About arfanakbar

Psychic arfanakbarhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic arfanakbarhas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about arfanakbar's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am spiritual healer who has been helping people resolve a variety of issues over 12 years. In the past I have helped people with conceiving problems, relationship issues, money, love, health, black magic, competitive exams,litigation etc.

Honest,truthful andamp; very informative reading. A kind andamp; thoughtful man. Thank you." ... written by panda
He was fantastic ...great insights ..will Rollo his advice...wonderful...thank you!" ... written by answers28
Very quick and nice...will have more credits next time...thank you" ... written by answers28
Helpfull" ... written by maryannepav
was good talking to u. whatever u said will definitely help.will get to u later." ... written by druvina2
I didnt get very far with him and we ran out of time but from hat he ws telling me i look forwrd to success ful year..thnk you " ... written by seven_o_clubs
one of my favorite readers...!! he is accurate, honest and tells you exactly how it is...i will be back when i can purchase more time..thanx so very much!! " ... written by mom123456
Again interesting and clear" ... written by maryannepav
Very interesting reading as well as clear" ... written by maryannepav
Very interesting reading as well as clear" ... written by maryannepav
Arfan was a great psychic he helped me figure out a lot of things that i was confused about, very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable asking him a question. I would highly recommend him...." ... written by humii000
Helpful" ... written by Psylent
Positive, understanding. Really quick. ran outta credits tho. will be back defnitely" ... written by DEMIII
Thank you very much for the excellent reading!!! you were able to answer exactly what i needed to know. you are very gifted and was able to read me will!! I appreciate how honest you were. " ... written by mlafield
He answered all my questions making use of cards I had to pick and his andamp;quot;white lightandamp;quot;. He doesn't seem the kind of expert that will tell you what you want to read but only the Truth. As far as predictions are concerned only time will tell if they will happen or not. He types fast and you understand his English, not many errors or typos which is important. He only asked for names and date of birth of the persons involved and also my mother's name." ... written by _Alexis
He was amazing... i was shocked that my dreams where telling me something crucial about my love life...i am sad about what i heard but i know it was all correct and i need to stay positive.." ... written by luckycharms312
Good feedback and advise. Tell you the truth." ... written by mb
Helpful, and intuitive." ... written by maryannepav
Very intuitive and very real. Good sight and truthful would recommend if you need the truth about something very trying in your life." ... written by madame1
Wonderful and insightful reading!" ... written by jag2340
It was good =)" ... written by luckycharms312
He gave good advice and was very kind. He was able to pick up on things very accurately. I will try to come back to hear more as we ran out of time." ... written by gemini2460
Good, clear information. Very fast. He made connection with my situation. Will try again soon." ... written by gemini2460
Ran out of credits but he was awesome.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Great reader!! straight to the point." ... written by Romaa83
Honest¡¡ this is the more important, nice guy , nice reader." ... written by GIPSYCAT1
Very accurate, thanks again " ... written by RLM1977
Arfan was very accurate in his readings, he is upfront and honest with his readings. Does not beat round the bush, very precise, clear and accurate. I am amazed at his readings.. very intutive and guided me correctly. He has a cute smile. I rate him 5 over 5.. try his pyschic skills you will not regret. I am really thankful to him. Thanks Arfan." ... written by lovers2012
Very good" ... written by Bojan99
Excellent reading - gave me great insight and helped me understand things better. Thanks so much!" ... written by febuary
Fantastic, spot on as to where problem lies. He is quiet and to the point." ... written by flotsum
Very acurate! thank you!" ... written by ram0nka
HE WAS VERY GOOD AND PRECISE!" ... written by myteewog
Right on the money! Honest and Accurate. The kindest Soul. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
He was great!" ... written by oalanis
Arfanakbar was very quick and honest with me and doest tell you things that you want to hear he tells you the the truth, I thank him for the reading he did for me and will come back and see him again." ... written by AMANDAjane13
Nice reading" ... written by FRANCIS27
Insightful." ... written by stellarexpress
Had a wonderfull reading with Arfan. He was most accurate in all he said . He is also very patient and Kind. Highly recommend" ... written by vandab19
What he said to me was so true, i guess he is of a great help to confused people who wants to know clearly what path should they choose" ... written by c_alicious
Excellent as always.Genuine and accurate.Fast with answers.Kind and compassionate man.Thank you." ... written by av
Very nice." ... written by _Alexis
This is the first time i got the perfect reading, it was straight to the point.. he doesn't waste your money. and hes the best of what he does. thank you mr. arfanakbar. give him a try your not going to dissapointed" ... written by ballerforlife23
This guy was honest And spoke with his heart and really did care when reading me :-)x " ... written by shortcake2012
Very good reading, very clearheaded and honest. Very patient and goodhearted too" ... written by getmeright
He's very good like him a lot. Please get reading bye him you, sends good thoughts to you." ... written by BAM4869
Very good n direct, would strongly recommend" ... written by febuary
Very intuitive andamp;amp; compassionate.He offers great advice.Thank you." ... written by av
It was okay" ... written by suseo31
Quick and to the point. A very detailed read." ... written by d2k1000
Nice reading" ... written by happy2020
Fantastic!" ... written by mzgg85
Amazingly honest!" ... written by mzgg85
Absolutely wonderful honest guy" ... written by mzgg85
He is clear and sincere." ... written by gstephen
Very helpful thank you i shall return" ... written by plumeria
Very helpful thank you i shall return" ... written by plumeria
Awesome! He really helped me out with my love relationship. I am so happy after hearing all that and plus he told me to read one of God name so I can make relationship more better with my bf. Thank you brother. " ... written by zillay
Arfan was very nice and straight forward. He made me feel positive and gave me hope. He gave me actual advice. He was to the point and did very good! I will be back very soon! Thank you soooooo much! He was worth every minute!" ... written by Kaileysyltevik
Very truthful person, I appreciate his frankness. Compassionate andamp; helpful. Thank you." ... written by av
Very good he gets rid of my neg and felt this way before so ty for having him on your sight.please give him a another star. Bridget tfrom florida" ... written by BAM4869
Thank you!" ... written by ghostface1983
He pick up negativity from my daughter so he right on but i wanted to know about me and i thing he proberly real good but i didn't have a lot of credits so i do recommend him he is good ty god bless i will be back " ... written by joni203
Great as always" ... written by nettie05
He was good and to the point, fingers crossed he is right! Thanks so much!" ... written by beebopps
What a guy!!!he is sensational,and totally accurate" ... written by marionlyttle
Excellent reader! Very good at giving positive energy and guidance. Thank you for your help!" ... written by mlafield
Wonderful as always, super sweet and accurate." ... written by nettie05
Was great, so accurate...and nice. Thank you so much" ... written by nettie05
Great accurate!!" ... written by nettie05
Thank you! Very helpful very good!" ... written by kat620
A very friendly and helpful person! He has clarified many things to me which made me feel a lot relieved! I feel very positive about my life at the moment after discussing my personal issues with this person. Thank you very much for your reading andamp;amp; predictions! May god bless you" ... written by sha1991
Lovely young man.Honest andamp;amp; reliable.Hope his predictions come true soon." ... written by av
He was right on everything.." ... written by hevensent211
Compassionate guy with great insight and wisdom.Thank you." ... written by av
Very astute andamp;amp; wise.I'm glad he's praying for me.Thank you." ... written by av
Made me cry...very special!!" ... written by lyriclove
Veryy good and accurate .....internet connection rejected me.. will come back ain " ... written by sarah3211
Helpful and accommodating. seems to know what he is talking about. thanks." ... written by gentle_breeze
Sincere and honest have to see if he is right wholly" ... written by getmeright
Thanks so much! I'm going to take your advice!" ... written by smithch1
Great reading very honest and accurate psychic! strongly recommend!" ... written by blueberrypigs
Gave me postive insight" ... written by illwoodz21780moo
It was a best person I ever had a chance to chat on line. He brought condifence in my heart and made me realise i shouldn't give up. Thank you so much. Iappreciate it a lot." ... written by Saulute88
Nice reading.. i will come back again.. thanks " ... written by happy2020
Very sweet and caring guy. He told me what I needed to hear. " ... written by Jules213
Great! He picked up on many things I didn't know of and things I needed to know about. He cares about you! Will have to see if things turn out well! Thanks! " ... written by rumi628
The Best! As always.Precise Direct." ... written by fretan
Good expert but very slow. will try him when i have more credit. not bad though" ... written by jolie79
Excellent, definitely recommend. Thank you!" ... written by peachybeez
Really good and accurate, will definitely be back... Good bless you, hun x" ... written by manox123
Very good and very accurate. Knows what he is saying and gets right to point...he will help you to if you let him." ... written by focusing
Cool" ... written by hushhu
Awesome" ... written by lesliecortes08
A very good first experience, very good advice, can't wait to see what happens:) Will be back!" ... written by Rexwire
Timing went quickly and very repetive wasnt sure of my question at first didnt get to ask my second question .............." ... written by twinkleone
Good reading, positive outlook for the future. Looking forward to it coming true.. " ... written by ladybird05
Good. Gave some very good advice at the end. Thanks!" ... written by justinsensei
Excellent reader!!!! Able to connect right away and help remove negative energies!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by mlafield
He was very nice and accurate. He gave good advice and was quick too. He was helpful on the situation too." ... written by sweetjanuary08
He connected well. wouldve chatted longer if i had more credits.Will give him 5 stars if his predictions come to pass." ... written by eternalflame
Good, amazing, simply amazing!" ... written by cassie52
Very very good.tahnk you for your time" ... written by eternalflame
The sweetest guy I've met here on Oranum. I felt like talking to a great friend. He's very sweet and caring and wants the best for you. He picked up on my current situation and feelings. He sent me positive vibes for me to be able to move forward. Thank you again, I look forward to our next session. :)" ... written by Thessa
Very accurate and to the point. Call him and he will help you!" ... written by focusing
He is sure about his readings, very confident, caring and reassuring, straight forward, AWESOME......will be back! Tuns of stars. Clarity with answers." ... written by adnan123
He helped me a lot!" ... written by luevenia
Very honest n sincere straight to the point and helpful I will be back to update you thank you so much " ... written by elena8014
Very insightful, quick answers, happy with the reading." ... written by lolapstar91
GREAT! Very accurate and understanding. He is very kind and honest. He would never give you any misleading information and he gives great advice! I will definitely be contacting him again! Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by b3aut1fuldr3am
Absolutley spot on!! Well worth the money spent...will be back again " ... written by EmpathInTraining
Great Reading, can see beyond the issues, very deep reading with great details. God Bless him, a must try, thx u so much!" ... written by queenbee22
Passionate, accurate, and honest. sometimes the truth hurts but we must face it to move on. I appreciated all his comments" ... written by needclarity788
Great thanks !!!" ... written by kiki228
Great!" ... written by Juherez
Very friendly and accurate. I didn't have much credits left and he still answered my question within the time frame. He got straight to the point." ... written by melvinjoe
Very helpful and very intuitive!" ... written by edelaine
A lovely kind soul. He picks up accurately with the situation and provides good advice and insight. Will recommend to all!" ... written by ladybird05
He is a great psychic. he was very informative, gave me great advices and knew everything that is going on in my life. he is amazing and seem so sincere. i will come back he worth it...:)" ... written by hafsamuti3
On the spot excellent..!" ... written by hafsamuti3
Thank you for the peace of mind hoping he will be ok and will work on being more patient so tht things will come through :)i really need tht job so ill be patient and positive :) Thank you " ... written by elena8014
Helpful, empathetic and insightful! x" ... written by joboluvz73
Things are definately moving along as you say and I'm grateful for your advise :) He's a firecracker that's for sure You are dead on on that too... definately have a hundred and one reasons to keep smiling :)" ... written by elena8014
He is truly amazing!!!!!!! He has helped me so much! I will be back again :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
He is so accurate!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Wow, absolutely amazing! Just Amazing! He's very fast, accurate, and honest! I love this guy! He gave me great advice. He's the one that should be chosen for a reading. No one would regret it. I loved my reading.. not only did i get clarity, I got the truth, honest answers. He connected with my situation very quickly and gave me advice on how to go about handling things. Thank you! :) Try him people! He's great! " ... written by justamazing
Told me the info I needed to hear, was exact about my situation. Talk to him! He's good!" ... written by RaleighDude44
Wow...he picked up on things no one else has ever picked up on and was 100% accurate on it! Hope to come back with great news as he sees :)" ... written by lotus01121
He is brilliant....I feel as if I am talking to my brother. He is very caring, compassionate and does is utmost to help." ... written by shygirl77
Lovely as always." ... written by ladybird05
He has helped me so much!!! He is great!" ... written by LuckyStar5
He is absolutely brilliant...very pleased to meet him." ... written by shygirl77
It was a great reading with him!" ... written by nike05
Arfanakbar has been a huge help, excellent reader and gave great advise." ... written by nike05
Great guy, loved my reading. We will meet again." ... written by 21naybay
Very good and direct and helpful..." ... written by focusing
Arfanakbar made me feel alot better about my situation, gave me good feeling!" ... written by meleanne825
Always advices well :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
Arfan is absolutely amazing...I intend to see him time and time again." ... written by shygirl77
He was great picked up on the energies right away =) said i might be with my ex again before yr ends i guess we will see what happens haha" ... written by luckycharms312
