About MicheleB

Psychic MicheleBhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MicheleBhas recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MicheleB's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I like her alot. She is very accurate" ... written by Laura
Really enjoyed my reading with MicheleB. She was accurate, insightful and caring. Would highly recommend. Thank you." ... written by Kristin
Really good read! Didn't require my name. Was able to tap into what was going on around me with out me really having to ask. I asked only about things I wanted to know after a general read from her. She is worth every penny. She explains everything as she reads as well allowing time for questions if there are any." ... written by Siempre
Read was very detail, great job Michele!" ... written by bythesea
good reading" ... written by RainbowSpectrum
Good energy connection and great insight" ... written by Maia
Very good :0" ... written by Laura
great reader found all the answers I was looking for" ... written by Fire
Practical and realistic. Picked on many things accurately too :) " ... written by Serra
great and dent loose time thank u" ... written by Rania Masri
Excellent" ... written by Laura
great great great reader. REALLY SURPRISED BY HOW GOOD SHE IS." ... written by sparkly
excellent, but my conn was bad" ... written by gregg
Amazing reading. Lovely Lovely Lady would definitely contact Michele again with out a doubt xx" ... written by Heather
she's really nice and clear and she goes sraight to the point, wish I had more credit to finish the session but still, congrats!" ... written by Diana
grat reader, skilled and accurate interpretations..." ... written by d
she is awesome just awesome" ... written by Ava
She was amazing with her reading." ... written by Vikas Chawla
Always excellent xx" ... written by Laura
Michele is a very good reader and adviser. She picks up on many things and is very accurate. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Micheles reading was spot on and helpful, and her manner is kind and perceptive, good sense of human psychology and motivations " ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
Good reading. Very very quick to connect to the situation." ... written by V
she's very intuitive and straight forward. will post my review after the predictions come true" ... written by vanaja
``nice in depth reading" ... written by kw
good reading" ... written by kw
gret session loved it" ... written by aida
Very very thorough, very patient, has a pleasant energy to her. 5 stars" ... written by K.D
Great reading! :) Thank you!" ... written by Angie
Best reading i have ever had this women knows her stuff it was like she ready my mind with cards " ... written by WE love
Good session about love" ... written by NCH
Grreat reading!" ... written by Jose
Great reading. Michele is really quick to pick up on my situation,provided insight into what was going on andamp; what had passed. I recommend reading with her. Thank you" ... written by LilyAnne
Michele was AWESOME! She confirmed everything my guides had been communicating with me. She was very fast, insightful and intuitive. I will be giving her an update very soon on all the great things we discussed!" ... written by DeterminedSoul
excellent reader!" ... written by happy girl88
recommend her...fast...pick up on the situation, accurate, sincere honest...the true deal...give her a try...I sense that she is kind of person that is here to help people. 10 stars" ... written by dom
When heart is on the work, the mind is there just to be the messenger." ... written by Eva
Amazing reading with Michele. Spot on with everything. Thank you Michele for your guidance and clarity. If you are looking for a great detailed reading with timelines and clarity..then Michele is the best person for you." ... written by DeterminedSoul
Michele is awesome. She really picked up on alot alot of thing accurately, and her advice and guidance makes total sense with what I going through. Fabulous!!!" ... written by CB Angel
She's amazing. Down to Earth, she's a "real" person. She connected to my situation really well, and seems of the same mindset- spiritual but her life doesn't revolve around it. For me at least, probably the best reader on here. Thank you. " ... written by Joanna
Thanks for the read.. hope to find the work I am looking for..! " ... written by SS
wonderful reading" ... written by maria
she was great the best ....helped clear all negative energy and read cards and dispel all evil " ... written by joe
very accurate thank you!" ... written by usa
It was an insightful reading " ... written by rastarose
First reading with Michele and she was quite thorough and detailed. She answered my questions with ease and clarity. I really enjoyed the reading and will be back for updates and to let everyone know if her predictions come to pass." ... written by Jenn
She is so good. She gave me precise answers and they really helped me. " ... written by susanne
