About Annil

Psychic Annilhas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Annilhas recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Annil's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Expert in love & relationship,reunite the lovers,Get accurate & honest ans.about job,career,finance,business,family issues attraction,breakups,cheating,missing person/objects,marriage,divorce,property,education,l am a Gifted Psychic,Medium,Numerologist,Intuitive,remote viewer, Vastu Expert,Reiky & Chakra Healer,can resolve all your issues,Spells & black magic removed by Rituals,Mantras & remedies

Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Good reading, has suggested remedies!!" ... written by harsha
Very accurate." ... written by rani4you
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Very nice man, will try his remedie." ... written by rachel1312
Annil sir is the best I got remdies and alots of information " ... written by maria0786
Excellent Reader with Great Remedies!!!" ... written by Need2know5
Thank you !" ... written by Twinheart
Good healing. Nice." ... written by druvina1973
Okay." ... written by sudeepinfo
Wonderful, he is so caring and wonderful, I will definitely have a private with him again." ... written by Kim1601
Thank you for the reiki, Annil very powerful and helpful with positive and negative forces. " ... written by ikroyal
Good, kind man.. good advice, nice understanding of people and situation in my life, thanks so much!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kgill1983
Had some very specific recommendations. I very much appreciated his insight and guidance. If the recommendations pan out, I will certainly be have another session." ... written by StudentofLyfe
Fantastic... I have faith in his visions and his remedies are fantastic." ... written by steffleblanc
Understanding and good." ... written by Ruchipatel
THANKS!" ... written by Summaluv8
Good listner and great help. Clear vison about the situation. Thanks Annil !!" ... written by Rhesa1203
Very helpful and insightful reading. Thanks so much for your guidance. " ... written by usr
Was really helpful." ... written by sag1983
I was able to connect with Annil. He was able to confirm much of what is going on with me." ... written by beautywithinone
Very interesting reading and thank you for the remedy. Will let you know the results when the predicted time comes. God Bless." ... written by CCONIE
Very helpful. Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you Annil, you were very helpful and I feel at peace. Very good advice!" ... written by suzie1961
The reiki was great!" ... written by SILLYSALLY
Very fast, and very caring. " ... written by silverfae
Very deep and fast reader. Was amazed by his accuracy. " ... written by 69wondering
Very fast and accurate answers!!" ... written by cjay23
Seemed very helpful. Will give you a remedy if you have issues on specific aspects in life." ... written by charlesh
Very accurate and honest." ... written by priyaahitan
Annil was very helpful, he gave me some good advice and some ideas to protect myself on a long journey. He has a good heart and has good knowledge. He understood my situation well." ... written by bustemup
Very nice and helpful!" ... written by jmwest
Excellent reading and very helpful thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Excellent!!!" ... written by Naveen Nicolas John
Good reading. Very helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Very different reading - very kind and spiritual, very connected to his inner power. Adore him." ... written by wonderwoman29
Wonderful reading!" ... written by afatur
Really very helpful, supportive and very accurate. " ... written by Maanush2510
Such a kind man." ... written by susanna12345
Very good! thanks" ... written by starshine34
Awesome" ... written by mayho1986
He was cool gave some remedies I will try" ... written by letmeknowthetru
Was a real pleasure talking to, and very understanding of my situation." ... written by sagkgill1983
Thank you for your kind words!" ... written by yellowbear777
Wow so amazing and thank you for all the luck god bless you happy new year!" ... written by yellowbear777
He's very cooperative, cool listener, hope for the best." ... written by Khuram786
Annil great person with great healing energy, well pleased with his ability. He's genuine, good heart. Helped me in time of need. 5 stars " ... written by dominquez1
I am feel a bit lighter and happier, I was sceptical, but I am putting my trust in Annil and will update him on my progress." ... written by Messenger87
Very kind and gives good help and advice!" ... written by pennyone
I was so sad before we began our chat and you brought me to such peace and light. I'm so much happier now, thank you for sending me such light and such amazing advice too. I truly believe in your advice and will follow it, I really appreciate how much you give with all your heart and I highly recommend you, thanking you so much. xxoo" ... written by bunny222222
Very nice!! " ... written by Oceania36
He told me what I knew in my heart, wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it was what I needed, He has solutions and positive advice, I didn't have enough credits to get a full reading but I will definitely be back." ... written by leti8989
Great man, great reading, great healing session will be back :) x" ... written by Jodyleelee
He understand my heart, and concern and try to help me.. thank you! God bless." ... written by Twinheart
Great reading...!!!!" ... written by Bojan99
Annil is fast, accurate and very intuitive." ... written by sometimes4321
This is a good reader and straight to the point." ... written by dior1234
Very good reading! Will follow his advice." ... written by lana12
Compassionate. Will follow his advice." ... written by Tulips90
Excellent reading from Annil. He was on point. I highly recommend a reading from him. Very accurate. 5 stars" ... written by Mojana
Thanks for helping me!" ... written by Twinheart
Thank you so much, made me feel so content like I was talking to my father! Such great advice and service definitely I will be coming back. Thank you uncle!" ... written by moynak
Understood all the current and past issues deeply, gave very reliable remedies and easy to do them. He was connected to my situation easily and was able to predict easily. Very reliable and honest. Will go back to him. " ... written by Need2know5
Thank you for your time. I appreciated a second opinion, even though it was different from a first initial reading that I was given." ... written by Krisluv91
He is a very kind and considerate reader... Makes you understand the whole situation and comforts was a pleasure getting a reading from him and would definitely come again." ... written by bushrabe
I was very impressed with the kindness and intrest he gives you. He has made things alot more peaceful for me during a hard time. He did Riki with and surround me with white light and has shown me some things to strength my heart and more than anything he help my soul. I look forward to having more lessons in Rikii . Very nice and concern towrds his clients." ... written by butterflies226
Recommeneded" ... written by cancer213
He was very quick and gave positive reading. He gave me predication time frame. Also, mentioned about remedies to reach to my goal." ... written by NIDHHIG
Thank you so much for the remedies and reiki. I feel a lot more positive about the future." ... written by xroads
He helped me to calm down and gave me hope. Straightforward and perceptive. I will try his remedies right away!! Thank you!!" ... written by ladyfuschia
Great." ... written by YRAWJI12
Was very good and very helpful, helped me put everything in order. " ... written by sagkgill1983
Very kind and had a great understanding to my problem. " ... written by kiwi46
Awesome. " ... written by sumitstomars
Annil is awesome!!At first I came with my doubts but then I was surprised to find out I was lucky enough for me to meet with one of the best on here in oranum!!! He was so great it was unbelievable how he knows so much about my past and present and told me so many things about my future it was incredible.. I definitely recommend annil's readings..they are a worthy investment!! Love you annil." ... written by lonelybaby
Annil is just amazing, very much too the point. He is highly recommended ..." ... written by preeti27
Hes honest, calm, great detailed, accurate. :-) ty" ... written by bellacasa
Annil predicted a reading; that the other psychic on this website told me too. He has to be accurate and correct on his predictions. Give him a try! :)" ... written by jozeph_skullz
Annil is very intuitive and supportive. " ... written by leorising
Very positive and encouraging. we will see if he prediction comes true in 2-3mo" ... written by amandaball
Very interesting. Was very honest. Annil gave me remedies and suggestions to bring happiness and good luck in my live. Appreciated. thank you. LLIIZ" ... written by eacbanker
Annil is amazingly kind and very straight forward, he is understanding. Thank you so very much." ... written by Sammy808
The remedy I got from him, works great for me. Thanks a lot. I recommend people to try this person as a psychics." ... written by dhruti
He is very quick and polite. he was to the point anad gave me important dates and things to do to help my situation. I am grateful for him and his help. He answered with no doubt. I am happy and will come again for his help. " ... written by lisa
Thanks for the reading. Gave quick answers and remedies :)" ... written by worriedmeye
It was really good talking to him. He gave proper clarifications for the problems. Thanks a lot!" ... written by neets2agar
Hey was nice and honest." ... written by abhas006
I have taken advice from him and will surely get back for future help and will write a good testimonial once things get materialized. He is very nice." ... written by california1971
Hs greaaaat.." ... written by onlygal22
He is great ....thanks so much " ... written by sabbina
Fantastic reading, very helpful!" ... written by victoria111
Thank you Annil. I will follow your remedies and see where they lead me!" ... written by lovebugshay
He is awesome ...The techniques and tools used by him are highly accurate.. Also a nice and co-operative person highly recommended" ... written by sumitstomars
Annil provided clear and concise remedies for greater positive impact in life - will most definitely come back for another reading!" ... written by Clarence01
Good." ... written by abhas006
Very nice man. Only had few credits but he still helped me. Did feel a connection and hoping what he says come true. Very postive. Will come back for more updates." ... written by astridzinha
Very helpful and resourceful. Gave me tools to achieve my goals." ... written by crystaldz1
Good reading, very clear, he was able to connect well. He didn't tell me and what I wanted to hear but spoke from what his spirit guides told him... I would go to him again!" ... written by heathermarie0301
Very good reading. Lovely man. Sadly, I lost connection..." ... written by Jade199
Thank you, he is very helpful, kind and really cares about you good advice and remedies feel much better " ... written by HeartOfsilver
Gave some positive remedies." ... written by angelszone
Very quick connection" ... written by angelszone
You worked well, I am satisfied with your efforts you put in work. Thanks for your help" ... written by anshu009123
Ok god bless." ... written by Twinheart
He is good... thanks for the update!" ... written by GM
Good." ... written by abhas006
He's great." ... written by youngstar19
Very helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Really nice suggestions indeed! :)" ... written by crystal_x123
Thanks Annil, for your help. You cut to the chase right away which is what I like. The advice that you gave me regarding my name is new. I will try to use that for future reference. I hope the things you say will come to pass." ... written by ginla23
Good reading. Helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Brilliant reader... I highly recommend him as his advice was clear and honest. Don't hesitate!" ... written by judith76
Excellent reader, accurate answers." ... written by NS1982
He is great and very patient! He is very uplifting !" ... written by CHayes2539
Wow Wow Wow!! ... Annil is amazing.. I highly recommend .. He actually left me speechless with amazement.. Answers questions with ease, friendly and great communication... Can't thank you enough Annil.. See you again soon.. From my heart to yours.. Love and light" ... written by mystic_haze
Annil is wonderful! He not only gave me an uplifted and honest reading but he also gave me remedies how to fix things in my life. Thank you very much. It was a wonderful session." ... written by Bast78
Annil was great. He is among my top 5 on Oranum. People should come to him, and not other readers. I love that he gives remedies which help is getting what you want... Instead of just giving predictions... You won't regret it... :) He is very caring and respectful also." ... written by secret_gardens88
Very helpful and clear my mind and give confident." ... written by MKumary31
Thank you so much, he was very honest and precise. I would recommend him." ... written by lovestruck12
You are the best thank you " ... written by aamolaa
I got a reading from Annil, everything he told me, timing and dates, that same exact happened. I get my things work out the same as I'm getting it. Here I found some people who are very good, they know what they are doing and are experienced. I got lucky I got him, I am very happy! Thanks god and god bless you and Oranum." ... written by Khuram786
Fantastic reading. " ... written by kamsriv
He is a wonderful person first and psychic later. However after just greeting him I felt a connection, I think I have found my healer. I don't need to search for any other. Thanks, sir, so much! Love you tons. Wish you loads of success and love and light. Thanks Oranum as well!" ... written by Ensign26
It's a great feeling knowing you're on the right track in life and having it validated.. Thank you very much. My dear friend =)" ... written by Wahine
Thank you. It is good to get confirmation on my thoughts about the twin flame man. I am excited to try you suggested remedies." ... written by pammy13
He gave me accurate information and saw the negative energy around me. He was right! Thank you so much! will keep you posted." ... written by Marialuis
I was so happy to talk to Anil and he gave me good advice. He is so posive. Everyone should try his reading." ... written by monisha2013
Amazing, spot on, very clear, humble and SINCERE. Very much appreciated, highly recommended. FIVE STARS***** GOD BLESS" ... written by POLANEGRI2013
He was very help full and gave me correct answers to my questions, nice guy !" ... written by theforgoten
Good reading and honest answer." ... written by OLAMOTIL
Annil is genuinely the best psychic here! he is the real deal! the real psychic on oranum who deserves that title! He is a true clairvoyant who foresaw my future and provided me with time frames and facts and healing remedies to heal my problems and blocks to success and happiness. He answers yes and no questions in a true way regardless of what you want to hear, he tells you the truth without sugarcoating. He is also one of the best who communicates with spirit guides and does really good numerology readings. I will definitely come back to Annil whenever I need answers. " ... written by lonelybaby
Wonderful reading!" ... written by gaston165
OMG he's so cute!! I have so much homework!! I've never had a phychic give me homework. Love him, just sweet as pie, and so earnest. Adorable." ... written by lavenderlilly13
Lovely kind man who speaks the truth if you want to hear it or not." ... written by araketanara
He's was great! I'm looking forward for what he spoke of to come and i feel great after my healing and cleanse i recommend him to anyone and i will be back :) sincerely, anitag" ... written by anita143
He was honest with me even though it wasn't what i wanted to hear and I respect that. I like him." ... written by krissyruiz
Amazing" ... written by sunnydeep
Accurate and precise. One of the best." ... written by aikhooiooi
Found peace after a healing and feeling is peace now. Thank you very much!!" ... written by Marialuis
Nice guy, good advice.. He is helpful!" ... written by mi
He is superb and he didn't waste any time...I highly recommend him to anyone. You guyz won't regret." ... written by Nestlecoffee
Wonderful man and very patient!!! Great reading!!" ... written by shopgirl
