About PsychicXanda

Psychic PsychicXandahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicXandahas recently helped 48members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicXanda's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Psychic MEDIUM & HEALER - Direct Channeling - No personal details required - just your questions. Author of Ignite Your Life with Chackra Sparks! More than 35 years EMPOWERING thousands world wide (including celebrities). Mentor for Beginners and Advanced professionals to develop their spiritual Gifts. Come to my free chat now :) & enjoy FREE HEALING too.

Amazing ! I feel so relaxed after the reading. wonderful 5 stars." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Cool!" ... written by mitcJJ
she is AMAZING !!!! must try psychic on here." ... written by TUSHAN
Liked her a lot. very smart guides and wise advice. D" ... written by dstufra1
She immediately picked up money coming my way soon with the project I've been working however regarding my relationship she was half right (what she said, it's quite the opposite but it doesn't hurt to have a balance of companionship and passion in any relationship/marriage) and that's ok- no one's on target 100% of the time. :D" ... written by Krissy1210
Blunt lady, good, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
thank you for a great reading" ... written by tash1921
Sound was delayed but she was great!" ... written by stepj
After talking to her, i have felt more lighter, she is great and very honest soul , i love to have reading with her i highly recommand her to erevryone." ... written by TUSHAN
She was EXCELLENT!!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Very insiteful, will return" ... written by tasia0221
Very quick ......." ... written by zeacosic09
Wow she is very good and I will come back for another reading! She is very sweet and straight forward! Definitely recommend her !! Best reading! " ... written by goddess70
Tried a few psychics here, she was by far the BEST. She picked up on small important details right away. Was honest and quick with answers." ... written by bebeautiful
I really hope she is right. She did pick up on a lot, just got to wait it out. Try her!" ... written by charmedangelx31
fantastic...would give xanda 10 stars if possible...excited about the future." ... written by 6marchs
She was spot on and answered my questions perfectly!" ... written by comfynumb2010
Great" ... written by FRANCIS27
Thank you! Very insightful reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Informative!" ... written by wing-mei
Very insightful! she's a real deal for real real!I didn't have to tell her nothing she picked up on point! Thank you Anda and God Bless :)" ... written by randumb
Many thanks a great reading !!!!! xxxx" ... written by Anon
Xanda is wonderful! She gave me clarity and answered truthfully about my situation. She had insight from guides who were spot on! I highly recommend!! Thanks Xanda!!" ... written by peaceofmind3
AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! I can't believe how wonderful this woman is! I learned so much and she was so spot on! She's an angel and very blessed! She truly had all the answers and gave me great comfort in my most darkest hour! AMAZING!!!" ... written by skier8001
I didn't know what to expect! I am so ready for a change, anything, as my life right now seems bleak and difficult. But she picked up on positive things and gave me time frames I can look forward to. She reassured me that everything will be ok, and that I have to trust my intuition because it is right on the dot especially about my relationship. I sincerely hope everything she saw about my career and relationship would come true within the months she specified. Overall, a very good reading. And yes, highly recommended too! :)" ... written by Faith
Love this lady she was very on point i will see her again..." ... written by lovingtigger
Brilliant, love her. very accurate all the time" ... written by 6marchs
Brilliant, very accurate" ... written by 6marchs
She is great like always,,, " ... written by lovingtigger
She was so awesome she was real tuned in to what the spirit world i loved the reading it was the best reading i had i highly recommend her for any one wants great reading she is the one " ... written by joni203
Fantastic reading helpful caring and encouraging. i highly recommend." ... written by Lorann23
Amazing!!!" ... written by yas
Excellent and reassuring reading." ... written by maryannepav
She is a beautiful women with so much knowledege and wisdom .Thank you from my heart to end my fears as of today and everyday for the rest of my life.God bless u sandra -xo :)" ... written by sandra-xo
Knew more than I expected..made me feel so much better!" ... written by melody777
Confused at the beginning but she clarified everything for me " ... written by MALEX3007
THANK YOU, thats all i can say:)!!!" ... written by damaria34
Xanda touched on a lot of interesting things. Some I knew already and got a confirmation on and other things I wasn't prepared for. Her predictions are def in line with others I've received. I will be back and thank you!!" ... written by Aphradize
Xanda is very gifted in speaking with those who have past over. she is truly a blessing in that way for me. she connected with a friend who gave me so much information that was needed. Blessings xanda!" ... written by peaceofmind3
Very helpfull and nice lady. She was right on spot with how I feel and she helped me to understand how to deal with my current situation. Thank You :)" ... written by asiiuniia
LOVE HER!" ... written by idontbelieve
Very good reading! :)" ... written by femme77
Very clear and intuitive knew what I was feeling but afraid to face. Highly recommend" ... written by madame1
She really good u will like her and she seems to be really on with things i highly recommand her ty god bless see u soon u will love her readings" ... written by joni203
Very Positive." ... written by illwoodz21780moo
Wonderful reading.. I will work on my fears, thank you." ... written by dodoshoe
Loved her reading!!! Xanda is very good!! Thank you!!" ... written by weissinha
Very nice! Loved her :) You wont be disappointed give her a try! " ... written by belovebelight
Totally amazing!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very convincing; felt much better after the chat." ... written by neethu7777
Tank you Xanda. I waited so long to have reading with you. And it proved that i have evolved and i know i have all what ever i want. I only need to be conscious about this what i do. I do choose him, i know that we are like yin yang :) but it is my conscious choice. I keep you updated about what is going on in singing and other stuff level." ... written by liiloolii
Excellent " ... written by illwoodz21780moo
Absolutely great! " ... written by marionlyttle
This is one of the best readings i have had, i got confirmation of all that was going on and past too I highly recommend you see her...thanks again will be back!" ... written by frizzle441
Wow, amazing" ... written by sparklejules
Very good reading." ... written by Dphsgo93
She's the most caring and loving medium I her sweet voice as well. She is a good motivator and emphatized with me. Thank you so much!" ... written by ondoutsidelookin
Answered all questions, helpful, gave advice, friendly, gave time frames. good reading, " ... written by becca2312
No tools required, great reading, very accurate." ... written by 6marchs
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love my reading with psychicxanda what a lovely lady, very caring and compassionate. Her gift and advice combined is unmatched ." ... written by victoria111
Very caring person, accurate reading, amazing." ... written by suejaggy
Good!" ... written by kari89
Words cannot even express how GREAT this woman is! She was very accurate.Highly recommend her!!!!" ... written by 80sbabyy
AWESOME!!! Waited months for her to be online! She is so spot on!!!! Love her!!!" ... written by skier8001
This woman is top.... Tells it like it is no worries! Wonderful reading! Thank you so much! xxx Five stars. xxxx" ... written by katzhous8
Very good, will keep update." ... written by Dom_Dom_Dom
Very kind and insightful a wonderful reader. Thank you from my heart." ... written by ikroyal
Excellent very insightful!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great reading" ... written by spiritflower79
Fantastic reader - thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. xoxox " ... written by taupon7
Beautiful, caring and accurate lady!" ... written by happyheather
Very-very good!" ... written by Emily2012
She was absolutely spot on, and very inspirational." ... written by Moeroa
Great!" ... written by steffleblanc
Great, she was pick up on the situation!" ... written by santhia1989
Wow, this lady is amazing!" ... written by marya23
She was very very good and comforting... It was a pleasure talking to her. Beautiful warm aura... I trust her. 5 stars!! :-)" ... written by neville45
She was great, picked up on me right away! =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Very accurate!" ... written by nalita18
Perfect!" ... written by nalita18
Wonderful reading... and beautiful energy. Thank you Xanda! :)" ... written by Arcturus_3
Wonderful lady, excellent reading. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic reader, very insightful and connects very well." ... written by Tanny6
Great reading, clarified many things for me and pointed me in the right direction. Kind and caring person and enjoyed the reading immensely." ... written by zephyr1983
She really is wonderful!!! Her serenity, her integrity, her wisdom you feel it right away. It's so heart-warming... Thank you Xanda!! " ... written by leililaloo
Good reading! I hope all is correct! Time will tell!!" ... written by kjcooke1984
She is very real and connected, helpful and intuitive. Thank you so much for the reading!!" ... written by ikroyal
Good reading." ... written by sweetsx
Xanda is AMAZING! I love her! Thank You Xanda!" ... written by skier8001
I think Xanda has a very warm and caring way to her. She is very easy to talk to." ... written by lennon8143
Thank you so much!" ... written by lostsoulss
Great reading!" ... written by nicksmith12
GREAT! Spot on, it seems. Time will tell, but she's always been right in the past! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Good read." ... written by natei08
THANKS FOR YOUR READING..." ... written by Rdz_1258
She is a wonderful lady who connected with my mom and that means everything,,,,will do another reading." ... written by garcia68
She's amazing! Just wonderful! Always spot on and knows exactly what is going on! Thank you Xanda!!! Hugs" ... written by skier8001
Wow!! picked up on situation and certain points straight away!! So so lovely and caring! Gave great and helpful advice and put things in perspective. Definitely be back for another reading!" ... written by dcf
Thank you again so much..." ... written by leililaloo
Excellent reading! Thanks" ... written by pamelapansy
Thanks a lot for your honesty ... Lots of love x" ... written by sukychi
She's great!" ... written by youngstar19
Very good, excellent , good connection with her and good and accurate reading , I will come back thank you!!!!!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Honest and to the point." ... written by Fekona
Very clear communication." ... written by myojin
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Friendly and compassionate lady, very very accurate. Wish you every happiness!! :)" ... written by Ariadne62
This was by far the most amazing reading I have ever had, 5 star psychic all the way! completely speechless! " ... written by jjbunny0
Lovely information." ... written by Janetet
Wow... She picked up on something very personal with no tools..." ... written by steffleblanc
Great Reading!!! :-) Thank you.." ... written by Bojan99
She picks up situation and energies precisely! She offers great guidance and helps to put things in perspective. He is definitely a great mentor! x" ... written by dcf
Thank you, Xanda. I'll keep what you said and expect the unexpected. " ... written by jewel9s
When I was down, Xanda helped me feel better. And she gave me hope for my future! I definitely recommend her!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Great at picking up and connecting. " ... written by laughinglight67
She's amazing! She picks up on my feelings right away, as well as other's feelings. She's like a counsellor, I love her!!! Thank you Xanda!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
Very true!!!" ... written by cynthia47890
Maravilhosa." ... written by nalita18
I love here reading... Wow!" ... written by brooklyn1982
Excellent reading! Thank you so much.." ... written by pamelapansy
Great reading!" ... written by Zeigen
Fabulous!" ... written by IrisSusan
Thanks to Xanda, I have got puzzle finished." ... written by Janetet
Very insightful and caring highly recommended" ... written by kbelle
I feel so much better. Thank you" ... written by katie46
Very good! Pretty good, detailed answers. Gave it her best. Thanks for that!" ... written by Antranae1
Wonderful lady." ... written by heartbroken
Wounderful." ... written by cathygriffin00
Told me things we will see" ... written by pamela0619
Loved every word. And loved the vibe." ... written by susanna
Amazing, always!" ... written by skier8001
Wonderful reading, was very sensitive to my issues and helpful. Its nice to get advice that makes sense and a feeling that someone or something is watching over you. thanks" ... written by carlyA3
Another good reading for my situation." ... written by Janetet
Thanks so much. " ... written by dellamalee
Lovely lady.. very calm and peaceful style. Just what I needed to kick my day off. She gave me reassurance and clarity about my situation." ... written by iPreferMimi
Absolutely stunning!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Wonderful!" ... written by katehrine1965
She was so honest and forth right. I felt so at ease with our discussion. It really helped my heart and gain me more confidence in my relationship. I would highly recommend Xanda to everyone!!!" ... written by mtruocco
She was amazing!! She was able to sense my son that passed at six month pregnant, no one else has mentioned him. I will come back to her. She has given me home." ... written by souxie
She was very knowledgeable about my situation and was on point. Really enjoyed my reading" ... written by bleu081
Kind, caring reading. Not quite sure about the connection but will have to see if her prediction comes to pass." ... written by lilliableu
She was very peaceful and awesome!" ... written by Sungirl40
Really nice, friendly lady, gentle and kind with her information!" ... written by mimi
Thanks you for the reading, she is very calm and connecting!" ... written by thanya
Xanda cleared by auric field and I felt her at work. Thank you!" ... written by nunothat
I think she's wonderful... struggling with technical issues with the site is my only obstacle! " ... written by IrisSusan
5 stars all the way." ... written by sweetsx
Authentic channeler" ... written by myojin
Lovely, quick, picked up on some stuff." ... written by AgentMagpie
She really picked up on my situation, my circumstance and I can only say she is accurate and on point. Give her a try she is really amazing." ... written by Messenger87
She was kind,gentle and patient in her approach to my questions, as well as not candy coating the truth. I appreciate her compassion in her readings." ... written by romantic_25
Xanda was so wonderful to talk to. She helped me put my mind at ease and was incredibly helpful. Thank you Xanda!! I'll be back. :)" ... written by rouseyce
Very positive clear and confident with her reading. She does the reading and makes suggestions without impeding too much. Very respectful. I will definitely come to her again." ... written by Kelsey
Nice reading." ... written by rainbows8
THX." ... written by PEGY44
Good reading. Very simple and realistic. very fast. " ... written by vjrei01
So sweet and gentle in her sayings, I felt calm right away speaking to her. I needed that. Thank you Xanda." ... written by fresiaflower
What an amazing woman!" ... written by marya23
She helped me with my heartache and to understand my relationship a bit clearer. I loved it!" ... written by mtruocco
Very quick connection :)" ... written by jimikuta
Thanks for the info, that was much needed." ... written by Janetet
Absolutely amazing!!!!! She is so wonderful. picked up on my situation fast. I had a wonderful reading with her. So gentle and so calm. :) She reassured what I was feeling was true and it was!" ... written by artisticfreakk
Very good reading and sincere." ... written by OLAMOTIL
Thank you for your kind reading. Very positive energy. " ... written by amethyst13
Thank you for your quiet quality time and insights love!" ... written by maithu
Straight to the point reader, great energy, easy to talk to kind of a lady. I loved her. Thank you very much. Recommended." ... written by Balkiss
Great talk! Xanda sends good vibrations!" ... written by sartoris
Lovely lady and wonderful healing energy. Picked up things very accurately! Thank you and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
She is amazing!! So calm, peaceful, just talking to her makes you feel better.. and also gives all the info, more info than you ask for :) and she is fast..+ you feel so much better after a session its amazing! Thank you so much, Xanda!!!" ... written by Janice75
Great reading, thank you so much, 5 stars all the way, she is the very best!" ... written by sweetsx
She knew right away the circumstances around me and gave me hope. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
I think that Xanda is good, but the poor technology that we used spent most of the time with delayed typing. Very frustrating." ... written by clarityisgood
I really enjoyed my session with Xanda. It really helped to get me centered. " ... written by mtruocco
Thank you so much for calming me down tanks so much for your help." ... written by ale510
Great reading!!" ... written by MayGirl
AWESOME!" ... written by adonnelly76
Brilliant lady!!!" ... written by mimi
That was revealed was helpful thank you =)" ... written by Jasper899
Very uplifting, no sugarcoating, very straight-forward and spot on." ... written by Jonnybones
Very nice reading. " ... written by Elle
Ran out of credits but very helpful indeed. Will be back for more. Thank you." ... written by jessywhat
Great kind nice reading I have." ... written by veezee
Thank you so much for your reading!" ... written by rainbowspirit123
I hope Xanda is right!! She was great and looking forward for the future :-) Obrigada!!!" ... written by weissinha
Thanks Xanda for your reading! Appreciate your help =)" ... written by kingpi
I asked about my living situation/potential moving. I was given some prediction and will let you all know when it comes true." ... written by susanna
Honest, clear, soft and very knowledgeable... Will tell you what it is!" ... written by ABA1221
Concise and very pleasant. Geniune!!" ... written by universalstar
She channels good " ... written by myojin
Always nice to come back to update" ... written by Janetet
Xanda eases my concerns and truly gives me inspiration when we connect. I love her gentleness and inner Spirit!" ... written by mtruocco
What a wonderful woman! So insightful and kind! I would definitely come back to see her again!" ... written by totty1981
Thanks Xanda for the reiki master levels. You gave me a great inner change to my life. You helped me and gave me the tools to open up my energy to the beauty of life again. :) " ... written by wavesoundus
Things came up that were relevant and seemed to connect well with situation. Great thanks!" ... written by Freedom2211
Great reading! She is awesome." ... written by hoofer13
Awesome, awesome, awesome!! First time reading with her and she was so fast and right on point... GREAT READING!" ... written by jazzyme
A very accurate woman. She was kind and straight forward. I appreciated her help immensely. Her honesty is golden and her advice is solid. Thank you." ... written by RuinofDarkness
The answers I have received from her was the most supported and honest and I love every bit of her for helping me through a life of worries. I am now at peace and I am so happy to have allowed her into my life to guide me." ... written by cramgath123
Wonderful, clear, and helpful reading!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Thanks for your patience and carefulness. I will add more opinions after I checked my emails." ... written by olivezcy3
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic! Thank you so much, very helpful." ... written by myeyesee
She channels my spirit guide very well." ... written by myojin
She is really good. " ... written by mcasas
Wonderful insights into the relationship and the causes of the problems and healing too... Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you so much Xanda! Loads of love and light!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you given me hope x" ... written by billy1964
Great reader!!!" ... written by spokenrasons
She was very kind and very sweet and explained things in a very clear and honest manner. Her reading of me was accurate so I am curious to see how her predictions pan out. I would definitely recommend her." ... written by heygirl12345
Xanda is amazing! She's always honest and though it can be hard to hear, she's always right! She has given me very sound advice and helped me a great deal!! She's amazing!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you Xanda great reading and very nice caring person!" ... written by tara6208
She's great!" ... written by youngstar19
Authentic reader. " ... written by renaji
Was very insightful, thank very much." ... written by crystalmaze
Shes amazing!!!!!!! cant wait to see the results." ... written by adonnelly76
She is wonderful and great to talk with. She helped me calm down and see past the anger. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by ghostspirit111
Good reading. :)" ... written by ceejox
Thank you very much for your time and insight. very calm and warm energy, thank you, love." ... written by maithu
Very helpful, thank you." ... written by Jupiter01
Xanda and her guide(s) hit on a couple of very key/accurate things in my life. Can't wait to see what is ahead!" ... written by Astarintheocean
Excellent reader, too the point and no BS, waiting for predictions to come true." ... written by Need2know5
Very insightful and confirmed some concerns I was having. Thank you very much!" ... written by shannonlo
Cool!" ... written by lawnmaintenance
Very helpful!!! Will come back!!!" ... written by lostlover11
Another lovely reading." ... written by Janetet
I thought so, yep this is gonna happen, thanx, Xanda, you sure saw great item of concern and which need consideration, all I can say is I'm plating good things, the work I've done is having a great impact, I need more growth." ... written by lawnmaintenance
Excellent." ... written by nalita18
Excellent." ... written by nalita18
She is just the most accurate psychic I have ever seen." ... written by nalita18
I feel so much better after listening to Xandra as she really helped to ease my concerns about a relationship." ... written by mtruocco
Very good reading." ... written by 30nlove
She picked up details that others have not. Great job!" ... written by LeslieKay
