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Psychic akashsabby1has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic akashsabby1has recently helped 50members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about akashsabby1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Free Connection in Free chat via Angel cards. Details in Private chat. Ireland Top Rated Psychic. Series of Predictions Happened. REAL DEAL TAKE ME TO PRIVATE NOW LOVE MASTER & CAREER SPECIALIST.My name is Akash I am a natural psychic. I have a god gift .Psychic/Medium Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath. Relationships, SoulMate/twin flame, career expert. Prayer Rituals work I do to heal you .

Psychic Chat with Akash was very calm and relaxing. Go Chat with Akash if you have Questions that need to be answered." ... written by Lyle
Laid back and cool! Picked up on a lot of things :) Thanks will come back for sure! " ... written by rumi628
Very kind, just i not know what believe or who trust as hurt so much" ... written by TUNISIANANGEL
Honed right into issue at hand and accurrately! very good with little or no info up front, highly recommend!" ... written by wendic
Good to the point" ... written by Roy
Surprisingly good and accurate, with a genuine desire to help and solve issues. kind and gentle person, please try him out and see for yourself. " ... written by belladonna8
Incredible gentleman! great to chat to! so open and pure! accurate and enduring! we spoke for 2 hours!!! and i couldnt get enough!!! truly wonderful " ... written by zeina
Very thorough and direct. Complete honesty and did not waste any time. Would see again!" ... written by NMA
Always great, always accurate, and helpful!" ... written by Alice
no tools so so so quick and pick up " ... written by sai
He picked me for the demo and what he said felt true in my heart and so I wanted to take him for a private. He sticks to his prediction and I believe he is being honest. Thank you I will keep you updated :) " ... written by Lilly
he is honest , connect so so quickly and no sugar coating and very strong intuitive . he is the best. " ... written by sam
straight to the point and quick connect . " ... written by sam
I am very impressed with my first reading with aka!! I look forward to talking with him again and I am also excited to think about the changes he sees in the next four to six months for me." ... written by Jbtforme
Good relationship advice." ... written by nextelliiffe
Thank you for your advice." ... written by nextelliiffe
Thanks so much! Akash is very honest, quick and connects so well. He understood my questions straightaway and gave very honest and direct feedback. Worth every credit! Gave fantastic advice. thanks. " ... written by Arti
always a great reading" ... written by melissa
Great reading. Spot on! Thank you sooo much.." ... written by Agnes
great reading always accurate... He is awesome" ... written by cathleen
Im telling you this is the 2nd reading I have had with Akash and he is so spot on about my career and he knew exactly everything. he is one in the million person i know. thank you so much. I be definately coming back for another reading. " ... written by Kamini Joshi
I had another great reading with Akashsabby1. He was fast and got straight to the point on the 2 things I need answered. He gave me as much information and details about the situation and I believe it to be accurate to my situation. Thank you." ... written by StarshineJ
awesome reader... got my clarity " ... written by Karla
i love his readings. always connects to what is going on" ... written by melissa
he was brilliant. really. very good accuracy. " ... written by allbright
Thank you for your reading! I am a rather complicated person, thanx for bearing with me!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
omg! so fast, no wasting time..awesome! thanks so much!" ... written by Maria
He was very spot on with my husband's energy. He picked up on a characteristic about my husband that I noticed but never said to anyone. He connected extremely well and put my fears to rest. Thank you "Akashsabby1". I look forward to the future of my relationship. " ... written by Tiana
Oh my goodness. I was very amazed and blown away by my 1st 2 back to back readings with akashsabby1. I believe what he sees for my future and regarding my situation because of the things he has said about the feelings and experiences between me and the other people involved. He was very accurate about all personalities involved without me giving him the information. I am just blown away. He is very honest, fast, accurate and detailed. After a few minutes in my reading with him I was very THANKFUL that I had my reading with him. It was good and bad news that he saw BUT, it was honest. Thank you so much akashsabby1. You have a new customer with me. I'll be back again. " ... written by starshinej
Akash definitely impressed me with his reading. He picked up a lot of details and did not sugar coat. Thank you so much!" ... written by VirginVirgo
He was spot on and I thank him for his time and help, I will take his advice. " ... written by cheryl
thank you for your help" ... written by daisy
he was right about everything" ... written by Nicole
Thank you for your insights. :) I will hold on to your advice and follow it. You give accurate details. Hopiing for the prediction to come true. " ... written by united
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing." ... written by Kassandra
Wow Akashsabby was right on point and to the point. Awesome, looking for his prediction to come to pass and can't wait to give him update. Thank You so much you are truly an awesome reader." ... written by mc
AWESOME and HONEST" ... written by Meagan
A great reading from Akash. kinda put things in perspective for me. Let him help you he is awesome. He will help you change your life!" ... written by cathleen
best reader here, great clarification makes you feel comforting n understand the situation. thank you" ... written by April
he is amazing as always! Great reading. Let him help you! He is awesome!" ... written by cathleen
Very quickly connects to people involved appreciate his honesty... will contact again" ... written by Kathy
good reading trying to clear things in my mind. He always seems to help me do that! He is awesome like that! Let him help you! he is great!" ... written by cathleen
always clarification :) to calm a soul." ... written by April
assuringly assuring. thank you for the clear answers^" ... written by jjxx
good reading. gave me good insight on my future and time line as well." ... written by cal
Another amazing reading. Things are looking better. He always seems to be right so I will go with it! :) Let him help you he is amazing!" ... written by cathleen
Very good guy, gives good advice and kind words." ... written by lauren
He made some future predictions for me... only time will tell how it will be. He was precise and honest. TY" ... written by Rb20
thank you looking forward for the predictions..." ... written by andrea
he is really good, amazing, quick, no fuss, straight to the point, doesn't sugar coat anything. waiting for things to materialise" ... written by rae
awesome" ... written by rae
akash is awesome! channels fast into the situation. he does not use tools, and predictions have come true. hes 5 stars for sure!" ... written by melissa
i love his readings, always spot on with the situation and understanding of the situation. He is straight to blunt leaves you with no confusion in what he is saying. Full of energy and positive. Predictions come true. Great advise" ... written by April
very fast..will wait for his prediction to come true!" ... written by BP
very quick connection and types really fast. gave me timeframes and i will come back if it happens. thank you!" ... written by life
GREAT. Need I say more. Love his energy." ... written by FlowerChild01
very good!" ... written by stephanie
Gave me a time frame to look to, will come back when it happens !!! :-)" ... written by CheshireF
Wow I just got some news not what I wanted but explanation and advise. I will follow it. He is awesome he tries to help me understand. I will follow his advise for sure. Let him help and guide you through whatever it is he is amazing!" ... written by cathleen
Got what I needed to know for now. And I am happy confirmed what I was feeling 100.% He is always right! that is why I listen! Let him help you he is amazing!" ... written by cathleen
time will tell in order for me to rate him...will be back in a few weeks to see if that is enough time for reading...ty" ... written by L
Great as always" ... written by Jennifer
I would highly recommend. Very in tune, does not waste your time and it right on the mark. Would recommend" ... written by Cal
Very quick and honest. Will not waste your time :)" ... written by angie
very good fast response reading" ... written by maryam
always spot on with his answers in my situation." ... written by April
This man is amazing. He's so honest, quick, and straight forward. He don't beat around the bush. He's not going to tell you what you want to hear to make you feel good, he speaks the truth. " ... written by Erica
Just came to update on earlier reading. Things went better that expected and he verified the info I was given, I am so happy and know for sure he is honest and accurate. Things went exactly how he said. I am so grateful I listened to his advise. Let him help you, he is amazing!" ... written by cathleen
Akashsabby1 is always honest and accurate, definitely have had his predictions come true. Been coming to him for four years." ... written by Alice
Great reading as always. confirmed my thoughts! Let him help you he is amazing" ... written by cathleen
He has a different energy to him that you cannot look away. He was direct, quick and answered what I needed. Thank you! " ... written by Nina_Ballerina
He was helpful. I liked the way he talked to me about my problems." ... written by Maryam
Thank you for your reading! You are awesome! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Great reading fast :-)" ... written by Jen
akash gets right to the point. and to the heart of the matter.can always trust in his insight and intuition.thank you akash" ... written by melissa
He gave me a great reading tonight with so much more clarity and now I have some understanding. I am trying to move to a positive place. So I can move things along from my end. He gave me guidance like always, He is so awesome you got to let him help you with what ever it is you are dealing with! He is really good. especially in relationships! Chat with him the do a reading you will be amazed." ... written by Cathleen
A really good reading from him tonight. clarified a few things which I am thankful for. He has been a great help I have been to him many times over 6 months. Let him help you he is great!" ... written by cathleen
thank you for the reading. very fast and honest." ... written by micd123
Good reading." ... written by Kris
Picked up about me very quickly and got right to the point, thanks again" ... written by Sweety
Very good. " ... written by Roseanna
very truthful!! and honest, gave great advice, on point with alot of issues, and i feel alot bettter about situation, thank you" ... written by Anupama
Excellent reading about two very important issues. He was spot on about both. I am amazed how he could pick up details and be really specific." ... written by MerkabahMan633
He is nice and very calm. first time in his room, liked the reading" ... written by micd123
he was good to the point and being the first time i really appreciate it but will come back when things unfold" ... written by jr
He is one of the top psychic in Oranum. All the Love predictions till today he did for me came true. He is actually a real deal. Please try him everybody you wont be disappointed." ... written by Amanda
had to go back again because he is so clear and on point... great reader" ... written by amlove
Great reader connected very well" ... written by me
thank you for being lovely, i appreciate your truth and kindness. " ... written by MMarmalade
He was right on point and was totally in tune to what I have been going through!" ... written by Crystal
Another good reading with Shabby he helps me so much... let him help you he is awesome" ... written by cathleen
He works very quickly and seems pretty positive. I hope he is right about the time frame. Was very accurate describing the person. Thank you." ... written by Anniri
wow you was awesome cant wait till it happens" ... written by lori
first time here, hope he is right... will update!" ... written by jazzychic
Akashsabby1 always gives a great reading. I have done readings with him four times over the course of three years and he has always been honest and never sugarcoated things, even if the truth is not pretty. All his predictions have come true and he gives good advice on how to deal with what is coming. " ... written by Alice
very helpful" ... written by ak
Great reading with some clarity on a tough situation. He has also been correct and accurate every time. He give guidance on how to move forward. I take it! he is not wrong. He has helped me so much over the past 6 months since I have joined. And I will keep returning to him. Let him help you he is very gifted. " ... written by cathleen
Akash was a fantastic reader!! Very insightful and helpful!!! Thank you Akash" ... written by angel
very good and intuitive reader, highly recommended" ... written by oles
perfect reader as always to listen and great energy!!" ... written by chi
Just got a great update reading, always awesome to know what's going on when it comes to my life! Thank you so much!" ... written by Cherie
He is so personable and fun. Very fast typist and very fast connection. You WON'T WASTE your time at all! Very good!! He read my future, so I have to see the predictions result. Hope it is all come as well. " ... written by Lastsearch1
Seemed like a good connection from the minute i got in. Now, only time will tell. :)" ... written by foreverblessed13
Had a quick read with him was very quick and honest really helpful thank you " ... written by slimmie
Great reading ty!" ... written by damaria34
A very sweet and genuine person. i felt very connected was able to answer all my questions. it was a very pleasant experience." ... written by bushrabe
He helpped me understand better about myself. He gave me confidence to believe in myself again.," ... written by Jasmine08241989
What a sweetheart! So gifted...picked up on everything so well without any prompting or question. Just very accurate and good on the reading!" ... written by yas
A truly gifted man. He connecte with me right away. Blessings!!" ... written by beautywithinone
He is such a wonderful man and so beautiful.I wish I wouldve met him 10 years ago cause my life wouldnt have been so upside down but I met him now and good to call him a friend and a gifted man cause people like him only come around once and have to catch the beautiful ones to be sure they dont slip through your fingers.His smile is amazing and just everything about him is beautiful.I am speechless and such a beautiful soul.He just takes my breath away each time.I cannot breathe without him.Such a powerful energy." ... written by TamaraAquarious
Great reading and very relevant!" ... written by celliott
He is a great reader! He gives excellent and accurate predictions and also is very kind and caring with his guidance. wonderful!! ***** FIVE STARS *****" ... written by yas
He is good! picks up on a lot." ... written by florwer85
Very good reading. Connected straight away and gave good advice and guidance" ... written by NICKY1212
Really like my reading, very fast to answer the questions and was kind. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
You just very helpfull thanks" ... written by aumber
Great connection. akashsabby1 could see with out me telling him that there was a rift that had grown between me and my lover which was right on the money. Very nice and friendly, yet down to earth and tells the truth like he sees it. I will be coming back for more in the near future. Thanks for the great reading and for helping see that i have to move on from my relationship and that it is okay to do that and that i will find love again." ... written by raya18jem
Connected with me and answered my questions, gave me advice and assured me that everything will be just fine. hope his prediction comes to pass. Will be back for an update." ... written by queenmarge
He is a great help sweet and clear in whatever questions or doubts you may have and helps gives you advice.. do a reading with him and you wont be disappointed i promise !! " ... written by florsalvaje
Very direct, straight-forward and friendly =D" ... written by palony91
Very understanding and emphatic, good instincts, very helpful!" ... written by samnimadov
Very good reading. Lots of advice" ... written by brit
OMG everything that akashsabby1 has said tonight was so very true, he felt my pain and really sort of knew me. Only one on here so far that understands my situation. I'm speechless for once, he's kind, understanding, give him a try you won't be disappointed. He helped me and I'll be having another reading very soon. Thank you xxxxxx" ... written by hunniebee
I really did enjoy speaking with akash he was good with his words and knowledge of the situation. I would recommend speaking with him if you have questions he was able to connect well with what was going on, thanks alot A" ... written by onceagain
I had very good chat with him and really helped me to figure out my things." ... written by kaur123
He tell me exactly everything and very help full and definetly got talent i can say that what ever he say is right" ... written by aumber
very nice man, very informative, and helpful, you should really talk with him" ... written by Dphsgo93
Very nice reading accurate and very helpfull i recommend him he answers question straight away and doesnt waste time :-))) one of the best !!! thankyou soooo much " ... written by ale510
Made a lot of sense of the situation I find myself in. May come back again." ... written by psycoticsmoker
Akash was really quick and accurate and did not waste time, I would highly recommend him." ... written by Chilligarlic11
Very helpful, confirmed exactly what i thought thank you" ... written by fasina
He was very comforting and kind hearted. Also attentive and clear when it came to answering my question." ... written by jessi2x
Excellent perception. Highly intuitive and honest. Thank you." ... written by av
He is so great :) Quick and kind and helpful and accurate always!" ... written by yas
Very good, tuned in immediately. Recommended." ... written by BarbaA
He understood me right away! " ... written by keke93
Really accurate and direct, quick reading saves credits!! good! Worth trying for sure!" ... written by juttamch
He was very nice and direct with the answers and very understanding." ... written by MISTIE1
I always love my readings with him. He pics up on everything." ... written by florwer85
Thank you so so much Akash! You are just a wonderful person and your energy is so sweet! Thanks for the clarity and I will def be back again! Everyone must have a reading with him, he will help you sooo much! XXX! :) " ... written by nena_2012
Very good!" ... written by alizaroncrimson
Great reading, very accurate on my current situation. Told me specifically what to expect in the months ahead." ... written by sycammer781
He was really great, thank you so much for your help!!!" ... written by cammyboo
My second time with Akash in private and both time he was efficient and empathetic, honed right in on the issue at hand and addressed it quickly. Will be back and highly recommend him!" ... written by wendic