Very nice and probably right! Not really what I wanted to hear - but it may be true!" ... written by Lyne37
Went in for a healing session.. he is an amazing man.. an amazing person and most importantly an amazing psychic.. he knows how to calm someone and is completely in tune with the person.. Thank you ever so much." ... written by worriedmeye
Very nice man, hits the right points I wanted to hear and can relate to, I'm amazed. Thank you Annil!" ... written by learia
I feel that you are a genuine, caring psychic with true abilities. I have suffered in a terrible situation, and I hope that a sign comes soon, to show me the light again. Thank you, you were very accurate." ... written by charlenebev
Great advisor, highly recommend, he knew before I spoke and give me simple remedies." ... written by anitag 143
He is honest. Will hope for the best and get back with more feed back. " ... written by Albysang
Lovely reading!" ... written by shygal786
Seems good!" ... written by kanchana
Thanks for the quick reading, Annil! I always wanted to get one with you as I always loved the messages you post to the Community Page. Sending you love and light. :) HUGS!~" ... written by fuzzy60four
He is helping me a lot and giving me hope." ... written by donman4160
Thank you, for an informative reading. It is appreciated!" ... written by lovemygirls11792
I will give his advice a try!" ... written by kfarrell719
Very insightful- Annil could change my entire life with his reading- thank you so much" ... written by tara00
Very good news and suggestions, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
Great advice. Thank you. Wait and will see. Thank you so much!" ... written by rosafortuna
Very fast and accurate gave me hope that things would improve i will try his advice and wish for best, very compassionate reader. thanks annil." ... written by riley777
He seemed to have the answers.. He seemed to be real and his answers were in line with mine.. Thanks for putting my head to rest!" ... written by Srunion
Wonderful intuitive and amazing advice, thank u" ... written by courtk11
A wonderful and compassionate reader! I shall follow through on the suggestions and await the positive changes. Thank you so much and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
He is caring and efficient...hope he is correct...thank you" ... written by wendic
Hi, Annil, thank you for your help. I hope it works." ... written by faith81
Thank you for the peace of mind!! U made me feel so much better:)" ... written by faith81
Very good reading and extremely good person. Will follow his instructions and hope things will get better for us." ... written by samomisoo
Good reading... Good.. With astrology." ... written by ceejox
Very good reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you kind sir. Namaste to you. Inner peace is a welcome friend. " ... written by Taura1320
Insightful, caring, and patient. Annil made be feel very comfortable. I recommend you give him a try, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Annil! Love, light andamp; blessings!" ... written by clulady
He was great" ... written by mslove2love
Wonderful, intuitive, insightful reader. Always a true guide, healer and friend. One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by katontin
Annil is great. I highly recommend him. Give him a try- you will not regret. " ... written by secret_gardens88
Very nice and wanted to help, I hope he remedy works. I will repost with results." ... written by marci4hunter
Very friendly, very helpful ........" ... written by 1emmanuel1
God bless you... Thank you for your help and the remedies... May god keep you happy always :) you are a wise kind and helpful man." ... written by desichick1983
Annil is the real deal. He is soo special with his knowledge and I feel so blessed to have known him. He is very unique and is not like anyone else.. He truly cares about people, and it's not about the money.. I would highly recommend him!!" ... written by Srunion
Annil is so kind, so helpful, so caring. God bless you. Thank you for helping me. You are a great person." ... written by desichick1983
Very good." ... written by danitha33
Annil is awesome!! I would encourage my closest friends to consult with him! He is very accurate...very precise in his approach to your questions and highly compassionate about your situation. He wants happiness for people, you can feel it! He has many remedies to improve your situation, in addition to powerful insights. He is a definite favorite of mine from now on!!!" ... written by Eileen1005
Very different reading method but great. Thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated." ... written by Vocalmachine1
ANNIL is blessed with kindness - he is a genuine soul and does genuine work with all his heart to help people. I feel i can count on him to get results. i believe his remedies might have saved my life - I will be glad to feedback to him as soon as i get settled in my new job. Thank you Annill god bless you." ... written by tara00
I am going to send an e-mail." ... written by Marina
Very good reading." ... written by dior
Yes, good interesting insights." ... written by uk
Thank you." ... written by psymeow
Very very good." ... written by angela
Very accurate and good." ... written by angel
Incredible human being. Just a fatherly relationship full of love. Thanks for being around Annil. :)" ... written by yangel1
This person is 100% true in what he does, I have never met anyone who hits directly on things like he does, he is really good...... I will always log on and talk to him because I feel safe and sure about all his tellings and it has helped me too, great tellings and great results has come out of it..." ... written by samantha
Thank you for being honest." ... written by Lauren
Very compassionate and positive reading with great spiritual advice." ... written by Pam Smith
Very helpful with my issues and what I need to do with my life in order to be much happier person." ... written by Lisa
Very good!" ... written by Martha
Excellent psychic with very clear answers to all my questions. Very positive and gives the best guidance. FIVE STARS!!!!!!" ... written by Rene067
the Best, truly cares for people. Very understand. Will always consult him. He is worth every dime... Soo full of knowledge... Awesome!" ... written by Sheilah Runion
He is amazingly correct. He had a full grasp of the whole situation and gave very powerful remedies to correct everything." ... written by Need2know5
He is the best and does everything within his power to help you." ... written by Rene0
Is very good." ... written by ANGELA
Very nice and insightful...! Annil is very good and he has been helping on a lot of issues...Definitely gonna go back for a consultation!" ... written by Sha
Great reading and very helpful." ... written by angela
Very sweet and indeed pleasant. Cleared doubts and very helpful advice, thanks, Annil :)" ... written by yangel1
Thank you for your advice! I appreciated a lot!" ... written by sdv2013
Annil is good took time to connect has given me some tips remedies which I wil take on see wat happens next." ... written by Antonina
Very Good advice. Honest. Accurate, thanks so much" ... written by nekewoods
AMAZINGGGGG!!" ... written by amanda
Annil is so wonderful, his healing energy is so strong, so loving. He is here to serve and help and guide, blessings to him always. " ... written by Tauera
He answered my questions and gave info that I can use as remedy. He has good energy! " ... written by Rosalinda
Very interesting reader. I will try his remedies.. can't say if he's on the mark as what I asked will take some time to come into fruition. " ... written by Deborah
I think Annil brings a sense of security and hope...he is just amazing and I would tell any of my friends and family to go to him. You will miss out if you pass him up!" ... written by Crystal
Great help.... as usual and always feel good to talk to him" ... written by samantha
Very effective" ... written by sadhana
Anill is my full time physician!! I always enjoy spending time and learning from this wonderful man. I will always be grateful for his help and his impact he has made on my life I would highly recommend him.. There is no one else like him... There is not enough good words to say .." ... written by srunion
Just had a reading with Annil who was very warm and inviting. He has given me some great remedies for success and I will be applying them shortly. He has also answered and clarified some things for me. Thank you Annil, I think that you a very good psychic, will get back to you for sure." ... written by zatlatic
Amazed, I am without words, incredibly amazing!!!" ... written by samantha
Very helpful!" ... written by sadhana
Great connection and reading, lots of advice, warm heart, will be back for sure, glad that I came across him!" ... written by VickyABC
Very positive reading, Annil was very clear about my reading and I will definately go to him again." ... written by Linda
Very nice man. Gave me some great advice that I will follow to help my situation. Poisitive changes to come which is great. " ... written by Lyn
Yet again he has made my day! The words of Wisdom are so helpful! Thank U!" ... written by TRRINA
Positive reading, Annil provided detailed information to what I was wanting to know. Will definitely come back to speak with Annil." ... written by Linda
Very nice and thoughtful, patient and kind." ... written by Hamijetlobo
10000 stars words, highly recommended" ... written by sumitstomars
He gave me hope and answer my question now to wait and see if they come true!" ... written by toddie
Thank you!" ... written by sol
Thank you:)" ... written by Jackie
Thank you for the reading.:)" ... written by Jackie Rinker
He is amazing with remedies he can suggest, very positive picks up fast and tell only the the truth.. Love him Love him he is my favorite always" ... written by srunion
Good." ... written by sadhana
Very good and honest and loyal to me and always helps me when I need answers" ... written by angela
He is amazing!" ... written by kimmy33
He was very detailed. I like that. First time talking to him. It won't be the last. He was excellent in his details. Look forward to another reading. A five star rating!" ... written by Martank
He is absolutely wonderful!!!" ... written by mmarria
Warm insights thanks" ... written by Denisenz
Annilji, God bless you Baba. Thank you for the reading. You are very kind and very understanding. It is always nice having a reading with you. " ... written by sammiiee
Annil is a wonderful psychic and i will recommend him to any one i give him 20 stars. I will return annil i will request him again thank you for the reading i have with you." ... written by Patricia
Very reassuring. Thank you for the remedies and the connections you have made. " ... written by Samantha Ballog
Very helpful i will do my best!!! " ... written by jazzychic
Annill was very good very accurate and very kind. " ... written by Praveenn
Annil is a very caring person who really wants to help others. He does not lie to you and he gives you simple remedies to use to help you in your certain situations. I have started using the remedies he has given me and so far one has helped me out. I am waiting to see if the others will before I post back. If they do I will leave another review on him so that others who are desperately seeking help/guidance can be helped. " ... written by almohabir
Annil has one of the most accurate readings that are straightforward and direct. He gave me so much insight regarding aspects of my life and I'm very grateful to have met with him. I'll be going back to him. God bless always Annil!" ... written by Pritita
Very nice man. I visit Annil tomorrow when more time. He is very clear and precise. Helpful! A must visit!" ... written by fretan
He is perfect. He really encourages me and gives me positive energy. But above all, he is HONEST!" ... written by Katerina
Annil is very precise and accurate and more importantly he cares about one's well being which makes things more enjoyable. The healing reiki definitely uplifted my spirits and made me feel humble and relaxed. Thanks once again and as usual, I'll be coming back again! God bless Annil " ... written by Pritita
I couldn't understand him clearly ---- so we had to type and that took a bit of time. " ... written by Kathy Lytle
Love Love Him.. One of a Kind............" ... written by srunion
5 star!" ... written by barbara
Lots of remedies...will update when/if prediction passes..thanks :)" ... written by Np
Five star reader, highly recommended! If you are seeking for true answers and" ... written by menamz
Excellent!" ... written by Alpana Pathak
Amazing insight and help!" ... written by ella
Annil is a very great reader. He is absolutely a blessing and a great help with the sadness I am feeling. He is very compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend him and I will definitely come back and have more readings with him. God Bless You, Annil. Thank you very much!" ... written by Moonchild59
Love him love him! He is my favorite, I will always lean on him, always." ... written by Srunion
Had good interactive chat with mt Annil, I will be glad and happy if all your prediction come true, I will follow your advises and suggestion." ... written by sanjeevva
Very sincere, compassionate man, a little slow with answers but you can trust they are helpful. " ... written by liz
I was very concerned about my time. Answered 2 questions of mines and confirmed my thoughts!" ... written by NiecyM
He is very thorough, caring and compassionate he knows you situation and with the information he provides can help you make the appropriate decisions and actions to affect positive change. Very enjoyable. Time well spent." ... written by Penny
Very honest. I could see that he works very hard to connect with his spirit guides. I really appreciated the private chat today. " ... written by Sapphire
He has remarkable insight. If you would like to try something different he is it. Highly recommend!!" ... written by Srunion
Annil is gr8 man...when ever I'm stuck he helps me out for right way of direction, god bless." ... written by Khuram786
I always go to him ... He is always right.." ... written by srunion
The Reiki healing was very calming and peaceful. I liked to remedies too! " ... written by economics123
Annil is truly one of a kind. He communicates his thoughts/ideas clear, and even on free chat he still gives me tips on how to achieve the things I want. He is truly a caring and genuine being and I always enjoy talking to him. " ... written by Pritty22
He is a very kind person!" ... written by asannnka
He is very kind :)" ... written by asannnka
Very helpful!" ... written by sadhana
He was such a great reader. Very kind and gave me lots of advice and suggestions. I will surely get a second reading from him. Thank you very much :))" ... written by janma09
Annil is a wonderful soul. Very kind, clear, intuitive and giving. I recommend. We all have our soul wisdom and it is powerful to connect with someone who through their energy helps you to calm to a place and guide you to practical tools to hear it. God Bless" ... written by Skyflower
Very good reading Very helpful and knowledgeable " ... written by ISLANDGIRL007
Really kind guy and 200% sure of predictions - can't wait for them to come pass. :)" ... written by NNili
A great, honest man. Gave me some remedies about my life and I really appreciated his help. God bless him." ... written by Belle
one word, simply amazing consultant." ... written by Rrahul
Annil Thank you for your reading. I will practice what you told me. I hope it works! You are very kind and insightful." ... written by Sandie
I am really impressed! to the point!" ... written by Marcos
Good healing." ... written by sadhana
Very honest and suggest remedies!" ... written by Latha
Thank you! Very nice.I will be back." ... written by Cheresse
Very accurate. " ... written by Irene Cast
He is excellent in giving guidance for success! " ... written by Rene067
Great reading but I ran out of credits!" ... written by Aisha
Annil uncle made me feel so amazing and positive. Great reading for the future!" ... written by Faith81
Annil, is a very sweet man, great insight and information. Thank you! I will be back! Aaannnaa" ... written by aannnaa
This is my second reading with Annil. He has given great suggestions for me to follow. I have already started on them. Can't wait for things to unfold. Thank you Annil. I can now reach for the stars:))) I feel blessed to have come in contact with you!" ... written by A.H.
