading and connection!" ... written by Angela
always a great reading." ... written by Ang
well it s been nice getting ur views of many things thx you for all details take care " ... written by queenbee22
He connected really fast. Was very detailed and offered great advice. Very accurate to the current situation. Kind and caring reader. Look forward to the things to come. " ... written by C
Really interesting and great reader. Very detailed and kind. ty" ... written by Chris.
it sounds all so true" ... written by someday
thanks for great insight!!!" ... written by sirilee
Nigam is so great. He is so good with his readings. Such a caring guy." ... written by Angela
Thank you so much,,, it was a great and amazing reading,,, and its deep insight was very helpful. He is honest, caring and interested in what you have to say. Very fast connection, with precise information and directions. I did not have to give questions, Fahim just allowed the information to flow from his thoughts. He is well worth a try, you won’t be disappointed. " ... written by aerindease
Thanks" ... written by C
Always a good reading" ... written by Angela
another great reading thank you" ... written by lynn
amazing man! thank you so uch for everything. pelase come to him for pure truth and guidance " ... written by help needed
Great career reading! Very insightful. Really connected with situation. " ... written by Lisa
Always great reading" ... written by Angela
great reading" ... written by lynn
He gave me good information and some advice to avoid issues that may come up in my life. We will see if it comes true." ... written by Meredith
uncle is very loving and truthful, he has good insight on matters, god bless" ... written by Anupama
This is to inform al concerned that psychic fahim is an exceptional psychic. he has been supportive on readings and in the free chat. his predictions abt people and their feelings have been excellent. i think he is one of the top psychics at your website. thank you" ... written by moona40
Fahim is a great! I love how detailed and compassionate he is! He is so accurate and I don't have to say anything. Best reader on Oranum!" ... written by Lisa
awesome is the word!!!!" ... written by MAYANK SINGH
Great read, I will let you know what the outcome is" ... written by dmc
Fahim was easy to talk to. I felt I connected with him. Not only was he" ... written by sankyaw
Nigam is very helpful, no sugarcoating, very good pick up things and situations, and very fast typing." ... written by happy
You are awesome to talk to. " ... written by MMarmalade
Great reading , excellent and truthful. trust this man." ... written by amaachiaa
Excellent job every time. He gets right to the point and really tries to help. I got a lot of information in a short time. Please choose Fahim! " ... written by S K K
great guy accurate reading . very honest" ... written by amaachiaa
Worth every penny! Very fast to connect and accurate. Gives helpful insights to guide you through any situation. Will see again A+" ... written by L Edwards
Answered all my questions about my Career and told me how to advance. Great reading will see again!" ... written by Cuddles
I am always so relaxed and happy after having a private. He answers my questions without me even having to ask. Very accurate it's like he knows me." ... written by Lisa
Great, thanks~" ... written by happy
Great reading, very detailed and straight to the point. He doesn't only tell you about your concern but sees the whole picture and lets you aware of it. He definitely has a caring heart, yet does not sugar coat. Great insights, he is divinely gifted. I will definitely recommend him" ... written by bibi123
Overall Great Reading!" ... written by Stephanie
A little bit too much of details this time but he is accurate. I'll clearly need another reading to follow up. Thanks for sharing your gifts" ... written by bibi123
Very talented and gifted psychic. Kind and caring and insightful man. I was shocked that he told me things that I only knew. He was able to describe my current relationship and give me answers. Thank you so much!" ... written by Marie
good reading , really like this man . he really knows what he is doing ." ... written by amaachiaa
it was very uplifting to get ur view of the situation will keep in mind ur advice thx for ur positive input it was a pleasure " ... written by queenbee22
very accurate reading thank you." ... written by amaachiaa
Nigam is the best here on" ... written by Goddesslove1
thank you -very king and helpful in reading" ... written by lynn
Always amazing. such a great reader" ... written by Angela
awesome" ... written by marian
Always great. Would definitely recommend!" ... written by Angela
excellent as always! very fun to speak with, gets right to the point! very helpful" ... written by s
Good update, still hard to cope from my breakup but will get there... will come back, thanks" ... written by bibi123
This guy spoke truth about me that was so very accurate!! He is AMAZING!!" ... written by Bev
I really enjoyed my first reading!! I hope and pray that he is right!!" ... written by Jbtforme
Great as always~" ... written by happy
He is great. always on. Pretty fast too" ... written by Angela
hes good" ... written by jana
Was great, really heartwarming and one of the most caring people ever encountered! Thank you dear!" ... written by Cris
I liked that he went into other subjects.i needed advice and he read well into my situation. I hope to see his predictions come true . thank you for the reading" ... written by Eileen
Always has new info and quick. So sweet but honest." ... written by Ang
