About Tangelique

Psychic Tangeliquehas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Tangeliquehas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Tangelique's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Clairvoyant, tarot reader or NO tools intuitive.I have over 30 years experience and have done over 20000 readings on Oranum. Straight up, no nonsense, the truth... I do not mess around... 100% sugar free

She was sweet and answered all my questions. As for my future with my bf. I am glad to know that things are going to be fine, and we will make things work and life will be ok for us both. =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you tangelique for my reading." ... written by marion
Tangelique was accurate on the last reading and was right about my situation completely that i needed to get another reading to update her on my current situation and was able to give me the right direction. I recommend Tangelique 1000000%!" ... written by Angelica
Friendly, accurate reader. Will use her again." ... written by annimca47
Perfect, this lady tuned in so well." ... written by Definethis
OMG she was amazing, we were defineitly on the same wave length, she just verified what i already felt, and just gave me that extra reassurance, she was someone i felt very safe having a conversation with especially starting off in private chat!! " ... written by Alciia
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
She is very sweet, and very on point with her cards.. She even told me to stop drinking alcohol and have a can right next to me... If that is not scary, i do not know what is.. Have a read with her, she is very, very sweet.. and amazing" ... written by Jill
Give her a try, she is good." ... written by graham
great read excellent on point " ... written by davyboii
She is so down to earth and love her readings" ... written by Julianna
Ever Fabulous - love her!" ... written by loulourose7
amazing, loved her :)" ... written by molina631
Great reading, very very good! Thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
Great reader." ... written by starchild700
Energy was very good. loved the connection. she tuned in quickly to my situation. would read with her again.Very lovely woman." ... written by newness
She is very lovely downearth woman, she is very good listener, and she's very honest and loved to have a chat and a reading with her :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Good reading. Thorough and detailed!" ... written by love
She's a wonder reader... Sweet and is very connected, lovely!!!" ... written by Stormfire36
Lovely lady, picked up a few things very well without any tools. Bless. xx" ... written by Twinsoul
It was very hearted conversation, with lots of understanding. Thank you Tangelique, I really needed that - let's see. " ... written by Monty
She was great.she did pick up staff about me very quick and everything she said answered my question perfect even thought i didn't gave that much of information about me." ... written by Anna
TRULY has a gift, and a lovely honest woman and details with no tools." ... written by stephi
Straight to the point! No tools needed, very easy to talk to and insightful, thank you! xx" ... written by bluetippi
She's really good! Enjoyed the reading...thank you! " ... written by LizaLiza
Great reading with Tangelique, please try reading with her. My 5 points goes to Tangelique." ... written by Roberto
She is terrific. Amazing. Doesn't use tools at all. She connects fast and doesn't sugarcoat things. Can't wait to see her predictions come to fruition." ... written by Lucy117
She is sweet as!!!" ... written by Sarah
Thank you." ... written by geranium29
Thanks for the reading! will wait for predictions to come to pass :)" ... written by Aisha
5 stars, always good!" ... written by henry
Down to earth and to the point. Great! :-)" ... written by Miss
Great reading thank you so much." ... written by karla
Thanks! I feel hopeful and happy. " ... written by d2k1000
She's a doll. Great reading! Thanks so much!! :)" ... written by Zeigen
Positive and direct.... Makes sure you understand what she is saying.... Recommend her for a reading!" ... written by Penny
She was good, thanks for the help." ... written by Daydreamer77
Quick and fast reading!" ... written by mkk-nep
Very positive reading." ... written by termo
Very nice person. Good reading, good outcome but bumpy road ahead first. Glad she told me the truth even though I'd hoped for rainbows and shooting stars! Haha!" ... written by Cathy6212
Incredible reading! Thank you so much Tangelique :) Connected really quickly... So accurate about my situation, me as a person and what is going on at the moment. Accurate about things that have happened in my recent past and people in my life. Accurate about where it is I would like to be heading in the future and provided wonderful advice on how to get there. 5 stars!" ... written by Yooogii
Very energetic, kind and accepting! she connected with me right away and was very accurate on her readings! highly recommend her :)" ... written by ali
Really enjoyed reading." ... written by Christopher
She was very fast and got right to the point." ... written by carolyn
Wow, very good!" ... written by maxene
Lots of fun, great attitude/personality." ... written by juanando
Good reading!" ... written by carla
Very nice and sweet." ... written by Rose
Enjoyed the live reading she was nice to provide regarding a relationship. Will get back to her soon." ... written by Lisa
Shes soooo lovely! Love absolutely everything about her. Such a great great vibe. She was dead on accurate and detailed. I had a light bulb moment! never underestimate those!!!!" ... written by Sydney
Spectacular reading! I couldn't help my excitement and astonishment at the accuracy. " ... written by Seemehearme
Absolutely the best psychic out there! I received the most accurate and detailed reading I have ever experienced. This talented woman is able to channel from the universe things no one else would know. The talent she possesses will amaze and astound. If you don't get a reading you will be missing out on so much amazing personality and talent." ... written by Robin
Shes awesome! Very outgoing and can completely speak her mind. Honest and truthful. " ... written by createwitheyes
Very sweet, funny, smart, accurate. Thank you!" ... written by cj
Tangelique answered one sentence I wrote with the reaction I wanted...Thank you...." ... written by Jeanette
Very helpful and great guidance. Supportive as well" ... written by jason
Great reading!" ... written by ann
Fabulous! Gave me great news about a very troubling situation, whilst I felt I knew the answers, the confirmation and more was brilliant!" ... written by JOdi
What a great reading I shall return, she was funny and honest no sugar added." ... written by Robert
She is spot on again. " ... written by Robert
I needed advice about my relationship. She read my girlfriend's situation even before I gave details. She was spot on. How did she do it? It was mind blowing. She is truly gifted. Bless her. Thanks for your guidance and humour. I feel enlightened. " ... written by Drax
I think she is honest and very nice. To say truth I did not expected to hear what she said, but it does make sense for sure. " ... written by epi
Very good!" ... written by Klaudyna27
Thank you very much, again you are always lovely and polite " ... written by graham
Thank you." ... written by graham
Wonderful reading, really worth it. No tools whatsoever andamp; she tells you precisely what to expect." ... written by Ammer
A great update, super, thanx!" ... written by zimerili1
Great reading with Tangelique! :-)" ... written by Antonio
Great!!" ... written by bells
Had a great reading picked up on everything I wanted to know! accurate and def recommend you sure won't be disappointed :) left with smiles and great direction! " ... written by :)
Spot on, clarified a lot!" ... written by Tiffany
She is a psychic par excellence who can read people and situations with startling accuracy. She amazes me. She's not only a gifted clairvoyant but a mentor. Bless her. " ... written by Drax
I love her, she is wonderful and full of energy. I am close to being worried free thanks to Miss Tangelique xoxo" ... written by Kes
She is very straight forward and gets to the point!! helpful and relaxing! : ) " ... written by Tiffany
Good reading." ... written by --
She was very helpful and right about him totally." ... written by dimples
Excellent! thanks so much Tangelique - will be back for more insight.." ... written by poque
Tanqelique Thank you for the answers to my questions. I am grateful." ... written by Aqua
Thank you thank you!" ... written by geranium29
Just ask questions and you will get message from your Spirits... Got what i need to know for what will happen for me for up to a year... " ... written by rolm72
She was just amazing Tangelique, beautiful person 10**** to her. Will keep in touch for future updates... Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
great read" ... written by jana
Good reading!" ... written by Anitnonio
This woman is so spot on! I returned to her, as everything she told me 4 months ago, has come true. She had a name to work with, and she just threw out information like it was nothing. Completely accurate! Thank you so much! I'll be back, without a doubt" ... written by Lisa
beautiful connection and lots of information. I highly recommend this woman" ... written by sara
Was really great, helped a lot!" ... written by tim
She was great. Really funny. Accurate." ... written by beetlenut
Very nurturing and positive, she gave me some wonderful advice. Thank you Tangelique." ... written by Porcha
She is great picks up on things pretty fast!" ... written by RR
Supportive and clear. Thank you." ... written by Bea
Very intuitive! Loved every minute and very accurate reading!" ... written by Kelly
She was very cheerful, straightforward and didn't buck around. Loved talking to her. She has a great laugh. Gives good advice. Thank you Tangelique." ... written by greenapple56
Very fast and clear, and I like her energy. 5 stars :)" ... written by Amaris
My first insight with Tangelique was very lovely, she picked up on "feelings" of where I am at right now - very fast and considerate reading - thank you xo" ... written by Ollie
Very nice - patient, waiting to revert." ... written by Krishna
It was a very good indepth helpful reading I enjoyed it" ... written by Tara
Very accurate, honest and pleasant." ... written by Marybeth Hiebert
Thanks." ... written by luv
AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME!" ... written by Rachel
Very good. Funny and positive." ... written by Lisa
Absolutely lovely and spot on. Don't pass her up. Worth every penny." ... written by JPM
She is fantastic. She was one step ahead of me." ... written by Carolyn
Lovely lady, tells it how it is. Will definitely speak with her again." ... written by Sam Denbury-Trew
Totally accurate." ... written by katie
Ye was great ! Very much to the point , and answer questions before I asked! Thank you so , so much!" ... written by Bohosos
Thank you for the reading. It was amazing and very accurate. You just lifted a mountain of my chest and I can sleep like a baby now. We'll keep in touch. See u later hun." ... written by awareness
Very good and clear reading. I shall return." ... written by sammy
Lively, direct and golden... Worth the time for a visit" ... written by bloc
What a sweet, jovial spirit. She gave me a great, accurate reading using no tools. Love her!" ... written by Zeigen
A very succinct reading that hit on all the right points. She's pleasant to speak to andamp; quite gracious as well. I appreciate your expertise!!" ... written by IxApotheosis
Picked up on things only time will tell... Gave good advise on how to proceed to protect myself." ... written by penny
Thank you for your patience and time :) You're gifted!" ... written by R
Good info" ... written by kye2210
Very quick and accurate reader. I'll wait to see what happens!" ... written by Sarah
She was great very fast got 4-5 questions answered in 5 mins. =)" ... written by luckycharms312
absolutely brilliant, I think I asked the right questions becasue Tangelique was awsome this time. She is always good but this time she showed what I had suspected was there!" ... written by cathy
Very honest!! Straight to the point! " ... written by Krunkas
Tangelique has guided me through a life changing situation, and told me a glimpse of an exciting future which I hope would come true, if It did I'll sure write another review about it. Thank you so much for helping me out." ... written by omar
Remarkably insightful, incredibly intuitive. I've come to trust her counsel over several readings andamp; she's become an important adviser! " ... written by IxApotheosis
Thank you. your joyful voice made me lighter in heart and mind. Blessed we be with people like you to bring clarity. Love your work" ... written by davis51
Great energy.. great personality... thank you so much for all the advice!.Will definitely keep in touch!" ... written by Linuxa
She's got the right heart for things! Very good!" ... written by Seneca
Great reading with Tangelique, hope evrything comes true.." ... written by Antonio
Tanglique helped confirm my thoughts, and her advice is not only intuitive, but sound and practical as well. This makes everything holistic and do-able. Won't regret. 2 thumbs up!" ... written by Geraldine
Thank you for the insight! Touched some important points that had been in my mind. " ... written by E.
