About PsychicJohn

Psychic PsychicJohnhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicJohnhas recently helped 33members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicJohn's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Great read!" ... written by newmswalker2
Great reading!" ... written by victoria111
I love PJJJJJJJJJJ. I LOVVVEEEEEEEE HIM. " ... written by me
He is very gifted. Real deal! no one like PJ!!" ... written by sy
Wow Amazinggg...picked up on alot of things and knew things before I even said anything!!! " ... written by Romaa83
I didn't tell him anything he picked up everything about me. Awesome!" ... written by mzgg85
He's great! Reading spot on!" ... written by itsuramo
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Psychic John was absolutely awesome. He hit the nail on the head. He saw my situation and gave me good advice and most of all that I appreciated the most he prayed for me something, no reader has ever ever done. I really appreciate him for that and he felt my pain and saw my tears without me ever telling him. Thank you PsychicJohn. I am glad you were here for me today." ... written by Luella63
Was an amazing reading..I wondered about certain things he said abt me and they were spot on..hoping for his predictions to come to pass..thank u once again John!!" ... written by harsha
john is the greatest! he is on the money and worth every dime. i love you john!!! thanks." ... written by sunangel
Okay,the real deal.. Chat him up...." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Cheers John. Very good." ... written by Chuffsta388
He's the REAL DEAL. Fast, doesn't waste time and to the point. RECOMMENDED! " ... written by belladonna8
Best reading I have ever had. It gave me a lot of clarity. John is caring, honest, and kind. He sees things so easily. Awesome!" ... written by AJ
AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously, psychicjohn is definitely one of the best on this site." ... written by victoria111
Really helpful." ... written by duelli2012
This guy is very very genuine. I liked him because he saw things without sugarcoating. Good job john he is worth waiting over an hour for lol." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Very good...saw some real really accurate things. Almost scary. He is a Real deal not some joke telling you some general stuff that anybody can make up . He saw my baby`s due date and many other details..." ... written by marie
OMG!!!! I am blown away by the reading. He was right on the money with it all. I will look forward to see what is going to happen. Thank you!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Excellent reading. Understanding and compassionate person." ... written by Legalc24
Wonderful, accurate reading!" ... written by Legalc24
He is the best psychic of this site, I tried many he really did the job, he was very accurate, John I dont know how much I thank you what you have done for my relation. John truly you are god gifted !!! Billions and billions of stars for you!!!" ... written by arthur170684
Awesome private. I've tried many psychics and he made an amazing connection! With no information. He is the real deal, i will be back --- he described specific situations in my life that are unique and no one would know, and I only told him my first name. Don't get fooled by the good and amazing salespeople with little to no talent. He is a genuine psychic!" ... written by jp
Very Accurate, fast typer! Described me and my situation very well, gave good advice! Thank you so much! xx" ... written by leah1988
Amazing is a small word to describe John's abilities. " ... written by Ahz
John is the only person that I would trust to read me. He's honest and see straight into situations." ... written by Shelly
John is amazinggggg! So accurate, there are times where I am just awe struck at the things he sees and the things he tells me. There is no way he can know what he does unless he is the real deal! His accuracy is scary. Love him!!!" ... written by J
John is amazing person and expert.Always on point and his energy and healing is great.He is the person that i trust here the most.Thank you John." ... written by e
Amazing, as always." ... written by j
Words would fail to describe this stunning reading!!! No one has ever seen so much about me before, John left me speechless and I'm so thankful for everything he did for me today! 5 stars are definitely not enough. " ... written by robinmoon
Thanks for your time, it was a good private . I hope all you said will happen." ... written by soosanmh59
Accurate...Very good at reading the future...." ... written by focusing
John is great! Will definitely return. He is understanding and compasionate." ... written by blackty100
Great!" ... written by JerriAnne
Loved the reading, thank you, John!!" ... written by gateforest01
He is a Gem... Lovely Reader... Mind blowing... Everything he said was true... Right from where I stay to what I do and on and on and on... Lovely... I will come back again, John... Thanks and god bless you..." ... written by rajat_2510
John is wow he was right on the spot in a moment. He is deep he knows and tells things far for what have got other Psychics. I recommend him, he is on my top 10 list of all Psychic in here. 5 Big Stars! God bless." ... written by loverboy
he is amazing" ... written by aries722
Amazingly accurate and helpful" ... written by B
Beyond excellent - -as always." ... written by L
15/10/2012. He told me i'll get a job within 6 -8 weeks of time. And also he told me that I will find a new love in feb. So lets see what will happen now.. cant wait..Excited much. " ... written by scorpion
John is an excellent psychic and very accurate. He deserves billions of stars!!!!!!! He described everything on point. Most importantly he does not use tools!!!!!!!!! Your money will not be wasted." ... written by Gaia_1
He was great! Thanks for the advice about my career." ... written by TravlFunLove
Gave me feed back and some insight about my sistuation. Thank you. " ... written by JaySora3
Simply amazing... Prepare to be amazed..." ... written by katzhous8
Fantastic he knew everything and I am pretty hard to please when it comes to psychics. Reading with john is a must stop wasting money on other psychics. His is the room you need to be in 10 stars!" ... written by jackiei
You touched me really deeply. I will take your advice and will update you. John, you are a unique person and the only one I come to. I will come back for more. Bless you and much love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo " ... written by respectnlove
John is 5 star!!!!!!! Great psychic!" ... written by lonely192012
Great reading!" ... written by Legalc24
Wonderful man, thank you so much John. I trust in your words and know that you will help my son and I. Many blessing to you too! this man is is great 10 million stars " ... written by Dionne
John saw a lot of things, and I was surprised. " ... written by reena
Very good connection!" ... written by sunangel69
John, has given me a lot of good info and made me understand what I need to do next. John, you will make possible a wonderful experience in my life I am sure of it." ... written by tivyantlers
amazing 5 stars!" ... written by mashael
Funny how I waited 8 hours today to speak to psychic John, i think this was God sent. He knew when i was crossing my legs and i didn't even tell him anything about the person but he picked everything up. Im very proud of my reading and thank you so much ill be back again. In the mean time, do everything possible to get a reading from psychic John. " ... written by sonee
John is amazing, he has helped tremendously.. Thank you I am coming back tomorrow for more help." ... written by poisonruby
I'm not sure myself what is right or not, but I felt some type of understanding and connection with John that leads me to believe I should follow advice." ... written by halovm
Thanks, John. He was able to see at the core of my life ordeal... Love, work and future and provided a guidance." ... written by marilyn67
Great reading." ... written by iPreferMimi
He is BEYOND EXCELLENT!!!! Never experienced anything like it!!!! " ... written by sauji
You guys want to experience something out of this world? Visit this guy and you will know what I am talking about. He is spectacular! all the stars for him." ... written by amnarashid
Wow, very good and fast!" ... written by termo11
Thank u!" ... written by mariah88
Accurate and connected. Very fast and totally on the ball!!" ... written by ikroyal
WOW! I am very honored to have yet another reading with John who can sense things so clearly and give very, very meaningful advice. You want REAL answers to your life's questions? You want the TRUTH? The answer is PsychicJohn. :)" ... written by poisonruby
Nice I will have to see in mid December if this reading is correct. I'll be back then ~ thank you John" ... written by sandra8888627
Yet another nice moment with John, I enjoy talking to him, and he is very sincere in his intentions and advice. This man has healing powers! Love you John, always. Stay loyal tho this psychic, he is GOOD! :)" ... written by poisonruby
Amazing and will def be a regular... you have to have a reading with him!!" ... written by Koel
Nailed the characters, and I didn't have to say much. tks" ... written by Kaly2012
John was fantastic and gave me great insights. Thank you for everything." ... written by ankewo81
As per usual, just had a fantastic reading from John, John always always knows what to say. He is just the best. I'm so grateful." ... written by victoria111
He was amazing he pick up on things i didnt mention,he is so great" ... written by santhia1989
He is brilliant! He connected with accuracy, provided great insight and identified things about me and the challanges that no one else would know. Thank you so much and God bless you John!" ... written by heartnsoul
To the point and concise!" ... written by koelneogy
John is very to the point and very gifted. Go in private you will have an excellent reading. " ... written by bridgette222
Quick and to the point. will see if things pan out as stated. thanks again!" ... written by stars2024
Amazing!!" ... written by koelneogy
This guy is out of this world!!! He did all the talking... I just confirmed what he said... he picked up on so many things... a definate recommedation!! " ... written by gerritmarx
Holy crap, this guy is amazing... No words to tell you how amazing he is... I told him nothing and he picked up on everything... I mean EVERYTHING!!! Wow... Do not, I repeat, do not hesitate to read with him, he is worth soooo much more... wowowowow I am in shock..." ... written by butterflywings10
My first reading with John and he was great! I love how he asks for your name first and gives you details to describe you physically, personality-wise, and situation-wise to make sure he is connected to you. He will also do the same if you are inquiring about another person. Then he will ask for your question and go into details about that. He was very accurate for me and I will follow the advice given! Thank you!!" ... written by Nona29
Thank you ; msy God bless you." ... written by keshi71
Very goood." ... written by Klaudyna27
I had a few readings with John, he is very gifted (in fact one of the best psychics on the site) as well as intuitive on picking up the circumstances involved no matter how perplexing the present situation is........ Give him a try, you won't regret it!" ... written by anyrainbows
Great psychic!" ... written by gyro29
Psychic John really is one of the best on here. Fantastic insight, he told me things I could confirm. I just love his readings." ... written by victoria111
Hopefully it comes true within a short period of time... He tunes in very quickly..." ... written by kalie04
Great reading!" ... written by Legalc24
Great reader!" ... written by KC0716
Thanks for the reading again!" ... written by Twinheart
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Twinheart
Always great!!!!!!!" ... written by koelneogy
This was my second reading with this man. I love him because he is honest and genuine. He does not feed u with lies he can back up his words and explain why he feels or sees what he does. I like him n appreciate his guidance and trust him with all my heart." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
He knew I am a nurse and he told me I would pass my new test. Something told me to go to this man, I am happy I did. 5 stars!!!!!!" ... written by mysteryheart
Thank you you are amazing you knew everything about me woow. I am surprised great details on everything amazing amazing." ... written by Klaudyna27
Connected very quickly and very accurately... Get a reading with John... hes is a true psychic." ... written by Chuffsta388
Great Psychic, always there to give me detailed answers and accurate." ... written by Chicoca587
Great as usual, very fast and very clear and confident!" ... written by koel
Knows everything about me and does not leave you hanging and no waste of credits. Expresses genuine concern. " ... written by rmca14oz
Omg! There are no words to describe him!! A must to get a reading from!!" ... written by sarahg55
John is a true gift from God. I am blessed my our fast and immediate connection. Praise God. Alleluia." ... written by beautywithinone
Great reading!! As Always!" ... written by Joanna93
Was pretty good. " ... written by markshaw
Hope his predictions will come true, bye bye, thanks a lot :)" ... written by meshana3
He is the best." ... written by ilonatol
John, you tap in so well and deeply. Thank you, and all the best." ... written by Chuffsta388
Very good. I'll wait to see what happens. I feel John was telling me exactly how it is and what is to come. He connected well and I trust in what he said. He nailed the situation. Blessings!" ... written by Mathews3369
Fantastic reading that I have received from John. He was honest and right down to the point. He tells you everything that you need to know and picked up on a lot of important things in my life. I am very impressed :-) 5/5 stars" ... written by Jordan S
The man is amazing. So much insight and so many details. I was lucky enough to get a demo and went into private chat. I can't even tell you how powerful his reading was. I will definitely read with him again in a few months for some updates. " ... written by twilsonone
This was a very real reading...I appreciated all of John's help. He was very fast and calming to me...Thank you! " ... written by confusedchica
Awesome.Absolutely accurate reader and a wonderful advisor..So glad to have come to you...Take my words. Please go to him, he is exceptionally fast and honest......Thanks a ton!" ... written by nk
Great reading. One of the best on this site!" ... written by sweetsx
This man is fast. He checked on my personal life and career... Without telling him he explained in detail how it will work out and how i`ll get there... wow wow" ... written by gerritmarx
Great.. just great!" ... written by Joanna93
Excellent reading! Wonderful Psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Very good! I was very impressed. Thank you!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Excellllllenttttttttttttttttt, thats all I have to say!" ... written by purple20
I will see what happens in 10 days... Thank you!" ... written by sparklejules
Amazing reader, thank you very much:) I always come back because i know he's right! :)" ... written by Klaudyna27
Brilliant" ... written by jackiei
Honestly, there are very very few people who can actually connect and give you honest answers. Psychic John is one of them. To all of you who really need sincere answers pls take him to a private and try him. He is really really good and really connects and feels. He is amazing and very very accurate." ... written by sim1726
I love this man to death. Genuine, very genuine and he tells you right what he sees and doesn't sugarcoat it. It's so realistic that I listen to him." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Love you John, you are very trustworthy. Thank you for all your help :)" ... written by poisonruby
John is SENSATIONAL!!!! This my second reading with him and he is every bit as awesome with his gift!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Does the truth hurt? Oh yes it does... Don't think this guy is going to give you a smooth fairy tale story. Nope it's not like that. He will tell u the good side and the bad. I agree with a lot of what he said. And I do have to think about myself more. So when the times comes I know exactly how to handle it." ... written by alwaysgem
On target! Thanks for your help!" ... written by Summaluv8
Wish had more time, but seemed like a good reading with helpful advice..will see how things go." ... written by sparkly1
He is marvellous! A genuinely gifted person and a good hearted human being. I absolutely LOVE him and for his concerns and help! May God shower all his blessing on him." ... written by amnarashid
Amazing." ... written by peace147
Very interesting, he had some things to tell me I wasn't aware of." ... written by maryannepav
John, you have the heart of a Lion. I am amazed at what you can do for me, and I am very, very touched. Thank you for your tremendous kindness, I can't wait to talk to you again. Love you John and God bless you always! :) Thank you again! :)" ... written by mysteriousspirit
Awesome again!" ... written by sarebear
He was pretty fast and straightforward and didn't waste a single second. Kind of nice and he was fairly patient with me though it was so early in the morning for all this. Thanks, I appreciate it " ... written by confusedchica
Awesome as usual!" ... written by koelneogy
An amazing psychic, doesn't sugarcoat at all. Very honest and straight to the point. Gave precise details on what to expect. Highly recommended to others." ... written by sycammer781
What a great reader. VERY VERY astute and accurate." ... written by albert456
Excellent reading! Wonderful Psychic!" ... written by Beautiful84
He is stunning!!!!Fast reading and awesome personality. He just gets your situation so fast!" ... written by gerritmarx
Got the feelings and energies perfectly. Thank you John, clarified my direction for me. What I felt was right for me too. Excellent Reader!" ... written by Nicole212
Was good!" ... written by jasmail
Once again brilliant, he knows everything and he doesn't ask you anything at all he doesn't ask for any information at all, I'm totally gob smacked brilliant, John is the only psychic I would use on Oranum! 5 stars!" ... written by jackiei
Good reader." ... written by natei08
This man is too sweet! He is honest with you and tells you as it is. No lies no sugarcoating I have had several sessions with him. I love him to death." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
John has always been amazing, empathetic and he is very trustworthy to talk to. These are not only the traits I value in others, but which I instill in myself. Which is why John is a true, loyal friend to me. Thank you John for all your help, you are truly gifted and very kind :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Without a doubt this man is a genuine psychic. He confirms things, doesn't ask any questions and just know. I have had hundreds of readings on here and always doubted the majority of people who have read for me. If you want the truth and want real enlightment, I suggest you pick John. I will definitely be back to speak to him again in the future." ... written by librabeauty
John is amazing, he always knows what is going on and what is coming up. He is a good friend and wonderful psychic. If you seeking answers, take him private. There is a very good reason he is always in private and he is definitely worth the wait! Love you John, thanks again for everything!" ... written by Jennifer
John has increased my spiritual awareness, my inner healing, and my own ability to heal. I am gaining higher self awareness as I speak. I am very thankful and very blessed to meet John! :)" ... written by WoundedHealer
Meeting John has been is a huge karmic influence for the good. I am over the top, happy about making the step to try him in private. I knew there was something about him from the rest. If you don't believe in psychics, try a 10 minute or less session with him and you will never tell the same. Oranum is lucky to have him working for them! I love his healing sessions and clairvoyant. Highly precise skills!" ... written by John
Wow, I'm almost speechless over what just happened. John picked up on so much! That was the MOST ACCURATE reading I have ever had in my life! I came to him with something I want to have so badly, and he has given me precise steps to follow, all of which I am certain will help. John is genuine and straightforward, he tells things as they are, but he is also very caring and compassionate. I am looking forward to writing another review once his predictions come true! :)" ... written by daniii43
The best one here.. Saw almost all with no questions and no general bs...If you want a real reader try this one. " ... written by sofiamoon123
Cheers John for great understanding and clarity on the situation." ... written by Chuffsta388
Thank you John, some things I don't want to hear and that's the truth that you always give so I am very pleased at the end of the day to get your truth." ... written by ikroyal
Thanks, great reading! Thank you once again." ... written by ananymous
Stunning, charming andamp; handsome." ... written by Abra1970
Very good, thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
Lovely! Bravo! Very accurate." ... written by rajat_2510
Good reading, seems to really connect asap." ... written by bacidoll
He is really excellent! So quick! Really helps and does not waste your time! I will be back, thank you so much!" ... written by Janice75
John is absolutely phenomenal, he is unbelievably accurate. It is no wonder he is in such demand - he is absolutely awesome. So few words to describe how much of an angel he is. He blows me away with how accurate and insightful he is. So grateful to this man." ... written by P
John is wonderful! He tapped into things no one could know! I feel better just even coming to his free chat!! Everyone should really have a reading with him! It will change your life :) " ... written by Mira
Thank you again John. I am becoming a better person and stronger through your inspirational words and advice, and acts of kindness. You are a true psychic and you espouse true humane qualities that I admire. I will always stick by your side and I am your loyal friend, just as you are to me. Thank you John, have a blessed day :)" ... written by mysteriousspirit
First time experience with this psychic and I have to say he blew me away with what he could pick up. Will come again!" ... written by princess1764
Thank you John, thank you for all of your advise and help. I wld have been lost without your guidance and healing this year. If you want a true reading with somebody wh is very powerful and can see, work with John. You will not regret a second of it, if you're lucky enough to get in:). xx bless you " ... written by Shelly
He melted my heart with his sweet reassuring words and shocking accuracy! Give him a try, he will shock you! xoxooxox" ... written by foreverlove178
Awesome!" ... written by maz.843
Another amazing reading. Thank you john!" ... written by foreverlove178
Thank you for everything, it was a good session!" ... written by pinkangel221
He didn't use any tools. Fast and accurate. He is such a cutie, too!" ... written by xtine930
Very good connection and clear advice. Thanks." ... written by Chuffsta388
Thank you very much :) Very interesting reading! Much love to you! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Was very fast and to the point. Will be back in 5 days to see if what was said happens!!" ... written by leebee4
Thank you very good reading." ... written by termo11
Amazing. Omg, best reading ever. Straight to the point. You won`t ever have to go to another psychic after readings with John. I need that a lot. Thank you!" ... written by Sammyjoe02
Another beautiful moment with John, I absolutely trust and have faith in his astounding abilities. John is the real thing, no money wasted on such a gem. Thank you John, God bless you :)" ... written by poisonruby
Words are not enough to ever explain. Thank you for sharing you're beautiful energy with me x " ... written by Lalima
John is the very best! He has been healing my family and I can feel his peace and work wash over me following our readings. " ... written by Cat
John, sorry my dear. I dont think you got my messages because of my connection. I got all of yours. You're bigger then Superman like a Phoenix that can travel through time and space. You are my blessing. xoxo" ... written by Me
He helped calm my nerves. I would probably go crazy without this reading !" ... written by LonelyandScared1
Good reader, I hope his predictions will come true!" ... written by gyro29
Always accurate answers from this wonderful psychic John. You are a reliable and consistent source of information for my updates, which I appreciate very much! Thank you for your time and energy. Vaya con Dios :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Awesome reading!" ... written by L4dyscorpio
Excellent reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Amazing Experience.... I am so satisfied." ... written by classmate
John is amazing! He provides a lot of details within the shortest possible time. Tune into the situation quickly, reaffirms with tarot cards, provide solutions. Definitely worth the wait!" ... written by yvettepandora
Really amazing; tunes in very quickly and gave great insight and advice. Thank you very much! " ... written by Ppp
He provides lots of detail. Seems to know what he is talking." ... written by marya23
Thank you again John. Hard advice to hear but spot on I think." ... written by sarebear
John is truly amazing! I have never had anyone be so intune to who I am. He knew things about me that noone knew.. He is truly the best on Oranum and I am saying this so people realize that having a reading with him can truly help your problems!!" ... written by Murra
Wow this guy's spot on!! He's sooo good my goodness! Very accurate, I hope his predictions come true." ... written by stebella009
PHENOMENAL! His accuracy is amazing and he feels your emotions as well, so its almost he is suffering your pain for you. No one ever be like him!" ... written by sandalgr8
Seems good." ... written by smiley2011
Thank you for everything John. I will try to be positive. Thanks again. :)" ... written by mysteryheart
John is the real deal!!!!! A must have reading. He has a great personality and sense of humor and he will tell you the truth no matter what. Very in tune with what is going in with you and your life!!!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Tonight the communication was bad, couldn't hear all of what John said but bits. This guy freaked me the first time, but tonight OMG! He feels my feelings, he visions my life. Things that only my mother or god knows about me. The guy can see my life like a vision from a birds eye view. Incredible, also he knows my ex personality like he dated him also. And even people close by didn't see the real side of him! You're fantastic John, you really are. You are an angel to me. Nothing else I can say but I am so glad I met you! " ... written by alwaysgem
For me, he is the best!!!!" ... written by alwaysgem
Brilliant as usual! God bless you John!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thanks John for everything! You are really great and try your hardest to help every client as much as possible , which I really love!! :))" ... written by ---
John saw right through me and what my problems were. Hes good! Will update!" ... written by rumi628
Great reading and extremely kind! Thank you! :)" ... written by meohmy7
Absolutely outstanding. Thank you John! :)" ... written by macika68
He was really, good picked up on things. And I will update if his prediction comes true. Thank you!" ... written by serinaserina
Something got me into this room. It was an amazing reading he just asked my my name and went on telling me... he even told me about things that I was silently suffering from... now I know why he's rated as a top psychic." ... written by bubblygirl
Psychicjohn's perdictions are coming true in my life!!!!!!!!" ... written by victoria111
Very accurate, one of Oranum's best and newest. THANK YOU JOHN!!!" ... written by In_Search33
Very, very, very accurate! He is great! Everything he said makes sense. Will update if future predictions happen." ... written by glow71
Great psychic! Wouldn't see anyone else." ... written by gyro29
Accurate about the current situation, thank you. " ... written by M
John you are too kind, you made my Thanksgiving Day a lot more of a thankful day to appreciate what I do have in my life. Thank you, God bless! :) Much Love!" ... written by mysteryheart
Great insight, always a great reading. Thank you so much...." ... written by Sammyjoe02
2nd reading. Connected again very well. Gave again a very good insight of the future. " ... written by rmca14
Highly accurate, wonderful, and caring person! 5 out of 5!" ... written by Legalc24
Great session as always!" ... written by yvettepandora
Amazing John! :) thank you so much! Much love to you. " ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you so much, loved the reading!" ... written by gateforest01
John really puts my mind at ease and is so kind to me! He is really good and taps into people very well!! He won't disappoint you!!" ... written by ----
John, you are so, so understanding of my weaknesses and so ready to help me out. Your empathy and ability to see and feel my problems helps tremendously. I cannot thank you enough for what you do for me every day. The fact is that since I have been consulting with you through our private sessions, I am becoming a happier, stronger person by the day, with inner contentment and a sense of peace within. Thank you John, you are my friend for life :) Love you :)" ... written by poisonruby
Excellent as always! The real deal, and genuinely want to help. " ... written by yvettepandora
He was awesome!" ... written by bubblygirl
I liked him, he was easy to talk to." ... written by Sherroll08
Very nice guy and relaxing. Gave me great news but i timed out :( Deff will come back when his predictions come true " ... written by lostsoul84
Ty!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
Thank you for everything. He is great!" ... written by sim1726
SPOT ON!!!!!!! I DIDN'T SAY A WORD... LOL... HE IS GOOOOOOD:):):):):):):):):):):) COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!" ... written by GPM
John's predictions continue to come true, one by one and he has really helped me a lot since he has been here!! He is great!!" ... written by ---
Excellent reader and very fast!" ... written by focusing
Very well connected... Thanks!" ... written by gold**
Thanks for the full explanation!" ... written by Twinheart
Very caring and helpful psychic. Wonderful person. " ... written by Legalc24
Very insightful reading. Well Connected. Compassionate and caring person." ... written by Legalc24
Very nice reading! John is the most caring and compassionate person I've ever met. He deserves 5 stars, all the way! He connects well to the situation, and always comes up with a solution." ... written by Legalc24
Amazing ." ... written by Abra1970
Great, in depth reading. Wonderful person." ... written by Legalc24
John is wonderful! He is Oranum's number one psychic.. 10 stars!" ... written by Joanna93
He is always amazing and pin point accurate. He such an amazing psychic. I trust him with all he says. " ... written by sandalgr8
Awesome as usual!!" ... written by koelneogy
For some reason I believe he is on to something and he said what one other spychic said to me and that is I am now with my twin flame it will all come together. Be back dec 15th :)" ... written by halovm
He's quick, and accurate. He doesn't waste your time or your money. He will tell you only what you NEED to know, and I pray his insight comes to fruition! Thank you so so so much John! Wish I could give every star in the sky!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Matchless reading!!! I'm blown away!!!" ... written by lilyui07
Thank you John! Few things to work on for now! Much love and light to you! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
An amazing and thoroughly divinely connected time was realised in my session with John. I am blessed by his kind and truly enlightening spirit of love and grace. I recommend him highly..." ... written by beautywithinone
OMG!! on target it was scary!!... I love JOHN!!.. thanks so much for your insight!" ... written by LeKris22
Excellent reading, he is too good to read me very accurately, I love him." ... written by love in vegas
Great connection, wonderful reading!" ... written by Legalc24
ALWAYS AMAZING! Can not go any where after having a reading with him. He is just incredible and God sent!" ... written by suiji
Super helpful, thank you. " ... written by itsihe
Great reading! Thank you." ... written by gateforest01
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Amazing reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
god has given him a gift" ... written by myst
Thank you John. God bless you with all the happiness. I trust you and I'll be back again. Please take care. lots of love. xxx" ... written by v
If John says it is gonna be ok..I am sure IT WILL BE..i trust in John..500 %..John has never ever failed me..he is really genuine and compassionate..e.John is very kind and genuinely wants to help..Thank you John for helping..I will speak to you very soon again xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
great reading... very detailed indeed. " ... written by stephanie
Thank you so much you were on point I will most definitely come back for private on the 22nd again, thank you I so hate I ran out of time!!! Money well spent!" ... written by luvnme
He is purely amazing. When I come to him I feel stressed out but he see what I am dealing with and he show me so much respect. He don't treat you like he just trying to get paid. He is a great psychic I recommend him to everyone. You will be impressed. Thank you for being here when I need you the most. " ... written by Luella63
I had a pretty good reading. He was accurate with everything that he told me. Told me things about my boyfriend and I and I was amazed at the fact that he knew we were planning a trip together to go within a couple of months. I gotta say he knows what he's doing. " ... written by Chicoca587
Excellent... One of the very best... Fast reader..." ... written by focusing
John, thanks for the info. Gained massive clarity, and hope things get better! Thanks again, have a nice week." ... written by mysteryheart
Wowee... it brings tears to my eyes of the truth, the quick connection and divine regard that is exuded from john. I am blessed to have connected with this awesome gifted soul. I recommend him highly!" ... written by beautywithinone
Excellent session!" ... written by Legalc24
This is my second reading with him and its just an amazing experience. Really wonderful!!! " ... written by classmate12
Calmed me down and helped ease my depression. Assured me that my relationship will be fine. All prior predictions came true, so I trust John with all my heart, and have great faith in him only! " ... written by Abra1970
John is a very amazing, charming, intelligent, sensitive, kind, caring, and gifted man. I have not spoke to any psychic as accurate as him. He is truly number 1! " ... written by LonelyandScared1
This man is absolutely amazing he picked up on the situation clearly and precisely but here is also what I would like people to know about him I asked him to help with my back I have been in terrible pain. This man helped ease this pain I am amazed, he's the real deal no bull, check him out!" ... written by purpledove
He is so funny tonight........ciao bello.....xxxooo" ... written by SaintlyCat123
We just did a quick follow-up. His advice is very good and I am going to give it a try. I have no doubts that it will work." ... written by twilsonone
John knows things that could never be guessed." ... written by wishingsmi
Ohh I love John! :)))) He knows everything, but everything! And today's session was beyond all..." ... written by nk
Kind, accurate on feelings and connect well with mind. Really professional." ... written by hyde92
THE MOST EXCELLENT!! He will tell you the TRUTH and give you an ADVICE on how to possibly improve the situation!! Who does that? No one but John!! THANK YOU!~" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful! :) " ... written by headstrong24
John removed my stress and the negative forces that were plagued upon me. He reassured me that my stagnant relationship will improve and gave me the go ahead regarding some important choices i am about to make. Thank you John, you are truly God sent and shockingly accurate. " ... written by LonelyandScared1
John is simply wonderful!! He is the best psychic I have ever been too hands down! All of his predictions have came true and he got my boyfriend down to the tee. Ever since he has been in my life it has really transformed it. He really is connected with god really well!! He can read people's minds, make predictions and tell you everything about your life! He has only been here 3 weeks and he is number 1 and that speaks for itself! " ... written by Mira
Always good." ... written by librabeauty
A very honest reader and gives solid advice. He follows up with a nice email :)" ... written by rawr_meow
Wow!!!" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Great reading, private is a must!" ... written by mariekat72
Very lovely guy, very straight to the point, need to come back tomorrow to finish reading. :))) I ran out of credits." ... written by rachel1312
So far his 2 prediction came true. I met john and I did my first private with him, he is the most geniune psychic, I had no belief before on psychic but he prooved I was wrong. He is the best psychic in this world. I dont need to go any other place if john is here for me. He have changed my life. I want to thank Oranum for having such wonderful psychic. John God bless you! You are the best in this site." ... written by pinkangel221
John prediction happening in my life. It is my 2nd pvt wow wow wow!!! This man is real! He amaze me in private, I have done private with many psychics here. But he is very different. I love john because he dont give general stuff and he dont ask any information from you. He is accurate fast and detail. million stars for you!!! soon I will come back." ... written by beautifulgirl29
Wonderful reading, great guy, you have to give him a try!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Psychicjohn tapped into my own problems, told me steps what i have to do. I am really getting tired of positive readings which is not happening into my life at all... I keep on expecting and expecting. But john knew that, he knew i was lazy while others said i was hardworking. Thank you john... I'll follow what you said. Hopefully I'll be able to find those stones you suggest. Thank you!" ... written by luckylokie
I make a note before I go in to see him, and were in private just before I start to ask my questions . He has answered them all. The guy is amazing!!! Since meeting him, I have become stronger. Started to heal better and better. Also ever since meeting him my luck seems to be better too. If I could have him as a personal psychic, wow that would be awesome. lol ;)" ... written by alwaysgem
Amazing, accurate, d=fast honest caring reader, I would trust him with my life,. AMAZING." ... written by Cynthiamoon
John is great.. He is really gifted ... Anyone looking for a true psychic, just take him for a private reading and you will know. Thank you." ... written by sim1726
John you are great and honestly you know what you are speaking about. You really touch my heart when I am in need of clarification and need to talk to someone. May you be bless my brother and i will keep you updated and hopefully things will go well. speak to you in free chat and readings soon." ... written by respectnlove
Picked up on my situation immediately, sound advice, I know I will be a repeat client. " ... written by leti8989
Thanks." ... written by sim1726
AMAZING! As always!" ... written by sandalgr8
Amazing healing session, better than any drug and its all natural, god continue to bless this man!" ... written by Jp
Good, clear, informative, detail oriented." ... written by dandypants
As usual, I experience a profoundly connected and beautifully healing time with john. His love and inspirational messages helps me on my own spiritual growth and advancement. I am blessed and so pleased to have met this brother. much love" ... written by beautywithinone
John is simply wonderful!! He is the best psychic I have ever been too hands down! All of his predictions have came true and he got my boyfriend down to the tee. Ever since he has been in my life it has really transformed it. He really is connected with god really well!! He can read people's minds, make predictions and tell you everything about your life! He has only been here 3 weeks and he is number 1 and that speaks for itself! " ... written by Mira
Great reading as usual relaxing and comforting. Knows things without asking, will come back again." ... written by lostsoul84
Thanks :)" ... written by Cynthiamoon
John is excellent! I love his confidence. He don't give general stuff like others in pvt. He is very straight to the point and detailed. It is my 3rd reading with John and every time he amaze me and relax me. He saved my relationship. Million thanks to you John." ... written by arthur170684
Amazing reading with John. He is truly the real deal. I didn't even ask my question but he knew right away! He totally know about the other person and what I been going through. He gives me the steps and advices and what stones to use to empower/heal myself. He did distant healing too and I really appreciate that! He truly cares about my situation. I highly recommend him for reading he is truly gifted. I will see call you again John on the date you told me! :) God bless you always! " ... written by Connie of Ottawa
What can I say ... John is FANTASTIC. Had a WONDERFUL reading with him ... thoroughly enjoyed what he had to share and might I say ... he hit the mark every time ... even down to describing people I was inquiring about. I'm so appreciative of his insight and guidance. MANY THANKS John. :)" ... written by gemm22
Thanks so much John!!" ... written by someone
Great reading, very helpful and compassionate person...knows the situation without telling him...must try, worth the money. " ... written by lostsoul84
He had some wonderful advise for me I can't wait till 10days to 4 weeks, I will return to update you my deepest what you said, thank you for the wonderful reading...." ... written by scorpionqueen
Thank you.. He is the best psychic on Oranum :)" ... written by sim1726
John, thank you for everything. Much appreciated, and gained immense clarity now. God bless you :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Great advise..........." ... written by Member625811
Phenomenal!" ... written by yasamananisi
Bless you for again blessing my life. Much appreciation and love John!" ... written by beautywithinone
This man is the best psychic I have ever known." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Nice reading. I'm going to take his advice. Will contact again!" ... written by jackie2728
Thanks for the explanation!" ... written by Twinheart
Thank you John for your healing, and amazing clairvoyance. I am truly indebted to you for your kindness and understanding. I have a true friend in you, who made my day better and who believes in me :) You truly know me! :) Thank you!" ... written by AppleBite707
Great, and thank you for the advice, really appreciate it!!!!! Your're number one!" ... written by Sammyjoe02
Lovely reading!" ... written by sweetsx
Very good reading and sound advice. THANK YOU." ... written by Chuffsta388
I like John, he seems nice. I think he may be legit. He knows good meditation techniques and did pick up on some of my issues. One of the best on oranum for sure" ... written by markshaw
Thanks." ... written by sim1726
John whats the best adjective to describe him? there isnt any. He is a MUST, he so incredibly genuine with his advice and guidence but gives you an action plan. Do not see anyone else John is honest to his gifts and respectful. You will not regret a private session with him. I feel a peace I haven't felt for a long time. Trust this man dont look any further. His advice and intuitive insight is positive and honest, and given with compassion to enrich your life. my life is enriched, Arohanui (much love in Maori) " ... written by rainbownz
On point no tools so acccurate adn great recommendations to clear energies and ur pathways. One of my favories." ... written by steffleblanc
Thanks for wonderful advises it really helpful." ... written by thanya
Wow he's so good..He also offers great advice. Thanks. Will update you with my progress." ... written by fortunecookie1
He is amazing and very straight forward advice. He sees things that will help and guide you in every way, he puts himself in the picture and gives his all for your well being and happiness. Thank you so much John!" ... written by ikroyal
WOW!! Don't waste your time with other psychics- Im not saying they're not good, but PsychicJohn is amazing! " ... written by cathyq
John, is truly an angel! He has helped me so much in the darkest times. Thank you Oranum for having such a great psychic! " ... written by Meera1989
Wonderful as always!" ... written by headstrong24
Thanks! :)" ... written by sim1726
Nice reading John. Thank you :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Super connect, awesome." ... written by gem1974
Precise and accurate." ... written by sudeepinfo
He is so real." ... written by jackie2728
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Very fast! Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
Thank you :) " ... written by wishingsmi
John is by far the best. So much knowledge and he just knows things without me having to say anything. He not only answers questions but will tell other things he sees. Not only that, he will tell you what you need to do." ... written by twilsonone
Once again a great reading from John!! Thank you :)" ... written by gateforest01
He was very very informative, and he helped so much" ... written by cjay23
I love talking to him.... really good reader... he has a real gift....... the real deal.... I will not go to anyone else.... " ... written by jackie2728
John, I am very impressed with our private! You have impressed me and I am happy with the progress of things. Thank you John, I will come back again always. :)" ... written by PsychicFlower
Thank you!" ... written by WoundedHealer
He's pretty good. He was spot on with everything else, even though it wasn't good news that he was telling me." ... written by Chicoca587
AWESOOOMMMMMMEEEEE!!! OMG! John hit the ground RUNNING! Read me like he was a fly on the wall watching my life for the past year! GREAT advise, quick answers." ... written by jazzyme
Thanks so much John! The healing was very good! I feel better already! You are truly a great soul! " ... written by ---
Wow. Amazing reading with John. He told me about people from past and someone in my home give me negative energy, he was right without I told him about them. John give me great plan in how to treat my lover as he felt about his mind. I'll start from today to do his advises. I'm really so sad because I didn't make private chat with him before. John I'll be update. Thank you very much." ... written by Ayshaue
Second amazing reading with John. I asked him about many things in my life and he was very helpful. I'm happy to meet him on Oranum. Thanks god. I'll keep update. " ... written by Ayshaue
Third reading, amazing! I'll go head to what John suggested for me. See you soon." ... written by Ayshaue
Thank you for your help. Will keep you updated!" ... written by LS7779
John is the best psychic here on Oranum.. Thanks :)" ... written by sim1726
Great Reading!!! " ... written by ----
Great!!" ... written by ---
As always , no one compares to him!" ... written by gem
Great!" ... written by candyland2013
Thanks a lot John :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Great!!" ... written by ---
Awesomwe" ... written by gem1974
Grazie! :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Great Reading!!" ... written by ---
Wow wow wow !! This man told every thing about my life he is amazing !!!! I have tried a lot of psychics here, john is unique and awesome! He told me right direction in my life, I am thankful to god that I found a right psychic after such long time." ... written by badwoman33
Thanks for all the advice." ... written by thanya
Great reading with John. I was afraid and John let me feel comfortable with his reading. Waiting for email. See you next time.Thank you very much." ... written by Ayshaue
Thank you John so much!! " ... written by ---
Great! Ill be back in 2 weeks !!" ... written by leebee4
Great great healing. I was in a pretty rough shape before and these healings have been magical, I feel better than I have in years. And it's just getting better and better!" ... written by jp
John and me start a game with my lover so I must tell him about everything. He is amazing and knew what my lover is like without me telling him. I'll keep you updated. Thank you dear friend." ... written by Ayshaue
Superb... Thanks.. :)" ... written by sim1726
Very good private session. John looked into my life and showed me things that only i would know of. I had a good impression of psychic John and I will come back to this man for my next session. Thanks John!" ... written by lovelygirl27
Wow!!!! Omg! John you are amazing! You are the best! I have done many readings with John and his prediction is coming true in my life! Thank god I found you on Oranum. You are the best psychic on this site! Hope the rest of your predictions will also come true!" ... written by beautifulgirl29
He's really good, try him." ... written by Pam_mie
I love this guy. Number 1 being that he is an Indian and Number 2 that two of his predictions came true. One of them was regarding my job and the other one was regarding my love life. I love this guy and he knows what he is doing. Treats you like a brother and supports you." ... written by rajat_2510
Very thorough, precise, clear." ... written by dandypants
He is my favourite. Love him!" ... written by nihaV
He is amazing, always! Thank you so much, will be back!!" ... written by Janice75
Very good psychic , I liked him a lot, thank you." ... written by akenatonacindere
My reading was awesome. He gave me great insight on what I am going through currently in my life. I highly recommend." ... written by dabountychic119
I am really impressed with his reading and the support that he gives me...Thanks a lot!!!!" ... written by classmate12
Very thorough reading, all questions answered. Thank you PsychicJohn." ... written by Fulgur
John you have been amazing. I have been coming to you for advice and help and I have been following your steps and i have to say that the plan is working and I am seeing results. I am very happy, your predictions are coming to pass and I couldn't feel better that I found the best psychic on oranum. Thank you John! :)" ... written by mysteryheart
John is a very, very special soul... Thank you my friend! oxox" ... written by wingtip
Thanks!" ... written by sim1726
John is a highly gifted, accurate, and fast psychic. He deserves an infinite number of stars and I will continue to get readings from him. I advise you to give John a chance and trust me, you won't regret it!!!" ... written by Gaia_1
I am a regular for almost 3 months now and he is awesome!" ... written by koelneogy
John is very helpful person, he is not only psychic. I asked him to find a good university for my lover and he give me some good links. Thank you very much. I'll keep you updated. Have a nice day!" ... written by Ayshaue
Amazing reading with John. He give me great advises. I did as he told me and I feel results appeared quickly. Thank you very much. " ... written by Ayshaue
Grazie amico mio :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Thank you my dear :)" ... written by PsychicFlower
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
It was an amazing experience. Thank you :)" ... written by WoundedHealer
Good advice." ... written by CaseyN
Awesome!! Thank you again!" ... written by jazzyme
A very beautiful awakening and enlightening time as always. Amazing grace!!" ... written by beautywithinone
Wonderful reader 5 stars" ... written by Kaly2012
Wonderful! :) I cant wait...:) " ... written by H24
Great and amazing as usual and his prediction does come true... must try!" ... written by lostsoul84
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Prediction materialised!" ... written by librabeauty
Completely in awe about how accurate John was about me, and the many people in question. Doesn't waste credits, and gets straight to the point." ... written by MjOcho
Awesome! I will follow your instructions, I'm very pleased with our reading. I recommend to everyone." ... written by surfas
Thanks for the healing! It was great! I can feel a difference immediately!!" ... written by HI
John is great! Take his advice! Listen to him! He is a very good man and psychic! One of the best on Oranum! I have to been over 20 psychics and he is the best! I only go to him and one more now because now I know who is the best! You guys do not know what you are missing and should get a private with him! All his predictions have come true and he is truly a gift from God!! " ... written by Hi
Awesome reading. Had the details spot on and saw the situation clearly. Really good advice and I will start to follow this immediately. A nice person and very straighforward. Really cares. Worth the time. Thankyou very much" ... written by Moondancer61
A psychic that has given me advice. A true psychic, no bs. :)" ... written by LeslieKoko
On target." ... written by Kaly2012
John's predictions have come true! I cannot be happier. Something i have wished for has materialized. I followed John's instructions to the T, and I paid attention to the advice he gave me on a step by step basis. I am glad I did. If you stay loyal to John and if you stick to his words, you will not be disappointed. John is the Real Deal! Thank you John :)" ... written by mysteriousspirit
Amazing reading, and a real friend. Feels like coming back to him!" ... written by classmate12
He is th real deal. Provides all the answers wether you want to hear it or not! He is honest and reliable and always spot on. Worth my time and money." ... written by Moondancer61
WOW Amazing reading with John. I was confusing because I want to buy gifts to my lover. I gave John some models names I choosed but he gave me another model name I didn't type it in chat and I'm not sure if the model name he told me in that shop. I was so surprised when I checked the model name which he told me is realy there in the shop site. Thank you very much John. You are awesome." ... written by Ayshaue
Excellent reading. Connected very quickly. Reading was very in depth." ... written by NICKY1212
He is awesome, highly recommended." ... written by tvelletri
Wonderful as always... you probably don't often see him in free chat cause he is always in private." ... written by j
John you are amazing!!!! I cannot describe how much you help me on all aspects. You really do help me in all situations! I will do what you have said to me and hopefully I will become what u say. Will be back to see you. Love and light!" ... written by respectnlove
I feel really John is like my kind brother. I talked with him a lot about my problems and he heal my love life and we will complete to heal my family life too. Thank you very much, I'll keep you updated. " ... written by Ayshaue
Thank you for another lovely but honest reading.. :-)" ... written by Summer84
Thanks! Great reading!" ... written by hi
John you are truly amazing... what you said was exactly how I was feeling and you gave me a very good advice. Awesome... definitely will do more readings!" ... written by maggiee1062
No one can be compared to this guy, he is always accurate, many of the events he said already happened. This is the real deal and his price is very affordable unlike others." ... written by lostsoul84
WoW! Amazing reading with John .I can't do simple thing without making reading with him because I learnt that simple thing may do a big problem or a great happiness. John thank you I really believe in you at all my life ways. I'll keep u updated." ... written by Ayshaue
:)))) honest reading." ... written by lilyui07
Another honest reading, thank u John!" ... written by lilyui07
I love John!!!! He knows what he is talking about and he is the only person you should really trust!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Wonderful as usual!!!" ... written by classmate12
Great reading! Really calmed me down! " ... written by Hi
Amazing as usual!" ... written by koelneogy
The best!!!!! He is a wonderful man and always spot on!!!! Go talk to him now!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Excellent as usual. Can't wait for the predictions. Will update as things happen. He has been right in the past and I see no reason to not believe what he predicts for 2013." ... written by twilsonone
WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say! This is the best New Year's gift ever!!!! He told me amazing things about what I can look forward to, and wow I am speechless...he NAILED everything about my new bf! I am so totally amazed and I am SOOOOOOO happy!!! Thank you John, you are one amazing psychic, you are simply the best one whom I have visited for the first time and who gave me a brilliant reading! THANK YOU!!!! :)" ... written by venusgirl28
Oh great, very amazed, thank you!" ... written by whytelight
Great reading!" ... written by j
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Great help as always with good advice. John knows me so well." ... written by wishingsmi
John was brill, he picked up all that was correct about current situation, and he really gives help from the heart. I look forward to talk to him further." ... written by msaries
SUPERB!" ... written by Kekee9
One word superb by the way there is only one psychic John on Oranum." ... written by bigdukey
Thanks for all the advises." ... written by thanya
Thank you for helping." ... written by thanya
Wonderful" ... written by katie1966
It was a wonderful wonderful and excellent reading. very fast too. he is not sugar coating anything. it gives me details in my reading that I had to take note of and he give me advice and guidance as well, that I will take with me. Thank u so much and will give an update" ... written by dladie42
Direct, straightforward, I love the honesty! I hope his prediction about my ending a horrific relationship comes to fruition, I'll be back!" ... written by leti8989
Great!" ... written by j
Yet again another wonderful reading by John. I always enjoy his readings and he quickly connects and provides answers." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great!! whoooppp!!" ... written by lilyui07
Great reading always accurate " ... written by lostsoul84
Very good and very helpful" ... written by focusing
Greatttttt!!" ... written by lilyui07
Thanks for the session!" ... written by HII
Thanks great session!!" ... written by HII
Very good reading very fast and very serious. Thank you very much. Will be back." ... written by zimerili1
What a fantastic reader, he gave me so much information about what i should do about winning over a situation, nobody has ever done this here, i believe that he can help me. I was very impressed with him, he really wants to guide you so that you can make things work in your life. He can be the best of friend to everyone. Words cannot express how much he helped me in a short space of time. Thank you John i will keep you updated on situation as it unfolds and i will try not to do all the foolish things you asked me not to do. I feel like I got a best friend and brother in John. " ... written by msaries
The bomb!! Try him!" ... written by jazzyme
John is brilliant if you don't have a private with him you are really missing out. Everything he has told me has come to pass and his time frames are spot on, brilliant!" ... written by jackiei
Thank you! PsychicJohn is awesome and worth the reading..... He doesn't joke around so take what he says seriously!" ... written by aac
The best!!!!!!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Grateful for a connected time." ... written by beautywithinone
Simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
I know he is real. Proven." ... written by STARLEIGHT
Absolutely amazing! He helped me remember where I left a portfolio and who I should contact to retrieve it. I will follow up." ... written by Kekee9
Amazing!!!! Amazing!!!!! He seems to know everything...dangerous seriously! :))))))))) " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Thank you, great reading, super super super fast, and lots of information!" ... written by surfas
Wow, he really surprised me as to how good he is. He spoke with a friend of mine and described so many things of her that he couldn't have known. Now I'm just going to wait if what he said was going to happen will actually happen. He is great doesn't sugarcoat anything." ... written by Chicoca587
Awesome as usual!" ... written by STARLEIGHT
Terrific as always!" ... written by j
Always such a pleasure!" ... written by koelneogy
I will take your advise and thanks for the insights. " ... written by jimikuta
Another great reading John! You are unbelievably good! Speak soon :)" ... written by gateforest01
Thank You... I will be taking your advice and let you know how things progress! " ... written by vayunu
He is very intense and speaks with authority. I am very impressed with him and am very curious. I hope to speak to him again." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thanks for being there. And the professional advice." ... written by thanya
He is Amazing, really! This is my first reading with him, will update on predictions later." ... written by jaatin
Predictions came true... patience and you will see progress." ... written by koelneogy
John is absolutely precious! Love him. Very caring and tunes in to my situation with accuracy. Can't wait to see what happens. Thanks so much! I will be back!" ... written by plutogirl76
Always the best!!!!! He's like a best friend and always spot on!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Great stuff!! Thank you! " ... written by frenchi417
Great reader," ... written by marya23
I am pleased with the reading. Great and on the spot!" ... written by badboybadham
Great as always... Picked up on my situation without me asking any questions!! Thank you John!!" ... written by meohmy7
John is great! He is truly a great psychic! He always will lead people in the right direction! That is why he is number 1 on oranum! " ... written by :)
Calming." ... written by koelneogy
Thanks john! great private! " ... written by :)
John followed his advice and his seven steps he connected with my guy so well, it was hard to have no contact and follow those steps but the crystals that john recommended kept my energies up to the predicted day of johns predictions everything came true, thank you so much john!" ... written by rainbownz
Very intuitive and with little information needed. Very helpful!" ... written by fitchchic5
Amazing as usual." ... written by koelneogy
I love john." ... written by Belle1
Amazing!!!!!!! The best!!!!! xxxx" ... written by angela844
Thank you john you trully have predicted true things and are so genuine and a friend! love and light xxxxx" ... written by samantha172
I came to John with an enormous chest pain from relationship troubles I am enduring. He healed me in such a short time, and reassured me that everything will be ok. He read my boyfriend like a book. I was amazed and shocked how he knew such detailed information. He is definitely gifted from God. His presence has such soothing energy I could sit with him for hours. Thank you so much :**) I will be back soon!" ... written by doctoranna32
Great reading, very helpful! You saw things that were 100% accurate! Thanks a lot! " ... written by f1rebug
Best on here. Scary good. No words can explain. Thank you so much." ... written by Isha234
Nice advisor and guidance!" ... written by thanya
Excellent~excellent~excellent healing experience!!! My neck, my back, and head were hurting so much. He took away 95% of my pain in one session. wow~ wow~wow! ITS A MIRACLE! xoxox ORANUM`S BEST!" ... written by julia248
Real deal :)" ... written by LovelyLibra91
Great, honest!" ... written by carina12
Great Reading!" ... written by marmoser7
Reading was very deep and intense. He is spot on as a reader. Told me things about myself and he was right! Also answered my questions on a very deep level. And he has such a sweet spirit! Lovely man... will be back for sure!" ... written by gemmie
Great reading!" ... written by marmoser7
Went to chat to get some updates - still amazing. Can't wait for the predictions to start happening. Much detail - doesn't sugarcoat - that's what I like. " ... written by twilsonone
Thanks John! you are great!!" ... written by :)
Thanks so much....." ... written by sabinaa
Thank you!" ... written by Klaudyna27
John is so good! It's not only the fact that he gives you predictions and time frames, but because he guides you to do proper steps, steps that will help you succeed, may it be love, money, what ever is the problem at hand, and that guidance, the accuracy of the reading is priceless. Thank you for everything john! " ... written by surfas
Thank you for the advice and help. " ... written by LS7779
Thanks a lot for a wonderful reading..." ... written by aa
Very impressive...was right on with his reading of myself and my relationship...encouraging information and sage advise....Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Wow.. He made some bold predictions! But he definitely got the personalities down to a T. I will let you know how it all pans out." ... written by iPreferMimi
I think he was pretty terrific!" ... written by tessa12
Cool, hopefully he is right about his predictions!" ... written by Bbrave1
What I instantly loved about John is his humility despite his tremendous gifts!!!!!!! This man is incredibly gifted and yet when I asked him, he said he thinks he is just all right! I highly, highly, highly recommend John because he is kind, empathic and very very gifted! He is so easy to get along with and he tries his level best to help. I am so glad I got the opportunity to speak with him! :) :) :) :) Lots of love and light to you dear John!!!!! Thank you so much :) :) :) :) Big hugs to you! xoxoxoxo" ... written by neenzbeanz
Great personality! Very insightful. Gave many details. Many details. He gave me steps to follow to correct my situation and gave prediction. Thank you!" ... written by hopefull11
Amazing as always! I found him to be incredibly gifted, helpful, kind and patient. Love and light! xoxoxo " ... written by neenzbeanz
AMAZING!! " ... written by respectnlove
John is just so helpful, insightful, kind and gifted! I am just so glad that he has all the success, love and luck coming his way because he radiates it to the people he interacts with! :) :) :) :) I am so incredibly glad our paths crossed and I hope many more people appreciate your brilliance! Love and light always! xoxoxoxo " ... written by neenzbeanz
Thanks for your help John.... Don't know how I will make your recommendations happen but I can only try! Always appreciate you squeezing me in." ... written by sarebear
Icredibly accurate and on the point,thank you for being here" ... written by taurusmay5
Great reading, looking forward to the new opportunities!" ... written by Sammyjoe02
My first time private fantastic will definitely be back. Thank you john " ... written by stef84
He gave me a great reading. He knew a lot of stuff about my life and gave me some info for the future that could turn out to be very beneficial. I highly recommend him." ... written by bcarter1217
Great reading. Thanks for the insights - let me know when you recommend the next clearing session." ... written by marmoser7
Thank you John:)" ... written by taurusmay5
He picked up on a lot. He laughed too which is great. " ... written by cheeksup
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed, John!!!! Thank you for that - much love and light to you always! xoxoxoxo" ... written by neenzbeanz
John, you are the man! I really mean that. Your ability to describe my situation in perfect detail blew me away. I will continue to confide in you my friend! :-) " ... written by araketanara
He was great!!!" ... written by Sherroll08
Awesome reading.....serious psychic..." ... written by axia100
All I can say is WOW!!! John literally blew my mind away. This man knows his stuff, he is a true genuine psychic, the real deal. He was accurate in my whole entire reading it was amazing... He is also nice and down to earth, I felt like I knew him for years... I will most definitely have more future updates with him. Blessing..." ... written by Lucy117
Excellent thank you!" ... written by macika68
Great psychic very reliable and genuine." ... written by taurusmay5
Very helpful always .....Cant tell how much I trust him.. He is wonderful." ... written by aa
John was great. He read me easily and had a lot of insight for me. I have visited others on this site and he was by far the very best. Just amazing. Will be back for sure" ... written by j217c44
Great true caring heart! Very accurate!" ... written by taurusmay5
Great reading always on target and events happens!" ... written by lostsoul84
Love you John! You are SIMPLY the BEST!!!!" ... written by Ria
Fantastic. Thanks very much :-)" ... written by Jupiter01
Thank you John! Fast, accurate and honest! Great insight very impressed will be back :)" ... written by Yoogii00
This is my 2nd reading with john and he amaze me...he is the best healer, he healed my back pain and knee he is awesome , wonderful psychic and healer.." ... written by beautifulgirl29
AMAZING MAN OMG." ... written by lovelygirl27
Thank you, was very insightful." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
John is awesome !!!!Connects quick very helpful accurate in my case he picked up all around without me saying a word I definitely recommend john and will be back." ... written by meloye123
Excellent you are the best." ... written by beautifulgirl29
100 percent true and accurate in his healing work. I love him! :D" ... written by taurusmay5
Brilliant!" ... written by beautywithinone
Amazing! He amazes me! I was skeptic about psychics but he is a real psychic. I'm inspired by his style and his way of helping me. So much information! Amazing John!" ... written by samantha
I have been to many psychics here, but I find that John is the best among all. He describe things very excellently and he is my favorite on this site now." ... written by plutogirl28
Thanks John, I'm a repeat customer!" ... written by f1rebug
Cant get enough of him !" ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing reading with dear friend John. All of his predictions come true. He told me my lover will bring for me gift from travelling and he didn't do that before. But, its happened as he told me. John gave me complete reading about my life, my work, my love. I'll do as he said to reach my goals in work. Happy to talk with him. He is my best psychic, I'll not seek for another. John is the best." ... written by Ayshaue
