About Prophetess77

Psychic Prophetess77has 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Prophetess77has recently helped 1057members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Prophetess77's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a PROPHETESS (Godly) who is clairvoyant and uses no tools, only God gifts to connect with your spirit and angels for:

To give you a non-judgmental, compassionate, supportive, and truthful spiritual reading with tough love, putting you on your supreme life path of peace, love, & bliss.

Remote Viewing = distance
Clair-audience = hearing
Clair-alience = smelling
Clair-cognizance = knowing
Clair-gustance = tasting
Medium ship

My loyal & satisfied clients follow me because I don’t sugar coat anything, so if you can't handle the truth(??) Please find another expert.



RANDY 0705
Ms Tess told me i will be promoted and she gave me a number 7, I am going on promotion in Africa but the position is only open for 4 mths.

My message out there to all members, have faith in God and he will direct you accordingly, he speaks through this lady and she is the truth, if you neglect her words you will not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tess told me months ago that I would meet a love interest that was of mixed asian background. I meet this woman about a month ago and today she confirmed to me that she her grandfather was part asian. Tess described to me the woman's eye shape and everything. Thanks Tess.

Tess told me someone would be admiring me from a far at my workplace or at school in the future and he would come and give me his number. This man would be an older man and would be able to really "provide" for me, something a lot of my previous boyfriends couldn't do. Didn't really believe her, but to my surprise- this came true and it actually happened! So here I am confirming what she told me, I can't even believe it! Once again she's right! Tess ur the best xo.

I had a reading from prophetess and this woman is the bomb.... she told me that I would get a job either in two weeks, two day, two months, or well I did this month feb which is the 2nd month in our new year. She bad to the
bone now.

So the lovely Prophet, predicted that I would move/relocate at some point. I am actually relocating in 2 days..yayy, ure really gifted and awesome..speak soon...Many u..xoxo

rainz 77
Tess is such a wonderful psychic! I love her brutal honesty. Everything she told me in 2014 came to fruition! It wasn't always what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth! Exactly what I wanted! She told me I would pass exams and further myself in my career, I did! She told me what would happen with a guy, it did! Just expect the truth from her!


God give us free will which can change any predictions at any given time:
Time will heal everything and patience will always get the prize.

" Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm" (1 Chron 16:22) .

I don't waste anyone’s time, so if I don’t feel a connection with you I will let you know so you can find another Expert that you will connect with. God is the only one who is 100% accurate, so don’t get mad at the messenger.

ARE YOU READY? BEWARE "don't enter if you are seeking a fairy tale!!!

