About jonathan69143

Psychic jonathan69143has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic jonathan69143has recently helped 56members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about jonathan69143's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I specialize in Love/Relationships, Finances. Over 25 years experience. I do use Tarot and pendulum (upon request), and can use NO tools. I do, however, occasionally receive messages from my spirit guide. In private, I will need your name and FULL date of birth (MM,DD,YY). I DON'T DO "GENERAL" READINGS.

A SUPER STAR from the word go..Extremely accurate and fast reader. Very good." ... written by focusing
Very sweet and accurate... Thanks again" ... written by myluvlyaly1
An awesome man! I loved his authenticity and his clear descriptions. He is very genuine and also very kind. Thanks bunches :D!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Good reading. Accurate." ... written by JessicaLori
Awesome reading." ... written by lovinglife80
He's quick, calm, friendly, honest and accurate..:-)" ... written by bellacasa
Jonathan is a very sweet person wow I was amazed with his abilities, his accuracy was incredible . Another genuine Psychic here on Oranum. I will keep going to him for new updates. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Once again sorry for rushing you, because I had small credit, but you were on point. Thank you." ... written by santhia1989
WOW. I love this guy. He is always on point and correct with everything." ... written by vonjay1990
Accurate reading. Great guidance and advice." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
This man is very good very informative, right on with everything thankk u i will be back...he is fast and great." ... written by newhorizons12
Excellent...very reader." ... written by focusing
Thank you" ... written by friendly22
Had to try him to see. I thought he was great and picked up on my current emotions spot on. I hope what he says comes to pass. Time will tell. Very friendly and welcoming man." ... written by Australiana16
Fantastic reading!! would have this guy again hes great and caring!!" ... written by ilovemycat123
Was very good and helpful." ... written by Deligirl96
Thanks for the reading.." ... written by thanya
I'm not sure how much I believe in this but I gave it a go as was worried on my current situation. Jonathan seemed a friendly, yet professional guy who told me a little of what I already felt and hopefully the future that I wanted to hear. Would be great to have such a person in your private life as this is a little expensive but I'm yet to see if worth every penny. Thanks for the chat, had a good feeling from you. " ... written by tammi72
I'm not sure how much I believe in this but I gave it a go as was worried on my current situation. Jonathan seemed a friendly, yet professional guy who told me a little of what I already felt and hopefully the future that I wanted to hear. Would be great to have such a person in your private life as this is a little expensive but I'm yet to see if worth every penny. Thanks for the chat, had a good feeling from you." ... written by tammi72
Great reading, he's so kind and intuitive." ... written by ikroyal
Concise and clear, thank you." ... written by espressobrain
Jon is quick but very thorough. He has an insight unmatched by others. He is willing to explain the shifts that occur rapidly. I highly recommend him." ... written by MzNursie
Great." ... written by colorado913
Really good!! " ... written by Hopeandlove2013
Great reader! you just have to open up, and channel into what u want to know and that is it! He is right about everything. unbelievable. " ... written by dbrewer1
Dude is pretty on the ball give him a go, you will be pleasantly surprised." ... written by tickleme2011
Awesome psychic! He was blunt and did not tell me what he wanted me to hear, very truthful and to the point thank you so much for warning me!" ... written by bleu081
Jonathan was fantastic! You should definitely get a reading from him. He was honest and accurate!" ... written by mpm0027
Great, very accurate and nice to talk to!" ... written by shells71
Very personable, wanted to make sure I understood what he was telling me. Can't wait to see what the future holds! =) Thanks Jonathan!" ... written by Edward
I feel peace when I had a reading with him, he pick on very quickly with the person I had asked, very accurate!" ... written by angel18wings
He was very accurate. I love how he explained things and speaks very clearly and precisely. " ... written by DeJuir
Great Cards wow Love ur reading, God Bless you'r so on point. 5stars" ... written by queenbee22
Great reader!" ... written by elle11
Thank you for your insight and your help. It was nice to hear the things that you had to say." ... written by Happy1212
Great reader! Super helpful with my situation (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Excellent, everything he has told me has come true... Thank you." ... written by newhorizons12
Nice man and a good reader - I recommend him for a reading. " ... written by Lyne37
Great reading. " ... written by pammy13
Honest reading!" ... written by Zeigen
Wow!! So reassuring, just what I needed. And oh so uplifting, I would recommend to all. :)" ... written by gr8tday
Very straight forward... good reading!" ... written by intrigued8
My reading experience was great. He really helped me with some concerns I was having. I will definitely come back to him for another reading. He was awesome!!!" ... written by MzChay0412
Awesome reading! Thanks so much for the clarity and the insight! Will let you know how everything goes." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
GREAT GREAT MORE INFO WOW GOD BLESS " ... written by queenbee22
Excellent and very accurate" ... written by focusing
Good job" ... written by hfindley
Great reader and he is loyal!" ... written by CHayes2539
Jonathan is a great Tarot reader! Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Jonathan was wonderful. He deserves 10 stars!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I got good news. I will be back in the future to update the outcome. I like his energy. He is a sweet man." ... written by Peggy
Great I liked it !) Cool guy! His cards doesnt lie." ... written by Isya Bekbaev
Jonathan is very thorough he has lovely energy and I highly recommend him for pvt!" ... written by marion
Beautiful energy... Great reading, could not have asked for it to be better.. Now its a matter of time. I will keep you posted. Thx, luv... " ... written by Wahine1
Wonderful, honest, positive and accurate... Great advice, will be coming back again and again!" ... written by Member625811
GREAT UPDATE WOW, VERY GOOD INFO YAY." ... written by queenbee22
Oh my God John you were amazing. He was so understanding and gave me the answers that I needed to now. He was supportive and I will be coming back for more readings. Thank you once again... " ... written by Rosa
Oh My, awesome read!!! First time with him and will return to get a another.. can't wait to see if predictions happen..! Thanks a million. Happy dance!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very calming and reassuring, try him out" ... written by hoofer13
Jonathon was very kind and knowledgeable. If you feel a connection immediately than you need to speak with. him." ... written by MzNursie
Always refreshing, honest, clear." ... written by Janice
John you are amazing thank you so much.... I recommend a reading with John any time.... I look forward to speaking to you again soon..... Thank you again and may God Bless xxx" ... written by Rosa1982
THANK YOU GOD BLESS" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you...You were very helpful" ... written by contiestate2
Great!" ... written by carlahayes8215
Jonathan is amazing!!!!! He is worth more than 5 stars! he has always been accurate and his time frames are perfect. If Jonathan says its going to happen then it will... I swear by him all the time and I always go back... He is amazing!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Thanks, I need to hear and thanks for helping!" ... written by luvuchaluka
Felt a connection!" ... written by lovingyou22
Wonderful, clear, precise and enjyable." ... written by Member625811
Thank you! Very helpful and honest! Very nice man to speak with." ... written by contiestate2
Amazing! I'll definitely be back!" ... written by Sylvk22
Thank you so much Jonathan. You really are amazing. I don't see anyone on here anymore, just you. You truly have a wonderful gift. Your kind approach and willing to help I just love. Ill be back for more. Rosa" ... written by Rosa
Superstar... Excellent reader... Very quick... He has a great heart." ... written by focusing
Well we will see, hope all will be! " ... written by pamela0619
He is a really great reader! I wish I could have a face to face reading! Great work!!!" ... written by CHayes2539
Very good reading hope it will come true! Thank you! Very quick and positive!" ... written by termo
He is the very best, take him to private, sweet and very calming." ... written by hoofer13
I only see him. He is so caring and is always amazing. Love you Jonathan your the best on here and that I have seen. xxx" ... written by rosa
Great reading." ... written by wow
As always jon was great!" ... written by Mz.Nursie
INCREDIBLE thank you so much Jonathan love him." ... written by Yoogii
Amazing!!!" ... written by Gladys
Quick nice fast reading. Very good." ... written by veezee
Always great readings...very informative......" ... written by Janice
Great." ... written by c
Thank you john you are the best. i feel so much as ease when i have a reading with john.... your the best" ... written by Rosa
AMAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG..........I dont know what else to say about him" ... written by Rosa
I love him i recommend a reading with him to anyone... his timing is amazing and spot on!! He has always told me the truth and I thank him for all his help." ... written by Rosa
Very interesting and more in depth, accurate!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very down to earth... Non judgmental. " ... written by Yolanda