TY John, you help me a lot, it was very important for me to get to know the truth :) 5 stars is not enough:) Here you are more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :P" ... written by macika68
Great, great, great!!" ... written by taurusmay5
Absolutely the best, thanks for your advice. You are such a wonderful soul!" ... written by P
Just had an energy work done, so great, thank you " ... written by taurusmay5
You are SIMPLY the best!!!!" ... written by mano
Awesome reading with John. Don't waste your time and money with any body else.I have many difficult issues in my life and only John who realy understood its. Sometimes he said many things I don't tell him about it before,but, he realy can go deeper to help me. I'll keep update. Thank you dear." ... written by Ayshaue
True God gifted kind heart!" ... written by taurusmay5
Needed his advice badly, and he was there to help as always." ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks John!!" ... written by Meera1989
Thanks John!! You are the best!" ... written by Meera1989
His predictions actually have come true. He's now always available but when you do get a chance to speak with him, he is very much a good and accurate psychic. " ... written by Bbrave1
Thank you for the amazing reading it is always a wake up call having a reading with John he is so intuitive and accurate with time frames, peoples character and situations that might harm you. Highly recommended reader." ... written by ikroyal
Greeaat and insightful as usual." ... written by koelneogy
One of my favorites! Was able to jump right in and pick up on my situation even though we hadn't read together in well over a month.... AWESOME psychic!" ... written by jazzyme
WOW great and long reading with John. He is really the best. I can't change him with any psychics. All his predictions came true." ... written by Ayshaue
AWESOME!! THANK YOU for the energy work. Let's hope it helps. Will be back to follow-up." ... written by jazzyme
Absolutely stunning and accurate! " ... written by taurusmay5
LOVE his work - natural - gifted and purely ONE of a KIND! If your ready for the real deal then look NO further, PsychicJohn is who you need!!! Love you John! xoxox" ... written by wonderwoman29
A powerful and as usual truthful and very insightful experience. Many blessings!" ... written by beautywithinone
I was skeptic and tried many psychics, john shocked me and amazed me with his accuracy this is my 2nd reading with john and his predictions happend for me for the 1st reading I can only trust john as my best advisor." ... written by badwoman33
Amazing as always . Again he told me things no one on earth would know except myself. Truly amazing." ... written by victoria111
100% accurate" ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing reading!!! John is very open, honest and upfront, very accurate too! I love his readings!!" ... written by gateforest
The Best reading yet!! Thanks soo much!!! He is accurate, honest and look forward to the predictions!! " ... written by Mysticmarzo
Thank you! Accurate as always, for good or bad. x" ... written by librabeauty
John is just amazing I really love his private readings. Always sweet and caring, not to mention his accuracy and he also does healing sessions, I feel so much better and relaxed. I will go for more future updates. Blessings John.... " ... written by Lucy117
Great reading as always. Great reading." ... written by whitefarm
Always a pleasure to read with him! What a gifted, kind, ACCURATE reader! Last October, John told me my darn ex would be back chasing me in January. Lo and behold, the ex started darn near stalking me with a vengeance in January and hasn't let up yet! John even picked up that the ex was "back" in the middle of my reading about my current guy friend, and wouldn't you know the ex had just left my house a few hours earlier? John has been on point with EVERYTHING. My lover's attitude, fears, personality, what he will do next. All I can say is WOW!" ... written by jazzyme
No words can explain that John is truly gifted. I had another update and he was precise and accurate with the current situation in my life. I will be back for more updates." ... written by dallascowboys8
Excellent reader! Lots of good advice and predictions. Thanks!" ... written by joh118
Great psychic!" ... written by f1rebug
I had an amazing reading with PsychicJohn, he really connects very well with you I will be back for more readings thank you so much! xoxoxo" ... written by marybeth1love
He knew more than I thought!" ... written by wishingsmi
John is very nice and accurate. He gives good advise. He actually cares and he wants you to be better." ... written by nk063011
Once again, I stand amazed!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Soooo much info was given to me. He's very honest about what will come and i do hope some things happen but there are other things I didnt want to hear. at least he was honest about it and I trust his words." ... written by jasminepapas
John is wonderful and compassionate. He does distance healing for you and others. He has dreams about his clients and takes his work very seriously to help others. I am hoping all his predictions come true. He is truly a gift from god!" ... written by Belle1
Excellent and amazing reading as always. Thank you John!!" ... written by meohmy7
My dear dear dear friend who is honest, genuine and true in his heart!" ... written by taurusmay5
You are fantastic andamp; accurate, thanks so much!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
I never had some one like him in my life, who really cares and gives from his heart, his accuracy is absolute, love your heart John!" ... written by taurusmay5
Very good and quick answers." ... written by focusing
He is a genuine psychic. His readings are clear and accurate. Thanks Psychic John." ... written by sim1726
Sad news today this time I hope john is wrong." ... written by lostsoul84
Nice!" ... written by Zana
Another awesome reading!! Thanks sooo much john!! I will definitely be in touch with you!! You have been very accurate and understanding than most who have made me feel like a child at times.. Thanks sooo much again!! I look forward to chatting with you next!! :)" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Wonderful exciting reading ....." ... written by gigaman1978
Amazing as usual." ... written by koelneogy
ONCE AGAIN. AWESOME READING." ... written by fortunecookie1
Amazing amazing amazing." ... written by venusgirl28
Simply the best!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thanks John! You never cease to amaze me! You are great! I have been coming to you since the first month u started and ur predictions/healings have been spot on!! Thanks for everything!!" ... written by :))
John is brilliant! He is truly compassionate and delivers the truth. I've had a few readings with him and he is simply the best! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Great, long reading and even greater energy work, thank you John ;)" ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful... Wow!" ... written by Nicole212
God has blessed me today, because I was lucky to talk to John today! Nobody is on Oranum like this guy! Hundred stars from my heart!!! I am speechless and you will be too if you speak to him! Amazing experience.... It cannot be described, but experienced only! You have nothing to lose but to gain your life back and see your dreams come true! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO HIM!!!! Real deal, one of a kind! He is like a saviour, true helping hand to all that are in need, and we all are.... I love you John! My heart is filled with gratitude for you! GOD BLESS YOU! Talk to you soon!" ... written by fehu11
Thanks soo much John, You are amazing as always!! Cant wait for your next reading!! Thanks soo much again!! I trust everything you say and recommend you to anyone!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Great reading as always!! Thanks John!! Words can't describe the peace I feel chatting with you!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Thank you for the reading. Really good advice and accurate predictions." ... written by joh118
THE MOST EXCELLENT!!! THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Summer84
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! 5000000 STARS!" ... written by taurusmay5
Fantastic - felt real energy and connection..." ... written by marmoser7
This guy is the real deal. He was the only psychic who told me I wasn't going to pass my exam and I didnt pass it. And now he says I am going to pass it so I believe him. I'll update on that exam." ... written by Chicoca587
Never had a ture carine person like him, I feel very gratful to his talent and his true heart.Bless you John" ... written by taurusmay5
Wow amazing reading with John its one after many reading with him, everytime he told me many things I didn't tell him before, as example He told that I have friend in Madrid in Spain and its right . He knew my mother diseases, and described sister and brothers in real words. I'll do the best to win my freedom and to chive my dream in Spain. Thank you very much, John you are the best." ... written by Ayshaue
John is like no other psychic I have spoken with. Every single thing that he said was true, and he gave the information spontaneously with nothing from me. Amazing!!" ... written by leogirl
Well, I said nothing and he came out with my question, what I do, who the guy is etc. Astounding!" ... written by leogirl
The best and a very good friend! Thank you! " ... written by respectnlove
Jonh is great , he told me exatly what happening now in my life he told me that 2 months ago , and i said no way , now when it happend i just couldnt wait to come back to him again ....he is awasome , try him u will not regret !!! thanks will be back to you." ... written by sabinaa
MILLIONS OF STARS!" ... written by taurusmay5
Awesome!" ... written by koelneogy
Oh my god, it's so tough to catch him...worth the wait though ...he is awesomely amazing..I have no words..all his past predictions have come true for me..he puts his head and soul into your reading..because he really cares...he is just the best...I wish him all the luck.. and please don't hesitate to contact him, because his predictions have come true for me and others.. take care John. :))" ... written by niha
So kind! And gave me peace!!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Hopefully everything comes true, he seemed really good and knowledgeable with what he said. He gave me a good timeframe so I will be back to give an update." ... written by sunnydeep
He's worth the 5 stars." ... written by Kekee9
My second reading with John, this man is a blessing!!! thank you so very much!" ... written by RobinMoon37
I want to thank John for his great insight information and the path I need to follow. John was awsome with his reading. Now is time to make the next big step. Thanks john:-))." ... written by golf1506
Great reading with John, He really help me in my life. I feel safety with him. He understoom my diffecult life. All of his predictions come true. John is the best." ... written by Ayshaue
Simply wonderful!" ... written by RosieRN
Amazing/!!!! Fantastic!!!" ... written by Angelique7
I love speaking with John and his gift is amazing. The confirmations that he gave me put my mind at peace and I am very grateful!!! He is the real deal." ... written by leogirl
His readings are the best, his accuracy is scary yet soothing and calimg.He cares way beyonds the private readings, It is a great deal to be in contact with a psychic who is genuine and truthful. John, you rock! " ... written by taurusmay5
John is amazing,. he reads me like an open book. he told me my deepest feeling that i never tell anyone before. he is really genuine psychic. highly recommended " ... written by hazelziggy
Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing, accurate, fast yet caring and compassionate John is. He is the sweetest thing and a wonderful person to consult with for guidance. he's full of guidance and and light...everything i've been looking for in an advisor. warm and honest." ... written by lovebugshay
Amazing as always John!! Thanks soo much for waiting up so late and allowing a chat!! I could recommend no one else as he cares about the client more that money and he is truly a great friend. Now I can head to work with some peace!! Thanks soo much again!! You deserve a million stars, not just 5!! Catch you soon!!:)" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Another awesome follow up reading by John. Want answers come to John." ... written by dallascowboys8
John is spectacular! I must say he has told me specifically I will pass this exam and I can't wait to pass it! He told me other things that I already knew and that he couldn't have just flat out guessed it. He's very good. I recommend him." ... written by Chicoca587
He's always busy but he's worth the wait." ... written by Bbrave1
Once again, brilliant." ... written by jackiei
Highly recommended. Please talk to him if you have any doubts!!!" ... written by koelneogy
Awesome and truthful as usual!" ... written by koelneogy
John has been so far correct with everything. He knew things about my boss, that I knew about but never told him. That was awesome. He is the real deal, I'm sill waiting to find out about my exam I took that he says I passed. I can't wait to get that phone call. =o)" ... written by Chicoca587
5 stars! I'm glad I came to him. Got the right advice and hope everything will go accordingly" ... written by jomielyn
Well, so many intricate details are given. Super impressive reader and all looks wonderful ahead. He is one of a kind on this site!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thank you" ... written by macika68
Contact, meeting and conversation predicitions have come to fruitation. He has been correct for me so far. John has made a few more predictions for me for today and tomorrow which I'm sure will come true, will come back to review and update, thank you John!" ... written by calibabe23
No prob john! Thanks for your help..." ... written by kingpi
Amazing" ... written by koelneogy
Wow words cannot describe this man abilities and great hearth :) Will come back for sure. John you are awesome. Great connection :)" ... written by mszkut29
He was awesome and amazingly accurate." ... written by solstice_ev
John is great.. He reads me like an open book and bring me insight to my situation. I will follow his advice and cant wait for the result." ... written by hazelziggy
Feel so much comforted for his support and help as always, now I feel I am on the right path , thank you John, 5 trillion stars." ... written by taurusmay5
He has really shown a great deal of care when answering the questions and has given a timeline to follow and rechecked my question. Highly recommended." ... written by megabee
I was devastated and he, only he have calmed me down and showed me the right path, thank you John." ... written by taurusmay5
Endless count of stars! JOHN is the B E S T! " ... written by taurusmay5
Great reading.10 stars!" ... written by DaisyNova
He is good." ... written by nalita18
Wow! Words cannot express how amazing John is. He is truly gifted and told me about things in my life he couldn't have possibly known about. If you haven't had a reading with him, I highly recommend it. He is the best on Oranum for sure! " ... written by allyclaire
He was awesome. Waiting for the predictions to happen. " ... written by Knight7882
Hi, I just want to let you know that psychic John was fantastic last week when we did a reading . He is a real gift to oranum." ... written by macika68
Another fine update reading. Always confirms what is going on with the situation. Wonderful man!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Trust me ( John is the best ) all of his predictions came true. All of his words from the depth of reality. I'll keep update and will not waste my time and money with any body else. God be with you dear John." ... written by Ayshaue
Very quick and honest. Was good and accurate" ... written by dklb81
Clear, concise and true" ... written by koelneogy
Psychic john is superb and awesome love his readings " ... written by marybeth1love
You are simply the best on ORANUM, JOHN:)" ... written by mszkut29
One of the biggest investment for me is to have a reading with John, His advice and visions are shockingly life saving. God bless you, John." ... written by taurusmay5
Knows everything from the beginning!" ... written by termo11
Number 1 on Oranum" ... written by LovelyLibra91
Omg John is absolutely amazing. His gifts are so incredible it just leave you stunned. I just love his readings he gives a lot of details and also gives friendly advice. His accuracy is just mind blowing not to mention the time frames he also gives. I will keep going to him for more future updates... Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Amazing!!! Thank you so so much!" ... written by leebee4
John, thank you for your help. I am glad I gained clarity and your patience is greatly appreciated :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Excellent reading" ... written by Kaly2012
Good reading!" ... written by elle11
He is great... He was right about everything!!" ... written by angelcloud
So sad to hear news about someone's life. That give me important goal to finish my project quickly. Thank you John. Pray for me and for him!" ... written by Ayshaue
He was so honest and well connected. Thank you." ... written by Fairytales82
John is specific in his details that makes me know he is the real deal. Absolutely describes the events to the tee! Will definitely be back for his insights! (: Thank you John!" ... written by calliopegirl
WOW i love on with reading into people. 5 stars!! " ... written by loulourae
Came to him right after energy work, just to say God bless you, what he did was magical" ... written by taurusmay5
Just the greates" ... written by taurusmay5
Awesome updates!" ... written by jomielyn
JOHN, you are just an angel :) Impressed with every reading we have and connection gets better every time:)" ... written by mszkut29
John confirmed so many things for me today. I cannot say enough good things about this man. He is incredible!!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Great reader" ... written by cooki311
You rocked, as per normal! Thank you!" ... written by sarebear
He is very friendly and accurate" ... written by nalita18
Excellent in detail reader!! You don't have to tell him much at all! AMaZING!" ... written by Lovingheart118
John deserves much more than 5 stars. Words are never enough to say about him. He said my ex moved. He was 100% right!!!!" ... written by alwaysgem
THE REAL DEAL!" ... written by mark2991
I enjoy getting reading with john... he's accurate and he is good, been speaking with him for a long time." ... written by Bbrave1
He is the real DEAL !" ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks John! I will come back with more credits!! " ... written by :)
I am quite surprised with the outcome of my reading. I will return and share with you all if it will come true. Otherwise it was a great reading – I am impressed! Thank you John " ... written by teresa
Simply the best!!! Look no further!!! Thanks so much John much love and light to you and God bless you always!!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
John, is the best on Oranum hands down. He is one of the best psychics I have met and very accurate with predictions. He tells you like it is and he doesn't sugar coat. Everyone should have one reading with him, he will give u clarity on anything in your life!! " ... written by :)
HIGHY RECOMMENDED! He took the time to check the outcome to my question 3 times before giving me a very caring and sensitive delivery. He is a genuine person and really connects with your situation. A thousand stars!!!!!" ... written by megabee
Everything he said comes true, almost like get written in stone... And his visions are miraculous..." ... written by niha
John is a remarkable person. I have to say he told me things I knew about myself in detail i might add... things he just couldn't possibly know. I can't wait to take my exam finally and pass as he says I will. And you could tell he cares. He wants me to pass my exam. :o) Thank you John. I will spread the word about you." ... written by Chicoca587
Wow, he knew so much about me and the situation! Good advice! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
John is truly one of a kind, a true investment for Oranum, thank you for your generous time, gift and talent, bless you John." ... written by taurusmay5
All what he told me came true!" ... written by taurusmay5
John was accurate and to the point. Definitely able to describe a person accurately and personality too. Gave me advice and hopefully his predictions come true for me (: " ... written by calliopegirl
Have been worried about my father and he calmed me down with true facts and honest advice. Thank you John." ... written by taurusmay5
Incredible and mind blowing, he is the right person if you need anything, don't go around, take him to private to see for your self." ... written by taurusmay5
His work is so powerful and true, coming that you have to come to him, milllllllllions of stars, love you, John :)" ... written by taurusmay5
Another great and accurate reading, trillions of stars*************" ... written by taurusmay5
Great man, great psychic, great soul!" ... written by taurusmay5
He was awesome!!! He was right on with everything he said. I am interested to see if his predictions will come true. I certainly hope so." ... written by ashleymarie0104
John have very special gift. It is amazing how he knows certain things. Great reading! Thank you: Teresa." ... written by teresa
The most incredible reading I had with him, he brought my eyes to tears, yet incredible joy. Thank you, John, all the stars in the world for you." ... written by taurusmay5
Gave me very accurate information in a timely manner that saved me credits. He gave me clear time frames and insights and guidance on how to proceed. Thank you for your help!" ... written by kbrown0701
Great and amazing... I am totally addicted lol!!! Talk to him!!" ... written by koelneogy
Thank you for the healing! Great vision. He even saw how I looked like! Will now just wait for events to unfold. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Excellent. Thank you." ... written by Jupiter01
Thanks soo much, John... I can't describe how grateful I am for you! Thank you for your kindness..." ... written by Mysticmarzo
Clear reading and gave me an action plan to make things better." ... written by joibee
THE BEST!" ... written by mark2991
Thanks so much, John... You are an amazing person! You will always be blessed and I can't say more than I am glad I have met you!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
John is great! Another amazing session!" ... written by :)
Very honest thank you" ... written by smiley2011
HE is the REAL DEAL!!! He is too good and very fast. Tells you the truth and so very accurate!!! I recommend him to everybody!!! You should talk to him to know what real psychics are!!! I was blown away completely!!! Thanks John!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!" ... written by roseandwine
Very good reading with good feedback and advice." ... written by Ryan747
Awesome, clear, concise!" ... written by koelneogy
Great help just on the right subject, thank you!" ... written by taurusmay5
He is the BEST. I come on this site for him alone. He is of LIGHT and LOVE... I recognize it and appreciate everything he gives me. Honest, to the point, and accurate. He has a gift." ... written by STARLEIGHT
John answered my questions before I even asked them and I am totally blown away. He does not waste your time and is so spot on that it is awe inspiring. If you want a true psychic, look no further!!! He is the person to see. Thank you John for your kindness and using your gift here!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thank you again John. That was great, even though I had tears streaming down my face because you were spot on. Much love and thanks." ... written by sarebear
Mind blowing , nerve racking reading, accurate and precise, love you john. " ... written by taurusmay5
This man is unreal! Many predictions have come true for me. He knows specifics of many things that no one could guess. He is so kind, caring and talented! Thank you John, will be back soon to update again. " ... written by calibabe23
I just need his guidance for each step I take; he is deadly accurate. Love him." ... written by taurusmay5
Great accurate, spot on reading, just as always, I never get enough from him, he is my true friend." ... written by taurusmay5
Very honest guy, well I hope he is, anyway enjoyed his reading." ... written by elle11
I can't do any thing without consulting John. He is my best psychic.If anyone try him,he will not seek for another psychic.I'll keep update and happy to see you today dear John.Thank you" ... written by Ayshaue
Clear and concise, excellent!" ... written by koelneogy
Amazing. Please go ahead and try him. Very accurate. " ... written by seun808
Endless rating of stars, for his kindness, generosity, efforts, efficiency, dedication and above all his accuracy. Will leave his support ever! love you John :D" ... written by taurusmay5
All i have to say is wow. Thanks for the clairty " ... written by Harlem04
Totally picked up on things! amazing!!!" ... written by xtine930
John is just fantastic. So insightful, so warm, but very honest. By far one of the best on this sight. I highly recommend him." ... written by j217c44
Incredible, a very very very long reading, covered all the aspect of my family life and again I was amazed with his ability and talend and gift to be precise accurate and generous, he is the real guide in any given situation he is the one and only, I trust and beleive in .Thank you John you are such a blessing." ... written by taurusmay5
Good general reading." ... written by Fun_Sized
Mind blowing as usual. This is like my 3rd time with John. Whatever he said did come to fruition. I'm blessed to know him." ... written by jomielyn
I am truly happy for John's guidance! 5 stars!" ... written by jomielyn
Excellent reading!!!!! very quick and to the point answers... able to tell me all that I needed to know. I will visit very soon. Thank you so much " ... written by mlafield
Thank you for your insightful reading! :) God bless! :)" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Thanks John great reading as usual very intuitive and helpful" ... written by ikroyal
Great reading, he picked up on names." ... written by tasha_j
He is AMAZING, never letting this one go!" ... written by Isha234
John, helped ease my worries and gave me insight as to when things will get better. So grateful for his help and guidance!" ... written by kbrown0701
John is amazing , whatever he told me it happened, he gave me clarity about everything what i asked, and help me a lot with my fears, if u have a chance try him u will not regret...thanks my friend." ... written by sabinaa
John is so patient and and so detail. He will spend time to analyse the my situation and give me advices. He is very good with his prediction too. It is a pleasure to talk to him. Like talking to a friend." ... written by nk063011
Oh my God! you are amazing. I'm astonish. You told me a lot of details of what I wanted to know without me saying anything. I'm truly amazed. I recommend him 100%. He is just amazing, I can not even describe. " ... written by SDV2013
John is the best. He is very caring person and he gives you wisdom and ease my pain. His reading is very spot on too. thanks John. XOXOXO" ... written by Hazelziggy
I do not know how he does it but he is soooo darn accurate, trust in him, what he says is so accurate it is scary.. He is very sweet, and very fast with his answers for you. I looked up at the screen where I had typed and all i see is yes, yep, exactly.. not a single no... Trust me, read with him, you will be astonished at what he knows.. I would give him 10 stars if I could.." ... written by Jill
I had been brought to my knees with certain news and challenges and it was John who picked up the situation fast and accurate as always and planned to help me out and get me out of it. Soon I felt strong, powerful and serene. I feel in an absolute state of peace and joy and determination to do what it takes to make my dream comes to reality.Thank you John. Eternity count of stars" ... written by taurusmay5
I am overwhelmed, so much information. Your description and details about my situation and persons in my life.. So true, at least for me." ... written by Minnie12
Again one more incredible guide and help" ... written by taurusmay5
Difficult to hear what he had to say, but he was very honest. I will be back for further clarification." ... written by Talor
Totally awesome reading by John!!! He gives such in depth details that I am floored. Top top psychic on this site and if you can grab him for private, do it." ... written by leogirl
Ty John , fantastic again - as always :)" ... written by macika68
He is the best...I have been coming to him for months now, and he has never failed me even once. Every single thing he has predicted for me , be it job, travel, love whatever has come to happen and in the exact way he predicted , exact means exact...he will never lead you wrong...he can be phrased as a Spiritual counselor...u can get the best and most honest advice..u can speak your heart and soul out to him and he will listen to u with calm and patience..i love this man and he is the best here....In such a short time he has gained so much trust and love of people here...feels great when u know there is someone who will give u the best possible advice...he has a big heart...and so much to give...take care john :)) much blessings to u." ... written by niha
My success partner! Be blessed John" ... written by taurusmay5
Lovely as usual." ... written by rajat_2510
This guy is just amazing!!! Never seen anything like it before!!! Thank you so much for your insights John!!! I am very impressed :-) And you are funny :-)" ... written by weissinha
Amazing!" ... written by seun808
I was in so much pain since morning in my neck and shoulder, came to him for healing session and soon after he finished I had no more pain! I had still some discomfort but no pain!! He is incredible, FANTABULOUS :)" ... written by taurusmay5
Great!" ... written by pl
He is fantastic and caring...thanks for the help!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Great as always, accurate and very very very fast. Its a fight to get a reading with him but he worth it! endless stars" ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you for your help and your insight. The details that you give with no input from me are so spot on. I am going to take your advice!!!!!" ... written by nz
Wow. Works fast and has lots of relevant info. Connects well to the situation. I look forward to seeing if his predictions come to fruition ... I will stop worrying!" ... written by Freedom2211
I feel very comforted and relaxed once I talk to him, He is very caring and very supportive. ALL ALL ALL his predictions came true for me, he was never wrong! Thanks John. Eternity of stars!" ... written by taurusmay5
He communicated with my mom and told me things he couldn't have known about her. Thank you John for communicating with her. I really appreciated it." ... written by chicoca587
PsychicJohn is a very quick and accurate reader. He gets straight to the point and was able to tell me correct information about myself. I liked that he gave me advice and tools I can use on a regular basis to improve my life. I will return in the future!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Amazing right on point very kind and most of all very very helpful. thanks!!!" ... written by Lin
Psychicjohn, is the only truly guided spirit I came across who can channel for you all the answers you will look for, he is a master in his genuine help and guide, he go beyond his readings to influence your life positively and peacefully.All his readings have been a positive complements of my current life challenges and he took me through them one by one, I know success is my partner because I have John on my side, eternity of stars for John." ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful reading." ... written by Rami
Thank you. Very nice to talk to you again." ... written by sdv2013
John, thank you thank you for the wonderful explanation today. You clarified all for me and I feel so at peace now, knowing I am doing the right things here. You are so kind and funny and I love" ... written by nz
He is damn accurate as usual. I'm coming to his advice on a issue and its proven to be very fruitful and encouraging. Will keep on coming for his advice. " ... written by jomielyn
Very good!" ... written by Klaudyna27
Thanks John for everything! You are truly great and so professional. You" ... written by MeeraP89
Good!" ... written by RedOranGe04
John is so amazing and accurate. He has been spot on since I have I have come to see him. Try him, you will not be disappointed!" ... written by Cali
HES SIMPLY GREAT *********************" ... written by GEM
John, is so great! Everything he tells me lines up with my life! He is so great and wonderful! I have been going to him since he started on oranum and all of his predictions have came true. He is really one of the best on the site! " ... written by :)
awesome does not explain the exp with John" ... written by koel
Had a very detail chat with him. Gave me so so much advise. He has an angel heart. he is so caring. Constantly accurate with his prediction. Love this guy!!!" ... written by nk063011
Thank you John, big large golden star!" ... written by taurusmay5
Psychic John is awesome in his abilities, as he can quickly pickup on the situation no matter how complex the situation is. I have sought after his advice several times and I trust what he has to tell me. Give him a try and you'll be glad that you did!" ... written by anyrainbows
The best there is on Oranum, no questions ask." ... written by mike
Awesome as always...." ... written by koelneogy
Great reader." ... written by laura
John give me great advice to study and for my master degree interview.Time off and I didn't have credits now,so I'll complete my reading next time. John is amazing and the best psychic who's all of his predictions came true. See you later. Thank you very much John" ... written by Ayshaue
John, is such a caring person. He is so nice he tell me something that can change my life around. I feel so blessed that I have chosen to talk to him." ... written by hazelziggy
Crystal clear vision - wow! One of my favorites here." ... written by 69wondering
Awesome, concise, clear, amazing... what more can I say!!!!!!" ... written by koelneogy
Thank you so much!" ... written by termo
Wonderful wonderful healing.... just simply magnificent --- thanks again psychicjohn." ... written by wf
I would give million starts to John! he is just amazing- always ready to help. He understands the situation very well. I don't feel like going to anyone else after consulting John!" ... written by Lady71
John is just outstanding. Insightful, warm and very caring. Spot on in his predictions and always give great advice to make life better." ... written by John
He picked up on the situation and was very honest which I respected and gave solid advice both re love life and job. I will follow it and fingers crossed things will start to move quicker. Many thanks!" ... written by Kavs
He gave me good and precise advice. Thank you." ... written by TravlFunLove
John, thank you for the insight today!!! Top top psychic you are. :)))" ... written by nz
PsychicJohn has made miracles healing.... if you haven't done a healing with him you are missing out... I feel the energy instantly and strongly throughout the whole healing...and the changes are continuing in extremely significant ways now!" ... written by wf
PsychicJohn is beyond imagination and rating, he is a true God gifted spirit, who genuinely cares about helping people living a better life, certainly this is what he did for me, eternity of stars for him!" ... written by taurusmay5
PsychicJohn is the best!! He has seen things in me and about my life that no one else has noticed before. He's very patient and attentive to details. He's able to connect the dots and comprehend what's really happening in someone's life. He's also able do healings that can take away anxieties as well as physical ailments. His accuracy is highly valued and I will continue to return to him for his guidance!" ... written by cherryblossom10
He is so understanding and caring. He understands your problem and try to solve your problem in detail. Love him." ... written by sylvia
The best! God Bless You John, want to talk to you forever. So helpful and Kind. I will listen to your advice. What an amazing man. Happy I spoke to him." ... written by HOS
Great reading!!! Very informative and gave great insight and advise!! Very well worth the wait! " ... written by qtpie2715
Great Great Great Great Great!!! Truly one in a million, gives you real hope that you can truly believe in. One of the BESTS that I have ever had a reading from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many blessings. " ... written by sweetsx
Can I just say one word ''AWESOME''.. that about sums it up. So many blessings John. I cannot begin to say how insightful and in tune this man is. He is hard to get a hold of, simply because he is that good. AWESOME.. xxx" ... written by twinsoul15
Spot on..." ... written by isupervago
All I can say is WOW! AWESOME, very ACCURATE in his predictions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Tanya
Very accurate and insightful, best reading so far. :)" ... written by Todd
Great again. Thanks John, can always count on you :)" ... written by sarebear
Blown away!! Absolutely gobsmacked! John is absolutely spot on with everything. I highly recommend him. I have talked to a lot of readers over years and John would have to be one of the top 5 I've ever spoken to. Wonderful !! Im delighted to have found him on Oranum. So many blessings to you John. xx" ... written by twinsoul15
Lots of info. Will see if predictions happen... Thanks John!" ... written by cheeksup
Wow, John is just amazing!!! He knows me more than I do myself! He can see and read everything about what is going on with me. He did heeling this time, and I'll come back for reading next time. He is great!!!!!!" ... written by psymeow
I am like amazed right now he was so right on about many things and all I gave him was my name. He knew my battles and negativity without me even expressing a concern. This is my 4th reading with a psychic and 26 mins flew by! I will defiantly be back... Thanks John!" ... written by Crystal
Truly a 5 star psychic, clearly, this man is a blessing!" ... written by mackmike23
Pure, genuine soul who came to my life by God's plan to support my path." ... written by taurusmay5
He knew so much about everything! He is a real deal! " ... written by psymeow
Nice read, gave some good advise :) Let's see ... how it goes :)" ... written by Kumar
This guy was great! I look forward to hear back on his prediction... In line with what other accurate psychics in this site have said. Love Love Love! Will comeback and comment about this prediction. " ... written by epa
He is just awesome and very deserving. Also he is dead on the point and very accurate about the situation." ... written by humaa16
Unbelievable! With just names he knew the whole situation. He gave precise details and they were very accurate! He gave me great advice, and told me things that will happen in certain time frame if I follow through. I have been on the site for awhile and tried several psychics, and no one compares to him. He is #1. I will be back for an update on the prediction. Thank you very much, John." ... written by Juan Henriquez
I love John, he is always sincere..... And really knows and sees me and everything around me." ... written by belle1
Very detailed reading, will be back for an update, great guy!!" ... written by Mya Lea
Awesome! As usual..." ... written by koelneogy
On point! A++" ... written by mackmike23
Perfect reading, thank you very much!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Another great reading with him. It is always fun to chat with him. Wish him good health.. Bless you with all my love." ... written by syliva
It is another good reading with him. He is just a loving person " ... written by sylvia
He is just amazing!! He can see people and can tell names of people who are involved. He is gifted, you have to get a reading from him, you will not go to anyone else!!" ... written by lady71
John is good, he picks up on the situation quickly. He gave me some very good advice about clearing up negativity. I will come back in hopes that his good predictions he had for me come true!" ... written by Keisha
Truly angelic in his readings and his care. Got to be the best on Oranum!" ... written by Taurusmay5
John has so far been correct about whatever he has told me. For example, he told me I was going to fail an exam the first time but on the second time of taking it I was going to pass. And that's exactly how it happened. He has told me things that there is no way he could have known. Right now he gave me dates of when something is supposed to happen. So now I'm just going to wait and see what happens... John is extraordinary. " ... written by Chicoca587
Damn... Fast and to the point with everything in detail... He's good, real good. Great insight, timeframes, and advice... Great person. Thank you for your help. I will update with the predictions. Thank you so much." ... written by Donorak
Had a very long session with John as he is absolutely AMAZING... It takes a while to catch him as he is so popular and that good!! I am still waiting for things to unfold, but from all that I feel and intuit - he is spot on and such a loving and generous soul. Can't wait for situation to resolve and unfold as he sees. You are God's gift dearest John. Many blessings, love and light xxx" ... written by Twinsoul15
Thank you, John is one who is really on point!" ... written by mackmike23
Excellent psychic , thank you John!" ... written by samantha
My 3rd read john is the best!!!!!! I mean the absolute best!!!!!" ... written by keisha
John is great!! He is well worth the wait!" ... written by :)
Remarkable reading. Omg he is so accurate about the situation. 5 stars for him." ... written by hiraheer42
Perfect reading, very in tune with my situation. Give him a chance!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Just a quick check with John - he never fails to amaze me! John is so in tune with everything he is astounding. I have confidence what he sees will come to pass. Many blessings xxx" ... written by Twinsoul15
thank u " ... written by mike
the best simply" ... written by mike
No words simply the best!" ... written by taurusmay5
I was waiting for a pvt reading with John for so long and somehow I managed to get him online today. Very quick and clear answers, has made some predictions which I am going to come back and update as they come true. I have full confidence they will come to pass as has been the case with so many others that consulted him. He is number one for a true reason because he is caring, accurate and affordable. Thank you John." ... written by Person
This was a birthday gift credit reading from John, he is so generous kind and truthful, always after his readings I feel so blessed and honored. Tears of joy always shed on my cheeks for his support and genuine help! I love you John!" ... written by taurusmay5
a+++++ for john not only that but he a good person. Ggod bless him, john is one of the best on here" ... written by mikey
Great birthday reading!" ... written by taurusmay5
Wow! " ... written by ystylus
Superb!! Excellent!! Mindblowing!!" ... written by savethelastdance
WOW.... I was lucky to see PsychicJohn in free chat for more than 3 minutes, hes usuallly taken before he gets a chance to stay in free chat for 1 minute!! MAN, what a freaking reading... I couldn't hide a damn thing from him, he knew what I was going to ask before I got a chance to ask, several times. All he needs is a name and question, and all you need to do is listen and enjoy how much you will learn about yourself, in and out! He knew my fears, my issues, my weakness, my strengths, my looks, significant other's looks, and the list goes on and on to the tiniest things... Gave predictions for me and he stands by it, that's legit to me. Great advice to situations and how to overcome or resolve it. Great reading absolutely, great insight great everything. Confirmed what other psychics have said and even more than all of them combined. Take him, you will get positive gains in life." ... written by Donorak
Always amazing!" ... written by koel
5,000,000,000,000,000,00 STARS!!!!! :-)" ... written by Summer84
Great reading - can't wait to see the prediction unfold." ... written by T
The best there is! John, you are a blessing for all and such a wonderful help. And you really help your clients. :)" ... written by mike
I was Johns first ever client and the information and the predictions he gave me were quite intense and putting bluntly. This was NOT what I wanted to hear partially, as they were the TRUTH. He has made numerous predictions for my life since I first met him approximately 10 months or more ago. I would like let ORANUM know that having PSYCHIC JOHN as part of your team is a blessing. The only psychic predictions coming true over and over again was JOHN. HE IS AMAZING AND ONE OF A KIND!I adore his ability and thank god he found his way to ORANUM." ... written by wonderwoman29
With John I don't feel alone anymore! Its simple as that I can see a clear path to the light at the end of the tunnel." ... written by mackmike23
My opinion is always and for ever is that John is one of God's gifts to his people, so he can support and help them with his gifts, to overcome the challenges in their lives, ETERNITY OF STARS FOR JOHN." ... written by taurusmay5
He is a great guy and a good psychic! Thank you!" ... written by mackmike23
Perfect reading, one of my favorites on ORANUM! He knows what he is talking about, give him a chance!!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Thanks john!" ... written by :)
Thank you for the chat and honest opinion. Will catch you soon. Bless you and take care." ... written by sylvia
I am pleased to report back that all of Johns predictions have come true for me. Some things he predicted didn't happen immediately but when they did happen I freaked out cause I remember JOHN TOLD ME THAT!!! John is so accurate, uplifting and truly cares for his clients. He is my go to person. I always leave his readings with lots of positivity and love in my heart. Love you John, thank you and God bless! " ... written by Cali
I can not describe how amazing you are and how much you are helping me, you are a wonderful person John. Thank you very much for your clear insight as always. Infinite love to you, God Bless You." ... written by SDV2013
He was awesome as always!" ... written by Sam
John is always on point! Very accurate reads each time!!! Will come back when his predictions happen!" ... written by keisha
I ended up earlier because this thing do not let me to type a review. I can start to explain how amazing you are, many of the things you predicted came true and they have been very helpful. Thanks for sharing your light with us. Many blessings. Namaste." ... written by sdV2013
WOW again! Very powerful and very good reading, thanks for your help. God Bless." ... written by SDV2013
Great at picking up on your energy! Excited to see what comes of his predictions!! Very fast and accurate!! Loved him!" ... written by AB
Thanks John, really needed the reassurance and calmness." ... written by koel
John should be the best here! Picked up on my situacion without saying anything. Really amazing.....thank you John!!" ... written by Monica
Once more again thank you " ... written by mike
John is amazing !!! He's the best told me things no one could ever pick up .. 100 stars!!" ... written by mashael
Thank u once more." ... written by michael
Again, John was extremely helpful and offered me great insight and reassurance. He was very in tune with the situation and accurate about what is going on. I consulted other psychics when he was not available and they were unable to offer me the accuracy, information, and guidance that he has consistently offered. I am very thankful for his help and direction and wish him all the best." ... written by kbrown0701
He knew me!" ... written by yyyy
He can help you for sure." ... written by aaaa
Very professional." ... written by ffff
He is among the best ones here!" ... written by david
I liked him!" ... written by fghfg
Good!" ... written by Sam
Great reading... Looking forward for the prediction to happen.. Will let you know once it manifested..." ... written by May
Another perfect session with John. Honestly, I know he is hard to pin down for a private, but if you get the chance - do it !! He is such a sweetheart and his heart is big and he cares about the client and will do the utmost for you. Many blessings sweet John. xxx" ... written by Twinsoul15
He told me things no one else knows!" ... written by sssss
Thanks Oranum for him!" ... written by kkkkkk
I liked the reading." ... written by rrrrrrrr
Wow!" ... written by wwww
Very good! Read with him!" ... written by na
Wow, what a great psychic, honest and genuine, gave predictions. I love this guy! My favorite psychic on Oranum. :)" ... written by Ren
AMAZING!!! Everything was just amazing!" ... written by jackiep013
MILLION STARS! I'M AMAZED! SPOT ON! He knew what was going on in my personal life and how it was effecting me, I didn't tell him anything about it, he just connected to me and knew what was going on... gave fantastic advice how to deal with it. GREAT ACCURATE PSYCHIC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!" ... written by Ren
Another great reading! He told me 3 days ago i will get an offer by the end of the week, and I got it! " ... written by F. :) (ystylus)
John IS the best of ALL TIME! He's never been wrong, and predicted my marriage along with other things. He blows me away each time. Look no further, he IS the real deal!!! And very much so worth the wait even if it's weeks till he come back on-line. I much rather wait for him then private with someone else on-line who isn't so mind blowing, natural GIFT. " ... written by Diamond
Best best best !!" ... written by nazi
This man is real ! I never had reading like this before !" ... written by nazi
Excellent!! Marvelous!! The best ever on Oranum 5 stars!" ... written by holly291
John is ONE of a kind. Kind generous and spiritual.He is always on the ball. His gift is amazing.Another one of his predictions happened!! Look no further if the truth is what your after.It is always a pleasure to have john read for me." ... written by wonderwoman29
One of the tops psychic on here clearly John has a mission and that is helping people who needs his help. Thank you. " ... written by mike
John is the best and he deserves the best. He is so accurate and helpful to me." ... written by taurusmay5
Wow wow ! Excellent 5 stars!" ... written by spirit
Very quick response and detail reading hope will come true." ... written by termo1
Wonderful man ! Great reading ! All i can say is I'm amazed by his abilities 5 million stars." ... written by lovely91
I have many readings here , but psychic john was the ever fastest, he told me things which he should not know wonderful reading and wonderful man, he is truly angel !!!" ... written by stella
He was very accurate, reading was not happy but it's reality I need to accept. Thank you John for your honesty ! I love you !" ... written by gina
Thank you!" ... written by tracy
You are amazing and wonderful psychic and healer ! Thanks for easing my pain." ... written by julia
John's prediction came true! He is great!" ... written by MeeraP89
Million stars to this psychic! He is accurate and fast! He knew things about me and how it was affecting me I didn't tell him anything and he knew it all... Wow I am amazed! " ... written by spirit81
It's always a pleasure doing business with John, but honestly to John this is not a business, he's here to help us and look out for people who seek his help I'm very grateful thank u John." ... written by mike
The greatest guy ever in here!!!" ... written by Debby Roosa
What a powerful reading, what a connection! I'm deeply impressed by all details you gave. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift!" ... written by Anne
Lovely reading as usual. Wish you luck my dear, will miss you." ... written by sylivia
John is amazing. He sees everything. Thank you so much for your help today." ... written by Mjocho
John, always eases my mind! He helps me so much and I don't know what I would do without him! " ... written by :)
Great reading. Five stars." ... written by dicky16
Thank u soo much." ... written by shock
Thank u once more." ... written by blue
John, your work is amazing and I can feel your power in the " ... written by nz
Thank you John! You Really have cleared my mind and fears!" ... written by :)
Great Reading! " ... written by :)
Thanks!!" ... written by --
Nice!" ... written by --
I love him! He is great! I feel much better." ... written by Starleight X
Thank u great psychic." ... written by tank
He is the best." ... written by taurusmay5
Millions of stars, the one and only, people try him once you will never want to leave him. My life is so blessed with his presence. Thank you John." ... written by taurusmay5
Could not have enough from him, since February and he is constantly on my side supporting and guiding, never left my side! I absolutely adore him" ... written by taurusmay5
The best there is :)" ... written by mike
This man is just amazing, great advice! I will be coming back for sure. I mean i am speechless! John thank you so so so much! you have given me a healing and I can totally feel my body come together again! You deserve more than 5 stars!" ... written by sonji
Most incredible gift anyone can get, and John have given it to me out of his kind heart! I so love him.You are one of a kind." ... written by Taurusmay5
Great!" ... written by taurusmay5
One word - AMAZING! Another word - UNIQUE!" ... written by Futureishere
Thank You so much John for all your insight and effort and energy you give to all of your clientele. Many blessings to you. Love and healing light xxx" ... written by TwinSoul15
I hope it does come to me!" ... written by john
I wish I could give John more than 5 stars. He connects so fast and his readings are extremely in depth. He tells me things no one else could possibly know and he has helped me in ways that cannot be measured!" ... written by cherryblossom10
The best in the world no one can give you a reading like John and explain the situation and what other people are feeling, John you are a blessing from God to all of us:)" ... written by mike
Simply the best again and again." ... written by mike
John is amazing. He told me exactly whats going to happen in the next 75 - 96 hrs and I can't wait. He's also a great advice giver too. Thank you so much John." ... written by Chicoca587
wonderful, fast to the point!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you " ... written by miguel
He is so accurate it is scary... He can feel what is in the other persons mind at the moment.. I know a miracle will happen for me so I am not worried... I highly recommend a reading with him.. " ... written by Jill
John is extremely outstanding !!!!!! He tells before you ask !!! I had an exam issue and he told me everything so very true !!!!!!!! I love talking to him !!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU JOHN AND KEEP YOU SAFE !!!!!!!!" ... written by Roseandwine
It is always nice chatting with you my dear. Be strong and get better soon. A lot of people are waiting for your help. " ... written by sylvia
Thank you." ... written by tunnel
Can't wait until predictions! John has al ot of empathy, gives great advice, glad I've had this reading!" ... written by diamond
John, you were so accurate about everything. Things that i no one would know . Thank you so much!" ... written by yuriko22
John thank you john ..!!! If i can say how much i thank you...!!!" ... written by ystylus
As per usual john was amazing!" ... written by victoria111
I just love John. He is always on target and is so calming. I great man and a great psychic. And a true friend." ... written by John
Thank you John :)" ... written by AppleBite707
He is great and the best ever. " ... written by seun808
Thank you john for all the details you provided me today in all this. Better to know exactly what is going on here!!!! Take care John." ... written by cookie
He is real and warm and kind .. shocked me he knew some thing between us a lot..and try to help me fix this thing ..Thanks John :)" ... written by ampily
The reading is phenomenal, John connects with you or the other person you're asking about in a way that it is just unexplainable. His readings are definitely stunning, I was very shocked by many things he mentioned about me and my situation. The gift John has to see beyond what we can see is definitely a blessing to us and it has been so helpful...My expectations with the reading went absolutely beyond I thought it would be. I'm sure that many who have received a reading from John feel that way I do. John you're amazing!!! Thank you so much, I can't wait for another reading with you! xoxo" ... written by sandra1189
Thank you so much john one again... We will talk next week with great news. xoxo" ... written by sanji
The greatest!!!" ... written by debbyroo
Outstanding !!!!!! 10 stars for you !!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
This man is so awesome it's unbelievable! He is such a good, kind-hearted person, who cares unbelievably about what he tells you, and the insight he receives. I trust him implicitly, despite all the hurdles and frustrations. Many blessings John, always. Love and Divine Light xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
Brilliant! Very accurate and wonderful reading, he is the best, millions of stars." ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you for the chat and it is a blessing to know you..:)" ... written by sylvia
What an outstanding reading! Try him if you already haven't-he is the best!" ... written by gemmie
Will have follow up with you soon:):).. Take care and recover soon.. Love his reading and he is so gifted" ... written by sylvia
Very fast and I am trying to grab what he said." ... written by twinheart
Awesome." ... written by suny2020
I'm so grateful for John and his wonderful energy and insight. He never waivers from what he has said and is always 'with' you helping in the background. He is a wonderfully spiritual being who has you firmly in his heart when he reads for you. Just love this man to pieces. Many blessings, love and light xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
True master!" ... written by mike
Amazing reading!" ... written by mashael
Thank u!" ... written by mike
Thank You! " ... written by mike
John is amazing! He has helped me so much with my relationship. I can't thank him enough. He has been correct in absolute detail. Whenever I want a direct answer I go to him. Thank you John!" ... written by chicoca587
The best on Oranum, no questions asked :) love and light" ... written by mike
It's was very great reading. He mentioned about my past bit. I was surprised from that. " ... written by nidhi1989
Mind blowing reading, he is truly the best, guys do not wast time on others, if you look for honesty and accuracy. Be blessed JOHN!" ... written by taurusmay5
Speechless. I have no word, Amazing. please try him." ... written by seun808
EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS MILLIONS OF STARS." ... written by taurusmay5
Fantastic man. That's all I need to say." ... written by John
Wow...he kicked up his prices. Wasn't expecting that, however, everything he told me was good. Very truthful as to how he sees it. And I needed to hear everything he said because now, I am prepared, to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. He was very specific to my situation. " ... written by Christina
Always a pleasure." ... written by guy
He really good... the best here. Not some story teller..." ... written by Miltonxx
Wonderful the best here." ... written by met
Best reading I have had on this sight. He can tell you exactly what is happening and what is to come. He knew everything about someone I know. A solid confirmation. I will come back to him. " ... written by Penny
5 star for phsychicjohn! He is a good adviser and great one" ... written by mackmike23
50 Millions of stars for his heart, accuracy , caring and honesty. He is my success guru. Be blessed John, be blessed" ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing man, amazing gift. I trust him implicitly with his insight. He never waivers from what he has said in the past and his insight and connection is awesome. So many blessings and light to you John. xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
Thanks!" ... written by mike
Excellent reading!" ... written by zm
John is amazing as always. He told me my boyfriend was going to cancel our meeting and he did and that he would reschedule and he did. Also he told me when i was suppose to see him again and he was right too. His predictions are unbelievably precise. No other psychic has done that and he's given me such great advice I can't ever go wrong. John is just wonderful! What more can I say..." ... written by Chicoca587
I just want to say how helpful he has been and how i have always looked up to this man as being there for me when i have been in any kind of trouble. I never believed in psychics and tarots etc however when i spoke to John everything he said or advised me was always true, things would happen which he predicted. John truly has a gift and he knows how to use it well. I am thankful that i have someone like John i can look to whenever i need help as i cannot trust anyone and he is someone i completely trust and listen to when it comes to situations. John is honest straight forward, will not sugar coat anything and is genuine. Work ,Love,Travel, Family, anything you want to know he is there to pick up things and will give you a direct answer to your situation or problem and is very fast he doesn't waste no time. You are amazing John and you are not just a psychic to me but you are also a friend which an angel sent to me from above. " ... written by respectnlove
Wonderful xx" ... written by twinsoul
WAWO, WAWO, WAWO, WAWO, mind blowing reading; I still feel the chills in my body for what he told me " ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you John... for the chat. You are a blessing!" ... written by sylvia
Brilliant as always. Tells it like it is but always gives hope. What a great man and a great friend." ... written by John
Wonderful. The best here. Accuarate." ... written by Hey
Awesome as usual. Very busy man but worth the wait." ... written by koel
Very honest, fast and accurate. Waiting for what will happen. Thank you so much and see you soon:)" ... written by marie5290
Thank you for the advice!" ... written by mike
The best, the most powerful and accurate spirited and gifted person here. Since I have known him all what he said came true for me, all of it. Millions of stars" ... written by taurusmay5
Good as always...the best." ... written by metroq
Love you and bless you my dear. Thank for you all your help." ... written by sylvia
John was great, he so clearly saw and described my situation and person in my life, amazing. We'll see what happens in future, i sure will be back! Thanks John!" ... written by found
Incredible!!" ... written by Taylor
You are so wonderful John. Your insight, energy and generosity always amazes me. I have every faith in all working out the way you have seen despite what others in my life have said. In my heart you and I both know the truth. Many blessings xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
John picks up many things and covers a lot in one reading! I waited for some time to have a reading and very glad I did. He is very gifted, I will consider his suggestions and what he said very seriously. I will see what develops. Would read with him again, thanks so much for your insights! " ... written by babs
Thanks John, I love your energy, you are truly addictive. That's y keep coming back to you. It's always a pleasure talking to you. Take care, love ya. xx" ... written by elle11
I am very thankful for this man's constant support of my life.Five stars!" ... written by Taurusmay5
He is unbelievable. You will really feel the connection with him. He gives so much more than a reading each and every time." ... written by John
thank you john for your help" ... written by hug56
Wonderful reading! The best!" ... written by mashael
....I thought he fell asleep on me at first, then he came back telling me things I didn't even FYI him! Right on point! When he was doing a cleanse on me, I actually feels my heart throbbing. Thank you, John!" ... written by Acissej
He is so amazing and a very good person." ... written by bash33
I missed him so much that having him back again was such a blessing thanks John, 5 million stars." ... written by Taurusmay5
Can't get enough of him very very accurate!" ... written by Taurusmay5
Thank you so much for our chat... You are always the best." ... written by sylvia
Very good!" ... written by luckyanna
We persisted over 3 sessions and as usual John is very generous with his time and energy. I trust him with whatever he has said and look forward to all unfolding. Blessings always John xx" ... written by twinsoul
Wonderful as always. This man is awesome and so grounded and insightful and so spot on with all he sees. I so enjoy his energy. You are God's gift to us. Thank you, John. xx" ... written by twinsoul
Thank you, excellent reading." ... written by sylvia
Wonderful reader..knows many things." ... written by me
I just love this man, no one can be as good as he is!" ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you again:):)" ... written by sylvia
This man is the only one to turn to!" ... written by Bruce
Accurate!" ... written by John
He is the real deal and genuine. Not these ones that changes the predictions with the wind and get angry if you ask why all changed..." ... written by the best
Great reading. I came back many times. He is simply amazing." ... written by seun808
Amazing." ... written by sherine
Incredible man and incredible gift he has, never failed me with his absolute accuracy and honesty. Love him" ... written by Taurusmay5
The best over and over again. He always amaze me :) thank you John" ... written by Mszkut
John is so special. Just a great friend. Always enjoy his readings." ... written by John
Just confirmed his predictions, what a great man." ... written by taurusmay5
Great, great, great reading! I love this man." ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks for the reading and advise. Hope it all come true and I will be back." ... written by Hiroko
Another fantastic reading from a kind and generous man. Thank you so much John, I always leave your readings feeling inspired that things will work out as the universe intends. I have total faith in your abilities and the things you see never cease to amaze me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by sarebear
John," ... written by Teresa
John is the best psychic in Oranum. The reading was unbelievable. I was like keep saying OMG YES! all the time in the reading. He saw I'm looking for new place and struggle choosing between move close to my friend or my work and he answer me without even me asking him. All I gave it to him is my name and he reads my mind, my situation, everything. It's crazy. Please everyone, talk to John and he will give you clarity. No offense to other psychics but I spent so much money to get reading but never get reading like this before. Please try John and you will see what I am talking about. Experience it yourself.. " ... written by hazelziggy
John is just great. Fast, accurate and to the point with time frames that are accurate." ... written by John
John was great as usually. He answered my questions and his reading was very helpful. Thank you." ... written by gateforest
I admire his accuracy and intellegence added to his genuine care and support.God bless you John." ... written by taurusmay5
This man is amazing!" ... written by John
He is the best here , whatever he said everithing happend , he helped me a lot , and im always looking just for him , when I'm confused ...... God bless you John , thank you for being here !!! " ... written by sabinaa
John is my best psychic. All of his predictions came true. Before he told me that I'll hear a good news after 20 days and I'm surprised because my lover sent to me Japanese sweets without telling me. He told me many things which really happened as he said. Thank you John for your helping, bearing my secret and all of my bad life. I can't tell anybody about my life, only you John, the person who I'm trusted forever. God be with you whenever and wherever you are. See you next time." ... written by Ayshaue
Just a great reading." ... written by John
Amazing." ... written by jul
He answered quickly. Thank you!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Awesome reading from John! I'm always so shocked when I get a reading from him. He is always right on point! I will be coming back and I can't wait to see how things unfold! Thank you john!!!" ... written by Sandy
John!!! He is amazing! Every time i speak with him so far he has told me things that he couldn't have known and things that have happened right on the dot. I especially recommend him to anyone who wants answers right away. He has even recommended me a product I can use which he didn't have to do in the first place. That to me shows that he cares as well. I am eagerly awaiting for whats to come the next year. =o)" ... written by Chicoca587
Great!!!" ... written by Hiroko
Amazing healer." ... written by j
5 Stars ... picked up on a lot!" ... written by Ann S
Thank you for the insight, advice, and encouragement." ... written by K
John is just great. Always helps so much." ... written by John
The best here." ... written by us
Since I knew JOHN, and he is continually accurate, loyal , honest and genuinly caring, it is your lucky day if you got to be one of his committments!Love you JOHN." ... written by Taurusmay5
U are amazing john always helps me whenever I need ur help ur an angel! " ... written by ria
Thank you so much." ... written by sylvia
Just a quick update and as always, John continues to amaze me with his connection and insight. His popularity is a testament to his abilities and his caring nature. Blessings my friend! xx" ... written by twinsoul
My eyes are full of tears for his genuine guidance and support! Amazing soul..." ... written by Taurusmay5
Incredible reading! Very, very accurate!" ... written by Taurusmay5
He is the best. Very accurate." ... written by lady71
Follow up reading, supportive as usual." ... written by taurusmay5
John, you are sooo amazing!!! I love it, every little thing you have said to me has happened exactly the way you have told me. :o) " ... written by Chicoca587
Great accurate reading; love him" ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing...he is the best here." ... written by he is the best here
Thanks!" ... written by shopgirl
The best their is on this Universe. :)" ... written by mike
Excellent again!" ... written by Kekee
Awesome as usual...been seeing him for almost a year...he is honest and empathetic." ... written by koel
Just doing update reading with john. He is very consistent and help me to shape up my life towards better life. Couldn't ask for more." ... written by hazelziggy
