About gloriatv

Psychic gloriatvhas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic gloriatvhas recently helped 29members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about gloriatv's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Discover your future with my Tarot readings, with over 15 years of experience, I can answer all those burning questions. Come and let's explore what the universe has to offer YOU.
****PLEASE NOTE-I give good news and bad news, be aware that I do not give answers to please you, what I see is that what you hear. ****

She was good but I hope she's right about what she sees happening." ... written by jp
Great" ... written by love
She is a very nice person who wants to help you. Good reading, great advise." ... written by Me
She really touched my heart. I didn't have to tell her anything and it's like she already knew. Out of everyone I talked to she really knew my life. I wish I could meet her in person . " ... written by Nona
SHE'S GOOD!" ... written by Rachel
Very good, very honest, very pretty" ... written by brittany
Wonderfully caring. Gives great insight!" ... written by Michelle
Great Reading!" ... written by Rising Star
It was a very good reading." ... written by butterfly77lady
THanks so much, I really appreciate it! You gave me a lot of information and guidance! And your energy was spectacular! Thanks so much! You were great!" ... written by nva123
I like Gloria..she is quick with answers andamp; generously provided a lot of information in the time we've had so far...Thanks Gloria!!" ... written by Boris
Very clear." ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
She is amazing!! I really appreciate her insight, she is really on the mark and she understood the situation well!! " ... written by starchild700
Your great awesome very helpful. The best thank you." ... written by honey
Without asking questions or telling her anything, she hit the nailed right on the head. She is very fast and addressed all my concerns. She is very understanding, personal, and helpful. Her educational training and experience augment her psychic ability. I will consult her again and again." ... written by Aqua 2013
This was great! Everything she was saying was very true about me and my relationship. Each month I will pay to visit her because she is definitely good at what she does. My credits were definitely worth it. This is the first time for me and it was well worth it. " ... written by RandomBrandy
So accurate, honest, kind and forthcoming! A beautiful soul with loving kindness. Delivers positive and not so positive news in a gentle way. She described all my negative thoughts which counter balance my intuition. She said I will start my own business but need to have faith in the process and know it is part of my destiny to do so, which I have felt. My husband is going through a rough time at work and she said his path is his own business, too!" ... written by Suzanne
Very good reading. Honest." ... written by gerrijj
I really enjoyed my reading from her. She was very warm and full of information." ... written by Butterfly77lady
Excellent as always! I love her!" ... written by Rii507
She is so very helpful! she is amazing and I totally recommend her to anyone that needs help and guidance." ... written by Korrena
She is very caring and will give you a very good advice. Good insight and connects fast. Truly a gifted lady. You must try her out. 5 star for Gloria !!" ... written by azir
Very good." ... written by Jeong Hye Kim
Was very quick but she connected very well and very fast. Def 5 stars! :)" ... written by Purple Iris
great as always" ... written by love
this lady is brillent" ... written by gerrijj
Thank you very much for your reading and support. It helped me a lot! God bless you. " ... written by Bambi8
She was tuned in and on point!" ... written by Tamaria
She is very accurate and great with dates and times!!!" ... written by starbright11
The most wonderful reading I ever had" ... written by starbright11
thank youuuu sooo muchhh THANKS THIS IS PURPLE . U DID A GOOD JOB THANK YOU" ... written by LOVE GLORIA
Very confident and calm. I will be waiting, but i feel that she is right somehow. " ... written by cookie
Great reading, she was spot on with what is happening and she is a healer too. I really like her. " ... written by Re
She's a blessing, she connected very well with my situation and gave me advice on what would be best for me to do. I feel she's very wise and a great psychic. Many stars!" ... written by Purple Iris
She keeps getting better than the previous time. Always concise and to the point. It is amazing what she can do with cards. I usually thought cards is a game of probability; my opinion has changed. Thanks, ALWAYS!!!" ... written by Aqua 2013
Great!" ... written by love
Well, where to begin? She personalized the reading for me and told me everything that I need to know. She also prayed for me for my situations to be better. Words of wisdom and inspirations are offered. I feel connected with her, ALWAYS. " ... written by Aqua2013
She's amazing..that is all!" ... written by Pearl0315
The best every time always on point and very helpful." ... written by honey
Well...right on spot! I love her to pieces, very honest and kind! Highly recommended!" ... written by rie
Very understanding and helpful, thanks so much." ... written by September
Good reading." ... written by Luella63
Thank you dear, always a pleasure!!" ... written by Ashley
She seemed accurate. I have to wait and see." ... written by Water Bearer
She is great... amazing insight. Thank you very beautiful person." ... written by r
I loved your reading and I'm going to work on my self first. I will come back to talk to you. I give you 10 stars. Thank you." ... written by Patricia
Thank you!!" ... written by flow
Very much on the money a/b my present feelings w/o me saying much to her at all. " ... written by Ashley
She's one of my favorite here on Oranum. She connects very well with my situation and as usual gave me much needed clarity. " ... written by Purple Iris
Amazing reading!! i love how insightful she is with everything!! i just love the readings :) i always come to her for advise and for insight… thank u gloria " ... written by sandra
She great and very kind!" ... written by anngell11
TY, G...for getting down to the truth and knowing how things are and how I feel. It is not easy at all. " ... written by RE
Gloria definitely knows! Very sweet n patient." ... written by Linn115
She was great and on point, very detailed and accurate. Thank you" ... written by Ladymysterious
Excellent as Always! Very humble and kind lady, funny as well :)" ... written by Rii507
The best!!!" ... written by honey
Great insight… She can completely understand the situation and looks into the person, his questions, life and finds obstacles we cannot see… Her cards can see everything!!! Whatever she tells me she is right bc they do happen!" ... written by sandy
Thank u for ur words n prayers... " ... written by Linn115
Love her :)" ... written by honey
Gloria was very accurate. She was quick and acknowledged the feelings... She was clear and gave me the clarity I needed. Thank you Gloria. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Wow, her cards are really accurate! And she is so genuine and true. A must try!" ... written by rosy
Very insightful and would definitely recommend to anyone in need of guidance! " ... written by Kris
She was absolutely great. I thank her for her good advice. She is awesome!!! Cant wait to see results!!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
Extremely satisfied. She knew what she was talking about the whole time...." ... written by cali
Dear Gloria! I'm so grateful that you were online today! You saved me from something very big and trouble which would make things more difficult than it is now!God bless you! You are always in time and exactly at the point of the place, where things should move for good. Just in time!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! XXX" ... written by Bambi8
Very fast reader, concrete and present - I recommend." ... written by arne
Spot on! " ... written by Water Bearer
Gloria is great. Gave me steps to follow. She made me relax and feel hopeful. She is very nice and has a calming spirit." ... written by oreocookies30
Came back for an update and still awesome!" ... written by Rosy
Gloria is AWESOME!!!!!!!! She knew my situation so well and it was like she was right there with me the whole time in my life. I feel her sincerity and her energy is wholesome. I feel like she is family. Thank you Gloria. I will be back!!! 100 stars." ... written by joanna
Her reading and advice was priceless as always. Thank you Gloria." ... written by Ladymysterious
Gloria has insight and has a warm heart. Thanks dear! :)" ... written by emotions
I just love her, she's my angel!!" ... written by rc
thank you so much . she very good and take time to give you understanding and have compassion " ... written by clearblu
she was good I like how she talk to me and here can do addatowd was nice :) " ... written by Chris
Very good advice. Very supportive. Quite accurate." ... written by Water Bearer
Gloria is wonderful. She really is able to tell you about your questions through intuition! No doubt, she's great!" ... written by flow
She was great as always. Thank you." ... written by Ladymysterious
Gloria was great as always. She was able to confirm everything for me. I am so happy that I've found her. THANK YOU GLORIA YOU ARE THE BEST!" ... written by Ladymysterious
Trust her cards 10000%! Gloria is darn good! " ... written by Rosy
I love my Gloria. SHe is family to me. She knows exactly what is going on. PLease read with her. " ... written by joanna
She is very precise, good reading. " ... written by PIGLETME
Great session! Very in depth and detailed!" ... written by love
Wonderful person, honest, caring, true. :) " ... written by Mzladii
Thank you so much for clearly things up for me, this is only my second reading with you and you've been amazing with your advice. I will be back again. " ... written by Glennice
Another update with Gloria, she's my favorite here in ORANUM , 1000 stars!" ... written by Purple Iris
She is very caring andamp; intuitive. A very good empath who knows what I want andamp; how I will get." ... written by aquaven
She is sooo wonderful, she does not sugar coat and is very honest, i love how she reads, she is extremly acurate and i greatly apperciate everything you told me darling. You put my worries to rest! thank you ever so much!! I will keep you updated :)" ... written by Libra26
Thank you so very much for all your help!!! She is amazing and I am very thankful for all her help and advice." ... written by Korrena
Gloria is such a caring person, and she will definitely guide you as far as she can. that is why the reason i came to her many times, she talks like she's your best friend! i feel very comfortable to her. her prediction is always accurate and on point...what could i ask for more?! i just love her! " ... written by riza
Very thorough and caring individual. A reading that you can feel. Thank you - everything is clarified. " ... written by Theo
