About Zeus1976

Psychic Zeus1976has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Zeus1976has recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Zeus1976's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Only 2.49 per min, I am a gifted psychic, I use no tools, I tap into your energy and let Spirit share whatever information it deems pertinent. For the past 15 years, I have been working as a professional clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I give you a choice: ask me your question or let Spirit guide your reading

Thanks a lot for your accuracy!" ... written by Telatoa
Thank you. Very helpful." ... written by angloThai
He was so good yet again. Timelines were more clear for my growth and future destinations. I appreciate reuniting with my mate Zeus." ... written by JAKE (Aquarian214)
thank you for your advice it really helped." ... written by gchild001
Very sincere, great detail over all an excellent reading, thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
Wow simply amazing! Great reading very detailed! I went in just confused about one situation but am leaving with a positive outlook on the rest of my life! Thanks so much! Would definitely recommend and I will definitely be back! " ... written by Jessica
he's good! goes into a lot of detail explaining is cards and what they mean which is cool =) he made me feel better and gave me hope for my question asked" ... written by m
just fabulous! Zeus connects quickly to the situation, tells the truth and is very kind. I will be back to follow up shortly. Give him a try, definately worth the $$" ... written by lorna
Very nice reading. Picked up on things and gave good advice." ... written by SG
How does he get so spot on? he is awesome.." ... written by humility
Very clear and comprehensive explanation to my questions using the tarot cards. Zeus is very knowledgeable and honest. He gave me advice to what to look out for, as I knew and sense it already. I would recommend his service to anyone who needs direction. * * 5 Stars * *" ... written by Lovingcompassion
really informative.......great reader" ... written by oles
he is awesome and this is the first time and lol it surely wont be the last. got to the point . thank you so much" ... written by toni
very happy explains cards alot .. but very good at wat he does xx" ... written by gerirish
he is a very nice person I enjoyed my session" ... written by fran
He is helpful and reassuring - 5 Stars for Zeus !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Amazing and right to point....very helpful and caring!!! must have a reading. Defiantly come back. " ... written by lulutheangel
excellent and helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
very honest, up front, excellent reader!!!" ... written by debbyn
great awesome!!!! knew everything!!!!" ... written by jamira76
He was really good! Spot on too :) " ... written by Adiz
wow im impressed. i will be coming back. five stars!!" ... written by disturbed86
It wasn't what I wanted to hear but .........." ... written by vk
Very uplifting and put me back on track thanks 5*" ... written by Angelight67
Zeus was very specific about the reminders I needed. He reminded me of making sure I move on and look to the sun and fun in life. He gave me directives of what is needed to stay on life's pathway. Thank you Zeus..Namaste" ... written by Janine
one word: amazing !! deep insights and great readings." ... written by RC
He is such a great personality. Very caring, warm, uplifting and friendly. Good accurate and strong reading! " ... written by mwmw
He is great!" ... written by Jennifer
Wow. I am very impressed. He told me the truth. I am very amazed at his abilities." ... written by ghth
I like a boot up the behind when I need it. Awesome guy, very special gift." ... written by ikroyalaq
first reading. He gave me some insight." ... written by lisa
great awesome!!!!" ... written by jamira76
He is very good and worth a reading. Highly recommend him." ... written by Rosa
This guy is superb!! in every way. He is accurate, fast, and detailed. I have to come back for another private reading." ... written by Cordie167
Awesome reading... he didn't sugarcoat anything and told me exactly what I needed to hear!" ... written by Tiffani Michele
always on point love his energy and enthusiasm yay for zeus" ... written by sarina
thank you so much.." ... written by Aniratak
Thank you for your caring and honesty!" ... written by ACB
very straight forward .. enjoyed my reading" ... written by amber
As ususal...straight accurate answers right on target to my issues. You can trust this guy to give it to you, no frills with quickness.Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
