About LoveadvisorJoyce

Psychic LoveadvisorJoycehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveadvisorJoycehas recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveadvisorJoyce's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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FIND OUT HOW THIS PERSON FEELS AND THINKS ABOUT YOU. I am a clairvoyant gifted psychic advisor. I have consulted many through heartache, sadness, divorce, mental & physical abuse, marital problems, and confusion. My spirit guides will help guide you in the right direction, to a path were you can live your best life. With my psychic abilities I will assist you to understand your choices in life.

She is the best. Fast and accurate." ... written by tuda11
Joyce is good and very on target, I will return for update." ... written by wingtip
She was awesome." ... written by lesliecortes08
wow!!! this was amazing by far the best psychic! she is so nice! and she knows what she's talking about! what a great connection!!! I would recommend Joyce to everybody! She is one of a kind! Thank you Joyce! you really made me believe that this does work!" ... written by carebear4
Very good indeed!!" ... written by leah12
She was awesome knew so much about my situation! She was very honest and sweet! Very accurate about many many things! I will definitely talk to her again! Thank you!!" ... written by kiki3070
She did seem to connect well. My first reading with joyce.. joyce did give me time frames of 3 months for relationship and 2 months for career .. and some thing for novemebr.. will get back for updates joyce.." ... written by joyce- aries
Great.. Good connection and caring." ... written by lilliableu
Every clear, direct and compassionate.. Gave great advice behind the reading. Connected really well with my situation, will definitely keep you posted on the outcome.. Thank you Joyce =) " ... written by Lyn414
She is very accurate, doesn't need any card to support her reading, I love her reading, will back for more." ... written by hot and cold
What can I say about her?? She is definitely amazing. I never asked my question and she answered it!!! She uses no tools and knows everything. She is very straightforward and gentle at the same time. She's very open and honest. She is beyond 5 stars. I gave no info hardly at all. Her accuracy is top notch. Please take a private with her, it will be well worth your time and money. You will definitely have peace of mind. Thank you so very much Joyce(((hugs)))" ... written by Cassie50
Truly amazing and gifted. Definitely one of the best readings I've had (and I don't encounter many of these). She is very direct and to the point so don't expect any sugar coating. But what I truly appreciated about her, besides her directness, was that she still managed to explain things in a nurturing and guiding manner. I understand that some psychics want to get to the point, but too often they forget that have the opportunity to be someone's counselor and mentor. They forget that the person they're speaking to on the other side is a real person with real feelings and emotions. She made sure to be all of those for me: psychic, friend and counselor. Worth every penny speaking to her and I definitely plan to again. " ... written by carosh
She is so amazing, I've found someone that actually gets me and I'm so happy I've found Joyce :)" ... written by delly23
Great" ... written by erika8
Joyce is warm, kind and to the point in answering your questions. No sugar coating in her answers. To the point. Thank you!" ... written by dallascowboys8
She`s very good and truthfully speaking i love her honest, something that the other experts shouldn`t give me. Thank you so much" ... written by delly23
Wow! She picked up on everything! Great reading!" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Very helpful, thoughtful and encouraging... Nice reading!" ... written by pandoy
Highest praise for Joyce. She is so clear when she reads. She seems to tune in on the most important aspects and very accurately describes the energies she picks up. I am really amazed and happy that I met her!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Joyce is awesome!! She was on key with everything. Honest and nailed everything to the point without me telling her much. IF you need love advice Joyce is the lady to ask your questions to. I will definitely come back to her for a follow up reading. Thanks Joyce!" ... written by leila1048
She was very sweet and was able to connect right away. Spoke a lot of truth! Thank you for your time:)" ... written by lotus1121
Can't wait to talk to her again. She goes right to the point and really cares!!" ... written by racheldev1
Joyce is great. Calm, warm, very methodical in assessing situation and picking up on a lot. She unravels it all one situation after another and one emotion after another and before you know it, she has just painted your life." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Confirmed everything that I've heard before. Love the psychics on this site. She was dead on with everything." ... written by Angbld35
Amazing reading loved conversing with her. She gave me great advices. I will definitely come back later for more guidance.. May God bless you. thanks " ... written by shaki1991
I was amazed by her reading. She told me so much and I will definitely be back. " ... written by missgreeneyes
She was amazing. She picked up on things that I didn't even reveal to her :)" ... written by d2k1000
Great, love her" ... written by racheldev1
She was the best ever! She was very calm and positive about everything. She really gave me hope about my situation. She was able to connect with me so well. Thank you so much for everything. You are the BEST!!! " ... written by Joy007
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Awesome reading, give her a try!" ... written by centerpiece
AMAZING reading!!!" ... written by Summer84
I am amazed by her. Truly amazed! Oranum really has found a gifted reader in her. A lot of the readers here are gifted but she is really special. I was wondering why I could never get a hold of her, now I see why. She told me the initial of the guy she repeated things to me that he has said to me out of his own mouth. She focused in on my situation and she was very considerate and I felt she cared. Of all the readings I have this is the first time I felt that a reader was truly connected to my situation! She wasn't just saying things that sound like they fit the situation. Joyce, I want you to know I am very touched by the connection you made with me. I look forward to reading with you again in the near future and I will certainly update you and everyone on your predictions!" ... written by cheryyiceyny
She was a great help and help me alot with the doubts I had, by far one of the best readers, she seen the place I was moving to with out me saying.. " ... written by nafayia1984
Good reader...don't have to offer much info to start and she grabs the problem. I liked our connection." ... written by sea4me
She was excellent very accurate like talking to a good friend. no distractions very focused on just me! and very serious about her work. i like her alot will come back to update predicitons." ... written by happygirll1
I would have to do another reading with her. She picked up on a couple of things but left the chat so not sure what happen." ... written by smilinka
She was great and helped me a lot...I will be back for sure!" ... written by leebee4
Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
This lady is very good and very positive. She really picked up on my situation, especially the people around me in a very very detailed way! and i felt good after our reading, she was very reassuring! SHE IS HARD TO GET FOR A PRIVATE BECAUSE SHE IS VERY VERY POPULAR BUT WORTH THE WAIT! FIVE STARS!" ... written by thewritegrl
What can i say ? SHE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM ! " ... written by taurushead2012
Her readings are amazing and very accurate every time. She can connect and give answers very quickly. So worth it!" ... written by yemoon910
WONDERFUL" ... written by erika8
I felt her connection to me within the first few minutes in free chat without her even speaking to me. I clicked on private and witnessed her true gift. Her gift of the knowledge of my situation, the people involved, and the reason why I was there. She accurately gave me an initial. This initial is very important to me as it belongs to someone who has helped me throughout my current situation. I knew at that point she was tuned into me. She was compassionate, understanding and willing to help. She has given me dates and timelines along with advice. Now I know why I was sent to her and felt such a strong connection. Enter her room and witness yourself the gift that she gives." ... written by missy1311
This lady is phenominal... I would recommend a million times.. Sorry I couldn't add more money...Thank you." ... written by dreamer65
Thank you very much Joyce!! You are really positive and were spot on on the people we talked about!! I will come back!!" ... written by weissinha
I have no other words to describe how good she is. She is absolutely amazing. Totally spot on and has very loving and warm spirit. " ... written by yemoon910
Ok, now she is my favorite. I know i said that before, but this one she is special. Very detailed, trustworthy, soothing. She just seems so genuine. She s a natural. I was at ease with her.Excellent reading" ... written by mimatisse
Liked the reading." ... written by mimatisse
Wonderful reading, thank you very much :-)" ... written by Bojan99
I had a reading with Joyce, and all I can say is that is was pretty AMAZING!!! It was quite intense, and I plan to do another reading with her again." ... written by freedom
She is so fast, honest and she never asked me any information before she gave me the reading and it was spot on , i will come again. she worth more than five stars. thanks" ... written by jolie79
Shes a five star reader ... Knows all thats going on and what they are feeling ...., tunes right in after you give names and birthdates.... I definatly suggest you try her, cleared alot up for me, .....oxoxox " ... written by wingtip
Joyce knew my situation perfect!! She latched on to exactly what I was thinking! She knew everyting and even gave me initials of a problem co worker, and my office is consisted with only 3 people! She is amazing! Use her!! I will definitely be coming back!!" ... written by RaleighDude44
She was great to speak with! Had initials right and the situations were spot on, even though confusing at times. :) I am very happy with the reading and know first hand why she is tough to catch in free chat! I will absolutely come back! Thanks so much!" ... written by llilbrats715
Thank you. You sensed what was going on with me before I even voiced it, and then you brought up the name of someone I knew, which no else has done before. Very interesting. I hope we get to talk again in the near future." ... written by rudegirl
Thank you so much you help me out a lot! I just needed to know at least he still has feeling for me. I will be back again. " ... written by laylax401x
She is very very good, she knows everything that is going on in my situation before i even told her... you must read with her.. she is amazing xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Started to read me and I did not need to ask anything. She totally knew what I wanted to talked about. And she was absolutely right on everything. One of the bests!!!! " ... written by Witzuschka
Wow.... Thats all I have to say, she was dead on." ... written by lauren1986
She is really good, she pick up on so much that other didnt. Felt like she really got to the core of the matter and his heart. She knew things others didnt. And her advice really help too. Love the reading!" ... written by laylax401x
Good reading.....really like her" ... written by essa32
This reading seemed right on the nose." ... written by tmy0558
Great insight, she knew the entire situation. " ... written by Anon
Really really psychic, one of the most, if not the most psychic person I know" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She was straight forward and to the point.." ... written by nafayia1984
She is truly amazing, it only takes her a split second to grasp the situation firmly and clearly, then she flows like a river!!! WOW!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome!" ... written by mfurney
She is great, Very warm and understood and picked up immediately the issue. I will look for her, as i feel comfortable with loveadvisor Joyce. Thank you Joyce, you are a star :-) xxx" ... written by flameoflife
Ooooh my goodness she is amazing instantly pick up on what i was there for ask name dob close my eyes and she went to work girl you are good seen everything i mean everything if only they knew what they have here on oranum girl your prices fixn to hit the roof your awesome thank you thank you thank you you said end of summer wait he is worth it he is my soul mate you seen it all god bless you i mean that BLESSINGS TO YOU." ... written by scorpionqueen
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Pls keep in touch i will add more funds by Monday to discuss more.hugs big help" ... written by cherries8b
Great!" ... written by magdalena38
It helps me so much to hear from her. She keeps me focused on whats really going. It always rings so true to hear from her." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Detailed to the point!" ... written by dd41783
She was very accurate on my case just wanted to see if things are gonna chg soon God Bless " ... written by queenbee22
Amazing reading. Very accurate and give clarity on the next step to be done." ... written by mtb
Hard to catch but well worth it!" ... written by anon
Absolutely mind blowing information given without saying too much. Thank you" ... written by chelle54
Interesting." ... written by cheryyiceyny
AWESOME!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!!!!!! nailed everything! :)" ... written by SAchickie
Great." ... written by dreamer65
This was my second reading...both times I felt a definite connection and she had a complete understanding of what I was feeling. Found her reading very reassuring." ... written by tmy0558
She is extremely accurate, her feedback is right on the money. She is a real psychic because she does not fish for answers, she goes right in reading the situation and telling what she sees. I would definitely recommend her." ... written by marvak12
Good reading, lots of insight. sorry I ran out of credits" ... written by betsysue
After going through multiple psychic chatrooms, I immediately felt connected to LoveadvisorJoyce. Before starting a private session, I even bought more credits because I felt it was needed to cover most of the details. The session ended perfectly." ... written by Icleus109
Joyce is great! She picked up on something with me as soon as I entered her chat room. She is reading me like a book. This was my second reading with her." ... written by freedom
She is soooo godd at what she do it is amazing she still se us seeing each other the end of summer she say he truly truly loves me deeply and he hopes i wait for him he is jealous and want me for himself love it love it didn'thave to say a word she just takes off and is very very accurate will return " ... written by scorpionqueen
She was so kind and heart warming, looking forward to what she said come true. She really connected to me in free chat as I also did with her thank you so much Joyce :)" ... written by Latashastar
You gave me joy tonight I will be back for sure soon .. I promise. I will keep you posted hugs." ... written by cherries8b
She was good but not as good as I expected. She takes time to connect and I only had 8 minutes." ... written by Katja87
She picked up so much and gave me so much clarity and confirmation... she definitely has a gift from god... 5 stars to this reader or 10 stars" ... written by murdocca
She is awesome. made me feel really comfortable talking with her and I felt her connection. She is so into the situation that its like she can sympathise with you. Yes, I did get everything I wanted out of my reading. I trust what she says. I know it makes perfect sense.Amazing gift. I'm comfty with her. :)" ... written by hoping2351
Excellent. gave positive advice and helped with validation of feelings." ... written by moniquea
Always amazing. I don't have to mention much and she'll pick up things right away. Very accurate! Thank you again =)" ... written by yemoon910
She picked up on him immediately! Was amazing! Thanks soooo much!" ... written by teadragonLisa
It was great , I recommend her to anyone lookin for help. " ... written by sissypunk23
Awesomeness. Love her care for me; she knows exactly for what i need to do in my life :) " ... written by bryanmue515
5 stars for joyce she is absolutely wonderful she blows me away with what she picks up around any situation... she is divine light" ... written by murdocca
LoveAdvisorJoyc - is the true definition of psychic, she knows exactly what's going on, she is exactly on point with EVERYTHING! You don't even have to tell her! She is living proof, and I thank her so so much in the lil time we had! It's not a waste! Thaaaannkk you Joyce =)" ... written by PalmTreePrincess
Wonderful..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Wow joyce is totally awesome she blew my mind with her accuracy of my situation...she is definitely one of the top readers and i will be back.." ... written by marionlyttle
Ok i ve had so many readings with so many good psychics on this site but i have to say she s my number 1, top 1, my favorite, lol I have had several readings with her and I just adore her. She is excellent and to me the best. As a matter of fact, from now on she will be my one and only. If she s online i ll wait for her to get here. She is straightforward, taps in very fast and spot on. I love her energy, she s so calm and composed, she calms me down. I really just love her, besides she reminds me of a special lady. :) She is the first i will recomment to anyone, n trust me people, i ve had lots of readings with lots of psychics here." ... written by mimatisse
Wonderful reading, very sweet and caring, feel like she connected easily...Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Nice reading..." ... written by MayGirl
She picked up on my situation and was able to identify with it. She was very considerate and caring. I would recommend her to others! " ... written by Nixie19
First time with Joyce and she connected very well with my situation. I would definitely go to her again. Thanks so much!!" ... written by enamorada
She was right on, will be getting a reading from her again soon" ... written by june71
You are so amazing!!! Thank you!" ... written by starwars44
Definitely worth your money! She read the situation inside and out. So much so that she touched on things not even I admitted to many people or had been keeping secret. She was very helpful and extremely accurate. I know for fact that if I ever need guidance that I will come to her again. Unfortunately, I was booted out and wasn't able to finish my reading with her but even still, I would put this reading in one of the top 10 on this site. " ... written by moriah
Wow so greatful to have found her. 5 star reader. Oranum has found the real deal." ... written by murdocca
WOW I'm speechless!!!! This woman is truly AMAZING and so gifted! She picked up my situation and I didn't have to tell her anything. She has been a GOD SENT TO ME! THANK YOU SO MUCH I NEEDED THIS MORE THAN YOU EVER WILL KNOW! HUGS!!!!! I will be visiting you again very SOON!" ... written by Shortcak
I love Joyce, she is on point." ... written by lauren1986
She is great would talk to her again." ... written by june71
Awsome reading. Thank you joyce." ... written by rj4890
Very caring and accurate. Thank you!" ... written by zzcat0404
Very Accurate,hit the nail on the head.Awesome" ... written by kimberlykhopkins
I am awestruck...She knows everything....wonderful just wonderful....i will come back again n again n again!!!" ... written by Niks
No words to express how great she is on her readings...phenomenal!" ... written by rjjimenez
Thank you!" ... written by mmd1990
Right on about everything." ... written by skf271
She was awesome!! Dead on! Everything she told me was what I have been feeling intuitively and she totally . but she went beyond and got deeper into his andamp;amp; my feelings with accuracy... she is truly gifted.." ... written by reikilb cards, no info except name and birth but she was spot on!!! HOW DOES SHE DO IT!!! i will revisit her every few weeks. :)" ... written by joselansas55
She is wonderful and amazing. She knew things I didn't even tell her and wasn't even wondering about. I recommend her for an honest view of the big picture. " ... written by Antygone
Can you say wow!!!!! she is so calm and very kind during her private reading with me and so accurate its kind of scary how she can read the situation so clearly and I will be back to her in the future for more readings and updates with joyce!! try her you will not forget her and neither will I,,,,,,," ... written by Karen
She is the best psychic I have encountered by far! She is very accurate, she told me exactly whats been going on and then some lol. You will not waste your time going to her, it is VERY worth going to a private consultation. You will be amazed! Best psychic hands down! " ... written by WideAwake04
Lovely girl, accurate, sweet. Amazing reading. " ... written by Tauser
Very good and I didn't saw anything and she picked up." ... written by florwer85
Great reading! Did a great job!" ... written by quaz101
She was great on picking up feelings..has given me some dates and predictions. will be back soon to chat! " ... written by stars2024
Joyce you were wonderful. Thanks for your wisdom and I hope I can find peace and happiness with all of these changes. You are great." ... written by duckkait
Amazing reading." ... written by maham90
Thank you. Will come back for an update." ... written by stars2024
Very accurate, recommend her. " ... written by Tauser
I love my joyce, she is so right. And assisted me in my love story." ... written by lauren1986
Wow! all i can say is awesome girl!" ... written by chicpea
Fantastic! " ... written by teadragonLisa
No words to describe you, Joyce... other than awesome!" ... written by rjjimenez
Awsome reading joyce tnx a million" ... written by rjjimenez
Super dooper 5 stars to her " ... written by murdocca
Amazing read. She picked up on issue in chat. Developed it further in pvt. And i did NOT tell her anything to lead her. She is that good Gave great clarity" ... written by FrankJ
Thank you Shelley, you're really lovely and clear in what you say, great help" ... written by LionKing777
Very good reading. Picked up on the situation perfectly. Gave me insight and a clearer picture to move forward." ... written by warrenkitty83
Joyce there arent enough words to say how good you are ..again thank you for an awsome reading .." ... written by rjjimenez
I ran out of credit will have to get back to you very kind person and gives detail to evrey question amazing reading thanks so much :-)" ... written by ale510
Stupendous" ... written by newperson
Simply outstanding." ... written by newperson
I was very happy with the reading. She was very warm caring." ... written by jedimonk
I had a very good and informative reading. " ... written by jedimonk
Lovely women very kinds and has very good insight with correct details." ... written by kaze123
She made me feel comfortable very quickly, and shared information about me with only date of birth. She uncovered the issues and was able to guide me to some solutions. Great adviser" ... written by FJ
Amazing! " ... written by fitchchic5
She was amazing! It was like she knew everything about my relationship in just one name and birthdate! I am honestly impressed! OMG! Wow! That's all I can say! Look forward to her predictions, and she was so good, I added more time! That's how good she was! Will recommend her to pieces! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She called me out in chat - she knew what i was thinking. I had not said anything but hello andamp;amp; a few moments later she said she had information for me regarding the man i love but have lost. In private she knew so many things - details - i had not even hinted at. She is amazing" ... written by coyoteroper
She is scarily accurate! I loved her honesty and Oranum has a winner with her!!!!" ... written by Neptunes-Child
She is the sweetest:)...once again spot on...she amazes me every single reader here on oranum hands dowwnn! #1 .." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
He is very special to me... :) and I do need more faith" ... written by linn115
Good as always gives me good insight on my situation. :) thanks again." ... written by chicpea
Thanks a lot, I will keep you posted." ... written by wonderhere_
Thank you" ... written by st5sts
She is simply fantastic in her insights very accurate and helpful" ... written by newperson
Amazing, pick up on my situation quick. Knows alot . Wont be disappointed thank you" ... written by Klaudyna27
Opened up and went straight to the heart of my problem! Very Good! " ... written by mhharview
Very quick and insightful. Feel very positive about matters after a chat with her." ... written by newperson
Thanks for the update, I will keep you posted about the job." ... written by lockingon
SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
I feel so much better" ... written by coyoteroper
Really nice person." ... written by giaa54
She is able to pick up initials, 3 in all, which are correct!!! I really like the way she reads, no tools, just her abilities. 5 stars and more!!!" ... written by leogirl
WOW she is amazing!!!! picked up soo much!!!" ... written by Lynnpalms
Wish that everything clears out soon. Thanks for all Joyce is amazing." ... written by menutnoel
Thank you very much, I will keep you posted." ... written by satevening
This was my first reading with Joyce and I was just blown away. I told her nothing at all and she picked up on me and him 100%, past and present. Totally impressed with this lady. Absolutely one of the best readings I have had here." ... written by leogirl
Great reading and spot on!!!! The things said were uncanny and really exactly what is going on and great advice. Highly recommend!!!" ... written by jonnypc123
Wonderful insightful reading. Thank You!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Thanks for your reassurance!" ... written by mmd1990
This woman got a talent!!!!! I was impress!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Joyce is great! She really zeroed in on my situation and brought clarity to me. I could feel her energy connecting to me during the reading. She was able to read my aura and see the people involved in my past and future. I didn't have to give her much information to go on. She was very accurate and caring. Thank you Joyce!" ... written by wenderfulrose
I love her motherly attitude...she knows me, cares for me and will tell always what's the best for you... And that means a lot...that's what we want here rite...someone who could tell what's best for you and not sell stories and give false hopes... I am glad to have you here... Please be here always and always..." ... written by Niks
She is very very fast and accurate in her assessment. Truly fabulous." ... written by newperson
I am very impressed, others have said similar things, but this was confirmation and clarified a lot of stuff for me. Words can not describe what I was told." ... written by jnm098
Phenomenal, Very impressive, Blown away with what was shared, highly recommended." ... written by Jim
A very good reading. I do appreciate your insights. You are amazing." ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Even the bad stuff will feel good with Joyce " ... written by coyoteroper
Cool calm and precise " ... written by gem1974
She is awesome... very intuitive.. very gifted.." ... written by reikilb
Joyce is amazing she helped me alot im glad i went to her private reading(: " ... written by ashleyhaha
She is a great reader and a genuine person" ... written by DunjaJa
Great reading. Will have to do another one in time. Thanks Joyce! " ... written by skylightening
Very accurate. She picked up on the fact that I needed a love reading in chat. That's exactly what I came to this site for. I didn't even mention it to her. I did a private reading and she let me know exactly what I was feeling and needed to hear. " ... written by skylightening
Wonderful reading! Very positive, but not afraid to till me the downside either." ... written by afcsher
Wow! I asked if my boyfriend was going to call, she said yes and the phone rang on thespot!!!" ... written by afcsher
She is the real deal!" ... written by newperson
Very helpful, and she really seems to really know her stuff." ... written by VF1304
She is the best" ... written by eurbaez438
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
Gggggoooood !" ... written by gem1974
Excellent as always. I love her" ... written by mimatisse
Spot on with details ..... Will chat again .... Xx" ... written by Shirlzzz1
Waoooooooooo this woman got talent." ... written by eurbaez438
Awesome will get another private reading when i can afford it " ... written by Carla1968
Great reading lots of insight" ... written by cherryred1713
As usual the best" ... written by eurbaez438
She was great. I feel so much better now that I talked to her. I love her energy and she was right on everything. I will definitely go back to her, she is by far the BEST!" ... written by zforever
Very insightful and connects well. Only problems her price is so high!! Other than that she is good. I guess save up to get a good reading from her." ... written by enamorada
She was so understanding and clear I feel so comfortable with her. She is very precise and I was comforted by the things she said. She confirmed all my questions and put me at ease. Told me things I wasn't sure of and now I am positive of what I already felt. I will be back for another reading with her." ... written by LaciKLambert
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER SHE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LaciKLambert
Really good but not enough time " ... written by plough_1
Joyce got right to the heart of the matter in my heart. She was truthful and didn't give false hope. I wish I had more time...I will definitely speak to her again. God Bless and Thank you SO much! xo" ... written by Amandables
She is the best on this site. Hands down, no questions asked. " ... written by gotcannedheat
She is someone special she see and feels it all she knows her stuff truly gifted and I will return for update. thank you" ... written by scorpionqueen
OMG!!! Blown away again, Joyce is such a sweet caring person, non-judgemental and a wonderful person to talk with. Thank you a hundred times over, Joyce!" ... written by Jim
Very positive feed back. right on the dot knows wats going on" ... written by cherryred1713
Very short but great." ... written by mimatisse
Very nice person, very compassionate and truthful, a true Godsend." ... written by Jim
She's always insightful and very very accurate." ... written by newperson
Like always great." ... written by eurbaez438
She was very accuarte and direct about her reading. " ... written by ambiarte732
Amazing!!!!! she told me the same thing she said 4 months ago. wow!!! she picked up everything what's going on now without telling her a word. it was a shock for me. Thanks a lot." ... written by happy20
Joyce is awesome simply awesome." ... written by Vman9484
She is really good had a reading done by her before. " ... written by june71
She knows it all." ... written by hoping2351
Wow!!!... Very good... I will definitely speak to Joyce again... She really helped me alot!!! Much Love to you Joyce" ... written by Rudi33
She was great and completely accurate everything she said was right, and I will definitely be using here again very soon." ... written by lilmama9269
Wonderful, fast, and accurate and very reassuring! Thank you Joyce!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Joyce is so awesome, so psychic, she is the most insightful person. Really wish I could see her more often. Glad I saw her today." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great!" ... written by eurbaez438
She's awesome." ... written by reikilb
Very accurate." ... written by pisces305
Wonderful." ... written by pisces305
She is fantastic!" ... written by newperson
Excellent reading." ... written by mimatisse
Awesome! Thank you very much. Picked up on what I was thinking." ... written by nickmcgyver
Always amazing to talk to you." ... written by menutnoel
Unbelievably good and insightful with little info just name and birthdate. She was right on about everything that was going on. Loved her. Thank you for reassuring me. debbie" ... written by debbiec0613
Amazing.... thank you so much :)" ... written by hewla11
Absolutely wonderful reading! much love for Joyce!" ... written by distinctwords
Amazinggg I wish I had more credits, but will def.. come back again..." ... written by SWEET84
SHe is great, Highly recommended" ... written by menutnoel
Thank you, wish I could talk to you more..." ... written by KC0716
Right on!" ... written by deaks31
Super great clairvonant. Awesome 10 stars" ... written by tk40000
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRECISE!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
What an awesome loving lady! Thank you so much Joyce angel lady :* God bless you love. Mxoxo" ... written by mdemos
Very very very good, nothing mention and she new everything without even saying a word. brillant" ... written by tonio73
Very good to talk to you! accurate. thank you" ... written by Bellyrox
Very spot on highly recommend. truthful and honest " ... written by jim
Joyce has provided me with clarity on my romatic situation" ... written by kymissp
LOVED IT." ... written by aprincessa17
Great!!!" ... written by aprincessa17
She is a blessing " ... written by coyoteroper
Great as always, give her a try!!!" ... written by enamorada
Thanks Alot. I appreciate it. I'll deffo be back. :)" ... written by DEMIII
Very good and very encouraging reading. Thank you very much." ... written by Greg5811
Thanks for the reading and good advise." ... written by Tan
She DEFINITELY got right/straight to the point! She was AWESOME. She gave me reinforcement about the issue. I will come back and consult her again." ... written by FaithGarrett
The Best!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Very accurate answers, great experience, will definitely keep contact with joyce." ... written by rosrod
Awesome 10 stars. Very fast and accurate spot on.. worth every penny.Absolutley amazingggg...i'll be back again..." ... written by SWEET84
Thank you for this. WOw spot on. I'm looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and for giving me hope. Love and peace :D x" ... written by swaimz
Very accurate and helpful" ... written by Nebulum
5 stars. great job.." ... written by tk40000
Stupendous is the word for her reading!" ... written by newperson
She is amazing! I am like andamp;quot;wowandamp;quot; at the moment.. Be sure to do a reading with Joyce, she really sees:))" ... written by LoveElly
Always consistent with her reading... picks up on feelings quickly.. hoping for those positive changes soon. will update you in a few days. thank you. hugs" ... written by stars2024
Great!!!" ... written by aprincessa17
My reading was quick but very accurate...she new exactly what i was thinking....thank you soo much...will take advice into great consideration!! big hugs!!!" ... written by redhead37
Very accurate." ... written by bigcoreyd
OMG.....awesome. Really calms me down. " ... written by aprincessa17
Great talk." ... written by Jim
Excellent reader! She was so spot on and accurate. Gave me the advice I need to move forward. Thank you so much." ... written by iPreferMimi
Very caring person and a God sent." ... written by Jim
Great reading! She was spot on and honest which is exactly what I was looking for. " ... written by ladyaradia81
Joyce is so good. She tells the complete truth and definitely picks up perfectly on the people involved. I just love her!!!! The advice she gives is so spot on" ... written by leogirl
Sorry Ran out of money, thank you for everything." ... written by Jim
Always consistent...right on point with the other persons feelings. thank you!" ... written by stars2024
Very good " ... written by aprincessa17
The most accurate psychic i've encountered yet, picked up on exactly what's going on in my life right now" ... written by maywither
She is awesome!" ... written by reikilb
She nailed everything right on the head. I have hope but am also aware of what I need to focus on. Things are much more clearer now. Thank you Joyce so much for your help." ... written by bluerose08
Great!" ... written by eurbaez438
Joyce has always been there to help me. She knows what she is talking about. I love her! Please go to her! She is absolutely amazing! " ... written by missvega
Very great responses....very on point and on target. Very considerate!!!!! Love talking with her !!!!!" ... written by aprincessa17
Very nice to speak to....nice attention to detail" ... written by john0907
Wow ! She was right on ! " ... written by nix
My second reading and it was great again. The way Joyce feels is so unique that you should get in a private with her as soon as you can:))" ... written by LoveElly
Excellent reader!!!! Amazingly accurate. Very kind, intuitive. She's the real deal." ... written by benkepsychic
She is so good she felt his feelings and sadness she seen the issue he is trying to get out of she is good check her out awesome young lady." ... written by scorpionqueen
Amazing... very, very accurate love her.. Joyce tells u what you need to hear not what I want to hear.. love it Awesome wish I had more credits.. I'll be back again. Thank you Joyce..." ... written by SWEET84
Great reading!!! she felt and sees all and my thoughts as if she knew what has happened in the last few months!" ... written by kissmeangel
Thanks Joyce . .. you are the best! Thanks for much for putting me straight on the right path and your guiding advice. XOXO" ... written by kissmeangel
Very good and very helpful!!! Very calming and helped clear my mind!!!" ... written by aprincessa17
Wow, she is amazing. she was lovely to speak with and accurate." ... written by jaiyakali
She was very kind. read the person I asked about without difficulty. She was very kind and attuned." ... written by rufdoof3
Very precise!!! Amamzing what Joyce picked up on!! Thanks for the advice Joyce." ... written by jaykun
She was so amazing and accurate, unbelievable.. give her a try!!" ... written by kel
Joyce is one of my absolute favorites on Oranum. She is so caring, calm and the real deal!!! Love her readings!!!" ... written by leogirl
Very insightful and helpful as always." ... written by Jim
Thank you for your insight, i look forward to seeing it come to pass. Will keep in touch as things progress." ... written by Onewarmheart
Very meaning ful reading. cant wait for the things to coem along" ... written by Doniaqua
She is impeccably intuitive and very accurate too." ... written by newperson
Always the best!!!!" ... written by tk40000
20 stars, she is the best!" ... written by tk40000
Joyce is wonderful. She picked up right away on what was going on. Thank you. I will be back" ... written by kbj1995
True as it is." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She can give interesting insights, things you would never think of!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks again. Great reading. Hope to be back soon!" ... written by kbj1995
Deep insight, situation is described as it really is!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is very accurate on things. :) " ... written by juana18
You sense a real situation, as it is, incredible details do come into place!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She connected straight away. She was great. She confirmed everything I was feeling and picked on the situation quickly. " ... written by benzy73
She was spot on. Like she knew me, and knew about my life. She is excellent. " ... written by nycmom
She's awesome!!!!" ... written by private
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
The best" ... written by eurbaez438
The best; excellent; amazing." ... written by mimatisse
I feel such a connection with her. She is kind and compassionate and she really sees what is happening, I feel so much better after talking to her. I think she is the best of the best on Oranum. You can't go wrong with her. Will keep on coming back to her!" ... written by kbj1995
Joyce, you are a lovely person. Yours truly." ... written by LionKing777
Wonderful reading, thank you." ... written by Bojan99
