About Ashnadel

Psychic Ashnadelhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Ashnadelhas recently helped 46members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Ashnadel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Thank you!" ... written by friendly22
I think she might be on to something and time will tell. Very nice and pleasant." ... written by halovm
She is an Angel... She gave me a great reading. She is insightful, accurate and warm and spot on on my situation. Thank you very much Ashna. God Bless!" ... written by mylife123
OMG!!!!! She is EXCELLENT!!! Wish I had more credits, will definitely come back for an update! Give her a try people!!" ... written by Aryastark
She is a sweetheart!!!. Get a private, and stay relaxed!!!!" ... written by pegy8888
She was very good, lovely personality, gave me a good insight into my situation :) I recommend her and would definitely return for future readings!! " ... written by laroo99
Such a lovely person and her cards a very accurate in picking up what is goind on in a situation.... she was very accurate with whats happening in my life ... must try" ... written by murdocca
She is very nice i understood everything she said, awesome person. " ... written by prettyeyes0401
WOW very insightful. She was very honest, and i am looking forward to see how things unfold." ... written by swaimz
shes very nice fast and help me with what i needed i didnt even have to give her much info she was on point thanks alot" ... written by daniel
Good reading!" ... written by Anniekins
She was amazing the card she pulled about my love life wa so true omg you have got to get a reading" ... written by shawnn101
Wow she is sweet. her cards help tell future. she is so sweet in delivery. very gentle. THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating the cards. I needed to hear what they showed. Thank you again for the honest reading. " ... written by Jazzylady155
She s spot on. I really enjoyed her reading . She s very sweet and has a great energy." ... written by mimatisse
She is very good very help full" ... written by inalandi
Friendly, straightforward, fast, kind! very good reading!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
She was a great reader and very sweet" ... written by Luella63
Woooooooooooow, amazing again!!:) Thank you soooo much!" ... written by Aryastark
Reading was great!" ... written by jaiyakali
She is HONEST, nice and very perofssional!! I liked my reading and I will see her again! I highly recommend her! Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
She was fun! We shall see :)" ... written by Smiles1977
5 STARS ***** !!! She is very HONEST, ACCURATE , and Caring!!! Ashnadel is AWESOME!!! She is one of the best here in Oranum!! She knows what she is doing!! Try here! You won't regret it!! Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
She's the best psychic reader I found. She is so kind and has a pure heart. A true friend you will ever have! She is accurate with her readings and will give you tips,too. Thanks a lot! Will definitely come back." ... written by ondoutsidelookin
Very touching and personal reading that offered hope, encouragement and comfort. Thank you." ... written by teesandra
AaaaMAZING :) Definately recommended, you have to try a Private reading with Ashnadel. Accurate as :)" ... written by tonx
The best psychic Ive ever encountered, and very accurate with her readings... " ... written by bandtup
Excellent reading , Ashnabel is very good with timing, spot on !" ... written by bonbon2012
I give Ashnadel 5 stars ***** !! She amazes me!!! I always like her honesty. She is very ACCURATE and I hope all she said come TRUE!! XO... Ellie, SEP 24TH, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Great reading again!!!! She is truly one of the best!!!:) Thank you sooo much!" ... written by Aryastark
Amazing Reading! Ashnadel tapped into my situation and picked up what was happening in my life. She is a kind soul. Will be back for another reading in the future. Thank you Ashnadel!!" ... written by E andamp;amp; M
Wow!!!! thats all I have to say... she was so exact about everything! I was truly amazed.. I felt a great connection with her in her demo and took her private... she truly is a sweet woman and helped me so much!!!!!! Thank You Ashnadel." ... written by 80sbabyy
Very nice reading, thank you.." ... written by Bojan99
She felt my pain and was very helpful. Most def one of my favs!!" ... written by Promyse
Good reading. Pulled some great cards and had good insight into my questions. Thank you!" ... written by eacbanker
She picked up the stuff was very nice and thoughtful. REALLY REALLY GOOD! Feel much better." ... written by bella911912
She was really patient and understanding. Very good vibe. The cards picked up amazing stuff. Do give her a try and you will know :)" ... written by bella911912
very good! " ... written by sofibubbles42
Thank you for your advice. i will take care. i appreciate your help. and absolutely looking forward to my life without fear" ... written by nachalo2012
She keeps surprising me more and more!! Loooove her reading, it's always enjoyable and she also gives great advise. Got a few readings, and i highly recommend her." ... written by swaimz
Shes GREAT!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Thank you. " ... written by cely2004
Good.." ... written by ladybird05
She tells you exaclty what she sees. I like her, shes very nice and friendly. Thank you. I hope what you say come to pass. :)" ... written by stebella009
You are admazing!i see you really understand me and what I'm going through .thank you so much! i will be back!!!" ... written by meamea13
Very good, really pleased :) xx" ... written by emj1985
Soooooo much clarity, great reading, but my credit ran out :(" ... written by swaimz
I like her reading, she gives me hope to continue and also I believe and trust what she says," ... written by siham2012
Shes a very kind and accurate reader :-)" ... written by trinigentleman2
Ashnadel was very lovely and friendly and gave me relevant insight. I didn't ask or receive details, but the reading helped strengthen my understanding of myself - I think this is the best way to help me reach what I am wanting! " ... written by Jescalee
Lovely lady answered all of my questions." ... written by smiley2011
Great reading." ... written by mariekat72
She is Wonderful!!! HONEST, CARING, and Lovely to talk to!! She knows her material and what she is doing!! I love her! " ... written by Ellie11
I thought Ashnadel was dead on and sympathetic to my needs!" ... written by nyota77
She keeps on surprising me everytime. The accuracy she has given me to all my questions is fantastic. She elevated my moood, when I was feeling super down. She is very good in family issues, work, life and love." ... written by swaimz
She is good!" ... written by kari89
I come back tomorrow! Can't wait. tc sounds great!" ... written by fretan
Short reading, therefore not to much information given. " ... written by msginny1
Ashnadel gave a great reading, and just the right card was pulled! She gave some good advice and had some great insights!" ... written by estelle317
One of the best readings I have had. I felt really close and content from my heart while talking to Ashnadel. I felt a spiritual connection. She is very intuitive, and easy to get along with. Wonderful experience. Thank u, and God Bless xoxox" ... written by SSK143
Thank you :) Will come back to update :) " ... written by Summaluv8
Thank you very much , gave good advice , see think clearly and helpful" ... written by Francois1412
5 ***** !!! She is always Wonderful, HONEST and Accuarte!!! But today she amazed me!!! We connected strongly today, and I feel Ashnadel's Energy and my Energy were at a really Strong and High Level and that's why I had a Wonderful reading!! Thanks Ashnadel and God Bless You XOxo- Ellie, Sep 25th, 2012 " ... written by Ellie11
She was great, gave me a clear view on my next step. Will defiantly go back for a reading. I used all my 60 credit on her at once because i felt so comfortable and connected with her. Thank you so much. " ... written by oreo978