I appreciate all ." ... written by blessings
Prophetess77 was the most accurate reading. She was quick and knew so very much without any info given by me. She predicted the future and gave me direction. She was so full of the very clarity I needed. Thank you so very much. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Prophetess77 helped boost my spirit for today. I was kind in the dumps because of things going on with my business and love life. She gave me a prediction of June and September. I will have to wait to see what happens. I recommend her to others because she connected fast without hesitation." ... written by BM331
awesome ! honestly. no sugar coating. " ... written by luckystar222
Another special reading by very spiritual and wise soul to guide and counsel us all. Very compassionate in her nature and ethical spiritual advisor. She doesn't waste no time and is the sharpshooter when it comes to delivering accurate honest and truthful information to opening one eyes to the illusion around us. I am very thankful for being blessed to have another opportunity to go private and enjoy my reading. Thank you prophetess for being here when I needed you :) God bless " ... written by RoyalBrit
Great reading, picked up on lots . no sugar coating, quick and straight to the point. great advise. thanks again xxxx" ... written by leah
She was awesome on point ..and went deep into layers that I have pushed aside. So Thank you Prophetess,, simply Amazing A true wow, Wow.." ... written by sunshinec
Thank you so much, she has confirmed what i was feeling, and the most important part my grandma came through she has made my day :) i highly recommend her and i will be back " ... written by mimi
She works quick, and gives quick answers, waiting for all this to happen. " ... written by 1828crs
Forget the rest I love Prophetess77 first reading with her and she tells you straight up, no sugar coating, or anything like that at all. I've had other readings and did work with other psychics but this lady here is the best and glad to call her my new friend/mother. She needs way more than 5 stars and shouldn't be rated any less. " ... written by TL TINA
she was so on point with everythingggggggg. if you are ready for the truth hit that private button because she will give it to you. infinite stars for her :)" ... written by RED
After just hanging out in her room many times I decided it was time to go private! I already knew she was gifted and would tell me the truth, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear! So I put it off.... but I am so glad I finally took her today into private! She literally picked up on a conversation I had last night with my family. And through that, clarified some concerns I had about my life. Even though the questions I asked were confusing she still understood and gave me amazing answers! Thank you lovely Prophetess77! :)" ... written by Kelsey
Love her...she knows what she's talking about" ... written by KJ
She was easy to deal with. Hit the problem directly than beating around the bush. I appreciate her sincerity and clarity in her reading." ... written by humility
pretty good reader, seems accurate picked up on things" ... written by smiley2011
amazing reader . she was on point and knew exactly what to say to me . 5 star . I think she is one of the best psychic on here and will soon be one of the tops . very kind hearted and funny . love this lady" ... written by wakib786
She is truly a Prophet!! She was very accurate and gave me good advise. I will come back for updates!! 100/100! Thank you :)" ... written by super
Prophetess is very helpful seeing true images that help explain the realistic realities of life. Goal setting becomes reasonable with her assistance and astute guidance. Relax, enjoy a pleasant experience in a private reading with prophetess and let yourself become your best self the way you desire." ... written by JANWORDS
very fast connected well will be back" ... written by mimi
She was so accurate until it was not funny :) nice genuine and sweet. Told me the truth and was direct.. She's definitely genuine.. Thanks again" ... written by morenaone
great and so in tune an super nice. got it in one" ... written by booodles
great reading " ... written by sbenina
helpful and very straight to the point " ... written by leblanc
Wow! She blew me away! She is so kind, caring, lovable...Did not sugar coat! She told me straight but in such a kind way! Thank you so much!" ... written by LegalEagle83
yeah... i loved talking to Prophetess77. She saw things so clearly!!!! she is quick w/ her answers and doesn't waste your time and gets you help quick." ... written by amberskyler
Prophetess was very down to earth. Enjoyed the reading, thanks." ... written by SSr
Very sweet and straightforward. :) Be back." ... written by elena
Prophetess gave me exceptional detail and was very accurate. The same predictions and time frame that was given last time was given this time - but this time I was using a new nickname. You cant get more proof of accuracy than that - She was definitely tuned into and reading me." ... written by newday
Prophetess77 is super amazing and very accurate... she will see things in a reading that could happen, that i would never believe to happen. i got a private reading and her prediction came true, just a few days later. love her! :) " ... written by browndog
Thank you Prophetess. You were very accurate in our last reading, predicting an important travel and other things that happened. Thank you very much and God bless you" ... written by G
Sweet person and so in tune. Loved her manner, and her quick insights." ... written by L
I love Prophetess77...I trust her, I listen to her and I honestly think she is so gifted and honest. Thank you so much Prophetess77! " ... written by Thea
Thank you Prophetess for the reading ...follow up" ... written by G
she's a good woman. solid. straight and warm which for some is hard to achieve. she nails it. and her insight is beyond. i will be back to this lovely, honest woman." ... written by k
very honest and very accurate!" ... written by olivia
she always answers my questions andamp; gives me hope..thanks for being with both of us:)" ... written by aquavenus
thank you once again Prophetess, i enjoyed the reading, and i will sure to let you know when it comes to pass." ... written by randy 0705
WOW!!I always enjoy talking to prophetess, she is always full of great info. I will be back to update..Watch out for my wall post!!" ... written by lovelylady
WOW!! not enough words to come up with..I asked a question and flooded with so much info...Her room speaks for itself." ... written by lovelylady
Thank you so much, i feel better. You are the best" ... written by Randy 0705
Awesome reading, answered the two main questions on my mind without me having to ask or give any details. Did not waste time, very fast in giving information and validations too. Yes I will be coming back again soon for updates :) God bless :D xoxo" ... written by RoyalBrit
I enjoyed the reading. SOrry somehing was wrong with my computer so i had to log out and log back in. and i didnt catch u before you left. :(. other than that despite site glitch i thank you for your honesty on the subject. 5 stars" ... written by psalmscry
Tess was very helpful, she answered my questions directly and clearly.Thasnk you tess god bless" ... written by moon
Very honest, don't sugarcoat anything and keep it real. God bless you. Highly recommended." ... written by Srallen77
brilliant, confident. " ... written by gb
Super Brilliant...she is amazing...tells the sugar coating..." ... written by tasha_j
I love her honesty, sincerity, and have no doubt she knows her stuff. She did not hold anything back with me, and I didn't walk away feeling like my questions were not answered. I think she is truly gifted and will consult with her most definitely soon. " ... written by Lori
