Psychic TOZORORION99has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TOZORORION99has recently helped 2members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TOZORORION99's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Welcome ! I am Tozororion99, a practicing shaman and psychic for over 20 years. My abilities are in the areas of healing, soul retrieval, power retrieval, banishing negative energies entities hexes and curses, remote viewing to locate lost items or people, dream interpretation and mediumship. I would be honored to give a psychic reading with you to see the near not too distant future.

i had an awesome psychic, duo with toz and starella. they were so helpful." ... written by Matt
thank you father...words cannot express how blessed I am to be in your arms..I love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
Wow - that was an amazing reading. It felt so honest and real. He did say what I wanted to hear, but others have as well, but this felt different. Like a trusted advisor. Amazing. Must try him. He is the only advisor you will need." ... written by debbiec0613
Wonderful guy." ... written by Lisa Smith
Truly a different reading than any I've ever had but definitely very worth it. He touched on so many things and hit the nail on the head with each of them. Even though he uses cards, it is apparent that his intuition is also very strong. Bravo! I will be back for future readings because I really am excited for his predictions to come to pass. " ... written by Artisa
Wonderful reader great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Great" ... written by Doppler
Good reading ....told it to me like it is.....i guess i needed to hear that then to be given false hope." ... written by A
Very good reading and I think it may have been right on." ... written by Traci
great read" ... written by Karla
Thank you so much!" ... written by wi
Very good! Thank you! " ... written by Cindy
Thanks dear, I am glad we had our talk. your a gem." ... written by Karen
thx you make sense :D" ... written by surAsya
Here you find the power of the word. " ... written by DivineEnergy
The best psychic on Oranum bye far. Thank you so much, I am so grateful I have met you!" ... written by nessy
THIS WAS MY THIRD READING. HE WILL BE MY ONLY ADVISOR. He reaches into your soul and gives you the love and support of a faithful friend. His wit and laughter put you at ease. You can share your secrets with him. He is so refreshingly different. He is a great entertainer and drummer and performer, too. He is connected to some remarkable spirits and animals and he is so honest and authentic. No matter how long you talk you just want more and more. He must have suffered a lot to have this much empathy. And he is very very honoring of the delicate sensitivities of women. He is so personable on camera and even though he has been here only a week he has the demeanor of a seasoned pro. You simply must experience this unique man's love and guidance. He has some healing touch in his powerful hands. Let him love you, let him guide you. You will be amazed. He is special and special folks will resonate. Good luck Mr. Toz we will support you! Love, Divine Energy" ... written by DivineEnergy
Just delightful as always. Many thanks and know you will do well here. So many miracles happen on this wonderful site. Best wishes for a remarkable future. " ... written by DivineEnergy
Excellent reading, reads as it is, very well, highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Pretty good and interesting reading. Was able to hone in on whats going on in my life.Very comforting energy and a cool guy." ... written by w
Truly a shaman, good soul, very gifted. Excellent reader. Always will talk to him and he has great healing energy. God bless, and good luck on Oranum " ... written by angel
:) thank you" ... written by seemarie
This is the first person from whom i have gotten a reading. All I can say is you have got to make him your friend and advisor. There is no one like him on the site nor in the world. Ii is obvious that his trials and tribulations have resulted in a gentle loving soul which connects quickly to you. A charming presence, totally guileless, an ability to see right to your heart, a real appreciation for goddess energy, healing heart and hands, and an understanding of the native rites and rituals off the charts. He is deeply connected to many notable spirits and you can feel them in his little room. He is simple but wise. Loving but stern in his desire to tell the truth whether you like it or not! This is no ordinary reader, children! Better catch him now before he gets too busy! a" ... written by DivineEnergy
very different reading in the sense that he goes deeper with your questions focusing them on yourself, like why do you want this or why do you perceive things this way? etc. I ,like most people, had a question about a relationship and yes he was able to answer my question and give me insight, but more helped asked me questions that i should be looking deeper into myself for the answers and to not let fear hold me back. take action" ... written by m
All women dream of princes and knights and magic and fire and thunder. Well dream no more. A magical prince has arrived. He will guide you and become a steadfast friend and helpmate. You have got to give this guy a try, but not if you want a generic amateur. You come here if you want a seasoned empathetic hero. I trust this man with my life. He is going to give you the answers you need. Please see him soon! Divine Energy" ... written by DivineEnergy
really fun reader, connected with me well, truthful, honest. thanks!" ... written by starrose
WOW!!!! Thank you father!!! Love him!!! Big hugs oxoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
We'll see if his predictions are correct :)" ... written by Christine
good reading, his demo was outstanding, hopefully we get a better reading next time. thanks" ... written by bibi123
thank you . it was great insights for me :) " ... written by cami
Straight to the point. Touched on some powerful stuff. Thanks Toz" ... written by seraph
very good psychic!! i recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Mary
It was a nice reading with Tozor.. He was honest.." ... written by Pooja
Good reading!" ... written by ganesh
Very comforting" ... written by Pooja Arora
Always the best" ... written by Pooja Arora
thank you for your insight i truly appreciate it and i will update you when things happen as they happen!" ... written by cherie
Just what does this man have that makes his readings so compelling? I cannot really explain the charisma but part of it is ability to laugh, control over his thoughts, a willingness to tell the truth whether you love it or not, and his undivided attention to you. How nice it would be to have a brother or a friend like this. Just give him a try. But bring him relevant and important questions. You can get the stupid questions answered elsewhere. This man has real wisdom, folks. Let him share his unique gifts with you. Bless you Mr. Toz. Divine Energy " ... written by DivineEnergy
You Rock!!!!!" ... written by Sugarbare
He is so much fun and very cool. He was very laid back with a lot of jokes. You can feel his positive energy. He was pretty spot on with his advice. I very much enjoyed him. " ... written by cookie
I have never felt my empowered. " ... written by Allison
Impressive!" ... written by l
This is not just a reader, this is an entity, a force to be reckoned with. The ability to go into a trancelike state for healing is just phenomenal. There is a great empathy and gentility and such a care and concern to protect those who have placed their trust in him. You will feel safe and at ease here. The authentic soul of the reader comes right through the screen! He has a power over words unlike any reader alive. He chooses just the words that make sense to you. " ... written by DivineEnergy
ALWAYS succinct and energizing. You will want more and more. Take advantage of his presence here. He may be off to bigger worlds soon. Many thanks great shaman. Divine Energy" ... written by DivineEnergy
helped me out heaps. gave awesome advice and told me how to access my happyness. Toz is a great guy" ... written by Matt
Nice to get some cold hard truth. Not really what I wanted to hear, but it is what I needed. No Sugar Coating. Thank you so much. I can't even tell you how much I needed this validation. The truth will set you free... and well now I ma going to move in a different direction. Thank you so much" ... written by cathleen
Just very lovely and informative and he is also open to our telling him when we see and feel good things for and about him. " ... written by DivineEnergy
thanks tozo, u help so much" ... written by lavelle
Amazing, Amazing Amazing....accurate straight to the point..very caring loving person....gave me hope and trust and defiantly be you TOZORORION99" ... written by lulutheangel
Had such a great reading with the dynamic duo of Tozo and Tess. What a true blessing to get the insight direction and prospective for the new year.. Thank you both so much.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
awesome as always thanks tozo" ... written by chioma07
He is the real deal and I know it.. because I am the same.. If you want real clarity and understanding go and see him .. he is in this for you not him.. Thank You .. may you be blessed and if i can ever help you with herbs or health please call on me I am here to help " ... written by talks
Tozororion99 is an insightful man. Well worth your time. " ... written by D
Wonderful to have him on Oranum. He is a clear bright light." ... written by spiderlilli
Got a demo, was pretty spot on. Wanted to leave feedback but only had a few credits ;] Thanks for the insight, I have some major shit going on, like when I tell people about my last six months they're like the f---? I'm in a place of real healing and figuring stuff out. Joy is good, things working out is good. Hope is so important " ... written by Chelsea
Thanks Tozororion" ... written by marion
thank u again tozo...u are awesome" ... written by lavelle
thank u tozo, u are awesome and amazing" ... written by lavelle
He was spot on. He could feel my energy and the situation that I am in and told me what I need to do and how it would work out. He's absolutely amazing! " ... written by Diane
One of the finer points from this man is his ability to meet you wherever you are. He has experienced so much that he is comfy with queens and jeans. He knows so much about everything that is necessary for success and joy. Never wastes your time on mumbo jumbo. Straight up and clear. Advice, love and guideposts. Just lovely. Thanks Mr. Toz. Divine Energy" ... written by DivineEnergy
Excellent, excellent guy. Strong, quick and very positive. Filled me with hope when I needed it and touches my spirit in a special way " ... written by Laiquendai
A++++++++++" ... written by loveman
You are going to have chances in life to catch stardust or meteorites or magic crystals. For heaven's sake hold out your hand. Here is your chance to catch a little stardust. Let Toz share some of his infinite wisdom with you. You will get so much peace from his words. Highly recommended and quite extraordinary. " ... written by DivineEnergy
Excellent duo reading was very accurate gave details w/ love and compassion a truly blessing to this site..thank you so much looking towards caif..wink wink maria middle nme Thank u again!! I shall return 123" ... written by Joanna
God I love this person.. Great reading!!" ... written by Linda
Very kind , cooperative and EXPERT and what he does, detected magic and trying to heal! Highly recommended" ... written by UZ
he was honest" ... written by shela
Powerful, profound and punchy reading." ... written by Londo
Great" ... written by Bless
he was very very good!! I will come back to him when I can" ... written by Nancy
Yes that made some sense thank you toz" ... written by Mitchell
He always knows just what to say! Just the right words to help you with even the most difficult challenge. And he does it with such kindness and authenticity. He reminds you of the value of great attitude and living in the moment. And he empowers you to make better decisions, as well. Definitely chivalry and guidance at its very finest. Divine Energy " ... written by DivineEnergy
Hes right on!!" ... written by Lina
Wow, that was crazy! Tozo is a very unique individual and has a great personality. He brings the truth. No sugar coating here. One of the best psychics on this site. Highly recommended!!" ... written by haba
He is really good." ... written by Matt
Absolutely brilliant, so genuine and gifted. A great reading and of tremendous benefit. Thank you." ... written by Eliza Anne
I am truly honored to have gotten a reading from TOZORORION99, he touched my spirit in ways that I have not had another reader do before. Thank you, you are blessed with an amazing gift." ... written by me
Takes his time to get an answer but is honest. " ... written by Sarah
super super intuitive, very accurate!!" ... written by haba
TOZORORION was awesome. He tell exactly what he sees and does not sugar coat it! Great psychic." ... written by Ashley
Great personal advice, something I needed to hear and remember!" ... written by Allison
I liked it." ... written by Kim
He answered the question i have been asking and wondering about for the past months, the funny thing is..ive been wondering subconsciously, the sum of all my fears and the cycle that i would go through to conqure it. " ... written by the magician
Was a very good reading! Still needs a bit more detail but overall was a good reading" ... written by Brocky Brock!
