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Psychic psychicalex2has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicalex2has recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicalex2's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Energy healer, no tools reader, calirvoyant psychic energy worker. My prayers can change your life. Come, get my in

wow he is very detailed and waiting to check on the accuracy but he has said everything else my other advisor said soooo. he is pretty on point. definetly a very nice guy and exciting energy coming from him" ... written by c
WOW, what a relief talking to him, he showed me the better path for me for the future, all my troubles seems like going away from me, feels like i am going to have a good luck finally with his positive energy and help, i have been so stressed out about several things in my life for the past year. i highly recommend this guy to everyone seeking good life and future, bless his soul." ... written by Nelly
Alex came highly recommended by another reader whom I love and trust, and so I just HAD to give him a whirl! He didn't disappoint and indeed, he echoed much of what I have heard before, which was comforting and encouraging. Thank you Alex :-)" ... written by Dolly
Very connected, on point and fast! Thank you :)" ... written by Starlight12
Fabulous real and focused . . . thanks Alex! you are the best...." ... written by AER
he is a gifted psychic and very helpful, thanks and blessings to you." ... written by bless15
What an absolutely lovely person, he types in good English, connects super-fast, and hit the energies spot on! I am impressed!" ... written by fragrant
absolutely genuine. i can't explain my experience any louder than that. 5 stars." ... written by neon
Thank you so much Alex, its really great reading and its always a pleasure talking with you, " ... written by Hanna
great reader" ... written by mp
He was quick to connect and gave timelines too! :) would definitely recommend him! :)" ... written by Sally
he is truly amzingly gifted. hes so spot on, encouraging, empowering, ONE OF THE BEST READINGS I HAVE EVER HAD and i have had loads of readings with different psychics. " ... written by sparkly
he gave honest information based on what he got. Much appreciated. Thank u" ... written by Angel
he's truly gifted, down to earth and very warm, lovely soul. second reading with him, great advice, there's great peaceful energy coming from him. many thanks, ill def stay in touch!" ... written by jcc
Thank you so much Alex, that wonderful reading even the internet connection is terrible. And thanks for being patient and understanding, what we talked really helpful, will continue soon. " ... written by yleo
Thank you, the details were so close and I am optimistic that it will all be positive. I appreciate the sincerity of the reading. See you " ... written by Joseph
Great reader...Loved his energy." ... written by sabina0202
Very knowledgable and connect your energy ...and tell the truth " ... written by Raj
great insight" ... written by Arnoldo
I feel his energy, and I hope he has the abilities to see things truthfully! It's for the time to determine! Good time" ... written by kiera 123
Alex gave a very nice reading, and I will certainly be coming back. " ... written by Ashley
Alex is amazing. He picked up accurately on everything with no tools. Highly accurate and a great psychic. Highly recommend." ... written by me
Alex connected very quickly to my situation! He was right on key! Thank you so much for your help and I will keep you posted!!! A+++++ Highly recommended :)" ... written by taunia
first time read with Alex is pretty good..said quite few things which is spot on! thumbs up!!!" ... written by rosy
he is fantastic exellent. his reading is great ...." ... written by pete
i have spoken and have done readings with most of the psychics here on this website just to see if they are true. I would have to say you radiate as much energy as the top five that i feel comfortable with and trust in this website. you're in my top 6" ... written by MMarmalade
Quick connection. Answered my questions quickly. Thank you!" ... written by Thank you
Wonderful reading, feel much better now; very insightful and reassuring... thank you so much!" ... written by alotlikedorothy
alex was wonderful very good and very quick." ... written by dc
5 stars...excellent...great on always" ... written by Focusing
happy. quick accurate. answers questions to the point jsut the way i want" ... written by girl girl girly
Thank you so much for picking up on what I needed to know, regardless of how it was hard for me to hear. I will try my best to move on and take your advice. :) Much love and light." ... written by Sidney
Thank you! I liked to speak with you! I feel great! I was surprised of the details he provided to me!! :) He was accurate! and very uplifting! :) thank you! :) " ... written by fire..
awesome... had a great reading, i was shocked with his reading with me he knows everything before u tell him. i highly recommend this guys if ur really looking for a honest reading." ... written by jas
Lots of info. Types fast" ... written by Eva
5 stars a on with his predictions too..." ... written by Focusing
Great reading as usual. Alex answered my questions honestly and reminded me everything will fall into place. I need to focus on the life that I'm creating for myself. I love talking to him." ... written by regina
I really like this psychic. He connects quickly and gives accurate info" ... written by me
Alex is very good and his readings is deep" ... written by pete
alex predictions came true soon after my first reading: today i got an update and i look forward to his predictions coming true again.I recommend him cos he does not want to waste your money like others here on oranum. He takes a genuine interest, he really cares and hedoes not believe in daily updates." ... written by dm
thank you Alex, its a wonderful reading , you just get into the situation and you brought me a wonderful news about him, his situation,,," ... written by Han
psychicalex2 is really amazing. Im definitely going to be a regular client. If I was to rate him out of 10 being the best, he'd be a 10. i recommend him if you need a reading or anything :)" ... written by xilentone
He connected well with my questions, and he is a helpful psychic." ... written by bless15
great person...thank you" ... written by bless15
Thanks for the great advice, Alex :) Will let you know what happens!" ... written by Beth
Alex is a Compassionate soul ..and Understanding ..Thanks Alex many Blessings to you ..xoxo" ... written by sc
thanks for the update today" ... written by sam
Thank you for your help and for the prayers! What a great man! He was very on point with my situation and gave great advice. Will def come back again!!" ... written by Me
very gifted psychic. awesome read.ty" ... written by coffeecandy
First reading with Psychic Alex ... I am very impressed at how quickly he picked up on my current situation and doubts. " ... written by J from NY
Excellent reader, quick to connect and go with details; very kind and polite as well. Picks up on situation well and offers positive adice. Very happy with reading. Thank you!" ... written by alotlikedorothy
Really good. Very quick, very confident, and direct. " ... written by havel
thanks Alex, you are definitely fabulous, truly friend" ... written by han
Thanks Alex, it was really great reading, " ... written by Han
his reader is awsome please take him private hes better than the rest an he will not lie to u nor tell u what u want to here i give thisman 1 million stars i tell u that u wont be sorry u want honesty go see alex truth an clraty he will help u through your situation thank uYou : so much 4 helping meYou : i will be backYou : lots love n light 2 u" ... written by starsfromabove01
Exceptional reading!! Thanks so much!" ... written by Sandra
his very good and notice right away before I said any thing his amazing thank you." ... written by jay
very nice catch up with lovely psychic. thank you for advice, will definitely apply!" ... written by jcjc
He seems pretty amazing. Calm, and calmed me down. " ... written by Megan
Was great. Assuring, very helpful. Very talented. What a great spirit worker. Seriously knows his game and works hard to give the information. " ... written by Lexie
thank you Alex, that was great, you really a wonderful psychic and also thank you for your caring, and being there for me, " ... written by Hanna
alex is a sweet person. no sugar coating tellls it as it is. i have done a few readings with him and most of his predictions have come to past. he is fast and to the point. thank u alex and am looking forward to the rest of the predictions to unfold" ... written by jessie
Good" ... written by Julia
My first reading with Alex, and I am very impressed. He is in the top three of the people on this site who are VERY gifted, and trustworthy. " ... written by L
Thank you so much Alex, for great reading, for your caring, your help, your attention, your honesty" ... written by hanna
He was able to get rid of some very negative energy I have been dealing with for many months. It is QUITE a relief. I am so grateful to him for helping me." ... written by L
He put my mind to ease. He is a very sweet and genuine person ! Loved my reading" ... written by sap
Very talented, very keen on everything I asked him. He is the first male psychic I like! " ... written by Clara
WOW! I was impressed! He was very accurate! WOW! Thank you for helping me :)" ... written by fire..
So accurate! Thank you! :) Great to speak with you! Thank you for your honesty!" ... written by fire..
Thank you again for such a great reading! Very quick and honest and very compassionate with his reading." ... written by Sidney
He's soooooooo wonderful. Greatly helpful. " ... written by L
you are amazing thank you so much! :) I liked to chat with you! :) he is accurate and sincere" ... written by ...
HE IS SO AMAZING!!!!! The predictions from him totally happened. I was a skeptic kind of person but with this man, he's honest, caring and very on spot. He gives you genuine advises through energy works without limiting you from the future information. U gotta try one with him!! He's the best out of every readers I have tried. I feel so healed from him!! Highly recommended!!!!!!" ... written by Stephanie
Good reader, thats all i can say :)" ... written by Sonja
I started this session in tears and confused. now i know what i must do. alex is incredible thank you so much" ... written by Jack
Alex is always there to help, never judges. I have done many sessions with Alex and would not be as far along without his support. " ... written by kelly
He is such a compassionate understanding man ..A wonderful private reading ..he was dead on accuracy with the subjects in question I enjoyed my reading , and hope that other members will give him a try.." ... written by SC
Fantastic! I enjoyed every minute with him! He is sincere, and honest! His predictions happened and I am thankful! :) Take care my friend" ... written by andew...