Well the truth will set me free, very pleasant andamp; honest was able to shed light on many issues, past and what's to come " ... written by queenbe22
Its bitter sweet to hear the truth, but also liberality at the same time.. I have been speaking to other psychics on here and still left confused and un-resolved, just more confused, but today, the Great Zeus!!! freed me!! literally, he is caring and encouraging, I feel much better, A happy ending to a difficult situation. :))) thanks much Zeus God Bless U!! and your gift, never lose the gift, and compassion to help people in need. " ... written by Angelsent21
I REALLY enjoyed my reading from Zeus tonight. He was able to pick out my main issues before we got started. Looking forward to working with him, to get past some of these. " ... written by Creole
Zeus is the best!! Love him.. he doesn't sugar coat straight to the point... very accurate ;) " ... written by Angelsent21
Had such a lovely update with Zeus. He was spot on with the shift and positive changes since the last private reading. He knew exactly what was going on at this time. He had incredible insight and clarity. Thank u Zeus.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
very quick fast and accurate picked up the past which gave confirmation to the future he saw." ... written by spiritualist
He was able to pick up things before I really said much and was so personable and sweet. Helped me understand more of my issue at hand! " ... written by Shellee Stanger
Zeus gave a very in depth and detailed reading he was accurate with almost everything past and present..I am interested too see if future predictions happen..will be back to see him.. absolutely worth every credit.." ... written by sarinal
I am absolutely stunned at how much he handled things gracefully. With his mental powers and cards; I feel so empowered and nurtured to give myself better goals andamp; choices. Thank you Zeus for this dynamic and uplifting session!" ... written by Leo Quarian5
Zeus was good and consistent gave me outcome and timeframe lets see if it happens but im positive as others seeing the same thing. Thanks Zeus. I recommend him." ... written by A
Once again he deeply went into my problems with love, and transmitted wonderful suggestions to reach it gracefully. I am so proud of Zeus for cheering me on and being uncondtionally supportive. God bless ya mate " ... written by Leo Quarian5
I think Zeus is great he really makes me feel so much better after talking to him, again thank you Zeus" ... written by Jeanette Dessmann
Amazing once again!" ... written by Jennifer
Zeus will find u out thru his readings without any previous info. He was spot on with my search for a better job. He gave me insight and clarity. He knew exactly my mindset and my intentions thereof.. Much luv to u Zeus.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Amazing! I usually don't go for male readers but he was absolutely phenomenal! He was compassionate, friendly, and informative. He used multiple tools like numerology and tarot to divine the message--like he was trying to get a deeper understanding. He also wants to know how things work out for you. Which many readers, let's be honest don't really do. So if you are at all wondering who to choose, this is your man! :D" ... written by Jessica
He is very explanatory. He is also a wonderful teacher. He was extremely accurate in his reading of myself and my boyfriend, and the situation we are in. He seems to be colorful and loving and also very tuned into my hearts desires and energies. I really enjoyed my reading with him, and I definitely will be back. He is very charismatic and charming, and I think he is quite attractive in many areas not just in his amazing psychic abilities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your truthful and insightful reading. I know that what you said is completely accurate and I have now the tools to plan for what is coming up in the next 2-3 months and the beautiful new beginning for myself and my boyfriend. Thank you times a million. Love and Light, Jennifer" ... written by Jennifer
very good session... needed to hear honesty and no sugarcoatinh, lots of info, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
I had a good reading experience with Zeus and would recommend this reader. " ... written by Lightstar
I love Zeus! He's such a blessing and awesome at what he does...always helpful and honest insight that I truly appreciate!!Thank you again Zeus..love and light" ... written by Lehua
This guy is straight forward...tells the truth and gives details you need to know and hear! I have trust in his insight and recommend him highly!" ... written by Cordie167
excellent reading...very helpful and honest...i appreciate you Zeus and look forward to chatting again sometime :)" ... written by Lehua
