About ladymirabella

Psychic ladymirabellahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ladymirabellahas recently helped 56members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ladymirabella's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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MASTER PSYCHIC on Oranum since Nov. 2011...over 60,000 helped with accuracy! No tools required...My gifts are spirit channeler, clairvoyant, intuitive, empath, telepath and dream interpreter and spiritual healer. I give past, present, future insight, time frames and physical descriptions of people. In Free Chat Vote or surprise me for an Oracle card. Private Chat for all questions and readings.

Felt super comfortable, and love how she helped me form my questions. Looking forward to seeing how the answers unfold. " ... written by swaimz
I loved her she is gr8 and accurate " ... written by ema
Ladymirabella has a very nice kind person i loved her reading and the advice she gave me to stay positive thanks again " ... written by marybeth1love
Great reading and highly recommended. Will definitely come back again. Thank you." ... written by Lovepassenger
absolutely amazing!!!! WOW! The best! will come back again! " ... written by faeriegirl
I am so happy that I decided to connect with LadyMireabella. She definitely eased my worries and I am ready to begin my new journey now. Thank you" ... written by sunshine95
very nice woman. put me at ease." ... written by Danyale0525
wooooooooooooow, knew exactly what was going on." ... written by enterchange
Thank you for clearing things up for me. Looking forward to next year. Positive outcome on life. Will keep u updated." ... written by Lovepassenger
so was very patient and very honest with her reading and her advise...really appreciate her insight..." ... written by wendic
VERY HAPPY WITH HER EASY COMMUCATION " ... written by mlh92107
Very nice person and charming. She was straightforward and to the point. She solely asked me my first name and did a reiki that i felt so great after; in fact it was for me and my ailing dog. Her reading was fast, accurate and she gave me sound advice. I strongly recommend her for a private reading as she is a beautiful soul and empath. Thank you:))))))))))" ... written by milona
she was great and right to the point highly recommend her " ... written by aritra
To the point and very caring!" ... written by faeriegirl
Thanks :) Very Calm, Warm and Insightful reader... " ... written by Neil
Thank You :) Your second reading is so fascinating i want a third one soon :) " ... written by Neil
absolutely the best!" ... written by faeriegirl
Great" ... written by BeeYourself7786
Thank you so!" ... written by shells71
she's cute and fun, and she listens to what you have to say!!! i really enjoyed talking to her she was great!! ran out of funds will def keep you posted my friend.. thanks so much Love n light xo" ... written by brokenhearted77
She is so caring and amazing!" ... written by Lourdy
Got some clarity, and she is such a sweet lady!" ... written by steph
She just makes me feel better and reassured everytime. :)" ... written by Aerie4
Awesome, as usual!" ... written by faeriegirl
AWESOME lady! Thanks again for your uplifting message :)" ... written by miamigirl
Did a dream interpretation.... and totally amazing!" ... written by faeriegirl
She was very good and sweet! I would recommend her! Thank you again! I hope that the predictions come true! I will keep you updated! :)" ... written by marlenea64
Very good psychic, very accurate and fast I loved her energy and she is a psychic very worth going to private with :)" ... written by Jarrod24
I loved the reading she uplifted my spirits :)" ... written by YOLO24
This lady is excellent, fast, right on everything, no sugar coating whatsoever, she's the real deal. Thank you! I will be back. I got a lot of relief ...xx" ... written by new
She did a great job! Let's wait to see the out come" ... written by Hollinsway
Makes a bad day turn great! Highly recommend! Very honest and easy to talk to! Trust in her and you will be satisfied!" ... written by Aerie4
Lovely reading, done very quickly, to the point with indepth answers. =] Definitely worth a visit." ... written by beccixy
She is awesome! I will see her again!" ... written by blueyze
she is fantastic...incredible very professional and real.." ... written by FrankJ
Drilled right down on the exact issue - saw everything so clearly and gave great confirmation! Wonderful !!!" ... written by sacredlove71
I'm speechless. God has sent an angel down to look after all of us. She is fabulous. PLease give her a try. U will not be wasting your money or time. " ... written by brownsuga5964
Simply incredible, she is so very very Good. You need to use her." ... written by FrankJ
She's just there for your to sort you out and heal you. She has a million stars from me!! Great healing Mira" ... written by getmeright
GREAT." ... written by lookingforward1
She was able to connect really well and quickly and confirmed what I knew in my heart and gave a time when things would happen. She has a really great energy about her. Thank you Mirabella :)" ... written by abundance
I can NOT say enough about Mirabella... she is so thorough, so accurate, so right on about so many things. Her insight helps me stay balanced and know what to expect. I came back to her tonight, to tell her how DEAD on she was with the house situation I was dealing with. It's completely amazing how having the knowledge she gives can change the way my day goes. Bella... thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! :)))" ... written by Karina_me
Accurate, amazing, and awesome! I am very sensitive and needed confirmation of what I was feeling. I do not even have to tell her anything. She can pick up on my energy level and just tell me what is going on (to my surprise... well, not any more since I have had other readings by her). Super talented!" ... written by faeriegirl
such a sweet lovely soul and her reading was very accurate and insightful. I highly recommend her she is a quality reader. Thank you" ... written by murdocca
NICE :LADY good entry will come back" ... written by mlh
WOW, she is great! She picked up on my fear and anxieties going on in my life and helped me clarify between what they were and what was gonna really happen. I think it takes great skill cus when some psychics have read me in the past they accounted my feelings for what my reality was gonna be. This trait she possesses is great for anyone who needs clarity and has confusion, which is mainly why people look for a psychic reading. I will totally come to her again! She also sent me healing energys to help with my anxieties and such....Thanks a million, Lady Mirabella! xo" ... written by niki316
shes inspirational and knows what shes talking about. thank u for all ur help and insight." ... written by daniellef12
Had an amazing connection with her, She told me what i needed to work on and picked up on my situation in the cards before i told her what was going on. i would very much recommend her to everyone who is willing to hear the truth and work on what needs to be worked on. Love her A++++" ... written by tivabeth22
Very helpful and sweet..I was happy to hear the things she had to say to me regarding the future..Blessings" ... written by flygirl777
Truly helpful" ... written by MissCB7
Mirabella was very quick and answered my questions and was very honest with all answers. She is very nice, and didn't hold anything back. thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
i loved my reading AND healing! :) she's truly filled with love and light! " ... written by NESA617430
Was very accurate on the situation. Very calming, wonderful insight. Explained the reading extremely well. " ... written by wonderbaby
he is a nice lady and very accurate...she was fast on the details..." ... written by soosanmh59
She's really amazing. She does wonderful energy work. Releasing anything that might be burdening or hindering your life. Also, shes very sweet and gifted at answering any questions you may have. I will be back for sure! :)" ... written by sheila042083
Thank you so much... so straight to the point love her!" ... written by lilac
She is amazing with her abilities and great reader. She really helped me out and now I feel much more positive. She is very warming and Kind and just so awesome. I love this lady. :] " ... written by XTurtleManX
love love love her!!!" ... written by niki316
Stepping into her domain is a magical moment.. she is full of white light and energy ... truely a sweet soul .. and loved connecting with my energy i emitt... and try to pass on and share... another Gem for Oranum... BB" ... written by bberney
She is the best there is on Oranum. Very sweet and cares about your situation. She will help you. Before you leave her room you will feel better. I promise. Give her a try..U wil be glad you did. " ... written by brownsuga5964
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
She was amazing!! really helped me much love xxx" ... written by Maddie
Awesome." ... written by mahi
She was good and zeroed in on the fine stuff" ... written by Douglas Miller
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Excellent advice." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Excellent card reader and quick to answer questions. Great advice. thanks Lady xo" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you x" ... written by sunny3107
great woman very inspirational and empath big time she feels for you and is so kind." ... written by tinwoman
She is AMAZING!!! I will most definitely come back to her in the future." ... written by Cailin
She is so amazing! She told me everything from my past, present and we will wait for the future! I love her she is by far my favorite! I will use her throughout my life." ... written by shells71
Absolutely lovely and a terrific reading!" ... written by starshine34
Ladymirabella was amazing, 5 stars from shells71!" ... written by shells71
very sweet person. great to talk too" ... written by Danyale0525
Very accurate and picked up on things right away. I hope her predictions come true :). I will be back to see her again!" ... written by scaredtolose
Miss Mirabella... well... expect her to really, no really feel you... she's a total empath... I've gone through many readings with her.. she's spot on, and will act as a guide to where you need to go... she's dealing with you, as your mind is today, and helps you to get where you need to be... check back with her on a monthly basis to her a better read on what to do next." ... written by MissCB7
Wonderful Reading! Very precise. You are so caring and reassuring. I have faith in myself and your reading! Thank you!" ... written by kausalyaramani
Very good reading...." ... written by maravilloso002
A lovely lady very positive, gave me hope. xxxx" ... written by suertemia
very good reading and i hope to see her predictions come to pass...." ... written by koel
Nice read...and nice news this time. we shall see what happens." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Good reading.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Very good reading. Ladymirabella was spot on in regards to my situation. I highly recommend her." ... written by Mojana
Fantastic as usual!!! I look forward to speaking with her all the time! Everyone must try it! Well worth it!" ... written by Aerie4
Simply fantastic and fast connect!!" ... written by getmeright
Wonderful. Excellent and fast." ... written by newperson
wow what an amazing empath this lady is, she is great! Please give her a chance to show you how wonderful she is. Love you Mirabella!" ... written by murdocca
She is a very good person to speak too... Very accurate and she gives a lot of help.. thank you LadyMirabella! I hope to speak to you soon." ... written by Medic18
Very insightful, for the limited time allowed. I'm glad I took the time I could to speak with her." ... written by Katt98
very clear reading - very quick - loved the use of the pendulum. " ... written by chris87571
Straight to the point. Excellent. Professional. Compassionate. Provides answers and not theories." ... written by hihi234
I will just have to wait and see him through this." ... written by onefineday1a1a
Ladymirabella was amazing, she was very accurate and wasted no time. She was also very friendly, thank you Ladymirabella for being honest and helping me, it is all well appreciated and has given me security again" ... written by blueberrypigs
Lovely reader. Great personality. She makes a lot of sense!" ... written by Viv
You are awesome can talk to you all day, but then that would cost a fortune. Thank you for your guidance and support. See you in the chat room!!!!!!" ... written by Moni21
I enjoyed talking to her, very informative she was able to see my past clearly. Then I would have to believe she also can really see my future clearly and truly. " ... written by Ladman49
great reading..." ... written by monaverona
This was the best reading I've experience so far, I really felt it was real and feel it will help me stay cool the next 2 weeks, Thanks so much, will talk to you soon!" ... written by nyssens716
very nice lady easy to talk to and she is also accurate thank you." ... written by pocahuntas
Lady Mirabella you are truly wonderful....your ability to connect so quickly, and how truthful you are, thank you for also giving me advice on how to react and what to do in the situations that arise...I cannot wait to send you that wedding announcement. Blessings, Love, White Light, and Peace, Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Can't get enough of her good vibes and accurate advice...she told me to hang on he would comeback, showed me how to behave what he wanted what he needed from me and now he is back!!!! " ... written by Laprincess
She's the real deal!! I highly recommend her to everyone if you want the truth!! Thanks so much Mirabella " ... written by peaceofmind3
Great reading. She gave me a lot of great information. Very impressed. I will be back. :)" ... written by cd0906
Very nice. Feeling really good after chatting with her. Must chat with her again." ... written by diva78
She has made my day! Things that she has said have been on my mind quite a bit... definitely will be asking her future question again" ... written by pammie64
She is such a wonderful psychic. I love her she's amazing. I recommend her highly. She's like a mother ;D " ... written by XTurtleManX
Love her!!! Mirabella was able to pick up on the hurdle in my relationship and gave the best advice for a fix." ... written by leogirl
She is an amazing psychics. She told me everything I needed to know. She was able to connect with my brother and mother. My mother happened to have a message for me and she gave it to me through Mirabella. It was an amazing and positive experience. Love you Mirabella - Tristan " ... written by XTurtleManX
She is so wonderful. I love her. She is the best psychic every! 5 stars! Come see her! I love you Mirabella!" ... written by XTurtleManX
I Love her!! amazingly accurate. recommend her strongly. Will definitely do another reading with her. :)" ... written by crystal86
Very good reading! Said a lot of things about my past, present, and future that were correct. Will definitely come back! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Such a sweet reader, kind and compassionate. Gave me hope and some great advice. Thanks again!" ... written by flower74
Ladymariabele is wonderful straight to the point, answered all my questions, loved my reading. Thank you so much I wish I had more credits. I will definitely come back to see her." ... written by Angelsent21
She is amazingly intuitive and deeply compassionate. And is very very helpful. QUITE SIMPLY THE BEST!" ... written by getmeright
Once again a lovely reading... they always are... and what a sweetheart you are...thank you for your time and fun we share...until next time...big Hugs..." ... written by bberney
i always love my readings with ladymirabella she is always accurate and to the point " ... written by murdocca
Today's reading with Mirabella has by far been the best reading I've had on Oranum! She is amazing in every way!!! Wish I could give her 10 stars!!!" ... written by wunluv
Great reading, thank you." ... written by brownsuga5964
She is very helpful and she help heal me and I love her. Shes so great. ;D" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Thanks for the great reading...You were so helpful :)" ... written by stargazer7
She is such a great psychic. She helped me with what I needed help with. I love her. Highly Recommended. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
omg! what can i say she picked up on everything. thanks so much. she was able to see things that i didnt even tell her. she was able to tell me what i knew a little bit already. i highly suggest you give her a shot five stars! thanks again LadyMirabella :)" ... written by KungFuPony
Dear Oranum I recently had a private with LadyMirabella and I would like to share how sweet, caring, motherly and over all just such a wonderful person she is. Her reading with me was so true it was so great. She connects with my passed ones with out any problem and she’s helped me grab messages from my passed ones. She is like a mother to me and she is so caring towards me. She is so respectful of everyone and understands our feelings. I Love Her. Blessings, Tristan Daniel Jayden P (XTurtleManX) " ... written by XTurtleManX
Awesome reading.." ... written by brownsuga5964
She is so sweet and I love her!!!!!!!! Thanks Lady Mirabella!" ... written by vwlovah10
Nice" ... written by bluesky10
Reading was good." ... written by searchingforans
Always an informative positive experience when having a reading with you..Thank-you once again...Blessings" ... written by Barbara
Great reading!!!so nice!!" ... written by flower08
She is very very compassionate and honest! One of the best readers!" ... written by getmeright
Amazing and helpful as always" ... written by Lourdy
Very, very, nice an accurate girl. Love her. " ... written by vjrei01
Thank you so much LadyMirabella! You have helped me tremendously! I am very happy I had this reading again with you, you were fast, helpful kind and very accurate. I now have great hopes for the future, thank you so much again. I am very happy right now haha! thanks!" ... written by blueberrypigs
Thank you Mirabella! Was a wonderful reading. Confirmed what I was feeling! I will be back to let you know what happens! " ... written by gatomata
Didn't have many credits but got a good amount of info in a short time...loved the tarot reading." ... written by lostinlove1978
Very good reading thank you :)" ... written by hildie82
just wow , she picked on things very fast. it was amazing:)... i wll be talking to her again , way worth the 4 bucks a min. i never thought id say that about anyone on here" ... written by vamp2110
Amazing!! She was very accurate and gave me great insight into the issues that I am facing right now in my relationship. Wonderful! Highly recommended!" ... written by NiVanya
Nice lady, she will figure out what the situation is with accuracy. She is real, she know her stuff." ... written by vjrei01
That was the most fun ive ever had in a reading. ive never connected to someone as much as i did with her. i dont know what it was but it was very nice. thank you so much!" ... written by lilmaemae
This was my second reading with LADYMIRABELLA and she rocks!! She's been perfect in both readings, one on love and one on career. I feel comfortable following her guidance. She sets my soul at ease! I've talked to many psychics in the past, but I'd say she's been THE BEST one for me, nothing cryptic just straightforward insight." ... written by afcsher
AWESOME, she did 2 perfect spreads, 100% accurate. I'm following her advice and staying with my true love! I highly suggest her, mark her as a favorite!" ... written by afcsher
Another great reading:)" ... written by flower08
Email reading with LadyMirabella...she is excellent,..please add my feedback for I just can't say enough about her..Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Goodness..she was so right on..I do not have the words that tells you how great this reading was...thank you so much..." ... written by dreamer65
Superb always " ... written by vvd450
Great reading, really took the time out to explain my situation and give really good guidance. I can't wait to see what happens. Thank you. " ... written by bailey1983
She is always on target" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Very positive and good vibes. She is to the point and I will certainly see her again! Kind hearts are not always easy to find but she is one. Thank you!" ... written by hababy
Thanks so much :) " ... written by ericasant84
Omygosh she was awesome!!!!!" ... written by vvd450
Again I am very pleased with my reading with Mirabella. She is straight to the point and very clear as to what she sees as the answers to your questions. I feel much better now and looking forward to speaking with her again. Talk to you soon." ... written by geoff007
Phenomenal psychic!! I love her. Her readings are so accurate it is amazing!" ... written by afcsher
She was absolutely wonderful, i waited for days to talk to her and it was worth the wait. Not only did she read my cards accurately but she put insight into each and every card. I couldn't buy enough credits for the amount of time I wished I had with her. thank you" ... written by baabe
Thanks so much, always will come back!" ... written by nyssens716
She is very sweet. I enjoyed my reading with her. Helpful and no sugar coating. She got right to the point. Thankyou again. :)" ... written by sweetstephy31
The psychic Lady Mirabella is such a warm welcoming and caring psychic. When you enter her room she welcomes everyone. She is so caring and helpful and you can tell she wishes to help everyone she can. Her readings are so caring and up beat. She is a psychic who does not sugar coat anything and she amazes with me with how sweet she is. Even if there is bad news she tells you but she tries to help you through it. She is such a warm hearted psychic and I do love her. 5 out of 5 stars. She is a wonderful psychic that the Oranum team has hired. " ... written by XTurtleManX
She's awesome. And such a nice person. I would deffinatly come back to her more often " ... written by hartleya30
She was very nice and calming...the tarot reading was very accurate and helpful in many ways! Accurate about past, and we'll see about future...Thank you so much!" ... written by Laprincess
very good! try her" ... written by Prilla
She's the most charming and empathetic psychic I have come across. Very clued in on the situation and has the most positive energy i have ever seen. A full five star rating. Would recommend her to all since she's a delightful and compassionate person!!" ... written by getmeright
She did a great job! Pleasing attitude!" ... written by Toby
very good reading" ... written by gr8teful
WOW! You're readings are amazing. Very accurate! Thank you so much. " ... written by jaykay67
She is poised and grounded and most importantly very empathetic and compassionate. Sincere and honest, she is one of the best psychics on the site" ... written by getmeright
Got great detail information! She was sweet and knows her stuff I will be back" ... written by quaz10
Amazing. I feel so great!" ... written by Lourdy
Great!" ... written by Kareydon
I consider her a new found friend! Wise beyond her years! She has the psychic gifts and outstanding people skills." ... written by quaz10
Worked quick for me, really great!" ... written by mat135
I love every reading with Ladymirabella she is always so accurate and kind and helpful. she is a 5 star reader i highly recommend her to anyone... Thanks Lady" ... written by murdocca
she is great i will be back to see her. so sweet and nice and she really does care." ... written by prettyblk4
she is awesome.. highly recommend her." ... written by snowwhite75
OMG I only had one min. and she answered it rigth away.....great fast and right to the point" ... written by ericasant84
Sorry I ran out of funds.. wish I could have heard the rest but I'll be back for sure. You were so great and patient with me. I think you were spot on. Thank you for taking the time to give me some guidance :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
she is awesome!" ... written by snowwhite75
Thank you so much LadyMirabella! Very honest and up front. Did not have that much time so she sped up the reading! LOVED IT.. very thankful.. It was as if I was speaking to someone I had known for a long time! I WILL be back! HIGHLY recommended - - One of Oranum's TOP psychics in my opinion!!" ... written by aabyqf
Thank you!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
EXCELLENT!!!" ... written by jessicar123
I always love my readings with Ladymirabella she is so joyous and confident and quick to answer all questions, Love u lay keep rocking lol" ... written by murdocca
***** 5 stars!!! LadyMirabella is extremely accurate, honest, and insightful in her readings. She is able to explain in depth and detail, definitely provides clarity and has proven her accuracy across everything including timelines! I have been getting her readings for weeks and find them accurate, beneficial, and very helpful -and will certainly be back next week! Highly recommended~ Thanks so much LadyMirabella!" ... written by Nyssens716
Great reading.. shame i ran out of credit..hopefully will speak to you soon :D " ... written by Shivani
She is awesome.. highly recommend her." ... written by snowwhite75
What can I say... but Awesome!" ... written by mreneeholland
She was really wonderful. She nailed my past and current info and I am looking forward to seeing how my future plays out! Thanks LadyMirabella! you are a blessing. ':)" ... written by mreneeholland
Like her a lot , super great, will deff come to her again" ... written by dabeyra
knows very much truly gifted" ... written by dabeyra
Ran out of time, but was very spot on :)" ... written by dabeyra
Very Kind, honest, and passionate about the reading. She is very skilled and i will for sure be coming back to follow up with her!!!" ... written by rockinrobin221
Always wonderful and right on!! Thank you! Always will come back :) Highly recommended." ... written by nyssens716
She is such a sweet woman. She is definitely a mother to me and I love her. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She does a great job in communicating the thoughts. She is very clear cut in her delivery! She has all the tools! 5 stars" ... written by quaz10
She is consistently good and effective" ... written by getmeright
Wow I love her energy! Straight to the point...!" ... written by micheller2
She told me that i would be getting a job offer soon...and it came true..........job interview on its way....and now she told me i will get it and it will happen fast...will come back and give the news" ... written by ericasant84
Great reading.. thanks a ton..x " ... written by guptashibu
Super reader..." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Amazingly calming, understanding. Feels like speaking to a friend. Highly recommend, and will come back!" ... written by Autumnsheart666
I am blown away right now....I'm so excited to see what this year holds for me. I can't wait to report back and tell the world. She was right on about a certain situation. She is polite, caring and sincere. Thank you so much xoxo" ... written by chocoprincess
She is a beautiful soul my readings with her are fun accurate and marvelous. She is an earth angel - 5 stars to her! " ... written by murdocca
I love this woman. She is my mother and she is so great. She is the best. I love her so much. She had a message from my mother and we did a spread about my grandmother. She is the best. If you need help come to her. I love you mom. - Your Son Tristan Daniel Jayden - " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She is such a wonderful person. I love you mommy :D" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
I love this lady so freaking much. She is my mother and she always helps me and her readings are so accurate. She is my heart, my life and my soul and my mother. She will always be in my heart and she is just such a great person. She is caring, motherly, sweet, beautiful and shes just so wonderful. I Love you mom. Love Tristan" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She is outstanding.... come and see her!" ... written by snowwhite75
Ladymirabella is awesome! she explained what she saw in each card and it made sense in relation to my issues. the 3 spreads she did all seem accurate. i can't wait for her prediction to come true. Thank you so much! " ... written by ceffie
Cant get enough so so good " ... written by vvd450
Very nice girl....had a very funny time with her got to connect with someone i miss very dearly we had a good time." ... written by brittany07
Really enjoyed the reading, was very accurate! Wish I could have stayed longer, thank you! :-) " ... written by leowoman15
She never changes her mind and always tells me the truth" ... written by ericasant84
Hi LadyMirabella, Thank you for your reading. It was insightful. I hope what you said is true! Is there any way I can get a copy of the reading?" ... written by AislingH
She was great, very straightforward and easy to understand. Thank you so much " ... written by cammyboo
I love this lady. She is so helpful and wonderful. She is such a great mother. She is caring, sweet, beautiful and wonderful natured. :) " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Good reading" ... written by snowwhite75
I love her readings are so honest and accurate and right on the money!" ... written by Laprincess
Very helpful and had answers i was looking for. Confirmed things about me that i thought was only in my imagination. Thank You" ... written by intimama
Ladymirabella was great. Knew what is going on with me and gave me positive outcome. Worth more than 5 stars. I will be back." ... written by mira7159
Always great, thanks!" ... written by shells71
Well there is only a couple things that I will say about Lady Mirabella and all of them are possitive things. She is always so helpful, such a nice person and I could not describe the connection that I feel with her, there's something about her that got me to trust her and trust me. I don't trust many people... find out for yourself and you will not regret it... thanks so much Lady Mirabella" ... written by berenicex313
Lady Mirabella is so sweet, and kind. She connects very quickly and is very honest about futures and present tense. She does not give you false hope. I feel very connected with her, and love that she operates in the white light, and is very spiritual..Thank You Mirabella you are a true blessing, I can not wait to let you know the outcome. Blessings, Love, Light, and Peace! Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Love her!!!" ... written by bbeauty21
Great reader hit the nail on the head ." ... written by MALEX3007
Good..." ... written by Chas1985
another great reading thank you ladymirabella" ... written by murdocca
Amazing person. Very friendly, VERY, VERY accurate." ... written by bobbyd575
Super, worth every penny, no sugar coating. Thank you!" ... written by 6bouviers
She is great!!! awesome advice... this is my "I lost count" time." ... written by Laprincess
Thanks for helping me figure things out and sift through everything! Very accurate! " ... written by leowoman15
She is definitely a mom to me and I love her. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Lady Mirabella is a true healer, and intuitive, empath, she is amazing, and so kind, but honest...She is very considerate of your time and money..Blessings, Love and Light..Lady Mirabella" ... written by frustrated67
Great reading, she's wonderful! Thanks so much!" ... written by jssb78
She was lovely and even the time was short.. I did understand what she meant... is all good and is all about patience. Thanks Mirabella" ... written by claudiamclarke
Very good news made me very happy thanks a lot!! " ... written by fresiaflower
Lady Mirabella did remote reiki, and charismatic healing, and within 1 hour, my love contacted me, finally after almost 2 weeks of not hearing a word out of him, Thank You so much Lady Mirabella, you are truly a healer..I have faith that Michael will be healed of his sickness. Just hearing from him was a sign from God, and the Divine Holy Spirit, and Angels of Light...I will be back to talk with you. Her readings are so true, and really detailed, including time frames...Give her the opportunity to help you, have faith, and pray....Blessings, Love, Light, and Peace....Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by rosebud011
She is very sweet and told me new things that i didnt even know, i really appreciate her for this reading cant wait til my results." ... written by Bamababe16
Always awesome to receiving readings from Mira! I can already see a lot of her words coming to fruition. And the best part of all? She's always available for private! " ... written by Autumnsheart666
A gorgeous smart lady, very positive, simple and easy going. Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Always a great reading" ... written by afcsher
She helped me a lot" ... written by Ameisha
All I have to say is: Wow. I just kept wanting to talk to her, because all of her spreads were spot-on. She understood what the cards had to say perfectly, and was able to delve into me and my partners feelings to a tee. (: I wouldn't mind using up all of my credits on her again, haha. She was simply amazing to talk to. So open and helpful. I think everyone should talk to her." ... written by Kaiine
She is such a great person. I love her so much. Shes a mom to me and shes great. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She was amazing. Such a great reading and really gave me hope in my current situation. I cannot wait to see her predictions. Very accurate and precise. Thank you so much and I hope we cannot soon." ... written by deannbri1126
Excellent candycoating, direct and able to pick up on my issues immediately, i will return.." ... written by leti8989
I love you mom. She is so honest, caring, loving and great. She helps me so much. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She was great and made me feel a lot better about my situation she reassured me that the love of my life will come back to me and loves me very much" ... written by Ameisha
Lady Mirabella, as usual is so sweet, and caring, and great advice. I really feel so connected with her. She is a true healer, and advisor. Spirituality led. Gifted by the Divine. I am so happy I found someone who truly cares, and loves to help people, with honest answers." ... written by frustrated67
I love this woman. She is so caring, nice and great. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She is so wonderful and great. I love her. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
I Love you mom. Shes so great we connected with my birth mom again. LadyMirabella has like taken me under her wing even if I am an online son to her she will always be my mother to me here on earth. We have such a wonderful connection and time together and shes just so caring, loving, positive energy. I just love her and I refuse to ever loose her. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Absolutely amazing!! was speechless, been having physical symptoms for a while and mirabella found out my spirit guide is trying to contact me. very interesting and she is wonderful :) thank you mirabella! will be back and keep you updated :) xxx " ... written by Jodyleelee
Absolutely amazing!! was speechless, been having physical symptoms for a while and mirabella found out my spirit guide is trying to contact me. very interesting and she is wonderful :) thank you mirabella! will be back and keep you updated :) xxx" ... written by Jodyleelee
I love this woman. She is so helpful. She is caring, loving, honest, generous and motherly. She is the best. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
I love this woman. She is so funny and helpful." ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
LadyMirabella is a wonderful reader and I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in a wonderful reading." ... written by HeavenlyWhisper
Ladymirabella, you are truly a blessing to those in need of guidence and healing. We had problems with the computers during I reading last night, I got really frustrated. But you sent the charismatic healing and reiki again, and today Michael and I have been texting each other for around two hours. He is making contact. Thank You so much. I am believing that the energy healings, and charismatic prayers, and wish manifestation will bring miraculous healing to his body, mind, heart and spirit....You are an angel hear on earth. Lots of hugs..." ... written by frustrated67
Ladymirabella was extremely accurate on certain things in my love life,without me ever stating anything.Her reading is amazing and i must say' Thank you Ladymirabella for a wonderful reading and your blessings'. I will do more readings with her in the future." ... written by crod4606
Great reading!! love you!!! " ... written by VICTORIALOVExoxo
Awesome" ... written by masonwill1234
I love her she is such a great spirit and woman of value, love her energy" ... written by vvd450
Love her all i need to say" ... written by Talbain
Amazing reading, she is fantastic" ... written by bbdo1234
Great reading. Clear" ... written by nytango0617
Great reading. Thanks Lady:)" ... written by lavendergirl
Lady Mirabella was wonderful. She helped me a great deal. I needed these answers so very much. I now know i can trust my own feelings and trust him. Thank you, thank you. Zoey" ... written by udovc2zoey
I love this lady! She is the best!" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
SHE GREAT. can't get enough with her" ... written by crod4606
Thank you!" ... written by opengirl1975
Straight to the point im happy what see said gave me hope thats dreams do come true" ... written by sparklemoon
Very nice and straight forward. she knew her cards well. going to take her advice. looking forward to the future. she is my second reading and this one was much better!!! the first one i had was awful, confusing and the cards were not described well. almost felt like she was guessing. ladymirabella knew her cards well, explained them clearly and seemed very knowledgeable. i will get another reading from her for sure. " ... written by missmce1
Great reading, really fast with answers, highly recommend" ... written by bernixx
I love this woman. Come to her if you need help." ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Mirabella, is so wonderful, I love talking to her, she calms me, give me sound advice, truthful answers to my questions. Thank You so much, you are my angel." ... written by frustrated67
The best !!!" ... written by vvd450
She is a really good psychic....she has always been great at reading the cards and I can tell she doesnt just read them she has a gift of intuition with them...thanks xoxo" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Such a wonderful lady indeed. gifted and precise. she doesnt waste any time. but gets to the point. what a great investment." ... written by AugustThe2nd1964
Fantastic highly recommended" ... written by Lorann23
Thank youu lady! :) shes wonderful" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very awesome reading... quick and precise... very helpful. " ... written by pagirl15601
Good good " ... written by uzma01
Thank you" ... written by CuriousOne32
She was a great reader. Very thorough reading." ... written by florwer85
Very informative, straight to the point and comforting. would highly recommend for a reading. Thank you very much Mira." ... written by Jim
THANK YOU!! GREAT INSIGHT! will always come back. Highly recommended." ... written by nyssens716
I really enjoyed Lady Mirabella's reading she is really open and show she cares. I believe she was really accurate with her prediction as well. Thank you for your help :D " ... written by NormaG
I really enjoyed Lady Mirabella's reading she is really open and show she cares. I believe she was really accurate with her prediction as well. Thank you for your help :D " ... written by NormaG
Very sweet energy, genuine and caring!!! Very helpful and gave great insite... Thank you again!" ... written by kkr912
Fantastic, fast, accurate and a star all the way. Deeply empathetic and very kind. Thanks a million Mira" ... written by getmeright
Brilliant!" ... written by natei08
Ladymirabella is wonderful and very calming voice to ease your thoughts and suffering, even if things aren't right. She makes you feel ease." ... written by crod4606
Omg she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta read with her again very to the point and she wastes not time!" ... written by candyla
YAY! That was such a great, fun reading today :-) I think it just backs up how I believe everything happens for a reason. I couldn't believe how you confirmed all that I was feeling! It will be interesting to see what happens :-)" ... written by leowoman15
Wonderful as usual...Thank you so much..." ... written by dreamer65
She's fabulosly good, very very accurate and brilliant! A five star all the way! Oranum's numero uno" ... written by getmeright
Lady Mirabella, is not only a very beautiful person outside, but glowing with white ligh and positive energies, Her guidence, he advice, her prayers, charismatic healings, Reiki, and wish Manifestations, have called upon the Divine, to remove all blockages that have been parlyzing me emotionally, and mentally for what seems like eternity. She is so kind and gentle, and loving, but completely honest. She is very quick with her connections, and I feel so connected to her. I look forward to my days to just drop in and say hello, and hear her voice in free chat. Much Luv Ladymirabella, you are a very gifted woman, operating in whitelight. Thank You for everything!!!! Love, Light, Blessings, and Peace!!!! " ... written by frustrated67
She contacted my dad. he asked how the new house is. we built yr and a hlf ago. this woman is the real deal. thank you so much. wish i had more credits! will be back! xoox" ... written by farleysangels
If all is true than all will be fine tomorrow." ... written by onesideoranother
I love this woman. She is so amazing and such a great listener. She is a mother to me. She is the best. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
I connected with this reader because her genuine soul he accurate response on my situation and her advice. She is caring and to the point and will not waste your time in answering all your concerns....I'm definitely going to be a frequent with her." ... written by candyla
Very good. Thank you." ... written by martarlyd
Once again another great reading the thing is....I've gotten a totally different reading from another reader than what she gave me but! Hers was more accurate and right on par with my situation she's very helpful, honest and explains a lot. She is a great reader and I'm always going to talk with her, well worth my time and money....absolutely no complains, please try her! I have no regrets :)" ... written by candyla
A tremendously caring person, with great advice and very comforting highly recommend, you can not go wrong with LadyMiraBella" ... written by Jim
So much that she said was so accurate. Very amazing person. Im so grateful for her insight and help as I go thru this very hard transition in my life. Thank you again Mirabella." ... written by kkr912
It was really nice speaking to her! she is very thorough and precise! thank you so much! will visit again soon!" ... written by flutterfly12
Gave me all good poistive feedback thats whaty i like to here. good job lady." ... written by BAM4869
Good reader." ... written by Lightstar