YOU ARE MY STAR. I recommend a reading with Jonanthan to anyone. He is so spot on, it's scary. All you have to do is trust him and you will see the results. Love you Jonanthan your're the Best." ... written by Rosa
Very accurate, works fast. Will answer many questions!" ... written by francine
Wonderful as always....great insight and advise." ... written by Janice
There was great insight to my issues love the info, God bless." ... written by queenbee22
Great Reading!" ... written by carla
Very nice guy, Fast type. Good reading." ... written by psymeow
Very helpful and awesome person to know. He has helped me many times and I trust his readings. He goes in depth and answers questions quickly and accurately. He is an awesome psychic, and he has learned some new abilities recently, along with new tools added to his sessions. Thank you again for everything. Many Blessings!!" ... written by francine
He is the most amazing on here. He really cares and is honest and most of all truthful. I will always go to Jonanthan for guidance love him lots." ... written by rosa
He is the very best and so accurate, take him to private you will gain great insight and clarity!" ... written by Hoofer13
Excellent! Describes my situation perfectly, which is why I'm back a second time!" ... written by Sylvia
Thank you Jonathan. Your readings are always fun and amazing. Everything is happening like you said so far! Can't wait for our follow up." ... written by francine
Jonatthan is always charming and right on the money. He can put anyone at ease." ... written by Mz.Nursie
Thank you for everything. I will keep you posted. Very accurate reading and very helpful with advice." ... written by california
Very helpful tonight...Thank you so much." ... written by francine
Jon is one of the best on Oranum! If you haven't tried him, You must!" ... written by Mz.Nursie
Thank you for your information tonight. Your are a very helpful person. I will start becoming a better person towards John... You made me understand things better about what I need to do for myself. Thank you for that! " ... written by francine
You have to have a reading with Jonathan.... he is my star! Ill be back for more! and an update" ... written by Rosa
MY first time with him, but not my last time.... that's for sure!" ... written by Karenda
He's great, positive and straight to the point!! Thank you! x" ... written by jazzy_chic
Worth waiting for him :)" ... written by jazzy_chic
Such a treat.........." ... written by Janice
Thank you very much for your reading, just having an outside source confirm what I have been feeling has been great. Patience is the key. " ... written by Heather Pisces
Thank you for the candle. I will keep you posted as usual. So far your readings have been very accurate! Keep up the good work." ... written by francine
He helped me confirm other info i have received from another. Thank you so much Jonathan you're the best." ... written by heather
Thank you!" ... written by jerald
Very accurate, nice, outstanding, I don't know what else to say as he has left me speechless and very happy, 10/10" ... written by Shamsta247
Great." ... written by Erin
The man is ridiculously all knowing! He has already been right! I have chills! So Keeping you!" ... written by AngieAces
Thanks." ... written by maria
Thanks so much you were quick and incedible. So many great phycics on here. Your on my top list! Very straight forward. Thank you." ... written by Angela Press
Good reading hope the predictions come true." ... written by acealways
He once again did a wonderful reading. So immediate and on target. He gave me such peace about upcoming appointments and hearings I need to address. Thank you from the bottom of my heart jonathan. You are truly a blessing sharing your gifts and understanding and insight. Love and light to you." ... written by Janine
Thank you for your help. This has been a very touchy situation for me and I couldn't have made the progress I have with out you! I always come to you in time of need...Thank you for helping :)" ... written by francine
Best reading EVER! I am so keeping you permanently! AMAZING!" ... written by Angela C
He was very precise in time frame for husband's business developed here. Gave me so much peace to know he will be here soon with me. I am so grateful and thankful to jonathan. Luv and light to u." ... written by Janine
Amazing and fast reader. :) " ... written by Melinwai
Thank you I will talk to you again in 2-4 weeks...Thank you and have a blessed day...Bye for now!" ... written by francine
Jonathan vibrates very high! He is accurate and quick. His energy is amazing and I could feel his kindness, caring and compassion to my situation easily. " ... written by Tammy
My first reading with Jonathan and I feel confident that he knows exactly what is up. He reads those cards quickly and is very clear and precise. He is a must try!" ... written by halovm
Once again Jonathan did an excellent job bringing clarity and insight to a very important hearing upcoming. He gave me directives and caused such peace in my heart. He even connected with Jessie's spirit (surprisingly). I am so grateful Jonathan for u sharing ur gifts and ur compassion. Blessings luv and light to u..." ... written by Janine
Fantastic reading, sincere and kind, he was able to see much detail and gave good sound advise, a very good expert, thank you kindly." ... written by zimerili1
He was mind blowing. I can really see where I'm going in my life now." ... written by bhavik
He is just so outright amazing its almost scary. How everything just happens as he says and he puts extra effort into making it all BETTER! You are the BEST Jonathan! Many Blessings to you!" ... written by Angie Aces
Jonathan Your a Angel! Love you! Thank you for My bit of Hope and lots of comfort!" ... written by Shehrat Muzib (Mila)
Jonathan coming back has been such a god send. He has been so accurate and given me insight and the future to look forward to. It is my hope that he never goes away again. He is a fantastic psychic. He is so truthful and doesn't play games. How refreshing this reading was. Blessings to you Jonathan..." ... written by Janine
Jonathan is amazing! Even with my computer blowing out twice.Third time was the charm! Can't wait to see the outcome and update Jonathan on his reading. Thanks you so much! Light and Love, Blessings!" ... written by RhondaH69
So accurate its outright scary! everything he said that would happen has been happening like clockwork!" ... written by AngieAces
Thank you so much for all your help you are amazing." ... written by Rosa
Thanks ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo much." ... written by char
Jonathan was very specific and direct, no rambling to extend the reading although he ensured I had all questions covered. He was kindness itself and instantly put me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Jonathan, you are a sweetheart and lifted my spirits immensely!" ... written by Louisa44
Jonathan is such a trusted friend and psychic. He did his wonderful clarifying of a hearing's outcome. He gave me the insight and prediction I so desperately needed. He has been such a support and trusted confidant. The readings have all come to true. He is so amazing. Many blessings to you Jonathan." ... written by Janine
I wait and wait for Jonathan to come on line... he has always been spot on for me and I absolutely trust his judgement and honesty... He has always been honest and acts with integrity.... he tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear... He is always positive and the loveliest man I have ever met on here.... Lots of Love Jonathan... Your truly the BEST!" ... written by Rosa1982
I cannot believe that everything he said will happen, is now happening, to the Tee!!! In complete and total order! I am sitting here writing this with goosebumps! Jonathan, you are a blessing of love and insight!" ... written by AngieAces
Jonathan is amazing! He's super fast and extremely detailed. I really felt a connection with him and can feel he truly cares about his clients. Will definitely speak with him again! " ... written by mar8888
Johnathan is very open minded good reading relaxed me alot." ... written by Dream395
Thank you...I enjoy your readings...Its been awhile but everything we spoke about came true!! There is more to come....Thanks..." ... written by francine
Very helpful! Thank you." ... written by meohmy7
Thank you for everything..I will be back tomorrow night. You have been so helpful and I wish you many blessings....You are a very special friend to me :)" ... written by francine
OMG! It just doesn't get any better! He is on the money every single time! Thank you Jonathan for your guidance as always! Many blessings! XOXOXO" ... written by AngieAces
Did an update with Jonathan and he was amazing. He zeroed in on a new friendship. He gave me the direction and insight I so desperately needed. He was spot on with his assessment of the situation. Thank you once again. You are so invaluable to me. Stay just as fabulous as you are. Blessings to you.." ... written by Janine
Jonathan gave me a clear time frame for working on the floor I desire. He gave me confirmation of the move of my assignment moving. I so appreciate being able to trust him. He is always so awesome in his readings. There have been many times thus far that they've come true and truly happened for me. Thank you once again Jonathan.." ... written by Janine
Jonathan was able to give me clarity about my job. He relieved any concerns of continuing at my job. He was accurate. He gave me insight on a question I posed regarding me spiritually. He confirmed a passion I have to help others spiritually. He is truly awesome. Blessings to you Jonathan." ... written by Janine
Nce reading Johnathan thanks for looking after me" ... written by Helen
I liked his reading. He is pretty spot on!" ... written by Angela
Just simply GREAT!!!!" ... written by Sarah
Thank you great reading amazing and spot on." ... written by TO
Jonathan you are very reassuring, thank you for caring about your clients. good reading." ... written by Helen
Great reader!" ... written by Marie A.
