About amanda323

Psychic amanda323has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic amanda323has recently helped 44members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about amanda323's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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She's so wonderful! She told me things that I didn't know about the situation. I've come to terms with the fact that things are moving in the right direction, and I can't control them. Thank you so much! Will be back!" ... written by MinaVamp27
She's excellent!" ... written by purple20
This is my first time here for my reading, and this is the first time I met amanda here. And I'm glad that I met her because she is really nice lady and tries to help in a genuine way. Very excellent and good reading. I would love to come back for another session with her." ... written by hs_gill
lovely update thank you" ... written by Q
This was a great session with Amanda! She picked up so on the dot! She even described the persons eyes correctly! Her advices are great and im going to follow it! Very nice lady - nice to talk to and she really knows what´s going on! " ... written by Sol
Wonderful clear warm and funny bless you for your insights and messages" ... written by Denisenz
Very calming and precise!" ... written by gem1974
Fantastic! Super friendly! Fantastic energy and accent =) Very welcoming and tries to help you in a genuine way. Definitely a person to talk to for help, and for a smile =) " ... written by cmdarcy
Just awsome!!!!!!" ... written by mancrm
Absolutely lovely lady." ... written by giselle
Excellent and in depth reading very very helpful." ... written by maryannepav
She very well connected to me. Her guides really had some solid advice for me. It's very comforting to know that things are looking up. She is truly positive and sincere. I tell you, she is the real thing! " ... written by Rainbowscolors
Very good reader, has details straight off the bat, and connects (if they choose) to your spirit guides." ... written by hope2321
Thank you very much, tapped into my situation very accurately." ... written by eagleeyes340
Lovely lady. Gave beautiful insights!" ... written by Mademoiselle1
She was very good and accurate." ... written by goodfuture23
She is such a wonderful energy, picked up on very quick, would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you! :}" ... written by baybes
Hit me correctly right on from the start. Gave me much needed straight talk. Thankful for your honesty." ... written by peaceinvoked
I love her. She has an amazing gift. Try her!" ... written by starfish444
Amanda's first main prediction for me happened, and she continues to give great advice and really relate to me. She is a true guide for me!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She's the best!!!! FFFFFIIIVVVVEEEE SSSTTTAAARRRRS!!!!!!! Accurate and quick!!!" ... written by lonely192012
Excellent reading as usual and in depth." ... written by maryannepav
Thank you hun, wonderful energy and great reading. Could not asked for better. Truly recommended! =) " ... written by Wahine
Loved her, very supportive, understood what I was going through, she was accurate about my situation." ... written by Messenger87
Awesome, thanks. " ... written by sabinaa
Amazing!" ... written by sudha2809
Picked up on everything with just my name and her guide!!! AWESOME!!!!!! " ... written by Summaluv8
Was short but I hope she was right in what she said." ... written by tiemini
Great Miss!" ... written by giselle18
Spot on" ... written by illectik
Fabulous, amazing, wonderful session, I feel so much clearer." ... written by katykim
She had a lot of insight on the situation with me only giving her my name, age, DOB and location. " ... written by kadydid
Nice reading... very informative." ... written by Scorpio1112
Amanda is SENSATIONAL,she quick to connect and deliver information she asks nothing just gives you what she gets from her guides and she is 100% accurate with what they telling!i highly recommend you take her pvt you will not be disappointed!!!! i will be back...5stars and many more she deserves." ... written by marionlyttle
Amanda is the real deal.Unbelievably accurate without asking me anything. I would give 10 stars,she is well worth every cent without a doubt." ... written by pansypants
Fanstastic Reading!!!!!" ... written by melysa84
Had a reading with this lady, I thought she was good and made sense and clarified things for me, I will let you know how prediction goes. I ejoyed the reading very much" ... written by msaries
Amanda was great to talk to and very honest. She has wonderful insight. Thanks, Amanda :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Great reading. Wonderful lady. Thank you!" ... written by katie46
Amanda was amazing in her reading. Connected very fast, I was stunned at her accuracy. I will take her advice and await what's coming for me. 10 ****** to you Amanda" ... written by Lucy117
Great reading." ... written by sycammer781
Thank you!" ... written by epilock
Very good reading. Quick connection with her guide and received answers to all questions that I asked. Thank you again!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Super! 10/10" ... written by brilo1969
Great reading! Very accurate with details of my life. Looking forward to her prediction!" ... written by yvettepandora
Good reading. God bless you Amanda the great!" ... written by remedio
Excellent and helpful reading!" ... written by maryannepav
Thanks, you are amazing genuine and very honest with your readings, thank you very much, ten stars!" ... written by katzhous8
Thanks. She picked up right away!" ... written by Antranae1
OUTSTANDING MEDIUMSHIP !!!! Amanda323 is on it !!! no tools , just plain gifted!!! 100% recommended" ... written by tamjones
Very good connection as usual - fantastic feader" ... written by Onslow
Wonderful clear insights, thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Amanda is definitely one of the ABSOLUTE best psychics that I have EVER met. Here or anywhere! She picked up on everything perfectly. PERFECTLY. Said things that only the BEST of the other psychics have seen. And these things ring so deeply in my soul. I felt them so strongly. I REALLY trust her information. She is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks, lovely reading." ... written by jaimelee25
Great, 10 stars!!!! Accurate and helpful!!" ... written by lonely192012
Was spot on on everything!" ... written by Rosamazza76
Great advice!" ... written by yvettepandora
Amanda323...what can I say. She is amazing! Thank you so much for your accurate reading. Bless you!" ... written by phoebe38
She is excellent, buying more credits!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good!" ... written by bexter101
Instantly connected to what my heart was desiring. With so much details, absolutely amazed, her guides were AMAZING. WOW! Thank you for the advice and the encouragement madam! :))" ... written by angelloverose
Great reading... I love her!" ... written by mariekat72
5 stars!!" ... written by lonely192012
Wise lovely lady, Amanda is and very gifted too. Able to look at a situation in depth , which is more than can be said for some on this site. Real, Compassionate and very human - I recommend her if you have complex relationship/matters of the heart issues. Tactful and straight forward at the same time." ... written by belladonna8
WOW thankyou so much for the reading ur an amazing person loved the reading and advice :-))))) il; be back soon " ... written by ale510
Awesome lady to speak with, very compassionate and sincere xoxox" ... written by rachel1312
Great reading! Picked up on things quickly, and was very accurate. I will definitely be back." ... written by LaurenNicole15
Amanda and her guides have given me the strength and conviction to really make the positive strides needed in my life. They really helped me to feel sure about the positive things that are involved in this really long and drawn out saga that I am going through. The truth in what they say is so powerful that I literally feel it on physical and higher levels. Am glad she is with Oranum. Hope to see her again soon." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good reading and helpful." ... written by maryannepav
Amazing, empathetic, talented reader. Picked up on issues I didn't even want to discuss before I said anything. Understanding and relateable. Down to earth, honest, and kind. Worth every single penny and I spend mine very wisely. Do not pass her up, she is worth it all. Thank you so much Amanda, will talk to you again when need be :) " ... written by somariot
Very real, and understanding." ... written by wolfe685
She was amazing and she hit the nail on the head." ... written by giphtedmom
Great honest reading, thank you :))" ... written by angelx1231
Thank you so much I feel so much better. You were really great. I needed this." ... written by sherimariesa
Good reading. Very helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Amanda is absolutely wonderful. She may truly be the best here. She is very psychic. I can only explain this because I am psychic too and I feel it psychically. She has told me interesting things." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Wonderful! Wish I had more time with her but she gave me wonderful insight and advice :)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Brilliant!" ... written by meisupani
She is wonderful and great and I will continue to come for her wonderful psychic insight. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
Awesome great!!!!" ... written by jamira76
A very helpful guide with lots of helpful insight... I will have to come again and chat some more as there is alot to discuss and thank you, Amanda!" ... written by beansy42
Thank you for the clear reading. You really gave me a better perspective on my issues." ... written by smitsmarc
Excellent as always, going back for more...." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent!" ... written by linds3891
Amazing reading... Loved it !!! Ran out of time.. Have to get more time." ... written by tammyjb
Friendly and Excellent!!!" ... written by nurul_6208
Amanda is amazing. After one session I am in love with her. " ... written by krisifur
I LOVE Amanda. She is the perfect mix of world class clairvoyant, and friend. I trust her words fully and completely. And i love that she just tells me things straight out. She has been and will continue to be a great help. Bless you Amanda, always wishing you well and talk to you soon!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you amanda love u.xx This was the seconfd reading with her." ... written by ale510
A lovely and very interesting reading, picked up on the situation very quickly and gave me good guidance for the future!" ... written by Rose987
She was good. She pretty much said what she said in the last reading. So it must just be a validation." ... written by Antranae1
Thank you. You are amazing. I will do what you said and I pray that you are right. Thanks." ... written by Toni268
I tried to rate Amanda 5 stars again after our most recent reading. She is top notch, and a total excellent psychic and advisor and friend. She has been right about everything from the start and I look forward to seeing her more in the future! Please count this as a 5 star rating for my last reading." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Sorry I ran out of money! Amanda is so helpful, understanding, empathetic and accurate. She really helped me. I would go to her again in a heartbeat." ... written by Katherine88
Lovely reading...picked up on the things that I never said to her...awesome...sorry funds runs out." ... written by kalie04
The best on here." ... written by millyloves22
Awesome!" ... written by jackiep013
This lady was correct about a lot of things. She hit several areas that were right on the money. Very kind person!" ... written by threeyorkies
Right on everything, will be back again. Would tell anyone to spend some time with her. Excellent reading!" ... written by tammyjb
Very lovely and friendly. Accurate about my life. Definitely recommended. Thank you Amanda. " ... written by Juliecappa
Thank you! =)" ... written by kingpi
She is great." ... written by starfish444
Thanks again for your time Amanda. Greatly appreciated" ... written by beansy42
Thank you so much! You helped me in more ways than you know." ... written by rachp82
Thanks for your kind help." ... written by kieranterrier
Excellent.. I love AMANDA!!!" ... written by nurul_6208
Great reading, great advice, xxxx highly recommneded!" ... written by carina12
Wow, you picked up straight away on the situation with no prompting. Thank you!" ... written by gipsygirl
On it! She's the real deal! More like a guide to what I already knew, she was indeed clarity!!! Thank you again Amanda! Be well!" ... written by Jazzybelle1
Amanda picked up on everything straight away, made me feel more relieved. I will come back to her again definitely. " ... written by laura316
Amanda was honest and upfront, and I think she was quite accurate as well, and advised me well. I will definitely be doing as she suggested, and will probably come back for more later." ... written by nadiaw
My first reading with Amanda and she is a great woman read me like a book thank you very much. xx" ... written by Coraldeacon
Gave good advice. Thank you." ... written by Vicky1973
Fantastic xx" ... written by bbsweetieangel88
Love you Amanda" ... written by katie46
Amanda was great. I felt much better after talking to her. She has a lot f wisdom." ... written by rcollins9813
Was good! " ... written by greencharlie615
The best the best the best! Love her... She's excellent!!!" ... written by katzhous8
Amanda, love her xxxx" ... written by Coraldeacon
LOVE HER and her fun energy...she is very quick and I did not have to prompt her for anything...stellar reading. Loved it." ... written by Questionlove2
Thank you Amanda, it was short and sweet. Looking forward to how the year will unravel." ... written by Janineg8
Very good reading, she picked up on everything :) " ... written by damian1482
Wonderful medium connection with the other side!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Amanda is a great reader, very quick too, well worth it, thanks again, Amanda, for another calming reading." ... written by pansypants
Freaking fantastic... she was on the ball with everything! Thanks amanda!" ... written by hehehee
I love my Amanda xx :-)" ... written by Coraldeacon
Very nice lady, nice talking to her. He helped me a lot." ... written by istronic
Her email surprised me about knowing I had a previous break up that was really hard on me, since I didn't mention it before, I wanted to see what else she has to say." ... written by baicas
Awesome time. As always...had 2 readings tonight with amanda..I just adore her..." ... written by tammyjb
Spot on with detail. xx" ... written by char10222
She is one of the best psychic.. Highly recommended!" ... written by umabalan
Great thanks!" ... written by AbiCares
Finally I got to speak to someone who knew how I felt and answered some of my questions before I asked them. She was insightful, compassionate and helpful. Got some valuable advice and I thank her. I will definitely contact her again particularly if her predictions come to fruition. Nice to know I am not alone in my predicament.Thank you" ... written by humblefitz8
Very kind and understanding reader! Very in tune with me." ... written by gemmie
Great advice!" ... written by ariestwin
Very good reading!" ... written by rachp82
Very good and clear thankyou " ... written by fleurandamelia
Very knowledgeable about my situation awesome person!! Was spot on!! Love you Amanda!!" ... written by bleu081
Thank you Amanda, glad some 1 understands." ... written by Coraldeacon
Excellent excellent reading, picked up on things right away, very nice reading. I will come back!" ... written by angie_bart
She is very good and accurate, I would definitely recommend her! Thank you Amanda323 :)" ... written by vandana_20
Thank you. It was still consistent with what she said last time about 3 months ago. I guess I just have to see it through. Even though I feel like I been waiting forever for a certain something." ... written by Antranae1
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Shayne1215
Chatting with Amanda gave me a clear insight about the situation and confidence." ... written by umabalan
Thank youuuuuu!!! i have so much self discovering to do now. You're such the best ever. " ... written by Erin VonHoneybird
Good reading!" ... written by elle11
Thank you!" ... written by marigoldrose
She and her guides have helped to relief the situation concerning the well being of my son. God Bless!" ... written by butterflyrose19
I always get clarity after speaking with Amanda!! highly reccomended!!!" ... written by umabalan
AMANDA323 was absolutely amazing! " ... written by starsalign21
Thank you." ... written by fivestars12345
As always, clear and concise, very honest and very to the point. You don't need sugar coating because she is truly caring and genuine and always understanding. Always a pleasure and a calming experience. Thanks again. xx" ... written by VonHoneybird
She is good." ... written by harmoonny
Lovely lady accurate and knows what you need genuinely astute! x" ... written by vanessakg
She is amazingly peaceful and accurate with everything she sees and says." ... written by azdocker
This was a very good reading, this reader is great!" ... written by revad67
I'm very pleased with my reading, she confirmed what I thought and that's what I needed!" ... written by will000777
She is excellent. I will be back." ... written by carolyn101
She is on point." ... written by carolyn101
Really lovely--caring and sensitive, wise woman. Knows her stuff-- doesn't tell you want you want to hear, tells you how it is!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Finally got through. Good Advice. Let's see if it comes to fruition." ... written by tloislane007
Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the reading. :)" ... written by Traci
Accurate!! Clear!! In tuned to how I was feeling...." ... written by lonely192012
Awesome... finally a real psychic!!! Loved the reading, thank you so very much amanda. Aloha!" ... written by lehua14
Fantastic reading... Amanda was lovely to converse with and really helped me and actually confirmed for me what I already knew but I needed the confidence to find out." ... written by Dylansbird
Lovely lady, very insightful. A pleasure to converse with and I feel enlightened as a result." ... written by Bumblebeewings
Spot on, absolutely brilliant, made up x" ... written by emmaball25
Able to connect directly into my situation..." ... written by Heather
She was very it I would get another reading with her." ... written by cuteface1972
Great read, many thanks for your lovely insight... Spot on about the guy I was asking about... x" ... written by sally32
I love the reading, you are great!" ... written by sandy1113
Omg thank you so much :) I love your readings. I keeping you in my contacts. It matches and opens my eyes more wider to be careful. " ... written by walt89
Nice reading :) " ... written by walt89
Great reading!!!" ... written by lonely192012
Excellent reader, picked up on the situation accurately, would highly recommend, thank you so much. x" ... written by verseau
Thanks so much Amanda, awesome reading, awesome encouragement!" ... written by mini1214
Amanda is the best out here and I recommend her over all the others and I will come again to consult her" ... written by fedo1234
Fantastic, thank you so much!" ... written by Thebewls
I had a great private reading, it really was a good time!!" ... written by manoflife
Right on with everything... You got to get a reading... She will pick it up before you say it... I definitely cannot wait till April... Thank you so very much... I will definitely come back to you again... You are awesome!!!" ... written by kristinaison
So much support and much needed guidance, bloody brilliant!" ... written by meisupani
She's rather accurate in seeing that a family member is involved in the relationship." ... written by julesk1
Very helpful. Thank you" ... written by charp25
I always love my readings with Amanda!!" ... written by Tammy
She is good." ... written by 10sluvuvin
Amazing reading, picked up everything with out me saying a word. Feel calmer and more focused thank you! xx" ... written by cb1987
Thanks for the reading." ... written by thanya
Great thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Another great reading thank you so much amanda" ... written by ejortiz07
I honestly think you are the best, thank you so much... You told me things that are so true I didn't even had to tell you anything, I truly recommend you to others.. Thank you so so much for your reading, you are my favorite!!!" ... written by sandy1113
Seems to be very accurate. She picked up on my situation well, and on the person involved. Her predictions are not so different from what I've heard, so I trust she is right. Patience is key." ... written by iPreferMimi
Wonderful, clear warm insights bless you." ... written by Denisenz
She is good. She gives good advice." ... written by KitKat02
Amanda323 is warm and honest, she tells it like it is without making assumptions - basically what a proper psychic should do!" ... written by Misschelseabun
Awesome reading told me everything I wanted to hear." ... written by ejortiz07
She really is a nice lady... Very clear in all the things she revealed to me... And helped to see clearly what I should do. Thank you, Amanda!" ... written by bhavritti
Exremely spot on awesome reading" ... written by clarebear31
She was right on point and gave me the best advice. You couldn't ask or look for someone better to help or guide you. " ... written by junekay2013
Thank you so much you are the best ever!! :)" ... written by sandy1113
Great readings! She got me even before I ask the question.. Very sweet and friendly.. Thank you.." ... written by leanora
Awesome prediction, even with short period of time!" ... written by aikhooiooi
Thank you was a pleasure." ... written by krismic2
She is amazing... I have had 2 readings with her and she has been spot on with everything! Speaks to truth and she is funny at the same time. " ... written by Margarita1987
Right on point" ... written by Sheneparker87
She really gets to the point and tells it like it is. She picked up on things that I wouldn't think anyone could have." ... written by Sheneparker87
Amazing " ... written by Beccaboo72
Shes just straight to the point. Love her shes funny and spot on !! :) " ... written by Beccaboo72
Brillant she is the best ever ! xox " ... written by Beccaboo72
Great advise! I really liked it! Thanks!" ... written by mayansgottallent
Excellent psychic, very quick and informative. " ... written by PURPLE-AURA
Thanks so much for the reading, I will be back, wish I had more credit :-) I'll be back soon!" ... written by ale
Well its hard to say whether it was accurate... time will tell. But she was attentive and answered my questions completely." ... written by higherthan life
Very kind lady! Talented Psychic!" ... written by Frank
She was very precise and gave me clarity on my relationship with Wayne. She made my day complete. Will return to her again." ... written by patri
Nice seems accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thanks very much, for ur opinion but will just wait until then what come to my future. god bless u" ... written by lorryvie
Very understanding, helped a lot to find my way in love." ... written by Dwight
5 stars!!" ... written by coraldeacon
She is great I loved her." ... written by shorty1994
Lovely reading again, thank you.Def one of my favorites see's the situation clearly. xxx" ... written by Carly
All I have to say is wow! Thank you so much Amanda." ... written by Suinda
She connects straight away shes just so cool doesn't muck around, she just gets to the heart of the subject you're asking about and just tells you the good and the bad honestly. Shes just brilliant and amazing !! This is my third reading and i am more impressed than my first - Love her !! xo" ... written by Beccaboo72
Good job :)" ... written by amrita
She is straight up, on point and I love her!!!. You should most absolutely get a reading with her. " ... written by Lisa
She is so accurate and awesome... give it a shot!" ... written by peacegal
She is lovely! Very in tune and connects with you one on one! Highly recommend." ... written by Ashley
She is very perceptive and honest. She will not keep you dragging on and on because Amanda is sincere and helpful. You will not regret using this professional psychic. I was amazed at her ability to see my career and personal situation. " ... written by Janet
I enjoyed my reading with Amanda. And she was very clear. Will come back to tell all about the outcome :D" ... written by Ana
I loved my reading and it put my mind at peace. I should have come here first because I have clarity now. Awesome reading and very accurate!!!!" ... written by dawn
Very accurate...forthright. I like her." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
She was awesome, right on the money, she knew things no one could of known, I will come back again." ... written by Stacey
Amanda323 is amazing. She's mind blowing." ... written by Jynell
Awesome read. I will be back. She is very real..." ... written by christie2004
Great reading, love how she worked with no cards and still able to tell me what i need to know!" ... written by donna
I just feel so good talking to her...she is very accurate and I can't stop believing what she says. Thanks for your guidance." ... written by peacegal
She was so pleasant with the delivery of the message and really gave me the time to explain the whole situation." ... written by Megabee
Great Reading! x" ... written by Miss V
Thank you....wonderful!!!!!" ... written by anitaandbec
5 Stars again for Amanda! She is clear and to the point, so precise and deep with her insights and valuable advice. I really trust her because of what she has told me in the past has been so helpful and true." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Hit a lot of info on the head... did not ask open ended questions only questions that made sense and to verify what she was Thank you. You really helped me today. Have been looking for someone with your abilities. You will be the only reader I use. Amazing!" ... written by Lisa
Wonderful reader, 1000 stars !" ... written by Laura
She was so accurate! I will be back :)" ... written by CHayes2539
Great advice! I ran out of time :(" ... written by CHayes2539
Best ever." ... written by Eric
I probably said this before, but Amanda is one of the best psychics in the world. I am a psychic myself and I can sense that she is totally aware of her guides. She communicates with them readily. As a result, she always says things that are exactly on point and relevant. I am so glad that we have Amanda here at Oranum! She totally helped me today so that I can persevere and focus on work." ... written by MerkabahMan633
My second reading with her and ,as always, she is awesome! " ... written by G
Really wonderful! Picked up on it all.. :)" ... written by bea
The reading was great. Thanks so much!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Very spot on with certain areas in my life." ... written by Stephanie
Very good." ... written by bata183
Great reading. On point." ... written by ludwig.freebird
She is lovely and right on target!" ... written by Elaine Faber
w o w...said things that no one but a psychic could have known--seriously. worth every dine.Tthank you so much amanada." ... written by sometimes4321
Very accurate and nice vibe to the reading. Thanks!" ... written by Julie Lee
In my humble opinion," ... written by belladonna8
Absolutely spot on , incredible , thank you :) " ... written by terri
Amanda just helped me answer the biggest question of my life! I will never be able to repay her!" ... written by jynell
Amazing!" ... written by heather
Really good thanks i will take your advice and keep my guard up just in case. Thanks again :)" ... written by tracie dinsdale