Nigam is very good. I think sometimes he does not understand the question I ask and he doesn't answer but I am always happy with what he does tell me. I highly recommend him." ... written by Jbtforme
Nahim was very good at picking up information without me telling him anything. He is filled with details and info. I would recommend him to anyone that needs to know about their life and their future!" ... written by LINDA
Very accurate and honest. i hope his predictions come true." ... written by Shazia
nahim is extremely good at picking up on details. He really can pick up details about you without any help from you. He will tell you what is going on with you and what will continue in your life. Many, many details" ... written by linda
I had a reading with Fahim today, i was not sure ow he would be at first...but he was very accurate with most of the things..i am glad i was lucky to do a reading with him..he is very genuine and God gifted. Really worth going for a reading...i think i dont have to go to any other person now.." ... written by Shazia
Very very good" ... written by lela00
VERY NICE MAN, GREAT AND FAST THANK YOU, WILL BE BACK." ... written by newhorizons12
I love this man! He is the most caring, compassionate man I have ever met!! He truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Jbtforme
Fahim, is a very good reader. tunes in very well and cares for you. " ... written by L
Very insightful and cares a lot about you." ... written by L
He was very sweet and accurate about me and the type of person I am. He answered my questions and gave me great insight. Excellent and thank you!" ... written by Cheryl Kapitzke
Nigam is one of the best at Oranum.Very friendly and very accurate.Thanx Nigam" ... written by Olsen
he is really uplifting thank you" ... written by paeceful
Good update" ... written by Eileen
Always great at what he does" ... written by Angela
Very interesting person! he just picked me up at the demo an told me the right things...great!" ... written by Sonia
love life and being independent " ... written by hashani
Very good reader and does not have to use tools, I believe that he was right on with everything, will use his abilities more in the future, and I liked his rate, I can't usually go to others that have a really high rate, his rate worked for me really well, I could get alot more info in to my question. Thank you Nigam. " ... written by sunrisegold
thank you for insight sweetie namaste 10 stars great reader would highly recommend thank you so much." ... written by edna
awesome ty highly recommended 10 stars" ... written by edna
Gives insight. Gives you ways to believe in yourself. Goes the extra mile for you to make sure everything will be okay with the individual. Thank you very much for the reading. Tells me that I also have a gift and a wonderous one as well. I will keep my mind frame positive and have faith in my life. Tells me what my passions are without me asking or telling him. And advises me on other situations. " ... written by l
reading was detailed and very helpful- He has given guidance in my situation- thank you" ... written by lynn
Always great!!" ... written by Angela
A Great reader and insite he has is and hes very kind he is...I look forward to seeing his predictions come true . " ... written by sandra
I had back-to-back readings with Nigam for the 1st time this date. I felt the longer time we were able to spend in the reading the more details he was able to connect to and inform me of regarding what is currently happening and insight into 2015. He gave me the good and the bad information, and the things he said did fit what is going on. I appreciate his time and will have more readings with him. Very nice person too." ... written by StarshineJ
tells me information about my dreams. " ... written by california
Very comforting and gifted. Thank you for your support and your care. I feel much better every time I have a reading with you." ... written by california
Very good reading you must listen carefully he is very good" ... written by Marian
I think Nigam truly cares for his clients and wants to be as much help as possible. I pray that what he predicts comes to pass but I have been waiting over five years and have heard many say its a month away and it never comes about. Nigam just gives me HOPE that it will happen and being positive helps but I am weary which is certainly not Nigam's fault. Time is not on my side." ... written by Jbtforme
Nigam is so positive and encouraging. I have been repeat client of his and always come back for detailed answers. He is fast to connect and truly cares about his clients. Great reader!" ... written by Lisa
Very honest and good" ... written by Raushni
This was my 1st reading with Nigam. He had a lot of information that he shared with me that he connected with me and my situation. I look forward to seeing how things turn out for me in 2015 based on his reading. Thank you Nigam." ... written by StarshineJ
Always a great update" ... written by Angela
I believe he is a god sent angel . I thank you so much for your guidance and help . Blessings always to you in all your life ! Sandra" ... written by sandra
very accurate on information and reading. thank you. " ... written by L
It was very interesting..." ... written by Sonia
Very very accurate. " ... written by k
He was really really helpfull told me awesome things about my future" ... written by matt
thank you= detailed reading most helpful" ... written by lynn
I am crying. I felt all the good and hopes and dreams I always wanted in this world, but never got. I watched everyone around me gain from their hard work, but never myself." ... written by Mary W.