Thank you soo much." ... written by waterlily
Lovely person, enjoyed what she had to say. :)" ... written by Lisa
She's truly a beautiful spirit and I felt she was very genuine and easy to talk with. " ... written by M
She was fast reader very nice lady." ... written by sam
She was fantastic. answered all questions." ... written by hope
Lovely, really sweet, on point, good reading. Thank you!" ... written by Seeds
Great reading. I connected well with her, and she put my mind at ease about all the worries I had about my son. Hopefully all the good stuff she revealed will manifest in my love life! She's fun and really easy to communicate with. I'll be back!" ... written by SAL9768
She's genuine and wondering why i haven't seen her before. Definitely 5 stars! " ... written by JBee
My first reading on Oranum.com, some things felt spot on and what I will be doing in the future felt odd because of how accurate it was compared to the plans I have within the next year but some things I was not sure about, I did feel sad at the end because of what was said, overall was really nice." ... written by TheAngel101
Accurate " ... written by Elena
Thank you Tangelique! Awsome!! you "hit the nail on the head" with all of my current concerns...Im sooo looking forward to the future, I'll def. be back with an update :)" ... written by Manystars
Lovely lady. Hope to have more credit next time! :)" ... written by Elo
Great Reading.. Ability to know things without any tools.. Wow 5 Stars * * Recommended definitely." ... written by izzy98027
Very helpful. Kind and to the point!! " ... written by gpubs20
Thank you for your positive reading. I will keep you posted." ... written by Me
Very understanding and helpful with my situation." ... written by dmw4300
Spot on and right about me, mentioned things that others have always told me, and that other psychics have mentioned as well. Really funny and easy to talk too, good sense of humour. Will hope to see her again!" ... written by Anna
Very down to earth and intuitive - many thanks." ... written by rainbowghost
She's awesome!" ... written by Kallie
She was wonderful, felt like a friend... lots of good predictions ahead I'm anxiously waiting for them to happen. Thank you and I recommend her." ... written by Acealways
Thank you so much Tangelique, it was talking to an old friend. Not the words I wanted to here BUT needed to hear them. I will let you know how it goes." ... written by hopeful71
I liked her energy. she did catch on to a lot quickly and can multi task I like that part. " ... written by Miranda
Tangelique, thank you for a wonderful reading and being right on que. You are really amazing without tool and your gift I really loved the reading... 5 stars and thumbs up..... I will let you know when we marry....." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
I thought she was very helpful and she really helped me understand what I have to do. :) So you should go to her for the truth. :)" ... written by Moll95
Great just great, clear reading." ... written by crystalrbleu
She was great, picked up and described the 2 people I asked her about. Great reading!" ... written by donster
Tangelique was great! This was my first time having an online psychic experience, and it felt really geniune. She had a lot of insight that was point on.....with a ring of truth, and a wonderful sense of humor." ... written by Serena
Thank u. Great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Love!! My whole spirit is uplifted from chatting to Tangelique... wonderful insight and good advice... 5+ stars." ... written by Kristina
She had me to a T. She gave me insight on my situation and I am looking forward to the outcome." ... written by Heather
Tangelique is the real deal. Very accurate and in depth. Didn't have to say much, she pretty much knew the situation. Thank you." ... written by teddy
great reading!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Tangelique was awesome. I loved her energy and predictions. Thank you dear, blessings, Alla." ... written by Alla
The reading was different said some things I will look out for now." ... written by britney
Thank you so much the advise was really nice. " ... written by Gugs Panesar
Awesome lady and reader. Definitely go in for a private. " ... written by bridget
Good read." ... written by jana kadri
Great, thank you!" ... written by nimue
Nice person to talk to and gives you straight forward answers. " ... written by Jen
She was good and discreet, but provided her with some info. Overall nice reading." ... written by xoxo
She is great I love her everything she knew was true and accurate most wonderful person and truthful" ... written by nealcolia
She is Sooo awesome!!! " ... written by Zeigen
Great reading 5 stars. She is really good she really is." ... written by Cheryl
great insight and honesty thanks" ... written by Denise
Thank you!!!!" ... written by Ant1
Thanks Tangelique..... You helped me." ... written by irelandirish
Awesome as always connects quickly, very warm and sweet and insightful. Great reading!" ... written by tiffany
thanks!" ... written by gg
Fantastic reading.... Thank you!" ... written by Jean
Cool chic!" ... written by zebedeee
Friendly, fast and pleasant. Spot on! Really good reading! I ll be back for updates. Many thanks." ... written by emmanuel
ok" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Great Reader, you can tell she is skilled with the cards and very intuitive too, very helpful thank you!!" ... written by kelly
Lovely lady, very warm and kind hearted. " ... written by Rebecca
Told me to not take life so seriously have fun. Predicted my move and future job. Good reading" ... written by Lisa M
I love her!!! Her readings are so accurate, and she leaves me with such positive energy! Thank you!" ... written by al
thank you for your advice! very lovely personality xx" ... written by positivity08
She was amazing and made me feel from zero to hero in the first minute …she know my situation, zoned in on my problem right away and didn't have to say anything at all, loved her and will definitely go back for more. " ... written by Belle femme
Very nice, thank u! " ... written by Magdalena
Right when you enter Tangeliques room you could feel the burst of positivity. I love Tangelique and her reading! She had me smiling and laughing throughout the whole course. Thank you for your wonderful and very insightful reading. :)" ... written by ar00
She was good, she was helpful, she was truthful. She got to the heart of what was going on." ... written by Angelina
Thanks Tangelique. You're a great reader and totally understand the situation. I can only wait for things to happen now." ... written by familyhelper
Really good, really fast. I enjoyed talking to her and connecting. Will definitely come back. " ... written by kendra
very good " ... written by jenny
Good work." ... written by danzzy
Good reader, very quick and gets into the situation quickly." ... written by kendra
Good reading." ... written by bb
I think she was very kind and insightful. It was certainly comforting to have someone help me make sense of an absolutely horrifying dream. I feel much better about it now and might actually be able to get back to sleep :)" ... written by Miranda
Really, Really Good Reading, Very sharp woman! Recommended!" ... written by Claire
Amazing woman! Great read, really cool and put my mind at ease...thank you!" ... written by SYLVIA ZUK
She made me feel so much better. Thank you so much. Hope to speak to you soon. Very nice woman. Loved it. xx" ... written by ale
Thank you Tangelique you have inspired me and picked up on a lot that I never told you!!!!!!" ... written by irelandirish
She was a very good listener and provided me with good insight and information. Thank you for listening to me and giving me a chance to explain my situation. Very helpful. " ... written by JenIsHere
Her words flow and make you feel good and clear about your situation. She talks like she really knows what's going on. I do recommend talking to her!!!!!" ... written by Ash
Thank you so much for the lovely and upbeat reading. You have an awesome and kind spirit. I look forward to your prediction coming true in the future! I also thank you for your words of advice and encouragement! I wish you many blessings and I look forward to having an updated reading with you in the near future!" ... written by Kayleuv1
She was very nice and quick and so lovely.. I will follow up with her again.." ... written by morena
She is very nice and honest." ... written by Sarah
Very helpful! And gave me something to think about. " ... written by Kaitlyn
Picked up fast and quite a bit of details. Really good. Great reading" ... written by Christina13
Thanks so much Tangelique." ... written by irelandirish
What a lovely and accurate reader. Humor and insight. Connected easily and deeply. I was delighted to meet her... you will be too." ... written by qp
Wonderful lady, very gifted with an amazingly calming manner. Good energy just flows from her... It has been a great pleasure and you was so accurate on so many points... Thank you very much and take care... until the next time. X" ... written by jojoed
Tangelique is a very honest reader and a good adviser." ... written by Cookiejan
Was nice how Tangelique picked up on my situation and to hear that she felt everything was going to be alright put me at ease. It just confirmed what I feel and think. She hit many things right on target with the situation. A very enjoyable reading with a very nice woman." ... written by Jamie
Awesome reader, and picks up well... She was on point with what was going on... Love this lady :)" ... written by James
Not to bad answered my questions good." ... written by katie
My 2nd reading with her! Her reading accurate, that's why I'm coming back to her :) Highly recommended :) 5 star!" ... written by RC
Good reading. She is very sweet and accurate as well, on point! " ... written by RC
Very accurate" ... written by prettygal
Thank you. " ... written by madhu_thomas
great readings! always on point!!" ... written by RC
such a fun intuitive reader. great energy and enthusiasm and accurate. " ... written by Andrea
Very classy person, connected with me in a very calm way. She conveys things very subtly, and will definitely tell you something which is GOLD. Hope to see you again. : )" ... written by Bobbin
Good advice. Felt like she knew the heart of the matter and offered some great insight." ... written by Mishelle
I just love Tangelique!!!!! She is very honest and very friendly!!!! All her predictions already happened and are still happening!!!!! Plus, she is a very friendly person!!!!! She never gives her opinion but rather always tells facts only!!!! I highly recommend her to everyone who needs honest answers :)))))" ... written by Laura
Great reading. Thank you hun" ... written by charlie
She's really fast, and connects very well, is very accurate about timelines, she knew I am going to move soon..." ... written by Sammy
Gave me peace of mind." ... written by kristal
Covered the main things in front of me. Very much appreciated ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dale
The real deal! No frills or smoke and mirrors, genuine, insightful and in tune. She read my situation clearly with no prompting for clues from me. I am definitely going to use her again!!!" ... written by phnixrising007_1
Lovely energy! Thank you!" ... written by oneflyinglotus
Gave me some really good advice." ... written by Pam
Very realistic expert, highly appreciated." ... written by zimerili1
Nice lady, very helpful and honest and very connected...thank you." ... written by violetgypsy
She is a great reader and connects with no tools. Very quick and accurate. Have gone to her before. " ... written by Kendra
Awesome reading! I gave Tangelique very little information about me and she nailed it! She didn't have very much information about me but she was able to provide me information about me with lots of details that cleared up some things that's I was uncertain about. Thank you!! " ... written by cwr360
Tangelique is such a sweet lady. Loved her advice and her energy. Tangelique thanks again." ... written by tangelique
lovely and easy to talk with" ... written by qp
Very good reading, Tangelique tuned in very quickly to the situation and didn't see anything bad, which is great. I will enjoy the now and stop worrying because there isn't anything to worry about! Thank you for the reassurance and detailed reading, I really enjoyed it. You are quite gifted and intuitive. I'll let you know about that beautiful house = )" ... written by Jenn
Love you Tangy. You are such an upbeat, spirited person with such a gift of tapping into people's events and things going on in their lives. You truly are amazing. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Wonderful reading. she has very good energy and 'picks up on things" very well. Take a reading!" ... written by chaplain23
is very quick and accurate!" ... written by dean
she is awesome" ... written by obianuju NWOSU
Thank you so much for your honest reading. I'm very happy and felt much better after the reading from her! I would recommend her you the readings. " ... written by Airin
Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
She was great! honed in on my situation and gave me reassurance :)" ... written by Sarah
Thank you Tangelique! Quick connection, enjoyed my reading :)" ... written by Tessa
I thought she was very good and I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out." ... written by Christina
Good reading." ... written by PIGLETME
LOVE Tangelque .. very cool -- accurate, fast and very very supportive --- intelligent lady, that always helps :-)" ... written by maddicat
she's excellent and accurate.. I love her .. " ... written by nicollette micah
This wonderful lady was totally right on about my situation, very accurate descriptions. It is really nice to see a truly talented psychic "see things" or get messages, and talk about them. I felt so comfortable talking to her, and have a lot of confidence in what she shared. Great reading! 5 stars. Highly recommend!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome!! just added a Tarot Reading. Amazing how she picked up what was going on from them." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She's good no tools, nothing. I love psychics like this." ... written by nbarnes2
VERY VERY accurate!!!" ... written by rlchambers
Was a friendly chat to cheer me up! Thanks:)" ... written by hemas
Very quick to connect and very honest! Looking forward to seeing things develop." ... written by Amanda
She is wonderful! Great to talk to and very in tune... :) Thank you!" ... written by Lovewoman17
Good reading, will wait and see predictions." ... written by Anonymous
very good and sensitive" ... written by deresa
was only a couple minutes but was mean!!" ... written by Daniel
Tangelique was very down to earth and compassionate in her advising. Made me feel very comfortable. Help very much to take the sting out of my pains. " ... written by Michael
shes connects well" ... written by s
was amazing rreading" ... written by angel
x" ... written by dan
Accurate and friendly! A wonderful conversation! " ... written by Starshine34
lovely open heart" ... written by qp
loved it thank u. amazing... try her out. this is coming from a skeptic." ... written by maria
She was straight with me no run-arounds. She's calm and direct. She talked as she was my friend and knew what my situation was as if we were out having a drink and picking up where we left off on our conversation." ... written by susana valdez
Good reading, fast answers with nice details and insight." ... written by Jennifer
Thank u Tangelique u were very accurate about things xxx" ... written by Laura Bell
Very honest and very fast and accurate with all my questions extremely honest what I like shes great everyone go and see her" ... written by Mylifenow89
cool reading" ... written by w
Tangelique was very personable and real. In fact, she really opened my eyes to questions I wasn't even considering asking about. Especially regarding my music and where that could be going." ... written by Shayla
Had a blast with Tangelique's reading today 100% accurate highly recommend honest and upfront with everything... very satisfied, will be coming back for updates.. xxxR" ... written by Rutinha
She is very kind and friendly. Thank you for your thoughts Tangelique, you helped me feel better. " ... written by Natasha
She's accurate and to the point." ... written by nbarnes2
Very nice lady, good reading, down to earth with predictions." ... written by Krista
I got a nice motherly feeling from her, which I needed but there was a bit of mytery about her prediction, maybe due to short time, very interesting." ... written by FREDDIPOO
Helpful and encouraging. I hope it is all true!" ... written by Jessica
I like how she doesn't need tools and is accurate." ... written by Abby
there are some people in life you just take one look at and you knnow that they are full of positive energy. Tangelique is a true helper and instantly becomes your friend actually to me a sister as she listens with her heart ears and mind and of course reads what you write also very carefully too. A huge heart and kindness radiates from her face, all you need to do is open your heart and so can look after it too. Thank You xxxxxxx" ... written by Cammy1101
Tangelique is a fantastic reader! She is accurate, to the point, empathetic and realistic. I found my session with her to be incredibly refreshing and just an overall positive experience. I would recommend her again and again. :)" ... written by M.