It was really very nice talking to you. Your suggestions will help me to sort out my problems. Thanks." ... written by Pooja_sharma0404
Thank you so very much for your guidance, you'll help paint a better picture of who i am and what i have to do" ... written by Sammy
She had information I didn't give.Very comforting after a reading. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
amazing" ... written by michelle
THanks xanda! =)" ... written by kingpi
Wow! And I don't say that easily. I lost count of how many readings I had, I am an Oranum veteran, lol, but this lady is special! I simply asked for a general reading, and she started, and kept going, she knew things, she told me things, she is amazing. Shocking! In a good way! A must-try, for sure." ... written by OndeMystere
Great reading. Same answers and can't wait for the surprise!! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
She is just perfect! Highly recommend." ... written by nalita18
Positive and uplifting." ... written by BindaasChori31
Wonderful woman, very fast I really liked getting a reading from her. You won't regret going with her!!!" ... written by JaredI45
Amazing connection. Direct. Kind. Can see clearly. Very pure soul and bright light. Thank you :)" ... written by wanderingpsyche
That was a very good channelling of my deceased teacher." ... written by myojin
Great insights as always! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
She is a magic, right info I need!" ... written by stephiedc
She helped me ease what was worrying me during a reading, and she was right about my current situation." ... written by Messenger87
This lady picked up on something quite amazing. I am still bewildered. Thank you for a wonderful reading and exceptional sincerity." ... written by zimerili1
She was so great!!! I hope everything comes in fruition, I cant wait! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Jade199
The best." ... written by nalita18
She was very accurate, fast , helpful and very uplifting!!! I highly recommend her." ... written by solstice_ev
She is very insightful and honest. Love her." ... written by Abbygurl
Amazing lady - easy to talk to. I hope all she says comes true. Just need to be patient thank you x" ... written by Nicole212
I felt she was very connected to my situation, she knew how I was feeling and what I was going through... I trust her and I highly recommend her!!! She's amazing and so very helpful and honest... :)" ... written by Siazze
Thank you. You know it better I think. But it's true that I have three names in mind now. Coooll!!!" ... written by blueberi
She aint like others.. She will tell you negative... If there is negative things.... But she will advise you also.. how to change... :) You can trust her to tell truth... either be positive or negative :)" ... written by Rahul
She is a god send. She told me things no else knew and won't give false hope." ... written by cg4
Accurate reading... I would like to follow her advise...." ... written by Rahul
Much love for this amazing lady with clear and precise insight! Very accurate and consistent in her readings. " ... written by renaji
I'll come back " ... written by nalita18
Xanda picks up very fast on people and gives very good advice :-) Obrigada!!!" ... written by weissinha
She's very lovely and definitely accurate!" ... written by lovelysunshine
Amazing ...loved her ... she cud read my mind ...." ... written by BindaasChori31
Again very friendly and helpful" ... written by lostlover11
Detailed explanation and straight forward answer. Will come back for more :)" ... written by Victor9128
Very interesting reading, she picked up a lot about my feelings and anxiousness without me having ask any questions or give any information other than my name, wish had more time but will come to xanda again." ... written by shenalp2905
I loved my reading with Xanda......... She gave a strong reading and validated what a previous reading said!! I'll keep you posted on results." ... written by curiosity24
Amazing!!! Don't have any more words!!!" ... written by weissinha
Positive attitude. Pleasant tone." ... written by skinnyminnie
I had a really good reading with Xandra....she is very sweet woman....very intuitive." ... written by edelaine
She was very good. She did pick up on my current emotions and feelings about things. She also picked up that I have two children. She is worth a try!! " ... written by answers16
AMMMMMAAAAZZIIINGGGG!!! That's all I can think of! She knew about a sick friend and a lot more!!!! Wow!!!!!!" ... written by Jazzylady155
Very good and accurate reading. She knew things from the start already. Love her. :)" ... written by SweetMimi
Very honest..." ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Awesome!" ... written by love522
Xanda was very accurate and on point... Thanks alot." ... written by sexyniki1986
Thanx soO much Xanda.. Had an awesome readin look forward to all things too come.. I highly recommend Xanda to anyone as she is truly amazing.. Blessings to you Xanda :)" ... written by mystic_haze
Great reading, as always!" ... written by sartoris
Excellent reading" ... written by gigaman1978
Very very good. She is warm and very accurate. She just straight to the point. try her. " ... written by seun808
Shall have to wait and see what comes ahead but she was a very good lady very kind to :)" ... written by chillibean
Lovely and honest thank u." ... written by courtk11
I really hope that she is right, will have to wait and see...very caring and efficient, no wasting your time. Thank you SO much..." ... written by wendic
Accurate" ... written by tdoublee
Great reading, and very quick to top it all!" ... written by marya23
Amazing, picked up on everything, even my son and I wasn't even thinking about him, will have another reading soon Thank you so much." ... written by 1tidbury1
Just had to keep tab on progress of my situation and she provided great insights so I know my next move. Thank you !!!" ... written by Marialuis
She is a good reader from what I can tell" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Very good reading. I will absolutely use her again. She read me like a book. " ... written by jennydemarrey
Xanda was very supportive and helpful in this reading......" ... written by curiosity24
She understands me.... she just gets it. Its so nice not to have to try explain everything. Great guidance, positive yet realistic. I have found a gem and will use her again and again. Well worth a private....Brilliant." ... written by myhappyplace
Very nice, peaceful, she transmits a lot of peace." ... written by angel0523
Very insightful and honest. Exactly what I needed." ... written by JoeJoeBean
Much appreciated." ... written by Janetet
Thank you for the help " ... written by joey198402
She is so honest and wont waste your money" ... written by cg4
Very straight forward, shocking knowledge of my current situation, great overall." ... written by Jonnybones
Very encouraging and helpful. Thank you so much!" ... written by MN81
Thank you for the healing guides and information! Will keep you posted!" ... written by Marialuis
She is a wonderful lady, very true and caring. 5stars all the way! Thank you for all your help" ... written by sweetsx
I will come back for sure" ... written by nalita18
Great reading as usual with all the details. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
I enjoyed my reading very much and look forward to returning. Right on point very open minded. Wonderful results. I am still overwhelmed with so much joy and feel very content. Speechless and still at a lost of words. Thank you so much for your help." ... written by ekr808
Very kind, direct, and accurate. Nice smile, too." ... written by Suzan4444
Honest and to the point." ... written by Uvrs53
If you want the best of the best, simply do a Private Reading with Xanda. Awesome Psychic, very insightful, very sharp with the answers. Five stars!" ... written by Rophel
Very helpful. Felt relaxed after speaking to her!" ... written by charp25
Excellent reading. Amazing. Maybe the best on Oranum. I was told things I did not know and Xanda picked up on my situation right away with great clarity. She worked with Tarot as well as her guides. I also received past life information between me and another person. It was a great reading. Thank you, Xanda." ... written by ErikaIsabelF
Seemed pretty accurate and precise." ... written by koelneogy
Got the questions I needed answered. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
She was great at delivering the message with compassion and sensitivity. She was very spot on." ... written by megabee
Absolutely loved this reading. First time on the site and I got extremely lucky with Xanda. Thanks so much!" ... written by Merrick2285
Thanks for the reading will come back for update for sure." ... written by serinaserina
She's really nice! Great energy and reading!" ... written by sunny0day
My very Favorite....I love you Xanda ! Always on target..." ... written by SunshineLynn
Xanda is amazing and picks up on people very very well and accurately. Thank you again, over and over again." ... written by weissinha
I loved my reading with Xanda. She was professional and offered quick answers to all my questions. " ... written by curiosity24
I found PsychicXanda very accurate and professional. Her reading brought peace and calm to my world." ... written by sarabr780
Very nice, clear and precise, thank you a lot!" ... written by Beautifulland
Great as always!!" ... written by weissinha
Great insights so I now know what to do. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
She is absolutely wonderful and very insightful. She is a very talented angel with a wonderful gift. I will keep you updated on future predictions. I have added her to my favorites." ... written by Pam826
Very straight to the point and knew exactly what she's talking or what I was talking about. Will come back for more after those predictions ;) " ... written by Edilyn0213
Great reading as usual. Thanks!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Ok." ... written by jackie2728
Great, but my time ran out." ... written by roselilly5
Update read. Very good! Thank you for the help in clearing up matters and excellent advice!" ... written by Marialuis
A connected reading. Thank you." ... written by alley
Honest and caring and right on target. Very professional and kind!" ... written by Funinmck
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by angelagnew
She was accurate and swift with her reading, she doesn't waste your time, and is very concise, she has been one of the most accurate psychics I have had readings with on the board." ... written by baicas
Warm, wonderfully supportive.... Was very glad I consulted with her... You will be too!" ... written by bluebird08
When I spoke to Xanda for the first time, 2 months ago, she predicted I would be receiving contact from a person who is dear to me. It happened as she saw and we even met - quite unexpected, since he lives miles and miles away from where I live + his pride and feeling of guilt wouldn't let him contact me for a year. " ... written by Susanna
She was amazing and she hit everything on the head. Really great reader." ... written by Dom Johnson
Truly caring and with all the insights that help the situation improve. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
GREAT!!!" ... written by LynnM23
Im very very pleased with my reading" ... written by will000777
She helped me a lot " ... written by nalita18
I love her readings" ... written by nalita18
Awesome advice! Hope things will work out as she said :)" ... written by crystalrbleu
Connects quickly. Good. Wish I had more time." ... written by kar118
Update read and she will monitor your progress like your own therapist! Previous predictions have come to pass and can't wait for the rest to come! " ... written by Marialuis
Xanda did a quick follow up reading and reaffirm we were still tracking. Great as always. Thank you Xanda for reassuring me. " ... written by curiosity24
Right to the point and she explains things very well" ... written by frmwithin
Many many times I have thought of the discussions in her readings and each time I gain a new insight, multi dimensional psychic learning!! Thank you :-)" ... written by ikroyal
Very, very good!! As usual :-)" ... written by weissinha
She's really good. Short and sweet. Specific. " ... written by angelz2
Very calm, very concise, very quick and there is a depth and wisdom to her readings." ... written by Questionlove2
She is fast and accurate!" ... written by jomielyn
Amazingly accurate!!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Above and Beyond in compassion, mentoring and talent in supporting and offering wisdom and Guidance. With Much Gratitude!" ... written by bluebird08
Straight forward, happy smile and courageous............ I got a relief after her reading......" ... written by 1emmanuel1
Very good and honest help. Answered my questions directly." ... written by Ivy
Knows about your expectations and very accurate." ... written by need2know5
Good reading, very accurate and attuned to my situation." ... written by Ashley
Comforting to receive from her gift of being Present in a compassionate, sensitive, truthful and wise manner. She is VERY supportive, confident she can provide what you need and she is highly invested in guiding me to embrace and manifest my dreams by believing in my self empowerment to do just that. She is a magician and I am always GRATEFUL for our Connection!" ... written by bluebird08
Update read and on track with accuracy! thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Delightful reading. clarified on past issues. interpreted my dream overall good reading with xanda. she gave a good start to my weekend! this is the only psychic i will go to from now on...very informative!" ... written by tspeonie
She is awesome!!!!!!!!!! call her!!" ... written by Jazzylady155
Very good and positive reading. Answered my questions. I recommend her. Thank You." ... written by Rita
Always love to come back with worries and come from private worry free. thank you Xanda." ... written by janetet
Had couple of doubts.... she cleared them well... which matches my feelings :) vl update on future :)" ... written by Kumar
Thank you you still see the same thing as the last time I talk to you and she talk to my mom up in heaven. that made me feel so good." ... written by toddie
Once again she is AWESOMENESS!!! You must contact her!!! she is very soothing and understanding. Idk if it's bcz she told me what i wanted to hear or what i needed to know!!! I hope it all comes true." ... written by Jazzy
She was very nice. I really enjoyed talking with her. Hopefully, it will come true! :)" ... written by Marlenea64
She was very great and to the point. She gave me clarity and I feel really great about that." ... written by patricia47
Quick and on point!! Thank you, PsychicXanda!" ... written by myob777
She is one of the best here, she always makes me calm. She was also right when i had the biggest scare of my life! The real deal. If you want truth, if you are sick of sugar coating, then go to her." ... written by Janice75
One of the best readings I have had and I highly recommend this expert. She has a very calming and peaceful aura about her." ... written by zimerili1
xanda thanks you are amazing. God bless you. Thanks." ... written by fatimafreitas47
Very good." ... written by bbk
Update read on my feelings about the situation. Accurate reading!" ... written by marialuis
Update read. Accurate and on track. She has seen me through my difficult time and can't wait for the surprise she predicted!!" ... written by marialuis
She was delightful! Amazing and open-hearted. I felt so comfortable. She coincided with what a few psychic said. She is outright uplifting and beyond genuine. Thank you Xanda!" ... written by lifeiswonderful
I needed some clarification and as usual, Xanda's calm and peaceful spirit and insight was very helpful. Always recommend. " ... written by moon1leo1
Great." ... written by MELINE
Not my first time in a Private Reading with Xanda. You ask me why i keep going to Xanda. I go because she is very insightful, very kind, very accurate and her predictions come true. So if you want a good psychic that can help you do a Private Reading with Xanda. Five Stars. Blessings and thanks Xanda." ... written by Rophel
Very insightful...I feel blessed. I surely recommend her, she is spot on! All my blessings. " ... written by Asha
Update read and on track with high accuracy!! Got the insight I needed for peace and she had been with me all throughout my ordeal...not yet over but thanks to her, I can be one step ahead in understanding the situation." ... written by marialuis
Have been waint to get this readin for several weeks final did today. I am so glad. With out any hesitation She gave me an answer. Very positive and pleasant, will get another read. Thank you!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
She is such a nice lady, gets to the heart of the matter quick, answers questions straight without going around and wasting time, gives you time frames of happenings, reassuring and makes you feel better, makes you feel more positive and optimistic. She is very friendly and clearly understands you and your situation. Hope things will work out the way she told me :) Will come back for sure! Thank you PsychicXanda!" ... written by foundation
she is awesome " ... written by nara
Very insightful, and will definitely return with an update. She's extremely quick and to the point, which is great." ... written by Skape55
Good!" ... written by myojin
she is awesome, very quick and correct" ... written by nikita
Update read and on track. Thank you!!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you kind PsychicXanda, you have made things clearer for me." ... written by Kundra
Perfect, 100 stars. " ... written by nara
Really good and great advice. Thank you Xanda!" ... written by sara
xanda is a wonderful guide and insightful woman. ********" ... written by a fan
I enjoyed very positive connect." ... written by gem1974
Update and happy to have my cousin as one of the spirit guides. On track with accuracy. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Very sweet, very intuitive. Good reading." ... written by admetafreya
she is really good no doubts i highly recommend her " ... written by naraa
Very helpful with time frames and giving insight. Though things are rocky now for me, and she sees this of course, she has assurances that things will get better. Her predictions back up previous predictions I have received, and I am very hopeful for the positive outcomes. :) Thank you, I will return." ... written by Lindsey
Wow, I had only 2 1/2 minutes and she answered all of my questions. All, I can say is I hope her predictions of 6 weeks does come to pass and I hope the other situation is valid as well. Very warm feeling and approach with the reading. She's very pricey, but I will definitely line my questions up and be back for an update after 6 weeks. Well, I may just wait for 2 months just in case." ... written by tblove1
Very good and I will use her again. Thank you." ... written by Candy
Thanks for the rather quick reading. It was very to the point and helpful. It seems to be accurate. I will wait and see. " ... written by kdp008
She is accurate!" ... written by nara
Wonderful, warm reading as always. She remembered the last reading. Please get a reading from her. Very Positive and will tell you the truth." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very honest and kind!" ... written by cg4
I like the healing technique she showed was very helpful!" ... written by philly
Very nice and sweet lady..percise...accurate!! I will come back and keep posted.." ... written by baybeauty
Phenomenal**" ... written by jaclyn
She was very thorough and answered all of my questions. She was easy to understand and I felt like we really connected. " ... written by Silentsong
Very clear and honest." ... written by trisha29
Fast, to te point, will be back with update!" ... written by Sheep55
Very quick and to the point. :) " ... written by Rett
Thanks so much for the readings. As always, I always feel better after." ... written by ale
Very good read and always good to be one step ahead of a situation. Thank you!!" ... written by marialuis
Always a pleasure going to Xanda. I have had a few readings and she's always hitting the nail on the head. Can't wait for our next reading." ... written by luxxicon
honest, understanding, will come back again thank you!" ... written by joe
Such a comfort to work with, this was my second reading with her. So easy to speak with, gives positive, great advice and guidance. Thank you again, I look forward to working with you again." ... written by Angel_Agnew
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Alisha
I was surprised at the reading I got , but I look forward to seeing what she says come true." ... written by Mrschung1
Update read and on track. Interesting to see events unfold one by one." ... written by marialuis
I needed PsychicXanda to confirm some things that others had said, she told me exactly what others had told me and gave me time frames! I recommend her to anybody that wants and needs to hear the truth!" ... written by Brenda
Amazing!!!! She knew so many details without me even telling her anything! " ... written by Alisha
She's got talent" ... written by eurbaez438
As usual, she's the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and that's why i keep coming back..the most accurate psychic here and the best!" ... written by lonelybaby
She was pretty good. " ... written by Kelissa
Thanks heaps." ... written by weeeee
Quick, direct, answered my questions before I finished asking. Will be back!" ... written by Bakman7821
Update read. Seeing events unfold one by one." ... written by marialuis
Update read. I have been reading for sometime now and it is good to see event's unfold, warnings of things to come and preparedness for the future. Thank you Xanda!" ... written by marialuis
Accurate ... kind!" ... written by Ann S
Amazing." ... written by michelle
Great lady, really lovely, I really needed her help. Sincere and picked up problem quickly, and this will help me keep my head up and be the person I am." ... written by puhi
PSYCHICXANDA's was fast, direct, honest andamp; detailed. Thansk XANDA for your time!" ... written by noga1981
It is quick, direct, and detailed." ... written by noga1981
She knows your situation already and get hold of everything and tell you all the accurate information. Very Reliable. I highly recommend her to everyone. and will def go back to her. :-)" ... written by Need2know5
Clear and concise." ... written by koel
Very nice to talk too, very honest, caring,understanding, very calm, I was very happy with the reading , would come again, 5 stars... thanks Xanda" ... written by Guiseppe78
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Five Star with PsychicXanda, She is amazing when is comes to channeling. Accuracy 100%, a Top Psychic." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very very interesting. She got me right like reading a book. I only realized that it is so, after she told me about myself! She made things very clear for me. very warm caring lady. Thank you!!" ... written by psymeow
Confirmed my own feelings about my relationship.. which were right. =) Thanks Xanda once again..!" ... written by janetet