I spoke with her about my new love interest and heard everything I needed to hear and just knowing that I need to keep moving forward and stay away from the negative and the past for me and not push him- to leave the past in the past. I have renewed hope. Thanks a lot!" ... written by jeh014
What to say than she understands peoples concerns, and can guide you to overcome them." ... written by mojasudbina1978
This is incredible, she is like in my mind but also seeing my past.." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is fabulous only I wish I could have longer and longer readings..." ... written by newperson
She is amazing!!!! I havent had one yet that has been so dead on!!! Love her" ... written by alyshams89
You are correct in every part of your insight, it is amazing I can confirm what you are describing to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you very much for your advice Joyce. Much appreciated. When I get the chance 2 upload credits I will request for an email reading. God bless andamp; thanks again... With Stevie, I "may" have sex with him since you said that he just doesn't want me for that, so I am happy about that, much! :) I think that your great! Keep up the good work, talk with you soon. lol" ... written by unluckylove777
Understands the situation in big picture." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Amazing!!!" ... written by disteva
Realistic as always!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Realistic as it is! " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very in tune with feelings and stays consistent. Will come back to update. Hugs." ... written by stars2024
I've had many readings on this site and none were better than with Joyce. She was amazing and with very little information. We discussed my love and relatives that have passed. She felt so much and knew so much. Such a warm person. Really puts you at ease." ... written by j217c44
She is amazing =)" ... written by KimberleyE
Very good!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your feedback, you were on point with everything you said :))" ... written by jazolvera01
Amazing, best reading I have had. Very insightful" ... written by rachelp12
As always another great reading. It was short, but still helpful. I will keep coming back!" ... written by kbj1995
LoveadvisorJoyce gave me everything I needed to know and helped with me with hopeful insight towards my future." ... written by Icleus
Joyce tells it as she sees it and is so calm and reassuring. I'm sorry I didnt have more time, but thank you!!!" ... written by leogirl
She is soooo awesome. :)" ... written by socialbutterfly
She's truly heaven sent. she knew everything. and so patient and kind." ... written by sarahsellers1985
Very helpful with her information and advice, look forward to talking with her again soon." ... written by Jim
Very helpful and supportive." ... written by jim
Very on spot with her information." ... written by jim
Realistic as always" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is very good at what she does. I would recommend her." ... written by theodorab
She is simply fantastically accurate!" ... written by newperson
We connected so well, and she makes it so clear, and 100 percent accurate." ... written by sarahsellers1985
She knew a lot! Had a lot of great insight for me to work off of :)" ... written by annaa8270
The Best!!!!!!!!try it!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Right to the point" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Reality kicks in and she is there for you to present it for you " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Always on the top of the matter" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Gives me hope." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks Joyce for your input tonite. You picked right up on the situation as always." ... written by leogirl
Her readings are always accurate, she's warm and kind. And gets straight to the point." ... written by rachelp12
Thank you for your mind opening insights." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She was good." ... written by Ellie11
Gives hope to the troubled hearts." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joyce was the very first psychic i had a private reading with on Oranum. And she had blown me away. This was my second reading with her and wow.. I am blown away once more. The details she gives are amazing and extremely accurate. I strongly recommend a private reading with Joyce, you will be shocked by what you will hear:)" ... written by LoveElly
Wow she is differently correct about my current relationship with my boyfriend. And I wish I could have continued the private reading. But Ran out of credits. I differently recommend her" ... written by Ethereal29
Wow, she knew things no one knows, Amazing!! She connected to me immidiately. I highly recommend!" ... written by Jaqueline
You are the best" ... written by mojasudbina1978
You always give me hope." ... written by mojasudbina1978
My first private reading with Joyce and she is dead-on about my situation! Her advice is uplifting and redirects me back to my centre! Will be back for more readings Joyce!" ... written by calliopegirl
Thank you for everything." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joyce was spot on, thank you Joyce ." ... written by mylife123
Thank you again." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She was very wonderful. Wish I had more time to spend with her." ... written by losttrack123
You give me more realistic insight when im up in the clouds... " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very lovely and caring. Spot on with what was happening in my life right now. Great insight. I will definitely check in again with her. Thank you!" ... written by Yoda1520
Gives hope to me" ... written by mojasudbina1978
You are helping me" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Good and accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Excellent as usual" ... written by eurbaez438
Thank you big" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joyce is always to the point and clear as a bell with every reading I have with her. She is very kind and forthright." ... written by Yoda1520
Thank you!! as always you are amazing!!! " ... written by starwars44
Trully awekening for me" ... written by mojasudbina1978
You always bring back a smile on my face" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Interesting." ... written by shaz77
Had a good reading with her trying to cleanse the negative, I really like her and her approach :)" ... written by jazolvera01
She is so fantastic - she just tells it like it is " ... written by coyoteroper
You are helping me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is my angel in troubling times and guide in happy moments." ... written by mojasudbina1978
You are my support!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
You will help me i know." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Sorry, computer issues, I couldnt get back on line, would love to finish up with you. Very compassionate in her reading. Highly recommended." ... written by Jim
Excellent 40000" ... written by tk40000
Awesome. 100 stars" ... written by tk40000
She is the best. She knows what you are thinking before you even say it. she can see the future clearly and tell what is going on around you. She really is blessed and gifted. Incrediable. 1000 stars" ... written by tk40000
She knows what she s doing." ... written by mimatisse
THANK YOU so much for your guidance and support, you really give me hope for what im most giving my heart in, it is a part of life that is most important to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Joyce told me many things that were confirmed later, that is why I trust her. Plus, I just have a lot of respect for her." ... written by mimatisse
I like the way Joyce is really in tune with what is going on in my exes head. She doesn't understand him as much as I don't. will be coming back to her for sure" ... written by jazolvera01
This lady is not only a beautiful soul but a fantastic reader....... RECOMMENDED 100% One Love x " ... written by jaiyakali
Very good and very clear about what she saw. Picked up on everything right away. Would talk to again. Deserves 5 stars. Thank you" ... written by bacidoll
Very clear, insightful and honest..." ... written by aquarius49
Very happy with her reading again. Accurate and sincere. Would visit again." ... written by bacidoll
Good intuitive as always~~" ... written by enamorada
She is outstanding as a;ways in her insights" ... written by newperson
Joyce is always kind and helpful..." ... written by aquarius49
She is really helpful told me al the right things fromm my ast and present wll be coming bak to her just wish it was cheaper : )" ... written by alondra1991
She s amazing , fantastic as usual" ... written by mimatisse
Fantastic ! Spot on with everything connected really fast and very honest. She was a great help and very insightful - thanks so much joyce. I will be back. " ... written by Beccaboo72
5 stars as usual" ... written by john0907
Very insightful! She gets connected to your situation and can give you insight into what can help you and what is to be expected. Very good at seeing what is going on in your life and helping you!" ... written by Moranda
Thank you" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Realistic approach thank you sis " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your guidance !!!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
One big thank you." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Good psychic." ... written by dragon1415
Very very very helpful." ... written by losttrack123
She was bang on about the situation and had some clear indications of where things can go... " ... written by gardhard49
Love you sis " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks for understanding " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Nice" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your time" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Reality is what you give to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Lovely" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Great reading. Picked up on things quickly. Very reassuring." ... written by vocalmachine1
Not enough time." ... written by gardhard49
Answered all questions, gave good and bad details, friendly" ... written by becca2312
You are my support" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your support." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is so good, went back and had continued reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
She is amazing! Very intuitive!" ... written by lifetime1974
Always honest, insightful and helpful..." ... written by aquarius49
Thank you, you picked up on things very fast." ... written by angleeyo
Joyce, miss you not coming on at night...hope you come back soon :)" ... written by jazolvera01
Thank you for understanding." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Need your guidance." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Fabulous! " ... written by newperson
4000 stars. Great!" ... written by tk40000
Every one should get a reading from Joyce at least once. She sees things you think are impossible. She is very caring and very detailed. Even in open chat she can sense your energy and knows what is going on.. In private chat she tells you how she sees things in details and honestly. Joyce is the real deal and worth the money. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I know you are right about him, its just so hard to see he loves me with how he has treated me. Thank you." ... written by angela
The answers are fast and quick and accurate. She's wonderful! Five stars and more." ... written by Newperson
Can see clearly both sides of the relationship." ... written by gardhard49
Loved talking with her!" ... written by janayr7
Great communication!!" ... written by janayr7
Best" ... written by eurbaez438
Joyce is sweet, kind, helpful and insightful..." ... written by aquarius49
I love our readings when I'm in the twilight zone, I am going to stay true to my word, if I ever get married to you know who, you are invited to the wedding! =)" ... written by jazolvera01
Great reader. Understood everything right off the bat." ... written by persephonestears
Very accurate and on point with her predictons. Very , very good." ... written by focusing
Amazing as usual." ... written by mimatisse
She sees the energetics between people and how it flows (and doesn't flow) ... thank you!" ... written by gardhard49
So, when I want to know specifics and details, I come to Joyce. Joyce is so insightful. She connects right away. She is calming and soothing. I am going to follow her advice. Also, it was a trip that I was asking her about advice regarding school and she also knew that a specific person was on my mind and picked up on it. 5 Stars. Will come back for updates. Right now, I'm very satisfied. She deserves her rating and is worth the price. " ... written by skylightening
Sees clarity and is so consistent in her description of what is going on and how it is shifing. Excellent spirit and soul! I am glad we met" ... written by gardhard49
Joyce is SO good, she is so compassionate and she really tells you honestly what's going on. She connects straight away and is in tune with you. You always feel like she tells you honestly what she sees. Highly recommended. " ... written by Beccaboo72
Great energy and honest appeal. She sensed the energies surrounding me from the start." ... written by kcjudah
Always sweet, kind and insightful..." ... written by aquarius49
Accurate pick me out of the crowd and was right on point love her." ... written by ddhall90
Joyce is amzing and wonderful thats all i gotta say I love her. She's helped me so much, that I can't thank her enough.. Joyce thank u, thank u so much You really are amazing, awesome and wonderfull.." ... written by SWEET84
Wonderful information, as always, such a caring person Joyce is. Love talking with her." ... written by Jim
Nice one" ... written by hashmi84
She is superb." ... written by delighted2
Man she got everything I was going through and I didnt even tell her much of what was going on in my life, amazing." ... written by iniki86
Good reading . " ... written by DEMIII
Great reading." ... written by janayr7
You are wonderful. I wish I had all the money in the world to talk to you more ." ... written by StellarKayGee
Wonderful connection with her!" ... written by lifetime1974
Always sweet, kind and helpful..." ... written by aquarius49
Hi, I thinks she is fantastic.. Bought there lots of credits on the spin! Seems to know everything going on! I would recommend her to anyone... Well worth it... Thank you..." ... written by charlottedelilah
Thanks." ... written by mmd1990
Joyce as always was awesome... She just gave me an update and it was everything I was feeling and wanted... Can't wait for it all to manifest..." ... written by reikilb
GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
She's always very accurate and comforting. NIce and thanks" ... written by hoping2351
Right on the button " ... written by Meguthan5
shes super great" ... written by gamsmith40
She is fantastic!" ... written by newperson
She is great. Awesome... This was my 2nd reading. She is great. Will be back again. " ... written by jeh014
Thanks Joyce as always for your honesty and help. I think you pick up quickly and correctly on this." ... written by leogirl
She was amazing! Very insightful and saw things from my past that i thought were in the past. Great reading!" ... written by bbrunner21
You are the best here! I cant wait for you to get online again for another reading. " ... written by denise8888
She's soooo true." ... written by KIKI81
5 stars!" ... written by aquarius49
Joyce always has great insight and gives good advice." ... written by aquarius49
1000000 stars!" ... written by tk40000
5000 stars, great read!" ... written by tk40000
She was good! I understood everything. " ... written by resalove91
I think she is super gifted, absolutely outstanding!" ... written by HollyB123
Joyce was awesome. Very patient, and understanding and amazingly accurate. I will definitely see her again." ... written by jfmd060508
I am absolutely amazed by Joyce. She is so accurate and unbelievably to the point. I really enjoy each reading and I have learned so much from her. she is a great friend that I can talk to about anything and she give me help, guidance and comfort. Hands-down, the best on this site." ... written by j217c44
Salute! Forever peace." ... written by jgoddess
Good reading. I only had a very short amount of time to really talk with her but from what she said it sounded like she was on the right track." ... written by Blackjane2614
Great accurate insights and deep, but meaningful advice. Thank you so much. " ... written by Chuffsta388
Can´t get enough of my readings with you Joyce. The time goes by too quickly! Lol. You are always on point with me. You are the only one I trust on here, so please don´t ever leave Lol. Best psychic on here no doubt about it. Love you and thanks Joyce. " ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Thanks so much for your advise and wise honest words. Lets see how things pan out." ... written by Chuffsta388
Joyce always gets to the point and can read my feelings really well." ... written by tmy0558
Thank you Joyce, pity our session was so short. You could deduce most of what was happening in my life without me telling you too much, will be back, thank you." ... written by kreuzen
Thank u for ur help... i appreciate it!" ... written by linn115
Great as usual!" ... written by eurbaez438
Thank you. x" ... written by HollyB123
thanks joyce for your help your good" ... written by gamsmith40
Joyce has brought up things I wasn't expecting, but can feel some energetics that it is true, great intuition and understanding, just puts me in a place of choice, which I wasn't expecting." ... written by gardhard49
Goooooood vibes." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Good and consistent advice, guidance and understanding - a depth of knowledge of the situation and the people involved." ... written by gardhard49
Joyce is amazing at what she does!! Knows everything and is right on. She helps while making you feel like she has been through the entire situation with you. I definitely recommend her!!" ... written by ksw0009
Awesome - unbelievable - worth the money." ... written by sunshine789
This was my second reading with Joyce and she is fantastic! Very helpful - insightful." ... written by bbrunner21
Awesome reading, Joyce is dead on! Very good! Beautiful Gift!" ... written by Anonymous
Awesome. Completely spot on!! WOW! Gave me such hope!!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Honest!" ... written by rosebud77
Very accurate! She has every aspect of my life down! It was an amazing reading!" ... written by amnarashid
This woman is truly amazing. I love her she is a gift from God!" ... written by gamsmith50
Joyce is very good and very sweet. She's accurate and thorough! Will definitely be coming back." ... written by MidnightMaiden
Accurate, sweet, caring, I will come back.... She was great!" ... written by michelelyn
Holy Crapola ~ she picked up on me like there was no tomorrow... Incredible... :0)" ... written by Tooie1969
Great job, 500000 stars!" ... written by tk40000
Thanks again, Joyce, for all of your help. I love your honesty and the way you are able to pick up on everything here." ... written by leogirl
Very intuitive." ... written by redlands0094
Thanks! Highly recommend her. " ... written by d2k1000
Thank you Joyce, you put some feelings at rest for me... I so appreciate the time that we were able to chat... Your a treasure... I will come back again, again and again." ... written by nickycat2012
Excellent." ... written by hoping2351
Great, honest, accurate!!! Thank you, Joyce!!" ... written by smurf19
Thanks!!! Was able to read my guy :o) Hope things turn out great!" ... written by Phoxee
Wow!!! Just wow!!! Spot on!! Didnt tell her much and she knew it all. Excellent. Truly gifted." ... written by Blackjane2614
Amazing! nailed my past, current feelings/situation, and gave me hope for the future. I wish I had known you sooner. " ... written by Thessa
Wish I had more time with her! So far, everything she was saying is exactly how it is. " ... written by akbaby1
She really got me!!! Thank you!" ... written by Divorcee
Very good very accurate." ... written by mikepec2468
She is good, had a good reading with her and she is spot on with her readings." ... written by manda1127
She is really good to talk to. I definitely recommend her. She's pretty spot on!!!" ... written by stillhotat50
Interesting indeed, good info." ... written by redlands0094
She was good she knew everything, wow I am happy what I got so far and I will be back very soon.. Thank you soo much." ... written by vanessa231
Very insightful, definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Very nice and straight forward :)" ... written by curielpatricia
Awesome, amazing, sweet, nice, information... Wants to help with your concern or issue... I'm just amazed..." ... written by michele
She's fantastic!" ... written by newperson
She's really great, I felt a connection right away. Please do a private reading! You won't be sorry!" ... written by stillhotat50
Joyce is right on with her perdictions, she is a blessing in the flesh, she is so calming." ... written by gamsmith50
Definitely eased my anxieties, put things in perspective, very direct and accurate and gave me good things to look forward to!" ... written by pomegrntsunrz
Awesome!!! Love her!! so helpful and talented!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Very good as always." ... written by Blackjane2614
Good reading, correct, actually what you are feeling. Gives you advice, make you feel good... Absolute good a reader." ... written by ginlin
Amazing, she picked up on a lot so quickly! Would definitely recommend." ... written by Kaiine
Joyce is kind, insightful and helpful always... " ... written by aquarius49
Joyce is great...definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Always great. she is easy to talk to and a great help. 5000 stars" ... written by tk40000
Awesome... the best.... no doubt.... she is the real deal...." ... written by tk40000
OMG! You were so spot on about all! Thanks - I will come back some time, I need to be strong - bless you! xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Great!" ... written by hoping2351
What a amazing woman - so kind and giving but so spot on about all going on in my life... God bless u and I will be back.. Thank u xxxxx" ... written by cuddles1960
She is wonderful and calming. She is pretty right on love her and she is really funny too!" ... written by gamsmith50
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Joyce is funny, honest and picks up exactly on the details. Her readings are spot on!!!" ... written by leogirl
She made me cry, that's how good she is." ... written by apolly
Wow, genuinely helpful, understanding and saw the situation straight away and advised with compassion. Thank you Joyce!" ... written by lisch12
Uplifting but truthful. Perfect combination for a gifted reader :)" ... written by Somozusi
Thanks for the reading... You were able to connect accurately and fast. Surely I'll come back.." ... written by maryjoy88
She knows so much... truly spot on!" ... written by HollyB123
Thanks Joyce, hopefully with time things will work out! See you again! God bless! xx" ... written by cuddles1960
I loved her reading she was so loyal... Thanks, I'll be back soon with the baby results!" ... written by kaeronsmom
Joyce tunes in immediately and with such clarity and focus. I love to come to her because I feel that she reallly senses the important energies and feelings that are involved with my situation. And it that she gives believable and honest predictions." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Sweet as before. Always very accurate with people around me. Thanks again! Great reading :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Joyce can always read my feelings and sees situations just the way they were...Gives me faith that her insights into my future are right on." ... written by tmy0558
Very good, I think she gave some good information. I am very pleased with her abilities." ... written by tivyantlers
Sooooo right on. This lady knows what's really going on. I will definitely be revisiting here. Thank you thank you a million times thank you." ... written by Sharemyparadise
I just think she is wonderful. Very gifted. " ... written by losttrack123
She is good...." ... written by Uvrs53
Amazing reading! Such a talented psychic :)" ... written by chawks009
You really are amazing. Thank you! :)" ... written by SAchickie
Very good and to the point. Spot on with everything. I hope things turn out as she says. I will remain hopeful. She was so right about everything else I can't see a reason to doubt what she predicted." ... written by Blackjane2614
I really enjoyed talking with LA Joyce! I hope to get the last response from her before I ran out of credits." ... written by Largo817
Joyce is sweet, very helpful, honest and extremely insightful..." ... written by aquarius49
Thank you Joyce! I'll be back for sure." ... written by losttrack123
Thanks Joyce.. You are so good. Cheers!" ... written by Chuffsta388
Great insight!" ... written by lmb811
Really accurate and very gifted!" ... written by HollyB123
Joyce always is right on about my feelings and confirms my intuition about things... I love chatting with her. " ... written by tmy0558
Fabulous as always thank you Joyce:-)" ... written by lisch12
Joyce is fantastic at clarifying things, a really gifted psychic! :)" ... written by HollyB123
She is the best on Oranum!" ... written by surfas
Joyce is always very encouraging and insightful. Always love my readings with her." ... written by tmy0558
Very nice very fast, I think she was accurate." ... written by Kamiw03
Joyce, I'll come back another time! Thank you!" ... written by mistyhawk
She was amazing and personable. Warm with a kindred spirit. I would highly recommend her because she is the real deal. Her readings were dead on about me. I'm looking forward to my new adventures! :)" ... written by lovely1487
Joyce is right on! She has always been there for me!" ... written by stillhotat50
Joyce is insightful and thorough...definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Thank you so much, You gave me some hope for what will hopefully come." ... written by shannonlo
Amazing. Very very good as always. She knows and is spot on always with everything. Very good. Can't say enough good things about her." ... written by Blackjane2614
Thank you for that." ... written by shaz77
Awesome!!!" ... written by SAchickie
Thank you so much! Great reading!" ... written by mmd1990
I'm so much of a sceptic and it's hard to believe, I'm trying so hard, I've just never had anything good happen to me and my current boyfriend is my everything, I want him in my life so bad and she tells me so much good things, I hope they come to be." ... written by Shewolf88
Thank you!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
She is very very soothing and will give you good advice, she is real!" ... written by gamsmith50
Thank you!" ... written by nicksmith123
She gave wonderful info on the issue say that he misses me a lot and he will call and we will be together thank you so much i know he has to get rid of that headache he has and i hope soon. Thank you soooo much joyce your awesome." ... written by scorpionqueen
Good reading!" ... written by Quinacridone
She is fantastic! Every reading gets better." ... written by lmb811
Great reading!!" ... written by lmb811
Joyce. Once again was wonderful! She is dead on! Such a beautiful soul!" ... written by reikilb
Definitely get a private reading!!! " ... written by aquarius49
She is very detailed and very accurate. I enjoyed the reading." ... written by breeboots
Thank you so much for your time! Amazing! She knew so much! Read the situation perfectly! I look forward to another session soon! " ... written by TheFriendlyOne
Thank you Joy!" ... written by surfas
Joyce is very good! Definitely get a reading..." ... written by aquarius49
Thanks Joyce as always. You are super good!!!" ... written by leogirl
She was worth the 5.00 a minute. She was spot on." ... written by jeter28
She is awesome and she knows what is going on! Take her private she will not disappoint." ... written by pharmergirl9
She is honest and tells the truth, she does not say what you want to hear but what you need to know!" ... written by Gibran
I am forever grateful Joy!" ... written by surfas
She is funny and so correct i love Joyce she is a great adviser" ... written by gamsmith50
Always makes me feel good to talk to Joyce!" ... written by stillhotat50
Thank you, again, Joyce. You always make me smile and make me feel so much better!" ... written by tmy0558
Great, terrific, wonderful, thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
I love Joyce, she is the best and really cares." ... written by gamsmith50
A very impressive reading. Highly recommended. Thank you very much and I will return very soon." ... written by zimerili1
Joyce is sweet, kind, helpful, insightful and direct....definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
I love Joyce....she is up front, honest, caring, gives good advice, and wants to help with your issue or concern. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Awesome!" ... written by soul2love
Always leave private with a much clearer picture of things... Thanks so much Joyce!" ... written by aquarius49
Joyce is always on point... Definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
She is really really good!!" ... written by Krunka
Very nice and hits every point and truly cares. Will be back." ... written by kitty83
I always love my chats with Joyce. xoxoxo" ... written by tmy0558
Joyce is fabulous... I love my readings with her and try not to use too much of her valuable insight cause I know how powerful it is. Potent!" ... written by kissmeangel
Joyce is AMAZING!!! She is always dead on and helpful!! It makes me feel so much better to get her input on things going on in my life! She is definitely a must see!!" ... written by ksw0009
When I first talked to Joyce she told me things that no one could have known. I mean details that I only knew...that not even close friends and family could have guessed. I feel like I trust her for that very reason. She's warm and straightforward. Ty Joyce." ... written by skylightening
Absolutely Wonderful Reading, I believe Joyce can tune into a situation very well." ... written by Annonymous
Thank you. She is honest, gives good advice, insightful and direct. She is great, very detailed with lots of information." ... written by vasanta
500000 STARS." ... written by tk40000
Joyce was great as usual in my readings. She is so smart and funny and I love her advice also. Totally trust in what she tells me and will be back!! " ... written by leogirl
Wondering.. but good " ... written by jackie2728
On point, She connected to exactly what I was feeling.. Great confirmation!" ... written by anewme4
I loved my chat! :)" ... written by kaiteduhh
Joyce is sweet, helpful, insightful and always gives great advice... definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Joyce is the only one I trust on here." ... written by surfas
Joyce is great! Thank you very much for my reading!" ... written by justme1365
Thanks Joyce for another great reading, so much you can see from the situation. I trust your insight and will do what you suggested... Will keep you posted! :-D" ... written by kissmeangel
Omg she picked right up on what I was feeling and what is going on. I will surely be back to continue our conversation. " ... written by rlp183
Good reading." ... written by jackie2728
This woman is so good get a reading, she will change your life!" ... written by gamsmith50
She picked up on exactly what was on my mind. Amazing!!" ... written by Audrea59
Great reading thank you Joyce" ... written by rlp183
Joyce is kind, helpful, insightful and honest....definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Without saying anything, Joyce picked up on my love life and read it so accurately. It was great to have confirmations." ... written by gardhard49
Wow. I'm speechless. She picked up on so much, it was truly an incredible reading. One of the best I've had on Oranum. I found myself just nodding and saying "yes" and "true" a lot because she knew it all and her advice is just what I needed. I was getting ready to give up but she gave me the faith I needed to push forward. Thank you Joyce!" ... written by iPreferMimi
Joyce is perfection straight on. Time ran out and I couldn't hear all. I'm coming back." ... written by Sharemyparadise
Great reading Joyce. Thanks for your calming insight. :-D" ... written by kissmeangel
Excellent!!!" ... written by dianalj
Joyce is honest and insightful, definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Once again Joyce was quick to feel and pick up on things. She was able to give great insights and I will be coming back!" ... written by loves12
Joyce confirmed my feelings about my situation and gave me excellent advise. My readings with her are always very caring and straightforward. Thank you, again, Joyce. xoxoxo" ... written by tmy0558
Thank you!!" ... written by akbaby1
Thank you for your insight!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She knew my situation without me telling her a thing. Amazing. Very talented psychic. Highly recommended!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Always on target, good information, honest, clear, easy to talk to. Really good experience and reader!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Amazingly gifted!! Very sweet and right on the money about everything. Amazing! " ... written by Blackjane2614
Very Good reading!" ... written by soul2love
Amazing as always. She is always spot on with everything she tells me. Very very helpful. Wonderful person x" ... written by Blackjane2614
Super great as always!" ... written by eurbaez438
50000 stars!" ... written by tk40000
She is just amazing!! She knew so much without me even having to ask!!" ... written by anksy2001
Simply amazinggggg, thank you so much joyce." ... written by SWEET84
Perfect" ... written by surfas
She's too amazing. No words to describe her. Shes a top notch psychic ! Lol. BEST OF THE BEST. " ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Wow!" ... written by roselilly5
Awesome!! Totally Impressed!!! :)" ... written by Crismarie
Joyce is honest, direct and extremely insightful...definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
There is nobody better and sweeter on this site. She is always very accurate and fast. Too the point and direct. She just sees and feels so much. I always feel better after a session with her. I consider a friend as well as an advisor. Love her!" ... written by j217c44
Awesome! Joyce is great! totally intune with sitaution. picks up very quickly ... " ... written by soul2love
Good!" ... written by cris72
Joyce is honest, kind and insightful....Definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Joyce is always compassionate and caring." ... written by tmy0558
She is SOOO sweet and AMAZING. I love that she does not use tools, and she just knows everything. Will definitely be back, thanks so much Joyce! xoxo" ... written by prinsol12
Joyce is a gem, easy to talk to, up front, clear, gives you important and good information as well as advice. I appreciate everything she has told me. She makes me feel comfortable no matter the information she is providing." ... written by GroovyGoddess
So sweet and good! she's knows the answers....before I've asked the questions... really good info and advice! She's really really good!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
She was great!" ... written by daydreamer246
A+++" ... written by roselilly5
Thanks, Joyce for helping." ... written by gardhard49
Always great talking to Joyce, she always confirms my intuition and is very compassionate." ... written by tmy0558
Joyce is a true advisor and a true advisor will never steer you wrong, I believe in her and her gifts, she is no joke, believe her." ... written by gamsmith50
Joyce is always kind, helpful and extremely insightful...." ... written by aquarius49
She is really good, omg." ... written by holton5000
I feel better after I talk to Joyce. She is able to guide me to a decision or thought process I might not think of on my own. She gives valuable and helpful information that is much appreciated. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Joyce is very sweet and very good at what she does!!" ... written by aquarius49
I liked my reading. I wish it could have been longer so more of my questions could have been answered. I would greatly recommend her to other people. She was good!!!" ... written by vicky219
Joyce can always pick up my emotions and I have confidence that she accurately senses the feelings of others towards me." ... written by tmy0558
She picked up on me pretty good, she's awesome!" ... written by datgurll87
Very intuitive. She knew the situation without me telling her anything.. I definitely recommend her and will consult again when I get more funds!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She's the best!!!" ... written by stillhotat50
I love her...she is very wise...and seems to be on point!!!! I will talk to her again soon!!!!" ... written by LettucePray88
OMG! This was one of the best readings I have had. She amazed me with her ability to connect to our energy and read into the relationship from past to present - the degree of accuracy was unbelievable - I will be back for more ....... well worth the money." ... written by Taurus357
Great, insightful reading. Saw the woman I asked about very clearly and to a T. In a quandary right now, but Joyce saw it clearing and with some work this year, creating light and love at the end of it." ... written by Enkori
Joyce is wonderful and amazing and very gifted.... I will continue to work with her whenever I have a question or issue. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
She is excellent and on point, very accurate with details!" ... written by dreamz25
Amazing." ... written by mlgriff330
Awesome, soooo good... On target... Worth every read I have. Very special. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
I have finally followed Joyce's advice and moved on from a bad situation, I now can let her new predictions come to pass. I am finally happy!!!! Thank you Joyce!" ... written by gamsmith50
She is amazing. She picks up exactly on those involved in the situation, and also offers the best advice. Thanks again Joyce!" ... written by leogirl
Just the best of the best." ... written by DDDaniela
Always helpful and on target. Good information and guidance. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
She's spot on and has a very caring attitude. So glad I spoke with her and we'll be talking again soon. Thanks Joyce" ... written by LilyCicco
Epic!" ... written by Mcra7x
I need WAY more time with her! But I will be back!" ... written by Mcra7x
Amazing reading, loved everything she had to say. Will come back again for another reading!" ... written by PennyRue
I LOVE HER. She was right on! If I could keep talking to her I would for sure. So sweet and tells you what she sees. " ... written by christam328
Enjoyed my reading with Joyce! Was able to connect quickly and provide guidance on my current situation. Feel more confident moving forward after my reading. Thank you and namaste! :) " ... written by oshungoddess7
Awesome like always!!" ... written by anksy2001
Astonished!!! Didn't even say anything, she sensed me even in free chat room and everything started from there... Spot on everything!! Love her!!" ... written by shopgirl
I love speaking with Joyce. She is so sweet, accurate and patient. Very, very good." ... written by leogirl
Gives great advice" ... written by manda1127
She is very accurate on her readings and is able to depict the situation and offer you advice on what to do. I will be back for more! :)" ... written by ceejox
Joyce is amazing, amazing, accurateeee 10 stars she knows what shes talking about. She's worth every penny, give her a try and you love the reading.. Thank you so much Joyce, you are awesome, amazing and very sweet person. Thank you once again." ... written by SWEET84
AWESOME!" ... written by soul2love
She was awesome.." ... written by Rebekahramos09
Always a good reading with important and helpful information. She is really special. :-)" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Joyce is always honest, kind and insightful....definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Very good. Update" ... written by soul2love
Thank you again!!! Please speak with Joyce in private, she's very compassionate and don't beat around the bush!" ... written by ???
