About Whitelotus13

Psychic Whitelotus13has 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Whitelotus13has recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Whitelotus13's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I'm a natural born psychic. I do not use tools, can connect directly with your situation. Can give you clear detailed answers, timeframe. I do not waste your time, I like to make it simple for you to understand your situation. I can see your past, present, and future opportunities. If you looking for a real expert, welcome to a reading with me!

She has a Beautiful Soul ,she is wonderful to talk too and give lots of info on your situation.. Very detailed on the Do's and Don'ts of your situation.. Very Calm to talk to also ..Very Intuitive .Thanks again White Lotus 13..see you soon." ... written by sunshinec
She just right to the point and no time wasted, will come back again for sure. Thank you so mucH" ... written by Emily
Great Reading.... She was dead on!!! Will be contacting her again!" ... written by Emily
Very quick and very knowledgeable about all the questions I did ask of her. Thank you whitelotus13 I enjoyed my reading." ... written by Esther
Very helpful and very caring woman" ... written by Krista Elliott
Wonderful reading and advise, and I look forward to the follow up." ... written by Tom
Love it! She is awesome, awesome, awesome! " ... written by rosy
Great!!!" ... written by mahoney
OMG Whitelotus13 is just amazing. Her accuracy is mind blowing. Don't miss out on her introductory offer because she is just Awesome. Trust me you would not be disappointed. Many Blessings to you." ... written by Lucy117
Very nice lady" ... written by Brav0923
she rocks!" ... written by Endless Lov3
She is great, excellent reading, right on point, fast, ACCURATE and very caring. " ... written by Isis
Good reading" ... written by Christian
really lovely and kind and very helpful advice gave me clarity in what a needed to know x" ... written by momo
Wow." ... written by Kellie
Very nice it was fast and current I will fallow up..." ... written by lady
very impressive! with great insight and deep reading.lots of details, she's awesome! highly recommended!" ... written by RC
focused, professional, ethical, straight to the matter. Encouraging and even homework:)" ... written by jerdine
She was straight forward....:)" ... written by hope
good healer" ... written by sadhana
Great reading!!! Will come back to her in no time" ... written by OmelisaB
She was very insightful and informative about the situation. Very well connected. :)" ... written by mindy77
She is awesome, and doesn't sugar coat her readings, very direct with her predictions and situations :) Thank you " ... written by leo1080
fast connected. Will see her predictions. Thanks" ... written by pigletme123
Great reading, she is very good! Very good advice as well!" ... written by Aryastark
She gave me a powerful reading, and is so kind hearted. I would definitely love to have another one!" ... written by Falina
going to have to check out the reading" ... written by yolanda
i just love her...she is very accurate! be back again for another session!" ... written by RC
Thank you dear Lotus for deep insight and guidance. I know how much you help me and my future partner with your guidance and healings. So much more than just read for me. You're doing a great job and is appreciated greatly by both of us. xxx" ... written by colin
good reading" ... written by PIGLETME
She was right about everything about how i am and my future. thank you so much for helping me." ... written by Maria
No tools and to the point." ... written by Zeigen
good" ... written by sadhana
Very good reading, hitting things right on the head." ... written by Rick
Wonderful" ... written by JP
thank you so much from an amazing spot on demo to a really good reading . it was helpful and give me a lot of clarity . such a lovely pretty lady . " ... written by angel mo
Direct and fast" ... written by cocolh1982
good healing" ... written by sadhana
Very kind, picked up on past events, and helped with direction. " ... written by Jeff
very patient and so kind. really gave me clarity of the situation because I've been doubting things. Thank you for being so lovely." ... written by jessica
she was very sweet." ... written by leblanc
I enjoy talking with Whitelotus13 She has helped very much! Thank you" ... written by holcomb1998
she very honest" ... written by milly
Nice reading" ... written by m4luk4
She's a funny one, this Lotus. Her approach and way of delivering insight is very unassuming and humble, and while she can seem very 'im just sitting here with my cards', she is so gifted! Completely spot on in all aspects!!! Thank you!!! " ... written by Moon
She is consistent with what I have heard from others. She is accurate and quick" ... written by missannie
Really great! Very accurate and on point with everything. Very kind and gave great insight! Connects fast and tells what she sees. Awesome!" ... written by Christina
Very good reading. She was able to connect with my situation and give me the answers I needed move forward with confidence. I will certainly consult with her again:-)" ... written by dsdeb04
She was very spot on!" ... written by aSHLEY
Great reading!" ... written by Angel
Great reading! She exactly identified the issues goin on in my situation and gave good advice how to proceed. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Quick and kind. Great reader. " ... written by Ahz
Connected quickly. Confirmed what others have mentioned for my questions. Will be back for updates! " ... written by Tiffany
wonderful" ... written by liz
good healer" ... written by sadhana
Very sweet and accurate" ... written by April
i asked a hard question ,and to tell the truth ,i thought she gave a wise answer ,thanks " ... written by Kerry
good healing" ... written by sadhana
You are a nice person and I would give you 8 stars. I would come back to talk to you again. I loved our reading and I want to say thank you." ... written by Patricia carter
very good honest" ... written by jock
good healer" ... written by sadhana
good reading and information" ... written by Rhadhannia
Very, very good" ... written by Maria Pritchard
I really enjoyed her insight. I went in private with her for the first time just to ask a couple of questions but she was really insightful. Thank you White Lotus. I appreciate it. " ... written by Jazmine
Thanks Lotus great reading recommend to take her private shes very good" ... written by ikroyalaq
ok thanks" ... written by fragrant
nice person, accurate, fast, patience" ... written by majo
amazing ty " ... written by madmomo
An alternative reading to make the best choices. I would recommend her for readings " ... written by turkasian
Thank you Lotus for your insight." ... written by Jazmine
very calm person to talk to. honest and to the point. Picked up on and verified something that everyone was thinking! nothing but 5 stars!~" ... written by Robin
Very sweet lady... Thank you... I feel like she was connected with me... And she made me smile... Thank you" ... written by tooie
she was nice..good healer andamp; reader:)" ... written by aqua
Excellent reader... very fast to connect and answer question. very helpful. thank you so much" ... written by Melissa
such a sweet reader, very gentle. would definitely recommend!" ... written by andrea
very good reading wish that I had more time " ... written by John Deane
