About Thespiritoflove

Psychic Thespiritoflovehas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Thespiritoflovehas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Thespiritoflove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I do the most accurate readings on love, relationships, career, family and finances. I am highly intuitive and I am able to connect fast with my spiritual guides to give you clear answers to your questions.

Very helpful reading. thanks so much" ... written by usr
Thanks very much for the reading, you connected very well, I will be back! :-)" ... written by ale510
Great, accurate, fast, tells you the truth... Thank you!" ... written by newhorizons12
On the dot with the situation. Thank you for the good advice!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good service!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
thank you!" ... written by
She's great." ... written by youngstar19
Wow I really like the private reading I had with her I will be looking forward on predictions she told me. Thank you!" ... written by goddess70
Thank you so my for your reading, and God bless your kind soul!" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Nice, calm lady." ... written by mi
The best reader on the site hands down, can see so clearly it's amazing how accurate she it. I love love love her" ... written by FoxySis
Good reader, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Very comforting and had a nice aura will return to her. " ... written by ladyaradia81
Serene and peaceful. I could have chatted to her all night. Good listener who quickly grasped the anguish I was going through, then through her insights, gently guided me towards the solution. Many thanks!" ... written by dencar777
Wonderful reading!" ... written by xtine930
Great reading. Thank you so much. Accurate and detailed. " ... written by Grace035
Very nice and gentle." ... written by madame1
Patient and loving!! Great reading!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks" ... written by tash1921
Great comfort to know insights on a situation. She felt it right! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Again, dead on! Thank you for the advice!" ... written by Marialuis
Really good " ... written by xashamarie
I asked her to see my bf remotely and yes she did confirm what I had forgotten was a meeting!! Thank you again and again!" ... written by Marialuis
Good reading. Positive energy." ... written by krismic2
Great!best ever i seriously recommend her :)" ... written by cleal12
Great reading!!! I'm glad I did it!!! Thanks so much!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I love her, she is one of the best!!!!!!" ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
She's a wonderful reader very nice and quick :-) highly recommend her.." ... written by triniman2
Lovely lady...I hope she is right...thank you!" ... written by wendic
Picked up on all what is happening at the moment, and what he has been telling me. so fingers crossed xx" ... written by laceylex
Update read. Thank you for the information!" ... written by Marialuis
She is quiet but good. I tested her by not telling her anything and she hit on the issues. She is the real deal and very helpful!" ... written by FJ
Wonderful reading! Very empathetic. Will check back with update! Thank you!" ... written by SumMo14
Update Read. Very good!" ... written by Marialuis
I hope what she said was true.. Well now I will just wait. Other than that good!" ... written by hoping2351
Update read. Compassionate and good accuracy!" ... written by marialuis
Update read. Thank you!! " ... written by marialuis
She even picks up parts of a conversation and can clearly see the feelings of one remotely. Thank you for the information!" ... written by marialuis
Such an amazing soul! So gifted, in-tune, connected, great guidance and support! Thank you spiritoflove xxx" ... written by pinkmango
Update read. One of the few here who can accurately give you insights on a situation." ... written by Marialuis
Very helpful!! Thank you for putting my mind at ease." ... written by t
Update reading. Great info and will now wait for the dates to pass. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Update reading. Great advice! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Update read on current situation. Right on track! thank you." ... written by marialuis
Update read and accurately consistent. Thank you." ... written by marialuis
Gave clarity to my questions and kept it simple. Allowed me to talk and guided me to a better understanding. " ... written by izago545
Update read. Excited for the good news to come! Also cleared a situation that worried me. Thank you!!!" ... written by marialuis
me gusto mucho la consulta muchas gracias ." ... written by manyerly
Absolutely the BEST! I will be back most certainly. xo" ... written by loulourose7
Update read. Thank you for your prayers." ... written by marialuis
Great reading and support, she really nailed details down and helped me through my situation, thank you." ... written by crystal
Thank you for the interpretation of my dream. Can't wait for the happy surprise!" ... written by marialuis
I would like to give a five star to Thespiritoflove, she is wonderful lady and the predictions she told me came true!" ... written by goddess70
Update and thank you for the advice." ... written by marialuis
Lovely reading as always, 5 stars, reassuring and kind! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
Thank you again Spirit as always my dear." ... written by shelle97
Update reading. Good insights!" ... written by marialuis
Great reading!" ... written by donna mc donald
VERY helpful!!! Great reading." ... written by Summer
Lovely lady, kind, nurturing and reassuring." ... written by Traininsane
Update read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
muchas grasias por todo siempre ablar con usted es una cosa q lo aswe a uno muy feliz la quiero mucho y grasias por todo su apoyo dios me la cuide siempre " ... written by cervantes30
so amazing! a great reading! thank you! " ... written by pinkmango
Can't wait, think it will be good." ... written by mystical
Update read. Thank you for the information!" ... written by marialuis
great reading thank you x" ... written by pink Mango
Very warm and friendly." ... written by sam
She has a magical way of reaching my feeling. Besides being great psychic, there is something about her which is so soothing, touching and is genuine. And I really appreciate her low rate, too! I'll be back again :)" ... written by psymeow
Keeping the hope alive! xox" ... written by Hopeful
Good read! Got the answers I needed." ... written by marialuis
This lady is so sweet, caring and I am completely gracious of her talents. She is calming, amazing and has a beautiful soul." ... written by Vanboom
Update read. Very consistent." ... written by marialuis
Genuine kind lady :)" ... written by Vanboom
You are awesome, love ya :)" ... written by Clarissa Leal
She is so kind and understanding, made me feel so good with a gentle touch she gave me peace of mind." ... written by ronelle du toit
Wow I love this lady she is amazing!!! She is fast in answering questions wow I was amazed in what she told me I will definitely be back for more private readings! Highly recommend her!!!!! " ... written by Blanca Torres
Great lady." ... written by Vanboom
Sweet lady!" ... written by Sweetandcalm
She was very understandable. I enjoyed her because she is soft and quiet, like talking to a angel. I would do another pvt with her anytime!" ... written by Sheri19
She is very accurate and caring and knows what she is talking about xx I will keep coming back xx" ... written by Gemma Louise
Thank you very much. xox" ... written by Delight
I was really in an emotional storm today. She was very tender. She calmed me down and put me back on track, assuring my feelings, and clearing my negativity. She was a definite blessing for me today! Thank you God for bringing her to me." ... written by Marcsgirl11220
She's amazing" ... written by Ernesto
She was okay. I like it most when the person speaks then just types but she was right on the far as my question." ... written by bri
She is so calming, and a beautiful person!" ... written by Vanboom