She was great!! Clear " ... written by nytango1234
I couldnt hear a thing I would love for yu to send me a message" ... written by vikyvik89
Again I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her. She is very clear and patient and will answer you to the best of her knowledge. I look foward to speaking with her again and reccomend anyone to have a private reading with her." ... written by geoff007
She is a great woman. I love her. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Very good reading , satisfied with results :)" ... written by lovebutterfly8
I love this Woman! She's so amazing and so helpful. She's the best. I love her. - Your SON Jay - " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She confirmed what others have told me so I know Im on the right track AND that she is the real deal. Now just have to wait for her predictions to manifest and I will be back to tell you all that they did so you know they came to pass as proof. Thank you so much Lady M!!" ... written by bellacasey
She is amazing, very heartfelt and honest!" ... written by vvd450
She gave me detailed information and I will report back to tell you if it came true. She's very caring and I enjoyed her reading." ... written by ladytaxlaw
OMG... I sooooo love this lady. She is so amazing and has thee most beautiful spirit. I cannot say enough about her. Love you Bella! thank you again." ... written by Karina_me
She connects well with my situation a very intuitive person and also very caring she does not waste any time in answering my questions and concerns. Very professional and she was very informative about all the concerns i far so great! im only gonna talk to her... she's truly gifted" ... written by candyla
Thanks so much, very helpful as usual. Highly recommended. Will come back soon. " ... written by nyssens716
Omg she is always the best dont know why i considered talking to others cause she is very accurate tells me like it is wastes no time....i will always trust her cause so far she has been right about everything! thanks hun!" ... written by candyla
Amazing reading. We did past life. Lovely and very skille woman." ... written by natei08
5 STAR!!!! She was like spending time with a sister i have waited for all my life! we laughed and cried! She is simply the best!!!!!" ... written by senita0816
Always..." ... written by Autumnsheart666
Love lady! She always gives the best advice and gets straight into the situation. Thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Just loved the reading! " ... written by tanvi007
LadyMirabella is very intuitive and knows how to get to the answers you need. I highly recommend her :)" ... written by Welldread
Mira is such a honest accurate reader. I always turn to her for advice on my most troubling concerns. I think she is caring i def consider her a fav on this site. She knew what was going on in my situation and she is helping me through far...there's been great success and i'm at peace...i'm so reading with her again and again :) try her peeps!" ... written by candyla
Love love love.talking to her. 5 st" ... written by Knepper620
She is very sweet. Bless her" ... written by meralla
Mirabella thank you so much, I feel such relief now, you are such a help, and feel enlightened now, you were a God send, there is no enough words to say thanks to you, God bless you and wish you many more blessings to come" ... written by isis03
Amazing woman. Of the light." ... written by natei08
Fantastic and her blessings are lovely." ... written by bbdo1234
Cannot tell you how amazing this woman is. There are not many like her. Her spirit is true and real and loving in every aspect. So glad to know her and have her as a part of my life. If you want real help and understanding for the things in your life. Ladymirabella is someone you need to know!" ... written by Karina_me
She's such a sweetheart always on target with everything...I will always turn to her one of the top psychics here and it's because of how accurate her reading are." ... written by candyla
She was great! Intuitive, and very helpful..I trust her spiritual guidance :)" ... written by neseta
As always...her reading was great, something about her aura and energy is so calming...I was feeling down with a love issue and I'm pretty sure we all do...I decided to try far everytime I've had a reading with her my questions are always answered, she is always right about my situation and she's a caring soul. She gives advice on how andamp; best to proceed andamp; she does not sugar coat anything or try to manipulate me...she actually helps me. 5 stars isn't enough for her! Please try her I haven't had any regrets thus far. Truly one of the best this site has to offer!" ... written by candyla
Great Reading:)" ... written by lavendergirl
Thank you..very accurate." ... written by kimeu2012
She is really good, I like her a lot, like her smile, very kind and encouraging." ... written by BellFemme
Great and clear and positive!" ... written by Eirma13
She is the best!!!! Makes me feel positive. Secure. Great aura. Very accurate. Never changes her readings. Totally recommend her in private chat!!!! 5 stars says the least!" ... written by nytango1234
Five stars for a reason! :)" ... written by Zee125
Got a reiki treatment and it went very well by the time I was done with my reading my neck and shoulders were feeling better. The reading went very well also she was very specific and without hesitation. I will be back when I get my promotion to thank you personally. Thanks Again!" ... written by raym57
Very open minded and very detail indeed." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank straight forward." ... written by kimeu2012
Very fast and accurate and extremely empathetic. Not seen a better psychic on this site in terms of empathy towards whoever comes for a reading. Five stars to Mirabella" ... written by getmeright
Very fast and accurate and extremely empathetic. Not seen a better psychic on this site in terms of empathy towards whoever comes for a reading. Five stars to Mirabella" ... written by getmeright
I thought she was true. I had so much fun in her free chat she acknowledged everyone who entered. In private she reiterated intense feelings I already had. Validated me. I was very impressed. She is down to earth, and in tune. I hope to have another chance to hear what she has to tell me.... I really can't say enough good things about her. A genuine person. " ... written by wwjdnutmeg
Great!!" ... written by jamira76
Soooo I logged into Facebook tonight and found out that people are in a relationship now. :( She was SO dead on!" ... written by FaithGarrett
Wonderful! Really helped!" ... written by rose423
I LOVE how she is able to delve/keen in into the situation and do so quickly." ... written by FaithGarrett
Ty LadyMirabella, I was so nervous and you put me at peace.. I know what i need to do and i am so grateful i saved my credits for you.. You are worth every penny, I will be back! and look forward to seeing you in chat . Thank you. Thank you!" ... written by beautifulmesss
TY Lady Mirabella I feel so at peace now ... I was so nervous and you have helped me so much. Thank You , Thank You!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
What a beautiful soul!!!!! She is amazing!!!!! She got right to it! She gave me great insight andamp;amp; advice! I can't wait to come back and tell you all how it went as proof once again that she is the real deal!! Thank you!!!!! XOXOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Excellent " ... written by jamira76
Very sweet, fast, and helpful. " ... written by fitchchic5
Great now I know. Thanks Lady Mira and god bless you." ... written by loverboy
Prediction came through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mira gave me great insight into my situation! She told me certian things will come to pass and they did! She has amazing energy very accurate when she does her readings I'm so happy I met her! She has truly helped me through tough times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
She has a really good connection and she helps calm your nerves." ... written by Lsat180
She was very positive and reassuring as always! I'm a regular of hers and every time she is helpful, accurate and truthful! " ... written by Laprincess
Love her as always! Amazing woman." ... written by duffy89
Good and helpful thank you." ... written by duffy89
Thank you! Hope it comes to be!" ... written by duffy89
Very informative." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank you so much for your insight! We will chat again soon." ... written by sandrao9651
Dead on the money gave me piece of mind and confirmed what I already knew, awesome lady!" ... written by Marlaval
Love her! Always great and extremely helpful :) Thank you for your insight again! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She brings comfort and solace to u when you are in time of needing answers! she is amazing and i can always count on her to help through my curiositys" ... written by sdm
I love Choo mommy she so helpful XD" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Always amazing " ... written by vvd450
Incredible channeling...thank you..made me cry...highly recommended." ... written by kimeu2012
Incredible insights..highly recommended." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank You So Much! Love You " ... written by Crystal1990
I will believe she is right and I will try with him and hope for the best :). Thank you . I will give an update in a few weeks. I forgot to ask when should I try - gosh lol. next time:)" ... written by vamp2110
I trust her and love her!!!!!!!! She is truly a wonderful gifted accurate reader!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will always come back and read with her she really cares about her clients and her prediction came through! Thanks Mira!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
Great so fantastic, such a nice energy! I do higly recommend!" ... written by lili2677
She's wonderful to relate to. I hope her predictions work out. I'll let you know SOON!" ... written by ladytaxlaw
Thank you for helping me out with this! Gonna have a talk with him soon and I will definitely be back to let you know it goes! And I love the spirit messages, ask for spirit messages from her, so cool!" ... written by leowoman15
Great!" ... written by eurbaez438
Fantastic her" ... written by kimeu2012
She rocks helping me with my one true love ." ... written by ericasant84
Just waiting for prediction.She is good..........." ... written by eurbaez438
I love this woman so much. She is a mother to me and she is so sweet, caring, gold hearted. She's the best. I love her sooooo sooooo much. " ... written by ZackSwift
Very honest and caring, was able to see the situation clearly. Gives good advice!" ... written by Starliteny
This woman is amazing. I love her so much. Shes the best!" ... written by ZackSwift
Very fast, very very nice!!!!! I will DEF keep u posted:) Thank you!!!!" ... written by bellacasey
So great!!!" ... written by lilyana2677
Great reading as usual" ... written by brownsuga5964
Great reading as usual!" ... written by brownsuga5964
Always caring and helpful i dont know how i am going to get by without her guidance so far she has been right about everything and fast with her readings she does not waste time and gives me a clear insight into my most concerning questions.....bella is the best ont this site i've tried others but she connected with my situation well i'd give her 100 stars if i could!" ... written by candyla
Always very honest and awesome." ... written by vvd450
She is very accurate with dates...always good to have a reading with her, very informative." ... written by Talbain
I just love this lady... She is so right on.. She doesn't waste your time, reads my text clearly and answers my questions... She gets right to the question and right to the point..Thank you a million times." ... written by dreamer65
She was amazing!" ... written by kb1015
Wonderful. Empathetic, calm and absolutely reassuring! Definitely would visit again. " ... written by taylorakemi
LOVE her as always!!!!! Came back to inform her of her accurate predictions she gave me a month or so ago, and to find out about newer stuff... She's sooo dead on and it helps soo much! Thank you Bella for your help and for listening! :)" ... written by Karina_me
Absolutely great, I've had multiple readings with ladymirabella and time and time again she has been dead on even with time. I totally put faith in her and you should as well :)" ... written by jessica-ebony
Lady Mirabella is wonderful....I love her so much..Great advice, and picks up on everything, I need and want to know...Thank You so much " ... written by frustrated67
Gave me a great reading and was very patient with all of my questions! Very nice person and easy to talk to!" ... written by rose423
Thank you!" ... written by msy
Wonderful... Excellent... Saw into the past, present and future and what should be looked for to be positive in the future. Life can be a challenge and guidance for the future is so precious. I got this from her and I will us this advise." ... written by katharazz
She's sweet, about to go into a reading with her. " ... written by Willow59
UPDATE: You said he would contact me yesterday. He didn't. I was bummed but FIRST THING THIS MORNING....HE TEXTED ME!!!!!!! :))))))) And I SAW HIM TOO!!!! Been on cloud 9 ALLLLLLLLLL day!!!!!! Thank you MB!!!! I know dates are not concrete like you said but that was close enough for me! Better a day late than never!!! THANK YOU!!!! TTYS!!!!!" ... written by bellacasey
I really enjoyed her reading. She connects immediately. I hope what she has seen comes to fruition. She put me at peace. Thank you so much Lady Mirabella. xoxox" ... written by Willow59
She is the REAL DEAL... I HAD to come in and I am SO GLAD I did!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I am so overwhelmed from the fantastic information and energy I received from spending time with Lady Mirabella. I will definitely come back." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Omg she's the best thanks a lot for the good readings looking forward to talk to you again for the updates.. " ... written by panget0823
Very on point! highly recommend ladymirabella! she has definitely helped me! " ... written by annabedda86
Very accurate and helpful. She pointed out things in a way that were new to me and really helped. Top of the class best on here" ... written by Alan
She was really there for there for me tonight. So clear with her messages advice and support.!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great" ... written by jamira76
Very loving person and always willing to help." ... written by kimeu2012
LadyMirabella, Again after our session and the reiki, and charismatic healing, my Love called me within 2 hours twice and again this morning...after not a word from him for days... I love You Ladymirabella. ..You are so gifted!!! The Divine works with you in wonderous ways!! " ... written by frustrated67
Amazing did everything. Anwsered every question, precise information, i reccomend this psychic to EVERYONE " ... written by brandonisaboss2
Really good." ... written by jamira76
Great" ... written by jamira76
Amazing did everything. Answered every question, precise information, i recommend this psychic to EVERYONE" ... written by brandonisaboss2
She's so fast to connect. I had a quick question and she had the answer in no time. Hoping all turns out well. Thank you so much lady Mirabella." ... written by Willow59
Perfect... advise for the situation" ... written by katharazz
Mira is a balm for all souls.... And she's truly intuitive. Helps all without much ado. Fabulous reading and thanks for being so reassuring." ... written by getmeright
It is sad what I heard but hopefully it will be okay. Thank you for the reading, much apreciated." ... written by beagles
She was absolutely amazing!!! She hit on everything so so so accurate! You need to have a reading with her she is unbelievable!!! So kind and sweet too!!!Worth every penny!" ... written by kiki3070
Always worth the time." ... written by Autumnsheart666
Lady Merabella is absolutely amazing! When in her presence you have a sense of relief and instantly feel she is someone who cares about your overall well-being. I would recommend her to anyone that has any questions in life because she tells you what is to come as well as gives you guidance. Talk with her and in the first 5 minutes you will see that you made the right decision! Thank you so much Lady Merabella for all the guidance you have already given me and for giving me the sense of hope. You will always be someone I trust in. " ... written by braniti17
VERY good and VERY detailed will DEFINITELY use her again. :)" ... written by FaithGarrett
Pure and clear channel seems to be exactly right about things, she repeated a prediction for this week that matched one from two weeks ago, I hope it comes true although I understand the way time can work. Thank you so much Lady Mirabella!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I liked her a lot. Wish I had more time..." ... written by wwjdnutmeg
I'm so glad I came to her room. I have hope. She's very sincere and genuine. The best!" ... written by mutedoggie
Just wanted to pop in and give an update...Ladymirabella told me this legal matter would be resolved today and it was...Can't wait for everything else to manifest. Ladymirabella has been blessed with a special gift to help people, give them guidance, insight into upcoming situations. Thank You for everything Ladymirabella...Blessings, Love, and White Light!" ... written by frustrated67
She is very nice. I can't wait to tell her what happens in the future." ... written by luckygirl40
Very very good reading from LadyMirabella. I will definitely be back for more..." ... written by eetswaa1
Always so amazing!! Totally awesome I love her!" ... written by vvd450
Cool... and quick" ... written by love522
Very good! I'm very impressed!" ... written by Ryan747
She gave another extremely helpful and healing reading, and I am so grateful that I met her here. She has been spot on with previous predictions and I trust her very much." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is really good and patience. I like her alot and hoping her prediction come to pass." ... written by goodygoody
She was great and on point" ... written by clawquestions
I really like this reader, she is so nice, and did not beat around the bush, she confirmed everything to me about something that was close to my heart! She really is everything that her customers have said, excellent, spot on and really strongly in tune. If you are ever in doubt please try her. Thank you so much Ladymirabellaxxx" ... written by Jade50
Always so honest, she gives me hope ." ... written by vvd450
Absolutely amazing!!! She is great always!!" ... written by bbdo1234
She is definitely the best! I have been having real difficult with a situation and she has shed so much light on it and has given me such good advice. I trust her advice." ... written by rose423
She's amazing. I love her. " ... written by HandsomeItalian
Totally awesome!.. made me feel extremely comfortable for my first reading ever" ... written by bryannawb
She really ReALLLY connects quickly. Last time I came to her she predicted the exact date that my ex would contact me. I hope the next prediction is good. " ... written by Willow59
Mira is always great to read with. Always gives practical advice in both reality and spirituality. :)" ... written by Autumnsheart666
I'm kinda speechless. She gave me hope and I need to run with it. Thank you so much." ... written by mutedoggie
She is a wonderful bright reader and very accurate she is 5 stars" ... written by murdocca
I came in desperate need of help and she was right there to clean up my tears. Please make sure to try her out. She is one of the best on here. " ... written by Willow59
Very tuned in to my situation" ... written by michelle12455
You were right. I called her and she picked up the phone. Thank you very much." ... written by Mthierry_34
Very precise objective, let's wait for it to happen." ... written by soundtrack34
Thank you for the lovely reading, open and honest, we need that at times, appreciated. A confident reader, tapped into my energies very quickly. " ... written by Jade50
You all need to really try her out. I was having the worst luck and she helped me out yesterday. Today was a total 360. The evil woman who made me cry yesterday apologized, I found my lost/stolen phone and ring. Thank you Mirabella for your prayers. " ... written by Willow59
Very accurate and fast! Thank you Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
Wow, she always surprises me because she just knows! And she's sooooo easy to talk to!" ... written by leowoman15
Her predictions come true! She's quite accurate! Give her a try!! You will be pleased!! I'll be back to confirm tonights predictions!:)" ... written by bellacasey
She is always fantastic." ... written by getmeright
Great reading" ... written by mimatisse
Really, really fabulous!" ... written by getmeright
She was phenomenal. Very easy to talk to, was able to relate to my situation and explain it to me in terms i understood. Instead of giving me black and white answers she was very creative and allowed me to see possibilities, chances and gave me hope. Regardless of what the outcome is, it was a very grounding conversation that I learned a lot about myself from. " ... written by Erica89
This woman is amazing. I love her so much. Shes so great and sweet. Her motherly love is so big. I wish I could just hug her forevers. " ... written by ZackSwift
I love this lady. She is so accurate, quick kind and gives excellent interpretation. You need to let her guide you." ... written by FrankJ
Love lady! always look forward to having private with her she is the best! gets straight into situation fast and tells you whats important for you to know straight away, theres no messing. thanks again for your great help :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Good power." ... written by kikigirls2
She is terrific. Always have a great reading with her. She is amazing. DO not pass her up. I promise you won't regret it. " ... written by Willow59
You can not pass her up. Her prayers totally work. " ... written by Willow59
I love this woman. Her prayers are the best. They've dried my tears and I've seen results from them. 5 stars is not enough. She is wonderful. " ... written by Willow59
5 stars..she knows exactly what it is ..she was caring and prayed for me...I will come back for sure.." ... written by karmikecho
You are the best!!! if anyone needs to know about love dont waste time and money with other psychics you are awesome!" ... written by starwars44
Had a good reading from her and thank you so much for the great advice, you really help me a lot. " ... written by panget0823
Thank you..i appreciate it...i needed her to tell me the things i wanted to know so badly." ... written by kimeu2012
I love your posture and honesty" ... written by GeminiLord
She was fantastic, answered Qs very quickly and to the point. Caught on to my situation immediately! Highly recommend, thanks for the reading!!!" ... written by littlelolita19
She is awesome, she answered nice and it's good!" ... written by cutecococake
She was totally right about my ex reaching out when she mentioned it. I've returned to tell her she was dead on and to find out more. 5 stars for her. Do not pass her up. What I love most about her, is that she is definitely here to help us. She is the real thing." ... written by Willow59
Wow, awesome reader... so quick and accurate. Hoping her prediction come true soon :) Thank you dear!" ... written by funfun7145
Mirabella is a miracle! She is Oranum's brightest star and guides so many with immense patience, insight and a terrific quickness. Simply Impressive!!" ... written by getmeright
She's Amazing, I love her!" ... written by ZackSwift
She is amazing and gave me so much hope! I will be back to see her very soon. Thank you so much! HUGS!" ... written by Shortcak
I am a believer in things of the spirit. I believe in good spirits and ones that deceptively cause havoc. I believe this lady is blessed by God with her gift. Her heart is pure and she channels spirit energy that intends wisdom and good intent. What she uncovered was proved true and very very helpful in my process of recovering my relationship." ... written by FrankJ
She's brilliant and awesome as always" ... written by getmeright
Thanks for your help" ... written by sparkly1
Great advice and card reading is dead on. " ... written by Jersey
Quick, to the point and great at what she does. Her interpretation of her cards were so spot on. Thank you for your advice and insight." ... written by Mary Jo
Thank you again lady! :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She is great i am very happy with her and the job she did " ... written by bigwes69697
Fun reading I loved it." ... written by kimeu2012
I love her... 5 stars. She is honest and totally taps in to the situation. You should not pass her up. " ... written by Willow59
A real blessing!" ... written by quaz101
THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Feel 100% better. You read the situation perfectly! And gave amazing advice :-)" ... written by leowoman15
Really helpful." ... written by honeysbee
I finally got the news I've been searching for. The truth about a relationship. It wasn't easy to hear, but Ladymirabella only tells you what she sees. I am grateful to have heard it so that I don't continue wasting my time on someone. " ... written by Willow59
She is ALWAYS excellent an spot on! :) :D LOVE her!" ... written by FaithGarrett
Thank u :)" ... written by rhia456
She is accurate on her predictions. Will listen to her advice. Thank you" ... written by wtc2010
Ty Bella for the reading .. u always ,make me feel better , now if i can find the right words to say to him, u always make me feel at ease.. i look forward to many more readings .. thank you so much and for the quick response.. i know this is my time to finally get what i want and i believe i found u to help me get there.. Thank you!!! " ... written by beautifulmesss
Good reading and spirit message was right on! " ... written by sparkly1
Yes it was quite good. Some good advice, thank you." ... written by clairejane33
Thanks! I will come back in a month!!" ... written by mmd1990
SHE WAS WORTH MY MONEY! " ... written by raspberry09
Goodness, she's fantastic! I've had readings with her before, and not only is she very informative and in depth, she's taught me so much! It's like the blinders have come off. She's a very talented individual and I would highly recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Erica89
I am so glad I spoke to her..She has been so kind ,loving and caring..and above all so accurate on my present.. She did a prayer for me , which was so kind of her..she genuinely cares and thats what i feel is the reason why she is being loved so much by all on her list...I will come back again for sure and hope all she told me comes to pass..Thank you so much...m glad ur there :) love..." ... written by Niks
Lady Mirabella was AMAZING! she picked up right on my situation!!" ... written by kb1015
Such a joy to talk to! She has a wonderful spirit and her insights are on the money. Brought a lot of clarity to my situation." ... written by iPreferMimi
She's a sweetheart and she answers quick. I'm happy with my readings with Lady. :)" ... written by Jersey
You are wonderful! Thank you for your reading!" ... written by rosebud011
Just wonderful! She is so kind and gave me such great advice. I just love her!! :-)" ... written by rose423
Very sweet and caring woman. told me stuff I needed to know. " ... written by chicpea
Very accurate, really understanding.. will definitely be going back " ... written by DariaAyesha
Wonderful spirited psychic! We looked into love and I even got a prayer to help guide positive energy. Extraordinary Leo Lady!" ... written by cosmoem88
Thanks for the advice and options, I will truly think about it and get back to you." ... written by wishingstars1111
I adore this woman." ... written by farleysangels77
She never ever ceases to amaze me with her spot on insights and deep deep empathy. Mira is a soulsaver if ever there was one! " ... written by getmeright
She is amazing and just gave me such a wonderful reading. Bella you are so gifted and so wonderful!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Shortcak
Wonderful. made me feel so much better and i cant wait to see if her predictions come true" ... written by moniquea
Thank you so much. You have really helped me... You are Wonderful..." ... written by pebbles50
Wonderful to talk to her as always. Tough to hear sometimes but it will help me. Thank you" ... written by rose423
I love this woman with all my heart. She's such a wonderful lady and so kind. She's great and wonderful." ... written by ZackSwift
She is awesome, so energetic, positive... highly recommend!" ... written by leti8989
Wonderful." ... written by moniquea
Very helpful and beautiful person." ... written by kimeu2012
Love her! 5 stars to her and her wonderful prayers. They've gotten me through my little rut." ... written by Willow59
Incredible reader, very helpful." ... written by kimeu2012
Fantastic reading. Love her reading all the time." ... written by kimeu2012
What a wonderful reading! The cards were literally JUMPING out of her hand!! What a powerful and positive sign!!!! And what a beautiful blessing she gave me. She is a beautiful soul and I enjoy her readings. She knows things andamp; confirms feelings...she's a true gift! Thank you Lady MB!! XOXO" ... written by Beth
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for her. She literally made me feel so much better. Not only that she is dead on accurate. I love her!!! Please give her a try you will not be disappointed. " ... written by Dymples2
Shes such a wonderful woman and such great help. I love her." ... written by ColtonLucas
She is very helpful." ... written by ColtonLucas
She's a great person and very helpful. Shes quite amazing and she is loving. " ... written by ColtonLucas
Wow is all i can say u alwaysssssssssssss make me feel so much better ... so glad i came to u tonight " ... written by beautifulmesss
Don't pass her up. You'll regret it." ... written by Willow59
I love this woman. She's so sweet and beautiful. She's so helpful and great. " ... written by ZackSwift
Love Love Love!! 5 stars is not enough. " ... written by Willow59
Thanks very helpful." ... written by kimeu2012
She is FANTASTIC!!! Wish I had found her sooner.Will definitely stay in touch." ... written by duckkait
Very very insightful. Fantastic!!" ... written by getmeright
Fantastic reader..very fast!" ... written by mehakn1234
Great reader and gives great advice!!" ... written by NJ girl
She was very powerful, lots of energy, I could feel it when it hit me! 100% thumbs up effective." ... written by mikey5197
Very insightful and interesting. I shall visit with her again." ... written by uni4verse
You can learn a lot about a person by looking into their eyes. Ladymirabella has eyes that show her soul and that is why I chose her from the many other psychics. She is awesome and I recommend her highly!" ... written by Passionatedennis
I have been feeling really doubtful .. but now i feel better .. Again Bella you are a godsend to me i cant tell u how much i depend on your words of wisdom and advice.. ty... ty ... ty!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Amazing, she is patient and clear. She picked up on details that I did not mention all on her own. I appreciate your help, I look forward to seeing the results." ... written by crystalrei
Very helpful and sincere. Spiritual teachings." ... written by kimeu2012
Wow my goodness.... she is gr8!!! Fantastic reader... fast.... accurate... and overall gr8!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by gerritmarx
She is straight to the point... clear advise... I will certainly come back.. :) She's wonderful!!!!" ... written by elledaly24
She was wonderful!!!! I got messages from the other side and it was great! Thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
Lady mirabella was so right on with the details of the reading... Im am completely amazed. She told me to the DAY that I would meet a man that will change my life for the better. She told me everything about him, color of hair, color of eyes, build, age, where I would meet him and exactly when. And the circumstance of our meeting was so unlikely, but it was all true. It all happened exactly like she said it would... No kidding. This is not the first time that she has been sooo completely accurate in my life. She helped me thru one of the most scariest times in my life, and gave me hope to just keep going... Cannot say enough about bella. Thank you again darlin.!!!!" ... written by Karina_me
I felt a connection with Ladymirabella. She was very helpful! Grateful for her insight and the card reading she gave me. Will definately connect with her again! Thanks so much!" ... written by jradcliff
Be back to you in september." ... written by rinisaharjo
She is an amazing soul, you can feel her sincerity immediately. Genuine is a good word to describe her. The time is well spent! In her free chat I love to spend time there too! She has a great sense of humor! I always leave feeling andamp;quot;lighterandamp;quot; in spirit and happier. Some one who I believe to be valued as a good friend. Thank you for all your time and energy Lady. I will always have appreciation for you. Honestly, I don't think there are enough words to describe how great her and her abilities are. Thx again...til next time. Jennifer(nutmeg) ;) " ... written by wwjdnutmeg
She is good. Tuned in and gave me the answers i asked for. " ... written by lolapstar91
I absolutely, loved her. Her energy is great, her professionalism shines which made for a reading that is truthfully spot on." ... written by BraunWynn
She was just awesome..again!!! cleared us off evil....she's so fast and accurate.!! love her totally. truly recommended" ... written by mehakn1234
I had a reading with LadyMirabella about 2 weeks ago, she said that there would be communication between my ex and I in July (and I really doubted it), but there was. We are not back together, but the lines of communication are open. Thank you." ... written by Kitty1002
Mindblowing once again. I love you lm" ... written by farleysangels77
She did a great job she answered every question I had she is an amazing psychic" ... written by bigwes69697
Thank you so so much , you make me so happy and you gave me hope from God and send me love . Thank you thank you thank you God Bless you !" ... written by tatianasmile
Gosh, I have a tough situation. Thank you for staying on target. And seeing it through. Thank you-wishing you well in all things." ... written by rachelesp2
Thank you for the reading, you gave me some insight into my situation and i appreciate that." ... written by sunflower9
She does a great job" ... written by bigwes69697
I just love her!! she makes this so much easier to deal with .. and gives me the confidence i need to handle this situation.. and make it work out for the best!! TY BELLA!!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
As always great Ladymirabella." ... written by raquel777
She is a great psychic and i would recommend her to everybody " ... written by bigwes69697
Wow - so amazing! I felt so comfortable and at ease. She's straight to the point and friendly. Looking forward to chatting again. XO " ... written by missamt79
Lady Mirabella... had a lot of insight...s ounds like everything I knew about him and he told me.. I thank her:)" ... written by Iwonderwhereheis
Excellent, luv her!!" ... written by sbdsteve
Good advice and guidance. Love her energy and positiveness." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank u. I think you answered my queries to the point.. Amazing... " ... written by shona29
She is wonderful.........So wonderful!!!!!!!" ... written by duckkait
Right on." ... written by rachelesp2
I felt really comfortable talking to LadyMirabella, the reading helped me to stay grounded and to understand the reasons behind everything that's happening. I feel like a have real clarity and focus now so thank you so much. Very warm and friendly personality Thank you again! " ... written by Jo9987
Confirmation" ... written by younglady
The pendulum reading was so much fun! Very interesting!" ... written by oneteacher
She’s great, very easy to talk to, very nice and spot on. " ... written by cupkatie
Very helpful would advise others to seek her advise and help." ... written by bulldog10111982
Thank you so much, for being a realistic person and again with spirit giving me the message. I understand that spirit is probably right, he's perhaps not the right guy for me, but you have encouraged me to follow my heart. You really understand how I feel as I am young, my heart did shatter a bit at the truth once again, but you've brought hope into my situation. The reason why I felt so hopeless is when Spirit told me he is not a good choice, but Spirit knows all, and well, I know he isn't a good choice, but I want this man as he means the world to me. Thank you for doing the prayer and wish intention spell for me, I hope things will work out between him and I. Thank you thank you thank you!!! " ... written by wishingstars1111
AMAZING! CANNOT even tell you how amazing this woman really is! Confidant, mentor, friend. Bella you are ONE of a kind! Thank you again as always! :)" ... written by Karina_me
Always very helpful and knows how to get right into situation with great advice, thanks again lady! " ... written by Jodyleelee
Nice lady. Great reading, very helpful and readily to guide anytime." ... written by kimeu2012
Another positive reading from a great person she is so helpful and supportive. She makes you wish your session wont end the best of the best. " ... written by bulldog10111982
Thank you. Very helpful. Kind and patient." ... written by kimeu2012
You are the best Bella.. thanks for the reading and I wil keep you posted and thanks for healing and prayers.... " ... written by sr2222
SHe is so down to earth professional and makes you feel at home time flys in her room because she has so much to offer" ... written by bulldog10111982
She is just wonderful. She really helps me understand things and what is happening with the other person i asked her about. She gives me peace of mind. Thank you bella." ... written by rose423
I loved her reading, she was accurate, and she gave me some great insights about the next year ahead. I loved her and definitely will be going to her very often!!" ... written by lilmama9269
I would like to give Ladymirabella 5 stars! I had an awesome reading from her and connected with my loved ones, got info on my past lives, and she was dead accurate as to what was going on in my life currently. I feel a bond with her and she was so compassionate and caring, that I will continue to go to her for advice." ... written by cooboz
All time fave." ... written by farleysangels77
I seek this woman's guidance often. I trust her and have a strong connection with her. LM is an incredible soul." ... written by farleysangels77
Good!" ... written by 1211distiny
It was great thank you soo much.... you made my load lighter." ... written by mandapanda08
Thank you." ... written by kimeu2012
Very insightful." ... written by kimeu2012
Lady Mirabella was so accurate with things that it blew me away this woman is truly blessed with a very special gift. I will be recommending her to my friends." ... written by damo70
She is a great psychic." ... written by bigwes69697
She answered all of my questions and it helped a lot." ... written by bigwes69697
Thank you so much for your help.." ... written by uzma01
She is awsome!!!!! the first reader on here other than Pendora to not take a minute of my time to say leave me good feed back!!! she was so right on :) Hope her predictions come true she rocked! I didnt have to tell her any info!!!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Outstanding expert so accurate and so precise. She is also so compassionate. Thank you." ... written by home888
I was immediately drawn to LadyMirabella from the moment I saw her profile and I am so glad that I've had private readings with her. She is very compassionate, patient, and takes her time to answer and address all your questions and concerns. Ladymirabella will be my go-to person when I am in need of guidance. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Had a wonderful reading from her. She's really amazing she explains everything so clearly... thanks for giving me a lot of hope!" ... written by panget0823
Love this Woman! She is really one of the best on here. Do not pass her up. Her readings have come to pass. " ... written by Willow59
Thank you so much. You are wonderful. " ... written by allove197
LadyMirabella is my go to person when I need guidance. She is phenomenal. " ... written by GarnetRose21
WOW" ... written by Viswa
she was very quick and accurately described my situation. thank you and i will update you on how everything pans out" ... written by nowk
She was right on about meeting up with the guy i like! And the timeframe was super on target! She gave me some more predictions about him and my job and moving. I cant wait to see this all unfold!!! Highly highly recommend her!! One of the best on Oranum!!" ... written by smprez164
She seemed very quick in her demo that was the reason i pulled her to private too :) I liked her to the point reply and quick answers.. Will come back and confirm the timeframes she gave and answers too! :)" ... written by noone
SHE'S SO AMAZING!! I have no words to describe her really. So fast and accurate to the point! Her healings left me totally energetic. I felt my fingers and feet cold. Love you bell. " ... written by mehakn1234
A person with a lot of wisdom! Tells you what you need to hear! Great read!" ... written by quaz101
Her prediction of a partner calling was in the time frame she provided, love this reader!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Her timelines have been SUPER ACCURATE! Her previous timeline was exact to the date!!!! She gave me a month timeline, what would happen each week and it HAPPENED!!!!! How cool is that!?!? She's true and genuine!!!! I can't wait for this next prediction to come to pass. I will stay positive and let things fall into place! Thank you LMB!!!! You are 100% amazing!!!!!" ... written by bellacasey
This woman never ceases to amaze me. My words do not do my feelings justice. Love you." ... written by farleysangels77
Very fast!! Gave me timelines so lets see what happens but I already believe her amazing stuff!!" ... written by harmoniclove
Very spiritual and heart driven! Great read!" ... written by quaz101
Mira at her best is unbeatabe. When she's clued in it is like a million voyages as she has a solution to every problem. All in the shortest span of time.Honest, caring and very very empathetic. That is Mira for you. it is a delight to be on a private reading with her! Five stars and a zillion stars for the lady" ... written by getmeright
She's wonderful!!" ... written by lesleyannbreen
Good.. Lets see if predictions come true." ... written by lilliableu
Always helpful, always sincere and always stick to her predictions... So far so good :))" ... written by gerritmarx
I visit Lady's room often because she has a friendly nature. In private she is great to answer questions quickly and gives great advice. Thank you." ... written by Jaqueline
I really enjoy talking to lady Mirabella. she is very insightful. I like that she remembers me and seems genuine in wanting to help me. she is the best :)" ... written by VF1304
She's great." ... written by Ellie11
Very Wise! Pick up on thoughts no one but myselfelf any thoughts about subject. " ... written by quaz101