Wonderful reader. Gave me encouragement! I will phone him now!" ... written by Hanna
Wow... amazing. He really is sincere and gifted. " ... written by TheWhiteNY
God has given gifts to his children, but none are more fortunate than this man when it comes to the gift of melting hearts with a word and a smile. Such a combination of gentility and yet a strength to catch you if you are falling. I have watched him rescue lost souls even in the free chat arena. He is new to the site but a very old soul with the wisdom of the Sioux, Lakota, Cherokee, Blackfoot, and Suni. You must open your heart when you approach him. Let go of all that has passed and allow him to transform you. If you let him reach your soul you will be forever changed. It has happened to me over and over again and is a powerful ambrosia and elixir for healing and learning to love and trust again. As i heard someone say about him, "He is the kind of man who makes you love people again!" That says it all. Best wishes kind prince. Divine Energy" ... written by DivineEnergy
He is very direct and honest. He does not need anything other than names. He allows the reading to guide for what you need to know. He gives you warnings if led to and tries to respect the way It is said. Very honest and straightforward person." ... written by ainad
Thank you - good reading!" ... written by Ganesh
Tozo is the most interesting and inspiring psychic I have ever met... great reading! Thanks for your support." ... written by moon
answered a very important question for me..... YOUR A DOLL" ... written by Mary
WOW! This guy is the real deal. There is just something about him that draws the energy right out of you. He is straight forward, honest and to the point. I thank you Tozororion99 :)" ... written by janine
Thank you tozoro for the reading and insight into my life; helps to get some clarity on what is happening with other person. Great energy you have!" ... written by sweetpea
Moved very quickly and gave a lot of information. I will be back for sure." ... written by Easyhorizons
Honestly am blown away by the reading i am soo excited to see how things will happen:) i think it was ment to be that i talked to him. " ... written by Raechel
he was very helpful just wish i had more credits will definitely be back " ... written by taurus
Very gifted advisor. Toz's answers to my questions were extremely accurate and honest. I admire his passion and enthusiasm for his work. One of Oranum's shining stars. Thanks, Tozororion(99)" ... written by Kathy
WOW...Amazing, totally connected with me, it felt like an extension of my consciousness....crazy spooky good....even the orbs were present....i still have the goosebumps...geez..confirmed stuff for me with absolute clarity...awesome felt like an intuitive alignment of sorts....weird...cannot be put into words...but it was goooood....Tozo, i know....all the lights are green to go! YAY! " ... written by jessy
great reading....a lot of insight. and things to look forward to." ... written by jeannie
The very best!!! :-)" ... written by Allison
He was straight into the point. He gave me an answer before I properly told me what I wanted to know... Thank you, Tozororion, we will talk again soon. Bless you. Yuji " ... written by yujiparis
You just have to like and respect this guy. So much truth in his readings!" ... written by S
VEry inersting..eager to see what happens!! very with him!! " ... written by k
Great Guy. Powerful, gave me some great mantras to help deflect some negative energy and deal with some curses I was facing. I'm will be back for sure. Very empowering. " ... written by missheidi
Tozo is a blessing, very excited to see his predictions come to pass. Thank you!" ... written by VirginVirgo
You were great, computer just kept lagging!" ... written by Chrissy
This man right here is now my go to person for wisdom, and advice about my situation. He has helped me in more ways then one. He picks up on my energy and questions so accurately. He was right about being excited for the future with my boyfriend. I had a very fun time in Vegas with my man, and i am looking forward to being even closer to him. About my job situation, i will stay positive and know that something better is waiting for me around the corner. Get a reading from Tozororin" ... written by luckycharms12
Wonderful, positive, honest! Truly a great man of guidance. His practices (Runes and cards) are right on the money. Recommended!" ... written by --
Very insightful and honest! Good reader and positive energy!" ... written by Lisa
Even if all i needed was to be told it would be okay, he did it. Thank you, your effort if appreciated" ... written by midwestsierra
Wow, he knows, he feels, he understands and supports all you can be, all that is Thank you Toz for your wisdom, for your knowing, your guidance and your insight Bless you, warm light to you " ... written by piecesoflove
great connection andamp; was wonderful in telling on what i should to change my life." ... written by Ammer
very good reading. nice person. thank you" ... written by g
Quick and accurate. Great follow-up session." ... written by Lisa
Very spot on and connected. Quick and focused and to the point. Tells you want you need to hear. Very much enjoyed reading with him." ... written by p
awesomesauce" ... written by xx
Thanks tozo" ... written by Bless
Thank you very very much.. It was really good reading." ... written by Pavani
This reader has something very unique. It seems to be a true connection to Native energy and heavenly spirits. I cannot " ... written by DIVINE ENERGY
Thanks for the reading on life path and relationships. Helps to hear encouragement on things I am trying...thx Tozoro." ... written by sweetpea
tozorion is a great reader." ... written by sparrow
Very compassionate, sense of comfort in his methods. Got right to the point of what was most important in a time of utter confusion. Best 30.00 I have ever spent! Thank you dearly!!" ... written by jennybell32
see what happens" ... written by taufahema
just what i needed to hear. Thank you. " ... written by Trevor
Thanks toz" ... written by Bless
amazing and sensitive and very on point. love reading with him!" ... written by p
An amazing person, so full of wisdom, and he is also humble. He gave details which he had no way of knowing. Will be back !" ... written by Lynn
Amazing man..honest and sincere" ... written by Lynn
Had to go back. Toz is the real deal and he gives so much information that resonates with me. He is spot on. Go for a reading now. Blessings Toz" ... written by Maria
Incredible!!! Amazing. Tozo was so accurate and gave me insight to a situation. He was straight forward and told me the truth of what's going on. This was my first reading with Tozo and I felt drawn to him and he wowed me beyond belief. He didn't have to ask me a lot of questions he told me for I could even ask. He knew exactly what was happening and was very very detailed!! I am so pleased and over joyed with my reading. Thank you so much Tozo I will definitely be back. God Bless " ... written by notforgotten
Thank you for confirming and making me confront what I already know in my heart." ... written by Raven
So good, he is honest and made me feel better about a situation. " ... written by Becca
The best advise I had in my life... Thank you for such a powerful reading. Now I can stop worrying, and get lots of things done, do a lot more for the whole world in the future. Bless you! " ... written by yujiparis
Very cool and detailed. Awesome reading" ... written by Michele
Thanks so much. I knew I came to the right person. I am so grateful I found you. I will do what you said for me to do. Thank you for guidance. Well worth a pvt and more!!" ... written by notforgotten
Very good reading" ... written by Michele
Toz is very warm and caring, made my fear go away, thank you Toz and blessings" ... written by Sweety
straight to the point helped me with some doubt and rly coo" ... written by michael
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Excellent! " ... written by Kathy
Very kind man, enjoyed the reading a lot!" ... written by Haley
Toz is a wonderful shaman. He's able to get to the root causes of problems that might plague your present life. The messages he gives are very healing as is his practice. Thank you so much Toz" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Very good, honest, insightful, no beating around the bush but kind and respectful in his delivery. Was of Big help, Thank you !" ... written by imysgirl
very good reading " ... written by eva
Great reading. Made me feel at ease even though the news werent the greatest. Thank you very everything. I will be back soon. " ... written by isabelle
great reading!!!" ... written by isabelle
new to oranum and i enjoyed this reading" ... written by peace
Update" ... written by Sea
toz is a great person! he takes your situation and truly feels it and is able to take that and make me feel better, and give me hope for my future! i will definitely be back for more toz time! " ... written by RAE
Words that heal, words that encourage, and words that give hope! Great man!" ... written by Mary
Very nice chat. I appreciated the insight." ... written by Halenbane
This was my first ever reading with anyone...." ... written by Lisa (Dwidgit)
tozo is such a wonderful person. i have read with him. he is funny but has a heart of gold and always helps beyond his means be it in free chat or in pvt. god bless " ... written by jr
thank you with your advice too ..beautiful person , great reading and heart to heart talk thanks again " ... written by sara
What a connection....Right on the he was sitting right here with my life" ... written by KAREN
he is good and quick with the answers. i trust in what he says as in demo was accurate as well as private. thanks love ya too god bless. " ... written by mariaelena
Thank you so much! Positive energy flowing to me!" ... written by Melissa
Nice and honest" ... written by m
Very magical!! all i can say!! very interesting and accruratee!! love him!" ... written by k
peaceful calming reading. I felt very comforted. Thank you Tozo " ... written by Yesenia
Tozororion99 brings great healing. He provided me guidance to find something my husband left for me before he passed. He has great insight in spirit animals as well. He has a great big heart and peaceful soul. You are in good hands with him. Seek no longer." ... written by Christina Swenson
Straight to the point. Helped me out a lot." ... written by ...