Accurate and thoughtful!!!" ... written by sometimes4321
She is awesome ....honest ,and telling exactly what happened to me...thanks..... " ... written by sabinaa
So good and honest, thanks...." ... written by sabinaa
Wow, shes a great reader! really really accurate and I am glad I have found someone who understands what its like for me to go through what I am. Thank you!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Ashnadel is very talented and sees things without asking questions. She just needs your mothers name, your date of birth and your name, and your question. The rest she will tell you and she will explain in detail what has happened, what is happening now and what may occur in the future if you do a certain thing. I felt I knew her from the moment I went into her chat room. If you feel a connection with her, do not hesitate. She is very good at what she does." ... written by anothersoul1
She is wonderful at what she does with the Egyptian Tarot. I'm a fan now.. Thanks Ashnadel. Love and light." ... written by Happle
What a lady, what a reading. Good card reader. Had some good insights into my situation, Freindly person. " ... written by Ernie Trimpble
she was patient and accurate on the reading. On spot, will come for updates" ... written by maria
I knew I had a good feeling about this woman the moment my mouse moved over her, she was really nice and caring, and she helped me out a lot and shed a lot of light on my situation, I totally recommend Ashnade!! :)" ... written by Matty7246
Ashnadel is amazing and tells exactly what she sees no sugarcoating but she is lovely and i enjoyed my reading with her..." ... written by marion
I really enjoy getting my reading with Ashnadel, a lot of the things she predicted for me, actually came true. WOW talk about being accurate. " ... written by swaimz
She did well, gave me the info I needed." ... written by naston516
Reader was fun and friendly. She gave me great answers. " ... written by elyZ86
Thank you for your time Ashnadel!... Great reading. " ... written by lagirl
I am always amazed by Ashnadel! She is such a great person and adviser! Thank you hun! Love you!" ... written by Aryastark
Thank you, so correct! " ... written by Jessangel93
Thanks ashnadel. Was wonderful reading :) Lovely person and nice to talk to! Very helpful! I`ll be back :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Great Reading!! Love her a lot!! She is amazing-Ellie-USA-OCT 16th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
She was honest absolutely honest! You won't regret talking to her." ... written by bella911912
Very direct and to the point, thank you for the clarity." ... written by idledragonfly
5 STARS ***** to Ashnadel. She deserves that, I love her a lot!! As always I had another amazing, Wonderful reading with her!! She's just Right on Spot and so ACCURATE!!! God Bless you Ashnadel! Ellie, Oct 6th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Looking forward to see how things will turn out!! Great reading as always!" ... written by swaimz
Very helpful as always, so much fun to talk to. I always come back to her when i need more clarification, and she makes me feel super comfortable." ... written by Swaimz
5 Stars ***** ! She is a WonderFul, Honest, Caring, Lovely Person. I respect Ashnadel a lot, and I believe her with all my Heart!! Try her, She is One of the Best here in Oranum! Thanks My Dear Ashnadel, Ellie-USA- Oct 16th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Ashnadel is so reassuring and made me feel really good. I really appreciate the time she spent with me!" ... written by lovemoon
She was kind and sweet." ... written by acealways
Great Reading!! Great and amazing person, with a wonderful Positive Energy!! I always enjoy seeing and talking to her!! God Bless you Ashnadel! I wish you the best my Dear!! Ellie - USA - OCT 18th, 2012." ... written by Ellie11
Wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by Angelwingss7
Answered questions. Awesome! Thank you!" ... written by Angelwingss7
Thank you Ash for the reading today it was really accurate and right. Thanks again and wish all the best." ... written by noga1981
Very claim loving soul." ... written by iluvall
Excellent reading with Ashnadel, very very quick in anwers.thank you.Kisses" ... written by whishes43
Ashnadel was charming and gave me helpful reading." ... written by Middlehope
Great reading. Thank you so much for helping me." ... written by welcometo99
She gave good advices and confirmed what I thought. Thank you for your help! :)" ... written by emotions
Wonderful reading. She was accurate about what was going on!" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you, awesome." ... written by Angelwingss7
Thank you so much! I really look forward to what is to come!! Really excited!!" ... written by aa2012
Very honest reader and to the point." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Ashnadel was very accurate and helpful. I was lead to speak to her and for good reason, she was able to help me make some decisions that were important. She is compassionate but also gives the answers as she sees it - to be true and to the point. I appreciated her advice during the reading as well. thanks and blessings" ... written by lisa
It is always a pleasure to see Ash in a private reading! She is HONEST, Caring, and Positive. I Love her! Thanks again- Love, Ellie- Oct 22, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Ashnadel is a very nice person and she point everything that I needed to know :) ty so much for ur help :)" ... written by Akasakura
Very good reader, spot on." ... written by thanya
She is so serene and peaceful always honest and guides you the right way." ... written by bella911912
Very delightful reading and to the point.Very intuitive. Give her a try. you can't lose." ... written by newness
Happy with reading. Can't wait to see what happens :) Will be back!" ... written by precious_angel7
Ashnadel answered my question and made me understand clearly. :) tyvm again ^_^ " ... written by Akasakura
Honest kind and has knowledge. I do recommend. Thank you for reading." ... written by zimerili1
Ashnadel My life is good now so thank you for the reading.." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Very great lady, very spot on." ... written by rachel1312
She may have saved us!!!" ... written by wolfe685
Looking forward to see the predictions unfold. Love her reading as usual! Superb. " ... written by swaimz
Awesome! Thank you!" ... written by Angelwingss7
Great reading, right on the mark. " ... written by LunaBear
Spot on, very caring, empathetic reader who is so graceful yet confident with her readings." ... written by happyheather
She is pretty good. Waiting to get her predictions correct." ... written by california1971
I enjoy talking to her and I will definently recommend her to others." ... written by madisonavy
Very honest and accurate!" ... written by fairmemories
Awesome, Thank you." ... written by Angelwingss7
Fantastic!" ... written by bandasacha1
She really is a sweet heart, she goes way beyond to help and is really really really good. Absolutely made my day. Thank you." ... written by bella911912
My time is short anyway manage to get the answer from you thanks" ... written by Twinheart
I love her, she's straight 4wrd, sweet and nice to talk to, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. " ... written by onlygal22
Great reading, thx!" ... written by nadouce
Thank you! :) Lovely reading again! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very interesting reading... I ran out of credits but will be back... Thank you..." ... written by VenusInLove
Thank you very much! :) Good reader and very nice to talk to! :)" ... written by katarzbl
She's very honest and she will tell you the truth, no matter how much it may or may not hurt. It opens your eyes and gives you great advice to help you move forward. I love her." ... written by fairmemories
Great reading with Ashandel. She give me happy news and give me steps to heal my self. Thank you dear so much. See you next time." ... written by Ayshaue