He was very good. Picked up on my situation and was very accurate to what was going on. Thank you awesome reading!" ... written by eve
Always great. Very very honest. Totally trustworthy, and an amazing psychic." ... written by L
Thank you for the reading, I will surely see you soon..." ... written by Joseph
thank you so much Alex it was really great, as always nice talking with you," ... written by Hanna
A good reading. He is connected." ... written by stylus
Thank you so much ALex, that's really wonderful, great,, reading, its always nice talking with you, you are patient, caring, its so lovely" ... written by hanna
went well " ... written by pinkpug
Alex i great to his work and his reading is out of this world..." ... written by ❤Boy
impressed by all that was said. doesn't waste any time gets right down and connects" ... written by me
Spot on, amazingly accurate . Try this man you will not regret it, I was at the end of desperation., this man lifted my spirit he confirmed my thoughts. " ... written by 1eyepanda
its a great reading and Alex always remember all," ... written by Hanna
Very sincere, honest, and gifted." ... written by L
magic man, he is mind blowing " ... written by sk
Great man" ... written by
Alex is awesome! No wonder why hes been here only 4 weeks and is top 3! I dont have much more time to wait and will bb with him. I will be coming back !! He said "this is what will happen": and he just went on from there that! Thank you so much!" ... written by susan
Amazing. Love speaking with him. He always gives such great advice and insight every time I am here. He was spot on about a prediction too which is why I came back :)" ... written by Sabi
OMG WOW WOW WOW.. im speechless hes readings kept coming true.. It's the sceond time im doing readings with him and he always wow me with what he said. i have never experienced a psychic like him... try him... u will be amazed and u will be healed so much! xx" ... written by Stephanie
good, very, good" ... written by leila
Alex, always great, the reading so positive" ... written by Hanna
Kind. listens. Very spiritual." ... written by nocassandra
Thank you so much Alex, that was a wonderful session," ... written by Hanna
thank you very much, you pretty tapped into my situation with no info from my side, very intuitive reading in terms of description of situation" ... written by Alicja
He is helping me so much. I am exceedingly grateful to him. Wonderful." ... written by L
Alex is a wonderful guide and I also believe in his ability to see and feel things" ... written by skyreader
excellent, very good reading, 5 stars" ... written by jana
He is hard working, doesn't waste your time, and is unfailingly honest and accurate. He's a gem." ... written by L
Alex is astounding and I don't doubt any of his shared words and insights. This is my first time reading with Alex and the content of what he relayed to me was all accurate to situations and feelings. He connects very well with little information and uses no tools which is a plus in my books. I see a handful of trusted readers but he does have a skill set that blow some out of the water. He is honest definitely, straightforward and his compassion is subtle. He is not grandiose put i place his perspective highly when I jigsaw the picture that i get from different readings. I got some predictions coming in the near future and I will be back for another reading. I think sometimes one reads comments that are super positive and think...oh they got to hear what they wanted to hear. So I will clarify, this is not my case. The content of my reading...well was, some salt and sweet. I had a good reading with someone that my gut says he is gifted and he's delivering what he honestly sees and hopes for only the best of outcomes. If you are curious, I think you should really consider Alex. I would adamantly recommend." ... written by Merrysinclair
At the very least he gave me some hope. He was very honest and sincere. He didn't try to fleece me financially or anything. HE really just wanted to help. I believe he is the real deal, a genuine psychic!" ... written by CuriousMarcus
He is so grounded, stable, trustworthy, kind, and extremely gifted. I am blessed to be able to receive his assistance." ... written by L
AMAZING!! " ... written by Tiffany
Very kind and caring. Seemed to understand what I needed. Great intuition. Thank you Alex " ... written by Terry
He has Amazing gift and talent, He's incredibly sweet and caring, I keep having great readings with him, and every time he helps me feel relived and glad about me and where future is heading. Every thing he say is helpful and reassuring, He's just great and amazing. :)" ... written by Kenz14
thank you for the great reading, for being there for me, and your prayers, you are great psychic,,, honest, calm, patient " ... written by hanna
Thanks for clarifying my issue, been worried about. " ... written by bless15
his very good i suggest him to othrs his the best " ... written by H
Thank you so much for your guidance and understanding" ... written by rose
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Thank you Alex,, it was great, and its always a pleasure talking with you, you are wonderful," ... written by Hanna
great read ty so much " ... written by davyboii
He always helps me. He is kind, honest, and has a good heart. " ... written by L
Great reader.......100 percent recommend him to anyone" ... written by Mp
quick connect - 5 star" ... written by DA
very good excellent" ... written by jana
WOW! Impressive! He definitely picked up on my energies and those of the other parties involved. He gave me good news and bad news and I really felt he was reading into the situation accurately. I will take his advice and pray that all goes well. Thank you!" ... written by Elle
awesome guy, wonderful personality, calming, mellow energies, solid abilities...a true pleasure to talk to...many stars for Alex! :)" ... written by natural woman
He is a gifted person, and is always helpful in any case. thank you" ... written by bless15
Thank you so much Alex," ... written by hanna
Thank you so much Alex, " ... written by Hanna
very good thanks" ... written by jana
My first reading with him. We talked more about energy and negativity that has been around recently. He gave me good advice about meditating and lighting candles. I'll work on it and be back for more. Thank You" ... written by skier
very good excellent thank you" ... written by jana
great reader.......always spot on!!!" ... written by mp
He is a remarkable healer, and an amazing psychic." ... written by L
He is all anyone could ask for: extremely gifted, kind, honorable, quick. He's a real gem." ... written by L
alex is so gifted and there for you" ... written by dc8
Very perceptive reader that was quick in giving me very pertinent information. I highly recommend Alex!" ... written by W
he is very accurate honest helpful my first reading is definitely satisfy i recommend his readind and i will be in touch shortly again with him" ... written by Nantenin
5 stars.....excellent on " ... written by Focusing
I cud not have handled this alone if you were not there. Please take care of yourself as you are precious to so many people. And please pardon me if I trouble you too much ! love you lotz." ... written by sap
What a very insightful reading. I would highly recommend him. " ... written by tyler
He was so nice and in-depth about my situation and where i stand. Gave me some ideas on how to approach my situation and stay motivated. He was very sincere and nice. Thank you Alex." ... written by brianaaf2
Great reading straight on the point!" ... written by kiera 123
Thank you Alex," ... written by hanna
great reader, thanks alot" ... written by bless15
He truly is a treasure. I feel so fortunate that he is on this site, and that I found him here. " ... written by L
Alex is very warm and welcoming. I found his reading informative and simply thrilling. I look forward to the next!" ... written by Jen
A very helpful and spot on psychic" ... written by bless15
Really sweet, Helpful and clarifying. The absolute BEST part, when I knew Alex wasn't just reassuring me with what I wanted to hear, was when he described my friend's thoughts to me. Matched my friend exactly. He's legit, and sweet. Whole package. " ... written by Pterra
great reading. He was so kind and welcoming to my questions. " ... written by tyler
thank you Alex, that was really great," ... written by hanna
he is an intuitive reader, always helpful and concerned." ... written by bless15
He provides me with an in-depth reading and uses no tools! I took down his predictions and will come back to him if that really happens! He is accurate in reading my situation too...." ... written by Stephanie
was very supportive in my personal situation, and over time his predictions came out accurate. I recommend him to anyone." ... written by bless15
He's wonderful. Kind, gifted, honest. " ... written by L
SUPER helpful. Just... Things clicked somehow for some reason during this reading. It didn't before in others. " ... written by Pterra
very good" ... written by regina
WOW he connected really fast , I was so amazed." ... written by V
He is good." ... written by CuriousMarcus
He's so amazing!! When I did my reading with him he was always very precise and genuine. I think he's the best psychic on oranum. You guys gotta try this with him! Dont go with fake psychics ever. The real deal is here. Please get a reading with him!! You will find yourself believing psychics again! SIX STARS" ... written by Mike
he is a great psychic reader, very caring, thanks." ... written by bless15
He is consistently amazing. A kind hearted, caring, gifted guide. He is a real find." ... written by L
this dude was great and straight to the point. inspired me a lot. " ... written by Daz
great reading !!" ... written by tamjones
Great! he is honest with me, that's what I like about him! Thank you for helping me it was really great :) " ... written by ..
alex is the best........he is a great reader and recommend him to anyone!!!! 10 stars" ... written by mp
its always nice talking with Alex, " ... written by hanna
Very calm spirit. He is very believable." ... written by alex
This was my first time session with him. Computer problem reason, I had to cut off yesterday, so I came back to continue remain reading. Very interesting read! About my friends part are ??? But most of are Very fascinating reading. I will definitely coming back and up date again. I recommend him to many people. He is wonderful-!!" ... written by Last search1
he connects well and helps direct you, thank you" ... written by bless15
I enjoy my readings with Psychic Alex, he's straight to the point, no tools needed, and is sincere about helping." ... written by loveandlight00
really good to chat to someone who is calm, level headed and able to see all sides. it's what one wants in a reader. ultimately it's our choice." ... written by rainforlove
Five star review _ quick connect! fast - accurate" ... written by daa
His readings are always accurate and a big help, spot on." ... written by bless15
great one" ... written by rish
awsome read " ... written by davyboii
Wonderful reader! Straight to the point!" ... written by Stacy
Alex is a genuine, honest reader who takes time to assess the situation and gives thoughtful advice. He was 100% accurate with respect to describing a work situation I have found myself involved in and the motives of the persons involved" ... written by newdaydawning
nice reading " ... written by CHIN
Great follow up, very good energy! His prediction came true in one important thing in my life. I came back to him to find out more! " ... written by Kiera 123
oh the detail, the love and the precision. no fairy tales. empowering and for your own best interest. wont read with anyone else. :)" ... written by rainforlove
thank you for first reading" ... written by Prescilla
Thank you so much Alex, for being there for me" ... written by hanna
Alex, is a good reader and knows how to help a person." ... written by bless15
Alex showed me compassion and his insights reconfirmed and enlighten some aspects of my romantic endeavors that seems uncertain to navigate. This reading and the previous reading I have had with alex...all the information aligns and is the same which attests for his consistency and accuracy. His style is direct and will give an honest answer. I would revisit Alex again and I'm thankful for the guidance and information that was given. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Alex was good, very in tune with my situation, gave me timeframes for a prediction, he was kind and accurate. Lovely guy." ... written by P
He is a very accurate and detailed reader. Wonderful, really good psychic on this website." ... written by US
Thank you for making me assured about the situation and what I need to figure out what to do." ... written by Sidney
Very caring advice. And straightforward answers. A good honest reader." ... written by angelszone
I'm a returning customer...he is very very good ! Very trustworthy" ... written by sap
Alex has helped me time and again, with healing, and with his psychic abilities. He is consistently WONDERFUL !" ... written by L
5 star reading " ... written by daa
Always wonderful" ... written by L
Fast reader, connect very fast, no sugar coating, just advice to the point . I recommend him and i will come back soon for an update..." ... written by Michaela
psychicalex, has been accurate on several readings I had from him, he predicted I would be working by february after a long time of struggling. He was correct and he did help bring my spirits up on my dilemma. Thank you." ... written by bless15
Im hoping for a miricle im trusting what he says will come to pass" ... written by Joshua
Very quick in connecting and very sweet man. It's a pleasure to have a reading with him." ... written by Mark
He was very truthful, honest, right on without being told much, as well a complete gentleman. He had a sense of peace and calm about him and willingly shared that to help heal. " ... written by Bluspirit19
After steadfastly helping me out, over the past 2 and a half months, I am seeing amazing progress with a very daunting issue. Alex has stood by my side throughout, providing guidance, insight, and healing. I don't know how I would have gotten to this point without him. I am deeply grateful to him." ... written by L
first time reading with Alex. Confirmed some things for me and has calmed my nerves" ... written by tiffany
Has read for me a few times and i think he's really connected with my situation. Very truthful, but very kind the way he explains what he sees. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
Thank you for such a great reading. Have a blessed and wonderful day." ... written by looking
He's really good, i like him. 5 stars!" ... written by J_b
amazing reader" ... written by cristina
Alex has a unbelievable calmness about him, even in the stress of my situation. Wonderful advice and i look forward to moving forward to brighter days ahead. Thank you Alex for the lovely reading :) " ... written by S
He's stunningly amazing." ... written by L
Love his spirit, I feel he connects to energies very well and deep! I'll be visiting him for my future readings." ... written by kiera 123
Awesome. Loved speaking with him. He makes things so simple and clear and straightforward. I will definitely be back to speak with him, he is wonderful :)" ... written by Sabi
He was helpful in my case and accurate, thank you" ... written by starlady11
Connected fast, no tools, no sugar coating. Picked up on the current situation straight away, pretty accurate. " ... written by Cindy
He is a superb reader, keyed in on both mine and his weaknesses that have been holding us back. He gave time frames . He gave emotions and past of each person which were correct. He was above stars." ... written by It is me
His healing abilities are remarkable. I love his calm manner and great psychic insights." ... written by L
awesome awesome awesome !!! he promised me to pray for me and I thought he is saying just out of courtesy or just like that...but I've seen miraculous changes and that too just because of his prayers. " ... written by sap
Great reading, he connected fast. Gave me a lot of detail. " ... written by Lisa
that's really great and interesting Alex, thank you for your caring and and being there for me, " ... written by Hanna
he was on point very accurate! look forward to his predictions..will come n see him again very soon" ... written by .....