I loved his straight forward approach! Told me what I needed to know and accurate. Will see him again next time!" ... written by dwinadrito
Very straight forward... awesome guy... really helps a lot! 5 stars!" ... written by gerritmarx
He is great! His predictions were right on point!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Very good" ... written by gerritmarx
Very calming" ... written by gerritmarx
Wow... fantastic!!! 5 STAR indeed!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thanks very much." ... written by justinsensei
Nice!" ... written by Muchacha79
Arfanakbar connected on all levels. He was amazing and be back for more." ... written by Joan84
He was spot on about what was going on and what was needed to be done to heal my relationship. Very grateful eased my mind." ... written by madame1
Absolutely Wonderful!!!! Doesn't get any better than this!!!!! :) He's a great person! Love the reading! " ... written by inseperable22
LOVE HIM very good!" ... written by tmeek25
Very helpful and accurate and honest, Enjoyed every moment of it. He's great! Absolutely great! And I really enjoy private readings with him!!! :) Thank you so much! EVERYONE GIVE HIM A TRY AT PRIVATE READINGS! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!" ... written by GodsMiracle12
Amazing!!!! :)" ... written by GodsMiracle0
He's so sweet, so nice, and gentle! The private reading was AWESOME once again! I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to do another! He's very honest and helps out a lot! Amazing Guy! :) " ... written by GodsMiracle2
Very good, insightful..." ... written by gerritmarx
Good clear and kind!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you so much for the honest reading." ... written by beautifulmoi
I was in shock when he told me what I did step by step on my date OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing powers, I must admit he has the gift people and trust me it's EXCELLENT!!" ... written by astridzinha
Very good.. looking forward to working with him further! " ... written by fitchchic5
He is like a good friends, always there to help. " ... written by LuckyStar5
Excellent reader!!!! connects immediately! and is always right!!! thank you " ... written by mlafield
Arfan assured me that my husband would return a changed man next year. I believe him because we love each other very much. Also that my film project will be successful and he would pray for me. Thank you. I shall await the outcome. " ... written by tya1234
Absolutely Great! Very Accurate! THE BEST AT ORANUM! Deserves 10 stars for his readings! :) " ... written by godsmiracle97
100% ACCURATE! No one is better. He connected to my situation very fast and gave me great advice. He's very helpful, honest, and so nice. Such a gentleman! AND CUTE TOO! 5 stars for him! Give him a try! " ... written by Gmiracles
100 STARS! GREAT! " ... written by GMiracle
1000 STARS! Best reading ever! 100% Accuracy! Everytime! :)" ... written by GMiracle
Very good and very informative. Gave me comfort." ... written by Texasb2b
Always wonderful! Best psychic at Oranum! :)" ... written by godsmiracle
Wonderful reading! I felt great after healing! It's amazing how awesome he is. The healing really works! I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Also another prediction came true. How cool is that. He even shared with me positive things, sends positive vibes toward me. I feel no negativity whatsoever. Absolutely great. :) I highly recommend him. " ... written by Gm17888
One of his predictions came true told me that i would meet a new love whose name started with a A and the next day i met him. hoping his other prediction comes true" ... written by queenmarge
He is amazing Described the new person in my life down to details of his tattoos :) I really needed to update w/you thnk you so much and I'll be careful with the negative energies.... I'll light a white candle from now on :) Thank you soo much :)" ... written by elena8014
Always a great reading!!" ... written by mlafield
AWESOME! " ... written by GodsMiracle
Awesome guy! Best psychic ever! This guy deserves all stars!!!!! :) " ... written by GM1987
So wonderful! I enjoy all private reading with him! So accurate, nice, and such a gentlemen! Very helpful! Try a private session with him! Thank you! :)" ... written by GodsMiracle
100 percent worth it! Guy's awesome. Honest andamp;amp; Accurate. Reading went great. Must comeback again for another :) " ... written by G12887
Very well connected to the situation. I just hope for the best." ... written by allerena
AWEESOME! " ... written by 901601
Excellent! Words can't describe how wonderful this guy is! Just absolutely great! :)" ... written by G18997
Amazing reading again thanks thanks." ... written by jp4242
Excellent reading" ... written by user8628
Thanks so much. He is making such a big difference that is making me have real faith in him. He guides me to see the light and relaxing with GOD s blessing counting, thanks again." ... written by dolphinluv72
Excellent reader!!!! very good... connects right away!!1" ... written by mlafield
Very good as always" ... written by focusing
I am impressed, he got lots right and has helped me to understand what is happening. Will do again." ... written by kiki0728
Great caring and very insightful" ... written by rivalry
AWESOME!!!!! " ... written by G19887
Very friendly and reassuring. i really enjoyed the reading wery accurate and spot on." ... written by mmushy
So charming ad kind! spot on and great advice!" ... written by mhharview
Another wonderful reading! So helpful and nice and gentle! He's helped me in so many ways and I am so happy right now! Happier than I have ever been. And everything he said to me is very true! :) He's Awesome! Must come back again! :)" ... written by Gm17888
He's simply the best. What more can I say. He's 1000% accurate and so nice! Words can't describe it. Just wonderful! Thanks arfanakbar! Your amazing! " ... written by GM128888
Good reading. Thanks!" ... written by bekahb01
Very good reading and amazed! Will definitely recommended. :)" ... written by astridzinha
Outstanding!!!!! Love Him!!!! " ... written by Gm17888
He's amazing! He predicted that my relationship would be fine and everything would go well. He gave me great advice on how to improve the things that wasn't working in my relationship.. and those things helped me and my gf relationship GROW STRONGER! Everything he predicted for me came true! He helped me in so many ways and everything he said to me was TRUE. He provided me with helpful tips on how to be peaceful, get in control of my anger, and all the things he's done for me was helpful and i got great RESULTS! I wouldnt recommend anyone else but Arfanakbar! Because he's the best at oranum. He can help with any situation, any problem, and bring insight to all of your questions! Give him a try today, because you won't regret it. :) I am so happy I chose him! The best reading ever! " ... written by 178888GM
Very nice guy....true...accurate and clear...I really like his predictions...all very true...he all motivated and gave all of my past details correctly with out me giving any details...thank you...will come back!" ... written by rani4you
Helpful but didnt last long enough cause I run out of credits. " ... written by supersweetsara92
Speechless again! Everything came true! He was right about everything. He's just so amazing! :) Another wonderful reading! " ... written by Gm17888
5 stars! Awesome!!!!! " ... written by Gm17888
Woow I am speechless . He is so good and kind . i like him alot . I know all what he told me will come true . He is unbelievable . I wish i had enough money to talk with him . His energy was wonderful. I will definetly come back to do some more reading ..I thank God for giving him such a wonderful gift to help people like us , Please pray for the lord to bless him with long life and good health .Amen....." ... written by rosemddg1
Always positive and gives you good energy..." ... written by astridzinha
I keep coming back to this wonderfull man. I think that tells more than other words! " ... written by SadSong
Awesome Awesome Awesome! What more can I say. A wonderful reading indeed. Insightful, he gave me clarity, he helped me understand the problem, helped me fixed my problem with simple solutions, also gave me a wonderful smile. Oh how I just love him. Predictions are always correct, my problems are always solved. And I will definitely recommend him to anyone. :) I love him! He's always there for me when I need him most. " ... written by Gm17888
Nice person, is very helpful. Thanks alot! " ... written by tootles83
Very nice guy who will get to the point of the matter. Thanks for your help! Looking forward to the next few months :) xox " ... written by tootles83
Great words, and u can tell he is very positive, honest and a pure heart but still logical. He told me something that will repeat in my head for life.. andamp;quot;Trust in yourself and whatever you do will be successfulandamp;quot;... You just made a huge difference in the world by strengthening the ability in me to change it.!!!" ... written by nalej2
Gives excellent advice and is 100 % accurate " ... written by focusing
Great Job!" ... written by smtamondong
Very insightful. Gives good details. He is great. " ... written by angelic3aries
Very sweet guy...accurate...straight forward and fast...thanq and go bless u" ... written by rani4you
Stunning!!!! nice friendly" ... written by GM
Excellent reader with amazing powers to help!!! " ... written by mlafield
thank you. sweet direct.. probably excellent at reading people., sincere.. believes in what he is doing." ... written by michel h
Stunning stunning person, accurate and friendly!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Arfanakbar is really gifted and asks no questions just answers the ones you have and gives good advice." ... written by marion
Very good work and always keeping you positive no matter how bad you feel. Very good meditations and vibes. " ... written by astridzinha
What can I say very direct. He answered my questions with detail he is a very good psychic." ... written by cesar2394
Happy and excited to see the next steps come to play" ... written by chapara5480
Thank you so much Arfanakbar, U have taken a big load off my shoulders, your reading was so amazing that I have requested to have u in my Oranum profile. I also feel that everything u have said was so accurate that i will talk 2 u tomorrow ask u have asked because I know I still have things I need 2 know. U r a wonderful psychic and need 2 b recognised. Thank you so much.Tabby." ... written by tabbyweedatsme
Turned into my situation right away. Was able to tell me details about it without me saying anything... I think he is very gifted :)" ... written by bessbess03
Wow he is very special and have touch my heart and I understand where it need to be. My prayer will stay in faith and be strong." ... written by dolphinluv72
Very nice and great to talk to!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank you I look forward to meeting with you." ... written by jp4242
Thanq for the help and insight..its really helpful" ... written by rani4you
THANKS!!!" ... written by dolphinluv72
Honestly, I don't know why he is at 99cents, he is the BEST reader ive had... and I've tried many!" ... written by jp4242
Thank YoU! " ... written by 090503
Aww kind words, and guidance is appreciated :-).." ... written by honeybee198703
The best on oranum honestly he's predictions and vibes are working. He cares and he is very accurate on my situation, don't think to much and let him guide you as he knows what he is doing. :)" ... written by astridzinha
Love the way he cheers you up and very accurate and positive." ... written by astridzinha
Lovely man explains in depth what I need to know and looking forward to doing spells :-)" ... written by honeybee198703
Another great reading! Can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by lifetime1974
Impressive." ... written by swardan
Arfan is AMAZING!!!! He is excellent and connects immediately!!! He is always spot on!!!" ... written by mlafield
I will let you know if his prediction will come true in a couple of months , but he doesn't waste your time. thanks for a great reading." ... written by lildiva38
Nice guy, gave me some good guidance. Would recommend A++! " ... written by tootles83
Wonderful!!!! He's helpin me continue to be happy! Results shows! " ... written by Gm17888
I think he is great.. really hit it on the point about my relationship" ... written by ktchicagogal2435
Very accurate and good." ... written by focusing
He's very very strong minded! Everything he said was the truth. After having this private session I feel better, and I feel clarity. I am thankful to have someone who guides me in the right direction and gives me the best advice!!!! He helps me and make me feel so much better. He tell me everything I need to hear and He explains to me how I should go about fixing my problems. Each and everytime gets better and better! Thanks Arfan! :)))) " ... written by GM17777
Every reading is an awesome one! He's better than great! Helps me out every time with everything. I absolutely love him! He's wonderful! and 100% Accurate! " ... written by GMiracle
Fantastic!" ... written by lifetime1974
He's wonderful, so great! Helps me everytime I see him! Results are always accurate and great! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Gm17888
Always nice to talk to him.. Very positive and good vibe. He is amazing at what he does and hope to have more chats with him to guide me more .. " ... written by astridzinha
He is fantastic. He picks up immediately. He is always kind and friendly and I trust him a lot. Accurate!!!" ... written by GM
Aww I am hopeing all the predictions so far we've talked about come true...especially the one closest to my heart thank u :-)" ... written by honeybee198703
Great private reading, so much guidance and peace, he is awesome!" ... written by Texasb2b
Another 5 star reading! Private sessions are always great! Can't wait to have another one. :) " ... written by GM12887
Awesome reading! " ... written by miraclechild2
Highly Recommended! :) " ... written by Gm17888
Always a good read.. Would and have recommend... Will do again!" ... written by kiki0728
Amazing character just amazing. Great reading he picked on things I would never thought he would. I really recomend him 5 stars! " ... written by AnaForero
AMAZING !!!!!" ... written by qndiva
He deserves more than five stars! He should get a thousand stars! He's great! Helpful, gentle, honest, and made me feel so much better. I highly recommend him to others. What a wonderful psychic and person. Loved it." ... written by miracle18
Thanks for the help!!! Always nice to speak to you." ... written by GM
Finally one of my predictions has come true and I have a new job I'm so very happy about :-) Thank you once again, will come always. " ... written by honeybee198703
Another Awesome Reading! He's always on point and very accurate! He knows the situation and helps out greatly with solving the problems. He's nice, honest, and very cute! I love him! :) Can't wait until next session! He's such a great person, and psychic! " ... written by Gm17888
Wow, that was a very good expiriance. I like this guy. He was spot on. Picked very much detaild on a person I was interseting about. Got some good advices too. Im a very happy client :) Thank you arfanakbar! " ... written by SadSong
His predictions for my love life came true. I had consulted with several other psychics about the future of my relationship with my closest friend who I have been in love with for about a year. Two of the others said that my friend and I would never be intimate with me, and that we would only remain platonic friends. My friend came to me last week, and told me his feelings for me, and we were intimate, just as arfanakbar predicted!! Now we are talking of future plans and being more and more romantic with each other. I am so grateful!" ... written by kimmy33
ACCURATE AND FUNNY...THANKYOU" ... written by yanna_punzalan
Very good, interesting and honest reading" ... written by Tracie
