About TarotKnight9

Psychic TarotKnight9has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TarotKnight9has recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TarotKnight9's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Experienced clairvoyant card reader - Instantly connected I promise you a detailed powerful reading that will bring you truth, clarity, love, success and light. I will tell you all I see!!! Nothing hides from the cards - ask only what you are sure you want to know! Over 20 years of experience reading privately.

One of the best reader. Completely would recommend for anyone … " ... written by devisri
Answered all questions I had with sincerity and warmth. Will definitely be coming back to talk to him when I need guidance. Thank you so much, you've eased my mind." ... written by Tatiana
Enjoyed my reading!!" ... written by marion
Very conscious detailed reading. He is a sweetheart and pleasure chatting with." ... written by +
Always manages to dispel worries that I have regarding things going on. Such a lovely energy, love reading with him!" ... written by Tatiana
He is so kind and sweet, good advice and connection :)" ... written by ytsam44
loved absolute best" ... written by beautiful
Ok I waited for him...I mean I have waited months and he is back! I did a marathon and I am so very grateful he gave me everything I asked for and gave me more of what I needed to know. He is gifted beyond gifted. He is truly amazing and a gift of pure excellence! Thanks so much taroknight!!!" ... written by Bronxie
Tarot was excellent,very relaxed reading and covered many areas confirming somethings and adding info to others..Thanks so very much :) " ... written by Karl2017
I love him so much!" ... written by Tatiana
PHENOMENAL! I am so impressed with this man, I was blown away -like no other. He is truly gifted and profound. Talented, fresh energy and his clarity in things is amazing. There are a few who I hold dear on Oranum...but I'm sorry to say...he may have shortened that list to three. Definitely will be one of the go-to." ... written by Bronxie
straight to the point, efficient and realistic , enjoyed the reading thank you." ... written by zimerili1
TK9 was very good i picked up so much without me telling him. : )" ... written by Abundance
Lovely, as always. (:" ... written by Tatiana
As always, such a kind spirit. Love my readings with him. (:" ... written by Tatiana
Very nice and a true gentleman.. he gave me answers to my questions. Now I will wait and see if the predictions come thru. I feel safe with tarotknight9 and have high hopes for him as a psychic. " ... written by spiritonloose
Very fine and supportive reading ! He really fel tme and my situation!He feels like a friendwho really cares !" ... written by geert
just amazing!" ... written by lily
Dude is so on point it below me away. He was direct, honest and told me what I needed to know. Pretty confirmed what I was feeling and interpreted the cards so accurately. Grab a reading with TK whilst you can, I await his predictions with much excitement!" ... written by TM
very good reading. he knows his cards well" ... written by m
Great reader, great energy.. Fun fun fun" ... written by Monroe
Fast connection, right on point, great solutions, and very detailed. Excellent, no sugar coating no BS, honest and truthful " ... written by Aba
Thank you for your reading it was excellent the window closed before i could leave a comment. Well done and loved all the cards for suggestions on what to do. the cards were spot on. thank you again" ... written by onlychristine
Love reading with him, always makes me laugh when I need it and gives me the support/answers I need to take my next steps." ... written by Tatiana
Great personality, amazing guy! great connection to the point and honest!!! love him!!!" ... written by lily
Really great, thank you!" ... written by D
Wow it was an amazing reading just what I wanted to know " ... written by Abylonia
Wow I'm blown away by how fantastic my first reading was with Tarotknight9. He's awesome and worth every penny!" ... written by swsiren
Really connected on a level most others have tried but failed. TarotKnight9 not only predicted my assumptions, but elaborated on areas I hadn't thought of, which was a blessing in disguise, awesome reader!" ... written by CelestialKnight
so accurate, explained brilliantly .... couldn't ask for better, precise help:)" ... written by venus
Thank you very much, that was clear and very detailed. I will have to wait for the results and I will keep you posted. " ... written by Joseph
Thank you, thank you!!! Exactly as you described the whole situation!!!! You have such a great gift, and your kindness and honesty serves us well. " ... written by Aba
I truly am blessed to have him as a reader...his spirit, his energy is always high and our connection is beyond." ... written by BRONXIE
I have had a few readers on Oranum...and I have been blessed to have some good ones and a few rocks. However, TarotKnight is truly my go too now...I am honored to have him as my reader...I think there is no one with his keen insight and depth of seeing it to the core. If I could put him in my pocket I would...no I think if he was a genie it would be better." ... written by Bronxie
obrigado.. great reading ..its what i needed to hear" ... written by Monroe
wonderful kind readings, insightful as always. thank you!!" ... written by goliz
Amazing! " ... written by lily
Thanks again for another awesome reading!!" ... written by swsiren
Thank you ssoooooo very much!!" ... written by Leah Whiting
He is so nice!!!! So sweet!! I will be back for sure! Thank you very much!!" ... written by h
all i can say is fabulous connection. cards were spot on. excellent reading and advice to stay on parts of path and change others. prediction came true. fast and accurate. a pleasure so easy to understand explains cards so well. thank you i will be back" ... written by christine
great reading and very accurate description of situation and giving details of future" ... written by gdm
So happy to finally catch up with you and update you on what's been going on! So happy to have you confirm my beliefs and give me tidbits on what to expect. Love you so much! " ... written by Tatiana
Good reader. Will definitely recommend for others to take and see.. i am returning customer for him … he has good vibes ..." ... written by Devisri
Loved the reading! He was amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! " ... written by steph
WoW!!!!!! Right on!!!!! very quick lots of energy lots of information. Highly recommend" ... written by Patrice
Wow! This guy really amazed me, and I will definitely be going back to him . I kind of consider him as like a personal reader now! I didn't even read his bio because I felt an automatic connection that have not felt with anyone else yet! I highly recommend TarotKnight!! Glod bless!" ... written by SpiritualOceans
omg its all true" ... written by beautiful
so honest and nice" ... written by m
AWESOME!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Cindy
I love his reading SOO SO AMAZING! always super helpful and very informative in his readings never leaves anything out." ... written by Abby
!hanks for the awesome reading!!!!" ... written by ffairy
A Brazilian Portuguese Reader!! SO great. He's a spiritualist and a tarot card reader. Always smiling and great energy." ... written by Monreo
If I could put this man in a bottle and make him my personal genie, I swear my life would be so much more better. Love him!!!! Great translator of the deck! " ... written by Bronxie
Marathon...I ran the clock a few times. Incredible reader -TarotKnight is when I need the full integration of life...spiritual, mental and simply just a chat with an incredible reader. Great energy and spirit always...when he's online he's always on. Thanks so much!" ... written by BRONXIE
He's really good!!!" ... written by NEH
he good and he sees things u don't think he would but hey don't hide it he will tell u anyway" ... written by a
He is new but a great reader both with tarot and without. Very high energy and always smiling. A wonderful person to talk to. Very positive and straight to the point." ... written by Monroe
Thank you very much! You are so great! You really pointed out what is going on my relationship!" ... written by Rekatheprincess