About Hamlynhyde

Psychic Hamlynhydehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Hamlynhydehas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Hamlynhyde's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Alex is an excellent consul for me. He has very strong psychic abilities. I know partly because I am a psychic and medium myself. He always gives me helpful advice. Glad to come see him on an ongoing basis. Highest recommendation!" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
Thhankssss!!!!!!! :)" ... written by E
very good" ... written by dab
Provided great clarity into several topics towards my own psychic and spiritual growth. Questions that I probably worded weirdly, because I have my own very esoteric ways of trying to find the truth. Overall, I think one of the better readings I have had, and I have had many." ... written by Geoff Eversole
Such a gentle sweet man. His descriptions of people are amazing! He tells you what they look like and what their personality is in every detail! He is intelligent and has wisdom. A great reading. I enjoyed talking to him immensely! You'll love his reading. Recommended!" ... written by P
Aleaxander is a real sweetheart - very thoughtful and very patient. Answered my question well and had a strong connection. Would recommend him very highly. Give him a try!" ... written by lady
Lovely reading. He has a wonderful calm energy and gives clear and kind advice. Connects very quickly and correctly. " ... written by spiderlilli
Great reading, awesome job." ... written by Sunshyn
Hamlynhyde is truly amazing, he really picks up on things quickly and can flow easily in conversation with his psychic insights. I greatly appreciate his help!" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
Love Alex." ... written by Lucy
I just love Alex. " ... written by rainbow
Very wise, old soul." ... written by hailey
Very kind and caring." ... written by Sarah
wonderful reader" ... written by abby
He is very good." ... written by Joseph Leader
Interesting style, makes good points" ... written by missannie
Very good advice! Highly recommended." ... written by Shawn
Very honest and accurate reading. I recommend :)" ... written by Raphael
Very good." ... written by amanda
Nice reading, I will come back for follow up for sure. Thank you " ... written by lady
He was insightful." ... written by ladyfirefly
Man incredible reading, what a connection to the spiritual world. I got my answers to what I needed to hear." ... written by sunshyn56278
he was awesome" ... written by Qu
very nice to talk to!!!" ... written by sally boozar
nice, made me feel a lot better" ... written by rosie
Had a great reading after I had watched his demo. (which blew me away) He was able to answer the questions I had written down before I had entered the private chat session.Left the reading with some great advice I will take with me along my path. Thank you for the reading :) I will talk to you soon!" ... written by Nicole
pretty good reading.... put my mind at ease thanks so much " ... written by Jessica
he's great-love this guy" ... written by Sylvia 812
great reading wonderful and down to earth" ... written by Derek
He is very comfortable to chat to and listen to. He has a lot of wisdom and felt as though he knew me." ... written by Eva
he got the one i was seeking fast,, and knew 3 things no way he could have known otherwise i had not disclosed anything,, thank you so much!" ... written by liz
excellent" ... written by staryymar
Hamlynhyde is fantastic picked up on me very quickly and tells you everything he sees. He tells you exactly the truth and is wonderful to see in a private session. Anything you ask him he will tell you what he sees and wonandamp;amp;#039;t lie at all. Thank you for your guidance. Kind regards and blessing to you I give him 5 stars. " ... written by Nat
oh god, an angel!!! loved it!!! thanks god we have angels on earth!!! so good in every aspect of the reading. he is honest, caring, and i think he is right! thanks so much and blessings fr you!!! :)" ... written by valeryan
OMG - he was spot on with 2 passed loves ones. He told me things he couldn't have known, as well as dates. He is awesome! Please try him - he's amazing! Bless you dear andamp; thank you.... " ... written by Pamela
Very great said things that I was gonna say but took it right out of my mouth hes great thank you :)" ... written by Nat
...this is a person with authentic, straightforward, abilities - and I am glad to have found him here on Oranum and to have had the benefit of his gifts as a medium." ... written by Alihelisdi222
He was great! " ... written by Olivia
v3rrrryyyyy cooool" ... written by lodrimint
Hamyl is a very talented medium. Did a very difficult thing connecting with a spirit, and approached me with warmth. He really cares! Thank you" ... written by Kaitlin
great person. very kind" ... written by creative
He was very helpful very helpful " ... written by Pamela
Thank you, a great help" ... written by D
10 stars wonderful reading..." ... written by Think Blue
Good medium" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reader. :-)" ... written by michael
He was accurate. Thank you!" ... written by melissa
Wonderful! Marvelous! Helpful! Thank you! I love how he started by saying something from a regular person's perspective... i asked if my someone would come back, and he said "oh that is always a hard one"... but then he got great info and what he said makes so much sense about what has happened and could happen. Thanks again so much HamlynHyde!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Took a little bit of time to connect with my loved ones.. but when He did.. the messages started to flow through.. thanks so much, was a blessing to hear from my passed loved ones :) " ... written by Lynda22
Great reading... alexander is able to go in depth spiritually... no tools, 5 stars!" ... written by ---
HH was most magnificent and adept at not only his mediumship, but his advice and help as well. He was able to help bring over messages and his descriptions confirmed their identity. I had lots of confusion about my own mediumship ability and with his help I think I can get it sorted out. Thanks :)" ... written by le poupee
i lov3 it man!!! thanx!!" ... written by lodrimint
a great medium. makes good connections with spirits. prepare to spend some time. very good learning experience. ask your spirits about Life after Life. very interesting. " ... written by dokuchai
5 Stars!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Very insightful =).. Thank you!" ... written by Samantha
Excellent reading...seems like a very nice man!" ... written by miszy
he was a really good guy! :) " ... written by keeetz
v good" ... written by kashif
Hamlynhyde has a gift that is undeniable - and most importantly authentically and specifically responsive and helpful. He is a treasure here." ... written by Alihelisdi222
Beautiful man, with a beautiful gift. My second reading with him. He is absolutely generous, and works very hard. He connected to my loved one, and was very open with his responses to me. He is a truly gifted medium. Thank you so much! " ... written by Kaitlin
He's good, hit the point." ... written by nbarnes2
to the point which was good " ... written by mary
Wow he connected so quickly and he relayed messages very clearly from the spirit world. Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
There was a reason I was brought specifically here so my questions were pretty direct. I am very confident in this reading. I am very grateful for our conversation." ... written by Gina
very helpful thank u so much" ... written by sunny
Alexander is the real deal-just chat with him and you will find a kindhearted, intelligent teacher who is right on in his readings. Your life will be better for knowing him." ... written by Sylvia 812
Excellent! He really gave me what I needed to hear and it really touched my heart. He knew eveything. " ... written by Samantha
I had a good reading and was pleased with the information I received. The only inconsistency I have experienced between readers on the issue most pressing is time frames as to when it will come to pass. Good Reading and I would recommend this person... " ... written by Lightstar
Hamlyn is a wonderful man. :)" ... written by Brandi
FABULOUS! Right on point! Thanks so much again!" ... written by me
Always wonderful, always kind and understanding, always interesting. So glad to know him" ... written by Sylvia 812
Very Fantastic...To connect to three of my ancestors..connects very well to the spirit world!" ... written by Freedomgeek
He was just great, reassured my i dont need to worry about certain issues and also gave me great advice and insights into my situation thankyou" ... written by christopher
Short time but answered questions fast. I love his accent!" ... written by Lateisha
He is fantastic, always love his readings " ... written by Kaitlin
Intuitive, recommend!" ... written by B
wow he connected to my uncle who passed and told me things that there is no way he could have known! i have total trust in him thank u so much" ... written by SS