Love, love her!!!!! " ... written by shell456
I always console in her, she makes me feel hopeful, I enjoy her readings very informative and accurate... I recommend ashnadel!" ... written by madisonavy
I love her, the best reading!" ... written by swaimz
Thank you so much Ashnadel! 5 star reading and very helpful!" ... written by myeyesee
Predicted the future clearly and understood the situation. Very good reader." ... written by Need2know5
Great reading" ... written by daisy17
Very kind lady had very good words to say:)" ... written by Cell14
Very honest and positive, I really enjoying my readings with her. I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and I highly recommend her. " ... written by swaimz
She was very great will come back again!!! Thanks." ... written by loveisme
Thank you so much for your time I was in a separation just 2 days ago and I could not feel that I can be with out him but there is no new love at all at this time." ... written by noga1981
Thanks for the answer." ... written by Twinheart
Great reading. It was so accurate and she reads so quickly. Thank you!!!" ... written by leogirl
She's such a nice person and an amazing psychic. she is in tune with what you are feeling and thinking and well, definitely will come back to her." ... written by fairmemories
Wow I am just impressed with you. My heart goes to you! :)" ... written by mszkut29
Thank you so much Anshnadel! The reading brought in a lot of guidance and connected me to what my guides wanted to share with me. She also helped me in understanding why the situation was brought upon me and what was my role in doing so. All in all, after doing readings with many psychics here on Oranum, I must admit that she is one of the best readers that i have come across. Thank you once again and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
She was good!" ... written by denah86
She was great!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Thanks you for your insight! xx" ... written by laceylex
Great reading, she showed a lot of insights into my past and gave clear warnings on future. =)" ... written by Mel0Dee
Dear Ashnadel, first of all I would like to explain how happy I am after I talked with you. All your words and reading are right. Indeed, you have a great and a wonderful personality that touches everyone's heart." ... written by noga1981
First time I have ever spent more then 40 on anyone. I was afraid at first, fear that it wouldn't be good things I heard. But I heard nothing but good things. My heart pain has stopped finally. Thank you so much Ashnadel. I should have known I should have listen to my instinct telling me all will be okay. :) Thank you SOOO MUCH. " ... written by SweetMissK
Very pleasant and easy to talk to I loved it and loved it more that it was in arabic :D Thanks a lot love!" ... written by miminow
Always accurate, detailed and spot on with readings! I've been coming to her for ages and will keep coming back!" ... written by fairmemories
She uses her senses, easy to talk to." ... written by chocolate33
Even if I only had 5 minutes the time was worth it, she could tell me what I was going through at the moment, and we had never spoken, I really recommend, I wish I had the finance to continue my session with her." ... written by Ashley
Yes finally someone who speaks arabic lol.. I had my doubts before coming in but I'm very happy to say she is very accurate and understood my situation very well. Her advice was what I needed to hear to know how to move forward and I hope I see her on Oranum more often because I will definitely come back :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Her new cards are excellent and answered all my questions, and guided to to what needs to be done. " ... written by swaimz
Thank you so much Ashnadel for a lovely reading. Spot on. " ... written by LionKing777
Great reading as usual." ... written by noga1981
Thank you so much for your reading today it was perfect as usual! Najla " ... written by noga1981
Wow very interesting, thank u!" ... written by JANA86
AMAZING! 6 stars from me!" ... written by swaimz
I enjoy talking to her every time...she's great!" ... written by madisonavy
Good reading from the card, I hope things come true.. Patince is all I need.. She was fast and good.. Do not spend your time.. Smiling and gives good feeling :)" ... written by ginlin
Dear Ash, the reading is great and thank you so much for your reading today which was great as usual!!!! Indeed, your great personality helps me to move on... Thanks so much Ash for your great help and support... The reading and the free chat are great!!!! Even the chat group have a great and positive impact on me!!!! Thanks again " ... written by noga1981
Love how we both go into details!! Ash is a great reader, not only that but she understands what part of the world I come from, so I highly recommend her! We have our funny moments, and pleasure as always! " ... written by swaimz
Adds a lot of clarity to whatever situation I am in, and she gives great advice too, and is very positive. So far she's been right about most things. She really helped in my darkest times and I highly recommend her. She's actually very funny too, and I always enjoy my reading with her. She get a 1million stars for my readings, and her new deck of cards are a must try!!" ... written by swaimz
The vibe of today's reading was out of this world!! I'm totally speechless. Ash really helped me a lot today, and she's amazing. She's honest, and she makes me laugh, and lifts my spirits up. Bless her!" ... written by swaimz
Shes on FIREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! " ... written by swaimz
Thanks for the reading." ... written by crystalmaze
I just passed by chat and she immediately sensed my feelings. Wonderful reading and more insights into the matter i was worried about. Just waiting now for the dates to pass and will keep you posted.Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very lovely lady helped me very much tells you how it is." ... written by soso_10
Very good" ... written by Angelique7
Excellent reading. To the point and honest.! Thank you so much. I am a return customer! And will be back again." ... written by bandasacha1
She's amazing and she cares for your well-being and happiness. She really does know what she's doing and a truly gifted person here. I always go to her for my problems and she knows how to help me solve it to benefit me." ... written by fairmemories
She's quick and I love how accurate she is. She is unbelievably nice and friendly and she does not sugar coat anything. Definitely an amazing person." ... written by fairmemories
She's so nice and wonderful. definitely accurate and I can't wait to update her on my situation!" ... written by fairmemories
A beautiful and very powerful connected time. She connected with me right away and to my situation. I am happy...blessings!" ... written by beautywithinone
Best reading I've gotten on Oranum!!! Hands down!! " ... written by Nina_Lovely
Goes into detail. Very sweet energy!" ... written by bella911912
She was very accurate. First time I meet with her. I am trying to find my way and it was great to get confirmation of what I thought I was trying to do and how I was understanding my inner being. " ... written by numee2012
Very nice lady and seems to be accurate, thank you very much. x" ... written by Coraldeacon
She's like the best friend I never had. She is so quick to read into your problem and is really accurate. I love talking to her about my problems and issues and I know she helps me find a way to solve everything. Sweet and caring, truly gifted person. " ... written by fairmemories
Great listener and great reader!! Always insightful!" ... written by swaimz
She was quick and straight to the point. Thanks for the clarity :)" ... written by J_Virtuous86
Very caring soul, she gave me accurate information and gave me proper guidance. Her reading reassured me a lot and I'm looking forward to all the beautiful things coming my way. :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