thank you very much for sharing your talent. The negative energy cleansing session was definitely very helpful. That was powerful, I definitely could tell something happened around and within me. I can't wait for the better things to come. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND. I will come back" ... written by bibi123
Thanks for the reading. " ... written by rose
great readingthank you. " ... written by L
He gives good energy. He prays for the person he does the reading for and shows that he cares for you. Really spot on. " ... written by L
Great Reading!!!" ... written by B
again a fantastic reading!!" ... written by Sonia
Thank you for your wonderful reading. I will follow your advice. Thank you for your prayers. I am definitely going to pray more to God and believe more. Felt peaceful after his readings. Always soothes me. Blessings. " ... written by L
Very accurate! " ... written by Ameyuki12
Very good. I got the truth about my situation and not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it is what I need to know. Thank you." ... written by nina
He is truly a wonderful soul, so so accurate and spot on with many things. He is willing to help and show ppl the right path and heal their souls. highly highly recommended. 10 starsssssss, He's helping other with Gods gift and trying to show ppl the light of happiness. please give him a try and see it for yourself how wonderful he is! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you." ... written by sweet84
such wonderful man his very nice great reader he tell you the correct and his very honest I really like his reading his best . thank you.:) " ... written by H
Thank you Nigam, great reading amazing facts about me....right away! I will be back again" ... written by Princess
Thank you so much" ... written by Han
Too much info, not enough time. I ran out of credits, but hopefully prediction will come true" ... written by nina
he was awesome" ... written by lori
Always great" ... written by Angela
He is very good and knows what he does. Thanks " ... written by malen90
very spot on!" ... written by toby
very accurate :) thank you" ... written by malen90
Thank you amazing reading!!very insightful, I will be back for more details. " ... written by Princess
i just had an reading wih psychic Nigam and i just loved how he took me Straight to the point and told me how to save my marriage and what i was doing wrong and i must emmit he was right thanks dear i will be back for a longer reading" ... written by chakima012
Amazing person." ... written by Lee
thanks nigam for helping me out on this." ... written by a
Nigam was on point :)) very detailed, gave lots of great information. Hoping it all comes to fruition, also great haircut Nigam looking awesome :)) Blessings" ... written by Liz
He is a very good reader and he gets to point. Goes into details and he is very understanding! I suggest him to others . Thank you" ... written by hopelovesun
very quick and to the point! Always great!" ... written by Angela
Nice reading, very detailed information about my life and situation, fast to connect and proceed in reading, talk again soon, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
Awesome! He is best and very accurate! Totally recommend! " ... written by Amy
fast connector and typer, picks up on your situation and queries instantly." ... written by emymccrone
Very sincere, does not sugarcoat. I appreciate his honesty, as he makes sure that he tells you the absolute truth. Spot on describing my ex. Spoon with my concerns. A genuine psychic. thank you." ... written by AerynJoy
I would recommend to anyone. Very sweet and great at what he does." ... written by Ang
Always a great reading" ... written by Angela
interesting quick connection" ... written by pink
I had enjoy my chat with nigam he knew wat I was going through n help me . I was very please " ... written by Ann9101
thaaank you :) i feel mutch better now" ... written by malen90
Very detailed, also confirmed what I already knew, and gave me hope for the future." ... written by Starliteny
He knew so much detail about me and my personality, I was amazed!" ... written by Starliteny
told me true insight about me and kids. and situation. " ... written by golden
Great reader" ... written by Maia
Thank you so so so much for helping me. I was crying our whole session, but, you managed to calm me down so well. Everything you said was so accurate and you said so many things which were 100% true... it was so scary. I was amazed. Thank you for calming me down and putting my mind at ease." ... written by Lana
Very insightful - he could read what type of person I am. He's had me do some things to bring peace and prosperity into my life in the middle of a difficult time. Hope to see that happen soon!" ... written by R