Thank you so much Alex, its always a pleasure talking with you, you are definitely fabulous" ... written by hanna
he is amazing " ... written by faz
Nice and in-depth reading delivered by Alex. Not what I wanted to hear but deep down i know he's telling the truth and I really had to listen to him. " ... written by coba
Wonderful reading with Alex. Very accurate and compassionate, with some great advice and a future prediction that I hope comes true! Thanks so much! " ... written by ME
He is so kind, spiritual, and his gifts are very powerful. He is the Jedi Knight of Oranum." ... written by L
Thank you so much Alex, its really great, and also of what you see for me, " ... written by Hanna
WOWWOWWOW he's so accurate and on point. I have never seen such accurate and caring psychic in the past! He's definitely a hidden pearl on oranum and i love he's readings so much i will come back no matter what! BLOWN AWAY!!!" ... written by sandy
He is consistently wonderful. Very effective healer. " ... written by L
Thank you Alex, that was really wonderful what we talked about, you are definitely fabulous, a great psychic, that really care and understanding, and much more, I feel happy to talk with you today, something different happend" ... written by hanna
He helped a lot with the situation I am in, a good reader." ... written by starlady11
he is a great reader here, thanks for the input." ... written by starlady11
picked up on situation without using any tools. Will wait to see what happens with predictions." ... written by LA
He is always great. Wonderful healer and psychic." ... written by L
Alex is really easy to talk to. He gives great advice, and his predictions come true. I recommend spending time with him :)" ... written by Beth
Connected very well and quickly. Confirmed some things I was thinking, and was quick and to the point. I can't wait for the predictions to happen!" ... written by Starliteny
His healings consistently help me. He is wonderful." ... written by L
thank you alex, that was really great, " ... written by Hanna
excellent" ... written by w d
WOW - Absolutely amazing. Picked up on everything so quickly. I didn't even give him any details. I can't recommend him enough. A true Psychic. " ... written by B
Very insightful... fast to pick up things. Lovely, kind energy. " ... written by MystifyMe
Alex is of the best on oranum.....recommend him highly and will be back to him. :)" ... written by mpppp
5 on" ... written by Focusing
Knew my issue right away and gave me sound advice... Thank you!" ... written by Jizz
Excellent so connected. So accurate and right" ... written by arno1313
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
thank you so much alex that was really great, " ... written by hanna
Wow I was amazed at the reading, very helpful and brought great details and dug deep into the situation. Provided me with great insight and gave me clarity to the current situation at hand. I feel so much better now. I also appreciate the token of appreciation for a decent rate to help me out to situate my issues. I felt a sense of healing and relaxed that all things are possible in despite of negative people who are out to make things bad for us. Thanks Alex I appreciate your work and in helping me to understand my situation better." ... written by Majesty
awesome reader will be back !! 10 stars!!!" ... written by mp
Always fabulous." ... written by L
Thank you for the clarity..! Needed it. " ... written by SS
Very good reader with lots andamp; lots of very pertinent information. Read my situation very accurately. Highly recommend Alex! " ... written by W
Another great session. Nothing much as changed, but message was very consistent with the last reading." ... written by Kimmer
Thank you so much Alex," ... written by Hanna
I completely trust him, and he is consistently excellent." ... written by L
he was very accurate and professional . god bless u . highly recomended" ... written by remedio
Thank you Alex, for your understanding, and your caring that mean a lot to me, really,,, I mean it" ... written by hanna
Thank you so much alex, that's was really great, " ... written by Hanna
absolutely on point and precise" ... written by bethany
Thank you so very much! Gave me a piece of mind I needed! Wonderful reading, 5 stars!!!!" ... written by nicole
5 star reading quick connect. " ... written by da
Consistently excellent" ... written by L
on point great read" ... written by davyboii
Great accurate reading" ... written by Arnoldo
Wow Alex was right on point. He picked up quickly and told me the situation. Thank You so much Alex. Great reading." ... written by pinkLotus
thank you for your time you have helped me so much thank you i can now meditate again" ... written by Aundreya
He is a good reader, always on point and a nice person." ... written by starlady11
very good connection. didnt have to give much details and was able to give insight into situation. thank you so much. " ... written by thank you
I am absolutely astonished by Alex. He is spot on and right to the point. I will continue to consult him and provide feedback on the result. Thank you again for your help. A++++" ... written by B
thank you so very much Alex," ... written by Hanna
Seemed to pick up on so much stuff happening and things that my top few psychics that I trust on here have said, I will be back to confirm if predictions are correct" ... written by Tb
amazing reader." ... written by cris
He is my go-to for healing work. And he is always consistent, kind, and a pleasure to have a session with." ... written by L
Thank you Alex! That was very helpful with clear answers. Unfortunately we ran out of credits. Recommended psychic. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Meg
5 stars...excellent psychic" ... written by Focusing
he is always so very amazing !!!! so highly gifted andamp; honest .. love him !! i will be back soon" ... written by tamjones
good ready, on the spot. hope he is right." ... written by alr
I'm telling you - - there's Jedi Knight action going on in his room. He's that good." ... written by L
He is tremendously helpful, and his healings are very effective." ... written by L
he was so good about my career and and other stuff." ... written by Emily
thank you so much alex, that was really great, you really great psychic," ... written by Hanna
I found psychic Alex very understanding, caring, compassionate, and powerful. I was so paranoid and nervous about things happening in my life and was thinking I would get drowned in my problems and die. After talking to Alex, on verythe first day I felt hopeful, confident and strong with him on my side. The fear, anxiety, and problems started to disappear. I am rising again, I feel happier day by day and enjoying the positive energy that I am getting from Alex. It is working like a real magic. I like the fact that Alex is a very powerful and strong psychic, but at the same time very down to earth and humble. Also, I liked Alex’s advice when he told me that I should keep praying to God also because God is powerful. I started praying regularly since that day. Alex is still working on my case and there will be more good things about Alex that I can share with everyone. " ... written by Sanam2016
great reader 10 stars!!!" ... written by mp
Awesome reader! I feel refreshed after a reading with him. Highly recommend!" ... written by Becca
First reading with Alex. First off - he has a wonderful, calming presence. His focus is real and he had a solid connection with in depth understanding of my circumstances. Sometimes it's nice to just hear (in simple terms), how it's best to proceed. I will definitely be back to see him again." ... written by Laura
Great - - always." ... written by L
Excellent connection, was able to see my situation, and answered all my questions. " ... written by BN
Thank you for all your helps, what ever you told me so far came out to be correct. your a true psychic. " ... written by Farnaz
He's always wonderful. And very kind." ... written by L
5 stars excellent and spot on with predictions" ... written by Focusing
He looked into my issue, and was accurate in what he saw." ... written by starlady11
thanks alot. " ... written by MMarmalade
Alex is wonderful. Consistently excellent in his readings and energy work." ... written by L
He told me very accurate things. Good reading." ... written by G
thank you so much Alex, it was really great, so lovely talk with you after quit long time," ... written by hanna
it was really wonderful, awesome,, alex, I was surprised about my friend that you told me," ... written by hanna
very good thank u" ... written by jana
thank you so much alex, " ... written by hanna
What can I say, Alex is amazing. Picks up on things quickly and is kind and compassionate about the subject matter. Truly a gifted psychic and one of the best on Oranum. Picks up on the situation quickly, clearly and with great detail. Thank you so much for your guidance. You are a true blessing. God Bless you, Alex!" ... written by B
I have called on Alex time and again for help, dealing with some powerful negative energy being sent my way. He has helped me every single time. I have great faith in his abilities, and we are all blessed to be able to receive his assistance." ... written by L
Alex, youve done it again... This time i'm getting a full affect of your healing energy. Thank you soo much" ... written by Angela
I love his honesty...He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to know so you can have better perspective. What he focus on my situation, I will get what I want, but it will take time, in the meantime, he reminds me to focus on creating my life, something that I have control over and let the universe take care of the rest." ... written by regina
great experiance" ... written by munish
He is very honest, which is important because all psychics would do is beating around the bush, but not this guy.." ... written by Sandy
He is consistently wonderful." ... written by L
Due to my current job, I need a mentor to get a clear vision for all the different situations to maintain. For the first time I had a reading with Alex today. He is an excellent reader. Straight to the point and he gave me a great advise and visions! Thank you so much, Alex!!! I'll see you again in pvt. Cheers," ... written by Dignity
very compassionate reader, quick connection; his time frames came out before, i hope they does again now " ... written by dmg
A lot more clear, thank you for the information. " ... written by Rose
Alex is kind, grounded, honest, and is an excellent reader and healer. " ... written by L
Alex is great. Definitely get a reading from him!!!! Don't wait." ... written by tim
thank you so very much Alex, it was really great, always nice talking with you" ... written by Hanna
great reader" ... written by mp
Thank you Alex, for everything, " ... written by hanna
thank you so much alex," ... written by hanna
Alex is fantastic. I can't say enough good things about him. It is always a pleasure to have a session with him. " ... written by L
Alex is a wonderful and amazing pyschic, he had answers to all my questions and is fast to answer, he always lets me know when its time to update and never pressures me. He has the amzing ability to heal you with his energy and will give you a calm and peace even in free chat! His genteel manners and clear concise advice, instruction will help guide you and he provides the insight you desrve and need. Very considerate of your feelings and situation. You will not regret seeking his help." ... written by Bluspirit19
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you so much alex, its really great, after a long time not talking with you, its make me feel good, I do really appreciate and greatful of your caring and honesty, and so much more," ... written by hanna
Excellente as usual" ... written by Arno
5 stars,,,excellent on with predictions..." ... written by Focusing
Alex, you have outdone yourself this time! Your Energy work has hit full swing and I am overflowing with Happiness, not one shred of doubt or negative thought is lingering! Thank You so much Alex!!!! Your a miracle worker!" ... written by Bluspirit19
thank you so much alex, " ... written by hanna
he told me that this person that i have put so many energies on is focusing on taking care of hes daughter and doesnt give a damn about me. It made me feel very hurt and unloved but he said he just doesnt care so i should move on. I adore hes honesty. And i feel helped." ... written by sandy
goor reading as usual !" ... written by kiera 123
he reads without tarot or tools, accurately...picks up information quickly and gives time frames" ... written by fresh qigong
Alex, your definitely a patient teacher.. Having to soothe my worries We shall see how this week plays then see where we are... I do hope it it becomes a we again" ... written by Angela Shelley
What a beautiful first reading. He is everything his bio talked about including his testamonials. I look for ward to where my furture is going " ... written by cate
fantastic reader! he connected so quickly and accurately. If you're looking for the truth, an honest view of things as they are, please choose Alex :) 5 stars!!" ... written by tiny
Alex is a great reader! His prediction was spot on my previous issue which made me to go for second reading. Straight to the point. I'd like to recommend Alex. He reliable and accountable!!! Furthermore, he has got professional customer services. Many thanks once again, Alex!" ... written by Dignity
awesome.......a million stars!!!! just fantastic" ... written by mp
Thanks for a great session, Alex. You picked up on how I was feeling and helped me see that my decision is a good one, even though it was hard to make. You are so right!!" ... written by Beth
Positively wonderful and enriching even with my doubts" ... written by Angela
Thank you so very mush alex, that was really great and I do really appreciate your honesty,,," ... written by Hanna
Good reading. Gave a lot of details!!!" ... written by Vanessa
Hey Alex thanks a lot for the help! You are kind and honest and thanks for everything! :) " ... written by fire..