Gloria is awesome, she really connects with my situation like no one and I know I can trust her guidance." ... written by Purple Iris
She is so accurate with insights and situations. I appreciate her knowledge very much. The past few readings have been all on point and her predictions have happened for me so I keep coming back to her. :) Thank you!" ... written by Sand
I loved reading with her. She is very compassionate and honest. Hit things on point. I give five stars, nothing less for a great job well done. Looking forward to working with her again." ... written by clearblu
I had seen a Psychic 2 years ago who passed away soon after and I have spiritual friends as well who like to do my readings but It was so fascinating to see how quickly Gloria was able to pick up on my energy like those who have been in my physical presence. I asked her about general confusion, and she reassured me yet again of what I have heard over and over again, but this time- I am even more confident because i can't believe that these similarities in readings are random. They are me and so I'm not crazy, just an old soul. Thank you Gloria. " ... written by Shiva
She is amazing and someone you can count on to help you. She goes above and beyond and I'm very grateful for her and all her help." ... written by korrena
Very helpful when I needed it" ... written by Phillip1210
Gloria is so amazing!!! thank you so much for the wonderful reading. She will tell you how it is and picks up on everything with just giving names." ... written by S
She is truly amazing! And such a gift to be able to come and get help and guidance from!!! So greatful for all her help and prayers!!!" ... written by Korrena
Very accurate! Fantastic update." ... written by rosy
I love her. I swear we were family in another life. She is like a sister to me. So accurate and precise. There's no one like her!! 1 million stars. I will always be a life long friend and client. Thanks Gloria!! " ... written by joanna
I love how fast she connects, and she's the only person I come see now in ORANUM. She's one of the best here!" ... written by Purple Iris
I was convinced to buy credit and get a private reading after just being in the free chat room. She was honest, didn't sugar coat anything. I'm glad I did a private reading. Thank you very much. God Bless. " ... written by Vanessa
Very sweet!! Helpful!" ... written by alyssa
G is very good and honest. She knows what's happening without me saying anything." ... written by RS
Wonderful fabulous person worth my money and time!" ... written by cache23
fast and good" ... written by Ryzette
didnt get to finish omg" ... written by frazier
The best on here. xxx" ... written by gerirish
Very touching reading. On point with everything! thank you so much for reading and your advice." ... written by blue78ivy
Love getting her help. She is amazing and so glad she is on very often so we can chat and catch up and get updates. Totally recommend her!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Korrena
She is very kind and accurate! She helped me realize I can move forward and what moment would be perfect to do so!" ... written by Deshanique
She is the best, very sweet, understanding and spot on every time. Thank you for putting my mind at ease." ... written by Jaxzie
Thank you so muuchhh !!! You are so niice , I will definitely come back to you :)" ... written by Karla
Amazing reading!!! she is really intuitive, she is always right on point!" ... written by san
very good great" ... written by Orlando
It was a very nice reading and it gave me insight on things I had been wanting to know for a while. I would definetly recommend Gloria. " ... written by Alexandra Gardner
Gloria is a very sweet and understood my situation very quickly! " ... written by Shelly
she is good I like how she trys to help me " ... written by Chris
This woman is amazing! No words can speak of her positive "feel good" energy. She is quick to connect and very insightful. A true joy. Wonderful reading." ... written by Goug007
Great update with my fav person here in Oranum. She's the best!" ... written by Purple Iris
wow. she was very open and straight forward I didn't have to mention much at all in regards to my situation and she was spot on, nothing but positive things. Also I'll be coming back to speak with her after meeting with the man we spoke about. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jessica
like always another great reading. I feel so much better now thank you so much Gloria. God bless you." ... written by blue78ivy
fantastic! gloria really knows it and tells it clear concise as it is!" ... written by Rosy
The best always on point." ... written by honey
Seemed pretty on point..I will read again when able. " ... written by blessed25
Wonderful as usual! 5*****" ... written by Purple
great Reading! gloria really cares and is insightful. recommended" ... written by emotions
Gloria always makes me feel better, I love my sister 100 stars" ... written by J
She was sooooo sweet! She listened so well. She connected on such a positive level. She told me the TRUTH about everything. She gave me the upmost treatment like I was special. I can't thank her enough. I am so pleased with my reading. I was willing to spend my last penny on her because she was such a positive person! I can't wait to give her updates! Thank you, thank you, thank you! " ... written by Princesstiana_x
Very direct and honest. And she was able to calm my heart. I feel lighter and powerful to continue and I will come back to her next time I have a question or crises. All the Love." ... written by MsVirgo1
Good advice, warm heart. Thanks. :)" ... written by emotions
She always center my energy, and remind me what's important. Very accurate and her advices are the best. 5 stars is not enough!" ... written by Purple Iris
excellent as always! she's my guide. " ... written by Rii507
she was very accurate and i think she is really good... she has great intuition......" ... written by peacegal
Fantastic reading.. She confirmed certain things for me and even looked to see what possible obstacles I would encounter.. I will definitely read w/ her again.." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
I love her she is awesome" ... written by bluberyum
Thank you, the reading was really great. Gloria gave me a lot of good information and insight, I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by Jennifer
I love my Gloria!!!!! SHe just knows everything and makes my world a better place. Thank you for the bottom of my heart... a million billion stars... xoxoxoxo" ... written by joanna
Gloria is like a magic stick! Whatever she say is coming true in positive way! I love listening her even she is not talking to me! The way how she feels others inspiring me a lot! I really appreciate that we have such a person, like Gloria in this planet!" ... written by Bambi8
she is just great" ... written by Orlando
gloria is such a Beautiful soul with such a warm heart. i keep coming back to her cause when you have a longer Reading with her she gets so Deep into the whole Picture and sees so clearly who you are and what really is goin on. thanks dear :) hugs" ... written by emotions
she was on point with everything" ... written by bluberryum
always on the ball, really good readings" ... written by Orlando
thank u " ... written by miguel
Great reading very detailed explanations." ... written by Leany
Gloria is really honest and gives me great insight!!! She is amazing! I have been coming to her for months now and she is always right!" ... written by sandra
Again, lovely reading!!" ... written by MsVirgo1
If someone will ask me how good is Gloria in readings, I wouldn't get tired million times to repeat that SHE IS AMAZING! God bless her! I'm endlessly happy I found her here! " ... written by Bambi8
she knows me and read me very well!. She is like my sister who knows everything in me...I love her :)" ... written by Rii507
Thank you Gloria, you are fantastic. You put my mind at ease. I am truly grateful. Thank you" ... written by Ladymysterious
I had to come back and get another reading because I felt such a connection and she is the only person I could think of to answer my questions. I'm glad I came back. All in all. 5 stars and very much worth it. " ... written by Vanessa
Thank you. God Bless you always. " ... written by Vanessa
Good advice" ... written by LUELLA63
GLORIA certainly does KNOW! She is absolutely amazing. Really eased a lot of concerns. I will be back to her again." ... written by C
Love her she's the best." ... written by honey
GREAT!" ... written by honey
: ( : (......wonderful. Helped me with someones afterlife and the hard time he's having.........." ... written by Lori Johnson
The more I read with Gloria the more she reads my mind. I love this beautiful soul of a woman inside and out. She is my savior and I thank god for her everyday. Ive read with a lot of psychics here and Gloria not only shows a gracious and caring attitude, but she provides a plan to bring your dreams to life. I would be so stuck with out her. Thank you my sister from the bottom of my heart. She deserves all the stars in the sky. " ... written by Joannay
A blessing to talk to.. ***" ... written by sweet461
Thank you Gloria you are great. Every thiing that you have said to me have come to pass. Thank you I appreciate you. Always on point great connection." ... written by Ladymysterious
SHE Helped me out alot " ... written by Tiffy
She was right about some things, I wanted to speak more but my credits ran out. She definitely can see things though. " ... written by Briana
amazing" ... written by raquel
Gloria is one of my great blessings in this life!!!" ... written by Bambi8
Gloria feels like a best friend and the more you come to her the more she sees in you. It gets better every Reading. it´s like she gets to know who you are more and more deeply and then connects better for every time. great reader :) Thanks!" ... written by ...
excellent" ... written by vanesa alvarez
good but too short... its way too expensive for a few minutes" ... written by Ritu
nothing beats Gloria!! she's the one for me!" ... written by RC
great all the time" ... written by honey
I love my Gloria. She makes so much sense in my times of need. I can feel her energy wash all over me. Thanks my sister. I love you!!" ... written by joanna
Thank you Bella" ... written by Ryzette
She's a blessing" ... written by raquel
It was very insightful and brought things up with out telling her. will wait for next week and see how things go. and can say more of how she read things. I felt a connection." ... written by cheryl
Love her." ... written by honey
Gloria is amazing. Always honest with a heart and sprit of gold." ... written by raquel
She is sensitive to my needs and she answers everything honestly." ... written by bluberryum
fantastic reading!" ... written by wendolina
thanks g...your my angel :)" ... written by Rii507
I have Readings with her whenever i feel i need to talk about things and she can see right through and she gives such Amazing advices :) love her!! seriously the more you talk to her she gets more and more into the depthts of your situation and gives you spot on the truth as it is. :) she is a really good friend too. things she said came true" ... written by ...