He is good and fair. He will tell you like it is. Excellent service." ... written by Jass7869
Feel soooooo much better now! What a great healing! The best. What I loved most is the relief I felt afterwards. It felt like the weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders! This is amazing! I love it. Absolutely love it! The greatest! Thank you Arfan! Thank you so much! :) " ... written by Gmm180
Thanq for all the help...he is very straight and honest." ... written by rani4you
Private reading was great! I am very pleased once again. It gets better every time. The information is so helpful. It's simply great. He has provided me with a solution to each problem I've had. It's worth it everytime. Not only that, he tells the truth, not what a person want to hear but what a person needs to hear. I am very thankful for him! :)" ... written by GM17888
Thanks for the feedback and the reading. Its always reassuring to hear from you." ... written by GM
He was great. Told the truth." ... written by Alexisv09
He has been amazing!!! He has told me exactly what was going to happen and it did... I am extremely happy with his predictions and guidance!!" ... written by disteva
We will see, hopefully, will be correct." ... written by swardan
Arfanakbar has a powerful mind with which he can see and transmit light-energy, as well as a beautiful hear which facilitates Universal Love where he focuses. I felt him help me, and was very pleased with the insight he shared from reading the people and situations in my life right now. Thanks so much Arfanakbar!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Yet another great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank you " ... written by sks123
This is awesome new life path :) Lots of new positive energies :) Im excited! Thank you so much I will be back for updates :)" ... written by elena8014
Im soooo excited about whats to come And ready to enjoy the moments that will build up to my future :) I cant wait and with all the amazing details, I am extatic!!! :)" ... written by elena8014
Best Update I've had so far finally feeling good about myself :-).. thank you " ... written by honeybee198703
Came to him last week before going to a interview I was stressed out about asked him if I was going to get it he said I would and I did ! .. Thank you!!!!! will be back to post about the rest of the predictions if they come true as well !!! Great Reader defiantly talk with Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by katiew12345
THIS GUY WAS AMAZING....HE GAVE ME THINGS THAT I NVA TOLD HIM....THATS HOW U KNOW A REAL PSYCHIC.....TUNED IN,BANG ON....AND PREDICTIONS THAT MY OTHER PSYCHICS HAD TOLD.......i have wasted so much money on here going to so many.....AND RIGHT HERE I FOUND SOMEONE WHO KNEW IT ALL...EXPLAINED SO WELL,THE EXPLANATIONS THAT U AGREE TO...NOT LEAVING U MORE CONFUSED......1000 stars..and am gona be back and back and back......VERY KIND AND GENEROUS MAN WHO CONTINUED IN FREE CHAT...which many dont do.....thnx arfan :)" ... written by beautifulmoi
Arfan has helped a lot.. he indicated that if I did what he told me to then the love of my life will contact me and thats what happened.." ... written by jaisyanto
One prediction true so far, others still in the future, hopefully he keeps it up" ... written by swardan
Another great reading! Love it! Will be back again! :)" ... written by Gm17888
Excellent readings as always." ... written by angelbekah
He is good!!!" ... written by angelbekah
Arfanakbar, Fabulous reading, Thank-you" ... written by qGiginha
Fantastic Reading!!! Everything was just awesome! I feel much better now and will sleep better now! I feel great!. Thanks Arfan! " ... written by Gm17888
5 stars indeed!!!!! I felt wonderful after the healing! I could feel all the weigh lifted off my shoulders! I am thankful I can come to Arfan at anytime because each and every time he helps me heal, give me clarity, give me accurate predictions, and I always see results! I feel wonderful! :)" ... written by Gm17888
Great every time... Even shows you through unexpected surprises like telling me about my mother." ... written by angelbekah
Arfanakbar, excellent! picked up quickly on the situation, would recommend!!.......many thanks!" ... written by olive23
Awesome reader he is such an accurate and gifted one.. thank you for your honesty.. immediately spot on as well in my situation... thanks." ... written by home888
Feel so good right now! Healing was so great! All the weight was lifted from my shoulders. Arfan is so understanding and so patient. Through healing I felt the difference, my face was lightening, I felt the weight being lifted from my shoulders. Each session I feel better and better. He tells me everything I need to hear. Most of all he's patient and very very caring. He cares about all of his clients! He do everything he can to help every person he can. That's what I love most about each session. He helps me see clearly and erase all the negativity around me. Everything he say is always right. Never wrong. He knows his work! And he does his work well. He deserve more than stars for the work he does. He works hard at helping each and everyone of his clients. Thank you Arfan!!!!! :) The reading was wonderful! Once again! " ... written by Gm17888
What more can I say! Arfan, is great, wonderful, so accurate! Predictions after prediction come true! I see the results! 100% Accuracy. I trust him because he give me accurate information! He removed my negatives, reunited me with my love, gave me clarity! He's done so much for me in the past 6 months I feel great! Just wonderful! Love talking to him! He's so generous, gentle, and Nice! :) See you soon! Take him to private Everyone! " ... written by Gm17888
Arfan Akbar. Like the best friend I have had all my life. Very Sound advice and a true seer, extremelly sensitive and very powerfull psychically. I wish him all the best, " ... written by qGiginha
After being a client for so long, I can truly say I am so thankful to have Arfan as a friend, guidance counselor, psychic, and all of the above! Ive been through alot but through everything he's helped me solved each and every problem I've had. He knew things before I even spoke. He patiently took time to help me in every way possible. Thanks Arfan!!!!! :)" ... written by Gm17888
Very intuitive everytime! great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
He is a like a good friend who is always there. Everything he has told me in past readings is unfolding :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions .......i now know i need to keep $it seperate from her" ... written by elena8014
I very much enjoyed our conversation. I feel like he really connected with my deceased mother. Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
He is very nice, compassionate. I will not know if his visions will be true for 6 months. I hope so!" ... written by cathyq
He is amazing!!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Good reading, helpful, gave answers to all questions and reassured me. Friendly." ... written by becca2312
Tonight's reading was the best! There was another prediction that was proven to be true, everything he told me in the last reading was true,and everything worked out just fine! I feel the progress, I can see all the results clearly, andamp;amp; they are 100% accurate! He gave me the clarity I needed once again! Everything has been working out just fine! I am so glad to have someone I can trust to tell me the truth at all times when I need to hear it most. Can't wait to do next session! Thanks again Arfan! :)" ... written by Gm17888
Everything has worked out and is working out exactly as predicted by Arfan! Im extremely happy!!!" ... written by disteva
He is very intuitive. He is kind also. He cares about you and what becomes of you and your happiness. He could see several things that were absolutely true! I recommend Arfanakbar!" ... written by cathyq
Really very encouraging. and his always smiling appearance gives a feeling of warmth :)" ... written by simran1012
Hopefully what he says comes true, certainly all seems possible" ... written by swardan
Thanks Arfan, lots of clarity!" ... written by AppleBite707
Just like you said yes, id meet someone amazing and loving out of town totally hot and sincere, great in bed. And very family oriented and financially stable and supportive. Im so excited to see what else is to come :) You are amazing! Thank you so much. " ... written by elena8014
Excellent advice as usual." ... written by angelbekah
A sweetheart and a very lovely human being... who is with me along with me understanding advising and predicting with amazing accuracy.... I run to him when I need that extra boost of confidence..... don't pass him guys.. trust me I have done many on here... and I know who is the REAL DEAL " ... written by beautifulmoi
Ur right about the sex thing..hit it on the nail. and i love that u smiled at the end! it was great meeting u and i will definitely be back!" ... written by giselle18
This guy is the best - he is able to help clarify and see what is best for your path and is truly a gifted person. I can't speak highly enough of him! " ... written by rivalry
Very upfront and kind, will let you know in three months what happens. But he was accurate on personal situations. " ... written by keysgrl
Very quickly tuned into my feelings, very hopeful my reading will come true, he is genuine " ... written by loulourae
Fantastic reading as always!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very Very good insight . Excellent energy, I always feel sooo good after speaking to him ! Thank you." ... written by qGiginha
Thank you very much for the answers :)" ... written by eagleeyes340
A fantastic reader! Gives lots of hope and happiness with his readings. It was a true honor to get a reading from such a wonderful and accurate person. Definitely don't miss the chance to get a reading with him :)" ... written by BlueFloors
Very gifted person!! Thank you always!!!" ... written by nettie05
Very intone with issues thanks." ... written by joboluvz73
Excellent reader!!! Always have great readings with Afran!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by mlafield
Hopefully whatever he says comes true.. " ... written by bubblygirl
Awesome reading as always! His predictions are spot on!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great!! fast accurate, very intuiative" ... written by jamira76
Amazing as always :) predictions like u said are finally happening and I'm sooooo excited about it ;) Yoou said I did meet an amazing man who is stable financially and emotionally firm out of twin And he is ;) feeling truly blessed :-)" ... written by elena8014
Awesome" ... written by sumitstomars
Good update, stuck to his predictions." ... written by shaz77
VERY VERY ACCURATE. He could see the present and predict the future with spot on clarity. Excellent psychic and will be one of my favourites." ... written by persephonestears
He's really good .. I didn't say anything but he said what going on... ." ... written by shann3n
Came back and finished the reading, seemed very confident about what would happen." ... written by shaz77
It was good up until the point the performed left the room, not sure what happened." ... written by shaz77
I have been on oranum for last one yr. I have my favs but I have never ever had a reading so accurate. It was mindblowing. He was so on the dot that it blew me away. I can begin to state how true and right to the point this guy is. WOW. Ill be back with the updates again and again!" ... written by amnarashid
He is on point in reading. Tells you as he sees it. No sugar-coating. TY" ... written by reena2323
Awesome is the word for him." ... written by sumitstomars
******" ... written by giselle18
All his predictions came through!!! Everything he said about my ex, and present are true!" ... written by LuckyStar5
His predictions are spot on! He is really able to connect well with me and I will definitely be back for more readings with him! :-)" ... written by arrook86
I can't help it, but I keep coming back because he is so amazing!" ... written by lifetime1974
Exellent :) will keep posted " ... written by manystars
He's great and not shy in what he has to say. Very accurate in details!" ... written by lotus01121
Honest reader. That's why I came to consult with him. " ... written by reena2323
Thank you." ... written by shaz77
The atmosphere round him makes me feel a lot better. He gets straight to the point and gives me really fine advice. I'll be contacting him for a long time." ... written by holydoll
Fanstic " ... written by coyoteroper
Arfan Akbar is probably one of the most centered and connected psichic I have know." ... written by qGiginha
Good" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you so much for your help!!! Really gave me hope... just like a true friend!! Looking forward to your predictions!!" ... written by aa2012
The most trust worthy person I know and will always get a reading by him. =)" ... written by SilverQuinn
He is good, helps out. Make me feel welcomes and warm, and like a friend to me. I would always want to talk to him if I have an issue. Or just to talk :)" ... written by SilverQuinn
Fantastic reading as always!" ... written by lifetime1974
A special and gifted reader,he is accurate and I recommend him!!" ... written by loulourae
He knew my problems before I even went to chat. He is very good, and pick up your situation well and and caring bout it. An excellent reader!" ... written by SilverQuinn
Awesome reading.... quick connection and quickly answers questions.... Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I have a long reading with Afran. He is very good and tells me a lot of things he could see in my life. I look forward to the predictions he has for me. Thank you Afran. " ... written by welcometo99
Very nice hope he is right" ... written by karolinkush
I'm going to take his advice and see what happens." ... written by shaz77
He is very nice man.Picked up my situation without details.I will be back,just waiting what`s gonna happen in my life.Thank you for ur time.All the best." ... written by magsy231
Lovely man and great and informative reading. Weel worth it" ... written by Tracie
Thanks for the insight mate~God bless you~" ... written by Aemen27
He is amazing as always!" ... written by lifetime1974
Hey was so cool he is sooooooooo friendly..." ... written by miminish
He is always amazing. As accurate as it gets. He is right on the money every single time and catches things what others miss. Definitely recommend him 1000 times and over!" ... written by amnarashid
A great reader." ... written by SilverQuinn
All he says spot on lots od details and timeframe he is great guy and accurate I cant wait my predicition to come true !!!:))" ... written by eternalove21m
Thank you, hopefully comes out." ... written by swardan
Good predictions and insights.. can consult again and again.. can trust the predictions." ... written by rain_toi
First time on the site and arfnakbar was right on and right on point. Thank you!" ... written by fionna153
Clarified things a bit!" ... written by swardan
Knew what was on my mind before I even asked the question. As accurate as it gets. I'll be contacting him for a long time." ... written by Beautiful84
He is very good and picks up on people very easily!! Recommend him, 5 star! Good guy." ... written by loulourae
Very, very good." ... written by LeKris22
He was really good. Gave good answers which were truthful, too bad I ran out of credits! " ... written by worriedmeye
Arfanakbar always gives specific details with a need for no information from me at all. One of the best psychics here." ... written by persephonestears
Thank u arfanakbar " ... written by elena8014
I have been having readings with Arf for a while now, and he is amazing! His predictions are coming true, and can't wait to see if the others do! " ... written by lifetime1974
Straight forward!" ... written by curielpatricia
Great update!" ... written by reena2323
He predicted I would have contact from a guy and he was right!" ... written by queese80
I just had a follow up and I am very impressed with this mans gifts. He told me what I needed to hear. I will be back." ... written by angelsilk29