He was sincerely amazing! was very quick and got straight to the heart of my situation. He made me feel a lot better about the person i was concerned about. I look forward to seeing my boyfriend soon and patching things up between us." ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you Tozo. This guy is amazing!" ... written by Jude
Wonderful reading. He works with whatever time you've got. He helped me to focus on moving forward and to understand cycles outside of my control. I highly recommend Toz!" ... written by SR
Amazing psychic. Totally picked up on my situation flawlessly! Very happy." ... written by Kyle
amazing straight to the point and answered quick as i only wanted a yes or a no " ... written by 888
Connects good. I will take his advice on some things. " ... written by BMJ
The reading has every facet possible and complete personal and lovingly tells you what you need to be guided not only to the right choice but possibilities to it Easy to connect and easy to relate..." ... written by Lara
He was great he confirmed things and really gave me amazing insight I highly recommend Tozo to anyone who needs clarity and guidance." ... written by Ronni
Thank you for telling me my totem animals Toz! :) loved it" ... written by Sweety
perceptive and accurate" ... written by ginbellen
This man is Amazing, my readings are always accurate, and he connects very well with me. I am grateful God has given me a beautiful love connection in this life time. i hope to keep growing in love with the man in my life." ... written by luckycharms312
LOL funny as always" ... written by Debbie
He is awesome I just love him." ... written by Michele
You are... THE MAN! Good reading. Good Insight. Very accurate. Very intuitive. I love ya toz. " ... written by Nanokou
Amazing! Always happy to have a reading with toz." ... written by Christina Swenson
He is the real deal shaman. He is quick and accurate. Was able to help empower me in a short amount of time. Thank you!" ... written by Celeste
So honest and helpful. Very accurate. What a session..." ... written by Trying
Toz is a truly beautiful person. Lots of love." ... written by Christina Swenson
thank you Toz...yes feel an affinity" ... written by KAREN KENNEDY
What can I say about Tozo? He is so very real. This man is a great teacher and most sincere quick to catch on with what is going on . Ty Tozo" ... written by Tiff
He's a very kind man who obviously cares about the people he reads for. Tells you the truth, even if it's not always pleasant, and that's something I appreciate." ... written by Haley
very good reading. now all I have to do is pick a path and follow it" ... written by Miko
what a good reading" ... written by Mateo
Powerful man. Good guidance to help you on your path." ... written by Christina Swenson
Thank you" ... written by Debbie
Very knowledgeable man. Always has great insight." ... written by Christina Swenson
The real deal " ... written by Debbie
Amazing man ,connects easily and fast.Told me things which actually encourage and change me to be better.Tozororion99 l will wait for what you said and change my ways too.Hope to come back with feedback regarding outcome and even updates...Amazing start to my day.......Thank you so much." ... written by Julia
awesome reading as usual" ... written by Miko
Toz is wonderful." ... written by Christina Swenson
Thanks Toz! Very insightful reading :)" ... written by Jen
Thank you :)" ... written by Debbie
Great reading. Picked straight up on my energy." ... written by PaleNative
thank you for your time and wonderful reading.. you are awesome " ... written by des
Fantastic." ... written by S
Great reader. thanks so much for the thoughts and insight on my situation." ... written by familiyhelper
I didnt have much time, but he was really honest. I'll be back in 3 weeks to see what happens!" ... written by Tabitha
He is right on the money..." ... written by karen
Great reading" ... written by Christina Swenson
Great reading! Made me come to ease with my gut answers." ... written by Christina Swenson
Very gifted. Easy to talk to and share ideas. Picked me up brilliantly. Thank you " ... written by Athana
Absolutely love him. can't wait to see if he is right about my lost item coming back. I have a feeling that he is right and it will. " ... written by jayne
i was skeptical at first, but as the reading went on he really picked up on my energy...I am hopeful now as before I was not. thank u" ... written by jessica
He is my go to man on this site!! I always feel he provides me with the answers i am seeking. I AM EXCITED FOR MY NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY TO COME MY WAY" ... written by luckycharms12
Very uplifting" ... written by Robert
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am very grateful :)" ... written by Jen
Great reader" ... written by Christina Swenson
I thank him. and love this guy for giving me the truth" ... written by Yesenia
Kind heart. Great readings." ... written by Christina Swenson
Thanks so much Tozo. You are the man to come to for answers. I totally trust everything you tell me and I have had things happen just as you said. Tozo is amazing and so fast in a pvt he doesn't waste your credits or your time. He is honest and if he doesn't see something he tells you and I appreciate his honesty. I will come back every time when I have an issue that I need answers for. Totally worth a private session!!! " ... written by notforgotten
In love with you too :-)" ... written by Bless
It was very interesting" ... written by Sonia
He is my go to man!!! love this guy!! Thanks for the good advice ABOUT MY FINANCIAL SITUATION AND LOVE LIFE. " ... written by luckycharms12
Intuitive and very honest! well worth it" ... written by Kelechi
Very good reading/conversation and recommend him to anyone.. He has wonderful demos and takes time to help people.. Definitely coming back for updates.." ... written by Lady
Very to the point! and accurate in a scary true way!!! Highly recommend." ... written by tracy
Amazing reader! He is always so honest and kind. His predictions come to pass every time. I love this guy and you should definitely consider giving him a try if you haven't already. You will not regret it!!" ... written by Kyle
he helped me realise my animal power and totem.. 100 percent recommened he is excellent " ... written by emmash
Toz was great. Fantastic reader. Highly recommend him. Thank you Toz :)" ... written by :)
Suck a positive soul. Very gifted. There is soo much you can teach us. thank you :) " ... written by Athana
awesome reading lots of comfirmation" ... written by Miko
Thanks Toz. You're great. Love the way you connect. It's all so natural and such a gift. Thanks for sharing it with me to help me gain insight into my crazy life. I know I'm an enigma. LOL I will find my way and will come back to thank you for helping to guide me. Big hugs. " ... written by familyhelper
thank you " ... written by MH
Just as I knew he picked up on me completely. He validated his gifts for me with everything he picked up. Wonderful wonderful man. " ... written by Athana
He's quite the gentleman. " ... written by T
very cool, accurate!" ... written by happy
good man very wise " ... written by 12
very good " ... written by cream
Very honest and to the point for giving me solution and what I should be doing right now. I will move on and live on my own path for now. Thank you" ... written by stellachan
Thanks toz" ... written by Bless
Hes awesome and very talented." ... written by Monroe
Love Toz" ... written by Bless
You're amazing, Toz. Thank you for listening and giving your insight on things. I just know that listening to where you see things is where I will see my rewards in life. I appreciate your compassion and you sharing your gift with me. It's a very special thing and I was lucky to be a part of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Big hugs! Most sincerely," ... written by familyhelper
Extremely informative session covering many different topics! Very knowledgeable guy that's really fun andamp; easy to learn from. Will definitely be getting another private chat soon. Thanks Tozo!! " ... written by LightOfRa
Thank you for clarifying. Truly you are a blessed man. Light and Blessings to you" ... written by judi
Very cool reading. Can't wait to report back." ... written by Kim
Always gives a great reading. Wonderful man." ... written by Christina Swenson
Thank you Tozo I hope it comes good, but in the meantime you made me feel so happy about it all. xxx blessings always" ... written by liz
Thanks, Toz. You're a great person. Thoroughly enjoy our chats and learning from you. You're so interesting, insightful, caring, compassionate and just a great person. ***HUGS***" ... written by familyhelper
Excellent - amazing energy and powerful " ... written by Maria
Toz is an amazing soul, so tuned in to people. He's a beautiful person. Thanks for your guidance, Toz." ... written by familyhelper
He prediction came true to the day exactly as he said. He is the best. Love talking to him." ... written by jayne
Always very direct and honest. Also very encouraging and calming. Love working with Tozo :-)" ... written by p
good reader recommended ." ... written by DHARMA
Tozo did such a wonderful update in pvt he was spot on and he didn't know about previous incident or anything to five insight and prediction. He has helped me ever so much. Thank you Thank you Tozo.. Much luv and light... Namaste" ... written by Janine
Always a pleasure having your help :) You are truly gifted. " ... written by Athana
Superb, really got it. Felt good about what Tozo saw." ... written by Me
Such a sweet and sincere guy. Really connected well, loved his reading." ... written by Me
Tozo is awesome!! He was right about everything regarding a trip I was going to take and knew I had to take him private for more info. Glad I did!! His messages were very encouraging and felt right. Here we go life!! Let's make this happen :) Thanks Tozo!!" ... written by Kelly
Good right on the spot!" ... written by Ester
he was amazing! Told me everything I needed to hear, some of it I already knew but needed reassurance. I'd definitely come back :)" ... written by happy
Brilliant!!!! Thank you soo much Toz needed that! xoxoxox" ... written by Athana
empowered me!" ... written by Melanie
TOZORORION99 is my favorite person on this site! He answered questions before I even asked them. I am very impressed with him and would definitely recommend him! :)" ... written by Mariah Lynn Angeli
Super, really good, he knows what is he talking about. Excellent reader." ... written by P
A true connection, a true reading. I am grateful, so grateful." ... written by Kayln
Great reader and healer." ... written by Monroe
very very good tells it like it is" ... written by leigh osborne
superb excellent reading and details" ... written by t
Toz was fabulous! He can really "hear" what other people around you are saying and what they are doing. He tuned into my situation extremely well and was able to answer all my questions and then some. He can also feel your surroundings and guide you for the better good. I would highly recommend him" ... written by linda
Really appreciate Tozo, he is a wise and knowing dude." ... written by Me
Hes Awesome" ... written by Client
Great reader" ... written by Monroe
Pretty kool guy..interesting read..we shall see what happens..." ... written by k
great session and heart felt and direct message, very genuine" ... written by nik
TOZO IS AN AMAZING, WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING, EXCELLENT, AWESOME, THE BEST guide you can ask for! He will put your mind at ease, give you confidence and restore your faith in yourself with his wise advice!! 5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH, HE DESERVES THE ENTIRE CONSTELLATION!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TOZO!!!" ... written by ME
I just love Toz! I feel like he reads things on a very deep level and is a kind soul who can channel the divine. I thank you." ... written by bella
This was my first private with Tozo and he is truly amazing. He not only reads,, but uses his intuition which is awe inspiring. He is truly gifted and one of the most powerful experts on Oranum." ... written by Amanda
thank you Toz I needed to hear that :) Bless you xoxoxox" ... written by Ath
Good reading. Very clear and precise. " ... written by A
Thank you, Tozo, for enlightenment. I enjoyed the descriptions of the visions you had received as well as the encouragement in the reading. Lovely messages. Time well spent." ... written by Sara
was good..we got dc...will come by again" ... written by t
AMAZING!" ... written by irSpaceman
Hes very good...similar to last reading..but overall good..he saw a past come up..and it really did happen...that wowed me most!" ... written by k