Great insight into what is going on, and very accurate. She gives me great hope." ... written by Destiny_Love
Joyce really put my mind at ease about my love relationship. She knew exactly what was happening without my telling her. She also did this without any tools which is impressive to me. I definitely rate her five stars!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Very good, as always." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Always is very clear and straight forward and insightful. " ... written by curielpatricia
LoveadvisorJoyce connects with me as if she is in the same town with me. She knows my situation without me telling her any details. I definitely will keep coming back for her advice." ... written by Destiny_Love
Love the mini chat we had, it was great." ... written by Bbyphatz
Very good psychic. Good advice!" ... written by mimithinking
Always helpful, provides wonderful and accurate guidance and information. So easy to talk to, gifted. Wonderful person." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you for the loving readings you give and your honesty." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very good. Credits run out really fast." ... written by formermarine
I loved it.. By far the best... Worth it... Thank you so much ;-)" ... written by vicky219
Thank you!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
AWESOME as always ~~ " ... written by Mcra7x
Joyce is a wonderful and accurate psychic, I love her to death! I am trying to give her five stars but not sure if they went through!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Very sweet and accurate! Look forward to working with her again.. :)" ... written by ceejox
Thanks so much for yesterday's reading!! You were absolutely great!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Very good insight." ... written by jeraldryan
WOW!" ... written by soul2love
Thanks a lot!" ... written by cookieeye21
She has deep understanding on relationship and can provide excellent advice on this matter." ... written by aikhooiooi
Excellent Reader!" ... written by Need2know5
Thank You." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Joyce is awesome..really really good and accurate. Love her." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you once again Joyce!! You were amazing!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
SHE NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME!" ... written by Brandy330
You read my situation correctly and picked up on his behavior and fears. Let's see how it unfolds. Thank you." ... written by amethyst13
My first reading and she hit several things right on the button." ... written by uni4verse
Thanks you are amazing. I told you that you are the only one who ever picked up that one!" ... written by greek07chick7
Simply amazing...... love readings with her." ... written by SWEET84
Very good supportive reader that knows and understands the situation!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Absolutely spot on, fantastic!" ... written by HollyB123
Wonderful as always!!" ... written by shopgirl
Clear and to the point!! And supportive!!" ... written by shopgirl
It's always a blessing to get her insight and encouragement, my very first experience with psychic advisor and she made everything very comfortable and crystal clear. Whether or not it was the answer I was hoping to hear. She tells it like it is." ... written by Brandy330
She has a powerful insights with deep accurate prediction." ... written by aikhooiooi
Amazing as always. Gave me clarity on my situation. Helped me understand what was going on in my life. She told me things that I knew as confirmation. She's great! Take her to private!!!" ... written by enamorada
Ooh she so sweet and she is very quick. I thought she was honest and easy to talk to. Happy to have given her a chance and like she said i have to be patient." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Always understands my situation with such clarity - it's amazing! She is able to give me good information and guidance. She understands and is so caring" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Angel!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
Wonderful as always~!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
Very good." ... written by anull111
Really good reader awesome." ... written by PinkBeatle10
Oh my goodness Joyce is so talented and naturally good and sweet. She is very genuine and so easy to talk to and really gives good information. Very helpful in different areas of my life. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Totally awesome and accurate as always!!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Great reading, honest and to the point" ... written by tguy29
Accurate Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Amazing amazing amazing! Gifted, clear, upfront, a good person and very easy to work with and talk to." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Says exactly what you are feeling." ... written by Northexit
50000 stars, always the best.." ... written by tk40000
Love it love it love it!!" ... written by shopgirl
Amazing as always!!" ... written by shopgirl
Wonderful as always!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Very straight to the point and could see exactly how things needed to be done. Honest and open." ... written by don
Very very gifted and amazing - so helpful in so many areas." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Like talking with her. She is very informative." ... written by jbox1348
Thanks Joyce. I know that you are always honest with me, but I like the good news when it comes!!! You have been a really caring and spot on in what you see." ... written by leogirl
She is awesome. I trust her, she picks up on you right away. She has a true gift." ... written by Uvrs53
She was good. Pretty close to the actual situation and the complications surrounding it. Gave me a good sense of where things stand and where they can or are likely go. We ran out of time, but it was good enough to get a pulse of my problem." ... written by noorjehan
Very gifted and amazing reader, helpful in many areas of life. Really appreciate all she has to say and it is a comfort to work with her ." ... written by GroovyGoddess
She connected with me quickly. I felt the reading was accurate and I will hope for the best in what she potentially saw happening. Thank you!" ... written by Rita
Awesome!!!!! I suggest her!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by amber
Wonderful insight!" ... written by jeraldryan
Knows it all with only knowing your name and dob. Really impressed and will come talk to her again for sure." ... written by jc_love
Joyce is always kind and helpful but also extremely insightful and on point!! Definitely get a reading!!" ... written by aquarius49
Spot on, truthful, I didn't have to tell her anything and she knew everything to say. Thank you!" ... written by firechick1619
Wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear but it was informative and enlightening." ... written by Carolyn
Very encouraging to have my intuitions confirmed/validated. Also shared new knowledge that will strengthen my interactions with my partner." ... written by Brandy330
Always get a great reading with Joyce, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Amazing reading!" ... written by christal
I really enjoyed the reading and she was right on the money with everything so I will be back again. " ... written by Sandra
Joyce is amazing she is accurate and on point. " ... written by Tasha
Strongly recommend it! she is special." ... written by sartoris
Great!" ... written by Bridgette1987
I feel calmer after speaking with joyce. Very insightful." ... written by roselilly5
awesome" ... written by amber
Thank you." ... written by roselilly5
Great as always :)" ... written by ceejox
Really strong connection! very powerful. " ... written by sartoris
You are my best friend now! :)" ... written by khaylay88
Joyce connects easily and is able to help in many different areas of my life. She is easy to talk to and doesn't make judgements. Very helpful and up front with good information and guidance." ... written by GroovyGoddess
She was awesome she knew exactly what was going on in my life and it was nice to hear that from her." ... written by mitsubishiking
I so needed you today... Thank you soo soo much... I feel at peace in my mind again... Thank you... I'm not sure the connection with you, but you just get it... :0)" ... written by Tooie1969
Angel!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
Joyce is so easy to talk to and calming, very reassuring, she is so gifted and gives accurate information. She was able to guide me and helped me to come to my own resolutions. I will continue to come to Joyce when ever I need guidance." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Very intuitive, she helped me see a lot clearer." ... written by misty1575
Wonderful connection. So tuned in and reading me and the person in question so accurately." ... written by lilliableu
Thank you!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very nice thank you" ... written by ambrose0475
Joyce knew the initial of the gentleman I was dating, she was very in tune with me. I will definitely save her on my favorite list which I now have two. " ... written by rosieRN
Thanx" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very accurate! She knew exactly what was going on with me andamp;amp; what my concerns were. You have brought peace into my heart! " ... written by nomnom24
ALWAYS AWESOME!! Seriously try her....she is super scarily good!!!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Joyce is amazing! Picks up on things so easily and intuitively. " ... written by kt
Thank you very much for the reading. gave me some hope. " ... written by laylaluv
So gifted and easy to work with and talk to. She never judges and always give accurate information and helps guide you to your own solution. She's just wonderful." ... written by michelelyn
Very insightful reading, I will return to see if indeed she can assist me with my situation. " ... written by leti98
She is so helpful and she connects with me so quickly. I really treasure that. One of the best around! I wait for her to come on online." ... written by Uvrs53
EXCELLENT READING.... LOTS OF HELP... THANK YOU" ... written by adonnelly76
So gifted, up front, clear, good and accurate information... very sweet and easy to talk to, never judges. " ... written by starsandmoons
Very knowledgeable and sensitive...she was super great! thanks so much!!!" ... written by richgirl64
Really good. :)" ... written by akbaby1
Very good." ... written by cris72
1000000 stars!!! " ... written by shopgirl
Thanks for insight....great!" ... written by jeraldryan
SHE WAS OUTSTANDING!!!! I've been through plenty of readers and none were so accurate and on point as she was... I'll be back SOON!!!! I recommend her thoroughly!" ... written by PRETTYRED42
Very very intuitive. She is simply just great. She knew what was going on in my life from just by my dob. What a gifted psychic she is! Absolute 5 stars. " ... written by katie
Very good. Very good connection." ... written by lilliableu
Excellent and honest!" ... written by NS1982
Joyce is great!!" ... written by Ruth
Joyce is kind, honest and extremely insightful....definitely get a reading! :)" ... written by aquarius49
Two seconds is all she takes to show you she means business" ... written by john0907
Joyce is always wonderful and honest...thanks for all the help always Joyce!! :)" ... written by aquarius49
Great reading you are the best!" ... written by sandy1113
Thank you. " ... written by roselilly5
Good Reader" ... written by Need2know5
Very good, just time ran out :(" ... written by tdoublee
Joyce is great. So kind, so calm and so accurate. She is so on the money its amazing to me. Just love her to death." ... written by j217c44
Always feel like a million bucks after I talk to Joyce. Her meditation was awesome." ... written by Uvrs53
Thank you." ... written by jeraldryan
Very rewarding and truly helpful reading." ... written by Mariana Popa
So sweet and easy to talk to, quick and informative ... a lovely person who is extremely gifted." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Accurate reading all info on the dot. Thank you for the advice. Sorry I ran out of credits." ... written by Marialuis
Very good and through reading. Waiting for predictions to come true." ... written by Need2know5
Ty joyce" ... written by mark
Great connection as always!" ... written by sartoris
Sipmlyyyyyy amazingggg. 100000 stars... Love you Joyce, thank you for everything." ... written by SWEET84
She always makes me feel 1000% better!! So sweet and patient and spot on!!" ... written by anksy2001
Super Fantastic !!!!!" ... written by ambrose
She was good and sweet and honest and could read my situation. Told me somethings I needed to hear. " ... written by Janae
absolutely accurate!!!" ... written by victoria111
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
Someone very nice to talk to! You feel so positive, so so accurate. I definitely recommend her. She is such an angel. " ... written by Asha
Ok." ... written by phoenixrisen
Simply amazing and awesome.. i love you Joyce thank you for everything... " ... written by sweet84
Good reading... thank you!" ... written by librabeauty
So in tune to your specific needs. Amazing and truthful!" ... written by firechick1619
I LOVE HER! She doesn't waste any time zooming in on you! I've been to her 3 times and each times she has been on the MARK!" ... written by Prettyred
Always ready to give you great advise." ... written by firechick1619
Thanks you answered my questions its just i missed last part of chat due to slow connection are good to the point and amazing direction...I love you always." ... written by shona29
very sweet and very intuitive" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
She's awesome. So clear and up front and easy to talk to. She has so much information and guidance. Wonderful person." ... written by Michele
Joyce is always amazing. She is kind, direct and caring and I find her to be so helpful. Her advice is down to earth and she tells it as she sees it so you can trust her. " ... written by leogirl
She is very in tune to what you need and what is going on with your life. I love talking to her to help me clarify what I'm dwelling on." ... written by firechick1619
Thanks for the insight!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Joyce is always amazing! Definitely get a reading!" ... written by Aquarius
loveadvisorjoyce is ammmmmmazzzzinggggg!!!!!!!!" ... written by victoria111
Very kind and honest with what she has to say. I do look forward to future readings and her help. Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by kavintee
Thank you! Picked up on a lot of things! " ... written by michelle
She is really good and picks up on things really quick...she is worth it :) Thank you for my reading!" ... written by berndette
She's absolutely great!" ... written by Moneda
I had been trying to get a reading with Joyce for a few weeks now at the recommendation of another reader/member here. She came very highly recommended... And she was worth the wait... And all the efforts it took to finally read with her! I could not catch her, or she was busy. I now know why. She was very kind, and I am hoping all she saw will come to pass as she said it would. Time will tell... But it was obvious that she did pick up on my situation and I am grateful we finally did connect for a reading. God bless you, Joyce. " ... written by skinnyminnie
Nice person, accurate reader." ... written by Miri Super
Thanks, Joyce, for the quick answer. You're the best!!!" ... written by nz
I love her! 4th reading! Always right on! Worth the $ every time!" ... written by sachickie
Thank you for insight." ... written by jeraldryan
She was accurate, and very in tune. I could tell she had real gifts. I wish I had more time with her. I will come back to update on predictions!" ... written by Visions
Joyce is so consistent with her readings and she can pick things up so easily without any prompting. A go to psychic and one I trust. " ... written by katie
Joyce is always good, upfront, caring, easy to talk to and incredible gifted. She is awesome!" ... written by Michele
Joyce is a great reader, sincere, she'll tell you good, bad and ugly.. love her." ... written by soul2love
She's totally AWESOME!!!" ... written by Prettyred
Awesome! So gifted and up front! Really good readings!" ... written by michele
You are an amazing individual. The best I've ever had. OMG. Thank you so so so so much. What insight!" ... written by familyhelper
Very good reading, thorough and specific. Great guidance and advice. " ... written by firechick1619
Very good and helpful!" ... written by Zeet11
She is just awesome! So gifted!" ... written by michele
I will see how things go, I hope she is right and I will get my dream." ... written by mystical
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Joyce...she might be the coolest person in the world...SERIOUSLY!!!" ... written by Melissa
so calm! very nice person! wow! wow! wow! she is soooo GOOD!!" ... written by kat620
Joyce is awesome! While she was telling someone was thinking of texting me....the text came through...! :-) I mean with in seconds! She's very gifted!" ... written by Miche'
She is amazing and simple the best... 10 starssss. Thank Joyce for everything.." ... written by sweet84
Great reading, accurate and precise, thats what I like. Thank you for everything joy." ... written by surfas
Joyce is so gifted and up front. She gives wonderful information and helps me a lot. I'll continue to see joyce regularly. She is a gift. :-)" ... written by Michele
Very in touch, very good and smart!" ... written by Nicole
Joyce is lovely. I enjoyed my reading very much." ... written by pammy13
Joyce, you're awesome ... Thanks so much!!!" ... written by anonymous
Joyce is awesome!!" ... written by heather
Thank You! " ... written by blue
Nice and very accurate!" ... written by blue
Good and accurate!" ... written by blue
AWESOME! FANTASTIC! PHENOMENAL! as per usual....:o)" ... written by PRETTYRED42
Kind, sweet, caring. Just an incredible psychic and friend. Amazed every time I read with her. Time and money well spent. You will not be disappointed." ... written by John
Yay Joyce! She will make your day. She is compassionate and very helpful. Her suggestions and predictions work and come true. Please try her. She uses no tools, she just picks up on you. Awesome." ... written by Ruth
It was so comforting to talk to her again after 4 months...I was feeling so anxious, but she let me know everything will be OK. Joyce is a TRUE psychic, well worth your time and money!" ... written by prinsol12
Always love her!!" ... written by Michele
Awesome as always!!" ... written by Michele
great 50000000 stars... she is super" ... written by tk40000
Joyce is so gifted and honest - up front. She's helpful in every way she can. I'm so thankful I found her. :-)" ... written by michele
Great! " ... written by Brittany
She is amazing." ... written by chrisitina
Good and accurate." ... written by blue
She is awesome! Gifted and up front! Really good!" ... written by michele
Great, gifted reading, love her." ... written by veezee
Thank you." ... written by k
Awesome! Gifted beyond belief! She is my greatest source of calmness, information, guidance. " ... written by Michele
GREAT!!" ... written by heather
You're always so helpful Joyce. Thanks for so much information in a short space of time. See you again soon!" ... written by leogirl
Always cool!" ... written by ambrose
LOVE HER!!! She is sooooooo good!!! If you are reading this and are unsure don't be...she is soooo ridiculously awesome it isn't even funny!! SERIOUSLY!!! have a reading I keep coming back time and time again!! She is accurate and calming...always makes me feel better!! I just love you joyce!! " ... written by miszy
Joyce is awesome!" ... written by heather
I really enjoyed our talk." ... written by Donna Riedemann
Very Accurate and what she told me turned out to be true. Will go back to her and highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Joyce predictions come true.... " ... written by belle1
Great reading!" ... written by kdinani
50000 stars awesome as always" ... written by tk40000
Nice lady... Good reading." ... written by linda
LOVE HER!!! LOVE HER!! LOVE HER!!!" ... written by Melissa
Always great to talk to. Thanks Joyce!" ... written by aerie4
Very fast connection. picked up things no one would have known. Appreciate the reading." ... written by jomielyn
Thank you so much Joyce for answering when I needed you to be there. You're always there for me. " ... written by skylightening
I enjoyed my reading with Joyce. She picked up on a surprise for me...I'll keep you posted. " ... written by Curiosity24
Very accurate." ... written by Angela
She is the REAL deal!! Picks up very quickly and is extremely accurate!!!!!! You don't have to tell anything just birthdates! Only speak to her if you want the truth!!! " ... written by AB
Excellent Reader, Will go back to her, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Joyce is very gifted and up front, she is clear and gives could information and insight. I will continue to come Joyce whenever I need help getting to a solution. She is really a wonderful person. :-) " ... written by Michele
Thank you!!!!!" ... written by sa
Very good reading, I believe in Joyce's gifts." ... written by soul2love
Great connection, excellent ability!" ... written by veezee
Thanks again for the good clear reading Joyce. I think it helped a bit! Take care" ... written by leogirl
Amazing was right on point knew everything and really helped me see whats going on in my relationship." ... written by jule
Definitely a 10 star reader! Nothing more needs to be said. Her readings and accuracy speak for themselves." ... written by Ian
Joyce is amazing once again" ... written by wingy
Very sweet and is serious about her work! Thank you joyce! " ... written by Laura
She is good at her reading without tools..." ... written by rolm72
joyce is awesome...very gifted and up front - clear. Today she told me things I really needed to hear and made me feel so supported and cared for. She is a wonderful person!" ... written by michele
Always on target and up front and very gifted and helps me so much...she's a gem! " ... written by michele
Very good. Always works hard to get clarity very fast." ... written by Angela
Joyce your amazing, thank you so much for everything, your spot on with everything. I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Amazing, always on point, knows what she's talking about!" ... written by jul
you did great job. You are very good! Thank you." ... written by epi
Brilliant and right on point as per usual!" ... written by PRETTYRED42
Excellent and very powerful reader." ... written by need2know5
Great...very insightful." ... written by Marydith Hill
Thanks Joyce for your insight. Great as always!" ... written by leogirl
She was amazing. I hope everything turns out as it should. Thank you again." ... written by Melinawai
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Joyce is awesome...always helps and is very gifted. She is able to see past things that we sometimes can not....she's amazing!" ... written by michele
Great reading!" ... written by veezee
Joyce was really lovely and helpful :)" ... written by Kim
She's a new fav! Sweet and straight to the point! " ... written by frankiecai
Very informative. Always on the dot " ... written by Blackjane2614
SHE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM! SHE IS ORANUM! Extremely insightful!!!" ... written by Prettyred
Well, I must say, she really hit some things spot on, leaving me shocked. Don't know how she does it, but she does it right! Her intuition and advising was more positive than I ever would of figured however not in a candy coated, pandering way. I can tell she would of told me either way even if her views were not up to my hopes. This left me with alot to think about, and alot to work on personally- and I say this in the most positive way. Instead of wrestling with indecision and worry, I now will focus on doing the right things- all thanks to her help. " ... written by la poupée qui attend
OMG I love readings with Joyce she is the best of the best. 10 STARS, she is amazing, be back soon. THANK YOU Joyce." ... written by sweet84
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Simply amazing, love every time i have reading with Joyce, the best." ... written by sweet84
I love Joyce, she is so in-tuned and I totally believe in her gifts." ... written by annonymuous
Wow what to say, she is so accurate and so good. One of the best here for sure. Will give you some news soon thank you so much:)" ... written by marie5290
FREAKING LOVE HER!!!" ... written by Melissa
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Great as always. Honest and clear to the point!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thanks!!" ... written by Ambrose Perez III
Great and awesome reading! Time flies so fast :) Will update you on the progress. Thanks!" ... written by steph
Amazing as always :) Things have changed a lot for me, and she confirmed the path I am looking to take is the right one." ... written by prinsol
EXCELLENT!!! Pick up the situation very fast. I'll come back for sure. " ... written by steph
Joyce is the best..easy to talk to and up front. I will keep coming back to her w hen ever I need to. She's awesome!" ... written by Michele
Simply spectacular. Joyce is sweet, fast and so accurate. You will love her and worth every cent." ... written by John
She's incredible, tuned into me instantly!" ... written by simon
LOVE LOVE LOVE her... The best....sooooooo soooooo great....There isn't enough good things I can say about Joyce!" ... written by Melissa
Wonderful as always!!!" ... written by Ian
Very kind - insightful and linear - good reading! Sweet young lady with a lot of empathy!" ... written by EsotericRJM
You're the best Joyce. I trust that even when what you see isn't the greatest news, you will tell me and i so appreciate that. It's always a pleasure to speak with you. " ... written by leogirl
She was amazing, very accurate :) " ... written by Chantelle
Joyce is the best ...I can't tell you how much she has helped me through a difficult time ...really good information and guidance. Just wonderful woman with a big heart!" ... written by Michele
She's awesome. Very down to earth and tells it like it is. Knows what you need to hear before asking her a question. I can't wait to see her predictions come true." ... written by firechick1619
Shes always been a help I hope what she says comes to pass." ... written by Tee
Awesome reading!" ... written by Krat13
Great readings, she know past, present and future, she read and see us accurate" ... written by PraeenP
Great as always....... " ... written by veezee
GREAT as USUAL" ... written by Prettyred
Best love advisor ever! Love chatting with her. She is an amazing person! Thank you for all the help! :D" ... written by Paulina
Loved the reading with Joyce. A lot of insight, accurate on the present situation, very caring, deep and intense." ... written by Yoca_2010
Wow she really is the best! Incredible love advisor I highly recommend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I truly needed this. Being hurt and confused is never fun nor fair. contact Joyce she will help!" ... written by Ashley
OMG you so accurate, definitely will be back!" ... written by skyblue7
Thank you!" ... written by Judith Oh
Joyce is truly amazing, she's spot on with everything, she's very gifted, very accurate and helps me a lot.. Thank you Joyce I'll be back again xxxx" ... written by sweet84
Best adviser on ORANUM! I love coming to her when i have a worry. She is truly amazing! Love chatting with her!" ... written by Paulina
Always amazing!" ... written by Michele
Joyce always gives so many details and is so non judgmental. She is the person that I trust here to provide the truth!!! Always." ... written by leogirl
Joyce is very intuned to people, she tell you like it is..." ... written by Soul2love
Joyce is great...very intuitive!! Always great advice and knows what happening!" ... written by heather
LOVE her...she is super awesome...worth every single penny...I have said it before but she is so awesome!!! totally the real deal...SERIOUSLY...get a reading!!!" ... written by Melissa
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Okay, I had to talk to my girl because she is always so calm and so reassuring. Pretty much all of her predictions for me has came to pass. Thanks Joyce for the talk. I believe what she says." ... written by skylightning
Dear loveadvisor," ... written by presah
Waiting to see what the future holds." ... written by Goin
joyce is awesome and gifted. The best." ... written by michele
OUTSTANDING!!!!" ... written by Niccolle
Joyce is always so understanding and non judgmental in our readings. She is a wonderful psychic and is always dead on." ... written by leogirl
Great reading still !" ... written by veezee
LOVE HER!! Whenever I am not sure or confused I come talk to Joyce. She is soooo incredibly great!" ... written by Melissa
She knew things i didn't tell her. I appreciate her honesty. I will be asking her again when I need help." ... written by Michael
Wow, had a refreshing session with LoveadvisorJoyce. I look forward to her predictions." ... written by starlops
Joyce is wonderful and sweet and gifted! She is really really good! See her!" ... written by michele
Thank you for the update! Will be back!" ... written by Bethany
Great reading, can't wait for the next one!" ... written by Kerri
Joyce you are truly amazing and awesome, She is very very accurate with everything, doesn't waste time, spot on all the time. Every time i talk to her she makes me feel so so much better, She i very gifted. Thank you Joyce and I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
She is sooo great!!" ... written by Michele
