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Psychic masterleohas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic masterleohas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about masterleo's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a psychic with 15 years of experience. Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, I have done numerous secret readings for the rich and renowned. I have more than 15 years of psychic experience as a psychic and a holistic mentor. I profoundly interface with the universe when I do readings, which permits me to have admittance to the majority of the direction

Not bad. Seems like he connected to my energy and in that regard was accurate. Not many details and language is a small barrier. I think will do well as gets used to the system here. Honest and a nice man." ... written by me
brilliant" ... written by beauty
great connection and detailed insights. i willbe back" ... written by beauty
MasterLeo gave predictions with time frames during the reading. I hope they all come to pass. I went private to ask questions. But he told me what the other person was thinking. Thank you ML for giving me a bit of hope! " ... written by Moonchild59
He rocks!" ... written by Alexa
Leo connected quickly and was intune with my situation immediately......i will contact him again" ... written by Kathy
He's good." ... written by PB1923
Very good accurate, fast and on point. Won't waste your time highly detailed reading. Ty I will be back." ... written by PB1923
He is very careful when he is telling you a reading, which is good, he cares about his clients, he is very knowledgeable person, I believe all what he said to me and I feel better after his reading, helped me to organise my ideas and lead me to something good. God bless him and his visions." ... written by Yarilaidys
His description of outline was all correct but wish he gave me a bit more details. Over all, good reading! Looking forward for his prediction. " ... written by PM
a very gifted expert truly enjoyable reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
very good guy :)ty Master Leo God bless you" ... written by colleen
Wow Masterleo was so on point. He answered all my questions and saw my situation very clear. I can't wait to give him an update. Thank You." ... written by mc
Excellent reading and remote healing. I felt like i was buzzing after our session. Very powerful and positive if you are open to the possibilities. masterleo is very to the point but detailed. try him out, again, had an incredible session with him!!!" ... written by Marhaban
He did what I wanted him to do. He prayed for my husband to change his negative attitude towards life. And then gave me feedback on what he received about my husband and our lives together. This is what I wanted him to do. And he did it. I believe that he has changed my husbands energy from positive to negative. I will call him again for the same help later. My husband has returning negativiity that I need help to help him with. One day he will change into the positive and it will be a miracle. " ... written by TheHangedWoman
He helps me change my husbands negative focus into a positive focus. " ... written by HangedWoman
thank youu so much" ... written by tb
thank you for a very powerful reading." ... written by ritu
Masterleo tunes in and sees it like it is. Hes a kind man and cares about the situation, i feel reassured after my sessions w him." ... written by Grenville Crenwick
MasterLeo is a good intuitive, he saw many things that were true and hes given some great advices for me. I feel encouraged after his readings and my fears are less." ... written by Alonzo Lamonorio
Wonderful to speak with. Understood my situation and did not sugarcoat anything. Told it like it is. Picked up on my energy and personality straight away. Amazing empath :) Thank you much" ... written by think
He is absolutely lovely andamp; connects very quickly. He really has a gift andamp; can really see the matter at hand andamp; gifts great guidance. I cannot thank him enough. Many blessings to you!" ... written by Kosmo
Master Leo is a great reader, full of compassion and understanding. I find his insights very helpful." ... written by DavidJ8967
Wonderful to speak with. Understood my situation and did not sugarcoat anything. Told it like it is. Picked up on my energy and personality straight away. Amazing empath :) Thank you much" ... written by think
5 stars....very accurate and very fast" ... written by Focusing
I am more calm after this reading. I really appreciate that MasterLeo was able to use his own gifts without tools and kept the reading simple. The other keypoint that helped is that even though his video feed is live, everything is in text so I can refer to it later upon request. As for the reading itself, he just needed name/dob and was able to focus and tune in on me and my questions along with the other party in question. I kept it simple dealing with relationship and another area of life so his responses were clear and straight forward. There was no fishing or feeling out for info on my end. I definitely recommend MasterLeo. " ... written by Beka
Great reader with guided messages from above, he is great giving insight. I will return to masterleo" ... written by Great Reading
Nice ,honest, good insight , fast reader . I'm now waiting for his predictions to come true " ... written by Michelle
he gave me very detailed reading without me asking me information. 5 stars!" ... written by daisy
I had good reading with him for long time. Working with engergies. Hope my predictions come true. He is worth it." ... written by Priya