Arf is amazing! He is sweet and kind, and very accurate!" ... written by lifetime1974
Another great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
This guy is great - his predictions for me came true. he is very insiteful and very careing. " ... written by rivalry
Very good insightful update, thanks again. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Arfan is really kind, he adjusted his credits to help me as I was in need of help with my love life.He could come straight to the problem and he did not waste any time in telling me the truth.I recommend this kind-hearted and accurate psychic ..lots of love , light and smiles :)" ... written by bunu123
Awesomeee!" ... written by hoping2351
Very good!!! Always connects quickly!!! Thank you, Arfran!" ... written by mlafield
He is just awesome...he gave me the great relief through his reading...God Bless!" ... written by nafeesha
Oh my got! Wow i didn't even ask a question. This man started typing exactly what was in my mind!!!" ... written by bluetig
Could explain things, we'll have to see what happens." ... written by swardan
Really like his readings and he tunes in to people very well! Only a little slow." ... written by loulourae
What a great heart, and so on spot." ... written by coyoteroper
Knew what was on my mind before I even asked the question. Spot on what I was thinking or wondering about" ... written by JaySora3
Than kyou for the update… Good as always. x" ... written by joboluvz73
Very informative and specific , brings alot of clarity." ... written by lovely_tahira
VERY VERY ACCURATE." ... written by LeKris22
Fantastic reading as always" ... written by lifetime1974
Absolutely amazing accurate and quick... Thank you for another great reading." ... written by Beautiful84
He always knows how to make me feel better, and he is true to his readings. You must have a reading with him. He is very accurate!" ... written by lifetime1974
Had told me that I had gotten some money today and my boss would be giving me some more soon. Which happened." ... written by JaySora3
I received the answer I was looking for. He is truly awesome!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by imtheory
He is very good. Very connected!" ... written by sandalgr8
Very fast on picking up a connection. I liked how he got info in his freechat room and then did reading in private." ... written by angelsilk29
Gave me a positive update on my current situation, thank you :p" ... written by JaySora3
He is spot on always." ... written by coyoteroper
His predictions were just right! Really looking forward to hear more :) Trust Arfan and get a pvt done. God bless!" ... written by worriedmeye
Always great having readings from Arfanakbar!" ... written by lifetime1974
AS ALWAYS ARF IS VERY CARING AND ACCURATE in pvt sessions!... I feel so close to him!... He is a true friend! Thx a lot, Arf~" ... written by LeKris22
Thumbs up. Thank you once again. Let's see what happens with patience.. :) god bless you" ... written by worriedmeye
Another awesome reading! Predictions are happening just like he said!" ... written by lifetime1974
Actually I am so grateful to Arfan. So powerful seer. Many thanks for helping me, life is made so much easier. Very compassionate and understanding -again Thank you so much... And Thanks for protection, very much!" ... written by qGiginha
He is more like a good friend now. He is accurate though. Very pleasant and a patient listener. :)" ... written by amnarashid
He is kind sincere and hits the target. Great reading 5 stars!!!!" ... written by dominquez1
Very good and intuitive! " ... written by curielpatricia
Very satisfied, accurate and fast. " ... written by lovely_tahira
Thanks!" ... written by niaisha6
Thanks." ... written by shaz77
Very informative and hoping predications will come true with his help!" ... written by curielpatricia
He's okay!!!" ... written by myojin
Always has the ability to lift you up and tell you what is true and accurate. Simply the best!" ... written by rivalry
Awesome!!" ... written by gem1974
Consistent and helpful like always." ... written by worriedmeye
Quick, seems same as before, will see." ... written by swardan
Another reading from my friend!" ... written by lifetime1974
Wonderful guy, great insight and have been accurate many times!" ... written by lotus01121
Brilliant reading, always good :)" ... written by loulourae
I love this man! He is amazing, and predictions coming true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great reading." ... written by John
ANOTHER PREDICATIONS COMES TRUE!!.... Thanks Arf" ... written by LeKris22
Thank you once again :D" ... written by worriedmeye
Turned out to be my lucky charm :) thank u arfan.. u know I can count on u.. a real gem folks. Get your reading done :) " ... written by worriedmeye
Thank you! :)" ... written by Lyne37
Confirmed a bit, got ideas will have to see, definitely should have listened last time." ... written by swardan
See how this works out, hopefully it does." ... written by swardan
Awesome reading. Felt like everything he said was true and accurate. " ... written by queese80
Spot on with info. Very quick with answers." ... written by mummahen1
Very honest and helpful!" ... written by curielpatricia
Thanks for the advice on forbearance... god bless you and may love surround us all! =)" ... written by go slow
Thank you Arfan.. :) Thank you for your meditation for me as you promised.. Thank you for listening to me.. And being honest.. Thank you for being a friend :) " ... written by worriedmeye
Another fantastic reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very good reading, he was on point with everything. Thank you for the clarity. " ... written by novMoon
Arf is always there when I need him!" ... written by lifetime1974
Last few have seemed like they were probably right, one especially if only i'd listened, time frame is long, but hopefully he's right." ... written by swardan
We will see, parts seem probable, others possible!" ... written by swardan
Somehow he knows your story. And he can offer insight into your situation. " ... written by leorising
Had to go to him after a spot on demo reading, pretty much tuned into my life and echoed what I thought. Thank you." ... written by kat
My last reading on here for a while. Had to save the best for last! Is amazing psychic and friend." ... written by lifetime1974
Great!" ... written by sudha2809
Good reading." ... written by CTgirl
Amazingly accurate and good... I'll keep coming for more!" ... written by sudha2809
Fabulous reading. Thank you !!!" ... written by kiki228
Very patient and intuitive :) " ... written by curielpatricia
Arfan is truly the best, he has totally be true in all he has seen for me, and has reunited me me with the person, I have been wondering about. His predictions has been spot on. Truly excellent!" ... written by rivalry
Arf has been one of my first psychics since I have been on here. He is amazing! Not only is he sweet and caring, but his predictions have been spot on for months! They have come true, and you must have a reading with him. You won't regret it. Thank you Arf for being a friend!" ... written by lifetime1974
Amazing!! He is spot on about telling you the problem... I didn't say anything to him. He's very accurate and helpful. " ... written by selective22
He is been very good and caring. Highly accurate in his readings. I'd give him more stars if I could! Thanks for all your help!" ... written by sandalgr8
Great update thanks!" ... written by joboluvz73
Everything seems to be working out as predicted!" ... written by swardan
Thanks for your insight, very clear and to the point. Have a good day!" ... written by meg007
Very good reading...happy!" ... written by lottabody1982
Wonderful reading, actually what he reading about my love and he make me feel comfortable open to talk.. Lovely and funny sweet :)" ... written by ginlin
Arf's predictions continue to come true time and time again! You must have a reading with him. He is not only a great psychic, but an awesome friend! Thank you for being there Arf!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great guy to talk with." ... written by rachel1312
He was very accurate and helpful to me." ... written by novMoon
Very gifted intuitive psychic. Very powerful and helpful." ... written by leorising
Great, thanks again! " ... written by loulourae
He picks up some stuff correctly before i say anything" ... written by swardan
Awesome and super connect worth the time with her." ... written by gem1974
5 stars as usual. I love you arfan! Very friendly and approachable. Gives honest answers. Worth your time and energy! I visit him on a regular basis. Thanks so much Arfan!" ... written by worriedmeye
Listens very patiently and comes out with quick, easy and good solutions for the problems." ... written by rain_toi
Thanks you're awesome!" ... written by natalia's star
His predictions are on the dot. Very very very accurate predictions. I am stunned because one day he asks me if something happened yet, I say no.. Within few hours that happens and I'm not kidding you.. He is a true friend.. Thank you so much Arfan. Please get a reading if you haven't done so.. Really. " ... written by worriedmeye
I came back to talk to arfan after a very long time. He is such a decent guy and psychic. He connects really well and wil definitely help you whatever your situation. I think he is so cool and brilliant!" ... written by shygirl77
It's worth the time with arfan!" ... written by gem1974
He is so amazingly accurate! He is awesome!" ... written by RHONDA04
He was right on and very good! He was very kind, and truthful! Thank you again for everything..." ... written by scadoodle
Excellent! Too good!" ... written by hemal79
Thank you! Good reading, gives me hope!" ... written by Moondancer61
This guy is very good, left really speechless, he give me a detailed reading and issues surrounding me, without asking questions and helped in a mediation.. I will highly recommend him and I will be back to see him again.. worth every penny... Thank you very much!" ... written by bernyrose
Hopefully this turns out" ... written by swardan
Awesome and precise " ... written by gem1974
He was helpful and helped me realize things better." ... written by novMoon
Excellent Excellent Excellent!" ... written by rivalry
Sharp and precise!" ... written by gem1974
He seems to confirm what I'm already thinking." ... written by swardan
Arf's predictions always come true! He is an amazing psychic as well as good friend. Thank you Arf for being there!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank you and great!" ... written by JaySora3
Thank you very much for an informative reading!" ... written by joboluvz73
Thank you, very good and spot on, thanks!" ... written by tonio73
As y'all know psychics come in all forms with very diverse talents... arfana while not the most talkative person in free chat... is extremely extremely gifted... he has precision!" ... written by jp
Awesome and quick connect!" ... written by gem1974
Makes things clearer, should work out" ... written by swardan
Most of what says seems to explain what I am seeing in the situation, as for the future stuff, will take time, hopefully he's right!" ... written by swardan
Gave me updates in regards to my situation.. let see how things work out in the end :) He is a good friend and his predictions so far have come true, almost all of them. Still waiting for some.. and he is very honest. Thanks again Arfan " ... written by worriedmeye
Great!!!!!!!!" ... written by nena95690
Hes honest, calm, very accurate and greatly detailed! :-) Loved to have a reading and chat with him!" ... written by bellacasa
Great amazing very helpful." ... written by hemal79
Great!" ... written by gem1974
Arfanakbar is truly gifted... to this day he gave specifics that no psychic I have seen has... he described all the people in a situation I was going through. God bless him." ... written by j
Great reading very detailed and accurate. Nice man thank you!" ... written by Moondancer61
Best reading ever - I will be back!" ... written by Bellyrox
Great update connects well with situation. Very funny and caring." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Good read!" ... written by natei08
Thank you for the update, Arfan. I appreciate it. (6 Jan)" ... written by welcometo99
Very good. Wish I had more time and money to continue. Thank You for your help. Appreciate it. :D" ... written by golde1
He is great and accurate about what he said... I liked the reading :)" ... written by sweetytweety1605
Good as always, nice guy to chat to and he is kind and honest to me. Good psychic!" ... written by loulourae
UNREAL!!! This guy is insane... In a good way!! SO GOOD!!! I'm speechless..." ... written by CatherineLoree
Very insightful. Right on point." ... written by kortega317
I like him a lot, I just didn't have enough time. I have to come back for more questions. He is very accurate!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Will have to see, hope he's right" ... written by swardan
Wow thats all I can really say hes a great reader and what he has told me in my private reading has happened " ... written by jojomccallum1983
He was right last several times, sees things I don't tell him, I'm sincerely hoping the rest comes true as predicted." ... written by swardan
Reading was accurate and helpful." ... written by novMoon
Thankyou for great insight very accurate and good advice" ... written by Moondancer61
One of the most amazing, accurate readers I've ever done a reading with! Don't know why it took me soo long, I will be back! He is one of the BEST on this site, I will return my friend!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
Thank you for the update, very nice honest guy I will be back... He honestly leaves you speechless!" ... written by bernyrose
Nice connect." ... written by gem1974
Not sure I understood everything, but seems to be good." ... written by swardan
Truth in what he says. we'll see what happens. wish there were more details.. " ... written by joyful222
Thank you for the reading, very accurate and good guidance." ... written by novMoon
Thanks wonderful reading as usual" ... written by sudha2809
Great reading and accurate on current situation, just have to wait and see!" ... written by asbs777
Good!" ... written by candyland2013
xx" ... written by candyland2013
A great reading as usual, he gives a lot of clarity and sense. Thank you." ... written by novMoon
Super connect!" ... written by gem1974
Truly inspirational person!" ... written by rivalry
Good as always... He makes you feel good and laugh... Lovely talking smiling... He said what I needed to hear.. " ... written by ginlin
Seems consistant." ... written by swardan
Wonderful and so astute. Great reading. Thanks so much. I'll be back." ... written by poquette
Always very good and gives lot of information and explains in detail. " ... written by Moondancer61
He is so wonderful! So so so wonderful!" ... written by Zuzana
He is the best love him knows what ur feeling and thinking. " ... written by lottabody1982
Great reader, thank you so much!" ... written by Pp
I loved the reading!! Thank you, thank you again :)" ... written by bloodyjj
He is a good psychic, and clear. " ... written by novMoon
Seems to have been correct so far." ... written by swardan
Second reading I got, made me feel 100x better. I feel good and trying to stay positive!" ... written by kortega317
Really liked the reading, let me know what I needed to do, concerning relations between me and my best friend. Thank you!" ... written by angelica3carmell
Seems good." ... written by swardan
We will see." ... written by swardan
Thanks for the thorough reading. He is very in tune with situations. " ... written by kt
Thanks!" ... written by sudha2809
He is very sweet and funny. He did tell me the same things others psychic told me. he was very descriptive looks of person and such. i don't know if what he tells me will come true or not but i will hope for the best. overall even if it doesn't he knows the right things to say to make me feel better." ... written by Linh
GREAT GREAT GREAT! This guy is excellent and spot on! " ... written by rivalry
