About mssaul

Psychic mssaulhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mssaulhas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mssaul's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi, I am Mssaul, nice to meet all of you. I am in love with love, and would be happy to help you sort through the uncertainties of your life. I am here ready and armed with experience and information to work along with you. See me as your friend, guide and confidant, who always have your best interest at heart. Remember life is stage, of which we all must play our part of which we see results.

Yummy.! straight to the point and quick" ... written by Gina
Thank u for the kind caring advice! " ... written by mozzy123
she was great very easy to talk to. she gave amazing advice" ... written by brittanylynn
Very lovely lady, she gave me a good reading and told me some nice things!!! " ... written by MumPower
Thank you" ... written by jrinker
Amazing read as always :-). " ... written by Gina
Very wise and accurate reader. Recommended to anyone looking for the truth" ... written by Araketanara
very good thank you" ... written by jana
awesome women, very accurate, iv have had a reading with her before so i know she is extremely good! very honest woem really cares..." ... written by spirit
good" ... written by luella05
She was really nice." ... written by msclarke1978
Was very helpful, kind and honest!" ... written by Forward12
She is a sweetheart.Very accurate ." ... written by tivabeth22
It was a good reading, covered some good stuff" ... written by devo1987ashworth
Very friendly, straight talking and helpful. Thank you x In a few weeks time I'll know the outcome of my question so I shall update this review asap." ... written by Riverinme
So kind and helpful! I enjoyed her reading :) She was so sweet and connected really well with me and my ex and all the other people I had to deal with in my life lol. Thanks so much! I wish you the best on here." ... written by tln292
quick , clear and little info needed!!! She is amazing !!! truly gifted!!!!" ... written by tamjones
WELL, InterestinG!! INSIGHFUL AND DAMN GOOD......." ... written by GODDESS-NINE
LOVE LOVE LOVE the reads :-). so positive and to the point and so honest. " ... written by Gina
So kind and helpful! I enjoyed her reading :) She was so sweet and connected really well with me and my ex and all the other people I had to deal with in my life lol. Thanks so much! I wish you the best on here." ... written by tln292
Wonderful. Amazing. Super. I recommend her for everyone!" ... written by marxis79
This lady is absolutely wonderful. She is a very friendly and honest person and I really loved the reading with her." ... written by Paul Molina
Very quick and straight forward!!! No suga coating! Thank you!" ... written by jayr3264
Love her style lol very easy to talk to!! Now we'll see what happens in the coming weeks lol Thanks Mssaul!" ... written by mojo_jojo76
mssaul is like a friend! she is genuine accurate and gives great guidance. I really appreciate her help with everything up to this point! Everyone should take time to chat with her!! :) Thank you mmsaul!!" ... written by deelove
yeah" ... written by tennille1055
Really helpful, gave good advice on the way forward. Thanks so much:-))" ... written by suertemia
Very awesome, best reading so far!" ... written by cindy46
Gave wonderiful advice and answered all of my questions no matter how silly :)" ... written by Kathy
I loved the reading.... very detailed about what I should do and what I wasn't doing that was causing my problem. The advice she gave me was amazing and she was right on point with everything she said. I love her!!!" ... written by Blakkatt23
It was such a pleasure speaking with Mssaul! Her responses were sincere and uplifting. I will definitely take her advice and keep my head held high when continuing on in my job pursuit. More importantly, I will be back for more readings. Thank you Mssaul!" ... written by I_Love_Life
She was right about everything she told me" ... written by goodone01
very nice person" ... written by ankria
great!" ... written by zimbman
Shes great to connect with, and I enjoy my reading with her!" ... written by amourxoxo
excellent and caring. quick answers even in the chat room " ... written by janette1234
Excellent...Mssaul gave very good advice and was spot on in her reading. I most certainly will consult with her again. Many Thanks Mssaul" ... written by Mojana
Excellent..accurate." ... written by adele2
Mssaul is great ! I like her ! She is making me feel good again and clearing my doubts ! Thank you! " ... written by reicaa
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TY MSSAUL....WE WILL SPEAK AGAIN SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
She is a nice lady. I felt as if I were talking to my sister. Great information and advice." ... written by Beginnings7
Great reading, gave me some good advice, now i knw what i have to work on! Thanks xx" ... written by Romaa83
As you talk to her more, you can help but like her more. You forget she's psychic. Glad I got to do a reading with her. Thanks!" ... written by Beginnings7
thanks ! great advice. " ... written by dalilahflores
she is wonderful to talk to ..and very good at what she does I will add her to favorites and get updates ..She was in my good Reading ..I suggest 5 stars ..on my call " ... written by sunshineaj0128
Excellent insight!!!Answered questions with ease and was extremely accurate!Highly recommended!Thank you sooo much!!!x" ... written by rattail1
thx a lot for everything " ... written by aquestionhelp
Very incitefull and very sweet to speak with. I enjoyed it very much and I will check back with her." ... written by geoff007
She was amazing! You will not be disappointed!" ... written by florwer85
Such great energy! So good with relationship readings. I could only do a short one but she tuned in really fast. I look forward to another reading soon." ... written by necklace15
very understanding and caring. saw my situation and gave great advice. I will be back Thank you for your help !" ... written by soc225tw
exxellant " ... written by VAit2014
Very intuitive, have had several readings and she is so wonderful and has been very helpful to me.. she has become more of a friend and I enjoy every moment I share in her room and the readings I have with her... thank you xoxo much love to you .. " ... written by aimee
Love her, honest, direct, and i will be back..merry christmas!" ... written by newh
she was extremely wonderful!!!! she told me all i needed to know and she gave me hope and insight to my situation, Told the truth while still being very positive! wonderful reading! i will be back! " ... written by Carocakee
Very straight to the point, very patient, honest love her accent... will come back... Great Reader." ... written by prettygal2011
although the audio did ont work, MsSaul was typing quickly and I got the information I needed and I believe her to be very accurate " ... written by soul2love
Connected right away - saw it as it is and gave good advice. I will come back!" ... written by scaredtolose
Thanks mssaul, such a wonderful person and the reading was rite on point. Couldn't ask for anything better. Will report back for update. " ... written by younglady
Thanks sweetheart, let's see what happens next..........:)" ... written by kaur001
Wonderful!!! I was ready to give up on a relationship and she helped out a lot!!! Very insightful I will bookmark and use her forever. Thanks mum" ... written by dar... terri
She was awesome!" ... written by jessicar123
very concise, straight to the point. accent was pretty and she was honest, very honest! " ... written by maravilloso002
Great reader.." ... written by MorningStar8
all i can say is wow " ... written by fierygoddess1
I just want to say that Ms. Saul earns the right to be called Ms. lol! Her reading is so accurate and on point. She told me everything that I needed to know about my relationship and the man...She also says that he is my soulmate. Guess what I believe her lol! I encourage everyone that reads this to get a reading you won't be sorry...Love you Ms. Saul and I'll be back lol!!!!" ... written by budha121
Ms. Saul was very nice and she understood my delicate situation. I will return." ... written by peaceofmind3
Very good reading. She also gives good advice." ... written by florwer85
very good, clear and to the point. I believe MsSaul to be right on, based on my own intuition of the situation..." ... written by soul2love
She has had a connection with me from day one! Love this lady she is on the money about all she said! Will be back again love you Simone oxoxox" ... written by Neptunes-Child
very comforting! " ... written by SugarHeart
Happy new year, hats off to you. You see my issue and as always wanna guide me in the right direction. Thank you so much! 5 stars " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you! Great advice, and accurate consultation!!!!!!!!" ... written by deelove
Thankyou sooo much always great 5 + stars" ... written by rattail1
yes, thank you i really like your reading im going to take your advice for sure thank you im even going to come back on" ... written by lotuslove
Beautiful, beautiful Soul! Love her readings, she truly 'FEELS' what is coming through for you in her readings... Love her!" ... written by soul2love
Mssaul was so down to earth and caring. she picked up on the energy surrounding the relationship very accurately.I highly recommend this wonderful women..5+++ " ... written by tivabeth22
Very nice and insightive.. Thanks I appreciate your help.." ... written by buzysignal
it was a good reading, covered some good stuff1 " ... written by devo1987ashworth
Great Thanks" ... written by teko123
Mssaul, is very accurate, she is fantastic to talk to and straight to the point. sometimes i just think back to what she said and i feel her compassion and empathy. To the point and brilliant...I will have another reading with her...." ... written by penny24
I loved her....." ... written by southernlovebird
Lovely Lady.....Good Advice :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Very good advice!!! Thanks" ... written by damaria34
Time was to short" ... written by RyanRagoonath
I love Ms Saul she is very professional, loving and compassionate. She knows exactly whats going on in your situation and gives excellent advice...Always an on time reading...Get one you won't regret it trust me!" ... written by budha121
She is on the money correct. I strongly urge you to go private with her. You will feel so much better." ... written by GalTaurus
I felt so much better concerning my love issues with mssaul. She is very enlightnening on your situation. Go private with her." ... written by GalTaurus
OMG, she was absolutely amazing! Everything she said about my situation was true! EVERYTHING! Not one thing was untrue! She was bright, and sweet and caring, and she knew what she was talking about! I look forward to her predictions passing. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
This girl is so spot on, she's marvelous! Tell your friends. I will be back as Arnie said many years ago." ... written by BarbaA
Good just ran out of credits" ... written by GenuinelyThe1
One word: Amazing" ... written by sunislife
Very accurate and srtaightforward" ... written by ariesgirl80
MSSAUL is so sweet and understanding, and remembers your issues so well." ... written by juliahelen8918
Spot on! i wouldn't recommend a better psychic to talk about relationships!" ... written by dwinadrito
Thank you about the wonderful reading. I really enjoyed our conversation. Thank you for the advice. I will try everything that you said! LOL... Thank you, again!!!! " ... written by Angel168
I think she was very good very accurate andamp;amp; helpful, thank you!" ... written by victoriacoronado
She is fantastic and dead on!! I am still shocked and amazed!!! WOW!" ... written by curiousgeorgette
I love the reading....i hope everything she said will come true...i will be back for sure......" ... written by penny24
Veryyyyyyyy acuarateeeeee" ... written by chinkz19
She is greattttttttt!! so understanding!!!" ... written by deelove
Very confident in her gift. She was on target. I was very impressed with her." ... written by GalTaurus
To the point......precise and well said" ... written by ssharma
Youre wonderful" ... written by kaseyj13
Awesome lady very nice" ... written by 1201steele
Simone is very gifted and ontop of what is happening in your love life. I suggest you go private with her, you will not be sorry! " ... written by GalTaurus
Wooooooot!! she knows she is great!!!!!!! " ... written by deelove
Love herrrrrrrrrrrrrr" ... written by Saycred
She was right on " ... written by tiffsmom
Very insightful and compassionate! I would highly recommend that you go private with her." ... written by GalTaurus
Very sweet and a lovely lady..." ... written by Hims82
Very sweet and quick~ do try!" ... written by Hims82
I always a pleasure with mrs saul!! luvs u!!" ... written by LadyJ88
Thx you for your insight to my plight for so long, omg you're funny too, God Bless!!" ... written by queenbee22
Gave good advice." ... written by mzgg85
Amazing" ... written by happy4eva
She was right on with everything!!!!! Go to private with her......You will be happy you did. " ... written by GalTaurus
You are sweet and wonderful this is my first time on oranum. thank you! your the best!" ... written by kat620
So compassionate and very good. Be sure to go private with her, you won't be sorry." ... written by GalTaurus
Tune in to the dynamic and offered kind yet firm advce." ... written by lilliableu
Please I reccomend that you go private with her....She is fantastic.!!!!!!!" ... written by GalTaurus
Thank you for your beautiful insight. " ... written by GalTaurus
Mssaul was awesome loved that I could see the energy of what she was feeling!! Incredible... I sat in on quite a few chat rooms before I chose my reading glad I chose her... really enjoyed and felt connected!!! :)" ... written by bflow1
VERY GOOD,..." ... written by G
Gave me alot of help and advice i know she is right what she says even though it was hard hearing it but i appreciate her honesty thanku for a great reading mssaul :) x" ... written by f999111
VERY INSIGHTFUL" ... written by answers28
She is AWESOME" ... written by hurtinscorp2
Awesome help n guidance" ... written by Lawanna
She was so perfect and I liked her so much and she said to me the good things. I loevd her very much so will wiat the date when i meet the friedn of mylifetime and I wil let you all know " ... written by goodluck2012
Awesome!!!" ... written by chaxa67351
Good reading.. Very caring and wanted to give alot in such a little time! I lost computer connection and will return!" ... written by romanmm01
Thanks :)" ... written by xicabella
Very honest" ... written by ivanaxoo
Vey passionate and great reader, helped me so much! " ... written by ginalauren
Very good, many thanks!" ... written by sorbette
Always pleasant speaking with her :)" ... written by deelove
She is very accurate, she's very friendly too:)" ... written by lavendergirl
This reader was awesome!!!!!!!!!" ... written by deltaj
Great! Excellent and dead on!" ... written by BeeYourself7786
Great reading with Ms. Saul.. She gets into the situation and can tune into very well. knows the person I ask about Good reading as always..." ... written by soul2love
Utterly amazing my favourite on here." ... written by BeeYourself7786
Know loves , and gives right encouragement !!! and clearity !!!" ... written by Svet2121
She was right on point did not have to say much very good" ... written by color1201
She is a definite keeper!!! GREAT!" ... written by color1201
Wow... Straight, on the money. Enjoyed her, will be chatting again!" ... written by STRAWBERRY73
August. Amazing. Be open. Thank you lady. Much love." ... written by maryhouston
Utterly amazing!!!" ... written by sassygyrl777
Beautiful person she is She is amazing No cards no tools needed to get your real answers !!! Thank you so my sandra xo God bless you Dearest :)" ... written by sandra-xo
Wow wow wow!!!! She was amazing! She gave me so much info and details!!! And made me so hopeful! And gave me alot of good advice! I just really hope her prediction comes to pass! But omg - she was awesome! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!:)" ... written by marisduhh
She is very professional and passionate about her work. I felt very comfortable speaking with her and she gave great advice. She really pinpointed the person I asked about and picked up on how things were going between me and that person. She is great I'd recommend her to anyone." ... written by luckyirish
Simply Amazing !!!! She is.the Best on here ..I highly recommend her she is heaven sent ,with all the answers to you problems .God Bless you :) sandra -xo" ... written by sandra-xo
Every time I call this women she has hit the truth head on I truly like her will continue to contact her" ... written by color1201
Simone is truly gifted from God. She is very professional and caring about her reads...She is always right on about her knowledge of your situation. Ms. Saul I personally give you a standing ovation and 100 stars...I look forward to chatting with you again...XXXOOO Susie" ... written by budha121
I had a great time and she told me exactly what I was expecting to happen she was wonderful and amazing. I plan to read with her again. " ... written by deltaj
Mssaul was excellent, she was very dead on the reading, very accurate and she does not need tarot cards. She is very good at what she does." ... written by kprattis
Wow... It was good and she hit us spot on!!! Thank you" ... written by javawriter
Again what can be said about such a beautiful and wonderful gifted psychic? Well I just siad it lol!!! I love you Ms. Saul" ... written by budha121
Very Insightful" ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you for the update. It was great!" ... written by Angel168
Good, on point" ... written by lashon123
LOVE HER! VERY ACCURATE... MUST GO PRIVATE!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Thanks so much u was really on target so happy u informed me on info i needed to know i know u do know what you're talking about" ... written by bestleo
Very good, answers quickly and gave me good advice to put on the right direction. Thank you so much, God bless!" ... written by Rescume8
Very kind and quick to the point. Honest. Thank you. Will update you" ... written by stars2024
She is the best!" ... written by hoofer13
I like her a lot." ... written by Kayla1989
SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!" ... written by color1201
She is very honest! if you want the truth go private! very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all wiil happen!" ... written by kat620
Amazing!!!! Encouraged me! xxxx I'll be back! :D " ... written by mari
Thank you!" ... written by deelove
Mssaul is THE BEST! She picked up on my energy immediately. She has a natural gift and knows how to use it. If you want answers Now! Click the Private Chat button! She Will accurately answer all of the questions you wonder about and quiet your fears. Thank you Mssaul!" ... written by Tabithahsm
Great reader time will tell if all comes true " ... written by sweetspirit
The best I've ever consulted, to the point and very clear." ... written by nombulelomazibuk
Great as usual! Thank you so much for your help and insight! She always helps me when I am confused and unsure of what is going on. " ... written by MissDecemburr
I LOVE HER ENERGY ." ... written by HigerPower
Quick and to the point. Picks up very quickly. thank you!" ... written by stars2024
Very good reader - liked her style." ... written by nickellme
Yes, she is the best." ... written by Retsy44
I just love Simone. She is so kind and can really see into people's lives. Very, very good" ... written by rose423
Thank you" ... written by stars2024
Always so comforting and honest. Thank you!" ... written by stars2024
This was a very interesting reading, I am happy I had her give me insight into the issues i am having and how to handle them...10 star reader" ... written by sweetspirit
:)) thank you " ... written by deelove
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by love522
Another wonderful reading with Mssaul she is is very quick in answering questions. She does not need to use her cards or the pendulum. She is very accurate" ... written by kprattis
We were both giggling so much, her predication sounds lovely and I hope it comes true :-) tc xxx" ... written by random_diamond
She was so good. I enjoyed the reading and she was so in tune with everything going on." ... written by needclarity788
She is so sweet. Helps you with honesty and is quick and to the point. Thank you once again! x" ... written by stars2024
She is good and very accurate. She also gives good sound advice." ... written by florwer85
Her advice was good, but our connection was not that good. She gave me some very insightful advice." ... written by nikkidavis31
What can I say she has been consistent with what she has said before. I absolutley adore her!!!! Thank you soo much!!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Very kind, nice, and easy." ... written by energy1010
Mis Saul is so sweet and honest.. Love her readings and her advice.. Guess I hve to make the move.. slowely." ... written by soul2love
She is the best!" ... written by Retsy44
Great Connection! Can't wait for things to unfold for me in the fall. Very please with her information." ... written by tblove1
Excellent gave info that i needed very smart woman i will be reading with her again. " ... written by deltaj
Love Ms Saul.. She is a wonderful being, honest and very gifted.. Full of love herself!" ... written by soul2love
Thanks that was great!" ... written by annamation
Amazing " ... written by Pressuredymond
Good advice, very insightful" ... written by lemonade34
Right to the point with and direct, I like it." ... written by ronitfarkash
Thanks for everything." ... written by verythierrry
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me today!" ... written by SistahMaria
She is great and knows ones heart." ... written by hurtinscorp2
I didn't get a chance to speak long but she was wonderful! Very honest and nice!" ... written by lisascript1
Thank you ... You have been accurate about the man of my dreams." ... written by linn115
Thank you Mssaul, you have been a great help xox Lovely woman, very friendly and open about things :)" ... written by Biljanai
Ms Saul is a very caring and compasionate person. She will tell you the truth.. Definitely see her." ... written by soul2love
Ms Saul is a beautiful caring compassionate Soul. just love her.. she has become a friend..." ... written by soul2love
She is awesome!" ... written by lisascript1
excellent and accurate" ... written by hiranmotwane
Insightful but bitwine server is getting too jammed up... :( " ... written by linn115
Soul sistah!! this woman is amazingly accurate and honest and reads youre choices as you make new changes in youre life she is excellent " ... written by katzhous8
You are the BEST on here!! Thank you so very much for your reading ,,you have helped me so much when i almost lost all hope. You are so truly Blessed and gifted xoxo Sandra" ... written by sandra-xo
Very nice. I hope everything comes true. " ... written by jerzeyfinest08
MsSaul is so sweet.. very good reader.. feels exactly how it is... " ... written by soul2love
Great and right to the point" ... written by brownsugar33
Very good reading, things I needed to hear!" ... written by bblock76
