About SpirtualMan

Psychic SpirtualManhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SpirtualManhas recently helped 33members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SpirtualMan's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I m a God gifted Psychic. Not using any tools. Only use my gifts and energies. Specialize LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP, CAREER, FINANCE, REMOVING NEGATIVITY EFFECTS, and BAD ENERGIES IN YOUR LIFE.

He did a great job. gave me the resolution i was looking for. timelines and everything. worth your money. He is a typer but its totally worth it. " ... written by Christy
I have been and will continue to consult with spiritualman!" ... written by rororo749
Helped me to understand my issues better. " ... written by Akeysha5
Very good" ... written by Focusing
Amazing reading." ... written by dosanm
Great!" ... written by Hanna
Very informative,,I am certain he picked up on my situation. Highly recommend." ... written by LA
not a bad reading... connected well... however may be a little more in depth information on his part would have been better... more talking and possibly explaining" ... written by koel
WoW. this was the most greatest reading i've had by far. He was really really making me want to know more about my future. He didnt sugar coat anything. He Gave me all the details that i wanted to know and needed to know. I really reccomend him to everyone. he connected really fast and i will make sure i get more updates from him I RATE HIM : #1 ************************BEESTTTTTT PSYCHIC" ... written by Vaneya
Thank you. SPOT ON! Chat soon and take care. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
tthanks for your help ??" ... written by malia
no sugar coating very nice " ... written by k
he is good! will wait for result" ... written by maria
good thank u" ... written by rennie6100
Great reading very nice to talk to too." ... written by Lorann
Great reading. SpirtualMan is very positive. " ... written by A.P
It was very on point and no games and that is a very big deal for me also there will be a prediction he made for me that is to come in 4 months and will be waiting on results." ... written by William
Was great he was to the point and new how I was feeling, he is on point." ... written by stacey
Was very insightful. Will wait for the prediction to come true. Recommended." ... written by Mettlwire
I like how he always get me back on track from a bad day. I am really loving the way he reads me and just tells me everything will be fine and great :)" ... written by Vaneya
he is very honest and upfront with u and brings u piece of mind" ... written by stacey
great insight :)" ... written by aj
Fantastic experience..... Covered all I wanted to know.... 10 star rating...." ... written by Philip Timos
he was reassuring me of what he already told me, he always makes me feel better and puts things into prospective great job" ... written by stacey
Great, reader!" ... written by AnnaCeline
Thank you very much for my reading" ... written by marionlyttle
he was very good" ... written by tanya zappia
I have spoken with SpiritualMan a few times now and his council has been amazing. He picks up very clearly without me even saying anything. His advice is highly appreciated and its been a great help in my growth. Thank you for your advice." ... written by U
I love his insight!! Its accurate, its gentle and he's HONEST! " ... written by Marie Ali
awesome...he is able to tell things precisely....will come back." ... written by challa rani
He is very nice. Honest. Wants to help. Great info. Reassuring. Thank you!" ... written by Quest
He was great, I recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Ryan
SM is direct, connects with little to no time and answers point blank and does reveal reasons and thoughts of others. He touched upon stuff that I knew were spot on. I have never questioned what he has ever shared in the past and still to the present. I would trust him and I would recommend him. I'm thankful for his insights that gives confidence toward the future of my love life. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Happy with my answer with work situations. Thank you ..." ... written by Rutinha133
Spirtual Man always makes me feel relaxed and is very honest with me he doesn't sugar coat anything if u want the real truth about what's going on he is the man to see if I could give him more then 5 stars I would give him 100 thank you for the update I needed that your honesty mean a lot to me, I will keep u updated." ... written by stacey
He was amazing, after his spiritual healing session, I felt completely relaxed. I recommend it to everyone" ... written by Ryan
He was very quick and gave me the clarity I needed about a pressing matter. He connected very quickly too. He seems very sincere and authentic. Thank you very much Spirit." ... written by Fran
very good and on point, I trust him 110 % u should try him " ... written by stacey
great" ... written by jamieleigh
HE WAS GREAT 5 STAR" ... written by TOLOSA
good convinced. will wait for what he said." ... written by Anil
he is good and accurate. Will wait for his some prediction. No sugarcoating. will visit him soon. will follow his advice." ... written by JR
He was incredible has helped me with evil spell, and cleared aswell and guided me with what i need to do to keep my self cleared he told me who did it and incredible amount of details with my life thankyou so much " ... written by christopher
great again! what a kind person! thank you!" ... written by Olya
very good! i had a reading before and i like his honesty. thanks" ... written by jc
good reader will come back" ... written by Ray
My reading was a relief and opened my mind to what matters most in my life. Me, my husband, and our daughter. This reading made me explode with tears. I will forever be grateful for your reading!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything you explained to me, I understand. As I told you, I will follow your instructions. " ... written by Shavonna Staley
You have gave me the courage to speak to someone, I haven't spoke to in a long time. I still won't do it. I wish you the best, even tho you spoke to me in short time, you answered questions quick. I hope that what you have told me can make my life change for the better !" ... written by Manny
He really lifted my spirits. I feel reassured talking to him" ... written by Artemia
Very positive and insightful. Encouraging and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. " ... written by Bebe
200% accurate!! Won't let you down. Amazing advice got everything right, helpful and remembered my name weeks later!!! This is not first reading but 3rd or 4th. Will keep coming back. He really cares and really wants to help. Helped me to keep my relationship and from doing dumb things. Thank you!!!" ... written by Quest
connected well. i will wait for predictions to pass .. defo recommend" ... written by gez
very helpful and great reader!!!" ... written by Olya
good reading. Thank you very much" ... written by pigletme123
spiritual man has been very helpful! and I have consulted him more then once and will continue to do so in the future!" ... written by rororo749
Nice man..very truthful and honest" ... written by Tia
I hope he is right." ... written by luxxicon
He is very nice person and he gave me clear and accurate information." ... written by tariq9
he tells the truth straight forward" ... written by marcus
Excellent reader, on point and explains everything, is understanding to your path and is helpful in his guidance." ... written by Dan Agosto
He told me exactly what was going on as well as the solution for it. He is really good and worth the time and the credits! Looking forward to another reading with him soon :)" ... written by starry
Good reading!" ... written by tasha_j
Fast and efficient. Humble and welcoming." ... written by catherine
Very helpful, thanks!" ... written by Angelica
He was pretty cool and I believe him I hope everything works out. Will visit him again and again and again" ... written by Jelly
Very good reading, thank you Spiritual Man. 5 Stars. " ... written by Gabriel
first time did some healing hope it works .he is a very nice man and see how that healing will work .i didn;t do reading yet but he looks like he know what he is doing " ... written by ft
SpiritualMan has been very helpful in the reading's I've had with him. He is honest and will not sugarcoat things - which is very valuable! I didn't have to try to decipher vague answers (or accidentally read into things), so there was no misunderstanding; he will tell you directly, like it is! Also, SpiritualMan is able to answer very specific questions. In all the readings I've had with him, he was able to answer all of my questions. His fee is also very reasonable which is a blessing in itself because it makes him accessible to anyone that needs help. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Kimber
damn I wish hed just call me! lets do lunch! lol I think hes wonderful" ... written by kim
Thank you lots for helping me out on trying to find the item i lost. I felt very preoccupied, but now i feel very determined that i will find what is lost! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowsprit123
Fast and accurate. Unfortunately my screen froze so didnt get to finish the reading." ... written by Mshelli
he lifted my spirits once again and told me what I needed to no" ... written by stacey
A strong expert, wise honest and kind. His insight is very strong. We had a great reading, highly recommended." ... written by zimerili1
Thankyou much for your help! I will return for another reading!" ... written by Felicia
Thanks for the talk... connects very fast and tells the truth!!!" ... written by Ash
Great person.promptly tell u facts .so he is awesome" ... written by Jitendra
GREAT READING!!!" ... written by o
great reading, told it as it is. very honest with what to do expect." ... written by Amir
great reading thanks " ... written by rose
Thank you so much... I'm glad that I can always talk to you!!!!" ... written by Ash
A bit slow at first but when he got into it, he was very good and accurate." ... written by Water Bearer
Good reader." ... written by WaterBearer2
Great person to talk to... thanks!! He always helps with my worries and answers all of my questions!!" ... written by Ash
I am happy i met someone who show me what to do thanks to you Sir SpirtualMan" ... written by Tobi
good" ... written by Tuyen
very straight forward and awesome reading. good advise. very fast and calm when answering questions. " ... written by hermestarr
I guess is good, I need to practice my home work than will see." ... written by Yelena
SpiritualMan was able to tell me what was going on without asking questions, he did not waste time and showed a lot of empathy. He made me feel better about the whole situation. Will be back in the future." ... written by Flirty Bee
Had a quick session and he was quick to give me an answer so will see how it turns out" ... written by KS
Every time i visit .He is perfect with his readings and timings ." ... written by Jitendra
was direct and to the point and very accurate as always I can't wait until my next update to give him, if I could give him a 100 stars I will give spiritual man a 100 gold stars" ... written by stacey
He was straight to point.Honest even what I did not want to hear but he gave the truth ." ... written by KS
Real deal. told me things that right on and true. I appreciate his gifting and wisdom used to help sort me out. Awesome!" ... written by Jeanna
good" ... written by coiboi
Good Reading very accurate would recommend, 5 stars." ... written by SweetlitLady66
great reader. 5 stars!1" ... written by tony
Thanks for the reading " ... written by Curador
excellent reading I had a bad connection on internet but he was thoughtful and to the point." ... written by j
he is great as always right on spot with his prediction's and time frames he has not been wrong yet with anything he his said he is great I give him 100 starts if I could hugs and kisses ur awesome thank you" ... written by STACEY
he is a very good person very helpfull" ... written by amandeep
Thanks for clearing my mind... it really helped a lot!!" ... written by Ash