Nice reading, picks on things well and things I don't even mention." ... written by JaySora3
Thanks my friend! I appreciate your insight. hope you have a great day, see you soon." ... written by meg
Eased some worries, really hope he's right." ... written by swardan
Was spot on with everything knew what was going on and I'll take his wisdom to heart and hopefully it will fix everything, will def keep u updated!!!" ... written by Willem2003
Great reading!" ... written by sweetsx
Most positive for a while, hope he's right." ... written by swardan
There are no words that I can use to describe this reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
Thank you so much for another great reading ARF!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thanks for the insight!" ... written by Zeigen
ARFanakbar is a great, honest reader. He has connected well to my situation. He is to the point and I appreciate him sharing his talents and guidance with me. God Bless!" ... written by meg007
Great reading, thank you very much!" ... written by sweetsx
Thanks, great insight and connection to my situation. You are gifted and accurate." ... written by meg007
Excellent readings, very accurate to my situation. He is very honest and connected to my questions and anwsers. Thank you my friend." ... written by meg007
Seemed to be good!" ... written by swardan
Thanks ARFAN, you were very well connected today. I enjoyed your insight and guidance in my life. Bless you always!" ... written by meg007
He's very caring, friendly, accurate, and honest:-) " ... written by caz
He was good reader and helpful." ... written by novMoon
Very connected to my situation, thank you for you reading it is very accurate. You know details I have not said anything about. you are talented and gifted. Bless you and keep up the great work!" ... written by meg007
Fantastic" ... written by stephanie
Amazing as always =) always give me the right amount of information I need to keep going forward =)!!" ... written by Willem2003
Thank you for your meditation about my matters . I appreciate your guidance and you are very gifted and knowledgeable about my situation. Many Blessings to you!" ... written by meg007
So Good. Intelligent, compassionate, understanding. Arfan gives out such good energies, really lifts you up." ... written by qGiginha
Awesome as always =) Recommend him always =)!!" ... written by Willem2003
Thanks for updates and clearing things out for me." ... written by novMoon
Great reading. Honest and to the point." ... written by Moondancer61
Thanks Arfanakbar for your reading, you are very connected to the situation. I appreciate your help. Love and light to you." ... written by meg007
Arfanakbar was very acurate and gave me the truth in everything. Thank you, you were great " ... written by lapazul
Arfanakbar has always given me the right information. He has always been there when I needed him and given me the right amount of advice =) and I truly appreciate him for his awesome readings. =) !! THANK YOU !!" ... written by Willem2003
I really liked him.. He was right on.. I would highly recommend. I knew everything he said was correct... I hope to work with him again!" ... written by Srunion
Hope he's right." ... written by sward
Very nice and helpful! Goes as far as to help with meditations as well." ... written by Ivory
Great reading, thank you so much." ... written by sandy1113
Thank you for another fantastic reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
This guy is awesome!! When you forget the words to a song... He can sing them back to you... He has helped me open my vision... Thanks." ... written by Srunion
Great psychic! so in depth and thorough, wonderful." ... written by katie
Awesome as always" ... written by coyoteroper
He is top notch! Amazing! Honest and accurate. Awesome guy! Great read. Tells you answers before saying anything! I love him! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats
I don't know how he does it, but he always knows your situation in seconds! He doesn't waste time and gets to the heart of the matter quickly and gives wonderfully simple answers. I always feel a sense of relief and peace after a reading. Thank you!" ... written by christina
He is very straightforward and to the point. He IS ACCURATE. Tells me like it is, and does not sugar coat anything. I am grateful for him and his advice i will always come to him for advice and guidance." ... written by candyla
prediction came true :) Waiting for the rest." ... written by bubblegum10
Thanks for reassuring me on my issue." ... written by novMoon
Hurtful but the truth." ... written by laurieann04
Thank you Arf for always being there and being spot on!" ... written by lifetime1974
Just amazing and accurate!!! Will always come to him 'cause he tells me like it is!" ... written by candyla
Thanks my friend for doing a meditation for me. I always appreciate your help. take care. keep up the good work." ... written by meg
thanks so much for your reading. I appreciate your love and support in helping me through all this." ... written by meg
Nice person, fast answers, very uplifting. Thank you!" ... written by christinA
Thanks again for a good follow-up reading. He manages to help me see what's going on with life. Thank you." ... written by kat
One of my favorite, go to him because he seems to be able to connect with you immediately. He also does cards so as to verify things. Thank you, Arfan, for the guidance." ... written by kt
Best.......... So spiritual, so knowledgeable. Makes you feel so safe," ... written by Maria da Luz / Giginha
Thanks, you were right about my job, great insight." ... written by meg
Thanks all u said help me to think better ur so friendly and makes me feel comfortable with u. Ur a great man and really great on reading. thanks and hope to chat u again if i need ur advice in the future" ... written by mitzcarillo
Thanks so much my friend. I appreciate your help and you doing a special meditation for me and my concerns. You are very gifted and talented. God Bless you" ... written by meg
A great reading every time. Good or bad, he will always tell you the truth. Unbelievable how well he can connect to any situation. Thank you Arfanakbar!" ... written by christina
Very great psychic, very well connected to my situation. I appreciate your insight my friend." ... written by meg
Thanks my friend, I appreciate your kind words and insight. You are very gifted. Thanks for sharing." ... written by meg
He so good and accurate in reading. It's my second time to ask help and always consider him to help me to solve all my problems in the future, because he is so amazing and kind. Comfortable to talk and friendly too. Thank you so much arfanakbar, god bless you always. You are so amazing." ... written by mitzcarillo
Thanks ARFAN you have helped me stay positive and focused on my goals and life struggles. I appreciate your help and meditations." ... written by meg
Superb." ... written by sudha2809
Very nice and thorough." ... written by Bonnie
Wonderful. Accurate and precise!" ... written by noorjehan
A great, all round psychic! Very accurate!" ... written by katie
Took a little time with the cards, said somethings that made sense... said somethings other psychics said... if they're all saying someone what of the same thing... either they're real or just good psychics.. so far arfanakbar is good. " ... written by intrigued8
Thanks my friend, I enjoyed your insight. You are very connected to my situation.bless you too" ... written by meg
PERFECTLY ACCURATE AND ON PAR WITH EVERYTHING HE IS TRULY A GEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best this site has to offer he tells you everything you need to know please try him!" ... written by candyla
Thanks for your honesty and clarity in my situation. I appreciate your insight." ... written by meg
Very inteligent but also very sweet and understanding person." ... written by Maria da Luz / Giginha
Thanks so much my friend. I appreciate your insight and readings for me today. You are very connected to peoples energies. Peace and light to you!" ... written by meg
Very good psychic and in tune with what is happening. He is accurate." ... written by katie
I have had several readings with Arfanakbar and each time he has provided such accurate and detailed info to my situation, so quick and with such kindness and warmth." ... written by cj
Thanks my friend, you are always positive but honest with your readings. I appreciate your help. Cheers!" ... written by meg
One of the best this site has to offer he picks up on the energies surrounding my situation he is accurate and I always come to him for advice! Never has he been wrong about anything. Truly amazing and so far 100% ACCURATE!" ... written by candyla
I will always return to this reader for answers, he connected exceptionally well with my situation. Been reading with him for a while and everything he has said came to pass, he does not sugar coat he tells it like it is. HIS ACCURACY IS WOW! thank you arfanakbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
Gave me a better picture as to what I was dealing with and helped with some problems. very good reading and would recommend to anyone. Thank you :)" ... written by Karen127
He tells it like it is, very connected with the situation and right about everything he has told me so far I will always come to him when I have unanswered questions. Been correct about all my concerns. Very accurate and totally worth the time and money!" ... written by candyla
Wish I had more time. Thanks for your meditations. I appreciate your insight." ... written by meg007
Very serious seer, very competent in difficult matters, and extremelly thourough. Gives one total sense of protection and Peace, Thank-you Arfan" ... written by Giginha
Love love it !!! Great advice." ... written by Summer
Thanks so much for your reading, god bless." ... written by meg
Great, great, great! A blessing to have a reading with him every time. Nice person and gives detailed and accurate predictions! He is always right so trust him!" ... written by cj
Will not be easy, hope it works." ... written by swardan
Hope this works." ... written by sward
Arfan Akbar - the Greatest - truly gifted. Has empowered me with my own power.........that is so important, he gives, not takes, Thank-you Arfan Akbar." ... written by qGiginha
Thank you for your insights! Blessings." ... written by Acissej
Thanks for your meditation and insight. I appreciate your help." ... written by meg
Awesome! amazing! Monumental reading! What more can I say?? I know that everything will be alright with me. And I'm so grateful because running into Arf and having a reading with him was a treasure to my soul! He is such a kind, man and i believe very honest with what he sees. " ... written by usa
Always honest and accurate. Love this man well worth it." ... written by Moondancer61
Thanks!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks ARfan. Thank you for your predictions they have come true. I appreciate your time and meditations have really enlightened my life. And your positive guidance has encouraged me to stay positive and patient about my life." ... written by meg
He is great! Told me exactly what other person feels and is thinking! It helped a lot. Would see him again." ... written by jamira76
He has amazing insight!! I will always consult him. He always tells it like it is. I love love love this guy!!! Highly Recommend!" ... written by srunion
Thanks Arfan for helping me with your insight and gifts. I really appreciate your encouragement. I hope things work out like you predict. You have been really accurate so far. Have a blessed day!" ... written by meg
Another awesome reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
I hope his predictions come true, I just had a reading with him two weeks ago and today i went back for updates. He is just as sweet as before and he tries to make me feel better and he does because he is very positive." ... written by Linh
Consistent." ... written by lotus71
Arfanakbar picked up on the situation without any hint from me. He sensed another person involved. He was very accurate. " ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you. I feel closure. I can move on with my life now." ... written by Ashlee
Very understanding and helpful :) Was right about everything I wanted to know. Thank you! Will definitely come back again. " ... written by Silky
Thanks Arfan, you were right. I appreciate your support and help all the time." ... written by meg
Thank you ARFAN, you are super insightful and helpful / I appreciate your extra help and your predictions are coming true!" ... written by meg
Thanks for your predictions they are coming true. Peace!" ... written by meg
I have been reading with him for a while.. He is right on every time.. Thanks !" ... written by srunion
Great! He has an amazing insight into mine" ... written by Srunion
Seems good, knew most of it already, will have to see on the rest." ... written by swardan
He has always been spot on - every prediction has come to pass just as he said it would - I respect that he is honest when he does not have the answer - he does not make one up - he tells you straight good or bad - Arfan is the best. " ... written by coyote
Thanks, your predictions are coming true, you are so great!" ... written by meg
He knows how to uplift my spirits. I'm still waiting for his predictions to come true. I see Arfan more like a friend now than just a psychic. :)" ... written by linh
Excelent, Arfan Akbar, sees, truly, gives you hope and peace, really helps you focus , and totally helps........I thank him for his insights and strength........." ... written by Maria da Luz M Taquenho
He is very helpful and accurate." ... written by Jennifer
Detailed insightful read with time-frames. Spiritually gifted person." ... written by sk
GREAT! Arfan described the man I like accurately. I have no doubt that he is astute and possesses excellent psychic skill. He made good predictions for me and I will see if it will happen. thank you! " ... written by steph
We will have to see, hope he is correct" ... written by swardan
Thanks Arfan, glad to have a long reading tonight. I appreciate your help and guidance. peace and light." ... written by meg
Very detailed and accurate reading. Thank you for confirming things I was feeling. Kind and friendly reader. Fun to talk to. :)" ... written by Grace035
Thanks Arfan, you are right again. Hope it goes well tomorrow." ... written by meg
very clear and quick for the very few credits that I had left :) Thank you sooo much Patience will be the tactic here I guesss... :) " ... written by nena
Thanks Arf, you cheered me up. I appreciate your accurate readings always. Love you." ... written by meg
Thanks arf! Love you and thanks for your sharing your insight. Things are happening that you have predicted." ... written by meg007
Really good. True psychic ability." ... written by iconnect2
Thanks for your positive energy and insight. I appreciate your help. I feel more and more positive about my situation bc of it" ... written by meg
We keep getting disconnected. But, at least I feel he understands my situation. And was able to answer me." ... written by MinaVamp27
His talents are amazing. He tells it like it is! I will always go back to him ! He is right ON!" ... written by Srunion
I have had several consultations with him.. Every time he has been right.. It's not always what I want to hear I think he is the BEST on here.. I would highly recommend him!!" ... written by srunion
It gave me the confirmation I needed that my future husband was the one and that I wasn't wasting my time with him." ... written by melinda duggins
Thanks for your help and support. I am more at peace everyday from you meditations and help." ... written by meg007
Always love talking to this man. He is always honest and correct. So far he has been right all the way." ... written by Moon
Thanks Arfan, Your insight is true and inspiring that my love life will have some good outcomes soon. Thank you my friend." ... written by meg
Always amazing. Spot on. Kind, gives great advice." ... written by tx
He was straight to the point. I will be back, thank you so much arfanakbar. " ... written by islandgirl