i was really engaged in this one. he knows what he is talking about." ... written by Angela
good reading. thank you" ... written by PIGLETME
I love Zeus he is a very good reader and a sweetheart, and gives me the absolute best relationship advice." ... written by TINA
was very good will wait for the prediction to come true ty" ... written by Mettlwire
Zeus helps me so much and he's fantastic, down do earth adviser. He actually predicted sth that happened before that i expected. thank you so much!" ... written by jazzychic
He opened me up to deep truth and understanding for my own spiritual growth. I am so honored and blessed to have Zeus as a very faithful friend for my readings. See ya again soon mate" ... written by Leo Quarian5
5 stars" ... written by Hulaan
Great reading! Very understanding! Can't wait for predictions to come true!" ... written by Lisa
Enjoyed the chat" ... written by Hulaan
Enjoyed the chat, he nailed a lot of things." ... written by Hulaan
Amazing, he told all that I needed to know, he stated that i need to move on from my current relationship, and wait for my the man of my dreams. He read me like a book " ... written by Britney
thank you zeus for everything!!! ill be back after the 5 hours..thank you!!!" ... written by Lehua
Very good in character reading...." ... written by Artemia
great clarity and insight as usual....I appreciate your help so much!!! my love and light..def be back soon..thanks zeus" ... written by missvika
He is good" ... written by Barbara
Zeus is the biggest discovery of my life. He's been helping me a lot and he gets me so well." ... written by MayJane
Gave me a lot to prosper and grow with. Every session with Zeus builds me up to great hope andamp; understanding. Don't doubt that his help will give you clear guidance, and more levels of self love that you need :)" ... written by Leo Quarian5
Our current session has become a lot more stronger and meaningful. I'm now awakened to really carve my own self and potential with Zeus' words of wisdom andamp; vision. Thank you so much for the connections we fire up mate :)" ... written by Leo Quarian5
Wow!!!! This guy is wonderful!!! I am very impressed!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by jkjkjk
very very helpful" ... written by gchild001
Absolutely recommended. 100 stars." ... written by .
THANK YOU SIR, I appreciate your awesomeness.... :)" ... written by MMarmalade
intense reading very supportive and wonderful, lots of insight." ... written by andrea
awesome reading..as always..thanks zeus!!" ... written by missvika
great awesome!!!!" ... written by jamira76
awesome great~~~ honest" ... written by jamira76
great reader ! " ... written by luckystar222
Thank you very much! You somehow have shaken me and kicked me from my comfort zone. " ... written by Alicja
Accurate" ... written by Hope
Loved the reading, he was very honest and gave me great tips and advice. Looking forward to my follow up conversations with him on a weekly basis. Blessings." ... written by jewelw203
OMG!! This is my favorite reader on here, not only Zeus is a cutie, but he is a very good reader and his predictions don't lie either, he is going to tell you the truth no sugar coating.. His predictions come true and he is very accurate. " ... written by LadyRedBug1234
thank you for the reading! " ... written by Alicja
Zeus gave such a lovely update. Gave me directives I needed for the next couple of months. He was spot on with his insight. Thank you so very much Zeus. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Awesome reading...wow.." ... written by tasha_j
he is a wonderful person, very positive soul. connected pretty well to my situation, and lifted up my spirit. ty very much for a great reading." ... written by cl
got personalities right on but we will see about the rest thanks!" ... written by Jessica
awesome, I love love this guy, please give him a try, he is gifted!" ... written by liz
thank you so much zeus...amazing as always...very honest...direct...and much clarity! I appreciate you so much..big hugs.. ttyl" ... written by lehua
he was very good and impressive . thank you very much " ... written by remedio
Always terrific always, thanx a million" ... written by zimerili1
great reading very good clear great." ... written by cream
THE BEST XXXX Thant's all.... too good to be true" ... written by Rosa
OMG I had a reading with ZEUS a few months back and he told m everything and it happened. He is amazing and spot on..... he does not sugar coat" ... written by Rosa
Follow up was great, very informational. Looking forward to my next reading." ... written by jewelw203
Awesome reading!" ... written by Mai
He was amazing! really helped me clear my head and understood, I'm so happy with my results and definitely coming to him again!" ... written by Katie