Always so calming, amazing woman!" ... written by Pink Mango
<" ... written by gem
=)" ... written by Brav0923
Thespirtotoflove is a kind sweet person you connects well with you and gives great advice I enjoyed my reading with her I look forward in to things getting better for me!" ... written by marybet1love
Amazing as always." ... written by Clarissa Leal
Very nice, I would recommend, she did pick up without any info from me" ... written by Angela
I may say i liked what Thespiritoflove had told me and what i shall come back to her for sure. Thank you for your insight. " ... written by pauline
She's great, on the nose and fantastic!" ... written by Grovvespinks
Best love advice and best in oranum for interpersonal connections... Want to know if a person feels something for you? Come to see her..." ... written by nautax
She's great!!" ... written by Ernesto
She was good. Just seemed slow to explain things but good." ... written by novmoon
Very quick and sincere lady. Would love to have a chat again when I get my credits :)))" ... written by olenka
Wonderful!" ... written by loulourose7
Amazing and very patient ! thank you for your clarity and help. " ... written by cristal
All I can say she is Very good. Rest is your faith." ... written by Meet
I love your readings my friend" ... written by clarissa
Amazing!" ... written by loulourose7
Amazing ...incredible and very very good." ... written by Frankj
wow! I am impress with her reading" ... written by Marcos
She is honest and accurate, always helps me to see the situation. Love the reading, if I will have chanc,e i will come back again for the reading." ... written by olenka
Spirit has a calming effective, I'm looking forward to her predictions." ... written by Vanboom
Thespiritoflove is amazing lady and highly recommend her! I feel very confident in what she told me in private that I will come back for more readings with her. " ... written by goddess70
Very understanding and accurate results." ... written by Anastasia
Thanks so much a gentle reading hope it comes to pass on how she sees her feelings hoping very much so!" ... written by SS
Omg !!! i love you" ... written by Clarissa
Good reader" ... written by need2know5
Very good and calming and gentle reading . I feel more assured about what I have to do in the next year of my life. Its been a long time since I felt peaceful from a reading. " ... written by Martine Pirozzi
excelente !!!!! muchas gracias" ... written by carlos bobadilla
Thank you for getting straight to the point and giving me positive thoughts during a confusing time of my life." ... written by JenMarie1213
Wonderful 5 STars!!!" ... written by loulourose7
Thank you Spirit. Very sweet, good reading..." ... written by GD
Gave some insight I needed, thank you." ... written by Jennier
The Spirtoflove love is amazing, I will try to stay positive and pray for my situation to get better, thanks for clearing things up, many blessing to you." ... written by marybeth1love
Love theTthespiritoflove love, she really good at contacting with you she kind at heart and gives great advice, thanks again, many blessing to you, god bless!" ... written by marybet1love
Always so calming, reassuring and wonderful!" ... written by Pinkmango
Very good. Very fast and bilingual. Super." ... written by Shelley
She seems to be very quick and on the mark - time will tell if she is accurate." ... written by bouncylady
Very much true about what she says." ... written by jaz
Very excellent!" ... written by Shahebaz Khan
LOVE HER, SHE IS the LIGHT you need in bad times, the voice of reason. and love! fast, clear and connected! Many blessings!" ... written by TDP
Knows the situation very accurately. Amazing. 5 stars!" ... written by Regina
I finally got another private reading with Thespiritoflove and what she told me was so true!!! I am so glad I did, because I know her predictions have happen and the new ones will happen too! I know she is very good the best!!! I highly recommend her!!!! I will be coming back for more readings with my favorite psychic thespiritoflove!" ... written by goddess70
Accurate, fast!" ... written by rhea
Great as always" ... written by clarissa
Amazing readings!! best psychic!!" ... written by regina
Great" ... written by fv
Good" ... written by jj
Caring, gives you an overall view and perspective, very sweet. Touches upon a little bit of everything. " ... written by Chantel
She is great... She connects to the situation and tells you exactly what she sees." ... written by ladykathy
She is fabulous in her reading. She connects with you quickly. She is full of compassion and provides good advice. She is worth five stars and better." ... written by ladykathy
Great readings!" ... written by arl
Amazing as always!" ... written by pinkmango
Very quick and to the point. Sound advice, good read." ... written by Lucio
She connects very quickly with you. She is very compassionate." ... written by ladykathy
Good insights are always. Thank you and will keep you updated." ... written by Marialuis
Good Read :)" ... written by Rahul
Great insights as usual. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Fantastic woman!!! Perfect reading and such great insight! :)" ... written by nclout
She was wonderful and really put my mind at ease. Thank you!" ... written by Roseann
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
Good" ... written by s
Very accurate and friendly. She spoke from her heart. Thank you for predicting my future. " ... written by jes2550
She was very helpful, I hope she is correct!! Very kind and understanding." ... written by GEstelle
Very nice, will see if what she says comes true." ... written by luvu37
10 stars!! AMAZING!!!" ... written by pinkmango
5 stars is too little, she is 10 stars!! Spirit of love is incredible!" ... written by pinkmango
Amazing! :)" ... written by Lacie
She connects very well with you and provides great advice." ... written by ladykathy
It really opened my eyes!" ... written by kenya
5 stars and more!" ... written by pinkmango
Wonderful! 5 stars plus!" ... written by pinkmango
She was very caring and compassionate. Very good read. When prediction happens, I will definitely post a rave review!" ... written by Michelle
Beyond 5 stars! Spirit of Love is reassuring, positive and amazing! Thank you :)" ... written by Pinkmango
You have the brightest star over your head and you give me the calmness in words I need when talking to you. You are Magnificent and I thank you for sharing your gift with me. Outstanding and you are like a calming soothing massage to my mind. Thanks Millions, 5 stars and thumb up to you..." ... written by Jean
You are an outstanding reader and I can count on your reading every time. 5 stars to you and thumbs up!" ... written by Jeasn
She is asome like always. She gave me advice about my personal life and work. I will comes to her again! fully recommended" ... written by Marcos
Connected very well with me and knew the situation very well. Very positive and fast typer too! Awesome reading!!!" ... written by carlycaligirl
Amazing reader. Very in tune. Very accurate. " ... written by CB
She is great!!" ... written by Vanessa V
Helpful always! She sees everything. " ... written by regina
great reading, insightful 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
Nice reading" ... written by Zeeshan Hashmi
Lovely. :)" ... written by pinkmango
She is very nice and has clarity, thank you." ... written by brujabuena01
Amazing as always!" ... written by pinkmango
5 stars." ... written by pinkmango
She is very good in her readings and can see what is in a persons heart and soul. Thanks for your reading and your predictions." ... written by SS
Words do not describe her gift. Thank you! 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
Ella es muy buena y sabe mucho." ... written by brujabuena02
Quite ok." ... written by adalmina
5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
wonderful as always! 10 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
She seemed to have a grasp on my situation and told me to stay patient. Very good reading. Thank you so much!" ... written by Itwillbeok
Always reassuring and wonderful! 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
Very good." ... written by pinkmango
Very calming and wonderful, as always! 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