He is a very nice man. I appreciate his time and find his room welcoming." ... written by call
excellent" ... written by pearl
very generic" ... written by Savy
My first time having a reading with him. He made some predictions. I am eager to see if they come true? Over all answered my questions without stalling or taking too much time. " ... written by SK
Clear and concise reading. Nice job." ... written by Jerome
If u r looking for advise he is great, he can read the situation" ... written by sunshine
thanks so much" ... written by peralp
good" ... written by pearl
very good and accurate and right on point as always, he makes u feel better and talks to u with compassion" ... written by stacey
He connects very well and fast!! Thanks again" ... written by Ash
Spot on... THanx heaps" ... written by Hitesh
he is very accurate and to the point and his wisdom is great and he explains things in a manor to show he cares and wants to help you succeed ty ur awsome" ... written by ss
Super!" ... written by Debra Smith
great connection as always. " ... written by beauty
Was very non-judgemental. He was very open to helping and even offered to assist me with a problem that he seen. " ... written by Cody
SpiritualMan is great... he is always there for me!!! Thanks xxx" ... written by Ash
Good read" ... written by Lori
fantastic!! Love his energy and he does not judge..wonderful" ... written by j
SP proved to be fast accurate, and a powerful spirit with the direct plug into my situation. He picked up many things that gave great pervue. I was blessed and am grateful for the grace of this space that was created. I will be back." ... written by beauty
I got clarity on my dream, which had been bothering me for sometime. Good insight and advice. Thank you heaps. 5 stars" ... written by reenu70
He was very honest with his reading and never sugar coated the truth! I'll surely go back for another reading." ... written by MacMia
spiritual man connects qjickly wit hmy situation and gives lots of information of what the sees quickly. i had many readings here and have had many predictions happen. thanks again for the updates" ... written by kelly
he is a wonderful person ." ... written by riu
accurate with advice thank you for the reading" ... written by dia
Good ready :)" ... written by Sunday Ross
he is straight forward and sincere." ... written by gst
This was a good reading and from the things I already know he was very correct. I am hoping his predictions come tru also : )" ... written by BRENDA
Thanks so much for the advice... " ... written by Ash
My reading was great" ... written by LeKita
Had a great reading. I was given great advice. I feel more confident and feel less stress now that I have talked to Spiritual Man" ... written by Secunda
I just had a demo reading from SpirtualMan which lead me to wanting some one on one time to ask more in depth questions. I was given not only insight but helpful advice. I'm looking to change my journey that I'm on and he helped by letting me know that I'm on track. Was a wonderful reading and I plan on talking to him again. " ... written by Jennifer
Good reading. Felt very relaxed during reading." ... written by Danielle
good update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
good advice" ... written by pearl
Great experience as usual ." ... written by Jitendra
seems very connected , good advice, can't wait for predictions to come true. thanks spirtualman" ... written by Melissa
quite detailed, tuned into energies, answered all questions...seems very realistic....thank u." ... written by loveouston
Thanks for the talk... I feel much better now!! You're great =)" ... written by Ash
he was accurate with what he said about my job I am next for a blue shirt I was told, ur amazing spiritual man, if u were closed I would kiss u for helping me threw this ur a great friend" ... written by stacey
he was very insightful and understanding. helped me with a solution and offered me extra help.he even followed up through messaging and i think he is very good" ... written by ndodiwa
he always makes me feel better with his words and wisdom and is always on target" ... written by stacey
he gave me the answer that I already new for myself but wasn't sure if I thought i was right or not and come to find out I was right, great job spiritual man I can always count on u for ur honesty " ... written by stacey
He is a very kind man....and he knows what he is doing!! 5 stars" ... written by miszy
He was right to the point and gave me the answers i needed. Great reading with no tools. Awesome!!!" ... written by mlove
he gave me very insightful news which made my night and what I thought would happen will come to pass, I can't wait, spiritual man is very accurate with his answers and his time frame he needs more then 5 starts it needs to be a 100 thank you for ur time hugs" ... written by sm
SpiritualMan connects with limited information. Very compassionate and caring man. quick and to the point. Provided information that I didn't even know about. Will definitely be back. Thank you again!" ... written by B
great as always he told me I was gonna be happy soon and he was right you are great and I thank you for keeping me on the right path your wisdom has helped me threw a lot ur right on point with me and u haven't let me down not once I wish I could keep you in my pocket because you are always so accurate and on point ur awsome" ... written by sms
very kind man. very sensitive to my situation. very understanding too. will come back for more readings!!" ... written by carrie
Always amazing. I enjoy our little chats on here. Keeps me grounded - only tells what is real. No messing about straight to the point! Recommended to all who want the reality and clarity. Thanks again Spiritual xx" ... written by j
spiritual man was right on target and knew how I was feeling before I said anything and told me what I kinda knew already he is on point, if I could give him a 100 starts I would, ty for ur help" ... written by stacey
thanks. very nice. no sugar coating. " ... written by plutogirl
very truthful about situation and gave me direction" ... written by selah210
He was very fast and accurate and gave me some really good, real world advice" ... written by Viggles
He did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. He helped to ease my mind and my heart. Highly recommend and will use again. " ... written by Sara
Quick with his reading and straight to the point. Thank you!" ... written by happi_girl13
told me things I needed to hear...time will will tell if all will happen...more in the near future...was great...everyone should try SpirtualMan...hear for yourself! Thanks" ... written by Browneyes
quick fast and good connection thank u" ... written by christina
good reading " ... written by xxxx
quick with answers. honest! thank you!" ... written by happigirl
Very genuine man that has great insight. I will be back." ... written by Heyyou1929
very nice and very informative." ... written by Mark
SpiritualMan is very good ! I was very impressed with my reading.....Will definitely call on him again " ... written by gina
had great insight and answers about where my life was headed. i really do appreciate him and his wisdom and i do look forward for his future advice and gifting. wonderful psychic." ... written by Jeanna
He's great to talk to... wonderful reading!!" ... written by Ash
Great and accurate!! Must get another reading!! So much information!" ... written by Rain
He is spot on. I really enjoyed the reading. New the situation and connected very well for me . " ... written by shelly
a great session, gave guidance to my situation" ... written by lynn
he has given me guidance in my situation- I shall return" ... written by lynn
Thanks for the reading... I feel a little better!!" ... written by Ash
I can always count on SpiritalMan to give a great reading. What's cool is that he can read about animals too; so if you have pets he is a good adviser. Genuine and honest, I always leave feeling reassured in some way. Highly recommended!" ... written by Kimber
He is an awesome reading, caring and loving and understanding. That is what I felt from him...Love his readings, recommend it highly..." ... written by waterluva
always a pleasure talking to spiritual man he gives me hope and guides me in the right direction and is always on point with his predictions u should try him out " ... written by stacey
Very honest reading, very impressed. Highly Recommend I will return in future. " ... written by Gabriel
Fantastic and precise. GREAT reading." ... written by Mitchel
another session with guidance- thank you" ... written by lynn
Wonderful person to talk to... he knows his stuff and will answers and explain all your questions!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
Spiritual man is always precise and understand. Without giving judgement, he evaluates the situation and then proceeds to advise. I just had the pleasure of one of his readings. He gave me hope to move forward and what i need to do to get there. He is truly one of the best on Oranum." ... written by Tim
I love spirtual man, and I keep going back to him for more reading, because I think he is awesome and he gives good reading.." ... written by Shob
excellent" ... written by pearl
awesome as always 100 percent accurate I love this guy keeping me on track to do the right thing he needs more stars if u want accuracy come see spiritual man honest and on point" ... written by ss
He is the best, he knew things that I did not even have to tell him, he told me everything and very accurately, he is awesome at reading. He can tell you about your past, present, and future. He is awesome, I would highly recommend ! l He is awesome! You will be amazed by his talents and how he reads." ... written by waterluva
nice reading with happiness for my future. He also confirmed some vibes that I was getting from people around me. I look forward to the new year ! He made a quick connection, I felt he was accurate with the information that he provided. " ... written by crs1828
great reading!!!" ... written by vikki
Very pleased with his honesty and straight to the point attitude. He is definetly someone who doesn't waste any time to let you know what you need to do, in order to get back on the right track. Highly recommended!" ... written by B
SpirtualMan - quick connection and he gave confirmation about a few things that I had some concerns over. I now know how to proceed and in what direction. Thanks! " ... written by crs1828
great reading" ... written by debiie
he's great straight to the point. no mucking around highly recommended" ... written by vnesa99
great update" ... written by zimerili1
gave me such clarity to understand things better to help me move on from my current situation" ... written by April
Kind and connected to my situation easily. Very insightful." ... written by Alex
He tells you like it is,,,the truth. If you are seaking the truth its a must to visit SpirtualMan. TY for the truth!!! " ... written by Lynne52
Great reading ! Will keep coming back !!" ... written by Daniele
Very helpful" ... written by Alex
Very Honest and direct. Good energy!" ... written by Yolanda
very good and accurate as always he helped with my worried mind and put me at ease and helped me once again get back on track, ty you are always on point and accurate hugs and kiss ur the best guide to have" ... written by ss
gave me the time frame I needed and his time frames are great never missed a time frame yet for me awesome job once again" ... written by stacey
Very good psychic .. Would recommend him to everyone .. Works fast and is very kind .." ... written by Romy Marylou Amber
Awesome reading. Highly recommend" ... written by chelle
Thanks you're awesome!!!!!" ... written by Ash
SpiritualMan is very fast and highly intuitive. He does not waste anytime either. I would rate him 10 stars." ... written by Flirty Bee
Great messenger; peaceful energy; very helpful and wiling to help; thank you" ... written by Lois Green
Advice I needed to hear. Great job helping me understand my freaky dream" ... written by Eric
most amazing reading and my situation was given-questions answered- I shall return" ... written by lynn
I think he is pretty good " ... written by ras
Comforting and precise." ... written by Alex
