About karael

Psychic karaelhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic karaelhas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about karael's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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hi dear i am expert: tarot, reiki, clairvoyance, empath, neurolinguistic programming, , angelic therapy, very soon akasha records, I have my strogn area is topics love and money i have proximately 10 years of experience and I will do everything possible to give you that help guide clarity that you need in your life.

Precise. Clear. To the point. Able to focus on the message he is getting. No sugar coating just what is there. Totally will come back. " ... written by Aba
very good x" ... written by gemma26
He said last year I would move to a orange house, and I did. He said he see a farm style house in 12 days and I found it the next day and was approved on the 12 day. Don't be fooled by his low rate, he is good." ... written by Ladyl
He so amazing open mind to comfortable to feel so good about it what does going to happen good or bad news :) I give him 5 star." ... written by anniekazmi88
muuy cincero directo.. se los recomiendo.." ... written by isaale
He said someone who had affection for me would help me to get a job. This is exactly what is happening. Very amazing reader this boy. Very accurate. " ... written by all bright
Karael is fast and to the point. he picked up on things quickly. He wasted no time and was very detailed. He is very good in private. I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by jaybird1966
He did really good and had information correct!" ... written by luv01_2008
Thanks Karael...you were very detailed in explaining and answering all my questions. i will sure contact you again." ... written by Bolley
I love Karael. He is really great!" ... written by Sacralith
This reading was amazing! Accurate about my past and present and helpful in the topic of my future. Hope I'll be able to keep all your advices! Thank you!" ... written by waterlover
very wonderful i advice everyone to talk to him" ... written by MoneyMaker92
Had very few credits but he was able to answer my question very fast and detailed." ... written by pinkpather30
He is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much for your answers!" ... written by Amanda
awesome" ... written by karaels client
awesome, fast, will see if predictions come true" ... written by oranum-user
He was great and connected quickly . Very accurate at pulling the situation and blockages and how to remove them . I will definitely return for updates . His price is a steal for what his talents are . " ... written by Rose
he is probably the best and most accurate clarevoyant and card reader i have ever come across. " ... written by al bright
amazing" ... written by allbright
Very uncanny accuracy. spot on consistently. almost spooky" ... written by allbright
he has amazing accuracy. very amazing" ... written by allbright
always impressive" ... written by allbright
He is very accurate! " ... written by al bright
Had a great reading with Karael. " ... written by Libertas
very good insightful reader. Very detailed knew what he was talking about and gave some great advice" ... written by Q
I know karael from 3 years ago, when he use to work on another site. He is very good and has gotten real sharp in all his readings.. he was the first person that read the tarot cards for me and still does an excellent job. I do recommend!!" ... written by pepestone1
Awesome!! :)" ... written by Natalie
So good :) Amazing, amazing, amazing. I hope you guys all try a private reading with him, it's totally worth it :)" ... written by natalie
Increeeiiibbblllleeee :) Jaja estoy emocionada para saber que va a pasar :) Me ayudaste mucho aunque no lo crees! Pronto nos veremos! Besos! Y muchisimas graciasss!!" ... written by Natalie
Nice guy.." ... written by kizzyface
Nice read." ... written by d2k1000
I love Karael his amazing." ... written by isaale
Amazing reader!!! I think he was spot on.. picked up on things that no one else did and made some predictions." ... written by iPreferMimi
Sweet and on the money. A man of few words, albeit pithy ones. LOL xoxo" ... written by vmorris
Very good to bad i ran out of credits.. I hope to have another reading with the man soon!" ... written by xjessicaheartx
Very Intuitive... so like" ... written by roa_gene
I'm so happy to have a reading with Karael finally. He is so generous in free chat, his short term predictions were right so i came for private. Ill come back again for more readings . Thanks a lot" ... written by missmel2011
Great Guy!" ... written by follower60
Thank you again for the honest reading. I'll come to you for a reading if he contacts me. " ... written by missmel2011
Very good advices, thanks a lot! :)" ... written by petalouditsa
Ok" ... written by Harvey6972
Karael is an amazing individual and reader. He is the real deal and got a true talent. Loved every minute of the prvt. and will be back for more." ... written by Joan84
HE IS AMAZING. and so so sweet. he goes out of his way to help you understand. I definitely recommend him :) :) " ... written by mashuhbear
Excellent reader. very accurate. " ... written by all bright
OMG we got cut off BUT YOU WERE SOOOOOO ON POINT!!! a must try people!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Love him. " ... written by lyriclove
He was good, thank you so much" ... written by cammyboo
He is excellent, highly accurate " ... written by allbright
Wonderful reading!" ... written by starshine34
Good!!!!" ... written by nena95690
amazing and generous." ... written by thanya
He is exceptional" ... written by allbright
had another lovely reading with karael like always hees really good at what he does. my best psychics" ... written by isaale
Reading was Ok we will see what's gonna happen" ... written by anavelkura
Great" ... written by gstephen
Very good!" ... written by starshine34
Great long reading :):)" ... written by isaale
great reading with lots of details" ... written by kk
Great reader wonderful and spot on" ... written by Lorann23
SO good, well worth it! thank you I will return!" ... written by charmedangelx31
My 2nd reading and even more right on point it gets better and better each time. Same predictions as the first time but with more accurate dates. I will be back" ... written by Joan84
Very good, thank you Confirm what I was thinking" ... written by gmwheeler
Good..Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Karael is very good, this is my third reading... I will come back again for sure. Thanks a lot." ... written by missmel2011
This is my 3rd reading and he is very accurate and his predictions have been true... I will continue to come back." ... written by leti8989
Awesome so true " ... written by nauby323
Some very accurate insights! will update on his predictions!" ... written by triflex
Thank you so much...Didnt ask for DOB just name and question...He was really accurate in describing my love...and he really cared and tried to help me..your awesome^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Seems good to be we'll see if predictions will come true." ... written by smiley2011
Good" ... written by Marie_P
Always spot on!" ... written by allbright
I'll come again with more funds soon" ... written by missmel2012
Nice reading... Accurate to what I was thinking." ... written by happy2020
He is phenomenal. very amazing" ... written by allbright
:) GOOD!" ... written by lizbeth6865
good :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
Thank you for the reading ! Great" ... written by marvlim
Always excellent!" ... written by allbright
He is great i know he is real because i am psychic thanks again honey ~~~" ... written by jazzy50
Awesome absolutely amazing." ... written by Marlaval
Was pretty good. Thank you!" ... written by sharona315
Great reading~" ... written by Joanna93
Excellente, amazing" ... written by LULUPILY13
Excellente, amazing" ... written by LULUPILY13
Thank you Karael, seguimos en contacto." ... written by isaale
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Great guy!" ... written by lolypok
Gracias karael" ... written by isaale
Thank u karael" ... written by isaale
Thank you karael for another great reading :)" ... written by isaale
He's wonderful and honest xx recommend him" ... written by katzhouse
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
He's great! " ... written by ale713
Karael is legit in his readings. Too bad his English not the best but he is understandable. Thank you!" ... written by Katja87
He is a Great Blessing to me Very Helpful. Highly recommend. Gives Great Advice." ... written by queenbee22
Thank you karael" ... written by isaale
Good one." ... written by ppp
Fast,accurate and on point" ... written by isabelbx
Thanks for the reading, it's detailed" ... written by thanya
Very good... I loved and will be talking again..." ... written by mlarosario
Fast,accurate and on point" ... written by isabelbx
He was honest. No sugar coating. Thank you very much." ... written by missmel2012
Great reading. He picked up on everything... and he told me everything straight up. He did not sugar coat and he was very kind... He is very kind and helpful! I will be back! :)" ... written by MissDecemburr
I did free chat with Karael the night before and a reading the next night. I have to say, I am going to return for another reading with Karael. I was able to focus on several things and he provided me with answers and prayers for each topic. I look forward to my future and seeing how things turn out. Thank you again, Karael!" ... written by dismusbda1
He's wonderful, very clear reading was, thank you Ruber." ... written by mano17
Gggrrrrreeeaat!!!!!!!!" ... written by specialk23
My 3rd reading blew me away every time blows my mind with his readings. 100% accurate and dead on. he is number one" ... written by Joan84
Wooow! Really hit the spot on this reading! :)" ... written by isaale
A very nice guy with an extraordinary gift. Try him and you won't regret!" ... written by confusedgirl1234
He was very straight to the point. I will follow up with him again soon. Thank You very much." ... written by tallnurse
Karael is very good and I recommend him to whoever would love a reading! He is very excellent!, he is great! :)" ... written by Benny
Great reading." ... written by isaale
Thank you again karael. I will come back to you another time." ... written by missmel2012
He is excellent" ... written by allbright
Thanks...not what i wanted to hear but this is what i needed to hear..." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Excellent reading and very helpful. Very caring and compassionate." ... written by maryannepav
A truly beautiful connection. He picked up on my situation exactly." ... written by beautywithinone
Loved him" ... written by ckayx69
Well karael is an honest reader... he gives truth to ur situation as he sees it.... of course over time things can change as you make choices but... i know he is accurate at the time the reading is given.... so if you want truth about something hes the man!!!" ... written by katzhous8
Had a great update, waiting to see how it goes. Very interesting his view on this issue." ... written by queenbee22
Karael is amazing. very accurate. very kind and patient. puts up with me through all my stress and struggles. in the end, he is so correct. very psychic and very talented." ... written by allbright
Karael picked up exactly what I picked up for myself. I believe him to be a legit reader and I trust him whole heartedly. " ... written by Katja87
Thank u so much ur a great reader il be back " ... written by ahly28
Very helpful and he made me understand everything thanks karael ;)" ... written by lady60
Karael is hot but besides that he's cute... ahahah and he is an honest accurate reader ... always on point ty " ... written by katzhous8
He's very accurate, I can't describe how good he is. If you're looking for a real deal, try him." ... written by Pam_mie
Didn't have to say anything and he told me everything! Right on target... very nice reading. I will be back. Plus he was very sweet and kind with his information. Ty Karael! " ... written by Valerie71
Exceptional reader and very wise." ... written by Montice
This guy is very very accurate!!!" ... written by stebella009