Tangelique is a wonderful reading!!! She is very truthful and very passionate to what she does!!!!! all her predictions already came true and I highly recommend her to everyone seeking clarity!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
very good reading" ... written by Renee
nice!" ... written by anna
absolute sweetheart. fast and to the point. worth the money spent." ... written by christy
She is adorable, exact, very efficient" ... written by Liliana
good reading" ... written by christa
Coming to New Zealand to meet you! Such a great friend to talk to...wonderful psychic and advisor also. I look forward to getting updates from you." ... written by familyhelper
She is very warm, and on TARGET!" ... written by Kathy Maury
Second time with Tangelique. She's wonderful. very personable and a great laugh that makes talking to her easy. Her words were helpful and reassuring and I'm glad I decided to stop in tonight!" ... written by Shay
wow! spot on about the bub and reaction of partner :/ wish me luck! " ... written by kizzie2024
This woman, is an amazing very accurate in her sessions. " ... written by Courtney
Good reading." ... written by androsea
Good Reading Knew alot of what was going on and kind of put a light on things with what i was concerned about will be back...Recommend if you need straight to the point reading. " ... written by Jessica
thankyou so much perfect gift is amazing information was spot on thank you" ... written by tonio
Very accurate!" ... written by jagratti
good reading" ... written by W
WOWWWWWW! That was some great relief i enjoyed the reading. She was Just awesome , I was feeling so upset and then came to her she helped me get back on track and im so thankful. I reccomend her to everyone" ... written by Vaneya
good reading" ... written by .....
great work, great personality, i will be back again and again" ... written by kristal
Awesome and thorough reading! Tangelique connected quickly and was accurate in her description of my situation. Thanks." ... written by cherryblossom10
Good reading!Thank you!" ... written by A
Very compassionate, inciteful, helpful and easy to converse with. I have had other readings and hers was aligned and on the mark. Prior to going private she took notes so we could utilize our session. I definitely and highly recommend Tangelique. You will love her New Zealand accent. " ... written by Nitewalker2
really good, thanks " ... written by ck
Thank you. You were great! " ... written by Alex
loved her honesty" ... written by dani
She is awesome .. gets right to the point and very enjoyable to talk to ...thank you again :) loved it " ... written by krest89
She was great. answered my questions. and more. :)" ... written by Danielle Harris
she is simply superb " ... written by kalana
lovely down to earth chat and very uplifting a very wise lady full of insight and empathy and fascinating information and surprisingly accurate" ... written by cathy
Wow, nice lady and lets you feel her positive vibes. After a long time of wondering what do to, I asked her about something and got confirmation. I hope to come back and let her know how it went. Thanks so much!" ... written by Holly
What a spot on reading! It was like she highlighted what was going on without me having to elaborate or explain. Pure guidance and lovely as can be. Very satisfied. " ... written by Butch
reading was so accurate it hurt,thank you " ... written by linda
spot on and clear" ... written by humility
Excellent!" ... written by aj
what an amazing reading and person. I'm so grateful for the words of wisdom and for the accurate reading!" ... written by hamster
she's great, down to Earth, and is very honest" ... written by Katie
Very thoughtful and sweet. She seems to genuinely care about her clients. " ... written by crystalpeak
Awesome lady... really fun to chat with! Very spot on! Thanks again!" ... written by Mari1786
5 stars! Very much put me at ease. Will definitely be back again sometime." ... written by Christine
Tangelique is a wonderful reader!!! She is very truthful and she will not sugarcoat!!!! She is also very fast and she will not waste ur money and time!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Didn't need to give much information at all. She was able to pick up on things immediately. Very happy andamp; bubbly personality, warm, friendly leaves you feeling very positive. Thank you for a no nonsense reading, I will keep you posted and be back." ... written by Bunsen
Tangelique is a wonderful reader!!!! She starts telling it all to you without even looking at her cards!!!! She is very passionate and very sensitive to her clients. She really knows how to interpret her cards in the best way possible!!!! Her no tool technique is also one of the Best!!!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
great reading" ... written by alice
Amazing, spot on! Picked up the issue right away :)" ... written by Mimi J
good! not what i wanted to hear, but sometimes thats just how it goes... :(" ... written by santosha
thank you for the reading " ... written by Kristina Prattis
Very honest person, and easy to talk too." ... written by Orly
Thank you for your honesty." ... written by clover711
Tangelique is a very honest reader!!! She will not sugarcoat and she will not tell you what u want to hear, only what is the truth!!! If u need clarity and u want the real truth, a reading with Tangelique is a must!!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
was very insightful will wait for the prediction to come true. Recommended" ... written by mettlwire
Great" ... written by Susie
Thank you :) we will see what will happen! :)" ... written by Mariela
very quick straight to the point" ... written by vell
Very acurate reader. Will wait for the prediction to happen and will be back for another reading." ... written by Moon
Always enjoy keeping updated on my amusing situations I have....Will be back soon xxxR" ... written by Ruth
Tangelique is very accurate in reading and very encouraging. I really felt relieved after the reading. Thank you again" ... written by Padsaw
she's quick and she's good" ... written by frag
She was quick and had a good connection! She was spot on :)" ... written by Adiz
I absolutely loved my reading with Tangelique! I asked for a general read-- she hit everything from my family issues, love issues, money/career/education, completely dead on. Worth well more than her price! Keep up the amazing work. So talented, and extremely connected! One of the best readings I have ever had!" ... written by t
I enjoyed my reading with Tangelique. I thank her for the message that she gave me and will take it to heart. Thanks again!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
thank you Tange very much." ... written by irelandirish
Wonderfull women love her " ... written by Nidal
Tangelique is fantastic. Had a great reading with her. Told me lots of stuff ..... have to see if it comes to pass. Lots of others mediums have told me too. I would recommend her!! Thank you Tangelique." ... written by ileenie
Picked up on vibes...instantly...and sees things..in a bigger picture...on things that are ahead." ... written by B
Fantastic really honest and straightforward which is what I needed, thanks so much." ... written by capricorn_dancer
thanks tangy. you're great. always right." ... written by familyhelper
DEAD on all about my future with my job, man, daughter, and starting back my own business again!" ... written by Annmarie Mckenzie
very good. lovely laugh. kind spirit. " ... written by in brazil
accurate and impressive" ... written by dean
She is amazing... i loved her... she made me laugh the entire time. And made me sure of my situation." ... written by Alicia
Tangelique is lovely and connected with my situation immediately. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Looking forward to seeing whether her predictions come true!" ... written by Emily
very illuminating. thank you very much" ... written by leodragon
Very detailed, quick and accurate. Will definitely be back for update reading. " ... written by G
Seems to connect quickly - let's see what will happen! :)" ... written by Melissa
Tangelique was quick to connect and got straight to the point. If you after direct answers go to her she is good! -Thanks T" ... written by TORON2
Thanks again for your help Tangelique! Now I have a better understanding of what to do. I highly recommend you!" ... written by swsiren
Is one of the few honest psychics on here. She doesn't sugar coat things." ... written by Lela
What a sweet soul!" ... written by Blonde
Ive never done this before...but this was pretty spot on with my life in my opinion. My relationship has sucked in the past, but recently took a dramatic change for the better. As well as I've been struggling to be appreciated with my job, made really bad pay, and recently have found a path to move up....and this really reassured me. All good things are to happen...I'm not sure what paperwork I'll be signing....but I am having a *nonlegal* commitment ceremony in january!!! Just spot on and really cool...Thank you!" ... written by Christina
nice to see you and to get a quick update and some reassurance. yeah, i admit i am a worry wart! :D. anyway, thanks for the insightful reading as always! " ... written by leodragon
gave me the reassurance I needed!!!!...THANK YOU!!!" ... written by ocean
Always a great experience - consistent and reliable. Go for it...." ... written by Colliercg
What a great reading! She didn't want too much information from me and just read from her gut and she was soo right about every single detail it was amazing. but more importantly...she helped me find my center. I felt a really awesome connection with this reading." ... written by Elle
Very nice andamp; a great help!! " ... written by Heidi Herz
excellent as always! predictions always happened! i love her!!" ... written by Rii507
the reading was good, she was intuitive, i am not good at writing things she saw me i guess is the best way of saying it" ... written by tony
As with most readings, will have to wait and see if the predicted outcome comes true. " ... written by LA
Great energy, straight to the point, and honest, highly recommended" ... written by Shereen19
She was pretty cool and straight to the point. I'll come back for another reading :-)" ... written by Mia
very good" ... written by kp
right on the money. wow!!!!!" ... written by carrie
Great reading!! " ... written by drummergirl
I think she truly had insight into my problem. Thank you for your advice Tangelique" ... written by Sarah
no sugar coating- straight to the point. soiled advice! motherly love!" ... written by PUrenergy
She was wonderful! Couldn't have asked for better! I will be back....I love the real deal :)" ... written by Melissa
Great session! Picked up on so much going on." ... written by SoulDesire1
No tools used instant connection just first names and there she started giving me answers before I asked question. I am happy with the reading..." ... written by MS66
She left when I entered. May have been the system." ... written by Elizabeth
very good reading" ... written by carol
She not only intuative but wise...spot on and thank you for making me feel great..." ... written by Denise
Had a great vibe from this reader...she connected to me quite well and was direct and to the point..which I can always appreciate...great reading...thank you so much!" ... written by missvika
Excellent reading...helped me get out of my own head. I will follow her advice. Tangelique was great!" ... written by JohnF36
She was great didn't waste time and was accurate about situation and those around me." ... written by jpettus13
very cool very intune with what is going on. " ... written by hope
Very clear honest response and spot on reading experience." ... written by Anon
She is very accurate with descriptions and picking up on situations!! I loved the reading and the advise!!" ... written by supergirly
WIll wait and see if predictions come true and will be back and give you the update." ... written by Sara
Great Lady! she is very fast, picks up on background issues well, and gives it to you straight. She didn't use tools with my reading and her accuracy was superb!! Thumbs Up!!" ... written by Cordie167
I liked her" ... written by Rachel
Thank you for the quick update T, you are awesome! I will stay on the same wavelength I am on with that person. :)" ... written by L
straight to the issues that matter , insightful direct ,recommended." ... written by Del_Red
i liked her very good picks up on things quick" ... written by hopeful
Like talking to a friend and teacher all at the same thing. She made me feel more secure in myself and all I'm going through righ tnow." ... written by L
she is so lovely. she connected to the situation right away and was very honest and straight to the point. highly recommend her!!!! " ... written by a
Excellent and great to talk to! Accurate with current issues in my life and able to give good advice:) Enjoyed my reading and will be back! Not a bad price for the time spent. Seems right on with what she sees. 5 stars! Thank you:)" ... written by Jrinker
Tangelique picks up very quickly on your emotional state and gets to the heart of the matter when you don't know yourself what's troubling you. She is lovely to chat to and clear and understanding and in a subtle way puts everything in perspective. I think she has a real gift." ... written by FREDDIPOO
very helpful...thank you so much for the clarity...me ke aloha" ... written by missvika
So helpful at allowing me some closure to move on from a break up. Thank you. Highly recommend. " ... written by Dana
You're right Tangy. As always. Thanks so much. You're a great friend and an amazing reader and empath." ... written by familyhelper
She tells you how it is and does not sugar coat. i didn't hear what I wanted to, but at least, I know that my energy shouldn't be wasted any more. Thank you " ... written by sharen223
Totally worth it and amazing! you will be very happy with a reading." ... written by r
Thank you for calm advice. Lovely lady. " ... written by idastar
She was very nice and insightful. Very pleased with her sound advice!" ... written by Shakia
Funny funny funny funny lady! Great spirit and insight on my current situation. Very honest and encouraging. Wasn't trying to eat up my time and tell me what I want to hear. Very truthful... just great overall!" ... written by Marissa
Oh my goodness she is wonderful. Clear upfront and to the point. I felt so good talking to her even though I was a bit stressed and worried. She made me feel comfortable. The information she provided was very helpful. She didn't need tools to connect and saw the situation clearly. She gave me info I needed. If I could give a million stars i would! :-) " ... written by Michele
really good reading thanks" ... written by d
perfect...very relaxing feeling when you talk to her and make you feel so much better. def talk to her :D" ... written by rmuhametaj67
She was very fast and accurate. I will come back. Can't wait to experience the predictions!" ... written by Kylar
This was my first time with Tanglique and she was amazing. So supportive, truthful, kind and compassionate. I absolutely recommend her!" ... written by Amanda
Very positive....I hope she is right....:)" ... written by laleonachingona
Great reader Tangy. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
she is awesome!!!! she connects well and is very upfront and honest. the information is really helpful...common sense with her gift makes for an awesome reading, you won't regret a reading with Tangelique." ... written by michele
Thank you, she was very sweet lady,)" ... written by B
Great help!" ... written by joshfr2
I really enjoyed this reading. I will follow your advice Tangelique. It made a lot of sense! Bye for now" ... written by Gabrielle
she was pretty confident and straightforward. I'm going to take her advice and see what happens :)" ... written by l
Very fast and to the point! Really picked up on things quickly. She was so nice and really gave good advice for my situation. Highly recommend!" ... written by Kathy
Great read" ... written by Creolebaby
she's know all" ... written by adam
very good reading" ... written by melissa
Always a pleasure to speak with...she always makes you feel very comfortable..she may not always say the things I want to hear, but she is very honest and I have a lot of respect for her and her abilities. I will take her advice and see what happens. Thanks again!" ... written by Kathy
A genuine reader who is just herself, not wrapped up in some "new age" persona. Charming, witty and a bottom line kind of reader. She appears to have an understanding from many spiritual traditions, and a clear read on energy. I enjoyed the time with her, and wish her all the best on this site and in all of her endeavors." ... written by Robbie