5 stars..excellent psychic....This is one psychic you should ask your questions too. spot on !! :)" ... written by Focusing
Thnak you as always" ... written by Sandeep
Great reading" ... written by AR
thank you so very much alex, it was really great, its very lovely" ... written by hanna
Every time I talk to Alex, I feel good because the confusion goes away. Alex got me back together with my boyfriend and we are both so happy together. " ... written by Sanam
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep
alex is great psychic, a wonderful guy with a kindhearted," ... written by hanna
Thank you Alex, it was really great, after a long time not talking with you, " ... written by hanna
wait and watch:)) thank you" ... written by braggs paek
He helps you stay grounded and focused on what is important - you..I like that about him. Just release whatever you feeling - get it off your chest and get back to you. He is one of three readers, I will talk to..Each of them has an unique ability. Alex is really patient and empathetic. Looking forward to his predictions coming to pass. " ... written by Writer
that was a very detailed reading in a very short time. He pinpointed the situation. gave predictions and I will report back if correct within 4 weeks." ... written by for me to know
he is an excellent reader!!" ... written by mp
Alex has connected to my situation very quickly, and responded by giving answers that I understand and can move forward with. Thank you once again for the reading :)" ... written by cathryn
I know I can always count on Alex to help me with healing and guidance. He is wonderful." ... written by L
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Alex is wonderful, I don't know what to say about you, " ... written by hanna
Alex has beautiful energy and always gives great advice!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
it's my first reading with alex2. He's able to intuitively know things before I tell him, which saves time and effort...he accurately read my age and my partner's age and our situation and the feelings and the blockages. He gave me some wise advice and feels positive changes are coming up. I think he's lovely and I wish he were my neighbour." ... written by fresh qigong
he was amazing really surprised me" ... written by mariam
As hard as it is for me to focus, Alex seems to know how to get me too. I knew this healing process would'nt be easy and would take time. But Alex has shown he can heal from afar and teaching me that I can heal myself as well." ... written by Angela
great update as always !!!" ... written by dmg
As always Thanks a lot Alex. you truly are a friend. As they say "a friend in need, is a friend indeed". " ... written by Sandeep
He is a good reader and caring. Thanks a lot." ... written by starlady11
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I needed this for a very long time. Will be back!" ... written by carlinw
He is very good at keeping me on topic. Predictions have thus far come true and his energy healing has made immense changes. But the rest is up to me, but with his help all is possible ." ... written by Angela
thank you so much alex,,,,its really great and always a pleasure talking with you,,, thank you for your honesty your caring, and all,,,,, that's so lovely,,,you are amazing" ... written by hanna
5 stars....superstar.....very on" ... written by Focusing
As always there to smooth my worries give me clarity, very good with being concise on what to do. Thankyou Alex! You are a true wonder...." ... written by Angela
Alex is a focused, and amazing reader. I don't understand how all this works, but it certainly does appear that he connects and guides accordingly. I really appreciate Alex's readings. This is obviously his passion and he is wonderful at his work." ... written by cathryn
Awesome reader, he feels accurate and helpful to me. Illuminated my core issues w clairty and i feel at peace w this understanding." ... written by Hieatous Hibble
Thanks alex, it was really great and you are really amazing," ... written by hanna
Thank you Alex. " ... written by Sandeep
great reader" ... written by mp
Update with Alex. Not really the news I wanted to hear, but I can totally see it as being truth. " ... written by Laura
He was there and helpful, a good reader." ... written by starlady11
hes great....quick, direct, helped a lot w my issues ill be back again for more clairity" ... written by Granville Crenwickhampton
Alex was able to connect with my situation fully. He is truly gifted. I highly recommend him." ... written by namrata
Alex is awesome!!" ... written by cathryn
As always thanks so much I am very grateful " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you alex, its really great as always, also thank you for your caring, attention and pray, you are amazing with your beauty heart, I will remember all, God Bless you Alex" ... written by hanna
With Alexs guidance I've been coming a long way....still alot of work to do. Thank you Alex" ... written by Angela
i thknkhis reading are sensible not sugar coated" ... written by Ch.E
fantastic reader........a million stars!!!!" ... written by mp
alex is a fantastic reader" ... written by mp
great reader!!!! will be back" ... written by mp
good vibes, guidance and blessings" ... written by M
Alex is a true earth angel. His ability to assess what others are feeling is amazing. And very clear guidance comes from that. You will appreciate his calming energy. Bless you Alex" ... written by Kelly
Thank you so much as always" ... written by Sandeep
another great reading" ... written by ChE
great follow up!" ... written by me me me
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
5 on every time.....super psychic" ... written by Focusing
Focused, in tune, dedicated. Love have readings with Alex. :) Thank you :)" ... written by cathryn
Always wonderful." ... written by L
Fantastic reading ... right on and connected immediately. Confirmed a lot that was going on. I will be following up soon. Thank you Psychicalex!!!" ... written by lornalulu
He is a wonderful person, honest and helpful. And he is a very gifted. " ... written by L
Thank you so much alex, it was so great and nice, as usual, and always made my day, thank you for your prayer, caring, attention and much more, that's so lovely" ... written by hanna
alex is fantastic!!!! recommend him !!!" ... written by mp
Thank you Alex. I am comforted to know that your sessions always help me." ... written by L
he was very kind and tuned in to the situation." ... written by wren1414
great reader.......the best on oranum" ... written by mp
Thank you so very much alex, its always great, and a pleasure talking with you, thanks for your understanding and caring and all,,,,, I do really appreciate, and greatful to you" ... written by hanna
Great reader and healer, i appreciate his work a lot, helped me and continues to do so" ... written by Simon Bolivar
great psycic. Might very well be one of the best on here." ... written by hubbelman
Thank you Alex. I am very very grateful to be able to receive your healing, guidance, and help ! You're wonderful." ... written by L
He is consistently great :) " ... written by L
Picked up on a lot of key issues and feelings. " ... written by kendopuck
Thank you alex, that was really great, as always even more" ... written by Hanna
thanks" ... written by mwisteria
Alex is a wonderful man, and a lovely soul. He is very gifted and always gives an honest, detailed reading." ... written by L
Thank you so much Alex, You are the best " ... written by Sandeep
Alex your very spot on with your reading and bringing clarification to the present issue. I appreciate your help in giving me a decent rate as well. I also look forward to a better outcome provided by our chat tonight. You have been very helpful. A+++ 10 stars!! " ... written by Majesty
Thank you Alex. You have helped me over and over with a very difficult and (to me) mysterious situation. I would be in a very bad place if I had not had your help. I feel very blessed to be able to connect with you; one of God's warrior's. " ... written by L
Lovely detailed read. Caring reader, i recommend him" ... written by Ann
alex is fantastic" ... written by mp
Alex is a true earth angel, guiding and protecting. thank you for being such a kind and compassionate soul. Bless you Alex :)" ... written by Kelly
He is always great. I don't know what I would do without his help." ... written by L
hi second time talking to psychic Alex straight forward answer with no hesitation he very good thanks for you guiding. " ... written by debbie
great guy and thanks for the truth!!! :) it was a pleasure to speak with you.." ... written by andew...
