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Psychic namesstaarrdomhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic namesstaarrdomhas recently helped 45members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about namesstaarrdom's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a celebrity Astrologer Numerologist having 23years experience.Many celebrities are my client.In last 23 years i visited many countries & helped various peoples by my knowledge and experience of VEDIC ASTROLOGY,Vedic NUMEROLOGY along with capabilities of face reading.For job,business,career,finance,Love,Relationship,Lost items, Dream interpretations,Lucky baby names you can take my help.

Awsome reading ....I was surprised after talking to him .And also his remedies are so simple.God Bless." ... written by sumitstomars
Amazing..." ... written by Shubh
Really great with numerology, lucky numbers and colors. Recommend him for good tips on how to succeed and meet your goals in life." ... written by zansu62
he give me very good detail reading I will be back his wonderful, and very good advise . " ... written by pary
Really good with numerology.. gave me the lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, profession.. etc etc " ... written by worriedmeye
He is very good and very accurate. He is very sure about what he said and I'm happy for my readings with him." ... written by vasanta
thanks again very helpful.." ... written by k
Very personal and the connection was real." ... written by spring2013
He is rated as 5 star. He is very affectionate, has great clarity. I recommend everybody to get a reading from him. He answers to all yours queries with ease." ... written by butterfly400
Numerology to the max! Simple truth based on the stars. He confirmed what I was told. Great guy, makes sense and does it fast." ... written by usvirk
Very interesting with numbers, good guy and gives lots of optimism. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
he si really good with his reading and helpfull" ... written by ritu
He had given me awsome renmedies i will come for more" ... written by Moeed
Namess is the most accurate, honest psychic. His remedy and predictions has always come to pass. I thank him for being here to help me with my problems." ... written by soniaSN69
Very very cool, what a great reading, I'm thrilled, and convinced, I highly recommend him, you can't let the opportunity to have a reading with him pass you by, and he is such a wonderful and warm person to speak to, many thanks for the prefect reading." ... written by Kim1601
He is very good and helpful!!" ... written by marion
Very good read, one of the best here on oranum will be going back for another read" ... written by ooopsi
Excellent, right on point." ... written by Carolyn101
Affectionate to the point, doesn't waste your time and money.....and remedies told by him are so simple that anyone can do very easily." ... written by sumitstomars
Wonderful reader, helped me so much, I strongly recommend him, xxx Nina" ... written by Kim1601
***** Very diligent in not wasting credits. He passionately and enthusiastically provides advice that is very beneficial." ... written by Justin
This guy is good.. he told me a lot about myself!" ... written by elle11
Very good reading, thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
He is good and spot on perfect, as per numerology I asked him the question he was excellent to it, now let's see how well I could go lucky with the remedies he said. Thank you!" ... written by redrose5
He is the best in this site . Very helpful and accurate, must try him and you will come back for sure." ... written by freewoman1234
Very good and accurate reading. I am so amazed of what he told me." ... written by reenu70
This man is truly humble and kind. He will take care of you and guide you all the way.He will give you strength and help you able to see the light.Not greedy when it comes to private reading, all he want is to help...very down to earth right?! Accurate reading and I'm PROUD to have him as my favorite psychic!! GOD BLESS and MORE POWER!!" ... written by RIESZA CHIBAA
Great as always." ... written by freewoman1234
HE is awesome very sincere till he figures it out, and he does!" ... written by Sophie
Very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, great stuff." ... written by V
Gave me a lot of good information that i feel will be very useful for me....he is very good!!!" ... written by keisha
Another great reading again, you always amaze me! Thanks again!" ... written by Rii507
Good reading." ... written by Tejaswini
The reading was good i enjoy the talking with namesstaarrdom thank u so much for ur reading and help." ... written by Linnda
Great!" ... written by stay calm
Very good, generous and direct." ... written by judestah
Wow, he was very much on target, and direct. His ability to see the problem was great! 5 star rating." ... written by Martank
Great read!" ... written by fretan
That was a good private reading I had, it was good advice, thank you." ... written by linda