This was my first reading with Gloriatv and she was absolutely amazing and so insightful. Thank you for all the information and your advices on my situation. I will be back for an update for sure. Xxx " ... written by Starhx
mind blowing, she great 5 *****" ... written by sweet461
Great reader! she is very accurate and detailed! Thank you!" ... written by Snjezana
always good and to the point." ... written by honey
Thanks a lot for your help. " ... written by Kristina
Incredible reading , extremely accurate . Got soo many answers . " ... written by natalie hope
gloria is a sweetheart..she gave me points to work on ..though we got disc i wil have a session soon :)bye..." ... written by aqua
Truly amazing, 5 star from me :D" ... written by Starhx
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Garace123
Great reading! So kind and supportive." ... written by Katherine
Thank you for the clarity Gloria. I'll speak to you next week. God Bless!" ... written by Garace123
Fast reading.. Lots of reassurance and ideas of how to achieve my goals.." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
She is amazing :) she was spot on im glad i got my reading done by her :)" ... written by Adiz
Very insightful!!! gloria is an amazing psychic with a lot of positive advice!" ... written by sandra
Gloria is amazing and i know i can trust her advices. 5 stars!" ... written by Purple iris
spot on! " ... written by Hermes starr
She is a really good medium " ... written by Isabelle
Very GOod Thank you so much!" ... written by keirablanco
Thank you Gloria you answered my questions. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Vivian Longoria
thank you loved her" ... written by cynthia rodriguez
Bravissima :) like usual" ... written by Ryzette
Gloria is great and Always give great Readings." ... written by ---
good as always!" ... written by Rosy
Thank you Gloria, you were wonderful as always." ... written by Ladymysterious
awesome awesome awesome" ... written by rosy
really amazing as usual. Love talking to Gloria! " ... written by blessed25
She's very nice. Good readng!" ... written by My
she LOVELY told me alot of stuff in 10 minutes about my granma she very kind she good reader thanks for contacting my mom nan thank you alotxx" ... written by callum234
Too good to be true . My favorite psychic and my only to go to psychic . The more i go to her the more she knows . The readings are 100% accurate . I feel like i have a life coach towards happiness . " ... written by natalie hope
she is positive amazing clear on her message " ... written by maria
she was amazing and described my situation down to the TEE very pleased as this is my first reading with her defniantly will not be my last." ... written by lucky
wonderful reading. very gifted reader she is!" ... written by Ashley
my favorite . i get peace of mind every week in life because of her . " ... written by natalie hope
she was so on point about everything and she was awesome!!. recommend" ... written by Antwinique walker
Always clear and its nice to get some clarity! " ... written by Msvirgo1
She is the Best!!!" ... written by Bambi8
a perfect guardian for me! thankful for having her! she's perfect for me thats why i keep coming back to her." ... written by Rii507
the best always really good today" ... written by honey
She's a blessing on earth, she truly is." ... written by Purple Iris
excellent reading. " ... written by Rii507
Gloria is fantastic… she always sees the best possibilities in your life… love her!!!" ... written by Sandra
Thank you :-)" ... written by Garace123
I enjoy all of my readings with her. Very intuitive and knows my situation very well. Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
Thank you soooo much. " ... written by mike
I Always feel Great after talking to Gloria.. She is becoming my personal life coach :P You will do yourself and your life a great favor talking with her. She always lifts my spirit!! " ... written by MsVirgo1
Thanks again! You're such a doll. God will continue to bless you. Your heart is pure." ... written by Garace123
wow her cards match my on" ... written by elle11
Gloria always gives good advice" ... written by Orlando
She knows what she is doing and she is honest i can say that and feel that " ... written by Nidal
wonderful reading, like always!!" ... written by ashley
This lady is so amazing, and everything that she told me is the way that I feel!!! She gave me answers for my concerns, and told me the best direction to go. I will definitely come back and get many more reading from her!!! She believes in getting straight to the point, and she does not sugar coat anything." ... written by Kim
Great update, she's very nice and straight to the point. Thank you :)" ... written by Starhx
good reader" ... written by sadhana
resonates with me sooooo well! great update!" ... written by Rosy
Yes, yes, yes...such details, insight, intuition, truth, and kindness. Gloria is accurate and truthful, providing good advice and lots of information. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
I always keep coming back. I totally recommend. What a beautiful soul. Thank you very much." ... written by Vanessa
She is fantastic!!! " ... written by myfirststeps
She has said things that have come to pass! Never disappointed in her readings!" ... written by BrainyBeauty28
I was scared Honestly. She gave me hope. Thank You and God Bless you" ... written by ATL
she gave me a wonderful reading and i feel less worried and more confident about my situation" ... written by christinabell
Thank you for being a source of energy for me, G. You are right." ... written by R
shes amazing!" ... written by diana
GREAAAAAAAAAT!!! As usual! 100% my Lady! muah!" ... written by Bambi
So amazing as always! I wouldn't expect any less from gloria.. Always direct clear answers, and a wonderful reading! She will never confuse you for sure, ur the best :) thanku so much" ... written by Think Blue
incredible!" ... written by tom
What a wonderful soul she is. All of her predictions came to pass. God Bless You!!!" ... written by Garace123
so awesome as always...needed to let it out n gloria was very good in relaying the true msgs for me...detailed n spot on as usual" ... written by rosy
She is amazing! great reading" ... written by sandra
Always amazing ! My favorite and only psychic i go to and need in my life " ... written by natalie hope
lovely reading :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
good" ... written by Anushka Arya
I always feel the need to talk to Gloria when I'm going through rough times. Thank you for being there for me and providing clarity." ... written by Vanessa
brilliant as always " ... written by gerirish
SPOT ON! Thank you. " ... written by Liz
I like how gloria is straight to the point and very detailed." ... written by bluberryum
Great read as usual!!" ... written by blessed25
First time reading with her and was accurate on feelings. Thank you! I hope what you say comes to pass. Thank you" ... written by Tee
Thank you Gloria, you are great." ... written by Nikki
thank u" ... written by mike
Gloria has given me such good advice over the last couple of months that have been life changing for me…she is really a blessing… her cards always speak the truth… and her predictions are amazing… thank you so much gloria! xxo" ... written by sandra
explained things well, seems good will have to wait and see for predictions to come true." ... written by smiley2011
Wonderful LOVELY woman so honest and her warmth and positively is truely inspiring!" ... written by Brianna Toth
my trusted psychic!! one of the best here in oranum!!" ... written by Rii507
always positive" ... written by vell
She is and angel! 100% Trust!!!! and Respect!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! " ... written by Gloria!
Answered my questions. Thank you." ... written by Calizaliza
really well done....thanks for the advice" ... written by glennice
Very in depth reading about what is happening in my relationship and lots of guidance and explanations given. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
she is awesome" ... written by vell
She was amazing. Please if you have not stop buy and get a reading from her. Thank you so much. " ... written by Nick
Gloria is amazing!!!! best card reader i know! love her xox" ... written by sandra
Got good news and wanted to find out how true it was. Gloria was honest and accurate about it all. Thank you very much." ... written by Vanessa
Great as usual! such a help in time of need. Love won't be disappointed! she tells the TRUTH as she sees it not what you want to hear. " ... written by blessed25
Gloria is great. She always connects to my situation, and gives me good advice." ... written by oreocookies37
very spot on very good reading " ... written by cletrel
The best as usual! Nothing but the TRUTH" ... written by blessed25
Kind, caring and accurate reader. Recommended." ... written by lotus71
very clear reading and she is very nice lady to talk to" ... written by ...
clarity" ... written by vell
Straight to the point. Begins with your questions and answers them thoroughly." ... written by K
very sweet lady. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
very pleasant, kind lady, answered all my questions" ... written by mnt1446
great great i always feel empowered after talking with Gloria" ... written by vell
i love me some gloria she is always positive" ... written by vell
Absolutely fabulous! Positive, encouraging, so right about me and my situation. I hope the prediction just exactly like my dreams will come true. I definetelly will come back! I can't be thankful enough :)" ... written by Meera
great reading" ... written by belle
amazing reading" ... written by cletrel
Gloria is like a sister for me. She gives me hope and inspiration. Love her!" ... written by oreocookies37
I am totally pleased with my conversation with Gloriatv! She gave a realistic and truthful word to me." ... written by Yvette
Gloria, is a Angel in the Universe!!! Saves andamp; Helps Love to grow!!! " ... written by Bambi8
she is Vere good and nice and she make me feel at home and she let me know what I can do and more and she allway there for me and you can feel here prars for you :) " ... written by Chris
She is Amazing. I will always go to her for guidance." ... written by Nicholas
A very lovely reading with Gloria. She is always so fast, honest, intuitive, and informative. She always remembers my situation and things she has previously told me. She stays consistent and also provides new details as they come up. Take Gloria private to get the truthful answers you are looking for, you will not be disappointed." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you Gloria, you are always spot on as always. I appreciate you advice and good counsel. You are absolutely the best.." ... written by Ladymysterious
shes great! does a great job everytime! very real" ... written by diana
Gloria is simply amazing, she's a true blessing. Love her. " ... written by Purple Iris
She provides me with inspiration and clarity every time I feel down. She is wholesome and beautiful inside and out. " ... written by Vanessa
I think she's a beautiful soul and is very helpful" ... written by Sunrae!
update so spot on! always good xxxxx" ... written by Rosy
Gloria can pick up feelings very easy, regardless of distance. I managed to get some clarity for other people's lives from her. All in all. Completely recommend. Once again Thank you :) " ... written by Vanessa
Gloria is always spot on... this is my second time consulting her and as always she doesn't disappoint me...very sincere person...can't wait for my next chat with her." ... written by edelaine
i love gloria" ... written by vell
Back as usual for some clarity. Gloria is one in a million. Accurate and trustworthy. " ... written by Vanessa
what more can i say?! she's just not my guide but also my bestfriend too! she likes a sister to me and i like her. she knows me very well." ... written by Rii507
Gloria is great, always knows how to say things in nice way." ... written by oreocookies37
You are a blessing. Please keep me in your prayer and I will keep you in mine. Thank you for helping me. God bless you!" ... written by Garace123
Gloria was amazing,she read my situation 100% accurate and i look forward to the outcome! thank you Gloria...5 stars plus many more" ... written by marionlyttle
she is great!" ... written by hermestarr
Love Gloria, she's my favorite here in oranum. Many stars!" ... written by Yiara
She's so sweet! And very quick with the cards. Her explanations were very clear, and I'm excited to see what happens" ... written by Erica
Thank you Gloria for an amazing reading! I am truly thankful for the clear and accurate reading you gave me. I also appreciate your loving and caring advice" ... written by Mgrl
Was a good reading!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
always very kind, accurate guidance from the spirit, god bless. " ... written by m
very accurate update!" ... written by rosy
shes the best" ... written by honey
Thank you Gloria, for your very wise words! xx" ... written by LilyAnne
the best" ... written by honey
very very accurate" ... written by rosy
good" ... written by Luella63
thank you again gloria! you are excellent as always:)" ... written by rii507
Another update with gloria. She's just brilliant! :) Love her." ... written by Yiara
Gloria is the best. I come to her always for updates. She will tell u what she sees , not what u want to hear. I definitely recommend her . A MIILION STARS TO HER!" ... written by oreocookies37
I really like Gloria and how she completely focuses on your questions in private and gives clear and direct answers. I hope things look up. " ... written by C.