Had an amazing session in private. Was very clear, explained everything orally no typing but understood everything I heard. Gave detail information about my personal situation both for relationship and work. A charming sweet patient kind person who wastes no time in hiding the truth, truth was told whether they be good or bad but he do give you insight to hold hope whether situation don't turn out well. Was told to expect certain predictions and I will sit with hope as he says to do, nonetheless only positive things I was told to expect because its what he saw for me and I am informing anyone to have a pvt with him because oh his clear predictions fully detailed explained and bonusssssssss he's .99 credits you cant ask for anything better, thank you and will be back for update! 5 *****" ... written by saskia82
I enjoyed his reading. It was very quick and to the point. Thanks." ... written by foreverblessed
He helped me alot he was a good talker, telling me good details that wouldn't pass the line in the rules, he followed them and he was kind, thanks for everything, bye..." ... written by Kingn3lson123
I love this guy, he is the man! He deserves more than .99 cents I swear he picks up on a lot of things and advice on improvement. Thanks! " ... written by rumi628
Well he followed the rules I got my information I wanted from him thank you for that and I will come back thanks." ... written by Kingn3lson123
Wonderful reader, very in tuned and gifted also very fast in giving accurate answers to your questions." ... written by arlinruth
Very helpful!! " ... written by sjoishs
I asked questions, he gave me future predictions of what was coming up so I'm interested to see the events coming.... thank you, great reader" ... written by katzhouse
It was good.." ... written by Sushantsohani
He seems very on target. Picked up with no tools. Fast." ... written by spiritualgirl2
I feel i may see the light after spaeking and if all is right plz its worth it .." ... written by Darrantong74
He is really co-operativ and nice Person. He hell me out in a Kind Männer. Thanks" ... written by azeemabbas
Was skeptic that my reading would be inaccurate because of my encounters of with other pyshics, but he was actually good, didnt tell me what i wanted, but what I needed to know, I do recommend him!!!" ... written by itryoften20
Good and fast!!!!!!" ... written by makaylalarayn1
Great insights, answered things that I didn't even thought about!" ... written by allerena
This man is so awesome, fast, accurate, right on, so outgoing and no BS in answers. Thank you so much I will be back most definately. xx :)" ... written by newhorizons12
He is tooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood" ... written by aumber
Love to read with him. He is kind, accurate, and very helpful with guidance." ... written by yas
I was very Pleased with Akashabby1 reading. He is very kind and helpful. He is very honest but caring. Thank you so much" ... written by lildove3
Very good reading. Connected quickly and gave good advice." ... written by NICKY1212
Very honest and truthful reading. 5 stars. Let's hope predictions will come to pass." ... written by _Alexis
Very interesting, thank you soo much for clearing afew things for me :)" ... written by amanda-lobb
Akashasabby1 is extremely kind, understanding, and patient. He seems to pay close attention to every one who comes into his chat and tries to connect first in free chat to get an understanding of you and your situation first. He gave very helpful advice--both practical and intuitive. I asked a lot of silly questions and it was refreshing to have someone sit through and answer everything. If you haven't tried akashabby1! then you should. He's very talented :)" ... written by moriah
He was very good, very kind and patient with me." ... written by blueberrypigs
I spoke to many but he is one of the best..." ... written by azeemabbas
Very Honest!" ... written by skf271
Very nice person. Great advice. :)" ... written by Jules213
He validated what I was feeling. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Will definitely consult again!" ... written by Arabalut
Very good reader. Akashsabby1 is very friendly and easy to talk to. He definitely commits to helping you, understanding your situation, and has a very calming spirit too. I definitely recommend him. " ... written by guriwo
I was stressing over my situation and he helped calm my worries. He was precise, and could see the little specific details that you need to really feel at ease. Contact him! He's Great!!!!" ... written by bekahb01
Very nice guy - was able to read my situation well - I recommend him!" ... written by michele64
Very good. knows what he is talking about and helps you with your goals. will talk wtih him again" ... written by Collier12
He is a dear - a very loving energy - and very reassuring. I found him to be sweet and possessing a genuine connection. I enjoyed our private session immensely. Thank you akashsabby1!" ... written by dmbertault1
Says that I need to let him call me , reduce the distance, he is unsure of alot of things, the thing is, I have a conflicting feeling. and I don't know what to believe right now. You are really sweet though." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Another great reading. He is the real deal. " ... written by raya18jem
2nd time and helped me out, have to wait and see some more at the end of month!" ... written by SmokeyBlack
I checked a detail to compare with my favourite reader about payment and he was right. I did get payment before Friday. Very nice!" ... written by spiritualgirl2
THANKS A BUNCH!" ... written by idontbelieve
THANKS!" ... written by idontbelieve
Very patient and understands the situation well - waiting for his predictions to come true." ... written by afsha21
He is alright.. did not get much info but he was ok. " ... written by Katja87
He is alright.. did not get much info but he was ok. " ... written by Katja87
He was great!" ... written by oalanis
He' just the best, always helpful and says the right thing so 100% five star!" ... written by aumber
Was happy with what he had to say. Hit the nail on the head with some things." ... written by united4life
He is very sweet and fast. Picked on situation quickly. I look forward for prediction to come true." ... written by Rescume8
He was able too pic up on things reail fast. and i loved it. go pv with him:) hes great!!" ... written by Knepper620
Wonderful is all i can say will be coming back soon!!! He is awsome much love!!" ... written by camo_mamma
Thank you for the clarification on my spirituality and I appreciate the motivation you have given. I know have a better understanding of how I would like to help people in the future. Thanks for helping make the world a better place. =)" ... written by ModelChristina
U r awesome!" ... written by taraannesusi
This man is great, fast, accurate, dead on, tells u like it is, and is AWESOME! very nice u will not be disappointed at all... I will be back again, and again..." ... written by newhorizons12
He seems intuitive and gave me some insight on my job. I'm looking forward to the positive changes he told me about." ... written by putergeke
Very kind and personable. On the ball." ... written by jerryboy22
Great connection. Thanks :)" ... written by lovelilacs
What a Great Reading .Tuned right in with my situation in life. I loved my Reading and loved Akashsabby he is so Awesome. The Best. So happy with my reading. He is GOOD..." ... written by lovelilacs
He is really kind and really honest person... I really like to chat him... Thanks slash bro." ... written by azeemabbas
Very good reading straight to the point" ... written by FRANCIS27
Good" ... written by FRANCIS27
He was great, connected and very positive. Thanks again for all your help. Blessings and love and light. " ... written by BeautifulSoul
Thank you very much..... I will use what you told me and i will definitely be back and speak with you.... " ... written by Shelly2487
Fantastic, Fantastic! Great clarity! " ... written by shell456
Thanks for your help" ... written by jenniebella83
Very good reading, TY Akashsabby" ... written by damaria34
Professional, fast..." ... written by lisann
Absolutely wonderful!!!! " ... written by shell456
A down to earth person, really honest and connected to my situation very well. Really enjoyed my reading, made me feel much better after talking to him. I would surely recommend him to others. I think he was quick and to the point. At last, a wonderful person. " ... written by cutebirds
Thank you for the reading, it was on point and what I felt to be true." ... written by angel927
Good personality. Honest. Helpful. Enjoyed my reading!" ... written by lachill120
Connected well, to the point, gives timeframes" ... written by dd41783
Quick and honest..." ... written by mosh2012
Very nice and willing to help you with any problems, very clear to understand, and gets to the point. I would definitely have another reading from him next time. Loved it." ... written by mariiiah
Wish I had more time! But this is my second time having a reading done with him..." ... written by keke93
I felt he was very honest. And I appreciate his honesty. Thank you very much:D" ... written by marisduhh
Akashsabby - extremely pleasant and insightful. First time online, this psychic/astologer is very good. Many answers to pivotal questions - love, life, career, family..." ... written by desl1959
Nice gentleman to chat with. Will get back to him." ... written by neethu7777
Quick, direct to the point, second reading with him and my current did not change, his previous prediction came true, highly recommend and I will be back in a few weeks to see what transpires. " ... written by leti8989
I liked him, he was direct and to the point!" ... written by rosanahk
Great reading!" ... written by cabbyaj
He is really good!!! Straight to the point! I really recommend him!" ... written by Kai1111
Wow he is was very quick and answered my questions and gave me advice too! I will be coming back I highly recommend him, best reading I had !!! Thank you so much Akashsabby!!!" ... written by goddess70
Great and Very Helpful" ... written by itryoften20
It was hard to hear sometimes, but other than that, no problems at all. He was very kind, and encouraging, picked up on things. Good all around." ... written by beetlenut
He is good. directed to the point. thanks i'll be back for more" ... written by tuda11
Your readings gave me a lot of confidence and helped me to look at my future. you gave very good suggestions which are quite useful. thanks a lot akashsabby1" ... written by sandhyaravi
Akash is a gifted psychic at remote viewing and a great communicator. Gets to the root of the matter quickly, in an intelligent and efficient manner. Also a caring reader. RECOMMENDED. FIVE STARS. " ... written by belladonna8
Great session again. Always on the mark. I can't wait till I have to go back with a new question." ... written by raya18jem
Great guy. reading was on the money. He read deep into my situation. Honest. " ... written by MrsChung1
He was kind and spot on and how I know this as only two other psychic have said exactly the same . I will definitely come back to him. " ... written by twinkleone
Akashsabby1 is great!! Five star rating!!! I really enjoyed my private chat session with him!!!" ... written by KristiW1969
Very kind and very acurate! He understands everything and is very helpfull! i would deffinatly recomend him! :)" ... written by liveforsoftball
Always good to talk with Akash....i will keep coming back! highly recommended and always very positive!" ... written by wendic
I've had multiple readings with this gentleman and he tells you what you need to hear... not what you want to hear :) my reading was not all that positive for me but his energy is uplifting and i highly recommend." ... written by leti98
Really good. help me alot" ... written by laurrenn017
Very friendly and kind!! Tunes right in! Thanks again, u were great! " ... written by Summaluv8
I he is toooo good and say just true i can trust him with my eyes closed you are tooooo goood akash" ... written by aumber
I adore him!!! He's so great and full of positivity!" ... written by shell456
Good advice and to the point. thanks" ... written by tuda11
Good man. He allayed my anxiety and fear." ... written by Twinheart
He is very nice. It is a wait and see kind of a deal..." ... written by blueoceandiver
Rather pleasant and really insightful... Good reading and right on the money..." ... written by caj
Great man. straight forward, no sugar coating, and very fas, I will be back...Thank you!" ... written by newhorizons12
Very nice, knowledgable, very quick handle on my situation. Will talk to him again soon!" ... written by hjburge
Thanks! Excellent reading!" ... written by shazmeen
Very good excellent" ... written by shazmeen
Great advice!" ... written by Sjoshi
Awesome!" ... written by caa
You won't be sorry. Great Reading!" ... written by AjC
Keep coming back, he is so positive and kind. Really needed to hear what he had to say...highly recommended!" ... written by wendic
Great reading!" ... written by cabAA
Very honest." ... written by silliesAlly
Tooooo goood, my favourite, I believe him bcoz he always says the truth." ... written by aumber
He connected very well with my situation, asked a question and he gave me a straight up answer. I am looking forward to next year prediction and if his prediction is true if he's in the States, he's invited to the event ;) " ... written by msdowatiwant
Love him!!! Fantastic as always! " ... written by shell456
Really good and gave me good timeframe. Was accurate about my love life... will definitely be back... God bless you! x" ... written by manox123
He was really good and honest! I like that. Very kind as well. Thank you so much I will definitely come back again! Try him, he's really good!" ... written by Caramcaz
Very helpful :))) thx :))" ... written by Holly Polly
Always a great read..." ... written by ca
Very very very exceptionally good!!!!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Wonderful" ... written by crtnybeavers
His just too good thank you try his reading you wont regret" ... written by shazmeen
Thanks man, i realy enjoy your time." ... written by korioh
Great, open, honest " ... written by jrichthe1
He is awesome. He picks up things so quickly, has a great voice which would comfort you. He made my mind calm. Absolutely brilliant, trust me guys.. If you have any problem, then no looking back - run to him for a reading...100+ stars to him..may be all the stars in the sky :) I love your reading.. I am waiting for results, I will keep you posted...Thank you so much! :))) " ... written by mini14
Second reading with him! He's really good, doesn't tell you what you want to here just tells you what you need to hear. I feel a lot better now thank you!" ... written by Caramcaz
Love this man... I hated my reading.. but he has remained consistent and honest.. can't blame the messenger for news that needs to be told.. Highly recommend... " ... written by leti98
Had a good session with akashabby1. Seemed to connect to my situation well and gave me some hope and insight into the future. Only time will tell when things come to be but I am hopeful. Thank you" ... written by crzdnem
Akash is right on. Very helpful, as he took my problems I asked about and really connected with me to make sense of them all. Fast answers! Comfortable reading!" ... written by ashesO3
Always makes me feel better... Thanks again, will be back." ... written by wendic
Very helpful and friendly AND HONEST! I got many good advices! An awesome psychic. " ... written by jennifer919
Read my mind exactly as I was expecting!! Thanks!" ... written by sjoishs
The reader was most pleasant and gave me advice which I already knew was good for me, maybe I just needed a push in the right way... and I spoke to the right man, he seemed to know immediately what I need to do. soon I hope I will manage to make it. " ... written by SEVERIAN666
Good person." ... written by Twinheart
He's a nice guy with a lot of experience... I'm so impressed... :)" ... written by abhijuec
Very Good reading! Accurate in doing so and am looking forward to seeing the outcome." ... written by pwintish
He was on point. He has been very helpful during the reading. I felt very comfortable talking to this lovely man as if I was conversing with a family member! Thank you so much for your clarification I will come back soon! I strongly recommend him to anyone for a psychic reading :)" ... written by sha1991
Very good reader fast and detailed" ... written by fasina
Great reading as usual!!" ... written by cupcakegirl
Excellent reading. connected quickly and gave good advice" ... written by NICKY1212
Good person, ease my worry." ... written by Twinheart
Good reading.. Fast reader." ... written by MissCaro88
Very kind and helpful" ... written by luckyme1108
A good person." ... written by Twinheart
Wonderful and kind person. Good at giving news and showing you what is good for you.. " ... written by AislingKerry
Wonderful as always!!!! " ... written by shell456
I give aakash 10 points and 10 stars.he is just awesome and wonderful.helped me n my bad times and still helping me.he gave the reading to the point.i was left feeling peaceful.great reader.!!!" ... written by satinder18
He was very patient andamp;amp; gave me a lot of motivation." ... written by Sharag19
Akashsabby1 told me some good news..yeahh!" ... written by mano17
Akashsabby is an awesome psychic! His predictions have been 100% accurate, and I was blown away by how thins transpired exactly as he said they would. He told me the man I have a crush on would contact me within one week, and within three days, I received a letter in the mail! He gives awesome advice as well. You won't be disappointed in his services, he's the best!" ... written by KristiW1969
Akashsabby is awesome he gave me a reading a month ago and his prediction partly came to pass.. in the reading he told me my bf and i would get married 1yr and a half from now... well in a recent conversation of the wkend with my bf he told me its going to take him a 1yr in a half to buy me a ring..... confirmation ... the guy is great.." ... written by msdowatiwant
Good reading, nice guy, honest." ... written by orangeblossom
He seemed to know things about me and my life...I give him five stars,,,,good work." ... written by jerriann67
Intuitive and honest!!" ... written by newperson
Gives hope and to the point! would visit again:)" ... written by iampsyched11
Very honest and gifted, very nice and loving soul." ... written by dzydaisy
Clear and concise as always! " ... written by shell456
Ace guy - fast and to the point no messing around - Good advice and connected to me fast - akashsabby1 your a star!" ... written by Chilledchill
Wonderful psychic! Great reader! Amazing!" ... written by Joanna93
Thank you so much Akashsabby1. You are the most wonderful reader I have come across. Very quick to see, feel and give time lines. You are very compassionate and caring. Thank you for the truth! You will not be disappointed!" ... written by Raquel64
This man is great so kind and very helpful. I told him my problems and he had a clear answer no hesitation. Thanks akashsabby1" ... written by karmacomesaround
Talked about a reunion. His prediction regarding this came through word for word- out of the hundreds of psychics that I saw- he was one of two that predicted the outcome. THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED please try him... 10 STARS!!!" ... written by belladonna8
Wow... is all i have to say. very accurate. sweet guy. knows what he's talking about. will definately come back. Thank you akashsabby!! " ... written by mini1214
GOOOD JOB : HE DESCRIBEd THE PERson THE RIGHT WAY!" ... written by purple20
So happy is back on, missed him, sound good advice.. His predictions have been consistent. highly recommend." ... written by leti8989
Was really good, and thoughtful." ... written by sagbaby
Very caring. I enjoy privates with him, thank you!" ... written by wendic
He's very accurate! And he is very generous and kind." ... written by Sugar57
I was very impressed by what i heard. I give my highest recommendation and suggest that everyone tries him. You wont be disappointed." ... written by RUTH1081
Wow, what can I say. Excellent reading" ... written by SadSong
So so so so kind and understanding. Very helpful to me. I will contact him again" ... written by Heather41
