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Psychic chat at is free. It is free to join and talk to a psychic online. Any insight provided by psychics during free psychic chat is only a small snippet of the clarity and foresight that the psychic is able to provide. To obtain an in-depth reading where a psychic will give you their entire attention without distraction from the other members, then please enter a private chat with your psychic. However, psychics often select someone from their chat room to provide an in-depth, demonstration reading to show-off their psychic connection and intuitive insight. This type of reading is free to members and chosen at random. The only prerequisite is that you are a member (free) and that you are currently active in free psychic chat.

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LoveDove477Experience: 15 yrs

"She's awesome!" ... written by Angela
AlmightyParoExperience: 10 yrs

"this AParo is so cool. We talk just like friends I am so glad I have found him. beyond 5 stars for real!!! You nust talk with him!!!" ... written by bravebyrd
AladiahExperience: 12 yrs

"what a lovely reading thank u aladiah u gave me a great reading thank u " ... written by nicola
mermaidsongExperience: 10 yrs

"Mermaid Song gave me a great reading. She confirmed things I've thought and felt. She also confirmed things I heard from other experts. I will continue to pray and wish. I just have to be patient I guess. She has great energy too. Very sweet and kind. :) " ... written by Jenny
Whitelotus13Experience: 20 yrs

"Whitelotus was very good and accurate at my situation. Very good reading. I'll be back. 5 stars. :)" ... written by Lea
AskSelene79Experience: 15 yrs

"excellent reading! she is fast, quick and accurate!" ... written by gabby
LAQUZEL1Experience: 19 yrs

"AWESOME reading. She was spot on even with dates and the past. TWO THUMBS UP" ... written by Ally
TOZORORION99Experience: 19 yrs

"He is so much fun and very cool. He was very laid back with a lot of jokes. You can feel his positive energy. He was pretty spot on with his advice. I very much enjoyed him. " ... written by cookie
INTHECARDSExperience: 13 yrs

"Accurate! Straight to the point. Funny and down to earth. He's the man!" ... written by nikkiha123
psychicCassExperience: 15 yrs

"great positive but honest reading ! without any info she gives a lot !!" ... written by dm
SenseiExperience: 10 yrs

"thank you" ... written by maxine
MANON7Experience: 16 yrs

"Une voyance toujours très claire,sereine,sans complaisance,merci!" ... written by Marieorlane47

Psychic Reading - Live Chat

People with an ability to foretell future events or who know facts about a person or circumstance without any prior knowledge, are believed to have psychic abilities, otherwise known as ESP.

Psychic Readers are seers. That means a psychic has developed and trained their psychic ability to connect to a particular soul, and through that psychic connection, they are capable of sensing the universal energies at play in the life of an individual. What a psychic sees, or reads, may be in the past, or in the present, or may be in the future. At times a psychic may go beyond our current life influence and see into a past life and how that has influenced our current question.

Psychics are generally referred to as clairvoyant. However, many psychics utilise tools to help discern the meaning of their insights. Common tools used by psychic readers are Tarot cards, astrological charts, rune stones, the swing of a pendulum, crystals, and the lines on the palm of your hand.

Psychics at 4psychicreading are tested clairvoyants and provide an accurate psychic reading to our members using one of the many methods of divination available to them.

Membership is free and gives full access to chat with our psychics and obtain your own psychic reading.


For a private psychic consultation, please register first, or login if you are already a member, and then select a suitable psychic from the list of online psychics.