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Psychic truthmessaghas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic truthmessaghas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about truthmessag's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Greetings!I am a natural born psychic.I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I discovered that I could feel the emotions. My mission here is to help and guide people in the area love, relationships, career and spiritual development.I work with Energy, Tool and Spirit does not want to commit: 3 methods to make it

Wonderful, encouraging reading. I look forward to what is coming, I will come back for updates!" ... written by mimi0129
This man is so very nice and kind what a lovely man." ... written by paulmccan105
Thank you for helping me, god bless!" ... written by 16yara
Awesome!!!!" ... written by kind heart
Was enlightening different.. very nice guy and was spot on." ... written by dan
wonderful, spot on " ... written by QUEENBEE22
Different. He is full of positivity and warmth. Thanks!" ... written by Justin
Very honest and direct reading. Caring person." ... written by Angelszone
This man is a lovely person, has helped me so very much, thank you dear friend. I will be back for more tomorrow and day after that. Love and light, dear friend xxxxx" ... written by paulmccan105
Nice once, it was helpful! Thanks, truth." ... written by Problem12
Amazing!! Be right back." ... written by Problem12
Very understanding. He gave me the calming effect at the end of the reading" ... written by Michelange9
Wow. This guy just gave me the peace of mind in my relationship. My god he is amazing! Thank you so much!" ... written by littleone3
Truthmessag was very helpful and very kind. I was going through an emotion train and he helped levitate some tensions. Thank you so much, i'll keep you posted!" ... written by sora
He is great but I want more time with him!!! " ... written by littleone3
Very unique, but amazing!" ... written by luckystar222
it was helpful I like your tools. I wish I could have more time " ... written by Joe
He was okay. Wished I had more time. " ... written by georgiapeach37
His very honest." ... written by Yb4real
Thanks you for the clarity you gave me I will be back ." ... written by Clack
Very clear person and kind. Thank you so much." ... written by sara M
Interesting technique but answered my questions quickly. Very nice guy." ... written by Mshelli
Fast, accurate, really good reading." ... written by emmanuel
Here is someone who is top of the line! Worth it all! Thanks for the hep!" ... written by Triscuit
He was different in connecting with you and very respectful. He gave straight solid advice on issues you've come to him with. Truth is very tuned in on those he reads for. I'd return to him for another reading. " ... written by Cordie167
Good stuff!!! Thanks" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very good insight into a very puzzling situation. No delays in replies and answers with honesty and compassion. Feels genuine." ... written by romi944
Absolutely incredible at being able to read into the future. I was definitely beyond impressed by this amazing gift. Unlocked key points of understanding allowing for me to continue onward with my goals." ... written by Geoff Eversole
He is great and to the point! He is really great. I highly recommend him." ... written by Rose
Truth is good, straight to the point and clear." ... written by nolulamo
5 stars. I hope he is accuarte." ... written by georgiapeach37
Seems very accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Fredx
Different. Exciting. I loved it. Thanks" ... written by emotions
Very accurate and on point!!!! V pleased " ... written by Jemina
Very interesting, he was very calming and reassuring. I enjoyed the reading and felt that I could trust his message. Gave me clarity. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Me
Great person, very Kind! Truth is what is delivered out here. His name is just." ... written by Bobbin
Great" ... written by schnell collins
He was excellent, I will be back for sure :)" ... written by ytsam44
This was my second reading with this guide. Wonderful. Simply wonderful." ... written by romi944
he is accurate in how I felt and situation" ... written by Danielle
Cool guy, knows ppl well. thank u awesomeness." ... written by Emma
ok" ... written by nat
good" ... written by matthew
Good reading, I will be back" ... written by MJ
Amazing reading ! Made me so happy " ... written by Dilyana
Spot on!" ... written by ...
