About Prophet4U

Psychic Prophet4Uhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Prophet4Uhas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Prophet4U's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

10,000+ readings- 20 years of experience. If you have questions, I will get you answers quickly! I channel ascended masters, I don't need tools. Upon request: I use angel & tarot cards, a pendulum, energy healings, aura & chakra cleansing, alignment, balancing. My chatroom is filled with members who will confirm my readings are fast, spot-on, and accurate. Come see how I work, ask for a free card!

She was sooo awesome! Connected so fast and extremely genuine. Very kind and warm soul. I was taken back. I hope everything comes as we discussed. Im taking all of her advice! Will come back to get updates and calm my mind!" ... written by Tfanyy
Good reading!!" ... written by Greg
Fantastic reader.....5 stars...very fast and spot on with her predictions..." ... written by Focusing
Amazing reading...she is fantastic!!" ... written by marion
great straight forward input and awesome guidelines" ... written by p
WOW, we got to the bottom of the issue. I love this lady, genuine and caring. Five stars." ... written by Flowers
She was AWESOME !!! Very NICE and Kind very UNDERSTANDING !!! She is worth your money !!! She get's over 5 stars. I work will work on what she told me to do. " ... written by Fablous Ffity1
Really connected reader. Open and channels accurately." ... written by S
prophet was wonderful she help me so much thank you ." ... written by anesia
First time with that wonderful girl and I am in awe. Straightforward, direct, well-spoken, charmante! I sponged every word she said. What an amazing powerhouse this woman is! I left the chat light-hearted - a feeling I haven't felt in a very long time! Thank you, dear!" ... written by Lily
Just love her so deep and full of love and insight and clarity what a wonderful mentor to have! thank you dearest" ... written by c
amazing session. :)))" ... written by edel95
wow... what an amazing, gifted woman." ... written by TheWhite
Great reading! very powerful! however- technical issues with the site are aporblem as always" ... written by ashley
awesome reading reassured me that i am on the right path" ... written by Debbie
She was awesome! and so well connected to my guides. I got very useful answers and validations. definitely recommended." ... written by A
good reader fantastic" ... written by sam
Nice reader .. would suggest to others." ... written by Devisri
yooo people. get her when you can when shes at this rate .99/min. " ... written by f
Good reader" ... written by devisri
Absolutely amazing reading. She picked up on soooo many things without me asking. She gave great detail and predictions. The things she picked up on she could not have known. She is a kind, wonderful soul helping people as much as she can and not out for money at all. I am so impressed with this reader. Will be back again and again!! " ... written by Summer
omg you have to read with her! shes amazing. shes exactly what i needed at this point" ... written by m
I cannot begin to explain how helpful Prophet was in our reading. She was accurate beyond belief and I am so happy with my decision to go to private with her. Not only was the reading regarding the situations in my life, but we also spoke about deep spiritual issues that needed to be addressed. She is sure to be a top-of-the-list reader! I lucked out by catching her during her early Oranum days.. we were able to have a 30-minute reading where she gave non-stop outstanding advice." ... written by VirginVirgo
love it love it love it" ... written by elena
She gave me a great reading! Thank you for the insight! I needed urgent help and she gave me great advice! Thank you so much!" ... written by Foodman
Thank you so much...your help and guidance were spot on in my situation....Such a great energy and gets to the root of the problem....many blessings " ... written by tam
Thank you for a nice reading. She really new what she was talking about! What she said really made sence. Hope the prediction will come true." ... written by Conny
continued the reading and just love it totally spot on! will come back" ... written by c
wow this woman is really fabulous and so right on with it all very very good and wise! just loving and perfect! thank you" ... written by c
5 stars...very fast,,,,very accurate too" ... written by Focusing
Wow....she tuned in so quickly......opened my eyes to the potential of my life. Incredible reading..... will contact for updates...." ... written by Kathy
Wow I was guided to her room I was amazed at what prophet picked up and guided me to what I can do to help to move on. It was what I needed to hear. Thank you very much 5*" ... written by positivelife1
Fantastic reader Thank You" ... written by Angelwingss7
She is truly fantastic. She can pick up energy, without having to say anything. I was just observing her room, and she called me out and knew exactly what I was feeling. Her advice was so amazing, I can't even describe how much of a difference it made in my life. She truly is the real deal. Her heart is amazing." ... written by Amy
Fantastic!" ... written by Angelwingss7
great reading." ... written by Dee
she was kind and very sweet, a great physic and advisor " ... written by oanh
brilliant, superb, mind blowing...soul binding..." ... written by sensitive kind
Wow. This was a deep, mind-blowing reading for me. It wasnt a typical psychic reading.. Her message to me was exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so glad I came in today. Thank you." ... written by Mimi
She is amazing So awesome told me exactly what I needed to hear!!!!" ... written by Roquelle Martinez
its unusual for me to get extra credits to continue. I have been dying to read with Prophet and i loved every minute. She's deeper than most can deal with though! " ... written by yoyof
she's always great" ... written by Cristina
just got a follow up reading and it was amazing as always, her readings always give me peace of mind." ... written by jewelw
Pam told me to do something i wouldnt normally do and it would get the result i wanted, because it was in my highest best good, so i did this and within 48 hours i had th result i wanted. this came from my guides thru her. i would have never had the idea on my own. she's awesome." ... written by janet
wish i had more time with the lovely lady. but she is wonderful" ... written by chet
