About VisionaryGu

Psychic VisionaryGuhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic VisionaryGuhas recently helped 46members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about VisionaryGu's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Top Rated! 25+ yrs experience. over 50k readings,7 yrs Oranum.Authentic clairvoyant, Born gifted.Tarot reader, Reiki Master, numerology, IChing, FengShui, Meditation guidance.Relationship/Life Coach, accuracy predictions w timeframe.Expertise careers, relationships, reconciliation & legal cases, Soul mates/Twinflame confirmation.Services honest, direct & mutually respectful. Only reveal Truth

very accurate andamp; thorough reading - i will hope to come back for updates soon" ... written by eli
started off okay....but i'm not sure if she knows too much. " ... written by .....
gu is a very gifted lady who is truly gifted." ... written by taufahema
very accurate reading. a lot of insight, and guidance, Quick and patient. explains everything. Definitely will be back" ... written by darlinhun
this was a very direct and honest reading. I'm impressed. i believe it was quite accurate as well." ... written by softwater
Visionarygu is the best psychic I have ever had read for me. she was right about everything. She is the very best! very kind!" ... written by taufahema
straight forward and well connected" ... written by lotus71
Fantastic, 100%, amazing, what more can i say ? :) Thankyou!!" ... written by kelly
She was great, and knew me just as well as me. :) She's very awesome I'm sure, I would waste no time coming back for reading. You're Awesome VisionaryGu and I love you.... " ... written by Freeto
OMG!! She is sooooo VERY ACCURATE!! I will come back to her again!! the things she knew, she could not have guessed!!" ... written by StPatty317
She's good! Can't wait for things to happen! She's to the point and no sugarcoating!" ... written by Itsuramo
it was an extremely pleasant reading, but no sugar coating" ... written by someoine
Great reading...she was very insightful...look forward to seeing if her predictions are correct. Definitely recommend..." ... written by Carrie
Good reading. She was really thorough." ... written by Briony
She is nice and very kind. The reading was very accurate. I like her reading. Will definitely come back" ... written by Sylvia
I got an astrology report, It is very detailed. Gu is kind and caring and taught me a lot in our reading. I will definitely be watching my water in my elements. Definitely worth the time to get charted by Gu. Love her readings, insite, positive attitude. She always perks me up. Great energy." ... written by marym62
Excellent!!!" ... written by Oolong
finished up my reading with gu" ... written by val
good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
Very nice and caring. Very in tune to what you are feeling and what is going to happen in the near future. Very positive and a good guide. " ... written by Ben
she is honest. thank you . sport on as well " ... written by sai
Very very caring." ... written by gchild001
She's really good and accurate! fast too, and a lot of kindness in her reading. She got my past scenarios all accurate." ... written by starrose
She was very sweet and didn't want me to waste my credit. Told me to come back in the new year when things can be read more in-depth. Thank you! " ... written by Ana
Good reader, connects well and really explains the cards. I would recommend." ... written by L
wow she is so nice…spot on! love her." ... written by dfad
She is very good right on the money. She's the real deal - exceptional tarot reading skills. " ... written by Roseanna
First of all, thank you so much for the reading!! are awesome, loving, positive, caring, and accurate. I'm happy I had a reading with you. You are such a kind and wonderful person. Thank you again hun :)" ... written by adalyn
great reading love the red sticks..very different andamp; cards like this system " ... written by queenbee22
Great reader ... everything was correct from the very start. . Will be back for sure ... " ... written by princess1218
WOW ... Gu is GREAT! very accurate ... highly recommend! " ... written by me
Omg!!! She is a 5 STARS! Absolutely the BEST on ORANUM! Fabulous predictions!!! A wonderful and Gifted woman! Awesome adviser with positive attitude. Go to her for your readings and you will not regret it. Only the truth and nothing to hide. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
The most accurate" ... written by Deepak
She is great and very helpful" ... written by yk
excellent..." ... written by b
Wonderful reader! She was such a joy to get a reading from and she picked up things very well. Thank-you Gu!" ... written by Sporetobemore
I think this reader is so honest and very gifted." ... written by JustBeachy11
She predicted something. Hope happens. liked the reading." ... written by Fani
very good soul he knows what she is talking amazing reader" ... written by sam
Fast, accurate and kind what more can you ask for?!" ... written by Jessica
She is very nice and caring.. apart from that her reading was very accurate.. Thank you" ... written by Femi
Wow! She really is good. and honest. Well worth going to private for. She saw it all without prompting. Recommended!!!!" ... written by Jon
It was my first time, very insightful!" ... written by Christiett
Super clear with cards. Accurate with people and positions." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
So Far So good .. Made Me feel Good." ... written by Shovie Prasad
A very truthful reading by VisionaryGu.. I am happy to have this reading with her.. She is so accurate.. " ... written by P
Her tarot cardsandamp; explanation were spot on...!!!!!!!!" ... written by elsa
amazing reader :) spot on" ... written by ry
GOOD AND FAST" ... written by PRAYMEDI
i love love her. she is the real thing. so loving and caring. and gives great advice. i will definitely be back" ... written by gio
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! She is an excellent, excellent and excellent healer!!! Also, she is a GIFTED woman on Oranum and in this world. A very positive attitude. She is very honest and will tell you what you need to hear. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
you are amazing and on dot! i love your positivity and great love thank you so much for your wise words. action is the key to happiness " ... written by mag
thank u" ... written by judy
very helpful and quick to the point." ... written by sharmin
VisionaryGu is very intuitive and good at what she does. She was able to answer all my questions and then some. Provided dates and informative information. I truly believe in her predictions and do know that they shall come to pass. " ... written by Roseanna
Guru is a very kind woman.. Her readings are way too accurate and honest.. She does not waste your time/money in private, and always helps out later if you are done with your minutes.. " ... written by P
i'll see in three weeks" ... written by cindy
She was awesome and very accurate! To the point and gives no fluff. It was a lovely reading." ... written by Ashley
Got some much needed advice. Feeling a lot better now. Very excited. Gu is so thoughtful in her communication. Takes each card and explains how it relates to your situation. very glad that I chose a private with her." ... written by darlinhun
her reading is sport on with my spirit guide reading and prediction is the same . that mean she is gifted and she is honest . work fast and dont try to waste your credit . even the expert that cost 5 99 or 9 .99 dont even sport on and fast like her. thanks you " ... written by mar
gu is awesome! very fast and very descriptive with her readings and cards" ... written by m
thank you" ... written by strawberries1985
she is so sport on . " ... written by sai
she is sport on and honest " ... written by sai
that was a great, honest reading with great practical advice, positive and made a lot of sense, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
Gu gave me good news and advice. Everything that she said made perfect sense to me. She is very helpful and understanding." ... written by Diana
Chakra cleansing 2nd time. After 1 st time things started to change. I felt much better. but I ran out of credit during the first cleansing and so had to return to finish it a second time. Hey but it really is worth it. Gu really knows how to do Chakra cleansing. You feel it when she is doing whatever she does. Highly recommend Gu for Chakra cleansing. It rests the clock. Since last week the promise of better things have started...." ... written by jonastra
Very good and positive reading..She verified her answer with several reading methods. Looking forward to see if things manifest as she said. " ... written by Harold
I like Gu, she is fast and accurate. The reading provided me with answers, details, and predictions. Now let's hope these next few months go quickly and that the prediction comes to pass! A very good reader indeed and I will be back for confirmation of the predictions and updates as needed. " ... written by MS
VisionaryGu is a truly gifted person and I look forward to speaking with her again soon. She is compassionate and full of wisdom along with being accurate intuitively. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from me in my reading from her and cannot thank her enough, and feel fortunate to have found her." ... written by Allison
this woman is so amazing she makes my world feel clear." ... written by bv0880
she is the most accurate psychic i have ever encountered." ... written by bv0880
Spot on as always!! good readings! " ... written by hermestarr
thank you gu for the lovely healing and your time, all the advise you gave me. recommend u for a reading for sure!" ... written by joojoometo
Very good reading.....Definately 5 stars....." ... written by Ebonyeyes
I loved the reading, it was pretty accurate and I hope everyone that comes to her gets the answers they were looking for . very happy with the outcome. " ... written by abril
awesome reading!!! spot on!! very good advise!! highly recommended!! " ... written by hermestarr
i seriously love gu to death! i've been in her room for awhile waiting for my chance to take her private and let me tell u, the reading was awesome! she was able to confirm everything and swept my worries away. literally, she was so on point with every single thing that's been going on with me. she's just so amazing and beautiful :) thanks again gu!!! love you xoxo" ... written by val
Amazing, caring and fast! Very sweet and detailed as well. " ... written by Sofie
the best. perfect." ... written by taufahema
Very nice reading, she used the chinese sticks , iching and then the cards. I appreciate her honesty. No sugar coating. Wow she answered so many questions for me. Thank you so much for the beautiful reading." ... written by SMGirl
Nice reading. Will wait to see it play itself out. :)" ... written by Kim
She is very calming and nice. " ... written by d2k1000
She doesn't try to rob you off your $$...honest....accurate....I've had several readings with her andamp; she has been accurate andamp; precise - i just wish she would be on earlier!! " ... written by ihatesumsum
prediction came to pass! cannot wait until new year to see what comes for me!" ... written by m
super talent , " ... written by taufahema
the best" ... written by taufahema
OMG! OMG! OMG! Wow! She is a 5 STARS!!! She is AMAZING with her GIFTED Abilities especially helping people with her energy regards to healing. She did a healing for me not too long ago. I thought things will never turn around for the better with my friend. We lost contact for a while. On Christmas Day we bumped into each other at a traffic light face to face. Wow! We both were shocked but was very Happy that a new and bright beginning has enter our life. Like I said, she is very good at what she does and a very honest psychic and also, as a person too. She doesn't like to waste your time and money. Her mission here is to help and see all of us happy. Go to her for your readings as you will experience a positive and lucky life. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
VisionaryGu was very thorough in her reading. I would recommend her to everyone and I will definitely get another reading from her very soon. Thank you " ... written by MrsGib
Thanks Gu. You are so kind and accurate ...will come back." ... written by Faz424
thank you Gu .." ... written by princess1218
Excellent insight with lots of details. Will come back to attest for predictions. Overall great reading." ... written by rn
she is sport on . " ... written by sai
she's simply amazing!" ... written by n
EXCELLENT..." ... written by B
that was good practical advice not sugar coated.. thank you" ... written by jazzychic7
very hones! Really liked her reading!" ... written by deiasallouti
thanks a lot." ... written by Doppler
Gu is very nice. Reading was good . Will be patient and will see what will happen by the timeframe you gave me. Happy New year !!!" ... written by princess1218
Told me the harsh truth that i needed to hear. Thank you so much for telling me the truth and not sugar coating" ... written by Mel
great as usual..........." ... written by taufahema
her readings are very accurate!" ... written by Nadia
i love her readings!" ... written by w
she's awesome, thanks a lot!!" ... written by jazzychic
another great reading gu . Thank you again.. till next time." ... written by princess1218
Shes great, good grasp of chinese astrology and tarot...." ... written by Jade Emperor
honest reader" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you gu for the boost. You are very good with advices . You are an angel. thank you" ... written by princess1218
perfect" ... written by taufahema
AWESOM wow GREAT " ... written by Lakshmi
Very direct but kind. Positive and connected quickly. She could have kept me longer I would have stayed but she was so respectful of my credits. I think she is great." ... written by Phoenixrising51
thank you Gu for the tips .. will definitely be back for the update .." ... written by princess1218
I appreciate it :-) Gu is awesome and very sweet" ... written by SAM
thanks Gu, great~" ... written by happy
Amazing!! I had a very good reading with VisionaryGu, It was accurate and spot on. She really helped me and made me feel better by making me see things more clear. She is honest and very professional, and as I told her, I will be back in future. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and clarity. " ... written by MsVirgo
Sweet caring lady, picked up situation accurately..lets see how it will turn out...thanks. will be back :) " ... written by Gina
Pleasant lady to talk to . Wonderful advice. Very patient and understanding. Definitely looking foreward to talk to her again for further guidance." ... written by Ka
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
VisionaryGu: Very helpful and wise. Gave me clear insight " ... written by cwills22
I enjoyed her reading. " ... written by roseanna
thank u" ... written by taufahema
Very detail reading. And I love how her pursing your problem and give you advice. I will follow what you told me. And hope things will work out just fine :) Thank you GU!" ... written by stellachan
EXCELLENT!" ... written by searchthetruth
Great reading, wonderful, warm, lady. Will come back for updates." ... written by han720518
EXCELLENT READING SPOT ON... ***********" ... written by SWEET461
she was amazing. I needed few word of wisdom and she helped me. she really did " ... written by hayday1233
Gu is a sweet lady. She answers all the questions easily and with nice details. She is fast, doesn't waste time, and doesn't try to keep you in private longer than needed. She is honest and seems to be accurate too. We'll see what happens." ... written by JL
she is a very kind and awesome reader" ... written by June
she is very true, knowledgable and wise person. strongly recommend" ... written by June
very very inspiring, very very good lady and acurate" ... written by gchild001
Loved this reading. She connected very well. Told me things I knew in my heart, but never told anyone about. Serious and caring reader. She is definetly something else. And I would recommend her as one of the top readers on Oranum." ... written by B
I won the demo with random numbers I was punching in and got my question answered. Then Gu did the sticks for 2015 forecast and I won that too! I knew I had to see Gu when I saw she had a demo and had read for 444 ppl already. And the stick that came out was 43. Been surrounded by those numbers alot lately and know it isn't just coincidence! Even the sticks told me how lucky my year was gonna be lol. Took her pvt to elaborate on the demo and everything was verified so I know this is the real deal(: thx Gu!!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
thank you gu!! your reading was very inspiring!!! spot on!!! " ... written by chantelle
precise, to the dot, very fast" ... written by Winter
Wow! I have to admit she is absolutely the #1 psychic and advisor on Oranum. Always Excellent and spot on with her Brilliant predictions. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
the best " ... written by taufahema
VIsinory gu was honest and humble.... she spoke the truth and provided me good insight " ... written by Komal Rana
she is super sweet" ... written by neha
consistent with previous readings and is always straight up and honest! i love gu!" ... written by me
thank you so much nice advise." ... written by luv4me
such a sweetheart! i love talking to her! 5 stars always" ... written by me
Very accurate and sure of her predictions. Very involved and passionate. Sends lots of positive energy. amazing. Good job. keep it up. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Nice lady... helpful! Thank you Gu" ... written by leana
she is very kind, thank you" ... written by veezee
Visionarygu was very honest, straight to the point and a fast reader! I would recommend getting a reading from her. Thank you very much for your honesty. I wish you lots of love and blessings Visionarygu!!! Thank you very much!" ... written by Kayeluv1
once again. Gu is amazing. she nails down the person in question very accurately. i will do the trick and see how it goes!! thank youu and happy lunar year!" ... written by stellachan
Visionary was so incredible.. She gave the time frame I requested.. She was very accurate with the details shared.. She was quick and to the point.. Thank u so very much Visionary.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Once again she is right!!!!! love her!! " ... written by cestlavie22
Absolutely shocked! she is incredible!" ... written by cestlavie22