1st time w/MicheleB and she was spot on with our relationship and how my bestfriend feels towards me and us. She made predictions that felt right, and I can't deny them as I asked her as well about maybe traveling overseas this year...she said yes that it would be short trip around October, that I would want longer and go again for longer in the 6mos of new year. I was so WOW because I have holiday time off already for October and I just didn't know for sure what I am going to do! She is very quick, genuine, she knows her stuff, she is kind, and wants to help and gives a complete picture for you, and tells you what she will be looking for so you know and can tell her as well. She is very open and kind too, I'll definitely contact her again and appreciate all she has given me :) Thank you Michele for sharing your gift to help others! " ... written by Lolabella
good reader. Tells the truth." ... written by neha
she is good.." ... written by s scurlock
Michele is wonderful - honest, grounded, perceptive, and has been very accurate in readings that I have had with her. Highly, highly recommended!" ... written by Esjay
thanks michele! will wait for end of September/October for contact.. thanks :)" ... written by patient_girl
her readings are accurate" ... written by riffet
very positive reading. :) I was told things I've heard from others so that was hopeful. I'm glad I gave her a try. very warm, honest and friendly. the cards don't lie they say and I thought the cards really told the truth along with Michele's intuition. :) thank you!" ... written by Jenny
Excellent" ... written by gregg
great reading! she was correct from the very beginning of the reading. she tuned in quickly and was very accurate. I will read with her again." ... written by s scurlock
she is wonderful, and accurate." ... written by chae11
brilliant!" ... written by sarah velzian
Excellent guidance and very talented. I hope i can resolve my situation as guided. Many thanks" ... written by Matthew
excellent reader, accurately picked up on lots of detail!" ... written by me
Very Informative,, Thank you Michele" ... written by Henri
terrific.....cant wait to see what happens" ... written by sparkle
great reading....she is talented. " ... written by s scurlock
very accurate reader! predictions and time frame came to to light! i am so excited for our next reading! Thank you Michele" ... written by happy girl88
good reading - detailed and intuitive.. " ... written by sm
She's lovely talking to!" ... written by Julisa
amazing reader, spot on, detailed answers, lots of clarity." ... written by glitts..
Connected so quickly, And beyond accurate! Lovely connection. Amazing should thank you so much! " ... written by Tiffany
Michele was excellent and quick..she could answer me with accuracy..:)" ... written by Mansi
Michele did a really great demo reading for me where I felt like she connected with me and my situation really well, so I chose her for a private reading. It was really great too. I find her to be very clear and precise and she connects to the situation very quickly. She is also very warm and grounded. I totally recommend her, she is wonderful!" ... written by Esjay
Very quick to connect. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Excellent" ... written by gregg
wow, she totally put me at ease :)" ... written by sparkle
She is an excellent" ... written by Mike
Great connection, had a demo a month ago still picked up on situation and how things are developing. Lovely reader x " ... written by vikki
Excellent reader!!! Connected quickly! " ... written by Ann
I like her.. have had readings w her. " ... written by sm
i cant even begin to thank MicheleB for her readings. she was so good, caring, kind and accurate-. i highly recommend her :)" ... written by vomitlover002
Micheleb's reading was awesome, she gave me detailed and very accurate reading. I was happy with her readings and really enjoyed my time with her. She was very accurate in all my life's path. Micheleb clariffed everything that I was already feeling in my heart. She was right on the spot. Thank you Micheleb, enjoyed your readings very much. Talk to you soon." ... written by Katrinaj
Lovely lady, very warm and noce, homest reader x " ... written by vixky
she is very good and excellent" ... written by mike
Lovely lady, great connection, great insight, things come to pass and very honest lovely reader and person xx" ... written by vikki
she was beyond accurate. loved that reading. she is the real deal" ... written by Chris
Loved her reading - very genuine and clear and precise. Gets right to your question - doesn't ask any." ... written by dmbertault
I am a sceptic, but she somehow knew loads about what was going on in my life. I feel like this has opened up a brand new world for me, I believe in something i never knew existed as I was a sceptic!" ... written by rachel
Lovely , excited to see how things turn out x " ... written by vikki