I can't begin to describe how amazing this women is!!! She knew things that no one could ever possibly know right down to names of people in my life!! I'm so very impressed with my readings with her i'm seriously speechless, just blown away. I would recommend her a million times to anyone!!!" ... written by heather
She is sooo lovely! Great psychic! Wisdom and experience talks! I am putting her on a pedestal! Will be back!" ... written by psymeow
Very, very excellent! She can grasp the situation so accurately. It's really amazing!" ... written by psymeow
I absolutely love her. She gives me so much insight. " ... written by Junekay
I love Amanda! She's so awesome and lovely and patient. I look forward to our follow up!" ... written by VonHoneybird
Very down to earth and to the point.. Really enjoyed the insightful reading... Thanks for that Amanda - will be keeping my eyes open and see how June and July go. " ... written by Chantal
Excellent." ... written by sibi
Amanda is amazing she is so spot on and concise it is refreshingly surprising on here, she always makes me feel better and also is very truthful and very down to earth in her readings. I know she got straight into my situation and the core of the issue and got me down to a tee. Gobsmacked. she has very insightful guides with here too. A very tuned in lady. She's ace. Forget the rest go for the best...thanks Amanda xxx " ... written by yvonne
Thank you, Amanda! It was an interesting reading. Quite a nice woman you are. Really needed an answer." ... written by Emmanuel
How can she be so perceptive? She's amazing. She knows. Also Amanda will not keep you hanging - she can be lengthy and thorough or brief and to the point. Thanks again Amanda." ... written by Janet
She was good!!" ... written by Sarah
Very good psychic lady would recommend to anyone 5***** rating. She got my thoughts correct what a lovely lady x" ... written by Purple_Libra
I love Amanda, she is brilliant and so funny. I can really talk to her and she make perfect sense." ... written by Angelight67
Wisdom, experience, humor and psychic ability comes in one package! She is really helpful great adviser and reader!" ... written by psymeow
Very good..." ... written by Julianne
Amanda was wonderful. She picked right up on my situation in my life. Knew about someone who came back in my life and our strong connection to one another. Amazing and so sweet. I highly recommend Amanda323.. " ... written by Annie
She is definitely gifted and one of the top psychics here." ... written by belladonna
Very true, and understanding. Felt my Dennis Dad with me. Thank you. xx" ... written by Debbie Stewart
Amanda is Mind Blowing!!! I can say that whatever she says is almost everything so accurate. She seems to be a very nice and warming person and she connects well with me. i always seek her when i need guidance. Please give it one try and u will understand what i meant. Cheers." ... written by Peacegal27
In tune - even had names - and had been a change of names so that is truly amazing !! *****'s for amanda." ... written by susanne
Amanda is amazing; she is helping me get a piece of mind and come to terms with things." ... written by Mia
Awesome ready, very much connected with her spirit guides and also very practical and funny, great reading, " ... written by luckystar222
Wonderful reading! really helped me out." ... written by gemmie
Thank you amanda, i was not aware, or a little aware of what the other person thinks, feel." ... written by mette45
Great reading and I admired her honesty. " ... written by Fun_Sized
kind and helpful " ... written by hayleyharley01
Excellent! Kind and helpful." ... written by Gatorgal
fantastic" ... written by forgetit12
Very sweet and right to the point. doesnt really even as questions, just says the truth" ... written by forgetit12
Very clear from the start, needed no prompting, she saw it as it happened." ... written by Rosemarie
She is spectacular as usual!! she is straight to the point and gave a complete insight about the problem!! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Umabalan
Very good.. no bull crap reading here... Pure straight tap in from source. Got some good information and a solid line of knowledge from this chat." ... written by Tyler
Great chat." ... written by Trevor
Really understanding lady. Sees and shares the possible solutions for your problems, and at the same time encourages you to take action and take your life into your hands. Thank you Amanda!:)" ... written by Julia
Great psychic, with genuine answers to my questions. She was quick in accessing my situation. I really enjoyed the reading." ... written by Ernest
Well if you're thinking of seeing her don't hesitate. Genuinely gifted and I RECOMMEND her. The REAL DEAL here. All the best!" ... written by belladonna
Very sweet woman. Very personable and knows what she is talking about." ... written by Jaclyn
Amanda is amazing. I am not sure how she could pick up things like she did. It was as though she had eyes of a hawk. Really pleased with my reading. 5 stars!" ... written by angelina
Good Insight." ... written by belladonna
Had my second part of my reading with Amanda - she did not ask me questions about what I wanted to know - she honed in on my situation immediately and gave good advice - true clairvoyant with a great sense of humor!" ... written by EsotericRJM
She is awesome. Has great insight!" ... written by cocoarose
I think that she was on point. " ... written by cocoarose
I don't know how to describe exactly what it is that I'm feeling. She is a very charming, kind woman with a wonderful intuition that seems to tap straight to the source. I would highly recommend her." ... written by katherine
Fast, truth, perfect" ... written by xantix84
Love my chat with Amanda she was fantastic. Our first chat got cut off but we were very quickly reconnected." ... written by lolalola123
Love my amanda!!! xxxx" ... written by coraldeacon
She answered my questions perfectly - to the point and straight forward andamp; yet very warm. Very helpful!!! Thank you so much!! " ... written by Whitefeathers
She is the second true clairvoyant I have consulted with on Oranum! Very blunt, funny and doesn't beat around the bush! Have gone back to her again!" ... written by EsotericRJM
Had another reading relating to other question. I am really uplifted when situation is telling me to give up. Really recommend Amanda. Please try her. I'm very glad I was brought to her for a reading. Now I know what to do and have a path opened up for me. Many thanks!" ... written by angelina
I want to say thank you amanda for the reading and yes I will have to stop being invisible lol anyway thanks again Angela." ... written by angeldust67
She was excellent, very warm, straight to the point." ... written by Nigel
I could talk with Amanda all day if I had the time and money. I love her. She is so honest! and gets to the point. Tells you things no one would ever know. I love her and all that she has done for me in giving me direction in my life with school, family and just life. I would give her a zillion stars if I could! " ... written by Tiffany
Intuitively knew my situation and my vices. Thank you we'll speak again." ... written by Rosemarie
Best ever!" ... written by Tiffany
AMAZING!!! She knew so much that no one could know. Love her. I would get a reading with her, you will not be disappointed." ... written by Tiffany
Amanda was very friendly helpful and made me feel not so stressed out, I would recommend her to others." ... written by Debbie
FAB LADY! SPOT ON which is seldom....she knew what she was saying and i was quite shocked she knew the exact situation. Will visit again and again." ... written by fretan
Great reading !! Amanda323 read me like a book and gave good advice." ... written by victoria111
Excellent. Good Advise. Connected quickly with no info at all." ... written by Jenieli
Reading was right on!!!! I will call back." ... written by vegas
She's great. I'll be back for another reading." ... written by AJ
Spoke with her many times she is amazing and insightful" ... written by Bonnie
She was fast caught onto what was going on quickly and told me what I needed to do. My situation is very complex and she was very helpful. I know what I have to do now!! Thank you immensly" ... written by Bonnie
She was wonderful and so right on with her reading." ... written by Mknight
Lovely to speak with - picks up on things unspoken - and I look forward to seeing how things pan out - my thanks Amanda" ... written by ephemerally
Just had an awesome reading, thank you Amanda, you made me feel relaxed and positive about myself and I know I have to wait. This is my third reading and will come back and have another so anyone reading this should have a reading I give her 5 stars Thanks again Amanda x" ... written by Angeldust67
Very good positive energy" ... written by joboluvz73
That was amazing I will be returning for another reading, she put it all in perspective for me... Spot on with everything she said, I was feeling and going through, if you have not had a private reading yet you should." ... written by megan parkes
Amanda was really insightful :) I really appreciated her reading, because she told me what I needed to hear and had a really good understanding of what was going on in my love life. I will definitely have another reading from her in future. Thanks Amanda :)" ... written by kimmmmmm
Loved it! Amanda is great to talk to. Right on the button. Will talk again soon, for sure. Love you and thanks." ... written by Gillisande
She is good I feel she is accurate I was very comfortable with talking in private with her. :) Thank you." ... written by sunny
Lovely positive career reading by lovely lady thanks xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Amazing reading! It's really worth it!" ... written by olenka
Amanda is brilliant! You need to try her!" ... written by ReDoranGe04
Simply amazing! She was completely spot on with what she said! Will definitely seek her out again!" ... written by Melissa
Finally someone who spoke some sense and not twaddle. " ... written by puffin1969
Really like you Amanda. You make it real, sensible, logic and pure accurate with your sense of what is going on. Thanks so much again." ... written by familyhelper
What a great reader. Very real with her compassion and understanding and right on about everything. Not vague at all. Thank you so much. I really needed your thoughts." ... written by Familyhelper
Amanda is brilliant, made me feel so calm and relaxed and hasn't judged me. Will be back, anyone reading this, please have a reading. I give her 10 out of 10. Thanks Amanda x" ... written by Angeldust67
Amanda is super accurate, she is so kind, I love to talk to her!" ... written by ReDoranGe04
Good reading andamp; great advice...will have to wait to see how things unfold. Thank you." ... written by PRISCILLA
Good, quick reading!" ... written by heather
Had to talk thank you xx" ... written by coraldeacon
Love love love!" ... written by Shamsta247
Great, thank you, very positive results, will wait and see on verdict now!! thanks." ... written by casslyn
10/10 she is that good, outstanding, iim speechless, will do another reading with her again soon." ... written by Shamsta247
She is amazinggg!" ... written by lahiru
Amazingly, she just asked my age not even my birth date and i haven't asked my question and she knew i was not in a happy marriage. the thing is i could have asked about my career first but she knew what was going on. i really am looking forward to her predictions!!!" ... written by Vanessa
Thanks for clarifying things for me Amanda. I was very anxious and upset but u have calmed me a lot. I really appreciate it and its interesting to know how alike we are! :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
Very good update!" ... written by angelina
You've been such a great source of comfort for me. I think I'm going to be able to walk on a path that is comfortable for me now and get some sleep in between! Thanks so much again Amanda. Much love." ... written by familyhelper
Love my Amanda xx" ... written by coraldeacon
So accurate and so to the point, she will give you good advice and does not sugarcoat things...real and true...^^ " ... written by Nightfall85
Great reading as always, Amanda takes time for me, like it." ... written by mette44
God, I love Amanda she knows what your talking about. Spot on thanks blessings xxx" ... written by Hellen from Heaven
This lady is amazing. I appreciate her being upfront and to the point. " ... written by ladyl5
Not sure if I got enough out of what I was hoping... would try again to see" ... written by Annie
Very very good." ... written by kirsty
Very good but needed more time." ... written by KarenJp
She was straightforward and very compassionate." ... written by Carolyn
Ohh my she is so damm good" ... written by peacegal
I love every session with Amanda, she is the best and always on point. Always surprised that she picks up on things that I don't think of lol.... Love her. " ... written by lisa
Thank you my friend Amanda." ... written by coraldeacon
She has always given the right info and it stayed the same. And she is right on point! " ... written by Amanda is great!
Great reading, Amanda was spot on." ... written by davena
Very good to talk to. Positive, will come back sometime." ... written by guisep
Thanks Amanda. As always, you help me out of feeling like I'm in a slump. You're great!" ... written by familyhelper
Good good good good good good good EXCELLENT LOVELY WOMAN RIGHT ON! ;-) " ... written by Stormfire28
Thank you on point!!" ... written by shrre1
Great." ... written by Temeika
Thanks not long enough" ... written by guis
Thank you so much for your reading! I'm a bit low on cash but I'll definitely be back the next time! you were amazing! Loved every second of it! " ... written by devina
Amazing lady, awesome reading would recommend amanda123 to anyone... Will be back again for sure... Love you!" ... written by casslyn
Good update!" ... written by angelina
Always nice and pleasent, good advice and honest. Love it... Thanks Amanda..." ... written by mette44
This reader is one of the best on here .. She knows how to do a good informative reading. And always hits it on the spot. No faffing around just straight to the point with compassion ...going back for more.. astounding.." ... written by coraldeacon
Straightforward! On the spot readings. =) Thank you!" ... written by MyraGM
I have become her regular customer and its just feel good talking to her... I feel so connected and she is so warm... Thanks Amanda for all your guidance........" ... written by peacegal27
:-)" ... written by coraldeacon
The only reader on here that speaks the truth I would recommend her to anyone! Cheers amanda." ... written by Angela Press
I love her readings, wish I had more time. " ... written by Lisa
Many thanks again" ... written by davidtjl
Thank you so much...." ... written by Shamsta247
Amazing, cant wait to see future now" ... written by davidtjl
Amazing, my favorite! Tells it how it is, I can always depend on her." ... written by maria
fantastic, very very good reading, thanks." ... written by zimerili1
The best!" ... written by Firehorse4444
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommended!" ... written by need2know5
GREAT READING." ... written by erica shankar
Awesome reader... spot on... a million stars!" ... written by Ann
So today I got to understand why Amanda is always so busy! The answer is simple - SHE'S THE REAL DEAL. She immediately saw the situation for EXACTLY what it is, and there was no mocking around. To experience a real psychic like her, its just amazing. After this reading i understand a SERIOUSLY COMPLEX situation so much better and I now know what to do!! You can never underestimate something like that - I'm just considering myself extremely lucky - lucky that i have access to someone like her, and that clarity and truth is just 'a click away'. And to you, Amanda - thank you for helping me, providing courage and HOPE that things will get better, and most importantly - for taking me and all this as serious as you do. Amazing gift you have! THANK YOU!" ... written by LisaB
Awesome lady - will be back soon." ... written by Andie aka McShort
Awesome...very nice lady. Thanks so much. " ... written by Bridgett
Wonderful reading, helpful and spot on with what I have been working on lately." ... written by hey_boo
Amanda is great! She gets the whole picture. All the players. Does not miss a beat!!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you Amanda for always giving me a clear path to think through on my darkest moments." ... written by Nightfall85
She is a great shoulder to lean on and right on spot. I was so empowered by her energy please give her a try it will be well worth it." ... written by devene page baca
So this is my third time with this lovely lady, and it will not be my last. She is my go to person and she just sees it all so crystal clear. Like i told her - I'm so happy to have her. She has really helped me clear out confusion and helplessness. And it goes without saying that she actually is the real deal. A real life psychic! So gifted! Catch her while she's not busy - thats the rare moments. xxx" ... written by Lisa B
She was brilliant, I have had other readings about this same thing and she has come up with exactly the same thing as the other readers. She is on the money and the real thing." ... written by Claudine
Great reading and loved her energy. Very accurate." ... written by ewuminnow84
Thank you very much!" ... written by Altuna0
Loyal client of Amanda's here! Shes as always great and accurate. Real deal right here, folks. " ... written by L. BR
Great reading, second one with her. :) Spot on again. Thanks Amanda!" ... written by kimmmmmm
Thank you for your insight and very practical advice. ^^ I appreciate it more than you know... ^^ " ... written by Nightfall85
Great and truthful as always." ... written by davena
Very clear nice fast I love her and she told me the truth." ... written by xanti
Amanda is still every bit as awesome. Will definitely be returning! She is truly gifted. 5 stars are definitely not enough for her outstanding gift!!!" ... written by marion
Love the reading" ... written by Aiswarya
Informative, I trust her readings and that says something because I don't trust anything easy. She always connects well, gives me inspiring details and her advice opens me up to reality. Inspires me to continue to live instead of allowing my issues to consume me. " ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you very much Amanda you are great! " ... written by SAM
Amanda spoke directly with sprint, no cards required. Clear and fast messages. A wonderfully positive reading. I'm looking forward to the predictions very much. Thank you Amanda!" ... written by Fulgur
Thanks for the clarity Amanda!" ... written by Rose
wonderful as always and so much information in a short time. wow!" ... written by davena
Amanda is so sweet. Love chatting with her because she tells it as it is. Honest and very accurate. I will always come back. Bridgett." ... written by Bridgett
The best on Oranum!" ... written by xantix84
Amanda is very insightful, and experienced, accurate. I highly recommend her...thank you Amanda!" ... written by globe
Love you Amanda... thank you so much! Look forward to that prayer tonight... I have a good feeling about it that it will work... My prayers continue for you my friend. x" ... written by Globe
I love amanda shes fantastic." ... written by suzibelle
Thank you amanda, for your honesty.. as much as I didnt like what was said, il take it all in and do my best. thank you xx" ... written by Jody
She is amazing." ... written by asia
Very Impressed with her reading. She gave me a very clear picture of what was happening and what is going to happen. A very good indication. I am very very happy with her reading. Thank you Amanda, you are spot on. Million stars from me. You are great. Talk to you soon with updates. Cheers!" ... written by reenu70
Very very wonderful. I really felt like she understood me and felt what I was feeling." ... written by moongirl777
Thanks very interesting :)" ... written by SS
Really nice reading, saw right thru me, picked up on things immediately, didn’t only give me answers to questions but reassured in on other levels without me even having to ask the questions. Seems to be a very loving and caring person and that reflects in her readings, reading was very calm and peaceful, enjoyed her much. " ... written by Henrietta
I don't have to say anything. Amanda always picks up what I am looking for. That is why I always come back to her for reassurance. 5 stars." ... written by angelina
Thank you Amanda...! Hoping for the best....Please keep the prayers ...Blessings x" ... written by GD
Thank you:) You are brilliant!" ... written by Kate
Thank you." ... written by Good read:)
Will see if this comes true will keep you posted!" ... written by gipsygirl
Excellent reading...Thank you Amanda." ... written by GD
Love Amanda's readings......She is so human, and nice....And she's always right in what she tells me.......Love it....." ... written by mette44
A brilliant update" ... written by zimerili1
Every reading with Amanda is every bit as sensational and detailed as your first... she's a million star reader!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Amanda is my favourite. And she is always right and helpful in my decision making." ... written by peacegal27
I really felt good after talking to her." ... written by THEODORE
Great connection!!! Saw my problem and gave me really useful advice!!! Thanks sooo much, Amanda!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I love amanda323; she is such an understanding and lovely lady, and she is so spot on accurate about everything that is going on. i will definitely be contacting her any time i need advice or guidance" ... written by suzibelle
Very good highly recommend she is spot on" ... written by belinda
AMAZING! No joke, she's authentic, really tuned into me very well. We texted chatted which is great, also fast typist :) THANK YOU!!! You've gave me peace now :)" ... written by Autumne
Very good reading, cleared my mind. Definitely I will be back. 5 stars Amanda." ... written by reenu70
I love her readings, sorry we ran out of time! I really wanted to know more. Can't wait for the next reading. " ... written by Lisa
She is really fast and accurate definitely worth a try." ... written by love
Amanda is the most special gifted, connected, accurate and clear psychic. Bless her socks. Do go private. You will get real messages from your spirits. I cannot recommend enough. Her words and predictions are from sprit, and therefore come true. " ... written by Fulgur
I had a reading with amanda323 and i recommend her she is sensational, can't recommend her highly enough - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Suzibelle xx" ... written by Suzibelle
Greaaattt, she is freaking amazing and on point." ... written by nayyerjames4102
Fantastic, as always!" ... written by Leslie Kay
Good reading amanda!" ... written by dsvena
Great reading. Very intuitive." ... written by austin253
She is sooo great! Very fast, upbeat, accurate, honest and funny! She is trustworthy and very very helpful! A Lovely reading as usual! Love her! xox" ... written by psymeow
Thank you" ... written by s
Amanda delivers messages directly from spirit with empathy and wit. Highly recommend. " ... written by Fulur
Genius :) Hug" ... written by MyraGM
Thanks amanda, will see the outcome." ... written by gipsy girl
I LOVE HER, SHE IS GREAT!" ... written by SHADES212
There is no better psychic in the whole world than Amanda. Her readings are so accurate and she is such a lovely woman. Thanks Amanda, maybe you will come and live here in Australia, you are very welcome here." ... written by Suzibelle
Excellent woman...really you should give it a try." ... written by zoi
It was really good, time was limited on my part for funding but what I got was very clear and upfront! I believe she helped me out a lot thank you!" ... written by Jessika
Very Very Accurate, amazing helped me to clear my mind. " ... written by Larissa
Clear and direct answers. Highly recommend. " ... written by Fulgur
Very Good reading, would highly recommend." ... written by Polly
Lovely lady and reading, did not want me to tell her anything but surely pinned it all and told me everything!!!! = )" ... written by vvd450
Great reader. to the point. accurate and clear. helped to clear up the questions I had." ... written by just me
Very helpful, thanks, Amanda!" ... written by lauren
Awesome reader... She is wise and kind. Tunes is accurately and says it like it is. Million stars!" ... written by Ann
Excellent reader! " ... written by ann
Very, very informative and good advice. I will wait for the opportunity to happen. 5 stars." ... written by reenu70
GREATTTT" ... written by nayyerjames4102
Thanks, will come back again for more" ... written by Angel
It's OK, and gave me what I need." ... written by Yanas Ya3alam
I love her." ... written by MyraGM
Thank you so much. My first time and couldn't believe how accurate everything was." ... written by Auldyn47
She honed into my situation without me even saying a word. She gave me a great update and I'm excited to see what happens and glad to know I'm on the right path! Very great!" ... written by Sarah
Just lovely. Made total sense. Picked up on so much without me saying anything. Very kind and sweet." ... written by Angie
Always on the dot - great advice and great insight on the situation - never disappointed." ... written by el
Talented and able to see what is around someone, thanks! " ... written by Rose
Very good assisting us in negativity, always out to look out for my benefits, a good friend to have!" ... written by adeline
Funny and easy to talk to! She knew exactly what was going on. I cant wait to see what happens!" ... written by essjayokay
Very very psychic, not a card shuffler. Take private." ... written by Fulgur
Wonderful as always " ... written by Polly
Very accurate and heartfelt every time " ... written by vvd450
Really good very spot on excellent insight into situation" ... written by samantha
Top class... Brilliant reading, great communication. A+ Highly recommended..." ... written by jojoed
Great help!" ... written by adeline
Amazing. Not enough time though, the main reason I needed to speak with her didn't even make it to the conversation yet." ... written by Amanda Keill
She is the best was able to connect to me right away.I didn't even have to tell her what I needed." ... written by sherry
She is the best reader on here I've used.Very caring and genuine." ... written by angel
So honest and helpful." ... written by Auldyn47
Another awesome reading by Amanda." ... written by SHERRY
Amanda is a great reader, she is on point with her readings and she will tell you exactly what you need to know about your situation with great advice. She is the best out here. She has a such a charming personality. Everyone should have a chance to get reading from her." ... written by nayyerjames4102
She is very accurate and fast with answers sheis amazing and truly gifted Thank you for your gift . i am trying to mark5 stars it wot let me !!! SHE IS A TRUE 5 STAR READER. WELL WORTH THE MONEY" ... written by Helen
SHE CONNECTED VERY FAST! Love her! Thank you so much amanda!" ... written by love
Awsome, she nailed it. Just wish i had more money." ... written by sylvia
Great reader!! " ... written by ann
Thanks amanda, you tune into me so well, I will have the patience, but will live my life, thanks you deserve a five star rating." ... written by gipsygirl
Another GREAT and consistent update with Amanda!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Amanda was awesome, she was always on target and direct Amanda gets right to the point and does not sugarcoat her readings, she is great!" ... written by dmw4300
She was right on her predictions, I highly recommend!" ... written by jaqueline
Marvellous, and very very connected to guides. Highly Recommend." ... written by Fulgur
Thanks Amanda for a great reading :) It's always lovely to chat with you. I'm looking forward to Christmas! :)" ... written by kimmmmmm
That was unreal!! I couldn't believe she picked up those things on me without me saying a word." ... written by ...