Pleasant reading thank you" ... written by G
Wise words. Spot on about everything!" ... written by RaphaelG
Very nice young Lady - common sense and has a good heart." ... written by ReshmiMM
good" ... written by loverboy
Great chat was actually a rare thing. She actually hit the nail on the head with what she was saying. It was scary how good that reading was! Might of been a fluke but best reading yet!" ... written by Dean
Wow! My first reading with her was very informative. Nicely done. I recommend her totally. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Awesome reader will be back for another reading." ... written by mfurney
She is very very good. One of the top here. her style of reading is soft, sensible and sensitive, besides accurate and detailed!" ... written by MW
Very comforting. Spot on with several points, and overall a very sweet person." ... written by Jacey
Great! Very in tune in a short time with amazing background. Most comforting, and realistic, not sugar coated but very worthwhile and even positive when possible :)" ... written by Mary
White is amazing, really gentle and spot on! Only needed names and was able to see whats happening.. Really liked her energy..very pleasant reader1 Recommended xxxx" ... written by Tereza
very good psychic and right on with everything" ... written by adrian espinoza
Great reading." ... written by androsea
very accurate" ... written by marienne
She was great" ... written by Andy
good reading " ... written by PIGLETME
Whitelotus was very good and accurate at my situation. Very good reading. I'll be back. 5 stars. :)" ... written by Lea
Once again, very caring. Very in tune with the situation I'm in, and very kind with the guidance and advice. One of the best here, if not THE best here." ... written by Jacey
she is really good fast to the point I recommend her " ... written by rodri3277
Really good!" ... written by s
she was very helpful :) great reading totally enjoyed it" ... written by Natasha
explained very well.... thankyou " ... written by jojoed
brilliant " ... written by jojoed
very informative with a calm soothing voice. " ... written by Robin
Had update with Lotus she is great!" ... written by marionlyttle
She connected immediately. picked up on the games the other person has been playing against me the whole time. my heart has to heal. no sugar coating. I need to let go. When I let go someone will come into my life that I deserve and happiness. thank you and I will come back. 5 star." ... written by montana
thank you for the reading very understandable. and honest" ... written by deeana
Thank you for honesty." ... written by nadyakb
very good " ... written by Olivia
She was honest and accurate - it was not what I wanted to hear it was very bad news, but she is very gifted and very kind, and very accurate. I have never been given such bad news in such a kind way. She is a real gem for Oranum " ... written by coyote
very good reading. Very straight forward, and honest. " ... written by slinky222
Spot on, that was great :)" ... written by Jessie
Very nice and understanding." ... written by Sha
love the update...catch her now!" ... written by rosy
very pleased by her information" ... written by Samantha
Very honest straight forward and spot on" ... written by mfurney
Once again, very kind. Very informative and one of the best you could ask for insight and guidance." ... written by Jacey
Very good reading, fast answers with good details. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks again for the lovely reading great wisdom and insight into my situation" ... written by ikroyala
Very kind!!! very comforting i will only know in a few months but i have the feeling she is right!!!! Thank you :-)" ... written by meshi levy
Whitelotus13 is a connection that should be honored. Her insight and words give truth to situations and she is right on. She is the real Deal !" ... written by Thomas Thunderhoof
Great reading!!! Thanks again so much!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I just had an update with Whitelotus still she is on the same track with her predictions as before. She is Super Amazing." ... written by Lucy117
Very good reading. Thank you for your guidance and support" ... written by itwillbeok
Very insightful. Learned a lot about what we discussed and gave me a new lead to help the one I love." ... written by Rebel_91
Soft, steady, but perfect and so sure of the answer. Very specific and doesn't prolong for nothing. Excellent. Good Luck and God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Spot on!! Read my situation exactly and gave lots of details on why things are as they are. Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
my 2nd time reading with whitelotus! her prediction before has came to passed. she is very gifted and connects fast with people's energy! she is truly a psychic.be back again for another reading." ... written by RC
i was suprised how accurate this woman was. very good." ... written by lotus
Good reading accurate and clear" ... written by ikroyalak
very honest and kind" ... written by Rabe79
so nice, like her patients and calm, and her honesty" ... written by mette
good healer" ... written by sadhana
I think she hit it right on the head. it seems she described everything that Susan had said to me that I didn't want to believe fully. Even with the chance for something in the future it sounds as though it may be sketchy. Ill bide my time and take it day by day." ... written by Steve Holden
She did great! Very generous with her time and ability to dig deep! I needed her guidance and gentle approach!" ... written by Nilly
amazing" ... written by mike
very kind person and good reading " ... written by val
Everything she said was made perfect sense. I'll defiantly be talking to her again." ... written by Kim
She is very accurate! Super calmed and gives u good advice." ... written by shea
Thank you Lotus, always a pleasure reading with you, your insight is very helpful and accurate i will for sure keep you updated and be back :)" ... written by Libra26
Whitelotus...sweet and very calming. She tells the absolute truth in a very soft and gentle way. Very informative and offers great advice. " ... written by Robbin
very accurate, and quick... very good read, shall see what happend.." ... written by n
Thanks very much for the help time to move on to better things." ... written by mfurney
Will take your advice. Thank you so much. " ... written by gemini0604
she's very friendly and softspoken and was able to answer my question honestly and gave me good advice which i appreciate" ... written by m
Thank you! Very in depth and accurate....I appreciate her kindness and help. " ... written by Sylvia Zuk
She is fast, she is spot-on, she is direct. What more can u ask for? I loved her reading. Thanks, White Lotus!" ... written by liliana
Very good and nice reader" ... written by Krista Elliott
hi there! you are spot on! thank you!" ... written by ash
very effective healing" ... written by sadhana
She is very good. She gave an accurate and compassionate reading. Her advice is both wise and understanding. Thank you Whitelotus!" ... written by patvanvalen
She answered my question quickly, thanks." ... written by C
trying to take it in" ... written by jessica
lots of information, friendly, accurate. thank you" ... written by cath
she was pretty good, did pick up on situation " ... written by bm