Joyce is calm and reassuring. She was accurate in what the issue was. I will go back for more." ... written by Moonchild59
She really is the best!!" ... written by Michele
Thank you, I appreciate you and your insight." ... written by jerald
Thank you for seeing so clearly into all the situations going on in my life! I did not provide any details at all and you picked up on everything perfectly. Knew about the other women in his life, knew about my ex contacting me (during the reading haha), knew about the purple (lol). Thank you!!!! Will come back again soon!" ... written by Bethany
She is truly amazing!! I always feel a sense of renewal and all my worries disappear!" ... written by Michele
Interesting reading....Thank you." ... written by a
She is by far the best here!!" ... written by Michele
I paid twice to talk to her but sadly I'm all out of money and credit to continue, but basically i have been waiting and waiting to get a reading with her because saw her profile and great review. She told me what I needed to hear. Don't know whether they will come true or not but i am hoping for the best. She got straight to the point and i appreciated her reading very much." ... written by linh
LOVE HER!!! I have said it before and I will say it again...she is the best...OMG if I had a million dollars I'd talk to her everyday!" ... written by Melissa
There is absolutely NO better psychic on this site and I have tried them all! lol She is accurate and tells you the truth!! She is amazing!!! Well worth the money!" ... written by Ally
Awesome, on target, lovely, good info, so sweet!" ... written by Michele
Spot on, very accurate with everything.. She knows it all, this was a great reading as always.. Thank you Joyce" ... written by sweet84
She connected really well :)" ... written by dephatt
Joyce is so caring and so gifted. You won't regret a reading with her. " ... written by michele
Thank you Joyce for your input and for helping me to stay grounded!" ... written by leogirl
Great reading, as always and honest." ... written by veezee
As always wonderful! Gifted and up front! Good information." ... written by michele
Excellent connection" ... written by on my journey
I love her! im still waiting to see if her predictions will come true but iIdont care cause she makes me feel better every time I talk to her. i spoke to many psychic and some tell me what i want to hear and some dont but shes the only one that goes into depth and makes me feel as if she knows the personality of who I am talking about. i dont normally believe in psychics but i must say shes starting to make me into a believer. I'm a broke student and every money i spend just to talk to her for clarity and its all well spent" ... written by linh
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. I will be back for another reading." ... written by Vida
Sweet, insightful..." ... written by solnyshko74
I trust her completely. She has never failed me. :) Always accurate." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is very accurate." ... written by sarah
Great Reader!" ... written by need2know5
LoveAdvisor is great... She told all the truth, what I've been thinking off..." ... written by mette44
Good and accurate." ... written by sadhana
Thanks again... She is great... All true... I will come back to LoveAdvisorJoyse for sure..." ... written by mette44
Wow!!connected straight away and commented on my situation and gave sound advice, really good! will come back for update." ... written by Clarence01
Great reading!! She taps into the information quickly and very accurately. Honest, direct, lots of details and guidance. I recommend her!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Great reading, very insightful. Picked up on a lot without me saying anything and confirmed somethings i knew already. Definitely recommend, and will be back again!" ... written by Zephyr1983
Thanks for all." ... written by davidtjl
I love her already! She's tells you things you don't even ask yet." ... written by Melanie
Very very accurate!" ... written by Acissej
What a reading - came up with facts I didn't even ask! very in depth and no props used during the reading- will defianately come back for update!" ... written by Clarence01
Another amazing reading! Thank you!" ... written by Lauren
Thank you always... so insightful and great encouragment" ... written by jerald
great" ... written by tima
She taps right in and gives accurate details, she is worth every penny." ... written by Msnita
Joyce is very gifted and you will not regret a reading with her. She cares about you and what is best for you and be honest and up front. She is very kind even when the information is not what you want to hear. :-) Honesty is the way she works. " ... written by mb
She is the best around!! She picks up on things I didn't tell her about. She has helped me more than words can express!!" ... written by Michele
Joyce was right on the mark. Thank you LoveadvisorJoyce. I am ready for complete healing." ... written by Tina
There is something positively ethereal about Joyce; Even though you can't hear her, she emits this calm, reassuring wisdom with those dark sparkly eyes of hers. It's other worldly. Here I am, freaking out about my love issues, and she's the only one who calms me down and provides sound advice. Not to mention her psychic gifts! She KNOWS things that cant simply be guessed!! AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by traumadoll
She is always spot on!!" ... written by Michele
Joyce is great!! And knows whats going on and give me great advice!! Thank you!! " ... written by heather
Wonderful like always!!" ... written by Michele
She was spot on. She picked up on things i didn't tell her. She blow my mind. I will be back soon." ... written by Chris
Joyce was spot-on with my situation with out saying much and explaining and advising!!" ... written by Clarence01
Very good reading. :-) Thank you Joyce!" ... written by sara
I just had a follow up with her. She has so much to say and always on point. I wish I had more credits to keep talking to her. Lol. She is amazing. Thank you once again." ... written by Chris
Detailed read with timeframes." ... written by sk
Amazing psychic, truly was able to connect about my situation immediately. thank you joyce, you're amazing. " ... written by kt
Thank you so much for your reading it made a lot of sense :)" ... written by adri
She give you alot of information and talk about your love life.. Shes very good." ... written by jonathan
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Joyce is so gifted have a reading it will be worth won't regret it! " ... written by Michele
What can I say, Joyce is the real deal! She doesn't use tools, doesn't post anything self-advertising, and doesn't ask for good feedback! That right there tells me how confident and true she really is. No tools, no nothing. As for being a true 'love advisor', she is, and that is invaluable. The things she knows about, without me even bringing it up, statistically just can't be guessed. I trust her the most here as both in her special abilities and work ethics. She truly is one of those people that makes the world magical!" ... written by Le Trauma Dolle
The best reading ever." ... written by Nicole
She knows everything!" ... written by Nicole
You are a comfort. Thank you." ... written by Nicole
Thank you once again. After having readings with other psychics on Oranum, I believe she is the best by far. She is definitely the only one I will get a reading from. I highly recommend her. She will blow you away with her accuracy and honesty. I appreciate all she has to say and you will too." ... written by Chris
Insightful." ... written by davidtjl
Absolutely accurate and honest at all times. Thanks for the in depth information today, Joyce." ... written by leogirl
AWESOMENESS!!!! She is special. I totally love her!!" ... written by Melissa
She is great as always!!" ... written by Michele
Second reading, and she is just great! Instant connection and just instantly gives you the advice and support you need. No tools, just her amazing gift! THANK YOU beautiful woman you! Glad your around xxx" ... written by LBR
amazing, amazing, amazing... also very sound advice and guidance. Highly recommend. " ... written by Mel
Amazing as always, knows it all. Thank you Joyce xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
AWESOME!!! I just love her...soooo soooo sooo great...the best will love her...if you have relationship worries then this is your girl!" ... written by Melissa
Joyce is just incredible. She has become one of my best friends. Great person. Very insightful. Fast and always on point. You will love her." ... written by John
Awesome reading! Always reassuring" ... written by Lauren
Excellent Reader, see everything very clearly" ... written by need2know5
Amazing follow up reading and all without tools!! She taps into the energy so well and explains exactly whats going on. " ... written by Ev1200
Wonderful." ... written by sonia
She is good. Wish I would have had more time." ... written by kathyrh
SHES SPOT ON!!!! sooo accurate and unbelievable string in her connection. Ill be back!!" ... written by Lisa
OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME!!!" ... written by Prettyred
So accurate and wonderful!" ... written by sonia
joyce is so gifted you will not regret a reading with her!!" ... written by michele
Amazing reader.... She is so spot on with everything including details.... Never have I consulted an online psychic with this level of insight and accuracy.... Highly, highly recommend" ... written by Melissa
This physcic is scary real!!! So on point with everything she said!!!Amazing and highly recommended!!!" ... written by rattail1
She was very nice gave me great information" ... written by beth
Excellent Reader, highly recommendable, always go back to her, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Joyce was so clear and accurate with her reading. Just terrific." ... written by sonia
love love love her!! ..... AWESOME!!! " ... written by tippy
Thank you a very kind lady will be back I just ran out of money knew exactly what was happening in the situation thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Tammy
I just love Joyce. Always feel great after a session with her. Money well spent." ... written by John
Good detailed reading. To the point." ... written by arl
UMMMHH ok so I am not even exaggerating she is totally the very very best thing ever... LOVE her!!!" ... written by Melissa
joyce is amazing! She easily taps into the situations and I always come back to her for updates. Thank you joyce." ... written by kt
Thank you. :)" ... written by luckystar222
Very good and accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Very clear and concise!" ... written by koel
:)))" ... written by gina
Excellent Reader, Very Clear, and Very Accurate, Always go to her for confirmation, Highly recommended, Predictions have been true, I give her more than 5 stars" ... written by need2know5
Good as always." ... written by lauren
Always love a good reading from Joyce. She is so good and on point. Just love her." ... written by John
Joyce connects to you easily and gives you the details that you need. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Joyce was wonderful to me!" ... written by sonia
Joyce is really great! She gives specific info regarding situations and is totally on point. " ... written by Ally
Quick, right on target, funny and caring. Always worth the reading, extremely intuitive- won't waste your money or time. You're awesome Joyce!!" ... written by littlelolita19
Thank you joyce for once again a very thorough reading. Always my go to psychic because she is very connected to everything. Thanks for the insight." ... written by kt
Very good!" ... written by davidtjl
Absolutely fantastic! So accurate about my current situation. Thank you so much Joyce! Sharon :)" ... written by Shaz
Amazing reading!! Knows exactly what is going on!" ... written by Regina
Excellent as always!" ... written by AB
Another great reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Joyce is the bestest!! :)" ... written by le dolle
Joyce is so gifted and easy to talk to. She gives really good valuable information - information to help guide you to your own solutions. She's a blessing!" ... written by Michele
She was very much spot on and helpful....She gave a lot of hope to a very unhappy situation.....Thanks so much!" ... written by Janet
SIMPLY AMAZING what she does!!! Every time, she zeroes in on whom or what I am worried about with no fail accuracy. I have no reason to disbelieve her ever, because she picks up on the attributes of someone only I know! There's no way that she coulda guessed things. Plus her gift is so strong, I can sense it; no tools needed! For anyone skeptic, and with heartache, check her out. Joyce is the BOSS!!! :)" ... written by le trauma dolle
Thanks Joyce. I'll let you know what happens if anything." ... written by nz
I liked Joyce. She knew alot things that I didn't tell her. She ready was accurate. I would use her again. " ... written by benzy73
As always wonderful accurate and compassionate reading. Very highly recommend." ... written by Lissa
The best. I only trust Joyce. If she is not on I figure I can work it out." ... written by me
Awesome as always... Thank you Joyce I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Thank you for your wonderful insight!! Ill let you know what happens next week. :)" ... written by heather
Thank you very much that was just what I needed." ... written by Michelle
she reads fast and accurate... a very good reader..." ... written by sky
Awesome as always.. She knows it all, and very, very accurate. Thank you joyce xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Thanks for another consistent reading. Always to the point and very intuitive. " ... written by kt
Fantastic follow-up - Joyce is always so connected, clear, direct and no-nonsense. One of my favorites!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thanks so much for your time :)" ... written by spoooono
Wonderful reading as usual. Very encouraging and helpful. Good support for when going through a difficult choice." ... written by Lissa
very accurate. And fast." ... written by pragi
Connected really well, I feel like she is very accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Very accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Pretty good!" ... written by smiley2011
Joyce just told me what I needed to hear. I hope she's right." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Amazing, couldn't believe how much she knew!!" ... written by Natasha
Always honest and to the point, good or bad. Thank you, Joyce!!" ... written by Jim
very clear and concise" ... written by koel
WOW. She read right into the situation and gave me lots of details with no info but DOB. She is amazing." ... written by Eva
Thanks :)" ... written by spoooono
Very wonderful reading again. Always helpful and great advice, even when it's hard to hear. Thanks so much!" ... written by LIssa
She is always the best! I always feel better after we talk!" ... written by Michele
Great reading ... accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
I love Joyce she is so sweet. She always tells me the truth and she is always on point without me giving her any information. Thank You!!!!" ... written by Joy007
Great, accurate reader and will not just tell simply what someone wants to hear, but really what is going on. Highly recommend" ... written by Lissa
Good" ... written by sadhana
Awesome reading. She read the situation very well without my having to give details. I feel enlightened. Now I can see things from a different perspective. " ... written by Drax
joyce has always given me great insight...she knows what is going on! thank u..." ... written by heather
Fantastic reading, amazing accuracy in picking up details...hits the nail on the head every time! Highly recommend." ... written by Lissa
Great, great..." ... written by tin
Clear and precise and fast." ... written by koel
Excellent follow-up as always! " ... written by AKissforyou
Awesome...thank-you!" ... written by Melissa
Tuned into my situation immediately, very forthright and confident about her statements to me, I hope she is correct in reference to what I asked, I will return as she provided some insight that I had not thought about... " ... written by leticia
Thank you joyce!! Missed you my friend!! " ... written by shopgirl
This was best reading I have ever had!" ... written by jody
She was very helpful.....we shall see if what Joyce said comes to light" ... written by itwillbeok
joyce was so clear and reassuring. Great visions and accurate." ... written by sonia
It was short but great. Wish I had more funds. Thanks Joyce. Need to see whether predictions will come true!!" ... written by Megali
Amazing reading, knows exactly what's going on. " ... written by Regina
Joyce is so right on! I really value her." ... written by uvrs53
She is always great!! I feel so much better!" ... written by Michele
First reading with Joyce... I didn't specify my question... She was bang on... Looking forward to come again... Cheers!" ... written by bba
Very on target and great as always." ... written by jnm098
She is always awesome! " ... written by Michele
She is good. I enjoy my readings with her. She is right on and connects with you very fast. She will give details of the situation and provides clarity." ... written by ladykathy
First time reading with her!! Very great!! " ... written by vine
Good advice!" ... written by amber
Joyce had helped me once again to gain some clarity... I'm feeling a lot better! Thank you xoxo!" ... written by heather
Joyce is so sweet and up front. she really cares about you and your concern. She's very gifted." ... written by michele
Great help! Want to chat with you again soon." ... written by angie
Good reading, I liked her energy a lot! She knows the situation like it is! I will be back for sure..." ... written by Charity
Joyce really helps me. Her gifts are strong. She is worth the money." ... written by Uvrs53
Perfect reading!" ... written by islandgirldr
Amazing insight and help to see things straight. Thanks so much Joyce! You provide such peace of mind." ... written by familyhelper
She is a very nice advisor.... Love her energy.... Hope all come true." ... written by pepestone1
great as always......loved it..I will update her as and when things happen" ... written by konesh004
Brilliant" ... written by Marianne
She is really nice, fast and sweet lady. I will return for sure." ... written by Mira
She knew exactly what I was thinking and even repeated things I had said to people. She really knows!!" ... written by n/a
Joyce was to the point and provided good insight into relationship matters. Will be back for an update!" ... written by Clarence01
Thank you :)" ... written by d2k1000
Very nice reading!!" ... written by Xeeshan
She was really a pleasure to listen to" ... written by feelmyenergy3
Great as usual dear. Very good information. I shall give her great credits when my things come to pass." ... written by konesh004
Joyce is always on the dot. Excellent in reading the feelings of those involved and also excellent in giving the proper advice. Thanks Joyce. You are the best." ... written by Jose
Wow amazing, I don't know how she knew things but she did! She pulled every person up from my reading without me telling her a thing except for one persons name and birthdate! She gave me some advice, which will be very difficult for me. But I will try. Thank you xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
She was spot on. Thanks again!" ... written by mzqtpye
Joyce is sooo good and easy to talk to. She gives good information and advice and will tell you how it is... Always see her with an open mind and open heart and you will have the best results... She's great!" ... written by michele
Was great reading and she gave good advice. Thanks!" ... written by jaqueline
I like her, much better than the other, knew she would be able to connect with me, she will be my favorite." ... written by Angelyka
I love her, she's great!" ... written by lokisangel
Joyce is the best. She feels and knows what is going on and can guide on relationships. I am glad I found her in this site. With her help I am now able to understand what is going on with the woman I love. Thanks Joyce." ... written by Jose
Thx again, Joyce. Great reading as always!" ... written by koel
Joyce and I spoke a while back... She made me feel great. Unfortunately my audio didn't work today and had to type a lot but that's ok. She relaxed me about a situation that I hope will work out after all. Thank you Joyce... Will be in touch soon and hopefully fix this audio problem. " ... written by Rita
Not sure what happened. She left reading before we were done and didn't answer my question. Just got message "psychic has left" on my screen." ... written by Jaqueline
Very Good!" ... written by john
She's great." ... written by erka
Very clear and fast, will return!" ... written by koel
FANTASTIC as usual!" ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you for the insightful reading!) God bless!" ... written by rainbowspirit
Very good reading. She knew things without being told. She has given me renewed hope in my situation" ... written by Patrick
<" ... written by Angelyka
Joyce is very quick and concise and I really appreciate the reading." ... written by delight17
Joyce is great. I really appreciate her insight and help. I depend on her and one other on this site. They always concur and their predictions and advice are on the money. Love, love, love Joyce's soft and gentle demeanor. Like steel in a velvet glove. She soothes me." ... written by uvrs53
I will come see her everyday." ... written by Samuel Bible
She's amazing. Will tell you exactly what is going on in someone else mind and what actions they may be considering. " ... written by LadyGrace
Hoping deeply all the think she has predicted come to pass will have to wait patiently!!" ... written by koel
Took a really long time to answer and the info was not specific." ... written by p
Joyceo is very friendly, she knows, feels your situation" ... written by erika
Joyce is great! She always comes through. I don't know how she does it, but she sure has the connection with me and with her guides. Awesome. Do not hesitate to try her." ... written by ms uvrs53
Amazing as always...." ... written by bba
Thank you. Will see what happens...." ... written by Jaqueline
Great as usual..." ... written by konesh004
Very fast clear and concise." ... written by koel
An amazing seer. I think she will be someone I will consult with regularly. Vey gifted, very clear." ... written by Peter
Wow she just knew what was going on.... amazing" ... written by bright
You are the best... xoxo" ... written by heather
I have to say Joyce is incredible. She picked up without any prior information, so she is the real deal! She is fast and to the point. Highly recommend her worth every penny. I look forward to teh predictions. Thank you Joyce xx" ... written by GD
She was helpful and confirmed a lot of things... thank you!" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
Was very clear with me, helped clarify things for me." ... written by pinkpather30
Joyce is great. Very reassuring. I use her consistently because she makes sense and connects with me very well." ... written by uvrs53
Joyce insight was amazing. I trust in what she is telling me. I would have chatted with her all day." ... written by Tammy ASuncion
She is very, very good at knowing the situation without prompting. She knew of my situation with a relationship that I had known, did not reveal and yet she was spot on, as if she was a friend I had discussed this with before. I recommend Joyce for any relationship issues you may have, she gets right to it!" ... written by Pat
Thankyou Joyce, 3rd time lucky, thank you for your advice. Much appreciated, and I will start to focus on me now, and throw it to the universe and have faith. :-)" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
Thank you, I need that so much!" ... written by Nicole
Second reading, very informative and uplifting. I do believe we have a good connection and she is very helpful. " ... written by pinkpather30
Before I could even write my question, she knew what i was gonna ask... so, she is the real thing... wow..." ... written by ray
Thanks Joyce for the intuitive background. Your advice is sound and helpful :-) Will heed it, so grateful." ... written by kissmeangel
Joyce is incredibly deep in her readings always awesome 2 see her in private." ... written by daddychop
Wow, that was amazing! For the price that she offers that was amazing! She was right on point. Wonderful would love to talk to her again." ... written by Sunshine
Awesome reading...Thanks again! I will follow up with you very soon!" ... written by Marcos
Love Joyce she is right on target with my reading!! " ... written by Patty
A favorite and accurate ..sweet and caring. so helpful." ... written by michele
Joyce is always on the money and I trust her clairvoyance. She's very good. So far in working with her, she's been accurate. Definitely recommended, especially if you want to keep tabs on someone! She's like a private eye! She's very calming and disarming and sweet :) Many stars!" ... written by le doll drama
Thank you for all the advises, I really appreciate it. Truly Amazing :)" ... written by Starhx
Thank you for your insight Joyce. It's nice to chat with you. I am hoping that I will hear from him, as you said. I will always come to you. Thank you." ... written by Tammy
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez
Thanks for the reading, Joyce, see what happens!" ... written by S
Thank you so much." ... written by Dianne
Awesome as usual..she is crazy good at what she words can explain her gift!!! The best!!!" ... written by Miszy
She is fabulous. She is worth every star on Oranum." ... written by ladykathy
She was right on about what I was dealing with. She gave me the information to make a choice." ... written by adaz
Really exceptional!! Very on point!! Thank you." ... written by janee120
Brilliant!" ... written by bb
Very nice" ... written by chantal 2006
Excellent!!! Thank you!!! Even though its not what I want to hear but its worth it!" ... written by Carlycaligirl
Fast reader, thanks Joyce!" ... written by KC
One word AMAZING!!!!" ... written by michelle
She is wonderful. So swift and direct with her readings. Thanks Joyce." ... written by delight17
Good reading. Confirmed things i suspected. She's good!" ... written by moon1leo1
She is a wonderful reader." ... written by delight17
very fast clear and concise" ... written by koel
I like her and felt like it was helpful! :) She was right, and interesting to hear it from her. She was very nice and easy to talk with .:)" ... written by Heather
She is very clear and pleasant to talk to. She definitely gave me all the answers I was seeking." ... written by Bethany
She is always amazing!! So happy to see her :)" ... written by Michele
3 words...I love you! Thank you sooo much we are on the same wave length always... you know things I can't explain ...thank you! xoxoxoxxoxo" ... written by heather
Thank you, I got the answers that I needed. Quick reader and to the point. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
The BEST!!!!" ... written by tippy
She's great!" ... written by Sunshine
Seemed very connected. I hope she is right about his feelings. :)" ... written by Lucidity954
Thanks for the reading." ... written by g
Thank you Joyce for another reading, she is always on the ball." ... written by katie
Thank you Joyce for your reading, I do wish whatever you told me to come true. I will keep you updated with my news. Thank you. " ... written by Crazy Stupid Love
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by Courtney
Very fast clear and concise. Now waiting for results!" ... written by koel
My readings with Joyce are always super easy and make me feel better." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
It wassss amazinngggg thanksss I appreciatee thiss." ... written by Alain
Thank you joyce. I appreciate your insight and guidance." ... written by jerald
Joyce is by far the best on here. She is so insightful. She is also kind and patient. But she is always spot on with her predictions. I just love her." ... written by John
Thank you so much Joyce! You helped me alot again as u usually do. You are really one of a kind on this site, and I so appreciate the way you treat your clients. Very kind and caring, yet you say what you see. xoxo" ... written by leogirl
Great help, was able to advice on a lot more things than I had thought... Totally recommend her!" ... written by Saanya
Joyce really tapped into my situation exactly how it is. She picks up exactly how I am thinking and feeling about what's going on. Talking to her helped me see things clearer and I know what I need to do now. THANKS." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Love my best friend Joyce. She is wonderful and so insightful. Money and time well spent" ... written by John
Good reading! Very fast." ... written by moon1leo1
She's truly blessed!" ... written by lily
Need to start my day with the lovely and very talented Joyce. She is the best." ... written by John
Love my friend Joyce. Kind, loving, compassionate. And always spot on." ... written by John
Thank you Joyce you always give me great readings! I hope things go well for me as you said. I appreciate your time. 5 stars for you!" ... written by :) Love
AWESOME as always!! She is wonderful!" ... written by Melissa
Went to Joyce after receiving quite a different reading from the others, she was very honest and backed up what the others have said. She is really worth the money. Thank you x" ... written by Mshelli
I loved my reading with Loveadvisor Joyce. " ... written by Maureen
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Amazing! " ... written by ladykathy
Thank you Joyce for your great reading once more!" ... written by M
Great as always!" ... written by M..