Wonderful personality. Cant wait to see if her predictions come true!!" ... written by virgo0916
Beautiful." ... written by soul2love
MsSaul, you are the best you wowed me, every thing said was on the ball. I will always keep in touch you're my inspriation....." ... written by determine53
I just love her. " ... written by deltaj
Wonderful insight. Absoutely right about so much." ... written by vatoga77
Wonderful as usual " ... written by deltaj
She is wonderful! always right on everything! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
I love her to death. " ... written by deltaj
Wow its been so long I am happy things are slowly changing for the better as you can see it been a long haul ..Thx You for ur insights God Bless." ... written by queenbee22
Good insight hope the predictions all come true.. She seemed very quick to pick up and genuine." ... written by acealways
Mssaul and I have been emailing a lot over the past 2 months and so far all of her predictions have came true (: I am very excited for more of her predictions to come true. She is truly amazing! (:" ... written by anm5335
Thank you very much! :)" ... written by jem_29
Mssaul has a wonderful calm healing aura. An amazing spot on intuition, with empathy and compassion. She picks up on so much. She speaks fast and gives you loads of information and she's not stingy on freechat which makes you comfortable to go to private. You will not be dissapointed. Thank you!" ... written by butterfly1000
Amazing!! Very good reading." ... written by Ryan747
Outstanding Speechless! A must Read!" ... written by FancyAParis
Well i was intrigued!! hopefully the future that was seen will happen... will let you know!" ... written by intrigueme184
Thank you very much. You are right on point with my situation." ... written by shygirl82
Very positive and seems like a nice lady." ... written by shaz77
Wow! speechless. She is good!" ... written by meralla
I love her every time!" ... written by deltaj
Very accurate and rewarding." ... written by Calliopie
Thank you, you were very helpful!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
So much fun energy! Very upbeat and positive, and cleared up my doubts :)" ... written by moonstone2
Gives Immense detail and is so warm :) I probably talked her ear off but she took the time to listen :) Excited to see what happens soon :) " ... written by Daydreamertiffy
Thank so much, helpful." ... written by Lattice3
Very excellent and accurate reading.. loved her she is brilliant on giving advice.. she picked up on me very quickly and doesnt waste any time. 110% recommended , you wont regret it. Will be back soon for more private reading." ... written by astridzinha
Excellent advice" ... written by vrcallen
So warm and friendly. Knows what she is talking about!" ... written by rachelp12
Such a kind and caring person. Gave me a lot of insight and clarity. Explained things really well to me and gave me a lot to think about and look forward to." ... written by warrenkitty83
I can tell you know what you are talking about!" ... written by Koffylove
I enjoyed the reading." ... written by Essential1430
This woman knows the ins and outs of things... in a heartbeat .... shes amazing xx if you want amazing look no more " ... written by katzhous8
Excellent - she picked up on me straight away ! Very insightful Recommend her !! " ... written by Beccaboo72
She's great ! .. Hoping everything falls into place like she had said! : ) .. Great Psychic and Friend!! Will defiantly be coming back !" ... written by katiew12345
Told me something very specific in my life which has just happened and I'm not currently aware of; I'm very curious if it's true." ... written by shaz77
You are really good and very on point and I can't wait until my birthday next year. Thank you." ... written by charish
She was great and told the truth." ... written by tammie1974
Just needed to clarify a few details which was done, some very big information was given to me." ... written by shaz77
Thank you so much mssaul. You have been wonderful and kind and so caring. You have helped me a lot with all my worries. Everyone will benefit from your great insite. You pick up everything perfectly and clearly. thank you so much. I will for sure be back the future! :)" ... written by tparsons11
Was pleased with my personal reading...gave me some clarity...." ... written by arliviaruss08
Real" ... written by Speedracergo1
Sweet, kind and insightful lady. Thank you." ... written by Bella100
Have had many readings with ms saul, she is very good,honest and a lot of fun. waiting for things to come to pass." ... written by soul2love
Great and straight to the point!" ... written by brownsugar33
Wonderful update on my reading, so honest and true!" ... written by tammie1974
I love her!!! So amazing and accurate. Straight to the point and helps you put things in perspective." ... written by Ryan747
As always she nails it. i will always come back . " ... written by deltaj
She is very insightful." ... written by SilverQuinn
She was fantastic , amazing and cant find words . thank you so much " ... written by remedio
I might not sure if what she stated was true... however, I need to give it time to see if it really happens. I might change the rating by giving it verbally." ... written by dollsgen7
Ms. Saul is amazing and on point with every detail. She is one of a kind. I will definitely return for a 2nd reading." ... written by romarios1
Brilliant sound advise as usual. thank you" ... written by butterfly1000
She was very Clear and I really do believe she knew what was going to happen for me and my family Update you all as soon as I know! :-)" ... written by Chrystale12
My go-to person" ... written by kikigirls2
GREAT AND AMAZING AS USUAL! " ... written by Ryan747
Wonderful, wonderful reading. She was so on point and detailed. I am going to implement her advice, and I will definitely be back. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
Excellent as always and very confident in her abilities with the help of her spiritual guides." ... written by kprattis
Great!" ... written by tammie1974
Once again stunning performance god bless u. simone " ... written by remedio
Have had many reading with ms saul.. she has become a friend. I belive her readings to be very accurate." ... written by soul2love
I love her she is amazing." ... written by ddhall90
All I can say is that she really opened my eyes about my love situation with my ex. If you want someone who is going to get deep into your soul and unravel those knots in your relationship, then she's your girl. I love her already and definitely want her to be my advisor for a long time to come. Thank you Mssaul " ... written by toreesky
Been told myself and an ex will work out, 100 percent guaranteed. Just got to sit back and wait now and see what happens." ... written by shadeykev
She is wonderful and a gem. Great Advice from the heart." ... written by dominquez1
Thank you so much, you have help alot it was wow it answer alot of the questions I have and will be coming back to you smiles hugs you" ... written by HisSakura
5 STARSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a good person no tricks." ... written by dominquez1
Just loves her and will take her advise." ... written by HisSakura
Amazing Psychic!! Hit everything right on the nail. Excellent guidance and clarity!" ... written by Lovingheart118
She was very accurate and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by salvimom
Once again her predictions came true i'll be back for sure. " ... written by deltaj
Great reading... good humor too.. thanks so much." ... written by Chuffsta388
She brings peace to you." ... written by HisSakura
I loved her! Very friendly and insightful." ... written by juliegray58
You were great" ... written by beebumble1981
Cool" ... written by Speedracergo1
She gave me hope and confidence! No outlandish promises... just something positive to look forward too! She is awesome" ... written by scharie
Thanks for the wonderful reading! very pleasant and made me smile = )" ... written by xtine930
I have had many many readings with Ms Saul. I believe her to be genuine and I believe in her gifts." ... written by soul2love
The best i always come to her " ... written by kikigirls2
She is great. Very personable and great advice and reading. Thanks a lot will be back.... Looking forward to what she said coming true, but I have to be patients! lol Thanks a LOT" ... written by jeh014
Thank you so much for your wise words." ... written by Chuffsta388
She's really great... Very nice person, super honest.. and right on the point." ... written by ladyrush
A great reading she was very fast and gave me alot of information... I highly recommend her ... She is very kind." ... written by frizzle441
She was great. Very nice." ... written by MissLea922
Thank you very much, again Dear! Have a nice evening!" ... written by tzvetelina
Thank you, so much dear!" ... written by tzvetelina
Very nice, genuine." ... written by fretan
Great reading and great advice... Just got to make sure I follow it! Cheers Simone." ... written by Chuffsta388
She was good." ... written by Blkbutterfly
Thank you." ... written by Lattice3
Thank you so much! Patience is a virtue and so I plan to be a virtuous woman this time around!!! lol Will return with updates as necessary :) Thanks so much!" ... written by miasha
Excellent, everything is just like she said." ... written by georgiapeach37
She is ve very good and caring. Please approach this kind and good lady and you'll never regret it." ... written by Gold18
Mssaul is the coolest!! Everything that I was feeling about the situation she hit the nail on the head." ... written by Blkbutterfly
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent insight!! Thank you!" ... written by bblock76
She knows what she is talking about. She is phenomenal, spot on. I really enjoyed the reading!" ... written by mimatisse
Made me feel so much better" ... written by Blkbutterfly
Can't find words to express . I'm totally speechless." ... written by remedio
I have had many many readings with Mssaul.. Mssaul is very compassionate and I feel her abilities are right on. One day she said to me.. you had a dream.. I did. There is no way she could know that right?!! Mssaul has become a friend and confidant. Have a reading with her you won't be sorry.. She will bring you peace." ... written by soul2love
Fantastic...... Knows what she is talking about..." ... written by ellas_paok
She is the real deal, picks up instantly and gives great advice!" ... written by marionlyttle
Great reading. Picked up my current situation. Also good advice about what is about to come. Will keep in touch. Very happy to meet you." ... written by Charlie0605
Great insight and accurate telling of events. Thanks also for the advise moving forward. You are great." ... written by Chuffsta388
She's wonderful. Truthful, gifted and honest. Look no further for the truth. xx Thank you mss. Much love, you're worth it. Five stars." ... written by katzhous8
Thank you thank you mssual you read my situation like a book. You are amazing. The info that you told me that will happen in the future, i will wait and see if it comes true. Thank you for your support and caring words. You made me feel much better." ... written by 1SpecialMe
Thank you very much. It's very powerful." ... written by kelcher
Very good my time ran out before i knew it she was very knowleable about things i told her nothing 10 stars " ... written by mssunshine11
She's the Best!!!" ... written by annetteraquel10
Amazing." ... written by giselle18
Great reading and great connection with the reading. Thanks so much." ... written by Chuffsta388
A good reading and good advice." ... written by myojin
SPEECHLESS AGAIN . GOD BLESS YOU SIMONE." ... written by remedio
Beautiful." ... written by giselle18
Good to talk too." ... written by Blkbutterfly
Mssaul was extremely helpful, very accurate in her assessment of situation. Thank you so much. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by PinkFairy21
Thank you so much, Mssaul!!! So wonderful my reading with you and I wish now I can talk with you everyday. Lol." ... written by Annde25
She always leaves me feeling much better. Great insight, very much on point with her knowledge of my situation." ... written by salvimom
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
She's a darling." ... written by trinigentleman2
Very good." ... written by gerald5575
Thank you for the encouragement! i feel so much better!" ... written by xtine930
Fantastic connection and really clear and in-depth advise. Thank you." ... written by Chuffsta388
Thanks for your input!" ... written by hautebaglady
Thank you fort the reading! It's always a great one! Every time!" ... written by deelove
Answered all questions, was polite, gave good insight, gave good advice. Helpful. knew the situation and what was going on." ... written by becca2312
Fantastic reading... Connected so impressively and accurately. Told the hard truth but gave options too. Cheers." ... written by Chuffsta388
I really liked her answer. To the point, seem to be in tone with my question. It just goes so fast when it comes to talking. All thanks!" ... written by downtownbrown55
She is always right on!!! She knew what was going on, I did not need to tell her..." ... written by dcoventry
Thank you so much for your insightful readings and wise words of wisdom. Cheers!" ... written by Chuffsta388
Thanks for another good reading!" ... written by xtine930
Great and always on point. Simone always leave you feel good about the situation." ... written by brownsugar33
Very good... Simone is definitely talented." ... written by soul2love
Very good!" ... written by andrea555
Ms Saul is a great person her reading is very accurate." ... written by determine47
Wonderful as always MsSaul is very honest and direct. Definately come to private with her for clarity and how to solve your current situation." ... written by kprattis
Amazing as usual." ... written by Ryan747
Thanks Simone for another insightful and honest reading. Cheers man!" ... written by Chuffsta388
This lady is so awesome. Thanks for all your insight. Simone, you are the best!" ... written by brownsugar33
As always your advice is spot on, you bring clarity to the situation. Thank you." ... written by PinkFairy21
She is a love expert, 10/10!" ... written by gem1974
Very clear answers." ... written by jackie2728
Honest..... I enjoyed speaking to her... Everything she said was so true..." ... written by jackie2728
Great!" ... written by giselle18
Love her advice on how to make things happen. I don't like readings that seem that it's cast on stone." ... written by kerrdoodle
Good advice!!!" ... written by kerrdoodle
Very accurate. I enjoy her readings so real!" ... written by georgiapeach37
She is awesome, she hit everything on the head. " ... written by monki1999
She's good. Trust me." ... written by hautebaglady
She talks sense... I love her always!" ... written by meralla
Very good update by Ms Saul. Always true and right on. Definitely worth the read!" ... written by Annymous
Was very authentic!" ... written by Bridgette1987
Thanks so much Simone... great reading and advice" ... written by Chuffsta388
Good reader. I will come back!" ... written by jackie2728
Thank you!" ... written by cookie1986
She is excellent! Perfect!" ... written by vonjay1990
Good reader... " ... written by jackie2728
I'm loving it, the real love expert!" ... written by gem1974
I love this woman she is amazing! So accurate and fast and picks up everything really fast! Do a reading with her you will be amazed." ... written by Beccaboo72
Awesome reading." ... written by soul2love
Cheers, very good reading and honest and accurate!" ... written by Chuffsta388
Excellent!" ... written by Sunshine10601
Thank you so much for the encouraging reading!!!!" ... written by xtine930
Very passionate and accurate." ... written by Harlem04
Amazing.." ... written by zimerili1
Following through with Ms Saul." ... written by gdkdianne
Always on point, really enjoy engaging with her. Her readings are always encouraging." ... written by thembidlabazane
Wow! Unbelievable! The best! Trust her, she knows what she is talking about! :)" ... written by Raspberry220
Was awesome! She knew things that I didn't even bring up. I waited to have a reading with her, she is worth the wait!!" ... written by makalohi
Fabulous! The best psychic I've ever been to. Really cool and bright. :)" ... written by Raspberry220
The best! This woman knows everything and is a giver! No question about it, she is AMAZING." ... written by Raspberry220
Very caring and compassionate for my situation. You want to get a read with Mssaul!" ... written by soul2love
Very specific and on point. Great experience!!" ... written by lillady8701
Went straight to the point and made me happier. thank you" ... written by chivalen11
The best! For real. I have tried many psychics before finding Simone on this site and elsewhere. I am very picky and she has become like my best friend. Love you, S! Excellent at this!!! " ... written by Raspberry220
Perfect" ... written by soul2love
Very insightful and specific with the detail. I would definitely come back in the future for another reading!!!" ... written by Krisluv91
Good reading and accurate!" ... written by georgiapeach37
VERY RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!!!" ... written by passionfruit718
Very helpful " ... written by capricorn3082
She is like a best friend to me. I highly recommend her to anyone who values intelligence and quality in a reader. :)" ... written by Raspberry220
Still my favorite psychic here! Found her recently and will only go to her now. The absolute best. " ... written by Raspberry220
Very good." ... written by georgiapeach37
Very good at what shes does... Thank you so much!!!" ... written by beta4ever20
Awesome accuracy. The best." ... written by Raspberry220
Very helpful and insightful. Great attention to detail. Excellent." ... written by Raspberry220
Very Good update from MsSaul. I feel she is very intuned to the situation." ... written by soul2love
Mssaul, she was great!!! She was really in touch with what I was feeling. Yeahhhhhh!!! I'm so excited... Thanks for the GREAT reading. " ... written by Mechele706
As always, the best and right on! You are my favorite, Simone. I trust her very much and I have been to many other psychics. She is the best ever. " ... written by Raspberry220
Fabulous and accurate, as usual! The best! Love you, Simone! Thanks for all your continued help!!! xo" ... written by Raspberry220
Thanks so much for clarity and advice." ... written by Harlem04
Ms. Saul is truly amazing... Her accuracy truly was surprising. The first reading on the Oranum site and she is the only one I will go to from this point forward... She truly is the 'Gift'. Try her you will not regret!" ... written by NovemberScorp
She was my angel sent from heaven, to answer all of my questions and my concerns and my worries. " ... written by Hadessah
Ms Saul is very good. I believe she has a definite clue into the situation. " ... written by soul2love
I enjoyed my reading with Ms Saul she gave some good advice I will talk to her again." ... written by Essential1430
I love this woman. She is great. She helps me with everything! Thumbs up! :)" ... written by Raspberry220
LOVE HER, she the BEST!" ... written by sunislife
She is truly gifted and blessed. She is wonderful and I will talk to her again. She is truly a blessing. God has made her my angel." ... written by Hadessah
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Great!" ... written by Raspberry220
LOVER HER!!" ... written by lillady8701
Mssaul was fast reader that gave me great predictions that i look forward to seeing if they manifest. After the time frames she has given me, I will definitely come back for more insight from her!" ... written by Faye
You are awesome, girl!" ... written by sherri739
I am always amazed at her insight...she's not utilizing any external means to get answers, it's truly about her connection with one's spirit...and that to me is truly a gift. I have had others and no one for me can produce the results she can...if you want truth straight with no chaser...the Ms. Saul is the the one and only!" ... written by LadyHarlem
Wow! Ms Saul is the best and what she speaks is so true! I would recommend everyone I know to go to her for advice. She is an heaven sent angel. She is truly blessed! I love her to pieces!" ... written by Hadessah
Thank You very much." ... written by casy1235
Thanks mssaul you seem to be one of few pyschic who can relate to my feelings and understand where I'm coming from. Thanks once again." ... written by Harlem04
Yes I liked her, and I'll try to take her advice. I enjoyed this chat. And I think the reading was pretty much right! Thank you!" ... written by Mindicem
Excellent reading gave me hope for a better future with my daughter's father." ... written by Carla
Very clear and honest!" ... written by trisha29
She is great and very attentive!" ... written by MzNursie
Thanks mssaul for your advice" ... written by Harlem04
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
She's amazing! She told me things that I needed to hear, so that I can start preparing myself for, and accept it with open arms, when I do receive them. The things that she was saying just had my mouth open, because she was telling me the truth; as hard as it may seem to swallow at once, she told me the truth. Thank you again! Godspeed! and Continued blessings." ... written by diamondcutz
Very Caring!" ... written by Eileen1005
Awesome reading I felt she cared about what I was going through and was very honest and straight forward, really appreciated that a lot." ... written by Carla
My FAVORITE psychic on Oranum, hands down! You would be a fool not to trust Simone! She is THE BEST and never fails to amaze me and comfort me in all my life struggles and questions. Love you, hon. " ... written by Raspberry220
Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed my session with MsSaul. Asked one question and she had SO much insight to my exact situation. Amazing. I feel much better." ... written by achaiah2013
Always a great reading with Mssaul!!! Recommend her a hundred times over!!!!" ... written by Krishelle
Simone is like a best friend. Always accurate and on top of every single detail! She leaves nothing out! Highly recommended! xoxo" ... written by Raspberry220
She is my favorite psychic here -- very intelligent and helpful! Love her! " ... written by Danielle Miceli
She always gives the most detailed and accurate advice. She never leaves anything out. My fav! :)" ... written by Danielle Miceli
She is like a best friend. So great! xo" ... written by Danielle Miceli
Always enjoy my readings with mssaul. She makes it fun. :-)" ... written by Claire
So great. I love her. She never lets me down. " ... written by Danielle Miceli
Mssaul was very accurate, without me telling her anything. She gave me some good insights of my problem. I would definitely b back to visit again soon. Awesome!!!" ... written by peaches2
I loved everything! She is fantastic. I recommend her to anyone and everyone! " ... written by Lisa
Fabulous. She is the best psychic -- so sensitive! Great." ... written by Danielle Miceli
Excellent, very honest." ... written by Benita
I love her! She is on point.... I recommend her to everyone and anyone!!!. She gives you the insight you are looking for good or bad, however you want to take it. She is friendly, honest and is straight to the point. :) " ... written by Junekay