There is no other competition here amidst others. She is a beautiful and compassionate being that transcends the inner voice and guidance that you came here for. To the point with compassion and god bless her memory;)) Tangelique's consultation is worth the energy invested, on the both ends. Good luck!!! " ... written by MILA2222
excellent and supportive" ... written by lina
straight forward, thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
Tangelique was a sweetheart to talk to! She tuned into me quite well and it was wonderful to have a reading by her. Thank you!!!" ... written by MgrL
fantastic reading with tangelique" ... written by Antonio
Tangelique is extremely gifted. she could answer to all my questions being on point and totally spot on. She guided me on a love issue and she did it extremely well. she gave me info on other issues and she received images and impressions that strongly resonated with me. She is also a medium and she connected to a loved one, conveying messages to me. All she said made sense to me and was extremely accurate. She is very serious at what she does. I highly recommend her. I am grateful. 100 stars!" ... written by sara
Charming and intuitive and we both laughed ALOT!" ... written by Elaine Faber
reminded me that there are other ways of looking at relationships. very helpful, thank you. hopefully i will be able to turn over a new leaf. :)" ... written by leodragon
so spot on about several things..found it very interesting andamp; loved the reading.. " ... written by Sarina
:)!!" ... written by jamie
Warm, friendly and she made it very comfortable and easy. This was my first reading ever. I requested a general reading and as she read the cards from my spread it was spot on accurate without me typing any information in the chat window. I have always wanted to converse with a gifted psychic and I am glad my intuition led me to Tangelique. Thank you again, for the great first time experience." ... written by PaulOD03
what more can i say?! she's very great in her readings...another prediction has came to passed.i love her so much! " ... written by RC
nice chatting with you....thank you for all insight...last question was timeframe to next contact, if you'd kindly to answer? thank you!" ... written by sirilee
WOW. I thought this was going to be like another reading. She made me laugh the whole time with insights from my partner! She reassured of my issues and advised me that everything will be great! She sure knows how to get in tune with you and your dilemmas! Very enlightening and powerful! She is very honest! For doing my first reading with her i will definitely be back! Thank you Tangelique!" ... written by Rigo
Really helpful feedback, loved chatting with her. " ... written by ruscar5
I enjoy her readings very much!! Give her a try!" ... written by Mia B
Always so calming and helpful with advice! Keep coming back to her because her predictions come to pass." ... written by Freedom2211
thanks for help it was nice to talk to you and you have good price " ... written by pinkflower
Nice reading !!" ... written by JC
So much energy, funny, nice, and was very honest with my questions which is great!! So i will def come back around that time we talked about ;)" ... written by Adam
Extremely accurate and clear reading " ... written by Susan Griffin
Very nice reading. She knew without me telling her what is going on with my children and I. I am surprised and happy at the same time. All will be well. Thank you Tangelique. Many hugs to you doll." ... written by Charlie
She was very pleasant. This was my first reading and she did get things spot on. Gave me a future time for a question I had. Will have to wait and see.............." ... written by Cindy
Good reading very insightful " ... written by Cindy
wonderful lady with lots of insight and advice. a must try!" ... written by agablue
Awesome. Great. Mine ideas are definitely clear now thanks to you. Thank u so much :)" ... written by Tokinha
Great! Down to earth. " ... written by L
Love her!!!!" ... written by wikisweet
thank u so much for reassuring." ... written by Alicja
wow she was great! was very accurate in the readings and gave me advice on how to take the next step" ... written by dennis
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! she was so spot on and honest. Hands down the best reader here!" ... written by Brittany
She give answers and straight to the point. If it is so, then things are going to be interesting." ... written by Van Anh
thank you so much, very nice and calming!" ... written by Bubbles
reassured reassured. just the medicine i needed. :D thank you so much.... " ... written by leodragon
another great reading! picked up on things before i brought them up and i hope everything we spoke about comes to fruition soon! thank you!" ... written by Jagratti
excellent" ... written by C
lovely lady to talk to. matched what other mediums said. so now i hope for things to happen to be happy finally. THANK YOU" ... written by malteser70
I thought she was wonderful! Very detailed in my instructions, I am looking forward to chatting again to let her know how things worked out. " ... written by keyakia
wonderful reading, really good connection, she is amazing . highly recommended." ... written by ammer
quick! i like her" ... written by jaydee
Straight shooter, talented, recommmended" ... written by lotus71
this expert picked up a lot without me givimg much detail, she saw the situation clearly and obectivly. I enjoyed the reading and I am very impressed." ... written by zimerili1
Go for her she is right on the ball!" ... written by Tangelique
GREAT GREAT GREAT" ... written by Sharon
So great, so fast and a great help! shes great!" ... written by melB
sincere. honest. i think she was right :) thaks so much" ... written by carla
oh wow i loved speaking to this lady, really good in depth general reading, she knows her stuff and i can't wait for the future, will keep you updated on any developments , was very detailed also about situations in the past and whats coming up, definitely worth buying some creeds to speak to Tangelique xxx" ... written by lisa
I adore this woman. And, you will to. I promise. Take her to private. You won't regret it!" ... written by Clio
Great! will keep you posted! :-D" ... written by PositivelyT
Really good. kind of what I needed." ... written by Jennie
sorry tagelique! yes it makes sense!" ... written by intrigued8
I had a beautiful reading with Tangelique. I recommend her to anyone seeking answers, especially in love. She helped me put the pieces together and made me so optimistic about what's going on in my world. Thanks a million. We will meet again!!!" ... written by Shanshine
very good psychic!! highly recommended!" ... written by Mary
good readings" ... written by Boris
very in touch with the energies....on the dot on the discription of the situation and great advice" ... written by agablue
Thanks so much, very fast and to the point!" ... written by boobles
She is spot on and can read what I am, my work and love interests! I have been at ORanum and she is one of the amazing ones!" ... written by Claudia
Lovely reading Tangelique. thank you! " ... written by Barbara
She is awesome and gave me lots of reassurance. I highly recommend Tangelique!" ... written by April
I wish you the best. You are the first person I have told I am no longer academic. Will let you know my new path. Thanks for the museum tip. " ... written by Callie44
Very helpful, supportive, to the point, and right on target. I loved speaking with her and she make me feel much better. I will consult her again." ... written by Marta Richards
Very talented lady. Highly recommended." ... written by patricia
she is truthfull and very optimistic " ... written by theme12
wonderful uplifting reading. provides clarity and is always insightful. the best thing about her readings is they remind you to maintain positive thinking and to send positive vibes out to the universe. : ) hope my hawaii trip becomes a reality someday ;) thank you as always Tangelique" ... written by leodragon 2014
Thank you!!Great Read!" ... written by Diana
She is a very genuine person with a very calming presence. Always gets me back on track by making me look at the situation from another perspective. She really made me feel so much better about everything….thank you!" ... written by cclady01
Thank you Tang!!!! You answered my burning question and I appreciate it -- wish I had more credits to do a full reading. I trust your insight and information! :)" ... written by Kelsey
great" ... written by Sopihe
great" ... written by moonlight700
Very nice, personable and great to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by Limu808
Tangelique is a pleasure to read with and very accurate I highly recommend her" ... written by Ace
A wonderful reader, sincere, compassionate and understanding and always spot on. Love you!" ... written by familyhelper
she actually knows what she's talking about. very clear about what she sees and i can relate to it all." ... written by lopezina
very calm, a lot of fun. direct and right to the point. She offered a lot of insight and perspectives i had not thought about. Especially with the different communication of men and women. " ... written by Ashley
Tangelique was great! Really helpful with her read. Very clear with her answers, and also gave time frames. Doesn't try to waste your time but is very thorough and makes sure you understand the read. A really kind person too. Highly recommend! " ... written by YH
OMG, she is so genuine and managed to tell me details that I haven't told her. She is relaxed, and gives that nice feeling." ... written by Claudia
thank you once again!" ... written by Jagratti
Tangelique is so good and clear...she's an honest up front reader. She picks up on things before I say them. She's very caring and helpful. It helps guide you to your own solution. She is so easy to talk to! " ... written by michele
Wow.. knew what I was going to ask and answered my specific question to the TTTTT!!!!" ... written by Chancegiven
Thank you for your insightful reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
she knows what she talking bout, worthy every penny spend on her and ill come back for more update, thnaks again for wonderful reading " ... written by kalana
great reading! thanks again" ... written by gemmie
Angelique made me feel confident. She described some things that are already happening around me which I did not mention. I'm looking forward to her predictions. She was uplifting and motivational. Thank you!" ... written by nanerelle
just spot on!! a lovely lady, would love to have some more time to chat. thank you xx" ... written by mati
What an amazing reader tangelique is. Precise, on point and very confident in her answers. I feel much better after my reading with her. She has clear visions and she can guide with amazing accuracy. thank you!" ... written by sara
I love Tangelique she really gets to the heart of the issue and Works through it with an amazing insight and sudden bursts of clear visión. She seems to get involved and enthusiastic about solving a problem and takes away any feelings of deperation. I think I will always come back to her as long as I can." ... written by cathy
FANTASTIC!" ... written by ally
Very Helpful. Will come back." ... written by Diamond
She gave a different perspective of my thoughts .Will wait and see the outcome" ... written by KS
Loved Tangelique's energy. Very positive and upbeat. Thank you for your time and words of advice. I will be back!" ... written by Delisa
thank you!" ... written by hilly
Great!! ty" ... written by Allofme
Had a great time, we laughed and spoke of the important things holding me back. Come away feeling confident. Almost strong enough to move forward. Thank you for your reading. MP" ... written by Michael
extremely efficient and accurate ! Right to the point " ... written by stefany
A good friend and great reader. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
The outcome sounds good to my question but it different to what I was told once before thanks x" ... written by bmswomn68
She did well, but I don't think there was enough time for us for 20.00 I should have gotten a little more insight. But she didn't tell me anything that I don't already know. " ... written by Tammy Wierwille
awesome readings as always and a very good advise. " ... written by hermestarr
Fantastic reading with Tangelique, i had a reading with her before and it always turns out exactly like she said, she was always fast in tuning in into everyone's involved and so much enjoying her energy!" ... written by findtheanswer
great always a pleasure to hear her accuracy" ... written by davyboii
lovely" ... written by -
thanks" ... written by Sin
I love tangelique! She's such a sweetheart. Best tarot readings." ... written by honeylotus
very good" ... written by Illona Jameson
she was great, very specific, got to the point, didn't waste time. very honest i would def read with her again." ... written by nichole
another prediction came to passed...she's an angel to me! i love her :)" ... written by rii507
Wonderful and kind!" ... written by nicole
Very helpful I liked her a lot!" ... written by AMy
Very quick and direct; wasted no time giving an honest answer and has a refreshing energy (: Love and Light!" ... written by Aeureus
She's very entertaining and communicative. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by AB
AMAZING!!! Tangelique is sooo accurate and tunes in quickly. Love her already and would recommend her anytime!!! " ... written by Smily
fast! hopefully accurate. we'll wait and see." ... written by sparrow
She made me feel at ease. Answers wee quick and straight to the point. " ... written by stephanie
Tangelique is a very fast and a spot on reader!! She will not waste a penny from ur pocket and she will never waste ur time either!!!! She doesn't sugarcoat so come by only if you r ready to hear the truth!!!!! Tangelique has her magic tarot cards that she has one awesome connection with!!!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Tangelique hit the nail on the head, and put my mind at rest... thank you xx" ... written by jennifer
5 stars! I appreciate her honesty 100%. It is a timesaver. It may not always be pleasant but it is what I need to grow into a stronger person!" ... written by Christine
Great reader. Thanks!" ... written by familyhelper
nice lady, good advice." ... written by kw
Its always a good reading with her! one of the brightest and funniest people on here! haha" ... written by Rigo
very sweet person , i loved the reading with her . i will dtely come back . she was precise and to the point .thnkyou for the lovely reading " ... written by golden
wow she was awesome liked her a lot hope she is right on everything" ... written by lori
the most awesome psychic i ever met, she is the best.straightforward and trust me she is the best!!!" ... written by siti
lovely helpful sessión once again" ... written by cathy
Great reader, lovely lady, very accurate, " ... written by Drummergirl
She's awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
reassuring. thank you. " ... written by leodragon2014
I love tangelique - she has a down to earth personality and give you what she see's - not sugar coated! She's great!" ... written by michele
First reading on this site and she was very warm and welcoming which I was very grateful for. Looking forward to seeing if her predictions manifest! " ... written by K
i loved tangelique she was a great reader!! i look forward to getting a reading from her soon." ... written by angelica
Just delightful :)" ... written by OptimistChick
5 stars! Everything she has predicted has come to pass. Came here three times a skeptic, but she has proven me wrong each time. Very strong intuition! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
She is amazing and tells exactly what u want, without even hearing your voice...Really appreciate her talent. All the best." ... written by Barani
Wonderful lady, very friendly and light hearted. Knows what's going on in situations and I recommend her to anyone seeking advice about troubling or annoying situations she will give you insight and make you feel better! " ... written by Addie
She read for me in April, and most of it came to pass since. What she said today makes sense, she gave some clues to some things/people by vaguely describing them, I knew immediately what she meant : ) . Great readings, I gave no info except my first name, she is great." ... written by OndeMystere
very accurate, pointed out all the important aspects of the current issues and advised on the right things to do. Very helpful and straight to the point. excellent reading very pleased. " ... written by Angie