love her always helpful" ... written by honey
Pure and honest. Thank you for the update. 5 stars as per usual. God bless you sweetheart :)" ... written by Vanessa
Always great advice - thank you x" ... written by LilyAnne
very good offered a different view but was very helpful" ... written by shades212
I love her shes the best always helpful and knows whats she talking about every time she tells me something it happens, trust me get a reading." ... written by honey
Thanks Gloria... Its a good piece of advise...." ... written by Peacegal27
She is amazing and she really cares about her clients that she reads for. recommend her highly! she is a gift to be able to talk to her." ... written by korrena
She is great, awesomely gifted. I strongly recommend her" ... written by Bibi123
Very good lovely wonderful and inspiring xoxoxo" ... written by Brianna
she is awesome! connected so fast and is spot on. she was able to tune into my energy as well as another person i was asking about. she helped me realize a lot of things about myself as well. thank you for the reading! " ... written by a
Thank you! Great reading!" ... written by Angie
very insightful" ... written by bee
Always great talking to Gloria :) she is such a friend and Lovely human being that connects more the more you get to know her. Thanks dear :)" ... written by emotions
thank you very much for your help, appreciate that" ... written by mnt
thank you for HELP appreciate it very much" ... written by nachalo
Really great update. Gloria is consistent, honest, fast, detailed, and accurate. A wonderful psychic with a good heart, she will not disappoint you if you take her private!" ... written by Jennifer
she is good and honest" ... written by smiley2011
you are always the best, very detailed and right on point" ... written by glennice
you are absolutely the best!" ... written by glennice
Thanks Gloria! x" ... written by LilyAnne
She is very very good!" ... written by rosy
She was great and amazing.... a must to have a reading with." ... written by Rosa
Gloria as always very insightful and helpful!" ... written by Mgrl
thank you very much for everything you have done for me." ... written by m
Thank You Very Much!" ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Great reading! Thank You !" ... written by J
I wouldnt mind spending money on her readings. it helps a lot! i love her" ... written by Jasmine
she is very kind and this is a great reading " ... written by veezee
Very good very insightful." ... written by Kelley
Gloria was amazing. Such a sweet lady and all of what she said made sense to me. I will definitely come back to her for more readings! " ... written by FenForever
gloria is great xxx" ... written by gerirish
nice woman, thanks.........." ... written by mette44
Gloria is great as always.She is sweet as ever. My friend" ... written by oreocookies37
She's very brilliant. She knows what she does and she sees really well, her advice has honestly helped me positively and for this I'm grateful gloria. Thank you :)" ... written by Sonee92
She is very talented and gifted knows and reads what is in ur your heart and mind..God bless her.." ... written by dectora
Gloria is incredible. Quick, thorough and accurate." ... written by Virgo
Thank you " ... written by David
Gloria was insightful, kind and compassionate." ... written by Debbie
her cards speak to me unbelievable...from day one! very accurate honest n truthful..ultimate awesome" ... written by rosy
always very kind and sweet. Helps me a lot. " ... written by mnt1442
gloria is great she is a great friend and give honest answers... xx" ... written by gerirish
thank you again for this wonderful reading. Appreciate your honesty. God bless you my angel. " ... written by mnt1442
I find Gloria a great friend, some who can listen and understand and give honest feedback... she is the best.... her readings are positive and always encouraging..... her readings are full truth.... she is very religious and helpful. I am grateful that I found Gloria...... its so much to talk about her skills.... she recommend me to do meditation which works very well for me.... she provide remedy for problems..... I wish her success to help people. thanks Gloria" ... written by bluestarz
She's absolutely positive. Appreciate the reading and keeping my head up." ... written by sharona315
she told me what i need to know. i have been praying for an answer but i need to know from human being. i thank her." ... written by van
Very good reader and instructor. I will practice what she told me to. I would recommend her." ... written by Krista Elliott
thanks again! you're my angel gloria!!" ... written by RC
she is so good and on point." ... written by maria
Thank you so much for all of your prayers! When we ask God for something he will give it to us. I will remain positive. God will continue blessing you!" ... written by Garace123
She was great, she was upfront and honest about everything. She even will pray for certain situations that are stressing you in your life. I will come back and visit her and recommend her to others." ... written by JP
very happy! :)" ... written by truthandanswers
Sweet woman. She knew exactly how I was feeling even if I didn't. " ... written by syn
Thank you for guiding me through it all. " ... written by R
very informative and seems to be on point. I will definitely be back for another reading " ... written by shades212
her reading is great very correct to me, accurate. one of the best" ... written by veezee
she is very sweet. quick and insightful. i would definitely come back" ... written by ez
she is a very good card card reader. she opened up alot of things to me" ... written by Ashanti
Amazing reader, very accurate and loving! I would recommend Gloria at any time for truth and clarity in any situation. It was a pleasure and I didn't want to stop :-). Lots of love Gloria and wish you a lot of success xx" ... written by Smily11
very quick connection and consistent with last reading, even though it was several weeks ago. Explains cards very clearly." ... written by angelszone
Great reading, her prediction came true in my life. I definitely trust her and strongly recommend her. She is great!" ... written by Bibi123
Very sweet and kind. Was able to give me much insight about current issues. " ... written by AB
Ms. Gloria instantly connected with my energy and spirit. She provided some advice that I really needed to hear. She gave me a time frame for the transformation to come. She is a healer" ... written by foundmypath
best reader makes everything better" ... written by cletrel
awesome reading as always!! always looking forward for my next reading!" ... written by hermestarr
Very nice update, good and accurate details and future predictions." ... written by Jackie
I don't know yet if things will be as she said in the future. But she is accurate in todays events, in describing people. She is honest, trustworty and real. Again, I don't know yet if her future predictions will come true, but I should thank her very much for the courage and support and positive energy she gave to me." ... written by Lerzan
Great reading, seemed very accurate!" ... written by flow
wonderful connection. Gloria really is a truly compassionate and wonderful reader. God bless this woman and for giving me hope.There is not enough stars on here to give her!!! " ... written by stp
thank you for the reading! " ... written by Alicja
GREAT READING!!! I waited over an hour to talk to" ... written by Ginbella
Thank you so much, Gloria! You are a wonderful gift from God. Thank you for praying for my inspiration, as I will pray for you as well!" ... written by Beth
soooo nice to update with Gloria..she is very accurate!" ... written by Rosy
great" ... written by Bridgette Evans
She is my favourite and first reader on this site and oranum..very intuitive gifted and talented and most importantly near form the heart ..highly recommended.." ... written by dectora
Awesome reading, I like coming back here as she is straight to the point and accurate. Thanks again" ... written by Bibi123
great as Always! thanks :)" ... written by --
I love Gloria she is so caring and loving! Thank you for with you do!!!!" ... written by Katie
awesome beans! " ... written by unknownjourney13
VERY GOOD" ... written by diva125
she is very cool. and nice and honest and she explains everything!" ... written by loveboo
Lovely, I really felt her presence and her understanding. I felt the energy. It was a connection and I am thankful" ... written by Miko
very honest!" ... written by finallyanswers
the best xxx" ... written by ger
Very good reading! She picked up on things happening in my situation accurately. " ... written by Florwer85
As always she is so accurate and personal, you feel good to talk to her. " ... written by Glennice
Her readings always make sense. Confirms what I was feeling.." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Very nice reading" ... written by Queen
Gloria is my to go to person. She is great and helps me along the way. She is my friend, sister, mentor, and so much more." ... written by oreocookies37
She is my best advisor" ... written by peacegal
My favorite advisor/psychic! I will always come to her, because she truly cares! God Bless you!" ... written by Garace123
I haven't been on in awhile and Gloria was the only person who saw everything just as she said. She is amazing and I feel her compassion and positive energy come thru everytime. I love my sister cuz even if times goes by she is always there with open arms. Thank you!" ... written by Jo
Awesome reading. On point and sincere. I appreciate your help and insight." ... written by MysteryMarie
Always on point , my favorite ! I can't wait to speak to her for clarity every time i need it in my life . I was just told everything i needed to hear and everything i needed to know . She makes my life soo much easier . " ... written by natalie
you are always the best and accurate" ... written by glennice
Fantastic woman gave the best advice!" ... written by Hi-Blaidd
great readign!" ... written by Ashley J
Thanks so much Gloria! Thanks for your patience with me. You were right about everything you have said!" ... written by Nightlife
Gloria is amazing and went through full detail in a dream I had in the past. Wow! thanks G, I will see you again when things get better." ... written by s
Thanks Gloria, always provides with comfort and insight x" ... written by LilyAnne
amazing" ... written by Crystal Douglas
Always good" ... written by ryzette
Very Awesome! Very honest! and Accurate!! " ... written by Jessica
excellent as always! i love her so much!" ... written by RC
good update" ... written by rosy
Gloria really gets the information I need. She is truthful honest and give excellent advice. Thank you my sister for being here for me" ... written by Joanna
always wonderful reading with her!" ... written by ashley
thanks gloria..good good read" ... written by rosy
thank you" ... written by Jessica
extremely good light kind and accurate" ... written by angel
Love her - she is so lovely and caring, quick to connect - totally recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
she's always good" ... written by frag
I love Gloria! She is honest and straight-forward with her readings. She always gives me clarity when im confused." ... written by Yvette
Wonderful, sincere, uplifting and accurate." ... written by Ursula
thanks Gloria for the accurate update." ... written by rosy
she is grate she know how to talk with me and she see it all " ... written by Chris
I love Gloria is the best I have seen. I will always go to her. Thank you. " ... written by Katie
WOW, excellent, amazing, wonderful reader she is and also really, beautiful-in-and out awesome person!!!!! i like her a lot, i will consult her again!!!" ... written by OHSO
She was polite and sincere!" ... written by WANTING
I love, love, love Gloria she is the best! I will always go to her for everything I may need." ... written by Katie
Gloria is wonderful!!!!" ... written by January
Wonderful and so caring glad you picked up on me! Thank you!" ... written by c
Always back for more! Lots of Love God Bless." ... written by VK
i really liker :)" ... written by Luciana
soo soo insightful and lovely!! thankyou dear!" ... written by c
Thanks Gloria for your insight, as always xx" ... written by Lily Anne
Thank you! :)" ... written by Mariela
5 starts. Great readings and insight. Lot of information. Thank you so much. Namaste" ... written by rnp
Great reading. She pin-pointed things and explained in a great detail. She is great. " ... written by Janice
thanks Gloria..very good update and spot on accuracy" ... written by rosy
good one . talks with her heart" ... written by princess1218
very enlightening" ... written by shades
really great reader" ... written by cletrel
Thank you again! You are my friend!" ... written by garace
Thank you so much for helping me through this! I appreciate you!!!" ... written by Garace
really great insight on the future, restored my hope in happiness." ... written by gemmaaa93
Thank you Gloria! You are a god send. I will be back soon. Thank you for everything!!!" ... written by Garace
Gloria is amazing..." ... written by Dancer
You can count on Gloria's readings! I have been having readings with her for a year now and they have all come true. She is wise and accurate - anytime I am confused, she is always here to help!" ... written by Virgo
EXCELLENT" ... written by DAVYBOII
She was wonderful, connected with me and answered my questions honestly. " ... written by Rachelle
LOVE, LOVE, LOVER GLORIA" ... written by january
Amazing reading, put me at ease" ... written by R.
