Psychic WORDSofWISDOMhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic WORDSofWISDOMhas recently helped 53members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about WORDSofWISDOM's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I was born gifted, as I believe we all are, and have been doing readings and providing insight from early childhood. Gifts have both function and purpose, and I learned long ago that the purpose of my gifts is to help guide people to their happiness and achieve their goals. For those brave enough to brave the truth, I am here to help you achieve your true desires.

Great reading!!!! I found out the answers to my questions , was very practical and helpful." ... written by meberd
He understood my situation, and I personally feel alot happier andamp; positive to deal with my situation. Thank you again!" ... written by missdeane
That was Great reading! He is right person to share your problems with because he will tell you solution!! I will be back for sure! RECOMMENDED!!!!" ... written by kosmosss
Thank you so much for a reading! I loved it! Highly recommend!" ... written by Lucy117
Very Nice reading, has very calm smoothing voice he gets right to the point he wont waste your time i really enjoyed my reading.. Thx u so much God Bless !!" ... written by queenbee16
WOW, really great reading....loved his honesty and compassion...will be back..." ... written by wendic
Was an awesome reading.. Really liked you and you are so sincere. " ... written by mcdoog
He is dead on, and help me realize a lot and has shown me how much potential i have in my life. and i cant wait to come back in 3 months." ... written by laurrenn017
He was very interesting and he has been my favorite out of all my readings" ... written by Cari1961
Great guy!!!!!!" ... written by jb
great reading " ... written by Harvey6972
This man was right on.. Very sweet and caring of your feelings.. I will have another reading with him soon... Thank you so much!!!!! " ... written by annslife
Excellent reading!highly recommended!!!Thankyou so much for your insight!!!heaps to think about!Its great!" ... written by rattail1
i would say that i am absolutely amazed, this man has a gift from God, his true purpose is to help people. he doesn't say things to make you feel better, but puts everything in perspective makes you understand your situation and addresses all the issues. 5 stars. " ... written by blanca84
Knew everything the games up." ... written by rachbell555
Great reading with a nice guy. Thanks so much. Good and helpful information. It was a pleasure speaking with you!" ... written by bridgetmcd1961
good" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Thanks for the reading. Extremely nice guy and very insightful." ... written by Dumbfounded
I felt instantly relaxed andamp; at ease, straight away it was like he knew me andamp; was an enormous help to me...I feel confident now andamp; will definitely be back....Such a lovely man, straight to the point but very caring...." ... written by sunngirl
Thank you for a warm and understanding reading. I think that was really great advice for the situation. I wish I wasn't so analytical of everything. :) I'm sure I'll be back in several months for an update reading. Thanks again." ... written by kristen3887
Great reading, I had questions about a trip I am taking and he let me know that It will be a good trip and that I should follow my instincts and have fun. Will chat with him again and highly recommend him to everyone that wants straight honest answers!, no waisting time with him gets straight to the point. " ... written by Lmoodie
Brilliant, picked up on things i didn't mention." ... written by chelle54
WORDS OF WISDOM is very good. He had me at hello!!lol.. But seriously he knew things in my past and I was shocked. I felt relaxed, and didn't give him any information at all! He is truly very intuitive, and picks up a lot.. I highly recommend him!! He is very easy to talk to and fun.. I only did one private with one psychic on here, and wordsofwisdom is my second. I must say again he is really on point. Thanks so much Words of Wisdom. You are truly a kind hearted man! Thanks Oranum for hiring him!! " ... written by SpiritualMaria
Was so very kind and very very accurate...explained alot and knew alot can't wait to do another reading! My very favorite physic in this site!!" ... written by star2385
absolutely flipping fantastic! very insightful! You must try him!" ... written by RadesGirl
This reader did a email reading for me and covered everything and bit more. I know exactly the radio show/blog u saw me at. My friend does one in our local area and I use ot do music trivia and had the idea we talked about and put it off and now I now I must act on it. Your awesome and love yoru energy thank you for helping me it means alot." ... written by johnnydeppfan
OMG! he is wonderfull! my first reading - felt as i was talking to a friend in he was so accurate in everything. Gave me so much hope!" ... written by mitzy8149
a very nice reader!" ... written by appleadams