Jonathan gave me an update to clarify the stability at my job. He was accurate about the current environment at my job. He gave me peace of mind about things that have been difficult. I was blown away with the insight he gave me. Thank you Jonathan. Blessings to you Jonathan..." ... written by Janine
You are awsome" ... written by jessika
Love him. He was right on - tuned in to the situations I was asking about very quickly. Gave great information. Totally great." ... written by Ahz
Relly Helpful! Direct!!" ... written by Awesome!
he's good :)" ... written by shad
A+++ reading." ... written by teko123
Exciting. and accurate when it came to ppl I was dating, assured me of my surrounding, im sure he is right on target it was more about confirming what I knew deep down but with no info he was able to read my situation ." ... written by ann
Caught on immediately about the positive and negative back and forth with my boyfriend and was able to assure me that it always comes out positive in the end and a good relationship is never easy. Thank you for your clarity you always make me feel better." ... written by Heather
OMG! He is just ALWAYS on the money!!! Jonathan, keeo guiding people! You are a blessing to all! Many blessings to you, luv... xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by AngieAces
Thankyou jonathan. A lovely connection; good perspective, picked up on root of the situation. Caring, sensitive, yet direct, supportive. Picked up on my energy, my fears, my healing needs. Love this man already!" ... written by australia
OMG I LOVE THIS BLOKE.....Amazing!!!!!!!! I recommend him anytime" ... written by Rosa
Jonathan helped me with changing a coworker's attitude with applying himself at work. This coworker wanted me to do all the work when he sat on his back end. Jonathan was very accurate and clear with his insight of the situation and about my coworker. Can't wait to see the coworker's transformation. Thank u Jonathan and your gifting.. I'm truly grateful." ... written by Janine
OMG I love Jonathan... I wait for him all the time and he has always helped me with this situation. I love his readings and his honesty. I recommend everyone on this site to have a reading with him... Love you Jonathan!" ... written by Rosa
Thank you." ... written by GD
He was straight on in finding the right person, i did the reading and gave me a month to find the guy it took 5 days i am impressed and exactly like he said. So i went ahead and did a reading on career and once again spot on. I am grateful to find a person i can trust and know that they are connected to me and can see my present and future. I am truly happy with the reading , not only for giving me hope but for things to happen within the time frame given. I've gone to other people and some are good but missed a connection and lacked in accuracy in future events. I am not left with the thought of wondering if its true or not, or more questions. So all in all i am happy he has a true blessing that has helped me to move on and expect great things in life." ... written by annabel
Did a follow up with jonathan and its coming closer my goal. He's wonderful!" ... written by Jennifer
Such a gentle and caring soul... this is my first reading with Jonathan and I can tell that he really cares about his client. I will wait and see if his predictions come true. But overall I had a joyful experience with Jonathan. " ... written by stephanie
FAN BLOODY TASTIC!!!! amazing and purely from the heart. Will call upon him anytime i need him" ... written by Sophia
Jonathan is the most amazing person in the world. he has been there for me the entire time of my ups and downs with my partner. Everything he has said has happened and he is so accurate its scary. I LOVE HIS READINGS and him...... worth the money and time!!!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Amazing!" ... written by nancy
He gave me a lot of information that I was glad to hear. Excited to see what happens next!" ... written by Sarah
Very good, tuned into the situation very well, very endearing x just to stay focused and wait and see now - thanks again. x" ... written by at226
OMG!!!! HE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SPOT ON THE MONEY!!!! 100% ACCURATE!!!" ... written by Sophia
Oh my gosh! Jonathon was so right on the card reading, just loved it. We both got chills. Will come BACK!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Jonathan is always so kind and friendly. His readings are upbeat. He knows his stuff. One of the best on here." ... written by Mz.Nursie
Jonathan gave me such clarity once again regarding my endeavors for the new job at the hospital. He also gave me insight regarding the holidays and our family thru tss of Jessie. He was so kind and compassionate to me and my challenges facing her absence physically.. Namaste to you Jonathan... Much love and pure light to you..." ... written by Janine
Great energy and vibe!!! He got it spot on and showed and explained the tarot card. You get to tell him when to stop shuffling which was good. The cards show a promising future." ... written by carlycaligirl
I LOVE HIM!!!! HE IS PERFECT AND SO ACCURATE!" ... written by Sophia
Very good!" ... written by itsjess
Thank you for everything I will get back in touch with you again in a couple of weeks....You have been correct so far!!" ... written by francine
Jonathan is the best expert in the site. He is so honest with no holds barred. I love him to death! " ... written by Moonchild59
Awesome love this guy accurate and helped sooth my mind in many ways" ... written by April
OMG I love Jonathan... He has been amazing. I always come to him. He is caring and patient and gives you all the advice on what to do and guides you in a spiritual way. Everyone should have a reading with Jonathan he is amazing !!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Accuracy is very very good.. Right on in fact. I will see him again." ... written by Marybeth Hiebert
Love Jonathan, great reader. ***** " ... written by acang0221
A+++" ... written by teko123
Thank you again for your help...Things have been going good with your advice. I will chat with you again after the trip..." ... written by francine
Amazing as always, and every prediction is on point, love him! And only person I go to for anything even advice." ... written by annabel
Thank you...made me smile...very kind + warm the laugh...he is the point....thank you!!" ... written by lila
Awesome as always, and predictions on spot, love him!" ... written by annabel
He is always a please to deal with and always spot on. His readings never confuse you but always put you on the right path!!! Love him to Bits!!!" ... written by Sophia
YOU were GREAT good things that I really wanted to hear. Always tried to be very mindful of my time and gave my the most adequate information within a timely manner." ... written by Darell
I hope his predictions come true! That would make me very happy! :)" ... written by CA
He told me exactly what I needed to hear and already knew. I just needed to confirm what was the right path for me. Very good at interpreting the cards without giving him much detail, he was spot on. I will go back to see him when I am unclear of something or if I am ever stuck again. One more thing, He did not "fluff" up the cards to make it what I wanted to hear, there were some negative parts the cards wanted me to know so I appreciate his honesty. So, if you need clarity or direction I would suggest seeing him. :) " ... written by Andrea
A MUST. HE IS THE BEST....... Recommended 5 stars as always!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
So to the point, very accurate and compassionate, definitely recommend this man!" ... written by irene
Yeah he told me what i wanted to know." ... written by RUTH FRASER
Love you Jonathan! He is amazing!!!!! I felt down and he made me feel better again....He has been here from the start till now and he has helped me so much. EVERYONE, HAVE A READING FROM JONATHAN, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Fun reading. Fast reader and really nice energy." ... written by grt
Came for my update, he is great as always and accurate in the readings, my go to psychic. Love him!" ... written by annabel
Thanks Jon right on the money, great reader, thumbs up!" ... written by Dreams395
OMG!" ... written by Rosa1982
Great reading" ... written by james
Thank you and I will talk to you again..." ... written by francine
He's great and to the point very friendly" ... written by Brian
Very informative, I felt very connected and trust the advise he gave me. Not only does he sum the situation up will but gives advise to help guide." ... written by pinkpather30
Jonathan has given me so much insight and clarity on all of the issues and questions I've had on my mind and heart. He has given me peace of mind and heart. Thank you soooo much Jonathan. I will never cease to be grateful to you all my days.. Namaste..." ... written by Janine
He was very nice... Give him a try! Enjoy his reading!" ... written by hotmhh
Jonathan was very point blank with me. It was truly a follow up reading I needed. He was very clear and concise. He did the reading quickly. Jonathan has been such a support and a voice of clarity I've needed through very difficult times this past year. Thank you Jonathan for being an honest voice of accuracy and insight in my life..." ... written by Janine
Jonathan gave insight into my personal life and what to look forward to in the new year. Kind and funny guy... Recommend." ... written by sweetpea333
Jonathan s a good friend I have know him for many many months. I just chat just as friends...He is a very kind and honest man. I truly appreciate our friendship." ... written by francine
He's always fabulous !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Best!" ... written by LP
Excellent reading, recommended!!!!" ... written by teko123
He was great rigth on. Connected right away. Put my nerves at ease." ... written by Joanne
Wonderful as always, Come to him a lot for guidance and hope" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much. He has been making many time frame predictions for me and I have been very happy. I will follow up within a week." ... written by francine
A+++ great reading, always supported." ... written by teko123
Jonathan has been correct with me before (giving me a dollar amount I was not expecting but happened) so I have faith in his prediction today." ... written by stacey
Thank you for the reading..I will be patient and take your advice..." ... written by francine