Gu is very accurate. Everything she said were true about me. I consulted both my career and lovelife and was very satisfied with her reading. She zoned in my situation and helped me remove some of my worries and inhibitions. I'm looking forward to her predictions in the coming months and will definitely go back for a follow-up reading. Gu is amazing. Very gifted. Highly recommended. " ... written by Nanerel
She's very good and straight to the point. 5 stars!" ... written by Yiara
excellent advice.. I needed to hear that. thanks a lot gu, one of the very best here, she always says something nobody else could pick up :)" ... written by jazzychic
very on point ! amazing feed back" ... written by nvtheunknown
Perfect to the core. Very accurate, predict well, advise us very well, alarm us with the issues that might crop up. In short, a real advisor besides excellent prediction. Great Job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
great" ... written by taufahema
outstanding" ... written by taufahema
she's very good and spot on! will def return for more" ... written by ry
thank you Gu!!! thanks for the answer you provided. I feel good about this as i can see myself it's improving! I'll follow your advice!!" ... written by stellachan
A really good person!!! she really tries to give you confidence!!!!!!!!" ... written by Mieke
she was right ." ... written by maria
very interesting !!!" ... written by malinka88
all I needed to know..." ... written by EE
lovely positive her..some of her predictions does happen and waiting for some" ... written by venus
VERY GOOD" ... written by TIM
excellent, i can tell why she is a leader " ... written by maria
Very kind and receptive." ... written by Wen
gu is the only psychic I come to for any help and guidance I need. highly accurate and always spot on! love you gu!! thank you xoxo" ... written by val
amazing as usual...." ... written by b
well i finally got good news and i'm really happy about it. because the other predictions Go made, were not such good news, but they happened. in fact, what she said about how he feels, is exactly what he later said about how he feels. " ... written by allbright
she's great- highly recommend " ... written by cc
well, so far she has been very accurate. that's why i keep coming back. i don't always like what i hear, but she is very honest. and her predictions have been very accurate" ... written by allbright
accurate different and very kind sweet lady. " ... written by Magical Mike
Great reading! " ... written by JQ
So far, very accurate. predictions have happened. " ... written by allbright
sweet and strong woman. always honest. " ... written by ev
She is an amazing reader, I just love her honesty and compassion." ... written by jewels mcdonald
Thank you again VisionaryGu, i will let you know what happens. Thanks for your advice and your honesty. love always Randy " ... written by Randy
very straight to the point!! always spotted on!! " ... written by chantelleplein
She was really amazing you have to speak to this woman. She was fast and accurate. Even tuned into a past relationship that has come up again without me asking. The cards she pulled really did pertain to my situation and she gave me some good advice too. She's awesome, I feel better now that I spoke with her :)" ... written by Darlene
It always feels well after talking to Gu :)" ... written by RC
Last reading she did for me last november came true per her time frame and what to expect. She had given me fair warning. Today I went back to check with her and glad I did. She clarified a pending question and gave me another time framed reading. Very certain it will come true also. " ... written by SMGirl
Ah, good stuff with Gu. She quickly tunes in and gives me the answers that I'm looking for. She has been consistent and accurate, hopefully things will be good again soon. Thank you." ... written by Jen
Omg GU was very accurate and straight to the point. She doesn't sugarcoat things. She's amazing with her gift. Can't wait to see how her predictions start to unfold. Many Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Very accurate and precise lady. Thank you for your honesty." ... written by randy
I have faith in her, but like she said, faith is in God's hands. Being selfish is not one of the things I want in life. She told me to believe in God and listen to the heart, stay positive. " ... written by Jewels McDonald
she was very wise telling me about my future and I like that she is honest." ... written by ritu
alright... " ... written by ron
ok thx" ... written by f
Happy with the positive reading from Gu today.. It made my mind a bit relaxed.. " ... written by pm
She checked my chart, tarot, and iching for me, to give me a perfect answer. She was spot on about whatever she told me, and also gave a solution to work on it for. She really cares, and wants the best for her clients. Very kind soul. XX TY GU:)" ... written by kool
Gu never lies.. She is honest and accurate.. " ... written by pm
This woman is an amazing reader and person. She is sooooooooo fast and accurate! Very efficient and very thoughtful. Wow. I'm so impressed!" ... written by Kyle
AMAZING, so true and honest and sweet and kind. I will go back to her.! she is amazing." ... written by Maritina
Getting updates. Good to know that she remembers our last reading, so didnt have to update her a lot. TY" ... written by Kool
A++++++++++Oh my god she is the best she was " ... written by Auetereka23
very good, love my reading." ... written by lauren
she's always the best! my connection was a bit slow but she never fails to deliver fast and direct answers" ... written by nug
Gu! I'm so glad you're back on. I've been looking for you for a long time! You still see the situation accurately. And read the problem like a book in front of you. I will follow your advice. the problem you mentioned was exactly what he told me about few days ago. i believe we will be back together again. just need patience for him. thank you gu. you're my support!" ... written by stellachan
VisionaryGu... I love her, very kind and understanding. She is straight to the point." ... written by Keisha
Very spot on...I was supriesed how much she knew..must try..didnt tell her anything,about situation and she was spot on with it..Thank you" ... written by md
Thank you soo much!!! she was amazing!" ... written by freeandlove23
great info love the sticks, very spot on 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
Did a reiki healing and chakra reading! They were both amazing and I can already feel the difference. She even was super efficient as to not waste my time/credits! Highly recommended!" ... written by Kyle
Very Accurate, " ... written by Gizelle
she is so on point!" ... written by arcelia
This psychic is the real deal! She has the sweetest heart and also gives the best advice! She gives it to you straight. What a great psychic! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kyle
Gu is very spot on gave nothing and she was spot on the situation making me comfortable in listening to advice and predication. I will be back! Thank U Gu." ... written by marias
This was an awesome reading. She went into full details an explained. She is good. Will definitely be back...." ... written by Janice
She is superb. Spot On andamp; kind. Bless U :)" ... written by Arina
My updates.. yay" ... written by kool
Very kind reader. Accurate and great advice to go with the reading" ... written by AA
Love Gu. She is so great! Highly recommend her! She is the best!!" ... written by Kyle
very good!" ... written by jazzychic
Got my updates for today, and I think she is spot on with my situation, and tells me how it progresses. So I like to see if things are going on rt track. I really like the I-ching cards as they pick it very well. She also, helps a lot in free chat by giving support and suggestions to make things work. She really cares about the clients. I ve noticed that many ppl here with whom I ve had privates with, just ignore me in the free chat. But GU, truly cares, and never ignores her clients and she makes us feel like friends. You are very kind soul GU. TY so much -XXX" ... written by Kool
Gu's readings are always interesting and nice.. Happy to have another positive reading from her.. " ... written by pm
Forthright and frank." ... written by AnnicB1
Very caring and honest... straight to the point as well which I really appreciate!" ... written by Adrienne
she's super lovely, takes extra insight and care to answer your questions. no sugarcoating here ! really took her advice into heart, shes awesome!" ... written by jazzychic
I will forever come back to visionguru..she has helped me so much and I will be forever grateful to her...Go to her, you wont be disappointed" ... written by kim
Updates" ... written by Kool
Some very interesting facts, ran out of time tough." ... written by Minnie
Caring woman..... great insights.... always the one to come back!" ... written by Jellb
great! " ... written by marias
Wonderful!" ... written by marias
Gu is always honest.. Her cards never show wrong.." ... written by pm
Fantastic reader with a lot of spot on facts and gave very good advice. Combining different ways of reading and able to point out the main problems. Will come back for sure. " ... written by Jellb
maaaaannnnnnnn, this woman amazed me! she took me by storm! she read me like a book and everything was SPOT ON! i believe in her gifts.. we were so connected. her spirit was so gentle with me..she encouraged me and gave me so much such little time. she was very detailed and indepth with explanation and even answered a few questions BEFORE I ASKED! GEEEZ GU!!! you are the woman of the year!!!!" ... written by love
Read the situation perfectly, Highly recommend her!" ... written by Sheila
Gu is amazing, beautiful truthful person. She was right on and tells the absolute truth. Gu really cares and is an Angel. She is someone you can depend on for true guidance with love. XO Amanda" ... written by Amanda
update reading" ... written by jb
Very accurate reading" ... written by ILOVEGX0
thank u wonderful lady" ... written by judy
Gu is an amazing reader! Always clear and concise! Very kind and easy to connect with. Highly recommended!" ... written by Kyle
Really good reading, very accurate, and realistic storyline to my situation." ... written by BN
Thanks for the good suggestion Gu.. It really helps.." ... written by pm
Amazing reader.... always come back!" ... written by jb
thanks Visionary, there is many of your tools and intiutivity have a good accurate visionary, that I hopefully believe." ... written by H
good reading!!!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Fast answers. Will see what happens! thank you" ... written by jaxisabella
she has been very accurate. " ... written by allbright
She was fabulous. Really insightful. Really helpful. And knew exactly what she was doing. Described my ex to a t. Thank you, VisionaryGu. If I ever decide to get answers from a psychic again, I will definitely come to you. " ... written by Sara
My number one to go person!" ... written by jb
her reading was very spot on! she picked up a lot of things from the beginning so im looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by julie
Gu is so sweet, we got cut off and I went back in so she could finish telling me something and it was wonderful to hear the positive news" ... written by Kelly
A great reading...quick answers and she verified them using both i-ching and tarot. Nice details and information!" ... written by Kelly
thank you once again visionary Gu for helping me. I will follow your advise. God bless you in return to your kindness." ... written by Mirah02
This psychic is a must see! She is always straight forward, concise, honest, and accurate!" ... written by Kyle
Great as usual!" ... written by jb
Thanks... can put up present and past pretty good. Gave advice ... Will see what will be next. Thanks! :)" ... written by William
she gave such kinds words at a rough time, it is worth it to talk to here she helped me heal " ... written by depechemode1988
Gu's readings are always real.. " ... written by pm
Another great update. Great advise as usual." ... written by Jellb
she was very good and super super nice. I really like her.. " ... written by nancy
Updates.." ... written by Kool
Thanks for the good reading Gu.. " ... written by pm
Gu was very helpful and insightful to my particular situation. Very in depth and to the point. She really wants to help you and give you truthful answers. " ... written by Frank
his fears occupies... hopet hings will work" ... written by stellachan
She was very nice but the reading wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It was a great character reading though nonetheless. And it helped me to learn a bit more about myself and what I should pursue " ... written by Safiya
time was running out. she tried to clear my view but i didnt have enoughf tm" ... written by neha
Very caring and very accurate! She will do whatever it takes to help you! Highly recommended!!! Seriously!" ... written by Kyle
honest and true ... thanks so much!!!" ... written by ems
gu is always my guidance, thank you so much for everything! xoxo" ... written by val
vision is always calming andamp; accurate!! " ... written by truelove
Excellent! Very honest and concise - hit on the exact issue at hand." ... written by SoulDesire1
it was a very different and interesting reading for me,,,,time will tell about predictions. Thank you." ... written by lovehouston
Wow! Great read! She tells you the truth! Honest! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
good read. sound and peasfull" ... written by see you
she was amazing very much OMG god bless you " ... written by today love
she is very nice with details. interesting reading" ... written by lucky
Amazing reader! Always accurate and fast!" ... written by Kyle
Amazing reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by K
Thank you, Gu told me in a reading months ago that i would be getting a job and she said that after a few months i would be getting another offer well a different company called me for another job, she was so right, had to check to see if I would do better at the new one or stay where i am now, she said they are both good companies and just go with my gut, so im staying where i am :)) " ... written by mee
Wow! She is soooooooo cool :)" ... written by Sally
Wow! She is soooooo good! Go to her!" ... written by Kyle
I always come to gu because she never fails to be spot on about everything :) Thank you so much for all the guidance! xoxo" ... written by val
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! No question asked about this woman. She is EXCELLENT! Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
thank god for people like u... beyond words.... please come on often!!!! thank u thank u thank u thank u!!!!" ... written by christina
I love her energy and honesty. Its comforting." ... written by Angela
Thank you for such a calm reading. " ... written by Sunshine
She was extremely confident and quick with her responses. She is a very honest psychic. She is an amazing psychic. If you want real and honest answers and guidance, this is the psychic for you. " ... written by jc
Great Reader! Very accurate and fast!" ... written by K
Amazing reader!!!! Very CONSISTENT and accurate answers!! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Kyle
one of Gu's predictions came to pass! " ... written by n
great reading" ... written by -
She is very honest , reliable and accurate . Thank you so much for your reading visionaryGU. Feeling good now." ... written by Devisri
Very good reading and insight I will be back again.. Very nice sweet lady!! " ... written by T
good reading good advise!" ... written by hermestarr
Such a blessed woman, brought peace to my soul and i am so thankful and grateful, I'm really happy with your great insight and positive words and the truth!!!" ... written by Samsam
so she said i would hear from him within 11 hours. and sure enough, i got a call almost exactly 11 hours later. reading was 11:20 am and call was 10 pm. and then I got a text at 11 pm. that is some scary accuracy. " ... written by allbright
thank you so much.. i feel much better now.. " ... written by CHLOE
Excellent reading" ... written by SS
VisionaryGu is a passionate person who truly cares about her clients. I will be joining her weekly form here on out. She is absolutely amazing!" ... written by dap104
Thank you for the update! Always so spot on and efficient! " ... written by Kyle
I was a little confused since the reading changed somewhat but will wait to see if it happens" ... written by 123
As usual great update reading. Always the best here to guide." ... written by jel
thank you so much gu, she is so right on, such wonderful in site, she was right on, with everything, blessings" ... written by dawson
Helped me experience something I've never felt before. VisionaryGu is truly amazing and powerful!" ... written by dap104
Most amazing person Ive encountered here! " ... written by dap104
Very honest and upfront. Great reading!" ... written by Brianne
Very helpful reading, very kind, very fast" ... written by AK
Something which I never believed would come back to me, I have atleast gotten in good contact with it.. Its all thanks to Gu who believed and made me believe. All I had to do a few months back was to put my trust in whatever she said, and it did work out. Thanks a ton Gu :)" ... written by pm
She is good! Honest, accurate, we connected very well, and I am looking forward to how my situation will unfold. Thank you very much Gu!" ... written by Gzelle2
gu gives awesome advice, I know when I come to her I will never get some sugarcoated info, she is very straight to the point and her predicitons are accurate. Its great to have someone around here who's honest and will keep you on right track!" ... written by jazzychic
VisionaryGu was able to identify my problems with such clarity and focus. I would absolutely chat with her again! Highly recommended!" ... written by dap104
very good waiting to see if predictions happen" ... written by a
Loved Gu! Very honest and great reader, I will be back" ... written by Mao2111
thank u!!! amazing as always" ... written by christina
Fabulous reading. Spot on and very honest." ... written by Sandra
Gu is the best! I know I was led to her for a reason and truly, she is a miracle! My life is truly changed now that I have met her. " ... written by dap104
Updates are always on point! Love her!" ... written by K
Wowza! So awesome!!!!" ... written by Michael
Omg she is the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Paula
always honest I cant thank much :)" ... written by E..