Nigam is truly gifted and gives you great inspiration." ... written by Delor63
Great reader, provide me with great details within a short time. I will definitely follow his instructions and believe things will get better. Thanks!" ... written by bibi123
Good!" ... written by kiera 123
interesting read??????????" ... written by Jennifer
Nigam had great insight and told me many things that he should not know. Great reading and I think he will be a great advisor for me down the line. Thank you so much and many many blessings to you and yours." ... written by Jennifer
Nigam you are a great spirit and kind person. God has blessed you with great talents. Many blessings to you. Thanks for all you do." ... written by Delor63
Very insightful. He could feel/read me quite well. We had quite a private reading. As more time went by he really picked up on so many things from my life, my past, my childhood, my future. Will reach again but used up a heck of a lot of credits tonite!!!!!" ... written by Rebecca
Nigam you are the ultimate. Sucess is on the horizon for me and thanks be to God for bringing you into my life also." ... written by Delor63
Thank you so much for your guidance and your patience. You're an awesome reader. Many blessings to you. You come highly recommended." ... written by Delor63
Good reading !" ... written by kiera 123
Nice Reading!!!" ... written by Golden Crown
Very detailed and accurate reading! Thank you. " ... written by Tony
very good honest and caring ... thank you" ... written by Raspberry47
Another very detailed an excellent reading. I learned so much about my ex., but again, I do not want to know about me. " ... written by Tony
great new and fast reader" ... written by saba
he was really great hop to do more reading " ... written by saba
good answers, healing, honest explanation around situation. " ... written by goldn
We looked at quite a bit of stuff in one session. I think there was a really strong need to tell me things, and the description of myself was very accurate. He was genuine in wanting to do a full reading. I like that he was excited to give information, that makes a reading all the more special. I'll have to see how these next few months go. " ... written by Jen
good connection, lots of information, thank you for the updates, very quick typing," ... written by dakota
Thank you for your love and support. You are truly a gifted soul. God bless you for the work you do in helping others to see the light and for showing the way to a happy and successful life. You come highly recommended. Peace, Light and Love." ... written by Delor63
Been to long since my last reading. This reader is unbelievable with accurate details that no one can know. I would highly recommend anyone needing answers to only use Fahim. Great reader!" ... written by Lisa
I hope he is accurate. Let us see how accurate once things unfold." ... written by kb
he is very good at his job. he gives honest answers, tells you your gifts and also a bit of learning, he looks at your palm. I very much enjoyed reading and very helpful" ... written by Great Reading
good reading like always" ... written by kiera 123
You're very SPECIAL. You're so UNDERSTANDING. You're awesomely GIFTED!!!! Nigam, Many blessings to you." ... written by Delor63
Calming affect, very helpful! Always a pleasure to talk with" ... written by s
always amazing" ... written by Ang
fun to chat with!" ... written by Cinderella
Fahim was so amazing. Very detailed on situation with love life helped me understand and feel better about the situation giving me details that I really needed. I feel so much better now. Thank you! A+++++" ... written by Lisa
Always good" ... written by Ang
good at what he does" ... written by Ang
Always amazing! Fast and always on" ... written by Angela
great reader and true" ... written by nada12
Good chat " ... written by kiera 123
He was excellent. Told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. It is appreciated." ... written by becca
I found Nigam to be really insightful and to the point. I look forward to hearing from him again in the not too distant future." ... written by Chrissy M Strawn
Good!" ... written by kiera 123
good reading" ... written by matt
very detailed information" ... written by lynn
another great session" ... written by lynn
Good reading, lots of details." ... written by kiera 123
Thank you for your patience and guidance in this journey. You are truly gifted. I will keep you posted as to the outcome." ... written by Delor63
very understanding in my situation" ... written by lynn
great details" ... written by lynn