John is just wonderful. Great reader and great wisdom." ... written by John
Amazing...the best here." ... written by anne
John is just the best." ... written by John
Great reading always. The best ever in this site. " ... written by seun808
This is my 4th reading with him. He is really really good. Direct and Clear. What he told me 2 months ago just happened. The reading today was again direct to the point .. I will see what will happen in 20 days from now as he told me and I will be back to write on this page. 5 Stars!" ... written by ystylus
There are no words to express how amazing John is. He will read you, and anyone you ask about, accurately as soon as your reading starts. He knows your past, your present and future. He can read your mind, and the minds of those you ask about. Without any information from you, he will tell you about your predicaments, why they are happening, and how to fix them. He is fast, predictions have always been accurate, and he is sweet and really cares about his clients. I have not met another psychic who can confidently and accurately give as many predictions as he does. John is truly a blessing, and if you haven't worked with him, you are missing out!" ... written by Mary
John, amazing as usual! There is no one else like him who is more accurate and precise with me! He is worth seeing all the time." ... written by Chicoca587
Awesome as usual. I really respect this man, he is very generous of spirit and concerned for people and their welfare. Blessings always xx" ... written by twinsoul
Predictions coming true!!! The best!" ... written by mashael
Great!" ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks again my dear for all your advices. Sorry that we got disconnected. " ... written by sylvia
Thank you my dear friend." ... written by sylvia
I look forward to his predictions. He is great and very organized in his readings. Really liked him. Eli" ... written by epa
John is as always amazing! One thing that I love that he does is that he gives me in detail the reading. No one else does it like him. :o)" ... written by chicoca587
John is always there when I want to hear precise things. He can answer all my questions in a heart beat. :o)" ... written by Chicoca587
Update.... Picked up from before and updated me and told me what to watch for and gave me information and things to move forward with a open and protected heart...Highly recommend him" ... written by Penny
Thanks John!" ... written by CA
John is very honest. As much as it hurts I do hope the good predictions happen and the bad ones do not" ... written by jp
I have no words to explain how amazing John is!...Just a very genuine person who is willing to help you with advice great guidance...Every time I get a reading with John I can feel the connection immediately Thank you so much John! blessings xoxo" ... written by sandra
John, YOU are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your" ... written by leogirl
Thank you for reading for me even though you are not feeling well. Take care my dear..." ... written by Sylvia
Thank you so much John. You are amazing. Everything you said was true. xoxoxoxox" ... written by christina
Had a reading with him once a long time ago. He is still as amazing, accurate and professional. RECOMMENDED." ... written by belladonna8
I thought you were great John. I do hope you will feel better soon!" ... written by kiwill
What can I say...I love this man to bits.. He is the most trustworthy person and so insightful and honest. A million blessings John. xx" ... written by twinsoul
Very direct and fast! Great reader. 5 stars." ... written by Daisy
I am so happy to have found John. He is so positive about everything and gives me the strength to move forward. His insight is amazing and he never sways from what he has seen. He is a guiding light. Thank you John for your wisdom, insight, energy and healing. Bless xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
John is just excellent, I got a reading and things that he has mentioned have come to passed, I love him!! Thank you, John! " ... written by sonji
Amazing!" ... written by mashael
It was very nice reading. He didn't sugarcoat which I really like. He told me honest and truthful reading which I wanted to hear even it wasn't in my favor. This was my second reading with him. It was excellent. Thank you john for another great reading." ... written by Nidhi
To be very honest no other persons here read my situation like john did. I heard lots of suger coated sweet words that i expected from others and it calmed me down at the moment but those never solved any probs. John gives you what you exactly need." ... written by Hiroko
Awesome reading! I can't wait for a couple of hrs! :o)" ... written by Chicoca587
Excellent!" ... written by sandra
John is an amazing psychic. So far everything that he has told me in detail has come true. All I have to do is wait when things come and I'm glad I'm prepared for it. " ... written by Chicoca587
Thank you my friend." ... written by sylvia
My go to person. Love John to bits. He is simply wonderful. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
Really good one. One of the real ones here. Sees real things" ... written by PETER
John, amazing, wonderful and truthful predictions! Enough said..." ... written by chicoca587
He is the Best! perfect prediction." ... written by lady71
John is magnificent! His predictions really do come true!" ... written by chicoca587
Connected effortlessly with spirit to provide quick, accurate, detailed, informative, insightful read." ... written by spirituality10
I missed John so much he is one of Best psychic on here hard to catch but so worth it, had my doubts abt John and his predictions, but lots of his predictions came true for me 1 by 1.. he is very spot on with what he say, he is also very honest tells me like it is that's y i keep coming back can't get enough of his accuracy..." ... written by elle11
Very on point and accurate, gives a lot of details as well." ... written by marie5290
Just cant get enough!" ... written by taurusmay5
Incredible reading as always,1000000stars." ... written by taurusmay5
Thanks John, seems as though the connection was good but wish I had more credits." ... written by sarebear
John is just outstanding." ... written by John
By far the most accurate on here, I had many, many readings with John and it's never enough he is addictive... he is without doubt so accurate it's like he gets into the mind of anyone you ask about and leaves you shocked and speech less !!! Once u tried John your search will be over. :)) " ... written by elle11
John, thank you for your advice today. You have helped me more than you can imagine. Scary how you type what I am thinking!!!! Bless you." ... written by nz
Thank you again.. Excellent.. No doubt" ... written by sylvia
What a relieve to talk to some one who is accurate and caring, he is simply the best " ... written by taurusmay5
John is the best! So straightforward, accurate and caring." ... written by MJ
I am in complete awe of this man, its almost like every thing he predicts and says goes and gets written in stone, Even if you try and change things which are not so happy predictions, you end up saying, John you were right, it did not happen. I visited Oranum, to be more specific, John , after 3 months now , and so far every single thing he predicted for me 3 months back ,have come true one after another , including the time frames and exact descriptions. Something was predicted for 16-17th May, and did happen on 17th May, then end of may and beginning of June, and it again happened. Not only in these 3 months, but I have been coming to him since October 2012 , and everything he has been predicting has been happening the way it is predicted. I am so used to his predictions coming true, that it no more surprises me. And now its like, whenever I need guidance and am confused, I straightaway open this site and keep checking until he is online, because I only want to come to him, since his predictions actually happen. He is an adviser, teacher, he scolds me, points out my weakness, but at the same time gives me confidence to fight and move. I am glad because he remember s me so well now ,including the names of people in my life i mention to him. Thank You John, take care." ... written by niharika_1985
So glad to have this wonderful man back. John is definitely my go to person for deep insight and energy. Things don't always pan out, but I have complete confidence in everything he sees and he never backs down. I thank you John, for your energy and time and generosity of spirit. Blessings always xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
I want to thank John from the bottom of my heart for being so patient with me everytime. He knows me for 10 months now , and has been always there to help and guide though the toughest of the times. His advice is so genuine and straight from the heart. Hearing you is a transcendental experience. " ... written by Niharika
John is great. I missed him on here. Glad he's back." ... written by John
Detailed read" ... written by k
As usual, always en pointe...wonderful man, always come to him for enlightenment on situations. Many blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul15
So missed him for his accuracy and his help, glad to be able to catch him again." ... written by taurusmay5
Such clarity and comfort from this wonderful man. His predictions are just coming forward one by one. He is awesome, miss him when he is not around on Oranum. Many blessings John, love and light xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
Thank you again my dear.. nice chatting with usual." ... written by sylvia
Best as usual! Accurate readings." ... written by angelina
John is EXCELLENT!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
As always great!" ... written by Teresa
1st reading with John... He gave detailed description of my situation. Let's see how things will unfold. Thank you! " ... written by Woodencloud
Thank you so much for your reading..." ... written by Sylvia
Whoa, was the longest hours of my life. John's always busy when he is here. Hard to catch. Anyways thanks John, waiting for the predictions come true." ... written by Hiroko
Just had a healing session and it was amazing, millions of stars!" ... written by Taurusmay5
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Denise
Great great great reading I love him." ... written by Taurusmay5
Accurate psychic. And a pleasure to have met." ... written by chicoca587
AMAZING! THANK YOU!" ... written by Klaudyna27
Very good." ... written by rina
John is the bomb xx" ... written by twinsoul
John is excellent! No one else like him!" ... written by chicoca587
Unexpected prediction about my job came true, I doubted, laughed, but it happened..." ... written by Niha
This is my 5th reading with John within the last 4 months. I like his reading. But I am still stuck on one Question. I will wait and see if his predictions will occur this time. Until now he is still the best one on this site who gives clear insight on the matter. Thanks for your gift John." ... written by ystylus
Just a quick update, but always fabulous and in tune. My go to person, always. Blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul
He is amazing! he is the best in Oranum. He told me everything that he saw. Everything was correct." ... written by lady71
The best." ... written by diamond
Always great. Spot on." ... written by sarebear
Thanks for the update John...not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I trust what you have said. As usual, John is straight to the point and very insightful. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
Thanks again John not sure things gonna change though I could feel better and you cheered me up for standing by myself and staying strong. Thank you!" ... written by Hiroko
No sugar coating. Tells it as he sees it. Lots of details. Kind, loving manner." ... written by Eva
I can't do any things without telling John. He told me about something will happen in August and that happened as he said. John can make my life clearer more than what I see. He can explain my future situation and it happened exactly as he told. If you want a psychic, all his predictions came true. You must try John and you will not lose. Thank you very much." ... written by Ayshaue
Wow John was impressive. He named my career and situation EXACTLY. Thank you for advice. John. Take John for a reading. He is so psychic. So accurate. " ... written by Fulgur
John you are amazing and a good friend. :)" ... written by chicoca587
Just an all around fabulous guy! Accurate in the past, will keep you posted John." ... written by CALI
Great reading by John! He is always accurate and 95% predictions have come true for me... Thanks so much for your work, John! xoxo" ... written by sandy
Great reading and just amazing." ... written by Monisha
Thank you so much for the reading, John! it helps me a lot. Five stars. " ... written by Mai
This man is the best. The only one i go to here or anwhere else. I owe him so much. Thanks, is very small word. you have made me strong." ... written by Niha
really good, he connects very deep and told me exactly what he sees." ... written by smiley2011
John is consistently accurate with highly detailed information and" ... written by spiritflower79
Amazing, the best hands down as usual!!! " ... written by mashael
Wow very accurate as usual ! Thank you sooo much for you help..:)" ... written by marie5290
John will tell you the truth. I had questions which he answered" ... written by leogirl
Yesterday psychic John told me there will be a problem in my final day, and after talking with him its happened as he said. So, I come today to find a solution for the problem. John really is the best psychic and this is not the only one prediction which came true, He saw everything's and all what he told me in the past came true. Thank you very much my best friend." ... written by Ayshaue
He is a very loving character. He is so detailed in his reading. He will tell you everything you want to know and they are accurate. Love him." ... written by nk063011
Very good read!" ... written by a
Wow. MIND BLOWING!!!! Can't say more. Thanks so much!" ... written by Aisha
He continues to amaze me with every reading I receive... John. thank you for the predictions and the advice... A million stars!" ... written by sandy
Psychic John is quick and tells me the real truth, which I need to know to be ware of. He is way above of a psychic. His words are so short but worthy. He saved my life. A lot more than just thank you, John! Stars are not enough to grade John. Thank you God, for sending John to help me!" ... written by Mai
Great support as always, accurate and honest!" ... written by taurusmay5
The best in the world!!!!! xoxo thanks John!" ... written by mashael
John is amazing! The things that he says is just so impressive. He can describe my personality like no other. And his predictions have always so far been correct." ... written by chicoca587
John is amazing! He can see deeply into the situation, and provides excellent advice - Truly Excellent!!! Thank you John..!" ... written by Globe
Very impressed i highly recomend him sees alot!" ... written by apple
Great, amazing reading" ... written by yuriko
Wonderful!" ... written by Chicoca587
He is amazing!" ... written by mashael
Great as he always is. Thanks John!" ... written by nz
John is an amazing man, so connected and in tune with everything that is going on around me. He is one who does not ask questions but provide information, a lot of information that is accurate. I have come to John for a year now and his predictions have come true. He only tells you what you need to know and the truth. Thank you John for your guidance. " ... written by Irene
PsychicJohn - gets a 5 star rating. He is amazing. Besides being very kind and sweet he has been an amazing spiritual adviser. I will be visiting him again. " ... written by jackiep013
Wonderful" ... written by chicoca587
Great psychic!" ... written by chicoca587
Thank you " ... written by talor
Thank you again for the reading" ... written by Myriame
Fabulous as usual. Why go anywhere else? xx" ... written by twinsoul
He is so nice and so accurate. it is a bless to chat with him.. love you john" ... written by sylvia
very positive" ... written by a
John is just unbelievable. Love reading with him." ... written by John
Love him! One of the best!" ... written by chicoca587
He is the best!!!!blesing" ... written by sabinaa
Thank you Angel John. You are always the one to turn to for honest and direct insight. As usual John is fast, reliable and usually spot on with his sessions. Many blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul
Just wanted to let you know your prediction about my invitation happened in the time frame you predicted! Thanks so much John!" ... written by calibabe23
Hi John, thank you for the reading. You been always so honest and fast reader. I wasn't able to copy and pasted the site you posted. I will definitely let you know when prediction happens. Thank you." ... written by Moonstonelady
He is always great in his assessment of the situation!!! Absolutely love his assertiveness!" ... written by epa
Amazing!" ... written by chicoca587
Excellent! Undoubtedly the BEST here or anywhere !" ... written by Niha
Thank you friend" ... written by mahham sarzar
Excellent, detailed reading, thank you, John! " ... written by Globe
Thanks For evrtyhing." ... written by Niharika
Amazing man!" ... written by chicoca587
John is a very honest man. He gives great details and specializes in healings. Thank you for all your help John!" ... written by WhiteBikini
Words will not give John the real meaning. Every reading with him I'm surprise how he can dive at my future and give me full reading which I couldn't feel doubt about it before because all his predictions came true. I hope to be as you told me dear John. Thank you very much you are the best." ... written by Ayshaue
Marvelous!" ... written by Chicoca587
God I missed him so much, he is the best I wish he was more frequent on Oranum." ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful !!!! 10 stars !!" ... written by mashael
John is a wonder !!!!!! He is too good !!!!!! Love him !!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
Another great reading with John, he is amazing!" ... written by Vivi15
Thank you. x" ... written by librabeauty
John is a very sensitive psychic. I was truly amazed by his responses to my questions. He read me very accurately, so I have no reason to doubt what he said about the other people and situations I will encounter. I feel like he truly cares about the person he is reading for, and wants to advise them out of concern for their well being. He was specific, with timelines, and genuine care. Thank you John." ... written by G
You are so good john thanks for being honest with me " ... written by kia
Ok , funny it is , but The way he reads is unbelievable , you can't hide anything , i have a backache and a pain in my left leg rigt now , while i am speaking to him , he caught that :P " ... written by niharika
Very consistent with what others have told me. You are right. i need to be patient. I will meditate. I thank you for sharing your gift with me tonight! " ... written by snowcherries
Thank you John a true and honest man great advice God bless you, :) " ... written by HeartOfsilver
Amazing. Seems like a god sent angel to me when I needed it. So compassionate and accurate." ... written by candy
It is always nice to chat with you.. Really love your energy.. You are such a god sent to me.. " ... written by sylivia
John is awesome, thanks so much for your time and help!" ... written by Suk
John is consistently accurate, caring and incredible at what he does. He is my go-to guy because he will always tell you how to get what you want, and how to change for the better!" ... written by Mjocho
Thanks John." ... written by sarebear
Oranum has some serious connection problems tonight but John helped answer my questions. He is quick and to the point and does not waste any credits. Thanks John!" ... written by Suk
Great reader. Nice chating with you again.. thank you." ... written by sylvia
One of the most amazing, insightful and kind experts in Oranum. Truly cares for his clients and wants to create a better world for everyone. Thanks for your kindness. I send you all my light and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ... written by Eva
He is awesome!!!!!! Always on point..... The absolute best! " ... written by Ash
Spot on,recommend" ... written by salma
Just love this man! He is funny, articulate, down to earth, truthful, very very insightful and so spot on it's scary. The one of the best here on Oranum...don't pass up the opportunity to have a session with him. Much love and blessings always xx" ... written by twinsoul
Very good, as usual." ... written by a
Another fabulous update with John. Thank you John for always being there for me and quelling my fears and giving me hope. Always blessings, love and light xxx" ... written by twinsoul
John was very intuitive and picked up on everything. Great reading and highly recommended!" ... written by Juherez
Thanks so much for being truthful , honest reliable and a beautiful person which you are inside out...God bless." ... written by Niha
John is genuine." ... written by s
Hands down the best !" ... written by diamond
He was soooo amazing scarred the crap out of me! LOL!" ... written by angelchild
Amazing!" ... written by bean
Ooops time's over! Had great reading as always. Thanks!" ... written by hiroko
What can I say, that I haven't said before. He is awesome friend and adviser. Thanks a" ... written by twinsoul
WoW another amazing reading with John. My best psychic in Oranum. He gave me many details. John the psychic whose all of his prediction came true. Thank you dear" ... written by Ayshaue
Detailed... worthy." ... written by p
Always the one with the perfect answers and he doesn't tell you what u want but he speaks the truth. best reader ever!!!! " ... written by sammy
I could not resist I had to go back for more he is outstanding!!!!! Him and my other fav psychic have the same vision for my future I am very excited and hopeful that it comes to fruition!" ... written by Ash
Amazing!!!!!! John, thank you sooo much for the great reading and for the predictions that have come to pass. Until next week! xo" ... written by sandy
Thanks so much!" ... written by p
I was shocked by all the insights he knew about my life, and by somethings I never knew, I look forward to the predictions... thank you John!" ... written by andrea
Very informative and kind and honest. Very good reading and very intuitive." ... written by Juherez
Always a pleasure to talk to absolutely adore him and he is amazingly accurate." ... written by Ash
John amazing as always. Giving me hope as usual. Thank you John." ... written by chicoca587
John has always been amazing to me. He astounds me as to how correct and accurate he is. I can't wait to do all the things he told me to do. :o)" ... written by Ally
Very very awesome person." ... written by a
I live in hard situation and no body felt that more than John. I can write a book about all of his predictions which came true!. God be with you. You are the BEST." ... written by Ayshaue
John is the best. He told me that I'll have chance to work and that happened exactly. He said something will happen for my lover and that happened as he told me. Amazing reading every time." ... written by Ayshaue
Thanks John for being so patient and nice always.. Blessing forever .. Take care" ... written by Niharika
WOW! I am shocked. All of the previous reviews are correct. HE IS THE REAL DEAL... This man is truly in touch with the spirit. No tools needed! Just your name! John, I appreciate your honesty, wisdom, and encouragement. He is highly recommended for anyone wanting to know the real situation. I will be back to speak with you again.THANK YOU!" ... written by NIKKI
He's the best on Oranum!! I love him ! *****" ... written by mashael
John is the best. " ... written by Niharika
Very Good, thank you." ... written by Kimberly
Thanks for the push john" ... written by a
Incredibly mind blowingly amazing, love and adore him" ... written by Taurusmay5
Love him! Always a pleasure to get a reading from him!" ... written by Sunshine
Blessing John. It was so nice to chat with you. Thanks for blessing too. Love you!" ... written by sylvia
John is amazing! He always knows what to say to me when I'm feeling down. He really does show that he cares genuinely. His predictions do come true and if anything changes he will let you know. He is very open and honest. That's what I like about him. :o)" ... written by Ally
John is such a great guy!" ... written by Ally
Had a healing done, feel comforted!" ... written by kw
Great reading as always." ... written by taurusmay5
John is amazing! He always has amazing insights about the situations and predictions are 90% right most of the time! Thanks so much for your work john!" ... written by sandra
Amazing!" ... written by mashael
Ran out of credits, but John was really insightful and provided me with a lot of useful information! Thank you, John!" ... written by Kay
Amazing! Perfect!" ... written by lady71
Thank you John for great advice and reading. highly recommended very honest kind, and straight forward." ... written by Juherez
*****John is fabulous, I have read with him in the past with spot on accuracy. Today I was honored by his gift of healing....I could feel the immediate impact. I cannot recommend him enough for all his talents are true and special, which he is generous enough to share here. He is amazing.*****" ... written by babs
Just checked a question with him, he is very accurate for me, thank you." ... written by Su
John is amazing. He told me 2 points today that I know for a fact" ... written by nancy
I have no words to explain how helpful my weekly readings with john are. He is always very clear with the situation and predictions are 90% correct. Thank you John for your help. :)" ... written by sandra
Incredibly accurate and honest, he is terrific. Love him." ... written by taurusmay5
Always great, wish I had more time. Thanks John xx" ... written by sarebear
Thanks!" ... written by a
I have not seen a more patient and nice man than him. he is a gem. thanks for everything..God bless." ... written by niharika
Takes forever to catch him when he is on, as he is sooo good! Always wonderful and insightful and spot on. Thank you my friend John. Blessings always. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
I am in debt for his constant support, when everything goes down in my life I have John to help me continue, I love you John." ... written by Taurusmay5
Thanks for easing the pain!" ... written by a
Sorry that it cut off. Will grab you another time. Nice chatting with you as usual." ... written by sylvia
I never said this before but this man is so connected. HE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!" ... written by nicole
Very peaceful after talking to John." ... written by a
Very accurate and confident. Must consult!" ... written by lady71
Love him!" ... written by Ally
THANKS " ... written by pinky55
Thank you for the update. Still very consistent with reading." ... written by Aisha
Amazing!" ... written by Sunshine
Wonderful!" ... written by Sunshine
I can not believe what just happened. So insightful!!! He provided so much with little information from me and so much I knew to be true as well as some things I was uncertain but had a feeling about. Also provided steps to take and things to get to improve the energy around me. One of the best I have interacted with to date!!! Definitely coming back to him!" ... written by Ohyikes
John is unbelievable. So fast an accurate. Really enjoy my time with him. He has helped me so much." ... written by John
Gotta love him! He's very open and honest!" ... written by Sunshine
He's a gem. Love him!" ... written by sarebear
He was great help. I'll be up dating him in two weeks of changes. He was very accurate." ... written by luckyruby77
Amazing as always!" ... written by caligal91
Thanks a lot John. You are never wrong." ... written by Nv
Thank you!" ... written by pinky55
Thanks alot for the reading john. Really appreciate it." ... written by mysticmarzo
Thanks John. tc" ... written by nv
I love John, he is the best hands down. Always on point. " ... written by mashael
Love him!" ... written by Sunshine
This guy is awesome. He was too the point, and very connected to the situation. Very caring! I m happy I got my reading with him!" ... written by Ireaa
Always wonderful, my 'go to' person here. Excellent as always. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
Really good detail reading, now readings, amazing!" ... written by starburs
John is an amazing reader and healer. 5+ stars!" ... written by Angel
My first reading with John, was very detailed and spot on. Knew many things about me without telling him anything, like my age group, type of profession, family issues etc. I am really impressed. Also made some predictions that I hope come to pass! :) Thank you" ... written by sandy
Thanks for the reassurance John. As usual, John is fantastic at getting to the nitty gritty of a situation. I appreciate him for his time and patience and the constant questioning I do. He never falters from his predictions and I only hope that things pan out as he has seen. Many blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul
Great reading by john again and again! thank you so much :)" ... written by sandra
Always a pleasure speaking with John, he has been accurate many times for me." ... written by SU
He is so honest.. wish the computer worked as good as he does. " ... written by cat
Weekly read went awesome again. How does he know everything I didn't even tell him? I don't know! Amazing!" ... written by caligal91
Wonderful! He definitely cares!" ... written by Sunshine
I love this man's healing abilities. He is a powerful healer and psychic. I highly recommend this psychic. Thank you John for all the help and support you offer me. I am very grateful. Bless your soul." ... written by WhiteBikini
He is absolutely precise! Perfect!" ... written by pablo
Great great help as always, 5 trillion stars!" ... written by Taurusmay5
Again, he is extremely precise! Never saw someone like him! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pablo
Wonderful reader, extremely helpful, great connection." ... written by ruth
I love the fact that he is so honest with me. :)" ... written by sunshine
He is very honest and friendly, of course accurate. Thanks God, thanks John, you are the best." ... written by Christina HOU
I love John! He's such a sweet, very caring man. For this I have to say he is very genuine and honest. :)" ... written by Sunshine
Love John. Great reader and so much insight. " ... written by John
Thanks again!!!" ... written by pinky55
Thank you John, always pleasure and your accuracy is amazing. Please try him for the best prediction. " ... written by seun808
Love John!" ... written by Su
Thanks john" ... written by a
I think its common knowledge that john is the BEST Psychic on oranum. " ... written by Mark
Gives great clarity and tell the truth. No sugarcoating here. Thanks John." ... written by nick
Thanks a Lot John. You have always been precise, accurate and genuine. You have never been wrong in the past 1 year and your advice and words have made me a better person. Take care. Many blessings to you. God bless." ... written by Niharika
Amazing reading all the time! Always spot on with everything, and predictions 90% true. So glad to find him in oranum! :)" ... written by sandra
John is such a wonderful man. I dont know what would have happened if it werent for him to come into my life." ... written by Sunshine
Great reading by John! Thank you!" ... written by bella
Thank you so much for the update. Hope to see if I will have news from her in 5-6 days." ... written by Myriame
Brilliant man! Love his energy work! Thank you John. I will keep the faith." ... written by WhiteBikini
iWOW the best readings I've had so far.. now he is my go to Psychic.. very clear, VERY intuitive" ... written by Sahreen
Very clear and honest guidance" ... written by angelszone
Amazing level of detail, no sugar coating and some valuable advice. Gave some very specific recoomendations. Highly recommend." ... written by PS
Brilliant, as always . So precise and in tune...Love him..One of the best! xx" ... written by twinsoul
Very good read" ... written by a
Very good and honest" ... written by christina
Excellent reading " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
John is amazing! Wow! I didnt even have to ask questions, he just told me everything I ever needed to know. :) Thanks so much!" ... written by caligal91
I loved every minute with john. ***** " ... written by mashael
Very nice - awesome!!" ... written by Ratan
John was very insightful and started to tell me things before I even typed a question. Great reading!" ... written by bythesea
Awesome as usual. I am so grateful for John and his beautiful healing words and wonderful insights. He is a blessing. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!" ... written by pinky55
CAME FOR AN UPDATE AND HE WAS AS ALWAYS 5 STARS!" ... written by Taurusmay5
John is just such a great man. He has helped me so much. " ... written by john
Very good reading, once again thank you." ... written by gateforest
Very useful suggestion and honest answer." ... written by Christina HOU
Another healing work and incredible reading, thank you john " ... written by Tarusmay5
Love john. He is so good and so fast. Always accurate time frames." ... written by John
John is the best. I love this man because he is not only accurate, but he really truly cares about you with compassion. He is very wise and a real honey. Love you John. And remember I am praying for you! Baci" ... written by globe
Great reading! I always love readings from him!" ... written by sandra
Healing session again , cant get enough of him ,love this man " ... written by Tarusmay5
This man is amazing. Always accurate and very in tune. Love coming to him for advice." ... written by SUK
Thank you so much for your reading. You are such a warm soul.. God bless you!" ... written by sylvia
Thanks John! You know what to say to calm me down :)" ... written by caligal91
Nice!!" ... written by Ratan
Very Nice" ... written by Ratan
Great psychic!!! Love him" ... written by lisa
John is just amazing! I have to say that 99% of his predictions have come to pass, even the ones I doubted the most! I recommend all of my friends and people who I care about to John! you wont regret and it could be life changing! blessings." ... written by sandra
Great like always!" ... written by Virgo
divine guidance" ... written by s
He is the best, whenever I have some questions, I'm confused I'm here to ask him and he always helps a lot!!! Thanks " ... written by sabinaa
Very frank and honest reading. Good advice given, even though not what I wanted to hear. But he has compassion for his clients. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Always fantastic. Just love John" ... written by John
Had such a strong connection to my situation and didn't need to tell him anything. He was an amazing reader and I recommend him to anyone. Blessings you. Give you clear mind on everything. " ... written by sylvia
Talking to him after a long time, and yet again amazed by his accuracy. He made a few prediction for me a few months back, and all are coming true one by one. " ... written by Niharika
John has been the best adviser on Oranum, he always know me and my situation better that anyone. And he's advices are spot on. Thank you !" ... written by mike
John is really amazing psychic every time I wondered how all of his predictions came true. I enjoyed talking with him,his words equal gold in my heart. Thank you dear John you are the best." ... written by aysha
John gives the best readings! Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
John once again didn't need any information. Tuned and and, man, I'm speechless. Not something I can really explain, just have to take him into private." ... written by donster
Always a great, insightful reading. Have a wonderful Christmas, be Blessed. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
Such a great guy! " ... written by sunshine
Very wonderful reading , I will wait for things to develop and see where it goes. Very on key with all information. Will use him again." ... written by gr8tday
Thanks so much John . you are a wonderful person .I cant describe in person how amazing you have been in these 1.5 years i have known you . You have never been wrong with your predictions although there have been times when i lost all hopes and stopped believing since things were just not happening , but you kept encouraging me and it did happen ..and happened the way you said. You have proved yourself as the best psychic time and again ..and your advice has never let me down has been the most genuine and in my best interest which has helpedrough the toughest of the times.. Thanks so much and i wish you the most beautiful new year and a life full of happiness and good luck.take care .. :)" ... written by Niha_1985
Thanks so much John! You always know what to do to get my mood up!" ... written by caligal91
Helpful" ... written by Chantel
I love him! He's great!" ... written by sunshine
Very good reading" ... written by apple
John is truly amazing! he is so in tune with any situation i have, and wow predictions always come to pass. I trust this man so much, and he truly cares about this. Thank you so much for the readings you have given me and for your time :)" ... written by sandra
Very good reading to the point. " ... written by jj
Great psychic!" ... written by sunshine
Had paralysis of my face came to him for healing , thanks john" ... written by Taurusmay5
Wonder reading, love him... " ... written by sylvia
THE BEST BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!" ... written by pinky55
Awesome" ... written by suny
This man always tell the truth no matter what. Never sugar coats. Doesn't leave you in the dark. He wants to help you! Thank You so much John!" ... written by nikki
Goood love him." ... written by cat
I love John he is my God sent geft in all times, thank you " ... written by Taurusmay5
Wow, amazing person made me feel so relaxed i can finally go and sleep peacefully at nights." ... written by mr. seeker
Great reading!" ... written by Sunshine
Thank you so much. Very fast and informative reading. 5 STARS." ... written by LifeIs Simple
5 stars!" ... written by Taurusay5
The best Friend I have had..God bless you John" ... written by Taurusay5
Incredibly amazing!" ... written by Taurusay5
super guy, super gifts, super professional. will let you know!" ... written by lovewater
Thanks again John :)" ... written by caligal91
Amazing!!1 I even have dreams about his predictions he is just the best!" ... written by sandra
Love John...the best! xx" ... written by twinsoul
Great connection as usual... And so on point." ... written by beautywithinone
Thanks John! :)" ... written by caligal91
Really great reading! Am very happy with the information I have received :) Will come back for sure!" ... written by Jolana
john is amazing! He is so insightful! OMG" ... written by sand
Thanks for the advice and true insight." ... written by mr. seeker
Thanks again John. :)" ... written by caligal91
Thank you so much! You're very good at what you do! God bless you!" ... written by pinky55
Such a wonderful person!" ... written by Sunshine
Gotta love the fact that he cares about you!" ... written by sunshine
Very good at giving details..." ... written by sunshine
Always the best, most reliable of all.... Love him x" ... written by Globe
Just as wonderful as he always is, million stars!" ... written by Taurusmay5
I have no words to describe how great John is. He is the best by far. He is truly talented and gifted, but not only - his Heart is pure and genuine.. he is a true gift to me and everyone else. God bless you and protect you John. Love xxx" ... written by Globe
Accurate and sees what's bullshit. " ... written by cat
John is always so precise even with dates and personalities… Predictions! Speechless! " ... written by san
Awsome reading with dear friend John without him I couldn't live my life in a good way. He gave me full reading for new year. I hope achive my goals this year. All his predictions came true last year. He is the best. Trust me and you will not loose." ... written by Ayshaue
John is a wonderful reader. He is genuine and very honest!!! God Bless you John!" ... written by ROSE
Thank you John about the healing and the reading. I am in a very emotional stage and you gave me some good advice. I really needed that to wake up. I will do what you told me. Thank you again!" ... written by :) Love
Love him !!! The best" ... written by mashael
He is rare GEM. I cannot say enough about how fantastic he is!! Wow. So spot on. So kind, honest, generous!!! He said things that I hadn't even brought up that were completely accurate. He described people with such specifics. He gave timelines. If you want a PSYCHIC READING, he is the ONE. Thank you so much John." ... written by G
Nice reading as usual!" ... written by ystylus
Came to him sad and despirate, he is my answer to everything " ... written by Tarusmay5
Wonderful career read :) " ... written by caligal91
amazing amazing!! very good reading as usual! thank you so much!!" ... written by Aisha
seriously.the best.even though its tough to get a pvt from him because hes busy much" ... written by diamond
Phenomenal!!! The best on Oranum hands down!" ... written by Ashley
John is very accurate with his reading. I will come back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
the best " ... written by mashael
My heart was beating so fast. This man is effing good!" ... written by Palomina
Connected with situation. Very accurate details. Hope that only the good part comes true and hope the bad part goes wrong" ... written by C
John is a sweetheart, truly, truly addictive, I don't feel complete without having a reading with him my very own private psychic/ detective - not only is he shockingly accurate and by far one of the best.. he gets to the core of any issue in no time!... and gives you that direct truth that you so desperately seek. AMAZING!! He sees it all... he feels it all.... so be prepared - There's no hiding from him!! Luv you John. xxxxx" ... written by elle11
Amazing accurate psychic. Highly recommend. Take John for private. Many thanks." ... written by Fulgur
I love him!" ... written by Sunshine
The best!!!!!! Love him." ... written by sabinaa
I do not know what to write, he is different." ... written by tarusmay5
John is the definition of exellence, I am absolutely blown away by his abilities and the healing power he has… It's always amazing to speak to him… And predictions are 90% accurate… Thank you John!" ... written by alma
Awesome!" ... written by Ratan
Thanks :)" ... written by caligal91
John picked up on other woman. He is spot on with his readings and very honest. I will come back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
Excellent" ... written by Paloma
I love him! He is the best!" ... written by sunshine
The best!!!!" ... written by mike
what can I say I love John!!!" ... written by aSHLEY
john is the real deal , i so love him and he is so right on with me thanks john will be back soon" ... written by gr8tday
John is always so insightful and truthful and will never tell you what you want to hear, only the truth. Always my go to person for deep insight. Love him to bits. Many blessings John xxx" ... written by twinsoul
No word needed. Just try him. amazing and he is great guide. " ... written by seun808
John!! I believe everything you say, so many predictions have come true for me!" ... written by sandra
John is the best, he promised me and he as always kept his promise, thanks John" ... written by Taurusmay5
Great reading the best as usual " ... written by Taurusay5
Very nice!" ... written by Ratan
Fabulous. Just fabulous. I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. AFter you read with him, you will know what i mean. A million thank you's, John." ... written by g.
Amazing 5 stars!" ... written by mashael
simply wonderful and amazing " ... written by julie
John the best so far on Oranum:)" ... written by Mike
The Best on Oranum." ... written by g
always a treat" ... written by cccc
Great reading !" ... written by muse
great as always" ... written by g
He is always spot on accurate. No b/s." ... written by Virgo
John was amazing as always. I highly recommend him!!! His readying always come to pass and I hope he stay at Oranum because there is no other like him!!!" ... written by Gaia_1
Thanks so much John for ur honest advice. Bad news , but better to know the truth than live in dreams...I respect u a lot John for being always honest and true with me , for 2 years now..take care god bless. and u are neevr wrong ...i trust u and ur predcitions..and advice.." ... written by NK
Wonderful man!" ... written by Sunshine
Thanks John :)" ... written by caligal91
Wonderful!" ... written by sunshine
Thank you for your insight." ... written by mr truth seeker
John cares about his clients and it comes thru in the reading. He got to the heart of the matter very quickly and gave me good insights to help guide me through a rough patch to my new path. I will see how it all works out over the next 4 months. It will be interesting! I will talk with John again before that time. He was excellent to speak with. " ... written by N
Wow, unbelievable. Was dead on." ... written by Kelli
Thank you John, you're great." ... written by mr truth seeker
Great psychic!" ... written by Sunshine
Thank you John, always on the right track!!!! Appreciate it!!!" ... written by samsam
Real, kind...great. " ... written by cat
Another amazing read! John is aaaaamazing!" ... written by caligal91
Thanks for your help John!" ... written by mr truth seeker
Great as always. Thanks!*****" ... written by n
awesomeness, he is so accurate!!!!! blessings" ... written by suny
Great reading! 5 stars" ... written by Destiny
amazing" ... written by julie
Thank you John." ... written by g
JOHN is so amazing!!! Thank you so much for the reading! If you have not spoken with John yet, do so because he will tell you the raw truth, without you even saying anything, he will tell you exactly how it is. thanks again!" ... written by aroox
John was very fast and excellent in picking up how my situation is. He can sense my inner thoughts and wants in life. He seems very confident in his predictions and he gave me specific descriptions for the people that I am involved with. Thank you John you were very helpful. 5 Stars" ... written by Destiny
As always John delivers!! Always accurate and helpful ." ... written by victoria111
Thanks or the honesty and the time! May the wind blow on your back and may the sun shine on your face." ... written by mark
Scary accurate. He doesn't sugar coat n things he said before that I didn't believe came true. N he knows what happened n all I said was my name!" ... written by Linn115
Thank you for the healing and honesty John. " ... written by Fulgur
Thanks a lot for the reading..very helpful." ... written by Taurusmay5
Thanks John for being so patient with me. Take care" ... written by Nk
Well got the hard raw truth def no sugar coat..quick and to the point" ... written by Jennifer
John is consistent with his readings. He is very accurate. I will consult with him again." ... written by Moonchild59
Always hurts to hear the truth, but someone's gotta do it and John is like a falcon with his insight vision. " ... written by Palomina
great job again" ... written by Kelli
Thanks so much John. I always enjoy our sessions. You are honest and loving with your messages. Many blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul
he is the most amazing ive ever experienced,,,,,all truth no waste off time" ... written by sharon berthel
I am very impressed with what John said. In so many ways he is right on the mark." ... written by Richard
Thanks John, every single word, I mean it, every single word you told was true true and nothing but true.... You are a true psychic.. Please take care, I wish you lots of good luck.. your health will be fine..may god bless you always.. take care.. much love and blessings.." ... written by Neha
Very insightful reading and uplifting! Great psychic." ... written by sweetsx
Great reading, thanks John." ... written by Cali
Thanks again so much John! :)" ... written by caligal91
Amazing. He got it to a T and he got our personalities perfectly with NO TOOLS AT ALL. Amazing. I will be coming back to him and I will do as he says. Thank you john!" ... written by Tina
Fabulous! Thank you so much." ... written by Jupiter01
Connects really well, and knows what he is talking about. Thank you!" ... written by az
Thanks so much! Very helpful, very accurate, the real deal." ... written by Angelica
Very wonderful person, very helpful, will always go back to him." ... written by Viviann
Great reading!!! Connects very well!" ... written by Laura
Highly recommend!! 5 stars." ... written by Bhanu
Thanks John, you're a life saver. :)" ... written by caligal91
No one is like him!!!" ... written by happiness
More detailed and quick and honest than the others. Thank you." ... written by g
Wow John is incredible. Really all predictions have come true. Plus the advise that he gives by judging what he sees helps soooo much! Thank you so much :)" ... written by sand
Wow He was Amazing!! Saw alot that I didnt expect! I actually wanna talk to him again." ... written by Marissa
Great psychic!" ... written by sunshie
The best on Oranum no questions asked. All i can say it's wow" ... written by mike
Seems assuring...will be back again." ... written by aquave
Reading was awesome, checked on everything I wanted to and some great advice. Thanks John, always love your readings!" ... written by sarebear
Accurate and he will gives you the best advice :) " ... written by Cassandra
Thank you so so much for your honesty and help, it was much, much appreciated! You have helped me so much, and for that I am forever grateful!! " ... written by E
Great!" ... written by kw
I have missed reading with John. So good, so fast and so accurate." ... written by John
He was very helpful, he made me laugh. He is genuine and honest, very trustworthy and he is worth every penny!!! I will come back again!!! :)" ... written by Maya
As usually. it is nice to chat with John.. He is nice and patient with me.. Always good prediction too." ... written by sylvia
John leaves me speechless every time..... i don't know how he knows what he knows.... it's amazing.. seriously. He knows what he's talking about. Everything he picked up on was sooo on point. it's truly unbelievable how much he knows and sees. WOW..... definitely will be back." ... written by mini
He truly is the best! Psychic John is my brother for life..Amen" ... written by Princess Rachel
Wow so much information is a short space of time. Things that were picked up were right on. Would have loved to have heard what else he had to say but ran out of time but will certainly come back another day for sure. Very good." ... written by Lyn
Awesome thanks again! Looking forward to expand my career" ... written by caligal91
Confirmed what I had thought and helped me with my fears." ... written by J
John is a first class psychic and star to Oranum, recommend him to everyone..You will be addicted to him once u have a reading..I will always continue go to him, he is like no other, he spots little details that he couldn't possibly know.. love him! By far the most accurate. " ... written by elle11
We had a great session...spoke of many things and so many things were so accurate, it was amazing! One of my favourite readers and 'go to' man..Thank you so much John, for restoring my faith even in my own intuition. Much love and blessings xxx" ... written by twinsoul
Thanks for the healing. I feel much better now..." ... written by sylvia
I think Psychic John has an extra ordinary talent. He told what had happened with me so clearly (how could he know?) and tended to my feeling. He sent me healing which I could feel his power and I walked away his room feeling lifted up. He also gives me hope and encouragement and meaningful advise. I wish I could talk to him longer..... I recommend Psychic John to anyone! " ... written by beach_orange888
Thank u for ur non stop advice n quick reading on my problems!!!!!! :)" ... written by Linn115
hahaha this guy really makes me laugh so hard, and he really tell you what you can do, funny accurate sweet and awesome will be back for sure.... :P" ... written by Cassandra
Amazing reading! 100 stars John :)" ... written by mashael
John is just incredible, he really gets to see what is happening and the predictions are amazing and happening!! I'm always shocked. " ... written by sandra
john told me things I needed to hear, I did not want to hear them but needed to be said , I will continue to come for advice" ... written by gr8tday
Great as usual! xx" ... written by twinsoul
Lovely reading!" ... written by suk
The best!" ... written by seun808
Thanks so Much John for ur amazing advice on the career..I am gonna put all my efforts into it..i look forward to May..for some good Job chnage..Wish all goes well.thanks so much for keeping patience with me in this long reading...Wish work life balance comes back again...definitely need a break..take care..thanks and blessings!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Niha
Thanks again John :)" ... written by caligal91
WOWWW this guy's insight is incredible! AMAZING." ... written by Mare2014
John is very accurate with all readings. Very connected to spirit, and kind and honest. Many thanks." ... written by Fulgur
THE BEST!!!!" ... written by pinky
Very insightful, ran out of credits! Will come back." ... written by Mare2013
I love John. He is so outstanding. Far better than most on this site. Positive, insightful and great timeframes." ... written by John
Had a reading for my career and he was helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Taurusmay5
Very very good. Answers my questions before I even type them. Gave very specific dates and details tonight. Very grateful for his kindness, generosity, and understanding. Thank you so much John!" ... written by G
He truly is the best, thanks love" ... written by Princess Rachel
OMG!!! This has got to be the very best session ever!! Phenomenal..I truly had a divine connection with this beautiful angel. My love, i truly cried with tears of joy..he knew everything absolutely eevrything about me and James...the way we look, who we are, and me in showbiz my life. love, pls protect and pray for james and I always i love you, xoxoox" ... written by Princess Rachel always!!!! the point.." ... written by Nv
So much great information. Time frames. Just a real pleasure to work with John" ... written by John
Great reading :)" ... written by G
Great reading. Thank you!" ... written by G
Very clear and honest. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
John is always spot on with his predictions and also he knows some things about me which only people closest to me would know. This is why I am a repeat client. Highly recommended. " ... written by Cora
John is super. Right on everything. Amazing!" ... written by hazelziggy
Thanks again :)" ... written by caligal91
Great reading and well detailed and explained but this is real and you will thank him after. " ... written by JJ
very very good, on top today@@!!!!" ... written by c
Wonderful again, hit the nail on the head with so much stuff. Thanks John!" ... written by sarebear
John is very good when it comes to details. He is very detailed in his readings and his predictions come true." ... written by Sunshine
John is simply the best there is, he makes me feel so calm and connected he gives good advice and gave me some healing for my anxiety. I will continue on my path and see where it leads me thanks so much john for your honesty and I am proud to call you friend! May you be Blessed always ..... " ... written by gr8tday
Wow John has read every thought I had about every question I asked him! Honestly no bs here… He has given me super amazing advice through what spirit has showed him… I am amazed at his accuracy to see my personal life and how i can improve my journey… and predictions always come true… I mean can it get better than this??? John you are unbelievable!!! Thank you so much xoxo" ... written by Sandra
Unbelievable he is just brilliant.. he reads me like a book. Gets all the details spot on..." ... written by elle11
Calmed me down and realistically nailed points that i know to be true...he's amazing...with no tools and he does it with purity from his heart...truly genuine. thank you." ... written by Tina
John is great! Spot on on every point." ... written by hazelziggy
Never has anyone in here been so generous to help me out for nothing in return! Thank u and I appreciate ur kindness and help. Such a generous person!" ... written by Linn115
Omg this is all I can say this man is wonderful he just point on everything in his reading i will be back for more i think i found my psychic for life." ... written by jody
Very very very accurate.. Brilliant! Thank you!" ... written by littleone3
He is the best as always on spot!!! Thanks John!!!" ... written by sabinaa
Thank u so much for all of your help, it was much appreciated...u are awesome and very honest." ... written by E
Wow!!!! Incredible, completely God sent. An Angel omg Bless you. I will post and update again. Thank you my friend." ... written by MaryAnn
Great reading" ... written by Taurusmay5
John is a sweet gentleman, he is awesome and a Great Energy Healer , and Reader.. He is on point with details I loved my reading.. Will keep you updated. Thank you so much John Excellent he left me speechlesssss.." ... written by sunshinec
very good!" ... written by nick
THE BEST!!!!" ... written by pinky
He was straight forward." ... written by capricorn
I am just trusting John on this earth. He is God's angel." ... written by Riya
Thank you so much John. Fast and to the point. Doesn't waste credits. Thank you again!" ... written by :) Love
Beautiful angel John, how blessed and grateful I am to have you in my life" ... written by PrincessRachel8
Everything he said was correct without me having to volunteer information. Even the fine details from conversation to physical attributes were correct. I'd recommend Psychic John to anyone that's wants an accurate reading." ... written by Joe
Spectacular!!!! John is unbelievably amazing!!! " ... written by Sandra
Great reader." ... written by mfurney
As usual, John is so spot on with his assessments and insights. It's always a pleasure to spend time with him and update the situations at hand. Look forward to coming predictions. Many blessings as always xxx" ... written by twinsoul
Awesome reader." ... written by mfurney
Thanks John, you're amazing :)" ... written by caligal91
John has really helped me get myself together. He truly only wants the best for people and I am grateful to have met and spoken with such a genuine psychic. He sees things no one else has and hes sooo powerful with what he does. Thanks so much John. Be blessed." ... written by mini
Thank you for the reading!!!!!!!!" ... written by jewell3086
John is a very sincere psychic !!! He tries to help you and wants best for you always !!!!" ... written by Rose
John is the BEST psychic at ORANUM !!! He and his readings are very natural !!!!!Love him !!!!!" ... written by Rosir
wonderful great honest open reading look forward to reveal of timelines" ... written by apple
I was so nervous and stressed, he calmed me down and gave me great hope that I know for sure is accurate. Thanks John" ... written by Taurusmay5
thanks for the feedback john. will take heed." ... written by sun
amazing yet again thank you" ... written by tat
John is great! i mean i always consult him because he is my one and only reallll psychic who tells u can create your future!" ... written by sandra
Thanks, sweetheart, you did goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by c
Always the best!!!!!" ... written by loveg
Wow... taken aback! He was very accurate and honest. He knew alot and i told him nothing. I could also feel his connection... Amazing Genuine. I have had many readings but nothing compares to this. Thank you John. " ... written by lalima
he was amazing truly gifted, such a pleasure having a reading from him" ... written by tat
Fast, thank you" ... written by S
This man knows more about you than you even know about yourself trust me. He will tell you everything you need to know about what is going on about any given situation. You will not be disappointed in your private reading! he is always spot on! 1,000,000 starts! Thanks john for your help. :)" ... written by loveg
thank you john!" ... written by sun
Thanks again John for encouraging me when I feel like giving up in my career. I seen numerous of your predictions come true and I hope to see more of them come true. " ... written by caligal91
He's very good!" ... written by sunshine
FABULOUS READER ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by loveg
Awesome as always! Straight forward, he is not wasting time and knows what you need to know. No vague claims!!! 5 stars always!" ... written by :) Love
the best!" ... written by mashael
John is the most accurate on here. Thank you so much" ... written by Val
He's one of the best****" ... written by naye
Thank you. He is the type of Psychic you want, and that truly represents a compassionate, professional, "real deal" psychic. " ... written by globedove
I love this man with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength! He is our defender in battle, our strength to carry on, our healer when we are weak or meak, he is brother John--the miraculous angelic soul to captivate our hearts..its unfolding amen" ... written by Princess Rachel
Quick catch up with John...fabulous and precise as usual. xx" ... written by twinsoul
You brought me to tears. You picked up on my sensitive situation instantly and I am forever grateful to you from my very soul. You will have many stars on your crown in heaven. God Bless you John" ... written by Sherrie
straight forward" ... written by irene
John is just amazing!!!!" ... written by sandra
Thank you so much! 5 stars!" ... written by :) Love
My goodness... I was very sad when we began, he picked that up, he sent me energy... he told me what I looked like and pin pointed the people in my life how they behave with me. He told me what my significant other looks like (and he was right). He even told me about myself and my ugly traits. I spent a bit of money to be honest he was worth EVERY DIME!!! I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT!!! and I will be back from time to time! I probably won't see anyone else. I think I have found my advisor. Thank you! Love and Light." ... written by JV
I'm slow to trust... but this guy was good. instantly knew" ... written by Holly
Awesome reading with dear John. I can't do anythings without asking him before. John helped me alot and he knew my life more than me. All his predictions came true. I'll not reach my dreams if I didn't meet John in Oranum. Thank you John you are very generous and still the best. God be with you." ... written by Ayshau
John is such a sweet heart! I can't wait for these things to happen. I'm so excited!" ... written by sunshine
Thanks John :) I appreciate the healing!" ... written by caligal91
it is nice to chat with you agian my dear. As usual your predictions are correct and " ... written by sylvia
John is awesome! There shave been plenty of times where he has told me that a certain someone will contact in a certain amount of hours and he has been right. I love how he can go into such detail. That is my favorite part of all..." ... written by sunshine
Thank you so much for encouraging me all this time John. I really appreciate it. Makes me hopeful of my career and everything else. Your advice really hits home. You are an amazing reader!" ... written by caligal91
amazing reading 5 stars !" ... written by mashael
John is one of the very best powerful readers and healers of all time. After having a healing session from him, I have experienced such wonders and miracles. I have been written up, demoted from my position, and coached from my work a year ago, and my coached was suppose to expire this April, which disables me to get promoted from my position. Well good news, i'm here to say, as I Walk on water, with John, the miracle happened----after the powerful healing session--the miracle happened, my write up and coached have been fully removed which enables me now to return and get my promotion position back amen..not only that, i have as well passed successfully my leadership exam for work..thank you John, you are the best!!!" ... written by Princess Rachel
Always a pleasure to talk to..." ... written by sunshine
John is extremely precise with dates and most predictions have come true. He just confirms everything that is in my mind and his words are very wise. Thank you so much John!" ... written by sandra
He picked up very well." ... written by Cheresse
Remarkable expert. Super fast connection. No tools used. Powerful healing. Cleansed all chakras. Very skillful describing people and situations. Gave predictions. Exact time frames. Explained everything in a very articulate and expressive way. Top notch expert. Absolutely recommended. The very best there is." ... written by Moravia
Truly one of the very best on here. Very clear in what he sees, and gives great detail and description of people I asked about. Very helpful and wonderful reading." ... written by Ahz
Thank you John...always so accurate and so many details...Youre the best and the kindest. 100% integrity and professionalism. A+++++" ... written by GD
OMG... wow...all those are extremely mild words to describe John.....Me,..i am always left in speechless condition just not being fully able to describe (with flimsy words that really don't do full justice) his magical, angelic ways and power of his god given gifts...This morning i came to him with a heavy heart and gloomy thoughts and now after the reading, receiving the healing energies from him, i am totally relaxed, all smiles, full of energy and zeal for life, ready to put down any obstacle that stands in my way! I absolutely stand in gratitude for all that he is done for me, for keeping me in his prayers, and always being there when i need him, to encourage, to give hope with his words of wisdom, to enlighten, to guide, to save lives! HE IS A LIFE SAVER!!!" ... written by neala aka happinessnow
John has been a blessing. I keep coming back to him for advice. His predictions come true in an amazing fashion." ... written by Eva
John is so so so so amazing.. His prediction is very accurate and it is like he is reading from the book:):):)A++++" ... written by sylvia
John is great at picking up details...This man is an angel..." ... written by GD
Wow so much information in such a short space of time spot on with things he came away with. " ... written by Lyn
In my last reading with dear John he told that I'll have marriage proposal from one of my relative and after week that happened exactly as he said. All of his predictions came true. Thank you dear and sorry because of my bad connection today. Best wishes." ... written by Ayshaue
John is a very powerful psychic. Very right. Highly Recommend." ... written by Fulgur
John is the best psychic!!" ... written by jody
John did not drag out the reading but was very frank and thorough. He was kind but direct and he was spot on with so many, many things. Highly recommend." ... written by Amy
I was so down and sad he raised me up and gave me hope, thanks John" ... written by Taurusmay5
John is wonderful he is amazing very helpful and patient and kind such a wonderful person. Will always consult in him" ... written by Viviann
always great. top of top" ... written by seun808
Thank you for being so honest.... no false dates. I appreciate the truth. I will go down the path of friendship and pray this will build naturally towards the stability that i long for in good time. " ... written by lalima
the best" ... written by diamond
Very good. Quick and to the point. I hope his predictions come true. i look forward to talking to him again." ... written by Lisa
He is just incredible!" ... written by sandra
John you always blow me with your readings! always spot on no doubt will come back to you! thank you dear! :) " ... written by Ria
He is good. Connected with me and situation. Hope on predictions." ... written by Danielle
Excellent as always!!! 10 stars" ... written by mini
A+++++" ... written by Monisha
John is just amazing!!! what can I say????? 90% of predictions have come true during the last year… and there is still more to come :). thank you john!" ... written by San
Lots of details that helps me in my love journey. very honest and so friendly, also funny! Thank you John! " ... written by littleone3
I have confidence in johns predictions. He seems like he genuinely tells me what he sees. Does not sugar coat anything. I appreciate the truth and I look forward to his predictions that hes always very confident in. Thanks john. Really want to see your predictions come true." ... written by mini
omg ur always so right about everything i will be back again n again for ur help n guidence" ... written by jody
John is great 5 Stars he is wonderful and helpful and very patient he tells you everything with no information" ... written by Viviann
Great reading! He doesn't sugarcoat anything! Worth the wait for the reading! " ... written by bruin19
Excellent truly caring!" ... written by Mary
Amazing as ever!" ... written by Lady71
Thanks again John :) " ... written by caligal91
John was able to pick up energies without the need of birth dates. Was an excellent 5 star reading. Very accurate, very kind, and gives great advice to drive results! I can't wait to follow up with results! I highly recommend him. Won't waste time or money. Moves through reading quickly!" ... written by Christine
I cannot believe how accurate this man is!!! I think he must be from another planet or an ascended master in physical form. WOWOWOWOW" ... written by starzzzy
i really enjoyed my reading with psychic john cause he picks up on things and connects well with you thanks " ... written by psychicjohn
Thanks again for the career read John. I am feeling more and more hopeful. I will keep working hard. And like always thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and advice :)" ... written by caligal91
very nice!" ... written by RDS
picked up on the situation straight away... he is amazing indeed..! must take him to private" ... written by n
Thank you, thank you, thank you, he is beyond amazing." ... written by tat
John is very honest, and very accurate. Highly recommend." ... written by Fulgur
Great reading, always a wonderful psychic, always accurate when he describes people he has never met..." ... written by sunshine
As always John is my guiding angel in this hectic world :)" ... written by caligal91
wonderful psychic and friend 10 stars!" ... written by mashael
Good reader!" ... written by Monisha
Great reading" ... written by Danielle
Great update, wanted more but time was up!" ... written by Little one
Amazing as always xx" ... written by twinsoul
very good" ... written by Viviann
very detailed reading! awesome!" ... written by crystalrbleu
He is an angel, was awesome... I didn't need to tell him anything, the sprits told him and he told me. I'm struggling through a hard time and I know that he is helping, whenever he can. He is a good person and does his best to help you." ... written by shelly
Very powerful psychic. He knows it all." ... written by ...