she was awesome picked up on so much of what is happening in my life great reading 10 stars thank you hun " ... written by edna
READING WAS ACCURATE! " ... written by DD
Great reader as always! Always accurate and on point." ... written by Kyle
I am extremely grateful to Gu. She has helped me in more than one way. It isn't just the clear readings that she gives, but the concern and care for her clients. She helped me achieve a spiritual understanding within myself that I never knew was there. I can now see the world in a more beautiful light because of her influence. Gu is an angel" ... written by Dee
Thank you Gu for all your answers. Things that I didn't know about, I understand now. Thank you :)" ... written by ps
Excellent reading as has always been for the past many months. I only trust a few psychics to give me accurate readings and one of them is Visionary Gu. She's there to help, help, help people with her unique and exceptional divination skills." ... written by Dondee
Awesome reading thank you so much :)" ... written by libsta
great reader and very sincere" ... written by oles
she gave me timeframe for june waiting to see it happen" ... written by a
Great update." ... written by Jellb
very good and very honest. got great advice i hope it will work!!" ... written by mia
can't say enough about her she is amazing" ... written by faithful
Amazing reader connects really fast and gives you honest answers" ... written by hope
Great update! She is always so sincere and accurate!" ... written by Kyle
Has a good Spirit." ... written by Tatiana
very fast and on point, excited to see what will come " ... written by em
A very proficient reader, she is detailed and when she does connect she seems to be thorough...first time with her, but i like her energy for sure." ... written by Bronxie
Excellent reader!! I felt she clarified everything for me and gave me predictions along with timelines. Her reading style is a bit slow as she takes time to shuffle the cards and calculate but fortunately she has an affordable rate compared to others on here and it is well worth the time and money. I will definitely be back to update." ... written by Mimi
She's very right on the money! will see" ... written by mio
Soooooooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!" ... written by Paula
I love love love her and her reading! Her reading is deep and no frill or fantasy. Very down to the earth. A wonderful wise woman with genuine gift. She was very on point on everything. I will come back for update for sure! xo" ... written by meowmeowmeowmix
She was so honest with me ,and it was so inspiring, the difference with other readers is that ,some tell you what you want to hear ,unlike her she will say what truly exists." ... written by victor beza
Needed to have a reading with gu, I always come to gu for any guidance because I know she always has the right answers. She's always spot on. Thank u so much for always helping me! xoxo " ... written by val
WOW, awesome that she was able to pick up on the situations that was surrounding both my family and my boyfriend. She was able to help me understand my brothers' behavioral patterns and that it will definitely work out in the end. I just needed to be patient. I also felt that she understood my issues and was able to talk to me where I was comforted and was able to be realistic about my situations and how to handle the problems that I am dealing with!! Definitely do go and get a reading with her." ... written by Sidney
Very nice and straight forward" ... written by May
Great update" ... written by jel
gu will always be my go-to reader! she has helped me soo much, thank you so much gu! don't know what i would do without her guidance xoxoxo" ... written by val
I simply love her honesty and how straightforward she was. The reading was very clarifying and inspiring, it also gave me some very valuable information. Definitely a very great person with a comforting and professional presence~" ... written by Sara
Very very accurate .. Taking her for the second time.. and I am surprised with her accurate reading" ... written by Devisri
straight up and honest! thanks again!" ... written by summa
Thus far, the Best on Oranum. Truthful and true Empath. " ... written by Clarity
Great, and so honest! will come back! " ... written by Drummergirll
love her!!!! knew exactly what she was talking about " ... written by Shirley
She was so spot on!! I asked her to do a reading for my cousin and her insights were so detailed and so accurate. We were blown away. " ... written by Mimi
Wow!! Her previous prediction came true in exactly 6 days like she said! Unbelievable." ... written by Mimi
Great reader! Always on point and kind!" ... written by Kyle
Thanks!!!" ... written by PE
Today was another wonderful chat with GU I LIKE IT." ... written by victor beza
awsome read ty so very much very helpfull" ... written by davyboii
Gu is an angel; she has become almost like a surrogate mother to me. She really cares about everyone. She encourages us to develop our skills and is willing to teach. I love her so much. xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
The most fantastic reading with best advices!!! " ... written by Sonia
what she did say was accurate. Will just have to wait and see I guess but lovely lady! And her previous prediction came to pass exactly in 6 days like she said." ... written by Mimi
Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Kyle
Great reader!" ... written by Kyle
she gave me prediction for June, waiting to see if it will happen" ... written by a
Gu was so informative and ACCURATE about everything! Not only was she on point, but she also was able to give extremely helpful advice. I highly recommend trying her out! You'll be back for sure. :)" ... written by VirginVirgo
As always, Gu is 100% on target. She gives amazing time-frames and the fact the answers are the same as last time means it is even stronger. I am so grateful and blessed to know Gu. That's why I keep going back to her. Definitely recommend Gu if you want to know the truth. xoxoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
I really enjoyed reading with her. She was very clear. Seemed to tune in right away. " ... written by A
excellenttttt" ... written by maria
Great reading as usual!" ... written by Kyle
Gu, thank you so much.. You have always been supportive.. " ... written by pm
She's the real mccoy!!!! Everything she said during the session made sense in my unique situation. Her description of my personal and professional life are to the t." ... written by Normandy
great reader and highly recommneded" ... written by ole
Having 3rd reading with her. She is amazing . amazing and can rely on her advices . True well wisher for her clients too . I would definitely Recommend her to others. I do already talk about her and introduce other people to oranum just to have reading from her. " ... written by Devisri
I had an iching reading about finance/career.. Gu was very informative about what I can do, my talents and made very good suggestions to help me. Thanks so much, Highly recommend VisionaryGu for this type of reading. " ... written by Lynda22
Thank you so much GU, it was amazing reading, I got a lot of hope and fresh air after our reading, many thanks." ... written by Ron
her readings remain consistent a timeframe for may/june will wait to see and will come back" ... written by a
She is a lovely lady with great insight and I found it worthwhile to go private. Of course, she was spot on!!! with everything...literally." ... written by fragy
Having the forth reading.. she is awesome in picking up the attraction that we have for other and vibrations… And also with time frame.. will definitely recommend her" ... written by Devisri
She is too cool! I just love her - she is honest and real and gives the best advice ever! Her reading was spot on, and I recommend everyone have a reading with her! I am so grateful I found her today when I really needed a boost and some really good advice I have been looking for for a while!! Thanks VisionaryGu!!! :)" ... written by Kelly
great as always :)" ... written by E
Thank you." ... written by Marco
Such a lovely person and able to read my situation very well :) x" ... written by Tia
Genuine sincere absolutely wonderful" ... written by love
Great reading, good insight and feedback on things. Gu is one of the good ones on here, take her for a private reading." ... written by LOVE
very helpful " ... written by Marissa
wonderful reading" ... written by cristy0266
A very good reader!! She is both fast and accurate. She is very keen on helping one forward to reach harmony and beauty... out of life. I really like her way of working :)) I highly recommend her and give her 10 stars ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ I will absolutely come back for an update" ... written by Spiritonloose
Gu has given me guidance on a number of occasions, and I highly recommend her services! She is honest, caring, and really tries to help you. She's the only psychic for me. " ... written by dap104
Amazing" ... written by Angela
Great catch up / update session as usual. Always in her clients' best interest with good advice." ... written by jelb
she is very quick and direct to the point , very intuitive , good heart as well " ... written by jackson
Love Gu's energy, hopefully the predictions will become true! Thanks" ... written by emily
she has been very accurate for me. thank you gu. " ... written by albright
The reading I had with VisionaryGU was so very accurate she saw and felt things, that I have told no one. Though the reading message was hard to hear, I have hope that I can move forward and release all the negative past I have been carrying with me for far too long. VisionaryGu was very kind and thorough with my reading" ... written by phoenix
Interesting read, lasted 20mins. But i wanted specific times when to message. she's very understanding. Definitely try for a different angle to your situation. " ... written by Neil
good reading, answered questions" ... written by Carly
Gu is honest and caring. " ... written by dap104
she has been really accurate. " ... written by allbright
everything u said was true...thank u" ... written by a
great reading as ususal.. very honest but she calmed me down, so good :)" ... written by jazzychic
Gu has helped me in many ways! She is my angel." ... written by dap104
Await for prediction to come true or not even though it's difficult to tell at this time." ... written by Tina
Wonderful and accurate reading. Spot on, and this is my nth reading with her. Perfect 10! Thank you Gu for sharing your gift!" ... written by Jonatahn
amazing reading coulnd be happier " ... written by NS
Wonderful reading. Very detailed and accurate." ... written by Vanessa
it was good but took to a bitlong to answer the question " ... written by erica
so much accuracy! exactly why i always and only come to gu for every guidance :) thank u so much, love u! xoxo" ... written by val
I have observed Gu for a long time and finally got a long-awaited reading with her. I trust her accuracy very much, I see how she cross-references and cross-checks with oracles. She is also very psychic, and tuned in right away to know the feel of my situation. Thank you Gu, I look forward to more readings with you!" ... written by sunshine
Wow! This woman blew me away. After surfing through all kinds of different types of people on this site. She was the one I was looking for. She gave me quick, spot on advice. I got my answer very clearly. She plays beautiful, healing music as well! Definitely worth the credits. " ... written by Chrisstopher Strickland
she is amazing, a wonderful connection and gives timeframe...looking forward to her predictions coming true" ... written by Ammer
Caring , sweet, and gentle. straight to the point and gives honest advice." ... written by love
Thank you for your wonderful advice. " ... written by E
thanks for the insight and boost of confidence, will come back another time :)" ... written by Soul
Interesting! My question was about the future so I need to wait to se how the predictions unfold. Will be back soon. But a reading with Gu is where you can ask details about your question, great!" ... written by Viola
VisionaryGu is good. She was very accurate and picked up on a lot of things. She even picked up my nationality. All I said was hi. She gave me a lot of insight into various situations that are encompassing my life right now. She has provided me lots of good advice. I am very amazed by her accuracy. She gave me some time frames. A little far out, but hope it comes faster. Thank you VisionaryGu! " ... written by kittychu
great reading no sugar coating she told me what i need to do and what steps to take and to change for the best i love her i connected very well and she told me my truth and what i should be doing wow great reading " ... written by Marlene Alvarez
she is good . " ... written by sam
GU, is amazing reader... thank you gu" ... written by Ron
excellent reading" ... written by mamiesoum
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS! She is amazing! A brilliant and honest person that cares. Her predictions are 95% accurate. Come see her for your next reading. This woman tells you what she sees and doesn't like to sugar coating with your life. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by oolong
Again excellent reader, very accurate. This lovely lady does not waste any time, and gives you very clear and direct information. I will follow her advice and stay focused. Thank you Gu for being here and available for all of us. I am grateful and appreciate your guidance." ... written by Leo
Very kind lady, who cares about those she reads for. There were issues with the system and it froze during private but she continued the reading for me in free chat. Thank you. Accurate insight, hope to have a longer reading next time :) mushybean - uk " ... written by MushyBean
she was on point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ucalatinlady
OMG! EXCELLENT!!! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Excellent reader . Always on point … Very accurate .." ... written by devisri
Thank you so much GU … I do feel this as accurate … " ... written by Devisri
Excellent reader … this is the only person i trust in oranum… " ... written by Devisri
Great reading!!" ... written by K
She is indeed a true visionary.. She provides good insight and great advice." ... written by 1FineDay
VisionaryGu you really helped me see myself as I should be. Talking to you has indefinitely made me more confident in myself" ... written by Alexander
Visionarygu, thank you for the update and the advice. Pray that it happens as I wish it. Thank you Gu." ... written by kittychu
She is absolutely wonderful. Gives great insight, guidance, gets right to the heart of the issue you are asking. I cannot recommend her enough. I am a repeat client. So much gratitude for your assistance and care for my life. :)" ... written by Kelly
Gu used her tarot deck to do the reading for me. She tuned into a specific area of my life quite well. She is an honest yet gentle person. " ... written by true2mysoul
Very accurate Reader … Very trust worthy … I would recommend strongly to everyone… " ... written by Devisri
Very good reading !Spot on! Thank you!!" ... written by aurelia
Thank you once again Visionary Gu for your kind help and good advice." ... written by Mirah02
Wow she is amazing,very accurate reading !" ... written by crystal
she is very spot on with me. I am not going to deny it! She does not sugar coat anything and I love that about her! " ... written by top08
actionable feedback - thank you :) " ... written by Colliercg
generous ,quick , considerate answer and advice." ... written by Doppler
Will definitely recommend everyone to take reading from her for sure . All her predictions were accurate … And when we are in a question about Life , this is the person we definitely have to go to , to get clarity about life . She does not get carried away about the info we give about us. she definitely says the answers about the outcome from the tools and her Guide not from what we tell her about us . Very very genuine. I came to oranum with lots of confusion , meeting her has changed my life with lots of positivity . " ... written by Devisri
Awesome reading!" ... written by Dele
Very real and straight forward.. Honest and accurate in description of me. I was delighted to be in the private room.. thanks a mil" ... written by Roderic
She is great....and funny...she reassured things that I was feeling but just needed that boost of confidence to keep at it. Thank you" ... written by Red
no sugar coating and very good reader. worth consulting she is awesome" ... written by hawa
she is amazing whoa " ... written by francis
AMAZING! Gu will help you! " ... written by dap104
Good" ... written by Ritesh
OMG Gu was soooooo accurate with her readings. She told me what was happening with the other person. I already knew what it was but I didn't tell her. I was very impressed when she read the past and present. Spot on! I will wait for her predictions to happen. She is so lovely and caring to consult with. She is very honest. I will go back regularly for updates. Gu is genuine. She deserves hundreds of stars! Thank you so much!" ... written by Moonchild59
Visionary is a great reader. She tells you everything that you need to work on, and how to work on them. I recommend spending a few minutes in private with her. it's worth it :)" ... written by jeff21333
great awsome read and to teh point " ... written by david
Gu is amazing ,direct and accurate this is my second reading with her.All i can say Wow!" ... written by cr002
Very excellent reader and very accurate too. " ... written by RoyalLeo
Amazing reader!!! Always can count on her accuracy!" ... written by Kyle
Lucky to have you Gu at this very trying time." ... written by Naluh
Excellent advice and super fast!!!! " ... written by TJ
open and honest clear" ... written by brenda
wow!picked up on everything with just a name !! Thank you!!!" ... written by A
Thank you very much for your help : )" ... written by Crystal
Really good reader and accurately describes people and their character traits really well. This is my second reading with her, and so supportive. I came back to Gu because I can trust her readings and advice given. " ... written by Leo
Very very perfect reading …. could not imagine a life with out answers and suggestions from gu .. getting so much clarity to make any decisions… i am happy to be taking readings from her… she is the best , i ever met… " ... written by Devisri
It was a precise and it was a good reading! She was very efficient and genuine and right on about my personality :)" ... written by Sal
Excellent reading and it was so good to hear from her. The reading was something I wasn't expecting to hear, and it was really strong news, so I will message her with the updates." ... written by Bhavna
awesome! loved the demo and loved the reading!" ... written by Erika
Caring, accurate and accurate." ... written by HeadingH
Let's see if her good news for 5 - 15 weeks hence comes true!" ... written by AnnicB1
Gu is excellent, right one with everything :) " ... written by HL
great read" ... written by davyboii
acurate" ... written by eva
Gu, thanks a ton for being such a great companion always.. You are a wonderful reader with great honesty and positiveness.. Stay blessed!" ... written by pm
great reading and awesome advice." ... written by jazzychic7
She is great!!!!" ... written by Mandy
Very very accurate reader . She is the one I go to for each and every move, I take these days . Best reader ever. Thank you for being there Gu … " ... written by Devisri
thank you Gu, first time reading with her. she was very straight forward, accurate and picked up all the details right away :) " ... written by yg
WOW! It was amazing what this reader could pick up just from tarot cards. She is very skilled and connected. She was very clear too/she could see things and the situation very clearly. I recommend this reader if you are looking for direct and clear answers." ... written by USA
good advice! " ... written by flowery
very honest thanks!" ... written by jazz
Thank you so much GU for the looking into the matter for me. I will follow your advice and come back." ... written by Leo
she is an amazing psychic, her guide is just as amazing as her..a great connection!!!!" ... written by Ammer