This is my third reading with Asnadel!! She is very trusted and always gives great clarity in a situation! I will always recommend her!! " ... written by Nina_Lovely
Very good, gave me hope." ... written by Carla1968
She is an empathic, honest and a fantastic reader who always is accurate." ... written by sarahjlk
Thanks Ash for your reading, today it was perfect." ... written by noga1981
She is real deal, she gave me a very quick card I wish I had more credit to continue the reading but I am sure I'll be with her again. I highly recommended her, she is just on spot and she was really quick and friendly, Bless you Ash. xo xo" ... written by Noura_Love
Thank you so much for your reading today." ... written by noga1981
Thanks again, she confirmed everything!" ... written by pjazz86
Spot on, thank you!" ... written by pjazz86
Well done!" ... written by Dragonhorn66
Very helpful and motivating reading. Nice and humble character. I enjoyed my time with Ashnadel very much. I will definitely come back. Recommended reader. Love xxxx" ... written by Balkiss
I love ashnadel, Very accurate and will do everything to help you!" ... written by fpinkney
Very pleaseant , very nice reading , good new , very honest . Highley recommended!" ... written by sweety1975
I got a positive reading hope it will come true" ... written by Acealways
She was great!!!" ... written by Taboo35
That was a wonderful reading. It was a honest reading. I felt the truth deep inside as she revealed it. This was so helpful. So very very helpful. " ... written by katharazz
She is very good really.... She can feel everything..." ... written by sabrineeee
She was so nice and excellent. She told me about many things that no ones know and all was correct." ... written by hadeel7171
I felt so much better when I had a reading by ashnadel tonight! If your having a problem and are confused please come to ashandel she will help you we all have times like that. Love and Light" ... written by fpinkney
Ashnadel is a beautiful very accurate thank you so much. x" ... written by Coraldeacon
I was very impressed by way she knew how to answer all my questions. Her answers were very comforting and I felt that I could be patient and wait for the outcome of the future. I really hope she is right and that all her answers will come true. Thank you Ashnadel xx" ... written by Bondibeauty
5 Stars to Ashnadel!! She is so honest, Caring, and Pure. I love her and how she reads in Private. God Bless you. Love, Ellie- USA- March 3rd, 2013" ... written by Ellie11
Thank you for the advice and spell. Will try it out!" ... written by Marialuis
Ashnadel has a very loving peaceful, kind energy and her read is skillful and accurate... definitely recommend!" ... written by girlfish62
Very very nice lady, straight-forward!" ... written by mi
Thanks for you reading " ... written by elle11
Thanks" ... written by elle11
SHE WAS VERY DEEP ON ALL THINGS I ASKED." ... written by terri ozz
Great Advice!!! Wonderful and I will take on to it. Thank you!" ... written by pinkbarbie85
Great reading as usual. Thank you so so much for your honesty and sincerity!! Your friend always. Najla" ... written by noga1981
So advanced reading, thanks for the details that you provided to me today in my readings and it helps me a lot as usual!" ... written by noga1981
Very sweet and she didn't sugar coat... Thanks again" ... written by sunshine70
Thanks for your great readings and advices. Your friend Najla " ... written by noga1981
She is wonderful. Very warm and great reading. She answered my questions well. " ... written by Rebecca
It is great and more detailed and so accurate. Thank you Ashnadel for your time today. " ... written by noga1981
She is great, thanks." ... written by fifi202
She is very honest and tunes in on what feelings are. Very helpful. Wish I had more $ tonight. Will come back. Thank YOU!" ... written by rk6561
It is really great reading, though every time I had some technical and connection problem. Thanks Ashnadel for your reading today. It makes me more happier. Your reading gives me strength everyday. " ... written by noga1981
Ashnadel is very good! She made me feel much better about my situation. Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Thanks again for your reading, you are so spot on at what you picked up in the cards. I will be back for another reading soon." ... written by elle11
Awesome." ... written by tarssh
She was very accurate and hit thing right on the number." ... written by Brian
Thanks for the honesty my dear!" ... written by noga1981
She is amazing. Thanks so much Ashnadel, and I will follow your guidance. " ... written by Msprofessor7
Great reading, really in-depth. Very sensitive and caring to my situation. I will follow her advice! " ... written by Stephanie
Thanks for your help!! It was great." ... written by tina
What a wonderful, amazing woman. Helpful and kind. It was like my guides talking to me through her cards, her cards were so accurate and clear." ... written by Heart
Wonderful beautiful young lady, so intuitive, not all fairy tales but also direct discreet sincere, I am so happy to meet Ashnadel. If you need clear fast concise guidance take her in a pvt reading. Will visit her again soon. A miracle! You can also speak with her tell her anything." ... written by fretan
Thank you! You tried your best to be fast and accurate." ... written by CaarahH
Great reading! She is sweet" ... written by tallwoman
Thaaaaaank youuuuuuu. Already back for the third time in a row! lol" ... written by CaarahH
lol, went in for another reading :) Thank you so much!!" ... written by CaarahH
She is one of the nicest psychics I have encountered on Oranum. She is very intuitive and sincere." ... written by mitzer
Ashnadel's reading was amazing. She provided a demo reading for me and I was so impressed that I decided to pay for a private reading. She's very sweet and compassionate with the way she reads and she's also very accurate. She connects quickly and gets right to the point without wasting your time. My reading was positive and she shared my excitement with me! I loved her reading and I will be back again. Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Thank you Ashnadel! " ... written by angiefra22
Enchanting, very clear. Thank you so much." ... written by LionKing777
Again, I really like her. She is honest andamp; I appreciate that as a psychic myself." ... written by Angelique
I really adore her. As a psychic myself for almost 30 years I fully trust her energy andamp; accuracy." ... written by Angelique
Thank you for the clarification. I think Leigh will thank you too lol." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Short an sweet! I need to follow up with Ash...Good direction, and insight on what I should be doing!" ... written by diamondcutz
She connected really and I'd reccoment a reading. Very accurate in cards !" ... written by Christopher roth
Great reading very insightful and truthful." ... written by Lorann23
Thank you for much clarity and understanding on my situation. Forewarned is forearmed." ... written by newness
VERY VERY ACCURATE!" ... written by pinky55
Thank you so so much for your great reading. It was nice, direct, and honest. Wish all the best! Ash" ... written by noga1981
Thanks for offeriing guidance on my matter today, very sorry I did not have many credits. You answwed my questions so clearly and you are very kind and honest. Thank you again, I will come back when I can afford an in-depth reading dear. God bless x" ... written by Tanya
Ashnadel was great and quick she told me what I had to hear without sugarcoaating anything." ... written by amoura88
It is very possible that it is the truth. I felt that she really felt she was seeing the situation and was opening my eyes to reality." ... written by halovm
This Psychic is great. Very precise and very straight forward. I will use her again, thanks for your help." ... written by Rose
Thank you Ashnadel! You are amazing! ; ) " ... written by angiefra22
Very kind, only had short time, but she was great!" ... written by kaylyn