Love Jonathan, he is amazing!" ... written by anna
Very supportive and great reading A+." ... written by Teko12
:-)" ... written by honeybee430
Beautifully done! I am hooked! Thank you so very very much. You have set my mind at ease." ... written by Jennifer
Very good! Would definitely recommend! Knew exactly how the situation was without me mentioning." ... written by JJ
Love him, always on point and predictions are on spot." ... written by annabel
I have come to jonathan only a couple of times he is so kind and straight to the point and generous will be back for more in the future." ... written by luvuchaluka
Thanks!" ... written by JD
Jonathan is spot on and very sweet. His humor is great and he gave me great direction and clarity!" ... written by Paige
Jonathan.... I am speechless. He's amazing and cut's through the BS to give you real answers." ... written by Cathy
Wow great reading, quick and to the point insights. love the energy and connections. " ... written by Joanne
Thank you again for putting my mind at ease again. :)" ... written by Joanne
Thank you so much for the reading =D " ... written by Angel
jonathan said end of jan/beg of feb for timeframe andamp; there was long discussion today about relationship moving fwd...BANG ON AGAIN" ... written by stacey
Very through and quick reading. Recommend! It was fun." ... written by Lisa
He is always helpful and wonderful delivering the messages." ... written by Jennifer
Thanks Jonathan for the update on situation....I was thinking along same lines...always enjoy talking to u." ... written by sweetpea333
Jonathan is always ever so accurate with his readings. He deserves more than 100 stars! His predictions happen. And I am glad he is fully back on Oranum. He is kind, gentle and straight to the point. He only tells the truth. Thank you very, very much, Jonathan! You are a blessing!" ... written by Moonchild59
Love Jonathan." ... written by irene
He is awesome! Would definitely come back again!" ... written by Emma
Wow! He is fantastic!! So in tune, and real! he is spot on, knows what he is talking about, very accurate on my situation! He is wise, experienced, witty and kind. Great personality to talk with! Lovely reading. Immensely enjoyed the session!" ... written by PM
He's very good!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you for your help again! I will contact you in a couple of weeks...first part of the month!" ... written by FC
Jonathan is amazing... Wonderful reading!!! I always trust him. He is quick with lots of detail." ... written by stacey
Jonathan is like a good friend who has helped me find my way when I was lost, confused, or stuck. Very kind hearted person. Very sincere and forward in answers, and has given the clarity of how to reach my goals in the near future. Five stars all the way. I can't wait to see what happens, and I trust in him 100%." ... written by Christine
Jonathan has given me the clarity and reassurance I've needed... He gave such an accurate reading... He was on point with what was going on... He was truly amazing once again in this update... Namaste!" ... written by Janine
Jonathan is awesome! I have confidence that I can get what I want in my future relationships." ... written by Christine
Pretty thorough, pretty good reading. " ... written by chasity
I love getting readings with jon he is so great to talk to and hits the spot every time. Everyone should give him a try he's good." ... written by luvuchaluka
Gave me guidance as always helped clear some confession" ... written by pinkpather30
Jonathan is very quick. His cards were exactly bang on to what I feel andamp; the situation!!!" ... written by stacey
As per the usual, Jonathan is right on with his readings. He is honest and does not hold back. His guidance is accurate and his advice and honest caring about me as a person is amazing and appreciated. Can't wait for a follow-up in a couple of weeks." ... written by paiger10
Thank you for everything. I love how you take the time to work with me.. I will contact you in a couple of days... I am looking forward to what we spoke about!!" ... written by FC
He is super nice and is willing to answer any question you might have. He is an expert at card reading and can guide you to the right pathway to take. He is very friendly and entertaining. He tells the truth whether its good or bad and doesn't sugarcoat, which I really appreciate." ... written by goomstooms
Jonathan is amazing. He is accurate and quick. He cares about his clients and that is evident in how he reads. He is honest and helpful and I love getting readings with him. The notes he keeps are helpful as well since he can remind me of things I have forgotten and see how I am doing and if I'm still on the right path. Great reader!!" ... written by paiger10
love talking with jon he does so much and is so kind and helpful to his clients." ... written by luvuchaluka
He is an awesome reader! was spot on! loved him! thank you so much! " ... written by Josie
You are great! Not all readings are good ones but you told me right, I should have known better. Thank you so much Jonathan I give you 5 stars!!" ... written by Samantha
great follow up ! " ... written by Jennifer
It's great to follow up with Jonathan to make sure I'm on the right path. Thanks to his guidance I know exactly what needs to be done to continue to make improvements on my life. 5 stars. Always accurately picks up energy and gives excellent advice on how to improve a situation. I feel more confident after a reading. I highly recommend him to anyone! " ... written by Christine
Wonderful reader. My intuition likes to guide me but I always need confirmation. He was great at helping me." ... written by pinkpather30
He has a great personality and energy to him. He has the ability to use timeframes and i am excited to see what happens!" ... written by TheAwakening714
Great reader." ... written by renata
Great reading thanks A+" ... written by teko123
This is the 2nd reading I've had with jonathan69143 and he really puts my mind at ease. He focuses on the questions you're asking and explains the meanings of the cards thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him! :) Thank you jonathan69143!" ... written by weeyinx
Great. :)" ... written by Kate
amazing, accurate and on point as usual. with great advise, happy returning customer" ... written by annabel
Really appreciated his disposition in the reading, It was the confirmation I needed. Thank you Jonathan, I thought who better than a male to give the advice I need. It summed be up perfectly, I wish him the best and hope to be chatting again soon :) " ... written by Lakeya
Love readings with Jon, so sweet he is." ... written by luvuchaluka
As usual Jonathan is caring and on point. His readings are precise and he is fast and focused in addition to his accuracy." ... written by Paiger10
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by Carol
Awesome reading, I'm glad you guys are here." ... written by Marlyse
Great reading! Fast. Such a great guy, Jon :) Thanks." ... written by emotions
Love love love Jonathan, a million stars!" ... written by irene
Thank you. I have somethings happening faster now. I can't wait to contact you and let you know what is going on!! I hope 1 week will do it. Thank you for everything!" ... written by francine conti
Great reading, thank you very much Jonathan!" ... written by Patience29
Always nice to talk to Jonathan....sorry for the lag but got the gist of your reading about the future...thanks." ... written by sweetpea333
Second reading with him, have always connected well. Have had other readings always left feeling uncertain but not with his readings they are always in depth he tells you the truth and helps give guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Very on point and as always very sweet. I love the energy that you give out it always makes me feel so much better. Thank you so very much Jonathan. Was and still is the very best on Oranum! 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Jenn
Love the guy! Awesome concise readings. Plus he is very understanding." ... written by Brian
What an eye opener. Jon did tune in right away. Compassionate and straight forward, no sugar coating. I have had many readings. Everything is being tied together. I have seen great results in myself. I also love the energies in the room. Thank you my friend!" ... written by Joanne
Jonathan did it again. What can I say that his following hasn't already said about him! Great guy!! Worth it, what are you waiting for?" ... written by Cathy
Confirmed my thoughts on the situation I'm going through. Connects well." ... written by pinkpather30
Great read as always, gives me great advise." ... written by pinkpather30
Jonathan gave me a very accurate reading update. He knew things that I never shared with him. He hit it right on. Jonathan is a fabulous reader. Thank you for the clarity I needed. Much luv and pure light to you Jonathan. Namaste. " ... written by Janine
he is real and to the point." ... written by andrew szymanski
Came back for an update, everything has happened within time frame given, he is sooo accurate and I am happy with how my life is going. He is a sweetheart with great advice that tells it like it is, I am always amazed at his gift! Real deal!" ... written by annabel
Always straight to the point!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by irene
Another great reading again. Jonathan is on spot with his readings!" ... written by Cathy
love working with jonathan. He is amazing and accurate and does not waste your time or money. His note system is great so he can see where things may have changed or if you are on the same track. Add to it that he actually cares about his clients which is the best part." ... written by paiger10
Best reading ever A+++" ... written by teko123
awesome once again" ... written by Jennifer
I have so much more confidence now that I have talked with Jonathan! 5 stars! Very caring, always accurate, always gives excellent advice and insight into a situation. Such a good hearted person. Very wise also. He won't waste your time or money and he moves along quickly. Very much like a friend. I appreciate his time and care!" ... written by Christine
amazing as always and so accurate, love him!" ... written by annabel
Excellent reading. Confirmed everything that I had a good feeling about. Thanks so much Jonathan! 5 stars! " ... written by Christine