We had a very good reading today, as always Xanda was very gentle, warm, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I always enjoy our time together and look forward to many-many more to come. Highly recommended. Thank you very kindly. Top ratings and God bless!" ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic reading and help." ... written by Chu
Fantastic reading, thank you.." ... written by SM
She is really good " ... written by naraaa
Thank you so much. Very clear." ... written by Melinawai
Absolutely wonderful one of the best that I have had!! Hands down!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
She was great! Very accurate and insightful, while also being encouraging and positive. I will definitely go to her again." ... written by Katherine
I had three readings with her in one day, just could not get enough. She is just awesome trust me i would not say so, if it wasnt. I am a person who searches the internet just to read reviews before i purchase any product, so i do realise the value of reviews. Thats why i am going into such great details because i know that someone else out there will b reading this review one day to determine if she is really good. Im telling you, she is REALLY GOOD!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
Thanks. Read situation immediately. Excellent job!" ... written by solo
Great Reading :-))" ... written by SM
You cannot get any better than an absolute 100% in; commitment, professionalism, communication, effort, working for total customer satisfaction, nothing is too much effort." ... written by VV
Excellent Reader!" ... written by need2know5
She provided very pertinent information that I needed to know and she also provided great encouragement." ... written by Kekee
She was spot on, very in tune, calm and kind person. Knew about people around me. I am coming back in few weeks time to update. Thanks Xanda." ... written by Person
Awesome reading! She nailed the connection I have with someone so well! She is patient and thorough as well. LOVED HER!" ... written by Kiwill
She hit a lot on thing..She even gave me thing to look forward too..She is wonderful and I will come to her more often..Thank u Xanda and God Bless." ... written by preciouslove1
Xanda thank you it was great! " ... written by heather
Very clear and concise!" ... written by koel
She's amazing. Super. Extremely helpful and right on!!! Can't wait to come back." ... written by nita
Wow, on point with my relationship issue I'm having with my significant other. There were some "freaky" ones she had mentioned so now I know how to protect myself from it. It was a great reading and I highly recommend her. :)" ... written by xoxorizey16
Very considerate and humble. She made some predictions that I am anxious to see nto fruition. " ... written by Ruth
Very good she was very accurate." ... written by missy
Thank you xanda as always a great help!" ... written by ale
Very helpful, thank you! xo" ... written by Maryanne
Very helpful, thanks. xo" ... written by Maryanne
Wow... Everything that was said was everything that i have wanted for myself I will see what transpires Thanks." ... written by srunion
Lovely lady will come back for another reading." ... written by g
Very enlightening...thank you so much... It's amazing what you picked up right from the start of our conversation... so accurate!" ... written by Jocelyn
Excellent Reader, Will make you optimistic, Very thorough and quick no wasting of time. Highly recommendable, will go back to her. " ... written by need2know5
She is a dependable and accurate channeler." ... written by myojin
Thanks for very relaxing reading and reassuring advices." ... written by noga1981
This was my first time consulting with PsychicXanda. She channeled through to my deceased loved ones whom I've been desperately trying to reach. This was heartfelt and touching and her calming demeanor made such an impact with me. Thank you PsychicXanda. Kudos for the excellent job!" ... written by Shirley
Update read and hopeful now when there didn't seem any hope before. She and others had seen me though these tough times and information was very helpful in being one step ahead and what to expect. When other readers saw another woman, she said not to worry and that it was nothing. She was right! thank you!" ... written by marialuis
I appreciate your sincere word with me . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She has been a friend on here since I have been going through a bad time in my life. Her first perdiction was true and the second one unfortunatly waiting to see if it comes true, it is looking like it. But her outcome said was good. Waiting to see. I just need to come back for updates from here. She gives me so much hope." ... written by toddie
Fanstastic!" ... written by leblanc
I'm happy that you can help me , i will be seeing you from now on for my main issues and few other things that come along." ... written by guiseppe
An absolute pleasure to talk to her, very warm and kind. She always sees the same thing in her readings and never changes her story! Thank you Xanda." ... written by roxy614
Thank U! :)" ... written by java
Someone, please" ... written by guiseppe
Xanda is always wonderful and very insightful. It's a very kind person and cares about you. You will feel the good energies flowing to you while she is reading in private. SO.. if you have any question that you need answered with professionalism i suggest you to grab some credits a pay a visit to Xanda private room! I promise you won't regret it. Blessings Xanda!" ... written by Rophel
Thanks for the reading Xanda!" ... written by ale
SHE IS AMAZING! I left this review page up so that i could go look for the keys I lost, and then come back and write her positive feedback- because I knew she would know ! And SHE WAS RIGHT! She told me the keys would be on the floor next to a place you sit, in a room by the toilet room. She said she kept seeing the keys behind the toilet but knew that wasn't right. So she told me to check a room by the bathroom.My roommates room is right by the bathroom so I checked there.Then she said she saw like a greenish blue color rug or something on the floor. That's the color of my roommates bedding! I went in my roommates room and they had their greenish blue pillow case and sheets on the floor. The pillow case was filled with clothing from when they went home to see their parents. They had a pair of jeans in the pillow case. The jean pocket- had the lost keys in it! And just like she said she kept seeing the keys like behind the toliet- the pillow case with the clothing stuffed in it, was found right next to the wall, that's literally directly behind the toliet. And right next to the bed (a place you sit) SHE'S AMAZING. I used her clues like a map- I went to my roommate's room- looked around places you would sit by the wall next to the bathroom, looked on the floor, saw the green bedding, opened up the pillow case- and walllaaa! it was there. I cant believe she found my keys. Lol THANK YOU XANDA!!! That information you gave you- was SO DEAD ON i found the keys in like 5 minutes! " ... written by Michelle
Very friendly, very good reading it made me feel calmer. I hope her words come into reality." ... written by sheryl
I had a precise question and doubt, and Xanda was very precise in her answer. I am sure she can help anybody in need for direction and clearing uncertainty about some things in life. That is why I know if I have any other question about how to go or what to do, I will come to see her!" ... written by Coconut333
Had many technical difficulties and Xanda is expensive so it was frustrating but she is to the point - told me some things that truly surprised me - time will tell!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Update and seeing things unfold one by one." ... written by marialuis
As always, no one beats Psychic Xanda!!!and no one ever can or will!" ... written by lonelybaby
Very kind, gave great responses." ... written by Ally
Clear. Reassuring and concise." ... written by koelneogy
Very good reading!" ... written by peoplesman
Excellent Reader, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
She was truely amazing and really helped me to understand a few things, she was very accurate in her reading." ... written by dawnn
Thank you so much. Very honest!" ... written by aerie4
She is always patient, supportive, compassionate and strong in holding the space for my challenges. Wise and wonderful. " ... written by Lorrie
Very good reading:)" ... written by CerseiLannister
Thank you Xanda for the chat, you are a very loving and caring person and understanding. Thank you again.." ... written by guiseppe
Great just great. It is so much easier to breath now." ... written by Coorrie
I just love Xanda, she has such a wonderful and sweet spirit. She and I connect instantly and she is also very very accurate. I highly recommend her!! Thank you Xanda" ... written by Chris
Wonderful, wonderful reading as always. I absolutely love her." ... written by Ladymysterious
Really nice gave me positive news about my life just now and the future really glad I came for a reading. :) " ... written by Lyn
Thank you for the clarification about work etc... Will speak to you soon. " ... written by guiseppe
Clear and concise." ... written by koel
Xanda manages to calm me down all the time... Thank you for being so kind and so helpful. She knows and says things there was no way she would knew.... Just amazing, 100 starts!!! Thank you Xanda !!!!" ... written by roxanna
Amazing reading!" ... written by sunny0day
I am happy to have Xanda as my Reader and anything else she is wonderful. Very helpful. And actually doing something about the issues. 5 stars to you, Xanda. " ... written by guiseppe
Pls read her wall as well... She is incredible, def worth the wait and time" ... written by koelneogy
She hit several things on the head. What a blessing to me..." ... written by Janine
Xanda is amazing.. I had a demo with her before that was so I just had to do a private with her. She covered everything in the demo so I came back in private for an update.. Can't wait to see what comes to pass!" ... written by Taylor
Good reading, good advice." ... written by kissmeangel
Came back for an update. Fast and direct! Awesome session x" ... written by sunny0day
Thank you so much Xanda! I really appreciate your help!" ... written by aerie4
Always great to talk to Xanda! Thank you!" ... written by aerie4
One of her predictions came to pass. I got that communication on June 9 and she said I would receive some sort of communication between 4th to 10th!" ... written by marialuis
Can't get enough. :-)" ... written by Ladymysterious
Xanda was great as usual. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful... simply the best!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
Xanda is awesome, like a second mum to me, i'm glad to have her reading me, id be lost with out Xanda. " ... written by Guiseppe87
Came to confirm my intuitions here and got them right. Thanks Xanda." ... written by Janette
I only had a little credit but she was straight to the point, I will definitely go for a full reading with her when i top up. Great " ... written by Lotus001
Lovely lady, kind and to the point!" ... written by roses 111
She is awesome! I just wished I had an entire day with her!!!!(: " ... written by Dedre
I have seen Xanda for a few months now. She is the only one I can trust and has been a friend to me. Her first prediction came true. wasnt a good one but her outcome has always been the same and it is good. She has channel with my mom . Once my mom just came to her and the second time I ask. SHE IS WONDERFUL. I will keep having updates when I am feeling down." ... written by toddie
She is a very positive, nice and kind person, I hope everything she said come true.. Thank you!" ... written by RealLove
Fabulous!!" ... written by Marigoldrose
great and realistic reading, this lady is worth getting a reading from. I would recommend her" ... written by katie
Update read. Tons of information. I was looking for my keys. She saw something beige like a pattern. I found it inside the kitchen drawer and the interior was exactly as how she saw it!" ... written by marialuis
Great reading !!!" ... written by ashleymarie
Excellent reader, Highly recommendable, will go back to her." ... written by need2know5
She is a great channeler. I can always depend on her to channel accurately..." ... written by erika
She was very insightful and precise! Loved it! =)" ... written by Livia
She picked up that my bf was jealous of a man with glasses on my facebook and later I did check. Yes, my cousin had posted a picture of his visit with his arm around my shoulder!" ... written by marialuis
Very good, absolutely spot on, reads with passion. x " ... written by terrisue
She is very honest and can tell you what you need to hear, weather you want to hear it or not. I can't wait to see her predictions come true." ... written by firechick1619
Thank you soo much." ... written by Sammy
Xanda was lovely and gracious. Thank you for the insight. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
As always, she tops every psychic on this planet with her flabbergasting accuracy and true predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's unbeatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by lonelybaby
Excellent reading. She was positive and encouraging!" ... written by new york
She's so lovely, she gave me the truth and hope as well as clarity. Thank you so so much! god bless we shall speak soon xox" ... written by ashley
Lovely lady, to the point, would go to her for another reading x " ... written by roses
She is very calming and confirmed quite accurately what is happening in my life. Thank you." ... written by Amazed
Fast accurate reading, simply the best!" ... written by Trulyblssd
Xanda was exellent in her reading, clearly saw pople in my life and happenings in present situation, she told me about my way forward in future with time frames. Thanks Xanda!" ... written by nn
I'm amazed right now. She was able to pick up on my dreams and give me general time frames for things happening in my life." ... written by Lyriks
No words to explain, but talked with my dad." ... written by coco_love
She is the best. Thanks Xanda . Speak to you soon !" ... written by giuseppe
great great great reading" ... written by coco_love
Happy father days reading too goood. Love you daddy." ... written by coco_love
What a warm and real woman. Very accurate too! Thank you so much. I will be back and let you know what happened. Again - thank you for clarity!" ... written by Lisa
She is sooo good! she picked up on the spirit in my room hopefully the lady will leave us in peace also picked up on my love life which is really nice. =) i am content with whom i am with and need to stop eyeing other cuties lol i have a great guy." ... written by luckycharms312
I'm really impressed with what she picked up without me giving any details; give her a try, you won't be disappointed." ... written by lotus71
Nice and good lady :)" ... written by mi
A blast of a reading!!!! With no information at all she could read everything about me like she did before. I came back because predictions happened just as she saw everything unfold. I will come back for sure. Thank you for the healing too. I feel so much better now..." ... written by sugarfree
Xanda was spot on on my situation as always has been!! She clearly told me some things I already knew and put a different perspective on others :-) Thank you!!! xxxx" ... written by weissinha
confirmed things for me brilliant" ... written by smiley2011
Pretty good, picked up really well" ... written by smiley2011
She is best.. Picked on my situation right away with honesty" ... written by serbboy87
Psychicxanda was spot on with the situation around me now. She gave me great advice. " ... written by Destiny_Love
She is very, very accurate, and very sweet as well. She reads her cards very thoroughly and quick. I am glad I had a reading with her. Do yourself a favor and read with her:)" ... written by Jill
Very insightful reading. Will wait for predictions to come to pass." ... written by Aisha
Excellent!!!" ... written by nalita18
Very caring and clear in her readings" ... written by koel
I highly recommend this professional. Was spot on. It's scary how accurate it was. Thank you so much. I will take your advice PsychicXanda. You are a Godsend!" ... written by Mmaria
Very sweet and very precise as always. Highly recommended! xxxx" ... written by carina
I was in her demo reading and she did an amazing job. I just had a reading with Xanda to clear something up and she put me at ease! Thanks Xanda!" ... written by Vivian C
If you have questions about the past, present, or future XANDA is a must. She predicted accurately a career change to the week. She predicted the end of one relationship and start of another within a few weeks time. She accurately predicted a past life event and the effect it had on me. I am so overwhelmed by the accuracy that any doubts or fears have been erased. Easily one of the best here!" ... written by funinmck
Thanks Xanda, you helping me out heaps. 5 stars too you. I'd be coming back to you, if I need anything, I choose you to be my reader." ... written by guiseppe
Really impressive, I was surprised how she picked up on how I was feeling without me saying so. Her guidance was really helpful and on point." ... written by Nemol
Such a good person, calm and reassuring," ... written by Tess
I loved her, very positive lady.." ... written by RealLove
Amazing thank you so much helped me connected to my situation right way!" ... written by ju
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE XANDA, she is absolutely wonderful, every time im finished talking to her i feel so much better. She is always so very insightful, accurate and on target. She is wise and loving, calm and respectful. Everything that she has said to me is always so true. Thank you Xanda" ... written by Ladymysterious
Xanda has been great over all the time I have been talking to her, which is a lot!! Great reader!!" ... written by weissinha
Compassionate and quick, highly recommended" ... written by koel
She's was so right on. Can't wait for my future." ... written by Diana
She was very soothing, clear and picked up on the situation well." ... written by Mona
So we had a chat with my mother and she was very accurate with that, tho she told me things I really didn't want to hear but I suppose I needed to hear it. I do recommend her." ... written by chicoca587
I've heard that Xanda's the person to go to to help you find something so we are working together to find a key! Needle in a haystack! But we're working on it. I'll confirm if we found it! I love Xanda though, she's got great energy and has called a lot of stuff that wasn't obvious!" ... written by skier8001
She was genuine and quick with her answers. I really enjoyed her reading. She was direct and quick with all answers. " ... written by EJ
Very good and very helpful!!!" ... written by Jamie BEVAN
A great reading again, very helpful, thank you so much and talk to you very soon, blessings..." ... written by zimerili1
She is so accurate in her readings, nothing has changed at all from our last reading. EXCEPT that her prediction came true about my b/f coming to live with me again.. Can not wait for the other ones to happen, and i am sure they will.. xoxox" ... written by Jill
PyshicXanda is a legend, she is awesome, im so glad and overwhelmed that i have been speaking to xanda for help. " ... written by Guiseppe78
Great as always. She has great abilities, I really appreciate every reading from Xanda. She has a great talent. Everyone do a private with her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by aerie4
Xanda had a very compassionate approach to my reading and picked up on things that I did not even tell her. Waiting to see if her prediction comes true and I will be back :)" ... written by Lydia
Direct and to the point .." ... written by Jade6996
Thanks for clarification , need more time." ... written by Guiseppe78
Thank you Xanda. Things are gone as Xanda has told me earlier..." ... written by Janette
I have just had a reading with Xanda she is good and kind and makes you feel at ease, thank you ." ... written by Angeldust67
GREAT!!!" ... written by T
Thank you Xanda, wonderful as usual." ... written by Ladymysterious
Great !" ... written by Ladymysterious
Very accurate, love her as usual." ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you ~ I felt a since of calm and warmth... Xanda made me feel it would all be OK, without telling me what I wanted to hear... It was refreshing... Thank you..." ... written by Theresa
Xanda gave me insights into what my father thinks about me in my current situation, speaking to my dad always calms me so thank you very much for your help." ... written by PitewaiAwa
Very good and empathetic." ... written by koel
Very wonderful woman, accurate and compassionate. Thank you Xanda." ... written by Ladymysterious
She was awesome, hit on things that I have been holding in for some time. Amazing!" ... written by Tiffany
Great as usual! Excellent reader!" ... written by aerie4
She was very informative and so sweet!!" ... written by Michele
One of the best readers on ORANUM! Part of whats happening to me is coming true so far. I can't wait to see the progress of what else is to come from being predicted from Xanda! It's always refreshing to talk to her and get her updates and just to see the progress of what is really happening. Thank you so much! " ... written by aerie4
Clear, concise and very empathetic." ... written by koel
She was spot on her reading... Will definitely get back to her." ... written by crystalrose_A
Thank you :)" ... written by Vanboom
Great reader! Very happy every time! " ... written by aerie4
Xanda is always the best and will remain so forever and this is based on my personal experience! She is 100% accurate each and every time in all of her predictions!" ... written by lonelybaby
Interesting reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Very helpful and very concise. I will definitely return for another reading. :]" ... written by Alyson
She was great in helping me locate a lost item." ... written by LunaBear
Great reading, gave me hope when I needed it most." ... written by Karma
She was very sweet and calming, thank you alot :)" ... written by luchiangarvey
Thanks for the feedback." ... written by solo
Lovely peaceful reading, she has a calming aura about her and it made me feel comfortable. I know that there are some things that I need to change within myself and Xanda has shown me ways to be positive. Thank you! " ... written by Geneine king
Amazing as usual." ... written by lovelife
Nice reading!" ... written by sunny
This was my 2nd reading with Xanda and she was amazing as always. Very Sweet and accurate in her readings. Looking forward to foresee her upcoming predictions. Many Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Xanda was really kind and sweet! She gave me hope but at the same time gave me the advice to live my life. Good reading." ... written by Rachael
Wonderful lady and gave a wonderful reading. She is so gifted and saw so much. Very accurate with my situation. I will return and I recommend her!" ... written by florwer85
Always feels great after a reading with my friend... Accurate... Caring ... Guide " ... written by ronelle
Thank you Xanda for private. You have helped me once again." ... written by janetet
Very sweet, and lovely energy! ¡¡" ... written by David
amazing amazing amazing! I am waiting for those predictions to happen now and I can't wait to come back and tell everyone." ... written by jp