Time went by too quickly... But I enjoyed my reading" ... written by BusyBee
Thanks for the reading a pleasure" ... written by S
Thank you so much it was true." ... written by amanda323
Amanda is always accurate and fun to talk to. " ... written by essjayokay
Great!" ... written by adeline
Very sweet lady and gifted too. She tapped right into my situation and gave me some advice. I'm glad she is non judgemental and it was worth my time with her. Thanks Amanda, xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Great reading! Very intuitive. I highly recommend xo" ... written by jaqueline
Thank you Amanda, great reader!" ... written by K
I was shocked with the reading with her, so incredible. She is totally amazing. I didn't say anything but she confirmed and supported everything I've suspected. She is truly someone you should have at least one reading with and confirm for yourself how great she is. " ... written by pinkpather30
Amazing reading, she pick up straight away on my problems 5 star " ... written by Michelle
Great reading. Upfront and NO TOOLS! Thanks :)" ... written by Zeigen
Connected quickly and doesn't waste your time. She is compassionate and does much more than reading. " ... written by Ladyl5
She has great readings every time, she knows exactly whats going on. She gives great advice according to the problem and her advice has always worked!! " ... written by nayyerjames4102
Cuts to the chase, tells it like it is, but gently and with compassion. I took away a lot in a short time!" ... written by Christine
I love amandas readings, so honest, human and understanding...." ... written by mette44
Very well read amazing she is just wonderful." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thank you for the update and the advice. Amanda is very quick and gives straight answers and real answers. :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Loved her." ... written by maria venessa mariven07
Highly Recommended. " ... written by Fulgur
I think she's very sweet and she is really cool. I think she's for real. I didn't have much time with her but I will come back soon." ... written by Jessica
Great update as always." ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for the advice, it makes more sense to me. :D" ... written by jacqueline
As always the words of wisdom! She is so caring and genuine! Lovely women, honored to read with her. Very soothing and connects very quickly. She sees everything! No sugar coating." ... written by Tiffany
Thank you for the quick answers I needed! To confirm what I already know and hoping that the truth will come out! " ... written by Jacqueline
A good session, accurate. Loved hearing the mesage about my camel eyelashes!!! Lol. Thanks amanda." ... written by jules
She picked up on the situation immediately. She was great!" ... written by LilyCicco
Oh just lovely. As usual. Absolutely told me exactly what I needed to hear and without me giving any prompting. Highly recommended!" ... written by Angie
Very good. Love her." ... written by kylie
excellent reading" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Amazing lady. Helps with all your questions. Will comeback for an update." ... written by skroses
Helpful... hoping for her predictions to come true" ... written by skoses
She is the ONLY one that gives me reading without any help from me. Amanda is very good. She is worth every penny I am getting for my reading. Everything Amanda said makes sense. 5 Stars Rating for me...Thank you." ... written by izzy98027
I couldn't get enough. We continued our session and she's made me ecstatic. She confirmed everything I knew already, but was too blind to see it." ... written by LilyCicco
Excellent, straight to the point!" ... written by Irene
The absolute best! I read with her before and had to come back for more!" ... written by A
Good advice and knows what I really want, I will come back." ... written by angel18wings
Fantastic young lady is very precise and to the point !!!! Thanks again." ... written by michael
Lovely!! Always tunes right into the situation!" ... written by vvd450
Wonderful as always!" ... written by gemmie
It's a work in progress and amanda is helping me through my quagmire." ... written by michael
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Blue
Thanks for the advice, she is very in tune to others' reactions and feelings." ... written by jacqueline
I love you :) you're very direct and caring. good or bad you say it. you even give life advices :) thank you! The encouragement as well!!! thanks for those too." ... written by MyraGM
Consistent readings... very positive and helps you through your issues" ... written by skroses
Love readings with Amanda she always gives comfort and truth!! never changes the outcome always consistent with what unfolding" ... written by marionlyttle
Great read! Now let's see how it all pans out then. " ... written by Tilthe
Thanks for the reading xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
Amanda is one of the very top here! She is brilliant and a real deal. She is experienced, funny, caring, honest and sweet. A great reading! I really enjoyed talking with her. Highly recommended! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
She was very accurate without providing any details of my issue. She gave great advice and was to the point. She is definitely worth the time." ... written by fmglenn
Awesome!" ... written by unknown
The reading was good. She was straight forward and to the point and answered my questions. I felt she was correct in what she said." ... written by Rae
Wow, she tapped into my situation immediately and gave me exact info about whats going to happen, i can't wait to see it come through!" ... written by nutty00bunny
Incisive reader - to the point! Recommended! " ... written by Gummigummi
Thank you Amanda, I will do as you advise. Pray things go well. :)" ... written by njkmuse09
Great reading and very accurate and very fast. Thank you for the great advice as well. I appreciate it." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Fast reading, Amanda never wastes your time. Past prediction has come true for me. Thanks hun!" ... written by Chia
i've been waiting for few days for her to come back online! she is so accurate and gives me direct and clear feedback on the situation. and of course as before she amazes me with her accuracy on the situation and described it to me in detail... how many people are involved and what to expect." ... written by nutty00bunny
Thank you, great reading, I trust her." ... written by sharen223
Another good reading... Amanda is friendly and warm with her approach. Would love to do another update reading in near future :) " ... written by skroses
Straight to the point, and very good guidance!!" ... written by Sanne
Beautiful conversation as always, I love this expert, Thanx again and again" ... written by zimerili1
Talking to her felt like I was talking to a good old girlfriend! She is so nice/ understanding and I literally felt like I was talking to my girl friends who know everything about me! She is so accurate and kind hearted and knows what she's talking about. No need to explain. No birthdays.... Nothing.... No need to ask questions.... Nope... She just went on! So awesome!" ... written by NVa123
WOW, Amanda has such powerful vision and insight and is so aware and wise! She didn't miss a beat in my latest reading and is very tuned into my situation. She is definitely one of the best. Highly recommended. I will be back again!" ... written by MerkabahMan633 - Alan
accurate n so direct with her reading I felt at ease talking to her and knowing she was being so honest with me" ... written by dmw4300
FANTASTIC!!" ... written by kcw1433
Amanda was wonderful. Tuned in immediately and was very accurate and honest. Lovely woman. Professional Reader." ... written by Elena
Such an great reader very clear, very easy to talk to great can read well and does not need much from you to connect." ... written by creamcake
Amazing!" ... written by Ann
Very good reading! This was my first reading with her and we seemed tuned together. I will take her advice and I will be back for updates. Thank you" ... written by :) Love
I'll have to wait and see!" ... written by jasmine
Connected with my situation straight away. Was very direct and helpful. As always" ... written by tilthe
Thanks again Amanda, on point as usual! " ... written by essjayokay
Got me back on track! Very good reading, link up straight away, know how to update me, what I need to know. Very supportive, just knows me like a mate I have know for years. Thanks!" ... written by creamcake
Great the best on here always clear always helps. If you really want someone who can link to your spirits this is the lady for you anyone else may make you feel good but she is the only one who i have found can connect and give me clear options about my path ahead. She knew private things about my lovelife without me having say anything " ... written by creamcake
Amazing reading, she was spot on very quickly. Really really good. I was impressed. She just knew the details, excellent reading." ... written by jag
She is a wise, experienced and gifted psychic! When it come to love, she knows all about! The best person to get advise!" ... written by psymeow
Excellent reader! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Love love love Amanda." ... written by irene
loved the reading and hoping her predictions come true." ... written by DanielleVdb
She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got it spot on, very accurate, and loving. more to follow" ... written by Satiah
Lovely and honest as usual......" ... written by mette44
Amanda is an absolute blessing. She's made me feel so much better at a time when I was really low. I believe and trust in what she tells me." ... written by LilyCicco
spot on reading" ... written by Stickytoffee
Very quick with her answers and sticks to her predictions. Gave me some great advice thanks hon xo" ... written by jaqueline
Wow Amanda is spot on. She picked up on some things straightaway. Give her a try, she's very quick and doesn't waste time like others. I will definitely return when things develop." ... written by Sticky toffee
I adore her, she is awesome and inspiring. Again so good, I had to come back for a second time. She was spot on about everything, her accuracy is amazing, just amazing. She is also wise which is an amazing combination. I said nothing she started right away by seeing something so many people see with their eyes, that I look younger than I am, and she told me that, and then went immediately to a very important situation. Please check her out she is just amazing, so very accurate. I just adore her and will be back." ... written by Satiah
I love her readings!" ... written by DanielleVdb
Didn't say a word and she read my situation, great!!! Thank you xx" ... written by Claire
Very accurate reading and very helpful." ... written by Marie
the best great very good spot on with everything so good at what she does would recommend to everyone " ... written by cream cake
Amazing, 1st class pick up straight away on what I was thinking about with me only telling her my name and she also clarified a lot for me, will defo come back!" ... written by Michelle
Wonderful reading! Absolutely wonderful." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
super as usual" ... written by zimerili1
just a kind hearted person" ... written by DanielleVdb
Always very calming to get a reading from her! Total blessing to be able to talk to her." ... written by Korrena
Great reading!" ... written by Danielle
She was on point about my situation and gave great guidance." ... written by Shameika
Such a lovely lady. I only visit with Amanda, like a dear friend. I highly recommend her down to earth and honest answers." ... written by Bridgett
always the best." ... written by mette44
What can I say, a fountain of insight and knowledge, hits the nail on the head every time." ... written by kcw1433
Intuitive as ever, thanks Amanda x" ... written by Rose
Thank you so much. I was leaving in this storm in me from last one week and now its all clear to me. Thank you so much " ... written by Bhavika Patel
Amanda is grounded, intuitive and uses her guides and they give accurate readings. I so appreciate her honesty and her ability to understand." ... written by SS
great great great so good" ... written by cream
very good and clear as always" ... written by cream
Always a pleasure and will be back to update whether all that was said comes true. I hope it does cos it was wonderful" ... written by hey_boo
Another outstanding update!" ... written by marionlyttle
amazing as normal " ... written by Michelle
always know the right advice and guidance to give and as always a great reading, thank you so very much," ... written by Korrena
Very specific with predictions" ... written by Kerry
Many positive and uplifting predictions. Positive spirit" ... written by Kerry
It's always good to chat with her. She is encouraging, amazing and true. Thank you" ... written by Bhavika
Felt a connection right off, Amanda was very quick and right on target. Thank you for the insight. This will be the start of something wonderful... Blessings. " ... written by hotsqaw
She was amazing and she hit the nail on the head. I hope to see her again soon. She was just wonderful. " ... written by giggles
It was too short, the time just flew. I will have to see what happens. She's lovely and I'll go back for another reading...!" ... written by Darina Appuhamy
Always amazed by her…She connected so fats when I entered free chat and knew immediately I needed some guidance, love her :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
Well I just had to come back for another reading because she makes things so much clearer for me, absolutely love her, she connects fast even without info from my side" ... written by nutty00bunny
It's good" ... written by ana
Very creepily accurate" ... written by ana
Spot on!" ... written by Carrie
very bubbly lady, wish I had longer to finish the session" ... written by lyndsey
She an amazing lady with great advice. " ... written by Korrena
Fantastic reader, maybe the best!" ... written by Rose
Great, great what would I do without you putting my mind at rest. If you want a true reading which is clear and to the point Amanda is the one, the best. " ... written by cream
WOW! what a connection... spot on and funny I feel like I have known her all of my life , thank-you babe ;)" ... written by Binker
Very good connection!" ... written by angelszone
Great reading as always, she is clear and to the point, very good at making sure I see the way ahead and how to get there. Also gives you a clear view of the path ahead! " ... written by paula
Thanks so much! I really sincerely appreciate your help and time! It was very much appreciated :-) " ... written by E
Amada is right on and accurate with her insights and advice! Sees things I never thought of before, great guide for life!" ... written by Jess
Very good update to see where I am, how things are progressing, very clear quick and supportive." ... written by paula
Would recommend. " ... written by angelszone
HOLY BAZINGA!!! This lady is awesome! Very connected. Try her for sure!" ... written by pink
Makes me feel better when I am upset. Gives hope. I love her and I hope and pray her predictions come true. Kindhearted person." ... written by DanielleVdb
Great reading always, we just link to easy, she puts my mind at rest and is great telling you how things are. She can link the to thoughts of people you what to know about. She is clear and straight with her advice and what she can see for you in the future." ... written by paula
Multiple readings! Excellent! Thank you! " ... written by mnk1993
She is I N C R E D I B L E ! The best psychic I have found on this site... She was spot on and saw everything in my life without needing any input, just so wonderful and very caring. Her guides came quickly and gave an accurate, unbelievable reading!" ... written by Sarah
She is truly amazing, always guides me in the right direction. thank you. I'll keep you updated :)" ... written by Bhavika
Very good - I will be back for a longer reading!" ... written by Kirsten01
Amanda is spot on with her connections without any information. Since I am in the US I have to get up early to catch her online, but she is well worth losing the sleep! Her advice and visions are sound and clear and she provides a LOT of information in a short time. Wow! Wow! Wow!. Her accuracy levels are outta this world!" ... written by pink
She is amazing as always!" ... written by nutty00bunny
I needed Amanda; she provided so much clarity... She is wonderful and very detailed... Thank you so much!" ... written by kathy
nice amanda, great reading as usuall...." ... written by mette44
Knew what I wanted to speak about and went straight to the point, have the clarity I needed, thanks." ... written by Rose
SPOT ON! LOVE YOU! SMILING AT YOU! STILL! Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Professional, and overall a good experience! :)" ... written by synapsy
Always straight to the point, and connects instantly. Very good, very nice - and good advice!" ... written by Sanne
She's amazing!" ... written by vvd450
Thankyou I feel better already" ... written by Joanne
Love this woman!" ... written by toy
Spot on, encouraging and understands what I am asking and seeking. Very honest, kind and caring and thank you. I WILL BE BACK! XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Incredibly spot on with my situation!!! Look forward to seeing what unfolds. Thank you so much amanda! x" ... written by Tamara
Very good up date, thanks Amanda " ... written by p
She really knows her stuff and has good suggestions ......" ... written by kcw1433
Helped a lot!" ... written by Shameika
Amanda is spot on. Always" ... written by kathy
very good update thanks" ... written by p
Update with amanda and she is quick to pick up details and gives amazing evidence,outcome is still consistent with previous my readings with Amanda she is so honest and lovely personality!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very interesting...picked up on many things that were very specific to my life, past, present and future. Thank you for the encouragement and suggestions. Thank you for the welcome and I will certainly look forward to touching base with you in the future. ~Mandie" ... written by Mandie
Very good reading, she was able to pick up on a few things as before." ... written by Stickytoffee
Jumps straight into it. Very reassuring and accurate." ... written by irene
Thanks! Very good, chilled me out, helps me to see things in the right way. Very good at what she does." ... written by cream
Good read as always. will def do what she said. " ... written by tilthe
SPOT ON! Encouraging, honest and I LOVE HER! I have spoken to Amanda several times. Thanks mate. Chat soon, XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Amanda was dead-on, as always! Good advice, always makes me feel stronger. " ... written by Jess
thank you, i feel settled after your reading." ... written by lamees
I think she's good!!!" ... written by Edna
Thanks very much. Very insightful. I need to contact you again. I trust you Amanda, entirely." ... written by ananita
OMG! Astro travel is real. It happened to me. Thanks Amanda. Chat soon. I bet you saw that coming. LAUGHING! XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Very very helpful. Yes I knew the answer. And she told me exactly what to do. Take care of me...Exhaustion is an understatement! Thanks Love so much" ... written by kathy
I am absolutely blown away. Amanda, you were spot on with EVERYTHING. Thank you for your advice..I'm sure I will be back. Love and light xox" ... written by Emma
I will be back you are right on!!!!" ... written by Emma
Very good!" ... written by p
It's amazing having an update with her every time. She is real and honest. Thank you so much!" ... written by Bhav
Great as always. Good update." ... written by cra
I plan to let time tell. She is very pleasant and helpful. I pray her predictions do come true." ... written by PJ
Amazing, but I needed more time!!!" ... written by Jeanette
such a kind hearted person. allways love getting reading from her" ... written by DanielleVdb
very good update " ... written by paula
My update reading with Amanda, she is really great. Thank you! " ... written by willow
Fab reading always puts me at ease. xx" ... written by kelly
Thanks, Amanda. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Excellent, She is a delight to talk to and she understands what am going through..." ... written by Mary
Excellent, Amanda is very understanding am very happy…. Thank you" ... written by Mary
Thank you soo much for your help, it was much, much appreciated! You were lovely to read with and flowed with abundant information without my prompting of any sort.... Absolutely no questions were asked or anything.... She just flowed with information and for that, thank you! " ... written by nva123
She has always helped and guided in the right path. thank you so much. " ... written by Bhav
Amanda is wonderful. Down to earth…I feel refreshed. I will certainly come back" ... written by christinalauren2
Amanda is fantastic, I wish I had more money to have talked to her for longer" ... written by Fiona
Spot on as usual... this was my 4th reading with her. Very detailed and awesome advice. totally worth having her read for you!!" ... written by T.
Thanks a lot for the insight. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope everything gets sorted out as you said." ... written by Ashwarya
Excellent, I was very happy I spoke to Amanda… She help me with some doughty I had with loved one …. THANK YOU ..." ... written by Mary
Great update and a great friend the best very clear and very helpful." ... written by paulal
Always delight to talk to Amanda323, she is very helpful and to talk through my problems and guide me on situations.. Highly recommended…. and a good friend." ... written by Mary Ruth
Helpful" ... written by Erica
She confirmed what I was deciding to do concerning my finances. : ) " ... written by C. G.
Always happy to speak to Amanda..." ... written by Mary Ruth
Spot on as usual.... great detailed insight and advice. Love her!!! Worth five stars all day long!! thank you!!!" ... written by Tanya
Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Well all I can say Amanda is helping me so much through some difficult issues in my life and it a breathe of fresh air to get her gaudiness … Also Its nice to sleep at ease, not stress out on where my life is going and also whom I suppose to be with. My life is my own and its all about me.. Enjoy the ride and sit back and relax… So Thank you so much for being there for me andamp; my Xman.. Very highly recommended and honest person too." ... written by Mary Ruth
Chat soon. WOO! HOO! XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Very psychic, her name justifies her. Accurate and very bold in conveying things. Just the truth will be delivered. Thanx for everything : )" ... written by Bobbin
always, always on key!" ... written by pink
so true what you have told me, thank you" ... written by gipsygirl
Thank you again :)" ... written by Destiny
Thanks again. Love chatting with you and getting your readings. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
great, great and great as usuall.....thanks amanda" ... written by mette44
so good she is the best keeps me on track and is just like and old mate she can see what will happen in your love life she is clear to the point and does not waste your credits she is always spot on with her advice " ... written by paula
Amazing reading spot on and great information passed on to me. Cant wait for another reading. Would highly recommend!!!" ... written by Steph
Have had several updates and readings with Amanda, will always go back. She's spot on and highly detailed. Awesome!" ... written by T.