He has always been acurate and is able to lets you know things way before they happen...Very good and will be visiting him again in the near future." ... written by Lynne
conformation for now and future so far he has been spot on and even can name the month and day truely awesome...what an amazing gift he has. Thank You for your time... Lynne" ... written by Lynne
very good :) " ... written by Marthe
was very kind and helpful. He sensed what was going on and gave useful suggestions. Thanks" ... written by Ted
was very kind and straight forward. hoping to see the results he predicted and will follow his advice" ... written by Jon
thank you , fast and positive input to my questions, with most needed guidance" ... written by lynn
very informative, will be interesting to see if predictions happen. Will come back in the future for an update." ... written by Lorie
very nice n accurate" ... written by cali
o wow he is greattt, I cant wait for the future and updateess" ... written by caliz
Fabulous! VERY gifted! I would highly recommend!" ... written by Gloria
he is great and assuring!" ... written by cali
He is awesome and always correct..Listen for yourself and you will be amazed how accurate he is with readings. Thank You!!" ... written by Lynne
SpiritualMan is spot on with his readings and I think he is fantastic. 10 stars" ... written by Flirty Bee
Was good. very helpful!!" ... written by Angela
This is the second time, I speak to him, so I'm hoping, I will talk to him again." ... written by Manny
he has given much guidance in my situation,questions were answered. will return for updates thank you" ... written by lynn
insightful and good update" ... written by cali
He gave me the best advice and suggestions. He read things about me that were very accurate and i trust him with the reading he did for me! Wonderful experience. " ... written by Julie
He is very accurate and a heart of gold. His predictions have come true numerous times and I highly recommend him!" ... written by Michele
Good advice to start with. Thank you!" ... written by Tiffany
Very kind reader. He was very detailed and gave a lot of information. Connected and typed fast. Spot on with the situation and great advice. Thank you" ... written by vocalmachine1
Fantastic just like everytime." ... written by michelle
thanks for the update, till next time!" ... written by cali
very good " ... written by ferishta
good" ... written by Sollieo
He is a great reader, very honest and caring, I went back to for a reading update. I highly recommend, he does not sugar coat things.." ... written by waterluva
Spiritual man can truly see what I have been going through and is the only one to give me advice in regards to it. " ... written by Sara
Thank you for all of your guidance!!!! Five stars as always." ... written by Michelle
Never dissapointed in his visits because he tells the truth for whatever situation you may be experiencing. He is always spot on in his readings and very fast to connect. You can rely on his timing when an event will happen and be sure to listen to what he suggests so you can have clarification for your situations. Thank you again for your time and help SpirtualMan...Will return again and again!!" ... written by 52Lynne
Very good reader, can see clearly and will tell you exactly how it is." ... written by Sebastian
SpirtualMan Gave a wonderful reading an blessin for me for my issuse an I enjoy his readings." ... written by Erin Stephens
Time tell all and so far everything is still the same...very good and very fast reading....ty will be back next month" ... written by L
very helpful once again..most recommended" ... written by Anupama
always great sessions always, thanx and talk very soon" ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic! Five stars with this amazing reading." ... written by Michet
insightful and amazing!" ... written by Anupama
he's amazing and so accurate and helpful as always. thank you" ... written by think
he is great, informative helpful and good!!!!" ... written by cal
another great session with guidance" ... written by lynn
Great again..." ... written by GZRNYC
Always delivers a great reading! " ... written by Kimber
He gave me great insight into my issues and great advise. Will definitely try him again." ... written by Dhaiana
kind, caring, and very good, doesn't sugarcoat, tells you the truth." ... written by cali
absolutely stunnning!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerrit
Awesome....it wasn't about the reading. It was about my spirit in this reading. I have talked to so many people. I was inspired to pray and and read spiritual word. After visiting with SpirtualMan I felt calm and able to breathe and think. Thank you " ... written by SN
Its awesome to have someone pray for you and with you. Pray changes things. He open my mind to think positive and to read spiritual words. Wish I had the funds to talk everyday I would. " ... written by SN
first reading with Spirtual Man and very very good. Picked up i things right away. Wish I could have spent more time , but felt confidence in his reading and predictions. Would recommend highly" ... written by debbiec0613
He's amazing, and connects fast. I trust his readings and advice as he is usually very accurate. Thank you so much..sorry we got disconnected but i will be back soon for an update. tc" ... written by think
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Curador
He is amazing and very gifted. I love to hear updates from him. He has never gave me bad information!!!" ... written by Michelle
Oh my he is amazing!!!!" ... written by Sam
Thank you for your prediction. I hope I will have good news in August. " ... written by Diana
A truly gifted psychic. Kind, genuine and very compassionate. Timeframes given so will be happy to report once come to fruition. Very happy with the reading and will be sure to come back for more updates. " ... written by S
he is completely honest. Can see the truth. Special gift. Pure energy. He can be trusted. Thank-you." ... written by nlove
he did a clearing for me that removed all the negative energy around me. I can feel myself again. Thank-you" ... written by nlove
got an update, keeping high hope n prayers, thanks SpirtualMan" ... written by cal
always a pleasure to talk to spiritual man..he always makes me feel better about things." ... written by Anupama
Spiritual Man is great ! Fast and accurate !" ... written by Daniele
It is always a pleasure to talk to SpitualMan. He is always on point and connect very quickly. Thank you...thank you" ... written by SN
great!" ... written by cal
Great and kind. Offered a lot of insight into my situation. Spot on. Awesome" ... written by vm
Awesome!! SpirtualMan is very correct about my relationship and my ex boyfriend . Thanks for your advice .. " ... written by Anna
5 star rating and reading great guidance and insight" ... written by Avenda Ali
Great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you for your advice. I will hold on to your words. " ... written by L..
Time mends all things and we will see when enough time has past things will change..He is always spot on and very clear fast also to connect...TY I will be back.." ... written by Lynne
Always a comfort getting a reading from SpiritualMan. He gives honest answers and is good with predicting time frames. 5 Stars!" ... written by Kimber
great update as always" ... written by zimerili1
Got great insight from the Spiritual Man. He was very nice and help me seek the right things I was looking for. " ... written by anwar
My reading with spiritual man was good, he was confirming things that already happened in my life. He helped me clear some energies which was lovely. The connection towards the ending was rough so we got disconnected but overall was good. Still didnt answer my last question due to the connection. But I may give him another try. Thank you Spiritual Man you are very kind, and straight forward like I wanted and keep up all the good guidance you receive from source and transmit to others who need to hear your healing gifts. :)" ... written by L
He was quite helpful and kind!" ... written by Amin
he was wonderful he answer my question very fast and nice I would always love to talk with him spiritual man." ... written by debra green
Very honest, accurate and quick!" ... written by Leona
THANK YOU" ... written by GRANNY
As always he is right on...so far everything he has told me has come true and even during his time frame is spot on. He is fast and tell the truth.. TY" ... written by L
Fabulous as always, recommend 100%" ... written by michelle
I came back again to finish what we started. It went exceedingly well as he gave me predictions. We will soon find out in time and when it does happen I will come back and let SpiritualMan and the rest of you know. I am very thankful to have you on Oranum and very thankful to have had this reading with you. Thank You SpiritualMan, I wish you have a wonderful 2015! May all your dreams come true!" ... written by L
Amazing" ... written by amrita
Amazing !!! He is very nice ..Thanks for your advice that I have focus on my life and strong , I am feeling inspiration .. The Person come back together me for sure .. God blessing you ." ... written by Anna
extremely supportive and encouraging" ... written by zimerili1
great and reassuring reading" ... written by CMM228
ThankYou so much! always good reading." ... written by think
Spot on again...he is amazing and very fast. He connects fast and also types fast so you do get your money worth. Very interesting and so accurate...Amazing!!! TY SpirtualMan " ... written by L
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Wow! I thoroughly enjoy SpiritualMan he is great! You must get a reading from him. I think his prediction from the last reading I had from him is coming true. Two thumbs up!" ... written by L
questions were answered with guidance" ... written by lynn
Good reading with bonus spiritual words! Thanks" ... written by Kundra
It was a good reading. Straight to the point and honest. Answered my question, but also gave me the facts of the situation and what is the problem. " ... written by Ctgirl81
Awesome...great advice. What I needed to hear." ... written by SN
Spiritualman gave me insight into a problem. I never considered the reason for the problem or that others could plainly see what I couldn't. His guidance was right on. Thank you Spiritualman." ... written by Cody
Amazing" ... written by Margot
Really nice. Seemed accurate. Excited for predictions to happen." ... written by Anniri
Pretty amazing and awesome reading!" ... written by rodny
He is very spiritual, great person to speak to. He gives good advice." ... written by Violeta
Excellent" ... written by Margot
Spirtual is highly gifted and doesn't anything to see the situation. Very fast with his connection. Tells me everything I need to hear. I highly recommend him. " ... written by Michelle
SpiritualMan picks up situations really well! He is really fast and I have no doubt that his readings are accurate. " ... written by leona
Good reader. Recommend him. Really eases me. :)" ... written by L
Lots of reading received from him...and he does follow up on my situation really well...and he explains very easily after connecting to my situation....he gives advises and helps to improve my situation...as compared from the past till now, there are many positive changes taken place and im able to see things clearly and understand better...thanks alot" ... written by think
I had purchased a short period of time and I am going to go back for more. He was so dead on with my situation it was truly incredible. I am very intuitive and he basically confirmed what I had been feeling for a while. Would highly recommend him!" ... written by Traci
I had a great reading from SpiritualMan. I cant wait to have another session with him." ... written by haynes
thanks for everything...." ... written by granny
thank you" ... written by granny
powerful psychic, he sees all " ... written by 1828
thanks s.m. you helped me very much today...just like always... granny" ... written by granny
aww so nice and always my spiritual guide, thank u! i get excited and anxious because things arent so great, but he advises me on the right path :)" ... written by ...