She was spot on about the personalities and my current situation which brought me much clarity. The only thing that fell short for me was I was hoping for a prediction from her about the future, and she left it at free will and ability to change.. which I guess is understandable as the future is not set in stone. Overall great reader and I wouldn't mind having another reading with her :)" ... written by Mimi
thanks!" ... written by ash
thank you for the readinf" ... written by joey198402
Thank you for your help and support, in a short time you were able to give answers to my questions." ... written by Curtis
easy to to talk to, very insightful advice, will definitely be back" ... written by mike
thank you" ... written by J
a good reading very satisfied" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you very much. You connected very fast and correctly spot on details of my situation. I am gonna take your advices and look forward what will happen!" ... written by Alicja
thanks!" ... written by ash
thanks so much for clear answers" ... written by rena
GREAT! SO caring and so kind. She tapped into what I was feeling and was spot on with my husbands personality. Thank you so much!! " ... written by goddessmom6
Great reading!" ... written by hatha_man
Very insightful. Helped me say goodbye to a friend who was like a brother, and gave me more info on my girlfriend's condition. Kind, caring and patient." ... written by Rebel
wonderful!!" ... written by maria
She is very fast and quick and accurate too." ... written by Mayuri Saraf
a beautioful easy connection" ... written by qp
Enjoyed the mantra details in meditation andamp; great reading... Thank you :)" ... written by Rutinha133
down to earth, good advice.." ... written by dheeren
As always Whitelotus and a good and care reader who gives instructions on how to heal yourself so you can obtain your goals." ... written by Krista Elliott
Awesome reading. clear and spot on. " ... written by Renee
As usual, she is 100% accurate. I never doubt what she is saying. So far, what she's told me has come true." ... written by SAM603
Very clear, very quick and described my situation very well. She gave me clarity, and some solutions. Very grounded and helpful. Thank u x" ... written by Sam
Very calm and focused reading. Excellent connection and such a beautiful personality to work with. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Jen
Wonderful! She definitely helped me! Very soft spoken and helped me with my situation! I will definitely be back! " ... written by SmileyT
im so happy she is accurate and gave me great news" ... written by gloria
wow she nailed all the things going on wow" ... written by loverboy
Whitelotus13 is completely awesome. She is very direct and honest. There is no sugar coating here. She is also very detailed. Thanks again, Whitelotus13!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
i liked her she was soft geniune and understanding but honest about it all and right on..... i will use her again again" ... written by terri
Nice reading!" ... written by clear
you were awesome! i can't believe you are so dead on and knew my gut feeling. now i am clear of what i need to do and what and who i knew harmed me thank you so much!" ... written by mag
i love your energy. had to update you because of how good you are. i'll update you on my progress of being healed and moving on. thank you so much for your love and light god bless" ... written by mag
She was good and insightful. I would come back for another reading" ... written by FancyAParis
White lotus was great! She explained things very well and gave insight on the things i need to do. Great reading." ... written by Tim
Able to find my blocks and willing to guide me to unblocking this "blocks"." ... written by littleby1
thank u" ... written by lina
Whitelotus is amazing!! Have had a couple readings with her to follow up and each time has been so helpful. She's very clear, detailed and tells you what you need to know to really achieve what you are trying to improve on. Uses a mix of guides and cards, which I appreciate. She's very sincere and genuine. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by YH
She is so gifted and accurate. every single thing she said was true and accurate. Will definitley come back" ... written by Sam603
very honest an true" ... written by tim
No one has understood my situation more clearly or made more sense of it. I have decided I will not see anyone else about these matters because she provided so much clarity. She was so accurate and said things that I did not even tell her. Excellent and true and humble. " ... written by Sam603
Great insightfull reading, ty so much !" ... written by Lynda22
had low creds but she read anyway thanks" ... written by f
Nice person, nice reading! Thank you!" ... written by Mariela
thanks..wonderful update!" ... written by rosy
She was very accurate" ... written by she was very pleasant
nice reading. thank you!" ... written by green
great reading" ... written by mike
She was very honest and accurate. She spoke on what she knew and didn't lead me on. She is very descriptive and can give dates. I was very impressed and it takes a lot to impress me." ... written by TT
Very sweet" ... written by ladyne01
very healing .. very lovely" ... written by donna
good reading and only time will tell." ... written by vfowles1304
Great reading , healing insights, freindly and warm perosn." ... written by Michael
So amazing wow...she is really good!" ... written by ROQUELLE MARTINEZ
good healing session" ... written by PinkBeatle10
she got into my situation right away and give me very good advice. She also gave her readings with the specific time frame as well. Highly recommend her. I will come back to her if i need another reading or advice." ... written by rose
I feel she is quick ... Straight to the point . Picks up on situations quickly .... She is highly recommended from me .. Thank U very much " ... written by Nessa
Great reading 100% accurate as always." ... written by SAM603
thanks, she uses no tools and taps in well" ... written by f
empathic and understanding with the best way of getting a way through the blocks in the way." ... written by River
Thank you so much, lovely reading" ... written by
This is my second reading with whitelotus13.. She is wholeheartedly amazing!! Very caring, and always VERY helpful with advice. I always find myself nodding my head when she speaks cause she just makes so much sense lol. I like how she explained her visions, it kinda gave me an image of what she's seeing. There is always so much clarity when with her. You can really feel her honesty and integrity. I think the both of us just connect so well, I will only go to her for readings lol. Also I noticed a positive and happy transformation of myself ever since my first reading with her. so there's that! Thanks whitelotus13, you are a gem :D" ... written by Alecheme
Very insightful, great to talk to, and very nice. I love how she went in depth and wanted to heal and talk more about the topic. " ... written by Roseanna
she was very helpful and amazing that was the great reading ever" ... written by sabrina demarais
I enjoyed talking to her and looking to seeing her predictions come true." ... written by Vfowles1304
I think I really just needed this. I was feeling so restless all day and I have been contemplating having a reading with her, she was so right on, I was amazed, she was so quick. I have had my fair share of readings on this site, but she is definitly one of the best. I highly recommend her. She also has such a calm and soothing energy about her. WOW 5 starts!!! Thank you so much " ... written by mainstreem20