'Amanda is great always enjoy her readings and the chats, It's nice to check that am going the right path with my life and also to be guided by Amanda'.. Highly recommend and honest and kind person.." ... written by Mary
Very good update keeping me on track thanks " ... written by cream
wow !thank you Amanda for your so correct reading I really needed that advise and i have made up my mind to follow thru Thank u so much " ... written by Jyoshna Mishra
She was very helpful. She used her guides and I felt like I got the information that I needed. Thank you!" ... written by Brianne
Thank you. that was beautiful" ... written by niki
Oh my goodness. Amanda is so sweet and so insightful. She is very professional, and simply amazing. I cannot even express how grateful I am to her. She has an amazing ability. She is the real deal. She doesn't use cards, or have any corny gimmicks. She had me in tears, I had to catch my breath a few times. Every single thing she said was spot on! God bless you Amanda! I will definitely keep in touch girl! I don't even care to speak with anyone else. I have talked to psychics in the past, and it put me off so much that it has been ages since I have spoken to one. I trust you so completely, you have a client for life!! Watch out girl because we are going to be best buddies soon! God bless you!!" ... written by Joyce Alman
Sensible, caring, understanding and can tune into the situation quickly. Thanks Amanda, great as always." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent as always... spot on and extremely detailed! " ... written by Tanya
Much to think about Amanda. You're great. I will straighten my life out. Thanks for the insight and kick in the butt. I needed that!" ... written by familyhelper
Awesome reading, great insight and tons of details. Thank you for giving me some reassurance that everything is going to work out in this relationship. Excellent all around! Very accurate." ... written by Jennifer
Oh my god that was so good, and she saw things that I have been feeling for a long time!!" ... written by Sarah
Pretty good and pleasant reading... Connected fast. :)" ... written by Dejuir
very good update keeping me on track" ... written by paula
Thanks Amanda x " ... written by Rose
Always good to catch up with Amanda323 for readying... " ... written by Mary
Came back for the second time. She is good and concise! " ... written by Whitescreen07
great lady" ... written by kcw1433
I didn't feed Amanda any information except for my name and age and she got it all right. Will follow up with her again. Thank you for the reading I truly enjoyed it! " ... written by whitescreen07
very good honest update very clear about the path ahead and the choices i will have in the future and the impact on me " ... written by cream
Ran out of coins :( but she is amazing, helped me every time and amazing insight i get from her" ... written by Bhavika
Love love love her no mucking around straight to the point" ... written by irene
Amanda always has a good connection with me and what is going on and provides great insight and guidance. I will continue to be patient knowing that things will improve and get better. Thank you, it was a great update!" ... written by Jennifer
I LOVE this lady...I didn't really tell her ANYTHING and she hit it spot on....very genuine non judgmental andamp; to the point. She was so soothing andamp; she was saying things before I could even type it all...very gifted. I could write a 5 chapter book about her LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!. I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone andamp; when purchasing your time you will definitely get what you pay for :-) Worth every bit of time andamp; $.... I feel refreshed to know that there is hope for me. She felt like a friend to me :-) Such a sweet person.. Thank you!" ... written by Brav0923
Amazing lady! Spot on! I did like 5-6 readings in 1 day with her but I thought it was all worth it. Please shes very authentic take her! She didn't use any tarot cards she didn't ask any information her guides spoke to her immediately! Shes worth it trust me!" ... written by Ashley
Excllent quick intiutive readings...Amanda is quick, warm, caring, and accurate always...Try her " ... written by Susan
Great x" ... written by Rose
so on point" ... written by Crystal
very good update on track and getting there slowly " ... written by cream
simply the best!" ... written by maddi
fantastic reading as always thank you :)" ... written by androsea
very very good xx" ... written by L
Superb!" ... written by Sarrah
hit the problem on the nose very good" ... written by cecily
Amanda is wonderful. Very insightful and kind and wise" ... written by Alex
Great as always!" ... written by julieanne
thanks Amanda. you are so right about your prediction" ... written by Venus
Very clear and reassuring, thanks Amanda x" ... written by Rose
very good needed that from her " ... written by p
Amazing!" ... written by Johnny
Amazing and inspiring brings out your inner strength you thought was gone just by being sympathetic but open and honest to your situation" ... written by adele
it ended all rather too quickly but she was compassionate, supportive and provided her guides insights. thanks. " ... written by Dee
Excellent!" ... written by Lisa
Brilliant reader, no sugar coating and tells you what you need to know. Thank you very much xo" ... written by libsta
Great as always !" ... written by p
She's good, opened my eyes!" ... written by Matthew Lozano
She is amazing at what she does, and always helping through her insight. Thanks again!" ... written by bhav
Wonderful energy and was aware of my issues without too much data from my side. Explanations were clear and to the point. Looking forward to my future days ahead." ... written by romi944
Extremely good!! Thank you. :)" ... written by Anna
very good great update keeping me on track " ... written by paula
Good, great, awesome! Amanda always has the answers, great reading. " ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for the great reading" ... written by Ashwaraya
i love readings from her and i cant wait for her predictions to come true" ... written by DanielleVdb
I miss amanda! she is straight and honest and has no doubt about her predictions!! Never wishy washy. I've seen her a while back and she remembers me and still confirms her predictions. Thanks hon great to see you xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Very helpful with my situation. " ... written by Kimberly
very good update glad to have her back" ... written by cream
Amanda is truly wonderful, gifted, and insightful. Love having readings with her. I really understood everything you were saying and I really will have to think through this and see what I can manage. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Love her readings..." ... written by Rutinha
Very good.Thank you" ... written by Kathrine
Brilliant. I was so comfortable and she was spot on about me. Thank you so very much. You're a star, a big star." ... written by erini
Thanks for the update Amanda x" ... written by Rosemarie
Good as always. thank you" ... written by Kathrine
Wonderful!" ... written by Sharlene
Wow. She's AMAZING. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She's a very compassionate person. I couldn't get over how well she speaks and the actual words she uses to give the best advice for the given situation. I really feel connected to her and that I can trust her. I have difficulty believing things sometimes, but with everything she was saying it was hard not to believe her. I needed this reading, and am very glad I chose her." ... written by Erica
very good update as always the best" ... written by paula
I'm always back for more. 5 Minutes is never enough. Spot on WITH EVERYTHING. Absolutely love her!" ... written by Emma
Amanda is the best on Oranum. Spot on and helpful every single time." ... written by Emma
Very good as always you should go to her no crap just very clear where you are at in the process" ... written by paula
Amanda is so nice, down to earth yet honest and real. I will have listened to her advise and will take on board all that was said. I really liked this reading....I need to be strong. Much love xxx" ... written by Jade50
Love, love, love Amanda. She is so gifted and her talent shines through to give me the right and truthful answers about everything. Her accuracy is amazing and she is so quick to tune in, that's why I am a repeat client. Amazing again my dear, thank you so much!" ... written by Jennifer
so accurate! xx" ... written by L
Will be interesting to see if it comes true, I won't be disappointed if it does or does not." ... written by Sarah
Ver accurate and honest. Highly recommend. " ... written by Fulgur
amazing reader...........and I love the honesty ....definitely no bullshit with her " ... written by charlie
She gave me the right info that I already suspected, but needed to go outside the circle to be sure if what my instincts were telling me was right." ... written by Jess
brilliant! quick and accurate, her time is worth every penny!" ... written by maddicat
Love you Amanda, I know you can always tune in and see what is going on, and that you care. Your advice is right on for me." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She's right every time! Many thanks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by Fulgur
great read as always. connected quickly and gave clarity" ... written by jan
Thanks very good." ... written by creambun
Thank you so so much Amanda! That really cleared things for me. She is direct and no bullshit. She's excellent. I will be coming back." ... written by b
thanks.. very clear and thanks i hope it will come true" ... written by Venus
I loved this Lady she was soo right , nothing like this really has happened before , she knew it all... right off. I am so pleased with Her, I will be back." ... written by sheila
She picked up on everything on her own, didn't have to initiate anything" ... written by Sara
God I love her. She's so empowering, and helped me realize what I need to do to re-gain control over the current situation. She's got a keen eye for what's coming up, and is very detail oriented. Even though what she says won't be immediate, I know it's going to happen. She's amazingly talented. I love her energy, and recommend her to anyone who feels even the least bit lost. " ... written by Erica
Great she is spot on with everything thing. It is happening as she said it would from my first reading" ... written by paula
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, I will soon be back to reconnect! Bless you." ... written by
didnt really explain too much but it was okay, probably needed more time!" ... written by Kiran
Has an accurate insight to what no one else could possibly know, 10/10, had me in tears!" ... written by adele
Always great to talk to Amanda, she is 100% accurate on my reading and always satisfied... Highly Recommended*** xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
She is great ! " ... written by Sarah
She's very good." ... written by b
amazing reading would highly recommend her to anyone " ... written by elizabeth
allways love readings from her" ... written by DanielleVdb
you good " ... written by shnaz abdul
Wonderful reading as usual. Amanda is a true, gifted psychic with accurate insight and great advice. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
She's a talented medium and passed along important messages that held a lot of comfort and meaning for me. Grateful! Thank you!" ... written by Jane
Very good reading. I stopped in Amanda's room and immediately she knew something happened and she read the situation like a book. She is the real deal and she is real gooooood!!! " ... written by Jennifer
Very gifted" ... written by Katherine
thanks needed to know i am still on the right path and as always she has explained i am x" ... written by cream
Super, fantastic, and wonderful as usual. Great details, good feedback and informative insight with every reading with Amanda. She is the real deal, take her private and you will not be disappointed." ... written by Jennifer
Always a pleasure with Amanda ... 100% accurate and understands where my situation is. Thank you " ... written by Rutinha
Amanda is FANTASTIC. Tells you how it is. ACCURATE! ACCURATE! ACCURATE! Money well spent. " ... written by Fulgur
shes pretty amazing and gave great advice" ... written by annonymous
great update " ... written by paula
Great connection and great reading! " ... written by Steph
always so nice ....amanda...thank you...." ... written by mette
My second reading with Amanda. This one was consistant with the first one. I like the way she works, no questions or other, she just gets strait to the issue. Thank you Amanda!" ... written by M
lovely lady, she helped me a lot today. I appreciate her giving me strength" ... written by mt
Amanda is amazing. No tools, no questions, she just comes out with everything and IS SPOT ON. She is never vague and gives genuinely helpful advice on the best way to move forward. I always love my readings with Amanda. Recommend to EVERYONE!" ... written by Em
She was so amazing and helped give me some peace of mind. Very gifted! Thank You so much" ... written by Think Blue
Brilliant update things unfolding as Amanda said they would" ... written by marionlyttle
she knows me so well, amanda is so in tuned with my situation. The best" ... written by Sarrah
thanks so much amanda. great advise. will be back." ... written by poque, what a really great reading. I was smiling the entire time. Such exciting things coming down the path and I am grateful that you are able to give me a glimpse into that. Will definitely keep you updated as things happen. Love you my friend!" ... written by Jennifer
Amanda is always amazing. I always come back." ... written by Em
thanks my dear for your help " ... written by mt
Wonderful :) " ... written by Nwabisa
Always happy to catch up with Amanda, she is very accurate with her reading and also had and update on where am suppose to head in life .... very happy 100% highly recommend.... xxxxR" ... written by Mary
Amanda is absolutely amazing--spot-on reading, with great detail and clarity. This was my first reading with her and I was so impressed. It's given me absolute confidence to follow her advice and get out of the fog of indecision I've been hanging about in. Cannot recommend highly enough!" ... written by Champers11
Great as Always" ... written by Beebeee
thank u for my reading it was very helpful and made me feel postive about my future" ... written by mizzimoo
She is nice and picks up quickly, without any question or other information. This was my third reading with her and the things she is telling are every time alined. Just wanted an update on a situation." ... written by M
Love Amanda for her truthfulness, good details, and accurate assessment of the situation and what is up and coming. Another fantastic reading, wish I had more time. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
She's wonderful! I wish I could have had more time, because all the information she was giving me was super accurate and very appropriate to the given circumstances. She's exceptionally talented. " ... written by Erica
hit right on the money she talks about my best friend that no one but me know about" ... written by Michele
wonderful. on the ball. " ... written by D
greatup date " ... written by cream
Time run out unfortunately, but a lovely lady and honest. thank you" ... written by Helpme67
very good reading, thank you " ... written by v
Thank you for the awesome reading:)" ... written by L
always great and helpful amanda, thanks" ... written by jathan
great reading " ... written by p
love my readings from Amanda. she tells you how it is." ... written by DanielleVdb
great update and information" ... written by cream
She is great!!!! amazing" ... written by nena
Lovely Amanda...great help as always.xxxx" ... written by Steph Porter
Excellent reading spot on." ... written by Sinead
Amanda is one of my go-to advisors, because she is very insightful and informative and she always gives me good and practical advice. Her information is accurate to the current situation and things she has said have come to pass as well. Always an excellent reading with her, take her private and she will amaze you. There are times when I come into her room and she automatically knows something is wrong or that I'm feeling anxious, that's a true gift!" ... written by Jennifer
Always enjoy my reading for Amanda, great for positive reading and honest. She is very gifted on what she does. Highly recommended and worth every cent.. xxxR " ... written by Rutinha133
She tells it like it is. Many thanks!!" ... written by Fulgur
Amanda323 gave me a lotta hope , I know deep in my heart that him and I have a very good chaNce. and yes, amanda , I will do everything to be patient, HaHah. I willl be back for more. Im so mad I ran out of credits. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 10 stArs ! ! !" ... written by Jay
Amanda is GOLD! Spot on!! " ... written by Fulgur
She is accurate" ... written by Raylene
Very good what would i do without my great Amanda she see things clearly and is great it helping you to deal with what ever life throws your way " ... written by paula
Wonderful reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
brilliant reading and told me what a shit my ex is and she was very accurate about him and talked about my future working career, very east to speak to thanks again" ... written by lisa
Brilliant reader, thank you" ... written by Pipermc
Amanda went straight to the issue and made me feel better about things .. lovely and very intuitive woman who i will visit again soon " ... written by Lily
Another great reading with Amanda. I keep coming back :) Good advice and hoping truly that thing will eventually go as she is telling. " ... written by K
Amanda is amazing. Straight to the point, caring, wise and spot on. She made a prediction for this month that is unfolding. Thank you ! xxx" ... written by G
Amanda is accurate and truthful, putting perspective on my love life when I thought I had lost the guy and didn't know what to do, she helped me see things clearly. Will sleep better tonight knowing that I have nothing to worry about. Would have another reading with Amanda in the future and highly recommend her." ... written by Shireen84
I decided to use amanda tonight and wow she was amazing i didnt tell her anything and she knew what was going on right away." ... written by Kayla
was very insightful and detailed. highly recommended" ... written by Jimsh1234
Very good reading, she picked up on what was going on." ... written by Sticky
Again she is great" ... written by Jessica
Oh man she was amazing just speechless! she picked up on something I was worried about and haven't spoke to anyone about yet! wow" ... written by Jessica
great great the best " ... written by paula
It was a short reading but I will come back again. She is very nice." ... written by Mariana
Amanda has always been truthful.. i Have alwats seek her whenever i am in search for an asnwer. Thank amanda for your help." ... written by Peacegal27
she's good i liked her" ... written by sunshine
Good as always thank you" ... written by K
Amanda does wonderfully detailed and clear readings! Really appreciate her advice." ... written by Champers11
she is awsome " ... written by Michele
great reading good update and keeping me on track" ... written by paula
have had a few readings with Amanda now. They are getting better each time, but the message and outcome are staying the same. The outcome is still to see in the future." ... written by K
wow she is great! tunes in right away with no tools and goes to the heart of what's going on. also good sense of humor which i appreciate!! will def be back to talk to her!" ... written by wren1414
Lovely advice again, thankyou xxx" ... written by Steph Porter
Love getting updates from Amanda on my situation in life... xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Shes soooo good at what she does. So worth the the credits. She eased my mind with my situation without me even saying one word about my problem . Will be coming back for sure !" ... written by Samantha
Always good to talk to!! Thank you. :)" ... written by Anna
Thankyou so much Amanda xxx" ... written by Steph Porter1
The lady is right on the money! Spot on. Exactly. Every time." ... written by Fulgur
100% Accurate and really really friendly, warm and guarantees you not feeling better but puts a smile on your face. X" ... written by Anastasia
Absolutely amazing reader" ... written by irene
great very clear" ... written by paula
Feels like a really really good friend you've known for a long time !! Definitely cherish the messages given!!" ... written by Anastasia
Seems very sure of her guides. Hope she is right! Liked her energy." ... written by ann
nice, kind amanda.........true reading" ... written by mette
AMAZING A MUST TO HAVE A READING WITH" ... written by Rosa1982
Have been reading with her for a while now... quick and strong connection, very very gifted reader! Always spot on! Great advice!" ... written by Tanya
Thanks Amanda " ... written by Sandeep Radhakrishnan
great update she is the best " ... written by paula
Good reading as always. " ... written by jan
Wow!! Amanda, you wow me each time I cant thank you enough" ... written by Sandeep Radhakrishnan
She always encourages me with her abilities to see the issues going on and what direction I need to go in. She's well worth the reading !!" ... written by celticfreckles
so consistent, every time. Thank you again Amanda, I will be back :)" ... written by Me
amazing! very enlightening. want to hear more!!" ... written by leodragon
Picked up on my situation fast and could tell a lot about the new things in my life, thanks !" ... written by Rose
i love her, very honest and helpful." ... written by salem
Very good, just needed a little update and Amanda told me some things that currently ring true and things to look for in the coming weeks. It's always a great reading with Amanda, she is intuitive, detailed, truthful, and nice. Thanks" ... written by Jennifer
Amanda is awesome, really connected well and see's it all! Thanks so much and I highly recommend amanda for any need. " ... written by Lynda22
picked up on my situation to the point,without me saying a word" ... written by ...
so good such and great reading " ... written by Cream
great as usual. The time just goes so fast with her. I will be back again Amanda, thanks for being there :)" ... written by m
I love catching up getting my latex readying .... 100% recommended xxxR" ... written by Ruthinha133
great reading...confirmed a lot for me..thank you again!!" ... written by missvika
Comforting and supportive. Well worth talking to. " ... written by Christine
so good such a great reader very clear you must try her " ... written by paula
Great read. So warm and kind. " ... written by Shami
I love talking to Amanda and I feel like she is right on point with her reading" ... written by shades212
great as always what would i do without her just a great reader dont miss out get a reading from her " ... written by cream
Fab as usual thankyou xxxx" ... written by Steph
Always right." ... written by Fulgur
10 stars! thank you Amanda-you are the best!" ... written by gemmie
ran out of time..but interesting reading" ... written by leodragon
Thank you for another great update and will take on board what you were saying" ... written by marion
Awesome as always" ... written by hey_boo
was spot on with my situation definitely will be back for more thank you Amanda ♥ :)" ... written by mel
dead on, advise giving, truly a pleasure to speak with. " ... written by rusti
very good advice and will follow it " ... written by cream
She is something special.. wow.. i'm just blown away. i love this woman to death! she's just amazing. made so many connections today in such a short amount of time. thank you so much" ... written by thinkblue
Amanda is simply incredible. She uses no tools, takes a moment at the start to tune in and then is on point with every single bit of information she picks up. Not only that, but her information is consistent over weeks and months. Combine that accuracy with her warmth and kindness and you have one incredible psychic. I've had a number of readings on Oranum and I've seen a few different psychics on here but none have impressed me so much as Amanda. I honestly cannot recommend her more. She is absolutely the real deal and that is why I keep coming back to her. " ... written by Emma
great reading, accurate, and she really does care about you. I haven't even met her in real life and I feel really close to her." ... written by Persephone742
amanda is a great reader " ... written by charlie
thank you ,great reading" ... written by vicki
Amanda is always very good and consistent. Her readings are essentially the same with highlights of things previously said and how things are progressing based on initial predictions. Everything is still on track and will improve more as time goes on. Wonderful reading, thank you." ... written by J
awfully expensive but worth every penny. she is extremely extremely accurate. And you don't have to tell her much. she will give you the details, situation, and what will happen ... " ... written by angelz2
really accurate and great solutions!!!" ... written by chris
she is the best. always giving good advice. I love talking to her" ... written by shades212
great update very clear and to the point such a great help she is the best " ... written by cream
nice andamp; friendly " ... written by lamya
She is lovely and knows what she is dojng and saying " ... written by Eve
Amazing as all ways " ... written by Eve
Amanda is an accurate and caring reader. Really showed me the way clear again from where I was going before with my relationships. Highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by Shireen
Hi...thanks for the chat- but i guess its working expensive onb my pocket. will def come back in 3 months if the predictions are true. atleast to thank!" ... written by DEBARATI SHOME
Amanda is VERY accurate and knowledgeable. Fast and to the point. Highly recommend. Many thanks!" ... written by Fulgur
Amanda is always great. I love talking to her :) She gives good advice what to look into more. A lot to think about again. Thank you Amanda, speak to you soon again ;)" ... written by M
Amanda thanks for being and keeping positive energy flowing my way. love you for that." ... written by shades212
great update she is so spot on what she says does come to play " ... written by happydays
very caring, seems to be on point." ... written by shades
i've got abit more confident :) thank you xx " ... written by kay
she was nice and seemed to understand the situation. " ... written by Mel
An absolutely fabulous reader. Each time I have had a reading she is spot on. She tells you the way it is. Worth the spend." ... written by Sanjeeta
10 stars. Highly recommend." ... written by Fulgur
Great update She is the best on here she will tell you clearly what she see and how to move forward with this " ... written by Happy
Amanda is always great. She is honest, consistent, accurate, and fun! Take her for a private reading for the answers you seek, she will not disappoint." ... written by Jenn
Great reading, very accurate as usual. Always like Amanda's straight - forward, no messing approach! Thanks Amanda" ... written by julieanne71
Amazing. Very uplifting news. Hope this new person appears soon..." ... written by leodragon
amanda is awesome!! connects very well and is very accurate and thank you ! " ... written by Lynda22
she is truly amazing. thank you so much for your help." ... written by v
I absolutely adore Amanda. She is by far the most incredible psychic on here. No tools, just straight up connection. She was the first psychic I clicked on and I honestly believe I was led to her because had it have been anyone else I would never have come back. Thank you for the ongoing guidance, friendship and care Amanda. You are truly incredible." ... written by Emma
great up date puts my mind at rest " ... written by cream
brilliant lady have been waiting to speak to amanda since june , she knows her shit and is very trueful and straight to the point, deco worth a reading xxx" ... written by lisa
Amazing " ... written by Eve
amazing!!! she knows everything without you have to tell her anything. be prepare with what you'll hear. good advise! highly recommend!" ... written by hermestarr
Thanks Amanda!" ... written by humility
She is worth every penny knew the situation very well one of the best and worth the money." ... written by sandi
Every time so nice, understanding and accurate. The prediction is not changing. Sees the current situation and things that are influencing from the past very well. I will be back again for sure. Thank you so much for being there for me and others Amanda! :)" ... written by M
I think she nailed it and was extremely accurate . I wish I had more time and when I get the opportunity I will come back and have her do a full reading .. she immediately picked up on a very complex situation and was spot on. thank you" ... written by susan
Thanks" ... written by Sandeep
really reassuring reading. i felt very positive afterwards. thank you." ... written by leodragon
Needed a quick update and Amanda was wonderful as usual. She just tunes in and gives great details and information that is accurate! She is a great psychic, take her private." ... written by Jennifer
A good understanding of what was on my mind." ... written by Lisette68
Super, fantastic, awesome. One of my trusted advisors for her accuracy, details, and honesty." ... written by Jen
Amanda is always on point and picked up on exactly what I wanted to discuss without me asking or saying anything at all! Amanda is truly gifted and I always come back to her!!!" ... written by Emma
Excellent! A gifted and intuitive reader. Kind and caring" ... written by Angela Johnson
Back again because I could talk to Amanda for hours - she is like a friend and her words are always what you need to hear but spoken like a friend. Amanda is absolutely on point even without tools. She gives me hope where I thought there was none - thank you Amanda!!!!" ... written by Emma
I love Amanda she is so fast and accurate. I gave he a name and picked the situation up straight away.... I recommend her to anyone..... 10 stars all the way" ... written by Rosa
a long session :) so great talking to her again. Thanks again Amanda, you are so nice!" ... written by Me
great so bloody good the best don't miss the chance to have a reading with her )" ... written by cream
Just what I needed to hear, it has confirmed what I have been feeling for a couple of days." ... written by hey_boo
She is amazing.... I trust everything she has told me. Everything she predicted has come to fruition.... she is worth every dollar...." ... written by Rosa
very connected Lady. bless u" ... written by judi
Glad to know a little more about his situation. Feeling reassured. Thank you... :)" ... written by leodragon
thank you. feeling a bit more reassured. helps to get clarity.. :)" ... written by leodragon
great the best " ... written by cream
Lovely woman and i hope what she has told me comes true xxxx" ... written by marie wooldridge
SPOT ON" ... written by Emily
Amanda is on point every time I see her. I absolutely love her readings because you don't have to say anything and she comes out with exactly what you want to talk about. Truly an authentic experience which is why I always come back for a quick update with Amanda. Much love to her " ... written by Emma
Always so nice and gets the situation straight away. Makes you feel better, even though still waiting to the final result to show up. Thaks for being there Amanda :)" ... written by M
very good excellent" ... written by jana
needed that today xxx thanks she is the best on here don't go to anyone else " ... written by cream
A hundred stars! Always enjoy my readings with Amanda: she is honest, fast, fun, sensible, and informative." ... written by Jennifer
Very good, I do recommend. Thanks *****" ... written by joy99123
she's great! as always" ... written by julie
thank you. " ... written by leodragon
very good " ... written by happy
I absolutely love Amanda..... she is so honest and spot on... I always go to her for advice. She has always been honest with me.... I recommend her to anyone... she is the real deal..... if you want truth go to her.... fast accurate and spot on" ... written by Rosa
i love amanda, she's fantastic. the only one i'll go to. sorry amanda i ran out of credits.. til next time" ... written by suzibelle
Amanda is a true star! She is honest, intuitive, detailed, and sensible. Readings with her are fun and accurate. Listen to her, she knows what is happening and what is coming up!" ... written by Jen
This is my second reading with Amanda, and she is always so spot on. I just love having a reading with her because I don't even have to ask questions, she gets it going and it's such a wonderful experience after that. She's also very accurate, she can see things others can't. She is truly gifted as a true and authentic medium. Thank you so much for your time!!!" ... written by PandinaBunnyLovr
I love talking to you I feel like I can trust you and that you are more than just a spiritual advisor you are a friend who really cares" ... written by shaes212
Another amazing reading with great guidance, and I can see how very clearly she is showing me how to improve my life. She is spot on about everything!!! She has also given me fantastic financial advice, as well as guidance in romance and friendship. I will be back, you can count on it!!!" ... written by PandinaBunnyLovr
Absolutely shockingly spot on" ... written by Hitesh
Awesome reading!! very fast and accurate. good advises. definately will come back for more updates.. " ... written by hermestarr
Amazing! Didn't ask too many questions and knew right away very detailed information about my situation. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Sylvie03
great great great always clear " ... written by happydays
am glad to know things are going in the right direction. thank you for the insight as always. " ... written by leodragon
I think she meant well" ... written by Silvers229
Lovely ready with a lovely lady. Give her a try you wont be disappointed." ... written by Mshelli
Amanda was amazing this is the second reading I have had in 6 months and if things go like the first reading she is absolutely spot on. I cannot thank her enough she has given me a reason to go on." ... written by Dot Richardson
great reading" ... written by ....