Detailed and fast." ... written by Alex
As always his reading is very accurate. He has a special gift from God and I feel that's why his readings are divinely guided." ... written by nlove9
My trusted advisor! There are no words to describe him at all. He gives me the best insight in regards to my situation. He doesn't sugar coat and it can be painful because we are so used to hear things that we want to hear, not hear what we do not want to hear. His predictions do come to pass and it happens unexpectedly! He wants the best for you and will offer you his best guidance to help you. Once again, he is my trusted advisor and much prayers to him! He is the best! " ... written by Topo
Feeling a little hopeful after my conversation with Spiritual man" ... written by haynes7806
Love Spiritual Man ! Always on point and helps me with every situation !" ... written by Daniele
a very nice and connected adviser. He answered my questions and was solid in his answers. He has a very good energy and i feel did his very best and did an excellent job. TY!" ... written by bub
Great insight and clarity. Blessings to you." ... written by Gwendolyn
Spiritual Man really looked into a serious situation and gave me guidance and balance about it. I tend to get excited and close too soon. His view of this person helped me decide to go slowly and wisely which will help us both. I am very happy to carve my own path and not leave what I have just for what seems like love." ... written by Amy
Reassuring and very insightful. I will follow your advice and hoping for the best. thank you very much. " ... written by L
Great spiritual guidance andamp; advice andamp; very reassuring." ... written by Havy
SpiritualMan is very gifted. He tuned in really amazingly into my situation. He's one of the few psychics I trust to give me solid answers - straight to the point, no bs. He's very quick after he has tuned in which is very fast also. Give him a try because you'll be very thankful you did." ... written by nlove9
Always so specific and accurate with his details! Highly recommend. " ... written by Sheila
Very good. Hit the nail directly on the head. I already had an intuitive feeling about my situation and he was great in clarifying my feelings. Thanks." ... written by Rab
Wow he's really god very connected to my situation. I can't wait to all he's prediction to unfold. He's fast and not wasting my time at all" ... written by Sarah
very on point. understands the situation completely " ... written by toby
spiritualman is great he on point and really good thanks so much for the reading I enjoyed it many blessing to you " ... written by marybet1love
Such a nice and honest person Spirtualman is . I highly recommend him !!! 100 stars . Thank you again my friend ." ... written by sandra
He was wonderful. I had a cleansing done and I already feel the positive effect. I will reach back out to him to update him on how everything is going in my life." ... written by Peace2u2
I've been going to Spiritualman for a long time now. He has never been wrong. Not only do I go to him for predictions I go to him for advice. I'm alway super satisfied. He was able to tell me my boyfriend was cheating on me, the girls name who he was cheating on me with, and much more. I'm able to get the truth and closure in my life. " ... written by Samantha
nice and sincere I would come back" ... written by julie
SpiritualMan helped me maintain my hope through a difficult situation. He was able to see what would help me through this difficult time and I will definitely take his advice. Thank-you once again." ... written by nlove9
wonderful insight into situation! offered great advice based on his abilities which im going to listen to because it also feels right in my heart, thanks for always being there for me :)" ... written by a
Honest and very nice guy. " ... written by Anna
thanx " ... written by nolulamo
thank you s.m. its a shame about his out of order thing..i hope its gets better... I can always count on you.thanks granny" ... written by granny
Fast, accurate readings :)" ... written by ninishay
Wonderful man he is ...A gifted great reader thank you so much !!" ... written by sandra
time is the key...he confirmed my suspecious" ... written by L
Excellent reading, great advise" ... written by Mariana
wonderful and insighful" ... written by sdat
Great reading super accurate......thank you" ... written by Lorna
His predictions are always come to be...His time frame is spot on...perfect...unbelievable! Thank you!!!" ... written by L
time is a factor and his readings are so right on visit with him when some time passes...he is fast to connect and gerat reading...all the truth no sugar coating anything." ... written by L
Amazing reading, very detailed and didn't hold back at all! highly recommend! A+" ... written by Antonio
He is good" ... written by Nancy
Sorry Run of out .. Awesome!! he did remember the person of birthdate that he answer it me correct!! Wow.. I trust him and he is very good.. Thanks for your advice.. " ... written by Anna
So touching the reading was a confirmation for me. Every word he said is so true." ... written by SN
ty" ... written by Ted
he knew things no one eles knew and taught us how to fix it...thank you" ... written by sandy and chris
Thanks for your advice" ... written by Anna
Amazing accuracy...will have you blown away! " ... written by Sheila
seemed very good we will see " ... written by ppp
very good." ... written by Simi
Very connected, hope his prediction will come to pass, gave my mind and heart some peace and hope :). " ... written by cristina
Very accurate in his descriptions." ... written by E
Quick and very insightful. Second reading with him and so far very accurate. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
Positive and honest. Thank you for uplifting my spirits." ... written by Nicole
SpiritualMan He was very precise in his answers. Definitely a positive experience. I will definitely use him again" ... written by Kell
He is one of the best. everything he's told me has come true. And he is very honest. " ... written by jjackson3
This was by far a very enjoyable reading. Whether its accurate or not remains to be seen but he at least was able to give me insight as to my questions and I felt that he was spot on. Would definitely get a private reading again in the future." ... written by Kari
Very straight to the point, no messing about and very serious in all he expressed in my reading. He did not waste any time and was very quick in connecting. He told me things as they were and with clarity to specific facts.He was humble and gave advice with confidence. I feel clear and both happy to know where I currently stand and will definitely recommend SpiritualMan to people. Thank you. " ... written by Tantan20
Spiritual man is kind and compassionate. He gave me a wonderful reading." ... written by AJ
time is the factor...only time will tell and so far everything he has said has come true...seems to me he can for tell time...love it...puts my mind at ease!! ty for your time SpirtualMan...will be back,,,rate him at least a 5" ... written by L
So accurate and amazing. Five stars! " ... written by Mj
excellent reading" ... written by mamiesoum
thank you s.m. I just want to know why my big guy stays away from me..its been just to long..and im tried of it..thank you for the truth..your honey granny" ... written by granny
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for a lovely reading, I'll be back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Always a pleasure talking to SpirtualMan. Always comforting and leading me the right way." ... written by SN
Helpful advice. I appreciate that with my reading." ... written by JulieVanBeck
I came to this psychic for a simple love interest reading. I was very impressed with SpiritualMan, he was very professional, non-judgemental, and gave a quick reading, more in depth than I had expected! I recommend him 100%!" ... written by Henry C
SpiritualMan was fast to give me an answer and a timeline within 4 minutes. Only time will tell if his prediction was accurate. " ... written by violentines
very warm person" ... written by Brisha Harvey
He picked up on the other girl, and how she is. Said we wld go this wknd on our trip, and back together w/in 4 months. Will definitely contact again!!" ... written by Britney
Awesome reading lots of clarity and my time was well spent today. Thank you SpirtualMan for an awesome reading. " ... written by SN
he was very good. he does know things. he is brilliant" ... written by maryann
he was on point" ... written by lady
ok reading" ... written by sasha
he is amazing ! andamp; very accurate ! THANK U" ... written by china
always a good reading. he is trustworthy, and I consistently get good, practical advice from him. recommended!" ... written by Kimber
Wonderful and such accurate reading, connected really fast, told me exactly what is going on without me giving a hint. This is my second reading with him after a sometime and he said exactly the same things. Hope that everything will come to pass. " ... written by cristiana
thank u truly amazing :)" ... written by christina
accurate and helpful " ... written by bazinga
Soooooooo good. So accurate and insight. What a blessing his reading was." ... written by Sabrina Christie
Hes great! Ty :D" ... written by travis
hes a nice caring person, gives good advise to you." ... written by Soul
Quick and to the point. Good reading!" ... written by lervin
Cool. Calm. Wise." ... written by Neu
thank you s.m. im still hopeing and waiting..maybe someday he will come around again..thank you for everything..always granny" ... written by granny
really good you dont ask a question he reads the situation and gets to the point." ... written by evan0291
Accurate" ... written by Shiva
Thank you for all your kind words and answering my questions!" ... written by scadoodle
thank u. peace and positivity." ... written by friend
brief visit again tonight, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
What can i say, it was only necessary to be brief this time, :)" ... written by Dakota
Thank you so much" ... written by Adel
Very quick connection in reading again, detailed information of my current situation, thanks again, :) (hugs)" ... written by Dakota2043
Very nice reading again. always very quick to connect and always very accurate information given with regard to my current situation. will return for more. :) thanks again." ... written by Dakota2043
Had a good reading with him. I'm hoping your prediction will come true. :) " ... written by USA
very good and accurate" ... written by curious
good" ... written by evan0291
His calm demeanor and sound advice puts me at ease. Thank you, SpiritualMan!" ... written by lw
I so cant wait for all of this and I am so excited. It just needs to hurry up. lol Thank you" ... written by T
very honest reading" ... written by mf
Very accurate with his descriptions and friendly." ... written by Elizabeth
thank u for the reading very clear and honest." ... written by mf
Thank you for the reading. It was nice to have some reassurance and know that everything is on the right tracks with me. Thanks you for being fast and clear. " ... written by Tantan20
Very good advisor and had a good insight. Hope he is right :)" ... written by cristiana
He has been spot on since the first reading...everything he has told me has come to pass and he is spot on on his time frames too....Thank you for your time and patience...Will be back! Rate is a 5 Star!" ... written by L
Today reading has some relevant information for me. it is nice to have update to watch progress in my life situations, thanks again, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
he was very nice and very honest and the things he said were true. I felt better after the reading and the healing. he doesnt sugar coat anything. " ... written by Stephanie
Great reading; accurate; and good spirit" ... written by Bresha
good update reading, connected quickly, talk soon, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
he was awesome thank youl." ... written by nelson
great reading 5 stars!! " ... written by jh
SM.. he's very compassionate and when I 'm worried, he seems to speak just what I need to end my concerns. Always a pleasure." ... written by shelle97
Details,details, details, lot today, nice reading." ... written by Dakota2043
SpiritualMan gave me a bit of hope with my situation. I hope his predictions come to pass. Thank you!" ... written by Moonchild59
That actually was a bit scary, but comforting at same time. He picked up things on my situation pretty good." ... written by shelle97
postive reading" ... written by stephanie
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader. very accurate and precise. Would highly recommend him for a reading. well worth the time. " ... written by Patricia
Good update, connected quickly and advised thoroughly, talk later, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
thanx for update great as usual" ... written by zimerili1
a usual he right on point I will be back because I am so interested in talking to him its hard sometime but with spiritual man I am getting stronger love him and will be back for more updates." ... written by debragreen56@yahoo.com
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He told me specific details I knew about a person and I had not say anything. " ... written by Angeles
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader can see and tell things about situation without even asking. I highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by Patraicia
good reading, very quick to connect to the situation, updates accurate, talk again soon, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
great reader, accurate and quick typist, very honest" ... written by hmk
From all the others, SpiritualMan is the only one with whom I've stayed in contact" ... written by Artemia Cachia
A very detailed reading, information was not what i wanted to hear, but it was discussed well, thanks" ... written by avacado
very honest reading, thank u for all ur support today i cud get out of my raf situation it only bcoz of u dear thank u once again" ... written by mfdes
Return for many updates, thank you for much information, even if it is not going to happen as soon as i want , but thank you for your honest with me, talk soon. :)" ... written by Dakota
positive and caring" ... written by Tiffany
no doubt about the accuracy of his readings" ... written by ninishs
He is fast and accurate. He is intuitive. I came to him before and his predictions passed :)" ... written by ninish
will wait and see the status in regards to this reading." ... written by nbarnes2
Wow! I can't wait for the things he said will come true! I am so confident that I can't wait." ... written by T
ty sm.. still sad but have to be strong......" ... written by granny
Spiritual Man's prediction happened. I can't wait for the next one to come to pass. He is very encouraging. I will keep coming back for updates. Thank you!" ... written by Moonchild59
I am only in contact with SpiritualMan..so far he has been accurate and has not told me any lies" ... written by aRTEMIA cACHIA
It was good to have an update from Spirtualman. He is very quick and accurate in what he stated. He is very humble and does not wastes time. Thank you. " ... written by Tantan20
four thumbs up :D" ... written by Mark
Great reading - and he's very quick! You get your money's worth." ... written by Kimber
GREAT reading!!! Great healing too. He's kind of got it all... highly recommended. Thank you!!" ... written by P.R.P.
