About TaylorBlack

Psychic TaylorBlackhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TaylorBlackhas recently helped 10862members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TaylorBlack's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Psychic clairvoyant gipsy card reader. Genuine expert with proven predictions and accurate readings particularly in the fields of *Love and Relationships *Money / Finances / Wealth / Inheritance *Career / Jobs / Enterprise *Re-location / Moving *ALL types of PREDICTIONS about the FUTURE. Seeing is believing, the only way to finding out what works for you, is to go for it.

Wow it's like 2 different people, he is so fun and funny on free chat but in private he gets down to business ! Great advice very wise and intelligent clear and explained things to me that made me understand the negatives. I feel much calmer now, really truly amazing psychic. I will defo be back for an update 5 stars ***** :)" ... written by Heart
I really, really like Taylor!! He is great and provides very useful advice as well :-) He was very accurate in the reading :-) I will be back!!! Thank you!!" ... written by weissinha
very good and very detailed" ... written by elizabeth
As always, Taylor is exactly on point. He is so caring, truthful and will see and feel what is going on with any situation you ask him to look at. He is one of my most favorite people on Oranum. I highly recommend Taylor if you want the truth. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
He is so sweet and accurate!!! Truly one of the authentic ones here! Give him a try...you won't be sorry!!!!" ... written by universalstar
OMG!!! Excellent, Excellent and Excellent!!!! " ... written by Oolong
fantasic 100% spot on .highly recommended" ... written by golden heart 73
TaylorBlack did a great honest reading, he picked up on my situation really and provided some great advice. Thank you Taylor, and I will definitely keep you up-to-date! :)" ... written by tickleme2011
Pretty darn accurate! I will be speaking to him again :) Thanks! You're goin' on my contacts!" ... written by Rhys
Very good reading - he gets to the point and in my case my issue is to do with something that happened in Asia even though I am Canadian - he is very good!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Once he connected he was very quick with his answers and very honest and picked up on my situation very well and does not waste time. He tells you exactly how it is. I would definitely recommend him :)" ... written by Andrew
He is fantastic! Very gifted, sweet, smart and easy to talk to, I really enjoyed talking with him!" ... written by psymeow
Very kind, understanding and empathetic. I will check back for updates and guidance." ... written by Valerie
I can tell you Taylor is one of the best I ever meet, he sees and feel very quickly, his advises are very helpful. I will come back for the feedback and surely before!!!! go for a Private with him without a doubt, tks you Taylor god bless you. " ... written by kimim1
Great, TaylorBlack he is good, to the point I would come to him again, very happy with my reading! He is such a nice guy too! I recommend him." ... written by DiamondDestiny
Very fast and interesting. xxx" ... written by scoops09
Fast , very accurate, and extremely helpful." ... written by Focusing
Taylor Black is amazing. His reading is clear, concise, he gives details!!!! and very sage advice. If need be, I would definitely look for him again. Oranum, you lucked up here! Peace and blessings" ... written by newness
He is a good and fast and accurate reader, he pointed out every problem I face." ... written by Jy
Excellent...very fast and accurate too" ... written by Focusing
I recommend taylor highly, He connected with amazing divine energy of God!!! I will be back...Pray for me as I do you. " ... written by beautywithinone
Straight to the point. He understood and gave me detailed advice to my situation. At first I felt intimidated but after watching his demo,I thought I'd give him a chance to connect with my concerns. The reading went very well. He was here to answer all my questions. Overall great reading. " ... written by Sharona315
He is so quick and on the ball..lol... and those cards of his are so accurate its refreshing ... 5 stars." ... written by murdocca
Great reading without trying to make things up." ... written by serbboy3
Thank you so much taylor I can't wait to come back to you and tell you that it all happened!" ... written by jp
That's it for me! Taylor Black is simply amazingly accurate, precise straight forward.... no more searching. :))" ... written by fretan
He is amazing and so worth the money. he spotted me very well so I trusted what he was saying. I really love this guy and he laughs and he delivers in a good way. I ask about an ex too and he said nope. I like that he wasn't just giving me positives or what I may have wanted to hear. Oh.. now i need a bit of courage." ... written by uk
Excellent psychic, very accurate, and very fast." ... written by Focusing
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Great reading, straight forward no sugar coating, but what i needed to hear. Reality may not be sweet, but the way he delivers is nice, conferring and reassuring of what can be. Thank you, Taylor. " ... written by Ana
Such a lovely person and his cards just speak so clearly and accurately it's unbelievable... 5 stars ..worth having a reading with." ... written by murdocca
Gave me a reading about a medical problem with my pet, because I couldn't afford an emergency night visit to the veterinarian (huge difference in prices) and I was panicking a lot thinking about whether my pet could last the night (dramatic- but I'm taking him in the morning). Taylor was really specific, kind and helpful - and offered me a lot of useful advice. Would recommend 100%" ... written by Karina
Fast, accurate, and nice good reading. Will be back for updates." ... written by sunshinec
Very Cool!!! I will go for him again when ever i need any kind of help....Sounds so measured every word comes out so fast yet so perfect...5 stars. :)" ... written by Raj
Very accurate and honest. I will surely be coming back for another reading. Thank you. :)" ... written by ali
Very accurate!" ... written by sadhana
Great reading! Awesome!" ... written by edel95
As usual always great." ... written by raj
Taylor is a delight and very quick to pick up on the questions you ask. I will be talking to him again!" ... written by betsysue
He is very nice and comforting! " ... written by linda
Loved the reading... I can understand everything he says. Great reader." ... written by philly
Thank you Taylor! Great reading! my first reading with him! " ... written by kingpi
Straight to the point, very fast and insightful!." ... written by Melissa
An excellent reading. Very detailed and quick to connect to my situation. I will come back to Taylor and I highly recommend him." ... written by Lady D
Taylor is very sweet, he is a genuine psychic and he gave me very insightful information that will help me. Take him private, he is good! :)" ... written by Applebite707
I can see he will be very very popular here. Great personality, highly gifted, fast, smart, fun, sweet. Really enjoy the reading!" ... written by psymeow
AMAZING, YOU can feel him drawing the energy from you. And genuinely wants to help. " ... written by CJ
Right on target!" ... written by Kat
Hi...great reading...i wondered for a while, and now I've got the answer...thanks so much, Taylor." ... written by mette44
An excellent reading, I enjoyed it tremendously, thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Thanks Taylor you are awesome. You gave me so much clarifying things for me. I'll keep you updated." ... written by mscancer
I really like him even though he was younger than I would usually use but he was awesome and answered all my questions Thank You TaylorBlack" ... written by Markeba
Awesome reader." ... written by angela
Good insite thank you..xx" ... written by donna
He was great. Very fast and kind. Not judgmental at all. I enjoyed our private." ... written by abi
awesome reading.. Covered a lot and he is fast! Thank you so much!" ... written by hard2break
My first ever reading with Taylor Black and wow... I was blown away! I only give him a brief summary of what was going on and Taylor and his cards did the rest! I couldn't believe some of the things that came up. Thank you Taylor, I will be back :) Recommend a reading with Taylor Black." ... written by tired and lost
TaylorBlack is the most amazing guy on Oranum. Very positive and I highly recommend him. " ... written by Orly
Taylor is the best. Short, accurate and to the point. Very accurate" ... written by arch
He does a good job :)" ... written by Leslie
Great stuff, positive feedback and hope that it all comes to fruition!" ... written by Olivia
Very fast and i feel to be very accurate, i really recommend him." ... written by yin
Straight to the point, very fast and accurate. Thank you." ... written by Tio
I dunno what to say i'm not good in writing a testimony :)" ... written by Rina Maulina
Finally, I have the answer I've looking for... Thanks.." ... written by leanora
100 % accurate. Wow, he does really well. I agree with everything he was saying. " ... written by krissy
I loved it very accurate companioned about helping and guiding. Very good Guidance you have there . Angels." ... written by Melissa
Taylor is WONDERFUL!" ... written by Cat
Sweet person. Saiting to see what he has predicted comes true but you can really feel comfortable with him. Quick reading and worth it :)" ... written by yangel1
This was a great reading, He was very accurate and to the point. Worth every penny, 10 stars." ... written by sweet84
Thank you Taylor!" ... written by Applebite707
I can't believe it. He read through what's happening and give an extraordinary advice :) Thx Taylor" ... written by Marga
5 stars he is a wonderful gifted reader." ... written by murdocca
Very accurate and on point! he realy gets all the picture!" ... written by marie5290
He is awesome just awsome, on-point, fast and honest. thank you so much.keep in-touch . He will not waste your time or money." ... written by leader72
Pretty good, thank you!" ... written by smiley2011
Thanks again taylor you awesome." ... written by inlove
Great, kind fast reading." ... written by veezee
The reading was very insightful, i have to await the outcome." ... written by Lisa
Great!" ... written by philly
Before i even got a reading, he was very specific through chat. He is amazingly accurate. All i can say is wooooooooooooow!!!! oh yeah, he's fast too!!!" ... written by kisha
Great reading wow. New love for me!" ... written by edel95
I think he is very understanding and a great reader." ... written by TT
Taylor is a sweetheart. He is upbeat, fun, encouraging, and very gifted reader. He will give straight answer to any questions. He goes out of his way to help. Love him!" ... written by psymeow
Very good reader helpful in answerin my questions." ... written by Samantha
Well, TaylorBlack you were very dialed in with my situation and I am blessed to have received your message(s). Thank you so much for the time you gave to me today, much appreciated! I look forward to turning to you for clarity and advice in the future." ... written by Feathersandamp;
Great reading:)" ... written by Aryastark
As always to the point answers...he is the best...no doubt." ... written by Raj
Fab, very warm, genuine and wanting to help me. It was a great reading!!! I'm happy:)" ... written by magical03
Taylor is super Awesome, Very accurate with specific details. Give him a try you won't be disappointed. Many blessings to u Taylor." ... written by Lucy117
Lovely :)" ... written by Lacie
Thank you, Taylor. Much appreciated. Quick, and very sweet." ... written by P
His cards were DARN accurate! Great stuff!" ... written by Laughing Light
Confirmed my gut feelings... wow is all I can say. Give him a try." ... written by leebee4
He was amazing, he told me my future career and how my life will be with my ex. He told me I need to focus on my family, career and myself. Truth is that is what I'm doing right now. He brought tears of joy for me and a big smile on my face. I want to say I Love Taylor Black, his amazing and very funny on live chat. I will recommend anyone to go to him for a private reading. Much Love JKAOHU83." ... written by JKAOHU83
Good reading, calm and collect real valuable information and advise given...would recommend a reading with him." ... written by Penny
Thank you Taylor! You are fast and accurate! wonderful" ... written by kingpi
Wow so far amazing! I hope to finish it up an hear the rest" ... written by Brandy Roberts
Truly talented Psychic! Precise, empathic, accurate, very very nice to talk to. Highly recommend him!" ... written by hugs2020
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
Very, very accurate and super quick. I would highly recommend him to anyone!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
AMAZING!!! This man was spot on about everything!!! I hope to God that his predictions come true." ... written by TangledInLight
He is a sweetheart! Very caring, friendly, fun, upbeat, and straight forward! Excellent reader. :)" ... written by psymeow
Great reading!" ... written by awn
Taylor, is very honest and open. he does not sugar coat. i appreciate everything he told me. i would recommend to anybody even though its not what i wanted to hear its what i needed to hear. thank you" ... written by su
Absolutely excellent, and insightful.. with wonderful advise.. Only time will truly tell, but from what I've seen.. if not 100% it will be close to that in accuracy." ... written by Louise
good!" ... written by Anthony
I loved the reading with taylor. He is a very kind and caring reader, very on spot with everything, provided very helpful insight on various issues. Very fast and very accurate. I will definitely come back. " ... written by sara
He is freaking awesome I don't even care... try him try him try him... he said everything that these guys have already told me. I am super happy, I don't even care lmao lol! I finally picked the right psychic." ... written by purple
Keep coming back to him, very insightful!. Awesome reading!" ... written by Hard2break
Accurate and to the point. Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
seems real and understanding, I will come back" ... written by jade
Awesome, spot on." ... written by Anthony
I have too say this..... TaylorBlack is amazing with warmth, love and so caring!!! I'm out of words. I was crying when he talked too me and he was all accurate. I'm truly amazed. I will come back to speak too him again..... Thank You, only light and love is shining on you!!!" ... written by Tania
Amazing!!!" ... written by bebe810
Very up front, accurate and hit the nail on the head. " ... written by ladyl5
TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u!" ... written by bebe810