very good reading thank you very much xx" ... written by paula andamp; amelia
Thank you! We will be in touch :)" ... written by Mariela
Nice reading" ... written by 1828
Best up-lifter to spirit and right on target. Much appreciated the time spent and an insight to a tender subject. Thanks!" ... written by Cathy
I've gotten a few readings from Tangelique and she's always been pretty accurate and very encouraging. I definitely recommend her!! " ... written by Mia
thanks for the wonderful insight....great chatting and happy holidays!!!" ... written by sirilee
Best reading i had.. you saw right through what was going on with me and now i feel much better after hearing from you. Everything she said is absolute what is going on. Sad i didn't have enough time but will sure come back again for more time." ... written by Sandra
I had an unusual and uplifting session with Tangelique. She helped settle my mind about unsettled and unresolved, long-term situations in both work and relationship. A great affirmation and very tuned into both situations - as complicated as they were. " ... written by Alphaway
awesome" ... written by davyboii
Very interesting and insightful reading. " ... written by Sarah
great read. great advice!" ... written by sally
She were great...she answered all my question an a lot of stuff she said were true it seems like she knew everything about me i also recommended her to my sisters and friends thanks Tangelique your the best......" ... written by shamekia
Tangelique is a wonderful, helpful reader. Very intuitive and insightful. A great business strategist and helps you find the right course of action in everything." ... written by beathive
She made things so much clear. thanks :)" ... written by Noelle
Tangelique -- predicts a wonderful 2015 for me - so I must wait and see. BUT - when I asked her about one of my parents - she knew that this parent had died with a lot of pain. She gave me some time frames for a few other items, I must wait and see " ... written by crs18
awesome reading as always!! " ... written by hermestarr
Very great energy! " ... written by Pre
great reading ... thank you" ... written by princess1218
she was very good and I didn't have to say anything! She also pick up on what I've desired and what is still holding me back. I loved the reading." ... written by Cherie
thankyou much for your help...you get right into it and dont waist any time much appreciated!" ... written by Felicia
I was amazed at how quickly she was able to pick up on my problems/situation. She gave direct advice that made sense and it was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you. " ... written by justme0234
5 stars! I at first came to her as a skeptic but everything she has predicted (about 5 predictions have come true in total) in the 5 sessions that I have been going to her. Very on point with reading energies and easily connects to a situation. She does not sugar coat. The truth will set you free! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Amazing! accurate ! doesn't waste time ! gets straight to it and does so in a professional and light and loving manner! I WILL be speaking to her again! " ... written by Robin LeMesurier
Thanks so much " ... written by Faz424
She was awesome, and very point on. Her last reading with me was 100% accurate, had to come back for a second one, I will keep her posted :)" ... written by phyllis
AWESOME! Right to the point! Honest! kind! Great connection! looking forward to a follow up..." ... written by angl33
Tangelique told me the truth. As hard as it was to hear she did and I appreciate that. Thank You." ... written by mc
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Easy reader to talk to, helpful and good at interpreting tarot, would recommend!" ... written by Alex
GREAT!!" ... written by G
Excellent! " ... written by butterflysun
lovely, lovely Reading and the first time I asked a direct and complicated question and she really came through. she seems so natural that it's hard to believe the talent she has! thanks tangelique." ... written by cathy
Thank you for the nice reading. It was a relief to hear that we are strongly connected despite the situation." ... written by JJ
Brilliant. Picked up on a lot of issues surrounding me and was extremely accurate with the detail. Gave me an outcome on something that I have coming up that I was worried about (Tangelique pinpointed the issue without me giving any indication whatsoever of the what it was) and has given me positive results that I look forward to. Thank you Tangelique I can now stress less. " ... written by movingon2
i love her common sense, her wisdom, her insight, her calm manner, her accent and above all her psychic abilities." ... written by zimerili1
Very fast, and straight to the point! Great read. Very pleasant demeanor. Will be back." ... written by Traci
great reading. So nice to get affirmation of my feelings. She was spot on about everything!!" ... written by andrea
Extremely honest" ... written by Sarah
nice reading quick to answer questions 2015 looks good for me or I hope" ... written by luvuchaluka
She is very accurate and caring:) She is a must contact:)" ... written by Sunday
Thank you for the quick and precise advise. I will take on board what you have told me. Much appreciated. Cheers!" ... written by PatrickTaken3
she is very honest and helpful" ... written by jaqline
she amazed me with how accurate and straight to the point, i felt very guided" ... written by jaqline
Thank you Tangelique. You have been inspiring and practical too!!!!" ... written by irelandrish
awesome" ... written by davyboii
thanks hun. for your help and guidance" ... written by ma
nice reading" ... written by rishma
She's a great reader, lovely and honest! xxx " ... written by Drummergirl
She was very sweet, easy to talk to. Very pleasant " ... written by Jess
What a great reader! She did not use any tools whatsoever! She was able to sort of read my situation and problem before I even got the words out! And she also gave great advice. Thank you. " ... written by justme0234
Thank you for making me feel so much better. " ... written by Lauren
she's so lovely and can quickly give me answers, i love my reading" ... written by Stella
Awesome reading" ... written by Hamster
along the side the insight and her strong ability to see things i always have lots and lots of fun talking to Tangelique." ... written by zimerili1
Very accurate reading, thank you X" ... written by Camilla Deeb
shes a sweet heart..tnx tangelique" ... written by mak2lp
thank you i appreciate it :)" ... written by lina
Very nice, sweet, awesome personality! Was very helpful!" ... written by Dayla
Always so lovely and so blatantly honest!!! Top notch Psychic!!" ... written by Sarah
Tang was excellent" ... written by GZRNYC
She was fast and accurate, always speaks the truth, truly amazing!" ... written by phyllis
super" ... written by Rajesh
5 stars!" ... written by Christine
I think Tangelique deserves 10 starts, very fast and was accurate in with her reading of my situation. Will definitely be back again." ... written by Flirty Bee
I had a bad feeling about a frined that something was wrong but reassured me everything was good." ... written by luvuchaluka
She gave me a good reading, I will keep her posted to let her know how accurate she was " ... written by Mimi
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
excellent as always!!!!" ... written by lopezina
Tang was awesome" ... written by GZRNYC
Very Good! Had positive advice for me! Would definitely do it again! :) " ... written by Kwhite
She always makes it sound matter of fact. Don't know how she does it, but it likes she's reading the book on my life and then just spits out the answers. She's amazing, so gifted, a great friend now that I've had a zillion readings with her, and always there to lift my spirits when I'm feeling the worst. Thanks, Tangy. You're always right about things.... Hugs" ... written by familyhelper
always a great laugh, blessings always..." ... written by zimerili1
Really nice lady. Worth the reading!" ... written by Jazmyne
There are some great physic talent on this forum ... and believe me I know. I have gifts to but unfortunately cannot read my own life. Tangelique is wonderful. It is like talking to a nurturing mother or favorite aunt. She really is in tune with my feelings and picked up on my situation. I knew because she would start asking me questions right before thoughts came to me and I shared them with her. Definitely a gifted and kind person to speak with about what is important to you." ... written by Deleadra
thanks " ... written by newbabe
always clear and connected .. highly recommend her energy and reading" ... written by qp
very quick and very reassuring, once again, thankyouTangelique" ... written by cathy
Lovely open and sincere medium/reader. " ... written by Brian e Ebden
Tangelique read me spot on she spoke of things no one else knew were happening in my life, she also spoke as if a life coach. I enjoyed her candidness and he frankness. I will only connect with her the next time I want to speak to a psychic " ... written by Barbara KIe
Her reading were pretty good as far as clairvoyance; she was able to tell me the timeFrame of my result of my incident. " ... written by Shang Wen Lin
I love Tangelique. She has such wonderful energy!" ... written by honeylotus
Great" ... written by Louis
insightful reading. knows my situation well. very reliable." ... written by leodragon2014
She helped me make a lot of confusing things in my life make sense. Thank you :)" ... written by Danielle
I love tangy. She is so honest and up front. She connects quickly and will be honest with what she see's. She delivers information with compassion and gives you ideas about what to do or not do :-) xo" ... written by MB
she was great" ... written by Mandi
Thank you for the guidance. I appreciate it " ... written by Eileen
Tangy, you've become such a good friend that always has the answers, and they always seem to be right. Thanks so much for the great readings!" ... written by familyhelper
turthful" ... written by twilightilove
She is such a sweetheart and very good, no tools" ... written by Mary
She is really good and finds out the problem quickly and gives a positive answer and yet warning us about the danger. She is good in predicting and it happened the way she said. That is why i came back to her to say thanks. " ... written by Rani
very accurate and in tune! her answers were spot on and she knew exactly what she was talking about. I would highly recommend her" ... written by repeat
Great Advisor! Quick to connect!" ... written by Candace
5 Stars*****" ... written by Angelicia
thankyou made sense I can breathe a little now" ... written by Orepa
Great!" ... written by majoma
great reading will be back for more picked up on everything " ... written by Angelicia
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
i always appreciate the reassurance and positive energy. it's good to be reminded to "calm down" and let things go with the flow. :) thank you~. " ... written by leodragon
Thanks again for a good reading" ... written by swsiren
Thank you so much, I am sorry it cut off, but I am very thankful to you. I hope to speak with you again." ... written by alexandra480
She is very nice. Great listener!" ... written by anocampo
looking forward to the future. " ... written by vfowles
Truly amazing, thank you so much." ... written by Starhx
thanks for the reading. i hope everything goes well" ... written by nf1
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
She's a gifted clairvoyant. She provided an honest insight on the situation. Strongly recommended. " ... written by Drax
spot on!!" ... written by chantelleplein
Tangelique was really wonderful. She was spot on with all of her observations and her tarot reading was very very accurate. Wonderful reading!" ... written by Katherine
A great reader and such a warm person to talk with!!!!" ... written by Claudia
connected fast. had good insight" ... written by sun
had a fab chat about my aunty and my mum. she was spot on and really helped me. I love talking to Tangelique, she always helps" ... written by cathy
thanks for the reading" ... written by nf1
she is honest and accurate " ... written by hawa
Was a great sounding board for me, and I really needed an objective party just to listen and help me gauge the situation with more clarity! Thank you!" ... written by Christine Halliday
excellent as always! be back again!" ... written by rii507
She lovely. " ... written by Melissa
thank you " ... written by broken
Very helpful and kind" ... written by eli
She is amazing. she connected to a loved one and gave me details that stunned me because i hadnt told her....again she is really amazing liked talking to her :-)" ... written by yaneira nunez
she is a helper and caring reader who puts things in perspective" ... written by eli
very quick and sweet...thank you" ... written by wendy
she brought a smile to me, and she sure can support you on a dark day!" ... written by jaqline
Fantastic!" ... written by Neema
I hope what she said was true. She helped to calm me down just now, shes easy to talk to and even funny. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
very good and very accurate " ... written by jana
I am going through a very distressing time in a relationship, and Tangelique reassured me that everything will be OK and to just hang in there. Thank you so much. You reading has given me enough reassurance to hold my emotions together long enough to get through this rough patch." ... written by Wendy
very good reading. I think she awesome" ... written by joyce
thanks for the talk" ... written by nf1
what a lot of great fun we have " ... written by zimerili1
very insightful thanks " ... written by altima1963
updates.." ... written by Sea
good" ... written by majoma
Nice reading. Helped to cement my thoughts. Thank you Tangelique xx" ... written by Charlie0412
Great reading ! She spoke about my family and career and knew about some upcoming events. Amazing. Even knew my husband was an acct with blue eyes. " ... written by ladyfapp
I love her energy, voice and reading. She is very good. " ... written by Colliercg
Good reading, loved the insight. " ... written by jewelw203
thank you, all i wantedto know :)" ... written by jazzychic
excellent reading, sincere" ... written by james
LOVELY energy! Love this woman! She jumped right in, and saw who i was already asking about without be saying, she also saw I was in business with two older men, and also saw exactly what I am dealing with/working on right now :) Her energy is amazing, no tools, simply brilliant" ... written by Ballerina
She is polite and do not use any tools. She was in tune to my situational and on point with many things." ... written by knowing2013
Concise and straightforward" ... written by Fun_sized
great read" ... written by davyboii
great advice.. thank you!!!" ... written by jazzychic
Good reading! She really picks up on the situation at hand and is very accurate. Thank you " ... written by ****
Update reading.." ... written by Sea
such a lovely soul" ... written by qp
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Great reading. Love her demeanor. Gave some great details for what is to come." ... written by Anny
Good advice, made me feel good about the future!" ... written by Elizabeth
I had a great chat with Tangelique who was very calming and relaxing. Beautiful personality and great information.I will speak to her again in the near future." ... written by Lee
I really enjoy having conversations with Tangelique! She's so down to earth and easily relatable. I love how frank she is! " ... written by sol
Tangelique is an awesome reader. she gave me a wonderful reading and has very nice energy. 5 stars :)" ... written by Liz
she is great with my reading session. i hope everything goes well for her :) .bless u" ... written by viendax
she tuned in right away. wow. direct and no sugar coating. i would definitely return. her message felt true in deep way. " ... written by nik
another great reading. she feels quite genuine. also she's direct, grounded, and loving in her communication. inspiring experience, thank you :)" ... written by nik
She is an extremely lovely lady and highly intuitive! Will definitely come back to talk to her. " ... written by Jade
<" ... written by
Very good reading, very accurate and compassionate. Really appreciated your advise as well! Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
lovely Reading again. Tangelique is accurate and intuitive and really hits the spot before I even know how to tell her what's going on. Thankyou" ... written by FREDDIPOO
Wonderful as always! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyllis
i love tangie, she is so honest and up-front about what she sees, and she conveys the message to you in a very frank and clear way." ... written by sol