Zeus is Geniuns, he knows his cards deeply. I am lucky to have reading w him today." ... written by Mai
I admire Zeus!" ... written by Mai
Very helpful. Thank you very much. :)" ... written by tochoose
awesome..." ... written by rani
Zeus is master at reading the cards. His connection w the cards and spirits is very strong and accurate. Zeus explain the cards, my situation and what he see as a good teacher does. I appreciate his help a lot ! " ... written by Mai
Very good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Love you, Zeus!" ... written by Mai
Zeus' knowledge and skill is way above of others. I respect to his works !" ... written by Mai
Wow...very interesting reading..wasnt entirely what i wanted to hear but he spoke truth...Thank you so much!! It was what i needed to hear!! But there was good in it too..." ... written by k
He's aweome, very GIFTED and insightful. Provided me with lots of valuable information. Answered all my questions and then some. I know in my heart and soul what he was saying will come to pass. He picked up on things NO OTHER Psychics ever did or never mentioned. He surprised me by all the details he knew of my situation. I'll be back to speak with him again and again I'm sure. If your considering seeing this man, SMART move he knows what he's doing. Bless you Zeus for providing me with the information I needed. You are truly a gem. " ... written by Roseanna
he is a sweet guy.loved his reading.very accurate." ... written by n g
lovely guy, the not reading I wanted, but he knew what was happening in my life. Honest and straight to the point" ... written by sparklesdazzler
My reading with Zeus was very on point. He did not sugarcoat anything. He gave me advice given my situation and helped me think about the right things to do and not give the perception that everything is going to be ok unless I make the "right" change. I'll definitely reach out to him going forward. I feel like Zeus is more like a spiritual life coach. Someone that I've been looking for and need in my life." ... written by Jlcalixto1
my goodness this gentleman is so spot on I didnt have to prompt him at all !" ... written by mel
BEST!" ... written by john
thank you so much for the reading..i can think even more clearly now." ... written by n g
Zues is very good at what he does" ... written by trueth
hes a psychic but he's also more of a coach, he keeps me on the right track and doesn't sugarcoat things! very good advisor!" ... written by jazzychic
AMAZING that's why I always come back..." ... written by Rosa
he is very accurate and to the point....his predictions came true...looking forward for the last one..." ... written by rani
what an awesome guy he is! just amazing and on point! without me saying much at all wow!" ... written by maggielee
OMG I love Zeus.... he is so sot on and to the point... he has always been honest with me and has guided me every step of the way.... If I want honesty I go and see Zeus because I get the right answer...... not the one I hope for.... I get truth..... he is amazing!!!!! I recommend him to anyone" ... written by Rosa
My trusted friend!! Gives it to me straight as ever can be. Believe me this guy is awesome and gifted!!! Always Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
thank you sir" ... written by nextelledlifee
very good reading and very helpful zeus1976 the best on oranum!! " ... written by stars
awesome nuff said" ... written by Michelle Smith
Quick. Straight forward. Very good reading." ... written by L
Thank you for help Zeus !" ... written by Mai
Zeus' readings are very accurate!" ... written by Mai
wow, amazing! Connected really well. Very detailed and informative. Didn't just give you the facts but advise as well. Highly recommend him! Will not regret it. He was a genuine vibe that makes you feel welcomed. " ... written by Mimi
very good reading . God bless u " ... written by remedio
That's my guy!! Quick, Straight forward, and accurate. As always he picks up your energy and the energy surrounding your question at hand. Zenus is one of my trusted readers. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
He is a great guy and gave me some hope. We will see how this all plays out" ... written by Amy
Zeus is good he gave me predictions for March and May and lets hope they happen." ... written by AA
He's amazing! Knows exactly what I'm going through and is spot on with everything! He's also like a very gentle counselor, straight up and honest!Thank You Zues!" ... written by skier8001
An extremely powerful connection. With great details and insight. I was blessed and will be back." ... written by beauty