Intuitive connected...highly recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Very great woman. She is nice and reads me right on. " ... written by roseanna
just awesome, honest and straight to the point, quick connection. many blessings to you xx" ... written by mati
Thespiritoflove is superb. I like the way she pick up things. I always enjoy my privates with her. I love her wisdom and good aura she very good I recommend her thanks so much many blessing to you " ... written by marybeth1love
she was marvelous. It took a while for her to tap into my energy but she was beautiful as she continued to." ... written by leblanc
always amazing! much appreciate your wisdom! :)" ... written by pinkmango
very accurate reading. 5 stars for sure. very kind and very calm. Highly recommended! No matter how u convince her, she will ensure her answer. Thank you" ... written by PIGLETME
Accurate" ... written by jstuddard
5 stars always calming and reassuring! " ... written by pinkmango
she is very good, i feel so calm talking to her. she is one of the best here." ... written by micd123
very lovely lady and helpful :)" ... written by Kiran
She is a very positive soul. Beautiful energy and very insightful." ... written by Foxy
5 starts, always!" ... written by pinkmango
very good reading xo" ... written by adamsheart
Upfront and quick!" ... written by Teressa
very reassuring and calming, 5 stars" ... written by pinkmango
Very insightful and accurate!" ... written by Heather
5 stars! She's very accurate and helpful." ... written by Love
Thanks a lot for a great reading... she was very accurate ... and understanding and gave me hope again and good advice,,," ... written by ronelle
She is simply beautiful and amazing!" ... written by Carri
She was just amazing she is such a sweet person to talk to . She confirm everything I was sensing her accuracy is just mind blowing. Can't wait to see how her predictions unfold. Many blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
What a nice lady !! very sensitive and she could catch on things that you wouldn't expect.... : ) thanks so much x" ... written by susana
She was amazing :) so nice and completley set my mind at ease.:)" ... written by Mariana
she is very good. first time here with her ...she is good and the real deal " ... written by loverboy
She is just wonderful! " ... written by Carri
very clear and accurate" ... written by bertha
always calming and reassuring." ... written by pinkmango
Wonderful, I love the gestures she makes as she is listening to her guide to give answers. I believe she is gifted and I love how calm and warm she is." ... written by Creative113
She is very thorough, accurate reading of the person and situation" ... written by baku2014
wonderful and to the point. i love how she tells the truth. I can't wait until her predictions happen" ... written by jazzy
very good reading thanks " ... written by val
good reading as usual" ... written by PIGLETME
she is good always ..." ... written by loveboy
the best here" ... written by barce
calming and nice energy " ... written by vell
amazing as always! thorough, understanding and great knowledge!" ... written by pinkmango
Thank you so much!! you really helped me see what is going on... I have peace of mind now!! God Bless you@@" ... written by Ash
Thank you so much for letting me know the truth..I appreciate your advice. So nice talking to you!" ... written by betty
the best psychic ever! simply amazing andamp; recommended! 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
she says what she sees and can read him! thank you so much. u must try her out. wonderful and fast. " ... written by jazzy
thank you so much for the talks we have. it helps me lot. " ... written by bonnie buice
very calming energy, good insight into the situation and great advice as to how to proceed. " ... written by agablue
she's amazing andamp; eases your mind :)" ... written by chantel
Good reading. She types when there is sound though. Would be nice if she just talked. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
awesome reading!!! She told me the same thing as the previous psychic. I hope all is revealed in the time frame given to me. I look forward to meeting this man. From what I hear I will be very happy. I longed to be a happy person after previous marriage and relationships!!! I will provide you with an update after all has been realized." ... written by Bellezalatina
very good reading -- I feel she really connects and tells a lot - and just enjoyed speaking with her" ... written by Melissa
very healing and comforting" ... written by happyfish1960
i love it." ... written by estwwsweets
wonderful wonderful wonderful ....if her insight comes true then i will always come to her always. i Had like 3 minutes and she was so fast!!!! Thank you so much. " ... written by jazzy
amazing information......always very kind..i felt understood and helped" ... written by agablue
wonderful. She sees he will be with me" ... written by jazzy
very accurate, and helpful when I needed it. Recommend a reading if you need compassion and clarity. " ... written by Sunshine
Amazing as always! Cannot recommend her enough! Her gift is beyond incredible! Everything always comes true and she understand the situation and people so well! always puts me at ease and calms me during turbulent times. Thank you SpiritOfLove! You're 1 in a million! :) xxx" ... written by pinkmango
wonderful she said hi is still in my future. we see..." ... written by jazzy
Very good and informative" ... written by Karen
very comforting, reassuring and genuine." ... written by sf
very calming effect, giving good understanding of the situation" ... written by agablue
Thespiritoflove was very kind, warm and helpful with my problems. She gave me guidance and sincere insight. She is awesome!" ... written by Janelle
always gives great guidance, 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
Just a Little update , she was amazing I really love getting updates from her, she is my guide and she helps me with all matters of my life. Thanks for not only being my natural guide and life coach but for being a friend who see's the light for me. Thanks Spirit of Love " ... written by Vaneya
always very calming, reassuring and wonderful psychic :) x" ... written by pinkmango12
very amazing" ... written by andrea
WONDERFUL AS USUAL!! i will continue to stick with it. i hope you are so right. i love how you can read him! I just want a perfect life and we shall see ..." ... written by jazzy
spiritoflove is a true blessing! a wonderful woman who can not only see every aspect of the situation but is calming, positive and radiant! thank you as always for helping me during challenging times! :) xxxxx" ... written by pinkmango
always amazing!" ... written by pinkmango
her face is so calm and kind..." ... written by olivia07
good as always" ... written by agablue
Thank you for such an amazing reading! She's highly accurate, onpoint and honest. She answered all my questions and more, im so happy i got to get this reading with her, i was so confused!! but now everything makes complete sense! i lost connection but ill be back for an update soon, hopefully with good news :) god bless you" ... written by thinkblue
Always wonderful, warm and good readings! Thank you! :) x" ... written by pinkmango
It was an ok I think it went out during the reading. I found the response to be a tad bit slow so I didn't feel like I got a whole lot out of the reading but it was accurate for what I did get." ... written by Crystal
Great reading, thank you dear." ... written by Sandy
Spirit Love is such a beautiful positive person, during my reading she made me feel this sense of peace that things the down the road for me are going to get better. She has such an incredible gift. Her accuracy is just mind blowin. She doesn't judge you at all. She is an amazing person to talk to. Hoping to see how your predictions start to manifest. Many Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
she is very kind, and great reading. I trust her reading and I hope to see all of her predictions comes into to reality! Highly recommended!" ... written by DarniaC
so glad to meet you and I had a wonderful reading. I feel all warm inside now. Thank you so much. I will return again soon." ... written by bonniebuice