Very nice person and gives lots of explanation and clarity to help me understand the situation...he has been very patient with me whenever I don't understand each time he will explain further...its good to have a better and detailed understanding than just getting things explain in general...will continue to rely on his reading... :)" ... written by think
i pray his words come true" ... written by humilty
Masterleo is a great seer, and compassionate person. i enjoy my readings with him." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Every time he surprised me with his knowledge and quickness.In a few seconds he is able to answer me my many question.He is not wasting a single second in private.Very accurate reader and very very honest.he is best here.god bless you." ... written by expert love
thank you for your nice reading i hope you are right, you seem to have some points correct" ... written by moonstone
Amazing details given and confirms what others have told me...Leo is quick and accurate" ... written by marion
5 stars...very good with with his predictions....recommend him to all" ... written by Focusing
great quick and perfect" ... written by dc8
Unbelievable and so very assertive. " ... written by Ana
Thank you Masterleo for a calm reading with great clarity and confidence. I very much hope your predictions come to pass and things will turn for the better soon! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Master Leo connects so quickly....shoots straight answers and does not waste your time. 5 Stars....for a great reader!!" ... written by Kathy
Fantastic great spot on reading " ... written by Lorann
connection was bad but he seemd to be accurate.will be back" ... written by mystst
Thank you for your calming reading. This was just what I needed now. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Hope his predictions come true" ... written by Eric
Thank you so muching...amazing amazing reading. Very accurate, and on point helped me aloooooot. thank you I will be back for an update. tc" ... written by think
great reading, honest, no tools, fantastic" ... written by Great reader
Second update and I believe masterleo on my question and more importantly the outcome predicted today. Do not hesitate to take this gentle giant for a life changing reading. Better than the other readers on here." ... written by Eric
5 stars....excellent psychic....recommend him to on with his predictions too.." ... written by Focusing
simply brilliant connection. with tremendous clarity and details. I am at peace and in peace because of this time. I will be back for sure." ... written by beautywithinone
Third update and all is good. I believe this gentle giant is making the impossible happen. Quick answers with no time wasting. December will be the time for prediction to happen. ईश्वर महान है" ... written by Eric
Very patient, nice and informative! " ... written by Asia731
he is very quick and very good on picking up the detail" ... written by frag
Very good reading and he picked up on the situation and was very helpful in answering my questions. I hope that what he sees for the future will come to pass. I have consulted other psychics to make sure that I am making the right decision and he is right in line with them. My hope is that all psychics can't be wrong. He is very fast typist and I liked my interaction with him. He promised updates so I hope to get them." ... written by JM
fast reading, good" ... written by nopicoplz
very good communication wish i could have some more time " ... written by Channelle
very polite friendly and respectful" ... written by Channelle
Thanks Masterleo for a five star reading! You really see clearly into the upcoming and the persons around me. Hope for the best outcome!" ... written by Charlie
he connected fast , and answered my question, hope his prediction come true " ... written by happy
A wonderful session yet again. I am always impressed by his details in my situation. i look forward to coming back." ... written by beauty
good reading quick and informative " ... written by david
he picked up ver well everything going on" ... written by cali girl
good clear reading, and quick too " ... written by malcolm
he was very kind to give me a reading in 1 minute. Have to wait and see what heappens. " ... written by nik
5 stars....Spot on psychic...recommend him to everyone...very accurate with his predictions too" ... written by Focusing
amazing reading thank you" ... written by karan
He gave an excellent detailed, accurate and honest readings. Highly recommend him!" ... written by sunny
First reading with mr. Masterleo. I really connected with him. The energy was profound and so was his reading." ... written by Tony
Had a second reading with him and he has not changed his position on what he told me last time. I feel good about that. I am looking forward to his predictions to come true for me. I will contact him again to get another update." ... written by JM
5 stars...very fast and very good too" ... written by Focusing
great , great advisor" ... written by hb
Thank you Master for a great reading and update! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Master Leo is always great! Very clear and to the point. Great Blessings Master Leo" ... written by Margo
Very quick, direct reading...which i like no frills! He focused right on my questions and gave me the insight i needed, whether it was pleasant or not. I'd rate Masterleo a 10 star and Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
Very connected and amzzing" ... written by fantastic!