wonderful reading, most helpful with guidance- thank you" ... written by lynn
Nice reading and gave me a ton of information. Very helpful to bring the best outcome to whatever your problem may be." ... written by Y
thanks for your reading" ... written by arthanor
nice reading thanks" ... written by arthanor
great session" ... written by lynn
very detailed session- i shall return" ... written by lynn
Nigam, " ... written by judith
thank you" ... written by judith
thank you" ... written by lynn
good connection, lots of information given, thank you" ... written by kelly
Great details, mostly accurate!!" ... written by kiera 123
thank you great session" ... written by lynn
...and so some longings of the heart are true!" ... written by edrick
Fahim - Nigam is as people say of him...overturning the many stones with the client to see what is behind them" ... written by edricity
good reading " ... written by kiera 123
I liked Nigam's readings and hope to see changes and go back to him." ... written by anna
Nigam tried to relieve me from my tension...tried to tell me that i have the power to make things happen....let us see ...i will come back if it does ..." ... written by kb
a great session" ... written by lynn
great session" ... written by lynn
Truly a guide to life." ... written by sweetlili
HONESTLY AMAZING, thank you so much , i hope you have many blessings and i cant thank you enough for your kindness. You are truly gifted and such a kind, generous person. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by sparkly
thank you for session" ... written by lynn
cool guy! very helpful. creates positive energy" ... written by san
awesome!!!" ... written by San
thank you" ... written by lynn
Nice every time! I am hoping for the best." ... written by Y
Good follow up!" ... written by Kiera 123
Thank you Fahim for your love, guidance and support in this journey. Many blessings to you, for you are very worthy of them. Your consideration towards me as your client is not taken lightly and so you're very respected. You come highly recommended. Peace and Love." ... written by Delor63
good reading " ... written by Derek
so much details, great reading" ... written by lynn
thanks for your guidnace" ... written by dimauro
good" ... written by cdsircy
good reading" ... written by lynn
great advice" ... written by dimauro
Fahim is amazing, genuine, and accurate. Please get a private reading. You won't be disappointed." ... written by Mia
thank you" ... written by mimiliebe
Thank you for all you do. Your skills are beyond comprehension....You gifted man. Many blessings to you. You come highly recommended." ... written by Delor63
what an interesting time, very informative and enjoyable experience" ... written by David
What a wonderful reading. The healing and sharing has set me off for a wonderful day and week. I shall work on the energy problem and let you know. Thanks again. Also you are alwasy welcome in my home. : )" ... written by Lanell Pasvantis
Very accurate reading." ... written by Maya
Nigam Fahim thank you so much for your guidance, your love and the work you have done to keep me on the right path. I will forever be grateful as I continue this journey. Many blessings to you for you are truly a gifted soul and come highly recommended." ... written by Delor63
Nigam was accurate with his reading. He read the other person and was spot on with the issues. I hope his predictions come to pass. Thank you so much, Nigam!" ... written by Moonchild59
he is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
He is good reader" ... written by D
great reading lots of good advice and care" ... written by malcolm
very good" ... written by Rayhaan
good" ... written by fr
very helpful in situation, " ... written by lynn
great followup!" ... written by kiera 123
he is good" ... written by ohood
good reading" ... written by lynn
good informative reading w lots of care" ... written by David
Always great" ... written by Angela
Very good!" ... written by Angela
Very much enjoyed our private chat. Always do. Thanks again for sharing your time with me. Happiness always- kiss the family!!" ... written by lanell
good reading with sound advice " ... written by David
great reading but got cut off too early" ... written by gumbo
good details" ... written by lynn
interesting" ... written by lynn
good reading" ... written by lynn
Very good ,his words very soothing I've got a new friend! He's invited to my Wedding with Sharon on my expencess " ... written by Nikolaos
Very excited! Nigam was very accurate and spot on! Will most definitely come back:))" ... written by lakeshia
Nigam was wonderful, and he is such a nice man too!! I am praying all he said will come true. :) Thank you, sir. It was a wonderful reading. " ... written by Terri