Thank you again for the support and advice. I will do what you told me to do." ... written by jp
Had to get an update for PsychicXanda, and it was well worth it. I can't wait to come back and give her an update on my situation! " ... written by Destiny_Love
Amazing woman! She is very well in tune to the situation and a pleasure to talk with. She gives the courage where it is needed most. Thank you Xanda! You are 5 stars in my books." ... written by Kitkat02
FANTASTIC READER!!!! She is right on and gets to the point of your question. There is a knowing about her that I love. Great advice. Looking forward to following up!!!!!!!" ... written by ez
Very nice and easy to talk to." ... written by Terri
Such a sweet, confident and understanding reader! she calmed my fears and helped me feel stronger and positive. Thank you so much!" ... written by Pris
Very enlightening, she gave me the root cause of my issue. Will definitely get back to her." ... written by Crystalrbleu
I really enjoyed my reading. Initially I was down, uncomfortable...simply sad.....after my reading she reassured me that things would be much brighter in a couple of months and I look forward to my prediction unfolding." ... written by tblove1
Always a great reading with Xanda. She is so on target with what is going on." ... written by jp
Made me cry!! Thank you :D" ... written by Shannon
She really knows what's she's talking about. I felt comfortable talking to her and she's helping a lot in matter of coming up with questions and in saving time. Thanks." ... written by Nadu1970
That was a lovely reading, thank you so much. Xanda was spot on with some areas of my life, she is really good, I highly recommend a reading wit her. Xanda was so nice and refreshing to speak with. I look forward to her predictions. Lots of love and best wishes xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Xanda is so very accurate. Everything that she said was right on the money. Very very good!" ... written by leogirl
Lovely lady thank you." ... written by patient libra
Wow very accurate. especially with the age difference. I enjoyed her reading, wish i had more credits." ... written by starlops
Really easy to speak to. Very good advice." ... written by Hana
Xanda u've been extremely kind and understanding. U have once again given me positive going to trust ur guides and wait to see the predictions unfold..Thank u for calming my fears and the negatives I have been told once again..U have been very nice to re-check the reading for me..God bless!" ... written by PRISCILLA
I am happy she is good and caring. Thank you." ... written by pasionb
PsychicXanda is very good and encouraging. Her predictions are accurate." ... written by coockiejan
Good advice from a woman who gave me lots of affirmation in my thoughts about going to a respective place. Thanks again." ... written by Dan
Thanks once again Xanda! You are very patient, kind andamp; direct :)" ... written by priscilla
Very nice person, lots of brilliant relationship advice and everything said was right down to the last detail! " ... written by matt lloyd
She was very informative and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Carol
Xanda was very honest, no sugar coating, I just needed some clarification and was pleased to be reassured. I feel a lot better now and will work on the item that was discussed...I look forward to good times and a positive happy future. Much love and many thanks again for a lovely indepth reading. xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Xanda gave me a great reading fantastic psychic and 100% accurate." ... written by piglet33
Fantastic reading, helped as always. " ... written by pinkpanther
The reading was very insightful, I really loved the honesty and her ability to see what I have been thinking about lately. Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
Don't know how to feel about it." ... written by donice
Xanda is one of the very few psychics I have come across who is genuine and very willing to help and not focused on money or credits. I'm very thankful to god and my angels to have met her. Thank you Xanda for being genuine and honest :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
PsychicXanda is very friendly and connects very well. I give her 5 stars." ... written by cookie
Psychic Xanda is just great to talk to! I know her predictions will come to fruition. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Sapphire
Very, very sweet and understanding. She can give you answers and tell you things in a calm and compassionate manner and we shall see how things pan out for me and I will be back to update!" ... written by amber
She is very calm and comforting even when telling you bad news.........but its okay that is the cycle of life. good and bad occur. thank you for being honest and genuine with me. I appreciate it. " ... written by linda
Just as always. about 4 months ago Xanda made a predicion, that came true a week ago. I waited till the last moment to come to her and share the good news, after the euphoria settled down :) " ... written by Sanna
Thank you Xanda, so far so good, on the right path and looking forward to the new few weeks. :)" ... written by Vanboom
Had a great reading, I have to wait and see the results." ... written by marya23
I instantly felt a connection to PsychicXanda and respect how she treaded lightly through some tough moments I've had. Very professional, genuine and to the point. Lovely lady!" ... written by MissO
He's very nice to talk to.. hopefully what she sees comes into fruition and most especially the contact given time within 6th to 9th of Aug... I would love to get good connection with Xanda.. I feel her reading striking the center of my heart.. so professional and sincere.. update you soon.. " ... written by shannen
Very kind and straight forward women. Great predictions!" ... written by Rndi
simply great " ... written by pierre
Thanks for updates" ... written by janetet
Wow, what an amazing woman! Not only was she confident and accurate, she also knew the question before I asked it, and answered it for me! 100 stars!" ... written by Jonathan
Great reading as always helped me calm stress and worries." ... written by Karma
I don't know this lady, but she just brought alot of comfort to my heart." ... written by Stacy Ross
PsychichXanda is my faith and hope. She sees things which are there. She is" ... written by sankwi
Wonderful to talk to. Always right on. Very honest, has a wonderful gift." ... written by aerie4
Fantastic, as always.. a return client :)" ... written by Janice75
very neat, and accurate psychic!" ... written by kitty
Spot on everything she said was true one of the best." ... written by Lindaparsons
I love Xanda's calming energy. She has picked up on many things in my life before and has been spot on! I feel like she's a very special person with a special gift! She's wonderful!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you so much! Great reading! So helpful. " ... written by loulourose7
It's always refreshing and brings peace talking to Xanda. I don't know how, but she always has this calming energy around her and most of the things she has told me has always been pretty accurate which gives me hope. Thank you Xanda :)" ... written by priscilla
Love getting updates from PsychicXanda. She really picks up well for me, and knows exactly what is going on with me and my situation. Will keep coming back for updates with her!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Wonderful compassionate person. She knew exactly what has happened in the past, what is going on now, and told me what would transpire in the future. Thank you for a wonderful reading!" ... written by Moonshine
Great psychic. Gifted medium." ... written by Ngozi07
Awesome, in-depth, and no sugar coating reading! The overall prediction is good although it will take some time to unfold. Thank you Xanda for your calming words. I will definitely keep you updated. " ... written by lightstreet
Great reading!" ... written by Antonio
I always appreciate PsychicXanda's readings because she is polite, kind, and straight forward. She tells the truth and gives me a great insight into what is needed to make important decisions. I have not regretted trusting her and find her predictions to be accurate. Highly recommended!" ... written by sunmoonfire
She's great!" ... written by MBert
Xanda is great!! Her predictions are consistent to what she has seen in the past, quite a few months ago!! That is reassuring :-) I will come to update :-)" ... written by sara
She is really a nice person, waiting till your predictions come true!! God bless you madam!" ... written by ashnnka
Very good. I like her!" ... written by moongirl777
Xanda is very quick andamp; to the point. She picked up on my situation super-quick, even down to a couple of personal things she could not have known. I will visit her again for a catch-up. Recommend" ... written by beans4876
Very honest and accurate. She can pick up on anything really quick. Tells you upfront and honestly. She is so wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by aerie4
She is good. Very sweet" ... written by MaryAnn
My smile is so big right now :) Sweet lady" ... written by Shira
Lovely, lovely lady -- very in tune and I enjoyed the reading very much! Thanks!" ... written by pleasure
Very straight to the point and amazing, how she picks on things that I didn't tell her!" ... written by Kiaramarie1025
Very good, can't wait to see if all comes true!" ... written by Tone
She was dead on! Enjoyed my reading with her immensely!" ... written by Patrice
Consistent, professional,warm, compassionate,to the point with great people skill." ... written by belladonna8
She is so kind and sees things!!!!" ... written by ashnnka
So fast and accurate. Love you!!! " ... written by mkk
You are simply amazing, thank you for giving me a better perspective on everything. " ... written by SD
Timelines coming true one after the other... can't wait to continuing seeing what more there is to come!" ... written by koel
She was very patient with me andamp; very calming." ... written by laura
She's very sweet!" ... written by Anne
Wonderful and most helpful. Xanda is awesome and I highly recommend her!" ... written by April
Xanda is an excellent reader. She always nails what is going on with my situation. I trust her to give me the truth as it is. " ... written by Destiny_Love
No sugar coating, patient and positive---Great energy! " ... written by Lucky1
Very loving and assuring" ... written by moongirl777
Calmed me down thank you" ... written by Gt
Excellent, answered all my questions! Highly recommended. " ... written by lolacal13
I am going to listen to her and continue to do what I am doing and hope that things work out as she says. " ... written by Alisha
Very clear and concise." ... written by koel
Thank you so much for your patient this is my first reading and I feel more clam down thank you so much!" ... written by HH
Thank you Xanda for clarifying my feelings, doubts and intuition. You have always been there for me when I have needed help and someone to talk with. Giving these 5 stars " ... written by janetet
I got a general reading by Psychic Xanda. I was amazed by her results. I felt a connection. I'm very pleased and would return for another future reading. " ... written by CarolT2
You said a lot things that hit home, wish I could have finished! I will get back to you, thank you!" ... written by CONNIE
I had lovely reading with Xanda last night. 5 stars, she is worth it." ... written by Janetet
I liked it, she made me feel better about my sitiuation!" ... written by Brionna
This woman is something else. I always enjoy my readings with Xanda. I appreciate the opportunity to connect and get an update on my ongoing longtime situation. I feel like she is my sister, my friend, someone I run to all the time when am confused or annoyed. Thank you so much, and I look forward to coming back and telling you how well it went!!! :) Or even better." ... written by sankwi
Yes, great connection!! I'll be back :) Thank you, Xanda!" ... written by Kundra
Put a smile on my face as usual :) " ... written by Shira
She is very nurturing, nice lady to talk to." ... written by Sierra
Very good, thank you." ... written by eighthscorpion
Not even an hour passed and I was back to find Xanda for one more question... She helps ease any worries with confidence. Thanks!" ... written by Kundra
I always feel Nice and calm after speaking to Xanda. I dont know what I could have done without her..... I realy have faith on her" ... written by sankwi
Thank you, so much I feel much better!" ... written by Briginette Alfonso
She's perfect! :)" ... written by shad
She is great motivator:)) " ... written by deno
Very good straight to the point, will come back again for sure!" ... written by Ricardo Correia
Once again I feel more at ease with my decisions after a private with Xanda. I feel a nice connection with her :) " ... written by Kundra
I feel she is direct, to the point, insightful... Nice lady" ... written by Leanna Chan
fast" ... written by luren
Calm, consoling and definitely one of the nicest people I have interacted with." ... written by njkmuse09
I love her..... I mean it... She is my sister, my good friend!!" ... written by sankwi
Nice to talk to" ... written by Sarah
Amazing ! Amazing ! Amazing!" ... written by AnnaMairaEwa
She knew the answers to my questions right away. i hope all of her predictions come true :)" ... written by vampgirl
Xanda has a very sweet understanding nature. She get right to the point and is willing to help out any way she can. Outstanding work." ... written by Eva
She is wondeful! Great reading! " ... written by Chele
Excellent, 10 star rating." ... written by paulina
EXCELLENT." ... written by Paulina
Very gentle..too the point and accurate. Thank you for the positivity and hope. I look forward to speaking to you again." ... written by Manpreet Minhas
She is the best! So very helpful!! I would recommend her to everyone!! Thanks PsycxhicXanda!" ... written by Moon kara
Brilliant amazing as always.. coming back to her after almost a year and half...the calm the peaceful lady. With outstanding insight." ... written by beautifulmoi
Very empathetic and straightforward, thank you!" ... written by koel
Her prediction came true! Exactly true! " ... written by zooey
Brilliant awesome and fantastic." ... written by beautifulmoi
Xanda is great:) She put my fears and worries to rest. She's accurate and I look forward to keeping in touch with her. I would totally recommend her." ... written by Lavender5390
PsychicXanda was very sweet and explained things in a clear manner for me. I will keep her posted on progress in my life." ... written by JoAnn
Sooooo nice, accurate and such a lovely lady ... Thank you so much" ... written by RRy
She was right on track... Very compassionate and helpful... I'm looking forward to having another reading with her. " ... written by wendybb0880
She is amazing and so helpful." ... written by jocelyn56
I lost my wallet and Xanda assures me that I will get it back! I felt like she knew what was going on! She also told me things about my friend, that I was already feeling! I love her, she's great! Like an old friend and so supportive!!!! " ... written by skier8001
I was in panic mode...she answered my questions with ease and clarity ...what brilliant insight..this lady is a piece of meditation to the soul..i love her ..." ... written by beautifulmoi
Xanda is truly lovely to talk to. " ... written by vania
Another excellent reading with Xanda. She is consistent, honest, gives details and injects her knowledge and intelligence into the mix which is incredible. I receive a good inside into my present, into my past and a wise advice and warm, carrying person to guide and advice...perfection!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She was really fast and good! :) Her other reading months ago was good as well!" ... written by peach
Xanda is positive and enjoyable to talk to. She is right on the spot and provides good advice. Look fwd to see if predictions will happen." ... written by Cristina
Whenever I have a reading with Xanda, a feeling of calmness and peace nvr ceases to overwhelm me. Your truly a kind and loving person Xanda. Thank you for all ur healing and prayers. May god bless u in abundance with all gd things. Im hoping to give u some gd news soon :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
I am impress with Xadra... Her wisdom is awesome.. Now I am prepared for my outcomes.... She is a blessing....Thanks again/" ... written by Marcos
Great Reading!" ... written by Antonio
Great Psychic, Very fast and accurate reader, will go back for the confirmation." ... written by need2know5
very intuitive....brilliant!" ... written by Gina
PREDICTION CAME THROUGH." ... written by belladonna8
connected very well. Love her." ... written by toucan2
she was great, picked up on things quick and had very good insight." ... written by jennifer
great!" ... written by zooey
Very quick and to the point. Answered my questions specifically. I pray her predictions come true and will be back to update if they do or not." ... written by firechick1619
As soon as we went private straight away Xanda started and i am so amazed cos something she told me i just spoke about night before with a gender she said. Thank you you so very much I will be back for your help when I have got things sorted to do my new and wonderful job. Love andamp; Light. xoxoxo" ... written by marzterz
Q very compassionate yet straight talking reader. Highly informative and exceptionally accurate. I could talk to Xanda for hours and feel very comfortable in her presence. She gave sound advice to start on this evening, no waiting for weeks. Many thanks and many blessings to you " ... written by ben
Great Reading!" ... written by Antonio
Great reading!" ... written by Antonio
Accurate descriptions of the people I came to her with questions about. As if she could not only see them but feel them as well with precise knowledge of them. " ... written by sheryl
Amazing reading with Xanda, she let me to be calm because I'm in conflict with my lover and I need a person that can comfort my heart. I chose the right psychic and I love her talking. She gave me time frame for many things in my future life and she knew about my lover enemy in his work without telling her about them. I'll be back soon because after meeting Xanda anyone can feel that she is really as an old sister or an old friend. Thank you very much! Warm regards." ... written by Ayshaue
Great reading!" ... written by findingpeace
Thank you Xanda, I appreciate your insight, I will keep you informed on the dates and job break through. will call my father. He has not been well and lives far away. Thank you" ... written by jillian5
Very good reading, straight to the point and accurate, thank you." ... written by colin
Clear, concise, fast and very empathetic!! Awesome." ... written by koel
Very accurate very good reading..It helped me alot. I recommend her to anyone confused." ... written by fatmah
WHAT A CALM AFTER THE STORM. What a fantastic lady.. with bang on insight and predictions..... Amazing." ... written by beautifulmoi
This lady is really amazing. She gave me time frames and on her 1st reading saw people involved. I ll keep you posted but on her 1st reading i saw she had a gift and saw things that she could not have guessed." ... written by celine
Excellent." ... written by Danielle
She was amazingly in tune in her reading about people, time and places and I pray that fate will allow her prediction to come to fruition as well. " ... written by Findingpeace
Great advice!!! to the point and confident. thanks PsychicXanda!" ... written by carnationgirl
Lovely !! " ... written by Sunshine 0105
I enjoyed my reading with you thanks so much I will wait for Bolaji is worth the wait :)" ... written by Apples8 ( bridget)
She is very good, a very accurate reader.. very quick as well." ... written by Jill
Very encouraging." ... written by jactexas
I still Impress with Xandra..I was having worries and she clear all my worries again..she is awesome again.. thank you so much..." ... written by Marcos
Wonderful lady with brilliant insight...her predictions come true and she never sugar coats." ... written by beautifulmoi
Soft soothing voice. You will relax and listen. She speaks always with confidence and seems to be for real. I have predictions written down and time will tell. I would give her a try!" ... written by halovm
Thank You!" ... written by alexandra444
Amazing!" ... written by zooey
Thank you again ... You are terrific! You eased my fears ... I just need to tighten my finances, and pray the job that keeps me floating until the more permanent one is forgiving. I believe they will take care of me. They told me they would. :)" ... written by jillian5
Thank you for your time and reading!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you for your fast reading!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you for your advice and be so accommodating!!" ... written by shopgirl
I am impressed again...Xandra is just asome....The woman that I was having felling, started to talk to me again, but my ex is calling me everyday and Xandra advice for next year I will be back with my ex again for long relationship. Xandra advice me that I need to clear the woman that I was having felling. And against my will I have to let her go! I am impress with Xandra!" ... written by Marcos
PsychicXanda is simply incredible ...I have had readings with her for almost 2 years now and I know her to be so accurate that I trust her fully. She told me things in the past that did not want to believe and did not like but they still came true, in every detail. I never question what she says, I know every detail of info she gives me will be just so." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very quick and concise. Loved it." ... written by Lyz
Awesome!" ... written by Jessica
Right to the point, very clear on telling me what she sees happening, now just waiting to see outcome." ... written by pinkpather30
Empowering and quick! Terrific reader!!!" ... written by carnationgirl
Great exactly to the point....will come back again for updates :)" ... written by serbboy3
Dankie!" ... written by Elsie
Fantastic!" ... written by PJ
Namaste." ... written by Sueli
Thank you!" ... written by Roberta
Thanks xanda nice reading look fwd to things happening" ... written by SS
She is great! Very accurate and gives timeframes" ... written by Danielle
A million stars! Highly recommended and it will be a great investment for you." ... written by Megabee
Very helpful, can't wait to see things unfold!!" ... written by Lavender
Lovely lady i hope that the future will reassure the predictions" ... written by angie
I am still shocked with so much detail in such little time. Wonderful reader" ... written by Brigitte
Amazing reading !" ... written by liz
SHE WAS SPOT ON!!! LOVELY LADY" ... written by Felicity
Fast....and wonderful!!! Highly recommended. :)" ... written by carnationgirl
Quick and to the point. Awesome reading. Great messages from my mum who passed" ... written by Andrea
You described Alice to the smallest of details. I trust your vision and your suggestions. Thank you." ... written by Justin
Predictions happened... I came back for more. Bless you Mam" ... written by Sophia
Fantastic reading. I will be back for seconds. I feel much better after this healing session with Xanda. thank you" ... written by Sarah