Extremely helpful. Has been very gracious to guide me through all the problems bit by bit. Very accurate with her details and insight. " ... written by Saanya
I think she was good. Wish we had more time but I don't have more money to add right now. When I get paid I will come back again. Thank you very much for your time. " ... written by Jessica
There is no one better than Joyce. She is such a good friend. Never tells me what I want to hear, only what I need to know." ... written by John
Joyce is the best. Always love talking to my friend. so calming" ... written by John
Out of other advisors, I feel like she most connected to my situation. I enjoyed my reading. " ... written by Sleepydreamer
THANK YOU! Very informative :) Appreciate it. :)" ... written by NVA
Thank you for your advice! " ... written by rush
Sees everything so detailed. She is amazing. " ... written by Regina
Amazing as always. Very accurate. She knows it all. Every time I talk to her she makes me feel so much better. Joyce, thank you for all your help. 10 stars. She is awesome. I'll be back again. oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Joyce is great as usual, her prediction came through for an event on December 21, 2013. Spot on and knows what she's talking about." ... written by Pete
Awesome! Will update." ... written by luvah
WOW, WOW, not enough words...10 stars. Joyce you are truly amazing, OMG, she knew everything, spot on. Love you Joyce. Thank you so much for everything!!! xoxoxoo" ... written by sweet84
Thank you for your help and support. Very accurate with her readings. " ... written by Saanya
Great advice, thank you." ... written by amber
Joyce is very sweet and very accurate." ... written by erika
Thanks.. you were very accurate!" ... written by Nk
OMG Joyce you are truly amazing. Thank you so much for all your help.. You deserve 100000000 stars. Spot on with everything. Joyce knows it all without me saying anything... xooxox Joyce thank you." ... written by sweet84
Joyce is the best. Just love her. Sweet, kind and caring. One of my favorite people in the world." ... written by John
She is great! Very helpful and right about almost everything! I really recomend her strongly! " ... written by Rose-Ann
Excellent reading! She confirmed some beliefs I had about someone and knew right away the issues involved. Will visit again soon. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Great reading, as always!" ... written by Sartoris
Thanks so much Joyce!" ... written by S
good accurate reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Great reading!" ... written by tima
Joyce has an amazing psychic ability. Always look forward to readings with her!" ... written by katie
Love Joyce. Just the best. So sweet, so loving and always so accurate. " ... written by John
Followed up with Joyce, felt comfort that the person of my affection would talk to me in a few weeks, turned out to be more than 2 days. Remembering what Joyce told me, our lunch went well. We both left happy. Thank you Joyce you are truly gifted!" ... written by Pete
Fabulous person. Very helpful. Have a wonderful connection with her. " ... written by Saanya
Great as usual, great insight." ... written by konesh004
She is amazing. She answered so much, even without me asking for it!" ... written by Ann-helen
Joyce is fantastic. Just love her. She is like family." ... written by John
Has been very helpful, very accurate with her reading. " ... written by Saanya
All I can say is AMAZING!! Got an update from her and she knew I meet up with the person in question today!!" ... written by pinkster11
She was great! Helped me getting over my ex. I was down, but showed me everytinig was going to be ok. I will call again for sure. Hopefully everything turn out for he better. " ... written by ar
Joyce was right on the head with everything going on. I'm hoping the events she described come to be. Thank you Joyce I haven't been able to sleep but I will tonight." ... written by Pete
In tune with my energy made some predictions and sought out information that I was thinking. Will update once predictions come to past. 5 stars." ... written by ENA
Brilliant. x" ... written by Lacie
Joyce as usual is leading me down the right path. I'm going to start calling her coach ;)" ... written by Pete
She's quite accurate all the time and consistent but I did not put her predictions to test yet since they are all in the future...I'm optimistic and wait and see" ... written by konesh004
Awesome as always. Very, very accurate. Thank you so much Joyce and I'll be back again for more readings.. You are amazing." ... written by sweet84
This girl is one of the best. And she gives details. Exactly what he or she is thinking. I love it!" ... written by sunshine
I love how she gives details. It's my favorite part of the readings. She's really good." ... written by Sunshine
She good and can ask her anything!!!" ... written by Shirlena
Joyce is truly amazing, has a very special gift. She sees things the way they are, and tells the truth all the time. 10 stars. Thank you Joyce." ... written by sweet84
As always, good, accurate understanding of the situation... but I am still waiting on her predictions." ... written by konesh004
Joyce is the best. Sweet, spot on and such a great person. Love her to death." ... written by John
She really is the best one on here, she is always 100 to 90 % accurate!!" ... written by wingtip
She tells it how it is and its good to hear... the truth." ... written by judith oh
Great update! Things are progressing and she accurately saw exactly what is going on. Gave very good advice that I will heed. Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
She's awesome!" ... written by sunshine
Truly amazing, very, very accurate to the point and fast. She knew everything that's happening in my relationship, she answered all my questions. 10000 stars, thank you Joyce. xooxoxxo I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
I love how detailed she is." ... written by sunshine
good reading!" ... written by sunshine
She's really good. Knew exactly what I was feeling and who i was missing. :o) I recommend her." ... written by sunshine
She is very good. I enjoyed my reading and I felt a whole lot better after it." ... written by pelagie
Great reading and she was able to see everything right away!!! i cannot wait for things to unfold… she also told me about my past! i was so shocked! very very good reading! i will be coming back :)" ... written by san
No one is better then my great friend Joyce. " ... written by John
Truly amazing, very accurate, knew everything that just happen. Thank you Joyce!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Thank you!" ... written by GD
She was very precise in her reading, knew exactly what I was going thru and described the situation completely and gave me some advice to go on. Thanks. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She seemed to pick up on my situations. Didn't have enough time to get some advice though. Thanks" ... written by jaqueline
Thank you so much, very accurate and helpful. :) " ... written by Faz1234
Great reading! Always accurate. She is amazing." ... written by Regina
Great insight as always. Joyce really digs deep and gets to the heart of other people's feelings. This is my second reading, again comes highly recommended!" ... written by Aaron
Great gifted reader. Started telling me exactly what happened without me having to say anything. Comes highly recommended!" ... written by Aaron
She told me exactly how I feel, and made sense what she told me about the guy I asked about. I believe her and think that she really connected with me and him. Thanks for the reading." ... written by sharen223
She is great... Very, very spot on. I love her. Really I do! She is FABULOUS!!!" ... written by Miszy
Amazing as always, she knew everything that's been going on. 10000 stars. Spot on with everything. Thank you so much, Joyce. I'll be back again. xoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
Awesome, great with her time!" ... written by krat13
She is very accurate!" ... written by sunshine
I've come to Joyce many times in the past. She always gives me the information that I need to understand what is going on. I appreciate that. It's why I come here. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Seemed to pick up a persons personality. Thanks for the reading." ... written by Jackie
Awesome and amazing as always. She knows everything, very fast and accurate. She is truly amazing. doesn't use any tools, and shes sport on with everything. 1000 starsssss. Thank you so much Joyce. I'll be back again. oxoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
Great update! Described the feelings and thoughts very accurately. " ... written by SoulDesire1
I came into the reading anxious about a situation and she eased my mind! will come again for another update! always great!" ... written by pinkster11
Same answers.....good to we wait." ... written by Bucholoco
Thank-you Joyce!" ... written by Melissa
Great reader, only have to give name and DOB and Joyce will tell you everything you need to know. Highly recommended." ... written by Aaron
Joyce is just simply the best. My friend, my confidant. She means so much to me." ... written by John
I've always come and read Joyce's profile, all her reviews, and I'd always hesitate to get a reading mostly bc she is kind of pricey...but today i took the chance!! SHE IS SO WORTH IT! she got the person in question perfectly...especially the situation we are having right now...she got it down ...she makes me feel assured that things will be ok and something inside me says they will just as she says they will...she uses absolutely no tools at all which is nice!!! I will def. be coming back to her...consider this an investment into ur sanity...she's worth each penny. she also said something that the person in question had said to me last night to the T. Scary accurate. =] thank you!!" ... written by Tina
Amazing as always, spot on with everything. Looking forward to her predictions. What she had told me in the past was true/predictions came to pass. Thank you Joyce love you!!! xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Second reading... gets more insightful every time and it all matches up to my situation without me giving her anything. I will be back Joyce, stay blessed. " ... written by Senem Aysan
My dear god. What an absolutely amazing reader, she is the most insightful reader i have ever come across. I will be back, buying more credit now because her words and insight are an absolute must for those who are seeking the truth " ... written by Senem Aysan
I love her, she gets right to the point and hits everything on the head. She is a little pricey which sucks but she is worth it. I would recommend her to everyone I know." ... written by britt
OMG I love Joyce. She is truly awesome and amazing. Before I talked to her I just felt very sad and ready to cry, and after I started to talk to her in private reading she helped me a lot, picked up on things very fast and very accurate. Helped me a lot, made me laugh and feel better after the reading. Thank you so much Joyce. You really are amazing. OXOXOXOXOXO" ... written by sweet84
Unbelievable got everything about me and my partner spot on really got what was going on with me just now but as things are pretty tough and had my concerns just cleared everything right up and has restored my faith so thank you :) " ... written by Lyn
She is amazing! always accurate and picks up on things with me not mentioning anything. i have had several readings from her and will definitely return. best on here hands down. thanks again!" ... written by Chris
Love the reading each time." ... written by Vicky V
Joyce is THE BEST. My go to girl. She can decipher any man's cryptic behavior and put your heart at ease. By far the most SPOT ON clairvoyant I know when it comes to seeing relationships! Must give her a try! Its like she spies on the people you love, but with her third eye :)" ... written by Le Dollee
Very nice reading. I felt she really picked up a lot about the whole situation. " ... written by jen
Amazing as always, very accurate with everything. 10 starts. Thank you so much Joyce. OXOXOXO" ... written by sweet84
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. You were definitely accurate on the situation." ... written by Cosmo
Try to use your advise. Thanks." ... written by Sarah
Very great and delightful to talk to. I would recommend her being one of the best that I've talked to. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
I love the fact that she can tell me what he is thinking exactly..." ... written by sunshine
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. You have been very accurate on the situation that has happened." ... written by Cosmo
She can see everything, it's crazy!! Amazing psychic!! :)" ... written by Regina
She nailed it, but no more time." ... written by Alicia
She is wonderful. Always to the point and incredibly accurate. I've seen many other psychics and no one gives me the answers I need like she does. Thank you again for an amazing reading!" ... written by Carosh
Always a pleasure to know things..." ... written by sunshine
She was precise and on point about my current situation!" ... written by karina
Amazing as always. She just has that special gift, and she knows it all. Very, very accurate. 10 stars. Thank you Joyce." ... written by sweet84
Joyce is by far the best on here. Love her to death. She is sweet, caring and sees so much." ... written by John
Joyce picked up on the other woman without asking me any questions. I can't wait for her prediction to happen. I will come back for update. Thank you Joyce for giving me hope." ... written by Moonchild59
Gave insightful details, however, time ran out rather too quick." ... written by Clarence01
Great woman, knows everything!" ... written by tim
Excellent answers I didn't have to give her to much info but she gave me great feed back." ... written by Sabrina CUpid
She was very good thanks a lot." ... written by jea
Amazing. fast connection, only needed my name to pick up on what I was thinking about 5 star." ... written by michelle
Joyce tuned into my situation very easily and quickly. She has a true gift!" ... written by cc
She's very good." ... written by sunshine
Honest, fast, good reading!" ... written by flow
She has a caring heart, I feel blessed now, afterwards. Skillful in her talents, rest assure you will be taken properly cared of. She gave me important insights, all from the matters of my heart (!) and of things I didn't ask for, equally important to my heart as my original question (if maybe more) Thank you so much! God bless you!" ... written by SiviKiwi
She is always great!! Got to share great news tonight!!" ... written by Michele
Joyce is always quick to pick up on the feelings in a situation which helps you to understand what is really going on. " ... written by blueeyedgyrl
She was Wonderful! She was pretty spot on with everything and she understood my feelings very well!! I would go back again for an update !! Awesome" ... written by Muse
Joyce was great! Eased my mind about my situation. Thank you Joyce you were great. :)" ... written by Skate2014
Perfectly amazing as usual." ... written by AB
She is good. Very good and a quick typer. Honest too. Thank you Joyce" ... written by Stacey
Awesome reading. She is spot on with everything. Thank you Joyce for all your help" ... written by sweet84
thank you joyce." ... written by jerald
Joyce is such a good friend. Love her to death. Sweet, always on target and very fast." ... written by John
Very nice reading. Quite detailed and very helpful. Thanks. xx" ... written by jen
AWESOME!!! ....always 100% on target" ... written by tip
She is awesome! Gives me some pretty good insight." ... written by Sunshine
She was so accurate, will recommend her to anyone..." ... written by Sangeeta
Very quick and to the point." ... written by Rasheedaw
Very fast and accurate on the details. I love her insights and I know that I should trust myself as well but things just need to get settled sometimes. " ... written by Roseanna
Although the reading was accurate, she is far too slow at typing, I will not be coming back for more." ... written by Emma
Great reading, very good!" ... written by Mike0825
Very nice lady." ... written by happykellygirl
AMAZING can read anyone's mind! Don't need to wonder just ask her she will tell you exactly how someone feels! It's crazy! " ... written by Regina
She is absolutely wonderful!!! Truly great!!! I love her!" ... written by Melissa
She is very good, she was very in sync with me." ... written by Jason
Joyce is simply amazing, I can't believe how dead on accurate she is. Thanks Joyce!" ... written by Pete
We had a good update and she gave a lot of ideas on how to handle whats going on. Thanks again" ... written by Muse
Awesome as always" ... written by Muse
Great reader." ... written by happykellygirl
Still see's communication happening in the future - she had pin pointed what he said to the T in a prior reading and I am hoping that he does reach out to me in the coming month ahead...wish i had more money to continue on the conversation but have to control myself! THANK YOU for reading for me. =]" ... written by Tina
Good." ... written by happykellygirl
Joyce was very concise in her reading and gave good insight on the other person, will def come back for update! Give Joyce a try - worth an excellent shot!!" ... written by Clarence01
Joyce is fantastic- right on with reading and gave me some good advice" ... written by valerie good
Joyce was a great listener today. I appreciate your time and help Joyce. I needed it. :)" ... written by Skate2014
Very good reading, immediately connected to my situation." ... written by Paul
Joyce is always on target and gives good info. She's quick and caring when delivering the information. She is very straight forward and honest. Very very good." ... written by michele
The information she gave me was very accurate and informative. " ... written by Emily
The absolute best!" ... written by tip
Thank you again Joyce for tapping into the situation so well and giving me advice!!" ... written by Bethany
Very good." ... written by happykellygil
Great follow up reading!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Joyce is just so good. She is warm, loving and very caring. Always on the mark. There is cheaper on the site, but none better." ... written by John
Gave me hope! Confirmed my own feelings, hope things pan out as she says." ... written by MB
I love joyce... She knows what she is talking about for sure!!! ALWAYS an absolute pleasure to have a reading from her!!" ... written by Melissa
Very Good will be back again... Thank you so much." ... written by Libsta
Excellent reading. Hope she is right" ... written by Cindy
It was a lovely reading! " ... written by luckystar5
She is accurate, positive, and knowledgable." ... written by Chelsey
good reading" ... written by sweet84
Amazing! knows what anyone is thinking! :)" ... written by Regina
Just did a follow up reading. Still very insightful and gave me the direction I needed to take charge of my situation. Thanks again for the great read!" ... written by carosh
Amazing as always, very accurate, spot onnnnnn!!1 thank you Joyce xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
She is very good and in tune with me." ... written by Jason
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! nothing else to be said but that!! She is the real deal people!" ... written by Miszy
amazing reading as always. Thank you Joyce" ... written by sweet84
Had an update and everything is still on track! She's very good at picking up the current situation! Will return for another reading!" ... written by pinkster11
Excellent!" ... written by Jeanette
She picked up on some things that were really on my mind. Hope what she said comes to pass." ... written by jen
WOW! SPOT ON! WOO! HOO! XXXXX." ... written by liz
She is good! I enjoy every reading with her. Thanks Joyce!" ... written by ladykathy
Great insights…she seems to know my situation pretty well. This was my first reading so I will have to see if things pan out the way she sees. " ... written by wdcl
Thank you, would definitely recommend!" ... written by Faz
I wish I had more time with her!!!! She was strangely spot on." ... written by jencapri23
She is always great. she sees things others cant. gives details. never vague. I hope she is right with her predictions. Pricey though. Always too little time and she types." ... written by M
awesome reading - always! " ... written by krat13
I had a wonderful reading from love advisorJoyce, she was amazing. Definitely recommend her " ... written by emilia2228
Thank you!" ... written by Miszy
Love how we connect." ... written by sunshine
Don't know why i have not read with this woman before,, AMAZING!!!" ... written by stacey
Thank you.. you as always are brilliant!!" ... written by Miszy
Always a great reading, so supportive and just an awesome person!" ... written by krat13
Update reading.. She's good. " ... written by dwcl
I just had to run some stuff by Joyce because she is just so darn good at what she does. Usually I try to wait in between readings but this time I couldnt; she's freaking awesome at tapping into the situation from the person in question's point of view. Then she gives equally awesome advice in regard to that. Her gift is undeniable. Joyce is a total joy! :)" ... written by T-Doll
Great follow up and great direction laid out." ... written by Pete
Thank you for your insight. :)" ... written by spooono
Great reading and great advice! Has made some accurate predictions for me already :)" ... written by Dolly1234
Joyce is always helpful. She immediately tunes in and sees what is happening and can see feelings and events. Every time I consult her I come out with peace of mind from her insight. " ... written by Jose
Joyce is so insightful! With her clairvoyance andamp; empath skills she always tunes right in to whom I am involved with. And let me tell you, those skills are amazing! And she's such a sweetheart! Been seeing her a few months now, and I trust her totally; my love life is a delicate situation to me and very important. She gets way, way more than five stars! ***********" ... written by The Doll
She is awesome. Great help." ... written by Crystal
Great reader, kind hearted and honest :)" ... written by chocolate33
Joyce is the best. My friend, my confidant, my guide. Love her." ... written by John
5 stars as always very intuitive picks up on your energy, reading is tailor to you NO GIMMICS she's the real deal. Take her to private." ... written by Ena
Awesome reader! SO sweet and caring! " ... written by Lauren
As always she is on target and up front and honest. She gives you info as she sees it and is very supportive. We are all responsible for ourselves and our decisions and she will help guide you to your own resolution. She's an excellent reader and very ethical. " ... written by michele
she is the best and that's why I always return to her. Thanks again!" ... written by chris
Great psychic! Always a pleasure to have insight from her." ... written by sunshine
Very intuitive, gifted, and accurate" ... written by Chelsey
Great reader, gives accurate dates of events and helps you understand what's going on. Hard to read situations without her help. Highly recommended." ... written by Aaron
Joyce is always clear and up front - good information and guidance. She will tell you honest answers to what she sees so that you can come to your own resolution. She's caring and wonderful. " ... written by michele
Thank you for your time Joyce, hope to have a longer chat with you in future." ... written by Cassandra
Very insightful." ... written by Lynda
She is wonderful! Very accurate!" ... written by sunshine
Awesome!!" ... written by muse
I HAD to go see Joyce again because I feel she is the only one who can get me through this situation, and so far she's done great. Don't know what I'd do without her, truly. What a lovely, special, gifted woman! " ... written by T-Doll
I've been to you a long while back so I know you're good. When I can I will definitely come back for a reading with a good amount of credits." ... written by RG
Joyce is very gifted and honest and up front... She's worth a reading... Ethical... Caring... Just a nice person and great reader." ... written by Michele
I was a little hesitant for fear of hearing something I didn't want to hear. Joyce gives much needed advice guidance. Cheers to a hopeful future. " ... written by Robin
Joyce is superb. She connects quickly and can feel what is going on and give good advice. I trust her feelings. " ... written by Jose
Great reading. Very accurate" ... written by Mike0825
She amaze me every time!!!" ... written by timag
Very good reading..... I enjoyed it and it helped a lot. Thank you so much!" ... written by itwillbeok
She tuned right into my energy and my partners. She said stuff he had just told me earlier. I'm certain her advice is good. I will return. " ... written by ES
So far so good. she knew what i needed, and it didn't feel like she was just telling me what i needed to hear! rock solid. im impressed, and I'm a skeptic." ... written by Leany
Excellent reading as always. Joyce is amazing, gave me a lot of info.. Thank you Joyce" ... written by sweet
she is awesome" ... written by Humility
OMG! SHE IS QUICK! AMAZING!!! FIVE STAR!" ... written by Kimberly Paris
I dont know what I would do without Joyce. I really don't, her advice and gifts have been absolutely invaluable to me!! Priceless!! Without her calm guidance, and her clairvoyance and empathy abilities, I think I would of messed up my chances with my love life. In fact I know I'd be a total mess myself!!! She helps me also with advice on mediation/protection. Like I said, she's invaluable, and I really urge those who have not given her a try to really have a private session with her. A star rating is not enough to review her services. I'd rate her with a few suns and moons! " ... written by T-Dolls
Always have the best readings with Joyce. She's always kind and gentle, but very upfront and honest with you. I've had a few readings with her already and she's been accurate with the situation at hand. Thanks again for another great session!" ... written by carosh
always fast and excellent" ... written by micd123
Thanks that was a very great reading" ... written by jody talented!" ... written by Miszy
Amazing as always! Can tell you what anyone is thinking right on the dot!! love her :)" ... written by Regina
thank you! you are great!! xoxo" ... written by heather
i don't know how she does it but she is amazing!! you wont regret it. " ... written by Regina
I didn't want to keep adding credits, but I had to because she was giving me so many answers and details I couldn't resist. LOL. It was a really detailed, accurate, and informative reading. Great!" ... written by Jennifer
curious to see what happens" ... written by ny
thank you for the truth" ... written by susie
She helped me clear up something for me. thanks hon" ... written by Jaqueline
awesome lady!!!" ... written by tima
the reading is very accurate, awesome advice" ... written by yulia
Great reader" ... written by jody
thank you so much for the reading , i like that you didn't use any tools ." ... written by loee123
On point as always" ... written by Leany
Very accurate and nice!" ... written by Chelsey
great job as always" ... written by Leany
Nice, and very accurate!" ... written by Chelsey
perfect reading every time!" ... written by krat13
Was very helpful, gave solid advice" ... written by kittyjo
very accurate and very quick and to the point . highly reccomend Joyce anytime." ... written by dan
What else can I say about Joyce. She is just the best on here. " ... written by John
Very good reader, she picked up straight away and said many things other readers have said. I will return. Give Love adviser Joyce a go you won't regret it." ... written by Sticky toffee
Thank you Joyce! I will keep hoping for the best." ... written by michelle
Accurate, nice, and truthful!" ... written by Chelsey
Very very intuitive - very impressed with the amount of information that she was drawing out of me with minimal probing. Excellent :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Really enjoyed the private chat. Very accurate and loved everything about the answers I got." ... written by Gloria C
very good advice and accuracy right on the spot this really helps." ... written by Brady
great as always" ... written by Leany
I like her. She is cool. Thanks. =) " ... written by Lisa
She is very good! She is so right on about my man! I am coming back to her. Don't waste your time on other psychics!" ... written by Kimberly
Thank you for the info. I am trying to stay strong! " ... written by michelle
thank you! xoxox " ... written by heather
Thank you Joyce!! You have given me a new hope I will be back this weekend Thank you again! " ... written by michelle
Great reading!!! I will come back to you to let you know what results I get!!!" ... written by OriMelB
great session, very clear with what she has to deliver. thank you for confirming my thoughts. " ... written by alice
No one is better than Joyce. Love her and her kind and gentle ways. Also one hell of a psychic." ... written by John
Joyce can really tune into what's going on. Great reading!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you...oxo" ... written by heather
Always a great reading. She's so nice and easy to talk to. " ... written by krat13
Great details and accuracy. An excellent reading with lots of good info and insight. Joyce was fantastic, just wish I had more time! I will be back for an update though." ... written by Jennifer
I'm always coming back b/c she is so awesome!" ... written by krat13
She is the best on Oranum by far!!" ... written by ikroyalaq
Loveadvisorjoyce is amazing fast reader i really like her." ... written by paulina
you are the bestt!!!!!! thankyou! xo" ... written by heather
Joyce is just great...good details, answers, and insight. Very accurate and intuitive. I wish I had more time to spend with her as I really enjoy the reading." ... written by Jennifer
very good....she helps me a lot...i hope that everything will be ok as she said. thank u!!" ... written by debora
Joyce, has helped me, to put the pieces together about someone that I asked for a reading on. Thank you, so much! I will seek further readings, from you, in the future." ... written by Recovery
Best reading I have had on Oranum! " ... written by Katherine
She's awesome, that's why I keep coming back" ... written by krat13
it was short and sweet reading. hope her prediction will come true!" ... written by crystalrbleu
great" ... written by majo
Had to finish up a reading. Joyce is fantastic, amazing, and accurate. Take her private, you will not regret it!" ... written by Jennifer
great" ... written by majo
Thank you!! yaya! " ... written by hather
Great, fast, accurate. Like her." ... written by majo
The best girl to chat with! The further she goes, the better it gets. I love it that she never exaggerates! Love her!" ... written by Liliana
This is why I keep coming back. She is VERY accurate on someone that I love so much and she knows whats going on with me and him. Joyce is my go to girl if I needed to talk to her. Her prediction has happened so far and it is very good. 100 STARS for you!! :)" ... written by Kimberly
Thank you Joyce you have given me something to look forward to. I will keep you updated." ... written by michelle
I'm talking to her because I really don't have a choice. " ... written by Hell
thanks !" ... written by heather
thanks joyce... for your reading. I will be back and I will try my best. Hope he will realise soon" ... written by VK
she is always great." ... written by cat
Had her look into some things for me career wise. I hope she is right. Thanks. " ... written by Lisa
I love spending time with Joyce. She put every issue at ease and straight in its place. Love her." ... written by Liliana
She is amazing , like an angel, and I will come for more reading for sure" ... written by Ronen
She is the best and I've talked to a lot!" ... written by Liliana
great gentle peaceful soul very helpful" ... written by soapyviolencei
amazing, as always!!!" ... written by Liliana
amazing!!!" ... written by Liliana
she is amazing!!! I would recommend her to anyone any time." ... written by Liliana
nice...........very good" ... written by mette
thankyou!! " ... written by heather
Great..." ... written by Nag
Incredible!!! She was so spot on and awesome! I cannot wait to see her predictions coming true. " ... written by Sarah
you r are awesome and the best evr..thank u so know what ur doing girl.." ... written by heather
great...." ... written by mate
Joyce, is the real deal! Very intuitive and honest. Amazing ability to go to the heart of things." ... written by Peter
she I totally awesome!! and so accurate! ill be talking to her soon!" ... written by sandibaker14
She is an amazing reader!!! She gets details, nuances, nooks and corners. She is my girl! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
great!" ... written by Sartoris
Wow!!!! Really very talented. Very impressed." ... written by p
Thank you" ... written by heather
very helpful and sweet. " ... written by r
SHe is great as always picks up on the situation able to tell you what is going on..shes is amazing. I wish her credits price were cheaper lol" ... written by ena
Very Good." ... written by nbvc
AWESOME! SPOT ON! Made me feel a lot better!" ... written by Marissa
good" ... written by mola edun
Accurate reading.. thank you very much" ... written by r
Reading with Joyce is wonderful and she’s very calm and gives good advice, while at the same time telling you the present condition of your situation." ... written by youralice
Joyce has been an amazing reader!" ... written by Recovery9
Really good. Said things I did not tell her that were true. She is really able to connect" ... written by Susan
Lots of good details and information. Pretty accurate and intuitive. Hope it all works out like you say, fingers crossed. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
5 stars!! really connected" ... written by _
good reading! i want more lol" ... written by Kimberly
talented, very quick and accurate. always amazing" ... written by arion
she was quick and on point! thank you loveadvisorjoyce! " ... written by catherine
Man, shes really good!" ... written by -
Thanks again. Chat soon." ... written by Liz
Accurate, and insightful as always." ... written by Chelsey
OMG! SPOT ON! THANK YOU! Chat soon." ... written by Liz
clarity is what I needed and it's what I got fromher. " ... written by R
She is fast and accurate and says it like it is! Five stars all the way dear!" ... written by newperson
wonderful reader, wonderful personality! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
Thanks for your update and advice. Keep that candle burning. Take care and good night. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Good reader...I have spoken to her a lot tonight...she seems to connect well with my situation and told me things I felt I knew but wasn't sure... I hope her predictions come true..." ... written by Saorse
she is very accurate and talented. i am impressed by her reading!love it" ... written by zcy
Straight to the point. Does not use a mick but types fast. Don't know how accurate with predictions but time will tell. " ... written by K
amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by kaysie madl
Answered a lot of questions in a very short time...some I asked were too far to see but she has given me some advice to follow in order to achieve overall outcome... Very interesting reader, I couldn't wait to hear more!" ... written by J
Amazing as always. Knows exactly what someone is thinking, it's crazy!" ... written by Regina
There is no one, I mean no one on this site that is as on target, sweet, loving and caring like Joyce. She is one of a kind. You will be blown away." ... written by John
SHE IS AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by Kimberly Paris
Joyce is one of a kind. She contacts quickly and is so understanding, she can make you cry. all the stars for her!!!" ... written by Liliana
right to the point thanks for he help" ... written by mfurney
She is amazing. I have spoken with a lot of psychics on here but she is the first to really pick up on details. She blew me away." ... written by Susan
Joyce is fantastic. Just love her. The best on here." ... written by John
i like how she can pin point, who exactly likes me... lol" ... written by sunshine
You want answers, this is where you go. Joyce is simply the best." ... written by John
she's good, definitely knows what is going on in my life" ... written by sunshine
Thank you joyce...i love can you see the entire situation in matter a few minutes. always right on!! will keep you posted. " ... written by nellib
Joyce is great. My best friend. Just love reading with her. " ... written by John
Joyce is my rock, solid rock. She can calm me down in a minute, warn me in advance, point me to the right direction." ... written by Liliana
Amazing, warm, caring and just plain wonderful" ... written by John
amazing detailed reading. Thnaks a lot" ... written by val
Fantastic!" ... written by JL
great advice. T" ... written by ROBIN
enjoyed our talk. :o)" ... written by sunshine
AWESOME! Chat soon." ... written by Liz
Excellent as always! Straight to the point and fast!" ... written by lolita
I like reading with Joyce. She is fast, accurate, and extremely intuitive. She provides good details and always answers all of my questions. I have had several readings with her and the things she tells me are consistent from previous readings. She is great. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
good as usual" ... written by Leany17
Amazing at reading thought!! expert!! " ... written by Regina
She is one of a kind! Highly recommend her for any kind of reading!!!! Sweet, competent, smart, with great sense of humour! 10 stars!" ... written by liliana
THanks for a great reading...and insight into my situation was dead on. " ... written by Plutogirl
I like her but I can't afford to really talk to her. Thanks. She's been pretty good. " ... written by Lisa
Thank you! you always see it right" ... written by heather
Joyce is great. She has a way of telling me what the other person is thinking and it amazing how she does it." ... written by sunshine
Love her, Love her, Lover. She is the one and only!!! She is adorable, insightful and sooooo accurate! 100 stars!!!" ... written by liliana
Very good! She is the best and overall very quick and accurate. I want to come back. But I think I should leave things be for now. " ... written by Roseanna
She made me feeling spot on about this guy!" ... written by Kimberly
Thanks for the reading and up date. Chat soon." ... written by Liz
Always a great reading! She is such an honest and genuine person. " ... written by krat13
She is adorable, insightful, thorough, nice and accurate! I love her." ... written by liliana
Wonderful reading! She said something to me from the past that made a whole lot of sense." ... written by sunshine
Was a good reading, said a lot of what was happening in my life and what was to come. Thank you for being truthful. It was much needed." ... written by Annmarie
Love my friend Joyce. She is the best here." ... written by John
Never disappoints" ... written by Gary
Awesome and spot on" ... written by Gary
Tells you the truth and inner feelings of situations and what is going on " ... written by chocs
She is the BEST!! will tell you how it is exactly :)" ... written by Regina
Joyce is amazing. So warm, and so sweet. always on target." ... written by John
Joyce is wonderful. Just love her to death. So good, so accurate You will be amazed." ... written by John
She knows my situation better than I. Spot on and never disappoints" ... written by Gary
she is always on point!!" ... written by Leany17
I truly enjoyed the reading I had with Joyce! Truly gifted and caring :) Thank you!!!" ... written by Blue_Phoenix
I think its pretty cool that she can find out so many things such as who is gossiping and what it is that they are saying...." ... written by sunshine
She is my guide. I tested her with a lie, and she called me out on it. wow she is the real deal." ... written by Gary
I feel Joyce knows what she is talking about!!" ... written by Humble
she amazing reader i love her !! thank you joyce see you soon !" ... written by paulina
Joyce is the best. End of story." ... written by John
brilliant, lovely, nice, tells you what she sees inner most thoughts of your loved one " ... written by bumble bee
She is wonderful...there is a reason she is $9.99 because she deserves every are so tremendously gifted Joyce!! " ... written by melissa
great reading." ... written by veezee
she senses very good" ... written by miti
Joyce is so supportive, she knows exactly what my situation is. Always good advice and her predictions always come true!! I don't know how she does it, but she is very gifted." ... written by valerie
BRILLIANT AS ALWAYS!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!" ... written by melissa
Lots of details, quickly answered all of my questions and was accurate on everything she was telling me. Always a good reading with Joyce, I just wish I could spend more time with her. Thanks" ... written by Jennifer
thank you" ... written by heather
Love my friend Joyce. She is so good, so kind and full of so much love. You will be amazed. Give her a try." ... written by John
She exemplifies how all psychics should be. She knows every emotional aspect, of my situation. I dont even have to ask, she just jumps right into the reading already knowing why I am seeking help." ... written by Gary
wonderful reading she is always on point and quick....I had a reading a few months ago and I had to come back to let her know she was correct in everything she had said and predicted....she has a gift." ... written by penny
very good strong connections and accuracy as always. " ... written by arion
Wish I had more time!! Loved the reading though!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
had 1 question I missed getting answered but was great !" ... written by Amber
she let me know something impotant" ... written by oh no
So easy to talk to, so fast to contact, so thorough in explanations! dream come true!" ... written by liliana
She is fast and fab, very accurate too...." ... written by newperson
Thank you! " ... written by heather
Been wanting a reading by Joyce for so long. Wish i could buy more credits. Great reading " ... written by v
Loved her reading!!! Will be back!" ... written by Bellezalatina
very helpful and motivational " ... written by Vik
Thank are brilliant as always!" ... written by miszy
Thank you for making me feel better. Your amazing as always!" ... written by Kimberly Paris
Love Joyce to death. She is great and such a pleasure to read with." ... written by John
incredibly intuitive" ... written by soapyviolence
Joyce was very nice and to the point. she gave me the answers I needed to know. not what I wanted to know. thanks Joyce for your reading. I am truly greatful! Godbless!" ... written by timothy
very fast and straight to the point " ... written by Andrea
She is precious, kind and a sweet heart, she tries to give you the best ,she is honest and truthful worth the price. " ... written by Carmel
Love Joyce. She is great. Beautiful soul. " ... written by John
She is very accurate. Able to see the situation very clearly. I am sure her predictions will come true." ... written by Susan
Thank you! YOuare the best:)" ... written by heather
joyce is always very good" ... written by m
amazing!! she helped me so much with everything i am going thru !!!!!!! very accurate!!!!! " ... written by janna7241
****Besttttttttttttt****" ... written by EDGAR
Joyce can make you feel great in seconds! She is passionate and honest and that can make your whole perspective turn around. God Bless her and hers! " ... written by Liliana
Love my friend Joyce. Very fast, very accurate and very sweet." ... written by John
Joyce is an amazing reader. So good. So accurate and just so sweet. Love, love love her." ... written by John
Hands-off, one of the best as a psychic, as a person, as a woman, as a reader!" ... written by Liliana
Very nice to talk to. " ... written by youralice
Thanks so much for update" ... written by a
She's amazing! Ive seen her before and she tells you things you already know and doesn't ask you the questions like other psychics she tells you answers before you even ask! thanks :)" ... written by toots
She is the real deal! She is passionate about helping and understanding people. That is priceless!" ... written by Liliana
She's the best !" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is amazing she can connect really fast :)" ... written by selina
she is so great! and accurate. great reading!!!" ... written by lousie
Thank give me piece of mind. I really appreciate it! xoxo" ... written by heather
Love my Joyce. She is so good. " ... written by John
***** as always" ... written by EDGAR
I Loved it and you are right on about him" ... written by Rebecca
she picked up on things very well" ... written by allbright
She was very accurate, nice and i hope what she tells me about the break doesnt happen" ... written by ramona
She is great!" ... written by Jennifer
Joyce is such a beautiful soul. Love her to death. So fast and so accurate." ... written by John
she is really fast and accurate!!!love the reading with her. she really is talented." ... written by lousie
she is fantastic!!!!!" ... written by lousie
Real eye opener" ... written by youralice
joyce is always amazing, knows the situation and how the person is feeling. She is my friend" ... written by valerie
Joyce is always spot on and gives good information. She's very gifted and you will not regret a reading with her. She's very kind and helps guide you to your own solutions. " ... written by Michele
Joyce is absolutely amazing. So spot on. Just such a loving person. Try her. You won't be disappointed" ... written by John
She is excellent, my favorite person to talk to. SHe is quiet, calm, and quick to pick up on my life. Perfect psychic! But I wish the rates were cheaper lol" ... written by Rose
Joyce is honest, and accurate she is never wrong with her readings. I would recommend her. " ... written by strawberrytutu
Love, love, love Joyce." ... written by John
Thanks alot joyce!! It was so nice to talk to you again, and I always love your readings. You're so honest and really tune in" ... written by nz
Joyce is just amazing. Love her to death." ... written by John
thank you so much for the reading. it was great! it's always a pleasure to have pvt with her. :)" ... written by lousie
She is amazing! Very on point! " ... written by Jennifer
Thank you! So insightful! I love reading with you!! I will let you know!! " ... written by heather
very nice reading just didnt have enough time to spend with her" ... written by John Deane
Joyce is so good. Fast and to the point. So sweet and caring. Just great" ... written by John
Wonderful wonderful wonderful. Spot on with everything she told me. You won't be disappointed - I highly recommend her. " ... written by Thuy
She's amazing so incredibly accurate. I am blown away she knew so much and connected right away - the real deal. Thank you so much." ... written by Thuy
Love my friend Joyce. She is just the best. " ... written by John
WOW I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She's just so good, and always right. For like, a year now, consistent, always directing me the right way and I trust her clairvoyance and empathy because it's just bang on! I think if it wasn't for Joyce I'd be in a bad spot. She's just so sweet and awesome I'd go on and on... She is priceless :)" ... written by t-doll
I like her reading as usual." ... written by hani
Another stellar session with Joyce!! She picks everything up like a magnet. Everything she says resonates with my intuition, and it just feels right. She's never steered me wrong, and her accuracy exceeds most others that I have encountered here. " ... written by t-doll
She is great reader" ... written by Pratyush
she was gr8..helped me a lot..will be back:)" ... written by aquavenus
Amazing as always sees everything it's creepy! :)" ... written by Regina
Very good reading just need more time next time :) " ... written by Daniela P.