SpiritofLove always helps me with my situation... I enjoy coming to her... I always leave with a sense of calmness and reassurance!!!" ... written by Ash
always amazing! thank you, definitely recommended :) 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
I loved this woman. I like her reading. She tries her best and she is sincere and honest and to the point. I highly recommend her to you guys. Get a reading. I will be back. 10 stars...." ... written by mahak
always great! :) 5 stars!" ... written by pinkmango
I love talking to her... she puts my mind at ease!!!!!!" ... written by Ash
she is clear and accurate. thank you for the advice" ... written by tyler
Thanks SpiritofLove... I really appreciate the talk!!!" ... written by Ash
Great reading....much clarity Hope the predictions come to pass " ... written by Cindy
I really enjoy talking to her... she will answer all your questions and leave no doubts... thanks!!" ... written by Ash
awesome reading always calming energy and great insight into the problem" ... written by agablue
a great psychic always gd readings!" ... written by pinkmango
Sweet, caring and accurate. Great insight into my situation. Helped to put my mind at ease with what I was feeling. Incredible reader. " ... written by 982
amazing as always." ... written by agablue
thankyou soo much u maid my day and maid me soo happy on what u told me all my questions were told youre very special thankyou and god bless you always " ... written by cervantes
she is good " ... written by loverboy
very honest and accurate. love her vibes" ... written by micd123
v fast typist, really seemed to connect v good reading" ... written by traey
wonderful and honest and caring. I love how she focuses. she will not let you down. " ... written by jazzy
She is fantastic! wish me luck :)" ... written by Lyly_ia
always clarifies the situation and helps with great adviceosta" ... written by agablue
thanx for reading ejoyed" ... written by zimerili1
a great psychic, 5 stars always!" ... written by pinkmango
fantastic reading.a must see.i highly recommend.she was spot on and accurate.god bless you thespriteof love.for all your hard work.may the light always shine on you." ... written by goldenheart 73
Fantastic as usual, honest, human and very precise. I've been in her room few times and she is great." ... written by tutu
Thank you so much spirit you have given me hope and trust again AWSOME " ... written by john24521
Thank you for my reading. SPOT ON! Take care and GOD bless you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
VERY CARING AND GOOD" ... written by hit_chi
thank you so much for everything. I love talking with you" ... written by jazzy
Amazing as always, very precise, accurate and no sugar coating The best on this website" ... written by sira
she was right about me dreaming of my mom i just wished i had more time to chat with thespiritoflove, she is a good psychic i would recommend " ... written by ashley
Fenomenal!" ... written by Carri
excellent and very fast and accurate!!!" ... written by micd123
Wonderful reader, gave clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
i have no words to explain how amazing this gifted and beautiful women is. thank you spirit of love for your wonderful guidance, wisdom and gift! :) xx" ... written by pinkmango
Good reading. Got the information i needed." ... written by jewelw203
Very sweet and genuine. " ... written by Amy
Always so amazing, insightful and calming! Thank you! As always 10 stars!!!" ... written by PinkMango
i liked her she made me feel better" ... written by georgianna
a lovely positive reading and I really hope her predictions are correct" ... written by TrCEY
you're an angel, thank you! xxx" ... written by pinkmango
always reassuring and amazing!! thank you x" ... written by pinkmango
she is staying consistent with what has already been said, she sees clearly what is to come -now we just see." ... written by mariasheart
My time cut short but thank you. She was very easy to talk to and knew my situation.!" ... written by Kate
she makes me smile...she said something and i hope it happens. She is so honest and tells what she sees even i dont want to know. Thank you so much for your honesty. I cant wait for what you said to happen!!" ... written by jasmine
She was sincere and only told what she saw and I appreciate that. She was very accurate!!" ... written by Finding Peace
Wonderful, gave a list of people -read them like a book." ... written by Maria
Fantastic!!!" ... written by mv
She's awesome. So clear!" ... written by Zeigen
OMG! she knew things that she shouldn't have letting me know -she is a God send." ... written by maria
Helpful to my needs, sensitive. " ... written by Starlight
Such a sweet and caring woman. Amazing how she connects so clearly with your situation and so accurately. " ... written by 982
Love was very on point seeing the situation and gave me more insight in what I already knew. She is fast and intense in her vision. " ... written by maria
proposal???? wow. she has said from day 1 that no matter what.....i wont get into she sees something happening. wow. They say for entertainment purposes but i think this woman is real. she is so sweet and kind with all of her words. She give good and bad together but says the good is coming. i hope the time has come. " ... written by jazzy
She is great... I love talking to her!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
She is just wonderful to talk to. She will tell you only what she knows so will not make stuff up... very honest woman!! Thanks xoxo" ... written by Ash
The spirit of Love was amazing. She connected right away and put my mind at ease. Thank You so much." ... written by mc
She was great, gave me great information. confirmed a lot of my doubts. " ... written by Stephanie
She seems to know exactly what she's talking about! And really catch up on the situation. She definitely put me at ease." ... written by Gabriela
Great as always! Thank you! x" ... written by Pinkmango
I liked the reading very much. She answered much of my questions and I feel very much at ease now." ... written by Veronica Atkins
very nice and positive reading and a very nice person. excellent!!!" ... written by micd123
Wow well what can I say she blown me away everything was spot on god shes amazing at what she does :) xxx" ... written by Natasha
thank you for telling me what you see and being honest. 2015 is the year and iwill keep you posted. " ... written by jazzy
a wonderful reading as always! you're amazing! thank you! xx" ... written by pinkmango
muchas grasias es muy especial mesiento total mente contenta cuando platico con usted dios mela vendiga siempre" ... written by cervantes 30
Idk whether to be happy or sad. We shall see what happens. " ... written by jazzy
She is a always a comfort. Waiting on visions to come to past." ... written by maria
always amazing and incredible insight. very reassuring and caring. xx" ... written by pinkmango
She is so assuring of what she says and helps me understand what is going on -says to many things that only the heavens could share with her." ... written by MariaMaria
Thank you! Very patient and kind! I appreciate your time." ... written by GArace
She seems to really know what she is talking about! Which is great! I like that! And hopefully i can learn to be patient and all will work out." ... written by Gabriela
THank you!" ... written by MMarmalade
thank you for a lovely reading! x" ... written by pinkmango
A new beginning -awaits me. So excited to see it all come to pass." ... written by Maria
beautiful person, truly loved her energy!" ... written by Jax
Very nice reading. Looking forward to the predictions. " ... written by Cindy
Great reading and always so amazing! xx" ... written by pinkmango
awesome reader" ... written by bria
Always very assuring and positive. Always amazing. God Bless her." ... written by micd123
wonderful again" ... written by jazzy
The spirit was so good. she reassured me of my situation. Thank You again and again." ... written by mc
wonderful." ... written by maria
She was great, she confirmed what I thought. I just love talking to her. Very sweet. Will come back when prediciton comes to fruition." ... written by Stephanie