Would recommend." ... written by Good clear advice, like a friend
things change, we'll see how this goes." ... written by swardan
Always helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
He was absolutely wonderful. He has helped me and clarified things for me. Will call again. Thanks." ... written by feisty12
Thank you for your help and connecting to my situation. I appreciate your help always." ... written by meg
Thank you my friend. I appreciate the meditation and kind words. Thank you for connecting to my situation. Bless you " ... written by meg
He is great ! " ... written by Jennifer
He is awesome in private gives a very detailed reading i would highly recommend him to anyone searching for the truth." ... written by simon
Thanks arfan for being one of the best psychics on oranum. truly gifted. " ... written by kr
Never a cleverer psichic. Understands everything imediately it is exposed to him ...........and so kind..........relly recomend, truth comes out you see............" ... written by Maria da Luz / Giginha
He's always very good and an accurate reader!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you arfan for following up with very insightful reading." ... written by katie
Very good reading! Lots of insight into the thoughts and emotions involved and very helpful advice." ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you for your help my friend. i will talk to you soon. i appreciate your help always" ... written by meg
He connected with the feelings very well. Good." ... written by moona
Excellent !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Great, thank you!" ... written by jen
Arfan is amazing !" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for connecting to my situation as always. I appreciate your help and angel guides watching out for me. I will see you soon my friend. " ... written by meg
Thank you very much for the reading you are really good" ... written by Myraime
He is very good !!!" ... written by Jennifer
He is a great reader. Very Very Accurate and on the spot. Will meditate for you. Highly recommendable and must visit." ... written by Need2know5
He was just a great person! I felt as if I was talking to a friend. He gave me insight, that i will put into practice and I'm glad I went to him to assist me in my situation. " ... written by Leblanc
He is really good. It was a very in-depth reading, very accurate, amazing details and advice." ... written by eva
Excellent Psychic, Must to visit and highly recommendable and he meditates for you and he is very accurate and must to go." ... written by need2know5
Great Reader, Very Accurate Reader, Must to go!!! 10stars." ... written by need2know5
Thank you for the updates, you give me a smile. Lets see in the next weeks :)" ... written by Myriame
Thank you, Arfan for an accurate reading. He is very intuitive. " ... written by k
Arfan as ALWAYS was spot on - every pprediction he has made has come to pass. He told me things over a year ago and they are happening now just as he said they would. He is truly AMAZING. Such a great heart and a great soul. Do not miss the popportunity for him to tell you what he sees. He is one of the best there is. " ... written by coyoteroper
Very honest truthful and spot on" ... written by jamira76
Awesome. he focused and gave true insights no bs no sugar fairy tails and I know the details he gave were accurate to what I knew to be factual so I am deff coming back again." ... written by angela
I had a reading with Arfan a couple of days back...he was absolutely spot on! He is always so good to me...and I feel that I am talking to my younger brother! He deals with me so personally..I find this so endearing. Thank you Arfan! I recommend Arfan wholeheartedly." ... written by shygirl77
Arfan Akbar as usual has given me tremendous insight and help. I can always trust him to know exactly what I should do I'm my very complicated problems. I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to talk to him. A true psychic. And Sooooo Kind and good and understanding. Worth everything... Thank you Arfan Akbar!" ... written by Giginha
Thank you for your insight and guidance with my life. I appreciate your help always!" ... written by meg
So great!! Picked up on tons of details and things going on right now with no info given to him. Gave very helpful guidance and helped me see the truth in my situation. " ... written by Seeker1200
A wise and kind soul. He really knows his stuff and picks uo on small details. Excellent reading!" ... written by A
Thanks for your insight and love my friend. I always appreciate your help. talk to you soon. thanks for your meditations and energies." ... written by meg
He is very kind, gentle. Intuitive. His calming personality is soothing and reassuring. I will def get another reading! " ... written by m
Spot on! Highly recommended." ... written by 69wondering
Powerfully connects and heals. Very gentle and compassionate but spot on and honest with what needs to be done!" ... written by m
Thank you." ... written by bre
Great reading. just waiting for prediction to happen." ... written by ninador2
Thank you for ur reading very thorough and intuitive." ... written by k
GREAT READING!!!" ... written by LeKris22
Thanks my friend. I always appreciate your help and guidance. Your honesty is appreciated too. Have a blessed day." ... written by meg
Good" ... written by moona
Amazing and great guy, he knows what he is talking about!" ... written by alyabaw
Amazing reading. sees good details clearly. highly recommend. " ... written by Regina
He told very nice info he is very good reader and very nice person. I will have a reading with him soon!" ... written by Waqar ALi
Brilliant as always!" ... written by shygirl77
I had a reading with him and he had done a reading about my future marriage. Thank you I will try him again." ... written by Kasumi
Arfan is very helpful and keeps his clients informed through his updates, thank you." ... written by moona
Good follow up - thank you !" ... written by Jennifer
He is very gifted.. His consulting has always been right ON.. " ... written by srunion
Thank you." ... written by talebini
My 1st session with arfanakbar was great! Got a lot of guidance from him! Great!!! Looking forward to my next session!" ... written by Belle
Very good." ... written by Sarah
Did a very good job reading, you said pretty much every I've been thinking and you confirmed it. I don't think I need any more details." ... written by hutchy456
Uplifting!" ... written by Sarah
Very nice man. Will tell you what you need to near not what you want. I give him 5 stars." ... written by nick
I'm glad I hard what arfanakbar had said honest and on the point. Now I would say I have a smile that made I think differently. Thank you!" ... written by pauline bonita
Five stars." ... written by zara
Gave me great insight and was honest with what is going on. Was very very honest. I really enjoyed my reading with him and will return. " ... written by sarah
Thanks arfan, a pleasure!" ... written by S
Arfan tells the truth, whether you like it or not. Thank you for your help." ... written by katie
Very kind and accurate. five stars." ... written by zara
Came back to arfanakbar again because he knows how to give awesome readings! Thank you friend :)" ... written by Belle
Arfan will tell you what you need to hear, I trust him completely." ... written by katie
good psychic and helpful" ... written by novmoon
Thank you" ... written by Talebini
He is good with updates" ... written by moona
Good psychic and very helpful. Thank you" ... written by novMoon
Very accurate!!!" ... written by Peggy
My first reading with him and he is so amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for your honesty arfanakbar :)) many blessings to you!!!! Thanks again!!! love and light :) (((hugs)))" ... written by prettyeyez64
He's the best!" ... written by srunion
Arfan was a really nice person~ Praying that what he told me will actually happen. Blessings and light." ... written by Rana
Thanks for the session Arfan... Greatly appreciated and helpful :)" ... written by S
Thanks for your update... I want to cont more please... Lovely session, thanks!" ... written by S
Had a quick update with arfanakbar and as always he is quick with his readings and I like his honesty :) Thank you again my friend, love and light!!" ... written by prettyeyez64
Great Reader and Highly Recommendable. 10 Stars" ... written by need2knwo5
He is a very talented and wise individual. He knows what he is talking about and he was able t help me spiritually. I look forward to using the advice he has given me." ... written by Beau
Going right back... :)" ... written by S
He made an amazing effort, and it made my day finding out the truth. I highly recommend getting a private reading from Arfanakbar. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by jasmin
Thanks Afran, will keep in touch appreciate all the help you offer and insights seems in tune with things and situation person's feelings, etc." ... written by SS
Excellent Reader. Very good and highly recommendable, always go back to him for a reading. " ... written by need2know5
Thanks my friend. I appreciate your help and guidance always. Bless you." ... written by meg
Sweet soul, calming and sincere reading. Gave sage advice and will be back to visit. Thank you!" ... written by janee120
As always very good. " ... written by GRT
It was a wonderful reading, and it gave me a great deal of inner peace." ... written by Fitness_freak
Thanks Arfan! You are right. Have a blessed day" ... written by meg
Thanks for the session and advice much appreciated." ... written by S
Great update. Be back. :)" ... written by S
Arfan is very connected and does meditations too for clarity on my life questions. Thanks for your help and support." ... written by meg
Always gives me accurate readings, and helps me understand things better always calming to talk to him. I keep coming back." ... written by April
Thanks Arfan, I appreciate your help with my life questions and confusion. Your insight is really helpful.Thanks for the meditations and connecting to your guides to help my path. I appreciate you always." ... written by meg
Thanks my friend. I appreciate you connecting to my situation. Love and peace for you always." ... written by meg
LOVE HIM. THE BEST" ... written by GRT
Thanks for updates and blessings :)" ... written by S
Thanks for updates." ... written by S
AWESOME READING!!... thx arfan" ... written by LeKris22
Was given good suggestions." ... written by pavan
Good reading... Honest and to the point." ... written by Lisa
Great reader." ... written by stachild700
Thanks Arfan for connecting and meditating about my current situation. I appreciate your help. Your predictions are coming true everyday. " ... written by meg
Excellent Reader, Highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Thanks Arfan for your insight! Hope to report back some good news." ... written by meg
Good reader" ... written by need2know5
Very Good!!!!" ... written by Mimi
Great reader!" ... written by Mike
Thanks was good till it froze up fro tech reasons." ... written by S
Thanks for update, tech issue cut us off but will be back." ... written by S
Thanks for your thoughts :)" ... written by S
Thanks arfan. I appreciate your positive insight and guidance always. Things are coming true day by day. Love you." ... written by meg
Thanks my friend your predictions are coming true. I appreciate your help." ... written by meg
Arfanakbar is a good and honest psychic. He's fast and to the point about my question pertaining to my future." ... written by CutnDry
Well will see what happens in the predictions he told me in private reading. I will be back and let him know about predictions. Highly recommend him! " ... written by goddess70
Very positive and optimistic. :-)" ... written by Nadia
Excellent update! He is very connected and gives amazing insight into the situation as well as advice. Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Encouraging updates, he doesn't waste time in private, thank you very much. :)" ... written by m
Great session, honest, straightforward and direct. I love it. Thank you Arf." ... written by lovebug
He picked me out for demo. Nailed what I was thinking about all morning, went to private andamp; he was even more spot on! He is truly awesome, used no tools, knew exactly what was happening with me andamp; gave me hope!" ... written by Pam
good" ... written by woman
A very kind, sympathetic psychic. He gave good updates. Thanks." ... written by mona
Nice reading will see if prediction will happen..looking forward to all positive predictions ;)" ... written by MV
good connection..he is good..i shall see if everything will happen as what he said and will come back for updates" ... written by MV
Great in site!!! Very positive. No tools needed." ... written by jamira76
Very nice and I will see if his prediction will come to pass." ... written by Missgreeneyes
Thanks Arfan for your help and support. I appreciate all your insight and it is coming true before my eyes. God bless you and keep up the work. peace and love" ... written by meg
Very nice person - thank you for your time!" ... written by rungakuta
arfan is a gifted psychic and has been very good. Thank you" ... written by novmoon
He is a very nice man and what he told I will need to wait and see what happens. Highly recommend him." ... written by goddess70
Very accurate with what is going on in current situation without me having to tell him, gave good advice on what to do in my situation and only time will tell about his predictions. Overall, I am very happy with this reading. Hopefully he is right." ... written by Lauren
very very accurate, no false hope just a clear depiction of the situation. Appreciate it" ... written by somebody
He is always wonderful.. Last time his predictions came to pass. Hopefully this time his predictions will come to pass again. I wait to speak to him. Give him a call. Very accurate, spot on.." ... written by Feisty12
He is solo caring, nice nd helpful, connected with me, and very willing to help, accurate as well" ... written by cali
Thank you Arfan for guiding me. He is a great psychic." ... written by Novmoon
Thank you so much for reading for me!! I really appreciate it!!!! You are an awesome person and I would highly recommend you to anyone who reads this!!" ... written by aknative
Great!!!! Very positive!!" ... written by jamira76
Thanks arfan for your insight. I appreciate you connecting to my situation and helping me with my questions. Peace and love." ... written by meg
Arfanakbar is very attentive and empathetic. His advice are very useful." ... written by Kaiserfilk
He was very informative, connected with feelings very well, and also gave lots of good advice. He is very genuine and kind to his clients. Thank you." ... written by mw
Excellent update! " ... written by Seeker1200
GREAT update ! Knew what I was going to ask before I said it ! Will be back for more updates !! " ... written by Summer
i thank GOD for him he is the best and on point i will alway have a reading with him he is understanding and on point thank u Arfanakbar for ur support love u... GOD BLESS U TOO!!!!" ... written by evelyn
Arfan is great, very caring, and helpful, he treats me as his own, and has taken my worries on as his own, very nice, and caring, thanks bhai!" ... written by calizbestjatti
WOW, JUST WOW, he gave me to the exact point, cause and reason for everything that is going on, soo accurate, caring, and helpful, just wow, he is great, thanks Arfan Bhai" ... written by cali
Excellent reading. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the insights. I look forward for the predictions Arfan. Thanks my friend" ... written by moonstone
Good" ... written by cali
So far I've had a good reading, get in another one" ... written by cali
He is very intuitive and helped me to see positive things out of my situation. He gave points that I never mentioned about my question but was all true. He made me smile a few times because of that... It was a good move to have consulted him and the time was well worth it. I'll certainly be back and talk to him again. Take care ... " ... written by nanerelle