i love her. super connected. truelly gifted. i recomend " ... written by gio
I had a great reading" ... written by Katie
She is always spot on. This is my second reading with her and she's the best. Love love love Gloria!" ... written by Dayzed
The best, as usual, spot on as always!" ... written by Ryzette
The best" ... written by ryzette
This lady is amazing. She has a huge heart and cares deeply when reading. " ... written by January
Thank you so much for the reading. Sorry, I could not add more minutes, but you gave me an idea of what to focus on in my love life. Appreciate your help very much!" ... written by Rhonda
She gave me the best advice today..It wasn't really even psychic! It was human. It makes a world of difference. I can now start on a path of healing. Thank you a million times over Gloria " ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Absolutely amazing! Got our answer within minutes, went into great detail. Settled my children's minds." ... written by Tami Ross
The best, very accurate as usual, besos" ... written by ryzette
Spot on, like always. Gloria picks up on every little detail. She has done many readings for me and they have all been accurate and life-changing. You can trust her." ... written by Virgin Virgo
she's so sweet. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She's quick with the cards, and explains thoroughly. She doesn't waste your time. " ... written by erica
She did great! I had a few credits and a couple questions that she was able to answer in a short time. She gave me the reassurance I needed and hopefully things will work themselves out soon. thanks Gloria " ... written by l
thanks gloria" ... written by lavelle
Really tuned into my situation. I hope what she predicts comes true :)" ... written by Amy
as always she's great and the most understanding with the cards and reading!" ... written by glennice
very nice reading, very pleasant and did not sugar coat. highly recommend!" ... written by brandy
always a wonderful reading!!" ... written by flow
I always come to Gloria for comfort and truth, both of which she knows how to deal with accordingly. Thank you very much for the update. 100% " ... written by Vanessa
Very quick and very accurate about the read of current situation." ... written by Maria
very good reading The most sincere person.. " ... written by shades
amazing reading she is really able to connect " ... written by cletrel
excellent as always! i love her to pieces!" ... written by riza
great reading!!!!" ... written by ashley
I love love Gloria she is the best" ... written by Katie
Thank you Gloria was a pleasure- so calm and kind and honest wonderful reading " ... written by capricorn_dancer
Thank you . As always you are very kind and honest. Will definitely be back next week for a follow up reading." ... written by princess1218
I love love Gloria!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Katie
Spot on and reliable!" ... written by Taylor
Gloria shares so much information in her readings. Very detailed and explains the situation as it unfolds." ... written by january
She is so accurate in what she sees. Hope the future keeps coming :)" ... written by mariasheart
Spot on as always, thank you Boo, " ... written by Ryzette
love her! she is amazing!!! :)" ... written by Justwantlove
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
Gloria ... Thank you , for being a very good reader and adviser . I really appreciate the things you tell me . I feel the connection with you. Not a lot of people here can be as good hearted as you are. Thank you ..." ... written by PRINCESS1218
Thank you gloria, you are super nice, i hope things will turn out the way you see in your cards, that would be so good.." ... written by dana
she was wonderful and nice. said what i needed to hear" ... written by Rebecca
thank you again for the advices . Its always heart warming to hear those. thank you" ... written by princess1218
always giving me such loving and caring deep insight, thank you dearest" ... written by c
wonderful help !!! i think i know what i need to do !" ... written by victoria
Gloria has always been a friend to me ... She has been sent by GOD to guide me . Thank you so much for the guidance and advices. GOD bless ... Happy New year .." ... written by princess1218
GloriaTV is definitely someone that I will always keep coming back to." ... written by glennice
thank you so much for not just being a good reader but for being a good adviser." ... written by princess1218
She is so sweet and honest and straight to the point ;)" ... written by maria
Not only is she really helpful in free chat....she is amazing in a private reading very insightful!" ... written by Glennice
I love my reading with Gloria!!! She is amazing!!!!" ... written by Katie
always best readings!! and spot on always!! " ... written by hermestarr
wonderful reading as always!" ... written by flow
She is my go to. I love her She is on point and brings lots of positive energy!!!! Thank you so much " ... written by samantha
Love!! I love love love talking with Gloria! She is a wonderful spirit with a wonderful insight that has not failed me. If you need answers please call Gloria. You will not be disappointed. She is amazing!" ... written by optomystic1
Very sweet and she is insightful that is for sure.. " ... written by rose
She seems connected and to really care, thank you " ... written by M
Gloria is always on point with her readings. I love talking to her." ... written by Yvette
Excellent reader. Highly recommended." ... written by Avesraggiana
great" ... written by amanda
thank you so much, i will try really hard to do as you say!!" ... written by Tonya
truthful as always" ... written by Ryzette
she is incredible! very calming and really cares. it shows alot!" ... written by KR
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!!" ... written by tonya
excellent as always! i love her!" ... written by rii507
amazing as always" ... written by cletrel
awesome update...after a real long time!" ... written by rosy
I have had several readers and she is 1 0f 3 I look to. So far it its working as she seen. Thanks Gloria!" ... written by mariaheart
thank you!!" ... written by ashley
excellent" ... written by kissastar23
She is like a sister. Easy to speak to, comforting and highly intuitive. Thank you for being there. God Bless YOu!" ... written by Garace123
you are wonderful, very intuitive, very psychic, you know your cards very well! worth spend money absolutely! " ... written by Alicja
As always, she is clear and right on point!" ... written by Glennice
I will always use Gloria for my readings...she's so honest and willing give you more than you ask in a reading!" ... written by Glennice
love my friend :) She is the most sweet girl and so genuine and accurate!!" ... written by eternity
Thank you Gloria for being back . I miss you . Thank you for the advices . Will surely do all of it. Pls continue to pray for us. " ... written by princess1218
gloria, we have so much in common. i know you feel my heart. thank you for taking some time out for me. i dream big..and hope that someday i'll get there." ... written by gloria
i am so happy with my reading. sshe is so right and I needed to confirm. I will come back and I will request her. thank you so much I feel so positive now.." ... written by Valerie G Fischer
God bless you Gloria dear...your amazing as always, i wont forget ill do it for 14 days and come back to you certainly. thank you so much" ... written by think
thanks gloria and i will take ur advice" ... written by lavelle
Wonderful reading as always !!! " ... written by Tonya
thank you for always being there for me" ... written by princess1218
Great reading thanks Gloria" ... written by capricorn_dancer
always a lovely reading! thanks!" ... written by flow
Perfect as always!" ... written by na
very good reading,thanks gloria x" ... written by .
I love this woman, the best adviser on this site, she is so amazing, thanks so much Gloria!!!! " ... written by Tonya
always happy to see you here Gloria. You always give light and clarity to me. Thank you for the update . Will be back.." ... written by princess1218
i have never met any psychic who was SOOO INTUNE with the energies...she is definitely amazing...i would have liked more specific time frames and predictions but thats we can't have it all......i am definitely going to be coming back! Thank u for your time and talent.Very highly recommended indeed!" ... written by lovehouston
It was ok. I don't think the cards like me. But great woman. Things are supposed to get better." ... written by Maricelia
She is angel! Saving your time from nonesense and 100% Worth to pvt chat! God Bless Her XXX " ... written by Love
Did an update with Gloria:) SOooo happy I did. She is such a wonderful reader and right on the nose with how I've been feeling. Appreciate her and look forward to coming back for an update:)" ... written by Carrie
she Made my day and she know what is going on and she is so so nice to me she is grate could not do it with out her " ... written by Chris
Excellent as always." ... written by oreo
Gloria is spot on, specific and all of her predictions have come true! I will always choose Gloria because apart from her abilities, she also is very professional, sharp-minded and kind-hearted! Five stars, as always. Thank you Gloria :)" ... written by Virgin Virgo
Beautiful and fascinating insight many thanks." ... written by Sparrow
very great really was able to help my situation" ... written by cletrel
So Sweet and I really liked her reading. I will be back to check back in as we discussed. Thank you so much. " ... written by mainstreem20
Only one word....AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! each and every way.....I would not go to anyone else...." ... written by lovehouston
Wow, that was such an amazing reading, she answers a lot of question and doesn't waste your time, highly recommended." ... written by Stella
She was very good will wait for a month or 2 to see if the results come thru." ... written by Ray
thank you so much for your help" ... written by goloka
great reading" ... written by veezee
lovely lady with kind heart, good reading, very precise." ... written by eli
good update on job n career.." ... written by rosy
she's amazing as usual.....something that she said did happen, and she's very intune with the situation! I only trust her!" ... written by lovehouston
I can trust her with MY LIFE...that says it all." ... written by lovehouston
Its always a pleasure to get her guidence, she has helped me so much, with relationship, my business and you get a reading from Gloria you will never regret !! she has wonderful soul, care and connect and pick up on what you are dealing with " ... written by Tonya
very enlightening" ... written by shades212
Amazing!" ... written by l
Thank you for everything. God Bless You!" ... written by Garace123
Wonderful reader! Give her a try :-)" ... written by garace
She is such a kind spirit...I didn't stay on with her long...but I appreciated her approach; she doesn't waste time holding you on waiting that is for sure...and for that I am appreciative." ... written by Gloria
She is always the best!" ... written by Glennice
always so caring and insightful dear, thank you so much!" ... written by c
Like her readings, she is honest and she tell you the truth" ... written by leila smith
she is very sweet and nice and she always take care of me :) and make me feel better " ... written by Chris
i love the readings " ... written by leila smith
WOW she is so sweet, direct and accurate. I will come back for uppdate. thnx alot, namaste" ... written by Spiritonloose
Very good reading who quickly determine my past and gave advice for future. Thank you" ... written by Krista Ellott
as always she is so amazing connects fast and have been accurate since i been consulting with her, everything has came as she said with my personal life and business, you will not be disappointed at all with a reading from Gloria!! Love her she has changed my life!! " ... written by Tonya