She is great I love her, I feel like a load has been romoved:)! " ... written by Removehex
Just great excellent!!!" ... written by eli2009
Once again you restored my faith .. all these weird emotions i wasnt understanding.. ty for always being here Bella.. and listening to the sameol story week after .. I appreciate u so much!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Love Love LOve Love Love her. You can't go wrong coming to her. Don't pass her up. " ... written by Willow59
She calmed my fears and gave me great comfort. What a very though reading." ... written by Montice
Good, quick reading. Thanks Bella!" ... written by duckkait
Great! A high 5!" ... written by quaz101
Was very friendly andamp;amp; quick with answers. Picked up on other people's andamp;amp; spirit's presence or emotins." ... written by mummahen1
Incredible very accurate, thank you" ... written by tamaradawn
Ladymirabella is very compassionate and understanding, along with spirit they make a excellent duo to help you make the best decisions for yourself. Having previous readings with her before, I was worried about expecting the cold truth again, but no matter what, it is always for your happiness, this time the reading was definately more lighthearted and laughter was involved. Your reading with LadyMirabella will always show how to shape your future the way you would like it to be, or which way will make you happier. Thank you so much for your advice, she is so worth the money. I will return to update you!! :) " ... written by wishingstars1111
She is tupendous!! Five stars all the way for one of Oranum's most gifted and empathetic readers" ... written by getmeright
She did a great job she is an amazing psychic." ... written by bigwes69697
Love this woman. Straight and to the point. Very spooky readings (in a good way)! " ... written by corona_jack
Wonderful once again!" ... written by rose423
Always really helpful and honest thank you! :)" ... written by Jo9987
Fantastic reading. She is kind and understanding. Give her a try she is amazing." ... written by Lorann23
You are very encouraging and helpful, and thank you for praying with me. I truly appreciate it. I will update you on things. May God bless you!" ... written by coyqueen3
Nice lady and insightful reading." ... written by kimeu2012
Always great speaking to Lady. She give great advice and the cards are always correct. I always feel better after speaking to her. Thanks sweetie :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks Bella .. dang hes a stubborn man!! but without your help .. I would just not know what to do .. thank you so much for your help and advice I cant tell u how much I appreciate you .. I know it will be fine with your help." ... written by beautifulmesss
Once again thankkkk uuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!u help me alot!!!!!!!!" ... written by eli2009
I absolutely love this lady.. she knew what going on in my life and could see where the problems were. Gave me reassurance about my intuition. Thank you :) I will be back again once everything works out :)" ... written by jessicalynn82
Really helps me see things more clearly. Very kind and I appreciate her advice." ... written by rose423
Had a really good reading with ladymirabella! hope her predictions will come to pass. " ... written by xtine930
EXCELLENT, worth the reading. Truthful and caring." ... written by bacidoll
It was good." ... written by bigwes69697
Ty lady Mirabella for the insight... Have alot to think about .. Hope it all works out as you said .. thank you again." ... written by Greeneyedlady29
You are awesome !!! May need to add more credit and will come back to you with more time :)" ... written by LaryDee
Amazing as always. Honest and clear and helped to have a plan of attack with a very sticky situation. Always very reassuring and helpful. Thank you! :)" ... written by Jo9987
Thank you, Thank you your such a sweetheart and you are pushing my confidence level up^ ! I enjoyed our session very informative and definitely something I will take your advice on again. 5 star reading!" ... written by Sashagurl89
I loveee mirabella shes brilliant and gets straight into everything to help as muh as she can. Had a nice healing session. Thank you :) " ... written by Jodyleelee
I really trust her and the angels..her previous prediction came true and waiting for the next truly are an ANGEL!!" ... written by tasha_j
She's a sweetheart!!! :))) Thank you for being so quick!!:)))" ... written by bellacasey
Shes a sweetheart. " ... written by TristanLucas
Mira is the ultimate empath and soul saver in a tough situation" ... written by getmeright
When I had a reading from lady mirabella she is indeed amazing, she gave me good advise and quick connection between us. Thank you." ... written by home888
Always there when I need her! She's totally amazing andamp;amp; accurate. Has been all these months and I trust that what she says will continue to come to pass. Thank you LMB!!! Ur the BEST!!! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
Totally awesome! " ... written by Silly
Very nice and very to-the-point. She was very positive about my situation. Thank you again!" ... written by Moomoo99
Always honest, always fast, great advice! " ... written by frustrated67
Short, sweet, and to the point. She's always a pleasure to get a reading from, and there is never any judgement in her room. She's a phenomenally talented woman and I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Erica89
Very good! :)" ... written by KimmyGuitar
Just always wonderful talking to her... and her readings have actually come true!!" ... written by eli2009
Ladymirabella, what a lovely lady! She's very friendly and guiding, helping you see what is most important at the moment. I highly recommend her if you want a reading that is insightful and worthy." ... written by Katie
What can I say? It was good." ... written by nahushj
Very interesting discussion and she is very pleasant to talk with. She understood what I was talking about and provided some insight into what is happening." ... written by uni4verse
Thanks again you're really so accurate with all your readings to never cease to amaze me with all your thoughts...god bless u always." ... written by panget0823
OHHH I LOVE HER.. have to get my Bella fix.. she helps me stay positive in the situation.. Gives me sound advice which I follow .. now I can go to sleep without worries on my mind .. cant wait for all this to take place it has been a long process and I would have never made it without Bella SO SO SO Grateful!!!!!!. I just cant wait to confirm it all.. She has made predictions abt my business that are coming true she Gave me initials of the peson that wld help me and the person showed up within days. She keeps me hopeful, thank you Bella" ... written by beautifulmesss
AWESOME!!!" ... written by justme1365
Thank you for the reading......" ... written by fanfan12
Seems good but i ve run out of credit oh well" ... written by smiley2011
Very nice and friendly lady.Great redaing and conversation.Thank you for your time." ... written by magsy231
She is a sweetheart. She knows what she is talking about. Her predictions are phenomenal. She always blows my mind when I am in private with her. She is so motherly natured as well." ... written by JosephRadcliffe
Ladymirabella is absolutely fantastic. I don't know what compelled me to come here but I saw here and I thought I must talk to her. She is just so lovely and clear. Thank you so much. I am glad that I found you." ... written by Lebaby
She is lovely and caring - feels good to talk her and she makes me happy to talk to her. - thanks lady mirabella xxxx" ... written by cap1960
Thank you for confirmation to my feelings - luv always xxxx" ... written by cap1960
I love lady she is like my guiding angel and takes care of me and guides me to the truth - thank you I luv u xxxx" ... written by cap1960
I always love talking to her she hits it on the head every time." ... written by mandapanda08
The card reading was so accurate. She gives great advice, I always come back :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing : )" ... written by Issa1234
Prediction about when my guy would call was right on, love her! " ... written by hollywoodxoxo
She's as fantastic as ever, fast accurate, empathetic and really and totally honest. Multiple stars all the way for one of Oranum's best" ... written by getmeright
Mira is a huge huge comfort with her honest answers to questions" ... written by getmeright
Shes great and so reads my mind and heart thank you your wonderful - thanks " ... written by cap1960
Shes so intune for the first time - i luv her intuition and shes so sweet and kind and sees and feel so much thank you lady xxx" ... written by cap1960
Lady Mirabella" ... written by Jillian5
She is absolutely amazing! Sincere, in touch! And always right! And quick with her insight!" ... written by jerrilyn68
Thank you for giving me a reading it was very interesting and helpful!" ... written by Sashagurl89
Very enjoyable reading and she is a delight to talk with...I woould certainly recommend her," ... written by uni4verse
Lady is gorgeous and so up lifting - i am so glad i clicked onto her when looking for help - god sent. thank you ladymirabella love u always xxxxx" ... written by cap1960
Amazing like usual." ... written by Issa1234
I luv her warmth and the kind and gentle way she delivers her message to me - so incourageing. God bless lady mirabella. xxx" ... written by cap1960
Very helpful and insightful." ... written by kimeu2012
She is such a wonderful woman. :)" ... written by JosephRadcliffe
Shes so helpful and so wonderful. I can talk to her about ANYTHING. I trust her so much with all my heart. I feel her motherly love and protection for me. I also have seen it in my dreams with her protecting me. Shes so trusting. She does not sugarcoat. She does not lie. She sees what she sees weather its bad or good and tells you. Shes here for us all. Shes here to help us. Shes just the best. Shes such a caring and great nature d woman. I love her so much. You always are in my heart Mirabella and always have a place. :) " ... written by JosephRadcliffe
She is a wonderful person who will connect fabulously." ... written by getmeright
Thank you for your advice and insight. Much appreciation from a fellow Irish/native american :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
OK a new challenge for me ... i will have to be ty Bella u are so right in all you say .. thanks for coaching me thru this and listening to me week after week u are so appreciated !" ... written by beautifulmesss
I am super excited to see how things unfold. laymirabella, always makes me feel comfortable, and her answer are accurate." ... written by swaimz
Wonderful session as usual. Thanks!" ... written by rose423
Bella is so sweet and energy only lifts me always. She is heaven sent and is always right on the money, so to speak. Thank you, kind lady. xxxx" ... written by cap1960
She is very thorough , she helped me pull out the questions I had needed to ask but didn't get out. I feel that is very important for this type of thing. The connection with her is very strong. I will come back to her as I think I have finally found the right consultant for me. Thank you Lady Mira Bella." ... written by drcpebbles1
I just love bella she is so in tune with women and their feelings - it is so heart warming to have that connection ... luv u bella and thank u" ... written by cap1960
Good talk, great vibe, and reading are spot on with previous readings." ... written by jack_of_trade
She has yet to fail me and i doubt that she will highly highly recommend her " ... written by ebenedith18
My first reading with Mirabella and it was an extremely positive one. I do hope things don't shift in the opposite direction and it all stays on track with what you said will happen." ... written by jasminepapas
She said my guy would be distant in September and come around more in October, so far this is occuring. She also said he would call me this week and he called me that night she predicted :) She connects well with me.Thanks Lady Mirabella!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Great Read !! :)" ... written by gigi47
I love this woman! She connects with me so well. I've found my go to on Oranum!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
She confirmed for me that I just need to work through some feelings and/or things. Thank you SO much for your help and words!" ... written by FaithGarrett
Very good insight, good reading. Thanks lady." ... written by bacidoll
She is awesome as ever. Mira is fast and the gentlest of psychics." ... written by getmeright
Thanks so much,so good reading....." ... written by sabinaa
Very good, gave some good advice .. Will definetly come back. Thank you" ... written by Klaudyna27
Thank you so much ladymirabella, you really helped me. Highly recommended!" ... written by ToastChee
Awesome reader !!! She felt what I felt! Worth the time !!" ... written by msahadeo
As usual great fun and what a blast! Just pure loveliness...Thank you Bella." ... written by cap1960
Always an interesting conversation. Will be back again." ... written by uni4verse
Always a pleasure to have her read for me. It's definately eye opening with ladymirabella! Thanks again!" ... written by Karina_me
Bella .. LOL!! u make me laugh... you are right men need coaxing a bit especially him.. geesh .. ok I'll do it for you ..haha.. so glad we got to talk .. I know you understand .. and talking to you makes it so much easier to deal with .. I did what you asked before and you were right he responded within seconds .. on the very day I did it! What a shock.. TY Bella ty ty ty .. hopefully our next reading will be longer .. money is tight for the holidays .. but you know I will always come back no matter what!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Spot on with her readings. Awaiting a prediction." ... written by bacidoll
Very helpful and insightful...." ... written by tracilfleming
Another amazing reading andamp;amp; insights from ladymirabella. she confirmed all my doubts andamp;amp; question. I hope to speak more to her in near future. thanks. God bLess" ... written by eldora_7
Thanks so much ladymirabella.. For the insights andamp; answers that I have for all these time.." ... written by eldora_7
She's amazingly right and magnificent as a psychic." ... written by getmeright
Lovely, simply lovely. Very kind and warm hearted." ... written by rosiep
Great advice! My favorite!!" ... written by Jaqueline
Ty again Bella .. you are so patient with me ... the waiting is the hardest ... but i know if i remain positive it will happen when the time is right .. hopefully that will be soon .. ty for always being here for me .. your cards tell the story just as it is .. amazing!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thanks so much, you have lifted me up cheers." ... written by jackals1312
I was feeling confused and out of sorts and she was able to work with me and explain what was happening and how I might move forward. I really appreciated her honesty, kindness, and being up front. :-) worth it" ... written by michelelyn
Honest, up front, clear, genuine...caring..." ... written by michelelyn
Love her. she was so nice and friendly and very accurate. she made me feel very comfortable and confirmed what other psychics had told me. it was amazing how easily she picked up on everything and I will definitely be consulting with her again. Again, I must reiterate, she was so FRIENDLY AND NICE!! She made you feel comfortable during the reading! I highly recommend her!" ... written by MD
A wise person beyond her years! The journey in life is understandable by the articulation of Bella!!!! A high 5!" ... written by quaz101
Bella knows my situation and continues to give me advice I know is sincere and i can count on. I really appreciate her." ... written by rose423
I have never felt as strong an emotion than I did talking to this lovely lady. She is very kind, emphatic, and helpful. Worth every dime and I will definitely be back! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by whitrbee
Thank you so much!" ... written by xtine930
I love her so much! She is the sweetest and most down to earth person to talk to. She's very kind, compassionate, and understanding and she really takes the time to understand the situation. She's very accurate and precise about everything she says. I will always get readings from her. She's well worth it and she's very kind and friendly. I love talking to her." ... written by Ashleyba86
She is a miraclemaker always reassuring and insightful. Mira is just fabulous!" ... written by getmeright
Amazing reading and help! Love Her! Thank you!" ... written by vocalmachine1
She is awesome.. fast and great reader.. Thanks for the reading!!!!!! worth it all the way!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Great Reading! Thanks again!" ... written by vocalmachine1
So warm! Spot on, very fast and accurate! " ... written by rosiep
WOW WOW WOW Mirabella is totally awesome!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very calm and very concise reading! really a pleasure!" ... written by amnarashid
Ok Bella since you keep seeing the same thing .. i guess im going to have to bite the bullett... lol... Ty Bella u make me feel so much better each time we talk .. u keep me positive .. ty again " ... written by beautifulmesss
Fabulous." ... written by blond1
She's just too good for words! Thanks Mira a million times over!" ... written by getmeright
Thanks!!! I Love you Lady" ... written by GeminiLord
Thanks a lot for the reading! I will certainty come back! xoxo" ... written by tabatta68
I find LadyM to be supportive no matter the outcome of the reading or the question or issue you ask about. She's very warm, caring, and easy to talk to. I appreciate each reading and her wisdom. " ... written by michelelyn
Love her so much. My favorite psychic!" ... written by vvd450
Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
She is clever and to the point." ... written by GeminiLord
Lovely lady. I need more readings." ... written by kimeu2012
Once again my world is coming together one positive event at a time. Thank you Lady Mirabella for your answers and wisdom. I am so appreciative to have you in my life. Everyone deserves the guidance and peace you bring, Thank you Thank you :) Big hug!" ... written by Jillian5
She connected to my wife that passed like no other...Definitely will come back for another reading...Thank you bella...You are such a beautiful soul!" ... written by lisapatrick
Seemed very concise and on point, did not sugar coat issues or problems. I was a tad skeptical but not anymore. Thanks so much!" ... written by ElenaMarie
LADYMIRABELLA has totally been spot on wth good things for me tht has previously said wlould happen for me in the future and they have!!!!!She's like an ANGEL whos Only does good n hlps guide u to good thngs to happen if willing n will make sure she gives good energys to do it and thy do!!!100% spot on wth thngs she says n cldnt of possibly known;)N does!!!N predicts thngs totaly b4 thy happen n thy had 4me!!!I LOVE HER I TRY N VISIT HER $to5 times a wk whn I can cuz I love to c her n thnk her n have more private readings wth her Top 3 on this site:)THNKS I LOVE YA LADY M;'') Thnks again becuz of u my lifes n dreams have bin becoming COMPLETE!!!" ... written by torresk1978
Wow wow wow! Thanks so much for this!!! I am hopeful again!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
THANK YOU LADY! :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She was great, can't wait for the next reading... Thank you so much!" ... written by manda1127
Great reading, omg!" ... written by sashagurl22
She is so caring and up front....Wants to help when she can and it's important to her to be up front. " ... written by michelelyn
Hopefully she is right." ... written by mikepec2468
Good advice..for a person who is really hurting tonight." ... written by Uvrs53
She is wonderful once again I had a great reading with her. She is truly AMAZING :)" ... written by manda1127
Once again amazing... She is wonderful." ... written by manda1127
AMAZING (: love her she is AWESOME " ... written by manda1127
My friend sara said lady M. UR VERY GOOD AT LETTING HER KNOW HER FEELINGS, AND DESCRIBED HER EX TO A T:)" ... written by torresk1978
Love talking to her she is amazing :)" ... written by manda1127
I would recommend her to anyone. Very kind and yet truthful at the same time. She really understands my feelings and gives me good advice." ... written by rose423
Thanks Bella, I do Feel Better... After our private... You are so reassuring.. And your readings are consistent... I appreciate your guidance... More than you can imagine, I will stay positive... This is a difficult situation... And you have been my rock... Ty for your encouragement and advice, it helps so so so much to talk with you..." ... written by beautifulmesss
She is great, and very sweet when you really need someone to be nice to you even when telling you the truth and even if truth hurts." ... written by bbdo1234
Incredible, always a pleasure and truthful!" ... written by tamaradawn
Thanks for the great insight. Love my chats with her! " ... written by vocalmachine1
Great!! Love her.... " ... written by rusa11
She did a wonderful job. Thanks again Bella :D" ... written by manda1127
She is really sweet and understanding concerning my personal matters." ... written by GeminiLord
The best!!!" ... written by chandragomes3
Once again, always understands my situation. I appreciate her honesty and her kindness very much. Highly recommend her." ... written by rose423
I love this woman! She is the best and totally honest. You can't pass her up. " ... written by Willow59
Very sweet and my heart was beating so fast with all of her insight as if she knew me!" ... written by bugaboo1980
Thank you dear! Bless you!" ... written by sashagurl22
Very nice and clear :)" ... written by Crab1993
She was absolutely down to earth, totally honest and efficient with the information. Thanks." ... written by GTK1985
Very enchanting discussion and informative. Always a delight to speak with. Will be back to continue." ... written by uni4verse
Awesome!!!!" ... written by junior92
Very strong connection!" ... written by junior92
Awesome. xXx" ... written by Girlie152
Great Reading, will use here again." ... written by tical3522
She is accurate, loving, caring and honest!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very helpful, interpreting dream state and visions. Always a learning experience. " ... written by uni4verse
Thank you Bella cant wait to know more, you did great :D" ... written by manda1127
Shes 100percent accurate and one of the best on here!!!SEES THNGSB4 thy happen!!!RIGHT TO A T!!!bin here for 6months n has read every thng accurately wth me..never beleived in psychics tell I met lady.m;)" ... written by torresk1978
Amazing." ... written by Ryan747
Thanks Bella .. I feel like I cant make a move without your advice.because it always feels right to me. You always make me feel better and when im feeling something u always seem to confirm it.. how do u do that? lol your advice and what you pick up on him and is always consistent and at least I know I am on the right track .. many many thanks!! " ... written by beautifulmesss
Wonderful as usual! So kind yet tells me the truth and not always just what I want to hear." ... written by rose423
Very gentle and reassuring! " ... written by songbird67
One of the best!" ... written by junior92
Love her!" ... written by sandra
I will always come back to psychic ever...sees everything from the beginning, easy to connect to and so sweet and understanding. Predictions came true. Till next time xoxoxo" ... written by tabatta68
Lots of positive energy and good reading that keyed in to what I was thinking of. Highly recommend her!" ... written by chellemira2
Very good, waiting for perditions!" ... written by chandragomes3
This was a fascinating discussion. I learned some new things. Very nice lady to chat with." ... written by uni4verse
Straight to the point!" ... written by GeminiLord
LOVE this girl... Always so helpful and specific. She has helped me through so much and I am grateful to have her as someone I can turn to and believe in. So many things she has predicted have come true with such precision and accuracy it is unreal. Don`t miss out on talking to Bella." ... written by Karina_me
Love her! Thanks for helping me. I needed it and you are amazing." ... written by hollywoodxoxo
As always, clear, up front, good advice/guidance based on my personal concern or issue. I appreciate everything she has to say and offer." ... written by GroovyGoddess
I am so happy I got to talk with you. I have always believed he would come around and now he is. Although slowly, lol. You told me to believe and deep down in my heart I always have, and having you reassure me makes it so much easier. Hope you are right about the weekend. I know the way he is that could change. But I know it will happen when the time is right. Getting so excited. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Beautiful, loving and honest!!! Love ladymirabella and highly recommend her, she's 100% accurate." ... written by vanessailgms11
What can I say? She picked up on the situation and person and gave me clear answers. I hope she is right and I feel hopeful. I will be back!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Thank you much. Sorry for my pc problems. It was frustrating for me. I appreciate the feedback. I want him very much for million years." ... written by jeraldryan
The best presence!!! Accurate readings and amazing energy!" ... written by Girlie152
I love her!! Great reading like always!" ... written by tabatta68
Simply 2 words for lady Bella! TOTALLY ACCURATE!! She's not only good advisor,but good spiritual person. She takes you under her wing to guide and protect you from life's trials and tribulations from your past, and present endeavors, and your future ones as well. On point and in-tuned with your future answers as well. Even if your simply wanting a true friend lady Mirabella's room is the place to go and feel comfortable. Been here for 6months never knowing or ever meeting a psychic ever before,and she is totally 100%. Well worth your money. She is truly genuine!" ... written by torresk1978
Awesome awesome...clear up front...cares...understands...and works to work with you to help with your issues and concerns. xoxoxo" ... written by starsandmoons
I liked her. The reading was accurate. She picked up my situation very quickly. Other psychics have not picked things up so quickly. She didn't ask many questions. Just names. Her predictions are a couple of months away. " ... written by benzy73
Thank you Bella for all the sound information I can hardly wait to get started on the made for television movie! :)" ... written by Jillian5
Awesome awesome awesome, up front, clear cares, good guidance." ... written by heartsandkisses
She's awesome! I ran out of credit, but she's very direct, and extremely nice!" ... written by Kellehbean1
Thank you." ... written by shaz77
She was very accurate and percise with answers. Answered questions very quickly. " ... written by cancer1973
Ladym is very good with the reading , she has helped me out several times and she cares very much for the people and her room, she is worth every penny to get a reading from......" ... written by otessascaptain
I love LadyMirabella - shes always honest and up front, wants to help you and give you as accurate information as she can. She's caring and nice and really understands people...beyond being a psychic and she has life experience and knowledge." ... written by starsandmoons
Got some clarity about our last reading. I feel really good about it. MiraBella is very compassionate and I truly appreciate that. " ... written by LaSheaLove72
Thanks for letting me know I always wanted to know. You are as great as ever." ... written by GeminiLord
Thank you Bella I am not sure if I say this enough... You have made me feel so much better about this situation I can't possibly begin to explain how having you in my life has helped me... You really help me to understand what he is going through. I'm hanging in there because I think he is worth it... Thank you for being there for me!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Always the best from her I just love her. " ... written by vvd450
Great Daughter of the Light!!!!!!!! Blessed!!!!!!" ... written by JONESLEE
So helpful and caring! Good information, guidance and ideas. Really easy to talk to. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Great reading hun, confirmed and I will reach out to him :)" ... written by sashagurl22
She is awesome." ... written by starfish444
LadyMirabella, is amazing!!! She has such a calming demeanor and has always given me the best advice. I highly recommend her!" ... written by GarnetRose21
Ladym is very good at her readings. Get a reading from her its worth any price you pay, trust me!" ... written by otessascaptain
Thanks for confirming suspicions. :) I would recommend her. " ... written by rocio88
Love this women. She helped me for sure. 5 stars. :D " ... written by TylerFrost
Thank you so much... You were dead on... I appreciate your advise and honesty... :0)" ... written by Tooie1969
Thanks so much for the reading! I think you confirmed all the things that are going on. You made me feel a lot better. :)" ... written by HopeLight
Ladym is always good with her readings. Get a reading from her, she is very good at reading people, the price you pay is well worth the money." ... written by otessascaptain
Thank Ladymirabella. Of course time ran out. When I am able to purchase more credits then I will. I'm interested in seeing how all plays out. You are kind and calming in your readings not judgmental which really makes a HUGE difference. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the chat room to reopen. Yours is my favorite. :D" ... written by LaSheaLove72
Wonderful reading!!!" ... written by Bojan99
Supportive and very accurate. Love her." ... written by kimeu2012
Shes awesome. :)" ... written by GuardianAngelTy
I love this woman!" ... written by TylerFrost
We are at the finish line!! Whoo hoo!" ... written by Jillian5
Once again, amazing! Shall let you know the results! But then again, you already know the outcome. :)" ... written by Jillian5
Amazing connection!!" ... written by junior92
Just awesome, loved my reading! Will be back for more." ... written by jessgrl12
Wonderful and very sweet!" ... written by deeamberm
CALM, FOCUSED, AND VERY GOOD XX THANK U" ... written by ididitmyway
What can I say!!!This is 1 of numerous times that I have spoke with LadyM;)she is so amazing on saying what i am thinking before I even have time to type it out to her in private chats!!!I always feel positive enlightenment around me when I am with her in private. And great energy from her.. She looks ahead on my future and guides me on how to handle negative things ahead before they happen!! I suggest her to everyone on here! She is 1 of the top 2 best female psychics on here!!I feel and see my life has been in great position since I met LadyM. months ago;) She is not only a true friend but I feel 1 of God's guardian angels reborn on earth to help the needy and the sad ones like my self;' ')I LOVE U LADYM!!! For sure 10 stars in my book!! When I don't see her I feel a loss inside to see her and visit her, she lifts me up and picks up life's distraught pieces in shapes them in a positive light for me.. Thanks again and my new years resolution is to help guide everyone to meet someone as truly special as LadyM. So she can help them out in a miraculous way as she so has done my life for truly the better!!!" ... written by torresk1978
LOVE HERRRRR" ... written by onlygal22
Honest, upfront, caring, good advice, I appreciated everything she has to say. :-) " ... written by starsandmoons
Thanks Bella.. u r so sweet and reassuring .. i needed to hear that because I had already that of something similar to what u were telling me ... well here i go .. u make me smile .. I think I will always need u in my life .. ty ty ty" ... written by beautifulmesss
Ladym is always good with her readings i always get amazed with her readings." ... written by otessascaptain
She is an amazing woman we connect so well and I love her so much. We always are spiritually connected." ... written by GuardianAngelTy
Omg ! Wow!!! Amazing reading always right and knows exactly the situation... Love her xoxo" ... written by tabatta68
:-) So good at what she does!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Very on the mark without me saying anything at all." ... written by lou_kendy
Very good very fast, thank you!" ... written by eire411
You have helped me a lot! :)" ... written by azizeh92
Loved the reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by azizeh92
I trust her and think she is the best to get advise from." ... written by VF1304
Beautiful reading! Defined my emotions exactly the way they are. Hopefully I will live this reading the whole year. To make it happen I will follow your advise :) Thank you" ... written by yellow_angel
Fantastic reader, fast and insightful." ... written by kimeu2012
Great!" ... written by Zeigen
So good, honest, cares deeply when she works with you. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
I love it, she is the best. Right on point . " ... written by tabatta68
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Whoo hoo! It's such a relief to get all that news. I will pray for my dad, and pray for Anthony (small prayer for him), and I so look forward to the New Year. Thanks, always on target and to the point!" ... written by Jillian5
Really helped with some clarification I needed... :-)" ... written by starsandmoons
Always reliable and give good information and guidance. Easy to talk to and up front. I appreciate everything she has to say. " ... written by starsandmoons
Very helpful!" ... written by jaimelee25
Awesome!" ... written by jaimelee25
Spot on needed to hear it. Very clear, gentle and sweet" ... written by madame1
As always...informative, nice, and easy to talk to...really understands and give good feedback." ... written by starsandmoons
Omg that was a funny reading but very good. i thank you sooo much bella : )))) " ... written by manda1127
Compassionate and understanding great listener and fierce helpful." ... written by eire411
Oh Bella you just don't know how much better I feel after talking to you tonight I really needed this reading. Thank you so much for that!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is so kind and 100% real and will stay with you until end. You just have to trust!" ... written by cg3
Simply amazing, loved her reading!! Spot on!" ... written by swaimz
Her readings are honest, up front, she cares deeply about people and helping when she can." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thanks Bella." ... written by kimeu2012
Thanks, good insight." ... written by kimeu2012
She always tells it like it is, no lies just truth and love." ... written by vvd450
Ladym is always good, her readings are on point, the fee that is charged is nothing compared to the information she gives, very good......" ... written by smurfgiant
WOW, WOW, WOW if you have not had a reading with her you have to get one, worth every penny. Ladymirabella is honest and straight to the point! Can't wait to do a follow up reading." ... written by KKat21
I need to tell you people. Bella is the real deal. Talk about Clarity, compassion and advice!!! You need answers this lady will guide you ." ... written by FrankJ
She is always so right about everything in her readings. She picks up on the situation without needing a lot of feedback from you. It is like you two have talked about this plenty of times as friends and she is well aware of the situation you are asking about. She is one of my favorites on here. I really recommend her if you are looking for some answers or insight. " ... written by answers16
LadyMirabella, thank you for your spread and pendulum insight. So accurate about my feelings and wants... and hopefully accurate with his feelings. Will keep you posted. An excellent reading overall!" ... written by kissmeangel
Very interesting discussion as always!" ... written by uni4verse
She is so awesome!!!" ... written by pharmergirl9
She is so Genuine and I know she wouldn't tell me anything that isn't necessary. After 6 days since my last reading things have gotten so much better because I followed her advice. I can't tell u how awesome this woman is. She has helped me stay on the path and her patience is incredible. Heartfelt thanks to you Bella!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She was good." ... written by shadow1969
It is always an interesting conversation and there is much that is learned. Very enjoyable. Could spend some time under a shade tree and talking about many things. " ... written by uni4verse
She is a beautiful soul! I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. Her warm energy made me feel very comfortable and the flow of her reading seemed very natural. She picked up on my situation really well, and I trust her insights." ... written by iPreferMimi
Awesome as usual. I have some predications and I will update as to what happens." ... written by pharmergirl9
HI Bella, thank you!!" ... written by Jillian5
Amazing! Words can't describe, feelings can't describe. It's just something to experience and know." ... written by nahushj
She is very good at what she does and knows what she is talking about while making you feel comfortable!" ... written by Maverick0212
Easy to talk to, direct, caring, the readings with her." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Wonderful Woman. Amazing advice. So wonderful." ... written by GuardianAngelTy
Thank you." ... written by shadowwalker1983
Amazing, accurate!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Lovely lady. Her readings are not only accurate they are detailed and she delivers excellent advise through Spirit Messages which are amazingly helpful!" ... written by FrankJ
Lovely reading and supportive. Never had enough." ... written by kimeu2012
Honest, up front, clear, gives good advice, very easy to talk to. My go to person on a regular basis." ... written by starsandmoons
She is so calming-" ... written by Cari1961
Understanding and lovely. Always provide clear and straightforward answers. A++ Readings." ... written by kimeu2012
Fantastic as ever. Thank you!" ... written by clairejane33
She was perfect in her reading. She knew things before I even asked her. I highly recommend a private reading with Bella! I will keep her as a favorite and seek her out again! Thank you!" ... written by Islandboy574
Very encouraging!!!! Great message!!" ... written by drdeb97
Thank you!" ... written by dandypants
She's awesome, loved talking to her. Didn't want it to end but I ran out of questions! Very excited for the new year! :)" ... written by Tessa
Amazing, beautiful reader - extremely precise- truly has a gift." ... written by improvknight
Always easy to talk to, up front, clear, gives good info and advice. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Not only is she an amazing reader, her faith and connection to God will guide you like no one else can." ... written by FrankJ
Love her!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Very interesting discussion. I will be working on the pass." ... written by uni4verse
Great reading about my love life which has been driving me crazy lately. Thank you again for a accurate reading! " ... written by ellewilla
Lovely and understanding...." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank you very much of the celtic cross, emotional and spiritual readings! They are fabulous. and provided so much insight and guidance. Thank you for showing cards. Will be back with update and more guidance when needed! XOXO" ... written by kissmeangel
Always very kind and caring. I appreciate her guidance!" ... written by rose423
Always easy to talk to, up front, honest, and able to see past what I can't see or feel sometimes. Good advice and understanding." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you!" ... written by eire411
He did text me back :) " ... written by linn115
Thank u for making me understand where he comes from." ... written by linn115
Thanks Bella, just needed a little reassurance after the last conversation I had with him Sat.. He's making me but u always help! TY TY " ... written by beautifulmesss
I just love her sound advice and gentle manner, reading was awesome as usual, I come to her to hear what I need to hear. That is why I am a repeat client." ... written by leti98
Its always a pleasure with Mirabella...I love that you are spiritually connected and acknowledge God and biblical principles. Thank you for being so understanding and thorough. God Bless you." ... written by coyqueen3
Thank you! " ... written by linn115
Very kind and tells you the truth" ... written by cg3
Thank you for an honest reading, dear." ... written by olivia07
Thorough and precise answers. Thank you for the reading again." ... written by kimeu2012
Wonderful woman. Always helps me. Always keeps me calm and cool." ... written by GuardianAngelTy
Great as usual!" ... written by linn115
Very sweet. Accurate. Sympathetic. Supportive." ... written by noelani979
Bell has confirmed as always my future and my gut feelings right to a T!! As always!!! Even if the truth hurts she tells ya..and tonight was 1st time i was confirmed in my ex moving on just as i felt in the pit of my stomach. Didn't like hearing it... But I needed to hear it... Everything Lady bella said before it happened has..All times i have visited her in 1 on 1 in private...She is top notch on here and you definitely get more than what u pay for." ... written by torresk1978
Guiding me through the toughest time in my life, love her!" ... written by vvd450
Bella is a great lovely lady will try to carry on thank you xx " ... written by coral04
If you want the truth and positive out come see bella for help and question. She was able to connect to a little boy and teach me how to give him peace. peace everyone" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very intuitive. " ... written by annie34
You have to come see all the things that have been going on!" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Thanks x" ... written by laceylex
She has a special talent and always insightful." ... written by uni4verse
We connected; and I trust everything she says. Very real, very powerful. It's amazing. Yes she is amazing... She will be my reader for life, no questions asked!" ... written by HeatherMarie
She was awesome.." ... written by Jon1415
Thanks Bella you are right. I would have never interpreted that dream like that wow .. but it sure makes sense ... I had a bad weekend and seeing u today made me feel so much better not just about my rship but about all things in general , I should have found u over the weekend instead of having my pity .. thank you so much for being here.. u r a God sent!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Always a joy and pleasure to work with and talk to. Really informative and helpful. Easy to talk to. No judgements. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Always right! Great person to talk to. Always has the best advice. Please take the time to chat with Ladymirabella. She is wonderful! :)" ... written by Aerie4
Great ready!! Thank you :) You make me laugh so much and you make so much sense at everything that's going on! Thank you :D" ... written by gateforest01
Very intuitive and spot on readings. Thank you Ladymirabella. I will be back for another private reading very soon. " ... written by RipCMoredog
Easy to talk to and always gives me good advice. I appreciate her guidance and information. She's so nice and up front. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