She is quick, accurate and honest-very happy with her reading" ... written by tutu
accurate reading but not much about the future more on my past but thankyou x" ... written by lisa
no sugar coating that's for sure. I guess i needed it. Gotta move on." ... written by angel
I just love her readings - straight forward and to the point! If you have not worked with her, give her 5 to 10 minutes and you wil love her. Very caring and trustworthy. Looking forward to reporting back on how things turn out. Thank you!" ... written by Kimberly
She is an honest lady and I am glad I contacted her. She gave the correct information while two other psychic sites did not." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
very honest and open .. picked things up spontaneously..." ... written by ss
she is very good, always right on, thank u gu, many blessings" ... written by dawson
great read" ... written by david
no sugar coating, easy to communicate and understand my feeling" ... written by f
v.good reading again" ... written by f
Amazing reader and person! She is always right and gives really concise and thoughtful readings. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Kyle
accurate reading but a bit slow to connect. That took about 2 minutes to connect which wasn't good. And my last question never got answered. I will be back though just not fast. " ... written by Safiya
always come to gu for my questions and guidance! thank u so much as always gu! xoxoxo" ... written by angel
AWESOME Reading!!! wonderful women with a beautiful personality and spirit. Gave me great news. I look fwd to seeing the outcome come to pass. I will definitely be back for future updates. " ... written by Melissa
she said meet in 2 days or 2 weeks will come back to tell if it happens." ... written by 123
VisionaryGu made me feel at ease and inspired to live a positive and balanced life." ... written by Roderic
good and fast" ... written by Andrew Kemna
Ok reading" ... written by lori_bell22
Very helpful and practical...insightful reading." ... written by RosieOH123
VisionaryGu was on point and gave me great advice. I'll definitely reach out to her again!" ... written by jlcalixto1
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
She is so accurate with her is down right amazing and she provides you with such great wisdom. It was such a positive reading. She will definitely be my go to on Oranum. Thank you soon much. Hugs" ... written by KBJ
Outstanding!" ... written by KBJ
OMG - wow! She was dead on and quick - doesn't waste your time with fluff. I would highly recommend =)" ... written by Kimberly
great and accurate reading" ... written by nicole
VisionaryGu is so very honest and caring. She knew the town that was right for me to apply for work and to apply right away." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
WOW THANK U AGAIN.. BLESSINGS TO YOU!! XX" ... written by chimama
VisionaryGu was very accurate in reading a person to the point and never sugar coats her words!! Accuracy is scored!!!" ... written by Claudia
Thank you for your reading andamp; for sharing some insight andamp; light on the things that bother my soul. God bless! " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Gu is amazing and very very accurate person... everything she is saying is coming thru... thank you so much gu for everything." ... written by Ron
Very good, she is so caring!" ... written by fullermoon
thanks, interesting and validating...." ... written by Abigail Rudner
she is straight forward and honest in the readings. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
Dear Gu, I want to say a sincere 'thank you' for the insights you gave me during my short time in your private room. You were even able to give me precise time predictions where major life events will happen in my future, . I'm very looking forward to all of this. You are a very gifted lady. Quick connection and no nonsense talking. I hope you will continue on this path and help as much people with their challenges/struggles as well.. With much respect, L." ... written by Laura
It took a while to connect and was faarrr too generalized. Please do not put me in a box, I am asking for your help on my specific situation. What you are telling me is advise that anyone can give to anybody. " ... written by M
very good!!" ... written by karl
She is excellent. It was hard to hear her insights because it was bad news but I appreciate her honesty and that's what I came for. She gave me enough to help me make my decision." ... written by Mimi
This lady really gave me a lashing but you know what I really deserved it and that's a very honest lady but she was Fantastic she had read my personality before we got started I wanted to leave but when she was finished guess what I was a better person for having met her. She has completely changed my life." ... written by raym 57
Good!" ... written by Aurelia
GU seems really accurate and she was quick, professional and detailed :) Very quick to connect too and doesn't waste time! highly recommended! " ... written by Saloni
good reader" ... written by mpappa
I understand her heart and her intentions, all of which come from a good place. I'm grateful for her integrity." ... written by USA
Hugs" ... written by USA
Great wisdom and insight!" ... written by USA
Loved her, She gives this great energy." ... written by Nathalie
always checking with gu for guidance and help, love you gu!! xoxoxo" ... written by angel
Such wonderful guidance - so very blessed to have found her! I have been experiencing quiet a few challenges at work and she has given me great insight to make it a more positive experience. She is very quick and to the point, I appreciate it!" ... written by Kimberly
Good reading and right to the point without sugar coating." ... written by kary
thank you sooooo much gu! my only go to reader, always accurate xoxo" ... written by angel
She is amazing! Love how she works and quickly provides information to really help the situation. Her previous guidance has saved a relationship that was full of stress - I appreciate the insight!" ... written by Kimberly
very accurate!! amazing work. she is amazing..very honest and amazing...Love her!! I will be returning!! cant wait" ... written by k
I enjoyed her reading. She is honest and I am grateful for her help. I am so lucky to have her as one of my contacts. Thank you!" ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Yay gu was very fast as usual love her :)" ... written by Saloni
great reading" ... written by vlad
She was amazing, honest and spot on. I love her way of reading. I will come back for another reading. She is very good and pick up the main thing that really concerns you. You should give her a try if you haven't yet" ... written by ezeeepass
She is very honest and ready to help with our deepest issues,concerns" ... written by Aditya Upadhya
accurate and it happened" ... written by majoma
the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by taufahema
sounds accurate" ... written by rishma
The best psychic ever . I would recommend for everyone to take reading for themselves… Very very very accurate …. Things that she predicted for me started happening …. " ... written by Devisri
Amazing!!" ... written by Tony
she is very good and her answer make sense" ... written by nip
Sh answered my question according to the details provided" ... written by Krystal
Gu is very honest with her readings. She does not sugar coat and will tell you the truth. I will come back for updates. Thank you Gu!" ... written by Moonchild59
Positive honest and accurate" ... written by Nina
VisionaryGu will always tell you the truth. I choose her to help me with this reading because I trust her most. I am so lucky to have her as one of my contacts. Thank you!" ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Gu is the real deal and I respect that shes honest and ind epth. thank you so much" ... written by Teal
Great talent in her, she is amazing with a great personality. She is very accurate and has a positive personality. I feel fortunate to be blessed with her gift." ... written by bibi123
VisionaryGu was absolutely amazing in her reading! She connected instantly to my problem! Ten star psychic!" ... written by Tony Alexander
I receive good information and lots of it." ... written by Beth
i already knew what the answer was when i first contacted her. i just wanted a confirmation and she is amazing she made me feel better and made me laugh about a situation that no other person would laugh about thank you visionary gu" ... written by Martha
Best psychic ever… Very very accurate .. her advices and predictions changed my life… Greatfull to god that showed her to me… Would love to suggest for everyone that read the testimonials, to get the reading and see for themselves … This is the psychic , I trust the most in Oranum ." ... written by Devisri
Wow...she was so insightful and helpful. Totally read me like a book, but so as to help me. Very great!" ... written by Larry
She was AMAZING! honest and truthful to the details she had no possibility to know.... great connection, amazing spirit... I love her boldness in reading... so honest. You can't find this... anywhere. There are many flakes out there but she is a true and a real flower! Today I have met someone really special that I will return many times to come! Thank you :) " ... written by Kinga_s
I really li Gu a lot. I truly felt like she has a deep insight into people and up coming events in my life. I look forward to seeing how my lie unfolds in the next few weeks." ... written by Donna
5 star reader, no sugar coating." ... written by f
Thank you Gu. " ... written by albright
checked something super quick with gu as always, very grateful for her help and guidance! love you xoxo" ... written by angel
Excellent reading!" ... written by Tony
Gu, she is amazing and accurate person, everything she said happen.... " ... written by Ron
Visionary was very much on point regarding a situation in my love life, she told it how it was. Its like in my heart I knew what she was going to say. Thank you so much visionary! as much as I wasn't sure if I was gonna be ready to hear it but I appreciated her reading. She is amazing!!! You're wonderful!" ... written by kim
I love her energy! She gets to the point and is very accurate. She can use multiple tools to confirm the same answer - very cool!" ... written by Kimberly
Very, very accurate answers. Very accurate predictions. Extremely gifted and sincere. Worth every cent!" ... written by Water Bearer
Thank you, Gu! You are truly honest yet in a gentle way. " ... written by Ariana
Great vision in what you want to know. No sugar coating just the truth." ... written by kary
this is my first reading with gu. very interesting. definitely no sugar coating which is what i appreciate. thank you" ... written by luxxicon
Gu thank you so much again for nice advice i will keep in touch with you again thanks a lot for your kindness. God bless" ... written by Mirah02
VERY kind and nice to talk to. accurate" ... written by Krishna
very honest and direct reading, with timeframes." ... written by ahmad
VisionarGu is best of the bests here. The reading is extremely accurate, good explaining and professional . Thankful to her a million times !" ... written by Mai
She is fast, she is great reader, dont waste time. very nice. i love my reading." ... written by gabby
Great reading and enjoyed it very much" ... written by BN
she's amazing and sooo accurate and honest and super detailed you must read with her :) " ... written by lovemyife
straight and to the point. She is 100% accurate" ... written by tyler
she is amazing ,doesnt waste ur credits or time and is straightforward such a lovely lady what she described about my personality,spot on! " ... written by sharu
Amazing reading! She is very good at showing you why she is saying what she is saying. Very accurate! She has been spot on for me for a very long time! Definitely go to her!" ... written by Kyle
Cant say enough good things,, and real." ... written by Jackie
Well, it never ended like Gu said. I just need to be more patient and wait for the goods to manifest :)" ... written by stella
OMG! Gu's predictions are happening so quickly and within their timeframes! I am not surprised at all. I can have a reading with Gu the whole day! She is so warm, open and honest. I have had a reading for the past three weeks. Every reading and prediction was accurate! I cannot wait for the others to come to pass. She knows what she is saying. She is confident because her reading is spot on. I will always come back for updates every week. I wish I could consult with her face to face. Thank you always, Gu! I will talk to you again next week!" ... written by Moonchild59
This session saves me! Thanks Gu" ... written by Green moon
Great reader,, fast and accurate..." ... written by elle
straight answers.. :)" ... written by dlskates
Always come to Gu when I have problems, and she can see the situation well...will come back for some more update!" ... written by emily
Another exceptional reading! Impressive!" ... written by Tony
wow Visionary was able to connect straight away. she was able to pick up on everything and also give time frames. She is very gifted. " ... written by Tanny
she is amazing, thanks for the reading. Thank you so much" ... written by bibi123
OMG!!!! this is the most accurate private I have had in these 2 years being on oranum. My intuition guided me to have a reading with her after one of her demos and I am so glad I did. OMG my words would not be enough to express my gratitude. So very accurate, I could sense there was a spirit telling her everything about me. Yes needed this and I needed to know so many things to work on. Several YES in recommending you to her. She is amazing. this just completely blew my mind. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!" ... written by bibi123
very thoughtful and kind. genuine reader. thank you " ... written by whenever21
shes awesome :)" ... written by Karla mercado
Gu is super human being with very honest heart and gives nothing but the accurate truth to me and my situation. She is always spot on for me. I appreciate her and god gifted abilities." ... written by RoyalLeo
Gu is nice and can pick your problems and predict your future. Very nice lady! I recommend her." ... written by mark
Not hat I wanted to hear but certainly rang true! Very good, thanks :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Amazing reader!!" ... written by Kyle
!good reading i recomend her" ... written by beautiful
Thank you so much... I was lucky that I met you Gu.." ... written by Mirah02
thank you so much for the clear reading very helpful. " ... written by Chloe
was very good" ... written by cindi
Visionary Guru is very gifted and accurate in my reading ..I thank you for the insight talk to you soon. " ... written by SC
The best psychic in town!!!!! Highly recommended for a serious reading!" ... written by Avenger
Great reading! Found all the answers, detailed, relaxing and reassuring. " ... written by Purple Whale
Gu was so understanding and gave a very detailed and quick reading!! She was extremely accurate about the people involved in the reading, including me! This is my third reading with her and no doubt, she is always honest about everything :) will look forward to her predictions! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, ONE OF THE FEW BEST HERE :)" ... written by Saloni
Visionary is very insightful and I must admit she did pick up on things that were already happening, so I can only assume her future predictions will come to pass. Really happy with reading." ... written by apple
Thank you Gu! You are accurate as always and you're always so positive! I love going to see you because your positivity is just so contagious :)" ... written by Ariana
Gu is always accurate with her predictions. I consult with her every week for updates. Her readings are spot on. She is honest and will only tell you the truth. She will not give a positive reading only to make you happy. She gives hope if there is hope. I take her advice seriously. Thank you, again, Gu! 100% always! " ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you Gu for your accurate reading, it is so beautiful to see how things that you are saying in the reading coming thru... Thank you so much , you are 100% accurate and everything you mention came thru.... love you gu." ... written by ron
first reading with her so can't tell much except that the things she's said were true about our personalities so far." ... written by sehneo
i always come to gu when guidance is needed for anything, she gives me the best advices and insight every time. I can always count on her :) thank you again xoxo" ... written by a
quick reading with gu! thank you so much for always guiding me :) xoxo" ... written by angel
great" ... written by majoma
Gu is good ." ... written by my
Seriously love her" ... written by
I really enjoyed my reading with VisionaryGu! She was very honest, and told it like it is. I am very happy I have some guidance for the future. In my case some things actually took a weight off my shoulders because I am now able to make a decision to live my life a certain way and can move past what was eating at me. Thank-you VisionaryGu!" ... written by Henry
Gu is fast, professional and accurate as usual! :) highly recommended!! :)" ... written by Saloni
REALLY GOOd reading... her past reading came to pass! it came true, and I followed up about something I wanted to check. She is great." ... written by BN
Gu is amazing, accurate, practical and she's a very positive person. I always come to her as I am drawn to her energy and guidance. I definitely recommend her." ... written by bibi123
I love that she is fast and to the point - doesn't waste time getting down to giving you the information you seek. " ... written by Kimberly
good reader" ... written by luvTim
she is great, the best for me, just an angel. So very accurate and can't wait for the positive impacts in my life. I definitely recommend her, you will not regret it. " ... written by bibi123
Very accurate reading. Straight to the point. Would recommend to others." ... written by Jackie
she was accurate in describing me .... will need to check out the rest." ... written by freedom
great!" ... written by majoma
thanks so much,,," ... written by E
Great connection- used the rods- very interesting." ... written by andrea
OMG! She is always a 5 STARS! No one on Oranum can compete with her abilities as a psychic. She is the only one who you should get a reading. A very honest person that never wants to waste your time and money. She only tells the truth and doesn't lie. Ready for the truth! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Gu is one of the best accurate person i ever had reading with, everything she is saying happen, thank you so much gu." ... written by Ron
Thank you so much gu for the reading, you are accurate as always and everything you are saying coming thru., love you gu" ... written by Ron
I enjoyed the reading which was very accurate and she did not waste any time. Will be back." ... written by flirty bee
Good reader! Very positive sweet nature and didn't tell only what I wanted to hear. " ... written by Amy
Dear sweet GU, may I say that I just fall in love with your readings, you are amazing reader, and 100% accurate, everything you told me so far happen, I never met in my life someone so accurate and so easy to understand, thank you so so much gu for the beautiful reading, you are one of a kind. Love and blessings. " ... written by Ron
tq" ... written by chloe
She is perfectly awesome. Very very confident, and giving proactive advice. I am expecting predictions to come to pass." ... written by softwater
Consistent and confident reader!" ... written by softwater
She's really good!! thank u" ... written by SARAH
It was such an interesting and insightful session, picked up on so many things that were true and accurate, waiting for time frame to happen, thank you so much! " ... written by Sherry
OMG! She is a 5 STARS!! Her psychic abilities accuracy is phenomenal! She is professional and knows her skills, a brilliant woman. FABULOUS! She is amazing as you will see when you try to catch her for a reading. A wonderful person too. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
very honest" ... written by racqueal
thank you so much gu for answering all my questions! always thankful you are there to help and guide me xoxo" ... written by chloe