Gave me hope where I was feeling disspear" ... written by pinkpather30
5 Stars isn't enough. She is so on target! Extremely honest and truly gifted. Doesn't waste time asking you a bunch of questions. With only my birthday she was able to read me like a book andamp; provide me insight to the path ahead. She answered my question and then some. She provided me with even further details to what is going on now and what is to come. She is wonderful! Once you give her a try you will come back. I can assure you! Thank you again Joyce! " ... written by Jennifer
right on the spot!" ... written by regina
Love my friend Joyce. She is fantastic. " ... written by John
she was amazing love her she was right on the key points i recommend her 100% i will come back to visit her:-)" ... written by jessica
What can I say about my best friend Joyce. THE BEST." ... written by John
she is trustworthy" ... written by lousie
Joyce is my preferred one. Fast, straightforward, funny, adorable!!! She can pick a subject and not leave it until exhausted. This is priceless!!! Thanks, Love! You are a jewel!" ... written by Liliana
Thank you for your clarity and straight talk" ... written by ACB
Joyce is all you can ask for - fast, observant, loyal, compassionate, accurate... a jewel in the flesh. Thanks, love!" ... written by Liliana
Thanks a zillion :)" ... written by JANICE ANTOINETTE XAVIER
thank u :)" ... written by JANICE ANTOINETTE XAVIER
it was good unfortunately my cc wouldn't accept more time to find out more details" ... written by lyndsie
she was very accurate. she wowed me and im not easily wowed. " ... written by stephanie
Joyce is such a blessing!! She has helped me through soooo much!!" ... written by Michele
She is excellent! On point! Reads you and your situation like a book! I will always go to her!" ... written by Marie
Greattttttttttttttttt" ... written by ed
thanks.... will look forward to future" ... written by jon
Had a quick time out with Joyce! She is so great to talk to, I am so grateful and thankful I met her! Just an absolute gem! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ " ... written by t-doll
Thank you" ... written by FC
Great, Great, Great. Joyce is fantastic. The best on here. So much insight yet such a sweet, caring person. " ... written by John
the best ever that i heard in my life ...will do it daily ....all truth and excatly what happening with me " ... written by mamdouh
The best as usualll" ... written by ed
You answered my most pressing issue,and so glad that I'm okay. The other situation is just always hanging in the balance, but what you told me did help alot. Thanks girl. You are the best!!! See you again" ... written by nz
Thanks. Always a pleasure. " ... written by Lisa
She's always right :) love her" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Oh Joyce is the best. Such a lovely soul. With her, you get QUALITY, not QUANTITY. She has such wonderful energy about her, and so far with me hasn't been wrong. She always helps me go in the right direction with the person I have fallen in love with. " ... written by t-doll
SWEET CARING SPIRIT. WONDERFUL " ... written by Angela
Love me some Joyce time! She helps me be prepared with my future interactions with people. And she's so accurate, it will blow you away. She's been such a pleasure to consult with, helping me greatly tame my love emotions for someone, and she has been absolutely amazing in helping me become a patient girl!" ... written by t-doll
Very direct and to the point. I enjoyed the reading. Try her!" ... written by nick
Picked up on things right away" ... written by ab
OMG LOVE HER!! Just love her!! Joyce is the only one that hits the target here, bang bang! Professional, consistent, and caring. Just an absolute doll. Unlike other readers here, she never posts advertisements nor asks for accolades! She is true quality... Seeing her really makes you realize what junk some of these other readers are trying to sell you. She'll tell you what you need to know, regardless of what kind of news it is, good or bad. :)" ... written by t-doll
WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS!!" ... written by melissa
Love the readings with Joyce. She is so good. So caring. So on target. If you want to truly know what is going on, visit Joyce. You will not be disappointed." ... written by John
she has great energy and I wish I had enough time 2 ask more questions... I will keep in contact.." ... written by ladyleo007
Seemed to come with the info fairly quick - can't tell how accurate yet...But was very helpful" ... written by Ivan
she was very insitful giving good answers without asking alot of leading questions " ... written by Brett
I ran out of credits but she seemed to know the situation." ... written by CC
Good-simply ran out of time and will see here again. She seemed to connect very fast with me. :)" ... written by Amy
*********The best***********" ... written by ed
Extremely insightful and accurate. I love talking to her because she is honest and sincere. I will speak with her again and again. " ... written by Eli
She is accurated" ... written by ed
Thank you for clarification as always. Joyce's been a much appreciated help." ... written by a
I really like her. Wish her prices were a bit lower, but I guess if you are good you deserve the money! Was in a real funk today, but am better after speaking with her." ... written by Pat
accurate in sense of describing situation. try for yourself. :)" ... written by sehneo
Joyce is amazing as usual. I love her!" ... written by Eli
She was spot on. The reading went quick. But she confirm a lot. Thank yu... Lots of love" ... written by Jeanetteg
Love how straightforward and honest she is, if you're looking for a sugarcoated answer look elsewhere. I've been having readings with Joyce for a long time now and she's the only one i trust, always accurate.. " ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Yet another lovely reading with my girl Joyce! She is still steering me in the right direction, navigating these complicated relationship seas! I've said this before and I'll say it again; without her I would of foolishly lost my patience long ago with the person I care most about. She's a great asset. And always a pleasure to talk to :)" ... written by t-doll
the best and true" ... written by sandi
needed more time, but quite accurate " ... written by l
great update, with joyce guidance, i hope things are looking forward now once and for all. joyce has been helping me numerous times from a very bad time up until now, i can't thank her enough for her help and patience" ... written by a
Joyce is the best. fast, loving, sweet and so, so accurate. It's kind of scary. LOL" ... written by John
AMAZING!!!! Knew exactly everything and m situation and who was involved and told me as I was typing! Def the real deal! " ... written by mg32704
Joyce is the best reader on this website. I trust her words more than anyone. She has a gift like few people have. She is worth getting a reading from. " ... written by Eli
Again, Joyce is an amazing reader and she has helped show me the right direction so I can stand up for myself. I love her." ... written by eli
Excellent reading. I just wish the rate was lower. I think the readings are very accurate and she is gifted. " ... written by Love_Dove
Very accurate and helpful. I would definitely recommend coming in for a reading if you are having romance issues." ... written by Love_Dove
she is a nice person, and she is good at what she does, you can see it in her eyes." ... written by steve
She is my girl - always there, always helpful!" ... written by Liliana
My darling girl! Have been my faithful advisor for 5 months now and has put my mind at ease so many times!!! Love her so much! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
most insightful reader on the website" ... written by eli
great as usual" ... written by ed
Insightful as always" ... written by eli
she is great trying help me get through a crappy day. " ... written by eli
Joyce is simply amazing. Just love her" ... written by John
she is great,she was really starting to help me out i just didnt have enough money to keep the chat going but i def recommend!!!" ... written by samantha
Great!!! Amazing!!!" ... written by ghghg
Always great to talk to her" ... written by ed
interesting insights" ... written by p
She is one of the best truly..." ... written by newperson
Joyce is just amazing. She is so good, so spot on. Just an inspirational woman to me. Love her." ... written by John
What a relief to see Joyce! Now granted what she had to tell me was not what I wanted to hear, of course, but I'm glad she told me what she did. Now I can re-align my focus and try to do as best as I can with the circumstances. She's a Godsend though, literally in fact, because without her I think I'd be in a very dark place. I just think she's so great, so talented and lovely, and she won't waste my time and spin me a story. :) " ... written by t-doll
she was correct" ... written by Raymond Paulino
She is amazing and adorable, straightforward and exhausting. I do not need to see anybody else for weeks. It is so easy to talk to her, you have the feeling you've know her for years. 10 stars!!!" ... written by liliana
Thank you for another good reading." ... written by Jason
She is a very accurate reader. I love going to the for insights" ... written by eli
Thank you for generous update!" ... written by xxx
She is adorable, straightforward and soothing. I wouldn't trade her for anyone. She is very helpful. Recommend her to anyone and everyone." ... written by liliana
Thank you" ... written by amanda
She is awesome." ... written by ladyleo007
you are awesome! i love your positivity" ... written by maggielee
Unbelievably amazing! so on the money!! Will def go back to see her!" ... written by miljay
She is outstanding. wish I could have more time with her" ... written by newperson
Very good feel but time ran out too quickly" ... written by Wonderbaby
THE BEST!! " ... written by regina
Adorable, competent, charming, graceful, full of insight. Isn't that what we want?" ... written by Liliana
She sees everything right on point! without any info! " ... written by regina
great as always" ... written by ed
Very good, nice details and honest" ... written by Elisa
perfect as always...even if I didn't want to hear it!" ... written by miszy
Love Joyce. She is amazing. Just amazing. Love her to death" ... written by John
always the bomb~!" ... written by me
AMAZING!! " ... written by regina
accurate and kind reader as always!" ... written by eli
Always right on point!! Don't know what I would do without her!! " ... written by regina
Joyce is fantastic. She goes right into the situation! Good or bad, the information flows. She's a caring and beautiful person. Not enough stars for her :)" ... written by t-doll
great reading as always" ... written by veezee
Really good. Knows exactly what is going on with everyone. " ... written by alexandra
The best!" ... written by regina
5 stars!!! She gives great advice. I should have listened to her a longggggg time ago. She told me i needed to not stand for this and not allow it and cave so easily. She was right and i see that loud and clear now. Thank you Joyce!" ... written by Dolly1234
very insightful reading.. always recommended...." ... written by bb
Wonderful as always" ... written by Miszy
Joyce is fantastic. Just love her. Her updates are so accurate. She is always on target. " ... written by John
Great reading!" ... written by sunshine
Best in here**********" ... written by ed
great reading" ... written by anonymous
Joyce is really good at giving love advice. The readings are very accurate and I was well pleased with the answers I got!" ... written by Ariel
Really good at reading love." ... written by Ariel
Fantastoc reader knew things without me asking" ... written by pinkpather30
Joyce is just great. Love her to death. So sweet, so accurate and just a great friend." ... written by john
Very good, very impressed. will definitely recommend and return. thkans" ... written by ron
She is wonderful! Wish I could afford more time with her. I dont like rushing her but i always feel i have to " ... written by V
LoveAdvisorJoyce is very good at what she does. Her gift is amazing. I would suggest saving up money for a long session because it is in depth. I do recommend seeing her" ... written by Love_Dove
Thanks so much. Great chatting with you, I will keep some hope. " ... written by Heather McBride
Super reader !!! Always able to tune in immediately to the person and tell about thoughts and actions. Also very positive. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Jose
Very good reading as always. Thank you " ... written by itwillbeok
great lady, easy to talk to, always great readings." ... written by krat13
Joyce is so great. Just fantastic. She is so good. So accurate. Worth every penny. Love her to death." ... written by John
She was great,, she is great..... Very Very Accurate... Honest,,, worth for the money......!!!!!! " ... written by Nsg
Good reading" ... written by Marygoldpink
Wow! she was right about everything! I hope what she predicted comes true! " ... written by Felicia
WOW! She is SUPER accurate. Said things I already know, and things I felt were already true! Very good for relationships!" ... written by stardust222
very very helpful and nice" ... written by gml
like her a lot... " ... written by gml
accurate, assuring. will tell you what's up :)" ... written by sehneo
HIGHLY recommend! Relationship expert and amazingly accurate! Very detailed, not vague." ... written by stardust222
Thank you!! If this was the truth it was a great reading and conversation." ... written by Teeves
Joyce is fantastic. Always so clear. Great insight. Love the updates. Love her." ... written by John
Very sharp and quick to catch on, very precise" ... written by Seahorses
It's always great to read with Joyce, she is a sweetheart. Her readings are truthful, accurate, and consistent. Thank you!" ... written by Jenn
she GREAT!" ... written by me
Great stuff....lots of insight and details. A million stars for Joyce!" ... written by Jenn
Very very quick and on the nose. Extremely good reader and I am delighted with her connection to me." ... written by Seahorses
She's the one and only! I highly recommend her charm, warmth, credibility, detail-orientated mind! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
This girl is so lovely and endearing, whilst accurate and insightful. A really nice connection was made. " ... written by seahorses
Thank you so much Joyce for your accurate insight and will return soon for another update. Very gifted clairvoyant" ... written by seahorses
Very accurate and composed. get straight to the point very quickly and a good connection. A very pleasant experience" ... written by seahorses
Very good reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Joyce is just great. Unbelievable reader who is always so on point, but always so sweet." ... written by John
Awesome lady, always a perfect read!" ... written by Krat13
she is very very good, i like her and very nice" ... written by zenbaba
she is wonderful, honest and straight to the point. I love talking to her bc she is such a genuine person :)" ... written by jazolvera01
nothing to say but great great great " ... written by gml
She was very talented and gifted and good connection was formed very quickly." ... written by Seahorses
Joyce foretold people and events as though reading from a book. I had no knowledge of the people and events and yet, she is eerily accurate. She has guided me through very serious life decisions with uncanny accuracy and the highest professionalism. " ... written by Lia
very sweet , very accurate " ... written by soapyviolence
Joyce is just fantastic. Always spot on. Love her energy, her heart and the beautiful soul she is." ... written by John
best best best " ... written by GML
Amazing, outstanding, not enough words to describe her. Need real answers, talk to Joyce. " ... written by John
said before and will say agian" ... written by gml
Great reading, Joyce is very insightful and all the way on point!" ... written by Somethingnew
so awesome " ... written by soapyviolence
very good" ... written by zenbaba
She is great in tuning in to what has happened. She gives great advice. I love how she connects with the situation or person in question. Very good psychic!" ... written by pearberry008
Second reading as I liked the first." ... written by Catherine
she is the best! She sees everything exactly as it is currently! Just AMAZED! " ... written by Regina
Joyce... what can i say... thank you... thank you thank you " ... written by gml
Joyce is lovely. She is a great psychic and she cares about her clients. She will guide you through and be there for you even when things are not going well. She is extremely accurate and detailed in her readings. She picks up on things without you even asking. She continues to surprise me with her psychic ability even after all this time. I have been seeing Joyce for 2 years now." ... written by SkyTwo123
She is so accurate and brilliant. Glad I met her." ... written by Catherine
love her honesty! " ... written by jaz
Love Advisor Joyce is great at what she does. She's an amazing woman and gives excellent advice. Everything is clear and concise. She's an expert with love and relationships. I think this has probably been my 4th or 5th reading with her. " ... written by Love_Dove
thank you Joyce... u r the best... " ... written by gml
Joyce is fast and accurate in her readings and feelings. Always a good guide with regards to how to act in view of what the other person is feeling and thinking. For fast and accurate readings I always rely on her and so will you once you come to a reading with her. Thanks Joyce." ... written by Jose
Joyce is so good. Always sweet, caring and always on point. Love, love, love her." ... written by John
i just had a wonderful meditation session with her! it was great! I feel wonderful and uplifted. I recommend to do a session with her! Thank you again Joyce! You are truly gifted!" ... written by pearberry008
Joyce is amazing each time we speak. She is so sweet and funny and always right with her words. I have been reading with her for a long time, and she is the best here!!!! gracias chica" ... written by nz
I love getting my readings with Joyce, been reading with her for a long time and she's the best on here." ... written by Tripple_OGee
excellent reading" ... written by anonymous
thanks to joyce, she is a great counsellor, good advice" ... written by kreuzen
Joyce is really great...very intuitive, spot on with feelings and intentions and always fun to read with. Great update, thank you." ... written by Jen
It was a wonderful reading! " ... written by luckystar5
joyce, tells it like it is!" ... written by jaz
Light at a very difficult and delicate point. Clarity and vision, thnak you" ... written by Seahorses
awesome reading! Great lady, you will love her!" ... written by krat13
She is so accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nag
Always a great reading " ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Joyce is great... and has become a friend and in my book it is the most important thing" ... written by gml
Joyce is fantastic. She connects quite fast and can give insight that is of much help in deciding what to do. I always rely on her for important decisions. I know you will too." ... written by Jose
Great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
great connection with Joyce and satisfying clarity" ... written by seahorses
Joyce is such a breath of freshair. So good, so accurate. So sweet" ... written by John
Joyce is just amazing. Love her to death. " ... written by John
i really appreciate her, she is so good and accurate, looking forward for her again. " ... written by meena11
another dose of clairty, thank you, well worth the visit" ... written by seahorses
Joyce was very insightful, straighforward, quick and effective! She was also very warm and professional - I would definitely come back and recommend to others!! Thank you Joyce so much! " ... written by Anonymous
she is great. many details and very accurate!!" ... written by lousie
Good connection and vision. thanks for the clairty " ... written by seahorses
she is very good and accurate. " ... written by meena11
THE BEST!! can see everything exactly as it is! its amazing! Extremely helpful!" ... written by Regina
very good and detailed" ... written by xxx
joyce joyce joyce... thank you " ... written by gml
thank you Joyce.. for all the help " ... written by GML
the reading was ok. :)" ... written by porsche
She seemed acurate. Time will tell." ... written by Chantal
i will repeat it again.. the best.. thank you Joyce" ... written by GML
she is great! her i will be back soon" ... written by jayme
Amazing. She is truly AMAZING. She was able to read someone even without any information about the person! She is just WOW!!!" ... written by Jose
Fast and accurate. She is able to connect and provide the necessary guidance almost immediately. Very highly recommended!" ... written by Jose
WOW" ... written by Nag
Joyce.,.. time ran out.. but i got it... thank you very very much... you are the best" ... written by gml
i dont know what more to say.. thank you Joyce for all the help " ... written by GML
Joyce is by far the best on here. So good. You won't be dissappointed" ... written by John
Great update reading! " ... written by luckystar5
She jumped right in and told me things I haven't said no anyone. She recognized feelings in me that I haven't even told my mother. This reading was an eye opener and it enlightened me to whats been going on around me. I enjoyed my reading with her" ... written by stephanie
She is so Perfect!!!!!!!" ... written by Nag
She is really great!! Best " ... written by Nag
She is such a delight! She connects so quickly like you have known her since the beginning of time! I am meditating with her and it feels so wonderful; it also brings results! She also isn't pushy; she'll recommend what you need to do but that's it; it is all up to you. Her predictions come true! Get a reading with her; she is very detailed and just an overall amazing person! Thank you for sharing your gifts =)" ... written by pearberry008
thank you J... really appreciate all help in the last few weeks... thank you " ... written by gml
Joyce u r the best" ... written by gml
LoveAdvisorJoyce has been very helpful since day 1. She is my go to person for relationship advice and clarification. But we always run out of time! =(" ... written by Love_Dove
wow she is incredible! her insights directly matched my own (a clairvoyant) and the most recent tarot reading I just gave myself...time will tell but it is wonderful to have the positivity to move forward on..." ... written by dd
the best of the best" ... written by shondra
thank you J for all the help.. talk with you soon." ... written by GML
Joyce is so good, so caring, so insightful. Just love her. " ... written by John
I hope what she sees comes true. I do pray that it does. Very insightful" ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you! you are always amazing!!" ... written by heather
very nice reading and update, connects well" ... written by seahorses
awesome , fast and accurate, thank you" ... written by dan
thanks Joyce, quick connected reading, will wait my hopes will come soon~" ... written by happy
She's by far one of the best here, does not waster your credit and answers quickly in limited time. appreciate that Joyce, thank you :)" ... written by S
Great reading, always seeing and helping me see . thank you! Go get a reading!" ... written by Leany17
Joyce is a fantastic reader. I am always amazed at how fast she can pick up on the person or persons that I inquire about. She is able to give sound advice on relationships and what to expect. When I want to know what is going on, she is the one I look for. " ... written by Jose
Very clear vision and accurate assessment of current situation. Well worth a visit." ... written by seahorses
thank you Joyce for helping me on this adventure.. " ... written by gml
excellent" ... written by ron
Good." ... written by kljjkl;jkjkl
Love this lady right here, I can always count on her accuracy" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
WOW WOW She is fast, excellent, accurate. No time wasted with her. " ... written by Jose
thanks Joyce for the fast connection reading. " ... written by happy
THANK U " ... written by gml
Thank u J... hop i made u smile with last line." ... written by gml
thank you J" ... written by gml
Again WOW! She is amazing, able to pick up things, even some that are not beyond the questions. For reliable instant information, I come to her and am not disappointed. Thanks Joyce." ... written by Jose
boy i m tires with all the grate info... thank you Joyce" ... written by gml
Wonderful!! Joyce is always right with her visions for me. And, she is such a great lady. I will always come back to her" ... written by leogirl
THANK U J" ... written by gml
I never cease to be amazed by the gifts the Joyce has. She is able to connect immediately and accurately. She is great!" ... written by Jose
Great as always :)" ... written by Marianne
She made a very quick, immediate connection. She knew what I was worrying about without asking!! Truly amazing. Thank you for your insightful advice." ... written by Myriam
First time reading with her and wow. She picked up on a lot of things. She saw the situation like she had a birds eye view. Very in tune. Thank you very much. I totally recommend her. I will be back soon. Hopefully the predictions will come true. " ... written by Vanessa
excellent advice.." ... written by ron
thank u J" ... written by gml
excellent, picked up on what was happening immediately. Put me at ease. Very wonderful lady. :-) Keep you updated." ... written by han720518
thank u J" ... written by gml
You are the best... and your laugh is contagious... :)" ... written by gml
Joyce Joyce Joyce thank you " ... written by gml
Joyce is so amazing. Just a great reader. So loving and so caring. " ... written by John
Love her! " ... written by jaz
J, thank you for all the help.. Happy NY and talk in 2015" ... written by GML
great reading, thank you" ... written by yc0719
Joyce is so great. So loving, caring, fun but most important always on target. " ... written by John
Joyce is adorable and so efficient that you cannot just skip her opinion or predictions. She is amazingly accurate and a very good listener! All those are admirable traits to have when once needs a psychic! Thanks a million, Joyce!" ... written by liliana
thnak u J" ... written by gml
It was ok" ... written by ntyrkas1
Thank you." ... written by lee
Great reading!" ... written by lee
very accurate and helpful, definitely coming back!" ... written by Cayla
once again -- great " ... written by G
thank u for another one " ... written by gml
Joyce is an amazong reader, she really has a gift that cannot be expalined! She has be on the mark more so many times in our readings!! Thank you!!! " ... written by Heather
Joyce is so good, so sweet. The best here, always" ... written by john
thanks for the 1st 2015 read... :)" ... written by g
Joyce is always honest and very detailed with her readings if you ask the right questions. She has a special gift especially in the romance department. I'm very glad I've been seeing her for advice for a couple months now " ... written by Love_Dove
Always the best! " ... written by Regina
very intuitive picked up on my personal situation very fast" ... written by natasha
Joyce is the best. Love her to death" ... written by John
trust joyce, she's very patience with good advice" ... written by x
thank u J... " ... written by G
THANKS A LOT!" ... written by NV
Very good psychic. SHe is one of the best, most accurate ones I have ever encountered. She is polite, caring, and loves to listen. I would give her 10 stars if I Could. " ... written by roseanna
very switched on and to the point, very good reading, thank you" ... written by seahorses
THANK YOU JOYCE.... " ... written by GLEN
Thanks a lot for always being there. You are very accurate." ... written by nv
She is great in reading what people think of a situation, of you or anything. Very accurate and detailed in her readings. She doesn't waste your time; answers your question clearly and directly. Go to her for a reading you will be amazed at her insight!!!" ... written by pearberry008
thank you J.... " ... written by g
thank you J" ... written by G
She is great" ... written by Maksym
amazing always!! " ... written by Regina
it was good, she is fast. " ... written by phyllis
so great " ... written by soaoyviolence
very patient and calm" ... written by x
She is too great!!!" ... written by Nag
Now words...She is great" ... written by Nag
She's very good, talk to her if you can. Thank you for your insight" ... written by SN
excellent" ... written by ron
Joyce Joyce Joyce" ... written by g
great................." ... written by edgar
thank you J" ... written by g
she is honest, accurate, i would recommend to have a reading with her. " ... written by meena11
My friend, my confidant, my advisor. Joyce is everything to me. She is one of the best people God put on this planet." ... written by John
Great!!!!!" ... written by Nag
thank u JJ" ... written by g
Joyce is incredibly talented and gifted reader. for live detailed info on how a situation is, please use joyce to help you " ... written by seahorses
Joyce is kind, caring, and simply the best. Always!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Joyce is best " ... written by g
Joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by g
Awesome! very intuitive w no tools, went right to th heart of the matter. I felt a good connection. Feels like the truth to me." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
At this point she and maybe one other psychic is the only one I will go to. She really does care and has been supportive of me in my darkest of days. She has never turned her back on me even when I came to her room angry and disappointed about things that did not unfold the way I wanted them too. She is honest, calm, and has a good heart. Her precision can be remarkable and surprises me even after all this time. 5 stars. " ... written by Sky
I believe her and I love her. She is kind and I think she is right on a lot of things. She is like a sister-friend to me. He heart is in the right place. " ... written by Sky
She is adorable and answers all questions without any hesitation. I love relaxing with her. No pressure, no judgement! Superb!" ... written by liliana
I believe her. She is so calm and so straight forward and reassuring. I give her 5 stars as always. " ... written by Loveher
thank u J" ... written by G
Joyce is just great. Love her updates. So spot on, so insightful. Love her to death." ... written by John
LoveadvisorJoyce's readings are always spot on and she's able to give me great advice. She's very honest and gifted." ... written by love_dove
Joyce is simply fantastic. So sweet, so caring and so insightful. Always spot on." ... written by John
Omg I was not expecting that she was right on with situations and things that I didn't even share , feeling blessed to have found her " ... written by stephanie
Thanks a lot. You have so far never been wrong for me . never in past 3 yeasr. u" ... written by ni
I just love Joyce to death LOL. She is fast, on target and always so sweet. You will be amazed. Give her a try." ... written by John
good reading with her" ... written by olive
she is very accurate and detailed. good reading" ... written by cy
will be waiting for he predictions! very fast" ... written by BP
Thank you for all your advice Joyce, wish I could have more time with you lol" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Joyce is great and this was another wonderful reading, nice insights and good predictions. Fabulous!!! " ... written by JS
she is awesome thank you for helping me" ... written by lee
wow she is good I now know a lot about things I didn't before" ... written by lee
awesome she sees everything" ... written by lee
LoveAdvisorJoyce has always been very helpful. Her readings are accurate and insightful. She is very honest and I think she's one of the best on Oranum especially when it's a reading about love. " ... written by Love_Dove
Joyce is fantastic. Just so good at what she does. You will love her" ... written by John
not enouh time, so confused because ive been tld so many different things, hopefully she is right" ... written by nesi
Comforting words. Will not leave you confused. Very good advices." ... written by Holbein888
valuable insight into current situation which is needed to help progression, thank you Joyce" ... written by seahorses
thank you J" ... written by gl
Her prediction came true. and this is not the first time :) thanks Joyce!!" ... written by n
An excellent to take complicated matters of the heart and make them super simple for me. Honest and trustworthy, check her out!" ... written by Alec
Thank you Joyce for your advise.. I will be back.. You answered me all my questions. Love ya! :-) " ... written by Lalaz
Great!!!! Amazing!!! Will use again!!" ... written by jkjkj
Joyce was very good I didn't spend a lot of time but the time was well spent she was very good and you should give her a try I will come back when I have more time to spend with her and I look forward to seeing if and when her visions come true. Thanks Joyce" ... written by Ray
wonderful fast reading thanks so much" ... written by jody
So helpful, answered questions that have been causing me not to sleep! Will definitely add time and do again. " ... written by LaCrisha
Sweet woman...I am waiting for Things to happen...seems like it will take a while, before I get what I want, but I trust her in what she is saying! :)" ... written by M
she's so lovely and it was a really good reading" ... written by Stella
Very insightful and reassuring...Thank you." ... written by Nicole
yce for putting my mind at rest and for indepth look at my situation" ... written by seahorses
very good advisor, working with joyce has always been a pleasure" ... written by x
Joyce gives thorough readings every time. They get very specific and in depth if you actually give the reading more time. Things become clearer. She is a very gifted woman and is spot on when it comes to questions about your love life. " ... written by love_dove
Love this lady... so fast, clear and sweet." ... written by acb