Very Helpful...accurate and insightful!!!" ... written by Nora
Thanks MasterLeo for a nice and clear update! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Good reading with care and compassion, Master Leo is a king soul" ... written by David
excellent sessions. i am blessed." ... written by beauty
Excellent! He knew very deep information. " ... written by Shanna
what a kind soul full of generosity and goodwill, highly recommend a reading with Master Leo" ... written by malcolm
Thanks Master Leo for telling me something quite surprising but exciting! I hope your prediction will come to pass soon!" ... written by Charlie
great reader! he is kind and caring, must give him a try!" ... written by findingyourelf
Not so positive for me regarding update, but I now know who in my life is causing the bad energies around me. I already knew who it was but MasterLeo was amazingly accurate with the validation of who it was. Thank you." ... written by Eric
Very Honest.Accurate all you need is names and date of births.Can detect feelings and plans for the future predictions.Thank you very Good.Come back again soon." ... written by Amanda
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
interesting read " ... written by David
great reading Leo is a gentleman with lots of care in his manner" ... written by David
Good reading" ... written by Sunday
5 Stars...very good psychic....I recommend him...." ... written by Focus
It seems that his original predictions are going to happen soon, and this has been a very long and painful experience which i sincerely hope will come to an end. He was concerned about the things a few days ago, but it all looks to be back again. Thank you MasterLeo. " ... written by Eric
5 stars....very good" ... written by Focusing
Thanks for this really nice reading!Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Waiting to see if my life will change from now on (in 2 days)...Please pray for my family." ... written by me
good reading" ... written by David
A lovely gifted connection as usual. I am amazed by his awesome talent and look forward to coming back soon." ... written by beauty
great chat with care and understanding" ... written by Paul
Looking forward to the new year 2016, where masterleo's prediction should become a reality. Will update with news by 19th January 2016. " ... written by Eric
Master Leo is Acutely Accurate, very fine, gentle and caring. Great Blessings Master Leo." ... written by Mary
interesting" ... written by david
Helpful!" ... written by Nora
Masterleo is a real gentleman,he is a very honest and sincere man,he doesn't tell you what you want to hear,he tells you what he sees,In the past I asked him a question,I apologise to Masterleo,for not sharing it till now,but would like to let him know,he made a prediction to me,said i would get contact within 10 days,and sure enough after 8 days,I got contact from the person,He has just given me some predictions now,I hope to leave him further feedback,about those in the future,I am sure having the other prediction come true,there is no doubt in my mind,that this prediction will come true.He is a very gifted man,and very intuitive,and a blessing to oranum.I wouldn;t hesitate in getting a further reading in the future with him.Thank you so much,Masterleo.Blessings to you,and love and light.xx" ... written by Jennie
5 stars....very on with predictions...." ... written by Focusing
I felt his presence within my core, it was warm and delicate. And he was very much helpful with helping me gain clarity on my current situation." ... written by Matt
thanks again my friend for your insight" ... written by j
first time, he seemed to be pretty well connected and intune, v only problem was that not all my qs were being answered and some qs i had to repeat because he missed answering them....i know some ppl are not comfortable speaking thru the mic, but it makes it much easier to communicate that opinion...thanks, i will be back probably :)" ... written by lovehouston
Wonderful man! Saw into my situation right away and his words and healing helped so much!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
a good and expressive psycic. Perhaps a bit optimistic. Time will tell." ... written by hubbelman
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Shelly
very well connected, very accurate about situation, very kind, not judgmental." ... written by hollyberries1
Very Fabulous and Accurate Man!!!! You can trust him completely! God Bless You Master Leo!" ... written by Margaret
