About EmpathicCady

Psychic EmpathicCadyhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic EmpathicCadyhas recently helped 36members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about EmpathicCady's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a holistic practitioner and will use all mind-body-spirit channels to connect with you and reveal the key that will unlock your happiness and well being. I am empathic which allows me to read energy with you and those you love. I am a Reiki Master and I have been reading over 20 years. No Tools are needed to connect and read your energy or those that you love.

A+++++ " ... written by greekgoddess71
Very intuitive, sensitive. Good reading and recommended!" ... written by lilliableu
Very nice lady, she really helped me." ... written by Dphsgo93
Good connection... thanks for the advice" ... written by Anniekins
I think EmpathicCady gives you good advice and she is really good at being able to read you I didn't even tell her things she just knew! I think she is a really good choice to help you with your questions." ... written by koko24
Greattttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Collier12
Great lady. Gread reading" ... written by katehrine1965
Very accurate and detailed, very intuitive, and able to sense many specifics about my life! Great!" ... written by MrLight
Accurate again! Thank you for your reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very , very, accurate. You are missing out if you don't use her for help. One of the very best. Once you have been to the best it will be hard to listen to the rest." ... written by Collier12
great .. quick reading :)" ... written by DreamyShreya
I would do the reading with her again when i have more credit. " ... written by jolie79
Second reading ... better than the first, awesome!" ... written by bonnielynn
The details in my reading blew me away and the connection made also. an absolute must for a private" ... written by chelle54
Wow she was very good and honest knew a lot, I didn't have to ask her, thank you, hope come true." ... written by lonely1966
Another wonderful reading! Cady is kind, warm and genuine with answering all your questions. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
She was right on target!" ... written by oalanis
Brilliant!!!" ... written by MALEX3007
Nice reading..." ... written by cool99
This lady is so AWESOME so accurate no sugar coating so outgoing, u want the truth go see her, love her..thamnk u i really enjoyed our laughs..:)" ... written by newhorizons12
She felt very good to talk with. Very much info gave to me. Very good connection . I am not really surprised about her insight, because I felt that instantly that she is good when I met her in chat. She left nice impression about reading and well she is great." ... written by epilock
I love talking to her.we connect andamp;amp; she seem like I know her for a very long time.I feel better about the reading we had.It was positive andamp;amp; I would love to have her read again in the future. " ... written by sexynikki
Outstanding, love her! right on the mark." ... written by bonnielynn
Excellent reading connected really quickly and gave some some guidanance" ... written by NICKY1212
Thank you so much for your reading very accurate and clear amazing." ... written by haylo29
Incredible reader! I was lucky to have chosen her today. She was very insightful and honest. Picked up on a lot and gave me the advice I needed to hear." ... written by iPreferMimi
She is a wonderful person who really knows you through the help of spirit guides. She told me that I am very intuitive also and that I need to trust my instincts. She is totally on point! If you need a person that really can reveal who you are and what is the right path for you then choose to talk with her." ... written by shaylalibra
Excellent totally connected to me and read my life like a book! Her energy was wonderful and she gave me much clarity." ... written by alizaroncrimson
Very clear seeing! Thank You!" ... written by SistahMaria
She is accurate and great. I highly recommend her!" ... written by theodorab
Great session, very astute observations! And very friendly." ... written by kravenscookiejar
Please give Cady another star she is so wonderful. " ... written by bam486943
Good reading, thx." ... written by mancrm
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Great! Thank you, connected really well!" ... written by smiley2011
Very sweet and kind, she picked up on my situation quickly and got very detailed I will come back and tell you if this is the guy:)" ... written by starz189
GOOD ONE!" ... written by ppp
She is my soul sister, she connected to me so quickly loved my reading with her... she is a very powerful empath...thank you Cady" ... written by murdocca
Very Good !!!! And accurate. Time ran out but will be back...SOON :)))" ... written by cassie52
She was terrific!" ... written by michele64
Great help." ... written by shortcake2012
Nice" ... written by Rescume8
Thank you so much Cady! I look forward to your insight in the very near future! I love and appreciate the good news. Just hope we can get the communication going. There's no way to give TEN stars! Aww. *sad kitten ears* Anyway, thanks! :)" ... written by MinaVamp27