Jonathan did another fantastic update for me... He made it clear my growth and the growth that is to come... Jonathan has been and continues to be incredibly accurate.. Thank you Jonathan.. Namaste " ... written by Janine
your so nice to talk to about my problems I always feel good when leaving privates and free cheat" ... written by luvuchaluka
Jon was great! What he saw was defiantly real on point! " ... written by Katie
great reading very sweet" ... written by apple
amazing!! i had asked one question andamp; jonathan not only answered that but also gave insight into how its going to affect other aspects of my life which are not in balance now." ... written by stacey
Everything is going as good as expected. I can't wait to update with more good news soon. 5 star reading as always. Very kind hearted person, very good advice, can read energies very well. He's very on point. I trust his advice because it has worked for me since I have been going to him. He moves along quickly too so you get your money's worth. Highly recommend him to anyone. Always has been accurate. His predictions all have come true so far. Can't wait for the last one to come true!" ... written by Christine
Great with answering questions like always! Jonathan presents his self well and gets to the point. Jonathan puts his clients first BEFORE and AFTER his PRIVATE readings! That, my friends, is good quality and speaks for itself." ... written by Kat
excellent jon is amazing and was spot on in the whole situation..i recommend a reading to every one who's interested in having a reading.." ... written by davyboii
Can't wait till I get to speak to Jonathan again! He's always helpful and insightful!" ... written by Kati
I found Johnathan very pleasant and honest !! I hope to speak more with him :)" ... written by sharon fox
I'm glad I came to Jonathan. He is so wise, caring, and gives excellent advice, not just for the short term, but for the long term. I feel like with each reading I receive more clarity. He won't waste your time and money. He flies by topics fast. To me he is a friend. His heart is in the right place and he always is able to pick up energies quickly and always accurately. Worth every penny andamp; then some! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
Great reading!" ... written by Tina
5 star reading! Always accurate. Always gives great advice. Very kind hearted individual. I highly recommend him. He moves through topics fast and will never waste time or money. Can't wait to see the results!" ... written by Christine
quick and helpful . Very glad to listen to him" ... written by patricia
Wow first time a reading with jonathan, he is very fast straight to the point. I feel good about this. I will defenitly give an update on how things went. Many Blessings to you jonathan" ... written by Awakened_to_Love
Love love love Jonathan! Jonathan will tell anyone like it is!! After all life is that it is..." ... written by Kate
It was great talking to Jonathan sir. It gave me a great relief that finally I'm at the right place talking to the right person who can help me and my family come out of our current facing issues. Thanks a ton Sir. Keep doing this great deed! Good Luck!" ... written by Priya
Another great reading with jonathan! gave me lots of insight and answered my questions eased my mind and gave me confidence! thanks again! " ... written by jessica
Keep coming back to jonathan, even after a year. He is brilliant and his predictions have come true even when it seemed impossible." ... written by iris
Very, very perceptive and intuitive. I gained a lot of information from this reading and think it will help me with regardsto my future situation :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
wow, Jonathon is awesome.. his reading was right on! about my situations and gave me a future reading as well.. Jonathon is very compassionate and understanding and loves to help people. Thanks so much! will come back soon for updates ! " ... written by Lynda22
Another fabulous update with Jonathan. He gave a clear and concise timeframe. He was very accurate with the deeper reading about Rick and I. Thank you once again Jonathan. What more can I say about the awesome reader and friend that you have been to me and my family?? Namaste" ... written by Janine
what can i say.... he hit the nail all the time.. !" ... written by n
on the spot like always" ... written by ann
5 star reading as usual! I feel more confident and at ease after talking to Jonathan! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
he is the best ever!" ... written by ann
i love him to pieces.. he is spot on... i wanted to cry as what he said makes sense and so accurate! he tells the truth no sugar coating! you must take him to reading!" ... written by n
5 star as always!!!" ... written by n
Love that Jonathan keeps a file and wastes no time in orivate chat. Highly recommended" ... written by Irene
great reading as usual...always on point.." ... written by davyboii
John is always spot on and awesome! God bless you!" ... written by Joann
Great" ... written by bb
5 star reading! Very much put me at ease. His testimonials make me look forward to the day that I follow up with good news. I very much believe his advice 100% and thanks to him I can have the positive energy to focus on what is most important in achieving my goals. I very highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Very accurate, would highly recommend and knows what he's talking about! Spot on every time." ... written by Emma
5 star reading! I love Jonathan's deck! They show the same results every time a time frame comes up. I can't wait for the prediction to come true! I highly recommend him. High accuracy, easy to talk to, and won't waste your time and money! He cares about his clients!" ... written by Christine
Thanks for the tarot reading Jonathan and peak into future...always enjoy your personality too....thank you!" ... written by sweetpea333
Awesome thank you Jon spot on as usual!" ... written by davyboii
Jon is always amazing, always delivers, always able to explain the situation... always his accurate reading" ... written by n
Fabulous, and very kind and fast. :)" ... written by Peggy
jonathan is amazing..every card he pulled made sense, i was able to relate an exact event or time to it!!!" ... written by stacey
He did an great reading for me - so accurate about me and worrying too much and needing to relax more! :) Definitely recommend! :)" ... written by Weeyinx
just an update thanks jonathan! always detailed!" ... written by Jessica
Excellent reader! will come back again for sure!" ... written by Razor Ramon
Jonathan is a really great card reader - gives lots of background, explains things well and tells you where stuff is headed. He's very clear, accurate and very caring. Really grateful for the information he could give me." ... written by Girl
Jonathan is very skilled, very thorough, went above and beyond. One of my new favorites. " ... written by Amy
jonathan you are the best i would recommend everyone to you. so clear, concise amazing coming back tomorrow for more. " ... written by cynthia0123
his timeframes so far has been up to date with things ! " ... written by Jennifer
very accurate, very fast!" ... written by Gypsi
amazing!" ... written by Gypsi
thank you for your help. very caring, helpful, wants to help you, i recommend him." ... written by lllifenet
A+" ... written by n
always A+" ... written by n
I'm in love with Jonathan!!! Lol he's awesome. Very quick with the reading. Loved the whole process of it. Made me feel comfortable enough to say that I will definitely be back to follow up. After watching his demos, which showed that he's proof of the honest truth, I just had to get my questions answered. Everything made complete sense and I feel more comfortable going forward with what it was I asked about. Thank again Jonathan!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)" ... written by Natalia
Fantastic - love that he keeps a file. Good energy. Nice bloke." ... written by AW
On point!" ... written by abundance
i want to crawl thru the camera and be in the room with jonathan when he reads for me. he talks to you with a deep understanding of your situation and gives you the tools and clarity to get through " ... written by anna
Very spot on! Great insight and what my gut was telling me. Thank you" ... written by Marilyn
excellent reading was very impressed very compationate person love him xxx thanks jonathan " ... written by kim
Jonathan knows me very well. I have been with him for over a year now. He can read me very well and knows how to calm me when things are tough for me. He is a very honest and caring person. I respect him and his guidance for me. Thank you for helping me." ... written by FC
Really enjoyed the reading. Very passionate and experienced. Only time will tell if the things come true!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
A very goo reading. He was very quick and did not waste time." ... written by Stickytoffee
He is very quick and to the point and caring." ... written by Blue
great and straight to the point for all my readings" ... written by luvuchaluka
just did an update on my situation with jonathan and as usual it has been consistent and i can not wait for the reults! thanks jonathan! " ... written by Jessica
Jonathan is on point as always, he is fast and accurate. His encouragement and compliments are appreciated as is his honesty. great reading with him as always." ... written by paiger10
Jonathan provides honest readings that summarize what's going on in your life... and then he suggests ways to improve it and make room for better things. He really just wants to help you. So let him!" ... written by Cathy
awsome" ... written by davyboii
He was so sweet and informative and never wasted time at all. He got straight to the point and did a lovely job of explaining in great details for me. Thank you for the reading! It was wonderful :)" ... written by carosh
Had another wonderful update with Jonathan. He was on point and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. He gave me time frames and was very specific. He was very quick and concise. Thank you again Jonathan. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Thank you very much for a wonderful reading! I can’t wait for your predictions to come true!!! Thank you very much for my very own candle that you are burning for me! You are very kind. I look forward to another reading with you. I am wishing you many blessings!!! Take care." ... written by kayeluv1
awesome" ... written by anu
Very accurate and spot on." ... written by Stephanie C.