thank you for details" ... written by lynn
detailed reading very helpful" ... written by lynn
WOW he described me and the person involved to a tee!!! SOOO ACURATE!!!" ... written by Jennifer
if he comes true he got to have a million stars! I'll tell the world about Him ..Thank you my friend ,please pray for me" ... written by Nikolaos
Great followup like always!" ... written by kiera 123
thank you" ... written by lynn
thank you for reading" ... written by lynn
Wonderfully warm and friendly reader... lots of great insights that are accurate and on point... thank you very much!! Happy 2016!" ... written by ragingwaters
Always great!" ... written by Angela
Always a great reading!" ... written by Angela
awesome!" ... written by city girl
Very fast, and on point" ... written by Ang
Thank you." ... written by Roselay
very fast" ... written by Rayhaan
mostly a comfort read... thank you" ... written by Siempre
Nigam was so compassionate and wise and in tune. thanks!" ... written by cappieann`
Always great. Very quick. I would recommend to anyone. Very nice too!" ... written by Ang
Nigam thank you for private chat consultant ... I recommend him to anyone bc he will help n predict what will happen ... Thank " ... written by Ann9101
very insightful, very helpful. looking forward to speaking to him again" ... written by tiibs
Awesome reader! He is very compassionate and sees what is in your heart! Highly recommend!" ... written by De
good positive relaxing technique, thanks for sharing the procedure and healing, will do some more again," ... written by dakota
thank you!" ... written by BB
thank you" ... written by MMarmalade
great reading as always." ... written by lynn
He is great" ... written by Jess
Always great" ... written by Ang
great session" ... written by lynn
Spot on, knew my personality very well. Predicted things and knew what was happening in my life accurately. " ... written by Lena
a good reading, quick to type and give information accurately" ... written by kelly
He is a very talented psychic. I recommend him." ... written by David Smith
thank you for reading" ... written by lynn
He picked up a lot of things about me. It's like he was in my mind. I recommend him." ... written by RAM
Totally Cool:) Able to read me very well!" ... written by lm
great reader" ... written by cristina
Right on spot. Nice to read with. Soothing one. Very helpfull, got out of credits. Thank you." ... written by ponnvalli
Fabulous reading! Hit everything right on the spot. He had an immediate connection. I felt like he knew so much about me and my situation without asking too many questions. Hoping things happen the way Nigam saw them. I will be back to follow up. Thanks Nigam!" ... written by lornalulu
Thanks" ... written by Bri
good really nice guy. " ... written by roelinda
good" ... written by real love
Good reading, got the help I was looking for =). Thanks" ... written by Mary Pickles
Very warm and heartfelt, relays life lessons, good for the soul. Thank you." ... written by gipsygirl
He was patient, kind, and accurate about the person in my life and my situation. I will return. thank you " ... written by mona
So much information he gave to me :)" ... written by Heidi
a second reading following an email reading - it becomes clearer and he is connected to the situation - many thanks " ... written by mona
good reading like always" ... written by Kiera 123
honest and will try to help but be patient and trust as he will prove to you he is reliable.." ... written by parvin
Interesting reading - just started telling me about myself. Most info was spot on!" ... written by M
Today's reading with Nigam was to get an update on matters dear to me. He was very understanding, clear and right on target with his response to me/ His intuition worked well and he shared the information rapidly." ... written by sanity53
His reading were correct and I am hoping the solution he gave me will work. " ... written by Seelax3
Very helpful and knowledgable person. He gave me a solution and made things easy foe me. " ... written by Seelax3
Very clear and detailed reading. Helped me go on the right direction. Would surely come back for a follow up. Thank you so much!" ... written by n
Nigam was very reassuring tonight as we discussed healngs and the benefit of them in my life. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
thank you... that was so very helpful!" ... written by me
Nigam was very direct tonight and gave very quick responses. He did not waste any time and the information he gave me was to the point. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
