About PsychicJennifer2

Psychic PsychicJennifer2has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicJennifer2has recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicJennifer2's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Clairvoyant empathic psychic I will be able to sense and see and feel what you are going through just by your name and date of birth 18 years experience **on oranum since 2012** 5 Star reader , Helps in all area's of life and will be able to guide you to the right direction . No issue is to big or to small for me to handle , I will also give you brief datils on what I pick up and see Love Jen

She was able to cover so much in just 5 minutes and answered all my questions. It was a great reading. Definitely will come back again. Thank you for the wonderful reading" ... written by yemoon910
First reading with her. She was so clear and on point. I believe she did I great job." ... written by angelic3wings
Awesome reader! No sugar coating at all. She told me straight up wether it was good or bad! Good reading. I recommend her!" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is just great! That is all I can say. " ... written by Sky
She seemed honest, kind, gave me some hopefulness-I felt in my heart what she said she sort of confirmed it for me. Thank you! " ... written by camizzle77
Very positive reading, thank you." ... written by snowpea
Really great reading, picked up on so much. Gave me a lot of insight and clarity and confirmed a few things I suspected. Definitely recommend. " ... written by warrenkitty83
Jennifer was awesome, I will defently be back to talk with her, she's AWESOME!" ... written by jessa8606
She is the best, I just love it. " ... written by angelic3wings
Very good and to the point! I highly recommend her for a reading. Thank you so much for answering my questions!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Excellent Reader!! Able to connect right away!! Thank you so much! I will definitely come back for a another reading soon! " ... written by mlafield
PsychicJennifer has a great heart. She's easy to talk to and has a great way of delievering what you need to hear most. She is very gifted,able to tap into your situation very quickly, and very accurate too! I felt like she really cares about those she helping. I will come back to her for other matters when the time comes and hope she becomes very successful on the site." ... written by daydreamer246
great connection very accurate in her readings always. gives great advice" ... written by HB
Very good." ... written by mark2991
Very nice, accurate, quick, I recommend her. " ... written by david
I've now had two readings with Jennifer, she is awsome, very accurate, and does not give false hope. i really enjoy talking with her.. and she helps you to understand things when you don't and well she's just AWSOME!!! " ... written by jessa0686
Thank you so much Jen. I ran out of time and funds. Will update you after the phone call. Thanks so much for being there. " ... written by Dawn
I appreciate very much Jen's TRUTH and her advice! She is very GOOD! I hope and pray her predictions come to pass! " ... written by inlovewithhim
always great to speak with Jennifer. " ... written by Dawn
Very quick to connect, gives a lot of predictions to happen. I can feel that she is here to help as she does not up her rate despite the professionalism she give. Thank you very much!" ... written by eagleeyes340
Jennifer," ... written by low_rider4
Really enjoyed my first reading with Jennifer. I hope I get to speak to her again real soon." ... written by inlovewithhim
Jennifer saw so much SO CLEARLY!!! After name andamp; age, she just started typing with spot on information. She was so accurate! And was so connected! She was amazing! Thank you!" ... written by charmed33
great from Jen! her previous prediction came to pass that my bf will visit me. so now, I'm waiting for other prediction to happen..xoxo M" ... written by HMR
she is truly a wonderful reader...doesn't waste time or your credits. Tells you what she sees and if that is all she has she is honest about it...she sees things that I didn't mention, infact its hard to get any questions in because as you are typing she is already answering! Unbelievable!!! I PROMISE I WILL COME BACK AND UPDATE YOU JENNIFER.. You are such an amazing woman...thank you xoxoxox" ... written by me
shes simply awesome.. now that is someone who an absolutely awesome find. she was so spot on with everything. i like this lady. will be back.. she gave me very specific timelines. thats a rarity. plus, she picked up on stuff without tools ... brilliant!" ... written by a
Unbelievably amazing reader. confident, clear and patient..worked great for me..definitely try her out" ... written by user8628
Wow, you guys must give her a try, she is great!" ... written by Aryastark
I have asked a question that I have been dying to ask and I happy to know the answer. Thanks, Jennifer! Love the readings as well. " ... written by angelic3wings
Wonderful psychic, very accurate and fast. I love getting this reading with her. She tells the truth and tells it without sugar coating, I recommend trying her :))) " ... written by GetYourBlessing
You're so gited and amazing" ... written by familyhelper
Had to get an update reading with Jenn. Since it has been awhile. And she picked up on things without me telling her. And also she gave me time frames that i can't wait until they come to fruition. Jenn always tell the good and the bad. That's what kind of reader you all want someone who gets straight to the point. Jenn is very accurate with her readings. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. Been going to Jenn for over 2 years now and she has never steered me wrong everything she has ever told me always came to pass. I know now what to look for throughout my life journey. Thanks so much Jenn you rock!! I will be back again =)" ... written by uniquelele25
got an update that was right in line with what has been going on in my life lately. I couldn't believe how accurate it was! reading gave me a lot of inspiration and hope for the future!" ... written by hollyberries1
She was EXTREMELY sharp! She tuned in quickly and she was on point the entire tiime. I will definitely be back." ... written by Kim
Jennifer knew exactly what was happening in my life regarding a andamp;quot;past loveandamp;quot; of mine ... and tapped into his personality and the positive energies that still exist between this person and myself. She saw the funny side of my story about him ... and could see the meshing of my personality and his personality. I felt as if Jennifer and I had been friends all of our lives ... that's how well she tapped into my situation and my personality and the personality of the man I believe I am going to end up with. " ... written by msb2013
absolutely amazing, is able to see things clearly and gives honest details also a very fast typer :)" ... written by amazing
Jennifer is simply the best….always makes me feel better and her predictions never change! " ... written by pink_94
Great and fast reading, thank you! " ... written by vjrei01
This girl picked up on so much information that I believe to be true about my personality as well as the persons I asked for. Time frames we shall see. " ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Had a great reading with her :)" ... written by pandoy
Amazing woman. Must give her a try, everything she sees is real. Thanks Jen for all your help xx" ... written by Katerina
Thanks for a good reading, Jennifer. It was incredibly helpful and put my mind at ease with a lot questions that needed to be answered. Thank you." ... written by angelic2hearts
Fast and accurate prediction came true." ... written by sammn1
I loved her! Will be back soon." ... written by ckayx69
She's was very helpful and quick. I appreciated her advice. She tells the truth. Many thanks, Jennifer. You are awesome!" ... written by jaimelillie
Sorry we got cut off , but thanks it was wonderful... very accurate and detailed , but quick at the same time.. will come back to you with updates.. bye.. take care" ... written by niha
Such an Outstanding Expert, she is indeed so gifted and I am stunned because she connected in me very fast. She is so accurate and honest on her readings. Thank you." ... written by home888
Very speical and thanks." ... written by dolphinluv72
Had Great reading with Jennifer...she's lovely and spot on..." ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks!" ... written by venom500
I have had multiple wonderful readings with Jennifer. She have genuine psychic abilities and is very encouraging in her readings. Through negatives and positives I have felt i was being steered towards my path and supplied with great information to take along the way. Just listen to her insights as they unfold as the light will sure shine out regardless of how down you may be feeling about an issue. I highly recommend her and her abilities for guidance in your life. She will help you to see you path ahead. THANK YOU PSYCHICJENNIFER2" ... written by Marhaban
Good updates :). Cleared some things I was worried abt. Thanks :)" ... written by Mary
Fantastic and true reader! Predictions have come to pass. Highly recommended - do not waste your time on any others on here." ... written by Katerina
This was a very nice reading! She was very informative and I enjoyed it immensely! She did not sugarcoat or anything and told me as she felt it. Thank goodness it was good news! Whew! Really... whew! Her reading confirmed a lot of things for me, and that's gotta be a good thing, right?! I will return for another reading as time progresses. Until then I will recommend her. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I love her work and shes brilliant, fantastic, she's very easygoing. She will tell you what is good in the context whats in your life that happens right now and the future and you will feel good about it in the end. I would recommonded you to her. In the future Ill keep in touch with her.. Thanks :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Just had a reading that blew me away, everything that was said you 100% on the mark, am totally happy to recommend to anyone, is able to tell you things that only you would know about yourself...." ... written by damo70
Truly wonderful, she told me a lot with no questions asked, she was spot on! Can't wait to see if her predictions come true!! Thanx J!" ... written by newmswalker2
Wowowowow, she is sooo accurate it is amazing.. I am so happy i had a reading with her.. She knew things that made me realize she is soo connected to me and the situation.. Do have a reading with her, you will not regret it xx I will be back :)" ... written by butterflywings10
She was very good, she connected to my current situation so accurately and with out my mention. She was able to provide insight on my situation." ... written by crystalrei
Gosh.. She was super accurate and amazing at reading minds... Wow, wow and wow... Go to her and you would be surprised... And she was very specific about things and people involved... I loved my reading and would come back again!!" ... written by nk85
She had wonderful answers for me, about my issue with a pass love, and just ask me to be patient. He and I are feeling the same emotions and also feel each other thoughts.I`m looking forward to the time frame she gave me. Thank you so much." ... written by scorpionqueen
I've had good readings before, but something no wait everything on what she said about myself and my guy were right on without me having to say a thing... very fast at connecting with my situation, don't waste a second of your time in answering. Jaw dropping, accurate, fast typist, compassionate, truthful, simply amazing. Definitely recommend anyone and everyone to have no doubt and have a reading with Jennifer! =) Thank you once again, love. God bless!" ... written by Lyn414
Really helpful, amazingly accurate. She's good for really quick questions and considerate of the funds you have. She's friendly and fun to talk to as well! :)" ... written by daydreamer246
She was accurate about a lot of things! I have always been very sceptical about things like this but I was amazed at how accurate the things she said were knowing close to nothing on my situation. Would definitely recommend her for your readings!!" ... written by hazeleyes89
I guess I got the motivation I wanted!" ... written by niksdel1987
She is wonderful, honest, caring... I'll be back!" ... written by Member625811
You were amazing because you knew what you were talking about and you were accurate." ... written by santhia1989
I love this girl, I kept coming back to her because she is worth every penny. Too bad my internet keeps freezing but this girl is awesome, I don't regret a single minute with her because I didn't have to feed her with information she told me everything I needed to hear." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
I am so glad to see Jen on!! She reads things spot on!!! I really pray what she predicts comes to pass for my life and my future." ... written by inlovewithhim
I was just planning to take her for a few minutes in private but I ended up finishing up my credits because it was so good!" ... written by eagleeyes340
The best reading I have had and I truly can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Jennifer!" ... written by shannonlo
Just calls it like it is... and will be! I will circle back as events unfold. " ... written by Iveywing
Jennifer, quick and amazing. I love her readings and she is truly the best at what she does. Thanks over and over again, Jen. You made my day." ... written by angelic2hearts
Accurate and quick. A great talent!" ... written by Iveywing
Great reading from Jennifer. My mind is so at ease and I am happy that I had to ask her everything that I was dying to know. Thanks, Jen!" ... written by angelic2hearts
Jennifer needs to be on more often. She is sooo helpful and always on the mark of everything. I love her readings!" ... written by angelic2hearts
Great reading, thank you!!!!!" ... written by mancrm
The more in depth that my conversation gets with Jennifer, the better I feel from what I know. I am glad that one of my fave. Readers are online often. " ... written by angelic2hearts
Very helpful and insightful information. I needed this very much. Thanks Jennifer" ... written by angelic2hearts
She is very honest and sweet. She knew all about my situation and the people involved. All I did was give her my name and age. She is quick and thorough, very well worth it. " ... written by allintheclouds
Amazing reading. Her grandma came through. Pure psychic. Spend the money and get a good reading. " ... written by bridgette222
Very straight forward, fast, and honest... I will see what will happen. And I will come back to update. Thanks!" ... written by fit2day
WOW WOW WOW... She is definitely awesome and considerate of your time. I will definitely add Jennifer to my top category. She is precise and validates your hidden emotions. I feel better!" ... written by niecym
Excellent, in tune! :)" ... written by ShamanCharlie
Amazing! Very accurate. 5 stars for sure!" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is pretty amazing hope it all comes true,, I feel really good right now thank you. " ... written by gabriel____
She is an awsome psychic! needs just a name and there she goes will come back to leave feedback on predictions xoxoxo" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Terrific reading as always. Thank you Jennifer. " ... written by angelic2hearts
To the tee!! Amazing reading.. She described this person perfectly and her feelings. Great reading.. Hope for the predictions to come to pass... Thank you so much!!" ... written by har
Wonderful reading! Able to pick up what I'm feeling and the situation very quickly. Thank you, I look forward to your predictions!" ... written by yemoon910
She was AMAZING! She picked up information about my ex that very few knew. I feel so reassured that everything will go great now in it's own time. Thank you so much!" ... written by tbrooke2012
Thank you!" ... written by teisin00
Amazing! This beautiful woman is the truth I promise you guys! She said to me the same words that the guy I was asking her about said to me oh my god of all the readings i have had on Oranum this beautiful woman is the only one that did that I couldn't believe the things she was typing to me it was simply amazing! Totally blew me away! Totally! Guys seriously I’m not typing these words just because I like typing or giving compliments when they are not due, ok I'm going to say it: she is the best on this whole site! I was barely asking her questions and she was reading my mind and answering them! If you do not believe what I’m saying please see for yourself and be prepared to get blown away! Thank you Jennifer so much for everything wow I’m still in shock! I will be talking to you soon! :)) Lots of love, 5 stars!" ... written by qndiva
Great reading, I hope all her predictions come to pass. She made my mind at ease! Thank you!" ... written by gia1117
Incredibly helpful. Jennifer lifts your spirits and make you just feel good after every read. So helpful. Thanks!" ... written by angelic2hearts