Honest and warm.. Give insightful advice too.." ... written by stella
He answered my questions, thank you very much :)" ... written by rattail1
A wonderful guy, thank you very much for the kind advise" ... written by zimerili1
Gave me some quick remedies, can't wait for the results!" ... written by debrae
Was very insightful and gave me the clarity I needed. Not many people can do what he does. Kind, compassionate, and very easy to talk to. I very much enjoyed my reading with him!" ... written by Katelyn
His advice was very good, I was nervous at first but I got good energy and it lifted my spirits." ... written by tamara gumbs
What a nice man, friendl , waste no time, very experience, and powerful reader. " ... written by annimca
Annil is amazing as always! Always helpful and honest!" ... written by nina
Healer." ... written by sk
Very helpful remedies!!!" ... written by globedove
Amazing person .. suggested great remedies and answered my questions... Specially with Numerology and Pendulum.. Thanks a lot... I am sure now everything will work out for me.. Loads of love... ! 100 STARS ... would recommend to all who are looking for an honest and a genuine advice.. God Bless :)" ... written by Amber
Probably the most underrated reader on Oranum. I think he is a Genius, really. When I went to his room I made a joke. "Have you got a remedy for being useless?" He fired a load of information at me and I was quite bewildered. He doesn't really waste time explaining things, just tells you what to do. So you kinda get the best value for your money time wise. If you're like me and need to know what's going on you have to do some research. It opened a lot of new doors for me and I learnt a lot about stuff I wasn't really that interested in before. For example, Vastuu is a complex science that isn't really very practical in the western world. I believe in it because I ordered a book about it months before I was about to move to a project. When I'd compared the topography of the place to the vastuu book. There was no way I was going anywhere near the place when I had researched the lives of the past and present owners it said exactly what would happen and had happened to them. I also warned a friend by e-mail not to invest money there cos he would loose a lot of money that way. He sent an e-mail back criticizing what I had said calling it "fear based", he also came up with that old chestnut that if you don't believe in it, it won't effect you... blah blah. I never heard back from him again and years later when I inquired about him from his sister-in-law she said he had lost a lot of money at that place. So I have seen the evidence of this science first hand. I gave up on Vastuu as it often requires a complete change of everything that has been built.Like the kitchen had to be in the south east of the property for example.Water to the south east, south west and south is inauspicious.South facing slopes are inauspicious as another example.Who can change all these things on a whim? Annil's Vastu fixes are really practical I didn't have to knock anything down and start again.I wasn't sure about numerology either but we have to accept wars are fought on particular dates for a reason and various other matters on numerology are used by our world leaders. Shouldn't we also take these things into account in our day to day lives? Annil has some great solutions for us all. His other suggestion on my clothing had already been mentioned by another very talented Psychic on here, Caetano, who I also have a lot of admiration for. So after my reading with Annil decided it was time for some action. Annil is a real master of the lost sciences of the ancients. I would suggest anyone with problems deeper than.."Does so and so like me?" (There are plenty of psychics on here who want to tell you rubbish like that,even if you go in for a general reading hoping to be surprised. Its very disappointing, believe me I've wasted a lot of money on Oranum that way.) To get a reading from Annil is to get a practical solution. You might not believe what he says initially just like me, but if you follow his advice you are bound to be delighted.The man is veritably worth his weight in Gold. Annil I think you are Awesome. Life had thrown me a few more curve balls just as things were starting to look up. I had been effected badly and was literally living like a sick PIG in his muck. Even spiritual sadhana won't work if you cant even bring yourself to do it.I am slowly putting your suggestions into practice bit by bit and i already feel like a new man. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. If you've got a problem and no one else can help, You should call the Annil team. LOL LOVE YA DUDE you're AWESOME, humble too! A veritable STAR of Oranum" ... written by DoPratikraman
Absolutely wonderful man. With 101% what he do always comes truth am happy with him god bless him and keep it up with good work on Oranum." ... written by Khuram786
Very nice and very helpful, thank you. " ... written by Jenniifer
Annil has very good insight. Very positive. I'm very happy and excited for them to happen in my life. I will come back again to tell the good news. I recommend five star rating. God bless Annil and may he help a lot more bring happiness in their lives." ... written by Cynthia
Annil is great person, good reading accurate and truly, keep it up good work." ... written by Khuram786
Annil is a great man, good Remadis satisfaction, I did many time with him when I hv my problems got solved so quickly, I come back over and over again. thanks." ... written by Khuram786
He was very helpful and had a lot of knowledge. " ... written by Melissa Brown
He was very nice to talk to! He gave me effective remedies that I will start tonight! He also gave me time frames!" ... written by Mimi
Really accurate! Helpful and to the point! Get it!" ... written by Shaaron
I've been to Annil a few times and have been very pleased with his remedies. Now I am waiting for great things to unfold! Thanks, Annil." ... written by A.H.
Very intuitive will see how the remedies work." ... written by Teresa
Top man" ... written by MAARDYY
Simply amazing! I'm left speechless" ... written by Mard Sugiarto
Annil is a gifted person without a doubt. I will come back to him time after time as his remedies work. He is honest, passionate and true to helping his clients. God bless you and your work forever." ... written by tara00
He is awesome!" ... written by junior
he is very good, his results are very much accurate!" ... written by sssarah
He tells you the truth and guides you to better yourself! I recommend Annil to anybody!" ... written by Donna
Very kind and caring. Thank you!!! I appreciate your reading and also the remedies suggested. Many blessings - Laurie" ... written by Laurie
Another awesome session with you." ... written by NIKKI
Thank you for making my mind feel at peace. You give me a positive feeling." ... written by faith81
Remarkable remedies. I am very impressed and can suggest without any hesitation. I am thankful also." ... written by Latha
Awesome man!" ... written by MARRDYY
Accurate and fast reading ! Right to the point ! thank you so much! will do what you said to help my career!" ... written by Bizou1981
Good reader." ... written by Sara
Let's see how it goes... He has done some predictions." ... written by mmm
Got disconnected but he was very nice, sweet and accurate" ... written by Danielle
I can always trust Annil to give me answers to my questions. He is a genuine and effiecient in his rituals. God Bless " ... written by tara00
Annil is very intuitive and great with numbers. He suggested for me to change my name to improve my luck that was just so bad. I wrote my new name 50 times today on the paper and got some good news right after. I will always follow his advise. He is a kind soul and very very good with what he does. I will always use his help! Thank you Annil" ... written by AALA
Really helpful thank you. " ... written by virginia
Feel the positive vibrations in remedies. Thank you!" ... written by Latha
Annil first time to visit him. I felt very ease, and I will do everything to bring back positive feeling. God bless you. You are very patient and kind. 5 stars" ... written by Tammy
Annil is a very nice guy and he was able to give me some guidance and confirmation to help me move forward in decision making. " ... written by Jlovetgk
I had concerns about a current relationship and have been dealing with an elevated time of stress. Annil reassured me that everything would work out alright and I'm holding onto faith that it will." ... written by Alessandra
Always kind and accurate.... Thank you again. :)" ... written by Laurie
Good and quick readings. Waiting for the final outcome, will tell then exact feedback." ... written by msitmsi
Very helpful, helped me believe in my faith that things will be ok." ... written by meisupani
He was kind and very helpful." ... written by Kashif
Very, very, very, very nice reading. So friendly and accurate. Does it very fast to save time. Very knowledgeable. Work on problems like your know. :)" ... written by kimmm2
He is the best..." ... written by star
He is absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful" ... written by star
Great Person, very accurate and gave me true insights. No sugar coating." ... written by Bobbin
Very interesting reading. Answer my questions quick but also gave me something about numerology and changing my name. Figured it's worth a shot, lol. Thanks!" ... written by Jaacquliine
Surprisingly, you understood what I was asking very quickly and gave me the answer I needed. The one characteristic about this person that I thought most important, you centered on immediately without my coaching and said the working relationship had a future because of that one characteristic - honesty. Relieved my mind greatly. Appreciate it." ... written by Jani
Thanks for the help!" ... written by Lyn
Very KIND, LOVING AND GENTLE soul. He connected very quickly and was extremely CARING. Very happy thank you so much from my heart dear Annil. " ... written by Ella
Honest reading, true predictions happened for me, Thanks for always being there for me. Will come to him again and again for readings." ... written by sarah
Extremely quick with his remedies. Hope his predictions come to pass..." ... written by Leo_80
He is the best and he is extremely caring." ... written by star
He was very nice and helpful. I am so thankful we spoke and I hope his remedies will help me in my life." ... written by Gatorgal22
Good reading." ... written by Lisa
Good reading, accurate time frames happened for me." ... written by savita
Thanks a ton! :)" ... written by Ginni
Annil cleansed my soul and gave me hope for the future. I can't wait for his predictions to come to pass. Thank you, Anni!" ... written by Moonchild59
Annil is fantastic. A few months back I asked him a question about my ex. He said that I would be hearing from him in 70-75 days. This is after months of not speaking to each other at all. At exactly 72 days - out of nowhere - he contacted me. Extremely accurate!! And also very kind and caring. Blessings " ... written by Laurie
He is incredible and did all he has to do for better life changing moments. Infact he is my top favorite, very understanding and have the heart to help in the situation for better" ... written by laas
Wow!! Quick answers, and direct and honest with you. Annil is on target. He gives you great advice. He is such a pleasure to talk to. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Very sweet and hoping predictions come to pass" ... written by Danielle
Wow! Great information, and read. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
He was very positive for me and gave me good directions in helping me with my situation." ... written by pearlopal
Excellent." ... written by gabriel
Excellent reading - very positive!" ... written by lovebird
We will see if his predictions will come through." ... written by anna
Nice and polite and concern genuinely, I have to wait to see if his predictions come true. Best." ... written by Nyle
Provided me with some great remedies to try out.... Very interesting, will see how it works out!" ... written by LarimarGem
Thank you Annil for your private reading. You confirmed what I've been told and have given me advice that I will follow. I love your warmth and sincerity.... I felt a strong connection with you. Your concern was upheld with your desire to utilize our time as completely as possible... I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to guide me. I am very spiritual, and appreciate your prayer and desire to communicate with my spirit angels. I look forward to speaking with you again.... Thank You!! :)" ... written by Linda R. Williams
Wow!!! Quick answers with great depth! Talking to him is such a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! What a great Reading and Healing! I feel really good and confident. He is very good, and cares very much about your situation. 5 stars. So refreshing." ... written by Martank
Very humble, nice tone and caring. seems very genuine. I enjoyed my reading. I will definitely come back for another reading soon. Thank you Annil. " ... written by Shahana
Good overall, I only had 3 minutes with him so I don't know how it will go." ... written by freemaje
Thank you for your help..." ... written by francine
Thank you great suggestions I will start tomorrow on them!!" ... written by francine
Very keen and helpful, genuine and encouraging. Thank you. I will let you know when it works " ... written by u
Good reading fast and quick response" ... written by pjgovind
Always very honest. Even I don't like the answer, but he has remedies." ... written by Tammy
THnk you very much for your answer,was very insightful and to the point was kind enough to finish my reading in free chat after my credits finished thanks a lot" ... written by Crystlamaze
Very accurate remedies will see how it pans out- will be back for update!" ... written by Clarence01
I only had one session with him but I'm waiting on his predictions..." ... written by sunshie
I have always felt good with his remedies. This time, after a while; I needed help andamp; he suggested some more remedies. Pray to God; Anilji's help showers on me. Best wishes to his talent. Regards!" ... written by Latha9
Good reading. Gave me some concrete answers that I was looking for." ... written by pinkangel003
Thank you!" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you." ... written by Shawna
Thanks for your prediction. Will be waiting for them and will let you know. Plus thanks so much for the remedies. Will see how that goes too." ... written by Lyn
Annil is very good at numerology. He gave me some remedies. He is quite knowledgeable as far as numerology is concerned. Will revert after doing the remedies. Thanks andamp; god bless." ... written by aqua
Excellent reading. Hope all comes true. Thank you so much." ... written by Cindy
Very nice very fast for picking things up told me very positive things so look forward to finding out if he was right also gave me great advice. :) " ... written by Lyn
I have spoke with Annil before about my business name and I changed it like he asked. I now am looking at adding new clients. I will try his love remedies now. I am looking forward to getting back together with someone. I will contact you again in a couple of weeks!! Thank you for your help." ... written by FC
Wow!!! Another great read. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks for the clarity...will keep in touch with the prediction you've told me." ... written by hellokittylynii
Told me wonderful remedies, hope what he said comes true." ... written by Vinnie
Lovely guy, unfortunately got disconnected but I would go back again." ... written by Mshelli
After talking to you today I felt so much better thank you for helping me. I will follow your advice and continue to keep faith. I look forward to the new changes in my life." ... written by faith81
Great read!!!" ... written by Martank
Very nice, very positive." ... written by Lyn
Spoke to annil today and he remembered a special remedy for me to bring back a loved one. I can't wait to get started." ... written by faith81
Wow!!! Great information. He is a pleasure to talk to. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! great read!!! great info, 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Annil has a very strong powerful insight on the future. Regardless of the outcome he will tell you the truth about what he sees. Thank you for being a great guidance and positive spirit. " ... written by faith81
Thank you for your suggestions. You are helpful." ... written by bangs8
He was to the point. Highly recommended." ... written by humility
Had an amazing healing session with annil. I could feel the positivity instantly. I will return for more healing from him." ... written by faith81
Enjoyed the reading!!! Thanks!" ... written by cam
Annil is one of the best! He is extraordinarily gifted. Moreover, he is very kind, full of positive energy. I feel blessed in his presence and notice an instant energy shift for the better. I will definitely come back for a future reading. " ... written by LadyGrace
He has given me some Feng shue/vastu remedy. Will let you know the out come. Thanks." ... written by hemas
really helpful..all his remedies have helped me" ... written by RB
This is my second healing with Annil heis so good god bless him . Thank you Annil." ... written by ora
2nd reading with annil. he is always giving me positive energy. He is truly a beautiful soul and a blessing here at Oranum. He is always trying to help you the best he can. I will definitely recommend him to anyone... love u annil" ... written by lindaa
I enjoyed Annil very much. His has a way about him that is very positive with very good advice. I will certainly stop by again in the future. Very Intuitive. Thank you sir and God Bless!" ... written by Leo Hall
excellent" ... written by carina
Every time i speak to Annil snd get healing life for me gets better for me Thank YOu Annil." ... written by Ora
Thank you so much. Such a wonderful reading. I feel so relaxed. I can highly recommend Annil, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Veronika81
Had an amazing healing session with Annil. He is extremely powerful I felt all the negativity slowly removed and vanished from my body. If your are experiencing negative forces upon you, I would recommend trying out Annil he really made me feel like myself again. Powerful Healer!!! " ... written by faith81
I had many readings but Annil is the best. God bless you Annil. " ... written by ora
very good and helpful " ... written by SONIA
Very nice person, very helpful." ... written by Viviann
He was very helpful and encouraging .... try him!" ... written by SONIA
a very nice positive soul who has a good understanding on what is happening in people life, some good predictions ahead" ... written by seemma
Very very nice and informative. I'll be in touch again about advice! Thank you" ... written by lovewater
Annil did another healing for me felt the positivity instantly. God Bless you for helping me. " ... written by Faith81
Geniuin, positve, straigt to it. I hope what he told me happens :) " ... written by Mariel
He is brilliant. Have been to many on oranum, however Annil's remedies are the only one's that have genuinely worked. " ... written by Nnili
Answered my questions.... I was happy with the reading. " ... written by lee
He is right very honest about the answers you ask." ... written by ora
Thanks him. Every time I talk to him for what he is doing to help me in my life. Thank you Annil." ... written by ora
Very sincere. A great reading Annil. I'll be back to update you when all the wonderful things in my life start happening. I'm waiting for fireworks. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
Annil is very kind, gentle and helpful and direct to the point. Provides clarity." ... written by Maneesha27
He is really helpful and very apt, very nice, astrologer." ... written by utashaa
Good and to the point. Something he says comes true." ... written by Nyle
iithought was good! A lot of info! I can't wait for it to happen." ... written by Akoon
Great reading!" ... written by starchild700
I felt like Annil answered all my questions. It will take time to see how he reads for me. I felt "Blessed" and "Positive". I believe he did fine. Lynda Parnell." ... written by Lynda Parnell
Thank you for the remedies. " ... written by ora
accurate" ... written by Anitha
Annil is fantastic! He has Vedic knowledge and is very specific with numerology. He also provides powerful, yet practical remedies to alleviate an issue or obstacle. He is honest and very clear about what needs to occur for success and happiness. " ... written by JILL Ann
Calm and clear " ... written by jony
Interesting reading with some homework! I enjoyed the advice and will start work on the future to clear the issues out of the way. Peace of mind found." ... written by Lisza
very helpful and encouraging. thank you" ... written by uu
Annil is good if you are seeking remedies or positive emotion in your life - not so much as predictions. But I still do recommend him as he gave me useful tips!!" ... written by .