She has always always always been spot on... amazing reader" ... written by amarielove
WhiteLotus is perhaps one of the best readers on Oranum. I cannot get over the level of accuracy and also empathy she has for people. This is not just some job for her. She is truly gifted and intuitive. She told me something would happen this month, and it happened just as she said it would. I trust everything she says. You cannot go wrong with her." ... written by Sam603
nice" ... written by luv
My go-to person for accurate readings and advice. she's the best, hands down. You wont regret a reading with her. Everything she says comes true. VERY, very intuitive." ... written by Sam603
Very short and sweet, straight to the point. She was clear in her answers." ... written by Lyly_ia
She was right on to everything and I didnt say a thing abt what I went through and she told me exactly what happened. very good and very honest like that. I am glad and it confirms what I need to do." ... written by karen
connects well" ... written by flow
she answered my questions i was satisfied" ... written by brianna
A good read. I wish i had more credits to continue! I will be back. Thank you.Im hoping the time frame you gave will be true. And we will get back together." ... written by Neil
very good reading. was able to see into the heart of the situation with hardly any information. look forward to seeing if the predictions come true...:)" ... written by leodragon2014
she is really very good" ... written by effy
she is amazing...she was right on the spot about a lot of things in my life....she lifted my energy during the reading and explained the steps along my path...she is so loving and kind ...5 stars...highly recommend her..." ... written by linda pryharski
very good detailed accurate reading" ... written by starfish
she was sincere and helpful in my situation" ... written by tracy
She is so incredibly gifted, I cannot say enough good things. She connects so quickly andamp; truly helps bring clarity. Great soul, much gratitude Whitelotus. :)" ... written by Kosmo
the truth will be brought to you from her" ... written by andrew kemna
wow. she is incredible. she's spot on the money" ... written by spankydeedee
Very helpful and gives good insight/direction." ... written by JB
I felt that she connected deep with what currently happened in my life and that her readings were very sincere." ... written by Michelle Perry
Absolutely Awesome" ... written by Natalie
Awesome!" ... written by ROQUELLE MARTINEZ
i love whitelotus. I really LOVE her! I just finished my third reading with her- SHE ALWAYS MAKES SENSE. I'm always able to walk away with a sense of clarity and fulfillment! " ... written by alecheme
She was fast and amazing! Thx for the amazing insights!" ... written by J
Had a great time consulting this Psychic. I was reminded of what I should be doing with my spiritual work. I was encouraged to go forth and continue with my self development. She gave me some very helpful advice to bring about the change I desired, what my spirit desires deep down. I believe anyone can reach out to this Psychic and obtain the information they need. I will continue to stay in contact with Whitelotus13." ... written by Motivator
the most wonderful reading...phenomenal...she is so kind and genuinely nice...she has many divine gifts which she incorporates into her readings...and offers suggestions for self help...thank you so much over and over..." ... written by linda pryharski
She gives very accurate readings. Will be back to see her for sure" ... written by 8888
She was kind and calm and seemed very honest. She tuned in to the situation very well and gave details that were in line with what has been happening. " ... written by allbright
I really enjoyed the reading. She was very precise and right to the point with my issue. I will definitely come back to give her an update! " ... written by mystique810
Great reading, She picked up on many things that she could see and told me a good time frame and she has been very good with the time frames and about all things that have come to pass. Great reading once again!! Thanks so much!!" ... written by Rick
What a great reading. Already first prediction came true. But so much more valuable than just prediction. I highly recommend! " ... written by ny
she is amazing...and so gentle and loving with her messages and suggestions...very positive and supportive...thank you so much..." ... written by linda pryharski
good reading" ... written by francis
thanks" ... written by moni
thankyou for my reading spot on 5 stars I will be back " ... written by t
thanks a lot, first time here, but everything on point, very good reading." ... written by jazzychic
She was very helpful. Always an insightful reader and I enjoy speaking with her." ... written by patvanvalen
Very good reader, but unfortunately ran out of time. Thank you :-)" ... written by cimba1
Very good! " ... written by Sheerav
Nice to work with. Comfortable and easy going." ... written by Jasmine
Thank you so much, she is awesome described the person really well. Spot on about the personality no one knows this so very spot on gave time frame on contact. so I will update for accuracy. But overall I give her 5 stars :)) " ... written by moni
really good connection and she picked up fast and accurate, very good advisor" ... written by strafish
very straight forward. answered my questions and clarified some stuff. Thank you." ... written by flovech82
good an accurate gave good advice..worth the call or chat very seet and to the point" ... written by sadi
Very good conversation and she picked up on my issue and feelings immediately. She was extremely accurate. Thank you for your advice." ... written by Nicole
very good reader, very quick to answer my questions, no tools needed when doing the reading" ... written by sunrisegold
very accurate, nice person, understands, no tools needed" ... written by sunrisegold
A very helpful reading. She read into my situation well and gave me timeframe. Very kind feeling from her also. I will wait to see on predictions but I do feel better. thank you " ... written by jaxisabella
very quick answering my questions, her readings I feel are very accurate, even though they haven't happened yet, hoping her predictions will come true for me" ... written by sunrise gold
What an amazing reading with whitelotus! Not only tuned in to my situation and my feelings but provided me with such clarity about what I am doing, and what makes me get stuck in these situations! Wow, I have a lot of thinking to do. I am so grateful. She really has a way of explaining things that made me understand. Things I thought I already understood, but show me in a different way. Very helpful. Highly recommend this lovely woman! " ... written by jaxisabella
shes the best.. really.. i love her so much! always kind and honest. sincere. :)" ... written by alechem
She is really wonderful. She reads me very well and is really helping me deal with my situation. Thank you!!" ... written by jaxisabella
Whitelotus13 is a very nice young lady. Very gifted psychic and advisor. Thank you 5 star" ... written by barbara
THe best! I love her! THank you!!!" ... written by bella
She is Amazing! wow her advice was wonderful!" ... written by Jules
was always a nice and beautiful guide" ... written by dheeren