There are not a lot of people on here that are truly trustworthy. But Alex is one of the rare ones that is completely honest, hardworking, and the real deal. " ... written by L
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
This is the best on Oranum - thanks Alex..." ... written by Zill
very good readig as usaul thanks alex" ... written by remedio
Thank you so very much alex, it was really great as you are," ... written by yang
His prediction that a very difficult problem he was working on for me, would be resolved in 1-2 days came true :) Thank you Alex !!" ... written by L
great reading!" ... written by tim
...i have goosebumps talking to him...what a field of powerful energy...he is very special, indeed..." ... written by naturale
Thank you for providing me with some insight into a hurtful situation." ... written by Stephanie
Excellent as usual :) " ... written by L
Alex is consistently wonderful. It's great knowing that I can always count on him." ... written by L
I can't say enough good things about Alex. He is amazing." ... written by L
seemed to pick up quite well. thanks for the reinforcement advice. will follow it. " ... written by gk
Thank you alex it was really really great, and thank you for your attention and caring and so much more," ... written by hanna
Splendid reading, helpful and insightful person , i get a lot from his perceptions and feel clarity and healing." ... written by Sir Laurence Olivier
he's good. I think he know's his stuff!" ... written by Antoinette
Thank you for the healing, and for helping me sooooo much !!" ... written by L
Good reading! He is good" ... written by Cara
absolutely on spot. including my age. fanstatic" ... written by alr
I have seen many positive changes come about due to the work Alex has done for me. He is wonderful." ... written by L
He was good and helpful in my situation.. thank you" ... written by starlady11
fabulous!" ... written by Abigail
am very glad i did my reading with him, unlike others, he is very honest and wil help you" ... written by jaqline
Thank you for always being there for me. It's such a comfort to be able to rely on you. " ... written by L
great reader" ... written by mp
Thank you so much, I feel much better" ... written by Sandeep
Alex thankyou again, at least we have a half way plan, thanks for being there." ... written by A
My goodness - Alex came in between me and some very dark energy that was forcefully bothering me. He is WONDERFUL. " ... written by L
Very compassionate making sure of what I want even if im still teetering on the edge... and its been awhile..." ... written by A
pin pointed my probs ! lest see if the new person he talks about shows up" ... written by summer
Thank you Alex. I appreciate you so much. You are wonderful." ... written by L
♥sweet, kind, polite, brilliant in what he does" ... written by natural
Thank you alex. that was really great, as you are wonderful and great psychic," ... written by hanna
good reading with lots of info" ... written by lornalulu
He is a great person, thanks again for a reading.." ... written by starlady11
He is consistently great." ... written by L
5 on with his predictions and help..." ... written by Focusing
Alex never fails to help make me feel better with his healings , and by clear greatly negative energies for me. ;) " ... written by L
Alex is fast and accurate, honest and compassionate. you will not be disappointed. blessings" ... written by kelly
Thank you so much Alex" ... written by Sandeep
Alex is consistently AWESOME. " ... written by L
Very quick connection, didn't waste time to get information. Very straight forward and to the point, will update with prediction for next week. Thank you again for your time and engery" ... written by Tana
Was quick and really nice and accurate. Thank You " ... written by Sher
thank you alex, is always great and a pleasure talking with you, also thanks for your caring , patient, attention and much more,,, you are really really wonderful man with beauty heart," ... written by hanna
Excellent reading as usual! Hopefully, his prediction comes true again!! Many Thanks." ... written by Dignity
Alex is consistently wonderful." ... written by L
Great update and reading; so much detail and information. Thank You " ... written by cher
very truthful" ... written by angelpii
Thank you Alex for always making me feel better, with your healing, and your kindness. And also, thank you for being so supportive. It means a lot to me." ... written by L
5 stars uplifting reassuring as always we shall see how this goes. ty alex " ... written by Bluspirit19
great as usual !" ... written by kiera123
Thank you. Amazing :) I am glad I had a reading with him! He told me the truth! Thank you so much! :) Great guy and honest!! Thanks again :)" ... written by fire...
Thank you so much Alex " ... written by Sandeep
Alex is wonderful. He is kind, persistent, and dedicated to his clients. He is an amazing healer." ... written by L
Honest, quick, and professional. Thank you so much for your advice. He picked up on sooo much without me saying anything!" ... written by Cara
thank you alex, that was really great and exciting,," ... written by hanna
Really great update and reading; Alex is becoming one of my favourite people to speak to; seems so true and genuine and really trust in his abilities. Thank You " ... written by Sher
Thanks again Alex, for helping to clear me, and to keep those energies at bay. I am forever grateful." ... written by L
Alex has a calm composure that is able to bring me some peace in my mind. I appreciate his professionalism. " ... written by -T
Thank you so much, Mr Angel" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you alex, always wonderful, great,,,," ... written by hanna
I wish I could properly convey to anyone reading this, what vital help Alex has provided to me during some scary times. He has protected me from some very dark energies which have been plaguing me for many many months. He maintained a positive attitude throughout the process, supported me when I felt weak, and explained to me what was going on. I am now FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and I owe that beautiful view to Alex. THANK YOU ALEX !!" ... written by L
I keep coming to him for updates as he is the best here ! Such an honest person ...Thank You Alex for your readings and prayers " ... written by sap
Thank you. He was amazing! He was honest and helped me! Thank you so much! ::) " ... written by fire d...
Wow! Amazing reading! Thank you for helping me! He was very accurate and kind person! :) Thank you so much :) " ... written by fire...
Very good with the reading thank you :)" ... written by Judy
Very accurate reading spot on amazing" ... written by Lorann23
thank you alex, it was really really great and amazing," ... written by hanna
I can always count on Alex to help me out. His work unfailingly makes a big difference." ... written by L
Just finished our reading -a fantastic person! " ... written by S.
Im really impressed!!! He knows it all!He told me right away the initial name´s letter of the person in question!! WOW...unfortunately the connection went down" ... written by S.
great reader, quick and intuitive, caring person, enrgy work and healing skills, much appreciated." ... written by harry reasoner
Thanks much " ... written by Sandeep
Alex is always amazing. I am very comforted knowing that he consistently helps me to overcome what is plaguing me." ... written by L
Thank you so much. Great reading! :) Thanks for helping me!" ... written by fire...
Alex is a wonder and I am forever grateful to him for all of his work." ... written by L
good news i hope comes true, he is very good, i liked reading, nice..good job psychic alex and thanks." ... written by 77
thank you alex, its really amazing, lovely,," ... written by hanna
Very detailed reading!" ... written by c
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Alex is amazing. Always kind compassionate, accurate and honest. This earth angel is true blessing." ... written by Kelly
Consistently excellent !" ... written by L
Really great update and reading; so reassuring and sweet so good to talk too. Thank You " ... written by Cher
Great as always." ... written by L
Thank you for helping me ! And sorry that I was very sad today!.... " ... written by fire...
I'm so excited about my future now, thank you." ... written by Antoinette
Thank you for helping me, it was an amazing experience! Thank you for supporting me..! " ... written by fire..
Extremely descriptive and knowing of a situation. Impressive and worthwhile reader! " ... written by Lisa
Alex has a way of helping me to stay focused and positive. His ability to help others is significant." ... written by -T
Alex is amazing, he will give you the answers you need." ... written by Dana
as usual, a excellent reading, clarity and insight and spot on assessemnt, and some effective healings, much appreciated" ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
detail oriented and reassuring one!" ... written by Stephanie
great reader" ... written by mp
Thank you so very much, that's so great, amazing and lovely,,,," ... written by h
Thank you so much Alex. You are always so kind, and supportive. I know I can always count on you to help with your healings and insights. " ... written by L
great reading, quick will connecting, honest, and provides clarity. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
Really connected to my current situation." ... written by Apo
he's very good psychic, thank you" ... written by jane
Alex is the best. :)" ... written by -T
Accurate, honest and quick answers. Alex is always there to help. He is such a blessing. " ... written by Kelly
Very quick and efficient. " ... written by ME
Always wonderful." ... written by L
Love talking to Alex; so great and kind to speak to, quick typer and great detail. Thank You " ... written by Cher
I didnt say a word I just entered his room and he could tell me everything about me before i could even say hello. Never even asked my name. Amazing and kind" ... written by Dominque
Got a general reading today. Right on spot again! Thanks." ... written by Apo
it was really great ,,, amazing, as you are a great psychic,, and best here,," ... written by h
Thank you alex, it always great to see you" ... written by H
wooow ,,, amazing,,,, that's really make me feel much better,, and happy" ... written by h
It's tremendously valuable to be able to count on Alex for help, with healing, clearing negative energies, and with receiving his insights. He's consistently wonderful." ... written by L
I absolutely adore Alex and am always so happy after I get to speak to him. He is so sweet and caring. Always honest and insightful and very quick with answers. He is a blessing. " ... written by Kelly
oh, awesome as usual, very pleasant personality, good hearted..compassionate...kind and generous disposition...gave me a good advice on question asked and lovely prediction..genuine abilities...5 stars :)))*****" ... written by romantic heart
Alex, thank you for your insight and even when the news isnt always so great you still shine light on the issues at hand and give me new purpose. Thank you for being there. you have been true from the start." ... written by Bluspirit19
Alex even though our last reading kept getting cut off, i was happy to hear about the progress of late, and am excited to see what is yet to come! looking forward to working with you!" ... written by Bluspirit19
Fantastic update. " ... written by Tiffany
very sweet" ... written by cs
Excellent" ... written by Richa Kothari
My reading was very good!! thank you psychic alex" ... written by Brianne
Thank you, lost power " ... written by Sandeep
His prediction about my promotion came true. 5 stars as always for him and his wonderfull work as always god bless you alex. Thank u sooo much ." ... written by remedio
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
fantabulous!" ... written by me...