Positive and answer your question fast!" ... written by Mariel
Thank you very much Annil. Your reading helped me understand my current situation. Thank you for the positive prediction and I believe that it would come true. " ... written by H
He is fantastic !!! I will be speaking with him again !!! He is very spiritually connected andamp; gives great advices... xoxo" ... written by tammj1974
Thank you very much for how much u did for me you help me a lot. God bless you Annil" ... written by ora
very encouraging and helpful, will return again. Thank you very much" ... written by d
very accurate" ... written by Anitha Chintakuntla
Results are coming" ... written by Anitha
I hope his predictions will come true. It sounds positive. " ... written by giggles
Lovely reading :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
deep insight and gave me good remedies. i like the way he work in private reading. very humble and kind. i give him 5 star!!" ... written by RC
Good reading :)" ... written by Adiz
He's a great healer. He focuses on helping you to heal from the inside the things that are causing you the most grief and pain. I am very grateful to have met him and please do see him for healing, it will transform your life. " ... written by Lyric
Great read!! He is always concerned about you. A pleasure to talk to. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Annil thank you so much for the help you gave me you brought back my happines .God bless you always" ... written by ora111
you are amazing !! thank you !! all that you have said has been very helpful and accurate !!! i will speak to you soon.. God bless you" ... written by tammj1974
Wow! Great Read!! He is a pleasure to talk to. Always good suggestions to help your situation. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very truthful, quick and answers to the point, very educated and suggests good healing methods. Very hind and good hearted , wants to help ppl, very many thanks to him! " ... written by arundgati
very encouraging, caring and helpful, thank you" ... written by t
Had a wonderful reading. I will most definitely be back. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it." ... written by Garace123
Thank you for the great session, great information." ... written by kay
Great Read!! He is so helpful, and has many ideas. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
he was very nice" ... written by Bobby Walton
good advise will now follow his guidance " ... written by rita bharj
Amazing." ... written by shilpa
Very insightful. But yet to see if prediction comes true. Thank you, for the reading Annil. :) " ... written by Shahana
good healer" ... written by sadhana
Quick answers, not what I wanted to hear, but that doesn't mean it was a bad reading. He was honest and told me the truth as he saw it. Thanks" ... written by Jennifer
great reading thank u very much" ... written by sbenina
very good " ... written by L
Very kind and to the point. He will not waste your time and is honest. I will definitely be back for another reading." ... written by melanie432
clear and assuring" ... written by amy
I am lucky to have reading from aniil and I hope to see the results very soon. God bless him." ... written by riya
I feel he is Gods messenger who will help me in my tough times of life. God bless you." ... written by canada
He is really nice, he tries very hard and make sure that I understand and see the light again in my life. Thank you soooo much!" ... written by Santhanakon
he is awesome" ... written by nancy
Wow! Great information from Annil! He is very good. I recommend him. Very pleasant. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very" ... written by J
Annil is quick and accurate. He understands what I am saying as I say it. He interprets it and is non-judgemental in his reply." ... written by sanity53
My 1st reading with Annil. He is very pleasant and was on point when it came to describing characteristics of myself and my ex. I will follow his advice and report back with an update." ... written by Fatimah
Lovely reading. Annil is such a caring and uplifting person, full of insight and remedies. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jocelyn
Wow!! He amazes me with his abilities. wonderful! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Annil is very , good i would recommend him to anybody." ... written by ShadyT
it was amazing ! thank u :-)" ... written by Gawgisdol
Anil made me laugh today. He uploaded a photo of a compass for me so I could get the directions of my home environment. Turns out most of my home is back to front!. Oh well it will take time but I will get there and end up facing sse or new or whatever it should be lol. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
We had just started work on a remedy today when my laptop froze' I have now refreshed the laptop and will return for a read. Thanks for your patience, Annil" ... written by sanity53
Thank you for your reading and your advice! God Bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Not just tells you what is going to happen, but immediately gives you advice what you should do for things to go very well. Fantastic." ... written by John
i am 100 % satisfied from Mr. Annil ,he have good experience in psychic" ... written by sham singh
Annil did a healing ritual on me today and explained some of the values of colours. I was surprised I already own some of these items - I just don't use them but I will now! Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Great Read! He is able to answer questions nicely, and give good advice. I recommend him for all of your needs. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
He was very insightful." ... written by ShadyT
great and to the point. very honest and understanding." ... written by jamira76
Things can change very quickly and they did for me today. Thankfully Annil was on the ball and helped me through the changes. Very positive person. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
I am going to do what he said and see what happens. More than likely I will be on here again" ... written by lifespent1
Enjoyed it" ... written by Akin
He is accurate about my issue and I recommend him. " ... written by Stephanie
After getting through a few technical glitches I had a wonderful reading with Annil. He is very forthright with his responses and makes sure I understand. Annil is clear and precise in his readings. I will return. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Wow in this session Annil gave me some remedies to do around my home. They are very good and I will certainly learn my way around a compass while I do these things. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Thank you!!" ... written by Minnie
Annil is good, went right into answering my question and is very friendly. " ... written by Lynda22
9/5/14 ....this reading was very informative and Annil is slowly being able to work some remedies with me. I am a bit of a hard case but I feel we are achieving something. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
I've never really been a big fan of numerology but Annil is definitely an expert. His use of stones and colours is great. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Today was very difficult for me in many ways. Through his reading and remedies, Annil managed to calm me down and gave me back some self confidence. He is very good in the work he does. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
This reading was to help me get details of change for my daughter and her children. Annil was very precise in both his actions and his words. He used both chat and type to make sure I understood. He was terrific! Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Wow!!! I didn't expect this news. It is great. He is able to get the answers for you. Also, he is very good at giving you advice. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Today Annil gave me the news that one of my adult kids is moving home for a period of time. This was news I did not particularly want to hear and a prediction I hope does not come true! I know it will, because Annil is very accurate in his reads." ... written by sanity53
I just love this man. He is compassionate, kind, caring and still has the knack of speaking the truth whether I want to hear it or not. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Very positive." ... written by Tyger
Wow!! Great read. Always a pleasure. Very kind and caring. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I dont know where to start, he knows what he speaks about, extremely clear. I would recommend him to anybody seeking any sort of help in any field." ... written by ShadyT
very kind and helpful!" ... written by Kiran
Annil showed me just how well he does his work. His skills in numerology served him well today when he unravelled the legal mess I gave him. Annil is kind, caring and very accurate. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
GREAT advice !!! thanks " ... written by summer
He did amazing" ... written by Ray
Annil, once again you have hit the nail on the head. Knowing more about who and what I am up against is very helpful. Knowing how to deal with it all is better still. You are incredible!! Thanks." ... written by sanity53
that was very interesting " ... written by J
good readin. a week, ten days, and a month. will be back. " ... written by cindy
Annil may be what he calls a simple man but his skills in numerology continually amaze me. He is very fast and accurate and does not waste time. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Very straight forward and honest. I really like him!" ... written by daisy12345678
I was very happy with his reading, direct to the point. " ... written by Ingrid
He is very helpful." ... written by Raj Khatri
Beautifully clear, quick andamp; very understanding. Great connection!" ... written by Brandy
good healing" ... written by sadhana
very sweet man, he wants to help so badly it was very comforting. He knew how I was feeling, and guided my on what to do next. very positive man but I didn't feel he was just saying those things just to say them. I recommend him. ANNIL!" ... written by neine
Annil had major technical problems tonight but that did not stop him from talking and giving lots of practical advice. He also showed his truly professional yet caring nature. Thanks. " ... written by sanity53
excellent straight to the point and very good clarity" ... written by paula
Annil had clarity and reassurance for my issue today. It has been ongoing and he is a caring and wonderful soul. Annil does not waste time and gives out loads of positive energy that you feel transferred to yourself by the end of the reading. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
Was very good and straight to the point he has a calming positive energy ! I hope I am able to see the guy today like he says. Thankyou so much. I will keep your advice in mind and I wrote down the lucky numbers too. Thankyou." ... written by Silentlurker3
real good" ... written by Latisha
a clear, helpful experience. I expect I will come back again." ... written by DK
very quick and accurate and kind and straight forward" ... written by kavintee
Annil gave incredible guidance tonight. He was straight to the point and not a minute was wasted, during his detailed reading. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
Very interesting ideas. very nice. seems very genuine. will try and see what happens." ... written by Dana
He seems as if he truly wanted to send good things to me. I trust in his words. I will be back another Day for more ." ... written by Dale McMurray
one of the sweetest and straight forward on Oranum. Gave me dates and suggestions on how to bring better energy. Thank you!" ... written by Robbin
Annil shed light on some things I was not aware of and helped me make a breakthrough in a relationship. He was very reassuring and told the truth in a calm, gentle manner. Thanks Annil" ... written by sanity53
Annil is honest, accurate and very helpful. He is also very compassionate, caring and doesn't waste time. He really makes you feel better and you always finish the reading season with a big smile on your face! Thank you Annil, you are my favorite by far :)" ... written by baby_pie
great ... thankyou" ... written by david
very helpful ... thank you" ... written by davied
Thank you Annil for your honest answer. Hope I can move on soon and improve my relationship. Thank you. " ... written by Golden Amber
Very compasionate and friendly. Fingers crossed that everything Annil said comes true in 4 months from now" ... written by Blankaa
Thank you and I will try remedies and take advice! Will come back for update." ... written by Marie
You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful guide. God bless your universe in many many many multiple ways. Blessings my dear. The suggestion of changing my name, it was completely amazing. :D" ... written by Thiaraa Perez
I truly appreciate how honest Annil was in the reading. He told me the truth. No sugarcoating. But he did so in a heartfelt manner. I will follow-thru with the remedies and pray for the best. " ... written by Fatimah
Annil was as usual very keen to assist with his remedies and also to explain the benefit of these remedies in my life choices. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
Great advice yet again! thank you soo much" ... written by Nnili
honest" ... written by fragrant
very kind and wise was a great reading i will take his advice, i recommend getting reading from him very powerful thank you andamp; god bless you" ... written by pauly61
he was able to prescribe certain remedies for the situation." ... written by wren1414
did not waste time,,gave prediction. will wait and see if it happens" ... written by la
very kind thank you for all your help. " ... written by mnt1446
Wow. What he mentioned was very accurate! Indeed the guy I loved is confused. And he had gave me some valuable advices. :) Worth the pm. " ... written by kirstin_sim
first reading with annil. hope his predictions come true. as for the reading he answered honesty and great" ... written by melissa
a great reading full of advice and help" ... written by Traceey
Annil gave lots of practical advice about how I could change my lifestyle and home to get rid of and bring in the positive energies. This has put me in a better position to get what i want and to move forward.Thanks" ... written by sanity53
I feel much more positive now after my healing with annil. I am looking forward to his predictions. I have faith in him." ... written by NMV
very clear and releiving. thank you" ... written by luluals
Professional, gave me tips for good luck. I'll have to try them. " ... written by jab13303
Very caring and help with all his heart. He doesn't waste you time or your money." ... written by baby_pie
Wow! Great read. He is so helpful, and caring. He has many ideas. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very awesome and caring person. u won't regret it. he is full of positive energy and try extremely hard to answer all the answer and give awesome remedies. thank u so much for helping me. " ... written by Malkitt
he is excellent. thank you very much." ... written by paula
It was great talking to anil and He have just shown me the path. So much positivity, happy to hear again." ... written by kalpana
I normally do not do readings with males, but I was drawn to him. He has soooo much information just pouring out of him. He has given me some remedies to do. I loved our session.I hope everything comes true. He is amazing" ... written by Tffany
Very clear answers." ... written by v
very good healing" ... written by sadhana
Annil has a professional yet caring nature and this is what I needed today. He gave me remedies today for me to use with my situation. Annil also did a healing which I hope will all give me the strength to move forward. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
Annil is very fast and very positive, very friendly and helpful. Full of energy. I look forward to the positive results." ... written by Cindy
He is so insightful and knows what the issues are. I believe him, that is what is important." ... written by Cinndy
Many thanks for your healing and your understanding. I am very happy to hae you as my friend." ... written by Cinndy
He's got some really good things bout me, and gave me hope again, i'll be coming back, hopefully his remedies will help me out with what I want" ... written by Bell
I feel so very relaxed and hopeful after his session. His healing was amazing....the energy, the relaxation, the hope! thank you Annil" ... written by Robbin
Wonderful! I like the remedies for healing my situation" ... written by Meera
Very nice reading..very positive!" ... written by softspirit