he is the absolute most amazing psychic on this site." ... written by spirit
Thank you again for the read John. You are my angel of light and always shining me into the right direction. I do my best to follow your advice. I can't stop being amazed when your predictions come true. " ... written by caligal91
I absolutely love readings with John! He's very wise at giving advice as he is good at picking up emotions and feelings of another person involved in a situation. This helps give better perspective on how the other person is thinking to get better understanding of what needs to be done to achieve results. I greatly appreciate his feedback! His advice is easy to follow and I trust 100% that it will work. Very caring andamp; trustworthy person. I highly recommend a reading with him. He will quickly become your favorite!" ... written by Christine
It was a nice chat with you again. My dear friend" ... written by sylvia
Thank you very helpful." ... written by nellife
Thank you to John, always reveals something new in reading. He also affirms events and situations that are current that I know of but in more detail. His guidance is honest and truthful and even though I know him only little while here... Already I am seeing results. Amazing! " ... written by lalima
Psychic John is awesome! He gave detailed timelines and next steps..." ... written by crystalrbleu
He is awesome and on target. and quick.. he is real thing! what a hottie!" ... written by lois lane
seemed very tuned into my particular situation, look forward to seeing how the predictions go.." ... written by happyfish1960
Great as always" ... written by Shelly
First time reading with John and I have to say that I was very impressed with him. I will be back. thank you!" ... written by lisa
Will be back." ... written by bc
It wasn't easy to hear but thanks for being gentle and providing me advice John. You have no idea how much I appreciate you." ... written by caligal91
He is so spot on it blows my mind away, thank you so much really. He is a great reader, and man, I'm still blown away by this!" ... written by Santhanakon
Thank you again so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!! I really appreciate everything John! Thank you for being my angel and light in this world!" ... written by caligal91
can always count on Psychic John" ... written by diamond
good Reading. thanks! :)" ... written by ...
My dear friend. You give me all the good advices and I will keep them in my mind. i will take your advice. trust me. " ... written by sylvia
Great reading, thank you John." ... written by Champers11
Very intense reading. Picked up everything right away. He described everything and all i did was say my first name. Incredible, " ... written by Lyn
great guy spot on all the time one of my faves here love him" ... written by candy
Amazing accurate! Highly recommend!!" ... written by Fulgur
John, You are a living angel. Thank you so much for your help. I didn't realize how far gone I was, and how close that I was to emotionally breaking down from the stress until you helped me. It saved me and I don't know how I can ever repay you for your kindness. Thank you. Shelly" ... written by ShellyB000
excellent reader. I'll be back :)" ... written by giselle
Hi again.. want to get more update from you. " ... written by sylvia
This was a great reading with a lot of details, truth, and insight. I really enjoyed this and I do hope that all John said comes true, as he was confident in telling me what is coming and he was very accurate about a lot of things down to what we both look like. Pretty amazing really!" ... written by Jennifer
Truly amazing reading.... he knew the situation spot on - told me what was happening andamp; why andamp; when things would change.... blessings to you dear!" ... written by Pam
very accurate, no sugar coating, time frame and predictions." ... written by agablue
Far more than amazing! He really saw the situation and what will happen. He tells you the real truth and advice based on that. " ... written by lil
John was like a walking angel. He helped and truly saved me. I hadn't realized how far gone I was until he was there to help heal me. He can see, he is gifted, and is blessed." ... written by Shelly
very good" ... written by Viviann
wow, wow, wow, wow...he is brilliant, Im shocked how much he knew about me without me saying anything WOWWWWWWWWWW. He is the real deal this was the most accurate and amazing reading I've ever had!!!!! Give him a try. highly recommended!!!!" ... written by sweet
I must say that ... this was the most accurate reading i ever had!!! And i have tried so many on this site..." ... written by Diana
John is just absolutely amazing. So nice, but also so accurate. Read with him many times, will many more" ... written by john
Last time John told me many things which happened as he said. Every month I must have private reading with him. He is not only psychic he supported me many times and care about me more than my family. Thanks God to let me find John in my life and I wish all of his life dreams become true because his predictions came true with me from long time. Best wishes dear and hope to see you later. " ... written by Ayshaue
John is amazing… all of his precitions have come true for me and i have been coming to him for a year now!! he is just one of a kind… thank u so much john!" ... written by alma
very nice" ... written by icks
thanks" ... written by Krista
John is always wonderful, clear, and see into the situation, mind, and hearts of all involved. He really has been a true blessing in my life." ... written by Shelly
John is great and I really connect with him. I hope his predictions come true. It's always a pleasure. :)" ... written by lisa
John...all i can say is that you are the best in the world! thank god I and others have you . Will keep up my prayers for you too...Love xx" ... written by Globe
Nice reading.. thank you for your advise again and again:):)" ... written by sylvia
When you want the full John. He is real, talented, honest, and caring . God bless him x" ... written by Globe
Possibly the best Psychic on the planet. I didn't give him a piece of info yet he even told me how and when my parents passed! The detail is exact, the information is fast and 100% accurate and I would never doubt a word he would say. Not only Mind blowing, but helpful, insightful and will change my life and how I look at the world. " ... written by Bianca
thank you for the healing. i was feeling better...." ... written by sylvia
AMAZING.... every time!! His predictions have come true. I have had many psychic readings BUT none come close to this man. What he say's unfolds before me....! However he has taught me that it is my will how i live my life, nothing is written in piece stone. Thank you for your guidance and brilliant advice. " ... written by lalima
Powerful psychic with great intuition! He can quickly and accurately pick up energies and answer questions before you ask them. Very kind and easy to talk to. 5 stars! Won't waste your time or money. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
awesome feedback he gives it to you raw and i like honesty no ugar coating here. i hate when people tell u what u want to hear instead tell me the truth. a few predictions has happened in the past a few bad and a couple of good but u have to take the good along with the bad...i will take his advise and remain positive!" ... written by kw
Ok.. that was mind blowing, this guy told me what i looked like, that i recently died my hair, what i did for a living, what my apartment looks like, and new i just moved, he also told me everything tha thappened ot me in detail and picked up amazing specifics.. i will be back. wow." ... written by Wow
I love talking to John, he makes me think straight and understand more about the situation. I'm sticking to him!" ... written by Santhanakon
John,, my dear dear friend. thank you again. nice chatting with you." ... written by sylvia
he is the best!!!!!!!" ... written by sabinaa
His intuition is so spot on. Its like he is sitting over my shoulder. John has the ability to tell you things that even your family wouldn't know. He is a true psychic in every sense. Accurate, compassionate and honest. " ... written by Bianca
His information is so accurate. It is amazing. I wish the timeline was closer but I can't deny how spot on his information was. Thank you John." ... written by g
He's the best here, sticking to him from now on." ... written by Santhanakon
John is an amazing person, a true healer, 100%" ... written by Shelly
He is absolutely amazing. the best in psychic world." ... written by elena
very good give him 5 stars" ... written by Viviann
What can I say? Great! us usual." ... written by ystylus
great reading, thank you" ... written by androsea
As i always say, John is truly an amazing psychic… i cannot believe so many predictions have come true… after almost a year and half i still get shocked by his ability to tell me the future…. thank you john so much!" ... written by sandra
Hi John, Thank you very much for the reading! My credits just ran out, and I had a lot. You gave the most amazing reading I ever had. I don't need to go to anyone else. Please send the information we talked about and I promise to apply them. You are amazingly gifted, above anyone I have encountered on Oranum. Thank you so much. I feel better already!" ... written by itsgracie88
Thank you!He was very good!" ... written by Cheresse
he is connected and highly recommend" ... written by danielle
John is so connected. I love getting readings from him. He puts my heart at ease." ... written by LULU
we are like family when we talk. He helps me a lot in my unique you" ... written by sylvia
waited for john for 2 weeks... def a worth reading" ... written by n
Excellent psychic. Can't find better." ... written by Fulgur
John said for me something and that happened as he told me. Its not the first prediction , it happened many times before with me. John is really true psychic. Try him and you will not lose." ... written by ayshaue
Very wondersrful and very helpful " ... written by Viviann
he was very insightful definatly one of the most gifted on Oranum" ... written by MaryAnn
Love the updates from John. So good, so accurate, so warm. Great friend" ... written by John
Well, I didn't want to believe it when John told me, but his prediction came true. I am in awe. Thank you John. I love coming to you. You are definitely my favorite on Oranum! " ... written by Lisa
John is very wonderful and caring he tells you all with no questions asked he is number one will always consult in him" ... written by Viviann
John is incredible!!! words cannot even explain the level of trust i have in him!! thank you so much :) xoxo" ... written by alma
Amazing what he picked up on all i did was say my name. " ... written by Lyn
John I can't reach my dreams without you, you helped me many times and all your predictions came true. John is the best and see you later soon" ... written by Ayshaue
Just amazed every time John reads for me. Kinds. caring and very fast LOL. Love his work." ... written by John
Another great follow up! Glad things are on track still. Talk to you soon. =)" ... written by That girl
wonderful reading !" ... written by mashael
WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! He like just knows me inside out and after reading his feedback I just want to believe him. I really doooooo even when I'm losing hope!! He convinces me its closer than I think. I wanna hug him!!! he's the best best best best!!! AHHHHHH I cant wait till your predictions come true :)))))" ... written by SS
worth the wait.. 3rd reading 2 days in the row..." ... written by n
Has been accurate, spot on with everything, he had predicted something for me 2 months ago and went it came true i was very suprised. spoke to him 3 times since then.. felt so much better just after speaking to him.." ... written by n
Thank you!This was an excellent reading.!" ... written by Cheresse
welcome back. my dear. it was nice to chat with you. so much to catch up. hope you have a prompt recovery" ... written by sylvia
Calms the soul, speaks from the heart and is truly guided by the spirit world. Such an amazing person. I often had doubts about the psychic world, but John has shown me that true Psychics can see your past, present and future. John can guide you on your path and give you the direction needed to reach your goals. I would be lost without John's readings. " ... written by Bianca
Words can never describe our readings... John is the most talented and kindest person that I've ever been fortunate enough to have met in this life. You can't ever go wrong because he see's it all good/bad and is very genuine." ... written by ShellyB
3rd reading and every prediction was spot on. Compassion, insight and not only the most genuine I have come across, but also the nicest. He connects with your soul and tells you details that only you should know. Psychic John is a new new level of amazing! " ... written by Bianca
He is amazing.. read the situation as if he was in the room with me.. speechless.. try him and see it yourself" ... written by sylvia
the best for sure!" ... written by mashael
John is great he is very caring and wonderful and very helpful" ... written by Viviann
Thanks jon u are such a life saver i love coming to read with you " ... written by jody
Always makes me feel better and right on point!" ... written by mashael
WOWWWWWWW John is beyond brilliant, very very very gifted man wowww!!! I'm shocked how much he knew without my saying anything but give him my name and only my name, and my god he said things that no one knows but me WOWWWWWWW he is the real deal, I'm totally in shock and I don't even know what to sayy shackingggggggg!!!! Please give him a try and you'll not regret it!!! He predicted a lot of great things for me and I hope all come to pass, and I trust him cuz he was amazing in the reading..10 million starsssss. Thank you thank you so much John and I'll def come back again..." ... written by sweet
Just love private readings with John. Amazing :)" ... written by sarebear
Wowwwwwww John is truly gifted, picked up on a lot of things in my situation and he was spot on with many things. AMAZINGGGGGGG. he predicted good things hope they come to pass he is brilliant, highly highly recommend him to anyone. 10 starssssssss Thank you so much John you are the best!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweet
always a blessing to talk to John! He's amazing and truly gifted." ... written by Shelly
I cannot express the words that I feel when I talk to John. I feel so connected to him. I wish he were here with me all the time so that I could talk with him. He has connected with me in so many ways and I trust his advice. I will be back for update. He is the true deal. thank you. :)" ... written by Lisa
John you are incredibly amazing!!! i cannot thank you enough for the amazing healing and for making me laugh when i was down… thank you so so much… john has predicted soooooo many things it really crazy… he teaches you so much about becoming better and looking within to learn your mistakes and lessons in life… love him deeply! … ps. the name of the place you were trying to spell at the end looma lee lema… its lima, i cannot believe you were that close to spelling the city!!! you're amazing! thank youuuuuu xoxo" ... written by Sandra
the best!" ... written by mashael
Extraordinary powers of sight, and energy projection. Very very special. Many thanks John. " ... written by Fulgur
He always exceeds my expectations!! he is exceptional and extremely genuine... thank you for being here john !! xoxo" ... written by alma
John is always a true and caring reader. He see's things that nobody else has, but it's the real deal. He picks up quickly on others, situations, and helps very selflessly. I honestly was so touched by his initial kindness that I cried. He helped heal me. " ... written by Shelly
Amazingly accurate. Powerful energy worker. I'm very grateful. Thank you John!!" ... written by Fulgur
amazing reading by john as usual! everything he says just comes true… and healings are amazing… thank you john!" ... written by alma
john as always ur amazing. u helped me stay positive throughout all these months with me finding my job and now that I have I cant thank u enough. thank u for being honest and kind. just as a friend, thank u" ... written by melissa
Now i can rest assure.. after consulting few things in my head.. will speak to u soon, your loyal client, N :), thanks for your reading, amazing as always." ... written by N
Thanks.. it was great talking with you again. " ... written by Lisa
always great, always feel like talking to a friend, with guide. always been accurate. your are simply amazing john :)" ... written by n
I will update you to see if predictions come true. I trust you and trust that they will. Thanks, John." ... written by LULU
John has helped me so much. I don't know what to say to thank him. He has made a major impact in my life.. love you." ... written by sylvia
John is unbealivably accurate all the time!!!!! he knows dates, birthdays, predictions!! everything he knows! im so glad i found him… thanks to john i've made some very amazing decisions in my life and now im only living to fulfill my dreams because i know anything is possible. thank you john!!!!" ... written by San
Very wonderful person very helpful Give him 5 stars always" ... written by Viviann D'Onofiro
my freind. you are an unbelievable person.. love you love you" ... written by sylvia
He is amazing" ... written by sandra
His prediction came true for me, here I am coming to have his confirmation, great reading million stars" ... written by Taurusmay5
amazing as usual" ... written by mashael
Very Well Very good Very helpful " ... written by Viviann D'Onofiro
A million stars!!! there is only one psychic John! thats it." ... written by alma
John is amazing, caring, and the kindest person that I ever met. His readings a insightful and honest, no bs. I feel blessed to have met him and have his help." ... written by Shelly
thank you john!!!!! there are not enough words to describe how amazing and powerful john is!! I have experienced his healing and everything he says is correct! i have a huge appreciation for him… i wish to meet him one day! :)" ... written by sandra
John describes things in astoundbing detail. Word for word. Texts that he havent even read before. Words I hadnt shared with him. I keep coming back." ... written by e
Love you my dear friend.. thank for more insight.. get well" ... written by sylvia
he picked up i just celebrated something, he even mentioned the number.. what an amazing gift.." ... written by n
Wowwwwwww I'm shocked every time I get readings with him!!!! He is just beyond and above amazinggg, he says things that no one knows but me Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Truly truly the best of the best I don't even know what to say anymore I'm in total shockkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" ... written by sweet
It's been a while, but as usual John is amazing. Oh so many facts he threw at me that he could not have possibly known...So, so in tune and the information and future I look forward to with great anticipation. Thank you so much John from the bottom of my heart ! xx" ... written by twinsoul
My dear.. I lost you. Will reconnect later. Very good reading. as usually. " ... written by sylvia
This was by far the best and most accurate reading I have ever had here on Oranum. 100 Stars as he was right on the money. Amazing" ... written by j217c44
OMG !!! Amazing !!! " ... written by ladybugg39
Great talking with you...sorry we got disconnected. I'll see you soon." ... written by Lisa
Great reading as always" ... written by lisa
wow, thats an amazing reading, with so many personal details that only i knew!" ... written by val
he is awesome" ... written by d
Very wonderful persn always willing to help" ... written by Viviann
john is great always accurate and connected" ... written by danielle
John always sees amazing details...hes wonderful. Accurate and kind hearted...lots of fun too xx" ... written by GD
I had enough readings with John to come to trust him. He has guided me through this tough time and I rely on him. He makes me feel better, even when we laugh in private. Sometimes I get to make him laugh :) thanks for everything, John. I'll be back know that. :) " ... written by Lisa
WOW..... what can i say... this man is touched by the angels. His predictions have come true for me. You can't deny a truth when it happens before you and you were told it would. His advice is solid and honest and quite simply the truth. Thank you John foresight is impeccable. ... god bless xx" ... written by lalima
Accurate as always , thank you " ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing details" ... written by Iris
Extraordinary psychic. I trust him completely for a number of years now. Many thanks John." ... written by Fulgur
OMG!!!!!! One of the best readings I have had in my entire life and since I have been on this site for over a year bs....this man is EXTREMELY GIFTED.....I could not get enough and had to add more credits. John knew my age without me telling, the color of my hair and how long i have known my guy and he also knew how many sistes i had OMGGGGGGG. i am in awe...John has read for me in the past but this time he was extremely bang on!!!!!! His visions were crystal clear.....Wowzerrrs!!!!!!!! I will be back, you better believe it!!! " ... written by kw
Very nice reading" ... written by Amalia
He is great and accurate!" ... written by Santhanakon
Accurate, detailed, amazing!!" ... written by Sara
Just had update with him. Don't know what to say.. spot on again again again. Love you..." ... written by Sylvia
OMG no words can describe this man " ... written by hannah
I am completely blown away by John. He is the best psychic ever. Hands down. He caught onto so many small details in my life without me telling him anything. He is worth the wait." ... written by Natalia
omg really amazing, gave such a hope and knew such a ditails!!!" ... written by bbubba
I trust him with all my heart.." ... written by tasha_j
JOhn is amazing!" ... written by sandy
OMG he was amazing, I run out of time, but he knew everything!!!" ... written by bbubba
Brilliant that's all I got to say, 10 million starsssssssss, spot and very accurate with everything. Thank you so much John. You ROCKKKKKKKKKk" ... written by sweet
Excellent reading. John hits the nail on the head every time and he can accurately describe what is currently going on and what is to come. He is one of the best!" ... written by Jennifer
very accurate, good at making predictions very talented in his abilities." ... written by hf
John is absolutely fantastic! thanks again :)" ... written by gemmie
Waited a week to speak with John, The fact he is hard to pin down. Says it all! He told me word for word a conversation that me and my boyfriend had....! He is simply amazing! His predictions have come true for. I don't anything he says because its the truth. Thank you John for making it all clear to me. God bless you xx" ... written by lalima
Gosh ,,John is Amazing..I really would love to have an hour with him..amzing...he just type,and everything he type is so accurate that is" ... written by md3311
no words, he really did know everything without a word from me so lets see what happens next, thank you John" ... written by ladybugg
always the best" ... written by n
Oh my goodness, I think that was one of the best readings I have ever had on here. John was so accurate, he told me things that no one could have known such as when my guy was traveling and for how long. It was so amazing to have someone tell me so much information, details, things to come, and the current things that are going on. I was blown away and at one point I started to tear up because things will improve just as I had hoped they would. John you are a truly gifted and talented advisor and you were truthful, confident, detailed, and super accurate. I will keep in touch and I truly appreciate the outstanding guidance and information you gave me. Bless you! " ... written by Jennifer
very good very wonderful person give him 5 stars" ... written by Viviann D'Onofrio
John is a very amazing person. He uses his heart to read. He cares and he is like part of your family. love you love you" ... written by Sylvia
I seriously don't even know what to say???? I'am truly in shock as to how much he knew about my situation without me saying one word!!!!!!!!! He said words that I've said to the person in question, and he said words to me exactly what the person in question had said to me!!!!!!!!!! John is truly gifted and he has a very special gift, I've never ever in my life had anyone read for me like John does!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in shockkkkkkkkk. highly highly highy highlyyyyy recommended to anyone, who wants the truth and waste their money. John is the real deal will tell you the truth the bad with the good, and if you don't like the truth, then do not have readings with John cuz he will tell you the truth. I'm grateful for being able to have readings with John, and I love, just simply love that he is so spot on, accurate and truly honest with everythingg!!! Thank you so very much John. You are BRILLIANTTTTTTTTTT" ... written by sweet
He was awesome!" ... written by :) Love
excellent. extremely detailed and accurate. knew everything. just amazingly gifted." ... written by g
thanks john you seemed very connected!" ... written by aimee
He nailed every single detail! He knew everything. All details about my life and what I was asking to find out. John was great and caring. He is fun too and I appreciate that. I will keep consulting him because for sure I f the connection when I talk with him. Thank you John I appreciate your time and kindness. Be blessed! 5 stars!" ... written by G
I love John. He is one of my favorites here. He is very caring and he sure does care that i don't spend my money for no reason. That i have to say is very thoughtful of him. He is amazing, he is a kind hearted man. :)" ... written by sunshine
he tells the truth" ... written by love
Thank you so much! He is amazing! I was blown away during several parts of my reading.My las reading with him he had made a few predictions and they did transpire very quickly. He is worth the wait! " ... written by bruin19
John's prediction is unbelievable. It always come true. His prediction goes from long term to short term. Some of his prediction comes down to minutes and still correct.. You can't find any one more precise than this. He reads like a book. In his reading, you can finding the finest detail.. Sometimes, even I have forgotten that I did that. He reminds me that I did that. Using his heart to read is the main thing here. That means he cares and he want you to achieve your goal. He guides you step by step.Day by day. Love you John" ... written by nk063011
John has a very very special gift that no psychic in this world does!!! He is fantabulous!! Dead on with everything that he sees, I love him for being so honest and caring, he tells the truth, and I'm so very happy that I came to John to have readings... he is the real number 1 psychic in the world. I trust him a lot, and what he predicted for me I know all it will come to pass.... highly recommended to anyone, he is wonderful!!! Thank you so much John, god bless you, you are amazing. THANK YOUUU" ... written by sweet
Mind blowing....I had a reading with John almost 2 years ago, I didn't like what he had told me, so never wanted to go back to him. 2 years later, the result is, HE WAS RIGHT! I just didnt want to listen. I went back to him today, I can not believe how he knew all the details abt the guy I am asking, when did we meet, when was our last dinner, what we talked abt during that dinner....not to say, theres another guy from my past came back, been texting, John saw that too! I can not say enough how shocking I am with JOhn's reading. Definitely will come back. See J contact in Aug, need to take things slow with him, will commit. See job change in OCT, finance in better place. A chaotic woman in my current job (right on again! its my crazy boss!!) " ... written by K
Excellent! he is just amazing." ... written by sandra
I wish I could have John and shrink him to put him in my That way I can consult him whenever I want. Words cannot express how I enjoy speaking to John. I send many blessings to you, John, for the help that you have given me and others. I hope you continue on your path of helping people. The world is a better place with you in it. Thank you, thank you, and keep on smiling! :) Your friend always...Lisa" ... written by Lisa
Well...I m blown away...WOW...still in shock...John is the bestest Psychic whatsoever..Never ever had such a great brilliant reading..He picked up everything..from names,places,age etc..So people..if you really looking for truth..PsychicJohn it is..Confirmed..1000 %..I am still in awe.." ... written by tasha_j
I can't say enough good things about John. He's legit, has sight, and healing power. I can't say any more other than meeting him was my mini-miracle. I was in a bad spot and he healed me. Sometimes it's take a while to believe and I'd probably have hidden doubts if it hadn't happened to me, but it did. He's great. If you want to invest in a real reading, talk to John." ... written by Shelly
John is always so great to talk to. He is the best on here!" ... written by Val
very insightful, was able to give accurate information about things that happened in the past without me having told anything. very healing and helpful." ... written by happyfish1960
His prediction came true again in the most un-expected way. I was in shocked with what happened.. thanks john. love you" ... written by sylvia
prediction happened John, thank you very much, u mean alot to me.." ... written by s
John is wonderful psychic and very caring. He is very powerful and can really help you with your difficulties. Do not hesitate to consult him if you need help. He will give it to you!" ... written by Krista Elliott
outstanding reading as always-Johgn blows me away with his accuracy! thank you so much for all your help!!!!! love to you" ... written by gemmie
THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pinky55
Just an amazing, amazing man." ... written by John
Such an incredible soul. Instantly connected and read my past and current situation like a book before him. Gave so much understanding and insight, strength, love and hope and a vision of what was before me and how to reach for my future with open eyes and heart. A wonderful experience. Grateful beyond words. Peace, love and blessings x" ... written by sunflowersun
the best the best always the best!!!!" ... written by sabinaa
John is awesome ,I always love my readings with him Thanks JOhn" ... written by sunshinec
Ok ..he is so amzing i dont know what to say...I dont belive he know it is like he read all about me from some page or something...GOsh..." ... written by md3311
John is possibly the kindest, softest and most precise man I have ever met. He is moved by the spirits, and speaks from the heart. I feel so blessed to have been able to reach to John in my time of need, and have him share his amazing energy and kind words. His predictions are precise, exact and detailed that it almost feels like he is sitting on your shoulder. I can't recommend John highly enough; for both a psychic reader and energy healer. We can't always do big things, but we can often do small things with big love. That is exactly what he does! " ... written by Bianca
He is just incredible and telling me to keep holding on and trusting myself. I really can't describe how grateful and thankful I am to have met him. I can be crazy haha and he is so patient! Thank you thank you thank you may you receive many many blessings!" ... written by S
John is a god sent, he is just so very very, loving, caring, and a sweet person, that cares about ppl and tries his best to help ppl. He is the best of the best, he is so brilliant, that he does not miss any details, and tells the truth and nothing but the truth. I love him for being so honest, caring, and I am blessed that I've met John, and I can never thank him enough for all that he does for me. God bless you John. I can't recommend him enough to anyone, anyone that needs clarity and help, and wants to hear the truth please have a reading with John, he will help you in so many ways, and you'll not be disappointed for having the reading with him. He is wonderful with a beautiful soul. once again thank you John, love and light xxxxx" ... written by sweet
John is soooo good!!! Take him private and he just tunes in and gives you all the answers you seek!" ... written by Jennifer
7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
he is incredible!" ... written by sandy
never in my life have a met a true psychic and JOhn is the truth he is the real deal people i have waited for hours and 2 days to speak with him. I have tears in my eyes OMG! if you never had a reading with him, you better. He is heaven sent...he knew every little minor detail about my life without me saying a word. His capabilities are nothing like i have ever witnessed or seen in this entire world. I am probing my entire family to have a reading with this man here!!! he is worth the wait...i will wait on John for days if i have to!" ... written by kw
As always amazing. Where would I be without this guy. Picks me up when I am down and gives me advice to improve my life. I seen countless of his predictions come true. " ... written by caligal91
very good" ... written by viviann
Excellent reading to the point " ... written by gigaman1978
All that he said came true!!! thank you John! You are truly amazing! Thanks for help! I recommend him to everyone! 100% accuracy and all predictions came to pass!" ... written by fire
WOW! he was right!! ;)))))) Can't believe it !! everything he said came true!!! Thank you a lot John form my soul and heart! You are the best on here - thats true!!!" ... written by ...
I love you John and always will!! You always makes me feel better. You really care. I can't wait all your prediction will come true John. Im sure it all but sometimes its just me that no patient. Thanks for your advice John and for telling me that my life would be better. " ... written by SARAH
I am having personal problem and John Is Excellent guide and helping me through them. I highly recommend him for clarity and positive encouragement!" ... written by Krista Elliott
Psychic John is the real deal. He knew details, very specific time frames, initials of names. All accurate. I have been coming to John for a long time because he is accurate in predictions. Thank you for your guidance John. " ... written by Coral
WHat can I say I've had multiple readings with John and he NEVER fails me, he is amazing and everything he says is spot on so consistent and amazing the best and most brilliant reader on here he is a god send and the only one i trust now thank you so much john" ... written by WOW
As accurate as always and ever so enlightening and helpful. I literally thank God for a Saint Messenger like John. There's no other, he is the real deal. " ... written by SKnight
I m a regular:))" ... written by tasha_j
Ok, I've been trying to catch a reading with this exceptional man for sometime. He is a difficult person to get hold of, because he is outstanding. Everything you see within the feedback section is 100% true. He gave me some advice last year, I did not want to hear. He was 100% on the mark, and I have no doubt in my mind everything he has told me today is beyond accurate. Everything he told me was so spot on, it's like he opened a book and started reciting events in my life that no one could have ever known. Thank you John, for the most uplifting, motivating, reassuring and amazing reading I have encountered on this site. You have truly gifted, I am so happy I waited. God bless you, and I wish you all the abundance life could present you." ... written by Tickleme2014
John is excellent. Can't use words to express. Spot on and guide me through hard time. Love you" ... written by sylvia
:) great reading as usual!" ... written by sandy
I have so many things to be thankful for, and that includes john! Always there to be supportive and tell you things as they are without sugar coating. He is a wonderful person and a great friend! Every review here is 100% correct bc he sees and knows everything!!! haha thank you so much! " ... written by Sandy
Scary accuracy!!!!!!!!!! Extremely spot on all current and past situation, can't hide anything from John! LOL. Oh my! I truly believe everything he said will come true. Thanks again John!" ... written by Kirsten
mindblowing!!!" ... written by jonathan
omg, psychic John just blows me away every time I have a reading with him...he knows things without me saying a word to him, he is truly a kind and gifted man...bless u and thank you John!" ... written by gemmie
OMG You MUST try John...he is the best psychic on picking up the most minute details. This man is unique in the field. Detail after detail and names, letters, dates. He is just incredible and uses no tools. Most of all John is a friend and he is so kind hearted, totally honest, and cares deeply about his clients. A++++" ... written by G
I love John to pieces. He is always calming in nature. I send you good energy always, John, and I hope you continue to get stronger as the days go by. Thank you for everything. xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
John is just AMAZING! I don't have to say a word and he just automatically just starts saying things that are true and accurate. He sees directly into the heart of a situation and will tell you how it plays out. One of the only advisors on here that a trust. He is fantastic!" ... written by Jennifer
OMG!!! I just had the most profound reading with John. I mean everything he brought up was exactly what is going on right now. I mean down to the details!!! He answered my questions as I was typing them. He mentioned things that no one could have known. Detailed things. Honestly the best reading I have ever had in my life. Love you John!!!" ... written by calibabe
I got cut off but added more funds and came back to finish with john. The reading was so incredible that I had to come back. I mean details that no one knows. Things that I haven't told anyone he knew. He confirmed dates and events that I did not mention to him but they happened exactly as he said. It was seriously mind blowing. John has given me predictions to look forward to and I finally have peace of mind. John is the most powerful reader on oranum. If you want real answers, come to him. You will know why he is always in private, you will know why people wait day and night to speak to him, you will know why his reviews are so amazing. Experience it for yourself if you have get a hold of him. The most amazing reader on oranum. John, you are a life saver. I do not know what I would do without you. Thank you for everything. I am forever grateful. Love, S" ... written by calibabe
he blew me away......everything he said was soooooo accurate" ... written by spirit
Always great!" ... written by Cheresse
John is just outstanding and amazing. So on target. Great, great reader." ... written by John
thanks again john.." ... written by john
I'm always blown away how accurate and spot on John is with everything!!! He is truly brilliant, I trust him with my life, he answers my questions before I even ask them!!! He reads me like an open book. Waited 3 days to get a reading with him, but its well worth ittttttttttt. John you rockkkkkkkkkkkk. Thank you for all your help" ... written by sweet
Such a Wonderful reading and advisor. I loved it.. do take everything he says to heart and hang onto.Very warm AND his gentle and calm nature" ... written by sylvia
john is incredible!" ... written by sandy
As always excellent reading and very good personal guide and helper" ... written by Krista Elliott
Many thanks John...I am aware you are not feeling too well and you really care about us all and inspite of are there to help..May God bless you and you feel better soon..and thank you very much for helping me and reassuring me..YOu are an Angel..and we all love you a lot xx" ... written by tasha_j
Oh...what a tangled web I am in with this stupid boyfriend. John helps me with this . I will take hi advice and consult him again. He truly helps me get clarity." ... written by Lisa
wonderful reading I just had with him. John is always amazing. He tells me detail to detail. And never ceases to surprise me." ... written by sunshine
PsychicJohn is not only exceptionally accurate, but a powerful energy worker. He is highly professional and deserving of the highest respect. Thank you John." ... written by Fulgur
Words can't even describe how happy I am to have met john! He is an amazing person! I love his honesty and his motivation to help others. Truly gifted man. Not to mention his accuracy with events and all the predictions that have come to pass and still happening till this day…Thank you john so much!!! xoxo" ... written by sandy
One word: BEST" ... written by tasha_j
amazing! always has me awestruck! the real deal!" ... written by bruin19
Thanks John spot on as usual. You see everything it's scary. Love this man so much. I hope we can continue as we were disconnected. " ... written by G
John, you always make me fell better when I talk to you. You are my angel. :)" ... written by Lisa
he is really good, both times I have spoke with him have been great, just waiting now to see what happens, he knows a lot stuff, hard to get a private with and worth it so far, wish I would have had more time to clarify his last few answers but was getting credit and lost him, til next time, thank you" ... written by lady
John is such a gifted person. His predictions sometimes comes in the most un-noticable way. His care his charm his talent all add up to make him such a wonderful psychic and wonder person. love you. My dear." ... written by sylvia
ive waited weeks to have a private,and it was SO0O0 worth it. he is THE just WOW. I will FOREVER come to John.TRULY gifted." ... written by DIAMOND
do i need o even say anything? every review here is 100% real. he is just John. Incredible. thank u!" ... written by sandy
The only one I will ever consult from now on..John ...your are an angel..hugs!" ... written by tasha_j
OMG - he is amazing! He is my angel... he knew things he couldn't have known, words that were said, things that happened... I will see no other from now on.... thank you John.... Bless you dear.... I will be back :) " ... written by Pam
GOD bless this man. I knew I needed to talk to him, because he's the only one who tells me the full truth-- and doesn't mess around with me at all. he's been honest since day one and has always told me the truth. I don't doubt him at all, he makes my heart smile everytime we talk, and is so consistent it's unreal. john, I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, you have been my rock the past month and I will continue to seek your guidance. thank you for the best session yet!" ... written by m.w
John he is not only psychic, he helps me to grow up. all his predictions came true. I'll see you later after finishing my work and before achiving my dream in Spain. God bless you whenever and wherever you are." ... written by ayshaue
Wow wow wow....again and again...John just blow my mind once again!! Waited for many days, finally got to chat with him :)) John always knows all the details. He knew I went to a spin class w my guy, I never told him!!! He even knew I lost a red luggage few months back at airport, how could he know???? He even knew my guy only kiss on my cheek last time we met, not on my lips?? ...There's just too many things I cant list out. Thanks JOhn! You are simply amazing! xo" ... written by KC
Just excellent!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by KC
OMG he is sooo amazing!! he has a "line out the door" seriiously...hes so hard to get in contact with because hes #1 and just soooooo fantastic!! God bless you I can't thank you enough!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!! " ... written by S
John is the most talented psychic out there. He is amazing." ... written by mj
I love John... He's truly a beautiful person, and legit. I would love to thank him for all of his help and guidance, but he won't accept anything but your gratitude. If you want a reading and guidance from a truly gifted person, work with John. Thank you again and again John! If we're ever in the same country, I can at least buy you dinner:)." ... written by Shelly
WOW, John is just amazing... ! He knows everything. His vision is so clear. He has been guiding me for sometime now. And i have been unsure whether or not to follow his advices. However i have and i am slowly seeing results. His predictions and time frames are always accurate. I just know that i can trust him... As he made me realise my own worth... Thank you John. God Bless you always with love and happiness xx " ... written by Lalima
he is legend.....a hero....a psychic.....magician....i have no words for him, his energy work is very powerful, im finally back with my ex just bcoz of this man. i love you john !! i dont know what i would do without you, will love to meet u 1 day" ... written by venusgirl28
Great as always." ... written by spirit
My reading was wonderful. I don't know how he knows things but he was spot on with everything. He blew me away. I will be calling him back. He is my new man!! Wonderful Wonderful. Thank you John for being honest and seeing things without me telling you. " ... written by Dawn
thank you again John for another phenomenal reading!" ... written by gemmie
I have waited for days for this man!!! He is so hard to get a hold of because he is always in private. This man is able to get inside peoples head. He answered my questions as I was asking them. Literally. We used the same words to describe things... He knew things he couldn't possibly have known. John is amazing. When I feel weak or I think that something won't happen, John reassures me that it will. John is amazing and I trust him and appreciate his time and energy and help. You are such a help to us all John, thank you so much. God bless you." ... written by cali
Reading with John is really great. He digs really deep and gives you a lot of details and he just automatically answers all of the questions you need answered. I tried to add more credits but it froze on me, sorry about that John. But as usual, you were spot and I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you so much, blessings." ... written by Jennspain
I tried to add credit but lost him :( John is just amazing as always, wish I could have more time to talk to him again soon.." ... written by KC
This man amazed me!!! I have never had a reading like this before. He knew so much about me, and this was the first time I had spoken to him. OMG. It took a week to catch him online but it was worth it. I could spend $1000 on this man!! Oranum, pleaseee keep him because he is the best!!!" ... written by BM331
could talk to him all day.. i love u john" ... written by n
Best Guy Ever! John is an amazing person, with an amazing heart, and words cannot describe how much he has helped me. so much love and respect to you always. thank u john. :)" ... written by sandra
o ... m .... g!! This gentleman knew some very very specific detail about me - I told him NOTHING. I have never had a reading like this - I am chilled to the bone, in a good way. Thank you John, and bless oyu." ... written by maddi
John is amazing, he blows me away. All the information he has, it's incredible. He teaches you how to trust in the process, and let go of the negativity. He is so aspiring with his words, and his validations of where you headed in the right path and also guiding you to utilize the energies around you to be live positively and to be a centred soul. He is truly amazing, definitely worth every penny. God bless :)" ... written by TM
Muah!!! xoxoxo - Thank you for settling my anxiety John!! I will catch up again soon." ... written by Shelly
this man has amazed me, he is a true hero, he has saved my life not once but twice. i still cant believe that what every thing he has said is already happening, how can some one in this world be so wonderful and amazing, i really don't know how to thank him enough for what he has done. omg i was skeptical before but now i can say this man is not from this world, thank you john u r one in trillions. xoxo" ... written by julia
PsychicJohn I want to say thank you so much for an amazing reading. I have not been on here for a while because ive been so busy, and when ive come on ur always busy, but FINALLY FINALLY I got this chance to take u into private :) and as u had predicted months ago that him and his girlfriend were going to break up, they have just as u said. Literally as usual all ur predictions are coming to pass... I Highly recommend psychicjohn to anyone that wants a prvt but isn't sure who to go too, honestly psychicjohn is the realest person out here and he is 100% accurate. I keep coming to him everytime. He genuinely cares and understands you, hes just simply amazing. PsyhcicJohn not only is just a psychic, but he has truly become a friend someone I completely trust and have this unexplainable bond with. Thank you psychicjohn for everything, for everytime u have been here for me always, for reassuring me about my future, for the position that i want, thank you for never letting me down and for sending me healing, positive energy, and prayers. Thank u my friend. U know I will definitely be back. I hope that you and your family are fine and well. sending prayers to u. xoxo Melissa xoxo" ... written by Melissa
I am glad that I got to talk to John. He is the beam of light that I look forward to. He is so sweet and caring and words are not even enough to describe how much I respect this man. I want him to come visit me!! I love you John for all your and light! :)" ... written by LISA
Another amazing read! Read into all my worries and everything" ... written by caligal91
He's amazing. Knew things about me without me telling him. He told me I was living in a different country from my love and that I was travelling and when I left on my travels. Blown away!!" ... written by LoveSick
What a great man and a very kind soul...I absolutly cherish my readings with John. He is sooo hard to But always worth the wait. He is a phenomenal reader...the best I have discovered. I will take your advise John, you always help me when Im down...he is accurate to a T....and words cant describe him. He's a good man!" ... written by kw
oh wow John...this time you absolutely blew my mind with your accuracy, you even gave exact letters of names-how did you know? as always a fascinating reading, thank you and bless u" ... written by gemmie
John, what can I say, you did it again. Thank you greatly for putting my mind at ease. You are truly amazing, some of the things when you throw out initials and dates that no one would know about, you BLOW ME AWAY. You're a true blessing. Much love xo" ... written by Tickleme
This man is amazing!! This is somebody that I will keep on coming back. I will be sad if I lose contact with him because I love his insight; and I know they are correct!! Best of, he gave me hope of my dear one coming home by the end of this year!!" ... written by urnewbestfriend
With his awesome guidance and resounding love and light it keeps me sane. A beautiful soul, thank you xo" ... written by TM
Amazingggg!" ... written by caligal91
oranum u have one of the most outstanding reader or psychic that is John . truely gifted and amazing compared to all the others ." ... written by jesintha
John is one amazing person so caring so spot on and so so detailed with everything he says. all his predictions and time frames are precise. i love him n he has done so many readings that no words can explain except he is god sent. i dont need to go else where becos he is the only one and pls do try john u will never never regret it and u will eventually agree with him. thank u john for everything i love u ... " ... written by jr
This is the most accurate reader that I have seen. He gave things that I know for a fact he had no way of knowing because I never have spoke about it in here. I love this man!! Although right now I am going to have to stay away because of his rate. This man should be John the Prophet because he definitely made a believer out of me that prophets exist today.. 1000 stars john!!" ... written by BM331
John is a wonderful person and psychic. I only trust him. He is accurate and kind hearted and has a gift like noone else I have ever encountered. He's the "Ferrari" ...Love you John. God bless you my friend x" ... written by Susan
I have never been to a more accurate psychic, and I have been to many. Powerful energy worker. Very kind. I am ever so grateful to John. He has helped me very much. Blessings." ... written by Fulgur
He does it again, resounding excellence wrapped in amazingness. " ... written by TN
Thank you so much john you are very gifted i hope soon good luck will come my way i will come and see you soon and my credits ran out sorry thank you so much!" ... written by Leah Riaz
Okay well he was soooooooo right on about prediction that I did not think could happen at all! But he was right and it did!! I was SO shocked!! So this is why I believe John and I truly love him!! He is so genuine and cares and works so hard!! Blessings to you!! MAY YOU GET EVERYTHING U WISH FOR XOXOXO" ... written by S
John is just unbelievable. He is so good. Try him. I am never disappointed" ... written by John
Wow, he is amazing:) " ... written by beebeee
All I can say is OMG! This guy is no joke. I adore him. He's is the best on this site. " ... written by jand777
100 starsssssss!! John is wonderful, loving and caring person, he tells the good and the bad and I love him how honest he is, he truly amazes me every time I talk to him, he is brilliant. I can't recommend him enough!!! He is dead on with evrything. Thank you so much John, and god bless. You ROCKKKKKKKKKKK" ... written by sweet
He Is a magic. the best of best. " ... written by kim
INCREDIBLE MAN :). XOXO" ... written by sandra
John is amazing, he told me the exact name that my bf calls me! I have never told him before. He knew I was working on something and he said the name of it! I have never met someone as powerful as John. I trust him, if he says it. I will wait it out. I have been talking to him for years now and I am loyal to him. I love you John! I owe you my life!" ... written by cali
1000000++++stars. Shocking! Speechless! No info provided. Everything is spot on and accurate. Don't know how to describe. He knew everything. Thank you very much. He is a very kind boy. Appreciate from the bottom of my heart. Love u very much.Million Thanks." ... written by pigletme123
Never met a person like him before in my entire life. He is an amazing psychic and i can say that 90% of his predictions have come true even with exact dates. Thank u john so much. xo" ... written by sandra
John is amazing. He is 100% accurate. He is a gift. " ... written by sheena
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Dear John. Happy birthday to you and more many more......." ... written by Sylvia
john is wonderful and amazing in every sense...he can tell u all details down to exact word. he is truly gifted" ... written by d
EVERYTHING his reviews say is 1000 percent accurate. he could see my father's heartache, at 55, when he came back from vacation, which happened in 1982. And he could describe him (and everything else) to a tee!" ... written by d
I love this Man, he is just an amazing ray of sunshine :) He keeps my spirits high. I have to say that for the 1st time in a long time i feel i am respecting myself... Must say it feels good :) Thank you for your clear vision, understanding, andamp; loving guidance. I pray that god blesses you with lots of love always x" ... written by Lalima
***HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN***" ... written by cali
John is a god sent, he is EXCELLENT. I'm blown away every time I talk to him, he is a true angel in this world, he has been helping me so much, and I can't thank him enough for all that he does for me. God bless you John, you are one true wonderful spirit, loving and caring. Thank you, thank you and looking forward to all what you predicted for me, I've been waiting for so long for all them things to come and I can't wait until they do. Once again thank you so much John, love you xxxxx" ... written by sweet
John, you made me laugh so much, bottom of my heart thank you so much. xox No wasting makeup :)" ... written by TM
Oh so good, so many details...accurate details too! John is one of the best and things he says happen. Definitely one of my go to advisors when I can catch him. He is so busy for a reason, he is amazing! Thank you John for another accurate and incredible reading." ... written by Jen
There are many accurate psychics, but John is accurate within the context of a whole situation. He reveals to me how others are truly feeling and thinking. He has never been wrong. I've had readings for 2 years now regularly. Highly recommend. " ... written by Fulgur
u r a legend ! a hero ! .... i am just lost without you... your many prediction has come to pass.... u brings tears in my eyes... i love you john !! i just cant describe my experience with john...he is very powerful...its hard to get him but worth the are a god sent to me" ... written by venusgirl28
want to thank you for all the support. It has been a very difficult weekend for me and you kept me company and comfort me. Your work is art.. love you" ... written by sylvia
wow wow wow wow and wow:) he is the killer of oranum;)! Best of the bests;)!" ... written by Beebee26
Amazing reader! Knows me very well and gives very good advice. " ... written by caligal91
WOW... Just WOW. He's amazing!" ... written by jand777
Best reading I've had on Oranum. Very accurate and Psychic John is just a beautiful human being." ... written by AJ are magical...God sent are helping me in my toughest days and i appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart..." ... written by tasha_j
20 billion starsssss, I'm shocked and blown away hoe accurate John is!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He is dead on with everything, I trust him with my life, he is the best of the best, god bless you John. xxxxxx" ... written by sweet
Thanks John everything you said it 100% correct in my life. And thank you for confirming I will marry this man. Please pray that he finds more work or different work to stay here with me. xoxox" ... written by LL
Excellent reader and a true psychic. Kind and caring in his readings and gives good direction." ... written by Krista Elliott
Can see everything I believe in him 100%. Hoping he can bring us together close again. Love to hear John has us on his mind and is doing all he can. Thank you so much John for all you do." ... written by LL
The ultimate in guidance" ... written by Jand777
As always John's gives excellent reading and touches my heart. He is honestly concerned for his clients and takes very good care of them. Blessing to John and may his work help you as well." ... written by Krista Elliott
John is a wonderful person, and I'm so blessed and thankful that I've met John. I'd be lost without him, he's helping me so so much with my situation lifts up my spirit when I talk to him and gives me hope that things will turn out for the better for me, I'm looking forward to everything that he has predicted for me, I need Johns help to get through this and I truly appreciate all his help and thank him form the bottom of my heart for everything. John god bless you and I can't thank you enough for all your help and you trying to take the pain away from me with that I'm going through.... God bless you " ... written by sweet
I absolutely just love this kind and gentle man. I respect him and what he does to help people here. He is always comforting and he cheers me up. xoxoxoxoxoxox......just love you, John. Talk to you soon. Get the rest that you need! :) " ... written by Lisa
the best reading ever. so much clarity and details. thank you " ... written by val
omg amazing" ... written by bbubba
amazing person. It is so hard to get him. And I am glad able to talk to him today. Verify everthing 100% accurate. Very kind person. Appreciated John. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by pigletme123
He known everything!!!! Amazing!!" ... written by Ash
john u blow my mind away again. u r always right about my situation even without me telling u anything. seriously I luv yaa tons. thank u for always helping me with things that I go through, and give me healing when I need it. u r amazing always always thank u so much " ... written by melissa
John, you are my the best of the best. You are understanding and kind. He is insightful. No one would help me like you do. he cares for your problem. His prediction is amazing. Thank you and god bless you.xoxoxxo" ... written by sylvia
Excellent reading and advice. John always is able to help me and clarifies things for me better with each reading. I have come to reply and appreciate all that he gives me and his clients." ... written by Krista Elliott
Brilliant!!! I'm shocked and blown away how accurate " ... written by sweet
hes amazing!! just beyond!!! I can't describe him enough in words. I needed to talk to him tonight and he calmed me down :) I love you JOHN!1 happy belated birthday u beautiful soul!! xoxoxo" ... written by S
I can't thank John enough. His gift is amazing, and we are so lucky to be provided the opportunity of sharing this with him. He provides information no other person could know. His vision, clarity and the fact he is so caring helps you through the times you sincerely need it. I respect his time, and his advice. John, thank you. You have no idea the amount of joy you bring into someone's life by being so wonderfully gifted." ... written by Sharon
There are no words to say or explain how wonderful John is, Ive never ever in my entire life had a reading like this. I gave him no information none, how can this be possible for one man to know so much. its very hard for anything or anyone to shock me and i can honestly say I'm shocked. I have found my spiritual advisor. John is truly blessed and I am extremely happy to have found him. Thank you so very much" ... written by victoria
Speechless.....i was skeptic and i didn't believe before what he said to me, every thing he told me is happening now in my life, john's 2 prediction happened, I'm thrilled andamp; shocked with his abilities, he is very powerful energy worker, i have no words just oh my god..." ... written by Marzolli
WOW! John, you blow me away with your accuracy and and gift. You truly are amazing :)" ... written by Tickle
John is amazing. You cannot go wrong and I can not repay him for all of his insight and help. He's legit;)." ... written by Shelly
John, love you and your energies. You uplift me all the time. I am glad that I could catch you today. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. You are so good to me. xoxoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
Of course, he is the best here. No other words to say!" ... written by ystylus
John you're the best reader on this site I swear to god on this you're my angel I swear to this I always wait for you to come online. I have had many readings with lot of reader and you're the only one that I want to see because you feel what I'm feeling and you're the best. You're always right about everything that is going on in my life. I was so shocked when you picked up on my private blood because no other psychic has done this but anyhow go to john for reading he's the best you will be happy you did go to him for a reading he's the best on this site. Nothing he has told me has ever been wrong I mean nothing not a word. Anyhow love you lots John. I'll be back when I can. Blessings to you my love!" ... written by jody
John is absolutely amazing. Just amazing." ... written by John
Always right on with every little detail. John still seeing same thing he has said in past. Not sure how soon we will move forward but it will happen. xoxoxo Great as always." ... written by ll
He wont BS you. If you don't want the truth and some candy land story. Go to another psychic. This guy is the real deal. Accurate... predictions happen. He knew I had a cold.. how did he know I had a cold? Wow... mind blowing!" ... written by jand777
been waiting on john for 4 days now.....sooo happy to finally speak with him.....hate that I had wasted my time and money on other readers in the past.....John is a true gem and very gifted! I trust his instincts" ... written by kw
Wowwwwwwwww John has the powers and I mean it, he is the only that knwos everything and can change things around, God bless you John, I truly appreciate everything that you do for me and thank you from the bottom of my heart I love you, You are my true angel, and I trust you with my life!!!" ... written by sweet