Alex is very quick and accurate. Always honest and never judgemental. You will be sooo happy you tried him!! Many blessings Alex :))" ... written by kelly
Alex is my favorite on Oranum. I trust his insight." ... written by -T
He's always right! I may not like what he has to say, but he's right. Moving on is what I need to do" ... written by Cara
he is a good psychics and very helpful...thank you." ... written by stargaze82
He always always helps me. Wonderful." ... written by L
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
Alex is a gem. Completely trustworthy, and always has the intention of looking out for his clients. " ... written by L
Alex has been of invaluable assistance to me. His healing, and psychic abilities are amazing." ... written by L
Always appreiate Alexs readings hes really quite intuitive and quick and also good healer and enrgy worker, very helpful, i will b back" ... written by Jules verne
thank you alex, it was great and lovely,,,,," ... written by h
I'm so very grateful to Alex for his unwavering support and help. He has stood between me and some dark energies, again and again. He is a gem." ... written by L
Thank you Alex !! You're fabulous." ... written by L
I would not be so far along in my journey if it weren't for Alex's support. He is able to give quick and precise answers that truly clarify things. I always feel grateful after a session with Alex." ... written by kelly
Just started to connect, but got disconnected. Will try it again." ... written by Apo
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you so mush alex,,,,," ... written by hanna
He always gives me good guidance." ... written by Apo
super reading , i like i like" ... written by Johnny G
Another wonderful session with Alex." ... written by L
Another super reading from Alex, truly a real psychic and helper, spot on observations and clear seeing of the issues, i appreciate his talent an healing ability." ... written by Constantine Sedgewick
Thank you Alex as always I am so relieved" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Splendid reading, alex is spot on and direct intuitive...helps a lot and with the healings too, a big boon. " ... written by Lord Mountbatten
Alex is the real deal, it was a super reading im quite happy about it" ... written by Ruben Diaz
Loved chatting with you, Alex" ... written by Sandeep
Great all the time... I hope everything works out for me on Monday. Thank you" ... written by June
Thank you so much Alex,,, it was really really great and lovely,,,always nice talking with you,,,," ... written by H
good.." ... written by xy
Update with Alex. Waiting for things to happen in my world. Here's to much hope - and much appreciation for Alex's insight." ... written by SB
A great!" ... written by Dignity
Quick, accurate, honest answers. Alex is the best at seeing what you need to hear!! ♥ blessings ♥" ... written by ME
Alex is so connect with me that the moment I entered his room, he told me what exactly I was thinking...he even told me that I am upset because xyz called me ..." ... written by sap
thank you for such a great reading and being so understanding to my feelings and the situation not being judging and open very sweet person gentle soul " ... written by Mistie1
He is phenomenal, he truly can enter souls and pick up energies!!! Love talking to him, his prayers are powerful as well.." ... written by Kiera123
Alex is consistently wonderful. I trust him implicitly." ... written by L
I am grateful for Alex's ability to give me a different perspective on my situation." ... written by -T
thank you" ... written by jasmine
thank you very much sorry it keeps cutting out" ... written by jasmine
thank u soo much as always . the best" ... written by remedio
thanks" ... written by gk
Alex is my go-to for healing, and for help with shielding from negative energies. He is awesome, and can see everything that is going on." ... written by L
Always give great advice and insight. Thanks!" ... written by Apo
thanks" ... written by gk
love you alex ! thanks" ... written by sap
excellent! five stars! had a long healing session and i feel absolutely amazing now! he is phenomenal! million stars!" ... written by honey and spice
It's invaluable to be able to call on someone for help that you can completely trust. Alex is that person." ... written by L
Alex's readings and healings are awesome, hes helped me a lot and continue to do so thru some stellar predictions and work on my issues. He sees some very helpful details." ... written by Sir George Von Georgemeyer
Thank you Alex,,,, it was great as always even more,," ... written by h
I can't say enough good things about Alex. He is level-headed, hard working, dedicated, trustworthy, and very gifted. " ... written by L
I appreciate ALexs abilities a lot both as reader and healer.. awesome intuitive and helper." ... written by Ordo Novis
As good as usual." ... written by JT
thank you Alex for that's really great, and woooow" ... written by h
Yay for Alex. I am so grateful to him. He is my secret weapon!" ... written by L
Wonderful, as always." ... written by L
Thank you as always. Please pray for me " ... written by Sandeep
looking forward to his predictions coming true" ... written by me
Thank you for the reading!!" ... written by Shelly
Thank you for your continued help. It's much appreciated." ... written by L
Thank you alex, its really great and wonderful... you are the best,,,, " ... written by h
Sweet and to the point." ... written by Yas
Another enlightening session with Alex. His support and guidance are invaluable. Always honest andamp; compassionate. Blessings " ... written by kelly
he was great and I will be back..." ... written by michelle
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
Thank goodness I can always count on Alex for healing and clear insights." ... written by L
thanks" ... written by gk
He gave me very on point/ direct healthy answers without scaring me or over exaggerating the situation. Calm in his demeanor." ... written by Melissa
thanks" ... written by gk
Alex has been amazing. Everything he has told me has come true. He will spend as much time with you as needed. He never rushes. I have been dealing with him for several months and will keep coming back." ... written by Nikki281
Alex will give you the clarity you're looking for. He's my number one reader and I'm always a better person after speaking with him. So much depth and insight... such a wise man, so kind and compassionate- honest but never judgemental. ♥blessings♥" ... written by kelly
Always GREAT." ... written by L
Thank you so much Alex its really great,,,,, " ... written by H
Good positive comforting reading!" ... written by kiera123
he is good and accurate :)" ... written by ohood
Alex is the most promising psychic i have ever met in oranum. His energy work really works and you will experience the positive changes gradually. He is the best and highly recommended. " ... written by Richa Kothari
Thank you once again Alex, for helping me! Your healings have rescued me so often." ... written by L
Fantastic update!! My nerves were all over the place and he has settled them completely!! " ... written by Tiffany
Thank you." ... written by L
very sweet and compassionate great reading and from the heart " ... written by Mistie1
♥ thank you for another great session ♥ ur simply the best ♥ blessings ♥" ... written by kelly
Alex has been a stalwart guide, protector, and healer for me for some time now. He is very very gifted, and a lovely man." ... written by L
I have come to Alex numerous times and every time he gives me new insights that are very relevant. They help me deal with my painful situation and always ring true. He has predicted a positive outcome for me but i must be patient for time to heal tings. He continually upholds this prediction and I trust him. He is so kind and generous.thank you Alex! " ... written by C.
very good, quick and detailed!" ... written by Ang
very sweet and understanding " ... written by Mistie1
After being kicked out a lot of times. He kept cool and continued reading where he left off. Was very quick and to the point. " ... written by Ang
thank you so much Alex,,, it was great,, lovely,,,," ... written by h
Thank you. You are consistently awesome." ... written by L
Thank you Thank you Alex. You always make things better for me." ... written by L
Alex is absolutely the best, I adore him. He never fails to help me." ... written by -T
He was connected very good and was helpful in my situation." ... written by stargaze82
As always, thank you for the strength and +ve-ty" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you so much alex,,,it was really great and amazing,,,,also thank you for your caring,,,, attention,, your prayer,,," ... written by H
Alex is exceptional, he really goes out his way to do all he can to support people. Hia readings are deep structured and factual, to the point. It is a pleasure to know Alex as he is really gifted. I would recommend Alex" ... written by artygal
Always amazingly accurate.Always there when I need you... thank you Alex..." ... written by a
Thank you. Wonderful as always" ... written by L
Alex, your always there when i need you..." ... written by A
I think Alex must be Superman because he's always there to save the day. Thank you for the help. ♥ Blessings ♥" ... written by kelly
Very encouraging, accurate as well" ... written by I-J-I
Alex sorry i came from mobile again but I needed your guidance, as always you were there to help calm, soothe my fears, keep me in prayers. Your healing has helped me so much about my own personal power and how all of us give and recieve from this universe. We must be intune with ourselves and higher power to be within in our higher power. Thank you for the gentle patience belief and empowermentt.. 5 stars" ... written by Bluspirit19
Alex thank you so much for your continued support since February, your prediction about E was spot on but I had to learn, Thank you love and light. 5 stars" ... written by Bluspirit19
Thank you for another amazing session Alex ♥ You're the best!!" ... written by kelly
Thank you Alex,,,, it always great,,, and you always amaze me,, comfort me,,, also thanks for your caring. attention,, your prays and all,, you are the best have a beauty heart...." ... written by H
Alex is unfailingly great. His calm demeanor is always comforting too." ... written by L
As always, Alex was helpful. He is always honest and has a good work ethic." ... written by -T
Love Alex2's reading" ... written by Mai
Great :) Very honest and amazing energy work..." ... written by Predrag
Thanks!" ... written by erica
thanks a lot alex...great advice!! Excellent communicator..." ... written by erica
Thank you so much! May good Lord bless you with all, although i am pretty sure you are already a blessed andamp; a wise spirit! Rainbow." ... written by Raibowspirit123
Alex is always great." ... written by L
Thank you so much Alex. I am relieved that you were online to be able to help me today especially. Your calm manner made me feel calmer as well. And your healing made me feel more contained, grounded, and protected." ... written by L
Alex is a godsend. He is a remarkable person, healer, and psychic. And his calm and caring demeanor are so comforting." ... written by L
he was great!!" ... written by carina
Thank you for your reading, God bless." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thank you Alex. I'm deeply grateful to you for all of your help." ... written by L
Remarkable psychic. Gave me name of person involved in something I am going through. kind soul and very intuitive. Recommend." ... written by mi
Alex is one of the best readers I know on this site. He connects very fast, and has always been accurate. He is very kind and very generous. I recommend Alex 100%. I am glad he is on oranum. Always straight forward answers, and predictions are very much to the point. 5 stars without any doubt. " ... written by rahman1234
Alex is my absolute favourite ♥ He is a true blessing in my life ♥ I am so grateful for his guidance and support ♥ bless you Alex ♥" ... written by Kelly
When I count my blessings Alex is always included. I feel so fortunate to have him be a part of my journey, keeping me on the lighted path. ♥ bless you alex ♥" ... written by Kelly
awesome reading wish I had more credits!!! dang " ... written by Junekay
Awesome reading I got more insight and on what I need to do.... Amazing reading!! " ... written by Junekay
Thank you so much Alex,,, its always great,,,," ... written by h
thank you again Alex,,, you really make me feel happy,,," ... written by h
Thank you for your advice Alex. Have a great evening!" ... written by erica
Thank you for the HEALING, and protection !!!" ... written by L
Outstanding and accurate." ... written by Kimmer
Wonderful, trust-worthy, dedicated, and awesome." ... written by L
