About futurecosmic

Psychic futurecosmichas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic futurecosmichas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about futurecosmic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a natural born Psychic futureecoosmic. I am here to help you and give you the honest reading here ... I will let you know or alert you if you are under Illusion ... the best way to know about me is talk to me in free chat i will help you gain knowledge ...i believe in helping rather the writing more abt me .... futureecoosmic will show you the light in the path you are travelling.

This guy truly has a gift. so calming and in touch with the true source." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
He provide me with the remedy for overall goodness. Have to implement it and see how it works out. But he was very fast and very intuitive. Hope everything works out to the best of me and my family. will let u know how things pan out. Thanks alot Cosmic." ... written by Kiran3
Excellent and supportive reader who is genuinely guided by spirit. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
his very good and give remady. and nice man so i hope thing come to apss as he say." ... written by hope
Thanks a lot" ... written by Longhorn
Great advices and clear seeing and some real remedies.." ... written by Granville Crenwick
I am so thankful futurecosmic. you helped a lot again. Thanks" ... written by 8luedragonfly
He is okay he said my spouse will be back but I don't think so. He say round about July or August" ... written by Deborah
really nyc" ... written by nip
NO words main he told me everything right. I was shocked " ... written by nip
He was picking up on the situation. Told me the reason as to why something was happening. He said in 10-20 minutes it should go away so I will see if it worked and update." ... written by nlove9
Wow this guy is unbelievable. He connected very fast and told me about my situation and what to do about my situation. I can't wait to give him an update. He told me exactly the way things will unfold. I like his remedies too. Wow he is a great find. Give him a try. You will see for yourself." ... written by mc
what a lovely gift, great guy with a tremendous clear asset." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
He was great and fast. He is a natural healer. He was God sent. Thank you FutureCosmic." ... written by Jerome
wow wow wow......he connected so quickly....no time wasted..." ... written by Kathy
Future Cosmic gave me 2 beautiful remedies for my karmic debts and love life, read for me about my life. Good reader, highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
brilliant genius guy!! dead on about situation." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
I was in his room for a demo. he was right on point with my situation. I took him to private and he knew all the details of my situation, Not only did he know them he gave me advice on how to improve it. He was very kind and accurate, I will come back for another reading. He was great and lifted my spirits and renewed my hope. Thank you." ... written by oceanlover123
First reading with Cosmic. Wow full of positive energy..what a sweet and powerful person. He provided a very very simple remedy and I shall try it! Thank you Cosmic and I will let you know ... :) x" ... written by G
wow, fast!" ... written by f
this guy has a huge gift- very patient and guided both visually and with specific timing. very valuable insight." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Wonderful details. He is spot on. Look forward to the predictions unfolding " ... written by G
Futurecosmic! a gifted reader! he sees quickly and clearly. Im quite happy with his reading. and he offers some great remedies. go see futurecosmic u wont be disappointed. what he saw i know in my heart to be true." ... written by Jiminy Crickett
I first had readings with FutureCosmic 6 months ago. Eversince he has healed me of my back pain but more importantly he has propelled my life in a new positive direction. His teachings and his gifts have healed me progressively and I have experienced a new beginning to a new life perspective which has healed me in all areas." ... written by G
i was feeling anxious about a business and he helped cleared it out and gave me remedy which i will try. i am feeling much more positive about going forward now and can feel success in the future." ... written by wren1414
he was brilliant . god bless" ... written by remedio
Just got the remedy for strong bond. Have to implement it and see the results. But very happy with the reading and remedy. He is very fast as well. will let u know when things fall in place. Hopefully by may end to June first week i will have an offer to start my new job. Thanks alot Cosmic. Will let u know how all these things will unfold." ... written by kiran3
Future Cosmic has changed my life the last 2 weeks. His healing ability has made me more grounded and overall happy. He has healed a chronic back problem, and has taught me a lot. I highly recommend him as a caring, honest, gifted, and kind man that genuinely wants to help others" ... written by G
This gentleman is awesome quick fast and very positive. Outstanding and First class reading . Truly amazing gifted person. I give him 5 stars " ... written by Wenda
Once again a very quick connection to the heart of the matter..." ... written by Kathy
Very very helpful. Really awesome." ... written by May
He is so cool. I really like him. He made some predictions and gave me details. Thanks FC. Will see you again!" ... written by Ess