superb !" ... written by Carol E. Buettner
Thank you so much good things to come my way i feel it and it will happen your were awesome 10 stars" ... written by edna
Thank you for the reading" ... written by De
Thanks for the insight and quick connection to my situation." ... written by familyhelper
You've become a good friend. Thanks for your advice. You're right in so many respects. Appreciate it wholeheartedly. B" ... written by familyhelper
Such a great reading. He was awesome. Straight forward and to the point. No sugar-coating anything. I really enjoyed talking to him. He truly gave me something to think about and to not take thing so seriously. Go with the flow... I think you again. Will keep you updated. " ... written by Janice
The best on Oranum. He is an empath and a shamanic guide. He is also a mental health healer. He ended it with sending me a spirit animal guide. You can't go wrong with Toz. Also good with Runes." ... written by Jude
Amazing connection! Amazing is not enough to describe Tozo's accuracy! " ... written by Tony
Toz is the best! Always straight to the point. Doesn't pull any punches. Honest no matter what." ... written by PaleNative
When you get a private reading with Toz, it is different from any other. He has helped me see more clearly every time. Whatever you are dealing with, give him the opportunity to assist you. " ... written by Leslee
He hit the nail on the head! His readings are really good. I like his Toz's' very earthy and spiritual at the same time; something very powerful and life affirming with him. :) " ... written by Karishma 76
Beyond words!!!!!! hardly any info from me and he knew everything!!!!!! amazing!!!! will be back for sure.... he is the real deal guys!!!! " ... written by ella
SOO glad I found Tozor on Oranum. So much clarity and advice I've really needed. I will be back." ... written by B
:)" ... written by ed fr
Confirmed details already in progress, very straight forward and gave helpful guidance and insight. The encouragement is greatly appreciated. I will come back in a few months to update the situations!" ... written by Kimberly
connection straight away, I felt like he knew exactly what I needed to learn, thank you so much, love and light to you" ... written by Pheonix
made me feel kinda free" ... written by Michael Medina
He was very helpful ill be back for anther reading for him help me with his work. Thank you !!!" ... written by Erin Stephens
Gifted, fast, honest, and warm soul, Very kind guy. Awesome reading. accurate too. Thank you Tozororion." ... written by coffeecandy
starts right away knows what is going on before you ask questions. he knows details inner thoughts. amazing thank you" ... written by christine
quick and direct." ... written by ilovemydog
Awesome connection. Fast and accurate" ... written by happy
Thanks for a nice reading ... with a good clarity ... spot on with the emotional level and the communication levels ... " ... written by raspberry47
Was in Toz's room for his demo and was blown away. So, I was drawn to his room for a reading. He was pretty spot on with picking up the details of my situation and predicted some things. Biggest thing to take away is that I will know what do trusting my own instincts and feelings. Appreciate his great energy!" ... written by Carrie
very wise man - with a wonderful personality and a special gift - thank you Tozor for your help !!!" ... written by J
WOW!! Those drums are powerful! I already want another drum healing. Thanks Tozo :)" ... written by Janine
Very good at what he does. Able to communicate well. Unique reading." ... written by Sara
Awesome reading,answered what i needed to know,gave indepth detail and guidance,awesome pvt,no sugar coating straight to the point,thanku so much Toz,love n light x" ... written by onangelswings03
He's very inspiring. A great reader and he knows what he is doing." ... written by Monroe
He's great A lot of good information. Was very helpful will be back" ... written by Hunibabe
gifted. accurate. clear and very kind." ... written by rah
no other like him, so reasuring and spot on, loved my reading!!!! I got my eagle card yay!" ... written by Pheonix
great reading" ... written by yam
I love getting readings from Toz. He set me straight and provided much needed guidance and information. I like seeing that he does well here because he deserves it." ... written by Sara
This was first reading with tozo. I was impressed." ... written by shelle97
Really accurate! Great reading.." ... written by do
As always Toz was Spot On!! Gave me so much inside about my Dear Sweet Dad!! Christmas will be good this year, cuz Dad will be watching!! I'm telling you people, you HAVE GOT to check this man out!! He is the Bomb!!!" ... written by ladyecho
Tozo reads and works fast. Very intuitive and helpful. I can recommend his shamanistic guidance and healing." ... written by Martkos
Very good connection with spirit. Not so reliant upon tools, he seems to really connect to the other side." ... written by Julie
He's really good! Very accurate, no clues, he just got it! Thanks xx" ... written by Ruth
Excellent reading Thank you :)" ... written by Charles
Has an amazing connection with guides and a truly sweet and honest spirit. Compassionate and accurate!! Must try private! You will be happy you did." ... written by B
good advise." ... written by red
great guy, knows his stuff.....great connection ...highly recommend. lots of love" ... written by mike
great" ... written by cdg
Great connection wonderful spirit...I will be back...blessings" ... written by tammy
I have seen this guy before, but never spoke to him until a demo. He is SPOT on!! He makes GREAT sense!! In time I will see what he forecasts in my life!!" ... written by Beverly
I love Tozo; he's always so truthful with caring, love and our best interests at heart. He is one of the most powerful readers on Oranum which is why I go back to him. Thank you. Amanda" ... written by Amanda
As always a good guide in life ... thank you" ... written by raspberry47
I am about to make a life changing move into a new path, I am so glad I had the honour to take Tozororion's advice before beginning :) Thank you and bless you!! " ... written by M
It's interesting when you meet someone with such a strong vocational path and a strong calling. Tozororion is a vocational leader with experience using tools and guided intuition. I always feel as if I am combing through divine waters of inspiration with someone who sees. Thoroughly recommend!" ... written by Velvet Bat
Lovely reading. Had to go back for more information! Very insightful. " ... written by Sara
great fast very deep with meanings. combination of cards and intuitive feelings. excellent and surprising" ... written by christine
Always always always so in tune with me. Without even saying a word to him, he already knows what I am going through. The words he uses resonate with my situation so very completely!! Every single time. Thank you Tozo for the healing session I so needed tonight." ... written by Janine
great reading" ... written by appl
He is the him. has great energy and advise....." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
Thank you tozzo" ... written by Daisy
Tozo's private council is a very reflective, sacred medicine. There is no holding back, as he sees it and confirms it through the cards. Thanks Brother." ... written by Martkos
Thank you Tozo you are so gifted and have such a kind soul! " ... written by Turquoise
enjoyed the reading was my first time :)" ... written by a
wow 5 stars, everything made sense and then some, boy i love hearing good news from this guy because it is truthful news. " ... written by hbs
Love this man! He is full of compassion, accuracy and sees the past, the present, and the future for the best path forward. Recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
very open and empathic" ... written by sometimes4321
It is amazing what you can learn from this man, about yourself. You leave his room with a feeling of completeness. " ... written by TONI
5 Stars....recommend him.....very good" ... written by focusing
Great reading, excited to see what will happen." ... written by Ryan
Love the reading always interesting, straight forward and very inspiring" ... written by Lara Blanks
toatally amazing! Brilliant, awesome and amazing the real deal!" ... written by MaryAnn
Really powerful reading. Directly to the subjects I asked about. Would recommend Toz for everyone!" ... written by PaleNative
TOZO IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! I LOVE HIM TO BITS!!! He has the power to lift your spirits, he gives you courage, hope and the necessary kick in the butt to push you forward and on the right path with his positive energy and amazing and eye opening advice!!! THANK YOU TOZO!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!" ... written by ME
He is amazing. No tools, connects quickly, honest......." ... written by Kathy
Tozo is a good friend. Understanding, insightful, spiritual, skillful and practical. I respect Tozo because he is experienced with life, and well versed in several reading and healing practices. I like the fact that he also talks the plain truth. There is no fluff or bull, just the facts, and he gets to the core of an issue, which begins the healing process. Tozo has walked many of the paths we are currently on, and so, he really understands what we are going through and can help with guiding us to the other side. A trusted counselor and shaman. Thank you for the on going support, knowledge and wisdom. Blessings and Gratitude to you Brother." ... written by Martkos
awesome reader. highly recommend." ... written by PaleNative
Love him. He is sincere, kind and direct. He offers guidance and insight in the most gentle way. He sees your heart, he feels who you are. He is worth your time :-) " ... written by monalisa
Tozororion allows you to get a look in to the parts of your life that sheds light to your vision to make you see more clearer what lays before your life for cool sailing." ... written by ANTONIA
good hes spot on" ... written by jana
wow I be back to update you wicked reading " ... written by sunita700
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" ... written by MissPrice666
Awesome- clarity, precise, direct, informative and to-the-point!!!!!" ... written by MissPrice666
damn, that was.. no words, just too good. he confirmed what ive been feeling all along and what other psychics on and off the site have told me. tozo is one of the best readers on here. without a doubt." ... written by habs
Incredible connection. Very quick and precise. Does not sugar coat. Tells it as he sees it. Very gifted and equally caring. Highly, highly recommend." ... written by PaleNative
Incredibly accurate, his reading was right on target. Best reading I have had in a long time!!" ... written by BlueSkye
Toz and I have a great connection...was just drawn to him and he has taught me some valuable life lessons that I can't wait to experience...What a great soul, what a great reader and truly a great man!" ... written by Carrie
the reading was set up in a low dim light to give the atmosphere of the reading an intense in depth look at an ancestral past that was near-spot on from the mountainous descriptions and the landscape and human life and activity, connected well with the last names of family members and was able to show the connection between all of them, was a very interesting read and money well spent, thanks tozororion :) !" ... written by Joshua Ross
I just had a reading with Tozororion and I can't tell you enough how great the reading was. He's one of the best readers on here! He's so accurate and honest and will tell you the truth and leave you without any further confusion or doubts. He's also really nice and understanding and very supportive. I highly recommend him if you want to hear predictions that will really come to pass and if you want any true answers to any burning questions. God bless you always Tozororion and lots of love and light! xoxo" ... written by dolefuldoll
ok Thanks very much for the advise has given me a clear picture" ... written by Animelsrule
He is good and full of information. I will do private again for any other questions" ... written by Harry
awesome as always. honest even when its not what you want to hear." ... written by palenative
Tozororion pick me for a demo and I was blown away by it!!! he was so accurate. I took a private reading with him and it was totally worth it. He provided me with the guidance. Will be going to him from now on." ... written by PMK2005
accurate to my knowledge." ... written by Wanda Schneider
Interesting reader...very compassionate...We will see how things pan out..." ... written by US