LOVED my reading." ... written by D L
Whitelotus is a wonderful reader and person. Her predictions have come true and she is really a spiritual teacher for me. Thank you! " ... written by jackie
She is very nice and honest" ... written by sangeeta datta
very insighful and spot on , on the issue! thank you for your advise." ... written by chantelleplein
good! spotless!" ... written by Ryzette
She is amazing and was very clear on the situation I had at hand and described the person to a T I would highly recommend her!! Shes sweet and nice. Coming back for sure on results !" ... written by Silentlurker3
OMG what an amazing reading! I don't even have the words to explain. This is a really special person. Thank you!" ... written by jaxisabella
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Many thanks lotus! You are always very helpful and insightful. xoxoxo" ... written by sapphire_orchid
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
Whitelotus13 seemed to be very in touch with me and I could relate to everything she said. Thank you for your time hun." ... written by Tiffany
I am feeling comfortable with my views and know how to just kick it;) aka she is good!" ... written by River
LOVE HER! always clear!!! i really needed her advice and she gave me the perfect advice. as always :)" ... written by alecheme
As usual she is right on. She is very kind and gentle and explains well. she doesnt make stuff up. She is very good." ... written by karen
great!" ... written by j
Wonderful wonderful wonderful! This is a special person who can really help, and sees the possible paths for people, so you can better choose your actions. REally great!" ... written by bella
thank you! " ... written by Alicja
shes my fave :D thats all i have to say" ... written by ale
White lotus is wonderful. A great reader and healer. It might take me a while of listening but eventually I start to get it and feel some relief. Many many thanks." ... written by bella
she is amazing...she is so blessed with her divine gifts and so caring and gentle...very helpful and understanding of life situations...she connects quickly, usually before we even go to private ...love you and thankful for your messages" ... written by linda pryharski
Very helpful person she knows the pain im going threw to find another job." ... written by Stacy R
very detailed and accurate picture and reading" ... written by starfish
The best! I am always learning and growing into deeper understanding of myself and others, and what I need to learn. Thank you!" ... written by J
weeeee i love whitelotus " ... written by ale
Very good, reading is very clear" ... written by Aarongard
Very good reading, thoughtful and patient. " ... written by Jami
Very honest and accurate. Best psychic i've seen on this site." ... written by Eddy
I love her! She is the best!!!" ... written by J
i go to her so much hahahaha she's just so good thats why. thank you always whitelotus for your kindness and great advice :) " ... written by ale
so quick to connect. thank you so much for the insight" ... written by leodragon2014
thank you so much for the clarity. I really appreciate it. " ... written by leodragon2014
Whitelotus was really good. She gave me the answers I needed and calm me down a lot!" ... written by babydes
White Lotus is the best! Not only real psychic ability but also teaches you spiritually and helps you to grow and develop. She sees me so clearly and also the people around me. And a very kind and sweet person on top of it. I am grateful I found her!" ... written by bella
gaaaaaaaaaaah thank you white lotus so much!!!!!! " ... written by ale
Amazing as always. " ... written by bella
she is so good! right on the money!" ... written by chaitprice
Thank you so much i learned alot about myself. I appreciate it, God bless!" ... written by Adel
she was excellent,spot on..=D " ... written by caroline
Very informative helped me realize why Im feeling the way I do. I really enjoyed her truth and her knowledge on what was happening to me. Excellent Reader! " ... written by Geri
she was excellent and very accurate. i will definitely be back to see her." ... written by wren1414
lovely girl, lovely reading, detailed fast accurate picks up so well." ... written by starfish
The best reader I ever met! Accurate, kind, gentle, wise, truthful. I am truly amazed every reading." ... written by bella
she is very nice, a medium andamp; no tools psychic...doesnt waste any time connecting. great reading!!" ... written by Ameer
thanks whitelotus! :)" ... written by ale
very good reader, does not need tools, accurate, will use again in the future " ... written by sunrisegold
very connected to the person in question" ... written by Andrea
clear precise and no frills, good reader, lovely girl" ... written by sultry
great update ,, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Beautiful reading. I feel really connected. I wish I had more minutes." ... written by Enchanted3
She was great. I highly recommended her to everyone. She was straight to the point, very comforting. I love her!! " ... written by Ali
Thank you so much! I will keep on trying and remember what you said. And thank you for the healing :) xoxo" ... written by bella
she is pretty good. direct and to the point" ... written by anon
she is just wonderful I did not have to say much just knew what I was feeling and what the peron I was talking abiout was feeling. wlll keep her posted" ... written by sandi
White lotus is the best best best! I highly recommend her." ... written by me
:) :) makes me feel better with the truthhh and advice" ... written by ale
white lotus is the best!! she predicted a job for me and I got it. she read into my situation with another person and has been coaching me through it and we have reached the first goal after a lot of work and her healings. Definitely worth every penny and more." ... written by bella
accurate detailed reading, very fast too, doesn't hang about, recommended anytime" ... written by starfish
What a very good reading. Spot on!" ... written by Sticky toffee
good, clear, thanks" ... written by dodo
very detailed reader and fast too, well worth a reading" ... written by starfish
thnk you great reading...very on point" ... written by heather
She is amazing as always - wonderful reading!!!!! Love her!! Thank you so much WhiteLotus! :)" ... written by Kelly
Good reading I will recommend?" ... written by Butterflower
Her readings are accurate. I went back to her for another reading right away to learn more. I am so lucky to have her as one of my contacts." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
very spot on, gave some great advice on how to handle the situation. Highly rated and accurate!!!" ... written by Rick
Whitelotus is the best reader and spiritual teacher here. She is unlike any other reader I have encountered. She can read not only my feelings, but the feelings of those around me, and she is right! She can see the possible paths for the future and help you make good decisions to achieve what you want. She tells you the truth and she is very gentle. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with a reading from her!! If I could give a hundred stars I would!" ... written by bella
Good reading, ran out of funds. Will call again" ... written by B
she's amazing!" ... written by chaitprice
great reading only asked for names and amazed how information was so spot on. impressed" ... written by .....