I had a great reading with taylorblack. thanks again." ... written by marybeth1love
Very truthful and believable. Excellent reading. :)" ... written by NiecyM
Spot on advice! Thank you, TaylorBlack!" ... written by Gatorgal
Truly amazing reading, got every point on the dot, I cant believe someone so young has such skills." ... written by yella
Omg!!!! Taylor is so awesome!!!! Seriously this guy rocks." ... written by linda
Quick and charismatic!" ... written by Taylor
Fantastic." ... written by Lorna
Accurate in describing my situation... nice and compassionate guy. I will see how things turn out. thanks Taylor :) " ... written by steph
I have had so many readings with different people, but Taylor was spot on and accurate, put my heart in ease, now i will just wait for the prediction, highly recommended." ... written by Shamsta247
Perfect. Thanks." ... written by geranium29
Where do I start? He said everything I needed to hear to move forward, I'm truly thankful, he is very good at what he does, believe that." ... written by colleen
Spot on!! My first reading was one of his first readings in Oranum :-) Second reading with Taylor and he is getting better :-) Although he was already amazing before :-))) Great advice and insight!!! Thank you!!! xxxx" ... written by weissinha
He's my favorite on ORANUM, and I've spoken to several! Love him." ... written by Tiffany
As always love, Taylor!" ... written by Rina Maulina
Wow...Taylor, thank you so much you a pick up so quick... amazing talent." ... written by ro
Awesome!!!" ... written by linda
Taylor was very fast and concise, and I felt he was very accurate. I recommend. Thank you Taylor. " ... written by Fulgur
Wow, Thank you so much TB. Your work here on Oranum is amazing. Thanks a million for your advice. It really makes me happy. You are so good at what you do, Keep going!!!" ... written by geranium29
Taylor Black is the real deal. Go for it, and see for yourself!" ... written by Phil
Very fast reading!!" ... written by Lauren
Accurate as always!!! Thanks again Taylor!!!" ... written by kisha
He was spot on to my situation and gave some very good advice. " ... written by Anastasia
He's been accurate with everything ive asked of him so far. This last reading has been different cause now it's the waiting game so I'll be around to update in a few months everyone. so watch out. Imma keep the faith and be positive :) " ... written by Sharona315
Great Reading !!! very informative and fast. Highly recommended .. Thank you.. " ... written by Estella
He was my very first psychic ever and I wanted to come back because I like to be loyal. When I went the first time it was all positive news based on my relationship, not it's negative news which is conflicting, but at the same time i felt like I only can leave it God's hands and Taylor does a good job telling me good and bad news and he does seem genuine about wanting to help me get solutions. I do trust him." ... written by Linh
Thank you my dear dear Taylor... this has been bugging me for a long time and you made it very clear for me. Thank you so much. It helped a lot!" ... written by Astrid
he's fantastic, really love him!" ... written by tiffany
Amazing!" ... written by klaudyna
Absolutely amazing reader! Very in tune with me and my situation. Did not sugar coat and gave both good and bad new together. Good news with positive reinforcement and bad with loving kindness. He gave time frames and points of view from individuals. Must see him again. Full trust after one meeting!" ... written by FunInMck
Wow! His energy and reading was awesome. We got a lot of stuff done within a few minutes. I am so happy I did this reading. I am confident in what he was telling me and I will follow up. I am so happy to have met him. Thank you so much Taylor Black! " ... written by khristine
Good reader" ... written by philly
Love love love taylor. honest and so easy to talk to!! will keep in touch for sure." ... written by steelbutterfly
Love him... honest and keeps it real!" ... written by Cache23
Excellent reading, perfectly on point!!" ... written by moon1leo1
He was great" ... written by Dawn
My first time reading with him and he was right on point. It was in the cards. He is awesome! I will be back!" ... written by dabountychic119
He gave me a lot of good guidance " ... written by Abdul moeed Khan
5 stars!! fantastic reading, compassionate spirit, lovely energy." ... written by Tiffany
Tantastic reading, Taylor is so compassionate and honest and gets straight to the point :) love him xxx" ... written by kim
Awesome reading, they don't call him wow for nothing." ... written by kingd21
Good reader!" ... written by philly
Great! Had a second reading with him and just very friendly and highly intuitive person for sure" ... written by Melissa
He gives very accurate readings to the point and and does not waste your time. He is very easy people person and very helpful advice." ... written by ladyl5
Taylor's reading was accurate, to the point and FAST. He was very kind, as I only had a few credits and one question. Blessings and thanks." ... written by Fulgur
Love the reading! So honest. Thank you. " ... written by Crystal
Excellent!" ... written by Alicia
Great reader and always puts a positive spins on everything even the negative." ... written by Ally
He is very quick and honest and sincere. I asked about my friend and he said wait and see, pretty honest. Thanks!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thanks so much!!" ... written by Ari
FANTATIC! Love him. 5 stars!" ... written by Tiffany
Good job!!! Love him!!! " ... written by sharona315
Great guidance!" ... written by Kalyakorn
very good and clear, I believe accurate too." ... written by angela
Taylor is such a sweetheart. He is so fast and accurate and he made me laugh when I was sad. Thanks Taylor!" ... written by dabountychic119
Great! Spot on with the cards! Very quick!" ... written by Vickie
He was so perceptive....picked up on all the parties involved in my situation....gave me hope....would have him read for me again :)" ... written by Pam
EXCELLENT!" ... written by rachel
Kind and accurate. No fluff and great advice. Precisely the kind of person you want looking out for you. Good heart and soul!" ... written by Funinmck
Excellent Reading!!! Truth to all that you told me.." ... written by Mark
Always 5-stars for Taylor! great reading. " ... written by Tiffany
>" ... written by change
Very accurate. With only names, TaylorBlack was able to get specific and detailed in a short amount of time. Did not "butter it up" or "soften the blow" on the difficult-to-hear things, but was not harsh. I recommend this advisor." ... written by Lynnette
Wow, he is good. Just incredible. Read everything inside and out so that I am sure he is seeing what I am talking about. It was uncanny. I feel so relieved to be understood for the first time after talking to a lot of psychics!" ... written by Sunyi
Amazing, thank you so much. You gave me so much clarity and helped me decide exactly what I need to do!! 100 stars!!!" ... written by shootingstar
Great helpful reading, thanks so much" ... written by SS
Good reader was on target with everything, honest and clear with what he said and hid no truths. Great full for his reading :)" ... written by Emma
GREAT!!!!!....WORTH READING WITH...FAST AND DETAILED!!!!...FANTASTIC!!!!" ... written by oceanluver
This is the 3rd time i got private reading with Taylor" ... written by Rina Maulina
WHAT A SURPRISE! PERFECT READING AND SO DIRECT TO THE POINT, i do take your advise but im trying to manage that as far as i can; you are excellent TaylorBlack, more power to you! GROSSE BISOUS " ... written by cinderellalisa
I'm glad you are able to highlight my main problems and concerns. I've learnt about myself more instead. Hope to chat with you soon!" ... written by Gabriel
Precise and to the point! Thank you so much!" ... written by Lauren
Very honest and faithful, lovely person who have ability to read and have gift and warm to me and also very accurate all things about my situation, I would like to keep Taylorblack as one of my favorite psychic and Trustable person for me when I need some help. Thank you so much super worth time to spend with this peron , Ampily :)" ... written by Ampily
always amazing!" ... written by vay
Felt like he was reading my mind. Everything he said was in tune with my own intuition. Many thanks for the re-assurance and the inspirational message about the future. I really needed to hear guidance from my angels. Wonderful advice! Thank you. " ... written by jessywhat
He was right on target. He knew exactly what was going on with my issues. He is such a delightful man." ... written by mhngirl
He's awesome" ... written by Rhys
Lovely young man, feels genuine and honest. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
Great. Very honest. Will get another reading again. " ... written by kordell1
What a amazing psychic he is! Very confident and gifted. Million of stars." ... written by Monisha
I waited 1 month to catch him on... Finally did- always accurate and on point- I believe he's the best on Oranum thus far - seriously. See you in a few Taylor!" ... written by ur biggest fan
He is very fast typer and very honest, would recommend. Will be back. Hope for a positive outcome." ... written by Zorica
He's a fantastic reader!!" ... written by moon1leo1
The BEST reading I have ever had. So direct and straight to the point. He is clarification personified. Awesome! All the stars in the universe will not be enough. Blessings TB xx In my mother tongue "tena koe mo tena ki to rangimarie"." ... written by Katrina
He is so honest and truthful and explains so well. Great reading and will be returning." ... written by callme_ambi
Taylor was a nice guy. Very honest and caring. Thanks." ... written by Rana
Taylor is so awesome! One of my regular readers when he's online! :) " ... written by yourtruely
She is good and to the point. The questions I asked she was clear, straight to the point with her answer and just told the trugh. I never at anytime felt I was giving mixed signs or felt I was at the same place of "you have not said nothing". I would let everyone know she is good and you will get your money worths. Thank you TaylorBlack." ... written by Tricey12
Amazing read! Please get a reading with Taylor if you need clarity, he is awesome. :) 5 stars!" ... written by Yooogii
Always accurate and very insightful. 5 stars!!" ... written by Tiffany
Amazing!" ... written by June
Amazing!" ... written by J
Taylor Black is very nice and very sweet person. He clarifies my mind and gives me some inspiration with regards to my past life and future. He gives me good advices. I strongly recommend him." ... written by Cynthia
A great reading very helpful very detailed extremely satisfied thanks" ... written by zimerili1
Simply awesome, that's why I keep coming back to him :)" ... written by Anastasia
Always tells me how it is. it's amazing how he connects with my situations so well. the truth hurts but I have to swallow it. He's one of the best!! quick and accurate as always." ... written by Sharona315
He's very accurate, I think he's the real thing. He is also very empathetic, very helpful and he shows great concern when he talks to you. I recommend him." ... written by Amy
Taylor, very coherent and accurate message, delivered with compassion and positivity. Thank you." ... written by Fulgur
Absolutely honest and comforting ...Very detailed and encouraging regardless of my situation. Very good reading and enlightening. I know what i have to do now Thank you soooo much taylor U brought peace to me I will be patient and wait for the time to pass and calm the waters down HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM." ... written by elena
Again another good reading. I love his readings with such honesty. ty again for guidance in my situation. ty, Donna." ... written by Mummycrtr
I love love looooooove taylor! he's so accurate with his readings.. and his energy is just so calming and loving! he always helps me out when im troubled. thank you taylor. I feel so blessed to have found you here :)" ... written by ali
He is very good! Testimonial don't lie! It's one of the best." ... written by dominique
LOVE Taylor! He always makes me feel great and helps me know what is in my heart to be true. " ... written by Anastasia
Thank you so much for the reading Tay, it was spot on, everything you said" ... written by Sam1925
Very good, very sweet, very honest but yet considerate. great reading. I have left feeling confident in what he has said." ... written by Almedina
Taylor helped me with my sadness of missing Rick. Of being geographically separated as a result of work. He gave me insight and detailed ways of combating the loneliness. Thank you Taylor. Blessings to you.." ... written by Janine
very fast and accurate help, thank you!! x" ... written by jazzychic
TAYLOR IS THE BEST!!!... as ALWAYS he has put my mind at ease... regardless if the outcome is what I want or don't want... speaking with him or receiving any messages from him lifts my spirits... and I can feel the connection... HE IS A GREAT READER!!!... AND I LOVE HIS NEW erotic deck... LOL... FOR ANYONE WHO REALLY WANTS TRUE GUIDANCE, PLEASE GIVE HIM A CHANCE... He is the ONLY advisor that I have felt such a true connection to and go to him OFTEN!!!" ... written by Oceanluver
He was spot on and I didn't have to say anything. and he's so chill. I will definitely be back for another reading." ... written by Rae
AMAZING" ... written by De5pina
So amazing. Thank you. I hate that my computer freezes when we go to private. But I always have to keep trying because he's the best" ... written by karla
Great advice as always. Very honest and quick. No judgment and tells the truth " ... written by funinmck
Taylor is accurate and fast. He does not waste any time and is extremely in tune with my current situation. I have confidence that he is the real deal. Highly recommended. " ... written by Coral
taylor you are always so accurate. thank you so much for giving me the advice. i'm so mad this computer keeps freezing. but I will definitely be back." ... written by karla
Very accurate very helpful and lovely psychic." ... written by Suzanne
Another great reading Tay!! I dont need to leave testimonials, they know you're good.. " ... written by Mark
Very good.. first time here will be returning back" ... written by jordynrilee
Cool, quick. Nice tips and insight. Word bro" ... written by eleonie
Made me feel more balanced. Thanks!" ... written by Becky
Excellent advice, recommended 100%. Fast, accurate. " ... written by Rei
Amazing reading. Definitely be back again!" ... written by paul
TaylorBlack always kind and honest person to me! He is pretty accurate and tell me as it should be and he also advise as he can. I really appriciated his talent and will come back to him as usual. Thanks a lot: Ampy." ... written by ampily