I've been to her room few time and every time her predictions are accurate and they come true. Amazing reader" ... written by miroslava
Always so positive and wonderful!!!" ... written by micd123
A great lady that speaks spanish! She has made a good reading and confirmed my thoughts. My course will be good to have success in my life, thank you Spirit of Love!!! You're great!" ... written by ThomasKnight
amamamamamzing" ... written by cm
Always so amazing! Thank you SpiritofLove! :) xxx" ... written by Pinkmango
Fabulous - try her u will not regret." ... written by mariaheart
She was great very good things to come!" ... written by Stephanie
Comfirmed everything I already knew but it was very nice to have another affermation. She is very kind and considerate and tell you like it is...Very Good ty" ... written by Lynne
amazing, one of the best readers here" ... written by tushkan
Very lovely and kind woman. Amazing reader. Does not sugarcoat. Superb." ... written by 982
wonderfully gifted reader and accurate" ... written by seahorses
Fantastic as usual!!" ... written by Carri
very optimistic! wise words! she knows what shes talking about..thank you!" ... written by Anupama
Very Very good reading, thank you so much I will be in contact for a update thanx again and many blessings to you xox" ... written by Libsta
Incredible reading. Hope predictions come to pass. Highly recommend " ... written by Cindy
she is always a bday plans didnt happen but she sees the long run i guess. " ... written by jazzy
wonderful to talk to, insightful and very caring" ... written by agablue
Awesome" ... written by Carri
she is simply amazing!!!!! she gave me a fabulous reading. I want to see if she is correct. I think she is....we shall see... I love our talks. " ... written by jazzy
very good" ... written by sarah
Great reading as always! Thank you Spirit of Love! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
well short talk but she was expressing some right on about him" ... written by maria
great reading " ... written by c.branch
Very nice" ... written by Carri
Amazing, honest, detailed and really a kind person. Just an awesome reader!" ... written by C
She is so amazing with her Talents, very gifted She was very on point with my situation. Can't wait to see her predictions when they start to unfold. Many blessings.." ... written by Lucy117
very great connection. was able to reassure me of my situation and was spot on." ... written by alicia
Encouraging, uplifting. Thank you." ... written by Diego
fast to the point she helped me when other just strong me along" ... written by francine
awesome read. right on . She picked up quickly and told me things that were in line. Thank you thank you!" ... written by A.smith
AMAZING! knows things before you even tell her!!" ... written by regina
Thanks!!!" ... written by OlaOla1058
she is quick and to the point. she is wonderful again." ... written by jazzzy
"one of the excellent psychic here, very positive and very accurate. Always love talking to her , she is very understanding and helping", thank you" ... written by micd123
Such an amazing and beautiful reader. Love her. She is so calm and knows what she is doing. Really clarifies the things you need to know. " ... written by Christin
Lovely and kind. Very reassuring and understanding. Clears the air quickly and is very honest. She is incredibly amazing." ... written by C
very sweet, loving, positive energy, connected to situation so quickly!! love her!" ... written by a
So awesome and lovely to speak with, thank you so much. You have put my mind at rest." ... written by Starhx
Very Accurate!" ... written by Babe
great reading. she still sees hope for us. wish it would just happen already" ... written by jazzy
such an angel of light in the midst of my darkness :)" ... written by marisheart
Thanks for the reading! Reader is very well connected and very kind. I will be back " ... written by Isabelle
Excelent reader and bilingual." ... written by Jendio
thank you. much more i wish i could afford to keep communicating but this time was very helpful to me. peace andamp; love" ... written by kaymor
She is the best!! She just knew. Thank you!" ... written by poco
she is best and very accurate. Love her room and her positive vibes. God Bless her always." ... written by micd123
Such a lovely woman. She is very in tune and accurate. Her energy is very calming and she gives great advice. Wonderful!" ... written by Christina
Have reading about once a week and everytime it is a great reading! " ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Excellent reading 10+ stars recommend her to everyone thank u again spirit God Bless :)" ... written by libsta
very good I likes her will get a reading again from her time went to quick!" ... written by angelenergy
She is great! fast and in tune with my situation, very kind and honest" ... written by snakecharmer23
the spirit of love is so sweet and she awesome she connects well and she is accurate thanks so much many blessing :) " ... written by marybeth1love
friendly, made me feel like she understood , " ... written by mahogany
great reading! " ... written by smsleepingbeauty
an amazing reading! thank you so much! xx" ... written by pinmango
this psychics is one of my favorite ones of all if ever what to talk about any problem or what to know anything in youre life shes the one shes fast tells u the true i love her all i will always come back and talk to her thankyou very much for every thing" ... written by cervantes
Thank you! Always an amazing reading :) x" ... written by Pinkmango
thank you for a lovely reading once again xx" ... written by pinkmango
I keep coming back because she is so accurate and kind! " ... written by Poco101
wow so nice! and uplifting! knew the situation at hand right away! thank u!" ... written by xxx
Thank you. Always a blessing to talk to and very helpful. Very peaceful and calming. Amazing reader" ... written by Christina
Perfect" ... written by C
she is the best. " ... written by mic
It was great. Thanks" ... written by nissangirl12
So lovely as always. Great advice and insight. The best! Love her" ... written by Christina
greatness" ... written by mariasheart
She is really an amazing woman to talk to. Very understanding and insightful. Love her" ... written by Christina
Always a great reading, detailed, thorough andamp; caring :) xx" ... written by PinkMango
good reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
She is very on point and knows what she's talking about! Im glad to have had a reading with her!" ... written by Gabriela
Wow...what a wonderful Reading...She is truely a treasure....very quick and to the point....beautiful soul...." ... written by Kathy
lovely reading x" ... written by pinkmango
Great reading as always! Thoughtful, caring andamp; great insight! 5 stars! xxx" ... written by PinkMango
Lovely and amazing as always. " ... written by Christina
A deep reading, emotionally connected and supportive! Thank you SpiritOfLove xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
she is wonderful!!! very kind, and spot on with little info. thank you so much! many blessings to you dear!" ... written by scadoodle
always my pleasure talking to her. She is a wonderful person with a very sweet heart. Her readings are accurate and honest. " ... written by micd123
amazing full of specifics and she was right" ... written by maria
Beautiful and lovely as usual. Very kind hearted woman. She is the best" ... written by Christina
Muchas grasias por todas sus cosas simpre que hablo con usted, me siento mas tranquila me dice lo que quiero saber y me saca de mis dudas es muy especial gracias por todo y bendiciones para Usted siempre. " ... written by cervantes
good reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
always wonderful!" ... written by m
she was amazing" ... written by derick
great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Great reading as always! x" ... written by pink Mango
Love her. She is always very caring and understanding. Knows what she sees and is spot on. Perfect!" ... written by Christina
very gifted and a wonderful person to talk with. ty" ... written by m
I liked the reading." ... written by Shelley45
Very sweet and kind as usual" ... written by Tiana
good." ... written by .