nice awesome reading. learnt a lot from you! I appreciate a lot" ... written by Abdallah
Thank you" ... written by Catencio
Hamlynhyde is great, peaceful and intuitive... a must to chat with... a true gentleman... " ... written by cyndi
great time to meet my friend through his mediumship.. incredible, unforgettable... thank you so much" ... written by jay
he was ok, he was stuttering a lot. but he shared very good informations" ... written by BumbleB
a great pleasure to meet my old friend through his mediumship.. i'm so happy to get him back to my life and talk with him. Spiritual talk is more valuable than physical one." ... written by jessaca
very good and professional reading" ... written by leo
i think he is amazing and dead on about alot of things everything was true" ... written by chrissy
Brilliant Thank You" ... written by Angelwingss7
Excellent reading Thank You" ... written by Angelwingss7
very accurate" ... written by sometimes4321
DEAD ON. I dont need to say more." ... written by LIGHT
Very friendly and assuring" ... written by Silvers229
He was great on time knew everything I was feeling. Thank you." ... written by Lisa
Very nice reading. He connected with loved ones - was nice to have a conversation with them. Thank you for this experience. Bless you." ... written by Tammy
Alexander is just so wise and full of information and expertise that I wanted to consult him again in regard to my mediumship abilities. I most definitely recommend him :)" ... written by le poupee
Very good. " ... written by jennifer bartholomew
Great reading. Very detailed and to the point." ... written by Janice
Tells the truth very much on point; doesnt beat around the bush! Definitely recommend" ... written by Benjamin
Thank You Amazing as always Highly recommended!" ... written by Angelwingss7
incredible. Hamlyn is a true medium. thank you for confirming that my family is with me." ... written by palenative
good" ... written by jojo
Love this man!!" ... written by Sylvia812
Oh ALex is just wonderful! He has helped me sort out so many things, every facet of them! I come to him for spiritual support, spiritual guidance, spiritual ANYTHING... As well as fine tuned advice, and of course, his abilities to speak to those in the other realms. He has rescued me from fear and misunderstanding, too. I can't say enough about him, I truly could go on and on. " ... written by t-doll
thank you for your talents and a wonderful chat!" ... written by sirilee
Very good" ... written by lola
He starts off a little slow but trying to make connection. He's great! especially for messages from family and spirit guides. He is an awesome medium and the messages do come through. He is very good with his gifts. Don't hesitate to go private. He is sincere and caring, too but his gifts stand alone. amazing, amazing, amazing. Changed the view of my whole world and the universe in one day." ... written by Golden Aura
Phenomenal!" ... written by WindyCityHawk
Incredible! " ... written by WindyCityHawk
What a gorgeous man, thank you very much for doing some previous life work with me, all the best, will come back again. xx" ... written by Lucy
thanks" ... written by Michael
Just talk, reason, understand. That All" ... written by Pyotr Magpie
:)" ... written by carla
He's the real deal. " ... written by Danielle Harris
Great insight, good reader, will come again! Understood the situation more than I did. Thank you Hamlyn." ... written by Daniela
As good as ever. Awesome advice and extremely patient. Discuss things regularly with him." ... written by Neu
Hamlynhyde is a compassionate, accurate beautiful person. He expressed andamp; addressed all that were my concerns without me asking questions. Love you Hamlynhyde... Thank you very much. " ... written by F
Very good reading, understanding and compassionate. I will visit him again." ... written by Donna
I just had such a great private with Alex. I always do! He's just so caring, very so sweet, full of love and will to do all for the greatest good. He's helping me tremendously with not only social/romance aspects of my life, but also with my own spiritual development. Anybody to have his advisement is very blessed :)" ... written by t-doll
awesome. words can't describe " ... written by h
Very good. He picked up on me spiritually and was able to put out in detail my current struggles and virtues. Very insightful at a key point in my life. I appreciate it!" ... written by AB
Alex is so wonderful! I can't say enough. I never, ever regret pulling him into private. He's consoled me in matters of the heart, has been a spiritual teacher , and an accurate medium. Oranum's hidden gem for sure!" ... written by t-doll
Alex is the most amazing and wonderful person. It is truly and honor and pleasure to get reading with him and to be a part of his room." ... written by Joseph
Just love his readings hes on point knows alot before i even ask!! " ... written by queenb19
a delight to speak with. thank you for the help and insight" ... written by Sweetyp
He took some time to say what he needed to say but it was well worth it. He was genuine, normal, and refreshing. Thank you" ... written by midwestsierra
Mediumship session. Someone in my family passed yesterday and was anxious that it was too quick to try to connect with this person...glad to know that my uncle is with God now, he deserve to be in heaven so much...thank you hamlynhyde! Will keep in touch! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
What a pleasure it is to speak to Alex! He not only is bang-on as a medium, he's great at giving advice and the encouragement you need. I am so glad I met him! Truly a hidden gem on Oranum. " ... written by t-doll
Awesome reading and very positive! He's not just a great reader but a great person. Very happy to get a reading from him. I highly recommend him." ... written by Dennis
good!" ... written by Zeigen
Alexander H-H has been a pleasure to work with! He knows so much, he is so experienced and versed in life matters, whether its our human dimension or the etherworlds. He has put me at ease with his sound advice, and he is an absolutely outstanding medium as well. ☆☆☆☆☆" ... written by t-doll
Alexander Hamlyn-Hyde is such a great man to confide in, a truely helping soul. Not only is he a bang-on medium with a great understanding and connection to the ether world, he's a great person to have as a friend :)" ... written by t-doll
Helpful advice and I will try to follow" ... written by Krista Elliott
thank you for the nice reading. " ... written by terry
thanks alex" ... written by lauren
Very helpfull, recomended." ... written by Pyotr
Alex is my favorite psychic, not just on Oranum, but in the whole world. I am a regular visitor to his room and will always be a regular client. He is an extraordinary psychic and person and just a wonderful human being who can easily connect with anyone. I never felt like this before with any psychic that I've come across even though I am a regular Oranum client and have had so many psychic readings with countless readers on here. I never felt this amount of truth and accuracy and sincerity and trust and acceptance as I have felt with Alex. He is genuinely a naturally and heavenly gifted psychic with authentic and reliable abilities and skills. If there was an award for the best psychic in this universe, Alex would be the most suitable candidate to win it because he really is the most professional and real and expert and truly gifted psychic since infinity until infinity! If you go talk to Alex in private, be sure to count on what he tells you even if you won't like what you hear because it will turn out to be true and you will see it for your self with your own eyes and then you will realize how accurate and real and trustworthy Alex is. Trust me, he will never fail you and the truth he will tell you is a million trillion zillion billion per cent real. I highly recommend him and I personally will no longer go to other readers apart from him. May God always bless you Alex with all kinds of blessings and protect you and your gifts forever. Your biggest fan." ... written by Dolefuldoll
He is wonderfull straight to the point." ... written by Sonja Boes
i love this man. because he is great, genuine, sincere, and correct :) he captures feelings, he goes deep , the messages he receives comes from a very wise consciousness i think :) " ... written by camibar
He picks up passed loved ones very easily. Not an easy thing to do!!" ... written by donna
omg spot on , speechless! thank you so so much. I needed to hear those words tonight. and I also share the same birthday as his mother" ... written by Kristina
Ah, thank you." ... written by MoonChild
Alex is an honest man with pure intentions for the greatest good. He's pretty much all one would want with a spiritual advisor: Trustworthy, warm, affable, experienced, and gifted, with flawless communication with those who are within the ethers :)" ... written by t-doll