Thank you..." ... written by Princess
reading was accurate! she picked up on things immediately." ... written by oanh
She is awesome and has a great sense of humor. Had a really bad day today and she made me feel so much better! On point with everything that's going on with my life. " ... written by Lorie
i lovetalking to her she always put my mind at ease and she is very easy to talk too" ... written by georgianna
ok" ... written by ambrose perez III
love tangie!! she really is someone who has a gift." ... written by sol
I love Tangelique - she's so upfront, honest, caring, and ethical. She will tell you the truth as she see's it to help guide you on your path. She's very refreshing She picks up quickly, is clear, and easy to understand. " ... written by Michele
Direct and quick, love her honesty! 7 stars all the way, and highly recommend to get a reading!" ... written by A
she's great" ... written by cristina
u wouldn't feel like ur talking to a psychic, she has the answers in the most natural way ever! u must visit her to know what i am talking about" ... written by aby
nice reading, I have read with Tange before. " ... written by cur182
she made me feel better and helped me realize how important it is to focus on myself for the sake of myself! also very supportive :)" ... written by ale
GREAT!!" ... written by Cmartin83
lovely and helpful as usual, what a wise, intuitive and gifted psychic. I would definitely recomend her if you need good honest guidance and help. Tangleique just knows things." ... written by cathy
fun reading!" ... written by Kool
She was a real good help as I felt very confused! I am very happy for her words. She is very honest and to the point - no sugar coating. " ... written by Sonia
She was lovely, kind, and spot on. Thank you for the insight and I look forward to updating you in the future!" ... written by scadoodle
Excellent" ... written by Dalain
Very informative reading. Answered all my questions with care and clarity. Thank you Tangelique. I know now how to proceed. Will keep you posted." ... written by Charlie0412
She is wonderful" ... written by Jason
Tangelique was very detailed, honest and answered all my questions. She was amazing and the reading was so accurate. I would definitely come back for more readings. Definitely 5 stars" ... written by zae
quite spot on! very much appreciated!" ... written by sierra
Ms. Tange can quide you, she has guided me in the past. She saw my night school class to prepare me for new job, now she has given me a few clues for the next step. Oh I cant wait to get started on the next phase " ... written by crs828
Thank you so much! awesome reading" ... written by unknownjourney
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Very spot on! :)" ... written by Reisyu
If she lived in the states, she would be a friend. That's as good as it gets. She is what she says she is! I will see her again." ... written by sportsmom
its so helpful to work with clarity when things are blurred and we inner kid throws a tantrum and wants chocolate when its not good for you,.. Tangelique was great and giving the the clarity I takes and insight that does not stunt growth but helps to propell it in its own time. Thank you thank you thank you! xc " ... written by c
Great enjoyed the reading. My first time doing this and liked it. Will definitley come back." ... written by Barbara
I would have to do a longer reading in order to write an accurate review which I could not do right now. What I can say is that I want to come back another time." ... written by RV
she gave me avery great reader, and also advised me in the best way, some psychics are good in connecting with people, and knowing their future, problem or something, but the only thing is they don't know how to express or explain it to people, but Tangelique is good with reading and connecting with people and also she is very good with explaining and expressing the reading easily to the person. thank you Tangelique" ... written by spencer
She was so nice!! I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you" ... written by S
shes right on and honest" ... written by michael
very hopeful of this reading, hope i do get a job in nature soon, will come back and give update. thank you." ... written by MJcory
tunes in straight away. it wass great didnt mock around. thank you" ... written by rae
she is honest and good at what she does..unlike others she is the best." ... written by hawa e
Tange is my favourite here!" ... written by N
Very Highly Spot On and Very Trusted :)" ... written by EmpathSNM
She was a great reader and I truly enjoyed our conversation about my career, and the change that will happen in the fall. I am happy to know my love life will remain strong and that I have finally found a great catch that I get to keep =) looking forward to rewarding changes in life" ... written by luckycharms12
Fabulous, fun, right on. Very professional and felt like an old girlfriend. Please give her a try." ... written by marya
Wonderful always! Fast reader, great insight! Tells you the way it is, great advice, highly recommend!" ... written by phy;
Lovely Lady. Very understanding. Extremely intuitive. Accurate. Thankyou. x" ... written by Ro
So consistent! I've read with Tangelique quite a few times! She is specific, and ridiculously consistent! She doesn't remember what she has said in previous readings- and always has the same reading as last time. Her approach is laid back, yet forth coming and her energy is so open that you know she isn't b*llsh*tting you! Very lovely woman, and extremely talented... I've tried a lot of readers on this site, and Tangelique doesn't waste my time, cause anxiety or steer you down a bad path! Take her for a reading!" ... written by Kitty
I talked with Tangelique by chat and found that she answered me quickly and accurately. The answers she gave really resonated with me and just felt right. I left knowing what I needed to do. Thanks Tangelique." ... written by Lise
Bless you :)" ... written by camila
great advive" ... written by cheeee
its was a good experience. " ... written by Jane Brown
good advise" ... written by tenchi
great , accurate , helpful " ... written by Maria
great reading. Tangelique is to the point. " ... written by D L
fast accurate and detailed " ... written by shelley
I came in for a solution to my problem, not an answer that would not manifest- and that tanqelique did! She is wonderful, and her energy is so welcoming. Very accurate, and extremely kind!" ... written by ballerina
I found Tangelique very comforting and reassuring. She made me feel at ease and didn't need prompting. No nonsense or time wasting with clear messages. I will be returning in a few months time to confirm the predictions. Highly recommend." ... written by julia
Great to deal with and talk to" ... written by E G
she is sweet and very helpful" ... written by mustafa
Another great reading with Tangelique, with very real advice and accurate answers on the mapping of the feelings of the people involved in the situation. It really helps me to make a better decision to move forward." ... written by E
I always come back to see Tange! My favourite here :) " ... written by N
as always very much a delight, hit things right on and helped with many questions for clarity. Thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
Very great advice....will have to check back with what happens in the future!" ... written by Larry
she is nice verry good in tarot" ... written by nataschja
She was very insightful and opened my mind to other options out there! I was really stressed out before and leaving this reading I am feeling a lot better about where my life is taking me." ... written by Jessica
she is always lovely and right on target. ethical and caring. xoxox" ... written by michele
she is reassuring, extremely warm and projects a sense of security that I reach out too every time I can." ... written by claire100
lovely, lovely magic lady. she is spot on all the time with her insight and wisdom. and of course her predictions." ... written by cathy
an authentic reader she is honest and straight forward " ... written by melissa
My first reading with her and she's fantastic! 5 stars :)" ... written by Soul Journey8
Amazing as always! Connects very fast, no tools. Has great insight and tells you the way it is, gives great advice, I would highly recommend her! " ... written by phyl
100% on point!" ... written by Kelsey
Accurate 100% !!" ... written by Kelsey
a little nerve wracking to hear the things i did, but it helps to get some clarity. hope the meeting goes well tomorrow. thanks again, tangelique" ... written by leodragon2014
thank you so much for your help" ... written by ilovetravel
Tange is my trusted advisor :)" ... written by N
Tangelique did an amazing job! She was very insightful and accurate. She gave me wonderful advice that I will definitely follow. I highly recommend her! " ... written by Jana
She was very nice and kind and honest. Highly recommend!! Thanks so much again darling! :)) " ... written by Libra26
I like the reading with Tangelique, not what I was hoping to hear but it was what it was. I am still happy never the less. Thank you " ... written by chryssi7332
Great reading! Positive energy! " ... written by Herminia
Great, fast, and accurate - Thank you!" ... written by Eternety
shes the most honest straightforward psychic u will meet . " ... written by w
a very good session - hit on all the important points and made me feel better about alot of things" ... written by ladyfapp
thanks again for a helpful reading. spot on per usual!" ... written by nik
really interesting reading. thank you very much. " ... written by marie
always a pleasure" ... written by Cristina
the most amazing read" ... written by michael
she was very on point, I appreciate her help very much. thank you tangelique...Alexandra480" ... written by Racqueal
I love Tangelique...she is really quick to connect and honest. She has a very warm and friendly style and a great sense of humor. She gives good info!" ... written by mb
interesting " ... written by edel95
She knew exactly who I was talking about from just a simple name. She is lovely" ... written by Natalie Tayim
THIS IS REAL! She said things as they are and I loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ... written by A
Very intuitive. Picks up on the energy very well. Easy to talk to, will be back for more! " ... written by Cera
Very good reading, she is such a sweetheart. Made me feel much much better" ... written by Mary
Thank you, always good to chat." ... written by A
what a wonderful experience!!! tangelique with the beautiful name made me feel incredibly comfortable and gave me peace of mind. :)" ... written by hello shira
She is very intuitive, lead me to the right truck. " ... written by Kay
Fantastic as always. Lovely to talk too, very intuitive." ... written by movingon2
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Very honest and caring psychic. Tangelique offered me valuable reminders about past, present and future life pertaining to relationship concerns. In my case, they were all good things and everything hit home. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away from positive energy, but Tangelique was able to bring me back to that place I need to be. The eyes of an individual can tell you so much about another persons ability and I made that connection with Tangelique. She has a warm approach." ... written by jeepers76
she is awesome" ... written by Emma
Very comforting, told me something I didn't want to hear, but knew it deeply down. Gave me a new hope so hope it'll come to pass :)" ... written by cristiana
Great reading!" ... written by Danielle
Picked up on so much. Great reading and fast! Thank you!" ... written by VirginVirgo
tangelique was right on.. even to describing my current apartment." ... written by qp
She's great!" ... written by grayfree
Thank you for helping me snap back, and i will get a journal so I can write in every night. thanks for also being here even though it was last minute. I respect your honesty :) ! xoxo" ... written by Vee Elle
Tangelique was very kind, very straightforward and to the point, and gave me the answers that I needed. No sugar-coating! :) No beating around the bushes. Highly recommended for someone who needs REAL ANSWERS!" ... written by justme0234
amazing reading, as usual. very detailed and on point, she gives very direct answers connected to clear visions. very helpful. I highly recommend it. " ... written by angel of light
good reading, some promising stuff to look forward to. Have read with Tange before and will come back again. At the " ... written by cur
Tangelique is quite an cheerful lady. She has this nice ease and can interpret the future. She can read and can be pretty spot on with the future and can definitely give timeframes since she aligned herself with many of my favorite psychics. I really recommend her. She doesnt sugar coat either." ... written by Mary
lovely as usual and very insightful without being sensational. What Tangelique says is very, very perceptive and surprisingly accurate. She says things that she knows about you as if she was looking into yuor head and sorting out what's in there." ... written by cathy
As usual..on point. She picked up on the enormous stress and love in my relationship." ... written by Melanie
I love her! She is so friendly and honest with her readings. She likes to apply realistically yet use her intuition and such to provide good advices and direction." ... written by Mary
Great reading very detailed and honest." ... written by Sunday
At times of need, I really love Tangel because she is very genuine and kind. She is not a sugar coater for sure and i believe in her work 100%. She will say straight to the point and will provide you serious advise on your situation. I suggest her" ... written by Mary
spot on!" ... written by di
Tangelique picked right up on the detailed sensitive issue in question about my relationship...and I mean hit it on the nutshell. She didn't take long to identify the root of the problem and explain what was happening. Very Fast detailed reading...Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
5555" ... written by 1
Tangleique has such insight and wisdom, she knows what's happening always." ... written by cathy jones
thank you very much " ... written by linda
she is good" ... written by agate
It was great chatting to Tangelique. She really put me at ease and got to the root of my problem really quickly. Her reading was really accurate and she got me really calmed down and gave the best advice. Will definitely be in touch with her more often. Thanks Tangelique! " ... written by Ravi
Tangelique is great. She picked up my core beliefs straight away and gave me hope and a mental lift. Thank you Tangelique. " ... written by Teacup
Thanks to her guidance, I have successfully transitioned from a bad corporate job to working for myself. Kudos!" ... written by beathive
What a fun spirit! She is so clever and in tune. Very refreshing and hopeful! Wonderfull talent. Tangelique is worth knowing just because she is that cool, as well as getting to experience her gift as a psychic." ... written by Aimee
A person to go to give you some readings and reality check. I love her ahah!" ... written by Mary
will definitely recommend for others.. women with good vibe.." ... written by BEst reasDevisri
She is so awesome!" ... written by James
yes she's good." ... written by amor
a fresh breeze.. so kind and spot on! i just hope her predictions come true. " ... written by MR
Very good. thank you" ... written by Richard
Love it! You have to try:)" ... written by Maya
FAST READING . GOT MY ANSWER" ... written by tianna
She tuned in to the situation pretty accurately just by knowing our names! :) highly recommended! " ... written by Sal
great reading. reassuring as always. quick to provide good advice." ... written by leodragon2014
Upfront and honest" ... written by Cheryl
awesome awesome! she is full of reassurance and good vibes... this is my second reading I had one about a year ago but I'm thinking my readings may need to be more frequent :)" ... written by Brittany
Spot on. Thank you. Talk soon xx" ... written by Charlie0412
straight and fast!" ... written by Ryzette
Very good, very clear and very quick. Would definitely see her again." ... written by whiteflowers 1
Thank you so much. So honest and compassionate. Will definitely be coming back soon." ... written by Josh
Wonderful caring would recommend highly great advice and makes you feel at ease A blessing Thank you so much " ... written by Christine
accurate and fast" ... written by beingrace
wonderful decription of grandpa!!!!" ... written by candace miller