Love you Taylor. You make me laugh. I enjoy your quick and thorough reading, and though you are funny and joyful on chat you are all business in the private. I appreciate it. " ... written by mm
Very honest!" ... written by katherine smith
As always he lifts my spirits...another good reading...he is just AMAZING!!!...and so easy to talk to... =0)" ... written by Oceanluver
On spot as usual." ... written by donna
Amazing" ... written by De5pina
Taylor is a wonderful person. Extremely honest and to the point. " ... written by Robin
Great reader! Very nice :)" ... written by colleen7399
Talyor IS amazing :) After reading all the testimony I decided to give him a try. All I can say is "WOW". He gives very detail reading and very confident. Definitely will come back again. Taylor is just such a cool psychic! Thank you!" ... written by Chia
Most wonderful and spot on! Amazingly accurate and honest. He will tell you the real deal and not to make you happy! The truth like it or not!" ... written by Rosy
He's awesome... Cut right to the chase... No BS..." ... written by Gina
very good reader... accurate with detail... 5 stars easily!" ... written by Ann
back for update---my fave fave psychic! Taylors always precise and honest - great advice given... returning next week for more." ... written by el
he was quick and helped me a lot... thank you so much!" ... written by s.a.m
Always so awesome!" ... written by bebe810
Very fast. Very in tune. " ... written by _x
Taylor is one of the best on the site. Very professional psychic and experienced. Made the reading enjoyable and most importantly, very accurate. 5 out of 5 stars" ... written by Jordan
Great!" ... written by alex
Confirmed some fears, said things are not likely to turn out with one topic, said other will have to be done slowly, so well see what happens" ... written by swardan
Very specific, and got to the point:)" ... written by katherine
Very good reading!!" ... written by kisha
TAylor is the best. 5 stars always. he's accurate, quick and lovely. " ... written by Tiffany
Thank you taylor as always your amazing You really eased my mind ill come and update you as soon as i hear from him Thanks again God Bless" ... written by elena
I had a great time with TaylorBlack. Thank you!" ... written by Lucy
Love Love Love him!! Such a fantastic reader, very accurate. He's also a generous and good person. 5 stars all the way. " ... written by Tiffany
500 stars - picked up on my situation without me saying a thing. Beautiful reading - cards great and good interpretation. Hope this all comes true as deep down I wish it to happen (well most of It). Tells the truth an even tells things you might not like to hear. THANK YOU. I suggest anyone wanting truth goes to TAYLORBALCK" ... written by Jill
I really feel as if Tay understood the situation. I'm definitely going to take his advice. Love Tay!" ... written by Onewildflower
Amazing reading by Taylor again! He's the best, love him. " ... written by Tiffany
Great update! Thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
AWESOME reading!" ... written by dabountychic119
Taylor has always been quick, concise, consistent and his timeframes and predictions are pretty accurate, im waiting on the big one and will come back to tell him. He is worth the money. Thank you Taylor" ... written by A888
HE is accurate and on spot and fast and honest , I love to consult him. Thanks a lot taylotblack." ... written by Ampily
My second reading with him and he did not disappoint !!! " ... written by Rae
Great reading!" ... written by Noah
He is cool, very kind and quick too! Thank you!" ... written by Hana Trinh
Great Great Great reading and very helpful!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Taylor is very kind. " ... written by GD
Great!!!" ... written by Jenny
I've been a skeptic for awhile and have only recently got into researching and trying out psychics and I got to say, Taylor seemed very accurate. What he said about my love interest described her perfectly. Same with his descriptions of what I'm feeling. I will definitely be back! I felt a great connection with him. Totally worth it! I highly recommend everyone to get read by Taylor and this is coming from a former skeptic! :D You won't regret it!" ... written by Clare
Always great." ... written by kiki
So right about everything!! Helped me so much, Thank You Taylor!!" ... written by Brenda
He is a straight shooter regarding information! I believe he was honest about the reading and I look forward to seeing it come to pass!" ... written by Donna
wawwww 5 stars." ... written by magmag78
Great reading!" ... written by Cre8withLove
GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!... I HAVE HAD SEVERAL READINGS WITH HIM... and he has always been accurate with the past and present... still waiting for the FUTURE to unfold... =0)" ... written by OL
Great reader, he is fast, accurate, good advices but no opinionated, friendly. Recommended. " ... written by Rei
Very nice and insightful" ... written by chapara24
Thank you always right on... amazing." ... written by va
Thanks TB, great as always! 5 Stars!" ... written by Chia
Best updated reading ever! Thanks again!!" ... written by Mark
Always impressive! Taylor is kind, very quick and gives sound advice. SO accurate and able to connect. I will always come back as long as he will have me. " ... written by Funinmck
This guy is amazing, trust him. I asked him for a girl and he described her physically right away. Very good useful info and advice. Recommended. " ... written by Rei
Very very good!:) very loving, understanding and uplifting! Very gifted and accurate!! Highly recommend:)" ... written by Jess
A pleasure to speak with. Definitely an interesting conversation to have in regards to the reading." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you taylor!" ... written by shootingstars85
Very fast, gave me accurate information. Gave me insight and clarity on my situation." ... written by Raymond
I think he is absolutely amazing, spot onvery accurate and fast to the point, he is the best on here, amazing what he picks up." ... written by almedina
Another great reading from Taylor ty again for clairification with my situation. I so appreciated the help so that I understand more. I will always be back for future readings. ty!" ... written by Mummycrtr
I think he was great and answered all he could in the time we had. God bless you thank you so much." ... written by deebarclay
He helped me with my current situation. He opened up my eyes to see the truth which I knew deep down but needed someone like him to tell me. Thank you so much. Now I can and I will move forward with my life. You are a TRUE friend. Thanks again." ... written by kordell1
Taylor is the greatest. Tells the truths. Like him. Will be back in private." ... written by mette44
Very helpful and accurate! Thank you so much! " ... written by Jolana
Thank you for your insightful reading! God bless, Raibow!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Very cool guy! Like him very much, and I sure believe everyone else will! Give it a try ;) Peace out bro! =)" ... written by Dinesh
He is so right on I really feel safe with him and I don't do this at all. I would or have not ever paid this money for a reading but I needed to last week and tried him once and went back for more reading now totally of three. He is great and rememeber you!!! Thank you Taylor lets hope he comes back to being him!! " ... written by 1990Ocean
Taylor words made sense to what was going on in my relationship.. Thanks for letting me know that I have work to do in my love life!!" ... written by Mark
One of the best on Oranum, he read into the situation so well, connected into it and the good and bad. He gave honest advice, whilst being very warm. I would highly recommend to have a reading with him, esp on love as he is absolutely fantastic. " ... written by claireylou
He was awesome. " ... written by Oryn
He's very good. Answered all my questions!" ... written by Lisa
Taylor is great, very precise and consistent. All stars for him. Keep my fingers cross for his predictions. I definitely come back for the good news." ... written by Sunnyme_31
Taylor is such a kind soul. It is always nice to chat with you and he shows that he cares for you and want to help. He is super nice." ... written by sylvia
He was really good! =) Picked up on my situation perfectly, loved it =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Great reader! he is very on point and honest. That is what people really need over just telling you fluff. He is all stars." ... written by nikki
Excellent reading!" ... written by ezbcarersrs
Love his honesty and positive energy... was well worth it just to feel that positivity. And was pretty spot on with my situation. Thank you :)" ... written by Jamie
Great first reading." ... written by shee63
Insightful reading like always, one of my regular psychics I recommend him." ... written by big herm
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Really great and helps out alot" ... written by dayana
Straightforward, honest. This was my first ever reading and he did an awesome job! He definitely will be my go to guy. No time frame on when or if what he said will happen, but when/if it does, I will come back to check in. " ... written by Patty
Great detail! love him!" ... written by vine
He's great!!! really!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Was 100% correct about how I felt and he gave a truthful and honest reading. Would recommend if you don't want to hear sugar coated lies." ... written by morning
He is spot on... gives clear guidance." ... written by Angeleene
love Taylor's readings... Try everyone..." ... written by mette44
Great as always! " ... written by chia
Very quick to focus and accurate." ... written by lotusdreams
Clear and concise, listens to you and makes sure you have a understanding of his readings. " ... written by rmh
Nice reading, helpfu to be clear the things" ... written by Christina HOU
Very straight forward, easy to understand... very clear, and accurate. " ... written by Christina HOU
Excellent and kind. He was spot on! Very good, Don't miss your chance if you really want the answer." ... written by rosey
Straightforward, liked it, very cool!" ... written by kye2210
Helpful, considerate and sensitive, I would recommend." ... written by Marigoldrose
Another great reading with good news and advice to keep it that way. Thanks again!" ... written by Mark
Tay answered all of my questions in the best amount of time he could, he was honest accurate and very thorough, I recommend him at any time." ... written by Jayden
I like Taylor. He is very wise and has great advice. I especially like that God is his center. He is humble. I didn't really hear what i wanted to hear, but it was truly what I needed to hear. And it was accompanied by sound advice. Thank you Taylor :) " ... written by Cathy
TaylorBlack is faithful and caring person who also reads pretty accurate and understands what had happened or will happen to me in his reading, it makes sense for me too. I appriciate and happy to consult him. Thanks a lot Taylorblack, Ampy!" ... written by Ampily
Awesome ready Taylor. Thank you!!! Very insightful." ... written by Lisa
Great, accurate reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Very quick and straightforward!!! Loved the reading." ... written by humi
* * * 5 STARS * * * * Taylor is quick, easy to understand, honest, precise and no guessing. I like his demo and I decided to do a private with him. He is conscious about my time in private, and he told me what to expect in private to prepare me." ... written by izzy98027
Amazing! Thank you." ... written by JS
Thank you so much for the reading. You were great!" ... written by butterfly
He is so helpful... am grateful for his advice!" ... written by Angeleene
Thank you, Taylor. Good reading. Some insights and some eye opening facts. Will come back when it happens. God bless." ... written by sim
Another great reading! Thanks! :)" ... written by Zeigen
Taylor so spot on and so accurate. Pick up my situation more than 5 stars." ... written by Febb
Does not sugar coat, connected with me and my situation straight away." ... written by irene
Great reading, very insightful." ... written by boru
Thank you for answering all of my questions. Puts my mind at ease and I won't have to worry anymore. Will take your advice and live life in the present not in the past. :)" ... written by becky
Very good . I need to finish the reading on the free chat please." ... written by chhantal
He was great! He really helped ease and work things out for me!" ... written by Mel
He did awesome. Made me feel at easy and hopeful. Gave me good insight. Thank you Taylor!" ... written by Lola
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Strait to the point . I"ll be getting another reading asap!" ... written by Kelpme
He was great he brought me a great deal of inner peace" ... written by fitnes_freak
He is so sweet and so understanding, I love how he doesn't judge... and shows a way!" ... written by Angeleene
Great reading again. " ... written by AS
Very accurate reading. I'm surprised by all the detail." ... written by AH
WOW!! Taylor I didn't know you could see all this.. You really impressed me this time.. " ... written by Mark
Great reading as always." ... written by AH
Very good reading, fast and accurate. " ... written by rei
Amazing reading " ... written by Lorann23
TAYLOR has been staying TRUE and ACCURATE to what he has told me in the VERY BEGINNING!!!...will continue to read with him...even after his needed vacation...ENJOY TAYLOR!!!!" ... written by OL
Absolutely wonderful. Sound advice as always. Kind hearted and loving. His accuracy is amazing! Always a great read." ... written by funinmck
Very blessed individual with. Truly gifted." ... written by Funinmck
Really good stuff. Didn't have too much credit, but Taylor was quick and to the point and helped me lots." ... written by girl
He was nice, honest, explained everything and voice is calm and soothing!" ... written by PreciousHogan88
He's good" ... written by Mia
quick , very empathic able to connect accurately, awesome will be back" ... written by agablue
Thank you so much, Taylor. You are wonderful. Looking forward to the predictions coming true. Thanks again, my friend." ... written by kordell1
He's awesome! I didn't have to say anything. He tells me everything! Sure will come back to him for more reading. Highly recommend him!" ... written by feelingpink
Accurate and consistent reading as always. " ... written by AH
Thank you sooooo much ! tay" ... written by purpppppp
Accurate reading. I feel very connected with Taylor." ... written by AH
Always accurate, his readings are very consistent. He doesn't need to ask me a lot of questions to get the point. " ... written by AH