After having a reading with him he helped me relax my worried mind and heart. He helped me understand things about myself and the other person. Good things are coming my way soon! He brought back my inner true happy smile again. He helped bring down stress in my body and ease in my confused mind. Clarity, love and help is what I came away with during and after the private with this very kind spirit and soul." ... written by katharazz
you are always helpful Nigam:)" ... written by sam
Wonderful reading! I really liked how he was so fast and dialed into my matters. I felt like he was in my head saying everything that I have never expressed to anyone before. He is very deep and truthful! I absolutley enjoyed the reading! He was accurate the entire time! Great! I would highly recommend and plan on coming back to him! Thank you and God Bless!" ... written by Lynne
He's amazing OMG Thank you Nigam for you insighful i had a great time in our reading one of the best psychic on Oranum very accurate andamp; very fast worth every pennies try him you won't regret it. Thank you for your very clear and concise reading. It gave me a huge sense of relieve and a clear focus. As always you were quick, fast and very straight to the point. I look forward to all events unfolding and letting you know at each step. You my keeper thanks again Nigam God bless. I will come back for me andamp; updated xxxx" ... written by Wisperslight
Time ran out but he was great at reading me and the other person. He gave procedures and a timeframe. We shall see!" ... written by l
he is a wonderful person and very helpful person.i am thankful for his reading." ... written by ritu
Great reading, lovely man, very insightful and connects quickly. My credit ran out but he's worth every cent." ... written by gigglzz
that's great reading for both brother and sister in law today they were so happy thank you Nigam we will back soon:) xxxx" ... written by buddhi
Najim is great psychic, I come to his room often he has the energy to connect to people and he is almost %90 right most of the time. Sometimes I just like to talk to him due to his free help and friendly personality. " ... written by Kiera 123
I'm ready for my new and happy life thanks to Nigams help!" ... written by Meee
u are best ever tome:) " ... written by sam
Nigam is very precise. He wastes no time with connecting to all important issues. His guidance is spot on andamp; is able to know what the correct path is for you. He will let you know quickly with time frame approx. how andamp; what will occur. His guidance is clear andamp; extremely helpful. I love Nigam, he is warm andamp; pure of heart. " ... written by Nini52
very heartfelt answers and accurate " ... written by monalisa
psychic Nigam has told me everything absolutely correct so far, and he is full of empathy and understanding. am just hoping my problem will be solved with his powers" ... written by Andaleeb00
He is said the actual and future forecasting in excellent way and" ... written by Anoop85
I am looking forward to his predictions" ... written by kittykat
Absolutely wonderful! So excited!" ... written by Kitty!
I thank you so very much for all your sweet guidance and I look forward to your predictions!" ... written by katharazz
NIgam is a wonderful kind person and knows what is needed to help strained relationships!" ... written by katharazz
wish I had more time and credits. very intuitive. thanks" ... written by Jane
He is always available and there to help I am glad I found him and hopefully things will get better for me after I apply the solution he gave me. " ... written by Seelax3
He's excellent, very kind, and helpful. He understood my situation and is welling to help me with it." ... written by Seelax3
you are real person :)xoxo" ... written by Sam
He opens my eyes and able to help relax my tension which I don't know it has existed. Accurate and empowering. Thanks." ... written by littlebudy1
Very positive. I will return. I see the positive changes happening in my life that he spoke of! Kind and so helpful!" ... written by Katc
Thanks Nigam after long time waiting to u. I had wonderful nearly 2 hrs conversation,finally feel relaxed all problem sharing with u.I will come back soon" ... written by Sam
Great help from Nigam truthful and correct reading thank u for making feel good dear:)" ... written by Sam
Very kind, caring, helpful sand understanding. Thank you. He is highly recommended." ... written by psychicreading15
thanks for surprise hiding things u reading for my family.u are real reader and helpful ever:)" ... written by Sam
he was good and accurate " ... written by kiran