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader. very precise and to the point knows the situation and gives advice as needed. I highly recommend him for a reading. You won't be sorry. Thank you SpirtualMan for your time and concern and advice to my situation." ... written by Patricia
thank you so much s.m. im trying to understand more now..just keep on hopeing for good things to happen...someday he will be back.....when I see his smile again I will always see your too....thank you granny!!!!" ... written by granny
thank you for everything s.m. granny loves you!!!!" ... written by granny
Very nice reading, hope to see this happen as predicted" ... written by shelle
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader. very accurate and to the point with good advice and positive energy.Thank you so much for the reading. Highly recommend him worth time and money." ... written by Patricia
great update thanx very much" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for your words! I sure hope I come back to tell you good news." ... written by T
thank u for ur honest reading" ... written by mfdes
VERY VERY HELPFUL and Sincere. He gave me a lot of hope, even though he did not said what I wanted to listen." ... written by A
I keep contact with SpiritualMan. What he says makes sense and gives good advice" ... written by aRTEMIA cACHIA
Fast connection, good reading , accurate information, thanks again" ... written by dakota
excellent update" ... written by zimerili1
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I enjoyed spirtual man's reading, he gave me the truth, will wait for his prediction. He has always been a good friend who tells the truth no matter how much it hurts. I enjoyed his readings..and hope things come true. Thank you, spirtual man." ... written by waterluva
very good!" ... written by jr
Your awesome with all your in sight as for the confirmation too!" ... written by T
I enjoyed my time with Spiritual Man. He alleviated my worries and gave me useful coping skills to help me with my worries. I would definitely recommend visiting with him. I leave feeling confidant and stronger to tackle my life issues. " ... written by KIBBLES39
Ah thank you soooo much my friend Spiritual Man. He is trustworthy and I very much admire his insight and intuitive guidance. A strong dedicated reader to the wellness of his clients. I very much encourage anyone whose vested interests are in personal well being to engage with this great healer :) Thank you" ... written by Jeannie
good cxonnection" ... written by rp
I appreciate your information and I sure hope this comes to pass! I will let you know." ... written by T
I didnt have the information he wanted ready but he still connected with me and my situation and gave me great direction he has great energy i do recommend this guy :) so friendly " ... written by karyn
thanks" ... written by MMarmalade
I enjoyed the reading. I found it comforting. Helped me not to " ... written by Kibbles39
quick to connect to my situation, good understanding of what is happening in my life, quick typing, no delays, just to the point, thank you," ... written by dakota
SpiritualMan provided great insight into my situation that perfectly lined up with what I was already receiving from the Universe. I got clear instructions on how to handle my situation. I am very appreciative" ... written by mcampbell7
s.m. im sorry bt still convsed,,,I don't know what to do...." ... written by granny
fast connection, good reading, much information of my situation, thanks you again" ... written by dakota
He is a good person with sincere heart and intuitive connection" ... written by Christine
Wow! I cant believe what I am hearing! I will let you know." ... written by T
great reader" ... written by hmk
great update thanx " ... written by zimerili1
he's amazing im impressed of his insights i thank you ." ... written by nelson
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader. Would recommend him for a reading. very precise with his predictions." ... written by Patricia
s.m. I always can count on you...thank you for clearing this up...I have to just stick with you for my answers from now .thank you for being their for me..your are my true friend..granny" ... written by granny
SpiritualMan always provides the best reading! I get exactly what I need out of it every time. Definitely recommended if you're seeking guidance that is practical, honest, and gets you to your goal - whether it be a personal, professional, or spiritual goal. He's a great listener and great adviser!" ... written by Kimber
Good connection, quick reader. thanks for the updates" ... written by dakota
i would definitely work with him again. " ... written by khadija
SpirtualMan is a 5 star reader. Good insight to situation. highly recommend him for a reading. picks up on things quickly and give good advice. tell it like is . Thank you SpirtualMan for your reading." ... written by Patricia
Very fast connection with clear insight. Highly recommended!" ... written by Kimber
he was good lets see n wait . god bless u" ... written by remedio
clear reading with time frames explained, not sugar coating what i did not want to hear but honest and was kind to tell me. " ... written by avacado
thank you s.m. see you in chat room tonight. I hope so!!!!" ... written by granny
SpirtualMan is awesome...he is so right on and he clarifies all questionable situations.. Time is always a factor so when the time is right...all good things will happen. It;s good to have updates to make sure things are still on track...I will be best...,truley he is a 5 if not more...Thankyou for your clarifications..." ... written by Lynne
Picked up very quickly. He said things that only I knew. I am very impressed with his speed and accuracy. I will definately be back" ... written by B
hi I enjoy talking to spiritual man he was fast and direct I come to him for updates and so wonderful to have him to guild you and help you understand that everything will be alright" ... written by debra
mashallah connects fast, honest reader, tells you as it is!" ... written by shahnaz malik
Fast connection and told me some things I didn't expect. And gave me some much needed advice as well." ... written by Fab
spiritual man always pleasant and ready to accommodate as much as possible, :)" ... written by kelly
wonderful reading, quick connection and fast to type information, much details given. past discussed and future also, thanks again" ... written by dakota
SpirtualMan thank you for all the info. I will keep you up to date on everything." ... written by T
lovely brother calm and accurate and understanding and puts your mind in perspective! connects fast to situation " ... written by shahnaz
another great reading, there were no loopholes in his answers and everything seemed to make sense, glad to have spoken to him!!" ... written by sfasf
i'm so glad to talk to him, he answered the questions that was very relevant to what i wanted to know about. he aslo asked questions very relevant to what i've been concerned with for the longest time that had nothing to do with what i wanted to ask about, thank you soo much!!!" ... written by tj
EXCELLENT READING!!!!! " ... written by Curious
This guy knows his stuff and is def. worth the money! told me things I was doubting were true but turns out he was right about it all and has really good intuition def will be back! Thank You " ... written by Sherry
this guy just knows things, i didn't even have to say anything, i've been having a lotttt of doubts, and he just confirmed that all my doubts are not real,, and he said no fake answers, just wants to tell me the truth, thats what i've been wanting to hear from a psychic!!!!! " ... written by sadfs
hi I had another update and it was wonderful he answer all my question fast I enjoy talking to him and I will be back thanks spiritual man." ... written by debra
first time reading, was very quick to connect and straight forward answers. " ... written by nyc
He's really on point about everything. He understood me, knew what I was going through before I even asked. " ... written by lw
he gave me some insight. lets see if it happens. he seems quite to point and honest ." ... written by mystery
Thanks for the update, good connection, details accurate, :)" ... written by dakota
very good reading" ... written by rajni30
I liked him. Connected very quickly and understood what was happening and gave a time fame for the year. Can't wait to see if it all comes out!!" ... written by Shay
ty s.m. I just don't know anymore...granny" ... written by granny
Great reading with honesty, He answers all questions and his insight is spot on. Go with Mr SpiritualMan and you will not be disappointed. 5 star reader. " ... written by FABULOUS READER
thanks so much s.m. I always count on you...love you granny" ... written by granny
thank you sm very honest reading i ways have when ever i come to u" ... written by marina
thank you s.m. I hope you are right on this...again thank you..granny" ... written by granny
very descriptive information, excellent communication skills." ... written by bankok
thank you s.m. you are the best!!!!! I can always count on you to help me sleep!!!!!!!!! always granny" ... written by granny
He was professional, detailed and gave good suggestions :)" ... written by Sal
spiritual man is very considerate reader, thank you." ... written by dakota
good connection, clear information given, thank you, :)" ... written by avacado
Great revealing truths given. he was so honest, it hurt. thanks, " ... written by GOLDEN
another big thank you sm." ... written by granny
good connection" ... written by someone
Thanks SM! Great accurate advice as always. Many blessings to you!" ... written by lw
insightful reading, good typing skills, fast connection" ... written by dreamgirl
was ok" ... written by someone
Thank you my friend for the in sight! " ... written by T
many details shared, thanks for the updates, positive remarks" ... written by class instructor
clear precise" ... written by someone
only the truth" ... written by someone
thank you s.m. this hs helped me so much...granny" ... written by granny
i feel that spiritual man can relate to things we discuss very well, the reading has much descriptions of situation happening. he is able to make clear the information given with no long pausing in reading to take time to connect. the reading is done with typing and it is done quickly with very good English. " ... written by dakota
good reading, helped to clarify some matters in my life. very positive, thank you." ... written by video partner
good clear fast response" ... written by ad
fast connection, fast reading, no waste time, no pressure to add credits, thanks again" ... written by kelly
On point. Really connects and readings are consistent. Very good" ... written by Dani
great reading, the discussion was moving quickly with no wasting of time. thank you to clarify things for me. :)" ... written by yellow lioness
thank you s.m." ... written by granny
nice reading " ... written by curious
good quick connection, many details typed quickly" ... written by dakota
good reading for updates. quick typing for details, thanks" ... written by kelly
satisfied ... spiritual man was straight to the point and not waisting time .very happy with the results " ... written by Fikile
good update...only the truth..i am at ease now" ... written by someone
Great very accurate and helpful" ... written by Tawizza
ty s.m. this will be the hardest thing I had to do in my life..to let him go and to move on.." ... written by granny
thanks for the update, good connection for details. fast typing in english, " ... written by dakota
spiritual man has a very descriptive reading with lots of information discussed. thank you" ... written by kelly