Very nice! VERY NICE! Kind, on purpose, very timely, and effective! The only problem is the TIME going on too fast!!! But it has nothing to do with Taylor! Thank you very much... My eyes are open now! :-)" ... written by Sophiecat
Taylor is very very intuitive and told me everything." ... written by irelandirish
Pick up situation very fast and read things I didn't even mentioned to him. Will see how things will go. Thanks!" ... written by Will
Helpful!" ... written by Angeleene
Excellent and ethical... accurate." ... written by GD
Always enjoy his reading. He doesn't sugar coat anything." ... written by AH
Had a lovely reading, now will just have to wait and see. Taylor grasped the situation and frame of mind of the person I was asking about. Will post updates. Thanks. " ... written by LavenderGemini
I love Taylor's readings, so nice!" ... written by mette44
Very insightful! Thank you! xx" ... written by librabeauty
So glad you are back! Great as always!" ... written by Chia
He was great, he brought a great deal of inner peace and it was a spot on reading." ... written by Fitness_freak
Great reading as always. " ... written by AH
Taylor was very helpful and always caring about what ever your case may be! " ... written by Muse222
Amazing reading, fast, accurate. " ... written by Rei
I liked my reading with Taylor, he did not hold back no matter what it was, very truthful and I will take his advice! Awesome reading!" ... written by J P
Very good reading :)" ... written by cf
Taylor was spot on with my situation. I couldn't add any more credits but will come back for a reading. Thank you,Taylor!" ... written by Moonchild59
He was wonderful." ... written by star
He is the best. He is so direct and to the point. Provides good advice and direction." ... written by star
Thank you Taylor!! You are very insightful and helpful!" ... written by shelle97
He was more than spot on! He identified exactly the situation as if he was living it and the feelings behind it. Excellent reading!" ... written by lil
Taylor is an amazing psychic. His predictions happen and he reads with honesty and accuracy. I have been coming to Taylor for many months now and know that i can rely on him for detailed information. Thank you so much Taylor. You are truly amazing!" ... written by Coral
Very good reading! very detailed and i'm hoping that the best will happen" ... written by san
He is always on point and speaks as a friend and he is honest with you." ... written by Muse
OMG! OMG! .....Taylor B always spots on every little details! I don't even tell him anything! There has been so many predictions have come true from my reading with him. Here again today, I'm speechless......better catch you while you can! YOU ARE THE BEST! xo" ... written by Chia
Very precise and fast" ... written by n g
Quick, honest reader... Waiting for his predictions to come through and a very generous man :)" ... written by leo_80
TaylorBlack covered much detail regarding a situation I was surprised by and I will let him know what becomes of it. Hopefully; the outcome will turn positive." ... written by Miss_N
Excellent reading very direct and to the point." ... written by Jean
Loved the reading. Well done, Taylor." ... written by mette44
You are always my 5 Stars !! :)" ... written by Chia
He is the best...there are no words to explain as he is that good and very precise. " ... written by star
Taylorblack gave one of the best readings I have experienced. " ... written by Callme_Ambi
You know you are my 5 stars always:)" ... written by Kirsten
Thank you Taylor!" ... written by Maria
Definitely confirmed what I needed to know." ... written by anna
Great Reader!!!!! I will come back!!!" ... written by w6a7n8
Great as always! So much clearer now! Taylor you are wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by loveornolove
Always the best!" ... written by KC
He's awesome, amazingly honest, and I trust his words to give me direction. Thank you for the reading tay. Always a pleasure and helpful in every way." ... written by Sharona315
Always Awesome and Helpful. Love Him. " ... written by Muse
He was good!" ... written by CS
Spot on, Honest and fast so Worth for your time and wallet to consult Taylorblack , Thank You so much for your helping :)" ... written by Ampily
Thank you Taylor for the long term reading... it was honest and also gave me hope." ... written by irelandirish
Very good reading!" ... written by Chrissy
Great reading!!!" ... written by w6
TaylorBlack is very sensible and smart person and also talent in reading and the way he treat me and tell me about things it is excellent and make sense to follow and consider about it. He is worth for spend time and talking and consult with as usual. Thanks a lot, Yours, Ampy." ... written by Ampily
great update great expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
wonderful!!!!!!!! cant say anything else, just wonderful!!!" ... written by loveornolove
Good reading. highly recommended." ... written by Jamal Lewis-Service
Very good!" ... written by adele
Really nice reading so pleasant and honest thanks!" ... written by georgia
Wonderful reading and very accurate" ... written by Michelle
Great reading as always." ... written by me
Great picked up a lot a lot of things!!" ... written by Amy
Excellent reading! He was right about first predictions and I just got an update. He is absolutely good!!" ... written by sandra
His reading was okay." ... written by georgiapeach37
Taylor allows me to understand myself more. Kudos to him." ... written by Gabriel
Wow, I think this guy is actually legit... And I don't believe in this stuff really..." ... written by someone
A true and serious man, with great potential for the future growth and spiritual work." ... written by merlin 160
Thank you so much Taylor! Unbelievable reading! He has just told me exactly what's going on without me saying anything. Take his words!" ... written by Lori
Great!!!" ... written by me
The absolute best!" ... written by t.
Excellent! absolutely genuinely honest and true good person you are Taylor! Many thanks to your advices. =)" ... written by C
Time is too short, very short... And goes on very quick!!" ... written by SophieCatWo
In my honest opinion, I found TaylorBlack is the best one after Kablan.. (forgive me others)" ... written by Aditya
Thanks a lot.." ... written by Aditya
Very good reading. A ton of details and information. Would definitely come back for an update. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
He was very accurate with is cards, very quick and precise.. He is very sweet, even though he is not talking :) I wish I had more time with him.. He was amazing " ... written by Jill
Great reading and very helpful. Wish I had more time." ... written by sasha
Awesome. Wonderful reader. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by kordell1
Amazing. :)" ... written by kordell1
Taylor is definitely someone I can trust. He picked up very well on the situation and he knew what he was talking about. We will see if his prediction comes true. Thanks Taylor!" ... written by mini
Great reading." ... written by vjrei
Great as always :)). " ... written by Kirsten
Taylor is really a good adviser! I love him and how he's doing his reading... As always, very kind, very honest and right on purpose!!" ... written by Sophiecatwo
stuff i can have an opinion on, mostly good, otherwise wait and see" ... written by swardan
As always, Taylor is professional , efficient, thoughtful , attentive, empathetic and very quick to be on point. Also very understanding, right on purpose! What I like the most, is that he's very HONNEST! I love you Taylor! Thank you for the great help!" ... written by Sophiecat
Very positive!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Dasha
he was really caring and straight to the point. He did not waste my time and was honest." ... written by jesse
Thank you so much! I will be back soon :-)" ... written by garace123
A pleasure" ... written by Alneverus
Brilliant and awesome." ... written by Aditya
Very good reading, accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
Great!!!! Thank you sir!!!" ... written by Me
He has a really interesting style. I liked the reading. " ... written by kendra
Awesome, straight to the point no credit wasting and very direct will be back when I have more credits and I definitely highly recommend a private with Taylor :) " ... written by Jodie
He's so amazing...right on!! People highly recommend Taylor...my fave boy so far! :)" ... written by stef
thank taylorBlack for your reading it was fast and good" ... written by ora
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
he is always great lol" ... written by muse
he is amazing and such great vibes" ... written by Mia_Koda
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Taylor, thank you so much, my amigo! You're awesome!!! A million stars to u!!!" ... written by pizzaman4u
Great reading as usual. I am a regular customer." ... written by GingerA
Taylor is, as always, very kind, very accurate, right on purpose..." ... written by Sophiecatwo
Amazing reading!!!! He got right to the point!!! and gave great advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Interseting" ... written by Artemis
Very good, quick to tune in and provided lots of details, answers, and insight. Quick and confident, it was a wonderful reading and everything was accurate and spot on to my situation." ... written by Jenn
Always a pleasure" ... written by hope
very detail and gave answers" ... written by Scillybear
I liked him a lot straight to point and confirmed a lot of things for me he is GREAT, pretty accurate!" ... written by hope
Very quick to connect and answer all my questions. i look forward to what this year will bring and will visit with again soon" ... written by Melissa
good reading, very precise and very gifted boy." ... written by PIGLETME
This was my first PR with Taylor and he answered all of my questions and tapped in very fast. Taylor you made me feel so much better...lol you have no idea. I will certainly take into consideration what you're telling me and grab the bull by the horns lol. TY again Xo" ... written by Skate
Excellent!" ... written by Chia
thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
He is great and so professional when giving a reading .. Thank you !" ... written by sunshinec
LOVE TAYLOR!!!!...QUICK, ACCURATE, REAL and NO SUGAR COATING!!!!...and pick up from last reading with ease!!!...have had multiple reading with him and will be back!!!!" ... written by Ocean
Thanks Taylor very much........" ... written by irelandirish
Great reading. Always gives me a little hope but the truth. Good the bad the ugly and final the silver lining" ... written by Ally
i so love his readings he is always so good with my situation and helps me so much. i will always come back for more readings and great chat. ty Taylor again for a great reading." ... written by mummycrtr
Taylor is definitely the real deal. I was impressed with his ability to focus and read, to pick up amazing insights. He was right about basically everything. And I felt goosebumps several times. Really happy to have spent time with him today. Highly recommend! 5 stars plus!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
love coming to Taylor for updates and he's always right to the point and everything he points out is true" ... written by Scillybear
always spot on and gives me faith : ) Awesome and generous. " ... written by Arion
Great as always. This guy is gifted!!!!" ... written by me
Picked up on the things real fast. Good reading .. ran out of time :(" ... written by Swathi
Thank you for a great read." ... written by Jason
Taylor is really great. Very accurate and great details. Always ensures that everything gets answered and that he thoroughly explains things. Awesome reading, thanks!" ... written by Jennifer
Very thorough reading. Very talented, highly intuitive. I will come back to Taylor in the future for other important matters." ... written by Patricia
Very accurate and detailed." ... written by nbarnes2
This guy is gifted!!!" ... written by someone
Talking to Taylor is always Great. He gives great advice and his readings are spot on. Thanks again!!" ... written by Muse
this man is truly amazing, a genuine gift" ... written by liz
I love Tay his readings are always amazing. " ... written by Mia_Koda
He's loads of help!!! thanks a lot dude!!! your awesome!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Taylor is one a kind, truly gifted and intuitive. He will only tell you the truth and he is able to quickly tune into things and provide you the answers you seek. I am proud to call him one of my favorite advisors and friend! Thanks again for everything. " ... written by Jennifer
I've got a problem and this man is helping me with it. Great advice dude! Really! Thanks!" ... written by vigglesworth216
he is very good person.. honest.. straightforward.. i like him.. nicest person" ... written by donna
Taylor's wonderful.. we always connect and he is amazing at what he dose. and he is very accurate with his readings! if you want good advise ask him" ... written by Muse
You are truly a genuine highly gifted professional reader!!! I completely understand why you are in such high regard. Everything you told me, had come to pass in a few days. From my boyfriend's behaviour and attitude, to the part where we quarrelled and broke up! I am sad, truth be told. But at the same time, I am happy, to have found someone I can put my complete faith and trust in. Thank you for making predictions that actually come true. I see many of your clients have had the same experience I had. You are definitely a trillion stars!!!" ... written by AmethystGirl
Great reading!!!! " ... written by z
interesting reading lets see how predictions play out." ... written by Pete
accurate and to the point" ... written by dean
He is nice and friendly, funny even. I feel comfortable talking to him, and I really hope that everything will happen as we talked about, smoothly." ... written by Santhanakon
5 star reading always!" ... written by *
always love his readings!" ... written by jdm
he is always a big help :) I appreciate his readings" ... written by Ally
Highly recommended! Very accurate and on point. He was detailed and not confusing, answered all my questions with tame frames, very kind and honest, I love his cards too! thank you so much" ... written by Think Blue
Oh so good!!! Always a fantastic reading with Taylor, his cards are magical in that they are very accurate and the things they say about the future events are very plausible and realistic. Great words, advice, insight, and intuition with this man, he is awesome and I think of him as a friend. Love it Taylor, you're the best!" ... written by Jennifer
brilliance 3 months ago february told me i would meeting with dark haired man in 20's, with the letter J in his name somewhere near my house. indeed dear friend, you are oranum treasure. hope you will continue extend your work here to bless us with your accurate wow predics. " ... written by j.e.