She is like a best friend. She has been right about so many things! Her predictions have come true! I am awaiting more of her predictions to come true. Very happy about things that she told me! :)" ... written by Danielle Miceli
Awesome, great and just gives me hope... I loved her now I patiently wait for it all , try her and you willl see :D" ... written by miykah
Her help was greatly appreciated! She helped me to see clearly what was going on in my love life. Now I'm able to take the right steps to move forward with getting the man I want in my life forever." ... written by Shakylia
Very good reader!! Liked her a lot!!" ... written by misty
So nice. I love her. She is really smart. I've been going to her consistently for about 6 months now. She has been right about a lot of stuff and she is sensitive. Cool." ... written by Danielle Miceli
she was great" ... written by Naomi
Good." ... written by amanda
Very accurate." ... written by Anthony
Natural reader, well connected to the universe hence Divine you will not be disappointed. Take a reading with her. Brilliant. xxxx" ... written by Lotus001
Really honest. NO sugarcoating... She told me what I needed to hear for sure. Really liked her. " ... written by Jaclyn
Great reading, instant connection. Thanks for the solid advice..." ... written by Joc
She is so good and very accurate. She is the best and amazing." ... written by vasanta
Thanks for the input." ... written by harlem04
Thanks mssau." ... written by harlem04
5 stars every time!" ... written by junekay2013
Amazing as usual and has made me feel so much better. Given me the energy and hope to move on and let the future take its course. " ... written by ryan747
Simone is always honest and sincere. I have complete faith in her..." ... written by Soul2love
First time with her... She was totally different... She put my mind to ease. I will see... Thanks, looking forward to giving you the updates." ... written by Sheilah
Always a friend -- supports me through everything and her predictions have come true! " ... written by Danielle
Always a great reading with her!!!! She definitely eases your mind about any situation" ... written by Kris
Very detailed in what she reads. Does not sugarcoat anything. Very honest." ... written by colbersb
Very good! Accurate and gives great advice. Thank You and definitely coming back for update." ... written by NH
I think that she is good. " ... written by cocoarose
Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Seeking74
Good reading, really knew the situation without me saying too much about it. Gave a timeline." ... written by axia
LOVE HER!!! She answered my questions and knew exactly what I was talking about." ... written by swtquttie
Cool!!!! Knows what she knows!!!" ... written by Bridgette
Wonderful reading. Will be back to confirm everything. " ... written by RosieRN
WONDERFUL AS ALLWAYS" ... written by Bridgette
Thank you for the reading" ... written by tanya
Great reading!" ... written by lizainthemorning
Wow! She provided so much detail and was so on point with the person she described. I am amazed!!! Thank you!" ... written by Seeking74
Thanks so much! She is very accurate and actually takes the time out to explain to you...Very helpful! She's awesome!" ... written by nikki
I love the reading with Mssaul, she is always right on the money and nice about it... love her!!" ... written by CWdance24
Loved her, she was so straight forward and got right to the point. Thank you!" ... written by plina503
She hit the nail on the head! Will see if her time frames come to pass with what was said. Thank you." ... written by Tee
Fantastic reading.. really a great help. Would use again!" ... written by tilthe
What a reading...she is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by GM
Excellent reading. She picked up on the person and situation and told me what I asked about. I highly recommend her." ... written by Lady D
Very nice and understanding." ... written by charnelle
Thank you so much for you kind words and for all your clear insights and guidance. I very much recommend you to anyone interested in the truth!!! Also great sense of humor!" ... written by Anna
Very fast connection... Mssaul described my situation in a very accurate and detailed manner. I will definitely come back to her. One of my favorites here! Thanks a lot for the great reading and hope! :) " ... written by steph
Honesty but what I needed to hear and know. I shall see what happens.." ... written by Tee
Great as usual!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Seeking74
Thank you!!!" ... written by Seeking74
Amazing as always" ... written by ryan747
She is excellent." ... written by sunshine
MSsaul is a great person and is on point with everything" ... written by Joseph
Once again, honest true, we shall see what happens! Thanks again!" ... written by Tee
Great person and great spirit , right on point with everything." ... written by Joseph
Wonderful as always!" ... written by nikki
Mssaul is the best I really enjoy talking to her. Thanks for the advice and we will see if it works" ... written by Joseph
She is wonderful and accurate and so honest. I love her reading." ... written by Naomi
Mssaul Is a great reader. I met her a year ago in her free chat and was drawn to her energy. I only regret it took so long for me to take her into private to get a reading. But i finally did and enjoyed it very much. I recommend her for anyone with a relationship issue that needs a deeper insight. I will definitely come again." ... written by Shaun
Update reading.... Still stick to her predictions. She was calming as usual and great! Thanks Mssaul. " ... written by steph
Absolutely dead on, wonderful human being, accurate. Fun. A blessing.. I now know what to do about my soulmate!" ... written by SweetlyMe
I love this woman!!! So genuine and kind and accurate, so sweet at the same time." ... written by Anna
Dear, Mssaul, I love you and your energy! Thank you for keeping me straight!" ... written by Anna
They should have transcripts available on here. She is so good I want to read it all over again - just to enjoy our conversation one more time. " ... written by ez
You are amazing you picked right up on the situation with him and how hes stress but im glad he still loves me and wants to be with me and that we are going to be okay thank you soo much." ... written by Michele
Update reading with Mssaul... As usual, it was great and uplifting! Thanks Mssaul :) " ... written by steph
Highly recommended for people who wants to know the real situation. She is always a pleasure to speak with!" ... written by nikki
Thanks for the advice I know im to much but your great." ... written by Joseph
She felt sooo warm and compassionate! i was really amazed and soothed w chatting w her. def will visit her again! thank you so much!" ... written by Rosie004
I`m waiting to see if it is going to happen but you are very clear and a great soul" ... written by Joseph
Always a pleasure to ha a reading with mssaul!" ... written by Krishelle
mssaul, is great. She is setting my head straight when I need it. Wonderful insight. I recommend her to anyone looking for answers!" ... written by Anna
The best one here if you go anywhere else you are a fool MSsaul is the greatest!" ... written by Joseph
She was awesome." ... written by Rasheeda
Very reassuring. She is insightful and so helpful. Always makes me feel great. :)" ... written by Raspberry 220
I dont know what to say, everytime I talk to her she takes my breath away, Great woman." ... written by Joseph
Great woman, what more can I say." ... written by Joseph
Mssaul, gives it to me clear as daylight... God knows I need to see her an get some sound an sturdy advice! She told me exactly what I needed to hear plain as day. Thank you again!" ... written by diamondcutz334
Great soul, really knows what she's talking about." ... written by Joseph
Update reading... Great as always!! " ... written by steph
Best on here." ... written by Joseph
She is absolutely wonderful honest and gentle even with bad news. I appreciate that." ... written by mojo223
It was good, I hope what was said is not the truth." ... written by Mereith A. Provedor-Fink
I enjoyed the session. She is straight to the point." ... written by quieteyes13
Thank you so much for your insight. I needed that advice! Need to go and apply it." ... written by PM
She was great she knew the issues and i didnt even have to tell her I love this girl you will not be disappointed if you receive a reading from her!" ... written by Tyra
Once again, she was on point." ... written by quieteyes13
Great great great!!! She is always in tune with my situation and feelings. Thank you!!!" ... written by steph
Love her!!! She was very understanding and helpful." ... written by Aquamom21
This Lady is the best, I'm still going through my situation but so far sooooooo great everything has been coming to pass just waiting on the finishing touches, Thanks Mssaul." ... written by Joseph
Thank you!!!" ... written by SeekingTruth74
Boy did I get a lesson from Simone today! Very good. I will take her advice and go with it." ... written by Soul2love
She is the real deal!! I felt as though she knew me.... we clicked right away. AWESOME! I will be back." ... written by kitkat66
Always love talking and getting a reading with mssaul, she is uplifting and takes her time. She's amazing!! " ... written by lisa
Great reading! I will take her advice :)" ... written by Raemac
Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by Seekingtuth74
Thank you for the advice!!!" ... written by Seekingtruth74
Very good reading! " ... written by Tasha
Very insightful, on point, and in tune. Kind of freaky..." ... written by Michelle
She is the Most truthful one on here, spot on and to the point I am glad that she is still on here. " ... written by Nessa
Good reading.. Insightful" ... written by Kevin
WoW!!!!!!!!" ... written by Suzanne
Good. will wait 'till next month for predictions." ... written by moon
Wow!!!! I am speechless!!! I can't believe how accurate she is!!! She is absolutely one of the best that I have ever come in contact with!!!! I am blown away. She really opened my eyes and confirmed what I was feeling all along..She is such a blessing!!!!!!!!" ... written by CuriousLady79
Very accurate and fast... Good reading. Thank you!" ... written by rattail1
Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Update reading... Mssaul was awesome as usual! " ... written by stephanie
She was awesome. She is so beautiful inside and out." ... written by tiffany
I came back as I couldn't get enough of her AMAZING JAW DROPPING INSIGHT.....DONT MISS HER GUYS SHE WAS BRILLIANT ..THE BEST ON ORANUM 500000000 STARS" ... written by beautifulmoi
she was fast and honest, thats what i like. awesome reader, very kind and op-point. highly recommend her. she will not waste ur money or time. thank you so much" ... written by leader72
I used to go to this lady in free chat a year back..but didn't go back until now for a private..and WHAT AN OUTSTANDING READING...what I could not get in a year on Oranum SHE GAVE IT TO ME IN ONE READING....SHE PICKED UP ON THE SITUATION, THE INSIGHT, THE PREDICTIONS..WAS JUST WOW WOW WOW..gawdddd why didn't I go to her was so easy for her to just say it all........FANTASTIC.." ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you again. I love you... And noooooooooooooooooooo I will not say that to him yet :)))))))" ... written by acb
Wow! My first reading with mssaul and I have to say that she is amazing! She knew very detailed things about my relationship and also described personality/character traits that were just so on point. I am so excited! I will definitely return for future readings. I cannot wait for everything she predicted to unfold." ... written by Fatimah
Brilliant insight... Just awesome!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great woman!" ... written by Joseph
Mssaul was right on point of what I was thinking and the situation I was getting myself into. She is good and everyone should give her a try. Would use her again. She told me the truth and was straight with me." ... written by twinspice7
Accurate and emotionally in tune, i would recommend her to anyone" ... written by nicole
Amazing I am blown away." ... written by Mojo223
Lover her! always gives the clarity why things are going on and great advice. Thank You!" ... written by NIKKI
Very good" ... written by anon
Thank you for your insight and advice!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
I am very glad that I chose her today for a private. I am prepared now after her good advice. I felt like she knew me because she advised me against all the mistakes I had made in the past. I will definitely return for another reading!" ... written by Cathy6212
I'm so glad I turned to Mssaul instead of doing or saying the wrong things in this situation. I think she gives a great reading, she makes sense, and she gave me the same information from our last reading, the result hadn't changed which gave me confidence in her authenticity. Thank you mssaul! I'll see you again later." ... written by Cathy6212
She is amazing. I really hope that she is right about my situation. I will keep her updated. I feel like she really connected with me. Very kind and sweet. " ... written by ms
Very on point and exact love her!!!" ... written by karen simmons
The connection was instant and fast. Mssaul was able to pick up parts of my life without asking me for validation. I am super excited about the info she gave me. I will definitely consult her again." ... written by RhoyalMocha
What a pleasure chatting with her!!!! Her calm and poise is contagious. Most of all she's always spot on on what she says. Truly a blessing!" ... written by 69wondering
Thankyou mssaul. You are amazing how so quick you can tune in. Wonderful gift you have. I had no idea how short though my time was. I felt a little disappointed. But thankyou. I wonder if I can review our messages." ... written by mssaul
She is soooo wonderful!! So in tune~!! Everything she said was exact truth!! Will be back soon!! Love her!" ... written by psymeow
Wauwwwwww very good. Thanks for the reading, bless." ... written by aldinaleo
Very connected, accurate, sweet and gentle soul. No tools and she picked up on everything! Great guidance and advice as well. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Seeker1200
I can count on Mssaul. She is helpful and insightful and consistent. She gives me great meaningful advice and I'll be back for more as the situation goes on." ... written by Cathy
She is awesome and wonderful. She sees clearly into the situation and her advice is so wise! Thanks so much Mssaul...God bless you x" ... written by globe
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Always excellent :)" ... written by gf
This is her house! An amazing gift, calm poised, truthful, accurate. I will be back again." ... written by Jac
She is fantastic. fast typer, picked up immediately, and great advice. Thank you Mssaul..x" ... written by globe
Amazing reader, very detailed, very meticulous and immediately connected at a deep level. You get the sense she has known your situation for a long time you get alot of information from one session its like reading a well written book about the various ways to dissect whats going on. Extremely talented and gifted psychic." ... written by ikroyalak
Wow Mssaul is truly amazing, She connected with me fast and gave me a lot of great details and time frames. She gives great advice which I will gladly take. She is the real deal so please don't underestimate her give her a chance and you will see for yourself. I give her 100*** Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
She is amazing! A really good friend... And super accurate she told me that I would get a job by October and I got it a few days before the 1st of October! She was extremely helpful!! GO TO HER NOW!! " ... written by Roni!!!
Got right to the point of what I needed to do. and yes I am happy with this reading. She will be my go to." ... written by hoping
She helped answer a lot of unanswered questions." ... written by Katie
PERFECT! Right on POINT! " ... written by michelleluvlibra
Very interesting, she keeps me grounded." ... written by RhoyalMocha
Cool." ... written by kye2210
Was only in private a few minutes but she answered every question I had and more. Lovely lady! 5 stars! xox" ... written by Mshelli
WOW!!!! This woman right here I love her! She has helped me soo much from 5 months ago up till now! I appreciate you! You are my got to woman! Thank you so much! Oh and things she has told me came to pass and she always hits it on the spot!" ... written by Tasha
Great reading! Very insightful and to the point! Thanks so much!" ... written by suzan
Ms Saul and Inthecards are my regiment cause they are great, understand me and are always accurate. I really do appreciate them." ... written by Mojo223
Extremely helpful, I am so glad I met her. The info is so to the point. I highly recommend her." ... written by RhoyalMocha
Thank you again" ... written by ACB
Thanks! :)" ... written by rudexlove
Good." ... written by georgiapeach37
Honest and to the point" ... written by michelange9
Good reading. She answered all my questions. I will wait for her predictions to come true." ... written by Faith
Goood." ... written by georgiapeach37
Straight to the point very intuitive." ... written by irene
I returned to Mssaul for 3rd time - after initial, 2 updates. I like her. I like her advice and I feel she knows what she's talking about when it comes to the other person's feelings. She really can tell. she's been right the first 2 times. I'm sure this time too. Thank you. My mom was named simone so i like that connection too even if silly. :)" ... written by cathy
She was so insightful to my situation! I definitely feel better about things! I will be back to talk to her again soon. " ... written by Sheda
Excellent as always. Brilliant insight." ... written by beautifulmoi
Mssaul is gives great advice and is very intune with her gifts. I will definitely come back to her." ... written by Shaun
Very good and fast. 5 stars." ... written by georgiapeach37
She is a real deal! Her view is intelligent and down to the earth. She use no tool and is exact, in depth, insightful. Great psychic and great girl! Excellent reading! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
Clear and fast reading. Gave me confirmation. Wish I had more time, with mssul. will definitely come back for another reading. " ... written by Dazzle82
Great reading--helpful and on point." ... written by Jordyn
She helped so much!!!!!" ... written by Dre
Very helpful. Great information." ... written by consom
Awesome... picked right up on everything! highly recommend!!!" ... written by Ann
She is quick and to the point. :}" ... written by poppedtart
Good." ... written by georgiapeach37
Wondeful! Great! Oh my gosh, she was right on target from the beginning. Glad to meet her. She really could describe the dynamics of my relationship accurately. It was really great! Thanks so much!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazing advice! Cannot wait to see what my future holds for me and brought so much clarity into my life :) Thank you!!!" ... written by Vanessa
Excellent reader! " ... written by Ann
Outstanding reader.... one of my favorites here! Highly recommend her! Gifted!" ... written by Ann
She is a wonderful friend and a psychic! Very very truthful and helpful. Love her! xoxox" ... written by psymeow
amazing connection. fabulous, 5++++ stars." ... written by lulu
Good listener and good advice. Will see what will happen." ... written by William
Great reading, all true facts" ... written by Natasia
Really helps know how to handle the future" ... written by Katie
Mssaul is absolutely amazing, I love her. She is caring and gets to the point, she doesn’t hold back and provides you with detail on the situation and how to fix it. I consider her my friend and that's what is so amazing about her. " ... written by lisa
She helped me with my love life!!! And personal too!!!" ... written by Annie
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Kris
She was right on target about my situation. She gave great advice and unfortunately I believe she was accurate about the outcome. Doesn't waste time, gets to the point and tells you the truth about things. Great reading, thank you. " ... written by Heather
Great reading. wish I could have continued a bit and I want to thank Saul. Accuracy incredible. Thank you ." ... written by Sonja Robinson
I love the reading. Thanks Mssaul!" ... written by queenea
I feel that I have found a very good friend who is also a navigator for me. She made the connection very quickly and explained the whole situation and gave me a time frame. Now I feel strong, relaxed and wait positively for the future." ... written by ponnvalli
Brilliant insight as always" ... written by beautifulmoi
Five stars and good!" ... written by georgiapeach37
Thank you again." ... written by ACB
Very insightful. Gave great advice, thank you." ... written by Saanya
Mssaul is amazing and what a fast typist!" ... written by Licette
Wow. Most psychics usually mix up the energies of 2 people. But not for mssaul!!! She was able to distinguish the 2 different people and their styles! I was amazed, floored and impressed." ... written by Trevor
Awesome reader, thank you!" ... written by brandon
Love her. Gives the best advice there is!" ... written by nikki
She's good, fast, and honest!" ... written by moon1leo1
She was so cool and dead on the answer and question. She's a great lady, I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by jacks
This lady is a love expert.... Love her and her insight and guidance. Thank you sooo much!" ... written by jerald
Mssaul is the best. Her wisdom and guide never leads me wrong." ... written by edna davis
Love, love, love, loved her!!!!" ... written by gayle
Really helped me get grounded in what I need to do and focus on!" ... written by Katie
Wonderful. Thorough and insightful." ... written by K
Good! 5 stars!" ... written by georgiapeach37
Answered very quickly." ... written by Angie
She is wonderful, and I hope that she predict all well for me." ... written by Chukwu Johnson
5 stars good." ... written by georgiapeach37
Very thorough and clear reading. Very good insights." ... written by msrae89
Very much in detail and good advice. " ... written by ponnvalli
Always on point!" ... written by moon1leo1
I don't know you aren't in the tops because you help me so much and is so accurate! Thank you again!" ... written by Tasha
I always get great advice and support. She is very honest but very comforting at the same time. One of 2 I talk to to keep me inline." ... written by Mojo223
I have been to mssaul many times in the past, she is wonderful and insightful. She truly has a gift." ... written by east
Very great, truthful reader! No sugarcoating! Thank you!" ... written by Isla
Great reading." ... written by Katie
Always a big help to me! Thank you!" ... written by Tasha
She was fast and on point. Will touch base to see how things have unfolded." ... written by Angie
Very precise" ... written by pablo
You are the best." ... written by edna davis
Always a big help... I have to listen to her advice!" ... written by Tasha
Interesting" ... written by Natasha
I love mssaul she is on point everytime" ... written by karen simmons
Thank you so much Mssaul, I loved your reading even if not everything was what I wanted to hear. Thank you again." ... written by M
Good read so far." ... written by ......