Gu is very very very honest and accurate in her take of the situation, She's great," ... written by softwater
the best predictions . and most of her predictions from the past are happening .. she never goes wrong . " ... written by Devisri
Nice details and things she said resonated with me. I'll see how things pan out. Very good reading, she is fast and doesn't try to suck up all your credits :)" ... written by Lisa
Very good reading! I am hopeful that the things we discussed will come true! " ... written by twinkee
Very nice very accurate" ... written by Elizabeth
thanks for the amazing reading :)" ... written by adela
she's great" ... written by Cristina
always good" ... written by Cristina
Gu was awesome, quick and professional as usual!! She doesn't waste time and her expertise is exceptional!! :) She knows very well what she is doing and knows what is best for you :) She has the solution to everything as well! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by Saloni
Gu is very accurate reader for me. She told me someone would get back in contact and come home in August and she was really right and prediction came true. Gu is always helping me to be better human being and giving me allot of support and encourage but knows how to keep things real too. I like coming to Gu because she is gifted psychic reader but also very compassionate and delivers messages very honest way but also in very caring way too. " ... written by royal leo
First time reading with GU, described my personality very accurately was very detailed. It was amazing connection, she knew how I behaved, acted and talked. I was shocked how she knew so much about me, she was already answering my questions, before I could even type them. I loved my reading, it was very honest and she does not sugar coat her readings. I will come again for sure for more readings. " ... written by pinkbell33
Good reading. Not what I wanted to hear, but her past predictions have come to pass so I am sure her predictions today were also accurate." ... written by Ashley
Very honest and sincere. She's really good. " ... written by Kelly
thank you for your guidance love u so much" ... written by chloe
GREAT READING!!" ... written by m
VisionaryGu is most excellent!!! She tunes in very quickly and her reading was detailed. Highly highly recommend!" ... written by b
told me not necessarily what I wanted to hear but deep down I know shes right! got the situation down to a tee! Thankyou" ... written by Katie
I was very vague on what I said - and she picked everything up !! Very good and would recommend" ... written by PC
Excellent and honest reader. I like her a lot!" ... written by b
She is the best. I copletely trust her to the point that I only come to her. She picks up on everything on my relationship. Only has she helped me with my relationship, she has helped me become a better person (you need the truth, go to Gu). I highly recommend Her." ... written by bibi123
Visionarygu was so clear and abundant with the words she used to explain the cards and how they related to my situation. She was really dear. She was warm and human and I will find her again . Artistic Parkway" ... written by artisticparkway
Gu is never ever wrong with her predictions and her readings! She is the number one psychic. Gu will not waste your time by telling you the same thing over and over again to extend the time. She is soooooooooo positive, welcoming, peaceful and a very lovely person. She does not judge. Her advice is sound. She does not sugar coat to make you happy. Her Heart Sutra works! Her readings are 100% very accurate! Her predictions always happen. I regularly consult with Gu whether I feel sad or happy. I will keep going back for updates. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, GU!!!!!! " ... written by Moonchild59
A very good reading with Gu once again. She is really good and honest. Gives very wise advices.." ... written by p
Very fast and very right great reading helped me alot" ... written by Chris
Had a chakra healing done. Feel so different afterwards. Definitely will be returning." ... written by Vicki
Gu means aunty in Chinese and it really is like talking to a caring and kind aunt - thank you very much for your reading in pvt xo" ... written by fra
awesome... and honest..." ... written by E
thank you :-) " ... written by love
Highly accurate! Just asked a question lol" ... written by do
she is good but a bit slow did not get all my answers in, but she was correct on what she observed will come back to tell if it happens." ... written by 888
Wow! Please go to this reader! I swear to you she has been so accurate for me for such a long time. Everything she says is truth. " ... written by Kyle
she's really good!!!! i highly recommend her :)" ... written by nsadsadf
VisionaryGu was very honest in her reading which I appreciated" ... written by Carol Esson
OMG amazing" ... written by Chloe
excellent, very satisfied" ... written by ron
V is accurate when it comes to reading!! 5 star!!" ... written by crocodile
She is a fast reader, focus on your question does not waste time and answered most of my questions. " ... written by helen
she is the only one I trust for any advices.. everything she said starts happening now.." ... written by Devisri
i really like the readings she provided me! She picked up a lot of things that she shouldn't have known such as my personality and looks. I really look forward for the predictions to happen!" ... written by asdfasdf
OMG!!! She is always a 5 STARS! Also, she is a treasure. She is fabulous and a excellent guidance. Go to her for your readings and you will see it for yourself. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
highly accurate!" ... written by do
Very clear answer. Thank you!" ... written by Anna
She is awesome, picked up on a lot of things! " ... written by Great
She is great!!! " ... written by awesome
very good, very accurate" ... written by James
Gu, thanks for all the hope and being there.." ... written by p
Gu's readings are always helpful , honest and accurate" ... written by p
thanks for always calmiing me down and being there when i need it the most.. thanks for what you do.." ... written by eveliz
I enjoyed my reading with VisionaryGu, she picked up on things very clearly as to what the situation is and provided insight and clarity into the situation and circumstance. Thanks Gu for your time and energy into my situation. " ... written by Aliyah
Thank you Gu for your accurate reading, it is a big pleasure as always." ... written by Ron
very straight forward and quick. does not waste your time at all." ... written by Kathy
Best reader … would recommend everyone to take a reading and see for themselves… " ... written by devisri
Spot on but expect brutal honesty. " ... written by Alex
Really enjoyed my reading. It was straightforward, precise and heartfelt, will definitely come again!" ... written by Stephanie
thnk you so much" ... written by ch
Thank you :-)" ... written by love
thank you gu" ... written by allbright
This was the most accurate reading I have ever had. She knew me straight away and what my problem was and was straight to the point. She is incredible and has amazing insight. I can highly recommend a reading with VisionaryGu." ... written by Anistia22
this women is mazing...everything she does or say is true... follow and trust GU.. she will not only help you find yourself but everything around becomes clearer... she is amazing..." ... written by E
Very honest. Connected. Hope her predictions come to past :)" ... written by lovesthesun
very accurate and helpful" ... written by cecily
very good" ... written by luckyanna
she is awesome " ... written by gloria
The best in Oranum. Im with no enough words to describe her. She's amazing!" ... written by Superman
OMG! Again, she hit the #1 chart on ORANUM! Another 5 STARS! A brilliant and amazing woman. She is 99.9% accurate. Go to her for your readings because she is unique and one of a kind. No one can compete with her on Oranum. Her psychic abilities and skills are Fabulous! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Great always great reading.... thank you love u so much. " ... written by CH
Gu's readings r really honest and accurate.. I have been going to her for a long time now, and she is really comforting and advices in a way where actually you can make things for best" ... written by p
thank you gu for the update" ... written by luxxicon
had to come back to calm down,, lol GU thanks so much...." ... written by E
very accurate very quick and very compelling. would recommend" ... written by shar
She has been really accurate on every reading all of them happened as she sd so i came to her again to inquire on some things " ... written by Michelle
OMG! Another 5 STARS for Gu! I am speechless about her psychic abilities. She is very caring, patient, and guide you step by step. She is unlike others on Oranum. She has a pure SOUL! She will never waste your time and money. Gu continues to spot on quickly and find answers to all your questions. Her guidance never fails. Go to her for all your readings. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Great as always :)" ... written by K
she told me very accurately the troubles that I am facing and also very kind to read for me explained how things are going to turn.Thanks to her." ... written by nirupam1234
I very well reccommend here. I ask her a lot of questions theyre true and very well accurate what I even look like. Before I got to private she made sure she knows your birth chart and such. When we were talking about this guy, she seem to know our situation and what he is like and the things I love and want to do. She clarifies everything :) Thank you so much" ... written by Kaschie
she is the best ever..............." ... written by cyn1961
love love GU... I cant think of the next step until I talk to her or simply knowin and her reassuring me makes me feel a lot more 10X better.. thanks so much GU.." ... written by E
thank you so much! you have been so kind and helpful towards me. My Heart is pure and i love him. thank you so much!" ... written by love
The best reading I had for a long time:-)" ... written by Mark Nielsen
She was super blunt and i loved it. Can't wait to try her advice" ... written by D
Very accurate reading and honest reading given me few advice, thank you " ... written by lightworker
WIll definitely recommend her" ... written by devisri
dear sweet gu, thank u so very much for picking me for ur demo. You were just INCREDIBLE mind blowing! WOW ! you are so talented its UNREAL!! So i had to take you in for a private and WOW again u blew me AWAY!!! you dont realise how much u have helped me deal with a difficult person in my life. You saw EVERYTHING!!! you are EXTREMLY TALENTED !!! And you the kindest reader i know.. so generous......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Bluebirds12345
i believe her to be very honest and accurate, straight to the point" ... written by James
what can i say, she was so accurate and so cool. gave me a lot of insight and ideas on how to improve situation. she described me to a "T" and was even more accurate about the situation. I'm excited now about the future." ... written by hollyberries1
Thank you very much :-) i will for sure. many Blessings to you!" ... written by Flower
Gu is always so accurate with her readings!100%! Her predictions always happen. She is ahead of my questions all the time. Thank you again, Gu! I will talk to you again next week." ... written by Moonchild59
Gu has a heart of gold, is quick and is honest. Her reading for me was wonderful!! Thank you, Gu!! xo" ... written by Terrri
I like her a lot. She gives great advice. Working with her on manifesting things. I can't wait to have a success story" ... written by D
Gu was awesome as usual :)" ... written by Saloni
Gu was very nice and to the point. Will keep her posted!" ... written by pattipfs
great as always... I always have to come to GU, she has helped me so much... spiritually and emotionally..." ... written by E
thank you :-)" ... written by flower
Gu is so amazing!!! She can teach you how to make the impossible in a very positive and good manner! :) She has influenced many of her clients life for the better and I am one of them! So grateful for her! :') LOVE YOU GUUUU" ... written by Saloni
I loved her energy and hope her cards are right ;) " ... written by Heather
always honest with me in everything I asked.. I believe bc its how I feel and she gets me.. thanks so GU..." ... written by Eveliz
Gu is da best :)" ... written by Saloni
Gu was awesome as usual!! :)" ... written by Saloni
comforting and precise." ... written by sabrina fulford
Wow, what to say!! what to thank!! Write this feed back with tears and joy! Back in June my husband and I were constantly arguing and our marriage was on the rocks. I felt it was the end. I consulted this lady Visionarygu and she told me that my suspicions of another woman were incorrect. She told me within 3 months we would patch up. She was spot on and she gave me the confidence to work on our relationship. I felt terrible before and the reading but she turned things right around. And led me 'FROM HELL TO BLISS' my husband and I have never been closer and I cannot be more thankful. She was so accurate with our feelings and she sorted out the issues in a direct and clear way. Needless to say, she was spot on with my character and what i did that nearly ended it all.Worth 100 stars. Oranum so lucky to have you, Real deal. Caring and loving woman. Huge hug from me, thank you thank you xoxoxo" ... written by bibi
Best reading I've had so far. So accurate and inspiring." ... written by clarity711
Connected well. Types fast, lots of info. Not the answer I was looking for but makes sense and is correct. Will contact again." ... written by Eva
She was wonderful and helpful she was spot about my situation. " ... written by ttvjtej3
I had two readings with Gu, both predictions happened. I was so happy and confidence now. She is really can make impossible turn into possibilities. This reading again blew my mind off. Not sure how she picked up some secret personal things that no one knows. This reading is regarding my new career and I will following your advice what to do. Looking forward to the third prediction will come true again in the next 2 months! Thank you for giving me a lot of support and encouragement! Thank you for the healing session, I feel a 'NEW ME' never felt this way, You have change my life and me. Amazing woman. Million Million thanks from my heart. Love Gu " ... written by Mimi
She was amazing. Was right on a lot of things. Really enjoyed talking with her" ... written by Louise
Thank you Gu" ... written by allbright
thank you gu" ... written by allbright
Thank you VisionaryGu for all your insight and help!! You were very kind, understanding and accurate! I will follow your advice and can't wait for things to change for me! Thank you! " ... written by LostGirl
thank you visionarygu. she's a wonderful listener and advisor. ;) " ... written by pp
she is truthful and honest !!! Best !!" ... written by sharon
Great" ... written by sharon
Thank you gu" ... written by allbright
I love her her readings are great, her psychic powers are amazing and the stuff she says really put my mind at ease :) Thank you!! coming back " ... written by Sherry K
Amazing! Very helpful. Spot on." ... written by elizabeth
Great reader! Highly recommended!" ... written by K
Got the job that wanted after nearly 9 months of waiting. Gu's prediction happened and I followed her wise advice.Thank you very much as this has changed my whole outlook of years. I was on the brink of depression and I feel like a different person. 5 stars*****. Thank God find this lady!!!" ... written by Dell6690
great" ... written by eva
thank you. very straight forward and honest !!! we need that sometimes!!" ... written by joha83
Always accurate and she don't sugar coat, straight to the point " ... written by ling
Gu is spot on all the time with her readings and her predictions with time frames! She is amazing!!!!! She is very consistent with her readings. She is caring, honest, thoughtful and very lovely to consult with. She is quick and never wastes time. She will give hope if there is hope. She will tell you the truth. I consult with Gu regularly. She deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you very much, Gu! I will talk to you soon!" ... written by Moonchild59
She is the best that I have come across so far." ... written by cyn1961
She has been extremely accurate every time we read together. " ... written by Michelle
thanks so much for your honesty.. this is the main reason I come to you :)" ... written by E
Hi I would like to leave feedback about VisonaryGu. She is amazing and have been helping me in so many ways. She is straight forward and does not sugar coat anything. Gu has helped me with my situation and it has been so amazing. If you want the truth read with VisonaryGu. " ... written by ttvjtej3
Thank you gu. " ... written by allbright
thank you gu" ... written by allbright
Gu was amazing! She described me to a T. Although the truth hurts, it's better knowing than just assuming. I didn't like the answer she gave, but I sorta suspected it. She just clarified it for me. Thanks GU! I will be coming back for more." ... written by Maia
Really good " ... written by Mark Nielsen
Thanks again for your help. I needed a reality check lol." ... written by swsiren
She is amazing at picking up on my situation. She has given very good advice and I appreciate her help tremendously. Thanks so much visionarygu" ... written by Nadia
Visionary gu is so sweet and nice. Her insight and examples really applies to me and is allowing me to see things a bit more further than it was" ... written by Mary
thank you gu" ... written by allbright
thank you gu" ... written by allbright
:)" ... written by ale
Visionarygu is very accurate in understanding my situation. I am amazed by her ability to see in my past and give a solution in fixing it for the future. She is an exceptional psychic and the best on this site. Thank you for your help Gu" ... written by Nadia
Visionary has been amazing! very helpful and spot on about my situation. I look fwd to what unfolds. " ... written by Mel
thank you soo much for the reading very much appreciated. " ... written by Ch
cool" ... written by beautiful
Thank you so much Gu once again for your insight and guidance!! I'll go follow right now all you told me. Can't wait for it all to come to reality! :) " ... written by LostGirl
pick up on everything" ... written by lucy
Mind blewing! accurate and fast. Highly recomended 10 stars! Look forward to 2nd predictionxoxoxo" ... written by Lisashear
thank you gu" ... written by all
Thank you Gu for all the guidance!!! :) You are great! " ... written by LostGirl
She is very good!" ... written by softwater
Awesome reading I had today!!! I was feeling down because I did not get any job yet and Gu guided me as to how I should approach the situation the energy and the area that I should be focusing on and that there are opportunities for me in the coming month. I am feeling much more relaxed and confident now. She is really considerate and kind as a person too. I will recommend her any day. " ... written by Rashi Jain
Amazing in her guidance and advice. Gu is amazing in her gifts and I am grateful for her help" ... written by Nadia
She is awesome reader. Really good reader. " ... written by Ch
Very good reading. Clear and to the point, no wasted time. " ... written by Anita
Thank you Gu :)" ... written by p
Thank you so much Gu for lifting my spirits up again! I was feeling anxious and feel much better after talking to you!! Thank you so much for all your insights and advice! " ... written by LostGirl
I have spoke with Visionary a few times and she has been extremely accurate every time we speak. I will continue to consult her because her readings are alway correct" ... written by Micllelle
Thank you sweet gu.... you are amazing and accurate as always.... Love you gu" ... written by Ron
Gu is great!! She gave me the support I really really needed right now. Thank you so much Gu!! " ... written by LostGirl
very freaking accurate read...awesome!" ... written by rosy
thanks for your reading for my husband had come to passed." ... written by f
thanks for the advice. very scincere psychic reader." ... written by .