Great, picked things up very fast !!!!" ... written by msahadeo
Now, I feel good getting my reading from Jennifer. It was quite a wait but it was worth it." ... written by angelic2hearts
Amazed. Read me and my significant other like a book! Point after point after point. I will definitely be back to see Jennifer!" ... written by lilliableu
She is very quick and responsive. She eased my mind with her answers but she is also upfront and honest when she cannot see something which inspires trust. I will definitely try to connect with her again.." ... written by georgewk
Amazing reading" ... written by thebestfriend22
Amazing reading... was spot on and gave me the courage to do something. Things have been good since then and I hope for the predictions to come true. A truly gifted reader. Thank you once again." ... written by Harsh
Sweet girl. We will have to see if her prediction comes true!" ... written by lou_kendy
Prediction coming true. Something great happened yesterday after 6 months have passed. So happy. I really thank Jennifer for her clarity and insight. She is steady and clear and such a visionary. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
She was amazing, very detailed." ... written by darkgirl1
She was straightforward and gave me a timeline. I will definitely come back for more. 5 stars! I really like her a lot. Thank you for your honesty." ... written by lisapatrick
She answered ALL My questions!!" ... written by Scorpionessa1
Amazing!!" ... written by darkgirl1
Very comforting. She provided excellent guidance." ... written by Kekee9
Spot on reading!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
Very friendly, she knows exactly what she's talking about. Spot on!" ... written by rosiep
She is really good!" ... written by thundergirl
Wonderful and she connects so well!! Her prediction and timeframe came to pass as well!" ... written by lilliableu
Jennifer is absolutely fantastic!!! She was right on 100% EVERYTHING. I have loved so many psychics on this site and elsewhere, but I have to say right now I feel that Jennifer is the BEST that I have met. I feel like she is right about everything. And she is so cool and stoic and wonderful!!! I can't say enough. I hope to see more of here in the future!!!! Blessings Oranum and thanks for having Jennifer here!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Shes good " ... written by thundergirl
Wonderful connection and is consistent across several of our readings. I also love her energy." ... written by lilliableu
Very fast and accurate reading, I recommend her for sure. " ... written by vjrei01
She was a lot of fun. Good aura and made me feel comfortable. Super-accurate and straightforward. Beautiful soul, TRY HER!!!" ... written by ladyaradia81
Jennifer is great, great connect too! Love that she picks up on everything clearly too! Love her, wonderful :)) Thank you so much for your time :))" ... written by michele6099
LOVED IT, LOVED IT... IT WAS AWESOME! THANK YOU!" ... written by sham87
Great, accurate insights and advise. Well worth my time n money. Thank you." ... written by Chuffsta388
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! SHE'S SO AMAZING!!!" ... written by qndiva
Jenn is amazing, excellent reader, time frames came to pass. One of the best ones at Oranum, for me #1 " ... written by jaatin
This young lady is amazing in what she sees and says she see it all I mean everything she is awesome and I trust her words thank you sooooo much for the reading your wonderful reader xoxoxo" ... written by scorpionqueen
Jennifer was an awesome reader. She picked up on many feelings and emotions in my life. I am grateful for the reading and would definitely recommend her! :-D" ... written by Tishiab
I was very surprised she told me exactly how I felt and she knew everything that was happening in my marriage. Gave me great responses, I was amazed! I would definitely come again. " ... written by bellacrown
Quick, detailed, seem to pick up on a lot." ... written by brownpanther1031
Wonderful young lady with wonderful abilities. Didn't have to give any information and she clearly knew what was going on. Future looks brighter!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Every time I get a reading she seems ever more the real deal. Remain quite amazed by her abilities." ... written by usr
Jennifer's incredibly gifted, she tunes in absolutely accurately to my situation and is super helpful and honest. Absolutely recommend her" ... written by omegaman
Read with Jen 1 time and prediction happened, came back for 2nd reading as a follow up. She's great, caring, honest, and spot on. Jen is most definitely the real deal. You won't be sorry and she's worth every cent. Thanks Jen, wish you all the best on your move. oxoxox" ... written by wingtip
Jen is good.. She knows how to calm me down and bring positive thinking in me... I hope what she told me comes true and I am very looking forward to it." ... written by hazelziggy
She was right about my past, friendly fast and I felt she was honest. I hope her positive predictions come to pass!!!! I will be back to update!! Thank you Jennifer!!! :)" ... written by marisduhh
Great chat. I was glad to talk to her, and I hope I can talk to her again soon. I hope she is right." ... written by Ashley868
She is truly Amazing! Very gifted and provided a lot of insight into what has occured in the past and what is to happen in the future. Thank you so much and God bless you Jennifer!" ... written by heartnsoul
I had many readings and I can say this one is very good and I am happy with this reading with Jennifer, she is very accurate. With this reading I will feel better and less anxious becaus I always ask the same but now I feel better. She has a very good gift for sure, thank you!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Thanks for the reading... Always fast and made me feel very positive. :) Will keep you update! " ... written by fit2day
Amazing... accurate... thank you so much! " ... written by samanthamarie90
Prediction and time frame came to pass. Jennifer is so calm and reassuring and as she promises, no false hope. She is the best!" ... written by lilliableu
She's real quick! Thanks for the reading. I hope the prediction come true!!" ... written by yvettepandora
She knows everything :) and our private are like best friends convo. Beyond accurate. " ... written by thebestfriend22
Jen is the best psychic on Oranum... She doesn't need any tools to do the reading and she knows everything that are going on in my life.." ... written by hazelziggy
Great reader. friendly, positive, and polite. she knew about things that were happening and that had happened. she gave a positive prediction so will wait and see." ... written by new
Lovely reading. Thank you so much for your caring, and kind spirit." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you for another good reading. You have given me hope, Jen, and it feels good to hope again!" ... written by inlovewithhim
I will just say wow wow wow amazing! :) So much details, I agree 100 with all other customers, and I believe in all prediction that they will come true! :) Love and light for you. Great connection! " ... written by mszkut29
OMG. I really loved Jennifer's reading. She was spot on about the topic we discussed. I definitely recommend her and look forward to her predictions coming true! " ... written by Destiny_Love
Thanks for your help... Always consistent... You are awesome!" ... written by jaimelillie
Jennifer is amazing! Things she said in my last reading came true. She is quick and she doesn't play around. I always look forward to when she is online because I know her reading is accurate. I just had a reading from her last night and I can't to see how it all plays out... LOVE YA GIRL!" ... written by jaimelillie
It's like she reads my mind and my feelings before I even say a word. She's truly gifted..." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Very happy with my reading with Jen. I am hoping that I will see changes soon. I will remain strong!" ... written by inlovewithhim
What can I say, the best and only psychic of the site. She knows everything. OMG! Wish she was here more often!" ... written by thebestfriend22
Well I think she is really psychic and no bs. She knows everything about my past and present. And if what she said comes true in future i wil be AMAZED!! Thanks Jennifer BTW" ... written by ziggy2
Great to talk too!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Amazing reading! So accurate and precise :)" ... written by chawks009
Very nice reading!" ... written by inlovewithhim
I appreciate what she shares and what she does beyond the chat sessions, She truly cares for her clients. This is beautiful to see." ... written by inlovewithhim
Wonderful and immediate connection. Connects with me and the people I ask about and she is spot on in her reading of them." ... written by lilliableu
She was straight to the point! I wanted to know was the love of my life of five years coming back to me? She appeared positive and on point! She Typed extremely fast and very precise with her predictions! Her energy outward is very calm and convincing to me! I will wait for dates to come In June/July to successfully determine if she is as accurate into what will happen in my future as my energy dictates! She is very precise at captivating your energy and feeding off to determine my beautiful outcome! I hope and pray her predictions are accurate as I feel empowered to know and believe this is real now! She was intuned to me 100%. I thank you for such a beautiful reading! You are on point and your predictions appeared to be strong and promising! I will definitely come back to her to discuss my outcome as I believe her predictions are on point and will happen! Very optimistic PSYJennifer this will happen it's too strong and precise not to! I recommend PsychicJennifer2 to all! Thank you! Cee-nee " ... written by Distresslady48
Amazing as always! Love and light to you! God bless you Jen!" ... written by heartnsoul
So good, so fast in her connections. Jennifer comes through for me and she does not give false hope. Her readings have always been true." ... written by lilliableu
Very detailed and very accurate. Very kind, caring and honest. Loads of insight and predictions to come. Thank you so much for you help " ... written by Grace035
The best! xxx Jen!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you Jen! My connection dropped frequently because of my weak internet, but Jen was very patient and picked up right where we left off every time! Thanks Jen and God bless you! I look forward to the predictions. :)" ... written by heartnsoul
Very uplifting and no matter what you tell her she doesn't change her mind." ... written by cg4
Very intuitive and picked up on my situation. Fast, does not waste time. Take her to private." ... written by enamorada
Jen's the real thing. I hope everything works out as she says - I have a feeling it will. That's not why I rate her's just that she connects extremely well and accurately. Really superb!" ... written by omegaman
Jennifer is just that good. She was correct on so many past readings. So much clarity when others could only read the negative at the moment. Her prediction (positive) had come to pass on a then troublesome relationship which has turned around." ... written by lilliableu
Absolutely great service and highly recommended... Knew answers to my questions before I even asked..." ... written by OLAMOTIL
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 10 stars for her accuracy and ability to pick up on situations so well." ... written by mini1214
Thanks, you were great!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
She is wonderful! Very accurate and predictions with time frames come to pass for me. Gives great advice and explains it so you really understand whats going on :)! So so happy I found her. " ... written by Dolly1234
Awesome! 5 stars!!!" ... written by Dolly1234
She always completely understands how I'm feeling and where I'm coming from. She is always confident in her answers as well and her predictions have happened with time frames :)" ... written by Dolly1234
Jennifer is consistent and is so confident. Even when I tell her this and that..she remains committed to her vision. I must say though that her prediction has come to pass!" ... written by lilliableu
Omg unbelieveable i really hope this is it, u give me much hope, i'll keep trying my best to evolve and grow into abetter person, this is a life long quest to be of service" ... written by phoenixrisen
She was awesome as always... straight up answers and accurate. This was an update I did with her." ... written by donorak
I appreciate her and her gift!! Thank you for all that you do!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank You for the reading" ... written by casy123
I dont know... how come she was so fast in saying things..... she is to good :)" ... written by Kumar
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love love love her. I mean I will never go to another psychic on this site. I am hooked on Jenn. I mean immediately tapped into the situation. I am a psychic myself and she just is awesome. " ... written by Dymples2
Wow, she knew everything before i even told her anything.. I didnt even have to tell her anything bc she told me everything. Totally awesome experience.. just WOW" ... written by donorak
WOW can not believe how much info came in so few min!!! Answered every question I had immediately." ... written by bluetig
She lifted my spirits about this situation! I was very worried but she made me aware that there was nothing too worry about." ... written by iPreferMimi
Ur so confident, well in the mean time im gonna pray my hiny off and make sure to stay close to god" ... written by phoenixrisen
Seems pretty accurate." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Amazingly fast readings, very very accurate and reassuring... She gives the truth, good and the bad!!" ... written by feebers1
She is super fast!!! I definitely need to come back when I have more then what little credits I had lol." ... written by feebers1
Worth every dime!" ... written by mark2991
Fast typist and doesn't waste your credits. I could talk to her all night long. She gave me so much encouragement aside from timelines close to accurate because only God can give exact times and dates. Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
She is very spot on and is very kind answers questions quickly." ... written by contiestate2
Thank you for the update, Jenn it is good to know that he is thinking of his future." ... written by inlovewithhim
Update and still on track!! Waiting now for those dates! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very helpful and spot on." ... written by contiestate2
Amazing information!! Right on the dot! Thank you. You gave me some peace." ... written by Marialuis
Very good intuition and speaks truth...thank you Jennifer!" ... written by Janetevelyn7
Highly recommended, she definitely let me know about the question I asked, I'll update on how things go." ... written by dknopflover
So much information and accuracy! without me giving details. Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Appreciate her insight and help so much!!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
I went into private tonight thinking that I was going to lose the love of my life. Jennifer reassured me that it was not going to happen and everything will come together in a few months, by May, and I will get contact in a weeks. He is scared and we are meant for each other. Jen, you're an awesome young lady and I love you for your honesty and caring so much about your clients. I trust you and believe what you say your. The best, and if anyone has had a reading they know her strength and her abilities! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU LIL ANGEL!" ... written by scorpionqueen
Another question answered and she was right!!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you for the answers I needed!!" ... written by Marialuis
Good and Accurate reading :) picked up good on me... hoping for her prediction to come true :)" ... written by Rahul
She put away all my fears!!! Thank you!! See you soon!" ... written by Marialuis
Good info and calming. Event did come to pass!! Thank you." ... written by Marialuis
Ok the advice is good, very talented young lady." ... written by phoenixrisen
Ah you see so much." ... written by phoenixrisen
She's the best!" ... written by mark2991
I enjoyed talking to PsychicJennifer2, she was nice and very helpful. Will update when predictions come to pass." ... written by lanissa34
Great as always :) Thank you Jennifer for all positive energy :) Love and light :)" ... written by mszkut29
Very Good reader, hope she is right!" ... written by elle11
I wanted to copy our reading lol! But Jen, wow! She was on point, I didn't really have to tell her anything, mostly agreeing on what she was seeing. I will definitely be back." ... written by Krystelle81
Update on the situation.Thank you for the great insights!" ... written by Marialuis
Awesome as always." ... written by Dolly1234