Tunes in well and consistent. Doesn't waste time so well worth it." ... written by k
Always a big help! I pray her predictions come to pass!" ... written by Tasha
Thank you so much once again!" ... written by M
Nice reading I love that." ... written by greatjoy
Excellent reading. Wish I had more found to talk to her more. Spot on." ... written by karen
Thanks MSSAUL... gave me some great insight to keep in mind!" ... written by Alexandra
A great help and reassurance, I can always count on mssaul =)" ... written by Kris
I love mssaul! =) She continues to reassure and guide me" ... written by Kris
She confirmed everyone else and I'm definitely surprised. Thank you!" ... written by nf1
Needed some reassurance.. Thank you" ... written by Tasha
Always great insight with Mssaul" ... written by Kris
Outstanding as always" ... written by beautyoiness
She is a wonderful girl and a very gifted psychic! She is great for picking up the complex situation and describe the emotions and acts. So much info flows out from her. Very insightful, extremely detailed, and in depth reading. The best!" ... written by psymeow
Great help!" ... written by Katie
GREAT!" ... written by Alex
Very nice and insightful young lady. Really did break things down to earth." ... written by J. Y. Bey
Very detailed. Gave me some good insight." ... written by Risingphoenix00
I always love my reading from mssaul. She is always on point never misses a beat! I recommend anyone to her... you won't regret it. " ... written by lisa
Even though I didn't like the truth at first, I still needed to face it. and she has helped me a lot with that. I actually got to hear her voice and she's bubbly and animated!! I love it! she told me what I needed to do and more! thank you very much mssaul! " ... written by needfaith1
Wonderful reader!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you for everything. Very insightful as usual. " ... written by ACB
Excellent reading. Very honest." ... written by cindy
I didn't give the woman any details about my situation and she hit the nail on the head!" ... written by risenphoenix
Very good, no tools, and accurate :)" ... written by cf
I absolutely love her readings, she is one of the best on oranum... she gets straight to the point. I can't wait to see everything come to pass. Absolutely love and recommend her to anyone. :) " ... written by lisa
Nice person, warm energy, calm persona, to the point honest answers and gave me sound advice. " ... written by pjgovind
She is to the point" ... written by Zeigen
Connected so well, no questions asked!!" ... written by Freedom2211
What a blessing Mssaul is! She was quick, to the point and was able to tap into my situation. I will definitely contact her again." ... written by Lisa
Thanks again for the clarity!" ... written by nf1
Fabulous " ... written by pjgovind
Simone is the BEST!" ... written by psymeow
Thank you for everything!! You are a very special person. Love your energy and stuff love. :) Wonderful guidance." ... written by acb
Love this lady! So positive and self-assured. She knows what she is talking about and she leaves you feeling inspired to live live live!" ... written by miss ess
Love love love her, she is awesome thank you " ... written by Ashley
This was my first time doing this. Good experience, It will be interesting to see what happens in may." ... written by De'
Needed some help and she was there! It was so nice to hear her lovely voice as well.." ... written by Tasha
5 stars." ... written by georgiapeach37
Truly amazing and thank you so much for all the helpful advise :)" ... written by Starhx
Great talk with her, will do it again!" ... written by carmen
Wonderful. Awesome. Spectacular. She picked up on quite a lot of background information. You are my new best friend mssaul! God bless you!" ... written by Trev
I really like her!" ... written by adalmina
Very good and accurate!!" ... written by georgiapeach37
Very, very sweet reader. thank you!" ... written by landry
Kind words as always." ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Always honest and I appreciate that!" ... written by Kris
Great reading." ... written by sissi288
She is so awesome!" ... written by karen simmons
Thanks for insight" ... written by A
Was very good, only needed names and date of births to tell me things she couldn't have known without me telling her, which I didn't. " ... written by Jayne
Great session as always! Give truth and confirms. Thanks Mssaul!" ... written by nikki
Very quick reader hope it comes true." ... written by TR
Very good advice. Thank you Mssaul..." ... written by GD
Very interesting reading, she said a lot of stuff I could identify with, I just hope her prediction of us getting together is correct." ... written by MARYKATE
Very lovely lady. Great sense of humor. Made me feel a lot better than I've been feeling lately. Helped me figure things out and understand situations better. " ... written by Mera
Mssaul takes my worries away. Whenever I talk to her I feel calm and so positive about the future. I am just waiting things to unfold and I will follow her advice to let things happen and not to rush anything. 5 Stars! Thanks!" ... written by :) Love
Great Reading! I love how smoothly she can read what's going on" ... written by Katie
Awesome consistent reading.... lovely lady with bang on insight " ... written by beats
To Mssaul! Thank you so much!! I have only had ten minutes with you but you were very right. I will highly recommend you to my friends!" ... written by Rachael Halemor
She is great, told me the truth although was very hard to hear. She was right on about the relationship I had, I will listen to her advice, thank you for the reading." ... written by sharen223
Simone is so accurate. I will heed her advice. She enlightened me and cleared my mind with the issues I am dealing with. " ... written by Moonchild59
Yay :) very very good" ... written by unknownjourney13
She rocks! Very trustworthy and reliable psychic and a friend. She is my go to girl! Its amazing how much details she can give! Love her!" ... written by psymeow
She's amazing. She connects ridiculously fast! I just told her a name, and she described that person to the T. Its the specific details that she would have no idea of... gets me every time. She is for real and hopefully the predictions come true! Btw...her predictions coincided with another psychic's predictions!!!" ... written by enterchange
Very honest and direct. She is very honest and to the point. I love my readings with her. Very excellent!!!" ... written by Darnetha
She is Great !" ... written by :) Love
Very truthful reading, answered my questions very quickly and to the point. " ... written by Mshelli
Her prediction came to pass with the time frame! She rocks!" ... written by psymeow
Great!" ... written by sara
She had great advice and pretty accurate :) Wish I had more time." ... written by Bianca
Great energy. Very quick and to the point. Definitely helped a lot to make my life situation better!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Went in for my update! Thanks again mssaul for your patience and honesty! :)" ... written by nf1
She is the best! I have been gone to so many readers. But she is the one of very very few reader who was exactly correct on the timeline where every one else was wrong or kept changing. I love her!" ... written by PM
On point!" ... written by t
always a great reading" ... written by edna
She was very direct and to the point. I liked her style." ... written by bunnahh
Gave me confidence to keep pushing on." ... written by Katie
Good reading. Was very direct and linked with my situation quickly. Let's see how it goes." ... written by tilthe
Wow. PERFECT TEN! I never say that about anybody, she didn't need much info about me, just my name and age and WOW was non-stop with such great and accurate details. I am mind-blown, highly recommend!!! And will definitely be coming back for furture readings." ... written by Leblanc
Enjoyed the reading!" ... written by Danielle
She is gifted for accuracy reading, she is great!" ... written by happy
She is absolutely the best when it come to love relationship. She is made for it! She never go along the line of stereo rules of relationship. She is able to give the best advise on every different odd and unusual situation. And off course she is an amazing psychic, too. Very gifted, intelligent and caring young lady. I love her!" ... written by wiggleworth
She has all the common sense I missed...LOL She truly is amazing and has a very practical but honest point of view." ... written by Mojo223
Right on point. I will call back. Thank you!" ... written by Leslie
Extremely quick, everyone should see her!" ... written by nf1
great" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
OMG! She is soooo good!!! Very fast in connecting and giving details. Picks up on feelings and thoughts very well. On-point, super accurate in seeing what has happened in the past so I'm confident that what she sees happening later will unfold. Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very good always spot on!" ... written by Jay
RIGHT ON POINT! " ... written by Angela
mssaul is excellent. She is the only one I will chat with. I believe that she has my best interest at heart. thank you. Will talk to you soon" ... written by Leslie
I have try them all, And I tell ya, she is the best of the best!" ... written by P
Awesome!" ... written by Shameika
She is the best of the best! I totally trust her. Her predictions do come true. She is amazing picking up people's emotion and thoughts. She is intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, and wise. Such a nice, decent sweet girl, I just love her! She is definitely my go to girl!" ... written by psymeow
I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!" ... written by gayle
Excellent reading, very informative and spot on. Give her a try you wont regret it!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Loved the reading, mssaul seems very confident about her predictions and knows what she is talking about. She picked up very well." ... written by mini
Thanks Mssaul!" ... written by Me
She was very helpful. Will go back again." ... written by Li T
Excellent reader, has a lot of insights." ... written by john elac
Thank you Mssoul I really appreciate your guidance. " ... written by :) Love
excellent reading although the system cut me out." ... written by Stickytoffee
This was my first reading with her and she gave me a lot of information in re-to my situation. Thank you for all your help." ... written by sweet84
Incredibly reassuring, didn't tell me what I just WANTED to hear. Thank you again!" ... written by Nicole
She is incredible! She connected and laid out everything that was going on. I will come back to her for sure!" ... written by moongirl777
5 stars, she's good!" ... written by georgiapeach37
She is the best!" ... written by M
Wonderful reading. Caring and gave excellent advise." ... written by Samantha
She was accurate" ... written by Staci
Mssaul is very intuitive and I will check back with her zoo for an update!!!" ... written by denise
Reassurance and great pieces of advice to make the relationship better, and strong. Thank you and God bless you! " ... written by ponnvalli
There is no one else who can describe so much in depth and detail of peoples psychology, feelings and thoughts. I mean to a tiny detail and she can well explain them. I know when it comes to love, she is the BEST of the BEST! No one beats her in this whole site. She really understand the each and unique situation and can give non stereotype advises. If she tell you predictions that is a prediction that will happen. If she give a time frames, it will happen within that time frame. Not like some other psychic she doesn't claim how great she is, or try sell cleansing or spell. If she is not sure of it, she will tell you she doesn't know. What she say is what it is. This is the reason I keep coming back. She is truly a beautiful person inside out. I really love her and trust her!!" ... written by P
Good advice and insight. Felt very comfortable. This was my first reading with mssaul. She is very good." ... written by Mishelle
Cool." ... written by n
EXCELLENT!! On the mark." ... written by Lisa
Straight to the point and honest. Thank you!!" ... written by stacybr
my absolute favorite!!! it feels like your talking to a best friend, and she gets and understand you perfectly, very on point." ... written by leblanc
Always a great direct reading!" ... written by Katie
THE BOMB AS USUAL!" ... written by Angela
ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW! I felt a great vibe from you!!! I felt that you gave me great insight on to my situation and I would definitely recommend! Thank you so much for your insight and advice!! Lovely lady!" ... written by patience14
This is my second reading, and it was great! I feel at ease during the readings and I will definitely be back for more! Thank you!" ... written by patience14
She was open and honest gave me the clarity I needed." ... written by FancyAParis
thats ur a good reader thanks everything was so tru" ... written by dellamal
Thank you so much. You were very helpful, straight forward and honest. I appreciate the fact that you offered a solution if I did not like the outcome. I had a reading where it said that the friendship would end in may and that we would not become more than friends because he only wants friendship and that there was nothing I could do about it because it has already been written. Its good to know that I have an option. Look forward to speaking with you again and longer next time. I hope we workout." ... written by Alvner Strong
Thank you again. Nice to chatting with you again. Thank you for keeping me straight and sane!!" ... written by acb
Great as usual!" ... written by nikki
Enjoyed the reading, will see what life unfolds." ... written by Calizaliza
She is the best!" ... written by p
gud reading." ... written by brebre88
She connected really well. Thank you so much! It was really fast too." ... written by vari
One of the best psychics on this site! " ... written by Angela
great reading" ... written by brebre88
She is pretty accurate" ... written by elaine
5 stars good." ... written by georgiapeach37
Great reading... Accurate!! Truthful and honest!" ... written by eSsiattiallyme
quick connection " ... written by Katie
I come back every time, she is definitely my go to!!" ... written by leblanc_
Thank you. So true. God bless you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
My girl MS Saul DID it Again! :)" ... written by ANgela
MSSAUL is very insightful! She does not only read into your situation but gives advice as well. She definitely clarified a lot of what is going on in my situation. Now I just have to follow through. " ... written by Fatimah
Thank you!" ... written by Libra
she is awesome she always hits it right on the head! love her" ... written by karen
I am highly impressed with Mssaul....This is my first time reading with her and she connected very well with me....Everything she said was accurate....I don't have one doubt about what she told me as being wrong......Very very pleased with my reading. Thanks Mssaul....Definately a 5 star plus reader...." ... written by Ebony
Clear and detailed." ... written by Risingphoenix00
Fantastic reading as always. Mssaul is the real deal!" ... written by mini
Thanks again!! :)" ... written by nf1
5 stars fast and accurate." ... written by georgiapeach37
The reading I needed!!!! thank you soooo much! :) Go see this lady! cut, dry, and to the point folks!" ... written by nf1
Amazing connection... Knowing the details and helping with gr8 advice!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by agablue
She is always a head of the game, super awesome, and is able to read the situation without question, its amazing. BEST RECOMMENDATION you'll ever have." ... written by alicia
I like the details provided. Very insightful." ... written by Mphok1402
Amazing!!! Wonderful reading. Nice lady for sure. I will be back to see her!!!!!!!" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
IS VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by DELLA
Mssaul is the bomb! Enough said. :-)" ... written by Marissa
This is my third reading and it was an excellent experience! I will be back for more!" ... written by pjade14
Great as always.... she makes me feel a lot better about y situation every time." ... written by mssaul
Thanks!" ... written by adalmina
Very helpful" ... written by Loriann
I love her! She is so on point! Wish I had more time. " ... written by lisa
The best. When she gives time frame, they will be correct. She prediction happens. I went to every reader and I know she is one of the very best!" ... written by M
Mssaul is always great to talk to! She makes me laugh and I always leave a conversation with her feeling content. In my opinion she is the best on here." ... written by Mari1986
beautiful, such a great and amazing person" ... written by leblanc
Thanks for the update!" ... written by nf1
As always a good reading. " ... written by tilthe
Amazing, very positive in her way of guiding and accurate in her reading!!!!!!" ... written by agablue
10 out of 10. What a reading...she read my entire personality with just my name and age... She is veryyyyyyyyyy clairvoyant and will pick up you situation super fast. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by supergirl
Yet another great reading!" ... written by pjade14
So lovely and hit the nail on the head!! VERY accurate!. Give her a try!." ... written by Roshini
She is amazing and so comforting and accurate... I will do my best to stay on my path. Thank you Mssaul. " ... written by lisa
I cant even remember if this is my fourth, or fifth reading. But regardless, I am thankful for finding her! I love her readings, and advice! Feels so genuine! " ... written by pjade14
she is the best" ... written by edna
Great!!!" ... written by nikki
I had a nice reading. Mssaul was fast and clear! Thanks." ... written by Meli
She is great awesome, exceptional and honest I really enjoy talking to her, she is well worth the time and money and even more. Thank you so much mssaul and I look forward to many more readings with you!" ... written by Gigi
She was very accurate and on point told the truth even though I wasn't to happy about it! She is great!" ... written by Gigi
Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by SeekingRealTruth
She is extremely quick and honest with her answers. You may like what she has to say, but I appreciated her honesty. If you want to hear the truth, she is the psychic you should use. I will definately seek for advice in the near future. " ... written by jaydog
Awesome and honest as usual. Always a pleasure talking to her." ... written by Lisa
Thank you mssaul. Very honest and I do wish things get better for me soon. 5 stars!" ... written by G
5 stars good. Not exactly what I want to hear but good" ... written by georgiapeach37
Very helpful, will check with her at later date for update." ... written by LA
amazing as always great comprehension of the situation and great advice" ... written by agablue
Great as always!" ... written by pm
Intuitive, connected recommend!" ... written by B!!