Thank you very much for the reading. You helped me gain a better understanding of a couple of matters but I am very confused about part of the reading, the number 7 and the key" ... written by Kimberly
Amazing reading thanks again xx" ... written by elle11
Thank you Ashnadel. I feel very comforted by your reading." ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
I give her 5 STARS !!! She's amazing, Caring and wonderful. She gets and understands the right and accurate messages from her cards andamp; Share that Honestly with you. I have been having so many PRV readings with Ashnadel since last year, and I always love talking to her and seeing her. She's Positive and very Honest!!! Try her and I promise, you never Regret that! Love you Ash! God Bless you sweet heart! Ellie - USA 06/09/13" ... written by Ellie
Very truthful, highly recommendable, will go back to her" ... written by need2know5
Thanks so much! Aways is so nice to talk to! " ... written by samantha
Ashnadel picked up that something was going on with me as soon as I came into free chat. She is very sweet and I love her tarot decks." ... written by Taylor
Thank you thank you thank you. I trust on your romance angel. Great and very specific reading. very nice and I am looking forward to hear more in the future." ... written by noga1981
I thought everything Ashnadel said was very true and accurate and i am grateful for her advice and think she was so sweet and great!" ... written by lisa
Genuine and honest reading. " ... written by d2k1000
Thanks..." ... written by Hrast
Ashnadel is AMAZING!! " ... written by Cosmo
Ashnadel knew what was going on right away when I came in the room. The reading was insane, my jaw dropped with the information that was given. Ashnadel is awesome, can't go wrong with her!" ... written by Cosmo
She is awesome very accurate and helped me a tons. Worth it! " ... written by Elizabeth
V helpful she is Amazing, good with dates and times.. :))" ... written by elle11
Hope I get what I need thank you." ... written by mystical
Very good with the cards, have a reading with her. " ... written by Angeldust67
She is really good, must check her out!!" ... written by seerat
She is great, straight to the point." ... written by freewoman1234
Thank you, great reading." ... written by mike
Thanks for the help" ... written by mackmike23
Wonderful reading, she is very kind and cheerful." ... written by madhu_thomas
Very helpful and thorough, answered things I've been thinking about without having to ask. Very good!" ... written by Kent
She felt me, she read me, she told me what I'm going thru without me telling her. Amazing. Thank you." ... written by Vanna
Awesome ... I dont have words to explain, she is the best reader here who is positive, honest and kind. She explained and read it absolutely right!" ... written by Sree
So good and fast updates thanks so much!" ... written by samantha
Was very kind, sincere, and straight to the point. Picked up on my energy as soon as I entered the room. Thank you for your help." ... written by Melissa
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Cosmo
I enjoyed my reading with Ashnadel. I liked that she used a variety of tools in my reading and very pleasant to talk to. You won't be disappointed." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Luv her she gives such honest readings." ... written by elle11
Shame not more time but great fast read! Very direct very clear.Lets see what happens." ... written by fretan
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Good reading! A great person!" ... written by Gaston
Great Reader!" ... written by Gaston
She's so sweet, great reading thanks a lot!" ... written by RealLove
Thanks for the update!" ... written by Cosmo
Amazing!!! Truly accurate!!!" ... written by kisha
I left the reading wanting more!!! She is to good!!! Extremely accurate. I went back in again for another session back to back! The Best!!!" ... written by kisha
Very good liked it a lot would do it again, can't wait to see the upcoming changes she has predicted!" ... written by careyann
Thanks for your help, I was feeling stuck the past couple of days and I'm excited to see the developments are still continuing. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Cosmo
Again great reading!" ... written by Jenny
Excellent reading!" ... written by Jenny
Super amazing! Thanks for the lovely reading Ash! I look forward to the predictions coming true :) xoxo" ... written by CA
It was a good vibration in air when you explained, I feel more confident in the tools you provided me with and will try them. I also want to thank you for your empathy shown." ... written by Youssef
She answered my questions, hope it all happens as she says! " ... written by LizaLiza
She is good! " ... written by Melanie
Very quick connection." ... written by angelszone
Having a hard time and something good is suppose to happen in 3 days, hope it comes true, very nice lady" ... written by toddie
Very accurate!!!!! i was amazed!!!!" ... written by kisha
Ashna was very pleasant to talk to! She is caring, and has a great personality. She gave me a three card reading, and predicted actual time frames for me. I can't wait till they come true! She also gave me a good positive spell. Will come back to her for sure! :) " ... written by Mimi
Very interesting. Loved the variety in cards. If you're patient I would highly recommend. " ... written by thw0057
Lovely as always... she is very accurate in what she sees in her cards." ... written by elle11
She is very caring and open lady and she helped me a lot and she listens patiently and very nice in guiding in the matters of the heart and very kind as well... Thank you. :)" ... written by S
Fantastic reading, thank you so much!" ... written by carlla
Ashnadel was a beautiful and sincere person. She answered my questions accurately and quickly! :)" ... written by Rana
Direct! =)" ... written by MyraGM
Great advice and insight. Just had my second reading. Thank you!" ... written by bella82576
Thank you you are wonderful as always!" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Excellent reader, will go back to her, highly recommendable" ... written by need2know5
thanks for the reading, it was very very accurate and explained my present to future in business and projects, i loved it, i will definitely be back in the future. thanks :)" ... written by jondaz
Very good - over all -highly recommended!" ... written by rups
Awesome reading very honest" ... written by Carla
Insightful, detailed read!" ... written by sk
Thank for the reading, it was very very accurate and explained my present to future, I loved it, I will def be back in the future. Thanks. :)" ... written by jondaz
insightful detailed read. patient and understanding. spiritually gifted person." ... written by s
Got confirmation about a situation, good and fast reading :) highly recommended." ... written by Satu
Great reading and very good insight to my current problem." ... written by Harold
Ashnadel is a beautiful person inside and out. She really helped me through a hard situation that I have been going through. Thank you for your kindness Ash!" ... written by Rana
thank you for helping." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Very helpful and nice person, and very thorough." ... written by sophie
Precise answers!" ... written by kisha
She is good 5 stars" ... written by amoura88
Ashnadel is amazing. Thank you!" ... written by RealLove
Dont really know yet." ... written by Geir-Arne
Ashnadel answered my question in the time we had! Very specific answer. Thank you!" ... written by LizaLiza
She's always has such a positive attitude.. :D " ... written by Miss.K
She could feel me from the moment I signed into the chat. She didn't have to ask me anything to know something was on my mind. I went into Pvt and she told me all I needed to know. I am very happy with my reading.I will be back." ... written by Cana905
Amazing good advice quite accurate." ... written by RB
She was amazing, everything came true! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Cabolch
I love Ashnadel. She has amazing reading full of positive. :)" ... written by Real Love