It will be interesting to see what happens ... he offered some specific advice. Feeling positive about things ... Thank you!" ... written by ann s
I am starting a new life so i hope to find results in the work that Namesstaarrdom has done for me. Thank you!" ... written by tara00
Accurate." ... written by sk
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by iconnect
What a reading! I am really impress! He is a god sent!" ... written by Marcos
He knows what he does." ... written by ashnnka
Oh wow - this man really helped me so much, i can't even explain how good this man is in his knowledge! Try and see for urself and see what im talking about...Thank you sir and i look forward to further sessions X" ... written by Undefined11
Great reading...Accurate...gave me hope!" ... written by tasha_j
:))" ... written by fretan
thank you for your wisdom " ... written by stephany8888
what a man what a reading what accuracy 100 % and a fast man totally recommended " ... written by Nidal
lots of detailed information. thank you" ... written by m
He is very caring, accurate for time prame, compatibily, he is very friemdly, caring..." ... written by happy
Great reading! Very unique. I am glad I came to him. 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
im glad i caught him again online. names is such a good guide for me, because all his predictions to me before has came to passed.i trust him so much! very accurate and he didnt fail to his prediction even once thats why i like him so much! he is also one of my favorite here on oranum! " ... written by Rieza
Thank you for the private." ... written by stephany8888
Very nice and accurate reader." ... written by Milan
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Namesstaardom is the best here. He gives the most effective remedies andamp; can change your bad period into a good period. He is the most humble andamp; hardly charges any money. He gives his clients so much support. I've been following his remedies since 5 months now - he is a ray of light. He is also very accurate in determining your good andamp; bad periods andamp; chances of success. Pls try him - he can turn your life around andamp; is very sincere too." ... written by Shuchi
He is very professional and kind! 5 stars!!" ... written by Ann
Always accurate!! That's why I keep coming back to this man! God bless..." ... written by Rii507 Chiba
He is kind!" ... written by ashnnka
Very, very informative!" ... written by Maya
I ran out of funds. It got finished so quickly. Is there any possibility I can talk to in some other way. I have so many things to talk about." ... written by Itsme00
Namesstaaarrdom was very helpful to me, thank you Sir" ... written by Paul
Great for restructuring my life and Karma!" ... written by Sophhia
It is my first time with namestaarrdom and he seem very good. I am continuing with his remedies and believe I will get good results." ... written by Omah lall
Thank you for the update." ... written by zimerili1i
Useful information in short time. I will have to wait and see about predictions" ... written by m
Thank you for your help today. God sent me today to assist in this great change in my life. You gave me hope for the future. Thank you!!" ... written by faith81
Amazing he is different but worth a try very good reading thank you." ... written by PB1923
I needed to do unfinished business and got the results we both agreed on." ... written by tara00
Great reading!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
Good" ... written by tejaswini
Great reading thank you!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
Very good! Accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Great update, very positive and caring expert." ... written by zimerili1
He is amazing." ... written by humility
He gives precise directions for how to change ones luck and when I fallow it its really does work! He is Brilliant!!!" ... written by Sophhia
Great advice.. Can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by april
Perfect!!!!!!" ... written by Lori Johnson
Very good reading." ... written by Lori Johnson
WONDERFUL MAN!!!!!! I CRY FOR HIM." ... written by Lori Johnson
very nice" ... written by amalia
Awesome, very accurate with my charactr information and given so much useful advice :)" ... written by Royal Brit
Very detailed and yet to see if predictions will come true. Thanks...and i enjoyed the section." ... written by golddust
He is very good, accurate, good predictions of timeline," ... written by happy
Thank you Staarrdom! Tried him for the first time. He has suggested many remedies. Will wait to see how it unfolds. I am hopeful your suggestions will bring results." ... written by R
good remedies" ... written by pavan
Wow, namesstaarrdon is as amazing as ever. I have soooooooooo much faith in him. His prediction/s does happen. Whatever he predicted to me before, did happen. He is very honest/caring and understanding. My money is always worth spending with him. He is always there for his client. I always lookout for him and always will. No wonder people keep coming back to him to ask questions, coz his predictions just happens. Love you Namesstaarrdom, your my brother. Your number 1. 5 stars and millions more to come. Great work and keep up. God bless you heaps." ... written by reenu70