Thank you" ... written by eziina
as usual she's fantastic and reassuring....and a lovely kind energy...thank u!" ... written by lovehouston
She is an amazing woman. Her words are very caring and sincere. I will use her again. She said things to me that I know it is positive. Thank you and I hope your prayers and answers get my son to come home soon." ... written by Jewels McDonald
Love the reading. very insightful and helpful. I have a wonderful bigger picture. And when got advice of what to add to my prayers. Thank you" ... written by Mojo
her readings are you and accurate " ... written by leila smith
She will only be the one to read for me. " ... written by Glennice
Great! I will be back" ... written by Glennice
She is always so understanding and gets to the heart of the matter. " ... written by Glennice
she is SUPERB in each and every way....every different question was answered in an honest and clear way....she completely tunes into the energies of different people and picks up exactly how it is....she is a very big asset to this site and a gem, i can't praise her enough." ... written by lovehouston
her readings are great" ... written by leila smith
I wiil be back after 6 month to tell you about my life, but know I am sure about how gifted you are!" ... written by Mariana
thank you, very insightful!" ... written by Alicja
very accurate reading! She connected very quickly to my situation. Thanks for the reading and your prayers. I will be back soon" ... written by Isabelle
Great as usual" ... written by Ryzette
great reading" ... written by Ashley
WONDERFUL!!!! VERY HAPPY!!!!" ... written by freeandlove23
Very good reading everything seems be on point but will have to wait and see " ... written by shades212
10 stars !" ... written by marias
Thank you gloria. You always inspire me and tell me the truth. I look forward to you advice always, becasue its never sugar coating but absolute truth. Much love and appreciation." ... written by Ladymysterious
Great reading. Thanks again for everything! Love and light" ... written by Isabelle
she was very nice and worked very hard for me she is always vary nice to me and know what I am like and need and she has lost of good ideas for me :) she can help you as well " ... written by Chris
So compassionate and to the point! I got all the answers I needed in less than 10 mins! Thank you so much!" ... written by Sam
She's always great always speaks the truth. Things have happened that I didn't believe would happen but they did. She's very accurate" ... written by na
Great as always!" ... written by MsVirgo
She's pretty good with her cards. Always reads well on what is going on in my head or the other's person's thoughts. I will wait to see where this all goes. She's been spot on so far so I know she won't let me down." ... written by l
I love her so much, she has been so great on all her readings, she has helped me with my path with relationship and my business, for all who is skeptical, dont be with Gloria!! Words can not express what she has done for me, clarity, reassurance and her real care and concern about what she sees and says!! always accurate and everything she has said has come to pass!! thanks so much for helping me MY MOSTEST FAVORITE!" ... written by Tonya
amazing woman and reading. thanks " ... written by val
Excellent! Gloria is kind and direct. Very compassionate and accurate. I enjoyed the reading." ... written by AJ
picked up on what happened very well and what was going on with the situation" ... written by 888
she's the best!" ... written by Glennice
Amazing lady! Gives it to you like it is and gives you advice to make the situation work out. Thank you so much Gloria! " ... written by l
Great/Excellent!! I love Ms. Gloria.:) Thank you for putting things straight with honesty. You are a true messenger and you deserve so much more than 5 stars. Your insight is priceless." ... written by Thel
so deeply connected with gloria!!!" ... written by rosy
she is the absolute best" ... written by glennice
I keep coming back, because she is amazing and accurate :)" ... written by MsVirgo
lovely and reassuring as usual.....also spot on with everything....a pleasure to talk to." ... written by lovehoustonh
Gloria was excellent!!. Made me feel empowered!! Gave me insight and clarity. I love her.!:)" ... written by Thel
She is amazing as always!" ... written by Glennice
thanks again gloria" ... written by lavelle
Gloria, I'm in your heart always, as u are in mine. I not forgetting you. Thank you so much for the advice. Continue doing what your doing for me please. Thank you, miguel" ... written by miguel
Very in depth and patient. Saw a lot of things that were going on and picked up on what was happening in the relationship. " ... written by angelszone
thanks Gloria for the update!" ... written by rosy
Very wonderful lady. Very smart and knowledgable" ... written by Paulette
Thank you so much! Very helpful and sweet woman. " ... written by Kristina
Very informative and enlightening. Confirmed my thoughts," ... written by shades
Awesome " ... written by Mojo
love you gloria thank you " ... written by miguel
Good as always" ... written by Ryztte
Ms. Gloria is right on the mark. Excellent at explaining with great detail she doesn't miss anything. Thank you for your guidance!!" ... written by Thel
Great reader with great advices. I've always trusted her intuition and will definitely come back. Thanks!" ... written by bibi123
So much insight and care and genuine concern about whats in my life!! very great always feel better after reading with her" ... written by Tonya
Gloria! is the Best! XXX" ... written by Light
she is the best...very comforting and caring...sorry had to cut the conversation suddenly..unexpected company!" ... written by lovehouston
thank you very much for your help" ... written by golo
thanks gloria for the awesome update!" ... written by rosy
thanks again, wonderful reading" ... written by Tonya
10stars" ... written by mariasherat
great " ... written by Tonya
great reader " ... written by leila smith
Thank you Gloria!!! =))) Thank you for amazing reading and the support you are lovely lady!" ... written by ...
Always a pleasure, and I always feel better once I have talked to Her! " ... written by MsVirgo
Perfect as always" ... written by N/A
very intuitive and positive...thank you" ... written by lovehouston
always great and accurate reading, i am in tears because of this lady and her care and concern about what has been going on in my life, she has been guidance since December and everything, i mean everything she has said was going to happen has happen and came to pass, i really thank GOD for her and her gift!! love u ms gloria!!! " ... written by Faye
she is always awesome, she is caring, she is accurate, everything she has told me has come to past!! best psychic on this site!!! love her so much!!! " ... written by Tonya
She's absolutely great!" ... written by Glennice
She is always so sweet and spot on with what I'm feeling. " ... written by Glennice
Always good, and spot on" ... written by Ryzette
She is the best" ... written by shades
lovely HONEST reading! much appreciated!" ... written by ashley
v good as usual....." ... written by lovehouston
you are most definitely one of a kind. everything that you stated was right on! you even gave me peace about questions i was afraid to ask. thank you thank you thank you! " ... written by melanie
great first reading." ... written by n
wonderful " ... written by Tonya
Once again, Gloria has come through. Her readings are one of the best and truthful readings out there. " ... written by melanie
lovely lady :) gives great advices thank you!!!" ... written by ...
Always great Im back again and again!" ... written by MsVirgo
ACCURATE!" ... written by VirginVirgo
Gloria is always so accurate and generous and she is always worth the time and money. " ... written by Glennice
very understanding and sensitive. i think had a good grasp on my situation. xx" ... written by claire
Thank you Gloria for your wonderful insight and insight. I know that you are always honest and up front with me that's why I always come back to you. Eveything that you have told me in the past about relationships are right and I know that you are right about this too. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you" ... written by Ladymysterious
excellent reading !! she can quicly tune into your energy to give out the info !!" ... written by crs828
Gloria was wonderful as always. Always accurate and clear about everything. She takes the time to explain and ensures that you understand. Thank you Gloria." ... written by Ladymysterious
Gloria has been helpful beyond belief. I've had many sessions with Gloria and she has always led me in the right direction. She has made such a positive impact on my life that I never believed I could receive from anyone in Oranum. Not only do I trust her to give accurate readings, but her genuine concern for her clients is remarkable and I am so thankful for having the opportunity to meet her and be her client." ... written by Virgin Virgo
thank you again for your help" ... written by goloka
wonderful" ... written by Tonya
I just love her.. she's honestly my favorite on here. There are some good ones on here but she is consistently right. She is also pure of heart. There is nothing but good that comes from speaking with her. Love love love her!" ... written by n/a
Hi Gloria, it was good to talk with you again." ... written by Paula
She is the best!!! No one on this site is better" ... written by na
she is very accurate, very good" ... written by julie
sweet lady, and very kind and helpful. Thank you. " ... written by m
good reading, honest answers with tarot cards. " ... written by golden
really wonderful reading with Gloria!" ... written by *
She's very soothing. I liked the reading with her a lot. She helped clarify things that were bothering me. " ... written by Erica
Gloria is absolutely amazing...She connects so fast and her spirit is kind. I so appreciate her and am so glad I had found her as a trusted reader. It has been awhile since our last, and she picked up on my situation right away. Thank you Gloria:) Beautiful soul!" ... written by Carrie
A good reading she is very genuine." ... written by teatree77
Not what I wanted to hear, but definitely what I needed! Upfront, honest and totally made sense with my situation. Great insight :)" ... written by Freedom2211
she is very kind!!! it was a sweet reading " ... written by Catnesslove2310
I feel confident" ... written by rk
Very good reading!! " ... written by isabellissima
Gloria is amazing! She helps me understand not my situation but also myself better. " ... written by 23123
Gloria is always accurate and confirming in her sessions. Her presence is warm and welcoming. She is straight to the point and knows what she is talking about. You don't have to wait for her to connect with you. She has such a strong connection with Spirit. I can see her light shinning bright. Therefore, I am able to trust the wisdom she shares completely knowing that it is shared in integrity and love. I am a certified intuitive. This prevents me from accepting any and everything others tell me to be true when it is in fact a deceptional lie for greed of gain. This is not so with Gloria. She is real and she will help you to get real results. I would give her 100 stars if this site allowed it. Thanks love for uplifting my spirit. I will contact you soon with another update. Many blessings." ... written by luvbuck83
awesome" ... written by nadine
Spot on as always" ... written by Ryzette
thank you for your wonderful reading. She is very very spiritual, and I come to her because she is so filled with divine energy. Very accurate always. " ... written by mariam
Thank yo Gloria " ... written by Paula
you are so amazing and i love love speaking with you so spot on about everything and i will be back to update you" ... written by m