Awesome.. Helped me a lot. Thanks." ... written by primo1376
Update read and spot on on the things I need clarified! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
The world is a weird place. Good Job Jennifer!" ... written by phoenixrisen
I thank you Jen for the peace of mind and insight to my situation. I can only hope what you said is true and that things will pass soon. Please take a reading with Jen, she is great" ... written by feebers1
Thank you as usual, you are very helpful and spot on :)" ... written by contiestate2
Just had another update reading and Jennifer always comes through for me. Her prediction that a particular someone would be back in my life has come to pass..and I can't wait for her new predictions to pass as well. Her insight is helping me to make an important decision in my life." ... written by lilliableu
Don't get to talk much to this lovely lady, as she is very expensive, but there is a reason! She is wonderful and her predictions have never been wrong for me. I look forward to her newest predictions! I can't wait for September, lol ;)" ... written by crawfist
On point!!!! Very on Key!! Picked up on my situation!!!" ... written by lonely192012
Good reading." ... written by huseinawad
Needed more info and to dig deeper into a situation and got all the answers I needed for other questions!! Fast typist and quickly tunes in. Have your picture up here so she can see you for even faster reading.!!" ... written by Marialuis
I loved my reading, it gave me such clarity in such a down time for me. Jennifer picked me back up with her amazing skills because she was able to pick up on so much without information given to her. Wonderful person. " ... written by krismic2
Prediction came to pass. Received contact! Now waiting for the other dates to pass!" ... written by Marialuis
Very quick and picked up right away without me giving any info except my name and she didn't have to ask me any questions." ... written by Missymay
Jen is awesome and tells you the Truth!! I hope and pray her predictions come to pass!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Jennifer is an amazing person!!!!" ... written by victoria111
I was feeling doubtful and needed guidance. Jennifer picked up on what was going on with me very fast and accurately. I have confidence that what she told me will come to past. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Thanks Jenn!" ... written by francine
You are sticking to ur guns, persistent lady, but she's been right on things so far. How do u do it?!" ... written by phoenixrisen
The Best!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Amazing a always! Predictions are always right on and alwas happen for me! " ... written by Dolly1234
Jennifer is very helpful and nice...very accurate!!" ... written by francine
Amazing as always!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Lovely and she feels accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Very good and kind. I enjoy her readings so much!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Jennifer is awesome...she has yet to be proven wrong!! she tell you the truth and fast." ... written by francine
Update read and got info needed with accuracy! Thank you." ... written by marialuis
Very helpful right on with all predication so far!! Very nice person." ... written by francine
Came tonight with some doubts in my head and some more confusion, but Jen always calms me down and gets me to think and look forward. I am thrilled with what she sees, and she has never changed her predictions, and they have all been right, so I will continue to stay strong and things will continue to look up for me :) Jen I will give you more good news soon." ... written by Crawfist
Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing the results very soon!" ... written by francine
Word cant explain how accurate fast and amazing she is .. speechless" ... written by HeartOfSilver
Thank you Jennifer... She has helped me so much. I am happy to have met her." ... written by francine
The real deal!" ... written by Dolly1234
Jen is the best.. She always know how to calm me down and gives me hope when i'm down. " ... written by Hazelziggy
Jennifer without a doubt is one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by victoria111
Always amazing!! Predictions come to fruition." ... written by Dolly1234
Jennifer is consistent with her prediction for me. She has been spot on and her previous predictions have come to pass!" ... written by lilliableu
Great reading as always jen thanks so much" ... written by Crystal
Amazing and her predictions always come to fruition." ... written by Dolly1234
I think Jennifer is the Real Deal!!!Her predictions come true!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
MOST AMAZING!!! Predictins always come true! Fruiting and gives great guidance!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thanks Jen! God bless!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Jennifer always keeps me focused and hopeful!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Simply the best! " ... written by heartnsoul
Just great!" ... written by dd
Always amazing!" ... written by Dolly
Awesome as always" ... written by Doly1234
Very helpful awesome reader." ... written by francine
Jenn is very consistent and she gives me HOPE!" ... written by inlovewithhm
Awesome." ... written by Dolly1234
Very helpful... Great psychic!" ... written by francine
Awesome as per usual." ... written by Dolly
Was very honest, i think." ... written by Anna
Types fast." ... written by halovm
Thanks again Jenn! xxx" ... written by Heartnsoul
Jenn had predicted many months ago that a person will enter my life. She had also described him and had to told me that I will see other people before this happens. Things have panned out just the way she had seen and I am excited at the changes taking place :) Thanks Jenn, and much love and light to you! God bless!" ... written by Heartnsoul
God sent!! No FALSE hopes!! will tell you how it is NOT what you want to hear! Angel from above... love her and she never fails me MANY MANY psychic have told me different but always by info I give them! She goes by what she feels I cant even get a word it which shows shes a true and gifted psychic!! LOVE HER!!! " ... written by christina
jen is so great.. she is helping through my crisis. she is so compassionate in helping me.. she is da best." ... written by Hazelziggy
Thanks Jennifer, let me know what time tomorrow..." ... written by francine
She is amazing, picked up on my situation right away, very accurate, 5 stars." ... written by danica
Jennifer is great. Always spot on. Always consistent. Jennifer is one of the best!" ... written by lilliableu
I would recommend Jen, she was awesome, wish I could have saw the rest of what you typed before, credit ran out but I'm going to see what happens from the answers you gave me, i'll keep you posted on what happens, but do highly recommend psychic Jen to others." ... written by kay
What can I say... Speechless... Jennifer is AMAZING and such a sweetheart. She tapped right into feelings, emotions, thoughts and even actions. Her positive advice and clear confirmation for me really helped me in a time of confusion. I will definitely add her as a favorite and come back with update because I do feel the predictions she said will happen. If you don't get a reading with her, you're crazy lol. Thank you and God Bless!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Jen is the best.. she always know how to calm my nerves. she sees good thing in my life and I can't wait for that to happen." ... written by hazelziggy
One of the predictions came to pass. Now waiting for the others." ... written by marialuis
One of the best!!!!!!" ... written by inlovewthhim
Great update reading.. Will have to come back for the timeline!" ... written by lilliableu
I was extremely troubled when I began the session, but by the end, I could feel my strength returning. Thank you so much!" ... written by yimzid
Love her, she's great and very accurate. 5 stars." ... written by danica
She's real one! Thanks very much, waiting for her prediction to happen." ... written by G
Thank you for your advice and help. I can't wait until our next session.. I am looking forward to see what is going on!!" ... written by francine
Great person as always, makes me feel better and speaks the truth." ... written by mike
THANK YOU JENN!!!!!!" ... written by INLOVEWITHHIM
So much info in such little time...boy can you type fast! thank you for your gifted insight." ... written by Jocelyn
Yet again another great reading with jen shes always spot on about situations that i needed to know bout she is perfect and i would get a reading from her her over and over again." ... written by Naomi
The real deal, she picked up on my worries in the chat room, ao i took her to private and i was not disappointed! she only need your name and age, and she reads you and the situation like an open book. Thank you! xoxo" ... written by prinsol
Thank you for the chat, you are a great person..." ... written by francine
Jennifer is great, just great in every respect. I can't say enough good thing about her and her abilities, Thank you so much." ... written by zimerili1
OUTSTANDING!!!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Well it has been going basically like she says. Hard to believe but I have no idea what to make of it but this lady does have a grasp on events as they unfold which continually perplex me." ... written by phoenixrisen
follow up was good :) so acurate and predicted that he would get closer and start opening up which he has :) amazing lady :) 5 stars hun" ... written by danica
Jennifer is absolutely fantastic i would recommend her to everyone. I give her five stars as she is so honest about everything. Thank you jen you lovely lady." ... written by Naomi
Thank you i will see you tomorrow" ... written by francine
Thank you. You are very quick. Thank you for the advise. Great reading! I will let you know what happens. " ... written by michelle
Thank you again... I will talk to you tomorrow!! " ... written by francine
What Jen picked up on in my reading is absolutely amazing! I cant believe how much she told me about my love life! Thank you so much Jen! Always a fabulous reading!" ... written by Naomi
Thank you for your help. I will be in contact with you soon. I will talk to him on sat/sun and let you know!" ... written by francine
VERY GOOD!!! She said word for word something that had been said to me.. amazing! she has done that twice in my readings with her now!! love her xoxoxo" ... written by Dolly1234
Another follow up it was great thank you so much jen so much clarity :) she is awesome get a reading guys." ... written by Naomi
She is so good and helpful. I hope her predictions come through." ... written by hazelziggy
Always re assuring!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you, I will talk with you tomorrow!" ... written by francine
Again I had to go back for another reading it was so insightful and I could understand it all. Jen is very fast on and she picks it up great :)." ... written by Naomi
Always a great reading with Jen I'm very happy, thank you always insightful with her I give her 5 stars amazing " ... written by Naomi
Thank you once again!! I will talk to you tomorrow at 3 pm west coast time!!" ... written by francine
Thank you for your help..I will contact you again soo. Very helpful and on spot...." ... written by francine
Thank you for your help! I will see you tomorrow." ... written by francine
Thanks Jen for the follow up is always amazing when I speak to you. Jen is really good you should all get a private with her 5 stars for sure. :) I'm very happy." ... written by Naomi
Thank you.. I will talk with you tomorrow..." ... written by francine
Jenn is very good and I always enjoy speaking with her!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
ALWAYS a pleasure!" ... written by inlovewthhim
Great reading! I look forward to her predictions." ... written by Destiny_Love
She's amazing just a follow up 5 stars!" ... written by danica
Jennifer is quick to connect and really is in tune! She has always been consistent with her messages through changes in the situation. And she has been right as we go along so I love to come back for updates!" ... written by lilliableu
Thank you for taking the time tonight. I will talk with you tomorrow." ... written by francine
Amazing, Thank you so much..gave me so much clarity and insight to what my love is thinking and feeling and what I really needed to know and wanted to hear.. I will keep you posted on how it plays out.." ... written by Christy
A 5 star reader for sure!! Another one of her predictions also came to pass for me including the time frame! So happy" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you so much right on target. With what I am feeling. Great reading!" ... written by michelle
Thanks for the updates and further info :) Greatly appreciated" ... written by Steven
Thanks lovely session, look fwd to things panning out as you see." ... written by Steven
Great read! Clock ran out will be back." ... written by Steven
The best." ... written by Dollyy
She is honestly incredible! Put me at ease and gave me strength. She is truly amazing. She is always understanding and so easy and patient to talk too. She doesnt always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Her predictions always happen and she doesnt try to waste anyones credits. he will make sure u get the most of them. Almost put me in tears of happiness. Thank you so much Jen! You are truly a Gem !! " ... written by Dolly1234
Well I cant say enough about Jen, she is a fav of mine on oranum. she is always spot on, connects quickly, and is very loving and caring. worth every cent. she has given time frames that have happened already. Jennifer is the REAL DEAL!!!" ... written by wingy
Was good! Let's see if what she said comes true. Thanks!" ... written by sunnyrepsol
She really picks up my situation quickly and accurately. Thank you." ... written by angelloverose
Love this lady! She picks up easily on your feelings and makes you feel very at ease. " ... written by michelle
Just what I needed great advice and very accurate do not hesitate to consult her . She is a must!!! Thank you!" ... written by j
I think you will be accurate because you said something already quite matched to my current situation. Btw, you look beautiful and kind. :)" ... written by Mini
Had another follow up with this lady and she always knows what to say and show me the way and feel positive highly recommend her to anyone. 5 stars for me." ... written by Naomi
Always tells you the truth not just what you want to hear!" ... written by michelle
Set me down the right path again thank you and put me at ease" ... written by michelle
My first time with Jennifer, she was awesome, picked up my energy so much! I didn't say 1 word to her and she told me everything how it is and how it will be. Thank you." ... written by fishyone
Jen was very accurate knew nothing prior to the pvt. Only requested names. She gave me much peace regarding my marriage. She was very insightful and gave me future reading. Thank you for your gifting." ... written by Janine
How do you even describe someone who is as incredible as Jennifer? I had tears in my eyes for the entire reading. She picked up on so many insane details, exact fears and thoughts and situations that i'd love to share with you all but i'd rather keep a low profile. If you want stellar reading from someone, take Jenni. I'm beyond grateful to have found this angel on here :)." ... written by peachy
Always iunsightful reading with Jen she always has stuff to tell me and always positive. Thanks you lovely!" ... written by Naomi
Nice reading....she doesn't use tools... I am just waiting on her predictions to come true....hopefully they will come true." ... written by Ryan
Always insightful and has more to follow up on everytime. Thank you so much Jen. She is a fantastic reader which is great. xo" ... written by Naomi
Thank you to Jen for clearing up on what i got to prepare myself for this year its always fantastic on what I need to do in order to get to where I want in future. Thank you Jen, she is amazing everyone should get a reading with her :) " ... written by Naomi
Thanks for reading look fwd to finishing on friday! :)" ... written by steven
Thank you for everything. I was happy to have met you and to have had the chance to work with you...I will talk to you again 8-10...." ... written by francine
Always a great reading!" ... written by Dolly1234
Great reading relieved my stresses in life. Picked up on my energy." ... written by humii
Thanks so much!! " ... written by md
Thanks....couple shifts...good reading." ... written by S
Really listen to you and gives you hope if there is something there to have hope for. Wonderful lady!" ... written by michelle
THE BEST. MY FAVORITE ! My one and only. She is so reassuring and comforting and gives you tons of clarity! I find myself coming back to her because I am impatient and sometimes lose hope in the things tht she says will happen. But each time I talk to her I realize there is nothing to worry about. I won't go to anyone other than Jennifer. She's really good and you wont be disappointed. Her time frames come to pass as well as her predictions. Trust me, trust her !! ;)" ... written by Maeghan