LOVE THIS MAN :) he is so kind, always so comforting... and always honest. He knows things that no-one could possibly know unless they were infact psychic (FACT this man is psychic beyond your imagination!!) I wish him lots of love and happiness always xx" ... written by Lalima
Thank u psychicjohn for another fabulous reading, u r simply amazing and one of a kind. u r always on point and honest, youre very accurate and have such a gift. thank u again stay blessed love and light to u always my friend. take care xoxo melissa3591" ... written by melissa3591
He is so wonderful. Cannot thank him enough. Knows things without me saying anything. Love my reading and love John. Hope he never goes leaves.. Will keep you posted, talk to you next week John. Thank you Thank you!!! " ... written by Dawn
John, thank you so so much for everything, for all your amazing help. I trust you with my life, you are so spot on and accurate with everything. I love you for being so honest, caring and loving, god bless you and I'm looking forward to everything that you do and sending him energy to grow up. You are amazing, god bless you. " ... written by sweet
John, you are my angel and protector. I have great respect for you. I know you are right about things. You make me feel better when I talk to you. Talk care, and I will talk to you soon. Love you! Love you!" ... written by Lisa
johnnn again thank u for the prvt reading u r amazing as always. thanks for helping me with my situations always. as usual u r great, thank u godbless " ... written by melissa
finally able to get a hold of John. He is non-stop in privates and so unbelievably popular. He is always extremely accurate in assessments and comes up with things that you wonder how he possibly knows that!. Get a reading with him when you can. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
I love talking to him, he is quick to connect and is always spot on. He makes me look at my situation in a bigger picture, thank you!" ... written by Santhanakon
WOWW, WOWWWWW John is fantabouls I swear he is the best of the best, he saw things that happened as soon as I entered the room without me saying anything at all, but give my name WOWWW. John you are a true blessed angel and the very vest of the best and simply brilliant. Thank you for such a wonderful reading and being so honest. I need you more then anything else as things are falling apart for me. Thank you for all your help, I thank you from the bottom of my heart I need your help. Thank you and god bless youuuuuu" ... written by sweet have helped me always and trust in your visions and i am certain my wish shall be granted..thank u xx" ... written by t
John does incredible healings. I am so grateful to him for his continued help." ... written by L
Always a very special reading with John. He tunes in on a very deep level. He also can see what is going on with you physically and provide healing." ... written by L
John is amazing as always:) - completely on point and wonderful!" ... written by Shelly
great reading now just look n see if time frame comes true" ... written by apple
I just cant thank you enough for this man what he have done for me, he have changed my life my business and my dreams all of them comming true, john i love you, i owe you a big help, you will be my exclusive and very special guest in my city. i just cant imagine my life without you. lots of love you are not only best psychic but a great human being. i cant thank you enough xoxoxoox" ... written by venusgirl28
I cannot begin to express this man's god-given talent. His readings are extremely accurate and he does not sugarcoat. He is the real deal! Thank you! " ... written by bruin19
This man is unbelievable. he picked up on things without me saying. He knew my questions. I have no words to describe what just happened. I am saying HE IS THE BEST HERE and the best I have come across. omg. I am in tears" ... written by ezeeepass
john u r amazing as usual. thank u again for always being here for me and listening to my situation. u r always spot on everything thank uuuuu a ton. love and light blessings my friend " ... written by melissa
That was the most intense reading ever....WOW I am speachless...he knew every detail about me like I could never have imagined!!! WOW!!! WOW!! I have been to MANY psychics...I have never had a reading like this before...incredible!! WOW...I am completely blown out of the water by his talent....seriously WOW!!" ... written by miszy
John is fantastic, amazing, outstanding and everything in between. He has the answers you are looking for and he is so accurate that it is scary. His predictions are also slowly happening. If you need guidance and answers, look no further than John. Thank you so much for the update, God bless you." ... written by Jennifer
thank u john. The predictions he predicted 100% spot on. One of the prediction i never mentioned to him, and he told me. Even i don't know about this. He is so blessed from God and gifted. Thank you again. " ... written by pigletme123
John is my savior...I cannot explain right now I am too emotional to talk...He is the only 1 I trust...have been waiting for him for many days ..Thank you John..For everything.." ... written by tasha_j
He has been always amazing. He is the best of the best. Don't need to go anywhere else. I always come back to him. Love you.. " ... written by sylvia
John is a Fantastic reader, friend and guide :) His predictions always happen. He is truly God Sent to help us all. I wish that he also recieve all the joy and happiness in life that he brings to all :) xx" ... written by Lalima
Extremely accurate and detail that will astound. Speaks truth." ... written by Fulgur
WOW...this man is like the world's best psychic and I mean that no joke!!! It was like crazy how good he mind in completely blown!!! WOW!! " ... written by miszy
I've waited for hours, for days for John (as always), finally got connected with him. He stays consistant with his readings, he really is God sent, so gifted. I always come out from my readings feeling WOW...WOW.., how could he know all those details?? and not just that, he also makes you feel very much protected. Thank you John, I'd be so lost without you...xo" ... written by Chia
Once again he was spot on. I only wish I have more credit to hear what else he had to say. Still happy with what he had to say" ... written by ezeeepass
GOd's Angel..John i feel bvery emotional and give me hope and make me feel strong..Thank you very much ..hugs!" ... written by tasha_j
he is INSANELY accurate!! he will blow your mind completely no matter how many talented psychics you have been to!! WOW you Sir are incredible!!! " ... written by miszy
Psychic John is fantastic, he is so accurate and his predictions happen." ... written by Jennspain
John is SO good. He is spot on accurate with everything! This reading was no different. He gets to the true heart of the matter, answers questions you didn't even know you had, and give you detail after accurate detail. Everything he told me was true. John, you are amazing and I am glad to have found you. I feel more confident about my situation after this reading, you are a true blessing. Thank you so much, Blessings to you!" ... written by Jennifer
Wowwwwwwwwww, wowwwwww, i'm shocked and every time I get readings with John, he blows my mind away wowwwwwww, he is the true and the only angel and very very gifted!!!!!!!! I don't even know what to say besides that John the is the real deal # 1!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" ... written by sweet
He really eases my mind when I am stressed. I know what he is talking about because what he tells me about my life that I know to be truth is 100 percent accurate. Just love PsychicJohn!! I could sit and talk with him all day if I could afford it. " ... written by BM331
thank u john for the amazing prvt. as usual u r amazing and u r always right on my situation. thank u for helping me with this. always always thank u xoxo bless u always take care. love and light" ... written by melissa
Psychic John is blessed with amazing abilities and has shared a great deal of helpful information with me. I appreciate his kindness and insight. He is a wonderful blessing to my life." ... written by AJ
One of the most amazing readings I have ever had. His vision was so flabbergasting.. he could guess initials and age! That is something!!!! " ... written by Stephanie
He's great as always... so accurate! " ... written by jand777
John is a very power psychic who never fails to help me and guide in my travels on this plane. I find his guidance and confirmations uplifting and very honest and sincere." ... written by Krista Elliott
Excellent, Brillianttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! he is the most gifted person in the world, he sees and knows everything...... WOWWWWW! He predicted amazing things for me and I'm looking forward to all of it to happen!!!!!! Thank you so much John, you are a blessing to me , thank youuuuuu" ... written by sweet
bless this man-he is so spot on every time-I am blown away by his accuracy, thank you again john!" ... written by gemmie
Love love love this man.. he is wonderful and always on target. " ... written by Dawn
John .. is such a beautiful soul... i feel peaceful just sitting in his energy when he is reading for me :) His predictions happen in sometimes the most unexpected ways... but they always happen! He has been like a beacon of light for me... And with his advice i am starting to see the results i have longed for. I wish for him all the joy and happiness he very much deserves... LOVE U John... Bali xoxox" ... written by Lalima
Words can't describe how great John is. He's spot on. I needed help and I swear that God and my Grandma let our paths cross. " ... written by Shelly
Ok...he is the very very best psychic probably ever in the world...he is sooooo accurate it is scary!! He is AMAZING!!! I am so glad I found him...worth every penny and the waiting to get into speak with him....I am million % he is the best on Oranum and maybe! everytime he blows my mind! Incredible!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!" ... written by miszy
Brilliant!!!!! Every predictions happens, Thank you John from the bottom of my heart, love you and god bless" ... written by sweet
PERFECT in all the changes you knew them all as they are happening right now. Absolutely a wonderful gift you have to share with me and us. Thank you for seeing him coming back to me. I know he needs to see for himself and that is exactly what he thinks he can do for work out there.(ON THE SPOT WITH THE JOB YOU SAID. WOW) But he is still unsure. Please pray for us and for him to be confident and follow his love back to me and at least try it. xoxoxo" ... written by LL
John, even though we have never met, you read into my soul. I have great respect for you and your gift. So sweet and charming you are. I hold you so close and dear to my heart. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and give me your insight. It always makes me feel better talking to you. xoxoxoxo. :)" ... written by Lisa
Love John to bits..... :) He is a such a great guide and has helped me to myself in new light.... i now can see things from a better perspective. He has always told me the truth and i appreciate his honesty...He say what he see's and knows not just what you want to hear. I pray that he also receive the same love, happiness andamp; honesty in abundance that he gives to all. God bless you John you are one in a million xx" ... written by Lalima
What should I write about John..He can see everything..I am too overwhelmed and emotional right now..He is the BEST psychic in the world.period." ... written by t
John says what he sees and feels... And he is never wrong. :)" ... written by Sheena
it has been almost difficult with me catching John. I wanted to get an update since my last reading since sooo much has taken place since then but I can't catch him....! A prediction has come true and I have been so excited to tell him about it. I did meet my guy as he stated in my last reading. This guy lives 100's of miles away from me and he did come to meet me and it was just how John described the meeting. I never thought it would be possible due to his job circumstance and at the time I didn't focus on what John was telling until after it happened and until I went back over a copy of my reading from him I then realized what he had said was 100% accurate. I only wish I could reach him so I will know what to do next. He has been so consistent with me like no other and I trust what he says and I know that I need to stop stressing...His Predictions Happen!" ... written by kwilli23
A prediction John said to me months ago... has now come to pass.... as have other predictions along the way...! He said he would come back and he did.... He said we would marry and we are in talks about this now..! WOW John worked a miracle for me... i followed his guidance and advice and i trusted him however i am still astounded by his abilities to make this happen! Thank you John so much.. i cannot put into words the gratitude and love i feel for you. YOUR A DIAMOND xx " ... written by lalima
he's the best and abilities are outstanding !! like no other !" ... written by mashael
PsychicJohn is really good, he tells you what is happening in your life before you can say anything at all, he very fast and accurate, he knows a lot of things that blew my mind and still put me at ease, he made some predictions that I am excited to see happen. I will keep you posted, this far, I not disappointed with my reading or the money spent with PsychicJohn !!!" ... written by ladybugg39
I am so lucky to reach him tonite. He is so amazing. Of course everything he said is 100% accurate and he also able to tell everything that before I told him. So gifted and kind heart person. I felt bad to drain so much his energy. As a psychic, he was very focus, I am draining his energy, and gave him a lot of negative energy! God bless him, he helps a lot of people. He is awesome, speechless, don't know how to thank him and describe him. Love u John. Take care !" ... written by pigletme123
Any worries or concerns... I can be sure John will always put me straight.... :) Tells me the truth love his honesty and clear vision!! Thank God for John... I wish i could believe in myself as much as he does in me.. and i am sure one day i will very soon.. Thank you John you're an exceptional person... one of a kind.... and absolutely brilliant at what u do THE BEST!! ... xx " ... written by Lalima
John makes me feel so much better and really reassures me about what is going on. I come back for updates because I know John knows what he is talking about. 1000000000 stars for psychicjohn!!" ... written by BMJ
Trying to catch John is a mission itself, but worth it. Thank you John for your amazing gift, time to live it up and focus on some of the amazing things coming my way. God bless you always." ... written by TM
Absolutely the best!!!! Knows it all no matter what. Everything was exact and John even gave me a close timeline. Thank you for being you and being here for me to confirm the love of my life will definitely be with me soon. Many blessing to you John talk to you soon. " ... written by LL
This man is a god sent.. He is kind and needless to say, he is always accurate.. His prediction always come to a pass. He eases my mind every time I talk to him. He is guiding me through my hardest moment. I feel he is with me on this path... walking it with me. Thank you" ... written by Sylvia
Accurate reading. Love His energy!" ... written by Mai
I am telling you...there is NO ONE better than him...not one psychic better!! He is so accurate it is crazy!! CRAZY!! wow wow wow wow!" ... written by Melissa
Omg John, I can never ever thank you enough for all that you do for me, the life is sucked out of me and you're help means so so much to me, I appreciate everything that you do for me, you are a blessing to me. You truly are a god sent, and a real wonderful angel. Love you John, and god bless you, you are amazingg. I'll for sure follow your advise and try to get through this.... Thank you love you xooxoxoxo" ... written by sweet
amazing.shame i am not a milionare..:( could spend hours with this man.." ... written by md
John is TOOOO awesome beyond words!!! One of the best here definitely… he just knows things… in detail. " ... written by Stephanie
Thank u John as always... so reassuring with your clear vision. Again my mind is at ease... I also wish u peace, peace, perfect peace xx" ... written by lalima
i wanna say thank u psychicjohn for guiding me into the right direction thank u for this wonderful private reading. as usual u r always spot on everything and u always amaze me with ur wonderful gift. thank u. u truly r a blessing love and light to u and ur family. xoxo stay blessed my friend." ... written by melissa3591
Omg I don't know what I would do without him, He is such a caring and loving person. He has been helping me so so much, and I can never thank him enough, but may god bless him with the most wonderful things in his life!!1 He is a blessing to me and I am so so thankful to have met him and have him in my life. He is my true angel, and I trust him with my life! He is so spot on with everything, and accurate he amazes me every time I get a reading with him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart John, god bless you love you. oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet
If you can get a hold of him, John is the best and most accurate psychic. Psychicjohn is only one of two psychics I go to. Last year, when I asked about a new job, he gave me a specific date and guess what, he was exactly right. I signed a job contract on the exact day he predicted, which was 3 months before I even asked him. He's absolutely amazing. He's a godsend and you won't regret it if you try him. " ... written by juniperrr
wouldn't know what to do without John. He is wonderful. Love his honesty. He is my main man forever. An angel who was sent to help. He is the BEST!!! Picks up on so many things that even I forgot about. Accuracy is 100% on target. Will keep him updated. More than 5 stars.. He is caring and warm. Will listen to him when he gives me advise or a prediction." ... written by Dawn
I've been reading with john for years now. I remember when it was so easy to find him for a reading. now, it is harder because he is so well known and sought after. john is my superstar! He is and has been right for years for me. If john tells me to do something or that something will be, I know without a doubt it will come true. I love reading with you John!" ... written by Spirit
I do believe in God John:) b/c he sent me you. Thank you - You've truly been a blessing in my life and I always believe in you because I know that you're good, and I appreciate your advice. John is extraordinarily gifted, and see's everything very clearly, good, bad, and can be specific. It will be worth your time, trust me:)." ... written by Shelly
John is truly amazing and always on point. He is the best!" ... written by mashael
John is amazing, and brilliant. I'd be lost without him, he is doing everything that he can to help me, and I appreciate everything for the bottom of my heart, I need John's help more than anything, and I trust him with my life. He is my true and only angel, love John. John can't wait for everything to happen like you predicted! Love you john, god bless you and thank you for all your amazing help. XXXXXXXX" ... written by sweet
I just love John. He calms me down every time. He really does. I just don't know what I would do without him. He is amazing!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! THANK U THANK U THANK U!" ... written by SS
The space is too little to write about John.I need 100 pages to write about him,he is that brilliant.Just his energy is enough to mak eyou feel relaxed and his visions and his work is beyond words.He has been helping me through this path I am on.He can see everything so clearly that it is beyond explanation.I BELIEVE in him 1000 % and I do not think there is anyone I have met yet with his remarkable and highest degree of accuracy.John,I thank you with all my heart and deeply appreciate what you are doing for me and all the other people and helping is all through this.You are an angel John...really you are..You are the is only are a saviour and a healer and I TRUST in your powers.We all love you John and thank you from the bottom of our hearts..I am so overwhelmed right now xxxx" ... written by tasha_j
PsychicJohn said he saw a cheque for october, i just got shortlisted for an interview with a surgery. So maybe this is it. Thank you psychicjohn" ... written by Sonee
I'm the biggest critic and this man is nothing short of amazing. This is my second reading with him. This reading I just had was spot on, he knew things that he possibly could NOT have guessed. This man has a real gift. He is a bit short tempered at times ....has a bit of an attitude and seems like he gets frustrated should you ask him to clafify something..but he is gifted and I don't think he tries to short on purpose, people must be extremely stupid and " ... written by A
Excellent psychic." ... written by Fulgur
He is simply the BEST EVER. IT´S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pablo
omg john I am sooooooo grateful for uuuu. u r so amazing and each time I come to u my friend because u help me time after time to find things in my life and help me follow into the right path. I am always waiting for u to be on because u r the only one I completely trust with my life with everything. U have known my situation and u have helped me always since I have met u and u have not been wrong, all ur predictions have come true. i am looking forward to the future. Thank u so much my friend for helping me for the prayers, healing i am so grateful. u truly r a blessing. xoxo melissa" ... written by melissa
When I am extremely stressed, I always hunt down psychicjohn to reassure me, and he never fails me. I just wished that there was a way to get him on when he isn't on because he really calms me down after our private. Thanks John!" ... written by BMJ
My Angel...Thank you John..for everything that you are doing for me.You have no idea how immensely you are helping me xx" ... written by t
psychicjohn I adore u sooo much. Thank u so much once again for this private reading. You never are wrong and u r always giving me the guidance I need to continue to help me find my way and guide me closer and closer to where I am meant to be. U truly are the only psychic I trust and I continue to always come back to u for the same reason since the beginning uve helped me and all ur predictions have come true. will see u again very soon. loveee uuu. Thank u so much. I seriously don't know what i'd ever do without u. blessings my friend xoxo" ... written by melissa
always enjoy Johns reading. He is always pleasant and funny. Spot on with every reading I have with him. Spot on target with everything he says. Will keep him posted. " ... written by Dawn
John is the most amazing person. He is an angel. He is sent by god to me to help me. My situation is extremely challenging. He is nice and deep. He can analyze my situation and guide me through. I am one of his first clients since he first started oranum. I have been with him. His predictions do come true. He is here to help and he put his heart to every reading. i know that i can feel it.. love. and hugs" ... written by Sylvia
How do you always know what I will say? You seem to know me in the clearest way, You shouldn't see, what is my mystery, you are true legend a hero....your main prediction did happen, i was always skeptic and doubting about it, you did are true hero...i cant be in this place without you john" ... written by venusgirl28
OMG!!!! JOhn is AMAZING. NO other word to to express How he knows everything. My jaw dropping. He is a true Psychic !!!! " ... written by kim
No matter what John always cheers me up! Love ya John!" ... written by S
The more I talk to John, the more I grow fond of him. The clarity and the detail of his vision is just so astonishing!!! I was dumbfounded when I first talked to him and still am… One of the very best here without a doubt. " ... written by woodencloud
THANKS AS ALWAYS JOHN!" ... written by jon
amazing man and as always a mind-blowingly accurate reading! thank you John for your help :)" ... written by gemmie
AMAZING!!! HE is the most wonderful man ever!!! He is by far the very very very best psychic ever....really!! HE will blow your mind!!" ... written by miszy
Jon i love you so much i wait and wait just to see you" ... written by jody
Brilliant!!! John just simply knows everything without me saying a word to him. He read my situation like an open book. I trust him with a lot, he predicted amazing things for me and I hope that they all come to pass. He's also helping me with my situation to get better. Thank you so much John, I appreciate everything you do for me. God bless you, you are amazing. Talk to you soon." ... written by sweet
always accurate and wonderful" ... written by dani
John is always accurate when he tells me what my friends are doing at the moment or what they will do. I recommend him. He is a great psychic." ... written by sunshine
John is one of the very few psychics here who can deliver confirming readings! Just to sum it up, after I read with John, I really don't feel like getting readings from anyone else. " ... written by Stephanie
John has a piece of my heart. I just respect this man so much. He has gotten me through some of my worst times and I will always be grateful to him. He knows what I am going to say before I even get a chance to type it. Many blessings to you, John. Please continue your journey by helping those in need. xoxoxoxo. CIAO BELLO!" ... written by Lisa
John is such a wonderful person. i am running out of words to thank him. He is the best and he put his 200 percent to help me. His prediction does come true. He felft my heavy heart and eased my pain, He is definitely an angel from god. He is hard to catch all the time. but it is worth all the waiting. lOVE YOU JOHN" ... written by Sylvia
John is truly a special person! Extremely precise! He is very easy to talk to... and he answers my questions even before him!! GIFTED, KIND, HONEST andamp; HIS PREDICTIONS DO COME TRUE...! He is my guide and advisor and has helped me to achieve the relationship i deserve... If you want to see RESULTS speak to John xx " ... written by Lalima
John is so unbelievable. So accurate. He is fantastic. There is so much warmth that comes through. Just amazing" ... written by John
Thank you always John, love your honesty and truth. I am looking forward for Don coming back before Xmas like you see. No need to ever excuse your words, lolol " ... written by l
He calms me every time with the greatest of ease. There was a time when i questioned John (long time ago) but now i don't because i have learnt that he always tells me exactly like it is...! To know the truth is what we all want... And i always find that with John xx" ... written by Lalima
I am in tears of how good this man is. Words cannot describe the person. I have never in my entire life have ever come across anyone like him. I dont want to talk to anyone else. That is it..He is my guy from this day forward. Thank you John" ... written by ezeeepass
John is always so spot on with his insights and accurate assessments of any situation. Always appreciate his efforts and insights. My Godsend. Many blessings xx" ... written by twinsoul
It's always a blessing to talk to John. You will never have a better consult. He's genuine, and really like an angel from God. I run out of ways to thank him and eternally grateful for his kindness." ... written by Shelly
John is my absolute go to psychic. There have a been a few that have been" ... written by Spiritlower79
He is truly amazing and no one else has blown me away the way he has. I will be back for another reading. Thank you so much! Bless you! " ... written by vg
John is the best reader I have ever had!!!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
he is beyond words good, exactly explained everything in detail to me, like we are best buddies and he knows all about me, i was in shock reading his words, could not believe my eyes....absolutely everything he said was so true!!!!!" ... written by pumpkin
He is amazing. Fast to connect and always spot on! I mean, SPOT ON." ... written by Santhanakon
John is super fantastic. He can accurately describe everything that is happening right now and give you insight on things to come. One of my favorites and it's so hard to catch him because he is just that good. Thank you so much for the update. Best wishes to you and bless you always. You are such a good friend to me and I appreciate all that you do! " ... written by Jennifer
Spot on, and the things that he sees and says it is SHOCKINGGGGGGG!!!!!He is so accurate wowwwwwww" ... written by sweet
my psychicjohn my friend how much I luv u hun. thank u for always being here and helping me my friend. John u r the most genuine realest person I know and I am very grateful to have u in my life, idk what i'd do without u. i will always contine to come to u because u really care! u don't BS and just want money like a lot of other psychics do. U genuinely care and want to help people. With ur guidance, ur readings i have had sooo much help. And everything that u have always told me is 100% accurate and comes true, u r not wrong about things u r always right. If anyone ever wants to know the honest truth about something or someone you are for them. You don't lie, and your readings come out as u say ALWAYS. Thank u john for helping me for being there through my bad moments and the good, for willing to continue to help me with my future. will always come to u. luv u thank u xoxo " ... written by melissa
I am tooo emotional rite now ...JOhn you touched my heart and one could do that..I deeply appreciate all your help in my situation and for being there..I do not know how to thank you for what you are doing for me and the other people...Please help me manifest what i desire..xx" ... written by t
can't thank john enough for his support. he has been spot on with his guidance and has given me lots of peace and solace through some challenging times. thanks so much john much love and peace to you for sharing your gifts so freely and in such a positive way.. ;)" ... written by pc say I am amazed, loss for words, won't really justify what I just experienced with John.....I felt like I was talking about everything and all the details down to the tee...but it wasn't me, it was him tell me....I can't even beilive I just had the pleasure of having this incredible exprience with John. I am hooked for life I think. Thank you soooooooooo much John. You are have no idea what this reading meant to me. Thank you so much. Love andamp; light to you my friend. I am sorry our reading ended without me saying thank you to you 1000 times, thank you for your time and thank you for working on what you said you would. I truely beilive in you after this reading. I will come back again. Thank you!!" ... written by mainstreem20
thanks john. " ... written by jonathan
After many many readings and psychics I have finally found the very best and true one. John is an amazing person and he sees every little detail Im counting on his help and Im sure it will all happen. I wish I had come to him earlier." ... written by Ace
:)... You're reading my mind again;)? ... I know I said it before, time and time again, but I run out of ways to than John. He's been a true blessing in my life. He reads everything very clearly, and you really won't even need to tell to him because he see's it. Thanks again for reading:) - talk soon!xoxo " ... written by Shelly
There is other like John, he tells you every small detail and is so compassionate and I trust him and know all he says will happen in time. Thank you John" ... written by ace
He is INSANELY great!! No one and I mean no one is better than he is.... he is worth every penny and the wait to get to see him!!! He is brilliant....just brilliant....seriously...I read these reviews to make a decision and I mean to put no one else down but don't waste your money going to anyone else!!! SOOOOOO worth it!!" ... written by miszy
Everything he said to me a month ago came through exactly as he said it would." ... written by ezeeepass
Just amazing! the best ever! Thank you so much!" ... written by valery
John, thank you for your gift and reading for me. I am thankful I had the opportunity to read with you. I respect your gift. John was able to see everything going on in my life without my telling him anything. Truly gifted. Amazing. Thank you very much. Wish I had more time to speak with you. I want to know how to help heal things and make things better. I will come back for your advice on this as I know you will have the right answer. God Bless you, John. May divine love flow through you and from you abundantly always. xx" ... written by cloverkelly
As always, John is remarkable and words can't describe how grateful I am for his advice. He is on point and will be honest. If I can give you any advice if you're lucky enough to get in, it's to make sure you get enough time. He's like legit and very hard to get:)." ... written by Shelly
Super accurate. I mean this guy says stuff that you swore you said to yourself in a mirror a few days ago. He's been right on traveling predictions over the last couple months for me. " ... written by jand777
Awesome as always and very consistent!! superb the reviews...they speak for themselves...." ... written by KW
speechless. He is the only person I trust. Everything he said is correct. Accuracy unbelievable. Gifted from God no doubt about it. Never ever have to feed him any info. He will tell u. I am so please and so sorry to drain his energy so much. Thank you very much John sweetheart. Such a kind kind kind boy, and so knowledgable,very humble. Million thanks is not enough. " ... written by gugu58
He is the best. Every time I talk to him I calm myself down. I promise when you talk to him, you will not want to talk to anyone else. He is my angel. I have waited for you all my life. So much love for u John" ... written by ezeepass/ carol
My second reading with consistant, not a single factor was changed from our previous reading, this one was to calm my nerves and he was great at it. Thank you again John. I will be speaking with you soon I am sure. You are an angel and I am so happy i have found you here. " ... written by mainstreem20
Wow! He is truly amazing! With only our names he was able to pick up so many extremely accurate details - exact age, thoughts, status of the situation, how I've been reacting and feeling, tons of details with absolutely no info from me! Based on how well he read me I know that his info about the other person's thoughts and feelings are also on-point. Positive outcome predicted - Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
john is great his predictions have come true and his accuracy is beyond compare to any other psychic" ... written by spirit
had to ask a quick question. John is so so wonderful. This man is just great to speak with. He answers all questions even before I ask them. Love him lots. I will keep him updated. John bless you many times over. May your life be filled with peace, love and happiness always. Your an angel. " ... written by Dawn
John is the kindest and most helpful person I have ever know. He truly cares about his clients and gives me what I need to deal with the personal issues I have." ... written by Krista Elliott
I love John so much! I don't know where i would be without him. I wish I had met him sooner. He has changed my life so much and he is so caring and gentle and wise. He was spot on with everything as was in the past. I just tell him my first name and he can see right into my soul. Everything he says is correct, so trust him and follow his recommendations. He is truly blessed by God and if you are fortunate enough to get a reading with him, please listen to his advice. I will continue to work with him for the rest of my life. God bless you, John!" ... written by juniperrr
Johns is the best here I have to say. I sees and feel what the other person is feeling and know what they will do next. Again, I have never seen anyone like him with such a wonderful gift. The only place I see a gift like his is in the movies, but he is real real real. Thank you John for everything" ... written by carol/ezeepass
John did it again!!! Always point out some details I never shared with him! I was asking him on a relationship question, out of nowhere, he mentioned that I had paid something legal, law, something to do with car. I have recently paid an outstanding traffic ticket.. how could he know??!! Also, in my previous reading with John, I was looking for my work cell phone, I couldn't find it for over a month, thinking I had totally lost it. John told me that he would help me to find it, a couple days later, I found my phone! Oh my, john just blows my mind every single time. It has been another long wait to get a reading from him, but John is always worth the wait! John thank you so much again. Looking forward to the rest of the prediction to come true. Please send a message to James for me....until next time. xo" ... written by Kirsten
John I just love you. I don't think I can describe it in words. You help me so much and calm me down. thank you. I just don't know how to say thank you. May you receive so many blessings!!" ... written by S
John is a truly good person. I can sense this for sure. You were no doubt lead to him for a reason. I thank you, John for your gift and using it to help others also. You are outstandingly gifted. It was a privilege and a pleasure to speak with you God bless you and may divine love flow through you and in you always. xx" ... written by Grateful for divine love
John my friend how much I needed to talk with u. I had felt soo upset and down and I needed to go to u, there honestly isn't a week I cant go without talking to u. Thank u for always giving me the honest advice u give me for making me feel better always and genuinely helping me with my problem. How much I care about u, knowing u truly care about ur clients brings me such joy and comfort, u don't just do what u do for money, but u do this because u have this feeling in ur heart, this yearning of wanting to truly help people. i will continue to ALWAYS ALWAYS come back to u. U r 100% truthful and everything u always have said to me has been 100% right and has always come true. U r the one person I can trust with so much, with everything in my life. thank u again for helping me get through this. Luv u john take care a ton my friend blessings to u and ur family love and light. xoxo " ... written by melissa
John is a true gem! He knows exactly what is currently going on and what will be coming up. He is detailed, honest, accurate, and genuine. " ... written by Jen
I'll only say that I really believe that god brought John in my life. He's helped my so much, I don't know how to repay him for his kindness and his advice. xoxo - ty soooo much for being my angel John!" ... written by Shelly
Thanks John you are the best!!! Love talking to you and finding out what you see is real. xoxoxox" ... written by L
Psychic john is the real deal . Please get a reading if you are seeking answers . He is wonderful. He told me things I was feeling. He has a gift that can only come from God. He gave me the strength and hope to make it through another day. . He is my go to person . I can't even put into words my gratitude for his gifts. Much love to you John!" ... written by oreocookies37
wow thank u so much i had 2 do 3 readings with john an i am so g;ad i did wow thank u so much i am sorry i draiedn u may god bless u inall u do an wow i am in aww over u baby omg i will deff be bac every1 plz try him he is the real deal no sugar coating he tells it like it is i really love john an i am so glad i came 2 see him out all the readers i have tryed on here i will say john is by far the at most best 1 million stars 4 him wow thank u soooo much xxxxoooooooooooo light and love 2 you john thank u so much 4 your time may god bless you in all you do wow he is trueally a god sent thank thank u i am in awwwwlight an love dear .....xxoooo" ... written by angel
psychicjohn thank u again for a wonderful private reading. U always amaze me with the precise words u say and answers u give me, thank u for ur advice U know exactly whats in my heart and really connect. Just want to say thank u again for amazing private and I will see u again supoer soon my friend. thank u. love and light to u and ur family blessings xoxo" ... written by melissa
That was the most amazing, mind blowing reading I have had. John is a very powerful psychic. He knew so much about me - little details - of what has passed. If you are able to get a reading with him, you will be grateful that you are so lucky to be able to receive his insights." ... written by L
Wow. !!! He is the real deal.!!!! John is my angel. God sent him to me to save me. He is so spot on. There is no doubt he is the best on this site. He will give you all the details. He will pick up everything. His prediction come true over and over again. Love you. Angel. XOXOXOXO" ... written by sylvia
thanks a lot john !!!" ... written by jon
Oh my God. John is amazing . He brought tears to my eyes. He is worth the long wait. Everything he said was true. He is truly an angel from heaven. I didn't even say a word..........he knew everything........A million stars----------worth every penny.......Much love and light to you." ... written by oreocookies37
psychicjohn thank u again for this private reading. Thank u my friend for always giving me such wonderful honest 100% accurate readings, thank u for the positive energy and healing u send. I had been so worried before I came to private with u but now I finally had a private with u, u have reassured me everything will be fine. and I honestly trust u and know just as u said everything will be fine...-because ur never wrong. thank u so much love and light psychicjohn blessings to u and ur family always xoxo" ... written by melissa
A long catch up much much insight...This man is truly a gift from the Universe. Many blessings, as always. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
wow john is so accurate he told me time frames in the past that he coulnt even know about it ???? wow that wa so impressive i will come bac for sure ty johnxxx" ... written by marie5290
The most wonderful and accurate person I have met here thus far. Thank you John and I am so assured by your special insight it has helped me tremendously. Many Blessings." ... written by Ace
My and only..He is God sent.." ... written by t
What can i say about John... He simply just knows everything! I don't even have to ask any questions he tells me word for word conversations i've had.... He is simply amazing!! I have never met anyone like him. His vision is so clear and his soul so full of light :) I wish him peace and happiness now and always x x" ... written by Lalima
Always amazing reading with psychic john always accurate!!" ... written by victoria111
When everything is too much..... John always finds just the right words and i see that as always there is light at the end of the tunnel..! Its like John holds my hand and guides me out :) Thank you John just for being you. And yes i do trust in what you say, your predictions always come to pass. God bless you always xx" ... written by Lalima
I think of myself as someone who's a regular client of John's by now. I have had a few readings with him and everytime, he manages to help me through the difficult time I am going through. He's just amazing, I really can't find better words to describe him. I am grateful that I have met him and I will keep coming back. He's worth every penny and more. I will speak to you soon John. Thank you again for your time. You are simply the best. Love andamp; light. M. " ... written by mainstreem20
HE ALWAYS TUNES IN!!! LOVE YOU JOHN!" ... written by S
Thank you for truly being my angel... :). John understands you to the soul, good and bad. He's a genuine person and the most compassionate, and kindness that I've been lucky enough to meet. He reads clearly and looks at all factors." ... written by Shelly
Thanks so much John. I was really upset when you disappeared. It is great to have you back.." ... written by BMJ
Wonderful psychic with all the answers about the past, present, and future." ... written by Kay
My dear friend, you are back. You don't know I much I miss you. You are such a blessing in my life. You are seeing everything in my life. You are the you" ... written by sylvia
OMG ! love John so dearly :) I am sooooooo happy to have him back!! I prayed for you John in the temple and church for your health and peace ... double whammy :) Thank you again for clearing everything for me. Your vision as always is impeccable. Be safe and happy always my friend. Thank you again for the love, care and attention to detail... you give in your reading.. Love u xoxox " ... written by Lalima
I'm so happy John is back:) - May God always bless this man." ... written by Shelly
THE VERY BEST. " ... written by CK
Glad to see John back...a long overdue catch up. Once again this man is brilliant and so accurate. All blessings as always xx" ... written by twinsoul
John is remarkable...end of story!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Best on Oranum!! Thank you! I don't know what I would do without you! PsychicJohn never ceases to amaze me. Truly a gift from God! " ... written by bruin19
No one is better than him...honest and one!!! Worth the money and the wait!!! AWESOME!!! he will blow your mind EVERY TIME....he is that freaking good!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! BEST PSYCHIC EVER!" ... written by Melissa
thank u again john for every prvt reading u give to me I definitely will be back for another. thank u for the guidance always. love u tons thank u xoxo" ... written by melissa
omg how much I LOVE psychicJohn! I am absolutely in aw with his readings I cannot get enough from him. he is absolutely amazing. he is right about everything, I swear I only stay on oranum because I go to him only. He is the only one I truly trust and believe on here, he has never been wrong about a situation, he is not fake he is truthful, and the realest, and he has promised me that he would always be here to guide me through my life and he has done just that. I honestly look forward to speaking with him always. PsychicJohn thank u so much for the amazing readings, connections u do. I don't know what I would ever do without u. thank u for the blessings, prayers u send. Love u too much my friend thank u for always being here. Love u blessings xoxo will be back." ... written by melissa
Im sooo glad he is back. I needed to speak with him so badly. John picks up on things without me telling him a word. He is wonderful. Thank you. " ... written by Dawn
thank u my psychic john how I missed u and needed u and I thank u so much for everything. I love u tons u r right and true about everything. love u dearly bless u my friend" ... written by melissa
OMG truly happy that John is back. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY. John is truly amazing and beyond that, he sees things that know one knows about it, he saw things that I already have planed and Ididn't even say a word about it... WOWWWWWWWWWWWW I am truly shocked how amazing John is WOWWWWWW, He is a true blessing to me, and I trust him with my life. Thank you so much John, and god bless you. You are the very best of the bestt" ... written by sweet
Amazing.. amazing. one of the best. best strongly recommend. " ... written by kim
Love you to pieces xo" ... written by SS
John, you're amazing!! I'm so lucky for the reading. Bless you and all of you and your incredible heart. You're gifted by God:)." ... written by Me
This was my second reading with psychicjohn. On the first reading i had only given him a photo and a name and he said he would check andamp; see if there was anything he could do for me and the person in question and told me to return in 2 days. I was unable to get hold of him and finally got to speak to him today. What he told me abt the person in question was mind blowing!! He knew so much. I even went back to the transcript of the first conversation to see if there was anything I had told him n he was just repeating that back to me.. To my surprise..other than my question and just the name of the person, i had not given him any info. I have been on oranum for atleast 2.5 years one has ever given me a reading that accurate! I have been giving so many false hopes by other readers but the accuracy of today's reading with john has has left me loss for words. I didnt have enough credits to finish up the reading with him but i will be back for a follow up in the next few days as he works his magic for me. Thank ur help john and pls add me as a contact! Thanks for being honest and kind :)" ... written by prisci83
mind blowing as always..he is the best!!!!" ... written by R
PsychicJohn is one of the best psychics on here and is real. The things he see in my life and around me, he has to be real because there is no other way for him to know them. If you want an accurate vision, PsychicJohn is the one to go to for it!" ... written by BMJ
John is best psychic on this site!!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
I can talk to John for hours, so it's never enough, our session ended faster than I was ready for it, but at some point you have to stop. To say John is amazing at what he does, doesn't really justify his gift. I love John. I am so happy he's back. I thought he was gone and I felt his absence. I am so grateful to have him guide me through the issues I have. Thank you john so much for your honestly. You tell me like it needs to be told, but tease in teh midst of it and make me laugh. You are awesome. You know I will be back for more guidance :) Love you to pieces. Thank you!!!! xoxoxo love andamp; light to you my dear John. " ... written by Mainstreem20
So good...all the details and accuracy anyone could ask for! John is the man who can give you the answers you seek. He just knows! " ... written by Jade
john amazing as always thank u. right about every little detail. U always amaze me more and more. I cannot thank u enough for being here always. U R THE BEST will come back as always. Bless u so much thank u for healing and energy. love u xoxo blessings" ... written by melissa
I just keep getting blown away at how accurate he is, he is a blessing from god and such a beautiful person at heart. So glad to have you back john. i will be back, thank you so much again for everything. god bless you! xx " ... written by V
psychicjohn thank u again for this prvt reading. I am always waiting when i can for u to get on so i can take u into prvt, wonderful as always and spot on, on every little thing. The details u always give to me r 100% correct. Thank u for the amazing private for the blessings and prayers. I will always keep coming back to u always always always. Love u friend. xoxo blessings " ... written by melissa
LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!" ... written by S
With complete honesty, I share this, I am probably one of those people who have spent a fortune here on psychics but disappointing. However, after many readings I have found the only psychic who is TRULY A PSYCHIC, HE SHOULD BE THE #1 here, as I have been to those who are top rated but nothing they said happened. This man can tell you small details which no one else but you know...If in doubt check him out, you will be amazed. I never give ratings until the predictions happen, but John is an exception and his predictions WILL happen. " ... written by A
i love u so much you read my like an open book i do not go to no one else i always try to wait for u and im happy your back" ... written by jody
Always good...super good" ... written by J
OMG, OMG John is above and beyond amazing!!!!!! He is so spot on with everything that he says he reads my mind and knows exactly what I'm thinking, and what the person in the question is thinking... John is a true psychic that does not need any info ans he is spot on with everything. John has been helping me with my crazy situation that I'm in and I need his help more than ever. John thank you so much for everything that you do, and please please help this is the time that my soul is tired of this problem and I need your help. God bless you and I'll give the info that you requested. Once again thank you and god bless you. Love you my angel love you" ... written by sweet84
Thank you so much john your very helpful and i hope to see u online again for another reading with you" ... written by jody
i love ur readings hope to get in touch again" ... written by jody
John's a true blessing for anybody that is lucky enough to get a reading from him. I'm grateful to have him in my life. you won't regret a minute." ... written by Shelly
Great reader, love him to pieces. Will hate to ever have to lose him from performing my psychic readings!! Thanks John!!" ... written by BMJ
an absolutely outstanding reading the things he knew were incredible " ... written by Tracey
John has helped me so much these past few months especially when I have been at my lowest. God bless you john. Love you. " ... written by SS
Thank you John as always for your clear vision, guidance and kind words.. means more than i can put into words. Bless you my friend xx" ... written by Lalima
THE REAL DEAL! HE IS THE ONE! " ... written by shalang
My dear John. He is absolutely an angel. He is always correct on his prediction. He put his heart and soul in his reading. I never doubt him. He gives me detail and no one else would know. Give him a try and you will never regret. Love you. Hun.. " ... written by sylvia
I am addicted to John...he's like a drug LOL. This is the psychic who everyone needs to read with at least once. He has the answers, the truth and the accurate details of what happens, what is happening, and what will happen. Accurate, concise, detailed, and super consistent!" ... written by J
Again, John was able to give amazing details without me saying anything!! He saw some guy recently got divorce and back to my was my friend "C"! Not only that, John even knew that C was interested in me, some friend would encourage me to give C a chance (John again was right!) However, he didn't see me having any sparks with him (John was super right again!)...who could give such details without you saying a word? Trust me, John is that amazing! So happy to see John came back to Oranum!...please take good care your health John....God bless." ... written by Chia
Thank you God for John. He is the best and so clear and concise. Speak soon x" ... written by Lalima
Thank you for the amazing advice John! xx" ... written by Shelly
Super spot on! I didn't say anything and he read the entire situation so accurately! Described every thought and reaction exactly as it has occurred- got some excellent validation and confirmation." ... written by Seeker1200
Simply the best of the best, I need hes help, and he's doing the best to help me, he give the best advise and I trust him with my life, waiting for major predictions to happen that he just predicted for me. Thank you John form the bottom of my heart, and god bless you." ... written by sweet
thank you John thank you!" ... written by S
john u do not know how bad ive needed to talk to u. I needed to speak with u and have this reassurance of J and me and I am so blessed and grateful to have had this prvt reading with u. U truly know everything without even being told to u. I love u will be back on later. Thank u so much john bless u and ur family. " ... written by melissa
OMG !!!!! why the hell did i not come to him from 2 years of being on oranum? i have seen so many here...i have been running pillar to post for answers..tho i did get them in a issue is complicated..i have spent like crazy past two years..i read his reviews and said let me give him a try..ready to hear the truth...AND FINALLY I FIND THE FREAKIN REAL DEAL HERE.....IT WAS A LONG PRIVATE CZ IT WAS THE FIRST TIME AND I HAD TO EXPLAIN AND HEAR THE STORY FROM HIM...DID ONE PART TODAY..WILL DO THE NEXT SOON....HE IS SENSATIONAL....HE IS THE REAL PSYCHIC...HE KNEW EVERYTHING...THE NITTY GRITTY DETAILS...FROM TIMES TO THE THINKING OF THE PERSON,THE SITUATIONS,THE EVERYTHING..........HE LEFT ME SPEECHLESS......I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HIM AND HIS INSIGHT...guys who are reading this............GO NO WHERE !!! THIS MAN IS THE REAL PSYCHIC.........thnx john...u just got another client " ... written by bm
Thank you again for all your continuing support and energy work. I appreciate all that you do. I have sea salt at hand to fight off all the negativity!! Your words and guidance give me the greatest strength. You are the most sincere guide i have ever had and i thank you John from the depths of my heart for all that you are and are doing for me. Words are not enough to describe such a man. John is simply the best at what he does! Wish u love and happiness Bali xx" ... written by Lalima
John - I can never thank you enough for all that you've done to help me get through this year. I'm left speechless all of the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you:) xxx - If you ever want a truly legit reading and person to advise you, you'll never regret getting a reading with John. He's a walking angel:) lol." ... written by Shelly
He's always here for me. love you JOHN" ... written by S
OMG, I'm so truly blessed to have John in my life, he is the most accurate psychic in the world, He has been helping me so much, and hes always rite about everything. Mega mega million stars to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart John. God bless you." ... written by sweet
Thank you, John. You do such a wonderful job. I love how you read. God Bless you and all of your help! xox" ... written by clover
Thank you so much John:) - Thank your for being my guardian angel. You are truly amazing and I leave all of our conversations feeling more and more at peace." ... written by Shelly
Thank you, John for encouraging me ! Your readings are always accurate." ... written by Mai
this man is spot on he can read my partner so well its scary. Im truly stunned Thank you John you have helped to put my mind at ease " ... written by Tracey
wow he is soo scarily accurate and helpful it is untrue, the things he sees he cannot possibly have known because I hadn't told him x Lookung forward to his predictions" ... written by Tracey
John is the one and only true and powerful psychic here. He is a special gift to oranum and Im very grateful for his help and I know his work will show results and his predictions will come true." ... written by AC
omgosh. thank you. I am lost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing healing for us all. God Bless. I know it will help. " ... written by dont wear black
John is amazing, and probably the only real psychic here. He can tune into a situation like noone else. He knew things about my situation that noone else knows. Don't waste your money with anyone else and just consult with this man. " ... written by A
Thank you, PsychicJohn!" ... written by jon
The best there is!" ... written by Anne
I cannot give justice with words as to how indebted I am to John. Not only is he a true psychic with clear vision but he helps in such a genuine caring way. Im sure all he sees for me will happen and I will always be back to consult. These are hard times for me and I appreciate John very much." ... written by ACE
We froze before and could not finish reading. John is always spot on. I don't know how he does it, but I'm glad he's here. He picks up on things that I forgot about that no one knows. Just wonderful. Love him. Blessings to you and your family. " ... written by Dawn
John! Is! Amazing! I cherish the moment I met him! Truly gifted and the best to have ever come this site! Adore him! And love being in his presence! My saviour!" ... written by wonderwoman29
He is truly gifted and God sent. Bless him for helping me and advising me. 100% accurate without me having to tell him anything. " ... written by shalang
WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS. Thank you for helping me and all your continued support. Please let me know what I need to do. I am counting on you and I know your strength and energy will bring much happiness... xoxoxo" ... written by ll
John is by far the most impressive psychic there is. I have had readings with him for years now and they have always come true." ... written by Virgin Virgo
John is a powerful psychic and advisor, he knows exactly what is going on and why. He gives insight into the future and his readings are just out of this world. One of my favorites." ... written by Jenn
Amazing psychic and really the best psychic who I met in my life. I just came back from Spain about one week and before that John told me many things may happened there and every things he said happened exactley. I tried to reach John when I was in Spain to tell him about that but sorry dear I have bad connections in my aparatament which let me felt that my happiness is incomplete without talking with you dear. I'll be back soon to have a full reading for the next year. Hope you live with all success and happiness forever dear John." ... written by Ayshaue
so nice to connect with john as always. he is accurate and spot on in his guidance and predictions." ... written by sd
Again thanks John, You look great today, like the hair!!! Anyway everything he said spot on and gave me advice on how to move a little forward. Love it and love ya John. Talk soon. xoxoxox" ... written by ll
i cannot believe this!!!! John is so freaking amazing..i didn't say much and he could even tell my age correctly!! not easy..and so many other things he spotted all correctly!! John gave me heads up about goodness he is ultimate ultimate amazing!" ... written by rosy
i love this man to death! i have no idea what i would do with out him guiding me and helping me threw all the problems and issues i have! not only is he HOT! hes the best psychic here always know everything that is going on and how i should fix things i can thank you enough ur my angel and god has brought you to me now is some one is looking for a reading from a real psychic you would be missing on something special if you didnt take Psychic John private trust me! anyhow love ya lots John and i would like to wish you and ur family Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! xxoo Hugzzzz" ... written by jody
I love John. He is an angel. He tells the truth and is spot on. I always need his advice. I don't have to say anything and he knows what I'm about to say. He is such a real, caring, sweet and honest person. He never fails me. Love and Blessings to you and your family. I will talk to you soon. xoxo" ... written by Dawn
One million stars!!! He is the most genuine and kind soul, he can see into the heart of the matter and give you details that will astound you. He just knows. I have full trust and faith in this man and that what he tells me will happen. Thanks John!!" ... written by L
I can't say enough about John. Worth every penny I have to get what you just told me!!!! ALL MY APPRECIATION AND RESPECT TO YOU!!! The confirmation that you have seen and told me means the world to me.. This should be the very FIRST psychic and last psychic you will ever need. xoxoxo" ... written by LL
He says it like it is!!! adore him!! blessings to u! :)" ... written by S
Consistently accurate. The best!" ... written by Anne
John is amazing! He's honest and direct:). He will give you clarity where he can. I dont trust my readings with anybody else." ... written by Shelly
John, you look younger and younger every time I see you. Thank you for all your help. xoxoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
The Oranum community is blessed to have him on here! Thank you for the 100th time! " ... written by bruin19
john is wonderful I trust him. God Bless you john." ... written by patience is my virtue
Thank God that John is back, he's really been missed and I have anticipated talking to him. John is Always consistent with what he sees and I truly appreciate all of his hard work and dedication. He is the absolute best!!!" ... written by kw
Psychic John is my to go to Psychic. He can see everything in my life without me saying anything. He is a wonderful angel. He provides me with healing, and answers to my burning questions. He provides wonderful advice to the unknown. He has a special gift ,that he beautifully shares with others. He is my hope for the future. I am lucky to have found him. John much love, blessings, and light to you. Oranum has found a real gem!" ... written by oreocookies37
wow john read my mind! thanks for the advice john!" ... written by aimee
John is the top psychic on this site, he is honest, accurate, and detailed! You don't get much better than this!" ... written by ...