Annil gave me a healing today and I was inspired by his hope that one day I will get through my journey of stress. He was extremely helpful and clear. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
he is totally awesome. give me hope! " ... written by Robbin
Annil is very practical and very straight to the point. He is very friendly and I feel totally at ease with him, like a close friend. He genuinely wants to help, I can feel it. I always come out of the session feeling uplifted. Many thanks for your time Annil. It is most appreciated." ... written by Cinndy
Excellent psychic he is very prompt with his reading does not waste time. he is specific and time will tell but I have a feeling his recommendations will be right on target. e xcellent reader" ... written by susan hill
Annil is a very caring soul. He truly wants to help sort the situation out to a positive conclusion. God bless you Annil." ... written by Cinndy
He was spot on and quickly connected. :) " ... written by Adiz
Prompt" ... written by Hitesh
his really nice i like the way he gives advices" ... written by deborah
highly highly accurate! very very recommended!" ... written by astro
his sooo nice" ... written by deborah
Very nice man, i am hoping this happens, thanks :)" ... written by Kristen
sweet and very kind with his guidance. Very caring individual. Thank you. " ... written by m
An excellent psychic! To the point and tell things with clarity along with remedies. Thank you so much ! " ... written by samina
good" ... written by madhusha
very specific andhelpful" ... written by Meaghan
Picked up current situation. Good " ... written by Srallen77
very receptive and kind. I will wait to see if what he says is true" ... written by donna
Great reading! Very nice and easy to talk to." ... written by annaceline
Annil managed to teach me a few short remedies tonight. He was very patient, caring and a great teacher. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Very nice guy, will tell you the truth." ... written by AnnaG
Thank Bro! No time waster! Straight on to the point. Highly reccommended" ... written by Gabbrrieel
Certainly offered many suggestions - I will try all that I can - hopefully they will help." ... written by Katrin
I really like Annil. he is a great reader. i wish i had more time with him. He gave me sound advice which I will follow" ... written by Frankie
Great psychic. truthful and honest. Thank you Annil" ... written by Robbin
Fantastic reading, direct and to the point. Thank you." ... written by JL
amazing" ... written by chibelle
FABULOUS! Im very happy Annil told me everything for my life to improve my circumstances and remedies I will be back!" ... written by me
Well in my mind there is no doubt about it .... " ... written by sanity53
Thankyou Annil.......... You have guided me, so I can move Forth in a way that is possible... I will be Back..." ... written by Phillipp Timos
Friendly and good advice from annil. 2nd revisit. :)" ... written by kirstin sim
he is a beacon of hope and strength in the most trying of times ." ... written by starry
Annil is a very caring psychic with a wonderful mind. His remedies are the best and are working very well for me. I go to Annil for his remedies because he explains them fully and when I don't understand he finds another way to." ... written by sanity53
Truly the best in Oranum! " ... written by starry
Annil is very wise and kind. '" ... written by imdeeim
very good reading and energy" ... written by arion
Annil calming voice and remedies surely do help. Wouldn't have it any other way! I will keep you updated at all times! THANK YOU!" ... written by Robin
Thanks Annil. I trust in everything you're saying and look forward to the changes in my life. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Good" ... written by Lily
Great read!" ... written by Lily
i'm very happy with his remedies and they worked perfectly well in all my endeavours like succeeding in getting a job .Now i'm lookign to secure job with his blessings .I would recommend Annil to everyone who are looking for a great shift in their life" ... written by Aniithaa
Extremely positive, sincere and helpful - interesting advises about remedies and their effects on your life." ... written by Ashtek
I needed to get some more insights and other helpful remedies for career because I didn't have enough time from our last session. I feel open to discuss any issues with him. I don't normally come in to readings to "feel" good or want to hear what I want to hear but he makes me feel at ease when talking with him. Sincere and positive. I will come back when the time comes. Thank you Annil :)" ... written by Lloyyd
Annil took on a challenge tonight when he did a Pranic healing on me. I never thought I would ever undergo a healing of any sort. Annil was wonderful, he took me through it step by step, answered many questions beforehand and now I feel like a woman with a much brighter future. This expert knows his work. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
gave me some remedies....and some help. was very interesting to talk to. we will see if it works " ... written by gina
So far so good, returning to him" ... written by B
Great reading and nice individual as well :) recommend him for sure!" ... written by Ad
very good" ... written by Ganesh
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Garace123
Consulted for Predictions. Waiting while putting in time. Insightful and suggested remedies for better use. Simple and caring during our session. Thank you Annil." ... written by Lloyyd
Awesome." ... written by a
he is great. very quick to pick up on things and does not need any information other than your name and dob. his predictions have come true for me in the past. he is excellent." ... written by paula
thank you for the hope, Annil. I will keep you updated on my situation and hopefully I will get the courage to do what you suggested. " ... written by Robbin
excellent humble person,given simple remedies.very down to earth person:).definetly take a pvt reading." ... written by 10empress
Excelent!!!!" ... written by greg_28
Seems like a good Man many thanks " ... written by David
Good reading. To the point." ... written by Sav
Amazing reading. Very compassionate. Highly detailed. He is gifted." ... written by Sav
Another great reading. Thank you Annil" ... written by Beth
Annil tonight was fast, concise, non flowering and told it just as it is. I always appreciate sound advice and honest practice and was as usual, inspired by his hope that one day I will get through all this. The Remedy King also showed me short cuts to beating stress. " ... written by diamondlady53
What a great reading. Im excited to see if the predictions will become true. off to texas and law school. please see this man for a reading " ... written by Ttyler
He is nice." ... written by aaa
Great reading. He tries his best to give you honest and accurate information. He is a nice psychic. It was my first reading with him. I am looking forward to his predictions to come true. " ... written by rita
Thank you Annil. My hope was running out and you brought me back up. I will continue with the remedies and in from time to time! " ... written by Robbin
Great energy and spirit. Annil gives the best advice and remedies to help in all areas of your life. He doesn't waste your time. Annil is also very honest and caring. Highly recommended." ... written by blessings
The only person I can turn to in times of distress " ... written by starry
Annil is an extremely caring and helpful expert. If you don't understand something the Remedy King will explain in any ways til you do. He has a very gifted and pleasing personality. Annil is very fast, concise and gives it just as it is without any flowering. If you need clarity, look no further you have found the right expert." ... written by sanity
He is absolutely amazing he is very easy to talk to and he is so polite and helpful." ... written by Saponaman
Very helpful and kind man. I will follow his tips that he suggested that will help bring luck and happiness into my life! Thank you again." ... written by FC
Annil is very clear and confident in his prediction and advised what is needed to be done. He is also very concern and caring person. Thank u for the valuable advise..." ... written by Tinkle
always a pleasure to talk to Annil " ... written by Tracey
Annil's expert knowledge lets me find a way to work through negative situations. His predictions are clear and concise and work well. Annil predicted an outcome for me and this has come true. Annil is a person of trust and I can't wait for his next prediction to come true." ... written by sanity53
The best , The best and The best !" ... written by samina
Im curious about the remedies and the predictions. Helpful to me." ... written by Hanna
not so sure, will wait for things to happen" ... written by Hanna
no sugar coating. truth hurts but thank u for telling me. thanks for being kind and warm. appreciate your concern." ... written by elle
Nice nd fast .more stress on vaastu .scientific way by calculations" ... written by Jitendra
Great explaination" ... written by Jitendra
He's amazing and great. He showed me a lot of support. Very thankful for him" ... written by cinnadoll7
Anil is very caring, gives accurate reading and remedies." ... written by happy
He is good!!Very positive and fast for such a short amount of time....i believe him and i will be calling back soon!!" ... written by sunlight8682
amazing remedies and spell removal capability. i felt the energy and vibrations when he was connecting to my spirit. Annil is definitely one of a kind. great soul and heaven sent. " ... written by blessings
Annil has the best remedies on this site. i've followed all of them thus far and they have started to work. every time i get a reading, he's very kind and gentle. told me not to worry about future. it's very bright. Annil is God sent. all the stars in universe to him. highly, highly recommend. will be back soon :)" ... written by Blessings
very interesting,answered all my questions honestly, hope my dreams come true Thank you !!" ... written by gipsygirl
I hope I can follow through with his advice. It was good advice" ... written by mai
Very nice guy... very helpful, accurate reading.. I am content about his reading about my relationship :))))) Thank you so much I'm hoping it will get better soon.." ... written by Jo anne Carter
I loved our reading and he is very good, kind, honest, and very detailed in his answers! He also gave me some of his remedies that I will follow for better success and received great advice about things in general!!!" ... written by Adam
AMAZIIIING!! Very Frank person and tells you things how it is for your own best so i greatly appreciate it!" ... written by Adam
Annil is a peaceful, caring soul who has the unique title of The Remedy King. Over time I have practiced many of his remedies however, tonight Annil gave me a challenge. A new remedy, that if I followed strictly to the letter would see me living a much less stressful life within two weeks. These two weeks are going to be two of the toughest I have lived in my life. As well as the remedy Annil predicted my lifestyle would improve." ... written by sanity53
Thank you for a wonderful reading! :) I look forward to having a love healing session with you very soon! I really need you to help dry my tears and to help heal my heart. I will take all of your advice and do all of the remedies that you told me to do! Thank you for your patience and kindness and for not judging me and my situation!!! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything until I understood it and for not getting upset that you had to repeat yourself a few times!!!!! Thank you for reassuring me that I am a very special person and God gifted because I thought God didn't love me! Annil, I wish you any blessings and I thank you so much for all of your encouraging words. Take care." ... written by Kayeluv1
Very helpful man. Gave me a lot of encouragement. Gave me some great advice. Can't wait to update him on my situation. I highly recommend this man for anyone struggling through something!" ... written by Cinnadoll
he is excellent. good remedies" ... written by paual
the best and the best ! very helpful and very accurate ! " ... written by samina
God bless Annil. thank you for amazing remedies, will be in touch" ... written by blessings
Annil never ceases to amaze me. His compassion for his clients is one of the qualities that make him stand out. he doesnt waste your time or money by giving false hope. his remedies are very powerful and have been working thus far. he did a healing for me that worked. im very grateful for Annil. will check back in a few days. " ... written by Blessings
Great reading, everything about my life was true ...and also i see some good days coming up :) Cant wait! " ... written by Shruti
Annil is always very consistent with his readings. Gives the best remedies for any situation. His compassion and understanding never wavers. Wonderful healer and person. thank You Annil" ... written by Blessings
Wonderful, calming, and very gentle man. I will let you know how things progress." ... written by G
Really sweet and caring guy. Please see him if you need anything. He truly cares about his clients. " ... written by Cinnadoll
Great read! Nice information. He works hard to help you. Highly recommended. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thank you for your advice. I will contact you again." ... written by FC
i will continue to follow the remedies and hope for the best! Thank you" ... written by Robbin
Thank you very much Annil for the healing. I pray it doesnt make you ill like the last time. sending positive vibes your way. all the best!!" ... written by Blessings
thank you again Annil. continued blessings to you and your work forever. thank you for your remedies, compassion, and honesty. i will be in touch soon." ... written by Blessings
Annil is great as always! He's amongst 1 of my 5 top readers on the site. He's number 1 when it comes to remedies and doing healings. Annil is a very nice and gentle man. Keep being a light for all of us that get readings from you." ... written by Blessings
Wonderful reading thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
very good...will know in a few weeks for sure ty ty ty" ... written by Lynne52
Annil has amazing energies and is very friendly. He does not waste time sees clearly and recognises blockages. He used his healing skills to reassure in what is a difficult time for me. I look forward for the results. Thanks" ... written by 5mermaid3
Today " ... written by sanity53
always amazing and wonderful. Annil will never fail you." ... written by Faithful
This was a cleansing and healing session for me. I look forward to feeling better and happier! I look forward to my heart mending and feeling lighter! I look forward to a new joyful beginning. I look forward to my sadness being turned into happiness and I look forward to and open up myself to true love. Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness!!! Thank you Annil for your powerful healing session and I look forward to all of the positive changes that will happen in my life because of your healing session!!! I wish you many blessings!!!! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Annil showed a caring and knowledgeable manner tonight. He gave loads of advice especially when he addressed my situation. For clarity, Annil has the goods and you can't go far wrong when listening and following his advice." ... written by 5mermaid3
Very comfortable talking with this man. He is very wise. His offers for healing are wonderful. It was nice to spend time with a positive person who gives a lot of his energy to those he is listening to. I thank him greatly for what he has expressed about my current situation. His insight is spot-on. He also has a very open minded approach, which was really helpful for me. Please spend some time with Annil...he is healing you from the moment he says "hello, can you hear me and see me clearly?"" ... written by Jacqquii
Readings with Annil are always worth it. his remedies and healings are very powerful. he is always so sincere and really cares about his clients. thank you again Annil for a precise reading" ... written by Blessings
such a sweet man" ... written by Robbin
Very positive man and has been helping me with my struggle for a good amount of time now. Please see him if you're struggling with something because he will help you out. " ... written by Cinnadoll
Annil is a caring and wonderful soul and I feel great after being with him. His connections today were very obvious and the rapid responses he gave to my questions helped me understand my situation in a better light. His intuition was spot on." ... written by santy53