thanks again Amanda :) great as allways" ... written by m
She made me feel better about everything " ... written by Janae Derden
A breath of fresh air. Love her. SO kind and helpful. You won't regret it. Straight to the point. NO TOOLS. She knew it before I even intorduced myself. LOVE HER. " ... written by Quest
Very Lovely woman! :) feel like she is spot on With many Things! :) Will come back to her :)" ... written by Marianne
my favorite!" ... written by shades212
thanks what a great help she is the best and very clear with her advice and the path ahead" ... written by happy
in my opinion, Amanda is the real deal. Been questioning the validity of other psychics and I have become to trust amanda" ... written by shades212
Great reading and chat again, as allways. She was previously right of one relationship near me. It's every time a pleasure to talk with you Amanda, see you soon again :)" ... written by K
thanks needed to hear what you told me" ... written by gipsygirl
She made me feel better, very kind." ... written by Carol
Very helpful, when feeling so lost and i will be back. Thank you so very much." ... written by Renée
so good lots of info she is the only one I trust and she always will be don't go to anyone else she is the best if you get a reading with Amanda you will get clear open honest reading " ... written by happy
she was good and gave me from the facts that I knew and I know my situation must have been tough to connect to, but she was there." ... written by sansai
excellent reading. tough words to hear but she told me truth. no sugar coating. thanks amanda xo" ... written by jaqueline
love this woman straight to the point no mucking around" ... written by irene
thank you so much. iwas really in need of some reassurance." ... written by leodragon2014
Nice talking to Amanda again. She is my number one choice :)" ... written by :)
Always great and amazing xoxoxx" ... written by Anastasia
thank u so much for your advice amanda :)" ... written by bb
thank u so much amanda, thank u" ... written by be
Hi " ... written by simran
Once again, on the spot and wonderful. Thank you Amanda... you're magnificent!" ... written by Maria
great reader great the best as always clear straight answers and clear advice on how to cope in the waiting game and still living your life the best on love life x" ... written by paula
THank you Amanda. She knew everything before I even told her what was going on and how to take care of it. 100% accurate. Amamzing advice. Thank you Amanda you are a gift from God. " ... written by Questgoat
great so good " ... written by happy
Amanda is absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately the internet connection was a bit laggy (either due to my internet or site traffic) which meant I couldn't get the rapid fire dialogue going as well as we normally do. But honestly Amanda is just brilliant. She is insightful, honest and connects faster than anyone I've ever come across. I absolutely love my readings with her. She is spot on." ... written by Emma
great great great " ... written by paula
What an amazing accurate reading." ... written by Mia_Koda
thank you...good reading as always. " ... written by leodragon2014
i love that Amanda is caring and motherly like. a great person to speak to. a very good friend." ... written by shades
Fantastic, spot on." ... written by lachlan
She is like a great friend and super spot on, she totally nailed it ! :) " ... written by Sarah
Amanda got everything spot on!!!" ... written by Candace
Excellent advice. It's like she knew him personally! thanks hon" ... written by jaqueline
She's really good - even though I didn't know why I had come to this site and picked her and didn't even have a clue or a question about what I wanted to talk about it didn't take her long to find out what it was that was troubling me and what it is that I'm wanting and needing to make me happy - thank u very much and I will come back again when I can get some credits....thank u" ... written by Buzzbeee99
Amazing reader. She knew stuff before I said it to her. I will go to her from now!" ... written by eli
great" ... written by me
A very insightful psychic...doesn't ask questions she tell you what you need to hear. I wish I'd had more time! I like her style she communicates with you on an easy going conversation level. Her insight is priceless! Thumbs Up! And..thanks for the clarity!" ... written by Cordie167
Amanda is amazing and I love her to bits xxx" ... written by Lauren
a very genuine psychic " ... written by a
good reading gives hope" ... written by julieanne
Amanda went straight to the point and connected with me right away. She was able to describe my situation and gave me valuable advice. Very talented and I only wish I could have added more time to the session. Thank you Amanda!" ... written by Adrienne
She is my favorite on oranum!" ... written by eli
Top psychic. Gets it right." ... written by Fulgur
great reading she is the best and spot on with everything " ... written by p
I love this lady!!! Thank you so very helpful. Made a lot of sense" ... written by Dixie
Great as allways. Thanks again Amanda, will be back soon :)" ... written by :)
always truly a great reading" ... written by moongirl777
Amanda, Thank you for cleaning up my confusion. " ... written by Suzanne
Always great to get an update from Amanda, the answers come so easily to her and I know what I need to do. She is fast, detailed, and accurate." ... written by Jennifer
Time is up ! I am excited about the predictions and love talking with her she´s funny and caring and endearing and time flies, many blessings" ... written by Sarah
She has been with me all the way as things have been getting better and has supported me through some very hard times. No sugar coating but clear open honest reading the best. Things she have told me have come to pass and have been given with good advice so i can deal with the challenges i have faced " ... written by paula
Bril." ... written by Fulgur
Honest, to the point, straight forward! Worth the money!" ... written by Mike
thank you Amanda for a very touching was good to talk to you again" ... written by gemmie
very good she is the best reader ever honest clear reading she will tell you the truth and be clear about how they feel about y ou and the reasons why" ... written by p
Wise words from a wise woman" ... written by eli
great update from Amanda thanks " ... written by p
always the best one" ... written by p
Excellent advice thanks" ... written by jaqueline
Amanda is an accurate reading and has wise words to share! love her!" ... written by eli
she is good" ... written by cristina4413
thanks again my you soon :) good reading again, the prediction is staying the same eventhough more things have been added to the mix :) " ... written by :)
Thank you for your help" ... written by CHARITY
she is the best one here " ... written by hey
Wonderful reader helped me find clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks Amanda for your advice." ... written by suzanne
thanks for the advice. It feels comforting somewhat to know that you know what I'm going thru. Some people think it is easy and don't understand. I appreciate your understanding and not judging me. xo" ... written by jaqueline
Amanda is the best of the best. I love her readings and always stick with her because she is authentic, uses no tools and everything she says resonates as truth - she even helped my find my lost passport! Much love for her always" ... written by Em
Very quick, straight to the point" ... written by heartshaped
Great! Had a good vision of my life and brilliant advice" ... written by Cianne
thank you. your readings keep me on track and remind me to not overcompensate. let him take the reigns. appreciate your advice as always. " ... written by leodragon2014
Another awesome and consistent update with amanda.....amazes me every time how accurate she is!!" ... written by marion lyttle
She always reads the situation right and gives good advice" ... written by eli
FABULOUS FAST and Precise. Very very good. And very fast. Highly recommended" ... written by London
GREAT ACCURATE and fast. " ... written by NIghtingale
very sweet and kind, thank you so much for your advice. hope everything will go well :)" ... written by bb
nice session again, thanks :) allways so nice to speak with her. Still waiting for the predictions to happen " ... written by m
Shoot, time ran up...always a pleasure. Alwyas really quick and accurate " ... written by essjayokay
Amanda is a person that I trust. will always come to her for advice." ... written by shades212
good update" ... written by happy
Thanks Amanda" ... written by Sinead
I was in a really bad place when I got on to the chat - Amanda got me smiling and made my hear soar. Thank you so much." ... written by Emilia
Very accurate! Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Amanda is amazing. Truly gifted. On point and very fast. It also helps that after a couple of readings she becomes more of a friend. I always come back :)" ... written by Emma
Was good while it lasted, although a bit pricey for the amount of time." ... written by NullAndVoid
thank you" ... written by nicola
Bang on, you can say anything to her, she will tell you like it is and how it is going to be. " ... written by Sarah
thank you so much for the clarity. i feel like i'm on a roller coaster, but am glad to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak" ... written by leodragon2014
Always fantastic. Quick to tune in, consistent, and accurate! Thank you!" ... written by Jenn
interesting again :) keep coming back. Thank you Amanda again " ... written by :)
Great reading very clear on spot on with her predictions " ... written by Happy
She always reads the situation correctly and has words of wisdom. " ... written by eli
my oh my...picked up on a love situation straight away...picked up on names and the situation surrounding them. on things that no one really knows about!!! thank you so much :)" ... written by Nicola
good " ... written by nala
She is amazing. I just did reading twice, because so good and so well. I also read by other psychic tonight, but amanda323 is much much better and detail. I will definitely coming back and highly recommend!!!!! " ... written by Need James
Great again. Seems that things are starting to go the way she has told me they will..." ... written by :)
Amanda is fantastic. Tunes in quickly to provide truthful insight and answers. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
she is incredible and amazing to talk to. Really know what to say and give amazing advice on what to do." ... written by Korren
Had a wonderful reading! " ... written by luckystar5
the best :)))) give her a go " ... written by happ
excellent reading. thank you . always provides clarity and reassurance." ... written by leodragon2014
She is wonderful. She gave me piece of mind knowing what I had to do to get my boyfriend back, and that he would be back. Thank you so so so much." ... written by Kellie
She is spot on and amazing " ... written by Eve
She is great as always she is boss" ... written by eve
the reading is straightforward" ... written by dean
Amanda is great always :) Things that she has told me months back are now showing up....waiting for the rest to unfold. " ... written by :)
Thank you!" ... written by Lisa
Amanada is to the point and direct and her guides have not failed me" ... written by Suzanne
great up date things are moving and what Amanda tells you is the truth " ... written by happydays
Pretty good" ... written by Andrea
She is great!! " ... written by Virgo
I'll be back Thanks Amanda XXXX" ... written by Sharon
accurate" ... written by loveanddlight
I still have questions about this reading, but I appreciate amanda323's attention and professional care." ... written by joe
Absolutely intriguing session full of insight, accuracy, and support like no other on Oranum." ... written by James
Amanda is a most sincere, honest, and true clairvoyant with abilities to look into ones soul and take doubt away. She is kind, polite, and answers every question with deep meaning and real life situational expert help. Thanks so much! I'm awakened." ... written by James
she is brilliant very accurate" ... written by Amanda323
she is right on the money help guide me thought me with my hard times and my bright time. If your looking for a honest and stright forward pyscic this is your guide" ... written by michele gould
She was hands down amazing right on point on everything she was saying. Scary accurate. " ... written by Lynn
thank you for the reassurance. i always feel more at ease after your readings. " ... written by leodragon2014
great" ... written by matt
She is amazing and spot on..... picks up everything." ... written by Rosa
She's good, I'll consult her again, she's fast n doesn't give unnecessary and unwanted advice. She just points out what she sees, and explains things for clarity. Wish her price was lower so could talk to her more." ... written by SN
Amanda was wonderful and very accurate. So thrilled with my reading. Thanks Amanda x" ... written by Rebecca
Very very accurate and a lovely lady." ... written by Rebecca
The very best ! Awesome .." ... written by Danny
Picked up on my situation right to the point,without me saying a word,thank u for the reading " ... written by ..
Very perceptive as well as enjoyable to talk to. Helpful insight and confirms experiences as well as feelings. She immediately interpreted what I was struggling with. Highly recommend. " ... written by Ryan
The second time Amanda went very quickly with me. More in-tuned with my energy and helped guide me to important decisions regarding my love life. Worth every penny." ... written by Ryan
Great as usual, tuned into the situation straight away. Thank you" ... written by gipsygirl
Accurate, intuitive the real deal. You can't go wrong with amanda and I highly recommend her for true answers into your situantion. She brings clarity, and predictions that I'm sure will come to pass. " ... written by Roseanna
very good" ... written by christy
great up date with more information and true psychic dont go to anyone else" ... written by happydays
great the best ever" ... written by uk
Truly amazing and understanding. A total work of art with unique perception and realistic predictions that intertwine with current feelings and the universe as one. A true ride into ones heart." ... written by James
Omg, Amanda is really good. Picked up everything and describe his personality accurate... Will definitely come back for more updates. Thank you soo much Amanda" ... written by Vivienne
Great insightful reading!" ... written by Patience29
This woman is a genuine psychic. No tools used and she knew my situation without me having to tell her anything. I enjoyed my reading because she gave me advice on how to approach a certain situation. God Bless you Amanda!" ... written by GARACE
Great reader as always." ... written by Priscilla
Very quick with the information and clear. Looking forward to her predictions coming through. Thank you!" ... written by Stars
VERY GOOD TOP READER" ... written by happydays
OMG awesome as usual. Thanks Amanda." ... written by Vivienne
I have had three readings from Amanda at this point and she has been spot-on and correct the entire time! In addition, her advice is very safe, sane, nonjudgmental, and corrective when necessary! She offers GREAT direction, renewed confidence, and reminds me of who I am rather than who everyone else is......! Thank You Amanda!!" ... written by Mick9112
got to the truth without any info. pretty good reading " ... written by j
consistent. thanks!" ... written by stars
zooms in fairly quickly.. Wish she could talk more on my budget but i am satisfied with the advice and will continue to her bc she is the real deal. " ... written by Suzanne
Great update with Amanda,she amazing as always!!" ... written by marion
Great reading with Amanda :) as always." ... written by kimmmmmm
The best reader on Oranum by far. I have had many readings and have loved her guidance every single time. On spot each time." ... written by Sanjeeta
She was just lovely. I didn't tell her anything and she told me everything and was 100% right in everything she said. I was amazed. TRuly thankful for the reading" ... written by Stars
Thank you again for the reassurance! Love your consistency! x" ... written by Stars
Always great and quick with information. Thank you!" ... written by Stars
Thank you. You made me smile." ... written by Debbie
She's very good reader, she picks up fast and tell you as things are. She gives clarity but she'll not say something just for heck of it, so I believe here. I wish could talk to her longer. " ... written by SN
thanks" ... written by Debbie
She was good. We shall see how her prediction turns out" ... written by Margaret
She was clear about things ..and in my opinion very correct." ... written by dina
Absolutely stunning reading with intellect, prosperity, and dead on predictions. Looking forward to a brighter new year. Hands down the best on Oranum." ... written by James
consistent with her reading. thank you!" ... written by stars
bloody great update I have missed her over xmas and very glad to have her back she is such a great reader make sure you go to her if you want a clear honest reading " ... written by happydays
Amanda, is fast and clear with no gimmicks. Very straight!" ... written by ACB
great friend, reader and advisor.....will wait to see what happens in 2015" ... written by charlie
excellent, as always.." ... written by joe
WOWO --- asked her for real estate advice on house to bid on and she zoomed in a a great choice i never realized what a great choice it is. A house close ot my husband's office and the cheapest one i can afford .. truly an eye opener . Without her I woul dhave not looked further into that particular property thanks Amanda and guides." ... written by Suzanne
Brillant - picked up my issue i m having straight away x" ... written by Maria
thank u for the reading Amanda" ... written by .
So in tune, always she amazes me. waiting for the g prediction to come true, will keep you posted !!! lol" ... written by gipsygirl
as always, thank you so much for the clarity and insight. i really appreciate it. you're so approachable and i am always comfortable coming to you for advice and counselling. " ... written by leodragon2014
Amanda was lovely and warm, would recommend as she is very accurate x" ... written by Carina
Amanda's predictions are very keen and they also help me to go the right path. We will have to see" ... written by suzanne
Amanda is so wonderful so connected so psychically aware . she is guiding me all the way thru my difficult time . Thank you" ... written by suzanne
SPOT ON CORRECT" ... written by earthwoman
Amazing :)" ... written by Eve
thank you!" ... written by stars
thank you!" ... written by stars
great update she is the best an always tell you how it is " ... written by happy
a great reading today, one of the best i have had with her...and i have had many. All have been good, this one was probably one of the most informative ones. Amanda is so nice and gets the point every time. Thanks Amanda, speak to you soon again." ... written by :)
consistent and helpful. thank you!" ... written by stars
helpful. thanks!" ... written by stars
very good" ... written by leigh
Well, I have been reading with Amanda for quite some time now. She is very good, she is consistent, accurate, and detailed. Her predictions come to light and her advice is second to none. She is very intuitive and she can accurately describe what is going on and why and what will be coming up. If you have questions, take her private...she will not disappoint you!" ... written by Jenn
Amanda323, awesome, comforting, straight to the point readings! I have not mentioned anything and she seemed to have been opening current happenings in my life like a book. I know this is a psychic site but this is the first time I've been surprised and asked, "How did she know that?" Details too specific that I can't ignore. She knew too much and I have only given her my name. " ... written by Holbein888
Lovely woman with a lovely spirit. Also spot on. Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
great reader " ... written by charlie
thank you" ... written by stars
Another delightful reading. I always come back to Amanda because she is so honest. She is the best around!" ... written by Em
great as always such a good reader" ... written by happy
Amanda quick good advice I love her!" ... written by Suzanne
really great thank you!" ... written by marie7498
Thank you darling! I will be back. God Bless!" ... written by Garace123
Another insightful reading. Thanks again Amanda!" ... written by Garace123
It was a great reading her is so spot on and what she tells you will happen has happen and she will not tell anything rubbish " ... written by hsppydays
thanks amanda good as always" ... written by suzanne
Amanda is a lovely lady and a trusted confidante. She knows my situation, almost better than me lol...and yet she is always honest, forthright, accurate, consistent, and fun. She always gives the best advice and she's been on this journey for a while now. She is highly intuitive and empathic and she will give you the answers you need, not always what you want, but who wants a fairy tale reading? Things are on the right path and I just have to stay confident. Thank you Amanda for everything!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you for being able to catch on to the situation right away wow! impressed. I will be back to update you about the things that will come forth thank you love" ... written by ma
thank you for the reading,Amanda " ... written by .
wow...a good reading new about what was going on without me saying anything. my favorite reader, I am confident that what Amanda is telling me that is going to happen will happen." ... written by shades
Bosss as always get on great with her boss little scouser haha x" ... written by Eve
Bosssss as always " ... written by Eve
Spot on" ... written by kelly
Amazing " ... written by eve
Great reading. Thanks" ... written by ABC
very good reading gave good advice regarding what I need to do " ... written by happy
very accurate" ... written by Julie
Amanda is a powerful psychic, she's always got it right, 10 stars." ... written by Fulgur
Point in and very fast " ... written by Eve
thank you!" ... written by stars
accurate as always even without me needing to say anything" ... written by nutty00bunny
she is comforting to talk to. like talking to a long time friend. her insight helps you see a situation in a way you wouldn't of thought of. she is amazing." ... written by kjr
great reading." ... written by lady.