he was good felt me I had goosebumps felt him it was weird but he was really good thank you" ... written by Edna
This was a very true reading...and I felt the reader was very good at spilling the sad news...he also gave me very clear predictions of my love life ahead...thank you!" ... written by ragingwaters
good reading." ... written by beautywithinone
great!" ... written by respectedlife
Positive reading, hope that things turns as he said. Positive person. The future will tell if he's really good an accurate or not...." ... written by m
VERY GOOD and accurate to the point he has a special tool to check current status and push things according to request. i trust him very hard work when he says he will do means he will do ! happy so far for his efforts!" ... written by HS
Great" ... written by Dawn
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
fast I liked him. honest" ... written by aknox
He was very honest.. I wish I had more time.. will defiantly check back with him when I put more credits on my account! Thank you! " ... written by Cindy
he was very good, it took him a few minutes to tap into the situation, but he was able to really grasp the situation and what was going on. " ... written by leblanc
It was good" ... written by Nae Nae
Never experienced this b4... I am so happy that I chose him:)" ... written by Heart
Confirmed what I already knew." ... written by Roxanne
I am so amazed at how he sees... 2nd time around is always better :)" ... written by Mariasheart
He is very accurate. Might take time warming up but he is accurate with his reading. " ... written by XX
I am so thankful for Truth's gift. May God forever be with him :)" ... written by Mariasheart
His insight is amazing...I thank the heavens 4 using him as a portal." ... written by Mariasheart
Very good. very accurate also. thank you" ... written by sharolita
thank you for your message. i will look into it. " ... written by Ceeclouds77
good" ... written by Shameika
always a joy!" ... written by mariaheart
always on point....just love how he sees." ... written by Mariasheart
:)" ... written by Mariasheart
my typing box went away during my reading. he was very nice and was giving great advice. i will have to fin my reading when i get more cedits" ... written by onyxxstarr803
u was great I wish I had more fund I would talk to u longer" ... written by sbenina
straight to the point adviser and he can also guide and perform ritual to steer you to the right direction with his tools and guides very keen for his service and reliable man. hard working! honest like my brother!" ... written by hts
:)" ... written by Mariasheart
Very in tune with what is going on with me. He's good." ... written by Bebe
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Maria heart
Very good. Connected on my situation and was able to give me helpful advise on how to move forward." ... written by Lisa
Truth went straight to the point, no sugarcoating. Was able to tell me what I needed to know, wanted to make sure I won't mess up. New me, happier me!" ... written by Gadget
which we had more time for the money spent. but good once he got going." ... written by Nicole
This guy was very very spot on thank you my dear" ... written by porphetgessQ4
He is amazing and right on the ball. I highly recommend him. He truly cares about your feelings." ... written by Sylvia
pretty good" ... written by becky
patient. understanding. Will see about the result :)" ... written by D
I like this psychic he was straight to the point and i get he knows what he is doing with his gifts wonder guy, " ... written by star
His the real deal great reading, he see everything I ask him and he told me what spirit told him and what we can do some good advise I will be back for sure. " ... written by dave
On the money…. reassuring and positive …. focused and worth the acknowledgement and reinforcement of what I feel. " ... written by Loris Puglia
thank you once again! couldnt get enough info from reading :)" ... written by D
followed up and got deeper. Very accurate" ... written by D
very accurate!" ... written by d
he is a quiet, humble presence and can really tune in." ... written by wren1414
I appreciate your words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Very good career reading it was very insightful, a gave me a good insight into what I should avoid and how I should maintain a healthy lifestyle and press on with my businesses. I recommend the truthmessag to anyone who is seeking clarity on career and love issues. He leaves you feeling a strong and realistic sense of hope and optimism." ... written by Carlos
A very good, insightful reading, a very well spoken, well mannered man, he didn't push me to do a reading. I identified with him instantly and he was extremely accurate." ... written by Carlos