Again such a wonderful lady! Really cares about you and genuine in what she tells you. Will tell you what she sees good or bad. She is very adamant that what she sees will happen. With her being so confident I can't wait for all the things she has told me to come to pass. I will be back! 500 stars for sure! " ... written by michelle
Picked up on a lot. Thanks girl, I look forward to your prediction." ... written by PJ
Have to come back for more read... very good and pick up very fast. She is good, direct, laugh... good. Thanks and will keep you updated. :)" ... written by William
Amazing! Everything she has been telling him is really beginning to fall into place. Wonderful!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you so much you have put me at ease! Wonderful lady 500 stars!" ... written by michelle
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Exactly what she told me that I was doubting I got confirmation on from the person I was inquiring about. Predictions come to pass and she reads you and the person u are inquiring about like a book! Ahhhhh amazing!! Love you Jen! Thank you so so much. Always putting me at ease!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you! Always wonderful and helps you stay positive. Really cares about you as well. " ... written by michelle
ok this reading made a little more sense than the last one. She did pick up on something and it made more sense in this reading. she is adament her predictions will happen. she picked up this certain person was at a distance (they are overseas at the moment). picked up on their feelings/thoughts and what steps they will take. she gave me time frames and what will happen within those time frames. i do hope her predictions happen i really do. she said they will happen 100%. her other client's predictions seem to have come to pass and her reviews are great so far so we will see what happens. i need to stop doubting and having more faith and really trust and believe. i will definitely update within the next 3 months. Thanks Jennifer" ... written by jp
It's been so long for things to happen but she still sees the same for me" ... written by cg4
Thank you always a positive reading with jen shes amazing and always informative and positive thanks darling I will be back again." ... written by Naomi
Always good, fast, direct, honest. Very good read again. Will update the information later. Thanks! :)" ... written by William
Wow!!! Very accurate and detailed! :) Love her. :)" ... written by marie5290
Wonderful and very very insightful lady! :)" ... written by J
I could really relate very well to what Jen had to say. She's so accurate, fast, spot on and she did summed up your situation quickly which shows she isn't here to waste your credit. Made good and confident predictions which I am so eager to see them unfold. Thank you Jen!! Awesome reader and person! " ... written by stephanie
Awesome! :)" ... written by Dolly1234
Good as usual. :)" ... written by William
Jennifer is so consistent across time. Her prediction that my unemployment would end.. And that I would get this certain job came to pass!" ... written by lili
Things she has told me are now happening. More of her predictions are falling into place. There was a bit of a bumpy patch that needed to be worked through but she helps you to work through it. I most definitely can say I have also gained strength through her. Love you Jenn!! Thank you for always being there for me and with me xoxoxox" ... written by Dolly1234
LOVE HER!! She is so willing to help you, 500 stars!!!" ... written by michelle
I want to thank you so much for your help, you are very fast and accurate." ... written by TALEBINI
Very helpful and accurate. " ... written by Tripple_Ohgee
She is awesome only gave her name and age and she picked up on my situation fast gave me hope ,please have a private with her she is great . Thank you psychicjennifer2 love and lite riley" ... written by riley777
Undoubtedly the best!!! Jen always amazes me with her astounding accuracy in connecting with the situation and people involved. Thanks Jen and God bless you!!!" ... written by Heartnsoul
Great reading... give me assurance. I hope what she sees will really happen. Nice lady... Thank You! " ... written by Woodencloud
Totally amazing, knew everything about me straight away!" ... written by Natasha
Very fast reader, and accurate with my situation. Will def come back :)" ... written by jaz
Thank you for all you do many blessings!" ... written by michelle
Had some more questions in mind... Jen cleared my confusion and made predictions in confidence! Will update her again definitely. Thanks a lot! " ... written by Woodencloud
Amazing as always, thank you very much!" ... written by Natasha
She is amazing, I love her... She cleared my doubts and thoughts! Love you!" ... written by reenatom
Very very Accurateeeeeeeeee" ... written by TALEBINI
Very insightful, detailed and fast. Gave predictions so can't wait to see if it comes to pass. She picked up on me and my hurt due to past relationship and how I get scared. Interesting. She told me not to go back to my ex and that he would hurt me again. I like that she gave predictions of the future. some people tell you about the "now" but not about the future. We shall see." ... written by k
Amazing shocked on how much she knows :):) xxx" ... written by Natasha
I couldn't thank Jennifer enough for everything she's doing for me. She's given me strength to not give up on my relationship, every time I talk to her, she clears all my doubts. She always knows exactly whats going on, with such accuracy. And has predicted many things for me that have came to pass several times. Thanx Jenn." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Jennifer is the best... Gives quick and intense feedback and pracitcal advice. She's the best and the sweetest. Love her. Thank you Jennifer... With love xx" ... written by globe
Thank you so much. You were accurate as always." ... written by TALEBINI
Jennifer is amazing. I really wish I could see what she sees. It's like, whenever things aren't going great and I see only the negative, she tells me the positive, and that gives me hope to have faith. At times when I'm ready to just move on from the situation she and I talk about, something tells me "just wait" and to clarify that that little voice in my head is right, I speak with Jen. I do believe tht what she says will happen because her predictions have came true for me in the past! " ... written by ameaningfulmazee
She is to the point. Will have to wait and see about what she has told me." ... written by misty1575
Fantastic!" ... written by jaz
Thanks for changing me indirectly, i found my smile back because of u :)" ... written by avinash
WOW, she is so amazing! You know she is always spot on what she says! :)" ... written by Natasha
She is one amazing young lady she knew everything about me even my fashion see how amazing she is :):) and she told me something that has actually passed for me she is truly gifted. " ... written by Natasha
Totally amazing she is! I would highly recommend her always very good and spot on what she says. Thank you again, hun! :)" ... written by Natasha
Very close to what is going on in my life." ... written by mist575
Jen is so sweet and so spot on about everything. I was very doubtful and confused and she has given me clarity about the situation. I'm so excited for the predictions and time frames to unfold. I'm going away with confidence that everything she has told me will happen. You're truly a star and I can't wait to have more readings with you!!" ... written by dklb81
thanks for the peace :)" ... written by avinash
She is so amazing im telling you and 2 things has passed already with her amazing see :)" ... written by Natasha
Once again picked up on how I feel and willing to help make you feel better. Always positive wonderful person and reading! Many blessings to you and your family!!" ... written by michelle
Thanks! " ... written by avinash
Amazing as always!!" ... written by Dolly1234
I love this girl She is very good every time I have reading by her thank u Jennifer xx" ... written by sunshinebaby
A BIG RELIEF. Was confused about something but Jen again, managed to calm me down. Her predictions are consistent which assure me that what she sees is real. Definitely one of the best! I will always come back to her even if I have to wait for a long time to talk to her! :) Thank you, Jen! " ... written by Woodencloud
She is the best I am telling you !!! Thank you hun :) xxx" ... written by Natasha
She's the best." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Thank you so much for another wonderfully private reading." ... written by TALEBINI
Jennifer is amazing!" ... written by jazolvera01
Amazing as always :) she knows so much shocking how much she does :) " ... written by Natasha
The work she does is outstanding, you have to see it for yourself to believe it! She is truly an amazing young woman...I am so happy I found her, she has truly changed my life :))))" ... written by jaz
Totally amazing as always :)" ... written by Natasha
Incredible! Always uplifting! Her predicions are as she says 99% accurate w timeframes. Everything is looking up. SO happy to have found her. Thank you Jen xoxox" ... written by Dolly
Around 2 weeks ago Jen made a prediction for me that this particular guy would make a contact in Sept and he did! She also said we would be reconnected again in October, and it again came to pass! Thank you Jen :) " ... written by woodencloud
Incredible! She is the real deal... Her predictions are amazing!" ... written by Dolly1234
She is truly amazing, the best one of all on here I am telling you now, thank you so much, hun :) xxx" ... written by Natasha
Jennifer is uniquely gifted with her 100% precise and accurate answers and readings. She has never missed a mark! She really cares and is a true problem solver once shes identified the issue. Thank you Jennifer my angel... speak tmo for the details discussed....x" ... written by globe
Thank you soooooo much" ... written by TALEBINI
I have been waiting for days just to talk to her and it was really worth it! Jennifer and her gist always managed to press down my anxiety and worry. Thank you Jen... so much :) " ... written by woodencloud
I needed to come back to Jen because I still had some questions in mind.... She's that good... Very fast, knows what she's talking about. Time always flies when I'm talking with her because of the amount of information flows from her. Thank you again Jen! :) " ... written by woodencloud
Jenny is top notch ...her accuracy is stunning always right on target, and she is extremely caring always to me and everyone else. Truly dedicated to helping others. I trust her 100% ...more than any other. She is the Best here...Thank you Jenny x" ... written by Globe
Jennifer not only the best most gifted spiritually that i have encountered until now, but she also has the sweetest and purest heart. A real angel that cares so much about everyone. her waiting list is always very long and sometimes hard to catch her yet she always ensures that she helps everyone waiting for her. A true professional and a truly good hearted angel. God bless you and thank you" ... written by Globe
great :)" ... written by Dolly1234
Jennifer is fantastic as usual....speechless.. xxx" ... written by Globe
Go with worry come out with a smile :)" ... written by avi
Amazing she is knows me so well without me even saying anything :) xxx" ... written by Natasha
Too good." ... written by zimerili1
Thank you Jen! She always knows how you feel and will tell you what's going on to help you figure the situation out. I can't say Thank You enough!! 500 stars" ... written by michelle
After a long wait, I finally got the chance to talk to Jen. She is, as usual, really great, helpful, precise and confident. Thank you so much Jen for giving me this breeze of hope again. " ... written by woodencloud
Jennifer is fantastic! Uplifting, gifted, and goes always deep into details. Shes accurate and gives great advice. I've learned a lot from her. Highly recommend. Thank you, Jenny xx" ... written by Globe
Jenn picks up on what I am feeling and is spot on,. Thanks Jenn I look forward to your predictions.." ... written by PJ
Thank you Jen! From the bottom of my heart you have made me feel better. You always do. " ... written by michelle
Always wonderful in talking to her, she gets straight to the point and many predictions have come to pass :)" ... written by jaz
Thank you Jen!! I always fell better once I've talked to you. Many Blessing to you. xoxo " ... written by Michelle
Jennifer is the best as usual. She is trustworthy, honest, God-loving and has always been totally accurate with me in love matters. She is my go-to person. Thank you Jennifer. Love x" ... written by Globe
2 thumbs up!" ... written by jaz
I will always keep coming back to her... She gives so much details and they are all accurate!! Predictions came true last time and I surely hope it will too this time around. " ... written by woodencloud
Jen has been sent from heaven. I am so happy I found her and she has helped me tremendously! She has done her magic and alot of negativity has gone away. I am so happy right now and I can't wait for more to come!" ... written by jaz
Thank you xx" ... written by SA
I am always extremely satisfied with Jennifer. She's awesome and can give you answers in a matter of seconds only! Try her... you will definitely find what you're looking for... " ... written by woodencloud
I love Jennifer she always has the answers. She has helped me through a difficult time and can let me know what is going on to help me easy my mind. Thank you many blessings to you and your family. Luv you Jen xoxo " ... written by Michelle
Her predictions have come to fruition for me! She told me the person i was inquiring about a few weeks ago would tell me that they missed me near the end of this month! She was right it happened. More and more of what she has said is falling into place! Thank you so much Jen for all of your guidance and your help! Love you Girl !!! xoxoxox" ... written by Dolly
Always a great reading :)!! xox" ... written by Dolly1234
Jen is awesome and I love her energy!" ... written by jaz
Jen is truly a magnificent human being!" ... written by Jaz
WOW. She is fast, doesn't mess around or waste credits. Detailed. So reassuring. Will definitely let you know when her predictions come to pass. Thank you soo much!" ... written by G
Always amazing" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you for the update! Keeps me going! Waiting for everything else you see to come to pass." ... written by michelle
She has helped me through so much and to get me back on my feet again. I am feeling a lot stronger after a long time of struggling, and I have to thank Jennifer for definitely helping me get to where I am now. In my search and experience i personally believe she is the best. Her predictions almost always happen and if not she explains why (which also to me shows that she is a true, honest and genuine psychic )If you need guidance, help, questions or just interested in trying out having a psychic, she is the real deal, easy to talk too and so kind hearted. " ... written by Dolly1234
Thanks Jen!!! Looking forward to your predictions!" ... written by PJ
Thank you again Jen!! You always ease my mind and reconfirm everything for me. I love you for everything you do. And I cannot wait for everything to come to pass. I feel like I've been waiting forever but you've helped me through that as well and kept me positive. **********100 stars always!!" ... written by michelle
Jennifer is my go-to person. She always nails it and her predictions have consistently come to pass. She is quick, to the point, detailed, and accurate. God bless you Jennifer! x" ... written by GD
Thank you for easing my mind!! I am looking forward to your predictions. :-)" ... written by PJ
Jennifer is always accurate, and her predictions come true. She is very unique in picking up details and knowing what is going on. She is my go-to person here. Glad she is back today after a while. Thank you Jennifer and God bless you with Love x" ... written by Globe
Thanks Jen I knew I could count on you.. Totally love this girl and glad you came on tonight I so needed to talk to you, can't wait for the predictions to come true.." ... written by PJ
Thank you Jen!! You always give me the hope I need to keep going. You are always so positive. I am so glad I found you. You are my go to and are a blessing! It's always worth the wait to see you. Thank you again. If you can do your magic and give him a push I will be forever grateful. Many blessing to you and god bless you! " ... written by michelle
I had to come back to Jennifer twice today…. She's really that good!! " ... written by woodencloud
Jennifer is really amazing… her reading never fails to assure me and give me confidence that things will be just alright. Things that were spoken in the past have come true. " ... written by woodencloud