My first reading with Taylor was approx 6months ago when he gave me a prediction that my ex would return to me and we would get married. Fast forward 6months later, much to my disbelief, that prediction shockingly came true. My ex came looking for me, and he proposed. I was paralysed with shock and disbelief. Thank you taylor boy for both of your accurate predictions. I must tell you very honestly, I am impressed because 6months ago, in our first reading, I just felt you were giving me hope. But now, it has come to pass. A million stars isn't even enough for you. You deserve the galaxy of stars!" ... written by Cynthia
Very gooooooooooooooood reader" ... written by Moonmoon
1,000,000 stars for this little chinese dude. Amzazing spot on reading. outta 10 psychics i read with in 1 week, he was the only one to say NO to me that i would NOT end up with the girl i was in love with..........*speechless*........i felt he was wrong at that time!!! 9 against 1!!! so i took the 9 other psychic's recommendation and confessed to the girl of my dreams. i was flat out rejecteddd. heartbroken. thank you for the honest no sugar coat read. thank you from bottom of my heart for your honesty, accuracy and profession. i wish you the best" ... written by pointyshoes
very sexy psychic...gorgeous eyes...alluring lips...was little distracted in the reading by his strong sex appeal. other than this, powerful reading such accurate detailing and awesome insights." ... written by ck
thank you" ... written by unknownjourney
As a fellow professional reader myself, I can understand why Taylor is highly sought after and has had such a successful run on Oranum. The difference between a talented gifted reader and a generic reader, is not the ability to have accurate pick ups of the past and present but to be able to see major turning points in the future accurately. I have had many readings on oranum, besides providing readings myself, and i would say this that Taylor Black ranks among the top list of genuine gifted readers. You certainly have a bright future ahead of you. Yours truly, Christine." ... written by christine love
wowza!!! TaylorTaylorTaylor, first impression, you come across so cold unfriendly and arrogant (maybe little bitchy too). but in a reading, my hair stands. it was so life-changin you know? i have a broken heart from long time, nothing made it me better but taylor omg, dozen readings and my life back right track on!!! thank you thank you thank you for the readings and prediction that actually come out true. please you must smile more my dear little boy so you don't look so tough wahahah!" ... written by jonjon
Real talent right here my friendsss!!! I only give thumbs up to people whose predictions come true and you Mr Black are one of them!!!!! Wow wow wow!!!!! My 10th reading by far with T.black and definitely still counting!" ... written by TangoLiberty
Wow. Gifted. I am impressed. Will use again." ... written by u
brilliant reader, absolutely great! you are definitely top rated to me. (1) accurate and spot on pick ups (2) so brutally honest and truthful (3) one prediction already came through - i got the job at boa at the month you told me at. i would hug you if i could, my amigos!" ... written by shyanne lock
he gave me a very personal an honest reading a really lovely man and would recommend him to anyone thank you very much Taylor Black x" ... written by Elizabeth
Great reading. Gifted. You will not be disappointed." ... written by k
Seriously, this guy needs a "BEST PSYCHIC" badge on his profile. Nuff said,,,waited a cool 45mins just to nab him into a private,,,worth every single minute and credit. " ... written by LuckyStar
I really owe you a big thank you taylor my boy. I have spent thousands of dollars reading with many of the big dogs on oranum, and those "highly" sworn and recommended ones too. All gave the same answer, kept me waiting and waiting and waiting with nothing ever happening. Chancing upon demo one day, it seemed like destiny. Your demo impressed me, with your straightforward no nonsense attitude, not to mention, you had several "wows" andamp; "yessss" from the demo member. So to cut a long story short, you were the only one who told me to give up, move on with my life, this man is not worth my tears and time. You couldn't have been more right. You were also right about the fact, that he is seeing another woman. The only thing that upsets me is, why did all the others say sweet things to me? Does that make you the only honest and trustworthy one? Seems that way to me. Much love from me 2 u. Blessings." ... written by Daisy Corner
always so strong with current energies, emotions and circumstances. Amazing advice" ... written by Arion
Very good reading thank you very much many blessings :)" ... written by libsta
what he said was accurate and he was fast to do the reading will come back again. For the predictions i will have to wait to see. give him a changes im sure you wont be disappointed" ... written by upstate
Great. I can see why he is highly regarded." ... written by uiop
i am a returning customer of mr taylor b. my last reading with him was on 12 may 2014. 3 of his visions actually came true. how he does it, i don't know. my hair is standing on edge each time i am in private with you mr taylor. i just wish you would come online more. you definitely get top stars and top ratings from me dear sir." ... written by gay and proud of it
As a professional singer, I have encountered many psychic readers etc. And I am glad to have found my shining star in Taylor. I am going to refer all my friends in the music industry to you, personally. Absolutely sincere, direct, and most accurate! Doesn't try to evade questions or give bullshit answers. 100 THUMBS UP!!!" ... written by Ciceley
thank you taylor like always your always straight to the point" ... written by scillybear
GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!! " ... written by hhkhkghg
Super reading...I will b back for sure.." ... written by tasha_j
Really good, very tuned in, hope what he says happens and hope what he said isn't right either lol. The good stuff I want to happen, about the bad stuff, please please be wrong lmao!! Thanks so much Taylor, feel better soon sweetie XOXO" ... written by Excellent!!
his the best!!" ... written by bebe810
I'm speechless right now. He was so honest and accurate that I'm truly blown away. I've read with so many people, who've told me things I wanted to hear when I knew deep down, it was too good to be true. Well my gut instincts are telling me now that TaylorBlack is the real deal. He told me things that hurt, but at least I know is truthful. He pretty much confirmed, not what other psychics have said, but what I truly felt deep down inside because sometimes, who knows and can predict the situation better than your own self. I've been hopping around with other psychics because I always felt like there was something missing, but I think I finally found my perfect match with TaylorBlack :) Thank you again for that incredible and sincere reading. It was perfect :) God bless" ... written by carosh
he's a cool guy and I really like reading with him. He does have very good insites into my situations" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great guy and very talented." ... written by ghtej
Love reading with Taylor! Lots and lots of details and information. Always truthful, confident, and accurate. Take him private and you will NOT regret it. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
YES! I really enjoy reading with Taylor. He knows what I want to know and just goes into it and his cards are always very accurate to what is currently going and seem to make sense for things to come as well. Taylor is detailed, truthful, and intuitive. He describes things very succinctly and gives you a lot of information in a short amount of time." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you taylor for helping me to see the truth I will come back to update you any progress." ... written by babygurl657
thanks taylor you rock! i enjoy going to you and you are accurate and fast. the things you said in my first reading are coming true and wanted to see how things will be headed for me and what you tell me is great im waiting for them...thank you" ... written by lost in love
love him so much!" ... written by bebe810
Great guy, funny, nice :) was straightforward and honest about what he said. Cant wait to see what happens!!" ... written by Adiee
Fantastic reading! He zeroed in on the people involved and described things accurately. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Taylor Black is one of the most accurate reader on site, I keep going to him for the past 1 year. Everything he told me had came true, with in the time frame he told me. " ... written by bebe810
Very underrated psychic. I honestly think he's the best here on O. His predictions given have consistently come true. He knows the situation well and understands what's goin on without any information. And he is such a good listener and advisor. I think most experts here struggle to make valid predictions, but this guy here does it with ease. I'm all yours, always have been. xoxo" ... written by Teddy
Thanks Tylor. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
5 star he knew info very fast and the prediction very honest with timeframe." ... written by christine
He was very straight with me. I like that so now I know I can move on." ... written by ezeeepass
Second time with Taylor and he has helped me out again. He is highly recommended. Thank you again Taylor!" ... written by Skate
Thank you Taylor for your very honest reading." ... written by irelandirish
He was very honest and accurate. He saw my situation clearly. Thank you so much." ... written by Thuy
God bless Taylor, i trust him" ... written by humility
great reading as always." ... written by ginger
WOW what could i say bout this guy! man oh man, told me 2 things i never thought woulda come true...but yeppp, it did!!! boy imma so excited, i wanna reach out and hug you. I been cheated here a few times with readers, but my boy taylor just gives it right to me in our readings. imma be sendin' you a million stars. oh by the way, also accurate spot on reading, excellent!!!" ... written by Georgia
Taylor has always been spot on with the readings for me. I never had any issues. He tells me exactly what to do to make things better. " ... written by Mark
WOW...learned a lot from my reading with you. You were pretty accurate about my current situation. Lets see if your predictions come to pass. " ... written by essjayokay
Great great great fantastic reading. Simply the best, better than all the rest! hope you get promoted to MASTER-PSYCHIC soon!" ... written by Travis
He's really talented and accurate!!! I trust his advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Taylor is always kind of give accurate readings!" ... written by AH
Awesome as always!! Wonderful reader." ... written by Amy
No sugarcoating, Taylor got straight to the point and told me how it is and it's what i needed to hear. he is very accurate in what he says compared to most and I believe him!" ... written by B
Taylor was such a blessing and he has been so real with me. I feel like other psychics were just telling me maybe what I wanted to hear but he has validated so many things from personality to finances. I will do a reading again with him in the future but I feel like my time here has come to a close with the answers I got today...Thank you Taylor! God Bless love!!!" ... written by Tears
Provides clarity in tricky situations, thank you for the great reading =) am less confused now and can be more assertive. " ... written by Mel0Dee
I don't call him Taylor. I call him Mr Prediction. Very simply, things that he says is going to happen, actually DOES happen. Unlike most readers here, get you excited and happy for nutthin. You really brought me to tears, knowing how powerful you are as a psychic reader. Everytime I get in private with you, my hairs stand, and my eyes well up in tears. If anyone wants to know what the future holds, just ask Mr Prediction right here. He's fast, and has been perfectly accurate with his predictions for me. I'm a believer!" ... written by Manny
To be completely honest, i iddn't really think much of this young man when i first when into his room. but he was kind enough to give me a connection in free chat (unlike so many selfish money-greedy psychics here) and was 100% SPOT ON with my case. then i took him to private. that's where the magic began. i honestly felt him connecting to me, playing out my life before my eyes. i love you taylor! i would say best psychic reader i have seen that's accurate, real, genuine, powerful, and not a liar, or a cheater, or a money-faced person. you will go far young man. xoxo" ... written by Denise
Sorry my computer froze ! but thank you so much i saw what you typed :) Be back sooon for a full reading " ... written by Amrita
Pretty great reader. 3 predictions that i asked about came true in 1 day, 5 days, and 2 weeks. some delays yes there were. But happens exact as he envisioned them. that's why i'm back here in private, for the 4th time this week. i don't feel bad paying credits for his readings, because I see it truly as an investment. every single thing he envisions, has happened so consistently. 1 million stars, every single time!" ... written by Xtina
Awesome spot on and i know his predictions will happen. Can't wait to tell him!" ... written by Catherine
I know he is right, I know its the truth. Nobody wants to hear negative readings but its important to hear the truth." ... written by Sticky
felt very calm with talyor black, he was honest, realistic and felt he was accurate in what he was saying, straight forward. Highly recommended.." ... written by g