She is great!" ... written by millyloves22
Always a great reading with Lady. Stay sweet." ... written by Jaqueline
Wow every time we talk and speak, we have water works. It's amazing how God works and how the world around us affects our reality so much. It really is a big big world. Bella is always happy to help me with my questions even if they sound weird lol. If you want a forward answer you have to speak to her. " ... written by Delila_shula_777
Thanks Bella... I know all will work fine... And your reassurance really helps me stay the course... Your readings have been so accurate in describing whats going on... And it all makes perfect sense... thank you so much for the prayer... I already feel better." ... written by beautifulmesss
Very honest! " ... written by lizd131
Sweetheart and gives great advice. I've had many readings with Lady and she is easy to talk to." ... written by Jaqueline
I love her!!!! She's the best. Like a sister or best friend." ... written by pharmergirl9
Thank u bella" ... written by linn115
WOW.... So precise and on point! I definitely loved my reading and I loved her! She's a keeper!!! :-)" ... written by lillady8701
Refreshing refreshing!! She's sooo sweet and i feel i can breath again!!! " ... written by swaimz
She is very sweet and had very good insight! I will be back to talk with her soon." ... written by asbs777
Very interesting as usual! A great lady to talk with." ... written by uni4verse
Thank you, really true, gave good advice." ... written by olivia07
Thank you ... New insight is always good." ... written by stillhotat50
Excellent reading as always. Thank you for the valuable advice." ... written by rose423
She was right on" ... written by luckyanna
Always great, if you have not had a reading with Bella you are missing out! " ... written by Jillian5
I always wanted to have a reading with Ladymirabella. Thank you for the wonderful reading, you are a sweet person. Happy valentine's day" ... written by AutumnFairy
She is always there for me and supporting me when something isn't right at home : )" ... written by manda1127
I am so glad I came back to my friend...Ladymirabella told me something I did not want to accept, but it was all true, my love confessed to me, now I have great promising news, and know that she is always honest whether or not it is what you want to hear. Thank You ladymirabella always an angel!" ... written by frustrated67
Calm and talented. Very insightful!" ... written by unicorn10000
Always a delight. Always a positive feeling when I talk to her. She's caring but honest so be ready to hear the truth. Thank you MB! TTYS!" ... written by bellacasey
Always here to answer my questions :) Thanks for being here for me!" ... written by linn115
Awesome advice, can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by gagirl31
Love her emotional spreads.. Always insightful and tons of information. She also takes the time to explain things thoroughly. The spiritual messages are fabulous." ... written by kissmeangel
Continues to give me good advice. Thank you so much!! " ... written by rose423
Great insights. Overall a good reader." ... written by kimeu2012
Always reassuring and consistent.. I don't know what I'll do if she ever left oranum.. Thank you Bella ... From the bottom of my heart." ... written by beautifulmesss
I loved how she told me what she had to even if i didn't want to hear it. She was very accurate. I believe she will do great with your readings too." ... written by manda1127
EXCELLENT!!!!!!! Chills!!!!! She is the real deal!!!! " ... written by Sayette72
Thanks for the prayers." ... written by rocio88
She is great and sweet!" ... written by ras43138
She is the real deal." ... written by cg4
It's good to know but I do have a lot of questions on some of the things." ... written by asha_fire
At last an honest reader who told it as it is. Great... I'm glad I called her." ... written by Enkori
Wonderful reading, up front, caring, honest, easy to talk to, gifted and trustworthy." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Loved my reading, fast and accurate, it was unbelievable, best reading I've had ever, thanks... Will be chatting in two weeks with an update." ... written by keshia2243
Great reading!" ... written by stuart81
You are wonderful thank you so much!" ... written by brooklyncarter82
Very, very touching... Her reading gave me hope, but also opened my eyes to seeing that everything isn't just rainbows and "butterflies"... Was able to connect into my situation... Wonderful, will have her read for me again." ... written by heathermarie0301
Love her!" ... written by tashadiaz85
Another update and great advice. Thank you Bella for all of your help. " ... written by rose423
She is not just a great psychic but a great counselor too " ... written by manda1127
Thanks for being truthful. That's what I expect from a good psychic." ... written by rocio88
She is the best. She really can relate which makes it even better." ... written by asbs777
She is wonderful and very honest and loving and caring, until next time, love in light :D" ... written by manda1127
Wonderful reading! I really needed the advice. thanks so much!" ... written by rose423
I've been going crazy with my job hunt, and ladymirabella gave me some much needed hope and encouragement. We talked about other things, too, and she really confirmed some things that I already suspected in my heart. She's wonderful! " ... written by takisfuego
One of the best and well-meaning psychic. Ladymirabella had given me advice for my best interest at heart. Given advice for me not to volunteer at flood-hit Queensland. And the next day it was on the news that the area unfolded heated scenes and the premier was confronted by the locals and told to leave. TRUE enough not a good time to offer help." ... written by kimeu2012
Again you clarify for me ... this man is gonna drive me insane .. hopefully I wont go broke before he comes around Thanks Bella for listening to my story week after week ..being reassuring and consistent and telling me what I need to glad u are here." ... written by beautifulmesss
EXCELLENT reading! She is awesome!!!! I love her!!!" ... written by Sayette72
Amazing. Very helpful and guiding" ... written by FrankJ
She is a really nice person and wonderful psychic." ... written by speedoflight
Very clear, and had some amazingly astute insights." ... written by Rosie0h
She helped me for the 4th or 5th time - and was amazing! So accurate, so positive! Thank you!" ... written by kausalyaramani
LadyMirabella is just wonderful. I absolutely adore her. Her intuition and talent is always on point and has helped me get through my issues. If you're looking for clarity, she is the one you need to talk to. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Brings happiness and hope to my heart." ... written by hotmhh
Great reader. Was honest last time and came out right. This time was hitting on the situations in question quite spot on. Trusted adviser for me." ... written by Enkori
What a sweetheart, thank you! Great reading, broke it right down for me. I'm seeing things in a new light. Awesome reading! :)" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Thank you Bella ... that was a good reading.. and I am happy with what it told me .. I have made a lot of progress..its part of the lessons I need to learn .. it all made perfect sense .. thank you!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thank you Bella," ... written by galleygal
She is not only good, her counsel is dead on. She can and will guide you. " ... written by FrankJ
This is magical and so intense! I cannot wait for the wedding!! lol" ... written by Jillian5
Thank you so much for my follow up read, your timing and advise has always been correct. Amazing, thanks !" ... written by tonio73
Ladymirabeella very clear with her answers, in tune with my questions and has given great insight. Has good spiritual guidance that will help me through. I feel I will get what I need if I ask, meditate on the positive as she says." ... written by edonzie
Thanks Bella... I was a bit confused today... I was overthinking things and I am glad you helped me with that! Thanks for being here! :)" ... written by beautifulmesss
Shes cool. Good readings. She listens to you when you need to be listened to." ... written by GuardianAngelTy
She gave me great insights and I feel more peace now. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
These are always fascinating and revealing discussions. It is a journey into knowing, understanding, and enlightenment. Most fascinating. " ... written by uni4verse
Thank you always for your honesty." ... written by olivia07
Enjoyed my reading with Mirabella. Was very different than other readers and confirmed things I was feeling and a chance to get message from beyond. Thanks!!" ... written by kealia35
I always have a reading with this woman once in a while and she's so amazing. I love her so much. She helps me out a lot. :) " ... written by GuardianAngelTy
More wonderful advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you bella! :-)" ... written by rose423
Superbly accurate and insightful! Always a pleasure to have a reading from her! A zillion stars to Mira!" ... written by getmeright
Enjoyed it. Put out great info." ... written by jbox1348
She is quick and to the point and if you need some to just talk to she is always there for you. and encouraging = D you should get a reading from her!!!!" ... written by manda1127
She gives me hope and I have been with her almost 1 year and she still see the same out come." ... written by cg4
She is so kind, good reading:)" ... written by asbs777
I absolutely adore this woman. She is a beautiful and talented person, her readings are accurate and top notch. " ... written by GarnetRose21
She is right on point with answers to my questions." ... written by 1swt_quttie
Great reading!!!" ... written by manda1127
Dead on with what's happening. Very sincere. Thank you." ... written by ijeh99
Sweet lady and always gives good advice. Have been getting advice for 2 years now. xxoo" ... written by Jaqueline73
Absolutely amazing. Confirmed on what I was feeling. Made me feel tons better. I KNEW I wasn't going crazy!" ... written by artisticfreakk
Wonderful, thoughtful, clear, patient but honest and direct!! wonderful reading!! thank you bella! xo" ... written by shopgirl
Love these readings ... please anyone, if you need the best advice this is the place!" ... written by Jillian5
Very insightful, sincere and professional, hit the nail on the head. Absolutely recommend the service." ... written by OLAMOTIL
So helpful and informative ....easy to talk to and gives good info." ... written by GroovyGoddess
A dear sweet and very skilled reader. Clearly gave me insight into what I was feeling and facing. She has a way of expressing and analogies that help you fully understand." ... written by FrankJ
Fantastic. Gives a beautiful rundown and explanation of things as she sees them. Very caring and fabulous reader. Would love to chat with her again. Give her a try." ... written by tguy29
She gave me chills talking to my brother who just had passed, she's a very nice and amazing person, thank you so much :)" ... written by ashley11100
Very helpful, supportive, easy to talk to, good and accurate information. Enjoy working with LadyMirabella. :)" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you again! Can't wait to tell you what happens next. You are honest and I appreciate it." ... written by stillhotat50
Wow, Lady Mirabella tuned right in. She's amazing!!!" ... written by stillhotat50
Thank you! Thank you!! So much progress has been made. You have helped so much, bella. I am very grateful!!" ... written by rose423
I trust everything about Lady Mirabella... She is just amazing... If you have ever made a connection with someone, that is how I feel about her... I know I can trust her with any questions andamp; she will be able to guide me the correct way... All of her guidance has held true and I feel truly blessed to have encountered such a gift of a woman... 5 stars doesn't even express how great she truly is." ... written by heathermarie0301
So very good. Sweet, quick and very connected to spirit and the spirit messages are the best!!" ... written by FJ
Amazing... Was great getting a confirmation for everything I felt within. Mirabella, was composed, calm and in tune. No false promises. Just what is. Thank you! " ... written by noorjehan
Enjoyed update!" ... written by Cari1961
Great reading" ... written by elle11
Oh my gosh... wow... Amen!" ... written by EmilyM101
Thank you Bella... Boy, did I ever need that talk... Thank you for being so compassionate... And helping me figure out what to do... I have been feeling this way for a couple weeks... And I just couldn't get back to that place I need to be... Thank you again!! " ... written by beautifulmesss
Thank you so much LadyMiraBella! I love your readings and could talk to you forever! :D" ... written by gateforest01
Thanks so much helped clear my mind." ... written by Skarano7309
Very moving but very, very true. Love hurts." ... written by bryanmue515
Appreciate her honesty, I will come back." ... written by Margie Keadle
Very helpful, really can't wait to contact again for more helpful guidance!" ... written by kimber003
Always a guiding light." ... written by vvd450
Very helpful in different area's of my life. Caring, up front, honest, good info and advice. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Lady Mirabella - I could write a thousand reviews all saying the same thing; she is spot on... I trust every bit of everything she says! :-) She is an A+ reader and truly connects... All I can say is you would NEVER be disappointed if you go to Lady Mirabella...." ... written by heathermarie0301
Well the reading once again a complete fairytale. I am amazed. You are getting closer to that jet ride to a great destination. Give or take a year or so. But we have time. :)" ... written by Jillian5
Ladymirabella was efficient and thorough in my reading. She explained the cards and their meanings and set my mind at ease. I will definitely check back with her at a later date to see if I'm still on the right track." ... written by RachelMarie79
Very honest and accurate!!! I can't wait for an update!" ... written by manda1127
She is so helpful and honest! She gets straight to the point, polite about things and accurate!! " ... written by 1swt_quttie
Interesting, she gives me something to think about!" ... written by Paul Shipp
Thanks so much! :)" ... written by HopeLight
She was so precise and accurate! She did not waste my time... She knew what to say and gave me the correct responses. She honed in on the situation with expertise. She was such a blessing! Thank you!!!" ... written by Sungirl40
Bella is so very good. If you need real guidance, she is the one to go to. Her spirit messages give you peace and understanding." ... written by FrankJ
Always very intuitive and right about stuff 100%!" ... written by vvd450
Thank you for all the wonderful advice. I don't know what I would do without you Bella. :-)" ... written by rose423
Thanks Bella.. I was a bit concerned about what happened last night.. And you eased my worries.. My confidence is way up and I have you to thank for that!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
A very specific prediction about me and my loved one going to dental school together is coming true!" ... written by vvd450
Great reading! I have written down what she indicated for me and will certainly let ladymirabella know what transpires. I very happy after our reading, thank you!" ... written by crystalbuddah
Great intuition...wonderful spirit..." ... written by twinkee344
Thanks again for your insights. I wish I had just a little more time with you...perhaps with a little more information I could feel more secure in the message you shared." ... written by Janice
Very up front, helpful, caring, good guidance and I always feel better after a reading with LadyMirabella." ... written by starsandmoons
Answered all my Questions." ... written by Stephanie
Another great reading with ladymirabella... She always makes me feel better when I have "unknowns" happening.. She is good at keeping me focused and offers a lot of help and guidance along the way... A++++ :)" ... written by Heather
Was very insightful. Thanks for the reading." ... written by crystalmaze
Great reading and clarity." ... written by stuart81
AWESOME SO ACCURATE THANKS ALOT...." ... written by Bornwinner83
Very good." ... written by Smileysteph145
Lovely, simple and clear." ... written by blocpress
Love how my life is unfolding and I cannot wait to be in the future and live out all the great things coming. Bella has enlightened me in many ways and I am loving the journey! You will be glad you chose Lady Mirabella." ... written by Jillian5
Talked with Lady Mirabella about work... very spot on, helped me in advance of the whole situation and hopefully will avoid issues... A+ reader... :-) love, love, love!" ... written by heathermarie0301
Have been seeing Lady for about 2 years now and always gives me great advice. She is like my online friend that I need. All her advice has been true. I highly recommend her readings!" ... written by Jaqueline73
She is amazing as always, love her." ... written by Janae
Love her soooo much! Shes awesome as always." ... written by Aerie4
Good" ... written by royaltee
Love her she is my spiritual guide " ... written by vvd450
Very good reader!!! Enjoyed it a lot (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
GREAT" ... written by MayGirl
She is a very kind person" ... written by amazingcheer
Lady, where do I begin with this wonderful woman. Her advice is accurate. She lays everything out without even sugarcoating it. She tells you what you need to hear. I am so grateful for all of her help. She truly is the best." ... written by EmilyM101
She is very nice and always tells you the truth." ... written by cg4
LadyMirabella is amazing... I can say it time and time again... Just amazing! :-)" ... written by Heather
Thank you, as always truly amazing, and connect wth me so quickly. Am looking fwd to seeing everything happen as you say, knowing of course things could change. Thank You Ladymirabella! Blessings!" ... written by frustrated67
Great all systems go for the procedure! Happy to hear on the Paul level too!" ... written by Jillian5
OMG, I am soooo happy!!! Thanks Bella for all the good vibes and things coming. I needed that. Feel like a Rock Star!" ... written by Jillian5
Ladymirabella, I always love your Charismatic Healing, and Reiki. I also appreciate your honesty, and sound advice. You are an amazing woman, with many gifts. Blessings, Love, and Light! I will be back to let you know what happened! : ))" ... written by frustrated67
She seems sincere and is thoughtful but quick with her responses. I thank her for her time and caring." ... written by Janice
Its been a while, but a great read. So positive and uplifting!" ... written by Bulldog10111982
Thank You so much tonight for the reading. I am so happy that life is taking a "blessed" turn for me. I am so deserving and so will my new love interest be. :)" ... written by Jillian5
Broke me down to tears. She told me everything that has happened on the situation and that will happen. I really was tremendously relieved when she told me what's gonna happen. Thank you so much. I believe what she said will happen because she told me what had happened. Thank you." ... written by pinkbarbie85
Cool!" ... written by Surveyant
Great service as always." ... written by OLAMOTIL
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by rose423
She is my virtual best friend. Someone I can confide in and gives me the advice I need to hear, not necessarily want to hear. Thanks for all your help. Each time I talk to you, I feel better. :)" ... written by Jaqueline73
Thanks Bella, I believe what you said to be true... thanks for being here .. I appreciate your guidance so much!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Words cannot express how much I admire and trust LadyMirabella. She is a kind and gentle soul and always provides clarity in any situation. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Always a doll!! Puts my mind at ease. I know things can change so as long as I am open andamp; understanding. I know all will work out as it is supposed to. Thank you so much for your guidance!! I'll be in touch!! TTYS!!! (((HUGS)))" ... written by bellacasey
Thanks Bella.. although things have backslid a bit... it is ok.. nice I have you here to help me handle it correctly.. the best advice as always." ... written by beautifulmesss
Wonderful reading!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the advice and prayers. :-)" ... written by rose423
She was compassionate and helped me discuss my fears and hopes for a situation, as well as providing very accurate advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by misstee86
Thanks Bella I feel so much better after our chat... You are the best, I'm going to have a great night because of our chat!" ... written by beautifulmesss
When you need clarity... and a genuine soul... Lady Mirabella is where you need to go... readings with her almost make you feel like she has personal stake in your situation... she offers empathy when needed and support... she tells you the good, along with the bad... she doesn't give false hopes for the future, instead gives you ways to continue to work toward your goal... she allows you to freely communicate your concerns/problems/feelings and casts no judgement.... you will find immediate peace after you leave a private session with her...." ... written by Heather
She connects quickly and easily, she has wonderful accurate spirit messages. She always give good information, very non judge mental and really wants to help with your situation or problem. She's a wonderful lady.. " ... written by starsandmoons
So easy to work with and talk to ....information is always clear and accurate. She helps guide me and think of solutions that are helpful and positive..even when the situation may not be what I wanted. " ... written by starsandmoons
Oh heck you were gone too soon! But we got the good stuff. I am very excited for everything. Thank you!!! " ... written by Jillian5
I'm able to ask anything and rest assured she will be able to guide me with whatever information she sees. She always honest. " ... written by starsandmoons
She was right on." ... written by micevns02
Lady is awesome, she was spot on with everything, get a reading from her..." ... written by otessascaptain
Thank you for helping me and showing me the different possibilities :-)" ... written by starsandmoons
I love her. She's such a pleasant lady and reads so accurately. Hope you have a wonderful life lady mirabella." ... written by julesk1
Thanks Bella, I needed the confirmation of words, wisdom and energy. Life if changing for me in a good way!" ... written by Jillian5
Great reader." ... written by stylist85
Ladymirabella, you are the best....again things happened exactly as you said they would. I will definately take your advice. Thank you for the charismatic healing, and reiki. Blessings, Love, and Light!" ... written by frustrated67
Talking with Lady Mirabella always put me at peace about my current situation; she is able to see help me look at my situation from different angles and offers support andamp; guidance... amazing as always." ... written by Heather
Mirabella, she is great, thanks a lot!!" ... written by fresiaflower
So easy to talk to, up front, clear, good information, accurate. :-) nice lady." ... written by GroovyGoddess
I feel so much better about the work situation. Michele has been such a "tower card" of ugliness. May she find happiness one day. :) Thanks for the great readings I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated .... it is such peace. Love ya!!" ... written by Jillian5
So uplifting... Thank you for the good laughs and re-confirmations... I needed that!" ... written by Jillian5
Thanks " ... written by Twinheart
Loving life and the readings... You are so great Bella... I hope everyone knows this! So appreciative of our chats. :)" ... written by Jillian5
She always tells it like it is, love her!" ... written by vvd450
Thanks Lady, you always put my mind at ease. xxoo" ... written by Jaqueline73
Always informative, fun and loaded with valuable advise and information. I am very excited about the new beginnings. I have God and I have good people like you in my life. Many good things ahead and yes, I feel very deserving. This is going to be the best!" ... written by Jillian5
What I love most about Lady Mirabella is her ability to tune into your current emotional state, without you really saying anything...she is able to feel what is going on around you and is able to put your mind at ease (even if it's not a 'good' ease because it's not what you want to hear...but you know it's the truth.)...Lady Mirabella is wonderful and I trust her readings when it comes to my personal situation. :)" ... written by Heather
Very accurate! " ... written by determined_Soul
I've always done private and got good advice but tonight I did a card reading and WOW it was amazing how the cards fit into my situation. Thanks again Lady." ... written by Jaqueline73
She is wonderful. Meet with Lady Mirabella once, and you'll be hooked for life." ... written by HopelessLove
Very accurate! Everything she told me was on point! I loved it!!! I will be back!" ... written by determined_Soul
Good reading, she is very briefly" ... written by maria12111
The very Best!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
Awesome!!!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
She really made my night :) I am very touched. and Thank you for getting relief off me. You made me feel so Comfortable and so happy. I am so excited for the brand new beginning for me :) thank you again " ... written by kristasweet2012
When I talk with Lady Mirabella, it's like talking with a close friend who understands your current situation. She is non-judgemental, but let's you see what she is seeing, whether it be good, or bad. (and, yes, she tells you it like it is!) I am able to discuss my situation with her, and work towards the goals ahead. Her readings put my mind at ease and helps me look at the immediate future versus what's going to happen 10 years from now. She is able to connect in right away andamp; it's instant comfort. There aren't enough words to describe what Lady Mirabella does, except that she is the one I go to with I'm ever in doubt... :)" ... written by Heather
Insightful, informative very heart felt.. Thank you !" ... written by Docsafjr
She confirmed a lot for me about things that I was feeling and had dreams about a while back. She is amazing! This was my first reading with my friend and it was a very spiritual and emotional experience for me." ... written by vvd450
She answers all my questions in life. " ... written by olivia07
Bella u make me smile .. just talking to you makes me feel better .. i have gotten to a point of feeling so at peace abt this situation because i have complete faith and trust in you and what you are telling me . Thank you!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Love her. Always positive, always right. I feel so much better talking to her. :)" ... written by Aerie4
Bella answered many more questions than i had andamp;amp; what i thought time would allow. great personality." ... written by bluetig
Perfect ... good news on all counts!" ... written by Jillian5
Ladymirabella, I really do look forward to our chats...You are such an amazing woman, and very gifted and led by the Divine, and your spirit guides. You are always so honest with me, and everytime I get the Reiki Energy, and the Charismatic Healing in our session, our intentions are ALWAYS given according to Divine Intervention. Blessings, Love, and Light!! Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Ty Bella .. u r right ... thank you so much for guiding me. I have come so far and u have been such a great strength in helping me get what I want .. and not settling .. trust me b4 I met you I would have settled .. u have made me so much stronger .. and I can't tell u how grateful I am for that." ... written by beautifulmesss
Thanks Bella , needed that tonight .. I never loose faith just have some down days ... thank you for always being so reassuring .. and keeping me hopeful .. your the best! You have a way with words you have made me understand him so much better, when we get back together , I will know how to handle it because of your guidance .. thank you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Very down to Earth, approachable and insightful. " ... written by JScorpio88
I always come to bella for advice. She is wonderful and guides me in the right direction. Thank you!" ... written by rose423
The best!" ... written by Jaqueline73
Wonderful reading as always. Thanks so much for the advice. :-)" ... written by rose423
Lovely quick reader." ... written by graceypiee
She is so awesome.... will def get back to her..." ... written by crystalrbleu
Words cannot describe how I feel after a reading with LadyM. I come to her for guidance and clarity on a regular basis. Love this woman!" ... written by Shirley
As always, really good and accurate! :-)" ... written by starsandmoons
Thanks for the great reading... I love our time in private. We find out all kinds of wonderful things!" ... written by Jillian5
Amazing, I will miss you dearly." ... written by vvd450
Always great, every time!" ... written by answers16
Last reading gave a prediction which came true a month ago. A new situation has arisen and the guidance was what i needed to hear. Thank You so Much." ... written by Enkori
Very calm. Read my situation quickly. Understood what I was feeling. love her!!! Will come back for more!" ... written by artisticfreakk
Ladymirabella, you are always so amazing. Every time we chat It is as if I can catch my breath again. You are always so honest with me, and I appreciate that. Your advice always works out for me. The charismatic prayer, and healing do wonders for me and my situation. You are an angel in my life! Hugs. Love, Light, and many Blessings!" ... written by Michelle
Great update." ... written by Cari1961
As always... she's awesome! Talented reader!" ... written by Michele
She gave me specific dates and good advice. :) Thanks." ... written by HopeLight
Always wonderful. What would I do without bella??! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by rose423
LadyMirabella is awesome. She is a calm spirited and always is on point. If you need an honest in-depth reading then you MUST visit LadyMirabella. I just love her spirit! " ... written by determined_Soul
LM jis wonderful, helpful, easy to talk to, provides useful and helpful information. She is able to guide me to solutions. I so appreciate her gift. " ... written by Michele
All very good, and I am looking forward to the next encounter." ... written by jillian5
Always great! Always consistent! Thank you!!! TTYS!!! (((HUGS)))" ... written by bellabooboo
Fantastic! Always excited to talk to her! Thanks again as always." ... written by aerie4
FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS. Cannot say enough about this wonderful woman. Very insightful, thoughtful and helpful!" ... written by Marianthe
Very meaningful reading. Thanks so much." ... written by rose423
She is very honest and great." ... written by dabountychic119
Mirabella was wonderful to speak to. She put me at ease and was able to answer all of my questions. I was having a difficult time maintaining my belief and strength. Her words of advice and encouragement made a huge impact on me. Thank you again!" ... written by yimzid
Ladymirabella as always, so kind, sweet, yet honest. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me in over a year now. Everything you say has come to pass, and the Reiki and charismatic healing is wonderful, How God uses you as an instrument of His peace. Love, Blessings, and Light! Michelle" ... written by Michelle
She was wonderful. She gave me so many messages. She's great love you Mirabella. " ... written by Cale
Thanks Bella I will get through all this, too bad I need to get to August to get some relief from Candace, but God is with me." ... written by Jillian5
She is really cool and is very detailed." ... written by chris
Great reading. I hope she is right. " ... written by Christina
She was good." ... written by heather
Insightful reading! Will take your advice and see what happens! Thanks again, Bella!" ... written by Coyqueen3
Thanks again xoxo." ... written by Jaqueline73
OMG, woooow, she truly is great!!! People do not hesitate, take her to private!!!!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Kind and caring psychic. Amazingly accurate. I hope what she saw in the future will come true. Keeping my fingers crossed. This was my first on-line reading and my first with Ladymirabella and I would highly recommend her to others." ... written by Ashley
LM is so easy to talk to, she gives clear and accurate information and is helpful in getting me to the right mind set when dealing with my own insecurities regarding a situation." ... written by GroovyGoddess
She's the best. Always gives me great advice, even if it's tough to hear. I've done readings with her for over a year and will always come back. xoxox" ... written by jaqueline
I am so relieved the tables are turning .... yea!!!! Thank you " ... written by jillian5
Bella has given me such guidance over the past year. She keeps me on track and advises me in a way that makes my feel very positive when i leave her room and go back into the real world. Thank you!" ... written by rose423
gave great advice and helped me see clear about a situation. thank u thank u thank u!!!" ... written by jaqueline
good" ... written by Deb
Having a conversation with her is like Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree and having multiple apples fall... Each rendering their own unique insight into how things work... Always a pleasure " ... written by uni4verse
As always the info I needed when I needed it! Perfect! " ... written by micheale
: )***A" ... written by lynsey
More please!" ... written by lynsey
Wonderful woman with great guidance and lots of hope! I couldn't recommend anyone better than this woman!" ... written by nclout
Lady M is really good and sweet and gives valuable information that helps guide me. " ... written by Michele
Thank you for the advice and insight. I'm glad I got to talk to you... it definitely helped ease my mind." ... written by Jocelyn
OMG! She confirmed a lot of answers that I knew in my heart. She is fantastic, accurate and very nice and honest. Highly recommend!" ... written by dabountychic119
Great reading, Bella, love our messages and life so far!! Thanks for everything!!" ... written by jillian5
Always good advice and gives me things to think about. Thanks Lady! ;)" ... written by Jaqueline
AWESOME reading! She is very good!" ... written by dabountychic119
She was great!" ... written by natalie
From the bottom of my heart I believe she is a wonderful lady, she is honest with your questions and gives you her opinion. I cried of joy because she told me exacly how I feel and what i was actually thinking." ... written by Mercedes
Super great, Very helpful. Wonderful connecting me to my grandparents and spirit guide." ... written by JaclynnD
I love her! She is very sweet and amazing! :) Read with her!" ... written by amazingcheer
Worth every penny! Always makes me feel better. Thanks for everything! Talk to you soon again!" ... written by aerie4
Very good! I can only recommend her! :)" ... written by RedOranGe04
As always very upfront, clear, and helpful. Such a good person and really wants to help. " ... written by Michele
I was very happy with my reading. I was happy to get that contact with my mom. Mirabella was very thorough and accurate and it was very heartfelt. My heart is feeling a little better than it was earlier today. Thank you Lady M!" ... written by Mandy Jean
Thanks Bella ... I appreciate all your advice .. I have become a different person through the last year with all your help .. I know you understand why I feel like I do and the challenges it brings and your advice always makes sense .. I have grown to become a stronger person.. Thank you so much !!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Awesome! Right on the dot with what we are talking about. I hope that the info regarding "Mr. Right" comes true next year. Until then I'll keep holding out hope." ... written by Angie
One word AWESOME!!!!" ... written by dabountychic119
I felt like we connected. Great reading! " ... written by Silentsong
She is very caring and was able to answer all of my questions. Even ones that I already knew the answers to. I highly recommend a reading from her. She is AWESOME!" ... written by dabountychic119
Quick answers andamp; she always know what i want... Thank you always!" ... written by olivia07
First time with her but i really like how she works. She is a friendly spirit." ... written by hadassah
Ahhhh!! Feel so much better..... Will call my buddy Vanessa and ease her mind too. Thanks Bella." ... written by jillian5
She doesn't use tarot cards and I love her readings. She predicted that I would be getting a raise on my new job and when I received my first pay-check it had a 5,000 annual increase on it. She is fantastic, accurate, she really cares and shows great compassion for people and is very honest. I wish I could give her 1 million stars because she is just that good! " ... written by dabountychic119
Love Her! She's bang on!" ... written by Kausalyaramani
I love her, she is clear, calm an a good reader." ... written by Lidia
Highly recommend her. She is very accurate and honest. Thanks for your help and understanding, Ladymirabella. Peace, light and blessing to you." ... written by dabountychic119
Thank you for your insight! I'll let you know what happens... But I have a very powerful feeling that it is going to happen, just the way we said it will!! Thank you!!" ... written by Tuck
Did my first spirit connection today and so happy I tried it. Always enjoy doing readings with Lady. #1 on Oranum in my book! " ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks I knew u would have an answer for me ... I have been thinking abt this for awhile .... will have to think hard abt what to say .. many thanks Bella as always!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Very honest and down to earth. So lovely to talk to." ... written by Lauren
Thanks for the pendulum reading!!" ... written by Jacqueline
Awesome as always..." ... written by Dreamspinner
Accurate, to the point and honest. Three reasons I keep coming back to ladyM. " ... written by Shirley
Very down to Earth and informative." ... written by Lisa
I love our readings Bella... what an incredible future ahead! You are going to be famous as one day I will fly you to Orange Coast for work and play for you. :) Thanks for being there for me. My Rock star with the big sunglasses!" ... written by jillian5
I love her! She's the best!" ... written by aerie4
So good and easy to talk to! Good information! I really love my weekly check in's! " ... written by Michele
Ladymirabella is such a warming, powerful, POSITIVE presence. She really does have a gift, and she is not afraid to share it. If there were one person I could recommend that really made me feel better, it is she! " ... written by Ken
Mira is the real deat! Fast accurate and very very empathetic and spiritual! Truly saves souls!" ... written by getmeright
A kind a gentle much to look forward to......" ... written by cuddles
Wow really great reading today! I keep giving Lady chills! lol Thanks as always, confirmed my gut feelings on something. Worth money to visit her!!" ... written by Jaqueline
Very sweet and good hearted ... honest and explained everything in great detail and picked up on details that were dead on without me explaining them!" ... written by sara
She really helped me and I am glad she did. " ... written by SKYLIGHTING
She must get tired of me, haha, because I keep coming back! But for good reason. Always gives me great advice and I learn a lot of spiritual world. " ... written by Jaqueline
Love love loved it... this is getting exciting... so perfect and new. And fun at the same time. Feeling blessed and lucky!" ... written by jillian5
Great reading Bella, as usual! Keep it up, you are blessed with a wonderful gift! Thanks again!" ... written by Coyqueen3
We are getting closer to the best person to ever come into my life. Interesting the qualities I have witnessed in him are the ones I see in myself every day. We both have felt the connection. That is special. :)" ... written by jillian5
I give ladymirabella 1000 stars! In her reading, she is very concise, organized and accurate. She makes it easy for you to understand." ... written by Ian
Thanks Bella, always good to chat. So many changes at work." ... written by jillian5
AWESOME follow up!" ... written by dabountychic119
Lady gave me clarity on a very difficult situation. I'm grateful and I can now make the right choice for myself. I appreciate her gifts" ... written by Christa
Wow. What an amazing reading. She was able to see and feel everything that I've been feeling and hoping for. Def worth the time. Thank you!" ... written by Kam Cornman
Wow, her guides just told her something that there is NOOOOOO way she would know! Amazing!!! Thanks again Lady :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Nice quick reading, great!" ... written by veezee
Excellent reading, so accurate. Felt at ease the moment in entered private with her. If I could award more, thank 5 stars I would :-) x" ... written by Mshelli
Such an experience, so glad we can connect and find the answers. Maybe we will have a meeting of the minds at the wall. Thanks Bella great reading as always" ... written by jillian5
Had an update on a previous situation. She was spot on to the day with her predictions before and I look forward to future predictions coming true!" ... written by sara
Thank you Lady M!! Once again, you've helped my heart find ease... You're the best! D~" ... written by Donna
I love her always helpful and so reassuring. Thanks, Ladymirabella!" ... written by Victoria
Very sincere and upfront accuracy." ... written by Lawrence
Thanks for the guidance, I also appreciate everything you do for me! " ... written by stephany8888
Her card readings are amazing. Each card reads right into my situation. I highly recommend trying a reading with Lady :)" ... written by jaqueline
I love my mother. She's so awesome. She connected with my birth mother and gave me messages. I love them both so much!" ... written by Tristan
Always always awesome!" ... written by Michele
I was impressed with LadyMirabella...she was very nice and to the point and didn't take up extra time. I'll be back!" ... written by Kari
Spot on. Very impressed will be seeing her again for sure" ... written by cloe
She made me feel better! Deff calm my nerves!" ... written by Antoinette
I really felt helped and thankful that I have chosen to do a private chat with ladymirabella. From the complexity of the problem, she has offered insight and things she is able to help with. Thank you." ... written by Herliana
I feel so much better thank you so much. I was concerned for my health and well being. I just need to be rescued by the King!" ... written by Jillian5
On point with what was going on. I'm hoping she's right and I can turn this around. I'll let you know." ... written by Melissa
Thank you for helping me andamp; my daughter who is still speechless with accuracy of our readings! Truely gifted." ... written by Marianthe
Thank you for the advice. :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Very good reading, in-depth." ... written by Soul2love