Great reading A+" ... written by teko123
Love talking with jon I come back every 2 weeks to get updates to make sure we are still on track and he does such a good job and is quick. he goes over and beyond for his clients. and when having doubts he reassures you everything is on track." ... written by luvuchaluka
Awesome as always, true readings that come to pass, simply amazing!" ... written by anna
this man is fabulous...honest, direct andamp; doesnt waste time!" ... written by stacey
jonathan is amazing! just did a 3 part update haha and quickly! with tons of detail thanks jonathan you are the best!" ... written by Jessica
Thank you and I will keep you posted...very accurate reading tonight...Hopefully things will change soon!" ... written by francine
Great update reading always consistent and predictions are coming true! " ... written by Jessica
I have had readings with Jonathan previously and really got a lot from him. This time I returned for extra readings based on what he said and what I could do to ensure the right outcome for me. He is very patient, kind and explains things through. :)" ... written by Jen
always the best.. love u dearly" ... written by n
he is very precise with the time frames - will post an update here, thanks for your work" ... written by fragrant
As usual Jonathan is honest and quick. He is always thoughtful and wants to ensure what he is telling you is making sense and give full explanations. It is always a pleasure to work with." ... written by paiger10
he was amazing and on point! he doesn't kid around he's very honest!! can't wait to update him with good news :)" ... written by Jessica
thanks , fast and honest" ... written by james
Amazing! Accurate and honest." ... written by Brianna
Thank you....I am looking forward to the candle helping move our energy towards happiness and being around each other again. I need more positive energy to help keep me patient. Thank you" ... written by FC
Wow! He's spectacular in private chat! I will keep returning now, and I appreciate his update on my situation. Must be patient..and Jonathan is guiding me to the eventual outcome. Thank you!" ... written by Razor_Ramon
Excellent reading,Jonathan is straight forward and honest. " ... written by Abundance
thank you so much... you've been so helpful and I feel great and positive after talking to you.. will be back for more" ... written by Veronika81
great reading! " ... written by amy
wonderful advise as always, has given me hope in times of despair and was always right on the dot with timeing, predictions have came true." ... written by pinkpather30
spot on as usual.." ... written by davyboii
as always a pleasure to read with Jonathan. it's like talking with an old friend. Very calming and understanding and cares about his clients and their personal well-being as well as their questions they are seeking answers for." ... written by paige
He was so cute and awesome 5 star" ... written by E
love his guidance, and his readings. Still on point with great accuracy and is helpful in what steps take, and when to walk away. Simply amazing" ... written by annabel
Great reading clarity and direct to the point A+++" ... written by teko123
Jonathan is sticking to his predictions that will start in a few months. Even though I went in expecting him to tell me some really bad news, I was shocked to find out that his predictions were still really great news! It's just a matter of me having more patience, constantly being positive and stop thinking every negative thing that happens means the worst outcome!!! Thank you for your honesty and for the reading. Thank you for both of my beautiful candles! Thank you for your caring, kind and loving spirit! I am wishing you many blessings! I recommend getting a reading with Jonathan, he is fast, will not waste your credits and he truly cares for his clients! Muah to you, Jonathan! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
great reading with jonathan! just did a general spread and got tonssss of information wow! " ... written by Jessica
very reassuring, straight to the point and gores out of his way to assist" ... written by irene
Jonathan did a wonderful job of helping me! I highly recommend his psychic abilities. He is very straight forward and to the point and answer:)" ... written by LAZARO ESPARZA
very good reading, accruate. thank u for your reading. will see predictionin aug. come true or not." ... written by PIGLETME
Thank you for your readings. You are very helpful and I do feel you care about my situation. I cant wait for the time frame to begin!" ... written by francine
Great reader and supportive recommended A+++" ... written by teko123
so insightful and quick and very reassuring. I now he would tell me the negative if it was that way and help process that as he truly cares about his clients, but fortunately it was positive and he just helped calm fears instead. Love working with him" ... written by p
Jonathan never lets me down.. He is a wealth of insight and clarity. I so appreciate his clear and concise insight to me and our family.. Thank u Jonathan.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
jonathan gives great clear complete readings always tells you the truth with no sugar coating and always very accurate" ... written by anna
amazingly spot on .." ... written by davyboii
It was great, he just confirmed what I had in my mind. Very nice and friendly, 100% recommended. Thanks!" ... written by MiguelTest
As always great reading totally recommended A+++" ... written by teko123
great reading as always!!! stays consistent! thanks again jonathan!" ... written by Jessica
i do believe in him. he was fast and helpful. I needed to know what to do and he was very direct but kind to tell u what to do. I do have faith" ... written by Rose
great as always, on point with predictions!" ... written by ann
Thank you for your help...Its been a long road" ... written by FC
great update. jon always does and go beyond for his cliets" ... written by luvuchaluka
Fast and accurate, definitely recommend." ... written by Tasha
spot on great guidance.." ... written by davyboii
OMG! He is just sooooo EEERILY on the money!!! It's just so scary how everything he said has started happening one thing after the next! He is a GEM! Do not miss an opportunity to speak with him!" ... written by AngieAces
spot on accurate" ... written by davy boii
Jonathan has a brilliant personality, and quite an intuitive thinker. He is really gifted at clairvoyance, and his medium is tarot. He really spoke to me, and gave me insight. Many blessings to you, Jonathan!" ... written by jonathan
excellent reading Thanks Jon !!!" ... written by teko123
Always so amazing!!! Better than any therapist!!!!!" ... written by AngieAces
Great as always, my go to guy!" ... written by ann
Wonderful reader hit everything dead on." ... written by pinkpather30
I usually keep Jonathan appraised about most things in my life. But, this update was amazingly shocking. He knew things that I had never shared. He knew about the way that I have been feeling. He also shared accurately about new ways that I was dealing with issues at work and in my life. Thanks for another truly brilliant update. Namaste" ... written by Janine
amazing an everything is happening as read! good guidance as well, i am happy!" ... written by ann
Wonderful gave me a complete outlook to what's in store for me. I have came to Jonathan in the past and he's predicted things that have happened and told me the hard truth. I totally recommand coming to him for readings." ... written by pinkpather30
great and always looks out for his clients" ... written by luhaluka
omg amazing!! " ... written by ac
He is always sooooooo on point! WOW! he never ceases to amaze me and just keep me calm!" ... written by AngieAces
honest " ... written by ac
Always come to Jonathan because he's honest, gives true predictions and have built a friendship with him he's great giving guidance and support in the good and bad." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading A+++" ... written by teko123
Wonderful reader always helps guide me." ... written by pinkpather30
SOOOOO the best! It's all happening!!! Always so on the money!!!" ... written by AngieAces
his last prediction came true so i am back for another update and it sounds super promising yayayy! cant wait! " ... written by Jessica
the best of the best, always on target with predictions" ... written by ann
Very informative, empathetic, no time wasting and accurate, love Jonathan!" ... written by Irene
A+++. great reading" ... written by Teko123
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
spot on accurate" ... written by davy boy
Wonderful reader helped give me clear guidance, dealing with a difficult sitution and he always connects well" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reading again! 5 STAR READER! This was just an update and Jonathan is sticking to his near future prediction and I am looking forward to seeing it come true! Thank you Jonathan for your patience and for being non-judgmental! I wish you many blessings! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Jonathan is fantastic! I really admire his honest approach to helping me with my situation. I consider him a friend, and I am fortunate that things are moving in the desired direction. Glad to have him as my psychic, and overall great guy! Thank you so much!" ... written by Razor_Ramon
Great reading always accurate recommended. A+++ " ... written by Teko123
Jonathan was awesome. Gave me such hope for a situation at my job. He gave me insight to deal with a difficult coworker. He was spot on with all that he shared. Thank you Jonathan.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Always to the point great reading. Thanks Jon. A+++" ... written by Teko123
Thank you my friend! I am glad we got to talk. I needed some clarity, and I am happy to be able to chat with you tonight. I am looking forward to what we spoke about!!" ... written by FC
Always helpful in your readings/ Gives great advice how to handle certain situations" ... written by FC
Jonathan is awesome! I always wait for his reading because of his great skills! Jonathan's reading are straight to the point." ... written by Kate G
awesome like always, he s so accurate!" ... written by ann
love him, everything comes to be" ... written by ann
Thank you for another wonderful reading! Thank you for your honesty and for having an open mind and heart. No matter what I think, say or do, you stand strong and firm on your predictions. I thank you so much for ALWAYS taking the time out to listen and talk to me in free chat!!!!! Your patience and concern for my well being means so much to me, especially seeing that I have no family or friends. So having you there to listen, guide, advise and help means more to me than you will ever know. I look forward to your predictions coming true in the near future. I wish you many, many blessings!!! I would recommend getting a private reading with Jonathan." ... written by kayeluv1
lovely as always to work with. Very accurate, caring and honest" ... written by Paige
great reading" ... written by teko123
I really dig this guy and the way he reads... hes very genuine he gave me time frames and i cant wait to see how it pans out" ... written by annonymous
Always the best support system possible! Jonathan you are Amazing!" ... written by AngieAces
good" ... written by roalnd
Amazing reading! Beyond thrilled with my reading. I will be back time and time again. Thanks for helping me. You are truly gifted" ... written by Isabelle