Great reading" ... written by mariam
thank you" ... written by maria
SHe's very welcoming.I'm so comfortable around her. And all of her initial readings about my personality are on point. " ... written by Kayla
WAO WAO! After a long time I have found Gu! SHe is genuine and a great reader, answered all my questions and so very considerate. If you have a burning question, I highly recommend her as the first psychic that you should talk to. Thank you Gu!" ... written by Rajini
she is good waiting for her predictions to happen" ... written by 1234
Great reading, fast and honest!" ... written by Darachia Johnson
thank you gu" ... written by all
Thank you Gu for the wonderful update. You made me laugh. What you said about my work is so true. I will try to remember what you told me and keep that in my mind until the new things come my way. I can't wait to see the rest of it unfold as you have seen it. Thank you Gu." ... written by kittychu
She is very helpful in guiding me and advising me in matters regarding my family. Gu is absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by nadia
She is awesome reader. Highly recommend her" ... written by P
always on poinbt and kind" ... written by gina
Gave very good advice and great at picking up my situation. I appreciate all that she has done and her advice. Thanks Gu" ... written by Nadia
Wonderful reader!! She picked up on what the person that I asked about was like. She was very spot on with what he is like. She was able to explain what was going on. I look forward to seeing her prediction unfold and I will keep her posted :). Thank you" ... written by S
thanks so much..." ... written by E
Very inspirational in guiding me with a problem regarding my son. Very good advice with a lot of wisdom. Greatly appreciate her help. Thank you Gu" ... written by Nadia
she is amazing!" ... written by growinglight
Another great reading full of insight. Gu points things that many do not pay attention to; this has helped me improve myself and my relationship. I am super excited about the new predictions as she is always very accurate. Thanks for your significant help Gu" ... written by bibi123
The best reading I have EVER had..That was AMAZING... Just FANTASTIC... So so accurate, to the most minute detail... I have goose pimples and my heart is beating - at the same time!!!! WOW Gu - I will be back :)" ... written by Simone
Gu's excellence is beyond the 5 stars! " ... written by Karita
Thank you for the reading, you are right about alot of things that I needed to hear. I will follow what you instructed. 5 stars." ... written by Tanny
She is soo friendly and her readings are soo precise, she is also a good adviser and can potentially be your friend!! Definitely someone to have a nice chat with when feeling deprived!!" ... written by Sharon
Awesome ! No false information and really told what i should know to improve the situation !! thanks a bunch !" ... written by Mehak
I appreciate the honesty... your so right in everything...." ... written by E
Thank you Gu :) very good advises always" ... written by P
I enjoy speaking with her. Her reading have been really in sightful" ... written by Michelle
Gu's readings are always honest, and guides you in te right manner.. " ... written by P
She gave info even if i wasn't ready to hear some of it. " ... written by rayhope
She was honest and gave good advice. I'll come back with update and see how prediction goes. thanks gu " ... written by Katie
Thank you Gu. Wonderful reading, accurate in describing people and great in depth insight into a person personality, really helpful in gaining a better understanding of a persons hidden character as well as about my own too." ... written by Muhsybean
She is very very good, so encouraging and accurate. Will be back to report." ... written by me
Thank you again so much gu. " ... written by bright
Very help full and gave my clarity. She connect well and knew a lot without me having to say anything. I could have not picked someone else because I could feel I connected with her so it made the reading more clear than I could have expected. Thank you!" ... written by Kimberly
Best best best psychic ever" ... written by devisri
Thanks again for a fantastic reading! I highly recommend Visionary" ... written by ffairy
Extremely Accurate! Knew every little detail about me and the other person. Genuinely cares about helping you. Great Advice. Knows what she's doing!" ... written by Ana
She`s spot on! Great reading with good advice. " ... written by Moongirl17
Excellent reading! She give best advice, and does not waste time. Her accuracy is incredible i was shock. she knew things i dont even tell anyone but myself. Thank you soo much Gu!!!" ... written by cathy
Thank you so much Gu for your Advices … will try to do be like what u r guiding me … Thanks for your support… " ... written by Devisri
This by far as been a very super accurate reading thank you so much!!!!" ... written by leo
Extremely accurate with current details and gave good impartial advice." ... written by Flowers
Gu is very direct and honest with her reading. She is accurate and her predictions happen. I listen to her advice. When I feel down she corrects me and directs me back into positive thinking. That is why I consult with her often. Thank you so much, Gu!" ... written by Moonchild59
Gu was awesome as usual! You can't go wrong with her guidance! :)" ... written by Sal
very straight to the point and no sugar coating" ... written by ling
Definitely told me the truth and I have some stuff I need to work on... SERIOUSLY work on :-(, but that is life. You live and you learn. Now I will try to do as she says, it will be hard but I will try. " ... written by Sam
thanks gu" ... written by frag
Gu has been very supportive in helping me with this difficult situation. I have relied on her guidance and support. She does not sugarcoat and is amazingly honest! Thank you so much Gu for all your support" ... written by Nadia
Good Reading thank you" ... written by surfas
lets see what happens x" ... written by pree
Amazing!!!!!! Everything is spot on!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sam
Gu is such a wonderful reader. I have been going to Gu since a year now and I must say I always feel great after reading with her. Her readings are accurate, honest and encouraging. Her advises help you get further.. One of the best readers in Oranum!" ... written by P
Thanks so much once again Gu for all your help and positivity!!! " ... written by ThatGirl
Best psychic… no sugar coating… her readings changed my life… She does not waste our time or credits either.. Best Psychic in ORANUM …. Five stars…. Would definitely definitely Suggest her" ... written by Devisri
This is the psychic , I trust from the bottom of my heart for any decisions… No sugar coating … She says a no , when its a no .. and her time frames came true from previous readings too ….. She should be the top psychic in Oranum , who does read her stuff and work honestly and a true well wisher for her clients …" ... written by Devisri
she is good" ... written by i
i like her! she is a good soul. will be back. i give her five stars!" ... written by mita
Gu you are the angel for me ….thank you for Such a beautiful reading … …. Those who find you and take reading with you are the blessed and lucky ones… " ... written by Devisri
Gu is amazing and accurate." ... written by Mary
Gu has given clarity once again! She never fails to give proper guidance and I would highly recommend her to anyone for anything and everything! :)" ... written by Saloni
best psychic ever . no sugar coating . her time frames and predictions came true from previous readings. Best ever psychic , i ever consulted.. she says a no , when its a no .. and tells the truth that we need to know. which will save us from lot of things in our life... best person to have for guidance in anyones life " ... written by devisri
she is always right to the point, fun to read with and always right. I ask her for guidance and I follow her advice " ... written by stephanie
She is very quick and very accurate. She answered all my questions as well as gave advice on what to do in order to fix my situation. She calms you down and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. She genuinely wants to help you." ... written by Ana
Interesting reading, was straight forward and very direct, no sugar coating, I feel she is right in what she has said. I would recommend her for honesty." ... written by Gem
Dear sweet Gu, I never ever met in life someone that is so accurate, someone that guide me and always to the right direction, Gu, i must to say that everything you said was always right and always 100% accurate, I learn that if I listen to your instructions I win.... thank you so so much for that" ... written by Ron
thank you so much " ... written by chloe
Gu is amazing as always and I love her dearly and her guidance. She is a wonderful and caring person and very accurate in her readings. Thank you so much Gu and God bless" ... written by nadia
accurate and spot reading thank you" ... written by lightworker
she is fantastic" ... written by all
Gu helps me for everything, thank you gu! :'(" ... written by Saloni
This woman is so accurate and her reading was absolutely correct about everything that I was feeling. She put my mind at ease, and now I know which direction to go. She really tunes into her clients, and I will forever come back to gain her insight. She is a wonderful Psychic, and I am so glad that I gave her a chance. I will definitely be back for more readings with her in the future." ... written by Kay
such a nice lady, thank you gu. oh and so right about so many things :)" ... written by all
thank you gu" ... written by all
tyu awsome read" ... written by davyboii
Gu is The person I go to for my problems and solution…. She is really like a guardian angel guiding through all the hard ships… her guidance and preventive measures that she asks us to do or something that changes things for good for us… best psychic in oranum , who does not waste the credits and is really there as a well wisher and guardian angel ..." ... written by Devisri
Wow amazing and accurate!!! she told me the truth and i can confirm it!!!!!!" ... written by lana
Thank you for your honest advice" ... written by Shuchi
helpful advice" ... written by SM
Detailed reading" ... written by SM
i feel that visionarygu is very intuitive and accurate in her readings. " ... written by asfafdasdfasfeasx
Thanks again gu! :)" ... written by Sal
Thank again gu!!! :)" ... written by Sal
she has helped me through a year of hell. and now my life is totally different. her predictions were staggeringly accurate. sometimes hard to hear. this one, this psychic, tells the truth. " ... written by all
simply very wise and authentic." ... written by Rob
Gu is a very caring, honest and accurate reader. She does not sugar coat. She will not give hope if there is no hope. Thank you, Gu! " ... written by Moonchild59
very helpful very detailed very good" ... written by christine
Gu is amazing in her guidance and support. I respect her advice and she always upplifts me and keep me positive" ... written by Nadia
Amazing Lady,very accurate" ... written by crystal
Gu is a very accurate reader! She is spot on 100%. She will say the same thing that she told you in the previous reading without referring to any notes. Her predictions happen within the time frames. I love consulting with Gu! She knows what I am thinking,how I feel and she relaxes my mind. She is honest and will only tell the truth. Thank you, Gu! I will let you know what happens next. I can't wait :)" ... written by Moonchild59
very truthful!" ... written by Ashley
Thank you for the reading. Sorry I ran out of credits. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Jennifer
great reading!" ... written by candy
what a year! what a year! so many hard times. and now things are so good. and gu saw me through it all. with guidance and accuracy. and helped me. thank you gu. " ... written by all
Gu was so awesome, she connected quickly and knew what was going on! Thank you! :)" ... written by Saloni
thank you gu. " ... written by all
Really Good and accurate reading! Highly reccomend :)" ... written by Melina
PREDICTIONS HAVE COME TRUE! Back with the love of my life just as she predicted. Her guidance has been a blessing in my life. GU is very accurate and compationate. She never goes against peopleandamp;amp;#039;s will , tells you what you need not what you want. If youandamp;amp;#039;re in a GO for a better life, her guidance will help you a LOT. A guaranteed trustee here, I owe this lady A LOT!!! I highly recommend her, sheandamp;amp;#039;s worth A TRY, youandamp;amp;#039;ll get stuck though :) Thank you so very much Gu!" ... written by bibi123
5 stars!!! THE ONLY PSYCHIC I SEE ON ORANUM" ... written by dap104
Nice reading" ... written by Golden
Thank you for the read. " ... written by Shiks
I've been having this weird feeling about something and Gu confirmed it for me. I am actually very saddened by it but there's not much I can do to change the situation. Also in the next 3 months something good should be taking place.. Let's wait and see :-) Thanks Gu!!!" ... written by Sammy
Good reading. will wait for predictions" ... written by moon
Thank you gu for the very accurate and insightful reading!! :) Would highly recommend her for any for of clarity!!" ... written by Saloni
Thank you so much for your help and advice. I will come back you again." ... written by Mirah02
fantastic reader" ... written by porl
she was amazing a spot on connected with me straight away" ... written by Lilkittykins
Given me a lot of guidance. Thank you" ... written by Nadia
amazing! Thank you" ... written by Nadia
honesty at its best " ... written by E
thank you gu. thank you so much. " ... written by all
she's good!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Gu is super fast in connecting and she gives accurate answers and predictions!!! Would highly recommend her!! :)" ... written by Saloni
Thank you" ... written by Eva
The best ever psychic in ORANUM. I had been taking reading from gu past one year. She is my Guru in most things for taking things in right direction. all her predictions came true and her advices with absolutely seeing the truth with out any judgments helps us deal with situations in right way . I would strongly suggest GU for everyone. this is the person in ORANUM to go to for Honest predictions and she is a well-wisher and checks back and spends time to really see the remedies for the issues we go through , she has lots of patience in advising and thinking thru to solve anything around us .. " ... written by Aries722
She help me to understand myself better" ... written by Danielle
Gu, thanks for the reading, it was amazing.. it wasnt what i wanted to hear but it was what i needed to hear... thanks for been real and honest. " ... written by Adela
Best psychic I go to for reading .." ... written by Aries722
she has been reading for me for a very long time. she has been very accurate. sometimes she tells me really painful things, so i know she is only honest. and very high level of accuracy. thank you gu. " ... written by all
wonderful, i had few readings before, she hasnt let me down. go doesnt sugarcoat and she was very honest in the past about things that happened. im so happy to hear positive news. ill keep you posted!" ... written by jc
Very honest reading. I appreciate her very much. " ... written by lan2013
Very spot on Reading!" ... written by Rob
she's my ultimate favorite !!! " ... written by stephanie
BEST OF THE BEST!!! Her predictions have come to pass! i was a skeptic in the beginning, it just unbelievable ! My blessed to find Visionarygu. Such beautiful person, genuine, honest and kind." ... written by dollydollly
Gu always gives accurate prediction and answers and doesn't sugercoat" ... written by dancigirl003
straight reading.. understanding and able to read cards quickly" ... written by debra
Thank you Gu for your advice! Very kind and truthful person!" ... written by Cass
thank you.... honest and encouraging with very good advice!!! bless you." ... written by jazzychic
Let me tell you this. Gu, is the most amazing psychic i've ever met. I am not gonna lie. She picks up on every single detail and it just blows me away. Every single thing she said was so spot on it made my jaw drop. Thank you so much for your help gu!" ... written by B
SUPER ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!! The last reading that she told me about my ex will reach me out and intent to restore the relationship, prediction come true! This woman is truthful, kind and honest. Gu is compassionate and gives wise advice and guide you in the right path. Million Thanks. Highly recommend her. " ... written by dol
Gu is always very understanding and gives accurate and right guidance! She has your best interest at heart when doing the reading! Would so highly recommend her!! " ... written by Saloni
nice reading " ... written by urgyen dolma
excellent, spot on" ... written by jag
great reader" ... written by mp
I always consult Visionary Gu and she always straigh to the point and no sugar coating. The first guy that I met she told me is really bad for me and bamm that guy is really bad. She always leads me to the correct way as like a mentor. Very good reading with her and she is one of the best in oranum." ... written by bii
great" ... written by tamjones
Omg she is amazing I come to her every month for updates and even though I don't want to hear the truth she says it and is always right. She gave me so much advise that I finally followed what she told me and my dream finally came true and she confirmed my suspicion. Visionary is the best Thank you sooooo much for always helping me out. Definitely a true gifted psychic." ... written by gloria
thank you gu" ... written by nadia
Gu is a very trusted psychic who can help you walk the right path.. thanks Gu :)" ... written by P
good. " ... written by sue
Very good!! pointed out things and on the money!!" ... written by Jnaujo
She is soooooooooooo accurate." ... written by g
I had a reading with visionarygu. She was able to connect with me right away. She was also able to pick up on my situation and give me advice." ... written by Tanny6
Always honest about what she see's. Very straightforward. She doesn't try to tell you what you want to hear." ... written by April