She was on the mark with a lot of her insight. I appreciate that and her honesty. " ... written by knowoing2013
She is amazing xx" ... written by B
Very good reading. I was very happy after the reading. Gloria is sincere and I believe what she says." ... written by shades212
Gloria is a big Blessing for Oranum. Actually oranum should give her a big Reward!!! Minimum gift like a Big House wherever she wants or whatever she wants! :) " ... written by Love
wow , she was on for many things . well done girl xx" ... written by B
I always let her read for me no one else!!" ... written by Glennice
She is great but you guys really have to do something about the connections. I always have to end so that I can type properly. it keeps freezing. " ... written by Glennice
Gloria is so sweet and nice and very calming..." ... written by beccarcl
She is An Angel, She is Best in Oranum XXX" ... written by Love
Thank you, excellent reading. I like her she gives me hope and seemed to read the situation clearly. Thanks for prayers too!" ... written by Mel
thank you darling for your help. I am very grateful to you. " ... written by merry
Gloria is great and knows as she says. She explained in detail and directed me on how to avoid problems that she saw ahead of me. That was worth much more than I could pay and I thank you Gloria." ... written by James
thanks for a kind and wonderful reading. she is very reassuring, sweet lady. " ... written by mn
I've been spending lots of time this psychic that psychic this past "several months" to figure it out about my situation." ... written by Last search1
She is a real Queen of Oranum. Oranum must provide her with everything she needs! Im serious! :) " ... written by Love
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Honest, direct and inspiring......and genuinely want to help you to achieve your goal." ... written by littlebudy1
Appreciate all" ... written by knowing2013
realistic reading...v tuned in energies,,,thanks" ... written by lovehouston
very accurate, straightforward with compassion, great info on work/career love/relationships!" ... written by hollyberries1
Absolutely amazing reading! she is fast and accurate. her predictions come true! " ... written by cathy
Really good reading! Gloriatv read with passion and I can believe what she say...Thanks!" ... written by Favored
This is an amazing woman, i love her, and she will help u and guide you, and will always be there for u if u need her. if you want clarity SHES THE ONE!" ... written by Vika88skn
when I have a question about God and the chosen path I always come to Gloria. Her prayerful nature makes me feel secure and she always helps me. She talked me out of self doubt, or second thoughts. Taking life as it comes to me from this day forward, and not analyze why God sends us some things in life. " ... written by marion
I love, love , love, Gloria!!! she is a god send she has always been there for me!! she I the best!!" ... written by Katie
She was fast and accurate!" ... written by Mya
Thank you Gloria!!" ... written by VirginVirgo
Gloria blows my mind away every time. I have had countless readings with her and I always trust her." ... written by Virgin Virgo
Gloria is always the best. She is sweet, fast reader, and gives amazing advice and genuinely cares about you. The best one on Oranum! Love you soo much Gloria." ... written by cathy
Absolutely astounding as usual! Extremely good reader. I always stalk Oranum for her." ... written by luvTim
she's not just a psychic, it feels like she's a genuine and caring friend....thank u for everything,,,,will talk soon." ... written by lovehouston
Great, person, great readings, love her, always truth and always makes me feel positive. love you Gloria xxx you're helping me so much" ... written by Vika88skn
Superb reading spot on " ... written by Lorna
i absolutely love Gloria. No other psychic has helped me like her. i cannot thank her enough. you are so gifted and special." ... written by Cristal
I just LOVE Gloria!!!!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
Amazing. Was definitely scarily accurate with the current situation. will definitely come back to her for an update soon x" ... written by Nosheen
thank you very much. I will ... bless you :-)" ... written by love
she is one of the best" ... written by julie
nothing's the same...still on the spot, lots of details with great good advice! i came to her for a year and still the best!!" ... written by rii507
great reader " ... written by laura
She did awesome honestly. I hope things do go as planned. she was very very nice. I will be coming back again! thank you Gloria!" ... written by Jaqueen
Gloria is awesome and gives me tools that I can use to fix the things in my life that are not working great for me. She is very caring, kind and connected to real guidance. I trust her and loved her reading. I will be back to give report to you Gloria and we will do more work because you are helping me so much to find my happiness and balance! :) xo" ... written by sunrisestarshine
She was fast to connect and knew exactly what was going on! She is fast too, would highly recommend her! :) " ... written by Sal
I really liked her. Her cards connected very quickly and she is just a wonder star. Gave me excellent advice" ... written by B
Been going to her for a long time now. she is the best hands down. always honest " ... written by Alexandra
She is such an amazing person. She gave me knowledge that I've been seeking for a very long time. She could tell me exactly whats happening with me! She is tooo amazing. Thank you !!!" ... written by iesha
This is not my opinion, but a fact! She is truthful and warm and just so great!" ... written by Pauline H
amazing reading! I will be back! Thanks so much Gloria!!!" ... written by determinedSoul
she is so sweet to talk to and get guidance from" ... written by korrena
She was fast and awesome!" ... written by Grace
Thank you always so kindly, carefully listening my story and problems" ... written by Lastsearch
she said we will meet briefly...and that happened...v intune with energies...." ... written by lovehouston
good guidance..." ... written by littlebudy1
She is a beautiful soul! True and authentic" ... written by iesha
i love her....shes so genuine and supportive...and doesn't give false hope!" ... written by lovehouston
What a beautiful and insightful reading . She is so precise and accurate it is scary xx" ... written by B
Gloria is amazing. I've been working with her for a few weeks now and things are coming slowly to fruition. She is really warm and caring and passionate about what she does! Thank you for everything Gloria! " ... written by A
very good reader explains everything in detail" ... written by shades212
AMAZING reading!! SO spot on! I recommend her!!" ... written by Katrina
Very good reading was on point with some of the things that she said. Said what I was thinking all along" ... written by shades212
she keeps me calm and her...." ... written by lovehouston
God Bless You!!!!" ... written by Garace123
Awesome she answered my question i needed to know if it will be the right decision. I will definitely let her know on the progress. it's always nice to come to someone with a kind soul. " ... written by sharona315
she know and she is always there for me and she is grate and she know so much she has help me so much hope she can help you as well hugs " ... written by Chris
awesome" ... written by Cristal
good" ... written by cristal
Gloria is so accurate, omg I love her! Than you!" ... written by Raychul
thanks" ... written by kelsee
she is a super woman,,,the her realistic and supportive readings...." ... written by lovehouston
Thanks Gloria for supporting me all the time. I'm glad you are here for me and support me on this bumpy road! Thank you my dear! xxx" ... written by Tinker
She really helped me in areas I had trouble in! Thank you Gloria so much!" ... written by Cherie
thank you lovely lady who can always connect to god and knock sense into things. I have had a strange situation, she explained it very beautifully to me. I have to just understand the purpose beyond our physical limitations and she helped me do that. " ... written by merren
very good reading really enjoyed it" ... written by cletrel
thank you always for excellent reading. You always answer questions accurately. Appreciate your help. " ... written by minnie
She's amazing.... i trust her, i believer her, and i love her for everything she tell me and how she guides me xxx " ... written by Vika
she is very good, I do trust her... very honest" ... written by sm
She is very good but unfortunately my credits were not enough" ... written by GloriaTV
Fabulous. She is gives more clarity to my queswtions than others " ... written by Tamara100
Great, as usual, feel so much better after this reading xx Thank you, shes the best!" ... written by Vika
Very fast and honest! x " ... written by Zid
my weekly update... shes awesome" ... written by Cristal
Gloria is a seeker and I love how she connects her visions through tarot cards to seek confirmation. She can connect well and i recommend her!" ... written by Mary
Loads of positivity as always and clarity... thank you Gloria xx" ... written by Vika
great great great!!!" ... written by Katie
love the lady xx" ... written by B
I love love her she is the best" ... written by Katie
my reading was sooooo spot on and she was so honest about every word! i love her readings!" ... written by Jaqueen
It was my first reading with gloria. She picked up things that are so true. It was a very nice and clearing reading.I really liked it a lot and for sure I will be back to tell her what happened . Thank you so much Gloria - Spasiba" ... written by Sonia
Again, shes amazing! I cant express how much im amazed each time i have a reading with her!!!" ... written by Katrina
She is on point with some many things we are experiencing right now and all the misunderstanding" ... written by knowing2013
Gloria is the best, I will only ever come to her form now on. She is my favourite" ... written by Raychul
Love every reading I have with her. She is always accurate, quick in her readings, and gives the best advice. Thank you soo much for such a beautiful reading :) :) :)" ... written by cathy
The best so far! always go back to her she is a great person, mentor overall" ... written by Alexandra
what a beautiful reading ! she rocks" ... written by B
the best as false hopes....extremely accurate...." ... written by lovehouston
Thank you so much! God Bless you!" ... written by Garace123
brilliant in each tuned in and accurate....the best." ... written by lovehouston
Gloria never fails to amaze me! Each reading I have with her is so beyond accurate, spot on and she helps me through my life's path SO well! Im blessed to know her and be able to have a reading with her!!!" ... written by Katrina
Thank you so much Gloria for praying for me!! And for your insight and guidance. I'll follow them. " ... written by LostGirl
she's my superwoman.....i don't need to say more..... :)" ... written by lovehouston
She is always very warm and kind. She is always sincere and amazing! Highly highly recommended to all people!" ... written by Lastsearch1
Thanks for all insight" ... written by knowing2013
good read" ... written by mariana
what an honest and truthful reading , really appreciate the honesty xx" ... written by B
super intune.....great reading as usual!" ... written by lovehouston
I appreciate all guidance. Blessings " ... written by knowing2013
She is great, thank you so much " ... written by val
she is my you..." ... written by lovehouston
best on this site" ... written by cristal
always excellent" ... written by mintleaves
Missed her. So happy she is getting well. THANKS FOR ALL." ... written by knowing2013
Great, clear, honest " ... written by Suzanne
My Boo, she is the best! " ... written by Ryzette
Gloria is the best! She is genuine, loving, always spot on, and the most intuitive woman i know. I have trusted her and her only because she is the only one who has ever made acurrate predictions that always come to pass." ... written by Melinda