great, accurate and will be continuing our reading" ... written by d
He gave good insights hoping predication came true." ... written by star
Clear, honest and direct. VERY clear. Much appreciated." ... written by sunflowersun
thank you so much for the amazing first reading with you. i will stay positive that something will come through :)" ... written by luxxicon
he is very good once he formulates his answer pretty precise, not vague at all" ... written by shanecole
He resolved my issues. Even though I disagree, can't argue with the fates." ... written by nbarnes2
Cool reading :)" ... written by Neu
I loved it he was awesome. i will be back next month for another reading!" ... written by Patricia
Great reading!!! Accurate:))" ... written by ta
The reading was comforting as much as it could be. difficult topic to discuss, loss of a loved one." ... written by TrueImage
He was good and helpful. cleared my query very well." ... written by sudhir
He was good. Told me what I wanted to hear so I will have to wait for his predictions to pass." ... written by Lynda
Very nice reading... Thank you dear." ... written by Soheyl
what a lovely calm and gentle man, he made me feel so much at ease. " ... written by Tracey
Thank you for your guidance! I recommend anyone to speak truthmessag for a straight to the point reading and for truth. Lots of love x" ... written by Smily
accurate PSYCHIC!! 5 STARS. NO TOOLS!!" ... written by TAMAA
short time seems on the level" ... written by devene
I thank you for your insight onto my problems. I will be checking in with updates on the time line that you have provided. Great reading. thanks again." ... written by Butterflower
Hoping that what Truth has said comes true... have some work though. It will be interesting." ... written by Rhonda
I like him a lot! straight to the waste time and money. recommend to everyone 6 starts " ... written by NC1977
Good!" ... written by Hanna
He was very kind and very calm. He mentioned some specific actions i have taken w/o me telling him. His smile was very nice as well. it caused me to smile. He was very direct with the answers and gave me a few time frames as well. I will def come back and visit with him as well as update. But i have a feeling he is spot on, due to the fact he mentioned something very specific that i do. And no where in the convo did i mention this thing :)" ... written by Ashley
Truthmessag (John) is a capable Shaman. His information was accurate. Works on addressing the root cause rather than the effects. I can recommend his services." ... written by Martkos
his wonderfull reader new information and advise for me every thing is working as plan. thak you." ... written by hope
his one of the kind I can not say how amazing his genuine and excellent reader and helper . I am truly thank full to him his wonderful person and what he say it happens and his very positive and want me to be the same and I am so happy for all his help. I appreciated him very much and every one should get to know him and see hoe wonderful his best spiritual work comes from him." ... written by hope
very good" ... written by Abundance
He was super accurate with his answers, and the reading in general. Truly gifted !! I enjoyed the reading ! Thanks.." ... written by Angelica
He knew what was going on with me. From my love life to work. Helped me push myself in the right direction" ... written by chrism138
great, am sorry my line dropped out" ... written by Wendy Reid
He has very clear channels to your concerns, inquiries, etc. He was answering questions before I could finish typing ;)" ... written by Colette
thankyou very much" ... written by rosey42
It was quite quiet but ... He was really calm and patient... Awesome brother and guider! ^^" ... written by Andy
he seems very nice." ... written by moongirl777
Quick and clear answer. " ... written by TheHangedWoman
Thank you for your excellent receiving for me." ... written by TheHangedWoman
Very accurate. Nice job@@" ... written by Cheryl
hes amazing." ... written by Kamini Thanki
Thanks John, your work is much appreciated and respected." ... written by Martkos
Beautiful soul, honest and wise! I recommend 100%. Thank you so much for your guidance~" ... written by Smily
Truth Message Shaman (John) is good with dream interpretations and helping to explain the deeper meaning. I can recommend a reading." ... written by Martkos
i did feel warthm and a good energy :) it will help me" ... written by suzanne
Great. Very informative and very accurate :)" ... written by Dannea
John is very honest, and kind. Although I did not get the answer i wanted to hear, I know he is right. I would read with him again." ... written by Sam603
Connected immediately. Saw feelings and emotions around the situation. No complaints. Thank you." ... written by .