fast reading, kept it positive" ... written by yellow lioness
nice to know that time is on my side..so I think I will continue to be patience and see whats down the road...Very nice readung, thank you for your foresight and patience. Will be back and see if anything is about to change...Thank you you are awesome!!" ... written by Texas
clear detailed reading, thanks for your encouragement, ( hugs )" ... written by kelly
good conversation, supportive ideas" ... written by class teacher
ty so much s.m. im still hopeing for soon...granny" ... written by granny
Connected really fast, types fast, and I felt was on point. Once I have further readings with spiritualman and updates, than I could give a more in depth review but initially, I would say, very good!" ... written by Merrysinclair
Good reading... will return to reading! " ... written by Merrysinclair
Spirtualman, thank you so much as I love the in sight to everything. Will keep you posted." ... written by T
I highly recommend him!!! very intuitive and fast!" ... written by adfadfase
SpiritualMan is fantastic! I can always count on him to give me good advice and a fast reading! Thank you " ... written by justme0234
hi I had a wonderful conversation with spiritual man I really think this man is wonderful because he tell you the truth some of these people on he tell the truth about some thing and something don't be true there are some are better then other and think that the good ones should be recognize for what they are good at so all of this said that spiritual man should be recognize for the true person he is I will come back again and talk with him that for sure. I also have two other people on here that are good but I will put that in when I talk to them again thanks spiritual man." ... written by debra
Types fast, was very direct and honest and wants only good for you. He didn't sugar coat anything. This is my 2nd reading with SM and thus far I have no qualms. " ... written by Merrysinclair
good reading, always fast typing, and dont waste time, thanks" ... written by kelly
good information given in reading. many suggestions and good english, spiritual man always will find some positive things to talk about and not focus on negative things, thanks again" ... written by dakota
very good n detailed update!!fast!!" ... written by someone
detailed reading for sure, many descriptions discussed. sometimes thins described so well i get goosebumps. thanks again for the updates into the current situation. :) :) " ... written by dakota
Great update! :)" ... written by Sal
He is great. Even though he just told me i have to wait lol. Totally gives me good info every time. love this guy" ... written by B
Very good reader, very quick to connect, highly recommend. " ... written by Gabriel
good very good" ... written by kim
thank you so much s.m. it was a great ready." ... written by granny
SpirtualMan your awesome! Thank you for everything as I am looking forward to the next few months." ... written by T
positive reading, many things discussed in detail, thanks" ... written by chastity
fast to connect, no wasting time, fast typing in english" ... written by dakota
t.y s.m talking to you helps me so much to understand more about this man...I wait and wait for him to tell me everything what is wrong..again thank you so much...granny" ... written by granny
thank you s.m. it always makes me feel better when I talk to you..again thanks..granny" ... written by granny
amazing, confident, gives spiritual guidance/advice...very calming and accurate." ... written by sabrina fulford
good and interesting information to think about as heading off into the world to live life to the fullest." ... written by valedictorian
positive reading, thanks for the information" ... written by kelly
Helpful with letting me know what to do in my future. " ... written by Nona
He is very nice and straight forward. Feeling good!" ... written by F.haque
SpirtualMan Thank you very much! I will let you know as it happens. Looking forward to it." ... written by T
good reading, good connection, good typing in English, positive discussion. no pressure to add credits. thanks" ... written by yellow friend
5 star psychic...he looks into minute things...very detailed...awesome update ..thanks" ... written by someone
Honest and direct, quick connection" ... written by Newmind1234
thank you s.m. hes not the same man anymore. the man I knew years ago. thank you for everything..you have helped me so much.. your sweet granny" ... written by granny
always there for me and always tell the truth" ... written by miumiu
focused reading, always good typing and quick, many details given quickly" ... written by kelly
SpirtualMan you are Awesome and I always look forward to talking to you! the in sight is unbelievable!" ... written by T
Had a momentary lapse of concern that could have went into panic but spiritual man is pretty in tune with others feelings and others motives in his readings. He channels quickly and is a blessing. He's straight forward and answers your questions without fluff or waste of your credits. He's genuine and trustworthy. I can vouch for him and thankful for his insights. " ... written by Merrysinclair
perfect reading! as per usual. 5 stars!" ... written by Kimber
gets to the point quickly, no wasting time with long pauses to connect to anything. tell u what u need to know" ... written by audio specialist
very fast to pick up on things. good reader. positive" ... written by yellow
fast connection, no wasting time, fast english typing, thanks" ... written by dakota
Thanks SM for an awesome reading!!" ... written by s
t.y s.m. like always..im still hopeing...granny" ... written by granny
very fast reading, no wasting time" ... written by student
always a quick connection and positive energies," ... written by dakota
i always return for a reading with spirtual man, some information is not always what you want to hear but he tells you it straight and then is finding positive things to advise you about as well. always feel better after a reading and he is clear with his English and typing is quick, thanks again, :)" ... written by Kelly
well today is another day I have spoke with spiritual man with my concern and he given me some advice I am trying to understand and do what he said because I know he telling me the truth but some time it seem like its just slow or always some thing coming up different with my situation life is crazy that why I will be back for more advice so I will know which step to take. " ... written by debra
spiritualman is always making a fast connection and gives clear comments. positive advice to help with any situations. thanks again. :)" ... written by dakota2043
ty s.m." ... written by granny
SpirtualMan Thank you for everything! I so cant wait for all of this!" ... written by T
his reading are really good ." ... written by ritu
thanks for the reading, positive information and suggestions as always, i always feel positive after a reading here. thank you ," ... written by dakota
good update" ... written by someone
great service" ... written by di mauro
good typing skills to discuss reading, very focused and quick with information. " ... written by kelly
good" ... written by someone
Very caring reader. Thank you for reassurance, positive reading and no sugar coating. " ... written by Mindseye
good connection, thorough with the information you want and not the things you dont want. honest in how things really are." ... written by instructor
update...with some new info" ... written by ....
just an update" ... written by ....
readings are always comfortable with spiritual man. i do not feel he waste time or delays. he does not ask you to buy more credits to hear more information, no pressure. he only focus on what you want to know, however, if you want to go further into the reading he will read further but he leaves it up to the member. always positive suggestions to help in your situation. i don't feel he judges any choices made. thanks again for the upbuilding reading." ... written by Dakota
SpirtualMan is the greatest! He gives very clear, detailed readings without any tools! Gave me much-needed clarity and peace of mind..thank you!!!" ... written by justme0234
t.y s.m. I will still keep hanging on..always makes granny feel better after we chat..again thank you..granny" ... written by granny
Thank you for the reading this morning, it is always a positive visit to read with you. connecting with me quickly and telling me only the information of the topic i want to know about, and not any pressure to stay longer or add credits for more help. " ... written by Kelly
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very precise reading concerning my situation. I was pleasantly surprised of the accuracy with limited questions. " ... written by TS
thank you s.m. I guess im just tired of him being so cold to me..his off and on with me..alot of work ahead for me..again..ty...granny" ... written by granny
good connection in the reading today. always a good listener and always positive advise to give with the reading information, thanks again" ... written by kelly
excellent" ... written by lolita
good details in reading today, thanks for the quick connection and fast reading.. many details in a short time," ... written by dakota
Thank you my friend for everything! I cant wait for all of it to happen. " ... written by T
Fast and accurate readings!" ... written by nelly
thanks for the reading, it was informative and the connection was done quickly, no wasting time, spoken honestly. " ... written by kelly
thanks so much!!! Highly recommend him!!! Very honest, intuitive and fast!!" ... written by adfasfdaf
very detailed and quick" ... written by someone
thank you s.m. your always their for me..god bless..granny" ... written by granny
positive reading, good connection to my situation, fast reading, no wasting time, no pressure to add credits" ... written by dakota
he is wonderful person " ... written by ritu
Exceptional reading. I always get excellent readings from SpiritualMan. I highly recommend him to everyone. He will tell you everything you want to know and will do it QUICKLY. He will only tell you the truth!" ... written by Sandra
SpirtualMan I thank you for all your in sight that you have provided and the direction that was needed. I am looking forward to telling you what happens." ... written by T
Spirtualman, wow you know so much and I am looking forward to it all!" ... written by T
excellent reader" ... written by wiki
He is very quick in his readings and give right insights" ... written by b
thank you s.m." ... written by granny
nice reading, answered all my questions, and has a very nice rate too!" ... written by T
honest n true 5 stars spot on !!" ... written by queenbee22
Thanks!" ... written by Shelly
first, he picks up fast, he focuses on your question...his insight made perfect sense to me...what I need to change and do to create a positive energy...and HIS glasses are the bonus...with that..SpiritualMan looks like Steve Jobs ....a positive feature:)" ... written by anna
SpiritualMan gave me some reassurance in my current love affair that feels sometimes cloudy to myself and myself unsure of my footing. He gave me insight into the fact that "I didn't blow it" (my term) not his. SM is straightforward, he doesn't fill time with fluff and gets to the point and channels quickly. I've seen him before and I will revisit. He is under my favorite list if this tells you anything. I recommend and vouch. I'm thankful for him and his blessings. " ... written by Merrysinclair
thank you for the good connection in the reading, always to the point and always good typing in english to convey the information. no pressure for extra minutes, honest time frames." ... written by dakota
good update very detailed...genuine readings...no sugarcoating" ... written by ....