Thank you for this nice reading, very emotional :-)" ... written by missmystik
Fantastic!" ... written by do
Picked up on everything! Right on. Thank you so very much for your insight!" ... written by scarletfire504
incredible reader. highly recommend. " ... written by PaleNative
very quick, very accurate " ... written by jana
What he picked up was connected to my case, and the information he gave was very accurate, I have been studying my situation from many, many angles and appreciate the clearing input - I'm truly grateful to the advice that was given :) " ... written by Domino
great! amazing! i don't know how to describe it any other way" ... written by hbs
Seemed to know about the person I asked about." ... written by Lily
Thank you Tozororion for your insight into my situation!! And thank you for praying for me! " ... written by LostGirl
wow, very insightful!!! " ... written by hbs
very good thank you awesome read" ... written by jana
thank you , nice man" ... written by Leigh
Very enlightening to talk with him. He is very real, down to earth, and knew his stuff. " ... written by Sherry
best news I could have gotten tonight! Thank you, TOZORORION!!!!! " ... written by PaleNative
Spot on!" ... written by AnnicB1
He is kind, attentive, non judgemental and spot on, I loved the reading!" ... written by Vita
will definitely recommend for all " ... written by devisri
very good quick and accurate as usual the best on oranum" ... written by jana
Best reader definitely will suggest" ... written by devisri
he was great" ... written by slacker
Will definitely return for the updates… is a good reader.." ... written by devisri
GREAT!!!!!" ... written by hbs
spot on....the best here on uranium.." ... written by sabrina fulford
very clear images... looking forward to seeing what happens" ... written by s
Very accurate without needing information on my part. " ... written by Duchess
He is very helpfull," ... written by vincent
Another great session with Tozo! Thank you so much!" ... written by PMK2005
Great!" ... written by ipippo
he is always very good. A real treat. right on he know things" ... written by maryann
whoa!...amazing, spot on reading" ... written by enya
Helped answer me with intelligence and efficiency. Great reading." ... written by Sara
he is so wonderful so careing and he really cares about you thank you so much 5 stars" ... written by anesia
9/10" ... written by vincent
He is the best right on all the time 100%......" ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
awesome! the best." ... written by earthsign
Very accurate and to the point!!!" ... written by Arcava
I heard some things that I really didn't want to, but I had to hear it to realize my true calling and that I had to make a decision. Extremely grateful. I do recommend !" ... written by Diana
tozo is such a deep reader and so easy to talk to and really connected with my energy; awesome brother! thanks for reading. " ... written by flyhigh
he was terrific, very honest, open and detailed." ... written by Clover711ST
thanks for the reading...will take advice..." ... written by loke
I've gone through a journey of color, energy vibrating and rearranged into the right place. I feel relaxed, re-aligned and grateful to the work of Tozororion. His reading flows organically, starting with a thorough scan, and in it he tends to your needs and also looks into where you are and where you are going. He employs the use of shamanism and divination to deliver a insightful look into your life. Wonderful tools and reading, THANK YOU!! ♡♡" ... written by Monica Laura
he is very very good." ... written by sue
This guy is really really good. He nailed details that were amazing." ... written by L
Awesome, compassionate reader, able to connect with you and whats going on. Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by Theresa
Thank you for the reading" ... written by 1
he was good " ... written by Nancy
I hope you will get some credits and let Toz work for you. This is not the average reading. It is deep and sincere. He has knowledge that will be of great help to you. " ... written by Leslee
Awesome as usual" ... written by miko
Toz is AWESOME!! He is SPOT ON!! And, he cares!!" ... written by Kim Brindel
THE BEST THE BEST THE BESTEST!!!!!!!" ... written by Kim
I had readings before and all good, However I would just like to say that the service has improved with more focus and more insight to the needs of the client as well as the usual great connection to guidance and understanding of your situation." ... written by Lara Blanks
Tozo is just..... There are no words for him. Awesome don't even cut it!! This man is the Real Deal!! He cares about people. He will help you and guide you through life's path!! Very well worth 2.99!!!!! You have to try him, and you WILL be back!!" ... written by ladyecho
As always Toz Rocked it!!! He is soooooooooo AWESOME!!!!" ... written by Kim Brindel
He is the best. He provides clarity and ready answers in the kindest and most empathic way. thank you Thomas!" ... written by Monalisa
Tozo is just one of the GREATEST on here!! So very insightful!! I HIGHLY recommend him!!" ... written by ladyecho
very postive" ... written by beatrice
Long time ago, ToZoRoRoion99 picked me for free demo. I was middle of very hard relationship and he told me he is not the one and won't work out. I was VERY sad but it ended as he described....while other some psychic said we will work out." ... written by Lastsearch1
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and real! I am so grateful to have had the chance to speak with him!" ... written by Mimi
no words can express what great guidance I've received from Toz...ty...i needed that...he was spot on as usual..tats why i keep coming back!!!" ... written by sabrina fulford
WOW!!! Powerful!! This man is soooo insightful. Toz amazes me every time!! The things he knows.... the things he tells you..... AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by ladyecho
Thank you so much for your time and understanding" ... written by Deborah
Tozo is the BESTEST!!" ... written by ladyecho
Brilliant , absolutely brilliant , kind , to the point . No- nonsense . " ... written by Carol Buettner
Great insights. Let's see what comes true" ... written by Massau
Great giving reader, knowledgeable and insightful able to put situation into perspectives." ... written by Lemon
He's great, truthful reader with a unique style. I feel better." ... written by Belle
Good reading. I hope it all happens as you say." ... written by Darin Iversen
he's awesome! " ... written by monalisa
Thank you so much for the reading. It was very interesting and I have so much to look forward to. im trying to stay on the right track and live right. its been a long road and a hard year. I will keep you posted!!" ... written by Jennifer
beautiful man, beautiful meeting of a pure soul. I am so grateful I was lead to you. a million stars from me " ... written by Shamaniceve
very helpful.... I will keep you updated as it all unfolds." ... written by Joyce
One of the GREATEST on Oranum!!!! Turns the frown, upside down : )" ... written by Just Kim...lolol
very honest and genuine" ... written by ...,
If you give him the opportunity, he will help make your path lighter and easier. You can turn anxiety into curiosity. Toz can help you learn how. " ... written by leslee
Always insightful and uplifting. Don't hang around in chat forever. When you do a private reading, it's a whole different energy because there isn't anyone else interrupting. Toz really can help you. Give him the opportunity." ... written by leslee was a difficult series of questions I dealt him and he knew how to handle it all so very well. YES! He is excellent and very profound..AND down to earth! " ... written by Valerie H Ward
What more can I say about this man?? He is SPOT ON with Readings!!! Most Awesome!!!" ... written by ladyecho
really on point , see things I only knew thank you " ... written by sara
nice reading ty so much" ... written by peter piper
great guy!" ... written by dervan
Amazing, first time i dont need to say what its troubling me and this gentlemen piccked up on the situation imediably....awsome" ... written by c
amazing again thanks for your words" ... written by sara
Incredible person im so glad I got a reading from him!" ... written by Mai
good lord, one of the best readings i have ever had" ... written by habs
brilliant, very helpful. lovely guy" ... written by jess mudd
Toz is great, so on-point, compassionate and helpful and always has the right answers. Thanks, Toz, you've always been an amazing reader, and I love your drumming too." ... written by familiy
Toz is one of the best readers on this site. Honest and kind and has some serious help to offer. Thank you xoxo" ... written by tschatasch
Had my first reading with him.. he picked up on my situation right away and gave me clear answers. Definitely will be back " ... written by coolGirl65
Tozo is truly the most powerful man I have ever met. His reading blew me away in the most wonderful way. He is absolutely amazing. Thank you. Amanda" ... written by Amanda
you are the best as always!" ... written by chapis
this man. i believe in him, i was so curious and so nervous at first but this is real. coming from a practicing cathloic i believe in mediums now for Tozo to read exactly what happened through a computer is just the most wonderful thing i have ever experienced in my life. i can not be more thankful in my life for these answers i have now thank you so much" ... written by Nicole
Great as always! Very quick! Wonderful thoughts and advice. Answered my questions." ... written by Sara
spot on....he called all issues I'm going thru..i always go to him for confirmation.." ... written by sabrina fulford
thanks so much" ... written by honey9
Awesome and insightful. Thank you." ... written by BrianaAF2
really cool, great thorough reading" ... written by cheese
always spot on...never a let down.." ... written by sabrina fulford
I love Tozororion's energy and honesty. Another intuitive reading which has me thinking about moving on with my situation. He's great :)" ... written by Evenstar
Tozororion has good insight, and I love his runes. I recommend him. And look forward to his prediction of me getting my business back around 82 days.. which is around Feb. 28, 2016" ... written by BFM
He is Very Knowledgeable" ... written by SeersNsayers
Wonderful. Very insightful. Magnificent healing energy." ... written by dizzied
Clear honest reading.... thank you" ... written by Evenstar
Toz is just the greatest. Told me everything I needed to know right away. I'll be back for more valuable insight soon!" ... written by AbsolutelyTrue
As you meet and get to know the various psychics on Oranum, I believe you will find that there is no healer like Toz. Give him the opportunity to help you with any situation. He will give you his full attention and the benefit of his knowledge. " ... written by leslee
Simply the best reader anywhere. Straight to the point... and more than that.. if you need healing, Toz is the person to contact." ... written by GLT
I found this helped. I needed an energy clearing. :)" ... written by Kelly
Fabulous Shaman! He has great energy and is really in-tune! Very natural and peaceful. A great person to get a ready by and I highly recommend him. Thank you, TOZORORION99" ... written by jojoOH47
FIVE STARS! i recommend him to anyone who needs the truth!!" ... written by hbs
AWESOME THE BEST LOVE HIM" ... written by Aundrea
Amazing healer and seer. Toz is the real deal, folks. You're wasting time if you're searching for anyone more accurate and honest. I highly recommend you take some time and have a reading with him." ... written by Mayor of Chickentown
He knew what was going on. Though I wish I would have had more time. Very helpful. " ... written by Jordan
Toz is the most complex reader I have ever met. He can see what you can't -- that is until he points it out to you. Very valuable asset to Oranum and I hope to visit him again soon." ... written by Jessica Rabbit
Great reader. I had to ask the special question. well at least the business looking good." ... written by BFM
Many thanks for bringing me clarity to find a way forward." ... written by Charlie0412
Awesome experience! He is intuitive and dials into the situation at hand quickly. Honest and sincere. " ... written by Drohem
I wish we had more time to talk. Ty for talking to me. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Jennifer
Excellent reading, confirmed where I have been - and great insight on where I need to be moving forward " ... written by laiquendai