very sweet and caring and connects well" ... written by cali
He was awesome and accurate!!!" ... written by Brwn Skynd
Arfan is fantastic! He has always dealt with me personally and with the utmost care and compassion. He is a brilliant psychic and I recommend anyone who needs help with whatever aspect of their life to consult him without any hesitation. Thank you Arfan for everything you help me with...I value and appreciate your time, care and abilities immensely!" ... written by shygirl77
He knew what was going on only with giving him names. Will be back!" ... written by Blonde
He is EXCELLENT!! " ... written by Seeker1200
The reading was helpful and on point. Thanks very much." ... written by novmoon
He is my main man. Helps me so much!" ... written by A
Good he did connect and sensed the personality of my fella.... pretty crappy personality to tell you the truth but he gave me the thought processes he has and I do understand him better... I have a prediction that he will return so I hope it comes to pass !" ... written by Senem
Thanks arfan, for your insight and support. You are always very connected to my situation. Peace and love." ... written by meg
Excellent Reader, Very true and accurate, 10 on 10, Must visit, worth your money." ... written by need2know5
Thanks arfan, I look forward to your predictions coming true. You are very connected and insightful." ... written by meg
He is good for my first time with him." ... written by ladykathy
Intuitive. Highly recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Good :) " ... written by Senem
Very good reading, go to the point, quickly and answered my questions. Highly suggest this reader! =)" ... written by Ashley
Arfanakbar is very pleasant, and he definitely has a gift. Brought up people around me I wasn't even thinking of. Definitely will be back." ... written by Gadget65
Very friendly, on target with what he sees. Made some predictions I can live with. Thank you!" ... written by Gadget65
Very good vision and advice. Very clear." ... written by Kaiserfilk
Awesome psychic, has helped me so much. Keeps in contact with updates on my situation as it is happening. I can not suggest using him enough, just do it! You won't regret it! =)" ... written by Ashley
thanks Arfan, your predictions are coming true. have a blessed day" ... written by meg
great reader" ... written by mike
He is good! very nice :D" ... written by Andrea
10/10 very accurate, reliable, must visit." ... written by need2know5
Thanks for the reading. Appreciate your insight." ... written by familyhelper
he help me clarify a decision i was stuck with for awhile and gave me clarity to what i should do great advice." ... written by April
He's very sincere and honest. :)" ... written by Jessica
You're always spot on. Thank you again." ... written by feisty12
thanks for doing a meditation for me and my situation it is getting better slowly but surely. bless you my friend" ... written by meg
Arfanakbar gave me a date in March of April 4th. Well that date was exact. This is the second time he nailed the dates. He is wonderful with details and gives great advice. Give him a try he wont disappoint you. " ... written by Feisty12
AMAZING! AND HONEST! AND TRUTHFUL!" ... written by Liliana
I love Arfan. He is always straight to the point, no sugar coating. " ... written by telt1910
Arfan, does good readings and very helpful." ... written by novmoon
It was very interesting and great . I loved it." ... written by vaneya
Arfan is always friendly, non-judgmental, and insightful, straight to the point. He has helped me a lot with an ongoing situation that has thrown me quite some curve balls. I can carry on again! Thank you, as always." ... written by Telt1910
channeling great" ... written by sue
Amazing !!! cant wait for stuff to happen !!!! " ... written by Summer
He is pretty good and very accurate and I give him 10 on 10. he is a sure thing and he is a must visit. Very Highly recommendable. " ... written by Need2know5
too long to give answers" ... written by shnaz abdul
amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Liliana
accurate and timely reading - calmed my anxiety and heart. Thank you! " ... written by whenever21
accurate and to the point - nice reading! " ... written by whenever21
Time spent with this boy is never wasted. He is amazing! " ... written by Liliana
Arfan is brilliant...he is one of two people I trust wholeheartedly on this site! Whenever I have spoken to him, whatever I have has been 100% true. If you need guidance/assistance please do not hesitate to contact him...Arfan will help you with the utmost care and attention...he is brilliant!" ... written by shygirl77
Cute and spot-on guy. Very smooth, straightforward and no unnecessary feely-touchy. I liked the time with him." ... written by Liliana
thanks" ... written by sudha2809
i really enjoy arf's energy if nothing. man he is so warm in spirit..he's so calming and so reassuring and it feels good to my soul. i really enjoy his presence. he gives good advice and is always honest with me. thank you for your honesty arf. thank you for this reading and your time. feels good to be around you." ... written by love
Smart and insightful boy! I loved the way he talked and explained." ... written by Liliana
Thorough and understanding, smooth, explicit." ... written by Liliana
great awesome reader" ... written by jamira76
amazing!" ... written by Liliana
This guy helped me more than any friend or book has ever helped me - put me at ease and clarity and healed and soothed my pain! I am so grateful!" ... written by Liliana
Always a pleasure to talk to. Right on the target, knows stuff without you telling him about it." ... written by telt1910
Spot on" ... written by a
This kid is so gentle and responsive and responsible, you can tell him anything. I would let my mom talk to him. !0 stars!" ... written by Liliana
Arf is amazing! You can trust him 1000000%!" ... written by Liliana
This guy is great. Picks up on things quick! :-)" ... written by Blonde
Thank you for the updates." ... written by jewell
thank u arfan, arfan is truly blessed he has been so right always. not only is he a psychic but a wonderful friend who is honest and truly wants to help u, thank u so much " ... written by melissa
thanks again arfan for helping me with my life. thank u for being completely honest and trying to genuinely help me with everything that has been going on. U truly are amazing." ... written by melissa
Arfan has always been a good reader, thanks for your help." ... written by novmoon
Arf is unique in the way he connects and his facial expressions say a lot. He is compassionate and caring and a wonderfully precise reader! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
great as always thanks arfan" ... written by mel
very truthful accurate spot on as always love arfan thanks my friend" ... written by mel
Arfan was pretty intuitive. Worth a try :)" ... written by peach
A wonderful wonderful, wonderful boy! Very insightful, calm,, open, honest, quick. High recommend him!!!" ... written by liliana
Arfan, has been a good psychic to me, and has helped. Thank you." ... written by novmoon
The session with him has been helpful. Very pleasant to talk to. " ... written by a
He was very kind and gentle to give truth. I do appreciate very much" ... written by Rose Lopez
Arfan is always on target. Validates your own intuition, sees things without you telling him. " ... written by telt1910
He is very gifted. I have got his advice for many years, He is always right on. with little information He is the real deal.. I trust his guidance and it confirms everything i feel" ... written by srunion
Arfanakbar has helped me many times in the readings. He is good and recommended." ... written by novmoon
thank u again arfan my friend. Not only were u right about Mando texting me but u also predicted about my job,. and its come true. thank u for always being here through my worst and good moments always." ... written by melissa
10 on 10, very accurate. Sure thing. Must Visit." ... written by need2know5
I LOVE my psychic" ... written by MJ
Another great private reading. It helps, it works, it's going to be my weekly regimen. =]" ... written by MJ
<" ... written by MJ
The best as usual. =]" ... written by Monica
Powerful reader with powerful insights and energy. Recommend his healing. Thanks a million, Arf!!" ... written by liliana
very good no tools!!!" ... written by jamira76
I very much appreciate the readings with arfanakbar. He is accurate and caring. Thank you." ... written by novmoon
I hope what he tells me is legit. . . we will see. Nice guy" ... written by Blonde
He is someone I can always count on for help. He is a sweetheart. Always spot on. I will be calling after 1 week. Thank you" ... written by Feisty12
Arfanakbar has always been honest. Will update you in 2 days. Thank you." ... written by Dawn
Very satisfied!" ... written by joshfr2
thank u arfan my friend again great reading thank u for always helping me and giving me answers honest ones. u r right on my situation always and always help me thanks" ... written by mel
Doing all I can to stay positive and never losing hope/faith. I believe in all the information given to me =]" ... written by MJ
he is good, he senses really what the problems might be. I didn't hv enough credit to stay on but give him a good try." ... written by sonee
Great reading tbh! " ... written by sonee
Great reading... I like the way he reads energy. Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Laura
Always a pleasure talking to Arfan. " ... written by telt1910
very good reading and accurate and good advice." ... written by sunlove2
Did a cleansing tonight and am now feelings worlds better. It's amazing how it all works!!" ... written by MJ
EVERYTHING that was told to me in all my readings has been confirmed today. All predictions are SPOT ON. I am not even exaggerating that Arf knows what he's talking about. It's like everything he's told me is unfolding in front of my eyes." ... written by MJ
he was great, helped a lot " ... written by novmoon
thank u my friend for always giving me such a great prvt reading. u r always spot on my situation and help me thru it all. xoxo stay blessed love and light" ... written by melissa
Very helpful and positive. He was so accurate about my connections to the people I was asking about, and he really helped me know how to approach my situation." ... written by kimmy
AMAZING reading. Everything was completely accurate and spot on. Plus, he was forthright and pleasant to communicate with. " ... written by Monica
very helpful reading, thanks alot" ... written by novmoon
Arfan is a very gifted psychic...I have known Arfan for 2 years and have always gone to him with my problems and concerns. He has always helped me with the utmost care and compassion and he has never failed me. Arfan is brilliant and I recommend him wholeheartedly! Thank you Arfan!" ... written by shygirl77
All I can keep saying is WOW. I haven't felt better in a long time. Arfan sends me good vibes and gives me such an amazing positive outlook with his energies. I am so hopeful about the outcome of my current situation and cannot wait!!" ... written by Monica
With every reading and time spent with Arfan I am more at peace with everything and positive after every private session. I will continue to have sessions with Arfan because of how much he's helped me... seriously, thank you!!" ... written by MJ
ANOTHER AMAZING read. I get all the advice and help I need every time!!" ... written by Monica
Thank you. Always helpful" ... written by Blonde
Awesome reading. Honest perspective and he was quick to connect." ... written by deb
Just another fantastic session. Thank you so much for your help!! I honestly appreciate it and feel better after every private talk." ... written by MJ
had to get my reading with Arfanakbar. He always calms me down. Thank goodness we didn't get cutoff this time. Will update soon. Thank you. " ... written by Dawn
thank you! such a nice guy" ... written by blonde
Honestly, I've been a wreck and Arfan has completely helped me change the negativity around me and I've never felt better." ... written by Monica
Cannot express my gratitude enough... Thank you." ... written by MJ
Very good, would recommend!" ... written by Angela
Amazing" ... written by Ang
Interesting in a good way" ... written by Angela
so very truthful and accurate great reading I loved it " ... written by dionicia hutcherson
Wooooooow. In a matter of minutes of talking in a private with Arfan, I instantly feel great. He has the best way of tapping into your energies and healing that I've ever received from anyone. " ... written by MJ
Great" ... written by Angela
AWESOME!!" ... written by MJ
Arfanakbar is so on point! absolutely incredible... " ... written by Marjorie Napier
Please if you have any problems, see Arfan as he has helped me tremendously with mine! He is very calm, friendly, warm, welcoming and understanding. He has helped me in ways I cannot explain." ... written by MJ
Very insightful into the siutation, very helpful - can go deep and sense below people and situations. I was highly impressed with this man's ability to quickly pick up on subtle cues." ... written by Aureus
He is great" ... written by Ang
great as always. Will let you know the outcome. Thank you again. " ... written by Dawn
<" ... written by MJ
My situation is a long one but I can always depend on Arf to help me out for this and I believe what he is doing is tremendously helping!! I couldn't say this a few months ago before I came into contact with him. He is very honest and forthcoming with information for me and I keep coming back for the healings. I honestly feel better instantly." ... written by MJ
There is obviously a reason why I keep coming back.. =]" ... written by MJ
Insightful and highly in tune with the energies, he helped me identify the source of my concern and on taking steps to correct the problems ; Very resourceful in advice and delves deep into any question and issue, serious and ardent work method with his gift and abilities. Much appreciated! (:" ... written by Aureus
5 stars every time. He has taken a lot of time to help me with everything and is so positive and encouraging. I consider myself very fortunate to have found a friend in Arfan. " ... written by MJ
I'm having regular sessions because of how effective and helpful Arfan's private sessions are. I'm sincere and truthful of how amazing these experiences are. " ... written by MJ
Amazing, accurate, and works. " ... written by MJ
Great reading -as per usual. Thank you for being so calming and for your meditation. I thoroughly enjoy our chats and wished they could last longer =] You are truly an amazing person and friend!" ... written by MJ
I think he gets better every time he reads. Faster, and more on. He is highly recogmended" ... written by Ang
Thank you for the update. Will keep you posted. Your wonderful as always. " ... written by Dawn
Great reading, very accurate! Trust his advice!" ... written by Rigo
This man can put you at ease, can calm you down and show you the way within 10 minutes! He is accurate and very precise! Recommend him with 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
arfan thank u so much my friend for being here always. thank u for the prvt u always seem to be right on things and have everything that is going on already known. thank u so much blessings to u xoxo" ... written by melissa
Very clear and concise. Didn't have to tell him a whole lot. Will use him again." ... written by Amy
I cannot begin to tell you how much help Arfan has given me. I am more than appreciative of his time and his gifts. " ... written by MJ
He is really good at what he does. He's been a good help in time of need. Thank you" ... written by novmoon
Thank you so much again.. =] " ... written by MJ
My most favorite reader on this entire site. Most accurate, most helpful, most everything." ... written by Mon
AMAZING! Always accurate and always helpful. Every prediction has come to pass. =]" ... written by MJ
I love the positive atmosphere that I feel right away.. I love the honesty.. and I love the healing. Arfan is amazing.. I say it everyday." ... written by MJ