The inner peace that we all seek is the inner peace, that comes from our own depth within, you are my guide, thank u darling!" ... written by c
Fantastic reader! Thank you so much!!!! ;))))) xxx" ... written by ..
Thanks lovey!!! It was great to get to see you, wonderful news and I know you only tell me the truth, which is great!!!! Looking forward to the Farm!!!! lolol John also mentioned that my birthday is coming up and it is in March. Thanks again and I will catch up with you in a few weeks. xoxxo" ... written by LL
John is amazing! I can never say enough good things about him. I hope that God blesses him 1 trillion times over:). You will never regret a reading form him. He's concise and picks up quick. He will tell you things that you've never repeated to anybody. You'll be lucky to get a reading from him." ... written by Shelly
Omg, how can I ever, ever thank John enough for everything that he's doing for me? I can't thank him enough, but I may god bless him in the very very best way possible!!!! He is the best of the best, he is so accurate, and amazing, he just knows it all. God blessed him with a wodnerful gift, and I am blessed to have him share his wonderful gift with me and help me throughout this struggle...I trust John with my life, and I love him for being so loving and caring soul, and trying to do everything to help me. He predicted amazing things for me and I can not wait to came back and tell him that all came to pass. Thnak you from the bottom of my heart, and god bless you. Talk to you soon my angel, once again thank you. love you xxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by sweet
Highest regards to the most excellent and honest... PsychicJohn. " ... written by Fulgur
As many others here have testified John is the #1 true Psychic and he is truly a compassionate person and very patient and knows things that will shock you. I am waiting for my predictions to happen which Im sure they will he helps me a lot I cant stop talking to him...if you get a change Please try him." ... written by ACE
John is absolutely the best. Without a word from me, he picks up on everything. The man is incredibly wonderful. When I don't see him on I get nervous. He helps me in so many ways. LOVE this man! He is sweet, calming and tells you like it is. His prediction came to pass. I have faith in what he says. If I could talk to him all day I would. John if I don't speak to you, have a wonderful holiday but I know I will be speaking to you soon. Love you and many blessing to you. " ... written by Dawn
I am so glad I was able to talk to John..he is the one I trust..He is an angel..really..I thank you john for helping me..I am certain that you will work on my issue and things will be better soon.Hugs" ... written by tasha_j
I am always amazed at what John can see and just know!! Another fantastic reading with him. He just knows! I am waiting for some of his predictions to happen but they are just around the corner so I am hopeful and I do trust him completely!" ... written by J
DON'T GO TO ANYONE ELSE....he is by far the very very best!!! Seriously...he is insanely accurate!! absolutely perfect..." ... written by Melissa
I love John:) - He's amazing. He'll be straight forward with you and give you guidance. He see's clearly and has the best heart." ... written by Shelly
oh my god !!!!!he knows everything!!!!!!" ... written by meme
john you are so amazing, I am so grateful to have u in my life. U truly are wonderful and just a blessing. I feel I have known u forever long just cause I am comfortable around u, I can tell u anything, and even without telling u anything u know... u r right on point on what is going on with me and my life, U know what the other person is thinking and u truly are honest. Thank u john for always being here to guide me as u promise, thank u for all the energy and prayers u send. I will always continue to come to u forever, u are worth it. U r such a amazing human being inside and out. thank u john. love Melissa xoxo friend" ... written by melissa
John is amazing. He's a truly geniune, psychic and spiritualist. He see clearly and really cares. His readings are life altering:)." ... written by Shelly
Mind blowingly accurate....I have never had such a reading and i'm still in shock to be to no one else!! John is THE REAL DEAL. " ... written by ginbellen
the best psychic at oranum. no information provide, accurate and spot on all things. Gift from God for sure. No doubt with all things he said. $$$$ worth for the accurate reading. Very kind and honest guy. Thank you" ... written by dolly
John, every time I talk to you, you calm me down. I have learned to trust your predictions. I just sometimes hate the You know my story. I wish the best for you and hope you are in good health. I wish you well always. " ... written by Lisa
John is so lovely. I can speak with him for ages. I adore this man. Everything about him. He is so gifted and SO SMART!" ... written by John is the best
I LOVE JOHN!! Thank you for always being here for me. Thank you for believing in me. I'm holding on and I have faith! LOVE YOU" ... written by S
John, thank you again for all of your help.xx" ... written by Shelly
Thank you for your insight and i appreciate all the healing you send me. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. Take care of yourself x" ... written by Lalima
i always trust what john said to me as he is always so right about things!!!!" ... written by rosy
I really like the details John knows about past events and what's going on right now. He is pretty amazing. I really recommend him." ... written by Anny
MY favorite! no one compares!" ... written by Ess
Thank you dear John for helping. I'll contact you soon. you are the best and the only one who can give me a hope in my life. See you soon . God bless you." ... written by Aysha
Thank you so much John again. I really appreciate you always being there for me and helping me through my journey. I wish you love and blessings. I will be back to you as always. Thank you for dealing with me. Please take care of yourself too. Thank you again. God bless. xxx" ... written by v
I love John! Its been awhile since I spoke to John. He is still my number one. Just Wonderful. He picks up many details without a word from me. He is the best! I don't know how he does it, but I'm just glad I know John and that he is here to help me through my difficult time. Love you John, many blessing to you. Will talk to you soon. " ... written by Dawn
best ever" ... written by hannah
My heart and soul and my whole being is thankful to one better than John..I trust him with all my heart..many thanks are an angel" ... written by t
John is amazing and a gift from Gawd;)!! ... He must be sick of hearing me say how great he is, lol:).... John will read your situation clear and quick from all sides, tap into all individuals. he will give genuine advice and you'd be lucky to grab 5-minutes with him. " ... written by Shelly
Love this man! You are amazing John! Thank you for the incredible reading as always." ... written by Shelly
i first started seeing john 2 years ago,maybe a little so. so.grateful.take him pvt.he will blow you away.psychic john is ORANUM'S #1 PSYCHIC. Look no further. I am so happy for you John and your success.Thank you psychicjohn you've changed many lives..and im so thankful for your guidance..i waited so long for this private and it was worth it.Ill come back when i hit it big you'll get a piece of that pie :).Once again *bows down. thank you!-speechless once again :)" ... written by diamond
xoxoxoxo - love this MAN! He is legit and read quickly. You are blessed if you get a reading with him. " ... written by Shelly
I love John from the bottom of my heart. what a sweet and caring soul, clearest view on the movie that our life is,.. ever, than anyone I have ever read with. Not everything we see is easy to handle,.. John sees a lot and handles a lot. Loving and resilent and wise. thank you always wiht love and light. xxx" ... written by c
Amazing reading with my angel John. The real man who I felt my life as an open book in front of him. My life changed 180 degree from my first reading to him until now. Everytime I'm being sure that John is connecting me to the paradise by his predictions which must come true. Love you John, I'll update you later. Thank you our angel, God bless you." ... written by Aysha
John is like a walking angel on this earth. He will sincere and clear to read quickly. He will be able to share details, no bull sh*t:) in his readings. You will get the guidance that you need. If you came across this man, there was a reason for it." ... written by Shelly
I am completely blown away. I waited 2 months to get a reading from him, and i am so, so, so glad that i did not give up waiting (more like stalking his profile) He is just so, so, so amazing, and i feel so much better just chatting with him! will definitely come back :)" ... written by snow
I am so truly amazed at the information he knew. I've had many readings in my life and no one has ever given such specific details or known so much without me providing anything other than my name. This has been the best reading I've ever had. " ... written by Anny
John you are amazing and I know everyone tells you this because it is the truth. I hope you have as much happiness and excitement as you give us. Thank you for being who you are. xoxoxox Talk to you soon!!!!" ... written by ll
OMGGGGGGGGGG, OMGGGGGG John is the only one person in this world that I trust, he has been guiding me through my struggles so so much, and helping get through this, and be happy, he has done so much for me that I can never ever thank him enough, but I with nothing but the best of the best for him and may god bless him with the most wonderful things in his life. He has been so spot on with everything, and he knows so so much that no one ever knew, he sees things clearly and accurately just the way they are, he is the real # 1 psychic and a true angel. I highly highly recommend him to anyone that needs help and wants the truth, John is the real deal and there's just no other. Please give him a try and get the truth out of your situation!!! Mega mega starsssssssssss. Thank you John from the bottom of my heart and soul, god bless you. Love you xxxxx" ... written by sweet
very insightful and good. always surprised by his accuracy and knowledge of events, it is a real blessing to talk with him." ... written by sd
You are a wonderful person, do you know this??? Thank you for putting up with me and my impatience. I got it know and will enjoy the Christmas Holiday. That little confirmation about him after the New Year is what I needed. Just a little something is a BIG SOMETHING for me. Merry Christmas John and I will talk to you soon, after Christmas. lololol xoxoxo" ... written by ll
John is amazing. He see's clearly into situations and you won't regret a second working with him. He's genuine, the real deal:). " ... written by Shelly
i have been a regular on oranum since 3 case is complicated..i have run pillar to post for answers...did get to an extent on clarity but none of the time frames or predictions panned out...i do have my fav..but with time i started losing hopes....loads of cash i and outside...i came many times to john and again backed all over again tell the story,all over again ask the questions? i was drained and spent too much...dono what made me clik that yellow button...AND VOILA !!!! I REGRET NOT GOING TO HIM desperately saving cash now only to do readings with him....THIS MAN I BELIEVE..THIS MAN I TRUST...THIS MAN BROUGHT BACK ALL THE HOPE THAT I WAS LOSING CZ THIS MAN SAW WHAT NO ONE CUD SEE....THIS ANGEL TOLD ME THINGS THAT NO WAYS ANYONE CUD SEE OR HAVE SEEN........HE WAS SENSATIONAL....he dsnt know me at all...i was never his regular client...BUT HE PICKED UP,SAW EXPLAINED..HIT THE NAIL AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN..ON SMALL DETAILS THAT BLEW ME AWAY AND MAKING ME BELIEVE THAT WHAT HE SAW IS WHAT I WILL TRUST AND BELIEVE........THNX JOHN FOR BRINGING BACK THAT LOST HOPE AND SMILE ON MY FACE AGAIN..................................." ... written by bm
the best, i am always speechless after talking to him!!!!!" ... written by chances
Amazing reader. " ... written by SR
John is very special to me.... My guide and light in the dark! He is sincere and his vision is so crystal clear. I have not worked with any psychic who gives as much as he does to your problems. There is truthfully no-one like him on this earth. He leaves me astounded by his kindness, honesty and generosity. This man is simply profound on so many levels! Not only is he psychic beyond belief (stops you in your tracks, cus he is so bang on with everything) But he puts his heart into his work GENUINE in every way ..!! Thank you love u Bali xx" ... written by Lalima
Most extraordinary. Have no doubts about John's words, just listen." ... written by Lady.
john is truly truly amazing to the T! gosh the accuracy no other can beat! " ... written by rosy
He is beyond any rating system, no amount of stars would do him justice!!! HE IS THAT GOOD! THE BEST EVER!!!" ... written by chanceschances
The best! A must contact for the truth." ... written by Anne
JOHN WONDERFUL WONDERFUL PRIVATE READING LIKE ALWAYS. OMMMMGG I have been coming on to see when u'd be on and I have missed u always until now and thank goodness u were on. I firstly want to say thank u for this reading for accepting the call, as u know I am always coming to u to get on a prvt reading with u. U simply r amazing, accurate truthful always on point with my situation. I love ur advice and how u know everything that is going on with me I don't have to explain to u everything u already know and u give such amazing good guidance to me. John I don't know what i'd ever do without u..u r such a blessing and truly a great human being beautiful soul u have my friend. thank u for the prayers and energy u have sent and send to me and to that special person. By the grace of god this blessing that u have this gift has truly helped me and I know it will continue to help me and others along our lifelong paths. thank u john I hope u r always well I wish u nothing but the best so much love and blessings. stay safe take care always xoxo" ... written by melissa
This was my first time speaking with John and the second I didn't even ask a question and he knew exactly how I was feeling. Thank you for the reassurance and I will be speaking to you again in the new year! Thank you John xoxo" ... written by Theresa
Great great reader. Love him!" ... written by BMJ
I can never thank John or God enough for bringing him into my life. John is amazing. You owe it to yourself to get a reading by a true psychic, spiritualist and it's 100% genuine, legit. " ... written by Shelly
One of the best on here. I just wish that he was a little cheaper so that I could have more time with him. Great reader! I highly recommend him." ... written by BMJ
Quick update, but always a great reading with accurate details and insight. John is superb! Merry Christmas!!" ... written by T
John is simply incredible. I can't thank him enough for all that he does for me! He makes me feel confident about my relationship, he sees things that are impossible to just "guess", and he makes me laugh. He is heaven sent and has been blessed with a gift only a few have received. John, you are a blessing and I am grateful to have found you! Much love, joy, and peace to you during this Christmas season. " ... written by Jenn
The best!!! Accurate, sincere and quick." ... written by Anne
Thank you so much for helping me further our relationship. I am sooo happy you have time and energy for us. This man means the world to me. You are amazing and I am ready to listen to you and your plan. Relaxing now knowing you are here with me. xoxoxox " ... written by ll
Precise with perfect accuracy. John never fails to help and his advice is good. He'll guide you and give you actual advice on what to do. " ... written by SKnight
If you want answers, talk to this man!! He is accurate, consistent, honest, fun, and genuine. John is gifted, take him private and let him show you that. He answers your questions and even tells you things you are thinking about before you even ask him! A true psychic!" ... written by Me
John you are my angel. You save me all the time. I love you dearly. I wish you many many blessings. and a very Merry Xmas :) thank you for everything you have done for me. xoxoxoxo" ... written by SS
Finally was able to get a hold of John, but it was so worth it! I have had many readings with him, all of which were accurate. He can read any situation without asking any information, and will advise with genuine care. I am so fortunate to have found him. He is a gem." ... written by mj
John OMG ANOTHER WONDERFUL PRVT READING WITH HIM!!! I Absolutely LOVE U. JOHN IS JUST WORTH IT. He has helped me get through so much, he has been the one person I can truly count on in this world, he has become someone I consider to be my friend a truthful Loyal one not just a psychic. John is 100% right about everything, he has been guiding me through my life, situation, he did say that the man I love would text me on a specific day, and sure enough he did text me... I was sooooo happy and so excited because his predictions are just always right, right about the exact same day and time frame he says will happen they actually do happen. JOHN I LOVE U. Thank u for the blessings, prayers, energies u send to me and that special person, thank u for always helping us for our future together, I am so grateful. I really look forward to the predictions u say will come to pass in future. Thank u so much my friend u have no idea how grateful I am to have u in my life to help me along my lifelong path. Many blessings to u and to ur family lots of love and good energy I send to u and prayers. Thank u PsychicJohn. love u xoxo Melissa" ... written by melissa
Unbelievably amazing, have never experienced one like him ever 100 stars" ... written by capricorn_dancer
LOVE YOU JOHN. GOD BLESS U" ... written by SS
this man is so genuine and really speaks from a spiritual path. his gifts are magical in many ways and i consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have found him here on earth! i wish him an eternal amount of peace, love and happiness for bestowing his gifts upon us plebeians. i will never forget his gentle, patient guidance." ... written by sd
Brilliant as always!!! Thank you for all your help John, thank you from the bottom of my heart, greatful to have you, and be able to have readings with you and guide me through all these struggles. God bless, you are a true angel. Thank You xxxx" ... written by sweet
He's absolutely amazing. Sees things without me filling him in on what is happening. He just knows." ... written by L
Thank you so much John for your unending support and guidance and consistency of your insights. It never ceases to amaze me the information that you are able to convey. I wish you an amazing new year with many blessings that you richly deserve. xxx" ... written by twinsoul
John is amazing.... it's hard to say it in so many different ways! John, Happy New Year and have a wonderful evening with lots of cheer and rest! xo" ... written by Shelly B
He was absolutely amazing ,he answered me before I could get the question out ,he is the very best never had a reading like that before amazing ...I look forward to the updates,light,and blessing....xoxoxo" ... written by Beannie
omg this man was amazing!!!! he knew things I haven't told anyone else I can't believe it!!! it was astonishing and the hairs on the back of my neck were stood on end!!!" ... written by Tracey
Psychicjohn thank u for another great prvt reading, i will follow as u say and not worry. I know u are always right about things as always this prvt reading was wonderful. I know it was a little short but i will be back very soon like always, I will continue to come back to u, ur truthful honest and right about everything. Thank u for the prayers and energy u have sent, thank u for this prvt psychicjohn will be back blessings." ... written by melissa3591
I feel blessed thank you so much PsychicJohn! I am blessed to meet him! I feel he really is Angel from the higher skies.. He is amazing! Thank you so much! he is special person, I can feel he is amazing... =))) Kissesandamp;hugs for you!! =))" ... written by ..
He is someone very special... He is sincereandamp;kind and he really cares about people - thank you so much!!! God bless you and I wish you the best!! :)) kisses to you!!!" ... written by fire..
Happy New Year! I hope you have a great one and thank you for all of your help and guidance. You have been a true blessing in my life!xxxxx S" ... written by ShellyB
WOW! what can i say? I feel he is an ANGEL...He is so accurate.. He is amazing! Thank you so much for your help!! You are amazing!! =))) I am glad I had a chance to speak with you :))) thank you so much!! He is ANGEL!!!!!! " ... written by fire.
Words cannot express what this man knows and what he says and how he helps you, Every reading I get helps me with getting closer to my future and dreams, thank you John you are a beautiful man xxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
You are a majestic man. I love you dearly and wish you and your family many blessings and happiness. Happy New Year John. hugs and kisses" ... written by SS
Buon Anno, John. Thank you for all your guidance. I have faith in you and will talk to you soon. :)" ... written by Lisa
wonderfully gifted sees all and hes the best! xoxo thank you john " ... written by staying patient
John is very kind and is helping me I hope his predictions come to pass this coming year as I am waiting. John I thank you and wish you the best for the coming year." ... written by ACE
very gentle, kind soul i feel fortunate to have encountered him and i hope that he is blessed with an endless amount of love, peace and light this year and beyond." ... written by ds
John is incredible what can i say!? It is not just me saying this but those who went to him had the same experiences...thanks John for shedding light into our bewildered path...Happy New Year! Astounding" ... written by rosy
I LOVE THIS MAN OMG- OMG - OMG!!!!!!!! He told me so many things that no one would know... NO ONE !! When and where too.. he can see into minds of people .. he is just all things good and of the love and light .. he is definitely sent by the divine. NO BETTER IN THIS WORLD AND I HAVE TALKED TO MANY MANY MANY " ... written by rose
Psychic John gives and excellent reading with lots of information. He is right on target and it is very helpful. There was not any trouble with our connection. He calmed a lot of my fears and I am very grateful." ... written by AJ
Have a beautiful night John! love talking with you as always! xxxxx Happy New Year and much love!" ... written by ShellyB
XX - John is the best person and sees clearly. He will not steer you wrong. He will read and advise you precisely if you're lucky enough to get him before somebody else does." ... written by ShellyB
Always worth the wait! John never ceases to amaze me. Thank you and god bless you! " ... written by bruin19
John is absolutely incredible, next to nothing in comparisson have I seen on here, like he says the Mercedes. wow!! thank you so much! much love and light to you!" ... written by c
What a wonderful man John is...he is a true psychic who has the ability to see what is happening now and what will be coming up. He is an honest, gifted, accurate, and consistent advisor and I'm glad to have found him! This was an outstanding reading." ... written by LJ
Amazing Read just before my interview! Definitely trust his insights! " ... written by SKnight
A wonderful update, I just wish I could spend more time talking to John. He's got the inside scoop on everything and I really enjoy reading with him! " ... written by JL
god bless john. hes amazing. thank you" ... written by patience
Thank you John - It's amazing getting a reading from you and I'm always speechless at your accuracy. Any body who's is lucky enough to get in, will be blessed for years." ... written by ShellyB
John, you have helped me through some terrible times. Hopefully this year will be better as you said. I have so much love in my heart for you, and I will listen to your advice. You told me things would happen and I guess I was losing faith in my relationship. Things are starting to get better slowly and I will take it slow like you suggest. thank you, thank you...xoxoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
John sees things which other psychics can't. Thank you John a million times !" ... written by Mai
John has become my best friend.. I can tell him anything and he will plan the best for me. I have an extreme case and even he agreed that my case is extremely rare. He planned it out and worked me. One word for John "Best". He is one of the best on ORANUM. YOu just need to talk to him. He will pour out all the detail of your situation. You don't have to say anything. Kisy kissy my dear John" ... written by Sylvia
1000000000000000 accurate he told me things that he could never have known " ... written by hannah
Thank you John! Like always very nice person! He is kindandamp; he cares!! Thank you for being with me and helping me! god bless you!! xxx =)))))) " ... written by f
Im constantly amazed by john's gift! gosh...he wouldn't have know such details as I have never told him! Many million stars for sweet John!!!!!" ... written by rosy
I love love this man so much. I will always take his advice. He is always so accurate. He knows so much without me saying a word to him. Wonderful man, a blessing. He helps and cares so much. Will keep him posted. Many blessing to you and your family John. " ... written by Dawn
Everytime I see John he helps me and tells me everything without me having to tell him he just knows and is really with me with what I am going through, love you so much john for your time and patience and understanding xxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
whatever he told me in my previous readings CAME TO PASS...ON THE MONEY..BANG ON !!!! read with him today with a few disturbing queries....HE WAS SPOT ON AGAIN....he has seen something for me...CANT WAIT....HE IS AN EXCEPTIONAL PSYCHIC...NEVER MET OR READ WITH ANYONE LIKE HIM.......AND WHAT HE SAW NONE OTHERS SAW.....thnx john so blessed to have found him" ... written by bm
The sweetest reader on here. I trust what he tells me completely!" ... written by BMJ
He is reaching the main point on the subject without being told. Amazing. He predicts very well and all what he says is really happening. I am sure the rest would too be happening. God Bless this young man. Regards " ... written by DOCTORKESAVAN
amazing as always on" ... written by b
John is an amazing person and genuine. He's very strong and his abilities unmatched. Thank you John!! xoxo" ... written by ShellyB
THE Best! So many details, always fun, always accurate. Love my readings with John! " ... written by JL
John is a wonderful person. God BLess you John. He is truly gifted and helps from the heart. God Bless. " ... written by patience is a virtue
Thank you so much John. My waiting to talk to you is always worth it. Yes John told me my man would leave were he was and move back and he did!! Prediction came thru, AWESOME AS ALWAYS. Thank you for taking your time to help us. Time will tell all and will be WONDERFUL!!! LUV U GUY!!! TY for being who you are and helping all of us live a LOVING LIFE!!XOXOX" ... written by LL
wow really good reading. john is amazing and a genuine psychic!" ... written by ally
Love John... he is a man with a true gift to see what is going on right now and what is going to happen. He does this every time with pinpoint accuracy and consistency. He is hard to get a reading with because he is just that good! Seriously people, he is worth the wait, read with this man and you will be so happy you did!" ... written by All Smiles!
Always surpasses my expectations." ... written by L
Love you John, you are so kind to me and really appreciate all your patience and honesty with what you have to say, you are ALWAYS there when I need you, i am just so blessed to know you. Much Love xxxx " ... written by capricorn_dancer
Ran out of time as always..becuase there will never be enough time talking to john. He is AMAZING...John. I love you so much. You have no idea how importnat your words are for me and how incredibly helpful you are for me. You have gotten me through so much in the past year of my life. I trust every word you say. You knew everything that was happening. I can't beilive you knew I was slacking off of studying....but how can i be surprised, you always know what's going on, you blow me away every time, wihich is way i wait for you no matter how long it takes to be able to have a few minutes and talk to you. You are incredible. You are an angel. Thank you so so much for making time to talk to me. You are worth a thousand starts and you are priceless.....thank you. I know i ran out of coins, but i will take everthing you said in. I will not do what you said and will focus I really hope to be able to talk to you again sometime soon. Love you lots John. I am so happy I was finally able to talk to you for a few minutes. " ... written by mainstreem20
Awesome. Thank you!" ... written by sarebear
Thank you so much John. You're like a guardian angel and I feel so grateful that we met. I appreciate you working with me through the readings. His readings are clear and direct. It's life altering - it's like a blessing from God:)! " ... written by ShellyB
Psychic John's gift has been a blessing to me. He connects quickly and easily and is able to give me answers and solutions. I have been very fortunate to have his guidance." ... written by AJ
LOVE YOUUUU JOHN!" ... written by S
john oh how I missed you my friend. I swear every single time I would be on Oranum I could never get a private reading with u either cause u weren't online or busy. but today FINALLY! u were available and u accepted my prvt call. thank u for this reading psychicjohn. its been about a week and a half since we haven't had a reading and things have happened and omg u have been again once again completely right about everything without me even telling u anything about whats been going on u have guess it right you have been been spot on things and u have done a 100%accurate reading. Always truthful and correct. thank u for calming me down and helping me like u always do. I know i need to be patient about things especially with the man i love. and just keep praying and hoping for the best. I will as always continue to come to u and follow ur steps. thank u psychicjohn for everything i thank u a ton. I will be back soon take care john u and ur family xoxo" ... written by melissa
Great reading as always, this has been a long process for me and John gave me some encouraging words and he always hits the nail on the head with my situation. Its been an emotional rollercoaster the situation that I'm in and he provided me clarity today..."if I leave, I will be fine" I needed to hear that. Life can be complicated at times, but I'm learning that it's also what you make it. I am going to try and make the best out of this journey and remind myself of the things that John has told me on today. He is my go to reader and I trust what he see's he's been the most accurate reader for me and the one that I can really trust. He is definitely heaven sent, the most phenomenal/accurate reader I have ever information today wasn't the greatest but I will take it and learn from it." ... written by kw
Thank u John for putting me at peace. I was really worried and anxious. i hope this bad phase just asses away , it sucks and i can't deal nemore . U have been right always in the past , i hope so now and future too.thanks." ... written by n
amazing" ... written by md
Thank you angel, as always you're the best and I appreciate your clarity. I like the new hair cut too btw!!!" ... written by Shelly B
There are no words to describe how much I appreciate John's guidance. He has helped me so much on my journey of life. I could not have found the most honest, humble, (funniest) Psychic here. John you are so incredible, I admire and respect you 100. Thank you so much. xoxo " ... written by Alma
Psychic John helped me get peace of mind. He is very accurate and helpful. I always enjoy our readings!" ... written by AJ
i have been getting readings with john for the last year and a half. he is honest, encouraging and amazing in every way. it is a real pleasure to get to read with him. oranum is truly lucky to have him!" ... written by do
Impeccable! Amazing! Makes one wonder about the depths of human beings." ... written by ilgiardino
Phenominal! I am amazed at his accuracy." ... written by Amy
I don't want to do with him his real y good! he's the only psychic I know thats very accurate. Not enough words that I can describe of how good he is. " ... written by Sarah
Perfect!" ... written by J.
John is amazing. Truly exceptional." ... written by L
awesome as usual very short time with him but he is amazing! " ... written by Jackie
As always John is consistent and tells the truth exactly as it is. He has told me many times my own feelings, which i have not shared with anyone. He has taught me that i hold my life/destiny in my own hands. It plays out the way i will it! He gives me the strength to do what's best for me.... And a deeper understanding of myself. Thank you John xx " ... written by Lalima
Incredibly accurate and true, he was wonderful. Really amazing." ... written by G
Quick and accurate and very nice and really kind. He was amazing!" ... written by P
Sorry John , just ran out of credits completely." ... written by n
Love this Man.. He is simply the best here. Honest, accurate and always looking out for your best interest. Thank you John, just for being you xx" ... written by Lalima
psychicjohn omg thank u for this amazing private reading!!!! u did tell me I was going to bounce right back for work and LUCKILY YES I DID. I GOT A FULLTIME IN ANOTHER DEPARTMENT, and I am so xcited about this and happy u were right about everything and u literally said things about the other person u didn't know about yet, I was about to tell u but u said it before idk how u do it but u always know these things. and this is why u r amazing and I am always coming to u. idk how many times u have been helping me with my situation but u truly have helped me. Thank u for always being here for every private reading u always give me. Ur always honest, accurate and on point about things, u know my situation and give me the truth everytime. thank u john I really cannot wait for our next prvt and for the future events that will come to pass. I cant wait for this new year and I continue to pray and hope for me and the man I love to be together soon, just as u said he will move back it will be for better. thank u john may god continue to bless u and ur family stay well and safe take care. xoxo Melissa thanks my friend " ... written by melissa
John is superb. A truly, deeply, gifted psychic." ... written by L
I don't even know what to say. All I have to say is THANK YOU SOOOOO much John. You are my angel. I started off by shaking and anxious and you made me feel so much better. I love you so much, you are my matter what, I always come back to you and you speak the truth. You sometimes say things that I think "how the heck did he know that?" lol you know what I am talking about john. You are amazing. I will be back hopefully with good news and updates. Thank you for giving me so much time today, I needed it. I love you John. I wish you all the greatest things in life. Talk to you soon xoxoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
When someone looks deep into your soul, there are no more secrets, there is no need to explain, there is the truth in its purest essence of the word,... when we feel life is too fast and our own sight of our own soul gets blurred under the layers of our minds in high-drive,.. a loving look is all we need,. thank you dearest, much love and light to you!" ... written by c
as i have already written am here on oranum frm 3 years..with trial and error and i found my favorites..after alot of money wasted....all my favs are good in telling me the situation..but not one time frame was right..but the outcome kept on delaying... i have read outside oranum too and thought i found the best ..and thought this is it..but when that also kept delaying and i wasnt satisfied..i read johns reviews...and said cmon lemme give him a always scared to meet a new accurate psychic who is not my regular,cz he will give it to me telling u guys who are reading this....THIS MAN WAS PHENOMENAL..not one psychic till date picked up on such details that blow u apart..from seeing the chat on AWAY MODE to THE DATE I DID THINGS...TO THE THOUGHTS OF THE MAN WHEN I DID WHAT I DID...SEEING CERTAIN PEOPLE TRAVEL...and yes his reading was positive in my outcome..THAT IS WHEN I BELIEVED AGAIN AND GOT BACK HOPES....i have a complicated issue and busy sorting that the last thing i thought was meeting the concerned person,..I DIDNT EVEN THINK OF IT AND LAST THING ON MY MIND...BUT JOHN SAW IT..HE SAW THE EXACT CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN AND WHY.AND ALREADY THE CIRCUMSTANCES HAS COME....AND HE SEES THIS MEETING NOW NEXT FEW DAYS.....THIS MAN IS BEYOND WORDS...U CANT BULLSHIT HIM....HE SEES UR INTENTIONS UR FEELINGS WHAT U HAVE DONE AND WHEN..I WANA BANG MY HEAD ON ALL THE WALLS POSSIBLE AS TO WHY WHY WHY I NEVER WENT TO HIM B4.......ORANUM !!! YOU ARE SIMPLY BLESSED TO HAVE THIS MAN ON UR SITE.....IF NOT FOR HIM I DONT KNOW WHERE I WUD HEAD CZ MY TRUST AND BELIEVE IN PSYCHICS WAS FADING AWAY...HE IS THE ONE I TRUST NOW CZ HE IS 100 % i save all my money for MIRACLE CALLED JOHN.....BLESS YOU john and thank you for reading for me.......I LOVE YOU DUDE !!!! YOUR SIMPLE THE BEST..BETTER THAN ALL THE REST :) " ... written by bm
Getting an update from John is like him opening the book of me and telling me everything that is currently going on and why, with the added benefit of looking into future events as well. John is a truly gifted man that has the ability to see the past, present, and future. " ... written by Jenn
Finally I got in contact with is soooo hard to catch john....i have been waiting for him for weeks now...and finally got into his room...let me tell u it was worth waiting....he is soooo professional ...and sooo gifted...that he connects with that situation so accurately that is beyond believable...i highly highly highlyyyy recommend him...he is just amazing!!!!!! 5stars here are not enough for this man...he deserves million!" ... written by Namrata
Yesterday I forget to ask John about small things. John you are very important in my life and I can't do anything's without your advice my great friend. Still all your predictions came true. See you later and God bless you." ... written by Ayshaue
John is my miracle. He is a gifted and blessed person. You will not regret any time with him. xoxoox" ... written by ShellyB
Thanks again John, love the new look. Everything looks the same as you have said before. Love the truth and nothing more. Thanks for helping us come together soon. Always look forward to your updates. THE REAL THING!!!! luv ya" ... written by LOVEYA
this man is I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HIM....LOVE YOU JOHN" ... written by bm
Wow, what an amazing psychic John is, gets to the heart of the situation and provides details and things have already happened. There's no way he could've known the things he told me about us...accuracy to a T! Honest, fun, truthful, detailed, accurate, and consistent. Wait for him, it's worth it!" ... written by It's me
Without any doubt John is my best psychic about long time. I'll write thousands of pages to wrote all predictions which came true in my life by his great insightfull." ... written by Ayshaue
great fantastic reading" ... written by veezee
God bless John for his patience! I love this man and he is like a blessing... my guardian angel:). He truly sees and his readings are very accurate. He very strong and has the patience and compassion of a saint. Thank you John!! xo always" ... written by Shelly
Thank you for being so wonderful John and giving me hope again." ... written by Shelly
Just AMAZING!!! Im speechless " ... written by k
Tons of details, current things going on and what is coming up. Future predictions look really good and John is very honest, consistent, and accurate in every reading. I just love reading with him, he always puts me at ease!" ... written by it's me
Ti amo, John. Grazie per la lettura. I will come back and see you again. xoxoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
ohhh my God cant believe it. amazing " ... written by ferishta
Accurate, amazing, absolutely spot on. Brilliant!" ... written by G
Thanks John for helping me with this issue, would not be able to get through this without your insight xxxx Love you John and all your Music Clips you post too xxxx " ... written by capricorn_dancer
Holy wow! I am amazed by what you see!!! Wish I had more credits but I will definitely come by again when I do. Hopefully I can catch you online!" ... written by J
I love John and his readings so I hope to catch him again." ... written by It's me
John you are the biggest blessing that have come into my life. I am beyond blessed to know you. You are a gift to this world and I will always be grateful for everything you have done and do. I love you endless." ... written by S
Psychic John is wonderful. I will wait for him as long as necessary. He can sense and feel my deepest emotions. I have not had the opportunity to speak to him in a while. Now, that I have I feel like I can relax and try to look forward to my future. I feel hopeful, peaceful, and serenity when I am allowed in his presence. His gifts are beyond words. I am thankful that I have found him . He provides me with guidance and direction as I walk through this foggy life. Thank you John. Love, light, and blessing to you!" ... written by oreocookies37
John, you already know how i feel about you. You are my angel. I don't know what I would do without you. You are worth the wait always...and I do wait around till you get on :) Thank you for today's session, I needed it so badly. I feel so much better. I will do everything you said, becuase time and time again, you have proven to me that you are right on with everything you say and see. Words cannot describe how I feel about you, but you already know that. Thank you so so much for taking me on today, as I know you are crazy busy everytime you come on. I will wait patiently till things we discuss happen, but I will be back to check in as always. Thank you and have a wonderful night xoxoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
each time the connection is so strong and so deep, what can I say,.. energy can not always be descibed by words, truth, healing and loving insight also does not always have words. we are all blessed with your love John. sending you my light, c xxx" ... written by c
Stellar!" ... written by P
The more i know this man the more i appreciate him. He is heaven sent.... but yet so down to earth. Thank you John as always you give me clarity and the best guidance xoxox" ... written by Lalima
Amazing reading with John. I couldn't do anythings without his help. I ask him about simple to difficult things. I'll be lost without him. Thank you dear John and I'll complete our reading soon. God bless you." ... written by Ayshue
Love this man to pieces!!" ... written by BMJ
Wow!! I don't know what to say!! Im amazed of his power very accurate......His the only only psychic that very connected with me. He even know about me that no one ever psychic told me. For me his the number one psychic in Oranum period. Very.......Accurate never wait your money at all. " ... written by Sarah
Excellent. True gift!" ... written by K
waw...i wish i have more time with John!!!! he is so dang accurate.." ... written by rosy
I love you John. You have changed my life in so many ways!!! Thank you for everything you have done. You are an angel and blessing in my life." ... written by S
I LOVE LOVE LOVE John to pieces. He is always right and accurate never wrong. I waited for him for 4 weeks. He is the BEST by far. I feel so much better when I speak to him. He calms me down and sees things I cannot see. He is patient with me and makes me laugh. I will always need you! He is upfront and honest. Your a sweet angel John. I will be speaking to you again. You will always be in my prayers. May you be blessed with good health and happiness always. Thank you my dear friend. Love You!!!" ... written by Dawn
excellent reading john is an angel and always give me strength and guidance.. i have been with john for so long he is one amazing caring person. love u john... jesintha" ... written by jr
thank you soooo much..i believe what u saw. u have never failed me xoxo" ... written by rosy
John is the best thing that ever happened to me;).... He is legit for anybody that's from the East coast, you'll appreciate that comment. He is genuine and see's, hears clearly... I actually don't know how he does it, but he definitely sees you. He will know how to read you. You don't need to feed him anything:-P ... xxxx love YOU John!" ... written by Shelly
Another excellent update. Truth, trust, accuracy, and many great details and predictions. John is fantastic and he is definitely worth the wait. Take him private when you see him online, it'll be worth it I promise." ... written by It's me
thank u john...ur so awesome and calmed my anxiety. ur vision was right and i trust fully what u saw..very very accurate to the T! ur amazing person!!!!! xoxo" ... written by rosy
Thank you very much always accurate " ... written by Taurus
wow psychicjohn is so awesome it took me a while to get a reading with him but it was so worth the wait .we will speak again john thank you .love and light riley.p.s i will take your advice ." ... written by riley777
To the man that has showed me my own worth :) I am grateful to John, for every time he has read for me, every time he has helped me, and every time he has been there for me :) I really can't imagine my life without him... ! Thank you John for the crystal clear truth as always.... You're amazing xx" ... written by Lalima
This guy is the BESSSST on here! Knows you better than you know yourself even. I been going to him for over a year and he's the only one I trust here 100%. Thanks for everything :D" ... written by caligal91
I love John. He is wonderful, straight forward, no fluff. He is the BEST!!!!! Always accurate. Always wonderful to speak to. You tell me like it is. He's my rock, my angel. Helps me see things I couldn't see before. Couldn't have done it without him. Wish you all the happiness and health for you. Love you my angel!! " ... written by Dawn
I can never say enough great things about John.... he must be tired of hearing about them;-P. John is an amazing person. Getting a reading from him can be life altering. If you're lucky enough to get one, you won't regret it." ... written by Shelly
Great reading!!!" ... written by K
Absolutely amazing in every way. He can see things like no other, truly gifted. Truly enjoyed the time spent and will see him again." ... written by Lisa
I trust what you say John and will go by what you say. You are a wonderful person. God bless you always. Thanks for guiding me " ... written by Kisshy
i Missed you John. Youre simply the best and youre in my heart always.....always ....TVB" ... written by G
Oh my... so amazingly accurate it wasnt even funny. I am absolutely astonished... Highly recommended!" ... written by Kyle
Thank you John!! John is an mazing reader. He is extraordinarily powerful and will see you, the situation quickly - very genuine and trust worthy. XX Me" ... written by Shelly
OMG ..i have been trying to get john from the longest time ever...i thought i will never get him..and was so helpless and lost...i had very little credit today .just took a chance by clicking yellow button. .AND BINGO HE TOOK MY CALL..and crappy i had so less credit..u know with john little time is not enuf u need..unlimited time cz he is so good..I ONLY TRUST HIM..AND ONLY HIM.....i was so excited i didnt know what i was writing..IN THAT LITTLE TIME JOHN GAVE ME WHAT I NEEDED TO KNOW.....but I WANT i will see john next week again....I HAD ALMOST GIVEN UP ..AND AM SO HAPPY AGAIN THAT JOHN READ FOR ME............PLEASE JOHN ACCEPT MY CALL IN A FEW DAYS ..i will be back for a long reading....MOMENT I WENT IN...HE SAW WITH FREAKY PRECISION.......THAT BLEW ME AWAY...HE SAW EXACTLY WHAT I HAD DONE IN THESE PAST TWO WEEKS..............JOHN IS THE BEST ..I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS A PSYCHIC WHO IS SO DAMN ACCURATE...SO DAMN CONFIDENT......never will john blame on FREE WILL AND PULL BACK ENERGY STORIES......HE SEES IT FOR SURE WITH MIND BLOWING i never even gave my name...he wrote my name and what i had done and why i came to him...HE IS TOOOOOO DAMN GOOD...A MIRACLE...thankyou john for taking my call....i will see u in a few days again......." ... written by bm
i cant imagine my life without you...your prediction did happen are true legend a you john...xoxoxox" ... written by venusgirl28
today I came into johns page after a good couple of weeks I finally had a prvt. I needed this prvt reading so much its been to long and ive been stressing a ton about my future my love life.. and no matter what john has always helped me with the decisions of my life. he truly always amazes me with his gift god has given him, john is always spot on correct on everything that u r going through or what is on ur mind. he knows what it is way before u even tell him or mention it to him, I don't know how he does it but he does he knows it all and he truly is a wonderful person. if u want a great prvt reading take psychicjohn for a prvt i swear u will not be dissatisfied with him. John i Just want to say thank u john for always being here thank u for the prvt reading for sending me this energy u sent me and helping me feel so much better I am truly grateful. I hope and pray that may whatever is to come to pass will be for its best. I will be back very soon, thank u. ~Melissa xoxo take care u and ur family always" ... written by melissa
He was spot on and he told me exactly the situation without me saying anything. I will have to be back for more time with him definitely." ... written by Evi
missed you again :(, hope to catch you soon. you are a blessing. " ... written by v
It was so good catching you today after so long, i will definitely be back again, no doubt about that. You're a blessing as always. God bless you with all the love, health and happiness cause you deserve it all, you're an angel. Thank you so much again for everything. i will certainly be back. Take care John, thank you xx " ... written by v
it's so hard to get hold of John as he is snapped up the second he comes online, but he is so worth the wait. Thank you for being so good at what you do! you are a true gift to us all." ... written by ginbellen
John is absolutely worth every penny and worth the wait..he is the one and only i trust with all my heart.He will tell you everything..u just listen..he is an angel .many thx john..God bless u xx" ... written by t
thank you john you always keep me in line thank u so much wishing u all the best happiness joy an full abundance ... always spot on with me ... an so in tune .. thank you john I will come back at a latter date with updates 4 you ..... every one give him a try hes by far a million stars thank u john love u so much love an blessings 2 u " ... written by guiededby faith
John.. is my angel, friend, sugar pie. He is the kindest person you can find.He connects with you really fast and He takes your matter very seriously. He prediction has come to a pass many many many times. He is the real deal. If you want genuinity, warm and truth, you have found it. It is right here. He is the best. No need to look elsewhere. Love You.. " ... written by Sylvia
I look forward to talking to John again. What a sweetheart he is. He always gives me the guidance I need. I trust him completely. xoxoxo" ... written by Lisa
John has been right so many times before and now I'm waiting on one major prediction even though it seems to good to be true John doesn't fail me. I love him. xoxo" ... written by S
thank you john for the private you are awesome ,and i will say a prayer for you .love and light riley." ... written by riley777
bow down hands down..." ... written by nora
John - Thank you as always... Will be in touch with you soon for another update. To anybody who doesn't know John, he is amazing. You cannot lose a reading from him. Love this man!!" ... written by Shelly
OMG JOHN I LOVE YOUUUU!!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by SS
thnx john...thank u so much...i dont wana put my initials ,cz i may be stalked lol....u know who i am :) THIS MAN IS ....OMG !!!!!!! PHENOMENAL......HE IS THE PSYCHIC TO GO TO....THE ONE AND ONLY......AND A DARLING....I CANT GET ENOUGH OF HIM..I WOULDN'T MIND WAITING FOR AGES JUST TO READ FROM HIM.................I keep a watch everyday to steal him for a private when want one.....HE JUST KNOWS EVERY DAMN THING....HE JUST KNOWS IT....HOW THE HELL ? i have no words to write praises of his so excited after a private that i just write like a kid in the candy store..........LOOK NO FURTHER PEOPLE......IT IS HIM AND HIM ONLY...................TRUST NO OTHER AS NO OTHER IS AS SCARILY ACCURATE AS HIM..... " ... written by I LOVE JOHN
I just love John, he's always very thorough and he amazes me every time with the things that he sees. " ... written by LJ
amazing as always!!" ... written by believeinlove
John is truly one of a HAVE to chat with him to understand how fantastic he is, but mind you he he is hard to catch!!" ... written by ginbellen
he is really, really fun to talk with, gives you a very assuring feeling. Really enjoy talking to him alot, even if it is not just problems, but regular things :) thanks a bunch john!" ... written by bluish snow in
I FINALLY FOUND YOU.....:) the man who is sensational...phenomenal...who sees that no one saw in 3 years..ACCURATE TO THE T..He sees people,places,events,what we did,and how the other feels....I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS MAN....YOU HAVE TO GO INTO PRIVATE TO FEEL AND TO KNOW WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY....after finding john...I JUST CANT TRUST R BELIEVE ANY OTHER ..tho i did have a few what john sees NO ONE CAN SEE...JUST NO ONE.......thank you john for taking me calls...and being so sweet ..AM A HUGE DIE HARD FAN OF THIS HANDSOME DUDE ;) " ... written by I LOVE JOHN
Really good! Wow" ... written by sylvestri
Love you John - thanks for the amazing reading and easing my anxiety! xoxo" ... written by Shelly
im so addicted to john and i could go on and on and on...can never hide from john..he knows!!!!! beware...hehe" ... written by rosy
John is truly amazing, amazing. There is no hiding from him! He knows EVERYTHING about you!!! He is terrific. He also so kind and generous and really helpful. His accuracy is unbelievable, but he is also a really sweet person and really, really lovely." ... written by P
John is so wonderful. Last time I spoke with John he said everything will be fine and it is, just like he said. I trust him. He makes me calm when my nerves are rattled and helps me keep the faith. I'm so blessed to have John in my life and help me. He is always spot on with everything he says. I don't know how he does it, but he is great. He is very honest and caring man. I wish him all the best. Talk to you soon my dear friend. Love you!!! " ... written by Dawn
OMG!! What he predicted with me last week came true. I don't know what to say but he's really accurate you can't lie to him. He sees everything like he's with me all the time. A person who have reading from him will be so lucky. He's well worth of every dollar I spent just to speak with him. His 100% accurate. He's sees everything can't believe it." ... written by Sarah
Hi John, Thank you so much again for the reading. You always calm me down so much and give me hope to carry on this difficult period. Its just so nice to speak to someone who i feel is so pure. I will definitely be back soon to speak to you again. Thousands of good wishes and buckets of love sent your way. Take care and speak to soon. Lots of love. xx " ... written by vg
Thank you so much John you were right on on everything you talked about. He is simply amazing and when I have more money I will definitely come back. I just cant tell you how much he helped me. Thank you John." ... written by lavender03
THANK YOU JOHN!!! Like I told you, you are my angel. Always know how to guide me and calm me down. Tme always runs out so fast when I talk to you, but ever second is so precious. YOu are amazing, thank you for always being there. I love you in every sense of the word, you are an angel. Btw you look so handsome :) Thank you again xoxoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
John updated me on something that is very scary and told me that it will be fine. I'm so happy to have John in my life. He reassures me, calms me down, and explains everything in detail. He knows things without me telling him. Wonderful man. He is like a brother to me because I go to him for everything. I LOVE this man. He is so accurate and honest. Tells it like it is. The BEST!!!! Talk to you soon John. XOXO!!!!! " ... written by Dawn
Fabulous!" ... written by K
Thank you again John for your time and healing energy. I pray for the greatest health and happiness for you. I look forward to your predictions in the coming months, in the knowing that as always these will also come to pass xoxox " ... written by Lalima
Amazzzzzing! I am so glad I found you. Your gifts are truly from God. I get so anxious, waiting for you to accept my call. Thank you so much for the healing, you are so powerful. I love the fact you can see things in my life and help me through them." ... written by oreocookies37
John, thank you so much! You are amazing always and clear. Please get some rest... You are in my prayers." ... written by Shelly
blew my mind as usual. The most gifted psychic I ever met in my life. So accurate and count. Every dollars worths. Thank you again." ... written by gugu58
JOHN IS AMAZING, THAT IS ALL = )" ... written by WOW
Is amazing how fantastic John is....I can't believe it, but he is always right!!" ... written by G
I always cry when i talk to him, he deeply can see into human soul and he just opens these channels in a person, so you feel things exactly like they are, he is able to open your eyes and make you flow into the right direction, he is truly a Divine Guidance, I felt heavenly Presence when talking to him, something so beautiful and deeply connected that cannot be put into words...he helped me so, so much and I truly cherish his precious advice, as he totally cleared things in my mind and calmed my soul. Eternally grateful to you John,.....BLESSINGS!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST, ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! Love You!!!:)" ... written by clfishh
This man is nothing short but amazing... like a walking angel. You wot regret any time with him." ... written by Shelly
adore john and his insights. he is gifted and it's a blessing that he can share his gift with all of us." ... written by sd
Thank you again John. Impeccable insight as usual! Thank you for giving me the strength to be brave enough to start anew. I understand something now " nothing is written in piece of stone" some wise man once told me this ;) Our life is made up of our choices and I see my life in my own hands now! Thank you, stay safe,well andamp; happy....Bless you Love u Bali xoxox " ... written by Lalima
fantastic, always accurate and compassionate." ... written by S
Psychic John. So blessed and delighted to be able to have a reading with you. I feel your energy and presence every time we chat. I look forward to your insight, and my life unfolding in new exciting ways. You have the ability to see past my human eye. Your gifts are mind blowing!" ... written by oreocookies37
John is an amazing reader, guide, friend:)! He's legit and you will never regret a reading. He knows more about you than yourself. Bless you John:). You have to see Cali soon! There's too many beautiful places here that you can't miss. xoxoxoxoxo " ... written by Shelly
John is the best. Calms my nerves when they are rattled. He is the man to go to. He is always spot on and never fails me. He is a wonderful person who sees things without saying a word and tells it like it is. I wait for him to come on. He's worth it. Love him. May you be blessed with happiness and good health. You help people who are in need and deserve the best. " ... written by Dawn
I never feel like I have enough time with John. He is a wonderful guide and sincerely amazing person. There's so many times that I don't know how to repay him for his help." ... written by Shelly
John, you're a blessing and I hope that God blesses you 100 fold with love, happiness, and health for all of the kindness and help that you give to others. Thanks for putting some of my anxiety aside. Lots of love and talk soon!" ... written by Shelly
I feel so much better after speaking to John. I've been talking to others but nobody compares to John..Thank you for being so fabulous at what you do!! XO" ... written by ginbellen
Bless you John! Thanks so much for being such an amazing soul. I'm so grateful and feel so blessed that we've met. I do thank God for it. Al the best! xo " ... written by Shelly
Even when I'm feeling down, you always know it. You always know how I feel no matter what. You always believe in me even when I don't believe in myself. Thank you for everything. I love you dearly. Wishing you many blessings. Xoxo" ... written by S
He is so amazing, I am speechless. I am so grateful for this man" ... written by SG
been waiting ages to talk to john....sorry john had less credits..wud love to have stayed in for a few more minutes....but i will be back....JOHN HAD SEEN ME GOING FOR A HOLIDAY ON THE BEACH...and this was impossible as i wasnt going to a beach but else where....but it so happened that my trip got cancelled and YES NOW I AM GOING TO THE BEACH as john saw it....thanx john..." ... written by I LOVE JOHN
hopefully I will be coming to you with good news in the near future! :) love you John." ... written by S
xoxoxo" ... written by xoxoxoxoox
John is a treasure. He is a phenomenal reader, and he also is an incredible healer. I don't understand how he can heal people, or how he sees things so clearly, and down to the most meaningful detail, but it's certainly a gift beyond words." ... written by L
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow, hes the man wish i had more time" ... written by Melissa
I just had to come and do a checkin with John and time always runs so fast, so I just add credits becuase he is soooo worth it. John is amazing, he is my angel. I don't really even need to say more. The testimonials say it all. Thank you again for being there for me, for making me laugh when I need it most and for reassuring me that all will fall into place in time. You are always so patient with me when I am in the midst of a panic attack haha It was so great speaking with you john. I had missed you. Take care of yourself. I wish you the best of everything Love andamp; Light" ... written by mainstreem20
There are many words i could say for John. But to keep it simple because life can be complicated enough at times! He is amazing an amazing reader, healer and much much more. Love u speak soon Bali :) xoxox" ... written by Lalima
Excellent! Psychic John always gives clear readings. He is also warm and caring. He is also able to tune in quickly and see what is going on with me and my loved ones. Best readings I've ever had." ... written by AJ
Worth waiting for him to read you! Very accurate and knowing. A+. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
It's impossible not to love this man. You won't regret a second with him. He's very strong;) - It will amaze you... jaw dropping;)." ... written by Shelly
John was so on point and told me something that hit my heart. I wish I had more time with him. I definitely will keep in touch to tell him the outcome. He is magical. You need to see for yourself. Thank You John." ... written by mc
OMG! He such very accurate!! He knows exactly what happen lately in my life. Now I feel better for my future. I totally believe him cause his always right of all his prediction." ... written by SARAH
John, you are great, I have not word to express but impress." ... written by allister
I have such deep respect and awe for this miracle man called John. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. He is not of this world. I cannot believe his accuracy and sooooo amazing. GOD BLESS YOU JOHN. " ... written by SG
I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOUUU! I LOVE YOU!! :))))" ... written by SS
Love John - amazing as always!!! Love, love, love him!!! ... love you John!" ... written by Shelly
John is the best. I can always count on him to tell me the truth. He is amazing, and how he picks up on situations that are occurring and how the outcome will be. Love you!!! xoxo. " ... written by Dawn
OMG!! He always makes me fell better!! He's the only psychic I really believe. he's worth every dollar I pay. Not wasting my money cause I know everything he said its true.John your amazing I always love you. No one like you Im serious" ... written by SARAH
this man is incredible, unbelievable, amazing!!!! no one like him in the whole world!!!! I can never go to another psychic ever again. Only JOhn!" ... written by SG
The best of the best. Truly fantabouls,he is a rock star, and truly gifted. John, I can't thank you enough for all your help,and amazing reading, youre always rite on with everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, please keep me in your prayers, god bless you with the most wonderful things in life. Thank youu" ... written by s
Love this man;) - Thanks John and have a good night!!! He's a blessing from God and you'll be lucky to catch a reading with him. xoxooxoxoxooxox" ... written by Shelly
This man is top notch, Cream of the comparison!!! I have seen a lot of what he has told me come to fruition. I got my car too John just like you said :)!!" ... written by kw
John you have never been wrong. i trust you with my heart because every thing happens exactly as you describe. I cant thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are the most respected and amazing psychic in this world but maybe you are not from this world because you are a true hero for all those people seeking a true legend like you. I owe you a big help for changing my life. May god give u good health and lot of happiness. xoxox" ... written by venusgirl28
John my life is nothing without you! You helped me a lot. You heal my soul. I can't say enough words to say how good you are. Anyone who is able to have a reading with you would be very so lucky." ... written by Sarah
John can tap into the mind of you and the person and can see what is happening in the future.. I love my readings with him. Highly recommended" ... written by kisshy
Amazing reading with my best psychic John. No body know how much John helped me in my life. All his predictions came true about few years ago. I like to talk with him, the person who knew all my secrets and who supported me in my life to live in the way which deserve me. Thank you my best friend John for everything. Now I'm in the final step with my project and after that I must see you again to paint my dream with you. God bless you." ... written by Ayshaue
THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by SGrb
John is my best God gift in my bad world. He is really one from the two of real men whose I met in my life. Thank you dear for everythings, I can't do any things without you. Sorry for the connection cutting. I'll see you soon. God bless you whenever and wherever you are. " ... written by Ayshaue
that reading was needed after a looong time....what a thrill to get thru to john..its the best feeling always he is phenomenal....everything he has said came true and in the process of coming true.....what he sees no one can john to bits....will catch u soon john..." ... written by I LOVE JOHN
As usual spot on!!!" ... written by sy
all his predictions have come true! always gets those details no one else can! which turn out to be true always too! he is just perfect!" ... written by spirit
awesome as always....he is the best!" ... written by spirit
John, I wish I had more credits to speak to you longer, but I am kind of low on money these days. I love you and miss you. I will be back to see you when I get more funds. Thanks for the quick update. As always, I wish you well in health and happiness...your friend always, Lisa :)" ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much for the amazing reading John, you never let me down, looking forward to the future :)" ... written by gt
just plain awesome..." ... written by rosy
OMG John your prediction with me never changed. Its been 2 months we haven't talk but you still see the same and even you new coming to me that even way better. I love you John and Im really happy that Im able to connect you this morning" ... written by Lovely
Excellent, high quality reading." ... written by Legalc24
Gave a lot of clarity. That's what I need, thank you." ... written by princess1764
hello john...i really need a reading...been trying to get in touch with you!!!" ... written by nami
John is just so wonderful… i stop coming to this website for over 6-7 months now…. right now I will only speak with John eventho sometimes it takes days to be able to catch him but he is worth the wait! " ... written by cobayangini
John, I'm so happy that you're back. Nobody can hold a candle to you. You are amazing and we're all blessed from your readings. You're a gift from God." ... written by Shelly
perfection!" ... written by exyzee
Thanks John been a while thought I would check in. Not the same outcome as before but life changes in different ways. I'm keeping my options open." ... written by L
John is mind blowing amazing brilliant one of a kind. Enough said." ... written by Ess
Thank you for your time again. I just wanted clarity but i think i understand what it is your trying to say without saying it. Thank you again, God bless. " ... written by Lalima
he will always be my favorite! there is no one like john!" ... written by lab
good reading, he told me about a situation in Sept that I was unsure of but now It is all happening just like he saw. I came back today about a different situation we will see whats happens, thank you." ... written by L
Everything this man has told me has come to past even when I thought that it was impossible! John is an astounding reader! none like no other, pay attention to what he says because sooner or later you will see exactly what he's talking about. He's simply the best!!!" ... written by kwJohn is an
I can't belive I actually got a chance to finally have a reading with John. I have been waiting for so long, though he is soo worth the wait. John, you already know how I feel about you, I have the outmost love and respect for you. Thank you for being there when I needed you (as always.) I'd really missed you, thank you for making me laugh when I needed it as you always have. I value your guidance so much. Please take care of yourself. Love you lots--M. " ... written by mainstreem20
Thanks John :) Thanks for answering questions I asked and even didn't ask :)" ... written by caligal91
sensational as got over john am coming back ....u always take my breath away :)" ... written by i love john
I love you John!! You always tune in sooo fast!! Love you very muvh!! " ... written by SS
I'm only visiting Oranum just to talk with psychicjohn. I have making reading with him for many long time. He is really professional reader without any doubt. All of his predictions came true. John you are my best friend and you are my real family too. I'll see you later to give you my update for everythings which we talked about. God bless you and all my hopes to success and to achieve your dreams too." ... written by Ayshaue
John is the best! Missed you so much dear John! Wish I had more credits to talk longer..hopefully soon next time. Love you millions xxx" ... written by G
John is an amazing person and the strongest psychic or spiritualist that I've ever worked with. I highly recommend working with him, he is the only person that see's end to end, and that I trust to resolve a situation to completion. He will not waste your time. " ... written by Shelly
Very inspirational reading. Excellent" ... written by Exwhyzee
Thanks for the wonderful 3 minutes John I will get back in a bit " ... written by pm
HI Johh,I just wanted to thank you again for the reading this morning, I am sorry if I came across as frustrated, I am not frustrated at you, I am frustrated at the situation. I know you are amazing and try to guide me and you have always been there for me, so I want you to know I am really grateful for you and your guidance. I hope to see you soon. Lots of Love, M." ... written by Mainstreem20
The best psychic in the universe!!!" ... written by love him love him
words will do no justice for this man....he is truly an angel sent from above...i cant thank him enough for guiding me through this....thank u sooo much" ... written by namrata
he is amazing like always ....i cant thank this man enough...he always helps me out and whatever he on point....i cant ever doubt him...thank u thank u thank u so much for being there and helping me through this....thanks" ... written by namrata
John is like guardian angel and truly God sent. He is honest, genuine and extraordinarily gifted. His readings will blow you away and they're always true, accurate, and clear." ... written by Shelly
awesome guy, accurate as usual and mind blowing i trust him without a shadow of doubt..his predictions always pan out! the best here on oranum" ... written by spirit
Thank you dear John to let me feel better today and thank you for sharing me my happiness, sadness and my dreams. When John talks it seems like his voice is coming from the paradise, and his words must come true. That what let me a loyal person for him and I will never forget how much his predictions came true everytimes. God bless you and see you soon my angel." ... written by Aysha
PJ, is not only a psychic but a wise guide who brings clairity to life's situations. I have deep respect for this man and the sheer vastness of his capabilities." ... written by Ess
Thank you John for being there for a bit.. :) I wish I could talk to you more.. I really needed this.. " ... written by Pooja
omg i am so happy to have gotten the chance to talk to john, he is absolutely amazing he told me things that other readers never saw. I really look forward to his predictions coming through. Worth every penny, thank you john" ... written by emy
thank you so much for the reading, you really know how we think, and it was great that you could look into that for me. thank you" ... written by gt
Everything this man said happened. He is really the bid deal!" ... written by ystylus
Very clear, accurate almost scarily, but we love and enjoy chatting with him. Have a wonderful weekend. " ... written by ALR
I love love love John. I finally got to speak with him after months of waiting for him and catching him. He is so accurate, spot on and things that I didn't tell him, he picked right up on. He is someone who has the very best in heart for you. He is non judgmental and helps you in situations when you don't know where to turn. Bless you always John. Love you lots. Talk to you soon my very dear friend. " ... written by Dawn
He is brilliant...I wish I had more time" ... written by Miszy
John is not only the kindest and smartest person that I've ever met, but he's the strongest psychic that I've ever met, and the best friend and confidant that you could ever have. Everything he says is true. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you John for everything. It's been a long road and I wouldn't still be here without you. I look forward to catching up with you soon. Bless you and please listen to my advice too;) lol. XOXOXOXO" ... written by ShellyB
Thanks John and sorry for the tears!!!! :)))))" ... written by ...