I had a recurring pain under my rib cage that nothing eased. The only cure would have been to have my spleen removed. I was almost resigned to it when I was drawn to Toz. He is a gifted healer and my pain is gone. I feel better than I have in months, all thanks to this man. Love andamp; Light" ... written by Spirited Nature
one of the good reader" ... written by D
Not bad. Learning more about myself" ... written by Nikenson
Thanks" ... written by D
very accurate. and intuitive. think i will learn alot from him" ... written by pearl
goododododod reading xxx" ... written by sdf
very accurate " ... written by Delta
very good. specific details." ... written by me
He was very spot on with my situation and this prior time I have to wait to see what happens with this." ... written by Faiywand12
cool dude; insightful and honest." ... written by liz
100 percent accurate he is awesome" ... written by dmarq
Eternally in gratitude for Tozororion. Leadership, truth, and healing all abound. I will be back " ... written by Eve
gives hard news very kindly fast and accurate" ... written by christine
damn just wow 5 stars as always" ... written by hbs
My favorite on Oranum. The best I've spoken to." ... written by Victoria
HE is so intuitive! HE just amazed me with his insight!" ... written by Cyndi
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He's awesome!!! Oh my gosh I can't believe the powerful energy and compassion of this man. The message he had for me was powerful and I am going to take head to it. I'll be back for sure and will definitely post an update on my situation. He's legit and real! Thank you! " ... written by Firebox/Deanna
This gentleman has insight that will surprise you.......very accurate and a pleasure to interact with. " ... written by Judy
Thanks for the read.. hope things change and fast..! " ... written by SS
Very nice and understanding reading! I really enjoyed talking to Tozo! " ... written by SameAsToday
Tozo picked up on my situation right away. Thanks for the reading...will be back to let you know how things worked out. " ... written by Amy
Another amazing reading! He's one of a kind and very genuine!" ... written by SameAsToday
Intuitive, kind, accurate." ... written by mysticaudion
AWESOME" ... written by Beth
Tozo's the best!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Very insightful..matched what others have said-this is my year...Just hit home on lots of things..amazing reader" ... written by k
Every session with Tozo is a wonderful experience. He is very accurate every time! Number 1 psychic for me on Oranum! Definitely recommend to have a private with Tozo!" ... written by PMK2005
love his drummings. leaves me feeling energized" ... written by kittybarra
Very good, felt an instant connection." ... written by Mila
great reading from tozo his way of delivery is very creative and helps you understand whats to come and what to let go off thank you tozo !!! " ... written by av
Again, highest divine guidance, from this humble master.. " ... written by Eve
good reading thanks for your time" ... written by michael
well, entertaining, interesting and well connected to spirit...very cool perspective and helpful with guidance" ... written by Lara Blanks
Tozo's the best ever! That's why I keep coming back to him. His readings about past, present and future are always 100% accurate and his predictions are always 100% true. Thank you so much Tozo and may God bless you always." ... written by sweetmarionette
He gets it, he is super legit!" ... written by Jam
he is great!!!! " ... written by melssa
Tozororion99 is amazing at what he does. I needed to relax my mind and we did and he got to the root of some stuff that's been bothering me that I really don't admit to anyone. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you again Toz! You're the best!" ... written by John
He gave a lot of clarity to me. Thank you so much" ... written by moon
gifted" ... written by moaria
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
Great advice!" ... written by Rose
awesome very Helpful" ... written by Christian
he's an awesome reader. thank you!!!" ... written by D
he's great! " ... written by stephanie star
TOZORORION99 Is very accurate with his reading he made me feel at ease and helped obtain answers to an on-going problem.The attention to detail will leave you with confidence and clarity.Feeling blessed." ... written by manyponies
Absolutely great, I felt totally understood and the guidance and conversation we had was exactly what I needed. Clarity. I will be back again, Many many thanks. You are a star Tozororion99" ... written by tudalen
I loved his reading. Always great an on point. " ... written by Alicia
amazing...a;ways spot on...i always go to Toz for clarity...thank you." ... written by sabrinalove
He is so good and accurate. I would recommend him" ... written by BB5
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Bree
He is the best. Thank you. Spot on." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
he's wonderful and spot on, will speak to again" ... written by noelle
great as usual!" ... written by Sylvia812
First read... GREAT PERSONALITY... Very timely, genuinely concerned. LOVED TALKING WITH TOZ... I'll be back with follow up!" ... written by Nini52
AS always a great reader! He's just a lot of fun to talk with and really connects well with me!" ... written by SameAsToday
Very on point! :) " ... written by Amy Saya
OMG...fantastic" ... written by Leona
ABsolutely fantastic again. " ... written by Leona
i thank you always a blessing to speak with" ... written by imbeingme
Wonderful guy, great reader, totally recommend!" ... written by Pamela
He's the bomb.. many things he's told me in past readings have come to pass, he is very helpful and caring. He picks up on many things and gives a detailed reading" ... written by Robin
I caught this guy on a whim, it seem that he had his ducks lined up in a row. This guy is awesome." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
simply amazing" ... written by Pamela
Very nice and is proactive in getting you answers! Gave me specifics! Awesome energy and kindness! Will definitely come again at a later date! =D" ... written by Katelyn
The best so far, connection was strong. Could see so much! Is fun with it, but honest. Love seeing how he connects and i really flet what he was saying. A*" ... written by Newmind1234
Thank you for help with my mare...we appreciate it" ... written by EponaPlace
WOW! Amazing healer!" ... written by pamela
Tozz is so insightful, accurate and quick in connectiing. I received some insights into things that I've not heard before. Thank you! Highly recommend Tozo! " ... written by Lynda22
Had an update with Tozo.. at least I will get my business by the end of March!!" ... written by BFm
excellent" ... written by jana
spot on...sent chills down my body...always accurate doesn't waste time.....5 star always..." ... written by sabrinalove
good read" ... written by julie
Very good reading. i could understand him well without any hesitations. answers just came to him naturally. " ... written by Autumn
GOOD READING" ... written by RAM
toz is very to the point, very honest, very caring." ... written by gigi
Great advice! Tnx!" ... written by ipippo
Once again, solid and supportive. Great reading" ... written by Judy
Tozo was great and he shed some enlightment on my situation and clarity and i love the humor in his reading he had me laughing...great reading" ... written by Krystle
Tozo is so kind and warm-spirited. Great psychic " ... written by justm0234
Amazing, finally some one who understood me. Finally explain i was not losing my marbles." ... written by jennifer
thanks tozo ..I really enjoyed my reading it was fun and on the exact right point" ... written by lavelle
He is a very positive reader. Thank you for your accuracy in situation!" ... written by Mary
He definately confirmed what I thought happened with the money, thanks." ... written by ali23m
I will be using him again, very, very patient. Knocked my socks off. Extremely intuitive, awesome. Helped me alot. Tozo your a wise, peaceful, humble, beautiful man! thank you!" ... written by Angela
He is talented. I really enjoyed my reading!" ... written by s elzy
Outstanding" ... written by miko
Toro was awesome very intuitve and detailed a cool guy, would gve him a chance! :)" ... written by nolli
Great reading! connected straight away!" ... written by sakura
tozororion is a great guy. really down to earth. i recommend him" ... written by once
He was very informative and I think that he is right about the information that he gave me. I have to think about it." ... written by Irena
Fantastic, accurate and insightful " ... written by Amyrlin
A visit with Toz is always enlightening. He has helped with my health and my decisions. I feel safe here." ... written by Leslee
Good loved it" ... written by Stewart
Master medicine man, full of love and wisdom, i recommend Tozororion with all my heart " ... written by anon
I loved his honesty and compassion. He was spot on and his cards read me perfectly. Thank you for your insight and your encouragement." ... written by Alexis
always great" ... written by Sylvia812
Toz you are the best! Love you .. You are my rock with all I have going on and inspirational with my quest for peace and understanding what's happening .. Many things have come to pass , read with Toz you won't be disappointed he's amazing :)" ... written by Robin
Tozo was candid, straightforward and accurate on many counts." ... written by nicki
very honest, very sincere, very accurate reading. as always." ... written by Gina
PERFECT! Thank you so much for confirming I have NOT lost my way and I am almost there. I really needed that! Highly recommended!" ... written by Lilyan
very open, honest, sincere, very connected as always" ... written by Gigi
HE IS THE BEST N WILL WORK WITH HIM SOON! " ... written by Amiel Burgess
Great reading" ... written by Vanessa
Great reading. I look forward to my business opening. It will be a success. Hoping to be doing business by April 1. " ... written by BFM
yeah right on is right!" ... written by jade tigress
Thank you so much for your support and the reading " ... written by Sandeep
" ... written by Nick
Tozo's the best as always!! 100% accurate all the time!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Amazing" ... written by miko
very clear and concise i am glad i got clarity" ... written by katie
great advice as always thank you tozo amazing reading and very supportive" ... written by av
my first private with him. he picked on os many things that i never spoke about He was great!!!! Thank you so much" ... written by sammie
Once again, Taz has a calming affect and listens carefully to guide in difficult situations. " ... written by Judith
very honest, very connected, and very appreciated" ... written by gina
Amazing, clear, detailed. Needs little info for a great answer. Very trustworthy and picks up FAST!" ... written by Bri
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is a kind soul, gifted and caring .. He has guided me through many issues. Many things we discuss have come to pass .. He is worth your time " ... written by Robin
thanks for your help " ... written by rose
He get it. Very talented." ... written by Adore Tazo
Really great reading. Will definitely take his advice on board and will be patient for the positive changes that are coming my way" ... written by GratefulOne14" ... written by tina
great! seemed quite on point now its a matter of time to see" ... written by -
He is down to earth, tells it like it is.... not what you want to hear but what he hears through his gift. My one and only reader now." ... written by Karen Wedding
he was right last time, that is why i am back " ... written by rose
This is an amazing man, I should have seen him before! Thank you so much, he knew everything without me saying a word." ... written by Raychul
Wonderful reading. Told me everything I needed to hear" ... written by Andi
Amazing! has a gift for sure." ... written by Maryann
love this man! excelent reader" ... written by c
hey gives acccurate information." ... written by geenie
Such an amazing help to me and such a fantastic read, insight and incredibly accurate. highly recommend Tozororion99 he really is great Thank you from the bottom of my heart x" ... written by welshchick
amazing!" ... written by Bri
Wonderful" ... written by Lisa Smith
He is the only one I will see! He is amazing!! So easy to talk to.The real deal." ... written by WhiteWolfSpirit
Absolutely amazing reading. He is completely right on." ... written by Karen Wedding
great!!" ... written by b
So helpful with my dream interpretation, I could not get passed the meaning of my own actions in the dream and he easily guided me through it and helped me get through a task i was facing in my own life. I would come back again and again." ... written by Very Grateful!