Superb reading! Thank you so much for your guidance!" ... written by Alana
good!" ... written by lorraine
Very good reading" ... written by 123yaya123
Very different and interesting reading. I liked the reading.....He seems to be very accurate and tells you exactly what he sees. Great job truthmessag!!! Deserves all the stars in the universe...." ... written by Ebonyeyes
Truthmessag is amazing and connects quickly. No sugar coating and yet very positive. I will return for more readings for sure. Thanks so much and God Bless!!" ... written by plutogirl
he was very quiet. and the truth is in the pudding " ... written by laura
very good thank you s much " ... written by linda
Very good at what he does!! Very kind and patient with the person he is reading." ... written by Haley
HE IS AMAZING !!!! " ... written by angel
Very sincere, Connected straight away and was on point from the start. I am very grateful for his honesty, and advice. I will definatly be back to show him progress. very blessed THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" ... written by Nicholas Bastos
He made a lot of sense. Only time will tell to verify the accuracy. " ... written by Missymiss
his the best reader his kind caring he helps you and very spiritual he know his doing you need help please get in touch his the one can help you. thank you for great reading again and advise" ... written by hope
John, I appreciate the insight and advice." ... written by Martkos
It was great reading great person to consult with his very spiritual and he see's a lot and tells me what the see to do with my life and tells me all abut what I ask. I recommend him to all . thanks " ... written by SUE
Always left without words. One can truly feel the truth that is given in this session. Very gifted, very accurate and someone I cherish in my life. He is but a friendly teacher , guidance and courage when I cannot find it anywhere else." ... written by Nicholas Bastos
thank you so much you are so awesome thank you!" ... written by m
very good reader thanks" ... written by hope
really amazing!" ... written by f
he is great!" ... written by f
his very spiritual his kind man I love his smile and he cares about what you tell him and he try to give you good advise and help you great reading to a the point. and knows what he is saying very spiritual. thank you." ... written by hope
I have not called my wife yet but i am going to do this soon i had update his very good and give me some information that i have to be carefull. and plan is going as we said. i suggest him to others. :)" ... written by J
He is the best we did up date he had some information for me and he was so good . and to the point he knows every thing that goes on every one should give him reading his worth it. thank you. :)" ... written by hope
Did upedate , his nice and kind thanks" ... written by h
Thank you." ... written by TheHangedWoman
he is amazing and very good , great inside thank you" ... written by hope
his truly a nice gentle man, and is happy to help me his wonderful person and his smiles bring such happiness to me to" ... written by hope
His pro fofasional, incerdiblity gifted, extermly accreted. his perdation happens.At time i argue with him some time that is not going to be this way. and later on i see it happens as he say.His very cancern about my sitution and his coustomer .his is very spiritual and kind. giv him reading you will be glad you did . thank you.:)" ... written by Hope
great reader he really try to help me and is very understanding with my case. his honest and caring I don't know what do with out him. I suggest every one has problem or what to know things about their life to get in contact with him his great. thanks :)" ... written by Hope
amazing reader his very good , very spiritual and to point I will be back . I like my reading with him thank you." ... written by Sue
His very spiritual you , has extremely positive energy when you finish talking with him you have great clarity you can see all you wanted to know like sunny day. I strongly suggest him to every one. thank you." ... written by Amber
His truly amazing ,very spiritual, has unique way about him .he gets to point and fast what he has told me is very correct I will be back and I suggest him to others..:)" ... written by Jeff
very good reading and lots good new advise again very postive. his amazing. thank you" ... written by hopelovesun
i had another great spiritual reading with him when i left i had such positive and great feeling , he surely knows his stuff and he gave me great blessing and advise. he helps me always and my world is so much happier since he has helped me. thank you. every one should go to him, he is worth it. and he is very nice, a kind gentleman." ... written by hopelovesun
He is most kind and nice person to care about my case to come on line for me to see what is my issue . this person is nice and spriutal his amazing and fantistic on what he does . if any one has proble they need to get tin touch with him his real deal. the best reader and helper to sove the problem. " ... written by hope
i had another fantistic reading with him his so good i can not even begin to say. he know his work and he helps me a lot. thank you i suggest him to every one. his the best." ... written by hope
Truth message is the best best in Oranum no one knows how great his I do know . his spiritual wok is above you can margin his true psychic and has great abilities. I am very thank full for his help to me his advise and what he say its true and it happens. great reading I am blessed by his help thank you" ... written by hope