He is a very good and fast reader... i give him 10 stars... very connected and accurate... thank u." ... written by GG
Accurate and picked up really fast, I will just wait for the predictions and keep him updated!" ... written by aqwel17
Great reading!" ... written by becca2312
Good reading . very fast. not dissapointed :)" ... written by MissCaro88
He was uplifting and assertive in his convictions about my situation.. Yes I recommend him.. " ... written by Miguel7585
Veryyyy good!!! He is just very positive and even though I was sad he has a really good way to put a smile but very accurate and strong on what he says." ... written by astridzinha
He was thorough and to the point. Told me the truth and I cant wait to see what he says will happen. Awesome reading" ... written by rdwarren
Very reassuring and correct. Needed some clarity which he provided in a timely manner. Awesome reading and highly recommended." ... written by rdwarren
Very nice person, no time wasting and geniune readings that I could absolutely relate to. Answered all the questions I wanted to know about and even more. thanks so much" ... written by kemofos2
Hes awesome! joined in on a demo reading and he chose me, decided to take him to private after, to see how amazing he was, and he didnt let me down. hes really awesome, clear, quick, and hits it right on the nail!" ... written by vineir08
Wonderful and caring - with very accurate reading. He sees things very correctly!" ... written by feeling_good
He knows me. What else can I say? Thank you..." ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
I just want to thank you. You really helped me to clarify some important things. There was no judgement...just honest direction and truth. I really appreciate that. My soul actually feels a little lighter and...that is always a sweet feeling! Take care and god Bless you in all that you do. The Irish are lucky to have you! lol" ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
Great as usual." ... written by shell456
Highly recommend, always a pleasure, quick, spot on.. Predictions seem to be coming true. " ... written by leti8989
Good reading. He is very clear and honest as to what he sees. " ... written by reenaji
Excellent reading. Kool guy. Ggreat connection. Will be back." ... written by mini1214
Very good at reading realtionships, will again go for a private session :)" ... written by markinedmond
He was fast and helpful. I will be back here next time. " ... written by mano17
Akashsabby was wonderful! He gave me wonderful techniques to use to enhance my meditations. Heartily recommended." ... written by AllieCat24
Good update!" ... written by vineir08
Very helpful in my tough situation where I thought of changing my career paths. akashsabby1 has given me motivational words encouraging me to continue doing what I am doing. Thanks a lot akashsabby1 !!" ... written by Arshbrar
Was impressed with the demo that I took him for private. Astounding accuracy with details. Thanks so much! " ... written by p
Thank you he was amazing" ... written by paula9969
Excellent reading once again!" ... written by mini1214
Thanks for the update." ... written by stargazer7
Was great session will look forward to see what will happen in few months." ... written by appleinsnow
Great reading, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
VERY understanding and listens, does not judge, insightful and caught dead on that this guy I am involved with was a friend of mine.... Enjoyable to listen to as well." ... written by mtruesh
Highly recommend,always a pleasure,very quick, honest and direct.. :)" ... written by leti98
Very fast connection, tells you exactly how he see's thanks akashabby:-) great reader" ... written by fasina
RECOMMENDED, can go deeply into a situation and bring clarity to complex issues. You have a question, he has the answer/explanation. Patient, Caring, Fast and Down to Earth." ... written by belladonna8
Good to talk to, VERY easy on the eyes :) He is very open, about a very very very VERY sensitive subject regarding pregnancy and did not judge only guide .... I also understand his culture being that I have many friends with same ideals including my boss, he handled it very well. Talk to him if you have something very pressing / taboo even and he can help." ... written by mtruesh
Akashsabby connects quickly and is spot on with details! I look forward to his predictions! He is wonderful in private chat and I recommend you get private with him!" ... written by marionlyttle
I had a wonderful reading with Akash. He connected very fast and gave me timeframe also. He is a very nice person, very easy to talk too and tries to help everyone in his room. I am glad i met you Akash. I can't wait for the predictions to come through. Thank you very much for your help. I am very grateful." ... written by welcometo99
Very good spot on. " ... written by libraladyx
Fantastic reading! Spot on with what's going on in my life and offered great advice!" ... written by Bethany
What a brilliant reading! Akash was on point about everything. He managed to recognise my character and picked up on certain things that I do. What a fantastic guy! Thank you for the reading. x" ... written by EasternM
He was very good and pretty much on the money." ... written by gracedarlou
Akash is a very insightful person, knows how to make you feel comfortable and knows how to lend you a good ear ..he goes a lot by his personal feelings ...inspite of not having a visual, he could still read me pretty well and also managed to answer my questions ....will have to wait and see but i will definitely be back to clear any doubts and give him a full 5 star if his predictions become true! " ... written by einsteinette
Brilliant and correct. Loved the reading. Thank you so much." ... written by tonio73
It would have probably been useful to speak for longer! Thank you." ... written by nostalgicgirl
A wealth of positive information! Thank you so much!" ... written by richie5280
Interesting" ... written by fretan
Picks up energy very well!!! Very sincere and kind!!!! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Accurate" ... written by charmaine53
Very good and very intune, would recommend to give him a try." ... written by jackals1312
AMAZING." ... written by 14thjune
He is quite accurate in his reading. He made me feel good and I will update as and when his predictions come true." ... written by anusri64
Amazed at how welll he connected.. Gave me excellent advice! " ... written by kingpi
Reading was good. I finally got one answer that I was looking for. he went straight to the point right away. no cards.. " ... written by Sunshine10601
He is professional. I will return and rate on predictions as they take place. " ... written by spiritualgirl2
A few connection problems but very sound advice - thanks v much :) !!!" ... written by Ngozi07
Straightforward no nonsense. Very accurate about who i am and what I need to work on. Channeled my deceased teacher with good advice." ... written by myojin
Awesome - real clear - direct - connected " ... written by sunshine789
Tuned into what was going on very quickly. He was very kind and helped with what I needed. Thank you!" ... written by Becca
Very good reading, can connect with me right away and very accurate." ... written by private name
Clarity! i do fel better. thank you. he just calmed me down, which i needed. i got good advice, the same advice from others also. great" ... written by hoping2351
He was really accurate and clear. I recommend :)" ... written by Crab1993
VERY VERY GOOD!.... will be back!" ... written by LeKris22
Akashsabby1 is really awesome. He gave me an accurate reading. I will come back to find him again some other time if there are some other curiousity i need to clear. His voice is clear, he is direct and straight to the point. You are awesome Akashsabby1. I recommend him to others. Great job Akashsabby, thanks a lot :) Appreciate it :)" ... written by rosemary928
He is such a good reader. Spot on and I really was able to connect with him.." ... written by stakiss
He is the best!" ... written by alondra1991
Akashsabby is awesome, on target, very connected." ... written by sunshine789
Akashsabby1 was very personable and insightful in regard to my career, health and love life. I would recommend him. " ... written by ChristinaC
Oh my mind thank you soo much, you did a great job." ... written by santhia1989
This is second reading with Akashsabby, and I have to say he is wonderful! Connected really fast with my situation. Can't wait to see his predictions." ... written by lifetime1974
Akashsabby, is a very nice man and one of the good Psychics here on Oranum. He didn't use any card. He answered my question straight away. Everything he told me are true. I'm very happy that he help me out. Thank you for answering all my question and I'm happy to meet you Akashsabby. ^_^ " ... written by Akasakura
Great reading, as always. Connects very well!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Highly recommended.... He sticks to his predictions. He is clear and to the point. Go Pvt with him today!!! :)" ... written by clarity0909
He is very good, I really appreciate all his help and positive words. Hoping he is right." ... written by wendic
Awesome, thank you for being honest and not judgemental. You have a wonderful gift." ... written by sunshine789
Great guy. Very nice and kind. Connected to me instantly. Accurate and honest. Offered great helpful advice. Gave me much clarity and insight. He's wonderful. Loved the reading!!!!!!!!! " ... written by AmazinGuy977
I think he is one of the most helpful psychics on this site. He is genuine!!! And has a very kind and fresh way of expressing himself. It was also pretty easy to talk to him. He is very straight forward and to the point." ... written by maria19k
Great reading!!!!" ... written by mancrm
Thank you so very much for your insight as it has provided me some clarity. You were spot on with this reading. If I have additional questions I will come back for another reading in the future. Have a blessed day! " ... written by youniqueme
Picked up a lot thanks!" ... written by sbibinora
Wow! This guy is truly amazing. He connected with my situation right off the bat! He listened and gave me answers with ease. I'm so glad i decided to go private with him. Truly straightforward and amazing!" ... written by neletsonya93oo
I really like him!" ... written by shawnanorberg123
Very informative, very quick to connect, knows what is going on before you say anything. Very gifted!" ... written by Tremendousbliss
Very good reading!" ... written by survivor41
He contacted my dead father in law and once more he was very honest and truthfull. There is no regret with this man, he is the real thing." ... written by confusion1982
He was very clear in his answers. He was very honest. He didn't go in circle in answering my questions. And for the first time I felt that I was being understood. He is very good. He is excellent." ... written by confusion1982
I really think this guy can see and feel the energy on whatandamp;quot;s going on w/you....Any situation your going through......I recommend him:)" ... written by shawnanorberg123
Wow he is the best psychic answered all questions fast " ... written by shaheershater
Reading was very positive, helpful and accurate. I highly recommend him if you have important questions to ask about your life. He also speaks with guides and those who have passed." ... written by myojin
Very helpful." ... written by zimerili1
He said everything right..Wow it was amazing...Thank you!" ... written by nibbles2012
Never enough time but he answered my questions. :) " ... written by souxie
I thought he was very good picked on the emotions of me and the situation very well. " ... written by Tremendousbliss
Great!" ... written by lolypok
Really good, its great!" ... written by lolypok
Connected in free chat first and was accurate and very kind. " ... written by ikroyal
Thank you Ash for your insight!" ... written by lifetime1974
It was a nice advise.. You're great!!! Thank you :)" ... written by naes419
It was good talking to you and hopefully he will stay in UK." ... written by vasanta
Good reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Good reading, tells you the truth...makes you feel comfortable, asks you first in free chat before private." ... written by ginlin
Good reading. Seemed to understand my situation very well. Hope things turn out true." ... written by lonelyhrt09
Really nice guy! I will be coming back to talk to him." ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
A very nice man. The reading was very good." ... written by LeoTheLion99
He's very honest, calm, and very accurate. Loved to have a chat and a reading with him :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Thank you so much, great reading." ... written by mmd1990
Wonderful reading. Thank you sooo much!" ... written by drogers7
5 stars. Truly gifted man." ... written by arlinruth
Great read, spot on. Pay for a private!!!" ... written by newmswalker2
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Every time I come to private, Akahabby1 gives me hope when I most need it... Thank you again for your honesty and your kindness!" ... written by wendic
I really enjoyed the reading and he was very fast and spot on. He gives great advices!" ... written by mimatisse
Great person, intuitive." ... written by bmurillo
Great reading... He makes a connection before the reading and shows you the connection before going in and is spot on when connection is made and also when in the reading! I highly recommend akashsabby1!" ... written by PatientLove22
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Akashsabby was awesome! He was right on!" ... written by Angela2508
Wonderful reader. " ... written by LeoTheLion99
Very efficient with the time I had. Kind hearted, to the point and honest. Thanks for a great reading!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
I really respect his reading which is very clear and he talks to the depth of the point. Surely, one can get great guidance and light to walk in confusions. I highly recommend him. He is great in reading." ... written by hitoeasy
He was very good and quick with his reading." ... written by sandalgr8
Great reading from Akash. He is to the point, accurate and fast. I recommend this reader as a sincere and very good reader. Thank you Akash!" ... written by Charlie0605
Just had an awesome reading he connected very well and gave me very accurate answers andamp;amp; much insight I recommend him he's honest and nice and helps out a lot." ... written by Love10101
Lovely person. Good reader." ... written by LeoTheLion99
He was very good and Percise with Answers. Very Accurate and straight to the point , and very quick to respond. " ... written by cancer1973
He's fast, recieved message quick and very accurate." ... written by bellacasa
Sabby is a very good psychic, love him, will be back, thanks: Harriet in California" ... written by harriet19
Thank you very much akashabby1, you've set my mind at ease. everything you've said was right and is just what he is. it couldn't be more clear than that. I can see you have a great future. Thanks again." ... written by deneyah
Very good reading! I recommend to anyone!" ... written by fpinkney
What a great detailed reading. He got into specifics and his reading of who I am is very accurate. Thank you so much!!" ... written by breeboots
Good reading." ... written by kerrdoodle
Very good reader. Compassionate." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Thank you. Amazing reading and on point. Confirmed my own intuition on my relationship situation. Look forward to reading by him again. " ... written by plutogirl76
Good reading :-)" ... written by Tishiab
He is one of the best readers on Oranum, and one of the nicest too!" ... written by myojin
Wonderful reading. Picked up on me immediately and knew me with only my name and date of birth." ... written by LoriKA
Thanks so much for the insight!" ... written by mmd1990
Thank you so much for your time and gift... I'm looking forward to coming back to you to let you know about your predictions! :) Blessings to you! xo" ... written by lila88
I think akashsahabby is awesome, he is one of your best!" ... written by sunshine678
Always on point!" ... written by lmb811
Awesome :) thank you for the reading! got in the connection straight away ! Good with time frames too. Will let u know what happens :) much love. xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Wow very insightful and going to take his advice and hope for the best!!! I will be back with updates!!!" ... written by curielpatricia
Thanks so much akashsabby! You knew right away the main things so made a good connection. And I'm very happy to know now it all will be ok if we keep patience and love. Hope it will all work out well. Thank you!" ... written by Lucy2011
One of the best people here. He is as specific as he can get and he is very honest. I hope everything he says comes true. He is grrrrreeeeaaattt!!!" ... written by MasterJU
I loved the reading... it was very on point. I want another one because I want to ask better questions, because I know he will have answers." ... written by MasterJU
He is so good and I appreciate what he did. So I trust him and what he said is true. " ... written by vasanta
I like your patience!" ... written by Angelica
Great reading!! Accurate and answered questions quickly. " ... written by campo14
He is my favorite Person on this site. He is so specific and genuine. He is very on point its scary but beautiful. I LOVED THE READINGSSSSS!" ... written by MasterJU
Good reader. Really like him." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Very useful. Some clear insights thanks. " ... written by gopigeeta
Very specific and kind. I would recommend for Love and relationship advice. You can really tell he's being very truthful." ... written by radicalii
Thanks so much again:)" ... written by Lucy2011
Very helpful" ... written by lmb811
Nice he is really accurate 100 % right nice ." ... written by maria0786
He was very kind and informative. Great reading. He was able to connect with my mom who passed and I got some answers." ... written by marypits
I really liked my reading with akashabby, hes very quick and accurate on picking up stuff when he uses birth chart to hone in a bit closer. thank you so much!" ... written by jippyxxx
Very good and accurate reading on a situation I was struggling over. Highly recommended and this is coming from someone who was not a believer at all. Very nice man with a great personality. I would suggest talking to him before making important decisions." ... written by alyssaval
Was very accurate picking things up, didn't tell him much, he told me, highly recommended." ... written by 1212flaming
Picked up on my situation really really quick and was fast!" ... written by imapeach
I really thought that was awesome. All my questions answered quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much!" ... written by sarebear
Phenomenal!" ... written by yasamananisi
Thank you so much..." ... written by lila88
Simply amazing, have no words to describe how good aakash is. Everything he said was honest and half the questions that were in my mind were read, he gave me such hope at a dull point in life. Thanks so much!" ... written by becky5678
He's a great reader. Spot on!! Compassionate, not sugarcoated, but always what you need to hear." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Great reading! always very tuned in to whats going on. Straight forward and to the point. Gives the andamp;big picture andamp; Thanks again." ... written by plutogirl76
Love my reading, definitely coming back for another one in the future. :)" ... written by babygurl657
He was very accurate in picking up things.Infact he even told me abt something tht i din't tell him and it was right on point. Also he was very fast and gave me time frames to unfold things. I am pretty sure they will manifest. I think i can sleep peacefully tonight which was not happening from a long time. He has given me a hope to live again.." ... written by bubblygirl