very helpful thank you. " ... written by fc
he is quite accurate about what i do! and hoping his predictions are accurate as well. " ... written by veronika
very good reading" ... written by me
A very good reading with him..God bless him.." ... written by celine
he wa sgood and to the point" ... written by Iks
good" ... written by lina783
Computer kept freezing during reading but the details I did manage to get sounded pretty good. I will return in the future for another reading." ... written by Mshelli
Thank you so much for your guidance and help! you were very helpful!" ... written by stephany8888
He is very caring, good knowladgeble abouit compatibily and time frames" ... written by happy
he is very good. I come to him very often. He guides me to the correct direction. God bless you!!" ... written by aquavenus
a lot of information given, gave great hope and I hope his predictions come true. Thank you " ... written by Tricky71
was very good reading, very helpful, and will wait for the prediction to come true.Highly recommended" ... written by watermeadows
He is a very good astrologer andamp; numerologist. He has so much knowledge about astrology also. I really liked my reading andamp; will be back for sure. He genuinely tries to help people. I give all the stars in the universe to him for giving me clarity. He is spot on!!!" ... written by aquavenus
he is very nice person. Explained me everything perfectly andamp; told me some remedies. He puts a lot of effort for uplifting the clients andamp; solving there problems. God bless him! a very good reader:)" ... written by neha
detailed read with time-frames and remedies for problem issues" ... written by k
Awesome insight given to my astrological planets and numbers, thank you for the accurate reading." ... written by Royalbrit
he was good..I always come to him..his remedies are powerful andamp; simple to do:)" ... written by aquavenus
Excellent. Live demo with planets. Recommended without doubt. Very cost effective" ... written by coolpaaji
Very knowledgeable in astrology and numerology. thank you" ... written by E
Excellent reader!! very accurate, highly recommend!!" ... written by atlantis111
very pleased " ... written by donna
another prediction came true.thank you so much names!" ... written by Riesza
Thanks for the guidance and pvt ...your info is always helpful" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance" ... written by stephany8888
Another reading. Accurate astrology!" ... written by E
Thank you for the information about my business. I will contact you again. Thank you you were very helpful." ... written by FC
His advice made sense with everything going on.. Very knowledgeable with remedies. I am going to try the remedies he suggest Definitely would recommend him he remembers all info from before which is good. " ... written by srunion
wow he was very very good! very fast connection! spot on!" ... written by ash
detailed reader" ... written by sk
Names is spot on and saw a lot of things that I didn't understand but with Names help he explained thing and gave me many tips to bring in good luck as well so thank you Names your awesome! wish you all the luck." ... written by Shellysav
Good as usual" ... written by Shuchi
Namesstaardom is very trustworthy you can get yours andamp; your family's horoscope analysed by him to get a good analysis andamp; necessary simple remedies. Please try him - to get clarity andamp; improve your life." ... written by Shuchi
detailed astrological read with time-frames." ... written by sk
Good reading. Shall return." ... written by lynn
He is very caring, good pointed the answer how will be how its will be work right direction." ... written by happy
He is so spot on about things andamp; very sincere too " ... written by Shuchi
He gives excellent remedies as always" ... written by Shuchi
thank you so much for your help I appreciate everything you do for me...your guidance and remedies help me so much" ... written by stephany
Namesstaarrdom is my hero, my guide and my friend. When I came to his chat room, I was on a crossroad and confused, his guidance and remedy has today made me a better person and today I think with my clear conscious mind. His remedies are so powerful, I can see results happening. I am so grateful to have found him as my guide, without him I would be a lost soul. Millions stars my friend. Your the best of the best!" ... written by reenu70
EXCELLENT!!!! will come back..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" ... written by Jacky
very hepful" ... written by lynn
a great guy thanx" ... written by zimerili1
good reading " ... written by c
very helpful" ... written by d
Thank you for your guidance..i always appreciate your remedies..take care and ill update it" ... written by stephany
Excellent, very knowledgeable" ... written by Ron
good reading..will be back!" ... written by aqua
excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly, professional " ... written by ron
Excellent, very professional, very knowledgeable. " ... written by ron
I got so much clarity with namesstaarrdom, he just clears my mind so much in a very positive way. I simply don't know how I would solve my problem without him. His remedy is just so powerful. You great my friend, my hero. God bless you heaps. 5 stars." ... written by reenu70
very insightfull and accurate" ... written by Manoj
Can't go wrong with Namesstaarrdom, his advice and remedy is so powerful, it can turn mountains. My life is improving in a very positive way. Namess.... is my hero, my guide and always will remain. Millions of stars***********************" ... written by reenu70
thank you!!! he is good and i will appreciate his input!" ... written by mari
Very Good Sir.. !! Very Good. :D" ... written by career advise
very good will keep him posted" ... written by natalieJ
Namesstaardom is excellent - I have been coming to him regularly since April 2014 to discuss my problems andamp; I use his remedies regularly. He is very positive, smart andamp; can change your life. " ... written by Shuchi
He is very attentive to detail and has many remedies to offer! Thank you, Names Staarrdom!" ... written by Yogaboy
Namesstaarrdom my hero, my guide, always helpful towards me in every way he can. So honest and direct. He is ever ready to help me. I am so greateful to have him as my psychic and my friend. Millions stars....................god bless heaps!" ... written by reenu70
good " ... written by nany 14
excellent, highly recommend" ... written by ron
Thank you very much. I will follow your advice." ... written by Gianna92344
excellent, very knowledgeable. highly recommend!!" ... written by ron
excelent, very knowledgeable. very informative. " ... written by ron
excellent." ... written by ron
excellent, very knowledgeable. highly recommend. " ... written by ron
He was very quick and very detailed! thank you" ... written by balck
I only hope after doing this remedy, my problem will go away for good......................?" ... written by reenu70
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent. without doubt. read the situation clearly" ... written by ron
Thank you for the wonderful advice ...will listen and get back to you on that advice! See you soon ..I appreciate it :)" ... written by stephany
excellent reading, very knowledgeable. highly recommend" ... written by ron
Excellent. always" ... written by ron
Very quick and very detailed oriented. Cant wait to see what the new year brings." ... written by lc
As always very positive, fast and detailed" ... written by heather
Amazing very knowledgable!" ... written by Suze
Fine reading..i had to go early" ... written by Carri
very good, but need more time" ... written by Larissa
Reading was very good and only had to type 2 questions and both were answered with in great length positively." ... written by Tracie Batten
excellent, very knowledgeable " ... written by ron
very helpful!" ... written by tr
VERY GOOD AND ACCURATE ,, detailed and with remedies,,he is superub! and worths each penny u spend..May god bless him. Amen" ... written by holsten
excellent " ... written by ron
Namess, is always ever-ready to help me. His remedies are so powerful it can move mountains. So pure and divine. Excellent predictions as always. He is the great and always will be. Always the number 1 on Oranum, honest and so caring. Rapid answers. Millions stars******************************************" ... written by soniaSN69
Always the number 1, genuine with honest answers. Gives powerful remedy with superb result once done with faith. Can't compare anyone here on Oranum with Namess......! Very very good. 5 stars*********The best on oranum. Explains astrology/numerology in so great depth that no one else does. " ... written by soniaSN69
quick reader and good connection. told me all i needed to know. I was very happy with my reading. TY" ... written by zzz
he is very serious at his work and accurate. He is a blessing. Will recommend him and rate him more than 5 stars. He is very helpful and you won't regret it. " ... written by meena11
the powerful accurate psychic" ... written by meena11
great!!" ... written by rae
great" ... written by rae
Names ji is the only one who identified that I'm going through a certain period right now where my health andamp; relationships are affected a bit. He was spot on. He is my go-to person for effective remedies since a year now. " ... written by Shuchi
he was amazing connected right away and very accurate" ... written by nami
The best reading I have had on oranum and I have had many. He knows what he is talking about and gives easy to do remedies." ... written by S
very good and very precise. I think he is accurate" ... written by g
Thank you so much I appreciate it" ... written by stephany
He is a good reader, enjoyed his reading" ... written by annanichole
very useful.thanks" ... written by m
Liked his reading, very honest and sincere." ... written by Annanichole
very good" ... written by celina