Absolutely fabulous reader, accurate, compassionate :-)" ... written by bonnielynn
What a light -filled wonderful young woman!! :) I felt so much better after our reading! She picked up on some things that were very spot on and gave me goose bumps!!" ... written by thewritegrl
She is so in tune with my situation its unbelievable " ... written by murdocca
She was so truthful and so caring!! Absolutely wonderful person and I will definitely return. I wish my credits didn't run out. " ... written by deereyes278
Very accurate...." ... written by smithchrissy
Doesnt get any better. On track" ... written by focusing
First, she was caring she didn't sugar coat anyrthing the truth is what she spoke. I would definitely recommend her to anyone you won't be disappointed! thank you empathiccady " ... written by melissaanselma9
She was very accurate, positive and help me to see things from a more constructive perspective. I will defiantly come back for another reading. " ... written by Kel_Vrol
Love her she is so honest, accurate, and right to the point no sugar coating i will be back.." ... written by newhorizons12
Cady helped me find love in my life. Her pathway will build my future to where I want to be :) " ... written by bryanmue515
The saga continues.... lol. Thanks Cady!!!" ... written by jen1210
She's amazing. After speaking to Cady I always feel better and she always gives me great advice. And it's advice that you can't just get from any book or google search. She's genuine and sweet. I love how inspirational Cady is. I wish I could talk to her everyday! ;-)" ... written by positivity08
Empathic Cady is the best , very acurate and right to the point...She connects very well with people. I was amazed with the whole reading. I can't wait to have more future readings with her..If you're looking for answers she is the right person. Give her a chance and and you won't be disappointed... 5********" ... written by Lucy117
As good as it gets and then some. Willl talk with her many times in the years ahead." ... written by focusing
SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE PICKED UP ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO IMPRESSED! I promise to be back to let you know about how the prediction turns out. " ... written by melaniecz15
She is good!" ... written by sarah321
I love Cady. Whether you take her to private or an email reading, she is so reassuring and accurate---it's amazing. Thanks, Cady! I will keep you posted as things unfold :)" ... written by positivity08
Two times in one day! She is good, picked up on a lot without me saying much and she gave great advice." ... written by r a
She is sooooooo gr8 very good readin will go to her again luv her..." ... written by scorpio4real
Dead on... Love her. Connected right with me!" ... written by jen1210
Like a friend who is always on your side..and giving of healing and positive energy. " ... written by lilliableu
Worked with several...She is the real thing" ... written by FrankJ
Thanks again!" ... written by JB
Things started to pan out!!!! You were right! Positive changes started to happen :D" ... written by melaniecz15
Great reading tks so much god bless u and ur family will check in soon" ... written by momskids
Can't wait to talk with you again! I hope I can catch you today! " ... written by jen1210
Very helpful, a pleasure to talk to - wish I had more credits!" ... written by tomknock1
She was really good... She eased me and what she told me was true. I hope the prediction comes true...." ... written by bubblygirl
Ran out of time :-( Always so interesting and has such compassion. I feel blessed for having the opportunity to connect and now I am feeling truly inspired! Thanks for becoming a mentor. I’ll definitely continue readings :-)" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Update from 5/9...Empathiccady was 100% accurate with her predictions. It happened when she stated it would and everything she said would take place did just! This is my third reading with her. Thank you Cady, you are just lovely:)" ... written by lotus1121
50 stars! MUST TRY!" ... written by :)
The absolute BEST! I love Cady...words cannot describe. She keeps me so positive and grounded! Love her." ... written by positivity08
Love this woman she is so nice caring THANK YOU FOR HAVING HER ON YOUR SITE. I WILL COME BACK TO HER." ... written by bam486943
Very genuine" ... written by englandsglory
Love her to bits. Not only is she an amazing reader but an amazing friend. Thank you again!" ... written by greekgoddess71
One amazing lady!!! Told me events that are actually happening. Thank you so much xx" ... written by chelle54
I've over come alot of downfalls and this caring woman helped me in so many ways I was at a point to where I didnt even know were to begin to fix things . Shes one id' always come to :) " ... written by melissaanselma9
What can I say really? AWESOME , AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!!! Right on the the money spot on reading tyvm EmpathicCady you rock my world. Suggest you all jump in for a reading and find out for yourself. Luv ya babe xoxo" ... written by mad_69
Always a pleasure and always so uplifting!!! Thanks again!! I will check back in a week or so!!!" ... written by bella
IF I COULD ID TRIPLE THESE STARS RATE ; )" ... written by melissaanselma9