Very good guidance and insight. She was terribly patient with me as my computer is slow. But VERY good reading... I would definitely recommend her !!" ... written by Kelly
thank you for a fantastic reading!" ... written by marion
Very calm and very good. She picked up on the feelings fo the situation very quickly xx " ... written by Kelly
time ran out but it was a great reading.. she picked up on a lot. Will be coming back !" ... written by Sasha
Really wonderful accurate and uplifting. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
i truly trust her ability she is very accurate. give this phenomenal women a try" ... written by cheylover
amazing woman!...very accurate...not wasting anything at all" ... written by Karla mercado
a lovely deep soul and great reading" ... written by katy
extremely deep reading and descriptive beyond belief. thank you." ... written by starfish57
she is fantastic" ... written by seagree
thank u so much she is really awesome I give her 1 million stars so pleasant an so spot on god love this woman thank u for sharing your gifts with us you are such a gem everyone take her private she is really great .. love her lots thank you so much wish I had more time with you but I am very please with our reading wishing you a great success here on oranum an lots love to you thank you ever so much peace be with you xxooo" ... written by me
She is very nice, kind, and helpful. What she read are all in the future stuff, but here, there amazing things she mentioned were true. I can't get to the future-!! Hope all will come!" ... written by lastsearch1
very inspirational and got confirmation on several choices plus input from my spiritual guides on future and past situations. very generous with time. understanding of my path with no judgment." ... written by jem
Really good reading" ... written by Lou
She is beautiful. I have such a strong heart connection with her. She is incredibly accurate, and she speaks from the heart. I highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend her. " ... written by keeetz
very empathic" ... written by terri
awesome and amazing !! all in one.. she's the one to go to!!! " ... written by Karla mercado
Great reading, was very quick and honest. Loved the energy and peacefulness that i felt when she read for me. " ... written by jewel
I came to her room and got a free card. I loved that she was so attentive and really kind when I came in. During the private, she understood a lot of my character and what I do without me having to tell her. I was pleased with the reading! Besides a few predictions but that's not her fault :)" ... written by nn
shes amazing love her insight on my situation amazing energy" ... written by renee
awesome as always" ... written by Karla
great reading as always. tapped right into my situation and gave some great advivce" ... written by kelly
freakin awesome!!!" ... written by kmercado
Amazing and so helpful!! Beautiful woman would talk to her anyday! " ... written by Alice Jarman
Pam is love personified. She is awesome, such a warm and beautiful lady. Awesome!" ... written by K
Pamela is gifted on many levels. She expressed true compassion and wisdom during my reading, which allowed me to see how closed off I've been in my relationships. Her kind words have encouraged me to work on opening up to others :) " ... written by Greenfairy
very wise ,fast, and encouraging. " ... written by cookies
Thank you! That was great, spot on. " ... written by Johanna
Prophet is a VERY SPECIAL, UNIQUE AND GIFTED advisor. She can pull rabbits out of hats!!! She knows without you telling her and can guide you in the direction you need. She can answer regular questions, but my gosh....she can do so much more. Do yourself a favor, and let her guide you!!!!" ... written by linda
angels sorround this woman as she spoke to me. its a good sign. she is truly guided" ... written by chey
I found our session together to be very helpful and I'm eager to learn more. I surely need your help. Please pray for me" ... written by swsiren
Very nice and charming. Has a calming effect on people." ... written by Pranav
amazing reader" ... written by Cristina
She blew my mind away. So awesome!" ... written by LifexKrause
Thanks.. helpful and really insightful reading.. :) " ... written by Shiks
She was wonderful she told me the truth even if it was not what I wanted to hear she gave me hope and helped me to get back on the right path again, she is a gods send x" ... written by HP
she is the b0mb!!" ... written by kk
SPOT ON!!!!!" ... written by Ryzette
She is awesome ,love her energy so calm and is spot on with her flow from her guides.. love her to pieces for her honesty she is awesome ... thanks Prophet4u" ... written by sc
Wow.. thanks for this read.. loved whatever you told me..!! getting down to manifesting.. :) Love n hugs" ... written by Shiks
wonderful communicator and psychic--very personal, clear, honest, direct. I will return to her." ... written by pearl
Soo calming and reassuring!" ... written by Ashley
WOWWWW...absolutely amazing...such a great compassionate her energy and she is beyond amazing xox" ... written by tasha_j
Next Saturday at 7 that is :P looking forward to my first spiritual coaching session!" ... written by Raphael
Highly recommended to everyone who wants the real deal +++" ... written by Karla mercado
thank you for your confirmation, I guess I am phychic as well, those answers keep coming up for me. I just want to love and be loved. Mother always told me to get off my high horse, she never would let me be pretty, she thought that was evil. I do travel into many mansions as I pass thru the universe, Mother taught me God is love and I do try to contact that love every day, Bless you and your work. I will continue to serve God until he takes me out of here" ... written by Reva
Great!" ... written by Ashley
I love her. She is wonderful and great. Sweet lady and will tell u the truth that is told to her by her guides. The real deal. " ... written by tc
Amazing connection and insight. She is magnetic. " ... written by rainbowsnow
she is divine! i adore her! most compassionate, loving, giving, authentic and most gifted person on this site! she blows my mind away, like she lives in my head and can see and hear is absolutely brilliant, true light worker, earthly angel! there is nothing fake about her! pure kindness and sheer willingness to help! what an integrity! ty so much for many confirmations and true, genuine encouragement! it means a world to me!" ... written by g.