Very patient, very kind- waiting to revert on what she said!Accurate reading---" ... written by Krishna
One of the best... if not the best. Pick up very fast. Very good. Thanks again. :)" ... written by William
First time reading, she seemed accurate and sure of her prediction. Will come back to update if it comes true." ... written by calibabe23
This was my first reading with jennifer. She connected to me very well and told me a couple things that no other reader has been able to about my personality. For that reason I will come back to her again when I need an update. :)" ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Came back 4th time today...very good and picks up fast. :)" ... written by William
Thanks Jen for being reassuring, I am trying to be positive and believe what you say will happen. I look forward to it." ... written by PJ
Good as usual... pick up fast and inform me of the same prediction as before..." ... written by William
Thank you I will try to come back in a few." ... written by francine
I was going through an emotional roller coaster and she helped ease everything, not because she wants to make me feel good but with the truth! Thanks for all you do and your insight :))) A million hugs coming your way" ... written by jaz
Thank You Jen for the update!! I really appreciate you very much." ... written by Michelle
she is wonderful and spot on" ... written by Jay
Always very good... quick and fast. Very good. " ... written by William
Always fast, caring, good and accurate... very good read. Thanks again! :)" ... written by William
Always feels good connecting with Jen, the things she has said have come to pass and I keep waiting for all she has said to happen. :) " ... written by jaz
Thanks so much! Eased my mind!" ... written by caligal91
Very insightful helpful, thanks so much!! " ... written by NVA123
Had to add more time and go back because Jenn is really that good. She is so reassuring." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Jenn is my favorite psychic here. She connects to me better than anyone else." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
I lost count as to how many times Jen's predictions came to fruition! She is the most trusted psychic….always assuring. Thanks Jen!" ... written by woodencloud
Another awesome update reading… it was still in line with past readings… the best psychic I have encountered so far! " ... written by woodencloud
Of the few psychics I have tried here Jennifer is my favorite because the things she tells me I can tell she truly connects to me and my situation. Not a lot of psychics here do that with me. Jennifer is clear with her predictions and direct." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Thanks so much!! Much appreciated :) " ... written by nv123
The moment I threw my first question, Jen could precisely describe my situation in details! She's the best so far and most of her predictions have come to fruition. Thank you so much Jen " ... written by woodencloud
I love Jennifer. She reads me like an open book. I've had 3 readings with her and during each one she has told me things she couldn't possibly know if she wasn't connected to me. This time she gave me a timeline for events to happen in my life that I'm really hoping will some to pass. Thank you Jennifer so much!" ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Thanks Jen.. love connecting with you... hope your predictions come true.." ... written by pj
Awesome update! Picks up very well on the situation! I just need to be patient! Will definitely return for another reading!" ... written by pinkster11
Jennifer is always accurate on point and great with timelines and predictions. Lovely woman of faith as well which is important to me. She's someone that is positive and can be trusted. God bless you Jennifer x" ... written by Globe
Amazing reading! Jennifer is by far one of the best psychics on oranum, definitely recommend her :)" ... written by chawks009
Thank you Jen. You make me feel better." ... written by michelle
Jennifer is always great!!! No words to describe her accuracy. MANY MANY things she predicted have come to pass!! " ... written by woodencloud
Amazing all the way! MY favorite" ... written by Dolly1234
Jen, I seriously don't know what will I do without you! Thanks a lot! Your accuracy and gift really help me through!" ... written by woodencloud
Awesome and assuring as always! My go to psychic " ... written by woodencloud
Jennifer is the most caring, compassionate person I have run into on this site. She reads me and my fears like an open book. She is never judgmental or harsh with her predictions. That's why I keep coming to her. I really look forward to her predictions coming to pass. I will be back here to tell her when they do. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Thanks so much Jen! I feel less stressed!" ... written by caligal91
Always the best! " ... written by Dolly1234
Excellent update with Jennifer..always encouraging...hope to see predictions come x" ... written by GD
I always left Jennifer's private room feeling refreshed, assured and satisfied. She always knows what's going on and yes predictions made by her indeed came true!!" ... written by woodencloud
She is amazing :)" ... written by Jay
another amazing reading" ... written by J
She is excellent!!!" ... written by Jennifer
An update reading. She reads me well. She's still seeing the same things for me. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Thanks Jen! :)" ... written by caligal91
wonderful, she is amazing , tap in very very good" ... written by J
Jen is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Jaz
I have used Jennifer many times in the past. She has helped and guided me through many hard times with someone in my past. I trust her, and her readings have always had many truths to them. She is a great person, and I am happy to be one of her clients. She is a 5 star psychic on Oranum. Thank you again...." ... written by francine
Love her, so happy she is back!" ... written by Dolly1234
Jen is awesome!! Always loved her readings and advices. 5* all the way! " ... written by woodencloud
she's wonderful" ... written by Jaz
First reading with jen ever! she picked up on some things that were spot on and she even gave me a time line and date so i cant wait to see what happens!" ... written by Jessica
I have been coming to Jen for the past 6-7 months and she has been right and great. Thank you for your support! :) " ... written by woodencloud
OUTSTANDING!! Always love her readings as she can see almost everything clearly " ... written by woodencloud
Great reading! Always spot on :)" ... written by chawks009
always enjoy readings with jennifer" ... written by inlovewithhim
Great quick reading gave me lots of info and even dates so I cant wait to see what happens!" ... written by Jessica
Update reading… all the things Jen said made perfect sense. thank you Jen! " ... written by woodencloud
She's really good and her predictions are the same from the last reading. Hoping for them to come to pass! Will definitely return. " ... written by pink
Jen has this calming effect that can clear my doubts. She is terrific, gifted, compassionate, nonjudgmental. All the qualities I am looking for in a psychic. " ... written by woodencloud
she is the best" ... written by vidya2106
super good psychic. very accurate." ... written by vidya2106
Great help! Thank you! Fast and accurate" ... written by in love
Jen is out of this world good! She hit on so many details with this update. All I wish is for her prediction to follow through and become reality. Thank you for your great efforts Jen!~" ... written by Tooker_B
she picked on a few dates..time will only tell if it happens.." ... written by aqua
She is very good! Gave me predictions with the time frames, even dates. Very quick to tap into and connect! Also she is very sweet. :)" ... written by P
Really enjoyed my reading with Jennifer. She is very good at putting things in detail and gives you information with out asking every question." ... written by inlovewithhim
She is amazing! :) Waiting for predictions." ... written by J
Very fast and very nice." ... written by micd123
Jennifer is very accurate and straight to the point. She doesn't waste any time and she tells you what she sees whether it is good or bad. I can't wait for her prediction to come to pass. I will keep her updated. My rate for her is 10 stars. =) " ... written by Gorgeous33
she is 100% accurate" ... written by vidya2106
Thank you again Jen for the clarity and assurance! " ... written by woodencloud
she is really good " ... written by J
I enjoyed my reading with Jen. It was quick but she hit home on the main points of the reading with me and gave me honest information on what is going on. Gave me a prediction that I truly hope to see pass. Will come back for an update soon. Thank You Jen!" ... written by Tooker B
Great Readings as always! :)" ... written by Dolly1234
Great reading! Prediction came to pass. Will always come back to Jennifer for more information. :) " ... written by chawks009
Thanks Jen!! You always ease my fears. " ... written by michelle
she is awesome.. the meditation I did with her went well.. I saw positive changes while the meditation went on... I felt happy" ... written by vidya2106
I Always have great readings with Jennifer :) 5 stars!" ... written by Dolly1234
Always eases my fears and anxieties. I appreciate the uplifting and truthful visions that you see Jen. I have to keep faith that everything will pan out the way you see. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Tooker_B
Jenn is Fabulous, she knows it all :) and she is very consistent. Timelines are fluid but what she says happens sooner or later (for my situation anyways). which I also feel in my heart but her validation is a god sent when you are loosing hope. " ... written by J
Jennifer was spot on with everything she said 100%. If you're looking for a spot on reading you have to have a reading with her. Wow! " ... written by Gonzos
she keeps telling me it'll be okay. I hope she's right" ... written by beg
She is absolutely amazing!! best reading ever! She said things that were my exact thoughts and was extremely accurate and fast typer. Expensive but worth every penny!" ... written by FLO
THank you so much" ... written by Talebini
Prediction came to pass, very accurate too thank you :)" ... written by FLOWWW
she is very sweet and Spot on, waiting for predictions to pass" ... written by J
Jennifer is great as usual. Look forward to confirming yet again her accuracy! She is the sweetest and most caring! " ... written by G
great reading!" ... written by smmm11
Jennifer is very honest about what she picks up and delivers it in a fashion where even if it's not the best news it doesn't make you feel terrible" ... written by beg
Brilliant, spot on once again, thank you!" ... written by Flo
Jennifer has always been super accurate with thought reading. She tunes into the situation very deeply ...even picking up exact sentences and phrases. This is truly amazing about her. Additionally she is an honest and ethical God-gifted woman. xx" ... written by GD
Excellent update" ... written by g
Great details, insight and advice! Jennifer is one of a kind! Quick and direct, and very caring. " ... written by Susan
she was awesome she gave me answers and was very positive and caring thanks Jennifer " ... written by michael
Jennifer is accurate, detailed and fast as usual. Wonderfully gifted and one of a kind" ... written by G
Well worth the credits! So accurate too, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Flo
What she told me happened, sooner than the time she gave, it was still in the time frame she gave. Amazing " ... written by London123
Jennifer is just amazing,picks up straight away,I look forward to her predictions coming to pass,she is truly amazing.Thank you so much! xoxoxo" ... written by J
It was great getting a update reading with Jennifer. I always feel relaxed when i come out of my reading with Jennifer. She is the real deal. She tells you just like it is. Her time frames are very accurate indeed. I'm awaiting on her predictions to come to pass and i will definitely let her know when they come to fruition. I have been coming to Jennifer for over a year and she is the best reader on here. She is one of my favorites to come to on here. She always put my mind at ease. You will never be disappointed when getting a reading with her. She is well worth every penny. And her gifts are REAL. Thanks so much Jennifer for the update reading and i will be back again." ... written by uniquelele25
I feel like she really connected to me. She is honest and compassionate." ... written by R
Her prediction came true that one guy I was dating contacted me!!! Yayy Jennifer is the best" ... written by chawks009
Very good reading....hope it comes true" ... written by itwillbeok
I am hoping the predictions will come to pass and also much sooner than predicted :-), enjoyed the session, time will show how the reading went. Will be back with more feedback xox" ... written by malinda
amazing and insightful!!" ... written by R
My first reading with Jennifer and it was fantastic. She just had the answers I was looking for and she was very confident, truthful, accurate, and detailed. Her intuition was so spot on that it was scary. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and I do hope that everything turns out the way Jen sees it. I will definitely be back for an update. That was a terrific, outstanding reading. Thank you so very much. I feel more at ease about things and this was definitely the reassurance I needed." ... written by Jennifer
really good reading , thanks alot " ... written by val
What an amazing reader!!!! She is right-on! Compassionate, precise, very detailed... love her!" ... written by Liliana
Thank you so much for this read. I feel hopeful." ... written by d2k1000
was very insightful and to the point. Will wait for the prediction to come true .Recommended" ... written by mettlwire
excellent reading very detailed" ... written by eva
She is absolutely adorable and so laid back" ... written by liliana
Thanks Jen as always." ... written by michelle
Another great reading from Jen. Thank you for giving me the truth and I appreciate your time. Will be back~" ... written by Tooker_B
Very Intutive, grounded and immediatly connected! Highly recommend!" ... written by B
very nice reading, she was spot on and consistent with previous reading, I got great predictions, will wait for the results. xox" ... written by 6784
Wonderful accurate reader." ... written by Gummybear
Jennifer is very good at picking up details of people, thoughts and feelings and she is a great guide. Have been reading with her for a long time now. " ... written by G
She is fantastic, a read mediation session, she knows her spiritual work and she is fantastic at it, she is helpful, insightful and a lovely person. " ... written by bubble gum
great reading! " ... written by Chawks009
What a beautiful woman. I am so happy I found her - she made me feel so much better about my situation. She picked up on things very quickly and was so accurate. Thank you so incredibly much." ... written by Thuy
She was really good. Gave me a lot of hope. Thank you" ... written by LILLY
I had to come back for another reading. She is that wonderful. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. " ... written by Thuy
good psychic, she knows exactly what has to be done and tells you " ... written by bumble bee
Her predictions came to pass as always. She wanted to help ease my confusion when I first came into the free chat, I had to decline because I was having money issues, but she had brought her price down for me! She truly left me speechless on how strong she picked up on my thoughts. I do not doubt her for even a second on her abilitys. She will not waste your time! I am returning to her always! Xoxo Thank you" ... written by Kim
Jen is very quick, exhausting every nook and corner of a question and gives you the answers in a direct way. I highly appreciate that. Thanks, Jen!" ... written by liliana
WONDERFUL!!!" ... written by liliana
She is amazing, she is not only helpful and tells you like it is but she also is kind and helpful when you need someone most :) thank you for having such a nice heart Jenny x " ... written by Choc
She can go on and on and on telling me information without anything from me, also no tools used. I don't even have to give her questions. She flew like water, she keep going and told me everything she sees. She is fast and her translation is excellent. Very worth a while to have a reading with her. Perfect!" ... written by maxi
Omg wow wow WOW. Im speechless. She literally read my life story and the people involved like a book. I'm in awe of her gift. She is the real deal." ... written by Mimi
Amazing! She was so good I had to get a second reading! Blew me away with everything she saw." ... written by Mimi
Clear clairvoyant psychic, skilled and very detailed. She tells information that comes to pass, she sets you on the right path to happiness and advises you as best as she can, and she is the best. Worth the price " ... written by Wheredoesthefuturelie?