She is honest and real. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Very concise and such" ... written by Mary
She is Amazing!" ... written by Geri
wonderful" ... written by maria
thank you for the insightful reading. :)" ... written by leodragon2014
Amazing, so Accurate and Sincere, A really Great Connection...Always enjoy my reading! " ... written by Geri
very gifted and clear, concise, accurate reader worthy of a visit" ... written by seahorses
best news i've had in a long time and very grateful that i got a chance to talk" ... written by marguerite awad
detailed look and advice given. very fast, good reader, return often" ... written by sultry
getting a fresh start with life and guidance" ... written by rita
White Lotus 13 what a refreshing encounter. Such clarity and quick to tune into my issues. I will come back for more updates..." ... written by Kathy
Whitelotus is so great! I feel much calmer and her readings are always right on the mark. thank you thank you!!!" ... written by bella
very connected thank you!" ... written by Danielle
the best! " ... written by bella
the best best best ever! thank you so much!!!!!!! xoxoxox" ... written by bella
she is so insightful and calming." ... written by chaitprice
wonderful" ... written by chaitprice
Thank you for giving my boyfriend a meditation to help him. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
She is really very good....I enjoy checking in when Im not sure whats going on....very good." ... written by Geri
Good psychic" ... written by Madison
Every now and then I have an update with Whitelotus13 and she is always spot-on in pvt" ... written by f
very accurate reading, really in touch with situation very fast. A delightful friendship, that you can rely on. Never wastes your time. A welcome and trusted helper" ... written by seahorses
Very impressed with response would definitely Like to ask more later" ... written by michael
Great Reading As Usual...good connection....thanks..." ... written by Geri
Very detailed reader and fast too, no ploys or delays, just fast reading and delivery" ... written by starfish
She is so connected, and the healing that she does is an amazing thing.... She is a very talented Advisor and Reader!" ... written by Geri
White lotus is so great! She always gets down to the heart of things. Even when it's something in myself and not truly about the other person, her way of honing in on the real truth dispels a lot of fear and is very relieving. Enlightening as always. THAnk you thank you thank you!!! xoxoxo" ... written by bella
Great person, she was so insightful, and helped me deal with a very difficult love issue." ... written by wolf
she is wonderful, helpful and insightful" ... written by chaitprice
very good reader, strong, accurate, and right on the point. " ... written by Rose$amir
So Amazing, she is really spot on..." ... written by Geri
:) :)" ... written by ale
I had a lovely reading with Whitelotus13 , she is very clear and also caring. " ... written by victoria111
very accurate reader and consistant, always a pleasure, please give lotus a try" ... written by sultry
give accuracy reading, really recommend this psychic" ... written by va
She is always Amazing! " ... written by Geri
she was good, I enjoyed her reading. strong energy.." ... written by leblanc
lovely sense of personality and connection" ... written by sultry
very kind and helped me get my answer!" ... written by tor
she's fabulous.see everything. love her" ... written by chai
very good, always...always really on target..." ... written by Geri
Very good. I enjoyed talking to her!" ... written by sameastoday
She is always Amazing..Always...Always get the clearest Picture. You will most definitely be amazed~" ... written by Geri
She is really really good...." ... written by Geri
she was great at pointing me in the right direction. " ... written by wolf
Another great reading. Really recommend her, she has a way of delivering her message. :-)" ... written by Vijay
She is spot on accurate and amazing! " ... written by Geri
My first reading with this lady, she was recommended to me by a dear friend and I was not disappointed. Very kind and sincere, calming, gentle energy. She was accurate and answered all my questions. Would recommend a reading with her. Thank you Whitelotus :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She is really on point with everything! " ... written by Geri
very very focused and really tapped in. very good reading" ... written by anna
I come in once in a while for an update in pvt because she picks up accurately" ... written by fragy
I 've done many readings on Oranum, but as accurate as this one i never had one before! Thank yo so much! great medium and intuition in things, very clear. I am awed and stunned" ... written by Liliya
Very sweet, and remembered me, and my love.... and situation. helped me to get some more clarity very accurate" ... written by wolf
Great insight, delivered in a loving and caring way. I highly recommend a reading, you will be amazed." ... written by Vijay
My eyes are open and the session really put my cards on the table. I was feeling that the counseling would go places that I had to really reflect on and I recommend Whitelotus13 to anyone that have questions about love. 5 stars" ... written by S_DaArtist
Love her...amazing...she is spot on all the time...just amazing information, lays out the whole picture so you can see it clearly." ... written by geri
she's great!" ... written by tracy
Great and fast!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Thanks Lotus for explaining things to me I always come away from a reading with Lotus with much clarity thankyou xxx" ... written by t
She was awesome gave me a follow-up reading from one previously telling me things were moving much better for me now and I was on track, WOW she saw that.. and wanted to tell me things would happen like I want soon... YAY!" ... written by wolf
Her insight is amazing...spot on accuracy....sees the whole picture!" ... written by Geri
Pleasant person insightful , I feel a bit better knowing the likely outcome of my situation. " ... written by Hannah
Very smart lady , I return, very lovely reader, I like a lot." ... written by mizzo mizzo
clarity in the situation always...she is really very good" ... written by Geri
she's so comforting." ... written by martin
thanks, so very accurate and on point with feelings and information!" ... written by Geri
She has been the only one who has been able to tell me where my fetish came from and the connection with my past life. She is so honest and real. I am so lucky to have her as one of my contacts. Thank you for the Great reading." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Compassionate soul very understanding. Thank you." ... written by Hannah
Wow, accurate and fast. She reads the situation very well and connects quickly. Doesn't waste credits and has a lovely energy. Thank you :)" ... written by Lisa
I had an update that was exactly what I needed to hear. I am looking forward to the rest of the week. Thank you so much." ... written by Vijay
awesome" ... written by good
As always, so much love and caring. An amazing reader, most recommended to everyone." ... written by Vijay
OMG she's amazing! Exactly knew what was going on!!! Only asked one real question and she knew! DEEP connection! Awesme!" ... written by Ang
very good" ... written by mimi
she is lovely. Very zen and helpful. " ... written by chai
`very very awesome" ... written by wolf
First time getting a reading with her. She seems most accurate and she could see my relationship pretty clearly." ... written by Eli
keeps me grounded and on track with her absolute knowledge of the situation and events coming up" ... written by geri
Amazing, go to person with questions, concerns...always has the answers, even if you don't want to hear them, she has the answers! Must give her a try t see why Im always back ..." ... written by Geri
Nice reading and looking forward to the future as it unfolds." ... written by mizzo
Very accurate and extremely empathetic, Whitlotus has helped me a lot with a couple of situations I am very grateful for wisdom and insight " ... written by SpiroLover