I had a reading last month with Zeus1976 andamp; he was dead on ...Came back to update him and hes given me more courage this time around ...I need to learn patience n hurry up n wait basically for my situation to end or evolve into what I so hopelessly desire. ..Thank you again zeus I cnt thank u enough for the sincerity in your readings ...I cant wait to see things unfold ...God bless " ... written by nena8014
Zeus is wonderful! Awesome connection. I have come to him for numerous readings and he is always on point. Eases my fears and gives great advice. Gives me clarity. He is the real deal. Looking forward to following up. God bless you. Love, Peace, and light... XO" ... written by FallenAngel333
amaaaaazing" ... written by purenergy
All I can say is Zeus is truly geniune, honest and good natured. He doesn't surgar coat anything and tells it like it is. I respect him very much and enjoy our sessions and/or time together. He can tap right into you and it's a bit much at first but you get used to it and it seems as if you are just friends and go way back He is opening my eyes and helping me during this difficutlt time. Im very greatful to this man. " ... written by Roseanna
Thank you for your guidance.... you are amazing" ... written by Rosa
100% Definitely Recommend! Real! Zeus is remarkable! Our connection is fierce! He's right on point with everything! He is super kind and genuine... He is raw and does not sugar coat anything. He gives advice as if you are part of his family and really tells it like it is... So far all prediction have come true... it amazes me how someone can know so much... God Bless you! Peace, Love, Happiness, andamp; Light! XOXOX" ... written by Ang3L33
dead on with reading" ... written by Mookster
Absolutely incredible! He helped me so much... will definitely see him again. there was such a strong spiritual connection..." ... written by PaleNative
he is so accurate about the information he provides about people and situations. he is such an amazing person and will give you sound advice.i trust him." ... written by n g
it was just a one question reading, but very positive...thank you" ... written by gemmie
Great info thanks " ... written by DannieJ
thank you" ... written by Amber
There is none better than Zeus. He is always on point. He knows everything going on in my life without my having to tell him anything. HIGHLY recommend him for anyone wanting TRUE insight. He does not sugar coat a thing! If you want honest answers, not what you want to hear, Zeus is your man!!!" ... written by PaleNative
I only go to few psychics (after trying many) and Zeus is one of them. he's a wonderful advisor and predicted few things for me, plus he really cares and takes individual approach. strongly recommend him!" ... written by jazzychic
Always a pleasure and on point" ... written by B
Zeus is great, very encouraging, great positive energy, he knows his cards well and hope all he says will come to past." ... written by A
extremely accurate and very straight forward. Always honest. The answers are there. will not be disappoined." ... written by jamira76
His predictions came true! All of them! AMAZING! I am so so happy! I can't believe it! this is so wonderful!" ... written by Aryia Louda
Zenus always there when I need him. This guy is always precise and straightforward. my energy was very unstable...and he managed to work with it. Thumbs Up! He's the guy to see!" ... written by Cordie167
thanks Zeus! waiting for the situation evolving :)" ... written by Alicja
Great!!" ... written by DannieJ
Zeus is just amazing!! Our connection is great! He is honest and to the point! Wonderful clarity! All predictions have come true! ALL! He is kind and genuine! Speaks to you as if you are his family and makes you feel as you are his family. Gives you that tough love and excellent guidance and reassurance! I can't wait to follow up! Always a pleasure! XO" ... written by Ang3l33
Good reading. Not really what I wanted to hear but is the truth. My situation is a tough one anyway. Thank you will keep you posted. " ... written by Lidia
pretty well " ... written by Jennifer
Very good and honest" ... written by Vivienne
thank you very much Zeus!" ... written by Alicja
OMG OMG OMG I love this man.... I always come back to Zeus. He is so spot on with everything he says. Sometimes we don't want to hear the truth but he is so caring that its best to hear it from him. He has always been true to me. I recommend him for a reading to anyone." ... written by Rosa
Awesome reading, very trusting and see the future. Don't wait get a reading with Zeus1976 Now....!" ... written by Cre
I absolutely love this man. He is so honest and encouraging. he has never lied to me and tells me exactly how it is with lots of love. I wait for him all the time. Tonight I sent him a messaged and he especially came on earlier to read for me. I will always go with his advice. He is truly amazing wonderful and the real deal. 10 stars to Zeus" ... written by Rosa