She has helped me more than once i couldnt have done n gotten through what i have without her i would have to say o everyone shes well worth the credits if i may i add more ....she not only cares she speaks the truth no hiding behind words no she tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear i want to say thank you EmpathicCady " ... written by melissaanselma9
Thank you much! I hope it all comes true for me!" ... written by nunothat
Hahaha very accurate, I loved this lady :P" ... written by hope2321
She picks up on a lot of things, going back for more." ... written by scorpionqueen
To the point." ... written by dd41783
Always Love Getting Readings From Her ..... Shez My Fav .... Will Update U On Wed .... x0x0" ... written by SmokinSassy31
Thank you so much again! You are such a caring person! I promise to come back soon again! " ... written by melaniecz15
Thank you so much for the reading! As always you were right on the spot. I'm sorry I ran out of credits, I promise to come back for more." ... written by melaniecz15
Just amazing" ... written by chelle54
Cady has been there for me so many times and I can't say I've ever been disappointed. She's an amazing woman but I'm sure as a person trying to figure out one's level of accuracy, you don't care...lol...all I can say is, she's yet to be wrong. At the end of the day, we do have the final say so and the actions we choose afterwards does alter the outcome. Listen and don't go against the advice given and you will see she is accurate!" ... written by lotus1121
Another wonderful reading, sat back and let Cady do all the work. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Hi love! It's been some time! Miss you for sure. Just wanted to let you know that your guidance has helped me immensely in regards to my relationships and I am forever grateful. Love and light. xx" ... written by positivity08
She picked up on the situation clearly and helped me realize why my energies are so scattered and how to listen to my intuition better. That was a very good reading for my spirit and soul and heart." ... written by katharazz
Love the reading, ran out so soon! but i will see her some more about updates!She will be the one I go back to before any other here!am EXCITED!" ... written by jeneye21
Always dead on, caring and understanding! xoxox" ... written by jen1210
You have such a sweet soul. Thanks for sharing it with others. You always seem to connected and are on target with everything. " ... written by stargazer
Great on the mark xxxx." ... written by gerib1973
Fast connection, spot on! Enjoyed my reading and the info that was shared. Thanks for the advice and clarity. " ... written by star gazer1
Once again I can not say enough about you hun........Love you babe, your always on the money xoxoxo" ... written by mad_69
Thanks for the updates! You are always uplifting to me!!! I hope things work out in my favor!!! Your the best!" ... written by bella83
Just love this woman could talk all day to her. thank you" ... written by chelle54
Good reader." ... written by dd41783
Thanks again for your updates and encouraging words!!!" ... written by bella
Yet again wonderful reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Wish you were online right now :-(" ... written by jen1210
Wonderful reading, great advice, thank you Cady!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Thanks!!!!! Love you girl! On point as always!" ... written by jen1210
My Cady always delivers! I have been coming to Cady for a year now and I enjoy her lovely kindness and guidance to the situation. Thank you my friend! xoxoxo" ... written by greekgoddess71
She is the only one who ever read me right and I am gifted. She is great and can pick up on a lot of things." ... written by darrenman721
Cady is awesome and really gifted! loved my reading with her she opened my eyes to a few things and gave great advice!will definitely speak again...thanks so much Cady xx" ... written by marion
Thank you, thank you again for the update... you are always there for me!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Cady is great! She picks up fast, and you can get a lot out of a 20 dollar reading. " ... written by keeetz
My girl is amazing! She is freaky good. and very very helpful!!" ... written by FrankJ
She rocks" ... written by talirea61012
So on point!" ... written by jen1210
I loooove Cady! She is sweet and supportive and empathic and understanding and poisitive and uplifting and empowering. Do get a reading from her, you won't regret it! Couldn't do it without her! She connects well, she gets me, she told me stuff once I couldn't believe but soon revealed itself to be so true, I was amazed! She won't lead you wrong, that's for sure. Cady is made of light and love and sugar and spice and everything nice." ... written by OndeMystere
Omg, I love her, really her energy is amazing, she doesn’t waste time, she’s so accurate. Never seen anybody like her." ... written by cupkatie
Thank you again for your loving guidance and clarity. Always gives me answers to confusion. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Everytime I go to talk to Cady it seems like I stay for hours. She relates well and is able to help you sort out your problems without throwing the answers out at you. She's definitely helped me out a lot and I am appreciative of her help. Her combination of empathic/intutive abilities with common sense has made her one of my go to people when I need clarity and accuracy!" ... written by daydreamer246
Very enjoyable reading, need to come for more" ... written by tomknock1
Very chirpy always-brite helper" ... written by englandsglory
Read me like a book ...." ... written by bc
She picks up really quick. Very good!" ... written by bella911912
She really gives awesome readings ty for having here, really caring person as well. " ... written by bridget mckenna
Lovely lovely lady!!!!" ... written by mi
Welcome back Cady! Thanks for the update. You are amazing!!!" ... written by cupcakegirl
Always brings peace and clarity to me.... Love her :)" ... written by Meanieshona31
Thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
Thank you again cady!!! you are always there and always help when i need it the most!!! thank you thank you thank you!" ... written by bella
Finally you are back .... missed you and our long awaited follow-up. Good to see you again. Thank you for the updates. xoxoxo" ... written by greekgoddess71
Omg she was right on the dot with everything!!!!! She is incredible!!!! You need to go to her!!! She doesn't need no cards to tell you what and will be going on in your life. She is amazing, bar none!!!" ... written by judeus1
That felt so good. I can be ok now." ... written by katie46
Good listener/healer -fab, doll!!" ... written by englandsglory
I love her she is awesome. She tells it as she sees it. She said be patient and it will happen." ... written by scorpionqueen
Very clear reading. Thank you, accurate." ... written by haylo29
Thankyou for your advice and reading very helpful " ... written by haylo29
Love this woman so carry and sweet and a true friend made me feel better about myself." ... written by bam486943
OMG this woman is amazing! She connects quickly and she is a awesome psychic! 1 MILLION STARS!!!!!" ... written by fishnwater
An amazing reader and so detailed thanks x" ... written by chelle54
I adore Cady. She is warm wonderful reader. Her skill is so good that you will be amazed at how she can reveal things about your situation that get right to the heart of the matter. This lady can help" ... written by FrankJ
She's great, I couldn't ask for more uplifting and truth from her. xoxoxoxox melissa" ... written by melissaanselma9
She is truly gifted! Definitely 5 stars... Picked up on the situation accurately and immediately, also gave great advice on how to deal with it. She is so kind when she speaks, great energy. Probably the best psychic I've spoken to, will definitely chat with again!!!" ... written by knel27
I love ms.cady, she is awesome, she tells me everything is going fine, he really wants to reach out but being stubborn...and the tatoo text really scared him..made him think cady your awesome love you.xoxoxox" ... written by scorpionqueen
Finally! Missed you so much! I will keep listening to my guides I promise! " ... written by jen1210
Long missed my weekly chats but I am glad I waited. Wonderful person and good friend. Thank you" ... written by greekgoddess71
Love this woman give her another start." ... written by bam486943
Amazing." ... written by millyloves22
Always wanted a reading with her after meeting her in free chat and she was great! Definitely confirmed my belief that she is a great psychic! Thanks, Cady!! xo" ... written by Raspberry220
One of the best!" ... written by jen1210
She is the best of the best. So real, genuine, and honest. Right on the spot accurate with everything she said!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers and direction in your life. Thank you so much for your help!!" ... written by Julie1011
Freaking Awesome. She will help you!" ... written by FrankJ
The best love her to bits!" ... written by katykim
Xoxoxo Awesome!" ... written by jen1210
Thanks a lot loved the reading :)" ... written by cookieeye21
Fabulous." ... written by katykim
Cady rocks! Can't do without her! She keeps me grounded and on the right track." ... written by OndeMystere
She is so wonderful, very honest and caring. Sorry I ran out of funds. Will update... 5 stars!!!" ... written by knel27
Love her..... words can't express my readings with Cady. She is not only my guide, but a truly good friend. Thank you" ... written by greekgoddess71
Truly a caring person, always is concerned and wonderful empathy also. " ... written by katykim
Thanks a lot really great reading, she is a kind and sound person! :)" ... written by cookieeye21
She is my rock she guides me to the right direction go slow I just have to remember it will happen. We both want it. The fear gets in the way. Cady your awesome, love you to pieces...xoxoxox" ... written by scorpionqueen
Simply awesome " ... written by katykim
Simply awesome. You have got to use her. She will help uncover the issues and guide you perfectly" ... written by FrankJ
One of the best!! Always picks up quickly on a situation. Is always honest, friendly, gives great advice. 5 stars!!!" ... written by knel27
So wonderful, its beyond words." ... written by katykim
A very skilled reader. No tools needed. Keys right ino your situation." ... written by FrankJ
I always enjoy my readings with Cady, I sit back and let her do the talking as she knows me too well. Too well." ... written by greekgoddess71
She is REALLY smart. She picks up on the details right away and always wants to help. Excellent!" ... written by Danielle Miceli
Cady is so freaking awesome...EVERYTHING she picked up was so on point from what was going on to even conversations and thoughts of me and the person I was asking about. Will definitely come back for a reading. TERRIFIC!!!!!" ... written by angelloverose
My weekly sit down and have a coffee with Cady. Always there for me. xoxoxoxo" ... written by greekgoddess71
I love this lady, she is good at what she does, it's scary, please please, if you need answers, she got them, no bs, she is soooooo good, please take her to private, you will not regret it." ... written by scorpionqueen
Yet again, Cady always is there for confirming what is going on and what are his feelings towards me and I trust her and that is why I come back to her" Love her xoxoxoxo" ... written by greekgoddess71
This young lady is awwwwesome, she knows feelings and thoughts. She nails it every time,she doesn't skip a beat not even a glitch truly amazing.... Thank you Cady your a doll love you to bits see ya soon." ... written by scorpionqueen
I have been coming to see Cady for a year and she has given me so much clarity with all situations in my life that I trust her completely. Love her xoxoxoxo" ... written by greekgoddess71
Another fine reading with Cady. Thank you for being there!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Always there when I need. So connected its scary sometimes. Great reading." ... written by angelloverose
Great reading I love talking to her." ... written by Joanne Cronin
Great as always." ... written by dd91
Thank you, Cady, for being there for me always gives me good advice and clarity. xx" ... written by haylo29
She's really good. Thank you hot momma! " ... written by Lea
Always knows what is going on. Love her to bits!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very insightful and very correct on my issues I will def be back to get an update!! thanks again!" ... written by jenniebella83
Cady is so friendly and fast with her advice. She is caring and a great psychic." ... written by Danielle Miceli
She was amazing!! Ill be back." ... written by leebee4
She is accurate things my man said she told me!!! iI same words" ... written by charm
Amazing!!! Simply AMAZING!!!" ... written by T
Very intuitive, trustworthy and ethical. Beautiful inside and out. Highly recommended. " ... written by Katie
I love this women I'm she's my favorite reader. " ... written by bridget mckenna
She did an awesome job. She picked up on me right when I entered the room and knew a lot. I will go back to her again!" ... written by kristen
Cady! As always, thank you for boosting my confidence and making me made a change in my image. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Awesome!" ... written by angelloverose
Cady was awesome! She is so freaking awesome and in tune with my situation, emotions, thoughts and literally everything that has been thought and said. She is also a so sweet person!!" ... written by angelloverose
AWESOME READ, TY VERY MUCH." ... written by bridget mckenna
AWESOME READ." ... written by bridget mckenna
AWESOME READ! SHE ROCKS." ... written by bridget mckenna
Love her! Always there for me!" ... written by greekgoddess71
My cheek soul sister 5 stars and more..." ... written by murdocca
Wow! Many thanks to you! :) You just lift me up. Thanks my dear." ... written by G
There are no words to describe how much Cady inspires me. What a wonderful and gifted earth angel and role model. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so instrumental in my transformation. xx" ... written by Kelly
As always very intuitive and right on." ... written by trina
She was good." ... written by tracy
Cady was so much fun! She connected immediately and I found her to be genuine. Great energy and direct message. Will definitely consult her again when need confirmation. " ... written by Stace
Great! 500000 stars!" ... written by tk40000
On point!" ... written by jen1210
Another great reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
My fav." ... written by angel
You made me feel so good in what you picked up about my friend and I will never leave him, because, I love him." ... written by EmpathicCadt
Thank you again for all your help!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I can always count on Cady to calm my nerves when I'm a complete wreck because she totally is involved in the situation and tells me thoughts, feelings and emotions involved. Love this lady!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Fantastic as always!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Really good!" ... written by Arian
She knows what she is doing and she said all the right things... I recommend her highly!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very understanding xx" ... written by scoops09
She's so wonderful and quick!!!" ... written by riverdaughter
SHE ROCKS THANKS FOR THE READING " ... written by bridget mckenna
Another great reading!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank your for your advice and kindness very accurate and helpful." ... written by haylo29
Thanks so helpful!" ... written by s