Had a wonderful reading with Ashnadel. I hope it'll come true soon..." ... written by Real Love
Very good and very fast, appreciated her feedback very much." ... written by gloria
She is great, on point!" ... written by beautiful
You should all try her, she's incredible! ;)" ... written by Real Love
She was so sweet and gave me what I needed right away. She was also going fast and was concerned to not use up my credits. She's a sweetheart and I would definitely to her again!" ... written by Marielle
Lovely and positive reading as usual, thanks dear!" ... written by Real Love
What an amazing reading, very accurate on my situation, lots of details provided to me. This is the best reading i have had from any psychic on Oranum. Highly recommended to others!!!" ... written by Ammer
I had a truly great reading with her and I want to say she has a very accurate and pleasant way of making the truth be known. Which helps in knowledge and wisdom of one's life and nature! Thank You." ... written by Sophhia
Very helpful and understanding." ... written by Rene
she is very helpful good person" ... written by newlife_85
Great reading! Very kind, quickly and thoroughly answered all my questions!" ... written by bruin19
Very gooooooood!!!!!!" ... written by kisha
Thank you!!" ... written by travswifey
great, very nice, and accurate" ... written by Isis
Very good follow-up session, got more info on my personal life matter!!" ... written by AAR
I love her real psychic and friendly too so good! " ... written by sarah
amazing" ... written by sunshinema
Oh wow! I am speechless and can't wait for everything to happen :) Thank you sooo much, you are awesome!!!!" ... written by april
I connected so well with her. It was like talking to a long lost sister. She is caring, compassionate, and her highly skilled and in tune. Its a true blessing to have a reading with her. " ... written by LadyGrace
Very nice reader. Wish I had more time ... Eeek." ... written by shokahwah
Accurate and quick... Many details and good interpretation!" ... written by Isis
She is always so amazing. Very honest and very clear. Always gets it right. One of the best I have ever met. Definitely a must see." ... written by almedina
Ashnadel is a true angel on earth. Love my readings with her. She allways gives honest insights and advice. " ... written by LadyGrace
Ashnadel is one of the best on Oranum. Extremely genuine, loving, vibrant, highly in tune. Please give her a try. " ... written by LadyGrace
Very nice and truthful... Deal with our problems as if they were her problems...." ... written by Osaires
Love her now to wait for results!!!" ... written by Jessica
Was very accurate. She was very sweet and understanding. Highly recommend. :)" ... written by BD
There is no problem that Ashnadel cannot solve. She will reveal to you what is going and how to solve the issue to reach your goals. She offers hope in all circumstances and comforting words of wisdom. Her readings are honest and powerful." ... written by LadyGrace
Ashnadel is extremely helpful and talented. She knows amazing tips and secrets to help you get your hearts desire. " ... written by LadyGrace
Great Reading!" ... written by Aston
Thanks very much, I needed a update and it helped very much, she is very accurate and she helped me a lot, thanks :)" ... written by jondaz
Had three Love spells from her and guess what: I am going to have a date with my ex. Wish me luck!" ... written by Aston
Fantastic reading, has great insights. You can't go wrong with a reading from Ashnadel! :)" ... written by Roy
She is always so helpful and so spot on!" ... written by almedina
Very caring woman. She is warm, she makes you feel good, and is honest. Give it a go all of you, I really believe in her, and so should you! Very trustworthy:) Peace out!" ... written by Dinesh
Amazing woman! nice, generous, spot on!" ... written by DEMI
Excellent reading with her , thank you for the clarity and help. highly recommended 5stars" ... written by whitney
Thanks so much!" ... written by Aisha
Nice, and accurate... very understanding...." ... written by David
Amazing reading and I love you! " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Extremely good and helpful!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She is one amazing lady and she has given me hope. Thank u." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
People try the spells they are Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Defo try the spells!" ... written by belgiumchocolate
awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Everything is going so well!! I am so excited to see things come together in about five days! Thank you ash so much for everything! xoxo" ... written by blue
I am so happy to have found ash! I have every bit of confidence in her and what she can do I look forward to completion of everything :)" ... written by blue
Thank u!" ... written by hien
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by Aston
It's been a year since my last reading and I can only say she is AMAZING! She's even more accurate than before and no sugarcoating, she says it as she is it. Love her spirit and her advice and on point." ... written by luckynumber3
I love this lady very powerful and I believe in everything she does.. can't wait to see results I highly recommend her I always leave her readings feeling satisfied 5 stars.." ... written by Whitney
Spells spells spells!!!!!!" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Really good reading!!" ... written by kisha
Thank you " ... written by mike
ashnadel is helping me complete some work I have been trying to accomplish for what seems like forever. I am very thankful to have found her, I know this will work and am so excited to see everything come together :)" ... written by blue
I love Ash! We're on day three and she goes ahead and prepares before we go private so we don't waste any time. :) I can't wait to see everything come together after day seven!" ... written by blue
She's truly amazing!" ... written by jazziejazzie
Amazingly true gifted and kind, truly felt her help and work. Definitely will consult her again. I think everybody should give her a try. She is a 5 star! Love you, Ashnadel! xoxoxox. " ... written by Lulutheangel
Thank u!" ... written by nafutorto
Once more I see the coming days as a bright as the sun and more and more I feel that I find my self. Thank you soo much which I cry tears of joy and I cry cause there's a new beginning. Life is a circle where there's no beginning no end, once more thank you inshallah!" ... written by miguel
So great!" ... written by mike
Faith!" ... written by miguel
Oh soo wonderful, thank you once more." ... written by rivera
Thanks soooo much!" ... written by rivera
Thank you!" ... written by rivera
Inshallah." ... written by rickie
Things are coming together so beautifully! I am seriously all smiles. I am so excited and so ready... Thank you so much Ash :)" ... written by blue
Tonight was Day Seven!! Everything is completed now :) Things are still tying together and I can feel him coming closer as the days go on :) ash, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done...this has been so amazing. And within the next few days he will return fully to me and us inshallah..xoxo" ... written by blue
Too good to be true!! ^^ " ... written by belgiumchocolate
Awesome " ... written by belgiumchocolate
Very great and helpful!" ... written by dayana
Thank u soo much time is now here and time to be more positive and move ahead." ... written by miguel
Straight forward, wish we had more time. " ... written by luvu37
She is a lovely and compassionate person." ... written by Star
Great reader - certainly something different. I'll be back x" ... written by Sally
Thank you. Accurate reading. :)" ... written by madi
She's was kind and understanding and performed the spell very quickly." ... written by renee
Today was day 2 and I must say I feel even better than before, more positive... Thank you, Ash... You have given me hope and strength, LOVE AND LIGHT, see u soon xooxoxoxoxo " ... written by whitney