Outstanding. Very accurate." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Omg so real!!! recomend one billion times " ... written by nancenance2012
He's very good and very polite.Thanks Karael for all your help!" ... written by TamaraAquarious
He's a great reader in private!. Thanks!" ... written by jaybird1966
He really knows his stuff. Honestly you will not regret a single second of his privates" ... written by jon
Very helpful as well as peaceful" ... written by 77different
Thank you so much for help, ever true man." ... written by shubham3
Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Great update I hope it all will work out for the best" ... written by queenbee22
He can pick up on the situation. Very good reading. " ... written by reena2323
He is probably one of the most talented Psychics on Oranum. His skill and intuition is amazing. 100 stars." ... written by ikroyal
Thank you for the info. Update was good. Thank you." ... written by queenbee22
He is great. Very good advice. Right on. I will return again and again. Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
Great." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Honest....fast ....good....thanks." ... written by sabinaa
Just have to say: awesome!!!!" ... written by SASSY007
Very good. The best." ... written by mssunshine11
Yes, very helpful and honest." ... written by Ashantidiamundz
Great info, thank you." ... written by queenbee22
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
He is really good. He picked up the other woman, I will come back to u again karael. Thank you." ... written by missmel2012
I really like his readings and his overall support. He is very honest, and I believe. This is my second reading with Karael. " ... written by reena
Ty!" ... written by mimi222
Karael's predictions are coming true one by one...He is very good. " ... written by reena2323
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Excellent, clear, concise and very helpful reading, bless you!" ... written by Denisenz
This guy is good. He sees the situation as is. You get answers quite accurate. I recommend highly. Thank you KARAEL." ... written by zimerili1
Excellent vision he tells the truth. He is honest and sincere good person. 5 star rating!!!! Will tell friends about his amazing talent. Trustworthy person 5 stars rating. Will use again to tell me the truth." ... written by dominquez1
Great first reading! I would have another reading with him again!" ... written by lifetime1974
Excellent !" ... written by candyland2013
Karael is AMAZING. I felt at ease, straight to the point. I will follow up again as things show up that he advised me about." ... written by mylinn143
Very good!" ... written by gittyup1945
Very sincere and precise information. I have spoken with Karael twice now, several months apart and both times I received quite amazing results." ... written by AngelMarie56
Thank you Karael for the reading a wonderful blessing to have a session with you. " ... written by ikroyal
Awesome!" ... written by angelszone
Quick to connect." ... written by angelszone
He is great." ... written by blueberi
Great" ... written by youngstar19
THANK YOU KARAEL!! You are truly blessed you were so accurate i thank you and bless you i throughly recommend you to all, honest and truth and accurate, many blessings" ... written by rainbownz
He is so blessed with talent and highly intuitive. Very good reader." ... written by ikroyal
So honest and kind." ... written by bubblegum10
GREAT READER AND ADVISER! WILL BE BACK SOON!" ... written by tallnurse52
Thanks for the great reading the other day. You were right about something you told me, I discovered today. Will be back!" ... written by bleuberries
Thank you are very helpful and understanding:)" ... written by PoshSpice99
LOVE him, accurate to the T!! Ten stars... And he is such a genuine, noble person. Great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Great." ... written by gittyup1945
beautiful person, good heart, really is here to help, I had a good time with him and made somethings clear to me , gracias!" ... written by nataliamaya1975
Awsome!!" ... written by stephanie010
GREAT! =) very good guy! " ... written by rose1621
Karael is an AMAZING reader!!! Since the demo reading he offered me he was 100% on top of my private life. In private he only showed how much more amazing he could be. I felt at ease as he continue to answer my questions and answered them very precisely. I am astonished and feel really happy with the great reading he left. No doubt he is an awesome reader and will be returning. Thank You!!!!" ... written by Happy
Great! xx" ... written by bubblegum10
Is good!" ... written by polarbear78
Karael was very good during his reading. I felt positive energy from him. I highly recommend." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Great reading. Good details! thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Loved my reading." ... written by punchynella
He is a great guy!" ... written by nameless79
AWESOME - fast answer for a couple of credits I had left. Thank youuu!" ... written by erikamichel
He just might have saved my relationship! =) Thank you so much and he is sooo AMAZING!!! =) I will be back! =) " ... written by rose1621
Very kind!" ... written by katie46
Very good. Clear and accurate. I have many issues to solve which are scary and hard decisions he has helped." ... written by edonzie
Awesome reader...." ... written by qureshi
Awesome." ... written by jazzy
He has helped me so much and I will be back! Thank you." ... written by misty
Well done." ... written by Kerryanne
Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Omg so good, right too, love him." ... written by zeldasrockinit
ALWAYS THE BESTEST!" ... written by mssunshine11
I had asked this guy a question in free chat last year and he gave a blunt answer..today I realized this guy was accurate. I took him private for the first time today.... He was brilliant, sensational. Phenomenal. with not telling him anything and just the basic question. He brought the inside out... Very blunt, direct, no sugar coating, Practical and straightforward. Everything he said made sense. Left no confusion, You won't regret trying him!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great reading again. Karael is a great psychic, he reads people clearly." ... written by indiabonita
If you are patient, he will help you with what you want to know." ... written by AK
Very Kind, Sensitive and empathetic. " ... written by Karina
The reading was so great, relaxing and informative. He answered my questions and put me at ease. One of my favorites. He read my spirit and only used my name. Wow." ... written by indiabonita
amazing guy" ... written by blissful19
Simply shocking, I have often been a sceptic seeking a psychic to tell me something way too specific they couldn't possibly know. None have done before or when they have, there has been some excuse that could explain it. This guy was able to do it where there could be no other explanation or excuse. Genuinely freaked out. Has to be the real thing. Very impressed. " ... written by David
Much blessings to you Karael, you are very gifted and humble. Love having readings with you, the most honest person on Oranum!!!!" ... written by ik royal
Karael does express meaningful words and gave much insight in context with my life experience and all without my telling anything about me. I will return to Karael for his intuition." ... written by Christine
HE WAS GREAT I have no words for him. Great reading, great price! He told me everything I wanted to know in a short time! WOW! He is the best and, most important, true psychic! I highly recommend him!" ... written by BLUEJAYS
Thank you, Karael, for helping me out. Guys, try him in private reading! He is very accurate in his readings. He gave me powerful mantra and it really worked. 100 stars for Karael. Bless you." ... written by monisha2013
He was very nice and vey accurate. I believed him!!! Great guy! Loved it!" ... written by Kamaria
Karael is very sweet and understanding at such a tender age - he is patient and kind and has a good mastery of Tarot." ... written by Reshmi
He is the best . I feel." ... written by shubbha
He is great!" ... written by nita
I think he might be right. He seems serious about what he does and I like his style... Will come back!" ... written by halovm
He was very helpful and very patient. Definitely honest and upfront which I like. =) Enjoyed reading with him!" ... written by Nel
It was a good reading even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear. He told the truth and was honest and helped me to accept the truth of my situation." ... written by indiabonita
He's very accurate and into with his cards and the divine energy that surrounds him. Gracias Karael. " ... written by Victoria
Very accurate. Very helpful. History of predicting correctly. " ... written by albright
Very talented. Needs almost no information to give you an amazingly accurate reading. Thank you!" ... written by cj
Amazing reading! Recommended. " ... written by Rei
Very good reading, you keep digging and things get more accurate. Recommended. " ... written by Rei
Had best interaction with Karael.... Patience and fast, will wait for his prediction" ... written by sanever
Honest, clear, fast no regrets, he will tell you what it is not what you want to hear...." ... written by Ana
Thanks once again Karael for being the best!!!!" ... written by bluesage
One of the top best on this site. Thanks so so much!" ... written by bluesage
He gives very good advice.... I will listen to what he has to say." ... written by Renee
Great reading as always! Thank you!" ... written by bluejays
Excellent thank you." ... written by vayunu
Very accurate very fast good reading." ... written by simon
He is very accurate. " ... written by albright
Very precise and to the point. I like his reading very calm and to the point. I will for sure go back to him. 5 stars." ... written by Andy
I have had a couple of readings with him... He has already said what i thought would NEVER happen. It did.. he gives times frames. He is my absolute Favorite. I always check in with him. I love, love, love this guy! Worth every dime... " ... written by srunion
I have had many readings.. Karael is unique!! He told things last week that i never thought would happen and they did.. WOW He is amazing.. he is the BEST I will always recommend him.. He is simply amazing this guys gift.. Love him" ... written by Srunion
I love this guy. He is incredible with his abilities.. He is my favorite!" ... written by srunion
Amazing Insight .. highly recommend!!" ... written by srunion
He is very good with mantras and I feel he understood how I felt. He looks young but is wise. I will get another reading with him and will recommend." ... written by EyeRis6
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!" ... written by fretan
He is very good .. I would recommend!" ... written by Srunion
Ok!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
He is amazing." ... written by zaza
I have had many readings .. But he is on point.. He told me about things that I also felt good about and they were right for me.. He confirms everything I feel.. He is different.. He is honest kind.. And truly cares about his clients. Can't say enough about his true being.. I think he's amazing and awesome. He doesn't care about the money but about YOU.. I love love him .... " ... written by srunion
Excellent reading, good connection clear to the point. May not be what I wanted to hear but the truth. I will recommend him because you will get the truth. 10 starts!" ... written by Ana
He is good." ... written by b
Great reading" ... written by love15
He's very good" ... written by gittyup1945
Great reading, I enjoyed very much. Thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for the job insight!!!" ... written by jrinker
Very good I love it" ... written by nidia
Thank you, this is an amazing reader, he is always kind and honest and very very accurate. 5 stars!!" ... written by ikroyal
Honest, clear, able to relate well and understands what the tarot is telling him, very gifted." ... written by Aba
He is great! i loved his personality and everything he told me, i cant wait to see what is ahead of me. Gave me some advice for the future andamp; I will certainly try another private later. You must try!! :) " ... written by Lily