Compassionate, very kind and accurate!" ... written by Lise
great update she is so good hit i right on the head get to see her back on form " ... written by happy
Thank you Amanda, an amazing reading once again god bless :)" ... written by libsta
grat6 update she is always spot on " ... written by happy
Thanks very much dear Amanda, it's always great to chat with you, the time spent was worth it and I feel much relaxed. Looking forward to contacting you soon. All the best" ... written by ananita
best reader on oranum. gets me even before I open my mouth" ... written by sanjeeta
thanks. Great news can't wait for it all to happen" ... written by Debb
Very comforting. Awesome guidance. I've always enjoyed my session with Amanda. " ... written by Eden
Amanda is just so good! Every time, all the time...just great!" ... written by J
Thanks Amanda" ... written by TeeLee113
Amanda was great and exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I loved how she asked my name and already knew why I needed to speak to her. She has a true gift from spirit and when you talk to her it is evident. Thanks again!" ... written by Nicole
wonderful, so on the point. i never met a psychic like this before!" ... written by ana babin
Great, fast to the dot, very accurate and very lovely" ... written by NIghtingale
thank you as always for the reassurance. great insight. i always enjoy coming back to get follow up readings with amanda" ... written by leodragon2014
she gave me honest updates as usual i'm grateful for her...i need to learn to be patient" ... written by nutty00bunny
great as always missed her last wk XX" ... written by happy
Absolutely brilliant. So deep and wonderful as always." ... written by James
Thank you. Makes me smile " ... written by aBC
Great reading, provided me outstanding guidance about my situation, will check back with her on a follow up." ... written by Chris
Always a pleasure" ... written by jo
Amanda323 is a truly wonderful psychic. Thumbs up." ... written by allskies
She is my go to person here, I admire and trust her, she's good at what she does" ... written by R
this woman is quite extraordinary." ... written by allskies
Amanda323 is honest, patient, caring, witty, and to the point - she knows." ... written by allskies
Brilliant. Right every time." ... written by Thunderthighs
very easy to talk to . get great guide and light in to me life" ... written by michele gould
consistent every time. Thanks again Amanda :)" ... written by :)
internet connection better this time. would have liked more time. she's good." ... written by jag
very honest. tunes in right ont he bat. needs no information at all. " ... written by a
always excellent" ... written by jag
love amanda you get good advice" ... written by leigh
Thanks amanda for the good news" ... written by gipsygirl
Amanda is patient, accurate and helpful. And very much to the point. I'm counting on predictions to pass." ... written by allskies
Never meet anyone better:) " ... written by kristin
excellent, consistent readings… " ... written by julie
Very good:)" ... written by kristin
thank you for being honest to me and giving me such good advice" ... written by masijacoke24
great reading keeps me up to date and on the right path no rubbish just clear advice and predictios " ... written by happy
Very good and honest" ... written by Vivienne
Thank you fast answers to my problems" ... written by 1111
Great reading." ... written by Milan
Thank you so much for your positive words. " ... written by Aaa
She is very, very good, and her confidence gives confidence." ... written by allskies
Amanda has been accompanying me through a difficult period and is very accurate in her guidance. " ... written by allskies
Very good" ... written by Vivienne
great always good info on my job and how to get more money " ... written by happy
Amanda is fast, accurate and full of warmth. She's good!" ... written by ilgiardino
Very good reading, positive and enlightening. Cant wait for everything to come to past." ... written by shades
good" ... written by annette
Amanda is always quick to tune into the situation and give me the details I need to feel better about it all. She is honest, intuitive, accurate, and consistent. She will answer your questions and give the most information that she can regarding your situation, always good advice too. She is wonderful!" ... written by Jenn
OMG she is so amazing. I cannot believe how on point she was tonight. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. THE BEST ON ORANUM" ... written by Em
Sorry, out of credit" ... written by Vivienne
Deliberately said nothing and didn't feed her. She kept coming with hit after hit. Very good!!! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by samael
great up date lots of information she is so good trust her 100% and she is so on point " ... written by happydays567
Excellent reader." ... written by goodwoman
Very reassuring, consistent with previous readings." ... written by ilgiardino
great reading she is so spot on puts my mind at rest have a reading with her it will be great" ... written by happy
Great reading! connected well with me and gave me a lot of insight, this was what I needed. thankyou " ... written by Hannah
great! Thanks for the reading. Straight forward no bsing around like some people like to do on oranum. You get what you pay for. Thanks for the help! " ... written by good
Brilliant reader. Spot on." ... written by greatwoman
Very insightful!" ... written by Nadiya
She is patient, consistent and offer very good guidance." ... written by ilgiardino
Very Very tuned into exactly what is happening in my life. Thank you, you helped me so much" ... written by Jessica Falcone
great reading picked up on everything....thanks..." ... written by heather
Great as always...just needed a quick chat. Thank you!!" ... written by Jenn
She's my guide I trust her" ... written by NS
Update with Amanda and she consistent with outcome for my situation" ... written by marion
She's amazing! So true and honest. Compassionate as always, she has a very kind nature and knows very well what she's talking about. " ... written by think
Amanada gave me a consistent oucome for a difficult" ... written by ilgiardino
great great 10 stars she is the best " ... written by happy
Amanda is a good adviser....having been consulting her for some time now. Still waiting for things she has told me but keep coming back to her as she seems genuine and caring in her readings." ... written by SN
amander tells it like it is a good reading" ... written by leigh osborne
funny. " ... written by dubai
thank u for the reading, Amanda" ... written by ...
great as always 10 stars" ... written by happy
She knew so much!! Wonderful Medium" ... written by Haley
I don't know what the future holds but I'm trusting that she's honestly giving me the right guidance she's fast and cares" ... written by Silver
She's my rock at this time, coz I feel lost and she's guiding me through this time. Amanda, god bless you, you're a sweetheart and thanks to your guide for the guidance. " ... written by Silver
Best reader on oranum." ... written by Angel
Very kind and good advice as usual" ... written by Vivienne
Good reading......always uplifting and full of hope. " ... written by shades212
I had a good discussion with Amanda.. Good advice" ... written by shades
Amanda is so good. Accuracy, details, and consistency. Always a great reading with her! She's a favorite for sure." ... written by J.
great update she is the best god love her XXX ten stars " ... written by happy
thank you so much for the reassuring reading. just what i needed. so fast to connect. Always reliable. :)" ... written by leodragon2014
Amanda is amazing - no one picks details like she does and she is damn consistent. Love her work. Love her. Always come back" ... written by Em
Great expert, highly recommend!!!" ... written by Kate
thanks, Amanda....not sure what is going to very confused but your words help I hope." ... written by nn
spot all the time " ... written by leigh osborne
Amanda has the ability turn right in to the topic you are call about. She is very accurate and tells you what you need to know to move forward and help yourself. Amazing... I will be back." ... written by adaz60
helpful" ... written by shades
great reading" ... written by bluejay
bloody great reader you would be silly to miss a reading with her I have been going to her for the last 2 years and she has load of regular clients. Which is the sign of a good psychic " ... written by happy
My first reading with her. I'm not sure about the reading...we shall see. I'll find out." ... written by skier8001
Amanda has a brilliant energy that is truly extraordinary. She can tune in instantly and pick on your exact thought and provide instant clarity. Reading with Amanda will provide accurate and deep insight into all of your questions. Working with her will draw in divine light andamp; inner peace, which is a wonderful thing. Thank you Amanda kindly for helping me see clearly. Many blessings to you! She is hands down a true angel of Oranum! =)" ... written by James
she in on form today spot on thank you amanda" ... written by leigh osborne
Really excellent reading, I feel like she's the only one who really told me the truth, so I think I'm gonna follow what she says and wait and see." ... written by BN
i just love her" ... written by sasha
Amanda picked up on my inner feelings that have been whispering to me and confirmed them. She has given me great advice to my current situation which I am fully intending to follow. I highly recommend her to anyone. Amanda is spot on with her predictions. " ... written by Caroline
Amanda is great and sweet. I love the chat and got relaxed after we had our chat. " ... written by ME
Excellent reading, very quick to connect ... very insightful and honest. " ... written by MystifyMe
She's accurate and amazing in what she says and does." ... written by nbarnes2
she confirmed something for me that i always had in mind...i didn't ask her she just suddenly said it....she really is amazing" ... written by nutty00bunny
Thank you Amanda. You were amazing I will be back. keep in touch. " ... written by Stephane
i love amanda she knows you and whats coming" ... written by leigh osborne
The best reader on Oranum I have met. I have had several readings and she is always spot on." ... written by Sanjeeta
Another fabulous reading!!! Thank you, Amanda!! I really appreciate all of your help. " ... written by Intuitnerd
Thanks for the update" ... written by abc
your amazing" ... written by shellbynz
Amanda is always nice and friendly. I have been taking readings from her for a long time and she is consistant. " ... written by M
Always a pleasure to talk to Amanda 100% spot on with my problems andamp; do guide me to the right direction in life. xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Amazing " ... written by Eve
Thanks for the update" ... written by Debbie
i love your readings but a bit short on funds right now. will contact you soon. Thank you i appreciate yoiur readings you are the best." ... written by suszibelle
Thank you so much for the chat, and I appreciate the discussion about my situation. She was very careful with her guiding and I appreciate her spot-on approach into my situation." ... written by BN
Credit ran out, but I think I have had a really rough week and she helped me get through some of the most difficult questions I had. " ... written by BN
Excellent reading, and honest. Her prediction about someone came true the last time, but she advised me further on why the situation that did not work out." ... written by BN
good reading....cant wait for the next one. Amanda is great." ... written by shades
Great up date lots of information just love her she is so great " ... written by happy
good, but connection kept intrrupting so I didn't hear half of it (not the psychic's fault)" ... written by rybka gold
thanks you are the best" ... written by leigh osborne
one of the best readings ive ever had! " ... written by Tori M
very good thanks" ... written by jana
very very smart woman" ... written by sasha
She's amazing!" ... written by amrita
Great reading! I am impressed :)" ... written by Mariela
The best guide here. I have come back so many times for guidance and she has always been spot on and very positively inspiring." ... written by Sanjeeta
Spot on " ... written by Eve
Excellent reader. Accurate every time." ... written by woman
No mucking around straight to the point" ... written by irene
Amanda seriously gives me so much strength after her readings, and her insights into my situation have been so accurate." ... written by BN
A follow-up from Monday, and the developments are so far very true from my last reading. " ... written by BN
Amanda, Thanks for all your words. Brings back my confidence, your readings are so positive, I appreciate your honesty because it gives me the real picture of things without sugar coating things, straight, honest and very accurate. Very much appreciate your guidance. All the best" ... written by ananita
thanks for the reading. patience patience. that is my motto for now i guess..." ... written by leodragon2014
Amanda is so nice every time and I like how she is pushing me forward...even if it's a hard task for her :) " ... written by M
thanks needed that " ... written by HAPPY
very good as always " ... written by HAPPY
went too fast" ... written by landon
she is totally amazing no wonder she is 5 stars, I trust her and will be back OMG" ... written by Deborah
100% excellent readings" ... written by Rutinha133
Always happy to talk to Amanda 100% accurate worth your while" ... written by Rutinha133
You're my favorite so far! Helping me so much! You have given my heart comfort. Very truthful, and yes I was over analyzing everything too much. I know the keyword is 'patience'. It is so odd how you could mention things and I wouldn't even mention it yet! I know you're a true and excellent person! Thank you! God bless!" ... written by Ally
Amanda is awesome! Very accurate" ... written by LA
Gives me hope" ... written by Saddened1
Excellent reading. I hope this really works out this way. Thank you very much Amanda :) bless you" ... written by Clara
My all time favourite who I come back to every single time." ... written by Sanjeeta
Amanda is absolutely wonderful. She is a true messenger of God and provides an accurate read full of insight, love, and the tools you need to walk a path of happiness. My reading consisted of an intelligent perspective and spiritual light that will draw in more light, which is a beautiful thing to have. Inner peace was achieved by developing our relationship over six months and knowing that I can truly depend on Amanda whenever I am clouded and she will bring me clarity. Amanda is hands down one of the most honest psychics on Oranum and it is a true blessing to work with someone as magnificent and close with God, as she is. You need not look further for another psychic, Amanda is the only one I trust with the most intimate details of my life. I'm sending you pure love and light! Namaste! " ... written by James
i know what she is saying is right she is the best" ... written by happy
another amazing reading, I come to her for direction, she has never failed me. Great insight into the situation and great advice. I will alwys come back. 100 stars to you" ... written by Deborah
Absolutely amazing, Amanda can literally read you like a book. You feel like something inside of you has been awakened. You feel like for the first time in you whole are on the right path of going where you want to be. Use her! She's brilliant!" ... written by James
she gave me hope in a situation I thought had no solution....she was spot on about particular things in the reading as always and I am amazed. thank you amanda" ... written by love
love her! she's straight to the point and very clear. I could connect with everything that she said, and I don't regret talking to her tonight. thank you so much, Amanda! love from the east coast." ... written by Kristen
Well… very very interesting….." ... written by jag
as always, just amazing. so easy to talk to and she picks up on everything so easily. if you have the money, absolutely spend it because this woman is WORTH IT. lots of love to you, Amanda xoxoxox" ... written by Kristen
good reading! very interesting" ... written by julie
Thank you for the update" ... written by 123
amanda is an amazing psychic. she connects very quickly and gives a very accurate reading. i definitely recommend her for a reading. 5 stars :)" ... written by Liz
Been coming to her for a very long time, just that my situation has not progressed but she's confident" ... written by Sn
u will go again and again to her... very accurate.. a guide, a friend..." ... written by mj
heart warming reading. i am at peace now. youll money will never get wasted. accurate reading" ... written by mj
great update makes me see i am not going mad she is so good and spot on with her advice ten stars" ... written by happy
Amanda is amazing. straight to the point without asking any questions. Thanks " ... written by val
great update put my mind at rest she is thebest " ... written by happy
best reader on oranum" ... written by smack
Another Great Session!!!" ... written by KerriDee
amazing to the point got my answer so helpful doesn't give false information made me stronger thank you " ... written by sunita700
she is amazing thank you amanda" ... written by leigh osborne
good conversation again :) i like talking with Amanda, she is nice and wise " ... written by :)
she was direct, straight to the point and an absolute source of strength and positive energy!" ... written by fishygirl11
thank you for your advice. I will follow what you have said. you are very spot on. I am suprised how fast you connected." ... written by L
great reading best update she is spot on every time ten stars " ... written by happy
she is great most accurate I had she knows so don't bother try to hide if u go to her she will tell u how it is not what u want to hear but truth ...... bril" ... written by ida
She was an accurate read. Very good and patient. A bit pricey yeesh, but still very much so worth it." ... written by nbarnes2
Amanda.. WOW. weirdly wow how you knew. I really adore you and feel connected to you. When I can afford it, I will buy more. XOXO. I hope you a wonderful weekend darlin." ... written by springtime
Amanda was an angelo, not only did she put me at ease she was real and meaningful. I will deffinately call back to have a chat about anything. Thanks Amanda you helped me a lot." ... written by Lee
THanks very much for your advise, You always so straightforward and clear my view of things. I very much appreciate your advises and punctually done!" ... written by ananita
Thank yo for the update" ... written by abcb
She was spot on!!! WoW!! LOVE HER!! Will definitely be coming back for more advice." ... written by Kerri
Thank you for the update." ... written by abc
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
I absolutely adore Amanda, unfortunately the internet connection was bad today - probably on my end but her psychic connection is absolutely on point. She has put me at ease. Highly recommend. Always" ... written by Emma
Amanda gave me peace of mind about my sons situation...will definitely take her advice,....thank you so much" ... written by love
I LOVE AMANDA. She is absolutely fantastic - tunes in super quick without me even having to tell her a thing. I swear to god, she is the real deal. Wouldn't go past her, she is an angel." ... written by Emma
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
wonderful reading the best by far ty so much" ... written by n
great as always give the best advise one could ever ask for" ... written by m
She is a good support when needed. And I needed today... thank you Amanda for being there for all of us" ... written by m
Excellent reader." ... written by v
amazing thank you " ... written by sunita700
She just does spirit guides and I find her spot on. I write notes and went back over a previous situation she advised me on a while ago and she was very correct. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
My bright light in darkness at all times. Her guidance has seen me through the toughest times." ... written by Sanjeeta
SPOT ON! " ... written by Heather
thank you amanda your readings are good" ... written by suziebelle
I find her very accurate - quick and to the point " ... written by Sparkle Pony
the best psychic on this site" ... written by leigh osborne
Very good, sorry Amanda we got cut off. I'll log on again later if that's ok. Good reading though. I need to finish this with you. " ... written by Ally
Good reading. " ... written by shades
Great reading! Good details and insight. We'll see what happens!" ... written by Jenn
I wouldn't use any other reader. This one is gold!" ... written by sam
Amanda was straight forward, and direct, and knew exactly what she was saying even though she didn't have a clue what it was about. I asked about my employment and she immediately moved towards a talent that I do have but have not used it in quite some time. She was correct and did not have any information whatsoever concerning this. I have had four readings from Amanda and they have been spot on every time. Thank You so much Amanda!!!!!" ... written by Mick9112
LOVE Amanda!! She's helping through a lot!!" ... written by KerriDee
Thanks Beautiful! Third time with you! Amazing! Your a great reader and friend who I truly trust in! " ... written by Sally
The best reader on oranum. Hands down. No one else competes with her" ... written by Smack
She is really good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
I was having a very bad day, Amanda picked me up and gave me strength to go on. I don't know if I would be here without her help" ... written by Deborah
she was extremely accurate to a scary degree. Definitely someone I'll go to again. she was very helpful" ... written by merclesia
another 5 star reading with amanda :)" ... written by marion
Amanda was amazing. Thank you." ... written by Ally
Amanda was amazing. I cried and I laughed. I enjoyed talking with her so much and she was so sincere and genuine. We connected and it was a breath of fresh air. She was very truthful and understanding and I felt like I could just talk to her for hours. She helped me so much with a problem I've been having and i'm so appreciative and thankful. I'm so happy I chose her and I would choose her over and over again." ... written by zaesha
VERYYYYY great as usual.....she sets me straight and is always on point!" ... written by love
shes good" ... written by stacey
love amanda really good reading" ... written by leigh osborne
good and very accurate " ... written by adi
awsome as ever thank you" ... written by michele gould
Thanks Amanda. I feel better. Just was concerned about Monica. I think Shaun is a good boy. Hope they get to have a nice relationship." ... written by Michaela
well I keep comin to Amanda she guides me well and knows the things I say to her before I say .... I will keep comin back she the best" ... written by adi
always cheer me up " ... written by adi
she is amazing " ... written by leigh osborne
Amanda reading was straight to the point and very accurate with out me telling her my situation. I was intrigued that she sense what had happen today with me and was able to give me great advice." ... written by nemo
Great reading" ... written by Milan
thank you for the update reading" ... written by 123
Amanda sorted out my problems accurately. Have a reading with her you won't regret it!" ... written by sw0rdmaster
great update just love her she puts me on track and sorts m head out " ... written by uk
great reading she is the only one who can tell you the truth and how things will pan out don't go to others stick to her she is the best you will ever have and such and kind lady. She has told me things that are just spot on and always with care and kindness" ... written by happy
Amanda isnt a time waster doesnt need any info and connects instantly." ... written by irene
Amanda gave me an excellent and enjoyable reading. She is kind and the connection was clear. I was grateful for her advice." ... written by AJ
shes the best oranum has !!!" ... written by daniel
Amanda always helps me and does know what she is talking about il keep comin bk" ... written by adi
Very straight to the point and accurate, gives great advice" ... written by Andrew
She is a greater reader. Right on the money. I will come back to follow up." ... written by Cheryl
The best reader on oranum. Do not miss out on her." ... written by smackrani
Amanda is great" ... written by Ally
Thank you for the update" ... written by 123
Amanda literally blows me away every time. I feel so much better - she is so real and everything she says is spot on. Love love love her. You would be insane to pass over her." ... written by Emma
Thank You Again andamp; Again andamp; Again!!1" ... written by Kerri
Amanda has the details, the love, the support, and the vision from her guides. A reading with her is like talking to a friend, she knows things, she knows my story, and she doesn't need any prompting. Take this lovely woman private and you will not be disappointed!" ... written by Jenn
Great Reading really good update going to miss her when she is away but i know she will have a great time. She is the best reading on here i have been coming to her for the last 2 year she will be very clear about what she sees and direct you on the correct path xxx" ... written by happy
Amanda is a 10/10. I absolutely adore her - she is always on point. The best on Oranum!" ... written by Emma
such a great reader so glad she is back from her hols 10 stars alll the way " ... written by happy
Amazing " ... written by Eve
Very good reading." ... written by Sindy
You are absolutely wonderful!!! The best on here!" ... written by Kerri
great reading and update again...we will see how things will go :)" ... written by m
Completely right on!! Amanda, picked up on everything and even more that I didn't know was there. She pointed out some things that may seem trivial, but, knew that they were important avenues for me to take and issues to know about! Thanks Amanda 10/10!" ... written by Mick9112
amanda is great, she goes extra mile to help and give advice, she is gifted and very caring and accurate with information she gives. plus she is really nice to just chat to and has the cutest dog ever! xxx thank you amanda!" ... written by elinka
Always a great reading with Amanda, on top of her great personality she gives accurate results and explains them like a friend would" ... written by Jaxx39
Amanda is wonderful to the point and will not tell you what you want to hear. She does have visions and images in her head...." ... written by Suzanne
Spot ON!! Everything is happening the way she is saying!! Amanda is amazing!!" ... written by KerriDee
what she told me a wile ago has come to pass. She has been on point Good reading and good advice," ... written by shades212
great reader " ... written by chsrlie
she was away for a short wile and I missed her ..... she was good and advised me to see clear everytime .." ... written by ida
Very accurate reading." ... written by Milan
good advice. i'm going to do it. she gave me confidence. " ... written by goldenaura
very good update;) 10 stars" ... written by happy
amazing amanda brilliant" ... written by leigh osborne
best best best and she knows so I like the fact I don't have to tell her she just tells me and advises me" ... written by a
my mind at rest great update put" ... written by happy
Amanda give me very good psychic advice screening these men from the dating websites. Thank you amanda..." ... written by Suzanne
She is sooooo Great!! I can't wait to see how situation will end!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
Shocking that I have not told you a thing yet and yet you picked it up. Amazing. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
amanda is the best when u need advice xxxx" ... written by coral
Good conversation and update again, as always. Thanks Amanda :) Will be back" ... written by m
She is an amazing reader. Very accurate as always." ... written by Cheryl
Amanda has her own way and style which really works for me... she's very good... we'll wait to see if it all happens...." ... written by jag
thank you Amanda don't know what I would do without you ..... I know I would make a mess of things without ur guidance " ... written by adi
great update 10 stars" ... written by happy
THank you for your reading. Means a lot. " ... written by L
best reader and guide on uranium" ... written by Sanju
Wow is is accurate and I am very happy with this reading" ... written by san
Thank you for the update" ... written by 123