she is fantastic highly reccomended" ... written by lauren
I love this reader, I love that she can give me much insight into the other's thoughts. She also said something about me not trusting someone which was spot on! I was literally thinking that to myself earlier today, so yes, she is the real deal I believe." ... written by Mimi
Awesome Lots Of Details" ... written by Johnny
OMG!!!!! I love her. She is amazing and left me speechless. She is wonderful. I hope what she says happens, been waiting for a long time. I will be calling her back soon when funds are replenished. Jennifer you are quick when picking up things and spot on. I will keep you posted. Wonderful!!!!!!!! " ... written by Dawn
She's very good, picked up well and really understood and advised properly. thanks" ... written by sonee
she is a wonderful reader, she tells you like it is and gives you real time frames " ... written by gummmybear
wow, what an amazing reader. the best on here." ... written by val
Nice details and seemed to pick up on things quickly. Very accurate reading and the predictions make sense as well. Excellent. " ... written by Jen
first time reading: she picked up on me in the room right off the bat! she knew i wasn't ok and wanted to help. thats the type of reader that should be on the site!!" ... written by ~~
She is wonder psychic, kind, reasonable, and understanding, she gives you correct time frames and tries to help you to the best of her ability. She has been accurate , and precise. I would suggest her as a psychic to get readings from " ... written by Gummybear
jen is very quick to pick up on things,and she gives very accurate and helpful advice" ... written by thank you
Awesome reading. Jennifer is fast, detailed, informative, and intuitive. She reaches right into the heart of the matter and tells you everything you need to know. " ... written by Jen
She was absolutely AMAZING! Fast and I mean super fast! Not only in typing but in her connection and flow of information. I hit her with question after question and she effortlessly answered without delay. Incredibly intuitive and accurate too. Tons of detailed and deep insight with only name and age. VERY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Precise, gives you dates and times of when her prediction will come true, they are accurate, she is worth her price. Don't be fooled by other psychics, she is as real as it gets. " ... written by Choco
I have never spoken with anyone that has been so spot on about the things that are going on in my life. She truly is gifted and proved that to me. She also reassured me that things will be on and get better. I am so glad I came across her. Excellent reader and picks up on how you are feeling. Best psychic I've ever encountered. Definitely my favorite!!!! Thanks Jennifer for everything." ... written by Brenda
Love the reading she gave me...she is really honest and accurate... 5stars..." ... written by Pinky
She is really honest and I love her reading" ... written by Pinky
Jen is a really big help. I am dealing with my own problems but Jen consistently tells me that things will happen...I hope for the sooner the better..." ... written by Razor_Ramon
Jennifer is the real deal! she's been my go to reader for 2 years and everything she said in the beginning has all come to pass one way or another. Legit!!! " ... written by Mark
she was awesome. highly recommend. she tuned in to me and situation as I wait on her predictions" ... written by d
I've been seeing jen for a while now and I am truly grateful for everything she has done and all the advice she's offered :)" ... written by jaz
She is a caring, genuine, kind beautiful person. Extremely accurate and very gifted. Her prediction happened just the way she told me it would. I HIGHLY recommend her - you wont be disappointed! Thank you so much Jenn." ... written by Thuy
Thank you so much it was a great reading" ... written by Talebini
Wow!!!" ... written by Joseph
goood" ... written by ad
Love Love her readings. She was spot on with someone at work who is very negative. She's great. " ... written by Dawn
I have know Jennifer since my first time on oranum...almost 3 years ago. She has always been on point with what is going on in my life. She understands me and my situation quite well. I always look for her advice...and she usually hits it right on point. Thank you for being here and thank you for being a friend." ... written by FC
This was a phenomenal reading! Thank you Jennifer for all your help and advice! Will be back soon." ... written by Brian
Prediction came to pass that I would see my ex-boyfriend and I had coffee with him this past week! " ... written by chawks009
Jenn is just superb! Great details and really connects very very well. I enjoy my readings with her and know her to be honest and accurate. Definitely recommend." ... written by greek
Fab...WOW...great reading...she is fast and clear...Im very happy:))" ... written by tasha_j
this lady kinda blew my mind!! she really is gifted and i highly recommend her. She gave me huge predictions too which I look forward to very much. Looking forward to our next reading XO" ... written by ginbellen
Thank you so much, you were so good and detailed. I will always come to you for readings. highly recommended for others for readings." ... written by Joseph
best read ive ever had :))) i am so excited about my future ,,, she deserves 5 million billion stars :))" ... written by oozaru
What can I say? Psychic Jennifer has been very accurate with her readings and EVERY SINGLE thing she predicted for me has come to PASS! I came back for an update reading and I have more to look forward to. My number 1 reader Oranum. She's the real deal. Try her :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
I really enjoy and feel relaxed when I have reading with her....honest ,accurate her reading .. 5 stars" ... written by Pinky
Jennifer is great always spot on. Can't wait for the rest to happen. Will keep her updated soon. Thank you." ... written by Dawn
Wonderful...I will be back when the predictions come to past but she saw my situation clearly...she was wonderful to talk to as well!! Good reading!!" ... written by miszy
Thank you...and I will contact you again...hopefully next week it will begin..." ... written by franccine
Thank you for your advice. I will talk to you again soon" ... written by franccine
She is awesome as always! :) Earlier her predictions coming true about the guy I like coming closer, she is very true about how I feel and hopefully he does feel what she was telling me! But I do think she is true since her prediction on how he coming closer to me came true. Xoxo she is very good!" ... written by Kim
Truly a good reading! Thanks again Jennifer!" ... written by Brian
Love Jennifer. As always she is great. She eases my mind and gives me hope to hang in there. Will keep you updated. Thank you again. " ... written by Dawn
Thank you Jen...I will contact you again in a few days. Thank you for clearing up some things tonight...I have had a hard time with all of this...I will be happy when it is over, and we can move foreword together." ... written by FC
Thank you and you always help." ... written by FC
Always fantastic to read with her. She is excellent at connecting very fast and she is consistent with her readings. She is detailed. I cannot recommend her enough! get a reading with her to find out how great she is." ... written by greek
Fast and very accurate! Five Stars" ... written by Shell
Thank you very much for answer my questions and giving me updates. I feel more at ease. :)." ... written by Mary
Finished a meditation :)" ... written by Mary
Always excellent!" ... written by greek
great" ... written by Jelisa
Super amazing!! Described the exact feelings and thoughts I am having and the situation so clearly and accurately. She is very intuitive and connected. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Seeker1200
She was very accurate and then followed it with great advice. Definitely going back to her soon. " ... written by eli
excellent reading thank you " ... written by zimerili1
Holy cooow, very detailed. She will tell you how you feel, and trust me, when she connects, you will be speechless, I was, and when she kept going, I felt like crying because of her understanding myself, seeing me with where I feel in life. She is extremely good! " ... written by Kim
very nice - great reading. lots of positive things, looking forward to all the good things happening soon. picked up on things right away - very quick." ... written by Deb
consistent with the previous reading. very direct and connects quickly! doesn't waste your time or $. love her!" ... written by w
Super quick. Very detailed. Highly recommend her. She's awesome." ... written by L
Excellent update!! Very accurate and descriptive/detailed with only names!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thank you for a wonderful reading!" ... written by Jason
first time reading with Jennifer. She gave me a prediction, look forward to seeing it come true and will update. " ... written by A
Very interesting reading that lead to a big eye-opener, wow." ... written by Aureus
I really trust her because of her accuracy and effort to work with me on my relationship. She is very good. " ... written by eli
Super quick. Very fast typer. Lots and lots of information. Highly recommend her." ... written by L
She has gifts people don't know about. She is very powerful and insightful" ... written by eli
very general reading. " ... written by overrated
blew my mind..... she is gifted.. truly. wow. is all i can say. there is no way she could be that good." ... written by mini
OMG She is so spot on.... amazing! I will be back for sure" ... written by Rosa
Very good" ... written by Danielle
excellent!" ... written by georgia
Interesting reading ... would def come back" ... written by gr8
she is awesome! 1000 stars!!!! wow! god bless you jenn!!!!" ... written by chances
Extremely fast typist, I hope she is right!" ... written by Sarah
thank god you were here helped me so much and eased my mind a lot girl. Excellent reader and adviser, highly recommend five stars!" ... written by greek
she is an angel sent from heaven, fast at connecting and gives accurate details without having to ask much questions, worth going to private :-)" ... written by emy
Thank you very much for the updates. Everything seems to be going along as it should :). So happy and cannot wait. xoxoxo" ... written by Mary
AMAZING as always thank you so much Jennifer, ur great and shes a very accurate psychic, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by K
shes so lovely, I love my reading" ... written by Stella
great update a always" ... written by zimerili1
i have been to her b4...she is very kind and accurate predictions" ... written by bm66
She's kind, accurate amazing woman, give her a try you won't regret!" ... written by ST
Gave me a quick reading and waiting to see the outcome of the reading.." ... written by Truth5
Very quick - -lots and lots of information. Very tuned in" ... written by L
She is fast and good... predictions so far that came true from past readings: Thought I lost some cash, but she said it is in my house... found it. Said I will have new boss lady who is good for me and that I will be doing same work but different... it was same work and different type, and new boss lady was good for me. Said a past relationship wasn't the right girl... she wasn't. Will see her predictions for this year. Thanks!" ... written by William
Well I have to say that I am deeply impressed with Jennifer and her ability to connect with little detail. She seems completely confident in her predictions. I love that she gave specific dates. A gift flows through her. Recommended. " ... written by lotus71
As always amazing but even better than normal being i waited for her to tell me she needed to tell me stuff. and i didnt say anything in the beginning and it was like bomb this is what your going through. I pray for the timeline and accuracy of these predictions I have had few misfires with some others on babys but i know It will happen eventually. Thanks Jen ill keep in touch" ... written by Crystal
Don't usually leave feedback! But as soon as I went to her room…within a couple of seconds she picked up on things without me saying a word. She knew my date of birth, the person's exact name who was on my mind!. Even the thoughts that were going through my mind the night before! Blown away!" ... written by pink_94
She gave specific info on my love life and as its my first session will see how it goes and definetly get back to her " ... written by blessing
i really hope what she says come to pass.." ... written by ev
FANTASTIC! With only names and age she very accurately described the situation, thoughts and feelings to a T! She even identified an exact thought I had today. She has been very accurate in the past, so I look forward to what's to come." ... written by Seeker1200
she types super fast, didn't waste my money. answer all my question. will be back at end of april. predicted me and my beu getting together at end of april, and again, another prediction for august 2016.will be back for update." ... written by cinderella
AMAZING reading!!!! Really needed to have a reading with PsychicJennifer and boy am I glad I went to the heavens and back in search of a way to add credits for a reading with her. Totally worth it!!! Gave me predictions of which I will definitely be back to give a testimonial on as soon as they come to pass. Thank you Jennifer. Looking forward to my next update reading with you :) x" ... written by GratefulOne14
Great reading...she knows a lot without much info..i will be back!" ... written by t
thanks!" ... written by zee
Nice update! Lots of details and an accurate assessment of current things going on. Will come back and update on the predictions, but everything looks great! Thank you." ... written by L.
Thank you for the update :). I will talk to you later tonight :)" ... written by Mary
Thanks for information and update from the work :). Also did a meditation. :)" ... written by Mary
Thank you :). i will be back tomorrow to see how everything went. =)" ... written by Mary
Thank you very much for helping me remove dark energies to help me be able to move forward in my life. I can't wait to see everything unfold and achieve everything I should be :)" ... written by Mary
super fast and lovely reader always there to give you updates when needed" ... written by emy
Jen is sooooo brilliant! She is amazingly accurate. I didn't need to even tell her anything. REAL DEAL 10/10. I think she is a wonderful accurate psychic and I really can't thank you enough!!!" ... written by K
she is amazing , one of her prediction is coming to pass and i can't wait for the rest to unfold . thank you so much and i didn't need to give her any information, she was just spot on" ... written by lucyrumb
on point this her reading. not what i wanted to hear, but has provided a lot of clarity!" ... written by w
Wow!!! So much details in so short of time and not only details but very accurate ones and just awaiting for the future to unfold. One of the best readers in Oranum!!! Thank you." ... written by Joseph
wonderful reading! She was very quick and on point with details and gave a timeframe. Hope it comes to pass. " ... written by sleepydreamer4
accurate and kind." ... written by Ann
Thank you for straightforward but honest reading. You were so accurate and all were exactly true. Thank you as always. I still will continue to consult with you." ... written by Joseph
amazing reading. She flowed with information and said things no one would have known unless told" ... written by s
she is the bomb the best there is " ... written by hannah
Similar reading like last time with a little delay... always fast and good... will see thanks!" ... written by William
top rated, highly accurate quick connector. i don't consider my week complete if i haven't spoken with her at least once." ... written by hollyberries1
jenni was so detailed and amazing!! :') High;y recommended y'all!!" ... written by S
phenomenal, detailed....." ... written by real love
I tried to trick her! I told her i wanted a relationship reaidng, but she saw the initial of the man in question, his hair color, eye color, and even are current issues, she even said word for word what he told me. will be back, that is accuracy at its finest. i am not easily impressed.. but for me to say i will be back, or even leave a testimonial says A LOT. you go jennifer! you rocked that!! true psychic" ... written by HK
Thanks a lot for the reading! I just get so confused with the way he behaves. xxx" ... written by pink_94
Jen is very detailed and remembers previous readings with me, that is always good so I don't have to waste time by telling her the situation! She answered all of my questions with lots of information and insight. A very sound, clear, and concise reading. I hope to come back to update that the predictions happened too!" ... written by Jennifer
Jennifer was quick and tuned in quite quickly into my situation and person in question. Now hoping for future predictions to come to pass. Many hugs and thanks!" ... written by Adrienne
Precise. Quick. Truth. Jen is pretty amazing in every way :) " ... written by Sheena
sweet and kind! gave amazing insight, and offered her healing at once, highly reccommended" ... written by a
update april 17th, coming back at end of month. " ... written by sun.
jennifer is super quick in tuning in! she's also very very consistent! she's the real thing!" ... written by Sheena
thanks again for your positivity, i believe in your confidence, and your clarity" ... written by ...