very good reading...Joyce is wise and calm tells you what she sees and you can sort out your reactions. No drama...just truth!!" ... written by Kathy
Wow! Love me some Joyce!! Let me tell you… things she had told me in the past about someone came true!!!! I mean, specific things too! At the time she said them, I had a hard time piecing it all together… but in the end it all ended up happening. She's just so keen and spot on, it's intense. I totally trust her and so far she's never steered me wrong. So important, she's a gem!! " ... written by t-doll
Shes amazing picks up on situation and able to tell you presently what is going on and offers great advice. Thank you 5 stars" ... written by Ena
As usual ACCURATE" ... written by Ed
Very insightful. " ... written by Christina
I have been on oranum since the beginning of oranum and Have never had a reading where a physic predicted every thing that has happened to me in my life in the past year and a half regarding love. Much less without any tools. I usually have to do the talking with psychic sessions but NOT the case with LOVEADVISORJOYCE. She just kept spilling my love life like she had been living it. I have never been so impressed. NEVER." ... written by katharazz
Thanks a lot for putting me at peace. take care.ur very accurate." ... written by N
I love her! Every time she is right on and able to give accurate advice and answers. I am going to go broke with the private chats =)" ... written by LJames0613
thank you J" ... written by gml
Love my friend Joyce. Always so good. So right on. Amazing." ... written by john
What would I do without Joyce?! For over the past year she's helped steer me in the right direction with someone who is very important to me. Some way or another, what she says ends up being true or happening. She's not only been so helpful in my love life, but she's been helping my spiritual path too. Can't say enough about her. Forget giving her stars, I'd give her the solar system! " ... written by t-doll
Joyce is simply amazing. So easy to speak with. Honest, yet her delivery is not harsh. It's so comfortable speaking with her. I never have to go into full detail but she always picks up on my feelings as well as others involved. It seems unreal, lol. Give her a try and you will NOT regret it! " ... written by Jennifer
Joyce is amazing!! I have been talking to her for 2 years and she is more like a sister to me now. She is so caring!! Her accuracy still blows me away." ... written by Michele
thank you for the clarity this evening" ... written by seahorses
Love my readings with you, thank you Joyce" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Really great reading. It's amazing how much she knows and how much she can see. She is truly gifted." ... written by b
Amazing reader. Very very very good. Detailed, accurate, excellent!" ... written by b
It's really amazing how much she knows and picks up on things. Very accurate." ... written by b
I have never , never, never had a reading like this and I have been getting readings for 5 years. LoveadvisorJoyce is incredible. What she charges is just a poof in the wind when you hear how much she knows and can help you without any tools. I have learned from being in her room as well that clients flock like thirsty birds just to hear what she knows about their situation. I just cannot say enough here. I also met someone that ha been coming to her for 3 years. I'm just so very blown away by her. All the things I didn't know how to do to move forward she has the exact answer. I have also been on oranum for at least 4 years and it took that long to find the one I will use and only her. Psychics always say don't get a bunch of different reading but they don't get enough right to keep us coming back. SHE DOES. Simple as that. :)" ... written by Katharazz
Wow! Great reading!!!! Great validations. I keep topping up lol. That's how great her readings are. Highly recommended." ... written by GratefulOne14
Shes amazing, picks up on the situation and provides confirmation. Shes the best on here 5 stars. xo" ... written by Ena
Seriously, before you think about getting a reading or clarity anywhere else, give Joyce a try! No jokes, no gimmicks, all real. I'm a lot more at peace; she touched everything I had questions on andamp; MORE! Thank you again Joyce! :-)" ... written by Jennifer
i might have said this before but i will say it again...she is so INCREDIBLE...she can really tell you how the other person feels...and you know it's true...she'll tell you when they will contact you too; of course she is right! Try a reading with her, you will be AMAZED!!!" ... written by pearberry008
She brought tears to my eyes... I love the session...thank you thank you...all my questions! ty!" ... written by Travis
Good and fast. She picks up on the person immediately and gives accurate information. Always a pleasure to consult with her. " ... written by Jose
She is good, first time with her." ... written by Malik
Five stars isn't enough! Joyce is great, she connects to the situation instantly, types fast, and just a pleasure to speak with." ... written by Jennifer
Joyce, Joyce, Joyce. What would I do without her?! Just now she totally blew my mind- again. She even saw what I was doing earlier, clairvoyantly. And as usual, pinpointed with accuracy my situation and helped ease my fears by telling me what she sees and feels, which I trust. And she tells the truth!! Good, bad, whatever. Highly ethical, sweet Joycey Joyce! :)" ... written by t-doll
I love it that I feel at home with her. She always has a kind word, a smile, a piece of advice. Love it, love it, love it!" ... written by Liliana
Hi she is great ! very quick to respond to questions answers accurately and makes it easy to feel comfortable. She picks up in all the situation you have. " ... written by moni
She is amazing i will definitley be back to see her. she pointed out things without me saying anything. amazing" ... written by tracy monday
i find her very calming, and she knows a lot of things without you saying much if at all. like her a lot" ... written by tracy monday
Joyce is amazing. Just love how spot on she is always. Such a good reader." ... written by John
The reading I had with Joyce was such a wonderful experience. I made the mistake once of trying to get a reading from someone else and they were so OFF target. Simple things about my personality andamp; what is currently going on in my life were definitely not true andamp; what they saw for my future was off because it was not me or choices I'd ever make. Let's just say moving forward, I'm only going to Joyce, lol! She was right on target about my personality, my feelings andamp; feelings of others, my current situation, what she saw for the future, etc. Everything was aligned. There is even someone that is in my life now she started describing their personality traits and I instantly knew who she was talking about. She started telling me how they feel which is great because it was so hard for me to know because there isn't much communication. But what she told me was in line with what I suspected. Again, right on target. I didn't ask/give her any details about this person but as of recent, I had my mind set on what I was going to do about the situation. She told me what she saw to come and it is EXACTLY the decision I made up in my mind (so I'm glad to get that confirmation). She also brought up my true passion which I did not mention; honestly I was on the verge of giving up on it. Well she saw it and needless to say, I got the confirmation I needed and will not give up on it. She so positive and honest. It doesn't get any better. Thank you so much Joyce andamp; I'll talk to you soon! :-)" ... written by Jennifer
good reading really quick response" ... written by n .a . c
Every reading I have with LoveadvisorJoyce becomes clearer and clearer. She's very gifted and honest. Having longer readings is worth it. She's a very positive, warming, and gifted person. Out of all the spiritual readers and people I have seen and met with Joyce amazes me the most" ... written by Love_Dove
very honest and straight to the point. tell you exactly what she see." ... written by nac
she's great listener and advisor. straight to the point, very accurate on my current situation. thank you! " ... written by Tony
wow awesome reading thank you" ... written by lee
Great as always!! Ran out of credits too quickly though...." ... written by nz
Joyce is so sweety (quiet as a church mouse) but she is quick and she is really good...she knows and will give it to you with no chaser...I like that, straight to the point. she is one of the gifted ones :)" ... written by Bronxie
Great reading as always. Don't think twice; give Joyce a try! Once again, 5 stars is NOT enough! :-)" ... written by Jennifer
thank you J... missed you" ... written by gml
Loved the reading. Will definitly be back again. You are beautiful and talented." ... written by Smiles32
Amazing as always picks up my situation and offers advice to assist. Shes great at love life, which i only talk about. I will definitely update you on how everything goes. 5 stars. xoxo" ... written by Ena
Thank u so much for the fantastic reading ill be back for updates! " ... written by lynnrmc
Joyce is great and her readings are amazing. will definitly be back for more guidance" ... written by tracy monday
Great as usual" ... written by Edgar
thanks for the followup joyce, very insightful" ... written by seahorses
thank you joyce for putting my mind at rest this evening" ... written by seahorses
thanks for the reading" ... written by ~~
she's the best psychic reader I've had in Oranum so far" ... written by yc0719
Joyce is very nice, gifted reader and delivers concise information" ... written by seahorses
truly great. I am very amazed. will use again. Thanks Joyce." ... written by jkjkj
accurate and fast" ... written by majoma
good reading. looking forwards to the future. she is very clear and concise. " ... written by vfowles1304
Joyce as always picks up on situation and give great detail and insight, she is a diamond. Thank you so much will come again. " ... written by Ena
THE BEST!!! " ... written by regina
Thanks for everything u do for me :)" ... written by n
Love my friend Joyce. So good. So one. So accurate." ... written by John
This was a good reading. looking forward to the future" ... written by victoria
I've been having readings with Joyce for a while now and she is the best one I've seen." ... written by Love_Dove
she tells you how it is... she doesn't sugar coat anything" ... written by n. a . c
awesome" ... written by brenda
She is one of the best here on Oranum. I am looking forward to future." ... written by Vfowles1304
very good reading, picks up on a person and situation straight away, thank you." ... written by vl
She is a gifted clairvoyant, very quick and intuitive and provided an honest insight on the situation." ... written by Drax
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
I had to get some Joyce time this weekend, and I am so glad I did. Talking to her is just such an amazing experience; she's not only the sweetest sweetheart ever, but her gifts are just astounding. She picked up on things that happened with me the night before. You'd think I"d be used to this by now but I was totally astounded. She never ceases to amaze me with what she sees. Its like she was there herself. Truly an outstanding soul and I feel blessed to know her :)" ... written by T. Dolly
She's awesome. The best on Oranum. Period." ... written by Sartoris
Freaking amazing. Every time. Joyce just blows me away, she's so accurate. What she says is either true or comes true later, so I trust her like no other here. On top of her amazing psychic skills, she always has sound advice, and delivers what she has to say with ethical tact. Without her I'd be kind of a mess, haha. She's the best, by far, for sure. :)" ... written by t-d0ll
she is great, fast connection, tells all situations." ... written by happy
this lady is so sweet, caring and explains everything of what u need to do." ... written by Samantha
joyce is a great reader it has been awhile since last reading but she did pick up on a few things still, she is very comforting" ... written by tracy
thanks hope everything works out" ... written by nf1
A fast reader, she tunes into the person quickly and can see what is happening at the moment, as well as get feelings and thoughts. Her guidance has been a great help on numerous occasions. Thanks Joyce. " ... written by Jose
thank you J and miss you when we dont talk " ... written by gml
Thanks Hun , ur always a blessing!" ... written by nv
LoveAdvisorJoyce has a great gift. Her readings have always been helpful to me. I prefer to see her over other people. She's very gifted and intuitive and gives great advice. " ... written by Love_Dove
No one is better than Joyce. Amazing!!!!" ... written by John
shes the best!! on the spot about everything!" ... written by regina
i wish i had more time but she was great" ... written by erin
Great reading!! Thanks a ton" ... written by kekhowe
I think joyce is amazing and can really see what is in my situation. i cant wait for the things she has predicted to come true/ I will always come to her, i highly trust her. " ... written by tracy
thank you -- the best and always put a smile on my face" ... written by gml
good insight into this situation, well picked up, thank you Joyce" ... written by sultrystarfish
Great, thankss so muchh~" ... written by happy
Great reading very intuned" ... written by pinkpather30
very sweet to talk with, gave me the truth very quickly, thank u" ... written by anu
she was very clear about how my ex was feeling, we will see if what she said comes true!" ... written by tiwa
I love Joyce. She connects quiclkly and she is always there to pick me up if i am down. She will she you the truth good or bad. I trust her completely. " ... written by tracy
Super fast and insightful, as always. I never cease to be amazed by her gifts. Thanks for another excellent and informative reading." ... written by Jose
Ms. Joyce is the shiz. I cannot recommend her more." ... written by Lia
Best psychic on here. Her predictions come true, and she is extremely talented and awesome. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
Thankyou joyce for reading which is very reflective of what is actualy happening. Great reading" ... written by Seahorses
Quick and to the point! Hope all comes true as she said it would! I have HOPE and thanks for giving that back to me Joyce." ... written by Melissa
love joyce she is amazing and will tell yo the truth. i will always go to her" ... written by tracy
Joyce thank you for helping me in my crazy life " ... written by gml
joyce... thank you " ... written by g
Amazing. Absolutely amazing" ... written by John
thank u JJ" ... written by gml
Joyce Joyce Joyce!! She's #1!!! She tells me how it is, and I respect that. She's accurate and has legit predictions. Things happen the way she sees them happen. " ... written by joyce's # 1 fan
Thanks so much Joyce , u have been rock in this long journey of 3+ years that i have known n been reading with you.. love u hun , u have never been wrong ...xo take care , many blessings to u :)" ... written by n
WOW....what a fantastic reading..JOyce knows was a superb reading..i shall be back " ... written by t
She's great!!!! she picks up on things no one else does. Excellent reading!" ... written by b
Joyce is always amazing to talk to. She picks up on things and tells you exactly how the other person is feeling. She i great, highly recommended." ... written by sweet
She is heart-warming and gentle. There is no question big enough for her. Ask and answer. I love that. Thanks, Joyce" ... written by lili
I love Joyce she is so sweet and tells you the truth regardless if it is good or bad she will tell you. She has been with me through this difficult situation and helps me through it/ she is amazing" ... written by tracy
Joyce is just fantastic. I had to see her to give me an idea of whats going on this weekend. She's the best. Seriously. I'm making a fan club. Joyce for president too!" ... written by t-doll
Great" ... written by edgar
Thanks Hun, thanks a million times." ... written by N
I love this woman so much , always accurate . she really really knows whats going on . she can read minds so effortlessly , its like she almost gets inside the head of the person in question and just knows everything , absolutely amazing. And what she has been telling so far has all come true . her predictions have always happened for me.. love u joyce thanks much xoxoxox" ... written by N
Thnaks Hun. will keep u posted as always." ... written by NK
Awesome! Amazing how someone can tell so much about my life. I will be back for sure. " ... written by Arielle
very good insight, straight away on the money. thank you" ... written by starfish
One of the most accurate psychics on here. I go to her for advice, and her only. I really wish tech could resolve this website, its always crashing and the browser is always slow. Anyways, LoveadvisorJoyce is always the best one. " ... written by rose4amier
She is awesome. So intuitive. I will be back." ... written by AR
very sharp and incisive insight, very good experience, thank you" ... written by sultrystarfish
I'm relieved that you're still working here Joyce, idk what I'd do without you here, you are the only one I trust to read me.. Thank you! Don't ever leave again lol." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
I thought she was very good and intuitive. she picked up on a lot of details and things i did not say. She was courteous and decent. I will follow her advise. I have spent less than 24 hours here this site is the real deal. " ... written by mystery
Love your honesty, one of the best readers on here, if not the best." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She's awesome!" ... written by b
wonderful reading" ... written by salina
thank you so much! If you want to know what people think of you or what their intentions are then go to LoveadvisorJoyce! She types fast too which is great!" ... written by pearberry008
She's great. Always love her readings!!" ... written by b
Awesome reading!!!! she's accurate every time." ... written by b
Try her. She has very good insight." ... written by catgirl
Joyce is quickly in tune to energies of all parties....she brings inside information to let you know what the others are doing and thinking andamp; feeling. She is amazing!!" ... written by Kathy
JOYCE IS BOSS. Seriously. I can't even begin to tell you how on point she is. She's got such an amazing link to people with her clairsentience and clairvoyance it's always amazing and great to witness. She feels what they feel, and then sees what's going on. So far she's steered me in the right direction in the year and a half i've been seeing her. One way or another her predictions, or what she sees, happens. But besides all her amazing abilities, she's just a solid friend to have, very supportive and loyal to her clients. She's so sweet I can't say enough! ◦°˚(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦" ... written by t-doll
She is detailed and very accurate always. A lot of things she saw for me have come to pass and that is the reason i have been coming back. Has been a journey of 3.5 years and i still come to her :) she is that good." ... written by Niha
she can really see what people think of you and the situation...very accurate...i trust her" ... written by pearberry008
Always a great reading with Joyce! She tunes into the situation very quickly and provides you with the details she sees! Instead of getting different readings from many advisors, I believe it's best to choose just one. She is the only advisor I go to." ... written by Jennifer
thanks again joyce" ... written by nf1
this lady is a sweetheart, she makes me understand what will happen and what i need to do to make it better." ... written by Sam
Great reading! " ... written by b
Simply the best" ... written by John
Love me some Joyce!! Just had a great session with her and let me tell you it was much needed! What she says goes, and I'm working towards things she saw. She's just so darn accurate, still to this day I get excited and shocked over what she sees! She's the biggest sweetheart ever and I just love talking to her, even when she's not using her abilities and we are just chatting. She's one of the very VERY few readers on here that is reliable and stable. She's amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥" ... written by t-doll
The real deal." ... written by serenity
Joyce is awesome, I love her!" ... written by jaz
Very personal and specific insight on very specific questions. " ... written by Serenity
excellent, always spot on, no need to explain she zeros right in on what u need to know. " ... written by w
Great as usual" ... written by edgar
I think joyce is great love her she is so patient" ... written by tracy
love joyce she always connects and always makes me feel at ease. doesn't give me what I want to hear she gives me truth always. thanks joyce" ... written by tracy
very accurate reading thank you" ... written by starfsh
Joyce is just great. Love her" ... written by John
It never fails... Joyce is just so awesome andamp; I tell her each time! Her ability to connect to the situation, people, and provide details is just mind blowing! I've tried a few others before but she is great andamp; she's the only one I go to because she is honest, actually connects, and so on point. She is very consistent so even when I ask her a different question, the puzzle pieces all start to come together considering previous things she has seen for me. She's been right so many times. I'm really not one to be tied to time frames because they can change due to each of us' God given free will, however, Joyce has been right on target even when it comes to that. A new job that she told me was coming; the interview went EXACTLY as she saw it AND got the offer within the same time frame. The people she describes around me are spot on. She even brought up my true life passion before and it was shocking to me because I've NEVER mentioned it to her or even hinted it. I can go on and on about her but I recommend you give her a try for yourself and add her to your favorites after, lol. Thank you again for the session Joyce andamp; I'll speak to you soon. I truly appreciate you andamp; I'm looking forward to what's coming! :-)" ... written by Jennifer
she can truly connect to any situation or person....she types fast as well...i truly appreciate her gifts" ... written by pearberry008
Good, but too expensive" ... written by sana
thank you for the support" ... written by x
Love her!!! Joyce has been reading for me for a long time, and she is the only person I go to here. She always tells the truth but" ... written by nancy
very helpful and accurate, a very good advisor and guide" ... written by x
I never have enough credits to have a very long session with Joyce. She's very gifted and gives great advice and has amazing intuition during our readings. After every session she makes me feel a little bit better about myself because of her smile. =)" ... written by Love_Dove
Joyce is such a pleasure to speak with! I've had several readings with her and many things have came to past from the readings! I'm normally not too big on timeframes because freewill is a factor andamp; it could change at any given time, however, she has been COMPLETELY right about time with a lot of things she has seen happening for me. I am grateful that she is using this platform to provide guidance andamp; insight! Joyce=awesome! TY!" ... written by Jennifer
She's awesome!!! always very accurate" ... written by b
Joyce sees it how it is, and tells it how it is. I trust her one billion percent. What she says is true, or becomes true later. Not to mention she is the sweetest sweetheart ever EVER ever ever ever. Ever :)" ... written by t-doll
Great as usual" ... written by edgar
very clear but, not accurate about timing completely, could not follow my timing etc and was trying to finish short on the time." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Always a great insightful reading! " ... written by luckystar5
very good thanks" ... written by jana
she is always very good in her readings." ... written by catgirl
thank you always great insight" ... written by heather
very frustrating slow and did not really answer anything just gave round about answers but thank you for your time. " ... written by seekingguidance
Always a great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Amazing lady, very deep, realistic and uses no tools. She gave alot info. Thank you again for your help xx" ... written by Lalima
Joyce is so good. Just amazing. Love her" ... written by John
Great as usual...................." ... written by ed
No one is better than Joyce" ... written by John
i felt she was very accurate what she told me made sense " ... written by Ana
She was wonderful! Very little info and hit things on target! Until we meet again." ... written by scadoodle
I don't know how joyce does what she does!!! She told me last nite about something, and it happened today. " ... written by nz
AMAZING!!" ... written by regina
Joyce is fantastic as always!! It's more like talking to my best friend :) Love her!!" ... written by Michele
Great reading!!!" ... written by b
great advice given...again she is great on reading what people's thoughts are about you!!! i highly recommend her!" ... written by pearberry008
Thanks Hun. Have been waiting for this update , and as always you have been very sharp and accurate. Thanks. Will be back soooooon. xo" ... written by Niks
Thank you for the clarity my lovely. You have the most kind energy i feel and honest. Very detailed and to the point which is great. Thank you again for sharing and God Bless x" ... written by Lalima
Joyce is just the best. Love her, love her, love her" ... written by John
She is such an accurate reader. I have had readings from her so I know how accurate she is. she is great" ... written by eli
Joyce is the best, I appreciate her honesty." ... written by Tripple_OhGee
Great reading" ... written by spacemonkey
Always great :) thank you" ... written by spacemonkey
Excellent as always. ty" ... written by w
Thank you again Joyce, for the clarity. I appreciate your honesty and guidance xx " ... written by Lalima
Great" ... written by edgar
Joyce is a very insightful and accurate reader. I turn to her when I have money to afford her!" ... written by eli
Joyce always is precise and accurate. She concentrates very hard on doing the best reading" ... written by eli
Thank you!!" ... written by b
shes amazing!!!" ... written by angelina
She is right on the money! Very accurate, needed very little info to connect." ... written by Cheryl
Such a short reading but she picked up on the energy and connection between the people I questioned. No future prediction was made just didnt have enough credits to get more info. Otherwise, she was ok. thanks." ... written by love
Awesome connection ! Thanks a lot. will come back to confirm . " ... written by k
She is very good" ... written by yc0719
Thank you again for the insight i appreciate your help... :) " ... written by Lalima
Joyce is amazing as always. She is able to pick up on situations with very little information given to her. Thank you so much Joyce for your advice!" ... written by Nicole
She is good as always!" ... written by Melissa
great reader" ... written by gregg
I knew already but wanted to confirm it with someone like Joyce. thanks. I picked up on her energy very interesting caring woman." ... written by wilmar Chum
Joyce is accurate and so reliable. She is also kind and easy to talk to." ... written by eli
Every time I speak with Joyce, within about 10 minutes after talking to her, what she read comes true. She is very sensitive as a reader and is very kind" ... written by Eli
She is Awesome!!!! No one is match to her" ... written by Nag
Thanks hun xo" ... written by Niks
accurate and fast. connected to my present situation. hopefully she is right about the future , but she has been right in the past" ... written by Ana
wonderful reading! she is very intuitive and I highly trust her! see for yourself!!!" ... written by pearberry008
Joyce is very precise and concise I enjoy getting readings from her. " ... written by eli
Joyce takes her time to give a comprehensive reading. She is thorough and precise" ... written by eli
Joyce is just simply the best" ... written by John
Great Session. Love her connection !!! " ... written by k
Joyce is very thorough and accurate" ... written by eli
very good at what she does and kind. thank you for the great insight and now Iknow which direction to take." ... written by Nicole
Joyce gives a comprehensive picture of my situation. She is incredibly thorough and always friendly and kind" ... written by eli
if you want a thoughtful reading with accuracy, you want to have a reading with Joyce" ... written by eli
awesome!!!!!" ... written by angelina
good but all my credits finished ... hahahaha... she is good. lets see ." ... written by Arijit Senmajumdar
Joyce is so fast..and based on my readings with her in the part, she is pretty spot on! Her read of people is on point. I definitely will come back to Joyce!" ... written by lili
Joyce is an excellent reader. She is very accurate and thoughtul." ... written by eli
Joyce is such a lovely person. She has very accurate and detailed readings. She takes her time to do the reading in order to make sure that she gives you all the information she can. " ... written by eli
Thank you Joyce, for the clarity and consistency in your readings... Your honesty is much appreciated and very much needed at this time :) x" ... written by Lalima
she connected instantly... i wish i had more credits.. she is awesome.." ... written by S
Joyce reads situations very well and helps to guide me how to address certain situations. " ... written by eli
wow.. amazing. simply amazing how great she is. connected very well with the situation, said she would not know if she didn't have a true ability. I recommend her, she was kind but honest. she is one of the few true psychic. " ... written by Ana
Joyce is always deep and thorough in her reading and sees the big pictures. I like it that there are no promises and "for sure" statements with her. She is straightforward and very helpful. Pure Joy! " ... written by Lily
she is great, she is very fast and accurate. very helpful. i recommend. thanks a lot joyce :) " ... written by Ana
Thanks so much for ur patience, detail and willing to help. She is very accurate and knows what she is doing. like i said before she is fast and accurate, has been accurate in the past. i recommend her. its hard to find good psychics. " ... written by Ana
very trustworthy!" ... written by pearberry008
really helpful and accurate. very kind" ... written by ni
She's great! Always enjoy her readings. Detailed and accurate." ... written by b
She's awesome! accurate!" ... written by b
Hey! Take care..thanks a lot ..been a while , but Joyce is never wrong ..always accurate about my situation :) love ya" ... written by N
100 stars for best on Oranum" ... written by John
Thank you so much for all the information and advice. I really appreciate were right on target. Quick and to the point, with kindness and consideration. One of Oranum's best" ... written by Serenity
she has been helpful in the past. :) thanks for your reading " ... written by Ana
greatttttttt" ... written by ed
Thank you Joyce, your prediction actually came to pass. Can't wait for another reading session. All the best! : ) " ... written by Crystal
Joyce is the best she is always on point and gives great advice" ... written by heather
she is accurate compassionate and absolutely awesome!" ... written by fishygirl11
great reading thank you" ... written by samantha
Joyce is absolutely amazing. One billion stars" ... written by John
Wow she is accurate about certain things. I am very happy that I had a reading with her. Thank you very much." ... written by sangeeta
I literally say it every time because it's true... Joyce is AMAZING! She gets straight to the point with just my 1st name and DOB. I ask her a question associated with a subject I'd like clarification on and she goes to work telling me what she sees. She provides so much detail and the best part about it, she is HONEST. I love her honesty! There was a particular person that came up in my reading that I've been thinking about and she provided me with the insight and confirmation I needed. She described this person and their actions. I didn';t even give her a clue or ask her about them. It was mind blowing! She's such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you Joyce, I'll speak to you soon! :-)" ... written by Jenn392
Thank you!!!" ... written by b
Thank you! Very intuitive and detailed reading." ... written by b
Love my friend Joyce. Best ever" ... written by John
Thank you!" ... written by b
She is the BEST!! knows everything! just plain amazing! :)" ... written by Regina
Brilliant as always...she calmed me down" ... written by t
Thank you!" ... written by b
Thank you!" ... written by b
very quick to pick up on my questions" ... written by Chatea
thank you so much its been awhile since our last reading but i looked for you cause your predictions were correct in the past! Thank you so much !! i appreciate your insight!!! " ... written by penny
If you need accuracy and details, Joyce is the best." ... written by John
Joyce never fails to impress. She gives amazing advice when you ask her to. She really cares about people. I have always recommended her. " ... written by Love_Dove
Thank you for your guidance and clarity x" ... written by Lalima
Great reading as always!" ... written by b
Thank you!" ... written by b
Ten stars for my best friend." ... written by John
great" ... written by edgar
THE BEST! PERFECT READINGS ON THE DOT!" ... written by regina
Thanks for the encouraging reading! You know when to say the right thing. It is so nice! Keep up your smile. It brings calmness and peace to anyone talking to you. It is amazing how fast some words can put an aching heart at ease! Thanks, love!" ... written by Lily
she is accurate straight forward and kiind. " ... written by eli
She is the best!!!" ... written by Nag
She is straight to the point and accurate. I love her and her messages!" ... written by eli
very intuitive and accurate reader, its been a while but she was bang up to date. very good reader" ... written by sultry