Hamlyn clear accurate and vibing with the collective." ... written by LOVELY LADY
Very good reading and good insight. " ... written by cute_cookie
Aghh I am crying, that was so good. Alex was able to communicate with my loved ones, and had such a good message, it brought me out of the darkness i was in. I am so grateful, I am at loss for words, truly. Thank you :)" ... written by t-doll
Alex is a very great and wise person. I love his advice and chairish his friendship. His room is always so great very night. I pray that god always bless him." ... written by Joseph
I love hamlyn. Clear, reaffirming and broad in scope to reassure." ... written by LOVELY LADY
One word Fantastic!!!" ... written by mv
lovely message. honest and confident. thank you!" ... written by Laura
Excellent, has helped me gain clarified thought :)" ... written by Neu
I love this man!. i just feel he is so caring and sincere. He is totally true in what he says. even if you don't like it, he only express the true vision he has. and he is right :). blessings for you Hamlynhyde!!! " ... written by camibar
LOVE THIS MAN!! He is a kind and gentle spirit, a refined person who sincerely and kindly tells you the truth." ... written by Sylvia812
I had only a few credits and he was very accommodating and quick with his responses! He seems very genuine and warm hearted! thanks sooo much! " ... written by Jessica
It's a blessing to witness God-given gifts, like the ones you see in Alex. ❤ Very forthcoming, as well" ... written by BENJAMIN
I liked Ham a lot. He was super open to my plight with no judgments and he had some good details that helped. I would see him again for sure." ... written by queenofzenya
Another great session with Alex. I completely trust him, his advice is as sound as it gets. He calls the shots as he sees them, never one to over-react, over-promise, or to cause drama. Everything is fair and square, and completely resonates with my intuition. I consider him an integral contact in my spiritual development, and am so very thankful I met him!" ... written by traumadoll
Nice reading" ... written by zoobazooba
Alex is awesome. He gave me messages from my family. He is the real deal. He has given me peace of mind. Get a reading with him, you will not regret it. I just can't say enough about him. " ... written by DeeDee1467
update" ... written by Sea
Alex is such a lovely caring kind compassionate reader and person. Blessed to know him xxxx" ... written by Liz
10STARS! You want more info? This guy is the real deal! Take him in private! Enough said! MAN this guy ROCKS! Nail in my head! Thank You Alex! " ... written by kosav
I love this guy - always a good to talk with. Has a great patient, willingness to solve your worries. Recommended to all looking for good talk. " ... written by Pyotr
HE KNOWS EVERYTHING." ... written by honeylotus
His man is a great person. His readings are amazing. I have recommended him to others. I has been an honor to be able to be in his room and to get readings from him. He is very wise and offers some of the greatest advice. He has helped me change my life around and change into a better person." ... written by Joseph
I am so happy I just got to have a sorely-needed private session with Alex. He so effortlessly communicates with spirits, and is always successful in bringing through my loved ones, what a pleasure it is to have Alex be the liaison! Aside from the mediumship, he also helped me on the more 'psychic' side of things with his abilities, giving the insight i needed on some current relationship woes. I just can't say enough good things about this gentleman, as every private I have with him is such a pleasure to behold! " ... written by t-doll
Alex is an amazing reader, psychic, medium and adviser. I would recommend him to anyone who has questions or needs help in any way." ... written by lpa483066
a lovely man, a kind and gentle advisor, spot on, i am so fortunate to have made his acquaintance." ... written by Sylvia812
Mediumship session with Hamlynhyde. He is a very kind man and take time to ask spirit every questions. Will be back for sure. A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
A really nice man with useful insights which were spot on." ... written by Londo
Second reading with hamlynhyde and it still a 5 stars for sure!You gave me very good advices when i need it the most and you are a very kind soul in this individualistic world... you were the light of my day; thank you again i will follow your advices, keep in touch! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Seeing Alex in private is always so wonderful. I can't say enough about this amazing man. He has been a tremendous help to me in every way, from helping me navigate a relationship and understand someone's feelings, to bringing me much needed messages from the other side. He is an integral part of my spiritual path. " ... written by tramadol
What a wise, sensitive andamp; kind, caring man andamp; so accurate with my current situation. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Havy
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Mediumship reading with hamlynhyde. Have a very great communication with 2 spirits from otherside. He also help me to recognize signs from spirits to tell me that they are still around me. I am so glad to know that those two spirits are proud of me and protect me!! Alex is very kind and compassionate and i am still glad to received guidance from him! He is patient with my mistakes in English (i am a french speaker) and i appreciate it! 5 stars again, keep in touch!" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
He's awesome, gentle, yet firm, clear and concise. Compassionate and understanding. Very intelligent and wise too. Lovely." ... written by K
Good" ... written by Hanna
Amazing, truthful, dedicated, always a pleasure to converse with, thank you, andamp; he knows I will be back!" ... written by Kristina
Hamlynhyde has not only the kindest, best intentions to spiritually teach, guide andamp; heal any of those that enter his chatroom, he carries his mission out in his readings with truth andamp; accuracy from God and Spirit. Bless you Alex, for whom you are and all that you represent." ... written by CrownSprinkles7
Always helpful, kind and truthful. Alexander always calms me down. A true gentleman, I am blessed to know him." ... written by Sylvia812
Good, I like him a lot. Very reassuring, very calming." ... written by G
Such an honest and gifted geezer, definitely worth the credits ;)" ... written by Benji
One. Love." ... written by Karen
It is my honor to know him. I am so blessed. Thank you Alexander for your good, sound advice. I am the better for it." ... written by Sylvia812
I just love how everything was on point!!! Definetly the person to visit!!! thank you again you where awesome =)" ... written by belinda
Love having private sessions with Alex! Wish I could have them more often, as its pretty integral for my spiritual well being. He's just so wise, so good at what he does, I trust him implicitly. I can't recommend him enough :)" ... written by T. Doll
Another "touch up" with alex. Highly recommended! Can't say enough about him :) " ... written by t-Doll
Oh had so waited and hoped for someone to help me understand and see that side! thank you so much!" ... written by c
Fascinating, patient, and talented man. I will get another reading from him in future. Highly recommend him. Peaceful and loving soul that soothes your mind when he does his readings." ... written by crystal
highly appreachiate your insight and compassion, thank you so much!" ... written by c
amazing reader" ... written by Cristina
Very good" ... written by Alaynah
so wonderful " ... written by ava
a blessing " ... written by Wanda Jean
He is very Knowledgeable in the Spiritual, listen to him. He has a gift a very special one." ... written by Kara
thanks, you always comfort me." ... written by Sylvia812
Alex is an amazing person very kind and is always giving very good advice. He is a person I am proud and honored to call my friend. I enjoy being in his room and enjoy my reading with him." ... written by Joseph
Picked up on my situation without me saying anything, but only my name, then I asked my questions. " ... written by Sea
Many times in chat, but first time in private -- what a pleasure to speak with you, Alex. You're always quick with answers, and I appreciate your insight and very kind words of encouragement that there is hope. You're like an old friend that I wish I could talk with all night. I will be back -- thank you." ... written by ConstantQuiet
gave me comfort" ... written by barbara jordan
Absolutely amazing!!!!" ... written by Leona
He was straight to the point with my question. I GOT THE RESPONSE THAT I NEEDED ABOUT HOW TO FIX THINGS WITH THE MAN THAT I LOVE SO MUCH. GOD BLESS THANK YOU" ... written by luckycharms312
Excellent as always!" ... written by Angelwingss7
One word - Excellent!" ... written by Angelwingss7
thank you." ... written by jenny
Alexander is a kind and gentle soul who tells the truth in a very gentle diplomatic way. he is my great sounding board." ... written by Sylvia812