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
He was wonderful" ... written by Shelley
Great reading as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful always trust his readings" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great Reading as always thanks Jon. A+++ recommended" ... written by teko123
he said the same exact thing as before the card came up the same... its scary cause it was identical. i love it!!! im so excited!!!" ... written by annonymous
awesome reads like a book .." ... written by david
hes amazing i love him to pieces " ... written by shaniya williams
Great reading great guy. so reassuring. and straight to the point. thank you bless you" ... written by Carolina
A+++ reading thanks Jon." ... written by teko123
thank you again...its been a long time since we talked and I thank you for your time tonight." ... written by francine
best reading always thanks Jon :)" ... written by teko123
great reading! Fast and very helpful." ... written by boru
awesome." ... written by SAR
Wow! Very clear and detailed. Super accurate." ... written by SAR
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful as always." ... written by pinkpather30
this man never ceases to amaze me andamp; has never led me wrong in 2.5 yr!" ... written by stacey
jonathan is stunning!! described in detail the situation perfectly! " ... written by stacey
The best of the best. Thanks Jon." ... written by teko123
Excellent Advisor with experience Very accurate, truthful and caring. Nice guy. Should not be missed." ... written by Kathy
spot on accurate as usual" ... written by davyboii
jon is great he goes up and beyond for his clients one of the best." ... written by luvuchaluka
You made me smile. Thank you so much" ... written by Debbie
One of the best advisors on the site. " ... written by Kathy
Wonderful as always, come for updates often he provides clarity and has always been right on predictions. Do recommand to others." ... written by pinkpather30
love him! always come back in need, my mentor, psychologist, and straight on psychic. He is awesome!!" ... written by ann
Wonderful reader gave me great advise, helped me face some hard facts I need to accomplish." ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader, have came to john for quite awhile now and trust his readings. He's always known things that I needed to know and gave me guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Wow!!! I was amazed with the reading. Thank you" ... written by Joseph
Time frames given...opportunities abound.....cant wait to give him an update...very generous and kind...highly reccomend" ... written by Bluetippi2
great positive energy, fast and to the point. Looking forward to predictions" ... written by ewu
thank you John for valuable information, really helped me understand my confusion and will follow your advise ... God bless ..." ... written by angelove1983
Simply eye opening and amazing. I love, love, love this guy and I will definitely be back. e's definitely gifted and you'll see what I'm talking about when he reads for you. Bless you Jonathan!" ... written by Roseanna
Thanks you calmed me down" ... written by Debbie
Had an update. Got some new information and also some reinforced information. LOVED the reading. right to the point. he kept a file for me and also lights a candle for me. i'll be getting updates every 2 weeks." ... written by The8th_Wonder
You calm me down thank you so much" ... written by Debbie
Always consistent! He hasn't lead me astray, and wishes me well everytime :) Time worth spent!" ... written by Cathy
Always thankful for clarifying things for me. Thanks for comforting my emotions." ... written by Joseph
jonathan is simply the best reader with insight and accuracy tens right in to the situation and gives real timeframes amazing reader xoxoxoxo" ... written by ac
really explained my situation well and now i no for sure what it is. thanks" ... written by Matt
gave a streight answer . and a time frame" ... written by tianna
Awesome!" ... written by davyboii
One of the most credible persons here in Oranum...Thank you." ... written by Joseph
Wonderful reader, always trust his advise and clarity, has given me predictions in past and always been right," ... written by pinkpather30
Jon is one of my favorite on Oranum he is great and goes out of his way for his clients." ... written by luvuchaluka
I think this man is brilliant calm caring and accurate" ... written by Debb
Wonderful reader always trust" ... written by pinkpather30
Always a good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
blown away!!! very spot on! xxx" ... written by Lauren
He is brilliant and leaves me feeling positive" ... written by Debb
this man reads cards like its a novel!!! he has NEVER steered me wrong in the 2 yr ive been seeing him, his advice is bang on the mark helpful andamp; every prediction has come to pass!!!" ... written by stacey
amazingly accurate!!!! i am blown away!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Great Reading, he reassured me that what I am hoping for will come to fruition." ... written by Chris
awesome!" ... written by davyboii
great reading I always come back to Jonathon he is great and goes out of his way to help his clients. " ... written by luvuchaluka
Simply AMAZING!!!" ... written by Bhairavi
Wonderful reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather
incredible man xxx" ... written by Lauren
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Your track record for time frame is consistent, your readings remain accurate and true. Always the reliable person to go to." ... written by Joseph
Great as always, I have had readings with jonathan for quite awhial now he's always been right and i trust everything he tells me." ... written by pinkpather30
wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
brilliant calming and consistent" ... written by Debbie
I can't believe I came upon you today Jonathan!! I can't believe how quick you were reading the cards. The detail and understanding of the cards and how they related to my situation was outstanding!! You are officially my guy at Oranum. " ... written by janine
Thank you for coming back. I know there's a lot of good news coming from you. It was worth the wait" ... written by Joseph
Great reading as always" ... written by pinkpather
Great reading" ... written by pinkpather
Wonderful reader great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading, he was very honest and gave it to me straight. Thanks" ... written by T
AMAZING!!!!!!! could listen to him all day!!! so so accurate!" ... written by Lauren
so incredibly spot on!!!! blows me away everytime! doesnt waste your money for a second!!! " ... written by Lauren
Thank you for your constant advice and guidance" ... written by 1991
Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan!!!! Always so sure of the cards and it always turns out just the way you say it is. You are incredibly gifted and so very detailed in your readings. Thank you for being there. Always :)" ... written by janine
my first time with jonathan and i loved him. i didnt have much credit so it was cut short but he was very detailed in such little time. i just got a general read and he was very considerate on not wasting my time. i will be back :) thanks jonathan" ... written by linny
omg, this man astounds me with details andamp; talking to him is calming. he has been my rock andamp;amp; many days i am sure wouldnt have gotten thru without an emotional breakdown if werent for him. no, he doesnt tell me what i want to hear but always the TRUTH....sometimes its uplifting, others encouraging. in the past 2 years he has never failed me andamp; has become a very dear friend. i trust him explicitly even when i don't see the 'how' ! i have not always listened to his advice because of impatience, which has caused delays but the outcome predicted did come about as jonathan had told me regardless." ... written by bluetig
awsoem spot on" ... written by davyboii
Very interesting reading, always worth the wait. LOL. Your new cards came out with very interesting reading and I am looking forward to it. Everything about him came out of the cards. Thank you very much." ... written by Joseph
nice reading like always " ... written by luvuchaluka
Once again, very detailed and informative reading. Thank you " ... written by Natalia
Great and precise reading. Very informative and exact. Thank you " ... written by Natalia
Great reading. Very helpful and insightful." ... written by boru
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Thank you very much, always worth the time that I do my readings with you. You always have shown accuracy with your readings and the results is almost 100% true. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
awsome spot on " ... written by davyboii
was good quick , clear, and detailed." ... written by sung
absolutely brilliant. worked with what i had to give me answers" ... written by 123
i made mistake of not listening to jonathan once andamp; suffered a setback for it, never again. words he said today were almost exact to what the person i asked about said." ... written by stacey
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pink
awsome read as usual" ... written by davyboii
Thank you for the clarity, always a reliable person to go to and always engaged to his clients. Never gets tired of his clients. Thank you very much for the enlightenment. Never regret every moment that I have readings with you." ... written by Joseph
Absolutely brilliant and accurate with very little details given. Was blown away by what he picked up. A definite must read! Love you Jon xx" ... written by R
I love this reader he is brilliant" ... written by abc
quick, to the point and made a lot of sense. keeping my fingers crossed. thank you!!" ... written by ginbellen
Always positive and helpful" ... written by D
wonderful hope its true" ... written by s
awsome read .." ... written by davyboii
always my go to guy,, dont know how id get thru some days without him! much luv andamp; blessings. hes never steered me wrong" ... written by stacey
wonderful, wonderful wonderful I love this man" ... written by Debbie
thank you greattly appr." ... written by luvuchaluka
jonathan is fantastic! he was answering questions before i was even able to get them typed. i trust him wholeheartedly!" ... written by stacey
Thank you for bringing beauty into my morning through your readings. That was very enlightening and it is like music to my ears. I know, I falter at times with patience but I now think so many times before I do things which could do damage instead of progress. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading as ever. Always reliable and right on the mark. Highly recommend reading with him." ... written by Rosie_11
thank you so much" ... written by debbie
Always always always so specific and the way he knows the meanings of the cards and how they relate to my situation amazes me every single time. Never been wrong, everything turns out just the way he says it will. " ... written by Janine
time went too fast, got some insight, thx jon" ... written by afroditi23
reads liek a fairy tale awsome read accurate and spot on.." ... written by davyboii
As always, you gave clarity to all the clouds that surround especially at this time when I am going through a lot. You confirmed my gut feeling. I will see you in 2 weeks for another update reading. You're the best!" ... written by Joseph
awsome" ... written by davyboii