very intuitive and accurate and friendly i highly recommend her" ... written by hit_chi
good reading - always compassionate x" ... written by pinkmango
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Thank you Spirit! Such a great reading - great connection, honest and compassionate! xxx" ... written by PinkMango
Always a great reading - thank you Spirit! For your compassion andamp; great insights x" ... written by PinkMango
she is very positive... lot of hopes from her. but time will tell .. hope for the best." ... written by Arijit Senmajumdar
She is always so spot on and gives me the reassurance I need." ... written by Stephanie
such a beacon of light :) " ... written by maria
Excellent reader...very fast and accurate. Thank you" ... written by CM
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
very thoughtful reading as always! thank you xx" ... written by pinkmango
Love her calming nature. She is really great. Perfect" ... written by Christin
Love her" ... written by christin
great reading as always! xxx" ... written by pinkmango
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
She is bilingual and very accurate" ... written by Jenn
she is the sweetest.... she is a darling " ... written by Arijit
she is amazing really opened my eyes" ... written by arica weldon
Great reading as always! Knows everything so well! xx" ... written by Pinkmango
all my darkness comes to light wit this women - love her" ... written by mariaheart
thank you spirit! a great reading, deep and connected. xxx" ... written by pinkmango
simply amazing, as always! incredibly gifted and wonderful! thank you spiritoflove! :) xxx" ... written by pinkmango
She is amazing. Accurate, compassionate and fast! Highly recommend." ... written by MJ
She was great, confirmed a lot for me again." ... written by Stephanie
Very intune with current situations." ... written by Brandi7479
she is he sweetest friend and guide" ... written by Arijit
she is the best" ... written by Arijit
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Such a great reading! Thank you! Highly recommended if you want someone who will truly know what is going on! xxx" ... written by Pinkmango
A very good reader" ... written by David
She is bilingual and a great Psychic.. very accurate and detailed. I enjoy her readings and her advise." ... written by Jenn
she is always the best" ... written by Arijit
she is the best friend. always helpful " ... written by Arijit
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Heavens that be, thank you for calming me and updating me. Connects very fast and genuine. Great reading!" ... written by Tiffany
she is fantastic. warm and sweet and very accurate " ... written by wassawa
In tune with your present situation. " ... written by Brandi7479
Lovely as always and very connected to my situation. She is always right. Love her" ... written by Christina
She is such an amazing person. She connected right away and really gave me great advice! Thank you for all your help and I highly recommend her to all!" ... written by nicole
Thanks for the great reading and being there to left my spirits!" ... written by stephanie
Love her. She is amazing. " ... written by Christina
thank you for being so connected and deeply helping me xx" ... written by pinkmango
great reading as always! thank you so much for reassuring me and helping me with this what seems a difficult situation xxx" ... written by pinkmango
Spiritoflove is an amazing and caring woman and spirit, hence her name! I and finding peace and comfort in her words and I can't wait to see things develop!" ... written by shelle97
great reading as always! and on different things, has great insight and abilities in all areas xx" ... written by pinkmango
Great reading as always with spirit... Recommend her for a reading - she can always put me at ease - and has been able to guide me thru my problems. " ... written by mizznhay
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! " ... written by pinkmango
great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Very good - shame my credits ran out." ... written by Kristina
great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
she's great on the money." ... written by Cristina
such a blessing." ... written by mariasheart
Thank you for your service. You were great and take the time to answer all my questions. I give you A+ for not using any tool such as Tarot cards to answer all my questions. Yes I will come back for some more reading. I will pray that everything you said will come true. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. You are great. She is straight to the point." ... written by rosemddg1
amazing always on point! " ... written by regina
As always a great reading, always knows the current situation and offers advice based on what she feels. Thank you SpiritOfLove xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
EXCELLENT AND INSIGHTFUL" ... written by liz
She is so amazing and connected to my situation. I never feel confused with her answers. Very accurate." ... written by Chris.
Spirit is so uplifting. Her time frame isn't a long time, but it's going to feel like it. I hope that this happens. Spirit was so reassuring about my situation. Thank you!!" ... written by shelle97
grasias por todo sus respuestas estan super bien en todo respecto y usted es una de las personas q siempre voy apresiar siempre " ... written by cervantes30
very helpful and intuitive." ... written by chris
amazing reading as always! thank you so much! many blessings! xxx" ... written by pinkmango
always a wonderful reading. thank you x" ... written by pinkmango
Great reading as always, no faults! xxx" ... written by Pinkmango
words cannot describe her presence, thank youx" ... written by pinkmango
grasias por todo su apoyo es usted una mujer muy especial q saca de dudas siempre la admiro mucho y dios mela bendiga siempre " ... written by cervantes30
Lovely and caring woman. Very peaceful and accurate in her readings. Incredible" ... written by Chris.
sounds great, cant wait for predictions to unfold" ... written by rish
she is so nice and kind. You need to see her." ... written by shelle97
lovely reading as always, thank you xx" ... written by pinkmango
Beautiful, lovely woman. Always so kind and honest. She has always been very accurate for me. Many things she has seen has already come to pass. Love her!" ... written by Christina
Amazing and beautiful woman. Love her" ... written by Chris.
always a blessing." ... written by mariasheart
She is the best reader I have been to, she has answers for all the sexual issues. " ... written by SC
She gave me a great reading on things. Very hopeful!" ... written by Stephanie
Lovely as always." ... written by Chris.
Great reading, very precise and informational! " ... written by Stephanie
always a pleasure" ... written by Cristina
amazing as always!! thank you xxxx" ... written by pinkmango
TheSpiritOfLove is wonderful. Thank you for your words. I felt your truth in the short moment i was online with you. Bless you and your work in helping people who love deeply. Your energy is felt through the computer....i promise you. Because of your counsel, I ask the heavens to bless your work!!! ---i will talk to you again and again....xo" ... written by Lisette
excellent, caring and very honest. Love her reading always" ... written by mic
she is really true friend" ... written by Arijit
Absolutely love her always. Accurate and very kind. Does not sugar coat or give false hopes. Awesome" ... written by Christina
Love her! Really love her! She is amazing and beautiful. Things have been happening as she sees so far. I couldn't ask for a better person to talk to." ... written by Christina
Oh My Goodness!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Words cannot even describe how incredible your readings are!! Thank you so much!!! Highly highly highly recommended!!! xxxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Beautiful reader. Very calming and kind. She connects perfectly with me and is very accurate. Things she has seen have happened and I am sure other things will too. " ... written by Christina
Very lovely and beautiful reader. I have taken her advice and things went well. Her predictions have happened and I am sure they will continue to happen. She is very detailed and accurate in what she sees. Awesome" ... written by Christina
Beautiful and accurate as always." ... written by Christina
Great reading as always! Definitely recommended! xxx" ... written by pink Mango
Lovely and soothing reading. Thank you spirit for your guidance x" ... written by Pink Mango
The most calming and beautiful reader. Many of her predictions have already come to pass. Looking forward to others to happen as well. " ... written by Christina
Love her! She is so good! Connects really fast and very in tune with my situations. Her predictions have happened over and over again. Sweet and beautiful too! The best!" ... written by CHRISTINA
Overall wonderful Reading! Very impressed with Thespiritoflove abilities. " ... written by Stephanie
Great reading! Thank you so much! Connected and so amazing xxx" ... written by pinkmango
Love her always! Beautiful and very in tune. Always accurate and predictions happen. She is amazing" ... written by Christina
Very comforting reading, and very compassionate yet to the point. She has a very loving way of things that bring calmness to your atmosphere." ... written by Alyssia
Incredible reading as always!! Absolutely love her!! xxxx" ... written by Pink Mango
great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Amazing reading!! Thank you! Great insight! x" ... written by Pink Mango
full of Positive Vibes :)" ... written by Bey
Kind and lovely woman. Connects fast and is very accurate. She is a blessing to me. Love her" ... written by Christina
Amazing and detailed " ... written by Christina
Brilliant reading! So amazing! Thoroughly recommended!" ... written by Pink Mango
Thank you Spirit! Always so comforting!!" ... written by Stephanie
Lovely and amazing! Accurate and connects really fast. Love her" ... written by Christina
Lovely. calming and amazing as always. " ... written by Christina
An amazing reading as always! Thank you so much for everything xx" ... written by Pink Mango
Really helpful reading in a confusing situation! Thank you! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Beautiful. Always accurate with my situation. She is amazing." ... written by Christina
Kind and lovely. Connects fast and accurately. Great!" ... written by Chris.