she is awesome, really kind and to the point, she is very direct and amazing. " ... written by flyhigh
Lovely truthful lady!" ... written by Deal
gave some advices" ... written by tianna
she is wonderful and insightful, and to the point" ... written by alexandra
Great and fast reader! Very in tune with situations, highly recommend her!" ... written by phyl
Awesome reader" ... written by CH
quick and honest as always! " ... written by w
she is genuine and caring reader" ... written by jaqline
Very good reader for me! Finally, we had our first reading together. Tangelique is so spot on and to the point. No sugar coating. She has always been a constant support for me in time of need. I am so grateful for her gifts and abilities." ... written by Tony
Very nice reading!" ... written by Mary
Very Positive and Uplifting. Very relaxed and calm reading, will be coming back!! Thank you!" ... written by Erica
She's fast. quick and accurate. intuitive and very warm. I miss her convos." ... written by Pea
Fast, detailed, authentic. Connect and knows things that I know." ... written by James
Nice psychic. Will definitely recommend others to take her reading … " ... written by Devisri
She's such a pleasure!! Hopefully her prediction is true!" ... written by Jnaujo00
No kidding!! Accurate and no tools!!! AND honest and caring. Thank you!!" ... written by B
my goodness she's good. she really does see things clearly and is a very wise lady. I don't know where she gets her information but it is amazingly on the spot." ... written by cathy
On point, super accurate and lovely as always :) xxxxx" ... written by N
It's all about the shoes! Spot on xx" ... written by Jo
wonderful reading. quick and uplifting as always. greatly appreciated. thank you ~." ... written by leodragon2014
Good reading, Tangelique is down to earth and straight forward. Lots of info with out questions and I really enjoyed he sense of humour :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very honest, to the point, fast reading. She told me everything i need to know. " ... written by Moongirl17
excellent reading thankyou :)" ... written by taupon
Tangel is very down to earth and can tap in really easily for situation" ... written by Mary
Thanks, you so connect so quickly. I appreciate it cause you got it all right. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
she is always very kind and consistent with her readings. 5 stars" ... written by mrrw
Good reading for first timers, hopefully predictions will play out" ... written by Leya07
Tangelique was very good. Thank you." ... written by Me
She was really good accurate and straight to the point" ... written by peacegal
I think she is very straight forward... I like her. " ... written by Lan2013
Wow amazed Tangelique you are so accurate fast and spot on. You knew the truth without me explaining so much simply wonderful and thank you for bringing peace to me." ... written by lorna
good lady thanks" ... written by shelly
Tangelique is so caring and clear with her information. She really cares about you and your situation. She's honest and that's what I like best......xoxoxox" ... written by Michele
always to the point...5stars" ... written by neon
very positive and makes sense! she gets me!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
very, very helpful and totally, incredibly accurate" ... written by cathy
very friendly , would have liked to have more time but service is rather expensive and typing took to much time " ... written by Angie
tangelique is very sweet and she takes the time to give you details she doesnt just give one word answers. " ... written by lasheena
thanku, so much. was very insightful, said what I needed to hear " ... written by Amanda
lovely reading and very helpful. Tangelique has remarkable insight, I don0t know how she does it but she really knows what's going on and what to do. Thanks" ... written by cathy
She was great,answered my question straight to the point.thank you tangelique" ... written by Anna
she was on point thank u " ... written by tymora
Very good reading" ... written by Noshee
great" ... written by brooke
awesome" ... written by James
very helpful and charming" ... written by khlifmosis
Amazing!" ... written by Brooke
this was amazing. its not that i thought she was really looking into the future as others always claim. but she showed me that my gut feeling was right. i am looking forward to the future!" ... written by Ischerich
She`s very kind and says you as it is. Picks up on things quickly. no wasting time. " ... written by moon
thanks" ... written by jacqui
Worth it !!!!" ... written by Mumma30
hi there thank you sorry it was not long enough but thank you" ... written by noelinelizzy63
such a lovely easy presence!!" ... written by qp
Very clear, considerate and straight" ... written by Suzanne
very good reading, thank you :)" ... written by heidi
very good reading , caring and to the point " ... written by patty733
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
very kind and gentle very honest and non judgmental - highly recommend her " ... written by CoyoteRoper
very easy to connect to :) " ... written by serra
awsome" ... written by davyboii
tangi has really good insight. she tunes right in." ... written by soljourney
no tools needed...answered my question." ... written by cherie
she is sooooooo good !!!! omg .. I'm so coming back!!!" ... written by tamjones
She is always really on target and good! ALWAYS!" ... written by MB
really helpful again, Tangelique has put my mind at rest again and centred me, she is my lifeline at the moment" ... written by cathy
I enjoyed the reading she was pleasant and quick! " ... written by Redd
She is absolutely amazing!! She tuned into my situation very fast without a lot of questions from me. She is truly gifted! If you scroll past her, you're doing yourself a HUGE disservice! Contact her for the truth!" ... written by Stacy
She is to the point and does not sugar coat. Will go to her again!" ... written by Theresa
so.... she told me so, about a month ago" ... written by qp
Good reading. She was spot on with her interpretations of my situation. I didn't have to tell her much for her to get started. " ... written by Jessica
Wonderful! Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
she was great she accuratly picked up how i feel, people surroudning me situation as is and i hope the best for the predicted future!" ... written by small cloud
Incredible reading, was sadly cut short due to my poor internet connection. she is very passionate and you can see she is feeling what she is communicating. It was truly a great experience. I look forward to speaking with her again." ... written by Lavvy1
Great person and awesome reading. I did a reading with her in May and her prediction came true. She is very quick and accurate. I will be back to see her again. I would highly recommend this psychic." ... written by edysica
shes so sweet and comforting!" ... written by me
Great reading and quick to connect!!" ... written by Angel
Great and insightful reading!" ... written by Lise
She was really understanding and good to talk to..." ... written by Pri
awesome...thanks.." ... written by sam
Lovely lady" ... written by Leah
She is always really quick and good and honest! xoxox" ... written by MB
Really helpful and insightful, exactly what was needed, thank you !! :)" ... written by Jami
amazing" ... written by nana smith
great session thank you" ... written by lynn
very good reading.... very good" ... written by Daniel Savage
Great.. Reading. I love her and she was so positive and helpful.. " ... written by Ashley Taylor
Very nice and honest reader. She was alot of fun to talk to gave great information." ... written by VET
I love tangelique for this reading, so much that I really needed clarity and true honest accuracy in reading. I felt I got so much value for the money too and information in the time. Will come back again for updates..." ... written by bell
great reading right to the point. Thanks again " ... written by angel
Thank you for helping me through this it was very encouraging!" ... written by Ava
Tangelique is amazing!! She picked up on the person I had in mind and gave great details about him and my situation. I am looking forward to her predictions and timeframe! She has a very soft energy that filled me with light! Thank you Tangelique for giving me the reassurance I needed and for sharing your amazing gift with all of us! Love and Light!! 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
I freaking Looooove her !! she picks up on everything , right away!! amazing ,very warm hearted andamp; honest .. no sugar coating... I will be back " ... written by tamjones
Tangelique was very warm, kind and accurate. She got straight to the point and said a lot of things that made sense without me even having to tell her anything. She was caring and lovely but also honest. I will definitely come to her again!" ... written by Katherine
nice reading " ... written by crs1828
very good, very insightful and very funny! will be back " ... written by chapis
She did touch on things in the general reading and i found it to be very insightful " ... written by Stephanie
clear and eyeopening. feel stronger now." ... written by maria
She was great to talk to and very informative, I would definitely talk to her again." ... written by Maryesther
I love Tangelique! She is so honest and connects quickly. She really cares and wants to help. " ... written by MB
this lovely person has helped me shake up the energy" ... written by qp
had another reading... not sure how I feel about this one... more just common sense. But she is really nice! " ... written by cathleen
I loved Tangelique! She gave me great information and she has great insight :)" ... written by Zach
Amazing and honest with sincere empathy and care for what's best for my future. I will take your advice thank you so much!!!" ... written by Nena
Tangelique is always insightful and I would recommend her to everyone! :)" ... written by Zach
great intuitive and excellent reading. I appreciate dearly and would come back for more readings" ... written by bell
I was very satisfied with her, thank You very much for Your help, honestly...." ... written by Jesus
Tangelique was very good, she immediately picked up the vibes from my question and gave answers and details that were accurate. This was a great reading and I would return for an update. " ... written by Jenn
Honest, forthright, intuitive, open, sincere, lovely person." ... written by RandomWoman
I came to this woman 5 months ago and she predicted a love relationship would play out big before i even met this guy. that happened. i came back a few months later in the middle of a work crisis.... couldn't take her to private b/c of money restraints.... she listened.... pulled a few cards in free chat explaining that I would be safe and sound. a month later... thats exactly where I am. thank you for your comfort and clarity you are the best tangelique! xxox" ... written by a
She has such a lovely way of making me always feel so much better - good reading, good advice." ... written by Onslow
It is always enjoyable to spend time with her in a private reading and she is always right on the money with them. Certainly worth your time." ... written by Jessica
she was very good and spot on" ... written by mariam
fast and accurate as always, her prediction came true" ... written by w
Thanks" ... written by Christian Smith
Tangelique made me feel more relaxed and calm about my problems and even gave reassurance. I would recommend her if you need that simple guidance into the right direction or for clarification. " ... written by Tiffany
Wonderful reading, wonderful person always good to speak to her." ... written by Simon
amazing as usual! i love her!!" ... written by rii507
Thanks Tangy. Appreciate all your honesty and insight. Accurate info always. Glad you've been here the last two years to get me through it all." ... written by familyhelper
Tangelique, what can i say, she was the BEST medium/psychic whatever you wanna call she is. she was right about EVERYTHING and i mean everything. i was blown shocked! she picked up on everything she knew all the answers to my questions. she can really read people real well. She will only tell you the truth even if it hurts she will tell you and she is right about it in the end. " ... written by Angelica
Extremely nice lady gifted spiritual advisor 7 star reading" ... written by dubyjudy
Very lovely lady, patient and kind and gave great advice. Thank you Tangelique xx" ... written by Lauren
love her" ... written by sfdd
she was very funny, gave me the reassurance I needed. And pulled cards that accurately related to my current situation. great read" ... written by alicia
Great reading. Very accurate and picks up quickly. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
She was brilliant. Picked p on the energies super fast. Very positive and encouraging... Lovely manner and way of talking through the reading. Really enjoyed her!" ... written by Trickynic 1971
Very honest, caring. Would recommend!" ... written by Venous
she was nice andamp; reassuring, time will tell tho on the outcomes" ... written by dge
Wonderful lady to have a reading with - excellent and compassionate but doesnt sugar coat " ... written by Webster
A tough session but helpful once again. Tangelique doesn´t sugar coat but she sees beyond what´s on the surface." ... written by cathy
Tangelique is extremely kind, light-hearted, patient, and intuitive. She can get down to the core of a question and/or worry and give a guided solution. She can see glimpses of your environment and addresses how and whether or not it is feeding you in a healthy matter or complicating your own personal trek up your yellow-brick road. If a message needs to be heard from your higher self or above, she will deliver it to you. I left our private with all my questions answered and concerns more at ease if not completely gone! To tie up any loose ends, she was happy to give a detailed general tarot reading." ... written by Katrina
She is so lovely ,amazing and kind...her insights are right on and I cannot say enough nice things about her. I am so grateful. :)" ... written by Kelly
thank you for the reading.." ... written by jasmine
Great reading - passes on information in a way you can understand but also makes you feel at ease, really in-depth and is honest about it. Unlike others, she does not 'sugar-coat' things and, that's exactly what you need if you're looking for clarity. " ... written by m27inal
Reader was able to type fast, provide lots of relevant information, and offer guidance; she does not judge, greatly appreciate this. Thank you, will follow-up again." ... written by Eva
Thank you, you are so positive :D" ... written by Bey
she is great as always " ... written by chapis
She is connected. Funny and direct. I will wait to see if her predictions will come true." ... written by sty
Incredibly precise and extremely helpful. It's helpful to know someone can instantly tap into your situation. " ... written by Jennifer
Wonderful, no sugar coating - very good reading " ... written by Osnlow
Thank u for the smiles n made me feel more positive " ... written by Linn
Wonderful lady - just love her readings, no sugar coating straight to the point " ... written by Simon
great as always :)" ... written by Jagratti
Very accurate and on point with actual situations. i recommend her to anyone" ... written by Vgarnet
thanks " ... written by luvu
lovely lady , great reading " ... written by liza
She's really good! " ... written by J b
The lady know what she is talking about. She is good. Thanks. I will come back :-)" ... written by Susanne
I think she was on point with her visuals of my situations and I look forward to speaking with her again" ... written by Cece
one of the best psychics.." ... written by tangeligue
Good advice as usual - wonderful person, fast and to the point." ... written by Michelle
Very nice and reassuring! " ... written by Amanda
great reading with a great lady thank you" ... written by dubyjudy
Great reader!" ... written by Missjk21
Impressive" ... written by Ben
Tangelique is a great spiritual guide and intuitive that really has amazing insight and intellect to assist you with your problems to solve, or queries about love, life, and career. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by beathive
Great insight" ... written by Andrea
very insightful but I ran out of time" ... written by d
LOVE her- such a sweet. She knows what she is talking about. No tools needed, and very on point with her predictions. " ... written by Stephanie,
The easiest and most straight forward reading I've had and need! I recommend her!!! " ... written by Walejr
Great advice, just what I needed to hear at this time :) Thanks" ... written by Beth
simply the best " ... written by qp