I freaking love this man. He has NEVER been wrong. Sometimes I hope he will be, but he never is. His words always come to pass.. always." ... written by Shelbey
ALWAYS THE BEST " ... written by LOVING
I love his authenticity even when delivering news he knows you do not want to hear. He does it gently and with care and concern. Absolutely love working with him." ... written by paige
Outstanding visionary." ... written by Karen Wedding
fantastic" ... written by Leona
Tozo is such a good man . Honest . So correct , kind , straight forward and GIFTED . " ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Another great reading. Down to earth tell it like it is not what you want to hear. Love reason things through with Tozo" ... written by Karen
great reading, as usual." ... written by staci
I absolutely love Tozo. He's one of the best and most powerful readers on Oranum. I completely trust him and that's why I keep going back to him. He is truly amazing and really cares. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Quick, to the point, no sugar coating!" ... written by AnnicB1
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Lisa Smith
gives clarity and guidance...always a pleasure...he tells you the real deal" ... written by sabrina
he is brilliant xx " ... written by rose
Spot on!! very very good at reading into my situation and felt very encouraged to do more for a said individual.....he is awesome!!! thanks Tozo " ... written by Isis
Big help" ... written by KarenSunValley
Toz is always great!!" ... written by Melissa
Toz is sooooo great! His energy is amazing and he was spot on today! I appreciate his words of wisdom and look forward to what is yet to unfold:)" ... written by Carrie
Amazing, just what I needed" ... written by miko
This reading i just had with him was spot on. He was to the point and really guided me well. i think i will see him again. " ... written by srk003
he is amazing hes helped me so much xx" ... written by cathy
Tozo is the best. " ... written by Batman
he is brilliant xx" ... written by rose
Thank you" ... written by HJ
oh my gosh i love him!! He's so amazing.. and so so so sincere. What makes him stands out is his care for people to offer them sincere reading. So helpful, gives clear advice. He told me exactly what I need to make room to grow I love it. Love you tozo!! " ... written by ohhelllllooooooo
Always great advice." ... written by Karen
Awesome reading spot on" ... written by CT
very good reading" ... written by vanessa
he was spot on again....Thank you very much" ... written by donna
Always great to get clarity from Tozo. I love him cuz you dont have to say much to understand him. he is great. cant wait to get another reading from him. " ... written by autumn
Thank you!" ... written by HJ
Thank you so much, He was very quick and answered so many thing for me I am greatful " ... written by a
Great first reading....very different reading but he's awesome!!!! " ... written by cali
He knows me very well. Provided an excellent reading with accuracy, intelligence and speed. " ... written by Sara
very excellent reading. on point.." ... written by M
AMazing... only psychic I'd get a reading off on here.. always accurate with everything.. also really warm and down to earth.,would recommend to everyone!! :) " ... written by Cathy
He is a wonderful reader. one of top 50 psychics in the US" ... written by Lisa Smith
Awesome reading!!! Highly Recommended:)))" ... written by lakeshia
Straight shooter. Excellent readings. " ... written by Karen
AWESOME!!! He tunes right in and gets right to the point. Amazing detail and focus on your situation. He got everything right down to the "T"!!! I would contact this reader if your have any real questions, because he can surely get you the answers, and then some!!!" ... written by linda
he was awesome and i liked what he had to say. He caught all the points and guided me in the right direction" ... written by dinkdonna
He is a great reader! He is very insightful and seems to have a lot of interest in your situation. He truly has a gift. " ... written by Nina
Answered what I needed to be known. I feel much more at ease now. calmer and me accepting of myself" ... written by Laura
Thank you Tozororion for your kindness and for the insight you gave me. Know i'll be starting to digest everything. Thank you." ... written by Pamela
very good!!!!! like wow, down to earth. how many more times do i have to say that Tozo is amazing :)" ... written by haba
Thank you so much!" ... written by Aurelia
good reading he see a lot of things for me and that were all good" ... written by yvonne
Awesome" ... written by miko
wonderful reading " ... written by chioma07
amazing" ... written by miko
5 star reader. always quick, accurate and to the point. very professional. would recommend!" ... written by chaks
That was SUPER cool. Thank you for the insights Tozororion!" ... written by Leia
great reading with lots of details!" ... written by S
Thanks Tozo!! This was really a great reading, and you're right about finding my inner strength!! Everything we talked about was really spot on!" ... written by shelle97
Awesome " ... written by Habib Jeelani
toz is quick, detailed, to the point. Quality Reader here on oranum. 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by yesssss
I have been afraid to meet with him for a long time. I just had fears of being told what I have told myself for years in that I am stuck in the current situation and nothing will change. He eased those fears of mine and made me realize that things will change and get better. I really appreciate the time he took for me to help me go on in life and make decisions that will lead me forward in life instead of always looking back." ... written by John
Tozo is a straight forward, direct, no BS reader who is quick andamp; perceptive. He read my situation very well and offered helpful and valuable information. I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
he was very helpful ... I like his style and he speaks the truth weather you want to hear it or not but very honest which I love " ... written by j
I have had two pvts with Tozor. There is something very powerful about this man and his connection with Spirit. But his power comes to you in gentle nurturing waves. The reading he gave me today was accurate to a fault - just like the last time. He's a true one! Thank you and blessings Tozororion99. :)))" ... written by Karishma 76
Magnificent reading. you are now my favorite reader. Truly the best so far i've found here on this website. I connected very well to you." ... written by Jose
He was very accurate! Spot on about everything!" ... written by AnnAngel
The Kindest , most caring , most connected that anyone shall ever come in contact with . How fortunate am I that I could ever speak with a man such as Tozo !" ... written by Carol Buettner - Brooks
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
he is brilliant " ... written by rose
great fast accurate.. good guy.. 5 stars" ... written by Max
Tozo is magnetic and magical. Loved his reading. he connected to my feelings really well without telling them openly :) I will see him again" ... written by Rainbowsnow
I think he is very accurate and genuine. He's the real deal. " ... written by Nina
he was just as good as the first time. I love Toz he is always right on. Thank you so much" ... written by donna
He is really awesome! He is very helpful! I liked my first reading a lot! " ... written by Naz
Awesome healing session ! I felt so goood and strong ! Its grounding work so u connect with your innner knowing . 5 stars " ... written by meha
so clear and right on!thanks so much, Thomas, you've been such a big help!" ... written by Pamela
A trusted friend ." ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
A wonderful reading. So on point with my situation and personality. :) I feel so much better after this reading. Gave me much clarity :) put my worries to rest." ... written by Kimberly
He connected well with my situation and gave me advice. He is wonderful. I highly recommend him. " ... written by N
Always amazing. Very honest! " ... written by Kate
YOOO TOZO is the real deal and im a reader on here" ... written by lizb65
awesome...loved him" ... written by apache
very informative..thank you..higly recomended.." ... written by md
thanks for the great reading. i am very happy to know i am on the right path. thanks for your support" ... written by angelswhisper49
Tozororion is very clear and very gifted. He grasps your situation very quickly and is articulate in bringing through a solution. He is a gifted healer and visionary and I would highly recommend him. " ... written by Ursula
great reading. great work. " ... written by zeee
Great reading! Thank you" ... written by Lily
Very to the point and honest. A true compassionate reader and wonderful way with kind of psychic. I look forward to new beginnings and my own focus coming in more spiritually." ... written by tasha2ki
Tozo, is the best!! He guides me in all areas and he is an asset to Oranum. " ... written by Robin
he was very good" ... written by nicole
good" ... written by sk
Toz was amazing! Very uplifting, and knows how to clean your energy to make you feel great!!! Love him!" ... written by Richie
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
thank u tozo" ... written by lavelle
thanks tozo u rck" ... written by lavelle
Amazing insight, thanks so much! Fast connection :)" ... written by p
As always Toz is real, doesn't sugar coat and genuinely spot on. Thank you for awesome clarification Toz xxxxx" ... written by Athanasoula
first time with Tozoro, after a great demo reading, I went in for a private. He is honest, kind, straight to the point and saw my situation very clearly. Thank you for your time and help." ... written by fresiaflower
awesome" ... written by weenter4
This man is sweet, kind and EXTREMELY gifted in validating all for me. I know he was spot on with everything I asked and I highly recommend him to others for clarity, insight and peace of mind. He is not a sugar coater and he is genuine and I should know." ... written by tasha2ki
Third reading with this very powerful Shaman. He's never let me down. Very powerful, very gentle and amazingly kind. He is a true blessing for those he reads. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Karishma76
Best on Oranum. Sorry I ran out of credits :/ but really enjoyed the time I had. Look forward to what Tozo showed me. Thank you. .....:)) Will be back for a follow up. " ... written by loopyloo
AWESOME, as always!!! Love getting readings from Toz. He is always straight forward and accurate. Thank you!!!" ... written by linda
really good" ... written by Alexander
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Tozo gave me a demo reading a few nights ago where he mentioned that I will be offered a job on Wednesday. Amazing! Wednesday, I received a proposal from a very reputable company. WOW! He mentioned contracts and pay/salary which I am currently working on to counter propose. Thank You Tozo! " ... written by Zu
Holy shit this guy blew me away , right of the bat knew details I haven't shared with anyone on here . This is from now on my one and only reader . My life path guide , thank you Tozo xoxo" ... written by Rose
Another excellent reading...he gives authentic readings and delivers his insight and information in an easy-to-understand and compassionate way." ... written by Janice
The information you delivered was with compassion, accuracy, utter love and light. Great insight and guidance. Genuine and true. I highly recommend a reading with this psychic. I will be back for another reading." ... written by Janice
Another excellent reading...thank you for your insight and guidance once again. Knew things about me and my situations without me revealing much. I am impressed." ... written by Janice
Another excellent reading...thanks so much. Genuine psychic insight and guidance provided and delivered with empathy and accuracy." ... written by Janice
Several messages discussed... Wonderful intuitiveness... My first reading with Tozor.... His demo was AWESOME... I will be back too update andamp; leave post regarding conversations details..." ... written by Nini52
good reading thank you for information " ... written by Rhadhannia
He is very fast and kind. He is also very honest and straight forward too." ... written by Etoilee8
Can't begin to explain the feeling of release and calm that has started. It had me in tears, of joy! Wish I had longer. Thank you. Feel like you truly care. x" ... written by Laura
always awesome thank you so much. I highly recommend him to anyone who is ready to hear the truth " ... written by j
reading not long enough but accurate!" ... written by Amor
Great reading!!!!" ... written by Ven
I like him he is super detailed" ... written by lavelle
Very precise and very direct reading. Got the message. Thanks!" ... written by l.c.