Thank you again for wonderful and truthful reading Karael. " ... written by ikroyalalr
I have had many readings with him.. Everything he has said has come true.. He has amazing insight and very detailed which i like.. He is my favorite on here.. well worth every dime.. I will always consult him.. " ... written by srunion
I like his method. He was right about whet the other person feels about me, I'm sure. Time will tell if he is accurate:)" ... written by MicheleAnnE
Very, very good strong connection. Will see him again." ... written by Nancy
Great reading, recommended 100%" ... written by rei
I have consulted with him many times.. He has a great gift. I always trust in him with what he sees for me.. He is not in it fro the money.. I highly recommend him!!" ... written by srunion
He was wonderful ! Gave me time frame and predictions so I'll come back and write a review if they come to pass *fingers crossed*" ... written by ameaningfulmazee
He was great. He was spot on and gave me the truth. He did not sugar coat anything. Thank you !!!!!" ... written by UCALATINLADY
Exceptional reader. Very accurate. Also very kind and caring. Has been reading for me for several years. And has been amazing in his accuracy and right on in his predictions. " ... written by albright
I have consulted with him. Everything he has always said is correct. He made me understand from a guy what I needed to do. He just confirms everything I feel. I love this guy, he is so sincere and honest." ... written by srunion
He has been reading for me for three years. He has been amazingly accurate. Time tested. Even when I don't believe, he turns out to be right. " ... written by albright
wonderful very exact" ... written by Dora
Great reading, accurate. " ... written by Rei
Very good psychic." ... written by b
Great reading, accurate. " ... written by Rei
Glad to see you are back. Thank you for insight. God is in charge!" ... written by queenbee22
he is mindblowingly accurate " ... written by albight
he is amazing" ... written by albright
I have consulted him many times He is always riight ON.. He is very insightful .. Highly recommend" ... written by Sheila
The reading was good." ... written by vjrei01
Very interesting pleasant reading..we shall see with predictions :)" ... written by G
Tell you the truth, I'm very impressed with Karael, after seeing lots of psychics I was beginning to loose hope about all this, Karael did a great job on the reading. No sugar coating, straightforward answers. Its a shame the internet connection is slow, i almost felt I was being deceived for a moment. Don't be guys, its just internet connection that is slow. His a great reader. I highly recommend you give him a try. I know you've probably seen this on lots of other psychics testimonials, and then got let down, i did too. But Karael was very good, this is why i recommend him. " ... written by Carlos
He is always very 2 the point point and accurate thank you " ... written by daddychop
Thank you for the reading Karael you are reliable as always." ... written by ikroyalakr
Fast connection, able to connect to the real issues and able to see the reason behind all. Great reader" ... written by Ana
Great psychic! Intuitive and fast. I would visit him again." ... written by Ananaprem
Good reading as always. " ... written by Rei
excellent xxx" ... written by k
HE'S VERY GOOD! LOVED IT! IT froze, so I'm going to talk to him now...! 10 stars!" ... written by benja
He is a great psychic. I was having some problems with Oranum not working properly and I'll try to get word to the tech support. But Karael is a great psychic. He has been reading for me for almost three years maybe more. And he is amazingly accurate. He is the only psychic I'll consult now. He is that good. " ... written by albright
Karael is confident and accurate with his readings. I can't wait for his predictions to happen. Thank you so much for giving me clarity!" ... written by Moonchild59
Perfect" ... written by Lori Johnson
MANY PRAYERS AND I AM SOOOO THANKFUL" ... written by Lori Johnson
THE VERY BEST." ... written by Lori Johnson
great...fast reading!" ... written by tasha_j
He is very special to me. He will be my only reader." ... written by Lori Johnson
i am going to see what happens he gave me a time frame so lets see" ... written by amoura88
greagt reading...... I recomend him he picked up on my job prospect very well." ... written by planejane7
Insightful " ... written by kelly
I was very satisfied with his reading. Felt a good connection with him." ... written by wendy auckerman
Thanks for your great patience!!" ... written by olive
great reading" ... written by pati
Thank you Karael. You have always been correct in your readings these so many years. " ... written by albright
Always accurate. thanks Karael." ... written by albright
He has always been right ON. He is the best. I have consulted with him many times. Very accurate." ... written by srunion
Clear, precise right on point. He was able to see all of it clear, positive and negative." ... written by Aba
Very good connection, fast. clear. On point with all and able to see things that are in progress now." ... written by IsisAzul
Thanks for the read." ... written by d2k1000
HE"S GREAT. we did freeze so I"m getting back to him! So far he gets MORE THEN 5 STARS!" ... written by el guapo
amazing.. very helpful . gave me insight as o what i need to prepare for . helped me get my mind right " ... written by daniela
Karael is incredibly gifted. I always feel better when talking to him not that he tells me what i want to hear as he doesnt.. he gives you the truth. He is very kind and not out for the money!! He truly cares about everyone" ... written by srunion
Great system he has, great update thx u " ... written by QUEENBEE22
wow! he is awesome :)" ... written by kawalpreet
Thank you for helping with my second charkra issues!!!" ... written by Sidney
Thaks Karael for the update and the insight with much clarity and details!" ... written by janesi
thanks so much Karael. You are always giving me great insight and clarity into the situation with honesty!" ... written by janesi
Excellent, fast, right on point. Accurate and able to see time frames, honest no sugar coating...but able to tell the truth in a sweet and caring way " ... written by IsisAzul
AWESOME AS ALWAYS" ... written by Lori Johnson
He could see the issues I was facing with the problem I presented to him. His forthright demeanor causes me to trust him." ... written by Brandi
HE MAKES ME CRY" ... written by Lori Johnson
He has always been right.. Have consulted him for a year now.. This guy has got a lot of knowledge and talent. I recommend him always!!" ... written by srunion
:)" ... written by yukiel
Good reading" ... written by vjrei01
very good" ... written by april
thank you karael your tarot is the 1 that tells the truth... thank youu" ... written by ting ting
Excellent reading, easy and fast connection...10 starts..." ... written by IsisAzul
WoW, this was an awesome reading! Karael is accurate, honest, and provided detailed reading with clarity and insight! I will definitely return for an update!" ... written by janesi
he is good. gave me alot of insight. thank you" ... written by amoura88
Karael is an honest person, and excellent reader. He is clear, to the point, he is able to connect and tell you things you did not know, or were not sure. Excellent " ... written by IsisAzul
ver ver good" ... written by gittyup1945
amazing!!" ... written by shab
he was spot on gave detailed information" ... written by Erika
He is amazing" ... written by allbright
Again,, He has confirmed everything that I was feeling.. He is honest and is very straight forward. He is worth every penny. I trust his guidance very much " ... written by srunion
Karael never disappoints. He is honest, accurate, and very insightful as well as generous and kind!" ... written by janesi
excellent xx" ... written by k
VERY GOOD EXCELLENT!!" ... written by pinky
Thanks for the informative reading! :)" ... written by Vas
very good straight answers to questions, very direct and guidance into future. i like him " ... written by goldn
Updated reading!! Insightful with a lot of clarity and honesty!" ... written by janesi
Karael is a gift from God. I went to many psychics in the last year but no one is like this guy. We connected very strongly energetically. He was able to visualize so many things about me and my loved one and all he does he does it for and with God. I just finished a guided meditation where he connected me to my loved one who is in spirit. He has helped us both find peace and conveyed messages that were really important. I feel I progressed spiritually thanks to him and so did my loved one. He did it with purity of intention and with extreme clarity. He is growing so I only can imagine what he will become in the future. I strongly recommend this guy because he works for the highest purposes, not for money, not to say he is the holder of the truth, just to be a messager of God. Gracias Karael, por todo. Que Dios te bendiga siempre!" ... written by sara
great advisor" ... written by debbie
Always very accurate. " ... written by allbright
excellent" ... written by k
I am simply amazed at the talent of this young man. He saw a lot of details that others had not picked up on. Really good connection" ... written by Mgrl
very good" ... written by circalove
very good" ... written by Pearl
Karael was very in tune with the reading... I will be back for updates!! thank u" ... written by Girl
Excellent reading, fast connection, to the point. Was able to see thing I did not know, and now all makes sense. His time frames are so accurate!!! 10 starts " ... written by Aba
thank you " ... written by meg
Great guy, help me first. So I decided to repay later." ... written by Headinghome
10 stars for my good friend awesome as always gracia muneco" ... written by edna
Karael is very good to advise you, he gives you his best . thx you! 4 demo also " ... written by queenbee22
10 stars wonderful reader was on point with my situation Thank you Karael you were awesome" ... written by edna
As always, clear, precise, fast connection, right on point. No time waist, and able to give advised to better your situation, what is the best path to follow" ... written by Ana
Karael is extremely accurate with his readings and extremely talented with his visions. I am once again truly astounded by his power to connect with me and how he picks up on images of places with an incredible accuracy. Truly talented!!! Thank you Karael as well for the healing sessions!!!" ... written by Dien
Karael is extremely talented and I know that once the connection is established, his vision is truly powerful!! Always come back to him!!" ... written by Adrienne
He is amazing" ... written by allbright
spot on with many details" ... written by Sarina
VERY professional, calm and secure in his knowledge. very impressed and found his insight immediately helpful. Very much a helpful guide!" ... written by dabenmeister
hes amazing!!!!" ... written by nancy
Great connection and very honest." ... written by Warrior
He's great and VERY intuitive, very gifted! Thanks!" ... written by beemer
Awesome and accurate reader! very sweet" ... written by B
I found Karael very warm, friendly and helpful. He was straight to the point with answers and I am definitely going to try the mudra " ... written by dragon
Good reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
He is pretty good and will reveal things that other psychics would not do." ... written by Luis
It gets better every time. Very powerful!" ... written by Luis A
Very good reading as usual." ... written by Luis
Excellent!" ... written by Luis
I worked with a lot of psychics in the past and nobody is more accurate than Karael. He tells you the truth and he helps you. " ... written by Luis
Excellent as usual." ... written by Luis
Great reading, accurate, thank you very much. " ... written by vjrei01
Honest and quick reader. Very good." ... written by Deb
wow blown away" ... written by ac
Excellent as usual. Very good connection." ... written by Luis
Excellent, Superb. " ... written by Ron
Once again Karael thank u very much!" ... written by Adrienne