Amazing as always..." ... written by geri
great reader" ... written by Cristina
She is FANTASTIC...doesn't need much info...and she is spot on with whatever she said...she actually can read into feelings andamp; she definitely read mine ...thanks again for your advice : )" ... written by Melissa
She is a breath of fresh air and she knows exactly what the other person is thinking...and she knows the direction the story is taking...wonderful reader! " ... written by Geri
One of the best on here, a great lady to chat to and she will look deep into others for you" ... written by L
Extremely Accurate and Helpful! Gets all the facts right! Love talking to her, I find out a lot of information!" ... written by Geri
very compassionate and insightful xxx" ... written by ami
Lovely lady. Genuine and warm. Tells you things as she sees them. If you want honesty then give her a try :)" ... written by Tired
SO AMAZING - AND FUN TOO!!" ... written by WOLF
Another great reading with great advice to follow. You must stop by." ... written by Vijay
good reading with predictions. calm reader, quite reassuring" ... written by G
Very nice and leading me in the right direction" ... written by Wolf
so lovely and kind. She is very very good. highly recommend a reading with her. " ... written by anna
She is such a kind and caring person! I love her energy! She gave such wonderful advice. " ... written by Sally
good advisor" ... written by Repeleffect
she seems very connected and accurate. thanku!!!" ... written by myst
fabulous!! " ... written by Lou
Nice persecutive, very kind." ... written by Placita
Always so good and on point!" ... written by Geri
great reading with lots of info and advice. will keep you updated." ... written by G
Really well done!" ... written by Camille
she is one of best psychics here in site. connects in second and is so very accurate its beyond belief. i highly recommend her. 5 of 5" ... written by damian, vomitlover
Lovely lady with great insight. Genuine and good energies and lifts you :) Thanks again" ... written by Lis
Amazing. very quick and to the point. She helped me gain clarity on my situation :) and now I know how to better handle it. " ... written by Sabi
she is a True Angel" ... written by ❤Boy
She is Fanstatic" ... written by ❤Boy
she is so lovely and calm she helps me work through all issues." ... written by lovely
She's very nice! Easy to talk to. Let's see how things goes. Thank you :)" ... written by Irina
Thank you...you sound like you knew him lol" ... written by Doreen Tortora
very fast to connect, whitelotus has a very calming way about her good advice, will be back" ... written by pauly61
She has connected to me " ... written by purple
great as always!!!!!!! love her." ... written by ami b
interesting, not enough time" ... written by garBoggs174
She is a spot on Accurate Reader my go to person when I need some clarity." ... written by Geri
great woman to woman advice. so in tune!" ... written by ami
It was as though she was reading my mind..." ... written by Onslow
Whitelotus13 is one of my favorite psychics here at Oranum. She is so honest and real. Her readings are life changing. She has made a difference in my life. Thank you!" ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Very nice connection and excellent reading." ... written by rdftd
Great reading, energies and advice. Thank you :)" ... written by Lisa
She was great she really knew how I worked inside and how confused I was and I think she is the real deal !! She really helped me." ... written by Lorraine
excillent reading " ... written by rose meng
brilliant " ... written by rose meng
She understood how I feel right now and gave me the right advice." ... written by b
thank you :)" ... written by judith
great reading " ... written by rose meng
Thank you so much! I really missed you. It was wonderful to talk and get a reading. see you soon xoxo " ... written by Me
Great! Good advice and winning smile :)" ... written by Lisa
wonderful! Connected immediately, and described situation perfectly without telling her anything. I would highly recommend her!" ... written by phyl
Great reader and good energies...Thank you :)" ... written by Lisa
Honest, caring and open. Great reading...thanks :)" ... written by Lis
good!" ... written by lou
Good advice!" ... written by Julisa
She is really very deep and very good....." ... written by GERI
She will give you an honest reading every time. I always learn so much from her. She is one of my favorite psychics here at Oranum." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Wonderful reader/wonderful reading! Thanks :)" ... written by Lisa
Excellent...highly intuitive andamp; gives sound advice" ... written by Melissa
Very vaalm, clear, and concise.! Will be back for another reading" ... written by Kelle
She's expressive with her words and comfortable talking to." ... written by Julie
Thankyou for my update xxxx" ... written by T
picked on on it right off !! can't wait to see how it turns out " ... written by summer
Very good reader, thanks :) Will be back." ... written by .
Wonderful. Thanks" ... written by Lisa
love her :)" ... written by Lisa
very accurate ,good advice" ... written by liza
Great and caring energies" ... written by Lisa
Very, very good reader. She is so accurate and tuned in. Gave me great guidance on my situation and insight into my situation that will help me make positive decisions." ... written by Jen
very nice and helpful" ... written by erica
great read ! i needed that thank u " ... written by Summer
she has clarity and direction , wonderful advise" ... written by Geri
Very good reading" ... written by Modiano
whitelotus is wonderful! she is honest and tells you what she sees with kindness. a very wise teacher. thank you!!" ... written by me
AMAZING!!!!WOW!!! SO ACCURATE !!! NO TOOLS!! EXCELLENT!!!" ... written by tamjones
Excellent thank you...." ... written by Aundrea Miller
She is good! always knows her stuff, very detailed....Love talking to her!" ... written by Geri
Very Good" ... written by Geri
she was splendid to talk with. connected instantly, hit thing right on, and was just wonderful. thank you so much" ... written by scadoodle
Good Read Always, indepth....she is always good." ... written by Geri
I just love her spirit and energy..." ... written by tmp
thanks a lot " ... written by rose
She is good picked up on some stuff I was thinking about. She is really on target." ... written by Geri
love her " ... written by tmp
thank you so much! i feel more centered now about things and a bit more back on track again. I was starting to slip... lol. xoxo" ... written by bella
i love her!! She is a great reader and spiritual mentor. We are really making progress together. thank u!" ... written by bella
love her, I faithfully rely on her to help me. she's usually spot on . " ... written by tp
Love her, great energies and reading. Helps me stay positive" ... written by Lis
wonderful reader and person. clarity! thank u thank u" ... written by bella
lovely as always" ... written by beautifulwisdom
She was awesome. Probably one of the best readings I have ever had. She gave me relevant information and talked without having to get more information from me. She is very thorough and straightforward. She does have an accent, but I was able to understand her mostly. I would be happy to get another reading from her in the future." ... written by Stephanie
Whitelotus uses no tools. She connects immediately and without much information, she is very good at pin pointing circumstances and situations accurately. My particular session, the audio kept cutting in and out (she speaks her readings) but all that I gathered were insightful and brought clarity. She is gifted. I'm thankful for her time. I would recommend her readings, absolutely." ... written by Merrysinclair
As a last P.S to my previous review. She does type out response if that is a preference. She is direct and she does goes straight to an answer when needed. This was a first time reading with her and I have no disappointments. She's great! I would recommend and I would return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great experience. Gave me clarity on my career and love life " ... written by carmen