I know all predictions will happen for sure I just know it!" ... written by sticky
I like this person! I will try again when my move is done!" ... written by Debbie
Was spot on in past... future sounds right... will definitely return, very caring and works to be precise...." ... written by Bea
thanks Taylar. this is my 6th reading with Tay, for obvious reasons. Everything he said comes true, everything he said hits the nail on the head. Ever since i had my first reading with taylar, i never went back to anyone else. when i say he is deadly accurate, i don't mean on pick ups, i mean deadly accuracy in predictions. highly highly highly recommended if you're looking for someone to give insight to what is coming in your future." ... written by Sheena
WOW!!! Taylor gave me bad news, but i still have to say ths abot her. WOW x 1,000,000!!! so accurate in seeing my situations, and so daring to tell me exactly how it is. Actually i already know my situation and how it is going to turn out. i was just living in self-denial, but she really gave it the truth to me, and was so freakin accurate in it!!! wow to the 1,000,000th degree!!! thanks Miss Taylor!!!" ... written by domsy
5 stars!! Thank you for telling me everything I need to know...you are he best!" ... written by -
excellent!" ... written by frag
He is a 5 STARS!!! Wow! Amazing and Brilliant psychic. He is the BEST on Oranum. Powerful reading. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
I appreciate your words with me ,Taylor. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Fantastic awesome psychic!!! one of the reasons i took taylor to private because he gave a connection in free chat with NO information given, and hit everything i was worried about. in private, he was so accurate in connecting to my feelings, my worries, my anxiety. he even saw things and situations that no other psychic have pointed out to me before. believe me when i say this, i have had over 30 readings, i'm an addict, but hands down, taylor really was the best reader i had in a year. my heart is at ease, i can move on. thank you, i love you." ... written by Melinda
Hopefully ur prediction will come true!!" ... written by Gabriel
5 stars! Very accurately in tune with his cards and intuition. He sees things deeper than many psychics I have been to. Very grateful to have met him." ... written by Give_Me_Love
great and very honest ready! highly appreciated!!! will be back for sure !!" ... written by Olya
So connected to this man, he is brilliant and super generous ,really cares about his clients! " ... written by liz
awesome as always." ... written by liz
he is realy really amazing! everyone should try him!" ... written by sandra
Taylor it was wonderful to have a reading with you. I look forward to bringing you all the good news of the upcoming months. Thank you so very much!!!" ... written by Carmen
Thanks a lot , Taylor. :))))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Very good accurate reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Great and accurate reading as always." ... written by AH
He is really good! I came to him some time ago and he was right about what he said to me. Thanks Taylor!" ... written by Flower85
Great read very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
OMG!!! He is a 5 STARS! He is a Diamond Star. He is 98% accurate. He is absolute the BEST on Oranum!!! A Brilliant person. He only tells the truth and no sugar coating with the predictions. Come to him for your readings and you will not be disappointed. Extremely Phenomenal !!!" ... written by Oolong
he is sport on . thank you " ... written by sai
I enjoy going to Taylor Black because he seems to be a no nonsense type of person and will tell you like it is. I respect that about him. He's straight to the point and answers all and every question. I will definitely be back in the future for further readings. Thank you Taylor. " ... written by Roseanna
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
always the best...I love chatting w/taylor as his insights andamp; predictions are always spot on" ... written by elllllllli
Similar reading to before so I was touching base to see if anything had changed. I will return if predictions come to light, we shall see..." ... written by Sticky toffee
tay tay thanks again for this second reading, wonderful reading as usual thank u. Ur on point, right about the situation and honest. cant wait for the PREDICTIONS " ... written by melissa
He is awesome!! and so great at reading people and their situations. love him!! " ... written by Muse
great reading honest and straight forward will return" ... written by koel
great" ... written by maria
OMG! Taylor is Absolute the BEST on ORANUM. He is a Diamond Star on Oranum. His predictions are very accurate with detailed reading and insightful. Go to him for your readings and you will never regret it. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Taylor has highlighted the very important points that could possibly make or break my career. He's not a time waster. Seek him only if you require nothing but the truth. He's saved me a couple of times!!" ... written by Gabriel
He is so good i did 2 readings with him back to back in one day" ... written by Tammy
honest and quick to connect. Wonderful reading." ... written by Deb
Taylor is very sincere. Says it just like how it is. Thank you so much" ... written by Tammy
Taylor, as usual, fast, efficient, understanding, right on point, accurate, nice, lovely, straight, no sugar talks, ... Can't find more words.... To be short, Love, love, love the reading and the man..." ... written by Sophie catwo
everything he said came true again!thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh xoxo" ... written by bebe810
He's always so consistent with his predictions and doesn't change much when i come back for an update. He is very kind and super detailed and is always honest and will not waste your time. " ... written by dk
Thank you!!" ... written by Sarah
Accurate reading. I keep coming back over and over." ... written by Ginger H
Wow!!! I am very impressed!!!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by tyuui789
All I can say that he is good. It should be 10 star" ... written by Sarah
he sport on again " ... written by sai
ohh my god i did not ask him straight forwards and he confirm me with straight forward question and detail . i m shock . that guy is wow . a million stars. " ... written by sai
I really like him. Everything what he predicted on me became true. He told me that I will lost my case and it did. He also told me that. I will have a financial problem within this year either someone or me being extravagant with my money. all of those came true." ... written by Sarah
Seems like a very good reader ... serious and gave much information and time frames. We will see. " ... written by ann
SUUUUPEr ACCURATEEE" ... written by sc
always a 5 star reading with Taylor! he's very talented! able to read deeply into people's feelings/intentions to give best advice on how to move forward :)" ... written by w
Very helpful and complete truth." ... written by tytytyty
He is very sweet! Many stars!!! " ... written by Erikaafs
accurate and super detailed. honest... genuine" ... written by human
Good" ... written by Hanna
He's really good and always consistent. last two reading I had with him, he described what my new relationship look like and it came true. The other two things that he predicted on me also unfold. He's really amazing. " ... written by Sarah
taylor thank u so much this is my first timwe coming into ur room and having a prvt reading with u. U were so right about my situation and foretold many things. It was totally accurate. U r the sweetest hun and so honest. thank u so much for the prvt reading cant wait for ur prediction. xoxo blessings" ... written by melissa
the sweetest guy with accuracy in his readings. " ... written by eli
Wow! Taylor always telling the truth it could be bad or good. I do believe everything he said cause almost all of his prediction came true. Look no other take him cause he's really great. Unlike others that only give you hope by giving good story but never happen. I really like him. Also his really sincere to all his client, advice also being provider by him. Thank you" ... written by S
a gentle soul and a great reader" ... written by eli
Awesome connection, and was helpful for me to see the situation and what to do with it. " ... written by Jennifer
lots and lots of details and good insight into what is happening and coming up. Great reading" ... written by L
Fantastic reading - very fast, accurate, honest and direct! I love his approach, definitely no BS or sugar-coating and I very much appreciated that. I have some serious contemplation to do now. Highly Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
great" ... written by mack
TaylorBlack is great, have had a couple readings and always fast, accurate, and helpful. Really clear with the answers. Thanks so much!" ... written by YH
thank u tay for the private reading as usual u r on point about everything and u r always 100% honest and speak the truth. Thank u cant wait for ur visions. xoxo " ... written by melissa
Well he is on the ball with me and this women" ... written by jason andcat
thanks a lot ,tayler." ... written by Doppler
still great and consistent and prediction is still the same. Thank you taylor for putting my mind at ease" ... written by dk
i always loved comming to him for readings , it all seems very real no sugar coating and direct and honest ,i love em." ... written by magicia
Tay is lovely, such a sweetie, always answers me and gives me good timeframes. Love love love!" ... written by Me
As always Taylor gets right to the heart of the matter. He is kind and very truthful. He only tells what he sees not what we want to hear. That is why he is one of my most favorite and trusted readers on Oranum. He has also become a dear friend. Lots of love and thanks, AManda" ... written by Amanda
thank you for the quick reading!" ... written by md
Had read with TaylorBlack a few times and was skeptical of what he said. He is probably not 100% accurate in nitty gritty details but the direction and events did come to pass within the given time frame. Superb!" ... written by MN
Very fast to connect, calm and honest...he's awesome :)" ... written by sin
Accurate reading as always, I'm a repeated customer for 2 years now!" ... written by AH
Wow! Taylor reading never change he still consistent and positive of what he was telling me before. Never contradicting of what he was telling me. Pretty much what he predicted me its in process" ... written by Sarah
Even though his mic did not work his typing skills are incredible. I was even able to copy and save the whole reading which is a bonus! He is sooooooo very accurate I can't explain it. He is peaceful but blunt if that makes sense. You will not be disappointed with TaylorBlack. He is awesomeness at its best." ... written by John
Excellender and very accurate. Taylor always is." ... written by Krista Elliott
Thanks for the great reading" ... written by Zooba
thank you awesome reading and you were spot on with so much ..love your reading and i will be back for more..love and light" ... written by cher
AMAZING as always! Many thanks andamp; blessings - he is straight to the point and doesn't waste time. He is sweet and honest and gives great advice. I feel safe spending money on a reading with him. many blessings. :)" ... written by kosmo
The best psychic i have ever met in my life. He is the best the best the very best. I cannot use fancy words but believe me i have used so many on here but he is the best the best just the best." ... written by gchild001
wow that's great thanks for your time and helping me" ... written by lori
I keep coming back he is my ultimate guide" ... written by gchild001
Taylor is completely the BEST! There is no waste at all in credits! He saw the entire situation, and he saw the outcome that I was hoping for and advised would be there by another good reader except he did it at a quarter of the cost. I'll be back for sure. LOVE you Taylor :) Thank you" ... written by Rebecca
I come back to reading over and over again, because Taylor is accurate and give me great insight." ... written by AH
awesome guy, amazing reading clarified a lot and give me so much detailed info 5 stars!!!" ... written by chances
Excellent. Very honest and direct reading." ... written by angelszone
Very honest" ... written by Viviene
I appreciate your words with me Taylor. :))" ... written by Doppler
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Taylor provided me with a great reading. I wasn't happy about what i was told, but it definitely will get me to prepare for the future. thank you!" ... written by jdm0707
very good" ... written by great
thank you Taylor again you were accurate. look forward to our next reading" ... written by cher
You did an amazing job here! i enjoyed the accuracy you have given also with timeline. i will update you if anything happens" ... written by mag
WOW, very worth it! Its like he knew it all." ... written by Holly
Consistently accurate reading." ... written by AH
Very quick and accurate." ... written by focusing
Great reading. " ... written by Ally
he is very accurate,quick and gives very good advice...most of the things he said about two most important people in my life were so astonishingly correct!!!" ... written by n g
Great reading." ... written by Janice
ive beem speakimg with taylor for 2 yrs or more- he was mever wromg with his predictioms....forever grateful to have met such a gemuime reader!" ... written by eli
he is very accurate about situations and people." ... written by n g