She is accurate!" ... written by Antoinette
Always the best to talk to. I always look forward to it. Thanks ladymirabella." ... written by aerie4
Once again, her words helped me regain some strength an balance at a time when I was wavering. I've been traveling through a very rough stretch in my life recently, and her reading and advice have made a positive difference for me." ... written by yimzid
She is the LOVE psychic! Her guides always know and give good advice. Thanks again. xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
She's good!!!" ... written by Emma Thomson
I will get through this journey. I will persevere ... I will not be challenged by the RED head! I will win!! :) Thanks Bella" ... written by jillian5
Great reader and adviser. Definitely recommends her!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She's good!" ... written by Emma Thomson
My angel on earth, Ladymirabella. She is always so honest, great sound advice. Very quick to connect, does not waste time with unnecessary chatter. She has been right on for the past 1.5 years for me. I love you ladymirabella. Blessings love and light." ... written by michelle
Thank you so much for always being right on about your predictions esp w timing... ur SPOT ON!! And also so honest andamp; caring too! You're a gem! Will be in touch!! xoxo" ... written by Bellaboo
So excited by bellas insight,... truly love her...will be back...." ... written by cuddles
LM is wonderful. So helpful and gives good information, guidance, and she genuinely cares about her clients. She is very worth a reading! Try'll see! " ... written by michele
Wonderful, gifted, up front, honest, wants to help and give good advice. She is very special and good at what she does!" ... written by michele
Great advice." ... written by erica
Thank you very much Bella. I feel better today the color is working and I got so much done emotionally and mentally. I will pray for all the good things to come in the next two months. Just need to get past this. " ... written by jillian5
Love you. Thank you" ... written by SonOfAngels
I would give her a try, if I were you." ... written by Darlyn
Thanks Mirabella. You are wonderful!:) " ... written by Tristan, Connor, Daniel, David
Love this reader." ... written by Emma Thomson
Thanks Lady, always a pleasure to talk to you and get things off my chest. Always feel better after speaking to you. oxoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Great reading.. she's fast and she put extra effort to double check everything. Thanks! " ... written by steph
She is great." ... written by islander2000
She is very accurate and straight to the point." ... written by Lawrence
Great reading. Very positive and accurate. " ... written by Jessica
Thank You Bella, you always make me feel better. I have had a rough few days. Got my egyptian goddess/God and my protection bubble. Such cool amour!! Deflecting negativity with my sword upon my mighty pogo stick ... I am going to bounce her to the moon." ... written by Jillian5
:)" ... written by Emma Thomson
It's always a pleasure speaking with Ladymirabella. She is a nice and honest lady. She has told me somethings that was confirmation for me. She is truly the real deal! I give a thousand stars!" ... written by dabountychic119
She was really nice helped a lot. Looked into lot of things answered everything fully. Was happy the way she did the private." ... written by bella
Amazing always on Point" ... written by jul
Thank you lady, always best!" ... written by jacqueline
WOW!! She was spot on about everything!! " ... written by Catharsis08
Thank you for the great advice!" ... written by jacqueline
Very kind and compassionate. Pulled my mom who passed into the reading and this was good for me and my dad. " ... written by sapphron
Very fast and accurate reader." ... written by Lila
Very supportive sweet and helpful woman. Gave me some direction about what to put aside and where to go. Thank you!" ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
Very straight forward and to the point. I liked her insight and advice a lot. On point with many things without her even asking questions. Thanks, Lady. I'll be back!" ... written by steph
thank u as always direct to the point reading and advices." ... written by olivia07
Awesome reading! :)" ... written by economics123
She was awesome, thank you, I appreciate it!" ... written by stephany8888
Tried a new reading with her and always surprised. She's a good friend and gives great advice. Thank you always Lady!" ... written by jaqueline
Always get a spirit confirmation during our sessions! So cool :) thanks again for the advice. xox" ... written by jaqueline
Great reading!" ... written by sara
Her readings and advice have been very helpful for me. She has assisted me in working my way through one of the lowest points in my life, and has helped me save a relationship that was on the verge of disintegration. Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by yimzid
thanks for the reading. Can't wait to find out what happens in a month . xox" ... written by jaqueline
Was good! " ... written by sunnyrepsol
Simply great, I loved it. Thanks a million!" ... written by zimerili1
New questions tonight. thank you :D" ... written by Jaqueline
We shall see on the outcome..... And I will give my opinion. but I really like Ladymirabella." ... written by sapphron
Very precarious situation .... we will keep on it, thanks Bella!" ... written by jillian5
Always a great experience, her readings are! She is a phenomenally gifted psychic and is right almost most times! Zillions of stars Mira ! Way to go!" ... written by getmeright
LM is so gifted and her spirit readings are amazing! She is a great reader! :-)" ... written by michele
Very nice reading and quick! Helpful, thanks!" ... written by brikenda
She's awesome when it comes to time frames. Nailed quite a few in the past for me and I'm hoping this next one pans out like the others:) Will keep u posted! Thank you!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by bellaboo
Lady Mirabella was able to connect with my dog who just died a few weeks ago. I have one dog still at home. Bella told me that my deceased dog's spirit would come back to visit my dog at home. It happened last night in exactly the way Bella said it would!. It was amazing!!!! Thank you so much Bella! :-)" ... written by rose423
Oh boy .... Thank you for the support and guidance through this trying time. I know God has a plan." ... written by jillian5
Very helpful, helped me prepare for whats to come and to get some outside knowledge and advice is great." ... written by david whittaker
Thanks Bella needed the good news ... I knew something would happen and soon. But although my cloudy days have been rough, it has only been two days. I was meant to be in a good space with good people. Please God let this be my perfect opportunity. I deserve it and Thanks you Bella for the great informational reading. Love the detail and advise." ... written by jillian5
Ladymirabella as always you are an Angel. You are so quick to connect, and Always Honest. Your sweetness, and Light bring hope to my life...Thank You for all your help." ... written by Michelle
Excellent." ... written by Sha
She is always honest and deeply insightful. Every reading is hugely reassuring since she is deeply compassionate! Several million stars Mira!" ... written by Getmeright
Needed more time because she was awesome!! she was able to give me the details and information I needed!! " ... written by Sheri19
Wow very accurate she gets the situation very fast!:)" ... written by marie5290
Excellent adviser, very intune and quick to my questions. I would highly recommend her. Thank you for your help." ... written by Regina
Her prediction came true again! That's why I always go see Lady! Thanks again :) xo" ... written by Jaqueline
She is always ever amazing what else can I say..." ... written by Lawrence
Right to the point! Great reading :)" ... written by cat29
Great reading, will be back!" ... written by penny
Pleasant. Perceptive. Bold. She did well for the odd request I put to her. Accurate card reading of recent past and current situation regarding the circumstance around my inquiry. Time will tell about the predictions. I like her, though price is high. I will see her again. Thank you ladymirabella." ... written by l
Very accurate confirmed all my fears as well as my hopes. She has given me the guidance to go on my own path. Highly recommended thank you." ... written by Linda
Nice reading. Very fast and delightful." ... written by iconnect
Will be back to see her! She's a person i can connect easily and comfortable and I simply Love her! Tysm Lady your wonderful as always." ... written by stephany8888
She was aweeeeeesome and wonderful! " ... written by Stephany8888
Great person...." ... written by islander2000
Soo kind don't waste time direct to the point! She is awesome!" ... written by olivia07
Thanks, interesting." ... written by S
Thanks so much! Really interesting!" ... written by rose423
She is absolutely fantastic.What a psychic! One of the fastest and most empathetic! You are where the stars are truly - an angel!" ... written by getmeright
Magical ... We are going to win this challenge ... I know it!!" ... written by jillian5
Thanks lady. The card reading was great! I'm always amazed at how they flow together. Talk to you soon." ... written by Jaqueline
Always a pleasure, so quick, so caring with solid good advice, I will return to her as I always do, highly recommend." ... written by leticia
Was drawn to talk with her. Lady was very clear and direct. No extra bits, just straight out facts. " ... written by Lauryn
LadyM is wonderful and up front, clear and easy to talk to. She gives such good and important information and helps guide you to your own solution. She's awesome!" ... written by michele
Thank You, I feel some relief, the waiting game is the hardest yet. I will land my dream job again. Thank you Bella." ... written by jillian5
Always on point amazing!" ... written by j
AMAZING READING ." ... written by PREETI
Fantastic!! So real about it. Didn't feel like I was a child or being lectured just soooo real. Super." ... written by Kimi
Fantastic reading... Thank you so much for helping me to understand where things are in my life. " ... written by Jessica
Thank you Lady you gave me hope and something to look forward too. I appreciate it! I'll come back to see you soon :)!" ... written by Stephany8888 aka Francis
Nice person - nice reading - really helped me a lot! I highly recommend her.. she has this very calming effect.. I loved that!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She`s great ty! Will be back :)" ... written by Stephany8888
Awesome Lady! Really like how she works and enjoyed talking to her. Explained situation clearly and accurate. Thank you so much LM!" ... written by found
The card reading was amazing! Not sure how each card falls into place like that but it was like telling a story. I certainly hope it comes true! lol Thanks again for a great reading Lady." ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
Thank you lady for everything! I'll be back soon :) You're wonderful has always!" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you for the advice Bella. It gave me a good perspective." ... written by rose423
I love reading with Lady, and her reading matched my dreams! It's always a surprise when I have readings with her. She is a must to go see on here! Thanks again Lady! xoxoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Gave me a lot of information in a short amount of time. Great reader of the cards and pendulum. I've had a lot of readings on Oranum and Lady Mirabella definitely impressed me. " ... written by A
Amazing as always. Knows exactly how to calm me down. :)" ... written by Shira
She was amazing! I felt that everything she spoke was very true and accurate. wonderful tools and great intuition of insight! I was able to connect and feel trusted taking her to private." ... written by Sheri19
Thank you so much for healing I really needed it and hope to have more healings with you in the future." ... written by babygurl657
Thank You ... Love the insight ~ good things will come I know" ... written by jillian5
I recommend her! So calm and easy to talk too." ... written by Antoinette
LM is so honest and up front and clear... She gives the info that is needed and helps guide you to our own solutions. She's great!" ... written by michele
Always on point with her timelines... Except when I goof up and mess them up. No one to blame but myself. She's so caring and sweet. Always lifts me up when I've made a boo boo. Absolutely one of my faves!!! TTYS!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by bellabooboo
great!" ... written by yvonne amstutz
She is amazing!" ... written by robinpena72
Was very straightforward and respectful. Showed good insight to my situation. Thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Excllent work. Dead on!" ... written by Julisu
She was not only helpful but so comforting. You can feel her compassion towards people and their situations whether it is wrong or right. She explains things well, like if some one didnt know much about this kind of thing she would be a great person to go to to help you understand. I know i got the right one this time :) " ... written by amber
Good reading! " ... written by moon1leo1
Good reading, Thanks for the confirmation of thoughts, you are amazing, hope everyone know!" ... written by jillian5
Very helpful." ... written by lauren rayner
Felt like she was very specific and gave time lines, was able to connect with my father." ... written by Isabel
Very thorough and detailed and great advice and always calming!! Thanks l, can't wait for things to unfold itself." ... written by shopgirl
We had a great spirit reading tonight and Lady confirmed some things I had forgotten about. I also learned about my spirit guides. Thank you always lady xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks for your help when I was feeling stuck, you really helped me move forward." ... written by Hanna
She is the real deal. It's been so long I have been waiting for something and she still sees the same for me. Just have to wait" ... written by cg4
Fantastic reading will definitely be back for more!" ... written by Emma
Thank you lady my angel of light and hugs to you." ... written by stephany8888
Always a pleasure! :)" ... written by Shira
There is a reason I keep coming back, because she is the real deal! Thanks again Lady." ... written by Jaqueline
Fabulous." ... written by paul
Very good thank you" ... written by Niamh
Ty Lady I appreciate everything you've done!" ... written by Stephany8888
Accurate " ... written by Jamisha
Amazing reading! Very specific and with timeline. Will wait for it to come to pass." ... written by Aisha
One of the best readings! Felt like I was getting advice from my big sister. Thank you lady xox" ... written by jaqueline
She is really an amazing reader. I love the pendulum and accuracy. fast thorough and professional :))" ... written by Angel
She's wonderful has always! Thank you for everything :)" ... written by stephany8888
Very good :) Lovely person to talk to" ... written by gabby
LM is so kind and caring when she gives information - even news that may not be what you wanted to hear is delivered kindly and with good intentions. Her spirit readings are wonderful and she is very gifted. You won't regret a reading with her." ... written by Michele
Amazing how things change. Thanks as always!" ... written by Jacqueline
Lady is peacefully amazing. Very calm in her delivery and extremely fast and accurate. Appreciate how thorough she is too. Thanks Lady 5 stars :)" ... written by Lauryn
fabulous reading" ... written by Jennifer
She was really well spoken and sweet.. She made me feel like I could open up" ... written by shevonne
Good. Fast" ... written by nidia
good and in detail reading" ... written by arl
Always great" ... written by Lawrence
Once again...outstanding reading and advice. Every time I go in feeling unsettled and unsure, her words provide the calming influence I need. Thank you so much!" ... written by yimzid
Very strong connection. She knew about other things going on." ... written by lilypalm
A fantastic and incredibly intuitive woman, I asked a reading in regards to my future, and she has given me so much more, she was absolutely right about a person in my life, how I was feeling and my general state of mind. She will read you with pin point accuracy and give you the clarity that you need. Thank you so much for giving me peace mirabella, I will be back." ... written by A
Thank you Sweet Lady! You're the best! xoxox" ... written by stephany8888
LadyM is always spot on with her readings. I value her natural ability for making predictions with honesty and accuracy. " ... written by Shirley
Very good, I felt she knew what I was inquiring about =) would speak to her again" ... written by Helen
I have been reading with Lady for over a year because she is pretty dead on with her readings. I feel better getting advice from her :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Awesome follow up reading. She answered a lot of questions that I had and confirmed some things that I already knew." ... written by dabountychic119
Amazing woman.... Amazing reading :)" ... written by Mark
Thank you Lady Bella, so glad we talked .... " ... written by jillian5
Thank you, you were helpful and I hope it all works. I'm so lost." ... written by torrie
Thanks for the insight. You basically confirmed what I suspected. Thanks so much." ... written by rose423
Love that pendulum! Thanks again. :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Good reading!" ... written by nina
very very good." ... written by oliviasabrina
Fantastic yet again, love what you have answered." ... written by Dannii
ladymirabella is wonderful. she has such beautiful energy and i feel that she really connected with me on every level. definitely recommended! :)" ... written by elizabeth
Great talking with Ladymirabella." ... written by Jackie
She was wonderful has always. Thank you! " ... written by stephany8888
Very positive, and nice!! Thank You for the talk!" ... written by Pritilov
AWESOME!" ... written by Goin
Confirmed many things tonight! Thank you. :)" ... written by jaqueline
OH my god she is awesome I will be back to visit for another reading in a few weeks. " ... written by Danielle
great channel communicator" ... written by RB
Once again fabulous reading! So glad good things on the horizon and justice being served! All is good in the land of knowing!! I am excited! Thank you Bella ... always amazing!" ... written by jillian5
Was wonderful, clarified an issue that I needed verification with. Will get another reading from again in the future. " ... written by Angel
Thank you Sweet lady! LOve LOVe love her! Talk to you soon :)" ... written by Stephany888
great reading, thank you very much, great." ... written by zimerili1
She was awesome, has always, thank you!" ... written by Stephany8888
Mira is as usual fast and completely clued in and empathetic.......Multiple stars all the way to this great lady!!" ... written by getmeright
Everything is turning out like she mentioned! Thanks lady :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Super reading." ... written by artemisia1975
Thank you so much! I appreciate you. :)" ... written by stephany8888
Good, concise and in an orderly fashion. " ... written by Lawrence
Thank you Lady For the light at the end of the tunnel :)" ... written by ocala
Thanks my sweet lady!! I hope he would make his mind and just contact me :P Thank you so much loves ya! " ... written by stephany8888
Very accurate and satisfying. I've always looked more to what I want to hear, instead of being told what I need to be. Great session." ... written by Bryant
Thank you for the advice Lady. :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Very accurate." ... written by sadhana
GREEEAT!" ... written by Lawrence
Good reading! But I think I would like to have some kind of advises to know what I can do or what could be best for me." ... written by Maria Elena
Great!" ... written by tarsha
I have been soul searching for a long time and it seems as though I finally found the answers. Ladymirabella knew about my career path without me saying a word. She also told me things about myself and my relationship that were a positive surprise. She is a true spiritual intuitive and an extremely accurate reader. I will be contacting ladymirabella for my future readings. Thank you so very much for your help!" ... written by Terry
Didn't get very much time. But she was good at what she does." ... written by debbie
Thank you, you're wonderful. *hugs*" ... written by Stephany888
ALWAYS ACCURATE!!! Great guidance!!! Great Advice!! Love her!!!" ... written by bellabooboo
Very sweet and is very concerned about the time that we spend since we are paying per minute...." ... written by islander2000
Lovely lady and I hope what she says is going to manifest :)" ... written by Elle
Detailed insightful read with time-frames." ... written by sk
Your wonderful has ever! Thank you for being there :)" ... written by Stephany8888
Just wanted to mention a confirmation from a previous session I had with Lady that it in deed came true! It's a mazing how she knows things. Thanks Lady :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you for the update your wonderful as always." ... written by stephany8888
She's Great. Fantastic and fast. Detailed and genuine. No bull or fluff. :)" ... written by Angelvisions
Nice confirmation! Wonderful as always!! xoxo" ... written by bellaboo
Thanks my angel of light are so awesome!" ... written by stephany8888
She was good." ... written by Pbutterfly37
Thank you Bella, will digest the new news and see what happens, life such a journey. I will stay positive. You are great!" ... written by jillain5
Thanks lady, always a pleasure to see you." ... written by Jaqueline
I am always sceptical, but she was very insightful and helpful, very encouraging." ... written by Mary
Thanks Lady your like a fresh of breath air! love! xoox" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you for your confirmation!!! I know what I need to do and boy did you confirm tonight. Now...about the last thing we spoke about...that SO does not sound like my style but hey...anything can happen ;) THANK YOU!" ... written by bellabooboo
Thank you for the confirmations, Lady. Always feel like I'm talking to my big sister :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Once again thank you so much, Ladymirabell,a you have answered some questions I had such a inspirational person lots of knowledge I now know what I must do. I will continue to comeback and see u" ... written by Danielle
Thanks for talking and guiding me through these yas!" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you for the advice. You seem to have his character down! aha :D" ... written by jacqueline
Very good reading." ... written by Rene067
Helped me alot. Very impressed with my reading. Thank you." ... written by April
Thanks again for everything lady xoxox love." ... written by Stephany8888
PERFECT! It was exactly what I needed. " ... written by ---DANI23
Sweetest and very Caring lady! She is so lovable and I'm so glad I have her in my life xoxo thank you for all you do!" ... written by Stephany8888
Amazing." ... written by Mark
This afternoon, I was looking for someone to talk and share with in order to confirm that I was on the right path and LadyMirabella was perfect for that today. She identified exactly what has been going on and confirmed what I've been thinking about through the use of her cards and pendulum. Thank you Mirabella for the kind words and prayer. Hopefully this will settle my stress for a little while." ... written by Jettagirl09
Excellent reading!! I really liked that she used several ways to connect with the energies and Spirit. Honest, straightforward and fast." ... written by SoulDesire1
Really accurate and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by AceOfCupss
Wonderful reading! Detailed, moving, honest and caring as well. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Thanks for the reading Lady. Your card reading gave me an idea of what is happening and that helps me make decisions when I start to lose hope or patience. I understand things can change cause everyone has free will. So we'll see... :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Oh my Bella, I closed my eyes to pray with you and when I opened them, tears were falling like puddles. It was an emotional moment from God I know. He is listening ... I feel blessed by God and you. Thank you!" ... written by jillian5
Very nice, has calm aura about her and gave me hope on the things. Would recommend." ... written by Anna
The best!" ... written by Jaqueline
Awesome!" ... written by belle
Love her, she was right on about everything just now. " ... written by Willow
Beautiful lady and I would highly recommend xoxo" ... written by Ann Maree
Great advise, great reading." ... written by Marco Navarro
LM is a gifted reader. You won't regret it. She gives good and valuable information. Up front and delivers the information with kindness. " ... written by michele
Always helps me feel better about my concerns and gives right advice, even if its something I don't want to hear, lol. Thanks Lady. xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks for all you do...I appreciate you more then you know! xxoxo" ... written by Stephany8888
LM is so gifted and easy to talk to. Her spirit readings are awesome. She is very gifted. :-) " ... written by michele
Lady M as always you are so true and good you speak from the heart and have and are helping me so much through my time. Thank you ever so much I will be back again soon " ... written by Danielle
I really like her...wish i had more time" ... written by kingdread
Thanks lady for all you do! You're truly an angel! xoxox love ya" ... written by stephany8888
Great reading, thank you for the guidance." ... written by Neyda
Wonderful Bella so gorgeous and true..will always tell u how it is and the best way for your own good...." ... written by cuddles
Seemed a good reading :) Wise and right on my present situation without asking much, I recommend her." ... written by Ana
She was awesome." ... written by veronica
Quick and straight answers. Confirmed her timeline today. Always a pleasure speaking with Lady. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Lovely lady and a great reading" ... written by ellewilla
great reading!! super in depth and reassured everything that has happened!! thank you!! " ... written by vine
Very good reading. Precision, quick and very accurate!" ... written by ROXANN
Amazing" ... written by harlem
Great reading" ... written by jerel
Was honest, straightforward, very detailed into situation, believe in what she told me." ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks Bella new developments that is for sure!!! Let's see where this goes. All good!!" ... written by jillian5
Lady M is awesome I so love her work she is helping me big time thank you from the bottom of my heart " ... written by Danielle
Thank you for the advice, it pretty much was what I felt in my heart to do. xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Her card reading was amazing! It knew exactly my situation and gave me the advice that I needed to hear, not what I want to hear. Thank you always Lady xo." ... written by Jaqueline
Love love loved what she had to say, she made me feel at ease because I was feeling pretty sad and anxious." ... written by Suz
Great reading!" ... written by harlem04
Excellent as usual... Thank you!" ... written by Stillhot
Thank you for the healing and prayers! Love you" ... written by Stephany8888
You should definitely have a reading with her! 5*****" ... written by Andy
I highly recommend her! " ... written by Max
Amazing!" ... written by Cre8withLove
Always nice talking with you bella. Thanks. :-)" ... written by rose423
She's great has helped me a lot, reliving worry and supporting in a difficult situation I'm having. Would recommend her to others she's very helpful." ... written by pinkpather30
Really neat read! " ... written by Virgo
Thanks for the card help :) xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Five stars all the way. She is too fantastic! Very very perceptive and accurate. Hurrah for you Mira!" ... written by gemeright
I am excited about JFI, let's hope it is my ticket to the sky again. I feel good about it. :) Shall be patient and keep all energies positively open. YaY!" ... written by jillian5
I understand completely and I need to let go." ... written by Allison
AMAZING. My hopes are high. I can't wait." ... written by Allison
Thanks lady your always there to guide me and help me through the tough times." ... written by stephany8888
Thanks again!" ... written by stephany8888
I is always a pleasure to talk to her! Recommended!" ... written by Amy1988
I like her very much. Had lots of good insights. Highly recommend her. She listens and tells you what she sees! Look forward to talking again with her soon." ... written by Diane
Needed some questions answered and hoping they are true!! Thanks cause it helped me feel better getting the answers. xox" ... written by Jaqueline
She's great, like always thank you." ... written by karla
Good update, thank you!" ... written by vine
Ran out of funds! I had to come back and speak to Mirabella she is such a doll. I returned after a reading I had with her on the sixth of August, remembered me and my situation and everything,and everything she told me before came to pass exactly as she said it would and exactly within the time frame she gave me. Also gave me some awesome insight into my situation, including some issues that I need to work on. You want the truth, go to her, she will give it to you like it is. I will take your advice love and do take care, I will let you know what happens around this Sunday :)" ... written by Latraviesa
Brought me messages from the angels, and helped me to see the path before me clearly " ... written by vvd450
AMAZING" ... written by Allison
Wow a great reading gave me a lot f insight on things I sort of knew about 5+ stars and more she is good with what she does" ... written by Ann
Lady can pick up anything! I am truly grateful for all her advice. She is very knowledgeable about spirits and she tells you things straight, without sugar-coating. Thanks again! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Wow a huge 5+ stars for lady m she is so good with her answers I always enjoy my readings and it gives me some strength to move on" ... written by Danielle
Lady mirabella is wonderful 5 stars for her!!! She just give such great readings" ... written by patty
My Lady is always excellent, clear and calming and that's something I sorely need lately. She helped me talk to my mom who has passed and who I miss very much. Thank you." ... written by Lucidity954
She was very good and very kind. I hope things come out OK." ... written by lucidity954
Spot on! Amazing" ... written by Holly
So happy i finally got through to her. She's an incredibly smart woman, and her amazing energy is such a solid foundation for a genuine and completely accurate reading. Goes without saying that she is just spot on. Great advise and highly useful advise! THANK YOU " ... written by ALD
Very very helpful and has truly enlightened me on many things" ... written by vvd450
Gah! Ran out of time. But it was a very good reading. As usual. " ... written by Kiesha
Ladymirabella, you have been helping me for almost 2 years now. I trust in what you say. You have never let me down. Even thins I did not want to hear, but had to hear you were honest, and it was all true. Thank you for the years of guidance, honesty, and truth. You are truly blessed by the Divine. Blessings, Love, and Light...Michelle" ... written by michelle
Lovely lady, great reading." ... written by irene
Very good reading, We'll see what happens. I'll stay positive. Blessings." ... written by Fall
Great reading! I needed that! She was wonderful! I would definitely recommend her :-)" ... written by SmileyT
Thank You BELLA. Always great to connect with you." ... written by jillian5
Gave me chills! In a good way!" ... written by Kiesha
Very gifted reader! Always, gives the right advice and does not sugar coat. Has been dead on so many things thru out these years. Thanks Lady xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is always awesome and up front and clear .... great advice!" ... written by michele
Very sweet. Amazing!" ... written by erica
She was wonderful and spot on, loved her reading and a worthwhile reading, very fast, looking forward to see predictions come to pass, lots of love..." ... written by laila
This Lady knows her stuff! Sweet and quick to answer all your questions. xox" ... written by Jacqueline
She seemed very welcoming and genuine. I will see how things pan out." ... written by tino
Mira is fast and accurate and she is heartwarmingly empathetic. Feel hugely relieved after a reading with her. A zillion stars to you Mira." ... written by getmeright
Perfect reading! :)" ... written by Aryastark
Thanks again so much, I really appreciate your help." ... written by Aryastark
She is wonderful!! True psychic!" ... written by Alla
Lady Mirabella is beautiful and very kind, like a mother, a sister and best friend and I love her for that! " ... written by Alla
Connected quickly. positive news but we will see how it goes. will certainly come back." ... written by tilthe
Did an interesting past life reading! Will have to come back and get more information. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
All I can say is wow!" ... written by Matt
Lady is very gifted and give great advice. Always gives me the wake up call I need, thanks! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you for the update. " ... written by islander2000
5+ stars again so spot on information helped me a lot today with some closure. Will be back as Lady M is my favourite." ... written by Danielle
Very good reading! Highly recommended! Thank you!" ... written by aurelia
Thank you always good and great and fun as always and too the point right on. Love it" ... written by jillian5
Wonderful as always." ... written by stillhot
Helped me to make sound decision, in a hard situation for myself." ... written by pinkpather30
Great update. Quickly picked up on the current obstacles and what needs to" ... written by Seeker1200
Thanks again for clearing things up for me. I guess we'll see tomorrow or in next few days what' happens. sigh.... xox" ... written by jaqueline
excellent." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Thanks for the reading, love that it's always quick and to the point! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great!!! thank you! very insightful!" ... written by kat
Good but my reading was not finished... I want ladymirabella to finish my reading... she is bud!" ... written by chantal01
Excellent!" ... written by Patricia
Mira, feel relieved after the reading. Gained so much confidence and clarity. You are simply amazing miracle lady. And so compassionate. Most fabulous psychic on Oranum. I am waiting for all the things to happen... bless you dear!" ... written by getmeright
Thank you lady for easing my thoughts and confirming what in my heart I already know. Thank you for the advice. xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Lady Mirabella is amazing. She connects so quickly and has a beautiful energy. She answers all your questions and concerns and makes you feel so calm and relaxed. I definitely recommend her!!! 5 stars." ... written by elizabeth
Wonderful person. Lovely woman. The best. " ... written by Tristan
Awesome person to talk too! " ... written by Amber
Great valadation on her predictions for this month. Thanks Lady!" ... written by jaqueline
She is awesome right to the point. Love her." ... written by Patricia Kendall
As always she gave a awesome reading!!! Always accurate!!" ... written by Patty
Thanks so much. Everything you said makes total sense and I will try everything you recommended. It was really nice to be able to walk away from the reading with knowledge I can actually use and apply in my life. I appreciate it!" ... written by Lyn
Thanks I appreciate everything /hugs." ... written by stephany8888
I felt LadyMirabella was very genuine and I enjoyed my reading with her. Thanks again LadyMirabella." ... written by Maria
Cool." ... written by kye2210
Wow Once again Thanks Lady M truly truly gifted and always there for me I really like our chats in private so much closure is happening for me I can now move on XOXOXO 5+ Stars and more!" ... written by Danielle
Great soul ; felt connected right away..Whatever she told me was spot on." ... written by Bobbin
She is really helpful and gives great advice. Helps me feel so much better." ... written by Ana
Always a lady and always insightful, beautiful and honest." ... written by absolute311
She was great I really liked our reading. :) I felt the connection. " ... written by Ana
Life changing! Very accurate and informative!" ... written by Ashley
Accurate! Her gifts are straight from source, thank you!!! " ... written by Tabitha
Just interpreted my dream and now it makes total sense! I have been seeing Lady for few years now and very interesting how she figured out the dream in regards to my issues. Because I couldn't figure it out, haha. Thanks Lady. :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Great." ... written by tammy
Great advice and felt the connection she is really helpful and great, i truly recommend her. Thanks for everything Ladymirabella! " ... written by Ana
5 STARS!!!" ... written by DreamGirl
Thanks I appreciate it Lady for all you do to help me and others with your wonderful gifts" ... written by stephany8888
She was very accurate and on point, loved her advice. It went well and I am finally at peace with my situation. I will be in contact for any future readings. " ... written by Shardae
GREAT reading!" ... written by Morgan
Very understanding, helpful and reassuring with dream interpretation. Recommended." ... written by Martkos
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Great spirit connections! She confirmed something I had a hunch on. Thanks lady. xo" ... written by jacqueline
As always a great insight and advise!!! She is awesome!!" ... written by patty
Mira says it like it is! And yet, there is always a positive note..there is always plenty of silver lining. And I find every reading and chat an immense solace... Multiple stars to Lady Mirabella, the miracle lady!" ... written by getmeright
Lady is the best! She always interprets the cards as she sees it. Thanks again. :D" ... written by Jacqueline
GREAT TALK HOPE IT COMEW TRU4" ... written by tammye44
Loved it!!" ... written by maria venessa mariven07
Thank you, and I will keep you updated :)" ... written by Satu
She is great!" ... written by Dawn Battiste Walker
Great reading. She has helped me a lot in my process. Definitely a very wise as a psychic and as a human being. Thank you so much for all your support . :) " ... written by Ana
Thanks for the insight your wonderful :)" ... written by stephany8888
Appreciate your accuracy and making the best of my time" ... written by jaqline
I love readings with Bella! She's knows soooo much, hahaha. I wish I had her talent!! xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing i just really trust her after her advices have work for me and what she has said in the past have come to pass. :) best psychic in Oranum " ... written by Ana
Awesome reading." ... written by elvis
Thanks lady your so wonderful inside and out. I am so honor to have met you and glad I can talk to you." ... written by Stephany8888
I love you! You are the best! Very intuative and the fastest reader I know who doesn't waste time in readings. I would highly recommend you to everyone that reads this. Thank you so much!" ... written by aknative
LOVE!!" ... written by Jennifer
Amazing I feel she is great always connects so well! " ... written by Ana
Loved her! Was very helpful and answered a ton of my questions! Can't wait to be able to get in a private chat with her again!" ... written by Angela
Thanks Bella the journey is just beginning. I will remain strong and persevere. " ... written by jillian5
Thanks." ... written by luvu
Thank you once again! If anyone is reading this, I highly recommend her!" ... written by aknative
She is amazing, just amazing. You would be thrilled with how much she knows! Not just about your situation but her knowledge in general. I would recommend her to everyone." ... written by Ana
REALLY GREAT!!! CLEAR and Straight!! Honest!!" ... written by janee120
Very Accurate! Definitely recommended!" ... written by A
Very reassuring, doesn't waste time and very empathetic!" ... written by irene
Wow! Just wow! amazing update. She is accurate, fast and precise. Remembered a lot about our last reading even though it has been quite a while and continued with more good news and info. She and Spirit gave me the most surprising and bold advice and guidance. I can't wait to implement it and return and share the great news after it manifests! She is a sweetheart - I highly recommended her!" ... written by Seeker1200
It was tough giving her 5 stars because she did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but she told me what I needed to hear, and what I know in my heart is the truth. Very intuitive. Excellent reader. " ... written by Heather
Always a glad to have a reading from you! Thank you so much again! If anyone is interested in getting a reading, I would highly recommend her. She is very honest and insightful!" ... written by aknative
Thanks for all you do for me and other are truly a gift " ... written by stephany8888
Very patient, very kind------gentle" ... written by Krishna
Oh gosh, she helps me a lot all the times. Helps me understand so many things and I can talk to her about a lot of stuff I cant talk to other people. Thanks!!!" ... written by Ana
Always honest and up front - picks up things right away." ... written by michele
She is amazing, just amazing! :) I really enjoy our readings. Helps so much. She has helped me so much. She is the real deal in oranum. " ... written by Ana
Mira is always clear and accurate! Can't wait to see matters unfold..." ... written by getmeright
Wow! 5 stars!" ... written by unknown
Very nice. Such a lovely person! Patient reading." ... written by Krishna
OUT OF MY MIND. TOTALLY ACCURATE!" ... written by Ashley
Thanks Lady, you are always wonderful and caring. Your readings are delightful and insightful." ... written by stephany8888
Lovely lady, just asked my name and seemed to know everything. Very accurate and extremely gifted. Thank you." ... written by Jewel
Accurate and positive." ... written by coraline
She's great... Accurate and fast. Thanks Lady! :)" ... written by Angelvisions
Thanks for always be there when I need to clear some confusion in my life! Your such an angel and im bless to have you in my life. " ... written by stephany8888
I feel very good with her. She's warm. Very sweet. I believe in her." ... written by Cindy Marie
Mira is an angel who just helps and helps all the time. Neer hesitates to reach out and help and one invariably feels better after a chat, be it a general chat or a reading. Thanks a million miracle lady for the loveliest connect!" ... written by getmeright
Wonderful accuracy!" ... written by Krishna
She is very accurate and clear. Recommended. " ... written by Jeffrey
Loved her, she was on point as always..." ... written by Shardae
GOOD!" ... written by Alicia
Lady is great to get quick answers! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
5 STARS!" ... written by buttercup
Thank You Ladymirabella, I love our updates, readings and the peace of mind it gives me. I am being patient and God is watching. And I am still tossing the cheesecake out!" ... written by jillan5