Akashsabby was lovely to speak with and definitely gave good advice. He knew personalities accurately and I will try extremely hard to take heed of his words. A big thank you." ... written by cimba1
I was happy with the reading, i felt the connection was very good. He was very quick to respond. It is now a matter of waiting to see if the predictions take place." ... written by stickytoffee
I think he's the best reader on here." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Excellent Reader. Spot on. Compassionate, but wise and sweet." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Excellent Reader, Very truthful, looking forward to his predictions to happen." ... written by Need2know5
Quick." ... written by Sherroll08
He was a great psychic. He does respond quickly and works to answer the question in your allotted time. I am happy with his response and his overall interaction. I highly recommend this psychic." ... written by Atlantaladi
I put him as favourites, he is sweet and caring he said it like he saw it. He said I can make things work with my boyfriend, but I could do better and he is right I needed to hear that." ... written by Sherroll08
Very accurate, will only come back to this physic, try him you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed." ... written by 1212flaming
He is so awesome and has guided me in the right direction, I can always count on him to make me feel more at ease." ... written by curielpatricia
Cool guy :) I hope your predictions will come true!" ... written by timokoh
He is very honest and sincere! I enjoyed his reading!" ... written by pinkandyellow
Awesome - excellent." ... written by sunshine678
Thank you again, always very positive and honest...great private!" ... written by wendic
He does have something. " ... written by aumber
Helped me a lot in a short period of time." ... written by candice77
His empathy is amazing, he instantly connects with you and is able to see the entire picture from all sides. He is truly connected. Honest and caring and truly gifted!" ... written by rainbownz
Out of all the Psychics here in Oranum, he was one of my favorites. Accurate reading! Recommend!" ... written by pinkandyellow
Very accurate always , guarantee." ... written by 1212flaming
Love Love Love it, he told me exactly what I needed to do. And even the time frame!!!!" ... written by lizb65
Gave good advise, and it was good to hear, someone finally telling me the truth." ... written by reeserep1127
Was great, he was very kind and precise. Was giving me the attention I needed for my session." ... written by weeso86
Akash is one of the most genuine and trustworthy psychics on Oranum. The most accurate and least biased." ... written by myojin
Excellent connection. Excellent reading, very accurate." ... written by Flowers2012
A very good man! Thank you for your kindness." ... written by Mademoiselle1
Wow is all I can say...akashsabby1 is the real thing ...so accurate and is able to tune in to your situation and tell you the truth...I will be back great reading!" ... written by vayunu
Thanks again. Good advice. Lowered my anxiety. merry Xmas. Talk soon. " ... written by plutogirl76
I think his readings are very accurate! I know that I will be coming back for more!" ... written by 1212flaming
He can always make me feel at ease and relaxed!!! I trust in him and will keep updating as things come along. " ... written by curielpatricia
Great reading, will use again." ... written by tical3522
It was a nice quick read. " ... written by Forgivenkey
Always accurate!" ... written by 1212flaming
Very good. He was on the point, and he told me not what I wanted to hear but more of reality check which was what I really needed it. Thank you so much. I will be back!" ... written by Ruchipatel
Very insightful, warm and helpful! Thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Very nice!" ... written by sudha2809
Awesome and amazing. You don't have to speak at all!" ... written by sudha2809
OMG, my reading was pretty quick, we was very accurate of my situation." ... written by Ilovemyjob2012
Very honest!" ... written by curielpatricia
So helpful and accurate. He connected with me right away and picked up on my situation immediately. " ... written by kimmy33
Akash is always accurate with his predictions! Thank you so much Akash for the update!" ... written by lifetime1974
An excellent reader. Very accurate, friendly, funny. One of the best." ... written by LeoTheLion99
Excellent...very good and accurate...Deserves 5 plus stars." ... written by focusing
He is very good. He didn't use any cards or anything, just his natural spiritual ability... Very precise, fast and accurate... Amazing... I would definitely recommend him!" ... written by ClaireMarie11
I have had many readings that seem like they are using cards and just guessing. I have read with akashsabby twice now ...his abilities are amazing!! He does not use tools and uses his psychic ability to immediately pick up on your situation. He is the real thing... Thanks for sharing your blessings... " ... written by vayunu
Was a great ready kind a quite acurate " ... written by 123nameme
Great INFO Love The info 5 stars + 5 More " ... written by queenbee22
Such a nice person,really made me feel better about things. Answered a lot of questions. Very accuarte. Will talk again soon!" ... written by darlinhun
He connects extremely fast and he's very informative. I will be back." ... written by Kekee9
He is a great reader, spot on =) I really enjoyed our chat tonight, gave a lot of information in short time frame." ... written by luckycharms312
THANKS!" ... written by sunangel69
Nice guy, great advice." ... written by kobashiwarlord
Very accurate, thank you! :) And you don't waste time which is good, you managed to answer three problems in a short amount of time! ;) Thank you so much! I feel better now and I can get back on the game! :D And you're hoenst, which is fantastic! Keep doing the great work! And thank you again! :D" ... written by tamalynne
He is so positive and kind! Very honest and clear. Definitely recommend!" ... written by mhharview
Hes one funny Guy. Akashabby1" ... written by chick1988
He was great help!!! Very accurate and no sugar coating!!! I recommend him 100%" ... written by mara5588
Very very quick, shoots out info faster than I can respond! Very on point, no sugar coating, and very very accurate. I will be back. Excellent reading, very sweet person, excellent psychic!" ... written by Blackjane2614
I trust what he says! Very good." ... written by 1212flaming
Great Update! good info, happy holidays!" ... written by queenbee22
Very accurate always come back for more." ... written by 1212flaming
Amazing, spot on!!! Truly truly gifted!! I will be back many many more times. Very sweet and to the point. Does not waste time or money. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Blackjane2614
What a nice conversation." ... written by susanna12345
He really awesome honesty quickly response .. I give him 5 stars :)" ... written by anniekazmi88
He is so sweet and caring and its like talking to a good friend of yours. His reading was amazing and I hope his prediction is true." ... written by fairmemories
Very accurate... To the point!" ... written by rani4you
Naturally gifted! Honest and direct..." ... written by financialk007
He connects fairly quick and is quite accurate. He is also very nice, caring and honest about anything in the current situation. Will definitely favorite him." ... written by fairmemories
Great reading!" ... written by sweetsx
Very precise.... accurate perception of me... hoping to see his prediction come true... thank you... " ... written by Dreamspinner
Very kind, very fast and precise and I think that he picked up on me and gave me some honest predictions! Thank you!" ... written by kellycalifornia
I like the way he is!" ... written by loveandpeace24
Great, thank you, soooooooo much! " ... written by queenbee22
Very accurate and nice reading. Positive." ... written by druvina1973
Awesome reading!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
Very, very fast! if you need fast answers to questions he will answer them quickly...worth it!" ... written by aftv
He connected quickly and was very kind throughout the reading. Hope his predictions come true :)" ... written by rawr_meow
He was good seemed to have right say about feb girl that two other psychics predicted." ... written by princedanny
Excellent...muy bien" ... written by sudha2809
Short yes / no question. Akashsabby was personable and to the point, and encouraging. Thank you and God Bless. :)" ... written by devinostrum
Thanks for the help and being so straight forward." ... written by nsingh
He gave a good picture of my situation. Accurate and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Aka, thanks a lot for the feedback and now I am bit released, you are right, he is a good guy that's my impression. And our life circumstances are very different, he is an old father to 2 young kids and working part time as social worker. Maybe we can be one day friends. Lhakee" ... written by Lhakee
Thank you so much! Connected so well to my situation!!!" ... written by tbrooke2012
You must check out akashsabby1! Very uplifting and no beating around with answers." ... written by kimberly1018
He completely helped in the problem and gave great insight." ... written by pharmergirl9
Always an honest answer. quick and precise. Thank you again. Talk soon." ... written by plutogirl76
He was 100 % right, I will take him to private andamp; would like to recommend him." ... written by januarygirl
IN-CRE-DI-BLE - this man is amazing - very very accurate and specific - " ... written by improvknight
Very fast, kind, insightful and straightforward! Hope his predictions will come true!! :)" ... written by kellycalifornia
Highly clairovayant, good soul, good advice as well." ... written by Nikos012
Very good, as always." ... written by myojin
This guy is great and doesn't waste your time. I really trust his reading!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Fast reading, very kind reader." ... written by K716
He is fast, accurate, a good psychic and good person. I really like him and hope you too, I am very happy to have come to him with questions again! Thank you!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Quick, clear and open! ooooh, enjoyed his energy and approach!" ... written by ttan15
Awesome, fast, worth it. Always a pleasure!" ... written by sjsa
Very clear and insightful reader, thank you. :)" ... written by Denisenz
Amazing! Picked up on a lot!" ... written by deemun9
Wonderful as always, very positive and always right on target... Thank you again!" ... written by wendic
Akash is great! " ... written by sometimes4321
Very good psychic! Very honest, quick! Thank you very much for this great session." ... written by dolzi22
Another wonderful reading. He gave me so much accurate insight into my situation." ... written by kimmy33
He connects really well, and able to help my situation." ... written by 2586Creator
He was very on spot with my relationship situation. I will speak with akashabby again!" ... written by 2586Creator
Accurate!" ... written by Zeigen
He's very fast and is very direct. He has clarity and cares about your issues. He's great." ... written by dmbertault1
Lovely Guy, really wanna help you and does have accurate answers!!!" ... written by sanjam
Quick and accurate reading!" ... written by Freedom2211
Will be back with update, thank you for all your help." ... written by wishingsmi
Awesome!" ... written by sunshine678
Wow the reading was amazing!! He was so kind and very accurate. Pls give him a try he is spot on! I'll be back :)" ... written by leebee4
So thoughtful, so considerate. Thanks I feel better - as always you see things clearly!" ... written by sunshine678
Great, he's good!" ... written by onlygal22
He is a kind person. I wish I had more credits. Thanks again. All hopeless love victims can go private reading with him." ... written by deno1234
He's accurate without me even having to say anything! He pinpoints exactly what you need to do and the issues you have and I've never felt happier with my decisions." ... written by fairmemories
Connected to me very well. Awesome!" ... written by xtine930
Good!" ... written by trivedisingh
I asked about my cat and when he was answering my cat came and snuggled with me :)" ... written by Zoriandra
Very intuitive. Picked up my question and situation answered very quickly. Thank you!" ... written by eacbanker
Very good and honest - straight forward and to the point!" ... written by katiader13
Good advice, thank you." ... written by lalulalu29
Very on point and direct. He picked up on things I was just about to ask. I really loved the reading. He was very kind but he also was able to focus upon the issues immediately and get to work. I would give him 100 stars if that were possible! " ... written by jholten001
It was a super reading. Spot on. I will definitely continue to consult with akashsabby1!!! Five Stars!" ... written by Bracamontes
Very sincere and entertains the one he's talking to very well... Thank you for such an enlightening reading... :) " ... written by Val999
Seems to be very good; time will...did intuit a good deal; hope he is right....Thank him, please. " ... written by Circe6222
He describes my issue very accuratly, and gave me good advice on how to go forward from here. A really trustworthy reader. Thank you. " ... written by neens1979
Excellent reading. Akashsabby picked up on the entire situation. I appreciate the sound advice and believe he is very intuitive. Very gifted individual... Thank you!" ... written by eacbanker
Definitely was on point, love the readings! Thanks so much! Will come back for feedback!" ... written by m0nedabonita
Very helpful so good." ... written by cris72
Great." ... written by howie_43
Awesome as always!" ... written by sunshine678
Good advise! Keep up the good work!" ... written by rainbow93
Excellent reading. Right on target. Very precise and to the point. Gives good advise too. Two thumbs up!" ... written by rainbow93
Nice insight" ... written by Jdavis718
He is wonderful " ... written by Linrenayfisher
Great update. Thx You very Much !!!!" ... written by queenbee22
I like Akashabby1. He was very in touch with whats going on. I will be contacting him again." ... written by Jdavis718
Very insightful, I believe I know what to do at this point." ... written by rulove718
Awesome, very helpful!" ... written by stacyrabby81
Great as always!!!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Good reading." ... written by druvina1973
I like him! He is very good!" ... written by plove68
Excellent reading connected very quickly and gave a lot of detail. Def. 5 stars!" ... written by NICOLA112
Akashsabby.. Gave me an excellent and honest reading! Will be waiting for it to come true! I will come back. Highly recommended. A+ Thank you!" ... written by raouldejong
Awesome reading!! he understood me so much and answered all of my questions. Will def get another reading :)" ... written by sabz123
Very much worth your time!! Very very accurate :D" ... written by sarahg55
Definitely an awesome reading, and VERYYYYY VERRRRYYYY ACCURATE ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE!! You made me smile. THANKS AKASH!" ... written by m0nedabonita
Thank you for the insight. always very helpful." ... written by jeraldryan
Excellent reading. Has wonderful insightful gifts. Thank you for the reading...will return again..." ... written by eacbanker
Keep going back to Akash. Had yet another reading from him within one week. Love this guy. He's the best." ... written by Bracamontes
Awesome, gifted, compassionate! Love this guy!" ... written by sunshine678
I always find a very good connection with him. And definately he picks up very well.." ... written by bubblygirl
Great readings! Take him to private. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Awesome. Right on point!" ... written by artisticfreakk
We had a short time to talk, but it was really helpful for me to know that I needed to head back home to work for my music and career. Thanks again for everything! It gave me more confident on my path. " ... written by OneisOne
Real honest with me, straight to the point with his answers, will def be back for another opinion." ... written by Lilkittykins1983
Thank you! You picked up on Manny to the tee..." ... written by deannajean8
Very helpful. Most accurate reading here." ... written by artisticfreakk
I am glad is good news...I will be back...." ... written by ginseng
Thanks again for the confirmation and update." ... written by Kitty1002
You picked up very well. I hope your predictions come true. :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
He was really helpful, straight forward, and gave details. Thank you so much for all of your help. I can't wait to see what is to come!" ... written by march0319
Direct to the point advice, thanks for your help! Let's see what happens. Thank you" ... written by tootles83
Hes accurate, detailed and amazingly spot on. i always go to him and i've never been happier." ... written by fairmemories
I am speechless. He got it all. He is so accurate. " ... written by peace808
Akash was great! His previous predictions have come to pass so...I'm pretty sure today's reading will come true too ;o) Thanks!!" ... written by Phoxee
Another great reading! thank you AKASH! I will take your advice!" ... written by lifetime1974
Nice reading, thank you for clarity!" ... written by asbs777
He's great, I love his personality..you can see that he is deep in thought with each question and confident with his responses. Thank you!" ... written by mistery1986
GREAT AND AWESOME! VERY ACCURATE! LOVE YOU!" ... written by m0nedabonita
He's the man! Wish we could hang out on the town one day and chat it up. Definitely helps me feel more confident about my situation." ... written by Jdavis718
5 star reading! great psychic and compassionate! so informative. thank you " ... written by myeyesee
So accurate and I am always going back to him for a reading" ... written by fairmemories
VERY INTERESTING PERSON!!! :)" ... written by lilmissmystery
He was very calm, and gave very good advice... I would recommend talking to him as he understood the situation and was very positive about it all. wonderful person. Thanks for the advice. Very positive" ... written by random385
Accurate, fast, compassionate, honest. For an Irishman! lol" ... written by devi88
GREAT! I THANK YOU SO MUCH! I FEEL IT WILL BE OKAY soon! Have to wait on God to make it happen!!" ... written by queenbee22
Sound advice, straightforward, love this guy, I'll return as I always do.. " ... written by leti98
Was a GREAT help and gets straight to the point. If anyone has a problem, question, or is even a doubter, akashsabby1 can fix it! " ... written by Titan1616
Always a pleasure to do a reading with him! Doesn't tell you what you want to hear, tells you what you need to hear! Great reading once again!" ... written by Caramcaz
You really helped me a lot.. I feel content ! " ... written by antoinettemel21
He is amazing! Knows what he is doing most definitely and so kind! " ... written by 003dncr
He was very good and accurate on his reading. I will come back!" ... written by dladie42
Thanks so much for your advice and guidance. You are very kind and have helped me find some clarity to move on with. Wishing you all the best and positive happenings." ... written by JE
Once again, you never failed me. Thanks Akash! =)" ... written by m0nedabonita
He was very good he was very warm honest and quick I feel much clear now after the reading now you should try him he is very good very honest guy and lovely :):) I'd go to him again." ... written by galwaygirl
Akashsabby was excellent! He really put my mind at ease with my question. He gave me very helpful answers and smart advice. He is so gifted! God bless him! " ... written by RebeccaJane
Best Psychic I have ever dealt with. Accurate and straight forward. Will definitely get back to him. Thank you so much" ... written by charp25
Very good, you can trust him, hope your prediction will come true! Thank you." ... written by raniangel