Really great reading, wish I had more time to go over everything lol... I will be back " ... written by Lisa
its always great and amaze me all the time,, you are the best alex,," ... written by H
Thank you alex,,, so very much for your prayer and much more, " ... written by H
He is very good!" ... written by prinjaz
brilliant" ... written by tracy
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Good reading, understood the issue" ... written by watersprite
Thank you for another amazing healing session and reading. :)" ... written by L
Was quick and seemed to be pretty accurate" ... written by Matthew
Alex is very special and will help you with anything you may possibly need help with! A true Erath angel, kind and compassionate, honest and true. ♥ thank you for another great reading ♥" ... written by Kelly
Thank you for the healing energy, and the healing laughter. " ... written by L
Wonderful as always" ... written by L
Good reading like always!" ... written by Kiera123
Truly an honest, insightful and kind reader, who wants to help, but at the same time always tells the truth. " ... written by Yours truly
Thank you so much Alex,,, its great and really nice talking with you,," ... written by H
Consistently awesome: amazing psychic, energy healer, and his prayers work wonders." ... written by L
Alex you are amazing,,,, you are great psychic,,,you always make me feel happy,," ... written by H
It is great to get info on some person like him as you said. Things are working for him not which is great info to get. Thanks kindly." ... written by Erica
Alex is caring, kind, does not judge, and an incredible person. After a reading with Alex I always feel calm and feel that I am capable of taking back my life with a positive outcome. I am thankful for his friendship and his positive energy. He has never failed to make me feel better. :)" ... written by -T
Thank you :) You are a constant source of ease for me, during trying times. " ... written by L
quick to pick up on situations. on point" ... written by mar
He's reading is nice and calm, soothing.xx" ... written by Sakura
Comforting as usual, but it takes time for predictions to come true! " ... written by kiera123
Thank you alex,,, it s great ,,,, always,,,, " ... written by H
Always wonderful." ... written by L
good" ... written by sanjay
Alex helped me, very quickly, get out of some back pain I was having. He always helps me - -no matter what is happening. It's wonderful to be able to count on him." ... written by L
5 stars....highly recommend" ... written by Focusing
Alex is a miracle worker. I know that sounds dramatic, but he has overcome some very dark things that have been plaguing me. I am forever grateful." ... written by L
Thank you for saving me again Alex. There is no way I would have gotten threw all of this without your continued support. I deeply appreciate you and you're pure heart ♥ bless you ♥" ... written by kelly
getting the hope I need! " ... written by kiera123
Really felt he understood and was very accurate. Haven't had many readings but he is one of my favorites." ... written by belle
Thank you Alex for the reading. I get much comfort after having it done with you. Great insight! Thanking you always." ... written by Erica
thank you very much alex,,,it was really really great," ... written by H
Alex was spot on with our reading tonight. He described everything exactly and was correct about what happened in the past. I cant believe what he picked up on because he was right! I truly believe he really knows and sees what is true. I highly recommend him!" ... written by smprez164
he is good, he will connect u easily, and tell u what is store for u, honest answers 5 stars" ... written by alex
Its always nice talking with Alex,,, and made me feel happy to hear all his words,,, he just saying the truth,,, i do really appreciate of what he told me,,,,, and greatful,, alex always amaze me,,,, God Bless you alex" ... written by yleonissa
Alex is amazing and gifted! He has answered so many of my doubts and questions relating around relationship and work. Everytime I speak with him he reassures me of my situation and is always consisten." ... written by smprez164
Have had 3 or 4 readings with alex about a month ago. Each reading was consistent with his prior readings and he maintained that the outcome would be as he saw and told me." ... written by Bianca1811
Alex, very wonderful of you to be able to pick up on my energy after so long. Loved chatting with you again. And you are so right on those things you said to do and what you saw. Thank you..." ... written by A
Alex thank you so much for you just told me,,,, its really make me happy,,, and make me peace,,," ... written by H
Very good!" ... written by Lene
Like his readings as always! I am gonna take his advise." ... written by Tan
alex is very kind and genuine.....always to the point... i love his readings and they are always accurate for me." ... written by neon
Very detailed and to the point. Loved it. I will definitely come back. " ... written by Gina
Really need to get back to school. haha. I'll check back in with you. Thanks for the update." ... written by Trista
Thank you for the lovely reading." ... written by Yousr
alex you are the best here,,, for me nothing compare,,," ... written by H
Thank you so much for always there for me,,," ... written by H
thank you for the latest readings. You are quick, accurate, and easy to talk too. Thank you :)" ... written by Nichola54
oh, my god , he is amazing!! his reading is very accurate ! I have been spending more than 600 pounds on this site!! he is the most accurate psychic i have know, from now on, he will be my only psychic reading source!!!!xxxxxx thanks Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
woooow,, its always nice talking with you,,,," ... written by H
Very fast update. Alex continues to give encouragement to keep me on the path to realizing my dreams." ... written by SB
THANK YOU ALEX - -you always help me !!! Thank you for your unfailing support and for sharing your gifts with me !!" ... written by L
Very quick and accurate responses - no time wasting or sugar coating - very clear and calm - thank you so much Alex xx" ... written by violet
thank you Alex,,,, its great even the internet connection is terrible ,,, but you still amaze me,,,," ... written by H
Consistently wonderful" ... written by L
A superior psychic. He is wonderful." ... written by L
Very upfront. Quick to connect. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
thanks you that's great alex,,, every time we talk always wonderful,,,, lovely" ... written by H
thanks for the reading alex it eased my mind a bit i will be back for an update he was very accurate at describing the person spot on" ... written by red ruby
Wow what wonderful advise and accurate understanding of the other. Thank you bunches Alex2!" ... written by kity
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
thank you so much Alex,,,, you really make me feel happy,,, amazing,,,, your heart full of kindness,,, you are the best alex,,,,, God Bless you always" ... written by H
Amazing..down to the tee scary detailed. Loved it. " ... written by Gina
Alex healed me..he understands the situation clearly and is a very compassionate and kind soul..many thanks for your help good soul xx" ... written by tasha_j
Super, excellent, fabulous, amazing, wonderful." ... written by L
love you alex !! What can I say more ...just love you" ... written by sap
Alex, Alex, Alex, thank you (:" ... written by Julisa
He's just the best so I keep coming back. Couldn't ask for better support. Thank you again Angel ♥♥♥" ... written by kelly
Alex is my go-to guy. He is consistently wonderful. Gifted, trustworthy, calming, and healing." ... written by L
5 on.....highly recommend him to everyone..." ... written by Focusing
Perfect, very straight forward and to the point. Considerate and easy to talk to. Compassionate - cares about clients." ... written by Meghan Montgomery
Thank you." ... written by L
AMAZING ! the best of all ! I can say that for sure because I've had readings from most of the top readers here and no one is more accurate then he is ! Absolutely aaamazed at his abilities !" ... written by sap
Thank you so much Alex its great,,,, " ... written by H
He is a awsome guy cares about you as a person,went to him for a healing.I think he is just wonderful and I hope that he stays on here for more healings and readings.TY alex :)) kathy" ... written by wildfire1957
Thank you i will be focused for the next two weeks and say the mantra." ... written by Amanda
10 of 10" ... written by Ross
Alex is some thing else ! If you haven't have a reading with me you are missing some thing. The BEST !!!!!" ... written by sap
he is a magical man, you wont see him smiling but he connects u very well, predict and 100% sure about what he says" ... written by SK
This Alex is a good one ..:-)..very good one. " ... written by Gina
thank you so much alex,, its great,,,," ... written by H
Plz pray for me Alex ! Your prayers have done wonders for me in the past !! This time I need your magic once again." ... written by sap
My first reading with He really got me see things in a bigger picture. Many thanks!" ... written by a
Alex is the best. He will help you with anything you need... truly an earth angel ♥" ... written by Kelly
he is always brilliant, thanks so much for your help. it is nice to be in a bit control of life, he is the one helpping me to find the way, thanks so much xxx god bless you Alex, i am going to be baptised this Sunday :o) all the best xx " ... written by Rose
good as always " ... written by remedio
thank you so much alex,,,, that's so great and the news as well,,," ... written by H
Very quick and to point. was on!" ... written by Angela
alex is such a cool psychic .." ... written by Gina
toooooooooo GOOD TO BE TRUE ! surreal " ... written by SAP
third time reading with him. Will be back. Worth every penny" ... written by Anastasia
I absolutely love his readings! always spot on ... I can't wait until the next reading. :) " ... written by Junekay
Very good reading, wish I had more time. :) " ... written by June
Always excellent." ... written by L
Impressive! Very detailed reading, like he really got into it and it flowed. Didn't waste credits and I knew that what he was saying was real because Only I truly know the heart of my situation. He is definitely gifted. I know everyone works differently and sometimes you're left questioning if it's real or not but there is no doubt here. He gave predictions with time frames and I'm really feeling that they will come true. I will definitely be back for more readings with Alex. " ... written by Blessed Lovely
Alex is a warm and wonderful person, and his readings are consistent and detailed. He has helped me more times than I can count with his healings." ... written by L
Great reader !!" ... written by E
Always wonderful." ... written by L
Alex was spot on with a prediction he made. He said after I came back from a trip that the guy i like would be talking to me more and its been happening. Also, he predicted my ex is still Interested but more in a physical way and that he is still troubled and he is spot on." ... written by smprez164
He has calmed my nerves and thats all I came for. He made me understand how certain things can affect me and the predicted outcomes so now I will take his advice and see what happens from this point forward. " ... written by I AM
Every reading and healing with alex has beenmost appreciated and a real benefit to mylife" ... written by lammonator
I am pleased with my reading, he is intuitive and very helpful" ... written by lammonator
thank you so very much, you are so lovely,, thank you for your caring and attention and for all you have done for me,,,," ... written by H
thank you so very much alex its great,,, what you told me is really amazing,,,, its so lovely,,," ... written by H
Oranum is really lucky to have a reader like him here. Love you Alex." ... written by sap
good reading, quick with answers" ... written by dl
Thank you for all of your help - and your guidance and protection." ... written by L
Excellent reading! Will definitely come back for more." ... written by Cloudsx
Thanks again. I appreciate your help SO MUCH !!!" ... written by L
Wonderful, as always. A very gifted psychic. " ... written by L
Thank you Alex for the assistance! This is my first reading with Alex. " ... written by the wyn
Need to finish" ... written by Shawn Greenfield
I'm glad I came back to finish our session. Helpful and now I know what to do with myself. :)" ... written by Leah
right on it . recmmend him to friends" ... written by june
He seems to be very gentle and honest. Thank you!" ... written by Leah
Always very very helpful :) accurate and kind... must a 5 stars!!!" ... written by neon
super" ... written by Viswa