ty Tozo .. I felt u picked up on the situation quite accurately .. the cleansing certainly made me feel lighter .. hope we can talk again soon .. Many Thanks !" ... written by beautifulmesss
Wonderful reader! Thank you" ... written by phyl
he is absolutely divine" ... written by ormus
Thank you. Always a great reading." ... written by Karen
very good reader. nice and fast but still very gentle. " ... written by Anja
As Always so goodl. a wonderful reader. incedibly insightful. " ... written by Kimberly
very connected and spiritual man" ... written by vanna
Always amazing" ... written by iko
he was right on point tonight - one of the best reading I have had with him it was fun and very informative absolutely amazing " ... written by j
thanks for the reassurance. great reader." ... written by Jana
Great reading, very accurate" ... written by theresa
Tozoronrion99 is a 5 star reader very accurate and precise in his readings. I highly recommend him for a reading. worth your time thanks Thomas for your reading." ... written by Patricia
He did an excellent job. He cleaned my aura/chakras/energy. He also gave me an in depth reading. I love this guy! He is worth your time! :D" ... written by Richard
Thank you for such an understanding reading. It really helps. " ... written by CoffeeGal
Another excellent session. In-depth knowledge, insight, and guidance for my upcoming path in life...I look forward to the next reading." ... written by JL
Always gives me good advice. I enjoy his guidance. Very fast. Was able to tell me a lot about my situation and where to go. " ... written by Sara
Awesome to talk to!" ... written by Sarah
he is an extremely accurate reader..i ran out of credits i couldnt afford to add more highly recommend this gentleman" ... written by miss lullaby
Thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by Aurelia
great reader. Highly accurate..." ... written by do
Toz is very fast, he is right on, he cares about his clients, he is connected with spirit, I just love the reassurance he offers.He feels who you are and where you are going.Blessings Toz" ... written by Reva
Toz is one of a kind....a true gift. I am very grateful to have come to him today...heard some things I needed to hear. And am happy to know he has my best interests at heart. Wonderful soul!" ... written by Carrie
Tozororion is always straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat! He's awesome! Once again, thank you! :) " ... written by S
.amazing" ... written by miki
I love the way he reads,,,,,,,," ... written by joy
Holy crapppp i can't even explain my situation but i'm free now. I feel free thanks to his help and i totally have my power back lol" ... written by Seemarie
loved loved loved Tozo cant rate him enough!! so precise and down to earth and really knows what hes talking about I couldn't believe how much he could feel from my energy before I said things or when I mentioned something he would say that's what I was the energy I was getting before !!" ... written by Lady19941013
You are great !!!" ... written by Julz
Always dead on!" ... written by True
Great reading awesome , amazing thank you " ... written by J
i believe him...thank you" ... written by flattops
Good readings" ... written by Test
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
I learned something new" ... written by Nikenson
Loved my reading with Tozororion99. He's great and doesn't waste time. Was happy I finally too the plunge and had a private reading with him. Helped point me in a direction I needed. Thank you!" ... written by Arcadic
this was my first reading wit him , a very direct no nonsense reader. very helpful and to the point . wont try to waste time and says what he feels . really loved the reading . ty :)" ... written by goldenstar_2016
This man is AMAZING such an inspiration, truly. TRULY" ... written by carolina05
very productive reading, I hope he can lead me to my missing object and I will try my best in believing too" ... written by thinkb
He is EXTREMELY honest with everything going on in your life. if you want the truth go to him. he will let you know about everything u need !!" ... written by Melissa
Amazing energy, we connected instantly. Best psychic so far! Thank you so much!" ... written by Kristina
Great psychic - get a reading - best on this site ! " ... written by Nanna
Great reading, very helpful, will be back :)" ... written by Hopeful2782
A wonderful reader!" ... written by EE
tozorian is so darn helpful ...I just love it. details details" ... written by lavelle
amazing ..... he is direct honest and fast. I have had many reading with him and every time its nothing but accuracy " ... written by j
Very kind, nice man :)" ... written by Heather Lynn
hits the nail on the head with things. very interesting, precise and in-depth reader, recommend." ... written by batdancer
He's good psychic. Honest and straight to the point. Thank you" ... written by M
Great reading" ... written by Sugarbare
Tozo was amazing! I asked about career and he hit on specif things I was doing without me asking. His readings are always dead on." ... written by Maggie
veryintuitive! Loved my read! Got lucky he was new!" ... written by Pzzzzz
so accurate it was scary...what can i say...Tozo hit on several aspects of my life...he completed every thought and guided me to clarity...thanks again.." ... written by sabrinalove
love the man he is awesome" ... written by suny
enjoyed my reading with him " ... written by ns s
Very Helpful. thanks man." ... written by Kev
A great insight into missing objects. was able to track the location of a missing object and also find out who took it at that! hopefully the blame won't come on me for this missing object." ... written by john black
I'm very skeptical about things because I'm a Christian and this is against Christianity, but he was a very sweet guy and I will try out what he told me to do. He seemed to know what I needed and helped me out when I needed it most. God bless." ... written by Hannah
amazing read. What a great psychic" ... written by do
Toz is by far the BEST reader on here. He hit everything right on, even hit on things i had not told him about yet. He is absolutely amazing! 5000000000 stars!~!! Much love and light to you brother!" ... written by Jadey
What a great guy! I wish my credits would have lastet longer! Got great answers and right on spot. I was lucky enough to get a demo reading before the private one and that one was right on spot as well. A good hearted spirit. I absolutely can recommend this guy to everyone! thank you so much!! " ... written by Beathe
he has always been accurate. very talented and gifted. " ... written by staci
thanks " ... written by j
Awesome! Direct, loving, and all around amazing!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
he is very good, he made me feel better knowing my situation and he is very funny while letting you know the truth lol " ... written by nyree
Really loved his insight, and words for me. I literally gave him zero information. He still nailed my situation. Maybe he was guessing, but I doubt it. He had too much information. Thanks again!" ... written by Andy
A TRUE HEALER" ... written by pamela
so good.. think strongly of toz. Cant wait to see what happens next. " ... written by Taryn
thanks again tozo" ... written by lavelle
Tozo is a kind , trusted friend . He really IS " The real Deal . " " ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
blunt, accurate and knows before you ask or acknowledge the answer. good reading. Thank you" ... written by littlebudy1
This is my second reading. i just felt compelled to return. i cannot quite put my finger on what draws me to this man's presence but it is magikal, mystical beyond reason. If you connect to him, you will feel as if you have traveled in a past life. You will find yourself wanting to care for and to help him! He can put sweetness on top of sour faster than anyone I have ever known! I do not usually get readings because i live in a monastery-like cloister. But i will remember every word he said for the rest of my life. That is when you know you had a close encounter with a real shaman. Whoa!!!! Keep working this magic and thanks for sharing your love and encouragement with us here. DivineEnergy" ... written by DivineEnergy
Great, nurturing." ... written by Brutus
Thank you as always for your support and insight. I will keep you posted on developments." ... written by Robin
He gave so much insight and information!! Quick and very clear, does not sugar coat anything. Thank you Toz for the reading, I appreciate all that you have to say. Very intuitive. 10 stars :-)" ... written by JJ
Great, honest, to the point. Highly recommend." ... written by Karla
Tozororion99 is great as always!! Thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate it. Will be back for sure!" ... written by Arcadic
Amazing don't even question it just do it " ... written by freen
Torozo, did some really deep remote viewing. Profound. " ... written by Tony
BEST reading ever!! he is always the best " ... written by Abby
This was a great reading actually PHENOMENAL. It started as a demo and he first seen a lot of emtpy cupboards. Then i went to private chat. I was floored I am buying a house tomorrow and so both houses have empy cupboards. He gave me a few time lines so I will keep you updated if this all happens" ... written by Lynette
Tozororion is very powerful,and accurate." ... written by mustafa
Amazing man!!You see and feel the results right away." ... written by mustafa
It's starting to become clearer" ... written by Aspect
excellent as usual" ... written by jana
He was accurate and he helped me to feel good about my trip and future! Thank you so much :) " ... written by cherry
Super awesome, amazing and wonderful. I am a huge fan and recommend to anyone a private...and regular visit to the room. " ... written by serena fox
Good advice, will do." ... written by Lily
Wow, he faced me with the reality of my life. I take it and move on. Great reading" ... written by sharen223
Very sympathetic to my situation" ... written by Christina
tozo is amazing" ... written by lavelle
Great psychic and a healer too. " ... written by Nanna
He is amazing ! " ... written by Nanna
There are times in life when you need that soul enlightenment. Today was one of those times. Thank you sooo much Toz. You are a truly gifted soul!!!!! " ... written by Athanasoula
He was accurate! and he helped me in my confusion! Thank so much for your help! :) " ... written by cheryy..
Thomas is so incredibly ON POINT! This guy tunes in to whatever thing you've got going on... my situation is wildly complicated (like so many of us who come here for help) and this dude CUT TO THE BONE and went right into the meat of the matter. Varied sources he turns to, all spot on and ever so helpful." ... written by Cynthia
It was nice to discuss with him and receive his help in my confusion! Thank you so much for helping me it was great! :) :) " ... written by cheryy..
I really like him.he was accurate and had a sense of compassion and deep understanding.I will be back." ... written by bluefeather
Amazing as usual!" ... written by Raine
great crossing my fingers" ... written by kelly1025
Superb reader...extremely intuitive... "see's well beyond" with extreme accuracy.... Toz has AMAZING ABILITIES... VISIONS andamp; OTHER SENSES come to him...they flow through him as someone is talking to him... Love Toz...Will be back for more follow-ups!!!" ... written by Nini52
Another excellent reading. Highly insightful, intuitive and helpful. Will be back for a follow-up in the near future." ... written by JL
awesome as usual!" ... written by markita
Tozor is honest sincere and I know he he saw me clearly and spot on. He is so kind and I really like his very honest insights to my situation, said with a big heart and so much kindness. Thank you for your time tonight. " ... written by fresiaflower
Good reader" ... written by suman
spot on, amazed, very good hearted, doesnt run behind ur credits, best on oranum." ... written by sk
Wonderful!" ... written by Lisa Smith
Answered my question perfectly and confirmed that my gut feelings were correct. Thank you so much! " ... written by Victoria
loved ut " ... written by amazing
I'll be looking out for my squirrel. Thank you very much. Always great. " ... written by A
Tozo is a one of the real experts here on oranu. He doesn't say things you want to hear, but try to help you. He made a real connection with me, and everything he said was spot on!! Thank u again." ... written by Angel
Hes very insightful and a good reader. Thank you for everything Tozo." ... written by Bella
5 stars, good reader" ... written by xLaDyiNDiGox
Always love shaman's reading, they have always helped me progress forward and move with a clearer mind as most are accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by K Sooriamurthy
Spot on as always! Thank you!" ... written by S
I love you tozo!!!" ... written by Dominque
Good reading:)" ... written by Aryastark