Akashsabby is the man. Thanks for the update. I'll talk to you soon." ... written by Jdavis718
Great Reading!!!!!" ... written by CHayes2539
Thank you for insight" ... written by jeraldryan
Thank you so much, you were so right on! " ... written by keirablanco
5 star reading and psychic. " ... written by myeyesee
Another 5 star reading from a 5 star psychic! Very helpful, kind and informative. Connects very well. Thank You!" ... written by myeyesee
SO happy! Thank you so very much." ... written by ashli0livia
He was straight to the point and honest. I will be back. He's Great!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
Nice. and precise :) Thank you!" ... written by crystal_x123
Very helpful channeling as always" ... written by myojin
YOU'RE THE BESTTTTT." ... written by misspeach
Wonderful!!! HE IS GREAT AND YOU SHOULD CALL HIM!!! " ... written by Jazzylady155
Very true, I will talk to you again!" ... written by TXKfirefly28
Super, thank you very much. Will come back later for update." ... written by RLM1977
Very good reading on point" ... written by angelahill
Wonderful and amazing. So positive. He picked up on my situation very quickly" ... written by artisticfreakk
5 star reading and a 5 star psychic. Accurate and fast and kind." ... written by myeyesee
Very good." ... written by georgiapeach37
The best!! Connected with my husband very well!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Very quick and good support and guidance." ... written by 04apple
Very good reading. I loved it." ... written by misspeach
Excellent reading! 5 Stars!!! Helped me when I needed it most!" ... written by cdmarblez
Very good session, thank you for your kind words! See you soon!" ... written by bradleyL
Accurate and straight forward. I have so much respect for you. Keep on doing the good work!" ... written by charp25
Great reading, conform others, great insight!" ... written by mszkut29
Very fast reading. Seemed to know the situation and the person I asked about to a "tee" Thank you for your advice." ... written by jazzyme
Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by lilmissmystery
Very good and accurate." ... written by georgiapeach37
Hes a good channeler" ... written by myojin
He provided some on point information. I feel released and confident in my future. Check him out...he's straight to the point! " ... written by Bquestions
Very accurate and direct! I recommend him!" ... written by Bquestions
Always refreshing and gives me great hope." ... written by Jdavis718
He is really nice! I'm just curious to see if anything they will come true. I will wait and see! " ... written by judeus1
Thank you very much for your support." ... written by sonaoffice
Always a pleasure to check in and get updates with him. Akash is fast, accurate, and most of all, honest. Not only does he tell you he situation, he tells you what to do to bring about the outcome you want. " ... written by jazzyme
Great reading!" ... written by JosephNaz
Akashsabby1 the man! Always helps me get positive vibes." ... written by Jdavis718
Right on point. very honest. great reading!" ... written by swiftcats64
Had a reading and he was kind, fast and good" ... written by taurusmay5
Excellent reading! Thank u so much." ... written by pamelapansy
THX YOU VERY MUCH GREAT UPDATE WOW!!" ... written by queenbee22
Akash is Great and he is great with the readings! I enjoy talking to him, he is very friendly and helpful and pushes you towards the right direction. I highly recommend him, I have spoken to many other psychics before, they are okay..but he is one of the best!!!! Thanks a bunch!" ... written by Urvaship23
Awesome! My anxiety goes down each time I have a read. " ... written by Bquestions
He was very accurate very good :)" ... written by tinytina42
He is unbelievably accurate and amazing and spot on with everything. I've been going to him for weeks and weeks and he's never failed me. He's helped me through some of the toughest things I've ever had to face and I truly thank him for all of that." ... written by fairmemories
Very kind and supportive, generous with his time and information. Good reading :)" ... written by taurusmay5
Very encouraging was able to pick up on a lot of info in a short period of time." ... written by williamsd3
Awesome read with accuracy. You have to check him out!" ... written by Bquestions
He was accurate and very good!!!" ... written by jeter28
Thank you again I feel a lot better :)" ... written by Caramcaz
Great energy, good reading, strong connection, great." ... written by veezee
Great man, picked up on a few things, we will see about the weight gain though;) I'm a pretty fit chick!" ... written by rosieRN
Very accurate. I enjoyed this reading very much. He gave very helpful advice and I will back to get another reading soon." ... written by krismic2
Wooooooooow! He is great, very positive reading. Love ya!" ... written by misspeach
Very helpful." ... written by asbs777
One of the best!! Legitimate psychic, he knows details without being told. He was very helpful, I will definitely come back!" ... written by alihonjen
I like this reader - I feel that he is honest and insightful!" ... written by Lyne37
Akashsabby is really easy to speak to and I automatically feel I can trust him. This is my second reading with him and he definitely lifted my spirits both times. Thank you Akashabby. I highly recommend anyone to go private with you. " ... written by cimba1
Very good and fast. Give good accurate info" ... written by georgiapeach37
Very positive and accurate reading! Recommended! " ... written by FenForever20
Thank you!!! One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by libragirl1002
Absolutely amazing. He picked up on my situations so fast. He makes me feel so much better when I'm down!! I will come back to him as always! :)" ... written by artisticfreakk
Thank you!!! Once again I reached out to him because I wanted the truth... This is my 4th reading and he was right before so I know he'll be right again ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Always kind words and accurate" ... written by Flowers2012
It was a good reading. However, still a bit confuse." ... written by Blisskiss
Straightforward!" ... written by mimi
Absaloutly fantastic guy felt at home and comfortable really pleased and reasured from my reading :) x I will definitely be back to speak to him again. x thank you x" ... written by shygal786
Thank you so much for your insightful reading. God Bless!" ... written by Sabina
Great reading, accurate, fast connection." ... written by veezee
Good indication. Good work." ... written by alt
Wonderful - quick - accurate - soooo true words and kind guidance!" ... written by alwayslovetrg
Interesting." ... written by Bridgette Evans
Great reading!" ... written by Jehan
Nice." ... written by Charles
He is very good and nice." ... written by Aamy
Thanks akashsabby for your help!!!" ... written by Bquestions
Great connection, and accurate reading, pick up very fast." ... written by veezee
Always a pleasure! Best psychic on ORANUM, wait for him to come online!" ... written by Alice
I'm feeling that his reading was accurate, in sept I will know" ... written by rita
Very fast. very brilliant in his approach. Impressive to say the least" ... written by Questionlove2
Thank you so much. Very helpful." ... written by charp25
Helpful and accurate" ... written by charp25
I very much appreciated my reading with him! He is precise, concise and pick up the situation as a whole not only circumstantial. Thank you for your honesty and positivism, much appreciated!" ... written by Samantha
Thank you!" ... written by kelly1321
Great! To the point, accurate and straight forward! Wonderful approach!" ... written by noorjehan
Akash is very accurate, uses no tools, just pure knowing about what is really going on with things. Very fast in his readings, without false hopes, just the reality and the truth." ... written by shay
Thank you dear, you made my day!" ... written by Anne
Seemed very good and genuine." ... written by Becky
Good concise reading. Would use again." ... written by fallenone69
This psychic is amazing! You will not be disappointed. He's so fast in private chat and so honest. This honesty was so welcome. He didn't try to impress me with knowledge of the Tarot. He was direct and to the point. Thanks so much for answering my questions. I just know you're right! " ... written by Sapphire
Wonderful reading session...always very reassuring." ... written by starlops
He is soooo wonderful! So supportive, compassionate, caring and sweet. He takes his clients matter as his own matter! Such a genuine person and genuine psychic! And funny, too! lol Love him!" ... written by psymeow
Wow.. so interesting!!!!!.. I hope for this outcome to happen!!!.. Will stay positive.. Ty so much!!!!" ... written by Dasha
He is soooo helpful and supportive! This is just the way he is! Great psychic, great friend, great advisor!" ... written by psymeow
What a great guy, his reading was amazing and he told me so many things. I hope and believe they will come true. Looking forward to July 20th passing." ... written by Sunny
Reading was fair. Not what I wanted to hear, but it" ... written by Loyal friend
A well-trusted psychic, i completely believed what he did mention to me today! " ... written by VokzCyan
Great, accurate, and fast connect very welll." ... written by veezee
This was my first time getting a reading from akashsabby1. OMG! i am astonished how good of an insight he provided me. He was very accurate about the situation in my life. Like he already knew so much about me personally before I even had to say anything. All I had to provide was my birth date and he used those dates to feel my energy. It was as if I had shared my feelings with him before, only I haven't AMAZING!! thank you akashsabby1 :D" ... written by melissa
Akash connected very fast and really told me as it is... reading wasn't good in terms of it wasn't what i wanted to hear... but I really appreciated his honesty. A gentle and soft spoken guy... Thank you so much! " ... written by steph
Great, fast connection... " ... written by veezee
THANK YOU AGAIN!! WILL BE BACK! :)" ... written by MEohmy7
Great reading, he was able to connect with me and my situation really fast, he assured me of somethings, and everything just makes sense...I'm hoping that predictions will happen. I will def come back for another reading with him. Thank you!!" ... written by sonji
Good!" ... written by l
He is AMAZING..y You're crazy if you don't get a reading from this wonderful man.. He was sooo accurate, even knew my hair color.. loll. and a lot of other things.. I have definitely found my number one psychic on facebook..xxxx " ... written by catherine
Wow! What a fast reading, I have had on this site! most honest and direct to the point! Hopefully, the predictions will come true!Will definitely come back!" ... written by Clarence01
Lovely talented guy, who is spot on!! I will definitely be returning." ... written by Michelle
Good reading, helpful!! Nice person." ... written by Rebecca
He was able to channel into information that I did not offered. Seems like a genuine and caring reader. Now I can only hope his words come true. Thank you. Blessings." ... written by Acissej
Very Good reading, I will be patient and keep faith !!" ... written by Dasha
Wow very accurate he picked up on everything! Very awesome:)" ... written by marie5290
Very real, very insightful. He is the real deal. My private reading was amazing." ... written by calamityjane
The update was immense and more detailed and right to the point! Please take a reading from akash as you will not be disappointed!!" ... written by Clarence01
Great reading!" ... written by sudha2809
Great reading." ... written by sunny
So, very accurate, thank you so much. x" ... written by midnight2008
Just a quick reading as he looked fun singing lol he is a great guy. Thanks." ... written by hiroko
Fast, and accurate." ... written by Kelly
Very fast in typing, would not waste your time" ... written by 096
Very good reading. Hope it comes true." ... written by ar
Thank you for the reading" ... written by tanya
Good!" ... written by sudha2809
Wonderful reader, he assured me all the time. I believe his predictions." ... written by starlops
Very very accurate about my situation, thank you" ... written by simon
Well it sounds like we really made a connection. Let me see how the prediction for Sept goes." ... written by halovm
Great accurate reading." ... written by veezee
Excellent reading needed to find out about some spiritual issues pertaining to life and relationship was able to get some honest answers." ... written by marigold36
Great to hear him .... He sounds good and serious on his readings" ... written by Iman
Awesome guy!" ... written by Sumit
I will be returning to tell him if he was correct...." ... written by Linda Wolfe
Yikes, I went in to ask him something totally different and he picks up I am an emotional wreck relationship wise :) Went on to chat with me about my issues. Thank you!" ... written by Acissej
Straight to the point and honest, he gives you motivation" ... written by charm
Good reading, insightful." ... written by Heather
Honest and quick! He put me at ease and I really felt like he knew the situation I was talking about. Gave me good advice and the reassurance i needed. Thanks!!!!" ... written by findingmypath
Akashsabby1 was very informative and kind. He took the time to connect into my situation and explain how things are, and why they are that way. He provided true guidance for my situation and advice to get me (and my partner) to the desired outcome. He provided timeframes but also didn't make the outcome as beautiful as I'd like it to be. He prepared for me for what I will encounter and how to deal through with it. He provided reassurance where I needed it and overall was kind and reasonable. I appreciate his honesty, even though some of it hurt because it was realizing the mistakes I have made to also bring my situation to where it is. A very good, thorough reading with compassion and care. Excellent. Thank you." ... written by Heather
Thanks interesting stuff." ... written by s
Very fast talker, straight to the point, very direct. Look forward to my next reading." ... written by benaulim
Akash, connected straight away and was as usual straight to the point and very positive with his responses. If you have not had a reading before then why wait - Akash is here!!" ... written by Clarence01
Great as usual!" ... written by sudha2809
Wonderful reading tonight...Very easy and patient to talk to. I've made him my personal psych." ... written by starlops
Awesome ... really great reading! Thank you!" ... written by AnnS
Good" ... written by snowflake
Very good!" ... written by Dasha
He answer all my question . I like the reading pretty much with this person." ... written by pavlova
Love him! He is the most personal psychic. He really takes your matter as his matter and seriously try his best to help you! Sweet, caring, compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to. Excellent reading and advise every time. Highly recommended!" ... written by psymeow
Always on point! Predictions always comes true." ... written by ashleymarie0104
Best ever! Tell you honesty. very accurate picked up on my situation immediately! Great! I did not have to say a word!" ... written by jamira76
Great as usual." ... written by catherine
Thank you so much!!! I feel more clarity!!! He helped a lot!!! Very straight forward. No sugar coating!!!! " ... written by jamira76
He is an excellent relationship coach. He has given me so many good advices and explain things in detail. Down to the earth and realistic. Very caring and personable. Excellent reading! " ... written by psymeow
Very accurate and doesn't waste time. solved my confusion quickly. Can not thank him enough." ... written by terese/punkbilly
He was very in tuned, highly spiritual, gave great, accurate advice, and I feel I know him so well because of his openness and willingness to help." ... written by masha milezhik
He was pretty fast and very friendly. I liked the way he spoke to me and made me feel comfortable. Let's see if his predictions come true." ... written by snowwhite
RIGHT ON ! THANKS!" ... written by DACACAU
Thanks for the business advice. It sounds like good advice" ... written by Kelly
As always, to the point and very accurate!!" ... written by Aamy
Great reading, picked up really fast on the situation. thankful for an honest, straight forward reading. I will be back!!" ... written by Samantha
Excellent - very reassuring - I feel a lot happier now - excited for the future :) - recommend !!" ... written by DebbiLou1990
I had a reading from him a while ago and my word I am so pleased with the results, he has been fantastic with his readings so far but the detail he provided me with and the accuracy of the reading the last time was spot on. The predictions have come true to date. He not only helped me move on in my life but gave me the confidence to make changes that would better my situation. I am genuinely pleased and would definitely be back to see him again. I would highly recommend him too. :) Just like to say a big thank you to him for his help. X" ... written by shygal786
Akashsabby1 was wonderful and accurate! I will definitely go back for more readings and to hear his honest wisdom! He is very friendly and so in tune with me and my emotions and energy . He's amazing !" ... written by cancer71
He is great! Gifted, warm, honest, very caring and personable. He really takes your problem as he's and really try help. He is like my buddy! Love him!" ... written by psymeow
Great reading! He could see things very well..." ... written by shemaris
Great reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by petal
Very good. Great connection and gives you great guidelines. " ... written by Lianne
You are the best..." ... written by jerald
I felt very comfortable with him and he grasped my problems quickly. Gave answers I could believe, and I felt the stress leave my body as he told me about things to come. I feel good about him and recommend him to others. I think he is genuine." ... written by Betty
GREAT READING ." ... written by PREETI
Well this guy was spot on with pretty much everything, shocked with his accuracy he knew alot and dident use any tools." ... written by elle
Always great! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
He is really good connected to all my loved ones and work." ... written by sugar
Always always always on point!" ... written by ASHLEY
Excited for things to unfold how hes predicted! :)" ... written by Lauren
Akash was very caring and accurate. He was very encouraging. He is genuine. He gave me hope. Thank you, Akashsabby!" ... written by Moonchild59
You are so gracious. I heard you with a client prior prior to my reading and so I decided you would be good for me. I thought my reading today was very much on point. I'll read with you again. My favorite psychic. Everything you said was so true." ... written by Delores
Hey Akash your response was good. I should really appreciate you for giving me the good news and I will get back to you once get good news." ... written by Abhiram111
Great reading spot on!" ... written by Sarah
I appreciate that Akashsabby1 was very confident, quick, He answered all of my questions and gave some timeframes. He picked up energies so very well, they were accurate, and I know deep down he is right. I will return once I see the first prediction come to light. Thank for a lovely and trusting reading. Bless you " ... written by Jade50
Very good reading! Akashsabby touched on things only I know. Very detailed, and tmeline included Defintely get a reading" ... written by Soul2love
Really friendly guy, down to earth and reassuring" ... written by irene
I feel Akashsabby gives good feedback that I find believable and he doesn't waste time" ... written by Butlerkx
Excellent reading. Very reliable. " ... written by madhu_thomas