Intutive, highly recommend!" ... written by BK
i love this lady so much..she was correct about last timeframe which happened as how she said.. In the matter of 4 weeks:):)" ... written by aquavenus
Prophetess guides you to the right direction and shows you the truth, the worst part is the truth always hurts however she gives solutions to aid the pain. I enjoyed her reading and it made me a stronger person. She is a good Listen and an angel in disguise. Thank you for your love and support. " ... written by Randy 0705
Honest straightforward reading! Thanks!" ... written by ashley
wonderful lady with a true gift... 5 stars... she is a must reader to try.... and she does see into your heart and soul. thank you prophetess77" ... written by murdocca
she's one of my new tops!! her prediction came true which i found unlikely at that time.. she made me believe in it again, will do as she advices... amazing lady!" ... written by jazzychic7
Super nice lady to talk to!!! Picks up right away WITH NO TOOLS!!!!! Friendly... great conversation... very pleased!!!!" ... written by Ash
She blowed my mimd away. She picked on stuff that I am doing around the house that i did not even mention to her. She knew a lot of informations. If you want only the truth and nothing bu the truth then yo have come to the right place. Thank you so much Tess. Namaste!!!! Talk to you soon again :)" ... written by rose
Prophetess77 was right on she was fast and she help me a lot i give her 100 stars!" ... written by neicy2288
nice woman -- super connected." ... written by k
Prophetess77 is very honest and just doesn't waste time. Easy to connect and also is a sweet woman." ... written by Sapphire456
She was wonderful!!! I just loved the reading....She made me feel sooo much better!!!! Very accurate." ... written by angelic03
Prophetess77 is a very real person, she tells it like it is, is honest and open and I appreciate that. Thank you for your honest answer about my concerns. I will be back to clarify." ... written by EyeRis6
This is why I love prophetess!!! She don't robb you, she is super fast lightening quick and very kind! Thanks so much!" ... written by me
such a beautiful experience with prophetess77 . She is a very kind person with a very good vision. she told me some great things." ... written by aqua
thank you, i needed that :) " ... written by mimi
5 stars! She didn't sugarcoat and really explained it all out, everything was so clear and had a great experience chatting." ... written by megabee9
i really like her. she is funny and so insightful" ... written by k
Good reading...will see what comes to pass!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
She was right about everything in my last reading!!! im still shocked!! She is truly gifted and I will be back!!" ... written by angelic03
She was awesome!" ... written by tiff
the best hands down!" ... written by cindy
she was honest" ... written by tiff
Nice catch up w Tess..Love her" ... written by G
I had an amazing reading with Ms Tess. She was very intuned with me. In such a short time she was able to give insights on many topics in my life. There were many questions that I was confused with and she assured me that everything will be okay. In the near future I'll be back to give her an update. Blessings xoxo" ... written by Foeveradiant
Wow very good reading , thank you Tess" ... written by Kisha
I love me some Tess. She is always on point and I will wait for her predictions. " ... written by Sapphire456
Love this lady, always so nice and high vibrational energy. Always giving nothing but the truth and honesty. Invaluable reading given with great insight and clarity." ... written by RoyalBrit
she is wonderful. She kind. Nd was perfect. I will return very soon with suoer uodates. Thank u so much" ... written by deepakrish
She seemed to pick up on my situation rather quickly and accurately. I guess there's no real solution to my problem than to wait it out and pray.. but good reading." ... written by Mimi
really impressed by her, will definately return for more readings...she was so accurate" ... written by mariam
thanks so accurate" ... written by H
OMG what can I say about Tess she is always amazing with her insight and right on the money. Awesome!!! 10 Stars " ... written by Bellina
Tess is awesome and is always says what I'm thinking. I'm so happy to have her on my side. Thanks for everything Tess. " ... written by Sapphire
Haven't been in her room in a long time, glad i visited her. Accurate and confirmed things i knew already!!" ... written by Shamster
Thanks for all your help you have provided me with. I know it has been a journey and I really appreciate your honesty and using your gift to help me." ... written by newbegin78
Very insightful and clear reading. She knew things that were going on without being told. Does not waste time or money getting to the point and is very non judgemental. Great reader and wonderful person!" ... written by freyasmom
She was really on point told me alot things that could be confirmed" ... written by hope
Wow what an amazing reading so spot on brilliant." ... written by Lorann
Amazing!!!! If you can stomach the truth, this is the lady to go to. I cannot wait to see her predictions come to light :) Her wisdom is greatly appreciated and her kindness is food for the soul. Thank you so much Tess. Blessings and Love. " ... written by Padeyssah
WONDERFUL READING, VERY PRECISE andamp; great connection." ... written by ammer
She is very pleasant and tells it like it is! " ... written by Scadoodle
very good she saw my deepest fear and confirmed the danger of it happening awesome painful but im better off aware than dumped cold thanks i will be using her again" ... written by angela
She is the BEST!!!!!!" ... written by Stickytoffee
thank you i appreciate the spirit and honesty" ... written by nach
I loved her! Straight to the point and truthful with you. Loved her tell it like it is personality. Hopefully I meet this new person she's talking about lol. Thank you! I will be back!!" ... written by cmartin0522
always love talking with prophetess and having her read me and also the people around me! gives awesome accurate readings and amazing advice! love you prophetess and thanks again :)" ... written by citamama/anthea
I like prophetess honesty and straight forward answers. She really tells it like it is, it really makes you feel that you can trust her. She gave me a timeline and definitely will be back with a testimony." ... written by Dee
so nice to finally get some honesty. You were completely amazing. God Blessed you for sure.Thank you again" ... written by judi
she is accurate:)" ... written by aquavenus
love her. best reading ever" ... written by cowz
i always trust prophetess, always love a reading with her! always good connection and accurate! :) thank u prophetess" ... written by citamama
Very good reader without any tools. Love her! Very down to earth and in tune with your situation. Highly, highly recommended! Try her, you will not regret it!" ... written by Rainz77
She has so much wisdom and I will be back" ... written by Princess
Prophetess I need the that you help so much, thank you so much words can't express... " ... written by Princess
very informative got straight to the point very honest would recommend her to anyone! thank you so much!!!" ... written by love
I enjoyed the reading, i ddi proceed with caution although the truth was had to digest but i am prepared for the out come and the good news to come with it. Thank you Prophetess." ... written by Randy 0705
thanks for the reading! you were great as always!" ... written by amy
I love prophetess! i really really love our readings :) good info always accurate...she gives me thngs to look forward to and advice...thank u Prophetess77! :) " ... written by citamama
Nice person...Thanks" ... written by luk4
No tools and no sugarcoating. Tess have always been the real deal since day 1." ... written by Sapphire456