excellent reading with this reader today, very quick to connect and kept things positive. don't waste time asking me a lot of questions. good work" ... written by lady in red
fast reading with good connection, very positive information in short time. fast typing and to the point, he don't waste time. he dont't give you false answers to keep you coming back, i appreciate the honesty in what i need to hear sometimes. i will be back for updates here for sure. thanks again" ... written by kelly
i enjoy reading here with spiritual man, he keeps information positive and to the point. no wasting time to connect. fast reader. always find encouraging things to focus on." ... written by dakota
very insightful and accurate. read the energy around my picture too and told me of my choices in my future. free will. gave me prayers to do and how to change the living of my life to eliminate bad influences. very pleased i'll be back." ... written by mary
excellent and fast connection, able to give specific details of my family and my situation to me. talked about time frame also. always positive , thanks again" ... written by kelly
fast connection, good explanation of topic i asked about, good dream interpretation" ... written by dakota
He was gives me comfort and joy...makes me feel optimistic about my situation. Thank you for your kind words. " ... written by justme0234
thanks for the update. keeping it positive, thanks again" ... written by kelly
quick reading, quick connections, no wasting time" ... written by dakota
SpiritualMan is a patient, understanding, and kind person. He is an excellent psychic! He told me everything I needed to know with little information from me. He is very much worth your time and money. I really recommend him to you." ... written by Sandra
Made me feel sooo much better thank you " ... written by Meagan
good" ... written by g
Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
.y.s.m. you always make me feel better after I talk to you....granny" ... written by granny
Exceptional reading!! Thank you so much!!! Everything you've said is true. Bless you for such a great reading!!" ... written by Sandra
Very positive and truthful reading. He does not sugar coat anything! Extremely honest." ... written by TS
very fast reader, connection quickly, dont waste time on details not necessary" ... written by dakota
Very accurate.... I will update you after Sunday on a prediction that he has forecast!" ... written by Jennifer
amazing and accurate " ... written by sumaya
good encouragement given to me today. i find that spirtualman gives true facts and no sugar coating, thank you for your time today" ... written by Faye
fast connection to my personal issues, much details given, thanks to take the time to explain things to me" ... written by dreamgirl
he is honest ,that's what a good psychic should be" ... written by myst
Spiritual is genuine and straight to the point. I do believe in his insights and words. If you are looking for something straightforward than Spiritual is your person. Definitely no sugar coating but there is a subtle warmth from him. I'm thankful and grateful that he is around. I would come back. " ... written by Merrysinclair
good reading, seeing details of what i want to know and not pressuring for extra credits or time, thanks again" ... written by kelly
excellent reading with telling info as it is needed to hear, no sugar coating, just true facts," ... written by yellow class
Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
fast reading, to the point, no wasting time" ... written by kelly
thank you for your kind readings, you really connected and got to the basics, thank you!" ... written by dsf
good connection, only telling facts, no pressure for adding credits, always a positive experience, even if i hear things i do not want to hear. very good" ... written by dakota
very real one" ... written by bernadette
thank you for your advices. i'll follow them." ... written by arthanor
fast connection, very accurate information given in short time, no wasting time, no pressure for further credits or readings, i felt very comfortable" ... written by kelly
Nice and quick...accurate...no sugar coating and doesn't judge. Thank you" ... written by necole
SM gave me a bit of hope with someone. I haven't heard from that person so I consulted with Spiritual Man for clarity. I needed to make a decision with SM's help. Now I know what to do. I have to be patient. I hope SM's positive prediction comes to pass. Thank you, SM! I will come back for update." ... written by Moonchild59
Very long conversation hashing, analyzing, changing thought, trying to get on the better road. Clarification needed, reiterations and different perspective had. S.m. gives it to you straight informaiton. I'm thankful and grateful for his words. I will be back again for another dissecting of my life to make it intersect into something good. " ... written by Merrysinclair
excellent connection, much information given in short time, no wasting time, no unnecessary questioning" ... written by class instructor
thanks for a great update my friend god bless" ... written by sam
quick reading for updates, fast connections to past topic of conversation, good for remembering what was already discussed" ... written by dakota
wonderful blessings. very positive reading, fast to get information and to connect" ... written by raynitta
insightful reading, helpful details given for future events, clear answers, specific, not just vague" ... written by kelly
An excellent psychic. Excellent reading, thank you so much! I appreciate all of your help and complete honesty. You were able to see everything I needed to know immediately. I appreciate it." ... written by Sandra
honest" ... written by stavros
Spot on ! Thank you and will return shortly. I just need to add credit. " ... written by Naila
Very Truthful and to the point. Accurate and great energy. Will definitely be back." ... written by S. Evans
great reading" ... written by rim
He is truly divine. Feeling amazed by his reading. He is in real a Spiritual Man. A 5star reader. Highly recommend him." ... written by Neha
good connection, always a positive reading, no pressure to add credits, well done" ... written by dakota
hi just catching up on some advice i wasn't looking for that information i got but so bid i will just wait and see what happen thanks spirtual man." ... written by debra green
spirtual man is quick to connect and give much details in update as always, encouraging solutions , positive suggestions, " ... written by mellow yellow
great person and great help" ... written by Ashish Chaudhari
thank you for the reading you are amazing and i will come back again You gave me great news!! it was a blessing for me to chat with you" ... written by suzy
5 stars wow ok thx update andamp; for information.. " ... written by queenbee22
great reading, thanks for the fast typing and not pressuring to add more credits, thanks again" ... written by kelly
Spiritual Man is an excellent psychic! I highly recommend him to everyone!! He is a very kind and understanding person, but also a great psychic. He will be able to read your situation immediately, and tell you anything you need to know. PLEASE CONTACT HIM!!" ... written by Sandra
good" ... written by m
fast connections with positive suggestions, thanks for not wasting time " ... written by dakota
beautiful reading" ... written by stavros
Nice reading. Just have to wait and see what the future brings." ... written by Glory
kind" ... written by stavros
Excellent reading, thanks so much!" ... written by Sandra
thanks for a great update" ... written by sam
accuaate" ... written by katie
good" ... written by g
What's great with Spiritualman is that he's direct and answers your question point blank. If you want efficiency and you know specifically what your question is - he's the guy for you. No fluff, no extras, answers what you need. I do believe that he's highly intuitive and delivers. He's a great read if you need a shortie if you're on a budget. He's one of my favorites when I'm balancing different types of readings. " ... written by Merrysinclair
just the best and very fast" ... written by alifa kassam
fast connection and reading, not wasting time, good information, thanks again" ... written by duckie
Excellent reading. Thanks so much." ... written by Sandra
good connection to read today, thanks for the positive information and suggestions" ... written by connie
CLEAR" ... written by STAVROS
Very straightforward reading. Will see how things turn out." ... written by Onyx
fast connection, fast reading, no pressure for more credits, good information" ... written by kelly
Thank you for your detailed information. Will have to wait until predictions unfold" ... written by Girl17
spiritual man was very good " ... written by fatima
very helpful" ... written by STAVROS
Great advice!! Thank you very much for your help :)" ... written by Jupiter
Awesome!" ... written by B
Thank You SM. Blessings" ... written by Mary
SpiritualMan is one of the best psychics you could talk to on Oranum. He has helped me several times. He always tells me everything I need to know, and does it quickly. He is also a very kind and patient person. I RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE." ... written by Sandra
Lots of information. typed fast. thank you" ... written by Eva
fast connection with many details given, accurate insight" ... written by connie
great" ... written by RL
spot on and great in depth advice. honest!!!" ... written by rainforlove
very kind" ... written by stavros
Wonderful reading !!! picked up on a lot of things I needed to know " ... written by andiee592
Accurate, very steady reader highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
thanks spirtualman for the quick connection. good information given in detail. thanks for the updates, not pressure to have more readings , no pressure to buy more credits, very thoughtful. :)" ... written by dakota
Exceptional reading! Thank you so much SpirtualMan! You always give me excellent, correct, fast readings. You are very patient, kind and understanding also. I REALLY, REALLY RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYONE. " ... written by Sandra
Excellent reading with full of details" ... written by Neha
excellent reader, i wanted to share how an unlikely prediction happened. most people did not see this to happen, but spirtualman predicted it would definitely happen and it did. thanks for the continued support. i will be back" ... written by kelly
Excellent reading as ALWAYS!! Thank you so much Spiritual Man!!" ... written by Sandra
This man is unbelievable the way he pick up- the subject and goes with it. Very good psychic...would highly recommend." ... written by Diane
fast and detailed...tells u how he sees it" ... written by m
SpiritualMan always, always, always gives me excellent help!! He is a great psychic and a very kind and patient person. He will tell you everything you need to know and will do it immediately. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE." ... written by Sandra
awesome, quick reading for updates, no wasting time, always finding positive info to share also to help any situation, thanks " ... written by dakota
Very Fast. Thank you for not stealing my money." ... written by Jonathan Tremblay
I am very pleased with the reading" ... written by RAM
excellent reader, very helpful, kind. lots of info and suggestions to help with any situation. can connect and do the reading quickly. spirtualman can connect with other people you ask about also. good experience, thank you again" ... written by kelly
Exceptional reading as always. Thank you so much Spiritual Man!! I appreciate it. You always give me the help I need. Thank you!" ... written by Sandra
he is really good with his readings and very helpful." ... written by ritu
he is wonderful" ... written by stavros
SM is straightforward and he's good for that if you need directness. He will deliver in quite no time and if you are on a budget than he's the man to see. I'm thankful for his words and would come visit again certainly. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great, reader! Very honest!" ... written by Anna Celine
SM is accurate with his readings. His predictions happen. Sometimes earlier than his time frame. He answers my questions while I type them! He does not sugar coat and does not judge. Thank you, SM!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you sir from entire family! Will update you as we go along. Thank you for your advice! God Bless! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
Great Reader" ... written by Edward
Uses no tools!! Very quick and honest in readings :) " ... written by adsfasdfasf
very good, he is very calm, fast and no beating around the bush. predictions came true" ... written by fff
thanks for the clear answers to my questions, fast connection, no wasting time, very upfront about anything," ... written by kelly
great reading" ... written by n
thank you for the clarity" ... written by Elizabeth
This is my first reading with SM. He read my situation completely correct. Gave me predictions for future, so I guess only time will tell if they come true. thanks" ... written by leo girl
always a pleasant reading with spiritual man, he connects quickly and does not ask a lot of questions, he tells much information about you or another person if you want to know anything. " ... written by dakota
the best" ... written by STAVROS
good update." ... written by good
Spritual Man is very attentive, and clear on what he sees and conveys. Thank You so much. Blessings" ... written by Mary
Interesting reading, fast, detailed will see what happens thank you " ... written by Sherry