very kind spirit and so very willing to help in the matters that you are struggling with. I will do exactly as he states for his remedies. Really wanting them to work will update as things progress. Thank you for your help Annil...bless you" ... written by love
I have always held the belief that I will one day get through all this mess. Annil is extremely helpful and clear. If you don't understand his insight he will explain in many ways til you do. He is a very gifted and pleasing personality." ... written by santy53
i loved his reading he is great very very pleased :) so detailed !" ... written by solovee
Great reader can't wait to see how things turn out over the next few days." ... written by Robert
He not only gave me a clear reading but also offered advice on how to handle a very personal situation I am currently going through." ... written by Nadine
Very good reading and positive insight from a genuine person...I look forward to the future and not in the past. I am hoping my business will expand as he predicts." ... written by Alex
Very positive and encouraging man. I highly recommend him to anyone struggling." ... written by Cinnadoll
very detailed answers every question you have to the fullest extent give great advice i always come to him for help and leave satisfied " ... written by SoloVee
Annil tonight guided me through what i needed to change n myself. He was accurate and spot on. Remedies were given to me to assist in keeping my stress levels and anxiety down this week with a prediction all will resolve itself in the very near future. I look forward to that time." ... written by sanity53
he is amazing he is great so accurate !" ... written by solo
he is really good psychic" ... written by bevin john
Annil is amazing and accurate always!! best remedies and energy. truly amazing man" ... written by Blessings
very good connectione will b back" ... written by devfene page
great and honest readings, quick connection and responsive" ... written by vickey
Annil's remedies and healings are very powerful. highly recommended!" ... written by Blessings
shear delight getting an update from Annil. his kind demeanor and remedies keep me coming back for me. he's awesome!!" ... written by Blessings
Very fast and insightful reading. Uplifting, soothing, honest energy. Makes me positive and sure about my future. Connects very fast and answers all questions. Very insightful, a reading full of wisdom and blessing. Thank you my friend and bless you. " ... written by sanity53
awsome detailed straight on great advisor ! he connects with u and gives great advise i see him when ever i have a problem he always helps me thru :)" ... written by soloVee
I really liked this reader, Annil! He knows his stuff. He not only gave me a clear reading, but also offered advice on how to handle a very personal situation I am currently going through. " ... written by sanity53
He is a very good reader and very lovely to talk to. I highly recommend him! " ... written by lynnrmc
Felt peaceful and reassured while I was in his chat room. As I was chatting, he was advising and detailing the remedy I was to use. " ... written by sanity53
Very good insight, I have faith in the future about the reading, thank you" ... written by Wonderbaby
I am sooo excited about this reading. He was very open and welcoming to helping me out and I instantly felt comfortable." ... written by MJ
One of the most genuine people and readers, honest and accurate. Annil's a really good person inside and out and does not judge you. He's there when you need him and always has a remedy to give you. You can ask him anything and if he does not know he will find the answer for you...although this rarely happens because he knows his work." ... written by sanity53
Great read! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Annil is sweet and honest, this reading says the same as last time, i feel confident now of what is coming, thank you " ... written by chris
Very understanding man. It took a little bit of time for him to connect, and no info was given. I was feeling emotional so I cut the interview short. I will return." ... written by aerindease
We are never too young or old to learn. We thank you for opening your heart and blessing us with the generosity of your wisdom. We thank you also for your work with crystals." ... written by 5mermaid3
Such a gentle soul and really very insightful. Very appreciative. He did not laugh when I explained what my predicament was and understood I was asking for my little grandson," ... written by 5mermaid3
Very good reading and positive insight from a genuine person.. I look forward to the future with my grandson and not look in the past. Pity i had tech probs I will returnl " ... written by 5mermaiid3
Annil has given me some solutions to fix a problem I am having. I will put his suggestions into practice. Annil, I will report in with a progress report. Thank you." ... written by Anonymous
always a pleasure to get an update from Annil.." ... written by Blessings
Thank you so much for the remedies that you taught me. I look forward to seeing them work in the near future. Thank you for the quick update too and for answering my question. I also look forward to your predictions coming true in the near future!!! I wish you lots of love and many blessings!!! :)" ... written by kayeluv1
Great read!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Such an honest and compassionate person. He picked up on everything i was sensing and feeling and gave advice on how to address these matters. Annil did not sugar coat his advice..he just gave it as it was, which is the way I like it. He is sincere person who answered all my questions in a realistic and precise manner." ... written by sanity53
Annil was very insightful, answered all my questions and was to the point. Gave me good advice was very caring and compassionate reader. The reading was not what i expected, however I value honesty. Highly recommended " ... written by barbara
He is good try him" ... written by Feriiall
Wonderful reading Annil, helped me through this rough patch, in waiting for the sun to come out of the clouds.I got the answer I was hoping for and know I have to work hard to achieve it." ... written by aerindease
Annil proved himself a gentleman tonight showing his insights with a caring, friendly and knowledgeable manner, He accurately pinpointed my situation and gave me loads of practical advice. Thank you my friend." ... written by sanity53
Annil eases your mind through his caring and insightful abilities. He called me back for an update on research he had been doing for me and gave me the details of the remedy I needed. Highly recommend." ... written by Dalys
always a fantastic reading with Annil. He’s always to the point, fast and if he is not sure of something he researches and gets back to you. He is also kind, caring and empathetic. " ... written by Regina
Annil is so awesome!! He definitely confirmed my suspicions about what I was feeling, and what was going on in my life. I know now which direction to take and how to make it work. Thanks." ... written by Jenny
Annil is clarity personified. Gracious, good, kind, insightful, deep in feeling, understanding, andamp; wisdom. He is a true guide and I look forward to seeing his predictions happen. " ... written by Beverley
Annil has helped me a lot, I feel better every time talking to him. All his predictions came to pass. Very fast and insightful reading. I wait for the result of this prediction." ... written by Anne
He gave needed advice and within 2 weeks things should be happening for the good...time will tell...He is fast and accurate and he does not sugar coat anything...he is straight forward and worth every penny...If you do not try him, how will you ever know? " ... written by Lynne
excellent" ... written by paula
Such an amazing person and amazing reader! Gave all the attention I needed! Described me exactly how I am!! " ... written by Izamara
always shear pleasure and delight talking to Annil. his healing remedies are like no other on the site. he genuinely cares about his clients well being. very kind man. thank you again Annil. will be in touch soon." ... written by Blessings
mr. annil is wonderful person very helpful and has lot of patience to listen to my problems and very kind hearted. i am glad i had a chance to talk to him.i wish there were more people like him in this world thank you mr. annil" ... written by amandeep
I had a read with Annil yesterday and we were progressing well when I had to leave. Up til that time Annil showed himself to be caring, intuitive and encouraging.. Although I liked what I was hearing, I could see some pitfallls coming in the future. I do however thank Annil for his research and the remedy given. " ... written by sanity53
THANK YOU" ... written by MMarmalade
Very warm and precise reading, provided lots of remedies. I will try the remedies and and provide feedback! Supportive instructions and to the point reading. Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Drishya
Annil was very good he listened to me as I was at wits end not knowing what to do with a situation. Thank you very much. Will come back again. " ... written by Rosa
Annil seemed to be a genuine and positive person. He does give exact time frames, as others have said. I will wait to see it come true as this was my first reading with him. All the best to you Annil :) " ... written by Sam603
very impressive. too quick. very accurate. :)" ... written by mashaal7
I needed confirmation and verification from " ... written by Robbin
Thank you very much for another wonderful reading. Thank you for your remedies and for your encouraging words. Thank you for taking the time out to listen to me too. I look forward to your predictions coming true! I would recommend getting a private reading with Annil. I wish Annil many, many blessings and lots of love!!! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
mr. annil has always help me a lot and he is a wonderful person very helpful I would highly recommend please do consult him with any issues he will more then willing to lelp I am very thankful to him ." ... written by amandep
mr. annil is very helpful and wise in what he does I am very thankful to him for all help" ... written by amandeep
yes good clear reading" ... written by palmgirl
good healing" ... written by sadhana
so inspiring and helpful, truly genuine and patient and cant wait to try the remedies " ... written by ccharleene
Very good reading and clearance. " ... written by compli
very helpful..good suggestions and remedies..nothing complicated :)" ... written by shirali
I really enjoyed Annil's reading and think he is just wonderful and a great advisor. I will be back Annil. He was awesome, will sure try his easy remedies and will be back." ... written by wateluva
very kind andamp; patient! much love " ... written by purenergy
wow that was cool. good numerology info. and he has good remedies for names and business" ... written by Lammonator
Great Read! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I enjoyed ANNIL'S reading, I felt comfortable sharing things because I know I will get the best answer. He is no joke, he tells you things the way he see's it. He is awesome. I highly recommend him, he is so awesome.. If I didn't meet him, I think I would of lost alot of things in my life, I am so happy to get readings, and hoping to get results for his priceless remedies." ... written by waterluva
" ... written by meena11
he is a great and accurate, he is serious and takes very care of people." ... written by meena11
i have some work to do with some remedies annil gave me to perform so we see what happens i hope his predictions work i have faith " ... written by annie
Amazing, honest and authentic as well. " ... written by lala
Annil is very positive and calm...he provides answer to my query on the spot. He also told me to be sure and positive and he assures me the outcome will be positive...thanks annil :)" ... written by Tinkle1
Mr. Annil is always helpfull and accurate. He is very fast to connect and he will always be there to guide you and protect you on your journey to happiness. He is spot on!!! Thankyou for your kindness and may blessings always come your way!! Lynne52" ... written by Lynne52
he is very caring and helpful, may God bless him always" ... written by meena11
I had a reading with Annil, I cant wait for Jan 21, 2015. I so am looking forward to it. " ... written by Tie
thank you for your insights.... look forward to meeting 3 months from now!" ... written by sirilee
Annil is a very good reader. He is very sympathetic too." ... written by erika
thanks for a great read.!!!!!!!" ... written by radha
Very calm and understandable personality...told me solutions lets see how those goes" ... written by Jagjit
Very quick, very confident. great quick session" ... written by Nicholas
Powerful healing session. Thank you for helping me today!" ... written by garace
very good psychics and a trusted one, blessings on him. " ... written by meena11
Thank you. Quick connection. It's amazing what you can see from simply a name and dob. Thanks again" ... written by J
He is very straight forward..." ... written by FAHL2015
Annil is heaven sent. his healings are very powerful. i will contine to use him as long as he is on this sight. thank you for your kindness and generosity always" ... written by Blessings
always a pleasure to speak to Annil. his healing abilities are like no other." ... written by Blessings
Such a sweet man! He is so helpful and understanding. thank you!" ... written by Robbin
lets see how it helps" ... written by ullash kumar
i havent spoken to Annil in awhile. M reading was very very positive and has a great outlook for 2015. the remedies are always very helpful. i almost forgot how great his readings are and how wonderful a person he is. very kind and sincere person and that's what i like most about Annil. he never sugarcoats anything and always tells the truth. he's 1 of the best on the site. thank you again Annil and i will return for healings soon. " ... written by Blessings
Wonderful. Thanks alot!" ... written by Garace
very good and so caring person, devoted and helpful." ... written by meena11
mr. annil is very caring and helpful person , and understands my situation really well. I am always very thankful for his reading." ... written by amandeep
It was good, but ran out of credits haven't been able to talk to him long enough..." ... written by nancy
Annil is so caring by his special calculation." ... written by happy
I went to Annil tonight to see if he had a remedy to help me through my momentary crises. He was polite, interested in what I was saying and let me believe in my future. The remedy he gave me will help in times of great stress when I need to calm down and relax. Thanks Annil" ... written by insanesani
I have received a reading from Annil several times. He is very kind and caring and always gives very accurate readings and remedies to help with the situation. Thank you and many blessings to you!" ... written by Laurie
seem accurate. I like that." ... written by joaa
thank you for all your help. " ... written by Robbin
saw good results from remedies from the first reading so came to get me second one . excited about the results it'll bring" ... written by j
I got all the answers I wanted, thanks to Anni." ... written by jons
he's a caring and kind person...let us see..." ... written by f
Lovely gentleman who put my mind at ease for career advancement." ... written by Theresa
Great reading and I felt very comfortable speaking with him! Very fast typist and easy to understand. I recommend Annil! " ... written by DarniC
I am very impressed with him and would recommend any one that needs guidance to contact him. God Bless" ... written by Mary-Anne
uncle is great, very kind and loving, positive, gave good remedies, highly reccommended :)" ... written by lovesoul
I needed immediate answers in regards to my relationship and Annil just hit the nail! He is very quick to respond, kept me calm and he is so caring. He will not waste your money, which makes him a very compassionate psychic that doesn't like to waste time on their clients! He recommended me to get crystals, and in the past those things did helped me. Good thing that he brought it up because I have forgotten about it! Once again, thank you Annil! :D" ... written by top0
Was great!!!!connection went but AMAZING!THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Cris
Wonderful person glad I found him" ... written by Mary-Anne
he is very clear and very good i love what he told me " ... written by cecilia Anne Xu
Annil is the best. I always feel better after speaking with him and telling him my troubles.. He gave me some good insight. Hopefully I will see the predictions come true." ... written by mary