great reading, very to the point " ... written by Dee
OMG !!!!! Nothing less than perfect! i look forward to the prophecies ! thank u soo much proph" ... written by dre
She has always been on point for me ..Even in the Darkest Hour, Prophetess has a beacon of light to guide you through some stuff if you just believe.. Awesome Funny Lady and Truly Blessed Woman of God Thank you .Ptess will update you as it progress..xoxoxo" ... written by sunshinec
seems connected" ... written by Melissa
She is amazing!! She knew so much about what was happening it was crazy!" ... written by freespirit
Thank you so much for a wonder cleansing and reading. I enjoyed every bit of it, i am sure to come back with the results." ... written by Randy
Very straight forward i really liked talking to her sorry i waited so long. Now i will work on healing and letting it go!!!" ... written by Anonomous
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
im astounded, I feel so blessed to have chance to talk with her. Truly amazed! So right on!" ... written by mabelswyant
Very Good Reader" ... written by Krista Elliott
very calming and healing" ... written by sm
I love Tess. She always helps whether it is in my career or love life. Thank you so much Tess. " ... written by Sapphire456
very comforting and reassuring" ... written by sg
Good advice" ... written by Krista Elliott
she's the real deal and I like her a lot for no sugarcoating!! but also giving good forecast :)" ... written by jazzychic
SHE Is AWESOME!" ... written by b
im so amazed... she knows everything.. she really does, i didnt have to say much, she picked up the situation... thank u soo much i really do appreciate your insight..! you were amazing" ... written by amazed
Word cannot express how Amazed I am by Tess. Simply AMAZING!!! The greets thing about Tess is her No tools needed to give you the most mind blowing information pertaining to your life. I am looking forward to your predictions!!! She is an Angel sent form Heaven xoxo. Get your reading today with Tess and your life will change for ever. Namaste, Blessings and Love. Thank you for your guidance and your words of wisdom :) xoxoxo" ... written by padeyssah
Prophetess77 was very insightful with my reading. She had given me some great pointers to look out for. I will be contacting her again with updates." ... written by Butterflower
what an amazing reading she truly knew things without me telling her and is very real down to earth person. A true blessing" ... written by mabelswyant
Thanks tess for everything. You know I really appreciate you for all of your guidance! " ... written by Sapphire456
She was my first time in private and im going to have to see if the predictions come right." ... written by Malik
She's so accurate and picked up on my situation fast. looking forward to predictions, I'll be back again! much love! x" ... written by Billy
She knew instantly about my past and what was bothering me. " ... written by t
She is actuate as usual just a follow up to tell her the person contacted me in less than four hours. The same art advice and guidance she gave me that was the same thing the individual told me. Once again thank you lucia. I love you. MY message to any and everyone who reads this testimony she is a very actuate reader and she will help you as long as you listen to every instruction clearly and act on it. i am think headed and she has the patience to relay the message until you understand it and digest it. " ... written by Randy 0705
tess is awesome! first reading with her and shes fast, doesn't waste time and tells it straight how it is. she's not one who tells fairytales which i like. i like that i understood what she was saying. she was clear and wasnt vague on what she told me. highly recommend" ... written by m
Great reading, picked up on a lot of things, and predicted things for me, waiting for them to come to pass, Thank you and god bless" ... written by sweet
good reading. connected quickly" ... written by tilthe
awesome read..she is true and genuine. will let u know honestly what it is all about" ... written by rosy
Im so amazed, literally amazed at what she has told me, i have so much questions on my mind and she explained to me. i really rate her 100 stars if i could.. she is absolutely amazing!" ... written by au
Thanks for that. I will keep you updated." ... written by Liz
she is very good at her Predictions. she helps me a lot..thanks for ur help dear..ur so nice" ... written by neha
she asking me a whole lot of questions when im the one with the questions? shes suppose to already know these things i dont understand.not mad at what she said though which she tried to say - i jus wanted a reading , not an interview. been waiting a while to take her. not happy w all her questions she felt she was pullin teeth she says, she shouldnt have to be askn or diggin for them. smh" ... written by luckylibra
what an amazing reading, very real. no BS!!!, SHE is the real deal, she knows who is bluffing and she is highly recommended to others here!!" ... written by Ammer
I love me some Tess " ... written by Sapphire456
I love this woman, Ms. Tess. She is the truth, and she so gets it. Doesn't make it up. She knows of what she speaks. Peace and many blessings. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by whiteflowers 1
:) There Is nothing I can say ...other than on will see how it plays out." ... written by maria
very honest and quick to connect" ... written by hf
Just had a great session with Prophetess and she has uplifted my spirit and as per usual no sugar coating and gave me good advice. Thank you so much aunty, i will let you know of the out come when the events comes to play." ... written by Randy 0705
ive been a regular cause I appriciate her honesty and that she is connected to God! very intelligent and gifted woman, thanks!!" ... written by jazzychic
amazing connection! Speaks the truth" ... written by mabelswyant
She definitely is a straight shooter - but I like that. Great reading." ... written by L
fast and 5 stars,. just waiting on the outcome" ... written by georgiapeach37
Excellent as usual. Truly gifted, no tools needed, True Prophet. Blessings and Love. xoxo" ... written by padeyssah
as usual a good reading, i will take your advice and will let you know, what the out come is." ... written by randy 0705
what a lovely woman.. thanks for the inspiration :)" ... written by sara
Thank you for your help and guidance. I will contact you again soon." ... written by franccine
She is honest ! I really enjoyed my reading !!!" ... written by chayes
bless her hart!!! what an incite. like she is reading from My book of life. wow to the dot with my kids. i am speechless only !!!! " ... written by nachalo
AMAZING ALWAYS MUAH!" ... written by Kris
Super! amazing....Accurate! Nailed....she is so freakin accurate!!" ... written by Oceania30
Does it not to impress you but to tell you the truth. Very Nice" ... written by Ali
great" ... written by l bug
wonderful person! very nice and honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Prophetess is such a lovely, beautiful and strong soul! I love her energy and she was extremely insightful. She was super accurate and empathetic and I wish I could spend some more time with her. I will definitely be back to see her again. love and light to you, my dear prophetess!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by neenzbeanz
I had the truth revealed to me from Prophetess77, she does not sugarcoat at all, enjoyed her reading and her style. I am going to take her advice and proceed on with my life. If you want the truth and no fairytale, please come get a reading with her. " ... written by Louise
Great reading! She is honest!!!! She knows a lot !" ... written by chayes
very accurate and good advice as usual, now just have to wait till this come to pass and update her on my progress. thank you lucia love you" ... written by Randy 0705