had a great reading again! very sweet and honest" ... written by nf1
5 stars good" ... written by georgiapeach37
connected very quickly, and Mssaul predicted pretty much what was said before in another reading. Lets wait and see..." ... written by Sticky
that my girl, we always have a good" ... written by cwdance24
She was great!" ... written by Isiss777
Great!" ... written by angela
Really nice and right on target" ... written by C
She was very useful and friendly, and very polite! Thank you. I will be back!" ... written by Tracy
Mssaul always gives a very informative and detailed reading and this time I got to hear her voice! I just need to be patient. Thanks for the insight Mssaul! " ... written by Fatimah
very good insight." ... written by who said that
she was so sweet and made me laugh 5 star so down to earth thank you awesome reader" ... written by Edna
absolutely brilliant" ... written by diamond
awesome, as always!!" ... written by drummergirl
very had every about what had happened right down to almost to a detail. highly recomendl" ... written by mizzimoo
Thank you for your openness and honesty. Even though we didn't have much time, I felt your sincerity. Thank you so much for being so kind. One Love" ... written by JGelpi
Love talking with her very helpful and truthful" ... written by Cole
Thank You So Much! Mssaul !" ... written by Christine
she is on point!" ... written by Jessica
Thank you very much for the reading and predictions to come. God Bless You!" ... written by Garace123
mssaul always knows how to make me feel better. but with the truth. this is a wise woman and shes very fast and detailed. thank you mssaul for your insight. " ... written by mini
NOOOO!! it ended to soon! everything was great and pretty accurate.. xoxoxo" ... written by chantha
love her! very intuitive can pin point the situation right on the spot. Predictions always on the nail." ... written by nicole
Thank you beautiful. " ... written by Ryzette
Mssaul is great...she sees all the details deep into the situation and peoople's souls. God bless her..shes gifted xxx" ... written by globe
WONDERFUL!!! SHE KEEPS IT REAL." ... written by Skyabove
Great reading! Highly recommend her, I feel so at ease I will be back for sure!" ... written by christa
Perfect, she answered my questions with great detail I appreciate her attention, great reader" ... written by christa
Always right on it! " ... written by Tee
on point, straight to the chase." ... written by emmanuel
Great, great, great! Very insightful and accurate. 10 out of 10." ... written by Clare
Love her! Mssaul always gives a very detailed accurate reading. Very informative and funny! :)" ... written by Fatimah
good" ... written by anon
The relationship just started and I already see what she has told me" ... written by Desire
She was on point. I knew it but she brought it to light" ... written by Shalesha
Great reading, so much fun lol" ... written by Jaspen
thank you very much for the clarity. i appreciate it " ... written by Lehua
Had two readings with mssaul and she was on point. I plan to keep doing my readings with mssaul. Thank you" ... written by Anthony
she is awesome " ... written by B
SHES GREAT!!!" ... written by CHERI
5 star reading! Read my potential partner's energy very well as well as mine. She gave some excellent advice and now I understand my partner's point of views much better. Very accurate. Very satisfied with the reading. Moves through reading very quickly and very kind, understanding, and easy to talk to! I highly recommend her! She's top on oranum for a reason!" ... written by Christine
great reading!!! lots of fun!!!! " ... written by Shell
She is my go to girl and my dear friend. The best relationship reader here!" ... written by PM
great, she is fast and accurate" ... written by majo
great, honest, fast, accurate" ... written by majo
Thanks, she's to the point. Helped calmed me down about my fears. I'll be taking her advice. Will be back again. :)" ... written by JD
She gave great advices and understood my situation very well. I felt so much better after talking to her, she's great!" ... written by Santhanakon
thank you" ... written by melissinha
SHE WAS AWESOME.... SO FAST.. THANKS!!" ... written by GP
I Love her all the years coming on hea she is the only one that has not gave me BS ... Thank U Mssaul Love U !!!" ... written by Nessa
great. something about her is so calming. i will be back. " ... written by angela
Another excellent reading! 5 stars! She so quickly reads energies well and what my potential partner is thinking so I can understand him better and know to be aware of my actions before I make them. I feel a lot more calm with my situation. I definitely recommend her for advice. She's very caring and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her. She's one of my favorites on here! She's in the top list for a reason!" ... written by Christine
Very Good as usual....I love the fact that she is always honest and tells you the truth. She never tells you what you want to hear. Thanks Mssaul for always keeping it real and for being so accurate. ((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
5 stars she is fast and good" ... written by georgiapeach37
Very intricate reading - I could really relate to this :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
amazing spirit,lovely reading,no sugarcoating.Will be back again :)" ... written by diamond
My first reading with her and she was super sweet and funny as hell!" ... written by luxxicon
She is good, fast connect!" ... written by happy
really good. would go back again and again. def 5" ... written by mizzimoo
She is nice enough to reassure me and restate her point, I'm really thankful for that! I'll definitely come back again, I feel comfortable talking to her" ... written by Santhanakon
I enjoy my readings with Mssaul! Wish we could chat on the phone. It's like talking to a girlfriend but on a greater level of course. Thanks for always giving me the truth - straight, with no chaser :)" ... written by Fatimah
Awesome!" ... written by Sindus
very fast and accurate i love to do my readings with her. She is very good and she does not sugar coat anything. 5 stars as always" ... written by georgiapeach37
She was very honest in her prediction andamp; i really admire that..not i wanted to hear :she tuned into my energy very quickly..I am hoping for the best to happen in my life :)" ... written by aquavenus
LOVER HER!!! Always gives what she sees and tells truth.... Her prediction is spot on!" ... written by nikki
thank you! sorry i had to run i just looked at the clock and have to bail! but i hope it all works out like you said!" ... written by luxxicon
Wonderful guidance and giving beautiful insight." ... written by agablue
very good and detailed " ... written by raspberry220
she did very well... :) " ... written by nicole
Immediate connection, and spot on...totally amazing! Thank you Ms Saul" ... written by marriasheart
I really enjoyed talking to her." ... written by cappylife
Very good! accurate, detailed, caring. terrific call" ... written by starshine34
Always a pleasure." ... written by Nicole
Nice reading - thank you! I feel better." ... written by Kundra
Very good reading...she is very nice, insightful, honest, and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and would definitely come back for an update. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Good" ... written by Roshni Prasad
:) she is so special." ... written by maria's
:)" ... written by Maria
LOVE HER! Very descriptive and funny!! She's real and genuine. Straight to the point, and I'm sure very accurate! I will definitely be coming back!" ... written by V
Amazing!!! to the point and spot on....she was so honest and heartfelt and was very clear!!! Excellent reading!!" ... written by Penny
Awesome awesome take her to private!!" ... written by ikroyala
great" ... written by Angela
best psychic here, picks up information fast and accurate!" ... written by marcela
Phenomenal! I love mssaul! will call again and she feels like my long lost sister. Love you!! first time caller as well" ... written by Kim
This is probably my millionth time talking with mssaul but I always have a blast! love your readings and your personality!" ... written by patiencep14
spot on thank you so much!!! " ... written by Elisa
good reading" ... written by majo
cool" ... written by nolulamo
love her! i will return always" ... written by angela
down to earth........believable. spot on with everything!" ... written by imdeeim
excellent! the truth i needed to hear" ... written by theonie
shes good" ... written by shnaz abdul
Awesome reading she is a keeper. She is very honest and she reads on all areas of your life. " ... written by msnita77
This was my second reading, she picked up on so many details about the person i was asking about and my own feelings, she's a gem and so very worth it, you will not be disapointed! Thanks Mssaul!" ... written by christa
Great Reading! always very helpful " ... written by Katie
good reading " ... written by channy
She is amazing and in my crisis she calms me down lol Thank God for Mssaul. " ... written by lisa
OMG!! She is unbelievable!" ... written by GJ
I need more credits! LOL.. My reading today was much too short. Short but sweet. I appreciate her honesty. Mssaul told me things that I needed to hear and I respect that about her. No sugar-coating." ... written by Fatimah
Very very good!" ... written by Starshine34
amazing, she picked up really well! thank you :) " ... written by Vin
yes you are accurate!!" ... written by aqua
amazing woman!!!! 5 stars all the way! " ... written by nikki
good" ... written by joyce7
good" ... written by joyce7
good responses. She is very good." ... written by joyce7
good" ... written by joyce7
Good reader." ... written by joyce7
Fast and accurate, friendly and informative: a very good reading as usual! Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much for a very honest reading. It meant a lot to me to hear the truth. I can't wait for your prediction of February 2015 to come true. I am so excited for what you told me and I am very happy to know about this wonderful prediction. I am wishing you many blessings! Take care! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
good" ... written by alina
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just shocked that was so detailed and interesting. I Loved this reading " ... written by Vaneya
It was reading tonight learned about about this man. I talk with she knows how to tell me in a nice , how to change this in my life. I've been coming to get reading for over a year now.. " ... written by CW Dance
Pretty much answered everything I needed to know and was really realistic and very kind. " ... written by Jenn
shes amazing! like wow, she picks up so fast what other person is thinking just with names. I was shocked. Amazing reading. thank you so much :)!" ... written by Vari
Very helpful, time frame given. Will wait and see if accurate." ... written by LA
wonderful as always, great clarity" ... written by agablue
Always the go-to psychic when you're struggling, again, spot-on and always adviceful." ... written by Domino
FANTASTIC! She was spot on with everything she said, very quick, sweet and funny! THUMBS UP!!!" ... written by Rachel
Very spot on and gives you sound advice along the way; I will definitely revisit this wise lady and warmly recommend her to those looking to seek answers to their questions and concerns in life." ... written by Domino
direct, honest, accurate. Very happy with her" ... written by majo
My go to girl!" ... written by Tee
Right on spot. Thanks." ... written by ponnvalli
Superstar!!" ... written by pjgovind
My go to girl.. She's always right and honest that I cant be mad at her for her honesty. " ... written by Tee
so sweet. she is just wonderful. she tells you all of it and does it with a smile. great advice. awesome insight." ... written by easy
always spot on since i knew her. Thanks!!!" ... written by nikki
What can I say? She is the BEST!!!" ... written by PM
So love this girl! Always on point!" ... written by mariasheart
Mssaul was quick, and accurate straight to the point. She connects well with your energy and issues. She's one of my trusted readers. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
Always a great reading!!! MsSaul is quick and to the point no wasting your time!!!! She has been a great support for me!!" ... written by Penny
5 stars good" ... written by georgiapeach
good reading…will see how it all plays out. " ... written by quetzal
got disc..she was good:)" ... written by aqua
love her....always consistent in what she says and predictions come true!" ... written by nikki
She speaks the truth" ... written by Kay
Mssaul gave me the hard and uncut reality check about what I really needed to hear in regards to my love life. She made me face reality, about what I already knew was true, and she confirmed my feelings about what I must do in order to be happy. I'm so thankful to have had this reading, because she truly saved me from a lot of heartache and pain." ... written by Kim
She's always spot on, this woman!" ... written by Domino
2nd time reading you are great ! " ... written by patricia
What can I say, this psychic woman lightens up your mood and day with positive energies, once again - Thanks for your insight! (:" ... written by Domino
She is my go to gal. She has never disappointed me, ever! The best! I love love love her!! xox There is no one else like her!" ... written by PM
she was very sweet :)" ... written by Toni
Excellent!!!" ... written by Samaya
Thank you! I was worrying and she eased it! I hope all u say comes to pass!" ... written by Tee
as always magnificent" ... written by agablue
She went straight for it and gave me the answers I needed." ... written by Ela
always awesome!" ... written by needfaith1
she was very straight forward and supportive too. thank you. " ... written by elena
Always a great reading. She really helped clear up some of my worries :)" ... written by AA
Thanks again Mssaul great reading with you 10 stars as always" ... written by ikroyala
she is absolutely amazing, i love how fast she picks up on energy with such accuracy!!" ... written by Leblanc
Always upfront and honest. It hurt to hear the truth but I appreciate her honesty." ... written by Fatimah
thank you" ... written by melissinha
She seemed to know some things I didn't expect her to know. It was good." ... written by Dawn
She is so forth right and honest. " ... written by Mariasheart
she is amazing " ... written by val
amazing thank you " ... written by melissinha
Wonderful!!!!..She is wonderfully charming and insightful and I feel so much better right now xx" ... written by Kate Anello
She is just the best! Amazing every time!" ... written by PM
wonderful!!! always calms my nerves lol. know my situation and the people in it better than I do lol" ... written by nikk
Thank you! On point with everything and described the witch to the "T"." ... written by Srallen77
good connection, does not give false answers if she does not feel it she won't just guess! :-)" ... written by pink
wonderful as always" ... written by angela
OMG!!!! You are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Everything you said was directly on point and accurate to the T!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Muah! ...bless your life force!" ... written by Mi'chal
Man, Massaul is awesome!! I will definitely contact her again! Talk about accurate... whew!! Read the person in question to a "T".. I was beside myself. I didn't have enough time to say thank you for the awesome reading... SO THANK YOU MASSAUL YOU ROCK!" ... written by Jand777
She is a solid, reliable, trustworthy, dependable psychic and my go girl! No one can give as much detailed reading as she can. Her predictions come true even when everyone else fail. She only tells you what she knows and wont make things up. She uses no tools off course. :) I love love love her!!" ... written by PM
She is great. honest. clear. with both predictions and advice" ... written by Danielle Harris
AWSOME.... I can count on mssaul I have for many years " ... written by Ashley
Always a joy to speak with MsSaul...she is such a joyful soul who has a keen insight....she just starts off right on target with my situation and has the best advice....I always check in with her on a regular basis....Definitely a favorite!!!!" ... written by penny
been coming to mssaul for the last couple of months consistently now and she has been consistently right with all of her predictions. She doesn't just give predictions. She explains how it makes sense that it will happen and you can pick up on it too. She really knows her stuff and she will be honest with you as well. Sweet lady and as always I will be back. She predicted quite a few things already and all of them have happened. Thanks again Mssaul!" ... written by mini
mssaul is very very insightful very very kind to me .....she seemed liked she actually knows ME ..... JUST EXCELLENT EXCELLENT READER : ) I give her FIVE STARS ; ) THANK YOU SO MUCH mssaul !!!! : )" ... written by Felecia Johnson
thanks you u always make me feel better" ... written by melissinha
My go to girl! She is the best!" ... written by p
I loved this reading. What a breath of fresh air. " ... written by Elle
Awesome reading gave me lots of clarity and understanding of my situation thank you!!" ... written by Carla
Awesome and spot on... She has literally been holding my hand here" ... written by ash
She is great! She gives good advice." ... written by Samaya
she is good thanx she releived my heart ache" ... written by nolulamo
very good" ... written by nada
Sooo happy lol I am waiting to see your predictions in the next month lol Thank you for making my day today !!!" ... written by :) Love
was very insightful.Will wait for the prediction to come true." ... written by mettlwire
The best of the best!" ... written by p
She is on point and has always been! great reader one of the best " ... written by Ashq
Thank you again! I really appreciate how well you read into the situation and all the advice you had for me!" ... written by Bethany
Thank you!! What an amazing reading!" ... written by Bethany
Very kind and thoughtful ready my situation very thoroughly. " ... written by FancyAParis
she was excellent - thank you miss saul" ... written by Laura
I love MsSaul she is cool and is going to be honest and give you the truth, I had a great experience with her reading and will come back and visit. " ... written by Miss Tina
Mssaul was the very 1st advisor I spoke with on here and that was April 2014 and I haven't talk to her since did a update and she told he the SAME exact thing she did in April. consistent to the T! she has told me what to expect what I will get out of it and how to learn from it, she is not a therapist like these others she tells u the clear cut truth and it till be clear if its good for u or not... Predictions were given, now time will tell." ... written by B
Very good update with Mssaul. She just automatically dives into the reading and tells me things I want to know. She remembers my situation and this reading was pretty consistent with the last one even though some circumstances have changed. She is very intuitive, accurate, and honest and it's always a fun time. Thank you for the update, it was great." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you mssaul. You are consistent with what you see for the future. I like that. Hopefully things will unfold in a manner that will be for my benefit. " ... written by G
5 stars fast and good" ... written by georgiapeach37
Fast reading on things, doesn't mess around" ... written by Katie
AMAZING!!! So spot on!!!!!! Just wanted to keep shouting hallelujah to her accuracy!! Highly recommend!!! Predictions made. Will be back to update" ... written by GratefulOne
thank you for this awesome reading" ... written by Natasia
She was good and to the point" ... written by Zaa Zaa
She was perfectly honest didnt waste my credits,and said how she sees it! Thank you!" ... written by seaqueen
great feed back!!" ... written by t
Thanks so much I really enjoy our readings you are such a fantastic reader!" ... written by ikroyalak
shes great!!!... put my mind at ease." ... written by Danielle Harris
the best relationship reader!" ... written by p
She is THE ONE to go for relationship matter. The BEST one around!!!" ... written by p
Love Mssaul... she's great and very accurate." ... written by jand777
Excellent insight and details! No sugar coating for sure which I love and great connection to the situation. Highly Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
She's a fantastic reader for relationships, she just gets it! I will be back when I have an update for you! haha, thank you again! x " ... written by Drummergirl
Fast and right on the spot. Her pieces of advice help me to be strong. Very comfortable chating with her." ... written by ponnvalli
5 stars good" ... written by georgiapeach37
i enjoy her advice its so clean and crisp. " ... written by vell
very good" ... written by starshine34
Always on point!" ... written by LIZA
I love her! like talking to a close friend. I know she is right...see you soon lady!! ahhaha" ... written by danidani01
She is a very nice person who gives wonderful advice. " ... written by Leslie Chappell
She has been a great help for my relationship. Her time line and prediction has been always turned to be very correct. I have been talking with her since Oct 2013 and wish I found her lot sooner! I have tried every reader and definitely she is the best by far!! She is not only spot on accurate, her reading is in depth and very detailed, her prediction come true, and most of all, her advice is sooo amazingly helpful! She is the best love adviser on this site as well as being the best psychic!! She will never try fit you in stereotype or try give common sense advise. Who wants to hear that?? I already know them! She is unique and the only kind. Very different type of expert. She has been a good friend for me and I really appreciate all she has done for me. I will keep coming to her again and again!" ... written by p
The best of all!" ... written by mw
Thank you once again for an amazing reading!!!" ... written by Carla
I felt she was right but not too sure bc as she was right with certain aspects, what others have told me were different than what she said about the last portion of our reading but give her a try!" ... written by Confused
She has been the most help for me. So I keep coming back!" ... written by p
She gave me peace of mind. " ... written by naye
Very helpful, gave me hope." ... written by Chantal
AMAZING, SPOT ON READING. I absolutely love her readings. She is my go to person (all the time). " ... written by lisa
Awesome !!" ... written by Diamond
OMG she is the BEST, thank you so much pretty lady! Like Im so blown away!" ... written by LuLu
Thanks MsSaul great reading much appreciated." ... written by ikroyalak
It's so pleasant to talk to her, great reading." ... written by veezee
awesome and right on !" ... written by laura
I didn't get the return date of my lover..We had a big blow up and is scare I'll have to wait several years for his return." ... written by chocolateluv69
Thank you for the update. " ... written by ponnvalli
Excellent reading!! She answered my questions about a relationship and then answered questions I was only thinking about. She was able to focus in on the core elements of this relationship and give advise. Again...excellent reading no frills, no crap...just down to earth thruths! Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
I've missed talking with Mssaul! She is so easy to talk to you and always honest. " ... written by Fatimah
Great reading very clear fast and precise" ... written by ikroyala
Awesome Great Reading Love Her, Loving Caring, Great person. Enjoy my readinng Mssaul! You'll be happy you did!" ... written by Cre
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME - she is really really really good" ... written by laura
Wonderful reading! Knew exactly what was going on and I will be returning in the near future " ... written by Elisa
Quick answers to pressing issues. Nice smile! Thanks much. Hope all the insight comes to pass! Blessings." ... written by Deborah
Shes great" ... written by Brown Eye girl
she always has the details needed i love her readings" ... written by lavelle
Quick connection with answers to my questions . she gave the time frame in months " ... written by on Hold
we were disconnected. Her answer to my question was concise and to the point." ... written by juanita christopher
She's so much fun light hearted but cuts tot he truth of the matter and doesn't let anything escape her - perceptive, honest and accurate. Fantastic!!" ... written by ikroyala
Very much on point, clear advice. Thank you. " ... written by ponnvalli
mssaul is the best. She is straight and to the point every time and is very accurate with her readings!" ... written by imdeeim
Great update. I like that I just press the private button and she automatically starts answering the questions in my mind. Mssaul is accurate, intuitive, detailed, and fun. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
super helpful. very clear" ... written by santosha
Thank you for your insight and advice. Really great." ... written by ponnvalli
GREAT reading:)" ... written by Sunny
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ACB
Thank you very much for your support! I'll stay in touch with you giving you feedback on what's going on :)" ... written by Alicja
This psychic was very quick and honest with her answers. I appreciated her quick responses. I will seek her for further advice in the future. " ... written by EC
excellent as always. Accurate and with Inegrity" ... written by laura
Awesome Reading! Positive energy! Answer all my questions. Will be back soon." ... written by cre
Good reading as usual. Super accurate and great details. Take her private for the answers you are looking for, you won't regret it." ... written by Jenn
She is a 5 STARS!!!!" ... written by Oolong
She is so great and honest. I really like talking to her and will definitely recommend her and come back to chat with her soon...." ... written by georgia
Great, terrific, detailed, fast, fun, genuine, and get all that and more when you read with MsSaul. She is straightforward and honest and gets accurate details and information every time along with being consistent! Who could ask for anything more!" ... written by Jenn
Love her! She is very good and gave me very powerful information " ... written by Vicky
MsSaul is always very honest and up front and will tell it like it is even if you don't like it....shes always spot on!!! love her" ... written by penny
Nice to chat with. Right on spot clear message as usual. " ... written by ponnvalli
mssaul was amazing! loved her energy and that she just reads off names and ages. no tools! was able to pick up on my question accurately and the situation i asked about made sense in her given timelines. she also confirmed how i felt. def recommend her!" ... written by m