Wonderful, compassionate, understanding, calm, and great insight is how I would describe my reading with Thespiritoflove. I will definitely come back to her if I ever need further relationship guidance!" ... written by E
Beautiful, lovely woman. Always so kind. She has a very nice way of articulating the information she gives. And once again, her prediction happened. Someone contacted me in the time frame she specified and the conversation went as she said it would. She is very accurate always. " ... written by Christina
AMAZING!!!! GIFTED !!! i wish i had more questions for her to answer !!! i will be back for another fantastic reading !!!" ... written by tamalaa74
always great!!" ... written by Michelle
Lovely and beautiful as always. Always connects fast and accurately. " ... written by Christina
She is very good and very accurate plus she is bilingual." ... written by Jenn
Brilliant reading! Thank you so much! Your gifts and love are amazing! :) xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Beautiful and amazing as always" ... written by Christina
A great reading as always! Thank you SpiritOfLove xxx" ... written by pink Mango
Thank you for another lovely reading! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
SpiritOfLove IS AMAZING!! 10 STARS!!! XXX" ... written by Pink Mango
Beautiful and amazing as usual. Connects so easily and fast with me. Very accurate. Love her" ... written by Christina
muchas grasias por todo su apoyo sus consejos son muy lindos y sinceros estoy miuy contenta por estar con usted platicando lo arre siempre cuidese dios mela cuide siempre " ... written by cervantes30
Amazing reading!! So great!! Thank you! xxx" ... written by pink Mango
Lovely and amazing. Connects fast and accurately with me and my situation. Love her!" ... written by Christina
Lovely and beautiful always. Very accurate. love her!" ... written by Christina
Very lovely and accurate. Connects fast. TY" ... written by Christina
Great reading as always! Amazing! xxx" ... written by PinkMango
Such an amazing woman! Thank you as always, such a great and in depth connection! xxx" ... written by PinkMango
Great, compassionate, and understanding aura! Will continue to get reading from TheSpiritofLove! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thespiritoflove is a lovely person with a beautiful spirit. She is a breath of fresh air and enjoy having readings with her because she is non-judgemental!" ... written by E
Very lovely. Picks up fast and accurate. " ... written by Chris.
Words cannot describe how gifted Spirit Of Love is! Thank you once again xx" ... written by PinkMango
she is very to the point and kind spirited" ... written by tp
Such an amazing reading, thank you! So clear, concise, great insight! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
good advise provider as always" ... written by rb
muchas grasias por todo su apoyo la quiero muchoablamos pronto dios mela cuide por siempre " ... written by cervantes30
very good and accurate about the person i will let you know thanks " ... written by sue
thanks" ... written by tamite
Was such an interesting reading, so much detail, was so sweet and I think it was pretty accurate. Strongly recommend! " ... written by Sherry
Beautiful! love her. " ... written by Christina
lots of hope...lets c if its comes true..i hope it does" ... written by aaa
always connects very well and is patient with many questions and concerns also is a great advisor in many areas of love. truly the spirit of love dwells within her." ... written by hb
Such an amazing reading, connected so accurately and is so wonderful! Thank you xxx" ... written by pink Mango
good" ... written by hit_chi
Lovely and always accurate." ... written by Chris.
Spot on! THANK YOU!" ... written by Christen
Beautiful and great like every time. Love her" ... written by Chrissy
Great reading, clear trustworthy and precise" ... written by Suzanne
Connects fast. Looking forward to predictions. Thank you. " ... written by rose
Such an amazing reading! Thank you! Specific, detailed and brilliant as always! 5 stars definitely!! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
spot on as always loves her shes great :):) xxx" ... written by Natasha
thanks again spirit" ... written by shelle
I thought the reading was great." ... written by bell
Beautiful. Love her. Always accurate. " ... written by Christina
Honestly, just an angel!!! Feel so blessed! Amazing reading, such a wonderful woman! Highly highly recommended!! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
very friendly and nice" ... written by lisa
Love her always! Accurate and the sweetest!" ... written by Christina
very good" ... written by hit_chi
Beautiful always" ... written by Christin
excellent, on point, very accurate, i felt this was so helpful beyond that I can explain. " ... written by bell
Spirit was a pleasure to read with - very accurate, I gave her no information and she saw my complicated situation very clearly :-) and a very peaceful calming soul!" ... written by Great Reading!
always wonderful" ... written by 123m
Thank you for confirming!" ... written by Stephanie
Love her always! Connects fast and always sees accurately what is going on. Amazing reader!" ... written by Christina
This lady is amazing. I love her accuracy and I feel her honesty and gift of predictions is just beyond words. I would recommend to anyone, especially for speed and getting to the point clearly. This is a go to person for anything...will be back" ... written by bell
SpiritofLove you are being gifted!!! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Lovely always. Awesome" ... written by Christina
She was very helpful. Great insight. Can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by Sherry
Lovely and amazing always. Love her" ... written by Christina
Way too short. I'll be back. Definitely." ... written by Aaliyah
Brilliant, amazing, and lovely person. I do not feel anyone could be disappointed for a reading here with this great gifted lady. " ... written by bell
she is the best xxxx " ... written by rose meng
very detailed" ... written by computerluv
Sweet and lovely woman. Love her." ... written by Chris.