Always come back to her, she has been spot on with dates and such... wonderful" ... written by koel
What a fantastic person, what an incredible reader, she sees it all in such detail with things that are not easy to figure out. She is able to get to the bottom of it all and so much of she has said to me in the past came true." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Excellent reader" ... written by Meryl
Fantastic!!! I got messages from my sister who passed" ... written by Beth
Enjoyed my reading very much. Will come back when I have updates" ... written by Sam
Gave me exact dates for happenings and past events match reality. Amazing" ... written by Hannah
Thank you so much you dear.... I apreciate" ... written by sankwi
This lady is the real deal. She is now my favourite" ... written by Paul
This reading was breathtaking. Omg she knows what I want to know before I ask questions and gave me names too." ... written by Jane
Perfect reading" ... written by Ella
Wow! she just clear me another confusing time... (((Xandra)))" ... written by Marcos
I came in with a specific question and only $12 bucks in my account. I asked if she could find out something for me. Well she did just that answered me in about 3 minutes utilizing cards for assistance. I trust her abilities! " ... written by halovm
She was very fast and clear. I'm happy for her reading. Thank you!" ... written by C
She was very fast and spot on. everything she said was true! thanks, xanda! God bless you!" ... written by ggeca
Waoooooo Impressed............" ... written by eurbaez438
Very fast and concise, and accurate." ... written by koel
Very pleasant and accurate, told me things I didn't tell her. " ... written by Michele
calm and precise." ... written by sincerly
She's on the money." ... written by s
xanda prediction came out true twice about my job interview. please go talk to her she is always right. she is a wonderful person. most importantly her prediction comes true she told me I will get an interview with estimated time frame and it came out true." ... written by zooey
Very empathetic and accurate... I have had many things come to pass that xanda has predicted for me!" ... written by koel
So intuitive, so accurate and so kind...her words carry so much knowledge and so much her, all she said in the past came true, I am in such a difficult situation right now, I hope her words come true again." ... written by AnnaMriaEwa
Nice reading... I love her energy... She gave me hope to the vibes I was feeling... Thank you, Xanda!!! Blessings..." ... written by Pearl
Thanks for the update on things... Confirmation on times, things discussed before and new things happening in the situation... Appreciate!" ... written by S
Positive and cheerful... gave me a time frame... well see! :)" ... written by Krunka
Very nice energy, very quick and to the point about my situation, I'll return to see how her predictions turn out.. :)" ... written by Leticia
PsychicXanda is a very sweet, kind person and a very gifted psychic with incredible ability to tap into all the details of my reality and give me details that amaze me, I am so grateful she is here." ... written by AnnaMairaEwa
It was a good reading. Not at all what I want to hear but I know what I need to do now." ... written by Lucidity954
Great psychic, great advice, such depth to her ability to see situations and people with all their complexities... she has been very helpful through quite hard times I have been going through... just priceless!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you for the insights and helping me out again. Helps me to achieve my goals! " ... written by janetet
Xanda is great! And I like her readings too..." ... written by erika
Very accurate spot on. Great energy. Thanks for the reading!" ... written by stacey
Love Xanda!!! She is always accurate and helpful with my love situation. Speaks the truth and will tell you what she sees and feels no matter if u like it or not. Highly recommend!" ... written by Danielle
Great reading as usual :) " ... written by serbboy3
She was a sweet woman. She gave me a time frame in which she seems me back with my ex by April but i guess i'll update if that happens. She didn't give me any details that wowed me but overall she's nice and i will keep posted if her predictions come true." ... written by linh
She is awesome" ... written by Patty
Thanks for update." ... written by r
Xanda is always right and never wrong, as far as her predictions with me go...- pretty much sums it all up." ... written by belladonna8
I read with Anda months ago and she saw things I did not know of. She is very professional and precise. I love her. She is wonderful and accurate. She has not failed. TY Anda. " ... written by renaji
She is very kind, passionate and warm. Great Psychic!" ... written by Darnia
She was spot on, so I will wait and see if it all pans out." ... written by Tency
Very accurate reading. " ... written by sabrinna
Xanda, does not waste your time. She answers your questions in a lovely manner and gives reassurance." ... written by Marjorie
Love her. Try her." ... written by toucan
She is a very grounded woman and I really love that about her. She is strong and calm at the same time. I really enjoy readings from her." ... written by moongirl777
Excellent. :)" ... written by shad
Amazing does not cover it... she went beyond being able to connect deeply, to see my situation in a detail that was leaving me speechless and giving me predictions they came true time after time, but she genuinely healed me, through her guides she was able to heal the person in my life that has been deeply tormented for most of his life... I am beyond grateful." ... written by AnnaMariasEwa
She was wonderful and very encouraging. I would go to her again in a heart heat. She was very real and caring. Thank you so much for the chat." ... written by zach Forest
I can always count on anda for accurate readings. " ... written by renaji
Wonderful, incredible ability to see the present with such clarity and detail it blows my mind and her advice - wow !- I am a psychologist and I am bowing to her...what a psychic!...what a human being ~!" ... written by AnnaMairaEwa
She doesn't sugarcoat and she really hit the nail on the head, it was an awakening. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
I love this lady. She predicted that John would contact me and he called me two days later. She is the best." ... written by Priscilla
Very fast and accurate. Thank you for your patience!" ... written by Stella
She was absolutely fantastic as always, I need clarity and answers and she gives it to me time and time again! Thanks a mil for always being spot on and their love, light and blessings!" ... written by lai
Thank you again, you are a blessing to chat with. I am so looking forward to the next chapter in my life. You are so right, I was living in a snake pit with those co-workers every trip for 5 years. They are all very loyal to her dictatorship, but most of it comes from fear. They don't want to be next on the chopping block. I feel for the next victim, but nobody cared that I disappeared... so I cannot be that concerned. To each his own like you said. Okay off to do my walk and talk to my higher powers. Blessings to you today and always." ... written by jillian5
Her prections came true. I passed my exams... she is just wonderful." ... written by sankwi
Thank You, I am in such gratitude and appreciation of the future and I will go into the flight next week with open mind and positive out-look for a possible move in future and will take on the adjustments of new travel and people and this will be a blessing in disguise." ... written by jillian5
Always very direct, fast and highly informative! Thank you!" ... written by bruin19
I keep going back to Xanda because I feel she knows me the best! She has given me a good October prediction! I will be back to give details. " ... written by halovm
Quite direct and fast, hopefully the predictions are true!" ... written by kivelz
I have been regular with Xanda and her help and her ability to see things and to interpret and to advice are just unbelievable ...I am speechless. If you want the truth and the help in a situation that might feel hopeless, do not waste your time going anywhere else, Xanda is the only person, only psychic, only advisor you need. Five stars? five millions would not be enough." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
I have no words really ...she saw everything so clear ..speechless. Thanks a lot ! I will return with news. ;)" ... written by Mira
Always return to xanda... her predictions have been very successful for me!!" ... written by koel
She is very good. Kind and accurate. Knew things I didn't think she would know." ... written by vm
Straight and short. Clear as cristal. Thank you!" ... written by p
Always clear and very empathy filled... always come back!!!" ... written by koel
Brilliant Xanda, super on point!!! :)" ... written by Susana
I've had a demo reading from Xanda before, and she was remarkable in connecting with my great grandmother and little brother, and now I have had a private reading, and she is even more remarkable, she truly is so honest, and helpful in everything she says. :-) Thank you again so much, you have brought me so much happiness today! " ... written by emoonlight
Amazing reader... I am speechless." ... written by Bella
My favorite medium. She brings my loved ones as soon as I go to her private chat. Awesome messages. Thank you for the lovely work." ... written by Frances
I am still shocked with so much information. She is quick" ... written by Kathy
Very accurate and super fast. I will come back." ... written by Sonja
She was very good, and point on with things. I hope predictions come true!" ... written by erica
Xanda predicted I would get an email and it was within a very difficult situation and likelihood of it was almost zero in my mind... But not only did the predicted email come but it came within the time frame predicted but also content was as described by Xanda. All her predictions come true... I am so grateful to her and amazed at her abilities... I have never seen it before with any other psychics and I used quite a few in my past. She is in a class all by herself. Love her!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Nailed so many fine details right on the head from her reading. Very sweet. " ... written by Erik
Xanda is amazing. I have been having sessions with her for a while now and her every prediction came true. Her ability so see situations in a great detail is superb. Analytical abilities and her advise are priceless. During our last session she predicted I would get an email and under the circumstances and given extremely difficult I was skeptical. Not only that email came but within the time frame predicted and with the content predicted. I was in disbelief as we are talking really extremely difficult circumstances. She is in a herself, there is simply nobody that can measure up. The first time she predicted very accurately was 2 years ago and it continues. Wow! Where are those millions of stars when I need them, five is a joke!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Seemed very connected, fast. Didn't get good news on the person I asked about, but will post if the prediction given comes to pass." ... written by Kissesforu
I thought she was very patient and kind with me. She was very sweet with very comforting words of encouragement. She was very accurate about some current things going on and I can only wait to see if the main prediction comes true. Thanks! :)" ... written by Jessica
Xanda has been my psychic for 2 years. In last few months i had been in a very difficult situation and so had very frequent readings with her. ALL, and i mean ALL of her predictions came true. EVERY SINGLE one! In detail ! Down to very specific timeline and the circumstances under which certain events would take place." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
I love this lazy, she is amazingly truthful and spot on! Ty Xanda. " ... written by renaji
Great reading, told me very positive things and I was very pleased with her reading, thank you again PsychicXanda:)." ... written by gigi
Great." ... written by gigi
Short and sweet. I will be back." ... written by Stella
Very fast and accurate." ... written by Maria
She is very very accurate. Amazing lady with a warm energy." ... written by maribello
She is so kind so warm and so understanding. Her readings are all so positive. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thanks Xanda for the reading!" ... written by S
She is so kind." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She is my favorite. Amazing lady. She very accurate and many things she said has happened." ... written by love her
She is a wonderful reader who gives me so much assurity. Thank you she is such a wonderful lady" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Predictions came true and I came back for more. Love her. You try Xanda and you will not be sorry you did. Fabulous lady" ... written by Sophia
Excellent lady. Awesome reading" ... written by Jo
Excellent reading so calm so nice." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent readng to the point no words to say how good she is." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Very short reading. she def picked up on something without me telling her. I would def be interested in trying another reading" ... written by keith
Awesome medium. Thank you." ... written by Sebastian
Nice lady." ... written by Gladys
Fabulous !!!! She stunned me with her wisdom and accuracy. 5 star!" ... written by Gale
This woman is wonderful, so helpful and kind. ORANUM is blessed to have her on board. Very detailed reading...I WILL be back soon" ... written by Sunny
Great reading!" ... written by H
Talking to her has brought so much clarity in all my problems. She is so amazing every penny spent was a blessing for me.. Thank you" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
It's been wonderful reading she is so amazing so relieving to know how she has helped me in so many things." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She is fast accurate and very very very good, I recommend her to anyone, she is on the ball and non judgemental, very impressed with the reading" ... written by almedina
Thanks Xanda for the good news." ... written by Janette
Xanda quickly picked up on my energy, and the energies surrounding the situation and was able to give me concise advice and information on how to proceed. Thanks again!" ... written by ash
Phantastical" ... written by Samuk
Xanda, as always same predictions/and all coming through ..." ... written by jillan5
Awesome and on point at all times" ... written by Jessica
Thanks Xanda for pvt. It helped me again to think clearly. xox" ... written by Janetet
Thank you Thank you .. readings were peaceful and she communicates very well. Brings hope for whats to come." ... written by Tracy
Amazing reading so spot on... love her like crazy.. " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
What can I say all what she said has surfaced truly amazing." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Her readings are always true no matter how much it may not be obvious. Just amazing." ... written by renaji
Great and to the point!" ... written by greaypearl
This was my second reading with PsychicXanda and I must say that words cannot describe how talented and gifted this lovely woman is. A rare find. Consistent on my last reading and consistent on this one. Will sure come back to her. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Shirley
OMG!!! Amazing hits on the spot" ... written by K
Thank you for a short but sweet reading, it was nice to speak with you again my dear, always a pleasure to see you on Oranum. I look forward to the new wonderful events to take place over the next few months.....I am really excited. Much Love xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
She was wonderful! I will forever be grateful for what she told me about my mom! :-) Thank you so much! God Bless you! " ... written by SmileyT
good reading" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Amazing reading, have no words so spot on..." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Good reading!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Good." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Very cool!" ... written by kye2210
Amazing reading!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
PsychicXanda is just as I already stated so many times in the past, out of this world unbelievably accurate. For two years, time after time she told me what was going to happen and it had, not what I wanted to hear." ... written by AnnaMriaEwa
She was very helpful ... " ... written by Tina
Xanda is honestly my one and only personal favorite here on Oranum. Just because she is kind, genuine, honest and accurate. She doesn't feed me any negatives like many other readers here on Oranum who have been judgmental in the name of being honest. Xanda is a very kind and uplifting soul and just being in her chat room brings a lot of peace. If I had seen other readers after knowing Xanda, its only because she was not available. Even if there are things I may not want to hear, the way she tries to put things across is very gentle, thoughtful and encouraging.. I can only thank god for having met this wonderful lady. Most of the things Xanda had predicted had come true where other readers had given me heaps of bull even when I knew the truth myself! I'm just waiting on the one last prediction which I have faith in will happen as she has said. Thank u Xanda.." ... written by Priscilla
Talking to her is like talking to god... whatever she has said has come true... she is the best of the best" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Soooooo accurate that I am still puzzled" ... written by Sonja
Nice lady and terrific reading" ... written by Fred
I will be back. She is great" ... written by Jayson
Excellent reader. Thank you psychicxanda" ... written by Sade
Amazing reading, I can go on with her the whole day. Thank you thank you thank you!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
My first reading with Xanda, sounds promising. :) I will be back for updates. Many thanks." ... written by Aussie girl
Heard just what I wanted to hear, very good, very polite, thank you." ... written by sab1658
Very enpowering and she is the best... god has really sent an angel to me." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Fast, accurate, friendly. It's one of the many times I have visited her. She has been right so far. Hopefully right this time as well! Many thanks and see what future will bring!" ... written by seeker
Very nice women with accurate reading and so nice to talk to. I will come back soon." ... written by Kiaraem
Good reading, quick and precise. :) Thank you Xandra." ... written by str
I have no words but to thank her all she told me came true in hours and my job offer was given. Omg she is just so so amazing." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Good reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Talking to her is so relaxing so reassuring she tells you really where all are placed in ones life... so far what she has told me has all unfolded... I just love speaking to her and every single cent spent is so worth while!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
OMG.. This is my first reading and she was spot on with everything... She is amazing.. Things that she just predicted hope they come to pass and I'm looking forward to the predictions... Thank you so much Xanda xooxoxo.. I'll be back again.." ... written by sweet84
Very reassuring, very accurate with little information given. Made me feel so much better during my difficult time in life. Many, many thanks and blessings. X" ... written by Sonja
Came for an update, she was quick to let me know... Let's wait and I shall come back to confirm. Thanks." ... written by s
My god! I am still impress with Xandra! She is a god sent. Her wisdom is awesome. She will be my adviser for ever. Thanks xandra again. " ... written by marcos
excellent" ... written by m kk
Great!" ... written by shchak
She is soo sweet :) gave me timeframes. Hope it comes out correct... I totally liked her quick reading.. God bless her!" ... written by aquavenus
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
She comforts me and just one amazing reader." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent reading! " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Awesome reading! :-) Will definitely be back! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
Very nice lady. Can see a lot of things. She puts you at ease. Thank you Xanda." ... written by 1specialme
Amazing reading she is just so so wonderful caring and spot on." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Great." ... written by bertha
She is one amazing lady who says so much that is so so true. I believe in her and am so grateful I found her. Thank you so, so much. You are an angel." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
I like her, very much. She is patient and kind. I will always call on her. A zillion stars for PsychicXanda!!!" ... written by JoAnn
She is so blessed... every single thing she has predicted has come true.... i am so touched and blessed to have her and would not go to anyone else.." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent reading spot on all what she has said has come true." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thank you so much.. predictions came true for me.. I appreciate." ... written by sankwi
All what she has said in the past has come true I am speechless." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent reading" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Amazing lady. Loved her! I wish I could talk to her for hours!" ... written by grlove
Very good reading!" ... written by luckystars
She is amazing and above and beyond. Wow she is so honest and great." ... written by Eva
Brilliant insight as always." ... written by beauty
Wonderful reading so spot on I feel she is just so so great with all what she says." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She has been one amazng woman" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Psychic Xanda! What can I say.. My most trusted reader here on ORANUM. As you can see, I'm a repeat client because she gives the best and most accurate readings. I can safely say that out of the more than 20 readers I have been to on ORANUM, not one other person has given me the truth of the situation the way Xanda has. Whatever she has told me has been unfolding with time and all she has told me in the past has been confirmed by a person revolving hard the situation. Xanda is soo amazing and kind. I always feel calmness and peace around her. Please have a reading with this awesome reader and I'm sure you won't be disappointed! :) Thank you xanda also for all your prayers and special candles :) " ... written by Priscilla
Had an update reading with Xanda, and I really liked it. I am still waiting on some things to unfold, but I am pretty confident that what she saw for me will actually happen. And when it does, I'll be here talking about it! :) Many blessings" ... written by sanya
Thank you so much that you make me feel good every time we talk. I am going through some stress and when I talk to you I feel so much better. I appreciate all your positive energy." ... written by M..