he was spot on with a few things but after losing connection, it was disappointing not to have this written down. " ... written by sueonfire
he is very very very helpful andamp; amazing person,, very detailed he address each and every point and explains very well. shows the direction. best is his, modesty.!!highly recommended." ... written by SA
Very detailed remedy, will attempt all to see the result. Very Impressive and honest. 5 stars my friend." ... written by sonia
" ... written by manpreet
Names knows his astrology....gave some sound advice and saw the patterns in my life. I recomend him if you want a indepth w of your karmas and how to make the most of them." ... written by Granville Crenwick
lots of remedies.kind person. thank you." ... written by mmnf
useful remedies. hope they work.thanks" ... written by mf
great remedies, very helpful, I will be back soon" ... written by caliz
he is great soo many rremedies and soo helpful" ... written by cali
hes is gerat" ... written by cali
wow! okay very quick and accurate on his connection. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I have a good feeling about all of this Thank you so much Names and Bless you!" ... written by Tammy1958
wow sooo helpful sooo many remedies, I cant wait to try and come back to update!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
On point,, very fast!!! i threw hundreds of questions at him within a short time he answered them all!!! WOW true Talent in this field!! Will be back for sure...." ... written by lara
Extremely happy with Namess remedies. Anything he gives my way, is all attempted and result seen quickly. Super helpful towards me always. Namess you are always great, super genius." ... written by sonia
wow, he is just soooo helpful, and helps put my mind to ease, so many remedies!" ... written by cali
love when I have a reading with him, so helpful and accurate" ... written by cali
very accurate about my partners personality :) lovely reading thankyou" ... written by kelly
thanks again, for quick and great reading. will be back again" ... written by oth
Very good but a bit difficult for me to understand his accent. I will wait to see if his predictions come true. " ... written by janote
he is greatttt" ... written by cali
Wow!!! He's really good!! I can't wait all he's prediction will get unfold." ... written by Sarah
wonderful remedies soo helpful" ... written by cali
great update" ... written by caliz
Excellent as always. Always gives great in-depth reading. I can't complain. Helpful as always." ... written by sonia
he is awesome. I was feeling depressed and he made me feel so much better. tysm :)" ... written by spchp
very gifted and patient will definitely contact him again" ... written by derrick
very kind man, very awesome reading. Appreicate with all his help Will follow his advice to see what will happen. Thanks again" ... written by coffeecandy
spot on!" ... written by selah123
He gives great advice, and spot on with his predictions. I truly recommend him." ... written by Natasha88
Good advice. Hope it all comes true. " ... written by Melissa
AWESOME !! VERY ACCURATE andamp; DETAILED" ... written by R
great great remedies" ... written by caliz
He is one of the most helpful and genuine readers i have ever come across. doesnt waste time or credits and always willing to help. thank u so much sir." ... written by Priscilla
greattttttttttttttttt reading" ... written by cali
great reading, really has helped me ease my mind today!" ... written by cali
he knows my situation and is able to guide me and give me clarity he is great!" ... written by cli
the best!" ... written by caliz
very helpful,insuring, and overall great reading and wonderful remedies" ... written by cali
he was quick seems he knows his stuff, will have to wait and see what he says happens which should be from august 2015" ... written by 1244
best astrologer on oranum does it old school, no computer graphing or stuffs shows you on his white board" ... written by stars
greeat update, will be back soon!" ... written by cali
Took a bit longer than expected to connect (maybe a minute and ten seconds) but his connection was strong. Unfortunately it froze during the reading. Good reader" ... written by Safiya
wow so great and accurate, soo helpful and wonderful, he knows his stuff!!!!!" ... written by cali
good update, will follow up soon!" ... written by caliz
He was good" ... written by Nandia
You have given me so much hope and faith in my " ... written by Amanda
I can probably spend hoursssss doing a private because he has sooo much to offer, is helpful and does not sugar coat. His remedies WORK. IMMEDIATE RESULTS LITERALLY. I Mean literally within 5 mintutes something happened and I was a little freaked out and after discussing this with namesstaarrdom, he advised me that only 2 things happen, and ONE OF THOSE 2 THINGS HAPPENED TO MEEEEE upon completeing the remedy I was advised!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
Got a reading, he tries to be very quick to calculate dates, and doesn't waste ur time, gave me some remedies.TY" ... written by Sea