I haven't read with Taylor is a long time but even with the lapse of time, he still got exactly what is going on with my situation. His time frame in our first reading was spot on, I'm looking forward to his latest timeline being the same :) Thank you Taylor, it's a joy to have you read for me." ... written by oceantide
Wow!! He's really good!!! I really love him. he have the answers to all my question he really makes me happy. I trull believe him cause the rest of his prediction came true." ... written by Sarah
good as always! and honest to the point!!!" ... written by stellachan
thank you Taylor for the much needed wake up call!" ... written by n
this guy is excellent, my last reading came true and hopefully this one will also, thanks again " ... written by Lisa
Miss Jackson is awesome! Always so great!!!!" ... written by jdm
WOW, incredible! " ... written by n
spot on straight on the issues!! " ... written by chantelleplein
Taylor is amazing! This was my first tine with her and she was so kind, positive, supportive and truthful. I definitely recommend her. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Tay is awesome! He totally sugar coated everything for me like I requested! Kidding peeps :) He totally kept it real and I respect him for that and he totally nailed the situation involved! I am team Taylor for sure. xxx" ... written by liz
Was very good at picking up the situation with accuracy. Definitely a good psychic!" ... written by Mags
very very helpful and caring" ... written by gchild001
everything came true" ... written by bb
thanks so much! you always give me so much information! " ... written by md
let me just tell you this, his reading was spot on he was on point with scenarios. what he said made complete sense! " ... written by intrigued8
I had a reading with him yesterday and today and he has been on point to the situation. Gave me predictions and timeline. Hes been great and doesnt eat my time and answers all my questions quickly and clearly. Hes amazing" ... written by linh
loved his straight forward honesty. it wasnt what i wanted to hear , but what i already knewin my heart but wasnt willing to accept.Thank you Taylor for makng me see clarity " ... written by z
Taylor is great and fast and has a quick connection. Past readings have come true." ... written by irelandirish
Exceptional! I would highly recommend him because he is very good. " ... written by roseanna
he seemed to be very honest and clear . I liked that." ... written by moongirl777
my fave psychic.. ive beem readimg w/ taylor for over a year andamp; his predictioms always came to pass. u meed to try him!!" ... written by truelove4us
great reading!" ... written by intrigued
Quick question, great answer with nice details and variables that could come up to change things. Taylor is always honest, fast, and accurate. Good stuff!" ... written by Jennifer
Taylor is the most honest and accurate psychic on here. Fast typer too lol His cards are amazing." ... written by J
Great psychic" ... written by J
Fantastic, and so eerily accurate. Readings consistent. Totally worth it!" ... written by Sierra
one of my top 10 psychics , reliable advice and events on time line with pretty higher accuracy so far." ... written by Doppler
Good reading as always." ... written by AH
he knew things I didn't reveal and was very patient and kind thank you " ... written by allsblue
pretty awesome! Thank you for all your help. Will try to take your suggestions!" ... written by l
Fast and Direct.... over a year ago, he gave me a reading that came true for 80%... so, let's see what up next. :)" ... written by William
fast and accurate. i hope those females won't really get into his heart. but.... thank you. you're on point with alot of things, hope things will be better!" ... written by stellachan
very clear, said exactly what I was feeling. The good and the bad, but gave me hope for what i needed." ... written by tiwa
Quick solid answers. No sugar coating. I'm thankful for this reading. " ... written by Yesenia
taylor was very detailed as usual and fast with his typing which i love." ... written by linh
crazy amazing pick up on stuff i didnt say" ... written by shellbynz
Keep coming back for more as he is extremely fast and detailed. Gives you total insight into the what you are asking!! LOVE HIM!" ... written by Mimi
As always Taylor is amazing. He's so kind supportive, sensitive and caring. He has become a friend. I am so grateful for Taylor; he is truly gifted. One of my two favorites on Oranum xo" ... written by Amanda
Always a great help. Very accurate fast and understanding" ... written by AA
Ah, very nice reading. I kind of knew the answers to my concerns but it's so nice to get insight from Taylor, he is very thorough, detailed, and accurate. Just an overall great reader who has a nice connection with his cards and intuition." ... written by Jenn
he read my situation like a book. " ... written by intrigued
excellent ,to the point ,detailed description on the issue , 4.9/5" ... written by Doppler
very sympathetic. doesn’t sugar coat. tells it how it is. has brought some information to light" ... written by intrigued8
he's so lovely! love my reading he gave me so much clarity " ... written by Stella
excellent, enjoy his readings!!!! hes so lovely and likable, nice answers!! good detail" ... written by zara
always spot on!!" ... written by chantelle
Very in tune with the situation. Predictions are just like others have stated. I guess I just need to be patient." ... written by L
5 star psychic reader, very fast, don't waste time, no sugar coating, very down-to-earth." ... written by .
he's one of my go to psychics. i usually just wait for him before going to anyone else. he's really good at reading the situation without you having to tell him. he's quick, gives you time frames, and is very clear in what he is saying. i do trust him and recommend him." ... written by linny
He's so good at reading the cards and very accurate." ... written by jp
Something he picked up on a few days ago, but I was unsure of, I was able to confirm within days. Brought me to tears. Let's see if and when everything else predicted will happen. thank you. You're definitely one of my new faves on Oranum." ... written by l
Great!!! He is honest and to the point!!! " ... written by hjhjhjhj
fast as always i definitely will be back... you know me! ♥ thank you Taylor!" ... written by cher
I love having Readings with Taylor. This was my second one. He is right about what he sees. Talked to him a few months ago and it came true, thats why i am back. thanks! :)" ... written by emotions
Great reading as always." ... written by AH
Excellent! very nice person- honest and sincere. He picks up quickly." ... written by Lady71
very very good Readings every time. thank you so much!! :)" ... written by emotions
Great reading! I will be back :) " ... written by Cindy
amazing, straightforward and to the point, xx" ... written by mai
I always come back to him for clarification!! and everytime i had a reading he always nailed it!! thank you taylor!! " ... written by chantelle
thank you for the reading it was awesome." ... written by Lenard
Taylor has given me insights abt my job prospects which require me to make tough desicions. I'll always seek for for clarity Taylor. Your loyal customer" ... written by Gabriel
Great reading as always." ... written by AH
Thanks again , Taylor. " ... written by Doppler
Taylor is awesome. I know most of it was confirmation but he's been consistent and accurate so far. I have no doubt his predictions are on point." ... written by Jon
he was wonderful! very fast to connect, and delivered answers to my questions with great detail and accuracy!" ... written by earthling
he is the person that has confirm it... which I am happy to hear :) " ... written by JO
Taylor is absolutelly the best reader on this site. His predictions came true for me every time. And he is a kind person." ... written by fruit
fast connected ,detailed described" ... written by Doppler
Wow!! He is really good. He's prediction everything already came true. He's reading is very accurate. Also the way he give the images of the guy coming in my life he's very accurate. He's really good I can really recommend him" ... written by Sarah
it's crazy when the same predictions keep coming up regarding the situation. That tells me there's some kinda accuracy. I need to be patient. I need to be patient. I know. I will come back to update when things change :) thank you so much for another awesome reading." ... written by l
he can definitely read into my situation well. he’s always had the same predictions. " ... written by jo
Very accurate, understanding, nonjudgmental, helpful and friendly. He is great with his cards. ***** five stars for Taylor " ... written by AA
I Always come back to Taylor. I trust him. thanks for your seriousness in your Readings dear :) hugs" ... written by emotions
Hands down... the best connection on Oranum... he could not be more clear and concise, quick.. and accurate. I mean.. Im blown away. This is the guy to see." ... written by Sam603
im a regular of Taylors. i love him cause he's quick and i love that his price is not outrageous and affordable and he delivers better service than the more expensive ones on here. he tunes in really well to situation and i love that he types fast and easy to understand" ... written by linh
Thank you for the quick, honest and accurate answers. He was really good at tuning into my situation. I can't wait to see what happens! Thank you" ... written by dk
too short, but always very nice and good!!! Love you Taylor..." ... written by loveisthesecret
Wow! He's really good and mores sense to me incomes of explanation regard my situation. Thats what I like about him, its seems he's the only one that really connected to me. All his prediction to me came true so I hope that what he told me that my date with Renatto would really happen today. I will let him know if it unfold." ... written by Sarah
He is awesome! All his predictions stayed the same and i will come and update him with the good news!" ... written by dk
He was amazing. Thank you so much for the brilliant reading. I will be back! x" ... written by Yaz
Wow!! I don't know what to say about my love life if Im lucky or bad luck lots guys around me but they are all too slow. Beginning they are so brave but in the long run they became slow. I don't know if theres something wrong with me that they become intimidated by me. Well I will just wait for the right man for me." ... written by SARAH
Great reader... He read for me in Sept and it was accurate and came to pass!" ... written by Koel
connected with me in free chat first, was excellent and very accurate, I look forward to the future, thankyou soo more you was amazing xxxxx" ... written by lisa
Reading about future was the same as two weeks ago... so, will see how things will work out. Thanks!" ... written by William
Taylor is a gentle person and his accuracy is remarkable. Predictions are positive but he did warn me for things that are SPOT ON. Will be back when predictions start to unfold. He is the real deal! Thank you xoxo" ... written by v
had a reading with Taylor about 5 months ago. Everything from the last reading still stands today but today's reading he see's progress so that is very comforting and I have no doubts whatsoever. Anyone considering a reading with Taylor will NOT be disappointed. At least not with his accuracy ;)" ... written by Jon
Taylor is very honest and accurate. And pretty much said exactaly the same words as the person in question. Will see how it goes. Future that far out I don't want to think about right now, but i'll focus on what i want right now :) Thanks Taylor!" ... written by stellachan
Taylor was spot on and I loved what he told me. I would go back to him to have another reading!" ... written by JaeBee0807
i NEVER regret getting readings from taylor..i love the guy honestly, after having a bad reading with some other psychic , i can say i feel much better...omg, funny thing is..after being in such regret about the last psychic i went to..im like , god, i should just go to taylor, checked his page, saw the last comment he had was about a week ago, im like dang, i guess he dont come on as often, visualized em , few minutes later, bam, he comes online! " ... written by andre
Tay is just amazing. Left me with no words. " ... written by AA
Nice guy with proper talk. Care with what you are really asking" ... written by FeelWill
As always, Taylor is truly caring, kind and truthful. He has also become a dear friend. I am so grateful to know him. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
He's very caring and compassionate and really sees into the situation, giving you the truth, no sugarcoating. He really tries to help you to make the best decision. I will be back to update you. Hopefully some of what you said was right! lol xxxxx" ... written by l
Great insight and has opened my eyes to what was really going on. two thumbs up for Taylor" ... written by AA
As always, Taylor gets right through to the heart of the matter. His predictions are always spot on and he is kind, loving and caring. Taylor is more than a reader; he's family. Thank you! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Another insightful reading with Tay! Thank you Tay xxxx" ... written by Liz
Very warm attitude and ready to share the thoughts. The reading is clear about situation and quick to clear the bushes. Timelines are clearly shown. Worth the time and efforts :)" ... written by FeelWill
I love Taylor! He is always on point!" ... written by Jdm