As always she is amazing and love her!" ... written by Glennice
Excellent reading!! She gives the best advice, on top of wonderful readings. She geniunely cares for you, and makes sure you get the most details no matter how much time is left. Thank you gloria!!" ... written by gabriella
Always amazing! The only one i trust." ... written by Melinda
SO great to have her back ! " ... written by B
excellent reading!!! she is the best!! thank you gloria!!" ... written by cathy
I appreciate her insight she reads well. " ... written by knowing2013
Gloria is an angel! Everything she say is true! xxx" ... written by Love8
Gloria was great!! She got straight to the point without any trivial non-important fluff to eat up your time. She tells the truth and is very insightful about all aspects surrounding the situation, even things that you had no idea about. She's detailed and accurate!! I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Tye
best psychic on this site" ... written by cristal
So great to have her back xx" ... written by B
sweet and on point" ... written by real love
the best" ... written by Melinda
Gloria is the most divine woman I have ever met, she gives advice from her heart and gives 1000 percent of her energy to her readings, and most importantly HER READINGS ARE TRUE AND ACCURATE! thank you soo much gloria i am so blessed to have met you " ... written by cathy
She is still so amazing and caring and always on point!!" ... written by Glennice
I love Gloria I wish I could have more time with her." ... written by Katie
Beautiful, Loving, truthful private" ... written by Ryzette
ALWAYS great. " ... written by luvtim
No one can replace you , thank you" ... written by Ryzette
Thank you Gloria!!! So honest!" ... written by Ashley
Appreciate honest reading" ... written by knowing
always spot on and wonderful" ... written by Melinda
the best, the best, the best," ... written by Ryzette
I love this girl she is amazing " ... written by B
just love talking to gloria she is thebest and always makes me feel better and answers all my questions" ... written by maria
I haven't spoken to Gloria in so long...the reunion was well worth it...she is simply amazing a great reader always!" ... written by Bronxie
Love Gloria!! She's wonderful, so honest!" ... written by Ashley
Everytime I feel down or unsure I can trust Gloria to tell me the truth and talk to me. she gives the best advices and her readings are always accurate" ... written by Alexandra
EXCELLENT READING!!! gloria is always right and gives the best like she is a best friend. soo grateful for her, thank you soo much gloria." ... written by cassie
gloria is the best!" ... written by Melinda
Gloria is very intuitive and a very beautiful and kind lady. thank you for your time!" ... written by cassie
Very good reading!" ... written by Q
She had so much insight and was very accurate and love. Thank you fr your help." ... written by Alexis
very good as usual" ... written by wendalena
Always Awesome and so spot on!" ... written by N/A
what a in depth reading . thank you so much for your generosity xx" ... written by B
EXCELLENT READING! connection was amazing, thank you soo much Gloria!!" ... written by ,3gabby
She's always great!!!" ... written by Glennice
Gloria is a divine soul, heaven sent. All her readings make you feel like you have been washed from all negativity. Thank you soo much Gloria!" ... written by cathy
Picks up well,I will wait and see predictions and then leave further feedback,seemed very sure what will happen,only time will tell." ... written by J
Good, as always" ... written by Ryzette
gloria is the best!!!!!!" ... written by melinda
She is awesome! She hit home with my reading" ... written by Qu
SHe is excellent. Great connection! Told the truth! beautiful person! I highly recommend!" ... written by pea
Amazing :) Sweet girl " ... written by Mark
tried a new reader and so happy i did...she was spot on...i was actually drawn to her to take for a reading....thank you again msgloria" ... written by sabrinalove
She was spot on. Told many things without much details from my side. She is a very good reader. 5 stars" ... written by B
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by cathy
always an excellecnt reading!" ... written by ashley
So sweet and so good! " ... written by carlinw
Gloria is the best on here. Hands down; she is the best!" ... written by Melinda
AMAZING. *****************************************" ... written by me
what a beautiful person and a great connection!!. I will definitely be back with updates. LOVE AND GOD BLESS!" ... written by nik
Once again a great and in depth reading xx" ... written by B
As always clarifies what I need to know. " ... written by Glennice
I just absolutely love her! She is my go to. She has NEVER been wrong with her predictions. Even when I couldn't see it it came to pass. I've been coming to her for over a year now! Love love love her!!" ... written by na
Gloria is the best!!! thank you soo much!!" ... written by cathy
She was excellent! Fast and to the point!" ... written by Mya
She is the best!!" ... written by Glennice
Never disappointing, she gives you straight answers. Love the readings I get from her." ... written by tc
Gloria is simply astounding! You'll not regret speaking to her in private! She speaks truth, every single bit of it!" ... written by Cassandra
Gloria is amazing, i keep coming to her all the time and she is always right!" ... written by val
Gloria was soooo spot on. She was so connected and fast and was so in depth. everything she said about my situation was right. she put my mind at ease and I had been worrying for so long. Im so glad I came to her and I will come back again" ... written by Z
Gloria has a very strong connection. Her predictions are very accurate and I look forward to the follow up." ... written by Tom
EXCELLENT READING! I LOVE HER!!" ... written by cathy
lovely reading.. gloria is very gentle and kind hearted.. thank you so much. i will pray for us.. thank you for your guidence gloria.. i really appreciate it. love and light x " ... written by patient_girl
she was very sweet! she wants to help and i like that. thank you gloria!" ... written by asdfghj
I love her!!! She is the ABSOLUTE best on here NEVER has she been wrong. This is why I keep coming back! Her personality and demeanor are so positive and calming. I always feel renewed after talking with her no matter what she predicts! If you haven't read with her please do you WILL NOT be disappointed!!" ... written by clairity
she is pretty amazing. i've been to a lot of readers. this one is good. very good. " ... written by all
Another wonderful informative reading by Gloria, this lady is amazing." ... written by Tom
So glad we have connected, she explained so many things. I love her and she is so honest " ... written by B
gloria was right about alot of stuff happening in my life.. i look forward to chatting to you again gloria" ... written by patient_girl
My Boo" ... written by Maryse
hands down the best!!!" ... written by Melinda
I love gloria, she's the best!" ... written by Ashley
thank you gloria" ... written by all
thank you Gloria" ... written by all
EXCELLENT!!! She looked into everything to find answers. Not just some fairytale. I appreciate her and her guidance." ... written by luvtim
Gloria is my trusted advisor, she always leads me in the right direction!" ... written by Ashley
thanks gloria for the reading tonight.. i know "everything is possible" .. but i will keep you updated over the next few months.. will come back if things come to light.." ... written by patient_girl
EXCELLENT READING!!! Quite lovely!!" ... written by cathy
Loved the reading , she is such a support and a sweetheart love the woman " ... written by B
thank you gloria" ... written by all
Straight to the point with the answers I needed. Thanks xx" ... written by Scrol123
thank you gloria! your wonderful!" ... written by patient_girl
love her..correct reading ...thank u" ... written by milena gbemu
Okay Gloria. Please pray for me. Maybe you will have better influence than I have. Thank you. " ... written by all
yes. i am going to be patient and wait.. thanks for the update gloaria x" ... written by patient_girl
BEAUTIFUL READING! everything she say always happen, every prediction come true" ... written by cathy
She knows quite a lot just by your name, not even DOB! She's calm and very kind. Though it was my first reading with her I felt comfortable with her. She did say I will face hardship in the relationship but she gives me reassurance that it'll get better. It won't happen tomorrow or next week. This will take several months. It will take patience and love. And she reassured me that I'll be fine and I'll get through it. I'll return to her for another reading at another time for updates." ... written by ckeg
love her. such a sweetheart and very accurate!" ... written by nik
I love her xx" ... written by B
I appreciate the honest and positive readings. I am praying for the best." ... written by knowing2013
I love each and every session I have with her! Whatever she says comes to pass. Her consistency with her predictions has been 100% with me. No one else that I've tried has the same accuracy rate. She is simply wonderful!! " ... written by na
came back for updates and she was spot on as usual" ... written by Zae
When you are gifted, you are gifted " ... written by Ryzette
Gloria is one of the best psychics you can find here." ... written by Cassie
Love this girl xx" ... written by B
Love this lady " ... written by B
I appreciate all guidance and honesty. She is good." ... written by knowing2013
I love all my readings with Ms. Gloria, she is honest with what she sees and clear. She says I have good fortune coming my way, i'm just waiting for the flood gates to open !!!! " ... written by rs1828
she is on point i loved my reading. good energy and accurate! " ... written by nefi
Best reading ever!" ... written by Ashley
i read with Gloria in the past and her prediction was very accurate ,, talented reader, i recommend her!!" ... written by me
I appreciate her insight she is always on point with the reading. " ... written by knowing2013
love her!" ... written by gloria
thank you gloria. very very good" ... written by la
ms gloria was very insightful....she put my worries at ease and answered my questions....she is one who i stumbled across here in this glad i did...she is truly gifted...thank you again gloria" ... written by sabrinalove
She was amazing as always! Thank you" ... written by na
Very insightful! " ... written by cleg
Gloria really is the best!" ... written by Melinda
so great to have her back xx" ... written by B
she is very accurate" ... written by san
Very intuitive reading. Thank you for sharing with me. " ... written by cassie
Always in tune and caring, an amazing woman indeed! " ... written by Cassandra
thank you so much gloria" ... written by all
gloria is spot on....she gives accurate readings, fast, and overall 5 star quality...if you need answers she is the place to go.." ... written by sabrinalove
She was very good!" ... written by Grace
thanks for the Reading, made thinks more clear" ... written by Rita
She is spot on " ... written by B
Such an in depth reading and so accurate i love this lady xx" ... written by B
Great reading" ... written by Lisa
She's honest and direct. She doesn't try to tell you a fairy tale or paint a dreamlike picture. She sees how it is. If it's something you don't want to hear then it's something you NEED to hear. But she's there to comfort you and help you tackle the problem so you're not left hanging." ... written by ckeg
She's always beautiful. " ... written by Glennice
Spot on as always" ... written by Ryzette
Thank you Gloria, it's always a pleasure to have you read for me. You're always so honest and insightful. Hugs from California! Ashley aka Alisha :P" ... written by Ashley
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