A helpful reading, kind soul, feels like God is behind it. Thank you." ... written by jaxisabella
Updates" ... written by Kool
My third, and yet another awesome and amazing reading. This time I asked about several different things, and all of his observations and insights made total sense. He helped me to know how to handle several things going on in my life right now. Really grateful. Excellent reader. 5 stars all the way!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
absolutely brilliant spirit! very much in tune like water running over earth." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Great person to consult with." ... written by Kevin
Hamlyn-Hyde is the best psychic on the site. Quick with not only his answers, but also with his wit. 100% accurate and willing to give all information possible. True Gentleman." ... written by lpa483066
Had few updates, and received some wonderful messages. TY dear for connecting me with my loved ones:) I feel blessed and stronger now." ... written by Kool
Alex is such a joy to speak to! Wish I had hours, because I would indeed spend hours talking to him. He gives such tasteful advice, both coming from him and spirit too. Just is such a bountiful experience each time with him, hearing what he has to say and then of course hearing all that spirit has to say as well. Just a wonderful guy :)" ... written by t-doll
Updates ..will check in few weeks" ... written by Sea
I'm glad I finally got a reading with this gentleman. Quite accurate and to the point. Definately recommend him." ... written by Shanshine
Alex is a great, compassionate reader, deep insights and perceptions. Ive gone to private readings several times and return with a better understanding and my questions answered. He has a unique vision of the spirit world that you should avail your self of, its helpful. " ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
WONDERFULL..just wonderfull" ... written by Chris Smith
Alex, We cherish your life's selfless mission to help and guide all of us, whether it be encouraging, sorting out and/or strengthening our "abilities" or just advising us on our personal everyday life experiences (in chat and/or in private). What a blessing to have crossed paths with you. Thank you for being who you are! (here's where you will reply and give the credit to God and Spirit :-) which is so very true however, simply not the *entire* picture :-)). " ... written by CrownSprinkles7
a million stars. Fantastic" ... written by dmc
very wise, understanding, gave timeframes, connected to my situation and saw same outcome as 6 other readers." ... written by Daniel
Always 5 Plus !" ... written by vivian
Thank you Alexander, God and Spirit for a soothing and uplifting soul to soul discussion. I heard everything you said, believe me. xoxo " ... written by Crown
he is so gentle and kind, def gives you good insight" ... written by askme2001
He was very good! I would definitely recommend" ... written by Angela
Very quick private with hamlynlyde... he connects fast with otherside and he is soooo kind... he has a beautiful soul and oranum is lucky to have him...Keep in touch! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
unbelievable he is THE BEST ! 5 plus stars and then some so kind and accurate and insightful will be back again for sure" ... written by vivian
thanks!" ... written by c
great. wow. " ... written by skippy
he is good look forward to speaking to him again" ... written by imbeingme
SO accurate and compassionate and insightful and full of wisdom. He really cares and gives excellent advice and so honest too ! 5 plus !" ... written by vivian
what a wonderful gift to humanity !" ... written by vivian
they should be able to clone Alex." ... written by vivian
HE WAS AN Amazing reader, I thought he was my original man I go to for reading haha but regardless I was happy with the information given to me about my new job and future with my boyfriend and family. should and will be smooth sailing. connected with my grandma and grandpa which was a nice surprise! Thank you" ... written by luckycharms12
Alex is such a fine, wise, humorous, brilliant, talented, well-spoken, ethical, and caring individual. He is as true as they come; he's not here to sell you anything, or to self advertise, or spin tales. He is only concerned with the Greatest Good, and is guided by the Most High. I love to be in his chatroom and just hang out. He is so very wise and has such a magnetic personality, it's soothing just to go in his chat room and listen. :) I give him too many stars to list ✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬✬, etc. " ... written by t-doll
SUPER !" ... written by carol
My first mediumship reading, really enjoyed it. He totally got my grandfather. In all this time I've never talked to him since he passed. It was lovely." ... written by lllooove
Updates" ... written by Kool
Excellent!!!" ... written by Angelwingss7
he is great ! 5 stars" ... written by vivian
Always great insights they should clone him ! 5 stars " ... written by vivian
Alexander tells the truth with great diplomacy and honesty. One of the kindest, most truthful readers on Oranum." ... written by Sylvia812
Brilliant as usual! Thank YOU" ... written by Angelwingss7
Wonderful advise and very sweet" ... written by sangeeta
Love him, Love him! A wonderful, down to earth, kindhearted truthful person." ... written by Sylvia812
Hamlyn is a very kind and sweet gentleman that picks up on your energy and situations in an instant. Thank you so much for your time Hamlyn. You helped breathe confidence back into me when I was lacking. Thank you so much. God bless." ... written by Derick
It is always lovely to speak with Alex. He always gives good solid advice. Underneath the the beautiful manners is a honest gently direct straight on reader. Love him!" ... written by Sylvia812
Thankyou" ... written by Ray
Alex, thaks you so much for bringing my Dad to me, it was a wonderful experience, and what he told me i resonated with me, Alex is a awesome medium and man.. a very gentle soul, i love his chatroom, I will listen to what my Dad told me to do....again thank u for helping me to hear from my Dad, many blessings to you Alex, xo T" ... written by taraL1989
Very warm energy, accurate reader and objective. Awesome reader!" ... written by abby
Thank You soooo much! Awesomeness in Hamlynhyde's readings. Blessings" ... written by Angelwingss7
I owe a much longer review to Hamlynhyde. He is a valuable associate. Approach him wisely." ... written by Jill Reynolds
Hamlynhyde connected in demo with my grandmother...and I was astonished at the details...He picked up on things he couldn't have possibly known. Today, was drawn to his room and am so happy I went in for a reading. He helped in more ways than one and my grandma came through again... I feel very blessed to have met him! Great reader/medium!" ... written by Carrie
Sir Hamlyn-Hyde, my night in ever so polished armor, gets 10 billion stars, as deserved. 10. Billion. Much more stars than these stars right here ---" ... written by T-D
Excellent as always! Thank You so much. Blessings" ... written by Angelwingss7
Alex is amazing!!! I would recommend to anyone who needs answers. " ... written by Melissa and Charolette
thank so much for reading, it gave me a boost on what to do. ty" ... written by Soul
very gifted psychic medium, will visit again asap. very recommended. " ... written by Kelly Tillison
good reading, good insight, 5 star" ... written by goldn
good poisitive reading, he is a great medium and guides come through with messages for situation. Not always what you want to hear. " ... written by goldenaura
A true gentleman, a good friend, a wonderful listener. I am fortunate and grateful to have him in my life." ... written by Sylvia812
Thank you, God Bless" ... written by Pheonix
Alex works wonderfully and fluently with spirits... Being that he speaks multiple languages and worked in communications you can only imagine how adept he is at relaying messages from the other side! I always try get in a private with him because he speaks the absolute truth and delivers with tact and ethical means. He is a joy to work with and have in one's life! ☆゚. * ・ 。゚" ... written by traumadoll
As always Hamlynhyde is sincere, honest, and thoughtful and very very accurate. Great reader and man!" ... written by crystal smith
wonderful reading as always. he got right to the heart of my situation and pulled out very relevant insights for me" ... written by MerkabhMan633
Absolutly loved my reading.He gave me a lot of great advice connected fast to me and other persons involved and got straight to the point. He even brought in my grandmother who told him some things which I loved so much I will deffinitly be back again for a reading thanks again 10 stars from me :)" ... written by SoulSearching22
I appreciate his insight and kindness. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
What a pleasant surprise this night turned out to be! :-) Ty for making me smile tonight :-)))" ... written by Crown7