I am a regular oranum customer. I have had the privilege of being a client to akashsabby1 I believe that he is the best psychic u have in there. He has helped and predicted situations in my life that no other has accurtely predicted. I would highly recommend him for recognition." ... written by aamypress
Thanks so much my friend! I feel a lot better about the whole situation. I will take your advice and contact him sometime next month, by the full moon, and hopefully this clears my karma and helps with the guilt I've been feeling. You're the best!" ... written by Lilith
This is the best reading i have had in my hole life ! so true everything he sees and verry quick to answer ! " ... written by Steffan
Thank you akash. you were really straight to the point. so much to where i'm coming right back in to finish up our reading! its fun reading with you!" ... written by lovebug
had another great session with Akash! he is very quick to connect and does his best to be completely on point, he thinks through his responses and i feel he is very honest with the information he's giving. he's a wonderful guy, a sweetheart, a big teddy bear." ... written by lovebug
Very helpful andamp; great insight !" ... written by Jennifer
Best reading ever! 100% true! I recommend him for everyone!" ... written by vi4ka12
This man was on point!! Very detailed. Described me and parties involved to a tee. I highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking answers or clarity. Quick, detailed reading, honest and true. Good and bad. Definitely recommend him. 5 stars. :)" ... written by Pbutterfly37
I can only say i love him , He is very positive and picks up very quickly. Thank you so much." ... written by paulina
Very informative" ... written by Linda
Thank you very much, was so quick and to the point and was insightful,jhighly recommended" ... written by batt123
Just delightful! :-)" ... written by Sarah
Always great!" ... written by Sarah
He was completely honest and up front and I believe was very accurate" ... written by Renae
He is one of the best for sure. He is a very gifted psychic who is down to the earth, honest, caring and helpful! His reading is fast, realistic, detailed. This expert really takes his client's obstacles seriously as if they are his own and tries hard to help you. He really gets into it! Highly recommended!" ... written by psymeow
Lovely man, seems to be quite connected. Made predictions, will see what pans out." ... written by iconnect
He as very accurate, kind and supportive. Read the situation well." ... written by Debbie
He picked up on my personality, strengths and weaknesses right away. I feel more hopeful now about what the next few months have in store for me. He was also very encouraging and gave me some practical advice. " ... written by Suzanne
What I really need to hear. I feel much better about my the things happening now." ... written by Fresh
Very direct andamp; to the point, answered many questions in a very short period of time making it very economical for me to find clarity without destroying my limited budget. " ... written by Brandy
Thank you for your insight." ... written by jerald
As always he connects and is awesome !" ... written by Jennifer
Excellent, professional, read accurately, kind, caring, ethical, quick ...highly recommended..." ... written by Globedove
Very positive update. My second reading. Very good conversation." ... written by Delor63
He is one of the best for sure. He is a very gifted psychic who is down to the earth, honest, caring and helpful! His reading is fast, realistic, detailed. This expert really takes his client's obstacles seriously as if they are his own and tries hard to help you. He really gets into it! Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by psymeow
Very accurate. He was right about the situation. Really great readings:)" ... written by maie5290
Hi, thank you for the reading again. I'll try to get Jeff's birthday and call you. I wish we'd had more time. I'm not a fast typer, wish we could voice talk in the private reading." ... written by Paula
He is wonderful! Thank you for all your help. I will be back." ... written by Jackie
Good reading, a bit expensive but it was ok. Realistic. " ... written by Rei
Great reading " ... written by summer59
Very reassuring." ... written by irene
He gave me hope! He was very quick and to the point:)" ... written by carla
Feeling very reassured and relaxed with this man. So honest and genuine." ... written by irene
He is always helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Reassuring and accurate." ... written by Irene
He is very helpful!!" ... written by jessica
I have had 3 readings with this lovely gentleman, who is an honest as an open book. Each time he picks up on energies without pausing, he is quick and accurate. I believe in what he tells me because after my first reading he told me things I already knew, its just nice to return to get some more guidance. Thanks so much Akashsabby1, God bless you. xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Thank you for your help and details!!!" ... written by Seekingtruth74
Thank you very much for the insightful reading! Very fast, clear, precise andamp; informative. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Very quick to connect, fast answers. Verified what others have said. Hope it comes true!! Thanks again." ... written by Freedom2211
This man is Genuine!" ... written by irene
Thank you! May god bless you!" ... written by xanthea
Thank you for the reading... It was greatly appreciated. Very good reading. :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
He was amazing!! Great insight and amazing personality. I could talk to him for hours! He's a cutie! Haha, will definitely be talking to him more!!!" ... written by gina
Give me a prediction and I will let him know." ... written by Vanboom
Always helpful and right on!" ... written by Jennifer
Always provides great insight and advice." ... written by irene
Straight to the point, no sugarcoating. Would recommend." ... written by OS
straightforward. no sugarcoating. would recommend" ... written by OS
He is so accurate. Thank you so much! He described my husband to the T." ... written by joyous9
As always, very helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Love! Love, love this man!" ... written by irene
Great session! Insightful and real! Truthful." ... written by aries
Akash is a very honest man and always give good advice and reassurance." ... written by Irene
Absolutely dead on the money and told me what I needed to hear even though it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear. Definitely recommend this guy. Clear, straight forward and accurate. I'll be back again for sure." ... written by 630dnicoled
I came to him once again for my friend and he helped me out so much! :-) Thank you once again!! :-)" ... written by ashana217
He is great. Very straightforward, thank you!" ... written by ishi chapman
Very good, I gave him minimal information on my situation and he picked up on everything without cues. He confirmed what I knew in my heart. Thanks again!" ... written by Anastasia
Helps you focus and stay on track." ... written by irene
Always reassuring." ... written by irene
I like the way he tells the truth." ... written by pierre
He was right on target. I only told him my name and date a birth. He told me all about the man in my life. He told me all about my daughter. If you want answers he is the guy to go to." ... written by mhngirl
Brilliant! Always good!" ... written by psymeow
Wow great, amazing, kind and so honest. I truly believe he is gifted I can thank you enough. I will keep you up dated." ... written by jan
Thank you, this gave me some peace. Also very accurate. :)" ... written by elle
Excellent, excellent!! Clear vision, accurate, precise, in depth, good advise, no false hope, kind, caring, funny, warm, honest, serious about helping others... that is Akash!" ... written by psymeow
Akash is caring and talks very fast! Very helpful, straight!" ... written by mi
He helps me out soo much! Thank you very much!!!! :-D I love going to him for reassurance :-)!" ... written by Ashana
So accurate and kind! Always a pleasure" ... written by Alice
Confirmed my feelings about my current situation i feel on the right track." ... written by Irene
Really honest reading. He was very focused and accurate" ... written by Roxanne
So reassuring always feel at ease after a reading" ... written by irene
Very intuitive very good awesome reading" ... written by apple
He is very precise and accurate!!" ... written by Aamy
always helping and great " ... written by Jennifer
He helped me out soo much! I really appreciate what he had to say and I would definitely come back and ask for an update! :-) He helped me put my feelings of free away. Thank you so much Akash!! " ... written by ashana217
Excellent...!!!" ... written by aleehak
Quick connect! Wonderful reading! I feel better !" ... written by carla
He gave a clear picture... true reading!! Thanks." ... written by tejaswini
Awesome reader, highly recommend!" ... written by Anastasia
Very good, fast, to the point. Doesn't sugar coat anything. LOVE LOVE LOVE his readings!" ... written by Anastasia
Super guy super honest" ... written by irene
Has been a good experience talking to akashabby… nice chat and had some real good insight. well, i do recommend him. All the best and may he always be blessed. He has a lot to offer :)" ... written by yangel1
It was so comfortable talking with him. He reassured me on a lot of what another psychic said. He has also repeated major points from a different reading without me mentioning and asking about it. So i know that he is the real deal. He is really spot on and confident with everything he has said. I can't wait for it all to start unfolding :). Thank you for being so honest and kind. It definitely was worth the money for his expertise! I highly recommend!" ... written by Kens
Akashsabby is amazing, he did mention things that I've been told before which nobody knows about. I recommend a reading by him he is an amazing person give him a try!!!! " ... written by Lea
Always enjoy my readings with him! He's entertaining and honest, and most of all, he listens, and he answers my questions. I look forward to the events of tomorrow. I know they'll go well, and this will be the start of a new beginning!!! :)))" ... written by MinaVamp27
Hmmmm enjoy being around!" ... written by yangel1
was good, wish had more time." ... written by Judy
Always honest and compassionate... He is the best " ... written by ashleymarie0104
Confirmed my feelings and gave great advice." ... written by irene
I had a good reading and he's a really nice person. " ... written by katrien
He helped put my heart at ease! He saw my beau and I reconciling which is what I feel in my heart as well. He was definite in his reading, Highly recommend! " ... written by Zeigen
Always hits the nail on the head!!" ... written by Freedom2211
Akash wont sugarcoat things. He tells you things he sees for sure. :))" ... written by m
He's very good at what he does and he's really kind and very professional" ... written by chelsy
Quite impressive :)" ... written by Suuski
Spot on. Great read. Looking forward to the next year :)" ... written by Mindy
Always helpful" ... written by Jennifer
EXCELLENT READING!!! Fast and accurate picking up the energies and situation. I definitely recommend him." ... written by SoulDesire1
Short session, but to the point, will visit again for another reading." ... written by Henrietta
Very straight forward, no time wasted, answered questions fast and detailed. Highly recommend." ... written by Jean
Great and very kind. Honest great reading." ... written by janjan1955
Excellent reading." ... written by irene
Inspirational! I thank you for a great reading. Your insight has been very helpful and will talk to you very soon. Thank you! " ... written by Tracie
He was awesome and I will take his advice." ... written by patty
Was very nice and informative. Answered all my questions and got right to business in private! Reasonably priced as well and extremely nice! Had a great experience with him and would highly recommend! =)" ... written by Kate
Always reassuring, love this guy!" ... written by irene
The best to talk to is totally spot on! very easy to talk to and knows his stuff!! I have gone back to him time and time again!" ... written by gina
HIt the nail on the head....again :) Great reader!" ... written by mindy
Very good, always lets me know exactly what I need to know. Thanks again!" ... written by Anastasia
He is on the money always, he helps where needed, very accurate with my situations. Thanks so much my friend" ... written by simon
Very honest, straight forward reading. Very informative, can recommend to anyone looking for short and clear answers." ... written by Anna
Akashsabby1 was very accurate with a lot of what he shared with me today and I had not given him any information aside from my name andamp; DOB. It was a great reading! He did not sugarcoat anything but told me exactly what I needed to know. He also gave timeframes. I am definitely looking forward to the manifestation of this reading." ... written by Fatimah
Reassuring as always." ... written by irene
Lovely." ... written by sudha2809
Thanks." ... written by sudha2809
He was awesome! Thanks for the help. Although adding credits was confusing me! Will be back!" ... written by Stephanie Leigh
Great reading look forward to see what the future holds!" ... written by Liz
Great reading!" ... written by claudia
He's fast answering your questions, direct and honest!" ... written by clalex08
very intuitive n honest n sees well" ... written by apple
Thank you for all the details and fast answer !" ... written by Myriame
He is awesome! Loved reading with him. Just waiting for predictions to come true!" ... written by kristina
Very nice reading picked up everything about how I felt about my relationship and told me good things would happen for us would go back again in future. " ... written by Lyn
Always reassuring and spot on" ... written by irene
Haven't been to Akash in so long yet it was like talking to him just yesterday. Always makes me feel comfortable and always on point with his readings. knows what he is talking about. This is a very gifted man. Thanks so much Akash, will see you again another time! God bless!" ... written by mini
He is warm and talkative, connects well." ... written by OndeMystere
Great as usual. He cares about people more than anyone else. He takes his client's problem as like his own! Very gifted and kind. Most accurate! Highly recommended!" ... written by psymeow
Thank you so much for your kindness!" ... written by Anne
Very good reading." ... written by bl
Thanks for the reading, will have to wait and see what happens." ... written by giusep
Akashabby was just so amazing and direct, he was also so fast and accurate, so on target, I will continue to go back to him again." ... written by dawn
Really good reading, picked up many things!!!! Read me like a book! Very kind and caring! let's see what the future will bring! looking forward to come back for an update! Many thanks." ... written by seeker
HE WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Straight to the point!!! I was very impressed. I would recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Michelle
Wow, very accurate :) Fast and picked up well on things!" ... written by marie5290
This psychic was very passionate and accurate!!!I really appreciated the sharing of his gift." ... written by rattail1
Always connects well and has fast information. I look forward to seeing how things work out!" ... written by Freedom2211
Very good! Very quick!" ... written by Mamma6
Akash is very quick, honest, and he gives you the truth about the situation. Very helpful! " ... written by bc_inspired
He is awesome!! He tells the truth and connects with situation really quickly without me having to tell him anything. Thank you so much!! :-)" ... written by Ashana
thank you very much, five stars as usual" ... written by Denise
awesome reading" ... written by apple
Thank you so much. You were wonderful. Five stars all the way." ... written by Denise
I love his reading straight forward honest as well. Gave me much clarity I needed." ... written by April
awesome " ... written by meadow
Very straight forward and honest and he seem to know the situation well. I would come back for another reading!!" ... written by Muse
Awesome reading like always!" ... written by patty
Good.. :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Great connection and readings. Will come back for a follow up!!" ... written by SS
Great reading" ... written by MayGirl
Great reading, fast connection, funny and easy to talk to. Thank you so much. " ... written by loveornolove
Very nice person. Was very spot on with the reading I got. I would recommend to everyone. " ... written by Winyu
Great reading! Highly recommend. Knows whats going on." ... written by Regina
Aweseome!!!!! he gave me the exact answer i needed, so not I just have to be patient and wait this out. Highly recommended" ... written by April
Good advice. I feel it is sound advice" ... written by Butlerkx
Thaank u great reading always accurate" ... written by karan209
Excellent!! He is energetic, fast, accurate and has a great connection. Saw some great things coming up and can't wait for his prediction to happen! Recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
He is wonderful! I will be back for updates - he described the situation and gave me a time frame and hope! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! " ... written by Pam
Fantastic and encouraging psychic as always!" ... written by Moonchild59
very sure at what he says he predicted some things i will be back for update thank you great reader" ... written by rosie64
always the best and accurate reading and the best part he can even get a message from other side like medium . i m shock . when the prediction come true i will right a testimonial again bcs i trust him . he is quick connect and no sugar coating . " ... written by sai
Very kind and kind and informative" ... written by sangeeta
Thanx for a reading. " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Always awesome! always on point. I always feel great and reassured after our reading. hopefully things will turn out the way he says :)" ... written by gina
Five stars. WOnderful" ... written by Denise
You were great thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Shabby was very compasionate and easy to talk to." ... written by JoAnn
Insightful. Very Honest. Thank you." ... written by P
Excellent follow-up reading, very accurate details given about me and the situation. Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
I appreciate the honesty, you can never go wrong with Akashabby with his advising, and he is very fast which is beneficial, thanks very much and Best wishes!" ... written by Jade50
thank you as usual. You have helped me alot." ... written by Denise
Love him, always straightforward and amazing." ... written by Anastasia
Amazing reading as always. Always makes me feel optimistic and is spot on with predictions! Definitely one of my faves!" ... written by gina
wonderful, amazing, truthful, " ... written by Jennifer
Thank you very much. Five stars as usual" ... written by Denise
Thank you so much. Five stars as usual." ... written by Denise
five stars. loved that you had a camera so you can see me. Five stars" ... written by Denise
Akash never fails to pick up on any issue. He is always spot on. His predictions always come to pass. I highly recommend him to everyone who is looking for the real deal. I keep coming back for updates. His chat room keeps you positive. Akash deserves more than 5 stars. " ... written by Moonchild59
You always make me feel better...thank u so much...I will keep u updated." ... written by Michelle
Very upbeat. Right on and specific. Would definitely have another reading." ... written by risenphoenix
Akashabby1 is always spot on with his predictions. His predictions came true. I came back for an update and always will come back for more updates. 'Can't wait for next predictions to come to pass. He deserves more than 5 five stars." ... written by Moonchild59