Nice." ... written by greatjoy
Amazing, love her." ... written by renee
Today was day 4 in my journey and I must say as the days go by I feel extra happy, Ash is very fast in private so she doesn't waste your credits. So happy, 3 more days before I see results. This woman is amazing and a Godsent, I am so happy I found you. And i will be back soon for more. xoxox 5 stars! Give her a try, you won't be sorry." ... written by whitney
Wow she is amazing in her readings! Thank you, love you!" ... written by greatjoy
Thanks hope it all turns out" ... written by luvu
Day 5 is completed, and I must say Ash gets faster everyday :) 2 more days till I see result, I can't wait! Very happy and excited, staying positive because I know something beautiful will come from this. I feel like my life is starting to fall back into place thank you Ash! xoxoxxo See you soon!" ... written by whitney
She's amazing." ... written by jazzie
Today was Day 7th and im staying positive that something beautiful and wonderful will happen from this THANK YOU ASH! Amazing few days I will keep you posted on my progress love and light keep me in your prayers, and hopefully very soon I will be coming to you with wonderful news. I will do what I have to do on my end and hopefully things fall into place. LOVE AND LIGHT xoxooxoxxo" ... written by Whitney
She is amazing! You must try her! She knows and senses everything, and the spells! I love :)" ... written by sandra
She's very sweet and really doesn't waste your time. Day one is done and reading was full of hope! Thanks! Five stars and planets for this sweet girl!" ... written by Sabrina
Wow wow wow!!!! Such a nice positive reading!!!! I can't wait for my future to unfold in such a beautiful way! Thanks so much for the insight and for your work! So amazing!" ... written by me
Thanks for the update and still keeping faith!" ... written by lvuchaluka
Thank you and hope this all works." ... written by luvuchaluka
Thank you see you tomorrow around 530pm central standard time" ... written by lvuchaluka
Well...for technical reasons things didn't work well last night and I will start the 7 days spell all over again in a few days but I had a quick reading and the outcome was faboulous. Once again what makes me fell good is to see how she is happy when readings give hope and smiles. Thanks sweetie..." ... written by Sabrina
Day two and things are amazing! It's beautiful to see that Ashnadel smiles and she's happy for my results on the cards. All crossed and positive thoughts!" ... written by Sabrina
This women makes me feel good when im down and blue and the spells I have faith." ... written by luvuchaluka
Fast, thank you so much!!" ... written by shaela
Started to see changes, 2 more days to go. She is great to talk to and makes you feel better if having a bad day." ... written by luvuchaluka
As always sweet and love her smiles." ... written by vuchaluka
Thank you make me feel better everytime and the angles give me good cards all the time." ... written by luuchaluka
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by M
Thank you so much for updates." ... written by luvuchaluka
Amamzing" ... written by ROnen
Picked up on my situation immediately 5*" ... written by anonymous
She is very sweet and has a calming energy. I will try one of her recommendations and see what happens!" ... written by BP
She is very understanding... And sweet and gives a good vibe that you can trust her!! " ... written by stef
great, accurate, and understanding..." ... written by David
She definitely leaves you wanting to know more in the readings. She knows what she says, and says what she knows about you." ... written by happle
Ashnadel is really amazing! She's honest and has answers. Helped me a lot with my relationship issues. Thank you so much sweety!! Definitely coming back again! " ... written by abby
Quick and to the point, ran out of credits will be back...Very sweet lady!" ... written by Jennifer
She is so lovely and charming. She was accurate in term of my relationship and gave me time frame, looking forward for it. Highly recommended." ... written by miti
ohh SHE IS AN AMAZING PERSON!! She got me right in the spot told me exactly what was going on bad things around me and boy did she do it!! Highly recommended !! :)" ... written by steff
Ashnadel is a sweet person. Nice reading!!!" ... written by Rana
Great and very caring!!!!! " ... written by J
She is SUPER!!! Such a special talent... Very understanding and gives you a lot of hope and faith whether you feel bad of something or good!!! Thank you darling for all of your help..." ... written by steff
Great reading." ... written by Mike0825
Very quick, and helpful. Thank you so much. " ... written by annonymous
Ashnadel is an angel. She shows light where there is darkness and provides hope in all situation. " ... written by LadyGrace
Great reading, great vibes ! Always leaves you feeling better!!" ... written by abby
Lovely lady... hoping for the best." ... written by Mary Austin
I have to say that shes absolutely amazing. One of the best. :)" ... written by LadyGrace
It was what I needed to here...thank you for your honesty about my mom I know shes mean..." ... written by jose l cordero
WOW fantastic reading!!! everything she said was 100% right she hit the bullseye. " ... written by fabulous
Another super amazing spiritual insight and advice. I have been to many psychics but this woman is amazing, so much wisdom and knowledge. She has allot of deep spiritual knowledge and will help to get rid of all your problems instantly. I cannot recommend her highly enough, Truly indebted for God guiding to a fantastic healer, psychic and giving so much help in short pace of time. " ... written by ifty
Wow Ashnadel is very kind-hearted woman and psychic. she is very honest and tells you directly the truth of the matter and gets to the roots of your problems. She is very spiritual psychic and has allot of compassion, empathy and understanding. She has really good heart. Once my problem has been resolved, I will hopefully come for further readings from this psychic. I am in debited to her kindness and generosity. She has a super fantastic psychic and very accurate too. I highly recommend come to ashnadel for a private reading and let her solve all your problems. you will be amazed too by the accuracy. " ... written by ifty
great reading!!! Was able to connect immediately. She has a wonderful gift of vision. I could not believe that she was able to describe me to a tee including my hairstyle...amazing!" ... written by jc
great psychic amazing :) " ... written by chocolate33
Amazing! Just amazing! Truly gifted and can help anyone with problems or in need! Number one everyone must check her out I will be back! :) Very kind and generous! Thank you so much! xxxx" ... written by Nicole
she is amazing! i always go back to her when i have a situation and ahe always helps! Thank You" ... written by amoura88
She has great knowledge she is very insightful, honest, and accurate." ... written by Chelsey
ive had a reading with her before and it stays consistent, would definitely recommend her." ... written by bp
she is awsome as always. Thank You so much" ... written by amoura88
Great insight and reading.. was right on my issues! And, also gave some great advice to help me.. Thanks so much! blessings! " ... written by Lynda22
She never sugar coates!!! Very good reader." ... written by reign31
Quickly tuned into the situation and provided accurate and detailed answers to the current state of the matter and also some things to come. A very nice reading and I wish I had more time." ... written by Jen
we are in a 7 day sessions. really great" ... written by amoura88
she is great! she makes me not to worry " ... written by amoura88
i feel so much better about what we are doing!! Thank you" ... written by amoura88
we dinished our session and im just going to see what happens now. thank you" ... written by amoura88
lovely lady. will definetly come back for another" ... written by gioconda
thanks for a good reading " ... written by v