thank u so much" ... written by mf
very knowledgeable and helpful. he is great. " ... written by cali
good reading " ... written by issy
very detailed and accurate, all info is logical no henki penki ,," ... written by REem
I enjoyed the readings, and plan on coming back for another reading. thank you" ... written by anna
His reading was good, will be back soon." ... written by anna
great update hes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by cali
he is great!!!!!!!" ... written by cali
VERY VERY LOGICAL !!" ... written by SK
very good, and accurate as well!" ... written by cali
he is very good with his readings" ... written by ritu
he is excellllenttttttt. i love his enery and reading. " ... written by maria
He is a great reader, helped me alot, and i have to wait and see the predictions that i am looking for.. thank you" ... written by anna
good reading.. looking forward to predictions happening" ... written by Ammer
he is great!" ... written by angel
I will wait for the prediction and see what happens. I was happy with my readings, but will wait and see do to the planets. thank you" ... written by waterluva
best astrologer on oranum " ... written by avk
Excellent Reading,I will be back soon." ... written by jen
he is a wonderful person and very helpful" ... written by ritu
had a great astrological reading, stardome is the best astrologer here !!" ... written by av
Excellent update. But have to wait for prediction to happen and remedy to show result. Its a waiting game now." ... written by soniasn69
Thank you for the reading, I will be back. thank you again." ... written by anna
Excellent and spot on with his reading! Thank you!!" ... written by clina0427
he is a wonderful person and very helpful and connects to your problems really well." ... written by ritu
Wow excellent update as always. Genuine, truthful reading, exactly what I wanted to hear. Amazing. " ... written by sonia
Awesome sir!!!! all predictions bingo......" ... written by Shubh18
I will do things and keep things to myself and follow all the instructions that was provided to me. thank u so much for the reading." ... written by anna
Will wait ffor things to happen" ... written by Anonymous
I will do the remedies for my planets and see what happens, thank you for the reading." ... written by anna
5 stars...excellent and spot on with all he told me...He knew things exactly like they are...." ... written by focusing
What can I not say about namestarrdom, he has a gentle, heartfelt for" ... written by Future Medical Assistant
A wonderful reader...very fast connecting" ... written by pilito
a very kind person. always guides and helps and gives remedies. thank you" ... written by xyz
5 stars.....very good and spot on with predictons" ... written by Focusing
5 stars....very good on with his predictons" ... written by Focusing
Namestarrdom, what can I say about this genuine and as a heart for the people.When everyone else told me to give up at the lowest point of my situation. He told me no and he was guiding me through it all and confirmimg some things as well.He honest, truthful and he not about the money.. Like he would say. It all about the stars. Hug hug" ... written by Vanessa
accurate readings " ... written by Aiswarya
5 stars very fast and very accurate,,,,spot on with his predictions" ... written by focusing
Thank you for explaining many important things for me. This was very helpful indeed and hope your prediction comes to pass!" ... written by Charlie
very nice, good advice" ... written by kw
A very good reader, thaks fore helping :-)" ... written by Gunnar
I have been with Namesstardom for a while he never lie and have been" ... written by vfbrown247
good reading full of wisdom and good advice" ... written by David
He is really good with his reading and caring." ... written by ritu
5 on with predictions.. recommend him" ... written by Focusing
excellent reader" ... written by lipo
we will see" ... written by frank
nice remedy ... good astrologer.. strongly recommended" ... written by sachin
amazing reader" ... written by Cristina
very good as always! im her client for two yrs now! im glad to have namess.highly recommended" ... written by mmaya
excellent reader" ... written by erika
he is good with his readings" ... written by ritu
5 stars....very good on " ... written by Focusing
5 on" ... written by Focusing
5 stars...excellent and spot on" ... written by Focusing
5 on with predictions....very good..I recommend him for a reading to everyone..." ... written by Focusing
thanks I will fight : )" ... written by susan
5 on with predictions....very good person" ... written by Focusing
A very good reading. Now i have a clear picture about my life.Thank you Namesst..... for giving me clarity. Appreciate so much. God bless." ... written by Shereen
good reading" ... written by lynn
he is great person very wise and helpful." ... written by ritu
Wow Gave me so many remedies.....very kind psychic. Thx" ... written by Monisha
thank youy" ... written by lynn
Very quick and interesting read. Will wait to see what happens. " ... written by great!