Awesome reading." ... written by apple
Thank you for your insightful reading and honesty! God bless, Rainbow." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Conversation was nice." ... written by soozeeq
Great reading as usual" ... written by irene
Thank you for the reading, you connect very fast in the situation. It was a great rading." ... written by Myriame
Akash is always spot on with his readings and his predictions. So far, only his predictions have happened. I will consult with him regularly as I always do. He deserves more than 5 stars." ... written by Moonchild59
He was spot on about money situation and about the relationship with this girl... I would recommend him." ... written by Joshua
Very accurate." ... written by emilie
He's too good." ... written by Anushree
akash is right to the point. quick to connect and awesome! speaks quickly, doesn't waste time, and very friendly" ... written by melissa
thank you for the reading! thanx for the advice!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
2nd reading with him, he is very good!" ... written by Kens
Very right on! Very impressed... Worth the time... he is quick" ... written by cathleen
Awesome! Told me exactly what I needed to know. Very fast. Will come back!" ... written by Ravenette
Thank you for your honesty! God bless! Rainbowspirit" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Fast and To the Point. Thank you. " ... written by NA
If you want truth he will give it to you. No sugar coating here, get the answers you need not what you want to hear. Bless you" ... written by Jennifer
He can sense, I am waiting for his prediction. He gave me good advice too." ... written by miti
Akash was great he really connected with my situation I was so impressed for what he did for me in demo I had to finish up and take him private..Im impressed" ... written by Beauty
Love this man always reassuring and spot on" ... written by irene
Just had another reading regarding my boyfriend. Men! Anyway I am glad to be reassured on some things and given the advice on how to handle the others. Restored my faith that I am not wasting time.... And neither will you... Akasabby is fast! On it... does not mess around! The price is worth it. I got more from this reading than a longer one a few days ago. LET HIM HELP YOU AND GUIDE YOU! HE CARES.... has a passion for what he is doing." ... written by cathleen
I have had a few reading with him and he is spot on! Gives the best advice on how to approach what he sees as well. Give the good with the not so good... but that is why we are here right? He has not steered me wrong at all. He is honest and compassionate. He can help you too." ... written by Cathy
I couldn't wait for him to come on line! He helped to see what is going on with things that I couldn't understand. Took a weight of my shoulders. I follow his guidance and it does seem to be helping. We will roll with the next few days and come back. Thank you Aka, you have been so kind to me and truthful and that is what I came here in search of." ... written by cathy
GREAT" ... written by
He is said that he will ask me out before the end of August. I hope this will come true." ... written by Angela
great reading" ... written by apple
Spot on in very short space of time!!" ... written by Londo
SPOT ON!!! Immediately tapped in to my situation!!!! YOU MUST go to private!!!!!" ... written by BRENDA
The reading was short. I appreciate the information I did received but was to short, I will try again'" ... written by Sarah
He is refreshingly honest . Connects very quickly and well and tellls it the way it is. " ... written by spiderlilli
Like you very much! You have a pretty heart!! :)" ... written by C
akash is a sweetheart. always knows what to say to make you feel better. he connects very well, taps into other ppls energy quick to give precise and fast response. thanks akash" ... written by melissa
He's fabulous... very accurate" ... written by jand777
very connected, i see and understand his advise and i believe he is right, very recomended " ... written by happy
WOW....I loved my session with Akashabby1. He is so kind, warm hearted and connected so quickly, I was shocked. I don't know how to explain it, but he made me feel at ease right away. He is incredible and I will definitly come back again for updates and another reading. I have had quiet a lot of readings here, and the psychic I saw regurarly doesn't work here anymore, but I think I just found the psychic I can come to and trust again. He did not waste my time at all, and when I ran out of coins and had to end the private reading, he was so gracious. Thank you soooo much!! I will be back :) " ... written by Mainstreem20
Accurate, confident, fast, friendly and caring!" ... written by seeker
Thank you so much for confirming a lot of things for me, I will be back for sure for updates, many blessings :)" ... written by Libsta
Very insightful, good advise, reasonable!" ... written by larissa
He was great! I like the way he presented his reading. He is easy to talk to. Surprise he didn't have any tools. Will definitely come back." ... written by Mara
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
he was great and focused on questions. he also has fun personality that makes it a good experience to talk to him. will def be back to see him." ... written by wren1414
very good soul and 5 star psychic. Thank for the info. Very helpful" ... written by barbara
Clear to point" ... written by SAM
WOW he is quick on point picked up the whole situation." ... written by ucalatinlady
Thank you for the reassurance on everything! I can't wait for all of it! " ... written by T
great will be back" ... written by Patricia Loucas
he was quick, clear, quite sure of himself which i liked....seemed consistent with what others have said...only time will tell about prediction...thanks, will be back to update" ... written by lovehouston
He is an amazing psychic and he know what he sees. No sugar coating at all. Amazing i would give him 12 stars.. " ... written by Nandini
Great advice :) just what I needed to hear! " ... written by Danae87
he was fantastic try him won't regret it" ... written by rosie64
great very good " ... written by ken
Akash was a blessing to give me such encouragement. He was very quick and accurate. Thank you for all of the insight u gave me. Much luv and pure light. Namaste" ... written by Janine
thank you very much! great reading and 5 star psychic thank you" ... written by barbara
very genuine, good guidance, I will take his advice" ... written by phyllis
Thank you again akashsabby1" ... written by barbara
very quick and clear connection. gives straight forward honest advice." ... written by angelszone
Good reading. Tuned in right away, and answered all of my questions." ... written by L
Thanks, it helped a lot!" ... written by gothing
excellent read! To the point! Highly recommended." ... written by jade
Nice reading and thank you" ... written by me
Good Reading very insightful" ... written by Erica
Very nice reading thank you." ... written by CelticFreckles
Excellent adviser. I found his reading to be very helpful and accurate. Should not be missed." ... written by Kathy
I felt that he picked up on my situation immediately and the personality of the person in question.This kind of reading is new to me but I feel as though I got confirmation that I can move forward with my plans. Thank you akashsabby1" ... written by Alexis Smith
straight to the point, excellebt reader!" ... written by bob
Akashabby1 is great.. he always picks up on what I need to know and is very accurate.. Not to mention he's not bad to look at lol" ... written by melissa
Brilliant reading, nice vibes, spot on with accuracy. Thank you very much. " ... written by tess
He was 100% accurate. brilliant x" ... written by Kamini Joshi
Seems like he is very confident Need to see if it comes true" ... written by lady71
Oh I haven't seen him in a long time. It has been about 4 months. I am glad he was here to put clarity on things for me. He is so accurate and kind. And he gives you some direction which is Awesome. He has always been spot on. You need to give him a chance! It will be the best thing you can do! " ... written by cathleen
Thank you for your reading! God bless, Rainbow." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
I always feel better after talking to him.. He gives good advice and is always spot on" ... written by melissa
Thank you for your time" ... written by H
Always giving me clarity in what need honest true and quick" ... written by April
Won a free demo with akashsabby1 and at the demo question i just asked a general question and he picked up on what i really wanted to know without my asking... after my private reading a few things were cleared up for me and I have hope for the future. This guy is the real deal !!! Thanks a bunch akashabby1 :)" ... written by shawna10
Very honest and straight forward. Clarity for sure!!! Blessings Akash!" ... written by Mary
spot on my situation connected fast and accurate with the other person very good reading." ... written by mel
Thank you, helped me with my shy question, he is open to anything and will help you with anything possible. He is very helpeful. I recommend!" ... written by nextellife
Great guy. good reading" ... written by Koenbing
Going through a hard time. Again Shabby has helped me to understand what I need to do. He has help me many times before so I trust him completely... and I will follow his advise since he has never steered me wrong. Let him help you as well It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. He is Awesome and accurate! " ... written by cathleen
Wow so much has happened today and not in a good way. But he read for me and gave me some clarity now I have to decide how to go from here. He has always been right on with me and is very comforting. And that is was I needed. But I have some work cut out for me now! Let him help and guide you, you will not be sorry." ... written by cathleen
He is awesome ... connected right away" ... written by melissa
quick typer, and specific " ... written by t
Love this man." ... written by irene
Awesome, so fast... I had only a couple of minutes yet he answered so fast...highly recommended. xxx" ... written by carina
great.!!" ... written by usr_manny
Had a good reading. Very kind heart and was detailed. I look forward to following up and letting him know the outcome of predictions. " ... written by T
brilliant" ... written by tenchi
Best person on Oranum......You must chat with him you will be amazed......" ... written by Jennifer
Love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Akash is always correct. He has never given a false reading. I will keep him updated and will go back regularly for updates. Thank you, again, AKash! God Bless" ... written by Moonchild59
i highly recommend." ... written by Jennifer
I have a new business consultant!!!!!!!! He is amazing spot on I didn't even have to really ask anything he told me." ... written by Jennifer
Answered questions quickly and on point. Thank you!!!! " ... written by NMA
Very cool haven't read with him in a while cuz I keep missing him! But I love what he had to say this time. Things are getting better and he picked up on that! So happy. He is always so honest and true! I have been coming to him for 8 months now. Let him help you" ... written by cathleen
He was fast but he was distracted by his phone etc." ... written by Saloni
hes good" ... written by mike
Akash is always spot on with his predictions. I have consulted with him for over two years now. His advise is precious. He doesn't sugar coat anything just to give you hope. He will tell you the truth. Thank you so much, Akash! " ... written by Moonchild59
THANKS...very fast.." ... written by va
very straightforward hopefully hes right .. ery confident in predictions" ... written by lisa
Very quick, looking forward to the predictions :) " ... written by Roni
Great support system.....I don't know where I would be without him!!!!!! He is amazing" ... written by Jennifer
Quick and insightful! Timeframes too :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Beautiful just beautiful" ... written by Jennifer
Wonderful reader. Akash went straight to the point no sugar coating. Was spot on. Thank You " ... written by Athanasoula
Thank you for your reading" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Akash is always spot on with his predictions! His predictions always happen! Good or bad, he will tell you the truth. I am glad that he is back! Akash has helped me a lot with a lot of problems and issues. He has given great advice. He really deserves 100 stars! Thank you, Akash!" ... written by Moonchild59
quick spot on, not a good news reader but prepares you in a way that u have a broader prospective to look into your future" ... written by ilovetravel
akashsabby is great and real...he said i will have contact this month with my ex and it came true...lets see what happens next...thank you akash" ... written by mandeep s gill
akash is awesome!! he doesn't use any tools. he speaks from his visions, hes intuitive and gives detailed answers, doesn't waste anytime, answers quickly, funny and always trusted psychic" ... written by melissa
quick n honest" ... written by apple
great reading quick to conect" ... written by apple
he is very good, actually. very good. " ... written by all
Thank you, Thank you! Your awesome :)" ... written by T
r" ... written by r
Awesome guy!! Fast, and hopefully accurate w/ my reading!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Akash is always accurate with his predictions and reading. I always consult with him. Thank you Akash! " ... written by Moonchild59
This was a followup to several readings I had with Akashsabby1 before. He gave me a lot of information that is very useful but we got disconnected. " ... written by Starshinej
thank you so much, made me have clarity and feel better instantly. very insightful and talented." ... written by sintrix
thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
I love this man, he is wonderful......" ... written by Jennifer
It's been awhile since I had a reading from Akash. very nice!" ... written by shelle97
Love this man! He is so awesome and honest" ... written by Andrea
Thank you. Will come back when prediction pan. " ... written by Prettything5
good reading, good insight, honest andamp; quick answers. " ... written by starryeyes
what a great reading, love the way he calms everything down and makes you understand whats going on and why ts happening, if you need understanding come talk to Akash, he will let you know the honest truth about your life" ... written by sharon
he is super...kind and honest..i was so scared to go into pvt. with him..but he gave me the true answers...thank you grandpa lol...love granny..." ... written by granny
Great reading. He seemed to be in tune with my situation and the person in question.. I look forward to his predictions." ... written by Mimi
He is Brilliant, I absolutely love this man. He is so insightful and I always feel good after we talk. The best Oranum has to offer. " ... written by Jennifer
LOVED this reading!!!! He knew what I have been feeling all along." ... written by Kimberly
He is good I am sure he is correct it is just so hard " ... written by miszy
You are my shining star!!!!!!! Just when I think that I can't keep going you show me the way. I love you forever!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
good positive reading, fast quick answers, honest, he didn't tell me what i wanted to hear, he was truthful as hell" ... written by goldn
Thanx again for the reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
He is my life saver......." ... written by Jennifer
thanks so much akashabby...granny" ... written by granny
Akash is spot on with his predictions. He doesn't judge you when you go private with him. He is 'cool' during the reading and is great to consult with. He doesn't make you feel like a person who has done something wrong. He will not give you hope if there is no hope. He is quick and does not waste time. I will keep coming back for updates. Thank you again, Akash!" ... written by Moonchild59
he is accurate and no sugar coating . honest and i do feel his prediction will come true bcs last time reading about job and changing is happen so . def 100%%%% honest and accurate . " ... written by sai
He works fast, gives answers quickly. I have to wait and see how his predictions work out." ... written by private
Quick reader. Will wait for predictions. Knew the situation and gave great info." ... written by Anny
Akashsabby1 Thank you so much as your in sight is amazing! Thank you" ... written by T
Good reading by Akash. He was on point about the person he read me about. Will call you to give you an update on my progress. tThank you Akash. " ... written by Vilma
Akash is always 100% accurate with his readings and predictions! He is quick and does not waste time. No bs from him. He will tell you only the truth. Thank you, Akash! I will talk to you again this Sunday!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thanku for my reading didnt have a lot of time but will come back" ... written by T
Thank you again!!! :) " ... written by Lilly1217
Great update with him!!! Sorry my credits ran out and I had connection lag. He chose me once during demo awhile back and he wowed me with such accuracy so I went to private with him shortly after and I came back to update tonight. He is very spot on with what is going on! Looking forward to his positive predictions!! Thank you Akashsabby :) " ... written by Lilly1217
He's the best, very accurate and honest with details that he sees happening in the situation discussed. He predicts positive changes and I am looking forward to them coming to fruition. I will be patient and positive. Thank you always!!! :) " ... written by Lilly1217
Thanks Akash!! It's been awhile since I've had a reading with you. It's been great!!" ... written by shelle97
Thank you again!!! :) Sorry it was so dark on my webcam, I will have more lights on next time lol. He's great, I enjoy readings with him. He's very straightforward and honest with his insights, and how to best approach the situation! " ... written by Lilly1217
I cant wait! When I get this and I am able to lead!" ... written by T
Love you all the time!" ... written by Andrea
Awesome! Thank you! Looking forward to telling you everything that comes to pass...." ... written by T
Akash is 100% with his predictions. His readings are very accurate. I consult with Akash regularly for updates. Thank you, Akash! I will talk to you soon." ... written by Moonchild59
A wonderful connected time with truest of details. I appreciated this amazing time. i will be back" ... written by beauty
So fast!! So intuitive!! highly recommend him!!" ... written by asdfasdfa
Private readings with Akash are accurate. His predictions happen. He will tell you only the truth. If there is hope, he will let you know. He does not sugar coat. Thank you, Akash! I will talk to you again next week!" ... written by Moonchild59
Always keeps my head clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million" ... written by Jennifer
quick and fast reader quick connection" ... written by apple
I speak to Akashsabby1 regularly. He is insightful, honest, and always accurate." ... written by Alice
Awesome yet again! Had to go back to him!" ... written by Ashley
Amazing!!! :) Very happy " ... written by Ashley
Great reading! He was very precise and knew exactly what we were talking about. Recommend! A+++" ... written by rhd
very very gifted. no sugar coat. no tools, he able to connect and see things exact. Very amazing psychic. i will rate him 10 stars. He is geniune. Thank you for the wonderful reading. " ... written by gugu58
Great reading with akashabby1 today. He gave me positive insight on my upcoming Saturday night. I will keep him posted. cant wait for Saturday night! Staying positive and happy!" ... written by oscarbuffy
Akash is very honest and does not sugar coat. He is 100% accurate with his readings. Thank you, Akash! I will talk to you later." ... written by moonchild59