Always an amazing private with Arfan... I come to him whenever I feel low or troubled or curious and he ALWAYS helps." ... written by MJ
thank u arfan for this prvt reading. thank u for the wonderful connection u have made to me and to that one person, I really appreciate this. thank u for the mediations prayers and blessings I luv u a ton amazing like always accurate truthful and on point. blessings friend" ... written by mel
he was outstanding! Thanks you" ... written by scadoodle
Thank you for the update. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Dawn
I love having private readings with my favorite psychic!! " ... written by MJ
he was so awesome thank you so much will see you manana tomorrow God bless and Namaste 10 stars" ... written by Edna
Arfanakbar gave a decent reading. He seemed to tune into the situation correctly. " ... written by Lightstar
This reader is very kind and spot on. I appreciated his help." ... written by ilgiardino
I can always count on him for the truth and lifting my energies because he genuinely cares." ... written by MJ
it was great talking to arf...his answers calmed me down.:-)" ... written by gina
Excellent!!" ... written by Seeker1200
You are truly an amazing person with a beautiful talent. Everything you tell me happens. I'm so thankful to have a sweet soul like you to come to for healing and honesty." ... written by MJ
I have been waiting to have a private session with Arfan. He is amazing and well worth your time. The advice and insight he gives is incredible and incredibly accurate. He is truthful and he always helps me out with his gentle and calming characteristics. Thank you!! " ... written by MJ
I love Arfan!! He's truly one amazing person to have as a friend because he genuinely cares about you and wants to heal and guide you to a better and happier you." ... written by MJ
very clear and caring reading........thanks" ... written by amanda
great, really positive and true readings. very good. and feels people that are far away(connects with them)" ... written by jamira76
seems pretty good" ... written by f
thanks you're pretty good" ... written by f
5 Stars!!" ... written by MJ
he takes too long " ... written by l
Amazing read as always!! Always spot on and ever helpful. Completely recommended.. as you can clearly see I'm a repeat visitor for a reason! =]" ... written by MJ
Wow he is great. Connects amazingly!! Highly Recommend." ... written by Sheila
Thanks my good friend, for being patient and understanding. " ... written by MMarmalade
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
he's really accurate in his readings. he picked up on things well. he's fast too, and understanding" ... written by leona
awesome reading" ... written by g
Great energy I felt when he was speaking to me I felt it would work out he was awesome thank you dear 50 stars. Great reader." ... written by edna
5 Stars! Highly recommend!" ... written by Micheal
Amazing! Very good~!" ... written by Mitche
so awesome just love him thank you sweetie you sure made me laugh new word pooja 100 stars" ... written by edna
thank you dear your awesome as always so looking forward to my trip with him. I am excited. thank you so much for being a friend a mentor. just love you 100 stars" ... written by edna
very spiritual and imformative, healing energies are felt, insightful, will talk again" ... written by Anupama
Comfortable reading. I received the clarification I needed. I now have confidence in these situations, so I will not waste energy with worrying. I will check back with updates. " ... written by Deb
Thank you my dear will keep you updated 100 stars as always" ... written by edna
we got cut off" ... written by edna
He was patient and easy to communicate with. Answered all my questions. He was able to quiet down my anxieties and made me feel lighter inside. He hit the nail on the head. I will be following up with him." ... written by Nitewalker
he was really good put me at easewith my situation" ... written by georgianna
awesome as always such a kind a loving individual highly recommended thank you." ... written by edna
100 stars always so amazing makes me laugh and giggle everytime i speak to him. your amazing and gives me such excitement to see this person again thank you so much awesome as always" ... written by edna
thanks so much as always wonderul reader 100 stars" ... written by edna
It's been a while since I have been able to get a reading with Arfan, but he is always on target. He lets you know exactly what's going on (some of the stuff I knew, some I didn't), without sugarcoating it. " ... written by telt
thank you for update always 10 stars " ... written by edna
I got a demo and he was so spot amazed me...sooooo caring and compassionate!! A very kind person!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the demo and your kind supportive words" ... written by Miszy
Wonderful caring kind soul - will look forward to returning for an update on my reading. Recommended :)" ... written by S
very positive reader. He is honest in every way. After every reading I was satisfied. And I have overcome out of bad situations because of his help. He understands it and gives respectful opinions which is best for us. I'll keep coming back for more readings. Thanks for all your help." ... written by Chandni
I had a Great reading with arfanakbar he has given me some insight on my relationship and finances. I will be returning for an update. Thanks Peace-N-Light... @)---)--- " ... written by ButterFlower
great reading" ... written by jewell111
Great reading, very kind and helpful. good realistic insight. " ... written by v
Always helpful, always caring and straight to the point. You want to know the truth? Ask Arfan. He's spot-on and def a healer." ... written by MJ
great reading some good advice" ... written by P
Thank you Arfan. He is accurate and helpful." ... written by novmoon
Everytime I come to him with problems he has always has a positive feedback. He is always giving out with best solutions. Always honest about the situations. " ... written by Chandni
he was good" ... written by francis
he was very kind and straight forward. thank you again. " ... written by scadoodle
ifif is always so wonderful to talk to love this guy 100 stars" ... written by edna
After long time had reading and like it was relaxing as usual. He makes us understand the situation and how to come out of it. Always says what not to do and what to do for next. So that we have idea for both. Thanks again. see you soon" ... written by Chandni Patel
he was very kind and straight forward! thank you very much!" ... written by scadoodle
we got cut off but so far it was really good!" ... written by scadoodle
Very sweet and Nice and is honest and sincere." ... written by sangeeta
Thank you for the updates and tone into my situation" ... written by jewell1111
Thank you sweetie no worries will see what happens don't be afraid of me won't hurt you lol thank you for a wonderful reading as always 100 stars just love you as a friend a support person truely amazing " ... written by edna
thank you again!" ... written by scadoodle
Ive had many readings with him Ive been mad and cussed him out.. But., in the end.. i always come back when i want the truth He has a Gift.. and he has always been right ON I would use him more but, im on a different time zone Love Love HIM " ... written by Sheila
Awww Ifif is like a large fish if he was older i would have to hook him like a fish lol he is just a great person just love him 100 stars as always" ... written by Edna
he is very good and kind. helped a lot and look forward to chatting again!" ... written by scadoodle
He was very good and quick" ... written by Ang
He answered what I asked, picked up on ppl, time was not enough though to get a 1 more qs answered. " ... written by kool
Thank you so much, Very accurate and gives the right advice." ... written by novmoon
Iffi is amazing as always just love him great reader 100 stars as always " ... written by edna
hes alway right ON " ... written by srunion
hes always the best i hate to say it.. but he is " ... written by srunion
Best ever." ... written by MJ
great awesome. hes really good and answers my questions" ... written by jamira76
thank you!!" ... written by scadoodle
great reading " ... written by matt
another awesome reading, gave me good exercise to do, " ... written by matt
good reader" ... written by matt
thank you so much. always gives me clarity. love him!!" ... written by jamira76
wonderful as always" ... written by scadoodle
amazing reading Thank you for your insights always 100 stars " ... written by edna
great awesome. hes really good with matters of the heart." ... written by jamira76
I went into the private flustered and down and am feeling like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I wish I could come have a private everyday to get the positive energy I have after an amazing reading with Arfan." ... written by MJ
great awesome. he speaks the truth" ... written by jamira76
he is awesome" ... written by novmoon
superb reading" ... written by ana
He is great reader with answers. He does not use tools." ... written by Amazing Reader
picked up " ... written by jamira76
he is a sweet soul . ill wait for his time lines .thmks /coonects fast " ... written by myst
great awesome. always sincere" ... written by jamira76
Thanks a lot Arfan, you have always been there as a good reader." ... written by novmoon
He was great, On point and helpful." ... written by novmoon
I just love readings with Arfanakbar, he's so warm and positive. I feel like I'm getting advice from a trusted and dear friend each time. Not as impersonal as some advisors can be at times. I highly suggest reading with him. You won't be disappointed. =)" ... written by Ashley
consistent and honest " ... written by myst
It felt like a relief speaking with him, he helped a lot and was accurate." ... written by novmoon
Arfan is on spot, accurate, and helpful. Awesome reader." ... written by novmoon
great connects very well. honest and truthful" ... written by jamira76
Amazing as always. I loved this reading and feel positives are in my future!!!" ... written by MJ
Thanks very much arfan, very helpful reading" ... written by bless15
SUCH A HEALER!! I wish I could have more privates with him because I feel so at ease when we talk both physically and mentally." ... written by MJ
A nice guy! I hope what he says will come true." ... written by Y
accurate polite and honest no time wasting with him" ... written by dimauro
Wow wonderful amazing reading " ... written by Lorann
Woooowowowowoowow. Yup. I'm hooked. He's great!Great read. Connects quick. Sincere. Yup! Good!" ... written by D
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by jamira76
He asked and received the truth. " ... written by TheHangedWoman
he is a good reader, and on point. Thankss" ... written by bless15
Very good reading! Positive insight in my situation. Compassionate and understanding. " ... written by TS
Great reading as usual! Gave a lot of insight into the situation. " ... written by gadget
Very effective reading. Very understanding and helps makes us understand better of the situation. At the end, you will def feel relaxed and happy. " ... written by Chandni Patel
Lots of questions answered tonight- just what I needed." ... written by MJ
Kind and caring, gentle, and true. Blessings!" ... written by Maggie
Thanks so much.. very good.." ... written by See
hes really good no tools. always sees whats in a persons heart." ... written by jamira76
Arf is great! I have not had a reading from him in a long time. It was good to see he is just as good of a reader as I had remembered." ... written by Stephanie
no tools hes great" ... written by jamira76
So amazing as always so sweet and wonderful just love him. 5 stars." ... written by edna
He was very right and helped a great deal. Thanks very much!" ... written by bless15
Thank you my friend for always being such a great reader and friend for letting me see things in a different perspective. Great reader as always. Love you your my brother for life. Edna" ... written by Edna
Good reading" ... written by R
Wow always amazing love him to death Thank you my friend 100 stars" ... written by Edna
He was great. Connected quick and really understood all the players and everyone in volved in the sitch. Def talk to him!" ... written by CC
he as always was spot on, and is always a pleasure to chat with" ... written by scadoodle
it was a pleasure as always! " ... written by scadoodle
This is the most amazing person ever. He heals and he tells you all honesty. Everything he told me 6 months ago is happening!! " ... written by MVJ
the best" ... written by scadoodle
Wonderful as always!!" ... written by scadoodle
all I can say is he is the best!" ... written by scadoodle
wonderful and calming as always! thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Good reading" ... written by AR
wonderful as always" ... written by scadoodle
thanks again" ... written by scadoodle
thanks again!!" ... written by scadoodle
thank you for all the healings!" ... written by scadoodle
great awesome, i love his readings, gets to the heart of the matter." ... written by jamira76
as always he is the best" ... written by scadoodle
wonderful as always" ... written by scadoodle
He is the best!!" ... written by scadoodle
thank you for all the are the best" ... written by scadoodle
Great reading" ... written by Arc
very wise and straight forward and to the point... what I like. Thank you" ... written by scadoodle
Very good reading, accurate and thoughtful. " ... written by Lynda22
full of positive information as always... thank you many blessings" ... written by scadoodle
full of smiles, and positive insight..." ... written by scadoodle
wait for the prediction" ... written by I
wonderful as usual" ... written by scadoodle
calming and right as usual! Thank you my friend!" ... written by scadoodle
he was wonderful as always, thank you dear!" ... written by scadoodle
wonderful as always!" ... written by scadoodle
Its been almost two years i've been getting reading from him. Every time I get my reading it makes me feel good. His emotional support and advices helps a lot to get thru obstacles. " ... written by Chandni
Great" ... written by AR
as always, very good!" ... written by scadoodle
love him!" ... written by scadoodle
correct as always... everything always comes true" ... written by scadoodle
wonderful as always" ... written by scadoodle
very caring and kindhearted people. Thank you" ... written by scadoodle
still the best!" ... written by scadoodle
Love him, one of the best!" ... written by scadoodle
Arfanakbar, is such a wonderful reader, but even more than that he is someone who truly cares and that comes across in each and every reading. He is easily one of my favorite psychics and I will return many more times. =)" ... written by emerald82
Great reading, very accurate! " ... written by mari
Amazing, very accurate!" ... written by Mari
Arfanakbar was very clear and to the point in his reading. He gave me a very accurate guidance and I hope to continue reading with him in near future." ... written by Sid
I have been seeing this guy for years.. and He is very fast to connect .. He is always very accurate maybe not what I want to hear.. I know its the truth .. I would highly recommend him.. I like it that he doesnt use any tools .. He does not waste your time and money to get to the point.. " ... written by sam
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Wish I could have continued the chat." ... written by Belle1669
I wish I had more money to finish my reading but for intents and purposes, he answered my questions. I feel a lot of relief knowing that in time, things can be even better than I imagine, could ask, dream, want...doesn't mean it will be. Just means it is possible. No one would ever answer that question before. This was my 1st reading with him" ... written by Julia
a great connected time with much detail and accuracy. I am greatful and will be back." ... written by beauty
Very Very honest" ... written by E
Im so grateful that arfanakbar was able to connect with me instantly to answer questions that was accurate. I enjoyed our session tonight and will be back. again thankyou" ... written by felicia