My dear, I depend on you so much when it comes to real facts..! Thank you" ... written by jaqline
You are so sincere and sweet..I'm glad to have you in my life for guidance and wisdom. Thank you" ... written by stephany8888
What she said made a lot of sense. She is good and gives good advice. She helped me a lot looking at all the possibilities. I recommend :) " ... written by Ana
Thank you, bless you" ... written by Sarah
As always Lady M was great all ways there to help answers all questions I have thank you so much xoxoxo 5+++++ stars from me" ... written by Danielle
She is great :) her updates really help me out " ... written by Ana
So great, her energy and sincerity and clarity is incredible!!! Thank you" ... written by janee120
She is great, amazing advice :) No sugar coat, has helped a lot." ... written by Ana
Excellent :) Nice catching up with you!" ... written by Shira
Beautiful reading, lovely. I really appreciate your help and sincere wisdom and connecting with loved ones to help guide me. You truly are amazing at what you do. 50000000 million stars :)" ... written by Sarah
As I said before she helps me feel better and see things in another perspective. :)" ... written by Ana
She has helped me so much she is worth it! Give her a try! :)" ... written by Ana
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Cosmo
5 stars :)" ... written by Ana
She was amazing! I feel very much healed, and feel she had a great connection with me and my late husband. I highly recommend her! Thank you ladymirabella for helping me!" ... written by Princess_Chi
Thanks Lady. You are truly one of my favorite angels. You are truly amazing with your gift and anyone would be bless to have you in their life or a reading. " ... written by stephany8888
She is great, worth every penny." ... written by susan
Very helpful. So honest and very insightful. Thank you again. Light and Blessings." ... written by Terrance
Very accurate, very kind, straightforward and incredibly helpful." ... written by Amaya
Thanks lady, you are so wonderful. I always go for updates cause I connect to her in so many levels! Thanks for everything." ... written by stephany8888
great great great :) " ... written by Ana
Thank You Bella! So need these predictions to happen, and I do dream that she goes to the M company. And I do hope I am in the Paul world by March and working back at the job I love. Please God let it be so!!!!!" ... written by jillian5
Thanks Lady for teaching me the ways of certain things" ... written by stephany8888
She is the real deal here. ;) Very patient with me and straightforward. " ... written by Ana
Thank you lady! Great reading" ... written by sarah
Very quick with answeres, great reading." ... written by nat
Great card reading with Lady, always makes lots of sense. Her pendulum always clears up and answers. thanks xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is excellent, I feel comfortable with her." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Love her, nothing but the truth!" ... written by unknown
wow shes awesome, love her so accurate, honest and no sugar coating..merry christmas..:)" ... written by newh
So good to see you again.. and catch up xxx" ... written by Mahi01
Great reading, very helpful for my current situation" ... written by samantha
Thanks for the dream interpretation. xox" ... written by jacqueline
She was good, i am anxious to see if what she predicted is true." ... written by bri
She is awesome! Definitely recommend!" ... written by BP
Spot on, ladymirabella is heaven sent. Thank you" ... written by Jewel
Excellent reading. Amazing lady to speak with. Thank you for your wonderful insight." ... written by Cindy
We thank you for the help." ... written by jaqline/ sara
Was real, fast and to point!" ... written by Angela
Informative, interesting, loving life eternally! Thanks for the advice." ... written by Sarah
5 STARS! " ... written by unknown
She is a good reader. her readings are the best. :). accurate and understanding. " ... written by Dreamermidnight
2nd reading with her. I love her, she is amazing and connects very well with spirit." ... written by niki
It's the new me, the new years resolution!" ... written by Sarah
She is amazing! Her predictions keep on coming true." ... written by susan
The best! Right on target!!" ... written by melpat
Thanks Lady your so wonderful has always..I love updates with you!" ... written by stephany8888
As always up front, honest, clear and very caring with how information is delivered. LM is great!" ... written by michele
Awesome reading!!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Thanks for the wonderful reading your always great for an update and a warm chat! Happy new years and talk to you next year :)" ... written by stephany8888
Mirabella has followed up and looks like her predictions are coming through as stated originally. Keeping positive!!!!" ... written by Pete
Made me feel a lot better." ... written by Kiesha
Thank you for your sweet caring guidance and accurate reading...I love your updates " ... written by stephany888
awesome!" ... written by crystalrbleu
I have a really strong connection with her. She is very smart, logical, caring and talented at what she does." ... written by niki
Mira, you fill me with positive energy. Can't wait to write that your predictions have come true." ... written by getmeright
Thank you Lady your so wonderful and so sweet. I simply love ya!" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you for the guidance. God bless you." ... written by ladymirabella
I always come to her. She's great!!" ... written by blisskiss
She is one of the best on here. She really connects with you and I always feel at ease when I talk to her. Thank you!!" ... written by Susan
Good reading as always. Fast and to the point." ... written by tilthe
Thank you Bella, I need this start to new year to be in the right direction. Appears the cards are transforming for the better." ... written by jillian5
Update reading, was verifying my thoughts. Right on target." ... written by Pete
Great!" ... written by Debbie
Thank you!" ... written by sarah
Was accurate with my situation and helped make things clear for me. Thank you. :)" ... written by Jennifer
As always Lady M was awesome, always helps and gives great advice, I love going to my private chats with her. 5+++ stars and more, thanks Lady M. xox" ... written by Danielle
Love her!! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by love
Thanks lady, love the person you are by helping people and you are a kind person! anyone that has helped form you are blessed." ... written by stephany8888
Very good." ... written by Ny
thank you for the connection xx " ... written by mahi
This is my third reading with her. I really like her energy, sweet and genuine. She is accurate! " ... written by Colleen
Really Love her!" ... written by Colleen
Great and quick answers to my questions. Thanks for your help! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Very, very astute and accurate! She never minces words and yet, a reading with Lady Mirabella clears the mind one hell of a lot! Thanks Mira, a zillion stars to you! You are the very best friend anyone can have!" ... written by getmeright
As always she is very good. I will always go back to her, never disappointed." ... written by Susan
Wonderful reading, very kind and positive. Great reading." ... written by Elizabeth
Excellent" ... written by Steve
She has come through on many predictions. Every reading is consistent and she always knows how to calm me and point me in the right direction." ... written by Susan/Sara
Good one..." ... written by pavan
great advise...." ... written by islander2000
Like her she's kind and gentle very helpful!" ... written by joachar7
Great woman. Amazing. I always come to her when I need help. Her energy and mine we just match. It's like we've known each other our whole lives and in our past lives. She's just wonderful." ... written by SonOfAngels
She is my favorite! She is quick, honest and genuine!" ... written by Colleen
Thanks for the advice!" ... written by d2k1000
Very great reading... She has follow through with some of her predictions in the past... Very straightforward. thank you!" ... written by vine
Awesome read!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Super!" ... written by Balazs
Wow very interesting reading! Lady's cards always seem to flow with what is going on in my life. She is a great person, honest and truly looks out for you. I can tell she cares a lot. One of my favorites on here! Thanks Lady xo" ... written by Jacqueline
LM is a wonderful person. She is caring and delivers the information truthfully the way she see's it. I've had readings with LM for a long time and will continue to do so. I always feel better prepared for what may come and know that I have free will and choice to change the path I'm on at any time with the information she gives as a guide. :-) You won't regret a reading with LM. " ... written by michele
Great Job." ... written by Alma
Always up front and to the point. clear and concise. :-) " ... written by michele
Thanks Lady your such a sweetheart and I love the way you connect to me! Ill be back always :)" ... written by stephany8888
5 STARS!!! LOVE HER!!!! " ... written by luv
really helpful beautiful women. with a great gift" ... written by niki
She was right again! Needed to let her know about a confirmation and updates. Gave me great advice, although sometimes hard, haha. Thanks again hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great follow up and clarity added to the situation. Mirabella is excellent!" ... written by Pete
Was so great to connect with LM. She always is always so positive and honest. She is able to connect and tell me things to know that she is genuine. She has come through on many predictions and timelines." ... written by Susan/Sara
Thank You Ladymirabella ... shall be looking forward to the next adventure. And will also think about what we talked about re: other issues. And yes, everyone take LadyMirabella private ~ you will never know the truth unless you come on in." ... written by jillian5
on the spot..her predictions came to pass " ... written by intuitive
Thank yoou" ... written by sarah
always a pleasure!!! thank you" ... written by vineir
very good" ... written by luckyanna
She really helped me feel better about my relationship. My unsureness was settled by her expertise. She did a reading for me and really helped me see things the right way." ... written by Meghan
Great Follow-up, good news =)" ... written by Pete
She is so sweet and always picks up on things to validate what she says. Great as always." ... written by Susan
I love Lady M.... One of my favorite. She is so calming and I love how quickly she connects. She is awesome!" ... written by Colleen
Thanks lady, you're the sweetest and a wonderful person! :)" ... written by stephany8888
Thanks, I appreciate it! :) You're a sweetheart!" ... written by stephany8888
thank you so much" ... written by maria
always the best xx" ... written by intuitive
Love her, 5 stars!" ... written by butterfliy
Excellent, on the nose and excellent advice." ... written by Patrica
She is good." ... written by Dominique
Thank you I appreciate everything you've done for me :)" ... written by stephany8888
Very good reading, very nice lady." ... written by brownie
It is incredible how you have this immense positive energy that just helps me tide over every crisis...." ... written by getmeright
Thank you so much, like her reading, hope what she said will come to pass. GOD bless her ,,,love you xxxx" ... written by jazzmeena
Thanks again for the great reading!" ... written by Brownie
I am very happy because I was answered a question that I've always wanted to know. Thank you, Lady." ... written by Al
Amazing." ... written by luckyanna
I thought she was great. Eased up a lot of suppressed emotions about some loved ones I've lost and gave some good advice as well. Excellent reading." ... written by David G.
LM is a great reader...her spirit messages are awesome..she is very caring and up front. She will tell you what you see and helop guide you to your own solutions....." ... written by Michele
She is one of the best. She picks up on things and is very honest. Her timelines are very accurate and she always comes through on her predictions." ... written by Susan/Sara
great reading" ... written by apple
Love this woman." ... written by mahi
I've been coming to her for advice quite a few times now and she has a great calming energy. Love talking to Lady =)" ... written by BP
Amazing woman! Please contact her for healing" ... written by SYLVIA ZUK
LM is honest and up front. She cares very much about her clients and the relationship she has with them. She will tell you what she see's and help you come to your own solutions. She is really a very good reader and a lovely person. :-)" ... written by Michele
She was great she sees things with so much clarity its amazing! :) Has helped me a lot! " ... written by Ana
Great reader really enjoyed the reading very on point." ... written by Kayla
Very nice and honest. Would recommend." ... written by Tamberlyn1969
LM is so sincere and up front and caring. She delivers information as she sees to help guide your to your own solutions. She's thoughtful in how she present the information and can help in my situations. . She's an excellent reader. " ... written by Michele
Very fast, talented and didn't waste my minutes! THANK YOU!!! " ... written by Rachel
Lady confirmed my feelings and she's known my situation for a very long time so I trust her advice. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Very reassuring no time wasting" ... written by irene
Great follow up reading, things look good and I expect things to move in a positive direction in the next few months." ... written by Pete
She's really good and she touched base on all the worries that I had. Thank you!" ... written by Jazz Xiong
Thank put my mind at ease! You're so wonderful and I love you dearly as a person!" ... written by stephany8888
Always No. 1!" ... written by intuitive
Excellent!! Very on point and her guidance is great! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Great reading and I look forward to the next few steps forward." ... written by Pete
She is so great. She always comes through with her dates and predictions. xoxo" ... written by Susan/Sara
Ladymirabella is the best!! 5 Stars all the way!! I can't wait to have my next reading with her, again!! " ... written by Love
5 STAR!" ... written by Master
Was so great to chat with Lady again. I followed her advice and she knows it was tough for me. Answered some questions that I needed to know. Thanks hon xo!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jaqueline
Always very sweet and accurate." ... written by Susan/Sara
Thank you!!" ... written by Sarah
Great reading. She told me the truth and I needed to hear it. She gave me the good with the bad and in the nicest possible way. I definitely needed to have some things confirmed and she did that for me. I would go back. She was quick and efficient. I feel like I have a clearer idea of things now and would definitely go back for future advice. She was very fast too. Not a wasted moment and answered all my questions." ... written by Nerual
She is great! " ... written by Brianne
Great reading :)." ... written by Lavender5390
So good. She is always on point with her predictions and timelines. Always, always good. " ... written by Susan/Sara
Really good. She is able to connect and tell you details and make sense of any situation. Very kind and sweet as well. Quick she does not waste and time." ... written by Susan
Very quick with answer! Thanks hon, xo. " ... written by Jaqueline
Bang on!" ... written by mahi
Great reading gave me the confidence boost I need for tomorrow." ... written by Pete
She is very kind and accurate. Willing to help and a great guide. Will come back again as soon as I can :)" ... written by Katie
Thank you. You are sooo positive and encouraging. God bless you. XXXXX" ... written by Liz
Straightforward and fast. Good." ... written by Pauline
Mira is delightfully candid and deeply intuitive. Somehow her insights keep things moving positively and she is very very accurate. Thanks a zillion Mira for bringing solace again and again!" ... written by getmeright
All her predictions have come true" ... written by intuitve
She gave me a wonderful confirmation to push forever with my twin flame to help others." ... written by Elaine Faber
Great woman. She is always helpful to me. She always connects with her mom. Not one of her predictions has gone astray for me. They always come true with in time and she is always there for me and gives me great advice. I love her so much. " ... written by Tristan
Lady has known about my situation for many years. I probably should have taken her advice a long time ago but I"m stubborn and a hopeless romantic. She is very truthful and doesn't tell you what you want to hear, whether good or bad. Thanks again for your honesty. xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Lady knows so much of my history and I always come back for advice and clarity! It was great catching up. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
5 stars!" ... written by stars
Thank you hun." ... written by sarah
It had been a while since I had talked to Mirabella and it really helped to have a clear look at what she was picking up on, as it helps me to hear what someone as gifted as Mirabella has to say. It was really helpful tonight to have her try to re-center me a bit, b/c my emotions were kind of bouncing all over the place tonight. Thank you so much Mira. I will definitely keep you posted. :)" ... written by jettagirl09
Love talking to her. She gives great advice. will continue coming to her!" ... written by BP
She is really good. Really quick and to the point." ... written by susan
Lady M you are always great and spot on wow I love coming to visit you for my readings A++++ xo" ... written by Danielle
Awesome lady very through " ... written by kiki
She is really good. She can always connect and is spot on with her predictions." ... written by Sara
She's very nice.....She was good to and helped me on what to do. :)" ... written by Anne
Mirabella always is positive. Thanks for boosting my confidence and being there for me......thanks a zillion times." ... written by getmeright
Honest and clear." ... written by t
Great reading:)" ... written by Lavender5390
Ladymirabella never disappoints. She is kind, understanding, patient and most important, very honest. By far, the best psychic I've gotten readings from. " ... written by Shirley
Thank you very much! It helps!" ... written by lan2013
Very very good.. Connected great." ... written by cathyf2005
Love her!! 5 stars. " ... written by blueskys
All her predictions have come true..." ... written by intuitve
Great follow up, things on track despite obstacles" ... written by Pete
LadyMirabella is a sweetheart and very truthful too!!!! I didn't have to give her any clues, and she just told me everything herself. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs answers to life issues :)" ... written by Laura
She answered all of my questions!!! Was very kind and patient, and accurate about a lot of things. I feel so much calm and better now!!! " ... written by Jewels
Awesome reader. Will come back again when I have the chance. " ... written by Katie
Good reading :)" ... written by Katie
She is a awesome reader. A great counselor and accurate on everything.You can come to her with any problem." ... written by Katie
Excellent as always!!!" ... written by brownie
Very quick andamp; to the point, connects fast, confirmed all my thoughts and concerns thank you and god bless." ... written by pauly61
5 Stars!!" ... written by sunnydays
Great reading, also accurate on my situation." ... written by Ammer
Great and caring psychic! Excellent!" ... written by barbara
It went well for the first time we just covered basic info but it should help." ... written by dale
Pretty good reading, quick answers and good details." ... written by Jennifer
Great reading, thank you Lady :) right on target, understanding, and compassionate. " ... written by Lynda22
GREAT READING!" ... written by LOU
I love this lady - she is so sweet and funny! Great Reading!" ... written by brownie
Mira or reading was fabulous as usual! It is the most heartening experience! There are no half truths nor any papering over. You read the situation to the exact degree and have a wonderful psychic insight. A zillion stars to you!" ... written by getmeright
Wow! I've had readings before regarding the same topic. This reading by far was chilling because she gave me what I was looking for without me asking any questions... very happy and know Ladymirabella is truly gifted... I'm excited to chat with her again...Thank you" ... written by Raylene
Accurate!!! " ... written by Jewels
Loved it!!" ... written by maria
Thank you for the insight with my son and the things he is going through. At his age I thought it was a what we discussed but he wouldn't discuss with me? as for the other! patience is a virtue that I guess this Aries will have to learn." ... written by Brenda
Lady Mirabella thank you so much for the insight into what's going on!" ... written by Brenda
She is really good. She is always able to connect. One of the best on here." ... written by Sara
Great reading. I needed it. Helped me calm down and be patient. Thank You" ... written by itwillbeok
Very helpful and smart, is spot on with interpreting things!" ... written by Nicole
hard but she told it like it is" ... written by serge
Excellent. Highly recommended. " ... written by Nyssens
awesome" ... written by heidi turinese
She was phenomenal. Did not sugarcoat anything and got right to the heart of it. Her spiritual gift is amazing, and it gave me hope where I didn't have any before I came to her. She was able to cut right through things. I totally believe in her gifts." ... written by believerinchrist
I'm going to check this reading out and get back to her on results but pin pointing names was like be continued " ... written by Yolanda
5 STARS!!! " ... written by Blueeyes
GREAT" ... written by hamster
sweet andamp; caring individual!! i like her reading..lets see how it spans" ... written by aquavenus
Will see how it turns out....liked her directness, doesn't waste time!" ... written by Shelley
SHES AMAZING AND HAS POSITIVE ENERGY" ... written by jennifer naremskaya
Great reading, fast and clear! Thanks :)" ... written by Meli
you are great you gave me hope " ... written by Samantha Reyes
I thought she was really nice, clear and straight to the point. The other two people seemed more like they just wanted my money. She gave me honest answers and helped me with guidance as well!!" ... written by Marisa
She is so amazing. She is so positive and is able to predict things that have actually happened. She can tell you exactly how you are feeling. It literally gives you chills. So good." ... written by Susan
Thank You Ladymirabella, I feel much better and know God is with me and healing with his great power. I feel better now thank you! I believe and know this will all be better soon." ... written by jillian5
GREAT SWEET HONEST" ... written by jennifer naremskaya
always awesome and up front...clear ...honest....great readings...and truly cares!" ... written by Michele
I just needed a sense of calm about some of the confusion that has been going on around me in one particular area of my life and Mirabella always manages to pick up on things, so quickly and easily. Thank you for listening and being there to hear my crazy questions. I really appreciate it." ... written by Jettagirl
Great woman. Always helpful." ... written by Tristan
Thank you very much xoxo" ... written by debbie
Shes very kind and honest I would definitely go back to her!" ... written by Ashley
she was wonderful! " ... written by Autumn
Lady is most kind and helpful. Very empathetic and honest and this is to be appreciated" ... written by rama
I loved her and the reading. Thank you for your honesty." ... written by Yoca
heyy thanks for the reading!" ... written by sarah
Thank you for your honesty love you for it ...hugs" ... written by stephany8888
she's just amazing my absolute favorite " ... written by vvd450
5 stars!!" ... written by love
Lady bella's predictions have been spot on from day one.. we have astral projected together.. 6 years ago.. and met online 3 years ago.. we have a connection out of this world.. " ... written by mahi.
She is so great, the cards came out great, knew things that no one would know unless I told them. Surely going back to her again after positive progress. The friendship and helping out a friend information gave me a piece of mind. Thank you so much" ... written by zina
awesome reading highly recommended, picked up on what was going on and let me know what i need to do." ... written by kay
Very good" ... written by Ny
All predictions took place today.. on the spot " ... written by mahi
Very empathetic and non-judgemental reader - easy to speak to." ... written by Maria
She is of the best readings I have had, she connected with my mum and told me things she would not know about, I definitely will be back to talk to her again....Thank you...Thank you very much Ladymirabella...god bless xox" ... written by Libsta
5* Very good,accurate and fast. does not waste any time. thank you" ... written by faith
Thank you so much for the great reading!" ... written by
Love her!!!! her energy is great! Can't wait to see what she has seen for my in my near future!" ... written by larhonda
Amazing! Amazing reader" ... written by Sumsum
Very would recommend her to any one." ... written by mizzimoo
She is A-Mazing! She remembered me from a reading we did awhile ago and the details. I left feeling hopeful." ... written by Jennifer
top reader...a definite must thank you xo" ... written by libsta
Mira is a savior! At the end of the day she has a solution to every problem and does it work!!!!!!!!!!!!! A zillion stars to you Mira..." ... written by getmeright
Just went in for an update. pretty much said what I kind of already know.. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
shes amazing !!!!" ... written by deria
wonderful" ... written by maria
time will tell :) " ... written by frenk
Thanks again mira.. so insigtful and compassionate.. :))" ... written by Lynda22
very accurate, highly recommend." ... written by Raven
thank you so much your so wonderful /hugs love your readings!" ... written by stephany8888
She is so nice and calming. I love when she connects with the spirits and is able to tell you things that will happen and they actually do come true." ... written by Susan
Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by stephany8888
Needed one last piece of advice. " ... written by DONE
Thanks for the advice." ... written by d2k1000
Good follow up. Some things have been working as predicted." ... written by Pete
Lady Mirabella was very helpful and nice, and gave me some valuable insight! TY!" ... written by Kevin
Excellent reading. Surprised with some answers. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks Lady... was really great.. Very insightful and you always get things so clearly.. xx" ... written by Angel Visions
She's fabulous, says it like it is, with no embellishments and makes one feel really really good!" ... written by getmeright
A great reading, needed clarity on situations and i felt my questions were answered, she also was quick and picked up on the both energies, it was amazing how she was able to refer to things that have recently happened. A wonderful lady, I will return for an update. Much love xxx" ... written by Jade50
Wonderful! Sorry I ran out of credits - I will be back. Thanks for your time and expertise!" ... written by BethRad7
ty I feel better already " ... written by stephany8888
Always very in tune and goes right to the heart of your question! I love reading from Lady Mirabella as she is quick to get to the point and many of the answers she's provided have already come to pass." ... written by Brenda
Wow, after catching up with Lady, she made me realize so much about my situation that woke me up about someone. Don't know why I didn't see it before, but made total sense to me now. Great reading and picks up energy fast. Thanks hon xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
She is absolutely amazing! She truly has a gift from heaven :)" ... written by Jennifer
thank you for the chakra healing.." ... written by mahi
Awesome reading thank you so much for clarity!!" ... written by Faith81
thanks.. i will be in touch with her soon again… She is very clear and accurate" ... written by venus
Great reading! Her cards are always on target. Always tells truth even if it doesnt sound great. xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Quick answers to the questions. Ty Lady Mirabella as always! " ... written by Brenda
Wonderful! just an overall good person to talk to! Always there!!! I always come back!" ... written by larhonda
First time reading with ladymirabella and she was amazing!! got details of mine and my partners relationship spot on, she was very understanding and providing me with advise and support and answered all my questions in a loving and friendly manner and most of all it was soo accurate. Would recommend and thank you :-) " ... written by Zara
I just wanted to do a follow-up reading with Mirabella after some readings we've done through the Winter and to give her some updates on how things are progressing. She quickly tuned into things and was able to answer my questions. I love her positive energy and advice. Thank you Mirabella for answering my questions. I will be back!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
she was nice" ... written by liv
She is great!.. She help me understand my relationship better I will definately come back for more readings. Thank you so much!" ... written by daydreamee
OUTSTANDING! If you don't understand something she will explain clearly and quickly also very accurate!" ... written by Fleur
Very good reader. " ... written by Ahz
very helpful" ... written by Yesenia
Awe, miss my lady! Great reading. Went over everything with her cards and pendulum and always gives great advice. It's amazing how she can take a situation and bring a different perspective to it where you get an 'aha' moment. Thanks hon xox" ... written by Jacqueline
Great like always" ... written by David
Well I guess if it's true, I got my answer... Not so much the best thing to hear, but I can deal with it..." ... written by tooie
I loved Ladymirabella I would recommend her to anybody! I was satisfied with her reading!" ... written by Glen
Thank you..helped very much..I hope it works will let you know by end of month..thx again" ... written by Pam
Very polite and confirmed my belief." ... written by Jenn
Thank you for your honesty I appreciate it :)" ... written by stephany8888
Great person" ... written by anaymous
brilliant - straight to the point and accurate" ... written by mkjay
she is very thorough and reasonable; will come back definitely" ... written by Liliana
5 Stars! Great reading, her predictions are correct! " ... written by star-star
on spot predictions" ... written by love
Thank you Hun your reading was great and is helping me in the process of healing. " ... written by SArah
Well if you need something cleared up she is the one to go to, cause I was confused and she helped me undersatand. thanks xo" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you for lifting my mood, i appreciate having a time frame to look forward to as well--will check back in a week or so if things come to pass." ... written by rjb
thanks for the great really helped alot" ... written by Leon Kinerson
Spot on predictions... She could pick up how I feel and how my soulmate feels. Knew how I think of him..." ... written by Glen
Wow Its been a while since speaking with Lady M but always good answered my questions! thanks" ... written by Danielle
5 Stars! Great reading !" ... written by star star
Reading was Great I will be contacting her again!" ... written by Butterflower
beautiful, strong, honest, loyal, and remembers everything. she is great." ... written by niknac123
Always love readings with her. Strong woman, and she picks up quickly." ... written by niknac123
good follow up reading. made a lot of sense and hit the past and present on the head. Hoping for the future to manifest" ... written by PEte
she hit the nail on the head" ... written by annieleigh
shes awesome and she hits everything right on the nose !!!" ... written by deria
wonderful!!!!" ... written by maria dvorak
Very accurate time frames, She told me my ex and i would reconnect in two weeks and that was 3 weeks ago- we have been talking for a week already! Love how closely she gets connected. 10/10!" ... written by sahreen
She's so good. Amazing!" ... written by people
she was pretty darn good " ... written by lauren
She is very good..remember my situation from months ago" ... written by Coco
I have known Lady for few years now and she never dissappoints. I always come back to get updates and confirm predictions she has made. she is one of my favorites on Oranum. thanks hon xox" ... written by Jaqueline73
she's great. She was my first reading ever on this site and i will continue to see her!! will be waiting for her prediction!" ... written by BP
Thanks for the wonderful reading has always :)" ... written by stephany8888
great" ... written by chris
Very good, will come see her again. " ... written by teresa
good reading remembered from last time, will see if predictions come true, highly recommended" ... written by kay
Excellent perception and the best readings one can have. Zillion stars to you Mira!" ... written by getmeright
Thank you Lady Mirabella for the reassurances. I did go have another read and they saw something totally different. Still in holding pattern but he's already confirmed some of what you told me and saw for me. So i'll keep my hope and patience up! Definitely more than 5 stars for you!" ... written by BC
Thanks for the update! Great seeing you too :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Great update thanks hon :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you beautiful destiny reading!" ... written by Sarah
She is so good. She is so consistent with her timelines and always come through on her predictions with me." ... written by Susan
detailed and skilled! very accurate and gives time frames" ... written by S
accurate" ... written by alberto
Lady is wonderful :) thank you hun for helping me through that i feel so much better and have the hope i needed renewed :) and to find out i have a twin flame is so beautiful :) thank you so much :)))" ... written by Libra26
accurate, provided good guidance, thank you " ... written by t
Love this lady ... she is fabulous and so sweet!" ... written by brownie
Ladymirabella was very helpful and sensitive to my questions. I feel happy with the responses that she gave me and see my life on the up. thank you, Ladymirabella it has took your words and gift to help me climb through this dark hole i have been stuck in." ... written by Selina
close but have so many more questions" ... written by Deanna
thank you again for the update, once again everything she said has came to pass... so i am excited..and looking forward with my career! :) " ... written by sunflowers33
LM is awesome! Accurate and up front. caring and helpful. good info!" ... written by michele
Very good, insightful and quick very impressed" ... written by soapyviolence
Awesome reading!" ... written by SArah
Great catching up with Lady. Confirmed many of my feelings and gave me some predictions to look forward to. She has been right with so many things in the past and I always come back to follow up :) xox" ... written by Jaqueline
I was in crisis mode and Lady saved the day! Thank goodness she cleared something up for me. I trust her completely!! :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Always honest. She tells it exactly as she see's it. She has always been very accurate with her predictions for me. She does not waste time or talk too much. She just answers your questions quickly. Highly recommend her." ... written by s4evans
good reading. Thank u" ... written by PIGLETME
Thanks for clearing up some questions hon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
honest and upfront caring ...good info and connection. you will not regret a reading with LM. " ... written by michele
excellent advisor recommend her highly" ... written by Patricia Kendall
finished up with another awesome reading :)." ... written by sunflowers33`
she is very taleneted and aurate" ... written by daniel
Thank you LadyM for your words and inspiration. I was really at the end of my rope and being surrounded by couples all the time and being alone even though this is coming to me....makes it harder to wait. I want so much for this to work out and have tried to be patient. You're words really give me encouragement to try and stick it out a bit longer." ... written by Aries
Thanks for answering my questions hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
very good brought up things I had not though about in years and brought everything together I was blown away" ... written by david
Yes, I'm glad to meet Her. She's the One." ... written by Pyotr
she is very good " ... written by daniel
excellent" ... written by maia
Thank you so much Lady Mirabella ... so good to catch up! Thank you !! Love your readings" ... written by jillian5
Lady is my go to girl, for quick and precise answers! Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Excellent for quick answers :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you for your advise it's helpful" ... written by Sarah
I really liked her a lot! Very positive" ... written by Katie
very honest reader." ... written by Joanna
I think Lady Mirabella is a honest, insightful reading. She is very caring and takes time to explain what she feels during the reading, and makes sure that you understand. She offers hope and helpful information. From my 1st reading a few days ago I already have heard from the person in question, as well as the person telling me they dreamed of me. During my second reading, I received more detail from Lady Mirabella. I will continue to have reading with her as I believe she is true in what she reads and expresses. God Bless you!!" ... written by SunshineJ
wondwerful" ... written by matia
She is wonderful! Definitely worth it!" ... written by Katie
Very calming and helped me to transition to what may be coming" ... written by Warmsun
LadyMirabella really gives thoughtful and heartfelt readings about what the situation is. She gives great direction in how to handle the situation based on what she feels/senses during the reading. I trust her readings and insight. Thank you Ladymirabella. " ... written by StarshineJ
Her prediction came true. She was accurate and sincere." ... written by Linda
Thank you so much. Connects quickly and was spot on! " ... written by Thuy
She is wonderful. Got right down to the problem and was accurate with everything she told me. Highly recommend her." ... written by Thuy
shes awesome" ... written by cowboy
Outstanding" ... written by Vu
she is just wonderful!!!! she just tapped into my situation, wow wow ten stars.. not everything I wanted to hear but was the honest truth!!! and I cant wait" ... written by bem
5 Stars!" ... written by insta
amazing!" ... written by shab
Good advice " ... written by Clau
A few months ago I came to ladymirabella for answers about a situation that has been puzzling me. She gave me a timeline in which I will begin to see changes. I am seeing the changes now. She's the real deal things have been getting better and I'm very grateful. She's such a calming soul, she's lovely to speak with and gives great clarity whether if it's good or bad, but going in with a positive mindset help with changing the situation to the better. Thank you for all your help," ... written by Faith81
Thank you for all your help. Your always good at giving me new insight and clarity." ... written by Faith81
Thanks for the insightful reading. " ... written by d2k1000
confirmed something I was feeling and got a quick answer. thanks hon :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Her timeframe remain consistent and cannot wait to see her prediction come true!" ... written by BP
Love Her!! She is always spot on and makes me feel like I am not stuck. Also A wonderful person to talk to." ... written by vfowles1304
she is accurate." ... written by rana
lets see what comes to pass :) " ... written by lauren
great reading, thorough and great advice!!!!" ... written by s
Love Her." ... written by Samantha
She could have told me more, I knew she was on to something everything said I knew but we did not have enough time. I don't have the money but would love to have been able to talk longer. She did know some things though, and now I'm curious to see if her prediction happens as to someone coming in Aug. :)" ... written by Tisha
Since my last reading with Lady Mirabella was in March, I was looking for an update and according to her, things are still on track with the timeline she has given me, etc. She is such an easy, gentle soul to speak to and she connects easily and quickly to the situation, whatever it may be. I appreciate being able to catch her when she's on to get updates and feedback on whatever is going on in my life. Thanks again for all your help Mira :)" ... written by Jettagirl09
Shes always wonderful with her readings." ... written by Kayla
Thanks for the clarification LadyM!" ... written by aries
She is so kind and always consistent with her predictions. I always feel better after we speak." ... written by Susan
Excellent! Fast, direct, accurate, gentle, her!!!!!" ... written by Water Bearer
i have to thank ladymirabella so much, for guiding and helping me through this time. she's just amazing :) know's exactly what is going on and very on point! " ... written by ja
She can read you, i'm serious. " ... written by Pyotr
ladymirabella really gave me the much needed reassurance. thank you so much for all your help love! she's absolutely amazing." ... written by j
Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Great read as always, journey is unfolding ... thank you Lady M" ... written by jillian5
LadyMirabella is always on target with her reading she gives me. I always feel better after speaking with her and feel like I have a better understanding of the things that are going on in my life and around me. She gives a lot of clarity on the situations I have been addressing. You will be very happy with the information that she gives you. I'll continue to have readings with her. " ... written by StarshineJ
very accurate and precise. " ... written by pigletme123
Ladymirabella is amazing. She reads fast and accurately. Even the ways she worded the tarot reading were exact phrases I had said, written or thought about in the last few weeks! She is incredibly kind, sweet and personable I'll be back for sure!" ... written by em
great!!" ... written by MARIA
Excellent" ... written by smc325
she was great! Look forward to seeing this all take place" ... written by Catherine
She's terribly accurate and bang on. Multiple stars Mira!" ... written by getmeright
another very good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
Very straight forward. I enjoyed talking to her." ... written by John
wonderful" ... written by maria
amazing accurate and full of empathy " ... written by z
love her!! she is always great to talk to." ... written by vfowles
WOW! She is very insightful. Gave an excellent reading. Got right to the heart of the matter. Very easy to talk to made me feel extremely comfortable from the beginning. Will definitely chat with her again." ... written by Beth