GREAT FANTASTIC READING!" ... written by nicole
Thank you so much once more! You answer all my questions and I am so anxious to see the future coming soon. Thanks." ... written by grlove
She was great! Made me feel so much better. Went straight to the point, felt the situation right away. Will call again!" ... written by ar
This is the 2nd reading with her and it was just an update reading to reassure me of what she told me the first time will still manifest. So far I hear good news so the reading went well. she is very calming. I'll keep posted once things starts to unfold." ... written by linh
Thank you, Xanda! I'll be back. :)" ... written by shad
Clear answer." ... written by candy
I wish I could have more time speaking to her, Xanda has been consistent with her readings, this is my second time and she still sense the same event, I love her readings, and she was kind to finish my reading in Free Chat, and I know I would be coming back for more updates! And she can sense my tiredness and unhappy self without me telling her anything, shes SO spot on!" ... written by ry
Always great to talk to her. :)" ... written by shad
Love, love, love her! Xanda takes my worries away with her readings! I can't wait my future to unfold. Thank you Xanda!" ... written by :) Love
Had technical difficulty on my end but she was kind and understanding, right to the point." ... written by Denise
Always accurate in advice and very clear with her predictions. " ... written by Koel
Another great reading with Xanda, and I tell you people - it's spot on! She knows every important issue. If you are not sleeping or eating well, if you are struggling with this or that. She saw me signing some papers in January, and that's when I am actually set to transfer from part-time to full-time. And that was without me telling her anything about that. So yeah...I think Xanda is a great psychic. Many blessings!" ... written by sanya
Real amazing reader. She has been right almost all times." ... written by miranda
Very good, accurate, friendly." ... written by lisa
She's a humble woman. She only says the truth...doesn't want to hide anything from you. She told me things that I honestly was hoping not to hear but you can't change what's being shown at that moment...thank you for reading for me. I do appreciate it. Lets see what the new year brings =] " ... written by Tina
This is my 2nd reading w/Xanda. Looking forward to my next." ... written by Carol
She is fast, wish I had more money to keep going though. " ... written by Alisha
Xandra is a asome..I was looking for a straight and honest answer about a specific person in wish could be my new soulmate and xandra opened my eyes to the reality. Thanks xandra again." ... written by Marcos
Sees everything without telling her a single thing other than names. its crazy! awesome!" ... written by regina
Great and reassuring as always... can't wait for the new year to see all things come to pass!" ... written by koel
Great reading... hope things turn out for the best." ... written by sweet84
Outstanding reading very clear insight..brilliant...and her predictions happened as she said it wd " ... written by beautinoise
Great reading!" ... written by lucky stars
Thank you very much for helping me out! You answer very straight forward, and you have helped to calm me down... Thank you and see you soon! Very soon I hope. " ... written by Lan2013
All her readings have to come pass and she is just one amazing person." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Xanda is always great and gives me peace of mind. 5 stars always!" ... written by :) Love
VERY REASSURING!!! THANK YOU!! MILLION TIMES THANKS!!! Bless you!!! I really appreciate your help!! " ... written by NVA123
Very quick and good... helps ease my mind. Will see what will happen... Thanks!" ... written by William
Another great reading with Xanda, she is truly gifted and she knows so much. I'll be back to report on my progress. :) Blessings" ... written by Sanya
Great and detailed reading. " ... written by bob
Very nice and warm person, told me many truths which I have to wait and see." ... written by sharen223
VERY REASSURING!! Thank you soo much for all of your help! It was very much appreciated and it alleviated my worry! Thank you :) Million times thanks!" ... written by NVA123
Lovely lady x " ... written by mary
Wonderful and calm helped me calm my nerves a bit." ... written by April
THANK YOU!" ... written by Denise
Great!" ... written by Danielle
Great reading! I had a reading done from PsychicXanda a couple of months ago, and she told me that I wasn't going to last with my now ex boyfriend and at that time I didn't want to believe it… she was the only one with this prediction and it now makes me feel that I can trust her even more! Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
Was very friendly and helpful." ... written by abrinaus
Thanks, I'll try to call you back." ... written by loving
Firstly this lovely reader made a prediction for me, and it came true, well there another she told me about and that seems to be coming to light!!! Secondly, just had another reading and I am so happy with the predictions she is giving, I feel so much better and very excited about what is to come......She is so fast and on the spot....she picked up on energies incredibly well, it was like she already knew me" ... written by Jade50
Love Love Love Xanda! She always makes me feel good after her readings! I trust her so much! Whatever troubles me she takes it away. Thank you Xanda!" ... written by :) Love
Awesome lady wonderful accurate insight" ... written by beautioness
She was great! Really hit the nail on the head! :)" ... written by Angela
Very good reading... she is so so spot on with all her readings. " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
First reading. Did answer about 5 questions in 3 minutes but did pick up some in accurate information about travel out of town. I will have to wait on the other. Not sure about the time frame seems too long but depends on if that is when it will get serious. That could be correct. Thank you for the reading and will let you know. Thank you." ... written by eacbanker
THANK YOU." ... written by Denise
Guess I need to think on what my options are at this point. Just not sure. Thank you Xanda." ... written by jillian5
Very straightforward. Thank you for the honesty. Hoping everything will work out as predicted!" ... written by positivity08
THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Denise
Thank you!! I hope youre right. Keep you posted on my position!" ... written by Kendal
Great reading!" ... written by luckystars
It was good, just need more money for more time. :)" ... written by sean
thanks" ... written by loving
First reading with her...quiet good. I must say she gave me some inf. that was spot on...I would like to come back to her for sure.. :) very calming...very nice.." ... written by md3311
Good reader and fast and concise and never sugarcoats." ... written by koel
Very good indeed and spot on." ... written by lucyrumb
It was pleasure talking to Xanda, she provides advice and help to relax the situation; hope her predictions will come true, will come back." ... written by Mishka
My most trusted reader and guide always!" ... written by Priscilla
I had an update reading with Xanda. Great as usual, thank you. Many blessings. :) " ... written by sanya
Second reading...And I am amazed..She is so quick.. don't waste your time at all.. very good prediction..but need to wait, cause it is a long term one. :) She is so positive and sure for what she see maybe...only for sure! - love it! :) Must see." ... written by md3311
Very good reading! Will definitely return for another one!!" ... written by pinkster11
great reading" ... written by luckystars
She is great! " ... written by nal
Awesome always!" ... written by :) Love
Brilliant reading. Awesome insight. Lovely lady, I'm a repeat client and very happy." ... written by beauts
She is wonderful, picked up on my energy right away, would recommend her to everyone." ... written by kcw1433
THANK YOU XANDA." ... written by Denise
Thank you." ... written by Denise
I've been reading with Xanda for about a year. She is very accurate and I believe what she sees to be true. Very compassionate and gentle woman. " ... written by reenaji
When xanda made a prediction in august, I did not want to believe her. Out of all that I spoke with, she is the one who was completely correct. So, I felt very secure in coming for a reading today. Very kind delivery of information and this time it is good. " ... written by nz
Very good.. :) I will be keep coming to her.. she is amazing.." ... written by md3311
Gave me same message from guides that I have heard from other readers--not generic, very specific to my situation. " ... written by Lorie
Excellent reading." ... written by cindy
Thank you! Very kind! :)" ... written by NVA
Good read." ... written by jana kadri
Thank you for all you help and guidance, your counseling is so very refreshing." ... written by Sammy
Awesome reading she answered all my questions with direct and quick responses. I will wait now and hope that all her predictions are accurate :) " ... written by jgonzalez21
Great! Many blessings :) " ... written by willow
very helpful ! " ... written by Jennifer
:)" ... written by Sparkle Pony
really good lovery maner though me a bit on some of the things she told me. so right coming back" ... written by mizzimoo
Knowledge here......try it will not be disappointed." ... written by ed
Thank you for tapping into whats going on and for the predictions! Will keep you posted!" ... written by Bethany
5 stars! I can't wait to follow up with her with the results of her time frame! I am going to think nothing but positively until then! Very kind woman. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Quick answers and really good insight. A very nice reading with good details. Thank you so much." ... written by Jennifer
Awesome!" ... written by :) Love
Xanda is amazing, one of the very best psychics I met here. Totally recommending her." ... written by jazzychic7
It was our first reading and she was uplifting." ... written by Elaine Faber
Always great." ... written by Kendall
She is great!!" ... written by erika
Very good advice" ... written by jazzychic7
Great reading" ... written by MayGirl
This lady really help me relive stress and be able to help my son deal with my break up." ... written by Melissa812
OMG she is fast and so spot on!!!" ... written by Sabrina
Xanda has made a BIG prediction for me about a personal matter and I'm not able to share it exactly on here. But when I asked about this matter she told me I would get it. It looked so bleak and I had but a thread of hope. Then BOOM, I got it- after trying so many times- it finally happened just the way she said it would. I am V happy. I have been reading with Xanda for practically one year and whatever she says happens. It may not all be good but it happens. Thanks for everything Xanda. ~Blessings to you always~" ... written by reenaji
My first reading with psychicxanda came to pass a week ago and now I have good surprises to look forward to in the near future. Her readings are very specific and I was given names...Amazing thats all I can say" ... written by Sophia
Excellent an old client and she's always bang on." ... written by beauts
Thank you for the predictions you have given me new hope." ... written by ikroyalakrkr
Xanda is great, I have been reading with her for a while, and he keeps seeing the same outcome. I really trust her. Many blessings. :)" ... written by Willow
PsychicXanda is very good with answering questions and can connect with you very well. Try her? You'll be happy!" ... written by Coockijan
correct and accurate " ... written by mary
very nice reading she is the best i will give her 100000 stars" ... written by sam
Awesome! a million stars for this lady" ... written by Sonja
I am lost for words. this lady is the best psychic I came across. danke" ... written by Brigitte
gave a lot of different timeframes and straight to the point. I will wait to see what happens." ... written by passionate23
Fast reader and to the point. Great detail that resonates with specifics of my life. Great!" ... written by Zachary
I have seen xandra a few times, and the time frames do not change. I am hoping for it to come true, and surface. Thanks Xandra." ... written by Alisha
She did great reading i hope shes right" ... written by Chelsa
She is such a lovely lady and doesn't sugar coat. Higly accurate and recommend a reading with her :) Thanks again Xanda" ... written by Chris
Go to her! Thank you! Great work!" ... written by Christy
Thank you for our session. You have helped me so much, Xanda. All you read for me is very true and I really do appreciate you. Thank you again." ... written by reenaji
Very quick connection. Answered my questions quickly. Now to wait and see how things pan out." ... written by tilthe
She's really good! Previous predictions came true for me" ... written by luckystars_87
Excellent! Thanks again Xanda!" ... written by Christy
Thank you very much!" ... written by planejane7
Xanda picked up on the other woman. Didn't want to hear what she saw but it gave me clarity. Thank you, Xanda!" ... written by Moonchild59
All, and i mean ALL, every tiniest little detail of Xanda predictions always ALWAYS came true. i had many jany readings with her over the last 3 years...many. She has always described the situations perfectly, saw the paople in my life just exactly as they past, my present and most importantly my future just exactly as they were or were going to be. And i had some very complicated relationship situations, nobody could give me anything sensible and Xanda just nailed it ! And that includes telling me that my bf that just left would not only be back (she gave a very specific time which was exactly so) but that he would ask me to marry him...which he had...we just married 10 days ago. Xanda is worth million stars....having such detailed prediction and knowing it will come true is priceless." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you so are bright light! Thank u so much" ... written by Maria
Very honest. Straight forward. Looking forward to her predictions coming true." ... written by Lisa
Xanda is an awesome psychic. I am a repeat client, and very happy with her readings. Many blessings. :) " ... written by willow
ALL HER PREDICTIONS TILL DATE HAVE COME TO PASS...her insights are brilliant...she picks up like crazy...she always blow my mind....SHE IS TOO GOOD, not to mention a wonderful lady and a kind soul thnx xanda." ... written by beauts
Amazing as always spot on with my situation, helps me a lot and gives good advise. Looking forward to her predictions..I'll came back again.." ... written by sweet84
Thanks Xanda, you are one of my fave readers on Oranum, always so reassuring a reader I trust because of previous predictions. Blessings to you my dear. xxxx" ... written by Jade50
I always enjoy talking with Xanda. She has been a very positive influence and makes me feel better after every reading we have. I see the things she told me to unfold and cant wait for the rest to happen. It is always a pleasure to talk with her. 5 stars always!" ... written by :) Love
Thank you so much Xanda! It was nice to catch up with you. I will let you know everything as soon as I can. I really hope things will turn around for me. You have such a great gift I really appreciate it. " ... written by aerie
A few months ago, her cards showed a trip that my daughter and I would take. We did take a trip together though not by flight but I drove her across the border. Another prediction came true too. She saw my daughter would be getting married and she got engaged recently!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very nice, was very quick with answers. Positive outcome. " ... written by Lyn
Very nice reading. She was accurate in the demo about a week ago, so I came back :)" ... written by Brown Noser
she always manage to make me feel better" ... written by luckystars
Perfect!! Accurate picked up on some things which is crazy as I it was scarily accurate. I did not feed any information. Thank you!!" ... written by Senem
Excellent in every way." ... written by L
Great reading :)" ... written by luckystars
She is so accurate. Very spot on." ... written by Darkdov
Very accurate information, presented in a compassionate and professional manner, details that I needed to know, thankyou" ... written by L
Thank you Xanda, it was really great to catch up with you. Your readings give me so much hope! Many blessings!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sandy
She's great" ... written by luckystars
I just hope on top of hopes that what she says comes true :) I was in her demo wd others and I like what she did.... :)" ... written by lavanya
Thanks so much for all of your help! It was much, much appreciated! and the swiftness of the reading was also greatly appreciated :)" ... written by E
Good thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by C
Awesome reading!!! Had a reading with her before... Everything is still on track but so many things have happened and has been added on to the situation and she is still insightful. :):):):)" ... written by Senem
She's really good!!! So many questions answered!" ... written by luckystars
I had to go for another private to elaborate on a few things, and Xanda was great as usual. Lovely energy, lots of information, more and more details with every reading. Thank you! :):):):)" ... written by Sandy
So soft and friendly, gets to the point. " ... written by m
What a lovely person!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by lovewater
It was a great reading, thanks :). Sorry I ran out of credit." ... written by Meli
Awesome as usual!! :) " ... written by Senem
Thank you" ... written by shira
Great" ... written by P
Xanda is very compassionate and I hope she is accurate! with her predictions. She is very caring and answered my questions honestly and with a pure spirit. I had an instant connection to her which is always a good sign for me." ... written by Mitzer
What can I say about Xanda. She is the most calming and accurate Psychic. It is always a pleasure to have a pvt with you Xanda. 5 stars!" ... written by :) Love
I love her energy. I looking forward for her prediction to be accurate." ... written by capricorn 1984
Thank you Xanda. I always like talking to you and your readings are always very calming. 5 STARS ALWAYS!" ... written by :) Love
update and it's always great with her! thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
Xanda has always been absolutely great in her readings-V on point. I can't ask for a better psychic, and she is more than that. I have no regrets consulting with her. " ... written by R
Xanda is just wonderful. I love her style of reading and she is always honest!! Top notch psychic" ... written by leogirl
she's absolutely amazing...I like her aura soo much.." ... written by aquave
so gentle and friendly. as always i leave feeling more positive and greatly helped." ... written by b
A great reading quick and to the point answered all my questions. " ... written by jen
She is very nice and was accurate she gave me a great time line and advice!!! " ... written by muse
Xanda is a great psychic. I love her readings. Thank you!" ... written by Sandy
Great update reading with Xanda, she was awesome as usual. :) Thank you!" ... written by September_girl
Thank you Xanda" ... written by ji
She's good too short and a bit pricey, but hey it comes with the territory. " ... written by nbarnes2
good reading, thanks " ... written by ck
Good reading as always. And quick. " ... written by tilthe
She is a very reliable medium, and she gives very clear messages. I come back to her alot!!" ... written by erika
Great as usual!!" ... written by blessed25
thank you xanda. i love your readings and i'm glad you came online!" ... written by luxxicon
Every reading reveals something new. Thank you very much. Blessings :) " ... written by willow
Xanda, you are amazing and an inspiration. Not only are you an amazing psychic but you are such a gifted psychologist. I truly respect your profession. There is not another on this site who is of your caliber. Thank you once more. " ... written by R
A very good reading. I will come back again. well worth it, I felt at ease with her straight away." ... written by Sticky toffee
Great reading. To the point." ... written by Marya 23
thank you for the wonderful reading. accuarate and precise. " ... written by pigletme123
very reassuring and comforting. she made a prediction a year ago about relationship which is came true. she is accurate and very talented, check her out!" ... written by hf
She gives the same predictions as before so I am waiting for this to happen! I cant wait! Thank you" ... written by Alisha
Absolutely amazing with accuracy and dates. Such a warm, compassionate soul. I look forward to more readings in the future." ... written by Amy
great great job, very accurate gave a prediction one year ago which is starting to fall into place" ... written by happyfish1960
OMG...............I'm sorry I just have to write this testimonial because she was spot on in terms of everything that I was going through and more!!!" ... written by S.A.