very good will reuse again" ... written by lisa
very good" ... written by lis
love her !! the point tells it like it is" ... written by B
great session as always" ... written by edna
We had a fun and insightful chat. Mssaul was non-judgmental and was on target." ... written by Diana
Really enjoyed speaking with her. She made sense and was very easy to understand. She gave me the clarification that I needed. Will recommend to anyone. Thank you!" ... written by nini1021
Finished up the reading and it was great, put me at ease again. Thank you!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Bad connection, will try again. No reflection on MsSaul, she is great!" ... written by Jenn
she always makes me laugh. lol good reading" ... written by ~~
The reading was amazing and right to the point. She confirmed things i already knew but it was nice to see how accurate she was. Very pleasant to talk to and great personality. Loved the reading!! Blessings" ... written by Dee
always on point!" ... written by B
Thank you for the insight. " ... written by ponnvalli
She is a great reader and has a great, fun personality." ... written by Cheryl
It was interesting...almost scary in away" ... written by Yakira
great" ... written by Angela
Thank you for the advice and support. Great chatting with you." ... written by ponnvalli
Awesome advice. And Funny too! check her out." ... written by Marvin
love talking to her, fast, accurate, friendly" ... written by mjma
Thank you for the guidance, and making me feel stronger about myself." ... written by ponnvalli
Really on point and helped out." ... written by MO
She is More than a Psychic she is like family, I Love her ... she is always on point and Honest" ... written by Nessa
Thank you so much for your insight! Honest, accurate and detailed. Highly recommend! :)" ... written by sylvie
awesome as always!" ... written by BBright
Super good reading. She told me the truth with accurate details and I believe what she's coming up." ... written by Megan
always glad to talk to her" ... written by gstephen
I needed a trusted reader for some critical insight to a problem and she provided me with the answers and guidance I need to move forward. Thumbs up mssaul!!!" ... written by Cordie167
5 stars " ... written by georgiapeach37
lol very good. very fast. nice and helpful" ... written by loveboo
shes funny and straight up lol" ... written by gst
awesome" ... written by ladyleo007
genuine and very honest. love her!" ... written by janice
loved the reading .. I will return in march to give up updates.." ... written by liv
Great reader - just honest and sincere and you can feel the truth coming out." ... written by Aaron
my first reading with Mssaul… and it was good. " ... written by intrigued8
wow, amazing how spot on she is!" ... written by Alicja
5 stars and fast. just waiting on outcome" ... written by georgiapeach37
Always a great reading...she has wise advice and seems to connect very easily!!! " ... written by penny
OH MY GOOOOD I LOOOOVE YOU! Straight to the point and I didn't have to say much....YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Recommend Ms Saul 100%. Sending you lots of love and thank you for your guidance~" ... written by Smily
i swear... lol shes down to earth and friendly. not monotone like the others." ... written by intrigued8
5 stars and very good" ... written by georgiapeach37
I loved talking to her. She knows how to do a reading. She is honest and accurate. She is also a kindred spirit. I would love to have her as a friend! I will get a reading from her again and again. " ... written by Eli
awesome reader,,,has great insight... very accurate" ... written by at
Thank you for the update and advice. Very much on spot. Got out of credits." ... written by ponnvalli
Spot on every time :-)" ... written by Fredom2211
Fantastic as always! Very accurate, concise, honest and straight forward. Amazing details and descriptions of feelings and thoughts as well as timeframes which have been super accurate to date. Her guidance and support has really helped me improve my situation which is coming together very nicely. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very accurate, very insightful, and just generally felt a beautiful aura from her! Thanks!" ... written by Jessica
she was great and straight to the point, thank you" ... written by marietta
She's my girl! She helps me out with my boyfriend so I have learned a lot from her. She is great to talk to!" ... written by Eli
wow that was good i will buy more credit and talk to her again definitely. " ... written by shipras9
I love speaking to her. She's so real and honest I feel. " ... written by blessed25
she was spot on! I love her energy" ... written by blessed25
she is great and fast will definitely come to her again" ... written by gloria
Amazing as always! I love her. Its like talking to a best friend or sister!" ... written by Eli
best reading always" ... written by ed
SHE IS GREAT" ... written by ANNE
I talk to her everyday and she continues to explain the situation and give me guidance!" ... written by eli
My big sister on love and her readings teach me something new everyday! " ... written by eli
Look forward to seeing how this all plays out. Sounded good. Picked up on job situation perfectly. Will have to wait and see about relationship situation." ... written by LA
A friend who I can confide it and response she does an accurate reading and gives thoughtful advice." ... written by eli
MsSaul - My big sister of wisdom as always!" ... written by eli
very fast and straight tothe point" ... written by georgiapeach37
Big sister on love. She tells me what to expect and how to handle them. " ... written by eli
this lady made my my day. Very fast n on point " ... written by Yb4real
great experience" ... written by thughes
hey" ... written by ed
good reading as always" ... written by ed
did an update! her last prediction came true!! i have been listening to her advice on how to deal with the situation and it is exaclty what i needed to do... the relationship is on the right track!! she is a must to read with!! dont hesitate!!!" ... written by at
Excellent in every way! she connects fast and gives very accurate info in her readings. She won't waste any time and will be honest and upfront with everything she says. You must try her, she is the real deal! Don't hesitate, take her pvt! once I get more credits I will only take her into pvt :-)" ... written by dreamz25
Great reading and advice once again" ... written by GF
She's my big sister on relationships" ... written by eli
she is like a sister to me. I love her. She gives me great advice. " ... written by eli
Like I said before, she is my big sister about love. " ... written by eli
very positive, very intuitive and can really see and read emotions and psychological state of ppl." ... written by tutu
My big sister guiding me through my love life. I love her!" ... written by eli
Mssaul is great " ... written by gloria
great" ... written by majoma
I always trust her instinct she connects so easily and is right on the money with her predictions as well." ... written by penny
THANKS." ... written by ponnvalli
She's my big sister on love" ... written by eli
Best advice ever! Love her! " ... written by blessed25
Ms Saul always does a great reading and puts things in perspective so I know how to proceed with certain aspects of my life. " ... written by eli
Excellent, thanks again" ... written by Ron
Excellent, by far, excellent... " ... written by Ron
As always. GREAT." ... written by LIZA
I loved her smile and her energy. She types very fast. I loved her. Shes good at what she does. " ... written by Dejuir
Ms. Saul - She is my #1 go to person on Oranum" ... written by eli
She is such an accurate reader and makes me laugh my ass off!" ... written by eli
5 stars." ... written by georgiapeach37
My big sister on love is the best - she is an amazing reader. " ... written by eli
She is my love guru! She is the main person I consult with on Oranum because she is that goo. " ... written by eli
Such an accurate reader and gives such insightful advice!" ... written by eli
she was great and gave me wonderful advice. " ... written by someone
Thank you." ... written by ponnvalli
She is so much fun and accurate. I learn from her all the time. " ... written by eli
She's very straightforward and honest. Says things very quickly and directly. I truly appreciated her reading of my situation." ... written by Adam
thanks for being direct and not suga coding or prolonging the conversation" ... written by Desiree Adams
I love Simone's energy! She always makes me feel better. Thank you so much! " ... written by blessed25
Fantastic!!!" ... written by mary lee
Kind and positive." ... written by gdkdianne
good reading as awlays" ... written by e
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
As always my primary reader and love guru!" ... written by eli
She is very honest. I feel like she was on point. I loved my reading. !!!" ... written by Tay
Ms. Saul - My big sister of love. She is an amazing reader and her guidance is just as good. She is a beautiful woman on top of that. " ... written by eli
She is a reader that you can't ignore! " ... written by eli
My guru of love!" ... written by eli
Ms. Saul understands the complexities of relationship. That makes her interpretations and readings that much effective" ... written by Eli
5 stars she is fast with her answers and she does tell the truth" ... written by georgiapeach37
She is an amazing reader and dear friend. You can't go wrong with her" ... written by Eli
great reading" ... written by tia
excellent girls perspective. snap on judgement" ... written by ron
Connected very quickly and was really accurate. Thank you" ... written by LilyAnne
Awesome and great insights!! I recommend her!! very caring and gives you 5 years on" ... written by H
on point" ... written by siempre
she's my girl! I love her!" ... written by eli
Best advice" ... written by blessed25
Its very simple - Ms. Saul knows her stuff. Her readings and related advice have helped me so much. " ... written by eli
Thank you soooooo much!!! I really enjoyed how quick and spot on you are!!! Awesome reading!!" ... written by Basia Lashae
My soul sister and dear friend who guides me on love. " ... written by eli
Good stuff...always great details and honesty. She is fun, honest, accurate, and consistent! Thank you" ... written by J
Just try her - she is an amazingly accurate reader. " ... written by eli
accurate!" ... written by stacy
Love guru of Oranum!" ... written by eli
good session." ... written by e
my love guru keeps me on track with her readings" ... written by eli
What can I say,Mssaul is consistent with her readings and tells me what is really going on in my situation and insights that are great.Her perspective is quiet unique and comes from a place of love and honesty.She's given me some predictions and I will be back to update.Blessings" ... written by Hl
Best advice ever.." ... written by blessed25
she the best" ... written by e
Always reading things correctly and setting me straight. " ... written by eli
my love guru who has so much patience" ... written by eli
She's my love guru as always. She is a great reader with that special gift. She is a great friend. I love her!" ... written by eli
FLAWLESS!!" ... written by lizam
snappy! " ... written by lili
Supportive and very helpful." ... written by gdkdianne
amazing - it's been awhile since she looked into my situation but she was right on the money on what had been happening." ... written by mariasheart
thank you" ... written by nicola
Very quick connection and clear explanation. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
my big sister on love. Always an accurate reader with a big heart and great sense of humor. " ... written by eli
great" ... written by majoma
Wonderful reader very upfront honest" ... written by pinkpather30
Really good and entertaining!! I enjoyed my reading" ... written by Flylittlewing123
5 Stars. Very honest!" ... written by Christine
Honest and to the point! My readings with mssaul have always proven to be accurate in the past! She's a 5 star" ... written by Poco101
she was very attuned to the problems I presented her with." ... written by Elaine Faber
great reading" ... written by ed
A short but informative reading, MSSAUl did help provide some needed information to help me decide on this issue " ... written by curious
my favorite on this site!" ... written by w
she was very caring and sweet, and was right on the money" ... written by tracie
Good and suportive" ... written by gdkdianne
AWESOME as always. always go to Ms Saul if you want the truth " ... written by laura
Once again Mssaul has calmed my fears and gave me the reassurance that I needed. Thanks for talking me down, lol. " ... written by J
I love how she can just dive in and give me the answers I'm needing to hear before I can even ask the question! She is consistent, honest, straight forward, and accurate. " ... written by J
very direct and honest" ... written by tee
She is sooo good! Honest, direct, accurate and to the point- identifies exactly what is going on and how someone is feeling and thinking. Her guidance has helped me so much over the past months. Very highly recommended! " ... written by SoulDesire1
She is so helpful and straight up honest" ... written by eli
this lady right here is the real deal i appreciate you mssaul" ... written by e
Ms. Saul is the best! Get an accurate reading with her. " ... written by eli
she is my love guru and teaches me something important everyday" ... written by eli
mssaul is always on point. always knows what is going on. i will always be back. her predictions are ALWAYS right. " ... written by mini
excellent, best on oranum. " ... written by ron
big sister on love!" ... written by eli
I like reading with Simone, she just dives in and give me exactly what I am wanting. She is consistent, accurate, detailed, and friendly. Another great update, thank you! Another good thing is that she'll "yell" at me when I'm being silly, you know when you think things are bad and they really aren't, Simone will say hey stop it. Lol. " ... written by JL
Yes, she is still my love guru" ... written by eli
good reading as always" ... written by e
short, direct and clear." ... written by littlebudy1
MSSAUL has just described the love of my life - but he doesn't come to me for about 2 months. I will have to check back and tell how it happened once it happens " ... written by elaine
I like her alot, she's a very fast typer and I like that . It was a pretty good reading . I like how straightforward she is and accurate. " ... written by Dejuir
MS Saul is so fast responding and to the point. I feel very well adviced – and i like that no tools are involved - just common sense and tuning in. Thanks for being here. " ... written by in_the_making
Thank you Simone,,," ... written by H
I believe she may be my favorite one on here. She is so down to earth and I really felt she knew the situation well. I'll let you know it plays out girl!" ... written by Amy
Ms Saul is sweet and direct. I recommend her" ... written by gst
excellent, highly rated" ... written by ron
She is great. Shes quick and accurate with her readings. " ... written by Naye
Whooo! I can't believe the private I just had on one simple question- very revealing and just... wow! Very helpful and makes total sense in terms of what is happening. She is so connected, fast and accurate- this girl is fantastic!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Awesome as always !!" ... written by Hl
my goodness ur amazing amazing amazing!!! love u to bits!!!!!" ... written by rosy
love this lady! the best!" ... written by mini
Excellent, she can read situation and people and actions perfectly" ... written by ron
She sees so clearly into the feelings of myself and others - very empathic, honest. and to the point. Her insight has been such a huge help to me." ... written by SoulDesire1
amazingly true reading of the minds! so clear, true and honest, very pleased" ... written by tutu
thank you for the awesome informations so dead on cant wait" ... written by mag
excellent, as always" ... written by ron
Ms Saul is so positive and refreshing. Having a reading with her will lift your spirits up even if you're in a challenging part of life. She had an accurate understanding of my situation and told me what I needed to know. Thank you!!" ... written by Virgo
I love her energy. So calm and so like talking to a friend who has inside knowledge. Thank you for your honesty! " ... written by Myriam
On point realistic and optimistic" ... written by fiona saint cyr
thanks again I am looking forward to see what happens" ... written by lavelle
this lady the real deal" ... written by e
Thank you Simone..." ... written by Leo
excellent as always" ... written by ron
excellent as always" ... written by ron
Excellent. great advice; " ... written by ron
Excellent connection again super fast and great to talk to!" ... written by greek
Easy to have a conversation with. Right on spot and good advices. Try her, you will find a good guide to get your answers." ... written by ponnvalli
I love talking to her! She gets me and never judges and always gives a lot of excellent advice! I will come back again and again!" ... written by w
Sorry it ended before had really finished as my credits ran out, but thank you for giving me some hope. I needed to hear that" ... written by NaomiJacob
Superb, give her a try for sure highly recommend!" ... written by georgia
GREAT" ... written by Dejuir
5 stars every time! " ... written by n
excellent, best on oranum. will go to for advice again." ... written by ron
fabulous in every single way, i can't tell you how great she is and definately recommend her all the way!!!!!" ... written by greek
She kept it real but was a lot of fun to talk to and gave me practical advice to deal with my current situation" ... written by Chelsea
Had a reading again, she is very fast and to the point. Gave me very good suggestions to move on and achieve what i want." ... written by Morten
Always a great, clear, honest reading with sound advice to give me. Highly recommend" ... written by greek
Outstanding! Fast, concise and accurate. With her insight and guidance, I always know where I stand in a situation and what the next step should be (whether it's taking action or not taking any action). " ... written by SoulDesire1
I absolutely love this woman... she is like my bff. Everyone should have a reading with her! She is accurate, fast and no bs. She tells you the truth and lets you know what's good for you even when you don' want to hear it, but she's here to help you make better decisions in your life to live the way you want without regrets. Thank you so much Mssaul " ... written by Lisa
She is just very good, calm and give fantastic advice. Spot on with everything." ... written by Morten
awesome reading! very sincere" ... written by tracy
I asked her about my relationship and she was spot on about my partner and his ways." ... written by 1specialme
Always really great!" ... written by greek
always a great reading and MsSaul is quick and precise to the point!!!" ... written by penny
great reading!" ... written by Terri
great reading , thanks will be back" ... written by R
Awesome! Very honest, direct and accurate. Gives the exact information you need in a clear and concise way." ... written by Seeker1200
lovely read!" ... written by flow
direct and to the point" ... written by Gloria
Lady Saul! Is there a word that even describes her...she is amazingly amazing. Her insight, keen intuition and how she does not waste time with fluff...she is truly one of the top 3 on my list. If you want a no nonsense psychic, who truly is gifted without any tools/props/chants or prayers...then Ms. Saul is the one and only...stop going to the rest, stick with the best!" ... written by Bronxie
She was very quick and to the point :) " ... written by Edna Pedraza
thank for a great reading " ... written by sasha
thank you for my one on one time" ... written by ed
5 stars. always." ... written by cg
She is soooooo good! Described today's event to the T and her detailed explanation totally helped me understand what was going on. Very awesome!! " ... written by SoulDesire1
She was delightful!! Very truthful, quick, and dead on! Thank you so very much for everything!" ... written by scadoodle
She is SO SWEET. very caring and funny as well. accurate and also connects quickly. extremely genuine as well." ... written by The8th_Wonder
very good reason" ... written by e
Awesome,.... on target on target Super refreshing " ... written by Nisa
good and concise reading" ... written by Mr TIbbs
awesomeeeeeee " ... written by laura
see, its consistent with what others are saying.. and yet i choose to keep on getting readings... mssaul is down torah" ... written by intrigued8
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
Needed a talk off the ledge, lol. Simone is just great...automatically tunes in and gets to the heart of the situation and provides accurate details and information. A great reading with quick answers and predictions and sound advice." ... written by J
man i love this lady ..... always a good reading" ... written by e
Thanks Mssaul for a great reading. Very accurate, hit right on the mark and friendly too. x" ... written by LilyAnne
wow, wow, WOW!! Super fast and tuned in!!!!!" ... written by AB
Soul sister with an reading so accurate and insightful!" ... written by eli
Superb! She is telling me somethin that no one else is seeing so if she is right she is the absolute best on this planet as far as I'm concerned!" ... written by greek
Very dead on" ... written by mommazen
didnt have to say much she knew what i needed to do and im going to start my change now!" ... written by tori
thanks Simone " ... written by G
BEST PSYCHIC EVER - LOVED HER" ... written by Aashma
Thanks she made me feel better" ... written by sarah
she's sooooooo amazing, I love her, go get your readings with her, its soooo amazinggg" ... written by Stella
Great stuff! This was such a fun reading. She was truthful and sensible and she made me laugh, great stuff right here! Take this lady for a private reading, you will enjoy it and get the answers you need." ... written by Me
Right on point" ... written by prettyrae
You are so precise in your advice. I trust you and the way you present the options confirms that you deal with reality only. " ... written by in_the_making
She is amazing!" ... written by mariaheart
She is assume - no words can explain it. you have to experience her for yourself:) " ... written by marias
good reading" ... written by tia
this is my second reading and i really really really love her. she's so chilled and has an amazing vibe. i would give 100 stars if i could" ... written by s
Superior reader and very insightful guiidance on my situation" ... written by eli
This young lady is very very good very wise , I love her she is good" ... written by nicegirl
Great~thanks." ... written by happy
excellent, great read o things" ... written by ron
she was very detailed and didnt beat around the bush... 5 stars" ... written by lavelle
Really good, needed to hear what she had to say. She always gets me back on the right track!" ... written by L
fast and straight to the point. thank you" ... written by Maria
excellent" ... written by ron
I Love My Simone! She is The Best Physic on this site! I promise! She patient Kind understanding and RAW! No filter on her reading at all! She totally worth all your time and she will help you over come any obstacle I promise! Love ya Simone :) " ... written by Lulu4157
THE BEST!" ... written by abc
she is great always on point and right on predictions." ... written by gloria
I got out of credit. Thank you for the advice, i needed the confirmation. " ... written by ponnvalli
Saul does it every time...she goes right and bam, she is reading your life and everything else around it. She is good." ... written by Bronxie
She is so gooood! Always picks up exactly what is going on and is fast, concise and accurate. Everything she has told me in past readings has been absolutely true - her advice is amazing too!" ... written by SoulDesire1
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
OMG she was so so awesome" ... written by Norine
ur ultimate u!!!" ... written by rosy
OMG she is awesome!!!!!!!" ... written by laura
Amazing and spot on always!! She identified the thought process of someone so well and it totally explains their actions and helped me understand the situation better. Excellent!" ... written by Seeker1200
Wonderful! So caring and genuine. She picked up on the situation right away! Very quick and to the point! " ... written by Kat
Super Fast! She answered all my questions in a few minutes! Thank you so much!" ... written by SillyGoose
5 stars very good" ... written by georgia peach37
great honest reading" ... written by veezee
thanks Simone" ... written by A
She is quick to tune in. Able to see into the future. Will see what happens. But i have a good feeling about her. She was on the ball with my situation and the person i was ensuring about. 4/5 stars!" ... written by nlove9
Very good psychic!! Tuned in very quickly, used No tools and was very accurate and explained things very well in my relationship issues. Highly recommend Mssaul !!! " ... written by Lyn
Mssaul is fantastic! Always spot on and detailed and can go so deep into personalities and why people act a certain way. I wouldn't have believed a lot of what I was told if I hadn't already seen it happen. She really helps me makes sense of someone that is very hard to understand. She just knows! Very highly recommended! " ... written by Seeker1200
good" ... written by choculatethunda
A-MA-ZING!! So accurate and on point!!! Picks up VERY quickly!!!" ... written by AB
thank you great reading as always" ... written by ed
thank you xx" ... written by melissinha
Thank you for the update and helpfull information. " ... written by ponnvalli
She is so insight and tells the truth as it is. " ... written by eli
she is my love and relationship guru." ... written by eli
good reading :)" ... written by nf1
I love her and she tells the truth. quick and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
great reading" ... written by edna
I feel like she is very accurate and I will be reading with her again. Thank you so much for the reading " ... written by Ashley
Good" ... written by Maria
Sorry, ran out of time! Thanks for your reading! I really felt that you were really fast and accurate in your readings! " ... written by leona
She is my relationship guru! She is a good reader and advises just as well. " ... written by ELI
I LOVE her! she is funny, and honest and she knows what she is doing!" ... written by Amanda
good" ... written by maryam
I don't know how Simone puts up with me and my bits of insecurity but she does! She puts me at ease and brings me back to reality every time. Accuracy, honesty, consistency, and details...that's what you get when you read with her. Excellent!" ... written by J.