Great deep exploration into my future. Has great consideration and care for me as a client and what I want to know to help me keep on track. I would definitely recommend this psychic she truly has a gift and talent that no one should pass up. 5 stars! :)" ... written by sarah
very nest and accurate explains well will use her agn" ... written by angela
LM is awesome. She is such a gifted reader. She helps guide you to your own solution with the information she picks up on and is guided to tell you. She's so sweet and nice. " ... written by michele
she was amazing! she was in tune to everything about me! it was amazing just to hear how much she knew about me and my life it was like listening to my life out loud. I have have readings with her before and her predictions were all true! I now come to her for guidance through my path. She has really helped me." ... written by LaRhonda
I really enjoy talking to her. I feel that she is very genuine with her answers and would never give me bad advise." ... written by vfowles1304
She is awesome! right on the money about things! i would highly recommend her again! " ... written by xtina1221
I really liked her reading and her pace and how she did not waste time asking me to write the question. I felt very comfortable having a reading private session with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for physic reading. " ... written by lisag123
organized and doesn't waste time. read cards and also gave spiritual reading and used pendulum. good reading." ... written by axia
she is great" ... written by bouncyl
Very on point! I will come back to her. " ... written by Marie
Great Reading!!!" ... written by aurelia
i think she had a very good connection with me and my question. hope what she said comes true. will know by the end of september. i will be back to update. " ... written by bagrosso
Oh she is the best! Has known about my situation for very long time and has been like big sister to me. We always pick up where we left off and still her predictions are same! Thanks Lady xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is the brightest star psychic on the horizon. zillion stars all the way" ... written by getmeright
Awesome" ... written by Bellezalatina
very lovely genuine lady, very willing to help and very in tune with spirit" ... written by katie
LM is very gifted and caring. You won't regret a reading. She is clear and up front. Will only tell you the truth as she see's it to help guide you to your own solutions. She is a wonderful person." ... written by Michele
Wonderful!" ... written by LaRhonda
Thank you. Good information, input and preciseness to your responses and reading for me." ... written by Carolina
She was very kind and caring, picked up on many areas and confirmed some things for me. " ... written by Robin
Excellent and quick answers, to the point! Pretty much confirmed everything I had a hunch on thanks Lady xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great reading and gave great advice!" ... written by sarah
5 stars....great connection thanks sooo much" ... written by mag0123
nice job straight to the point with the reading. " ... written by liz
Right on the money. Great job." ... written by brendagriffith
She is very kind and thoughtful. She was clear and was able to touch on the points and areas I needed guidance on. Appreciate her being straightforward and her timeline. Love and Light" ... written by Robin
Thanks for the update Lady. I needed the pep talk :D" ... written by jacqueline
very good" ... written by angeliqye
Very good. Interesting. Truthful. " ... written by Robert
LadyMirabella is such a wonderful and caring reading. She honestly remembers who I am and the situation that I ask for readings about. I do not even have to give her the information as she remembers mine and the other persons name right off the top, which makes the reading more personal, and heart felt. She tells me the truth, whether it is good or bad as to what she sees for me in this situation. She also is very encouraging, and explains things to me so that I can understand the meaning of things. LadyMirabella is a reader here that I trust completely and will always listen to her readings and insight into my situation. I wish her all the best always. Thank you for your time and caring LadyMirabella." ... written by Starshinej
Fast Accurate" ... written by Johnny
Great reading!" ... written by Sarah
Thanks for the follow up! Gave me some great advice on how to handle a situation :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Great reading... This was my first experience with Ladymirabella." ... written by Sandy
I was on line for like 2 mins!!!" ... written by Susan
very good thanks" ... written by jana
Great reading! I read with her in the past and she was right i hope this time too!" ... written by Aurelia
5 STARS!" ... written by starbright
Excellent card reading. Told me a lot about my current situation and where it is going. Nothing promising but the truth. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacquelien
loved it" ... written by maria
Liked her reading. SHe is very trustworthy and to the point. I highly recommend her. Thanks" ... written by Rose
thanks for the update and great advice!! xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
LM is very gifted and wonderful reader. She is able to tune into my situation with ease and help guide me to my own solution. She has been able to help me with work, romance, family etc. She is very caring and understanding. :)" ... written by michele
I love her as always. A beauty!" ... written by Katie
Very accurate and knows a lot :)" ... written by Katie
very nice lady, great reading!! :)" ... written by hilly
Great reading!" ... written by aurelia
She is amazing, accurate reading and such an insight into the situations. also,very important, incredible ambiance-highly recommended" ... written by shaz1007
Aswome reading!THanks for the help!Her predication come to i come back to let her know and to ask more questions.:) " ... written by aurelia
Excellent as always!" ... written by WaterBearer
We had limited time only, but she did her best to answer my question. And how well she did it, even if it wasn't good news. I appreciate her honesty. I will definitely come back" ... written by Anna
I think that she was right on point with what she had to say. Maybe had I asked her other questions about the reoccurring dreams I had been having, she could have gone deeper indepth. But she did a great job. " ... written by LadiiJaye
great reading" ... written by shaniel
wonderful" ... written by maria
shes absolutely amazing and i love her accuracy and adivse " ... written by vvd450
very insightful and helpful!" ... written by shells
great" ... written by maria
Very good. Thank you." ... written by J and J
Very intelligent truly gifted. Thank you so much you uplifted my spirits. God bless you!" ... written by Beatrice
I can not express enough on the accuracy that LadyMirabella has. Absolutely amazing and wonderful. Her time line in my reading was point on! I watched the details ,that she had given me during a reading, unfold literally, before my eyes! Thank you for embracing your gift and using it to help guide me." ... written by Charity
great reading... thanks dear lady" ... written by rose
good 5 stars shes awesome" ... written by jana
amazing! has helped me over and over, always guiding me with her light" ... written by vvd450
OMG She is amazing..... xxoo a must to have a reading with" ... written by Rosa
Insight person with the kindest heart. She is straight forward and reads situations so well. A gifted person who I love to talk to. " ... written by Eli
Excellent reader and gave me perfect advice just what I needed to hear and alsways tells me the truth!! Thank big sister xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Very helpful and thoughtful. She is welcoming and knows her business. " ... written by Eli
she is so great. Just so refreshing to talk to her. She is always on target and always consistent. Her predictions come true." ... written by susan/sara
Mirabella is a blessing as always! I love her insights always!" ... written by Eli
Love Lady! She is amazing and so sweet!" ... written by Brownie
thanks for the update hon. always great catching up with you xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks for helping me out hon. I appreciate it :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Wonderful." ... written by maria
I had another insightful reading with LadyMirabella today. So, far all the things that she has said about my relationship over the past few months have been coming true and she has been very accurate in the things that she has discussed with me. She tells the good things she sees as well as the bad, so I know I receive an honest reading with her. LadyMirabella is very positive and encouraging. You will be glad you had a reading with her and I continue to come back to her." ... written by StarshineJ
5 stars!" ... written by LOVE
Lady has known my situation from the start for a few years actually and has always been right. I take her advice to heart cause she knows what she is talking about. thanks hon" ... written by jaqueline
Ladymirabella is warm and caring. A beautiful soul" ... written by january
she's good :) no sugar coat . is amazingly gifted i love our readings" ... written by Ana
ladymirabella is absolutely amazing! she does not sugarcoat anything she is definitely the real deal. her predictions were accurate every time I had a reading with her. she helped me out with my relationship and I greatly appreciate her for that. if you are looking for a real psychic Mirabella is the one to go to! " ... written by sb
Very easy to talk to, very helpful, reassuring. Picked up on what was going on. will be back." ... written by Han720518
she is a good reader and a thoughtful person to talk to about the realities of life!" ... written by eli
Great card reading. explained a lot thanks" ... written by jaqueline
She is one of the sincerest persons I met. She does a great reading and is always supportive." ... written by eli
She is one of the best out here..." ... written by getmeright
This lady is my girl. She is an accurate ready and so incredibly supportive. " ... written by eli
thanks for the private you made my night /hugs" ... written by stephany
she is an accurate reader and is very kind and thoughtful with her advising" ... written by eli
thank for answering my quick questions :D" ... written by jaqueline
LadyMirabella is a very professional reader. She remembered our reading from last time and was able to look into the situation very quickly. she is very honest and straight forward. i will wait for nov for my bf to call me back. thank you for remembering me!" ... written by bagrosso
great connection ... " ... written by bagrosso
I came here a month ago and what ladymirabella told me did happened to my surprise! So thank you! " ... written by Michelle
Wonderful reader gave me clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
She is so good and very nice to talk too." ... written by Vfowles
So kind and amazing! On point with everything... can't wait to come back for a follow up. " ... written by FallenAngel333
thanks for the update hon. " ... written by jqueline
Ladymirabella is a great reader is precise and on the nose with her predictions.I give her 5 stairs." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Thank you so much Mirrabella Awsome xxx" ... written by john24521
always helpful with her readings and supportive. " ... written by eli
love her" ... written by maroa
Excellent and dead on " ... written by Anthony
Excellent" ... written by Anthony
She is lovely. Very straightfoward. " ... written by BabsYaga
Thanks again for the update :) love ya lots! xoxo" ... written by stephany8888
thank you for everything your wonderful and awesome /hugs" ... written by stephany8888
I feel she answered my question and agreed with what I had already wondered myself. I will use her again!" ... written by Sara
5 Stars!!! She's the best!!!!!!!!1" ... written by love
I had excellent 2 readings back to back with LadyMirabella. She continues to be accurate, honest and very insightful and what she sees for my situation. I have been seeking guidance with LadyMirabella for many months and what she says has happened. She is very accurate, insightful and helpful. She gives readings in a very thoughtful and caring manner. All these reasons are why I will continue to have reading with her. She is excellent!!" ... written by Starshinej
I feel she was right on very sweet and kind." ... written by Chris
very nice reader, and very good." ... written by anthony8085
she was great had a short time and she covered a lot of ground for me!! thank you so much!" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
wow she is so sweet an she is so spot on helped me so much this lady is a awsome lady wow truelally is a blessing sent from god thank u so much may god bless u an all u do thank u thank u so much love an light xxoo" ... written by wishing
great reading, very sweet lady." ... written by Deb
LM is an awesome reader and very sweet, easy to talk to. She gives very good info and suggestions about how you can improve situations or make changes. When she gives a reading she truly cares about the client and delivers the information compassionately. She's great!" ... written by michele
I like what she had told me and I will come back for an update" ... written by shades
Straight and to the point." ... written by Nancy
LM is always compassionate and informative. She connects quickly and will tell you what she see's. She is sensitive to others and is able to see more than one side to a situation. She's a great reader!" ... written by Michele
Thanks for the private your always wonderful and precise love yas /hugs" ... written by stephany8888
clear, and great reading" ... written by veezee
Hope she is right about everything! She was fast, didnt have much time and she answered my three biggies with timelines :) " ... written by Jillian
Very honest and accurate." ... written by GH
good so far" ... written by Chris
I was impressed by this readers ability to pick up on questions before they were asked providing an answer as well. She is gifted and should be considered if you are looking for someone you can trust. " ... written by Lightstar
She was very accurate and she said some really good things that actually makes sense. I know who is just my soulmate and who is my actual twinflame and with the details on why, it actually makes sense. I am so thankful for her and hopefully her predictions happens. Thank you so much for your time and may God bless you :)) and thanks for the deal you had for me. I feel very special !!!" ... written by Antoinette
She was so intuitive on my life I really enjoyed her reading she is sweet and polite will be back Thank you" ... written by Edna
I love her! The greatest!" ... written by Katie
She is such a wonderful woman. I had a wonderful reading that brought me hope and happiness. Thank you very much Lady Mirabella!" ... written by Hanna
I love her!!! She is the go to lady." ... written by Katie
Thank you for your kind and generous words very gifted as i suspected " ... written by Chris
Very helpful. Changed my mood to good." ... written by shades212
good reading" ... written by jan
I have been having readings with Lady Mirabella for the past 5 or 6 months, and she has always been accurate and very insightful with what she sees regarding my situation. But, also, she has been very open and honest with me; and explains what she sees in detail in a very kind and caring way. She lets me know the good and the bad. I continue to have readings with LadyMirabella because each time, what she discusses with me is very relevant to what is currently happening for me, and the things she sees coming up have also happened. Her readings have been very helpful for me in many ways. I will continue to have readings with LadyMirabella. I think she is wonderful and honest." ... written by StarshineJ
Great and insightful as always! Thank you for the accurate and in depth reading! ladymirabella is caring and a lovely person!" ... written by Patience29
She was good. She made some great points " ... written by Mrschung1
She's good, very good " ... written by Mrschung1
Wonderful, powerful, true..." ... written by Abigail Rudner
Straight forward; no nonsense; great reading" ... written by lotus71
Very good reading! Thank you." ... written by Hanna
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Chris
Awesome" ... written by Me
Awesome, she had the right tact to help me through my problem" ... written by Griffenfels
connects quickly. gave timeline. looking forward to prediction coming true." ... written by A
Great reading! She was able to get right to the point, and gave me lots of information in a very short amount of time. thanks!" ... written by slinky222
Lady Mirabella was on point with my situation! Very caring and sweet. Awesome reader" ... written by Ashley
always gives me encouragement. and hugs." ... written by anthony8085
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
5 stars!" ... written by love
very insightful - i loved my reading she was great" ... written by laura
Love! :) cant wait" ... written by kindness133
Wonderful!!" ... written by NinaLynn
I received a reading for 2015, she was great with everything she saw and am looking forward to 2015! :)" ... written by Stephanie
HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Positive, reassuring, direct. ++++++" ... written by Starrynight725
very helpful" ... written by shades
Thanks for the guidance ! Hope it works out as predicted. " ... written by C
Ladymirabella was honest, direct and caring in assisting me with my question. I would recommend her very much." ... written by Laurie
She was very spot on with my situation!! She knew exactly what was happening and how I was feeling! Cant wait to see what happens!!" ... written by Tiff
wonderful" ... written by maria
was good to hear the conformation that some good things coming my way " ... written by younggirll11
Gave her an update and things are looking good :) Will keep her posted! Thank you LadyM!" ... written by Stephanie
good reading " ... written by shades
Great reading" ... written by NinaLynn
She is so good and always so spot on my situation. Gives me everything I need to know good and bad. Always has great advice!! " ... written by Tiff
My favorite she is awesome. Everything that she said it would happen within a period of time did come true! Just amazing thank you Ladymirabella xoxo" ... written by Angelmg
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she is very good and spot on. I highly reccomend" ... written by latisha22
i love her soo much she's the best " ... written by vvd450
The BEST reader on here. Extremely accurate, attentive and goes out of her way to help. Very kind and goes into great detail. THANK YOU!!!!!" ... written by MichelleMary
Was really good and detailed..." ... written by GZRNYC
Absolutely amazing." ... written by Kristin
So Helpful !! love her " ... written by Elizabeth
super" ... written by RKV
awesome. seriously awesome. the best" ... written by e
I consulted her more than a year ago. and thought what i was hearing would not really possible since I was so into something. After looking back at my year, she's told me everything that was to the point and accurate. I love to have readings with her and is very insightful that helps me in tough times." ... written by lisag123
Really good" ... written by GZRNYC
Wonderful reader, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Honestly... aside from her being amazing... I wasn't expecting the answer I got. I was very pleased but her response BLEW my mind (In a good way). I love that she didn't beat around the bush. Very to the point and I could feel her honesty. Amazing lady! :-)" ... written by Marissa
She was incredibly accurate and has an amazing energy. Thank you for the beautiful reading! I would come by again." ... written by teo0285
Very intuitive, good connection!" ... written by peach
Thank you soooo much! She was quick and detailed and gave me great advice along with it :) " ... written by lina
Thank you hon. I feel a little better about things. Ive been hurt so much in the past 30 yrs Its all seems so hoeless. You have given me hope. God bless u! ty I will keep u posted xxxx" ... written by Tammy1958
Great reading" ... written by NinaLynn
thank you :)" ... written by l
She is lovely! very calm and sweet and answers all of your questions :)" ... written by sara
Very good but I ran out of money. She was very helpful and I will be back again soon." ... written by Rachel
very insightful and on point and accurate, she makes everything seem okay wen its not, thank you" ... written by Anupama
she is always awesome I like readings with her" ... written by lori
very warm and kind, and good listener." ... written by anthony8085
awesome! love her aura and shes very accurate!" ... written by Kyla
Thanks" ... written by Amy
she is always awesome will update her" ... written by lori
think she wonderful she answer you question with respect" ... written by debra
I just love Ladymirabella she is amazing. Right to the point no sugar coating anything. She will give you and honest reading." ... written by Angel
Thank you so much helpful" ... written by SArah
Shes an amazing psychic, and she delivers tough messages in a way that you can still understand and deal with. I thank her for her clarity and openness with me! Thank you again" ... written by NSW -
ladymirabella is gifted. she is accurate with predictions and a wise and ethical person. she is very specific and helpful. I highly recommend her! " ... written by jaxisabella
Her last prediction came true for me, let's see what happens in the future!" ... written by Stephanie
Amazing reading. Mirabella is on point, succinct, considerate of the time, present, and highly highly intuitive. All of her answers were very on point. Thank you Mirabella for offering a lot of needed and highly valuable clarity. " ... written by P. Renee
it is wonderful to find a friend who truly cares....LadyMirabella is fantastic. Accurate, fast and sweet" ... written by cmscarmona
wonderful" ... written by maria
The ABSOLUTE best reader on this thing... she is wonderful" ... written by cheryl
Thanks for being so quick with me. thanks again and you help me a great deal" ... written by altima1963
Very good reading and I believe that it all will come to pass in my favor" ... written by shades
I think she one of the best I would always talk to her she sweet and very nice and hope that she be there when ever I need her " ... written by debra green
she was amazing ...i would highly recommend her....she was very short and to the point....didnt waste my time...she is very honest and connected with my situation without me telling her anything...i would def go back to her again!" ... written by nami
SHE'S GREAT!!" ... written by Rion
I was absolutely amazed! She was very accurate in details that I didn't even said! Still surprised, really....very strong predictions...I will sure come back to know more and let you know about the results." ... written by Yen
Ladymirabella is a wonderful, kind, and gifted reader. She really cares and uses her gift to help others. Her predictions have been coming to pass and I believe she is truly connected to the higher source. She has given me spiritual guidance and a lot of information and education as well. An ethical person. I highly recommend her." ... written by jaxisabella
Wonderful lady. peaceful and restive presence. I felt she spoke with all her heart and was very accurate. I would highly recommend her and would seek advise from her again. " ... written by crystal
She was very warm and made me feel comfortable to talk about tough situations. I'm very happy with my 1st experience here." ... written by Gina Estrada
thank you thank you :) super quick. 3rd time and counting :) " ... written by easybakeoven
So the healing ladymirabella and I have been working at together has brought a very positive result! The connection is real. She brings light and helps me do the same. Very worthwhile. You won't be disappointed. An enlightening experience with a special and gifted person. " ... written by jaxisabella
thank you for the update it was wonderful to see you /hugs" ... written by stephany8888
It's always a pleasure chatting with Lady Mirabella. She's got great insight into the situation even without talking about it. Thank you so much Lady" ... written by lisag
thank you for the prayers andamp; for the reading :))" ... written by edel95
Comforting like always" ... written by cmarie
very clear woman..." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
I met her only a few days before my reading and I can only say that she is awesome! " ... written by Sundra Brooks
thank you so much it was great " ... written by Natasha
Nice, warm and accurate reading. Liked it very much!" ... written by Lise
she is always great with timing and awesome" ... written by l
very good helpful and knew the situation well." ... written by sd
AWESOME AWESOME like always" ... written by cheryl
Thank you sooooooo much :) I always come to her" ... written by l
i will come back for more update" ... written by nami
I loved the session" ... written by me
She is so good with my situation. Just when I'm ready to give up, she gives me so much hope! She is amazing!!! I def recommend her to anyone that needs honesty and clarity!!!! Love her!" ... written by Total Fan
knows her stuff." ... written by anthony8085
She was lovely and very kind and gave me predictions in the past that have come through." ... written by RP
love readings with Lady Mirabella. Very accurate and gets to the point very fast! She really is amazing! " ... written by bagrosso
amazing accurate'" ... written by davyboii
Lady Mirabella is wonderful. Very spiritual and gifted. Our prayers have been working and we continue to the next step as things change. I'm grateful for this help. Thank you!" ... written by jaxisabella
VERY SATISFIED... she is like the best friend you always wish you had." ... written by cheryl
Nice reading with details. " ... written by leomar0581
No one better than Mirabella. Thank you again for a great reading. " ... written by Renee
So good. Her predictions are always consistent, and they do come true. always worth the credits. " ... written by susan
She is "good and informative"..." ... written by misel
I love doing readings with her, she is so in tune with my situation and always has great guidance!! Thank you so much I cant wait!!!" ... written by Me
she is awesome :)) very sweet and compassionate when she speaks to you. you tell she has a loving heart towards your situation. thank you so much again :0) blessings" ... written by moni
She is thoughtful and really gets a good handle of a situation and interprets it well. thanks for your support" ... written by RP
Once again, Lady Mirabella gave a great reading with healing and timelines. She is amazing and I'm never disappointed. And a kind person. Oh...and funny! LOL ;)" ... written by jaxisabella
Very helpful and kind...Highly reccomended" ... written by Elizabeth
Thanks" ... written by Amy
She can always give me straight honest answers and helps me so much! She has helped me many times! If you want a great reading that's honest and caring shes your girl!! Zillion stars!!! Love her!!" ... written by Me
Thank you for your wisdom and honesty love coming to you and will be back to you always" ... written by stephany8888
Last year lady M predicted that march2015 a change will come in my marriage. She was very right about that. The change occurred a few days ago and I couldn't be happier. I will look forward to the new predictions she gave. Thank you Lady M." ... written by havefaith33
she is always awesome" ... written by l
never dissapoints" ... written by prettygirl
always in depth. expensive but worth it if you are focused and have your questions ready." ... written by qp
WOW she is amazing 100% intuitive, felt everything I felt and confirmed what I already knew and just needed the confirmation from an expert!!!! She is AMAZING!!!" ... written by Wonderbaby
She was great" ... written by Bobbie Harris
Love her the best!" ... written by GodGirl
Thanks" ... written by Amy
great read" ... written by davyboii
Very down to earth and genuine... I think she freely seemed liked she knew what was to be" ... written by J
awesome reading" ... written by cheryl
Great!" ... written by NinaLynn
It was good" ... written by Prajwal Be
She is the Bomb!!!! love her!!!" ... written by love
Always the best. Thank you. " ... written by Renee
Best of the best. I never cease to be enormously grateful for the wisdom Mirabella provides. She's unmatched, and I know what I'm talking about. " ... written by Renee
thank u so much again, im at ease." ... written by prettygirl
Amazing person!" ... written by SYLVIA ZUK
Great energy, love her readings as always and she is always a great inspiration for what is to come!" ... written by Wonderbaby
good read. skilled" ... written by watpo
Time frame for another situation was spot on! Really hopeful about this one too and happy results for me. Thanks a lot ladymirabella! " ... written by Yen
She confirmed with me that I have met my twin flame. She explained to me my thought of twin flames and the better way of thinking of twin flames. She connected with him and he sent me messages through her to clarify things. LadyMirabella is very empathic and she explained things in such a better perspective. Wonderful connection, she does not waste your time." ... written by pearberry008
♥" ... written by mahi
LadyMirabella always gives a very caring, heartfelt and true reading with great detail of what she sees. She does not try to sugarcoat the information that comes forward, and will look into many things regarding the situation to give you understanding as to what is going on, and a future outlook/ timeframe. She tells you the positives and the negatives so that you know what you are dealing with in your life situation. I have come to LadyMirabella for a year now and all that she has predicated has come true....the good things and the bad things...just like she informed me of. That is why I continue to come back for updates and guidance on my situation. You will be happy that you had a reading with LadyMirabella." ... written by StarshineJ
LadyMIrabella is always helpful, always wise, always calm, great with timeframes and healing. You wont be disappointed!" ... written by jaxisabella
spot on reading as always! thank you!!!" ... written by bagrosso
It's always good to talk to you! I always leave feeling at peace. Thanks for your guidance every time! " ... written by Yen
to the point" ... written by brenda
Phew I feel better lol" ... written by Prettygirlny
have gone to her several times,I truly think she is one of the few genuinely talented on here and is sincere and accurate in her talent. definitely recommend" ... written by S
Good experience. I needed help with a spirit issue and I think we have it resolved." ... written by Jill
always me go to, sees situations indepth and provides deeper knowledge, healing, and insight. highly recommend" ... written by cheese
She gave me a fast insight. Really calmed my mind as it was very troubled.I hope her time frame will come to pass. She is very nice and direct.I really enjoyed this reading!" ... written by Sonia
Ladymirabella is amazing. she is such a gifted reader and great person. I definitely recommend her. 5 stars" ... written by Liz
Interesting perspective on my reading today thanks!" ... written by SArah
thank you so much for reading dear, also thank you for claryfing. looking forward speaking to you again" ... written by gat
wow thank u lady 1 million stars" ... written by angel
I am in awe of what she told me. She really gave me great insight into my situation. " ... written by sarah
Love her! A good reading with timeframes which have come true in the past :)" ... written by :)
awsome ty " ... written by davyboii
she's amazing" ... written by cristina
By far the best I have spoken to really eases my mind and guides me. I will be back to speak with her" ... written by sarah
will come back lost the connection very good" ... written by c
had to go back for more information as the reading was very spot in!!!" ... written by bagrosso
5 stars! Amazing reader andamp; her predictions do happen." ... written by love
WOW!!! she gives great advice! She explains things really well; like a professor who can really relate to you and who is passionate about what they do! i liked the fact that she didn't say "oh just let it go", i felt validated, i felt that my feelings are important and that she cared to explain why certain things happened. I highly recommend her!" ... written by pearberry008
A great reading. Very clear and specif answers.Thank you. I will come back again . " ... written by CR
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Wonderful reader very informative. In past she confirmed things that came true. Truthful reader." ... written by pinkpather30
Good" ... written by Bey
awsome" ... written by davyboii
great read" ... written by david
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
great read" ... written by davy
Every time I speak with her she calms my soul I am so happy I went to her when I did bc I have gotten so much insight to my situation" ... written by sarah
lovely reading, everything is on point. 5 stars for sure!!!! Love this woman" ... written by butterflies
she was good" ... written by francis
fantastic" ... written by maria
Thank you so much for your help. Whenever I talk to you, I feel at peace. Blessings! " ... written by Yen
nice and very thoughtful individual. " ... written by shell
This woman is simply just amazing! She's warm, intelligent, focused, very kind and sweet, easy to understand, and a really great reader. She will give you insight in your life for sure, and help you out in any way you might want her to. She always seems like she's doing her very best in everything she does and she's sending out some really good vibes that will send chills down your spine. Here you will get what you're seeking, which is the truth. So give her a try, you won't regret it!" ... written by ablutomania
what she said made sense. thank you so much! " ... written by Ana
ty.." ... written by david
thank you for the reading dear, love your readings, and looking forward to the next one" ... written by gt
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
good reading, to the point, thank you!" ... written by nimue
she is an amazing reader." ... written by amy
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader very intuned" ... written by pinkpather30
She is sweet and very helpful.. and accurate" ... written by Robin
thank you for the update reading and advice :)" ... written by gt
Great reading, informative always gives me guidance on what to expect. Helps make since of the emotions I'm having about situations. " ... written by pinkpather30
thank you for the lovely reading darling, my mind is reassured now. i feel happier and calmer now" ... written by gt
awsome ty so much" ... written by david
Excellent" ... written by Lilac53
The reading I had with lady Mirabella was so helpful and inspiring and encouraging. She was extremely kind, sympathetic but honest even when it was something that was a little tough to hear. I got more out of the one reading I had with her, than probably the last 10 I've had...she is worth every penny and I will be back." ... written by serenity
Always trust her reading. She has given predictions that happen and advise.. helps calm nerves when I'm struggling with answers." ... written by pinkpather30
First time, will see if everything unfolds! Fast and no sugar coating, appreciated!" ... written by EC
She's very sweet and caring. Intuitive and accurate reading" ... written by Robin
I absolutely love talking to her! She just makes me feel so much better with it. I am excited to see what happens :)" ... written by sarah
wonderful" ... written by maria
Good reading, always gives guidance on whats ahead." ... written by pinkpather30
she was informative and helpful. always pleasant" ... written by shades212
Very good positive reading" ... written by shades212
Very nice read and to the point. Will wait to see how it goes. Thank you " ... written by Ani3849
good guidance and confirmation" ... written by pinkpather30
best, thank you so much, love her " ... written by cheese
Great adviser gives great guidance " ... written by pinkpather30
she was amazing...she connected with me right away...made some predictions for me and i cant wait till they pan out...def will return for the updates...i highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Nami
ty.." ... written by davyboii
Good" ... written by A
glad to receive a positive reading about my situation and receiving clarity. thank you so much." ... written by leodragon2014
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very nice and polite lady,accurate and fast,thank you." ... written by ,
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reader informative. makes since of the issues I struggle with." ... written by pinkpather30
Always informative and gives guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Lady Mirabella was fantastic. Kind, quick, and her "no sugarcoating" didn't mean that you'd be delivered straight to hell because of her words - she just spoke in plain language. No platitudes, no grandstanding, super straightforward and professional. I'll be back!" ... written by Sierra
She is wonderful!!!! Always!!!" ... written by Katie
Great reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She's super fast and super kind and so super accurate. Definitely, definitely worth it!" ... written by Sierra
Great reader always puts my mind at ease" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reading very informative.. have been upset worried and her advise always helps sooth my mind." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you, that was very specific. I think I have an idea but I don't know him yet. I am excited about it. I will keep you updated." ... written by Joseph
Lady Mirabella is awesome on healing and leading productive meditation exercises. I'm super pleased whenever we speak." ... written by Sierra
thank you darling for the clarity and reassurance :)" ... written by gt
great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She is very accurate, thoughtful and caring reader" ... written by Robin
awsomeness ty " ... written by davyboii
Thanks ladymirabella, you always give me peace " ... written by Yen
LM is always on target, up front, clear, and ethical. She's very caring and delivers honest info as it comes to her. xox" ... written by Michele
thank you" ... written by davyboii
(she knows me by Lizzy) I LOVED her - great energy. Very in touch emotionally andamp; spiritually. I would recommend her to anyone who really needs direction and clarity. I was up at night with "what to do?" questions rattling around my mind - now I don't have that anymore. I appreciated her speaking honestly and with compassion. Great job in hiring her Oranum!!" ... written by Lynn Litten
wonderful" ... written by maria
LadyMirabella's readings have always helped me in many ways. Her readings have been accurate and very insightful. I have had private readings with her several times over the year and would keep coming back to her to look for information and guidance." ... written by lisa
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very informative, gives clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Amazingly sweet with a genuine gift. Thank you " ... written by Jennifer
great reading!" ... written by love
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for giving me insight. I feel more at peace now." ... written by Yen
I have been having readings with LadyMirabella for over a year and she has always been very honest and thorough in her readings to me. What she has said has come true. Her insight into my situation has been very accurate with good news and bad news...she's been honest I feel with what she tells me about in the readings. She is very nice, thoughtful and caring. You will be very pleased if you have a reading with LadyMirabella. " ... written by StarshineJ
loved it" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
She is so nice and helpful. I felt really comfortable with her." ... written by Bebegirl
She was great. Very helpful and nice :-) " ... written by Bebegirl523
Good reading, confirmed things for me" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading very nice and to the point." ... written by leogirl8686
Love her energy! She was positive, to the point, direct and didn't waste time. She was completely focused on me and my situation. Hoping what she saw is what will happen. I will be back for updates!" ... written by LalitainAR
informative, and gives me guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
she is soooooo accurate.. i have goose bump. " ... written by linda
detailed and very clear in how she says things" ... written by sage
Good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Always love her! She is the best!" ... written by Katie
Very accurate Reading. Nice and calm energy. thank u very much!:)" ... written by Lise
sweet and wonderful reading! " ... written by Tiffany
She is the best!! Direct and to the point! 5 stars for sure andamp; what she sees is true. Take her for a reading worth it!" ... written by love
She is a great reader who communicates to the point and does not waste time. It has always been very easy to get insights from her about things that are not even expressed verbally and communicated openly. She has been very helpful to me for few years now. And i keep looking towards her readings when my mind cannot think clearly with overloaded concerns. Always happy to have your reading Lady!" ... written by lisag
Thank you for always being such a sweetheart xoxo very helpful and intuitive. her readings are very accurate" ... written by Robin
She ia wonderful I admire her deeply I will be visiting with her on a biweekly basis than you for taking the time to help me with my sorrow" ... written by asma norris
She was fast and very sure about when things will happen for me. To hear my business will pick up before the year is out is such a relief! Thank you!" ... written by Tierra
She is just a great friendly,caring and nice.answers your questions fast and goes straight to the point.very very accurate.would recommend her 100%." ... written by e
She is very an awesome reader. Accurate and concise and a very sweet lady ." ... written by Robin
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
My absolute fave!!! My go to lady!" ... written by Katie
5 STARS! Best beyond a doubt!" ... written by StarLuv
Oh another good reading from Mirabella....never fails to see the root of the matter....I think shes one of the best on here...sage counsel and ive returned later to find the predicitons true." ... written by Cedric Livingsworth
love her like always!" ... written by Katie
she is nice an daccurate and reads in detail " ... written by myst
Accurate" ... written by Juliewepp
she was on point with everything. she really helped me." ... written by sade
This woman is so good! she picks up on things quickly andamp; very accurate!" ... written by love
Very helpful and informative, Sincere. " ... written by shades212
I like reading with lady mirabella.Honest and helpful!" ... written by Lise
5 stars, BEST of the BEST!! I love this woman because when she see surly happens. " ... written by love
Good positive energy" ... written by shades212
Great to the point no extra emotionalism just the facts I really appreciate that and her will be back for sure! She told me the truth and nothing extra which is exactly what! Thank you!" ... written by Candice
Everything she has told me that will happen, DOES. She is just amazing " ... written by Angel