absolutely brilliant, definitely work on everything you've said. " ... written by Drummergirl
xanda is amazing!!!!! She really picks up on your situation! She understands the people and circumstances involved and understands quite well on what your question is and what the possibilities are." ... written by easy
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
My favourite reader and psychic! Nothing more to say..she has been so accurate with many things..its hard to digest the information she knows. Xanda is always so sweet, understanding and assuring :)" ... written by Priscilla
Always so inspiring to go into private. I am amazed at the details she is able to pick up on. " ... written by AB
So lovely. Many thanks. Will keep you posted! " ... written by lovewater
She's lovely! Very interesting indeed. We'll see how it all unfolds. Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
very quick to pick up and very happy with reading" ... written by Sticky
It's been a while and I really needed a catch-up session with Xanda. She is a great person and a psychic, I trust her predictions even though I have been waiting for quite some time. But I trust her and I am absolutely sure that what she saw will manifest. Thank you and blessings :) " ... written by snowhite
Brilliant as always ... thanks Xanda :) " ... written by susana
I feel good after the session..short but , it calmed me :)" ... written by lavanya
Stands by her reading..Gave the same prediction as before..I mean..she couldn't have written it down. She had no clue that I was coming to see her. Thank you so much! and I can't wait to see the predictions come to fruition. I will keep you posted. xoxo" ... written by blessed25
Awesome news!!! Just what i needed to hear! Thank you soooooo much!!!" ... written by Claire
Thank you Xanda for your words, its always uplifting to have a reading with you. Xanda is always positive with great energy and she tells things as she sees them. Very detailed in her readings and she doesn't change what she tells you in the readings. Be blessed! 5 Stars!" ... written by :) Love
I always feel better when I get a reading from her. What she predicted was big so I hope it happens. " ... written by gemini0605
Talking with Xanda is like going into deep meditation. She always makes me feel good after I have a private with her and she just reassures me that everything will go well. Xanda is excellent and fast. Will be back soon again. Hugs and blessings!" ... written by :) Love
One more for the Psychic Xanda !! Her time prediction spot on! All good things rolled in and in perfect timing and order. A complete surprise! But not after I realized it was predicted! She is great and I wish others knew of her incredible insight and knowledge! Xanda you Rock!" ... written by Jillian5
she is so warm and kind. she gave answer accurate and direct. i really enjoyed the reading with her!! strongly recommend!!!" ... written by olivezcy
Loved Xanda ... she is great reading her cards and also senses detail around that is very accurate. Highly recommend!" ... written by donna
I would not miss a chance to grab a reading with Xanda when she happens to come online. She is a powerful reader and a great person. I've seen her work with others and I've had readings myself, and many times I couldn't believe what comes out of her mouth, because it's so true. Thank you and blessings!" ... written by willow
She was very on point with everything she said. I have faith that things will manifest the way she sees it...and I have to take heed on what she told me as well. Thank you Xanda. You are wonderful!" ... written by James
Again another update: some months ago xanda said that my BF was getting an update about me and I doubted that coz I just could not see how that could happen but 2 days ago he told me someone was coming to him and telling all about what was happening in my work life. I was shocked! That person did make up lies about me tho. xanda's guides are wonderful. It's not what I always want to hear but it is true. " ... written by R
I have been reading with Xandra for two years and she made several predictions about my BF and at the time I doubted her because we were not together and I was hurt and upset with him. She told me that he will approach me again and I would fall right into his arms. I highly doubted this coz of the circumstance but I saw him and he opened his arms to me and I fell straight into his arms. I was carrying a bag and I just dropped it and didn't realize where I left it coz it happened so fast. I didn't realize her prediction until it happened. I also wanted to transfer from my job for personal reasons and I told her I would have to wait until September...She said I did not have to wait and I was confused coz my job transfers employees in September, well I started at a new location in July. Xandra is the most accurate reader on here. I've read with several others and I found one who was really close but Xandra is the clearest and most precise in time frames and accuracy. I read with no other but her. Her guides are ALWAYS right." ... written by R
Thank you Xanda, so glad we connected ... looking forward to the future and all good things, no matter how slow the progress is ... I will be the patient Queen. ":)" ... written by jillian5
" ... written by Sonia
Great reading amazing clarity thank you so much for your guidance and help" ... written by ikroyala
Very helpful, helped to clear negative energies and focus on what needs to be worked on in a natural course of time." ... written by Brands
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
I saw Xanda on one previous occasion in one of her Demos. I found her to be quite intriguing. I wanted to read with her, but her fee was way out my financial comfort zone at the time. " ... written by BlackDeuce
thank you very much for clarifying my situation xanda, I will see you again soon. blessings! xx" ... written by -
Xanda is the best reader for me! I cannot imagine my life without her help and guidance..She is the most accurate reader here and whatever she says to me always makes sense and turns out to be true :) Thank u again Xanda :)" ... written by Priscilla
Great, as always! Thank you!!" ... written by P
Good reading. We will see it all pans out." ... written by jan
Seemed like a great reading...will keep you posted!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
As always, she's nailed it with accuracy. She's such a lovely lady, and you always feel she really cares. " ... written by Drummergirl
Xanda is awesome as usual, everything she says makes sense. I will keep you posted about new developments. Blessings :) " ... written by willow
She is so wonderful. I don't usually like readers that use cards but her ability is merely to allow it as a gateway for deeper information. It's used as a tool as merely a gains to the threshold." ... written by Palomina
Psychic Xanda has been very helpful from the past, she's very consistent with her words, last year i consulted her, her predictions came to pass. I am looking forward to her predictions and will be back to let you know. Thanks very much!" ... written by rk
My first reading with PsychicXanda and I was impressed. She has an amazing calming aura. Very compassionate, joyful, and sweet. I hope her predictions come true and will be back to confirm" ... written by LotusFlower
She has given me so much hope I will be waiting for her predictions to happen. " ... written by gemin0605
Xanda is always amazing! Love her so much! Thank you for being so calm and helpful! " ... written by :) Love
prediction for new job at end of november, another prediction for end of december. will defenetly come back. " ... written by cindy
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
thank you for your time . Very sweet, blessing and light to you" ... written by judi
Thank you for putting my mind as ease. I will keep you posted on what happens!!! I now feel so much better!" ... written by Loveb1980
PsychicXanda's reading was insightful and clear. It was encouraging and gave me a great deal to look forward to. I will definitely consult with her again." ... written by AJ
sempre muito correcta nas suas previsões... com certeza irei voltar." ... written by ns
i thought she was really good. " ... written by sweet
Oh my God, Xanda's big prediction came true for me. She kept telling me that I would meet a guy I already know who is a little younger than me, and how he is somehow connected with my father. Lo and behold, I meet someone two weeks ago who I used to know as a child, and our fathers were best friends in youth. Imagine that! He is indeed 2 months younger. She told me so many details I can't even remember right now, but I am blown away by her accuracy. Xanda is a brilliant psychic, unbelievable. " ... written by willow
Great." ... written by SR
I have faith in want she is telling me!!!" ... written by Miss O
She is very accurate." ... written by erika
she is very good...absolutely worth every penny and so much more...thank you so and light x" ... written by missvika
Amazing reading as always. Xanda rocks! :)" ... written by cinderella
I will have to wait and see because I don't believe I will be dating anyone but I will keep her updated" ... written by Fantasy
as always she is her cards speak to her.......she gives it like a movie and each insight is an old client and will always return" ... written by bm
She is fantastic. Definitely picked up on my situation. I hope her predictions come true." ... written by Susan
Lovely as always! Many many thanks for the support! Will keep you posted. " ... written by lovewater
she is great*****" ... written by ed
Always great catching up with Xanda, she is amazing. Blessings" ... written by willow
Thanks Xandi. " ... written by susana
" ... written by Sonia
I felt so at peace speaking to Xanda. I picked the right person. She is comforting and I feel like I was speaking to a family member. I will definitely be back to speak to her again when my heart is hurting or if I need guidance. Thank you again Xanda!! xoxo" ... written by Mitchi10
She is right on it............." ... written by ed
she is just amazing, composed, calm, accurate beyond belief, totally awesome....i got my confirmation, clarity, tons of info..." ... written by OHSO
she is very reliable and accurate" ... written by erika
WILL C RESULT5, SHE IS ACCURATE" ... written by edgar
WOW -- she was able to tell me everything without asking one question....excellent reader and will definitely come back to her for a reading!" ... written by Angel
patient as ever ...u r my rock right now .I hope u know that :)" ... written by LAVANYA
well see what she says" ... written by Christina
before chatting i was sad, after i feel great. thanks." ... written by mark
She's great. Always clear and precise." ... written by a
This was a great reading! I will definitely keep you posted! " ... written by Natrice
Always great reading with Xanda! " ... written by Cinderella
Greattttt reading...Xanda nailed it..she knew everything..great reader..accurate to the core!" ... written by t
She picked up on so much! I feel like she was spot on. I would definitely give her a try. " ... written by Annon
My Dear Xanda,," ... written by lavanya
Ok. Xanda has become one of my favorite readers on Oranum. There are a couple that I hold dear on here. She is the real deal and picks up on things very accurately. She picked up on a situation that I'm involved it and I haven't told anyone about. I was in shock. She's very detailed and easy going. great to talk to. I highly recommend her." ... written by jand777
Amazing" ... written by Loveb1980
She is very accurate and straight to the point. I just wish I could afford more of her time!" ... written by eli
Thank you for fantastic reading. Will come back soon!" ... written by P
she is very quick and to the point, tells it like it is no sugar coating still very good, check her out you'll be glad you did" ... written by paul61
consistent mesage" ... written by LAVANYA
good" ... written by LAVANYA
Thanks Xanda for your reading and sureness .... I will keep you updated :) lots of love xx" ... written by Susana
Great advice, gave me some key happenings she anticipates in the future and names of people I might meet. Very interesting reading, she's very confident." ... written by AB
Had to continue my reading. PX has a very calm demeanor almost like she has faith in your outcome and is sure of it. I just came for an update. She's awesome overall." ... written by jand777
she's great" ... written by jand777
I had an update with Psy-Xanda, she had made one prediction (about meeting someone new)and it came true "immediately" but it didn't turn out so well..the guy withdrew, but is coming back slowly. Xanda helped me understand what is going on and I'll be patient and not get intense about it and we'll what happens. Thank You ... I feel Xanda is very accurate and I do trust her abilities and like her true compassion and highly recommend her! " ... written by Lynda22
Excellent reader. I will come back to her for more advice and guidance." ... written by Krista Elliott
She is a 5 STARS! AMAZING with her predictions! She connected very fast and positive. Highly Recommended! " ... written by Oolong
Strong connection, very gifted reader.... highly recommend!" ... written by Angel
Well I just came back to get a followup and it has put me at easy. " ... written by loveb
Accurate with my current situation. Will come back for a second readings to feedback on my first reading." ... written by littlebudy1
put me at ease." ... written by cindy
The insight and accuracy was absolutely mind blowing. Acutely picked up on two situations and guided through them to narrow a single path with multiple points in a timeline. I'm absolutely stunned how quick and precise she was. I can't wait to report to back!" ... written by Amanda
This was my first reading with her. She picked up on a lot. She also gave me timelines and some advice on how to move forward in my situation and life in general. She gave me hope. things will get better. As long as I believe they will. I enjoyed my reading with her and will be back to update her on any positive developments." ... written by l
Very kind and helpful - we got cut but I am coming back in again! " ... written by Miracle
she picked up on some very interesting things" ... written by Evestha
This reader made my day. She gave great advice and was very accurate in her reading. Please choose her you won't be disappointed!!" ... written by Andrea
Great" ... written by edgar
she is great!!" ... written by Lina
She's incredibly insightful and very (almost eerily) accurate. Very precise timelines and very detailed - absolutely worth a read." ... written by Amanda
Thanks Xanda!!! You have helped me more than you know. Very gifted. Thanks for helping me prioritize and point me in the right direction. xxxxx" ... written by ShanShine
TY xanda" ... written by R
Empathetic, quick and to the point. Gave me hope. I'll visit her again soon." ... written by Needyone1234
she is an old client...and will always return..she has always been very accurate ,calm and brilliant..Consistent from her" ... written by bm
Great Reader" ... written by edgar
Very nice reading! Tks" ... written by M
She does an amazing job in private! I was fortunate enough to speak with her, and I'm glad there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your patience, time, and honest reading Xanda!~" ... written by James1488
Thanks Xanda , once again for your help ... :) xx" ... written by susana
She was very incredible, very gifted and insightful, I highly recommend her as a compassionate intuitive. I would go to her again and again. I bought more credits from her because she was spot on !!!!!" ... written by piglet1967
Xanda was accurate, fast, and full of kind words. She gave me great news to look forward to and confirmed other things as well. I will for sure come back for an update. Blessings to you :) " ... written by adiee
She was very easy to talk to and picked up on alot of things. I cant wait til what she said will happen comes to pass. She confirmed to me that I am not crazy because I sure thought I was. Thanks Xanda!" ... written by Evestha
Psychic Xanda was calm, frank, and told me some very surprising things....and I felt accepting and stronger about what is to come. She said something that totally took me by surprise and gave the time frame for it as well. She reassured me where she could and really empathized with me woman to woman. I will come back and update you again, Psychic Xanda - thank you for your time and guidance. You were very good! :-)" ... written by Miracle
Quick answers and no sugar coating, not exactly what I wanted to hear but I feel like the reading was informative." ... written by Candy
She is friendly and great in predicting...that's nice to know some other things that i never know about myself...Great. Keep it up." ... written by Barani
OMG she was spot on. She cleared up so many things for me and made me feel so much better. Fantastic. You need to give her a try." ... written by mc
is very chili true and positive" ... written by dean
Wow. Great. I am impressed. Will use again!!!" ... written by jjkjkjk
she was so calming and such an amazing read, wasted no time and gave the answers needed." ... written by t
second or third reading. got my answers. " ... written by sunny
Interesting reading..made some predictions. Will return when they manifest. Lovely woman. " ... written by A
She said I would meet the one before the end of the year. Hopefully it will come true. Keep you posted. " ... written by Lisa
This is my first testimonial ever. Xanda was amazing. She told me things about my loved ones that no one else knew about. Was so amazing. Lovely lovely lady. Highly recommend" ... written by Katrina
very accurate!" ... written by sun
wow...very accurate..I cant believe she knows all that from just playing cards...very on point..and great in details...amazing.." ... written by md3311
So prediction something that I did not want to happen and she was correct. Trust me if she is totally honest, and I will continue to come back to her for advice." ... written by Chris
quick reader" ... written by tianna
She picked up some great things which were true, I have given some time frame and lets see how those goes" ... written by Jagjit
Thank you as you knew everything...Wow and I didnt say anything..." ... written by Tie
Very nice reading! Hope to see you soon!" ... written by M
As always; spot on with her insight. Love talking to Xanda. She is very good! and really cares" ... written by Jimmy Harvey
Wonderful and very quick and accurate reading, thanks so much Xanda!!! Will come back soon to update you!! I've heard you were very good and I believe it to be true and very happy to have met you finally!! Blessings!!! " ... written by Lynda22
One prediction came true! Met a great guy, within days that Xanda told me I would! Great reading, always accurate and compassionate! Blessings!" ... written by Lynda22
She was great. To the point. Didn't waste time and told me what she sees. She picked up on so much. There was truth in so much of what she was saying that it would make it hard for me not to believe what she is saying for the future." ... written by optomystic1
really cool person... great vibe" ... written by J
Xanda is amazing, I love the way she did my reading and she def didn't waste my time. I love her vibe too. Highly recommended :) " ... written by Stella
Of course as usual miss Xanda is right on the money, confirmed my suspicion, you're right, he'll never change, We'll see where everything goes but the future looks bright and promising. Her past predictions have also been accurate to a T. I'll keep my options open, thank you my love, we'll surely talk again in the future." ... written by S.A.