Absolutely amazing! Wow! xx" ... written by pink Mango
Thank you, great reading as always xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
:) great reading" ... written by m27inal
Great reading as always! Very quick and focused, thank you! :) xx" ... written by Pink Mango
Lovely, accurate and amazing. Love her!" ... written by Christina
I recommend her. She is quick with answers." ... written by RAM
Love her. Sweet and beautiful woman. " ... written by Chris
muchas grasias por todos sus consejos me asen de mucho bien y feliz grasias y dios mela cuide siempre" ... written by cervantes30
I love you so much, thank you!" ... written by
Good reading! I always enjoy our time together because Spirit has a beautiful and peaceful aura. I look forward to another reading with her in the future!" ... written by E
She is very good and kind." ... written by naraa
Update read. Consistent in accuracy. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Shes fantastic. Very fast and accurate! " ... written by Michelle
she is the only psychic I contact now :o)" ... written by rose
Very good. Cleared up a lot for me in just one session. Would recommend." ... written by indigo
Unbelievably Amazing!! Thank you! xx" ... written by Pink Mango
Great reading." ... written by vanessa
she is always calm and to the point" ... written by pro
xoxo, much love, wonderfully gifted you are!" ... written by
she is very kind and loving person " ... written by rose
:) very gifted!" ... written by
Fantastic as always! Thank you so much! xxx" ... written by pink Mango
Brilliant!!" ... written by Pink Mango
Wonderful - even in times of need x" ... written by Pink Mango
Lovely as always and the best" ... written by Christin
she is such s kind person, can always give a genuine advice to your life " ... written by rose
Amazing as always! Gifted,and always authentic! Love her xxxxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Amazing session!! was so nice, connected quickly, quick typer gave a lot of good details which really made sense. Thank you so much! Will definitely be back " ... written by Sherry
Lovely and awesome always" ... written by Christin
Great reading!" ... written by starchild700
Beautiful reader who adressed my problem with sensitivity and kindness. Very reccomended ! x" ... written by Emily
Thespiritoflove, she is absolutely accurate and spot on with little to no information. I have readings with other trusted advisers and all she had delivered aligns with information I have which attests that she is true to her gift. She use no tools. There's a directness and a calmness to her. She has landed herself in my favorite list. I sense a kindness in her." ... written by Merrysinclair
She helped me know what to do with someone I love very much. She helped me to have some insight into his actions and feelings. Thanks TheSpiritOfLove, you've helped a lot. " ... written by pagirl15601
good reading! calm! spot on!" ... written by CEC
best yet" ... written by
Lovely! Love her" ... written by Christi
Amazing!! Last reading was absolutely accurate!! Thank you! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Lovely spot on reading, very accurate and uplifting thank you" ... written by Lorann
Very good reader! Thanks" ... written by A
Beautiful and great always" ... written by Christin
good" ... written by sasha
Love her always! She is amazing" ... written by Christina
Great reading as usual; spirit is so sweet and has been accurate so far with all her readings. Thank You " ... written by sheri
very good reader,very accurate,will be back when things come to pass,recommended!!!" ... written by j
Love her! She is amazing" ... written by Christi
Thank you Spirit!!!!" ... written by Stephanie
great reading didnt waste time and I will be calling her again soon!!!if you have not tried her you need to," ... written by mollie
She is absolutely amazing and has been right about everything so far. It took some time to unfold, but now that it is I can see everything she has always said has been true. Her timelines are usually spot on. She is so good and helps me a lot. Glad to have found her!" ... written by Ladybug
Lovely and accurate. Awesome reader" ... written by Christina
Very good insight on things I didn't know she provided detail things" ... written by Curtis
AWESOME" ... written by
She provided my with information that was needed at a very stressful time." ... written by Curtis
Always so amazing! Thank you xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Love her always!" ... written by Christi
Love her! She is always spot on." ... written by Christi
She doesn't waste your time and tells you how it is. She doesn't sugar coat anything and gets right to the point. She hit a lot of things on the nail. I appreciate her patience. Thank you so much Spirit. " ... written by Tiana
Love her. She is always accurate and spot on." ... written by Christi
Beautiful and amazing! Love her" ... written by Christina
Spiritoflove is fabulous! told me the truth, but also provided a little hope for my situation. Connected immediately and I think she's really on to a lot. Thank you Spriitoflove!" ... written by lornalulu
Great help, had great clarity on the situation." ... written by Ayecaptain1
very good but too short picked up ona lot of things but the ystem didnt allow enough time to select more credit at the right amount... but she did seem to pick up on things very well" ... written by nicky
Shes good. Thank you :)" ... written by :)
Great reading andamp; update. Thank You" ... written by sher
lovely lovely woman with a very nice and sincere way to explain things" ... written by nicky
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
Great reading and update; consistent and so kind. Thank You " ... written by sher
great reading, i can tell she actually connected" ... written by a
Love her. She is amazing" ... written by CB
she is sooo lovely, i really like her thannk youxxx" ... written by magichealer
Love her. She is amazing" ... written by Christin
Wonderful! picks up on any situation. " ... written by Regina
spiritoflove gave me a very thoughtful, honest, and direct reading which I know is one of her great traits. The trait that I most care for is her compassion that helps ease any hardships that may occur from information given. Her past reading to me did come to pass and I trust that the goodness and her words will deliver as well as the truths. I'm grateful and I"m thankful for her words even tho they may have brought tears but nonetheless, I"m grateful and would return. I do recommend her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing reading as always! Direct and compassionate. Thank you so much! xxx" ... written by pink Mango
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
always there, always hope" ... written by maria
Highly recommended!! Absolutely amazing!! Thank you SpiritOfLove as always!! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Thank you so much!" ... written by A
Fantastic reading, connected quickly, in tune to my situation, and very honest. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
Lovely and very accurate." ... written by Chris.
Fabulous and comforting as usual!" ... written by Carri
Amazing reading as always! 5 stars! Thank you! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
I finished the last part of my session with spiritoflove and she is so very in tune and delivers information that is so needed. My heart wells up and fills up with more knowledge and hope. She is detailed, reads another's emotions well and connects fast. I can feel her compassion and kindness. Everything points and speaks that she is godly gifted and nothing is false. I feel like I could breath again after speaking with her. I know I would come back to seek the comforts, counsel and guidance from her. I'm grateful and thankful always. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She was amazing as usual!" ... written by flovech82
Love gave me insights for which I needed and she is truly connected cause the information is accurate. I wish my time wasn't so short but I'm grateful for her insights, thoughts and gifts. I will return to find guidance. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Love her always!" ... written by Christin
helped to confirm something was in my way" ... written by Emma
SO AMAZING and so incredibly reassuring! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Love her" ... written by Christi
Excellent as usual!" ... written by Carri
she is brilliant, always help me with relationship problems" ... written by Rose
TheSpiritofLove is so compassionate and wonderful to speak with. I will come back again!" ... written by E
Love her! She is awesome." ... written by Christina
great as always! thank you very much xxx" ... written by pink Mango
thank you so much dear! you are wonderful. look forward to getting an update with you soon.." ... written by scadoodle
Fabulous!" ... written by Carrie
Spirit of love connects fast and is always accurate and deeply in touch with others thoughts and emotions. She gave me some insights and practical actions I could take if wanted. I'm thankful for her gift, words and guidance. I would recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
very nice, and quick with responses which i think are very accurate. " ... written by vsdvc
Love her always!" ... written by Christina
she is brilliant, she is like my old friends now :O) " ... written by Rose
Brilliant as always! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
she is a lovely person xx, i feel blessed when i talk to her xx " ... written by Rose
Lovely lady - tunes in well!" ... written by CB
Seemed very connected and was very in touch with other readings I had " ... written by Ray
Such a great reading, clear, positive andamp; amazing! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Not bad.." ... written by marionlyttle
Very good" ... written by Eme
I was very happy with my private reading she is great and very honest. She is very nice and told what she sees I will be back for more that is for sure!!! I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by goddess70
Consistent thanks for the update will wait for prediction to pass. Thank you " ... written by sher
Fabulous as usual. Her predictions have always come true for me. :)" ... written by CC
Such a great reading, as always very detailed and amazing! Thank you! xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
good" ... written by hit_chi
very good, extremely happy!" ... written by maryam
Great listener and is very attentive to your questions. Spirit is easy to talk to because she has a wonderful and compassionate heart. She is a beautiful person!!!!" ... written by E
Today I had a reading with Thespiritoflove, I was on mobile so was not able to rate or give testimonial. She is 5 stars all the way, the best reader on the site. She is honest and forthcoming and let's you know the truth in your life. She will be the only reader I need from now on." ... written by FoxySis
Such an amazing ready - thank you! 5 stars as always! So accurate about many things xxx" ... written by Pink Mango
Love her always. She is always on point. " ... written by Christina
AMAZING!! " ... written by Regina