She is wonderful. Very direct and very caring. 10 stars for sure !! " ... written by spiderlilli
Thank you" ... written by Tie
she was so right about what i do know. cant wait to see about what is to come" ... written by love
your very good " ... written by Judith
She was WONDERFUL!!! very much to the point and spot on! she is honest and very accurate!! thank you Prophetess and I will do as you told me and pray on that prediction" ... written by love
he is so accurate and truly gifted . I feel so blessed to have a reading with her.I will come back again.She is a gift from God to us all !" ... written by onangelswings
I did demos with Tess before and she was accurate andamp; gives great advice! Had my first session with her and glad i did! Gave me some predictions so i will keep her updated soon! Love ms Tess" ... written by Shamster
Tess know what she's can try to skip the questions, but she won't let you. The truth will come...even if you don't want you hear. She doesn't guess stuff, and she has no problems to say "I can't answer you that, I don't answer's your free will." I loved my reading with Tess, and I hope I will be back soon to confirm her predictions to me. Thank you ;)" ... written by Fernanda
great" ... written by erica
Loved talking to her. She was straightforward and the information she gave was clear and concise. Easy to understand and puts a lot of things into perspective." ... written by allsons
Very straight forward. No sugar coating. Honest" ... written by Sue
good reading!" ... written by Shamster
i love love love love love love love her!!!!! she got straight to the point and told me the truth and that i'm on the right path of success !! thank you thank you thank you !!!!! she is an amazing woman !!!" ... written by Tori M
Great reading" ... written by carla
5 stars. She is the truth and will tell you the truth. good reading until I refreshed my mintues" ... written by georgiapeach37
very good insightful and correct." ... written by Erica
Ive waited forever to have a reading with this lady......I shall wait and see what comes.....a promise given is a promise kept" ... written by april
I LOVE PROPHETESS, SHE IS SO REAL" ... written by Tealwater77
She was right, she doesn't sugar coat. She had a lot of interesting things about my life to share and I'm very thankful for the insight." ... written by Anna
she is like a mother who leads to a perfect direction:)" ... written by aqs
She is AWESOME! she told me something would happen in my situation in 13 months but in all actuality it happened in 13 days from the day we talked! she is amazing and spot on and I will continue to go to her! Thank you!" ... written by love
awesome" ... written by rishma
Fantastic. Just so easy to understand and the advice is priceless. Thank you so much :)" ... written by cowgirl_up
Tess,my dear thank you very much for encouragement. thank you for words that i waited for 7 years to hear. thank you for the peace that u gave me. my respect." ... written by nachalo
Prophetess77 is very and extremely honest, i respect and love that about her, will definitely be back for an update." ... written by victria111
Prophetess is always the best and has a lot of good information for you!! She still sees three different people around me the same thing she has told me months ago!!" ... written by lovelylady
thank you again for the confirmation, i can't wait to write on your wall when it comes to past :)) " ... written by mimi
Tried to go private with her, and she immediately left to go back to the chat where she was reading for free." ... written by confused
Such truth in what this lady says plus i got chills big time all the time she was reading for me. love you. bless you" ... written by Dora
very good reading. will post when the predictions come to pass" ... written by freya
Tess is a blessing" ... written by Tealwater77
she is the best! i will be back words can't describe!" ... written by sm
good" ... written by denise
Prophetess was amazing as always. I look forward to writing her a testimonial when things work out :) Thank you my dear! Keep shining bright xoxo" ... written by NeenzBeanz
BLESSDED TO HAVE YOU HERE GREAT JOB." ... written by hazel
Prophetess is amazing, her predictions come to pass and I'm sure mine will too. Excellent reader." ... written by Jon
Thank you so much tess! I had a cleansing! I am feeling the energy! i feel dizzy and great. She gave me a lot of info and I will keep her updated. " ... written by shamster
awesome" ... written by kikki33
As always Tess was on it. Unbelievable. I highly recommend a reading with Prophetess. You will not be disappointed. She is a compassionate, trustworthy and with a warm welcoming hearth she makes you feel comfortable in her room." ... written by Nitewalker
she said within 9 days, i saw him within 9 days" ... written by frag
Prophetess is the best in this universe. She can really prophecy and see your future. She is genuinely gifted and will reveal your future to you in details. She can see your future as if it is written on a board right in front of her. Her predictions are accurate and true and she is highly credible and honest and trustworthy. She will tell you the truth whatever it is whether it is good or bad and she is really quick too. She will give you very clear answers that will leave no room for any confusion or doubts or questions. She will tell you very clearly if it is a yes or no. And on top of everything, she is very objective which means that she's nonjudgmental at all and she's unbiased at all. She's very smart and such an amazing and awesome person who is open minded so you can easily feel relaxed and be your self when talking to her and you can ask her anything. I highly recommend her to everyone and to believe me, you can experience a reading with her your self and it will be mind-blowing. God bless you Prophetess and i'll definitely be coming back to you whenever i need answers." ... written by dolefuldoll
i came in her room and tess was able to calm me down! thank you so much for the insight and love!! i love this woman xo" ... written by shamster
brilliant" ... written by bt
will I finally had my first reading with tess and she is everything her testmonials say and more. please if you get the chance take this women private, she is awesome .love and light riley" ... written by riley777
Just had a cleansing with tess and it was a real eye opener for me. " ... written by Sapphire456
great reading and insight as always. Truly Gifted. Thank you Tess. Love and Blessings" ... written by padeyssah
Amazing" ... written by HAZEL
Great as always" ... written by A
V good reading :)" ... written by Laura
MS. TESS IS AWESOME!!!! Right to the point !!! Always keeps you laughing a wonderful woman and excellent spiritual advisor" ... written by FABLOUS FIFTY
very good and fast. Just hoping to see my friend and make contact soon" ... written by georgia peach37
She is accurate. I am glad to know someone whom God is working through. Thank you." ... written by nichola
Prophetess is always so much help and my Go to person!! You are right with our talk I feel so much lighter and amazed we all must get someone like her on our team." ... written by newbegin
Simply the best...she tells it like it is." ... written by Allsons
Great reading and great reader. Tess is very detailed, honest, and accurate. Do yourself a favor and have a consultation" ... written by new day
She is great very quick, no tools, gave me predictions and timeline I will definitely be back and I recommend her highly she is the real deal. Thank you" ... written by ACE
She is right on the money." ... written by doveswings
It was a bit hectic at first, bc I thought she would be speaking without me typing and giving off her messages to me, BUT She was great. I pray all goes well. May she be blessed. I hope her words comfort all of you who come see her in private( bc I feel better). Thank you Prophetess for your reading. I wish you love health and continuous wisdom as you help us. I hope this message goes through since my computer and internet always act up and resend messages or cancels out. . I am grateful for her time and duty to my services. Wishing all the clients and new people to see her for clarity. Take care everyone! Only The supreme being can judge us! Thank you again Prophetess 77! " ... written by YurLove1
Very good and honest reading, she doesn't give any fairy tales and accept the truth for what it is. I respect Prophetess77 and glad she revealed things I needed to know and will be patient and let things manifest for me. Thanks for everything." ... written by Febreeze14
Very clear" ... written by gchild001
I always go to her if i want the whole truth:)" ... written by p
3rd time is a charm...many more readings with this lovely lady the best to offer!!!" ... written by sandy
Was a good private!" ... written by amoura88
Very direct and honest reading. Very connected." ... written by angelszone
thank you for the reading" ... written by princess1218
Prophetess77 keeps it all the way real. If you are not ready for the truth please pass her by. I really apprecatied her rawness." ... written by Avenda Ali
Loved her vibe. Very honest, I wish i could have sat with her for an hour. Will speak to you soon Prophetess xx" ... written by dainti
Wow, She is something special! I trust her fully!" ... written by Hanna
thank you you are funny and awesome! thanks for the clairty and straight forward reading" ... written by mag
I just want to say that she is awesome. And the things that she tells you. Do come to past. The way she speaks is so calming." ... written by Illona Jameson
honest reader" ... written by smiley2011
really good reading. thank" ... written by Daisy1980
who else can i go to thats better. nobody.. She is gifted from god. a gift from god to us. knows what you need and what and can see everything! i never worry as long as shes around" ... written by c
She is awesome. She picked up on things right away with this guy. Just amazed. " ... written by Janice Jackson
Great reading. explained in details." ... written by Janice Jackson
no sugar coating....interesting session. Gave me a prediction and i look forward to it coming true and reporting back. " ... written by A
This woman is awesome! She is so on point it will leave you speechless. Best on Oranum period!!!! My mouth is still on the floor." ... written by Ashley
Prophetess has such a motherly nature about her, which is full of love. The predictions she gave were shocking, she does not sugar coat! Definitely worth a reading again, i will be back :)" ... written by Emma
great as always" ... written by A
Amazing news. Everything so accurate. Wouldn't recommend anyone else. Thank you so much!! " ... written by Andrew
Words can not express how thankful I am to Tess. We had one of her special sessions and she just moved a lot of blockages for me. Tess is the best psychic here on Oranum. This session tonight has moved me to feel joy in my spirit and set me on a new path. Please give her try ya'll. I'm being so sincere and honest. Take my word. " ... written by Sapphire456
always my main person" ... written by c
spot on .....excellent picks up so quick" ... written by b
prophetess was helpful and gave me a prediction, I will post when it happens!!" ... written by angel
she is sport on " ... written by sai
very nice lady " ... written by udith
really helped clear stuff up for me !!:) this is my second time with her and she did an amazing job!!!:)" ... written by victoria
Love Tess!!!! She is the best on this site!!!! Good person.. Very good with figuring you out.. I have gone to her for short reading and will return!! Thanks again Tess!!! " ... written by ANt
omg awesome is all I can say and ty" ... written by b
I always come to Tess. She is just so truthful and down to earth. I know soon that I will be writing on her wall the predictions that came to pass!!!" ... written by Sapphire456
she seems great...will come back and let you know." ... written by Lani
Spot on... She knew things right away that i did not tell her... 5 stars... very fast and excellent psychic." ... written by Focusing
Thank you for the reading for the year." ... written by M
WOW!! I just want to say thank you so much for all that you have done for me 2014 was an trying year for me, but I was able to get through with your help..I cant say thank you enough I am so confident in you and your word..I hope you have a wonderful new year!!" ... written by newbegin
straight forward, I enjoyed her reading, looking forward to the things that she said...thank you" ... written by dynear
1000% real deal. Won't waste your time or money. She picks up on the situation and will tell you the truth! Good spirit" ... written by AB
I am blessed to have a reading with this beautiful soul. Ms. Prophetess77 was very humble and to the point. In the near future I will be back. Blessings and light...." ... written by ForeverRadiant
Thanks so much for the cleansing and the reading. I feel really light and more positive that before. Thank you so much Lucia. I will let you know when all have come to pass." ... written by randy 0705
thank you for the reading .. will be back to update you.. GOD bless" ... written by princess1218
Very real and to the point. as much as I didn't want to hear what she had to say, I appreciated it and will be back!" ... written by Kris
she is an excellent reader and very nice person. I felt very comfortable in her room great reader. Very honest" ... written by dede
I am blown away she is a truely wonderful reader, tells you how it is! I loved it" ... written by L
just looking foward to everything she said and taking heed" ... written by pu
Read testimonials. have faith in what she said .. waiting for my testimony. " ... written by annd
A gifted reader" ... written by Anna
Tess is such an amazing reader, I have had many free chats with her, and even though I am financially strapped, I had to buy credits to talk to her for clarity...literally felt the spirit during our reading" ... written by Jennifer
excellent and grounded" ... written by Betty747
blessed" ... written by H
Man she is great, just Awesome." ... written by butterfly77lady
very straight and to the point. Very realistic and detailed about what she sees." ... written by ife
great reading thank you" ... written by M
The absolute best. My go to person...always the truth as it is. Thank you." ... written by allsons
So honest and always gives nothing but the truth!" ... written by Olivia
wow she is great I cant wait till what she says happens" ... written by lori
you helped a lot. thank u" ... written by successgirl
Ty Tess.. you were right about .. well.. everything .. I will follow your advice .. very grateful .. many thanks!" ... written by gerri
She gave me specific info. time will tell. she is very accurate in what she did say." ... written by Bev
I am grateful for the reading that Prophetess gave me. She is extremely insightful and kind. I was greatly aided by the attention she gave to my questions and I look forward to having another reading with her." ... written by AJ
Nice reading, I really like her energy:)" ... written by Aryastark
this was so surreal she knew facts. she had knowledge of secrets. she has the angels near her. it was amazing. thank you" ... written by christine
I had a reading with Ms. Tess a few weeks ago, she advised me to change my username and told me to change it to something do with money. At first I resisted, but afterwards I did what she told me. She explained to me that she sees a lot of money around me. One week ago, I received a notice that I will be getting 100% VA compensation from a claim that filed 7 months that will provide me extra income per month which includes back pay. I'm glad that I took her advice and hope this money train is not over yet." ... written by windfall54
thank you ............she gives me hope when there is none" ... written by a
I absolutely LOVE having a reading with her! She is warm and welcoming and very kind. She tells you things without even asking you for information. Her information is spot on and I will definitely be coming back for updates. Simply one of the best on here in my opinion. " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
This woman is the bomb she told me that I would fine a job either in 2 wk 2 month but there was something about the number two. Well hear it is February and I'm now working at that work at home job....... She is the bomb " ... written by Arleen
l encourage you if you want the truth come to this woman private.She did not hide behind the bush or colourcoat it like some,the truth laid there for me to see.l was blown away.Amazing Prophetess......All My Love." ... written by Julia
Love her. I definitely always go to her because she trustworthy i cant afford to put my trust in others when i know i only take her word serious. glad she is on oranum. she gave me the number 5 she said i will be accepted to schools." ... written by ann
good reading. felt we connected very honest reading" ... written by judith
AWesome!" ... written by Sin
Thanks Lucia for your guidance and wisdom. I will sure to come buy to write on your hall when the prediction has come to pass. Thank you so much." ... written by randy 0705
She is so quick and to the point. Thanks" ... written by Angela
5 stars and very good." ... written by geoprgiapeach37
Good reading...i hope her predictions come true...straight to the point..will be back to give an update. thank you for your guidance" ... written by cee
very good will return" ... written by christine
she was pretty direct and clear straight to the point" ... written by Tonya
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
very nice and caring. " ... written by me
I always enjoy her chats, and am glad I finally got a reading with her. She touched on some points that needed to be touched on. I definitely will come back to finish what we discussed and more. when i get more credits. Thank you Ms Tess!!" ... written by Daz
She gave me a prediction for #9 will come back and tell her when it happens" ... written by A
THANK YOU! Always on point :)" ... written by Kelsey
Prophetess' reading was helpful and enjoyable. She helped me to relax and was very detailed." ... written by AJ
I just love Tess!! She is one of the few psychics on here that will be brutally honest with you. I don't like it when they try to sugarcoat everything. Tess will not sugarcoat anything for you! If you really want the truth to your situation, I highly recommend you get a reading from her. You will know the truth! Thank you so much! God Bless you!!!" ... written by Rainz77
spot on, great!!!" ... written by jamira76
she was spot on" ... written by amarielove
She made me smile and cry all at the same time =) I love talking to her" ... written by toni
Thanks tess accurate as usual, and good advice. I will tell yo know when it has come to pass. I feel better now." ... written by Randy
thanks for that" ... written by sweetie89
wise, honest, insightful and a true gem. i appreciate her honesty even when its not looking good she'll shoot the truth to you straight up!" ... written by sd
Excellent, loved the reading!! " ... written by Stephanie
Tess is the best!" ... written by Sapphire456
I absolutely love Ms.Tess!!! She is sweet, kind, can read into everything and I trust her judgment 100%. She always brings me re-assurance and can tell me the honest truth which I love! If you have not, give her a try! " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
Nothing like receiving a reading that quiets your spirit and gives you hope. I am anxiously waiting to see the outcome. Very pleasant to work with and a great comfort." ... written by Curly Peach
Great reading!!! Loved the cleansing!!! Gave me a lot of insight!!! " ... written by AntRu08
She was on point and for the first time it was what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Thank you!" ... written by Mikini
she is very great at her readings" ... written by amanda
Ms Tess is great as always talked about issues I have no idea about but was very honest." ... written by Amen
She was great. Seemed to pick up right away. " ... written by AB
so true and straightforward..I loved it.." ... written by misty
My reading was on point...One hundred percent" ... written by misty
She really pulled the sitation out of me" ... written by greatful
she will have two testimonials from me. It was great how she pulled things up from my past. and even better how she gave me solutions to fight it out with. I feel a lot more confident and I highly recommend her to anyone" ... written by great
great. love her" ... written by jamira76
lots of wisdom. kind, compassionate healer with a depth of knowledge." ... written by sd
Ms Tess is always so great and to the point. I couldn't ask for anything more." ... written by Janice
Ms Tess ain't nothing but the truth. She said I would here from Mike in March, and I did. I'm am so excited. She doesn't sugar-coat anything. She is just so awesome. A breath of fresh air. Very quick and to the point. She is real. Don't play any stupid games. I like that about her. She said I will see him shortly. Can't wait for that outcome. Thank you so much. Glad I found you. " ... written by Janice
good" ... written by judy
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
OMG Tess was so on point she made my day. Can't wait to give her an update. Wow, Wow, Wow. God Bless you Tess!!!" ... written by mc
OMG!!! was my reaction will definitely be coming back for more readings Ms Tess is really blessed. may God bless her she was so spot on with my current situation " ... written by nani0705
Wow....Lol....This is all I can say for now.....I am speechless.....That was a lot of information....Thanks Prophetess....I will surely get back to you with all your predictions....She deserves all the stars in the universe....Awesome reading....." ... written by Ebony
good reader" ... written by judith
very calming, honest and wise." ... written by dsd
Best!" ... written by steph
Prophetess is the real deal!!! Thank you, for your insight and wisdom. Stay blessed!" ... written by Gzelle2
The best reading ever. She ain't nothing but the truth. I can't deny that at all. I feel the things she says. The connection between us is awesome." ... written by Janice
Tess is so wonderful. She does not sugar coat anything. She is so refreshing and tells it like it is. I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass and i can't wait to give an update. Thank You Tess." ... written by mc
what can i say awesome as usual thank you tess love and light." ... written by riley777
Ms. Tess was so helpful! She gave me a great timeframe for my situation and gave me great information regarding marriage. She doesn't sugarcoat. she is the real deal. I will be back to her very soon with an update as her predictions come to pass. Please do yourself a favor and get a reading from her. It will be worth it. " ... written by Chaselove
she is awesome" ... written by amarielove
she really is the real deal" ... written by sweetie
thank you for all of your insight! " ... written by md
awesome real advice... her predictions came true in the past. really curious about things!" ... written by jazzychic
The absolute best there is. Love this lady and her truthfulness." ... written by Allsons
Thank you Lucia, i will take your advice and seek the correct path which is set for me to follow. I will come back to give the result of the prediction." ... written by Randy
she's awesome!!" ... written by jazzychic7
Tess is a gifted and loving spiritual advisor. She confirms what Spirit is telling me. She is kind and doesn't sugarcoat. I appreciate her and enjoy our readings." ... written by AJ
great reading" ... written by wishfull
She's always on the money." ... written by A
Last year I had a reading with Prophetess and both her predictions for love and work maters were 100% accurate 6 months in advance. Im writing this review several months later because I only now realized how totally accurate she was. May God continue blessing her." ... written by G
She was very honest and very confident in her answer and predictions. I really didn't like what I was told but only time will tell. Only the truth no bs with Prophetess77, be ready. Thank you" ... written by gigi
I was waiting for her to come back online. I am over joyed that I got the chance to talk to her. it was a blessing she's helped me a lot. shout outs to ms prophetess" ... written by 4evergreatful51
very good reading. thank u " ... written by sweets
ugh ran out of time but i like her. she is fast and easy to speak with! will be back for another" ... written by gardenflowerskoy
oh my lord have mercy" ... written by tiffany
Saw her after a long time, Had got 6 in Dec. And today I got 2 for something else. Now will wait n watch. TY for the reading," ... written by kool
She is always clear and precise. " ... written by AB
Nice lady and very accurate in her descriptions. " ... written by Elizabeth
always on point..thanks!" ... written by sin
thank you for all the information! " ... written by md
Loved her!!!!!!! " ... written by tiffany
Prophetess is such a lovely and wonderful person to consult with! She doesn't sugarcoat. She will tell you the truth. I am looking forward to her predictions and will listen to her advises. Thank you so much!" ... written by Moonchild59
Prophetess, you are the truth. I so appreciate that, along with the wisdom. Thank you" ... written by Gzelle2
I always come to Tess when I need clarity on a situation. A few months ago she told me how how I meet someone with a certain eyes hape and I did a month later. Tess also told me that I would get a job surrounding the letter T. A few months later I got a job at a school that is located on a street that starts with a T. Tess is the best on Oranum and she tell you what she sees and is mighty accurate. " ... written by Sapphire456
I trust her readings and think she is beyond amazing especially with time lines. Thanks so much Tess." ... written by Eman
she is the real deal awesome as always ." ... written by Deborah
Excellent reading always the best from Ms. Tess" ... written by onangelswings
MY go to.. i wish i had more credits i really do. she is the best reader here" ... written by charleotte
She was really cool, I enjoyed my reading" ... written by V
Always such a wondering reading with Prophetess77 so full of details and always provide great advice. Thanks a million" ... written by newbegin78
she is good really good ...the facts " ... written by lavelle
she was definitely on point. thank you for a great reading. I will be back." ... written by Charlene
My first time reading with her and I enjoyed the reading. I will keep quite, just like you said. lol. Wonderful and thank you again. " ... written by Dawn
Loved the reading... She is always on point!!! I will we posting on her wall with things that have come to pass!!! Love her!!! " ... written by Ant
OMG!!! She's very good!! She is very consistent of what she told me about my life. I just can't wait to see her prediction with me especially about me writing a book in the future about kids that Ive been helping. It seems impossible cause I can't imagine myself doing that but lets go see, cause she's very consistent with me very consistent of my situation. I can really recommend her she's good" ... written by OMG
She was accurate on how i am feeling at the moment. She is a prophetess of God." ... written by nickychi
It was a blessing indeed to have a reading with Prophetess77. She was very fast and accurate. She always speaks the gospel truth. Trust me I will be back for my update because this update will be sweet." ... written by ForeverRadiant
I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! she's very honest , and she's very inspirational. I start school tomorrow and I'm more open to facing new experiences and meeting new people. She also gave me good advice. If you want an honest psychic please go to Ms. Tess : )" ... written by ruby
LOVE her!!! She is the truth!! Tells you the truth and is so accurate!!! It's like talking to a good friend who has your best interest at heart but will tell you the truth and only the truth!" ... written by AB
She's really great.Honest,no sugar coating.I am Very impressed indeed." ... written by dove
she was spot on will defintaely return for more readings" ... written by mariam
i relly enjoyed my reading with prophetess she put me at ease and i feel so much better" ... written by amoni
Prophetess is the best reader on the site. I was in the market for a new house and she gave me the number 2 for a change in this area. 2 days later I had signed a contract and will be moving in January 2015. Her advice regarding work matters is always accurate, she has helped me with countless situations. You must read with Prophetess, she is a trusted adviser." ... written by Newdaydawning
Ms Tess is a genuine prophet. She is super accurate with her readings. She can read, not only what is going through my mind but also what is going on with the other person involved. She is quick, honest and direct to the point. Miss Tess does not waste time. I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass because I know that they will happen. She is 100% spot on! Thank you, Tess!" ... written by Moonchild59
AMAZING, great reader. i love her xxx" ... written by ms tess
Love Tess! Always on point. " ... written by Sapphire456
Tess, I cannot thank you enough for our reading.. the way you connect with my situation and the details that you gave me it amazing.. cannot wait to update on the predictions. xx" ... written by Adela
loooovveeeeddddd reading omg " ... written by mroddie
Wow Tess is always on the money she is wonderful and the time frames she predicts always come true. She is an angel. Thank You Tess. oxoxox " ... written by Bellina
she's amazing" ... written by cristina
Wonderful cleansing with Tess. I made sure to write everything down because it always comes to pass. " ... written by Sapphire456
I waited for her since December....finally caught her....she is amazing!" ... written by nikki
Tess is the only one I would trust with guidance about men, and I have been to many readers... She tells it like it is and she is very accurate as well.. even brought gram through cuz mom is sick.. excellent reader always" ... written by cake
first time reading interesting one ....will know in a few months what happens...thanks" ... written by lovehouston
Her predictions always come true. He gets 10 stars!" ... written by nikki
Will update when things transpire" ... written by ChrissyBear
Man, she's good!!!! Very fast and on point. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Walejr
accurate and professional as always" ... written by newday
Excellent reading she is truly gifted" ... written by SD
thankyou for your honest straightforward reading blessings to you xxx" ... written by t
love her" ... written by chrissymilan
the best!" ... written by AP
She is the bomb. The absolute bomb. I enjoyed my reading. She did a great job." ... written by butterfly77lady
Prophetess77 is a truly gifted psychic who will tell you accurate details and truths about your past, present and future and I have to warn you, all of her predictions come true and everything she says is always 100% accurate!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Once again tess shows me the raw truth and I am very happy with my reading and got good advice. Thank you Tess. " ... written by Randy
She is amazing :) and honest xoxo !!" ... written by VB
spot on" ... written by bb
I appreciate her honest and insight. My work situation was smoothed out. " ... written by knowing
she is absolutely amazing" ... written by natural