great reading, i always come for updates, recently had a prediction come true, thanks again, " ... written by kelly
great reader, fast connection, fast typing, no fake answers, no pressure for more credits, " ... written by connie
thanks for the quick connection in my family matters, it is good to hear continued updates of accurate information, thanks again for not wasting time, talk again soon, :)" ... written by kelly
thanks" ... written by leo girl
very good reading. quck to connect. doesnt go around in circles with same stories. told me about currect situation and future will have to wait and see. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
he was quick, comforting, and very good, thank you" ... written by scadoodle
We continued our reading and he gave me further information about my situation. He seems to be honest and would try him again in the future. thanks" ... written by leo girl
He was a very fast reader. I understood everything he told me. I would defitley go to him again. I really was satisfied with the reading. He didn't hesitate with any questions I asked him" ... written by TESS
Very informative and helpful. Answered my questions to a point that i was very satisfied." ... written by anonymous
i needed quick advice and SM gave me an answer to a decision I felt uncertain of. I'm grateful for his gift and guide and hope that my implementing his direction could only make further my situations positive. We will see. I recommend him still. " ... written by Merrysinclair
very detailed!" ... written by elizabeth
hi back again for another update it was wonderful i will surely come back again thanks spiritual man" ... written by debra green
thank you for the update" ... written by leo girl
SpirtualMind was exactly what I was looking for and needing. He is extraordinarily intuitive, gentle, kind, and comforting. He was able to look into my situation quickly and give me guidance. I will come back. " ... written by starbright00
very focused on reading , fast connections,you wont be disappointed" ... written by connie
fast reader, very quicky connects to not waste ur money. very kind, good advice, thanks again" ... written by dakota
good reliable readings each time, fast typing, clear understanding, thank you for the time to read me today. i am happy that you can read my family members and help me with their lives also. " ... written by kelly
he is good,detailed" ... written by pk
Spiritual Man is very kind. He gives good advice and his predictions often come true :)" ... written by Jade
very detailed, i enjoy speaking to him" ... written by Elizabeth
fast connection, no fake answers, tells truth of situation and you know it. always available to offer help and guidance of which way will be working out the best for you. " ... written by dakota
very interesting" ... written by nicole
he is a mazing person always very helpful." ... written by ritu
thank you for the detailed reading, spiritual man connects quickly and does not waste time asking a lot of questions, u just tell him what u want to know and he connects and tells u that. if u want to know much more details he will take the time to read more for you, no pressure to buy more credits. i like that he leaves the option to the client if they want to know more." ... written by kelly
beautiful person" ... written by stavros
Thank you so much I will come back to see you :)" ... written by Kelly
fab reading, wanted to check SM after reading great testimonials. no sugarcoating but also a lot of positive info. will update about predictions." ... written by jcjc
thanks for the connection and the details for my career and family events to come, " ... written by kelly
fast connection with my multiple career questions, not wasting time, excellent advice. " ... written by kelly
thanks for the connection and clarifying some family situations for me, accurate details as always" ... written by dakota
good" ... written by ritesh
quick reading , always a fast connection, not wasting time, good service" ... written by kelly
returning for updates, bcs i have continued predictions happen from my reading with spiritual man, he is clear in his connection and dont require a lot of time to connect, can give many details. thanks again" ... written by dakota
He is a perfectionist.As expected .I was same thought in 2014 " ... written by Jitendra
very quick connecting with little information needed. spiritual man continues to update my situation and has predictions happen with me often, i always update here. thanks again" ... written by kelly
he is always very helpful .and a wonderful person." ... written by ritu
Amazing Reader!! Straight to the point!!" ... written by love
Thanks.. You are great!" ... written by shelle97
excellent reader" ... written by poli
he is most wonderful person I have met, and very helpful." ... written by ritu
spiritual man has good connection for reading any situation i asked about, quick response with quick typing, thanks again for the positive information" ... written by k
Was quick for updates" ... written by kelly
Awesome reading! thanks" ... written by aybee
good updates, thanks for speaking clearly about my family with me" ... written by kelly
Thanks so much for the readings. I appreciate it. Really fast and honest readings!" ... written by asdfadfasf
thank you for the quick connection, remembers information from previous readings. it is helpful to learn what my family are thinking in some situations, it puts things easier in my mind not to worry so much, haha. it was very informative in short time and not needing much info," ... written by kelly
SpiritualMan is straight and narrow and to the T. He delivers what you want to know with out a flinch. I like him for this. He's honest and a smattering of kindness and pretty much dead on. I would fully recommend him to you, especially if you have very specific questions. He doesn't eat up time, doesn't ask questions, he gives you what he's sees. " ... written by Merrysinclair
his readings are really good." ... written by ritu
Last reading on oranum, haha. This gentleman offers good advice, and understands everything (:" ... written by Julie
thanks for the fast connection to read for me, not much info required, :)" ... written by dakota
beautiful person" ... written by stavros
he took my tears away and brought a smile to my face, he is very accurate, with out me telling him anything" ... written by stacey
good reading, he types just as fast as he picks up the information about the situation. He has read for me before, he's very consistant." ... written by crs828
thanks for the quick connection and many details" ... written by dakota
solid advice" ... written by stavros
He gives his opinion cautiously.....which is Ok, and spot on regarding my issue" ... written by Artemia
spiritualman makes a fast connection and shares the options u have, then explains the best option, i have had many predictions happen, i will return for more" ... written by kelly
thanks for the connection and advice, i have listened to your suggestions for a while now and i have benefited much from waiting on what you told me was better ways for me, thanks again" ... written by dakota
just a very solid person" ... written by STAVROS
GREAT" ... written by marie
Really great reading; was quick and I feel super accurate and gave good detail. Thank you " ... written by cher
thanks for the quick connection, many details without wasting time, " ... written by dakota
I really liked spiritual man, and appreciated his advice" ... written by juliann
He is right to the point and accurate. Go to him if you can handle real answers." ... written by shane
He's one the few genuine and real gifted people. He's fast and gives it to you straight. I had a reading with him awhile ago and he was the one who got the exact time frame and exact outcome correct. Even though it was not so good news but it was the truth. " ... written by Eva
Thank you Sir! 10 Stars! Thank you for the honest reading. Very clear and concise!" ... written by AR
good connection, fast telling FACTS. NO asking many questions or wasting time. predictions happened. will come back for updates" ... written by kelly
connects fast andamp; detailed, hope prediction comes true" ... written by crystal_joy
interesting reading... recommended! " ... written by hvoqishcv
5 star reader would recommend Spirtual man for a reading. Good with predictions and advice." ... written by Patricia
Thank you friend for being true! Heartfelt thanks! 10 Stars to you!" ... written by AR
I've had readings from SpirtualMan in the past and this reading has been consistent with his past readings in that it was very helpful, applicable and insightful. SpirtualMan is patient and listens well to your questions and gives you specific answers. highly recommended!" ... written by Kim
good reading" ... written by gusessendon
Consistent reading and update; quite accurate gives good advice really recommend. Thank You " ... written by sherry
thank you very much. this made a lot of sense, i will stay calm" ... written by d
nice and informative guy... recommended" ... written by gvsdvwc
Consistent reading and reassuring; thank you for the update hopeful about information andamp; predictions. Thank You " ... written by Sher
hanging in there, thank you for guidance" ... written by hh
thank you for the honest reading. always covers many topics in short amount of time. will continue to come for updates" ... written by dakota
interesting reading..." ... written by vsvvv
spiritualman connect quickly and reads situation very fast, he does not waste time, he updates previous situation quickly as he remembers details of your information from previous readings, thanks" ... written by kelly
Nice reading. Will contact again." ... written by Bria
good" ... written by sara
Spiritual Man is so great cause he is a man of little words but it's always enough. He's straight, no fluff, direct and never ever fills times with frivolities. I trust him and there has never been any contradictions in his readings. I would always recommend him. He's the best when you know what your question is. He will deliver his insights without a beat. " ... written by Merrysinclair
very fast will see what happens" ... written by BP
spiritual man connects quick with little information, tells much much details, predictions happening and updates more predictions happening, thanks for updates., :)" ... written by moeette
Had a good reading with updates, always fat and accurate, thanks " ... written by dakota
thanks for the fast connection into my situation, always kind words to discuss a difficult situation, never judging, " ... written by dakota
hmmmmm, what can i say, always very interesting to visit spirtualman's room,,,, :)" ... written by kelly
thank you very much for calming me down!" ... written by cc
SpiritualMan is accurate with his readings. I am looking forward to his positive predictions to come to pass. Thank you SM! I will keep you updated." ... written by Moonchild59
fast connection, wow" ... written by old lady K
deep connection in little time, he didnt waste my money with a lot of info quest. will come back" ... written by Faye
forgot to ask one more thing, spiritual man still was connected fast and not need to get info again, just continued, good job" ... written by old lady k
spiritual man has a fast reading, not asking lots of questions or wanting information, " ... written by Lorna
always , always, coming here for updates, always finding out things. :)" ... written by kelly
always checking in for updates...... :)" ... written by kelly
thank you so much, i am so glad you gave me much deeper insight as i wanted. i give you many blessings xoxox" ... written by cherie
reasonable time frame and helpful advice regarding money and options for relocation. will be back." ... written by mary
thanks for your reading!" ... written by c
great updates, no wasting time, picks up from previous readings, always have predictions happen so i continue to return for updates, thanks" ... written by moeette
Good" ... written by gandalf
good connection and fast to remember previous readings and information he told before, it's a continuation of previous readings, so updates are quick also. predictions happen so i keep coming back for more updates, thanks" ... written by dakota
Very good, I hope its truth. Buy who knows, we make our own destiny." ... written by Nemfira
fast connection for updates, thanks, :)" ... written by dakota
thank you for taking the time to examine my situation thoroughly but yet not waste my time or credits, thanks for that" ... written by faye
great news, no wasting time, no sugar coating, i needed to hear things and he is straight to the point with me , but kind manners, good job, will return for sure" ... written by lorna
Exceptional reading!! Thank you so much!!! Very, very helpful!!!" ... written by Sandra
thanks for great detail!" ... written by c
thanks, great connection!!!" ... written by c
great, sp, soo honest, soo nice!! try him!!!" ... written by c
thanks for reading!!!" ... written by c
was quick to connect was really nice and was sure about his prediction so will see what happens. Thanks! " ... written by sher
I didn't realize he is an astrologer when I went pvt. I didn't want astrology, was expecting something else." ... written by Laura
SM gave me courage, knowledge and perspective. His practical advice and his gift to view things is valuable and I greatly appreciate his energy toward looking into my love matters when I feel maybe I need to do something or nothing. This time, it was to do something and I took that and understood what he was saying. I'm thankful and grateful and I would always recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair