About almightysoul

Psychic almightysoulhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic almightysoulhas recently helped 20members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about almightysoul's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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He is for real no BS" ... written by Edward
He was wonderful. Very compassionate. Spoke deeply and truthfully. I appreciated his reading very much. Thank you." ... written by a
This is an amazing young man, he is awesome and gets to the heart of matters quickly. This is a different exprience but vey insightful and made me feel really good, you have to try him before he gets so busy whch he definetly will. " ... written by Deborah
nice man and very good highly recommend" ... written by gchild001
He was amazing...on the spot very professional...i highly recommend him" ... written by nami
awsum unusual and unique teckniques i not seen be4 , hes a great man , feel alot lighter and brighter" ... written by wilbo
Great Insight...he has a calm nature, and truly is the real deal. He has an old soul, so something about him though young he is wise beyond his years. He's a newbie, but I know he will go far on here." ... written by Bronxie
another awsome reading hes a great man" ... written by wilbo
Nice man and was so right. I am so ready for what he said to come to pass. Very calming and put me at ease. Thanks again almightysoul!" ... written by April
great reading so conne ted to situation so awesome..." ... written by apple
wonderful reading...i would def return back!!!" ... written by nami
He is really great he know everything about me and my life.. So Great love xoxoxo Amanda" ... written by amanda
great awesome bright and best!" ... written by Abigail
he was open with me give me time and told me he can help me and said he will take care of the problem for good his very nivce and understanding. and kind. very nice. thanks" ... written by H
He is very good in his advse" ... written by san
he was very good , postive detial and answerd all i aske and wanted to know. thanks you." ... written by H
He is honestly good and hit everything right on the nail. I love his honesty and definitely has a heart of gold. He tells you exactly how it is and no sugar coating." ... written by Nandia
awsum again full of info" ... written by wilbo
Awesome every time!!" ... written by Julie
great reading. to the point..i felt very positive about what he had to say and i am looking forward to what may be in line for me soon. i will def keep you posted...again thank you and god bless!" ... written by ladiinatasha
AWESOME! Knows exactly what's going on without me telling him and his predictions happen." ... written by FLO
He was fantastic - unfortunately my pc was freezing, but he gave me great insight and really calmed my mind! He was the first to confirm my gut feeling- so now i can go on . I recommend him highly - a nice person with a great aura and really gifted!" ... written by Sonia
he is always sooo positive! i hope that everything will come as he says!" ... written by Sonia
VERY GOOD!!!" ... written by FLO
Very very nice ... so spot on my situation .. and a great help .. thank you so much ... " ... written by raspberry47
Almightysoul did a clearing/love attracting ritual for me, in his african language. It was lovely. I'll be back at the end of the month to see if what he predicts for my love life come true :)" ... written by kundra
love this guy - def came back for another reading!! thanks" ... written by freedom
He so cool Great brother with lots of Soul you will never be disappointed with HIM THE BEST!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Very quick connection, non judgemental and honest guidance. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Wonderful and insightful, thank you for your gift" ... written by Barbie
He knows................" ... written by ed
Awesome!!!!! I am so Excited!!!! Thanks Soul *****" ... written by Msphenomenal
i come and see him often , so its nothing different !! hes very good" ... written by Bella
Awesome - simply awesome - I turn to him for advice :-) you should too " ... written by Monalisa
Just gv him your time, he will guide you to the end . " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thank you so much for the insight today :)" ... written by Charlene
His wonderful . he did some strong work for me his nice and understanding he tells you as it is and tells you correct. he try to be helpful very good reader. Thanks" ... written by H
Thank you for your help today. Feel so much better after speaking with you. " ... written by Lyn
its been really great, and working with you ur so helpful wow so glad to see action, each time we met God Bless HIGH 5 !!!!" ... written by queenbee
OMG.. He was so calm, peaceful. It was honestly like talking to an older brother or someone within my family who has more wisdom than I. He confirmed what I knew in my heart but did not do so just to please me. He spoke to me from what he truly saw for me and I can't be more thankful. He was amazing and extremely humbled. I am so pleased to have read with him today. Thank you, AlmightySoul." ... written by Tiana
almighty soul is a lovely geniune reader who is extremely talented. he is reassuring me that everything will be ok. 1000% recommend. u wont be dissapointed. " ... written by emmash
he is really good !!!!!" ... written by nicky
such a nice man I feel so calm and helped " ... written by trish
Such a great reader offering so much help from his soul. Thank you god bless :)" ... written by sandy
simply fabulous, patient and thorough in a brief 4 minutes. would recommend. worth it." ... written by Poetry1982
He was able to see what was my issue and what i needed to do to overcome it. He was very good and encouraging Thank-you!" ... written by nv
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
he was good" ... written by Flower
almightysoul again has put perspective on my worries. He is so helpful and kind. He sees and says thing as they are, not what you wish them to be. he is the real deal. I will never go anywhere else. he understand me and my energy. xxx" ... written by emmash
awesome reader god bless . Will be back for more help thank you" ... written by sandy
Wonderful reader. He's unexplainable !!! if u want exact facts go to him !!!!" ... written by Queen Bella
sweet sweet man I felt his energy strong .. " ... written by dianne
Excellent readying enjoyed than you xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
he is very helpful" ... written by san
Fantastic reader. Right on point. Fast. honest and compassionate. " ... written by Zu
He was very good in helping me with my situation" ... written by Staci
He is good to talk to " ... written by LatriceM
Very Honest caring young man so glad I came to your room see lots of goodness in all you do. Beautiful Brother with lots of SOUL !! GOD BLESS You 1000 times n ur Family !!!" ... written by queenbee22
he is great and wonder=full person and correct to the point and understanding . thank s I suggest t him to every one" ... written by H
he was good" ... written by san
wow i connected with him and he gave me so much answers that were right on point he is good and will tell you what you need to know and what you already know :) especially on the soul mates he is very accurate and can tell you what needs to be done :) he helped me :) i really loved the reading we connected so well :) " ... written by Marlene Alvarez
wonderful, wonderful human kindness I love this brother!! ALMIGHTYSOUL" ... written by queenbee22
wow.......blown away by this quick so positive very" ... written by Kathy
Love talking to him - always honest and to the point" ... written by Sonia
ne is good in the advice he gives" ... written by staci
wonderful person helpful and best reader his magic works suggest him to every one you need reading or help seek him his very best thanks" ... written by H
thank you so much for your insight. you are a blessing to me." ... written by Charlene
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Great reading =)" ... written by loliprofe
very quick to understand the situation and gave clear advice. Thanks so much. I was really worried about the immigration meeting for my friend's son, but forewarned is fore armed as they say..BIG thanks!" ... written by angelszone
Very, Very, Good, Honest Helpful Brother You wont regret any time spent with him GOD BLESS YOU!! 100 stars " ... written by queenbee22
This man is very passionate, very true, and very accurate! My private session has just ended, and I didn't want it to!! So much positive, comforting and REAL energy from this man! Thank you!" ... written by Najwa
He gave me good advise and was very helpful" ... written by staci
he is great!" ... written by Clover
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
that was awesome .right on target !" ... written by beth7668
great reader loved it" ... written by soniya
He is awesome for sure!!!" ... written by Love
Very very good!" ... written by h
I see many things in a positive way , I thank so much 4 your Honesty. May God Continue to Bless You Always high 5 GREAT JOB " ... written by queenbee22
very good" ... written by lisa
His amizing so to the point tell you all and help you all the way very correct and happens wha the wil tell you. suggest him to all go giv ehim reading you be glad you did . ty:)" ... written by H
Thank you for a great reading" ... written by marion
Great reader !!!" ... written by Bella
Thank you so much. You certainly made me feel good " ... written by Sandeep
Amigo thankyou so much for helping me... I cant explain how much it means to me...truly wonderful man...u know me so well...I feel much better thank you always...xo" ... written by hermosocorazon
Clarity, warmth, and truth. This being, speaks to one's heart, and encourages one to dive, passed ones' fears. To step into their truth, to be in alignment with their potential- " ... written by emma
very good listener. he did connect and gave some good advice for me. " ... written by goldenaura
He was wonderful, very insightful." ... written by clover
Its incredible how he spot on the things right away!!!" ... written by Sonia
he is very hepful." ... written by Staci
WOW I must say you can move mountains bc the issues I have been dealing with were so real, I never stop looking for help. You r a GOD SEND you broke down the DOORS where I was told no this is not for you. I am really grateful for all your Hard work on My Case. YOU ARE A HONEST CARING SOULFUL BROTHER . BIG HUGS TO YOU . MUCH LOVE TO YOU !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Each time, there is a return to equilibrium, there is harmony. Somewhere he see's past the veil. Sessions with him are worth every instance, as he redirects you into the now, if you have a possibility, embrace it, it is an experience which will inspire you to move past the density, encouraging your innate growth- " ... written by emma
seems to know what he is talking about.. will see what happens" ... written by ma
awesome wonderful, Just GREAT !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Nice reader. you will get feedbacks whether you like it or not. He is on point." ... written by Enchanted3
a very good helper in time of need :) thanks almighty soul" ... written by bb22
5.STARS 5 STARS 5 STARS 5 STARS " ... written by QUEENBEE22
awesome" ... written by tiff
again a good helper!!" ... written by bb22
He is the truth very wise and informative" ... written by Cosumel
He is awesome!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
Awesomeee" ... written by tiff
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is awesome, caring, he takes pride in what he does :)))" ... written by tiff
......." ... written by tiff
i come to him weekly. always give me great advice andamp; no bullshit !!! " ... written by TheQueenBella
very good advice, thanks for all your help" ... written by Debbie
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is Awesome :))))), Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
He is always awesome " ... written by tiff
He is awesome :)" ... written by tiff
Great reader !!" ... written by TheQueenBella
very good sessions see lot of improvement everything 10 stars" ... written by queenbee22
had a reading with almighty soul and he was right on point as if he knew me...... he is really the awesome!" ... written by maaafia
he has great knowledge of what to do in a real crisis !!!! god bless love my sessions over n over again thx you" ... written by quenbee22
informative good conversation will read with him again" ... written by Avenda Ali
OMG!!! AlmightySoul is so so amazing. He is very accurate and helpful. Please consult this expert today!! 100 stars!" ... written by Nariel
Awesome!!! I feel more hopeful Thanks Almighty Soul!" ... written by Msphenomenal
good reader !! never complained " ... written by Queen
YEEEESSSSS!!!! His prediction came true for this weekend!!! Almighty Is Soulfully Awesome!!!" ... written by MsPhenomenal
this man is the best person I've spoken to on here. he was VERY direct and he reassured me about my situation. I honestly cant even put into words how great he was but I promise that if I could give him 26,000 stars I would. he was so honest with me and made me feel like I was talking to a big brother. I will definitely definitely be back." ... written by Zae
:)" ... written by tiff
thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Awesome!!! Reading again Thanks Almighty Gentle Soul *****" ... written by Msphenomenal
Very good session always able to see light at the end of tunnel.. thx you so ,much 4 ur care andamp; concern and for handling this situation" ... written by queenbee22
definitely 5 star reader. He connects very quickly to feelings of all concerned. I am anxious to see his predictions come true. " ... written by expert love
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
10 stars great update thx u for all u do !!" ... written by queenbee22
Just want to tell everyone at Oranum that Soul is a wonderful psychic who is able to give peace of mind and much clarity in many issues. *****" ... written by Nariel
This young guy is simply amazing and such a great friend. 20 stars out of 20!!" ... written by Liza
thank you so much almighty for the update :)" ... written by charlene
awesome" ... written by tiff
Amazing and fast connection!!!" ... written by Nina
Thanks for the update, it really is keeping me going, such a big help....Thanks Almighty Happy Soul! 5***** Awesome!" ... written by Mspheonmenal
Soul is the most amazing person. After amazing? Superlatives galore xxxx" ... written by Liz
honest and no bullshit and straight forward n willing to help n cant wait for results" ... written by apple
He's lovely." ... written by ELI
Great Great Great Update God Bless omg ur nbr 1 ! The Healer.. The one who sees all Good N Bad " ... written by queenbee22
Great guy has been such a help to me. Strong session earlier with instant results!!" ... written by Lyn
Positiveee lets hope for the best in the future! will keep this updated" ... written by Nina
Spot on when it comes to reading me and my feelings, emotions etc... I hope the predictions come true. :)" ... written by thinkblue
great reading with almightysoul. always accurate and gives great advice." ... written by Charlene
he is soon to the point!" ... written by sonia
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep
Thank You so much for all the help and guidance! You are true, gifted, compassionate, patient and very understanding. Given me so much peace of mind and heart, god bless you always as u make it a priority to help us out." ... written by tintedloved
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Just wonderful sessions to help up many things great Job!! God Bless thx you" ... written by queenbee22
very good to hv sessions no matter wht ur issue is, he can really help you see the light !!! amen ten stars !!!" ... written by queenbee22
he is very good" ... written by san
very good" ... written by musty
Well I had never spoken with Almightysoul before but something made me come to speak with him and I am so glad I did I already feel better for it and I feel positive that he is going to help me get to where I need to be. He's genuine and caring and he already picked up things that I never even told him so I have no doubt he is the real deal. Looking forward to seeing the progression. " ... written by Lyn
he's great and honest" ... written by Cristina
Thanx" ... written by San
So grateful for his help truly. I trust his words 100%. " ... written by Lyn
Very pleasant and honest reading. He was quite accurate. I was pleased with the session." ... written by Luisa
Thank you so much. Wish I could have extended" ... written by Sandeep
Thanks" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thx you, thx u, 4 clearing things up 4 me, Great Job !! ten stars " ... written by queenbee22
he really help me with my situations,so true about everything.thx" ... written by viendax
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
I feel he is good and friendly and willing to help me and I look forward for an outcome so thanks so much Almightysoul. I will contact you soon again." ... written by Keane Lewis
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
good" ... written by tiff
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
So glad I came across this man. He is a great support to me just now. He is honest which I like but he's sensitive about it as he knows I am and I really appreciate that. Has given me a prediction so hopeful that it happens. Everything else he has picked up on is accurate. Thank you." ... written by Lyn
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Awesome!!!! Update, everything is always on point...Many Predictions has come to pass....Thanks Almighty Awesome Soul***** " ... written by Msphenomenal
Thank You For This Wonderful Session, I Really Appreciate Your " ... written by queenbee22
Absolutely!! Phenomenal! Thanks Almighty Wonderful Soul, Awesome reading again....*****" ... written by MsPhenomenal
absolutely on target with my situation. He needs no tools and is empowering and uplifting" ... written by cly
Only been dealing with him for a short time but already feel so much better for it. I know he is going to get me to where I need to be. He picked up so much without me saying anything and that says a lot! Time and money well spent! " ... written by Lyn
Always grateful for this mans help. I always feel like it has helped coming to see him. He always tells me how it is. But he is very supportive. He wants me to succeed in what I want and I know he will help me get there. " ... written by Lyn
always able to help push thru any issues !! Amazing " ... written by queenbee22
Great reader! I will definitely return to keep you updated, Thank you so much for your guidance and lots of love and light~" ... written by Smily
AWESOME ! AWESOME! AWESOME !! love these sessions wow 5 stars yay " ... written by queenbee22
He is great, and easy to talk to. No sugar coating. He provided me with insight that will help me on my journey, throughout life. He is wise, caring , and funny. I will definitely be back. He told me things about myself, that only he would know, through using his gifts. Give him a try , you won't be disappointed." ... written by oreocookies
Wonderful Sessions with him, He's The Real Deal, God Bless You Always , I Love This Brother Brakes Down Every Thing" ... written by queenbee22
2nd time with Almighty, looking forward to his advice/prediction to come true" ... written by emily
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Awesome!!! Update....He is working really hard on my case....I am grateful for him...Thanks Soul!!! God Bless!!! 5*****" ... written by Msphenomenal
Very truthful and honest very greatful i met him!" ... written by Ava
Thank you almighty for all your help! Please keep me in your prayers. " ... written by LostGirl
Awesome!!! update and his prediction did happen, cannot wait for the other half to come!!! Thanks Soul God Bless you!5*****" ... written by Msphenomenal
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
So grateful for his help. " ... written by Lyn
Its always a pleasure to hv serious sessions with Almightysoul!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you very much! You conneted realy fast! give me hope everytime! Thank you so much for being here for me!" ... written by Dominique
Thanks Soul for the clarity! I am positive for a great outcome! God Bless! " ... written by Msphenomenal17
Almightysoul is great! I would advise you to spend some time with him. He informed me that I would get a pay increase on my job in September and I did. He listens to your problems and tries to encourage you to reach and hope for the best in life." ... written by newnameok
he is always on point and knows what to say always very detailed :) " ... written by Marlene Alvarez
always great to go deep in pvt he really helps u .. the best" ... written by queenbee22
Awesome private again .....Thanks so much Soul for a great update and INFO!! I am looking forward to this new method... and wonderful LOVE! Bless you my dear friend!" ... written by Msphenomenal
wow this man is amazing, i was so shocked at how much he actually knew, so friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, thankyou very much xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much im very emotional, thankyou for always helping me and guiding me youre an amazing man, bless you xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
He is wonderful.....quick quick quick.....connection.....awesome..." ... written by Kathy
great reader. beautiful soul. i got goosebumps. will let you know I will be back. love you" ... written by Jessica
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
hes the best, no tools so positive its a great feeling." ... written by jamira76
Feeling very optimistic after my reading....wonderful connection" ... written by Kathy
Wow! He was so connected and great insight and advice! I feel so much better now!" ... written by Stariteny
Awesome!!!!! " ... written by Peachytea
10 stars sessions is great to restore order in my life wonderful update!!" ... written by queenbee22
He was right on the money and will lead you to an path where you are individually strong. I will be doing more work with almightsoul" ... written by wind warrior
amazing as always, helping me so so much, thankyou soul, you are an angel xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
he is so great....very good" ... written by julie
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Almighty
He is a very good reader andamp; straight to he point. he cares about his people . and is very ambitious :) " ... written by Bella
great update wow will take time andamp; pray over everything THX YOU" ... written by queenbee22
thankyou, been a hard day and you put things into perspective always helping thankyou so much xxx" ... written by Beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
great connects fast, and to the point" ... written by jamira76
thankyou so very much, u help me in everyday life so much, amazing man, cant thank you enough xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thankyou so much again, amazing man xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
awesome " ... written by unknown
Awesome as usual...Thanks" for the update Soul...God Bless!" ... written by Ms Destinefor Greatness
amazing as always :) thankyou thankyou thankyou my friend xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
settled my mind as always, very understanding, right on point, thankyou xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much for my special reading, soo accurate and suprising to know that u even know how i think, ur amazing, bless u my sweet friend xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much once again my friend, always looking out for me and helping me xx ur just wonderful xx always on point xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
amazing as always thankyou so much xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
I really felt like I got great clarity and it my private reading was very nice. Thanks again Almightysoul... we will keep in touch!" ... written by Vanessa.J
I really feel he understands what's going on. Thank you so much for your help again!" ... written by Stariteny
very Powerful Brother ,with lots of knowledge to help you in any issues you have, WONDERFUL he will clear your path !!" ... written by queenbee22
Almightysoul spoke to me in a way I was seeking. I woke up in a very sad mood and looked for some insight on my next move in life. He knew my situation before I had a chance to tell him. He knew the route I've been taking and knew exactly what I needed. He spoke to me in a way I needed from a mentor. I'm glad I came to him, he felt my emotions and felt my need to move forward from my situation. He gave me alot of good insight to help give me the courage to move forward. I am so happy I came in his room today. I will be back. Thank you. " ... written by BrianaAF2
Thanks" ... written by Sandeep
He picked up on my situation immediately and was giving me answers i needed to finally hear to my questions. " ... written by Nadia
thankyou so much for helping me as always, my great friend, thankyou xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
This man is really good , I will be back to get an update " ... written by SweetQueen
the best of the best always, straight to the point, helping me so much, thankyou xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
hes so awesome and great and understanding. very gifted, uses no tools." ... written by jamira76
Really good session! I was very impressed. I can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by Starliteny
really very helpful to me awesome readings, great sessions, see lots of movements in a positive way, high5 and God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
thankyou for giving me hope always and working with me, ur amazing xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Awesome Reading! and update Thanks for helping me through this difficult time...He new something was about happen before I told him what it was and it did...Wow!" ... written by Msphenomenal
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
hes the best always. He so understanding and honest, very truthful. no tools connects fast and accurate. you will not be disappointed." ... written by jamira76
great reading :)" ... written by Maria
thankyou so much hun always :) i couldnt do any of it without u xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thankyou sweet friend once again ur truly wonderful Xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much for always giving me hope and for helping me so so much my friend:) amazing truly Xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
spot on I can talk to him all day" ... written by waymon
this guy is just truly amazing, very caring and hes helped me become stronger day by day, he knew everything that ive been feeling and thinking, hes just wow xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thankyou so much, i woke up this morning feeling so alone and not hopeful about my future, and this man is a god send, he lifted me up, im forever greatful, thankyou thankyou always xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thankyou so much u once again gave me big hope, u help me so much, and u keep me grounded thankyou my friend xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou soul, so much u always pull me up when im down and remind me who i am, thankyou for all ur help my friend xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
hes great!! awesome encouraging" ... written by jamira76
oh wow his spirit lifted me so high, this mans amazing in every way, thankyou so much xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much for always giving me hope, bless u my friend xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much truly ur amazing xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you for your insightful words everytime! " ... written by BrianaAF2
thankyou my sweet friend :) so much xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much u picked me up once again :) xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Wonderful" ... written by arnetta
Thankyou my friend for always motivating me and guiding me, xx amazing man x" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou my dear friend xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
i love him. always need him, great advice " ... written by bella
thankyou my sweet friend so much :) u always reassure me :) and ur truly amazing xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thankyou so much Soul :) amazing as always xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thankyou soul, because of u im very happy and hopeful :):) xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou so much always from my heart xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
amazing guy, just wow always xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thankyou my sweet friend, always looking out for me :) xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
quick to read" ... written by apple
thankyou sweet friend xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
thank you once again xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by sandeep
thankyou dear friend xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thankyou so much for lifting my spirit :) u always always pick me up, so amazing u knew exactly how i felt xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thank you" ... written by SAndeep
always with lots of details and is always on point and always kind and very enrgetic and happy :)" ... written by Marlene Alvarez
thank you my friend :)" ... written by beautifulhearted
i cant thankyou enough really i cant xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
Thanks! I enjoyed it. " ... written by Happy
Allmightysoul is great and real. exceptional reader. I highly recommend him." ... written by EmotionallM
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
great" ... written by divine
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
I hope so " ... written by Nicole
This guy always amazes me, hes very kind, caring and does everything in his power to lift your spirit and guide u on the right path, he knows everything how un are feeling, the things that have happened and also helps u with guiding u in the future, my dear friend thank you always Xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
HE is amazing, Like him lots, SUPER helpful!, will be doing a pvt with him again!!" ... written by SweetS
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you ever so much " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Almightysoul is by far the best person to come to about anything! He is such a sweet person and tells you like it is. He give clarity to situations and is able to help counsel at the same time. Trust in his ability to lead you out of the darkness and into a brighter path!" ... written by BrianaAF2
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
great connectivity, must ovt again!!! " ... written by Sweets
great" ... written by jamira76
He is and honest reader I feel, not just because he told me good news, but he was realisitic as well. And he has a sense of humour as well, which always helps!" ... written by angelszone
Very quick with is answers and caring guidance. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Very spot on, kind and uplifting reader!! Thank you!" ... written by Angel
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
To bad i ran out off time, but what a wonderfull reading!" ... written by Dominique
Wow, just thank you so much, this guy helped me in ways u cant imagine, i'm forever grateful, ur an amazing guy, and an amazing friend, thankyou, love always :) x" ... written by Beautifulhearted
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He gave me some positive feedback on a decision on buying a home with my husband and I." ... written by Trevino
great awesome, hes wonderful. tells u the truth, so him" ... written by jamira76
great reading from this very caring person! predictions are starting to unfold while i had never guessed this would came true! ty very much almighty and plz keep on guiding me in this lifetime!" ... written by gdm
hes so great, wow really impresses me!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thankyou my friend so so much, for always helping and guiding me, ur truly an angel :) dont know where i'd be without u xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
almighty!!!!things is very precise about everything he said, not only gave me the things will happen but also clearify why things will happend , also what i can do to make it better !!! thanks this brother." ... written by jackson
i ran out of time but i will be back." ... written by wren1414
Thank you for ur kind words i look forward to ur predictions coming true!" ... written by FancyAParis
so sweet and caring soul, always accurate, and the best and more important is many of his prediction happened" ... written by kuiipo5
fairly okay chat. You seem very confident and straight forward Was worried that you didnt get the full names was told that pyschics need it for more accuracy. So its Shabora Hannah Lollisa Maxwell 28th October 1991 and his name is Neron Anthony Hewitt Gilbert 16th March 1990. " ... written by Hannah
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
always her to give light about all area, just amazing" ... written by kuiipo5
great and accurate" ... written by divine
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
he is very passionate and tuned in. sees the situation very clearly and can advise on it." ... written by wren1414
From day 1 This man has been very Honest N Helpful " ... written by queenbee22
oh wow, thank you so much my friend :), love this guy, he's so sincere, caring and wants the best for you, he understands you so well and even knows what u are thinking, he's truly amazing and is guiding me to a better future xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
GREAT" ... written by ARNETTA
great update" ... written by kuiipo5
This guy is the greatest, he's so kind, very friendly and always has your best interests at heart, amazing man :) xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
ty so much my friend, means the world how ur always here for me and guiding me, on the right path in life, truly an angel xx" ... written by beautifulhearted
He is so dead on I appreciate him! I will update him when things evolve, he is definitely worth your credits!" ... written by SweetS
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thank you my friend so much, always you've done so much for me, i appreciate u deeply xxx" ... written by beautifulhearted
I started getting reading from him this summer and he have been very good at keeping me aware of possible pitfalls and possible good fortune" ... written by LeKris22
spot on. will come back again." ... written by hpch123
Thank you soul. Again, the time constraint was what made me anxious about the chat. Thank you fro your insight, it was accurate and it assured me more. I need to have more faith and confidence in myself in order to get to him. " ... written by Mel
He genuinely cares and that helps me to open up more and trust his guidance" ... written by LeKris22
ALMIGHTYSOUL is one awesome reader" ... written by LeKris22
Amazing as always!" ... written by b
He is a very positive person and see thru to ur situation almost immediately" ... written by LeKris22
I appreciate his guidance" ... written by LeKris22
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
I will be a returning consumer for as long as I need him" ... written by LeKris22
great" ... written by javonne
So grateful for his help and support. I was feeling down and frustrated but after the reading I felt so much better. Thank you for everything. " ... written by Lyn
Bang on the mark, informative, direct and described my situation with clarity and insight. Highest recommendation A+++" ... written by Ray
So grateful for his help and support. " ... written by Lyn
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
again an excellent and compassionate update! " ... written by gdm
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
the coolest brother on here, to gv u truth facts, nt stall to hv you come back n drag out ur issues high 5 !!!! God bLESS" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
I think he is one of the best on here!" ... written by SweetS
Thank you soul. I will be back for another reading soon. Thank you for your assurance." ... written by Mel
almightysoul was great and on target. He gave great insight on my situation and opened my eyes to a lot of things." ... written by Maria
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you!" ... written by bri
Thank you Soul. The illustration you did for me is very very impactful. It's still making me think about what you just said to me, I think it makes a lot of sense. I will continue with the efforts and stay positive and calm. Of late it hasn't been that easy but I'll find that courage and strength back. Will update you again." ... written by Mel
I'm so grateful for his help and support. I trust him 100% He has already helped me so much. Had a very powerful reading just now and I trust everything he has said to me. Hopefully its not long before I start seeing the effects of it looking forward to seeing what happens. " ... written by Lyn
Very pleasant and kind , great person and Man!" ... written by Sweets
I was very happy with my first reading with Soul. He gave me a new outlook and perspective on my relationships. He talks which is nice cause you get a lot of information. I would recommend and see him again. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
had a prediction set for two weeks from now, and i'll get this answer in text, then in dec 22,23 he (my crush) will aproach me with an open heart. there will be many days or dates in dec. try. will comeback for update next month. " ... written by cindy
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is wonderful as usual, I cant wait to speak to him again. If you dont your missing out very helpful!" ... written by SweetS
thank you from the bottom of my heart, im actually lost for words!!!! god blessxxx" ... written by lydoshka
AlmightSoul is the truth. He gives insight that is unmatched. Our session was a very eye-opening experience." ... written by S_DaArtist
awesome reading. he is very insightful and intuitive. try him, he will answer your deepest questions." ... written by aerialstellar
he connects fast.and accurately/ good psychic!!!!" ... written by myst
almighty is always put the way clear to me. suppose there is a situation, he is not only explain the situation but also clearify the choices to make the situation better and more clear. definitly recommend him !!!!!!" ... written by jackson
He is a great soul!!!" ... written by sumaya
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
So grateful for everything he does. I trust him 100% I always feel better after getting a reading and help. He does so much to me help that I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am for that. Thank you so much." ... written by Lyn
I was very happy with what Soul said to me today. I can't get enough from contacting him and letting him help me with my situation. I def. will continue to seek help with Soul he's very gifted. For anybody who wants the truth please contact Soul you will NOT be disappointed. Thanks again Soul:)" ... written by Amy Green
Thank you for a great private Almighty. You gave me a lot of info and gave me more courage to continue on this journey we call life. " ... written by Maria
hes so awesome, no tools spot on, reassures, honest. One of the best psychics on here." ... written by jamira76
always a good and strong update; thing always go like he predicts it !" ... written by gdm
Awesome!!! I needed an update very bad...This been thus far been one of the best Advice/session he has ever given, and was much needed...I feel Hopeful again....Thanks Soul Bless you 5 times and more***** " ... written by MsPhenomenal
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for your help again, I feel so much more positive!" ... written by Starliteny
he is very good, as usual!" ... written by wren1414
Very straight up! He knows what is going on and gives great advice. No sugar coating and fairy tail stories. Worth a reading! thanks" ... written by leo girls
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
almighty , is warm , always put me out of misery" ... written by jackosn
Thank you again " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you once again Soul. I haven't been on here for about a week but its always nice to know you're here for me. Today's chat was more assuring than usual since my situation is progressing and things seem a little better. I hope that when it reaches the peak it doesn't fall again; sometimes it's like when you hit rock bottom the only way is up, but when i'm up there I think what if I fall. I will continue updating you, and thank you for guiding me throughout this whole time. There is still some ignorance but I hope that things continue to only get better." ... written by Mel
great healing session. felt calm/almost sleepy. I trust that things will finally get better. Thank you soul." ... written by ma
nice and wice man...." ... written by m
Thank you Soul. You're always here when I need you and I hope that never changes. Even at this very moment where I feel the need to update you and seek advice, you're around, which reassures me. I'll stay positive and calm and I'm looking forward to the good things in store like you've promised. " ... written by Mel
today i got a great update again! almightysoul knows what he is talking about and his predictions come true, even if you think it is not possible.. things turn out as he predicted" ... written by gdm
Thank you Soul. This was the longest call I had with you, and I enjoyed it. I'll continue following your advise and update you. " ... written by Mel
Wonderful as usually , if you dont read with him your missing out" ... written by SweetS
Thank so much soul!! I appreciate you!!" ... written by Angela
he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by divine
always a great reading with almighty. Very insightful and kind" ... written by maria
He was accurate and honest as always. Thanks for the advice." ... written by FancyAParis
He is wonderful, your missing out if you dont give him a chance!" ... written by SweetS
Thank you Soul. Regardless whether I give a feedback or not, you are still remembered. Don't worry about that. I haven't spoken to you for about a week and we got quite abit covered today. I'll still listen to your advice and stay strong and positive. 'Let things flow, flow, flow, flow.'" ... written by Mel
Thank you for your update - your reading was once again, amazing! i will hold on to all the insight you've given me and let it guide me :) thank u - and GOD BLESS YOU" ... written by lydoshka
my problem is literally get in last mins almost killed me , and its this man---almighty , saved me as always from the edge of danger. god , bless him, he is almighty" ... written by jackson
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
I can't say enough how happy and blessed I am to have met you on here. You're an amazing person and everything you've been saying to me is the truth. AlmightySoul I thank you very much. And for anybody who wants to know the truth and nothing but the truth please get in touch with AlmightySoul I promise you that you will be very happy with his service. He's upfront, nice, and just awesome at what he does. Again Thank You AlmightySoul:)" ... written by Amy Green
Thank you so much for the information. Your a sweet, awesome, andamp; very gifted person. I appreciate everything that you do for me it's like your my best friend now Soul. I will continue coming here getting my readings from you." ... written by Amy Green
So grateful to have has his help and support. He helps me so much. Hes honest and caring. Has become a good friend to me. " ... written by Lyn
Excellent. He sees my talents, he sees my situation, and he has an excact timeframe. He said the same date as many other psychics has said. Thank you soul for your guidance." ... written by TheHangedWoman
great update with some predictions for the weekend, thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Appreciate all his help. He's become a good friend to me. Feeling positive with his help me and someone will get to where we should be. " ... written by Lyn
excellent reader..very to the point!" ... written by pilo
he gives real good advice thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Excellent reading. Helped me take a new perspective on a situation. I guess everyone views things differently. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
This guy is truly amazing....always so positive and uplifting..he can make any situation turn around and be the best for u...also a gd friend and there when u need him...xx" ... written by hermoso
Thank you amigo...for always keeping me focused and helping and guiding me in my life....I feel so much better...ty...much love..ur an amazing amigo....xoxo" ... written by hermosocorazon
My new favorite on Oranum! I immediately felt a connection with Soul and feel he knows what he is talking about. He is very spiritual and no sugar coating. He'll tell you obstacles and what to do to overcome them. Oh and he also has a contagious laugh! haha Thanks for the update and energy cleaning my friend :)" ... written by leo girl
Thank you once again, Soul. This update was short and sweet which was just what I needed at this moment. I'll be back for the updates and I'll continue to stay positive and remember the things we've been discussing since day 1. I see how things are progressing and I hope you continue to be by my side through this difficult (although getting better) period. " ... written by Mel
the best reading, so much energy, he gets it !! don't waste ur time with anyone else" ... written by anna
thank for the reassurance and update." ... written by leo girl
very good update as always, i received good advice and deep insights! it is amazing how he understands a relationship without actually having seen or known the people he is talking about ! first class !" ... written by gdm
Hi Soul, I dont really know what's gotten into me tonight. I'll rest tonight and hopefully I regain my energy when I wake up. Thank you for always being here for me and supporting me, and of course, guiding me. It makes me think twice before I do anything, and although that's naturally the right thing to do, it's nice to have someone reassure me and silently give me small pushes on the back to go on and not give up. " ... written by Mel
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
thanks for the clarity! " ... written by md
quick reader" ... written by apple
hes great!! excellent reader" ... written by jamira76
Grateful for his help and support he has become a good friend of mine. " ... written by Lyn
Another spiritual work done today to reinforce the previous. I hope things progress faster again and that my confidence and positivity makes my desires materialize fast. Thank you soul." ... written by Mel
Awesome Reading!!! He always give me so much needed info!! Thanks Soul God Bless!!" ... written by Msphenomenal
A wonderful, spirited, enthusiastic reader! Loving and honest--I got very important insights into a challenging situation with very helpful advice on how to proceed. Almighty Soul--a perfect name for him. " ... written by Pearl
Nice young man. wish I had more time" ... written by Debbie
Ty amigo....for being a true friend....and always helping and guiding me...bless u....xo" ... written by hermoso
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thankyou " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for the reading almighty, I will be back on Saturday for my healing session.. thanks a lot ")" ... written by Ade
Very passionate about what he is saying. " ... written by Krissy
Soul is like the big brother I never had. Love his big heart and always willing to help me at any time. He deserves 50 stars and I hope he stays the way he is. Great psychic and friend!!! God Bless you soul, and continue to be a blessing to others. " ... written by m
I think you are an amazing person and I must say I enjoy every bit of our private sessions. By talking to you make me feel hope and I must say anyone that consults you aren't making no mistake. Your very upfront no sugar coating and you love helping people. I so much appreciate you so so much and I will always consult with you. Thanks again:)" ... written by ayme
I am deeply grateful for Almighty's insight into my situation. He sees clearly where you are, describes the situation as it is, and the feelings and thoughts of those involved. He sees it all needing no tools and no information from you. He has helped me immensely. He offers clarity, advice and cleansing. His heart is without measure, his empathy too. Go to him, you won't be sorry " ... written by monalisa
He is such a blessing and the most gifted reader on this site. He has the most eloquent way of providing advice and has an uncanny ability to interept situations. I will definiltey come back." ... written by FancyAParis
Great update and advice. thanks Soul!" ... written by leo girl
Soul is the bomb.. he needed only to know who I was concerned about and was able to tie into my spirit and tell me what he saw and what needed to be done.." ... written by Dee
Wow! this guy is amazing!!! this reading was powerful!" ... written by Krissy
i just love this guy...he is great to talk to. really gets things on a very deep level." ... written by wren1414
Very very awesome thank you for your incredible insight" ... written by leo
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Almighty thanks a lot for the healing session.. most important thanks for the advice and feedback.. I ready need to heard.. I will work harder to be more positive in relation to my situation. Will keep you update :).. again thanks you, you are the best :)" ... written by Adela
First time reading with him and I can appreciate his kindness and clarity. Thank you for your time." ... written by Tee
havnet get a llong session but will do he was good tried to hurry up but it was good " ... written by tymora
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
another great reading as always!!" ... written by KRissy
he is awesome!!! i love him" ... written by jamira76
he is very understanding and he will help u where he can .... he seems to know before u tell him things and will advise u on best way to move forward ... thank u almightysoul ur the best" ... written by SSSS
my great friend....hes the one...nobody else can give u the right path and guide u like this guy...ive never met anyone like him..hes truly amazing...his gift is truly special...ty ...much love to u dear friend...xo" ... written by hermoso
great, clear and optimistic" ... written by suzanne
we wil see , good so far " ... written by karpol
fantastic as usual!" ... written by dee
I still think soul is very amazing at what he does to help people when they feel like there's no hope. I know for myself that he's so gifted that when your done having a reading with him you feel so good in the inside. And I just want to say Thank you almightysoul for being able to help me. Anybody that wants the truth and nothing but the truth I encourage you after your first reading you won't be disappointed." ... written by ayme05
He is Goooooood ......" ... written by loverboy
He makes a lot of sense. Amazing how fast he can get to the situation. I appreciate your view on this. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
He's a great help and support to me. Friend for life. " ... written by Lyn
Thanks" ... written by Sandeep
Hi Soul, thats again for the healing session, i really appreciate everything that you are doing for me :) " ... written by Adela
such a wonderful person and awesome energy! very straightforward and honest no matter what it is, he is sure to tell you without sugar coating! this was my first reading with soul, but he is so kind and honest i definitely recommend him! " ... written by emoonlight
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
He is awesome! He has helped me tremendously since I found him on here. Everything he says makes sense. :)" ... written by leo girl
Thanks Soul. I'm feeling paranoid right now, and I'm very sure you understand. But thank you once again for always being here for me. " ... written by Mel
great please contact me back" ... written by Schnell Collins
hes the best. awesome no tools, i always wait for him." ... written by jamira76
Awesome private session....Always confirms Valuable info....and gets right to the point fast....Thanks Soul Blessing and Peace to you always" ... written by Msphenomenal
thank you soul! you are always so clear in your readings and you know exactly what you are picking up on. Thank you for helping me on this journey! " ... written by m
Types fast, connected well. will followup" ... written by Eva
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
thank you, thank you! you are the best! thanks for that advice. " ... written by mm
Thank you" ... written by Eva
He's awesome. the end." ... written by LI
Awesome as always!!!!" ... written by Ava
He is great! His predictions are accurate and consistent." ... written by Christina
first read thanks man, you was on point I love your style.. you remind me of a friend I have... and that your a sag like me you totally get me ... you gave me some exciting insight and I really cant wait to see what the universe is bringing me for 2016!! thanks again" ... written by v
Thank you Soul, you never fail to reassure me. I'll keep a positive mind and hopefully my credits allow more chats with you. " ... written by Mel
I always feel better after talking to Soul. He always makes so much sense and tells it like it is! thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep
So glad I managed to come for update today. Everything he says makes perfect sense. He has become a good friend of mine not just someone I go to readings for. Has given me time scale for something happening so I need to wait and see what happens but I trust him. He has never let me down. " ... written by Lyn
great, awesome" ... written by jamira76
Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience. I miss not seeing you when you are not here. Thats how you have been in my life right now. I wish if it was a more personal connection. " ... written by Sandeep
very great and intuitive reader who can greatly pick up on energies and situation" ... written by ola
almighty is always accurate about my situation. I am very appreciative of him and helping me through my journey. Peace and love to you :)" ... written by maria
always good to talk to him. he is always on point with my situation." ... written by Maria
Awesome as always so many of the things he has said has come to pass. I will always come back for updates!" ... written by FancyAParis
he is fantastic really...his words are powerfull" ... written by lolita
He is just great! It is like he knows my situation completely and how he talks about the future and current situations makes sense. He does not sugar coat or tell fairy tales to get your hopes up. Just the truth how he sees it. I feel like I'm getting advice from a very good friend. He speaks clearly and connects quickly. Thank you Soul xo" ... written by leo girl
I love the way he sees us and our situations. He is a very good psychic." ... written by TheHangedWoman
hes the best!!!" ... written by jamira76
I must confess that I have never been involved in one such session as ALMIGHTYSOUL done for me today. he is far from everything I've experienced at the very cool way. his way of being and not least his ability to empathize is Eminent. I must say Wow !!! Soul is so much more present in private than he already is in free chart, I must confess that Soul he has both feet firmly on the ground. I must and can only recommend ALMIGHTYSOUL there are not many of his kind. I thank you with the deepest respect Soul, for your work for me today and I can guarantee you that I will come back again. god bless" ... written by loverboy
First time and I really liked him. He knows what he is talking about. I will be back for update!" ... written by k
He is the one and only.." ... written by ♥Boy
hes great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
So happy to get to talk to my hubby through almightysoul, It showed me how much love we have even when we don't see it. Thank you for helping me to find some peace today!" ... written by Ava
Soul is an accurate reader. 100% spot on with what is happening with the other person. He only needed names and DOB. He connected very quickly. He told me what happened when I met the other person without me giving any hint. Soul does not sugar coat. He will not give a positive reading to make you happy. He tells the truth. He gave predictions with time frames. And I can't wait for them to come to pass. He is a warm, caring, pleasant, honest and quick person to talk to. He does not judge. I will come back for updates. Thank you so much, Soul!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
there are just no words to use to describe how grateful I am for meeting soul.... he is like the only person (ever) to truly understand what I feel at the core.. he has been helping me through my situation for some months now and every step though so painful, has been realistic and progressive. Soul continuously sees the brightness in my future no matter how much pain I feel and through all of my challenging situations. Even when I come to him with the most angriest feelings... he understands where they are all stemming from.. Even though there have been obstacles I have been learning so much about myself and doing a lot of self-reflection and this I know is the best that could happen to me..No words will ever be able to literally describe the gratefulness in my heart, but if my very soul could speak, it would be very clear as to how thankful I truly am.. Thanks a bunch soul, you are truly "almighty" with your abilities. God bless you! " ... written by mini
Thank you so much Almightysoul!" ... written by Cassie
hes is so awesome. never disappointed sees clearly and no tools!!!" ... written by jamira76
hes awesome, somethings came to pass. Thank you for your advise." ... written by jamira76
very good and to the point. helped me see things clearly . made me feel a whole lot better about the situation. " ... written by ro
We talked a lot and he helped me a lot with the reading and information" ... written by n
What a great man. He is straight up and does not waste any time. Even if news is not so great, he will tell it like he sees it but will give great advice on how to move forward. thanks so much!" ... written by leo girl
Awesome as always he is always insightful!" ... written by FancyAParis
thankyu amigo......always no matter what yu always connect with me deeply and know my so so well, im so thankful for you....that you don't even god bless you my" ... written by hermoso
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
wOW ! what a wonderful soul, he got straight to the point of what is happening in my life, no prompting, just knew what was going on. Thyank you x" ... written by gipsy girl
Almighty Soul was great and extremely accurate!" ... written by Boldench
soul's prediction happened!!!! so far we have been off to a great start. He keeps me grounded and sure of a positive future. We have a ways to go before I get to a greater place in my life. But I trust this man! so thank you so much!!!! will be back to update and continue this journey. God bless you soul!" ... written by m
Wow Thanking yu very much my dear friend...always blow me away with your beautiful gift and abilities to help others...most of all thank yu for your friendship...honesty and kindness...yu help me so very much im forever grateful...bless yu...xox" ... written by hermosocorazon
he is great and awesome, always there when i need him and very understanding" ... written by jamira76
I really appreciate all you have been doing for me. I was down but I feel much better since I got to talk to you in private. I am very thankful for the service you give your awesome!!! Thank you" ... written by amy green
almighty soul is really good and have giving me really good things to look forward on 2016. thank you so much" ... written by pepestone1
Great and almighty as always" ... written by FancyAParis
Fantastic" ... written by weveline
Soul its always nice to talk to you... everything that you said come true so far, cant wait for the next prediction. thanks for always been here for me. :)" ... written by adela
ty ty ty my amigo....always giving me great hope...yu understand my situation so well..truly amazing always a pleasure having yu help me ty...xox" ... written by hermoso
thank you so much for seeing me today! So far he has been dead on with everything! " ... written by leo
love Soul he's very helpful since we meet this summer love the sessions to clear up past on going issues just a great help 10 stars !! " ... written by queenbee22
Hes a good friend of mine. Always good to talk with him." ... written by Lyn
amazing update with my amigo....ty always....xoxo" ... written by hermoso
great as always. Sorry ran short on credits. Thanks for update and advice!!" ... written by leo girl
hes great awesome. I love this man he understands alot, His insight is ridiculous. Its awesome. he sees so much more then is really there. Thank you!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you for your help! I will come back to let you know how things are happening" ... written by m
Another prediction has happened! I did what soul told me to do and things have truly progressed! Great reading. so glad that things are moving forward in a positive direction. souls advice and insight really has been working for me. I am truly grateful for this man. On to the next step.. (while keeping calm). Thanks soul!" ... written by mini
honest, compassionate reader! was able to pick me up so well, thank you for the reading. hope to hear from you soon! xo" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for such a great reading.. I've had such anxiety about my future and you knew a whole lot b4 I even told you!!! 10 stars" ... written by B'asia
He was great! Very Helpful" ... written by T
Such an amazing way to start off my year...speaking to this wonderful guy...he knows even how yu are feeling..its truly forever thankful for yu amigo :-)...xox" ... written by hermoso
wow....thankyu....from the bottom of my heart...yu give me much much encouragement and remind me of who I can be...ty always..the sweetest guy...a true friend...xox" ... written by hermoso
wow so positive Thank you" ... written by gipsy girl
wice and nice man." ... written by mette
soul is very connected with situation and he is a real psychic, ill be back soul.thnks" ... written by myst
very good gave me what I needed thank you sooo soooo much" ... written by jill arkfeld
I really enjoyed my reading with you today. You gave me such great information and I really appreciate it so much. Blessings to you my friend." ... written by Amy
well needed read. and well worth it. soul always gives sound advice and helps me when I most need it. Thank you for your patience and your insight. will be back to update!" ... written by m
advice taken! I will follow it and update. thank you!" ... written by m
BEST READING IVE HAD! Very caring and genuinely wants to help me with my situation. Felt like I was talking to a friend (: Highly recommend Soul! " ... written by Cindyqnx
amigo ty very much always...yu are like a dream come true...always so supportive and caring...I cant even thank yu enough...xox" ... written by hermo
another amazing reading. soul just gets it.. period.. so happy i met him. he is an angel sent.. seriously. thanks so much soul, my brother from another mother! lol xoxo" ... written by mm
THANK YOU!!!!!!" ... written by necole
Thank you so very much for this connection!!" ... written by Ava
Soul, thanks again for the amazing update. " ... written by Adela
hes is great as usual." ... written by jamira76
Thanks a million soul! As always your insight is on point. Taking in your pointers and advice. Glad we are starting off the year on a better note. 2016 here we come! (teamwork) lol. Will be back to update. God bless you!" ... written by mm! Picked up on a LOT!! Impressed and I will be back" ... written by Ally
connected quickly i wish i had more time !!" ... written by ghasgshaghsjh
Soul, please come back" ... written by Mel
Thank you once again, Soul. It's only the 3rd day of this new year and I'm feeling such emotions. Thank you for always being here for me and being able to connect with me and my energies so well. Thank you for loving and caring for me, I love you so much for that too. I will be back to update you whenever possible." ... written by Mel
Wow..i known yu for so long but yet yu still surprise me with the things yu know....amigo thankyu so very much...always...just for being so caring and also a gd friend...xox" ... written by hermoso
Fantastic!!! 100 stars. Almightysoul is awesome! I will update you with the results. On point!!!! thank you!!!" ... written by Taj
very good super nice" ... written by jill arkfeld
Thank u for the reading, I'll wait for the result and come back to u again.. " ... written by RealLover
always a pleasure to get spot on details from Soul, you will never be disappointed, even if you come 1, time he will remember ur name ur situation 2-3 months from now Great Guy " ... written by queenbee22
oh wow amigo....ty for always helping and guiding me so much..means the world..your truly amazing..ty always..beautiful soul..xox" ... written by hermoso
great update!" ... written by wren1414
He is amazing and great at what he does. I appreciate all his kindness and support and I trust in what he says. he is very passionate and supportive in his convictions of what is going to happen. Thanks Almighty!" ... written by Nadia
Excellent as always." ... written by FancyAParis
excellent with emotional support specific to the situation and guided timelines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND TRULY GIFTED" ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Thank yu....amigo....once again...always lifting my spirits and helping me through life...your amazing...a blessing...ty always...xox" ... written by hermoso
great insight will see how it will unfold" ... written by a
thanks soul... I just cant believe what is going on and all for the good... thank you eve3ry thing I finally going my way " ... written by vikki
I wish there was more time wih you. please update me anytime and i wil try to be on here too" ... written by Mel
he was really good! recommend him to anyone" ... written by sabriena
helps keep me positive. connects quickly and he makes sense with what he says. He does not sugar coat, so he will be straight up with you. thanks for the update!" ... written by leo
great insight and advice again! thank you soul for helping me along this journey. I appreciate your kindness and effort. will be back to update!" ... written by mm
thankyu....very much always....amigo....for always being here and yu are truly amazing...ty....great man...the best..bless yu...xox" ... written by hermo
so accurate!!" ... written by sabriena
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thank you again! will be back" ... written by mm
very good, very fast!" ... written by keeetz
Great" ... written by Christina
he has helped me alot" ... written by san
He predicted that I would see someone next week and today I got an invite from that person to see him on the same day Soul mentioned! Wow! His updates are very uplifting and he tells it like it is and give great advice. thanks so much!!" ... written by leo girl
Excellent reading! He told me exactly what to look for and how to make my life better." ... written by Rass
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep amigo....always for giving me strength...courage..andamp; the most wonderful guidance i could wish for....andamp; for being the sincere person that yu are...bless yu..xox" ... written by hermo
He is consistent and caring!" ... written by Christina
this guy wow....he always always brightens up my life....hes helping me in ways I could never imagine...without him I wouldn't be getting through this...always knows my situation so well....very on point...all round amazing guy..thankyu always dear..xox" ... written by hermo
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He was great. been wanting a reading with him for a while and got him on his sale rate. He just connected to my situation so quickly and his time line was something that i kinda already knew. He told me things i didn't want to hear and things i did want to hear and he was just very cool and honest. Connects quick. very quick. Very good" ... written by BB
He is one of the greatest readers on this website!" ... written by FancyAParis
thank you sooo much for this reading. i am so appreciative of your guidance and showing me that i hold the same power to solve our issues. thank you!!!" ... written by KRissy
Great reading as always. Had to go back and give update and he reassured me of the previous predictions and advice given. thanks" ... written by leo girl
thanks for the great reading. You helped me realize many things to stride for this year. You also picked up on many things about me. Will definitely be back again. " ... written by Smiles32
Awesome" ... written by Rob
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
AWESOME AND Incredibly accurate as always!" ... written by FancyAParis
I love his readings - soul is so straight no sugar coating and gives fantastic advices!!! For one year now I have readings with him and he never let me down!! Absolute fantastic!!" ... written by Sonia
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks Soul. I wish we had more time. " ... written by Mel
thanking yu very much dear....yu always make my day and ease my mind..ty for a all of your support always...=)" ... written by corazon
Quick, fast reading. Will see how predictions unfold. " ... written by Moongirl17
soon good and accuarate " ... written by Amanda
thanks as always best readings. He always picks up on what is going on and his advice to proceed for furture is spot on and makes sense! He doesnt just sugar coat and give you yes no answers he goes into detail and with solutions. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
great update with soul. his first set of advice has been truly working! I will keep listening to him. Soul has a heart made of gold... truly. he truly cares. Thanks so much!" ... written by mm
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is very supportive in his guidance and I trust in his belief that everything he says is going to happen" ... written by Nadia
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
he is great to talk to and remembers where you were from ur last session etc." ... written by wren1414
great information" ... written by Jaquira Smith
ty always my sweet ami...for all your support and guidance..xo" ... written by hermo
Very accurate reading! The best on here." ... written by Dee
He is a lovely man with a strong vision." ... written by softwater
nice guy and good in answering my questions" ... written by mette
an excellent reader" ... written by rita
the best! He always explains things in a way that makes sense. He is very confident in his knowledge and predictions. Top Gun! :)" ... written by us
thankyu dearly...yu really helped me so much...every day..yu help me get stronger...ill be forever grateful to yu...bless yu" ... written by hermo
thankyu sir for always helping me in my are a atrue blessing..always so thankful.." ... written by CORAZON
amigo...ty very much...I really don't know what id do without you...xox" ... written by hermoso
great excellent reader, no tools always understands the situation. spot on" ... written by jamira76
wow...this man is truly blessed and amazing..he always knows my situation and also is doing so very much to help me always...I cant be more grateful..a true gentleman..thankyu=)" ... written by Hermos
Thankyu..this man is so kind...caring and so very sincere...I could never thank him enough...he goes above and beyond to walk you on the right path...hes a true blessing...thankyu dear ami...=)" ... written by corazon
Always a pleasure to chat with soul! I followed his advice and everything is going smooth. Helped me with some bumps and gave me clarity on the situation. thanks!!" ... written by leo girl
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you Almighty for the kind and compassionate advice and help given forth. I look forward to your insights passing soon and will take on your advice." ... written by Cassie
one of the best psychis i met . very accurate and precise . know what he is saying and wants to help . very happy with the reading " ... written by sonam
amazing pvt with my amigo...always helps me so much...xox" ... written by hermoso
thankyu always amigo...=)" ... written by hermo
Thanks so much for the reading accurate and helpful as always." ... written by FancyAParis
Oh amigo...great pvt...he's helping me understand so many things that I could never have known...he's an amazing guy....always so understanding so kind and a true gentleman..=)...thankyu for always helping me on the right path..xox" ... written by Hermoso
great as always...amazing help...=)" ... written by herm
Great reader, and great advisor!" ... written by TheLovelyMinx
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thank you again for the help !! " ... written by ro
I´ve been seeing Soul for a long time now, and he never let me down! He was always truthful and straight to the point! He is honest and carrying - always gives me good advices! He is not one who tries to catch you like: "I have news- come to pvt" ...Today i had a most fantastic reading with him - he told me such great things, he gave good examples, but he leaves you with your free will to decide. I love his readings and his advices! Give him a try -I highly recommend him!" ... written by Sonia
thank you so much!! Always there to help me make sense of things :)" ... written by leo girl
great reading as usual. thank you soul for caring and your kind words. Thanks for always staying positive when I begin doubting! thank you! god bless" ... written by m
Mr. Soul is very intuitive -- he described someone to me nearly to a tee.. and I'm sure his timing will be on point as well." ... written by dee
thankyu amigo...I couldn't get through this hard time without you...most of all thank you for your friendship...your an angel =)" ... written by hermoso
i found this reading very insightful and fast. Very impressed and I felt I could trust in the accuracy was spot on. Am confident and happy to hear more and will definatey keep in touch for updates. " ... written by bell
always so great...highly recommended....=)" ... written by HC
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
awesome thank you!!" ... written by jamira76
amazing pvt with this lovely guy....always lifts my spirits and puts me back on track...helps me see clearer through the hard times...all round kind and a true blessing...thankyu...=)" ... written by HC
thank you as always. your the best at least i got to reading with you. today. " ... written by jamira76
Always a pleasure to talk to him. He is truly one of the most gifted psychics on here." ... written by FancyAParis
ty ami...yu have given me big hopes for the forever grateful for your guidance and friendship...yu are truly amazing....bless yu...xox" ... written by hermo
amazing reading with soul!! loved every second of it! soul gets right to the heart of things and he knows exactly what he is talking about. I have been following his advice for months now and things are truly progressing in my life. This man is the REAL DEAL... love this guy! not only my go to psychic, but my friend and brother all in one. Love you soul!!!" ... written by mm
The best! :)" ... written by leo girl
I was so amazed with my reading. Soul you are a life saver. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. " ... written by Amy Green
great!!! he helps heal people, in many ways" ... written by jamira76
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
wonderful person, one of the best readers here. I am happy i found him here." ... written by jamira76
Awesome Reading!!!!! I really felt real genuine care today oh and Prediction happen again !!!.....Give him one try to judge for yourself!!! God Bless you SOUL!!!!! I Am EXSPECTING!!! A GREAT 2016!!!!! " ... written by MsPhenomenal
I asked for a general reading and he was able to pick up on my energy without cards." ... written by Siempre
he is very helpful in advising" ... written by san
thank you so much for this reading. I am so glad you were online when i needed it, bc you have helped me so much with your guidance." ... written by Krissy
Thank you Soul. I wish there was more time. Things are getting better and I am glad we can connect well" ... written by Mel
thaankkkkk youuuu soul! another prediction happened! It just doesn't get any better than soul... really! he just knows... and he cares so much! another great reading, with great advice, and comforting words.. soul is truly an angel sent here to guide many. keep up the great work and continue to help as many people as you can.. we need more people like you on this earth! so glad God chose you to be here. Love ya! blessings to you my friend/brother! " ... written by minimick
excellent" ... written by christina
the best reader on here... period..... 10,000 stars... end of story..." ... written by mick
He is so on point all the time!" ... written by FancyAParis
great reading as usual. cant express enough how good soul is!" ... written by m
thanks for the insights and strength" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Good reading... i wish i had more time to hear more of his advices. " ... written by SSKK
Thank you almighty soul you seem very genuine. I feel like i could trust you and what you were saying. Will definitely keep in touch. Very sharp insight." ... written by Gen
spot on with remedies to help ur situation 5 stars!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Soul has the best "sight" into the heart that I've seen in a long time.." ... written by dee
very good right on with the reading" ... written by garet
He is the best. he is the real deal. Always amazed by his insights and connection" ... written by Carrie
great, awesome" ... written by jamira76
great!!" ... written by jamira76
So glad I have his help and support. Friend for life. " ... written by Lyn
came to ask about my work and i am looking forward to this year. lot of things will change. :) stay warm" ... written by pepestone
very fast and awesome!! Hit things rt on the money!!" ... written by jnaujo00
Needed an update. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
wonderful and spot on will update on prediction" ... written by CoyoteRoper
great reading.... always on point... perfect insight... and the list goes on... just take soul to pvt.. end of story.." ... written by mickey
Very quick and to the point. Great energy and advice. " ... written by Rosemary
very good always ready with positive advice to give you!!" ... written by queenbee22
thanks for the update! great as always!" ... written by leo girl
almighty soul is a beautiful strong light in the world, i enjoyed my short time with him very much " ... written by Miss Carrie Katherine Boswell
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
good" ... written by bella
Always gives the best advice!" ... written by Fancyaparis
the only one who keeps me sane....never doubt this man.. he knows exactly what he is talking about... thanks a million soul" ... written by mickey
ty to my amazing ami....always reassures me and gives me the best guidance possible...ty angel" ... written by hermoso
oh many things to look forward to ami......ty always for helping me in my journey towards true love...tytyty...xox" ... written by herm
thank you so much for the update. I needed your advice real bad and excellent as always!!" ... written by leo girl
SIMPLY.... THE.... BEST....... PERIOD...." ... written by mickey
I really enjoyed my reading with you Soul. And I must say I'm still reaching out whenever you tell me. Thanks for your help..." ... written by Amy
He is awesome. Unfortunately, the screen froze :(" ... written by Christina
the best, nothing else to say!!! thanks" ... written by leo girl
thank you for your insight love u already 5 stars" ... written by Edna
he is very accurate" ... written by san
Always reliable and always accurate" ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
im totally speechless..this man is truly an angel...he connected me to my loved very grateful...I cant tell yu how much this has meant to me..your an angel..thankyu..xox" ... written by HC
very informative and quick" ... written by Rayhaan
5 stars!! great updates!" ... written by queenbee
oh wow...truly a blessing...this guy...omg....he can always give you so much hope...very on point.....a true angel...xox" ... written by HC
he was excellent at choice. He got right into it and was able to break everything down!! I would def. choose him again!" ... written by sheri19
THE VERY BEST ON THIS SITE!!! Words are not enough to describe the help i have recieved and the direction I am heading in.... god bless this great man! Blessings to you forever!" ... written by mickey
once again, I was advised, reassured, and guided in the right path... thank you so much soul.. I will do as you say because you have proven to be right time and time again... every time.. 1000 % accurate.. Will be back!" ... written by mickey
Bless you" ... written by
he is very good in helping" ... written by san
fantastic - feel s much more hopeful after speaking with ALmighty" ... written by cinnamon
Thank you again " ... written by Sandeep
amazing very helpful...kind and compassionate..110% accurate...very friendly...ty" ... written by hermo
Very kind man and straight to the point. I will for sure be coming back to get more guidance. " ... written by Carlos
he is the best. I love that I can talk to him about anything and he does not judge at all. Very cool guy and tells it like it is and guides you to help you in any situations. Thanks!" ... written by leo girl
as always 5 stars!" ... written by leo girl
soul sent me message about changes that he see coming for me, i came to private, and he' very quick about how he picks up on the info. thx soul!" ... written by soljourney
I was pleased with my reading Soul you're so amazing. I can't stress it enough to honestly say that your doing everything possible to lead me in the right direction and I thank you for that." ... written by Amy
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
thankyu thankyu.....amigo...always...for making me see the light...and making me smile again...true blessing...ty" ... written by hermoso
he knows his stuff ..I love conversing with him he is AWESOME ..thanks so much I will see you soon ..Almighty soul the connection was great ..He was dead on it Bulls eye. .Wonderful reading and insight " ... written by sc
Thanks a lot your the Bumb! lol God Bless" ... written by Msphenomenal
another great private with this lovely guy...I highly recommend him...thankyu so much once again..xo" ... written by hc
great session as always... full of insight and great advice. thank you soul." ... written by mikey
Great advice as always." ... written by FancyAParis
Great session. patient and able to pick up on the situation quickly and gave me sound advice as to how to deal with it. Recommend! " ... written by Gkrevived
Thanks v much" ... written by Sandeep
another great pvt with my amazing ami...thankyu always...much love and blessings...xox" ... written by hermosocorazon
Thankyou" ... written by Sandeep
this was an amazing reading words cannot explain.. thank you " ... written by starchild1972
very good A++++ ill onlu be using and allowing almightysoul to help me" ... written by jill arkfeld
great reading I am glad that I was able to talk to soul and gain clarity on my situation. He is the best, hands down... always in tune with my situation. Thank you soul! god bless you! " ... written by mickey
AMAZING a million stars - knows so much without a question " ... written by CoyoteRoper
omg. so awesome. hes great!!!such a blessing. Made me cry." ... written by jamira76
He is amazing - and you can literally tell him anything - he will not judge you or laugh at you - such a blessed spirit in this man " ... written by CoyoteRoper
amazing reader...tuned in right away and he mentioned qualities of the person in question that were spot on...thank you so much" ... written by s
great reading" ... written by m
Great reading - wish there was more time. Will come back again. " ... written by Bell
wow my amigo...ty so very much dear special so grateful for your guidance and time...and the number 1 here...blessings..xox" ... written by hermosocorazon
Almightysoul is awesome! you just have to talk to him. Best advisor out there, totally intuned and super positive." ... written by Cassie
Thanks for the information. Looking forward to predictions" ... written by ro
Accurate and inspiring as always!" ... written by FancyAParis
Enjoyed my reading with you again and I am very much so relieved. I feel that way every time I talk to you because you are the real Truth." ... written by Amy
Oh My I loved my reading with you so much I feel as though I'm getting close not only that you have been here for me to guide me in the right direction and I want to thank you." ... written by Amy
WOW! its been a longtime! but... Almighty Soul seems to have become even~ stronger, better and faster... thank you for all the guidance you have given me... i will take this to the top .. i give thanks. One love. Many many many many many blessings. Love and peace." ... written by Lionessroar
wonderful pvt with a true angel...thanking yu always for helping and guiding me...highly recommended...blessings ami" ... written by HC
amazing pvt with the lovely soul as always...ty sir..=)" ... written by hermosocorazon
Thanks almighty for all the great advice!" ... written by FancyAParis
I wish i had more time. but he was spot on with everything! he was so honest and helpful" ... written by Chelsey
Such an amazing man - such amazing gifts - he says things with conviction, never doubts and does not change from week to week. He is truly blessed. I can not wait for his predictions to happen. ALways uplifts me and keeps me moving forward. Do not miss spending time in private with Soul. - Blessings Coyoteroper" ... written by Cinnamon White
very good and accurate thankyou. " ... written by scribbin
Hands down the BEST psychic I've spoken with on this site. Passionate, knowledgeable, inviting, straight to the point, AND WORTH THE MONEY! I could break the bank just for the guidance and sincerity he provides. " ... written by Crystal
another wonderful reading with the best... always a pleasure gaining insight and being helped by the most genuine psychic on here.. much love and blessings to this blessed man.. thank youu soul!!" ... written by mickey
Interesting perspective, very validating" ... written by Freedom
I enjoyed talking to you. You have become my best friend and I'm honored to have met you on here you were the first person I chose and I'm going to continue believing and trusting in you my friend. Love and Light" ... written by Amy
This gentleman is wonderful...he always gives amazing guidance...always so precise....always so caring and always wants whats best for yu....He honestly did change my life...bless yu my dear...always...xox" ... written by Hermoso
thank you for the update awesome... amazing" ... written by starchild1972
great advice and help thank you almighty soul " ... written by ak
was on point with with my boyfriend to the tee" ... written by stacey
Seemed to be pretty accurate! I'll visit again!" ... written by SameAsToday
Almighty is amazing and always right on everything!! He knows things that I never even told him.. I go to him for everything... Very talented and gifted!!! Thanks for all that you do!" ... written by Anna
A genuinely good person and excellent advisor. Thx soul ! :)" ... written by Life
great reading with this great man.. his insight never fails me. such a caring and kind person and a great friend. worth every penny.. god bless you.. love and light." ... written by mickey
super insightful!!" ... written by sol
great reading very fast to connect." ... written by heaven
Thanks so much for everything. All the advice was much needed" ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
he was great choice! amazing advisor!" ... written by sheri19
Thank you so much almighty" ... written by Nadia
Uplifting and great :)" ... written by Laurie
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
thanks for helping yet again. ur advice is always much needed." ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
He was so amazing, gave me the best advise ever and I will most definitely come back. He actually understood the situation and I didn't need to explain myself. " ... written by Lisa
Thank you KINDLY!" ... written by SweetS
He was very helpful and on point, thanx !" ... written by Swwets
Wonderful and insightful as always." ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
I love this person, so gifted and real, and very helpful readings, i surely would recommend to anyone who wants straight to the point clarity- 5 star rating " ... written by bell
Excellent" ... written by Christina
he is amazing and remembers so much from reading to reading. stay connected with you and tunes in on his own and very generous. " ... written by wren1414
yes he is wonderful and always come back to him for an update." ... written by wren1414
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
excellent, what can i say wow! wow! tunes right in , no prompting a wonderful soul x" ... written by gipsygirl
Amazing - to the point " ... written by Cinnamon White
Thank you so much for the reading. It was EVERYTHING! he was straight to the point but with such genuiness I can appreciate tat. I have nothing bad to say about him at all. He was SPOT ON! It doesn't get any better than this. Thank You again." ... written by Nikki
great update as usual! thanks" ... written by leo girl
I enjoyed my reading with you Soul you have a sense of humor out this world and your so good with time that it's so unexplainable how you do it I will continue coming to you. Thanks for you help!" ... written by Amy
soul is awesome he knows so much with out knowing anything he told me what I was thinking before I even could type it he knows what is bothering me before I even tell him whats going on he is great and I love him to death he needs 100 stars plus" ... written by stacey
thank you awesome update" ... written by starchild
omg that is the best way to describe this reading 1000 stars" ... written by starchild
5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite on this site " ... written by Mon
Seriously so kind and soo humble. he made me feel a world of a difference. thank you. " ... written by Mon
thank you awesome reading" ... written by starchild
I must say I enjoyed my pvt chat with you. I was very pleased with my update with you which I'm really always pleased with my pvt readings with you. Thank you so much for that update well needed friend. Peace, Love, andamp; Light:)" ... written by Amy
Thank you and i come back!" ... written by Daisy
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
He is and will always be my favorite psychic on here." ... written by FancyAParis
Very motivational. Matched exactly with what other two psychics were saying. Everyone is on the same page even though they don't know each other. Helps. :D" ... written by Fan (Linda) Wu
soul is a compassionate readerwhose predictyons come true, even when you think they are impossible to get real ! i recommend him toall of you cos he knows a lot without any info" ... written by gdm
very great.... i really enjoyed the reading!! " ... written by lightstreet
So happy to have you back! Confirmed one of his predictions! Great and fast reading, no beating around the bush, no sugar coating! Great guidance! thanks!" ... written by leo girl
one of 3 things came true.... he is wonderful and very receptive. I like him a lot" ... written by pepestone
he was excellent!!! was able to guide and comfort all needs and concern!!!" ... written by sheri19
he was great. gave me great insight. will see how every things turns out." ... written by Maria
There is just no one better - he is honest, kind, non judgmental, spot on - he will blow your mind - Soul is my go too man" ... written by CoyoteRoper
Amigo Amigo...what can I say...its been well worth the wait... connected with me so well as always..ty for your help and guidance...I don't know where I'd be without yu. Thank yu Angel..." ... written by hermo
A good person to have in your corner, always positive and to the point. Thanks Soul. " ... written by LI
thank you awesome reading he read me like a book amazing." ... written by starchild1972
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
amazing man...thankyu number 1 go to guy..=)" ... written by hermoso
Excellent as always." ... written by Christina
Enjoyed the reading, straight to the point and good advice. " ... written by Cindy
amazing advice and guidience thank you almightysoul" ... written by av
I want to say thank you so very much...for always helping and guiding me amigo...bless you..=)" ... written by hermosocorazon
excellent as always!!" ... written by jamira76
I just love soul, he is direct and to the point, and picks up straight away on everything that is going on. An amazing man and definitely worth a visit. 100 stars xx" ... written by gipsygirl
I'm so glad I got to talk to you Soul I've missed you. When I felt like giving up I didn't have no one to turn to but luckily, you came back online and you've relieved all the negative thoughts I was having. I appreciate your work my friend again Welcome Back Friend!" ... written by Amy
Great reading !!!! " ... written by lisa
Simply the best! He always checks up on you and does not send generic emails out. Great update thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
A follow up reading, this morning had me spell bound, Soul really knows what he is talking about. A thousand times thank you, for the wonderful gift you have, and your ability to convey what you have to say in such a straight forward way. xx" ... written by gipsygirl
he could look into my relationship issues so very clearly which was amazing ! also wanted career reading but time ran out..." ... written by sap
He is very confident and humourous in his reading. I look forward to all the positive in my situation. Thank you." ... written by bearthoven
i love my updates with him. i can feel the validation of what is true and right for me to do to proceed on the path of success. he is my dear friend in spirit." ... written by wren1414
As always thank you for everything you do. I greatly appreciate your advice." ... written by FancyAParis
one of the best an energy mind readers i have ever had" ... written by jaqline
THanks almighty, you made me think in a lot of things and clear my mind a bit. " ... written by Ageles
I think he was very good he pointed out some important things that I needed to know and I thank him soo much." ... written by linda pitre
thank you... everything i need to know was answered :)" ... written by Krissy
Very pleased with the reading" ... written by R
Almighty was very good and he told me what I need to do for my situation. I will do it and see what happen. He gave me good insight. Thank You so much." ... written by mv
great as usual." ... written by wren1414
totally cleared something up for me that made total sense. thank you so much!" ... written by leo girl
AMAZING " ... written by Cinnamon White
GREAT reading. I love he accuracy and kindness he brought to the reading. He was fast, passionate, and genuine about giving correct information." ... written by J
thank you it is always a pleasure. Thank you for the feed back 1000 stars" ... written by J
had a second reading with him, again he was so honest and helped put my mind at rest, will come again for sure! he's lovely" ... written by Karis
Thank you so so very much " ... written by Sandeep
he is very accurate" ... written by san
He is just fantastic!! " ... written by Sonia
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Great update thanks so much!" ... written by leo girl
This man is truly gifted and does not need the assistance of 'tools' like many of the other readers. I truly appreciate the gift of this man in which I will never understand because he has the capacity to effortlessly get to the root of a situation and provide alarmingly clear and accurate information. He is very straight forward and honest and gets directly to the point within seconds while needing very little information to find the root of the issues. Almightysoul is extremely charismatic and compassionate and is also excellent at giving advice and keeping it very real. He also has the ability to channel the feelings and emotions of other people and most importantly, provide major clarity. To be referred to as a #1 reader is an under statement for this man :) " ... written by Sabrina
I have used so many psychics however after today's reading im so supersized at how he got everything right by me not even saying anything he was so truthful and honest and straight to the point. i recommend coming to his chat room because i will be back thank you friend:) " ... written by enushi
Always perfect" ... written by TheHangedWoman
really glad u can help with these issues this shld be Good for " ... written by queenbee22
He's spot on. Everything he spoke about is absolutely true. " ... written by J
I believe he is a great reader,. wish I could have had more time.." ... written by alicia
Thank you very very much for your help. If I could I would have wished to talk for hours in order to try to fix the many problems I have. You did help me so I can now feel less stressed about my life and more hopeful about it. And good advice about what to do about things. I know there will be a lot of work to do in order to feel better about myself in my journey, but I am blessed that you have helped me to know about the truth. So thank you. Ameen" ... written by angeloflove119
He is soooo very good ! I had readings regarding relationship issues and he just now gave me reading about my career. He knows every thing past present n wonder he is No. 1 here..." ... written by sap
Amazing every single time thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
Great as always." ... written by TheHangedWoman
very fast to connect, no BS great update! thanks" ... written by leo girl
he was wonderful!!!! great reading!!" ... written by sheri19
Thank for your help again! I will take your advise." ... written by Starliteny
very good." ... written by bella
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Just cant get enough of Almightysoul thank you for helping me!!" ... written by Ava
There is no one better " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Awesome as ALWAYS!" ... written by Nicole
simply the best. thanks" ... written by leo girl
Amazing as always" ... written by FancyAParis
Awesome person, awesome reading, just fantastic no nonsense guidance, very appreciated indeed..." ... written by bell
love this guy! thank you!" ... written by sheri19
Honest and truthful reading. I will be back to continue :-)" ... written by Scrol123
Woow such a funny guy who is extremely knowledgeable. I mean he knew things I did not even ask about and could immediately pinpoint areas of interest or concern I was just blown away. I believe he has a real talent and gift because only that could have allowed him to know as much as he did without any use of tools and provide such detailed and clear descriptions/messages. Thanks again my friend your advice was very valuable. " ... written by A
as always his advice is always on point." ... written by FancyAparis
Thank uou " ... written by Sandeep
Really good reading, very informative and no sugar coating. Almightysoul is wonderful. " ... written by Stephanie
Hi soul. it's been awhile. i think i got the jist of what you had to say to me. I will stay prepared and continue to be positive myself. The updates you had for me gave me a heads up of what's to come even though at this point of time I might not choose to believe it. But thank you once again, especially given our long standing acquaintance and friendship, I will always appreciate you by my side during the time I needed most." ... written by Mel C.
Wow. This person is the MOST accurate person ever. He knew exactly where I lived and even got NAMES. NAMES!!! The first psychic I've been to who's been accurate to the point that he can tell you NAMES! AMAZING!!! " ... written by keeetz
Great reading by almighty as usual. always insightful and helpful." ... written by maria
Great guy, he got straight to the point and seemed extremely confident in what he said. I will surely come back for more." ... written by H
Super great reading, fantastic knows what he is talking about and is addictive! coming back for more when I can! thank you " ... written by Sherry
Soul, you are so right on. Thank you for the guidance and strength. WOW!!!" ... written by lynn
thankyou so much my dear friend" ... written by jaqline
Loved the reading; was super interesting, good detail, uplifting and interesting def coming back when I can " ... written by Sherry
Thank you Soul. It was really crazy interesting, my first reading xox" ... written by mariella
wonderful as always. " ... written by FancyAParis
This guy is unique. I hit the money every time with things about me. Didn't get one thing incorrect about me. I didn't expect him to be that good- clear, detailed, on point. I still cant believe it.... Rare type reader and I recommend him for sure. Will follow-up with him once things unfold." ... written by USA
I came to almightysoul about a fatigue problem. He did some energy work and I feel different and energized now. I know this is temporary though, and really need to do the work he told me to do last night." ... written by Linda
He's absolutely amazing! I cannot describe the on point accuracy of his reading!! He connected with me and my love right away! Definitely worth the time and money! Contact him now if you want the truth!!" ... written by Stacy
I feel so much better now. I was in crisis and very much stuck. Now I have a mission to do what almightysoul told me to do." ... written by Linda Wu
Helpful and honest as always" ... written by Dominique
i was very sceptical at first..." ... written by mocha
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Yet another prediction Soul has made has come to pass just as he said it would " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Mind blowing - Soul is just amazing - beyond words" ... written by Cinnamon White
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you my friend so much, i will keep you posted on the outcome. And i know after all your hard work things will be positive Hugsx" ... written by gipsy girl
The best! the best! the best! cannot say this enough. " ... written by laviebelle
This guy is the best psychic here, he wont give you all this clairvoyant talk and riddles that confuse you, he will simplify things and tell you what you NEED to know. I've gone through many psychics but now I can guarantee that I wont get on this website unless he's online. 50/10 stars, simply outstanding." ... written by Hazy
Awesome teacher, Thanks again." ... written by Tried
Amazingly accurate as always. I'm so grateful for his guidance and advice" ... written by FancyAParis
he was great to the point, accuartely assesed the situations and people in it. I hope what he says does happen in regard to work. God bless and thank you!" ... written by very tiny
another good reading of almighty, it has put me at easy and I am happy to come back to him for more advise" ... written by pepestone
I am simply blown away by the information he has given me and how well and quickly he connected to my situation,and his advice on the best next steps to take and what lays ahead.I will definitely be back for more guidance.Thank you Soul! " ... written by Graceful
I know you are the real deal. I really appreciate the honesty and guidance on my reading. You have a great understanding of reality as you mentioned and proved. Your readings are definitely an eye opener. " ... written by MMarmalade
thank you always a pleasure " ... written by starchild
he was amazing no other could replace!" ... written by sheri19
Thanks again! " ... written by Lavie
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
very good reader, nd honest " ... written by bella
he was amazing!! always answers the concerns and questions in mind." ... written by sheri19
awesome as usual thank you" ... written by sstarchild
very good as usual" ... written by wren1414
Thank u as always so insightful" ... written by FancyAParis
thank you awesome update " ... written by starchild
Thank you for the updates and guidance Almighty. I truly appreciate it. Blessings to you :)" ... written by lynn
he is very good" ... written by san
Thanks as always" ... written by FancyAParis
great" ... written by Christina
I love almightysoul you are always on point thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by ava
a wonderful reader..the best in oranum definetely" ... written by kio
very good update as always !" ... written by demorg
Thasnkyu dear so number one guide...blessings...xo" ... written by hermo
well what can I say?...its like I've never been away...this man is truly an angel...thank yu for always helping me and guiding me in life...god bless you dear" ... written by hermo
almighty was awesome he uses no tools which i like and he was on the point with everything, thank you riley." ... written by riley777
Almightysoual was very accurate and picked up on my situation, personalities, people very accurately. He also gave me great real advice and insight. Will defiantly return for another reading. Thank you!" ... written by florwer85
lovely reading, very honest and spot on about everything xx " ... written by emoonlight
Thanks Soul, you pick up on everything , always make my heart glad. lots of love x" ... written by gipsygirl
He is really the best at what he does!" ... written by FancyAParis
how to say, as always, great reading, spot on" ... written by kuiipo5
amazing reading as usual thank you" ... written by starchild
Amazing guy. He tells you what you need to do and how things will unfold as you go on. Follow his lead and everything will go smoothly." ... written by H
Soul is very accurate with his readings and does not sugar coat. I have consulted with him for quite a while now. His predictions always happen. Soul tells the truth. Thank you, Soul!" ... written by Moonchild59
=) Great Read!" ... written by loli
awesome awesome awesome!!! he has became my friend and I enjoy his work!!" ... written by sheri19
OMG!! What a powerful reading today. He really nailed my situation to the core. The reading was very detailed and informative. I will definitely come back for more readings." ... written by StarrVision
great update thanks soul!" ... written by leo girl
i call him angel... he has that aura.." ... written by mocha
Amazing as always. " ... written by Darlene Zimmerman
just great" ... written by kuiipo5
Got to the point straight away, very gifted and accurate thank you almightysoul" ... written by Matt
I just got a reading by a super super handsome chocolate man! haha. Not only is he easy on the eyes but besides that he was very blunt and insightful. Thank you for my reading i will let you know what happens with the results to see if your predictions come true as well and continuing practicing on the advice you have given me. Much love to you xoxo! I'll be back ;)" ... written by March
It was a good reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
He is amazing! He needed no tools and most importantly he remembered me! And he connected right away! I love talented readers and he is truly gifted! " ... written by Stacy
Soul is absolutely amazing. I am very grateful for his detailed reading and advice." ... written by J
awesome man!! great reading!!" ... written by sheri
amazing" ... written by china
Great private with almighty. always gives great advice and insight." ... written by Maria
words cannoot explain how wonderful he is " ... written by CoyoteRoper
thank you awesome reading" ... written by starchild
fantastic reader - direct and straight to the point - very " ... written by bell
good work " ... written by felicia
Thank you for your advice. Will keep you updated soon!" ... written by Cassie
Almighty's totally awesome and intuitive! You have to speak to him!" ... written by Cassie
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
he is very accurate and helpful. he knows whats going on without me telling him.he told me things i did not know about people. " ... written by san
thank you again!" ... written by chrisymarie
SOUL!!! Thank you so much again!!! Beautiful reading. Will do homework :)" ... written by lynn
soul is amazing and 100% accurate.. The best out there.. So glad I found him!!" ... written by anna
Amazing reader - the very best. You must try him. " ... written by littlelola
Lovely reader. Very clear and highly accurate. MUST TRY you wont be disappointed!" ... written by littelola
i love getting updates with him....he remembers everything from the last session and always advises for your highest good." ... written by wren1414
thank you very much for your precious help" ... written by kuiipo5
great" ... written by kuiipo5
amazing and accurate !! the best out there... Very lucky to have found soul!! I look forward to my future and everything that has taken place so far." ... written by annam
wonderful reading thank you so very much!!!!" ... written by Ava
Soul, thank you for an amazing reading. I'm looking forward to getting everything started with the next ten months.. I will keep in touch.." ... written by StarrVision
Knows the personality of my love interest so well and has given me the right tools to stay in the right path with this relationship. Will be back for updates. Soul is powerful in his work... thank you so much God bless you!" ... written by J
Love talking to my good friend almighty! always reassuring highly accurate i definitely recommend his services and i will be back also :)" ... written by chrissymarie
thank you awesome read as usual" ... written by starchild
just had a wonderful reading and was very honest and true highly recommend thank you :)" ... written by enushi
almightysoul is so good! Helped me so much! Will be back for sure. " ... written by carlinw
Thank you for such an informative and detailed reading!!!" ... written by StarrVision
Brilliant, cant say enough good things about him." ... written by littelola
The very best on this site." ... written by littelola
He started off as a once time psychic doing a private reading to someone I call my friend. I enjoy seeing him in free chat and he is wonderful at what he does!!" ... written by sheri19
Thanks so much for your guidance as alway. Looking forward to positive results tonight." ... written by FancyAParis
Simply the best, there are no words to describe the compassion and accuracy of the reading. A+" ... written by littelola
always right on and accurate... " ... written by anna
Amazing man amazing reading amazing advice..." ... written by J
i really like this guy, very talented and a really nice guy :-)" ... written by d
The only psychic on here who i feel like i have properly connected with. He always remembers who I am. He is so straight to the point and honest and provides excellent insight and advice." ... written by loubabclarke
Great insight and Advice, would definitely recommend a reading with him!" ... written by crystal
he connects fast and is not at all a waste of time. " ... written by Mon
Excellent reader. A+" ... written by littelola
Almighty soul is quick in his readings and I feel very accurate. He compelled me to move forward. Thank you so much!" ... written by Della
thank you for the update. Lots of clarity." ... written by leo girl
calming. thank you" ... written by Life
Thankyu dear I am surprised at how much you felt about my situation...a true angel...the best guidance one could wish for....bless you...=)!" ... written by hermoso
always a pleasure to do readings with Soul. He gives great advice!" ... written by us
straight to the point 100% honest and accurate" ... written by anna
Incredible. Almighty Soul is spirit driven and the spirits are good. He won't only give you insight into your future, he will reach down into your heart and reveal what your gifts are to make a future happen. Almighty Soul is gifted with goodness! Money well spent. Thankyou!" ... written by Kate
Was wonderful very gifted, tuned in right away! I will check in with him again. My new Fav!!!" ... written by Lexie
i thank you from my heart for showing me the truth !" ... written by jaqline
Brilliant as always. Very insightful and accurate. Non judgemental. Highly recommended. A+" ... written by littelola
Amazing reading!!!!! I will be back." ... written by Ven
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!" ... written by Fancyaparis
excellent!!" ... written by sheri19
growing the beard still the cool chill guy. will see if prediction comes to pass. " ... written by GK
Thank you almighty soul. what a wonderful chat. very helpful and insightful...will seek his guidance again!" ... written by rose
EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS" ... written by J
Soul has given very accurate readings in the past. His predictions happen within the time frames. That is why I consult with him often. He is quick and does not waste time. He is honest. Thank you, Soul! I know that your prediction will happen soon :)" ... written by Moonchild59
He made me feel welcomed and now I feel that he understood me as a person and not just a number. Do not hesitate to come to almightysoul for anything..." ... written by LaNetrice
Great as always. 100% ACCURATE" ... written by FancyAParis
I enjoyed this reading so much I wish I could have stayed...almighty is a very simple to connect with and very fast and accurate. I enjoyed my reading today!!!" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
hes just so fun to talk to. gets me to see the light at the end of my tunnel" ... written by mon
He is so fabulous, one mention of my issue and he knows all the factors and concerns. Very good feedback and suggestions, he help me at ease but still told me things i need to work on! Please have a reading with him, it is amazing!" ... written by KMAngel
Thank you again for your guidance Soul. I was really ready to give up, but you advised not to. I really appreciate your help on this roller coaster twin flame journey. God Bless :)" ... written by lynn
Thanks so much accurate as always!" ... written by FancyAParis
Thankyu my Ami.....amazing as always...true helpful.....guiding me in life....the best here....blessings...!!" ... written by hermo
Soul is always on target. He is very down to earth and quick to connect with your soul vibrations. But most of all he's accurate and does not sugar coat. " ... written by StarrVision
Today has really opened my eyes...I am so thankful for this man...don't know where I would be without his continuous support...not only my guide...but also a great friend...ty dear...the best here...truly..=)" ... written by hermoso
thank you so much for this reading. you have no idea how much you have relieved my anxiety.. sure its not the answer i hoped for, but its the answer i knew was true. also, im glad that you were able to validate things i questioned that might be nothing/something. it makes me feel soo much better. thank you soo much!" ... written by Krissy
awesome reading thank you very much" ... written by starchild
very accurate always on point" ... written by kelly
Excellent as always. You can't go wrong!" ... written by littelola
Great as always , just love talking to him and taking his advice, he is truly gifted !" ... written by gipsy girl
Awesome as always!! he's one of the few on oranum that I believe is genuine . Doesn't waste your time and connects VERY quickly. " ... written by Ven
SO amazing - such a blessing - Soul is amazing " ... written by CoyoteRoper
excellent reading" ... written by porco
i enjoyed my chat with you. I enjoyed my new reading thanks Soul!" ... written by Amy
Excellent" ... written by Christina
always a great reading :)" ... written by Maria
He is Fast and very awesome reader. He reconfirmed everything i was told so far and that put my mind t o ease. Thanks alot for your insight will come back for more details later on. " ... written by Kiran
he was spot on, i will definitely be returning for more readings and will keep him updated" ... written by mariam
Hi all! He is the best of the best!. He will tell you like it is without you saying a word." ... written by Tatianasmile
Always excellent" ... written by J
i really enjoy speaking with him. its like he is a good friend Ive never" ... written by worried
Thanks so much as always" ... written by FancyAParis
He is so cool and down to earth gonna tell you everything you need to know without you asking a lot of questions. First time in reading with him, he was honest and straight forward. Definitely will be back for a mini updated.. Much Love" ... written by T
Brilliant!" ... written by littelola
Almightysoul reaffirmed a lot of things I knew but didn't want to accept. He's very direct and compassionate and you can tell he's speaking solely to you. His feedback wasn't generic or broad. I can tell that what he was seeing was tailor made to me. " ... written by Kierra
thankyu Amigo for your endless support. It sure means very much to me. Once again an amazing session with the greatest. bless you always!" ... written by hermo
I can't lie. His last reading pissed me off. But it was spot on - i learned days later. He's just like a big brother online. I really like his energy. I enjoy him and he gave me incredible advice today. Great connection ." ... written by B
Happy great reader " ... written by Tatiana
I love this man. He really knows his stuff.... ! " ... written by Abigail Rudner
My dear friend Soul! Thank you for the insights. ! I cannot wait to get the job. You are truly wonderful! :)" ... written by lynn
thank you great readingas usual" ... written by starchild
THANKS SO MUCH!" ... written by FancyAParis
amazing" ... written by paola
THANK YOU MAN HE IS GOOD " ... written by 111
Hes good" ... written by Christina
You're a good man Soul. More power to you!" ... written by lynn
Always straight up and honest. He does not beat around the bush. Thanks!" ... written by leo girl
You want to have the best reading please try him. I was speechless . Thank you so much x" ... written by Tatiana
Brilliant as always. The best on here." ... written by littelola
Excellent" ... written by littelola
Amazing reading as always. He's always on point and begins where we left off." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you Soul! Let the waiting game begin, again, hehe =)" ... written by lynn
Such a wonderful inspiring truthful man. I would definitely recommend him for all your needs. " ... written by Kindhearted
hes great awesome. will not be disappointed.." ... written by jamira76
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
wonderful!" ... written by sheri19
Wonderful source of support, told me what I needed to know and did know that it is all going to be ok if I just let others negativity not touch me and just be myself and let that love come in. Gave me assurance and a month, will get back on that predict when love will come into my life and all I need to do now is heal my own self to prepare for the life I was meant for. He was very empathetic and understood and I didnt need to ask anything at all he knew. He is the real deal, I found him when he was on special rate but he is worth the money at full price if you have an issue he really has the power and I know as I have experienced the opposite on this stie and have been told I have a great intuition and ability myself he said if I open up to it it is even stronger than the help on here for me so I need to trust myself and not worry as am on the right path. But any issue he will pick up on it and you need not type just listen which is wonderful this one is the best I have seen or in the top five of psychics here wonderful. I will be sticking with him if I find myself in need of assistance again and if you have the chance please check him out before looking elsewhere." ... written by Classygirl2
always the best" ... written by kuiipo5
Thanks Soul, i hear you loud and clear, thanks for caring and sharing!! you really are great." ... written by gipsygirl
Thank You again almightsoul..xoxo awesome " ... written by sc
Almighty Soul is a blessed and gifted man and have no doubt about seeking his guidance.He knows so much even without me saying anything and he picks up directly from where we left off with detail no matter how long the gap was and he predicts the future and what he sees will happen with so much guidance and precision.I feel very blessed.Thank you Soul" ... written by Graceful
He picked up on a lot of things from the beginning with no cards or anything nor me giving him any details I recommend him " ... written by bb4047
Amazing all the time.I am really on the right path with Soul and grateful that I found him. Alot is going well for me but im in need of guidance to make sure I make as few mistakes as I can and follow the right path.If you are in need of guidance and clarity,he is the one.He is fast and precise and wise and will tell you what you need to hear!Thank you Soul A+++++" ... written by Graceful
OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALMIGHTY SOUL! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will listen to your guidance and let you know after that day has come and tell you all about it! Thank you again so much!!!! xoxo" ... written by lp
THANK SO MUCH SOUL!" ... written by FancyAParis
oh we got cut off :/.... but itss ok i will come back and join :)" ... written by l
he is very good in helping" ... written by san
I loved it but not enough time" ... written by Philip
This is my buddy right here! he is amazing at everything he does! no complaints, no worries!!" ... written by sheri19
Don't two readings with him and it's been spot on each time, about the past and describing me and people in my life." ... written by alex
Thank u u so much . I love your reading. i couldnt explain how much clarity u give me. ty" ... written by ANgie
Its incredible how Soul picks up on situations! I love to come to talk to him and get good insights and advices! He is worth every single penny!" ... written by Sonia
Always an amazing reading. Love the way he gives answers with a lot of details. He's very straightforward and accurate." ... written by StarrVision
he is truly amazing, and gives u so much information and helps you take the right steps" ... written by mariam
no cards knows so much without you telling anything" ... written by bb
Soul is the best around - I never feel embarrassed - he always makes me feel better after we talk - always sot on and hides nothing - sugar coats nothing honest caring and the best smile on oranum " ... written by CoyoteRoper
he was great!!! best candidate for the job!" ... written by sheri19d
Soul is amazing and 100% accurate he hasn't been wrong on anything... I look forward to my updates and can always count on him whether it's good or bad information.. He is the best out there!!" ... written by Anna
Thanks so much almighty as always!" ... written by FancyAParis
Very good, i been with him for a very long time ... " ... written by bella
WOW! Such insights! :)" ... written by lynn
thank you for the update. thank you" ... written by leo girl
the best reader ever. highly recommended by me." ... written by kindhearted4
he is very good" ... written by san
Quick, straight-forward and no sugar coating. Thanks for another great reading." ... written by StarrVision
he was amazing,always will be!" ... written by sheri19
thank you for a very informative chat. you have guided me this far and I thank you very much." ... written by maria
What can I say!except how grateful I am to receive Soul's guidance." ... written by Graceful
Great Reader and honest too!!! I just come for updates no needing to have a multiple readings, because he can connect with you and let you know what to do in your situation if you are going through certain things during trying times. I appreciate his honesty and being straight forward as well. You don't have to ask a million questions at all either, he is a true reader on here, and have loyal clients for a reason. He is definitely good at his gift and what he does as well. This man deserves more than 5 stars and not going to feed you any bs at all. " ... written by Tina
thanks for the talk soul. again was able to pick up situation precisely. very friendly like an older brother. recommend!" ... written by gk
great awesome!!! very truthful, honest" ... written by jamira76
really strong reading..will definitely use again" ... written by Joan
Such a very special person, always right on point Wow !!!" ... written by gipsygirl
He was great. he was very point to my situation and able to say all. thank you. pretty amazing" ... written by samr
great reading, so much love in ur words... thank you for the clarity" ... written by SamSam
he is very good" ... written by san
He is amazing and honest as usual!! Contact him for the truth!!" ... written by Stacy
I absolutely love him!" ... written by brianaaf2
great update as always" ... written by kelly
Interesting reading . I really enjoyed it ." ... written by Josalyn
Amazing reading thank you!!" ... written by Ava
Very honest, keeps it real and going to tell you the truth and can tune in any situation and help you. Take his advice and let him guide you. " ... written by Tina
Thank you for talking to me. I haven't talked to you in awhile. Thank you for the guidance and encouragement to not give up. " ... written by lynn
ALWAYS ON POINT!" ... written by FancyAParis
was going well" ... written by unknown
thank you for the awesome up" ... written by starchild
really helpful! very quick to connect and very accurate." ... written by krissy
thanks for the updates soul. " ... written by gk
the best reader at oranum" ... written by erki
As usual soul has been very friendly and patient in his dealing with his clients. He has a big brother feel to him. Quite accurate with what he has been able to pick up and tells you HONESTLY what you really need to know. Would recommend and be back in the future. Thanks!" ... written by gk
amazing beyond amazing!" ... written by sheri19
great reading always!!!" ... written by bell
Excellent" ... written by Christina
a very accurate reading." ... written by zimerili1
Omg!!! I am speechless, he knew everything and really the best from here. Thank you, thank you , thank you!" ... written by Tatinasmile
as always great" ... written by kuiipo5
This man is good he had confirm a lot of stuff that had been told. He awesome as well " ... written by goldengirl0005
I appreciate his help a lot.Very nice and kind man." ... written by ama
thank you for the update!" ... written by leo girl
thank you so much for your honestly, he is always always very honest and try hard to see within me to help me solve my problem" ... written by jaqline
He is very honest sincere,was recommended to him by another psychic,and she is so right about him,he won't tell you what you want to hear,he will tell you whether good or bad.xoxo" ... written by J
Thanks for having faith, and I will do my best. I appreciate the time and the talk, I love your insightful messages :)" ... written by mwisteria
thank you for the up date awesome as usual" ... written by Star
always on point and accurate." ... written by maria
very accurate" ... written by san
This guy talking to him just made my day i wish i could sit and talk to him for hours why havent i had a prvt with him all this while. I highly recommend .. Great Advise!" ... written by Rosesblu
very good and honest reading. you're very awesome and I felt very comfortable talking with u" ... written by aybee
Almighty is awesome! You have to speak to him. He senses and gives great advice!" ... written by Cassie
good " ... written by rl
Always so accurate and so kind! Will be back. " ... written by cw
THANKS SO MUCH UR ALWAYS SO ON POINT" ... written by FancyAParis
Thanks!!!!" ... written by Darlene
thank you for this great reading , as always" ... written by kuiipo5
Always blown away everytime!! A plus plus plus stars!The best on oranum!" ... written by Graceful
the best" ... written by moni
great insight from soul" ... written by khlifmosis
very accurate. " ... written by a'kia
thanks for update man" ... written by gk
he is great " ... written by anuj
WOW! Thank you Soul! Great reading. You helped me clear everything up in my confusion. I feel so much better now. Spot on and very compassionate about my situation. and he went very in depth, about what is best for me in the long run! ty God Bless you Soul 10+ Stars!! I highly recommend to you all his help. He is great!" ... written by TammyDS
always a pleasure to talk with u. always feel at eased!" ... written by aybee
excellent as ususal" ... written by porco
Almightysoul is amazing! Very accurate and very kind! Thank you!! " ... written by CW
100% accuracy.. honest and the best out there." ... written by anna
I loved my reading. Great insight into my relationship issue. I will definitely get a reading from him again. " ... written by jaydestiny
wow thx you for your positive update. always good have a great day 5 stars!!" ... written by queenbee22
thank u for all your advice and guidance" ... written by FancyAParis
he is great,amazing,wonderful,gentle,best choice on oranum!!" ... written by sheri19
Ok. He is very gifted. you need to give him a try ! " ... written by lopezina1
Really great and quick reading with a lot of detail. Will be back when I can. Thank You " ... written by sher
wow, Almighty Soul is awesome, even how he delivers his messages and intuitive gift. Always great to have a reading with him as everything is so true." ... written by KMAngel
almighty soul is one of the best psychics, and everything he says comes true!" ... written by lipstick22
Super great reading was so interesting and detailed thank you super fun to speak to and makes so much sense" ... written by Sher
Such a blessing Soul is - always so spot on and just puts my mind and energy at peace " ... written by Cinnamon White
Thank you very much for you advise!! :)" ... written by j
Soul thank you for the reading, you dont sugar coat nothing, you told me the truth the way it is, good or bad and predictions..." ... written by Dia
Thanks my friend, i will do my best with all your advice. you really are great thank you!" ... written by gipsygirl
thanks for update. " ... written by GK
almightysoul was extraordinary in his perceptions, I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
he is very accurate in his readings" ... written by san
he was right on with everything. I can't wait to see what the future hold ::)" ... written by m
thanks for the update friendly and good counsel as usual. " ... written by gk
just great as always, for who want the genuine, you find it her" ... written by kuiipo5
Thank you again! Almighty is awesome :)" ... written by Cassie
very accurate and helpful" ... written by san
My friend I made and now my comfort when I do a pvt!" ... written by sheri19
Very direct and to the point. I love it, thank you!" ... written by Cara
thank you" ... written by kuiipo5
My goodness, he even knew what gift i was getting my boyfriend. And the things he knows, even things i have not told others. Fantastic, real, both nice and firm with his advice whether good or bad. Definitely worth it and more" ... written by KMAngel
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE!" ... written by FancyAParis
he connected with me very well and w my situation...he predicted something....i will def return soon for the updates" ... written by n
Soul is amazing always accurate and 100% on everything he can tell you things before you even start talking and he can get your vibe right away.. I haven't had one bad reading from him he is amazing and a gift in so many ways!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and helping in so many areas in life.." ... written by anna
Lovely manner, Very quick straight to the point. Accurate and good value for money. " ... written by Yasmeen
i love this guy! put my mind at ease, such a fab personality, like talking to a best friend! i will be back! :)" ... written by spirit
This guy is awesome. He is definitely one of the best. I highly recommend that you get a reading with him. He connects fast. He tells you exactly how he sees things. He doesn't sugarcoat. He tells you the unpleasant truth. Also, HE DOESN'T EXAGGERATE THE "UNPLEASANT" TRUTH. " ... written by EVERGREEN
He's always on point" ... written by B
thanks for update soul. " ... written by gk
wonderful! wonderful!" ... written by sheri19
thanks for update. " ... written by gk
thanks for update soul" ... written by gk
extremely accurate" ... written by may
Simply the best of the best! 1 million stars " ... written by Tatiana
he is very good in helping and giving advise" ... written by san
excellent" ... written by gipsygirl
thanks for update" ... written by gk
THANKS SO MUCH!" ... written by FancyAParis
thank you for the update!" ... written by leo girl
Thank you, very clear reading, good guidance." ... written by AJ
I trust almighty soul and I will listen and follow his instruction with feedback." ... written by mitzi carlisle
He is very kind soul...he predicted some stuff cant wait till it unfolds!!! will def return back soon" ... written by N
100% accurate... Can see things before you say anything ansd can help solve anything before it starts..." ... written by ann
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Thanks as always!" ... written by FancyAParis
Really great reading and update; made me feel better about the situation is really accurate and on point and remembers things from former readings and is consistent. Thank You " ... written by Cher
I have a few readings with almightysoul and he give the best advice ever. You don't need to mention hardly anything and he will tell you what you need to know. I come back often for updates concerning certain situations and he gives me the best advice ever. Predictions have came true unexpected as well, he will give you time frames without being asked and they will come sooner or around the time frame. I look forward to having another update with him again. He won't steer you in the wrong direction and definitely a true spiritual guider. Glad he is on this site. " ... written by LadyRedBUG
It amazes me how clearly he picked up on every situation. It was a point in the reading i wondered if he was a mind reader lol and i started having random thoughts lol j/k. I will have to come back in two months to confirm his predictions. but he gave me hope " ... written by Kali
excellent again !" ... written by lopezina1
Great session with almighty today. gives great advice and always accurate on how I am feeling?" ... written by Maria
thanks for update as usual bro. " ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Wonderful reading as always! I am never disappointed in my reading with Mr. Soul! He is lovely! Always Quick and Accurate! I look forward to telling you all about your prediction coming in the following months! Thank you!!!! MUAH XOXO!" ... written by Lynn
he is great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Wonderful amazing reading!!" ... written by sheri19
Thanks so much !" ... written by FancyAParis
very accurate" ... written by san
thanks for update soul" ... written by gk
Good!" ... written by Alexis
thanks for update and guidance" ... written by gk
thanks for update soul" ... written by gk
thanks for update soul" ... written by gk
thanks for update soul" ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
again thanks for update" ... written by gk
reading was on point- quick- and thank you" ... written by mar
my main guy! amazing reading!" ... written by sheri19
He's Great!!!.. He picked on things quickly and pick up on the next question before you really get it out. He will be Honest and give Great Advice.. Do Not (type) while he is typing.. He firm and Accurate.. So Thumbs Up with 5 Stars. I will be back to visit Almighty.. Thank you " ... written by Yalonda111
thanks for update" ... written by gk
He's amazingly accurate as always! Contact him for the truth" ... written by sarah
THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!" ... written by FancyAParis
he is really good, you wont be disappointed." ... written by jamira76
Soul is the best of the best amazing fast and accurate the number one person i can trust and count on in every aspect of life and he is always 100% accurate in anything he helps you with.. I recommend Soul to anyone and everyone!! Please and thank you go along way!! " ... written by anna
Thanks for the reading! " ... written by Shelly
excellent reader as usual" ... written by cloe
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
He's great! He picked up on soo much, and was extremely helpful. He gives great advice and is very honest. Highly recommend him!" ... written by Cara
Amazing 100 % accurate !!!! number one out there" ... written by anna
Another great reading! He is very clear with his directions. His advice is on point!" ... written by jaydestiny
He is the best of the best :) T xx" ... written by T
Thank you almighty for your advice. You're very kind man." ... written by Pamela
he is very accurate" ... written by san
Great update thanks for the advice and predicitons!!" ... written by leo girl
Great reader, gave me the answers and suggestions that I need to take. Lovely reading from him. " ... written by tc
Thanks so much as always almighty" ... written by FancyAParis
amazing always accurate very helpful in many ways" ... written by ann
he is always my first choice by site! amazing person!" ... written by sheri19
Good reader " ... written by bella
hes good" ... written by bella
Great reader " ... written by bella
i wonder why i just met him. This is the real deal people !!!!" ... written by lopezina1
good reading, very intuitive, quick connection and honest!" ... written by lornalulu
100 stars!" ... written by Kev
Totally awesome awesome reading. I need to know more omg. " ... written by Lisa
Love the reading :) " ... written by June
he is my favorite, amazing work!!" ... written by sheri19
Soul gives the best advice. He is so positive of his predictions that if you dont' follow his advice, oh boy! lol He is very pationate in what he does. Gave me predictions for end of this year so we'll see how it goes. thanks soul!" ... written by leo girl
Thank you for the awesome update 10 stars" ... written by J
Great guy. Started reading as if it was just yesterday that we spoke. Remembered all the info which is impressive considering how many people he does readings for and how long it had been since we last spoke. Felt so much better after reading. Friend for life. " ... written by Lyn
amazing!!!" ... written by sheri19
Awesome reading! Spot on! " ... written by lynn
Great reading last predictions came to past and Soul Brother give great advice and help us lost souls." ... written by TJ
THANKS SO MUCH FOR UR HELP AND ADVICE." ... written by FancyAParis
He is wonderful very honest,and on point with things he says,a wonderful reader through and through,will be back when predictions come to pass,thank you so much,recommended :-) blessings to you" ... written by J
thanks " ... written by gk
Love him sorry we got disconnected will try again now" ... written by Lynn
Came back because you connect so well with my situation. Thank you Soul, I'll be back. Thanks four your advice and guidance." ... written by Pamela
thank you dear friend fo rthe reading omg you ade me laugh so hard" ... written by Leila
He is the best psychic on this site. His predictions are so accurate, and plus he has helped me so much with my love life!" ... written by lipstick22
I had a really good session with him." ... written by DimitriGiovanni
Best reader I have found on this site!" ... written by Sarah
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
THANKS SO MUCH!" ... written by FancyAParis
Simply the best. Predictions came to pass." ... written by littelola
wonderful as usual" ... written by ilti
almighty soul is the best." ... written by mar
Love his predictions and advice... kept me calm and looking forward to a new day lol. Awesome reading. " ... written by Lisa
thank you for the up date 10 star" ... written by star
excellent as usual" ... written by kim
ALways the best there is - just mind blowingly accurate " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Great reading :). always accurate and on target. Thank you so much for guiding me through journey." ... written by maria
thank you for clearing things up for me!" ... written by leo girl
Thank you soul." ... written by Pamela
Always a great experience with AlmightySoul, he's the man!" ... written by Horane
thanks so much!" ... written by FancyAParis
always the best - always spot on and honest " ... written by CoyoteRoper
thanks" ... written by gk
Wonderful reading! It was spot on and most positive with instruction. It was truthful and pleasing to know what I've felt in my heart can truly come to be. Thank you Almighty Soul! I look forward to speaking with you again soon. " ... written by LA Woman
Very great advice and pick up on situations quickly." ... written by T
My guide,always sees the situation as it is despite where my mind may be and calms me at the most needed time.Praying that things turn out as he says.Thank you Soul for your guidance!" ... written by Graceful
thanks" ... written by gk
excellent" ... written by zuli
He is always soooo awesome :)))" ... written by tiff
Totally Awesome!!! I enjoy reading and talking to him, such a blessed soul..... 10****" ... written by Msphenomenal
Nice energy work, can feel the positive energy. Hoping for great results!" ... written by Runway
Thank you for the update. He confirmed what I have been feeling about this situation! :)" ... written by leo girl
Soul has great advise. always good to chat with him and his updates are interesting." ... written by Kev
Pretty good really...too bad i havent got enough creds ...will be back." ... written by Peaz
THANKS FOR THE INSIGHTS" ... written by FancyAParis
thank you awesome up date 10 star" ... written by starchild
He's so connected and honest !! Straight to the point , No sugar coating !! Just awesome !! Treat yourself to a fantastic real reading!!" ... written by tamjones
AMAZING! Right on point with everything I needed to hear. " ... written by amazonianengram
this man is the man! he is awesome at what he does and is a very good selection on oranum! he deserves all credit! " ... written by sheri
He's good, straightforward, no sugar coating, tells it like it is. I really appreciate his advice." ... written by Pamela
great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Great reading, very in tune and truthful. Will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
Wow! such a quick connection...also his insight and explanations are very clear and detailed. He dosent leave one question unanswered. " ... written by Angela
Thanks soul!." ... written by Pamela
Almighty soul is amazing psychic! He has helped me so much with my situation." ... written by Lipstick22
Great - thank you so much" ... written by crystal
Thank you Soul ! So much guidance.He is my biggest hope in this situation I am in right now and waiting for everything to pass like he says it will." ... written by Graceful
He is truley amazing and so inspirational !!! His connection to his guides are unbelievable andamp; undeniable .. He uses no tools and dives right in , before your question...Amazing .. Gives the best advice!! What a blessing for us !!" ... written by tamjones
I had the best reading ever ! thank you almighty soul for an amazing reading, very honest and deep right to the point." ... written by jaqline
Great, great. I am speechless. Thank you so much xxx" ... written by Tatiana
He is amazing! always knows what to say and gives great advice. " ... written by mmm
very good as always spot on digs deep, deep into ur situation yay 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
Almightysoul is soooo wonderful! I always remember what he says, because all of them come to pass, whether its the next three months or 6 months. God bless your heart." ... written by Enchanted3
So amazing and right to the point.. Can tell how am feeling and events that take place before have the opportunity to say anything.. Best psychic in my opinon and my number one person to go to!!" ... written by ann
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INSIGHTS" ... written by FancyAParis
He was wonderful as always, read my situation very well no tools and always connects with me and reads me like a book lol tells me things no one knows about me" ... written by love
informative. I keep coming back to almightysoul. thanks again." ... written by mar
absoulty LOVE Soul he is amazing and 100% accurate!! " ... written by anna
I hope it comes true what he said! very detailed no time wasted!" ... written by w
great reading with almighty. keeps me on the right track and always accurate." ... written by maria
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great job!" ... written by H
Great!" ... written by Dave
Thanks!!" ... written by Darlene
so accurate and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ann
He's absolutely correct! First read and he's amazing. Thank you!" ... written by reenaji
Thank you kindly!!" ... written by Erica
he's the best !" ... written by jaqline
he is very accurate in his readings" ... written by san
Always a pleasure, he is so confident in what he says and I belive he connects with me well" ... written by Wave
This was an excellent reading, readlly true about a lot of things he said and i was also impressed by how accurate. I shall be coming back to update him on what happens." ... written by BN
Great advisor! Have been seeing soul for long time now and always remembers my situation. thanks :)" ... written by jacqueine
fast and accurate" ... written by nn
Wow thank you for the positive reading and so on point just love his readings x" ... written by GIPSYGIRL
vERY FAST AND CLEAR ! ANSWER IN A MOMMENT ! " ... written by Sussan
This was my 1st session (though I added credits 3 times) He actually really knew a lot b4 I said anything. AND he KNEW what I NEEDED which no one else seems to be grasping. I am going to keep processing this information and follow through with his guidance. When I am paid next I am consulting with him over ad over until I am successful and can maintain that success. XOXOXOXO" ... written by Julia
Always helpful! Thanks!" ... written by darlene
Thank you so much " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Wow! This is the first time in a LONG time I REALLY felt like I actually got my questions and answered AND was directed how to empower myself and be successful (maintain that success). I kept adding more credits because we covered SO MUCH material that was relevant! He stayed on focus. EVERY moment was well spent. I can't tell you how grateful and excited I am. Plus he is a joy to be around. XOXOXOXOX" ... written by Julia
thank you great follow up 10 star" ... written by star
thanks" ... written by chi
soul is a amazing person! he always delivers accurate and information facts!" ... written by sheri19
He is the best" ... written by Enchanted3
thanks for the update" ... written by jac
He is the best" ... written by Enchanted3
Great as always!!" ... written by StarrVision
Thank you" ... written by Sandeep
Wow!! Soul really hit all of the areas on the head. I can't wait for my next session." ... written by StarrVision
Great as always. Thanks friend." ... written by Life
GREAT HES THE BEST!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
Absolutely amazingly accurate! I love him!I will be back!" ... written by FashionDiva
been working with him for a while and hes great.. " ... written by bella
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Sandeep
accurate and straight to the point best there is.." ... written by ann
He is really good and ill take the advice but this situation is starting too drain me " ... written by tiff
dead on as usual" ... written by SweetS
I feel so much better, I can't thank him enough, amazing." ... written by Corinne
More than 5 stars if I could. He is right every time, and he saved my relationship despite my stubbornness and anger. He saved it!" ... written by kissmeangel
love this man for his honesty, he knows me well, my situation, others in my life - I waited for a very long time to see him - he connected straight away - he didn't need reminders - he knew me and foretold as things are - I trust him fully - he is kind hearted, gifted and wants the best for people - he shows you what is needed - he doesn't instil fear, but empowerment - he's your man!" ... written by monalisa47
he is a legend wonderful reading and very detailed with desciptions of situations" ... written by staranise888888
Awesome reading... I had to follow up and continue my reading... so many things to discuss so little time... Highly recommended " ... written by lisa
Awesome reading!! wish I had more time. " ... written by Lisa
the best reader at oranum" ... written by lola
he is right!" ... written by SweetS
great, helpful, makes you open your eyes and discover what you were too blind to see." ... written by Hazy
hes a good reader , i come to him often " ... written by bella
No tools, connects really fast and gives so much insight. wow. I will be back. 10 stars" ... written by gurl
Out of all the psychics I talk to. I only listen to him. I only act of his guidance. I only take him seriously because he has proven to me that psychics are real. Since connecting with him in this rough journey I have become better positioned to handle my endeavor. I simply love him and even when im mad the respect i have for him NEVER changes. I will always appreciate him. I just wish I could meet him in person." ... written by kindhearted4
Great! Straight to the point! " ... written by Demetria
He was literally the best i have ever had. He actually motivated me and it was awesome. I will step out of this shell and becoming the woman i need to be!" ... written by Simone
Awesome Reading!!!" ... written by Angela
Almighty is always 100% accurate on everything he ahs stated both past and present.. Amazing best out there!!! Thanks for everything you do!" ... written by anna
This man is phenomenal. He is the best of knowing my situation and the valuable and accurate advice leaves me speechless. He gives you truth, no suffocating but with humorous insight. Always always right!" ... written by kissmeangel
Hey thank you! I really liked you approach to things!" ... written by Jypccc
Always exceptional work, very professional, great energy. Highly recommended for any energy work!" ... written by Horane
Right on key" ... written by LovelyLadyTosh
He's amazing. Always accurate and on point!!" ... written by FashionDiva
the most amazing reader" ... written by paola
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE UPDATE!" ... written by FancyAParis
great update! thanks!" ... written by wren1414
good insight, truthful and informative, precise detail information in respond to questions asked, extremely talented" ... written by Beverly419
Thank you so much for your honest reading." ... written by rose
Incredible man, I am so pleased with the private chat that i can not explain it correctly. I would suggest everyone take a chance on the "new guy" and see what he has to say! " ... written by johnsonforprez
Absolutely amazing!!! Highly recommended. " ... written by Lisa
he is great as usual." ... written by wren1414
thanks" ... written by gk
I always get so much when talking to almightysoul he has a blessed heart and helps me every time I talk to him. Truly gifted with an amazing gift!" ... written by Ava
GREAT AWESOME!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
He is AWESOME! Gave me confirmation :)" ... written by AB
Almighty soul is the best psychic on this site. His predictions are always spot on and he is always able to help me out." ... written by lipstick22
He is the one and only to go to almightysoul is so spot on all what he says." ... written by loverboy
thanks for the update. looking forward to October." ... written by jaqueline
Almightysoul is so kind and caring, ad full of wisdom. He is very accurate in his readings and gets straight to the point. I am very grateful to have him as an advisor. Blessings;D" ... written by Sexybetsy20
Every time I read with him he's always accurate! He is the BEST psychic on Oranum! Contact him for the pure truth and accurate predictions that always come true!!" ... written by FashionDiva
Thank you so much. You answer so much of my questions without me having to say anything. You are so good!" ... written by Bria
thank you " ... written by fayaz
As always, he read me like a book! lol he is always honest with me and tells gives me good advice on certain situations in my life. he uses no tools and will tell you like it is with no sugarcoating. Thank you once again my friend." ... written by love
u have to try him! he is very accurate honest and so down to earth, i can talk to him all day.." ... written by spirit
Another amazing reading!!" ... written by FashionDiva
He is the Best " ... written by loverboy
Almighty soul is one of best psychics on this site." ... written by lipstick22
thanks" ... written by jacqueline
Always so helpful and accurate! " ... written by c
he is amazing!!!" ... written by sheri19
HE IS THE BEST! I've been to many psychic readers and NO ONE has managed to help me and be completely honest. He knows exactly what he talks about and gives DETAILS!! Very caring and positive. " ... written by loueci
another great reading" ... written by Edward
Excellent reading again" ... written by Edward
Excellent reading again" ... written by Edward
The best of the best! Thank you so so much xx" ... written by Tatiana
The most honest Reader in the WORLD no sugar coat I spent $30,000 with California Psychic.. Almost lost everything.. This person is real. Had a reader gave me false hope and with off-line for 41 days." ... written by Edward
I consider Soul my life coach. He is very patient, down to earth, and real in his guidance. I appreciate the fact that he makes you feel comfortable and doesn't rush the session. He has given me valuable guidance with clear understanding of situations. I appreciate his time and guidance. Many blessings to him and his gift. Thank you!" ... written by Sexybetsy20
I had a good feeling about him prior to entering private chat. I was right, he has the answers and made an excellent connection. So impressed. Thank you. Take care" ... written by Breanna
He gave me some advice that I'm having hard to to follow. But he seems very adamant on doing as he says. Will have to give it some thought. But thanks for the reading. He is quick and seems to know ones personality to a T." ... written by jaqueline
He made a lot of sense to me and for that I gave him a 5 star rating. I will do the things he told me to do and we will see if they work." ... written by Ray
The reading was on point as usual and gave a lot of insight on the direction of things to come and the actions i need to take" ... written by apope001
truly gifted" ... written by Angela
amazing and strong information" ... written by Angela
Very good reader. Always good advice. " ... written by jaydestiny
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Extremely insightful. Heard what I needed to hear to work on myself. " ... written by Sunflower3333
Great!" ... written by Denarian Smith
Always great a experience, very strong energies. I am a repeated client, would recommend to anyone!" ... written by Horane
amazing choice!!! love him!!!" ... written by sheri19
the best reader in oranum. thanks a lot" ... written by nereida
a gifted man" ... written by Angela
He's amazing! The only great thing about Oranum!! Contact him for the truth!!!" ... written by FAshiondiva8228
soul is 100% accurate on everything we have talked about both past and present." ... written by anna
His insight is always on point." ... written by a
you are so awesome….you know everything and have helped guide me always..I would never waste my time with anyone else" ... written by julie
Almighty Soul is the best on this site." ... written by lipstick22
great so far. " ... written by redgurl
Soul is simply the best. hes genuine and passionate and he sticks to his beliefs. i so appreciate him." ... written by kindhearted4
Always a great experience. Would recommened to any human being. " ... written by Horane
He was tooo amazing!! He connected in a second and told me exactly everything that I just found out about myself. I am very thankful to him for helping me so much!!!! May God bless you !!" ... written by LubnaMeh
Wow loved his vibe!! very wise soul. i will def be back!!" ... written by jjhj
Almighty Soul is the best on this site. I recommend everybody to try him out! " ... written by lipstick22
great update with almighty. always on point and always great advice. I keep coming back because he has definitely guided along the right path." ... written by maria
the real deal god bless 10 stars " ... written by queenbee22
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
soul connects really quick without having to use any cards or anything. he just knows the details of the situation before you can even tell him. i talk to him at least once a week!" ... written by sol j
Always great a experience, very powerful energy worker, Professional and welcoming, would recommend to any one!" ... written by Horane
he was okay. didnt have enough time." ... written by jazz