She is my absolute favorite. You can't go wrong and her readings are always on the money. " ... written by jess
it was a good reading" ... written by peacegal
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Heart breaking news but definitely fast and a reader that's worth it" ... written by Safiya
Great reading, waiting for predicts to come true. Thanks." ... written by Askmenow2
Awesome reading! answered my questions and and really had a sense of what is going on in my life at the moment" ... written by nataliakonwalia
Very candid, insightful, natural feel. I felt comforted, if not for what was said, (that too) but also for how the matter was handled with poise, understanding, care and grace. An excellent session and the flow of conversation was excellent because she did not type but spoke and I responded by typing short, concise sentences. I had my skepticism (still do LOL) but this was very encourage...as one Jamaican Rastafarian man said to me once..."Powers really in a earth for real" " ... written by Donovan Moore
thank you very much for the reading you did good psychic and good advice will follow what you told me thank you very much again " ... written by marie
She's amazing, I always come back. Phenomenal!" ... written by James
Very amazing reading! I feel so much more clear about what I need to be doing and where I should be going! Thank you!!" ... written by Dee
Great ready very detailed and honest and very fast. i really enjoyed my reading" ... written by Sunday
Tangelique is such a sweetheart. She is very easy to talk to and I trust what she says! She is very connected and has great psychic abilities, and she will not sugar coat the message. She is very quick and won't waste ur time! Tangelique thank you my dear for all u do to help others! You are appreciated 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Great reading, cleared a lot up for me." ... written by Sarah
Tells it like it is. Can see through the lies, even when you know the truth." ... written by albearification
Wonderful reading. She tuned into the situation right away and offered some perspective that I hadn't thought about but made complete sense to the situation. Thank you again!" ... written by Erica
Helpful." ... written by lee
very clear and to the point :)" ... written by agablue
Thank you!" ... written by HJ
great as last time! the advice is awesome " ... written by nataliakonwalia
Very good reading, very accurate as well." ... written by Alonzo
She was very helpful giving practical advice, not any fluff. SHe was attentive to my questions and my sistuation." ... written by tiny
such a lovely, smart, connected and terrific energy person" ... written by qp
Very fun and positive person. I loved the advises and the caring way of which she treated me. Will be coming back for more very soon!" ... written by Raphael
Thank you" ... written by Eva
This is awesome reading . wish we had more time .. can't wait to up date .. she very kind and understanding love it " ... written by CLEARBLU
She was reassuring about something I really needed to know about and very professional." ... written by wmeboone25
Loved the reading thank you so very much!!!!" ... written by Ava
Very upfront and to the point. Great reader!" ... written by D
She is very informative, kind and quick. I am very thankful for the reading" ... written by irena
interesting reading, good advises, very good person" ... written by G
spot on as always" ... written by maggie
very helpful thank you" ... written by jasmine
just great! amazing" ... written by jasmine
wonderful reading! very quick and very knowledgeable. I love honesty and she gives it. Beautiful personality. Fantastic all around!" ... written by joy
Another good session with Tangelique. Love talking to her and hearing her insights, she´s great." ... written by cathy
She is just fantastic - Keeps it 100% real with you." ... written by Sophia
Tangelique, confirmed what so many people have been telling me. I will be fine. She said the same thing that others have said. When I pass my test, I will happy to let her and everyone else know." ... written by Charles
Good... Straight forward... Gets to the point..." ... written by KerriDee
Very Accurate, very quick and too the point. MUST READ ! " ... written by Curious Seeking
Very well done! Thank you." ... written by Nicole
excellent thank you so very much .." ... written by davyboii
thank you " ... written by the world
She connected very fast and without any tools! She also typed quick after request from me, since it was lagging a little bit. She also was friendly and gave me specific time frame! Thank you x " ... written by Cindy
As always, shes good." ... written by James
as always, she's awesome!" ... written by James
If you want someone very direct and to the point she is the one I prefer this so it was very good." ... written by Curtis
amazing reader" ... written by erika
Very nice reading - straight to the point and very honest!" ... written by S
Honest! and no bs about her at all... " ... written by Raya
awesome reading " ... written by rii507
She is so positive and a beautiful and compassionate person!" ... written by brandy
THANK YOU!I hope her predictions are right!" ... written by Aurelia
Thanks for being the amazing reader you are. You've helped me through things for a couple of years now!" ... written by familyhelpe
So far so good, timeline seems to in the right direction. " ... written by Askmenow2
amazing!" ... written by nana smith
Gosh this lady is good she is fantasitc and the more you see her the better she gets." ... written by cathy
As always, very good, honest, accurate, and very sincere. :)" ... written by James
Great reading as usual" ... written by Fun_Sized
Wow.. She is awesome.. no tools.. just straight to the point.. I will consult her again!!" ... written by sheilah
Tangelique tells it how it is even if it´s not what you want to hear ." ... written by cathy
Nice reading!Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
Good andamp; on point andamp; honest reading. Love here energy" ... written by Lisa
Found Tangelique a very positive lady" ... written by Tania
Tangelique is the person to talk to when I have a problem, she always helps." ... written by FREDDIPOO
I love speaking with her! Its like talking to an encouraging friend who gives you the tools to create your own destiny!" ... written by brandy
She does a great job! Very nice reading!" ... written by Aurelia
She is truly wonderful!" ... written by Surii
She is straight to the point and a very nice person. I really enjoy that she is straight forward and doesn't waste time. I also love her great personality! " ... written by Dove
thank you :)" ... written by D
Okay... so "she told me .. i told you so"" ... written by qp
She was extremely accurate, picked up on the things in my life fast." ... written by James
great reading she always good and accurate!" ... written by monoagapi
She is awesome! Thank you!" ... written by phyl
Good reading, quick connection, nice ... give Tangelique a try." ... written by lornalulu
I always come back." ... written by James
wow wonderful reader and spot on, very clear reading, i am very pleased...five stars!" ... written by ice11
time ran out. Thank you for your advice" ... written by mn
Honest, sincere, and ACCURATE" ... written by James
very quick connection, felt the energies involved and was very truthful." ... written by lornalulu
Great, fantastic, she really is a marvellous psychic and calirvoyant!" ... written by cathy
She is phenomenal, I like her readings and feel they are very sincere. Also, her predictions are accurate." ... written by James
I was actually pretty impressed with her. I found her to be interesting. I opted to have a private session with her. She was VERY accurate. It amazes me how she can know so much and we are only communicating via typing! What she shared with me was all I truly needed to know. I wrote it down so when I start to panic or get impatient, I can remind myself....be patient, it take time." ... written by Yi Yi
She is fast and accurate. I enjoyed my reading with her." ... written by Dimond110
thank you so much dear" ... written by jasmine
quick, very nice, straight forward reading" ... written by debra
She explained a lot about myself which was good. " ... written by Sarah
wonderful reading !!! just excellent" ... written by tamjones
VERY GREAT AND HELPFUL!!! Favorite one yet! :)" ... written by liljame2000
First time here...great :-)" ... written by Gina
friendly and to the point" ... written by shaun
Tangelique is always up front and honest. She cares about her clients and works to help guide you to your own decision. " ... written by MB
great" ... written by julia
Thank you for calming my nerves. I was sure he was out with another. I really hope you are right. I can go back to sleep now. " ... written by GoddessNeek
Thanks for your great reading and your great advices. x" ... written by Bey
5 star reading! She gave me advice on how to manifest my work. I feel more confident now. I will definitely follow up with predictions." ... written by Excellent
good" ... written by shelly omeara
lovely lady I like her a lot great personality" ... written by shelly omeara
wonderful wonderful reader. thank you for your honesty and straight to the point. i was abit nervous at first but your so lovely. highly recommended" ... written by ali
Came in distraught, left calm and happy! she teaches you a lot!" ... written by Zyzyzy
excellent session!" ... written by cathy
love this women. very down to earth and clear. She is not selling stories. the real deal :)" ... written by sunshine
good" ... written by caroline
vgood" ... written by ritesh
very kind, insightful. helped me feel better. thank you so much" ... written by Lena
Tangelique is so personable and down to earth. I really enjoyed our session, she put me at ease and made me feel so much better about my future! Thanks so much Tangelique!" ... written by Stacy
Awesome thanks" ... written by E
Thank you. You are good at what you do. I am wondering puzzling within myself what I should be taking away with this reading. Thats a good thing to do cuz I am lost in thought. " ... written by Serebro4
I always come back to her for a reading because she is phenomenal. Accurate, picks up on the situation right away." ... written by James
great lady. I love Tangelique she deserves the best in life. God bless you. " ... written by shelly omeara
Very honest and kind - excellent reading!!!" ... written by edyta
I love to talk to this woman - Once more Tangelique was to the point! She could describe the person and situation perfectly without any given infos! I´m very positive of what she told me! Try her - she is fantastic!!!" ... written by S.
good. very accurate. " ... written by lena
Very accurate!, came back for another reading, she predicted the month of the sale of my property, at the begging I didn't believe her, I'm still shocked. Thank you !" ... written by Lauren
If you have not spoken to Tangelique, you need to start. She is honest and quick. Very good with communication, intuned and she is wonderful in probing what you need to specifically find out to make sure that you are getting the reading you need and not waste your time. Everything she has told me has been on the money so to speak. Accurate!!!!!!! Timeline has been correct. She doesn't waste your time and she is someone I will continue to chat to for months to come. Thank you again Tangelique! :-)" ... written by Lysie25
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
She i a lovely person. I like the energy around her. She gave me some great advice and a warning, which I am going to take very seriously. Thank you again." ... written by Breanna
Tangelique is my go to gal!! She always inspires me to stay on track and focused with my eye on the prize!! She has never waivered from what she has told me before and I trust what she says to be true! Thank you so much 4 another great read Tangelique!! Will b back!! 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Tank you. Great to be able to talk" ... written by Charlee Kerr
She is fabulous, kind, honest and extremely intuitive. I am so very grateful for yet another great reading! " ... written by Kelly
Thanks for reading." ... written by Bey
She is so incredible! Thank you so much!" ... written by phyl
I keep coming back to this lovely, authentic lady. A coupe of times a year she provides me some guidance and even validation to some unvoiced fear and gut feelings I've been having. She always spots it, and this time.. i very well think we just adverted a huge disaster in my life - cause she sees it for what it is! THANK YOU! As always, you're a life saver! " ... written by Lisa
Tangelique was honest and very accurate. I love her forthright demeanor. She was very good. She is the best!!!!" ... written by Deb2568
She is awesome" ... written by James
Tangelique is phenomenal, I keep coming back for her readings." ... written by James
Awesome reader! put my mind at rest and I think she was spot on with what she was picking up on with the situation I am in with my Man. Thanks so much! will let you know how things go with him. " ... written by B
Tangelique is very upfront and honest. I love her style of reading and compassion. Great sense of humor too. xoxox" ... written by MB
Very helpful!!" ... written by Alice
Great speaking with u once again Tang! Thanks 4 all ur help!!" ... written by LibraDragon11
Excellent! Connects quickly and very honest and accurate." ... written by nina
Thank you so much. You have truly helped me feel relieved. " ... written by Megan Scott
Tangelique was great right from the start. I asked her my question and she followed it up with not only answering the question but knowing other things I didn't tell her. She was AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend to anyone who wants a reading who is quick and to the point and makes you laugh and feel good. I was really in a bad place and after my reading with her I felt a million times better." ... written by KME1111
Fast connection and seemed to be very accurate" ... written by Brittany
My first read and love this lady. So awesome. " ... written by Gina
wonderful reader! Thank you so much!" ... written by phyl
Thanks" ... written by Bey
Thank you....you are intuitive and very comforting" ... written by irelandirish
I had received a reading from Tangelique a year ago and she had given me a detail description of a gentleman who I'll be meeting. A year later her prediction came true, the timing is still not in our favor at the moment but fate has allowed us to meet and have a connection, I am so grateful. I specifically came back here to look for Tangelique to give her feedback and thank her. The man she predicted walked into my life and I instantly knew who he was, he was exactly just how she had described him. Looking forward on going on this spiritual journey of love with this handsome man. Thank you Tangelique " ... written by Kei K
A joy to talk to. I can't wait to see this unfold." ... written by Crys
described my mother who passed very vividly. also my late grandmother's secret mischievous side when she wasn't too buy trying to be a classy lady back in the day. haha. thank you!" ... written by Mariah
Very quick ..straight to the point and very personable :-). This is my second read and I will definitely come back for more reading. " ... written by Gina
very good solid advice. i will followit!" ... written by Awakenningbloom
tang is great as always" ... written by w
good good " ... written by tori
Very VERY quick and straight to the point and honest. " ... written by Gina
very good reading will definately b comin back" ... written by starlight
she's sweet and accurate :)" ... written by hazan
thank you for great insight and guidance" ... written by lynn
Good as always :)" ... written by Bob
Tangelique is sweet and has this whimsical energy about her that is both calming and refreshing. She is intuitive, connected with me, and gave me good advice to put to action. I recommend her and will be back for more readings. =) " ... written by Nikki
very sweet and easy going, felt she was genuine :)" ... written by kayla
Very possitive and calming ! Loved my reading " ... written by serra
thanks again Tang, you see things so clearly!" ... written by cathy
Very positive and constructive advice and help. " ... written by Feerea
She is fantastic - fun - does not waste your time! Very honest and straight to the point!" ... written by Sol
Awesome as always" ... written by BG
Excellent reading, she gave me good insight into my life choices and partners." ... written by BN
Very nice and friendly, very good reading." ... written by Rachel Ray
Five stars-,fabulous!!! Love her! What a great reading. So much fun and what a gifted woman. " ... written by loulourose7
:)" ... written by luckystar222