Wonderful news remedy he gave me is working already on drawing my lover to me.....very quick connecting to your issues... highly recommend you to get a reading with him....." ... written by Kathy
Futurecosmic's the real deal. A genuine intuitive, no tools just sees right into the situation. THe remedy hes given me is working also. Freindly and cares about the situation too. I reccommend whole heartedly." ... written by Nisargadatta Maharaj
He picked on my situation very well. Gave me lot of remedies. I will do it and see what happens. I trust him and recommend him strongly." ... written by backtolife
great, hes amazing. wow he knew exactly how each of us felt. he was spot on. " ... written by jamira76
Seek help to remove blockages . I believe he will totally removes my blockages so to keep moving and changed the luck i deserve for my future and my childrens'. He is very fast in connecting and giving me the true answers. HIGHLY RECOMMNEDED AND a 5 star psychic.APPROVE!!!" ... written by Fe Singson
he is great and awesomely positive. def give him a try!" ... written by wren1414
Future, hes a gem. Deep intuition, what he predicited a while ago has come to pass, and, his remedies are working wonders in my life." ... written by Elroy McPartridge
Very good reading." ... written by Milan
Very good reading!" ... written by Milan
Outstanding, thank you." ... written by Goddesslive
Excellent reading and help." ... written by Goddesslive
Thank you." ... written by Goddesslive
lots of positivity great readings and support future always puts me in positive vibe" ... written by ak
He is amazing great spot on information never ask for any information just gives detailed facts. In time things do come true what he says. I will highly suggest his name to anyone. I have been reading with him for some time now and he doesn't give information on what you want to hear but real facts. " ... written by sunshine500
very interesting reading... looking forward to things working out" ... written by 180
amazing reading always spot and very detailed thank you " ... written by sunshine500
Future Cosmic is awesome his healings are felt immediately." ... written by Kathy
WOW.. this is awesome.." ... written by Sunny
Futurecosmic is amazing. he is such a kind caring person very calm and fast his prayers and remedies always work. he is amazing." ... written by jr
he is a blessing!" ... written by butterfly
i cant thank this man enough...!!!" ... written by namrata
I def highly highly recommend him" ... written by namrata
he was amazing he gave me some remedies...he is an amazing human being....he knew my problems and health issues without me telling him...he was right on spot." ... written by nami
excellent " ... written by sana
I have done readings with futurecosmic. I have to be honest he is really a gift from god. He is fast and doesnt sugar coat. He is very caring and tells you even more than what you have asked and always give you the positiveness. His prayers and healing is so amazingly wonderful. All i have to say is this man is just a gem and please do take him pvt becos its money worth and you will not regret it. Blessings jesintha" ... written by jesintha
very interesting and clairvoyant reader." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Moving and exciting reading but I am nervous for the outcome but definitely a motivating reading. I will definitely come back in a few months " ... written by Safiya
Ok, I will try the remedies, and will let you know in 21 days. I also got the 10min free deal as I was the 100Th person he read!! So I am excited to follow what he asked me to, and will see how it goes. Thank you." ... written by Sea
FC has been really good. i have done a few readings with him and he is consistant with what he says. He is always so willing to help and very caring. He has given me dates and times but i will come back.... thank u fc " ... written by jr
Cosmic is such a kind person - so helpful. I'm sure his remedies will do wonders:) Thank you for your guidance - it's appreciated." ... written by Rose
My first private with Cosmic. He is so helpful and has given me hope and remedies. I'm happy to have crossed paths with him:))" ... written by Rose
He is very polite and his work is really excellent, very glad and thankful!" ... written by Monty
A very uplifting reading. He made some predictions and provided me with a remedy, will update him and you all how things go, we shall see...." ... written by Sticky Toffee
I highly recommend him!!! very professional....well wisher....truly gifted....cant wait till his predictions come to pass" ... written by namrata
awesome awesome awesome...i dont have enough words for this guy to describe....i am very thankful that i found him on this site...he is really truly gifted!!!" ... written by nami
Wow future your so Positive thank you so much wow really see a big change around me 10 stars!!! for all your doing in my life God Bless" ... written by QUEENBEE22
this man is amazing! he has predicted some things for me that came true and i trust that the other wishes i have will come to light as well. this is a gifted and blessed man. he doesnt use tools either.thank u cosmic xoxo" ... written by barbara39
Cosmic has a unique gift of healing . He healed my chronic back pains and stomach pains. Im very grateful for what he has done for me ." ... written by G
FutureCosmic is crazy accurate. He uses no tools and connects fast to your situation. He just blows you away with his visions and accurate predictions that have come to pass. He is an exceptional healer physically and spiritually. Knowing him has been life changing and he is my go-to person. I highly recommend him as the best." ... written by G
I have a few readings with FC and he gave me remedies, dates and time frames. I have to say two predictions of his has come true. One that i would get a message in 3 days and it happened and also receive money for my rent payment which also came true. FC is a very kind caring person and is really a wonderful person,. Thank you blessing jesintha" ... written by Jesintha
Thank you futurecosmic!Awesome and outstanding session, you are an amazing person and I appreciate your visions and trust you with all my heart! Hugs and be back soon to update:)" ... written by steve
he is great i enjoyed my reading sooooo much" ... written by sasha
Spot on reading! He is so accurate and kind! He provided a remedy to help draw my love closer to me and he saw my future years in advance. Highly recommended! " ... written by Ashley
Excellent reading again from future cosmic. Strong intuitive, good counsel, accurate." ... written by Lord Cedric HIghtower
WOW... Just WOW..." ... written by Juan
i love cosmic hes the best.i am looking forward to his predictions he has been right about other things before." ... written by barbara39
Thanks Cosmic " ... written by shon
FC is a wonderful person, he is very quick doesnt waste time no sugar coating. he is a very blessed person and i am blessed to know him. blessing " ... written by jesintha
I love this man. He is AMAZING. I am so glad I found him. The psychic I usually go to has not been online and I think future is as good. He confirmed a lot and he is the sweetest man and ACCURATE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by two
future cosmic has some great insight, and the remedy he gave , i did, and it has worked. Ive returned to him a few times now and he never fails to give good counsel and hes warm and caring person." ... written by Jimminy Crickett
WOW!!! I am just blown away. A lot of changes will be happening in the next couple of months and it's all positive. He gave me a remedy and I will be using that ASAP for changes to start to come. Please see FutureCosmic. He is the real deal. He will help you with your problems. Thank you so much. Will update you soon. " ... written by --
excellent" ... written by branodn
He was spot on and such a delightful reader. Very accurate in his visions and so lovely. One of my favorites on this site. " ... written by Ess
best reader on oranum truely gifted guy with solutions to problems" ... written by Av
cosmic is very comforting with his information and i know he tells the truth cuz he has confirmed a lot of information with me and always tells other people like it is also whether its good or bad " ... written by barbara39
Really awesome, I really appreciate our sessions and his help and advice" ... written by May
Futurecosmic is so helpful and friendly and patient. Truly the best that I have been to. I wish I had consulted with him first and a lot sooner. " ... written by May
Wow, Futurecosmic is really gifted. One of the best I have spoken to. " ... written by May
best reader on oranum teaches how to work through your struggles rather than just making predictions. He tells you what one needs to walk the long journey ahead, so if you want to be prepared in advance for the long journey ahead futurecosmic is the one for you " ... written by theme
great reader with lots of solutions highly recomended " ... written by theme
he was right on the money with my situation he new whaat was happening youi are great your amazing and right on target thank you so much" ... written by stacey
He did a great reading with predictions, too. He is right on with what other readers have said. I believe him and trust his words. " ... written by Awesome Reading
Wonderfull reader with a very positive energy around him" ... written by CM
As always I am always grateful for our sessions, Cosmic you are really awesome " ... written by May
very fast and to the point. was great" ... written by jen
a great reader helps his clients in all matters of life, his also a strong healer of any health related issuies, full of positive vibes" ... written by av
future has great solutions for people who feel stuck in life, he helps clients so that they can get their life moving forward at the desired pase " ... written by Av
He is wonderful. He connects swiftly and is consisted. Very accurate and amazingly sweet. Attained soul. " ... written by sy
cosmic is the best friend i have and can turn to for help. He tells the truth about situations and gives me peace of mind" ... written by barbara
great reading, thank you" ... written by goldn
great reading, so fast and honest, his insight is impeccable " ... written by great reader
amazing thank you as always " ... written by sunshine500
Thanks a lot you are great as usual" ... written by Jp
Thank you, future cosmic. I really got what I wanted. You are always providing honest remedies and I appreciate your guidance. I would definitely keep consulting you. Thanks" ... written by 8luedragonfly
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
Great reader. Very accurate." ... written by Milan
Though he is a new comer... No one in oranum comes closer to this psychic... A Reading with him could change your life style as he directs you into positive phases of life with his exclusives remedies ... He is more than a Gifted person as I already seen changes happening to me .He is very kind and accurate soul as he even shared an information to which no one in the world knows except me . Hats off !!!!! WOW" ... written by Happy
Thank you for your advice and help. God Bless" ... written by Goddesslive
Very helpful. Thank you again. God bless you too." ... written by Goddesslive
He is the best 100% accurate! :-)" ... written by sweetmarionette