Hamlynhyde Thank You so much Fantastic as usual :)" ... written by Angelwingss7
Alex is my rock! Love him!" ... written by Sylvia812
thank you very different awesome reading 10 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
Lovely lovely messages from spirit and guides." ... written by deb l
Connected well and very clearly sees spirits stepping forward." ... written by Rose
nice reading" ... written by apple
continuing what we left.still amazed by his medium ability.thx" ... written by vie
the warmest person i know here,awesome message i ve received.thx" ... written by vie
Really needed his input tonight and he as surely put me at ease that is forsure. I will be back again many blessings :)" ... written by SoulSearching22
Alex is just the nicest, most loving, helpful man on the planet. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's always been there for me, providing not only loving friendship but spiritual services that are purely for the greatest good. I can't say enough about him. He was also able to bring through some family members and their messages, which couldn't of come at a more crucial time for me. Love this guy!" ... written by TD
A wonderful gentleman in the true meaning of the word. He is a gentle and sensitive soul, kind but truthful adviser. So happy to know him!" ... written by Sylvia812
Great reader, take him to Private!" ... written by Kate
Another Great reading. Ham connects right away with my family that passed. Defiantly recommend that you get a reading with him. Always nice and he is real." ... written by DeeDee
He's awesome!! Great insight." ... written by Zeigen
Wow ! I had few readings with Hamlynhyde yet... he is sooo fast to connect with spirits ! He don't waste your time and tell it like it is... that's why i always come back to him for advices in moment of doubts... and i will continue to keep in touch with Hamlynhyde! He was the light of my day... continue your great work ! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Forever thankful for you." ... written by Moonchild
Had first experience with Mediumship with Hamlyn and reach two of my loved ones! Very special help and one very unexpected but it made perfect sense." ... written by Rebecca
wonderful person good reader " ... written by Alaynah
great insight as always.. thank you sir." ... written by stefanie
fantastic :)" ... written by yellowMellow51
wonderful reader and a very kind soul. highly recommended" ... written by Alaynah
Wonderful wonderful man!! So thankful for such a awesome reading!" ... written by Ava
great information and it will come to pass" ... written by dc
WONDERFUL! He is just soooo special. One of a kind!!! He has the ability to see things on just a deeper level than most. You have to be careful with readings, because ppl can say just yes or no, but often times, there is more to it. What I love about him, is that he sees so much more than the simple yes or no. He can really reach deeply into a soul and pluck out what is truly going on. Ty so much!" ... written by LL
thank you for you strength i can feel it rubbing off and empowering me" ... written by Kara
A honest dear soul, always insightful, and deep instinctual knowledge." ... written by Kara
The man with honesty without needing personal infos.... just ask whatever you want to know... the answer will be there. It was a pleasure to meet you Hamlynhyde. :)" ... written by FeelWill
One of the most kindest and remarkable readers on oranum. He truely cares about people. " ... written by Ally
wonderful best reader on oranum " ... written by Ally
wonderful caring man highly recommended" ... written by Ally
He is a great reader and medium. He is soft spoken but is connected to those who have passed. Great psychic. " ... written by Golden
wonderful " ... written by Ally
Always so helpful and so much gratitude towards you." ... written by Kara
Strong energy you have my friend, so gifted, you are almost like a charterer in my dreams." ... written by Kara
Alex is the greatest reader and friend. He is always very insightful and offers the best advice. Thank you Alex and may god always bless you" ... written by Jospeh
he is a balm to my wounds, a confidant, a friend. a great medium with a kind heart. what more can say? xoxo" ... written by Sylvia812
wonderful medium wonderful reader" ... written by Sandy
greatest reading I ever had great guy highly recommend" ... written by Alissa
Excellent channeling as usual. Thank You Hamlynhyde!" ... written by Angelwingss7
fantastic as always xoxoxo" ... written by Soul
i just love talking to you, you always give me so much love from my loved one thank you for your wonderful spirit!!!!!" ... written by Ava
i so enjoy this gentleman's energy and view of the world and" ... written by qp
Thank you so much Alex for a wonderful reading." ... written by MC Hammer
thank you alex for another wonderful reading." ... written by the great pumpkin
wonderful" ... written by Alissa
So empowered by Alex, his wisdom has not failed me but most importantly he has given me strength within my own self as well as my renewed belief in God ." ... written by Kara
A hum dingin good time" ... written by Sandy
Connected well and surprisingly with my grand parents wow. I hope I can connect another time when I get the chance again. What a pleasure Alex, God bless" ... written by Lloyyd
the smurtest reader on oranum" ... written by smurfette
I have just had the most amazing mediumship reading with Hamlynhyde. I have never consulted with a medium before, but I had an awesome experience. I would give him a one trillion star rating if I could. One of my best friends recently passed, and Hamlynhyde was able to connect with him so strongly that I have no doubt that he was accurate. I would highly recommend Hamlynhyde and will definitely come back to him whenever I need to contact a passed loved one. His reading brought me some much needed peace in my time of grief." ... written by Christine P
Thanks Alex " ... written by Nate Dog
I love talking to you I always have a little more peace each time!" ... written by Ava
He is EXCELLENT!!! This man has a very special gift that is like no other. He is very accurate, detailed and so kind and considerate. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He knows what he is talking about!!!" ... written by linda
Alex is such a wonderful reader and person. He's very kind, understanding, and talented. I highly suggest him for a reading or mediumship. On several occasions he has helped me with both and has been very accurate and comforting. " ... written by Sindelle
Alex is a wonderful psychic/medium. An endlessly interesting man, a great listener and a wonderful teacher. My honor and pleasure to know him." ... written by Sylvia812
Thank you Hamlyndyde for your insight into my situation, for your advice and the kind words! " ... written by LostGirl
Incredible reader. Fast connection. Honest always. " ... written by PaleNative
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, ALEX!!! He is one of a kind and so very special. We are so lucky to have him here on oranum. He is very specific and accurate. I have never found a question that he cannot answer. He is loving, caring and extremely accurate!!!" ... written by linda
He is great, he has a keen ability to connect with your love ones and the patience to listen without judgement. He is polite, kind and generous in his approach. Spot on in connecting with the situation at hand. I cant thank him enough for his patience with my situation. " ... written by Vita
Alex is truly a gifted psychic. He has connected me with my loved ones on several occasions and helped me with situations in my life. He's also very kind and easy to talk to. I highly suggest him for a private reading." ... written by Princess Peach
OUTSTANDING!!!!!!" ... written by Vicky
Always A GENUINE DIAMOND he is AMAZING " ... written by Vi
Hamlyn-Hyde is the best reader in Bikini Bottom. He helps guide me through lifes bumps and connects me with my loved ones. I know that I'm never alone after I speak to him. Thanks Alex" ... written by Sponge Bob Square Pants
Sometimes even the Captain needs some help. Alex is an extremely kind and nonjudgemental man. You can tell him just about anything and he will show complete compassion and understanding. He is also a very talented psychic and medium. We are truely blessed to have on Oranum. I highly suggest taking him to private sometime. " ... written by Captain America
Alex is full of light and warmth. I very much appreciate how direct he is and how focused on the subject at hand. Of course I will be seeking his advice again in the future. " ... written by Mimi
Alex is amazing. I love this reader and trust him very much!" ... written by mama
great morning reading" ... written by bihter
Once again Alex was wonderful. Connected to my family right away. Gave me messages from them. Alex is very easy going, gets right to the message but has a way of talking that makes you feel very at ease. He gets right to the reading, very fast. defiantly get a reading from him." ... written by DeeDee1467
Alex picked up on my father's physical characteristics, and was able to tell me time frames. He is very gifted and connected. I'll be back, Alex!! Much love to you!!" ... written by dalai
Thank you Alex for another wonderful reading. " ... written by Ted E. Bear
Very honest and real answers to my questions. didnt waste my time." ... written by Chrissy
Hi ho there it is me Kermit the frog. I just wanted to say that Alex is a wonderful psychic. He helped me through my break up with Miss Piggy and connected me with my departed loved ones with his mediumship skills. I highly recomend taking him to private sometime." ... written by Kermit the Frog
I did it I taw Alexander Hamyln-Hyde for a reading today. You know dat Alex is an excellent psychic. He taw the putty tat and helped guide me in the right direction. He's a mean old putty tat I don't know what I'd do without Alex to guide me. Alex is an excellent psychic I'm glad I taw him for mediumship and a reading today. " ... written by Tweety Bird
Thanks for another great reading. Alex you are spectacular. " ... written by arm chair
I just want to thank you...thank you very much for channeling me and reconnecting me with my loved ones. True proof there is life after death." ... written by Elvis
I like Alex because he picks up dust so well. With all wood floors, trying to sweep it up is useless as it just flies everywhere." ... written by Rosie the Robot
Alex it is such a delight talking to you. You remind me of my deal old friend Alfred. He was like a father to me after my parents passed away. I gotta admit being responsible for an entire fictional city this day in age is hard. The world is not what it used to be. Sometimes knowing the right path in life or where to find the joker can be difficult. I feel very fortunate that I can come to you for advice. Thank you for your assistance in my own personal matters as well as helping keep Gotham safe. I don't know what we would do without you. " ... written by Batman
So happy to have Mr. Hsmlyn-Hyde in my life, he adds much goodness to it," ... written by Sylvia812
Always great." ... written by Sylvia812
As always amazing!!!!!" ... written by Ava
Hamlynhyde is a clear medium with a gift of healing and straightforward and specific insight. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a reading!" ... written by Wanda Jean
He is such a lovely person. Connects really fast and answers questions to the point. No mucking around or wasting time by exaggerating and creating stories. Thanks so much" ... written by Merry
Another private session that was very informative, healing and accurate. Thank you Alex for dedicating so much of your time to be a vessel for God and Spirit in order to help so many people every single day. God bless you. " ... written by CrownSprinkles7
Very nice man" ... written by A
great" ... written by f
very fast,great on connecting!! Would recommend!!!!" ... written by Angela Hall
Great person. wonderful medium, my honor to know him." ... written by pamela
Another great private with Hamlynhyde! Very insightful... thank you for being on Oranum and giving the opportunity to people to hear messages from the spirits world :) I still think that you are the best psychicmedium on Oranum! Will come back as always for your help in the future A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
alex thank you for letting me and granny confirm things. much love" ... written by megs
holy shit alex ty so much. you covered everything i wanted to know. " ... written by meg
ALWAYS WONDERFUL" ... written by Pamela
One of the best readers on here, Alexander has been a great help and comfort to me. He is a blessing." ... written by Pamela
GREAT reading! Everything that he had predicted came true exactly when he said it was supposed to happen and gave great advice. It gave me so much comfort and I will definitely be back. Thanks!" ... written by 143klove
he started out slow but was right on towards the end. thanks" ... written by lisa
Spot on!" ... written by Sylvia812
Very compassionate, good reading" ... written by J
Hamlynhyde is a wonderful reader with a beautiful spirit...I so appreciate his guidance and his messages from spirit. He is spot on and incredibly trustworthy. Great man! 5 star reader:)" ... written by Carrie
A true gentle man, a great and patient teacher, a supportive and caring friend. How lucky am I?" ... written by Pamela
This man was able to answer every single one of my questions! Don't know what I would do without Alex!" ... written by Jack's back
I didnt get exactly what i wanted i guess im probably asking for too much but i did get time frames so i hope that my situation will happen then... till then i got to wait!! thank you " ... written by queenb19
the real deal, I like him. Seen his demos and he was good in private" ... written by stephanie
Very good, good advice :)" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
One of the best people I have ever spoken to. Has helped me so much. I could not thank him enough." ... written by Sierra
thanks alot" ... written by Christian
I asked a question and received a kind, wise and compassionate answer very quickly - helpful!" ... written by softwater
Good reading" ... written by Gonzer
Thanks for the read.. appreciate your insights..! " ... written by SS
Alex is absolutely brilliant. I love his disposition, and he's always right on the mark! I've had readings with him in the past and I will definitely be back for more. Brilliant reader that you must take to private- you will not regret it! Much love to you, Alex..." ... written by mama
very different and interesting but very accurate thank you" ... written by cuteface
Alex has done it again...he's brought light to a very dark situation. Thank you, once again, for your wonderful help." ... written by mama
Very helpful and good advice!!!" ... written by Fallgirl22
Good reading, just need insight for specific topic for his speciality" ... written by Lloyyd
he is great will always come back" ... written by vivian
The best! A lovely person, kind and truthful reader." ... written by Pamela
Amazing! You won't waste a dime! He is amazing! Thank you!!!" ... written by Valerie
Always amazing! He is able to connect with the other side and very much right on. always great!!" ... written by Angela
A wonderful friend with a kind heart, truthful reader and spot on medium." ... written by Sylvia812
What a wonderful reading. Thank you so much Alex." ... written by cardboard box
great reader thank you so much" ... written by light bulb
thank you so much " ... written by tracy
I love this guy... he's so down to earth and is spot on! please give him a chance... you won't be disappointed!!" ... written by justice
So kind , so thoughtful in his delivery of message . " ... written by Carol Buettner - Brooks
Hamlynhyde is unique...very specials gifts...i plan to save some money to learn how to develop mediumship habilities one day by him...but for now this mediumship reading was again impressive...he connects so fast with spirits and always use the right word to make sure that you understand,... very kind and patient like always , thank you for helping me.. 5 stars ! xx " ... written by Faith_and_Hope
I guess I should have know how to handle my own problems but instead I decided to talk to Alex. He said Little red Corvette, baby, you're much too fast Little red Corvette, you need a love that's gonna last....suddenly everything started to make sense. Than I realized But it was Saturday night I guess that makes it all right And you say, "Baby, have you got enough gas?"Oh yeah.....thank you so much Alex" ... written by The Artist Formerally Known as Prince
Alex is a wonderfully gifted medium. You can almost feel the electricity as he starts to receive communication from spirits! I always, always feel better after speaking to Alex, and hang on to his every wise word. :) I cannot say enough good things about this gentleman, as he has helped me tremendously. A precious soul, he is. " ... written by T-Doll
Pika pika Alex is a wonderful reader pika. Pika pika...chu he is honest and is a very pika talented chu psychic pika pika. I would pika highly recommend pika pika taking him to private chu. He is an excellent pika medium pika pika and is a very good pikachu psychic pika pika chu. pika pika " ... written by Pikachu
As always such a beautiful time thank you!!!" ... written by ava
Wonderful reading Alex. Thanks you very much." ... written by ceiling fan
Always great- love him!" ... written by Sylvia812
One of my favorites here. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks Alex! Love you!!!! You are always so helpful and you are spot on with your readings!!!!" ... written by kt
i just love this man he is simply amazing." ... written by Ava
Alex just soothed my breaking heart and panicking body. He's spotted things out in the past and brought them to my attention, and he has always been right. I trust him 100%. Thank you Alex for all you do for us, from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by T. D.