She's amazing! She read me like she knew me well! You will not regret getting a reading from her. She's straightforward. She's awesome! Only get a reading from her! She is definitely a visionary!" ... written by Itsuramo
Accuracy is really spot on and the reading went well. Gu doesn't waste time, she answers your questions and gives good details. Awesome reading, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Visionary Gu thank you again for your help. Thank you Please pray also for my brother. Thank you" ... written by Mirah02
Thanks for the advice." ... written by d2k1000
thanks once again Gu" ... written by Mirah02
Able to answer quickly and honestly." ... written by Angel
she is great! and she shows you the cards, which i love" ... written by eli
The best reading ever" ... written by Mark Nielsen
She is so good. Thank you so much. She is great reader andamp; kind soul. I really enjoy her readings! Thank you so much, I am so grateful!" ... written by Kelly
Thanks for sharing your talent with me and letting me know of what's going on. I surely appreciate that and can't wait to have another reading with you." ... written by bibi123
great reader!!" ... written by alice
What a delight! Visionary Gu was a delight because she gave me valuable insight on what I needed to do for my future. I am a intuitive person and needed confirmation on what to do. I did not tell her everything I was doing for my life plan but she was able to give advice and that advice happened to be dead on! " ... written by Geneva Girl
Visionarygu is absolutely wonderful!!! She is spot on and also told things that no one could know or guess. Very precise, specific on my situation. Truth and wise guidance. 5 stars in Oranum. " ... written by Yiuhoifate710
good reading" ... written by majoma
Today's reading with gu was even more amazing that my previous reading. Even more spot on details that she never fails to point out. She taught me so much today and i cant wait to come back for another reading. She's amazing really " ... written by B
Amazing reading!!! She's so honest and straightfoward answered all of my questions. Tells you just what she see's not what you want to hear. If you want to know the truth get a reading with her. I respect the truth any day." ... written by EVE
I mean I don't even have the words to express how absolutely wonderful my reading with her was....she can literally have all my money because i could have spoken to her for hours," ... written by shaniel
She's very quick to answer your questions and gives alot of details. I recommend her." ... written by SSS
She was awesome, I came in with one question and she was so awesome and start telling me so many things that i had to add money several times to listen everything she has to say" ... written by Rose
Thank you Gu. " ... written by Mirah02
Thank you for such an inspriing reading. The things you saw looked all true and what you said made lots of sense. I give you 5 stars. I hope all will turn out good in my life. bless you." ... written by usa
Thank you for such a great reading. " ... written by xo
Great reading! Thank you for enlightening me up :)" ... written by Kachie
Visionary Gu. I'm always visit you when im need an answer. and your always there to guide me. Thank you so much." ... written by Mirah02
OMG SHe is soooooo acuurate" ... written by bam
good with tarot cards very real with her answers" ... written by ember
great reading spot on accurate " ... written by Lorna
She was on point about my challenges and that I must change in order to be the best I can be." ... written by Geneva Girl
She was very accurate and fast. i appreciate this reading and look forward to coming back." ... written by Sam
She was excellent and on point!!!! I recommend a reading with her to anyone." ... written by kary
Two great sessions back to back. She is accurate and quick to connect and does not waste your time." ... written by Sam
Thank yougu for the great reading , it was awesome." ... written by Ron
she's incredible" ... written by ylang
great reader" ... written by ylang
Very good psychic, doesn't sugar coat, have to be ready to listen, will come back to update" ... written by ylang777
Thanks Gu" ... written by frag
she is very good but the website keeps on cutting session, very anno" ... written by ylang
she's great" ... written by ylang
thank you" ... written by all
thank you gu" ... written by all
good reading, sympathy, trustful, and sincere." ... written by ft
She's amazing! Thank you VisionaryGu!!" ... written by Stacy
her reading was excellent" ... written by jana
she is so accurate on my situation, will be back for updates !! " ... written by papa
5-stars, the only person I trust on Oranum" ... written by dap104
Amazing reading, spot on, shocked with her accuracy!!! Very kind and compassionate, highly recommended. Thank you Gu" ... written by Icebuce239
Seemed right on with her perceptions and read my situation well. I recommend VisionantGu!" ... written by W
Guru is amazing! have been doing reading for a while now. she is been spot on an pics up exactly what is going on in my situation. she has been spot on and great help" ... written by Mel
gu is very calming andamp; consistent w/her predictions; i love speaking w/her! predictions yet to come true but past predictions have proven to be accurate" ... written by truelove
I have waited a very long time for a reading with Gu - she is everything i knew she would be - she read me like a book, told me exactly the person i am, not the person i portray. This lady is amazing !!! Not exactly what i wanted to hear, but what i needed to hear. thank you Gu !!! many blessing" ... written by S
she is the best " ... written by Tunechibarbie305
Quick to connect and good reading!" ... written by Angel
V is just.. amazing. super accurate, honest and funny! i love having my readings with her, because she is direct and tries to help in any way she can! i'd rate her 5 stars!" ... written by crocodile_94
She was absolutely amazing!! I went to her last week to ask about my job interview, other readers didn't know, and others said I wouldn't get the job. VisionaryGu told me I would get the job and I did!! She is very accurate and extremely trustworthy as she lets you know that she won't sugar coat anything. Contact her for the honest truth!! She's one of the best readers on this site!" ... written by Stacy
SPOT ON!!!!! Appreciate her honest, revealed the truth. Not I want to hear, accurate ! Thank you Visionarygu." ... written by wonderwhy2016
Ran out of time" ... written by marion
good" ... written by dd
Thank you gu for your amazing reading.... :)" ... written by Ron
She was accurate, on point, and efficient" ... written by april
Thank you! Honest and will see how things turn out." ... written by Garace123
thanks gu" ... written by all
thank you gu" ... written by all
EXCELLENT!!!!!" ... written by Valerie
Great" ... written by TT
Thanks for reading and honesty" ... written by knowing
Gu honed right in and could read the situation accurately. Generous with her time and advice." ... written by AnnicB1
I dont even know what to good. called me out on my stuff...real honest and genuine. so good. i am humbled. " ... written by heather
Very good psychic, doesn't sugar coat, have to be ready to listen, will come back to update" ... written by ylang777
I got a reading.. Excited to see whether it comes true..fingers crossed xD" ... written by Gerald
Appreciate her honesty and insight, described me very accurate. Don't waste your money and spot on with my problems. Best in Oranum. Will come for update. Thank you Gu" ... written by darlene172
Thank you" ... written by Nadia
I haven't had a reading with Gu in a while - she is still outstanding! Appreciate her responses and details about my questions/concerns confirm things going on in my life and I look forward to seeing things come to pass!" ... written by Kimberly
Amazing reader! Fast , honest and spot on for my situation. Helpful with wise guidance to help me. 5 stars!" ... written by whiskybobby
Very helpful n thank u! " ... written by Linn115
great reader and very straight answer ...." ... written by chintan
Perfect. Thank you VisionaryGu. You gave me just what I needed. I appreciate you so much." ... written by BBB
Absolutely spot on!! what a fantastic reading!! she is that good!!!!" ... written by rosy
Amazing! Simply amazing. I've been on Oranum for 4 years and she's the ONLY reader I truly trust! Contact her for the truth!" ... written by Stacy
love your reading, you are straightforward ;)" ... written by Bey
thank you" ... written by al
Thank you so much gu for the very detailed reading as usual! Totally spot on about the person's characteristics and how the relationship is like!! :))" ... written by Sally
Thank you for the past life reading gu, it was very enlightening and also for providing accurate and indepth details about my current relationship with someone! :)" ... written by Sally
Very good. " ... written by tulipsugar123
Awesome reading very thankful!!!" ... written by Ava
Wonderful person! very honest and so sweet! She gave great advice! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
thank you gu for the update ;) i left the room feeling more confident about my future" ... written by pa
Very warm and very sweet...lots of information and very accurate about me!" ... written by brandy
She is always amazing! Picked up immediately! accurate as always!" ... written by Stacy
Thank you very much. I know that you are real... everything you have said I actually see happening. The advice you gave actually gave results. You are amazing." ... written by Standing
I love her! I love her I love her I love her! lol" ... written by Stacy
You are an amazing reader!! bless you." ... written by Standing
A very accurate psychic, who knows what she is talking about. She is able to pinpoint where the accillesheal is. There is no sugarcoating. She is telling the truth, even though it may hurt a bit. Highly reccomended. VisioGury is, at least in my opinion, one of the best pyschics on Oranum." ... written by Hubbelman
I really enjoyed my reading with VisionaryGU. She was quick and to the point. Will get future readings from her." ... written by boogie110
The best psychic.. so many readings that came to a pass. please try her dowsing which is very accurate… There are instances she surprised me with her psychic ability that i have never witnessed in anyone else. very honest reader in oranum who cares truly for her clients like a mother would for he child.. " ... written by Areis722
Right away when we went into prvt needed name and dob and started typing and looking on the computer and reading. GEEEZ" ... written by awnaaa
She has a true gift and can tell you about your life with great detail!!! You must allow her to read for you. You will be given more information than you could have ever imagined!!! She is honest and will tell you like it is! Highly recommended" ... written by linda
Had to come back for a second reading with more specific questions from yesterday. She is actually really awesome and very truthful.....she doesn't try to twist a negative outcome, if something is not happening, she will say it like it is, which is what I really like and why I come to get a reading. So if you are ready to hear the truth, no matter what it is, this woman is the one you should read with. Thank you so much. I think I have found someone I can really trust and come back to :) Thank you VisionaryGU!!!!" ... written by M.
really really good!! I had a reading from her last year and she told me what she saw, i didn't want to hear it at the time but she was very accurate. She read the situation today, like the back of her hand. I was amazed....incredible reader. I am very please with my reading. THank you " ... written by M
Awesome as always! she is so truly gifted and a great help. Highly recommended..." ... written by linda
She seemed to be very on point :)" ... written by Ixchel
thank you gu" ... written by all
Very clear and honest ... and strict forward readying. I like it" ... written by leanne
she is friendly, good vibes,advises and helpful" ... written by G
She was superb in her reading and lot of information about my past and informations which will help men in future!" ... written by dragon5577
not what i had hoped to hear, but it shows complete honesty from her. appreciate it" ... written by Missjk21
she is great !!! recommend her !!!! will be back!!" ... written by mp
She is AWESOME. I have seen her demos and works and she is really worth hearing. She IS the real deal...someone who has studied very hard to know what she knows. Highly recommended" ... written by linda
This was my first time reading with her and all i have to say is wow. She was incredible and described my personality to a T. I am going to follow her advice and work on myself and stay silent until September. Its time to be the best version of me and let the universe manifest the rest. " ... written by Brianaaf2
Thank you visionary gu l was very happy to finally find someone kind like you.Will see you more often." ... written by Bharati4173
Had a fantastic reading. I will use her services again. Thank you!" ... written by ckeg
She was very helpful in looking into my situation. I ran out of credits unfortunately. Will come back for me advice." ... written by ckeg
Thank you for such a great reading!" ... written by xo
Thank you for a great reading. 5 stars!" ... written by StandingTall
Wow, she was on the mark with everything! I was honestly a bit skeptical, but she showed me the cards as she read them, and i have a small background in reading them as well and knew what she was saying was what the cards were saying. And she even hit on things I didn't even tell her! AMAZING! Even if it's negative, she still tells you what you need to do to correct it. I'm definitely coming back to her." ... written by Harrison Songbird
AWESOME!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!! She is the deepest and most detailed reader I have experienced!!! She will TELL YOU THE TRUTH, quickly without wasting your time. Listen closely to her, because she is very knowledgeable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" ... written by linda
Great reading....first prediction came true already, she is so good at reading me and the situation, so honest, called me out on what I urgently need to work on, yes so loving and kind. I really like VisionaryGu's style, she is honest, doesn't sugarcoat, doesn't go around circles, just straight to the point, I asked her to type for me and she was super fast. I just really like her honesty and she is phenomenon with her cards....very accurate....Thank you for everything today, I will work on everything we talked about :) " ... written by Mainstreem
Thank you for such a detailed reading. You are very accurate. You feel and see and also use tarot cards. See clearly now. " ... written by standingtall
Thanks for the reading, I am very thankful for the insight. I am glad I came to you and all you said definitelyakes sense. Will come back soon !" ... written by bibi123
I came to the reader to see if she could tell me things for the next 6 months as her bio says she does predictions. I guess that is to a specific question to a person, place, or thing--which I did not ask. For the first couple of minutes she asked if I could hear her andamp; probably planned on not speaking--which is fine but why do that? Everything after she did type all at once--but took her time to press enter per sentence--(probably to make sure I was reading it?--for her cost per minute--I was totally reading as fast as I could) She did describe me as I didn't ask for that. She wasn't done pressing enter from the things she typed when my time ended. However, she was accurate." ... written by Siempre
Love Love Love this lady - she is an incredable reader with so much insight and totally worth every dime i spend. you will not regret your reading with Gu !!! " ... written by Shawna
VisionaryGu will not sugarcoat it for u. She will tell you the truth weather you like it or not. Gives you something to think about with your life." ... written by twinspice
a very good and helpful reading!" ... written by bella
Thank you for your comforting words. Your one of the few I trust and your predictions and readings are very on the point. " ... written by StandingTall
VisionaryGu, is absolutely one of the most amazing readers! She is one of the few who are the most real psychics here on Oranum. I went to many different psychics and they told me things that weren't true at all and things that never happened. VisionaryGu is full of truth and reads very acurrately. I can feel genuine concern and care from her. I'm honored to be able to have readings from her because there are times when I feel alone and VisionaryGu greets me with kindness and positivity. She isn't here for the money and truely cares for her clients. She sees the tiny details as well as the whole picture. I give her 10 stars! Love you!!" ... written by StandingTall10
VisionaryGU is GOOD!!!! she gives it to you straight, tough love kind of a way, which I do need sometimes, but I love her style and the way she tells you the truth and doesn't beat around the bush...she gives you the msg whethere it's what you want to hear or not which I truly appreciate it, bc that's what we are here for. So, if you are ready to hear the truth and no BS, come to this lady!!!! Thank you dear, you are awesome!!!" ... written by M.
Amazing reader! 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend!" ... written by Kyle
Very precise lady. Last year i ask her if i would get promoted and she said no. This came to pass and she was right. I ask her the same question. I am looking forward for my next reading with her. Many thanks." ... written by Randy
thank you gu" ... written by all
Thanks for the insight, always an eye opening reading. I am very thankful for having you as someone to go to. You are so accurate and I surely take advantage of your advices. Thanks a lot." ... written by bibi123
Thanks for your so accurate, not sugarcoated readings. They have always been helpful, such a great guidance I have found through you. More than just a psychic you are a mentor. Thanks !" ... written by bibi123
Thank you Gu for your honesty. I will think about what you have said to me tonight. Hope one day I can overcome all my fears and move away from the past. " ... written by kittychu
THank you Gu!! I appreciate your honsty." ... written by M.