His fantastic and his miracle worker and very kind person very spiritual thanks you for all you do for me." ... written by hope
i need anther reading which was great again his the best and all he say it happned. so we need another reading i am telling all you people he does mircle work you need help come to him his your answer. thank you. for great help to me" ... written by hope
truth message is wonderful and great reader his the bet and his very honest he say as it is and I true his work is for sure it magical I am thank full and I suggest every one need to get in touch with him and see on it for them self what I mean. his the best of best. thank you" ... written by hope
I have my daily advise from truthmessage, his very the best healer. he is always say stay positive and work and his healing going as planed and every thing that he say its happeningand is good, his very correct. His work is with spiritual and one to have to understand that to be thank full. I suggest every one to give him try and see on there own the mircale of his reading and work. thank you. He can sove all your problem." ... written by hope
true message is the best of all that is all I have to say every one can try him and see it for them self. thanks" ... written by hope
his one great reader and helper and healer , his help is out of this world when he smile the whole world smiles his one kind nice person he really care about the people he work with and help his honest and good person and great work and help thank you his amazing. he knows his staff." ... written by hope
trethmessager is my friend and helper his kind and direct me in correct way his given me lots help so i could have happy . and postive life . thank you for all your help." ... written by hope
his amazing we had up date again for more information. such wonderful person his vey helpful and correct on his information and he say something it will be . very understanding. Thank you :)" ... written by Hope
" ... written by Jeff
he is a great pson we up date and every thing is good his very caring and spiritual and help full . his the best. thank you" ... written by Hope
his amazing very nice and understanding, he did look at thing for me his very spiritual and helpful . thank you his the best of best." ... written by Hope
He is wionderfull i would not know what i do with out him. I had very nice up date with him and he give me lots information good advise and evey thing is working great. His mircle worker." ... written by hope
I had another good reading and advise his great and his lot help to me thank you. " ... written by hope
truth messag is amazing he see every thing . from start now i see all he told me is true . and i am so please that i hav e found him and his help me his bes t healer and kind loving person very careing and his very genuine. any one need help give him try you will see on your own what i mean. thank you for great session." ... written by hope
I had a very good reading with him his great and he was very helpfull tome i will be back for sure thank you." ... written by Tina
His great reader helper and healer . h will solve any problem " ... written by hope
His amazing such great reading hishas such inside i am so glad i got in touch with him thank you for great advise and amzing raeding" ... written by Julie
I had wonderfull reading his fantistic his Quit when you ask him something he connect with you then he answer all you ask him his very good and spiritual . i am coming back fo up date for sure." ... written by Teresa
I had great reading his very clear and understanding he listen what I had told him about my problem and he is going to look in to it and going to solve it for me and give me some guides I be back for up date .he was very kind honest and correct what he told me. God bless" ... written by Marcie
we talked again and his going to help me with my problem his very nice and his going to solve it for me its going to take some work but told me its going to work out as I want it he was very understanding and help full, I be back for up date god bless you" ... written by Marcie
Excellent, good connection,. clear reading . fast , to the point." ... written by Tony
He give me very good reading again and we had very good conversation and connection I recived more information about my life and his very clear and helpful. His the best." ... written by Sue
Very good reading his very spiritual and clear things for me ." ... written by Teri
His great, his quit and helpful to the point. I enjoy my reading . " ... written by ken
good reading his fast to point very correct" ... written by tammy
we had very good update every thing as he had told me working out all his prediction has happened and still more to come I am very happy I came to him he really been lots help tome I will come back for update again for now every thing is great his wonderful strongly suggest him to every one his kind and understanding . thanks for all the help I love his smile." ... written by hope
I had nice reading his peacefull and made me feel very good and give me lots information thank you. " ... written by Ree
very unique reading . Iliked the reading it was very straight to the point ,clear accurate, and infomative. thank you" ... written by Tamy
He is wonder full gentlemen I had very good reading with him " ... written by Judy
wow , such great reader I had amazing time with him his fantastic give me lots good information about my job and my love life and other things like family. I will be back for sure his so good thanks" ... written by Barbara
His Awesome ,clear up lots thing for me with postive energy was very helpfull to me thanks" ... written by J.T.