very good clear honest reader" ... written by ctrsm
Thank you! Great reading… Very encouraging… :-) Besides just disturbing interruptions with brakes makes difficulty to hear you sometimes probably cause of internet connection" ... written by meera
Accurate reading!" ... written by Mai
Good guy to talk to about everything. Thank you." ... written by nextelliiffe
Good person to talk to, helps with anything. Thank you." ... written by nextelliiffe
Good guy to talk to about anything including relationships and sex." ... written by Olympus
Good guy to talk too. Can talk to him about anything including sex! Lol." ... written by Olympus
Thanks Zeus for your reading. Very clear, precise and accurate. Appreciate your straight forwardness and direct approach but delivered in a kind manner. Don't change. Great guy! " ... written by Whiteunicorn2012
Amazing, I knew there was something big coming and I am so ready for it, thank you so much. The best I have psychic I have found yet. " ... written by Denise Hickey
He's a direct reader. I wish his price was a little lower, but nonetheless a very good guy." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
Zeus is very direct to the point. The reading was not what I wanted to hear. But he was honest and didn't sugar coat or gave a positive reading only to make me happy. Thank you, Zeus! I will consider your advise. " ... written by Moonchild59
insightful and quick connect! thank you for a great reading!" ... written by penelope
OMG I LOVE THIS MAN...... He is the best thing since slice bread..... 100 stars..... " ... written by Rosa
Zeus1976 is God sent Hes been completely 100% accurate in timing and information ...He has truly been the best...No sugar coated reading here ...If ur faint of heart n cant take the truth even when its not the best of news find someone else! He gives all news good n bad with the sensitivity of a warm caring person and guides you in the direction that you need to be in. Will definitely come back and re-update him again ...Thnk you again Zeus God bless you n ur fam" ... written by nena8014
great connection" ... written by palenative
wonderful follow up. zeus is like a friend, who wishes you best and sees all the best solutions and options. he's absolutely brilliant at what he does and im so glad I found him here." ... written by jazzychic7
I love talking to Zeus, he's one of my most trusted advisors. If youre looking for honest, supportive psychic there's not a better person on oranum!" ... written by jazzychic7
When I go to Zeus it's because I know I will get 100% honesty from him. He's proved to me to be a great advisor and doesn't tell you beautiful things just to lift you up but to provide accurate guidance and knowledge. Thanks a lot Zeus xx" ... written by jazzychc
always trust him, one of the best here..." ... written by jazzychic
He is really good...he saw things for what they really are!! Will read again in the future!!" ... written by k
Let's see what can I say about Zeus beside the fact that he's awesome, genuine, a true psychic, very gifted, informative, and very handsome (=. This man has my respect hands down. He tells it like it is and does his best by you. You can't go wrong with him. He knows what he's doing and does it well. I will be coming back to this man for years to come and/or as long as he will have me. He has provided me guidance and wisdome and support through my trials and tribulations and i will always be grateful to him for that. He has helped me out immensly. So yes I would recommend him and remember this person tells you the truth, the whole truth so help us all. (-=" ... written by Roseanna
could not ask for anyone better. Zeus is a straight shooter who tells it how it is. even if it isn't what you want to hear. the connection is phenomenal! twenty stars out of five! love and blessings my friend... you are a gift to all who know you." ... written by palenative
Luv him Luv Him Luv Him...... amazing 10 stars..... " ... written by Rosa
Exactly what I needed, not really what I wanted to hear but that is ok. I prefer the honest truth and Zeus really gives it." ... written by p
You are good! Amazing reader!" ... written by familyhelper
Zeus is a remarkable individual. He truly wants to help you and does his best by you. He has provided me with invaluable information that I will try my best to apply to my everyday life. He knows what he's talking about and when he speaks to you, you can feel his sincerity, and genuiness, and eagerness to assist you in anyway possible. He tells it like it is and doesnt' hold back. I have so much respect for this man and will keep coming back for more. His wisdom is impressive, his psychic ablility is pretty awesome and the way he thoroughly explains things to you regarding your situaion is very informative. You can't go wrong with this man, I truly believe he's one of the best on here. I'm very lucky to have found such a gem on this site and hopefully you will be too. Bless you zeus thank you for listening and guidiing me once again i'll be in touch. " ... written by Roseanna