Good remedies you can follow from annil. He very good to talk to." ... written by Emily
He was really good, I will see what happens!" ... written by Sade Smith
Good to connect. Suggested few remedies for my problems. Will follow it and update u abt the progess." ... written by Roses_07
very helpfull" ... written by trish
Always spot on with advice and guidance - thank you " ... written by Nnili
It was a good reading!" ... written by Prajwal Belagatti
Annil is a gifted clairvoyant and an expert in vaastu and numerology. I would strongly recommend everyone to have a reading with him. His calmness puts you at ease and brings a new perspective. " ... written by Erwin
Very honest man, he will help you to sort out all of the sources of troubles. Deepest thanks to you master annil" ... written by FeelWill
Thank you Annil. It was nice to see you again and good to talk to you. Thank you for the positive words. I will keep on learning to be a better man for her and hope she gives me another opportunity to take care of her" ... written by Paul
very good" ... written by Annil
I am always very thankful for mr. annil help and his insights." ... written by ritu
Wonderful, amazing in every way!!! INCREDIBLE psychic!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Best and efficient remedies suggestion without making you feel hard pressed. Convincing and everything is logically based." ... written by FeelWill
Thank you for the clarity sir. I will try all the suggestions you told me. " ... written by Michelle
very interesting reading, told to make a few changes, very good connection; looking forward to the predictions happening" ... written by ammer
i will try the suggestions of Annil. I hope it will work..i will find it out in few months...Thank you Annil for the are very kind man..i will definately keep in touch with you again." ... written by silvermoonlight
mr. annil is very supportive and very helpful,he connect very well to my problems .I am thankful for his prayers and help." ... written by ritu
its been wonderful talking to uncle annil about my issues , he connects to my problems really well and is very helpful I am verythank ful fo rhis insights always." ... written by ritu
I trust him and respect him. He is no nonsense, sincerely caring, and helpful. I can tell he connected to a higher power during the reading and that his prediction will come to pass. When it does, I will return and leave a feedback to update. I recommend him highly. " ... written by Grace
he was good" ... written by francis
This was a wonderful thing for me to experience. Thank you so much Annil" ... written by Jennifer
He's really lovely, I trust what he has to say. Do take him private xx" ... written by Me
very positive and very kind and gave me a remedy toward improvement of my love life. I'm thankful for his advice! " ... written by Merrysinclair
My computer was moving slow so I didn't get to ask all of my questions. I will take his advice and do what he says to avoid obstacles. Let's see what happens. Thanks for the reading" ... written by Amy
very interesting reading, will try him again soon" ... written by shelle97
This man was so lovely and really put my mind at ease. i will let you know of the outcome!." ... written by Jude
Very nice man! Soooo helpful and started me on a path of remedy and healing!" ... written by Sameastoday
AMAZING!!!!! I am on my way to get the supplies he told me to get and do the things he told me to do. Fingers crossed." ... written by Shana
accurate reading, positive energy, he takes time because he has to connect for every question, i felt little time consuming, but overall i felt good, thank you" ... written by Delicious
Annil is the Best have not seen him in a long time.. All of his remedies and what he says is correct he uses the oldest astrologically tool in the world how can you not come to him??" ... written by srt
Thanks for the update! Quick connection and kind words - very insightful." ... written by J
Great reader. He makes you feel comfortable talking to him which helps put you at ease. Thank you for your insight!" ... written by J
thank you." ... written by Lenard
the first time done ritual thing. It was very unexpected." ... written by lastsearch1
woww....many things he said was exact same as other psychic said! Lets' see his ritual power..." ... written by lastsearch1
Amazing!!!" ... written by Sal
Thanks again Annil" ... written by shelle97
He was amazing, and said some key words in my reading that made it evident he was legitimate. Even when he gave me hard news- like to stay with my job right now, he was professional and helpful. I want him to know how much he eased my mind and helped me make some decisions which are important to me right now." ... written by Victoria1984
Very good reading, I highly recommend. He really knows what he is talking about and had an good insight into my life " ... written by Mary
I have not come to him in a while.. but, I dont know why... he has all the answers and the remedies from ancient mystic east ... I will never stray again " ... written by sr
Pretty amazing and so genuine. " ... written by Sarah
Annil is an awesome reader!! Connected with me very fast." ... written by shelle97
wow im amazed upon him ill thank you every day thanks" ... written by nelson
he is reallly good psychic has very good view about thing and has great skill and ability to help you overcome the issues an dproblem in life" ... written by john
This is my first private chat with Annil " ... written by Jeannie
I had a great reading with Annil he gives me hope to solve my problems. He suggest some remedies which I am going to follow and I believe all my problems will be solved. I will be coming back for another reading with him soon. Thank You." ... written by Nilamrekha
He is very good" ... written by Louis
He was amazing, and right on point! I would definitely recommend him! Very kind and sweet spirit! " ... written by Thesoutherngirl
He is amazing i have been coming to him for years.. He has never let me down.. he uses the oldest astrology in the east along with his gifts.. i had been using western astrology but its not always correct.. i have traveled to these countries and know they know more than I . so how can you not try ??" ... written by sheilah
I have come to Annil a few times now. He really is very comforting. I hear his remedies work so I will do what he has asked. He is a very compassionate man and I will definitely go back to him soon. He is a good friend." ... written by shelle97
I had my first healing session with Annil.. I felt very warm on the shoulder where I had surgery to remove a skin cancer. I had gotten an infection there. After healing, it actually started to get better. Thank you Annil!" ... written by shelle97
Annil is a fantastic vastu worker. His remedies have been helping my situation and bringing everything to life. I feel so much love and energy from the work his done with me. He really helps you and is happy to help you become successful. Believe it can happen for you, whatever it is you desire....Many blessings my friend! " ... written by Amy
I enjoyed speaking to Annil. He is very kind and helpful, non judgmental. He has confirmed what other psychics said as well and gave me a remedy to use. It's a good one. I have doubts and he was the first psychic to invite me back to discuss these when I needed someone to talk to. That's comforting to know that he believes what he sees. I believe that what he says is true and that helps me to feel better about the situation. I finally feel hope in my heart again and some peace. Thank you!" ... written by Gabrielle
wow!!" ... written by shelle97
good reading. interesting take on things" ... written by Ess
Annil was very sweet and helped me though a very rough day. Good to talk to regardless of outcome. " ... written by Ashley
very nice and friendly and helpful . thanks " ... written by adeel
thanks Annil" ... written by shelle97
Great! super kind! Genuine!" ... written by JENNA
This reading was very important to me. Annil was very positive about situation and I'm looking forward to see what happens" ... written by s
connect very quickly and straight to the point..thank you very much annil sir." ... written by angel
Mr Annil is truly a genuine and honest reader...he will help you and guide you step by step all throughout..i have highest regard and trust him for the work he give him a try of the best reader oranum has!thanks for all your help.. i will be back soon for an update." ... written by sweet
i have consulted Mr Annil many times over this past year.. he is a wonderful reader ..and healer..he connects fast to a situation and is very accurate everytime..this time he has predicted tht my career will stabilise in 3 months grace period.. i will keep updating when the time comes...till than keeping my fingers crossed and hope his remedies will help me reach where i want to.." ... written by baby
thank you for helping me!" ... written by Aevva
thank you so much Annil for providing me with clarity when i need it most..i hope he comes back .your insight were amazingly accurate within the short span of connection time.wished could have longer reading but credits ran out.. will try to come for update again soon..thumbs up for tht superb reading.highly recommended .an all rounder expert that provides help n guidance in every aspect..from relationship career marriage n removal of negative energy.he is the real deal spot on and very caring n supporting..thanks once again.." ... written by jaana
i was in doubt n was feeling depress not knowing where to heed in my relationship but Annil had reassure me that it is just a misunderstanding . his previous prediction has all come true..hoping this will too///fast connection...honest..trustworthy reader..feel a sense of relief when doing reading with u lot mr annil..your simply the best on here!5 stars is underrated..u deserve much more.." ... written by sweetheart
Gave me remedies to bring back my boyfriend who then did contact me so definitely worth trying - the first time I connected to Annil I felt his healing energy which really helped - very warm and uses loving kindness which is ideal in situations of feeling heart break or difficulties in love - so much appreciated... thank you" ... written by ming
very clear and quick doesn't waste any time. he is known for his remedies but he is also a very good clairvoyant. he quickly read the situation and was honest in his advice. cool. " ... written by Lemmy
cool" ... written by Maddison
He answered my question real quick and he gave me positive answers to my questions. Thanks for lifting my spirits Annil." ... written by Elena Brady
he has given me some good vaastu remedies which i will now apply ... will update as i see changes. thank u !" ... written by a
he is a really good psychic he has really great abilites so please guys give him a oppurtunity to help you out your problems " ... written by john
Very friendly reader who quickly tuned in to time frames that I need confirmation on. I hope these predictions come to pass! " ... written by Ida
Thanks Annil for the update =) speak to u soon. Welcoming as last time thanks =)" ... written by Jeannie
Loved my 2nd reading thank you very much Annel for this lovely readings you are amazing thank you really" ... written by Stef
This is my first reading with Annil, and i hope many more to come thank you for healing ! will wait for results" ... written by Stef
Very good reading, good advise and remedies, very kind person, highly recommended, God bless " ... written by Jyotika
Great reading! I came with despair and hurt and immediately felt better after speaking with Annel. Gave me a positive prediction and hope. Also gave me some tasks to do to help my situation and my healing. I can't wait to see if it will all come to fruition. " ... written by Turner
Wow I am so amazed, awesome reading and awesome information. He had so much clarity and gave me time frame all in one reading with remedies to follow for my situation. Annil puts his pride in his work, and works in step by step order. I enjoyed the reading and I look forward to the predictions and remedies given to be a positive step in the right direction. I appreciate the insight and the offer to help me as he saw I was in much needed help. I am so thankful to have connected with Annil and for the opportunity to have a reading with Annil and his help in allowing me in at a sale rate to be able to fully see my situation and work with me. Thanks Annil your amazing and I am glad to have met you. God Bless!" ... written by Aliyah
OMG! AMAZING!" ... written by nik
I feel like there is hope when i chat with Annil," ... written by marie
Very honest and compassionate reader. To make his remedies work it's essential to have a positive intent and a strong desire to make things happen. " ... written by Amadeus
VERY STRONG! works fast! DEDICATED, smart, kind passionate, spiritual, friendly, hard worker and very great person! I will def keep coming back fo rmy healing sessions. thank you so much annil" ... written by nik
Positive vibes, just have to see how my future comes along, thank you for your help." ... written by Nelly
Great person. Focused on giving remedies and figuring out what may be done to improve one's life. Immediately was able to find out some of the issues I had and already knew the things I could do to fix them. Would highly recommend to anyone." ... written by yellowMellow51
It took a while because bad connection but, we connected and he did pick up on the personality of love interest in question. Thank you Annil. I will try again. Many blessings to you." ... written by synnove23
Very detailed and FAST! :) thank you very much" ... written by Wave
just did a 27 minute read with him sept 13, 2015. He is great. I'm pleased. Very confident, sincere, straight forward and relatively fast. Answered questions in a very nice way. Gave surefire answers, which I like. I liked the timelines and also the remedies and advice. Excellent reader." ... written by carl
very kind mannnn, honest, fast" ... written by c
He is so sweet he got a little confused but ended up giving me a good remedy that i will try." ... written by Jeannie
He is caring, tells you like it is and is a very genuine psychic! He predicted something for me too, looking forward to it! :)" ... written by Saloni
THANK SO MUCH FOR HEALING! WILL CONTINUE TO GOTO YOU FOR HEALINGS! I TRUST IN YOU! TY TY I will keep coming for healings. very spiritual, gentle and strong connecting to spirit. amen" ... written by nik
very kind and gentle soul, very compassionate and helpful! Strongs spiritual connection and practings regharding healing. Praying for his help in our healing sessions, we will see how it goes" ... written by nik
Good healer ..liked him!!" ... written by F.haque
good" ... written by ritesh
Very accurate, kind and thorough, thank you" ... written by Nicole
Thanks so much. Your reading was great." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks so much for the insight. Great reading." ... written by familyhelper
I will follow remedies and come back thank you annil." ... written by water
annil is the best.................. I love him" ... written by sum
Annil is the best. through his remedies I land a job and I have another remedies for my personal life... I hope it goes well again... thank you annil" ... written by sum
Good..." ... written by Ritesh
Good..." ... written by Ritesh
Was given some remedies, so I will see how those work out for me :) And still looking forward to the new year and the good things it is to bring, as well as for love, so I hope it all comes to pass :) I ran out of credits but I began getting a healing session from Annel and I seemed to feel some energy in my hands... too bad I couldn't finish it-- another time when I have more credits! :) But I was surprised, Annel saved some info I gave him last time and was able to save some time early on in my reading. I appreciated that and thought it was wonderful. And again, Annel always has a wonderful energy; made me feel comfortable again :) I would recommend him :) " ... written by ObeliskDame
thank yo annil for your help. i wouldn't know what to do if you were not here" ... written by marieme
wow this is my first time ordering a psychic reading for a good friend of mind who is very sick with a cancer,, by annil,that was a splendid i really enjoy all that spiritual heal which he did for my friend i can feel the heal power as well and i do hope that my friend feel it as well,,,,thank u so much god blessed" ... written by blessed
good.. to the point" ... written by Ritesh
Wonderful healing session and I cannot say enough how wonderful and kind Annil is. Thank you Annil. Many blessing to you for all you do. " ... written by synnove23