he does his best. direct person. " ... written by emma
muchas gracias negro 10 stars " ... written by edna
awesome!" ... written by fareel
Karael is a gift from God and is with God. Everyone on oranum should be blessed by his gifts. Gracias!!!" ... written by sara
Amazing connection" ... written by Luis
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Very clear and effective, and honest of course." ... written by Luis
very quick to the point and connected with him quickly. Great energy and great reading" ... written by c
Extremely accurate" ... written by Cristina4413
Karael does mean and want to help. I have had a couple of readings with him and he is very accurate. Truly appreciate his efforts in going way beyond the call of duty." ... written by Adrienne
Incredibly accurate he is excellent!" ... written by Cristina4413
vERY CLEAR!" ... written by Luis
Excellent as usual!" ... written by Luis
He is excellent! Muy Buena gente. Told me things that I was trying to hide. Definitely recommend him! :)" ... written by Mia
This was the second best private that I ever had on Oranum. The first one was with Karael too! I just experienced the most healing experience of my entire life. I feel reborn, connected to the divine and joyfully complete again! Karael ray of hope (the name says it all) guided me through the most wonderful meditation with great ability and creatiivity. Guided meditation is not always easy to do or effective but Karael is incredibly good at guiding you through it. Mine was a meditation for forgiveness and healing of my physical, mental and spiritual wounds. Karael guided me to the temple of my heart, allowing me to visit beautiful places of myself that I had forgotten and that I thought were lost forever. I gave thanks to my body for being here on this journey with me and I took an amazing trip to my personal quiet place of the soul. Karael's expertise and extraordinary humanity are unique on this beautiful website. I met many people in my life, many psychics but Karael is the most beautiful and shining ray of light I have ever seen. Filled with God and with compassion, he is here to be a connection between the spiritual and the material world and he does it with simplicity and greatness at the same time. If you are looking for someone to help you reconnect with your inner child, with the sacred temple of your soul and with your original blessings, go to Karael's room. He will open the door of a new day for you. Gracias Ray of Hope you are the blessing of my life now. May your Christ Cousciousness shine brightly on Oranum and in the Universe ethernally. Love, siempre! " ... written by pink angel
He was very helpful and very understanding. Thank you for the reading. I needed clarity on my situation and you helped me with that. I will contact you in the future again." ... written by Victoria
Excellent!" ... written by Luis
Excellent as usual!" ... written by Luis
Awesome!! " ... written by Carla
Karael has once again wow me with his talent. Thank you for caring, for being honest, for not sugar coating and for always giving me great mantras to practice!" ... written by Adrienne
Excellent and helpful reading!" ... written by Luis
Amazing" ... written by Shirley
Thank you Karael for your insight and advice and your super sexy reading!!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by ac
Great as usual!" ... written by Luis
Very clear connection and good reading." ... written by Luis
Great as usual!" ... written by luis
excellent, one of the best on here" ... written by ron
Karael's reading was very truthful and insightful. I appreciate his honesty with clarity!" ... written by janesi
Good reading told it like it was which unfortunately means I did not necessarily hear what I would have like to hear but that o.k." ... written by Esther
Karael is amazing!!! He hit every question on the head. He knew everything before I told him . He really cares and he is definitely going to be my go to guy from now on. A reading for him is a must. " ... written by Angie
Love him!" ... written by D
As always scarily insightful and accurate with details. Always come back to him for that reason. Thank you" ... written by Adrienne
love karael the best readings" ... written by ac
Very fast and good person! :)" ... written by Bird
What to say about Karael? He is totally connected to God and the divine and here to help Others overcome any kind of obstacle in their lives. He is here to help people find their true potential and the sacred divine in themselves. I had many readindgs and meditation session with him and he is helping me with Amazing professional skills, wanting to do all the best to make my situation improve. Make sure you visit Karael because he has profound knowledge of the Universe and God. He will get deep into every issue and find solutions for you through meditation, vedic astrology and tarot readings and visualization. If you find you have good connection to him, make sure to take him private. Every dollar you will spend will be Worth it. He takes what he does very seriously and his desire of improving himself continously can only make his predictions more and more on point. God bless Karael ethernally for all his help to those who find him in their path. Que Dios te bendiga por lo que estas haciendo por mi, en todas las maneras que el conoce. My admiration for Karael is inmmense because I spent lots of money on psychics and he is the first one who is really trying to make a difference in my life and guide me to a life filed with blessings and peace. Peace to you. siempre. Om Namah Shivaya" ... written by sacred heart
Its my first session with him and I was low on funds but he seemed pretty insightful, answered my question in short span of time, predictions extremely positive and inspiring....so I am hopeful and will give the rating based on the insight of my situation. He has given me good advice and he is a very fast typer as well. I will update you. God bless you..thank u." ... written by angi
:)" ... written by h
Karael is the true blessing of this website and I am thankful every single day I found him- If you want someone to guide you honestly and with your best interest at heart, if you want someone who will not give you a fairy tale reading and who works seriously on his abilities to improve people's lives, go to karael. I am going through an healing process with him and his dedication and desire of helping Others are something rare to find in this world. He is not only a great reader and healer but also one of the best people I have ever known. Trust him and go to him with your concerns, he will do his best to guide you, to free your from pain, to make you live your life up to potential. See Karael, he will change your life! Que Dios te bendiga, siempre." ... written by angel of love
Karael is absoulutlely the best on Oranum . He helped me so much. I highly reccommend him and will be a client for life" ... written by Pam
He is so honest and real... every time i have asked him. i get the answers that I never want to hear.. He is the Best " ... written by Sheila
HE said some things i didn't expect, unexpected events, but he was bang on last time so could be the case. will have to wait and see hope he is right and I succeed. " ... written by Dave
I have been getting readings from Karael for almost 4 years. His accuracy is really good. He is sweet and honest. " ... written by allbright
he was verey helpful" ... written by michele87m
the best" ... written by ac
Wow, im not one to say this, but he gave me goosebumps!! His reading was very accurate. Thank you for everything!! You are truly gifted. I am so blessed to have be brought to your room" ... written by Isabelle
he is a kind gentle soul and a very accurate card reader." ... written by allbright
ACCURATE! " ... written by MMarmalade
me gusto cantidad muy bueno!! besos" ... written by lorenafernandez
excellent as always! incredible how you know the letter of the person we ask! OMG!" ... written by sofia
very helpful and so true person that i ever meet " ... written by jenn
He is the BEST one here .. i am so finally glad i got to connect with him I cant say enough about what he does, he truly has a gift and his heart is in the right place... He has so much knowledge and truly loves to help his clients.. I ve been coming to him for 5 years now or more I sooo trust him and will always forever... " ... written by Sheila
I feel Karael was very tuned into things and he is very good! xxx" ... written by katzhouse
He connects quickly and is very sweet :)" ... written by angel
Extremely gooooood! My friend and I did a reading with him and he was truly truly exact! I will be back for sure soon! He is very gifted and your time and money worth! besides being a sweetheart! Thank you Karael so so much! God bless we loved your reading, from Mexico! " ... written by Sofia
Very psychic!" ... written by allbright
he was wonderful. A great intuitive that tunes right into the situation. Get a reading! you will be happy!!!" ... written by number 13
I lost my jewelry and Karael's reading led me to the person I have been suspecting stealing it. Karael you are Amazing! Thank you again!!! I Will Keep you update!" ... written by Zuzu
I first consulted with Karael nearly two years ago. He didn't sugar coat at all. His predictions happened even if I was sad about the situation. He was accurate at the time. I have lost touch with Karael for about a year. I came back for a reading about a better person who I met recently. I know that Karael's predictions will happen. He is always accurate and deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you for being honest, Karael, and for giving me something to look forward to. I can't wait!" ... written by Moonchild59
Good reading, accurate information about my current situation, thank you. :)" ... written by Dakota
he connects before going into private, which I liked. very helpful and insightful. very fast..." ... written by Gigi
Excellent!" ... written by lin
He is awesome as always!! nothing less.. " ... written by Sheila
My opinion is that there's no reader on Earth as good as Karael. I have talked to many and I can tell the difference between someone who is working seriously on his gifts and someone who is not. Karael is extremely well trained and born with gifts that can be life altering to someone who meets him. I had many privates with him and everytime it's a blessing. He uses tarot combined with visualization. He gets extremely vivid images of people, past events and situation that I can Always recognize and confirm as right. It's beautiful to connect like that because it is more powerful than tarot cards or using tools. Don't look for anyone else. Just go to Karael and he will help you with an open mind and heart. You won't find just another psychic, you will find a healer, a friend and someone who strives to give exact answers and predictions. Karael works with integrity and honesty and that is not so common or easy to find. Go to someone who can make a difference for you. Go to Karael. " ... written by light in my heart
he is a great reader and he tells the what the card tell him. his readings are really accurate and he gives you time frame. he doesn't just answer yes or not but he give you details about to the question you ask. if you want to get a good reading and real information get your reading from him" ... written by leila smith
thank you soooo much .... " ... written by Natasha
He was so on with most he said. He was real but provided information in a caring manner and was patient with me." ... written by knwoing2013
Hi there, I want to give many stars for Karael! He is an angel!! Gave me hope in my situation even with such a little credit I had in my account." ... written by Erikaafs
Wow!! he's really good! I really like him. He got so many detail in my life and he is very accurate. I really love him" ... written by Sarah
great reader" ... written by leila smith
i love his readings" ... written by leila smith
great!!!!!" ... written by leila smith
As always such a caring advisor. He always gives me great advice on how to raise my energy levels and move forward in a safe and caring way. Thank you!" ... written by Melissa
He is so awesome. I really enjoyed talking to him. Will see how things pan-out. He answered all my questions in detail." ... written by Janice