Psychic John is a truly gifted soul. I have never encountered anyone so tapped in and so accurate. He knows everything, to the minutest detail and his visions are clear. His predictions happen and he is the kindest soul ever. What a gift to be able to have a reading with him. God Bless You, John!" ... written by BRILLIANT
John is absolutely astounding. I just am so in awe of him. He is a wonderful and gorgeous person. Thank you for being there for me!" ... written by K
Thank you John. I love this man.... He sees clearly and will amaze you with his clear and quick predictions. They all come true. " ... written by ShellyB
i need more of john..very addicting" ... written by m
wow he is just awesome, so far all his predictions have come true, i trust this lovely man without a shadow of doubt!! he is such an angel...i have been consulting him for years now, and he is the best here! his accuracy is just extremely mind blowing i have never come across a psychic like him in my life! perfection!" ... written by spirit
WOWOWOWOW... always on point and sees the situation, past, present, future clearly. I wouldn't miss a chance to get a reading from him." ... written by ShellyB
John you are amazing person who I'll not forget in my life. The helping you did and what you will did for me, no body helped me as much as you do, no one from my family or friends or lover. I do pray for you forever. God bless you and see you soon. " ... written by Ayshaue
John is the best Psychic in the world.period.Events happened exactly how he predicted.everything has come to pass.His visions are 1000 % accurate.YOu are an angel John and many thanks for helping me .I trust and believe in your visions." ... written by t
John, thankyou so much for making me laugh this morning andleveling me to stay positive. You are an angel and your presence reminds me to never take anyhting for granted. You are the true and #1 psychic on Oranum and anybody tat gets a reading with you is blessed:)!!" ... written by ShellyB000
John heals my heart..he has never failed me and i completely trust him..many thanks John..for being there..u r truly a blessing xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
I love you John! You are so very accreted of all you predicted. I just can't wait to see of the most important Im waiting to get unfold. Thank you John! I will always love you" ... written by Sarah
I am always stunned by how amazing John is - he is unbelievable. I have total confidence in him. Unreal, in a good way. I am so grateful to him." ... written by P
excellent reader, hope all his healings help me and l look forward to a bright future, thank you john" ... written by emy
John is my saviour..i Trust no one else just John...he sees everything clearly and everything happens exactly the way he predicts..hugs to you my are an Angel" ... written by t
Thanks! I like his directness! I asked him question and he goes straight to the point!!! Thanks! you are very accurate! =) He is honest person and I value him for helping me and giving me the best advice! Thank you and I wish you the best! :) Thanks John!" ... written by ..
it's always fun to talk to john. It does hurt the wallet slightly, but is it worth it. He is really sweet and friendly. His healing works wonders, and his insight to the past and present is really accurate. Cross all my fingers and toes for the future predictions! " ... written by snow
John, you are so good=) ... You must make a great boyfriend since you always know what the other person is thinking;) lol. Night my dear friend. Thx for the reading!" ... written by Shelly
PJ is so incredible. I have such deep respect for this man and his gift. He is the REAL DEAL. Worth every penny and so amazing that words cannot describe him or his ability. Such a spiritual, caring and gifted individual. Certainly, God's gift to humanity." ... written by Your Biggest Fan
thank God" ... written by leanora
John is always great..he sees things for me that will start in July and Im sure it will happen. He is kind and very accurate with details. I recommend him." ... written by Ace
This man is beyond incredible. So much to learn from him and sooooooooooooo gifted. Outstanding. Deep respect!" ... written by SG
BRILLIANT JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!!" ... written by Essss
Atlast! I got a chance to speak with him after a long time of waiting. I guess today was meant to be. He saw my situation exactly as it is, and told me what's coming up. The info given to me, will help me move in the direction I am suppose to. I am very thankful for John, and may his powers grow, as he is helping so many ppl like me, who are in need. GOD bless you dear John. XXXX" ... written by kool
As accurate as always! His prayers and energies work and is coming to 'Life!" each time i reach out to him. he is the only real deal! " ... written by SKnight
The BESTEST...a true angel...thank u dear John for helping always and calming me down..." ... written by t
Thank you so much again John. You always make my day and give me hope to carry on. One of the most amazing people i've spoken to . I will be back to you as always, you're amazing. God bless you, love and good health sent to you. Speak to you soon. Thank you again :) xxxx " ... written by v
What can I say about John. He is simply AWESOME. John Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You tell it like it is. you are so real and giving. God Bless You. You are truly blessed with a special gift. oxoxox" ... written by mc
John you always amazing, I really love you. You help me a lot what I would do without you. Your always accurate and willing to help people. " ... written by Sarah
Speechless. Thanks a lot John" ... written by d
Thanks! I trust him the most!!! he is amazing guy!!!! Thank u for helping me and being with me in my emotional roller coaster!!!!" ... written by ....
super reader, u must try him :)" ... written by emy
My dear friend.... I don't know what I would do without your guidance sometimes. Thank you so much for the reading and all of the great energy you've brought back in my life, and continue to do. John, you really are a blessing to everybody you touch. " ... written by ShellyB
His predictions all came true. He is the real deal with sound advice! " ... written by SKnight
Thank you for the amazing reading John and always being my rock. " ... written by ShellB
What can I say about this miracle man that has not been said already? He is amazing, mind blowing and I ADORE HIM! John! thank you for everything." ... written by S
Great connector. great friend. I really needed him tonight." ... written by Faye
wow this man was so so quick I have been waiting to get a reading done with him and at last I got hold of him :) thank you John you got the situation absolutely right. Thank you " ... written by leo1080
WOW!!!!!!! Worth every penny!" ... written by urv
TY John, I wanted to continue but my transaction failed:( I will talk to you in few weeks in AUG. XXX" ... written by kool
John is amazing! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!" ... written by I LOVE JOHN
Everything he sees comes true. I've been a loyal client of his for many" ... written by Spiritlower79
John you are the best. I have long reading with him today and I promise you to work hard until I'll be close to my targets which I can't reach them without you. I'll never forget how you made me as a different person. You help me to change and to see the true path for my life. All of his predictions came true and that's help me a lot to prepare myself every time. I'll see you soon until achieving my dream. You are my angel, I wish all your hopes and dreams came true." ... written by Ayshaue
John is not only a psychic but a guide for life! Precious man!" ... written by Super
first reading with John and we'll have to wait and see....he connected right away!!!! Thanks for the reading" ... written by Amy
Everything John predicted ..happened..exactly the same way ..i trust him with all my heart..sometimes when i cannot get hold of him..i just look at his picture and get healing..that is how much i trust him..if you are looking for genuine,authentic and true answers..John is there..Many thanks John..for always being there and I truly deeply appreciate all your help xx" ... written by tasha_j
Thanks again for the phenomenal advice. You're the best spiritualist that i ever met, sees everything. Incredible reading. " ... written by x
perfection! stuns me everytime with his accuracy" ... written by me
So BRILLIANT! Unbelievable. WOW" ... written by me
All his predictions are coming true 1 by 1" ... written by SG
he is the bestest and the bestest he picks up what no one ever can imagine..thnx john" ... written by i love john
John is just one person who is so amazing. I have been reading with john for so long and still he seems to know everything... He gives me such hope and he is the best in oranum... truly gifted and to me he is God sent... Bless you john..." ... written by jr
Love you John! Incredible!:)" ... written by Shelly
thank you, very inspiriging, predicrtions came true. looking forward to the new ones!" ... written by jc
Thanks again John! :) As always you are the best on here!" ... written by cali :)
Great reader.. Everybody want him so he is hard to catch when he does log on!" ... written by BFM
thank you X 10000000000000000000000000000000000" ... written by A
JOhn's work is amazing and uplifting..he has been helping me and the other people here..he has the power to see and give directions..such a pure angelic soul..thank u john..we got cut off so please if u could send ur answers to me of my last 2 questions via email etc..i would appreciate xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
i love this man so much he always makes me feel good and so much better " ... written by jody
God bless you John! :) Always amazing to speak to you angel! I'm so happy to find you as you have helped me pulled through a lot of things. I will be back :) Thank you John, lots of love! " ... written by v
John is the BEST psychic here in Oranum. Period. I'm speechless." ... written by svlc
Thank you John! I only wish that I had more time with you, always. I owe you everything for all of the clarity and insight that you've given me in my life. Night!xoxo" ... written by Jessica B;)
amazing and gift as usual. God send him to help people who needs help. Who ever comes to him also god send too! Accuracy and kind. Thank you" ... written by coffeecandy
So much respect for this precious man. He is so lovely and gifted. Such a joy! Thank you, John!" ... written by RESPECT!
Thank you it was a great reading! :) :) :) Really great guy to speak to!!! :) Thank you for helping me! :) x" ... written by ...
My god...he is the very best in the whole world!!! He is crazy crazy good!!! He will leave you speechless...soooooo good...don't go to anyone else...he is the best!!! WOW JOHN YOU ARE AMAZING...a million thanks and a million stars isn't 1/2 enough for you" ... written by Miszy
I love you John! You make me really happy cause if your response telling me you see meaning it will really happen. I know you are very accurate, genuine and most of all willing to help people. Your prediction with me always accurate with me. I can't wait your other prediction get unfold again.Thank you John" ... written by Sarah
great connected very well without information....cant wait till all unfolds " ... written by serbboy3
John is simply amazing. I love you John. I don't know what to do without you. I just wish I had more time with you. Thank You for all you do for me. oxoxoxox" ... written by bellina
I love you John and I can’t imagine that the only light in my path can disappear and let me alone. Oranum are lucky to find a person as you. I pray for you psychicjohn but I didn’t tell you in many time s in my life because you helped me more than my family or my friend. There is only spiritual connection make you a king in our hearts. Please John, I don’t want to be alone…" ... written by Ayshaue
Thanks again for everything John! You answered all of my questions in such a short time! I really appreciate you sticking it all out with me the past year, I know I'm a handful lmao" ... written by caligal91
John is amazing... cant say enough about him! Thank you thank you!" ... written by believe_inLove
Awesome reading as always! He knows a lot of things! Thank you :) One of the best on Oranum! :)" ... written by ...
It is rare I get a chance to have a reading with you but when I do I am just amazed by what you see. It's like you're answering every question before I even type it! Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing ability to connect on such a deep level. Hopefully will get to chat again soon." ... written by J
PsychicJohn is amazing as always! Only psychic I go to here. Thanks again for the connection, John. Hope to talk to you soon!" ... written by juniperrr
thank you john for your help and guidance and your Guides and Angels. You are wonderfully gifted. God Bless. " ... written by kelly
I have known John since I have known Oranum , 3+years , and John has been THE ONE PSYCHIC who has made uncountable number of UNBELIEVABLE predictions for me. He has predicted things to me which i would have never believed in the weirdest of my dreams. even since this journey of 3.5 years with him , every single thing he has told me about my Job , and every single man i have dated in these 3.5 years has come True down to the T. Even when i though "John has completely lost it , lol , this prediction can never happen , impossible" , in a matter of few months , it will actually happen , and i will come back running to him , telling him that "u said this , it happened lol"" ... written by I CANT BELIVE IT
John is THE BEST.period.I totally believe in his visions and i am certain everything he sees will come to pass.JHe predicted a job for me and I got the job as he predicted and in the timeframe he predicted.thank u John for being there .hugzz" ... written by t
John is absolutely amazing." ... written by John
John is the BEST!!!! Love him. He helps in so many ways. He picks up on the situation very well without a word from me. He is so wonderful to speak with. John thank you for always being there for me. Love and lots of blessings to you!!! " ... written by Dawn
wow, i love john!he has never been wrong with any of his predictions and he knows exactly whats going on in my life, he is so true and genuine i trust him, he has helped me so much in the past and today he was exceptional as always he is a rare gem you will not come across a psychic like him anywhere, i haven't!!" ... written by spirit
Thank you for the reading John!! Thank you for all of the faith you give me. Love you!" ... written by ShellyB
John is a messenger from God. I cannot express to you how gifted and amazing he is. The REAL DEAL! no one comapares to him. It's amazing that he is on this website and we can have access to someone like him. He is a miracle man and shows us the potential of human beings that is yet untapped in this world. Thankyou, JOhn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by SG
Another Fab reading delivered..I trust everything John says because everything he says and predicts comes to pass..beyond imagination..whenever I am in doubt or feeling low I remember JOhn in my heart and everything feels better..i deeply appreciate and respect you John xoxo" ... written by t
Absolutely the BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST...thank you are such an xx" ... written by t
Thank you so much John.I feel like you're my medicine. You give me the hope i need to carry on.. Blessings sent your way, you're an angel. Thank you again and speak to you soon angel. " ... written by v
awesome read as always and always consistent. John is the only one that I really trust! predictions have happened" ... written by kw
Thank you for such an important reading John.. In all means, things should only happen naturally.. I cannot be selfish for this and get things done my way. You know what I mean here. Your readings are really important and helpful to me.. I trust them fully. You just know it all :) Thank you once again from all my heart.." ... written by pm
enjoy chat with him, very tuned in and accurate." ... written by alr
Thank you as always for an amazing reading. You are the most genuine and kind person that I've ever met. You are a a gift from God. " ... written by Shel
John is always good and able to see all the little things! His gift are truly amazing " ... written by lightstreet
John, I wish you all the miracles in the world. I wish that God will always take care of you. Thank you for being you!!" ... written by SG
Thank you for your help. You are the person who can see clearly and spot on. I'll be on this weekend. xoxoxo" ... written by Love this man=)!
Everyday I feel psychicjohn is really my God gift from paradise. It is difficult to count how much his predictions came true. My life was clear now and I have my own dreams and goals which John lead me to reach them truly. You will be lucky if you have a chance to meet person as him once in your life. God bless you. " ... written by Ayshaue
I love you John!! You help me soooo much!! You are the BEST!" ... written by S
Thanks John!!!! " ... written by mainstreem20
I love love love him....he is a truly great humanbeing....he is the bessssttt on this site....i have not come across anyone like him....i cant say it enough....i am just sooo glad i can talk to him here. I truly trust him. I always come to him before i do anything big in life....he can totally read your future like a book to u....i highly recommend him for sure!!!!" ... written by namrata
He is one of the finest i have ever came across...he is truly an angel sent from GOd....i highly recommend him... i cant say it enough ....about him words cant do justice for him... he is truly gifted....i highly recommend him!!!!" ... written by namrata
I love talking with John. He is really a real psychic. I didn't have any doubt with his words. I trust him more than any one in my life. Thank you for your healing and thank you for your amazing reading which is always came true. God bless my honey. See you later." ... written by Aysha
My favorite psychic in the world. John is something else. NO one compares to this incredible man. I ADORE YOU, JOHN!!!!!" ... written by Ess
This had been my 5th or so reading with john, He has been accurate with his discriptions of my situation and the people envolved in my life. I highly recommend him. Love you loads john, thanks so much my dear ti amooo. " ... written by aida1990
Well i have been trying for about a month to gey a reading from John and this morning i finally got my chance and he just blew me away. He was so accurate that it was hard for me to beleive that this guy didn't know me. He picked up on my situation and had everything right to the mark. He is an excellent reader and well it. If you want a excellent reader not just a very good one then you really need to give him a try. Thanks John i will be back with you shortly." ... written by raym57
Sincere as always.... As John see's travel for me im sure it will be happening :) I never doubt this man he is incredibly gifted. Thank you, Take care of yourself xx " ... written by Lalima
love you John. You always make me feel better and are always right about everything. xoxo" ... written by S
Always a pleasure to speak to john. He's beyond amazing and always truthful. His predictions have come to pass. I trust him completely. I will be back to you as always. God bless you. " ... written by v
Wow =) ... on point as alway John. Thank you for the reading and advice. I don't know how I would move forward without your clarity and insight ;). You are AMAZING. xo" ... written by Shelly
He is the best ever, he knows everything, and everything he said always come true. Thanks John " ... written by val
John is so wonderful. I adore him and he is the best psychic." ... written by me
I first came to John in June about my job search… i hate to say but one of his predictions came true even though i didn't want it to happen (he told me the company i had an interview with wouldn't offer me the job) but it has increased my confidence in his vision about the bigger prediction. Thank you John for your encouraging words and unchanging vision" ... written by stephanie
John is fantastic each time he reads for me he comes up with another amazing thing which only I would know. He is truly a great human being also trying to take care of so many and giving up himself in order to help so many. Thank you John I really appreciate everything you do for me." ... written by Raym57
thank you so much john you are by far the best reader that I have ever seen .. you my dear rock keep it up .. this man is by far so awesome I just want to tell the whole wide world hoe good he is spot on with time frames an with his readings love this man thank you so much .. I have been to many readers be for but I 4 sure will not go any were else again I have found a good reader here an I will stick to john .. I will be back for updates thank you so much 4 sharing your gifts with us .. may god bless you may you prosper in all that you do love light an lots blessings your way " ... written by god angel
John is fabulous - he is just so accurate it is scary, but good scary! I wouldn't be without his help!" ... written by Me
WOW - As always :)... John will see future and he can probably tell you what you're wearing if you ask. He can see your hearts desire and your soul. He'll be able to help give you guidance to reach your better self, destiny. Love you John! and thanks!! xoxo" ... written by Shelly
Thanks! It was Beautiful and Magical experience as always! =) Take care! God bless you! x .... " ... written by ..
John was amazing. He was a pleasure to get a reading from. He is worth it and definitely was on point. His descriptions were scary accurate as well. He was absolutely wonderful and very sincere and honest. Incredible man with an incredible gift. It’s hard to catch him but he was worth both the wait an the $! Thank you John, it was so calming talking to you. Looking forward to speaking with you again!" ... written by LXS____
Love this man so much.....really hoping to work out what we have ben talking about. This man is the best. I believe in him xoxoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
Wonderful session! Its very nice to connect with you! I feel I have great connection with you :) Take care of yourself xxxx Kisses andamp; Hugs" ... written by ..
john is like a family to me love him loads, he is a fallen angel from heaven . ich liebe dich john " ... written by aida
Thank you for the amazing reading John - always can trust your visions and insight!! " ... written by Shelly
John you are the best all things you said to me will happen have happened. You are by far the most competent psychic on here and a very good one. Take good care of yourself and stay Healthy my friend." ... written by Raym57
John is my savoir always..I trust him blindly becoz he is too too good.." ... written by t
I Always love you John!! You are the only one seems like very connected with me. Your the only one that it does make sense to me. Thank you John!! " ... written by I love you John
John knows the smallest details. It's insane!!!!!!! haha. Love you JOHN!! oxoxo" ... written by S
thank u psychicjohn for this private reading, i have been waiting to finally get on and find u on here, i finally have gotten a private reading and as usual u r amazing. thank u so much for this private. I feel very blessed and grateful that you are always here. U are always right on everything and 100% truthful no matter what. just want to say thank u. and i will be back. Thank u for always sending energy and healing my way. thanks again psychicjohn xoxo melissa take care" ... written by melissa3591
John is truly a God Sent. He is so amazing and giving. I will not spend my money anywhere else but with John. He sees everything. I can't wait to talk to him again. He puts me at ease every time. I Love You John. Thank You!!!" ... written by Bellina
John is simply THE BEST psychic i have met in my life. Period. " ... written by cl
LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!!!! Your the BEST!!!! I will talk to you soon when I have more funds. Thank you. LOVE YOU AGAIN!!! " ... written by Dawn
No one better than John..he is the BESTTTTT..knows everything and I trust him " ... written by t
Wow Wow and Wow. Always amazing with John. I don't know what else to say about him. He is the best anywhere. Thank You so much John. I love you. oxoxox" ... written by Bellina
John is an amazing soul and the only person that I trust. He will see clearly into the situation and all of those connected. He will not waste your time. Every time you read with him, he connects and is very concise. He help give you insight. it will blow you away every time if you're lucky enough to get in." ... written by Shelly
Thanks again John! As always you are amazing. You knew what to say before I even asked!" ... written by caligal91
He has a gift" ... written by benny
just wanted to say that he is Amazing he picks up on everything all he really needs is your name and he can tell you everything he is tottally amazing" ... written by viviann
John is precise, accurate and just spot on. Its very hard to face these tough things that are being brought to light, but i know it will help me in the end. So for recommendation guys, this psychic is no bullshit. He is genuine! Thank you John!! " ... written by LisaB
John is the only person that would trust for a reading. He see's clearly into the situation, details, and will not disappoint you. You're lucky if you can get in:)!" ... written by Michelle
this man is perfection personified. YOU WILL NEVER MEET ANYONE LIKE HIM EVER" ... written by sylvestri
woah...that was down to the wire! hahahah" ... written by k
really wonderful guy, comforting and reassuring." ... written by dsd
Thanks John :) I always feel better after talking with you!" ... written by caligal91
There are no words that could describe the peace i feel when im connected to John. Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy with me .... Makes me smile more than you know :)) Love u dear, Wish for u peace, happiness and health xx" ... written by Lalima
As usual he is sooooo good! One of the best here, if not the best." ... written by ystylus
John is a masterpiece! No other created like him." ... written by you know who i am
John is fantastic. Not only sees into situation with great detail (he knew the exact day and time someone left a house) but he is an amazing healer. He is stupendous." ... written by L
John is wonderful he know everything without you telling him anything Give him 10 stars" ... written by Viviann
i love this man so much he has always been right about everything" ... written by jody
Amazing" ... written by Angela
This guy deserves way more credit than I could ever give him. I would give him as many stars available. John I want to thank you so much for all your help. Take care of yourself my friend," ... written by Raym57
Thank you John, this is really remarkable. Finally I have final word from you and means a lot. " ... written by sh
Expensive, but he is truly the best. HE shocked me a bit. He has extroardinary powers." ... written by Mary
He seems to be very insightful.. I can't really verify anything he told me yet but it definitely makes sense. Great reading!" ... written by Mimi
As always he never lets me accurate....i cant thank him enough...he is not only kind but he always goes an extra mile to help you..." ... written by namrata
I know john for almost 3yrs now. He is such a kind person. He is one person who is so blessed and sees things beyond anyone in oranum. John has always been my light and guide and after a couple of months he still seem to know everything abt me and my troubles and gives me such hope again. Thank you so much John you are an angel sent by God. Love you " ... written by jesintha
PERFECTION PERSONIFIED!!! John is a prodigy!!! He will show you what the human potential is. He is a gem!" ... written by Ess
Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy and i appreciate your honest and genuine insight when reading :) As always is a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you kindly x" ... written by Lalima
John is a wonderful person. He is geniuely honest with you and he tells you how it sugar coating....john has been alway accurate about my situation....he has always guided me in a right direction and has always helped me in every possible way he can. I cant thank him enough as my words arent enough either to thank him....this guy deserves alot more than just a simple comment...he is one of the besssttt on oranum...i havent come acrossed anyoen like him. Thank u so much john love you...u r the besttttt!!!" ... written by Namrata
John is an amazingly gifted man. There is simply no one like him. He effortlessly taps into information and gives it straight. He is super compassionate and a certified sweetheart. LOVE HIM TO BITS!" ... written by me
His visions always amazes me and are very clear. He always hits the nail on the head when looking into my situation. Read the reviews...he's Heaven sent!" ... written by kw
JOHN YOU ALWAYS TUNE IN SO SO FAST!!" ... written by s
I am so emotional right now..John is unbelievable..his vision's are mindblowing..thank you John..I trust in your visions and thank you for being there always ..hugzz" ... written by t
Thank you dear John for my long reading with you today. I really believe in you and everything you told me about ,always came true. John is really our God gift. I'll see soon, God bless you." ... written by Aysha
THANKYOU John for your help you was 100 per cent correct thankyou I was lucky to be able to get you xxx" ... written by T
God Bless John" ... written by k
i came to john after reading his testimonials....HE WAS MIND BLOWING...SUM THING ELSE AND THE MOST ACCURATE PSYCHIC I HAVE EVER BEEN TO..EVERYTHING HE SAID TO ME TILL DATE HAS UNFOLDED..i cudnt believe it at first...BUT EVERY LITTLE THING HAD HAPPENED....a huge relationship issue that was delaying years JOHN SAW IT HAPPENING..AND IT HAPPENED AS HE SAID...THINGS ARE STILL UNFOLDING is tough to get john and finally got him today to give him the news...wish i had lots of money so that i cud read for an hour atleast cz with john time is never enough ever....thnx john " ... written by i love john
picked up so much loved him xx" ... written by caz
no words for tthis guy, blessed to have come accross him, love u john thanks a billion xoxoxoox" ... written by aida
I misssed him...i feel so charged up now that John is back.,.i know he will fix everything in my life..his predictions have come to pass again and again and again.." ... written by t
best psychic in the universe" ... written by me
WOW!!! like just WOW...this man is like the VERY VERY VERY best psychic in the world...unbelievable!!! " ... written by Miszy
love this man" ... written by sylvestri
i came back cz i forgot to ask him sumthing.....i believe and trust in his insight..HE IS ALWAYS next month i will come back for updates as this months cash over lololol......LOVE U JOHN UR A DARLING" ... written by i love john
John is an incredible human being. He is a real deal psychic. I am so blessed to be able to have readings from him. He sees everything. For example- he was able to tell me the tittle of a book i am writing....HOW DID HE KNOW THAT????? WOW!!!!!!!!" ... written by me
there is noone better then John! i can't thank you enough for all the information you give. " ... written by valery
He is the best...he has never let me down...he is truly gifted ....he is the best psychic ever....i am so lucky to talk to him here....i cannot thank him enough!!!" ... written by namrata
John is always amazing he is just a wonderful person to talk to. He always makes me feel so much better. He is so gifted and blessed by God. Thank You John Love you lots." ... written by Bellina
confirmed what I heard before and very quick. first time read so I will see how things go!" ... written by jj
I trust no one else but John..he warned me something is coming and it happened exactly as he said..i trust his visions ..thank u for always being there John..u r an angel" ... written by t
Amazing" ... written by Angela
John is powerful..he heals u john and thank u xx" ... written by t
Happy we could connect. Thank you so much. You are a real gift. " ... written by
prediction came true and asked about other matters. thank you!" ... written by jc
He is the only only one i trust on this site...words arent always enough to thank this man...he is been there for me through my rough times and has also healed me...he is truly gifted....someone i always trust with my eyes closed....thank u so much for everything you have done for me!!!" ... written by N
Amazing" ... written by Angela
Thank you so much John, so good to speak to you again! I will be back as always. God bless you! Take care :) " ... written by v
He is always there for me no matter what. I love you John. Thank you for always helping me and guiding me in the right direction. I don't know what I would do without you. xoxo blessings to u" ... written by S
This man is really cool and mysterious. I can feel his power stronger than i am. I really like his readings! Very worth" ... written by Mary
John is always the best, nobody is better then him ever!" ... written by valery
Very powerful healer and psychic. All knowing. Be amazed" ... written by me
PERFECTION!" ... written by XXX
John you are the light for my path. It was short reading not as my past long reading because I need to finish all of things before moving to my dream as we planned. I must see you soon. God bless you dear John." ... written by Aysha
You're incredible as always. love you!!" ... written by Shelly
I got very emotional today after my reading..Johns readings are beyond any feedbacks have to experience for yourself..if you need honest,clear,authentic,accurate readings then please take him pvt if you get a chance as he is hard to catch..John..I thank you for being there always and whatever you said has always come to pass exactly the way you are an Angel xoxo" ... written by t
John, I will try back. We got disconnected again. " ... written by Lisa
Amazing as always.." ... written by t
John, you are incredible. My life would not be the same without you. I love you!" ... written by Shelly
It was just amazing....I read so many his testimonials..." ... written by Lastsearch1
My Savior and my angel..things happen exactly as John sees them.." ... written by t
When i am shattered...and nothing goes right..I call upon John in my heart and i connect..John..Many thanks for your constant support and help..I am forever indebted to you..Your predictions keep coming true again and again..even exact time frames..hugzz john..please heal my wounded soul xx" ... written by tasha_j
PsychicJohn its been a while, everytime I get on ur either busy or not on but FINALLY I am so happy I got to speak with u. what u said about the management it happened they changed I got a new manager and its better, u were 100% right. You are the only one I completely trust I never go to anyone else. Lord knows u have helped me so much through my difficulties and encounters ive had to go through, uve been here for me through it all every step and u have helped me in so many ways. Thank u so much for always helping me, for sending me energy and for letting me know what u see to come. Everything u say really comes to pass, u have such an amazing gift. And u really do do this with ur heart because u really are genuine and care for people. U are a blessing my friend. Like I said I trust u and thank u again for my healing energy, energy u always send to me. u know how me and my soulmate have been... hoping soulmate and I will end up together u know how much I love him, and u see my job better I know u don't fail me. u r always true thank u psychicjohn take care xoxo Melissa" ... written by Melissa
Incredible" ... written by Shelly
just came on to say thank u psychicjohn for helping me always and being here. thank u for ur energy uve been sending me. My boss has turned around so far thanks to u for sending me energy and healing. thanks again." ... written by Melissa
John is amazing as always and see's quickly, clearly into every situation. He's a blessing. " ... written by Stephanie
PJ's, predictions have all come true so far. He said something would happen Oct 10 onwards and it did. He is incredible. He told a friend that she would not be purchasing a house she had her heart set on and that's exactly what happened. PJ is a GOD SEND. I ADORE HIM." ... written by SG9999
love you John!" ... written by Shelly
I am going through a lot in my life and if there is one thing which has kept me strong and going is John..All his predictions have come to pass..I have left numerous testimonials and they are authentic ..John..I wish I could meet you personally one day to show you my gratitude for what you have and are doing for me and all of us..hugzz" ... written by tasha_j
John is amazing! He's the most incredible person that I ever met. He's completely the most self-less and genuine person in the world. His readings are unreal and accurate. He's the strongest person I know. " ... written by Michelle
Great to speak to John as always he is consistent with the facts and stronger than anyone i know :) I wish him the same peace and happiness he brings to alot of lives he touches! Bless you x" ... written by Lalima
John you always know stuff! Like always! :) even the smallest details. Thank you for always being here and believing in me and guiding me in the right direction. I believe that all predictions will come to pass as your past ones have already been coming true! XOXO" ... written by S
John I love u a ton, u r one of the most wonderful people on this earth. just last week ive been having problems at work with sales and with my boss, I went into a prvt reading with psyhicjohn he said things would turn around, he sent me energy and predicted my like tues things would turn around well they have even sooner than tues my sales have been up things with my boss have been better psychicjohn has completely been turning things around in a good way. Always psychicjohn has been here for me and hes never let me down, ive been coming to him for years and he is the most realist psychics on this site, i dont ever ever go with anyone else on oranum because in the past everyone else has been wrong and fake they dont genuinely care about u, and john genuinely truly cares about u and really wants to help u, everything john does u can tell he does it with his heart cause he truly wants to help u, I cant thank him enough, he is a great friend I can always count on. Thank u john u are amazing and I cant thank u enough, I cant wait for ur other predictions to come to pass with my love life with my soulmate whom I love so much, I thank u for always being here, and helping me through things. blessings to u psychicjohn and good vibes, xoxo melissa" ... written by Melissa
John, is huge blessing. He is the best. " ... written by me
I have no fear when John is by my side..I trust him,respect him and love him as much as I trust ,love and respect my parents.I cannot say it enough his predictions all come to pass again and again and again and again..HE IS THE BEST and thank you John for being there .please keep sending your good energies .will update you again in few days once I get some money xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
thank u thank u may god bless this man he is fantastic let me just say wow spot on with time frames an my whole reading very intune with me I will be back again 4 sure wow wow wow I am speech less john thank u 4 sharing ur gift with us u are a god sent love u lots I am taking it all in our reading everyone pull him prvt money very well spent thank u so much love u lots xxoooooooo be blessed as always my dear " ... written by staying true to whom you are
john is the best psychic here. period. there is no one on this site that can be near john's abilities. amazing. " ... written by claire
quick and very gifted" ... written by dc
Thank you John, always amazing to speak to you! You are my angel. No words i can describe about how happy i am i found you. You know I'll be back. God bless you. wishing you happiness, blessings and love for all the wonderful things you've done. speak soon! xx " ... written by v
I always admire John. His readings are more than just accurate, love him!" ... written by Mai
Oh, I just love John and love the way he is wearing his hair now. He has been a guide for me for quite some time. I cannot stress how helpful he has been to me.. I love this kind man. Even though at times it doesn't seem like things will happen, they do and I am very pleased to think...John told me that!" ... written by LISA
John is the best. I contact him from several years and he is never disappointed me. John have clear words which really came true. Many of his predictions happened as he told me. I'll be back to update you next time. God bless you." ... written by Ayshaue
Love you and trust you John! Amazing reading as always. I dont know what I would do without your help and insight." ... written by S
He is fabulous, truly fabulous." ... written by Girl
I dont know what I would do without you in my life. I love you. Thank you for everything. You're truly a gifted man." ... written by S
I have been consulting JOhn for a long time now and he has never failed me even once..all his visions and predictions happen..he sees clearly..knows everything..and i truly trust him with all my heart..i believe in John and i believe everything is gonna be ok..thank you john for saving me again and again and for being there xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
Deep respect for John. He has guided me over the past few months and been a huge source of comfort for me. I have been through a huge life event and John as helped me like no other. His visions are mind blowingly accurate and his predcitioons keep happening, even when I think that not possible. I adore him and I recommend him highly. You will be lucky to have a reading with him" ... written by me
John is so incredible, you don't have to say a word or give him any detail. He will pick up on you and your energy and give you insight to move forward and resolve if needed. He is the strongest person that I'm so fortunate to know. He will help you stay on path, always positive." ... written by S
love my brother john muuuuah kises to u my dear" ... written by aida
amazing!" ... written by me
Every prediction,every vision that John has seen for me has happened exactly.Brilliant expert and healer..i thank you john..again and again ..thank u for your support and help " ... written by tasha_j
John has been saving me for a long time..his visions are very strong and real..everything happens the way John sees..Thank you John..I promise you this time..i will listen to you..again you told me everything..Please send me healing and strength xoxo" ... written by tasha_j
John you are incredible. I will continue to have faith that things will out turn out the way I have wished for for soo so long. I love you. Thanks for you all your energy, healing and for believing in me. xoxo blessings to you" ... written by S
this man makes me feel safe within his healings. thank you i will be patient. I trust you xxx" ... written by christina
He is a gift sent to us all. I send thanksgiving and praise to the energy that created him. He helps to give hope which is worth its weight in gold. Materials and money are fleeting, but the gift he gives is lasting. Sometimes I fall weak, but someone loved me enough to allow me to cross his path. It is not him but the gift in him, it is pure and it is real. Please send me energy that I may stay strong. You help me not give up on life. Great peace and blessings to you always." ... written by Angela
Out of this world. He is an angel. " ... written by Butterfly
John, thank you again. Many of your predictions happened and Im hoping for this next one. " ... written by A
Thank you so much John. I appreciate you and am very grateful for your help as confusing as things may get. Thank you for your support through this journey. love you xo" ... written by S
I love John. Brings me peace." ... written by me
I t has been a while I did not get a reading from John. This time I got an update and I will wait to see the result. He has been the best till now on this site. A very good medium." ... written by stylus
all i can say is wow!" ... written by apple
OMG what can I say about John. He is AMAZING. You need to see for yourself. Thank You John you are a gift from God." ... written by Bellina
There are Psychics and there is PsychicJohn. Literally no one else compares. As one previous reviewer wrote "He can probably tell you what you are wearing". He is expensive but worth every penny because you can be guaranteed that what he says is the truth. Thank you so much for all you have done. " ... written by SP
John, you have been my closest confident. I could never be here without ou. I ove you and you're my guardian angel. Your gift is a phenomnal and I am blessed, as is everybody else to have you touch our lices. love. x" ... written by ShellyB000
psychicjohn your were right as always, u said i would see my love interest super soon and i did he came into my work. although the outcome wasnt what i expected, i know theres a reason why. i will completely follow ur advice and continue to do as u say. i trust u alot and know u r 100% true to me and genuinely care for me. i thank u so much for always helping with me with my situations, thank u for sending me energy and cleansing. U r so amazing, everything u say always comes to pass and u just know what other people are thinking and feeling. thank u for helping me through it all. I will always continue to keep coming to u and only u. thank u take care xoxo melissa" ... written by melissa3591
A wonderful reader. I love reading with him, just wish I could afford more time." ... written by Destiny_Love
wonderful, he predicted something of which i saw a glimpse. i hope it will happen like he said and will update. thank you." ... written by jazzychic
John, I'm so grateful for yoyur support! You're the most amazing spiritualist that I ever met. You are truly gifted from God. I love you! Thank you for your friendship! Happy Thanksgiving!" ... written by ShellyB000
Thanks for all. Interesting read." ... written by knowing
Psychicjohn once again thank u for everything. Each time we talk there is something u say will happen and in little time it does happen. You told me my love interest was going to communicate soon and he did, even after what happened between us he communicated just like u said, and just when u said you will meet someone knew I have, and with my sales u said that they were going to increase in this time and in a short amount of time they have thank u thank u" ... written by melissa3591
I don’t know how to ever thank u enough for everything u always do, u truly are an amazing person inside and out. This is why u r the only person I go to and trust.. I believe u 100% because everything you’ve been telling me has happened 100%. Thank u john for the energy u send and the help. I will come back again soon. Take care john tons of love and light sending ur way. Xoxo Melissa " ... written by melissa3591
Love John. The best spiritualist in the world." ... written by me
what a psychic machine he is " ... written by myst
I APPRECIATE ALL . I hope he can help me understand why people are this way and how I can heal my situation . " ... written by knowing2013
Words can't describe how wonderful John is. He is so gifted and I am so greatful he shares his gifts with me. John, love you andamp; many blessings to you!!!" ... written by charmed33
Nothing more need to be said.. JUST AMAZING. Thanks John! xo" ... written by Kirsten
John your readings are always beautiful and deep.. Thanks a lot for this wonderful company and the reading.. Always very very accurate :)" ... written by P
John is the bestesssssssssst!!!!!" ... written by best best best
john I cant believe I finally have gotten a private with you. Its been a while and since I came back to oranum I been waiting to see you but never did i, until now finally. Oh how I missed you. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL YOU ARE USUAL. Everything u say comes to pass, u help me with my life, and u guide me to the right path. Thank you so much john u are sweet as ever and I am grateful that you've been a part of my life for years. John you said last year even 2years ago the man I loved would move back to California and he has, I honestly thought when he left cali he wasnt going to because it seemed he had made a life where he was at, but now he is where I am back in cali. Psychicjohn is the most realest person on this site, all others are frauds and don't even genuinely care about you. John really cares about his clients and tries to help them in any way he can. Once again john thank you, and I will continue to hope and pray that I will get to that different department in my store thank you for sending healing energy and good vibes, just as u said also I hope dad will get better. I will forever continue to keep coming to you. Love you john and how I missed u. Thank u for being a great friend. sending u lots of love and goodness xoxo melissa" ... written by melissa
John was very accurate with things he described of my ex and myself. Things he couldnt have known. Like physical attributes. Now I'm just waiting if things will transpire." ... written by Sam
Great update. Amazing and genuine psychic. Possibly, I need to do some energy work (spiritual) for another time. I still believe that he gave me on last reading will come to pass. I trust him. Blessing." ... written by Lloyyd
after looking over my reading log with John, I realized that he said in my business I will help to motivate people. Funny that he says that because my business name is Sacred Motivation so he was right on target with what he saw and my hopes are to help motivate and push others in a positive direction with the tools I plan to provide. John is awesome! Thank u John for always helping me, his visions are clear and concise" ... written by kwilli23
I AM SO SO SO SO AMAZED JOHN YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!" ... written by christina
John - Thanks so much for the reading!! You are my guardian angel. My time with you is priceless. " ... written by Shelly
jon is a gift from god" ... written by myst
John - Thank you for the wonderful reading and I advice. You are an amazing friend to me and confidant. You are truly gifted and the world is much better place because of you. Have a good morning! Love you!" ... written by Shelly
I find John to be an astute and perceptive intuitive reader and and adept healer. Hes helped a lot already in this first reading ." ... written by Sri Sri Sri Balagangadaranathaswami
thanks a billion for the reading my dear. onemillion stars for you :) " ... written by aida1990
Thanks so much John! As always very good and accurate reading. " ... written by L
Excellent reading as usual! Many thanks for your encouragement and support, John!" ... written by Dignity
John, LMAO... I have not laughed out loud like that in a while. I'll make sure to eat cheese when I'm in duetchland :-) lol. " ... written by Me
John is a truly special gift from God. He can see the truth of any situation. I am blessed to be able to have his help. Love you, John!!!" ... written by charmed33
wow amazing!..he knew things no one would have known. Thank you john" ... written by s
What can i say? my entire being is thankful to John..his visions are so clear..he sees it all..even if you try to hide something..he sees it:)..All his predictions have come to pass for me..and I trust in John from my heart and soul..Thanks a million dear are an Angel and i know you I do not have to worry about anything when you are there standing by my side" ... written by tasha_j
John is amazing. He predicted a big event and it happened. This one was a hard one for him to tell me about and me to go through. But it happened and John delivered the news in the most compassionate and caring way possible. I adore this man!" ... written by me
All I can say about John is that he is a God sent. He is an angel. " ... written by Bellina
he was amazing. all of the testimonials are true. it took me two days to get him but finally got my reading! he told me things nobody else could tell me" ... written by BP
Love you John! You are an incredible friend and Im lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for your guidance. Bless you 1000s over." ... written by CA
he channels so fast, so gifted from God" ... written by spirirt
I strongly believe he s healing will help me son greatly. thank you so much John and please don't forget about us. " ... written by dionne
AMAZING and accurate and all knowing. Mind blown!" ... written by So grateful
Amazing reading. Number 1 on this site and possibly in the world." ... written by me
He is worth the wait..every cent.I will sacrifice my sleep a hundred times to speak with John..such a compassionate ,honest and kind soul.John knows it all..he truly does.experience this for yourself people and all the testimonials are a proof enough..his visions are consistent and clear.Thank you John for all the help.I will update you soon xx" ... written by tasha_j
great reading" ... written by apple
everything he says is spot on, ill be waiting for his predictions!" ... written by BP
Thank you dear John for your helping. I really couldn't find a good person in my life as you. you are my hopes and my happiness, can't live or decide anything without your advices. God bless you and I wish all your life full of love and happiness forever. " ... written by Ayshaue
John is always John never changed. What i mean he's a real deal. His intent is to help everyone. He's the only one that can really read mind of others. Everyone would be bless to have a reding from him." ... written by Sarah
jon is a sweet heart and I feel he has a gift" ... written by myst
Nice connection" ... written by Golden
Love this glad I got a chance to see him :) Thank you so much for your time. " ... written by main
Speechless as always! xo!" ... written by ME
Love you! Thank you for being my hero. xo" ... written by Shelly
Speechless. John is amazing!!! His predictions happen, his energy work is unparalleled, and his kind spirit is so calming andamp; welcoming. All this and a sense of humor too! He's the best - an angel. Thank you, John!!!" ... written by Marie
Love my readings with John - they are precious andamp; priceless" ... written by Marie
The happiest days in my life are when I talk with John! all his predictions came true. I'm dealing with him from many years ago, and know can feel how much John helped me in my life. He is an angel rarely to find a person as him in our life. I'll see you in the weekend to do some healing and complete some of our private reading. God bless you, wish you reach all your dreams and hopes in your life. see you my friend" ... written by Ayshaue
Simply the best expert here!!!" ... written by e
Johns had a lot of helpful tings to say and i appreciate his candor and insight. Seems to dial right in to the pertinent issues. I feel he genuinely cares." ... written by Sir John Entwistle
Really thanks a lot for being there. I cant tell you how much it helps talking to you.. " ... written by p
my heart is racing like crazy his dealings are beyond belief i am so so overwhelmed with all this great news. this man is like no other. no bullshit. no stupid cards, no stupid crystal ball. he doesn't even ask you questions. he fires your life story out and your future at the speed of lightning and i am amazed with the amount of clarity i have been given!! Thank you Bless you xxx" ... written by christina
He's so wonderful. He is an amazing psychic, and he has helped me immensely." ... written by L
Such a beautiful soul. Knows everything and cares even more. I wish there were more people like him in this world. He is a blessing and a gift from God. " ... written by LOVE YOU JOHN
LOVE LOVE LOVE this man. I don't know how in the world he does it, but picks up on every little detail without me saying a word. Wonder, amazing I can't say enough. I have a great Holiday and a wonderful new year. Talk to you soon hopefully before the new year. " ... written by Dawn
Wonderful Wonderful!!! I Love John. Always amazes me how he picks up on things. He is just a true blue friend and advisor. LOVE YOU!!!! " ... written by Dawn
John is alway spot on with what he says. Love him to pieces." ... written by Dawn
Again and again John amazes me" ... written by tasha_j
John is simply a dream! He heals and guides you and hes worth every penny!" ... written by Christina
amazing I'm overwheled" ... written by christina
Love John and so blessed to have you in my life:).xo!" ... written by Part of you:)
Incredible human being" ... written by So love, John
till u dont take him private u wont know his powers and ability" ... written by aida
John is so spot on as always and predictions have come to pass." ... written by Coral
thank u so much john every time I need healing I come here john guides me an helps me like no other very spot on an so in tune love this man I give him a billion stars he is by far better than the rest merry Christmas john happy new years an thank u for all your help lots love too you xxoo" ... written by dignity
John, What a wonderful soul you are!! I enjoyed my reading with you very much... I will be in touch again... Many Blessings to You and Yours this Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!" ... written by Dianne
he knew the airport near me and doesn't live around me so i thought that was pretty cool! past predictions have come to pass. thanks so much John!!" ... written by BP
Thank you so much John. I appreciate how you share your gift and trust no one but you for advice. You are always always right!" ... written by SP
I am feeling very much rested after talking to John. Thank you so much John" ... written by Kisshy
I am just overwhelmed by how much information he gave me" ... written by Christina
i love john he is my family i am so at ease now as he reassures me of my future. if you are reading this johny you are my star my saviour and i love you. take him for few minutes and let your jaw drop lolz" ... written by aida
John is just an angel from God and you can't even imagine his gift until you take him private. John I love you with all my heart." ... written by Bellina
holy crap! the best, really" ... written by mm
Been trying to get John for awhile after my last reading with him. I feel so much relieved now that I have spoken to him and he has given me so much to trust andamp; believe in. He is doing some energy work for me and has promised to be with me through out all till what i want happens. Thank u John for being so kind. Im glad god led me to u. May u always be blessed with all u desire. Thank u once again :)" ... written by Priscilla
John's rings are alway extremely accurate, love him!" ... written by Mai
Nice psychic . will definitely suggest for others." ... written by Aries
John, is a miracle. I am so grateful for him and he blows my mind very single time. He see everything and his heart is bigger than the Universe. I just want o hug him and let him know how much I adore him. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by SG9999
one of the best psychics in oranum . He is very accurate and i am very hopeful that i found one of the best. " ... written by Aries722
Every time i speak with John..I feel so recharged..his energy is so healing..John has been there by my side for a long time and he has never ever failed me..all his predictions have come to pass and i mean ALL..every single little thing he saw..happens and is happening..John are such an angel and we all love you lots..I deeply appreciate your help and support xx" ... written by tasha_j
John, thank you soooo much. Thank you for using your gifts to help me through my life. I appreciate your gifts more than you know. You are so wise, talented and gifted, I can feel your energy from far away. You always tell me what you see with so much clarity, I am always shocked. You are the best. Love , light, and blessings to you always. " ... written by oreo
John is the Best on here. He is wonderful he has gone through alot of his own issues an always willing to help. He is so very wonderful and amazing he calms you down an gives you hope that everything will be okay. Give him 200 stars he is the best " ... written by Viviann
John is amazing, and nobody can hold a candle to his abilities. He is powerful, see's and connects clearly. Love him! " ... written by Shelly
John thank you soooo much. I am so grateful that I have met you , and blessed that I had the opportunity to have another reading with you. You are awesome beyond words. When you speak to me your words resonate so deep within my souls. You have a understanding and compassion like no other Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Your time was truly a blessing. " ... written by oreo
Earth angel... like the song... that's John. Thank you for the reading and the work. My spirit is new. Love you xoxo" ... written by Shelly
He is very Accurate . Will definitely suggest him for others . Will get back with updates. Had been waiting for his reading since like a month . I am lucky . I got him today " ... written by aries722
I love JOhn, soooooooooo much. Adore him. Deep respect for him!" ... written by me
John is a miracle..such an angel..his abilities are beyond understanding and his visions are crystal savior..many thanks for all your help John xx" ... written by tasha_j
John helps me he is a powerful being. I trust him and I am eternally thankful that I have access to him in my life." ... written by Angela
Definitly will recommend for others to take in private and see .. I did get some dates today .. I will get back for updates." ... written by for john
im so so so so happy!!!" ... written by Christina
whatever i say about dearest john is less. I have been comming to him since july 2015 at the time i was having problems with my family, problems at work, problems at home, lovelife was down hill , energy was zero to do anything , had big career exams (pharmacist ) he was the only one there for me. he calmed me told me what was to come assured me to be calm and to trust what his visions were which were 200% accurate. he told me i would pass my exam not first but second attempt this is after i sat my exam already the first time, that happend. whatever problems and downhills uphills he saw all happend. he doesnt ask you a list of questions in private to figure out ur situation and give u answers based on that. he just asks for your name to connect to you and you actually feel the connection with your heart racing and crazyness. he is the most gentle loving soul i hve come accross. came to him now as i was having anxiety attack comming up due (starts with shortness of breath for me) to all the problems i am dealing with at once. i opened my camera and he healed me and my heart fell from 94 pulse rate before private to 67 which is normal rate after private. medically this is done with strong medicines which tthemselves take minimum 2-3 hours to get it low he did it in matter of 15 minutes. he is the real deal no amount of testimonials you read will makeyou beleive in his ability and powers. take him for a minute or two and experience it yourself to beleive in him or not. i love you my dearest johnny and i pray to god to bless you with happiness joy good health and success my dearest john.lots of love to you.i love you " ... written by aida