thank you" ... written by all
Akashaby1 is so talented and gifted. Definitely is a 5 star psychic. Thank you for the reading" ... written by barbara
Love you always!" ... written by Andrea
He is so calm, kind and accurate. He tells you everything as it is, the truth. He knows what he is doing and is well experienced. Thank you. " ... written by HopeS129
thank you thank you thank you " ... written by meagan
He is outstanding, as usual. Accurate. Clock just goes too fast!! I'll be back ... he is AAA+" ... written by Betty747
picked up like anything...high rate...but pickup is amazing..." ... written by frag
good. repeat customer" ... written by r
Very honest and very spot on psychic. The person involved is exactly how he picks up personality wise. Thank you again!!! :) " ... written by Lilly1217
i hope he is right. thank you akashsabby1" ... written by all
so far he's been right. hope he is still right. " ... written by all
he just called and wants to see me today. that's what interrupted the reading. thanks :)" ... written by all
Great reading!! Felt that he was spot on" ... written by coolGirl65
Many readings, very helpful every time!" ... written by Alice
good" ... written by natalie104
good" ... written by Ema
great reading with akash. he picks up quick and he knows what he is talking about. God bless you akash! " ... written by hh
thank you Aka. You have always been right. So I hope you are right now. :)" ... written by all
great reader i recomend" ... written by apple
amazing reader" ... written by lol
he is so far totally accurate" ... written by all
I feel that he was very intruitive and fast in his readings!" ... written by asdfasfdaf
Fast and made predictions! Cant wait to see what happens" ... written by belivenlove
he's been amazing" ... written by all
he has been so accurate. thank you aka" ... written by all
yes, he was good! he picked up the person right away! I would recommend him to others! 5 stars!" ... written by greeneyes
Thank you for a very good insightful reading. I highly recommend to anyone" ... written by tyler
I am so glad to have some light shed on the situation. I haven't seen him in a while he shanged his screen name... but glad to be back in touch He is always so helpful and amazing" ... written by cathleen
Another great reading of insight feeling much better....:)" ... written by cathleen
Always an amazing reading. This isn't my first reading with him and everything he says always turns out to be true" ... written by Erica McGilvary
Good reading" ... written by Lisa
OK thanks" ... written by f
Another good reading! clarification.... feeling better.... as always. let him help you... I have know him for 2 years and he is very truthful " ... written by cathleen
He was great. He nailed the other persons personality. Right on. Now I just have to wait for the time frame that he suggested. Thank you. " ... written by Stephanie
Very nice, professional and fast. THank you. " ... written by lovewater
I think he is quite accurate. He connects really fast." ... written by EVERGREEN
Such an amazing reading with Akash, it was really awesome and glad i did it..." ... written by K
Very good reader" ... written by Suman
Thank you so much! I freaking love you man!" ... written by Andrea
5 stars. I'm a regular client and akash is really truly amazing" ... written by melissa
I've been to Akashsabby's room before just to watch demos. After I was selected for one, I was convinced he is one of the best. On point with everything I asked about. Excellent! " ... written by nina
Akashsabby1 was very helpful, wish I had more money to chat with him. Would like to talk to him again. I give him 6 stars." ... written by Msvyh19612
Great reading... he is awesome as always! Give him a try! he is very honest and straight forward" ... written by cathleen
i am very thankful for Akash he really helped me picked up on everything and the music he was playing was very healing " ... written by katie
good reading short but honest and insightfull just hope happens " ... written by jane
thanks that was a good read for sure" ... written by lavelle
Akash is excellent! He connects quickly and doesn't waste time. Very honest and accurate. I love his energy." ... written by nina
Very good very fast reader puts my mind at easy thank yu" ... written by Virginai
Always reassuring with his answers, and he always gets my situation spot on. which gives me clarity and peace" ... written by april
great reading" ... written by n
Great read...thank you" ... written by Gina
Akash is great, very straightforward and concise. i appreciate that he hasnt been trying to get me to add time to cast spells or do some healing work whatever like most of the others are doing now. highly recommend." ... written by sahreen
Helpful" ... written by suman
Very kind and genuine reader" ... written by suman
Thanks for your reading great job :)" ... written by Heerenveen
Thanks ofr thw accuracy andamp; looking forward to it ocme true" ... written by L
Great thank you :)" ... written by L
Fantastic reader ! First time and great " ... written by chi
Very honest ! 5 stars for him!" ... written by Huanita
5 stars! Connected pretty fast" ... written by love
Thanks a lot! I am sorry I run out of credits, wanted to add more but transaction failed" ... written by Julia
*thumbs up*" ... written by pokemonpikapika
Akashabby, is very dead on. I had to almost tell him nothing and he picked up on a lot! " ... written by Sarah
The best of the best! Thank you so much ! T x" ... written by Tatiana
he was really direct! and also very good advice!!" ... written by Karly
best of all" ... written by chin
awesome reading!" ... written by chin
Perfect reading, on point and I would definitely get another private reading from him again! Awesome-sauce!" ... written by Cherie
always on point" ... written by DIveeny
5 stars! He connected well with my situation" ... written by buttercup
he is magic .....great reading ..." ... written by sk
Wow, the reading was very personal but fascinating :O! I will be getting a private from you on Friday hopefully! Wow.... Crazy news." ... written by Cherie
awesome reading as always!!!" ... written by chin
he has a good insight and is quick and answers your questions to the point, doesn't try to stretch time and talk about irrelevant stuff, thanks for your reading! solid :)" ... written by frag
Very good thanks" ... written by johnkidd
He had pit things very perfectly and right way...Hope to see him once I get more credits " ... written by Nag
Always love the updates! I will try to get another reading in the near future! Thank you for making me cope with my situation while my love is in army bootcamp!" ... written by Cherie
perfect reader as alwys!" ... written by chin
his very good does great reading I be back to him for sure I suggest him to others. thank you" ... written by hope
Good overall reading and prediction" ... written by Newson
Very accurate and quick!!! To the point and does not waste your time.. I would certainly recommend him for any genuine readings and he connects super-fast!!!" ... written by Shama
he is excellent and very accurate with his words! 10/10 !" ... written by mikeking00
Thank you! 100% nailed the prediction. He is the only one who honestly told me what was going on with words I could understand. Thank you! " ... written by thelight
Very strong, quick to the point and easy to talk to. Wonderful reading, very positive and uplifting and real." ... written by Ria
5 stars! This guy rocks!" ... written by starstar
Another reading with Akash... awesome!!! you need to get a private chat with him...you wont regret! I will give him 10 stars :))" ... written by Shama
Fantastic reader and awesome guidance as always" ... written by chin
Very Good picked up asap on situation" ... written by Onelove111
Good" ... written by Newsn
5 star advisor and outstanding abilities " ... written by dubyjudy
Spot on he was amazing...he said accurate things...i was broken he mended me.." ... written by seema
5 stars! Woah!!!!!!!!! He's so fast and accurate!" ... written by Sugar
Amazing reading and totally intuitive" ... written by Wonderbaby
Another great update! Thank you! I love my weekly, bi-weekly readings from you. Always Accurate and honest!" ... written by Cherie
He connected very well! Very focused and I can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by Carrie
he has connected so deeply and have good insight everytime!" ... written by chin
Always come back for a reading, always accurate. The only psychic on oranum that I have been coming back to constantly." ... written by Alice
Akash is excellent!!! Love him. He is so accurate and honest. I know when I chat with him I will get the right info. One of the best :)" ... written by nina
I cannot say enough good things about Akashabby, his reading was fast, accurate andamp; amazing andamp; I look forward to seeing the outcome :)" ... written by Havy
extremely accurate" ... written by indira
loved his readings!" ... written by greeneyes
stoped in for quick question and got it! He is always helpful and is honest and on point" ... written by cathleen
akashsabby, is great! He gave me the answer that I needed. And it was positive. He also gave me time frame. I recommend aka." ... written by Bekind1961
5 stars!" ... written by Pink
very informative wow!" ... written by Rachel
I love this guy. He did tell me things months before and they happened. I love it! " ... written by Gina
Needed an answer to a question andamp; guidance andamp; was given both. Was a great help, thank you very much :)" ... written by Havy
He is funny and also very nice! Thank you for reading me today!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
fantastic as always !!" ... written by chin
Fast, Accurate and great energy. Hope his predictions in Oct will come to pass soon." ... written by littlebudy1
He is very fast to connect with people, very easy to open up to and he is very intuitive. Thank you! I will come again for sure@!! :-) " ... written by Liz
wow! spectacular fast reading!" ... written by Karla
Always spot on and honest!! No sugar coating here!" ... written by CB
Awesome guy! Will come back again" ... written by Pooja
Very Very honest.. no BS at all. " ... written by Edward
Honest and helpful when I needed answers" ... written by Liz
Fast andamp; detailed update, thank you :)" ... written by Havy
Wonderful" ... written by Brittany
He really connected to my situation! was great" ... written by Anastasia
thorough and quick it is my first reading. I will let you know. " ... written by Pamela s Smith
i love him.. has never steered me wrong" ... written by melissa
Akash picked up on my energies immediately and he was bang on. Can't wait for his prediction to come true" ... written by Ankita
5 stars!" ... written by luv
Fast typer i must say haha..But very helpful and sweet!!! I didnt have much credit this time, but i will definetely get more and get another reading from him! Very charming! :)" ... written by swedengirl34
He was on tune with my emotions and affirmed what i already knew.. highly recommend." ... written by leti8989
charming as usual! superdastic" ... written by zeina
Fast andamp; helpful update as ever. Thank you :)" ... written by Havy
I am a regular and he is spot on. He will be number 1 on website soon." ... written by Alice
great as always" ... written by Gina
This guy sees things you only vaguely detected yourself! That's what I call a gift here." ... written by WeeFreeWoman
Excellent!!! He said things that finally made sense and were the truth as i know them, when others have tried to tell me what would like to hear. Very fast and accurate! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by linda
Wow was so quick and did not hesitate to say what was on mind; felt so accurate and real! credit ran out but recommend " ... written by cher
Awesome...looking forward to his predictions coming true!!! His energy is incredible" ... written by regina
Excellent and fast!" ... written by linda
you bring me great comfort and i am glad i can count on you to keep things real with me. i am very pleased how you say things are and will be. you are very accurate with so many details xoxoxo i will keep you posted!" ... written by cherie
Thank you! Very friendly, straight to the point, and gave lots of interesting details. I'm looking forward to the next couple of months! " ... written by jade
was quick to connect and was kind and helped clear things up will wait for prediction to pass" ... written by sher
Very much on point as always :)" ... written by fs
I love this man..he is the best! " ... written by Gina
Great Reading thank you once again :O I also like the cheaper price! It's good to actually have a longer reading makes me happy! " ... written by Cherie
He is very accurate" ... written by mus
he is very good and accurate" ... written by mus
Quick andamp; fast update, thank you :)" ... written by Havy
Very nice man. A lot of information in a little time. Ran out of time but will be back. Information seems reliable. " ... written by Lira
Another great update as usual, I am grateful for all of the insight akashsabby1 has to offer to me! He's truly a gift!" ... written by Cherie
great insight! for both of us! deep level of connection.. surprising information" ... written by zeina
Connects fast and is a good reader! Easy to communicate with. He is always cheerful and welcoming! I definitely recommend a reading from him." ... written by Elizabeth
Amazing! wow fast typer, fast details. very quick to read into my situation too. I was fascinated. I've had a few readers I go too and recently I decided I wanted to try a few new ones. Now I have a few faves so hopefully his prediction with timeframes comes true. Thank you. Take him to private!" ... written by L
thank you so much, i am very excited and i am going to go for it and i am going to make things happen. i am willing to wait to get what i want and i will get it like i want it.have a blessed day" ... written by cherie
He is very fast and spot on the person i was enquiring about. he gave me timeline of Max Oct 15th forthis person to ask me out. so will let you know then things pan out. But he was very accurate and helped me with other questions answered in free chat. Very satisfied with the reading and will come back soon for more details. Thanks alot for your insight tonight" ... written by Kiran3
its amazing how much you pick up and its amazing the advise you can give. you are a wonderful help to me and i am going through a hard time and you are shedding light on me thank you so much xoxoxox" ... written by cherie
He was good" ... written by edelaine
Thank you." ... written by Lira
thank you." ... written by lenard
I loved talking to him, the first time with him, but he was quick and to the point. no time wasted. I love his vibes and will return....." ... written by Diane
cool. Reading I loved it. Thank you ******" ... written by Antoinette
5 stars!" ... written by pink
Great!! and to the point!" ... written by lW
Very funny, personable and quick. Intuitive for sure. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
great reading " ... written by a
EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, READER!!! Very fast and in tune with all your questions and needs. He will get to the bottom of what your issue are!!! Highly recommended!" ... written by linda
It was good session...he game me positive VIBES...lets see and will post the updates soon..." ... written by Nag
Very good, interesting reading. Like his style :)" ... written by FriendlySpirirt88
It's like he's been here watching my life as the days go on. He was able to tell me all about the other person involved and I knew he was really connected because these details were all things that I know to be true, things that me and the other person have spoken about. After listening to me go on and on about my situation, he still assures me that things will work out within a certain timeframe. I trust him but of course there is always a bit of doubt. I will be back to let you know when it all happens. Thank you so much for your kind words and patience!" ... written by L
I honestly think he is great!! I haven't laughed soo much as well as get a great reading ever!!! amazing" ... written by POPS83
Fantastic update, I really needed this for sure! :O Thank you so much and now there is weight lifted off my shoulders woo! Wonderful session." ... written by Cherie
quick, informative and also straight to the point which is refreshing!" ... written by random_diamond
My first private with Akash. He truly insisted on being honest. I have seen his demos. I believe in his skills/abilities/gifts. He insists on honesty which is one reason "why" I chose him. I am looking for healthy relationships, success, kindness, good fortune....and knowing what he "Sees" confirms what I believe. In my experience, he is consistent. He is a good person and wants the best for us. That can mean that sometimes we do not get the answers we want or hope. I am lucky I did and that what he said is pretty much the path I am on. I did NOT give him ANY information other than 1st names and dob. I even gave fake names in demo once. He told me the exact same things except in private, I got all the details, explanations, etc." ... written by Nickole
Still really in touch. I am impressed." ... written by M
Awesome" ... written by M
5 stars!" ... written by Mango
Nice reading, picks up fast and is honest!" ... written by M
Had an amazing session with Akash. He is a kind and friendly psychic who is honest and truthful. He told me a lot about myself and my life without me even mentioning anything. He can truly connect and is extremely talented. Highly recommended!!!! Will return back 100%!" ... written by Fzeek
Fantastic reading and great confirmation of what I was thinking all this time! I thank you for all of these wonderful readings!" ... written by Cherie
I had a follow up with Akash because I felt insecure and got myself all lost and upset. I pressed him real hard. Before I could continue, he cut through that and said, listen, here is what spirit is saying....then he told me. That held my attention to where I could actually 'hear' what Akash is saying and process it. I am so so so so glad he already remembered so much and reinforced the same messages though with more expansion and detail since time has lapsed since my 1st reading with Akash. I am so grateful for your time, efforts, talents, and care. HUGS! XOXOXOXOX " ... written by Kiera
Quick connection, great update as always. Thank you :)" ... written by Havy
He is good..recommend him strongly!" ... written by Nag
Good took a bit of time will have to wait and see if predictions come true" ... written by smiley2011
Very Very good. Right on target will see how the next three months go to see if his prediction happens hopefully it does." ... written by Faith
WOW! Had to come back for an in depth reading on a current situation and he knew things I never told anyone, things that I've thought or told to the other party. I trust in everything he has said and I love that his advice is on point with what I want to see happen in my life now. There were some things he said that I did not like but I know he is 100% correct. Not my first reading but still very shocked at how in tune he was with the situation!" ... written by L
thank you so much for the guidance , you pick up so fast, and crazy because i had a question in my head and u answered without me even asking :) thank you again" ... written by mango
He was very polite and straight forward. he did shed some light on my issue. I will be patient and see what happens throughout this month and into next month." ... written by Kyle
Thank you for today :) really appreciate it and look forward to prediction" ... written by H
connects quickly. has never steered me wrong" ... written by melissa
Akash is great and definitely worth a private visit, he told me things that I don't ever mention and was 100% accurate with what he said." ... written by marsylyttle
Akash is a very honest and fast reader. He read my situation very well actually in free chat itself. I give him 5 stars n more." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100