What would anyone do if there wasn't Joyce?! She is tender heart who can read situations so accurately. She rests my heart and mind when I can't do it for myself. She is wonderful. " ... written by eli
very fast and accurate love our readings." ... written by Ana
Thanks hun , you have been a blessing" ... written by niks
Joyce is always clear on what is happening. She is able to tap immediately into the person and see what is happening, and be able to advice with a clear mind. When I need clarity, she is very helpful." ... written by Jose
thank you for the insight" ... written by tanya
Joyce is just so good, so sweet and a great reader." ... written by John
Thanks Hun , as always , u r so accurate . i will come back in a day or two , when i can add more , sort i could not say bye. love ya xxxx" ... written by N
I always see Joyce for readings. She's a very gifted person and gives great advice. I recommend having readings with her. It's worth it" ... written by love_dove
I love Joyce. She is just the best." ... written by John
She is absolutely the best. Always on point! Can sense the whole situation its amazing!" ... written by Regina
Thank you so much LoveadvisorJoyce. You have opened my eyes to see what needs to happen. You are amazing!" ... written by Naomi
Joyce is just so great. So loving. So caring. So sweet." ... written by John
Joyce is amazing. She immediately connects and feels what is going on. Her advice is right to the point. With her I get confirmation of my own feelings also. A great help always!!! Thanks Joyce! " ... written by Jose
She is awesome, she just gets me and i love her for that" ... written by jaz
Very helpful. Told me what I needed to know and had been looking for, even if it wasn't the answers I was hoping for." ... written by Ed
Thank you joyce for the beautiful reading" ... written by Ron
Thanks Hun , means a lot! ur very honest." ... written by Niksyy
She is just the best on here. Kind, caring and compassionate. Love her." ... written by John
great reading :)" ... written by selina
Great........" ... written by ed
wonderful session with her all the time! she guides me through the situations i need help and insight with! she is very trustworthy!" ... written by pearberry008
Joyce is always a very accurate reader and great to talk to. " ... written by eli
Thank you again Joyce for the clarity. I appreciate your honesty and kind words. Feeling uplifted...Many Thanks x" ... written by Lalima
Amazing :) She knew right away what I wanted to know about. Gave me so much information and insight on many situations going on in my life now and in the future." ... written by Julie
My first reading with her. Nice person to talk to." ... written by faith
Thanks , looks like it froze and i could not see you , thanks for reading for me. I will come back for an update in a few days again. Thank you for always helping me , take care ..xo" ... written by
She is extremely talented....well worth every penny!! She knows her stuff you will be in awe, I know because I am every time!!" ... written by Miszy
Joyce is amazing. She connects immediately and sees all the important details. Feels the energy of the person and is able to give guidance and advice. Thanks Joyce" ... written by Jose
Thanks Hun , for always being there with the wonderful and accurate advice." ... written by N
Something Joyce said to me came to pass a few days later... ! She is very precise the more you read with her. She goes very deep, to the heart of the matter! Thank you for your time and putting my mind at ease x" ... written by Lalima
very accurate" ... written by majoma
excllent reader" ... written by gregg
I've seen LoveAdvisorJoyce so many times for advice. She's the most accurate person on this website too. I recommend her all the time. " ... written by Love_Dove
She is so sweet and very nice and accurate" ... written by sangeeta
Joyce is so amazing. With every minute and every cent. Just the best." ... written by John
Awesome!!! Loved it. she was super sweet and accurate, very accurate I enjoyed a lot. She types fast and I know she is super smart and intuitive. Thankyou Joyce! " ... written by Karla
Super awesome, I'm getting great answers right away, I feel that she understands everything without me having to explain things. Love her! " ... written by Karla
Great, in the first minutes I got to connect with her and she understood different things about my love situation. " ... written by Karla
Love my friend Joyce. So great." ... written by John
PERFECT AS ALWAYS!" ... written by regina
very good" ... written by majoma
she is wonderful and one of the best. she is really a great psychic and i trust her much." ... written by meena11
She is fast and fabulous in her readings! All stars to her!" ... written by newperson
Her prediction for me came true. Something she kept seeing from a long time , and i did not believe will happen. She is a very accurate psychic , i trust in her a lot , and thats the reason I have been coming back to her always. thanks! love ya xo" ... written by N
good insight, positive, predictions of future" ... written by magiceyes
nice catch up and gentle readng, always a pleasure" ... written by seahorses
Brilliant as always!" ... written by N
Her answers are accurate and straight to the point." ... written by eli
amazing as usual!" ... written by regna
Joyce is so very, very good. Just love her. You will be amazed how good she is." ... written by John
Another prediction Happened. She has been very accurate with me , every time. Love her xo" ... written by NK
great reading" ... written by majoma
short time i had but she was accurate.recomended" ... written by moonli
always kind and insightful" ... written by eli
she is amazing! really accurate reading good advise, totally profound." ... written by tutu
Simply the best on here. So insightful. Amazing every time. " ... written by John
Wow,she just read the situation clearly, saw the players, and was spot on! Amazing! " ... written by teaforcompany
AS ALWAYS....OUTSTANDING!" ... written by Miszy
My goto awesome reader .thanks for everything!" ... written by Nk
Joyce is indeed very special! " ... written by teaforcompany
great" ... written by ed
Amazing as always!!! Joyce is a great person, and I trust what she tells me. And it is always in a kind, professional manner. 5 stars for sure" ... written by leogirl
Great update and consistent, always lovely to talk with this lady. She is very honest and says it like it is :) Thank you x " ... written by Lalima
She was great! She really said things that made sense and felt true." ... written by Allison
Joyce is great, just sees it and says it as it is! Perfect!" ... written by teaforcompany
she is my go to girl, always spot on, and predictions happen!! Joyce is very very gifted, kind, loving and sincere. No better reader." ... written by w
Thanks for always being there. Thanks for all the readings and accurate answers. See u again." ... written by N
thankyou Joyce ... you are the best..... " ... written by glen
Thank You!" ... written by N
thank you for nice reading with detail and accuracy" ... written by sultry
thank you Joyce for everything " ... written by g
Joyce, thank you for helping me " ... written by g
She is amazing and provides such insight to exactly what is happening. Thank you very much for your help- I also look to you for assistance." ... written by Bluerose08
In a word: AWESOME! " ... written by teaforcompany
thank you J as always" ... written by g
Joyce is amazing. Just amazing" ... written by John
Excellent reading, and honest, she connected to my situation well." ... written by BN
thank you J... thank you for making me feel better; opening my eyes and everything else" ... written by g
thank you J" ... written by g
Joyce is so insightful and I can't wait to talk with her again. Definitely worth the time and money. I will be coming back. " ... written by Chris Elder
Joyce is amazing and connected with me right away. I will be back and will need her again. " ... written by Chris Elder
Readings are almost always on point. She reads people's feelings and thoughts very well. Give her a try!" ... written by Love_Dove
very calm sweet and nice told me how my sitaution is " ... written by dv
best best best thank you J" ... written by g
The clarity of of Joyce's visions is awesome! " ... written by teaforcompany
Very good but short-lived." ... written by Janine
Amazing as always! thats why i always keep coming back. Thanks Joyce! Your advice and insight is always comforting." ... written by Nicole
thank you J" ... written by g
Joyce is so amazing. Just love her energy" ... written by John
the best and nothing else to say " ... written by g
great" ... written by majoma
It just amazes me how Joyce sees the situation, and she is spot on! Awesome! " ... written by teaforcompany
Wow. She is able to really pick up on what someone is thinking. She is really really good. You will be amazed once you have a reading with her. " ... written by susan
what can i say but thank you 1000x" ... written by g
Just the best!" ... written by teaforcompany
had an awesome session! lots of information and guidance. will definitely be back!" ... written by hollyberries1
thank you" ... written by g
Wonderful as always!!" ... written by Michele
It is amazing how Joyce just sees it, no cards, no tools, clear vision for sure. Very cool! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
thank you -- the best... thank you J" ... written by gl
always spot on with how other people feel about you! so if you're curious about how any person feels about you it could be a friend, boss, family....go to her and she will let you know!" ... written by pearberry008
So intuitive! Awesome!" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce has been my girl for a while, she has always been honest and let me know what to expect :)" ... written by jaz
Accurate" ... written by Wolf
excelent!!! " ... written by amiris
I found it extremely helpful!" ... written by Caroline
I always have good readings with Joyce. She picks up on things I don't mention to her, which is always surprising. I'm still waiting for this one particular thing to happen though. So I'll have to see what happens. " ... written by Love_Dove
She is such a beautiful soul. " ... written by John
Very nice and good reader, I certainly appreciated her time and efforts. I want to thank her for the reading. I just want to be happy with myself and learn as much as possible. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
i am always amazed by her gift. she is one of the most accurate psychics in this website. A lot of her predictions came to reality even though it was hard to accept the reality. also she connected to me so well. sometimes my body would shake so bad when she was doing the reading with me. strongly recommendation!" ... written by olive
Wooow wooow woow, i wanna thank her for telling me everything and she described the feeling for me and my gf and she told me exactly the right feeling. thank u" ... written by Husein
Joyce is always there and sees it clearly. Awesome!" ... written by teaforcompany
It amazes me how tuned in Joyce is! Awesome!" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce is great! So caring and so sees it! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Excellent as always...even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear ut that isn't her fault...I know she knows what she is talking about" ... written by Miszy
so nice, sweet and amazing, thank you so much " ... written by cherie
thanks again! i'll be coming back for an update because you are that good!" ... written by pearberry008
great reading always" ... written by majoma
Thank you so much! :) xx take care" ... written by ...
Great!" ... written by Precious
Wow. She is great!" ... written by Precious
Joyce is amazing! Her insights are so clear and spot on! Love it!" ... written by teaforcompany
I met Joyce when she first came to Oranum, I have had her read me over and over. She is a true psychic, honest, caring and always spot on, predictions have happened over and over. Probably one of the best here on Oranum, she is my go to girl. Love ya Joyce and ty." ... written by WT
I've been coming to see Joyce for readings for a long time now and she has very good insight and does the best she can." ... written by Love_Dove
thanks for the update i feel better now that i know!" ... written by pearberry008
In a word: AWESOME!" ... written by teaforcompany
good she is consistent with other reader" ... written by marcellopizzeria
what can i say. this lady is accurate inside and out. she helped me navigate some of the feelings i was having and why i was experiencing some issues in my relationships. I will be saving money just to come and talk with her, it was worth it without a doubt" ... written by h
Thank You!" ... written by N
Great reading very informative. Have had reading in the past she was always fast to connect and give guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Joyce is SO freaking accurate it will blow you away. She immediately will be on the same page as you, and tell you all the things you have been wondering about. Her skill as an empath is jaw dropping, as she can pick up on feelings so accurately. Also her clairvoyance is amazing! She sees things that might not make sense at the time but trust me… they happen!!! " ... written by trauma doll
Thanks for putting a smile in my heart and mind. " ... written by Seema
Amazing, amazing woman. Just love her.," ... written by John
I only see 2 psychics on here. It's always Joyce and another woman. I like how Joyce can see a lot of things and she's specific. Also gives advice. She knows happiness is important to me and tries to help me understand what's going on and what I should do. She's definitely one of the best on here. " ... written by Love_Dove
REAL DEAL" ... written by MYST
ahhhhmazng!!!! wow!" ... written by cla
She is very good she touched on a lot about my situation!!" ... written by beta
Joyce is great. The best on here. Kind, caring, compassionate. You will love her." ... written by John
she is always accurate and very kind. I like talking to her." ... written by eli
wish we had more time she honestly got the feel for me " ... written by nicole
Great to have some much needed clarity. Joyce always gives new info and details and is very consistent. Her honesty is always appreciated. Thank you dear speak soon x" ... written by Lalima
She reads me very well! Great!" ... written by teaforcompany
Great Reading!" ... written by graceypiee
great" ... written by ed
Just Great!" ... written by teaforcompany
i go to her to get a clear picture of peoples' thoughts and feelings towards me! she is quite accurate!" ... written by pearberry008
Excellent!" ... written by V
Lovely woman - very sweet! Feel so much better :)" ... written by Leah
Thanks very much " ... written by SeE
I thought she was fast to pick up exactly like it says. she gave me good advise about me not being the one who needed to reach out and reassured me that things will be ok." ... written by stronger
Joyce is an 11! " ... written by teaforcompany
AMAZING! She is the best knows exactly what is going on right off the bat! " ... written by Regina
I was amazed. She was right :-) and I will be following up with her again. Highly recommend her! Thanks!" ... written by TheresaF
THE BEST!! She picks up on everything! :)" ... written by Regina
Perfect as always...she makes me feel better about my drama LOL She amazing...if you are wondering if you should try her out or not...the answer is 100% YES!!! " ... written by Miszy
thoughtful and kind reader--very helpful advice" ... written by pearl
I come to see Joyce all the time. She's usually spot on with readings, very gifted woman. " ... written by Love_Dove
It continues to blow me away how much she sees, clearly and correctly. On a scale of one to 10, Joyce is a 20! " ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce is the best. Love her to death. Give her a try. She is better than you can imagine" ... written by John
This woman is absolutely amazing. Try her you will love her." ... written by John
very accurate quick to connect to situation without u having to provide a lot of information" ... written by hollyberries1
love her!!! she is the best!!!" ... written by olive
Just love her, she is the best!" ... written by teaforcompany
Just Great! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
love her" ... written by mel
Joyce was amazing. She picked up on things that I didn't offer any information on. She knew I had a job offer, she knew the inner workings of my relationships and knew why I was stressed. Not only that but she was able to give me clarity on how to get where I wanted with these things and what to avoid. It was an amazing experience. Joyce is the real deal. Try her out you wont regret it." ... written by shasha
Thanks Joyce for the reading I appreciate it!!" ... written by beta
She is wonderful and so tuned in. Just great! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
wonderfully in tune with the situation, consistent and compassionate. gives wise advice, if you haven't taken her private, you are missing out and u need to fix that right away!" ... written by hollyberries1
She was accurate" ... written by wolf
great update. she picked up on lots of stuff without me telling her anything but my birthday!! She pretty much confirmed what I was thinking and gave me predictions for future, so we'll see. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
There are not enough stars for Joyce. She is an 11! Just sees it so very clearly, just great!!" ... written by teaforcompany
Love, love, love her" ... written by John
great! fast and accurate" ... written by majoma
Her predictions come true! Joyce is awesome!" ... written by teaforcompany
thank you for the update excellent reading " ... written by tg
fast typer, will see what happens" ... written by BP
Thanks :)" ... written by ali
great" ... written by majoma
very quick connection, very accurate, very knowledgeable about situations and what to do next" ... written by hollyberries1
always on point!" ... written by lula
She was so accurate!! i love when she does my readings i will deff be back with her!!" ... written by lisseth
She is always straightforward and honest with her readings - accurate!" ... written by Eli
she is amazingly in connection with thoughts and feelings/ true psychic" ... written by myst
Loved Joyce!!! her reading was so great, made me feel so much better and was charming, def will be back with more credits!! thank you :) " ... written by Sherry
Joyce has this amazing way of making you see the big picture and feeling better about it! Awesome!" ... written by teaforcompany
Looks more into it depth and unravels everything! Great Job! She's the best!" ... written by Regina
Wonderful!! Always right!" ... written by Regina
Wow! Just wow! I can not believe what a gift this woman has!! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
she is super duper psychic. wil be bak joyce" ... written by mst
good read, will see if it comes to pass, will update." ... written by D
Really see the situation and predicts it accurately, as always! Da Best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce is the best. I trust her completely, and have been seeing her over 2 years now. I trust what she has to say- not to mention in the past she has predicted things that turned out to be true! " ... written by T-Doll
Nobody better than Joyce on here. No one. Sweet, kind, caring. Just an angel." ... written by John
Very insightful, gave me exactly what I needed. She is great with love readings and was able to tell me a lot that i already knew. Amazing and would definitely use her for a reading again. " ... written by Kaci
The best, the best, the best. Enough said." ... written by John
she never changes her reads.she is accurate" ... written by myst
Joyce is right on the money yet again. She is amazing! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Pretty good" ... written by Nina
There is just something special about Joyce! She is awesome! " ... written by teaforcompany
Spot on as always....she is extremely good!" ... written by Miszy
I just came to her to clarify some things. Thanks Joyce. Time to let life surprise me. " ... written by Sky
Such an interesting reading with a lot of detail and interesting points; would like to come back for more info. Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Cool, calm and clear" ... written by Suzanne
always best her lie a long lost friend." ... written by heather
THE BEST!! Always right on the spot with what's going on without even telling her anything. " ... written by Regina
Excellent, spot on- picked up on the details quick, easy to talk too. " ... written by Amanda
Awesome!" ... written by Amanda
great reader, no tools picks up on alot. wow 10 stars!!!" ... written by jamira76
The best!! Right on point always!" ... written by Regina
Excellent as always " ... written by Amanda
great, fast, accurate" ... written by ma
ten thousand stars" ... written by John
very fast. hopefully prediction comes true." ... written by jnaujo00
She's fast and gives you information you thought you knew. Great read" ... written by Joey
THE BEST! :) Sees everything on point. " ... written by Regina
Joyce is just great! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce never really fails. Most of the time she's on point and can respond with answers/predictions quick. She has an amazing gift and I still go to her when I have a few short questions/emergencies." ... written by Love_Dove
Very good reading" ... written by w
Types fast. Provided lots of information." ... written by Eva
A great reading as always!" ... written by Heshimu
Very clear andamp; perceptive. I highly recommend Joyce!!!" ... written by W
nice" ... written by brandi
Our time was unfortunally cut short because I was running out of credits, but she types fast and gives accurate answers. Thank you! :)" ... written by Håkon
Joyce is AWESOME! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce is the best! she is so talented. always give great details and guidance " ... written by joey
The best, the best, the best" ... written by John
Very insightful, caring, honest, and willing to offer suggestion. She is like a friend. I really recommend her. " ... written by Rose
very good reader, insightful, and quick, I really enjoyed every moment with her " ... written by roseanna
always great quick accurate connection" ... written by hba
answered all my questions and was really informative" ... written by s
shes very fast and accurate she was on spot with what i needed her help for. thanks for the advice highly recommended" ... written by daniel
good reading and direct" ... written by Leany17
Joyce connected very well with me and she told me details to help me understand my situation. really really talented psychic!!" ... written by joey
She simply sees it all. The best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Another great reading. " ... written by iamhappy
Thanks for the reading. She gives so much detail. " ... written by Rose
Connects well. Always great to talk to. Thank you" ... written by Eva
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Joyce takes her time to do a thorough reading. She seems to concentrate very hard to make sure she get the reading as accurate as possible" ... written by Eli
10 Thumbs Up!!" ... written by teaforcompany
joyce is simply one of the best psychics here ` wont regret a reading with her! xo" ... written by MB
awesome as usual. To the point, clear, understanding, good info. xo" ... written by MB
thank you joyce her prediction came true ;) " ... written by pa
Good reading" ... written by Liz
I love when I get to chat with Loveadvisor Joyce. she is amazing and she helps me out often." ... written by Naomi
She was great!! I loved my reading with her!! YOu should try it def worth the money" ... written by N/A
i trust her insight!" ... written by D
Thank you for your reading! Means a lot to me!" ... written by Daisy
Joyce is always on target. up front clear and honest. She cares about your path and will help guide you to your own solution. xo" ... written by MB
I trust her insight. 5 stars. " ... written by rose
Just the best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
good friend" ... written by soapyviolence
shes the real deal, over and over predictions happened.def give her a try, very very honest, keeps your best intreasts at heart ALWAYS!" ... written by wt
Joyce is truly wonderful! A great woman with a tremendous gift! " ... written by teaforcompany
She is a good person. Genuine. She stops you from jumping to quick conclusions and uses her depth of perception to help best she can. I respect her. She is of the positive psychic kind if that makes any sense. It doesn't seem like her gifts come from any negative power. I enjoyed speaking with her. " ... written by aeghbal
great" ... written by Bessie
Very fast. Quick answers. Very accurate." ... written by Wolfposse
excellent" ... written by gregg
AMAZING! she is the best! sees everything on spot without any info! I go to her for updates regularly because she is always right. THE BEST! " ... written by Regina
This woman is just amazing. She sees things so clearly, and is spot on every single time! Its super natural! The best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
very detailed and answered fast. " ... written by Litestreet
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Just love this woman. Amazing! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Joyce is in one word: FANTASTIC!!! She connects immediately and can see clearly. She has been a tremendous help to me many times )))" ... written by Jose
I've had readings with other people and Joyce is probably the best I've seen. I'm able to ask her numerous questions and she can almost always give me a clear answer. If she can't, then she will tell me that she can't see clearly. But I'm not sure why. All of her answers seem to be true. I remember this one time she told me she saw me meeting a guy very very very soon at a party. She said it could be this weekend or the weekend after that and it actually happened. I was at my friend's party and this really attractive guy came up to me and we dated for a few months. " ... written by Love_Dove
Non-judge mental. Very much appreciate that. Thank you. will follow-up" ... written by Eva
Joyce is just fantastic. Love her updates. Great reader." ... written by John
always on point...makes me feel calm, will be back to post with an update!" ... written by miljay
She was right on point and read my mind on a few things. Definitely clarivoint and the reassurance I needed." ... written by jess
Good reading." ... written by faith
She is on point and very helpful. she guided in the right direction and told me exactly what i needed to know thank you! :)" ... written by Bhumi
she was amazing she told me everything I needed to hear and more i had 3 years of therapy and it was nothing compared to her" ... written by chakra Don
Excellent as always" ... written by Miszy
Joyce is just the best. Just the best!!!!!" ... written by John
She was great, and kept it real. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Walejr
Love how efficient and compassionate she was in doing her readings. Very focused on the clients' needs, direct in confronting the issue, she gives accurate insights and perspectives which helped me changed my way of looking at things. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Healme88
Joyce is fast to the point, picks up everything fast, didnt have to say anything she just saw it" ... written by pauly61
Will see ..she seemed good :)" ... written by tiff
Joyce doesn't waste time. She gets right to the point and answers very quickly. Very accurate. " ... written by Kevin Wolf Posse
Joyce amazes me everytime, she is always consistent with her readings and predictions..." ... written by miljay
She is amazing! Always right! The best!" ... written by Regina
Simply amazing! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
she was very helpfull" ... written by lori
She is the best she was so right about everything its like she knew me for years amazing!!!" ... written by Friend
she is very nice" ... written by r
Great reading, accurate without being told details. Shocking. I will be returning. " ... written by Brandi
Always great to speak to. Thank you." ... written by Eva
she was able to answer my concerns and questions! thank you!" ... written by sheri19
Very good reading. " ... written by faith
thank yo" ... written by
Great! Wish I had more time!!!!!!!!" ... written by Mia
She is extremely good at what she does!! Always accurate" ... written by Miszy
Joyce is absolutely amazing. See's and feels so much. Just love her to death." ... written by John
Its amazing how she reads your situation with no tools, truly clairvoyant! The best!" ... written by teaforcompany
So VERY helpful! The Best!" ... written by teaforcompany
lovely reading and so soft and kind" ... written by heather
THE BEST! As always! " ... written by Regina
Joyce is so spot in its scary, and great! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Love my friend Joyce. So very good. Enjoy every minute." ... written by John
Comforting and precise. Enjoyed the reading a lot! " ... written by Jay Jay
Very good update" ... written by RAM
I just LOVE this woman. The best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Love Joyce. She is always great." ... written by John
LoveadvisorJoyce has always help me along the journey of life. I appreciate her insights and will always seek her out." ... written by Naomi
Just the best!" ... written by teaforcompany
good reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
She really cares! Just the best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Just an outstanding reader. Love her" ... written by John
thank you so much" ... written by Ron
She just gets it, and really makes you feel great about the big picture!" ... written by teaforcompany
Man O Man, she is the best! It just comes so naturally for her! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
thanks for the reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Good reading. I hope she's right." ... written by faith
she is awesome!" ... written by MB
Da best! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
I swear, you could not ask for a more in tune, in touch , compassionate and wonderful woman. An amazing psychic who is always right! Unreal!" ... written by teaforcompany
Thank you for the reading. Everything what you said make sense. Have to wait. " ... written by Marina
SHe picked up on a lot and was totally accurate. My computer was running slow so we didnt have much time. I highly recommend" ... written by peabea
Great reading - she was very accurate and fast. " ... written by Lily
She is amazing! Her insight is spot-on and I cannot thank her enough! Very gifted and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much, I am so grateful!! :)" ... written by Kosmo
strong psychic.was very focused on the matter!" ... written by sheri19
Will wait for outcome... hopefully will come true" ... written by 180
thank you" ... written by LL
My first time, acccurate." ... written by L
Very accurate and very perceptive..thank you Joycexx" ... written by janet
Oh wow! She was amazing! She picked up on my concern without a single word from me. Truly mind-blowing." ... written by Mimi
she's just great" ... written by DIveeny
Not only is she an amazing psychic, she's a great caring friend! The Best!!" ... written by teaforcompany
Thank you, Thank you, so much. Will be contacting you later for more advice." ... written by Cynthia
Thanks for the insight on a very troubling situation. Very helpful." ... written by Cynthia
I've been having readings with Joyce for a few years now. She's pretty accurate when it comes to urgent things and she's always positive which I like. It helps. She's super pricey though :(" ... written by Love_Dove
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
great reading" ... written by DIveeny
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you" ... written by L
Best readings and spot on! I really loved every bit of what she said and provided insight." ... written by anonymous
Great again. Wish I had more time. Thanks for your help my friend." ... written by Cheryl
the insight was helpful. Really appreciate the directions provided" ... written by anonymous
Always great!!! " ... written by Nag
Excellent reading" ... written by Cynthia
Very intuitive, thank you very much for the great insight and vision" ... written by anonymous
i love how spontaneously she can answer your questions and talks to you in a lighter practical tone! amazing reading, thanks a lot for reading for me!" ... written by anonymous
Exceptional reading, very helpfull and insightfull" ... written by wolf
Joyce is AMAZING!!! :))))" ... written by teaforcompany
Just had a reading with Joyce, we are very connected. She is my angel." ... written by Chris
LoveadvisorJoyce was super connected!! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
shes right on the best and worth every penny " ... written by nafayia
great reader " ... written by Angela
Very insightful! " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
Always very fast and accurate. " ... written by Kevin Wolf Posse
She is lovely and super powered won't be disappointed with Joyce...our connection was really slow but that isn't her fault....she rocks!" ... written by melissa
Scary good, she knew exactly what was happening and about things I did not have to ask about. I am a true believer now." ... written by SteelMace1988
Excellent first time reading...wonderful insight, intuition, detail and guidance...I highly recommend a reading with her and I will be back to update her!" ... written by JL
Joyce was an amazing reader. I liked that she free flows very well and found the reading very on point and helpful. xo" ... written by Robin
She answered my questions straight forward which I have not been able to find from a lot of other psychics. Truly helpful and can truly connect with people to answer their questions. I highly recommend her!" ... written by cowgirl293
thank you she was wonderful and very accurate, blessings x I hope it all comes true." ... written by lucy
One of the most insightful psychics on here. She knew our situation to a T. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333