you will not find or more caring, compassionate, honest andamp; accurate soul! Alex is the best and I will always come to him for support and answers and guidance. Bless you Alex" ... written by beachywave
Alex is wonderful - he is dedicated, hard-working, honest, and very gifted." ... written by L
thankyou alex ;-)) i will talk to u soon ;-) .... accurate as usauall " ... written by redruby
Alex is my go-to guy. He is consistent, and it is always such a pleasure to get a session from him." ... written by L
hands down!!! 5 stars!!! generous, kind, accurate and fast... simply the best!! " ... written by neon
Alex is right again!! His predictions have been coming true for me. He also predicted that the guy i like would start to reach out more after our meeting yesterday amd its already happening! I cant wait to see more. I highly recommend him! 5 stars!!" ... written by smprez164
Psychic Alex did a good job, picked up a lot and hand good recommendations. " ... written by carlos
Wow" ... written by Viswa
When I have questions or thoughts that need clarity I am grateful that I can turn to Alex for guidance. Alex is kind, compassionate,accurate, and an awesome person. He is genuine and truly cares about people. I am so happy to have met him in this time of my life." ... written by -T
thank you alex,,," ... written by H
Thank you so very much Alex,,, it was really great,,,, after we don't talk for some times,,,,," ... written by H
Wonderful as always." ... written by L
Alex is extremely accurate and honest. Just knowing he is there into clarify things and point me in th right direction does so much for me. You're the bestest Alex. :):):)" ... written by beachywave
He surprises me every time. How could soem one know so much about me ??? still wondering." ... written by sap
So amazing ! In my last few readings, he was casually mentioning things about me which i did not pay much attention to but later realized, he was picking on things that are intrinsic to my personality such as I ma wud b he know ? described in exact words, my deepest heart many more things... amazing totally !!! " ... written by sap
he predicted accurately when I would start a new job and at what type of company it would be at" ... written by yool
quick and straightforward" ... written by d
Alex has always been there when I need him... Helping understand my situations in a way I wasn't without him. His insights are always spot on. I'm very grateful for him." ... written by beachywave
thank you for the reading, I hope your predition come to pass :)" ... written by Shelly
thank you so much,,, its always nice talking with you,,,and its great as always even more and more,,," ... written by H
I can't think of any other person here who can do his job better than Alex. Absolutely amazing. Very sincere and right on every penny you spend." ... written by sap
always great." ... written by L
the dude is a natural psychic and healer, very helpful and kind person" ... written by lammonator
Wonderful" ... written by L
this guy is totally amazing !! love you Alex." ... written by sap
Yayyyyy - - Alex is awesome. He is so consistently GREAT." ... written by L
He is a sweetie...a very good psychic too" ... written by Gina
great first reading. alex is the real deal!" ... written by w
thank you so very much alex... even just a short time,,, but you always amaze me,,, thanks for your caring,, attention,, its so lovely,,,," ... written by H
Great service. Accurate fast readings. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Fantastic Physic " ... written by mh
Thank you again for giving me hope. Your insight is great and definitely pick up on the energies of my situation. I will be back to update you on your predictions with timeframes. i really do trust that they will happen." ... written by Blessed Lovely
awesome reading" ... written by ray
quick reading, right price, honest" ... written by dl
This was my first reading with alex. Liked it very much and he was very accurate in what he picked up. " ... written by nz
thank you so much alex,,,, the news is really wonderful,,," ... written by H
Thank you so much alex ,,,,, that's really great,,,," ... written by H
I recommend Alex to everyone. He is too good. What is his secret? Lol." ... written by Nichola54
Alex has helped me release many energy blockages and see the light at the end of the tunnel!" ... written by Jennifer
Alex has been great help in providing clarity and assistance in my issues. He has been spot on with feelings and how things will play out. I come to come anxious and leave calm. I always highly recommend him!" ... written by smprez164
thanks for the update will come back soon " ... written by Dragonfire19
An incredible being...I am blessed to have been led to him...I shall return...He is my go to reader..." ... written by Re'Gina
wooooow,, its so lovely ,,,, you amaze me all the time,," ... written by H
The only reason I did not delete my account on here is because of Alex! He's great!" ... written by Anastasia
thank you for the great reading I was on my phone so it just cutt me off with out letting me give you any reviews but 5 stars like always and very honest understanding I can always count on your honesty and straight answer thank you" ... written by MISTIE1
he is excellent reader very accurate i would highly recommend this physic to anyone" ... written by mh
Alex is always great: wonderful healings, psychic insights, and is caring and kind." ... written by L
Alex is brilliant, he will give a lot details and reasons, which is very true from my own experience regarding to the relationship that I am in. definitely will come back for more reading xx thanks so much Alex" ... written by Rose
excellent" ... written by jana
seroouslly best serice ever " ... written by mh
he is fast accurate than any other physic here and is here to help people not tp waste peoles money 0" ... written by mh
he is really good" ... written by mh
Alex is the best on Oranum. He is trustworthy and really has a way of making me feel calm and at peace. I hope to always have his positive influence in my life. xoxoxox" ... written by -T
Thank you alex,,,, I'm happy to hear all that,,, its really great,,,amazing,,," ... written by H
Very intuitive and spot on....excited to see what happens!" ... written by Larry
Always gave good suggestions. Thanks a lot." ... written by A
wooooow,,, alex is really great psychic,, with beauty heart,,," ... written by H
Consistently WONDERFUL." ... written by L
He is my favorite Psychic on here :) Always come back to him :)" ... written by Anastasia
First time reading, connected quickly to the complex dynamics in my life. My anxiety of the situation was addressed. Much appreciated! " ... written by Rayofsunshine
Alex is always dependable, accurate and honest. He truly cares and is truly happy to help. :))" ... written by beachywave
Alex is the best of the best of the best of the best :)" ... written by Ana
Alex is the best and I'm blessed to have him to advise me. :)" ... written by Kelly
Thank you for your honest answer, I really needed to hear it. This was essential information." ... written by Ryan
thank you for that's great,,,, and I'm feeling good,,," ... written by H
Alex was amazing even though we only had a very short reading. I was at first nervous because he was typing and i didn't know if I would have enough time. However he was so accurate and spot on. He has such a gentle energy. He gave me advice on a situation and it matched perfectly to one of the options i was considering. Thanks Alex! You are one reader I would love to come and update" ... written by ACT
Little question for Alex to look into - not the info I really wanted to hear, but I believe he is honest in what he sees. " ... written by MP
Alex is the best" ... written by Ana
Psychicalex is amazing! He sees things that are accurate and always is able to give me clear honest answers! Not what i want to hear! 5 stars again...thank you alex!!" ... written by smprez164
he is really accurate and consistent and really put my stress at ease. I guess i'm just like any other person fearing and doubting as it's in human nature. Thank you for being honest with me." ... written by nowk
Alex is always wonderful." ... written by L
This person said about me and my deals and projects without even asking anything from me. He pin point the deals, which is amazing. he guided me very strongly and i am following it. very worth consulting. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
The Bestest !!" ... written by sap
Alex is dependable, accurate, trustworthy and honest. He is the best!!" ... written by beachywave
He is truly a gift to this web site. Amazing !!!" ... written by sap
He is extremely accurate !! Knows whats going on in your life even before you tell him... exact words ! amazing !!" ... written by sa
Alex is the man! Very quick, straight to the point and remembers everything from the previous read too. yayy :-)" ... written by Gina
I am on often private reading with him and it helps and directs me a lot. Very positive and encouraging, besides to the point that too very accurate. Good Job" ... written by Doctorkesavan
quick, straight answers, calming" ... written by deb
Love the read...this guy is real" ... written by Gina
SO grateful for Alex he is always there when I need him :)" ... written by Ana
I'm in total loss of words amazing is Alex ! Not only he is a good psychic but an excellent human being... very honest caring..too good to be true !! love you alex" ... written by sap
Thank you so much for all your help. I really do trust in you and this situation and will definitely be back to update you when and if things start to happen. Thanks for being so supportive!" ... written by l
Thankyou friend, LOYALTY, THY NAME IS ALEX" ... written by Sandeep
awesome as always !!" ... written by sa
alex is by far the most accurate and very kind person. he is always to the point and very fast to connect. I am so glad he is helping me... i would always recommend him .. 5 stars... " ... written by neon
Most amazing psychic !!" ... written by sap
Thank you for the news ,,, its make my day,," ... written by h
wooooooooooow,,its definitely amazing,,,," ... written by h
Looking for breakthroughs within the next 3-4 months..." ... written by regina
Alex is the best psychic on this website and I guess any where else. Not only that he is 1000% accurate, he is very sincere and very professional in his work ! Absolutely love him." ... written by sap
The most amazing reader !!! love you alex." ... written by sap
Always a pleasure with Alex! " ... written by Gina
just tooo good ! thank you Alex." ... written by sap
Alex is the best" ... written by Anastasia
MOST AMAZING READER !!! " ... written by sap
Just great!! He told me so much in such a short time." ... written by n
Alex is brilliant as always xxx :o) " ... written by Rose
I will always go back to Alex!" ... written by Anastasia
Straight forward and honest. " ... written by Dove
I always go back! He always helps me." ... written by Ana
Wow. I'm thankful I found Alex. His concern is genuine and his insights are accurate. But beyond answers, Alex helps make you strong against your storm. You can feel his energy working during the reading. A keeper" ... written by Amy
good" ... written by ritesh
Thank you for making the reading experience very comfortable. I know all the readings you had for me are in the immediate future but I cannot deny the fact that you are very good and clear with your reading. I will keep you updated. A big thank you to you." ... written by Joseph
Nice reading!I think he pick up on things...thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
thank you for this reading, it was clear and accurate. i feel better now." ... written by arthanor
Thanks alex for an awesome reading" ... written by marion
5 stars...very fast and spot on with answers too" ... written by Focusing
Very caring and good honest advice. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Good reader. Picked up on things he could not have known about me. Will do well on this site" ... written by me
good" ... written by me
I really think he is good. He connected to my situation." ... written by butterfly77lady
I came back...and Alex wowed me again..absolutely brilliant expert..try it for yourself guys..i am not joking..his visions are clear and" ... written by tasha_j
WOwwwww...I am totally blown away with his info given..he picked up specific things..I am speechless..go grab him people while his charges are low..i am adding more credits now..Thanks are amazing xx" ... written by tasha_j
I have done many readings on this site, he was very genuine and accurate and pick up on my situation. he is a authentic reader i felt in his energy. i will definitely come back" ... written by catherine
Amazing reader, 10 stars. I will go come back for sure" ... written by Gabi