As always; she hits everything dead on. Love talking to her. I always come back to see how my world is moving forward" ... written by Jimmy Harvey
waiting on results" ... written by edgar
Xanda is amazing as always, will see if predictions happen " ... written by Stella
i took her inspite of her high rate cz shes brilliant and accurate always....its a huge prediction....and i will update on her wall if its comes thru...thnx xanda " ... written by bm
AMAZING!" ... written by Bella
She told me that I was going to meet a new man which I did. Her time lines are incredible. I thought nah not so quick. But she was right because we became very attached as so as we met. Awesome reader. I will come back. Loads of detail" ... written by SF
WOW!! Gave me a prediction that nobody else has ever given me. Definitely took me by surprise! Thank you Xanda. I'll definitely be back for another reading as soon as my funds allow :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
Just want to say that her major predictions 8 months ago that I was reluctant to accept did indeed come to pass as she predicted..." ... written by belladonna
Thank you Xanda for calming me with regards to my situation. It's not my greatest strength but I'll be patient and wait for events to unfold which I have faith they will. Will be back to update you. Get a reading with Xanda. It will be the best decision you've made yet :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
Great again! Had to go back for another amazing reading :)" ... written by Ashley
Amazing! She confirmed everything I was thinking. Worth every penny!" ... written by Ashley
Excellent as usual" ... written by GZRNYC
thanks. for update.." ... written by sung
Best out there" ... written by edgar
Xanda is a life saver, literally. She was able to give me great insight and advice on a very stressful family situation. I have been reading with her for TWO years, and she has correctly predicted everything that unfolded in my life since then. Thank God for Xanda!" ... written by willow
i was in a mess mental state until i spoke to her..she still saw that important prediction happening...i trust her insight as shes always been bang on accurate..will update soon " ... written by bm
thank you :)" ... written by hilly
thank you!" ... written by hilly
FIRSTLY HER CALM AURA SOOTHES U MOMENT YOU GO IN FOR A READING U FEEL HEALED AND CALM.....with just her playing cards she stuns you with answers and accuracy.I have been checking up with her lately for a very important event that is to take place and she is seeing a YES from past 2 readings..WITH GREAT she confirmed more details regarding this....and if this happens then SHE IS THE REAL MIRACLE AND HER CARDS THE RABBITS THAT JUMP OUT TO LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS...thanku xanda...." ... written by bm
shes lovely as always...clear kind and insightful...lovely advice" ... written by bm
Great" ... written by edgar
Great reading. Provided me good information" ... written by Chris
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Would have wished more time with Xanda, nice lady and truthful.." ... written by Helpme67
thanks for the honesty, very fast and very helpful.... x" ... written by susana
My first reading with her. She is very nice and she seems very genuine. She made me feel so much better with my situation...I really needed her re-assurance on things. I will certainly return for another update. See you soon!" ... written by M
Xanda is just wonderful, very accurate and uplifting. Very compassionate and gives very good advise. Thank you so much! " ... written by Lynda22
She was wonderful, all the things she said was astounding. I would definitely use her again and again." ... written by Jewels McDonald
PsychicXanda is amazing. Her time frames and predictions on any situation are always accurate. She's very trustworthy and kind. Always a favorite! ❤" ... written by PixieLove
WOW! This woman blew my mind! She is a diamond in the rough. I would have never expected her to be so accurate and detailed. I tried her because she was on sale. Either way, she is worth whatever price she sets! I will come back for update for sure!" ... written by USA
Such a great reading..Xanda knows everything and her energy is so soothing..many thx dear xx" ... written by t
great" ... written by ed
Greatttttttttttttttttttt" ... written by edgar
great reading. Will let you know when predictions come true. " ... written by sugarplum
Greatest" ... written by ed
greaaaaaattttttttttttttt" ... written by ed
BEST READING" ... written by EDGAR
Amazing" ... written by edgar
thanks, looking forward to coming back to speak soon." ... written by sung
Best reading out there" ... written by edgar
Great" ... written by edgar
good information, good messages, i know her predictions will come to pass, thank you Xanda. Her chat room is also quite informative. " ... written by golden
Absolutely so kind and her reading was so soothing, peaceful, and reassuring. My first reading and it was terrific!" ... written by Angel
perfect" ... written by edgar
This was very uplifting! I knew in my heart some things that she said to be true. I can't wait to see things develop." ... written by shelle97
I love how engaged and detailed she is. Her timelines are always on point and she's a marvelous guide and comfort when things seem a bit hazy!" ... written by Amanda
A great Psychic! See things with ease, and to the point." ... written by aaa
What can i say,wonderful,magnificent, all good things i can say are not enough the time prediction the part of messages from my spirit guide,the way i really fell inside all that was said by Xanda please come and see for your self." ... written by Ricardo Correia
Xanda has been reading for me for a long time andamp; i trust her readings. She gave me some important news today andamp; I pray it will come to pass with god's grace..Thank u xanda :)" ... written by Priscilla
Xanda was great :) looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by Saloni
Best" ... written by ed
Great reading . Thank you " ... written by Beth
Absolutely amazing,i'm in awe at this lady's gifts,she picked up on things no one knew abt and was amazingly spot on,i highly recommend her,she asks for no information but gets straight to the point,i wanted a clear direct answer to my question n she gave it,thanku so much hunni,much light n many blessings xx" ... written by On angelswings3
Psychic Xanda is one of the best readers that I have encountered. She was fast, knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be back to get an update." ... written by jyoung1b
Very accurate reading, liked it a lot." ... written by zooba
Xanda is truly the best! Simply said, she is genuinely gifted and will read you like an open book with all of her details being so accurate and spot on. Her predictions are also so detailed and I can't wait for them to happen. Her predictions are always accurate and always manifest, so I totally recommend her to anyone who wants the truth and the real answers. " ... written by dolefuldoll
she's awesome" ... written by Cristna
The reading was quite interesting. Not what I expected, but im open to what she sees. Never say never? lol I sure hope the time frame of 3 weeks happens, sigh. I will come back and let ALL know. She sees big changes, things that are not even on my radar at the moment. I remain positive, thankful and grateful." ... written by T
Always wonderful !!!!" ... written by Lynn
WOW! She amazed me! I had my first reading with her and she was right about everything! She is very fast and accurate at the same time. She is worth every penny! I recommend her 1000000000%" ... written by E
wonderful lady!!" ... written by shelle97
Xanda was very accurate with my current situation. I wish I had more time with her, but she was very concerned about situations that I have to take care of for the betterment of my self. I hope to see better things come to fruition soon. I appreciate your insight and will return again. Thank you!~" ... written by James
Thank you!!!!!" ... written by P
She got talent" ... written by Edgar
very very interesting reading!!" ... written by Yam
what a beautiful person xxxxxx amazing xxxx" ... written by caz
Omg,awesome as ever,love my readings with Xanda,she's so on point,no sugar coating,just straight to the point ,she gives you so much info without asking anything,she's my one to go to,i trust her implicably,thanku so much hunni,love n light xx" ... written by onangelswings3
thanks for the detailed update you are the best love and light xoxox" ... written by
Came for a follow-up reading. Xanda was quick and detailed in her reading and provided a lot of reassurance. Will follow-up again as things unfold." ... written by US
thank you xanda" ... written by shelle97
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
she's an awesome reading" ... written by Cristina
we will see what happens" ... written by kris
Fast waiting for predictions" ... written by Jay
very fast. very focused. very confident. very focused. i was pleased with the reading." ... written by christine
Im hoping things come to pass :)" ... written by Priscilla
Awesome!!!" ... written by miami0203
She was so quick on picking up on things! She blew me away with some info that no one could have known without me saying! This gives me confidence that her predictions will come true. I'll be back for sure!" ... written by Margaret
PsychicXanda is truly blessed with a gift. Her predictions always come true and her perceptions of people and situations in my life are always correct. She gives very helpful advice and has a kind energy that a trustworthy friend will have. I highly recommend her!" ... written by PixieLove
good reading, good answers and insight. she knows...." ... written by starryeyes
She is a nice person but i still dont know if what she says will come to pass. She was pretty quick on t he reading." ... written by Jeannie
she's awesome, go with xanda" ... written by great reader
great reading she is spot on and tells predictions like nobody's business" ... written by great reader
Xanda has been my go to psychic for a long time..I wish she was on more often but i am grateful for my readings from her. Many things she has said for me has happened." ... written by Priscilla
She is quick to connect and doesn't waste any time! Would highly recommend her! :) She confirmed her prediction for me once again! " ... written by Saloni
great reading, no tools, fast" ... written by Great reader
Very accurate reading! " ... written by Tony
She doesn't waste any time and gets to the heart of the matter! :) She is fast to connect and very professional! Would highly recommend her! :)" ... written by Saloni
Great!" ... written by Pranav
Very interesting reading and no doubt it was worth the time. I will come back again to talk about the information you gave me when we have a chance another time" ... written by Lloyyd
She was lovely. peaceful. great read" ... written by D
Finally, a little longer time to read. Thank you, I will keep you updated soon with the information you gave me" ... written by Lloyyd
thank you for the awesome reading!! the details :o" ... written by -
She's phenomenal. Always a great reading. I will come back and update with her afterwards." ... written by AB
xanda surprised me. either she is a great psychic or she already knew my situation through some source.but she definitely is a real psychic and I felt that she is no joke. no fake." ... written by myst
honest and to the point, lovely person thank you" ... written by
She is a lovely peaceful human with an amazing gift. She was very accurate about a lot of details and I had a wonderful reading " ... written by sumaya
Thank you for the reading Xanda! You were very on point with your information! " ... written by TB
Wonderful reading with Xanda! Love her :) She helped me clear my head and gave me some awesome feedback." ... written by kunda
love speaking w/ xamda!!" ... written by truelove
Its always good connecting with great spirits! thank you for this honest and heart felt reading." ... written by Red
she's great" ... written by lucky
greattttttttttttt" ... written by ed
Wonderful Wonderful.. she has an amazing insight and Im so thrilled I have found Xanda. You must give her a try :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!" ... written by S
Excellent, quick to the point and great advice!" ... written by Candice
great readings, have been following her for sometime her predictions are always thoughtful and very helpful." ... written by sd
Great reading" ... written by ryzette
greattttt" ... written by ed
She was really quick to connect and was very detailed! :)" ... written by S
I hope she's right" ... written by Ang
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ed
Xanda is brilliant!! She picked up on a lot of details about my situation and gave me much hope for the future. She was a delight 2 talk to and has a gentle nature. Thank you Xanda for sharing your amazing gift with all of us!! Love and Light! " ... written by LibraDragon11
Xanda is has a wonderful peaceful joyous energy." ... written by Dawn
She is awesome and so sweet .. I love her smile she is a beaming beacon of light to help with the guidance on my journey and I Thank you Xanda for leading me down the right path ..many blessings to you xoxoxo..she is so accurate it's scary. " ... written by sc
Very nice and knowledgeable! Interesting first reading! I am glad I did it a reading with her! " ... written by Katelyn
Very, very good xxxx" ... written by Tatiana
she was so accurate , im ver impressed by her" ... written by mariam
Came back for an update after what she has said over the last year actually happened. I have some new predictions to look forward to in the future. She really is a psychic. " ... written by susan
She is TRULY amazing. I got so much clarity in so little time. She helped me start to close the book on something I should have a while ago. I will definitely be back. " ... written by Sabi
She told me an issue will come to be completely different than what I was expecting. Seems to know what she is talking about, so we'll see." ... written by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Excellent" ... written by ed
Quick to connect and is very accurate! Always know I will get straight answers!!" ... written by Angel
had a reading with her back in november about love life and what she predicted was absolutely spot on! she is truthful and in tune" ... written by sd
Was so accurate about the situation, great reading, good details and very sweet. Thank You " ... written by Sherry
She's the best ever!!!!!!!!! always 100% accurate!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Spot on as always, and fast" ... written by Ryzette
It was interesting and accurate " ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
she is awesome" ... written by lori
This lady is amaziiiiiiing!!! she goes straight to the point wihthout a word from me. Details just pour out. The real deal, especially when it comes to time lines. Six months ago you told me that I would be married within a short period of time. This came true!!! and I am the happiest girl in the universe. Thank you Psychic Xanda. I will always come to you :)" ... written by Jen
Very good and detailed. I was impressed. " ... written by C0ba
She was very nice! Had a good reading with her and will return:)" ... written by SameAsToday
Thank you Psychic Xanda She is always so kind and honest !!! " ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
Many thanks! " ... written by F.
will post after 10 days !!! she seemed right on point!" ... written by miljay
amazing reader" ... written by cris
Very accurate and very good!! " ... written by rena67
thank you xanda. i hope you are right." ... written by all
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
Thank you!" ... written by
Great" ... written by ed
she was a delight and I enjoyed chatting with her...thank you so much" ... written by scadoodle
Xanda made some predictions that I will welcome. I can't wait to tell her when they come to pass. It was a very good reading. Thank You." ... written by PinkLotus
Thank you, thank you. " ... written by
Thank you" ... written by
brief but ok." ... written by Alr
PsychicXanda is the best ever in the whole world! 100% accurate all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Lost for words. Everything. And I mean everything is unfolding just as Xanda said. Had a bit of a wobble yesterday but she confirmed that things would go back on track. She was right. He made contact today. She was calming, friendly, reassuring and patient. So glad I came across you. Cannot recommend this lady enough." ... written by nicmuir
good" ... written by real love
She is very helpful !!! and gave lots of guidance !" ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
Super duper awesome. She was able to channel a dear friend exactly and was a great reading!" ... written by Larry
short and sweet - or sometimes bitter sweet when it's dealing with a breakup. Thanks Xanda" ... written by kundra
thank you so much for your predictions xanda.. will let you know if i hear from him next week. thank you x" ... written by patient_girl
I always enjoy her readings!!!! Very spot on." ... written by Larry
Psychic Xanda is the psychic of all psychics. She's simply the best psychic in the whole world. Always 100% accurate about the past, present and future. Many blessings and thanks ♥" ... written by sweetmarionette
pick up everything....very good ...awesome 10 stars..." ... written by dominator
Love her to bits, have been reading with her for 3 years and her predictions come true, sooner or later, but they come true" ... written by willow
Psychic Xanda is one of the very few best psychics on here. She's genuinely God gifted and everything she tells me is 100% true and accurate whether it's about the past, present or future and all of her predictions come true each and every time. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to have a mindblowing and honest reading. She's a wonderful and great person too. God bless you psychic Xanda and thanks for the awesome reading! ♥♥♥" ... written by sweetmarionette
Very fast typing. Really good too I would def recommend I will be back for sure!! :-) " ... written by Heather
Wow what a very warm and caring lady. A million stars for her was excellent reader." ... written by Roy
Very good update. I have not had a reading from her in a while but she was right on track with everything. Will have to be patient and give this time to play out." ... written by Ray
crazily accurate!! " ... written by Lightstreet
very informative" ... written by Rayhaan
alwaysscalmandamp;soothing..lovethislady" ... written by truelove
For the first time I had a reading with her and she was really good." ... written by Dignity
Thank you for the wonderful reading so accurate and spot on. Brilliant" ... written by Lorann
Absolutely Incredible! The quickest connection and the information just flowed -- soooo much information, saw right into my situation. Hoping everything happens within the timeframes predicted. I will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
I'm sorry Xanda, I ran out of credits. But thanks for that!" ... written by Jan
really good, looking forward to it coming thru" ... written by DIveeny
Dont know where to even start about this lady lol. About a year ago she told me in a few weeks I would meet a younger guy. I will marry him! Naturally I was sceptical. But I did meet him. Last October I got an update. And slowly but surely everything she predicted is happening. She warned me that this would not be an easy start ( understatement lol) but he is worth it. She read him exactly. About work and stress and lack of spare time. Even when things were going very badly she stuck by her predictions. On our last reading she even picked up that we would see each other in august at a sporting event! I hadnandamp;amp;#039;t even mentioned it!! Well a year later things are clicking into place. Only advice I can give is GET A READING FROM HER! Absolutely fantastic. I will always return to Xanda xx" ... written by nicmuir
Very accurate reader,won't tell you what you want to hear,doesn't sugarcoat,will be back when predictions have passed,thank you so much xoxo" ... written by J
All I have to say is , this woman is no joke !!! she has the gift of sight andamp; she's honest , inspirational andamp; authentic in her vision.. I freaking love her .. It's great to get a spiritual check up every once in awhile , but i highly recommend that you do it with PsychicXanda ! " ... written by tamjones
was good" ... written by rl
Very clear and accurate, I'll definitely reach out to her again. " ... written by Laura
very informative and kind- she doesnt fakes being polite." ... written by hubert
Exciting reading! " ... written by suki
The most amazing women , on point very accuarate, the best on here by far. 10 star rating. She is the WOW factor. " ... written by ArmaniG
went back for more details " ... written by suki
awesome reading !!! love her!!! yes!!!! excellent!!!" ... written by tamjones
she is amazing " ... written by ohood
Xanda was right on point without me even having to tell her any names. She gave loads of details and accurately explained the situation. Thanks! :)" ... written by S
Great experience!" ... written by Yuliya
This was my firs reading with Xanda. It was fun! She is fast with a lot of detail. I am so excited I finally got a reading with her! TY Xanda!" ... written by Karen
Xanda was very accurate and precise, short reading but I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
First reading. She got a lot of things without my saying anything, which gives me a lot of confidence in her. " ... written by allbright
Great reading!!!!" ... written by V
She is different from the majority of the psychics here. She answered my questions quickly and gave me information. I will wait to see if her predictions will come true this month." ... written by Toroto
Xanda is extremely gifted. I very highly recommend her. On point and insightful" ... written by LightofTruth
First time talking with her....There is this serene calmness that pours through her...very easy to talk to and very honest in what she sees..She confirmed and re-confirmed some things I knew deep inside that was true...There is a bright future ahead for me in all aspects of my life. Looking forward to her predictions coming to pass..The first one in about 8-9 months (coincidentally), the same time frame that I have. I am confident in her gift and she is one of two psychics that I will be using on Oranum. Thank you Xanda and was nice to meet you." ... written by Bella
She is extremely accurate,no sugar coat. Pick up on a lot of stuff." ... written by recruiter44
Seemed to connect fast. She brought up some stuff I didn't really understand, but I wrote it down and hopefully will become clearer. Mentioned I'm going to have financial trouble for about 6 months, and then things will change. Looking forward to seeing her predictions come true. She's seems truly gifted." ... written by risky candy
Was a short reading but a follow up from a year ago. Not seeing what I thought I'd be seeing based on the previous reading, but I am hoping that it may come to pass one day. Thank you Xanda~" ... written by Tooker_B
She seemed to pickup things pretty accurately. I liked her reading. Will come back n confirm on the timeframes she gave :) thanks!" ... written by noone
Awesome and soft spoken (:" ... written by julie
Thank you so very much...your reading was amazing..and the clarity of what i need to do.." ... written by Melissa
She knew what my hot spot is when it comes to career and she gave me confirmation on how I would know what the right move would be. I am going to take her suggestion and request a compatibility reading so I can get a deeper understanding of myself and my significant other as well. " ... written by Jasmine
I feel like she even said some of the words that have been said in my situation, she is quite on point with how she picks up personalities as well :)" ... written by Mimi
bless you " ... written by
she is amazing " ... written by ohood
just great right on point. We'll definitely be back you're the best" ... written by rob300c
Just great right on point.. Thank you so much will be back for sure" ... written by rob300c
OMG! she is really good, its too emotional reading all the informations are accurately. highly recommand ." ... written by TUSHAN
I have seen many psychics met many spiritual people. PsychicXanda brings to her readings a quality and degree of clarity that is astounding. TRULY a gift to this site. I recommend her to all truth seekers out there looking for the REAL DEAL. Here she is :-), don't waste your money/energy elsewhere. Many blessings." ... written by belladonna8
She is great very nice and with a clear view of your future." ... written by brivers39
The best person ever. Sooo nice and easy to talk to. You have to try her." ... written by serena21
She was very very good! I really liked her. She knows. " ... written by Rei