I like the way he does his readings. Very methodical and deep understanding of the persons involved. I have a better understanding of my situation and my whys have been answered. Thank you so much for the connection." ... written by familyhelper
Great and very interesting. I am impressed. He seems very talented and straightforward. Only time will tell. Thanks." ... written by jkjkjkj
100 per cent accurate." ... written by TheHangedWoman
Most helpful psychic and accurate" ... written by gchild001
OMG Love him ..... he is worth every dollar!!!!" ... written by Rosa
He is truly amazing! I went to him b/c his testimonials said he was amazing and truthful, doesn't sugar coat things so I wanted whatever I needed to hear to be straight to the point! He gave me exactly that. Put my mind at ease and is gentle but gets his point across and is so kind too. He picked up on every thing I was thinking! Loved him! 10 stars. It was my first reading but I'll be back for sure!" ... written by skier8001
love talking to zeus. he sees so much. great connection, this is one of very few psychics I trust!!" ... written by jazzychic
Zeus is truly gifted and very kind being. This is my second reading with him and he has been so accurate with the situations and I am very blessed to have his guidance and insights at the right point of time in my life. He is an amazing listener and truly gives you the answer which is worth working on. Thank You!!" ... written by Bobbin
enjoyed the chat" ... written by Hulaan
Very accurate, very truthful. I can't wait to see his predictions come to pass." ... written by Lisa
Zeus is absolutely the best there is. He is straight forward and does not sugar coat a thing. You may not hear what you want to hear, however, you will hear the truth. the connection is phenomenal. He doesn't waste time either. " ... written by Hehewuti
i will be back for update thanks;-)" ... written by honeyhoney9
well he REALLY PICKS UP!!!" ... written by fv
Excellent as always need to add more credits, he is really great, predictions come true.." ... written by Lady
Always very open with no sugar coating. Very helpful and honest insight" ... written by Cre
Thank you for a great reading I will keep you posted as to what happens." ... written by hurtingalot
Very good, seems to have timelines down. Will wait to see what happens. " ... written by Sarah
Zeus is very good at what he does and also a kind man gives it straight with honesty. I await for his predictions to happen. I recommend him." ... written by A
as usual Zeus proves to be one of the best here. his few predictions came true, he's always great to be guided by!" ... written by jazzychic
OMG Zeus is the best reader on here....everything he has said has happened. He will tell you the truth no sugar coating..... I always go back to Zeus.....AMAZING READER" ... written by Rosa
He is very nice, clear, fast and digs into the details to make sure he gives a proper advice. " ... written by Ladyme01
Waiting for predictions to happen he sees them around the corner next month will be back to update. " ... written by A
OMG Zeus is the most amazing person on here..... he has always been spot on. He is so caring.... no sugar coating with Zeus... everything he says is true and it comes to pass.... I truly respect this man and recommend anyone to have a reading. I know I will always be a client of Zeus!" ... written by Rosa
great reading" ... written by veezee
Zeus1976 is a very accurate reader, I will come back again!!" ... written by Shelly
oh my god.spot on on many aspects.. very honest and accurate and does not sugar coat.." ... written by lutchmee
Very good/accurate reading." ... written by Milan
Very detail and give me clear insight of the battle on the mind of person in question. And accurate on the thoughts of the other party. i will come back again!" ... written by stellachan
Love Zeus! great advice as usual. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
great and truthful he great to get a real answer " ... written by adi1212adi
awesome, clear, direct , honest" ... written by Rae1237
thanks Zeus for clearing this up for me" ... written by rosy
kept running out of money. good reading. love chatting with zeus." ... written by skier8001
Very impressed and satisfied. He tells you only truth no matter how bad it may be. Thanks." ... written by llll
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