Wonderful as always!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Cady is awesome point blank. " ... written by Bryan
Thanks again so much for helping understand situation." ... written by s
My go to girl always giving me direction! Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Great reading and right on point. Thanks millions for the relief." ... written by A. Jean Robertson
Thanks for the reassurance I needed to remove the negative feeling I had after a bad reading. You are the greatest and I trust you completely.." ... written by A. Jean Robertson
She's so amazing!" ... written by Nicky
:)" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading! Love her!!" ... written by Nicky
Amazing psychic! Just spot-on about everything! I love her energy!!" ... written by Nicky
Well, it is beautiful as before with you. You make me feel so at ease and right within myself. I do believe that Dan loves me, but has a problem with saying it. You are so right on point, that I have nothing more to say, except thank you for being you." ... written by A. Jean Robertson
Awesome really she rocks. " ... written by bridget mckenna
I'm addicted to her readings! They're amazing!" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading! I love her so much!" ... written by Nicky
:)" ... written by Nicky
LOVE THIS WOMAN she really makes sens and explain my dream." ... written by bridget mckenna
Excellent! " ... written by empress
Great assurance reading and I feel the directness of her getting into our situation. Fantastic!" ... written by A. Jean Robertson
Love you to bits ...lol... she is a beautiful soul and accurate reader... she picks up energies so well... must try 5 stars." ... written by murdocca
Another amazing reading!!" ... written by Nicky
She's amazing!" ... written by Nicky
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
Another wonderful connection with Cady, I sit back and let her do all the talking and advise. Thank you again!" ... written by gg71
She's wonderful! I love her!" ... written by Nicky
She's amazing! I'm addicted to her readings!" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading! I love her! She's amazing! :)" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading! I love her!" ... written by Nicky
Wonderful reading again! Over and over!" ... written by greekgoddess71
thank you once again for your amazing conversation and reading " ... written by haylo29
Oh I love her to bits, she's a great guide and coach and your bff all rolled into one, with such professionalism and no games or manipulations, straight up empathic, spirit lead guidance" ... written by little healer angel
She is the best and always always on target with everything i love this lady she an angel." ... written by scorpionqueen
I'm addicted to her readings! They're amazing!" ... written by Nicky
Omg, what an amazing reader. she hit everything thought, feeling, argument, all of that in this situation i asked her about, dead on!!!" ... written by moon1leo1
She's awesome! :)" ... written by Nicky
:)" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Amazing! What can I say?" ... written by Nicky
Another fantastic reading! She's amazing!" ... written by Nicky
She's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading! Yay!" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading!" ... written by Nicky
She's so on-target all the time!" ... written by Nicky
EmpatahicCady is amazing. She got right to the heart of me and my situation. I will definitely be back and I recommend her. She's wonderful." ... written by Amanda
I love her readings!" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading!" ... written by Nicky
Wonderful reading, she picks up on things really well!." ... written by moon1leo1
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading!" ... written by Nicky
Wonderful woman, but a wonderful friend to have to give me advise and direction in my life. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
My girl delivers again!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you again for your guidance. Always caring and to the point!" ... written by greekgoddess71
My girl always delivers" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very good on the ball thank you so much picked up well x" ... written by ididitmyway
Another amazing reading!" ... written by Nicky
Like her alot!" ... written by Acissej
:)" ... written by Nicky
Yays! She's super!" ... written by Nicky
Always a pleasure" ... written by greekgoddess71
Love her! :)" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you again!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thanks a lot for the clarity 5 stars" ... written by scorpio moon
Another great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Great reading and it made me stop and think, rather than feel hurt..." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by Nicky
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
Yays! :)" ... written by Nicky
Another amazing reading!" ... written by Nicky
Always the pleasure!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Really quick connection picked up on situation so accurately." ... written by fairydust35
Thank you for a brilliant reading again xx" ... written by haylo29
Good reading. But the camera froze!" ... written by Nicky
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