Very insightful and was an amazing help in easing my mind. Thank you!" ... written by Ashley Tomlinson
I'm amazed with his prompt response to my query...he also provides details easily and able to cover within short time given. Thank you..." ... written by Tinkle1
Good." ... written by Ritesh
thank you very much. I do agree with you regarding the two men I inquired about." ... written by Strong Whisper
very true person, does healing in front of you, awaiting result hopefully good " ... written by Grover
I loved how quick he was and did not beat around the bush, straight to the point, because I don't have time or money to waste! I strongly feel confident that what he told me will come true for me!" ... written by Rikita
Annil is wonderful as always. I can't say enough about his confidence with my situation. Many blessings to you Annil" ... written by AmyBeth73
positiv reading... but now we wait for time frames. i will surely be back with good news if prediction happen" ... written by malteser1970
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
I really enjoyed the reading. I asked for long-term questions. Annil is very perceptive, positive, kind, gentle, supportive. He put my mind at ease. I will definitely look for Annil again." ... written by Waterlily
I had a reading this morning with Annil and it was great. I came with so much pain and hurt and his reading really helped me get centered and gave me hope. I came back later for more clarity on a part of the reading from the morning and was able to have a healing done. It was the most peaceful feeling that I have had. I felt all the negative energy leave my body and I could visually see what I was wanting more clarity in. All the hurt and pain has left and I am feeling more hopeful about my situation. I will definitely come back for more healing sessions. It has brought me peace from a place that I have felt despair for the last 2 months. " ... written by Turner
Annil was very wonderful!!! :) He calmed my nerves about some questions I had in mind about love. Now I really look forward to the new year and I hope it comes out as he has suggested!!! :) And in a way, I feel in my heart, it is true!! :) So if anything, I feel very grateful for confirmation Annil has provided me with and for assuaging my heart. Thank you Annil!!! :) Honor getting a reading with you!! :) " ... written by ObeliskDame
I had a great reading with Sir today. He is a very compassionate person and cares for his customers. He answered all my queries with patience and connected aptly to the people in question. His guidance was soothing to my nervous self and I will trust him on this. Hope his predicions come to pass. Will follow ypur guidance Sir. Thank you so much. God bless you." ... written by gemmoon7
well it is good,there should be encouragement,he is very slow " ... written by stephen ilesanmi meshack OLORUNDA
i believe in you i hope things will get better. you have a very positive energy and it instantly makes me feels good. hank you" ... written by marieme
He is nice and detailed with what he says." ... written by Y
Another beautiful and sacred healing session for my heart, and the man I love, from Annil. He is so pure and in touch with spirit and the Divine. I have a completely unique feeling throughout my mind and body after a session with him. If you are in need of healing, you must go to Annil. He is a gift here on Oranum. Better than 5 stars!" ... written by nocassandra
good reading, insightful" ... written by Alice
first time reading with Annil. based on what he calculated from the information given...he gave his insights. and it makes sense in some...the rest only time will reveal the truths. overall a good experience for using Oranum. thank you" ... written by EveJ
Thank you so much for the healing! thank you for putting your time into my life, very much appreciated :)" ... written by Wave
Thank you Annil so much. You had told me in an earlier reading that the new love was going to be with me in October. He looks to move here to me at the end of that very month. This new man is awesome and I can't believe it happened so fast!! Awesome and thanks again." ... written by shelle97
Very nice and a fast typer! He will not waste your time or tell you things that are unnecessary. Now I shall wait to see if what he says will come to pass. Fingers crossed! :) " ... written by Y
Wonderful gifted, caring psychic who delivers great insight in his readings. You will not be sorry if you get a reading from Annil. He makes you feel lifted up when you are feeling down. He has helped me with something special in Vastu and I felt the energy vibrations come across literally. The one main prediction is still in processing but I will be back to let everyone know he was right on the timeframe. Many blessings Annil my friend...:)" ... written by Amy
Feel lite as a feather.. thank you for the healing awesome" ... written by Lori
Very Good!! Thank you so much Annil!! I will be back!" ... written by Lori
Great reading and suggestions. thanks a lot for your help" ... written by Annuu
fantastic" ... written by al
Annil is a great reader and an great person. Try a healing session with him. You won't regret" ... written by shelle97
Annil is an amazing person. Very kind and generous.He certainly is a wonderful psychic.He always knows what he's talking about and understands the depth of the situation. He will always give you the most honest advice and clarity. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs answers or guidance or even healing." ... written by diamond lady
uncle is an amazing person , his readings are very good.i am always thankful for his blessings." ... written by ritu
Thanks Annil. Hope I find my way someday. Thanks for the insight. Apprreciate it and will try what you say." ... written by familyhelper
Very nice, very helpful. " ... written by Fab
he's very pleasant and hope my reading is correct!" ... written by Jnaujo
ty for positive and an insightful reading. looking forward to the future!" ... written by soulrari28JR
Fast connection, very nice and genuine. Hopefully what he said will come to pass" ... written by Fab
Lovely chatting to Annil. He made so many things a lot clearer in my life and he also given me a sense of hope and understanding of my future. I will definitely be in touch with him again. God bless you Annil!" ... written by Shamiela
hey he is a really good psychic please give him an oppurtuinty " ... written by Bevin john
Very insightful reading. Thank you so muchh!! Many blessings" ... written by mmillcah
Wonderful healing ceremony. it is very real and powerful. Annil is a soothing voice in the storms of people's lives. I am returning for more. a 5 star reader!" ... written by nocassandra
great reader was very fast and to the point made me feel a lot better" ... written by katie
Seemed very accurate, enjoyed the reading even if it was brief. " ... written by Julia
No complaints" ... written by crodgers1723
Good positive feedback. Thank you." ... written by Waterlily
Can't wait for the future to come true, hoping for the best with his guidance and positive advice, thank you" ... written by Nelly
Not sure about predictions yet, but I like his energy. Very positive and nice. Will use again in the future." ... written by belovedheart12
very good" ... written by man
reliable, accurate and wonderful" ... written by df
Good!" ... written by Laura
Had a reading with Annil today. He was quick to connect and picked up on personality traits with no input. He gave me a timeline which is interesting because that is normally when I would hear from this person. I left the door open for him to tell me I was wasting my time waiting but he was adamant that I am not. Hopeful that his prediction was correct. Will update on timeline accuracy. Good reading!" ... written by Magdalene1
great insights. have enjoyed my session. Annil gives practical advice. truly appreciate his help. awesome" ... written by eve
Very nice reading. I am happy with the results." ... written by anonymous
Annil is a great person and so far he has been on point with my situation. He told me someone new was coming into my life about 6 months ago, and December of 2015 (5 months later), I was with someone new and it has been great. Now he has predicted a new job for me, so I can't wait to see this develop." ... written by shelle97
Really interesting reading, was consistent and I believe accurate and gave great insight and details. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry
good perfect predictions " ... written by paragpadgilwar
good" ... written by v
always very kind and understanding. haven't talked in months, but Annil remembered me. thank you Annil" ... written by Blessings~
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thanks great reading" ... written by Anne
Thanks so much for advice and remedies Annil. " ... written by Rr
ty you annil, you are a good man..i feel so at ease with you." ... written by shelle97
I was in crisis and annel put me at ease.. thank you" ... written by shelle97
kind, compassionate, beautiful! Thank you Annil :)" ... written by w
Thank Annil, amazing reading. I highly recommend him." ... written by Jane
Was a really great reading, really loved it was interesting and Annil really took his time to connect and understand the situation. Will be back, Thank You " ... written by Sherry
he is really good psychic he has a great abilities and power and great positivity " ... written by john
Great readin very fast an accurate,I really hope it comes true,Thank you soooo much Annil!!!" ... written by Lisa
Credits ran out. But thank you so much for the reading. will be back" ... written by RR
Very good reading !!! He told me some remedies as well. I hope what he told me about my future comes to pass." ... written by s
He seems genuine and is very kind hearted. I'll let you know if his prediction come true." ... written by CelticFreckles
I love the reading...just wish i had more funds to add " ... written by very quick
direct, good advises. I hope his prediction will come true.." ... written by G
i had vey good eding with him his very kind and help full and he told me lots good thing i will do fallow up fo sure. and suggest him to others. " ... written by hope
Annil is a very positive and healing man he helpe me heal me and my relationship and also gave remedies and reassurnce that everything will be alright in a certain time frame. i will keep you posted about the outcome n i will be back for more healing sessions " ... written by Krystle
Good update thank you " ... written by Sher
excellent reading" ... written by erka
Great reading; was quick to connect was quite accurate I believe and realistic. Was really good. Thank You " ... written by cheri
Always a good reading with Annil!!" ... written by shelle97
I hope his prediction will pan out." ... written by ckeg
Very positive energy and friendly. Annil connects quickly and I do really feel like he has a good connection with his guides. His prediction makes sense to me and I will just stay positive waiting for it to come. " ... written by Daisee
Thank you for being considerate of me. bless you very much." ... written by california
Thank you for the sweet reading. Bless you. " ... written by white
was very helpful and gave me things to do I will do them and see how everything turns out" ... written by Ray
very fantastic, honest, genuine and accurate reading really have enjoyed my readings with him so far! would recommend highly." ... written by sd
it was a awsum healing session hope this will work.. i hav full faith" ... written by sumits
Thank you!!" ... written by jypccc
he is really good psychic he has some great skills to help you guide through your tuff times and also helps you to overcome obstacles in life just trust in him and follow his guidance he will help you to over your problems in life and have peace of mind in life an wyas guy give him a chance and change your destiny " ... written by bevin
thanks.. he seemed like a genuine person" ... written by a
Good advisor" ... written by suman
He is great :) words cannot express it " ... written by Marie
i have seen annil for the last 2 years intermittently and all that he has said has come to pass. he is very compassionate however never just says things that you may want to hear. i am grateful to him for helping me get clarity." ... written by sd
he is a spirit " ... written by Eckhardt Nagel
pleasant reading" ... written by littlebudy1
very fast and accurate reader- very calm and no time wasting - answered all my questions without hesitations and i have left the reading feeling much more positive thank you so much Annil! " ... written by violet
Lovely man with such a gentle soul and spirit. Hope all he says comes to pass x" ... written by L
Seemed accurate" ... written by Julie
Excellent reader" ... written by raj
Wonderful and soo insightful... really works all he says x" ... written by L
awesome awesome reader has been accurate all of the time in my case." ... written by sd
AWESOME! So much positivity and good news! Ive been to Annil a couple of years ago and then I was in love with someone which never worked out - he was one of the VERY few who said straight from beginning he was not a man for me. I wish I listened to him then! I came back a couple of years later to ask about a new guy and now got positive news... I wanted to check as i knew that Annil wont steer me wrong! so now I stay positive and it will come true again :) thank you!" ... written by hh
great reader, accurate in predictions, caring and compassionate." ... written by sd
good reader. very accurate." ... written by rainbowsnow
Honest" ... written by recruiter44
I am so excited to see my and my son's life unfold over the next year as you mentioned. I will be patient, positive and manifest my destiny as I believe in what you have given to me. Thank you from my heart. You don't realize how much you have helped with your guidance. As they unfold, I will be back to tell you about the successes you predicted." ... written by familyhelper
Annil is very humble and polite, does not waste time, to the point and has given me very accurate prediction. God bless you sir, I'll be back!" ... written by Ash
He answered to the point and gave me a timeframe. Let's see if it comes to pass. Thank you,Annil." ... written by kevin
awsome is not enugh" ... written by sumit
Very honest reading!" ... written by Kavita
What a lovely sole. really intuitive and gives u the truth!" ... written by L
thank you for the reading, he is a good listener and adviser. looking forward to see if prediction comes true. " ... written by papa
He is very knowledgeable only people I can trust and he is one of them" ... written by smokie
You are truly amazing, Annil. Your readings just ground me and give me direction, hope and strength. You've managed to put things together for me that help me to see my path. Thank you so much! I will be back to tell you all the successful stories. Blessings!" ... written by familyhelper
very good! thank you" ... written by j
good, could get to the underlying energetic problem" ... written by q
an amazing reader and person" ... written by kim
compassionate, kind, caring and fantastic overall.." ... written by sd
Lovely man with great insight on your situation and time frames. Great reading as always x" ... written by POP
great job and accurate" ... written by sd
annil is one of the best I will always gpo to him for readings very detailed " ... written by solo
Annil gave me a very good reading, many thanks!" ... written by Charlie0901
It was very good but all my credit got over due to the poor connection from Oranum. I want a reading with him again but Oranum needs to credit me for the lost credits due to bad connection" ... written by Sony Amin
great healing thank you annil" ... written by solo
very nice, consistent with past reading - looking forward to outcome!" ... written by kk
Annil is great.. I have been seeing him for years.. He is very good with his remedies and knowledge .. I highly recommend him for fast connection to quick answers" ... written by Sheila
i will let you know how things turn out and when they happen i will be sure to update you, thank you and blessings." ... written by cherie
Very nice man, and highly insightful and detailed reading." ... written by Legalc24
A FANTASTIC reader!!! Gave me some exciting news for my future and things to do to get all the good luck I deserve and what I need to do to improve my life. He's very quick and honest and I can't wait to visit him again soon. U MUST HAVE A PVT 10 STARS! Thank u Annil." ... written by starsalign21
Annil is very kind man, he gave me some good advice and i hope it will help for my situation. Thank you very much!" ... written by marina35
He was good, I will give him 5 stars because he told me what I really wanted to hear!" ... written by butterfly91