good follow up. hopefully things will continue to get better." ... written by nf1
Very insightful, I will heed her advice" ... written by Miggs
Yes, I definitely needed that! I always feel better after a reading with Simone! She is consistent, straight forward, and accurate and I only got two lashings during this one, lol. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
She was awesome" ... written by Criss
gave me time frames and all!" ... written by magi
thanks again simone" ... written by nf1
She's is great as always and spot on with being able to tune into whatever people are thinking and feeling and I like that about her. she's great. " ... written by Dejuir
thanks again simone" ... written by nf1
great" ... written by clay
thank you" ... written by cl
ok" ... written by s
really positive person, fast, helpful " ... written by leona
Mssaul always hits it right on! Accurate, fast, concise and funny as hell. Things she told me in previous readings have come to pass and I'm very excited to see the rest unfold. Very highly recommended! " ... written by Seeker1200
mssaul love her mucho 5 stars love my bajan guide lol" ... written by mimi326
She is Great. I wish I had more time " ... written by Kerminia Wellington
good reading as well" ... written by ed
always a great reading....she is really connected to what is going on....great advice and insight" ... written by penny
Thank you Mssaul!! I really appreciate your reading and I feel aligned with it. :)" ... written by Kenyada
thanks again" ... written by nf1
GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by lina
She helped me make an important decision. Very understanding." ... written by Queen
Good as always" ... written by B
Great as always, I find , myself always looking for her. I love her smile and her energy. " ... written by Dejuir
good reading" ... written by ed
Great as usual!" ... written by Bridgette Evans
She's an honest great reader! Always gets to the point! " ... written by Drummergirl
Definitely one of the greats. I had some questions I needed answering and she answered all of them, very fast and straight to the point. I love her. I came on here 2 days in a row to talk to her. " ... written by Dejuir
the best one on here for real" ... written by ed
I hope your predicitions come true. thank you very much." ... written by marie
Wow. This lady is amazing, and QUICK! WOW. I cannot wait to see these things come true because her other testimonials were so good! She was SO ACCURATE in her description of things. I am so impressed and will see her again!" ... written by Sam
Fantastic always! Spot on and detailed, things are happening as she has seen in previous readings - yay!" ... written by SoulDesire1
great update " ... written by P
Thank you very much for the truth " ... written by Theresa
Wow- Nailed it once again! So fast, detailed and accurate - very empathic and the most honest and direct insight - love it!" ... written by SoulDesire1
It was like she was reading my mind. Great reading thank you " ... written by Dymn
great reading" ... written by tia'
always a great reading!!!!" ... written by penny
she gave me really nice advise !! very straight forwarded, " ... written by samara
Her input was accurate. I would recommend mssaul." ... written by C
mssaul is amazing enjoyed our reading as usual" ... written by mimi326
thanks " ... written by lavelle
Great reading and wonderful advice." ... written by Knowing2013
Yep, one question a quick answer after a virtual slap for asking something silly. Simone is really great! Fast, no nonsense, accurate, and consistent." ... written by Jenn
mssaul was a great reader, quickly pick up on my situation. she had a lot of good counsel and had a practical knowledge of my issues i got a lot of good ideas from her." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
i love having readings with this lady!!!" ... written by ed
I had reading with MSSAUL. she has helped me a lot about knowing the true personality of my bf and the games he has been playing to me. Thank you MssAul so much and love you !" ... written by gaston165
great" ... written by tia
thanks for the update" ... written by nf1
she was very sweet n kind .." ... written by chocolate
Everytime I come on to speak to Simone, I get more and more insight into my life and choices that I need to make... she is always on point and has never turn me down the wrong path!!! Highly recommended, take my word for it and get a reading with mssaul in any genre of your life. " ... written by Lisa
Loads of details, answers, and information. A lot of good things to think about and remember about my situation! Perfect reading Simone, thank you!" ... written by LOVE
Thank you for the reading and making me confident about myself. Thank you for the advice." ... written by ponnvalii
thnk u v much" ... written by samia
5 stars" ... written by georgia peach37
thanks for the reading " ... written by T
Fabulous always!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
thanks fr my reading :)" ... written by nf1
She really sees so many accurate details in regards to thoughts and feelings - outstanding!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Ms. Saul is spot on." ... written by Cheryl
she is awesome love her" ... written by laura
She will tell you the truth no matter what,... and she will let you know that things can change when you talk about things of the future,.. and that's real. But when she tell you about what's going on inside the person themselves believe it,.. lol its pretty on point. " ... written by michelle
She is accurate." ... written by Samaya
thanks for the update" ... written by nf1
Good advice thank you" ... written by Joanne
thank u" ... written by paps1509
awesome!" ... written by rosy
love simone...she is just so amazing!" ... written by rosy
easy... communicates easy and fast and is sincere..." ... written by AJ
Great reading, so genuine and kind- accurate, and really knew how to explain things to me!" ... written by Curious2323
always a great reading....she has consistently been spot on with her predictions... I always come to her for advice and guidance!" ... written by penny
Thank you for a wonderful reading. I really enjoyed myself and was enlightened during our chat. Thank you, again! " ... written by Angel168
she gave me at good reading " ... written by francis
Very empathic and tons of accurate details just flow - fantastic!" ... written by SoulDesire1
wonderful!" ... written by User33389
love her great every time i talk to her" ... written by tia
Fabulous!" ... written by marias
good reading!!!" ... written by edna
great reading" ... written by ed
fabulous!" ... written by maria
Best psychic so far!! love her little attitude! Super!" ... written by chaitprice
Awesome a usual." ... written by MOJO
Simone is the best. i feel so awesome after i talk to her. she knows her stuff. She is 100% accurate. Make no mistake about that!" ... written by Sam
Great Reading, Very quick and on point!" ... written by Stephanie
she gave me some wonderful news to look forward to and I truly going to take it to heart because I felt a spark. wow!!! will keep you posted on my outcomes. Yes. I am feeling this happening right before my eyes. I am so happy right now. thanks, a million happy faces. wow. Thanks" ... written by altima1963 great.....have had several readings she always knows whats up....she's dialed in ive noticed her observations turn out to be correct when measure against reality,,,she's nice freindly caring person too...." ... written by Zbigniew Brzyzynski
Not that I am, but if you're in a bad relationship, you need to talk to her for some deep, soul-searching wisdom. She is strong and positive. Anyone would benefit from her counsel. Great reading!" ... written by honeylotus
Thank for the insight and advice. Always helpful with suggestions." ... written by ponnvalli
My readings with Simone are always fun, but more importantly she is good! Her consistency, details, accuracy, and advice are wonderful. A fantastic update!" ... written by LOVE
Thank you!" ... written by Sandra
Short but very pleasant and felt like honest/deep interaction. " ... written by Ela
She is so cool.. Love her energy and honesty.. Definitely coming back for an update.. Very fast and don't waste time either.. " ... written by Tina
Great reading. " ... written by Janice
I gave her some shocking updates and she delivered the information she was getting, we'll see what happens! Good reading." ... written by LOVE
so sweet and insightful" ... written by tp
Picks up on every subtle feeling and thought so accurately! Can see body language, signals and actions that have happened and are going to happen - her insight is so awesome!" ... written by Seeker1200
good reading as always" ... written by ed
thank u ... u clarified somethings for me" ... written by lavelle
thank you very much for the reading and insight!" ... written by Alicja
good read!" ... written by yanz
I LIKE HER" ... written by mel
A BIG HELP AS ALWAYS!! xoxoxox" ... written by LIZAm
Mssaul is right on the money, accurate w out tools just a correct psychic, i like what she had to say. Shes given me some practical guidelines and also shown insight into people around me. I apprecieate her counsel, have come back before and would return again." ... written by Leroy Lamberger
good reading " ... written by tia
thank u simone for picking me up! needed the strength n the ump!!!! xoxo" ... written by ros
I simply adore her. None like her. What more can I say? She is full of light and love and gives you nothing but the truth. " ... written by Sam
She is such a sweet person and really good! She immediately picked up on my questions and was able to provide me with cclear answers. I loved how she gave me great advice and different ways to approach certain situations. I loved our first reading and I will certainly come back wish I had more time but it was great!!" ... written by A
thank you for your help :)" ... written by jenn
What can I say? She's always so warm and open to hear what you have to say but also will tell you the truth. I always come back to her because she is accurate, and fast and will not waste your time. " ... written by Sam
thanks for the fun, quick, informative chat! :)" ... written by sirilee
incredibly accurate" ... written by
She is good!! I will wait on results...5 stars for sure" ... written by Miszy
Excellent!!..nail it!" ... written by poco
Fantastic! Connected, accurate, detailed and so funny!" ... written by Seeker1200
good reading" ... written by Ziyada
thanks for my update" ... written by nf1
Mssaul is a good intuitve IVe had several readings from her and shes always on point and it shows later that she was correct in her assessment of things.....give msaul a try shes the real deal" ... written by Bartholemew Cranston
always rely on her for great advice!!! she has never been wrong yet!!! love her" ... written by penny
Ms Saul is my go to for advice...its always spot on!!!!" ... written by penny
she didn't butter it up" ... written by elicia17
she is wonderful!" ... written by tmp
msaul is wonderful psychic and reader, evry time its good reading and help." ... written by Cedric Granfaloon
great reader." ... written by EmotionallM
She's fast n accurate!!! 5++++++++++ Sorry we got cut short 'til next time " ... written by Lady
Accurate and straight to the point! Best reader!" ... written by Aaron
Sooo on point, fast and accurate! Love her!" ... written by Seeker1200
Straight to the point and very good I highly recommend her" ... written by theodora
Great advice and guidance and consistently spot on accurate!" ... written by SoulDesire1
SHE IS AMAZING and ALWAYS on point!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by LIZA
she was fast accurate and so helpful wonderful reading" ... written by beannie
Simone....a great intuitive, ive had some awesome readings and she always spot on, no tools, and she grounded in common sense....freindly and caring person too." ... written by Elijah Chariotfire
Very good reading. She was accurate andamp; to the point" ... written by C Smith
very good" ... written by mb
This is my second time reading with her. She is very accurate with dating relationships, described me and the person in question exactly. I am going to take her advice to heart. Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Nina
Msaul is th' real deal. I like her reaidings, direct an to the point, she doenst need tools, and shes grounded w practical sense too. Warm, funny and caring person too." ... written by Billy Ray Osiris
you are great at what you do " ... written by sasha2lee
Very quick, accurate and truthful. No sugarcoating, will tell as it is with guidance on how to improve the situation. Highly recommended!" ... written by Jeanie
good" ... written by mh
Consistently spot on and connected! No tools, empathic and sees exactly the thoughts, feelings and actions of myself and others immediately and so accurately. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
i always like Mssauls readings , she common sense, and great intuitve, sees people for who they are. Caring and freindly person. her vision has proved to be true" ... written by Sir Isaac Newton
always reassuring and positive and a great sounding board!! Shes always a huge help to me!!!" ... written by penny
EXCELLENT! didn't waste my time was polite and straight. I will come back if what she told come to pass thanks so much!" ... written by msv
the only one one i get readings from on oranum " ... written by tia
She's very easy to talk to and very intuitive. One more good reading." ... written by faith
Great reading...interesting information she gave me....hope all comes to past." ... written by ydubb
That was really fun, she hit the nail on the head! A really good reading with a lot information, detail, and advice! Thank you." ... written by Jen
thank u the update with you always! " ... written by rosy
she's so much fun and makes me feel so much better with her insight. She's great!" ... written by chaitprice
shes honest, i feel dat , i defintely feel her information is reliable" ... written by Magician
always great advice been coming back to her for over a year now!!" ... written by penelope
She was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!! I loved her!!!" ... written by Kristy2102
great person. good advice" ... written by joyce
Great help - cleared up for me." ... written by Cheyl
good reading as always" ... written by ed
She's the shoulder that I need right now. Thanks a million for putting me on the right path. She's great." ... written by C
Awesome as always!! Will come back in for an update!! Very fast as well." ... written by Lady
good reading as always" ... written by ed
Amazing" ... written by Angela
Very Gifted" ... written by Angela
Awesome read really looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by FancyAParis
Awesome" ... written by Angela
Everything I was told about my relationship was correct now we will see if the predictions come true.. Very fast and on point! I will be returning to her.. THANK YOU " ... written by Amireh
been a while. thanks girl!" ... written by nf1
she is awesome!" ... written by chaitprice
Pleasant reading a helpful advice. Thanks a lot Mssaul!" ... written by Cris
Beautiful Gift" ... written by Angela
Whooo! She is so good! Consistently accurate and direct - no messing around and always brings the truth - very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very good and helpful reading." ... written by Bee
good reading thank you" ... written by ed
great reading great person" ... written by majoma
thanks was short but detailed thanks again" ... written by lavelle
she's a blast! She is so good at reading the situation and fun too!" ... written by chaitprice
She made me feel better; I felt like she knew how I was feeling from the other side of the computer." ... written by Winter
Wow, she went straight insight and confirmed my fears. I think i made the right decision for the chat today. She is wonderful. Thank you Mssaul" ... written by Sil Mambo
great, i like her. she can read my mind" ... written by majoma
great like her" ... written by majoma
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Mary
awesome" ... written by Angela
great read as always" ... written by Angela
she's so knowledgeable! love her!" ... written by chaitprice
great reading" ... written by majoma
Thank You" ... written by Angela
great, she is nice for everyone :)" ... written by jen
Quick, sees the point, caring, Mssaul is a great reader and counselor. I appreciate her guidance now an in the past." ... written by Jericho Megiddo
Ms. Saul is great, connects quick, can clearly explain what she sees for you. I'll be back again , to make sure I stay on the right path" ... written by crs28
it was ok. short time to tell." ... written by Tamaral201
great" ... written by majoma
She is good but I feel like she types too slow." ... written by Ashley
Quick, Fast, and Accurate!!! If you wanna good read come to mssaul she will not waste your time in private, going to tell you the truth and keep it real. She predicted that my ex was no good for me and I would meet my new guy by August time frame, and she described him, now things are starting to fall into place. " ... written by Lady
Straight accurate and to the point as always. " ... written by FancyAParis
Great reading, awesome connection and good insight." ... written by Cre
I love her ! Definitely my go to girl gfor everything. I love how she remembers things we talk about . Like we cool as hell. She always give me good advice.I LOVE her. " ... written by Dejuirh
thanks good reading legit " ... written by sasha
as always her advice is spot on!!" ... written by penny
thanks again" ... written by sasha2lee
she was on point." ... written by Telena19
She is good and accurate." ... written by Sharon
always great and happened!" ... written by majoma
great!!!!!" ... written by majoma
thanks for the reading" ... written by H
Great reading" ... written by Cre
most honest of all readers--very specific, helpful" ... written by Pearl
best reader ever" ... written by sasha
mssaul is amazing. Spot on and a lot of fun to talk too!" ... written by V
This is my first reading with her and she touched on a lot of spots!!!" ... written by beta
Her predictions were honest and thorough. I liked it a lot. Good job!!!" ... written by Chrissy
always give me a good reading " ... written by sasha
I feel her answers were honest" ... written by D
Thanks Mssaul. She always connects quickly and is always willing to help in any situation." ... written by FancyAParis
great lady! great readings! " ... written by majoma
Was really cool and comforting talking to mssaul, wanted her to look into my health and it was fast, accurate and told me what I needed. Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
She was awesome and accurate as always. Im looking forward to seeing how things will play out." ... written by FancyAParis
Great as always, this chick definitely knows me verywell. I find that weve become very cool friends . I love being able to talk to her in my times of need. Shes definitely been very accurate about alot of things. I had to ask her, " How do you do that Shit ??"" Love her very much . " ... written by Dejuir
thank you so much for all your advice and help .... ive come to MsSaul countless times and she always helps!!!" ... written by penelope
MsSaul always gives me the best information and the hard truth instead of what I want to hear. I always enjoy her readings, because she is always very accurate with what she say. I will always come back to her, because she is great at what she does!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kay
great reading" ... written by ed
very fast and to the point and honest" ... written by tee
thanks for the reading you were spot on about alot of things I appreciate it!!!" ... written by beta
thanks again " ... written by sasha
she is a true psychic" ... written by mys
Msaul is a great reader, empath, and counselor. I appreciate her guidance a lot." ... written by Cedric Longfellow
she is such a genuine psychic . really/ she is so connected with feelings and thoughts. a genuine psychic " ... written by myst
phenomena; " ... written by real love
msaul is a real psychic. I like her insight so much" ... written by myst
Always the best!!" ... written by nikki
Thank you so much. A psychic who actually gave advice." ... written by jrinker
she is indeed one of my go to's always will be!" ... written by Dre
nice reading!" ... written by carlos
love her. she is great and accurate and fast!" ... written by majoma
amazing reader, spot on no tools gave me the reassurance i needed. recommend to anybody !" ... written by Cristina
Very insightful!" ... written by Tom
Very insightful and right on!" ... written by kelly
thank you for the reading i believe you are right with what you have been saying." ... written by eva
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Wonderful and truthful kept it one hundred! Thank you!!!" ... written by Ava
Great! I loved chatting with her. She is accurate and friendly!" ... written by T
She had a good insight, she picked up very well.Thank You!" ... written by Eves
always a good reading with her! she gets to the heart of my issues right away" ... written by penny
had to complete the reading. she is spot on and confirmed everything without me saying a word about the facts! Thank you so much" ... written by giz
Accurate and clear and to the point as always." ... written by FancyAParis
very good thanks" ... written by jana
Great reading. i have a lot of work to do." ... written by mojo23
Saul gave me clarity. She was very honest in her reading and did not sugar coat. I know what my next step would be. Thank you, Saul! " ... written by moonchild59
5 stars....very good and spot on..." ... written by Focusing
great ..." ... written by real love
as always a clear and precise reading. Thank you. will be back." ... written by jan
she has the clearest vision" ... written by gis
love her, best on oranum!" ... written by chaitprice
I think that she was very accurate with everything that she said." ... written by LaCynthia Williams
love her. She's the most honest psychic on Oranum. She is the real deal." ... written by chaitprice
thanks , great reading" ... written by k
she's so intuitive!" ... written by giselle
great" ... written by majoma
great readings" ... written by majoma
LOVE HER! " ... written by lisa
Amazing Awesome Reading! she has always predicted my outcomes and I'm so happy that I had a chance to speak with her for this beautiful year. Absolutely my go to person on Oranum. " ... written by Lisa
literally love her. my favorite person on here, she is so nice and accurate i feel as if im talking to a wise friend" ... written by shaniel
She is a cool and calm psychic, with much wisdom and no sugary coating. I really enjoyed my reading with her" ... written by Chiara
she is so good!" ... written by T
First reading with this lady and wow she was really very good and spot on. will be back with updates when predictions happen. Thanks a million :)" ... written by Lisa1775
very consistent in answers, I've asked her the same question couple of times long time ago, and she always gives same question. Thank you for your insight!" ... written by Alicja
love her! She is so quick to read the situation. She was spot on with her prediction." ... written by awesome
Every time I speak to her it's absolutely amazing. Ms. Saul's predictions are very accurate and her words of advice are solid. " ... written by Lisa
Always Amazing " ... written by junekay
What a great reading so accurate and spot on, no tools she is amazing thank you Mssaul" ... written by Lorann
Really quick answers with details. " ... written by SRR
Absolutely spot on amazing. She is my go to person on oranum" ... written by lisa
She is awesome! Her guidance is on point and I appreciate her insight!" ... written by Dove
Love her!! always been accurate when it came jobs and relationships.....I started talking to her 2 years ago and she has always been on the money....." ... written by nik
good reading" ... written by recruiter44
it was nice to chat with someone who knows what I went through, i felt at ease.... Thanks. " ... written by Patricia
She connects very quickly, speaks from the heart and tells you like it is. I'll be patient with my situation." ... written by RasheedaW
Super quick! Knew things you did not have to tell her. I very much liked her insight. Try her out for sure!!!" ... written by ..