what a wonderful person, it was great to talk to him. His kind,understanding, genuinely wants to help. answered all my questions. Great psychic. " ... written by Pat
I am impressed, good connection, very spiritual. His trustworthy and kind .answered all I asked him thank you" ... written by Backy
Exceptional, strong connection, he is very gifted ,accrued to the point and very fast. thank U:):) " ... written by Lisa
Speechless,great insight, genivine. great reading higly recommended . His real deal. TY" ... written by sue
He is great i had good reading and up date, I recive lot more information and guidness . his very help full to me . and was very understanding of what i had to say. and answer all i asked him. i be back soon thank you." ... written by Judy
He brought up some valuable point and things for my future that is important to me. Gave me the direction,prediction and time farm . I am looking forward to it. I will come back for" ... written by Jack
I felt peace with him, he was comforting very positive energy, he told me all I need to know I loved his reading his best. thanks" ... written by kathy
abbsoulutley great reader very accurate i recive many information and it was wonderful reading. thanks . suggest him to every one." ... written by jeff
very good reading his nice and understanding. He give me lots information about my job and my personal ich is very helpful to me and very clear to the point. thank you. " ... written by Jim
I have a good reading his nice and detail, understanding. accurate. spiritual. " ... written by Darcy
His so nice wonderfull person to talk to great reader and very spiritual give me lots much information. I be back and suggest him to every one. " ... written by Diane
Excelentt, very coorect and spiritual. to the point. thank you." ... written by Scott
we did up date his wonderful person I love to work with him his enjoy his very kind and caring and gives me advise and positive energy which is very good for me his understanding of my case and every thing is going as planed and it his helped me a lot his Amazing excellent reader to the point and helpful, be back soon. thank you:)" ... written by Hope
great coonection good advise and information his very spiritual i be back and suggest him to every one . TY" ... written by Erika
He is excptional reader . i had very good coonection with him his very gifted and spiritual and every thing the told me was helpful and correct. . TY" ... written by USA
had wonderful. update . his amazing thank you.." ... written by hope
We did update , his very good reader and every thing is great as planed and give me new information and vey caring and kind I am thank full and suggest him to every one he see 's a lot and tells you everything you wan to know. thank you:)" ... written by Hope
Truthmessag is straight to the point, no nonsense. The advice is clear and concise." ... written by Martkos_Rukbat
excellent reader..I didn't give truthmessag any information and he was able to accurately pick up on the matter." ... written by gingerbetty
he's great connects right away" ... written by Cristina
We had fast coonect great reader all was correct.." ... written by lisa
We had great up date his amazing what ever he say it happens and his to the point .very spiritual and helpful. Thank you." ... written by Hope
wow very intune to my feelings and my question. I will contact againe..." ... written by Kathy
Excellent reader we had good connection he told me all I need to know , with out me telling him any thing his the best. " ... written by Steven
I needed to do up date again . what can i say but his the best of best. His so spiritual, to the point.We had very good update . He give me some very good infomation that was very correct.His very helpful. thank you:)" ... written by Hope
He said the things straight on..." ... written by Sonia
His excellent, fast connection with me his very spiritual I could feel it as he was connecting with me , some thing very spiritual about him he answer all I wanted to know. and very much correct and give me some very important information that is use full to me . His recommended." ... written by Chris
His fantastic, excellent, to the point correct , spiritual. compassionated, helpful to me I am very thank full to him and highly recommend him to others. :) " ... written by Hope
his very detail and to point I like his reading I be back and he was correct suggest him to others" ... written by Mary
His fantistic i really like his work his reading his spiritual work he see;s so much and tells you all, and helps you to . i am very thank full and i strongly suggest him to others. his always kind and correct to the point. " ... written by Hope
We had very good up date He give me good news. what his helping me with is going as planed. I am lucky that i got in touch with this wonderful psychic and wonderful man his kind and careing, and if he say something it will happens. I strongly suggest him to theres. thank you.:)" ... written by Hope