I've been a client of Taylor for a long time now. one of the reasons being everything he says always happens no matter how little or much i believe him initially. from picking up on how my ex-girlfriend is feeling, or what she's pissed at me for, to making prediction for the future, he's been absolutely perfect. i recommended 2 of my colleagues to taylor, and they are raving about him too. a million stars bro!" ... written by Jasper
flawless, perfect, stunning, bravo, took my breath away!!!!!!!!! tay told me I would meet a new guy at work, and I did!!! it was exactly as he said, but timeline was off by 1 week... nonetheless thank you tay! love ya..." ... written by ppp
Taylor has become a trusted friend as well as psychic. All of his advice and predictions are right on. He is a truly sensitive, kind, warm and caring Angel. So blessed to know him xo AManda" ... written by Amanda
the only one true andamp; xcellent enough to be called psychic...he's and another one are my go-to psychics for the last 1 year, and so amazing that those little cards of his show the future amazingly accurately...so accurate tht it's a little eery if you ask me." ... written by perseus
Didn't have to say anything and he is on the spot. Will definitely come back for more updates. " ... written by pink
wow miss taylor's predictions actually came true and they happened... i was never a believer in this psychic stuff of seeing the future, till now. thanks tay." ... written by furball
As a professional psychic myself for over 20years I usually can tell if a person is a true gifted reader or a fake wannabe. And I can tell you 110% that Taylor Black is truly gifted. I am proud to call you a fellow psychic, camarade and friend. Just very very awesome reader." ... written by magenta
Great reader! Quick, detailed, honest, to the point and no running around the topic! I would recommend!!! Will be back for further readings." ... written by afterklaz
spent a good $10grand on credits on this site, and so far, this guy here is the best. Accurate predictions and fantastic advice, unlike some of the others here who give shit advice and rubbish. VERY VERY VERY AWESOME reader and readings, can't emphasize enough!!!" ... written by anastacia
This person is absolutely fantastic! Honest, fast, professional, optimistic, and very understanding. It is great that he tells the truth and gives compassion at the same time. Highly recommended!" ... written by Bahamutia
always value my sessions with him!" ... written by Yang
OMG!!! He is a 5 STARS!!! Wow! His accuracy is the BEST on ORANUM. Amazing predictions. Go to Taylor for your reading because he tells what he sees and no sugar coating. Very Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
Taylors predictions always come true I always come for updates when things have happened or I need advice on a direction in life I wish to pursue thanks again, your a star " ... written by lisa
Taylor is always on point! There's absolutely no bs'ing with him. I can trust him to tell me the honest truth. " ... written by n
Taylor's predictions came true!" ... written by w
Eerily, eerily accurate. Gave excellent advice and told me the truth." ... written by Sierra
excellent psychic! :) hit it right on the money " ... written by marquita
Great reading. Very helpful and insightful." ... written by boru
Taylor tells it like it is. ANd that's how I like it. His predictions have come true in the past for me so I'm sure he has a good read on the situation. " ... written by l
taylor was quick, he is good and made predictions answered all questions fast, wait to see it happen will come back and tell him. I recommend him." ... written by a
He tells you the truth, you might not like it, but truth is what you need to hear. Try him, you won't regret. Much better than being a vicious cycle on this site for a real reader. i think he IS the one and can save you from spending your money on false predictions. Thank you Taylor" ... written by Sharen223
Taylor, as usual, knows the tea. Make sure you read with him!" ... written by Sierra
taylor's connection and insight is UNREAL! this guy really knows what he's talking about! his predictions are on point as well! excited for my next follow up reading!" ... written by :)
He seems really good. Doesn't tell you what you want to hear but that is a good thing!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Taylor, as always, is accurate and honest. I'm quite happy every time I speak with him!" ... written by Sierra
Quick and concise but to the point and very confident, loved his energy. Solid reading, love and light" ... written by Pheonix
excellent advice! Taylor has an incredible gift and is able to read into people and their intentions like no one else! " ... written by *
taylor is great xxx always makes me feel better xx" ... written by caz
Taylor is so talented, and he's consistent. He tells you exactly what he sees, as he sees it, and he cares." ... written by Sierra
Really honest reading. Be prepared to hear the truth. " ... written by Yesenia
Absolutely brilliant!!" ... written by WorldInATeaCup
Love Taylor he is very kind and accurate! I love his readings, I have used him many times and will continue to do so. " ... written by Yaz
wonderful insight. Sweet disposition but will give it to you straight! " ... written by sparkles826
amazing reader!" ... written by jdm
hands down my all time favourite diva psychic! 3months ago in april told me to forget this guy because he will someone new in june.. omg omg omg omg omg...he not only met someone new, but he met her in june!!! and now it seems i am left alone, with a borken heart. well, should've taken your advice miss black. :(" ... written by Valerie
thanks for sincere and honest advice " ... written by Doppler
Great stuff, told me what I needed to know, answered my question, good details - felt really confident with Tay!" ... written by Me
Just pure perfection, detailed, clear reading, spot on, totally accurate, very skilled reader, one of the best on here..." ... written by sea1000
always always always a pleasure speaking to tay!" ... written by jdm
always a pleasure!" ... written by jdm
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
AWESOME!!" ... written by bb22
Great reading!" ... written by A
One of the very few people I would seek for a trusted, insightful, and detailed answer. Always so professional, fast, honest, and helpful. " ... written by Bahamutia
He is very good,and his speed of typing is amazing!" ... written by Vikingprincess
sensational incredible very detailed quick on the money. money well spent on Oranum. he is a five star. i hardly see him on when i need him . wow you will not be disappointed you will see his predictions come true. plus he is extremely fast. and to the point.thank you" ... written by christine
wonderful, fast, and direct! getting to talk to Taylor is always the best part of my day!" ... written by nmt
great!" ... written by m
Always honest, consistent, and professional. Huge fan!" ... written by Sierra
Details, answers, timelines and more. Taylor answered all my questions with ease! A good reading and I'll be back as things pan out! A very good reading and a great guy!" ... written by Jennifer
good insight, positive reading of situation and people. " ... written by goldnaura
Fantastic as usual!" ... written by Sierra
sweet guy, love his deck. very sexual lol " ... written by eli
my regular go to man!" ... written by jdm
frank honest fast. shows the cards that are spot on for the question i am asking and even the ones i have not typed yet. accurate with time frames. and tells me what is ahead in the road. what a fantastic reader always. thank you" ... written by christine
He's fantastic, as usual. Five stars." ... written by Sierra
I had attended a demo before and always wanted to go for a reading, today I did ,he is very honest, understanding and straight forward. Looking forward to seeing him again." ... written by SMGirl
quite plausible insights into issues as usual" ... written by Doppler
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading. Highly recommend him." ... written by L
Great reading, very informative and gives great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
he is very grounded as offers balanced advice, not just what you want to hear. very good read." ... written by wren1414
As always fantastic!" ... written by Sierra
fast accurate types very quickly lots of spot on predictions. i will always come to him for the truth good or bad. and ways to change the outcome." ... written by christine
Always very understanding and gives in depth reading. Most times only takes one question and he gives it to you plus more. Great reader." ... written by pinkpather30
Taylor is very good and quick and I trust his cards. I recommend him." ... written by A
Taylor is awesome as usual. He lays the issue and tells the possible result, but the decision is in my hand. I know what i want :)" ... written by sc
he remembers what he’s told you... he’s pretty good on what the current situation is. " ... written by Joanna
I loved the Reading so much. it´s hard to explain how profound and real it was. the longer we talked the more he got into what i really needed to hear and into my soul. i appriciate it so much! thank you xoxoxoxo" ... written by emotions
fantastic and wonderful as usual. huge fan!" ... written by Sierra
Brilliant, as usual." ... written by Sierra
Consistence on timing... let's see. :)" ... written by William
always accurate always fast predictions come true. " ... written by christine
my reading with Taylor, he was very fast, not what I wanted to hear but it is for the best, thank you Taylor !!! you were awesome" ... written by ladybugg
Fantastic and fast as usual!" ... written by Sierra
Its true straight to the point i like that!" ... written by Ava
thanks taylor your awesome xxxxx" ... written by caz
Love his readings. He is totally on point. " ... written by L
very fast very helpful" ... written by s
he is spot on" ... written by myst
he is 5 star. fast accurate with the cards they are spot on. he types very fast which helps me alot. his predictions have come true. he is wonderful one of the best" ... written by christine
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
wow so informative, have to come back" ... written by s
blew me away. amazing!!!!" ... written by tiffany
Fast and direct. Thanks!" ... written by William
An absolutely direct, honest, helpful and insightful person. Always a joy to talk to!" ... written by Bahamutia
Quick answers and great insight into things as they are now and how they might progress. Details and information is what is sought in a reading and Taylor is great at providing both. " ... written by Jennifer
amazing and very easy to talk to. He answers all your questions" ... written by s
Always nice to touch base with someone who connects so quickly. Thanks Tay! Been coming to tay for a few yrs now and have given me light on situations that I always feel i need the answers to. " ... written by sharona315
honesty is the best policy and u got it Taylor. thanks for an awesome private." ... written by Delight71215
He's great. Quick, and tuned in." ... written by L
great reading, we will see!" ... written by krista
Taylor is incredibly gifted. One of the best." ... written by Tea
thankyou so much for connecting with me i really enjoyed it" ... written by Sweeteas
Truthful and honest! Always a favorite of mine on Oranum. Thank you for your help today, Taylor!" ... written by carosh
very quick and professional...thanks much" ... written by sabrinalove
great! Trust what he saw, did not sound rehearsed." ... written by luvtim
taylor..why..are..you..always..spoton!!!" ... written by truelove
Taylor's prediction came true and that's why I'm back! He's such a lovely and incredibly talented person! love our readings! xo" ... written by W
Real quick and accurate gave great advice as well.. Definitely coming back again for an update in the near future. " ... written by Tina
I'm so glad Taylor is back! he's my go to and I love our readings so much!" ... written by here
Taylor is so beautiful and genuine and wow he has an amazing deck of cards. They are so specific and really help pinpoint the situation you are inquiring about. He has a very powerful gift. I was blown away and had to pick up my jaw from the ground a few times because he was so accurate." ... written by Palomina
Thanks so much!! Taylor is sooo fast and awesome!" ... written by sin
I trust Taylor and his readings, he never missed one prediction in my private readings. Timeframes included. Thanks." ... written by fruit
thank you" ... written by n
He's so cool and understanding...Awesome reading and very quick too!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading very informaitve" ... written by pinkpather30
He is simply wonderful, someone who can truly see. I am incredibly grateful to him. :)" ... written by Kosmo
very good, calm reading, does not stall, straight to questions, and answers. " ... written by cindy
fantastic, million stars, wow" ... written by b.17
hi he is so accurate" ... written by Rose
awesome , dead on , he is an amazing reader ,full of great insight on everything !! I highly recommend him!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Great reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Wow Taylor is fantastic super Amazing. He gave me a lot of details and was very accurate as well. Can't wait to foresee his prediction to come true. Will go to him for more future updates...." ... written by Lucy117
Excellent!!!" ... written by kathy
Positive and nice, straight to the questions and honest, will come back. " ... written by mimi
He got connected to me very well, I will follow his suggestions...will come back after the results...thanks." ... written by san
Very good reading, thank you! Absolutely sweet, too ;)" ... written by Lily