Thank you for the reading.. God bless you." ... written by Girly
Excellent, excellent reading! Thank you so much. I appreciate it!" ... written by Sandra
Hamlynhyde is the nicest, and most spot on Psychic on oranum, he always connects with your loved ones ssoo beautifully. He is very loving and Im glad to call him my friend." ... written by Jellbean9189
Love him, he is alwayas thoughtful and kind, no matter how many times I ask the same question, or voice the same complaint, Many Thanks, Alex" ... written by Pamela
Fluffy Pancakes de Alexander Hamlynhyde" ... written by Water Bottle
Awesome, accurate! Will return !" ... written by Star
Alex- my go to guy thanks for everything- yuo have never been wrong," ... written by Pamela
Very good! :) he was on point! " ... written by Angie
I have seen Hamlynhyde several times now over the past year. He is really amazing and in tune with my situation. He hits on every situation that I bring up with him. He is very aware of situations psychically and he gives excellent insight and advice. I very highly recommend him. " ... written by MerkabahMan633 - Alan
he is very g good" ... written by sue
connected with 4 of my loved one that i have missed so dearly! thank you so much for this reading and opportunity. ive needed this for so long. validation that they are with me and are fine and love me. validation that they approve of my significant other. cannot thank you enough" ... written by cee
Simply Fabulous. An extraordinary man and psychic." ... written by Daniela_
Highly recommend- quick to connect, tells the truth in a very kind gentle way, always a gentleman." ... written by Sylvia812
One word -Excellent" ... written by ANGELWINGSS7
Alex is like a calming tea, warm, welcoming and takes away my stress. I am one lucky girl" ... written by Sylvia812
One of the kindest, truest, authentic mediums on this site. A fine and good soul." ... written by Sylvia812
Insightful, quick answers. I felt he understood me immediately. Loved him :)" ... written by ,.
great read" ... written by peacerocket
Amazing! Simply amazing and very accurate!" ... written by Stacy
Great Reading! Very good insight and advice" ... written by Joseph
Hamlynhyde is truthfully such a blessing. He has allowed my loved ones to come thru in past readings, yet today, I was drawn to him on a current, present situation and he truthfully eased my mind and soul. I am really grateful for this reading and my gratitude is really immeasurable. He has some beautiful gifts..." ... written by Carrie
Alex is always a calming presence in my life. It is my good fortune to know him. Many Thanks." ... written by Pamela
Thank you my dear friend for walking with me through my spiritual path, I will always cherish your words, advice. " ... written by CrownSprinkles7
He was good. Connected to spirits rather quickly and knew things without me saying anything. Thank you!" ... written by MD
he is a gracious counselor, always very helpful" ... written by jj
I love Alex- he is sooo easy to talk to and he connects extremely fast. I've had a few readings with him, and I'll be back soon!" ... written by dalai
Alex is a trusted friend of mine . No more need be said ." ... written by Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner-Brrooks
Many thanks for everything! A great medium, a interesting person and a good soul." ... written by Sylvia812
Extremely insightful discussion as always. Thank you for getting me through this hell of a hurdle and helping me stay on my path. xoxo " ... written by CrownSprinkles7
Wow!!! He is an amazing medium. He told me things that I have been trying to find out for 8 years!!! No one has ever been able to get it...and by his answers, I knew he was picking up on everything and finally solved all my unanswered questions!!! OMG, no one could ever know what a gift this was to me and how extraordinary Hamlynhyde's gifts are. If you need REAL answers and not just someone to tell u that u were loved...you must get a reading from him. He just solved a murder mystery for me tonight without any information. He saw it clearly and explicitly, so I know he was 100% correct. It was what I suspected but no one has ever been able to pin point the details. Thank you so so much, Alex!!! There aren't enough words to tell you how shocked and thankful I am of your abilities. You are more than wonderful. Everyone that needs your gifts, should give it to themselves by allowing you to tell them what you are receiving! Thank you!!!!" ... written by la
A gentleman is the truest sense,amazing medium, kind teacher and wonderful friend. Sincere thanks, Alex." ... written by Pamela
Still thinking that hamlynhyde is the best here! he can give me his vision about a situation and fastly connect with a loved one (if the loved one agree to help)... i needed to know what God wanted me to learn from this difficult experience and i received gold advices from loved one and hamlynhyde... i think we are here to learn in this lifetime and thank you hamlynhyde for continue to helping me yet by being available on Oranum ! A+ " ... written by Faith_and_Hope
thank you as always you are the best!!!" ... written by leo
Yes I found this very accurate, thank you for your guidance" ... written by valvet12
My touchstone, a wonderful elixr for what ails me. Many thanks." ... written by Pamela
Very sweet, connects fast, needs no info and honest! Would see again!" ... written by BB
Alex is truly amazing. He is the real deal. He is the main guy I speak to on here now. He is always on with every issue I bring up. Always provides the insight, answers and help that I need. and always comes up with some important message that proves that he is very genuine and gifted. He is truly a great person!" ... written by Alan
Always great!" ... written by Sylvia812
thank you ... hopefully he feels the same way " ... written by stephaniestar
great medium - highly recommend" ... written by pamela
always spot on. Alex is a good and kind man, a pleasure to spend time with." ... written by Pamela
This was such an incredible reading!" ... written by Leia
Great Reading" ... written by V
Very sweet and loving soul! Thank you so much for the clarity and blessings! Fantastic man! 5 stars" ... written by Hearts
ALWAYS GREAT" ... written by Pamela
Great psychic! He always comes through with several very insightful comments. Today was no exception! He is the person I come to most on this site these days" ... written by Alan
he was very good and answered all my questions" ... written by Bellla
TY Alex....as always much relief!" ... written by CrownSprinkles7
good reading. i recommend him" ... written by sally
Great :)" ... written by serge
My always clear-headed, compassionate, kind touchstone. Many thanks." ... written by Sylvia812
Thank you! Wonderful reader and very accurate. :) love his energy" ... written by Doug
I appreciate Alex and am thankful for his guidance and friendship." ... written by Sylvia812
Very good reader... I needed to hear positive aspirations.. Thank you Hamlynhyde. " ... written by Javier P.
The best!" ... written by Pamela
He is kind andamp; amazing andamp; very quick to connect!! he is maiZng. ill keep him posted" ... written by L
He answers all my questions, puts my mind at ease, he is a wonderful medium and an even better friend. It is my fortune to have made his acquaintance" ... written by Pamela
great medium, definitely really strong, gives you details that makes sure u really know the spirit!! absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by greenforever
A beautiful soul, a giving a lovely person, a great mentor and truthful medium and psychic. " ... written by Pamela
Absolutely Spot on . " ... written by Carol Buettner - Brooks
My first reading, andamp; defo believe the reviews, he is amazing, no tools and what a wealth of info :) Thank you very very much !!" ... written by Autumne
Another great reading with Hamlynhyde ... he always have great advices and can share a different point of view to learn how to handle sensitive situations...thank you again for been available on Oranum! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
He is awesome" ... written by Quanica
Lovely discussion Alex, thank you for confirming my pondering thoughts andamp; walking with me through this andamp; the past few years of my journey. So much walking but, I am no where near tired :-))). xoxo " ... written by CrownSprinkles7
Wonderful mediumship reading as always ! Hamlynhyde connect" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
awesome!!!!" ... written by Ava
Alex is the most rockinest dude on oranum. I would eat pancakes with him anyday!" ... written by Sup
Love this man! always a comfort to me." ... written by Pamela
Thank you so much! Great connection!" ... written by Daisy
My first with alex! he is fast andamp; amazing andamp; seethings very quikcy andamp; very connected." ... written by L
Alex is kind , empathetic and so beyond spot on !" ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
Alex is a wonderful reader and medium. He is so very smart about a whole litany of things which makes his room such an enjoyable place to be. A true gentle man." ... written by PAMELA
My first reading with Alex was everything I thought it would be. Uplifting, encouraging, detailed, realistic. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Monarch
A;ex is always there for me with a great to the point reading, shoulder to cry on, good advice to heed and always a kind word." ... written by Pamela
he is beautiful soul and awesome medium..." ... written by natural
Absolutely amazing. " ... written by PaleNative
Thank You andamp; Thank God, I need not say any more :-)" ... written by C
helpful always" ... written by lime
always there to ease my worried mind.....xo" ... written by Sylvia812
very informative and extremely kind. A lovely person. I will call on him again." ... written by cary