she is so helpful" ... written by tp
Whitelotus13 is one of best in site, very talented and connect with you quickly. higly recommended." ... written by vomitlover002
love her" ... written by chait
Whitelotus is very calm, pleasant and accurate. Thank you." ... written by SarahRain
She is accurate on many levels...good reading...on point..." ... written by Geri
love her" ... written by tp
Good Reading, Great Update..." ... written by Geri
She is so awesome, feels the situation perfectly!" ... written by Wolfy
thank you thank you! " ... written by bella
Very Good..." ... written by Geri
She is really very good and understanding of the situation." ... written by Geri
amazing, the best, a teacher, advisor, psychic, mentor. thank you thank you thank you xoxoxo" ... written by bella
Very accurate and detailed. Has a great insight to energy and is clear on what she knows. " ... written by Carmen
highly recommend! wonderful reader and brilliant person. thank you!!!" ... written by me
she's so insightful!" ... written by chaitprice
love this lady" ... written by tracy
she is amazing she connected with me and my situation accurately....i highly highly recommend her ....very accurate" ... written by nami001
thank you" ... written by D
You are the best! thank you so much for helping me refocus on the truth and remember what the real happiness is. And for helping me see the good in what i thought was just a terrible situation. You are so special...I just love you and am so appreciative. xoxoxoxo" ... written by bella
Spot on Accurate, Love her, gets deep into the issue!!" ... written by geri
wonderful, magical, amazing things happen from our readings! Love you!!!!" ... written by bella
She was amaaaaaaazing!! She picked up on my situation immediately without me saying much. I feel like she really tapped into the person in question. She didn't make any bold predictions but she gave me advice on how I can turn things to my favor. I truly appreciated this reading and will be back for sure. (PS: not a big deal.. but the sound was cutting off a lot towards the end. not sure if it's my connection or an oranum issue but it was a bit of an annoyance. however, that's not a reflection on her reading abilities at all as she was fabulous!)" ... written by Mimi
Good Update....nice to catch up. she is on target with things." ... written by Geri
She is great. Don't need much info just name and dob. She can pick up on your energy and the other person and let you know what going on. Will definitely come back for more readings." ... written by tc
fabulous ...got cut off...will be back to give more feedback!" ... written by lornalulu
Whitelotus is an amazing reader and advisor. Really unique and has so much to offer beyond what you even think you are looking for. If you want to learn about yourself and grow and change with the gentle but firm support of someone who can really see who you are, there is no one better." ... written by me
Fab as always :)" ... written by tired
thank you so much as always! xoxo" ... written by bella
very good" ... written by angelpii
Lotus is fantastic. suck a quick connection, very honest and very sincere. Always makes me feel better...worth giving her a try!" ... written by willlwait4u
She Was really very informative! very Good! " ... written by Geri
she was so sweet and beautiful, lets see what happens;)" ... written by mia
so positive" ... written by tp
love her" ... written by chaitprice
She is wonderful." ... written by Alexis
Fabulous as always! connects quickly, gives so much information without to many questions, and is right on target! Will be back to follow up" ... written by lornalulu
Fantastic reading. Connects so quickly and is always in tune with what is happening with me. i will be back to follow up and hope everything happens as told. Thank you!!!" ... written by lorna
just fantastic! always makes me feel better -- worth every minute!" ... written by lornalulu
Excellent, fantastic, so connected...give Whitelotus a try!" ... written by lorna
So incredible. just when i've lost hope, i always feel better after my reading. Connects so quickly, gives alot of information and is very in tune and honest." ... written by lornalulu
Wonderful reading -- Out of the Oranum site, Whitelotus is the only other psychic that i will continue to check in with and have readings with. i truly trust her and she is always in tune with my situation. Thank you Whitelotus! talk soon." ... written by lornalulu
she is so awesome! very understanding, smart, intuitive, and helps you to see your options and understand your own motives and blocks better. highly recommended!!!" ... written by bella
She is always very amazing in her direct focus on the situation. Always so happy to get an update with her!" ... written by Geri
Feels like I've known lotus for years. She has great temperament and simply doesn't make things up. Thank you for great reading and helping us get closer and closer together in a very difficult situation. Clarity always prevails with Lotus along with common sense. " ... written by speedbird
she knew what was going on. i liked the reading" ... written by ana
thanks for the update! So great At tuning in on the situation....Keep you Updated!" ... written by Geri
I thank you for a lovely reading. God bless you. xx" ... written by Roselay
she gives a WOW reading! Always impressed and amazed by her abilities to see and guide. I am so very grateful. :)" ... written by Kelly
Lotus is always right on. She is always in tune with me and my situation and i trust her completely." ... written by willwait4u
love, love, love her....so quick with information....and tunes into our energy....love is in the air.....thanks that I have the" ... written by kathy
Always a clear and very consistent update and reading, She is really very accurate and very good." ... written by Geri
Lovely reader--thoughtful and kind. Very good communicator--gives much information and insight. I will return to her again." ... written by PEARL
THis reader has helped me with questions big and small. A beautiful soul--wise, deep, smart--many insights." ... written by Pearl
such a great connection to my thoughts and mind of my loved one....I look forward to more predictions to come true..." ... written by kathy
Lovely reader, with amazing insights. No nonsense and fast too. Always a great experience. Thank you Lotus" ... written by Cookie
She is compassionate and intuitive." ... written by Alexis
Very fast, accurate advice." ... written by Jake Hobbs
Thanks for the Update! Very In Tuned To The Situation! She Is Really Very Good!" ... written by LIVING FAITHFUL
she is good " ... written by ohood
great reading. gave me just the clarity and advice I needed. " ... written by edel95
THank you Lotus for your advices and guidance. I love to hear of course that we are so close. Also the work that my partner is putiting in, it is so encouraging. I think she's finding in herself, everything that I always saw in her yet others didn't. She's had a tough journey, well we both have, but your help and guidance has been something that has kept us together. Thank you, a very sincere thank you. ANd yes you are right, we are mean't to be together." ... written by colin
Very good! " ... written by Karl
Very well! " ... written by Karl
Amazing Reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Saturn44
wonderful" ... written by maria
very informative" ... written by ray
She is amazing!!! Truly gifted psychic... Will come back... Highly recommend you take her pvt!!" ... written by marionlyttle
very good reading :)!!!" ... written by Anushka Arya
She did a very good job, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel that I keep looking for! " ... written by Rick
Thank you so much , awesome" ... written by unknown
i really love the reading that you give me and i will be back again " ... written by msdavis213
Intuitive, should give a try!" ... written by kosubhan
Nice reader, positive, intuitive, she can read the situation between the line" ... written by martinia23