Got cut - but I wanna leave a feedback for him...he was very good -really means to help and I feel confident after reading with him...he allowed me a connection in free chat after which I took him to prvt and he was nothing short of very good and very caring. :-)" ... written by Miracle
Karael is the best reader on oranum!!! He is not one who would say that of course, because his focus is not to be the best but to help people in the most profound way possible. I never found a spiritualist like him. He is working on himself and on his spirituality so well and with discipline and this allows him to grow and help people to REALLY improve their lives and their situations. He is genuine and he has incredible insights on situations, giving clear and honest answers with his tarot or through vedic astrology, even if the answer is not Always want you want to hear, he will tell you what he sees in order for you to warn you and let you do the right things to turn the situation in your favour. Just go see him. You will find someone who will work with integrity to help you go on in your path, focus on your goals and be closer and closer to God and it's divine plan for your life. Karael is not just an oranum expert, he is a true blessing.... And he is funny and relaxed which helps the connection and Handling your problems with joy. Gracias, eternalmente" ... written by angeloflove
He is wonderful! Deserves tons of stars!!!" ... written by Erikaafs
great reader" ... written by vasi
wow, karael is really good and intuitive!!!!!" ... written by peach
Thank you for continuing your prvt with me after we got cut off. I must say - YOU WERE SPOT ON and your clients can get pretty addicted to you! :-) And please, Karael....know your own worth and refuse to read so much for free in free chat. I can see exploiters around you....AVOID THEM....You offer such amazing readings for so little price....and everything you said resonated...and you bowled me over, kid! Lots of love and blessings.......you are God's child and so honor yourself...don't let the crooks exploit you and your divine gifts! " ... written by Mira
Thank you, very fast and through, doesn't sugarcoat anything. " ... written by Darkdov
great as always! this kid has no mid terms he says it as it is! love him! thank you " ... written by soooofi
He is awesome" ... written by Cristina
OMG! He is a pro! He is real! I asked a test question in free chat that NO OTHER spychic has been able to answer, and he did! This is what drew me into a private. I do believe he is on point! You must try him!" ... written by cutiepattootie
very accurate, uses tools, but was pretty accurate with the answers he gave me, made me feel at ease in the reading" ... written by sunrisegold
very nice he gave me 2 different meditations to say to help my situation come to fruition" ... written by m
So honest and very friendly! Right on point with thoughts and feelings and provided a timeframe. Hope it happens. Thank you!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
very kind and helpful." ... written by wendy
Wow, I asked him about 3 different people and he was so accurate! recommended. Thank you!. " ... written by vjrei01
Very honest" ... written by Lixien
Great reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
greaaaaat as always ty!" ... written by sofi
seemed to be hitting it again dont know he does it" ... written by Dave
Karael has been guiding me on a meditacion to open up my connection to the Akashic Records. He knows how I have Always wanted to do this so he shared his knowledge with me and this is something extremely valuable in a reader. Karael has been sent on Earth to share his knowledge with many and he does it with love and a caring spirit. The meditation was veru well guided so I highly recommend once again my friend Karael to anyone who wants to do serious meditation. Akashic records are a very powerful tool and since he is training on that in time he will give you excellent readings accessing to the connection with the Masters. He also did healing on me as he has been doing for a long time now and I bless him for that. He is here to help you and he will do it with all the information, knowledge and tools he possesses. Let him surprize you. He will for sure. Gracias. Dios te ayude y te bendiga siempre! NO MONEY OR TIME WASTED with Karael. All has a purpose , a meaning and is prepared with skill." ... written by Universal Heart
Very Good Reading, His Meditation Technique is very good and very helpful. Very Generous, Kind and Real Reading." ... written by Mr Mike
brillent" ... written by gerirish
Very interesting and good reader! he used tools but was able to see the situation and offer help and guidance. look fwd to see what comes " ... written by Mel
Karael is the best reader ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by sara
Great person, and helped me alott :)" ... written by jenny
Karael is SUPER amazing and very kind hearted. Such a spiritual soul and cares about people in general. Love Love Love him !!! Highly reccommended !!!!!" ... written by s
Great reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
He was sharp, fast and to the point" ... written by Sydney
Karael is a very very special person and reader. You will find lots of help in him and his spiritual knowledge. I am immensely grateful for all the help I have received from this guy and I can't find words to say how good he is. You just need to look for yourself. Come into his chatroom to find someone who will care and be there to guide you with expertize and real gifts. No other reader does what Karael does. Te agradezco con toda mi alma. " ... written by angel of light
Very accurate and to the point! " ... written by Ashley
he was pretty good" ... written by deja
VEry accurate and insightful reading. He answered my questions quickly. Might I add, very kind and honest!" ... written by janesi
great reading!" ... written by w
most consistently accurate psychic of them all... and a really sweet person. thank you Karael. " ... written by allbright
satisfaction for answering question was 100% ,looking forward to the future events." ... written by Doppler
Karael, is the first person i ever talked to on this site.. and he is amazing!" ... written by Nikita
HE is Amazing! Truly Amazing!!!" ... written by Zuzu
the best ever" ... written by jenny
what an amazing reading! Im amazed at his connection to my situation and his kind heart. Thanks for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with others. You are truly amazing. Many blessings" ... written by Isabelle
He gave aweome insights and confirmed information I already knew. Very eager to help and heal - wonderful person and would highly recommend. I will report back in a few months on how things worked out! Thank you......" ... written by Kimberly
GREAT READER " ... written by SMITH
Very good reader." ... written by Amanda
He is very good!" ... written by humility77
Karael is being such a wonderful gift to me. The reading was uplifting and very useful as usual. He is very caring and all into helping his clients at the very best of his capacities. You will never regret spending time with him in private, because you will come out with useful information. Nothing is said just to impress you, give you a boost or some consolation... Karael is training his clairvoyance very well and has very clear visions of facts, situations and people. He uses tarot and is very quick and accurate in his answers. Very good helping through akashic records as well. Much love and muchas bendiciones to him eternally. Karael helps and cares for real. " ... written by Angel of light
karel was awesome. very fast and to the point" ... written by cheryl
This is my first reading with him. I had been in his demo longtime back and felt he had a great gift. Today he just was awesome, he is an amazing psychic, like great psychics only information he asked for was just the name. I strongly recommend him!" ... written by Sunshine
Karael was so accurate and was spot on and helped and gave me correct information...im going through bad stuff and he explained so perfectly." ... written by Kamini Thanki
good reader " ... written by SMITH
Connects so fast and genuine and accurate! Very kind soul!" ... written by tiffany
he is very very fast and accurate. would love to get another reading with him" ... written by sugar
very good advise, very helpful ... Thank you very much.... I recommending strongly to take prvt with him" ... written by happy
he is the BEST he is quick to pick up on the situation I will always seek his advise. He is very intelligent knows his stuff " ... written by sh
very good reader, great advice , strongly recommended!!!!!! " ... written by happy
Karael is always spot on with his readings and prediction. I always come back for updates. Thank you very much, Karael! I will talk to you next week!" ... written by Moonchild59
good!!!!" ... written by lil
Karael is hope, Karael is light, karael is love, Karael is healing, karael is accuracy, Karael is divine guidance. In him you find someone who will take all the pain away and fill your heart with the joy you had lost. " ... written by sara
Karael is EXCEPTIONAL!!! He is not like most, he is much better. More detail and accuracy. He is truly amazing and really cares. He has been accurate, given great details and has seen every situation with total clarity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by mc
another AWESOME READING! He is just amazing!!! He picks up on every situation accurately and give great detail in his answers. A must see!!!" ... written by mc
Very good and very honest...Has the ability to see the truth of things and will not sugar coat any of it...i look forward in speaking with him again" ... written by ReGina
Always Great!" ... written by linda
OMG!! I really like him he's very accurate with me, not only that he got the first initial of all the people around at my work who are tying to ruin my career. The one Im amazed the most when he describe their look its very consistent to the person that he talks about." ... written by karaelfun
excellent and accurrate reader, gives alot of details" ... written by thank you
Karael was spot on with his prediction a few weeks ago. I came back for an update. He is accurate with his readings. Thank you again, Karael!" ... written by Moonchild59
super accurate reader" ... written by great
Phenomenal and friendly. He gave me insightful details and I'm excited to see how it will all turn out in a few months! Thanks Karael!! :-)" ... written by DesertLily
He is very fast quick to pick up .. Ive been coming to him for long time.. He is honest and gives good advice Love him!!" ... written by sr
God Bless You karael...any time i need you i'll get back to you " ... written by Reem
Karael is kind and mature and also pretty amazing young man. he has been reading for me for many years with a great deal of accuracy. " ... written by allbright
EXCEPTIONAL!!! Karael is always consistent and accurate. He listens and really makes the effort to get his answer right. You can trust him and know that he truly cares. Another thing that makes him AWESOME, is that he will NOT tell you what u want to hear, but will tell you the truth...like it or not...and that is what I want!!!" ... written by LL
Performed a reiki - clearing my chakras...and I feel INCREDIBLE!!!" ... written by SF Earth Angel
Thanks again for another awesome reading!" ... written by swsiren
Karael helped me find out the roots and reasons of a very important karmatic issue that is family related through akashic records and I can tell that he was completely spot on because it gives answers to issues that have been generating conflict for all my life. He is always very professional and down to earth and every consultation is useful and important for my progress. Gracias, once again. Thank God you are on Oranum. If you need real help, Karael is the one to go to!!!" ... written by sara
Karael connect quickly and gives details. He does not sugar coat it and is very honest. If you welcome the truth, I would recommend a reading with him!" ... written by Helen
GRRREEEAAAT!!!! VERY SPECIAL!!! A MUST!!!" ... written by ll
muchas gracias, a dios x :)" ... written by f
Karel was very fast and accurate reader. He answered all questions in a very excellent fast way. I think he is really excellent. He gets right to the point excellent 10 stars" ... written by demi