Leo is a breath of fresh air... very quick to connect and give information. I appreciate his honesty and look forward to his" ... written by Kathy
His nice and did healing li am hopeing it works but he was to point on his readin g . i will go back to him." ... written by H
Good reading. He picked up a lot of things and gave clarity to my present situation." ... written by RAM
His very good and i be back his to pointthank you" ... written by h
he was great..." ... written by randi1158
Thanks MasterLeo for giving me an update. It was very helpful indeed. " ... written by Charlie
5 stars....very good" ... written by Focusing
Master Leo is very true reader and reads sincerely. Thank You so Much Master Leo. Blessings." ... written by Mary
Spot on" ... written by Jclaire
Master Leo is always very accurate, kind and caring. Ty so much Master Leo. Blessings." ... written by Margaret
Master Leo is such an insightful reader, true and sincere. You can trust his every word! Great Blessings Master Leo!" ... written by Maggie Mae
very helpful and positive energy i got from him, had questions about future situations and he made me feel at east, very assuring of upcoming things......waiting for his time frame to come true, thank you for your help." ... written by Nelly
Thank you Master for your excellent current predictions! Well said and we will definitely chat again soon!" ... written by Amy
Quick to connect great insight, interesting reading thank you so much a lot of detail as well " ... written by Sherry
excellent" ... written by LULU
5 stars!!! awesome thx you" ... written by QUEENBEE22
5 stars!!! mr leo can really gv you good information there was so much info we had a great connection " ... written by QUEENBEE22
awesome reader!! wow! Knew things I didn't mention" ... written by l
interesting chat caring soul" ... written by David
Love, love, love MasterLeo! Amazing man!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
interesting chat" ... written by david
thanks a lot" ... written by vikas chawla
Thank you Master - always great chatting with you! 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
Thank you Master! On point and well said! We will chat soon!" ... written by Amy
Interesting reading with good detail was really nice. Thank You " ... written by sher
he is perfect." ... written by vikas chawla
Good reading. He is very much in touch with the situation. I am hoping his predictions happen as he says. " ... written by USA
great reader" ... written by katie
great master of predictions!" ... written by adonay
was very thankful for him " ... written by katie
was very helpful and I'm so glad i got to get great advice from masterleo he picked up on the situation immediately" ... written by katie
Thank you MasterLeo! Excellent current reading! 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
very quick , helpful with in sites to what's around me" ... written by queenbee22
very helpful as always thank you" ... written by sunshine
He is amazing. He gave me the confidence and the trust i needed. I feel like he really was honest and true. Since ive met with him i feel so relived and refreshed! I really do recomend" ... written by Ali Giovanni
The reading was what I suspected was happening with the other person involved. Leo was still positive but I lost hope. I will see if his predictions happens and will come back for update when it does. At present, I do not think that I can wait longer. Thank you, Leo!" ... written by Moonchild59
great as always very happy " ... written by katie
excellent reader" ... written by kim
He was amazing!!! I will contact him again. He explained things so easily for me to understand. He built on what he was seeing and gave me the reading I was looking for. I enjoyed this reading..." ... written by randi1158
excellent" ... written by kim
I appreciate his accuracy.He was right on his predictions. I trust him and will continue to work with him.." ... written by randi1158
Thank you for the reading... Have a blessed day." ... written by losinghope
great reading, got right into the questions !! on point with the good andamp; bad.... " ... written by hecja13
interesting chat, lots of care " ... written by David
Great reading very honest he is gifted." ... written by sunday
thank you... I hope everything you say is true.." ... written by xo
He is so great and awesome." ... written by randi1158
making stuff up " ... written by real love
Thank you Master! Always clear! Chat again soon! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
Thank you Master! Always clear and concise! 10 Stars! All the best to you :)" ... written by AR