very accurate and insightful !" ... written by Mai
Very caring and helpful person. Quick connection. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Came back for my follow-up reading. I really value Psychic Jennifer's insight into my situations. Recent predictions happened yet again. Got contact on the 7th of May just like she told me :) Thanks Jennifer! Will be back again :) xx " ... written by GratefulOne14
pretty awesome!! needed to ask more questions." ... written by jazzychic
positive and quick. thank you! very encouraged by seeing the positive reviews, I hope my predictions will come true :)" ... written by jazzychic
Thanks Jennifer. Lovely person, fast and accurate hoping to be in contact again soon!" ... written by Sunflower201
Second day in a row, good reading, just waiting for it to unfold. Thank you, surely I will see you for another reading." ... written by Joseph
Again, too many things revealed in so short of time. Thank you for taking the stress out of my life at this time. I was worried for a while but thank you." ... written by Joseph
Answers, details, and predictions is what we want in a reading. Jennifer easily provides that and more. She is fast, clear, consistent, and accurate so far. Waiting for things to manifest but everything looks good!" ... written by LOVE
Thank you ! so accurate :D " ... written by unknown
also a pleasure to speak with Jennifer. She picks up on the situation with out a word from me. Love her. Thank you and will keep you posted. " ... written by Dawn
Good reading. " ... written by Julia
name eimear 29, am looking forward to more chats very honest and open" ... written by eimear mc crone
Nice reading as always. Hope things work out. " ... written by itwillbeok
I asked a question and Jennifer just started going on with detail after detail...she is very intuitive and accurate. A really great readings with all my questions answered with a lot of information and future predictions. She truly has the psychic gift and I enjoy our readings! I will definitely be back again." ... written by Jennifer
Follow up and still spot on! Very good details, insight, and truthful assessment of things. She even told me things about work that no one knows of but me. Excellent!" ... written by LOVE
Jennifer was very quick without asking many questions. I can't wait to see about her predictions!" ... written by Lili
Jen is super quick and she always stays true to her predictions when I come back for updates :) Jen tells the truth... and is unbelievably quick! waiting for things to fall into place :)" ... written by Sheena
I love her readings! She knows EVERYTHING which does creep me out lol! Always makes me feel better. Thanks a lot xxx" ... written by pink_94
Everything from my last reading with Jennifer came to pass. Today's update as very good as usual with guidance and timelines on what I should look forward to. She's my go-to psychic on here. Can't recommend her highly enough!!! Thanks Jen!! Love and light xoxoxoxo" ... written by GratefulOne14
As usual, Jennifer is quick and spot on. Her accuracy in reading the situation and speed is... incredible! I will stay strong... and wait her for predictions to come to pass :)" ... written by Sheena
She is really fantastic! Very fast typer, connected, accurate and gives lots of detail, including timeframes - you don't even need to ask many questions because she often answers them before you even type them out! lol. Spot on with the thoughts and feelings of myself and others. Excellent!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
One of my top advisors on here. I really value psychic Jennifer's guidance and her predictions have come to pass before. Very very highly recommended" ... written by GratefulOne14
Very good, she connected to me perfectly, very accurate and helped me a lot." ... written by ray
very quick and helpful and understanding" ... written by emy
Thanks!" ... written by A
awesome again" ... written by spirit
Wow!! She's very accurate and connected with me. Very on point, I really like her and I can wait her prediction to get unfold. Going back to her for sure" ... written by S
wonderful lady, honest and accurate! will come back again with predictions, as they were big predictions" ... written by spirit
jennifer gives specific dates...lots of info andamp; no prompting!" ... written by stacey
Fastest reader ever. Waiting to see predictions come to pass!" ... written by Sheena
Amazing reading again as usual. Jennifer is helping me with an ongoing situation and I have to say that since I started to have readings with her, things have been so much better with a lot of clarity given. Don't know what I'd do without her if I didn't have her guiding me through this!!!!! Thanks Jennifer! :) xo" ... written by GratefulOne14
lovely person really re-assuring and helpful, knew so much about my situation, looking forward to doing another session. worth every credit. xxx" ... written by emy
Very accurate. gave me much much needed information about serious things in my life. Thank you very much :)" ... written by Mary
good reading" ... written by gregg
fast, efficient, thorough, direct... what more can u ask for? Totally recommend her!" ... written by Lily
She was amazing. She was able to pick up on my emotions immediately without even saying anything to her. I am looking forward to being able to speak more with you about my situation. And i am anticipating for outcome of July 17th. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!" ... written by Nicole
thank you for your reading. i will be in touch!" ... written by ashley
waiting to see predication to come to pass then i will leave positive msg" ... written by wei
she is kind, accurate and a fast typer...she will give you lots of details and insight and she is super honest." ... written by fishygirl11
Thank you very very much for updates. I'm looking forward to the future. So happy the work is going so well and that the negative energy is finally getting removed so I can finally have the life I deserve :). XoXo" ... written by Mary
Accurate, kind, yet honest she helps you and explains to you what you have to do, and what is going on :) " ... written by chocolate33
great reading, hopefully this will come to pass :) thank you for support." ... written by a
shes absolutely amazing :) i cant wait to see her predictions come to pass" ... written by amazing :)
I love Jennifer she is always accurate. She helps me a lot with my situation. I hope and pray her predictions come to pass just like she said. Thank you so much. I wish you were on more often. Your the best. Will speak again. " ... written by Dawn
her prediction passed and I am blown away by her accuracy! can't wait for updates! she is amazing xoxoxo" ... written by fishygirl11
Great update! Everything seems to be going well. Thank you!" ... written by Mary
THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! I trust her completely and wait for her guidance and advice. she is always on point!" ... written by fishygirl11
Psychic Jennifer's predictions from my last reading with her ALL CAME TRUE! She predicted contact two times from someone I had been waiting on. One was contact on the 22nd of February which came to pass, and she also said contact on the 28th of February which has also come to pass in that I'm going to physically see this person!!! Just had an update reading and have been given further predictions which I KNOW will come to pass. So glad I found her as she's an absolutely amazing reader on Oranum. The only psychic I'll keep coming to for a reading. Couldn't recommend her highly enough!!!!" ... written by GratefulOne14
great reading with jennifer. her predictions from earlier this year happened. she is really great at what she does. Thanks jen!" ... written by m
The truth, amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
Jen was right and told me not to worry about my situation and just as she said it happened. Now for my sext time to pass lol :)" ... written by jaz
Thank you very very much for updates! I feel more at ease, I cannot wait till I reunite w him. =). :*" ... written by Mary
Thanks again for great update. Some things make more sense to me about why he did certain things. Its a relief to know. :) xoxo" ... written by Mary
Jennifer is the real deal! she is amazing! you will not find anyone like her on this site with her accuracy and compassion!" ... written by Fishygirl11
really caring and lovely reader, good connection and insights into your problems, she is truely an angel :)" ... written by em
Fast Accurate Amazing" ... written by Jay
great reading with Jennifer. sees very confident in her readings and always consistent. will be back. her last prediction happened" ... written by m
the best on oranum...all of her predictions passed and she gave me specific time frames and advice. She is so accurate it will blow your mind away. I felt like my situation was hopeless but Jennifer gave me hope and she was right! xoxox" ... written by fishygirl11
wow cant wait fo dec hope all comes true caant believe the good news she gave me she well gifted ty jen I will update u soon xx" ... written by grannysmith12
Thank you sooo much :). Answered all my questions detailed. I feel more at ease. Just have to try to relax and wait for everything to happen :). Highly recommended. Will be back :)" ... written by Mary
SHe is always honest, and very compassionate" ... written by jaz
WOW ... Jennifer is very accurate and she picks up VERY quickly .. I highly recommend .. outstanding." ... written by donna
She's so on target every time. She sees the now, the past, and what is to come. Jennifer has been an amazing help to me in the past and this reading was no different. She's talented, she wants to help her clients and therefore she doesn't tell fairy tales. Awesome reading, thanks Jen." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you sooo much for the updates :). I feel more at ease and got clarity in a few things :). Everything seems to be going as it should. " ... written by Mary
Jennifer is the best, she told me the person in question will contact me on Aug 14 and the 24 and he did. Can't wait for the other predictions to come to pass. Thank you Jennifer for always being there. " ... written by Dawn
what an amazing lady this is my second reading with her, i will be back with predictions news for sure! shes seems genuine and honest, true psychic! " ... written by spirit
Jennifer is a beautiful soul :) She is quick to connect and read. She is also professional, doesn't waste time and very detailed! :) Highly recommended!! :)" ... written by Saloni
thank you Jennifer! looking forward to what you said is coming good my way :)" ... written by Alicja
Excellent reading! She was very quick to answer all my questions and was very honest." ... written by SR
She was really fast and detailed! :) She doesnt chatter to waste time and gets to the heart of the matter! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Saloni
Jennifer is wonderful quickly sees into the problems at hand very" ... written by Kathy
I love Jennifer. Wonderful. Thank you for the update. Will keep you posted. " ... written by Dawn
I love Jennifer! so accurate and straight forward! I've been coming to her for months and no one is as good as her xoxox lots of love to my super psychic" ... written by fishygirl11
she is awesome! she was able to connect right away to my situation. no waste of time! will definitely go back to her... HMR" ... written by HMR
a great reader gave lots of support to build confidence " ... written by av
great reader, answered all my questions quickly and provided more insight. " ... written by Awesome Reading
i enjoyed talking with her so much. It was like hearing information about yourself and your situation from an old friend that knows you well. she as so accurate about things as soon as we went into private. will be back" ... written by holly
Nice reading as usual. Just go with the flow and see what comes my way." ... written by itwillbeok
She is very fast in connecting and giving details - super accurate and gives all the info you would want to ask without you even asking :) Fantastic!!" ... written by RusianBlue1
Amazing reader, Honesty, Predictions, No Tools, Fast. " ... written by Great Expert Reading
Haven't had a reading with Jen in quite some time. I am still hoping things manifest how she has told me, and I am remaining optimistic. However, I am prepared for change. " ... written by TB
wonderful psychic, very accurate, will come to her again and again for insight." ... written by hollyberries1
Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your gifts with me! Your insight andamp; patience is always so helpful andamp; comforting! I'm so glad to have found you!! You are the best!!!" ... written by charmed33
Jennifer is amazing. She answers my concerns as I'm typing them!!! She sees my situation so clearly, and has been consistent with what she sees. Also, her predictions happen! I will continue to Return to her for readings. On top of this, she is so sweet, kind andamp; caring. Love her!" ... written by charmed33
great1" ... written by mari
great" ... written by anna
Once again Jennifer has helped me get clarity on an issue. Her ability to see details of a situation is so helpful. Her kindness andamp; patience helped calm me as always. Thank you Jennifer!" ... written by charmed33
Love my readings with Jennifer!! She is so consistent and gifted in what she sees that I had to come to her with a new concern!! She is honest andamp; straightforward - I trust her 100%." ... written by Marie
Great reading, she's super fast, no time wasting with personal detail requests." ... written by gigglzz
thank you Jenn" ... written by all
She is really good. Fast and won't waste your time. Will come back again for another reading. 10 stars Jennifer :)" ... written by tc
She is absolutely amazing,mindblowing,always accurate,in descriptions,One of my questions was does this person check up on me on social media,she picked up you post quotes at times,which is exactly true,she said other things which we're so true also,Jennifer is truly amazing,honest,even if she has bad news she will tell you,thats why I continue to come back too her,she is one of the best psychics on oranum,I will always recommend her,with no doubt whatsoever,so if you have credits Jennifer is truly the one you should be reading with,what more could you ask for,Blessings to you Jennifer,love and light xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
5 start" ... written by N
Jenn is my go to person. always have been. I been coming to Jenn for over 3 years now. And she has always shedded light onto my situation. I am looking forward for what she told me to come into fruition. Thanks so much Jennn you are the best!!" ... written by uniquelele25
She is great! Picked up on so much without me saying a word. Will be back to update! " ... written by Priyanka
Great accuracy, timelines given, specific dates given, " ... written by hollyberries1
She was quick - made some predictions which when happens ill update you :) but it was a great reading " ... written by Karam
very informative and spot on! MAJOR THANKS! " ... written by mimi
Such a sweet heart and lovely person, picks up on things so quickly with only ur name. Tells you as it is no time wasting or bulls***ing. Is so genuine and is here to help everyone. Thank you jen xoxox" ... written by emy
connected quick" ... written by 180
She was awesome!!! Super fast and detailed! She picked up on everything accurately!! highly recommended!! :)" ... written by Sal
she was very quick and very fast , hope her prediction come true" ... written by q
Great read.. thanks for confirmations..! :) " ... written by Shiks
phenomenal, amazing, breathtaking, will always come here for guidance" ... written by hollyberries1
thanks jen :)" ... written by caligal91
awesome reading! and great advice...xoxo" ... written by HMR
Great!! Really spot on and picks up situation at hand. " ... written by Regina
no tools what so ever and picks up accurately right away! will be back very soon to update about predictions that are going to happen!!! Cant wait!!!!" ... written by me
I had an update from the lovely and gifted Jennifer,she picked up so much,and was onpoint with everything that was said,It was mindblowing everything that she said to me,I was given some timeframes,so soon as they come to pass,I will be posting further feedback on her hall.Jennifer is very honest and genuine,and always tells you what she sees,whether its good or bad.She is well worth a private with,and I would completely recommend her to all without any doubt whatsoever.Thank you Jennifer,for sharing your wonderful gift with us all,sending many blessings to you,love and" ... written by Jennielouise
Always consistent and fast.... will see when events will occur and update... Thanks!" ... written by William
she is one of the few folks on Oranum who is genuine and can give you details that no one else could even know. Try her!!!" ... written by hollyberries1l
good reader with lots of details " ... written by a
Came back for more.... Thanks! :)" ... written by William
Very fast... very good. Will see Thanks Jen! :)" ... written by William
awesome reading! I can sense she is telling the truth not bec it is what I want to hear but it is what it is.. xoxo" ... written by HMR
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
You were great! Very quick, honest, and straightforward. I will definitely look for you again if I ever need to do so. Thank you!" ... written by Ann