Very good." ... written by Akushia
He is an absolutely gifted and very special medium. He has insight and the ability to see things on a far deeper level than most." ... written by la
very kind, very genuine with his intentions to to answer your questions. no bs and no time wasting. he definitely doesn't say what he thinks you want to hear and also i was vague because i didn't want that either - but her was accurate in descriptions. thank you for your sincerity in doing this job." ... written by bubbles
a true blue friend, great medium and all around good guy" ... written by Pamela
Thank so much for straightforward answers" ... written by telly
He was right and spot on. I got relief.Thanks HH" ... written by Blue dragonfly
So great!" ... written by Pamela
Wonderfully BRILLIANT !!" ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
tried first time, seems to connect very fast, good one" ... written by sk
Alex is a clear thinker, great medium and wonderful friend. I am a very blessed client." ... written by Sylvia812
love it" ... written by ana
fabulous" ... written by mickthedoc
GREAT READING! connected very well and great insight" ... written by Joseph
the best!" ... written by Pamela
good" ... written by ritesh
The kindest, most gentle man on earth. So compassionate and understanding. He helps me make sense of this world." ... written by Cynthia
Very caring and straight forward reading. Clear and direct answers. Would recommend for honest, straight and caring read. " ... written by angelszone
always great" ... written by Pamela
always great!" ... written by Pamela
good" ... written by sk
good" ... written by ritesh
A pleasure to talk to with. Great advice. Wonderful reader." ... written by pamela
TY for the heart to heart insight. God Bless you for the patience and kindness you have for all of us. Thank you for walking with me during these spiritual lessons andamp; changes I am facing. " ... written by CrownSprinkles
awesome reader. quick connect and straight to the point." ... written by PaleNative
quick and to the point" ... written by jhon
Thank you Alex. YOu tell things like they are and you are very very helpful. I am glad I have come to you. Bless you xoxo." ... written by girl
awesome, inspiring reading, real good to go to when needing that guidance, reminder about you!" ... written by Starry18
Alex is the greatest! He is sincere, accurate, and warm! I've been to Alex a number of times and I'll definitely be back! God bless you, Alex! xoxo" ... written by dalaimama
good" ... written by sk
I hope your right. :)" ... written by concerned
Another wonderful private session. As always I have great trust. " ... written by Crown
Thank you very much!" ... written by xo
Great reading :)" ... written by Starry
Alex is the benchmark for all mediums on here - he is kind, considerate and gently truthful. It is a true privilege to know him." ... written by pamela
So Wunderbar !!!!!" ... written by Carol Eques von Buettner- Brooks
vgood" ... written by ritesh
Hamlynhyde is incredible. Very quick connection. Always spot on before I even have to tell him my questions. Honest and to the point. He tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Highly recommend to all." ... written by PaleNative
Alex always has a kind word, a thoughtful perspective, a honest yet gentle reading - a class act. Highly recommend!" ... written by SYLVIA812
he was very quick!!! many thanks kind sir " ... written by jana
Alex is absolutely wonderful on every level. He is such an awesome medium, but he can help with just about any question i could imagine. He tunes into your questions and answers without any tools. He seems to know exactly what they issues are and what is going on without anything but pure gifts!" ... written by lala
he answer so many questions without me even saying the name of the person" ... written by jacqueline
Excellent advisor, I truly enjoyed his guidance, he spot on lots of situation. Thank you !~" ... written by Laly
very helpful " ... written by layla
Absolutely on cue! Highly recommend to all. Very honest and straight forward. Does not waste time." ... written by PaleNative
Alex is my great confidant, so blessed to have him in my life. A true medium, and all around smart person. he gives me wonderful advice." ... written by Pamela
always great!" ... written by pamela
Alex, you are a wonderful person and friend. I'm honored to know you and happy to have your support. bless you." ... written by Bikersgirl
Excellent reading. thank you" ... written by Erica
Always love my readings with Alex. he always has something new and insightful to say. Always. Like today, I learned something more about the one that I love. " ... written by alan (merkabah man)
very good reading from hamlynhyde. very nice and polite and he could give great orientation connecting to spirit guides." ... written by angel
Could pick up that my own spiritual abilities without the use of tools!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Alex
Haha, love the reading! It was very entertaining and delightful to hear! Love is in the air for me and so is a better job. Thank you Hamlynhyde!" ... written by Cherie
thank you great read and very kinda and honest. " ... written by karla
I have never felt more pain, yet as ease. I love my husband terribly and never really thought I would hear from him again, let alone feel his presence like I do know. Hamlynhyde got it. He did. He was able to reassure me that I do not have any mental illness and am in fact sensitive to the other side. I felt my husband, here in my room, in my chair, in my heart. Thank you, Hamlyn! You know how thankful I am and that is enough for me. He told me, my husband, in fact, picked the man I am currently dating. We all have free choice. But when he can literally answer the questions I have before I can even hit send, that makes me a believer ^_^" ... written by Missy
I love this guy, I come by twice a year due to so much loss, and he ALWAYS knows what needs to be said.. This guy by far is the best on this site. .Thank you Sir, I appreciate you more than you know. " ... written by johnsonforprez
OUTSTANDING!!!" ... written by tamjones
Awesome! Helpful and kind." ... written by Gatorgal
Alex is my go to man. He helps me so much. I had a major event happen yesterday, and am so glad I could get his take. I feel reassured, as I know I should. But only someone as helpful as Alex can pick me up when i worry for no reason. He is really great!" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
very good excellent thank you" ... written by jana
Alex was totally on point throughout the second reading tonight as well. Very much needed and appreciated!" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
alex is the best! my top confidant here these days" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
Alex is a shoulder to rely on. His words brings enormous comfort and love. " ... written by shine
So happy to know Alex, he makes my life better." ... written by Pamela
Great reading, he helped me with my new lover. We will be together soon after the results come back the way we hope!!!!" ... written by Ken
not sure" ... written by marionlyttle
Hamlynhyde is very comforting and straight forward with his thoughts and feelings. I enjoyed the time we spent together during our reading. He is intuitive and empathic, full of helpful information and guidance. I wish I could have him along my 100 % of the time through life's journey, he is definitely a great guide." ... written by Cheryl
Lovely man. I am so going to take his excellent advice. lol. He is genuine. Take care. Will be back" ... written by Breanna
good" ... written by Ritesh
Alex, there's something about you that makes me believe everything you say. I feel safe in your room. you are like a grandfather as well for me., which means a lot because my only living grandfather passed away when I was five and I feel a sense of connection in a way that you definitely understand me. I give you 5 stars. bless you and I am glad you are here on this site. " ... written by Bikersgirl
Awseome!!!!" ... written by bolsen21
Very warm and kind soothing, also very intelligent, knows what you are thinking!!!!!!!!!! :):):)" ... written by helen pitlak
was one of the best readings, so so interesting how he connected directly to my spirit guides, amazing :)" ... written by mango
Interesting private like always... fast and accurate... very kind man... will come back as i always do... thank you for your help" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
very good excellent" ... written by jana
one on the best mediums on here, always interesting conversation in his room, Alex is a delight." ... written by Pamela
Thank you for the confirmation..it really helps" ... written by anonymous
Thank you for such a wonderful reading. Really eases my mind about many many things. I know I can trust you. Most other psychics say things that are so complicated.... but you are amazing. 10 stars!!" ... written by anonymous
Thank you for another great reading! Talk to you again!" ... written by Leia
Thanks for such a comforting reading.. I give you lots of stars! worth being on the top list of psychics because you genuinely care for others and you are patient and nonjudgmental. You are my top psychic from now on. :)" ... written by Lookingfwd
excellent" ... written by jana
Always love my readings with Alex! tonight is another marathon :)" ... written by alan (merkabah man)s
just always great to get some guidance from him.... " ... written by Karla
Great!!!! He is very accurate with the most astute observations. Truly!" ... written by alan (merkabah man)
THE BEST!" ... written by Pamela
He is the master of his craft i can give no higher compliment thans" ... written by mickthedoc
WOW" ... written by K