great reading " ... written by happy
She is so nice and wonderful to talk to. Thank you" ... written by san
thank you XX" ... written by happy
Lovely reading, made me feel so much better about my situation. Knew who I was talking about before I said anything." ... written by Natalie
I always come back for her honesty, and her insights are always connected to my situation." ... written by BN
Further clarification on my situation. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome :)" ... written by Natalie
thanks for the update" ... written by debbie
Amanda is the absolute best! Always in tune and always accurate!" ... written by Emma
awesome" ... written by sandra
Amanda is awesome!!!" ... written by sandra
Amanda is absolutely amazing!! truly a genuine son and very helpful" ... written by sandra
Amanda is absolutely amazing!!! beyond wonderful!" ... written by sandra Janiak
Extremely helpful and friendly reader." ... written by Milan
Shes a star . Bang on answers and very direct. " ... written by sabina0202
Amanda you're awesome!! Not only as a guide, but as a friend. She is truly one of the best on here!! So spot on it's scary." ... written by KerriDee
Always a lovely reading, peace of mind on my situation xx" ... written by Natalie
Amanda is my go-to phsychic . always has the answers . Thanks TEE" ... written by Suzanne
best reader on oranum. always lifts my spirits after i speak to her." ... written by sanjeeta
Amazing " ... written by Eve
Thanks Amanda for stopping me from getting myself in a state again. peace of mind as always xx" ... written by Natalie
Thank you for the laugh and the information. Always makes me smile" ... written by Deb
Amanda is brilliant andamp; I would love to have her there all the time as everything makes sense after speaking to her x" ... written by Ally
understanding and try help where she can and she does a great job at it" ... written by adi
my guiding light in all the storm. i keep coming back to her again and again" ... written by sanju
so far i spoke to 4 psychics tonight and she was by far the one best with mediumship. she gave me those most info and she was very sweet and tries not to fish for answers" ... written by mary
great to get me back on track such a great reader " ... written by happy
Amazing " ... written by Eve
I wish i had more time" ... written by Sarah
thank you amanda. you gave me a piece of mind tonight. i will be back more to discuss kamal. thank you so much" ... written by mary
Amanda is so amazing and connected. She is absolutely wonderful. THE BEST ON ORANUM HANDS DOWN." ... written by emma
Great reading" ... written by Hera
Amazing " ... written by Eve
great" ... written by sandra
love Amanda!" ... written by sandra
Amanda is wonderfull and incredibly understanding" ... written by sandra
Amanda is awesome!" ... written by sandra Janiak
amazing" ... written by sandra
Amanda is beyond wondeful" ... written by sandra
great update spot on " ... written by happy
Amanda is like my councillor " ... written by Natalie
interesting but sorry I didn't get to stay for long!" ... written by Heather
*****" ... written by sandra
awesome" ... written by sandra
Amanda is insightful, and extremely understanding" ... written by sandra j
Just had my daily therapy session x" ... written by Natalie
Thank You for All of your help!!! You're definitely going to be a help in the future too... and spot on!!" ... written by Kerri
She seemed on point. " ... written by Nicole
Amanda is actually the greatest. She is genuine, helpful and always honest. Although honesty can sometimes be difficult she is very compassionate. Moreover, Amanda connects STRAIGHT AWAY. She comes out with things you couldn't know unless you were the REAL DEAL. Do yourself a favour and come see Amanda because she is without doubt the BEST on Oranum. I promise :)" ... written by Emma
I am looking forward too seeing how things unfold :)" ... written by Natalie
Amanda cleared up some stuff I needed to get my head straight x" ... written by Natalie
11/10 that's how good Amanda is." ... written by Emma
Amanda is simply amazing, just said I need an update and off she went to the specifics without even telling her what I planned to ask from her. Truly a good reader, truly connected with me. Expensive as she may be, I will still be back to see her." ... written by Joseph
I love my catch up readings. Makes me laugh every time" ... written by Debbie
A good update from Amanda again. Thanks :)" ... written by m
thanks " ... written by Deb
Love talking to Amanda. xx" ... written by Natalie
Amanda is the best you can get on oranum. very much in tune and extremely honest." ... written by smack
Spot on, consistent, connects fast and is accurate. every. single. time 10 stars!" ... written by e
My guide forever. I have come back to Amanda on numerous occasions and she always gives me clarity." ... written by sanj
good reading wth honest answers, she read situation and people correctly and revealed traits and what they will do. " ... written by norcal
Gets it right every time. five stars!" ... written by Bulgurwheat
I loved her! she was so wonderful. totally genuine. " ... written by Leah Jane
Just looking forward to seeing things unfold xx" ... written by Natalie
Picks up on even the unsaid and gives a spot on guidance" ... written by Sanju
Amazing " ... written by Eve
truly no one like amanda" ... written by sandra
Amanda is helping me put my life back together, giving good advice xx" ... written by Natalie
very good exalent" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you very much. :) " ... written by california
thanks for the update" ... written by deb
The best!!!!!!!!" ... written by Daniela
Amanda keeps me in check! Helping me get through a long haul right now. Love her." ... written by Daniela
Her readings seriously give me peace. Just so helpful. So good. She's spot on." ... written by Daniela
Awesome. She's just a gentle soul and she's right on :)" ... written by Daniela
she is worth every penny" ... written by sanj
very good, quite detailed. Will see if it happens... waiting waiting " ... written by julieanne
thanks for the quickie" ... written by Debbie
i love your readings thank you very much. i am glad that you made the move and are happy too" ... written by suziebelle
She is too good people. Spot on and crisp with her advices." ... written by sabina0202
Thank You again for helping me... this is going to be a super long process... and I'm so glad you're helping through this... I don't know if I could do it on my own!!" ... written by KerriDee
Thank you so much for the advice and wisdom... and insight of what's going on and how I need to attack it... I will be in touch... WITH good news!!! I know it!!! :)" ... written by KerriDee
pretty good" ... written by Caz
:) always a laugh" ... written by Debbie
She is fantastic reader. Love the way she guides u and give u practical appraoch." ... written by sabina0202
very good reader" ... written by oles
Excellent psychic. Saw my situation very clearly, and had solid advice." ... written by L
Spot on readings" ... written by sabina0202
messages from spirit. I trust her. She is open and will tell you answers to any question you have. " ... written by gldn
positive reading, honest truth with love. She is not dramatic to drag out the reading or incite you. She is honest, good reader. I trust her. " ... written by goldnaura
Positive is the word. She is very warm hearted person and gives u great boost and guidance ." ... written by sabina0202
Excellent reader. Right every time." ... written by Sally
LOVE her" ... written by fishygirl11
Best on Oranum. Don't hesitate, get a private." ... written by Crikey
She is superb ..taps into the core issues so quick and fast." ... written by sabina0202
Practical steps she says. Its a delight coming back to her ." ... written by sabina0202
Wow is all I can say. I have had many reading by mediums but none that compares to Amanda. She was spot on and really was able to communicate to me what my life partner wanted me to know. Please do yourself one favor and hire Amanda for a reading you will never go to anyone else. She is amazing." ... written by Jim
Amanda is very good with her readings. Spot on answers and realistic things she talks and guides." ... written by sabina0202
very helpful, looking forward to seeing how things unfold" ... written by thingy
Thank You!!... for your guiding light... tonight was totally unexpected... you help me a lot!" ... written by KerriDee
Amanda and her andamp; her guide are amazing. Great reading :)" ... written by Havy
Amanda is amazing, this is my first reading with her andamp; was an unforgettable experience. Thank you xxx" ... written by Havy
Funny as always" ... written by Debbie
Amanda is the best of the best. I always come back for her readings." ... written by Emma
She is my friend my guide my counsellor. the most empathetic reader on uranium. someone i have come to again and again for guidance on life." ... written by sanjeeta
Thank You!! Thank You!! You're making me really think... Now I need to concentrate on me!! You're helping me a lot!!" ... written by KerriDee
Fab is the word for her. " ... written by sabina0202
good, clear, straight forward" ... written by julieanne
been waiting for her to come online for ages, she's really precise and gives me exactly how it is. thank you amanda" ... written by nutty00bunny
THank you for your clarity :) " ... written by walter
amanda is straight forward, very good and accurate" ... written by julieanne
She cheers me up everytime. Thank you amanda for the insight." ... written by sabina0202
Thank you for a great reading. " ... written by Debbie
great talking to Amanda again. Always nice and helpful :) " ... written by m
she is great, knows everything without any information given!" ... written by val
Amanda knew the answer to my question straight away andamp; it made total sense, thank you xxx" ... written by Havy
I highly recommend Amanda she was amazing! " ... written by Kristal Turner
Spot on... Awesome reading" ... written by Hitesh
brilliant" ... written by debbie
Amanda is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Havy
thanks for finishing up" ... written by D
Amanda really is the best....very insightful and caring....she truly is amazing" ... written by sandra
great update spot on as always " ... written by happy
Amanda is so accurate as always andamp; very understanding xxx" ... written by Havy
Thanks for the additional info" ... written by deb
Amanda is the most trustworthy person...she is beyond great at what she does...and she has helped me in so many ways!" ... written by sandra
Amanda can get into your soul. Across the world from each other she cant see me or hear me, but she knew I was crying... and I didn't type anything... she just knew... She has become a guider in my life. Thank You..." ... written by Kerri Dee
she is very honest and accurate i will get bacack to her again . thanks amanda" ... written by Roaa
thank you!" ... written by stars
wow, is she on point" ... written by adam
thank you for the laugh" ... written by abc
I love love love her readings! She is so accurate it's scary! Everything she told me in my last private reading all happened! I can not wait to see how the new information unfolds. I'd give her a million stars if I could... She is a must-go-to!" ... written by think
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
Amanda has my back! She's just there for ya. Super connected." ... written by Daniela
Clarified something for me straight away andamp; totally understood me andamp; gave great guidance." ... written by Havy
Great advice andamp; guidance, thank you xxxx" ... written by Havy
Amazing... Amazing... Amazing... One of the best on here... Thank you for your insight." ... written by Kerri
i didnt even have to tell u wat i have been feeling - u were amazing thank you for ur advice! :) " ... written by lydo
thank you amanda for always putting me back right back on track and telling me the truth" ... written by nutty00bunny
Amanda had a clear and direct answer to my question, and was understanding about my credit situation :) Thank you!" ... written by Unlocked
Your advice is so encouraging - everything makes sense, and i just cat believe u are able to pik up on these feelings :) thank you" ... written by lydoshka
Thanks for chatting to me xx" ... written by Natalie
she's the best" ... written by Daniela
Thank you for the follow up" ... written by D
Amanda is absolutely fantastic. She tunes into the situation straight away, is consistent AND accurate. SO MANY THINGS she has said have already happened! and I'm excited for my future again. Do yourself a favour and go to Amanda. You won't regret it." ... written by Emma
Amanda gave me hope. I believe in god. I hope what she says comes true" ... written by mystery
Good sound advice andamp; guidance, much appreciated xxx" ... written by Havy
Amazing Amanda andamp; her guide are spot on yet again!!!!! xxxx" ... written by Havy
Amanda is the BEST around!!! Wow. So on point with everything, she understands you without you even having to say much. I feel like I've known her forever" ... written by Jaxx39
very helpful" ... written by jason
Wow, she is absolutely the best. I would recommend chatting with her. She brought me the answers I have been searching for and I am not at peace. Thank you Amanda323" ... written by Pamela A
very good update " ... written by happy
thank you for the guidance" ... written by :)
brilllll" ... written by deb
Good." ... written by Brianna
The short reading brought tears to my eyes. Unfortunately I only had less than a minute with her" ... written by Kimberly
Amanda is truly amazing and readings ever" ... written by sandra
great reading!" ... written by sandra
So glad I stopped in her room. She was able to sum up my life in one sentence. Will definitely do what we talked about." ... written by eva
Awesome advice given." ... written by Juliewepp
Really onn point " ... written by Juliewepp
Amanda is spot on. I can't tell you how many things she has got right. I absolutely trust Amanda and go back to her each and every time. Thank you for everything Amanda!!" ... written by Emma
Good person to talk to. has good insight, Trustworthy," ... written by shades212
Helpful straight guidance andamp; honest talking as always xxx" ... written by H
Great update reading" ... written by 1
Amanda is absolutely wonderful!!! just great! " ... written by sandra
Amanda is Awesome!! She and her guides and "guiding" me through a really rough time in my life... She is seeing everything as it's happening... and what's coming up... and most importantly she is spot on! Thank You!!!" ... written by KerriDee
Great caching up with Amanda she is straight talking andamp; gets to the point, no sugar coating andamp; much appreciated :)" ... written by Havy
I come to Amanda for everything and anything. She is absolutely fantastic, consistent, tunes in quick and is insanely accurate. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to have a reading with Amanda." ... written by Emma
Amanda is great. She tells you quickly and honestly the situation and feelings of other person. I luv her when i need straight direct answers, She is a loving person and guides you." ... written by AMAZING POWER OF THE PSYCHIC
thanks for you advice and guidance" ... written by deb
great insight, honest" ... written by good reader
Very insightful." ... written by Pranav
brilliant " ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you absolutely fantastic xx" ... written by Miboo15
Awesome. Straight to the point and a very funny lady. Reading was insightful and she doesn't string it out. Well done, and Thanks You Amanda 323!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Amanda is the real deal. She tells you the truth of the situation and helps guide you to best outcome, 5 star, " ... written by Truthful Insight
LOL is all I can say" ... written by D
she confirmed my thoughts and feelings without me telling her beforehand" ... written by shades212
great reading" ... written by Jim
great advice as always the best " ... written by cream
I have been going to Amanda exclusively for about 18 months. I've been to others but NONE are as accurate or as warm. Amanda is understanding but she will tell you how it is. If you have a reason to hope, she will tell you. But above all she gently and patiently guides you to where you need to be in order for all the good things to happen. I absolutely adore her and cannot thank her enough for the wisdom, friendship and help she has given me over the last 18 months. Do yourself a favour. Drop into her free chat and you will soon see how incredible she is. Then get some credits and get a reading from her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Emma
to be continued..." ... written by KerriDee
I really, really, really...truly like her. One of only two here on site to day I've found so astonishing." ... written by carl
She is a true dream! No input from me, no tools, hit the nail completely on the head. I am so pleased!" ... written by carl
Amanda is the BEST!!! She is still walking me through this long journey... and even picked up on my best friends situation... Thank You..." ... written by Kerri
Amanda is a very compassionate reader with a lot of life experience. I feel supported when i read with her. she is also to the point on every question i ask. " ... written by Lise
Best guide on Oranum" ... written by Sanjeeta
Thank You Amanda!! Welcome back from Holiday!! You have been such a BIG help in my life. And situations are coming to a head..." ... written by KerriDee
best reader on uranium" ... written by sanjeeta
Awesome and accurate reading" ... written by trevka
Very helpful. " ... written by Juliewepp
Amanda gives straight advice andamp; guidance, much appreciated :)" ... written by Havy
thank you for the reading Amanda it was great just what I need thanks u have made me a happy girl :} xxxx " ... written by nicola
by far the greatest" ... written by sandra
Thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing if it comes to pass" ... written by D
thanks" ... written by D
Amanda tuned in quickly to my situation. I deeply appreciate her keen insight into what is happening and will do as she suggests, that I need to sit back and let him see this for himself, that there is nothing that I can do, that she will show her true colours and he will see it. I will definitely contact Amanda again for additional insight and highly recommend her. She truly has a gift." ... written by moonshan13
Thanks for the update" ... written by Deb
have been talking to Amanda for over a year :) Wouldn't have if she wouldn't be who she is ... great person. " ... written by m
Amanda is the best on Oranum. I only ever go to her but I have been to others. She is spot on every single time. Thank you so much for everything Amanda. I love our catch ups and your pep talks. " ... written by Emma
She is very good" ... written by mette gro larsen
she is a dream and true delight to communicate with. Her reading are like a casual conversation between to friends. No tools, and the information she delivers just flows. Oh, and no prompting. And excellent feature. " ... written by carl
She is great!" ... written by Dancing Star
Helpful." ... written by Juliewepp
Thanks for the update reading" ... written by Deb
she is so accurate!!!" ... written by myst
Thank you for the update" ... written by deb
shes funny. hoping her predictions come to pass" ... written by BP
she picked up on something that i had my doubts about...she actually picked on it and confirmed it for me. she's really quick and i don't even have to say anything for her to know what I'm concerned about and what has been going on" ... written by nutty00bunny
nice reading very insightful thank you" ... written by Sherie
Very nice reading. Everything seemed to fit. Hopefully everything works out. Thank you." ... written by Sandra
excellent" ... written by jag
Best on Oranum!" ... written by Emma
Awesome reading" ... written by Zeigen
Great advice" ... written by Juliewepp
Amanda has been always my favourite psychics... she is always accurate and perfect.." ... written by Peacegal
She is always accurate and awesome.. one of my fav reader" ... written by peacegal
lovely reader. Hope what she see comes true. Thanks again" ... written by sweets
Thank you for the update" ... written by Deb
Another great reading, thank you so much Amanda" ... written by Leeanne
She is the lovelies Lady i have ever had the honor of meeting" ... written by Leeanne
my best guide in the world" ... written by sanju
Always spot on... great reading as always... Love her and highly recommend her" ... written by Ang
amanda was extremely insightful, clear and unbiased especially given the topics she assist me with " ... written by Marie Georges PanelQueen
amanda is a fantastic reader. a must try." ... written by sanju
spot on from beginning will be back" ... written by sabrinalove
Amazing insight without any information given to her. Try her. She's awesome!" ... written by Simon
Thank you for telling me what I needed to know." ... written by Stephanie
Thanks for the quick update" ... written by 1
Very good, and nice, excellent " ... written by Andrea
I always go to Amanda. She always knows whats going on without me having to say it and always knows what it means. Being at the point she said would come months ago is just as amazing as she said it would be. Thank you Amanda!!" ... written by Emma
She's funny with good advice" ... written by Juliewepp
thank you for the reading as always. always reliable and insightful. " ... written by leodragon2014
Great Reading! Very upfront honest and direct." ... written by Alicia
AMANDA IS AMAZING. Go to her she won't disappoint" ... written by Emma
Thank you for the fast update reading" ... written by D
very dead on" ... written by Melissa
love her" ... written by Melissa
very right on" ... written by Melissa
dead on!" ... written by Melissa
she's great!" ... written by Kristen
yes Amanda ha d all true for me she is very good and thanks amanda" ... written by mette gro larsen
Thanks for the update" ... written by Deb
she has done an amazing reading for me" ... written by Melissa
she was right with evetrything she said" ... written by Melissa
Thank You!! It all makes sense and you're helping me put the pieces of the puzzle together!!" ... written by KerriDee
Very helpful, good advise and very easy to communicate with " ... written by kat
Amanda is the best on Oranum. I keep coming back to her for guidance again and again." ... written by sanju
Thank You!! Thank You!!! I really needed tonight's therapy session. You know how to put everything into perspective. I'm so glad you're on this journey with me!!" ... written by KerriDee
As always Amanda was Amazing, I just wish the time with her went slower.." ... written by Leeanne
Lovely lady, very accurate! " ... written by Gem
First reading with Amanda, and she is spot on and very good psychic, thank you. " ... written by fresiaflower
amazing" ... written by Melissa
Thank you Amanda - some straight up, clear advice. Hope your prediction is correct like the last one! :)" ... written by Unlocked
She`ll a great medium. I recommend everyone taking a reading from her. Spot on things and connects well. " ... written by Sunshine
Amanda is the best of the best. The details she knows go well beyond anything anyone has ever been able to tell me. I adore her and only trust her. " ... written by Emma
very good as usual" ... written by jag
Speechless again!" ... written by Redd
Amazing!!! Just Amazing!" ... written by Redd
great" ... written by jag
AMAZING READING!!!!!!" ... written by tamalaa74
Amanda is the best. Thank you again for a wonderful reading. So spot on as always.x" ... written by suziebelle
great! real..." ... written by real love
Excellent medium. Great reading. " ... written by Sunshine
She is phenomenal! I cannot believe how much she knew and how accurate she was. She told me what to do going forward and I am taking her advice. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the truth!" ... written by Peachy
lovely reader and confirmed what i felt" ... written by s
Amanda is amazing. Always go to her." ... written by Emma
Again.Absolutely Amazing Reading.:):).xxxx." ... written by Amanda
she is really helpful and caring and guides you thoroughly.. thank you " ... written by Jess
Brilliant as always, very reassuring!" ... written by Gem
Thankyou Amanda for giving me clarity..:)...I feel better...thankyou very much...:)" ... written by hermos
wonderful reader. She picked up on so much information without any help from me. She is the real deal. My head is spinning!" ... written by sweetgagirl1982
very very effective and precise thank amanda" ... written by dorothy
Very quick and to the point, I will be back :)" ... written by bluetippi2
Amanda you are amazing, after knowing you I don't really know how i've been surviving ALL this time..... thank you, thank you, thank you" ... written by dorothy
amazing!" ... written by sandra
She's spot on as always" ... written by Ang
Amanda, I missed chatting with you. Thanks ever so much for all your advise and your insight. So helpful and enlightening. As usual straight to the point without soft edges. Love you Amanda and wish you all the happiness. You are a fantastic soul dear." ... written by ananita
Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
best guide on oranum" ... written by sanju
Always helpful talking to this lady. She has never been wrong!" ... written by Gem
Thank You for all your help!! " ... written by KerriDee
Awesome reading!!!!! " ... written by Loliprofe
made me feel comfortable" ... written by Rayhaan
Great reading. Gets all the facts quickly. Love her." ... written by familyhelper
Amanda, Thank you so much for your readings, I think we had about 4/5 in a row, you have really helped me and were spot on with the reading, I feel a lot more at ease . I am looking forward to more readings! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas" ... written by Eva
Excellent as always!" ... written by Gem
excellent and spot on reading. consistent. " ... written by jag
Amanda is consistent and always helpful. I always go to her whenever I need more guidance. You won't regret doing the same." ... written by Emma
Amanda is fantastic. You won't regret having a chat with her." ... written by Emma
Thank you!" ... written by Jeni
Thanks Amanda. I can't thank you enough. It was so nice conneccting with you again. You really hit home for me." ... written by familyhelper
good, amanda is unique. will see if these predictions come true." ... written by jag
Thanks for update Amanda" ... written by marion
Brilliant as always " ... written by Gem
very good, consistent, we'll see if it all happens." ... written by jag
use her shes accurate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by licia
Excellent!" ... written by SR
great loved her spot on xxxxx" ... written by caz
Shes always amazing" ... written by redd
AMANDA IS VERY GOOD THANKS" ... written by mette gro larsen
Great reading again, Thank you Amanda, I cant wait for the results to happen... lol" ... written by Leeanne
Thanks hun." ... written by kelly
Great feedback, thanks again for your insight and lovely patience" ... written by ananita
Thank you Amanda! Absolutely amazing must have a reading with this lady. So lovely but spookily accurate too. I contacted you with a really heavy heart but now feel so much lighter and happier. Will be back in touch when predictions happen. Thanks again x" ... written by Karon
Another fantastic reading. This lady never says what you want to hear, only what is true! Always a big help. " ... written by Gem
Amanda your amazing, thank you, hugss" ... written by Leeanne
Amanda is nothing short of amazing...honest, insightful and a great reader" ... written by sandra
Amanda is the best of the best. Perfect mix of gifted psychic and friend. " ... written by Emma
Thanks Amanda, great advise, bring always peace of mind " ... written by ananita
Brilliant as always :)" ... written by Gem
I really like her, and she is sincerer and very clear, I thank her for her wisdom. " ... written by FF
damn amanda picked up with nothing prior given. first reading and she knew everything that had been going on/happening recently. def recommend her" ... written by m
No messing around. Connects fast and gives great advice. " ... written by moon
awesome chat we had. amanda was spot on with her reading. accurate. straight to the point. very nice lady. non judgmental. gives good advice. highly recommended. must give her a try. she's worth it." ... written by eve
Brilliant as always " ... written by Gem
Thanks for the update" ... written by Debbie
great" ... written by julesanne
Such a wonderful person, so compassionate. Helps me tremendously. " ... written by Margaret Williams