thanks karael, very informative reader" ... written by live
He was good reader, and he gave me good information. I was happy with his reading." ... written by sheena
He has been very accurate. " ... written by allbright
very sweet soul :)" ... written by angie
Karael was accurate AGAIN with his predictions and readings last week. His prediction happened. I came back to tell him and went back for private. Karael can be trusted that his readings are spot on, past, present and future. Thank you always, Karael!" ... written by Moonchild59
He is pretty fast, good reading andamp; doesnt sugar coat." ... written by eli
he is real. everything he said made sense and was spot on. thank you Karael!" ... written by gg
Karael's reading doesn't change. He is consistent and accurate with his readings. I have had readings and updates with him every week and he doesn't refer to anything or looks at any past readings so he can tell me the same thing. His predictions happen. He can feel what the other person and I are feeling. He answers my questions before I ask them. I will keep going back for updates. Thanks, Karael!" ... written by Moonchild59
very truthful, quick and no sugar coat. definitely recommend him" ... written by bibi123
Karael is super fun and very accurate answers really fast and direct to the point. LIKE HIM VERY MUCH!" ... written by Angeles
Nice reading, will see the predictions coming true. thank u" ... written by nichole
He answered every question I had and he was on point with some and the other answers will be revealed soon I hope. He was better than the other experts who charges a high rate: I will come back when some of his predictions come true. Try him, you won't be disappointed. I give him 10 *****for a great demo andamp; private reading." ... written by Msbless
great reader " ... written by sabrina
Karael did a fantastic reading for me, was spot on with the things he said. I will let you know about the predictions, though one prediction has already come to pass. I will update you. Thank you Karael, you are the best!" ... written by Sophie
He was very good, he gave me honest truth as he saw it!!! really talented card reader!!! will tell you the truth 100%..." ... written by lana
He gave me some interesting information about things to come in the future and how to make the best possible outcome of that information. I hope to take advantage of this and will report back on my situation soon!" ... written by Kimberly
Great reading, very intuitive, generous and accurate...good connection, honest heart and caring. " ... written by Lara
One more reading with karael, one more step towards healing, happiness, freedom and, I would dare to say, resurrection. Karael humble spirit and devotion match with an amazingly wse approach to healing and predictions. I have been coming on oranum for about two years and I can say he is unique and with no equal. I am amazed seeing how he cares and he devotes himself completely to really help. There is no desire to show off, or to impress, but just a strong desire to be there for people. If you give yourselves the chance to come and see Karael, you will start a journey of self discovery that will bring you to the core essence of yourselves. Many people out there claim to have gifts and they usually make it about how visible they are or about ego... karael is purely free of all that. He just helps. May God bless you ethernally for all you did for me. Gracias. No words can describe your worth. " ... written by sara
love you " ... written by Reem
Unsure of anything but hopefully at least some of the predictions will come to pass " ... written by -
the perfect reader :)" ... written by happy
Awesome wonderful Thank you so much right on point" ... written by jenn
wow wow wow, I am verrry impressed with this reader's skills!" ... written by frag
Karael is very accurate with his predictions. Should not be missed. one of the best advisors at the site." ... written by Kathy
Appreciate all" ... written by knowing2013
He is awesome .. doesnt waste your money.. You can ask many questions.. even with other language barrier, I have been to him for wow now 3 years or more.. He is always nice to chat and does not pressure you to go private.. He is a diamond in the sea... You will see.. " ... written by sheilah
Karael as always give a clear reading, he's full of positive insights and not sugarcoat anything. Thank you Karael!" ... written by Zuzu
He is extremely caring and concerned with the greatest effort to help I have witnessed on this site HIGHLY spiritually evolved " ... written by heather
Thank you soon much. Finally had great news for me. I can't wait . I will update you . Thank you karael my sweet sweet man. You are amazing !!!!" ... written by beautyqueen
AWESOME!!! always accurate!!! If you really make sure he understands your question, he will answer with the greatest of accuracy and detail. An amazing gift!!!" ... written by linda
To me karael means knowing that there is someone in the Universe I can go to... and he understands the Language of my soul. I thank the Universe for putting him in my path every day because he is helping me to set my soul free. Each private is a blessing. Give yourself the opportunity to meet him. You will savour the taste of the magic of life again! Thank you, siempre" ... written by sara
Thank you so much Karael. " ... written by allbright
Thanks Karael for your detailed insight as usual. I really appreciate your honesty and accuracy in the situation. " ... written by janesi
Another amazing reading with karael! He helped me look through past life times and my connection to people in my present life through akashic records and the lives we had in common. " ... written by Sara
Karael Is Very nice and quick with answers and I felt comfortable with his predictions!!! Very exciting news for me, thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Clarissa
great reader" ... written by nicole
karael spends time looking at your questions to give you an honest answer, may need to change your energy with meditation, general opportunities for change, nice appreciation and prayers to gods for their help, good connection" ... written by Lex
I love Karael he's very funny!! I can really recommend him. He's very connected to me very consistent of my situation. He's not waisting my money at all." ... written by Sarah
thanks!!! thanks so much!!! One of my all time favorite readings and he made me laugh!!!" ... written by wildflower008
Karael is ALWAYS AWESOME!!! He is AMAZING! HE has very special gifts and if you get the chance, you should get a reading with him, and you will see for yourself. Thank you!!! EXCELLENT!" ... written by linda
he is very accurate, strongly recommend him!" ... written by citrine
Karael is a great psychic. Definitely loved talking to him. He is awesome. Will definitely be back. " ... written by Janice
muy bueno" ... written by rhd
I like the reading, and plan on going back to karael.. thank you " ... written by annanichole
EXCELLENT, AS ALWAYS!!! Karael always gives straight answers and tunes into your situation very well. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by linda
very good thank you good read" ... written by jana
Very helpful in answering my question. " ... written by Nora
Karael is THE BEST PSYCHIC IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!! THANK YOU" ... written by sara
Karael is so light and gives off his positive energy. He really tapped into my question. I totally recommend him. He's very good!!!! 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Amy
super great reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Thank you Karael for your help, thank your Karael for your kindness, thank you karael for being here, thank you Karael for caring, thank you Karael for your smile and for helping me relax when I come to you in such a soothing and calming way. You are a blessing from God. And you do it all without filling yourself with ego, with an easy going and down to earth approach. I hope that many people on here will get to know you and feel blessed as I do. " ... written by sara
very good fast and accurate" ... written by jana
thank you karael" ... written by allbright
He was really fast to connect and helped to provide more clarity by inputing his own questions and they were a great idea!! :)) He is very intuitive and would highly recommend him!!!" ... written by Sal
Karael is ALWAYS EXCELLENT!! He answers all my questions in great detail and has consistently helped me. He is very sompassionate and understand, plus he is EXTREMELY GIFTED. I would highly recommend him!!!" ... written by LL
he was very very fast and answered all questions in detail very good reader" ... written by susan
He connected really fast, and doesn't chatter to waste time! :) He got to the heart of the matter and gave great advice! Highly recommended!! :)" ... written by Saloni
thank you karael " ... written by allbright
Very honest all the time. Good or bad, he will tell you the truth. I am a regular client" ... written by Mal
good." ... written by ritesh
AWESOME!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!" ... written by ll
KARAEL IS AMAZING!!!! He has been helping me with problems from many different areas. He has been predicting things and giving me exercises to do to help myself. HE HAS HELPED ME LIKE NO OTHER!!! HE HAS KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH, ABILITIES AND PATIENCE beyond belief. I see ppl asking little question of him all the time, but they have no idea how powerful his abilities really are. HE HAS BEEN 100% ACCURATE FOR MANY MONTHS NOW! He is also the most generous person I know! Thank you and God Bless you, Karael!!!" ... written by linda
I will wait for the contact and get back to you when it happens" ... written by beautyqueen
Excellent reader! You must have a reading with the wonderful KARAEL. " ... written by Gabriel
very accurate " ... written by Reem
Karaelllllll tell me quick" ... written by Mal
great! awesome guy straight to the point " ... written by estella
Great connection. Picked up on personal issues that left me speechless!" ... written by Chrissy
good" ... written by ritesh
excellent reading!!! thank u soo much fast typer!" ... written by gab
very helpful, honest , highly recommended" ... written by happy
Thank you xoxoxoxo" ... written by Mel
Very awesome reading! recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Very kind and insightful! Highly recommend." ... written by sallie
My favorite reader karael, thank you for your detail reading. You are so accurate. You are so kind and generous. Not money hungry like other readers here. Thank you " ... written by beautyqueen1001
I have seen him many times He is always right " ... written by sr
Very good and talented. " ... written by Barani
AWESOME, AS ALWAYS!!! Only good readings with karael!!!" ... written by linda
very good deep advise , fast connection, strongly recommended " ... written by happy
Wonderful session you are awesome as always and give me clarity... 10 stars... :)" ... written by Jenn
Very nice, gentlemen. I did a rekei session with him and i felt very relaxed. " ... written by Billygirl54
thanks for a quick reading, gave good advice. thank you" ... written by gotham1234
As always, an amazing reading. You are truly gifted Karael. " ... written by Isabelle
Thank you my dear karael. Always telling me the truth. You are always honest." ... written by beautyqueen1001
thanks karael" ... written by all
Karael thank you soooo much. Thank u for always being so kind and helping me. I will update you soon" ... written by beautyqueen1001
thanks so much for the clarity " ... written by tender
Very perceptive, fast and picked right up on important elements of my situation. I highly recommend Karael and i will consult with him again!" ... written by wayne
An insightful reading!" ... written by janesi
always lovely to talk to, he is psychic" ... written by f
He is very good, and understanding. Thank you so much for the help " ... written by Champagneshower
Thanks again Karael for providing clarity :)" ... written by Sal
Karael is a vedic astrologer and very helpful :)" ... written by Purple
Thank you Karael for the amazing reading, his connection to divine and you can provide much guidance :) Would definitely recommend him!" ... written by Saloni