Amazing connection and ladymirabella is a real blessing to my life now! Thank you so much for the guidance, compassion and what I can do to make the situation I am in a lot better! Thank you so much! I will update you in 16 days :)" ... written by Ida
she is great im coming back 5 star for her" ... written by john
5 stars...very fast and very accurate too....I recommend her to everyone" ... written by Focusing
love her always!" ... written by katie
Thanks for your insight on my situation. I feel much better, calmed and hopeful. " ... written by Yen
thank you so much I miss you!" ... written by stephany
Thanks very much for your frank reading. I really think you may be right." ... written by Charlie
Good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
.....she was very accurate about several concerns in my situation....her descriptions about who I asked about, and she eerily mentioned something in the reading I had thought about before asking her......twin flames....I had read up on the subject and from what I read it might have been possible, she clarified the issue......I will consult her again as time goes what she spoke about manifests....I must say she really impressed me with this reading...." ... written by Kalolacola
it was great and informative. I recommend her. she told me stuff I didn't tell her anything. even the stuff I didn't like she told me with out me telling her." ... written by hugo
She picked up exactly how I am feeling and how I was feeling the other person was too. Thank you Ladymiralla for the validation!" ... written by drvano
Excellent reading well done, picked up on exactly the situation at the moment and was spot on with everything, will be back when predictions fall though as she said (in a couple of months)" ... written by Lisa
She always make me feel so much better. A gift and a wonderful reader here." ... written by Robin
Wow...those are my words for her. She was mentioning things I haven't even told her. I'm very satisfied with my reading. I can't wait for her predictions to come true." ... written by Hope
thanks for everything miss and love yas /hugs" ... written by stephany
She's fantastic and helped calm me quite a bit. Thank you Lady Mirabella" ... written by DRVANO
a sad reading but the truth!" ... written by Katie
Good reading!" ... written by Anu
She is very insightful, picks up on a lot of details in my situation and is very sweet and kind hearted as well xo" ... written by Robin
Amazing!!! 5 stars for sure!!! She has always been right!" ... written by Luv
Always helpful gives me hope" ... written by pinkpather30
was on point with what was going on in my situation without me having to tell her, I love her compassion for me and my situation, A very good reader, and she has good advice " ... written by shades212
she is so kind, and picks up on everything and truly is there to help! I would go to her again. Thank you so much!" ... written by chris
wonderful" ... written by maria
Thank you for telling me my future and taking my worry away. " ... written by Elizabeth
She was absolutely amazing. Very nice and understanding. Gave advice on certain things that I didn't quite understand as well. Very happy with my reading! She was able to describe the person's persona 100%. I will definitely contact Ladymirabella again." ... written by Melissa
Thank you for your help. Like I have said before, I feel at peace whenever I speak to you. Blessings!" ... written by Yen
I was very moved. excellent helpful honest, thank you" ... written by Grace
she is so sweet and great " ... written by fidaa
Always great insight!! Feel better now, thanks ladymirabella!" ... written by Yen
very helpful, very on point. " ... written by Melissa
Very hopeful about my situation. I always trust your guidance, feeling good vibes as always! " ... written by Yen
Thanks awesome!!! found my true love after all the heart aches. " ... written by See
good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
BEST! I can't believe how good she is, she can see and feel everything in my situation!! she amazes me" ... written by love
Just did an update with Lady M. All the predictions are still the same as our previous reading. She such a great soul." ... written by Faith-love-hope
awsome spot on as usual ty so very much always a pleasure.." ... written by davyboii
5 stars!! She really knows her stuff!" ... written by lovely
Thank you for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
thank you I appreciate the and miss yas" ... written by stephany
Great reading!!" ... written by lisag
I always love private readings from her. Always very detailed andamp; insightful that helps me move forward in right direction." ... written by lisag
Thank so much! Accurate as always!! Predictions happened in the past!" ... written by Green
Thanks a lot...feeling much better now! " ... written by Yen
she picks up on everything quickly! 5 star reader!" ... written by Love
great reading quick to answer and connect" ... written by apple
Thank you so much for the confirmation that I can feel in my heart! It is so good to know that my feelings and my hearts voice are true !! :)" ... written by Ida
wonderful" ... written by maria
Lady Mirabella is a sweetheart. Very clear and concise and comforting at the same time." ... written by Robin
She has been an awesome help! Cleared up many things and spot on of all the issues I am going through. An awesome reading done with Ms. Mirabella. :) " ... written by mimi
Amazing, second reading and connected right on target! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyllis
I will say this every time....simply amazing....the best " ... written by Angel
she seems very good - lets see what happens" ... written by d
great reading look forward to predictions she answered all my auestions quickly" ... written by apple
Thank you LadyMirabella for your insight and guidance!! " ... written by LostGirl
quick and reads quivk n answers auick" ... written by apple
5 STARS!!! She is amazing andamp; accurate!" ... written by luv
lovely reading--thoughtful, kind, sweet, clear. " ... written by pearl
returned to reader to follow up with something--I feel truly held by her. a lovely person and kind, generous reader." ... written by pearl
Awesome gave me chills" ... written by John
5 STARS! THE BEST!!" ... written by LOVE
LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is by far very accurate! Take her private." ... written by Greeneyedgirl
Helped soothe my uneasiness. will follow advice" ... written by shades212
WONSDERFUL" ... written by maria
good reading" ... written by shades212
great reading" ... written by apple
Highly recommend. She gets right on the subject, tunes in and she's off! " ... written by DRVANO
thank you so much! i was crying and smiling with all the things you have said. Ladymirabella is great! She gives me so much details and answers my questions so very clearly. When she felt I was particularly feeling sad about a situation she gave me information that cheered me up; i can't change this particular situation but i know what i can look forward to regarding it. Have a reading with her; she is a genuine soul who knows how to do her work with compassion and love!" ... written by pearberry008
Lady M is very good at interpreting dreams. About two months ago she predicted a breakup between two ppl when happen in the month of November. It hasn't happened as yet but I recently had two dreams visualizing the breakup will happen soon. That was very strange that I dreamt it. Thank you for explaining dream manifestation. " ... written by havinghopefaithandamp;love
great reader i recomend" ... written by apple
Fantastic!" ... written by Freederik
Love the readings, she provides so much clarity to my situation and her time frames have come to pass in the past. She's very caring and truly gifted. " ... written by Mandaa3
OMG! Fabulous reading! Cannot believe her reading was answering my questions before I could even ask her. SO happy I came in for a reading! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
thank you so much for your reading! i have so much clarity now regarding the things i've asked. I love the way you read and deliver your messages with compassion! although i would like to extend our reading, i have to meet up with my sister in law in a few. I will see you again for another reading when I catch you!" ... written by pearberry008
Simply amazing chills from start to finish. This time she made me cry I got to understand so much better my situation. Making my decision taking to another level. Thank you Ladymirabella again" ... written by Angel
5 stars! " ... written by love
She is so kind, I really enjoy her readings." ... written by lyly_ia
good advice" ... written by shades212
very sweet n good reader a prediction came true" ... written by apple
wonderful" ... written by maria
5 stars! she's the best !" ... written by luv
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonderful reader n quick connect" ... written by apple
Amazing. I will provide more feedback in 2 weeks if her prediction comes to pass." ... written by Vijay
She was so sweet and very helpful! wanted to promote healing" ... written by chrissy
5 stars! Predictions did happen!" ... written by yesgirl
ANother great connection with LadyMirabella! I truly connect and believe everything she feels and predicts... just need time to get my wish come true... Thank you for a wonderful reading!!!" ... written by bagrosso
Great guidance and encouraging. Have had many reading in past and recommend" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars!" ... written by luv
Very nice and clear reading. She explains what may be unclear. " ... written by Maci
my first reading and she was so accurate and straight forward. Quick but very meaningful reading. " ... written by Cristal
Short, but helpful! Will definitely come back!" ... written by Meg
Amazing! Predictions keep happening, with precise timeframes! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyl
Shes awesome. Her predictions come true! very accurate!" ... written by Cristal
i have such a great connection with ladymirabella that i go to her everytime i have an issue... she confirms my feelings and intuitions and calms me with her clear reading." ... written by bagrosso
She was quite amazing! Seemed really accurate andamp; quick... I'm excited for her predictions andamp; will for sure confirm once they happen! Thank you so much :) :)" ... written by rolinsand
first time in her room, connected fast with time frames, thank you. " ... written by fresiaflower
Thank You LadyMirabella for another insightful, thorough, honest and heartfelt reading. I have been receiving readings with you since 2014, and the things you have seen for my future, and the time frames, have all been unfolding accurately as you have said they would. Thank you for telling me the good and bad and for doing so in a caring manner. Thank you also for giving me insight into things I can do to help me through the situations and/or my emotions. I will continue to come back for more of your helpful insight. " ... written by StarshineJ
My life is very confusing at the moment but ladymirabella was able to decipher between it all and get the answers I needed. Good reading, just what I needed will wait to see what happens in 10 weeks." ... written by movingon2
Will let you know on predictions, as this was my first reading with her." ... written by Ang
Thanks for a very clear and focused reading on my situation. I also received some confirmation on what I thought was the issues affecting the situation. Very helpful. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Mirabella is a wonderful reader--loving, kind, helpful, full of information, insights, and support. I have returned to her again. A true light." ... written by pearl
always a pleasure getting insights from Lady Mirabella. My favorite messenger" ... written by lisa
always consistent. great readre" ... written by sprit
I have had many readings with LadyMirabella over the past year and she is always very insightful, accurately detailing this that do come to pass, and she is very caring and honest in her readings. She gives time frames, and will let you know the good news as well as the bad news, and will give insight into what is happening in the situation. What she has said to me, and the time frames, have always came true. I will continue to have readings with her." ... written by StarshineJ
Thank you so much for your sweet honesty and guidance.. I always come to you for the truth..miss and love yas!" ... written by stephany8888
Thank you for your good quality reading and the time frame. Somehow this reading was something I was looking for today.. " ... written by P
Oh my goodness... Where do I even start. She is just such a pleasant being to converse with. She's so accurate and pinpoints exactly what the problem is, but aside from that she connects with you without any bias. Her energy is so welcoming and just makes it even easier to want to spend your day talking with her while she caters to the trivial things that plague you. " ... written by BubblexxTea
First reading with this lovely lady, answered all my questions positively. " ... written by Mshelli
5 stars! " ... written by WinterGirl
Mirabella is very quick and in tuned. I look forward to the coming changes ahead. Thank you." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you so much for your prediction... I am looking forward to see what will happen... I will contact you in 2 months to let you know... " ... written by aisabel
very good" ... written by jules
predictions in the time frames she gave me, did indeed happen ! Thank you! 5 stars" ... written by love
Lady M is the best. She is very good at clarifying your confusion on certain aspects of your life. Many predictions she read came true from her. She's a gentle soul and I enjoy speaking with her to help through my issues. Thank you lady M for being there:)" ... written by faithhopelove
thank you for the reading.(:" ... written by karen
Spot on! Highly recommended! I can't wait for these perdiction to come to pass. :)" ... written by BEE
so happy that we finally connected! needed your guidance and clarity into my situation.... great reading, to the point, as always!!!!" ... written by bagrosoo
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She's great. Very intuitive and picks up on many things." ... written by Robin
Straight to the point. Came across confident. Validated my concerns. Will wait for predictions to come true" ... written by Nia J.
the best on this site. I wait for her to get on line so that i can connect with her. she provides me with affirmations and clear messages that i need to hear. she is truly gifted!!!! thank you!!!" ... written by bagrosso
She was amazing! Hoping her predictions come to pass! Thank you !!" ... written by orange
Thank You LadyMirabella for another very insightful and caring reading. I did 3 in a row back to back private so I must be receiving very useful and helpful information from you regarding my continuing situation. So far your time frames have happened as you said they would; and you give me the good and the bad with very caring manner. Thank you for the insights. I'll keep you posted as always. " ... written by StarshineJ
She has helped me along the way! Her last prediction did happen and the time was correct! " ... written by Butterfly
shes amazing! readings are consistent. " ... written by Criss
She's great and very nurturing" ... written by Robin
awsome thank you so much" ... written by davyboii
LadyMirabella is wonderful and insightful reader. She gives very detailed reading about what she sees and what is revealed to her. She gives time frames that have actually happened for me. She gives me good news and bad news, not just information that I want to hear. In fact, I believe she is very honest with what she sees for m and my situation, even if it is painful for me to hear. LadyMirabella is very kind hearted as well. I will always keep coming back to her for insight and guidance. LadyMirabella has a lot of helpful information to help your energy calm down. You will be very happy to have a reading with LadyMirabella. TAke care." ... written by StarshineJ
beautiful..beautiful...beautiful....." ... written by rickyflynn
she helped give me some insight on the situation i was going through. told me things i didnt even have to say to her " ... written by daniel
5 stars! Pretty Direct andamp; really good!" ... written by love
Good to check in with you..Awesome as always" ... written by Robin
LM is an awesome reader and very clear and upfront xoxoxo quick to connect." ... written by MB
awsome" ... written by davyboii
great reader n sweet n good reader" ... written by apple
loved it" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
I'm amazed by the details that she's able to provide. I have been coming back to her for readings past few years and have not been dissapointed. " ... written by lisa
Her insights are accurate. She explains things very well. I would highly recommend her for your readings." ... written by lisag
Thank you" ... written by Eva
wonderful, clear and detailed reading" ... written by nicole
ran out of time but start was accurate" ... written by nicole
amazing !!! so on point !! i will be back .. xoxo" ... written by tammyjones
I had a followup reading with LadyMirabella regarding everything she has been guiding me on. It has been a long process and Lady Mirabella's insight into the situation has been clear, detailed and accurate. The time frames she has given me have occurred for things to happen (whether it was some kind of communication, or me receiving an decision regarding something occurring). Sometimes the outcome isn't what I'd like...but, it has gone along with things that LadyMirabella revealed to me would be unfolding. I continue to have reading with LadyMirabella because I believe her to be true and accurate. She has a kind, caring and compassionate spirit within her and how she communicates. Thank You LadyMirabella." ... written by StarshineJ
LADYMIRABELLA was fantastic! Gave me a good chill with the information you provide me with our reading. I will bring you updates when I get them." ... written by fdesma21
Thanks LadyMirabella for this great reading and update. Your predictions have come to pass perfectly. " ... written by Charlie
great advise and guidance through a difficult phase in my relationship. very detailed look at your relationship with accurate timeframes. " ... written by bagrosso
lovely reader and so informative" ... written by s
good !:-)" ... written by N/A
5 stars ! great reading" ... written by star
LM is always on target and up front. She's honest and clear and wants to help you. xoxox" ... written by MB
As always - on target, clear and up front. Lovely. xox" ... written by MB
loved her she totally tuned into the whole mess im going through and she was honest and gave me timeframes and gave me hope because I messed up big time " ... written by Meagan
5 stars! She's told me a lot in the past and a lot of what she said was true! She picks up on my situation quickly!" ... written by snow
amazingly accurate" ... written by sam
amazing, brilliant, detailed, full of good advice and accurate useful info, wow, i am very impressed, she is totally awesome!!!" ... written by zen
Lovely person to have a reading from, always scary dead on, shes my favorite, I will always go to her!!" ... written by vvd450
she is a wonderful reader very quick n caring a true gift! give her a try worth the $$$" ... written by apple
wonderful" ... written by maria
Very compassionate and accurate" ... written by Maci
Excellent and was spot on without providing any information. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
great connection... awesome reader i highlyrecommend" ... written by apple
5 stars! She's been right, so far!" ... written by love
Thank You so much!!" ... written by Iris
thank you " ... written by fidaa
That was a very helpful session Mirabella. Thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
First time reading with her, she was polite, straight to the point, quick to connect and honest x " ... written by Cindy
LM is such a great reader. She is honest and up front and clear. She won't sugar coat or tell you something just because she thinks it's what you want to hear. xoxox" ... written by MB
What a nice person she is! WOW! Very good hit everything that is going on! She is very GOOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
I cannot believe her connection to me and my situation. It's completely on point, I wish I had her powers..LOL!! Worth the wait andamp; the money!" ... written by LUV
wonderful" ... written by maria
She provided with the insight I needed! I haven't had a reading in over a year and she is the best on this site! Highly recommend!" ... written by leti98
she is the best here. dead on the point. very intuitive. picks up on everything, you, the other person's energy..." ... written by bagrosso
She helped to to trust my intuition and to put myself out there more in the relationship that I had questions on. She provided great insight. What a blessing!" ... written by Diane
ty so much great read.." ... written by davyboii
great reader and good connection" ... written by apple
She is quick n great insight n awesome reader" ... written by 04apple
Its always great to get insights from Lady Mirabella. she doesn't waste time and she gets to the point. I keep coming back to her everytime i need some insight and help. thank you so much Lady!" ... written by lisag
good reader" ... written by apple
good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
womnderful" ... written by maria
fast...accurate" ... written by sabrina
Very, very fast!!! And so insightful, I highly recommend her!" ... written by Walejr
5 STARS!" ... written by LUV
Nice reading " ... written by Andrea
A great chat I very much appreciated it." ... written by Pax
She's fabulous!!!!" ... written by CoolGirl65
5 stars!" ... written by white
absolutely love it when she connects to the spirit world!!! the messages are conveyed in such a loving manner and the details are explained so well!" ... written by pearberry008
she a wonderful reader ... give her a try!" ... written by apple
Connects very quick! Friendly, professional, direct and very responsive to questions. Try her! Will be back once things unfold in time frame indicated - - thank you ladymirabella! " ... written by C
very nice women , very kind and honest . " ... written by kindheart
I am speachless, 5 STARS!" ... written by Quality
My first time reading with LadyMirabella and she is a great reader. Was able to tell me many different things about my guides, etc. I will be back. Thanks a lot" ... written by uniquelele25
5 stars! Great reader, She tunes in so well!" ... written by Money
Very decent, highly gifted, and very good to talk to. " ... written by Rose
she is very sweet and connects quickly u will like her give her a try" ... written by 04apple
Very good very accurate!" ... written by Jordan
Accurate and she's very sweet. It's been very interesting to watch it all unfold as she predicted. Thank you!!!" ... written by Diane
she has always been honest with me" ... written by lori
So sweet and kind! Thankful for people like her. God has truly blessed her with an amazing gift. Will be back! " ... written by carlinw
wonderful" ... written by maria
she is so good on her insites I love that" ... written by lori
wonderful as always! " ... written by carlinw
Great reading. She gives quick answers." ... written by RAM
She's awesome!" ... written by Kandis
great read always on point.." ... written by davy
Wonderful experience with Lady Mirabella. Such a gentle spirit and highly recommend!" ... written by E
accurate sincere,will be back" ... written by J
She is so right on everytime and tunes right in to the problems or issues. I'll be back." ... written by Diana
Good reading" ... written by Marygoldpink
She gives readings quickly, 5 stars!" ... written by fl
She gives very insightful readings, Thank you!" ... written by sunnyskies
Thank you so much! I felt so much better after the chakra healing and I couldn't believe I felt that energy that you exactly described! I love how you put things in perspective!" ... written by pearberry008
amazing !!!!!!!" ... written by tamjones
wonderful" ... written by maria
Getting confirmation, interpretation of a situation and future insights from Lady Mirabella has always been very helpful for me. I hope I'll always find you so I can have readings from you Lady. It brings so much peace in my mind and helps me plan and look forward to things. thank you so much!!!!" ... written by lisag
Thank you so much. " ... written by d2k1000
5 stars! Thanks for being here for me! " ... written by goldenlove
Ever so helpful :) " ... written by SRK003
Lady Mirabella is amazing andamp; brought tears to my eyes xxx" ... written by Havy
Awesome reader.. picks up quickly with acuracy. would love to come back again.. Thank you" ... written by Snehil
Awesome" ... written by leninlight
great connection....looking forward to the time frames I was given...will be back for updates...blessings" ... written by me
great reader and so sweet and genuine in readings" ... written by apple
Very clear and quick for updates! ((HUGS))" ... written by Luv
First time reading ever and the best reading! She's amazing and very patient, kind and encouraging :) waiting for her predictions to pass :) thank u xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
Informative reading with detail and plenty of insight, highly recommended" ... written by Ray
Thankyou for a quick reading with detail" ... written by Ray
Please take her private. She has a sweet soul and is really easy to talk to. Would return for future updates." ... written by tc
Lady Mirabella is a true talent. She gave me insight on my spirit guides and who they were, how long they have been with me and why they chose to guide me. The info she gave corresponded with real life events that would make sense to why they are with me. She also gave a chakra reading that coincided exactly with a prior chakra reading I had with another psychic. she also read my boyfriend's chakra which was exactly the same as what he heard from the other psychic. She also confirmed past love ones that are near me. I recommend you get a reading with her. she's very kind and healing." ... written by Laura C.
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
she is very sweet and kind soul in readings always calms me thank you" ... written by apple
Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Thank you so much for the beautiful reading Lady. You always have such good insightful down to earth things to say and it all rings true. Thank you. I will return. I highly recommend!" ... written by Drvano
Very insightful and everything rang true. Thank you" ... written by Doné
Very intuitive, highly recommended!! Was very easy to make contact. Looking forward to another reading:)) Confirmation!" ... written by lakeshia
great read ty ." ... written by davy
She is great and gives you such a genuine reading" ... written by Julianna
Lady M is awesome. She tells you just as it comes. no sugar coating, she will provide other information to make it clear for you. Great reading as always." ... written by HF
You are truly gifted!! thank you so much for the clarity for us." ... written by vasuhome
Amazing reader!!" ... written by Gatorgal
She does awesome dream interpretations!" ... written by pearberry008
She's a sweetheart, always spot on and thoughtful in her readings" ... written by R
WONDERFUL FOLLOWUP READING WITH LADYMIRABELLA. she calmly explains and gets right to the point. " ... written by DEBBIE
great reading and i highly recommend her" ... written by apple
Really lovely reading! She was very accurate about my situation. I will be back with updates!! " ... written by s
I love this reader. very generous, honest, open, supportive. I have returned to her a few times for help with same challenges. She is an authentic guide. " ... written by pearl
Why have I waited so long to come back to LadyMirabella! This woman is AMAZING!!! 5 stars doesn't begin to cut it! She has been 100% accurate EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Love her energy and she's so easy to talk to! I promise you will walk away with answers and guidance! LadyMirabella, you're the s***!" ... written by dalai
<" ... written by
Lady Mirabella was very helpful and kind and answered questions very quickly. Really gifted psychic and I thank you so much. Will be back. " ... written by Lynda22
She was amazing, gave me information that was direct and exact, without any information at all !! Thank you for the wonderful reading" ... written by debbie
5 stars! predictions have come true!! She's awesome!!" ... written by greeneyes
connected quickly" ... written by Karen
LadyMirabella always is very attentative, detailed and caring in her readings. I have been having readings with her for the past 3 years and her predications have been accurate and true, and timelines correct. I believe she is honest in what she reveals during the reading. I will continue to return to her for updates." ... written by StarshineJ
Amazing. loved her. Ran out of credits, but it helped immensely!" ... written by Sabi
wo derful reader n quick to a swer" ... written by apple
BRILLIANT is all I can say about Ladymirabella. She is so calm and helpful i am looking forward to seeing how her predictions come to fruition. " ... written by debbie
wonderful" ... written by maria
thank you for your guidance tonight. I will follow your suggestions. blessings. You are so kind and helpful " ... written by debbie
great follow up reading!" ... written by coolgirl65
What a great reading! Connected so quickly and is in tune with my entire situation. Very honest and sweet! Give her a try. I'll be back to share what happens, hopefully this weekend." ... written by lornalulu
Love Lady Mirabella! she is awesome!! connects instantly andamp; able to see and share so much information. Spot on!! Very gifted" ... written by Melissa
Quick read... Wonderful person!!! No nonsense." ... written by Ra
Wonderful person and reader! She was very insightful!" ... written by Kyle
excellent!!!1" ... written by julia
Lady Mirabella is beyond amazing!!! she can see my everything so clearly without tools! able to connect with me instantly and tell me so much. True gift and blessing to all those she can help" ... written by Mel
Wow!! She is wonderful. I had readings with her quite a while ago and I wish I had come back sooner. She really is helpful and understanding." ... written by sparkly1
She always provides great insight and is spot on in her predictions and advice. " ... written by Diane
very good and honest 10 days i will know if she is correct" ... written by dd
Everything made sense and we shall see." ... written by Chiara
Love her! She gives the best advice and has helped me tremendously." ... written by sparkly1
WOW this woman is amazing!!! Can't not explain how good she really is! ((HUGS)) You are the best and you always guide me correctly! " ... written by love
She is awesome!! 5 stars!" ... written by Gators
she is a kind soul gives me a relief w insight" ... written by apple
truly amazing energy! understood everything and saw things thanks so much!!!!!" ... written by g
wonderful kind and loving" ... written by maria
One of the best psychics on this site hands down!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
She is the best on here :)" ... written by Gatorgal22
I was very amazed at LM's reading and compassionate personality. I know she was very gifted while watching her demos, and he reading was spot on with great advice and accurate details that no one could have known. Highest level of stars!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Von
Great reading, on target, quick and in tune with the situation." ... written by lornalulu
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
great read!" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by more
LM is very honest and ethical. She gives good info and is easy to talk to. She is very caring. xoxoxo" ... written by MB
great! well await preds" ... written by real love
i liked her a lot, she was accurate in assessing the current situation so i am optimistic about her predictions!" ... written by me
excellent read many thanks" ... written by jana
Lovely Lady. answered my questions, will be back" ... written by Life
thank you so much, what a great reading." ... written by Mel
This was my first reading with Lady Mirabella. I felt very drawn to her. I KNEW she would be well worth her rate but I only had enough money for a small package. For her, I risked the purchase and opportunity to learn if my questions could be answered in the time allotment I paid for. Anyway, she did indeed answer my questions and quite quickly! She truly did have a pretty clear understanding of the situation. After her reading, I shared information with her which was confirmation to me and her as well that we are on the right track! I am grateful lady m! I enjoyed our company. I like your strength and that you are well grounded. No gimmicks too!" ... written by Jule
best psychic ihave ever done a reading with!!! " ... written by brooke
very professional and to the point! zeroed in on the problem and gave a good solution for the resolution. great, mature, and very reasonable in giving advice." ... written by john black
Love LadyMirabella!! her readings are always spot on for me!! shes beyond amazing" ... written by Mel
Love Lady Mirabella!!! excellent and fast" ... written by Melissa
she is awesome thanks for your help" ... written by lori
A great reading, insightful, clear, precise and accurate with timeframes. Would definitely come back for further readings. Thank you" ... written by Pinklight
Great reading. Spot on for questions asked. Update coming in regards to timeline!" ... written by Baseballmom1
Very good indeed. A real genuine lady. shame my credits ran out. Thank you so much! xx" ... written by Heather
Can't give enough compliments to this woman!! " ... written by goldenlove
She is the BOMB!!! OMG!!! She told me exactly what Needs to be done and how to get what I want. It's been a long road..." ... written by Love
Very good as she confirmed my things for me. Will come back to update." ... written by Geri
Amazing reader! Most definitely my go to. you can reach her and she is so kind and helps you. connects instantly. no waste of time at all. lovely reading!!! Amazing!" ... written by Gatorgal
Lady Mirabella is awesome and amazing!! she can see everything clearly and has help me tremendously over the past couple of month. true blessing" ... written by Melissa
She was an excellent reader and straight to the point!" ... written by Julio
she knew what my question was about before i even asked it! quite an experience when going in for a private reading with her!" ... written by pearberry008
she gave me time frames which was nice. will have to see how it all turns out... nice reader" ... written by j
seems very well connected to guides, detailed insight and time frames, will confirm accuracy once time passes. " ... written by angus1972
Very good I would definitely be back. great reading" ... written by Ray
Nice and clear reader. She is good." ... written by Julie
Great reading" ... written by Vessy
she was very good in timeframe and everything" ... written by emily
Great reading. She was very fast and gave plenty of details. Thank you! :)" ... written by S
5 stars! She told me certain someone was playing me, I just found out he is also with another woman, She nailed it and was the only one who told me this information." ... written by bluebird
Very good update" ... written by Ray
Awesome reader!!" ... written by chin
I will be coming again, very fast to answer!" ... written by lou
Very accurate about my situation. Thank you " ... written by mona
She is very thoughtful and helpful! I will use her again." ... written by Jami
Mirabelle was very sweet and kind - she really eased my mind and I´m very positive of the good things that will come! I watched her demo and it convinced me to have a private with her! She is fast and does not waste time! I really liked it very very much!" ... written by S.
Amazing- spot on with what I was feeling" ... written by Terryn
interesting reading with detail " ... written by mel
ladymirabella is awesome! Love her energy :)" ... written by nina
Lady Mirabella has been very helpful for me. I've been consulting her for more than a year now and she always answers without wasting time. Good insight into whats coming and issues /roadblocks and timelines. Thank you so much for your help Lady. " ... written by lisa
Thanks Mirabella this was a good talk!" ... written by Charlie
she is very assertive, give me confidence about relationship. love to come back " ... written by Rose
Very thorough reading with honesty. will be back" ... written by r
Very honest and upfront." ... written by Dove
great!" ... written by Dove
seems friendly. got some predictions for time frames of situations improving. looking forward to the change and shift " ... written by kristopher
5 Stars!!! She's awesome! Everything she has told me in the past and recent past has all come true! She is a blessing and she always makes me feel lighter about my situation. Thank you so so much, I will never forget how honest and lovely your readings are! " ... written by Love
LadyM is so wonderful. She confirmed the plan I have to get out of this awful job I'm in. She reassured my plans and advised me of timeframes on when I would be able to secure a job i really want. Thank you LadyM for everything!!" ... written by smprez164
l have been so impressed with demos l have witnessed that l had to go private. l am so glad l did. Wow! Ladymirabella, you are amazing. You have such a lovely aura about you and felt drawn to you, so going private was a must. You really raised my energy levels and l am eternally grateful. l really needed this reading and you were the one to help me. So much detail was given, down to timeframes and the sex of my children. Extremely fast to connect, everything l needed answers to were answered. l am astounded and wow'd by your gift. l will definitely be returning with updates and of course more readings. l feel truly blessed to have had a reading with you. Sending you all my love! xxxx" ... written by Jade8233
She is great I like her a lot she is frank direct wont take sides and help you to see stuff you are not aware of. I enjoy a lot talking to her really helps me a lot." ... written by Ana
I'd like to thank ladymirabella for her guidance!" ... written by spiritual1313
A few months ago she gave me a prediction that someone will return to my life and reconcile. I never thought that it could happened and happening at this moment. Lady M is amazing, she sees clearing and very fast. Thank you Lady M and looking forward to the other predictions." ... written by HF
She is a very nice, calm person. She creates a good and positive vibes in you andamp; answers all your questions. She is fast connector andamp; more importantly, she talks rather than type, which is a bonus, you can get more connection. I believed what she said andamp; will wait for the prediction,, " ... written by sharen223
5 stars, HONEST Reader!" ... written by love
Lady M," ... written by Shine
She was right on with my job situation and my relationship situation! She has given me guidance through it all and has been right about all details and how things are unfolding!! She amazes me!" ... written by smprez164
Ladymirabella is fabulous! So worth the wait." ... written by jade8233
She's the best!! I don't doubt her skills one bit, because she is just that good! Thanks for your guidance and a fantastic reading. Sometimes it's not what you want to hear but she can get you where you want to go." ... written by love
She is awesome. She knew the situation before I even mentioned it and gave great advice on how to get the exact results I'm seeking. Thanks again Lady M xoxo" ... written by HF
Love Lady Mirabella she was amazing!! she has been spot on with everything she has seen in my life " ... written by Melissa
wonderful and happy" ... written by MARIA
she is the best very happy with my readings" ... written by maria
she is good " ... written by ohood
Thank you so much. First time pvt and soo wonderful and straight forward and fast. Like I feel such truthfulness and sincerity. Beautiful person!!! Up front and timeframes. Excited about what is coming. Huggsss" ... written by ISLANDLIVIN
accurate reader, thank you xx" ... written by ..
WOW" ... written by K
Super" ... written by K
Very accurate and very fast and on point..much love andamp; light Mirabella, so glad i had the opportunity to come private..i have had 2 demos and same thing was confirmed. X" ... written by Chris
if you want a real reading , let ladymirabella read you !!! she is amazing and never wrong!" ... written by tamjones
marvelous reading!!! outstanding " ... written by tamjones
5 stars!" ... written by starstar
Love ya, so in tune with everything!" ... written by
5 stars! She's accurate! I am always surprised the information she gives me but it happens." ... written by love
I've had several readings with her... She stays with her predictions and updates.... I feel better and better after talking to her.... Will come back again!!!" ... written by Ra
excellent i highly recommend" ... written by jana
She was to the point, which is what I like. I will be back for sure. Thank you very much. Take care." ... written by Breanna
Mirabella is such a sweetie pie, so nice and friendly. She confirmed so much about my situation just like everyone else seems to think. Sadly my reading was very short, i would have loved to talk to her so much longer, but ill have to wait for now. She gave me a prediction of November, but lets hope its near or before then. I will of course make an update when the time comes. " ... written by Kyle
Thanks!" ... written by TD
She was SO helpful and knew about my struggles and why I've been annoyed and going crazy. I HIGLY recommend getting a reading from her!" ... written by ADDI
she is very consistent and accurate and really calming. Doesn't sugarcoat is completely honest. Thank you" ... written by nowk
AMAZING!!! Thank you for your positivity and uplifting reading. And always for your proactive advice, and for being there for me! I love you, Ladym! :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Thank you again for checking into this for me. So wonderful to pick up his dad with him. I will be back to let you know how it all goes when I talk to him. Still picking up the same timeframes with everything else as you said before. Love it." ... written by LL
Great reading.." ... written by brownsuga5964
First time doing this. Was very happy. Of course you are going to hear some bad and good things but it makes sense. Things can change and I believe her. I recommend her very highly! Tells you straight on to the point. Very pleased, I will be back to let her know what happens. Thank you so much LadyMirabella!!!!!!!" ... written by Aerie4
Thank you for helping me with my problem." ... written by Angel168
excellent...on point..!" ... written by stephanie
WOW...I felt a real release after my reading (the quartz and citrine). I appreciate your honesty and integrity. I'll be back to let you know how everything works out! " ... written by richie5280
Very sweet and calm. LadyMirabella read the cards and was able to explain the past present and future with a certain degree of accuracy for the past and present, the future we will soon see. She gently explains what she sees and feels from the cards and you. Very nice reading. I just wish it was what I wanted to hear! (No fault to Lady M. just my own wishful thinking!)." ... written by trixy241
A great kind and gentle lady that helped me and gave me direction." ... written by gchiker
Very-very nice and friendly person. I liked the reading with her." ... written by hulioka