John is the best psychic i have ever encountered. His healings are just incredible and i adore him and hes the oonly psychic i can trust!!" ... written by Christina
real deal" ... written by t
incredible, unbelievable, this man is 100% trust worthy! I trust him with my life! Thank you darling thank you for healing i am so so happy to have found you!!!" ... written by Christina
One of my favorite people on this planet and I have never met him! SOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU" ... written by me
awesome, accurate as always he is the best here, i always go to him" ... written by spirit
i love this man!" ... written by Christina
john is a an awsome psychic, friend and teacher. my reading was out of this world. thanks john ,highlyyyyyyy recommend him. " ... written by aida1990
John is the best psychic ever. He sees everything clearly and is compassionate and kind." ... written by me
John, I adore you. Thank you for being in my ilfe, even though we have never met and may never meet. You have seen me through a lot and I could talk to you forever. XOXOXO BEST PSYCHIC in the world!" ... written by mi
John is a incredible and his gift is real. I;m convinced that God sent him like a guardian angel to help me understand my life path. I could never repay him for his tireless support, understanding and healing. He's see clearly and reads into every situation, people, emotions. " ... written by Michelle
Will definitely recommend for others." ... written by FOR john
John is the best psychic here. Period. Don't look for anyone else in Oranum. He is extremely gifted, true clairvoyant, no tools at all and always 100% accurate. He has given me so much light today, bless you, John. " ... written by CL
John is a magical being. SO SO MAGICAL!!!" ... written by mi
John is an absolute gift!!! He is so wonderful! I wish I could have continued to speak with him but I ran out of funds! I can feel his energy! wow!" ... written by N/A
I happen to see John in a Demo and he blew me away - he is one of the best psychics around - he is worth the money and I found him to be absolutely accurate and a pleasure to work with. Love to you John and thank you for all that you do for everyone here. ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by LarimarGem
As usual I cannot thank him enough! he is the best soooo far i have ever had reading with....he is always so accurate with all the situations!!!! " ... written by nami
I've been waiting for him so long. He is amazing! I'm so happy that I know him and get support. Thank you very much, John!" ... written by Diginity
John is the most amazing person I know. His gift is beyond incredible and his heart is bigger than Italy! I can only send him all my love and gratitude." ... written by mi
xoxoxoxooxoxo love you! love you!! gn" ... written by Shelly B
The most incredible man i have ever met a million stars" ... written by Christina
he is more powerful than superman!! Amazing! Thank you" ... written by ****
Very brilliant psychic. A shining star. So effortless in connecting and giving details he could not possibly know. I LOVE THIS MAN!" ... written by mi
The most incredible man!!!" ... written by Christina
So so so incredible!!!! " ... written by christina
Intense. Very caring. I sense he may be a bit over-worked. over all, positive." ... written by Pterra
God bless you unlimited joy and happiness john! the support and joy you give others is immeasurable! Thank you for everything and speak to u soon angel! " ... written by s
John is the incredible man that I ever met, and I've been so lucky to call him a friend. He's been a guardian angel to me and I'm blessed for having him touch my life. He is truly light. He's the most gifted and strongest man I know. He is my Hero. I love you John!" ... written by Michelle
John is a psychic and a psychotherapist. He heals wounds and he connects effortlessly. " ... written by me
He is amazing go get a reading with him! The best on this website. " ... written by Jared
Excellent!" ... written by mi
Thanks for your honest and accurate reading. It surely tells me what can I do further.. But I do need to see you again when I can go pvt.. " ... written by P
Amazing! I'm so lucky that I know him. Can't describe my feeling with any words. He is astonishing!!! Many Thanks, John!" ... written by Dignity
absolutely amazing!!! every time an incredible reading!" ... written by Heshimu
Had a lovely long reading with PsychicJohn. He is incredible with his work, vision and gives great advice. Since i have been coming to him i feel i am accepting things more easily as they come becasue of his prediciton beforehand. thanks john for ur advices and healings. lots of love and light to you. highly recommend john for readings and healing. xxxx" ... written by aida1990
John is the most amazing person and friend. He tells you like it is and never lets you down. He is alway on point. John you are my saving grace. I love you. oxoxox" ... written by Bellina
<" ... written by Shelly
Very deep and kind person with remarkable visions. " ... written by softwater
John I really love you and I feel you are not a human man you are an angel and made from a paradise life. I belive in you and everythings you said came true.My life was very hard and without John I may not reach any success in my life. John you make me another person and if I'm success you must be stand up near me more than anybody in my life. when my books translated to English I'll send them for you sure. I'm very happy to see and I was very sad when I can't contact you. God bless you and I wish you all happiness and success in your life forever." ... written by Aysha
Thank you for your accurate readings and your healings that you do.. I felt really good talking to you.. Always feels like a soul connection, where one can share anything. Thanks again and be blessed.." ... written by Pooja
PJ, is the best psychic here. You won't be dissapointed" ... written by pj rocks
Great reading with John. Simply connects well and no needed info as usual. I will update with the results once I get it back when the prediction comes to pass. God Bless andamp; take care!" ... written by LA
I cannot only say for this man that he is great, amazing,brilliant ,he is way way more than that. i never met a person I'm my life that has power and abilities like him but beside that he is so friendly and caring.every single word that he told me is true every single one.i highly recommend him to everyone to see how amazing he is.john i wish you all the best in your life from the bottom of my heart because you deserve it.thank you " ... written by e
Love you, love you, xo " ... written by Shelly
john is greatttttttttt awsome reader i love u john u r the light in my life " ... written by aida
He is great, I cant speak more highly of John, wonderful and insightful, I just love my readings with him but wish it was longer. Thank you again John :)" ... written by LarimarGem
John can catch every information without telling him everything. I really wondered from several years ago in how he can describe people or things which I didn't talk with him about it. John is our angel who speaks from the paradise. He is my light and without him, my life will be full of pain and sadness. John is really worthy to talk with him because its difficult to find a talented person as him once in our lives. bless you dear John and I'll update with you next time." ... written by Aysha
I adore this man! He is just so so incredible!!! " ... written by Christina
i could speak with john for hours. Time is always too short with him. He is magical!" ... written by mi
wow this man is the best i am blown away. will be back when i get more credits.thank you john god bless you lisa." ... written by riley777
I heard john is one of the best .. he gave me a great reading and I am feeling hopeful abt it .. ty so much john hope to reconnect again soon " ... written by beautifulmesss
To see amazing abilities from this man you need to take him to private. just amazing." ... written by e
he is amazing. no way anyone could of known certain things about me. he is mind blowing and accurate. real deal !" ... written by christopher
He is brilliant!" ... written by Miszy
John was the best reader. Though his price is high , he was able to solve all my problems and give me the best insight into my destiny. He indeed awesome. Eagerly waiting for some of his predictions to come True. But he well related to my past . I was really marvelled. He is indeed one of the busiest psychics as well.He did some healing work for my work situations as well.He got connected to me with just with my first name and without any tools . " ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
THE MOST AMAZING PSYCHIC ON EARTH!!!" ... written by Harmony
great reading and accurate as usual!!" ... written by Heshimu
John is the most honest and talented psychic reader in this Oranum site. He was suggested to me by my 2 friends who has John as his guide. His predictions were very true. He warned about a upcoming trouble for my friend for which he suggested some solution as well. " ... written by xyz
no words, take him and experience" ... written by aida
John is the bomb!! He makes my life better every time. So much loveee for him!" ... written by A
Brilliant, talented, kind, compassionate, powerful, magical!" ... written by me
Thanks John! You are amazing, I really dont know how you see all the details. " ... written by A
John is amazing in the things he sees. He is a God sent and has a very unique gift. Thank You so much John. I send you my love and gratitude. oxoxox" ... written by Bellina
John, I could die a few hundred times and it would never repay you for all of the help, insight, and grace that you have given to me. I’m speechless and I wish that every day you are blessed 1000000-fold with the happiness, kindness, compassion, and genuinity that you give others. This world is better because of you. I love you. Talk soon - M" ... written by MichelleCali
love you John, xoxo. Talk soon and take care of you!" ... written by Shelly Bean
the best! love your gift john you are amazing" ... written by k
Love you more John!!!" ... written by Me
John can feel truly whats going on..he has never failed me..his visions are clear and his abilities extraordinary.. many thx john" ... written by tasha_j
WOW - no words to describe how accurate....most ever on this site...not one thing was wrong with what he said about the things I already know... AMAZING" ... written by B
so quick and so accurate. thank you so much " ... written by pia
Thanks John, it has been more than a year since our last reading. You are still awesome as always. All the best to you my friend..." ... written by Chia
blown away. great brother, friend, my guide. thanks for alllll you have done and continue to do to remove obstacles from my path and giving me strength johny.xx" ... written by aida
You are my rock!!! I love you and your abilities that help me so much!! I truly love coming and talking with you.." ... written by Island girl
He is fabulous. Amazingly powerful healer and psychic" ... written by L
john is an amazing psychic. he sees all things past present and future and has been a big help for me to overcome hurdles in my life. his predictions have all come true. take him and experience his abilities your self. love you johny" ... written by aida
Always so amazing to speak to you John! you are truly the best!! Wishing you all the love and happiness! " ... written by girl
Excellent as usual! I wish I had more credits on me. Many thanks, John!" ... written by Dignity
After speaking with John i always feel more settled. He is the most honest and sincere man i know. My thoughts and prayers are always with you John. Take care of yourself xx" ... written by Lalima
John you just don't know how much you help me. Your always nice and really willing to help you customer and prevent us to not get hurt by giving all your energy to us. Thank you so much John, your always in my hear. Nothing can compare your ability here in oranum," ... written by Sarah
John is an angel!! I love you!!! I hope to be coming back with good news soon!;) xoxo" ... written by S
It was a long reading .I'm very Sorry dear John because I'm a heavy person with my questions and with my problems. You are great person who is belong to the Paradise because after many years with you, all your words became true! I Love you John and I hope God achieving all your dreams and your wishes forever as you helped us to achieve our goal." ... written by Ayshaue
My go to man. The most amazing person alive!" ... written by mi
Had a lovely long reading with him today. He has been holding my hand in this difficult difficult period of my life which started since June 2015. If it weren't for his guidance, help and visions of future i wouldn't have been able to cope with all this drama!! Period!! He is a genuine genuine psychic and most of all caring towards his clients. His price might put some people off but its better to spend a lot in one go then to spend small amount often roughly it comes to the same amount per month." ... written by aida1990
spot on amazing . reader .thank u so much " ... written by angel
lol:).... I am a lucky girl to be in your world John. Thank you for all of your help! I could never come this far without you. Thank you for being my strength and keeping positive even when I get a little off track. Love you to pieces." ... written by lucky girl
unbelieveable. he is the best on this site. no question about it " ... written by chris
Amazing, the best reader i know.words cannot describe his power, take him to private to see his abilities.thank you john." ... written by e
love you John! Thank you for the amazing advice and reading as always. Nobody can do what you do!" ... written by xo
One of the best .." ... written by john - aries
Just had another private session with John, and he is awesome. He connects very well, and tells you the truth about the whole situation... 5 STARS+++" ... written by sim1726 on with his predictions too..." ... written by Focusing
Thank you, John.... I love getting readings from you as always! A real true psychic and medium...." ... written by k
very powerful!!!" ... written by rosy
Superb as always!!! I always value Johns work. Thrilled to call him my psychic. It's always a pleasure." ... written by kw
XOXOXOXOX to the bestest in the world" ... written by mi
He is a superior psychic. immensely gifted. He is the real deal and very committed to his clients." ... written by L
Psychicjohn is an awsome healer and psychic. Highly recommend him . xx" ... written by aida1990
I'm Always without words....his insight and help is like no one else i've talked to and there are some GREAT ones on here. He's the most accurate ive ever seen. So encouraged!!!" ... written by B
Thank you for listening to me.... I wish you love, peace andamp; happiness always x" ... written by Lalima
simply the best psychic and human on earth my angelo johny " ... written by aida
John, open the wine:-) ... celebrate!!!! I will open one tonight and have one with you. I love you. Thank you for your guidance. xoxo.... John is the strongest man I know. He's like an angel walking. He see's clear and strong, accurate. Nobody can compete with his gifts. " ... written by Shelly
5 on" ... written by Focusing
Awesome reader! " ... written by Destiny
XOXO John! I lost the internet connection. Love you and great catching up. You look like an angel:). Phenominal as always!" ... written by Me
YAY! Pj and i have a deal for our next lifetime!!! So excited. Other than that- he is the best psychic in the world and the sweetest person on the planet." ... written by mi
As great as it could be, previous prediction came to past. Love it." ... written by ALR
John is a master !" ... written by Mai
PsychicJohn is absolutely amazing!! I have been waiting to get a private with him, as he is always busy. You have to be very quick to catch him in private, but when you do it is well worth it. He has amazing abilities and was able to give me unbelievably accurate and helpful insight to my situation. He has promised to help me through the conflict in my life and I trust that he will come through for me. The predictions that he made, I know will come true and look forward to seeing them happen. " ... written by shasha
John thank you very much for this reading." ... written by Nic
Wonderful first reading with John. Hope to read again with you soon." ... written by Nic
PsychicJohn is the real deal...very quick and intuitive, deep insight and caring person, i feel hes helped me a lot" ... written by Sebastian Cabot
great reading as usual" ... written by Heshimu
hes so accurate its unbelievable" ... written by chris
He really connects its amazing what he can pick up I feel like he honestly picks up on other people and tells you what they are feeling. He is one of my favorites I always come to him." ... written by Arc
Dear John, thank you for coming on to chat with me tonight. I love you as always. xoxox" ... written by Me
Thank you so much again john! always feel so so so much better after speaking to you. ran out of credits but i'll definitely be back. Lots of love and happiness to you. God bless you. " ... written by ds
Maginificent being! Love him to bits" ... written by mi
AMAZING!!!! There's no other way to put it!" ... written by Marie
Thanks for the update and the confirmation of what he is saying. I believe in you whole heartedly. You know I have been wanting this. Hugs and kisses" ... written by L
He picked up the whole situation no questions nothing. He is like wow. I have discussed my issues with many on here. But he was mind blowing spitting out information . " ... written by knowing2013
Speaking to him is like talking to own self. I feel very comfortable in speaking my mind with him although before I do that he already senses my feelings and knows how I am feeling and whats bothering.His abilities are AMAZING. His presence in my life has had a profound effect on my future. All he requires is your name and he just shoots away your current life situation with amazing accuracy and details. He is my soul buddy my teacher and i love him a lot. I highly recommend him for healing too he heals diseases aswell so try him out. Love you my angelo ti amo troppo my love mwahhh " ... written by aida1990
John, my love - You are so strong, we got knocked out. I love you. Thank you for everything. Take care of you too!!.... To anybody new to Oranum, John is incredible. You will be left speechless. You don't need to give any details. He will tell you all. " ... written by ShellyBean
Thank you dear John for talking to you today. you are great man and anybody will be honored to talk with you once in there life. I need to write more than thousands books about all of your predictions which came true.Sorry because my cards finished and I'm still interested in our private reading. I'll up date you soon.all love for you and so surprised when I know that you are speaking Spanish! Hasta luego." ... written by Ayshaue
He is amazing. He can see specific details of what has happened, that are uncanny. And his healing abilities are incredible." ... written by L
He is exceptional. " ... written by L
THE MOST INCREDIBLE MAN IN THE WORLD!!!" ... written by Christina
Psychic John is spot on during his readings. He is well worth it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a reading. " ... written by Destiny
Excellent reader lucky to find him, really accurate and quick" ... written by Anwar McGillicuddy
thank you for helping me...genuine john! love you" ... written by k
It is very hard to find words to describe John`s abilities and how amazing he is. had more than one reading with him and each and every time he amazes me. How brilliant he is you will know when you take him for private.He is beyond great, i cannot put it in words.thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by e
I've been coming to John for almost 2 years now. He tunes in so fast and he genuinely cares about his clients. He is an angel, a friend for life. Love you so much. Thanks for always being here for me. Blessings and love to you. xxoo" ... written by S
I have yet to meet someone as powerful as this man" ... written by Angela
John, thank you for the amazing reading as always. You are always spot on and accurate. I dont know where I would be without the healing and energy work that you've done. You have changed my path for the better and I'm indebited to you. Love you! " ... written by Shelly
What can I say. One word! Amazing!" ... written by Evi
Psychic John has amazing talent and is able to connect with a situation very quickly and accurately. He is well worth the money. I can't thank him enough for giving me insight into my situation. " ... written by Destiny
He is irreplaceable. " ... written by L
amazing psychic and friend. Cant say more than that he is awsome." ... written by aida
John has helped me in so many ways. he is everything he says he is and more." ... written by Angela
You're angel - thank you!" ... written by Shelly
I totally love this guy. He is awesome I can tell he knows what hes talking about. The way he picks up on people is incredible. My reading today helped me understand things better. Thank you John always appreciate a reading with you:)" ... written by Arc
I'm speechless. He is truly gifted, blessed, amazing, extremely helpful, caring, kind, etc. Worth every penny. No one should hesitate to have a reading with him. Thank you, John." ... written by Marie
He is superb, and very powerful." ... written by L
This man is the best in this universe. I don't know what I would do without him. He is amazing. You will not regret a moment of reading with him. " ... written by compli
Words alone don't do John justice. I am forever grateful that I have found him on this site. His gifts are amazing. He puts up with my endless questioning about my current situation and I can't thank him enough for giving me positivity through these tough times. Highly recommended! " ... written by Destiny
John is amazing! And so are his gifts and abilities! He is a blessing to all! Thank you, John!" ... written by Marie
Wow! Very right" ... written by Missy
There never seems to be enough time with John-it goes by so fast! He is well worth the wait and money. Sometimes he is so hard to get in touch with, but it is worth every second when you finally do. He is one of the only psychics on this site that truly connects with my situation and knows things without me even saying a word. I am blessed to have found him on this site. I have complete faith in his predictions. There are not enough words to praise him. " ... written by Destiny
PJ, is the REAL DEAL! I adore this man and he has helped me through some tough times. His predictions are coming true not only for me but also for my friends. Deep respect for this kind, gifted man." ... written by SG
John, you are the only person that makes me feel better. Thank you for everything. " ... written by Me
Thanks for the reading! I feel better. xoxo" ... written by Michelle
John is incredible. he is always there for me in every situation.amazing amazing person.thank you john." ... written by e
Things are unfolding as per johns predictions. He just says what he sees. no sugar coating. A definite true psychic in Oranum. " ... written by Aries
amazingggggggggggg guy and psychic and mentor and guide ... love u to bits john thanks" ... written by aida
Had a long session with john. i could talk to him forever..i hv done so many silly things and john is helping me to correct it. He did a healing for me and i could literally feel his energies. Very powerful man. I will come back in 2hrs for an update after a clearing which John is abt to do. Thank u john" ... written by pr
My hero:)... Miss you John!" ... written by Shelly
John is the best reader he has given me predictions about me becoming pregnant very soon.And about a week later I found out I was pregnant and this not the first prediction Jon has given me but they all come true every single perdiction. So if you want truth about things going on in ur life or anything that is happening now pls go see Jon he will only tell u truth! God Bless u Jon I'll see u tomorrow for reading pls come online thanks" ... written by Jody
He is exceptional. Sessions with John are incredibly healing, and he is completely dedicated to help his clients." ... written by L
Excellent reader and helper, i felt validation of my situation and lessons and some real help n underdstanding , some healings." ... written by Lampwick von Lammonmeister
very good as usual. Great with his view and projections." ... written by ALR
Thank you, John. You are such a big help, and you see EVERYTHING so clearly. Worth every penny andamp; more. :-)" ... written by Marie
That was a very nice reading John.. My heart feels always nice talking with you" ... written by P
Psychic John has helped me to understand my situation more fully. I honestly don't know what I would do without him- he channels my situation so accurately and gives me hope for the future. His abilities are amazing. " ... written by Destiny
He gets down to the core and root of your concerns like no other. he understands so much deeper than any reader i've had. thank you John. you're worth it. " ... written by thank you so so much
AMAZING MAN" ... written by Angela
What a beautiful soul. He read this person so well. I wish I had more funds to continue talking. Thank you dear, John for your help and blessings." ... written by Mare
John, I love you so much and I pray that you be well. You are magnificent, like a diamond, unique and rare. Sending you a huge hug. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by mi
Thank you, 5 stars" ... written by Lee
John is absolutely awesome - he is truly gifted and 100% accurate - hard to get a reading, but completely worth it. I feel so calm, reassured and energised and totally confident with what he told me. Fabulous!" ... written by Girl
I cannot thank this man enough.... he is my to go man on this site...there is noone like him here...i fully trust him...he is always been so accurate for me ...i keep coming back to him bc he never lets me down...he is theee best....5stars are def not enough for him...i love love love john!!!!" ... written by namrata
John is amazing - he sees soo much soo clearly - all with only a name. His insight is very calming and accurate, and his energy work yields results. He is so gifted and worth every cent. Thank you, John! 5+++++++ stars" ... written by charmed33
You are an amazing man!! I am soo grateful for all the energy work you have done for us and it has turned our lives around with so much love for eachother. Thank you and I appreciate all you have done for me. So excited for the future. xoxoxo" ... written by LL
Simply the best of the bestttttttttt. Thank you so muchhhhhhhh " ... written by s
Whenever i speak to John or think of him. I feel a shower of light and peace wash over me. I will never forget his kindness, healings andamp; energy work. There is no other like him here on this earth or any other dimension. My prayers are with you John .... May God Bless you in all that you do ... always :) " ... written by Lalima
love ya!" ... written by Me
Always helps and is VERY accurate!!!!" ... written by BRen
Beautiful starry night cannot hold that many stars as he deserves...every time i talk to this man i am elevated to some higher realms,.. he has that something so special, as a reader and as a human being, which is really not easy to even put in the words..words simply do not do him justice..he leaves me in awe with the power of his gifts...he is a blessed medicine for the soul...i truly appreciate him and i trust him as my earthly angel..." ... written by me
This man has Power unimagined!" ... written by Angela
first time with john. hes nice. i will update when predictions come to pass. little pricey though but he types so thats a plus" ... written by linh
Thank you john for the reading. You are not only helping me deal with my problems but also helping my other family members and I greatly appreciate your help, energy work and guidance. John is so so so good he gives clear advice and understand your situation and problems in depth. I have been comming to him since almost a year and will never stop seeing him. He is a gem and real psychic with only the utmost good in his heart for u and ur situation . he is my candle in this dark tunnel i am in . " ... written by aida1990
John is unbelievably good - he is so kind and talented and truly gifted. I absolutely believe what he can see and I am so grateful for his guidance and support. John is astoundingly amazing!" ... written by Mumma Bear
He was picking up so well but the connection on computer broke. He sees very clear what is happening." ... written by knowing
Psychic John is really the best! You have to try! " ... written by Angeles
Thanks John! You are amazing as always. A pitty that we disconnected. " ... written by A
He just picks right up and begin to identify with you situation as if he is looking into your life through a mirror. I appreciate him very much. " ... written by knowing2013
lovely human being, psychic, amazing amazing. I am so happy to have ur guidance and advice john. thank you for everything u have done and continue to do so" ... written by aida
i cant say enough about him...always been a true helper and always sooooo accurate about everything!!!!" ... written by namrata
da best on the planet earth!!!!!!" ... written by me, donna naturale
The most incredible psychic in the world, this man is like no other. I love him so so dearly! xx" ... written by Christina
He is truly amazing. He will surpass your expectations." ... written by A
I don't know what I would do without John. He gives me the light that I need to see at the end of the tunnel. His ability to channel the situation and others involved is truly remarkable. I can't thank you enough John for helping me to better understand my situation and continuously reassure me that things will work out in my favor. " ... written by Destiny
he was amazing . on the spot and incredible. he saw things no one could of known. " ... written by chris
What can I say, I come to John for clarity and each time he delivers, is worth every penny and I recommend him completely to others. Gifted psychic." ... written by Larimar Gem
He is awesome sauce, meditates and he goes right in picking up things. Will come back." ... written by knowing2013
He has helped me over and over. His abilities are beyond description. He is a God-send." ... written by A
Amazing as always.highly recommended." ... written by e
Love this wonderful man. Thank you for your help, John. I look forward to giving you the update." ... written by Mare
Love his readings, spot on , truth and healing." ... written by Randrew Ramzeez
He was really good and accurate. " ... written by Stacy
Great Great Great, thank you for all that you do, May you continued to be bessed always." ... written by cookies
John You were amazing, so accurate. I didnt question anything you said because it was all true, I look forward to our future chats. Thank you!" ... written by ali23m
He is amazing as usual. I mean really extraordinary amazing. You must experience with him then you will know what I mean!!! Many thanks." ... written by Dignity
Best psychic in the Universe!!!!" ... written by me
He is always there to help me....i trust him 100% with everything...he is the best of the best ...I cant thank him enough" ... written by nami001
Super reading i love it" ... written by Andrew Young
Excellent reading as always, the man is spot on and helpful" ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
he was spot on with everything. i love how great his connection was." ... written by chris
he is a sweetheart, i cant say enough about him. His advices and quidances are out of this world. take him and see it for yourself. thanks so much john god bless you my angel from heaven baci" ... written by aida
THE ULTIMATE in the world of psychics!" ... written by naturale
john is the best here, i only go to him and trust him he knows everything...:)" ... written by spirit
PJ, you know who i am and you know how much I ADORE you!!!! one by one your predictions are coming true. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH." ... written by mi mi
i am always comforted and anxiety free when i leave a session with John." ... written by Angela
Incredible session with John! He is the absolute best! Amazing!!!! And his energy work DOES 100% work, and predictions happen!!! Worth every penny. Thank you for being so patient with me andamp; answering all of my questions!!!Love, light andamp; blessings to you, John!!!" ... written by Marie
John, I could never put into words how much you mean to me. I could never made it here without you. I believe in you. Love you always - xo, Shelly" ... written by ShellyBean
he is amazing like always...he has helped me alot...i have been coming to him past two years now....not once he has let me down...all his predictions have come to pass!!!" ... written by nami001
He is a gifted psychic! Picked up on things without me telling him and was very accurate on what is going on in my life. Give him a try you won´t be disappointed." ... written by murdocca
I appreciate his honesty very much so. I pray he can help with opening up this communication. He has been accurate in past for me." ... written by knowing2013
John thanks a lot for your support.. I know you are with me in this, and we are working on it now.." ... written by P
John, thank you! You truly are amazing and a Godsend! I always feel better after our readings - whether or not the news was what I was hoping for! Many blessings andamp; much love to you!" ... written by Marie
Great as always!" ... written by ........
wonderful reading!!!!" ... written by Christina
he is the best best best !!!!!all what he said came true!!!!! thank you!!!" ... written by sabinaa
I cant thank him enough for what he has done for me. He is an amazing person. He is not like other psychic which just leads you on for no reason. He is always on spot and will tell you how it is...He has been always accurate for me 100%...I highly recommend him!!!! It will be worth every single penny trust me!!!" ... written by namrata
xoxo - Love you John!! Look up adventure climbs - java treck" ... written by Shelly
I love him he is the besttttestttttt!!!!" ... written by nami
Love you John!" ... written by Shelly
I could write a whole book about John. There is NO ONE like him and he his beyond accurate. He is the most gifted psychic and the sweetest man alive. I think he is really an angel or some other high vibration being, taken human form to help people. LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!" ... written by SG
Amazing as always." ... written by e
If you ever watch the TV show Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium I feel like Psychic John is his bigger brother! His insight is spot on, his predictions are 100% reliable...he is straight to the point and the sweetest soul. " ... written by SP
To use words BRILLIANT AMAZING GREAT is not enough to describe John. He is more than that. I am so grateful that i had a chance to ever meet a person like him. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Thank you J for always being there for me from the bottom of my heart.Big hug for you." ... written by e
5 stars....excellent as on and fantastic" ... written by Focusing
My favorite, close to my heart, trusted friend. You always make me feel better and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Sending you loving energy from this side of the you a big hug. I haven't talked to you in so long! Hopefully I won't let it go that long next time. I truly miss our chats. Peace and love to you, John. xoxoxoxo" ... written by LISA
John thank you so much for all you do for me!!! I truly appreciate it....i dont know what I would do without u!!!! thank u from bottom of my heart are the besttttt!!! " ... written by N
I dont trust alot in my life anymore but i trust John. Even when i give up on myself, he never gives up on me. I don't know how to " ... written by Lalima
Incredible. 11.11" ... written by mi
BEST psychic of oranum" ... written by psychic john - aries
I'm amazed after each reading with John. He can see and feel so much so accurately! And I always feel so much better, calmer! It's like he's an angel sent to help. He's a true blessing." ... written by Marie
john, thank you for the long session tonight. your healing goes beyond what i can describe in words. i have taken your words very closely to my heart and trust you without doubts. thank you for your continued healing and helping me come out from what was a very rough time. you are truly an angel..." ... written by hmk
Thank you john for the reading. As always you put my mind at ease. I very much appreciate your guidance and advices in this very difficult period of my life. love to you ." ... written by aida
John, thank you for the positive reading and all your good help. I always feel nice talking to you. The minutes of private always feel so blessed :) You take care " ... written by P
Thank you, John. You really are the best, a true gift to everyone you meet. I am blessed to have met you. 1000 stars for this man." ... written by Marie
Love you, John! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!" ... written by mi
This man brings me peace in so many ways. When im lost John always finds me, holds my hand and guides me back into the light. I cant imagine my life without him. I will always pray for you and you will always remain in my heart. Thank you, keep your smile handsome xx " ... written by Lalima
speechless................." ... written by Aware
John, thank you. There are no words to express my true gratitude andamp; how much you have helped me. Much love andamp; blessings to you. " ... written by Marie
PsychicJohn's insight is just astounding. Truly incredible. Thank you John for giving me your valuable advice and insight. I wish I was able to talk further but I thank you so much for spending that time with me." ... written by Mare
Grazie milleee thank you psychic john. Awsome Psychic and guide. so blessed to know you and have your presence in my life. I have been coming since almost a year to this psychic who has helped me profoundly in dealing with my problems with his vision of the future as well understanding of situation through help of spirits. try him and thou shalt see hehehhe " ... written by aida
Muah :x! Love you!!" ... written by Shelly B
always the best....i am never disappointed....his prediction always come to passs.....he is never been wrong about any of my situation....i loveeee him!!!!" ... written by nami
Gos's personal gift to mankind. What more can I say?" ... written by mi
He is my go to psychic...i can trust him with my eyes closed....he is never been wrong for me....i truly can thank him enough....he is truly the bestttttesttt!!!! i love him!!!" ... written by N
Thanks for the truthful reading John.. It is always very nice to talk to you.. :)" ... written by P
The most intelligent, strongest, and intuitive man I know. " ... written by Shelly
psychic psychic psychic : )" ... written by Lynn
Ohhhhh my god best news i have ever had in my entire life I LIFE YOU JOHNXXXXXXXX" ... written by Christina
what can i say about this man??? words are just not enough anymore!!!! he just never lets me down....he is the best of the best I have ever come across." ... written by nami001
XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXXOXOOXOXOXOXOOX.... :). John is incredible. You will not find another like him or who is stronger. He see's visions as clear as a movie. Heals and picks up immediately. Genuine and honest. He's my hero." ... written by ShellyB
Thank You John, I am appreciating our sessions and your help a lot." ... written by ali23m
He's My Hero:-)" ... written by Damselle in Distress
5 stars...super on with his predictions....excellent psychic for sure !!" ... written by Focusing
John - I love you and will look for your message!" ... written by Shelly go here and there..talked to many psychics...but he is my anchor...all roads always lead back to John...and the reason for that is that he IS THE BEST you can get, 100%. Hands down: ultimate, top of the line, master! My experience with him has been amazing, he always delivers, comes to your rescue and does the best to his abilities (which are absolutely phenomenal!!!), so you can get all the help you need. He is a total package: insight, predictions, advice, healing..etc...and the most precious human being you can meet! No evil bone in this guy, pure heart, compassionate, kind, extremely genuine!" ... written by glitter
My go to man. The most incredible person, I know." ... written by mi
John is without comparison and he is absolutely amazing. I can not believe how accurate he is and how much he can tell me so quickly and with so much truth. There is nothing he says that I don't trust and have complete confidence in. John is truly gifted and so kind and patient. He is such a help and comfort and a truly sweet person. Thank you so much John!" ... written by Me
Another absolutely amazing reading with John!!! Darn computer/app issues! I would like to contnue, about the other A whenever it's possible. However, your help with the first A is life changing for me. Thank you!!!!" ... written by charmed33
I have met some very intuitive people here on oranum and continue to see them. However, John has something above and beyond supernatural. He can see truth behind all things and he connects immediately. It is like a power that cannot be denied. Its like he is walking next to me seeing everything in my life. Also he has the ability to affect change by sending energy. Powerful! i am so thankful i met him. I am thankful for this power." ... written by Angela
I adore this man. He is by far the most gifted person ever to walk this planet. He has helped me through so much and made predictions that happened. Warned me about things even when I had no clue about them. I owe a lot to him and am so grateful for him. JOHN, you know who I am." ... written by mi
thank you, 5 stars" ... written by Rhonda
*****" ... written by Christina
how can i give stars to a star? hehe my hero my guide love u to bits best psychic in the universe mwahh" ... written by aida
Thanks John for your support and your magic through God and Spirit. As always amazing and told me what to look for and how to respond. I always look forward to our sessions. So so so appreciate you helping him clear negative and bad energy with him and around him.. Luv ya" ... written by LL
One of the best. readings are very accurate … Very kind considerate psychic , who really cares for his clients. he sees things that no one can see." ... written by USA
Psychic John is lightening quick. He is so filled with compassion too. Wish I had more time but he did his best to help me where I was. He is amazing and calming." ... written by lisastarlight
John, thanks for your reading today. You have a nice friendly energy that makes it so comfortable to open up to you, and your words are assuring" ... written by P
LOVE YOU SO so so so much. the best, most gifted man ever. Will always be in my life and is forever in my heart." ... written by mi
superman, my hero. Thankyou so much john for the amazing reading. Ahhh if it werent for u i would not be sane honestly. i treasure ur wisedom and guidance . thank you love u " ... written by aida
I could never be more grateful for having you in my life. Thank you for all that help me with. Love you." ... written by Me
Thanks for the nice reading John.. Good to know so much details.. :) They are so always accurate.. " ... written by P
Love, love, love John, I always get so excited and inspired to get a reading from this divine man. He connects so fast like a bolt of lightning, and I can always feel our connection is pure, and purposeful. Thank you for letting me receive the abundance of your magnificent gifts, visions, and wisdom. You have provided m e with inspiration, and courage for the future. " ... written by cookies
I lost you at the last second hun! Thanks so much for your help!!! You are amazing. I love you and don't know how I could have made it here with out your help, healing, and insight. " ... written by me
Psyhcic John is one of the most incredible people i've ever had the opportunity to meet :) He is spiritual, kind and compassionate and does not sugar coat, he is the best psychic ever !!! the real deal and is an amazing healer ...No words can describe how grateful I am ... he does not use any tools , just a first name is more than enough to let you know your past, present and future and guidance to proceed ... you have my deepest respect dear John :) " ... written by annie
Simply the best of the best. 5 stars for sure, thank you so very much John, you are truly amazing. Looking forward to the predictions." ... written by sweet
Always right - so helpful. I wish I could talk to him every day. Thanks John - you always help!!!" ... written by B
he was beyond accurate" ... written by chris
I'm crying. Everything was spot on. I'm crying because John digged in so deeply and brought everything onto surface. He is a psychic from GOD. Than you for everything, John!Xxx" ... written by Ksenia
my angel and protector..he is that him to eternity..." ... written by strong woman
Awesome reading!!!!!! Spot on." ... written by V
WOWWWW" ... written by STYLUS
Soul soothing reading with this beautiful soul. thank you so much for clearing my mind and holding my hand in this very difficult period of my life dear jojo. love you to bits. god bless you for all the help, support and hope you give to your clients. best psychic you will ever read with in the WORLD !!. :)" ... written by aida1990
Brilliant man. No one like him." ... written by mi
I have waited a long time to get in with PsychicJohn, but I finally caught him. John is AMAZING and connects instantly! I am so grateful and impressed by his talent. He even sent healing to me. I strongly recommend a reading with PsychicJohn- he will NOT disappoint you! I will definitely be back. " ... written by Dalaimama
thank you John - xo, thank you for always being my center, my peace. i wish that someday I can be that or give that to you.xo" ... written by Me
he is expensive but fast and scarryy accurate. " ... written by knowing
A miracle simply put. I have no idea how he sees so clearly and knows so many details and has so much life changing power. The focus he has and clarity into any given situation is remarkable! Thank you John for healing my soul." ... written by Angela
john is amazing. he connects so quickly and is like a world of information!" ... written by j
John, your words are so assuring always. Also every word that is typed by you is assuring. Thanks a ton for being there. Pvt readings with you are always a blessing and healing.." ... written by P
John its really nice to see you! its been a long time that haven't have a reading with you.Im so glad I got you! Thank you John!!" ... written by Sarah
John has again helped calm me andamp; clear my anxieties. He can see into the heart andamp; truth of every situation I ask for help with. He is always patient with me, and treats me with complete kindness andamp; true caring. Thank you once again, John!" ... written by Marie
omg best reading i ever had. he knew everything" ... written by thebest
can't thank him enough" ... written by XE
Thank you kindly for all your help u have giving me in the last two yrs I'm so grateful for you john. You new I was pregnant just before I tested positive and u new in our next reading that I miscarri. I do not have words to say how grateful I am to have you. I wish I could trade Ali in for a guy like you I would totally do it in a sec I'd marry u lol thanks babe for everything." ... written by jodyeli
John is so gifted. An angel incarnate. He is the only real psychic I have ever met. No tools. Right away knows details as though he has known you all your life. His visions are clear and accurate. It's amazing really." ... written by me
No one on this site is like John.He is the best expert here NO DOUBT and more importantly he is always so nice and patient.I am so grateful that i have a chance to talk to him.Wish you All the best in your life from the bottom of my heart and thank you for always being there for me." ... written by e
John, you are the most amazing man in the world Thank you for being my Hero. I hope that you have a very blessed day and many more!! I wish you happiness and peace. Love you, Me" ... written by Me
he is definitely the best here. he is amazing , whatever he said it came like he said. John i love you so much , thank you for your help for this 3 years since i know you . Im coming back to you and i will be coming always when i don't feel ok , when I'm insecure , when i need someone to talk just to calm me down , you are my best friend for everything . THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING , i will be back to tell you for news whatever comes first and you know for what I'm waiting and can't wait to happen " ... written by sakis
Dear Earthly Angel John!" ... written by freespirited
Great as always....Thanks John:)" ... written by Kirsten
accurate and nice guy" ... written by yass
Love, Love ,love John. Amazing as always. Fast, considerate, and dedicates himself completely . Thank you so much for sharing your miracolus gifts with me and others. Your kindness will never be forgotten. May you continued to be blessed with prosperity, and good health. You are an angel on earth, your gifts are priceless." ... written by cookies
Hi John, so good speaking to you again. I will definitely be back to you as always. Sending blessings your way. lots of love. xx " ... written by lla
Accurate. Hope his predictions come true. " ... written by Yas
Thank you for your healing, guidance and help. God bless you." ... written by aida1990
always so great omg so spot on" ... written by thebest
He's good talking to and accurate" ... written by Julie
Thanks John so much. Please help us get back on a great track. Please help him see right. I thank you so much for your work. I will say a prayer for you and us, as always. I will come back in a week and tell you everything is wonderful again after you have sent your positive energy and work to him. Luv ya" ... written by ll
Thank you dear John for healing me today! I can't control my life without your healing, working and your predictions which as always must became true. Long time I had reading with John, he is the only one who I believe in him in my life. I'll update you once I'm continuing everything's we talked about today next few days. God bless you my angel and I wish God keep your life in a happiness, success, love and joy wherever and whenever you are." ... written by Ayshaue
well great reading, great help." ... written by aware
No one and I mean no one can compare to John and his incredible powers of foresight and healing .... you cannot hide from John he knows everything he takes on so much for everyone drains him... He is truly out of this world ! I love him so much ! I wish him all my love and blessings now and forever and good health always !! :)" ... written by Annie
Thank you once again, John. You are a help and comfort to me more than you can know. You are always consistent with what you see (and you see everything!), and your predictions continue to happen. " ... written by charmed33
where do i begin? john has been a source of strength for us. he is compassionate and truly wonderfully gifted! he sees so much and doesn't waste any time. he's devoted to his clients and is committed to help. he's a popular guy but definitely well worth the wait. i cannot express my gratitude enough for this amazing person. thank you john!" ... written by j
Amazing and wonderful person.No words to explain how great of a expert he is." ... written by e
There is no one like John. He ALWAYS sees EVERYTHING and eases my mind. His healing andamp; energy work always help. He is a true blessing and a gift. Thank you, John." ... written by Marie
excellent very strong intuition, a few very accurate details, seems honest and straightforward. thanks" ... written by angus1972
John goes very deep in his connections and I always appreciate his incredible insight. " ... written by Mare
Can't thank John ever enough!" ... written by J
Love you and thank you soooo much John. Have a blessed a day! xox" ... written by ShellyB
John, bless you and the families in Italy. I will say a pray for them. Thank you for being my hero. Love you, xo - me" ... written by Me
No words can possibly describe how I feel about John he is truly out of this world ... !!! He is my guardian angel sent from the heavens .... the minutest details cannot be hidden from him ... he KNOWS IT ALL- past, present and future ! May you be blessed and loved forever !!! :) xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by Anniie
Just Great! no words" ... written by CE
thank u 100 percent spot on " ... written by star
John thats for your accurate readings always .. They are always true :)" ... written by P
Thanks John always love to hear the words from you on exactly what is happening. Means the world to me. Please continue to help him move forward with us. Luv you guy." ... written by LL
i wish i had more credits but i still got clear answers and huge encouragement and he was helping me to get clear, which i need." ... written by lina
return customer .......highly recommended!" ... written by CE
Thank you, John. I'm so glad I got to speak with you. You always help me with your insight, and steer me in the right direction. Your healing is also so welcomed andamp; needed. Before the reading was over, I already started to feel better. May you always be blessed. Love you!" ... written by Marie
I cannot ever thank you enough John for always being there for me.You are such an amazing genuine person." ... written by e
always will be my #1. thank you for everything!!!" ... written by j
Thank you John for everything.Once again i need to say that he is THE BEST EXPERT on this site and there is no doubt about it.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by e
Psychicjohn came across as very honest,wouldn't tell you what you wanted to hear,but what you needed to hear,he picked up on things accurately,he is very onpoint,will be back when predictions pass,just wish I had of had more time,Thank you so much John,you are everything that other people have said,if your in doubt and seeking clarity definately come and see John xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
John, thank you so much for your help. I don't know how I would get through these days without you... You're my family. xo" ... written by Shelly
John is the real deal..he had made predictions from day 1 when i first got in touch with him in 2014.. about a situation in my life..Everything is happening exactly as he saw....this is unbelievable...i am so you are an angel..xo" ... written by t
" ... written by mi
my angel john, thanks soo much for the reading and putting me at ease. i loove u soo much, god bless u amaing reader i cant recommend him enough people give him a try" ... written by aida1990
Love you hun - Thank you again for always being my hero:-)." ... written by Me
awsome reader, says truth and outcome of situations as they are. try himmmmmm and seeeee . love uamore " ... written by aida
Thank you, John! Love you andamp; bless you! You always are such a huge help, and I'm glad you are well!" ... written by Marie
John you truly are an angel and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! I wish I lived closer to Italy so we could be friends :) " ... written by DS
thank u. u are always awesome. Belated birthday wishes." ... written by jennifer
John, thank so much you for everything you do! You are an angel for us. I wish your soul always to be in peace now and forever. May everything you do for people to return to you x 1000000 times more. Xxx" ... written by Ksenia
I love you John. I will keep it safe. I will be on for a little bit and checking in later.xx" ... written by Shelly
Dearest John: It delighted me to see you on camera after so long tweety pie! I really missed you millions... Your care and kind heart is touching...and really we all know that youre the best! Not only the best with your detailed gift like no other (on this planet!), but your beautiful heart. Thank you for all your love and care and for looking after me.. Soon it will be 3 years since I first read with you (October 13), which is a special day..May God bless you xoxoxo" ... written by G
Thank you John... you really are like the only family I have. I'm sorry that I have so many problems:). Thank you for always being here for me. I miss talking to you. I wish I had more time with you." ... written by ShellyBean
Psychic John is my guardian angel ! :) I count my blessings from the heavens for leading me to him .... he is the ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD !!! No one compares to his incredible sense of sight and healing... For what you have done and continue to do John I am indebted to you ... May God shower you with love and blessings now and forever ! I love you John :) xoxoxo" ... written by Annie
John I love you. You are always here for me and listening to my rants and crazyness. You have always had faith in me when I have not. Your prediction that I thought could not happen...happened this summer like you said it would. I love you" ... written by S
John is awesome - he is the best on here, I love getting readings from him so much, many blessings to him. I will continue to consult with him. x" ... written by Verity
I wish I lived in Italy with John!!! I could speak with him for hours. Besides being an amazing gifted psychic, he is the most intellectually stimulating person I have met. " ... written by mi
John is the best - #1 on here. There aren't words to describe his gifts and how much they help. He is worth every penny. I am so blessed to have found him. Thank you, John!!!!" ... written by Marie
Such a kind soul and such gifted insight! How do you see and know the things you do? You are truly gifted and such a blessing. Thank you for everything!" ... written by j
Night Giovanni... we got cut off, but I'm going get some rest. Love you and thank you for talking to me and the healing. Take care fo your leg - God bless you. xxxxx" ... written by Me
Your words as always bring me closer to my own truth and speaking with you John brings immense peace to my soul x " ... written by Lalima
Thank you so much again John, absolutely grateful to just speak to you. Your energy is just out of this world. Thank you so much for all you do. god bless u everything a million times back for all you do. lots of love xxx " ... written by gratitude
king of my heart, blessed for ur presence in my life. thanks for everything jojo. love youuuu " ... written by aida
Thanks John every time I am able to talk with you is amazing and comforting. Thank you for continuing helping him come closer to me. All my love" ... written by BEACHLOVER
I love you John ! Thank you so much for staying up/early your time to guide and heal me ... and for your continuing help :) You knew I was trying to reach you lol ! I don't know how I've survived all these years without you and no words can describe how grateful and lucky I am to have you in my life ! You are a divine being ... with powers beyond imagination...may you be blessed with all the love happiness and good health in the world ! Please take care of your leg John ... love you so much ! xo" ... written by annieIC
I did a follow-up reading to find out about a particular person and situation and again John was excellent - very good, I am amazed at his abilities. Thank you John for your reading, it is appreciated. x x x" ... written by Verity
5 stars...recommend highly" ... written by Focusing
The greatest! what more can I say that has not already been stated below." ... written by mi
John, you are amazing, and can help with any situation. You see EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you for all you do for me and everyone else that seeks you out. You are a true blessing to humanity. Love you!!!!" ... written by Marie
John is the best ever. I get so excited to have the honor to have a reading with him. He can see and describe everything happening around me to detail . He gifts are miraculous and I thank you for sharing them with me so graciously. May you have great joy, peace, and love in you life always." ... written by cookies
he is definitely the best here and everywhere.Im talking to him since 2012 and always when I'm not sure about anything i talk to him.Whatever he said came like that. God bless you JOHN you are my best friend here and everywhere.Love you..." ... written by sakis
5 stars....highly recommend....very accurate " ... written by Focusing
Everything John says - he means it. Thank you for changing my life! I wish I would ever find a way to thank you enough!" ... written by K
John thank you for being there for me again. I always come back to you because you are not only gifted, but a special person to me. Time doesnt allow me to tell you many things, but Im sure you can read my soul. Thank you for revealing to me the truth in my life and those around me. Indeed, Truth is what sets us all free. God bless you xoxoxo" ... written by globe
He is by far and away the best psychic on here or that I have ever encountered in my life!!! He is beyond amazing and worth every single penny!!" ... written by Melissa
I believe John is very genuine and accurate." ... written by Me
Amazing" ... written by Thedude
I have said before and will say again and again and again..John is an Angel and real you John for what you do for us..xo" ... written by tasha_j
This man is pure magic. Everything about him. He's so gifted and the nicest human being. " ... written by m
Thank you John for your generosity of spirit and energy. The sessions are always awesome and I have great faith in all that you have seen and what you have done. Many blessings. xx" ... written by TwinSoul15
god gave him a huge gift to help those who in need!! Thank you John. You such an angel!" ... written by Chanel
Thank you, John, for looking into so many different aspects for me. You are the best - an angel, a Godsend. Much love andamp; blessings to you!" ... written by Marie
WOW AMAZZZING . SPOT ON " ... written by knowing
There are absolutely no words to describe my feelings for John ... He means so much to me ! I am indebted to him ... he is a supremely divine guardian angel with powers beyond imagination ... John has completely healed my right hand that I was unable to write with for 2 years after I had sustained an injury ... he completely cured it and know i can write as if nothing ever happened ... He is an angel of divine unconditional love ! and the world and oranum are blessed to have him .... May God bless you John with all the love and blessings in the Universe :) Please take care of yourself John and your leg .. I love you all my heart and soul and cannot thank you enough ! xoxoxox" ... written by annieIC
wonderful session. such a great man. his sight is a true gift! how on earth does he know what he knows?!! its crazy!!!" ... written by j
Astonishing!!! This man told me things about my general life and my views of the world without much information from me. He is very conscious of not wasting credits and does not sugar coat any answers he gets to your questions. PsychicJohn is one of the best psychics I have come across. Definitely worth your time and energy! *****" ... written by justinsensei
He has a lot to say! He is pretty good! You should give him a try, gave a lot of key points...." ... written by Annonymous
John is truly gifted! He is amazing and connects quick, I loved my reading with him and will return... i recommend you guys have pvt." ... written by marionlyttle