Ty Karael for all your help!!! You are awesome!!! :))" ... written by Saloni
What would i do without you karael? Always accurate. Very kind man. " ... written by beautyqueen1001
Thank you Karael for all the spiritual help and clarity that you have provided me with!! :) Highly recommended!!" ... written by Sally
Karael is a wonderful, caring God-gifted psychic. He always is very accurate and listens to me and my situation to get a clearer reading and message for me. He is a gem! 5 Stars" ... written by AmyBeth73
Good reading as always. Thanks for the help Karael!" ... written by Isabelle
Thank you Karael. Thank you so much. " ... written by all
Thank you again. You are always accurate. That is why i keep coming back to you over and over again. You are so accurate " ... written by beautyqueen1001
karael was very good reader, thanks a lot." ... written by bless15
Super good reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
he is great and has a good heart. very kind man 5 stars!" ... written by mit
he is great! i recommend him. 5 stars" ... written by m
Awesome reading :) Kind and easy to talk to and very tuned in" ... written by Many Oceans
My favourite reader karael had so much informations for me today. He is so accurate. I always go to him for readings. I will update you karael." ... written by beautyqueen1001
thank u for the reading..I will wait for the time frame.." ... written by Galyl
He is a great reader." ... written by xxxxxxxxxx
He is good!!!! I will always come to him. He sold me the first time he told me about my personal incidents no one knew. Awesome!" ... written by Chrissy
he has been reading for me for 5 years. i always come back to him because he is so good. thank you karael. " ... written by all
right on point" ... written by computerluv
thank you karael. thank you so much. " ... written by all
he is very accurate" ... written by jenna
Thank you again karael" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Karael is always so caring and has your best interest at heart!!! :) Would so recommend him for any guidance and and questions!!" ... written by Saloni
This was my first reading with Karael and it was amazing! thank you so much Karael, I will definitely be back! " ... written by A
awesome reading all my questions were answered" ... written by barbie
he is very accurate. " ... written by jenna
No sugar coating. I do think he is accurate. he did see something thats happening in 9 months (-) .. Will get back on the updates on it. Thank u karael." ... written by aries
Great reader. Predictions come to pass. I always come to him. And he is very affordable. Very genuine reader" ... written by beautyqueen1001
he was great and helpful." ... written by bless15
Awesome!!" ... written by Amy
Thanks Karael :)" ... written by ManyOcean
Karael was very very quick and accurate. I want to give him a five star please. I found him to be very very helpful. Please make sure he gets the five stars because he was a really good and fast reader. thank you" ... written by patty
Caring, fast and generous seems accurate enough" ... written by HeadingHome
Amazing simple Amazing Thank you so much 10 stars" ... written by edna
he helped clarify my personal issues, thanks very much." ... written by bless15
VERY GOOD READING" ... written by RAM
Very good" ... written by m
His extremely nice and great reader . his check every I asked him and give me answer and was very helpful I was very happy with his reading I will come back to him .his very soft speaking and very understanding , kind person thank you ." ... written by H
thank you again karael. thank you so much. " ... written by all
Helpful guy, seems accurate enough... very sincere" ... written by HH
Karael was right about everything as always. I will come again and again. " ... written by beautyqueen1001
haven't talked to Karael in quite a long time. I have been too busy and haven't been on oranum. OH MY GOSH!!! He is just the BEST!!! I had so many questions piled up and he answered them one by one so quickly and with perfect detail. He is almost always accurate so I know I can trust his answers. He was amazing tonight. I would always refer Karael. I don't think you will find anyone better!!!" ... written by linda
great" ... written by fidaa
Thank You! Very nice man!" ... written by ElizeS
good" ... written by ritesh
AWESOME" ... written by jenn
He was great. Gave a wonderful reading and was spot on. I cant wait to have another reading soon" ... written by Jim Parks
Reasonable rate, he's very patient and understanding .Gives detailed answers. Spot on answers with timeframes. Definitely worth taking a read." ... written by Melissa
karael is great! very accurate. very very accurate. " ... written by all
What an Amazing reading I just had with karael! Every reading with him means the world to me : it means clarity, it means opening doors to a new life, it means understanding and looking at things from new and interesting perspectives. I found not only a reader but a real and honest friend in him and that's Worth all the money in the world. Knowing that there is someone you can go to, who is not there to shuffle cards ( he is very good at it for sure) but who sees what's going on with you, in depth. In this reading he used Lenormand for this reading. It was incredibly revealing for some issues that I am going through. He has just learned to read it and he is already amazingly good at it! My heart is filled with gratitude for Karael because he indeed brought the light of clarity to my life with his insights, spirituality and knowledge. I highly recommend him as a spiritual cousellor to everyone on the site. " ... written by sara
Karael is the BEST, so direct and tells all ! HE IS AWESOME ! IF YOU WANT DIRECT ANSWERS HAVE A READING WITH Karael ! I LOVE HIM!" ... written by bosetina
There is just no other like Kareal! He is the best, hands down. He has helped me so much for such a long time and he is the most accurate and compassionate man or reader and healer you will likely meet!" ... written by linda
he is very good and accurate. He always give his honest opinion and try to help always. " ... written by sskylovely
Great reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Excellent! Thank You and Blessings" ... written by Angelwingss7
Karael is the absolute greatest!!! He has more gifts, talents and ability than anyone else. He can give you the answers and will. He does not hesitate. He is helpful and quick. Because he is so good, everyone tries to get him to tell them the answers all the time, and i don't know how he stands it...but i understand why they want to get them from him!!! He is kind and wonderful!!!" ... written by linda
Always 100 stars an amazing spiritual reader who guides me and makes me understand what is going on in my life. I just love him Thank you my friend always" ... written by Edna
thanks karael" ... written by all
Thank you so much Karael you always provide so much clarity!!!! :)) " ... written by Sally
Awesome!!!! When Karael connects to your questions and situation, there is no one better than he is. You can trust what he says to be the best possible answer. He really cares about his works and he is the best you will find!!!" ... written by linda
Thank you so much for the clarity once again Karael!! He doesn't waste time and gets to the heart of the matter!!" ... written by Saloni
Karel was very sweet, it may take him time sometimes if not using cards but its worth hearing what he has to say. Plus his rate is very reasonable. Super detailed. 5 stars. " ... written by Flower
Karael is amazing! he was able to see so much!! very good and connected with me immediately " ... written by Melissa
Amazing reading, totally worth it. We have been reading for 3 years now. " ... written by vjrei01
This is probably my 100th reading with karael . Ive been coming to him since 2011. That says it all." ... written by Beautyqueen1001
thank you for the reading amazing as always'" ... written by Edna
karaell has an ability to see far deeper than others. He is an outstanding healer and intuitive!!! He is better than anyone on here, in my opinion!!!" ... written by linda
Very Accurate, honest, and understanding. Highly intuitive and highly recommended." ... written by Mariacela
Thank u againnnnnnnn" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Great again. " ... written by Safiya
Excellent and fast as always. He always answers everything and types and speaks so that i can get all the answers within the time. " ... written by Safiya
He gave me the color of my apartment last year so I came back and he gave me some real insight to watch out for: don't be fooled by his price cause he told me more in little mins than 3 other experts could tell me in 1 min." ... written by Ladyl
he has consistently been very very accurate. " ... written by all
Amazing as always 10 stars just love him." ... written by Edna
Thank u karaelllllllll cutie pie" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Thank you for such a positive reading. You show dedication and care here. What you said sounds all true. Very detailed. Thank you. " ... written by usa
5 starts, incredible sweet readerA" ... written by Lana
one the best on here. extremely sweet, holy and genuine. i pray many blessings on this truly sincere helper. god bless you karael. my computer is messed up and it isnt allowing me to rate you. you can ask chamuel. but i am 100percent certain that you will find many blessings here and success here. thank you for helping me and pr i get good outcomes. all glory be to the most high God amen" ... written by peter
very good thank you" ... written by jana
It was very good, I asked two questions and had a in depth reading on the second one even a guided meditation. I feel much better and he put my mind at ease. I will definitely try to help my Aunt Heather with his advice. " ... written by April2016
fantastic accurate reading , straight to the point had a great reading with karael, highly recommended!" ... written by nelly
thanks for reading for me xx " ... written by Rose
Kareal you are so awesome, geniune and dedicated. Thank you" ... written by A
thanks!" ... written by L
best, my favorite on oranum. a true gentleman willing to help" ... written by ronz
Karael he was very helpful and concerned. Thank you a lot." ... written by starlady11
very interesting reading... will update how it all goes. definitely very spiritual psychic, thank you" ... written by ccc
Sooo far so good, he only needed a name, nothing else. Very on spot, intuitive!" ... written by Angela
Really nice" ... written by luz
He is kind and great." ... written by Etoilee8
He knows his stuff..thank you so much and is quick with response ..Thank you so much Kareal.." ... written by sc
wow so good and so accurate. mind blowing reading" ... written by steph
really impressed... thank you" ... written by ccc
he is brilliant " ... written by Rose
He did a great job with an angel reading. 5 stars." ... written by Anne
wow im soooo impressed. this is real deal, connects directly to Archangels and is very honest and also doesnt imagine stories, he tells you when the Angels dont want you to know certain things. very humble reader and spiritual. thank you so much" ... written by jc
thank you karael" ... written by all
Very detailed reading, he was very helpful and tried to answer all my questions. i was very happy with his style of reading, very patient, great reader! " ... written by cali
Really this guy is so amazing he made me so much calmer. " ... written by Kamini Thanki
Very fast and helpful hopefully the predictions come to pass. " ... written by Safiya
his a great person very sweet and precise." ... written by cici
Excellent reading!!! he is soo accurate its scary :) thank you soo much." ... written by gabby
100 stars amazing" ... written by edna
good reading..:)" ... written by hello
I was curious to get to know him. I am more then surprised what a wonderful person I got to know here! So sweet, so lovely and so full of energy. The reading was so spot on - he could describe exactly the person in question and had a very good idea,how to improve the situation. Karael does not sugarcoat - he tells it as it is. Afterwards we did some "Angelswork" - don't want to tell too much as I´d like for anyone to make its own experience - I loved it!" ... written by Sonia