We have never spoken before this. But she tuned into the situation right away. She described my situation as it is and told me what he loves about me (which is true to the T!). Jennifer gave clear timelines and I know time will tell :) She's truly psychic; the real deal! Great reading!" ... written by Sheena
Wonderful and accurate reading! I like Jennifer very much! :) Will come back again soon." ... written by Sophia
Jennifer was really on point on a lot of things she picked up. I also love that she seems honest and says what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. I look forward to what she picked up for me, and will be coming back for an update soon!" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Jennifer is so kind andamp; patient andamp; truly gifted!!! Once again, what she told me has come to pass. She told me in July "he" would start to open up to me andamp; show his feelings even more, and that's exactly what has been happening the past few days (andamp; July just started!). I really value my readings with her. :)" ... written by Marie
will be waiting for predictions. shes a very fast typer!" ... written by BP
please do have a reading with her. You will know exactly why. Shes a genuine psychic and told me things only I knew of and confrimed" ... written by s
Jennifer is just the best.....she picks up so quickly on your feelings and problems. She tells you what she sees going on with you and your expected outcome. She is definitely going to see me back for another update." ... written by Kathy
I have been reading with jennifer a few times. she is so patient and understanding. she is very quick and with just a name she has said so many things. she told me that i will be getting some funds within 5days and it came to pass. her prediction unfolded and i did get my money she has given me more predictions and will definitely unfold i believe and will come back to let her know . thank you again jennifer you are just amazing " ... written by Jm
I really liked my reading and looking forward to the future to see if her predictions come true :) " ... written by Kristal
Same prediction... will see and will provide update! Thanks!" ... written by William
She was awesome, the truth is what she told me!" ... written by xashamarie
She really picked up on what I was feeling which was amazing. She made a prediction so Ill be back when that comes true. I really enjoyed my reading with her I love her confidence she just flows and says everything she sees. I will be back for a private with her. Thank you Jennifer :)" ... written by Arc
she is so fast and accurate. Love her work" ... written by Julianna
She was very positive and accurate! I can't wait for her predictions to come true" ... written by CoolGirl65
I had to come back to clarify something from the last reading. She definitely helped me with that. Funny enough, not only was she reading my mind, I was reading hers. Definitely a great connection there. If only there was a magic potion for patience, all would be well in the world. But there isn't so I'll take her advice and wait until her prediction comes true just like she said it would so I can come back and tell her she was right all along. " ... written by L
Very fast... Same with previous reading... time line has changed. Will see how this will go. Thanks!" ... written by W
targeted very fast!" ... written by natty012
Great reading with details thank you! :)" ... written by Sally
Same prediction... waiting to see how this will lead. Always fast and have good insight. Thanks!" ... written by William
She was fast and tried to give me as much information she could within a short amount of time. She also types fast as well which is good when your short in time. I would definitely go to her again, she is a fast reader. " ... written by rosamaria
Thank you PsychicJennifer2! " ... written by luv2much310
Jenn is amazing!!! She told me what I should do and she told me exactly what she picked up on. The system messed up and I got booted but I will be back" ... written by uniquelele25
OMG !!!!! Jennifer started timing even before I had ....!!!! it's like she just stepped into my mind and told me the plain truth of what's going on and it was soooo good ... complete with time lines which are accurate... definitely my top reader !!! :) Love her !!!! " ... written by Annie
Jennifer is just amazing. Always the person you want to go if you are wanting the good and the bad. Someone who is not going to beat around the bush. Thanks jenn!!" ... written by uniquelele25
she knew many details without my telling her. and she answered some of my questions even before i had time to ask them. " ... written by all
I have been doing a few readings with Jen and she did say i will be receiving some money on a Monday and it did happen. Jenn has always been spot on so far for me and i cant wait for the rest to unnfold. thank you again Jenn for always being patient and caring. " ... written by Jesintha
Back in December Jenn predicted something for me and told me that 2016 it would happen. Well here it is 2016 and what she predicted did come true. Jenn is always spot on and knows exactly what she is talking about whether its good or bad. Been going to jenn almost 4 years now and she has never steered me wrong. She has always told me the good and the bad and not what i wanted to hear but what i needed to know. Thanks Jenn for being here for me down thru the years I really appreciate it. Jenn uses no tools at all. She is truly a blessing and i can't thank her enough for all she has done for me. Jenn is a beautiful, positive, kind, caring, person. She doesn't beat around the bush she tells it just like it is. Jenn is my go to person and will continue to be. Thanks once again Jenn you are the best person ever. Continue to keep uplifting people with your wisdom and amazing gifts. I will be back again!! 20,000 stars if that was a option =)" ... written by uniquelele25
I couldn't say a word!!! she just started typing! she knew hesitation no pause...unbelievable...will be back FOR SURE. thank you Jennifer!!! xoxoxo" ... written by OMG
awesome wow sooo clear" ... written by lee
PsychicJennifer as young as she looks presented herself as an outstanding reader. Picked up on all that mattered in my past and present and her predictions sound very sensible and very much in synch with other very well known and proven psychics on the site. I like jennifer, she is nice and sweet but tells the truth as she is seeing it. No sugar coating, she said a few thinmgs that were not exactly sweet to my hears but i know for them to be truth or at least susspect some of them to be. Great psychic, hope she will stay for a while and 5 stars no question." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
great reading, wonderful person, quick connection, right on track. will be back" ... written by lornalulu
phenomenal " ... written by real love
thanx for an amazing update, Jens predictions never change all my readings she has picked up the same things. Am just waiting patiently for my wish to finally manifest. xoxox" ... written by ...
She is awesome!!! Provides so much insight andamp; clarity!!! And so patient and understanding. Will be back for updates in the future!!!" ... written by charmed33
OMG Thank you so much Jennifer. " ... written by familyhelper
Once again her predictions are coming to pass! My situation is unfolding just as she said andamp; in the timeframe she said! She has been so consistent andamp; specific andamp; supportive! I can't help but to continue to return to her for updates! Thank you, Jennifer! Love andamp; blessings to you!!!" ... written by charmed33
Such a wonderful, informative, calming, connected reading with Jennifer!!! She is fantastic!!! I will be back for more updates!!!!" ... written by Marie
Great details, timeframes, information, and clarity. Jennifer easily tapped into my energy and saw the things that will be coming up for me and I believe her. She's a great psychic and will only tell you the truth. It was a great reading and it was good to catch up with her since it's been a while since I've read with her." ... written by Jennifer
Psychic Jennifer is wonderful truly picks up on a person emotions,and clearly sees into what is going on in the situation,she is very honest and doesn't sugarcoat to make you happy,if its not good news Jennifer will still tell you,I will be back to let her know on the predictions she has given too me,Thank you Jennifer,love and light,xoxo" ... written by J
I have been reading with Jen for a few years and she has always been honest with me. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me :)" ... written by j
Jennifer is wonderful! She connects so quickly, and is very consistent with what she sees! She has also helped calm me with her caring manner andamp; insight. I look forward to future updates." ... written by charmed33
great reading...connected quickly and picked up on alot." ... written by lornalulu
Jen is spot on with my situation.. will come back for updates! xoxo M" ... written by HMR
wow she really did blow me away how accurate looking forward to predictions ;-))) thanks so mmuch will be back thanks xxxx I feel much better today xxx" ... written by ale510
Jennifer's predictions come to pass!!! She said I would hear from someone in 3-4 days, andamp; on day 4 I did! She said he would start to show his feelings, andamp; he did! I've had several readings with her, andamp; she consistently sees the same things!!! I trust her andamp; will continue to come back to her! Thank you!!!" ... written by charmed33
she is FANTASTIC! wow. really fantastic. thank you so so so much. " ... written by all
Jennifer is amazing!!! So insightful, caring, and patient!!! And her predictions happen!! No tools necessary with her!! And she is extremely consistent with what she sees!!! I'll continue to come back to her!!!" ... written by Marie
WOW! Every question I asked...when I was done typing, she already had my response waiting!!!. She definitely picked up on my situation. She wasn't guessing anything or making it up. She knew my thoughts and knew of things that were expressed between myself and the other person involved. She got the tiniest details in the shortest time. I've had many readings here on Oranum and there are many great readers but I have to say she is now in my top 5. I'm still amazed...I could go on and on about this reading. bUt I'm sure you get the point. Take her to private. She's worth your time and credits." ... written by L
Good reader but my conection is screwy" ... written by gregg
I had to come see her again for some clarification. She's amazing! Answered all my questions and was very accurate " ... written by CoolGirl65
Wonderful, kind hearted, picks up everything about you. She reads your mind. " ... written by c.h
Thank you for the comforting insight!" ... written by Marie
This woman is short of amazing. She gives her all to you and make you feel like your the only person in her life." ... written by AD31983
quick and accurate" ... written by the world
So happy I was able to update with Jennifer! She is always such a help!!! Thank you!!" ... written by charmed33
The reading was very onpoint,Jennifer tuned in so well to the person I was asking about,everything she said was accurate,I will await predictions then comment further,but I am sure things will happen as she said,as she is very honest,and doesn't sugarcoat,she is very gifted and the real deal no doubt in my mind,thank you so much and many blessings to you xoxo" ... written by J
She is awesome, gets straight to the point and fast, I give her 5 STARS :)" ... written by danica8585
OMG this woman is amazing! She's able to read into a situation so perfectly I can't even describe it! Amazing!" ... written by coolGirl65
Jennifer sees and picks up on things very well. Just run out of time." ... written by CookieJan
I want to give PsychicJennifer2 a 5 star rating, she was on the nose accurate. I felt at peace while she was reading me. I loved her honesty. I highly recommend her and will keep in touch with her....cooboz " ... written by cooboz
Jennifer has a very warm energy, and put my mind at ease. I've never been to her free chat, but read her bio and took a chance! I'm glad I did!" ... written by dalaimama
Again, Jennifer was able to answer my questions, and was very caring andamp; supportive. Her predictions happen!!! I am so thankful to have found her!!!" ... written by charmed33
Jennifer again has been amazing. She is patient, sweet, caring, supportive, and extremely gifted. Any new issue I bring to her she is able to help with. And, her predictions happen!!! I will continue to come back to her. Love her!!!" ... written by charmed33
Jennifer's predictions have happened again!!!! I was so excited to share with her, and get more of her insight. She is so sweet andamp; caring!! I trust her completely!!!" ... written by charmed33
She really picked up on some details of the other person and explained things to me very clearly. Thank you Jennifer I cant wait for your predictions to come true." ... written by Arc
She is superb and her information just flows. I always enjoy my readings with jenn when I can get them. She is highly accurate I have found. " ... written by greek
She's so sweet andamp; caring andamp; gifted. She has been consistent in what she sees for me, and her predictions continue to come to pass. Her timelines are also accurate. I look forward to my next update with her. Love andamp; blessings to you, Jennifer!" ... written by charmed33
Jen is just so amazing. she is fast no sugar coating without any details and she is so mind blowing. i just love her " ... written by Jm
Jennifer connects so quickly andamp; sees everything so clearly. Her predictions happen. I trust her completely andamp; will continue to return to her. Thanks so much, Jennifer!!!" ... written by charmed33
She's awesome! Wow i can't believe how her predictions and the things she saw months ago are the same things she sees today. I pray she is right, I'm pretty sure she will be because her insight into the other person's personality was impressive. She has given timeframes and very specific ones, some she gave the last time so my fingers are crossed that things will happen then. Thank you so much for giving me hope!" ... written by Ellee
I'm so happy darling Jennifer is back ! How I missed her ! Brilliant as ever...just received a much needed update .... very accurate super fast at typing... answers your questions even before you can finish asking them .... love you ! :) x" ... written by Annie
Jennifer has helped me with a serious situation and I'm so thankful she did!!! Also, her predictions andamp; timelines continue to be accurate! Love you, Jennifer!" ... written by charmed33
Thanks, Jennifer, for all the help andamp; comfort you give me!!! Love andamp; blessings to you!! xoxoxo" ... written by Marie
Jennifer once again has eased my concerns, and was clearly able to see the details of my situation. I look forward to her predictions continuing to happened. Thank you, Jennifer!!!" ... written by charmed33
She's awesome. I really do hope that with her help we can sort out this mess I find myself in. She always cheers me up but this time my spirits are so low so I'm still just praying and hoping that her predictions are true and that I can find happiness in this crazy situation. Take her to private. She is very insightful and picks up on the smallest of details. You won't be disappointed." ... written by l
She has been very helpful!" ... written by l
Jennifer has provided some much needed insight once again. And her prediction happened - I heard from him in less than 3 days' time. Love her! Thank you again!!!" ... written by Marie
Jennifer is just awesome. quick and to the point ....does not waste your time...answers all questions....I will be back for" ... written by Kathy
Once again, Jennifer has been a huge help looking into details of my situation andamp; providing some much needed insight andamp; guidance. Love andamp; blessings to you hun - thank you!" ... written by Marie
Psychicjen did message me, and get back to me and cleared everything up. I really appreciated that. " ... written by chocolate33
Amazing!" ... written by l
she knew things she couldn't possibly have known. I didn't say anything. " ... written by allbright
PsychicJennifer is very sincere,and honest,won't tell you something just to make you happy,what she says is accurate,thats why I continue to come back for reading,I recommend her to all for a truthful reading.xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Awesome reading from Jennifer she picked up on my husband so well she knew things that no one else would know,I shall return in the future,thank you,she is truly psychic" ... written by Sweetjennifer
This lady is the best! knows soo much!!" ... written by .
Another amazing reading from Jennifer,I was amazed as I was about to ask a question she picked up on it,she said things that I know to be true,and look forward to whats to come,I will be back for an update soon,but the outcome looks promising,she knows things that only a psychic would know and is a gift to Oranum,thank you once again Jennifer xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
jen had told me , and I was struggling because it took so long but even after so long what she said came true and I am really amazed at her, she was always able to pick up on things but just shocked how right she was " ... written by choco