cool reading!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
Perfect reading, to the point and touched on everything I needed. Thank you WordsofWisdom." ... written by MysticNexus
Who has more fun the you and me Ron.... still need to meet and have our steak and baked.. lol .. alway a pleasure talking and always good readings ... " ... written by bberney
very nice and gave me alot of insight and things i can work on to help me help myself to be a stronger person...thank you.." ... written by oceansandjoy1
great guy, funny and knew about my life will chat again!!!" ... written by thenewblack
excellent reading, this is a mature and sensitive individual..highly recommend" ... written by mlawr1
Ron.. once again .... nice reading.. I wish for all the same happieness I have been blessed with .. for you... .. Good luck with the new House.... think STEAK andamp;amp; BAKED ... LOL ... Hugs Always Brenda " ... written by bberney
Awesome reading. Confirmed for me things I suspected about others. Very kind, very straight reader, always a joy to speak with. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking truth, clarity and honest guidance." ... written by FornSior
He gave me a great reading. I feel a little better he allowed me let go. He's awesome." ... written by stassia21
very good at what he does! and warmhearted" ... written by emotions
excellent reader. very on target." ... written by linda1947
He's great, he was right on the money. He knew things that I didn't expect, he was genuine, appreciative, and very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by needinghelp83
Very impressive, He knew things that I never brought up that I already knew but did not talk about. Very nice, soothing and a pleasure. I cannot say enough nice things about him. In addition, a very caring person and very professional. Would recommend him fully to anyone wanting to know the truth. I have been to a couple of others which were good or ok, but his personality fits well and like I said very caring with his words and would I not ever recommend anyone else but WordsofWisdom !!!! You will not go wrong by putting your faith in him " ... written by pcalla57
Oh he was great! He was pretty much on the money. I'll use him again." ... written by Dani
Connects well, understands relationships and connections between them. I'd come back!" ... written by LunaSkye
Right on darlin!!! Thank you for the insight andamp;amp; clarification... so greatly appreciated. Will come back again.... Definitely recommend ~j~" ... written by Angyl444
Once again .. a very informative reading... I will invite you to the wedding .. think steak and baked on the beach in the Carribean ... .. Hugs BB " ... written by bberney
he was right on the spot on everything!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
He's very good and knows what he's speaking of" ... written by crstsy021204
Just had a great reading, and wow, basically told me everything i knew but with a positive outcome...thank you so much, it was money worth spending :)" ... written by felinetoyz
Once again.. my special friend .. Ron.. you are honest and candid ... never sugar coat a reading.. I appreciate that more then anything... I pray for Happieness for you like I have been Blessed to have .. HUGS always ... xxoo Brenda " ... written by bberney
Omg really amazing and is like a friend!" ... written by hope2321
What an awesome reader !!! I loved the cards he used !! very very informative !!! hes wise and helpful - hes quick and he takes his time explaining both what he sees and how to fix it... He is really one of the best readings ive ever had.. and I have had many.. I hope to see him online more often !!! 100% awesome." ... written by 2012
Great reader" ... written by wwwww
Greatttt Reading!!! Highly Recommend!!!" ... written by jayr3264
Thanks Ron .. again .. you are always right .. Love ya my special Friend .. still want that Steak and baked .. " ... written by bberney
It was an amazing reading, very accurate. A great psychic, but more importantly a great person. I am looking forward to have more readings like this." ... written by AllenSnow
He was great and very helpful! He told me things I already knew but needed confirmation about. It was great and I will be using him again!" ... written by jacanba77
Wow - it was as if he were in the room for some of the talks between me and my husband. He knew so much about the actual details and feelings expressed - amazing!!! What a gifted reader!" ... written by sacredlove71
Helping me keeping positive a lovely reading, thank you xx :-))" ... written by tickleme2011
Wonderful reading! He was so detailed and patient with me. Told me everything I need to know :) Thank you." ... written by iPreferMimi
He is awesome. I truly love talking to him. He tells it the way it is. My daughter and I enjoy the time and he makes you feel good about yourself. Review he is a 15 out of 10. You can not go wrong " ... written by mcdoog