very good, deep , intellectual reading, can pick up energy greatly," ... written by cookies
i am very happy with my reading, she really open my eyes about things and put them in perspective...she is awesome!" ... written by s.s.
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
awesome!!" ... written by jnaujo00
she was very good and compassionate she saw a meeting soon and hope her predictions happened she also gave me advise" ... written by a
Good reading. Insights were legit and information shared compassionately. Appreciated the good energy." ... written by serenity
thanks" ... written by gk
she was great we had a long reading the messages from angels were astounding so much she told me without any info which was validation that indeed her channeling is correct. i got great news and I'm so happy and will definitely tell her when it all happens. Thank you." ... written by A
What an incredible reading, Prophet was so amazing, she picked up on everything so well, so quickly and clearly. I´m so impressed and I am sure everything she told me about the future is going to pass because we were incredibly in tune and she confirmed so many things, at times even as I was about to type them. Thank you so much my dear, I will be seeing you again soon. All my best wishes" ... written by nick
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
good healing" ... written by p
very good intuitiveness, she was very right on with everything, and the sale price really helped me to get quite a few questions in. she is very good. Will want to have her do more readings for me in the future. Thank you Prophet4U " ... written by sunrisegold
thank you prophet4u. " ... written by all
WOW!!!!!" ... written by Sapphire456
Very generous with her time, I ran out mid question and she was kind enough to finish in free chat. Very positive reading - I just hope it all comes to fruition! " ... written by Allycat
dear god ty for sending pamela, 100 star reader to me today,...the reading was divine and very true and genuine and very deep..she brings light to your soul as she channels divine beings, she is marvelous!" ... written by me...
First time reading and she was amazing - will do what she has told me to do! xoxo" ... written by Adis
she was genuine and spot on !" ... written by chris
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She was awesome, very on point and specific with details. Caring and kind, and very understanding!" ... written by trickynic
will keep her posted " ... written by tiff
Excited to see if her prediction comes true - thank you " ... written by Kristal
Felt great talking to her. She is very wise and extremely psychic. I felt powerful in her presence and through her guidance. " ... written by rainbowsnow
Incredible" ... written by Sylvia
Said 6 months for supervisor position and two- three months too move out if I got a roommate " ... written by tiff
thank you prophet4U" ... written by allbright
she gave me good news lets see if it happens" ... written by a
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Prophet4U is awesome. She did an angel reading, past, present and future. It was very enlightening. She brings out the positive in you. Plan some time to be with her." ... written by marym62
on point" ... written by computerluv
Whoa! This woman is incredible! One of the BEST here, by far! Thank you so much, Prophet4U!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
vgood.." ... written by ritesh
She picked up strongly on my fears and that I'm a right-brained person. Very nice and truthful." ... written by Hannah
LOVED IT! Absolutely FANTASTIC! She is the real deal and I am so happy I finally got a private with her!" ... written by Daisy
Prophet4u - awesome reading and mentoring session. Love and Light my dear friend" ... written by marym62
Thank you." ... written by bearthoven
Thank you so much for update" ... written by marion
Amazing as always!!!" ... written by Alice
Such an amazing reading!!! will keep u posted :)" ... written by V
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
So accurate and always so helpful, love coming back and speaking with you!! x" ... written by Alice
A great reader! INfo comes fast and from many places. A long conversation--full of much advice and inspiration. I am so appreciative!!" ... written by Pearl
excellent" ... written by beautifulgaia
What a joy to talk to!! She was very insightful!! I hope what she sees for my future unfolds as she said. And thanks to her and my angels, I now know what my gift/talent is. I've been struggling to figure it out for so long but now I know what craft to work on and perfect." ... written by Mimi
I couldn't add more credits, but great reading." ... written by -
Pam has helped me so so much over this year and I am so grateful for her guidance and clarity!!" ... written by Alice
completely amazing! such a beautiful soul " ... written by ashleigh
Another great private with prophet4u ! Her last predictions came" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
powerful powerful reading" ... written by kristopher
thanks u are wonderful...u knew stuff a lot of others dont" ... written by lavelle