She is wonderful!! Is helping me out so so much!! Thank You!!" ... written by KerriDee
excellent" ... written by julieanne
Amanda is very nice. Gave me interesting insights, and her calmness and words made me feel comfortable. " ... written by Yeyewantreading
great reading - wish it lasted longer. " ... written by bell
She is absolutely amazing... her gift is amazing and always SPOT ON. I will always come to her for advice. " ... written by Lisa
I would recommend Amanda to everyone, she is more than just a talented psychic, she's a friend - one that has patiently guided me over the last year or so. " ... written by Emma
the best guide on Oranum" ... written by sanj
Good!" ... written by cita
Wonderful reading great details with quick connection." ... written by EVE
great!" ... written by jules
fantastic reading.....always the best. take care " ... written by ananita
amazing reading. she knew exactly how i felt and what i was dealing with before i even got to say a word. Her predictions were pretty much accurate and ive never worked with someone in such a way to give me a reading that left me feeling more confidence than i had before the reading. I must admit, she is the real deal. ANd straight forward too. A lovely woman and you won't be disappointed :)" ... written by nel
Brilliant as always" ... written by Gem
brilliant, clear, good advice... we'll see what happens soon!" ... written by jules
Amanda is the best of the best. I don't go to anyone else. " ... written by Emma
great reading but wish i had longer reading." ... written by bell
Amanda is very accurate at reading and what she says comes true! amazing amanda!" ... written by emma
She was good i didnt get to finsh it off sadly but thamk you for your help." ... written by auetereka23s
Thank you so much! She is so awesome to talk to!Spot on!" ... written by Brianaaf2
One reading is never enough. I could talk to Amanda for hours because she is so insightful, not just as an amazing psychic but as a fellow human. She shares her life and her experiences with you to help you understand where you need to be and how to move forward. 10/10" ... written by Em
I will try again soon, thanks again Amanda" ... written by Onmyown2015
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by tamjones
She was absolutely wonderful. Thank you Amanda for giving me a chance to look at myself in hindsight and know that I can separate myself from what is going on and have light at the end of the tunnel. " ... written by BrianaAf2
She is always amazing!" ... written by Redd
very informative, lovely reader" ... written by Rayhaan
Super amazing and quick with reading!!! " ... written by Ava
Thank you so much. " ... written by concerned
Great Reader!" ... written by sciencehedge
Great " ... written by maria
highly accurate ...tells you things without you asking" ... written by Melissa
Thanks Amanda, always wish the time was longer. But thanks for the encouragement.x" ... written by gipsygirl
Amanda was a clear and straightforward in her reading, quite an eye opening for me. As usual her words are so calming and doesn't sugar coat things. I love the way she understands me and my situation. Thanks Amanda blessings you!" ... written by ananita
Good" ... written by Sri
even tho I ran out of credits I still had enough to get a message. Thank you :) " ... written by junekay
1st reading with her, and she picked up very fast, No tools and great insight. highly recommend." ... written by phyl
Was a quick connection and a nice uplifting reading...I hope what she said come s true ! " ... written by sap
Thank you so much. I feel you and a few others are the only real psychics on here. Your amazing... you tell me exactly what is going on which is very helpful because I would rather hear the truth than to keep having readings with half-truths or not really an accurate reading. Your angel sent. Blessings to you." ... written by Looking for the
Amanda is/was amazing as per usual. Wonderful psychic. Strong connection." ... written by Emma
brilliant reading by amanda. highly recommend" ... written by julieanne
Wonderful reading. Quick and very accurate. Lovely lady also. :)" ... written by MystifyMe
fabulous, really good, we'll see if it all comes to pass" ... written by jag
I love her!" ... written by Lily
lovely reader. must try" ... written by sanj
Thanks for all the advice and insight. I value you judgment and knowledge. You've always been great with everything." ... written by familyhelper
VERY GOOD! I enjoyed the reading and quick answers." ... written by EE
She is always amazing" ... written by lida
THANK YOU AMANDA!!!!!!!!" ... written by Rosalie
She's the best ever! 100% accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome reading, so honest and soooo true!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
fabulous!" ... written by Joan
Amanda is always connected, confident and accurate. She is special." ... written by E
thank you and bless you. i love your readings. you ar" ... written by suziebelle
Quick reading but she's a lovely lady. Hits it right on the mark." ... written by Maggie
Wonderful as usual " ... written by Onslow
Excellent reading but web problems" ... written by ananita
sweet lady very comfortable with her " ... written by mel
excellent reading, thanks amanda" ... written by julieanne
I woke up and needed some guidance. I logged onto Oranum and Amanda was on and helped me so much. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping me" ... written by Jim Parks
Thanks Amanda, as usual it was a soothing conversation and a very reassuring reading, always appreciate your honesty and openness. You are an amazing person, thanks" ... written by ananita
amazing...simply amazing, and intuitive" ... written by sandra
Thank you for my update, connected very well and very accurate..lovely lady" ... written by hermosocorazon
great session detailed and accurate" ... written by lynn
amazing" ... written by lynn
was a good reading, credit run out to quickly.. thanks Amanda" ... written by Leeanne
Gave me lots of information without asking for much detail" ... written by Chrissy
Wonderful reading. Meeting Amanda has been great, she always helps me sort out what's going on!" ... written by Gem
I have not seen this beautiful lady in so long. Missed her! She connects right away and gives you information you didnt think of. thank you so much!" ... written by leo girl
another detailed reading thank you" ... written by lynn
Great reading. Very connected to current situation and as always, give wonderful advice to help me keep moving forward." ... written by Emma
Thank you....." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Thanks for the reading, very accurate. " ... written by David
Thanks so much!! Very accurate. " ... written by Darlene
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonderful and warm" ... written by maria
thank you" ... written by lynn
Really nice private with Amanda! She is so sweet and honest. And spot on. Thank you " ... written by Fresiaflower
5* as usual :)" ... written by Gem
Amanda323 is always always great to me in her readings, including the emails. I love to get emails from her, she has a straight forward readings, I love them all. Thank you Amanda323." ... written by Libratan
Amanda is fantastic as awlways. Best on oranium" ... written by Emma
very helpful n kind" ... written by damian
nice, connected well " ... written by vikki
Awesome, I enjoyed the reading and can tell she is very accurate. She told me things in my past without me even telling her." ... written by James
She is good, she picked up on the issue right away and gave great detail. Amazing!" ... written by James
Wonderful lady, always a help!" ... written by Gem
Thank you, great reader. 5 stars" ... written by Ann
great as allways " ... written by we love
great detailed reading " ... written by stephaiestar
Excellent reading. Highly recommend." ... written by Sin
Thank you Amanda for a wonderful reading. You knew about my situation so well. connected with me so well and I was shocked about the things you knew. 5 stars!!" ... written by heartandlove
Great reading spot on :) thank you Amanda. Wishing you many blessings. I will pray" ... written by Moriah
She was awesome. Thank you so much for your advice!" ... written by Claire
Wonderful reader! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyl
I love her honesty " ... written by charlie
thank you very good reading make sense" ... written by cuteface
Amanda tuned into my situation and was able to give me some explanations to things. Thank you Amanda." ... written by Brianaaf2
Thank you Amanda for being so sweet and amazing! I am taking your advice and moving forward!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Fantastic reading by Amanda as per usual. Many thanks for the reading love!" ... written by Em
Insightful, encouraging and very warming" ... written by Georgie
great reader, was honest and i apprecriate that " ... written by charlie
Thanks Amanda for your amazing readings...lets just hope it all works out in the end..LOL" ... written by confusingchick
great reader, with honesty, does not sugar coat" ... written by charlie
Wonderful guidence as usual " ... written by Simon
always coming back becos of her honesty" ... written by charlie
she has always been awesome... she is really good" ... written by peacegal
Great, thanks Amanda" ... written by gipsygirl
Very insightful" ... written by Keya H
Amanda is fantastic, clear and always to the point. A wonderful reading as per usual" ... written by Emma
Thanks Amanda. You're always giving great advice based on what you see, and it's always so accurate. Thank you so much." ... written by familyhelper
Amanda was absolutely wonderful but that isn't new news. Amanda is absolutely brilliant. I only go to her because she connects so quickly and is always spot on. In fact, everything she said would happen has started happening so there is that. She's the real deal." ... written by Emma
If I could, I would rate Amanda a 10 out of 5 because she is that good." ... written by Emma
love her!" ... written by bri
Thank you amanda for all of your support! She are always on target!" ... written by Bri
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
great reader, so honest and caring even after the pvt session is done." ... written by charlie
Amanda is very accurate - I really appreciate her insight - it has been very helpful :)" ... written by Sandy
She gave good advice and seemed in tune with the each situation/person I asked about. Thanks." ... written by ali23m
I will not read with anyone else anymore. She is just incredible!!!!!!! U have to read with her. She is so detailed. It's scary and she is great as an advisor too!" ... written by beautifulwisdom
Wonderful psychic, lovely lady! " ... written by Gem
She was good, straighforward and kind" ... written by happinessisbest
Excellent reading as always " ... written by Gem
Thanks for the update" ... written by D
I've always loved Amanda. shes's my favorite. she just knows everything without me saying a word. that's a true psychic" ... written by Zae
Thank you :)" ... written by Bri
ty " ... written by the world
I love Amanda and her readings Bless you and thank you" ... written by suziebelle
She's consistent in her readings " ... written by new
Such a brilliant lady really knows how to make you feel so much better and guides you in the right direction and just really is a gifted soulful lady I will be back :) thanks so very much xxx" ... written by kopsidas
she is great!!!! worth reading with, lots of info " ... written by beautifulwisdom
so honest, fast and accurate, " ... written by charlie
great reading will be back for more" ... written by G
spot on reading to the point. she connects right into the situation" ... written by G
Thanks again Amanda for the reading. On point once again!!" ... written by shelle97
Very good - wonderful advice" ... written by Simon
Still think she is on point!" ... written by shelle97
very good insight on my situation, thanks" ... written by shelle97
your awesome Amanda another great update" ... written by Onmyown2015
honest and accurate, very good and genuine" ... written by James
definitely no sugar coating here. Love her already" ... written by Julianna
She is awesome. you will love her!" ... written by Julianna
the most amazing lady I talked to on oranum, very professional and accurate. no waste of time. " ... written by Sara
I love her!!! overtime she reads me , I get more than what I need .. the truth and beyond !!! AMAZING!!!" ... written by tamjones
Thanks for the advice. Very helpful. I'm to try it and see how it goes." ... written by Jose
I always find my way back to Amanda. She tells it like it is and has great memory cause I had not visited her in a while but she remembered me :) Great reading thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Great reading. Spot on." ... written by V
It is always a pleasure chatting with you, so much peace of mind. Things are turning out the way you said it before, little by little I'm moving on my own path. Thanks ever so much for your guidance, your advise and your help.Love you and looking forward to chatting with you next week" ... written by ananita
Amanda is such a lovely lady and beautiful inside and out. Not only does Amanda calm you with her presence but Amanda is pure of heart and funny all in one. I love coming back to Amanda for a follow up with me and it's path to recovery. Thank you Amanda for being you and true to yourself. sending white light to you and God bless you too." ... written by Lee
One of the best psychic mediums on oranum! Probably the best. I didnt even asked my question and she already was saying to me things about loved one in spirit. I am grateful. very highly recommedable. " ... written by Sara
well I believe she is right so will see " ... written by Nancy
great reading... lets see what happens" ... written by julie
wONDERFUL READER " ... written by GEM
Those were credits well spent. Amazing reading, left with all the answers I was looking for and more. Thank you loads Amanda x" ... written by K.D
amazing mediumship reading with amanda. she is very very accurate and I know she has my loved one in spirit right there with her because she knows things only him would know. I really like this lady. she is one of the best I have ever consulted. very friendly and caring as well. very highly recommended" ... written by Sara
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Gem
Amanda is fabulous. Always come to her and only her because she is always spot on!" ... written by Em
Thanks again Amanda!! Spot on with our reading!!" ... written by shelle97
She is good reader, picks up fast and gives info that seems relevant and correct just wish she was not this expensive and could get more time." ... written by NN
love her she is the best " ... written by suziebelle
`very good real deal" ... written by buncy
I love Amanda straight forward answers to me, yes I do. I need her guidance to calm me down. She can see through deeply, I love this Exepert Amanda..." ... written by libratan
Amanda is always great and reassuring and she told me some advice that I really needed" ... written by Z
Amanda is always fantastic love getting readings with her" ... written by Em
argghhh I ran out of credit but she is so good, I love her! I hope you recover well Amanda. prayers and hugs xoxo" ... written by Julianna
Omg I just love her and you will too. Such a laugh and a pleasure getting a reading with her. She is definitely worth the $$$" ... written by Julianna
Amanda was amazing as always" ... written by Emma
thanks for the update!!" ... written by leo girl
The best help ever! so punctual and accurate" ... written by ananita
Thank you amanda" ... written by bri
Amanda was fantasitc. connects quickly and fully. She is honest, but with a sincere heart. I will be back to follow up soon, hoping things happen the way she predicted" ... written by lornalulu
very fast to connect and answers were right on" ... written by cd
Brilliant as always" ... written by GEM
She is the best person. " ... written by Anna
She;s amazing!!!" ... written by julieanne
Fantastic reading, it's been a pleasure chatting with Amanda. She is very accurate and caring....One of the best, for me!!" ... written by amanita
I literally only had one minute with her so im not 100% sure i can give accurate feedback" ... written by Taryn
great reading" ... written by r
good update with lots of advice.thanks" ... written by x
lovely reading, picks up on my situation. love to chat again" ... written by deb
a great reader, very on point, and knows what's going on." ... written by mar
She picks things up quick, thanks for the update!" ... written by leo girl
Excellent as always " ... written by Gem
beautiful and very helpful" ... written by Cyn1961
great reading just knows what is going on and how things are going to turn out. " ... written by dallascowboys8
Amanda was fantastic as always. She just has it. She's spot on every time and I love her readings. She's a guardian angel! Always come back " ... written by Emma
Interesting reading. she seemed to understand the situation, and helped me to work through some things. Hoping what she says will come to pass, although I know it wont be an easy road." ... written by jen
Thank you so much for your guidance! You are super-fast and on point! I would recommend you to anyone! God bless!" ... written by Rainbospirit123
Amanda, thanks very much for your words of wisdom...I was in a turmoil but your insight and vision of things cleared my thoughts. Thanks for everything. I strongly recommend Amanda to anyone who needs a straightforward reading, she honest, caring and energetic. Thanks Amanda" ... written by ananita
She was very good " ... written by rm
AS always theist reading and so comforting and straight to the point, not wondering around the best use of my credits DEFINITELY!!!!" ... written by ananita
Very nice! thank you so much! I dont know about the predictions but it was very helpfull in my current situation!" ... written by Den
I just love her. she makes me laugh whilst giving such an accurate and informative reading." ... written by Julianna
Excellent as always " ... written by GEM
Very good reader, knew a lot without me saying much. Ended up spending way more than I planned :-/" ... written by Kynz
very informative" ... written by ray
Amanda is always accurate, we started from general and discussed whatever came through and hit it right there and then. Thanks for the guidance, I was surprised but it was what was currently happening." ... written by Joseph
Spot on ...on my situation...I have work to do...will be back for a update many blessings " ... written by TAMMY
Bang on accuracy, stright to the point! Thank you Amanda :)" ... written by bluetippi2
thank you so much dear" ... written by jasmine
Wow she picked up on what I wanted to talk about b4 I could say anything " ... written by Lisa M
thanks amanda, i hope you are feeling better next time we speak. love and blessings to you. good reading as always - thank you " ... written by suzibelle
She picked up on 'the idiot' straight away and described him to a tee and has told me what to do so lets see what happens! Thanks Amanda - just wish I was richer so I could afford more time!" ... written by Caroline
amazing, person. amazing reading, looking forward to speaking again. " ... written by noelle
Spot on and fast and to the point. Great advice - highly recommended" ... written by Tracey
love her!" ... written by s
Thank you" ... written by X
absolutely spot on. love her" ... written by Shae
excellant" ... written by shae
she knows it and tells it straight forward" ... written by Cyn1961
Amanda is amazing! Always gives me good advice and her predictions are very accurate!" ... written by lipstick22
she is awesome" ... written by Weena
Amanda as always is such a loving person and true to her word from beginning to end. I thank Amanda for helping through some hard times and will always come and talk to her when ever I need to." ... written by Lee
Watch this space!" ... written by caroline
Amanda is just fantastic! she's read for me a few times and both times she's connected quickly to my situation and is very honest but kind. I will definately be back to follow up with her." ... written by lornalulu
she seemed to hit on his personality time will tell if the reading is correct." ... written by bouncy
Thank you" ... written by bri
thank you" ... written by bri
Best psychic around, always helpful. " ... written by Gem
Wonderful reader - quick to connect and gives fantastic advice " ... written by Cynthia
Thank you amanda - i appreciate you readings everytime - you're the best" ... written by susan
great reading" ... written by weenter4
I wish I could have Amanda 24/7 - she is good for me and she understands!" ... written by caroline
Great reader - insightful, provided a lot of information." ... written by Pinklight
My dear Amanda it was soooo great to be with you for readings, your humors, your wit, I just love them all. Straight to the point, and sharp vision as well. Thank you, thank you." ... written by libratan
great, as always. very insightful and accurate." ... written by joe
She is always amazing " ... written by Lauren
it went too fast - I wish it wasnt so expensive - she is so wise" ... written by caroline
Amanda tunes in quite well. I highly recommend a reading with her:)" ... written by LightofTruth
thanks Amanda good reading" ... written by x
awesome reading, she is very real" ... written by weenter4
amazing as always. " ... written by noelle
You always make it all make sense, good or bad, you just understand and see it all always. I guess that's why I keep coming back for updates. You're truly amazing. Thanks so much, Amanda. Always appreciate talking with you." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent as always" ... written by Gem
Amazing reading and a very good advice. will wait for her prediction to come true." ... written by littlebudy1
Excellent as always" ... written by Gem
Great reading, very helpful. I hope I am able to follow the wisdom given. " ... written by Danielle
Thank you for the reading, you are fantastic!" ... written by Shelly
She was correct about everything. " ... written by J
Amanda is superb ...." ... written by suzanne
Excellent. Spot on. Amazing" ... written by S
she is fast accrue and know what she is doing had a great reading with her " ... written by ohood
Wonderful fast and good connection - accurate and on point " ... written by Timmy
been two years since i last had reading with her and she is still very in tune. quick connection and no tools needed. great." ... written by wren1414
Wish I had more credits but great reading. Thanks!" ... written by jaqueline
THank you. Great again" ... written by ...
Stunning and brilliant reading! Knew my situation perfectly before I said a word. " ... written by Charlie
SHE IS GOOD " ... written by ohood
Authentic" ... written by In step
Very good , lovely lady x " ... written by vixky
Very helpful, lovely lady " ... written by G
Yes! Finally someone who made sense " ... written by johnsonforprez
she is by far the most accurate reader i've had on this site. try her out and see for yourself!" ... written by joe
Lovely lady sound advice given connected very well x " ... written by vixky
Excellent and highly accurate reading. Highly recommend. Thank you and many bright blessings, In2itive1" ... written by In2itive1
Was excellent, very connected, had very good real information no-one could otherwise know. Awesome reading. Thanks." ... written by Lexie
My new best friend.. love her and we have such a laugh! her advice and guidance is priceless xx" ... written by L
she's so good, and accurate. try her out!" ... written by joe
Thank you. You've made me feel so much better. I guess I really knew the answers deep down, I just needed the affirmation from you, and you always pick-up on my situation and keep me standing on the path that I'm supposed to be taking. Thank you so much." ... written by familyhelper
Always helpful" ... written by G
Love, love, love her! Great personality, loving and highly accurate! Will definitely recommend! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Lillybird
two thumbs up for amanda" ... written by weenter4
She is amazing.and always someone I can chat to openly like a friend and always tells me the truth x love her" ... written by L
Excellent and in depth reading. Thanks again. xxoo" ... written by maryannepav
Fantastic quick conection excellent advice" ... written by Onslow
Great update and relationship advice, thank so much!!" ... written by jaqueline
thank u for the reading" ... written by n
Amazing reading, spot on and right to the head and heart. Amanda, you are not just amazing but caring and honest. I like that you are straightforward and so punctual in your comments." ... written by ananita
5* reader, always helpful and sincere" ... written by Gem
Sorry it was freezing but great reading! " ... written by Mimi
Very very good. Deep reading, opened my eyes towards new horizon andamp; not wasting my time anymore. Thank you for clarification " ... written by sharen223
Great reading, very accurate and fast. Thanks so much Amanda" ... written by Juliet
It was amazing and Amanda told the truth. I t was short but i did get the right answer. Thank you Amanda!" ... written by Susanne
Thank you so much for the reading she was vary down to erath and got right to the point.. " ... written by Khloezen300
she is such a gem. so loving and spot on." ... written by Awakenningbloom
Thanks Amanda, here's hoping." ... written by gipsygirl
Spot on! Thanks for your care and advise and for being so great!" ... written by ananita
Amanda is amazing always spot on and will always follow up.Always remembers situation,she can read peoples character without fail." ... written by scoops09
Had an update it was great thank you for your guidance" ... written by G
No questions are needed with this amazing lady. She just gets in there and reads for you. The questions are answered. Very naturally Gifted. You wont be disappointed. Give her a go" ... written by Londoninboots
Love her, she is so kind and warm hearted. Always amazing to chat to her. Gives the best advice and guidance ever! " ... written by L
She is fantastic! " ... written by lipstick22
Amanda is one of the best psychics on this site. I suggest everyone should try her out, and her prediction are so accurate." ... written by lipstick22
Amanda is amazing and caring psychic. She always is accurate with her predictions, which is why I keep coming back!" ... written by lipstick22
Excellent as always" ... written by G
Great psychic, always honest and straight to the point!" ... written by Gem
She did an excellent reading. I highly recommend her. very good reader!!" ... written by jana
Good talking too" ... written by JY
She is exceptional! I am extremely impressed with this reading. This lady tunes in quickly and relays information in a quick and calm manner. I felt very welcomed in her room, never did I feel uncomfortable or judged.I am so thankful in this moment. I will be back for sure. Thank you, lovely lady. Take care. " ... written by Breanna
Love her, always amazing chats and makes me feel soo much better about myself and what im going through x love u Amanda and thank u as always xx" ... written by POPS83
My favorite reader! So sweet and helpful. " ... written by J
Lovely kind person, thank you Amanda" ... written by Natalie
She is the best!" ... written by lipstick22
excellent" ... written by jana
Good advice, great reader!" ... written by G
She knows everything and I can not have anyone better on my side than Amanda." ... written by Cyn1961
amazing at what she does! spot on! told me things i had no idea were going on and now it makes sense" ... written by Melody
Wonderful, she has answers to everything, never has failed me yet." ... written by Cyn1961
Great reading with Amanda! Gave lots of details and connected vey quickly. Thank you!" ... written by S
As always very accurate insight, gets to the point really quickly; always more questions than answers after all the answers are often within" ... written by Debbie
Most certainly tells me like it is and I hope her visions are true. In the past they have been true . " ... written by Suzanne
So amazing! On point! " ... written by Elyse
I did not even ask her anything. She started to tell me things and it amazed me how much she knew in less than a couple seconds! I am getting more credits to finish my reading" ... written by Kim
Totally gave me guidance that I needed, I would say this is 5 star reader. I came back 3 or 4 sessions to just to add credits, Amanda you made me feel comfortable and it feels like laughing and talking with a good friend! Thank you " ... written by Melinda