I cannot express enough in words. We are so lucky to have his gift shared with us. He is compassionate, caring, amazing and you would be lucky to have your lifes path cross with his. I believe that peoples life pass intentionally and I believe some higher up allowed him to pass in my life and I am very thankful that it has. I would never recommend anyone if I did not feel that their gift was a gift that would or should be shared. I truly believe that if you allow WordsofWisdom in your life, for readings or email readings (which I have done both) you will receive the truth. I love this guy..I love listening to him in open chart as well but everyone would benefit so much more through private readings or email readings. He is the only person I will allow to receive private or email readings from. I do not think that there is enough stars for him on the rating chart. His gift that he shares with us - is exactly that - A GIFT = A GIFTED READER. We are just lucky enough for his path to cross ours and I would not pass up any opportunity to get a reading from him...." ... written by pcalla57
Wonderful reading! I'll be back soon." ... written by Scorpioforu1
He said so many things that are true and gave me good advice." ... written by onefineday1a1a
Wonderful!!! He was very accurate!" ... written by NiVanya
Absolute delight..he was right on and very very clear on what's going on..tried to get in everything I was asking and it was a lot in my time..he was very aware of my time and I appreciated that...Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Fantastic reader!" ... written by onefineday1a1a
He's one of my favorite psychics... and he's really amazing about so many things! His insight is mind blowing! He's zeroed in situations I have been involved and his reading has greatly assisted me. I keep coming back to him and anyone who needs a reading, I highly recommend him!" ... written by amber3
Amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by laurrenn017
Real insightful and accurate reading." ... written by Milanc21
He was honest and said not what I wanted to hear but I guess what I needed to hear. Thank you!" ... written by Aphradize
You were awesome. He told exactly what was going on!" ... written by onefineday1a1a
Very helpful with seeing things clear" ... written by misscartoonz
Wonderfully honest thank u for that clarity!" ... written by higherthanlife
Great, great reading! Highly recommend!" ... written by tylerairforce
Loved him!!! spot on" ... written by julie45
Excellent as usual, he gives great advice" ... written by maryannepav
Abolutely amazing sweet understanding....love it" ... written by scorpio19761976
What a sweet and sincere man! I loved my reading!" ... written by afcsher
I want to thank WORDSOFWISDOM. Your reading was accurate. You were right about communication and apology. he called me and told me he will forgive me again. He expressed his love which i doubted for several months. He took the first step so that we could communicate and be a happy and loving couple again. I will still consult with if needed. Thanks." ... written by melvil
He is a quick reader, this help me alot. I will take all his advice and keep it, and do the right thing. He is the best!!! You should go for a pvt reading, you will not regret!" ... written by SandraBianca
Fantastic reading, spot on very sweet and caring i highly recommend." ... written by Lorann23
Very good reader - knows his stuff. Nice man." ... written by Nancycyd
He is great. 100% Accurate. Totally right on. I really liked my reading." ... written by blackwitch999
Thanks for the reading !!! Very nice and informative !!!" ... written by markeeny
What an awesom guy, so insightful!!! He just makes you feel better about your situation. Thanks so very much. He hit everything right on!!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Awesome! Best reading Ive had!" ... written by JudeJenn
One of the greatest on this site, he is kind and knows what he is talking about. I will always come back to Ron." ... written by terrilynn1
Great reading! Very friendly and quick due to the time constraint! " ... written by thelovelacey
Great reading. Answered all my questions. Great human being." ... written by avilesmar
One of the best i have used, impressive...... thanks" ... written by deborah
Spot on !!!. Very accurate and a great guy. Thank you !!" ... written by Jupiter01
Lovely and accurate reading. Reading was on my chakra system. Very nice and sweet person. Recommended. " ... written by iconnect
He has a very friendly and positive attitude. I enjoyed the reading - thanks :)" ... written by mhon27
First time to get a reading from Words of Wisdom. His name fits! He was spot on. Looking forward to the predictions that he saw for me. Will be returning. Thanks." ... written by debbie6565
He is very accurate - I really felt the connection, he read me as an open book. And he aslo gave me so much information about me without even asking me for anything. I do highly recommend him and will come back again! Thank you very much, WORDSofWISDOM! I really appreciate the reading. 5*****" ... written by hugs2020