she's fun! love her" ... written by tp
very good thank u" ... written by jana
Love her! absolutely " ... written by Lisa
MSSAUL never ceases to amaze me. She is one of a kind and so accurate that sometimes its unreal...but its very real. She is so quick and to the point about everything that she does. I always look forward to her readings, because she always speaks the truth and never sugar coat anything. I will always coming back because I know that it will always be a great quality reading with her." ... written by Kay
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal1
always a solid reading with her!!! I have been coming to her for 2 years now and she is always spot on!!!" ... written by penny
Has helped me think through my situation and given me some helpful advice. Thanks for your help." ... written by Cynthia
Awesome Mssaul. All I asked was one question and she did the rest. I am grateful for her words. Thank you so much." ... written by JackieMaldonado
Been spot on so far:)" ... written by jrinker
very god reader she gave me quick insight" ... written by chanin
Love my girl as always . " ... written by Dejuir
I love her, she is so real with me and her advise is spot on. ... uh can't wait for the rest of the year. " ... written by lisa
Thank you very much. She's quick and sharp." ... written by Monica
Today you helped me once again .. I feel much better and very much appreciate your help!! Love" ... written by L
The Best spiritual advisor on this site, Hands Down!!!!" ... written by Nisa
Its been a while and needed an update from her on a situation. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Really helpful:-)" ... written by Kerri
Thanks Mssaul. That was very insightful." ... written by FancyAParis
Simone is a Nice Lady , she is friendly to talk to , and knows her stuff. I really appreciate that she gave me advice and kept it real ..She was very accurate in reading with more insight than I thought but Glad that I gave her a try .will be back for a lovely non judgmental update ..Thank so much talk to you soon ..Awesome I have work to do @ Simone " ... written by sc
That is my girl right there,!!She is SO AMAZING. She can see through a muddy window and tell you whats behind it even before you've wiped it clean. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by liza
I absolutely love her... she is spot on completely and utterly truthfully and she does see predictions that have come true. Really wish I had more time with her lol " ... written by Lisa
Love her readings!" ... written by Lisa
Always an amazing reading. Loved it." ... written by lisa
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Thank you" ... written by Eva
so absolutely amazing!!! so far two predictions have come at the time she said they would. waiting on the third!" ... written by gs
good reading as always" ... written by e
very good..." ... written by real love
Honesty andamp; Great Reading " ... written by Cre
hope you're right about this too!! " ... written by giselle
quick and precise" ... written by littlebudy1
She is correct again, but needed to confirm. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Simone is funny, good sense of humor ,love going to PRIVATE with her cause she keeps it real, and no sugarcoating.. A REAL BOSS CHICK ON ORANUM...XOXOXOXO" ... written by sc
I ran out of time bu I will certainly be back for an update. She was quick! Answered what I was looking to know. :) thanks for ur time" ... written by Kate
She was good, fast, and direct connection" ... written by boogie110
Very clear reader. thank you" ... written by Leigh
good reading" ... written by e
i missed you may 2016 bring me to what i need to close... here is to 2016 mssaul... ill be in contact lady" ... written by e
oops we go disconnected" ... written by Cordie167
Great as always " ... written by Dejuir
She was great! very quick and to the point! Sorry ran out of funds but I am very impressed with your insights! Thank You!" ... written by Evestha
Ms. Saul is an outstanding reader. She is extremely honest so be prepared for no sugar coating. If you want to hear the honest truth then she is the psychic for you. She read for me in the past and predictions have happened. Her readings remain consistent. I give her all the stars in the universe. Thanks Ms. Saul for your honesty, I truly appreciate it." ... written by Abbie
I have been on Oranum for a long time and have spoken to various readers -- even some on a consistent basis. Due to my extremely unique situation, very few readers have been able to fully understand and help me with that which is troubling the most. Mssaul has an amazing gift of cutting directly to the problem, answering all concerning issues and most surprisingly -- having the amazing ability to get into the head of the other person and expose their feelings, thoughts, intentions and trends behind behaviors. I definitely feel at ease and very understood as I now have a great level of clarity on my romantic situation and have no doubts that her predictions are accurate. She explained my relationship and gave many confirmations that it almost appears as if she has been present the entire time. I give a 5 star rating :D " ... written by Sabrina
Always tell you the truth. Very good!" ... written by simone
mssaul always knows what she is talking about. love this lady! " ... written by mm
Definitely been my girl Since Day 1. We chat like homegirls,. She cool ass hell and accurate. " ... written by DeJuir
I have had multiple readings from her now and in the past, at least a year or two ago, and she was always spot on. She is one of the two go to psychics for me here on oranum. I can trust her and she is always right. " ... written by Patience
I was pretty skeptical but she made a lot of sense and really helped me face some tough decisions." ... written by Tiffany
Thank you" ... written by Eva
GOOD" ... written by hit_chi
good reading as always" ... written by e
love her. she does amazing readings" ... written by majoma
So much patience, right on with the divine connection, helping with your dreams, she is AMAIZING!!!! Thank you!!! " ... written by LaShawn Coleman
quick and seemingly accurate" ... written by leaderpeter
you're always spot on with time frames!" ... written by gsi
very good" ... written by des
Thank you,... your always great at giving me quick concise advice. Sorry my phone went dead the last time we were talking. Thanks again as always. Beautiful One" ... written by Nisa
She is very sugar coating just tells it like it is which is hard to hear but necessary! Thank you!" ... written by Miszy
fast response .. professional! hope her predictions come to light!" ... written by w
always a great reading with mssaul. she just picks up right away and tunes in like we just spoke.. months could go by and she'll pick up like we just spoke. love mssaul! god bless!" ... written by ma
awesome, on point, great reading!!!" ... written by autumne
awesome reading. love mssaul! best advice ever!" ... written by mm
really good reading about my love life....she is awesome...get your reading done from her :)" ... written by TheFairLady
Very accurate and a pleasure to talk to all the time." ... written by Nina
Very good reading" ... written by NiNi
Mssaul thank you so very much. I will have to call you again. Great reading and looking forward to all the great things to come. Thank you for your time" ... written by Nicole
she gave me great advice" ... written by Danielle Harris
Awesome as always!" ... written by Chrissy
good" ... written by real love
very good thanks" ... written by jana
excellent as always" ... written by bb
good reading as always thank you" ... written by e
Very insightful, and had me feeling good about the craziness of my life by the end " ... written by Katie
great reading" ... written by ed
SHE IS SUPER FUN!!! She picks up in very good details! Hope the prediction come to happen." ... written by A
best reader" ... written by chanin
I been coming back here for over 5 years off and on just for Ms. Saul. She is Awesome!" ... written by Kay
Great reader!" ... written by TT
very good will come back for an update!" ... written by isa
such a lovely soul amazing and truthful" ... written by husna
she's truly amazing and honest! she wont lie to you and tell you what u want to hear ... thats just not her but she will be honest and she's a sweet person kind .. you guys should try her out please!! and you wont be disappointed " ... written by jizmind
thank you for the lovely reading .. very fast and accurate! " ... written by happy girl88
wonderful " ... written by real love
she's very honest. Tells it like she sees it. Like it or not. I find myself very drawn to hearing her insight. She is good." ... written by tracy
wow she was really good, felt really connected and she understood!" ... written by nicole
ran out of funds but will be right back! she is great!" ... written by shanika jackson
she knows her stuff. " ... written by T
Spot on. I didn't have to reveal much information just name and age. It was incredible that she could exactly sense the other person's feelings and what's going on in their minds. " ... written by ckeg
Things have been really rough in my personal life. She's the one who's helping me step by step how to get through this. The advice she gives is genuine and it will help you move forward to the prediction she lays out for you." ... written by ckeg
She's always been accurate!" ... written by Ashley
great reading the real deal" ... written by e d
she gets me, no judgments, and always gives the best advice!" ... written by *
She's my go to person on this site." ... written by ckeg
so much information and details were given to me on my question." ... written by crs828
She is great as always!" ... written by D
very to the point. I depnd on her insight quite a bit." ... written by traci
She's 100% real and highly accurate ,with very little information to go on. Truly gifted." ... written by Poco
I appreciate her insight and quick responses. She used no tools and was able to tune right in." ... written by knowing2013
very direct and to the point. i appreciate the quickness in how she hones into my situation. hopefully things will turn up around the time frame you mentioned. thank you ~" ... written by leodragon2014
this lady is on point" ... written by ed
she is so quick and accurate " ... written by julie
She is very insightful and straight forward. Though the reading I received was a bit melancholy, I am very happy with what I received. Thank you!" ... written by Alicia
Thank you so much for this reading it was very helpful" ... written by Nic
the best! the best clarvoiyant i know and always been on point with future prediction...especially work related issues. " ... written by mssaul review
she was very honest and I enjoyed her private chat!! all star..." ... written by michelle
Spectacular" ... written by Love
She is the real deal!!!! Accurate and fast!" ... written by AB
Wonderful as always!" ... written by ckeg
OMG! I absolutely love her, and there is always never enough credits. She's always been on point, when situations change, she picks it up right away. Her predictions come true and she understands totally what I feel, she picks up on everything. Worth every minute " ... written by Junekay
Thank you!!" ... written by LIZ
I sincerely appreciate the honesty, insight and fast typing. Thank you!" ... written by Butterflii43
quick. gives information honestly. " ... written by RR
I can't tell you how thankful, I was with her insight. She is a god sent Oracle, I love her readings and advice, she gets straight to the point but, in a very calming, sincere spirit. I will always ask Mssaul when I need advice. " ... written by LaShawn Coleman
i love this lady.... always on point" ... written by e d
i really feel her answers are accurate, one of my go to psychics" ... written by big A
awesome as ever" ... written by 1Beanniebaby
Great as always:)" ... written by :))))
Appreciative. " ... written by Butterflii43
I needed your perspective on my situation. Thank you!" ... written by Favored4579
Always reliable. My go to person on this site. " ... written by ckeg
I have had multiple readings with her. She's wonderful as always. I trust her advise and her predictions." ... written by ckeg
She is amazing! Very upfront and honest. I appreciate that very much. " ... written by Dee
I love her!" ... written by shaniel
Simone is very kind and nonjudgmental. She's confident about her predictions. For me, she told me that it's not going to be a cake walk and that we'll happily ever after. But patience and being there for him I will see things slowly come around. I know that I just need to have more patience and a lot of hand holding! I feel safe and comforted by her presence. " ... written by ckeg
She's always reassuring. A wonderful lady who is kind and very caring towards her clients." ... written by ckeg
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
I need a lot of emotional hand holding! She's the best! Definitely not judgmental. " ... written by ckeg
great reading, honest, quick connection, fun and straight forward. Will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
Always reassuring! Consistent and connects well." ... written by ckeg
she connected quick. i was surprised. can't wait to see if it all pans out!" ... written by G
She was accurate about thesituation she provided....i will return when my prediction come to pass...i would def recommend her!" ... written by N
Interesting reading was quick to connect and seemed really accurate thank you " ... written by cher
Good reader. Made me feel better about my situation." ... written by MissKeya
good reading as always" ... written by ed
She is the best. Always come to her for advice and see more of the situation. " ... written by mssaul review
I appreciate honesty" ... written by knowing20
Always on target!" ... written by Jrinker
Always honest and clear. :)" ... written by ckeg
Excellent and on point!" ... written by Keya H
I always trust her insight, shes a NATURAL psychic!" ... written by a
Absolutely love her. She is always spot on and gives me the best advise. " ... written by Junekay
she was totally awesome and made me feel at peace with my dream that had worried me. I will be seeing her again" ... written by chris goss
Thank you awesome reading 10 star" ... written by Star
Love Her Style No B.S." ... written by Michelle
thank you so much I had to run but I would love to that to this lady again she did not waste my time thank you awesome for the little time i spent with her 5 star" ... written by star
what she said would be consistent she now sees as it wont be.. what she said would happen, is now not happening... a little confused, and not a positive reading... will wait and see and stay positive. " ... written by real love
Thank you for a quick and to the point reading..." ... written by Sid
she was very quick and still detailed" ... written by vee
Very knowledgeable, on point. She makes you feel comfortable sharing your concerns." ... written by loveplum
I had to come back to do another reading, because I wanted more... she is totally awesome and highly recommended. " ... written by Lisa
she was very quick, many thanks and 5 stars!" ... written by jay
Great! Love it brilliant" ... written by Chowmein09
always so on point and exact" ... written by beanniebaby
my connexion did not work well i think, i couldnt receive her messages, will try again" ... written by jana
she is the best" ... written by julie
My first time and I loved it :-)" ... written by Gina
Great reader!" ... written by TT
I really had a good time chatting with her :). She was truthful, honest and really sweet. She was my first psychic reading ever and im happy that I chose her. She gave some really good advice, most likely ill be coming back to her again." ... written by Celeste
Absolutely love her!!! " ... written by Lisa
thank you for everything" ... written by Kittie16
Detailed reading. Encouraging." ... written by H
Good, detailed." ... written by D
Good update about work. " ... written by ckeg
She's amazing! Extremely accurate and didn't need any additional information from me" ... written by SaraSprings
I really like her :-) second reading...awesome!" ... written by Gina
She is very quick, readIng persons characters 100% and very helpful . Thanks for all, 10 stars for you , dear !" ... written by Nelly
my 1st time w her. so much good energy and confidence! am certainly coming back :)" ... written by j
Excellent! She connected with me so quickly and seemed know the situation i asked about. Very accurate." ... written by nina
Good reading" ... written by jenifer
she was on point" ... written by erica
Love her absolutely ... she is amazing... Really zoned into the ready and gives you a lot of information. " ... written by Lisa
#1 on oranum" ... written by 1Beanniebaby
Ever since i stumbled upon Simone's page 3 days ago, i wish i'd found her way earlier. the calmness, the advises, the visions. Don't only take my words for it. go pte and u will be blown away. " ... written by j
#1 on oranum and no sugar coating" ... written by 1Beanniebaby
one of the best, no sugar coating at all " ... written by BEANNIEBABY
10000000 stars. andamp; more. :)" ... written by jk
She was very good and very easy to talk to with very good insights into my situation and was hitting all the issues involved. Will definitely be back" ... written by Ray
She is very quick and straight forward! I appreciate her honesty and insight." ... written by Dove
Awesome! Straight to the point..highly recommended!!! 10/10" ... written by Shama
First reading and really liked her! Will come back." ... written by Elizabeth
no words to describe? the real thing. :)" ... written by j
Thank you for all!" ... written by bearthoven
awesome!!!" ... written by chin
good reading" ... written by soul mate
very nice" ... written by wmd1991
She is spot on... exactly what I needed to hear in my time of confusion. She is also right and her predictions do come true. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and to see her predictions past, in the meantime... I will do my best to take it one day at a time. Totally awesome reading. " ... written by Lisa
amazing reading !!! she does not mess around !! truly gifted and connected !! don't expect to get sugar coated because its not happening !!! I love that about Mssaul!!! Outstanding!!!" ... written by tamjones
wow so much clarity in short time! ill try to be patient... thank you" ... written by kka
she is accurate and fast " ... written by ohood
connected quickly right on point!!!!!!!" ... written by dsfdsfsdfsd
she was spot on and too quick to connect. " ... written by aqidah
Thank you very much. Quick connection. To the point." ... written by rose
Wow! she is fast. she doesn't use tools and i like that. very little info is needed. I will definitely be back!" ... written by Rasheedaw
mssaul was very fast and accurate. thank u kind lady and god bless" ... written by jane
Great reading!" ... written by Bee
Always right on." ... written by jrinker
Good reading as usual" ... written by jrinker
I always trust her predictions " ... written by Mr.A
Love her :-). My third time here and would definitely come back." ... written by Gina
Good" ... written by Newson
prediciton happened ! :)" ... written by ddd
Very upfront and straightforward. Always enjoy her insight." ... written by dove
She's great!! " ... written by Elizabeth
Mssaual is one amazing lady !! so gifted and clear on her delivery .. i love her honesty.. i love her !! amazing , outstanding and beyond this world with her gift .. do yourself some justice and let her read you !!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Always a pleasure :-)...she is my girl" ... written by Gina
Great reading. thank you can't wait when thing will change for better" ... written by Marina
she's so amazing" ... written by chai
Great reading. I am very happy. hope things will get better soon. " ... written by Marina
really accurate and quickly connected! thank you" ... written by nowk
she amazing and accurate with her reading." ... written by amy
one of my her :-)" ... written by Gina
Great advice. Thank your for your honesty and clarity." ... written by SweetPea
Oh my goodness!! This lady is so quick and so fast. I know she is telling the complete truth. Please go to her, you wont be disappointed. Thank you." ... written by Breanna
always on point" ... written by deee
Quick, to the point! She is wonderful!" ... written by Dove
She connected well and understood my situation" ... written by CC
so good to follow up and get clarity and shes so kind and fun :)" ... written by kk
thank you for tapping in and helping me:)" ... written by clay
She is simply the best! :-)...and I keep coming back for more. " ... written by Gina
I had a terrific reading with Mssaul She was honest kind and funny. Very helpful and saw my situation 100% didnt sugar coat or discourage. Just clear and very helpful. Love her!!!! " ... written by Kitsund
This lady is just AMAZING!!!!!!! Always the best one to have a reading with. " ... written by Gina
Thanks for the excellent reading as always." ... written by jrinker
Great reading, picked up on my current situation very quickly and read my target like a book. Will follow her advice and come back for confirmation. I give her 5*s" ... written by jewelw203
She is amazing with great guidance!" ... written by Dove
Great reading. Thank you. Was very accurate " ... written by Marina
Love coming to this lady here. Very honest and straight to the point :-)." ... written by Gina
Helped me with what I was stressed about and how i should just be patient with that person it was a great reading thank you." ... written by Kevin Tirado
Okay, she is the awesomeness. Please come for a reading with her, you wont be disappointed. Lovely lady." ... written by Breanna
She is amazing! Very nice and straight forward." ... written by Dove
the reason to my sanity!!" ... written by lizam
Always always awesome and never enough time.... Amazing reading... spot on. " ... written by Lisa
Love her readings!! and her predictions come true.... highly recommended. No sugar coating just honest advise and real. " ... written by Lisa
great" ... written by wura ola
Very honest. Very quick. Great reading" ... written by Hope
Always a pleasure to have a read with this lady!" ... written by Gina
Mssaul is very detailed in her readings and gave me great insight into things I could do to help my situation. She was quick and in-tuned as well. Can't wait to see what happens next. I recommend her. =)" ... written by Nikki
The BEST of the BEST! Very quick and honest! " ... written by Gina
She is amazing! " ... written by Dove
thanks... like her straight andamp; quick advice :)" ... written by a