I had very nice reading his wonderful person his detail and to the point I am looking for ward for thing to be as he said. His very spiritual .thanks you." ... written by Sue
His fantastic , his great his very spiritual and get to detail and tells you all,helpful thank you.:)," ... written by Hope
speech less his so good his the best of the best correct to the point and helpful understanding and spiritual tells you all he see's. thank you:)" ... written by Hope
His is the best reader and spiritual man, he tells you as he see's and very good his helpful with his information and kind and understanding .He is very correct, to the point. :)" ... written by Hope
His very good reader and spiritual give me lot information his correct. told me lots about thing that I asked .thanks" ... written by sue
We did up date every thing is going as planed, his dental and to point he works with spirited and tell me all thank you:)" ... written by Hope
what can I say his is the best of best Oranum is lucky to have him and people need to really know his so good his caring and very spiritual and he tells you as it is, he gets to point and help you his amazing person so kind thank you his friend and the best reader his highly recommended .thanks:)" ... written by hope
His great so true and to the point very spiriual and kind he told me lots things that he could not know and it was true. highly recommended." ... written by sue
he is good it was very fast. it ended " ... written by sue
I very like Truthmessage! they are kind, attentive, very good energy. I recommend it to everyone! Have heal smile as well. Pure Love" ... written by Nariel
Was ok... we will see what happens in the coming week" ... written by Harry
we had very good reading his very caring and spiritual he give me lots information and we are in right direction his helpful " ... written by SUE
His very good and update are very detail and good give me some new information thank you." ... written by SUE
very good up date his rigth to the point and good person and detial tells me every thing. thanks ." ... written by sue
his amizing , correct his good to the oint and helfull . kind and understanding . every one should give him reading he does mircale . with spiritual power. thank you." ... written by hope
has fast update his very good he is to point and correct. :)" ... written by sue
his good correct and connected fast . good reader." ... written by Jim
we had upbeat it was very nice. again very much to point good information . thank you his alwayd correct." ... written by sue
amazing super caring and very straight forward" ... written by believe_inLove
He was very good reader and spiritual correct and to point. I am looking forward to see things happen I be back thank you ." ... written by Mary
i had up date his very good reader answer all I ask and was to point his the best. thank you" ... written by Mary
his amazing i will be back he was right o the point . and thank you:)" ... written by Mary
Peace for all." ... written by Joakim
very good" ... written by hit_chi
we had update and his very good and to the point and give me all the new information I needed. thank you." ... written by Hope
His very good we did up date and he was to point." ... written by Hope
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His so nice and did update for me every thing is good as it plan he get to point and give me all the information I need it. his the best . I say Every one should give him reading he will help and solve the problem. thank you" ... written by Hope
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he was very nice he give me good reading and told me I will call my sweet wife in Oct. and she will take me back and by end of year we be to gather and this girlfriend of mine be gone for good . I be very happy aging with my wife. his very detail and good thank you." ... written by Javad
his very good reader and his best. thank you." ... written by Hope
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we had very short one today . it was good. thanks :)" ... written by hope
I liked this session, my first with a psychic and would like more but find it a little too expensive for my budget but thanks to the psychic, he seemed really good and what he said made a lot of sense in my situation. Thank you" ... written by Michelle Cote
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Trying To Help Me It's Very Great ! And He Was Accurate , Will Come Back ! :)" ... written by Amy
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Truthmessag was able to see the situation without me having to say much. He gave good advice and is courteous. I recommend you giving him a try!" ... written by Vanz
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