oh my god... that was insane! she told me the thing i had last expected and it made so much sense! she lined up with other readings but the only difference was that she told me what none other has told me she told me exactly what will happen and the person who will be involved, more insanely she described everything about this persons looks and to my shock she was right! even to her hairstyle!!! how crazy is that ! she game me time frame as well i am looking forward to seeing this unfold she is truly amazing and i will take her kind advice thankyou so much Ashnadel :)" ... written by christopher
its was nice allthough shot i ran out of credits!!!! outch!!! want more.. !! ty for the nice reading ash.. hope see u soon to teel u bout the whole !" ... written by mirta susana
good" ... written by leroy clark
Great at the reading, and gives great answers.Very kind and nice!Gives great information as well.I would recommend her to anyone! " ... written by EmilyHaase
had a great connection with Ashnadel. Will have to wait to see if what she saw will come to pass. " ... written by HadToSee
i go back to her bc i can trust her with my situation and she does not sugarcoat things" ... written by amoura88
Fast Accurate!! Amazing" ... written by Johnny
she's great, ten stars" ... written by bem
Fast Lots of details!! Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Fast Accurate! Amazing" ... written by Johnny
Great tarot and spell mistress. She gave me 2 spells that since I am a witch I can use to strengthen the spells I can already cast. Thank you very much!!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
quick, accurate and detailed! highly recommend!:)" ... written by Sylvie03
Fast Accurate!! Amazing" ... written by Johnny
Lovely, kind, caring and unique methods. will talk again. " ... written by hope
good reading!" ... written by o
great reading waiting for results to confirm them :)" ... written by serbboy3
Ashnadel is very intuitive. She amazes me all the time with her accuracy" ... written by reign
Fast Accurate!! Amazing" ... written by Johnny
Truly an amazing psychic. Kind and truthful.. and straight to the point! Will always keep coming back ! " ... written by abby
thanks Ash for the great update" ... written by rosy
wow she is spot on and very very helpful to me! Amazing!" ... written by adsfad
really helped out with my neck awesome healing " ... written by PinkBeatle
Ashandel u are a 5 star, really u r more than 5 stars, u are a very helpful lady, know what u r doing and do it well. i can't thank u enough for what u have done. U R The Best!!!!!!!Please do not leave me because i have never had noone as good as u. When Ashandel say she can do she does just that. Ashnadel # 1 on Oranum. " ... written by carolyn
i just had a wonderful experience with this lady she is kind and caring and a true professional." ... written by gio
5 stars awesome work......a one of a kind great psychic " ... written by joey
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
Nice reading. with lots of information. Very pleasant. I will come back for mother review when predictions come to pass. Thank you" ... written by p.
she was great" ... written by m
very insightful" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
so spot on! amazing" ... written by rosy
I love Ashandel's way of being and she's so cooperative even though I didn't have sufficient amount of credits, she went out of her way to help me as quickly as she could. She's so beautiful and has a caring vibe to her. I her and her reading. She's great and everyone should do a reading with her. I appreciate her help with answering my questions and being an amazing human being, thanks xo" ... written by Fernando
wow wow wow amaing Ashnadel!! just simply amazing!!" ... written by seaviolet
a great reader. very straight forward and open to suggestions. speaks her mind. " ... written by pucch
first spell , went really good, she is great , looking forward for next one" ... written by kamlesh
Thank you for the information. Thank you, thank you!" ... written by Gail
She is absolutely incredible!! She read what's potentially blocking something very big I'm manifesting, who, and how it's happening. She read the situation perfectly and thanks to her messages, I can use them as guidance to navigate my way out of the situation I'm in now so I can manifest my desires in life. " ... written by angelicness11
she is really good! go for her!" ... written by rainbow
I am looking forward to Valentines day this year because of ashnadale's re-assurance. I even tested her to see if she really knew the answers and it went great! " ... written by cutiepattootie
She's so sweet, I enjoyed speaking to ashnadel in free chat and private. it was a very short reading but she covered everything in 15 minutes we had. thanks." ... written by random_diamond
ashnadel is really good!" ... written by rainbow
hi Ashnadel I really enjoy the reading, very nice lady and really knows what she is doing, I will be back soon, Ashnadel u are the best!!!!" ... written by kara lewis
Very good reading. . .I will come back for updates. I hope things pan out as she said they would." ... written by MoonSun
she is the best and always will be the best number one on here" ... written by joey
she did reading for me after all the work she did to help me to night when she was helping me she harm her own finger and she did not mind and later other thing but she was so nice and told me its ok she does what ever it take s to help and finish the job she started. she sweet and very caring person about her customer ,she is fantastic and kind loving person i am very happy with her. thank you if any one need help get in touch with her she do what it takes. and her reading also show every thing is as planed .Thank you for all your help.:):)" ... written by H
She was awesome :)))) she seemed accurate will keep you posted :)" ... written by tiff
was chosen for a demo, and she was very accurate, we went to private and she cleared up so much of questions that I had, she is wonderful and patient and is really there to help you, try her, you wont be disappointed, best demo ever " ... written by charlie
i like her reading , very very good " ... written by vasi
Totally awesome reading. Accurate and very much in tuned. " ... written by Tommy
Very nice reading, everything sounded great. I will come again. " ... written by vjrei01
quick and engaging" ... written by s
She does what she speak and she is the best reader I have seen. She is worth 1000 stars!" ... written by Jake
got some timeline, I will see if they come true or not. I will update that on her hall if positive in 4 weeks otherwise..." ... written by O
she is very good, quick, and straight to the point. " ... written by moni
very good update...thanks Ash!!" ... written by rosy
absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed talking to her. She is so sweet and a doll. Waiting to see what she predicted come true. " ... written by sangeeta
shes very nice fast and helped me with what i needed i would be definitely come back." ... written by d
excellent" ... written by gregg
aawesome just didn't get to get out all my questions " ... written by tiff
she is very good and help full and she said she is going to help me with my problem I am positive and look for word. thanks" ... written by h
amazing spot on and accurate thank you" ... written by big
excellent" ... written by gregg
it was a rough start to the reading due to a lag but after that, everything was better. she connected well and was accouter and genuine" ... written by tiffany
Again She's the best, I was amazed by how her near future predictions came true!!..She's incredible..She gives the reading her all and very attentive to details..She tells things that always happen, honestly, openly, and amazingly accurate..Thanks for the wonderful reading Ashnadel, i will sure come again and again and again:)" ... written by AyaTohamy
Amazing reading..deserves more than 5 stars" ... written by big
Spot on! thank you for the reading" ... written by b
Really fantastic thank you xx" ... written by Tatiana
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