He is an amazing astrologer...he told me some things a couple of months ago and it all came out to be true...really worth all the money ! Thanks Sir." ... written by sap
a wonderful reader" ... written by cm
good reading with good sound advice" ... written by David
thanks for the reading. will update you another time :)" ... written by Tender
he is a helpful astrologer and numerologist.5 stars." ... written by 123
thanks for the clarity. i think i know what to do with career wise." ... written by tender
Very good reading. He is very quick in connecting and gives many details. I would definitely recommend hi!!!" ... written by edysica
Very impressive, always here to help me. Thank you heaps. God bless. Highly recommend." ... written by sonia
5 on with his predictions" ... written by Focusing
very informative and honest" ... written by Ashley
he is relly good with his reading and very helpful. " ... written by ritu
Very honest and right on with my situation" ... written by Ashley
Always excellent, always here to help me no matter what. " ... written by Soniasn69
Let me say this I have been knowing namesstardom for a while and he had" ... written by vfbrown24705
Namesstarrdom had told me how my friend really feel about me. Oh my" ... written by vfbrown24705
Absolutely awesome reading, I must definitely coming back to see him." ... written by June
Totally awesome, put my mind at ease and gave me information straight forward and fast. I will most definitely come back for an update. " ... written by Lisa
Thanks Staardom for giving me so many remedies. I'm sure I will see success." ... written by S.S
love i t love it thank you bye" ... written by lukas
He's readings are very uplifting ... and I can't wait for his predictions to come true. " ... written by Lisa
he is a amazing person and has helped me a lot" ... written by ritu
first reading with him, thanks for all the positives and truths will be back to give updates for dates thanks" ... written by pol
wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so incredibly spot on!!!!! i highly recommend him xxx" ... written by rainforlove
Thank you so much for your help. I had demo earlier and had to take him to pvt. Especially after reading his testimonials." ... written by Nadia
excellent, one of the best" ... written by ron
very good astrolger" ... written by ron
Very good reading" ... written by Lisa
Wow..what a great reading. So quick and he is so confident in what he tells you. Not afraid to say it as it is. " ... written by Merry
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
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I love his readings! very informative and spot on. I can't wait for his predictions to come true." ... written by Lisa
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Doesn't waste time and overloads you with information. Wonderful reading. " ... written by Shana
He gave me great insights and hope they are going to come true.... " ... written by Doree
He has always been very accurate and no sugar coating. I recommend him." ... written by Itsme
good..." ... written by ritesh
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he a amazing person and very helpful." ... written by ritu
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he is wonderful person and very helpful his readings are really good." ... written by ritu
AWESOME AND TALENTED MAN!!! He is very quick and full of information. He is sensitive and picks up very quickly, listens to what your concerns are, instead of trying to force you to listen to what he wants to say. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by linda
He has been always right and guided me. Never been wrong !" ... written by itsme00
excellent" ... written by ron
He is fantastic! Really, really good :) Thank you so much! Tx" ... written by Tatiana
he is an amazing person, always willing to help." ... written by ritu
hes the best at what he does for sure" ... written by ron
great as always" ... written by kw
this man is sooo good...i cant count for how many times ive ran to him everytime i have some issues with my life.he is a good guide." ... written by mmaya
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Good and honest psychic , a true person by heart with whom we can share our problems and get excellent results, Thanks a lot " ... written by sara
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5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
hes the best at what he does.. without a doubt" ... written by ron
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excellent " ... written by ron
excelelnt , as always" ... written by ron
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