Thank you kindly Nigam sir! You have told me so many things about myself that are all on par. Thank you for all your advice regarding my entire life. Very much appreciated. Will definitely chat with you again when the need arises. Your honesty is very much valued. 10 Stars!" ... written by AR
wonderfull reading!!!!!!! " ... written by Nicole Snijders
good" ... written by kiera 123
you are perfect solution person:)" ... written by Sam
He is an excellent reader and very caring of his clients. He gave me a lot of helpful insight into my situation and strongly recommend him. Very competent." ... written by psychicreading15
I think Nigam is a true blessing. He touched on things I didn't even mention to him when I first entered his chat. I went private with him and he was very detailed and accurate with my situation. I feel very connected to him. He is an asset to the Oranum community and the psychic community. Gifted reader. Will definitely come back to him for more readings. Much love and light" ... written by Lani38
very very good" ... written by diana
So happy i met Nigam on oranum. He is so wise, kind and caring!!! I'll certainly look for him again." ... written by Nicole Snijders
thanks to Nigam to help my problemto best way:)" ... written by gham
very kind and helpful and caring. Highly recommended" ... written by psychicreading15
thank you so much Nigam to help my family:)" ... written by Sam
Best reading in oranum! thank you." ... written by Jypccc
Awesome reading!! Got more than i hoped for! He is very good." ... written by Jypccc
really appreciate to Nigam always help to me and my family thank you so much :)xxx" ... written by Sam
Nigam is very honest and helpful person, I always appreciate you:)" ... written by Sam
Thanks a lot your helping on me:)" ... written by Sam
you are really good person:)" ... written by Sam
Thanks for assistance on helping my family work through there issues:)" ... written by Sam
very quick to pick up on the situation and i am so glad that i chose him because i got the right advice" ... written by kk
the reading wasnt clear, it was breaking up the entire time." ... written by real love
Amazing! So much fun! He appreciated my concerns and sense of humor. He was accurate about my situation and well about me my character. We had a great laugh! Great read! " ... written by Maria
excellent!" ... written by San
awesome!" ... written by sam
spectacular!" ... written by Sam
AMAZING" ... written by SAN
Good psychic! " ... written by kiera 123
he is great!" ... written by Kiera123
great advice" ... written by d
accurate" ... written by ioanna
He's simply the BEST !!!!!!!!! My friend ,my brother !!!" ... written by Nikolaos
very good readings with Nigam, he seems to be right on with things I asked about and doesn't have to use tools . thank you Nigam, we will see what the future is going to hold for me. " ... written by sunrisegold
First time on Oranum, I found someone very genuine andamp; helpful. I give him 10 stars for spotting things quickly andamp; resolving my issues with sincerity. I would highly recommend him to anyone new on Oranum or old users who are tired of their unresolved issues. NIGAM is a psychic here who can help you when nothing else works with his special abilities. Thanks a lot for all your help. " ... written by sallysulle
Always a great reader! Very sweet and to the point" ... written by Angela
very nice and i would like to go back to him " ... written by jenny
the best advisor ever" ... written by jenny
really like him :) " ... written by jenny
Nigam is simply the BEST !!!! He touches your soul and gives you all the good energy and guidance and help you need ! He's God's man to help honest people! once again! simply THE BEST !!!!!!" ... written by Nikolaos
Once again Nigam always nice ,reassuring,and charismatic ! " ... written by Nikolaos
Words are not good enough to express my grattittude to Nigam! He's the BEST" ... written by Nikolaos
fantastic and very accurate " ... written by adela
very good readings with nigam, we will see what the future holds. Thankyou Nigam" ... written by sunrisegold
Incredible reading, excellent spirit with incredible insight. Will consult again." ... written by Carol
Awesome reading." ... written by Carol
once again words are not good enough to show the grattittude towards Nigam! He's AMAZING" ... written by Nikolaos
People You must try and get some reading from Nigam ,he's amazing" ... written by Nikolaos
Great! Always great at what he does!" ... written by Angela
I had a great reading with him, very informative, knew what my issue was before I even stated. Great insight. " ... written by Letitia
no comments for now, thanks" ... written by sharen223
He's very fast, accurate, calm.. very detailed reading and chats!" ... written by bellacasa