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by cathy
Super accurate reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Thanksssssssss" ... written by beautyqueen1001
thank u for the honest reading." ... written by beautyqueen1001
excellent reading!!!" ... written by GABBY
very accurate and very nice healing energy felt while readings. His approach is very much as a healer with which he can connect to each person easily. " ... written by Mandeep
very accurate, blessed spiritual thank so much " ... written by anna
Thank you for your care. " ... written by sad
I LOVE YOU KARAEL!!!!!!!!!!! Where do these go anyway?" ... written by april
many thanks" ... written by april
good " ... written by april
thank you karael" ... written by all
awesome" ... written by JENN
A good spiritual reading with Karael. Some good advice, and insights for my month ahead." ... written by april
Karael is the most amazing advisor on this website. He will give you all he can to help you in every possible way. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life." ... written by Sara
Interesting reading...lets see how it turns out" ... written by HH
wonderful, very gifted!" ... written by liz
was pretty quick and detailed and very informative everything made sense he did amazing highly recommended if your worried or just bout anything. come see karael" ... written by anonymous
good" ... written by v
i love karael so much! he is so kind and generous! please give him a try you wont be disappointed! " ... written by *
thank you karael. " ... written by all
love his reading! excellent!!!" ... written by cathy
great reader!" ... written by liz
thank you karael" ... written by all
Great reading Karael was very helpful :) " ... written by Adventure
thank you karael" ... written by all
the prayers are powerfull it isnt first time either usually if you dont feel it immediately you feel the power or energy in couple min. it takes sometime but is very much worth 10 stars :)" ... written by mystery
wonderful reading! Karael was extremely helpful, and his predictions came true! 5 stars" ... written by in
karael opens the door for miracles to happen" ... written by Sara
EXCELLENT READING!!!!" ... written by gabby
great reading!!! very quick answers as well. he is very fast to connect." ... written by Krissy
Karael is the best reader on oranm. He is very knowledgeable and advanced. I am thankful every day for him because he is helping me understand what's behind lots of things and help me progress. One of the best on the site" ... written by Sara
wonderful reading! great answers and even better guidance." ... written by Krissy
He really knows...and lets hope it works x" ... written by Kamini Thanki
Interesting reading...very helpful and caring and accurate. Quite fast reading to be honest" ... written by HH
Excellent reading Karael - will definitely chat with you again. You are very to the point and honest! Thank you!" ... written by Amy
Kind spirit. Honest reader." ... written by Serenity
thank you, very quick and got my answer!!! hes great" ... written by jazzychic
Wow. Fantastic. I would highly recommend Karael. Lovely person and very accurate and fast with answers." ... written by Peta Freeman
excellent " ... written by ron
great job" ... written by jeanette
Interesting reading and good information. Thank You" ... written by Sher
Thank you Karael for your excellent reading and advice. I will follow them all and give you feedback after sometime. Take care andamp; God Bless! 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
5 star reading as always" ... written by *
Karael is Oranum's miracle " ... written by sara angelic
excellent" ... written by ron
thanks karael. always on target with feelings :)" ... written by all
Very Honest, Strait and to the point" ... written by Hencas
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
very honest reading, thank you so much Karael!" ... written by w
EXCELLENT READING! VERY ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gabby
very sweet and kind" ... written by cs
wonderful reading with Karael tonight! he has been shockingly accurate in the past and his predictions have come true! he is a truly caring and compassionate soul dedicated to helping to others! you're a godsend, Karael! " ... written by w
Very good accurate reading. Thank you. 3 years reading me. " ... written by vjrei01
Karael is expression of god's love. " ... written by milagro de dios
accurate and quick reading" ... written by anonymous
the best reader on the site, very generous" ... written by *
amazing reader! and he's getting good at vedic astrology too! :D" ... written by here
sweet man" ... written by Angela
The best 10********stars Awesome" ... written by SugarBear
AMAZING!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!" ... written by here
Thank you Karael, always good chatting with you! God Bless! 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
excellent" ... written by ron
he s one of my favorites" ... written by ron
amazing reading as always! great connection and excellent advice!" ... written by here
Karel has such a calm energy, he provided me with a lot of information so that I can reflect and think about what is best given my current life situation. I will come back for an update and I highly recommend a reading with him!" ... written by leti98
Karael, gave me a very accurate reading. He told me what I was facing currently and gave me a solution. He is very kind, peaceful and positive. I will come back to him for updates." ... written by J
Although the answers may not have all been what i wanted to hear he answered fast and detailed and his predictions have come true for me before. " ... written by Safiya
hes truly one aof a kind, very apiritual and provides lots of details!! I love how he connecs with Angels :) thank you" ... written by jcjcj
amazing, the best reading i have with karael, omg so good" ... written by ice11
this young men is the best reader on oranum" ... written by me, special me
EXCELLENT READING!!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by gabby
great reading as always! 5 stars" ... written by *
thank you karael" ... written by all
great read" ... written by maria
5 stars, he is a kind and lovely reader" ... written by AJ
thank you so much! great reading!!" ... written by Krissy
he is always Accurate" ... written by Henri
very quick reading, very honest, thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
very helpful reading!" ... written by krISSY
such a genuinely kind heart he has! great reading! very accurate and helpful. thank you :)" ... written by Krissy
very interesting. omg spot on, very good!!" ... written by jamira76
thank you again karael. you're always so accurate with feelings. thank you :)" ... written by allbright
Accurate!" ... written by AB
Very good advisor!!! enjoy talking to me because of his great advices." ... written by beautyoflife
Karael is the most wonderful reader on this website. You deserve to give yourself the opportunity to have a reading with this guy because he is the real deal. he is fast and insightful in his answers and never says what you want to hear. He just tells you what he sees in the cards and he is there to help you. I have been consulting him for 2 years now and I can say that I have never met a reader like him. Karael is a gift in the life of his clients. My life has improved in so many ways since my first reading and I am very thankful. " ... written by Sara
He always gets the feelings right. Spot on. Thank you karael. " ... written by allbright
this guy is the real deal! best pychic out there! don't be fooled by the price he is better than that Dr. Love Wayne guy that charges 10 bucks a minute!" ... written by bippity boppity boo
Awesome reading, super accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
excellent reading with Karael once again! he's so incredible, truly cares, and tries his absolute best to help answer all my questions! 5 stars" ... written by *
Thanks For The Reading! :)" ... written by Michelle
excellent, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
Thanks Karael. So accurate with feelings. Very accurate. " ... written by allbright
EXCELLENT...... He is great. very polite and nice ,," ... written by beautyoflife
Always the excellent advice!!! thanks Karael!!" ... written by Erica
great reading as always! 5 stars" ... written by here
excellent, one of my favorites " ... written by ron
WOW! That was so much more than I was expecting! Karael picked up so much information so quickly. I'm very impressed and look forward to another session. ♥ Blessings ♥" ... written by Kelly
thank you" ... written by ji
Karael hits it on the nose. He is spot on a true blessing!" ... written by JD
Thank you very much karael!" ... written by anne
Excellente, accurate, good insight. Highly recommend" ... written by Ricard
great thanks!" ... written by -
awesome reader. will come back for more" ... written by matt
Amazing reading!!, very accurate, great advice, he always help me to be the better person I want to be. Keep up with dedicated work!" ... written by Laura
excellent, so very helpful. in every reading" ... written by ron
Amazing reading!, he is so positive and honest, he always helps me to learn more about myself and grow. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Laura
he does great with getting messages across if you have any concerns and would like to recieve advice he is the best to go to" ... written by anonymous
Accurate reading, the best. " ... written by vjrei01
I trust him because his stuff have came to pass when the higher price experts didn't. Don't be fooled by his price. He is my go to guy." ... written by LadyL
very good reading" ... written by vjrei01
He gave me some insights and told me about some harsh truths. I am thankful for his help." ... written by Matthew
Fast responses. I hope the predictions come to past. " ... written by Safiya
He always is helpful and works hard to continue to help and give only the truth " ... written by Safiya
excellent reading as always with Karael!" ... written by *
He was fantastic, right on the money. He was very sweet , a soothing voice and i would go back to him for a reading in a heartbeat!!" ... written by moonlyte21
Karael is exceptional about knowing the feelings of others. " ... written by all
thank-you karael for your honesty and hope for the future" ... written by lex
Great reading." ... written by vjrei01
thanks karael. excellent!" ... written by allbright
excellent, he is one of my favorites" ... written by ronz
Great reader to the point" ... written by Edward
Karael is amazing!! quick to answer all questions. " ... written by Melissa
hes real accurate" ... written by jenny
hes very accurate" ... written by jen
he is good" ... written by maria
excellent, he is the real deal. he is very accurate and very calmed love his advice so helpful and professional " ... written by Maria
Very kind, thorough and amazingly wise for such young reader precise and very helpful!" ... written by reginagrin
excellent. the real deal. he is so helpful, so much information, great advice. highly recommended" ... written by maria
Many thanks." ... written by Jonathan
excellent very very very helpful" ... written by ron
karael is a lovely person to talk with. He is so kind and calm. Thank you for being you." ... written by Breanna
always excellent!!!" ... written by L Mc
excellent a personal favorite" ... written by ron
thank you karael. you are always wonderful wonderful. " ... written by allbright
thanks for all your help" ... written by ron
great" ... written by jamira76
his very gifted reader" ... written by matt
a great person and psychic!!!!!" ... written by l mc
he is very accurate" ... written by jenny
He is wonderful. He has such a good presence about him. I can't put my finger on it, but I feel he is genuine and good. Thank you, Karael. Blessings." ... written by Breanna
Great reading! extremely detailed, well connected, honest, you can tell he has lots of expiernce. I will come back" ... written by MI
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Not sure how i feel about the reading but i feel it definitely was just the same thing i thought in my heart anyways. So it must be pretty accurate " ... written by Safiya
excellent" ... written by ron