Such a wonder lady. Read me like a book. Accurate and honest." ... written by Maia
THANKS FOR EVERYTHING" ... written by e
amazing lady very accurate" ... written by tamjones
great reading. she was very accurate and fast " ... written by s scurlock
I'm very nervous and just need some comfort from a psychic :) Don't know if it's true but I'll know the result tomorrow. Thank you VisionaryGu for making me feel a little bit better and I'll let you know the result tomorrow. I'm a poor student so my credit is out haha... thank you again!" ... written by Oi
thank you for the reading visionarygu" ... written by happy girl88
thank you gu" ... written by all
First read. Not bad at all... accurate on observations. I'll be curious to see." ... written by asdf
VisionaryGu was amazing! She read me like an open book. She provided great advice and helped to steer me in the right direction. Very very helpful and very insightful! " ... written by Eddie
thank you Gu. thank you so much. " ... written by all
thank you gu" ... written by all
Thank you so much visionary! " ... written by Brianaaf2
Excellent reading, and she was insightful, I've done readings with her before, and her readings have come to pass" ... written by BN
very good spot on!!" ... written by rosy
accurate description, we'll see" ... written by jules
Was I suppose very truthful. Helpful." ... written by Lexie
She told me the truth, wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but nonetheless she was honest and I appreciate that. She's a very good reader." ... written by JCS
thank you" ... written by al
She tells the truth, whether you like it our not! " ... written by teaforcompany
thank you gu" ... written by all
Loved reading!" ... written by Ava
She gave me the guidance I needed for employment options...I feel so much at peace!" ... written by Geneva Girl
she is straight to the point she is. no messing around. and if there is something u need to work on, she will tell u. " ... written by freeandtruth
she is so amazingly accurate. thank you gu" ... written by all
Came back for another reading with Gu. Great insight and reading as usual! Thanks gu xoxo" ... written by Belle
thank you gu" ... written by all
Beautiful read, thank you." ... written by asdf
thanks gu, predictions come true! " ... written by pa
Gu is wonderful! She is spot on, and an excellent psychic. I will go to her again and again! Thanks for an excellent reading, gu." ... written by Terri
This was an outstanding reading! So very detailed and accurate! Visionary Gu knew great detail about a situation, and gave me clear advice on how to improve it. This was not generic! The detail was astounding, and her advice based on what she saw in the cards was priceless. What a sense of peace! Highly recommend." ... written by Blue Gown
Gu is the only reason why I keep coming back. She is an amazing reader. I always find myself shocked at how accurate she is. You don't see a lot of psychics here with 100% spot on answers. It's crazy. She has always been my go-to psychic. She offers genuine advice too :)" ... written by Belle
the reading was amazing, and gu is amazing person." ... written by Ron
sorry to leave so fast. phone rang. but you are great. thank you for the reading. always so accurate. " ... written by all
Very nice reading!Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
I love Gu so much. I go to her more than anyone else on Oranum. Her gifts are real and she will always tell the truth. She even knew how messy my room is!!! I love her and she is like family to me. Gu is a blessing to Oranum. xoxo" ... written by Amanda
Wow.. First reading... I have seen her demos and always wanted to get a reading.. Glad I did.. she is very in tune and fast!!" ... written by sam
seems to be on target with the situation, thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
thank you gu, very accurate predictions" ... written by all
VisionaryGu's predictions had come truth, love her and 5 stars!" ... written by Mai
great reading she was very accurate in describing me and the person involved" ... written by mylife123
Wow...some things were a little difficult to listen, but I want to say that Gu is accurate on some things that she couldn't have guessed. But, I rather hear the truth rather than sugar coat. Good reading." ... written by Bunny
I love Gu so much; she's become a family member to me. She will always tell me what she sees no matter what. Gu is one of the greatest and most honest readers on Oranum. xoxo" ... written by Amanda
Gu always brings clarity.....again right on point ..." ... written by sabrinalove
great reading, very honest." ... written by sal
thank you Gu!" ... written by Bri
thank you gu" ... written by all
Just Amazing !! Love Love Love !!" ... written by Harmony
Nice straight and honest !! Love her readings " ... written by Harmony
thanks . u were honest" ... written by claire
gu is amazing that's why i keep coming back" ... written by all
great reading" ... written by DIveeny
She encouraged me and gave me some good advice. She guided me on what I supposed to do. I love the reading. Hope that everything will work out." ... written by apotan
she is good andamp; nice andamp; detailed!" ... written by L
I had a great reading with her, she's dead on accurate and super honest. I will definitely be getting readings with her down the road! Thank you!" ... written by Ashley
she is very good. very accurate. good readings. i come back a lot" ... written by allbright
I've gone to Gu before in the past and she's very down to earth and honest and provides great detail. she gave me some time frames I will be looking forward to and in the meantime I will continue to work on what she mentioned. Thank you Gu" ... written by Sam
okay gu. thank you for honesty. sadly, i guess, you are right again. " ... written by all
very accurate and helpful insight" ... written by anonymous
VisionaryGu today helped me to calm down my self and understand my all situation I will gonna come back to her" ... written by Kajakaja112
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate, good in describing with tarots and numerology ! " ... written by lynn
Thank you VisionaryGu, you are very kind and accurate in seeing my character. everyone should give her a shot. she is friendly and gives good direction to your questions. =)" ... written by Jace
I always go to Gu, because she tells me the real truth and always with love. Gu is family; definitely one of if not the best readers on Oranum xoxo Amanda" ... written by amanda
Gu was awesome and honest...she could know what i worked for and how...i have faith on her words...thank u Gu" ... written by Mansi
Thank you very much for the reading. It was reassuring and I am somewhat more at ease." ... written by nmk
I really want to take the time to say that my session with Visionarygu was phenomenal! She read me like an open book. I was crying and laughing simultaneously because she was spot on everything single thing she shared with me. She is a beautiful soul. I feel like I do not ever need to seek guidance from anyone else. From the moment we began our session, she told me about me. She told me about my husband. At certain times, I was speechless. She is very gifted and talented. I hope she sees this. She opened my eyes to things about myself that I really need to work on to repair different areas of my life. It is difficult for me to express the positive impact she had on me. I am awakened thanks to her. I really hope everyone can receive the relief they are seeking, and only from her. I am very gracious. " ... written by Sexybetsy20
got an update on my reading! and everything is still going according to plan yay! :) gu is always consistent and extremely accurate!! her cards caught something that i didn't even tell her about, so crazy! thank you for always helping me everyday, love you so much gu!!! xoxo ♡♡♡♡" ... written by val
thank you so much. she was really reassuring and what i needed to hear. she was on point with everything." ... written by usa
thanks for the great reading,,, it really helped me understand where my life is going," ... written by rosa figueiredo
great reading she knew everything" ... written by mroddie
Was running out of money so I had to end it but she is really nice and likable. I will know in about a week if her all her predictions will come to pass. " ... written by Chido
second reading with on again... about everything about me." ... written by Ang
Beautiful. Thank you." ... written by d
always spot on! thanks gu xxx" ... written by rosy
Thank you very much for the reading VisionaryGu! :) This was an interesting session! Love andamp; Light to you my dear! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
I felt like Gu gave a good reading that I had no doubt about. I wasn't expecting to here some of the things she told me, but we will see what happens. " ... written by Bunny
Gu is always GREAT! She is so straight forward and very quick to give her answers. She has been accurate and I really love getting readings from her!!!" ... written by linda
Spot on advice with VisionaryGu, she is kind, compassionate. She has very wise advice and guidance. I am looking forward to working with her some more ." ... written by marym62
Gu is amazing. she is very spot on and accurate about my personality and life ! she is very detailed in my reading. highly recommended :)" ... written by Alvina
SUCH a pleasure talking to Gu again! She's such a blessing and it was very nice catching up. Her predictions all came TRUE, her advices have built the person that I am. I ENJOY the NEW ME. Even with my eyes closed I'll recommend her. Thank you!" ... written by bibi123
She was very detailed and clarified something i've been thinking about lately. Excellent!" ... written by coolGirl65
Wow, she was super fast and so easy to talk to! So glad we got to go private. Looking forward to things :)" ... written by DD
she is very honest and it really helps!" ... written by growfree
OMG..Bless you dear Gu! You totally rock!" ... written by river
I trust Gu always, she was really trying her best to be fast which was kind of her.. Will get back with more :)" ... written by Ally
First reading with Gu. Gu is super nice and detailed. Looking forward to prediction coming true... Thanks again!" ... written by Chia
Thanks! will see what happens :)" ... written by oranum-user
great!!!! spot on always helpful" ... written by karl
She is awesome! You know whats the best? she tells the truth!!! Why would would you spend your money on anything thats false? " ... written by Lizette
Gu is the best! I always seek her advice and she is always spot on! She is the only one i consult in oranum. She is caring, kind and a great person and always her prophecies match!" ... written by Crossroads5
spot on.. " ... written by hitriceratops
one of my all time favorites on oranum" ... written by ron
Master of Wisdom : ) " ... written by Lynn Tee
so accurate...great at picking up energy of current situation. " ... written by staci
Not really certain of answers but may have been because of my own negative energy. " ... written by =
thanks gu" ... written by all
She is very clear, precise and direct. thank you very much. " ... written by Lan
great reader, managed to find out the source of issue for my problem and is very ethical with clients and helpful, definitely recommend her! " ... written by green
didnt get a chance tosp wth her for long but what i heard was pretty good" ... written by shanecole
I was afraid to speak with her because I feel strongly in her abilities at least as an observer from her demos in the past (I never had a demo). I KNEW she would tell the truth good or bad. That is why I was scared. I wanted to get questions answered than no one else has and to see if her visions are consistent with those whom I feel are truly gifted above and beyond. She told me the same information and much more. The "more" answered the questions I have had but did not ask her. I have asked others and never got the answers. I was lucky that she just so happened to tell me good or bad all I needed so I can trust and be patient. I look forward to this coming about. Thank you very much!" ... written by Julia
Visionarygu is a phenominal readr always exact my go to her on Oranum always 100%" ... written by 1BeannieBaby
Excellent reading.She is particular to the question, and it was highly accurate without revealing too much information. Helped me with my choice." ... written by BN
thank you gu. always so accurate. " ... written by allbright
She was accurate in picking up the situation. " ... written by V
First time taking her private....My stomach was nervous and jittery because of the testimonials and what i have seen her do in demo. Something told me, whatever she tells me, will happen and I knew whatever the results were, I was willing to hear the truth and not something that i want to hear. She made a lot of sense, especially in what I was seeing for myself, but she brought clarity and a road map...I am looking forward in working with her, in the future and I look forward in having a long term professional relationship and hopefully one day I can say she is a friend, my confidant and mentor. Thanks Gu!! Namaste and blessings to you..." ... written by Re
fast and accurate...gave much clarity" ... written by sabrinalove
been reading with her for a long time. she is very accurate. " ... written by allbright
good reading" ... written by diana
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Very easy to connect with and talk with. Enjoyed talking with her. First time reading with her... Will come back" ... written by Azaeachild
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Minnie12
thank you Gu for your comforting advice" ... written by michelle
Thank you for the comfort of your wands... I have never seen anything like that before and I wish I have something similar." ... written by michelle
Always willing to share experiences and very helpful....thank you for your wisdom" ... written by Kimberly
My system connection was acting crazy but i was able to get some answers..looking forward to the predictions coming true..and i appreciate the advice for an important meeting on Monday...She confirmed the way i should handle the meeting. Thanks Gu" ... written by Re
Spot on reading for a missing person. I will keep visionary posted" ... written by marym62
Focused reading. Will see if predictions come to pass." ... written by Carri
thank you gu. " ... written by allbright
Best reading I've ever had. I gave no info for her to know the things she did so she is legitimate." ... written by Matthew
Gu is great! He predictions are accurate ad come true. Love her! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Thank you Gu, great reading!!" ... written by Ashley
Gu is the best to go to because she is honest and accurate. She is very gifted." ... written by Julie
great reader" ... written by new
The promotional for Visionarygu was phenomenal. She is very quick and accurate. I got to ask more questions and spend more time with her to receive guidance. She makes me laugh and cry in the same reading. She is 100% on point every single time. Please give more promotional for her. I love her! Thank you!" ... written by Sexybetsy20
very detailed and insightful reading. Thank you for your advice. Looking forward to the change that is supposed to come soon. " ... written by me
Visionary is absolultely amazing. My first reading with her ... I look forward to coming back for more readings as she picked up on my personality and situation accurately! Very good advice for success" ... written by JD
Honest... Wow! Something to really think about... I really think she may be right..." ... written by KerriDee
I found another reliable favourite who tunes in very well..." ... written by Enkori
nice reading" ... written by chi
VG is so detailed and on point. I am so grateful for the big help I just received. Feeling very blessed!" ... written by JD
Just fantastic" ... written by Andy
she was very good and accurate in describing the people around me. " ... written by wren1414
Beautiful person, great cleansing really needed this. She is amazing! " ... written by Love
VisionaryGu was excellent, her advice was on point and everything that she said made perfect sense. She has made things much clearer in the path ahead and she was incredibly accurate. I cannot thank her enough." ... written by Carrie Gettins
Accurate on personality and talents. honest" ... written by sun
Holy smokes! She blew me away with her accuracy. I asked about the future of my coming love life. And I did mention that there was a potential person in my life currently. She nailed my personality and his immediately as well as our interaction with each other. Thank you so muchh! I will definitely be coming back to her again." ... written by Gabby
This woman is a blessing, she picked up on every single trait and issue in my life. I actually cried because she was so onpoint and told me things I never wanted to admit to myself. God bless you x" ... written by MP
Back for another session with Gu. She's the only one i look for because she is the real deal. Thanks gu for your help and time! xoxo" ... written by Belle
Very honest reading and clear answers. Quick to pick up things about me." ... written by LG
she is a very very nice lady. Lots of hopes. time will tell" ... written by aquavenus1
Great accuracy, Excellent communicator. Thank you kindly!" ... written by erica
Gu is one of the best on oranum. a personal favorite" ... written by ron
first reading and she was very accurate. excited to see what will come to pass!" ... written by Lauren
she is very Good and helpful" ... written by Zaka
She was very honest and fast. Thank you so much. Told me the truth . Thank you" ... written by Mel
#1 on oranum" ... written by 1Beanniebaby
great reading" ... written by weenter4
She has always been on key with everything....I appreciate the honesty she has given me from day one." ... written by Jewels McDonald
Thank you for the lovely reading - will follow your advice." ... written by Yours
She is great, calm helpful and no one described me so well before" ... written by ioannaz
gu is the best" ... written by ron
Thanks, great reading. " ... written by StartAgain2016
Wow! Excellent reading! Gu answered my questions clearly and directly and gave me the insight I need to go forward. I will be back. Thanks so much!" ... written by pinchofsalt
Gu Is Great! :))" ... written by teaforcompany
visionary was great! she was able to pick up on the situation without me really saying anything" ... written by jp
spot on" ... written by ll
Gu was amazing! She made sure I had a peace of mind because I was having a little issue. She cleared my doubts and i'm grateful for that! Thank you gu, i'll be back soon!" ... written by Belle
Thank you, you are great" ... written by Bey
she is on point " ... written by nada
she was very spot on and very quick. no sugar coating. will definitely go back again." ... written by paula
very honest and good. She is point on with all and has not changed since we started reading together. " ... written by knowing
Connected quickly." ... written by Karen
Have read with VionaryGU before and she has always been right, She got the situation and personalities down to the T and she's always been right about predictions in the past (which is why sometimes i am scared to actually talk to her, bc i know she'll tell me the truth), so i will def come back to update with this situation as well. Good or bad, she will tell you, and will not sugarcoat. Thank you VisionaryGU!!!" ... written by M
She was very clear and straight to the point and she is very funny." ... written by Miriam
Bless you" ... written by
Very good reading. She was very thorough and insightful can't wait to see if her predictions come true." ... written by shanecole
very honest / helpful" ... written by k
Awesome! She's great. " ... written by Erika
very good reading but the information was very painful" ... written by irena
Thank you for all your insight and advice Gu!! You really helped me in the past and I am really grateful to you for helping me right now once again!!! You are great!! :) " ... written by M
Great reading! Thank you! :)" ... written by S
I enjoy the readings and gaining insights. appreciate all " ... written by knowing
Gu is great and very intuitive!" ... written by teaforcompany
well she does not sugar coat and she does not tell you what you want to hear. " ... written by all
She is very good and honest to you dont half step at all.She told me what I needed to know and made me fill so much better.She will make you fill like you are her family,thank you visionarygu :)) WILDFIRE1959" ... written by wildfire1959
my credits ran out on the important stuff" ... written by iris
Awesome! Very caring and sweet as a human being together with detailed answers makes a reading simply a pleasure and a very positive experience. Highly recommended!" ... written by Priya
thank you gu, always she knows... " ... written by allbright
love gu shes very good" ... written by iris
Great reading!" ... written by Gatorgal
i trust Gu, I came to her for reading in the past. she is very accurate and very honest. I enjoy coming to her when I need enliughtenment" ... written by Smiley
Thank you so much. I really look forward to next year. " ... written by mi
Thank you, lovely reading. " ... written by Yours
Can see current good. Next year will be better not great. Will see. Thanks!" ... written by W
VisionayGu is so nice and gentle. She connects very fast and gives very accurate reading. I had a general reading for career and life and she predicted very accurate. Gave me a lot of hope for future. She is very kind :)" ... written by seeker_
wow great reading you have got me thinking who the person is I am moving more towards one looking forward to finding out who " ... written by rosiekate
Her predictions came true, I can't thank you enough Gu. God knows how thankful I am and I know you can feel it too. This is my room, where I go with any question. I HIGHLY recommend VisionaryGu for her accuracy, true updates with no sugar coat. This lady is a blessing. Thanks again!" ... written by bibi123
appreciate all honesty" ... written by know
very detailed and intune" ... written by melissa
she is amzing!! i trust her guidance, its a sign" ... written by L
She is amazing!!! vlots of lvoe " ... written by L
thanks Gu for the honest answer..was good" ... written by rosy
It takes her a minute to get going, but once she does she gives a very thorough and complete answer. Great reading and I will be back." ... written by shanecole
Gu is very very intuitive and has a kind and gentle heart. She tells it like it is, and really cares. A wonderful psychic and great person. The best! " ... written by teaforcompany
Gu is such a sweet and thoughtful soul. She connected with my situation and was empathetic to it. =)" ... written by Nikki
Visionary Gu helped me with the questions I needed answered and I feel better and clearer after our reading.I would highly recommend her!! Such A Wonderful Spirit!!" ... written by Dottioke
Thank you Gu. " ... written by allbright
Awesome and accurate" ... written by Dottioke
Gu is excellent!!!!!!!!!" ... written by crossroads5
didn't have much credits :( but i know she's wortyh it..i m sorry gu.." ... written by mansi
the real deal!!!" ... written by solo
She helped me to find my phone" ... written by rob
Nice! helping me to track my lost phone" ... written by Rob
Thanks for quick private. Straight to the point dont waste your time/ i recommend her" ... written by dg3113
Wonderful, insightful and lovely energy xx thank u xx" ... written by pop
VisionaryGu is a lovely soul and fast, accurate and straight to the point. I do recommend her to everyone who wanted a reading. she is worth every single penny! Go for her!" ... written by diginity
Very fast connection and straight to the point, will definitely come back" ... written by Emily
Thank you for being truthful and to the point :) I will be back xx" ... written by Blue
Great!" ... written by Nena
Appreciate all honesty" ... written by know
She is quick and direct! I loved her reading! It was so precise!" ... written by C
she is ok." ... written by lilly
very many of the things she said were amazingly accurate. she knew things without having to be told. future predictions will only be known in time... " ... written by allbright
very good. Takes awhile to get answers but very on spot with info and very sweet. worth the wait. " ... written by hope
She's definitely worth it. Very detailed with great advice and she knows her stuff. I'll be back" ... written by Yb4real
VisionaryGu said her predictions normally happened so I got a private with her to see what she would get on my situation. She predicted that my love relationship will start around the Christmas-New Years time frame. I will be back to post if her prediction came to pass! " ... written by BMJ
she was spot on!!!! loved her!!! 100 percent recommended" ... written by college125
Lovely lady spot on reading with her ; she got the situation right and provided a lot of reassurance and thoughtful advice with her udnerstanding of the situation. I'll look forward to the outcome of my current situation, love and light! (:" ... written by Aeureus
Very good, thank you!" ... written by Aryastark