always on point " ... written by davyboii
thank you for the update reading" ... written by 123
perfect as ever! love him!" ... written by r
Wow... I did a demo with him a couple of months ago... and our timing of being here has been off... But tonight I caught him... And he confirmed what I had an inkling of... I feel hopeful. There is hope for change. I know this to be true because in the demo he told me stronger communication was coming, and it happened 2 days later. I believe in him and I am so thrilled I got to see him tonigt! Let him help you. He is amazing" ... written by cathleen
my readings are always so good with jon ive been seeing him over a year and come back when possible for updates or changes" ... written by luvuchaluka
awsome" ... written by davyboii
brilliant always makes me smile." ... written by aaa
Thank you, Jonathan! You have been giving clarity to my life despite the cloud that was casted on me. You were shocked as much as I was but I know there will be deeper answers coming. Thank you for showing me the way and explaining to me what happened. You are a very reliable reader and I will see you as scheduled. :)" ... written by Joseph
Blew me away again. He said everything I was asking and saying at the same time so it was instant confirmation. His file from my previous reading confirmed new job, new man. Jonathon is amazing! Love him!" ... written by R
Oh Jonathan, just talking to you calms my spirit and helps me breathe easier. Heavy sigh.... You are so wonderful and so in tune with me and my situation. I am never disappointed with your readings EVER!!! Thank you for being there for me always, Janine" ... written by Janine
always great" ... written by luvu
Always make me smile. Thanks " ... written by Debbie
Wow!!! I still am amazed by everything that turned out during the reading, it jived with my gut feeling!!! You are truly awesome and very accurate. Of course a follow up is coming after two weeks." ... written by Joseph
I love my updates with Jon he is soon funny" ... written by Debbie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
jonathan is worth every cent...he is always there with truth andamp; guidance which i trust explicitly, hes never led me wrong!" ... written by stacey
;)" ... written by david
great read" ... written by davyboii
I thought Johnathan was very good! His reading was not watered down or sugar coated and seemed to be just what I needed to hear. I would recommend him to anyone that needs the truth!" ... written by Zach
He's always awesome to read with. Very clear and concise. Do yourself a favour and get some truth today!" ... written by R
Always amazing and makes me smile" ... written by Debbie
great read" ... written by davyboii
" ... written by barbieluvsken
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
very helpful" ... written by matt
yayyyyy, i know what to do now. awesome just have to stick to it" ... written by matt
on point as usual ty so much " ... written by davyboii
great advise very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Always cheers me up" ... written by Debbie
awsome point and spot on..." ... written by davyboii
brilliant as always" ... written by Debbie
greattttt readingggg, told me a lot of good things" ... written by matt
Great reader very informative and understanding" ... written by pinkpather30
Always great at giving guidance and support" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you " ... written by chaluka
awsome" ... written by davyboii
great read always on point" ... written by davy
Thanks for the update" ... written by D
great read great insight spot on accurate.." ... written by davyboii
so quick. jonathan always has the answers i need...good or bad he tells me the truth. he is def my go to guy!" ... written by stacey
awsome always spot on " ... written by davyboii
Always gives me guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
amazing accurate always spot on .." ... written by davyboii
Good guidance, always informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Always trust Jonathan " ... written by pinkpather30
After a long hiatus, I am back to one of the reliable and trusted reader. Thanks. No regrets " ... written by Joseph
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Well 4 months ago he predicted a job and things getting stronger in my relationship. And it has come to be just as he said. Tonight he helped me to understand the confusion in where thing are and why and where they are headed if I be patient and stay on this path. I am so happy to know that I am doing the right thing. That confirmation gives me the hope but mostly the strength to keep going and doing the work needed. I really feel blessed in talking with him... He is very honest and know his stuff... Let him help you." ... written by Cathleen
amazing accurate and always on point.." ... written by davyboii
brilliant" ... written by deb
awsome read spot on accurate..." ... written by davyboii
Jonathon was awesome!! He was spot on during my reading.You should try him and I don;t think you'll be sorry. But be prepared, he will not sugar coat." ... written by shelle97
great!!!!" ... written by Carla VItaloni
Great reading made since out of my confusion. Always helps guide me even in difficult times." ... written by pinkpather30
grweat read ty so much on point ///" ... written by davyboii
Thank you. You are always understanding and cheer me up" ... written by D
Thank you for your time, it is always good to get clarity to a situation. " ... written by Andrea
awsome spot on .." ... written by davyboii
awsome read on point ty so much " ... written by davyboii
very personable--I like his use of cards--information comes quickly and he talks you through it well--" ... written by pearl
Great reading, very informative. Always a pleasure having readings with Jonathan." ... written by pinkpather30
great reading connected quickly" ... written by dsdfsfds
great read .." ... written by davyboii
Thanks, Jonathan, always reliable! Even if there is a wide gap between readings, yours remain consistent and accurate. Now, just waiting for the moment to unfold. Thanks again." ... written by Joseph
awsome as usual" ... written by davyboii
Thank you wonderful and fast as always" ... written by Debbie
Thank you!" ... written by
thanks u r great!" ... written by jt
I was hesitant to actually have a private with him at first. However people on his free chat were advocating on his behalf. I felt like it was a right thing to get a private from him. HE gave me a timeline that 2 other psychics on this site have given me. He was honest, straight forward and really kind. I really appreciate his honesty especially when he explained to me what a medium is and how he was not. GREAT MAN andamp; GREAT READING. Hopefully his predictions for me come true like his predictions for others have been coming true." ... written by LG
so much detail! ask one question andamp; get answers all across board" ... written by stacey
Thank you wonderful as always" ... written by debbie
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
spot on ..." ... written by davyboii
thank you soo much" ... written by D
jonathan is always my rock andamp; go to guy. hes so quick to answer andamp; full of info. his intuition andamp; guidance has never led me wrong for almost 4 yr. i feel very blessed to have met him, appreciate his honesty andamp; would be lost without his friendship!" ... written by stacey
jonathan is my trusted advisor; over several yrs i been reading with him has also become a friend. everything he has predicted always comes to pass" ... written by bluetig
great read " ... written by davyboii
on point " ... written by davyboii
Jonathan is a terrific and insightful tarot reader. I highly recommend him for readings in career and finance. Thanks Jonathan and blessed new year to you!" ... written by beathive
Good guidance. Always explained whats's to come in my life and had predictions happen." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading very informative. " ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome read! Thanks so much! " ... written by Sahar
New year reading was brilliant thank you" ... written by D
Good reading. Very informative and understanding. Fits a lot into a short amount of time and gives predictions." ... written by pinkpather30
insightful and helpful. thank you" ... written by D
Excellent advisory on career and finances. A wonderful tarot reader and guide. Highly recommend!" ... written by jonathan
Thank you" ... written by D
Amazing and very insightful, had a good connection" ... written by SarahD
great read awsome on point" ... written by davyboii
was quick and clear....very comforting....will be back for update.." ... written by sabrinaove
great read ty so much always accurate and on point" ... written by davyboii
Thank you!!!! He's really great. Very fast. Accurate!" ... written by b
Thank you you calm me down" ... written by Debbie
very helpful. was able to skeeze all my questions in short amount of time I had available. thank you Jonathan :)" ... written by Joanne
amazing reader - so incredibly timeless, accurate, and precise. Jonathan has a wonderful gift, and highly recommend him for readings on finance and career as well as relationships and health!" ... written by beathive
Great reading. Always gives great guidance and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
great read as usual" ... written by davyboii
i have spent a wk waitin hrs for this psychic because hes JUST THAT GOOD,, so worth it!!!" ... written by stacey
Thank you fast helpful and he cares" ... written by D
Really nice guy - fast and knew exactly what happened without me telling him much " ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Dove right in and got the answers I needed to hear. Jonathan is accurate and doesn't sugar coat. Great connection with his cards." ... written by Lisa
Wonderful - I am really happy to have found him " ... written by Onslow
thank u " ... written by star
jonathan is honest andamp; straight forward, whether you will like the answer or not" ... written by stacey
Very good reading! :) I had a demo with him before and what he said came to pass so excited to see what is to come! " ... written by Katie
oh my... I haven't read with him in a while do to my hours... but he just helped me so much see through a situation I desperately needed. He is awesome and accurate. I have read with him many times. Give him a try you will be amazed." ... written by Cathleen
I just love readings with Jonathan - he is quick, to teh point and well worth it." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Very informative great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Had a great reading with J tonight. Solved a mystery of sorts... gave me great perspective and helped me to grasp the situation. He is so great let him help you." ... written by cathleen
Great reading very infromative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading very informative.." ... written by pinkpather30
great reading always gives good guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you " ... written by D
Great reading. Always gives clear guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Brilliant fast and he cares wonderful" ... written by 123
Thank you for the awesome reading!" ... written by Sahar
Helpfull and fast" ... written by 123
Thank you always so kind and helpful" ... written by 123
Johnathan is the best!" ... written by Rosemunde
Very good reading and very informative" ... written by pinkpather30